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Senryu Humorous Poems | Senryu Poems About Humorous

These Senryu Humorous poems are examples of Senryu poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Senryu Humorous poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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poor puppet dances to the tune of her master - he’s pulling her strings! Jan Allison 9th April 2015 Contest: - Judy Konos Get Your Senryu On ~awarded 1st place~

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dropping his trousers ‘full moon’ is on view to all … too much alcohol 15th April 2015

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we cannot see it its odour is all around baked bean flatulence 25th April 2015

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I want Chick-Fil-A
Christian chicken is the best..
Too bad it's Sunday!


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The New Year

welcome to the nightmare
365 days of triskaidekaphobia
where will you hide

The world didn't end in 2012, so now we have to deal with the number 13 all year long.  I wrote this poem with that in mind.  Of course, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek.

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Ex Ruben O

Said you'd make it through,
But you didn't stand a chance:
Now his name is ex.

For My friend Ruben

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Paper Boy

Paranoid old man
reports his stolen paper.
Story on page five.

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so stoned I forgot
the periodic table
being dumb as rocks


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senryu 2

she crafts a sonnet
rhyming his name with colours
concludes with Dear Jack

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Maple Donuts

Those maple donuts
Surely will by my ruin.
Lack of self control.

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Conspiracy nut

when some one else is                                                                                                   caught it's a conspiracy                                                                                                   when I say something

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i Found my true love
never thought it would happen
at Hindu hangout.

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that poor, painful cry
“i’ve fallen and can’t get up!”
hope god will hear you

this is my sickness –
i want to sleep all the time
my kitty don’t mind

i will surely die
forgot to take prescriptions
it’s part of old age

the house is a mess
my wife saves everything
blames it on the cat

oh, dear lord, now what?
there is a crack house next door
change locks      seal windows

a car just went by
music so loud it shook the house
scared old puss in boots
mortuary called
bargain price on caskets
it WAS a fine day

i can’t control gas
nor the water works either
monthly bill sky high

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Snickers Senryu 1

the dog is gagging in some vomit on the floor. . . my vanished earring
(well, it's kind of about nature; a very natural thing for dogs. haha!) For PD's (Make Me Chuckle with a haiku) Haiku #1 (or senryu)

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the fish bone prick

  the fish bone prick                          Senryu poem

I have fish bone prick
doctor said open your mouth
It is in my foot.

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As you get older,
Deny the reality
That everything sags!

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An itch in my eye

An unbidden thought, startling

Thus tear met finger

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A wind vane

rough draft it will be                                                                                                     lovely music though the flags                                                                                        my pen fails to revise

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The Corpse Flower

The corpse flower, like the armpits of rancid love, your bouquet floors me.

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Three Serious Scandals

                                                                              Political Senryu 5-7-5   

     "Three Serious Scandals"

It’s second watergate
three scandals rock the white house
Shaking Obama.

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Butterfly Secrets

Butterflies whisper
The secrets to peaceful life,
But our cars crush them.

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seasonal senryu

Three Humorous Senryu 

If winter landscape 
Had snow that was black as coal 
It would still be cold 

If sunlight was green 
Shining on crimson nature 
It would still be hot. 

If rain was yellow 
Running like horse piss in streets 
It would still be wet. 

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her boobies had sagged two boulders in a hammock she is stony faced 03~08~15 Contest -Make me chuckle with a Haiku/Senyru#1 - PD

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in those painful days,
years past a male’s vanity,
comes a change of ways –

the youthful waistline
expanded, heaving chest dumped,
all shape in decline –

he opts for comfort
no matter an extra X
give him belt-less sport,

the college letter
on sweatshirt, head and jacket
the paunch unfettered

shirt, pants, wrinkle free
his shoes longer and wider
comfort, don’t you see

well, he’s right in line
with today’s runaway youth
and looking quite fine

his wife, however,
scanning the wreck with cold eyes
has cried, “forever!

till death us do part!
the sight of you is lethal
and that’s a good start!”

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Unsocial Media

I found you online,
I sent you a friend request...
You sent the police?!

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Senryu - teasing

boy sticks out tongue jeering at bully behind his back

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A Secret Love Message

the Moon in the clouds
the Sun deep down the ocean
Earth's message to Mars.

* The poem is based on an event when Earth and Mars were at the nearest distance, a 
sort of rendevous  on August 27, 2003.*

July 26, 2014
Form : Senryu
Dr. Ram Mehta
Ninth Place Win
Contest: In the clouds by Linda

The moon - mother
The Sun - Father

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White Lie

the gift just arrived
yes I really love it she says
looking for a receipt

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Senryu -- absent-mindedness

after searching all over I find my glasses on my nose

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Senryu 011

a little sin takes
the short cut to damnation...
babe it’s cold outside.