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Senryu Childhood Poems | Senryu Poems About Childhood

These Senryu Childhood poems are examples of Senryu poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Senryu Childhood poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Kindergarten's Best Friends


                                                          Finger nail and dirt 
                                                          like belly button and fuzz
                                                                   Two peas in a pod


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Paper Plane

Leaf, folded and thrown
When it crashes, spirits soar
My life is this leaf

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Children, happy and contented

Story telling time Content in their small world Watch them fall asleep

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Raising Apples

apple falls near tree --

children reflect their parents

values and morals

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Kids go down
The slide…they head toward the swings

Free time ends
Their parents want to go home
Frowns exchange 

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Dirty Wet Diaper


                                            Dirty wet diaper
                               Sores, scabs, matted hair, crying
                                           Lady adopts_mom

Contest:"Senryu For Mom"
Sponsor:Francine Roberts

(My mother said that
when she first saw me
I had a dirty wet diaper
sores, and backed up against
her and called her mom.)

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Water Balloons

stretching it
balloon breaks on faucet
spray giggles


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mother did not mind

mother did not mind
a kind beauty of passion
and then there was me

singer of night songs
tone deaf to all but to me
the randy cat howls

mated wife, mother
baker of red cherry pies
one in the oven

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Quit Running

mom say's
quit running !!!!

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School Days

Lots of learning
Lots of playing, seeing,and
Saying, the bell rings.

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A homeless child wanders the urban wild,-- feels loathed...reviled.

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brash and bad young boys

brash and bad young boys
who waged war with firecrackers...
still count ten fingers

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As My Daughter Grows

A wonderful smile A beautiful young woman Radiant beauty
By: Misty Leccese © December 23, 2010

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Don't Spread the Hate

retelling the words
of the past pain that she caused---
forgive her sooner

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As they enter the room

My children screaming
Letting me know they are there
Come running for hugs

By: Misty Leccese
© June 14, 2009

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he blows out candles wishes are a boy's laughter his face is my smile across the ocean a boy falls asleep hungry no birthday wishes

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Christmas Senryu

tilting to the right.. paper chains made by small hands children's pure delight
For Andrea's contest

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Spin the Bottle

Spin, spin the bottle 'round

   Where it stops none really care--

      Exquisite first kiss.

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Muppet eulogy

Bye Cookie Monster!
Pointlessly martyred by the
Political left.

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A Gift From A Child

A small child runs on the beach
clutching a treasured gift in his hand
a sand covered dog poo

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---red lollipop

red lollipop
on a toddler's soft cheek
shattered jar

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As A Child

mother sits rocking - falling in a flood of thoughts joyous tears tumble ________ echoes of children thunder down the oak hallway- mother sits knitting

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New sofa covers

new sofa covers
muddy hand prints all over
a brand new design

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The Kids of Divorce

Mom and Dad divorce; the kids are damaged for life; but some are relieved.

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~A Cowards Way~

Two legged dogs came, I fell 
Prey, Striking me from every direction
Leaving nothing untouched

I wrote this remembering how I got ambushed when I was little
By these neighborhood girls I once called my friends but when 
I found out they were trouble, I pulled away and made new friends
and that didn't sit well with them and they turned on me,and then 
one unsuspecting day they showed up at my house, all of them..none 
would fight me alone, they all wanted a piece of me and they got it, until 
my brother showed up...But that's a whole different story.It just showed me 
that not everyone is who they seem to be, they were cowards and from that 
moment on, I was careful of how I chose my friends..Thank God after those 
teenage years passed things got better...

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Writer's block

Light inside the pen-
hidden as is past abuse;
unable to shine.

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A child's life

The eyes of children
Wild with laughter and vigor
So clear and so bright

By: Misty Leccese
© June 23, 2009

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A Child

Innocent soul with an empty mind seeks constant love and protection a fast but vulnerable learner

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Born to be friends

Brother and sister
Bicker and fight out of spite
Unbreakable love

By: Misty Leccese
© July 1, 2009

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You Are My Sunshine

<                             covered chocolate
                       bursting ......  cherry implosions
                               over pallets tongue

                                a bit of sunshine
                         waiting for the right peeler ....
                             orange ya glad its you

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Signs of affection(part 2)

My Beautiful wall ruined
By the beast's motivation 
my sisters likes to paint

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LikeA Lemon

                                                            Wet warm juicy fresh
                                                            First kiss anticipation
                                                              Whet my appetite

                                                           Sixth grade pucker up
                                                  All seeds pits pulp skin and core
                                                            Tasted like tennis balls      

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel
Waving arms and legs;
Smiling at moon and bright stars,
Angel trails behind.

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In My Shoes

Frozen memories
Emptiness of past childhood
I was a lefty...

for Raul Moreno's Contest: "Still Life"

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Part of My Community

Friends, family, and 
Fans of me are part of my
Community. Cool!

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Disco Ball

Disco Ball
Frenetic feet tap;
Across the room
Shy boys gather,
First dance jitters crawl.

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Spilled Milk

spilled milk on the floor
blood trails off from broken glass
a child runs and hides

*April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.

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happy children sing
filled with holiday delight-
dunce in teacher's clutch

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Smiles and tears

WHAT MAKES ME SMILE: my two little ones kissing-cuddling each other their sweet dimpled smiles WHAT MAKES ME FROWN kids' lost innocence abandoned, abused, deprived pages-full sad news 22/8/2012

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Wasted Youth

Child of the Sixties,
I wish I'd seen the Beatles.
How could I have known?!

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My Momma

Soft and tender voice
you protected me from harm
spoiled me rotten

hands soft as cotton
You weren’t father’s first choice
you won him with charm

Soft and tender voice
raised us on the farm
spoiled me rotten

Francine Roberts' contest: "Senryu for Mom" 

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' Prettiest Picture ... ' 49th Senryu

‘ Prettiest Picture … ’      49th  Senryu

    Innocence Lovely
Pretty Picture,  Ever See
    Is My Grandbaby

  ( oooooohhh, Kisses, Kisses, Hugs, Hugs
       Oh How Fast, They Do Grow Up !  )

         A  Happy-MoonBee - (smile)

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My Teenager Son

my teenager son
his room wall is hung with lots
of sexy posters

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Comic Book Senryu

Bright comic book fun! 
Don't you miss your childhood days?
Women in tight clothes

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Bright lights, busy streets-
Always something going on,
Kids love playground swings.

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twins in twin swings swing

twins in twin swings swing
baby pink toes waving bye
Dad snores on the bench

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Lost Forever

Casey Anthony--
found not guilty, yet her child
is lost forever

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Love Has No Boundries

a lonely heron
finding friendship in the sun---
petals of purity

sweet exploration
under a blue summer sky---
instant chemistry

budding flower child
in fearless curiousity---
blooming innocence

a winsome smile
engages a feathered friend---
sweet dance in meadow grass


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Sorida is greet-
Ings. My brother or sister
In Zimbabwean.

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Pillow fights

Cottons in the clouds –
Children having pillow fights
Jumping up and down.


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Silly Ball

Throwing bouncy ball 
It spiraled mad 
Who KNOWS where it goes

Hopping to and fro
it's quite a funny
Scene to watch that ball o 

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little angler 

stopped by ~

birds nest

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Hush of Christmas past

No longer asleep,
Wondering what I will find
This Christmas morning.

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Summer Senryu

Cicadas' songs in still heat
  evoke the ghosts 
    of childhood

           Bring to birth nostalgic thoughts
           times far removed

A simpler life
  child's eye view
    all mysteries accepted

            Each day a calm

Which grew into itself, then
    into its nightfall

             The self I then was wandered,
              stumbling towards adulthood

And even now still haunts me
  when cicadas sing
    and children laugh

               Somewhere in the hazy heat
               Somewhere in the white distance

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bedroom posters down
moving van pulls away slow-
childhood fades from view

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A Child's Laugh

The children's laughter So sweet, pure and innocent Life gets in the way

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Lost love,
how critical,
sixth grade love

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The yes and no of it all...

              An infant babe cries

             for attention affection,

               begins it's journey...

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My childhood blunder
Moms’ plate shattered asunder
My ball the wonder 

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Country Swim

.              shoes on river bank
                        best friends visit Sugar Creek
                                Sunday afternoon

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Sponge Bob

Watching my cartoons
My favorite is Sponge Bob
Yellow with square pants.

Dedicated to my son Kaleb

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Kick and Run

Kick the crooked fence 
Run with all your might  

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Ghost in the mirror,
a little girl of ten years
whose hand you once held.

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innocence wanders
in dreams of eternal flight-
a young angel blooms....



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Do The Rumba

down by the sea shore -
silhouette conjoinment dance -
under cloud's cluster

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The Beach

That day on the beach Brings back childhood memories Such precious moments

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The Snow Cometh

senryu series

first snowflakes 
peppering down
salt trucks ready


dirt hides under
a blanket of snow
for a short while


my driveway
piled high on both sides
city plow cometh


new coat of snow
on the hillside
kids bundle up too


growing snowman
guards the garage
cars on the street

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through snow parents dash
fist full of much needed cash….
with hammers toys smash

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youthful impressions
parental termination…

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Back when

Children laughing, smile 		
A road less traveled goes on		
Barefoot summer sun

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Little League

The crack of the bat

It sails high over third base

The crowd stands and cheers

His first hit ever

He will never make the BIGS

Smiles from ear to ear

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' Thankful ...' 41st Senryu

Thankful, For Earth-Love …
  Life … Also Family Of …
   So … All The Above

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Street Urchins

coins drop palm to palm
a lively tune she dances~
we applaud loudly

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Balloons in the Hands of Children

Floating on a string
Daring escapes from happy
Innocent clutches

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No Better Picture

No picture can match
As a little face twitches
A loving child sleeps

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High School Teacher

                      ink-stained shirt pockets
          full of old pens that don't write,
teacher taught me right.

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...graffiti on stone

graffiti on stone
scars broadcast of disrespect
kids nature’s tricksters

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Nonrelenting Palavering

palavers all day….
tantrums to cause Mothers sway
infantile display

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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A Friendly Bishop

A friendly Bishop…
In Angel’s weary eyes lies 
The color of sin

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Snow Angels

Giggling children

    fall to the snow in laughter

       ....snow angels appear.

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Sanguine cheeks smiled;
His heart forever taken,
His daughter’s first smile

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Attention Deficient Disorder

Youthful minds romping
Wafting through gardens of dreams.
Amid real world woes –

© May 13, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Highchair Highlights

Sauce drips from your chin
To scold you would be a sin….
Marinara grin

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Beauty of Children

Beauty of children,
Smiles, joy, laughs, jokes, embraces
Soft touch; their big eyes

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Quiet Walk

In silence I walked….
For many hours Dad balked
With kind words she talked

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Ten Bucks not Including the Line

Through day’s roof to night
Fed til it was out of sight....
Brand new nylon kite

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Feeling It

with full force he throws…
red drips on rubberized toes
throbbing swollen nose

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Sleepin In

Chaos I’ve sired
Tiny feet make me tired
Patience expired

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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My Son's Enemy

Instigates trouble
Innocents bubbles within
My Daughter torments

Nathan Bane Leccese
© All Rights Reserved 05/20/2009

*My Son is 3 yrs. old and my Daughter is 2 yrs. old. I'm sure that will explain everything. :-)

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In the mid air like
Paratroopers floating fair
Parachuters in air.

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Old Train Running

Amidst the night air,
I hear the old train running,
ghost like in the fog.

She whistles her cry,
like sounds of spirits weeping
through the lonely wind.

The soft whir of wheels,
comforts my weary, worn soul,
within the darkness.

I am taken back,
by the sweet sounds in the night,
to my lost childhood,

and with eyes closed now,
I smile a bittersweet smile,
and bask in my thoughts. 

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Clinical Child Care

Lucky Preschoolers
Government sanctioned murder
Abortion clinics

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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Open Love

You can hold them close
But keep your arms wide open
Kids need room to grow

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Sweet Knuckles

Honey crystals pressed
Lightly on my lips, kissing
Your sugar pockets

Dedicated to Aunt Mary

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Exclamation mark
Violated chalked check mark….
Rubberized toy shark

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Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon

Sitting on the steps
Spitting watermelon seeds
Watching life go by

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Ocean Dance


                           She held my tiny fingers
                      And we jumped each salty wave
                          Dancing with an angel

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Meli Beams

Smallest in the Gang
She’s just under three feet tall
She knows every sang

By Robb A. Kopp

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Caught in a wooden 
web, for playing hide and seek
a risky habit...

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X men live with me
five years old and wild and free
mutants home for lunch

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When God Created Me

my mom used to say…
there was an Angel, watching
when God created me

I did believe her… 
about the Angel, watching
me, since I was kid

and, I did love you… 
oh, my Angel, for watching
life was full of joy

now, I hate you…
suddenly you stopped, watching
me, after ten years

you left me alone…
on blissful day, not watching
the eagle of prey

the eagle of prey…
on my youth, you stopped watching
and, what have I done?

many years passed by…
alone, and no one’s watching
tears never run dry

over three decades…
on sinful life, who’s watching?
me, I’m cruel and sad

but, I learned something…
be brave, when no one’s watching
you live in this world

living, for today…
tomorrow, I’ll be watching  
my son sleeps, with peace

my mom did not say…
not only Angel, watching
when God created me

when God created me…
Angel and Devil, watching
and, I wonder….why?

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Eyes Playing Tricks (Senryu Trilogy)

A slender black spot
On my bedroom door at night
Became a crawler.

Around the carport,
Up and down the hall peeking,
The lightning man ran.

Hideous tree men...
Shadows like bad guys reaching...
Monsters imagined.

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Card Games

Game cards for card games
One of Caleb's favorites
"Take That!" we invented

He likes "Go Fish!" too.
We enjoy "Uno Attack!"
He even tried "Spades"!

Daddy and son time
Friday nights with chips and drinks
Tallying up points

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turning five

being five like you
means much more than being four
as we grownups know

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Summers Picking Blackberries

Nicks, cuts and scratches
Stepping, reaching carefully-
Blurple stained buckets!