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Senryu Science Poems | Senryu Poems About Science

These Senryu Science poems are examples of Senryu poems about Science. These are the best examples of Senryu Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Ode to the flu

Conquering alien
amidst human flu outbreak
fled earth contagious

Conquering alien
ooze influenza sickness
left earth alone

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Natural Reflection

Just like a flower
Sunshine stimulates her face
Sparkling with love

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Luminous Time


to light up one’s face
emitting the time of night…
lives taken in lieu.

© 2015

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Mother Earth


                                  Man dreams of the stars

                            To one day leave Mother Earth...

                                      Before he kills her.

                                                  Timothy I. Brumley

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Summer's Spilled Milk

Summer’s Spilled Milk
City dwellers pumped;
Oil effused into ocean,
Ocean creatures died.

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Cart Ahead of the Horse

Modern day charioteer
Segways are easy to steer
No emissions here

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Land Of The Giants

arise from abyss
fable of beastly nature
angels empowered

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Study of matter,
And energy in space and time,
With relationships.

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No Newton around

So many apples
falling from trees to the ground....

no Newton around

© kashinath karmakar (20th May 2011)

Placement: 7th;(May 2011)


Sponsor:Carol Brown

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Science is belief
in the ignorant experts
Global Warming... Ha!

Couldn't sleep and I'm reading about the Great Lakes freezing over... Comments?

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The Rush Job

emergency room such doctoral confusion medication goof © Joseph, 4/20/08 © All Rights Reserved

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No monkey's uncle

Quit aping around
God know's what His form looks like
Man in his image

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Helmet like a bean 

Chucks of purple, yellow and green

Segway on the seen

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It is everywhere,count.
The curly strands of your hair,
Math  is here and there.

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Orang Versus Bog

Listen well my droogs
the prevention of free will
leads to prestoopnick

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don't take the red or                                                                                                       blue pill  for they are laced                                                                                        poison not a cure

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Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi---The Force

Acrobatics with the Force
Darth Vader’s demise

Entrant into Andrea Dietrich's "SENRYU OF A MOVIE SCENE" contest

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The study of stars,
planets, and other celes-
Tial bodies.

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                                                    natural power
                                                human is animal like 
                                        science and conscience helpEed

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Heat of Attraction....

      Thermal dynamics

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Its just a Blip, but what a Blip

Brilliant device The directional ranging Unit, the radar

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High energy mix-
Ture of ions and elect-
Rons, found in flames.

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The study of life.
A very interesting sub-
Ject. I just love it.

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Any astrologer
is sure that all destinies
are controlled by stars

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They have magnitude
They have no direction
A scalar is speed.

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Solids (2)

Yes, They have a shape.
Low kinetic energy
Solids are Rocks , Too.

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No definite shape 
Or volume move freely in
Places you can’t see.

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The thinking noodle
Use it sometimes and let no
One noodle fool you.

Wrote Fall 2004
while student @ University of Louisiana-Monroe

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Too much of any, 
known thing can have toxic-
-city. Don't try it!

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Acid rain gets blamed,
Sulfur from burning coal,
Stinging the sweet earth.