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Science Personification Poems | Personification Poems About Science

These Science Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Science. These are the best examples of Science Personification poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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the last word of hunter

As I seize from greener pasture
Forgive me for taking away nature
lives have always been in vain
stopping them from breathing with pain
I toil never to hold my gun
with tears full of fun
The sleepless night became difficult
Because hunting was my cult
I regret taking away this joy of hunting
But not jolliness of killing
remembering the beautiful butterfly
and the choral singing of birds pass by
I never forget about the forest
even when I went to rest.

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* Weird  Science *

With pens he walks
Pocket Protectors to protect his chest
Taped up glasses on his face
Pull his pants down, call him a GEEK a NERD
Science -relativity theory and it's light speed from space
Experiment this- discover that, is how scientist rant
Brainy cats have so many open portals in their minds
You talk down to us as if we carry the brains of a bird
Do you really think we are all blind, 
for not caring over the objectives  principles of the Heisenberg?

You passed  each and ever single science fairs in class
Feeding your ego collecting dots 
After school you earned the right when a bully kicked your a$$!
A DORK calling your self the Math Magician King
Burning and crashing our minds explaining the physics of dying fast 
Using your Quantum Leap that our universe comes with a destiny string

No desire to be wired who needs your further scientific understanding
Life comes with a pattern in which we once lived electricity free
Ironically your scientific process of defining itself continues to expand
Supported by the measurements and masses only you NERDS understand
The power points of our so called energy,
is pointless to me like our so called gravity.
The tale you spin is not of love but a twisted one of insanity

God is the only scientific knowledge I want to perceive!
All you so called scientist, riding the lightning like Benjamin F.  
Take the bolt and tie it like a noose around your neck
Following your own perception while you feed off the sheep
Here you come to emerge to discipline us with your mind of a genius
You come and you bash us with NERD brain waves to explain! 
That this world revolves around the elements and laws of scientific claims

Research this- research that- who gives a cr@p we still die at the end
While life continues, to grow and manipulate our fate, about the universe
Unsolved facts about Einstein, who left his velocity of change for us to comprehend.
Instead of trying to rule the world, explain the facts why things keep getting worse?
Over exaggerating the excitement of an Ancient Mayan 2012 discovery curse.
Bottom line you scientific  quacks,
the real Celestial body is found on the bottom of my crack.

By; P.D.            ( LOL, I love Science )

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I Am

I am your god
You worship at my altar
Yet I offer you no salvation
My glassed fingers
Boiling liquid answers
Hypothesis's inconsistencies

I promise 
I entice
Stretching minds to new possibilities
Some are offered health and wellness
I am virility in a blue pill
Cancers enemy
A diabetic's reason to celebrate
I am a surgeons hand
I am more

Yet I take
I wound
I baffle
You are unable to wield my power
I am atomic
Power to warm
Light your darkened hallways
Melt the skin from your bones
I am disappearing ozone
The death of your oceans
Viruses strengthened by your wisdom
I am the answers to questions you don't wish answered
I point you to another
Yet you are blind
You cannot see 

You worship at my altar
Yet I offer no salvation

Personifying Science contest.
Written September 14th 2013

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A Sonnet for Science

Science, you’re a cool, efficient fellow. Your counterpart, Humanities, is free to simply feel, while you, with need to KNOW, stir brightest minds with curiosity! You show us God-like strides in every field of your vast knowledge as you tempt mankind each century with wonders of your yield, influencing the world’s each greatest mind, practitioners who then unleash your power for good or bad into the universe. Arts dance while you grow mighty in your tower, like Babel rising. Will you be our curse? Your worshipers are not divine, and they - In raising YOU - may fell the world one day.

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The Man Is Moonlighting

Once a month Earth’s moon takes another gig
     Moonlighting in a far-off galaxy
The lunar eclipse only veils the truth
     The man in the moon is an absentee

Decades peering down, he needs some relief
     He’s seen famine, wars and catastrophes
His face now pocked by craters of despair
     His other world? Fewer calamities!

He’s often afraid to show his full face
     So he waxes and wanes in synchrony
Slivers sometimes, half globes make their debuts
     Full orb appears with lovers’ harmony

Contrary to most popular beliefs
     Werewolves do not gain power from his light
The man in the moon beams with a full grin
     When we follow a path righteous and bright 

This is the reason we see harvest moons
     At times when we reap the best seeds we’ve sewn
The man who watches us is happy then
     Bright orange smile -- appreciation shown

*For Deborah Guzzi’s Harvest Moon Contest
Phrase: The Man in the Moon

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Science and Man's Destiny

The knowledge I have given man empowers him to chart his own destiny Will it be for his betterment or his detriment I can only wait and see

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 As a helium balloon  floated up in the sky  one day
Gravity told him he'd soon be  coming  down
The balloon  thought up was the only way
On his way to the great unknown

 He was hoping he'd  reach the stars
But he didn't get that far
Suddenly gravity began tugging at him
And soon helium lost his vigor and vim
He began slowly coming down
Gravity held him till he reached the ground

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Life of an Atom

Day in and day out, white coated lab rats try chopping me into smaller and smaller pieces as if I was no more significant than a carrot or an onion.  Enough, already. 
But there’s more.  Those irrational humans throw piles of money at
Elongated underground tunnels for the sole purpose
Of smashing me into nano-somethings.
I could think of better ways to spend a Sunday.

When those “geniuses” get bored with trying to split me, 
They attach little circular imposters together with pins.
Why they revel in their intelligence by playing
With clown noses is beyond me.

To be born an atom is exhausting,
But I’ll outlast every one of
Those meddling humans.
You’ll see!

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Sleeping dragon through the Dark Ages,
Coldblooded and unfeeling wraith,
It awoke and consumed the human race,
Entering every aspect of their lives.
Nothing can destroy this beast of knowledge
Except an Apocalypse.

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Ancient History

We are a faint star cluster,
a mere wisp of evening cloud
So far, so very far away
Our distance cannot be fathomed
by your feeble, mortal mind
We may be stardust by now…

For Sheri’s contest