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On Writing And Words Moon Poems | On Writing And Words Poems About Moon

These On Writing And Words Moon poems are examples of On Writing And Words poems about Moon. These are the best examples of On Writing And Words Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Exposure: Part II


"Yes, then I am filled with hate," she replied.

"You need to let it go. I know....I used to be filled with cold hatred.
Let it go. People can violate your body,
but it doesn't mean your soul is also violated -
not always.
Your body is only on loan anyway.
The soul is truly yours."

We moved even further away from the music and lights,
until we eventually found ourselves outside.
The sleet had stopped falling,
and amongst a crowd of pigeons sitting on a wire,
a Raven was perched on a buzzing halogen lamp.

Clouds broke apart, exposing a crescent moon hanging from a winking star
like a Christmas ornament, or an earring of night herself.
Not fixed, but dangling,
always moving and changing.


"Breathe in deeply. Focus in on the star,
pretend that you are casting your eyes up to the moon like a fishing line.
Begin reeling in your mind."

"Seems like a silly game to me."

"Please try it."

The Raven was watching us from its perch.
I breathed in and out deeply,
opening up my lungs and heart to the sky.

I turned to her and asked, 
"Do you feel hate coming from the Raven perched over there?"

"No, not that I can tell."

"Remember. You can still become someone's Queen.
People can violate your body, but your soul can stay intact.
Even if you doubt it right now."

She pulled out some napkins from her purse,
handed them to me, and asked, "Will you write it down for me?"

-And so I did-

January 1st, 2012

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Without My Soup


                                                    >                             *                        *                      *
        *                                            >
                        *                             >                                    
                                                        >             *                        *        *               
              *                           <         haiku's
                                    <                moon >>>>>   planet
                                 <                                          sonnet
                    planet   <                       *                                 >
                     free    <                                                             >            *
                    verse <                         #####                   *           >
                                                   # # SOUP ##                              >   lyric
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <                  # # SUN # #  
                                                        #####             *                                                                                                                                                                                                                            >>>
                                      <           *        monoku's                                       >>> senryu  
        *                planet                            moon                                                   satellite 
                                      >>>>      planet                >>>>     planet
                *                                  tanka                                 rhyme

.... MY POETRY, 
      MY HEART, 


Details | Sonnet | |

Moon is My Muse

(Moon is My Muse)
Moon Musing

You lie beyond an obscure veil
Above the foggy city lights
Illuminating the night so pale
Giving darkness lights respite 

Elliptical loops around earth’s face
Wearing wane or increase smiles
Still quickening lover’s heart pace
Ever working your earthly wiles

Finding muses in your boldness
Poets stroke their papered words
Romance beckons in your fullness
Love lyrics written or poetic blurbs

Earthly harvesters glean in the night
Twice find beauty in blue moon bright

Written for: “Moon is My Muse” on 2/27/13
I used the definition for Sonnet found in Poetry Soup Forms

Details | Sonnet | |

Moon is My Muse

Luna in grandeur, skirts the heavens by night 
Her beauty reflects wholly on all within sight
While her crystalline brilliance expand the skies
Illuminating thoughts and dreams aspire  

She arrests admiring eyes that micmic stars
And softens hearts of the most stalwart of Bards
In the realm of dreamscape, an influential muse
Lighting many a pathway with the sun, her fuse

Mellow is her mood and soft be her touch
In calming silence she carries the torch
Through pitch black nights she stands watch
Stirring imaginings with emotions to match

Gently, she nudges the ebb and flow of tides
From granite pavillions on her chariot rides
Note:  For "Moon is My Muse" Contest

Details | Free verse | |

Red Fox And A Wolf

*Senryu/Tanka Haibun*

carnivorous sheep
turn piss back into wine-
drink their own words

the sheep are blind-
thicket of innovation
acts as camouflage

The carnivorous sheep pursue their prey
through thickets of changing innovation.
Full moon saunters across the sky,
caressing darkness with her brilliant curves.
More than half of the flock follow 
Ms. 'Ego-awe', Cpt. 'Know it all',
Lt-Col. 'Dusty lines' and Mr. 'Rope-a-dope',
over the edge of a very steep cliff.
They fall in a cascading waterfall of lemming-dementia,
breaking apart in the 
Shadow of the Valley of Poetic Death.
The remaining sheep continue on,
blasting away on a bugle.

the hunt is on,
full moon saunters by
swaying brilliant curves-
wolf shows great honour,
by not hiding beneath fleece

The fox is startled by a voice belonging to a pair of golden eyes,

"Do not be afraid little one,
these sheep are their own worst enemy!
Come out from your hiding place
and become a partner in arms."

Standing back to back,
the fox and wolf raise thirsty hackles,
engaging with the fleecy flock.
As moonlight spills across the scene,
the fox notices how the carnivorous sheep
have blunted their teeth upon the stones of judgement.
All along they have been eating their very own words,
causing incisors of creativity to go blunt.

These silly sheep have been regurgitating
their own righteousness for many years.
What had been believed to be sharpened wit,
was merely an illusion
reflected in a warped mirror-
a mirror inside of a bubble.

the past is gold-
a futuristic signpost
of constant change

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Full Moon 101

A full moon is known for making people do things that are weirder and weirder. It only appears at night, even when the Earth rotates and stuff. It happens on every 14th of 15th of the lunar month. The full moon is so whole, but so scarier, it's like staring it right in the face. Everybody also knows that when people turn into werewolves (just like the werewolf movies), they most likely howl at the full moon. It may be a real myth and a real folklore or whatever, but All full moons are still making people do weird things. It seems that the Earth's been rotating around the sun, even when the day's over. But when it comes to a full moon and werewolves and stuff, they're basically from movies and Greek mythologies and stuff, in which they're a bunch of awesome folklores. And if the full moon continues to appear at night and people continue to do weirder things, thereby making people do weird things, there's no telling what weirder thing might happen next, even on another full moon.

Details | I do not know? | |


Rain paints my soul into silvery streams
Life is like light
All is more than it seems
Something is here, in the night of your eyes
Something is here, in the tears of my cries

In the darkness, like velvet, I feel and I fall
The tide of my life fractures down through my soul

Wave upon wave
And stream upon stream
Is more than it seems
Tide upon tide
The moon of your eyes
Might bring this night into me

Rain, wash away, purify, drown my soul
Life is like love
All is pure, water cold
Everything's here, in the night of your eyes
Everything's here, argent tears are my cries

And the sky is like velvet, so freely I fall
The moon is a crystal in silvery scrawl

Wave upon wave
Written stream upon stream
Is more than it seems
Tide upon tide
The moon of your eyes
Will bring this night into me

Details | Rhyme | |


Inside the circle
Where we played as children
Careless of moon and tide
I stand alone
Savant of the starry heaven
Pursued by a disenchanted bride
The rosy moon
Her lilly white nakedness, a breast
Upon the wet and naked grass
The stars in ruin
And of the storm I have no love less
The sublime moment cannot pass
Outside the circle
The wounded hawk circles still
Aroows of the moon are made from quill