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Personification Confusion Poems | Personification Poems About Confusion

These Personification Confusion poems are examples of Personification poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Personification Confusion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There she stands 
Centre stage for all to see
Tall and slender 
Precariously she balances.

I reach out for her
Draw her to me 
My hand skims her body 
Slowly reaching her skirt.

Playful fingers find hidden areas
Delighted her legs spring forth
Displaying the very beauty
Of her delicately adorned skirt.

Gaily she dances around
Dizzily twisting and turning
In the brightness of day shading
She gently tends to my needs.

Personal ballerina takes to toes leaping
Merrily bobbing up and down
As emotional to her performance
Clouds cry a thousand tears for her.

Reaching our destination
Slightly shaken, she leans
Watches me quietly drips
Against the wall.

Reminiscent of the day's fulfillment
We acknowledge one another silently
Restful knowing we shall be
One once more.

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A faceless enemy (what's there to Celebrate)

He appear to be a ladd of maybe 9 yrs. old.  It's Friday, as our troop's prepared to move
out unto enemy territory, and then KABOOM!!...he becomes a suicide bomber.  WOW! face-
less at such a young age.  Now as I gather my comrade's body parts (as well as my thou-
ght's) to myself I say, "these people's belong in a cage".  Pain in Irag, will it ever end, here
children's are taught too kill again & again.  Our Boy'zz in misery, misery all around us, the
stinch of death is everywhere.  Their fearless leader leads no more.  Soon he's capture, "one
would think, finally!! and now answer's of life can be restore, but sadly there's only more
bloodshed here in Irag.  And a salacious cloud still hoovers above our heads as the dead
bodie's continue's to rise, another soldier get sent home and familie's shall not be able to
stop the flow of tear's pouring from their eye's. (faceless at such a young age)
Our Boy's and Gal's in misery - here in a country, were there is no love, "A faceless enemy",
we continue to fight.  Our Congressmen and Senator's vote to keep this sinceles war going,
"for our freedom", lying to themselve's and to the American people's.  "For our Freedom",
"I don't understand-how can freedom be justified with a bullet and a gun".  How can Freedom
be (?) when every Saturday you'll be burying your daughter or your son.  Someday soon
we do get to go home, from here to a faceless nation.  As the dead bodie's continue to rise,
and before the break of dawn starts another day.  Your lil 9 year old goes outside to play.
In this land of confusion lil boy's also goes outside, freedom for him is to suicidily kill the
enemy-each and every morning in the name of Allah his mother tells him.  So 10 U.S. sold-
ier's live's are gone, more are on the way.  Remember their President is dead and gone
while our wants a "Celebration".

P.S.... This particular poem came to me in a dream, as in a dream I was there (in Irag)
holding this soldier who had been shot, and he relate's this particular
poem for me to write:

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How painful it is to fall
Mind I am lost
Please rescue me!
Haste! For stranded I stand
Upon shores bemused
Alongside the sea
Haste!     Haste!
Lest I choose to swim 
And lie beneath what no eye can see

                                                 Compare approach to “Heart, we will forget him!” 
                                                                              By Emily Dickinson

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Indignant am I,     
My Life on the Line.
Through self inflections of my       
Dope sick addictions.
Raping my soul.
Unable to recover.
Failure as a mother.
Spinning out of control,
No place to go, 
No one to hold.
As an abuser,
I have no hope for the future.
Needing a hand 
But I have not a friend.
My hateful demise has pushed them aside.
Ashamed of my choices,
I'm riddled with guilt.
My children at risk,
Hurt and broken,
Loving me still.
Oh, what I'd give to be free from of all my Ill's
For the Love of God to find his way 
Back to this dope sick mother
In desperation of his blessings
To be forgiving
For I am his child, and I need him to come into my life.
For I am not ready to die
Just to recover!

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You played me

Running your fingers
over my delicately tuned form.
Blind. - You know which keys to press.
To enhance sweet music  from me.
Happily and playfully,
my white notes singing love.
The darker side brings juxtaposed
moods and sadness,
pedalling drama and bitterness.
You know just how to play me.

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Just A Dream

It crept up on me by surprise.
You were like a gift from God.
So sweet and tender you were the perfect
You'd kiss me so softly touch me so gentle.
Every moment was like heaven.
I'd close my eyes only to think of you.
And open them only to realize it was a dream.
A dream is what you were.
A  pigment of my imagination.
Every touch, Every kiss was just a halusination.
Everything I thought you were or could be left me hurt and
The man I've been waiting so long for.
The one that would love me like no other.
Not afraid to show any emotions.
I believe how deeply you loved and cared for me.
Only to find out you never existed.

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Can you hear me god

Sometimes I question my own faith and wonder if you are real,
can you really feel all the pain I feel.
I wonder, Can you hear me god?

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep,
do you know the reasons why I weep.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I give up on myself,
is it because you forgot about me and chose to let me deal with myself.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes people hurt me , and sometimes I hurt others,
but it seems you let them be and it's my life you choose to bother.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes i feel like I'm your mistake,
is it because you judge me for all the mistakes that I make.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I hate others and sometimes others hate me,
but it seems you don't see others,
and it's my life with troubles you smother.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I hate you for taking my mother,
Sometimes I hate you even more for portraying my father.
I wonder, Can you hear me God?

Sometimes I think of my past,
and that's when I reliaze that nomatter what I'm feeling now,
it will never compare to the pain I was feeling back then.
It's times like this that I realize that's when you truelly chose to be my father,
to scold me, but hold me, to teach me but reach me.
To show me that my pain won't always last.

I believe this is true, at least that's the picture you drew,
yet I still wondwer, Can you hear me God?

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Letter To Hip Hop Cabinet Members

To whom it may rhyme honestly.
Hip hop is confused. 
Lyrics are nonsensical and abused.
Speaking against it means you'll be boozed.
Everyone is sold out and seduced.

Emcees battle for recognition in sweats of dead legends. 
Genre planted by dead lyrical prophets.
Currently they’re searching for rap god but this doesn’t sound ancient.
This search does not deserve a capital G
Let’s jump straight to old school index.

Biggy and Tupac for instance permanently were consumed.
Like gibberish everyone turned confused.
Now we have au pairs of hip hop.
Fears for Tears
Wait till that first president is vacuumed.

Everyone will defiantly be confused.
A holiday will be planted and assumed.
Rest assured it will be approved.
Holidays amplify drainage in pockets.
Like new hip hop, dead rhymes get approved.

But who am I sneaking in reality's perfume.
My hip hop worries are harmless sounds like gurgles.
Gun shots in my face would be unchained bullet harmonious patterns
But that menace to me is doddle.
Easy cake two minutes noodles.

As I pay my last respect and spit worries.
May Old School Hip Hop resurrect in peace.
Rise in bilingual lyrical pieces.
As beats, we will strike against these complex increases reviving our old nieces
In hope some dope emcee will neck rope this confused hip hop

Like News everyone is an expert of hip hop views
The sun will take a 12 hour flight before our darkness is saved from this loss.
We are plunging into darkness in the name of new century. 
Lost in the jungle.

Yours creatively Boom Bab Beats

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War is suffocating.
You see them run through a line of fire.

You wonder will they survive and then, you see others die before your eyes.

You stand and shout to someone familiar but no response came.
Therefore, vehemently you ran to not bleed again.

Would you make it out of this alive or would you die trying?
You would not remember either, when the life is taken from your eyes.

Stay positive!  Stay alive…

User Name: Verlena
Pseudonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: War (Epic)

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Puzzle Piece

A puzzle piece you are to me 
Like a vine without any leaves. 
Your heart is pure your soul is 
Gold, the sweetest thing I'll 
ever hold! A miracle in my eyes 
it seemed, knowing they said 
no babies for me! Always a 
surprise you seem to be just 
like a puzzle piece! At 9 months 
you walked but not until 4 did 
you first talk! Always a terror 
making a beautiful mess always 
a surprise that has yet to be 
met! The twists and turns I 
know we will see will seem 
somewhat like a roller coaster 
to me! The milestones and 
special gifts you bring will make 
my life seem Like a dream, my 
special boy I have always said 
How special I knew not till 
Aspergers they said! The 
journey will be trying the 
journey will seem long! But 
with our family together we will 
chug along! My special boy I 
love you so and cannot wait to 
see you mature and grow! Now 
we have a goal we have our 
dream you see to make you the 
perfect fitting puzzle piece!! 

Written by: Christina Kirks 
McCullouch 04/05/2012 For 
Jonathan S McCullouch Jr 
Mommy loves you to eternity 
and beyond! Forever and 

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Not Really

How it must hurt you so on days like this,
  Walking around with a frown clutching your fist.
Hearing the words that are meant to anger you,
   Confused  you cry because there is nothing you can do.
Your mind is playing tricks on you driving you to say,
    I hate you all and the games you play please just go away.
Trusting nobody you are not sure which way you sould go,
    It's not real and  all in your head  is what you do not know.
Waiting to see just what tomorrow will possibly bring,
    All will be perfect and you wont rememver a thing.
Your thoughts they torement you  almost every day,
   Each night asking our Lord why your life is this way.
Feeling so alone thinking there is nobody who cares,
   But actually there is so many but you are not aware .
If only you would hear me so you might begin to see,
   You must believe in yourself if you want to be free.
You must have some faith if you are to understand ,
    What God has in store for you and what he has planned.
All the hurt and anger will soon begin to disappear ,
    You'll stand up tall again facing life with no fear.
Please remember always that you are never alone,
    By listening with your heart your path will be shown.

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Broke Me Down

Something has apprehended me,
I'm intimidated by what I fear.
Petrified of loosing control of me personally,
I couldn't fathom my life to disappear.

The sadness is breaking me down inside,
one blow at a time!
Loosing sight of what is important to me,
maybe that's a sign.

So many thoughts are running though my head,
I can't piece the words together.
Formerly, there used to be direction in my life,
I can't comprehend it, there's nothing left to savor.

Wishing that I could recognize 
and effortlessly adore life's simple treasures.
Numerous memories to visualize, just one more time,
to seize life's unique pleasures.

Am I walking around in circles?
bolting from the pain.
I can't decipher through the debris in my head,
am I insane?

Shrieking out internally,
loosing track if what is real.
My mind is gradually deteriorating, I see it drifting away,
terror is entirely what I feel.

Wishing that I could recognize  
and effortlessly adore life's simple treasures.
Numerous memories to visualize, just one more time,
to seize life's unique pleasures.

Lying alone, locked up inside myself,
tears flow from my blood shot eyes.
The screams restricted within are driving me insane,
Who the hell am I?

What has happened to me? Somewhere along life's road,
I have relinquished all control.
Everything has spun out, like squealing tires in the night,
taking possession of my soul.

I'm slipping further into the darkness
and my surroundings are terrible cold.
Screaming to a crowd without a voice to carry my words,
a fear that my heart molds.

Wishing that I could recognize 
and effortlessly adore life's simple treasures.
Numerous memories to visualize, just one more time,
to seize life's unique pleasures.

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I want to say Something

Something is in my heart
I want to say it
Words can't support me
How can I say it?

I want to know,
If you can bear it

Why can't I say it?

I am delighted,
If you want to hear it?

No, no, or never
Why can't I say it?

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Mouse Or Men

In a labyrinth, the heart reveals its beauty,
its center a mystery.
The belly of the beast must be full of devastation.
It still hungers for more, tasting its last prey.
Soon it will stop and there will be silence.
Shivering in the corner, like a mouse captured by the light.
Caught in its betrayal, like a thief before the jury.
Exposing  scars, beating rhythm in the heart.

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Mr Silence

You never heard what I said until you listened to yourself
The silence is too loud diving deep in your ears 
Don’t be too thunderous improve your disagreements
Silence has painted jungles of rage making flammable thoughts dangerous
This unsafe poetry screaming back to us is no surprise but revelations chapters
So long the silence watered windows of soles with salted tears in our faces
Sing along I guess is time the church of poetry screaming big for us
Chanting secrets silence can’t keep up with all this evidence
Word of mouth so poetic I witness it’s the priest himself in poetry
Scrambled word by word the poetry sounded like its time for violence
Civilised Mr Silence can’t keep up with all this resistance    
Famous like the drug eating our nation silently 
Sometimes Silence has to listen to Himself 
So dangerous unplugging poetic thunders lightning comes natural
Silently the explosion encourages you to massage your brains
The darkness gets light your common sense shift to the next step…
Hypnotised in the middle of sex Mr Silence can’t think straight 
Mr Silence leaves behind prints of rhymes as evidence to chase flawless rhymes 
In the freeway of hope quietly policing creativity speed cops might hack his brain
Behind the bridge of speed traps lives Mr Peaceful Die-quietly
Sliced quietly before exposing the implementation of his loudness in poetry
Mr Silence loves his loudness
Though he's forever silent

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The Maiden of Mysteries

Maiden of Mysteries
Her look delivers infinite inquiries
One mirror displays devilish ears
While the other depicts an angel with joyous tears

Pink, red, yellow and blue
All part of the personality crew
Does she have Hermes’s cunning?
The next action will be truly stunning!

With strength, she does not despair
Since her condition is quite rare
All of these mirrors make her unique
By combining into a magnificent physique

Like a present under a Christmas tree
You don’t know what’s inside until the wrapping frees
There is always a pleasant surprise 
When meeting the Maiden of Mysteries

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Who am I?
And, why am I here?
The questions in my heart keep 
multiplying from time to time
I thought my parents would 
have an answer
But unfortunately, not even my 
mum or dad have a clue.
I spoke to my grandpa, and he 
asked me to look in the mirror.
So I ran back home to have a 
good look of myself
But the me in the mirror only 
stare in my face and mimic my 
Of course, I saw a reflection of 
me in the mirror
But it never said a word of it 
In fact, staring at him for that 
long made me feel dumb and 
So I ran back to tell grandpa a 
piece of my mind
And on getting there, they said 
grandpa is gone.
He left without telling me the 
answer that I seek.
Now, I must keep on searching 
Or should I return to that 
mirror and look a bit longer?

Written & Authored by: 
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

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You make me smile , you make me laugh , you make me cry , and you make me sad . Deep down I love you with all of my heart. I love the warmth of your body and your soul all as a whole. Your one hell of a man , and sometimes I admit you got me wrapped around your hand. Ill come running like the wind , just because you said so. When we first met we had a chemistry that a story was untold. We are so much alike in so many ways , its crazy .... laughing , smiling , hugging , kissing ,listening , talking , butterflies in my stomach. You make me think way to much , my head starts to hurt , ups and downs , happy but sad..... stories untold ... feelings being hidden , not much being said ... just the voices in each others head .... irritated because we can't get our feelings out to each other ... mad for days and not saying a single word....the hurt and pain .... just from talking to you all day .... that leaves me standing in the cold all alone not knowing what is going on... confused and abused .... happy and joyful this is bittersweet and very unsure... Im not sure what to call us , but I need something more....

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Life All At Once

Too young to remember , remembering is all I can do , stories told , may different , not never knowing the truth , a scar for life , not knowing the story behind it all , feeling like a leap and a frog , alone always and forever , standing strong on my own tow feet with no support , about this time I still have tears in my eyes, hurting and weeping from all the pain thats inside, feeling abandoned at a young age, my heart filled with hurt and emotion , like a boat on a ocean , screams and fights , something that I didn't like , it never excites me , it just makes me wanna go far way , running way all the time was getting old and leaving me out in the cold with no place to go , house to house , different rules , different place , different race and different pace. Ive been through hell and back again. 7:00 , lying on the floor , stomach growling , tears falling , left alone , hurting inside , just about to cry , flooding my face , with a salty taste , forgetting my race , forgetting my struggles , going blank with no trace , comes to comfort me , I pull away , with a lot of force , not wanting to be loved by someone who hurts me the most , running away thinking its a better place more hurt occurs , not giving no one a chance , to dance in my present , but finally I give in to something special to me , he who sees the best in me , he who takes me for myself , he who loves me more than ill ever know, he that stunts but deep down he's feelings truly shows , he that I love with all my heart , he that I don't want to leave , he is something like my everything , he is so much like me , he you wouldn't understand , he is my man , I could keep going on and on forever but Ill just end it here this time....

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For the Rest of your Life, 
Don't reminisce a lot. 
Don't ponder to dare, 
Nor sit and stare. 

For the Rest of your life, 
Strive for the best 
And never give in to the rest. 
Just stroll along, Singing your Happy Song. 
Smiling and glowing, Cause you're all knowing! 

For the Rest of your life, 
The end is always near. 
So, don't even fear. 
You may know when, 
Or you may not care. 
However, it will and that is for sure. 

Don't turn around 
Cause, you might see your,


Dr. Beuss @ 2008

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                                Is when you find thought from nothing,
                                A pattern of knowledge that might meant something.
                                Or shall we say something that felt real,
                                In any case, was it a feeling or a bad deal.

                                Loneliness is the characteristics of fear,
                                It forms a pattern of want when reality seems clear.
                                But when the clearness of life becomes lost,
                                One will tremble and feel and uncommon cost.

                                That cost between promises and shame,
                                For in the end all feelings turn to blame.

                                A blame of letting go a feeling of emotion
                                Knowing that love is but life's true notation.


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Devil Be His Way

The Devil is stringent
The Devil is tight
The Devil work's in
The strangest way's
He even work at night
With a little dissertation 
With malice or intention
He will garner your Soul
And that is his intention
To do praise to the Devil
Let evil be your plight
Though stalking is sinful
You will do it all night
Necessary act's of evil
The Devil's fight
For only one simple reason
This is His plight....

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Small Talk XXIV

*************Note: Life Is A Trampoline***********


      It is a fool who
  Puts' ideas' into His
        Own Head
Then bounce around
   On an Trampoline


Morrow: Though life has it's own 
             Ups' and Downs'
             Be prepared......
             For that bounce'
             Before you hit the ground.....

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Love Spell check


This is for all of the people who have trouble with saying' in the
spelling in the name of LOVE.....


LOVE is just one of
The words' that people
Find trouble.....
Spelling Out...
This word is full
 Of complication's
And is the catalyst
For the renderning
As needed to form
Family relation's
Or just a conversation
    Piece for friends'
Fore their are those' 
Dose not get the true


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Peace has gone from my heart like a thief that is lie in waiting ready to emerge from 
hiding as result leaving me frightened and confused. I am paralyzed from 
uncertainty, and my mind wonders as if I am in shocked from the sudden impacted 
from being mugged by the unexpected thief. The peace of my heart is snatched 
away without a question, if I should relinquish it or not. My heart lies naked without 
the covering of tranquility. I feel so cold and scare not knowing if my present state is 
indefinite. I am vulnerable because the secure housing of my heart is gone, and 
maybe forever. The foreboding of calamity lies at the entrance, and I am panicky 
knowing what the future entails, frighten because it has not yet unfold.

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Politic Stranger


    I cling to Thee
With all of My beliefs'
          - And -
   Surrender all of My
          Doubts' of Severity
Fore You are the Mighty
      Of the Most High
      Much more Noble
           Than I,
Your Moral Indignation
Is non consequential to My
     Outer most discretion'

                Poet Author
                Gary Fields

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Reverence is the
Omnipotent of All Evil
   Yet, is transient
It's foundation is
  Brandished by
       The Lord


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Save them
from the innermost of
the mind bewildered
the heart diminished
the voice demure to shout

Make them
with gloomy smile
intentions frail
of body and soul

Set free
a sage
in every word
on any page
display the sly wisdom
on vertiginous stage
the rules
with detest for
the inferior manner
of callow honesty
for humane

the nightmare
noxious conqueror
contamination developed
through ferocious heart
in asinine mind
enveloped within rotten flesh
advantage of their
sophomoric trust
sedated senses
amaurotic affections

Wake the blight
before they collapse

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I Wonder Why

I Wonder Why?

As I leaf through the pages
Of my album of days gone by
And see faces that are gone now
I can’t help wonder why
They had to die and leave me
And I heave a gentle sigh
As I lean back in my chair
And turn to God and ask him why?

Why Lord did you call them
And take them from my side
One by one you summoned them
I was distraught the day they died
I can’t help wonder why
You needed them more than I.
And I cling to your promise
That we’ll be united bye and bye.

I know you have a master plan
That we don’t understand
Just have faith you promised us
And I will follow your command
But sometimes it’s hard Lord
Not knowing what you’ve planned

I gaze up to the heavens
An expanse of  gorgeous blue
I marvel at its beauty
And often think of you
Then suddenly a storm erupts
And lightning streaks the sky
Then you send a rainbow Lord
And I can’t help wondering why

Why Lord are there hurricanes
And war and famine too
Why do little children suffer
While their parents turn to you
We know you are a loving God
I don’t mean to make a fuss
Knowing that you suffered too
And gave your life for us

I know you have a master plan
That we don’t understand
Just have faith you promised us
And I will follow your command
But sometimes it’s hard Lord
Not knowing what you’ve planned
And I hope that you’re not angry Lord
When I say “I wonder why!’

Copyright©2011 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)

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For The Most Part


The most "fri-ti-ning"
Part of dieing is knowing
That Thou hath' lived
And need-eth' not live
Any more...
The most "fri-ti-ning" part
Of Living...
Is thinking that you have
Lived much too long,
And that now,
You are sitting at "Deaths' Door"
That death is coming soon
Same as He has before
But, when Death doth'
And Konck's at the deemed'
Doth' Door.....
As your mouth hit the floor
Their is no need to
Leave the room...any-more
Just be ready...
And pick you mouth 
Back off the floor.....
For Christ has already 
Shed the Blood for you
Fore He is Jesus
It dose not matter
To what, You may assume
Fore He will be there soon..
Know that Jesus will
Fill the room....
And their will be plenty
Of Light...
For Restoration is never
          Too soon!
Fore this is not your Plight... 


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Help me please

Why Jehovah you allow the wicked to spread their wings like an eagle. Why make 
their path smooth like oil and their wicked act prosperous. They create havoc for 
others who are trying to walk in your laws. You are God the almighty: You have 
power beyond what human can conceptualize. Then why is it, I am being tormented 
and you are not completely rescuing me. I am not trying to be presumptuous, but I 
am stating the  fact according to how I see it. Yes, Father you are protecting me 
from harms way, but why can you remove me out of calamity. I am all by myself - 
just you and  I . I am very greatful of your protection and loving kindness, but I need 
more. Problem surround me everywhere that I go . I know that I am being attack by 
spirit forces, but you are Jehovah and no one is like you. You are just, mighty, and 
upright. All I am begging you is to rescue me. You know my problem better than I, 
but it is I who is feeling the pressure. Father, Jehovah, please rescue me. I will stay 
faithful to you Father even if you have forgotten me.

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How did you get where your at?
Do you lie to yourself?
 Do you hold back?

 Or do you know what your doing, 
of coarse you do!
 What worries me,
Does that satisfy you!?

 You made me sad,
You made me cry,
 You ****ed up,
Your precious life,
 You had everything,
Good family,
 You split us up,
To get what you "need"
 You say the word love,
Then threatened me!?

 I play it cool,
But I'm terrified,
 I cant even,
Close my eyes at night.
 I'm that scared,
But not for me,
 I'd risk my life, 
For what i have left,
 For My Family.

You ****ed up my brain, 
 From age 1-6,
Said if i told,
 No one would listen,
You threatened not only me,
 But my Family,
Even your own son,
 How the **** could this be?

My father is a great man,
 Found a beautiful wife,
That's where i came in,
 And you know what,
They trusted you, 
 Every weekend,
Till toddler ages were through,

 You decieved them,
You decieved me,
 And all the 9 other grandchildren,
That was forced to be,
 I feel the pain,
I feel the tears,
 I feel the hatred,
Your voice in my ears.

 I see the scares, 
That you have made,
 I make new markes,
To forget about who really made the pain.

 How did you get where your at?
Do they really think,
 That jail will put you on track?

 If they think that then they're wrong,
You've lost everything from one choice,
 Your too far gone!!!!

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My Murderers

They have carried me to the slaughter house and butchered me mercilessly. They 
have believed what they have done is in the name of righteousness. So therefore, 
their hearts feel no remorse for my slain soul. Before my execution, they tried to trap 
me with lies, maze of deceptions and plots, but Jehovah rescued me. Jehovah 
provided a means of escape for me; nevertheless,  my pursuers were relentless. 
They had plotted, hunt and irradiated. My assassins prevailed - they have 
conquered and killed an innocent me. I had tried to show them that I was never an 
enemy, but hatred had consumed their hearts, so they murdered me.

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In Times Of Uncertainty

In Times OF Uncertainty

We live for self amidst the greed
In timeless thought provoked take heed
Swift viable remorse on record
In times of uncertainty
Don't trust something you don't understand
Through a heavy edge proned in trust
With a temperment in a midas touch
From a word spoken in the dark
Has now come to the fullest of light
In given moments of happiness to endless fright
Forget the night!

With no given since of remorse nor shoulder to cry;

Among the evil creatures at night will fly
The times of uncertainty suddenly go by
Although we at times wander as in a nomadic tribe
Yet we will persist through the pain to thank God I'm alive!

Since all the fools sail away
It pays to take pride in homage gain
To humbly bow the knee to pray
Then with these promises we chose to fade away
From the things we shared in promises
The times of uncertainty away in dire need
While the world outside having viscous fangs that bleed
Dripping blood off side to hide;
We really have no reason to run away & hide

The times of uncertainty & want

Marked on a blotted page intact
When the whole world outside is in a rage!
Giving each other a heart attack!

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The Battle Within......

-Neither Can Live While The Other Survives-.........
I didn't think I was two people in one single body
My brain holds many rooms like a huge hotel lobby
I'm struggling to just be a single entity with only one side
When things get out of hand far beyond my control, behind my alter-ego is where I hide
Everyone loves Richard, yes, but everybody hates
This ain't T.V. its real, something must be done about this
Richard is who my girl fell in love with, caring, laid-back, docile
Chris is the beast who's been tearing at my insides for a while
He wants me out of the way so he can desroy what I worked so hard to build
My reputation, relationship, my life, are on the line, my heart acts as my only shield
I look in the mirror every morning tears falling free from my eyes
Then I see Chris, with that leering, taut, sneer that I despise
Get rid of him, fight him, you can still win, take control
But would it be right, because in my life he's played a good role
People asking me so who are you today: Richard or Chris?
Chris is that a-hole isn't he, Richard is who I miss
So what am I supposed to care what people think about the Other Me?
Forget them! The choice is mine, I do what I want, this is my destiny
My mind is made up, I'll get rid of this parasitic, demonic, disguise
I'm gonna get rid of him because: Neither Can LIve While The Other Survives....

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Where do I go from here

Where do I go from here Jehovah. I have tried and I have not succeed. I did what 
you have adviced and failed. I have followed your exampled, and instead I was 
ostracized. You have seen my affliction, and you heard my out cried. I am wobbling 
in a pit of excrement, and where is my rope. I have done nothing wrong again,and I 
am being slaughtered. You have seen the two side on the coin, and why sweet 
Jehovah you have not save me. Why per long this saga when every story has an 
ending. Why make bad people look righteous,   and good people look wicked. I have 
beseeched you on matters and I have groped for your advice,  and I have follow 
them. Then where is my victory, you are "Jehovah God of Army" ,and I have lost the 

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In the days of my solitary existence

Im the faceless king,Seated on my throne of doubt,king of my own conspiracies,clothed in 
the shadows of secrecy,playing games with my mind trying to trick my reality,not wanting to 
understand what i know and yet i seem to fully grasp that which i don't know.. Under the 
illusions of my own casting,deep in the eye of my own storm..secrets of my beginning 
revealed to me brought down as crowns upon wingless angels and tears of mothers. The 
treasure that is sought after i do not wish to pertake,but its who i am,who im not and who i 
want to be...maybe i will find peace in the fact that i know you and im soathed by your 
knowledge and understanding..the flicker of light in my darkened tomb that draws me 
towards the light,so that i might bathe in it and peal off the darkness...only maybe,just 
maybe i will linger on hidden for a while.

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A Heart Deferred

What happens to a broken heart?

Does it shrivel and shrink like toes under water?
Or blister and break apart—
Like sunburns getting ever hotter?
Does it feel crushed like a battered rock by the sea?
Or bleed like a wound—
That soon ceases to be?

Maybe it painfully crumbles
Like a man hit by a sharp spear...

Or does it simply disappear?

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You Worried For Brother!

You Worried For Brother!  
You Worried For Brother! 

Your poem so nice rather, 
Dont treat him like others, 
If read your nice the poem, 
Will worried with this case. 

Everything possible in world, 
Captain Crook boldly went.. 
Where earlier no one there, 
Just the world of mysteries. 

It make possible to shave on, 
One very nice kitchenate oven, 
Did you see crow laying eggs? 
happening with your brother. 

Dont worry its usual in this life, 
Some time it worst happening, 
Don't bother these accidents O, 
He saved might from the bigger. 

You made this nice most poem, 
In worry of accidents with him, 
O lovely person he taken fate, 
Fate of other from God on him. 

Your poem a lovey from a sister, 
Of lovely brother so loving him. 
Keep continuity voice speaking, 
Your worry made it good sound.  

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Indignant am I     
My Life on the Line
Through self inflections of my       
Dope sick addictions
Raping my soul
Unable to recover
Failure as a mother
Spinning out of control
No place to go 
No one to hold
As an abuser
I have no hope for the future
Needing a hand 
But I have not a friend
My hateful demise has pushed them aside
Ashamed of my choices
Ridiled with guilt
My children at risk
Hurt and broken 
Loving me still
Oh, what I give to be free from of all my ill's
For the Love of God to find his way 
Back to this dope sick mother
Desperation of his blessings
To be forgiving
For I am his child, and I need him to come into my life.
For I am not ready to die
Just to recover

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I Hate It

I hate it when
Stupitity come's
Full fruition,
And no other achievement
Abides' abound
I love the threat of
When understanding
Is all around,
I seek a solid agreement
Where a solution
Can be found
I hate it all around


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Once a miricale is born
Once inosence grows wild 
Once a childs body defiled
Once dreams darken the skys
Once a mothers love was denied
Once a chemicals clouded the brain
once a child goes insain
Once everything is lost with nothing to gain
Once you get sick of the game
once you feel nothing but shame 
once again you are to blame
once a devine intervention its clear
Once love has no cost
once peace and  love 
once it came from above

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about the poet

I have dreams to flashes n from time 
to time I decide to put them down n 
people to read I'm plain n simple no 
big word nor complex easy to read 
,wht I try to say n explain sometimes 
is hard so I give up n go months 
without writing, I do this to relax, 
from the 4 books n many mini storys i 
keep coming up with,like I say, I live 
in a dream where people pay for me 
to tell n they get amazed when I tell 
them, thts not a dream thts how my 
life has been n how I lived it n have 
not gone insane, well not yet !."oh 

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The distrust inflames me
A tainted image 
An angel fallen into the flames
How could he?
He stained my fantasy
Stabbed my trust
Maimed my dreams
And now all i have are ashes of what could have been
A dream killed too soon.

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Why does love exist.
why does it hurt?
why does it die?
everyday i ask myself if love is worth it.
& in some sick way it is.
Love is painful, hurtful,even scary at times.
& yet when your in love you think your unstoppable.
i don't understand it.
iv only seen true love once.
it was magical undescribable.

i read about love in fairytales.
but not once have i felt it have i witnessed its hurting pain.
eversince i was a girl.
love has scared me.
a broken heart could be deadly.
a breakup could be critical.
& yet people risk everything for love.

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What would you rather me do

Question everything or to be a blank canvas?

I am trying to balance between the two


Want to figure out why I’m like this when these emotions are new

I know either answer after a while could end up with me losing you

Sad to say being without you could heal my mind but yet, where would that leave my heart?

You tell me ‘Being positive is a start’


I wanted to stop there but now I’m stepping back

And you are right, I am being negative and where is the trust?

Maybe it is our different worlds as there is so much I don’t understand

Want to be stubborn and show no emotion to get back at you


I know that is not fair and of course all this is not fair on us.


You want me to be confident I can do so

I am the best thing that can happen to you

I’ll comfort you when times are hard

I’ll turn your giggle into a screaming laugh

And the physical act of love?  Well I know when you know enough is enough


I need you to see my true self

Tell me you know me, for me to take my obstacle down

To make you proud, to turn my frown upside down

To truly know you are committed, to feel safe and sound

I think by now you can tell, I would like this to be true love

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Why do I feel so alone?
I should put up more of a fight
I have a right to a happy life
I wish you could see inside my mind
What a sad sight

Look, there's a little girl
Waiting to be found
Too afraid to cry aloud
even as she's screaming inside
Terrified of the beast
Who considered her innocence his feast

Then there's a young lady 
whose name is "Sadie"
She doesn't want you baby
A declaration of love she can not take
Can't let anyone get too close
You might see the tears she tries so hard to hide
You may realize her toughness is just an act

You will never know me inside 
I prefer to be alone
I don't feel comfortable in my own skin
Will I ever know what happiness is?

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How to the in between.
Is to see that which is unseen,
perfection, betrayed, through
timeless tales.
This is me and how i fell to my
own tale.
My cell is myself.
my key a broken portrait,
given unto immortality's last

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Winter is Here Until Spring

Winter is here, weather has changed,
Bitter cold, mood rearranged,  

Winter is here, unmoving it seems,
Tearing its needle, through the seams

Winter is here, and it’s here to stay,
Here in my mind, a world of disarray,

Winter is here, the light wont shine,
Disrupting themes, destroying minds,

Winter is here, oppression time,
Hindering us, for the depression climb

Winter is here, no room to adapt,
No one around, more room to collapse, 

Winter is over, smell that clover,
The never-ending line of springtime lovers.

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One's Inner Mind

Anger and sadness combined into a blend.
Expressing your feelings that lie within.
Not able to understand or say anything.
Your life you live, the impossible seems like a dream.
Heated and tired of self-playing games.
While hurting others, don't point or say no ones name.
Everyone is or should be treated the same.
Listening to my heart can make a torch burst into flames.
Proving your point on paper, not able to say a word.
Can't understand this feeling, feeling lower than a curb.
Pain is love, but pain can be worser than that.
Because pain falls into anger, leaving sadness without a partner at back.
Feeling lost, helpless and hurt within my eyes, I blink.
Able to stand, but fall within every 5 steps, I sink.
Needing a powerful prayer only signifies that I need God’s help.
Pain and unhappiness is something I've always felt.
Wishing all my inner feelings I couldn’t ever kept.
Wanting to say how I feel, but my words hold me back.
Eager to say something, but there's no love on my track.
The love I had was bunched into a pack.
It was thrown away, while my mind was hacked.
Waiting to speak and let my mind flow and go through.
Still waiting for my impossible dreams to come true.

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My heart is beating yet
my lung yet breathing
my eyes yet facing the queen
of myself thy love
      — (Thou thank your creator . . . )
But, obviously in degrees
in other side
your wearing breasts in a practical nude                                                                                     
your truly wearing encounter-leg
by 75% nude
sneak of a stylish whole
Over a break surround the hole.
Over reacting is you practically
in imitation, from my death 
by had said
it without a giving of indication
of snaking-back in your mind
you had ever caressed me
May be-yes!
In ignore tab imagination.

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My life as Mother Nature

My life is mother nature,
when i cry everyone cries,
when im scared everyones scared,
when i feel mad i produce a storm.
when i feel hurt everything is torn.
when i have tears, everyone has fears.
When i have hate,
i try to hold back.
A tornado in the sky comming to collect.
collect all the dirt and garbage,
and pain the world has.
As a mother of nature,
i stand on my throne.
Looking through everyone i have known.
Now all my tears are dry and its a beautiful sky.
All the pain i hide, it will all say goodbye.

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You are right where you are suppose to be
If your not, move

If you are thinking about something you don’t like
Change what you do

Are you loving someone who can’t love you back
Love more and your chances increase

Are your goals out of reach
Stretch your arms till they ache

Are you talking to yourself
Go out and  greet the world

Do you feel lost in life
Find love within yourself

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So cold the airy night sift through the ruin, and flash into my heart, hollowness 
within the veil of pretense. 

                      Tiredness beneath the tears, vein dry of earthly feel. Deflowered by 
agony, i lay indecent. Dead and benumbed i am underneath the base. Cry Cry 
Cry, Please, let the light glaze against the hope. 

                       Wounded and wanned i am, legs sapped, skin shrivelled in pain,    
senseless within the woe, derangment is the pain within the anger that rip 
bleeding my senses void.

Oh! felicity is lost to me, mindless you must be to my prayers! Vale et al, 
poena infinitus.