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Sad History Poems | Sad Poems About History

These Sad History poems are examples of Sad poems about History. These are the best examples of Sad History poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Forgotten Heroes of the Somme

Over the top lads, for old Blighty! Hold the colours high!
Say a little prayer for me, for this summer day we die.
My brothers from the ripened field and blackened mill, shop floor, 
Your brother in a killing field to fight a rich man’s war.

In bloodied mud and shattered wood, fight legions of the brave,
Unwitting youth, you’ll do your duty until you’re in the grave.
A sergeant greets a fresh-faced boy, “welcome to the slaughter!”
Here you die from three diseases, bullet, gas or mortar.

In arms we fight together and in leaden hails we pass,
We die amongst the filth and stench that once was verdant grass.
“In the morning we will remember them” we hear the leaders call,
Those fickle words of history, will not remember us all.

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In the Dark of the Strand

Marquees bright, and neon lights, where crowds line up for movie night
We're holding hands, we're in 'The Strand', red velvet carpets guide us in

Popcorn smokes, .. drinking cokes,...  cracking jokes with Bing and Hope
Lamour's along, in her sarong,... With luscious lips, and cigarettes, 
She fills ashtrays with smoking tips, and tosses guys like poker chips

         'Movietone'  intrudes with news, which puts us in somber mood
         Third-Reich goosesteps  march again,  ... an evil presence in the wind...

Cary Grant , (a news reporter),  loves his girl, and his typewriter
"His Girl Friday", plot is witty, sometimes crazy.  But Cary loves this ditzy lady.... 

William Powell and Mryna Loy..., Asta barks, and finds a toy, ...a ploy? a clue?,.... earring gold.  The mystery is clearly solved.--  A crimson sun, is rising cold!

        Movietone in black and white,... graphic scenes, where soldiers die

Another night, suspense on chart.  'Correspondent' ,  Joel McCrea. 
Saves Lorraine, and claims the Day.  BUY WAR BONDs !! They'll pave the way

Bogart, Bergman bring to light, a valiant flght , within their grasp
Airline ticket, in her hand, they must part, and do what's right, no questions asked


          It's movie night, but you aren't here, a troopship took you far from here
           Allied troops are moving tanks.  I wait for you..God give me strength

       I'm in the Strand, within the dark,  there's no one here to hold my hand

       I'm all alone...........I heard the news....................You left it all in Anzio

For Contest Chopped III Sponsored by Craig Cornish

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The Dogs Of Warsaw

They slipped their chains and spread their brains
On walls of bricks and mortar,
Bared their teeth in their belief,
Prepared themselves for slaughter.

Howled aloud in the smoke and cloud
That prowled the streets and alleys,
The sounds they made in their parade
Echoed down the valleys.

They shed their blood in crimson flood,
It stained the roads and gutters,
And people hid and crossed themselves
Behind their doors and shutters.

The gunfire cracked and bodies stacked
As one fell on the other,
When it was done and lived there none,
Each sister mourned each brother.

The sun it rose, diseased and froze
Out on a wracked horizon,
The jackboot bastards drank their fill
And cried out: “What’s our poison!”

Black as soot on a winter night,
Thin with eyes red to the core,
The tourists armed with skulls and guns
Beheld the Dogs of Warsaw.

Torn like rags in a threshing mill,
Shapeless sprawl on a killing floor
Yet history will not forget
The butchered Dogs of Warsaw.

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The Royal Curse

It afflicts king and queen alike.
Brought to the castle 
by the master of infildelity.
He moves smoothly from one to the other.
He swiftly takes them 
as is his right, he believes.
Only to have his fill
from the fair maiden 
to the sullied trollop.
He sees them all equally
in his adventures.
He spreads his curse
from one to the other.
It robs it's victims
of their eyes and senses.
Over the years, it slowly degrades
their intelligence and lives.
It can bring down the greatest Empires
if given enough time.

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Plockton - Wester Ross

The greatest holiday gift I ever received  
Goes back so many, many years
Before my life became turmoiled
And before my tears for fears

I was a child like many out there
Torn, strewn and split of kin
Mother and father in differences
Confused at seven, wearing their same skin

For I was one of the lucky ones
To a Highland Estate I would go
It's on the west coast of Scotland
Where my holidays desired me so

Secretly I internally smiled
For a whisper of where I was heading
To live with a movie star hero
No longer my life was in dreading

We were picked up by a man so fine
His manners were an absolute joy
Regimental he was in his approach
To me, just a seven year old boy

We travelled through the village of Plockton
Crystal clear waters edged to it's shore
I knew from this very moment
Being here ebbed previous family sores

On entering his house I was in awe
Movie pictures came to my view
They were images of James Bond
At seven I was totally through

A voice called to me
Hey James! sit down and I'll tell you me
Still in circles in walking awe
This is what he told thee

My name is Patrick Dalzel Job
In the Second World War I served
But this recognition I bestow
Humbles me to it's deserve

This honour that's been given
Was blessed by a colleague in war
What desired Ian Fleming to be so striven
Possibly, what we were fighting for

We served on the same destroyer
Fighting to make the future free
His tribute, in his novels I became
James Bond, it's incredibly me

Not many seven year olds have stayed with James Bond.
This seven year old Scot's boy has, maybe I learnt?

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Enemy at the Gates

sent to the slaughter
caught between levels of hell...
neither one he chose

he lay amidst death
destiny arrived on time
alive…it chose him

For "Senryu Movie Scene" Contest 
*7th Place

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The anomaly of irony.

Rolling through a bloody mess,
my master died alone no less.
His mercy was indeed a lie,
he said I lived but now will die.

His hand was swift with a mighty stroke,
within a thought my life was broke.
Oh how I lived, and he knew not,
but now I life to rot.

No foot, nor hand could move a limb,
Three days old and no sign of him.
And then he came at my wits end,
With strength alone I cant defend.

He lift me up and broke my jaw,
Just to laugh as I hit the floor.
He took a blade and made a fist,
stabbed his flesh, his vein, his wrist.

Now you're dead and now you're mine,
drink from me and you'll be fine.
I could not stand my masters site,
I killed him quick with my own bite.

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Train, Alone

I wail lonely
in your distances
as endless trestles travel I


I was here I was
on your horizons,
present in your town

Come, ride with me
Come, keep me 
from obsolescence, keep me

Without you
Within me
I am meaningless,

For how can I see, and, yes,
Who can I show,

If  not you... if not you... if not you 

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America, Why Did You Stray?

America, why did you stray from the old way.
A constitution put forth, the foundation of our land,
barely recognizable what was originally Jefferson's hand.
Tarnished and smudged by misinterpretation,
overindulgence and greed, to satisfy political,
judicial, and journalistic need.
Once majority rule, now bordering on ridicule,
the law of the land, ever changing, meeting demands,
of whoever takes a stand.

America, why did you stray, parents unable to discipline,
fear children undisciplined now rule, school in chaos,
students unruly, guaranteed to pass, unprepared for their future,
parents unsure, wish for the past, hope the next generation,
won't be like the last.

America, why did you stray, streets used to be a place to play,
neighbors knew one another, socialized every day,
doors left unlocked, nothing to fear, families stayed close,
helped one another, took care of mother.

Now drugs rule the day, hate and crime more common than play,
multiple locks symbolic of today, rarely talk to a stranger,
living in fear; life no longer precious, taken away,
day after day, the bloody count rises, a country in crisis,
victims pay, guilty appeal, courts give them the best deal.
Nobody protests for victims rights, put a murderer to death,
they scream all night.

America, why did you stray, hatred and bigotry alive 
and well today, nationalities split, long for the old way,
when an American, was just an American, now hyphenation,
the accepted way.

America, why did you stray, once an industrial giant
you gave it away, too high a standard for industry to pay,
moved out of country, the new American way, unemployment,
poverty, homelessness rapidly increasing, ruined lives,
while billions are spent on so called allies.

America, why did you stray, what's written today,
barely address the wrongs building every day,
religion is accepted, God is not,
country divided, politically split,
presidential bashing provides journalistic wit,
hatred and bigotry, live for it.

America why did you stray, new chapters every day,
really a damn shame.

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The Vietnam War

The pro-Hanoi Vietcong many years ago
In the 1950's Diem's government they'd overthrow
All opposition was crushed killed or jailed
These elected ones to their people they failed

This Buddhist country so religious in belief
Now politically torn apart, impending future grief
In the early 1960's with the CIA in place
Discussing with Vietnam's generals, Diem, assassinated in disgrace

With the Vietcong army, growing from strength to strength
Another communist foothold, going to any lengths
In 1965, with 3500 U.S. Marines in place
By December of that year, 200,000 in many a base

These U.S. Marines, in their defensive mode
Over the coming months, peace would soon erode
With the Tet Offensive upon us, and the "Battle of Hue"
The Americans were now involved, this bloody war now brews

One decision to end this conflict, came in 1969
Nixon sent 18 B-52s, bordering Soviet airspace line
He wanted to show he was capable, to end this bloody war
But as the months and years progressed, the body count would soar

The anti-war movement was gathering strength, also in 1969
But the "Green Beret Affair" started to undermine
A U.S. Army platoon raped and pillaged, the village of My Lai
Where civilians were massacred, and many left to die

In 1970-71, Cambodia incurred wars wrath
Where they and the country Laos, were in the U.S. bombing path
Also in 71, there was the cutting of the Ho Chi Minh trail
But arms and supplies got through, this mission to no avail

Later in the same year, the Anzac's withdrew their soldiers
The U.S. also reduced, many of theirs from Vietnam's borders
In 1973, Nixon declared the suspension of offensive action
The Paris Peace Accords took place, peace with this warring faction

Between the years 73 - 74 under Trà, the Vietcong grew in strength
There was no mass offensive, to lure the Americans to their trench
Gradually they marched to their target, to see their enemies eyes
To their city of Saigon, now over a million humans have died

The average age of the American to die in this bloody war
Was just nineteen years old, never knowing what they were fighting for
So many came home from this horror, leaving themselves behind
Because so many came home different, home with a different mind

Even to this day, many Americans look back and ask
Why their elected Congress, feed them to these tasks
The sad thing about Vietnam, it continues to this present day
Where governments make decisions, asking guns to hear their say

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Imagine lakes of dreams 
Blood contained streams
Imagine oceans that behold undiscovered beings
Imagine human life depended off of cheers and games
Man design’s umbrellas
And eventually would play a part in acid rain
Imagine not wanting to smell another rose 
Or touch another soul 
Because of despair and shame
Imagine in the mist of your demise
You have the passion to rejoice and sing
Imagine driving pass shattered glass
The interior  is soaked with blood stains
Your mind can't comprehend the fact 
that it's a dead family in the next lane
Imagine dreaming for freedom
As a result by your neck you hang
Imagine for the sake of progress 
You whip a man on his back and call him a slave.
Rage, Pain, Fortune, and fame
You don't have to imagine this 
Because that's what life brings.

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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Marble in Columns on Green

On a slope graced with green
White marble stands in proud salute

For beneath these engraved pillars of memory
Lie the resting places of heroes

A solitary green fir looks down
As if sheltering the lost and the taken

So many names, from all walks of life
A father, brother a girlfriend or wife

On a sunny day, they glow radiant like their lives
On a dull day, they stand out against the greys

For the living, life goes on 
Tomorrow is another day

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Day of Despair

With echoes of despair upon the day Near the rim of the world, a storm provokes A great noise and the past is chased away Dispersed into shadows like shifting smoke I feel the first sting of tears in my throat Falling as specks, scattered puffs on the sand Unleashed was a flood of such grief, unplanned

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Plagued with an unimaginable measure of beauty
She sits somewhere between the Indian and the Atlantic
Her history boasts of nothing but debauched slavery
Having served leaders who were very autocratic
She boasts of a vast expanse of unexploited vegetation
An even greater magnitude of untapped mineral resources
Yet her people reside in abject deprivation
As they look beyond their motherland to external sources
Famine, drought and diseases are her nemesis
Her leaders never seem to be sensitive to her plight
Amassing wealth for themselves and families
Ignoring the very reason for their current might
Oh Africa my motherland
Bursting with glory and heavenly blessings
May the good Lord stretch forth His hand
To bless thee with leaders worthy of your consecrations

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                           Helen Lorraine Allison, 2, Titanic Victim

                                                    Oh, they swung the lifeboats out
                                                    O'er the deep and ragin' sea,
                                                    When the band struck up with
                                                    "Nearer My God to Thee."
                                                     Little children wept and cried,
                                                     As the waves swept o'er the side.
                                                     It was sad when the great ship went down.

                                                ~ The Titanic (Husbands and Wives), Folk Song ~


At first, the waters were so very cold,
And the night was filled with horrid weeping,
Some men were shouting like when Mamma scolds,
But others lay still like they were sleeping,
Then warmth I felt, oh, what a sweet creeping,
The sea called to me with almost a sigh,
Down, down I went, a treasure worth keeping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

A ship is my playground, rotting and old,
Krill float through my home, so shyly peeping,
Starfish do what they want, are somewhat bold,
Anemones sway, forever sweeping,
Over still things, my spirit is leaping,
Though I’m in darkness, here I can fly,
The hull thins with its rusticles heaping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

The ocean is quiet but stories I’m told,
Lost memories, tales of sadness seeping,
But I’ve no company, no hand to hold,
My doll is broken, my toys are steeping,
I’m so sleepy and my lids are drooping,
I remember how once I used to cry,
And then came the deep’s heartless kidnapping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

Careless were they, I was for safekeeping,
Children shouldn’t be heard, please tell me why,
Hushed and rushed with death’s untimely reaping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

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Looks Like Rain

Looks like rain, the old girl said,
As the sky broke stars and bled,
And the clouds all turned black with the swell;
The dingy streets were dim and grey,
The shadow people drained away,
And it seemed as though the town was going to hell.

Looks like rain, the people cried,
As the shop fronts closed and died
And the best days ground abruptly to a halt;
The fairground rides fell still,
And the view from up the hill
Was of streetlights suffocating in a vault.

Looks like rain, I wryly thought,
Just before the first onslaught
Of machinery oiled and primed for tearing down;
With the clanking chains and drilling
Someone made a quick-fire killing
By ripping out the heart from this old town.

Looks like rain, you sweetest child,
I know I muttered as I smiled,
And the oil-paint textures watered in your eyes;
Our own history set to burning
As the wheels they kept on turning,
In the hallowed name of progress I surmise.

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If time heals all, what heals time?
For it cannot be changed, its burned into history, burned into the fabric of time like a scratch on a track.

Time can make us feel regret that we did not use it the best we could or it can make us rejoice remembering that good moment in time.

It is a fickle thing that most will not appreciate until it’s gone.

I myself have had more pain than good, but does that count as bad time as it made my character and is the reason I have this strength and insight on life. 

So I don’t believe in or good or bad moments in time, its all on how we look at it and use it going forward. 

The most important thing to remember and learn from the past is that we ALL make mistakes . .  but only a fool repeats them.

Yours Fraternally 


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holokauston Page 1 of 2

Around that table, picture the scene
Self appointed leaders if you know what I mean
What were the topics on the Agenda that day
The Jewish race is about to pay

Who gave the right for this decision that's made
Who has the right to cleanse and degrade
To decide who lived, to decide who dies
Another chapter, I still wonder why

They came in the day they came in the night
Women and children pulled out of sight
Herded aboard like cattle and sheep
Many a family awoke from their sleep

Dazed and confused as they are taken away
Where will they be at the end of the day
From their warm houses and their warm beds
What must be going through their heads

As they travel through days and through the night
Up ahead, they see lots of lights
They depart the trucks and board the train
Their faces scared under the strain

Asking questions from family and others
Generations, sisters and brothers
Why are we here, where are we going
Windowless carriages with no way of knowing

We come to a stop, soldiers aplenty
Towers and wire, topped with sentries
What can this place be they have taken us to
As we head to large gates as they shuffle us through

Families separated, herded in file
Women and children, not one did smile
Taken to rooms where our heads were shaved
Is this the way humans behaved

Clothes discarded, as we enter the shower
No signs of water no signs of power
Doors slammed as we are all crammed in
History will recall this evil of sins

As we stand in the dark, chanting Jewish faith
Can hear the voices can't see the face
Noises above, do the showers start
The event has begun that tells us Humans apart

Questions and sighs, as walled vents show daylight
Some thing is falling then their slammed tight
A strange aroma starts to fill the air
As all around are screams of despair

Twenty minutes have passed and the quietness is rife
Two thousand people, two thousand lives
Pellets called HCN, or Hydrogen Cyanide
Contribute to this Genocide

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The Mayan Declared

The year is 2025 I have come back to my past To witness the Mayans Who said Earth would not last 2012 Was the year they declared That the planet we knew Could never be spared An Asteroid shower We could never comprehend Sends this heaven to hell In catastrophic spend The first to hit Was the daddy of them all Our axis twisted The human race in fall Just of Madagascar In the Indian Ocean It's where it all started That set our demise in motion Tsunami waves Like giant tower blocks Swamped Indonesia As Polynesia rocked The force of impact Reverberated west On the Canary Islands A dormant volcano so reft It's massive mountain side Into the Atlantic slipped To the eastern seaboard Of the United States it shipped A second Tsunami Half the world long Would submerge the east Taking the weak and the strong The second to hit Hit a place struck before Tunguska in Russia Receives another sore Daylight turns to night As earth meets our skies Fallout from the reactors In shattered demise Radiated clouds Eventually filter down Leaving bleeding lacerations As we humans death drown Smaller asteroids Some just a few hundred feet Around the world they were marvelled Until they meet their greet The place where I stand now Was Yosemite National Park Now dark ridges of black So bare and stark It's been many many years Since the sun shone through the screen When I close my eyes I remember When the earth was lush and green How many of us survived Will we ever know Was this in our destiny I think all around me, now shows

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holokauston Page 2 of 2

After the quiet we all have to go
Dragged and carted by the Sonderkommando
To be dumped in pits covered by lime
A race to dispose by it's Human slime

Auschwitz, Buchenwald & Dachau slaughtered
Many a son, many a daughter
Experiments on children women and men
Some aged 90, many under 10

In 45, their end was near, how many alive would reappear
As Russians, British and US troops
Chased the Hun to their German roots
Each camp reached showed it's sordid past
Where millions of me, were massively gassed

In Auschwitz, to this present day
Birds don't fly, no animals play
The reminder is all for there to see
Those terrible days what happened to me

It's 1948, our Nation is born
From histories past, populations torn
To all who survived I wish you well
And our new born world, called Israel

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He prepares for a carefree day,
for jovial conversations,
for cheerful smiles and lively faces.
He’s a young boy. Just like me.
My mind swells with ceaseless terror.
 I plead in my prayers
that our lives shall prolong further than this day.
I prepare for the grand attack.

He ambles through the village.
Laughter escapes the vivid frames 
of him and his companions.
Not an ache in his limbs.
Not a burden in his heart.
I move anxiously ahead.
My feet without ease omit swarms of bodies.
Some still emit shallow breaths.
Inadequate sounds escape their mouths
and their eyes writhe.

For him, time passes swiftly 
and a late train is the crisis of the day.
In that day, not a thought does he spare
for his fellow human beings.
For our sacrifice he doesn’t care.

As for me, time stays almost still.
I’m imprisoned in a time warp of pain.
My best friend clings off the un-cut wire
and blazing bullets glide through
the torn flesh of his chest.

He lies in his bed.
Wrapped around him a soft blanket,
under his head a warm pillow.
He’s a young boy. Just like me.

But only the moist earth serves me as a cushion, 
and only the bodies of my lifeless friends
serve me as heat.
I lie in a shell-hole; I lie in my grave. 

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The King Of Pop

from his abc's
to that freaky billy jean

came a pop star 
for all to love and see

from the apollo's stage
wondered if you were ready for screaming rage

for you never had a childhood of bliss
only done what was on joseph's list

a studded white glove 
and white socks just because

a star on the hollywood walk of fame
for you sang and danced showing no shame

scandals of twisted truth
did not detour you from your missing youth

neverland was your own safari escape
who would figure your best friend would be a chimp of faith

michael may god cradle you in his arms
and basked in your king of pops worldly charm

will forever miss that porcelain smile
and always think of you on my radio dial

for now your at your heavens trial
may god forgive this lost and lonely child

In Loving Memory Of
Michael Joseph Jackson
Aug 29th 1958 - June 25th 2009


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O, I love my dear boy
So dearly and so blindly
I will give him my blood
And life if God permits so

He's so weak and sick
So pallid and so tender
But I know he's an umbrella of snow
In the wide-brimmed form

A rhyme, a loft 
Almost in the spelling of my own world.

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She out on her own
hates being all alone
today she heard her wedding song
he had done her so wrong

There's no more tears
there are still fears
what happen to tender love and care
now no one is even their

No one to hold her hand
no one to understand
she wishes on stars up above
that soon she 'll find love

Where she won't get hurt
or treated like dirt
where she won 't be blue
found love thats true

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Bruise Me

You always try
to break me down
you always try to knock me out
damage me with just your words
not physical but it still hurts
and all you do is make it worse.

You bruise me
Cut me with your tounge
Brutalize me, cut and binding
as my blood pours from the scars.
You bruise me
and it's really nothing more.

Berate me
go on hate me
it's something you love to do
yell at me, because now i see
there's nothing left for me with
Your eyes so cold, words are old
nothing else that you can say
times running out, it's over now
and your the one who bruised
it away.

You bruised me
Cut me with your silver tounge
Brutalize me, cut and binding
As my blood pours from the scars
You bruised me
And really nothing more.

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Every rose has its thorn

For every time we take a breath
And every time we stop to rest,
To look around at all that grows
Embracing all the love that flows.

Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn

For every tear of sorrow we weep
The new day of thousands in forgotten sleep,
Unhinged the heart of one more soul
For King or Queen or eternal goal.

Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn

The last of the tommys lays his wreath
For next time he may lye beneath,
Reunited with friends separated long ago
To re-live the highest high and the lowest low.

Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn

For every rose
For every thorn
For every darkness
Unveils a new morn

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...Perhaps Because We Were...

Hiding like criminals, we crouch under this straw heap
It’s the third day in a row that hungry we have to sleep
Mama with her sunken face looks so pale
And Daddy, oh, he seems to be dying as his health has begun to fail
Margaret sits quietly without an emotion on her impassive face 
While her little one, oblivious to the fear, has just started his life’s race

Suddenly, some footsteps make ominous sounds 
In an instant are my parents, Margaret and the little one gagged and bound 
I sit there, trembling, hidden from those brutes’ view
Silently saying in my heart all the prayers I knew
Loading their weapons, they take aim 
Of course, for them it’s nothing more than a catch-and-kill game
I see my parents and my sister dying before my eyes 
But I know I would meet a worse fate if raise my voice 
As for the then surviving little one
There was an even more horrific death than that by gun
He is battered mercilessly against the stony wall
Oh, why is God deaf to his pleading call?

Pity is a great word spelled with a capital ‘P’
But those beasts had no idea what it could be
It’s rightly said that God’s loved ones are few
Among them, my family wasn’t there, perhaps, because we were Jews….. 

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Last Grave On The Left

At peace, of life bereft
in the last grave on the left
where wilting weed and musty bloom
cloud the legend on the tomb.
Words in chiselled grey
bear false witness every day;
acid rain a solemn screen
when every night was Halloween.
Thunderous drums roll near,
lightning jagged, forked and clear;
marching men and daily bread
echo sacrosanct and dead.
In plywood boxes my friends sleep
out of mind and buried deep;
pray for me throughout the fall,
the one who never sleeps at all…

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How can you cause all this pain
You say that you love Jesus so how can you take his name in vain
Every day was so insane
You always like to cause so much pain
What did you have to gain
At times I thought you have lost your mind
How could you be so unkind
Behind all these tears comes shame
I could say you are to blame
But I won't play that game

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Viet-Nam Senceless War

There was a war sometime ago where mem were ordered young and old,
  to fight the battle keep us safe but for them no escape.
The war went on and the battle raged soldiers dieing everyday,
 so many men and boys too side by side fought for me and you.
Viet-Nam what can I say,War of War still killing today.
Agent Orange,Flash Backs too,
 many deceases worst than any flu.
One by one they did go for Uncle Sam made it so,
 fighting a war they knew not why just to stand shoot and die.
Marching,fighting days on end never knowing if it would end,
 or if they would return to the country where they were born.
For the ones who didn't die they were'nt even reconized,
 no not one would they meet or even give them an honorary seat.
As for me I have to say they should not have been treated that way.
A Hero's welcome they deserved and crowds of people on every curb,
  but instead they fought,died and we didn't as much as say Good-Bye!
                                                                       A Guilty One

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Agree to Disagree

                                               Mankind's greatest

                                                      is death.

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John F Kennedy

John F. Kennedy 1917-1963 The great 35th president of US It wasn't really a success He tried to stop the missile bases There were lot of angry faces When there was about to be a war Peace was what he asked for Texas was the place he was shot Later, the criminal was caught He didn't survive the pain His people cried like the rain

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Eyes of Seminary

Eyes of Seminary – Zamreen Zarook

Every day in our lives has different fragrance,
God give us various things in abundance,
Day by day knowledge is gained in accordance,
Things depend according to the attendance.

Two years of studies,
Helped us to come out with various abilities,
Extremely joyful moments with buddies,
But life said every aspect has its boundaries.

Teachers become very friendly,
They approach us very kindly,
They speak on us exaggeratedly,
Because they know, if not we might behave badly.

Big shots in the school boundary,
These are years of foundry,
It helped us to find and go for laundry,
Marvelous days, fully packed with sundry.

Various angles the kith and kins are civilized,
It’s because our knowledge is enhanced,
Guys and girls turned well experienced,
That’s why we call it levels of advanced.

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My Grandfather High-backed chair facing the corner, Window over books so cherished Loved. Like the greatest of scholars, but still humble He was a trove of stories Air of silence on a place once full Of stories from a time past, A time of honor and courage and duty Of country and spirit; fighting an enemy Made from indescribable evil. Tales of valor, sand, and bullets Lions and machine guns, young men in battle Fighting for their lives. Knowing the enemy was like a jackal Cruel and twisted, an army of evil He witnessed it all First hand, in the heat of the day And cold of night. Tales passed on, spoken In a way that conveyed such knowledge That one was to sit in amazement, and hear it Firsthand from the chair facing the corner. Like a throne of deep thought. The day he left this world, I wept. Seeing him not but a day before, It was harder than I could have imagined. The pain is real, but so were the memories And so the legacy of the veteran lives on. The chair sat vacant, but I felt him there. The books on the shelf, the other treasures Left behind held him here on earth While the memories anchored him in our hearts. The man in the chair shall never be forgotten And the stories shall pass far into the generations.

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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Home of the Slaves

Land of the free
Home of the slaves
The blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors resonate
Amongst the soil where they were slain
I’m hearing their struggle
I’m feeling their pain
I can’t imagine being forced to part from my family
All for massa’s gain
So I pay homage to those who promoted change

People like every slave who tried to escape
Nat Turner, Ms Carlotta, Harriet Tubman
And the safe houses who were in accord
And peg leg Joe with his song
Follow the drinking gourd.

People like, the disregarded - those thrown overboard
And who was dismissed and defamed
The ones who were stripped of their soul, their pride, their names

The list could go on  
The full will never be told
So I pay homage to others who were bold
Like John Brown, The Freedom Riders, Sojourner Truth
Ida B Wells, Phyllis Wheatley, Maya Angelou, 
Langston Hughes and Charles Drew

George Washington Carver, Ruby Bridges
Booker T Washington and Mary McCleod Bethune
Charles Houston, Ralph Bunche, Fredrick Douglass
WEB Dubois, Paul Robeson, Ralph Abernathy
Benjamin Banneker, Marcus Garvey and Crispus Attucks
Who’s death by the way
Symbolized the American lie
You cant declare the rights of all men
While the people of African decent rights get denied
But still we rise

Thanks to Dr Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, 
The Black Panthers, the Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen
None who were showed any love
Yeah it’s an uphill battle, 
But obviously greatness can be done.

We can rise above this stigma 
That blacks are lazy and daunting
That our worth is null and void 
And in essence minus nothing
And of all the names mentioned 
And the greatness of their successes
No one has been able to erase the evil transgressions of a racist mind
And once you have experienced just a taste of it
It changes your perception of time
The oppression beats like the drum on the chariot
Of when it was finally time to escape to freedom
It's mine

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Chicken Head

       Chicken Head

       Your a bird, with no wings!
    Your soul is lost and lives in the streets.
     Why sell your body the way you do?
        you least can get your son some new shoes.
     If you going to sell your body,get what you can get.
         You have kids, you need to get a grip.
          Do you really want your daughter to grow up like you?
         To flag down cars for every man that comes threw!
           Why are you selling your last food stamps?
          To pay a cell phone bill that has laped.
      This is no debate, your son lips is cracked from being dehydarted.
     Why do you make them suffer for the things you do?
      Look into their eyes. thats the hatred for you!
         Your baby is crying tears, for you can hear.
               Crying to be loved by you,
            You can really fix the things you do!
   Each child is a gift from God, A bright shining star.
                 Look inside your heart,
    and ask your self is this is what you want to be.
          A chicken head that stay in the streets.
      Ask God for help, when you lay down to sleep.
            Pray the lord your soul to keep.
          If you should die before you wake,
       ask him to help take your kids pain away!
             Some one should decapitate you,
       for all the pain you put your kids threw.
      So stop having kids just for someone eles to raise them.
    I guess it's for the best, because you really don't deserve them!
           They cry for help, they beg of you!
     Your a lost soul, and only God can judge you!

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Leashed Down

Leashed Down

Bound by my hands
Bound by my legs
Bound by my waist 
Bound by my neck
I can't  hear
I can't  smell
I can't taste
I can't see
I put everything away and only thought of
What brought me joy.Nor do I want to
Cry leaving my captures to smile about
To gloat,to have that unknown brutal power
Over me which is held in one tear.
My  body numb,my heart is stopped,my mind is blank
Is this dying? Why am I paralyzed? Could it be falling a sleep?
These chains are cold but everything is hot.What feeling beside
Pity would become of me?..Be it not grief not sadness not even remorse.
But as I stand up from this seat,I am nothing more then a well mannered
Pup on a tight leash.

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It began as a lovely September, 2001,  at least, it should have been.....
somewhere lost in the crossfire, between summer and fall
days growing short, and evenings long

But, things are warped into a sense of surreal.  What was seen, can it be real?
It's as if bifocals are mixed in a bin, out of focus, glossed over with grim

Someone lets me borrow a broken pencil,  I find paper blowing in the acrid wind
my fingers shake with tensile fear....and, I write a goodbye.. I don't know why......

The city, an ediface in shades of gray stone, smoke, rubble and ash,
littered streets, silent people, crying people, screaming people in fright
A playbill shouts, "LIVE!  Mandy Patinkin Concert - The Neil Simon Theater",
ripped, and frayed around the edge...blowing into my face, .... now in my hand
How strange....we were there........was that just last night?

It began as a lovely September, 200l, or it should have been.....

Sirens, shattered concrete,  sidewalks, shepherding the living into  
the arms of someone, or maybe, .... into the arms of no one 
Someone is borrowing a cell phone, ...  there is smell of burnt sulfer
Bridges, crosswalks, that will take them back into calamity, .. our new reality

Someone lends me a broken pencil,  I find paper blowing in the acrid wind
I write a goodbye...  I don't know why......

It began as a lovely September, 2001, or it should have been....

For The Challenge "Chopped"
Sponsored By Craig Cornish

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The Last Thing I Remember

“Anna, put on the shoes your dad gave you.” I obeyed.
He had given them to me for my birthday before he
Was taken away.  I haven’t seen him since that day.
But, mom tells us that we’ll see him again someday.

Melancholy had masked my mom’s face all morning.
My brother and sister sat on their bunks with sorrow.
It began to run and grow down their pale pastel cheeks 
As mom somberly told them…

“Your sister and I are going away, promise me you’ll
brush your teeth and always pray.  Peter, you take care 
of your sister, you’re the man of the house now.  It’s not 
that bad, oh my beautiful babies—don’t be sad. I love you!”

“Let’s go!” as the guard pushed me and my mom.  She picked 
me up and placed me in her arms then harmoniously 
hummed my favorite bedtime song.  Then, we walked into a chamber.
She said “Close your eyes” and that’s the last thing I remember.  

Submitted for Abe’s “Leather Voices” contest

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My Legacy

My ancestors came here long ago
Tough and strong not weak
But somewhere down along the line
Something went terribly wrong
And now I have to sit here and deal with my legacy
Of not what I thought it would be
Not where I choose to be right now
The legacy that’s me.

I can’t escape the past
The memories seem to last
Of the horrors of what has come before
The graveyard is the place
I can see it on my face 
My family’s legacy of suicide 
is haunting me.

My generational legacy
Is it going to kill me
Or will it just let sleeping dogs lie 
And allow me to exist
Will it allow me to just to see
The me that I am meant to be
To live beyond my years
To grow beyond the tears
To handle all my fears
To defy what could have been
My legacy.

(November 13, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved 

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Drug Rivalry

Drugs dont have rivals, only those into drugs have rivals 
Money in a place of poverty living lonely needing sophisticated money for simple survival
 sitting lost in a culture trapped in another dark drug addicted silo 
People say this place is one of the darkest drug infested places I know 
too much of us down here or up there are trapped in self-inflicted drug addicted denial
 We sometimes too high or drunk or just plain stupid too even pay attention to our own child
 A life caught up in drugs running crazy can get too wild 
Criminal cases racked against a place in one crtain file 
Drugs aint got foes or enemies until we make up our own lies though 
Doing anything to get high over friendships is when the drugs themselves become rivals

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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I am the face of misery
My life, a dissonance of autumn and spring,
The years are written in the same
Lugubrious, nostalgic grey
How can it be the author to blame?
I cannot scream this all away…
Burn nor Bleed this all away…
To Death I am Ordained

Lacuna ever growing
With Velvet sheets of life flowing
Aeons apart of my "royalty"
Under the mask the cannot see...
Can you dispel this tragedy:
Antigone - Epiphany failing

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

No words of hope
No words of hate
Do I have Lenore to send to me:
The sordid child of Thebes
Caught In the longest nightmare
life - the slowest way to die

I know this is my life 
But I'm not under control
under the mask the will see
Just Another Human

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

Can you dispel my life; this tragedy?
Can you control the storm in my mind?
I'm asking you: can you rid me
Of The Curse of Antigone?

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Passchendale: 3rd Battle of Ypres, 1916

Even the dead reject this blasted earth.

The ground, such as it is,
Is freshly Antidiluvean,
And the corpses swim within its tumbled, heaving masses
Blood and mud the mortar
Holding the chaos together.

The sun is weak,
Ashamed to break the haze
And bring to light the obscenities transpiring here.

The whistles blow
And the troglodytes emerge
From their respective holes,
Staggering towards one another
Through watery craters
Over the mincemeat of comrades
To add themselves to the swimming sacrifice
Constantly on offer 
To the insatiable, sole diety of this place,
The Mud-God, Futility.

     They are men no more,
     Those who struggle 'neath
     The leaden skies
     The wan sun
     Of the sodden moonscape
     That is Passchendale.

     They are only raging beasts
     Trading pain for pain,
     All trace of cause or reason
     Lost in the maelstrom of their collective misery -

And the only escape
Is to slay and to be slain;
To join the bitter shades
Ascending with the fog and smoke
Through the wall of cloud above,
To vanish into the icy deeps
Among the far, impassive stars.

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Black widow murderer

Unwittingly sucked in
entangled within lifes cobwebs
poisoned wrapped and saved for later

Until satisfaction for hunger is needed
preyed upon with slow satisfaction and pride
despite the deceit and trickery of enticement

Faced with soulful persecution of honesty
reality and truth to be lost forever
whilst deceitful one is admired

Displayed devouring of specimen
No trial nor retribution, let others fall fate
alas before finished – destiny will strike

Poor black widow will choke
own untimely death from own grip of life
suffocating truths stifled now smothering

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Nine Eleven

The old woman argued relentlessly, her case.
Resolute, she raved in her conviction; 
two thousand and one reasons were there for her to be mad.
Eleven was given to questioning eyes.

It was September, 
and Bernice brought home the bourgeois man, 
and the two fell 
from the pedestal
they held among friends in the big city, 
(the city) a melting pot, 
now a city in affliction.

Bernice’s brown eyes combed the neighborhood; 
two boys, with open arms, 
played aero planes; 
Across the street,
the rug pilot laughed his ass off 
as if mocking the bourgeois man,
and his woman hid her face in rags …, 
in degradation – 
but her sad eyes openly mourned her son’s suicide.

Grief of that magnitude brings offense, 
and the bourgeois man was red with wrath, 
and he abhors the old woman 
with every inch of his being. 
Racism was reversed.
He avowed by God to ruin the rug pilot, 
and the people that loved him consented. 

Hearts were left to wonder
what makes men so cruel.
The reasons for the old woman’s rant was explicable, 
and of the grounds for the revenge 
the negros conceded, 
in only one instance. 
Revenge was foreseeable, 
and the spirit breeds more phobias.

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The Great Eagle Wept

It's been a decade but it seems like yesterday the great eagle wept a world mourned in unison, fleet of souls rose to heaven
Written for the 9/11 remembrance contest

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We are Tausug Nation
Defending independence
Free from the enemies
Stood not to get oppressed

Our Nation ruled
Of the country’s independence
Never conquered from then
We shall develop our land

Our country, nation is known
Home of courageous person
Bound only in one faith
Never care of the death

Tumantangis, Dahu peaks of our land
To Bagsak, Sinumaan
And to all the mountains here
Only one God is aimed

Zamboanga, Basilan, North Borneo, Palawan
Centre is in Sulu land
Ruled by the Sultan
From the early point of time

Our nation is united
In the name of faith is complete
Only God is firm
Determined not to get conquered

Land of the pearl garden
Sulu Sea in the world is famous
From the South and North
And East and West

Blood of Martyrs flowed in the vein of the Sug Nation
Fought to defend
Flag rose like Vinta strip
Eternal pledge appeared

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For whoever think story telling is that easy,
Would properly from this hilarious incident,
scene or whatever you might call it, would know is not.


Just some couple of months ago, I was invited
by a friend who knows me too well, back then in 
school as a funny guy and story teller and so he taught this
night, that his grand pa (who is a famous story teller 
of his village) had fall sick, I would be in a better position
to cover up for his father's so called responsibility
to his people. "For he (my friend's father, Williams) is a good story teller.
But what about me who has never faced 
the ample crowd with my 'cripple' tale unless sharing it with friends?" I mumbled.

In the middle of this enigma, my friend, John called me to the hot seat
to tell my tale to the unbearable crowd of adolescence. 

"God why am I here this day... But it shouldn't have been this day" I retorted.
The barbarian noise from the seats infront of me showed that truly I was 
in the middle of something and not lost...

"Uncle tell us a story!... Brother tell us a story!" the crowd shouted.

This day, I needed a free moment but they couldn't let me be.
"Once upon a time" they heard me said and they all resited.
" I am sorry, I am sorry let me restart it all over again".

Now in old man's voice, I told my tale before them:

"Once upon a time,
In our mothers' womb, when she
Ate, we ate. Goodnight!"

They all cannot but burst to laughter while I stood and walked to the room with my 

Anything after good night means nothing more till the next day.
Maybe I escaped the night by dissatisfying the emotions of those children,
in that scene, what about my friend? 
"Have I not brought shame to John's family? Did I do the 
right thing that full moon night?". My heart beats!


Not even do the audience remember or care to ask me: (In kid's voice)
"What if my mother do not eat while in my pregnancy, what will happen to her?" or 
probably care to tell me: (Back to old man's voice) "What lesson they have derived from 
the tale before their departure... Oh! No sorry, my bashful departure from their sight." 

Note: The tale: "Once upon....Goodnight!" is a Haiku form of poetry.  

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As Dust Settles

the sun is erased

   behind a cloud of despair-

     days froze to silence

       dust stung eyes of the earth, flags

           escaped their closets...         

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Gone, the sun dance, gone, the beat of the drum,
forbidden by the phantoms who stole us away.
No dreamcatchers here so the nightmares come,
and lashes from thick belts bully our play,
branding even the youngest Ojibwa
who ache for family, long for their lands,
but dare not speak what their tribal hearts say
as church and state slowly blanch the red man.

Beneath my skin, I hear the Great Spirit hum
as the priest yells of sins on Sabbath day.
Bellies are empty, we scrounge for small crumbs
on scrawny knees while we’re forced to pray
before we drink blood to kill our wicked ways.
My native tongue has been muted and banned,
but visions tell tales, old memories stay
though church and state slowly blanch the red man.

The circle of life hides from the sacrarium,
my warm wiigiwaam is so far, far away,
we feel the cold as we’re taught decorum, 
and the girl who’s stood since dawn now sways
but she remains like a totem on proud display.
Each hour seems whiter, part of their plan,
we scrub with bleach, read Psalms, tearfully obey
for church and state slowly blanch the red man.

Weep for the taken and the peace English betray
for they sent us to hell to say that we’re damned,
as we witnessed our birthright first pale then decay
while church and state tried to blanch the red man.

*This ballade uses slant rhyme and loosened syllable counts intentionally. 
For more information and to read of the near ethnocide of First Nations People: ---

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Good morning Nelson; our 
imprisoned hope
Yesterday, in a darkened cell I 
Firmly manacled by apartheid 
sorrowful rope
And torture upon torture I was 
When shall our freedom come?

Your sufferings I have tasted a 
And felt the chains of sorrow 
on your hands.
When dreaded darkness in my 
cell hit
In fear and weariness I could 
not stand
When shall our freedom come?

I was mocked by cockroaches 
and numberless ants
That paraded on my body as 
they pleased.
In my ears they made their 
painful rants
And silent tears assembled in 
my eyes
Is freedom coming tomorrow, 
oh Nelson?

For I see beneath your sad 
A smile reserved for tomorrow
When freedom's olive oil shall 
be sprinkled
Among us all to happily wallow,
When freedom comes 

During apartheid regime in 
South Africa, it was common 
among South Africans to stand 
in front of Nelson Mandela's 
portrait and lament their 
ordeal. They asked the portrait 
some touching questions like: 
Is our freedom coming 
tomorrow? Shall we ever be 
freed? I have same Mandela’s 
old portrait and any time I look 
at it, the sad events of those 
days fill my memory. 

For Sydney Leeann’s picture 
frame contest  

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A Costly Mistake

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Indigenous I Am, from the Stolen Generations

This is a journey, a trip call it what you will It follows the footsteps of my ancestors, and allows my thoughts too spill Firstly let me take you back, to tell you so little of my past Indigenous I am, from the "Stolen Generations" I did not last This is why I must make this journey, to allow me to find the real me To retrace the few steps I made, to rediscover what my young eyes seen How ironic that the person I'll ride with, is the son of the then official Whose deliberation to round up us children, the scene, locale It's now the morn of our travel, where I look I find hard to see The peripheral of the distant horizon, is all that really captures me The town where I grew up so young, barely to the age of five Perth, now bustles like a termites nest, zig zagging in busily strive Into the bush we go, to a place where us youngsters so enjoyed Moore River Native Settlement, which soon became children void As I walk my arid lands, patterned in the heat of this day I recall with every step, where us Indigenous children played We could survive on the smallest of fruit, water we could easily find Even the son of the then official, said that we are a superior kind He marvelled when I spotted tracks, traces of where animals crossed Remembering back to when I was five years old, our lands always talked We opened up as we led our horses, introduced all those centuries ago They opened up my lands, rivers we walked, now the white man flows This is a journey I had to make, it's called, it's in my will No more "Stolen Generations" no more will my culture spill

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The Sleeping Giant

<                 the sleeping giant once again has been awoke
                   to the sounds of great thunder and billows of smoke
                   what has happened his imperial's majesty's sleep
                   out from the depts of hell a great wavetrain has creeped

                   tainting soil where once land had been so enriched
                   brandishing homes businesses left them in a ditch
                   twisted metals dancing in swirls of stenching air
                   recovered bodies of beloved this is so unfair

                   across it's great mountain range somber is now heard
                   unity becomes one and not forgotten word
                   rebuild rebuild the sleeping giant request
                   let our people of japan return to their nest

                  for there will always's be another tomorrow
                  where earthquakes and tsunami's will bring such sorrow
                  for an sleeping giant all nestled in his bed
                  and his people dressed in five elements of thread

Tribute To Japan

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The old man and his grandson viewed 
A barren bladeless ground. 
When to his left the young lad's eye 
Saw bleached bones scattered 'round. 
'Twas more than one beast's bones that lay 
There exposed to the sun. 
It seemed more like a battlefield 
Where only death had won. 
The old man saw the young lad wince, 
He reined in close behind. 
As memories of what took place 
Came flooding through his mind. 
A century turned, but not his luck, 
For rains had failed again. 
He slowly watched the dams dry up 
While cattle died in pain. 
A little water still remained 
Though sought by feral stock. 
Some brumbies which came down at dawn 
Still often used the block. 
In good times no one cared that much, 
But not so any more. 
The young lad's dad and this old man 
Both knew what lay in store. 
A high log fence closed off the dam, 
The timber they had sawn. 
Suspended gate it lay in wait 
For piccaninny dawn. 
Then as the last mare ambled through 
Wood gate it dropped like lead. 
A wood rail race seemed their escape, 
But death lurked there instead. Their capital had all dried up, 
No cash for lead and gun. 
To execute the feral stock 
Took knife and old man's son. 
With legs astride the wood rail race 
Son grimaced as he drew 
That blade of death 'cross jug'lar vein, 
Then slapped the victim through. 
Each fleet foot spirit faltered there 
A hundred yards away, 
While blazing eyes showed fear of death, 
Mouths gave a weakened neigh. 
Then one by one their weak frames fell 
Onto the dusty ground. 
The racing hearts of those poor beasts 
Then gave their final pound. 
The slaughter did not save the stock 
For all the dams went dry. 
It fin'ly broke the old man's son, 
He watched the grown man cry. 
All this the old man told the lad, 
The picture was now drawn. 
On why his dad then took his life 
One piccaninny dawn. 

The young lad then took from his head
his father's sweat stained hat
And as he wiped the tears away
He said, Gramps thanks for that."
I'd always had my doubts you see
About the way Dad died,
But now I know the truth at last
I'll wear this hat with pride.

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Like tires in mud,
Like a knife in my chest,
The visions haunt me,
Until I cannot rest.

I hear those voices,
Crowding in my mind,
Fretting over my words and acts,
Afraid of what they find.

Oh the voices do not rest,
Until they have torn me apart,
The visions, voices like knives,
Driven through my heart.

They are always with me,
Morning,  noon, and night,
They may never disappear, 
No matter how I fight.

To the voices I beg,
To please leave me be,
For the visions to stop,
To the voices I plea.

I beg to stop,
And as for mercy,
I am to confess,
That I, 
Am guilty.

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Save Me

Save Me
By: IzaDonna

Look in the mirror
Do you recognize her
Do you see the coldness in her eyes
Do you see where the darkness lies
Hidden secrets of the past
To late, the spells been cast
And as the stars arise
My own self will be my demise

So you think you can save me
Finally set my retched soul free
Be my ultimate savior
You thinking ur doing me a favor
But just let me alone
My fate is only my own

I get u try and u care
But thru it all u weren't there
I cant move on from my past
The agony I feel will always last
The knife is in way to deep
So let me shut my eyes and sleep
Cause u can't fix whats already broken
The pain I feel is better left unspoken


So as the darkness creeps in
I feel I'm paying for my sins
No way to escape
My soul is yours to take
Just let me bleed these tears
Just let me lay here
Looking up at the sky
I ask God why


Cause you can't fix what isn't broken
The pain is better left unspoken

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Oh! Humanity,

Oh! Humanity,
How you’ve completely lost your sanity.
Did you forget how to grow?
Every one of you was planted row by row.
Did your heavenly Father not nurture you with love?
Did He not make the rains fall from up above?
Oh where is your heart?
Who gave you your first start?
Oh! Humanity,
What vanity!
Oh! Humanity,
What profanity!
Daylight hours just wash ashore,
With simple lives from once before!
Have you forgotten your heavenly Mother?
And what about your heavenly Brother?
Where is your Godforsaken mind?
What happened to being loving and kind?
Oh! Humanity,
How you’ve provoked such a calamity!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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A Survivor's Story

I wake up to a deserted town
"Where are the people?"
I ask myself aloud.
"Gone." answers a voice.
But no one's here...
but me.

Broken glass litters the street, 
a Kristallnacht in the making.
Houses, half gone and half standing,
specked the dirt road.

I lay, pinned to the ground by a monstrous wall...
I don't know if I'll be able to move...
but I must try. 

"Hello! Anyone there?"
No reply.... just what I thought.
As distress fills my heart,
I use that anger and helpless feeling to my advantage
and somehow
I managed to lift the heavy burden off my chest.
But this was a small victory in what seemed to be WW II.

ALAS! I remember.
This is WW II....
and the US had just dropped something...
something unusual on my town...
I'm surprised I'm still alive.

The explosion was enough to kill all of my native land, 
But it only stopped 2 miles from the heart of my country,
But no time for reminiscing. 
I must find a way out of this...

A sharp pain in my chest heaves me to the ground,
I've seen this ground so many times, face to face.
Something starts to lunge itself out of my mouth.
When I look down, I notice
that it is my own blood.

I knew I must find a hospital, quick, 
but which way was which?
Was East West? Was West South? 
Was North behind me? Was South ahead?

I sulked in defeat as I trudged along a snake-like road...
a road to nowhere. 

I grew weary, hungry, tired
but I knew I must walk on.
Every few minutes, I'll drop to my knees
and cough up my life support, 
but I couldn't let that stop me.

The sun went down,
but I didn't.
The moon rose,
I kept walking.
The sun started his day-shift, 
but I was at work all night,
counting steps and listening my heart beat.

Finally, I lost the will to live,
I wanted to die, 
I waited to die...
But death didn't come.

I spit up blood every few seconds now.
Life leaving me with every breath.
I close my eyes, and draw in my last breath.

Muffled sounds reach my ears.....
I try to look but my vision's blurred.
Everything blacks out.

"I will not be defeated" 

My vision is back.... I see people...
Everything blacks out.

"I will not be defeated"

I see their faces now, splattered with dirt and dust
Everything blacks out.



"Are you with us?!"
A desperate cry reaches my ears.
And I reply, 
"Yes. Yes I am."

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O ut of control
I t shouldn't have happened
L ots of destruction

S hame on BP
P lease stop this disaster
I irrate and upset
L ots is at stake
L oss of God's creations

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Oh My God That's So Sad

<       Hands and feet nailed
         face so pale now
         tears hale down cheeks

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On Wings of Glory

Long lines of vapour split blue skies asunder
Fly vengeful raptors, one thousand in number
Headlong they go, to brave death or glory
Stratosphere flight, part of war's brutal story

Last year a schoolboy but this year an ace
Did I see the twitch of fear on his face?
Fly like a God, so untouchably high
The monster of war, clawing youth from the sky

A thin shaky finger feels the button of death
A payload of sorrow leaves his care in a breath
A rain of destruction whistling down out of tune
As it plummets to earth snuffing life out too soon

Mortality strikes with a roar just as thunder
A maelstrom of steel slices metal from under
His world now in turmoil, at the end of a gun
Now a casualty, a victim, the fall of a son.

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Don’t cry, baby sister, I will tickle your tiny toes,

Though my broken ones are bound so tightly that each has disappeared,

There, see, the lotus blooms not in the foot, but in the eye.

By Cyndi MacMillan, For Nette Onclaud’s “On Your Feet” Contest

About this Poem

Foot binding was practiced in China from the Tang Dynasty until 1911. The binding began at the age of three. First, the feet were soaked in warm herbs and blood, as a preparation. Then, the toes were broken and bent down towards the heel. Next, they would snap the arch of the foot. After that, bandages were woven in figure 8 to push the ball of the foot towards the heel. The bandages were sewn shut so the child could not remove them. Finally, the girl was required to immediately stand up to further crush the bones into the ideal shape. The pain was excruciating. 

The bandages were removed, the foot was cleansed, then the bandages were tightened. 

Infection was a large risk. It was considered PREVERABLE that toes fall off, as this would further decrease the size of the foot. Some parents would insert small pieces of glass into the toes with this hope. The girl would walk on these bound, broken feet with shards of glass imbedded!

Over time, the foot was supposed to represent the lotus. The ‘Golden Lotus’ was thought to show a woman’s submissiveness and femininity. It was also considered erotic. The ideal size of the Golden Lotus was 3 inches. 

Unbelievably, tiny, Lotus slippers can still be purchased in China as “souvenirs.” 

Please, if you can, click on the About this Poem link for a picture of a bound foot.

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by the old levee
summer's caressing breezes
off the mudriver
whisper so lachrymosely
southern painful centuries

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Talking Frank

she hid 
like a little mouse 
with windows barred 
to block the light 
and peering eyes 

she grew 
in that sunless 
from adolescent dreams 
to a women's longing 

fought with insecurity 
penning her 
on humanity
that had drifted away 

she wrote 
with anticipation 
filled with yearning 
to understand 
such cruelty 

with no answers 
she searched 
what had they done 
would they ever know 

in the night they came 
with weapons fixed 
swinging slurs 
to wound 
her soul 

they gave her a star 
and a ticket 
to take a train 
new adventures 
from which she'd never 

the star soon replaced 
by numbers 
carved into 
tender skin 
and she cried 
for her father 

she was the child 
of her mother 
and of her mother's mother
she was the remains 
of sanity 

she stared at the camp 
not a children's thing 
with ponies and playgrounds 
but with gas chambers 
and crematoriums
and she cried 

for herself 
for her family 
and for the world 
as they led her inside 
she penned last words 

still trying 
to understand 
through her tears 
but there was to be 
no understanding

and in the end 
they laid her bones 
uncerimoniously in pits 
filled to the brim 
with lost dreams 
lost lives 
and failed hope...

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The End To A Wild Ride

This is the end of all the rollercoasters we have rode
So dont look back
Because the world is going up in smoke
Just ride along with me
We will find eachother when the light goes out

Lost in a Wilderness
Will we find ourselves again
After we have been blown up into peices
Who will survive?
Who will make it to the end?

The clouds will darken
And the sun will go black
There bombs will drop
And Silence our voices

Would we have found the love 
We were searching for in the 60's
Would we have found the peace
We researched in our childhood

Would we have fixed bullying
and told children about Columbine
Would we have stopped the Depression
And told children about the help they can get

Would we be ready when the world ends
Or will we be left in the past
Would we believe in God in time for our ending
Or will we still be selling books on another religion

One day we will forget how to hope and learn how to fear.

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A child himself, just a boy with a bike
who gave a lift to a twelve year old girl
on his handlebars, down a county road.
Neither could know that a killer would strike
or that some of Lynn Harper’s becoming curls
would softly house blow flies, maggots and toads.

Unspeakable acts, a horrific crime,
Then a fourteen year old was crucified,
Remember the name of Stephen Truscott,
a teenager who served ten years of time
because Justice lied. 

*A curtal sonnet rhyme scheme, though mine is not iambic pentameter 


In June of 1959, Stephen Truscott, 14, was charged with the rape and murder of 12 year old Lynn Harper. The investigation was rushed and badly botched. Stephen testified that he dropped her off an intersection and watched as she got into a car. Witnesses were ignored and the evidence was circumstantial, yet Stephen spent 10 years in prison. After years of decrying his innocence, the Canadian government awarded him 6.5 million dollars in 2008 for a miscarriage of justice. 

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Star Of David

he stood 
among the swasticka's 

a star 
in the center of chaos

and still
he couldn't comprehend

with ticket in hand 
for a train 
that was heavily laden 
with lost hope 

he was bound and gagged 
by religion 
that was neither practiced 
or received 

yet he was convicted 
by birth 
advocating his death

tears would not save him 

German words would convict 
spoken with accents 
of David 
yet there would be no 

slaying of Goliath 

and so he went 
without a word in yiddish

to ovens readily heated 
and skin was but butter for 
German bread 

he walked among the gentile's 
and was slain 
for he was too gentle 

like a lamb to the slaughter

they dined on mutton 

of Jewish mute 


evil knows no boundaries 

for it exerts power and control 


and those that are complacent 

will pay the price with life 


Star of David 


but was covered 

by German eclipse


blocking the glow


extinguishing the flame 




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A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter A chance encounter the other day Got me chatting to a stranger Just for some time to pass away. He was very well groomed, very smart. Spoke well too, seemed a decent sort. I told him a little tale I had learned whilst at work. Outside a building that’s up for sale Close to the centre of the town A queue of people gathered. Old clothes, hand me downs. Inside people of good heart and souls Were behind tables long. And a kind of soup was poured into bowls. A slice of bread was added to each one poured. As the hungry-eyed came through the door. As each one passed a thank you was heard. Grateful for the meal today. A simple reply least we can do. All was silent no complaints from the poor. Till a young voice said, ‘Please Mummy I want more.’ I sat back in my chair waiting for a reply. The guy opposite gave a big sigh. He said, ‘Things were tough in those days Very hard for the poor in the Victorian Age. They were ignored, did not count, How could others treat them like that?’ No-one should be without the means I say, To feed and clothe their children today. I looked at him and shook my head. My dear friend you misunderstand The tale was not yesteryear or a foreign land. I visited a local food bank the day before last. And like you I was taken aback. Unless with my eyes I had seen, The myth about scroungers I would still believe. Some get the dregs, others get the cream. This is Great Britain in 2013. But the people of our Nation are strong In times of strife they speak as one. ‘We are mighty as Caesar, mighty as Rome.’ ‘ NI CARBORUNDUM BASTARDORUM’

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Color of a Man's Character

The Color of a Man’s Character
We all bleed
And cleave to 
Those we leave

We all smile when we are greeted
And cry when we are mistreated

Why do we choose to abuse others 
For the color of their skin?

Why do we think that only 
Our own color should win?

We’re all the same underneath 
We all deserve peace 
When we lay down to sleep

Love one another while you can
Show your son how to be gracious
The color of a man’s character 
Is how he treats his fellow Man.

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Wonders of my life

I can't help but wonder
I can't help it but I just have to look back
The scar's that I have healed
Every picture I have is so random
I could cry a river
I can't stop the anger within
How can I love and hate thee at the same time
You were supposed to be my shield but you burnt me
You were supposed to be my oxygen but yet you're my 
carbon dioxide
My heart feels like an Ice box
You're a part of me
You're my strength yet my weakness
You're past yet my future
You're my enemy yet my family
I hate you and i love you at times
You break me but yet you make me

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Day and night,
I think about the truth,
Behind those hidden curtains,
Trying hard to understand,
How He thinks and do things,
Why is that that our mind so small,
Its hard for us to think beyond? 
Why did He made everything complicated for us?

I sat down my dad called,
To make me face the reality,
My heart started beating fast,
And tears run down my cheeks,
As if there was hail,
I didn't know what to say,
He told me he might not last long,
How am I going to see him?
He is on the other-side of the world?
I am worried about him,
I wish I could die with the people who I love,
I am scared to loose them
And the hard part is I dont know my dad,
I miss him!

I feel like time is close by,
And I didn't live my life as if I wish to,
I can't because things are not the same,
When I see an apple on the tree,
It feels like blood dropping beside my eyes,
I feel strange in this world,
I don't think or see the things I used to,
I stand amongst people who are changed,
In a bad way and yet the worst hasn't begun!

I can't even write my poems the same,
I can't make it rhyme anymore,
I feel like I am all alone in this,
I feel like this is a big challenge,
And I am lost in middle of no where,
I feel like nobody understands,
When the words come out my mouth,
All they hear is bluh! bluh! bluh!
I am disparate to find someone who I can talk to,
Yet I am scared to trust anybody,
I been hurt so many times,

I dont even know how to end this poem if you called it,
I have so much anger that is in me,
That no matter what I say there is still more,
That will never end,
One thing I know is I hate to be here,
And live in a place full of strangers, selfish liars, and untrusted people!

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My Kashmir Burns (Part 1)

I picture Kashmir through lightened KL. News of another massacre darkens my eyes
Winds are thirsty there. They continue to taste the young blood.
I groom myself with exquisite things,
Sipping ice tea in ac room, I comfort myself
And Kashmir burns. Kashmir set ablaze

I can smell the warm blood of beaten corpse
Where from winds bought this smell. Somewhere Karbala reborn.
Mosques are being slammed
There windows stoned. And the black boots leave their footprints on Mimber
Even God judges on evidence
There is one Imaam left now; he hides her daughters in his shadow
A blunt knife in his hands; soon he will sacrifice them to keep their innocence
Kashmir is burning. Kashmir is bleeding
And I write.

Army jeep chases the tracks. To find the associated bodies
They are alive now. Soon they will be dead
From Patan to Sopor, And in narrow passages of nostalgic downtown
Ghosts of curfew
Haunt the houses for young souls.

From the Kupwara cantonments, search lights chase emptiness
Nothing is left now. Search lights can’t see inside the graves
A boy there went missing for two days. His father starts digging his grave.
I put my earphones on and I close my eyes. I sleep
While my Kashmir is ablaze
“It’s me poor farmer’s son. Kupwara’s charm, I feel no pain”.
I see him so alive in my dreams.
He chants songs of Mahjoor from his burnt lips. My hands shiver. He has no finger nails.
I see his smoke tanned skin. Same as that of Khayam’s barbeques
He stands at a distance from me. I can still smell kerosene
“Tell my mother to let her heart become cold. Her heart will not bear my state.
Tell my mother to let her eyes become blind. Her eyes will not withstand my sight.”
I follow him towards his tortured body. He tells me to follow the spilled blood.
His blood has made its own Jhelum. I row on it. Until it gets lost in black boots
The story will turn into legend. I find his body no more.

On the streets silence prevails. Nobody has permission to wail.
Sisters are beatifying coffins while brothers look for stones.
For bullets there will be stones
Kashmir is ablaze. She is wailing in grotesque tones.
In Lal Ded hospital a new born cries: Father register me at cantonment then take me out
Death is recruiting in dozens at a time.
Tomorrow is curfew. Death has no curfew pass.
How they want to identity you. Becomes your identity
People burn up all you identity cards.

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A Cry For Help

During the devestation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. Haunting memories 
of a nightmare that will never be forgotten.

All through this great nation,
screaming voices of isolation,
echoing cries of the weak,
along the crossroads of smothering August heat.
No dignity as death unfolds,
wing whipped city, a sinking bowl.
Just for the record and made to be known,
slow to respond to my drowning soul,
with hope for life in a sinking bowl.
The last breath taken with misery,
and just for the record, history.

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The General's Speech

A young man watched open-mouthed, As he listened to the general's speech. Who spoke of pinnacles of bravery, That only a fearless man could reach. The young man was given a uniform, And a rifle placed into his hand. He proudly stood on the ship's deck, As it sailed to a foreign land. Lying in a trench covered in mud, He waited anxiously for the call. Thinking about going over the top, Where he would see the enemy fall. At last the captain gave the order, ‘Righto chaps do your best.’ The young man ran but 20 yards, Heedless of shells hitting his chest. His memories spilled onto the ground, Where his comrades were not far behind. They trampled his short life underfoot, Lost in the earth never to be found. The young man was laid beneath the grass, Where he used to run and play. On his old school's roll of honour board, Was added another young man’s name. A young man watched open-mouthed, As he listened to the general's speech.

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I still miss you

Visions stolen,
Heart beat raised
You still touch me,
In the castle in the air

I don’t want to miss you,
Truth is, I still do
The smile, those eyes,
I still miss you..

The path has forked
The world has split
Memories tainted,
I still miss you

I yearn for a rendezvous
To reminisce the cold touch
The twinkle, the chuckle,
I still miss you

Cries of laughter,
Strength of bond,
The waiting seconds,
I still miss you

Time does not reverse
The road unveils beautifully
But, some are unforgettable
And, I, still miss you…

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Armageddon Pt 1

It's bout to get worse
It was written in the verse
The truth hurts

When the time comes
No one's gonna hold up a sign
saying it's time to "get right"
It's gone come like a thief in the night!
Blowin' up and wreckin ish!
The war you want is the war you gone get
It was written before our time
We keep looking at the signs
manifest before our very eyes
constantly denying our right
to be one of the meek ones of our time

We're at the end of what used to be existence
Every super power will answer to a higher power 
so pray repentence
The time is closer than any distance
From Washington to Obama
No one will escape the wrath!
Hope you choose the right path!
Narrow is the gate of the righteous tracks
that are imprented on the mind of the omnipotent one
Will you be spared life on earth with the meek ones
and accurately take in knowledge of his son?
OR will you perish in the dust
never to be awakened again?
No consciousness of sin

It's in the verses
Read it, see it, live it, rehearse it
You see the times changing
You see the minds fading
You see the world and how messed up it is
You see that nigga satan and his curses!
I pray to have a chance to live a beautiful paradise on earth like it say in the verses!


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Remains Of A Driveway

Through you I seek to know:
What happened once below?

You ferns of resistance, I see you
Mixing it upward with 
A firm stance. 
(Such steely green weeds
Do smirk indeed
Above the empty path of horizon’s eye,
Blackened to nowhere).

What, though, do I see in you?

(A path lies vacant and wanting,
A land once named upon a dream;
A barren place now daunting,
Neglected and unseen).

Where is your truth?

(Does it rest within your clumsy bud’s dance
With a tertiary sky,
Or a raucous from your stem’s windward need 
To lead)?

Oh No.

I do believe:
It is your roots of defiance!

To know Home in no shame;
To forge through scarred soil with no blame!

Such courage you have:
To reap the shifting tar of fickle men, 
And safely hasten away 
From the notion of never again!

(Thirty some years have stood and fell
Your quiet presence lives to tell
This hell,
Once known,
As Love’s canal).  

Oh eager green,
 I wish you well.

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The Taunting Tree

For whom bell tolls timing rhyming ode
Filthy sport chiming scorning the road

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The Fourth Of July: A Lie 'or The Star Spangled Banner

We clad ourselves in colors as we march,
saluting independence through a foggy dream;
gazing at the night alight with flashes,
and firefly screams.

Rockets made in China, cascade/
to the backdrop of the Star Spangled Banner;
a flutter to the wind blown flags made in Brazil
and "I Love America Pins" upon our lapel;
(made in Mexico).

We stand on oceanfront (it’s owned by France)
gazing ‘pon the open sea,
the port is owned by Saudis/
but at least we stand here free.

Our hands steadfast upon our chest,
saluting whichever freedoms still remain,
those freedoms, their going fast;
and they’ll disappear one day.

We gaze into the abyss of night,
the twinkling tears that kiss our cheek,
immersing ourselves in awe of moment,
before it fades our dreams to sleep.

We stand enamored with this land,
the love that lurks within our hearts,
we celebrate this love/ part;

fore tomorrow, standing is banned.

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the cake shot afterthoughts of all that is left behind

The burlesque canvass of
aural decadence
lay cradled midst
hyphenated courtesy;
tentatively silhouetting
the ochre wrought emblems
of figurative hypocrisy;
sidling despair;

Humphrey Bogart is so often a euphemism
for unbridled premarital sexual intercourse…

Suffer our cultural relief…

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The pain of change as it unfolds
Is oft a tale that stays untold
What is seen is a whole creature
not deep holes in the feature
nor concrete soles that makes his feet hurt

It all begins with a soft kiss
He is walking with a false bliss
Only following in paw prints
But the nature of mom's lips
Is to rob him of all innocence

Trapped in warm spindles of fear
A wrapped life form kindles in here
Four years bound to shingles of moss
Time to leave this life of sloths
Break free like that of a moth
and Rise again like Christ on the cross

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Critical Mass

It takes a critical mass
to keep a culture alive,
I once heard someone say.
Ishi was the last of his tribe
and whole civilizations
have come and gone.
The tipping point comes
when you lose your way
or someone takes it away 
from you.

George Washington,
for all his faults,
understood what torture was.
Tecumsah killed his own warrior
for torturing a white prisoner.
Our Bill of Rights was written
with an empire's abuses
in mind.

Once, these things were understood,
and despite our faults,
we were proud of who
we tried to be.

A people and its leaders
not outraged by our abuse
of others rights and bodies,
and even of our own,
has lost its critical mass
and become everything
its founders feared
that we might become.

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Little Girl of Mary King's Close

A little girl so coy and sweet Used to wander in the street Her little dress and shawl she’d wear She’d skip and run without a care Her hair about her face would fly As wind blew clouds across the sky The sun would shine above the city Warm upon her face so pretty There with friends she’d sing a song A ring-of-roses all day long Her doll she’d carry everywhere Made by her mam who'd brought her there Where had she gone, where was she now; To give her comfort, to cool her brow? Lying there upon her stretcher Desperate for mam to come and fetch her With pustules oozing, a putrid stink In inky blackness her eyes would blink She waited for the sound of feet Perhaps dry, stale bread for her to eat Shoved below the heavy door On a plate, upon the floor But she’d become too weak to stand To get the food she’d need a hand Fear of illness, fear of death Fear of such a young ones breath Prevented them from coming in Barred her from seeing friend or kin Stuffy and close the room was small No one seemed to care at all Her doll they’d wrenched out of her arms And burned it to avail their qualms No traces of disease would spread Remaining sealed away instead She longed again the world to see, She lay there waiting patiently She thought for her they’d surely come Her father a merry tune would hum Drifting in and out of sleep No more tears of loneliness to weep Nothing but a feeble moan For she was left there all alone Below the new you’ll find a room Timeworn and hidden in the gloom It’s there you’ll feel her presence nigh It’s there she lay abandoned to die When you have to leave and go Quiet footsteps behind you tiptoe She follows you a little way She waits for you to turn and say, “Take my hand and come with me. Into the light… walk, be free.” But solitary and confined she’s made to stay As aeons pass and flit away Forsaken child of the distant past, I pray God frees your soul at last.

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Crazy in love

Another day, another beginning,
I begin the morning chanting,
Hoping that repeating my wish,
It would come true.
I sit at the sun-bathed breakfast table,
Remembering the times you sat across with a grumble.
The other times when you would put yours arms around me,
As I set the morning spread.
I walk into our memories-filled bedroom,
I remember as I put on your favourite perfume,
The first time you carried me across the threshold,
We were so in love, the newly-wed couple.
But I also remember the shadowed memories,
When you would hit me disregarding my pleas.
The times you would turn away in bed,
Refusing to speak to me, pretending to be a statue.
I dress in your favourite colours,
And take in a bit of one of your liqueurs.
Hoping it will give me the strength I need,
To face you, my husband, my weakness, the love of my life.
I walk out, closing the door behind me,
Wondering in what mood will you be,
I think of the times you'd say you're sorry,
The times you'd say you love me.
Times when you'd reach out and touch my cheek,
You'd say you miss me, that you're growing weak.
You want to come back home,
You'd say you're ready that you're okay.
I feel my eyes tear up as I think of the worse,
Times when you'd scream yourself hoarse,
When you'd pull my hair and tell me to get out,
Ending up in me running out crying.
Yet I come back every day,
For the better days I pray.
Sometimes we would sit staring into each others eyes,
Other times you would act like you don't know me.
But I cant help coming back to you,
Returning to the pain no matter what you do.
Sometimes I'm sure this is true love,
Other times i hate you for what you've done to me.
On some bad days I swear I'm never coming back,
The days when you hit me blue and black.
On good days I swear I'll never leave you,
The days you whisper sweet things and hold me tight.
Nevertheless i come every day,
Hoping everything will soon be okay.
The nurses stare in wonder, they don't understand,
This mad love in the psychiatric ward.
- Miliya Parveen

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Christmas 2009

Recession made Christmas harder than ever before
Family’s splitting – money the core
Dad’s leaving to live on the street
So that young hungry mouths are able to eat
That some extra cash might be in the house
and children might learn what Christmas is about?
But without Dad gone, roof would be lost
for the bills are much higher – we can’t meet the cost
No longer can the average family budget
2009, jobs lost, even working struggle to afford it
Commercialism needs to stop building hopes and dreams
Childern don’t understand you are busting at the seams
Disappointment reigns as kids outside taunt and tease
No longer we fit in we’re all on our knees
Sinking. Even love has fallen apart
We don’t want this Christmas just haven’t the heart!
Expectation lower, depressions set in
Politicians not helping the hole we’re all in
Instead raising taxes they’ll crucify more
and this miserable life could be at your door
Will someone tell them that family should be together
sharing love, life, hopes dreams whatever they weather

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They say “God has forsaken us just look around”
Wars and storms are destroying our hometowns,
They say “if there is a God why are so many in need?”
People are steeling and lying with hearts overwhelmed with greed
They say “It’s all Gods fault”… man takes no blame,
We curse God, push him out of our lives, and then accuse him when we are put to shame,
Oh blinded world filled with an abundance of vanity
You speak evil of him with mouths filled with profanity
Disobeying all he has commanded us to do
His rules were made to keep us safe, to avoid the chaos in which we now suffer through
They say “God is far and he doesn’t care”
When it is our hearts that have turned from him, grown cold, brittle and bare
All we have to do is repent and change our wicked ways
Then in the blink of an eye he will restore us to our golden days
But human pride thinks it can beat him and reason thinks it will win
Read the bible, rebelliousness is how destruction all begins
Society gets darker and more corrupt each and every year
Many are growing hopeless and becoming overwhelmed by fear
God never left us… we as a country left him
God cannot bless a nation who is worshiping sin
In his infinite mercy he has allowed judgment to shake up his lost sheep
Those raindrops you see are his tears…yes our God does weep
Wake up great nation remember why we have been incredibly blessed
It’s not because we’re so brilliant it’s because our forefathers made vows to God that we would give him our best
Generations are born and then they die
It is our obligation to leave a legacy about our creator who is more than just a mystery hidden in the sky
His eyes watch over every human, animal, insect and tree
His love holds this entire world unconditionally
So take some time to consider how fragile are lives really are
Man can’t stop natural disasters or shootings by a mad man in a car
Live each day in love, forgiveness and submission
Put away idolatry, lust and religious tradition
Make a decision to have a “personal” relationship with God alone
And watch how life will change for you whether you’re young or already grown.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 11/6/12

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Loss of innocence

Houses lost, friends go away…
Then others I’ve never known…
Some areas worse, some less…
But all have seen the scar…

Empty homes with vacant eyes…
The bank will own the loan…
Won’t let lose their precious prize…
Until they’ve made a score…

A few will pass thru many hands…
Most will wait with time…
In the end we all lose…
With tears in our eyes…

The only winner any where…
Is the bank that still holds on…
There was really no doubt on this…
As the monster gobbles more…

As still so much is lost by all...

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What people might think

People may say that i am a spoiled little brat.
    Only becuase they see what they wan't to see.
   We all have been through things in our life time that we just want to forget, but we just can't  seem to forget.

My mom has put me through many things "but lets not say" in the past.  And i have learned from some of those things.  It made me a stronger person inside and outside. 

  I don't know my father at all. I wasn't even born when my mom was around him.
 But i have a loving family.

I would never change my past even if i had the chance.  Becuase if i did then i wouldn't be 
where i am now.

 People who are out there that are judging people based on how they act or look, are stupid. Wise up and grow up... 
Those people you judge have a GOOD reason for the way they look or act.
 And maybe they need some one there to talk to. To get things off their 

                        Just like the saying. "Don't judge a book by it's cover"

*just something  that i had to say* :)comment if you have a thought (or fav poem if you like it)*

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You call yourself a father

Growing up was hard for me,
I think i grew up to soon,
I had to take charge in the big brother role,
But also i had to take hold to the father role somehow.

My mom was the only one who was there for her children,
We knew that she loved us,
She was in love with my father but he wasn't faithful,
So she found someone else who showed her true love.

My siblings never truly understood it,
I tried my best to encourage them to behave,
Which they listened but to a certain point,
Finally my mom married her true love and the caos began.

My father tried to step back in the picture,
My siblings began to side with my father not knowing the seriousness,
I decided to talk to them one-on-one but neither of them listened,
They wanted for my mom and father to be together.

One day my mother sat them down,
Telling them the hurt and pain she experienced with my father,
She explain to them the whole nine yards,
They understood then and began looking at my father differently.

Getting to the stage of middle school,
We began to see less of our father,
It was his choice...not ours,
He wouldn't call for our birthdays or holidays,

So we leaned mostly on our step-father,
They wouldn't accept him as father,
He would do all he could for us,
But instead the only one(s) who really let him be a father figure was me and the 
youngest brother.

My step-father loves my mom and has been there for her going on Fifteen years.
He is a firm talk like he's a policeman or something,
But he is a nice person.
My mom loves him and so do we.

So this is a message for all of the children out there who has a no good father....if 
your mom has a man or husband, please treat him right because he is there to 
protect your mom and you all. Thanks for listening!!

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The Day Our World Changed

I lay in bed last night thinking of 
 everything and nothing, as I often do.
  For some reason or maybe for no reason,
    I thought of playing on my slip-and-slide 
     when I was a little girl.
In Florida, summer lasts from April until October.
We were always looking for ways to cool off.
That memory led to another and another. 
I remembered our neighborhood.
It came to life everyday with the sound of children's laughter.
Now, I often sit by my window hearing the silence of children 
indoors playing video games. Safe behind locked doors.
Occasionally, the birds come out to play 
or I hear a bull frog croak.
Squirrels run across our fence line searching for places to hide their treasures.
(The neighbor leaves out peanuts for them. The squirrels appreciate the gesture.)   
When I was a little girl, I caught grasshoppers and lizards, but not frogs. 
I didn't like frogs. 
I thought of my succession of childhood bicycles.
I felt free as I zigzagged through the street
riding with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.
I haven't felt that free in a long time.
In those days, I never felt lonely.
I could always find a friend to share a secret with 
right outside my door.  
Our parents never thought they would send us outside to play
and never see us again. 
The neighborhood was our playground.
Until the day a young boy disappeared from a shopping mall
only ten miles from my childhood home. 
He was kidnapped, killed and decapitated.
I was eleven years old. Our world changed.  
On my playground, shadows lurked and everyone was a stranger. 
I cried when I saw the picture of the little boy 
with the baseball cap and toothless grin. 
My brother was the same age as that little boy. He had nightmares for a while.
I was eleven years old. Our world changed.   

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
for Debbie Guzzi's Fear contest
Second place finish

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Are We Better Off?

In my day we played outside, riding horses,  
Playing hide and seek and on swings and slides.
And only on rainy days
Were we confined inside to play.
We played slap jack, crazy eight, go fish
And Lincoln logs was our dish.

Everyone drank coffee and tea
No caffeine worries did they see
All our houses were painted bright
And no one heard of the lead base plight
The new homes of the day had asbestos, 
But what the hey!

This was during World War II
Where our fathers, brothers, uncles and aunts
Left our homes for foreign lands.

Here at home when sirens screamed
It was our Air Raid Warning Drill.
And companies that worked through the night
Were required to paint their windows black
Safety was our countries goal
Here at home and on foreign soil.

We played at the lake and tanned or fried
When we got home a little cow cream was applied.
Where I lived prohibition was still affirmed
And Bootleggers were the cops major concern.

The air we breathed was just air
Unless a corral or hog farm were near.
Transportation was car, bus or train
The only planes I ever saw 
Were B 29’s heading for foreign soil.

I can’t help but wonder how we survived
Compared to the rules and laws  we now abide.
 I just heard a well known man say
“No more Santa Claus he is to fat”
“It’s bad for kids to honor a man like that.”

The Christmas tree has become “Happy Holiday”
No prayers in school, It breaks the rules they say.
Religion in government there is no place
“In God We Trust” is a disgrace.

When was the last time the Constitution was read
Were our Forefathers out of their heads?
“Merry Holidays too and you best take a stand
If you want to continue to have Peace in Our Land.”

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Ah, If Columbus had not sailed
for America: the new land,
cigarettes wouldn't kill
those feeling the chill...
many would be alive, not dead!

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I have reservations

To force small our lands                                                                                            held for your use later times                                                                                          let them all eat grass

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The Man Behind the Mirror

Behind the mirror, the man is seen Where on our streets surrounded, Friends Thousands met cold, untimely death With screamed echoes of souls unrest Bullets flied, guns blasted ceaselessly Children dead in their mothers’ arms Father, for his lost son searched Found him only, with parts cut in shreds. Behind the mirror, was the man there? Our Young children, to soldiers turned Educated only in field of war Guns carried, bigger than they can bear Faught battles, of no cause but fear To read or write, they dared not do But to shoot or kill, well informed they were. The man behind the mirror, how did he rest? Our babies, dead while he sound slept In his glorious, paradise mirror he kept Still offered nothing, but violence more Promised, inflicted upon innocents, murder If anyone dared open their mouths to speak Or, if orders came of his seat to render. Behind that mirror, my freedom he took Our homes Burned; our stores looted Citizens, chased out of a land to love Forced into exile for years so many Adapted to a culture so not ours From scratch, we started to build Until bit by bit, we rose so high above Like an eagle, up up and away. The man behind the mirror, for him I always blame The color so dark, on our backs stained Bruises so deep, forever left to heal Visions of his bloody watch, repeatedly, us plagued Flashbacks of dear ones loved, Snatched, And palmed away by cruel, hateful death With tumbled bodies over bodies All soiled up into one tiny hole. Behind that mirror, the man will always be With blissful look in his red, budging eyes Wishing evil gleefully, with a dark smile His laughter,joy, through my anguish I see My heart beats fast, like a thunder sound And the more my hate for him increase Oh how I wish, that mirror came crashing down Then, a taste of his own medicine, he shall get

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What Do We Expect As We Seek to Remove God

What Do We Expect, As We Seek to Remove God? As so many people are seeking God’s removal… It’s like anything from him, we’ve given a refusal! Many have tried to ban just the reading of his word! There’s so much truth, just waiting to be heard! Many anti-God societies have quickly formed! Even the ten commandments, are often scorned! We’ve built large cities, many schools, and homes! But when it comes to God, we’ve often left him alone! One can try their best to push God back in the corner! But if you do, things in your life will get “warmer!” The pleasures and truth you seek, will come to an end! And then eternity without God, will just begin! You’ll wish you chose to live for God, that eventful day! You’ll wish that you took the time to study and pray! It’s the word of God that you need to study and read! God knows all about you! And knows your needs! He deserves all of your praise and full attention! We need to seek him, for much needed direction! Please come dear Lord, and cleanse us within! May we humbly confess our faults and sins! We need YOU much more, than words can say! Please be the God we serve! May we start TODAY! By Jim Pemberton

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Good Morning, Apocalypse Now : A Tribute to a Vietnam Veteran

Untitled 5
(My Uncle: Good Morning, Apocalypse Now)

My uncle doesn't speak much
about Vietnam or the stuff
he witnessed when he 
was just a boy. See,
he likes to drive the back roads fast 
and honk at random cars that pass.
His friendly gestures always lead to how
he grew up compared to kids now. 

Jumping and racing trains on the tracks
became dodging bullets and carrying his buddy on his back.
The marshes and dirt valleys here
became the forests and trenches of the military frontier. 

Last year, my sister donned his jacket
a fatigued fatigue that hung in his closet. 
In color and memory darkened,
kept out of sight for fear it would harken
the PTSD he's stuggled to avoid. 

He saw his brothers, young like him
to Vietnam succumb
while on American soil
and he promised he would never speak,
for fear his stomach would coil, 
when remembering rice - a dish he no longer enjoys.
And there's no orange on his clothes to remind him of the agent that destroyed.

When he speaks a calm 
"Good morning", I wonder if he's thinking of Vietnam
or if he knows
that I admire his strength and 
bravery and how 
he continually fights against 
the "Apocalypse Now".

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A Christall night Remembered

True Love bless and pray for the first lost sheep  	  									 under the groaning oak not hate curse or beat										Enemies for Gospel sake but chosen                                                            						A cold crystal night the glass was broken                						         		Jesus laid down His life for you regimes    										  Jews recieve the blame stricken to extremes 									 	under boots of pride they are battered 
Night of infamy march the shattered											to final solution a holocaust											          Jesus for all lost paid in full the cost										      so you better not get with their pogrom              									pray for those lost in the cold dusk to dawn                                                                            - By john Beam - Based on The Night of broken Glass, On the night of November 9, 1938, violence against Jews broke out across the Reich. The pogroms became known as Kristallnacht, the "Night of Broken Glass," - and from ROBERT CAWDREY
A TABLE ALPHABETICALL OF HARD USUAL ENGLISH WORDS (1604)-  crystaline, (g) cleere like glasse, or christall.

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The Dumb Mother Award Gos Too

the dumbest mother, award goes too... dumb
and why you may ask
because i am not home schooling right now
because my child my student 
fell softy asleep! during his math lessen today

i wanted to personally belittle him
and poke home with a learning stick      
and with a witchy voice say 
get up and open your eyes 
you can't get a job that way 

but i didn't do that, 
i just say are you sleepy 
and to my supreme surprise
he said in a most tired voice

I just took him to the doctors 2 or 3 times 
and they found not one thing wrong 
the other is talking in his sleep too
and making sound so loud that 
he stop breathing and wake and talks
with words that could be made out to be anything
like words that are not of this the plant!

I want to wave my flag 
but there is not one to tell 
and what could keep my 
kids wanting to learn 
when there health is small and weak 
and there understanding that 
these who are to do no wrong 
just do nothing 

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Shadowed by guilt and shame

Shame must have burned her countenance,
along with fear that gripped her heart;
she’s a woman in the gospel  brought into the open,
by those Pharisees and Sadducees in their attempt –
to entrap Jesus on the horns of a dilemma.

Known as legalistic in their respect for the Law of Moses,
they professed as guardians of moral principles;
they claimed as protectors of the Jewish traditions,
however, in truth, they had a wicked motive to ruin Jesus
to discredit him for all the things he’s doing for his own people.

His growing popularity especially to the Jewish men and women,
becomes a raison d’etre to ruin his good reputation;
oh, such a malady that continues to exist through generations,
the seed of original sin – its consequence to human behavior
reflected its aftermath, the evil tendency that is encrusted deep within.

Jesus’ statement, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone,”
made the religious leaders withdraw from the scene and,
starting from the elders they walked away and talked no more;
a sign of shame, an honest reaction to what is shadowed by guilt.

The entire incident focused on Jesus’ endless forgiveness,
his compassion for the woman being bogged down with disgrace;
like a moral stigma, a scarlet letter etched in the hearts of people,
with Jesus she had her past but she also has a future to look forward to.

Just as the prophet Ezekiel says, “I will give you a new heart –
and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone
and give you a heart of flesh . . .”  its power and meaning can assure,
God’s love is everlasting; our salvation is his prime concern. 

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these islands will stay ours.

the lads in the paras and those in the army,
went to fight a war we knew was barmy,
they travelled the seas for many miles,
until they reached the faulkland isles.
the argentinians wanted to fight,
saying the malvenas were theirs, they had the right,
our government didn't listen to their demands,
nothing but nothing would spoil the plans.
the faulklands were of british rule,
no one take we brits for the fool,
to protect these isles that belonged to our queen,
the lads fought battles,some at goosegreen.
then the enemy decended on a small village,
with malice they were to rape and pillage,
these lads saw sights they've no wish to recall,
still in nightmares they see it all,
it's only post traumatic stress they're told,
it was shell shock back in days of old,
take them back to set free their ghosts,
let the argentinians this time play the hosts.

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Evil Came Calling

                                                 evil came calling
                                               creating devastation
                                                     unholy fury
                                            unleashed on the innocent
                                         the world stood still in dismay

For Carolyn Devonshire's
"Remembering 9/11" contest

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A Cowboy Is

The movements of others to far away lands
Drifted into American folklore, within histories hands

Fur trappers they started many centuries ago
In a country to become as the years truly flowed

Centennial by centennial, amidst wars between they
Slowly they emerged into cattle driven play

The vast expanses of prairies so green
Lured Barons of the beast to their riches they always dreamed

Herds in vast amounts recreating the Bison's exist
Where they eventually replaced in numbers, in numerous consist

The eventuality of the Iron Horse, opened these lands up even more
Sheridan, White Oaks even Tombstone, led to street filled open sores

The James Gang and William Bonney, are two that history has shown
No care for what they declared that the Wild West was their throne

The sad thing about the cowboy era, is in the scenery that was left behind
On many a prairie from their past, where greed has left them so blind

We have the opportunity to look back and rewind, for hindsight allows us to do
So many were never ever heroes, just what do we find in them so true

Just for a moment to the future, whilst countries in our time have been invaded
They are the modern Indigenous, like the past, the cowboys left degraded

The above are written from my heart, if you know me you will know me to be true
For if I was born to the Indigenous, to your ancestors, I'd stand in front of you

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Bullets rain tears

Young and innocent they went to school
 Expecting to learn and play
 Never in anyones wildest of dreams
 Did we expect that day
 For a rain of tears to shell them
 From one lost deep to sin
 But heavenly hosts came down for them
 Releasing them from him
 The devil he did have his day
 But God in end dost win
 For noubt will be lost but these young lives
 Will not be gone in vain
 The laws of the land will change in ways
 For it must not happen again
Those who reign must stand on this
 Take stance and make a difference
 No one should be able to take a life
 With intent nor mindless innocence
 For even when with madmans mind
 You cannot be left to mingle
 How can you be able to walk in shop
 Purchase guns and not be liable
 Actions speak far louder than words
 And if we let just one slip through
 Without accounting for their sin
 It might well be me or you
For on anyone these bullets
 Might be named to fall upon
 So make a difference – make a change
 Add your name – petition
 The whole wide world mourns in shame
 An Amnesty is long past needed
 Write your letters – use your vote
 Act now while it is fresh
 And pray for the souls of all those lost
 That each by the Lord be blessed
 Also for those who’ve lived through this
 That they might find a way
 To find the strength and courage
 To step out further each day

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In The Darkness

The word tore through
The silence.

A silence as thick
As the darkness
That wrapped around us.

A darkness
Inhabited by people
Equally as dark.

"Sing and raise us
From these shackles,
From our misery,
From our fears,
From our reality!"

This command 
Was not for me,
But the woman
Who sat in a distant corner.

Her voice rose 
Like the sun,
Steady and slow
Warming our souls.

The clarity of her voice
Was like a dew drop
Magnifying the lines on a leaf
Upon which it sat.

Her voice was as beautiful
As an orchid,
And like an orchid
It was a parasite,
But instead of a tree or plant,
It got it's sustenance
From her soul.

And still
It was not enough.

"Stop, stop,

"I do not want to hear
A song as sweet as
A ripe mango or
A freshly chopped sugar cane."

"I want to hear a song
That is rich in pain
As well as triumph.
A song drenched 
In the tears of brave men
And steeped in the sorrow
Of their women folk."

"I want our song."

The silence stretched
Like a sunset
Under a cloud heavy sky.

Then the song began,
A song we all knew.
A song that had brought
Tears to the eyes of kings.
A song that grew courage
In the hearts of cowards.

The song was infectious,
Leaping from man to woman
And woman to man
Like a great sickness
Found deep in the jungle.

Before long,
Voices rose into the darkness,
Vibrations bouncing off of
Unseen walls crashed against
Or bodies.

In this moment,
We were one.
One voice.
One people.
Bound for one place
And from that moment
We shall remain
One people.

One people 
In the darkness.

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It's a complicated situation that I'm facing.
Between broken dreams and death planning conversations.
Constantly asking myself why I feel out of Gods hands into the arms of satin.
Praying for life after death but deep down questioning continuation.
I weary from all the back stabbing and sins and it mostly generates from my
family and friends.
Please lord tell me will this pain every end.
Can I ever walk with you and make Amen’s?
Cause only you can ever know where my soul really been.
The devils getting closer and he is coming in the forms of many men.
I hate to say it but I opened up the doors and let them in.
They pass me the weed and beer to through off my concentration.
Go to job interviews the next day say words but don't know the pronunciation.
By DNA have a father but mentally there is no relation.
It's sad to say it's darker by the day.
It took two buildings to fall before the nation united and prayed.
After the fact Mr. Bush send eighteen year old to Iraq to be living in their last days.
These are my situations

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you know its wrong 
but you do it to overpower the pain
not strong enough to stay away from it
you would die without it
in its presence your heart knows no shame
even if you try to win the fight
your heart will overrule your mind
Theres nothing you can do
its chained to you
you cant get free
look what this drug did to you

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Darts

Drops of sweat slip from my furrowed brow
Eyes squint, select a number and let fly now

Miss again, a millimetre is a mile once more
Aimed for triple twenty, only got double four

The walk of shame, my oh so familiar friend
Silence broken, on alcohol I forever depend

The steel point of eyes bore into my neck
My opponent leaves me a juddering wreck

I lose the match; the wife won’t give me a kiss 
I wish I could have been anything else than this... 

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The Conversationalist

Palms full of pamplemouse
bitter refrain
Catching a cold in the 
still pouring rain
Vitamin C on the tip
of my tongue
but I'm not as healthy
as when I was young
You lost me there somewhere
back on my old street
where we would tell stories
and nightly would meet
Please search out to find me
I'm suffering in pain
You'll find me still standing
in still pouring rain.

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pith-fully from truth

neurotic narcotics reared reason in rows, 
plucked pith-fully from truth, 
agile enough in politick to anesthetise the waste,
languishing amongst the cling-filmed choral-forms 
of symbiotic silicone…
the future lay dormant, 
adjudicating the agricultural status 
of domesticated foreign policy… 

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Remember Strange Fruit

The clouds, the first at dawn, ripened, pregnant,
With sunrise, and wet, dissolved, gathered,
Evolved and became, blankets, tarred black;
Feathery rain, hammered, dropped and spat,
Cast out, of the womb, of heaven; the trident,
Electricity, crackled, white, forked the earthen
Vagina; splitting trees, their penile trunks, charred
With tongues of flame; gnarled bark, ablaze,
When from a bough, hung, fruit, the strangest
Fruit you’ve ever seen; untouched by flame, black
Just the same; noose neck crooked, sightless
Crow-pecked sockets, purple tongue torn,
Ravaged; hands hemp-bound, dripped with rain;
Carcass left to rot, decay, pendulously sway,
Morbid compass, warns others who would rise,
Speak, dare suggest, they have human rights.
Strange fruit, indeed, yet stranger still the
Bone orchard spooks, supremacists, bigots,
Who put the fruit on the bough; retards, dumb,
Blinded; nothing is achieved by ignorance,
Terrorism, superstition, stupidity – just self-fulfilling
Prophecies and a long, hard day’s dying, for those
Of such morally rank, necrotic persuasion. 
By such hands, progress falters, cosmically trips, 
Slips on galactic banana peel; and people, innocents, 
As ever, are needlessly done to death in
The redneck night of each numbskull day. 

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Protect and Serve?

Unprovoked attacks
Death screams from the hearts of the innocent
A child's last breath
Lies in your arms
Raise your weapon
For the sickness f****ing your mind
Protect and serve?
F*** that, let's massacre them all
Let's burn and pillage 
This family's home and make them watch
Piss in this man's hands
And spit at his feet
Let bullets rain on his chest
So his children see
Protect and serve?
Intimidate and rape
They fear your "help"
And comply with tears in their eyes
And a gun to their temple
Dirt on their knees, in a pool of their father's blood
Protect and serve?
I think not.

*About a news report I recently saw, about U.S. soldiers killing innocent civilians for
sport. (This has been going on since there has ever been wars, it's not a new issue.) They
blamed it on being in a drug-induced state of mind, and on seeing disturbing images of
warfare. We debated in my class whether or not this type of murder can be justified. I
argued strongly and loudly that NO traumatization or drugged mind is a just reason to
murder and torture innocent people. The U.S. military is here to PROTECT and SERVE all
people. Does this sound like protection to you?

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Boarding the Middle Passage

Suntanned fields tower along your breast.
Rusty gripping whips rip ripened veins.
Dancing black silhouette, shipped to the west,
In a barbed necklace of embroidered chains.

Singing in patois, you yield by wrest.
Like moribund gales your spirit wanes.
Suntanned fields tower along your breast.
Rusty gripping whips rip ripened veins.

Babe takes hold to a final tress,
and blots your heart with loved stains.
So decked in red memorial dress,
you bid farewell toward the Royal Haynes.
Where suntanned fields tower along your breast,
and rusty gripping whips rip ripened veins.

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Dreams don’t make it here
They are choked by smoke from fires fueled by bodies too bruised to recognize
Here hope is like a forgotten thought that has left traces of its existence in your 
You know you can do it but you just can’t remember how
The children’s playgrounds are now just a memory of a peace and calm that 
used to be
I have forgotten the sound of children playing and laughing 
I know they can try but I think even they have forgotten what joy sounds like
My reason to smile today is that 19 children died last night, yesterday it was 43
The rubble that carpets the streets gives testimony to the broken dreams of 
revolutionaries; the pillars and beams of a nation
“The walls of the great cities have fallen and its homes caved in.”
The constant anguish has left my face mournful but
I trust the flicker of hope is still visible in my old eyes
They have seen far beyond more than I can swallow
I have no more tears to shed, that well is dried up and hollow now
This pain is like a splinter under the nail of my heart
And with every gunshot it is pushed deeper and deeper and deeper but still
I have no more tears to shed, that well is dried up and hollow now
I am afraid of how much we claim to see and the paradox of how blind we act
I am in awe of my spirits resilience and endurance;
Truly suggestions of something divine

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The Golden Rule according to Gee Dubya

Do unto others before they can do unto you
Call it preemption and lie through your teeth when you do.
Make up connections to terror, folks don’t have a clue.
Be sure you’re firmly entrenched when they find out what’s true.

Scare the bejeezus right out of them, it’ll be fun
Don’t let them find secret prisons, hide that smoking gun
Unpatriotic to speak up for truth and peace, son.
World domination’s the game here, forget the long run.

Propagate myths through our compromised media herd
Broadcast them loudly repeating each threatening word
It’s well established – beliefs form on frequency heard
After while “mushroom cloud” won’t sound so grossly absurd.

Strategy’s worked for four years now, don’t want to get iced
Hard work required to keep justice from spoiling our heist
Must keep the populace panicked and properly biased
Maybe pronounce that Chavez is the new anti-Christ?

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My Kashmir Burns (Part 2)

Another son is dead, until five he lived.
For his long life at Shah-Hamdan he had threads tied
“Shehij ninder yee nai. Gahas Kormakh Khudayas Hawale”, his mother cries.
No news can penetrate across the mountains. Satellites work here no more
My Kashmir burns. And no one knows.
An old woman with torn scarf sits besides fire. While feeding her neighbor’s child
She sighs. Is my son dead or alive? She silently cries.
In Madrasa I hear children reciting Quran. A girl’s come out dragging her feet.
I remember her from somewhere. I remember her seeing naked. 
Oh! God she is the one who was raped.

Nights have turned pitch black. My eyes are losing the habit of sight
Midnight soldier’s set another house ablaze. At least there is some sort of light.
Many letters have been written to God. Postcards posted of those raped girl’s 
But its curfew again. No post office deliver’s the message again.
Death comes from everywhere. Close your windows mother
For bullet respects no womb. It turned Gulistans into tombs.
From the plains the visitors come to visit their God’s
They are our only witnesses but hypocrites at heart.
They say paradise is kaasmir. While my Kashmir is ablaze
They testify against us. Is anybody witnessing this? No one at all
Be witness to at least this. Open up your eyes my Lord!

When paradise is painted with colors of hell, certainly divinity loses its grace
In the news the reporter is beaten. Bamboo sticks are hungry for human blood.
Let Kashmir go to hell. A new promise in their portfolio.
Threads have given up at Dastegeer’s place. Even they are horrified at our fate.
In Maisuma boys are dragged by police. They close their dreams, end their screams
In a police gypsy.
Men shape into monsters when they are given right to anarchy.
The gypsy drives them into the dark cantonments. They will remember this day
Interrogation officer comes. After celebrating his son’s birthday.
The winds from the cantonments bring their news
Burned tires around their necks. Burning stoves near their heads.
The knife tearing up their flesh.
And the boys cry, “We haven’t batted yet. Cricket. We know nothing”.

Death wants children to be headlines
Hunger has affected the heavens as well.
Graves are full. No more space left.
We need land of the plains. For our graves.
In the ac car the bureaucrat goes. The mother’s with search full eyes
Ask about their sons they lost. They drink their tears
And he sips champagne.

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One Error, Two Disabled

A soldier's mistake
crippled, one body, one soul
forever, scarred so 

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We Are Marshall

Southern Airways Flight 932
November 14, the night they flew
McDonnell Douglas DC-9
Like all flights, they should be fine
On the return home
They clipped some tree's
The final run
From Greenville,NC
37 players
In all, 75
From this tragedy
None survived
This Thundering Herd
Taken in their prime
Coaches and others
Before their time
But We Are Marshall
Would rise again
To take away
This terrible pain
From a point of closure
They reunite
To carry the lost
In their football right
Jack Lengyel
Appointed coach
With Red Dawson
Through Dedmans approach
Young Thundering Herd
First game lost 
29 - 6
Experience cost
First post win
Against Xavier
15 - 13
Calms despair
In 1974
Jack Lengyel leaves
But, We Are Marshall
We quietly grieve

" Dedicated to the Thundering Herd Football Team from Marshall University-West Virginia
                               and Mr Arthur D. Schwarz, a fervent football fan "

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A Letter To My Ex

You had me at hello but then 
Something happened in which you let go.
We use to love talking to each other day and night Because there were never any fights.
But now I see that all the things 
You once told me aren’t true.
About how much you love me and 
The things you will never do.
When we talked there was constant laughter
But now it’s like we no longer have anything 
To say to each other.
I thought you were what I wanted in a man 
But I believe I was wrong.
You send them random messages where
You play with my mind and tell me all the things
I want to hear but now, they place fear.
Fear in my heart and mind as if you are doing you 
And is no longer mine.
As I think about the things we could’ve 
Had I’m kinda glad. 
You use to run through my mind 24/7 
But that’s no more.
I feel that you never really cared about me
And now I see.
I know you have school and football to deal with 
But that was never a problem before.
Now, that you no longer make time for me,
I constantly talk to someone that actually listens
To me and enjoys hearing my voice 
And the things I say.
I know you say that your feelings for me are real
But it’s not what I feel.
You constantly call me your
“babymama” but never your
“girl” or “lady”.
But hey you don’t need to because
The things you’re not doing that you promised
Someone else is.

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                                                             “A sex symbol is a heavy load to carry 
                                                              when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.”
						          ~ Clara Bow ~

Clara Bow was one fine-looking “colleen”, Though her judgment of men was “dubious”, “Quintessential” star, silent movie queen, Her life made some overtly envious, Smokey eyes, behavior promiscuous, Caused whispers with each new “affaire du couer”, Her fresh meat of the week, le goût du jour *, Lovers so many, lovers so “randy”, “Blokes” boasting of bedroom tours were just knaves who kept affection handy. Her Parties became quite legendary, She “titillated” with jokes rather dirty, Flaunted in front of her adversaries, Curved ‘round men, delivered lines flirty, Ended her reign before she hit thirty. Battling booze and numbers on the scale, Rattling her cage, a wild spirit so frail, A heart and mind that could not "acquiesce", Sanitarium’s sprite, a wraith so pale soon learned that black and white are colorless. Oh, how sad and tragic was her childhood, Hungry and unclothed, a tot destitute, And daddy did things that no daddy should, Mommy was a lady of ill repute who heard inner voices she could not mute. This unloved flapper loved to get “fuzzled” Often spoke out, until she was muzzled, Searching “hither and yon” for all she’d missed, A little girl remained lost and puzzled, First robbed by madness then by madness kissed.
For Debbie Guzzi's Language contest. 10 of her cool words used. * le goût du jour means “taste of the day” ** coeur has one syllable. About this poem Clara Bow’s beginnings are beyond horrific. Her mother was a prostitute and schizophrenic and the future starlet grew up in complete poverty. Her mother attempted to kill Clara by slitting her throat, and she was sexually abused by her father. A notorious partier who would tell all the juicy details of her liaisons with directors and famous leading men (including Gary Cooper), she ended up spending a great deal of time in institutions. Her story is a sad one, and testifies to how damaging child abuse can be. She was loved by directors for her ability to cry real tears on demand. She said all she had to do was think about being a girl again and tears would flow..

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You are ugly too

Talk behind my back,
Discuss my weakness,
Prove them all that
I'm the worst but
I'm still standing.
I don't mind what
You say to them.

Tell them the secrets that
I shared with you being trapped
Within naivety.
But I'm so glad I did.
I destroyed my weakness,
Transformed myself for now,
Became indifferent.

Keep being dishonest
When you talk to them,
Represent your lies that
You prepared.

I know how good it feels.
You know I'm not denying
Because you are ugly too.

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I Stand, Alone

I stand, alone.

Scratching for my truths,
peeling away the veneer,

I stand, alone, before this
impregnable cliff so sheer.

Cocooned in my solitary shell,
wrenching a smile from a tear,

I stand, alone, a little odd,
and definitely quite queer.

I stand, alone.

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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Fare Thee Well Friend!

Tears that twinkle and glitter
Flow through our cheeks that will twitter
The sorrows our eyes carries
And heart throbs with worries

Altogether we dwell
The day has come for our farewell
bit by bit watered and grown by teacher
are ready to step ahead to see the future.

All alone standing at this junction
Days gone by are not illusion
Really we are going to miss each other
have hope to meet again further..

We all walked together in one path
Our ways are deluged at this spot
Some strike the engineering bell
yet others to make patients well.

Every one has different aim
Almighty will lead you to hall of fame...
Wishing you all the very best.
Never forget prime nest..

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Angry immortal

You dont need no friends
all they will do is hurt you
let them all go, why hold them up?
the family are so far behind,
they will never understand
we are so alone, in this life,
women want what you can give
i wont trade money for sex
or even a bit of attention
or a commitment of ownership
a culture of prostitution...

The poor people steal from you
the rich will rape you
not selling my rear for interest..
and the middle are just stupid
addicted to the drugs, the propaganda

I am the artist, the expressionist, the prophet,
alone, with one mission, 
where are my pleasures?
cursed to teach this selfish culture
pathetic humans, suffering
too stupid to give anything
complaining, whining, frustrated,

They are about to destroy themselves
a collective suicide of selfishness

The other immortals tell me to have hope,
to love them, to teach them,
They arent my friends, so busy 
teaching, and giving to the vampires. 

The christians love war and murder of others
They worship, punishment, hatred, and money
the buddhists wont stand up for themselves and fight,
the middle road is lost.
The muslims are too busy oppressing women
and praying for heaven
The jews know nothing of love, only greed

They tell me i should feel special
i have so much to teach and give,

Jesus taught them forgiveness
helping the poor, loving all people
they crucified him!

The afterlife is so wonderful, they say,
if you teach love and forgiveness.

I am in this life now,
and all i find is tricksters, liers and decievers
I am tired of being alone, 
The body is male, and only half of itself. 
addiction to female energy
no control, clairvoyance gone
the suicidal idiots have something right

I am cursed to sit here and learn compassion,
patience, how to inspire them
teach them to love, and give to others, 
all in the hope that they wont destroy themselves

Why cant i give up on hope?
they are pathetic, i am tired,
of the abuse, and anger, i evoke.

They hate me, unless i pretend,
smile the big smile, 
and pat them on their back for selfishness.
They love you then, 
I do not worship their god, of self-worship.
I wish i could, maybe i would be rich. 

living off of the blood, sweat and tears of others
how nice that would be, to relax, no responsibilty
to give or love anyone except my family.  

I am sure i will feel better tomorrow

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The Moth

Through tomes of strange mythology
   Floats music sweetened by the gods;
And secrets wrapped in mystery
   Dance daringly where knowledge nods.

My very soul I'd gladly sell
   (Were there a devil in a hell)
To learn the truths within that tune --
   But tiny wings can't touch the moon.

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Babies of Beslan

Babies of Beslan............

The darkest day in history, 
Brought tears to my eyes. 
Many Russians murdered, 
In a mass of horrid cries. 

Hundreds of innocent people, 
Seen fleeing through the streets. 
Bodies thrown onto the verge, 
In a sea of blood-stained sheets. 

So many kept within a school, 
Being held against their will. 
Suicide bombers with booby traps, 
That care not who they kill. 

An act by Chechen rebels, 
Seeking freedom for their kin. 
With scenes of utter carnage, 
From those terrorists within. 

Semi-naked children, 
Seen running through the street. 
The Chechen rebels in the school, 
Shooting at their feet. 

Bombs and bullets filled the air, 
As the smoke engulfed the skies. 
People running from the school, 
With terror stricken eyes. 

Such barbaric bloody actions, 
Brought death and undue pain. 
The heart of the Beslan community, 
Won't see their like again. 

May the Lord our God watch over you, 
May he guide you by his light. 
May he hold you in his arms again, 
And keep you safe tonight........... 

In memory of the children and teachers of the Beslan school massacre.

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Voices From The Sky

So sad So very, very sad Those voices from the sky So little time So much to say, In those Moments before they die So few So very, very few The words that said goodbye So far away So very, very far away… Yet heard…every whisper…every sigh So many… I love you’s so many stifled cries So many pauses…so many tear-filled eyes So lovely So very, very lovely Those precious words from on high So silent So very, profoundly silent After that last goodbye Those last “I love you’s, Tell the kids I love them too We’ll meet again… me and you” Phones gently So, so gently Laid down and moved aside So hard So very, very hard to leave Those voices from the sky Let's Roll!!

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I'm Broken

Somewhere inside, I’m broken,
Fragments of flesh and glass,
Memorials rococo of vision,
Flicker, crumble and pass.

Emblems of hollow achievement,
Semblance of scarcity glance,
Shadowy flutters of moth wings,
A retreat for every advance.

Nothingness pinions the future,
Screens shining whiter than snow,
Essences, cigarette burning,
On celluloid tatters aglow.

Somewhere inside, I’m broken,
A jigsaw of childhood and age,
And so is the sterile communion
With all that I failed to engage.

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In Vietnam

I had just turned eighteen, when the order came.
For long as I live, I’ll never be the same;
I was told that day I was going away,
To Vietnam.
I remembered that day, as my feet hit the ground,
As all around me came the sound,
Of the guns and screams,
In Vietnam.

Our leader ordered us to the trees,
Where everyone got on his knees,
To try and destroy the enemy,
In Vietnam.

We tried to stand, but the odds were too great,
And so we retreated before it was too late.
The fight continued another day,
In Vietnam.

We marched through forest, swamp and marsh,
Through weather fair, and weather harsh.
We endured a living hell, 
In Vietnam.

Friends were made and friends were lost,
The freedom we have came at their cost.
The price of war is often high, but not like that
Of Vietnam.

A hero’s welcome, I thought, for sure;
But nothing was farther from what I endured
When I got back
From Vietnam.

The price we paid was soon forgot,
For peace and ignorance is what was sought.
The truth died there,
In Vietnam.

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The Drone

 You use it every day.
 It is a basic part of life now.
 Maybe it’s the flicker of the radio
 Or the buzz of a computer.
 It is used every day to make our lives simpler and less stressful. 
 Is it really helping us though?
 It does make our life simpler
 But is this a downward spiral into emotionless and effortless life?
 A life where instead of real soldiers with real emotions
 are sent to fight,
 A drone controlled by someone at a computer is used to kill innocent civilians. 
 The drone is emotionless.
 No compassion for other beings and no feeling of guilt or regret.
 This is the future,
 an emotionless drone controlled by someone at a computer. 

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Storm Warning

The gathering storm rattled snakelike over distant hills,
Heads of dust and debris thrown as charcoal relief
To the vast expanse of the sky;
In the drought of reason, heat radiated a stillness,
Diseased and brooding, motionless as fissured statues
Or corpses in their time of desiccation.
The old grudges quickly stirred, their animation jostling with fever,
Until they burst tall and armoured, bloody hands
Raised up to the heavens;
Ceaselessly goading, provoking war dogs, effected
Reprisals in a rain of missiles, for attrition ruled
The stalemate kingdoms with seething deities.
The storm is coming, a travel of increasing ferociousness,
Laying waste to desert blooms and flesh,
And sat upon the pale horse the name is always death.
Towers of toasted glass and white steel,
Market places, schools and homes…and people…
All fair game carrion before such implicit dominion…

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Are We Trying to Remove God From Everything

 UNSUPPORTED CODE We often hear this topic across our nation.
Another person crying; “discrimination.”

In our many attempts to not discriminate.
It seems like it’s God that we seek to eliminate.

It seems like we’ve come up with our own “rules.”
And somehow have turned into a bunch of “fools.”

We accept many perversions of various kinds…
But God himself?  We seem to close our minds!

In many of our lives,  we’ve “kicked “ him out.
And refuse what he really is about!

The words, “In God we trust...”  Our money bears it!
Anything of God?  We’re afraid to share it!

It seems like the courts almost say he doesn’t exist!
And have brought much confusion into our midst!

As many say it’s “offensive” to display a cross…
Many godly values have already been lost!

It’s time to wake up America!  And begin to see!
The kind of country we’re beginning to be!

A country that’s foundation is getting off course.
Being driven by a wicked and ungodly force!

Out only hope is in God!  And him alone!
We must invite him back into our homes!

To God and his word we must hold secure and fast!
He is our only hope that our country will last!

By Jim Pemberton

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Forgotten but here
Remembered yet never there
Why do you exist?

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=============================================== ~*~ crystallized rime of frozen ire - craving to thaw as morning dew dense compact icicle of wrath's revenge emanating - now in subdue when plummeted - no escape death's end grave in BLUE scene of God's hands masterpiece where love and miracle in glue men sculpted and molded the new milieu mourning tears line of truth - skew now, Philippines - tropical country now in woo woe, fear - nestling hearts of unknown innocence ensue? this is just the start of a great "FELL", what must we do? hailstone of hailstorm occupying, subjugating us in crew red ruby blood stained "FLOODED " the nation's land in "debut" new state of grave - thousands died begging for prayers ...IN OURS, PUT YOUR SHOE ~*~ ============================================================== *-* jun-jun villanueva *-* "TELL ME A SECRET" Contest entry

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So world, one destiny
and despite how men have ruled and rule,
courageous women still seek equality.

Who ever said, without comparing, that a female is weaker than a male?
Open the pages of human many heroines have we loved and admired?
Shouldn't they take, at least, partial control without demoting their mate's iron will?

So world, one destiny, but peace is the fartest dream in reality;
and we imagine the existence of other races more advanced and intelligent than ours,
and without any proof, we fear that they will reach Earth and will dominate us indefinitely. 

Shouldn't we learn how to get along with one another...
before attempting to settle in other planets, where there's no life?
We'll be wasting resources on discovery instead of helping each other. 

So world, one destiny without the gift of intuition;
everyone's eyes stare at each other and simply see their differences...
what if they could be useful in improving our mutual admiration?

We are set apart by national pride and color,
and like beasts we attack, harm and hurt to survive;
but all these thoughts and actions drive us further and further.

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A Hustlers Prayer

Dear heavenly father 
I pray to you now, 
submitting myself humbly 
with my knees on the 
I know you seen the 
times I messed around claiming that I knew 
you but threw your 
name to the ground, understanding why 
you cast upon me 
your frown.
I don’t deserve 
nothing more, unless 
its your anger a 
fury of course.
I’ve done so wrong 
yet you continue to 
let me go on, why 
you choose my life 
to have such a 
hold on.
Show me my purpose 
if its good I'll 
accept it if it’s 
bad I deserve it.
I’m still young and 
not very wise I 
believe it’s the 
reason why I put 
on this disguise. 
You know which one, 
it fights a lot 
and plays with guns.
Lord you know how 
I can rid of this, 
yet you give me freedom 
of choice and a bad 
decision is what I’m 
left with.
Your angels constantly fighting to protect 
me, set me free from 
this evil and let 
my love shine for 
If not than help me proceed to things that 
are right and not 
wrongfully, to help 
me make a decision 
willingly and not 
end up beat up and 
battered spiritually.
I try to pray out 
loud lord you know, 
but my feelings are 
at there utmost when 
I write to you 
through the Holy Ghost.
Lord hear my cries 
and have mercy, let 
me drink from the 
spiritual cup, please 

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Death Of A Queen

She died in 1694

Loved and hated for the crown she wore

Hoping for a male heir to the thrown

but a female is what they had grown

Still the mourners gathered round

to bid farewell to her lovely crown 

Six horses lined up two by two

Her chariot glistening with morning dew

Mary Stuart she was named

The Queen of England she had reigned

No celebration upon her birth

but tears fell as she was layed in the earth

A disapointed father 

Three babies born dead

but Mary carried on

with the crown upon her head

Born in the spring of 1662 

She died at the age of thirty two

Smallpox took their Queen away

on that dark December day

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Straight From The Heart

That burning passion within
The unexplainable feelings you sense when they walk towards you
The loss of breath and the strangulation you feel gripping around your throat
Choking off every last bit of air you have left to your name
You feel like collapsing to your knees and crying
Wishing you had them back in your arms and running your fingures through their soft hair
You wish you could go back in time to re-live those treasuring moments of bitter sweetness
You can hear their voice echoing inside your head at night when your trying to relax
Your dreamless nights filled with tears and pain
You outstretch your hand beckoning, begging for them to come back
Memories sharp as daggers, peircing your flesh
As they look away from you eachtime
The warmth they gave you before is now gone
You feel like your body has become a corpse to rot forever
When you see then with another
You feel so betrayed and furious
Wanting them back more then anything
You would give up everything you had left just to let them know you cared and still hurt
You want so badly for them to just take the loneliness away
Nothing else can be done
Nothing else will work
Your lost
Your alone
Your scared
You cry for help but no one listens
You feel like dying
Even though they know that deep in your heart they still have that special mark
But they'll never know what they meant to you so you write these words Straight from the 

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Amazing Grace Wash Over Me

A prayer for those who are in dispair along the Gulf Coast due to the BP Deepwater Horizon 
oil rig explosion. A prayer for those who waited and their loved ones did not return, Amazing 
Grace Wash Over Thee.

Amazing grace wash over me.
My tears are a river to the sea.
Lord above, we know you know,
the oil that is washing upon our coast.
Amazing grace wash over me,
and lift my soul up to Thee.
Lord above, hear my prayer,
for those who are in dispair.
Amazing grace wash over me.
I lift my hands to God you see.
My prayer for those who were hurt,
and those who will never return to earth.
Amazing grace wash over thee,
families were left in disbelief.
Empty hands, their loved ones gone,
Lord Jesus, guide them safely Home.
Amazing grace wash over me, 
the oil is filling up the sea, 
from Louisiana to Mississippi.
Animals are dying,
and people are crying.
Amazing grace wash over me.

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Love's Reverence, a cover of ''A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky''

Chivalrist of pure intent
Honoured by the ears that lent
A tale recounted to content

Resplendant wonders brought to ear
Laments that draw an unseen tear
Evasion of the heart's deep fear

Soft young mind and placid eyes
Lucid to the tale's disguise
Unseeing the truth behind the lies

There upon the golden water
Wimsically listening to the lauder
Inclines the middle Liddell daughter

Days have come and years have passed
Golden evenings couldn't last
Erosionary time has swept too fast

Dreary dawns and bitter nights
Overcame the muse's might
Dead and gone, that fragile light

Greiving when his heart was tore
Secreted to land of lore
On through Wonderland he'll soar

Now to dream forevermore

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Into the Darkness, But I Emerged

I wish I was asked this question when I was five years old
For it's a question I would have answered as my words unfold

This never happened yesterday, it was way back, 1966
What made our neighbour decide, to ignite his floorboards sticks

Our whole house woke in panic, smoke billowed everywhere
Into the darkness we stared, at five years old and scared

Thoughts running through my head, confused in a darkening world
Then suddenly I could see, my vision became un-blurred

What I took I couldn't grab, for it was already a part of me
For I, I took myself, and thanked my eyes to see

But going back to the original question, just what would I grab
It would have been an image of my brother, he was seven, and he was fab

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Hang The Witch

She loved big hats
A red bodice she wore
Plumes, bobbles and ribbons galore
This was enough to call her a whore
Many a fight she engaged publicly
But she was no different than you and me
She enjoyed the drink
Entertained late into night
In Puritan society this just wasn't right
She had three husbands
Two had died
Twas wichcraft her accusers cried
Thou be a witch her neighbors declared
At first she was angered
Later quite scared
Her trial commenced without hesitation
I am innocent she claimed
With great indignation
I know not of a witch
Suddenly the girls began to writhe and twitch
They cried and screamed 
Great acting I must say
With this they took poor Bridget away
Upon deaf ears her pleads they fell
Bridget Bishop must go back to hell!
Her naughty behavior and costumes so bold
Helped the Magistrate believe the tales told 
Twas To Satan her soul she had sold
So she would hang by the neck until dead
No one believing a word she said
Soon 18 more would suffer her fate
Once accused was already too late
The Salem Witch trials came to an end
When no one could tell a foe from a friend

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We boomers, as our generation’s called,
have lived through two seasons, considered great,
during which our values were overhauled --
The Summer of Love and Autumn of Hate.
Both brought us together and gave us hope.
In the face of injustice, both were staged --
the first, a celebration with free dope,
the other a tragedy that enraged.
We were innocent in ‘Sixty-Seven;
we saw world violence and were appalled.
Our attitudes changed by Nine-Eleven;
we sought revenge, though we were shocked and galled.
While Winter of War passes, may we find
The Spring of Renewal and peace of mind.

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.The survivors. Yes, that's what we call ourselves. We've lived through the terrors of life. 
Gentle hands, soft spoken, safe in his arms. Obey, and listen, and the swirling melody of 
love plays throughout the scene. And yet, this masquerade is always broken to reveal the 
truth. Words sharper than daggers explode around our ears. Bruises appear on our skin. 
We've "fallen", the clumsy females we are. We fell. A sports injury, a car crash, a freak 
accident. Freak accident of hatred. Much like the lion, quiet and stalking, and then exploding 
into a flurry of the hunt. Of the hurt. Swift blows, and blood drips from noses, tears stream 
from eyes in a silver river of desperate please, bruises decorate us in tawnys and majestic 
purples. Reminders of our "wrong doings". We need to pay for our sins. The only witness are 
the walls, and the moonbeams that dance about our dizzy heads. On the ground. Steel toes 
to the back. A crack. Fire. Pain. And then, a cool silence. The rage subsides, and apologies 
appear. "I'll never do it again" and "I lost control" replay in the back of our heads. Our deja-
vu from the previous night. Always the same. Always the pain. The survivors. Thats what we 
call ourselves. And by the dark dance of the moon against the velvet sky, as stars twinkle 
like sequins, and fade into the dawn, we pick ourselves up. New excuses. New plates to buy. 
A new alarm clock. New knives, doors, but no new hearts, stabbed until the hemmoragging 
hurts like a firestorm. Alone. We are alone. We, the Survivors, have lived not an apocalypse, 
not a plane crash, but the darkest part of our lives. Therapy can lock it away, but never 
remove the dark stain of dried blood upon our souls. Lost. We come together, and escape. 
We start anew, but are never the same. Dark dreams, paranoia haunting our shadows, and 
the jumps that come with shattered glass of the clink of dishes. Never the same, but 
stronger. What doesn't kill you is sure to leave a horrible scar, but wounds heal And while 
scars remain as a reminder of the pain endured, we are, for the better, stronger. We 


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The True Americans

They are powerful,

They are the “great ones.”

They are thoughtful,

They are the “true ones”.

Some Traders long ago made Them march a long trail

A long trail that was said to lead them to the “Promised Land”

It was the “Trail of Tears” and there was no such a land for Them

The Traders lied and watched Them weaken and die

They are not “Savages”,

They are not “Indians”,

They are marvelous,

They are Native Americans.

All this is Their land and those Traders took it

They treated the Traders with kindness

And the Traders betrayed them

The Traders said that They didn’t “deserve” this land

They are powerful,

They are the “great ones.”

They are thoughtful,

They are the “true ones.”

The Traders said they were weak

They were not weak the Traders were weak

The traders only wanted Their land to look for “gold”

They lived for so long “without” gold.

They are not “Savages”,

They are not “Indians”,

They are marvelous,

They are Native Americans.

The Traders now call themselves “Americans” 

The Traders now say that Immigrants should go back 

The traders are immigrants too

Why don’t the Traders go back and give the “True Americans” their land?

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Upon Arrival

He discovered many lands, yet he was still an oppressor.
This place they called home, he was willing to conquer.
They would have been prepared for a tragic disaster,
Had they not been blind and thought of him as master
The sailors brought swords and were much more clever.
Like plants, their bodies were just left there to wither.
Beaten and deprived of that which they foster,
The pain and suffering they could bear no longer.
To have them not think that they were more fairer,
An infinite amount were destroyed through slaughter
To take into account an act more crueler,
On my very soul this event has put a damper.
What was back then, to be extinct hereafter,
Many presumed as a cultural encounter.


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Lost Forever

Casey Anthony--
found not guilty, yet her child
is lost forever

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Tuesday may bring rain to evoke the helplessness and disdain
of a mourner whose tears flow down a windowpane...
remembering the heart-wrenching image of two towers that tumbled;
and while sirens wailed, a warm September day turned cold!

Lovely roses were the flowers they loved the most,  
and visualizing the beautiful days before disaster stroke:
weren't they meant to enhance their devoted spirit...
when hope was the joy they clung to strengthening their grit?

Tuesday may bring rain,
keeping the bluejays and robins away...
will a fiddle or violin play,
as their sad sound is being muffled by a train? 

Their children have become lonely teens,
holding inside an inconsolable pain that must be released through music and tears;
see their smiles as when they were alive and thrived
in a great city which was never attacked by an enemy who tried to shatter their pride!

Tuesday may bring rain, letting sorrow begin 
by remembering that heart-wrenching scene! 

Dedicated to the September 11 Victims

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Stories dared not whispered, legend of great thinker. 
Artificially created Atlantis, maze search for law-giver. 

Hushed lips speak no evil, silly little monkey cliche. 
Privy ancient knowledge, not clear as light and day. 

So-called peace-loving demigods, closely followed in trace. 
Sexually crazed fools, copying angels fallen from grace. 

Pillars of Hercules within island, dynasty king frenzy awoke. 
Powerful and remarkable, ready to enslave at single stroke. 

Originally thought to be noble, conspicuous reveal greed. 
In route to world domination, struck down by Specialbreed. 

Later time earthquakes and floods, extraordinary violence. 
Single dreadful day and night, massive lost of innocence. 

Intervening super mighty one, so-called wrathful Zeus. 
Manipulation of elements, water and lightning bolts let loose. 

Grand golden wall palace, swept aside sea and sunk below. 
Ironical measured payment, for employment of ruthless blow. 

Swiming through labyrinth of wisdom, vie of the celest'. 
Chancing risk of schism, mighty sequential vignette. 

Perplexed pattern in hide, bloody seal of truth. 
Illuminati repelled, for a time real minoot. 

Message of twisted tongue, langual contrivance. 
Masters' visions swoon, in journey through euphoric trance. 

Loud whisper switch, silence left in wake. 
Souls of denizens burned, in fiery scourching shake. 

Prominent eclectic short order, alien wishbone act. 
Convert of non-belief, fierce zealots' minds impact. 

Lucid broken water reflection, visible-eye agleam. 
Blind finding quarry, standing like obelisk beam. 

Instinctive overriding, a slip into lucidity. 
Telepathic mind connection, recede to infinity. 

Exponential theory, base of schematics. 
Common like maybe, superpower military tactics. 

Voice of bleeding knowledge, fade to obscurity. 
Mystic in strange land, fault found in masters of intricacy. 

Undecipherable rhetoric, great monster on chase. 
Featureless darkness, a threat to human race!

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Still In America

Nazi swastika
on condemned church building
paint dried while running

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It seems the path Iam on  is changing everyday
the road uncertain just an endless shapeless gray
some would say it would all be clearer if I took up there religion
even with the doubt Iam not scared enough for that decision

I see the faith you placed in one of the many saviors
I lame excuse for the centuries of mad behavior
Iam sure your prophets where the very best of man
but your church and bibles where never in the plan

so every race has a version of there own
stories stolen from the gods of the past spoken out like it was always known
not one of these faiths is open and understanding
they keep others down and your soul churches are demanding

then you history holds no science no enlightenment
dogmatic foolishness written before free government
and every soul that is afraid to die or to ashamed to live
if you stop thinking then heaven is what they give

even now the human mind is found wanting
but reality is intelligence is hard work and life is daunting
if only the concept of good will and love
we understood without some sign from above

if you need the ancient fiction to ease your pain
I respect you and to all other men you should do the same
your saviors were righteous there’s know doubt
in there time they worship but no church was there twist whets its about

there have been many Christ’s since the beginning of man 
the Mayans and Muslim have had tales since they ruled by the roman
dry king ghandi and many more sacrifice there life so others could be free
in my mind that’s what Jesus is what he is supposed to be

even know there some man of great worth he has no money no powerful church
he’s  giving of himself and and loving the lost I dare you to search 
and see the truth were in this together and this is paradise
we are the only keepers of our fate we must realize

I can no longer people pay to pray and talk down to others who dont believe what you say
but Christ himself did not hang with the saved he knew the hopeless so he could see them ok
but times have changed were not ruled by religious empires mad with slavery
we fought for those rights not with one mans good with collective human bravery

a new age is upon us and the true test is coming not one of prophecy
the makers of worlds the stars the cycle of suns chaos of the galaxy
I hope soon we see are only time is now there is no second chance
are race needs to come together  and make a united stance
if faith keeps us apart do we even have the heart

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Write a poem with words from the heart

Jot down a sweet memory so you may never part

Remembering the days gone by

Sweet smiles and tears you've cried

Forever cemented to live on these pages

Sentances meant to defy the ages

Return to them when you need a smile to replace a frown

Or just to remember the path you've gone down

Echos of happiness, pleasure, pain and guilt

Words woven together just like a quilt

Feel the warmth as you wrap them around

Soft protection from the cold hard ground

Memories of moments you just cant forget 

Keep writing your words and never quit!

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Ode to a windswept child


Proud windswept child
How shall I not
Look onto thee with fright?
- The Lord has spoken,
Loud and clear -
His will men cannot fight.

The Lord has spoken,
Yes - He said -
"As Sarah thou shall be -
The mother of six millions,
Those perished and decieved."

The Lord had mercy over me -
He sent His Angels forth,
Those strong-winged guardians
With their hard,
Never failing support.

Until the end comes
I shall fear
To speak about their names:

Of Hunger,


Of Terror,


And of their brother -


Oh windswept child,
Thou need not say
What Lord has given thee -
The might of all Jerusalem,
The freedom of the sea...
And blissfully He lets you stand
Before my tearless eyes -
He gives you sheer naivety,
A will to be surprised.

So easily He lets you think
All power is now yours -
But lessons history shall teach
Will show that you were wrong...

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home sweet turmoil

troops are returning
to a country in turmoil
with its debt ceiling

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The Old Warrior's Day

When his six bucks are gone,
His belly warm with beer,
Comes his time of day,
The time he always does fear...

It's off to nowhereland,
His dank basement apartment,
No lovely suburban home,
This is what life deemed is his compartment

Nineteen inch T.V.,
Three beers in the "fridge",
A half a bar of cheddar,
Two pizza slices,
An annoying head buzzing midge...

He sits on the edge of his bed,
Which also is his couch,
In this one room nightmare,
His shoulders visibly slouch

Of one thing, he is grateful,
That his wife never saw him such,
He has few blessings to count,
He just doesn't have that much...

But things interest him not,
He lives deep within the past,
And of all the things he's got,
The one most treasured thing,
A picture of his wife and him...
To those old memories he does  still cling...

Yes, this "Old Warrior" still fights his war,
Not against some international crime,
This old warrior's battle,
Is against the tides of time.

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Obama's Burning Place

Cities suffocating, left for dead Under a fire, where jobless smoke drifts But, goverment grows itself and mingles with " An American dream" now called myth Shouting louder and louder Once were the township criers About unqualified figure, to those who kept ignoring 2008 political ignitions, now out of control, his wildfires Scorching, his cancers of a man both black and white A underlineing racist as he always runs toward night And his flaming hatred continues to spread As Americans still suffering keep turning their heads Ruling class of liberal leftist and some rhino Republican politicians Don each a smiling mask Their policies corroding spread about malious As our lives left with more of its bitter task These hands of those we chose, choking way Our liberties hour after hour and day by day To an existence within this nation's former grace Once, where freedom rang Now, smolders Obama’s burning place And Romney will only slow its pace

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And we all thought that Christmas
was a jolly season for all ages,
but we've ignored pain...not seeing tears
roll down those cold and fearful cheeks!

Some weep, some rejoice...
others don't celebrate, but rage with malicious eyes;
wasn't that child's birth announced by angelic voices
that attested He was God's choice?

Depression is the worst kind of sadness,
and unless the noticeable signs are felt or filled with alarm:
we may lose persons very dear to us...
before tragedy strikes, intervene to save them from harm!

Some weep, some rejoice....
many show blind belief and resist
to give the Redeemer due praise;
they are the fools who follow a cult!  

Why should this holiday be so sad,
wasn't Jesus born to bring us joy...
that's what every joyful angel proclaimed
as they crowned Him king for eternity!

Some weep, some rejoice...
others don't conceive the true worth of Heavenly glory,
they hate goodness and despise holiness:
mocking and twisting the pure image of faithful Mary!

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King Of The Hill

<                                               Vietnam War
                                              Capture of Saigon

                                               What The Hell For

                                                   Guerrilla war

                                                 Conventional war

                                                 What The Hell For

                                                    U.S.  Soldiers 


                                                 What The Hell For

My Thoughts On 
The Vietnam War

May All R.I.P.



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keep it in your pants

He was getting old- but he wasn’t cold
He still had that fire burning deep within
And the urge to commit that adulteress sin.

A sub conscious thought to prove that he
Was still the man from many years ago
Because on his face it didn’t show.
When comments are made about
How good he looks for his age
That’s when he’ll climb on stage.

The ego is the downfall of every man
And to prove himself, he’ll take a stand.
How foolish can we men be
And it’s shown throughout history.

Men will always fall under a woman s spell
From that point on, he goes to hell.
Cleopatra queen of the Nile- Sampson and Delilah
Helen of troy-just to name a few
Took down these men, and knew exactly what to do.

When it comes to women “ we are weak”
The sexual fulfillment is what we seek.
Once the sexual desire is satisfied
The man will try to say good-bye.
But he’ll be pulled back into that web of sin
And on the women s face- there is a grin.
It started off when Eve ate the forbidden fruit
And convinced Adam to eat it too.
It has gone on till this present day
What else can I say.
Now these celebrities are in the news
It is not something that they would choose.
Men are building their own web
And when the spider comes “ they are dead”.
Ha-ha- ha-   you’ve got to love it!

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A Question of Honor

Dedicated to Noor Al-Maleki You Try, You Try so hard To put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Have set me Free, Can't You See I Won't have to face a Tyrant anymore Your gaze used to Stun But Now It Just Burns Under the Sun Never Enough to Be Myself Never Enough to Be Free I will not Bow to You I will not Kneel Before You Smothering Liberty Condoning Freedom This way is unjust This way only brings out our worse Hatred and Mistrust War and malice no know law You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views I am The Flame you Greatly Hate I am The Flame you greatly fear Some cannot handle the truth It shows they are the Criminals You are one of them You're the problem This misdeed will not live on without the hate of your name Honor Is not real It's just an emotion that only you feel You're another bulwark Against the truth No one Will Bow No one Will Kneel You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Fear The Truth You Fear the reality you are the criminal against all humanity We must end these lies Before Honor Will Strike again You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views

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Ghost of Bayou Cannot

Some folks believe it. Others do not. The legend told in the Bayou Cannot. The only witness who can swear that it's true, are the creatures who live in the bayou. The owl told the gator, the gator told the frog, about the horror filled night that changed their home in the bog. Far off on the mainland, miles from the marsh, in a large city, where living is harsh. A man's world invention sprang into life. A breath of fresh air to man's world of strife. A new deisel engine, queen of the line, would make it run for the very first time. The sunset limited it was aptly named. Gleamed in the station waiting its moment of fame. Boarded by folks going south, some headed out west, none mindful of anything, but each's own quest. New York to L.A. via the southern run. So it was, the trip had begun. Back in the bog, things were happening too. A barge made its way north with its captain and crew. The day had been hot. The night had turned cool. The fog roiled in, with its blanket of dew. The captain steered his tug, painfully slow, caution was key to safely deliver the tow. All of a sudden there was a scrape and a jolt the barge floated free, not held by a bolt. Panic seized the crew! "We've lost the tow!" "MAYDAY!" screamed the captain over the radio. Amid the chaos and moans of disdain, another great jar, "We've got it again!". Back on land not far down the track the Limited sped with a clickety-clack. Approaching the tressel no one noticed the shake. Who could blame the poor folks; the hour was late. Midway over the bayou came the tressels demise. A great shiver another great quake, tons of speeding steel, folks met their sad fate. Days went by weary and sad. Rescuers agreed none worked a wreck this bad. Twisted and bent the engine was pulled from the muck and the slime. "102" came the final count, the coroner spoke and noted the time. A weary voice shouted "Wait!" "Sir, I disagree!" Tired eyes turned, what did they see? A weary man held in his arms a child about three. Today believers say "an angel wanders." "A tiny spirit" Others agree. On foggy nights when no moon can be. A tiny light flickers so you will see. "It's a firefly!" Say the skeptics of haunt. The creatures disagree and murmur their taunt. They know the spirit of the child now lives in their swamp.

Written by my grandmother Sandra Burch

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The Nightmares

Nightmares that come are so bad I'm  afraid to sleep
Exhaustion enters making sleep needs reach their peak

A little light sleep to settle down falling falling deeply sound
The horror no no go away nightmares please dissipate

Same dreams every night since my darling baby cried
She nursed, very well fed in the morning she died

Nightmares night afer night awaking my baby I dread
Being rocked, rocked, rocked, looking down my baby's dead

(My adoptive mother lost a child, a little girl at age nine months old.  Back then people used 
home remedies very seldom saw a doctor.  The child had been sick with a cold, mother fed 
her and the next morning she was dead.  The  doctor who examined  the corpse said that 
she had had pneumonia and choked to dead on the mucous.)

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The proud blood of my ancestors has waned
The present generation has drifted from the path
The southern heroes weep in their graves
The here and now feel none of the American wrath

Where once brave men stood and died for love of home
And strived to see that seeds of prosperity were sown
Now cowards and failures and degenerates wither
I fear I cannot reverse what they have grown

How am I to measure up to what they have done?
How am I to put aside all my wrongs?
How am I to make my mark alone?
How am I to live up to the old songs?

Men were once men
Now I am but a wraith
They who were with sin
And I without faith..

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Can You Help Me I'm Lost

lost and weary soles
looking for their better half
at Auschwitz bone yard

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Was it you

1st Verse:

Walk on by me if you see me
Let me pass just let me go
All those things we had between us
Just the past now says so

In the moment it was real
At the time we could stand still
For a love we thought would last
Never forgotten by the past


The love we thought could never die
Has evaporated to blue sky


Saw you today
Couldn’t believe
Was it you standing there
Did my eyes deceive?
Never thought I would wonder
Always thought I knew
But now I don’t know
Is it true?
Was it you?

2nd Verse:

Turn around walk the other way
Strangers is what we are
Knew each other inside and out
Now just a distant star

Time and space, left it behind
Gave our hearts to another kind
Tweaking dreams not breaking seams
Changing faces Wiping slates clean

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A dusty old town-so quiet
a man, a traveler
takes off his pack-so heavy
and reclines for a rest.

they dont know his name, they never do
they wont even bother to ask
he troubles them-his mysterious past
leads them to prejudiced views

but were one to ask, for if naught but a name
what would this traveler say- would he speak?
a word, no. a name, he would give them and pass
"Im Wanderer, the world is my street."

Wanderer-what a name
does it signify much of his life
or is it a code- a cypher?
an enigma to his past.

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Echoing abuse

His words concealed a life so full of lies
His hand was soft which held her gentle palm
She raised her head and looked into his eyes
Without a twitch he played her heart with calm

He knew the signs the ways to find his prey
He’d showed his smile and hid his means to harm
It was for him a laugh a game to play
Where he portrayed a mask with grace and charm 

From young till now with ease she chose wrong men 
And then she’d fight to keep her man in vain 
She craved their rage became the nagging hen
It seemed as if she aimed to live with pain

Dad hid mum and he found a mum to hit
Mum loved dad and she was treated like sh*t

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They ride on breezy praires
and as striking as they are,
they love their freedom as in those wild west days.

They snort as they approach danger,
it can be a coyote, hunter or wildcat;
see them flee to the canyons and completely disappear.

The Native Indians rode them with pride
and trusted them for their agility,
bravery and endurance to adjust to hot and cold clide.

The white man stole them from many a tribe...
mingling them with other breeds,
and in doing so:  the beautiful, wild horses couldn't survive.

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Shores of Malta

Rhythmic swaying of peaceful waves
Tides align with the influential moon,
Lapping gently on wave-beaten shores
Of frothy seaweed and golden limestone.
Dazzling, too-blue-to-believe waters
Mirrored in the bright afternoon,
Eroded shores ancient with history
Keeping its secrets of thousands of mysteries.
Within honeyed walls that echo through time
Are whispers of old that try to be heard by modern age man,
Who is so out of tune and his instincts low,
Not keyed to the earth.
Age-worn battles of power abide
Never realising that they’re against the tide,
For the Earth surely in its finest hour, will win its opponent in war,
And seal them in through Earth’s activity.
A very good and fitting cemetery.

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Wake up to find its not just a dream, 
the morning rips a new wound of reality. 
Forever gone, Forever missing, 
All the regrets building up inside of me. 
I could have been better, 
cause you were the best, 
I love you with everything 
now you took your last breath. 
You went, happily 
and chased the birds over that rainbow bridge, 
I hope your watching from above c
ause when you left you took a part of my heart

...RIP My Beautiful Puppy. I Love You Camille Baby?

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A Soldier's Memorial

It is built on pain and on sorrow
To always beware of what comes tomorrow
Although to some it burns from the past
Like the flames of hell rising fast

But yet be happy, there is some hope
Some happy things to help those cope
With problems that come, but memories gone
Into the ashes where only death belongs

A voice could say, “Beware what you seek.”
This voice wants all to be dreary and bleak
It calls for a unity of past damnation
It wants the world to have a remorseful sensation

Though, it cannot be stopped but can be fought
The memories from those that can be forgot
So live life well, allow no worry to fly
The days of sorrows and lies have gone by

Think of the days where it will be perfection
From the day of birth or the grave-sites reflection
It can never break what was built in a heart
Never worry, only love, for love is thou art

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I have not eaten today,
But my heart is filled
Not hungry of affection.
I had a fill of you last night
A fill of you for a life time

All around us are walking corpses
Corpses of political disregard
Humans of no nations
Even when they are bona-fide citizens
Your blood and mine flows in them

The government abhors the poor
Feeds them with empty promises
Shoves them through the door
They pay the bills
For social amenities they can’t find
Pay taxes for their castles 
Government built in the air
But we know their ancestors
Filthy dogs eating from the king’s crumbs
No; Lets not unknot the knot
Soon a messiah might heed us

In heaven’s book of life,
I heard the poor names are there
In here’s book of life
It is deleted.
Thus, in your head,
Lays your kingdom and glory 
Get rich or die trying
Or; be their poor and keep sulking.

Well, like them I saw… 
I have not eaten
Flesh gone weak to skeleton
The solitude of love within
Keeps me living; I am breathing
But I am moving,
Towards your direction
I see your beam

I feel new
When I see you
From my heart 
Seeps through the rays of the sun
Its fun; this love on death line
We survived the genocide
We survived the war
We survived love
We survived us
I love you too.

This poem is dedicated to the abused tribes of Rwanda and Nigeria during their respective civil wars resulting in near human annihilation. Though time has passed, we still feel your pains chilling our bones. The survivors.

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Freak Show

Hello? Hello? Is anyone here? I am here for the “Freak Show”. Fine don't come out. If you can't see yourself in a mirror, Come here Come here. If you don't fit in, Come here Come here. If you're full of terror, Come here Come here. If your made of tin, Come here Come here. Cause it's time, it's time, for the Freak Show, To unleash their wild pack, To come out of a shack, To show your wild side, To show you won't bite. Cause it's time for the Freak Show, To come out from the dark, To do your freaky march, To come unrap, To lay down flat. It's time for the Freak Show. Down here we don't judge, We don't care if your fudge, If you have flames, Or even fangs, If your made of fur, or if you purr, Come down for the Freak Show. 30 seconds on the clock, Those hands go tik tok, It's almost time for halloween night, Get ready for a real fright! Cause it's time, it's time, for the Freak Show, To unleash their wild pack, To come out of a shack, To show your wild side, To show you won't bite. Cause it's time for the Freak Show, To come out from the dark, To do your freaky march, To come unrap, To lay down flat. It's time for the Freak Show. Just scare those kids, Into little bits, I'm sure they won't mind, It isn't a crime, Invite them inside, For a little surprise, You are supernatural, Or even bichemical. Cause it's time, it's time, for the Freak Show, To unleash their wild pack, To come out of a shack, To show your wild side, To show you won't bite. Cause it's time for the Freak Show, To come out from the dark, To do your freaky march, To come unrap, To lay down flat. It's time for the Freak Show. WELCOME HOME.

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Haiku, the first Tweets
Some funny some serious 
Capturing moments!


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The Twisted Fate Of Mankind.

The world will stand united on a day we’ll all remember,
The destruction and devastation on the 11th of September.
Nations torn apart, by the tragic loss of lives,
Tormented, tortured people sent to their graves up in the skies.

Madness caused by people, who believe that they are right,
But if they serve their God, surely he doesn’t want them to fight.
The oldest story left to man, the one by God we’ve written,
Gives us hope and courage, and something to believe in.

Surely these fanatics can see they don’t make sense,
They’ve twisted their beliefs form what they originally meant.
Which leads us back again, to ask the question why?
If we follow our chosen religions, then why must people die?


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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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Ram Shackled to Ruin

To my left it stands weathered by seasons of time Memories so many, absorbed in it's walls Even a fire could not deny us of it's history Ones thinks of the efforts to save this once fine structure Now ram shackled to ruin, it brings tears to ones eyes Built just before the Civil War, it hid many a lost soul Many a storm caressed her wooden frame Whilst sheltering beasts remained safe from nature's anger Summertime's were so joyous with barn dances Even weddings were celebrated within these walls Sadly economics became it's downfall My great grandfathers red barn, a shadow of it's former As you travel through the mid west There are many eyes like mine, viewing and sharing similar memories

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Black Oil and Green Money

how could there ever be justification for murder in war...
rational function of hatred, so unsacred
my patience exist no more...
a theory that contradicts the so called sanctity of life. 
explosions from soldiers as they mascarade through the night. 
left without a trace, no name on an absent face..simply collateral, a victim to the 
concept of an aryan race. 
extremist zealots leaving religion disgraced.
Dispite a thousand miles traveled we are still moving in place.
a motionless pace...
the notion replaced by emotionless hate...the focus is so irrate...
still we're choosing political fakes, 
hacks that choose corporations over the citizens taste. 
it is such a disgrace...we just sit back with a conformist smirk on our face? 
which only serves to disguise the lies, which allows us to close our eyes.. make 
donations which serves to expose our pride...
sunday morning repentants, moans, child you are forgiven, cleansed 
and baptized. 
and rest in slumber. 
forget the land with the restless summer, forget the others... we aint got ish 
invested in them numbers.
if you a child of the sun, much respect cause you are my brother
120,000 dead...god bless their mothers
yet, still i salute, young minds victimized as troops, 
he internalize american pride as truth. pride that serves to hide the hell that he 
once went through...
no job no dignity, just an option or two, hit the block slang drugs, or a political 
the ladder provides benefits so its so hard to resist...he sold his soul for the 
bargain...for he understood that the block was no place for his child to 
promised land filled with milk and honey, borders explode for black oil and green 

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September Eleven


N*ever forget this day 
I*n our hearts forever lives 
N*ever forget this day 
E*nemy took many lives 

E*motions running still deep 
L*et's remember nine-eleven 
E*mbraced our brave heroes 
V*iewed it all on tv screen 
E*ntired world was in shock 
N*ever forget nine-eleven 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

September 2, 2009 

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If I Could Turn Back TIme

      The years have passed yet the emptiness lingers on
       All taken from us on that day forever now gone
       We still remember and we will always care
       Names so familiar to us yet spoken like a prayer
       All we have are images and memories of our loved ones
        Mother's, father's, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons
        Six years have passed and we go on
        Six years have passed yet the war goes on
        When will we find closure to what happened that day
         When will we say their lives were not taken in vain
         We can't and will not forget that September day
         That bright sunny morning when in a flash life was changed for always
         So many hopes and dreams lost forever
         But in our hearts you will leave us never
         You belong to the country and the world since that day
          But how I wish I could turn back time and have you back with us here today.

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I have hope for the hatred and anger to settle.
I have hope the days to come I can weather,
I have hope there will be no more stones
thrown, Hope that no more children groan,
hope for there to be peace, hope that people
stop fighting for their peice,
hope no suffering man women or child loses
hope, Hope they soon stand together to
fight the greed, Hope for more of them to
read, read into this war or that unnessecary death.
I have hope tomorrow my grandchild or
children are still able to take a breath,

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i hate him 
hes the worst 
i love is just a mask 
you hid behind.

don't count me as a fool
i can see your snarl 
right threw.

i hate your nasty, sneaky ways.
you did have me at hello.
but now i caught your bluff

be gone you betrayer 
you lustful jerk

iv caught you right handed 
that's it your busted..

say bye now you'll never see me again
you'll never be able to hurt me
to tare me inside out

be gone you betrayer
be gone you lustful jerk.

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Taffeta, Silk,and Lace

As she walked down the stairs i could feel on the back of my neck goosebumps and 

I was playing in a derelict house hiding from my friends behind some dusty old chairs

But something wasnt right she looked sad lonley and out of place

Looking back now i didnt feel scared she looked radient dressed in taffeta silk and 

I was Eleven at the time and thinking back to it now

I just knew she was a ghost but wasnt frightened dont ask me how

She didnt see me and she sort of glided not walked towards an open door

Curiosity got the better of me so i followed her wanting to see more

As i edged nearer the doorway i expected her not to be there

But she was and i heard her singing the sweetest song i swear

I was so taken by her radience serenity and calm

Then i realised shes a ghost they scare you but i didnt feel in any harm

She just sort of floated there seeing something i couldnt see

Then....the moment was gone as i heard my friends shouting for me

Ive never forgot that day its stayed with me forever

And as i grew up i researched the history of the house and was rewarded for my 

There used to live in that house a kindly lady she was a mother and a wife

But tragedy struck her family she lost her children so griefstricken

she took her own life

But legend as it she used to sing the sweetest lullabies to her children every night

To sooth them into sleep and chase away there fright

I often ask myself did she see me that long ago day

If ever im weighed down by troubles that just wont seem to go away

If im restless of sleep and the evening winds running fair

I swear i can hear the sweetest lullabies carried on the air

It eases me in to sleep then i dream of the sereness of her face

Gliding down that staircase resplendent in her taffeta,silk and lace

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A Soldiers Salute

Bombs keep on falling
Bullets keep flying
No matter how brave
Our soldiers are dying

Held in their trenches
Under the rain
With photos of families
Mixed memories and pain

Marching through fields
Thinking of home
And if there'll ever be peace
On our troublesome dome

Beyond the horizon
They hope for the door
To enter their home
And behind leave the war

Wives all indoors
Thinking the worst
Individually hoping
Not to be cursed

Hoping for peace
Through the flight of a dove
Praying to God
The safe return of their love

One minute of silence
Is what they may say
Though it seems not enough
For the price they do pay

Love, Thanks and Respect
Seems the only way
To salute our brave soldiers
On their remembrance day.

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Face To Face

Face to face, I see you now.
Face to face, don’t you look down.
Face to face, how could you not know,
that face to face this is how would go.

Face to face, you had to know I was coming.
Face to face, don’t you even think about running.
Face to face, you’re the one who held this young boy down.
Face to face, your mine now.

Face to face, my turn to have fun.
Face to face, lets get those touching fingers gone.
Face to face, can you feel me now.
Face to face, lets bring those pants down.
Face to face, where did I put those rusty c-clamps.
Face to face, this nut cracker you haven't seen yet.
Face to face, I cant hear you with that gag in your mouth.
Face to face, we had to do something to hold those screams down.

Face to face, Here comes my final act.
Any last words, want a swig of this jack?

Face to face, I got your eyes.
Face to face, think I will Leave now.

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My Trip on the Titanic

I’m here to tell you about the Titanic…
Back when we were wealthy and rich
We boarded the ship at Southampton
And took all our family jewels with us
To find a resting place in New York City
This was the plan but it never happened
Olivia, my wife, and I were both dancing together
Out on the main floor near the stairwell
It was a gorgeous day and one I’ll never forget
I remember the loud noise and the sound
Of rushing water, so we ran to the deck
To see what had happened
Then we saw the ship taking in water
Immediately we ran to the life boats
One was getting ready as we approached it
We got aboard the life boat and went down
We’re now in the water on a very small boat
And then I remembered all of our life’s jewels
Worth well over seven million dollars
Now we’re basically broke cause that’s where
All our money went, into buying each jewel
It was the easiest way to transport money
We were amazed at how fast the ship went down
And how few actually survived this occurrence
This terrible day will forever be with me
As I sit, remembering times of the lurid past
Thinking of how quickly we reacted
That saved our lives completely
We were rescued, but so many were not
I was grateful for our second chance at life
I believe we made the best of it
Trading in money for a rich full life
Great trade if you ask me…

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's "My heart will go on and on...." contest


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For in a Doorway Lies

On an Iraqi street
Its all quiet and calm
The way it should be
Without the tyrants palm

Kids are playing
American marines patrol
They don't want to be there
But peace is their goal

A sudden silence
Greets the street
Then all hell breaks loose
Every one falls to their feet

An explosion so powerful
In neighbourhood shake
An all mighty blast
Delivered by mans earthquake

Shrapnel zips
And pings through the air
Voices in scream
Faces in blood run stare

The dust and debris
Drifts all around
As the marines rise
One hears, a crying sound

He follows the cries
For in a doorway lies
A boy of two
In bloodied apply

His small frame
Sodden of red
Lacerations aplenty
On the road to dead

The blanket he clutched
In crimson soak
This soldier, marine
In tear filled choke

He gently lifts
This fragile child
Another innocent casualty
As another war smiles

Sadly, there will be others
Through the months and years
When war will still smile
And ignore all the tears

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Cold Brittle Truth

As a race
We chase the tail of approval
As a race
Cowardice abides
Dissonant souls
And dreary eyes
Measly lies
And tensions rise

As a whole 
We march to the melancholy drum
And bathe in the scum
Of what we've become

Oh sadness, my old companion
You, who tore me from childhood fantasy
You, who made my joy a fallacy

Seldom is the heart
In a place willing to give
In a place worthy of peace
You're living, at least
Though you may not want to live

As a tribe
We cannot deny
As a tribe
We can no longer lie
Or divided, and lost
We all will die

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Touched By 9/11

Touched By 9/11

As I place foot, upon their memories,
their lives are reenacting, in my mind.
Realizing they didn't know, what's about, to occur,
and there be people, they be, leaving behind.

To them, it was just, an ordinary day,
working around the clock, with devotion.
All of sudden, becoming scared and surprised,
as their fate, was then set, in motion.

As a plane crashes, along the side, of the first,
the structure is collapsing, all around, right there, in place.
Everybody, in there, scrambles, to survive,
as shocked people, witness with tears, upon their face.

There to the rescue, come the first responders,
at no question, come to help, despite the risk.
Knowing full well, in the back, of their mind,
the odds toward survival, were very brisk.

Their courage was displayed, from left to right,
from the inner being, of all, came love.
For they weren't ever willing, to quit,
upon the being, they were, thinking of.

Then another plane crashes, onto the second,
the horror, of the first, happens to repeat.
The President, soon after, speaks to, the country,
stating were, at war, and won't accept defeat.

Some survived, but many, did not,
this fact, I've embraced, and took to heart.
Succumbed by the remnants, and words, left to reflect,
and inspired by, the lives, which have, taken part.

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Divided in two

Two parallel Worlds divide my body and mind in two.

One World holds my heart, while the other holds my limp body.

One World shows the life i'v held in my heart, where there is good and there is bad, but everything in that World always ends in good.

The other World shows the life i'v feared for years, where there is nothing but bad, but everything ends in death.

I'v lived in both Worlds.
I'v hurt in both Worlds.

Both seem neither good nor bad at times.

But the funny thing is... 
OUR world today is what those two Worlds have become.

( If you may PLEASE comment of Mail me. Sorry i havn't been on in a long time... ALOT has happened this year to me)

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Just The Way It Is

I tried to wake you up today
Like I always do
All I did was try to care for you
Like little girls should.

Mummy, mummy
Please don't die
I need you to be here
By my side
Brothers always crying
Because he doesn't understand
That mummy only leaves us
Because living makes her sad

The whole street 
Thinks your crazy
As you try to hide
The scars that made you
Your whole damn life

Why cant you just forget
Why cant you leave
The past alone

The doctors didn't care
The police were never there
As the screams of a little girl
Spilled out
Into an air of madness

Watch me bleed
I learned this from you

You were my devil
Stealing my innocence
Stuttering words I'll never forget
"Your Nothing"

Your eyes cut deep
As the knifes are aimed at me
Your love was a weapon
Puncturing my heart
You broke me
I'm a wreck.

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How Much Longer Will Our Country Last

As I see more ungodly laws being passed… I wonder; “how much longer will our country last?” As many believe that God is no longer needed… A tide of wickedness has relentlessly proceeded! Many kind of ungodly acts on t.v. are displayed.. As the colors of the rainbow are often portrayed! A tremendous tide of filth and sin greatly abounds! Where are the righteous? Where can they be found? It’s time to think of where our freedom came from! The blessings of God, we certainly received them! Our country’s taking the wrong direction! It’s almost like we have a deep ungodly infection! It’s time America, to return to the God of the Bible! And refuse to worship and entertain false idols! On our coins, “in God we trust.’ Is what it reads…. But deep inside, our country “spiritually bleeds!” Out only hope is in Christ! And him alone! We need his principles of truth in our homes! He is and will always be the one who’s provided! Without him…. A path to destruction is decided! If there was ever a time… We need God this hour! We can’t make it under our own strength and power! Please come Lord Jesus! And touch us by your hand! May there be a true repentance throughout this land! It’s only though Christ, that our country can have freedom within! As we come to God and seek forgiveness of sin! By Jim Pemberton

Details | Narrative | |

Stymied by moral transgressions

While the church of today continues to wrestle with prominent issues,
like those of leadership, moral credibility, or fidelity of her members;
society remains critical to address certain weakpoints already at hand,
those seeming endless lawsuits against the clergy and religious members.

Moments in time unfold the wreckage of moral credibility, trust, and confidence;
it’s like a downfall of the human castle formed with the sanctity of wisdom –
continuity in liturgical sacraments, prayer, and reliance on biblical life;
with faith that God is involved in many events both ecclesial and personal.

It’s on a soaring journey where the Jewish concept of bitachon   is needed,
to move on amid the struggles and other evolving deal of human problems;
so inextricable that make one stronger to cope with what life really means,
in this generation where a culture of arguments abounds in moral situations.

It’s sad to think of what’s going on; it’s painful to experience those afflictions,
the church grieves and suffers with all her leaders’ and members’ transgressions;
with the abuse of power, freedom, and prestige of being one of Christ’ ministers,
heaven weeps as evil triumphs to lead those priests into the world of failures.

The turbulent waves of scandals that have wounded the sacred priestly life,
people’s trust and faithfulness to the sacraments of life – a great turmoil!
the whole Catholicism has been shaken and struggled to redeeem her reputation;
her running sore of afflictions – so widespread that only time can heal the wounds.

With the words of Jesus at his farewell discourse in Johannine literature,
“I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.”   It’s reassuring so far;
the Spirit of truth  is Christ himself who’ll walk with his own people of all races,
his covenant with them, promise to his disciples, and assurance to all who believe in him.

The church echoes hope and perseverance in the throes of sufferings and tribulations,
She calls everyone to look for the true light – Christ, in hiddenness and humility;
His epiphany  in a continuing journey of faith, in the gospel cries, in various events,
Christ shines in one’s heart, along with the Father and the Holy Spirit – the Paraclete.

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Another Kind of Man

To be intrusive to another's mind to taste what the hells going on
To be different from other men as they sing a different song
For this, this blind man seeks to be the seeker to see and scan
To go inside the mind of another, another kind of man

History has shown and reminded of the monsters that have been
This trait of human man, as each generations scene
What makes us be so different, to hurt whom we care and love
Is it some form of weakness we allure, against family loving doves

As I enter their minds even deeper, the appalling rise to view
Standing proud in their deathly mask, their hurting of others true
Rapists, serial killers and dictators, or even the family man
What possesses their power to indulge, that this blind man can't even scan

My thoughts go out to you all, who have suffered at the hands of man
Evolution is not the answer, to really be who they can
This blind man he said to me, if I look into you what will I find
My reply to him was simple, I'm just a different kind 

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A normal day,
A boy sits down with his friends,
He sets his bag down.

They talk about plans,
Ans what's happening later,
They're all unaware.

The day turns drastic,
No one would have suspected,
That this would happens.

A gun is fired,
Into a group of students,
Their plans  are ruined.

My condolences.

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Childs Hell

My small pristine flower, crushed while yet a bud.
My young innocence stripped, left trampled in mud.
Walk away. Collect your cash, no emotion for me.
Little body bruised, torn with blood. Drugged blind, you do not see.
Daddy, why did you do it and why don’t you care?
You helped them shred me, then turned away and left me bare.
I am only a small child. I am too weak to fight back.
Tied to a dens table, men’s eyes, hands grope, and lips smack.
Manhood against young maiden, tiny body burned by the rope.
This, a grand hellish party with drink and much dope.
Why do you abuse me, and just what have I done?
You began this cruel nightmare when I was but one.
Four years spread like thin butter, passed like a hat.
Left to fend for myself, a small, hungry, dirty stray cat.
For the rest of my life, I am damaged because of your sin.
Thirty one now, still, life is a night terror in which there are men!

                                                                                       Summer Gratias

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Pulled the Trigger

Bullet wounds
The criminal shoots down his
First targets

How dare you
Shoot them uncontrollably
CHAOS grows .  .  .

Don’t shoot it!
The victims are running mad
And you pulled

The trigger
I’m terrified of your strength
DROP IT, man ! ! !

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September 11th

Today’s the day
When it all went down.
The pain and sorrow,
And the worlds big frown.
It shouldn’t have happened,
All those innocent people,
Who had to be there,
Now have God as their keeper.
It wasn’t their time to go.
I feel horrible for their families.
I just want to ask you,
 To pray for them please.
The terrorists that did this
Will get what they deserve.
They’ll get Satan’s kiss!
They must be heartless
To even think of this!
There are people to thank
Like the firemen and cops,
And a lot of people gave blood.
Even if it was just drops.
When the towers got hit,
The world thought it was an accident.
No one would’ve guessed
That it was really terrorists.
So don’t forget this day.
Its part of our painful history.
It’ll be in the books.
But why it happened,
Will always be a mystery.

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Autumn Breeze

   A whisper of beauty sets to the night
In ancient time of Autumn breeze
A flightless feather to soar the sky
Records the silent echos of sorrow
Carries through on seasonal change
Keeping time with history's eye.
   A feather passes a tear filled eye
The sacrifice before the night
The day of blood held in the breeze
As a gentle wind through summer sky
Pierced by the blade of sorrow
The Holy man of change.
   New land wandered for man to change
A wishful time to England's eye 
The eagle spies the foot step night
The pilgrims beyond the breeze
As children cry to burn the sky
A massacred Indian sorrow.
   A black man echoes sorrow	
The pain of life to change
Freedom from the blood stained eye
His cry seeks out the night
Caressed by Autumn breeze
As another feather floats the sky.
   Blood stench streams in horrid sky
The bodies of broken sorrow	
The feather sights upon the change
As delusions form in hatred eye
Secrets under night
Their souls become the breeze.
   Reaching upon the new day breeze
A scrape of cloud and sky
A world united in mornings sorrow
The view of landscaped change
Laments cry the tearful eye
Through restless lonely night.
   Unto the land of darkened night
The feather of recorded sorrow
A moments break awaits, the next Autumn breeze.

     September 25, 2008

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That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven Hundred and fifty victims Murdered, Rest in Peace My entry into Nathan's 9-11 contest

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God's Opinion

A baby is born Under a Jewish star His mother weeps All around her is marching That torturous sound haunting her day and night Here in a basement they hide Hiding for days, for weeks, for months Her faith is failing the propaganda is overwhelming But she waits in that basement Hiding in that dark nothingness She hears glass breaking All around her are screams That torturous sound haunting her day and night She wakes one day from the sound of boots Walking down the stairs A man in black unstraps his helmet Showing his clean cut hair As he discards his cigarette He pulls out his Luger She weeps The man in black puts away his pistol Leaving behind two dead bodies And some who are starving, sick, and weak Huddled in quarters worse then barns Look up to the heavens And wonder why the world should go on And a baby is born

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War Scars

Pools of blood surround me
Comrades lay by my feet with every step I take
What is it that’s worth fighting for?

Supposed enemies…
Their filmy eyes unblinking lay open
The vision of the family they were to see still dances in their eyes
They had dreams too!

Their daughters…
Their sons…
Their wives…
Their parents…
Their duties lie within their eyes like an open book

This is pointless…
Their visions are my visions and I still see both
War is always in vain…

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Rambled Wording

Lives are lost
Souls are caught
All because of
one man's plot.

The cries
And pleas 
That pierce through 
The night.

Life planned out before
My birth;
Nothing I could say.

The blood 
Of innocent children

His father was
Here before.
He told us
What he had in store.

There is no peace
In this land
Of hope and freedom.

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Innocence lost

 Innocence was lost on that November day
As a nation mourned the loss of JFK
The flame of his life was snuffed out
As his motorcade traveled its route

Those 3 shots will forever echo through history
As theories linger of conspiracy
The truth perhaps may never be known
Of what transpired in that Texas town

A nation still grieves a half century later
Trying to grasp the meaning of that day
Striving still to be greater
To live up to the words they heard him say
His words live on and are ingrained
Burning through history, like an eternal flame

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This Dream To You! MLK Honored

I could have run, And tried to hide.
When God said, "Go against the tide."
Preach Unity, And never fight.
All races on earth, Have equal rights.
In Peace and Love, "I Have A Dream."
No prejudice, or hatred, Life Serene!
I could have tried, To run and hide.
But either way, I would have died.
So I chose, To carry on.
To show in peace, We can be strong.
"I Have A Dream." It must come true!
And now God gives, This Dream To You..

------- Author's Notes -------

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr . On his birthday January 21st

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Fragments Of Life

Fragments and crumbs of life, all the little pieces.
Distant yet echoed through the listless years.
Grinding all emotion together in pain and love
and the melting begins to twist all the 
emotions into a spiral of hopelessness.
The fragment awakes.
and i find i missed the years of hope.
Hissing like snakes
tied around my neck like a rope!
Desolate and drenched in despair.
but a new hope enters with a different air.
Fragments entwined 
to form what's inside.

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When Anger Takes Over

There will be a time when anger takes over.
And all other emotions fade.
Where madness turns to power,
To which diesies are made.

Where the people who think that they own the world,
Who have hatread swelling around them in curls,
Allow the poor to cry out in hunger,
And the rich to eat till they hurl.

Then the monsters that don't like others,
And think that they all should die,
Lock them up in lice ridden cells, 
While they laugh, and say it gives them a good high.

How life above, up in the sky,
Will even fall to its torcher.
They'll start wars, create plagues,
Until one cannot even trust they're mother.

But for those who were lost somewhere in the middle,
Were given a gental gift.
The man who came upon the day,
And hoped to kill anger will a holy riddle.

The children had come upon the streets,
And sat on the man's soft knee.
They learned of love and caring,
Which filled the streets with glee.

Then one day, while the new year raged on, 
The people came with harsh accusations.
He had told of love
He had defied the nations.

The man had tried to end anger,
But failed.
Anger had won, it finished its deed.
They made fun of him as his life was taken through hatread that was nailed.

Into the earth.
With a horrid, angry force of sheer strife.

No more emotions on the rise.
Only broken hearts,
And starless skies,
And people throw angry darts.

There will come a time when anger will take over.
And all other emotions fade.
Where Hitlers, and Satans run the world.
And the earth's death bed is made.

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I was once captivated by the things you would say.
Just seeing you, would brighten up my day.
Now it seems as if that has all changed?
The only thing you do, is cause my heart more pain.
I wish I had known who you really were.
It wouldn't have been so hard.
The agony inside me, makes it hard to breathe.
The impact you had, was so hard to believe.
Now the walls are there, forever guarding my heart.
If only they had been there, to protect it from the start.

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funeral pyre

funeral pyre

from the virgin flat plains
soared a modern funeral pyre 
that stood so high
it could be seen miles away
with the naked eye

whose dense black smoke 
released into the pure blue sky that day
the last drawn breath of many
waddling padded foot babies

like the silver blade from a heavy ancient sword
slaying the life of an innocent
white fleece lamb
too many died that day
in the heartland

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Losing History

Losing History

Buildings centuries old
Part of our history
They are who we are
They still echo with voices
Voices telling us who we were
Now, they are neglected
Left to rot under Summer rains
The art within is lost
The stories within the buildings are never told
The memories of who built them fade
They turn to dust as quickly as the buildings
Now is the time to save history
To let our childrens children know
That we had a glorious history
One to be remembered
Not left to fie and rot
They were always more than myths
For good or bad they have to know one thing
They were us

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A Shameful Few

Chip away at the surroundings,
To get to the spoils inside.
Mindless of devastation,
Or the pain as a nation cries.

Off in a new direction,
The agenda must be upheld.
Global unification?
A very grim fairy tale!

Greed on their back as they pillage,
Warmongers with hue and cry!
Fodder sent home in a wooden box,
As more and more people still die!

Freedom and liberty long gone,
As we are snared in the tellers net.
Peasants and squires of near future.
In the worst game of risk ever yet!

Stolen and lost are our rights
As the parasites hold their heads high!
Choking on lies as they spew their untruths
As to why the next country must die!

Nothing it seems will stop them,
Hell bent on their mission it seems.
The ruination of the world...
As they crush its inhabitants dreams!

Turning on their own people
People they should try and protect.
When that trust is gone it’s all over,
Because what do the people have left?

Civilized nations turned monster
By the leaders consumed with greed
No happily ever after....
Just the planting of evil’s seed!

Chip away at the surroundings,
To get to the spoils inside.
Mindless of devastation,
Or the pain as a nation cries!

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Holocaust Day of Remembrance

Note:  Every year the government sets aside a Day of Remembrance for the 
Holocaust.  This year it is the first week of May.  Please share this with everyone so 
that none of us or our children ever forget.

They rounded us up one day in the rain
Herded us into a cattle-car train
We were just Jews, it was simple and plain
The pain – we must always remember

When the train stopped there were so many dead
Ushered into two groups, tears were all shed
Weak ones culled out and away they were led
That said – we must always remember

None of this ever has made any sense
Staying alive in good health our defense
We'd spend every day praying out by the fence
Consequence – we must always remember

At night we would gather and in silence we pray
Pray that we make it through one more day
What tomorrow would bring – no one could say
Today – we must always remember

Each morning we’d line up; they’d walk down the rows
Deciding who lives; deciding who goes
Each morning we’d pray that we weren’t one of those
God knows – we must always remember

And the stench in the camp from the ovens by noon
Reminded us all of our impending doom
Relief from this hell-hole could not come too soon
Repugn – we must always remember

There were thousands of us left back in the damp
In our bunks, in the ovens, or the cattle-car ramps
And surviving this ordeal left its own stamps
The camps – we must always remember

So each year we gather on Remembrance Day
To honor the loved ones who have passed away
And the horrible price that they had to pay
We pray – we will always remember

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  Together, facing the deathly moment alone

Their soles must be given to free their souls

  Silent witnesses of man's inhumanity to man

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Blood Red Poppies

Seen through the eyes,of the dead and dying. Sad pain ever remembered,within a heartache. Young people ever die,to preserve a way of life. War is such a sin,mankind killing off it's children. In Flanders Field,white crosses seem so endless. And poppies grow, the color of fresh blood. A sad reminder,of things so soon forgotten. That wars forever kill, our sons and daughters. We live within our pains,forever crying. As war toys,ever crush and grind our bones. Thoughts within our minds,so often trampled down. For in weighs upon the shoulders,of all mankind. Within the fields,tear drops in crimson falling. Ever flowing down the cheeks,of baby soldiers. And pain ignites,like an out of control fire. Within the hearts and souls,of mothers and fathers. In the end,we must remember that war is painful. And therefore must be stopped,before it starts. The young and innocent,forever give their flesh and blood. While politicians who start wars,ever stay at home relaxing.  And in Flanders Fields,the blood red poppies grow. In among white crosses,ever becoming more and more. And we seem so much better,at attending to the flowers. Then we are,at ever watching our children grow old. 

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Read Earth

Harsh beauty spreading far and wide
Mother's creation by nature's own bride
Iron grain canvas under bright atmosphere
Where arid, baked land meets water cool and clear

Streaming cruel heat reigns over all
Beating down on a land held in subjugating thrall
Parched artistry spreads over miles of land
Rocks, hills and animals, and course shifting sands

Fevered earth burns on an unshod sole
Trees give sparse shade to those who stroll
Along a path, that's been walked by few,
Over millennia past; now awash with soul's residue

Land red with iron and actions abhorred
With laughter and bitterness, with hope deeply stored
A vast stunning world, a back drop so grand
A future and history that's held in the land

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A song to the Night

~Tribute to “Hymn to the Night” By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~ 

He heard sounds of sorrow and delight.
Swept from marble vestments of halls. 
Felt her presence compelled the light. 
He heard sounds of sorrow and delight. 
Spelt  at her feet old'n rhymes so bright. 
And layer'd stars pieced her celestial walls.
He heard sounds of sorrow and delight. 
Swept from marble vestments of halls. 

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When We Were Young

When were really young
Untouched by all the pain that
Came in later years
How Joyfully we used to play.

Elven wars, games wigh figures.
Writing songs, a play dog named
Counting to a thousand or
Just plain reading.
A happy sister with her
Two brother siblings.

While most of my life I
Would not live over,
In my heart it pains me
That we fell so far apart.
I really, really miss those days
When we were younger.
What I miss are my two little brothers.

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Cadeyrm - Battle King

The battle hardened warrior
stood solemnly upon the war torn land
the battlefield before him covered
with the life's blood of his warriors
battle armour, sword and shield
lay strewn across the land.
Flags fluttered in the breeze
as grim testimony to the fierce
and bloody battle which before
his very eyes had been bravely fought
with his fellow countrymen giving their lives
for that which they had sworn to defend
the very land upon which death now ruled.
His warrior Queen by his side
her allegiance to him the same
as those who had come before her
she swore to give her life, if called upon
for her Lord! her King! her Husband!
The ground, soaked with the blood
of warriors young and old
lay open before them
like that of a bloody wound
received victouriously in battle.
The once pristine beauty of the land
upon which they now stood
lay clenched in deaths mighty grip
a stark reminder of the ravages of battle.
With a warriors cry long born of anger
his sword raised to the heavens
he vowed his life's blood
that those who lay before him would be avenged.
As he turned to walk away
he heard the shrill call of an eagle overhead
this was to him a sign
felt throughout his very soul
that his cry had been heard
and he knew he would be victorious in his quest.

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The Day America Stood Still

It just took one day
To grab our attention
There’s not much to say
But lots of reflection.

The airplanes they flew
Wreaking havoc on all
No one had a clue
That the towers would fall.

Such cowards with hate
They claimed so many lives
On that terrible date
Left husbands without wives.

So many were lost
Our sisters and brothers
Their lives were the cost
Plus fathers and mothers.

Many stood with awe
They were asking why
For what they just saw
Coming out of the sky.

Such terror and fear
And so quickly they hit
The end may be here
Should I run, stand or sit?

The heroes did save
As many as they could
For their lives they gave
Not knowing that they would.

People hung their flags
Keeping their families near
Many body bags
This horror wasn’t clear.

Honoring that morn
Our eyes begin to fill
The world was torn
America stood still.

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Love vanished

Seven years have passed
since first I married him
Whence he succombed his bride
Yet when I told him of babe we’d due
it felt our love just withered up and died

For the man he changed,
no, the child we had not planned
Pushed me around until to others ashamed I lied
I’d fallen, or bumped myself again,
backed him up, supported him, everything denied.

When babe was born,
I thought we’d learn to love
Try to make things work together with pride
But now cut off from all my friends in time,
it’s nursing I only now that I must bide.

Although I raise our child
I am so sad, my life has stopped,
when they play up I fret that you will chide
and fear that you’ll know not of when to stop
Frightened, huddled close we rock, we hide.

Once grown up, at school a freedom found,
whilst you’re at work – your daily grind.
Lucky new friend we find to guide
us back to safety relieved, released.
Apart, I know head high that I had tried.

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Poverty grows

Hardship and suffering
all behind society's eyes
raised by the ghetto
slums cracked lights out
scavenges for life
its gone. 
The same face in all places
no father figures
can't support, gone
moms fiend for crack
the silent killer
hard to take, reality hurts
the youngest
nothing lives within him
unloved, felt like a colorless weed
wants to develop
a beautiful rose
society wont let
its a cruel world
only the streets
resist the temptations.
Death laid outside his doorstep
waiting to grab the innocent beneath 
Gang life sleeps in his thoughts
trying to fight the opposition
a deadly current war.
Getting older
need to make ends meat  
but how, never given a chance
selling drugs only option 
need to feed his children
and in his mind
nobody cares
people just stare.
Treated as the fungus of earth
and all this money
soldiers dying, the devils agreement
army of weeds, never stop regrowing
power making more poverty
not spent on the poor
only used for wars
its sad.
A war on drugs
to fight them off
but they made them
dirty tricks, crooked 
and deceived
and still we don't change this
mankind has the say
not the rich.
Children screaming, not heard
tears not felt
like a raindrop with no splat
it always keeps raining
in his eyes.
People so caught up in the power
like a wolf fighting for its food
wraps around the minds 
changing ambition to greed
Just share 
then i think things would be fair
for all the bad acts
its countless.
Going through his mind 
all the times he cried
number of life's he lost
early deceased
in the penitentiary
trapped left to die
a fly under a glass.
Certain peoples cause
an act with no redemption 
soon to burn in hell
tried to deceive us
saying they were against us
causing pains and misery.
A secret war
an epidemic
propaganda in its finest form 
defying the innocent
minds controlled 
eyes turned, no notice
no justice.
It goes on and keeps on growing.

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There Shall Come A Great Tribulation

There Shall Come A Great Tribulation!

You’ll find In the Bible... 
In the book of Revelation.
One day... There shall come
 a great tribulation.

There shall be famine and war 
this world has never seen.
"Satan's fury" being poured 
out upon everything.

The Antichrist will appear 
as "the world leader."
"The man with all of the answers."  
"A great world healer."

People won't be able to buy or sell
 without a mark on their hand.
While corruption and wickedness 
prevails throughout the land.

Our only hope and answer during 
much chaos and anxiety.
Is Jesus.  In HIM we can 
have life abundantly!

This world shall one day 
perish and pass away.
 God's truth and his word are here to stay!

Come to Jesus now... 
He invites you to come.
Accept the gift of eternal life 
from God's precious son!

He's our only hope in this
 world which we live.
He is so patient and kind... 
willing to forgive.

Will your name be in God's 
book of life someday?
Are you ready to meet him on judgment day.

This world... or Jesus... the choice
 by you must be made.
The price for your soul... 
on Calvary... has been paid!

By Jim Pemberton

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never forget 9-11

On that day we were all the same, we didn't know there faces, we didn't know 
there names.
There voices we heard crying all around the world, someones loving father, 
someones little girl.
On that day we were called to lead a better life, for that someones father, for that 
someones wife.
The list of souls read from above before it came below why it was and why it is the 
answer no one knows.
Through the pain we have learned lessons great and small, life, love, and happiness 
are precious cherish them all.
With grace we all go on, but never will we forget that all of these beautiful things 
can fade so very quick.
On that day we wondered, on that day we cryed, on that day we asked ourselves 
what kind of man am I?
Mothers held there children for so long and oh so tight, why did these people have 
to go this was not there fight.
We hope and pray for all those names, and the ones they left behind they gave 
their life for a question the answer we must find.

William J. Harty

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The Dream

~A tribute to “The Slave's Dream” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~ 

One night the slave had a nice dream.
And in the dream he was just free. 
He heard sounds of freedom's bold scream.
One night the slave had a nice dream. 
And saw the light of liberty's gleam.
No more felt flesh by whips just bleed. 
One night the slave had a nice dream. 
And in the dream he was just free. 

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Why did they fight that war? Why did those young lives experience mortal terror?
Many left their homeland to serve as they sung their National Anthem...
others stayed behind, not caring about their destiny in a unfamiliar land so far?
I saw them waving goodbye to everyone...I wished I had gone with them!

The invisible enemy was hiding on the other side of the wild river,
as the platoon's commander ordered the vigilant soldiers
to target anything or anybody that moved on ground and in the air...
a Cobra helicopter hovered above to spot and hit the targets.

Clouds gathered above to add gloom as the crawling soldiers have their steady grip
on the colt commands ready to fire as the Vietnamese should advance...
a patton tank followed them on rugged terrain ready for valiant defense;
who wouldn't wear a brave look on the battlefield : until his blood would drip?   

Through marshes infested by snakes and rats, they carried the wounded to safety;
and any soldier had to bear pain without emetting a heartrending!
Behind them, the sanguine batterfied echoed with blasts and unthinkable atrocity...
there were no winners in this war: both sides finally realized the useless fighting!  

Wriiten by Andrew Crisci for Miranda Lambert's contest, " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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06 Generation X

Another year upon us
raw and longing
Swallow the feeling
and nonsense they're feeding
Corruption of souls
out of control
Missing in action
disasters are maximum
Defenses, expenses
apparent regreting
Incisive decisions
still failing their missions
Brainwashed from the womb
lead astray through bitter days
Broken wing in fields a blaze
programed to the pain
Follow the leader
that bleeds you dry
Follow the leader
that helps you die
Never ending
mothers cry
Same old story
diffrent times.

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Mid years fate

Trickling down the windowpane
Sparking up the fire burn
Violent youths
Teaming up with the devil to reign
My personality
The victim of the system's cruelty

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The Politics of Passion (Einsengruppen)

"Oh, cut it out!!' he cried
As they shot him
Smiling in their power
"But I am one of you!" cried he
As they bayonetted him
"Have mercy!" she begged
While she was gased
"Someday you'll pay!" they whimpered
Forlorn and forgotten martrs
Dying in masses of groans
Early graves awaiting
Yet warm bodies
Rotting flesh on last week's quota
Quivering in anticipated vengence

Reach out, deadman
Grasp those distorted in sickness
Who beg so much louder than their victims
Every rotting heart beating louder
to the pace of their awaited screams
Every trembling bone reaching above

Dead on schedule
Efficient killers
Reluctant in responsibility
For the millions
Who could not understand
your reasons for exterminating them
The world and the heavens
Decry your deeds
You the inhuman.

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The Towers of NYC The Day They Fell

Two standing structures standing up so high touching  tha clear blue sky.
Huge white walls on either side, 
Hundreds of windows reflecting the sky.
 Thousands of workers sit at their desks; unaware  of the fear that is growing near.
its 8:45 people still come to arive; but soon they'll be fighting to survive.
The north tower is struck by a plane and  the 1st tower is turned into a flame.
Smoke and ash flow throughout the buliding as people below are screaming.
Videos recording, photos been taken.
News choppers are flying while inside the tower people are dying.
Police try to control the streets as every ones heart beats.
People believe its just a plane crash but at 9:03 that rumour is smashed.
The second tower is hit as ash covers people in the street like a pit. 
firefighters suit up to enter the blaze but the smoke is so thick there put in a daze.
Panic and chaos is all around; as bodies jump from windows to fall a long way down .
fire is burning all around inside as news crews flim the outside .
People are burning and choking and know that time is getting short .
They ring their families to tell them they'll be fine; but in their hearts they know there out of time .
The towers come down with a tundering sound as a great symbol of the U.S is now nothing more than a mess.
Bodies are burnt and burried; sadness is in everyones face as New York City is left a dusty angry place . 
Great towers they used to be; but now these towers of NYC  are just ones memory.

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One Last Check

Running down the street, away from the mob.
My bloodied and torn feet, cause me to sob.
What did I do, who are these men?
Is all this true, did I commit a sin?
The night scorched, by my burning lord.
Though my loved ones torched, should I take up my sword?
These ghosts continue their hunt, shouting for my death.
Another glorious stunt, leaves me short of breath.
Shall I leave, and walk in the shadows?
Shall I believe, and hang from the gallows?
None ever escape, how could I flee?
Women subjected to rape, all because of me?
The decision so hard, what would my hero do?
My thoughts so scarred, on this day I rue.
I'll run to the seas, away from this all.
They'll not hear my pleas, for I shall not fall.
Yet as I realize they shouldn't win, I turn myself in.
Iwalk among the carnage, trying not to cry.
Bottle up my rage, with head held high.
What have I done wrong, to deserve this?
I'll sing my last song, though something is amiss.
Sitting in this hell, awaiting my Lord to take.
I cry in this cell, though I tried not to break.
Please don't worry, I'll tke this to my grave.
No one will help me, no one shall save.
I walk towards Death, yet I'm no longer afraid.
In my last breath, I spoke though these tears I've made.
The rope rest upon my neck, I'm part of this show.
With one last check, the executioner lets go.
I stare out one last time, at the crowd.
I've commited no crime, yet they're so damn proud.
I let Death take me, away from this world of hate.
They at last see, my innocence asphyxiate.

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India Is Not Free

India Is A Country, 
Which Is Not Free, 
All People Are Not, 
In Merry. 

For Money, 
People Kill People, 
Why All Men, 
Are In Troublr. 

Why Women Burn, 
If Drowery Is Not Given, 
Why All People, 
Not Go In Heaven. 

Why There Is Discrimination, 
Besides Man, Becomes Our Foe The Sun. 
Why Father Has To Bent Infront Of Sun, 
Why Honesty Is There Only Before Gun. 

Oh God! Make Man Realise That His Country Is His Second Home, 
If Not Then India Will Only Be Like A Foam…..

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When History Cries

Men come forth
Black clouds hover, answer the call
When history cries

Upon the field, once green
Flowing red, wars bitter friend
Men come forth

Sweethearts love lost forever
Patriotism wounded, refuses to die
When history cries

Who knows the heart of warriors
Uniforms identify living and dead, ranks define
Men come forth

When next the call to arms
Forget not valor upon whose fields hero’s are born
Men come forth
When history cries

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For 15 minutes.

I will put my half blood in a huge metal can.
Take it for chemical analysis.
So as to see my beliefs and my perception,
my vision and my aspirations.
Those i loved and others i hated.
With my other half i will paint in brick walls.
At the top,maby above all,
i will write these two words.
And then i will go to the store with aquariums.

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The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

Thinking back to the beginnings of my life
Two wars America could never have won
Thousands dead more wounded as America fought for nothing
A president murdered as he waved at the people who loved him
Riots that placed whites against blacks broke out in every city
Four innocents killed in Kent for speaking their mind
Others jailed and beaten for protesting a president they thought was wrong
Free speech was only for the party in power
A wall built to separate families from ever seeing each other mocked American power
Nuclear war was less than ninety miles away while the president flexed his muscle
American missiles were stationed all across the country so we could destroy any enemy
Strikes lasted not weeks but months causing people to live in their cars
No one came to help as children starved
The president committed crimes yet was never punished
What is a crime was erased by his friend stating the president would be pardoned
That ended that
People talk about the good old days
Look at history and let me know when they were
That we can talk about the good old days and where they were hiding

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Do The Wah Wah

Wah Wah
       Ha   Ha

      Was  He


High Gain
     Ear  Pain

Thumb Fret
    You  Bet

B . B. King
   Idol's Zing

Hall Of Fame
  Bears His Name

  Jimmy Hendrix
      But Buster Sticks

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Danger Danger

Wary the man walks alone,
Wary the woman who never stands apart,
Wary the child never says a word,
Wary the leader whose words never stop,
Wary the actor who keeps no regrets,
Wary the fool who regrets all,
Wary the worker who never stays late,
Wary the manager that never goes home,
Wary the girl who never smiles,
Wary the boy whose smile cuts,
Wary the shepherd who cries wolf,
Wary the crowd that doesn't listen,
Wary the world that doesn't care,
Wary the stalker that obsesses,
Wary the carefree with reckless abandon,
Wary the worrier with legal action.

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WW2 poem

Look back on the war
All that corruption
Caused by a world,
A world of destruction

All the men
Who gave their lives
And left their home
Their families, their wives

Hear the guns
Trilling out death
And through their helmets
All smell is their breath.

Into the muddy trenches again
Their retreat, their haven
With rats running over the dead
And flying over head is a lone raven

At the crack of dawn
The brave soldier awake
To the cry of guns
Enemies collecting every life they can take

They are everywhere
All their spies
Your friends, your neighbours
With evil in their eyes

Watch your mouth
Watch your back
If you do
You’ll remain intact

No real funeral
Only a shallow grave
On the battlefield
For one so brave

And what of the families 
They left behind
To do good
For all mankind

Eventually we won the war 
But at what cost?
For now we wear a poppy
To signify the ones we lost.

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Lost Hope

I’m riding along on this massive ship.
Titanic is the most fitting name for it.
Bold in grandeur and timeless beauty,
Downstairs neighbor to the rich and snooty.
Treated like cargo and feeling unimportant
By those who feel they are most important.
I escape my tiny quarters to go upon deck
As I feel the cold piercing the nape of my neck.
My breath creates steam as hot meets the cold.
I look into the night air, to the mysteries untold,
This journey to a place where life promises better.
I love her already and I never even met her.
Oh, America, the land of opportunities!
So excited to prosper within her communities.
Daydreams of hope are quickly interrupted
As the ship’s journey is violently disrupted.
I lean overboard to see what’s the confusion
And I hope what my eyes see is all an illusion.
Large and white, cold-hearted in the night,
An iceberg passes by invading my sight.
Shock has stopped my brain from reacting…
An unusual sound of water becomes distracting…
The water quickly covers the floor I stand on…
And all my hopes and dreams are soon to be gone.
The important don’t care about us at the bottom,
“Don’t try saving them; the water’s already got ‘em.”
I stare at the night and I don’t fight for my life.
The important has slashed my hopes with a knife.
Got us down here, alone, with no way out,
Stealing our hope only to replace it with doubt.
The water is to my stomach; I can’t feel my toes,
I find absolutely no comfort within my wet clothes.
The screams are haunting and so full of fear.
We at the bottom know our time is near.
The important at least have some kind of a chance
While we at the bottom catch a watery slow dance.
The water is to my chin and I’m frozen stiff.
My nose is too cold for me to take a sniff.
The water is to my nose and now I can’t breathe.
I can’t even stop to think how this is happening.
It all ends here in this dark, freezing ocean.
I’m too numb to feel any real emotion.
The water engulfs me as I float inside my grave,
Wishing I was somewhat important enough to save.
I’ve never met you but America, I say good-bye.
The middle of the ocean is where I am fated to die. 

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Church and Vesey Streets, NYC

The steel birches shone
So tall in the global wood,
And then clear-cut rent.

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The birth of a star

This wall stands stronger
Stronger than any man
Yet so difficult
It was to defend

Completely out matched
Thunder came in the dark
But those on the wall
Put up one hell of a fight

The wall never ended
Nor was it straight
Yet inside those men
Had doom as fate
Those who are left
With nothing to lose
Immortally fight

As if death they choose
After days and nights
Sleep came to none
Fate had came
At the rise of the sun

Heroes are made
In this very spot
This place where our ancestors
So valiantly fought
And fight they did
Taking far more than given

Unstoppable sit the man
Who is cause driven
Surrender they could
Lives may have been spared
Where would we be today?
If our men had been scared
Heroes and legends
Were made at this spot

This spot where our ancestors
Oh, so valiantly fought

A tribute to those at the Alamo 

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Been through a lot these seventeen years of living,
Growing up with abuse in my home,
Wanting to leave and flee,
But afraid I was going to leave and be on my own,
Wishing someone would rescue me and my family from the hurt,
The hurt we faced many times seeing the one you love the most being abused,
Abused many days and many nights,
Wondering why,
The answer was because he was the only one in charge,
Almost Seven and these things were still happening,
Wow wonder why they happened to my life,
Don't know why God let me see the hurt,
Did he know I would face the hurt forever?
My family finally had a chance to get away from the hurt and the abuse,
We found a house and much more,
We were a happy family,
A family that will one day be the best of the best,
Thank you jesus for letting us go through the hurt to get a better life that we deserve!

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the Dark One

There is a stranger leaning against the light post
And a black cat on the stoop.
A shadow in the window
And a menacing laugh swirling in the breeze.
Everything I see is in black and white
And there are no flowers or smiles to be seen.
What is this place, and what has happened here?
But I know the answer.
This is my home, after it was taken over 
by the Dark One.
He has banished all color,
forbidden all happiness,
and emptied our pocketbooks.
So now we, who were once happy and employed
are no miserable and unemployed,
With just barely enough pennies to pay the bills.
But the Dark One doesn't care;
He'll continue to take over,
until we are all on our knees in the street
Begging for mercy and lower taxes.
Because we all hate the Dark One
who has intruded our lives and broken into our homes.
The Dark One is most unwelcome.
The Dark One is the Great Depression.

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Liberian Sky

Harsh is the wind of Sahara,
Serrated by grains of dusty sands,
Stripping flesh from the bones of the dead,
Kalishnikovs gripped in their skeleton hands.
Child-soldiers trained as assassins,
Magazines slotted in like building blocks,
Smooth as silk, this gun never jams,
It musically clicks as the catch unlocks.
Itchy were the trigger fingers,
Calloused from teasing the guarded steel,
The psychopathy of poverty teaches
Kill what you can, kid, that’s the deal.
Dead lie the innocent children,
Dead as the sprawl of the desert terrains,
Conflict diamonds as payment
Fired Washington bullets into their brains.
Harsh is the land of corruption,
And black the nocturnal Liberian sky,
The blood in the moonlight drying
Seems equally black in the white of the eye.

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Let's embrace and comfort each other,
because today is the day of sad memories:
awakening both the agony and the pain;
and should tears fall, don't wipe them...
let them gently flow into the fountain of grief.

Did that tragedy change us entirely,
bonding us together as a stronger Nation?
And shouldn't we pray and sing together
with the survivors of that horrible morning...
remembering that today is the day of sad memories?

No rain will be falling as it did last year, and how could we mourn
as yesterday and not understand that our beloved ones
do not wish us to grieve anymore? Perhaps sending smiles 
to Heaven will help us realize that our prayers will make them smile...
wishing that today wouldn't be the day of sad memories.

On Ground Zero, where the mighty towers fell,
thousands will gather around the beautiful Memorial
with flowers and candles in their hands, being assured
that angels will guard this most sacred place...
to remind everyone that today is the day of sad memories. 

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of September 11

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Family Values

Family Values?
My great grandmother was your family values.
She scrubbed your floor and burped your baby, while my great grandfather 
looked for work as a dishwasher.
When have you ever valued my family?
I work, my will work.
You give her six weeks maternity.
I have no pension, sometimes the tension the builds and I scream at my 
One time she had lost her keys and sat outside until I got home.
Where had she been to get those bruises?
When have you ever valued my family?
Yes, you like me to work.
But your dogs chase my daughter when she walks on your yard.
Your eyes wave sticks at my face when I drive by your home.
Family Values?
Where is your God?
Mine is nearby.
I pray one day that your lies choke on his truth.
Until then, I seethe in the heart of my suit 5 days a week, waiting for your death or 

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Beauty and the Unpublished Author

Far away in a little town tucked in the corner of a map
Lives the girl who ruined his heart
And broke his life

While with him she would smile and laugh so sweet
Tender as only she could be
In his heart she lit even the corners so deep

With time she became his definition of life
In all he did he had her in mind
Life wasn’t life without him seeing her smile

As moments grew into weeks
The flower of his heart started to reveal its wilt
In her eyes no longer was the sparkle he was used to seeing

Winds carried awful odour of their disorder
Tales went round of her illicit exploits behind the counter
The man with the shop at the corner savoured all the honey she offered

At first he dismissed the whispers with laughter
But soon he discovered he was the only one on the other side of reality’s border
Yes indeed, another prince had taken over

Trouble was how sincerely he loved her
Problem was that even she had only love to offer
Issue was he hadn’t yet sold a dime of the books he authored

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Communist view

I cross alone the starve town in the night.

Ghosts at windows look the gray of the sky.

Cold and nobody is in the streets.

My footsteps ring on sidewalk

and the shadow lean more and more.

The death with her mowing

comes in the town.

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Bound to the street

Ragged and funny 
In dire need of money
I bruise the pot-holed streets of the city
Maiming the waste-filled alleys and dirty
Daily I play hide and seek with death on the razor-sharp edge of humanity.
Once I had a home
Now I cannot pay the dues
Once I went to college
Now I cannot pay the fees
Once I had a wife 
Now I cannot afford the price
Poor the result of no economic emancipation
Bound to the street because of some people's creation
In a vacuum-filled belly I try the robber's invention
Oouch! I cry in incaceration
This cry , my cry, I cry
Bound to the street, is it God's case 
Bound to the street, the street my place
Bound to the street, the street I hate

Eyes closed, tears drop
The drama of my sleeping mystery 
unfolding before my mental eyes like a tapestry
I ravish and languish in hunger
Feeding on left-overs
Left by generous shoppers
Hungry I was, am and still will be
The history but of themhitherto societies is a history of class struggle
and exploitation. How shall I leave the street struggle
In such a society tailor-designed to suffer the helpless
Where the should-be-helpers 
Are the pioneers of the exploitation,
Suppression and oppression of the defenceless
As for me and my street-mates
We will travel along singing a song
The song, my cry.
Bound to the street, is it God's case 
Bound to the street, the street my place
Bound to the street, the street I hate

I come from far further
I am not a bird of your further
You are a son to your father
You are your mother's daughter
I have non to call father or mother 
Neither to call sister nor brother
But pay no attention to criticism like weather
Rather lets read the holy book together
Ang gather as a congregation together 
The bread as you gather
Lets break share and eat together.
Until we harness a new philosophy
I will always cry 
This cry my cry.
Bound to the street, is it God's case 
Bound to the street, the street my place
Bound to the street, the street I hate

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Virginia's Day of Sorrow

Over 30 dead and dozen's wounded.
On this dark and dreary day.
Many gun shot's broke the silence.
Stealing life and dreams away.

Why's the question.  No one knows.
Meeting the wrath of God.
The shooter chose a cowardely exit.
A path to HELL he trod.

The lives he took shall stand before him.
And they may ask him why.
Our live's on earth, why did you shorten?
But here in heaven we shall never die..

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A fire in my heart
Blazes brightly- for the entire world to see
Caressing the wind
Dancing on the wood
Effortlessly glowing
Feverishly hot

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They should've listened

He wanted no money 

Just wanted to be heard

He desired no pity 

But they wouldn’t believe a word

He tells them the stories of what had occurred

Stories of sadness and slaughter

As people of disbelief

They say “How absurd”

They ignored God’s voice

Unfortunately, they did not believe his news

Because little did they know

What was in store for the Jews

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Dying Slowly

Here i am
There you are
Where are we?

The static hurts my ears
The same through all these years
Everything has changed
But something is the same

How can i go on?
A heartless shell of i
Stolen by your light
The darkness' drawing nigh
Without you in my life
I would rather die

Here, it's now
Though i war against the present
And the hollow future

Ice age coming
Filled with sorrow and regret
Time is running out
Is it over yet?

On the spot
I try to count the blessings that I've got
But your curse is haunting me
And i'm thankful for your ghost
What would i do without you?
How could i ever see?

If i have one regret
It's doing you wrong
Never should have left
I tried to make amends
Only my failure succeeds
I miss you so, old friend
I would die for you, again
I love you more than me

MAYbe you're right
In all the wrong ways
Or maybe it's me
Or maybe it's just life
But i cannot seem to see
The good that came from this
I know we've grown apart
But somehow
I know
We're still connected

maybe it's just something more than we can comprehend
maybe, someday, we both will understand

I will see you in the next life...

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It Only Hurts When I Laugh

So where did all the flowers go when the lights went out?
  And sunset plunged beyond the rim of planet’s earthly crust?
It rained a constant torrent in the middle of a drought,
  Global warming brought a chill, of irony it must.

Where have all the prisoners gone, missing from the cells?
  To roam with sheer impunity upon the city streets,
To murder, rape and plunder through a multitude of hells,
  Where innocents surrender to political deceits.

Where resides humanity on backdrops of despairing?
  Casinos spawned in super size, hard drugs dispensed with ease, 
Cessation of integrity, of common sense, of caring,
  As demigods smile dissolute through tabloid greed and sleaze.

In hope of one last favour when I am dead and gone,
  That carved into my gravestone be my chosen epitaph,
When they lay the granite monolith into the emerald lawn,
  Let the fascia legend say the words: “It only hurts when I laugh.”

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A lonely dream

Once upon a time there was a dream
And the dream found a lonely man
And the man started to dream
And he was happy
But the dream was too big to fit into man's life.

Once upon a time there was a dream that never finished.

Once upon a time there was a lonely dream
Without a dreamer.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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If There Was NO Christmas

What if Christmas never happened? What if Christmas never came? Things around here would be different! It wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger! If the baby Jesus wasn’t born. There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.” It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” They worry they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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The Following of the Pipes

On this cold winter night
A horror unfurls
As they leave their trenches
Under the Bagpipes skirl

It's Christmas Eve
In World War One
Over the top they leave
The killing has begun

Knee deep in mud
Barbed wire and bodies
The piper laments
Their bravery embodied

To march into battle
With their weapon of pipes
Whilst bullets and bombs
Leave the theatre in strife

Onward they march
Turning men into hero's
The battle of the Somme
Last centuries ground zero
What makes such a man
To enter a war
His weapon of music
That they follow him for

Amongst the men that fall
Others pick up their guns
When the piper falls
Their is no one

On this cold Christmas Day
The horrors have been unfurled
As one looks over the trenches
To a different world

But the very next day
In the distance you will hear
The sound of the Scottish Bagpipes
Leaving their enemy in fear

        In memory to all who fell at Christmas time, and especially to the pipers
who used music as their weapon, we will remember them, as all will be remembered

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Only Time Can Heal

You filled my head last night, Katrina,
of the things that you have done.
Just as quickly as you came to us,
back to the ocean you had gone.
You left the city in ruins, Katrina,
though we knew you had to arrive.
But how could we have known that day,
that so many wouldn't survive?
Some asked, "Where is God?"
"Where's our family, friends and home?"
Some asked, "Where is Bush?"
"Where's our help, are we alone?"
In that time of total weakness,
desperation and chaos arose.
How they continued to bruise their city,
people and pride, only God knows.
You showed this place no mercy, Katrina, 
you let the next wave fall.
Your own strength you did not know.
You could've spared them all.
In books you will be written, Katrina,
as a monster, a deadly wave.
That day you swallowed New Orleans,
the city we could not save.
Our broken hearts will heal, in time.
Their homes you chose to ravage.
Our history you have changed forever,
their city we must salvage.
So fierce and unforgiving,
just Mother Nature's weather. takes a nightmare like this
to bring our country together.

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The Bottom Of The Pile

The taxpayer,
is at the bottom of the pile,
or so it seems,
by the upper class style.

What will happen,
when they smother us to death,
then who will they call on,
to cover their debt.

We are not strong enough,
to carry this load,
why shouldn't they carry their own weight,
for the lifestyle they chose.

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Future Events Soon to Come

I could trace back in the past 
Since my disorganized mind can't handle all of the excitement 
I feel an urge to discover something new, but what's there to dig up?
I could explore a new terrain...but my mind can't keep up

I feel like traveling back in time
Perhaps I could have one more chance to change my past decisions
But it's just my imagination...soaked up in grubby grime 
The unbearable sense of impoverishment...ruins my ambitions

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Always Remember 9-11

Today 11th of September
Second anniversary
Of the terrorist attacks on America
The attacks that lead us to war
To war on terrorism
A lot of people died that day
The date was 9-11-01
That is one day nobody will ever forget
We will always remember 9-11-01

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Nobody Knows

Walking quickly,
Feeling uneasy.
I think to myself,
I must be going crazy.
I look over my shoulder,
But not soon enough.
Two hands grab me from behind,
'Don't scream' the voice is tough.
I try to pull away,
To get out of his grasp.
He pulls me hard,
I fall with a gasp.
He puts his knee, 
In the center of my back.
I'm still dazed from the fall,
All I see is black.
He rips off my hoodie,
And most of my shirt.
'If you don't move,
Then you won't get hurt.'
He pulls at my jeans,
I whimper and cry.
My pants are now off,
And thrown to the side.
He grabs at my hair,
Tells me to roll onto my back.
I'm frozen with fear,
My whole body goes slack.
He slaps the back of my head,
I do as I'm told.
I try and see his face,
In his eyes I see cold.
He puts a hand around my throat,
With all of his force.
Leans close to my face,
His voice is rough and coarse.
'I don't want to hurt you,
And I will be quick'
I was scared to death,
I almost got  sick.
He reaches for his pants, 
He can't get them undone.
He silently curses,
I wish I had a gun.
He is finally free,
And rips away my under ware.
He moves to enter me,
Evil in his stare.
I finally make my move,
A knee hard in his crotch.
He barely even flinched,
I thought all was lost.
I make one more move,
A fist to his left ear.
He let out a howl,
I almost cheered.
I keep throwing punches,
And kicking with my knees.
He's fighting back,
I start to scream.
I scratch at his face,
Got a good chunk of his lip.
Blood is everywhere,
But he's still got a grip.
I'm losing the battle,
Between man and mouse.
How can this happen,
So close to my house?
I hit him again,
And he falls to his side.
I push him away,
I should run and hide.
But anger has taken over,
I want one more hit.
I move in front of him,
On his head I spit.
He grabs for my leg,
But I am too quick.
I kick him in the head,
And wish I had a brick.
He falls to the ground,
From on his knees.
All I hear from him,
Is a hoarse wheeze.
I turn and run away,
My house is real close.
There was nobody home,
So nobody knows.

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Do you know my abc's?

And it was there. Looking me in the eye, “I shall born you.” I was overcome with 

Before I was born I died. I was one with everything. I was more alive then, then I 
am now.

Children seem so simple. Children seem so free. Why is life so hard. Maybe the 
simple one is me.

Deep cuts in my heart. A boy that I love with all of me. I might’ve been invisible 
because he always walked by.

Enough of this! I hate it all. I gathered myself and left my heart behind.

Falling down the tubes. Drifting though life. No friends, no family. I. Can’t. Breath.

Gaining momentum. Losing myself.

Hot under my skin. It’s getting tighter. Wanting to rip through it.

I, am, not, real.

Just between us. Just between us two. I used to be everything.

Killing gives life. I want to give my life to you.

Love exists only as water. My heart is dry.

Maybe I’m your dream. Maybe you are mine. Maybe neither of us carry weight. 
Maybe both of us have died.

No, you never gave me a drop.

O I cry. I cry for you. I cry I cry I cry I cry for you.

Plenty of times I wonder how long my sentence is.

Quiere un vaso de dulce sangre. Dibuja un corazon dentro de mi cuerpo. Con 
esto corazon agujero, bebe mi vida. 

Run away from what you’ve heard. Leave and write your own truths. They say He. 
He does not exist. It tells me so.

Say what’s on my mind? Ultimate indulgences; eating meat and having sex. A 
man is meat. Chocolate is sex. A Chocolate man is the only heaven that will ever 
exist. Next to Him.

Telling you about my life is wasting the time I have to live it. If you’re meant for me 
you’ll just know.

Un knowledged people need to stop giving the gift of life and start giving the gift 
of life.

Very little patience do I have for those with no words. I’ll look for the person who 
stole them from you.

Will you be the one that I can hold  for now? Do you have a sweet heart, do you 
have soft soul?. Will you be the the love  that my ego drinks?

Xoxo hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses. Let me touch your skin, help me miss 
your soul.

You’re looking inside me. Like it used to.

Zero words writing in my head. Where do my thoughts go? They go on this page. 
This page of my life.

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I've followed the trail, 
of bread crumbs,
you set behind,
each step,
now how am i to return home?

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Bullet grey, the listless sky,
Wandering on with little thought
To the silent butterfly
Alighting where the world has fought

To the slight, unblinking eye
How meaningless the world and ways
Of the men who fall and die
For the ogres' power plays

So easy it is to fly away
And leave behind the ghosts of men
Perhaps return another day
When no shadow remains of the fallen

A gilted wing, a touch of air,
So gently kissed by bitter breeze
To leave behind what little care
For callous quiet of broken pleas

As memory fades and decades pass,
No-one else will come to lie
Upon the field of broken grass
But for one thoughtless butterfly.

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My sister was a beauty
When she came home at night
Surrounded by an aura
That I deeply abhorred

My sister was a beauty
With sweet effortless power
Of blonde, blue eyed perfection
All boys blindly adored

My sister was a beauty
So pretty that it hurt
As I watched her, resentful,
From behind those black eyes

My sister had all those things
That I could only ache for

Until the heavy, muddy
Death train stopped by last night…

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Sixties Songs of Tragedy

A best-selling song was recorded by Mark Dinning.
In a string of sad songs, this was just the beginning.
In 1960, the lyrics conveyed teary eyes.
“Teen Angel” was a big hit, and it was no surprise.

Many sad songs followed this one up the Billboard charts.
Their lyrics described death and tragedy, breaking hearts.
“Tell Laura I Love Her” was sung by Ray Peterson.
Another great song was “Last Kiss” by J. Frank Wilson.
We have to include “Big John” produced by Jimmy Dean.
Some more great tragic songs made their presence on the scene.
“Ringo” was recorded by Bonanza’s own Lorne Greene.
“Dead Man’s Curve” earned a gold record for both Jan and Dean.
The Shangri-La’s song “Leader of the Pack” joined others.
There was “Ebony Eyes” by the Everly Brothers.
Two tragic melodies delivered by Dickey Lee
were the gold recordings titled “Patches” and “Laurie”.
That was not the end, for in ‘68 came “Honey”.
This was a number one hit so many got to know.
It became the best effort by Bobby Goldsboro.

However, during this time, not all songs sounded sad.
A few melodies came around that were not that bad.
Among the tragic ballads that were a plethora
was the novel song, Allan Sherman’s “Camp Granada”.
My favorite non-tragic melody one would sing
was the late Bob Luman’s hit “Let’s Think About Living”.
I really believe everything would have been so nice
if only more people heeded Bob Luman’s advice!

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What Are You Waiting For

this wait
has alway's
meant never

Tribute To Martin Luther King

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Motif Crosses—Iconic Blast

Milieu iconography with flashing lights
Smokey gambling rooms—gang wars
Flashy suits and fedora hats in the fights
Neon signs flashing—this world is yours

Hey, get a name with the next phone call
Surely, he can’t really be all that rough
While hanging out in a flower shop stall
Like bowling pins fall he wasn’t tough

Whistling “Chi Me Frena?” surreal assassin 
As Shamrock night club they all shot up
Coin flipping henchman hell risky brazen
Bang—he won’t sip St. Peter’s golden cup

Crosses on bodies from iconic gun blast
Even barking dog can’t stop the tragedy
Tony’s sister like a baby’s toy dances at last
Just seems like a wild circle of comedy

Wearing a scar as one from the war
Nation’s shame 1932 gangsters shown
Killing people to take over, what for?
Whistling assassin your life is blown

© Joseph, 5/29/08
© All Rights Reserved

Honorable Mention
Super Slueth Contest
Fun Free verse on Movies
Sponsor: John Heck

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Who Needs You Now

You have fought for your country
You have heard the calls of death
And felt the loss of blood
And now, no one hears or cares
About the tears you cry
You fought a fools war
Inspired by heroic deeds
Majestic words of honor and fame
From people who never knew your name
Many were those who fled
And endured behind their protest signs
But you, you fought the war
Lost your limbs and gained insight into reality
It was you who came back less than human
And now you stand alone at night
Lost and forgotten men
Tell me, tell me who needs you now
Where are the people
Who gave you hell
Where are the people
Who cried to bring you home
Who marched for your life
While you marched to your death
Where are the people
Who loved you when it was the thing to do
And fought for your cause
While you wondered what it was
As you watched your buddies fade away
Heroes and medals
Tell me, what does it all mean
Now that you stand alone at night
Lost and forgotten men
And tell me, tell me, who needs you now
Now that our memory fades
Of those who served and the reasons why
All we seem to do
Is stand aside and watch them die
And tell me Brothers
Who needs you now?

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Cannabis Song

This is the Cannabis song,
they've turned something good. 
made is seem wrong,

It's illegal why?
Come on politics,
don't be shy

So many uses for this wonder drug,
Wonderful for clothing and sometimes rugs,
Fords model T car was built from hemp- the very best, 
Mayflower sails were too they passed the test,
1619 Jamestown settlers had to grow the crop,
It's absorbent fibers make the best cleaning mop.
clothing more solid and sturdy,
Eco-friendly for the fish and birdies,
replenishes soil with nutrients it once dropped,
known as the most efficient rotational crop,
artists for many years used the oil as paint,
use hemp money to pay for that date,
hemp oil could end the gas crisis,
Piss off Shell, Chevron, they don't like surprises,
Lets not forget the physical effects,
One of the best ways to let your body rest,
ointments for sore muscles and lotions for skin,
once it's ingested, ooh feels like a wonderful sin,
The many Cannabinoids help with cancer,
better than chemo not guaranteed to end the disaster,
Certain strains provide mellow for those with epilepsy,
imagine being the kid who just cant sleep,
take a dose once or twice a day,
they now see the sun's shiny rays,
Cant leave out the repair of brain cells,
the ones that alcohol beats up then bails

Why is it illegal you ask?
Politics wear the greatest masks,
Constantly paid off by corporate interests,
Wanted monopolies to bring them pocket book bliss,
Pharmaceuticals, DuPont, Randal Hearst, now Alcohol,
Couldn't stand the competition this “drug” brings at all,
To ensure the public wouldn't be informed,
Made GOV medical testing illegal and provided propaganda porn

So many other details,
but this must end sometime.
For some great information on cannabis
visit the website


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A Wounded Wife

You went on with your life
With someone who is not your wife

Now being faithful and true
Is this really you?

I gave my all and all I had
To keep you happy and not sad

Did I fail you yesterday, fail you today
Fail you enough to make you look her way

You were my alpha and omega;my soul mate
She reeled you in and you took the bait

Lived by your every word;believed what you said you'd do
Went along with all the lies; though I knew they weren't true

Painted a picture you wanted everyone to see
Fooled no one; not even me

Shocked and confused
For my love was abused

If I was not all you wanted and not worth the wait
Then why did we set a date?

A date to marry; a date we carried
The vows made in October are now dead and buried.

Forgive me for being bitter and unkind
Forgive me for not leaving our past behind

No contact with me keeps her mind at ease
This is a cycle; your ex and me; doesn' t she know this happens in threes

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Old Brass City
with massive gothic chuches,
abandoned rail-roads
and run-down factories...
we still glimpse into that bygone glory
which made your name so famous!

O Waterbury, no Christmas 
can be compared to yours,
when Main Street glitters under the fluffy snow
and everyone hummers a carol!
O Waterbury, those starry nights
are too surreal and make lovers fantasize!

Old Brass City,in ninenteen-forty-two
lads and gals were sent to war to fight the Cruel,
and mothers cried as their sons and daughters
left this once-happy-town of friendly and kind folks!
And despite all the sorrow and pain yet to be,
they proudly marched off to defeat the enemy!

O Waterbury, your monuments inspire hope,
and remind all of your past glory and leadership;
and the brave soldiers who sacrificed all...
became those heroes we've engraved into the soul!
Some returned, many died to seal their fate,
and their courage and valour put an end to all hate!

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The Written Word

Such wicked fools, 
What angry, half-crazed things they are
Such despair sticking to them
Around them and through them
Difficult to be certain about
How they have fared for so long.

Such violent buffoons, 
What dramatic, forgetful things they are
Such regret spilling toward them
Behind them and before them
Problematic to imagine
How their mistakes continue on.

Such loving simpletons, 
What brave, tender souls they are
Such passion within them
To end and begin them
Hard to know
The depths of their love.

Such magnificent dolts, 
What imaginative, dreamy-eyed things they are
Such creations flow from them
And I, one among them
Impossible to understand
All that is contained in every one.

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Mother! Only a few, few days remain.
Worry not, I will return, return again
Like birds that in their nests do enter
Tearing the torturous traps of hunter.

I know each night you make extra meal
And wait in slight hope that I will, will
Come to eat supper being too, too tired.
But I am here so far, far away, starved.

Mother! I, I too linger for your affection
On the riverbed where lies my skeleton.
My two bony hands still, still, still seek
Your sacred feet that appears now bleak.

I will not go away from you again, again.
When you would sit solitary in the Eden,
Don’t think I have given you a new bluff.
Turning, you’ll find my face with laugh.

(In memory of freedom fighters in 1971 war. Many of them never returned home)

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Euphemisms collateral damage 
children died and you smiled
at the flashes of light
bombs make at night
casualties counted  
casualties filed
television is making us numb
its sound we march to like a drum

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The Eatery

urban alienation
pehaps ambiance of loneliness
or circumstances ambiguous to show

Automat - 1927

Edward Hopper 

Tribute To All Nighter Cafe's
Also Entry For Brian Strands Contest

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She screams

Like cattle before slaughter we wait

We sit there in fear

Not knowing our fate

I shed a tear

We all lay, trying to dream

Silence consumes the night

We awake from a scream 

We awake in freight

She screams of demise

She screams of the end

“Fire, Fire, Fire” she cries

We do not comprehend

She does twice more 

We silence her knowing of her state

Instead of listen we ignore

If only we knew this foreshadowed our fate

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Weep Not Too Long

Love has grandeur and finesse. Sometimes greater, sometimes for less, Weep only for a short while. Move on with harmonies style. When your eyes have tearful drape, New passion shall always escape. Recall the memories that are deep. Gallop ahead, for not long shall you weep.

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Last Stand

Night turns to day
Day turns to night
Past the past
But that’s all right
It has come once at last
Our final calling
Our final stand
We’ve came so far
With the stroke of a hand
With the thought of the mind
Finally shown
 Is the unappreciated sign
Of which one can leave
All the past behind
All that is true
All that is pure
Is now gone
Experts are now sure
The last hour is upon
Now what is to be done?
 Where shall we go?
Time surely will show
Yet what time is available?
What peace is left?
What is next?
Life is a never-ending test
Of our gift of will power
And choice making
Yet the wrong some
Are always taking
Decisions of war
Decisions of peace
Mean nothing
Till the killings cease
Only then shall our race
Find true peace

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Tragedy Strikes In New York

Something tragic happened in New York today
Many lives were lost
This unexpected act of terrorism
Came with a very high cost
Many hearts are now filled
With anger, pain and sorrow
So many of us wondering
Will this happen again tomorrow?
Fear and uncertainty consuming us all
We do not understand why the towers had to fall
As we all watched in horror
The Trade Centers crumbled to the ground
We looked to our faith and kept clinging to hope
That many survivors would somehow be found
The hour of this tragic day will be
Forever remembered through history
The question of "Why" will always linger
The reason will remain a mystery
Who would want to commit such a cruel and intentional act?
In our search for those responsible
America shall stand united, that's a fact
Though we are temporarily weakened
By the devastation with sorrow and grief
Someday justice will prevail and bring us a sense of relief
To our many dear friends and loved ones
We will miss your gentle heart and smiling face
But we shall find comfort in knowing
You've gone to a better place
Our minds still question why
So many precious lives were taken from us
Please know that in our hearts, cherished memories
Will keep you forever near

In memory of all those who lost their lives to the tragic, terrorist act on September 11, 2001

Copyright © 2001   Shari E Davis

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First and foremost

*** (First and foremost)
First and foremost
Let me enjoy
A cup of coffee
Each day at five

Let me forget
That there’s a Wall –
A Wall with two Sides,
A wound in the sky

Let me forget
All those
Who are waiting
To get back the freedom
That they were denied

Let me forget
Divine interventions
Thanks to which I
Am here
On this Side…  

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If only

if only things were different
i would create a little heaven for you

yet i cant,
as i am in my own hell 
to ask you to share it with me is an right i've since lost

every night i hold onto you so i can wake again
as the threads that should hold me down have slowly unravelled 
and left me with but a single string called hope that needs a face so it won't break

i remember with much pain the adoring glances you used to send my way
now poverty has made me a no go area

these days i am lucky if i get a glimpse of your face at night when you flash your body to all
that you have chosen to sell yourself to put food on the table is hard enough for me to accept

yet i do,
as the economic environment has left us with few choices

even though business is slow for few have money to spend on carnal pleasures
when hunger has taken residence at their doorstep

my inadequacy yawns like the ocean and swallows me into depths i can't escape

endure i must
as i have no means of altering our situations

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They slowly walk to Ground Zero
to grieve for someone they lost or know,
I came to this site for all the fallen;
great sadness mixed with supreme joy,
because they've reached the ultimate glory...
in that place where no one is alone!

My poem is for those I didn't know,
for someone who needed help, but wasn't there;
I would have given up the very breath of this life
to have saved,at least, one soul...
not to make another bell toll!
This loud and deep voice
would have called out to them with infinite grace,
to pull their trapped bodies out of the flames;
and they would have answered me with a whisper...
to lead them, from the mortal darkness, into the living light!

Seasons change colors,
and every year one seems
different from the other;
I stay the same forever...
remembering that nobody 
is safe anyplace, or anywhere!
Be alert and vigilant as they couldn't be...
our enemies are full of treachery,
and trepidation is a sign of sure weakness;
they intimitate us with another menace!  

My poem is for those I didn't know,
and being that stranger I feel even more;
I would have offered my kind arms,
and let their wish,to stay alive,
fall in this caring heart flowing with kindness:
I would have taken their place and gladly died!

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In the restless fifties, teens had to face many realities:
join the draft and go to war or rebel and bear absurdities,
the neutral ones stayed in college and avoided penalties;
oh for God's sake, why should any youngster fight enemies?
Hippies rebelled against the government and shouted obscenities;
they wanted to smoke pot, make love and have lots of babies.
When Motherland calls her soldiers, there are no certainties...
either you fight to survive, or you surely die without strategies.
All mothers cried as they departed to meet their destinies;
did anyone hear them whispering those rules to assure safeties? 
The young soldiers did, not discarding hopes and possibilities.
The Vietnam War was a long one, stretching into the seventies;
many didn't return, some did to enjoy serenities and liberties...
and proud they were to have served well, shunning insecurities.

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
My childhood home
Is cherished 

Memories filled with
Silver and gold
And sometimes pure cold.

No one told me
It would go with me
Where ever I go 

When I roam from
Town to town
I carry it with me

I open the door
Each night when
I go to sleep
And dream.

I can’t shake
What I learned
And what I didn’t 
Learn inside 
My honeycomb

I can’t stop
About that

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Oil Spill

Worst oil spill ever
I thought these people
were more clever!

They are so smart 
that they take no advice
But we are the ones who suffer
when they raise our gas price!

With their oil on our shores
they have now become slick and filthy 
At each other they point the finger
but to me they're all guilty!

While even our wildlife
is drenched in oil
It continues to 
contaminate our soil!

With hundreds of citations
and regulations put aside
Our enviroment and our health
will continue to plunder, not only here
but in all nations world wide...

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Not ready at all and running scared.

All my life I have been itching to be free
Be let loose
Let go
But now, I'm not so sure
I don't know what to do
Just thinking about the day I become an adult
Scares me
How am I going to make it on my own?
How will I survive with out my mom?
She has always been there for me
Always been by my side
How am I going to do it without her
I'll have to pay my own bills
And go to work and school
And College
Its mind blowing
I wish I hadn't already lived 18 years
Half my life is gone
And what do I have to show for it
Scars and bad memories
I wish I could restart my life from the beginning 
I feel like a goldfish in the ocean.
I am not ready
Not ready at all
I'm tumbling into the ocean

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Laurel And Hardy {Epitaph}

                                      American duo great humorists by far
                                      A famous act of our cinema history
                                     Hal Roach's most lucrative comedy stars
                                     Revived on our T.V's in movies or mysteries

 In Loving Memory Of
     Laurel And Hardy

Thanks Again To 
Sir Joseph Spence

Epitaph is a commemorative poem inscribed on a tombstone or mortuary 
monument written in praise of a deceased person.  Generally, epitaphs are 
small poems with rhyming lines written in reflection of the deceased person’s 
life.  They are not always somber and some are very humorous and witty.

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Tall                            Structures
Offering                     Shelter
Withstanding              Blows
Evaporating               Lives
Raping                      Families
Security                    Needed

An acrostic poem about the twin towers of 911.

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                          As we embark on the 10 year anniversery of 9/11,
                  I look up in the sky and realize how lucky I am to be alive.
                   So many people lost their loved ones on that tragic day.
        All the brave, couragous, selfeless people that ran in to help total strangers!
         They never for once thought about their life but, only wanted to others survive.
            The day the two towers fell, those suicide bomber's died and went to hell!
               The United States suffered a great loss, so much death was in the air.
        I pray every night for those who lost their life, for their families to keep astride.
          I know what it is like to lose loved ones but, in the mist of all the tragedy, 
                           a phoenix shall rise and the eagel shall fly high!
                        The terrorists thought we would just run and hide.
                             But, what we did was fly OLD GLORY HIGH! 
              We as a nation banded together and helped pray for one another.
                    September 11,2001, we will never foreget all the losses.
               All the people that did not survive, they are watching over us,
                                              dancing high in the skies!

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Never Chary

we were never chary
that is why we are now
so forever sorry
after losing you one starry starry
when you gave up the fight
when you turned out the light
when two wrongs
became right
and that's when you
so amazingly gifted
had your burdens lifted
and then you flew
and drifted
out of view
into the hue
of your favorite midnight blue
sailing, wailing away from yesterday
not caring anymore what they had to say
coming to rest in the forbidden silent grey
where we miss you 
still today
now you are safe from tomorrow's sorrow
safe from the brilliance of your brain
safe from the perpetual pain
just let it rain 

on them
warm beautiful colors

on a summer's breeze

or perhaps a virtuous snow

floating delicately down

maybe then they'll listen

maybe then they'd know

You know, your beauty still paints our souls

And your roses and the daffodils

They still grow

But Vincent, you

You didn't have to go

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War World II was raging over this
southern Italian town* spared by a miracle...
a deluge that suddenly occurred: 
a night of blasting sounds, of rising flames 
as American planes bombarded its buildings;
the Nazis fled to occupied Naples.
In the North, the Fascits were executed,
as the Dictator Mussolini himself was. 

The farms could not be furrowed deep and neat,
fear hung over the farmers' shoulders;
and wheat couldn't grow abundantly to make bread,
and brazen women to a distant granary they went, 
risking their lives to grind the wheat kernels;
they were no young men in town, or the older ones
who had gone to war for a concept so deceptive.
Many youngsters and soldiers were kidnapped by the Nazis, 
to be taken to Germany as prisoners of war...who would have 
challenged the Third Reich, or disobeyed?

Old women with handkerchiefs on their heads, weeping loudly
and mourning the tranquil town it once lovely and happy, 
and their cry was too bitter and inconsolable to be hushed;
now, even bread was taken away from them,
damning the cruel Duce, who had betrayed them for vanity...
why did he bring prosperity to Africa, not to Italy?
Why was his ego so manipulated by Hitler's cleverness...
that he could have conquered peoples and lands?

Ruins and dead kindred...a scenery of dread and abomination,
and the lively memory of begonias on their sunny balconies 
brought a sweet nostalgia in an hour of horror and death;
and gathered among the crumbled walls, their rosaries  
recited with graceful whispers, gave them 
the strength and the courage to desperately grieve:
"Peace, o beloved peace, have you overlooked
the kindness of such humble and honorable spirits?

Darkness brought the silence they had sought under the glittering skies,
to hide the ugliness of the war in their gloomy shadows,
never to reveal the devastation of their town;
and with the new sun rising, hope would have been 
renewed in the sunrise's lasting glow.
They would have seen those wheat golden kernels 
bend under their heavy weight and bow.... 
and heard themselves saying," Mercy, o mercy
of our righteous God, let prosperity abound...
as the misty rain slowly comes down!"   

Southern Italian Town:  Baiano

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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One smile,
A hundred beatings,
disguised within,
by stories of make believe. 

One laugh,
A thousand bruises,
covered up,
hidden with clothes and make-up.

One embrace,
A million tears,
released behind,
closed doors where none can see.

One smile,
one laugh,
one embrace,
can make the smallest difference.

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Titantic Life

we're all just dancing on the deck of our own Titantic
some about to swim in the Pacific
others about to drown in the Atlantic
some staring up into the sky
thinking how tiny the world is
others thinking it's gigantic
some of us are running for our lives
some are saving our children and wives
some are rearranging the chairs
some are walking elegantly down the stairs
some are playing a beautiful tune
some are staring up at the beautiful moon
some are looking down below
some are climbing into lifeboats and beginning to row
some are worrying about what will be
some are grateful for what once was
some are praying
while others are playing
many are crying
as others are cheating and lying
a few are treasuring the beautiful view
staring at the beauty inside of me and you
ready for a new life and ready to start anew

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Read me verses
vibrant with life,
not sad epitaphs;
paint me my portrait
with a lustrous light...
be a Cavaraggio, or Rembrandt,
and my replicas sell in the market
for a price that suits any wallet.

I was given a name,
and with gilt I embellished it;
gladsome to glitter and giggle,
blooming as a rose bud caressed
by the wind's soft breath;
and its seed will be transported 
far-away, to germinate by a godly temple,
and there I will meet a favorable, clement fate. 

A tombstone is the place
for the soul's eternal rest,
my bones will lie within it...these brittle bones
once covered by flesh, but its spirit
will depart to ascend from the realm of mortals;
and sleep it will...until a mighty voice will awaken it,
there with the angels of Paradise I will write my praises,
and seeing the sorrow of the living, I will act upon their behalf.

Read me verses
vibrant with life;
epistles that the New Testament's
devoted scribes wrote.
Sing me odes of the glory to come, put aside
the longest elegy, don't trifle
with my final wish, everything else is trivial;
look into the Heavens, I will smile... 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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It Takes Two {Caricare}

It Takes Two




Tribute To Those Lost
In The Twin Towers
You Are Not Forgotten

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United And Free

Where have my people gone
 What is left for us to on 
 Our ways our life are in the past
We cling to them now to make them last
 We must keep our legacy
We must remember we are free
We will teach our young our customs and ways
 And pray they will see better days
We have the light of the One above
 And walk in the beauty of His love
 My brothers and sisters I leave you with this
We stand proud, brave, united and free

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When will it last

When I look up
Everything stop
I live n fear
I'll die n tear
Tick tock tick tock...
Time to surrender the lock
Everyday is a fight
I see no light
I am physically exhausted,
mentally drained
and above all emotionally uncertain,
n how to react n every pain
I never been vocal n how I feel
but everyday is a struggle, it makes me ill
Ill of the past & present, not sure of the future
Facing obstacles for me is torture
When will it last?
When will it last?
I am not asking for too much
Life is not a b****
It is the people
people around, which makes me & u cripple
Just face the fact @ 1 time we smile, we cry
and then we die!

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Knock It Down

down down down, knock it down to the basement 
blowing stuff up for a book never made sense 
the books were made, we've been screwed since
religion should be talked about in past tense
hence, the age of ignorance is over 
ill put the burdens of the weak on my shoulders
its a heavy weight to carry 
but death is a women i would gladly marry 
if it means i could stop the torment and destruction 
of our youth, they don't deserve to be corrupted
the mind is pure, void of superstition 
don't transmit unto your loved one your condition 
let them grow up, and make their own decision 
because i know if you did they would never choose the same path 
they would figure out the simple math  
they would never be so arrogant
to believe this world was heaven sent 
and was made with them in mind
they would reject any mention of a being divine 
only wealth and religion can cause a man to be so vain 
eternity, what is there to gain 
is this life and this world not enough for you 
you need another, and another, and another too
it is sad to see you wasting the only life you have 
don't let your children fall victim to the same fad

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my dark feelings

“My dark feelings”
The darkness is magnificent,
The light is nearly drowned.
The feeling to go on in life,
before the breaking sound.
Tears always fall,
From my face,
And always there to stay,
and how hard i try to move on.
It seem to never go away,
That all it take’s four small words,
And the tears forever stain.
Laughing, crying, living, dying,
They all come with pain.
But i’ve survived it all the years gone by.
And to me it remained... the same.
In the world there is something “far” wore's,
Then what i thought was pain....
One small cold look,
One hurtful broken promise,
And the world comes crazing down.

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Johnny 's Song

He was born to sing upon his land
Now he's resting in God's Everlasting hands

Didn't matter who you were
That voice you'll remember for sure

A voice that could shed many a tear
Or make you just want to stand up and cheer

Oh how'll I miss this one hell of a man
Made me today of who I am

Across oceans far and wide
Johnny sang his songs with passionated pride

Now he soars amidst his eagle friends
High above the rockies bends

Oh Johnny this song's for you
As I sing about your eagle friends too

In Loving Memory 
John Denver  { 1943 -1997 }

Soar My Feathered Friend

  {  R.I.P. }

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Tears trickle down her face,
Her eyes gently close.
For a second she forgets her race,
for a second, her woes.

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Stranger at Halloween

On this Halloween night
A stranger came to my home
My parents invited him in
From his cold nightly roam
I hear them talking
As he comes every year
My father distraught
My mother in tears
He stays for a while
As they chat away
Sometimes they laugh
But, mostly it's grey
Its hours later
As i hear the front door
This stranger has gone
Just like the years before
I'm older now
And as curious as can be
As i follow the stranger
Down a dark local alley
In the distance i see him
To the cemetery he heads
This night of all nights
To the place of the dead
Brave as i am
To follow him there
Its as far as i go
From a distance I'll stare
He disappears
Into the mist
As i head off home
My question is wished
Mum and dad
Who was that man
He comes every year
For a chat and a dram
Son, the man who left
Died so long ago
During World War II
At Scapa Flow
He can never rest
For his soul is forsaken
The loss of his colleagues
In the war were taken
On October 14
The crew of his ship
In torpedo assign
A German U-Boat 
The U47
Delivered it's load
And sent them to heaven
He's a lost lonely soul
Who stayed in this house
For he always returns
To his loving young spouse
That's the story
On this Halloween eve
Of this tragic young man
And his roaming grieve

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Don't let it slip away

Stripped, abused and tortured.
Help me, my life's but one -
Don't let it slip away!

Authors notes

Enforcing a picture and or meaning in 15 words.

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Unknown Soldier

                                                        unknown soldier  
                                                       fallen unsung hero  
                                                         without a name

Tribute To Our 
Armed Forces

Thanks For Serving

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None, Ode to Longfellow's "Aftermath"

Alas, we must mow again, again
The Shallow grass, the poppy fields,
The tuliped glade o'er yonder glen
Until in solemn rest we mend.

Not for this time of rest we seek,
Our swords, not plowshares, 
And our shields, our burdens heavy
Carried 'til we meet and on this field
Our foe defeat.

In long rows the harvest comes,
The youthsprigs' archaic drills!
The scathe we raise in unison
A fire so bright outshines the sun!
Cut down, cut down!  And then were none.

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Our Union

Our Union
My eyelashes bat 
After meeting your gaze
From across a 
Crowded subway haze.
My pupils dilate when they
Look back at you over dinner
Where we drank wine and ate.
My feet dance with glee as we
Fall hopelessly in love 
In the midst of summer heat.
My heart splits apart 
To become your wife
And your forever sweetheart.
My legs spread 
Open to bare new life
And see your cheeks rosen.
My arms push 
You away at night,
I'm too tired for a sex life.
My fists rage and tears pour,
When I discover your arms
Embracing another lover
After coffee one early morn.
My ears listen to 
Your words of regret and
Pleads for a second chance
For things to be like
When we first met.
My fingers dial 
Seeking third party counsel
To repair our shattered union.
My brain waves 
Shift to understand your
Thoughts and your feelings, 
While I bitterly convey my own.
My hand re-opens 
To forgive your sins
And make amends.
My lips part to 
Receive your kiss in the
Night in a sea of 
Skin in our warm bed.
My heart flutters, 
We’ve truly become one,
Years after we bore our son.

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Telling Me About Regret

O Girl, 
They are telling me about regret. 

My spices that reek in my kitchen locker; 
My friends smell it in my shirt but never see it on my lips. 

The praying mark on my forehead is a lonely pigeon 
In the nest at the doors of my stupendous grotto, watching the sky .. 1
Wandering its strange sight in the daylight, 
In the blue dome, in the heavy clouds, 
In a mountain top hiding the horizon. 
A lonely pigeon in the nest at the doors of my stupendous grotto, 
Looks for once to the laurel darkness, 
Then flies to the tip of whiteness 
And vanishes in the horizon. 

O Girl, 
They are telling me about regret. 

The people in my small phone index are a rainy forest; 
Its branches with the wide leaves, at the morning, keeps us from rain; 
At noon is a shield from winds and being hunted; 
At night is a clamber for every passing suspicion. 

O Girl, 
They are telling me about regret. 

My formal white robe on my fixed arm is a new road 
By which I pass through, filled with hope at the head of every new year 
By the side of the road. Tents are already fixed 
With its Gypsy wandering and the hands are the stranger's destination 
Stigmatized; they derail the extreme loads on his back 
And roll the wine, time after time, in his mind, till he was covered by dusk. 2
At the morning he opens his eyes "THE END OF THE ROAD", 
And clears out his bags afraid "THERE ARE NO EXCUSES", 
In the medicine book "NO PRESCRIPTION .. NO CURE". 
And I always get back to the road, step on the emptiness, 
And from the shallow side of my broken arm, the robe goes down. 

O Girl, 
They are telling me about regret. 

My spices that reek in my kitchen locker. 
My friends smell it in my shirt but never see it on my lips. 
The bird that I once gifted you, came back -- 
His thin bones now at the eyes of guests is the dinner's destination. And the 
people at the door of my old grave are twaddling and telling me, unbored, about 
the exploits of regret .... 
Forewarning me from the departure 
And silence 
And hope, 
Without seeing the worms on my corpse as sheets -- 
Sheets of bitterness and pain. 

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The silence so long ago turns melodic,
And the way I used to be now seems so idiotic.
I'll never forget how silence would always befall,
And every moment we were silent, I now recall.

I don’t know why I couldn’t say anything,
When to you, I wanted to tell everything.
Although I couldn’t muster a word, 
The silence was filled with my feelings which I hope you heard.

I’m now left with this silent memory of you,
I silence that is now all so true.
Silence is golden they say,
But not on a rainy day.

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World War I gave us the fly-boys
Who flew by the seat of their pants.
Many would never return from war
While others survived by chance.

Their planes were mostly canvas and wood
Gasoline, bullets, bombs and poison gas.
Every pilot carried his own pistol
Wearing leathers, scarf and goggles of glass.

Aviators had no Parachutes
To escape their burning plane.
Many were forced to jump to their death
Or self inflect a bullet to the brain.

Blimps where known as battleships of the sky
The roar of their engines gave reason for fear.
They flew so high they were hard to shoot down
Hiding above clouds till their targets drew near.

Tracer bullets for the first time were used
In the guns of airplanes to set blimps a fire.
The skies became man’s highway of death
With duty and honor their driving desire.

How many Fly-boys have we lost since then
Those days of the Great War and more?
Where do we get such brave souls of chance
Who rise from the rest in the battles of war?

By Tom Zart

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Empty Rooms

Cry out world
Cry out in agony
For the man you killed needlessly

Cry out for the woman
Trampled beneath roaring armies
Saluting soldiers
And sudden death

Cry out for those
Left alone in empty rooms

Cry out at the entombed,
the submerged,
the torn apart

Take two pieces to make the one
Take time and touch
Take love and life

To the man wandering in the desert
Uttering thoughts in solitude
I must give a hand
The desert is empty
and dead
Let us leave it.

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The day America woke up

Lives were lost,
Tears were shed.

Wives and husbands
Now lay alone in their beds.

Parents lost children,
And children lost parents.

It was a day that we all will remember.

They tried to fight
They tried to save,
Tried to outrun the burning buildings
That were fallen that day.

THe airplanes flew,
But no one knew
Except the ones in the plane.

Smashing into the buildings...
Where the people watched.

And America finally woke up.

All the fighting,
All the suffering...
Searching for those in the dust.

From watching the buildings fall
To people running for their lives.

Never will we forget the day
We were under attack-
Never will we forget those who lost their lives.
To the ones who didn't have a care in the world.

September 11th 2001,
In our hearts it has become.

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Who could forget what happened on that unsuspecting and sunny day,
when no visible clouds drifted over the Twin Towers?
Little after midnight, the cool rain adds to the melancholy 
of the descending angels; and I join them in prayer to remember the tragedy! 
This should be a day of remembrance, not of hatred for the ignoble acts 
the wicked committed, but would God accept unkindness instead of merciful deeds?

They called it another day of infamy,
and like Pearl Harbor we were taken by surprise;
that was an attack aimed at the military,
but on September 11 the terrorists attacked the civilians!
It seemed like lightning striking down sturdy trees,
and then fire broke out with smoke trails of a thousands feet;
" O my God! ", every employee screamed...quickly running down 
the stairs engulfed by fire...causing an indescribable chaos everywhere! 
" Take my hand, I will lead you to safety! " the firefighter said to the coughing woman. 
" Hold onto my arm! " the policeman yelled out to the frail man,
who had dropped his eyeglasses and couldn't see! 
Every firefighter and policeman acted like them, rescuing many without fearing death;
and hundreds of them, that awful morning, never returned home alive...
what a tragedy for their families that watched in horror and couldn't help!

Who wouldn't remember the courage of their noble and willing hearts?
And furthermore, who wouldn't engrave their valorous names on plaques and monuments?
Up above, by the gates of Paradise...Christ and His Father awaited them to accept their souls;
while archangels surrounding God's throne, sung hymns that humans couldn't sing...
those hymns that all the earthly heroes will sing with them when Heaven mourns again! 

Their portraits, pictures and memorabilia hang above the fireplaces,
and on the decorated walls of the victims' homes, precincts and firehouses;
how could anybody take them down as they were worthless items?
Prize them more than gold or diamonds, o friends grieving that tremendous loss even today;
don't hate those who caused you sorrow and unbearable pain, be forgiving and show mercy...
as God does toward us; o friends remember your heroes for their valor and sacrifice!  

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks on America.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Nightmare of 2007

This is dedicated to all of the students who were offended at Orangeburg-
    Calhoun Technical College.

For the nightmare to be brought back is haunting
The thought of it being planned is sickening
We never thought we'd see it again
Especially not in this school and not by our friend

Is it not bad enough that our ancestors lived through it
That you had to come and do this and make us face it
You did it because someone dared you
You used it as a joke, but we take it as a symbol of what our ancestors went 

How you let some skinny, stupid, ignorant, childish little boy push you up to 
    something like this?
Did you not see what happened in Jena 6?
We didn't expect this to happen from one of you
But as for the other, we expect something stupid in whatever you do.

Can you put yourself in our shoes?
What would you think if you were black and someone did that to you?
You would feel offended
And this situation would not be apprehended

You know this school is mostly attended by African Americans
So why would you do that?
You would have been better off if your actions were said
No matter how you meant it, it cannot be taken back.

Back then, whites used it for abuse
And for you to come and hang it up because of a dare and for you to push it up, is 
    no excuse
They say actions speak louder than words, but in this case, words would have 
    been better off used
This is now on your permanent records, meaning your life will be haunted 
    because you planned and hung a noose.

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No Color or Relgion, Ever Stopped a Bullet from a Gun

I heard on the news
Another two are lost
That makes 206
Is there, a whatever the cost
We are there to assist
A country so reft
Inner fighting
To help the rest of the left
Guerrilla warfare
Tactically strong
Thousands of miles
Where we don't belong
The people we vote in
Would they go in their place
To show their people
Dying is no disgrace
I will never allow
My children to fight
A war so improper
A conflict not right
To show our presence
As we parade their land
A remote explosion
Blown up on demand
How can we serve
A regime so unfair
They can starve their women
Because he can't have her there
To fight for their freedom
As they fight themselves
The decision should be made
To save ourselves
The Russians failed
So now we try
Coalition troops
In daily die
The modern wars
Will always be run
No color or religion
Ever stopped a bullet from a gun

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The story of Louise de Lorraine

The gardens of Chenonceau look so beautiful and bright
But I prefer to keep them out of sight
As I mourn in this room of black and white
I sit tight and wait for my love
He gave me his word and that is enough
However, my heart knows the truth and it is breaking

But I still spend every waking hour
Hoping he’ll come by
I don’t know how many days, years or months have past
But the air in here is starting to turn sour
Hopefully soon I will die
For I have cried a million tears
I speak not a word to anyone
And if people should speak to me, I do not hear
For their words fall upon death ears

I cover my walls with symbols of death
For it seems like that’s the only thing in my life that’s left
I pray every day
That God will see it my way
And end my stay on this earth
Because a life without my husband is not worth living for
Please God, when the time comes open that door
For I wouldn’t want anything more
But until that day, I will stay
And I will wait

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A Poem

Hurting I live on
Aching more each day.
Our love now is gone,
Leaving my heart to decay

Fading into you
I see what you don’t
Crying ‘cause of you
My love will remain unknown

You walk away now
Making this heart cold
I’ll live on some how
Yet I'll love you till I'm old

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I used to wonder

What you sounded like

What you looked like

Why you weren’t here

For so long, 

I thought my punishment from God for all the wrong I was GONNA do, was your absence.

I wondered if I were simply a mistake of two teenagers who didn’t know their head from 
their a$$es.

I used to ask about you, a lot.

I was either sent outside to play or given a look that told me I shouldn’t even be asking.

So I stopped and simply accepted what I had

And I always had plenty,

Even when I was too ungrateful to realize it.

I let thoughts of you go 

During what I call ‘The Dark Years’

The years when I’d hardened my heart and my mind

The years when I felt like my life was founded on rejection and pain

The years when I didn’t care about much of anything, including myself

My teens and early twenties weren’t much fun at all.

Then something happened

I became a mother

The father proved that he wasn’t ready to be a father

I entered the real world

I got a better understanding of what you and Mommy just have faced

A better understanding of the responsibility it brings

Over the years

I’ve matured

I’ve gotten smarter

I’ve grown into a woman

And my mind came back to you

I started again to wonder

What you looked like

What you sounded like

If you thought of me, like I was thinking of you

My wonderment got the best of me and I replaced it with a need to know

To know

If you were still alive

If you lived close or far

If you were a fine, upstanding person

Or some cracked out drunken loser

Not that any of it really mattered

I just needed to know

So I began my search

For answers

For closure

For my father.

Each leg of my search brought me new revelations.

You were still alive

You were married

You had other children

And finally

An exact location

It took courage I didn’t have even know I had to send that letter

It took even more to answer that first phone call 

Stomach flipping

Heart pumping

With a simple “hello”

A door opened

To my past

To my future 

To the unanswered parts of me

To my father

Now that I’m here

I don’t regret a moment lost

I know that time cannot be replaced

But a new, improved future can be made.

And with you, my father

I’m looking forward to it.

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"Let Truth Be Told, Part 1"

Yeah, I may be white,
But someone needs to speak out right?
Bring things into the light,
Expose all the lies,
For I believe in the most high.

Our ancestors were straight terrorist from the beginning of time,
Raping, killing, lying, and stealing land saying "this land is mine!"
Our ancestors rewrote history knowing they were lying,
Standing there watching with no emotion while Native Americans were dying.

Why do you think Native Americans hate Thanksgiving?
The Pilgrim and the Indian story was a fantasy living,
How could the white man ever been forgiven,
When MOST Native Americans were tricked,wiped out, and no longer living.

P.S- Part 2 coming soon, so stay tuned.

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Generations of Valor

          They stand together
          Soldiers young and old
          As we sit down beside them
          Their stories unfold

Tell me son
What happened to you
Please take your time
I wish to hear you through

    I was out on patrol
    Looking for improvised devices
    Their made of plastic now
    For modern sacrifices

    But this one was different
    It was set on remote
    Triggered at distance
    As the enemy gloat

    Catapulted, bleeding
    As i land on the sand
    My face lacerated
    As are my hands

    My left hand has gone
    As are my eyes
    My emotions are drained
    I can no longer cry

    I am flown home
    To Edwards Air Base
    Not the way i left
    A new tomorrow i face

My brave young son
I shall cry for you
Yes tomorrow is new
But we will see it through

    As he wipes his tears
    His son says to his father
    Tell me your story again
    So my thoughts again gather

Well it was so long ago
And although i am old
The horrors of wars
Should always be told

It was the 6th of June
The day the war had turned
And what we fought for

I was one of thousands
As we hit the beaches
Under heavy fire
Bodies bleeding, bodies bleached

After being pinned down for hours
We finally made a breakthrough
Their lines broken
Our determination pursued

Our objective, Bayeux
To cut off the road to Caen
Re-assemble and group
As we mean to go on

We were on the outskirts
As a 109E attacked
My platoon was strafed
As its bullets impact

I was hit three times
In my legs and chest
Shipped back home
Asking why i was blessed

After the war
In the Army i stayed
As an injury councillor
For other wars have been played

          Father and son stood together
          Hugged for tomorrow
          Yes, there will be more wars
          And what they bring is sorrow

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Sergeant Farhnom

As you were.
We must take hill 43.
Air strike,
Then the worst.
You'll lose half your company.
Cooper, Johnson,
O'Riely, Smith.
Another Mission;
This is OUR fifth.
Charge! said Sarge.
And charge We did.
Into a living HELL.
Death the only smell.
Should Company B forget this place.
There lies O'Riely, without a face.
Coopers' leg still on the hill.
He feels the pain in that leg; still.
The Bravest  one of all.
Sergeant Farhnom, Five foot tall.
Carrying wounded to a safety trench.
Back and forth, through a deadly  stench.
      Dedicated to Sergeant Stephen Farhnom and Viet Nam Vets.

Inspired by Amy Green's Contest " Choose One, Have Fun " Subject " The Vietnam War "

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Getting off the bus along Hillside Avenue,
I heard a loud commotion coming from a speaker;
and getting closer, I saw the face of a sweaty preacher... 
calling all souls to Jesus and make them new.

I looked and paused and saw this preacher with sweat on his face...
as he was telling the crowd a true story of The Godfather's son, who was
in the dark about his father's activities, and when he was finally told,
he didn't care if he died;  and to the authorities he went to report his dad.    

What a righteous young man he must have been, and how noble
it was to reveal that well-kept secret which would have cost his precious life,
giving up a chance at being powerful and not dedicating himself to a lifetime of crime; 
I can visualize him bowing his head down, and pray to stop the vicious cycle.

I sat next to an elderly lady whose who's veiled head shone through a gentle light,
" Sing along with me, and your lost soul will be reedemed by the blood of Jesus!" 
I shared her song book and began singing an evening prayer of repentance,
as the preacher cried out, " Raise your hand, and I will pray for you tonight!"

How many folks, like me, wanted to see that preacher proclaim the Lord's message;
and how lucky I was to have encountered a stranger who sounded like Jesus,
to add another sheep to his herd as he prayed for the sins of the repentant ones!
How glorious it was to hear him glorify Christ and His father with his voice of grace!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Deadwood Hill

(At Wild Bill Hickok’s Grave)

Those bold Black Hills of South Dakota,
Darkly murmur of all your Badlands—
You have left now like the Lakota—
On that hillside your monument stands.

Hills pulse under Ponderosa pines—
Strong night breezes have yet much to say—
Legends linger on lips and pale shrines—
They know that Wild Bill once passed this way.

You sleep long in this last resting place,
That now overlooks sinful Deadwood—
It is here that we still see your face,
Yet ponder if you were bad or good.

They moved your petrified form it’s said—
Casket opened, though some thought it wrong—
Your dark face yet perfect, though long dead—
Your fair hair still so flaxen and long.  

Jane Cannary lays mute beside you—
A calamity that is no more—
As you study those cards in the blue—
Play that dead man’s hand from a far shore.

Saffron leaves and stern winds shape your grave—
And your name’s one that we all know still—
As you raise dark death’s ante and save,
One last red ace to trump Deadwood hill.

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Memories Of The Past

This air blows around me 
Reminds me of the good old days
High school days which are past
Gone never to return
Old faces come and go
My head is full of them
Can remember the locked ins and outs
Wish it could repeat itself
Is there anyway to bring it back
Pictures won’t do
Coz it hurts
Times past still hunting

I’m listening to this song
But it keeps on coming
Assemblies we had
Songs we sang together
Social nights and youth activities
Its unbelievable how fast time runs
Real soon we’ll all be gone
It’s hard to comprehend 
But it’s a fact everyman has to face
Life will go out
Just as school days go
Wish I could be back again
Talk more with everyone
See the same old faces
But no, it’s not possible
There are faces that will never be seen

This air is pretty cold
Reminds me how cold life is
Days of softball tournaments 
Homeruns and first bases
All now behind me
Passed on like a closed chapter
Will I ever be the same?
I keep asking over and over
Soccer team and hatricks
All a playback movie in my memory now
 Tears about to fall
It hurts a lot 
No more buffness or athletics
All history now
And I keep asking over and over
Is life fair? 
Memories are past events
They never repeat
The cold air is too harsh
And the memories are fading
But wait
I will remember who I was
Be proud I was part of a great place
This will be my only consolation in this life

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Rwanda Wrongs

In 1957, there existed a plan
To rid Rwanda of the Tutsi clan
Power they had, too much for one side
The foundation for, future Genocide
1960, the monarchy was gone
Will both sides sing the same song
Sadly not as the persecutions start
Ripping this African country apart
1973, under a new regime
Juvénal Habyarimana promised restrain
Progress and reconciliation proposed to be
For this country to unite, finally
1994, Habyarimana gunned down
His assassination, country drowns
This killing of him, the carnage starts
Population half, ripped apart
The killings horrific, no one spared
Machete slain, heads caved
Hacking, be-headings as families fall
As CNN tune in, the world appalled
The continuance, of the slaughtered tribes
Men, women and children you can't describe
Women raped, and the unborn slain
This horrific act of human pain
Most of the fallen, in their own villages dead
By another clan, they thought were friends
Indescribable to the world as our televisions show
The massacre of innocents, as we watch blow by blow
Where does it all end, can we try the same songs
How many more of these Rwanda wrongs
It appears to be a human trait
To kill each other for the sake of it

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You Are My Curse

I had to let it all go,
The day and night,
Their hours ran too slow.
It was more than just a fight.
I trusted you and knew you,
My love succumbed to the worst,
Faith and loyalty just wouldn’t do.
You became my curse.
I was pulled down to Earth’s plane,
And judgment did set in.
Then new days begin.
I stood parallel as many went insane.
My heart drenched and my soul crunched,
I couldn’t let my heart take this very much.
I died and I died losing each endless breath,
I swallowed the victory and ate your death.
You reaped and I sowed,
But I saw no one grow,
Not even you.
What was I to do?
I let it go very slow,
Now I am all grown,
And I’m on my own.
I died watching you go.
I will always remember begging mercy,
I will always know this pain,
You are my curse you see,
And nothing did you gain.
I can never just be alright,
I can never love you the same again.
I died watching you go out of sight.
You are my curse and forever in my heart you made an end.

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Hollywood is trying to cash in
on an unrealistic movie about
the Earth's destruction bound
to happen in the next two years...
how could you believe it, fools?
Doesn't God create it to be everlasting?

It's all a myth leading everyone to believe 
that's what exactly will occur almost instantly;
those fiction writers wouldn't care less
where you stand on this ridiculous story...
as long they make a huge profit and laugh
all to way to their bank...don't you agree?

Hollywood used to make great, memorable movies 
to glorify the name of the Almighty, that even now
make a positive and sound impact on all of us;
every possible subject has been exploited
from drug to sex...from politics to bloodshed...
Hollywood has become the haven of ostentatious riches.

I wouldn't waste a buck and stand before
a screen that shamelessly proclaims this lie,
even the most ignorant person wouldn't fall for that!
Don't squander your hard-earned money on stupidity,
and make those greedy movie-makers rich for
a motion picture that promotes chaos and fret!

The Christmas' Season and Hanukkah are almost here and the Devil plots in Hell;
they couldn't have come up with a better idea, or a more inspiring story?
It's criminal and despicable to prey on a gullible audience,
and force them to believe in a fiction that goes beyond any credibility;
it's a time for redeem ourselves and get rid of pretense,
refuse to be brainwashed by the entrepreneurs who are awaiting their share! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Babies Don't Cry

Then none
Flint River
Thrown from bridge two small
Babies sister brother drowned
Every time go by I hear the children cry call me
Mother experienced temporary insanity threw them from bridge to swift water

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Raped [Part 2]

You saw me again by myself
You graped and took me inside
Tied me down
Sliped my cloth all off
Looked into my eyes
Whispered camly to me
I will hurt you
You  got on top 
You forced me
I yelled , so hard
Tears where running
No one heard me
You slaped me
More than once
Left marks on me
Took everything form me
Did things i can never forget
You raped me
And said
Now you can leave
Your no use to me
Can i escape?

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Heroism and Passion

Flying high into the sky, 
I see you are sincere, kindhearted, 
fascinating and interesting…

How it really was when it mattered,
what was a long, long summer day, that
you brought history to our front door…

You could get your teeth into that juicy story,
 of remembrance, that was what kept you
 from going crazy…

Human character acts differently in 
each of us some can handle the stresses 
of war and combat while others cannot…

How and why we must self- justify 
what we do and how the world sees us 
and how the world is in upheaval…

To see you as a hero and your passion 
for freedom is overwhelming to say the
 least, but, it is greatly appreciated by
 the majority…

Keep up the good work,
 for we do remember and appreciate
 our freedom that you have fought 
so hard for…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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I Dare to dream

Sometimes I  dare to dream
of grasslands where
we ran free. Laughing.
Playing together before
the fall of darkness. 
Singing with our brothers
the songs of children.
Happy songs. Life songs.

Sometimes I  dare to dream
of my mama's face.
A smiling face. Trusting
me to tend the babies
or to go to the well
for water. Sending me 
to do things for her.
Her dark eyes following.

Sometimes I dare to dream
Of sleeping in my family's hut.
Of sleeping at night instead of running
and hiding from those who would
snatch me from my family's care. The 
ones who would demand I kill or be killed.
who would torture even the smallest. 
Our stolen childhood their greatest joy.

Sometimes I dare to dream
of an education. Worthwhile
things to teach to the young
ones, instead of the things
I have been forced to learn.
How to live and not kill.
How to love without hate.
How to touch without shame.

Sometimes I dare to dream
that I am still just a girl
that I have never killed another
that I have never bit my lip
to keep the screams inside 
as I am taken again and again
passed from soldier to soldier 
as a prize they are forced to receive.

Sometimes I dare to dream
But I always wake up still 
here in my war torn land
where the lives of children
are gobbled up by the twisted
souls of evil men who cherish not
the laughter of the little ones.
Who would reach into our heads
and take away even our dreams.

Yes, Sometimes, I dare to dream!

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So gracefully grazing the sky,
Higher than blue birds fly

Above the cauliflower clouds,
Below the starry crowds

Such a commanding machine of man,
Speedily sweeping the land;

Now carefully descending down,
Their gaze cast to the ground

A frightful fearsome eye,
A baby child's cry

Ensnared in a teething trap
The towers did collapse.

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Mixed Feelings

Wherever you are,
I hope that you aren’t happy,
That when you wish upon a star,
Your wishes aren’t fulfilled and you are unhappy.

Wherever you look,
I hope that you find no one,
That inside of you, you feel this hook,
Which pierces your heart when you can’t find anyone.

Wherever you talk,
I hope you don’t get a reply,
That when you seek an answer,
You don’t get it and you feel like you want to die.

Wherever you cry,
I hope I can be there for you,
Cause all these feelings still cant completely die,
Even if you don’t like me anymore, I somehow still do.

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Caucasian Jesus (Angel of Sadness)

On a mission to find and crucify this character
This savior, your white Jesus
Crusades tease my anger
Especially if the picture they paint
Is of someone it truly ain’t
Searching for my savior, your saint
Jealous that photo doesn’t please us
On a mission to find and crucify 
This image portrayed as white Jesus
Whether it’s good times or dark trials 
I bow my head and pray to this image of arched smiles
To this cross I was too, like you and you, dedicated
So many times I summoned your blessings yet you hesitated
The preacher always said
Only one hovers above my head
Snap shots of my flesh, never knew peace in this casket
Satan, my commonly know bastard
As an outcast, a lonely loser, I’m orientated
As a carefree orphan/foster child, I was educated
Forehead being massaged in olive oil
Faith suddenly falling after these morals 
In this church as one they pray
A sinner’s kiss, when it hurts, we fail to ask for another day
Entrepreneurs, now we outcast is crooked, but major
Writers imprint with real names of plagiary  
As government seeds we’re slayed together
As enemies and old friends
We schemed and played in weather
Scenes from my grave
Kissing toes, means goodbye, to them heavenly gates I wave
If I’mma make it to hell
No further questions, only tears stop me from being cremated
Fire and tropical storms, everything the sea hated 
Walk these oceans to calm these skies
He who looks from above teases my lies
Only as a mortal, matter seizes the eye

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defeated released

I think today I am defeated.
I tried so hard.
The most this time.. 
Defeat brings with it nausea.
I'm not sure of. 
I glimpsed it for a moment.
Its gone now.
Gave way to a threat of
Rejection from my stomach. 
All I have left to reject my defeat with.
Like throwing the gun at the bad guy 
When you're out of bullets.
Uninvited tears must wait
In line. Single file,
From here to the moon, 
Until I have a soft place
To Fall.
Must get one of those...


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No Face

Do you know how it feels to have no face?
Not white, not black someone with no race
Too dark for the white world too light for the black
Too confused to understand it’s not what you lack
You have it all the best of two worlds it is true
And your numbers are growing no longer being few
You have insight to what our future one-day will be
A world where we live as one race, all of us free
Where you can not blame anyone for your own downfall
Where you decide where you want to be, you make the call
Where black heritage is a part of the white
Where no men wearing white sheets can terrorize through the night

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My head was covered with jewels sweat and mud,
Bodies lay strewn before me, 
Creating a barrier and a challenge.
Climb, climb says a voice in my head,
Or accept the fate of those who lay before you.
I hear the whistling and the dull thud of another shell hitting the ground.
I take a breath and with every ounce of energy,
I scramble over men, men that fought beside me, and against me.
When I reach the other side, I fall down,
Not dead or wounded, but overwhelmed, 
Overwhelmed by the challenges that lay before and behind me
The thought that, I might not make it home,
 The terror of never smiling, or seeing anyone smile again.
Who knew a war could do so much,
Turn the live into dead and the young into old and tear the world apart.
I came here wanting to go to war, feeling excited to fight, feeling it my duty,
I shall leave here either broken or dead.
But I need to make it back,
For if I lay here, all these feelings won’t just be in my head,
They will be real, 
And will be dead.

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His Gift of Love

I have a very special gift.
One you may long to see.
From the Christ who died so long ago 
for the souls of you and me.

He didn’t have to do it.
No wonder that we cried,
To know ‘twas for our sins 
Dear Jesus that day died.

As he dragged His cross up to that hill,
knowing all the while
the price he’d pay was for our bill
He somehow trudged that mile.

A crown of thorns upon His head;
nails driven in His hands and feet.
All the wounds oh, how they bled.
What torture He should meet.

Hanging there upon that tree
while we looked on in shame.
Dying there to set us free
He never placed the blame.

Knowing it was He alone 
who could save us from our fates,
He looked upward to the throne
far beyond Heaven’s pearly gates.

For our mercy He was pleading.
The pain was oh so grand.
For us He hung their bleeding.
Reaching for His Father’s hand.

The Heaven’s began to thunder
as the sky went black.
There we watched in wonder
as the Father turned His back.

Upon His Son he could not look
as our sins to Him were cast.
Each was stricken from the Book 
our debts were paid at last.

Had not He come upon that day
and died to set us free;
what a price we would pay
for all eternity. 

The gift that He has given,
meant for each of us to share,
is a home up in Heaven.
He’s waiting for you there

All your sins now pardoned.
Making the path to Him so clear.
Please let not your hearts be hardened,
by the evils oh so near

The time has come to stake your claim.
No longer should you wait.
For you’d have only you to blame
if turned from Heaven’s Gate

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They Know Not What They've Done


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Going On

I hate thinking of you
And all that you do
Because it feels I can't do
Anything without you

Why wont you disappear
It is you who I fear
Still I’ll hold you dear
Even if you aren’t near

Please go away
I need not of you another day
I will find my way
Eventually, someday

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Child Abuse

Threatening phone calls, why don't you write me letters?
That way i can let you know which is better.
They all say the same, how would you like to abuse me
I find it all to be very amusing. 

I've been abused and beaten my whole life
I never wondered to ask if it was right.
Come get me, tell me you have a knife
Make sure to stab me to get me to fight

Little do you know I'm used to this pain
So stop trying to play your little mind game.
You say you're going to do it, please come and prove it
Little do you know is i can see right through it.

I'm sick of all the talk and play
If you knew I was abused would you play the same way?
Now I can handle all the physical pain
Like when I was little, its all just a mind game.

I can assure you, it doesn't take much for me to cry.
I can even help you, if that's what you're wanting to imply.
But now I'm numb to abuse
You better find another way to hurt me, make me break loose.

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Waddie Peacock's Last New Year

(The real Waddie Peacock, described only as “an old L.S. cowpuncher,” had the 
distinction of being the first person buried in Logan, New Mexico’s first cemetery 
in 1910.) 

It seems a man rides restless when he’s alone on the rim—
No one to rein him in a bit, no one to bury him.

So Waddie Peacock sat astride his horse reassessin’—
Dreamin’ past those frozen plains, tryin’ to count each blessin’.

He’d been an ol’ L.S. cowpuncher since hard scrabble youth,
But with the years and creakin’ bowlegs, he now sought the truth. 

He didn’t go out ridin’ much on that December trail—
He holed-up in an ol’ line shack till wit and nerve did fail.

But here he was on New Year’s Eve watchin’ those lone star skies,
Knowin’ that each man’s life is short, before he ups and dies.

Come fall he’ll head his hoss out to Logan, New Mexico—
Say goodbye to the L.S. boys and then he’ll have to go.

Some say there’s silver down Logan way - he’ll pack up his gun—
A brand new town and way of life – a brand new risin’ sun.

But now ol’ Waddie Peacock waits the start of this New Year.
He pats his faithful horse and knows with life there is no fear.

Somewhere a cowboy clangs a bell and shoots into the air—
The New Year comes like all the rest – ol’ Waddie just sits there.

Somehow he feels this year’s his last, and that he’ll be called home—
And Logan’s where he’ll soon now rest beneath the land and stone.

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Abandoned Children (besprizorniki )


roaming the streets of Russia 

no mamas to love 

bereft of humanity 

a million beating hearts sigh

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The Death of America

Dear Mr. President,

          How wise of you to let America the land of the free and the home of the 
brave suffer in the same warfare you put our troops through. How coward of you 
to hide in the nick of time while your precious country be destroyed by the very 
people you gave our money to. How selfish of you to keep all Black, White, 
Spanish, Japanese, Asian, and Philippine soldiers in Iraq just so you conquer 
another piece of land to fill your void for power. How ignorant of you to even run 
for president when you know all you bring to this state is chaos. Have you thought 
of the thousands of family members that were relatives of the September 11th 
victims? Why would you leave the people of Hurricane Katrina to die while you 
rest peacefully on a trip playing golf? You call yourself a president I call you 
hypocrite. Why would you want to bring about the destruction of all the American 
citizens that elected you as their leader? The death of America has come about 
the end to mankind as we know it. For those fools who elected you Mr. President 
thanks to you they have dug they're early grave. I have just one question to ask, 
have you even noticed the death of this country? I don't believe you have. Your 
head so far up in the sky you didn't realize that the death of America was you.

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Changed Destiny

Now is it strange for me to say
at least on this so late a day
words occasionally come late
even though ever filled with hate
why must we our own kind attack
being so as we pain the blacks
and if that's not enough alone
the flame will come down off their throne
to kill us it's your destiny
fortold in all of history
police must exterminate us
justice they say, we blindly trust
I trust alone me god and fist
hide behind 'white' lies and 'black' mist
Blacks kill the masses you now claim
we kill ourselves avoid the flame
you're the burning plague to man kind
manifest destiny in mind
you're born with it so I don't blame
as you turn to God to hide your shame 
white man's ever burden to bare
I hate you not I truly care
end the hate of other faces
we're one race of many places
love is the goal of fragile life
musten't end it with gun and knife.

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The snow mountain past the plain,
Brings memories of a lasting fight.
Glaciers shine, like glass in a silver frame.
Shadows cast ,by the fading light.

Snows move, on this mountain slope,
As shadows dissapear and pass.
Distant plain light, may offer hope.
While ice descends like frosted glass.

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"The Mental Trigger"

Mental Trigger 
inside your mind is a set of rules, made to be trigged deep inside of you~
which you could never understand, because its not the real part of you
it placed in your mind to act out in a set place and time~
to do things which you would never do~ and where ones proof, 
never be found because its a seed, a trigger inside of your unsuspecting mind~
because its as old as time, maybe over 2 thousand years old~
the ancient art of take your soul, and make you do things, you your self would not do~
it starts with marks on your body that come from needles in the night
you know not were they come and in the night you wake 
to the smell of stringent scents made by the Concierge of design 
who will be your puppet master, at this all so real monument of time
no were will there be help, who would believe in you 
would i? if not for my own eyes, did i not see ~
my soul, my life taken from me~

P.S. to all who scream and no one hears


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What are we doing to us?

What are we doing to our planet? 
Processing oils, 
pumping air with oxides;
be them sulphur, 
or nitrogen gas.
Burning coals,
manufacturing chemicals.
Making acid rain -
burning our -
dumb ass!

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Human Race

Through the vast seas of life,
And the vast seas of time,
Now is when we should change our minds.

As honors at stake and riches to take,
Possessions that will brake,
And people will forsake,
Purging in the streets,
Civilizations to reach,
Knowledge to be embraced,
Labor will be erased,
Utter pleasant words will take its place.

Put deprived children in the human race,
And watch delight show on their face,
Blackened betray will be no more,
Visibility will take over the blackened storm.

Passion will once again emerge,
From the depths from where it was purged,
And humanity will once again merge.

As the mountains of power take form,
And all of the people mourn,
Their Gods will show their true forms,
For some it will be a delight,
For others pain suffering and fright.

Now is the time to gather our souls,
Make them as one,
And we will become hole,
For this is the symbol that should take place,
For this is the symbol,
That will save,

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Captive Gloom

Keep me close for I am terrified.
The Sky's presence gloom with darkness;
There is no light.
I am chilled to my bones from the evening's cold.

Slaughter the darkness
Bring in the light
Stop the cold
For I am terrified!

The moon and stars are our only light
To see our breath in the evening's cold
Everyone is terrified.
They don't know who will be lurking out of the darkness.

I can't wait to get out of the cold
And frolic in the light,
Forget about the horrid experience of living in darkness,
But the past will still keep me terrified.

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The Torch Has Been Passed

A single flame will always burn 
 As a memory for us to remember and learn 
 It was a cold winter’s day 
 The twentieth of January 
A young man standing in the bitter wind 
 And a new chapter in our history was about begin 
His words echoed through out this nation 
 The torch has been passed to a new generation 
He captured our hearts with each phrase 
And we still recall with pride when we think of them today 
 But then in an instant it was gone 
 The torch, the flame, and most of all a man named John 
We watched and cried that November day 
 Stumbling in the darkness thinking never again to find out way 
But then a flame began to glow 
And the light from it lit a path we began to follow 
All was not lost that dark day 
And somehow, someway his dreams will happen for all one day 

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Come,my friend,let's sing a song
For times that were and are no more
Surely ,surely,the good time is here
Hurrey,hurray,no more fear

Come,come,i say come 
Let's sing abmout the lack of vision
Of greed and mad ambition
Of those who only speak   of pomp and power
Whose teeth are spears and arrows
And their tongue a shrp sword
They use it not for words

They speak of war
They speak of competition
In power and ammunition
They make guns their mouth piece
And innocent blood their morning tea

Hmm,they are all gone 
Let's sing from morn till dawn of the sun
Though the scar is still there
Left to be remembered by generations unborn
The wound is healed!

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Given So Much

Given so much to others in my life...
Written sincerities to my friends.
Forgiveness of their mistakes and
For those who once hurt me verbally.
Many times I have generously given
A dollar to those in need of it...

No returning owe to pay, they forget,
Yet I still remain generous and gracious.
I'd give my life for all my friends
If I could and ever have such a chance.
They my friends have not been with me
For as many times as they've been with each other.

My life journey though
Is of self-reliance...
My mind is of sincerity
And generosity.
I give so much...
Even though they rarely do the same,
I continue to this strong
Sense and feeling of loyalty anyway.

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Fabled proud towers across the Aegean
Sheer walls never breached;
From far-off  Hellas rarely seen
Till by the angry Greeks full-reached.

Burnt and humbled, a culture erased.
After ten years the city strong-walled
Was obliterated, washed away, effaced  -
And history was appalled.

So also  the Atlantis, Cumorah,and  Inca delirium
Drowned in the flow of time,
Killed in their flowering, like Illium :
Such cultural perfection sublime.

        The tide  of history washes and cleans 
        Leaving no trace of stillborn might-have-beens 

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inequity in life, immortalityin death,
striken from the words, taken from the pages, the pages of time, 
choose not what your told, but what you think, question your morals, 
question your world, question authority, question reality.

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One Man's Lament

It’s a few years later and life has moved on,
For most people around me the pain seems all gone.
Distant is the memory of the fear and the pain,
As if once forgotten it won’t happen again.

But I sit here alone, high on the hill,
Overlooking the landscape that still is surreal.
On the horizon is the city where we both loved to go,
Only where once were two towers, somewhere now is her soul.

I will never forget the events of that day,
At the subway stop, where we parted our ways.
I happened to watch her as she got lost in the crowd,
Only a few hours later I would be sobbing out loud.

The view from up here will never be the same,
My mind still sees buildings where none do remain.
But there’s more missing then towers from this young man’s life,
My children’s mother and my beautiful wife.

So as years pass by and terrorists are found,
Buildings spring up from the still scarred ground,
People move on with their lives best they can,
I sit here and wonder; when will I see her again?

NOTE:  My wife worked across the street from the WTC but did not go to work on 9/11 
because she had a Dr's appointment that day.  She is alive and well; but one day while 
wondering what could have happened if she went to work on that tragic day, my mind 
visualized a tormented soul lamenting his loss and I wrote this poem.  This poem is fictional.

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People's eyes are not what they proclaim,  
if only they reflected their truest selves by being fair....
they certainly would offer charming smiles when they wink,
and nobody would keep from them or resist them...

On the boulevards of the big cities,
they briskly glance to admit surprise...
perhaps not too friendly as the country ones,
but still fascination sparkles in them to stupefy us...

People's eyes tell of love's tragedies and tales of past glories,
Juliet's eyes madly in love with Romeo who saw beauty and poetry in them...
Shakespeare who wrote of the madness in Hamlet's eyes,
the Danish Prince, who swore revenge when his father's ghost appeared to him...

On the suburbs' streets different faces are seen,
not as sophisticated and cold as the metropolitan, scurrying ones...
warmer and less irritable, not chasing after missed busses and trains,
a big difference in the fast-paced rat's scene...

People's eyes staring from sullen and joyful faces, immortalized by the images
of the serene and angelic ones chosen by the painters of the Middle Ages;
saints and innocent souls calling upon God's forgiveness and clemency,
and the Renaissaince gave us endless works of art so admired in all of Italy...

Observe me and look into these bright and confident eyes,
what is the feeling you get from their friendliness...
sincerity, unpretentiousness and a loyalty too unquestionable?
Are there any other charms that make them so noticeable?   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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"I am Mad with Sadness"(in the words of a Slave!)

"I am Mad with Sadness"(in the words of a Slave!)

my eyes are lost
in this drowning
pact of anger

want to bring
the villain, of villein's
to my grip

drag the old of sin
out of the darkness

and beat,
cheating madness
with its own, wipe

do i dare...
drink of this blood
of rot

soak in its, putrid
laced friendly face

am i of better
or am i of not

with pain of fear
and wanting
of free

i can not free... me

push and fall
is it not the pain
of us all?~

this, in the words
of a unseen slave~

who wears no chains
drags no bells
for heaven to here~

but pray
i still
that my GOD!

will here
the sound of the
smallest drop
of a small tear~

this i do right
in the words
of fear~

2008' slavery is till here~


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Winter Retreat (Stalingrad 42/43)

Snow fell upon the marble eyes of the dead,
And the magpies pecked the buttons on the coats,
Drawn by the gleam of dulling brass attract,
As the ravens sought the softness of the throats.
Trees in naked staggers scratched the skies,
And the guns in the distance snapped like cracking ice,
In the pools of oil, flames guttered slowly out,
On the scalps of corpses froze the cooling lice.
In the minds of the generals thoughts akin to grief
Wept not for the loss of life but loss of war,
And men growing hypothermic in retreat,
Felt the stilling of their blood forever more.
How to withstand the burning reap of cold
When it bites with frost the toes ‘till black and gone, 
How to withstand the march of retreat in winter
When winter marches on and on and on.

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The selfish idea of man has brought,
Lot of catastrophe in this world,
The world war - I was a shameful trauma,
Killing each other in anguish aroma,
Then stopped the war after a 
Lots of disaster and drama.

Not a great deal of time has elapsed
That we forgot this sinful act,
And started again 
for a massive maneuver for another war
 – The II World War

It’s a war with big hue and cry,
Killing each other in a rampant rue,
Hitlar’s greed to grab the world power,
Made him to attack one after the other.

Then did the Americans a heinous crime,
To stop the war at the earliest possible time,
By dropping the atom bomb on Japan’s dine,
Killing and crippling 
The innocent in no time,
To strain its name in the 
History of humanity and mankind.

Then emerge a peace keeping body,
To stop fighting and hostility,
To create peace, mutual cooperation and brotherhood,
And make the world a better place for survival,
It’s the United Nations Organization –
The pious world body

The war is a massacre,
It’s a real catastrophe,
Snatching the life of the innocent,
Making millions of us cripple,
Putting us out of food, water and employment,
Fumbling the world with horror.

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The Revenge of Sylvia Plath: Part 1

Brilliant poet
Whose life was consumed with tragedy
Existence filled with bitter losses
Happiness forsaking her life
Passionate romance 
With poet Ted Hughes
Swept her away
Bringing magic into her dreary life
Relationship intensified
And they became united
Living in marital bliss
Coddling their two children
For a short spell

Through their love of poetry
They formed a special bond
That was destroyed by an opportunist
A temptress named Assia
Tender kisses turned into lonely tears
As Ted's desire for Assia waxed
His interest for Sylvia waned
Her life now engulfed in despair
She found it hard to cope with the reality
That was her life
She decided to kiss Ted goodbye forever
By placing her head in the oven
And turning the gas on
Ending her pain forever

From there Assia stepped into Sylvia's shoes
Residing in the home where Ted and Sylvia
Shared their lives together
Raising her children
Loving her husband
As if she were taking Sylvia's place
But, even after Sylvia joined the dark realm
Walking hand and hand with the grim reaper
Her memory still lingered behind
Her former home with Ted
Became like a shrine
Filled with the overwhelming presence
Of Sylvia's most treasured possessions
Assia could not escape the ghost
Of her former rival's presence

Though in life
Sylvia was cast aside and forgotten
Now it seemed that her spirit
Would not let go
Of the injustices she suffered
At the hands of the manipulative woman
Who used every ploy
To steal Ted away from her

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Aurora Canadiana

                In this 'kinder,gentler nation' ,
                Why does violence get so much attention?
                 Streets of sorrow in a kinder, gentler land:
                Suggests someone just doesn't understand.
                Gunfire echoing through our big cities:
                Acoustics for insipid rock 'n' roll ditties?
               Should a land that yet recognizes God's supremacy
                Legalize an insulting iniquity?
                But if man is now his own god,
                Is such behaviour all that odd?
                A human god is a contradiction, to be sure;
                One that needs propaganda to endure
                But will he bring a renewed dawn,
                Or will our failures go on and on?
                Will the land that claims human supremacy
                 Remain the land that will not be,
                 Or highlight its secular flaws
                 And become the land that never was

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After the shatterings, the fires.
After the fires, the darkness,
And with the darkness, the heartless cold.
After the dark and the cold
Had confirmed their dominion of the world,
Their ministers, Fear and Silence
Made their home among the remnants.

After communication was rejected
And the art of diplomacy lost,
After tolerance got dropped by the wayside
And predjudice battened fat on the tasteless fruits of ignorance,
We cast aside the desire for progress
Choosing instead to believe in shadows we built of nothing
Firmly set in one another's minds
Until at last the day came when we said,
"Let us purge the world of anyone who claims it.
Let us see they inherit the dust."

We assured one another of destruction,
Founding security on a glass sheet of terror
That shuddered beneath us
And weighted our illusion of safety
With load on load of suspicion.

No voice rose in protest, though the danger was clear to all.
We believed our leaders knew better than we,
Doubt was a weakness
Disbelief, heresy.

So we skated on thin ice a long while,
Until at last it broke, and dropped us through the Nightmare Moments
When the planet itself trembled beneath us
While Civilization slew itself,
The work of millenia scattered like chaff.

All that was left
After the horror faded
Was this ragged chaos
Through which we, bit players left wandering the stage
Drift, lost and desperate, until the curtain falls.

We sit and sift ashes for memories,
Splinters of things that once held meaning.

Journeying the cold wilderness of our making
The landscape of walking, murmuring dead
Nobility of soul becomes a luxury all desire
And none can afford.

     Last night I heard four horses approach
    Down the broken highway out of the ruins.
    Beside it I thought I saw Dante's ghost weeping
    And knew that now, madness is a gift.

    I joined the others gathered by a feeble hearth
   Guttering in the bones of a building.
   We dined together on the hollow flesh of emptiness.
   From cups of salt we drank our tears.

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A thought of you could split the skies
Memories enlighten me of better times.
I look inside and my soul cries
From all your selfish crimes

I keep holding on to this impossibility
Take some drugs to kill this feeling
To take me away from this invulnerability
And offer me a synthetic healing

While rivers flow down my face
This illusion deepens for no reason
And as the moon I try so hard to replace
My pain has once again arisen.

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How Can I

How can I go on,
When you have gone?
How can I not grieve,
When you have taken your leave?

How can I not cry,
When without you I want to die?
How can I fall asleep,
When all night for you I’ll weep?

How can I not feel so low,
When my heart you vainly stole?
How can I live again,
When in me there is so much so pain?

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We Will Remember Them

Dying for Freedom
American and British soldiers
Will be remembered


" Dedicated to the losses our countries are taking to fight for our freedom "
                                 Haiku or Senryu matters not

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"Karma: What Goes Around Comes Around"

Americans think they can do whatever and it won't turn around and bite them in the butt,
They go bully someone and mess their country up,
They rape women and children and then tell them to shut shut up,
The white man devils always trying to oppress somebody,
Their not happy until they kill everybody!
Well guess what; what goes around comes around,
Eventually the truth will come out,
Don't want to change, want to stick with insanity,
It showed when they shot John F. Kennedy,
America will be doomed for life,
Always going to keep their ways even if they have to put up a fight,
What goes around comes around,
America will burn to the ground,
So keep those ignorant ways,
Because one of these days,
America's going to pay!

                                                  ~ Me

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Is America The Blame?

Who raped the African Americans?
Who invaded other countries?
Who calls themselves Americans?
Who doesn’t feed the hungry?

We call ourselves the United States of America?!?
Why when United means one?
Why America?
Look what we have done!!
We invade other countries for no reason!
Start war for oil?
How many lives was taken for no reason?!
In the past we did it for soil!
We call ourselves Americans, ha ha ha!
We aren’t Americans were terrorist, scavengers, and savages!!
Everything is our fault.
Yeah, we deserve the surprise packages.
Yes, I am an American, and far from proud of what our ancestors did.
But, I will admit we was wrong and I apologize for the pain we caused everyone.
Most of America will suffer for the blood and pain that was shed.
Let all the hate and racism be gone!!!


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Sample price of Russians in Chechnya

More than 1,000 men, sometimes women
forced to clandestine detention centers.
Relatives mystified as to there whereabouts.
Some Russian troops bribed 
with money, weapons or ammunition.
Returning gave rise to evidence
of rape to both women and men,
constant beatings rendering broken bodies;
some with hammers.
One left with severe back injury,
another broken ribs 
giving rise to kidney issues.

Guards treating inmates cruelly
knowing their camps are illegal.
Unregistered, unsanctioned, unlawful,
no records kept of who's detained or where.

Where bodies have been found 
they usually bear scars of torture
and violent death, 
some unrecognizable - blown up.

Wealth of a family determines ransom
of kidnapped or arrested persons.
Only the death cave or torture chamber
awaits where money's not exchanged.
Knowing Chechen belief in funeral or burial
gave rise to a trade in corpses.
100 to 3,000 dollars paid for return.

Some 10,000 are missing
with possibly another 15,000 in refugee camps
conditions appalling.
Inadequate make shift shelters,
lack of food and clean water,
heating and essential basics.
Extortionate rents are charged
for those trying to relieve 
and avoid the over crowding.
Shelters are but empty trucks,
tents and railway carriages.
Humanitarian aid blocked,
and medical supplies limited,
Chechen people afraid 
for their male population -
loss of husbands, sons.
Children not permitted 
to attend schools.

Once out of money often returned
to war zones.
Their homes no longer there
places having been looted 
and under complete destruction.
Ongoing war takes its toll
bombings over 50,000 homes destroyed.
From 424 villages, 270 are gone.
Agricultural lands contaminated
by land mines and bombs
threatening the nations survival.

Mass graves uncovered,
200 corpses in one.
Arms and legs tied, blindfolded.
Signs of mutilation,
severed finger tips, stab wounds.
Broken bones, flayed body parts,
ears removed.
A body of a one year old child.
100 beheaded bodies in another.
Worse still some also had 
internal organs removed,
not knowing where those parts were destined, -
but assuming black market
for much sought after transplant.

War on terrorism used as an excuse
for what has taken place,
Putin trying to cover atrocities
that have already happened.
Continued abuse of a country
wounded by the years of war...

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Forsaken Eurydice

A quick game is all it will be
I can tell you can hear my shouts and screams from forest 
Your home it beckons thee
Why won't you come and play with me?
Why cant you cure her?
The venom isn't too deep
If you could awaken her once
Cant you do it again
 Did sorrow blind you?
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee
Why I not could listen to the dread king
All the life to you I could bring
I had to look back with eyes of dismay
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee 
Music no more will there be 
For I have forsaken my Eurydice 
He will never listen 
No is all you will hear
Death is always the killer of love
Death will always win
Go back to your kingdom
My words have been proclaimed
Your music will not be able to charm
Why don't you please
Give him his love
He went this far in vainI
f he cannot see her blank face
Wont why you please
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee
Why I not could listen to the dread king
All the life to you I could bring
I had to look back with eyes of dismay
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee 
Music no more will there be
 For I have forsaken my Eurydice
If it will please
You can see her
Only without your eyes
Throughout the dark realm
Looking back will forsaken your Eurydice
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee
Why I not could listen to the dread king
All the life to you I could bring
I had to look back with eyes of dismay
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee 
Music no more will there be
 For I have forsaken my Eurydice

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There is just too much
drama everywhere I go
people talking behind each others back
too much fighting
what happened to the
respectful people
in this world
so much has changed
the drama is getting worse
why can't the drama stop
why does everyone have to fight.

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Agony I Present Myself

Lost and bewildered within my creation.
Sadness engulfs my life and limbs.
I cry out only not to be heard.
No one seems to hear the plea.
Do I stand alone in this plight?
Do I stand alone in this fight?
Others have endured much more then me.
Expressions upon my face, say it all.
I am not evil: I am not good.
My person within feels the pain,
Agony, I present myself.
Crosswords that I have felt and heard,
Circle in my mind, all around me.
It must be my fate, only to just display.
Severed from others my destiny,
I requite myself without any pother.

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Case of Discrimination

Thought I would 
Be second best 
In your life, I thought I would be your wife,
All my life I was discriminated 
Against For be-
-ing poor, black, 
From the 
Of town
Things I had
No control of
I can’t believe I would face financial
Discrimination from one whom I loved
 So much to one
Who bears an 
Believe you
Of all folks the
One who listened to me, who knows the law
Would discriminate against me, keep me
Down at number 
Two and promote 
Her one with less seniority, more cash
Who looks like number two with boobs; how un-
Just to twist ‘round
Love’s laws to 
Fit your pocket
I object 
For the crime you
Committed your criminal acts of hate
You’ve been given life sentence with access
To only the 
Face that
A non-
Creature, the one
Who supports your butt financially.

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The silent battlefield has drawn its armorial...
no smoke rising from weapons so unsurpassable;
bodies lying on the bloody grass;
some writhing, many lifeless!

One nation has risen against  another nation...
with the plausible thought that one
will subdue the other and conquer;
but the losses on both sides seem an equal share!

Victory is a vain word,
if it hasn't considered or honored
its noble purpose through peace;
many lives could have been spared...
turning their worth over an unjudicial conscience,
and rid itself of a costly vengeance!

Those daughters and sons will not return to their mothers,
and an acute pain will perforate their helpless hearts;
and they could have become great minds and leaders:
and with their death, their thoughts have perished with their dreams!

Victory is a vain word,
smeared on dead faces that look upright...
for that mercy and compassion the enemy did't give;
they may be dead in body, but not in the spirit!
Look !  I see them walking with God,
who will give them another life for their firm belief! 

Belligerence is the outcome of rampant hatred,
and Man will become a beast in order to accomplish it...
without regard and pity,not compromising, 
but scheming with an uncontrollable wrath!

Now their voices aren't shouting,and their hands
are still stained with unwashable blood;
nightmares are the visitations of demons
who complement their minds with a cruel reward:
victory has lost meaning and ardor ,
nothing can bring them to a calm shore!

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Thousands of people have died
people are missing
many are injured
some children have no family left
parents can't find their children
unidentified bodies remain
people without a home to go to
these people are the victims of
the Tsunami and hurrican Katrina.

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Novi Sad, Saddened

Another chapter
In our human race
4,211 murdered
In this Novi Sad place

Serb, Jewish
And Roma ethnicity
Gunned down
In massacre simplicity

In the Danube River
It's icy depths
Over four thousand souls
Dumped and left

The initiators arrested
To face their crimes
Escaped to Germany
For their freedom time

After the war
Located and arrested
Executed, dead
Whilst the massacred rested

It's just another chapter
In our human race
How many more
Until we start to loose face

In memory of the " Massacred at Novi Sad and other locations from

                        January 21st to the 23rd - 1942

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The Flying Casket

amidst my indelible impressions
comes an era of remembrence
that shall go down in history

I recall the flight of an airship
traveling abroad from Europe
to the United States 

with ninety seven aboard
passangers crews and news media
were all awaiting for its safe arrival

as newsreel coverage was filming
the attempt docking of this flight it
turned into a blazing yellow and red fireball

within one minute
thirthy five lives had

In Memory Of 
Those Lost On The

{Deutsche Luftschiff Zeppelin #129}

Also Entry For
Brian Strands 
Indelible Impressions Contest

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Revenge on Memorial Junior High

As I walk through these vacant halls
I can still hear the ridiculing
The taunts aimed in my direction
For daring to be different
For being a rebellious misfit
For being a freak
Who broke every rule 
She was ever given
Who lived to antagonize
Defying traditional convention
By loving blindly
And mixing 
What people told me
Should stay seperate
As if certain souls
Were less than human
I was left dodging bullets
In this war zone
So I could pay for the crime
Of being myself
At any cost

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Sounds Of Civil War

I crossed the Fields of Misery 
And wept in blood-let streams. 
I saw the face of Terror 
Frozen in a soldier's scream. 

I heard the sound of laughter; 
Children playing in the sun. 
I heard the sound of thunder; 
Clapping from a torrent gun. 

I knelt with bitter silence; 
Mute heroes washed ashore. 
I heard the distant cannons 
Chanting hymns of civil war. 

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Who I Am

The way I am you can relate,
I can sometimes be tough to break,
I act childish time to time,
Sometimes I still wish I was a kid,
My age only brings attitude,
Sometimes good and sometimes bad,
I have a hard time sharing who I am,
I try real hard not to get hurt,
My heart has built a wall around it,
I don't know if it can ever be knocked down,
It's hard to just open up,
To let everyone see the real me,
I'm scared to know what people might think,
After they see the scared little girl within,
Sometimes though I open up a crack,
Sharing just a little of who I am,
Don't get me wrong I am a nice girl,
It's just sometimes I feel like I have to hide,
I have been his way ever since I can remember,
I don't know if I can ever change,
I have been through so much bad stuff,
and then I try to keep it all inside,
I hope people can accept me for who I am,
and not judge me so much,
One day I will open up all my heart,
Opening up a little now is a good start,
Maybe someday I'll like who I am,
and share with everyone the girl that can

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The striking actress
  Vivien Leigh played the role
    of Scarlett in, "Gone With The Wind".
      The Southern belle fell in love with Rhett,
        who had a set of charming blue eyes that captured
          her heart burning with passion and love: like her red dress!

  In the heart-wrenching scene on a barren hill, 
    over-looking the luxurious mansion, we see furious Scarlett
      vowing herself to never go angry again and not to live in poverty;
        and we hear her loud voice thundering amid cannons' blasts, as she 
          pleads her promise with vengeance staring at the orange-colored sunset!
            And from that war, which brought much destruction to the South, a great nation rose!

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Altered States

Met the squint-eyed oracle
Puttin' down the trowel
To the new Delphi
'Cause his tongue got stuck
On circumstance

Claimed was struck
Epileptic-ally divine
On a highway back in Illinois
And just grazed the viaduct

If only a priestess with shorthand
Would live in a camper in Mazatlan
He'd write the link 'tween Jefferson's dream
And Lincoln's

Quite willin' to play first chair messiah
To a new civilization
Provided we're all in the audience

Did a stand-up routine
Two epics long
Of daring do over Burma
Time done in institutions

Told of a dozen psychotics saved
By what's called his
"Radiated Presence"
Each broken reflection's of self

Wondered off wavin'
It's time for lunch

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Levees broke; Homes were broken, Stores broken into,

Survival of the fittest, trying to live another day...what else could they do?

Spirits broke, Hearts were broken, People broken in-two

Memories demolished, Lives abolished, not to mention no food!

Political figures on TV putting in there two cents on the news

After days of waiting and despair, here comes Bush with his TV crews

Here they are going through aguish, misery, gloom and depression

On top of that they have to endure the pain caused by their presidents rejection

Its a shame how they were bamboozled, and had no detection

Maybe now they know that a con artist has won the elections

Police couldn't even answer any questions, or give out suggestions

We may be the richest country in the world, but we will never reach perfection

The waters were troubled when it came to that of Ms. Katrina

We were warned about her, but that didn't make us believers

Yea hope was lost but lets build it up, to help the citizens of New Orleans

It's our duty to fight, not just for what right, but for everything in between

Fight for justice, fight for pain, fight for those who lives were lost

These people should not be ignored; it's not up to them to pay the cost

Crying, weeping, mourning, and pain

No compassion felt from authority when the citizens complained,

You would think somebody would have stepped up their game,

But they only put the state of Louisiana to shame.

Yea there were some that called the shots, but did they really remain?

Everyone wants to take the credit, but no one wants to explain

It's insane I tell you, a shame what these citizens had to face

Treated like slaves, social discrimination, don't tell me racism wasn't a case

Don't tell me that we had other business to tend to regarding the war, when the 
needs at home weren't met

Don't tell me our Secretary would rather shop for shoes, when theres 
responsibility she needs to accept

Dont tell me that citizens were looting when police were also suspects

People...face-to-face with death, breaking painful sweat, not trying to be 
distressed, can't help but to be upset, because theres...aguish...misery...gloom 
and depression

Enduring the pain caused by their presidents rejection

Couldnt get any answers or suggestions to questions

But they had detection that a fraud won the elections

Again we may be the richest country in the world but we will never reach 

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Too Fast

I always new one day I had to grow up,
But I didn't think it would be so fast,
When I was a kid I was happy,
Now that I am older I am sad,
As a kid I learned lessons,
I learned my ABC's and 123's,
I learned lessons not many kids learn,
Lessons that are learned as adults,
I learned how to get hurt,
but I really couldn't help learning that,
How fast a family can break,
I found out about betrayal,
and how easy it is to cheat on people,
But mostly I learned how hard it is to grow up,
All kids don't learn these lessons,
and they are lucky they don't,
When you learn these lessons it makes you grow up,
Even if you don't want to,
Pain is a lesson of an adult,
When you learn it as a kid it can hurt even worse,
You know when you've learned adult lessons you're all grown up,
Trying so hard to stay a kid,
We all know one day we have to grow up,
but I didn't know it would be so fast

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Oh Lord grant me just one more day

Fist smacks chest, I double over.
Pulls my hair, wrenching me up once more.
Imprints his thumbs and fingers bones 
Into my chin and cheeks,
Bruising - he crushes the virgin skin.
Presses his booze stinking breath against my face;
He bellows abuse and filth riled language toward me,
Fetch me this, no good for that, do it, bitch, do it now.

Dare not challenge for fear of what might come next,
Just do  as he says, kids are in bed - at least safe.
Placate him, ease his soreness, feed him - Let him sleep.
What then? Tomorrow he'll be different - sorry,
He loves me and his children, 
Just drink changes him - he becomes a monster,
Danger by night from chemical persuasion, intolerance, -
Surely not his fault - an illness - we'll get help.

Promises of love, of change; befall my ears next day.
We try again, but deep inside i know he's not ready,
Not ready to accept change and tolerance.
Not ready to seek the help of those who know more.
We don't go, queues for councillors months away, -
Time by which we think situation will have long passed.
How very wrong we could be as Friday nights pay comes in,
A familiar sickening pattern resumes. And fear sets in again!

Familiar prayer returns, as i ask to be a survivor. -
Oh Lord grant me just one more day, that I may live,
To find new hope, some where safe to lay my head.
To take the children that he may harm their gentle minds no more.
Send your soul to rescue us and free us to peace once more,
Only this time I will find the strength to go....Amen

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Ever since man walked the earth,
his foul character has caused misery,
destruction, sorrow , wars and animosity:
a warrior so fierce and mean...
that God was forced to destroy his vile,
so that kind and faithful men would obey,
and never be without hope and joy;
and He called them:  His choosen people!

And those men lived by the commandments,
and the tremendous task of Jashua
was to lead the Israelites
to their Promised Land...after Moses died!
And though God found
one of them with iniquity...He forgave him;
and king Solomon grew in wisdom,
but David, on the other hand,
laid his innocence before Jehovah...
making him so God-fearing and brave!

Now, there are no more prophets like Moses
and Jeremiah ,and Job a blameless 
and righteous sufferer...being tested by Satan 
for his unyielding integrity to God!
If Aaron displeased God, are we to do the same...
let ourselves go unrestrained,
and worship an image to replace holiness?
There too many gods we appease...
 with a servitude which can't ever be released!     

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Escaping Taxes

Hiding within the oval office,
I close down borders and raise taxes,
People will never be free,
Not him nor you or even me
The government owns us all
We pimp your talents and profit off your success
The government owns us all
This country was built on the backs of people
People who are different by the color of their skin
Slavery will never end…
Not as long as we still pay taxes!
Slavery was reformed into the normal working day
Each and every day I work
And who gets their money before I?
Even though they didn’t help,
They didn’t cook or clean. 
But still they get paid before I.
The only way to escape slavery in the US…
Is to simply DIE!

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Unsung Heroes

How many unknown heroes are sleeping now 
Silently resting in this field once ploughed 
Tiny white markers on each tended grave 
Thankful flowers from those they saved 

In this field lie a million stories
Tales of pain, loss and unknown glory 
Brothers, sons and fathers each dear to someone 
Shrouded now in darkness, taken away by war's gun

Close your eyes and imagine how it was that last day 
As bullets flew and cannons roared, with lives they'd pay
They stayed and did not choose to run 
Those heroes now so very long unsung 

Tales of bravery left unsaid 
Just names on a paper, saying they were dead 
"Killed in Action" 
"Lost at Sea"
Words more than that, would never be

I wander slowly between each silent row
Sensing the pain and deep sorrow 
For one of those unknown heroes was my Grandad
Along with ten of the best friends he ever had

All died together, each trying to save the other one
None of them survived to greet the rising sun 
My Grandmother received a letter, a medal and a flag 
Along with personal effects tucked neatly in his old kit bag

Copies of letters he lovingly wrote
Such sadness brought a lump to your throat 
Tears flowed like rivers that never ran dry 
Pain would always be seen deep within her eye 

I remember that awful day so very well 
That's why his story I am trying to tell
Of his unselfish bravery left unsung 
I have the need to shout out and tell everyone 

I know that many have someone they lost this way 
In a war fought for democracy and freedom to stay
Remember their bravery and their great sacrifice 
To ensure what we have, they paid the ultimate price

Turning to look back at each of the graves 
I whisper my thank you for all that they saved
Sleep silent angels, you passed every test 
You were simply the very, best of the best!  

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God's Little Angel

My little Caylee
you were only three
how could someone have taken you from me

on a summers day
you went out to play
now someones buried you in mud and clay

but do not fret my little angel
for they will be caught one day
whether man or woman God will have his last say

as balloons and clowns will return that smile
gods taken your hand to hold for awhile

you will forever remain etched in our hearts
for God has given you a brand new start

though you are a millions miles away
I can still hear your laughter while you play

My little angel who I never knew
it makes me sick for those who had no clue on
how you could of been a doctor lawyer or a nurse to help the few

like I said have no fret cause God sent his crew 
to return his little angel and start anew
for their is other parents that will love and hold you 

In Loving Memory Of Caylee Anthony
RIP Sweetheart

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Frustration level boiling point

Frustration level
Boiling point
Rather an understatement today
For each time I've sat
To write new works
My laptop does not play

On ten minutes
Off the next
My blood it starts to boil
I'm rather patient normally
But today it takes it's toil

Curser locks 
And I can't get 
to type another thing
Then adding insult further more
It turns self off 
Just to ignore

Sore comment passed
As through teeth I grimace
And five hours on
I still try with it
To system restore 
Love back in it!

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Lucinda River

Sweet Lucinda River laid her body on the bed,
And gave herself quite freely to the soldiers queued outside,
Such philanthropic womanhood, both cash and charity, 
That they might have a taste of life before they went and died.

Her photograph in sepia shades is bound in leather now,
Or crinkled skin of crocodile upon the mustard field,
Discolouring with drying blood in falls of rain and snow,
Imaginary sweetheart, her persona unrevealed.

Sweet Lucinda River cried for all the callow dead,
Their faces swam before her eyes as tears turned them raw,
She made them into men more than the army ever did,
A taste of life before they died, what man could ask for more?

Might bleeding hearts condemn her as a moral reprobate,
Unknowing of the grief she hid or life she had to live,
Don't eulogies and graveyard speech seem hollow by compare,
When sweet Lucinda River gave them all she had to give?

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Do you remember

                   Do you remember
                     where you were
                     So many were dying?

                    Do you remember

                      how you felt


                     They went down.

                   Do you remember
                when smoke filled the sky
                   and terror filled the streets,
                 as a nation,looked on.

                  Do you remember
                     alot of brave souls
                    who died,
                    so others could live.

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Complex Simplicity

Going off on the entire world
This wrath will soon surely unfurl
Take a stab at people’s lives
Make them feel what it’s like to cry
Now you’ve gone and messed with it
Tortured it, oh bit by bit
Someday, you’ll feel that all those things done wrong…

Are part of a simple understanding
(Simple understanding)
Inside a complex mesh of hurtful situations
(Hurtful situations)
This complex simplicity, why’s it so hard.

To just come out and find the reason
That this entire time has been a horrible season
The gossiping and all the talk
The conversations never seem to lock…
All the false accusations
Are results of the situations
Someday, you’ll feel that all those things done wrong…

Who knows where this will lead
To some sort of rational deed
Or maybe the problem gets worse
Some sort of cynical curse
Just leave and let it be
Buried away; never to be seen

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Marquis de Sade

A wounded heart
An offense of conscience
Inner struggles
Or in desperation do I dip this pen

Deep within the ink wells
So dreadfully crimson
My declarations
Upon this soaked paper bled

The verses LOUDER and BOLDER do shout!
My injuries from a cruel world
That must be heard!
Every rhyme and every reason
Catapulting out, through my stinging words

My soul melts into ink of quill
Becoming one
A channeling vessel
As the broken heart 
Spills and spills

This is my message of life
Of how I lived!
The tragedy and torture…
Continues written and left unabridged

At the ironic twist
For now, my heart resides in others
And agony lives on
From where before, it could never have existed!

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A cool rain has come down,
and stopped the rising of the sun:
a day of mourning for all in the silent city,
and it feels as sad as it felt yesterday;
eyes cry and mix themselves
 with the falling raindrops...

Console them with song,
with words that don't speak of indignation;
all they want is a possible consolation,
because a loss of someone so loved...
looks for ways of healing through faith,
and if they can't be found...they'll rely on strength! 

I've never seen so many flowers
laid at the site of the memorial,
and thousands of names being read
at the exact time the attacks occurred;
more tears and sobs, but also prayers
will be heard for the brave and exceptional!

Console them with song,
give them your comforting hugs,
and a flag of endless gratitude...
that flag they died for and they truly loved;
and we who are alive must remember their sacrifice
by walking together and being strong!  

Now, those sad faces see a ray of hope, at nine,
shining on them from the parting clouds;
no rain, no sorrow and tears to add to their pain...
only a certain feeling of ease from words
that are exchanged amid the voices of children:
the generation to rebuild what was torn down!

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Fate taken to a whole new level...

Sadder, but wiser.
Shackled, chained, beaten.
House of pain, feeding.
Ten more seconds, just ten more.
There will be no more crying.
No tears, sun shining.
Rays of light, rays of hope.

No more tears

No more…

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Home Thoughts From Abroad - Kristallnacht 1938

Oh, to be in Deutschland

Now that Adolf’s there.

For whoever wakes in Deutschland

Finds some morning, unaware,

There’s a knocking on the apartment door.

The Gestapo says you’re outside the law :

There’s a blinding flash as they break your 

In Deutschland -- now.

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Is It To Late For Us

I take this pain from you leaving
I take this hurt where you tore my heart apart
This part of me thats empty now
This love we shared thats disappeared
Not seen! Not heard!
Till this day I still pray for you to fill this empty hole
This love could mend the darkest sole
This love could free the damned from hell
please help relief this pain and hatred now!

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The Swimmer

From the forest, towards the blue rectangle,
striding, half-running, to the surround,
past the wrought-iron table, candy-striped parasol,
jack-knifes in with hardly ripple or sound.

Arms like blades, cleaving the brightest blue, 
sparkling beads clung to cropped hair,
the length negotiated, done in mere seconds,
out the other end and standing there.

Hands on lean hips, water on bronzed skin,
sunlight streams down, blinding and bold,
he grins a white grin, a melon-eating smile.
but the blue ice chip eyes flicker hazy and cold.

The eyes tell of mystery, of some temporal distortion,
like chlorine blurred mirrors reflecting the past,
glints of cool madness, shards of dysfunction
spin a wild spin, silver dollars on glass.

From the pool, across the patio, to the grass,
to the field, to the hill, to the wood,
and on to the next blue concrete channel,
as only a time-traveller could.

For an instant the smile starts to waver a tad,
and the eyes, oh the eyes cloud some more,
catching glimpses of crazy-paved knowing,
of what awaits at his own front door.

Yet the swimmer becomes the swimmer again,
though the doubt sort of bothers him some,
and the ghosts he ignores whisper at his bare heels
of the bleak rain swept future to come.

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Visible only 
the eyes to see 
where the path leads,
Buried beneath 
a disguise, no 
sign how the heart bleeds.
Covered from head
down to toe, a 
shapeless expression,
Only obedience to know and 
life of oppression.

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Blood on Emeralds

The blood of Emeralds
In Northern Ireland's streets
Where sides detest
Victims they seek
Religious divide
Neighbours slain
For the life of me
What to gain
These troubled times
Historic sores
Deep rooted pasts
Now to the fore
Many guns came out to play
Both sides fell, as they murderously slay
During the week, even Sundays
The Belfast agreement of 1998
This Land of Emeralds, in peaceful state
Neighbours safe to talk again
Never allow the blood, on the Emeralds stain

" Dedicated to all Ireland - The Emerald Isle "

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An Endless War

Riddling scars of past wounds, each with their own story
Written deep within the skin, those of defeat and of glory
Words unspoken of stinging despair, a past left forgotten
Memories will not allow it; the mind is only gone rotten

Explosions that once shook the lands, wounding this earth
Fires plagued those homes, robbing all of their self worth
Bullets that cut through the winds, disturbing its pure song
Smoke polluted the air, clouding reasons of what is wrong

Children convinced of their sacrifice being used for right
Women made to battle, persuaded by such vengeful spite
Men with a purpose of disposing of enemies by any way
Using innocence, or family, for just to survive to this day

Blinded by the wool pulled down over our unseeing eye
Manipulated by our nation who care not if we live or die
We survived a Hell on earth, only to come back to hate
In serving this country, as a soldier I am no longer great

I look back with anger in my heart, still fighting that war
Watching as younger soldiers sacrifice for nothing more
I only hope that this country treats them better then me
And that their souls remain intact, to never stop being free

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I Remember

Now that you are up and gone out of my life; I feel so release 
I remember when I use to say without you what would I do 
I fell so free
Well I do know what to do without you 
I get myself together, I have to get to know me and myself
Its about time I learn how to love myself, before loving someone else
I remember when you use to I was your MIX QUEEN and, you were my KING
I remember when you ask if I'd would rock your promise ring
I use to think you were all
But when you broke my heart everything at once fall
I remember when I gave up loving you
I remember when I thought I knew what love was 
Or I use to think I was in love 
I remember when you use to call me your white dove
Man I thought I was in love
Well there is someone out there that needs someone to treat them right 
Thanks for staying up with me all threw my sick nights
Now I have to get myself together, yes I'm still here for you threw the stormy 
I need someone to be real
I thought you were that person
I turned out it wasn't you
I remember when I gave up loving you
Now I'm sad and lonely!!!

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A Tradition

My Motive should be to live as a human.
My identity should be a man or woman.
I need to use my courage and activeness,
I need to win the heart of a Mrs and Miss.

My life has a limited period to live on Earth.
A distinction of colour and caste is on my birth.
When I know I can’t live without cooperation,
Then why I worship only to a tradition.

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Hiding in the Crowd: Part 2

But, I think your heart is screaming out
For something else
For love
For intimacy
For acceptance
Unconditional love
Someone who will never leave your side
Even when you are sick and weary
Even when you become the monster
That you long to destroy
Someone who can see your inner beauty
Your pain and agony 
Even when that dark side of you 
Emerges and explodes
And lashes out with hatred
And love you in spite of it
Will forgive and forget
And not keep a mental record
Of mistakes you have made
Or wrongs you do at times
And who instead 
Will take you into their arms
And hold and caress you
Until the pain goes away
I think you are longing 
For someone
Who won't abuse you
In the name of protection
Abandon you
Reject you
Hurt you
Judge you
Scar you
Or use you
And who really understands the real you
Someone you can be yourself around
Who you don't have to put on an act for
Who will love you
Even after you figuratively undress for them
Exposing all of your weaknesses and flaws
Revealing to them
The man that you truly are
That you are terrified
Of anyone knowing
In fear that some part of you
Will be deemed unlovable
By someone you care for

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The Day The Man Cried

In the middle of the night
Awaken by a crackling sound
Parents jump hit the ground
Get out, get out shouted with might

Children scattered every way
Eight boys, three girls were saved that day
The parents with their two brothers
Hoovered close to the others

The oldest son grabbed a table
With kerosene lamp, as he ran
Down the steps with a bounce
Followed by all the kids

God had mercy yes he did
Soon the word got spread 
To all the neighboring folks in towns
Love unbounding poured around

Wagons loaded with what people
Could spare, everyone giving a share
Slowly came into view, showing mercy
Not just a few

That was the day my daddy said
His dad broke down
And his heart bleed
He was touched by God's love

That was spread abroad
In God's people one and all

(This on insident that my father told of his childhood. He said that it was the only time that 
he saw his father cry.  His father was a very stern man and he had to be somewhat to be 
able to make it  because he lived by renting a farm from someone and farming to make 
money to pay the rent.  It was just another form of sharecropping.  He had to be tough to 
make it.)

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Of Mice And Mengele

Stood aside the gruelling line,
His swastika eyes absorbed
Miniscule details of victims
As they filed past, heads bowed,
Hearts crushed.

Imperceptible nods potted fates,
The guards watched his every move,
Dragged apart the chosen ones,
The ones his nods imbued with gravitas,
Unnatural selections.

His nostrils drew their scent,
Aloft his precise black lip hair,
And sensors tasted in his throat
Their stench, the flavours of dirt and flesh,
Their fear.

Each body a genetic canvas in waiting,
Drawn and doodled on with blades,
Exposed with shears,
Injected, gassed, sliced and dissected,
Frankenstein’s clay.

All the time his swastika eyes bored
Like black bullets into snow,
And not for one single second
Did his maggot brain tell him
This is wrong.

For by accidents of birth
And by the sick doctrines of evil
They were doomed his human lab mice,
In a time when the devil held sway,
His apprentice, Mengele.

What was lost to this world
On marble slabs and in butcher rooms?
What was lost to this world
In theatres and ovens, in acid vats?
What was lost to this world of
art, poetry, science, history, life?
What was lost, what was lost to this world,
What he stole for a while,
Was humanity.

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An attack of this magnitude
was completely unforeseeable;
and who thought that an unguarded city
had to feel that sense of solitude...
through an urealistic exodus so undiscernible,
and later reclaim its struck territory!

What we not the superb Twin Towers: 
the pride of the wealthiest nation on earth,
towers that can be rebuilt in years;
it's those lives that enmity cut short!
And they tried to disorientate us,
and disrupt our ingenuous and lively living
by spreading unrest and choas
with absurd and infernal thinking!

This infamy is so ineffaceable
from the mind of the unfoolish,
fair and reasoning man with greater intellect...
that it becomes so inexplicable;
a shameful act not condoned by civilization,
confirmed by unsympathetic sentiments!

What we lost truly irreplaceable
by every imaginable remedy:
its the worth, the comfort  and the unbroken joy, 
which dazzled in the NewYorkers' eyes...
making their days so livable! 
What we eternally
carved out into those shining stones:
bearing glorious names to withstand time itself1


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Cost Of Doing Business

Planes crash...
Cheaper to kill
Than fix a problem
That costs $600 a plane
Do you think our values are ill?
Are we all just insane?

Wrong prescription filled
Patient dies...
Pardon us,
The fault merely lies
In cheaper employees
Training incomplete,
Cost of correcting??
Well then,
We couldn't compete!!

Substandard gear
For military use....
Saves us billions...
Are you obtuse??
How else can we pay
$800 a toilet seat
$350 for a hammer....
We must compete!!!
For every budget dollar...
We'll never get enough
Why is it you holler??
Ain't you seen our stuff???

We must absorb the cost,
Of each General's
chest of medals...
And ribbons and staff cars
are expensive
And our supplier only
The finest Admiral's uniforms
And that you can
easily tell,
We put to sea some warships,
That don't work quite so well

But it looks good on paper,
Who'd dare attack us now??
We've got the finest
of everything...
But, then, again, just how...
Can thousands die in
We fired not a shot
And the bastards
Who are responsible,
Their bill to us
"Paid", they've not.

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I saw death
unannounced and without reservation
stain the contemporary lives
of an impervious nation
I saw an intolerable hatred
the ruddy signature of an ancient heathen
assign death 
as if to proudly bare the emblem 
of heavenly consent
I saw the cold pictures of silence
unsuspecting faces crying
children clutching memories
a city gasping for answers
as life was used to extinguish life 
beneath an ashen epitaph
of our darkest day
I saw murder
a human legacy
begotten not by time nor place
but by human nature
I saw another requiem 
of religion

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The Last Camp

As that new bunch drifted slowly into Deadwood,
Bill turned round in his saddle to Charley Utter—
Sadly told him something he’d always remember—
That which made the others smirk and weak hearts flutter:

“Charley, I feel this is going to be my last camp,”
Bill then softly said, “and I won’t leave it alive…”
Charley, Calam Jane and all the others just laughed—
But Wild Bill did not smile and he never replied. 

Even to that day, as Bill foretold his own doom
And wrote a letter to the wife he’d know no more: 
“Agnes… if such should be we never meet again…”  
Bill penned, “I will try to swim to the other shore.”

Next day, August second, eighteen seventy six,
Wild Bill Hickok went in that Saloon Number Ten—
And to this day, the rest they say is history—
Now that last Deadwood camp is still recalled by men. 

“Charley, I feel this is going to be my last camp,
And I won’t leave it alive….” Utter heard Bill say—
Or so he, Calam and Agnes long remembered
And his spirit grows all the stronger to this day.  

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Leviathan Cast Down

Miles below the surface rage she rests,
Her broken body caged by sand and rock,
Innards spilled across the ocean floor,
A hundred years since she escaped the dock.
Her crew no more than skeletons bleached white,
Scavenged by the mouths of unknown fish,
Scrubbed of flesh by carnivores and salt,
No farewell kiss, no cede of final wish.
A funnel snapped in two lies still and cold,
Porthole blinded sockets, streaked with rust,
A single shoe, some links of silver chain,
In sandy swirls of seabed graveyard dust.
And in the depths a pianola chimes,
Champagne glasses clinked in endless toasts,
Till gargled screams of drowning swell once more,
And midnight strikes again for all the ghosts.
The bell lies still and green upon the deck,
Seaweed streamers flutter on the rails,
God bless her and all who rode within,
Leviathan cast down, no more she sails. 

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Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheel. 

Left only char-mark traces on 
this dirty laundry line post; 
unrequited love so brightly shone 
scarred by a pyrotechnical ghost. 

Vibrant fire.

White hot with turquoise spangled eyes, 
burnt, exploded, rattled death; 
as tails of auburn fireflies 
blew kisses of fleeting gossamer breath.

Sudden dark.

Spectral afterburn, protoplasmic and cold 
then nothing save a vacant space; 
dreams and youth fell numb and old 
in the vacuum of a lost embrace.

Catherine Wheel.

Spent firework, beckons yet she warns 
burnt offerings are the end of it; 
a heart may ache and forever mourn, 
some things should never be re-lit.

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Waltzing on bracken and shingle,
Dirt scuffed and spun in the air,
As the blood and the dust devils mingle,
Drying, infused with despair.
The crackling twigs in the campfires
Spat out the legends of old;
The wind blew the ash of those campfires
Until all those ashes grew cold.
Whispered in tongues of black humour,
Polemics of demons and dread,
And freedom became but a rumour, 
Butchered dreams in a dead man’s head.

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Journey into the Nightfire

You've got to get ready for your journey.
Men to the left woman to the right.
To bed early, sleep well my children.
Night had fallen, I was 12.
Only the darkness;
without love or mercy.
I heard a voice rising up,
woke them dragging them from their dreams.
"Fire I can see fire!"
Some dared answer him,
we must keep going.
We had never understood one another so clearly. 

Several thousand prisoners went through the gate,
never came back.
The look in his eyes as they stared into mine never left me,
I stood among the prayer congregation observing it like a stranger.
A world without God;
You who have betrayed whom You allowed to be tortured.
On the contrary I felt very strong
stronger than the Almighty.
Powerful yet at the same time so broken.
My eyes were open and I was alone,
I had ceased to be anything but ashes

a/n: this was a poem we had to write off of the book Night, about the genocide in Germany
of the Jews.

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Women are quickly adjusting to modern times
by being more liberal and independent of men;
gone is the housewife, mother and wife,
who stayed home and took care of her children...

On the other hand, men seem to have lost their power
as breadwinners by becoming less caring and loving husbands;
families rarely gather at dinner to discuss matters, 
and this daily celebration pleased their Creator...

Martin Luther was assassinated and John F. Kennedy followed him,
so did his brother Robert and America watched and mourned;
these were, indeed, difficult times that changed the image of a nation,
and the innocent blood spilled by hatred spread more indignation...

Unexpectedly, something marvelous happened which brought awareness;
and soon after the American astronauts landed on the barren and grey moon,
everyone wanted to declare their rights as abiding and loyal citizens
of a country that suppressed freedom and created unneccessary choas and gloom...


This teen was powerless and horrified witnessed these events that changed America,
peace, justice and fairness were far cries from reality, more needed to be done; and mama
didn't want to lose me when the Vietnam War started and hippies refused to pick up arms;
and their peaceful songs are a  reminder of a youth spared by God for His great purpose...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Where is God?

Dead bodies, corps set ablaze 
In the wretched crematories 
Smoke streams through the chimneys
The smell of burning flesh fills the air
What has happened?
Where is God?
Six million Jews lost
And so many left feeling 
As if they’ve been to hell and back.
Yet they are glad to have survived it,
So happy for liberation
But they will carry this horrible experience
With them in their minds forever.
All will come back to them
When they catch their first glimpse of themselves
In a mirror after so long
When they see
Their pale skin stretched over their bones
Looking like a skeleton in clothes.
What has happened?
Where is God?
How could he let something like this take place?
The phrase was said
As so many Jews questioned their faith
Where is God today?
It seems as though He is distant.
It feels like He’s far away
Maybe He is just warning us
With all of this war and chaos
Maybe he is trying to tell us
Of what this world is coming to.

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$9.95 is the price she paid to Forget All Her Daily Worries.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Forget All Her Daily Stressors.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Dull Away Her Chronic Pains.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Fools Others that 
She was Fine Everyday.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Forget Her Constant Isolation.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Forget 
Her First True Love.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Distance Herself from 
Memories of A Deceased Father.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Distance Herself from 
Memories of A Deceased Mother.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Distance Herself from A Living Brother.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Leaver Her Birth Place.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Succumb to the Needs of A Demanding Supervisor.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Forget Her Current Unemployment Status.

$9.95 is the price she Paid to Deal with Her Youngest Daughter's Impulsiveness.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Let Go of Her Youngest Daughter.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Make A Servant of Her Eldest Daughter.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Cope with Her Eldest Daughter's 
Wedding Nuptials.

$9.95 is the price she paid When Her Daughters Had Betrayed Her.

$9.95 is the price she paid For Her Fifth Sized Apricot Brandy Bottle.

$9.95 is the price she paid While Crying in Her Final Hours.

$9.95 is the price she paid to Her Final Hour.

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Spree Killers

If we are lucky to wake every day
But spare a thought for what i am about to say
For many years and for what ever reason
There appears to be, crazy shooting season

Its not just recent, it goes back many years
Always grief and many tears
Below i highlight just a few
Who perished as their bullets spew

Uireyeong, S Korea in 1982
Virginia Tech he killed 32
In Dunblane, kids as young as 5
Access to guns, did not leave many alive

These killing sprees and the reasons they do
To take the life off me and you
What turns these people into Spree Killers
What flicks the switch, into stomach chillers

Whether female, whether male
What makes their respect for humans fail
The hurt and pain as they shoot away
Lasts not for tomorrow, but many a day

What beggars belief, and i cant comprehend
To face their music, so their crime doesn't end
Instead they shoot themselves in the head
Families hurt, never put to bed

The only word my head displays
Are these cowards, who end their days
And leave behind such hurt and pain
And thank the lord, they can't hurt again

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Angolan Shipyard
Portuguese Courtyard
Indentured servants of
Black seed

Sadist sovereignty 
Dutch property
Herded into a treasure chest
Of disease

Shackled humanity
Shipwrecked Christianity
Baptized on the bottom
Of the sea

Altered Destiny 
English colony 
Stock on a manifest
Of greed

Work your land
Savage not man
A pound of flesh for
A crown overseas

Sold by brethren
Held by heathens
Your daddy was 
Born free

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A Blast from the Past (2005)

Seeing the shadows of the taunt 
The memories refresh and haunt 
At a glance the heart races
So many changes, but still the same faces
History scares and often re-infects
All that dies also resurrects  

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Don't lose our love

Father please stop yelling,
your voice booms all around.
We got so used to hearing it – 
we switch off to the sound.

Oh yes it’s true we hear you
but your voice is now a noise;
it’s not what you say – that we can hear,
just abusive, boystrous tones.

If you stop a while, take time to think -
And plan what you might say?
Maybe you’d talk instead of shout,
and then we’d respond and work things out.

But while your respond in dulcid tones,
whilst all we hear is put downs, moans.
While all you do is scream and yell,
you’ll push us away – so far until…

You’ll lose our love, and all respect,
we’ll grow up not knowing loving yet;
run to the first who shows interest,
repeat history, life of whole regret…

You’ll lose our love, so stop this now,
teach us to love , to talk things through.
We’re not so bad, you’ll see us now,
And as a unit we’ll learn to grow…and flourish…

Make you proud, you’ll see.
Make you understand your love of me,
Be still, be heard – in quiet reserve,
with dignity, respect, and glee…

be proud.

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The scenes we left behind remain

Embedded in tormented mind , 
blood clogged fields,
dangling limbs - contorted.
Whistling ammunition,
gun fire resounds.

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Because of You

Because of you my life was given to me,
Becuase of you my life is what it was made to be.
Because of you I felt abandoned and thrown away,
Because of you I never thought we would stay.
Because of you I can't trust anyone but me,
Because of you many horrible sights I was forced to see.
Because of you I was abused in more ways then one,
Because of you my childhood was filled with horror instead of fun.
Because of you I learned that drugs were the thing to try,
Because of you look at me I can't stop and you keep asking me why?
Because of you I learned how not to be a dad,
Because of you I'll give my kids everything i never had.
Because of you i hate me,
Becuase of you I can't break free.
Because of you I learned how to be tough and never get hurt,
Because of you no one can ever make me feel like dirt.

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War Archaic

On scribbled parchment, sanguine letters writ in blood
Of hidden tales, broken pages smeared with mud
An unknown soldier, his blood he lie
With glint of sword, his death is nigh
A scar on the body, an ache in the heart
Blades in the dark, cut his chest apart
In his sorrow, with his dying breath
He called to his dearest Elizabeth
For never again would he see her face
‘Twould be here he died, this abysmal place
The war had begun, some fifty years hence
This soldier unknown fought for a sixpence
His gentle soul ripped by the horrible conflict
That artists of the gilded age could never quite depict
On the field of valor, were armies a’massing
‘Twas nought but bodies as sign of their passing
The head of the line led a cavalry charge
As arrows shot past, betwixt shield and targe
With iron-forged pikes upwardly thrust
To satisfy the wicked Gods’ bloodlust
Cries in anguish rang out cold as steel
Sheering flesh from bone, with fanatic zeal
With each death, came a tear fell from Heaven
The forgotten soldier, unidentified number eleven
Which side won the battle could not be told
Such death and carnage, history alone could be so cold
Through passage of time and the set of the sun
Came the dawn of a new age, the era of the gun
A weapon of such power that no armor can shield
That strikes such fear that the courageous yield
Could the forgotten soldier have known this to pass
How could he foresee land mines and poison gas
This is what we make of the cause he died for
To repeat the same mistakes, to continue his war
With a whimper or a scream, how does Humanity end
An unjust war on the horizon, on you it will depend...

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People believe in doing evil things 
As long as they don't get caught 
What a piece of mentality just to think 
They can get away with more than they can chew 

Everyday and everywhere people do crimes 
They don't care to do later time 
Killing, raping,stealing,and who knows what more 
They do it all with evil intent, and cause so much pain 

Some of us are just so tired 
Of observing and hearing only bad news 
Wars,poverty and the homeless,people hurting one another 
Good news would be nice for a change, they're long overdue! 

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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As it streams through my veins,
It has history and ancestry.
As I look her in the face,
 I see those that are apart from me.
Streaming down my face, 
A fight with another race.
Screaming is my mouth saying,
“Why does this have to be my …”
I want new,
With no history of slaves, with no history of chains,
With no history of ropes, with no history of hopes,
Holding big clumps of her hair,
Wondering why she’s lying there 
In her own pool of …
In the other hand a knife,
Hold up, this can’t be right,
And why is it covered in her…
I find her words have angered, I find her words have torn.
I find her actions have killed my pride.
She’s unleashed those years of beatings, those years of rapes.
Those years of no eating and spit in the face.
Those years of hatred, those years of tears.
Discrimination because we didn’t have the same…
Now I am locked up because, 
This one has unleashed those years of racism and hatred.
Now I am locked up because,
This one has blocked up the forgiveness I felt for the words from her mouth.
Now she’s blacked out.
Not to see another day,
Not to hear another sound.
Now she’s blacked out.
Not to say another word or to curse me because,
We do not share the same…

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Black Earth

In techno-malaise, Mother Russia, how you truly coughed hard,
Four and twenty million to be baked in your back yard,
Spewed forth black wrath that wrought black earth,
Glowing wombs impregnated to give unwanted birth,
Radiation rape as intense as a thousand Hiroshima’s,
Flesh and bone infected with such pretty nuclear glimmers.

The graveyards in their endless dreaming swelled, are swelling still,
From twice the normal defects of birth and future sons to kill,
To accommodate more excess dead than Stalin’s purges in these lands,
Infected with radioactive iodine - a hundred thousand thyroid glands;
The death toll more than the last world war could ever seek to boast,
Eight hundred thousand children with leukaemia suffer most.

Humankind smashed, crushed, bathed in ashes, debased, destroyed again,
From the gaping mouth of Belarus down the throat of the Ukraine,
Chernobyl dies in shame at the cursing of her name…
Should not the powers that be in power sincerely feel the same?

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Old Warrior

Old warrior, in the bar...
Sips on his small, warm beer...
It's still 1943 to him...
And inside he still holds fear...
The world hanging on the edge,
Of uncertainty....
What the future held,
No one could see....

Served his country,
Of that he's proud....
Seems no one any longer cares...
And his fellow warriors are now,
Above the cloud...
Soon he'll climb those stairs...

Vanishing like dinosaurs,
This American-Spartan hero...
Has little left to do...
Ask him about World War II,
He'd be glad he met you...

To show interest
In his sacrifices...
His wounded memories...
His changed life...
His long dead buddies,
His long dead wife...

His mate long gone,
He stares blindly at the TV,
Dressed in the poverty he lives
No one can get inside his head,
Save those so long dead...

He has nothing else to do
Be home alone, with old address books,
Of all his long dead friends,
Photos meaningless,
Except to him,
Time has cheated him,
By leaving him here
In the lonely bar, so dim...

Struggling to make ends,
Six dollars on the bar,
The past in the air,
At home he never cooks,
He just no longer seems to care....

Cigarette smoke in the air,
A forbidden pleasure now,
No one seems dare...
Used to be normal,
Things have changed so,
But not our old warrior,
He'll be the last of his kind
To go...

If today is his last,
That's just fine with him....
His future days will be the same...
The final die is cast.

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Pithead Days

It is the solemn evening song that drifts,
into the valley cup, from the saucer of the moon,
and spreads in wings of darkness, nightshade breath;
arising as molecules of black oil, up from the pithead mouth,
following to the shower stalls, disrobing of the filth,
to hunch below the steaming spray, absolved of dirt and death.

On then, to the concrete block beside the rugby pitch,
where yellow light bleeds damply from the condensation panes,
and into atmosphere, plagued tobacco smoke and gusting beer;
sorrows drowned in pints of ale, pulled foaming from the taps,
the glasses raised and toasted to the ending of the day,
in the fog and mist of hops and fumes the hurt will disappear.

The old boys hold their tongues and smile their toothless smiles,
the cancer in their lungs as grim and fibrous as malignant roots,
unfolds a steady, lazy spread, the wings of metastasis;
until the end of Pithead days, when slaughter of the proudest land,
and plunder of the earth desists, slain by some politic,
who and in what sanity pretext dreamed such a life as this?

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Through the eyes of the Earth

I looked at myself and found something new
There were animals on me and people too
I wondered why but I was sure I knew
God had planned what he wanted to do
I knew this through the mind of the Earth

I saw today and felt as well
People treating me, their home, well
I heard as they began to tell
Stories of adventures on my outer shell
I heard this through the ears of the Earth

I woke up today and saw a new sight
All people did was hate, lie, and fight
From dawn to dusk all day and all night
They no longer did what they used to, what was right
And I was saddened by this through the heart of the Earth

I've lived many years and you all see me often
You all fight with your sister your brother
Some are lowered into me in coffins
Why all this fighting why all this pain
Everyone has their own special worth
I saw all this through the eyes of the Earth

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In the bleeding shadows threading queer and deft
Along and above corridors painted white and green,
Fluorescents flickered in their moth-brushed bowls,
And the madness and sweet anguish seethed unseen.
It was felt in the bones of the new and the old,
The creeping electric bristle of marrow and moss,
Sucking like leeches on the calcium and the blood,
Until the ligaments and plasma were nocturnal candyfloss.
Stole by the winds, the whisperings of the grave,
Uttered earthen verses, muttered fever of neurosis,
And the crowbars in the eyeballs of those who slept unsound
Soon let them dream again in a crystal meth psychosis.
Asylum gargoyles spewed their eternal gushing rain
From out of mouths wide open and torrentially agape,
Until the drains were flooding with the sewage of despair
And the land beyond the walls held only death as an escape.
In the clinic by the lamp a needle glinted in the light,
Hypodermic glowing amber, loaded with paraldehyde,
And the king of all insanity, now driven mad by ghosts,
Shot it up until the death, until by his own hand he died.

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Visions of the Past

Autumn’s first cold wind has come,
It passes over names in stone,
And leaves of gold and red swirl 'round,
As I stand here all alone,

I think back to years long since past,
Memories almost forgotten,
I watch them scatter with the wind,
Did I ever have all that I wanted?

And as I think about such things,
I begin to feel a chill,
Is someone there behind me,
Fear makes the whole world still,

And then I hear a whisper,
As soft as when you sigh,
It whispers softly into my ear,
Why is it that you cry,

I spin about to see the one,
Who whispered this to me,
And in the waning light of Autumn’s day,
A ghostly impression is all I see,

It spoke so soft I could barely hear,
About the times of old,
And sadness soon replaced my fear,
As the wind blew still so cold,

It spoke of farmlands, hills and tree’s,
That stretched so far away,
And sunsets rays of pinks and reds,
Over the golden fields would lay,

Of Autumn’s colors and falling leaves,
And frost that turned to snow,
Of horse and carriage and Christmas bells,
And candles all aglow,

Of drinking cool water from clearest stream,
And standing in the rain,
Sleeping under evenings stars,
Hearing the whistle of a train,

My eyes now misted with saddened tears,
Felt for a time so long ago,
I wished I myself could have seen,
What this ghostly one did know

The moon now rising over bare trees,
And the chill wind blowing through,
Sent all the last remaining leaves,
Blowing past us two,

And with a whisper nothing more,
This ghost began to fade,
It whispered softly with the breeze,
I must go back to where I have been laid,

What has the world become these days,
Who knows life’s simple joy’s,
How can people see earth and sky,
While playing with their toys,

I wish somehow I could go back,
And see the land that was,
Maybe someday it will return,
But my friends that’s up to us…

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Heaven's Lament


Thunder from thy brother
A messenger, a victim
A belligerent deed

Dawn to dust
Twisted metal
Twisted human beings

A voice, a cry
Save who, save fate

Confusion, hysteria
Humanity too late

Blood stained dry
Names forgotten
History serves to dare

Eyes wide shut
Paradise lost
Do we really care

The world turns
Legacy does not


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Rumors of Communication

In searching for inspiration I found sadness
And despair
And hatred
And desperation
Frustration and guilt and anger

Realize that not everything in this beautiful world is beautiful
No matter how much you wish it was

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Trail of Tears

She walks houndreds of miles, scraping her foot 
to the icy ground or crippled leaves to Olklahoma.
Following the path to weeds, and trees of their roots,
watching a friend, a lover, a relative spewing their lives
and hope and all in pain, sending in air a blood filled aroma.

Mountains are rocks at easy steps, and woods is just the trail.
The snow is uncomofortable, but easier than summer heat,
To the following of the trail, she howls to the moon knowing hope will fail.
And as soon as she arrive to the place called home, everyone
has swelled up to death crouching underneath their own feet.

And the white men who carried them there, are following back.
They look at Indians to watch them die all for their land.
I can just imagine my heart a weeping grief as they pack
to leave our world.  But I wish we did mix in perfect match
like the colors of red and yellow making an orange crayon.

She, the indian of young girl, screams a bloody yelp.
Singing a song is nothing no more, dreaming a dream 
is helpess now, and not even prayers are no help.
And I'll miss even the color of their skin and hair, and think of their
wants and dreams. And I'll protect their land from a harming scheme.

The trail of tears, is a bloody trail where millions of feet and toes
have been bleeding to scrape upon the dirtied road.
Where the Indians have lost their patience and pride they used to show.
Now all has died to this empty road.

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The Hanging

His unshaven jowls quiver, and his lip trembles,
In his eyes, his rheumy eyes, simmers horror,
Revulsion at the memory, this old man, what he
Knows he has done and can never forget.

“Do it now!” the death’s head swine commanded,
“Kick it away.” And the young man said: “No.”
“Do it now, Juda, or someone else will. And you will be shot.”
And the young man repeated: “No!”

With the crude hemp chaffing red his malnourished throat,
The noose rigid and tight, his friend met his gaze,
Cool as a fjord in the moonlight, his eyes said it all,
The nod merely a punctuation mark, a full stop of assent.

The old man bleeds tears in the here and now,
Crying today, praying for absolution every hour of his life,
Haunted forever by the burn of a Luger barrel on his neck,
When he kicked the rusting bucket away…

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It's September the eleventh:
a most sorrowful day
in the lives of those folks who wept
bitterly and unconsolably to dispel dismay, 
as black clouds rose high
to hide Manhattan's dreary sky...

Sadness returns today,
as I hold a weeping rose:
my tribute to those
who were forever taken into yesterday,
who still live in the happiest memories:
to reminisce precious moments...

We all say that life is for the living
and we should stop grieving,
but does this make us neglect
or delay the healing we request,
with dignity and warmth,
and put restlessness to rest?.  

Sadness returns today
to remind us of a fatal event,
which took the lives of the innocent
and prompted the indisputable spirit
of the heroes to lead many to safety:
never bereth of courage and bravery...
Grieve and know that your wounds will heal,
another life will spring out of despair:
giving us strength to endure our own death...
when we'll confront that dark hour;
no sacrifice is ever done...fearing defeat,
and is havoc wreaked without breath?  

Sadness returns today
with an unlamentable serenity
that wasn' t there when indignation
erupted from an unforgivable pain:
justified only through quick vindication,
as angry words could barely say...   


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Knowing this, spastic
ancient films of Dallas, 
November 1963, move
silently as we clasp hands
backwards in recognition 
to quiet realization
of grassy knoll reality.

Paint drops of leaves
splatter sidewalks.  There are
no things but in things—
the turtle shell of words,
cocoons of verbiage
chambering our adjectives,
activating final syncopations
of magic bullets 
and mortality.

November rain 
does not care—
autumn leaves, 
like brain matter
shuffle past.

We stare into silver emptiness,
a cold, carnal awareness—
a glancing touch 
of sky’s silken casket.

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Roses and hugs go dark,
blackened out by lies and hate.
Love is forgotten,
the screaming begins.
Old mistakes are brought up.
Secrets brought up.
Hate is out in the open.

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Armenian Genocide

Maybe the suffering will end soon

Hope's only a death away

If we're lucky we'll all be dead tomorrow

If we're lucky we'll all die and leave behind this sorrow

Tired of seeing our people weep

Their deceased bodies in the streets

Starvation is life, malnutrition's set in

Our homes have been taken along with all our men

If we're lucky we'll all be dead tomorrow

If we're lucky we'll all die and leave behind this sorrow

The children are crying

We're all slowly dying

The end for our people is near

If we're lucky we'll all be dead tomorrow

If we're lucky we'll all die and leave behind this sorrow

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There is no life in war

There is no heart in war,
All fear overcome,
It has no Law,
Till the battles won.

Lakes of innocent blood,
Drown men of life,
Land pitted mud,
His last thoughts of his wife.

But not a word is said,
Round by round,
Bitter bullets of lead,
Take cover behind the mound.

There is no heart in war,
All fear overcome,
It has no Law,
Till the battles won.

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Love To Hate You

At first I thought I'd never love,
that's before your were sent from above.
You came in so sudden and without fear,
you left with no warning now I wish you were near.
That's quite impossible now because of the way I feel,
I feel so alone without you so I stop and kneel.
I kneel and I pray for a second chance,
but I know to you I was just a glance.
A glance into happiness something we both wish,
why can't we be together just like the spoon and dish?
I wish I could learn to cope in a new way,
So love to hate you is what I wish for everyday.

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Images Of Superman

Images Of Superman 
Black and white and read all over 
the Daily Planet is one too(a newspaper). 
Clark Kent had a big red S upon his Chest. 
George Reeves was padded and fake muscles were added 
and there were others and older than him,(actors), 
and it was so bad when he shot himself. 
Christopher Reeve had no S upon his chest that day; 
and it was so sad when he was parallized by the accidental 
accident??? i believe it was a horse??? 
TOO bad that he could not rally fly away that day. 
Now they have done another one although??? 
I am too poor to view it! 
I will never go to theatre again. 
L()()k Parme ??? 
Up in the sky,its a bird,its a plane. 
Its Superman.

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Bitter discontentment rules my life
It breathes life into my battered soul
All I feel is rage
Tragic disappointments remind me
That only doom lies ahead

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Where Is He?

Falling to the ground, ducking my head.
Seeing friends in a mound, all of them dead.
Bombs burst, killing more.
Living is a first, in this hellish war.
Bullets hit, there dreaded victim.
Bit by bit, we hate the system.
Rifle shots, peirce the air.
We're just robots, disposed of without a care.
Where is he, the president?
He's not fighting besides me, thats what i meant.
Sitting back, in his comfy chair.
While we attack, the pain he does not share.
Why I ask, myself silently.
Just a mask, they are so greedy.
What is there task, surely not help the needy.
Where is he, not here.
This pain kills me, I fall another tear.
This hellish war....
I am no more.

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Restrictive Services

 Restrictive Services 
Restrictive Services 
Knowledge kept would be the crime of the century plant the knowledge in a pot of 
kept who gets it who wins no one wins all will die the field of flowers covers me 
eye cry the wind has taken all my thoughts the sorrow of the world has come the 
pot is kept the knowledge pot but even worse restrictions come the harder it gets 
the harder it seems to become no one wins when knowledge leaves the 
knowledge pot unless it shares with all the people come the candle burning at 
both ends impresses no one the work ignored the  knowledge soon repressed 
the books are burned the burning dress is added to the pep rally bond fire and 
the work the fun is gone toss in all the textbooks while the devil dances there and 
animal become 

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My Regret

My life means nothing,
I am a liar,
I also betrayed,
Petty and worthless,
Is how I’m defined.

I lost my will,
I feel regret,
I hate my past,
And my present.

The future,
Is unclear,
I need change.

Low life,


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All of a sudden, the town sort of changed,
As though the years had heaped all their dust in one go,
Reshaping the atmosphere and structure,
Erecting a darker, more feral architecture.

I sat on a bench in the square with a Diet Coke,
A Café Crème silently smouldered in my fingers,
And the ambience bristled, dangerous sensations
Tingling playfully along my gooseflesh arms.

When I was a kid, I remembered, it had felt safe,
Sure it looked crab-apple old, but solid;
Now slightly surreal – a Kebab Shop, a Cost Cutter,
Peddled addictions in the stead of grocers and cafes.

And the windows, once lit, once bright and wide,
Inviting day and night casual window shoppers;
Wares now squirreled away, shut behind steel and mesh,
Blinded produce, unless you have X-Ray eyes.

A car blazed past, peeling paint, hubcaps spraying rain,
The driver wore a reversed baseball cap,
His boombox roared culture of nine-thousand miles distant:
“Yo, mutha, today you die – rat-at-at-tat – today you die…!”

I smoked and drank coke and felt my childhood expire,
It had been years since I sat beside the Great War Cenotaph,
Yet the life that had died so very long ago for me,
Felt as though it had suddenly passed just then.

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A forge coin

I still remember,
The day was very hot,
Sun was at the top head,
Road was completely burning,

Air was totally calm,
Sweat was bathing a body,
Trees were quiet to keep their shadows,
Birds were still singing on the branches,

Both sides on the road,
There were very big houses,
Fans and coolers were active,
To reduce the outer burn.

A bucket was on her head,
She came to finish her cleaning job,
A hawker was selling Ice,
Her naked son has irritating demand,

He was wearing natural skin,
His bare feet was walking slow,
She was pulling him,
When hawker came to her,

She freed a coin,
From one corner of her scarf,
Hawker refused her to take it,
She has a forge coin,

She was abusing him,
Was he a rich man?
Why he gave it to me.
A bastard beggar.

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Whole Burned

Cattle to the slaughter, wood slatted carriage, 
Travelled reek of human waste, of fear, despair; 
Anguished weeps the daughter on parents fused in marriage, 
Crematoria arms embrace, emaciated, bare. 

Where grow the flowers now, fields once were green, 
Whole burned the constellation, razed to the root; 
Of why, what for and how, her cornflower eyes had seen 
Her race in conflagration, ground by heel of boot. 

She held the corpses tight as lime stabbed her eyes 
And tears raped each cheek and reason fled her mind; 
Where is love and light, the God who never dies, 
The saviour of the meek, the Lord of humankind?

Haunting, ashen billows, flesh to choke the heavens, 
Drifted from the towers, ravaging the sun; 
She fell beneath the willows, at the age of seven, 
Whole burned among dead flowers, salvation from a gun...

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Daughter of Thelema

Wild eyes of Moloch prod evil's rise
Launching an epoch of occult wrath
Obelisks slice open once placid skies
Black brothers prance down the left hand path

Twilight language slithers from forked tongues
Demonic force of atomic fire
Oppenheimer's cult flouts songs unsung
Babylon working death's golem dire

The blue degrees map ritual tests
Incantations dissolve textured space
Cigar burn direct from Satan's nest
Impregnating woe ensures disgrace

Black suits rampage the corrupted womb
Plucking the beastly fetus within
To be locked inside Trinity's tomb
Binding the possessed within hell's spin

Grand blast at the thirty-third degree
Proof of ambitious calculations
While fusing their wicked guarantee
To rope the freewill of all nations

Within months, two more brutal tears fall
Truman pursues Masonic command
Near ground zero, the doomed natives crawl
Victims of fate's cataclysmic hand

Jack Parson's crater haunts the dark side
Tucked from scrutiny like grim intent
A prize for speeding our Babel slide
Beyond our aptitude to repent

Threats still linger beyond destruction
As men hold our whole planet captive
Thelema's spirit aids their function
Even as her daughter grows restive

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Caesar (Angel of Sadness)

I fear no man, no beast
I randomly select souls and sell them for no lease
I walk with flesh, I gallop with clouds 
Yet on this heavenly palette, I stand with gods ever so proud
I marry for beauty, I sin for lust
My hopes pleasure is honestly a must
Watch for winds from the east, for I have come again
I trust no one, I spoil loyalty with morals
Life is no fun, death is royalty in earthly portals
I trout with my shoulders squared
For in this battle, “good,” I have faired
My mission to satisfy the grips of greed by our egos need
My vision to bring war, 
Tears and sanctuary to my every enemy as they plead
Watch for a cool breeze from the east, for I’ve come again
I will bring riches and luxury to the palms of we poor
I am guilty of taking the everyday that we so hesitantly adore
My equals will love me, your gods will look above me
Yet the jewels of envy will so long to hug me
I will be murdered by those I keep so distant from disasters art
Yet so close to my heart
I will ask why, my keepers will have one last cry
I will carry through will one final task and die 
Watch for winds from the east for I have come again
I will haunt you in your dreams
I will taunt you in your casual scenes
I will take from you, what you have given to me
The guilt the horror of triumph, misery, and loneliness
That I will never get to live and see
Watch for a cool breeze from the east 
Watch for hell to fall from heaven just to tease this beast
I will be spoiled will praises once more, for I have come again

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Today a son misses his father, a daughter thinks about her mother today a 
mother cries for her son as a father sheds tears for his daughter,
1825 days ago love was lost for millions 52  weeks ago our nation morned,
5 years ago we remember .... we remember the fallen  we 
remember the senseless slaughter. 
today we will always remember as taps is played on the horn.
 Today  5 years ago a nation came together 1825 days ago we prayed for one 
another  52 weeks ago we raised our flag from the ashes, 
Today we stand and salute those over there, today we look to the ski`s for the 
ones up there today we think of the ones left alone,
Today around the world we relive 9/11 with tributes, vigils on radios in churches 
in schools with all the stations showing news flashes .
today 5 years ago TWTC was turned to stone.
Today Americans stand in honor, we pay our respects, and stand united,
5 years ago today tears fell from heaven,
1825 days ago and our anger still has n`t subsided, 
52 weeks ago on Nine Eleven. 

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If it were so?

This country we all call home, 

where many have laid down their lives in the 

name of freedom and justice for all...

Where Pilgrims did land on Plymouth 

Rock and declared this land America!. 

A place where it was written by the Forefathers that every man is 

created equal in the eyes of God. 

Where justice is declared to be blind to the law... 

Where everyone can have a piece of the American dream

and a plot of land to plant his seeds...

Where everyone is entitled to 

vote on Election Day... If this country be so great? 

Then why does my color keep my children out 

of the same schools as yours?  My child dream no dreams of

ever sitting in the White House one day? They only dream of avoiding 

the jails or the jobs that don’t pay!

Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

Copyright ©1997 Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

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Dear mother

I loved everything about you even your sins  
when you gave up and told yourself "I lose" I reminded you to win 
The saddest thing I've ever known was the day you toldme on the phone belief no more you 
had in me and she could come and i couldn't and thats final you see
I no longer understand what you are or what your trying to do I guess doing to me what 
your own mother did to you

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Unwelcomed Beauty

She moves northward steady and strong.
Her winds increase with each passing second.
Her devastation amasses above the currents.
Yet, she has a name of beauty, Katrina.

Her body, though powerful, moves slowly,
while her outward punches move increasingly faster.
Her arrival is not one that the recipients welcome
as they drive off in haste for their escape and safety.

But, with sadness, I say that others do remain
ready to fight or they have nowhere else to go.
It is for them I pray on this day, to the Lord
to grant them safe harbor and shelter from the storm.

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Revenge of Sylvia Plath: Part 2

Assia's victory over Sylvia
And her existence with Ted
Was bitter-sweet
There was no fairytale ending
Her Prince grew discontent with her
Like he had with Sylvia
Though her womb bore
Him a daughter to cherish
No wedding bells would ring
Just reminding Assia again
That Ted's heart really
Belonged to Sylvia
Despite all her trickery
She realized that she never 
Really had Ted's love 

Suffering from her sinister sin
Haunted by Sylvia's memory
And rejected by the man she worshipped
She decided to kiss Ted goodbye forever
Just like Sylvia had done years before
Laying a mattress down on the kitchen floor
Then sealing the kitchen doors and windows
Dissolving some sleeping pills 
In whiskey for herself
Turning the gas stove on
Then laid down next to 
She and Ted's daughter, Shura
Until they took their final breath
Bringing a fateful end to her life
And that of her daughter's

What an ironic ending
Like something out of a novel
That the vixen who once took so
Much happiness away from Sylvia
Would find herself alone 
And filled with despair
Ending her life in a nearly identical manner
Proving that we always pay for our sins eventually
No one can escape their day of judgment
Our dirty deeds always follow us to the grave
As Assia discovered too well

Sylvia lost Ted in life
But, through her vengeance
She won him back in death
Getting her justice
And fighting back 
The way she could not
Find the strength to do 
When she was alive
Sylvia's vengeance expanded
For when people speak the name Assia
It is only in disgust
For all she is remembered as is 
The woman who wrecked Ted and Sylvia's marriage
But, Sylvia enjoys success from beyond the grave
For Ted made sure that her 
Beautiful works of poetry were published
Immortalizing Sylvia's genius forever
Finally giving her the happiness 
That escaped her in life
So she could rest peacefully
Until the day 
They would be together again


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       The rescue squade and the firemen

       are digging out for  people that are

       trapped under the buildings that crumbled.

       The national guard is there helping some

       of them are losing thier lifes searching for others.

       There are little children that lost thier

       life's because of some guy wanting to do harm.


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            The bomb was hand made from chemicals

            and placed inside the building.

            There was quite a few people in the

            building that blew up and come trumbling

            down lot of people got killed.

            The rescue workers started searching for

             abled bodies and those that was killed

             among the ones who was barried alive in

             the bottom floor of the building they didn't

             have a chance at life.

   6/7/05 MIKE MILLER

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Sierra Leon

                  Raptured by war 
                  Rebels overtake 
                  Clawed and torn apart
                  Death a familiar foe
                  Ashes instead of homes
                  Stranded - some escape
                  Not all make it alive
                  Woman and children
                  Captured for slavery
                  Obey or die!
                  Tortured and raped
                  Half Beaten to Death!
                  Silence or Consequence 
                  Limbs Lost as Punishment!
                  Cries and screans silenced
                  No one hears their silent pleas!
                  Unknown faces no one sees
                  Stories untold and forgotten
                  Precious and troubled souls
                  Endangered by our ignorance.

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Shuddering as she swept the cobwebs away, taking the last step up into the old 
one room attic. Pushing her way through the window of time. 
Listening to the cries of war, wondering what it was all for. 
They were a peaceful people, why would anyone want to make trouble this way. 
Hearing the screams, seeing the bodies lying all over the floor, knowing she 
could not go to the other side anymore. 
The Deed is done and she's all alone,listening to the silence through that old 
window of time

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Abandoned Place

Empty for centuries
Forgotten palaces of those
Long forgotten themselves

But the city remains...
Abandoned, yes..
But by the wisps of past doings
Etched into the forever
Vibrations that falter not,
But resonate with deeds...
and history,

Home to no one...
save the ghosts
of those...
Still attached...
in spirit...

How many cities,
How many worlds,
Are home to but
Memories unremembered?

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I am Poem

I am a slave child.

I hear my mother sobbing loudly.

I see my friends and their families kicking and screaming as they are being hit over and
over again.

I feel terror for myself and my mother.

I send that my brother is already dead.

I touch my mother's arm, shaking her, trying to wake her up.

I see blood running out beneath her, she had been shot.

I taste the dirt and the blood as i am thrown onto the ground and beaten.

I come angry, rise up, and try to grab his gun, I scream "you killed my mother, you killed
my brother, you killed everyone!" But I am struck down,

I hear a gun cock close to my body.

I feel myself fading away as I see the blood flowing out, my blood.

I am a slave child, and I can now join my mother and brother in heaven.

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Homeless Alone

Picking off carrion birds on the
telegraph line with a calculating eye;
sat on a cold marble tombstone armchair
chiseled with the name of a friend of mine...
what was he called now?
Strange days these indeed, they never seem to end;
isolated in my freezer compartment mind,
nothing much is stirring in there,
no circuit breakers cut through the stasis.
I poke the dead leaves with a psychic shotgun barrel;
they rustle and crackle - moths in a Chinese lantern.
Incoming snowflakes lock onto my cheekbones,
heat dredged slowly through my scalp;
I savour the chill as it creeps into my flesh,
shivers at least are delicious and Winter likes
to embrace my soul and fondle my
heart valves with permafrost fingers.
Tears won’t solve anything,
and wanting something doesn’t get anything;
the only cure for cold is warmth and shelter,
the only cure for loneliness is company.
Alas, I have no friends
and all my enemies are dead.

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Buffalo Thunder No More

(Chief White Buffalo speaks) 

Long knives turn dark the west sky,
Bring big iron horse on rails that roar—
My people now starve and die,
Where buffalo thunder no more.

Their bones turn red, then pure white
As pale hunters stack them in piles—
Their praise we chant in the night,
Our stories like smoke travel miles.

They give us cattle for meat
And tell us now to end our hunt—
But no red man is complete
As we just nod and meekly grunt.

They take sacred land for gold
And give us less food and more lies—
Our Great Father has grown old
And will not gaze upon sunrise.

The long knives bring many things:
Baubles, sickness, wonder and war—
But he takes more than he brings—
And buffalo thunder no more.

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Thoughts Of A Soldier

Thoughts Of A Soldier 
Marchinn,no beatin drum to keep my rhythum. 
No one is singinn or whistlinn. 
Just making miles on a one way trip. 
Bringing death to all religions. 
Armed with weapons of mass destruction. 
Carryinn my extra socks and foot powder. 
Wishinn i did not have to have my beer later. 
Lookinn for a place no place to eat. 
Forgettinn always to carry meat. 
Have i got my knife yet and all my leaven. 
On my merry way to heaven, 
I have to fight now to survive. 
Thoughts of a soldier,gettinn older in the night. 

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Falsely Accused

Humiliation, I’m no stranger to that
Some people seem to know the facts
I’m innocent. I’ve said it all before
I am a good person to the core
I can get emotional, ask anyone
I am full of love, passion, and fun
But to have lies told that ruin your life
Wondering what man will make you a wife
Why don’t they see that I’m not telling lies?
They just ignore my moans and my cries
I’m falsely accused nobody knows my fears
Or how it feels being on the verge of tears

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All The Dead Butterflies

Artist's Proof 
All the Dead Butterflies'
I am disappointed to know
That I did not even think
Hurricanes destroyed all
Of the winged, colorful
Butterflies alongside the 
Beach on the Florida coast.
Butterfly count: less 
Than we even realized.

Elizabeth Dawn Allmon

Copyright ©2008 Elizabeth Dawn Allmon 

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Echo echo echo living in the hills,
We come and speak to you to you to you,
And you give us little thrills thrills thrills.
You say back to us what we have said said said,
Makes a smile come upon our head head head,

It is so sad you lost your love love love,
He didn’t understand your embrace embrace embrace,
So whence he ran and you gave chase chase chase,

Looking over the canyons canyons canyons,
Still looking for your love love love
Much like the falcon falcon falcon,
Flying high above above above

Now you give us pleasure pleasure pleasure 
To shout back at us us us
With words we have spoken spoken spoken
Sometimes you make us blush blush blush

So please never leave us us us 
We enjoy your company company company
And you help us, to feel free free free.

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Armenian War Child

This child of war,

feel as her blood runs cold.

Observe the festered wounds upon her feet,

the bullet hole in her head.

Why would someone wish such innocence dead?

Her mother slain by her side.

Her brothers and sisters, all have died.

Her father cradles the lifeless body in his grasp.

Weeping frantically, with hatred in his soul.

The demons came and murdered,

left all for dead.

The world’s turned a blind eye to their plight.

The brave few that do remain,

fight to end their children’s suffering and pain.

Tired of watching their sons beheaded,

their daughters molested,

their wives and mothers burnt alive.

The burning of their towns and homes darkens the skies.

Their religion mocked, their priests disemboweled,

left hanging in the center of town.

They fight to preserve their way of life,

but the world’s turned a blind eye to their strife.

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My America

Blacks and whites,
How diverse.
Lets go back in time, 
Rewind but our actions in reverse!

Dont depend on the amount of time,
You think you have until you die.
Lets the hands of God,
The lifes of us all lie!

Speak up and be known,
While you have the chance.
You dont have to use words,
Express your self another way like dance!

Too much work,
We have no time to play.
Speak up now, 
While you have the say!

The abuse the pain,
We Can not control.
Everything that goes on,
It is not your job to patrol!

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I reflect on the way you treated me 
the way you used and abused
left me young, dumb, and confused
At that tender age i could never choose
 and i thank my sister for bringing out the truth 
I never had a chance to cherish my "sweet pea"
You left me for years struggling with low self esteem
no one not even you paid attention to my screams 
i reflect on how i didn't even want to go any farther
i reflect on you my own father.......

........ Reflecting, looking at my own reflection 
you was friendly the only one on the block introduced yourself to me
Yea i remember I was 10 you was 12
At 15 you left me,
Had me going through emotions felt like hell.
You was like only family the only one who understood
The only one that allowed me to cry all I could
the best thing is she never let me cry alone
I reflect on how 6 years later we still maintaining strong........REFLECTING 

Now some years has pasted and the troubles run deeper
The state is involved and the top hill I was on run steeper 
With all the programs, youth shelters, foster homes, and new people
No one around me to trust, now I'm a light sleeper.
I sit here in the dark crying is all I can do
As I get older, I have more things to think about and choose
I'm paying for my father's sickness day by day 
Just because he was a pedophile and decided to penetrate
Who ever thought us all five of his daughters
Now everything I do I have to protect it 
Not every  man knows what respect is...
So I end my reflection turning away from the 
person staring at me in the mirror
Next person who experience this God please protect her.

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Conclusion Of A Person

A person can be so pleasing and yet be raging within.

A person can say one thing and thier actions say another.

A person can seem to be so right and be so very wrong.

A person can be lonely and never be alone.

A person can be quite vigil and still not see it all.

A person can be a great friend and still not be there everytime.

A person can be quite good but never good enough.

 In Conclusion:
A person can have great knowledge and still no change of heart or soul,
they are never what they seem.

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I Took a Walk

My mind empty as my bank account.
Thoughts and worries squeezed out.
I shuffle along a neighborhood street.
No memories do I secrete.
I stare at my shoes, and the concrete.
No destination my goal.
Mere movement for movement's sake.
There's some rich new embarrassment
Preparing to burst forth
As a puss filled infestation of confusion.

Each day walking gets harder
Each day caring get harder
All my thoughts off key
My whole life out of tune.

Retreat to my bunker.
Viscous guard dogs patrol.
Electric fence of disdain
Surround the outer barbed wire fence

The tall wall next, guarded by fanatical defenders.
In the courtyard, seemingly placed as almost as a joke,
A small olive tree does evoke
The insanity of it all

Down 15 flights of bomb-proof
Armoured stairs, beneath a mountain
of reinforced concrete.
Through sense detectors,
sliding barriers, bullet proof
Barring escaping defectors

Finally to my worn linen throne
Meaningless posters and flags
Draped on a solid wall destined
To be crumbled in defeat...
My regime destined to the
eternal damnation for which
I'd worked so hard.

The shakes come from within,
As well as the bomb blasts above.
I have taken my last walk.
I left my mark upon this world.
One that decades will be required
to erase..

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A Shinning Star

A shining star a loyal son 
 That smile, that wave , you were special to us John 
 We watched you grow as if you were our own 
 And now we face the future all alone 
 You set yourself apart from the family 
Yet you could never escape their tragedy 
We think about what could have been 
 And shake our heads and say what a sin 
 We hoped and prayed they were wrong 
 We are haunted by the memory of that song 
 Forever young you will always be 
And now you’re with John and Bobby 

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Unfavorable War

Local word mixer.
Risky job pays big money,
a days pay with us
for a month alone.

Increasing tension,
a no show.
We go to his abode.
A massacre we did find.
Blood ankle deep.
Mother, brother, father, 
son, and daughter.
One and all taken.
Fourteen is the total.
All without heads,
twisted, tangled torsos, 
lying about, here and there.
Scattered without care.

Tears from the tough,
when the little one was found.
Out the back,
dark, unblinking eyes stare.
Buzzing flies,
a deafening noise.
Each and every one,
head on a stick.

Why this craziness?
All to create fear.  
Entire family, no more,
taken without pride.

I shed many a tear.
How much I hate,
can we create.
Does life negate?

No price is too high,
scenes of panic and torture,
burned in my mine.
Singed on my soul.
An unfavorable war.

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I gaze up at white ceilings, ornately painted,
But these black tiles are somehow tainted.
As I walk across them,
not thinking of the laborer
who was soiled in soil
to make this place.

Yellow sunshine keeps on shining
I dare not look, for it is blinding,
and with it, the Reds shall follow
into the slanted seas of blue.
They will drown in nihilistic nightmares. 

This room is cold, sepulchral.
I light this fire just to feel some warmth.
Home is where the heart is.
But this house is empty, like our promises.
The walls encompass hearts of others, 
beating on in silence. 

On this house, the roof is black as tar.
The wood that built it is mahogany brown.
Yellow lights illuminate the nights.
The foundation is nothing but a gray slab
that offers its strength and support.
As I pass the silver mirror,
I notice the flaw of the ivory white frame.
It hangs much lower than it used to.
Perhaps I once walked taller.
I catch a glimpse of my unspoken privilege
and can't help but feel ashamed.

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Padded Exits

Locked away in the place for the special ones
The eccentric, the odd balls, the misfits
We rest here
We roam here
We are our own entire breed
When we return to society
We cannot assimilate into your pretentious existence
So we return
We hate it
But, we know no other life
It is the only place where we fit in
The only place we belong
We may be in hell
But, we ride this rollercoaster together
Sharps locked away and padded cells
Living here in this therapeutic hell
But, unable to escape
Our mind is chained here
We cannot escape our destiny

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Evening Hue Downs

On the screaming tube
flashes of color 
transform images 
into an unsettling reality

	shining silver
	splits the air and
	the hearts
	of the country’s finest

	scarlet remains
	and petrified screams
	emerge as terror
	fills Columbine

	stripped of three 
	foreign territory
	gather more hostages

	smoldering oranges
	two towers
	into eternity

for now colors
fade and fuzz
while reality pauses
I’ve no button for color blindness

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Things will Never be the Same (2005)

Its hard for you both and things will never be the same
I unlike others have no intention of pointing the blame
Your decision was tough and caused much pain
No things will never be the same
I’m holding onto you both and not letting go
No one should be judged because we never know
There comes a time when you’re torn apart 
My loyalties are still with you though you broke a heart

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The Last BBQ

I've been to the last family BBQ
The family is no more
Those still alive
Dispersed from shore to shore

No more Thanksgivings,
Which I always hosted
The over-assortment of goodies
Of which I always boasted

Christmas in the mountains
I'm like a bear in hibernation,
Only, saddly awake,
My heart does quake

Photo albums,
All I have left of life,
Better than naught, I suppose,
Must last me till this life does close

Soon enough, I think
Have another drink...
Sorry to say,
This life does stink

They're all gone...
Some dead...
Some moved...
Some vanished in thin air
It's come to the point,
I no longer care.

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The Human condition

Love those in need of care
Fill the hungry with food
Coddle the orphan with loads to bare
Believe in the misunderstood

Help the weak to fend for themselves
Help those without cause to believe
Excite the poor with prospects of wealth
Learn from the wise, teach what you conceive

Direct the blind who cannot see
Provide the cold with hope & heat
Release the caged, set them free
Salute those who admit defeat

Accept what’s written in the stars
Believe in fate and destiny
Bring peace to those at constant war
Shelter the scared, show sympathy

Live morals, grace and capability
Have faith in the human entity

Profit from the song I was born to sing
Promise the poet his dreams
Wolves in sheep’s clothing lingering
Not everything is what it seems.

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Living who's Life?

Constellations of no account,
About swimming in nonexistent.
Conceived from thought into breath,
Only to live to die all in one stage scene lifetime.
And what obtains the living into reality?
Many things.
Wondering of one,
The idea set from the hearts of numberless.
Stream-flow of the walking average;
Pay taxes,
Cable minded,
Dreaming to tread water,
Never determined to challenge the ordinary.
And final destination,
The path-journey to the realm to a close, 
Norm of the influenced world calling this 'the unique way.'
 Why do souls quarrel daily in the silent mist against this current-voyage?
Questioning,"Is this it!"
Knowing the theory of de-evolution is true & lives.
From human bowing to less.
O' how dreamers die still living in,
A society declining of fate that seems to never-end.

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A story.

I'll tell you a story of a man and his times, 
                             how a hard life once had him so blind.
To fill, to be still, to be and to let go,
                             I know this man and I've seen this show,
Burdened by a past not so right,
                             just wanting to rage and take flight,
But on sobering mornings this what he felt,
                    one with him, no one there to help.
He bottled his fillings smoked away his tune,
                             a troubled young man wanted to die to soon,
Better to be dazed then fill the past,
                              rather be drunk then to hear them laugh,
Tagged as a sinner,some one going no where,and no where fast,
                              he be leaved the hype thought it wouldn't pass,
I can't remember the time or the place,
                               there are no still frames of when he changed the pace.
Maybe it was in a child's tears, or love that he thought he'd never find,
                               but this man woke up and he was no longer blind,
Tears ran down his face, guilt made it's case, remorse now had a face,
                                a sorry man he now stood, not broken just out of place,
After the smoke settled and the past laid to rest this man found way,
                                contempt,in love with hopes and dreams he stands today,
No longer stoned to believe, drunk to the future, humbled to the light,
                                this man found a way to make it all right,
This is a story of a man who just wanted to be,
                                this story is of a man I found in me.