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Senryu Food Poems | Senryu Poems About Food

These Senryu Food poems are examples of Senryu poems about Food. These are the best examples of Senryu Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Ripe Mango

your presence is:
sweeter than a ripe mango
filling to the soul

© Joseph, 6/11/08
© All Rights Reserved

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Candle Light And Wine

Candle light and sweet wine
Dinner for two and soft music
A night made for love

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O' pungent blossom

Many layers deep
 But sweet beneath the surface
   In your expert hands

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Missed It

sun up at my feet
fresh bread, bacon sizzling scent
I guess not awake

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Fudge Freak

Dessert tonight, sir?
Yes, a hot fudge sundae please
and hold the ice cream

and that fake cherry
Lose the whipped cream and nuts too
Give it to me straight 

***For Linda Marie's contest

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Maple Donuts

Those maple donuts
Surely will by my ruin.
Lack of self control.

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just deserts - just desserts

she bins
his pizza lunch - -
just desserts

* some silliness on a saying we have: ‘just deserts’ (a person getting what he deserves)

For Dr Ram’s Darkness at Noon contest

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Empty Bottle Drained


                                                A breakfast good treat
                                           Vermont Maple syrup sweet....
                                                  Empty bottle drained

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Tear Juice

.        Peeling off layers
               I'm slice'n, dice'n, chopp'n
                    Onion cries in pain

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Apples and Oranges

Both foods are healthy Red and orange, juicy too Fruit of a rainbow

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A Piece Of Bread Please ( Take 2 )

  Dollars  always  help .

  But  the  parched  earth  always  wins .

  More  than  dough  required .


  Inspired by Sami's "piece of bread" , contest .

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Melting with Moist Excitement

moist yet flaky white
butter melting spreads just right….
my taste buds excite

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Summer's Spilled Milk

Summer’s Spilled Milk
City dwellers pumped;
Oil effused into ocean,
Ocean creatures died.

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Oder Up

tomatoes home grown
sausage pizza on the stone
ordering by phone

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' Golden Harvest ... ' 40th Senryu

    Golden, Full Moon Shone
On All The Harvest, That’s Grown
    Welcome In Our Home

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Plastic ware is fine
Favorite restaurant to dine
 Hickory smoked swine

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Gramma's apple pie
caught my eye upon the shelf-
a forbidding sight..........


Contest ~ Apples ? Oranges ?

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Sizzling Sounds Abound Coffee's Aroma

Whilst bacon sizzles The aroma of coffee Captures my palate

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Satisfied Grin

Soaked hair of my chin
Bountiful taste from within….
Oily soup of fin

By Robb A. Kopp

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Sushi bar with a revolving counter

beauty contest proceeds
less fortunate girls round and round
until chosen

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The Steak Out!

Track prints in the snow
Venison treats on their minds
Deer watching hunters

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Sole food

meal tray on her lap
dining table set for two
mocking the widow

Competition 'get your Senryu on'.
Submitted 11th April 2015

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You Are My Sunshine

<                             covered chocolate
                       bursting ......  cherry implosions
                               over pallets tongue

                                a bit of sunshine
                         waiting for the right peeler ....
                             orange ya glad its you

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a hungry man's confession senryu

scents of good cooking
prevent me from remaining
a calm man in wait

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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate
Halcyon chocolate
Sweetness that calmed her troubles
Her own vacation.

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Thanking Jesus Christ

thanking Jesus Christ
a turkey on thanksgiving
why not everyday?

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The Clank Of The Spoon

                                           The clank of the spoon
                                         Against the full chili bowl
                                            Tonight gas fills room

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best oysters this year
yesterdays bull todays steer
steaming by my beer

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When You Repent Sincerely

His will forgives
Stabs of a knife
Life still in strife

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Apples Reign

apple of my eye
Adam gave up Paradise
for one single bite

For Carol's "Apples? Oranges?" contest.