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Senryu Loss Poems | Senryu Poems About Loss

These Senryu Loss poems are examples of Senryu poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Senryu Loss poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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carved on a willow

carved on a willow
our love growing out of reach

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Tears in a Bottle

Tears in a Bottle
doors open, doors close wasted opportunities – tears in a bottle
Entered in contest “One Solo Epic Senryu or Haikyu – In a Bottle” sponsored by Poet Destroyer A (7-22-2014).

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Overcome by your...
shivering cold rancid breath
Death lies beside me
3rd Place Winner Brian Strand's Contest # 183 June 2012

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A heart divided
Hurt knows no bounds anymore
Only time will tell

By: Misty Leccese
© June 16, 2009

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Senryu 023

just a piece of you
needed to fend off the blues...  
lonely river flows.

© Harry j Horsman 2013 

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Fabricated to Kill, guerrilla's general Unconventional

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My Cheating Husband (written for Rauls contest)

My cheating husband
Our love betrayed and broke
I must travel on

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Best Mother in Law

she lived far away 
the phone to communicate
first question asked

always check weather
then how are you doing now
a happy response

want her back again
two weeks for pleasure visit
wished for us again

Copyright 2011 
Anne Rutherford.

For Dr. Ram Mehta's contest, in laws

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Innovation Invigorates Inspiration: Tribute To Michael Jackson

My main man Michael Where you’re is where you’re, J Keep shining like stars ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ © Joseph Spence, Sr., 6/28/09 © All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran. ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~

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Time Healing Wounds

Tragic—nine one, one
hearts shattered—families grieved
time heals all wounds

© Joseph Spence, Sr., 8/27/09
© All Rights Reserved

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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wraithlike snow

wraithlike snow
rising breath of white ice
tears stream 

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My daughter emigrated today non traditional haiku

after she has gone

the teapot still full and warm

now empty

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Lovelier Than A Rose

Oh lovely rose song
Pressed in that book for so long
Music can't be wrong

Memories that stay
always recurring array
Learning how to pray

Thoughts engraved so deep
Everlasting pure, keep
Reminding of love

Oh that lovely rose
Pressed in that book that was closed
She lovingly chose

Memories that say
True love won't take her away
Momma I miss you

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                                            Smiling girl
                                            with  missing teeth—
                                            in milk carton

Inspired by Susan Burch's "Grainy Photos"


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Alzheimer's Parody

her mask unchanging
rippling reality stints
despair’s fiery pits

sanity tilted
crust layered with razor blades
echo touched voices

opposites control
revolving kaleidoscope
serene destruction

sketchy shadow paths
Alzheimer’s parody stains
fog filled memories

Janet L Vick

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evening silence

evening silence
  fog swallows chilled vespers
     a lifeless child

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What price ecstasy?

Pill at the club door
You dance tonight; never more
Another mourned life ~

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Christmas Blue

forget a short while
‘til the light of Christmas dims
and I remember…

For Andrea’s contest

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Silent friendship

a dear friend
hiding now
behind glass

not talking
loud and clear

building walls
between hearts

it takes two
to speak out
the matter

silent storms
passing by

endless faith
living on
in my soul

real insight
if sharing
dual gifts

of today 

a true friend
never dies
in my heart

for better
or for worse
time will tell

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Tombstone - Like The Four Horsemen

they walked along
weathered, carrying their guns;
like the four horsemen…

down to the O.K.
guns blazing, bullets flying;
smoke clears, the strong stand…

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Summer's Spilled Milk

Summer’s Spilled Milk
City dwellers pumped;
Oil effused into ocean,
Ocean creatures died.

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'For Colored Girls --- Toxic Love'

his love so toxic his dream became her nightmare distraught mother begs helpless onlookers suspended from the window he just let them go he killed their children helpless as her tears roll down her will to live gone ©291220112215 *just to clear up the confusion this is actually written for Andrea's movie contest!!*

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Promised to Evil

Written on July 23, 2012

An explosive mind
Death-filled actions without heart
The day the world found out

Dedicated to all of the victims
of Aurora, Colorado 

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Salt and Vinegar

He was somewhat enamored,
with salt and vinegar
he chipped away his health

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That Sucks

<                                     on your own death bed 
                                       you couldn't even admit ........
                                       that you were married

Entry For Paula Swenson's Contest 
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
G.L. All

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Leather Mountains

Mountains of leather,
Summit holocaust landscapes:
Valley of dead soles.

Inspired by the piles of shoes
in the Auschwitz concentration camps

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The World's Losses

Flares of fire erupt, Dust in the wind, ~ The World’s losses. Tears from everyone, Pain unimaginable, ~ the world’s losses. Written by Lee Ramage September 10, 2011 For Caroline Devonshire’s “Remembering 9/11” Placement: 7th

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A blow to the heart

She crys out in pain
No one there to comfort her
She suffers alone

By: Misty Leccese
© June 17, 2009

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an empty bottle

captured behind glass her scent, forever, lingers.... Chanel No. 5
_ _ _ For PD's Contest: 7/25/14

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...clinging tears

clinging tears
freeze to barren branches...
empty lawnchairs rust

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for Sean at Henry's Memorial

Big-gun emotions
Grief sounds a hole in the soul
Ears empty echoes

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Life’s sparkle buzzed, danced;
Her life absconded by gun,
Soul departed earth.

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  Eve and Pandora 

duped by curiosity 

 divine laws defied

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in the setting sun

in the setting sun the mountain is tinged pink – tears for the riots
Only a mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf. ~ Aldo Leopold Please see the About section for details

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Rush Hour

Rush Hour
Frenetic traffic;
Distracted drivers squeal tires,
Traffic kills people.

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Loveliest of All Roses

Oh that lovely rose
With delicate petals rare.
She lovingly chose.

Reminding of love
and all the memories shared.
Now all gone above.

Heaven's rarest rose
Everlasting pure, holy
In heaven now grows.

*For Sweethearts "Special Sentimental Senyru" contest

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Sacrificed Blood

Drifting down slowly
Painful, sad but tender warm
The sacrificed blood. 

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Scar Tissue

Some wounds cut too deep
Inflamed and bleeding again...
Mended but not healed

For Black Eyed Susan's contest

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Never Look Back

As she looks forward The sky turns blue as freedom Approaches her now
By: Misty Leccese © November 16, 2010

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Naked and Naïve
Muffled screams of ravaged dreams
Discarded debris

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Dying Alone

A rope snaps,
nobody hears,
Does anyone fall?

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Flowing life force stay
give me another happy....
Taps plays soulfully

For contest sponsored by Black Eyed Susan

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A Little Girl Cries

A little girl cries
Porcelain doll lies broken
No solace for tears

A young woman cries
Heart, soul, and dreams lie broken
Oh, to be a child

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Reno Tragedy

God Bless the Air Show 
Victims Families suffer most
Time will heal your wounds

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so sad I lost her
much of me forever gone
forgot to hit save

*worked on a poem I fell in love with and accidentally erased it

Date: 6:16:14

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My Heart Revealed

It's what I believe
I wear my heart on my sleeve
My thoughts will not leave

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Wasted Youth

Child of the Sixties,
I wish I'd seen the Beatles.
How could I have known?!

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Echoes of You

The house is stained with,
Your nostalgic memories:

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The end of the world — 
I will see you all in hell.
May I rest in peace.

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Holiday's Circle

holiday's circle
 bright colorful traditions
 emptiness inside
© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (December 16th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Vaya Con Dios

the start of this life
looking back was yesterday...
someone is calling

© Harry J Horsman 2012

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Lost Child

         seeking adventure
crystal cracks back on the lungs
          another lost child

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Memories of an Ex

I Don't Know Where She

Is, Or What She's Doing, But,

I Hope She's Okay...

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Melancholy Child

                                                    Melancholy child
                                                  Shrouded in mystery
                                                Woeful heart; weeping

                                                      Melancholy child
                                            time of innocence; haunting
                                                   Draped in shadows

                                                      Melancholy Child
                                            Your angel beholds Gods face
                                                   your Goliath will fall

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Her Hand Slipped Away.

Forever She Fell Grasping.

Still Gone To This Day.

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Green island fire and ice

so sad for the loss                                                                                                  comfort the families                                                                                                        L'Isle-Verte pray   *                                                 *                                                     -  Quebec fire bodies search temporarily suspended

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Too optimistic

Too optimistic 
The pipe dreamer that waits for 
Ships that don’t leave port.

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Insanity of Faith

Norway is mourning
little lives cut very short
no God and know peace

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      Somewhere I exist
just not where this world can see
    husk blown in the wind

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black noise;
treacle noise;
black noise circles my head;
black-like noise.
I hate-

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Lost Forever

Casey Anthony--
found not guilty, yet her child
is lost forever

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High Expectations

Never so tactile
To impress as you wanted
Just me, nothing more

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Senryu on Loneliness

Cold, wet days.
Glittering, cheapened stone;
filtered rain

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I Will Not Answer the Ocean's Call

prelude of madness
waves swallow the sandy shore
dark shadows linger

A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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The Mental Institution

Rain is falling
The Children groaning
Gates keep closing...

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Starting Over

She sits down naked And feels her life is over But it just began
Russell Sivey

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Why must you be Be so brokenhearted I didn’t mean to hurt you
Russell Sivey A modern Senryu

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Paying Respects

He stands tall and proud
Guarding our fallen  hero’s
Paying his respects

For Bald Eagle contest

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Fall Senyru.

Forlorn fibers fly
ruby refuse recoiling
morose motors mulch


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Can You Help Me I'm Lost

lost and weary soles
looking for their better half
at Auschwitz bone yard

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Crying Rose

Her loved one is lost As sadness enters her heart A lonely rose cries

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The button now pressed ¬~ In modern melted mould, we ~¬~ now die, a spent race ¬~

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Inactive as bears,
sleeping in a remote cave...
dreaming of grassland.

The theme of the poem is winter.

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leaving shocked hearts blue

in the midst of joy,
they die unexpectedly,
leaving shocked hearts blue

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There Are No Tears

There are no tears
  To softly cleanse
    Covered guilt...
      O, thoughtless choice.

There are no tears
  To gently soothe
    Hidden sorrow...
      O, aged wrongs.

There are no tears
  To blindly heal
    Scar-bound wounds...
      O, misbegotten wars.

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Pulled the Trigger

Bullet wounds
The criminal shoots down his
First targets

How dare you
Shoot them uncontrollably
CHAOS grows .  .  .

Don’t shoot it!
The victims are running mad
And you pulled

The trigger
I’m terrified of your strength
DROP IT, man ! ! !

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State of hopelessness
Inability to sleep
And downheartedness

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That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven Hundred and fifty victims Murdered, Rest in Peace My entry into Nathan's 9-11 contest

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cardboard ceiling

After you left, I 
Found my pride crouching inside
A homeless man’s box

I crawled inside and 
Collapsed, releasing the last
Of love’s butterflies


Susan Burch

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Confliction of Casey

Casey Anthony
looks as conflicted as the
evidence given

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dont be a nightmare
toiling on and sleepless
a workhorse in the dark

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My soul has a hole;
Each new success ekes my soul,
I heal every day.

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Unfriended Again

Unfriended Again!!

Very sad that it was you.

Happy Trails my friend.

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Four Pieces

Carnival is here.
Crowds jam the street with laughter.
He plays solitaire

High above the street
A lonely window shines bright.
Love is sold tonight.

Sits by the window
In a smoky, crowded bar.
Life passes him by

Crumpled note on floor
Tells the story of love gone.
Time now for dying.

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Give Yourself A Second Chance

if you did not  have
a good childhood, then stop and 
smell the roses ... twice!

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If Only

White powder chaser Her eyes stare like a lost soul Statistic is she

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Striking Back

'oft born of abuse
hate grows to a bitter cramp
red-handed it ends

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I am shucked and peeled
A husk of what I once was
Cast off--abandoned

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Ghost in the mirror,
a little girl of ten years
whose hand you once held.

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Footprints and Promises

as he walked and talked
on oily gulf shores, Hayward
left footprints and promises

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Lost Innocence

                                                 tears falling like rain
                                             grieving for lost innocence
                                                   never to be found

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She Knows - Senryu

My tears dry quickly,
on this sultry summer night,
she can't see me cry.

I sob silently,
in the stillness of the night,
she can't hear me cry.

My words, now unread,
are just pointlessly  written,
she can't feel me cry.

Though somewhere inside,
she feels a pang of sadness,
and she knows I cry.

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I See

heartless clarity
thrust upon a Mother's eyes
the butchers clothes burn

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Live only to die
Die only that you may live
Feeling is living

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New car tissue born
Invisible stitches made
Emotions dying

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When pain is your life 
Pain is all you ever know
Welcome to my world

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NEWSFLASH: Charmer in Jail

charmed four wives--same time;
loved each 'til  her cash dried up--
charmer in jail now

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Blackjack Senryu String Part III

Well, I’m back again. I’m here to try out my luck. Be nice to me now. Will you let me win? I feel you are overdue to give me winners. Here is my money. Are those chips of yours lucky? I need some good luck. Shuffle up those cards. Make them all come out my way. All blackjacks for me! Here is my first bet. Just starting out small this time. I feel lucky now. An ace and a king! And that is my first blackjack! Thank you very much! You can’t pay me yet? I see you have a ten up. No insurance please. You don’t have blackjack I will guess you don’t have it. You don’t have an ace. And you have an ace. It’s only a push for me? And I don’t get paid! Let’s try it again. I will double my money. I need a blackjack. A eight and a three That is eleven for me. You have a six up. I will double down. Here is my extra money. Give me something good. You give me a five And that amounts to sixteen. I think you will bust. Do you have a ten underneath that six of yours? I hope you will bust. What? That is an ace! That gives you a seventeen! You beat me again! This is the last time. I’m almost out of money. Make this a good one. I have five and four That is a nine you gave me. Your up card is five. Double down again. I need a winner right now. Give me something big. You give me an ace. I have a soft twenty now. I want you to bust. Your hole card’s a jack. So that gives you a fifteen. Please go over now. And you draw a six! Twenty-one beats my twenty Forget it today!

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Streams of tears falling;
His crepuscular brawn years,
Embracing his end.

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What Are You Waiting For

this wait
has alway's
meant never

Tribute To Martin Luther King

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Nowhere To Run To

Nowhere to Run to
Footsteps closing in;
Qualms about my bright future,
Up against a wall.

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From His Graveside She Takes

Another lost soul Her memories go with him The Rose, she takes home

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Lost Dreams

The caged canary
love songs trapped within its heart
Dreams of freedom lost.

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I'll Never Forget

i’ll never forget…
the September skies, wrapping
innocent spirits

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Ottawa Treaty

Infestation of Anti-personnel land mines Rwanda declared free On 2 December 2009, Rwanda became the first country to be declared free of landmines.

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The warmth in sunshine
Felt on a warm summer breeze
Reminiscent minds

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The latest survey
eighty suicides per day
by our Veterans

Such a big disgrace
CBS investigates
this whole cover up

These folks fought for us
no one's taking care of them
they would rather die

Someone should be held
accountable for each one
who takes his own life

If they had something
that they could look forward to
they won't want to die

There's hope in Jesus
message needs to go across
that bad times don't last

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Men of Peace

Men of peace are gone.
Their seed is wiped from the earth.
Death wins the  battle.

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Like a breeze they move;
Barely a whisper or sound
Until they have gone.

Wasted and misused;
We all take them for granted
Until we have none.

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The Treasurer

Thirty silver coins
Identified with a kiss
The secret of God.

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The Test

He took the test; fail
Disappointment in his tone
He must be picked up

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Time of Change

The scent of autumn
Passing slowly through the town
Is all I notice

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Cold nights await her
No longer within hands reach
Cold days await me

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Trance like state of mind
Staring into the darkness 
Oblivion waiting 

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Finger Foods

Eating with our hands
To comfort body and soul
At home, on the go

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"Cut Ties"

The scissors have cut

                      memories not forgotten

                                                  only tucked away...

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A Marriage Gone Sour

Father's Day is here
They lived in separate homes
Off to Dad's they go
He offers them drinks
Then forced them both to consume 
In adjacent rooms
Sis lay dead on bed
Brother was barely alive
Dad expired on lawn

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Go Out, Be Happy

go out…
touch the sun, see the life in China
be happy

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The Doorway of Death

What makes a person Decide to participate In the life of drugs?

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Storm Warning in Sky

mimics pain in heart
thunder sounds like your good-bye
storm roars in side me


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High Noon (Senryu)

with six guns hanging
walked in saloon at high noon
outlaws backed their coats

© Joseph, 1/6/07
© All Rights Reserved

Author’s Comments:   The traditional Japanese Senryu format has three lines as 
follows:  the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is 
about an emotional expression and things in general.

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Virginia Tech

grief and pain within
America’s homeland weeps
pray for hearts to heal

Details | Senryu | |

on the corner

homeless,lost tonight
once I was a Mother's child
can you spare a dime?

Details | Senryu | |


.                            Death is not awesome
                          It is cold, dark,and lonely
                                I am so alone

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Charma For You

Tears on my pillow
Bespeaks pain within my heart
Charmas lovely poem.

Details | Senryu | |

I Miss Him

 It still looks like he’s
Sitting at the T. V. I 
Wish that he was here.

Details | Senryu | |


Heroic statue
catches the last rays of sun
i alone see them

Details | Senryu | |

The Harry Potter

the Harry Potter
breezing into mega mall
I lost my first son

Details | Senryu | |

Have I Hated?

Empty porridge bowl
Birthright sold, no blessing left
Tears and flying snots

Details | Senryu | |

We Will Remember Them

Dying for Freedom
American and British soldiers
Will be remembered


" Dedicated to the losses our countries are taking to fight for our freedom "
                                 Haiku or Senryu matters not

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You So Sweet

So yummy
I could just
eat you up

Not funny
Had enough

Such dummies
Eat too much
Tastebuds change

Now honey
Wish I had
Ate you up

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veteran of domestic wars

  old wounds well hidden
other battles, other wars
 scars have faces too

Details | Senryu | |

First Wife

First Wife
She was his gimcrack,
Jewel of the Nile, a king’s dream,
Once trash, future queen.

Details | Senryu | |

The Refugees' Plight

the refugees’ plight…
bringing sufferings with them,
to unknown future

Details | Senryu | |


I can't tell you now
for my voice was lost today
reposessed unpaid

Details | Senryu | |

Up Three Straight Nights

A half-waking dream
Your face peeks through clouds; eyes shut
In suspended sleep

Details | Senryu | |

It Used To Not Be

transit by airplane
is not as quick when adding
the preboarding time.

Details | Senryu | |

Many Strong Have Fallen

Delilah's pleasures
Her head lain in Samson's lap
Blind, he grinds around

Concubines' treasures
Solomon's Playboy Mansion
Kingdom of idols

Bathsheba's gestures
Rivers and blood David stole
Hid to no prophet

Stronger have fallen
Your resistance is futile
If you compromise

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Song of Songs 3:1

By night on my bed,
I sought him whom my soul loves.
But I found him not.

Details | Senryu | |


Another lost soul
Another statistic home
Another dog tag

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Razor flashes fast!
Blood splatters down the white wall!
Causing mortal wound!

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I'm Mad

I’m mad because I’m,
No longer expecting and,
He won’t come back home.

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Peace Not War (Senryu)

how unfortunate 
women and children died too
let peace subdue war

© Joseph 7/5/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional/classic Japanese senryu form has three lines:  the first five 
syllables, second seven syllables and third five syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for 
a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about an emotion 

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Lost Man

Wishing you could be
Found. I hope that you are not
Very far. My man's lost

wrote in Fall 2004

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Rooted In Torment (Senryu Series)

tangled conundrum
my heart a woven labyrinth
inside your prison

root of my soul bound
ensnared in a mangled web
pulled beneath your lies

I wish to stand tall
Towering majestically
O’er your cowardice

One day I will rise
Breaking the chains of deceit
You will come undone

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Situational Crisis

In the midst of life
Others are stricken by strife
Where glory abounds

Details | Senryu | |


Love's candle burned bright.
Harsh, angry words were spoken;
Pride blew out the flame. 

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Two Sisters, One man

Two sisters, one man-
Well-tricked for his trickery,
Jacob gained two wives.

Two sisters, one man-
One weak-eyed and unwanted;
One was beautiful.

Two sisters, one man-
In love he wept for Rachel,
For sons loved Leah.

Two sisters, one man-
Mandrakes, sex bartered in hopes
Both would feel equal.

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Crusing Home

                                                      heading home 
                                              wavery- cringing-  buckling
                                                     honor the dead

     In  Memory 
      Of  Victims
  Unsung Heros
     To 35W S 
 Bridge Collasping

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Dysfunctional Resolution

if at first you don't
succeed, try to fry an egg --
it feeds your failure.

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Rhymes Or Reasons

                                                         door opens
                                                      shots ring out
                                                no rhymes or reasons

In Loving Memory
Northern Illinois Victims

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  You show a blank stare
emptiness is what you share
  nothing says a lot

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Comfort Foods

The spoon positioned
Upside down on my palate...
Tasting and grinding