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On Writing And Words Love Poems | On Writing And Words Poems About Love

These On Writing And Words Love poems are examples of On Writing And Words poems about Love. These are the best examples of On Writing And Words Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

Simple Words for Simple People

If I had those pretentious brains which act faster than this heart

maybe then I would abhore this soul which spreads freely through each verse

maybe then I would impress you with my intellectual grammar and sophisticated words

maybe then I would scrutinize my each and every coma,dot and exclamationmark!

But I would never let that happen,I'd rather go away.

Writing with my mind and not my heart leads only to asylum within the being of myself.

Poetry is my voice,my life,my escape,my each emotion stored,processed in a yesterday

breathing softly  in fresh air,wanting to explode in death, love,passion and romance.

Each verse, a thought I'm able to scribe of yet unable to express through spoken words.

Maybe in a tomorrow you might pass by ,tread your footstep on my verse

but maybe in a today,a broken-hearted fool stops by to find comfort in my world

Maybe a prisoner, an insane man,a tramp ,or any outcast to society 

would pick these shattered pieces and gather them as whole

and maybe through this scribbled cross-word puzzle finds God'love once again.

Maybe a little child who understands only little words

would turn the pages of silly rhymes i penned

rhymes which speak of moon and stars,angels,dreams and faries

and maybe He would smile, maybe He would laugh 

Maybe he would dream ,the way i used to dream

and maybe He would write the most eloquent sonnet

or maybe just simple words about blossoming flowers

And maybe then,my mission is accomplished,and  maybe I feel blessed.


Details | Haiku | |


Now my tendrilled soul,
Has found its pergola-- Christ--
To wind its way up....

Details | Ballad | |

What's in a Name .

Mom.. I think I might be homosexual..
CALM~DOWN !.. I just said THINK !..
It's not I fear
My multi~studded ear ,
Or that I look stunning dressed in pink .
I wont complain ,
As I sip champagne
Of my blemish~free youthful looks ,
Or how I enjoy the finer things in life ;
Like fine art , or poetry books .
 NO !.. I never joined the Girl~Guides .
 You're being silly...patronizingly .
I dont like damp
But I do love camp....
'Specially in Summer , by the sea .
I like being with Brad and Christopher ;
Young Lloyd is such a dear
And Mourice is such  a sweet lad ;
Yes.. I'll always keep them near .
But , deep inside my inner soul
When push will come to shove .
For my own part ,
Who has my heart ,
Yes !.. It's Annie I really love .
But one thing that still bothers me ,
And will , until my dying day ....
Is , when on that morn....
Yes!.. When I was born..
WHY ! !.. Did you name me  GAY ??...

Details | Couplet | |

Our single soul

As the trials of life come and go
Accept there blessings into your soul

Let them become without a doubt
A model of what you're all about

Don't let them get you all depressed
All things in life need be addressed

Let your spirit be like the wind
Your unseen dearest friend

As I see the lines in my face
Each a reminder of certain place

Do I wish they would go away?
Or that my hair wasn't turning grey

I have no desire to regain youth
For I have learned to speak my truth

When I was young I was so lost
I let my soul pay the cost

Running hard against the grain
Using drugs to kill the pain

Now I feel each and every day
Use the Lord to take the pain away

Do what I can accepting what I get
Treasure blessings that come of it

Thank the Lord through the poems I pray
Use what I need give the rest away

I seem to be driven by a single goal
Can you feel my heart and soul?

I slice them open in hopes they will bleed
Something that someone might need

The single fear I know so well
The fear that my words will fail

So once again I face my fear
As I write I shed my tears

Because these words are spoken true
My heart belongs to all of you

And through it's love I hope to show
We all share a single soul

A soul that is bound by love
Given us by the Lord above

Details | Rhyme | |

the Oracle in Love

       She laced her eyes 
closed with the ties
    of lover's binding vows

     she's flying blind
to prick your mind
    with thoughts 
   she's writing now.

She's gained conclusions
      from her flight,
and virtues from your smile,

     she felt your face
  in blinding grace,
     she glorifies your style.

    The double helix
spirals on
   to form us as it may,

    we choose another one
to be
   a place for us to stay.

The atmosphere 
    there crackles,
with lightning
    on her tongue,

    She spins around,
in sightless sound,
     and shatters..........
          deaf and dumb.

Details | Couplet | |

In Poetry

For whatever reason we write
Bright of day dark of night

The salty taste of a single tear
The love of one we hold so dear

The ever-changing cycle of seasons
Friends lost for various reasons

The ups, downs, highs and lows
The oh my God here she goes

The, I love her and she loves him
The shadow with an evil grin

The load that is too great to bear
Those who do and do not care

I have pondered the reason why
Poets share the tears they cry

Poets share their brightest days
Poets share their darkest ways

Poets offer their hearts and souls
All their failures and all their goals

Poets just like you and I
Feathers falling from the sky

Floating softly to the ground
We take our voice and write it down

Write it down for the world to see
The answers are found in poetry

Details | Free verse | |

Come Back To Me

The Ink Bottle sits, alone,
It’s only Companions,
The Feathered Pen,
The Paper Pad.

The Desk, once alive,
The Words,
No longer,

Love, abandon,
But wanting not,
The Freedom,
It has.

A Wooden Chair, dusty,
Reclines not,
For the Comfort,
Once given.

Time, a mystery gone,
With passing,
Never to be recovered,

Days of gloom, waiting,
Shine not, The Light,
The Heart,
Once brightened.

Come back, to Me,
My words, of Joy,
Of Laughter,
Wisdom, once known.

Details | Epic | |

Pledge of love and loyalty

This pledge that l,Ntando, make today serves
as my guideline that I shall follow
happily, ungrudgingly and tirelessly
for the sake of our love life.
Indeed l am well aware of the fact that
the beauty of this pledge does not only lie
in word alone but in action as well.

For that reason in every season
I shall show steadfast commitment
to the implementation of this pledge
with a great deal of astuteness.
I therefore commit myself to be your
devoted and delivering husband for
all the years l shall live with you
on this earth.

I shall treat you with the love and care
you deserve as my wife.
Indeed l shall treat you with
the distinction and dignity
that is befitting of the queen of my heart.
That body, that bone, that breath
shall be my mine to treasure,
for sure;
a dearness to promote and protect
for dear life…and love!
I shall stand by and with you in all the
situations of our life.
If the situation demands that we sail,
sail we shall together.
If the situation demands that we
climb we shall together.

I know very well what l am getting into:
I am getting into a marriage that is
overflowing with blessings.
This marriage- with our mutual
will stand the test of time.
I know very well what I am getting into:
I am getting into a relationship that
brims over with a transforming power
of love.

This marriage-with our
mutual commitment –
will transform naivety into maturity
troubles into challenges
pretence into practice
pride into progress
bachelorship into companionship.
I pledge to be your steward and partner
for all times.

I shall value the consultations
and decisions that we make as
husband and wife.
As head of the family I shall do nothing


to derail our love train for anything else
least of all for personal and selfish reasons.
Now and forever

I am your lawful and loving husband…
This pledge that l, Nothando, make today serves
as my guideline that I shall follow
happily, ungrudgingly and tirelessly
for the sake of our love life.
Indeed I am well aware of the fact that
the beauty of this pledge does not only
lie in pronouncements but in practice
as well.

For this reason every season
I shall demonstrate untiring love
and loyalty to you;
a love and a loyalty that is a living
embodiment of our marriage vows.
I therefore commit myself to be your
honouring, supportive and loving wife
for all the years l shall live with you.
I shall treat you with the love and care
that you deserve as my husband.
Indeed I shall treat you with
the dignity and nobility that is befitting
of the king of my heart.
On my mind it is always fresh
that I am the flesh of your flesh.
Green or grown

I am the bone of your bone.
I know very well what I am getting into:
I am getting into a relationship that
elevates me into a kingdom of wifehood.
I shall endevour to put my family first
with all the rights, obligations
and privileges that come with wifehood.
I shall endevour to wipe off and ward off
loneliness and lostness from our relationship,
seeking nothing but your companionship;
banking on your stewardship,
sinking together any hardship.
Since you are mine
I shall not do anything else to undermine
our relationship for personal
or egotistical
Now and forever
I am your lawful and loving wife…

Details | Rhyme | |

A Palindrome Tale

A Palindrome Tale

I’ve got a tale to tell you of travel, love and lust
The travel, it was joyful, my love life was a bust
I met a girl in Tulsa, next day my diary read
A slut nixes sex in Tulsa; “Dammit, I’m mad” I said
So I went off to Europe to see the Mona Lisa
I thought it was in Italy; but as I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
A Delia saw I was ailed; I’m a fool; aloof am I
When she offered me spaghetti, I said “I prefer pi”
And then I found Naomi – Naomi did I moan?
I did, did I? I can not lie.  I headed back to home
And then I met this Madam; as mad as Adam, she
Evil did I dwell, lewd I did live; God saw I was dog tired
Live not on evil they did say; Then my luck expired
Revered now, I live on. O did I do no evil I wonder ever
No sir, panic is a basic in a prison where I dwelt
Ned, I am a maiden; not a banana baton had I felt

Mdailey	3/31/12

A slut nixes sex in Tulsa; 
Dammit, I’m mad 
as I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
Delia saw I was ailed 
I’m a fool; aloof am I
I prefer pi
Naomi did I moan?
I did, did I? 
mad as Adam
Evil did I dwell, lewd I did live
God saw I was  dog
Live not on evil 
Revered now, I live on. O did I do no evil I wonder ever
No sir, panic is a basic in a prison 
Ned, I am a maiden
not a banana baton 

Details | Narrative | |



He played softly on (Les Paul Strings) (The Day That He Returned Home) from the war. (One 
More Mile) to go, then he will be (Kissing and Caressing) her. That was all he thought of on 
his long journey home. He was going to try and win over (The Iceberg Beauty) he saw so 
long ago while (Sitting on the Beach). (Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained) so (He Left Her a 
White Rose). He was hoping the (Dark Maiden) would become (Golden and Gorgeous) once 
again when (In the Meadow We Lay).

(She Entered My Dream)s forever on that day, right after we dove into the water. When (We 
Came Up For Air) (The Flow of My Heart) stopped suddenly. (Have You Ever Sat Still), so still 
breathing stops, the eyes suddenly glaze over and when the (Doves Fly), (The Raven 


(Her Reoccuring Dream) was to become a blond (Beach Beauty) once again for him, as  he 
was always (In Her Dreams). He would cover her with (Sunset Kisses) and the flame of life 
in her would never flicker and die. Alas, (The Mirrors Spoke) of her (In Ageing Decay) as 
she (Sat in Shame No More). Her time was up, those (Three Wishes on The Sandy Beach) 
were not enough. She needed a fourth to be young for evermore. Instead (On Blue Silk She 
Lies), this time her eyes will remain shut (When They Close For Evermore)!

* Narrative derived from one poets work here on the Soup.

Details | I do not know? | |

Blood upon Pages

As I place the pen
on paper
my soul beings
to bleed
upon the pages
my secret longings
hopes and dreams
of which I hope to be,
how I want to reflect me
transpire into the universe
within my poetic lyricism
the warm sweet smoke
of my vega blunt
swirls about me, flickers
in and out of motion
as the vanilla candle nearby
fights the shadows in my room
the cool summer breeze
from my window
carries dancing sinsemilla 
fog around me, allowing
my mind
to adventure elsewhere
into the nights abyss
of minutes, turned to hours
I write
pages, of words
scribbling my life, struggles
and fears
Bob Marley and Lauryn Hills
“turn your lights down low”
beat inspirational peacefulness
on my eardrums
my small hands delicately pluck
my imaginary guitar strings
as I join her in a solo, Miss Hill's
magical voice cracks
with emotion, and my soul
tingles with excitement
For creativity flows
within my veins
I breath real music, such as
she, as soon as daylight opens
thine dark brown eyes to see
The poetic flowetry, carries me
and speaks to me
the notes capture my inner 
disturbance and desires
until the soundtrack of my day
takes me into Summers night
thoughts of my dreams 
of being a published poet
clearly float
into my sight
Then, I sit
as I place my pen
upon the paper
black and white turn to one
and my soul bleeds
onto pages
into an early sun

Details | Light Poetry | |

A Merry Band Of Adventurers Part 1 of 2

There Are A Thousand Treasures Of Kings
Worth More, Than All The Wealth, There Could Be !
Some Say, It’s In A Kingdom Of Dreams
Others Say, It’s As Real As You & Me

The Legend Says, There’s A Kingdom Of Love
In A Kingdom, Far Away & Above
Kings-Treasures, To Be Claimed By The Best
Those Worthy Of Courage, To Quest

& So, This Is Where I’ll Start, My Friend,
Tho’, This Isn’t Where The Real Tale Begins
You See, There Was A Merry Band Of Adventurers
Who Went On A Quest, As Treasure-Gatherers

There Was Moses, The Freedom-Circle-Rider
Stayed His Course, Like An Eagle-Glider
There Was Goff, The Monk Of Sky and Trees
His Visions Of Life, Were As Open As Doors With Keys

There Was Kendricks, The Keeper Of ‘Interesting’ Tracks
& Marty, Of The Hale & Hearty & Power-Pen Pack
There Was Adell of Deep Wells  … & Dio, The Devoted
& Dame Brown Of Mountain-Ground, So Sweetly-Noted

There Was An Irish Lass, O’Leary Of Laughter
& The Golden Daughter Of Grace & Audrey Of Gifted-Banter
& Devonshire, The Dove &  Highlander Of Heather-Cove
Of First To Join Search:  For Soup & Treasure-Trove

Of Course, We Have A Prince Of Passion Land
& Ismael, A  Dream-Merchant From His Own Island
The Prince, Paints Of Pleasures; The Islander Speaks of Treasures
Both Know Of Biggest Royal Cache That We Could Ever Measure !

There Came Tim, The Archer Of The Wit-Forest
& A Determined Mother with Son, The Lady Doris
Maid Adams, Who Teaches How To Keep Cold Away
& The Lightning-Voice Of Linda Marie, Keeps Wolves At-Bay

There Is Sir Lamoureu of Sir Lancelot's Order
He Wields Words In Articulate Axes & Armor
And To Those Who Dare Say Chivalry Is Dead ...
Is Because -The Sonnets of Sir Lamoureu, They Have Not Read
& The Legendary Language That  Sir Lamoureu Pledge

Then There's Lady Linda, A Chatelaine & A Poet Destroyer
But  She Only Versus The Verses of The Vanity Voyeurers
Her Skill With Quill Accurately Quite Accords
As Proof of Pens Being Mightier Than Swords

We Have A Pretty Elf Known As Anne Lise Andresen
Her Piquant Topics of Poetry Makes Her Our Taliesin
And We Have Our Very Own Kind Maid Merryman
She Transports Adventures Better Than A Ferryman

Part 1  of  2

Details | Free verse | |

A Crush of Glitter

It happened in a moment, during my 7th grade English class   *
As we studied classic literature; “Evangeline”,  the poem
A substitute teacher, wearing shoes of polished coal             *
His soft style, hair neatly combed, engrossed in reading poetry…
Pubescence slumped around me, nodding off, slowly being lulled…

With glittering eyes, he read each verse                 *    *
The soft, eager voice, that stroked each word…
He would wait, on occasion, to look around the room  *
With wistful hope, I think it was, to reach one heart, and stir

At the start of the class, I had been watching the clock
But, as I sat more enraptured, time just seemed to stop…
I turned the pages, one by one …and slowly fell in love

The beauty of old words, drifted through the stuffy air
Like the gathering of dust motes, glittered, hanging in suspension
Filtered in the angled light, of the afternoon’s warm detention
Sun filtered through window glass,…while voice of bliss droned on…. 

My heartbeat sped, with growing passion
I restrained my hands from reaching,… grabbing                 *
To catch each word, and keep them captive…
Dust motes, and words, were spinning around                             *
I was head over heels…for my substitute teacher…
I was head over heels for an old man named Longfellow….
Thirteen years old, I loved two older men….

And in love with the magic,....
                                    the glitter of words

Inspired by Nette Onclaud’s Contest…”Glow of Glitter”

Details | Rhyme | |

Inspiration gone

As i stare at this paper
without words
it waits for me to write
so my feelings can be heard
inspiration came often
when we were together
words flowed freely
my pen
light as a feather

Fate has a reputation
of never being wrong
it takes destiny by the hand
and grips it forever strong
now this paper
which once was alive
quietly stares back at me
with dull loose leaf eyes
it mocks me
even dares me
to write words i couldn't speak for years
but, without you
the forecast calls for emptiness
with a good chance of tears

Inspiration comes from within
your smile always gave me my start
but these days my pen lay heavy
and so quietly broken
like a roadmap of your heart
for soulmates are rare
to let one go........even worse
now this pen and paper
who once were my companions
are now the very things i curse

So i put my pen down
and tuck the paper away for the night
and maybe tomorrow
just maybe
words i couldn't speak
i'll be able to write......

Details | Rhyme | |

Tribute to a Polished Stone

It is so difficult to measure,
any metaphysical treasure.
One can only glean, 
Its riches of stream,
By absorbing it at one’s leisure.

I’m speaking of poetry that hovers,
Levitating between it’s covers,
just waiting to be read, 
nothing left to be said,
Literature for life and lovers.

Tribute to Elizabeth Wesley’s 
 new book …
“Polished Stones”
Author House publications.

     It has been a long, long time since I have read anything that 
has arrested my attention long enough for me to stop and smell 
the roses as has this book "Polished Stones" by Elizabeth Wesley.
 Thank you Elizabeth. 

tribute written by 
Robert A. Dufresne 

Details | Verse | |

Enigma's Calling

Extraordinary, I am 
Craving for unusual thoughts
Endless exploration without boundary
Understanding  the gift I shouldn't fought
Invisible drawings in my mind
Playing with the words in my head
My passion
The food of my soul
I feel so lucky
The random thoughts
A lifetime companion
A self esteem builder
A goal planner
Be my forever life saver
I write more
I talk less
I want to please
I chose to bore
What tickles me the most
Is to know what I'm for
Thinking is my love
When  my mind goes empty
That's when I hate
My day dreaming lust
Organizing things in my mind
Playing roles of simulation
Where images of art is my vision
And words of attitude is my heart

Details | Rhyme | |

A Poem Stitched in Love


                Bring me a needle,
                Bring me some thread.
                I'll stitch you a poem
                That's never been read.

                Each letter and word,
                Are the thread that I'll use,
                The needle, my pen,
                Your devotion my muse.

                As needle and thread
                Sew together a seam,
                My pen and my words,
                Will stitch together a theme.

                The theme will be love,
                The words from my soul,
                Stitched with great care
                For you to behold.

               When the last word is penned,
                Like a final snipped thread,
                I'll present you this poem,
                Just like I said.     

Kim Merryman
Entered into SKAT's "Any poem from the Member Favorite List" contest

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me myself and i

Me myself and i

For I myself, 
Believe in myself.
For I love to stand by the book shelf.
In order to read some nice stuff.

Yoruba is my lineage.
I’m seen by my image.
And am called by my real name.
Buying things, I buy not fake.

I aim to be among the greats.
For one of my saying, says,
“Pays to be popular than being famous’’
Cos, famous people could be no-torious.

People say am pretty shy
That a time, I wish to cry.
Cos, I know I do try
To hide that, am really shy. 

I’m a Muslim,
For my religion is, Islam.
So, pock meat is an haraam.
But I’m free to dine on ram.

I wish to be a doctor 
So that youngsters can see me as a mentor.
I love teaching as a Professor.
For all that are great, are my mentor.

People don’t really know me,
So, this is to tell who I be.
For I prefer being a Lewis’ base,
Than to be a bronsted’s base.

Ridwan is my real name. 
Olyrid is just a nick name.
You better know before it’s too late,
For I involve not in a criminal case.

My advice for you in life is this:
Serve you GOD, when not in pains
For in good health a person fails,
But calling unto him when soaked in pains.

Is my yahoo mail.
I’m dark, friendly and a little tall.
And all I love is winning soul.

For all I hate, is the “big boys” style.
Cos “sagging” is what they like.
For all I do, it’s my own style.
So if you like, you can be my type!

Details | Elegy | |

His Legacy

Up into the sky 
he soared 
like an Angel

With us 
down here-- 
at Soupland, watching him as he soared 
like an Angel;

So gentle… 
and brave 
he was,
a strong love he had, sharing it till the end, yet

His breath
could not resist the resounding call 
of Heaven 
and he left, 

Leaving us his poetry, for 
when great storms come in, his laughter 
will dry our tears like rain.


for Tom Bell, a great poet who taught us all-- 
to laugh and to smile…to learn… and to give.    

Details | Free verse | |

Writing Letters is a Dying Art

Dear Sir:
I realize you’ve been busy, so I’m sending a  letter of distress
Postmarked today, addressing my quality of living
Since the last time we told our life stories
Sewed the seams between our broken dreams and 
Seen the world through the eyes of the needle
Tiny and volitional

Since our foggy self-destruction,
Misplaced priorities and miscommunication
On every lonely person’s face, I see my own
Reflected in the spaces between our parallel lines
That should be meeting at Infinity

Please send me a post card when you get there
I want to know what Love looks like

I keep 
Doin’ and doin’ and doin’ my thang
Stacking up that green and 
Piling on the makeup between each scene
Stealing hearts and pulverizing them with each time
I blink
You know…
All those honest ways of making a living

Collapse into bed every night only to close my eyes
And be haunted by dark thoughts of you
Urgently and Daftly my pen 
Spills raven-hued rivers of devotion
Onto this piece of paper
Hoping to soak into you

Dear Sir, 
To get to the heart of my request

Open the ocean to me
The dark sea of your deceit
Drown me deeply in your lies and suffocate me with your
Transparent desperate pleas

Dear Sir, cure me of this loneliness
Charge me of suicide and let me crash into you
Kamikaze Lovers

I understand the risk
I'll take my chances
Openly armed and ready for the world
In those intense brown eyes

Stopping my breath and caving in
To see the world so clearly again

Awaiting your response to my confessions


Details | Rhyme | |

Grandmasters of Poetica - Revised

The Grandmasters of Poetica
Make the mass of us look small;
While I can’t speak for thee and they
I gladly take the fall.
From goodness grace, 
That unfathomable place
Where Emerson begins and ends;
Who among us from cradle to dust
Comes even close to catching 
With all his disguises
And Whitman’s surprises
Each time I pick up and read:
Song of My Measure
Gives me so much pleasure
I’m humbled
Right down to my knees.
What atmosphere of Shakespeare
Quintessential quill undefined;
Confounds and shatters everything that matters 
In the Human, make that Divine.
Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath
Dear ladies of love – sorrow - pain,
Frost in the woods and everything good
From Thoreau to Stephen Crane.
Why even tarry,
To merge or marry
Because love is of pleasure
And this writing endeavor
Is as human as eyes to see. 

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Night Poem

It waits...
A prickle about to lodge
In the heart of a Mighty Light

Above the low-dipped setting sun
The Knightly Night prepares to come

To lift me like a rising fog
Up to greet the countless stars -
That twinkle at a Sun's descent.

The horizon painted with lullaby
Of colours and their somber tune
Day's bed is laid behind blue mountains
And quietly it goes to sleep.

Inside the womb of a Sleeping Day
Begins a fierce protest 
of dreaming thoughts
Now stirred awake.

Then out of the thick and cluster
And whatever dangers of flight await
Newborn wings of thought emerge
And rise and rise and rise
Captured by the winds of Night -

To wander heights
To kiss the skies
To dance to the gentle humming
Of spirit drums -
Wings beating
A duet with the breeze.

So when day comes breaking through
Dawn is greeted by what was writ
At the festival of it's eve.

With merriment's ink: 
A Kiss; 
A dance; 
A song etched deep: 
Art carved out of sky.

Title: Night Poem

Details | Free verse | |

I will not be late to work this morning

I will not be late to work today

I will get there on time
I will brush my teeth
Without singing songs
Without thinking about birthdays
About gymnasiums
About TAKS 
About sound
About war

I will get there on time
I will eat my oatmeal
Without thinking of 
Broken valentines
Strewn against a wooden
Like dropped goblets
From a robbers pillowcase

I will be there before the bell rings
My papers will be checked
My hair will be combed
My mind will be alert 
Ready to begin my lesson

I will not wonder why
My oldest son doesn’t have a job
I will not pray too long
For my daughter who is taking the bar today
At 10:30 AM in New Orleans
I will not scar my knees wishing
For some alternate world
Where children are never neglected
Or hurt
Where there is no abandonment

What nonsense to try and order the world
Just get to work on time
Put your things in the car, your projector and 
The white binders that you didn’t look at
All weekend although you were supposed to check the papers and put the 
grades on the computer
I will leave now
Before it is impossible to
Be on time
I will cream my ashy ankles

I will not focus on the white
Cat on the black pillow
With the green eyes
I will not water the plant
I will not watch TV
I will not write poetry
Before work

I will not write poetry
Before work
I will get to work on time
I will be ready
I will not be daydreaming about fog
Wondering if I’ll get Alzheimer’s like my mother
Or colon cancer like my dad
I won’t be thinking about that stuff
I will be locking the front door and 
Closing the gate and clicking the clicker
And starting the car and leaving

I will not be in my living room
Wondering if there is any reason to love
Because I do not love for reason
I love because He first loved me
It is not incantations or intoxication
Or imagination it is my life and 
The structure will come with the
Clearness of Bajan water
So clear you can see the fish
Fly float across the Atlantic

It is time
This poem must end
I will not be late for work
This morning
Not for nothing
Not for nobody
Not for anything
Not for everything

This poem is over 
the work day begins

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The dance

If I were to take your hand
                                     And ask you to dance
By the light of the moon
                                     Would you take a chance
You know I am just a dreamer
                                     Or so it would seem
For there is nothing I won't do
                                     In search of my dream
To me a dream is but a story
                                     Waiting to be told
And as a poet writes their dream
                                     They try to break the mold
So as you dance across your dream
                                     Trying to get it right
Close your eyes and drift away
                                     Dance with me tonight
As we dance across the floor
                                     Know my words are true
I have answered all my dreams
                                     Just by holding you

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And Still It Lives

This is the night that calls me to that place From deep within my vase of memory Unfinished words I now retrace Are flowers left like treasure troves of lace Blown long ago, from some old hidden place We fell in love, but knew that love was fleet My words recall, and help to see the face That time and death, would take of love so sweet Love lives again on petals now retrieved! And still, somehow, sweet fragrance lingers near When thoughts were flowers falling at my feet I’ll pick them up, and dust them fresh and clear
By Carrie Richards 3/6/12 For Linda Marie’s Contest: Treasure Trove

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A CLASSIC SUMMER IN GREECE for fantasy contest

                                A CLASSIC SUMMER IN GREECE

               Viciousness and mystery erupt on arid soil.
               Summer heat and idle time can make the spirits boil.
               Languishing in stuffy rooms with very little sleep--
               Night time flickers of the light-- imagination leaps.
               Heat that beckons times long past invade a fevered head—   
               Athena pleases lovers mid her goddess silken bed,
               Grecian legs march bravely –- prelude Olympian races--
               Soldiers dream they sail away to see exotic places.

               Heat waves shimmer landscape –men will do what they are told--
               Spearborn soldiers helmeted sing down a dusty road.
               Tho in mind they join their lovers whispering by the sea,
               Drink of mountain waters --rest their head on sweetheart’s knee

               Helen, when she sailed away –a wayward selfish wife
               Without a backward glance she risked the cost of human life--
               Was it the heat that made her crazed to do this foolish thing?
               A fit of summer boredom could create this witless fling.

               Autumn winds are blowing now-- Troy’s nights turn cool and fair--
               Does Paris try to ditch her --as naked Helen combs her hair--
               Does Hector tell his brother--get this woman out of here--
               Does Helen beg to stay-- and tell her lover not to fear?

               Heat can play the brain and make it dance a backward tune--
               Clarity as sun tricks down—repeats a former June,
               Perhaps there is a lesson learned from heat that sears the soul--
               Summertime romance will write us each a tragic role.

Victoria Anderson Throop ©

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Why Do I Write

Out of all the questions I have been asked in life
None of them stump me more like this:

Why do I write?

It does not stump me because it’s tricky
It stumps me because it’s a stupid question to ask

Why do I write?

Because there’s nothing more relaxing than it.

Sure sometimes it’s frustrating
Difficult, fundamentally challenging
But that’s part of the beauty of it

Letting you emotions spill out across the page
And knowing that people read it
That people expect who you are
It’s brilliant

When you live a life of not speaking up
Of being that quite person in the background
Expressing yourself is… magnificent

I’m not me when I write
Something takes over me, controls me
So much so that I don’t really know what I am writing consciously
But it works so well 

I guess some people will never understand 
The joy in it all

When you're my age and you develop some characteristic
That doesn’t suit the normal criteria you get picked on

It happens, you can’t stop it
But I feel sorry for them

Expressing yourself through writing is one of my greatest joys
And I’m not going to stop
Not now
Not ever 

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Tracing thoughts

at night, i close my eyes
and see your smile
as it erases the distance between us;

sometimes i feel like a poem
lost somewhere in a poet's mind,
a thought
a dream
waiting to be released
on paper sheets

i can almost hear them,
unfinished poems
falling like leaves
in the silence of night
tossed about in autumn's air
as you write them out

i want to feel the warmth of your touch,
like a fingered-pen as you write me out
from the depths of your mind,
and be the breath that falls
from your lips to sheets,
a masterpiece being born
again and again.

sometimes i feel like the poet,
lost within my own words
and thoughts,
breathless upon the stage
after a midnight reading,
yet, i want to read you
again and again.

i want to be the whisper
that falls under the moon,
a kiss beneath the stars,
a breath from my lips
to yours,
be the silence of words
and the only thought
within your mind,
or all the thoughts
as you dream
on sheets of white

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Words are just a decoy
An excuse to dance around the truth
Underestimated silence
Proves language is uncouth

Your gut will always tell you
What your heart tries to ignore
Most try their best to silence it
Stirring an internal war

Why deny yourself of happiness?
Why pretend logic is correct?
Why hide behind a curtain?
Why pretend our hearts select?

Ignorance is truly bliss
Too bad that's not our case
Lets take a risk and show our courage
Let our souls meet face to face.

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Love Song

Here’s what I’m thinking now 
at the end of the world: 

There are no atheists in foxholes— 
no theists in politics. 
If knowledge is power, 
and power corrupts, 
then why did I bother reading you, Cicero? 

Does it matter that I didn't’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

There’s a poetry reading tonight 
whence I’I'll chide other poets 
who don’t sit alone. 
I won’t bring up death 
but I might have to breathe, 
even into a mike 
and mouth lines to get a snap or a boo 
maybe even a wince or two. 

Just maybe I’I'll talk about love 
and how following your heart is like following a dog— 
it only leads to vittles and (female dogs). 
But how many times have I used that line 
since the story I wrote about you, 
a witty and sexy and fictional you? 
Most likely I’I'll read something tonight about you. 

I won’t recite it from memory 
because I don’t think about you that much anymore, 
not even when I search for my socks in your drawer 
or when I put on the scratchy sweaters you give me, 
horizontally striped to bring out my eyes? 

I don’t remember your eyes 
except they are blue. 
And I don’t remember you, 
not even when I smell cucumber and apple, 
not even when I sleep on my side of the bed 
or when you walk through the door 
happy to see me; 
even then I don’t remember you. 
Does it matter that I don’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

How about a few one-liners 
for the end of days?— 

Depression is self-awareness, 
which you’d know if you were; 
I need Ritalin to listen to you, 
Lithium to hug you, 
Viagra to feel you, 
and Valium to sleep. 

All you need 
is me standing there, waiting at home 
with turns of phrase and word plays 
telling you about why I hate Ayn Rand 
but want to buy as much as I can 
and how I love celebrity gossip 
and detest poetry slams 
and find rhyming trite 
except when I am. 

Hypocrites can still be right, 
which you do understand 
because you nod at my nonsense 
about fighting the man. 

But now, at the end of all things— 
I’m speechless and witless and pointlessly well-read, 
and you’re just sitting there, smiling 
asking me to pass the bread.

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Hiding in the Flow

Ask me not for which I write
I simply wish to share my plight

Searching for answers, one little clue
I don’t understand the things that I do

I reckon I lost it somewhere in a tear
Shed over someone that I hold dear

But how can I find it, where did it go?
I think its hiding somewhere in the flow

The flow seems as natural as it can be
My own special way of dealing with me

The thing about writing is that I love to learn
Somewhere along the way we all get our turn

Our turn is crucial and there’s no going back
I swear, I could get lost on a small oval track

I reckon that’s the thing I love about our site
I shall never get lost, not as long as I write

To me writing is not just joy it is also a key
That opens the door and then sets my soul free

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Until Then

Until Then
Dawn has arrived and I hardly knew it.
Sitting and writing, I thought right through it.
Feelings about God and the need for peace,
Obsessed my soul, brought hope; pure love released.

I wish that I could wave a magic wand.
And bring to all mankind a loving bond.
Causing the world to find that peace filled place.
Where thoughts of wealth and greed will be displaced.

Alas, my heart takes flight away from fate.
And binds itself to peacefulness this date.
To fantasies of kingdoms far away
Where leaders feel my thoughts and start to pray.

I dream the most miraculous of all.
Begins when they upon their knees do fall.
Then, pray to deity that rules their soul. 
And find that God by many names is called.

Then soon, love sparkles-- works its magic lull.
Evil thoughts and hatred vanish, null.
Peace and adoration upon men fall.
Oh, gift from God in heaven to us all. 

Peace upon the earth sings, knowing at last.
That only by forgiving evils past--
And putting down war arms by trusting God.
Righteous love can procure the earth we trod.

But, only man, with God can win this race.
When death by wars does retribution face.
And cause the world to find that peace filled place.
Where thoughts of wealth and greed have been displaced.

Around the world when evil has been ceased.
The earth will live a thousand years of peace.
Until then, sadness will greet each new dawn.
And soldiers who survive will be war’s pawn….

© Dane Smith-Johnsen 11-12-09

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' A Metaphysical Moment ...'

‘ A  Metaphysical  Moment ’

A Metaphysical Moment
Electrifying To The Touch
Breathless, Thru The Clouds
Can My Heart, Take So Much

… Can My Eyes Endure
All This Vision, I See
Can Voice, Even Speak
Over Roaring of This Sea

… Can Ear Even Listen
When I Am Flying So Free
Soaring, So True With You and
Metaphysical Moment and Me …

A Metaphysical Moment
Will I Ever Understand
This Mystery of Our Universe
The Mystery of Woman and Man …

(And I End This with an Haiku for
The Haiku Master ‘Raul’ Moreno and
Metaphysical Poet Extraordinaire’ (smile))

Metaphysical Moment (The Haiku)

          Understanding A
      Metaphysical Moment …
      … Nature’s Mysteries

Metaphysical (definition) as an adjective:

Metaphysical of early 17th Century Poetry
Relating to the poetic style of John Donne,
George Herbert and other early 17th Century Poets
Who used consciously intellectual language
And elaborate metaphors that compared things

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My Silly Little Love.

My silly little Love,
Is not to far away,
I think about you day by day by day,
My silly little Love,
Your what makes this heart stay a beat,
Pounding, Pounding,
My silly little Love,
You fill in all my blanks,
With out silents without questioning,
My silly little Love,
You sing to me,
And hit all the right tunes,
Makes me giggle,
Oh, How I Love you,
My Silly little Love,
You pull my hair back when it's in my face,
To notice I'm here, For the World to see me,
My silly Little Love,
Tough and strong,
Shows little emotion,
But I know what's going on,
Silly Little love,
You are the One.

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The first kiss of love's bliss-
   could lips be soft like this

Our first-born's finger-nails,tiny-
  growing a bond,none can un-free

The first word of  child,so small-
   begins a never-ending call

That first moment of re-born life-
   birthing a wholeness,free from strife

The first picture in my mind-
  ignites experiences,of a spiritual kind

The first poem,on paper penned-
  that was to bring many mutual friends

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Artificial Love Song

I wrote a pretty love song
filled with lullabies
and starry eyes
and fingers intertwined.

Drunk with love
and forgetting my name
nothings the same
and my hearts all aflutter.

Memories of sleepless nights
soft pink lips
and fingertips
cause me to lose my place

Your hand on my cheek
lips on necks
passionate sex
and embraces so dear

Such a pretty love song
filled with memories
and sweetest dreams
If only it were real.

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We Cant Be Together

Sorry its not you its me
Your perfect
Your everything that I want
I can see myself with you 
I really can
Its just that I nolonger trust men
I want to be along
There's no such thing as love
Or trust
I like you I do
Its just I have trust issues

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Poets are a most talented breed
They write of pain,sorrow and joy
They might write of their own lives
Or of a Spring sunrise
Or of a Pug Dog
Of perhaps grief
Perhaps death
Of Faith
Of self
Of seasons
Perhaps the wind
Or of love gone bad
Maybe a growing love
For the love of their children
Or of a deep dark depression
Yes, Poets are a talented breed

  I tried a new form for me and maybe a new form...This is a double reverse Nonet...I hope
you like it........... Taz

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When I whisper, what do you hear? Is it the softness in my voice, that draws your heart so
near … can you absorb me with understanding… or love in faith with out a word … was there
ever more than a whisper … in those whims we deemed absurd.

When I whisper … what do you feel … is the emotion in my voice … ever really real…can you
taste the flavor of compassion …or express the words your heart desires …Was there ever
more than a whisper … in your heart felt fires.

When I whisper … what do I want … am I searching for a gentle answer … given in response
…Can I ever even ask for love…or show the love in my hearts beat  … is there ever more
than a whisper …from which we have to reap.

When I whisper … what do I mean …when the words that cross my lips…were spoken in a dream
… can you tell your midnights sleep… from the breaking of the morning light … is there
ever more than a whisper dividing wrong from right.

When I whisper…what I whisper… matters dear to me …words of passion whispered …will always
set me free … understanding compassion whispered … brings my heart a peaceful power …will
there be only whispers… in our finest hour.

When I whisper… come close to hear… are the words I love you whispered softly… pleasure to
your ears… The stars that inspired Galolaos whisper in my dreams… There could never be a
greater love… than that which I receive.

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A Note To the Young Girl On The Other Side Of This World

Hello, Farrah....
It's 7Am here, and cold
Just awoke, with,
Oh, Here We Go Again!
Fever, Pain, Confusion,
And Lots of Other Groovy Things
To Keep My Mind Busy...
Many more people know of you
than a few days ago....
Did you ever hear of Rod Mckuen?
Professional poet/ musician/songwritter-
One of the reasons I love poetry...
Not only will you understand him, you should
enjoy him.....Sorry about your work load....
My French is rusty.....I'm pretty good in geometry though;
received 100% on NYS Regents Exam when young-
an unheard of thing, scores in college of 97-99% for the term's work,
and it seemed easy as pi    (joke- pie, etc....oh, why am I explaining it,
sorry, I forgot who I was talking to.......)  Hope you have a happy day.....write an 
indepth poetic bio??   I'd love it, so would many others....
you are known in literary circles here now, I'd venture to guess....
surprising, the power of words, n'est pas?  Je ne sas pa, rien du tout....pardon 
my spelling and's unused since early 1960's (ancient history)  What 
city are you in?  Ever travel???  A favorite destination???  Any questions about
the enigmatic nature of "Americans?"  We're really well meaning, just sometimes
seems we might misinterpret, or misunderstand things obvious to others (and 
vica versa....) Do you get to see movies???  Need books to read??  I got a library 
of 10,000 books, at least, being handicapped gives me too much time on my 
hands, and my health leaves me precious little of a future to expect.   I have lots 
of funny stories.   I hope you are okay....I never met anyone so brilliant in 57 years 
of living.   Youf friend in poetry, tom."

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' Where Are The Words ? ... '

Where Are The Words …
I Am Looking For Words …
… That Will Give Meaning
To Meeting You, This Evening

And What Can I Say ? …
What I Long To Say …
Instead of, Good To See You Friend
And Oh, How Have You Been ?

… Such Polite Conversation
Is Safe Presentation
Nothing More … So Much Less
I Need Hunger- Honestness

Packed With A Passion
Full-Out Conflagration
Instead of A Shy, Dulcet Tone
I Wanna Torch-Talk You, To The Bone !

Use Words, To Sear You To Your Soul
Singe, Deep Inside Your Soul
Soft and Husky In Confessions
Words, That Demand Actions

Emotive, Elusive, Essential
Elocution of The Quintessential
Romanticism Expressed …
The Pleasure Of Your Face, Eagerness

In Bold Explorations, Evolved
From Virgin-Feelings of First Love
That Make It Seem … Like Last Night
Invoking Future Visions, So Bright !

Oh, Where Are The Words ? …
I Am At A Loss For Words …
So Many Things, I Want To Let You Know …
Instead of Just Saying … ‘ Hello ’…

              For:  Ismael Nieves 
Who Has Such A Passionate Style To His Poems
(and Also, The Little Joke of Big Words Between Us …
Hope You Enjoy This One Kiddo - Smile)

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Cavemen thought only of self preservation and sex.
In someway evolution was faltered.
Man learned to measure:

You cannot hold an inch, or a mile,
you cannot see a pound, or a ton.
They are but measurements.
They do not exist but in our understanding 
our understanding of what they are.
You can hold a stick that is an inch long.
Yet, it is only a stick, and not an inch.
You can see a tree that is a mile away,
but it is a tree and not a mile.
A pound of butter is only butter and the pound 
is but the measurement of its weight and is invisible.

So is the same for innocence and evil ;
Innocence is love in ones heart for others
and how far a heart can stray from love is evil. 

Measurements of love.

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Beneath a Silver Moon

You spoke of a love you
seem to know so well.
An innocent declaration
that burns in my memory still...

smoldering in the corners of my heart.

A quiet blossom of love with tender petals
that cascade into a deep scarlet pool of affection.

Beneath a silver moon, I swam in those words,
saturated to my very soul.

Can you tell me now, with a solemn heart,
that you knew not of the things you shared?

Your soul cries for truth & I know it is there.
Because I touched it
Immersed myself in it
in your love.

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Her Poet

Should be
Your poet,
In thy garden, let 
My muses, as I do now, spell 
For thee, the sweet honey of spring where I humbly come.  

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Behind these eyes

    You see my face and you see my expression but you don't know the real me that i'm 
     You don't know that behind these eyes that a little girl cries every night, you 
don't know the half so why are you desperately trying to label me with some brand that I 
would never wear.

    If you'd look a little deeper into these pearly browns you know that I am not just a 
cover you have to take time to read the book to really know me. 

     You can't just skim the back or listen to what other people say because yeah I might 
be talked about but unless you dip into the pudding you will never truly know why.

    Maybe if you looked a little deeper you'd see someone trying to keep up in a endless 

   I keep on moving but it's never any good I guess I underestimate myself or maybe I 
just need someone to give me courage.

     I see the surprised look on your face and all I can do is laugh, I bet you didn't 
think that I had so much depth, I better you never realized. 

      So even if it's not me your interested in, please let me teach you one lesson. You 
can see some much more behind the eyes of a girl than the cloud of makeup hiding her 

In a girls eyes you can see her insides, her deepest fears, her insecurities. 

Behind these eyes is the magical side, and if you can look into them first then I know 
that your confident and well worth the struggle.

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Guess What Phyllis, I Tagged You

After reading your comment to Sharon so true
I decided oh yes, I must tag Phyllis to

”Tag game” is about people sharing their heart
It would sure be special if you shared your part

It seems sometimes we just run out of time
Remember when a phone call cost a dime

So did a bottle of soda as a matter of fact
Remember the machines when they slid on a track

Well hopefully not because these words are true
Remembering those things means you’ve seen life to

So many changes between those times and now
Now days they have lasers that operate the plow

With me it all changed way faster than most
Years in day is the story of a convict ghost

But that is the past and praise God I am free
Exercising my right to tag Phyllis you see

Every game should have a Mentor Raul is his name
He was tagging us all without knowing of the game

I’m tagging Phyllis and giving honor to Raul
For without a doubt he is a model for us all

You know a while back the "Tag" game was a part
of our site. This was a very special part of our site
and Raul with his unselfishness writing Poem's to 
members on our site reminded me of this and to be
honest I tried hard to ignore the impulse. So in Honor
of "Our Mentor" lets bring that special part of our Soup
Back, spend our time writing of love instead of some knack.

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Love Notes

Love notes 
Wordings from the heart
That I’m trying to use 
To cover this scented stationery
With my ball point scribbler, I’m proud 
To match the sensual scent 
Of your lovely and fiery lips
With crimson thoughts, but as I finally come 
To end my writings, after so many pages 
Hooked thrown into a silent bin 
I begin to wonder if it’s better to recite
My love notes to you in person
For this way you would feel 
Much, much better…
The bubbling rhythm 
Of my heart


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Last Forever

I've been so wonderful to me,
Every day i reminisce about that night,
That we hugged, that long kiss,
Something i havent had in a long time that i truly miss,
Your face, those cute shades,
Your smile, brings me so much joy everyday,
U're like an angel, guiding me through the light,
My fantasy, that i so crave every night,
I'm willing to make the next move,
Making endless love with you,
I can imagine your arms wrapped around me tightly,
Gripping me softly as u were behind me,
I want our love to last forever,
Now that we are together,
There's nothing better, and nothing can tear us apart,
Now that u have my heart, my love is yours............
Sitting looking out my window, 
Looking in the night sky, and all i can picture is you,
And I,
Wake up every morning with a smile,
Chill bumps going down my spine,
Feeling u kissing down my neck and shoulders,
Im bringing u closer, 
U touched me all over,
In between my legs,
I started getting wet,
While u slowly started strokin,
Making endless love with you,
I can imagine your arms wrapped around me tightly,
Gripping me softly as u were behind me,
I want our love to last forever,
Now that we are together,
There's nothing better, and nothing can tear us apart,
Now that u have my heart, my love is yours............


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Ode to the Poet

The words you share, they touch the heart
Coming from yours then, a natural thing
The thoughts, the care, the love you impart
Make me just read so, again and again

I take each write, so penned by you all
Take them, consume them, live them, I do
Within the words I become enthralled
To live vicariously, making all true

Sometimes I read them more than one time
For the words are so lovely, I simply must
I fall in love with the stories and rhyme
I swim in the ink, of this you can trust

I enjoy all the words to get lost in the read
Let the poet’s ink write, the poet’s heart bleed

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I stared in the eyes of Beauty, and she was...
Everything I thought she would be
But when I saw her I was speechless
She noticed me I noticed her
Her fragrance was beautiful 
She smelled like frankincense & myrrh
We made eye contact she gave me a lil smile
And kept walking 
Then and there I knew I had to have this woman
I wanted to smell her beauty
I had to feel her touch I want to 
Fall in love wit her not lust
I want her to fall asleep in my arms
Not just have sex & bust a nut
I want her to be my everything
I want her to take refuge in me
I wanna hear her say that she misses me
When I'm with her I wanna feel like I'm free
So I call out to her and I say...
I been looking for you 
She says I been waiting on you 
We converse in a conversation
And all the anticipation is thrown out the door
You see this woman just makes my heart soar 
And her personality just makes me crave for 
Her love even more 
We exchange numbers and we go our separate ways
I know she's different from every woman I met 
Because I ain't thinking bout gettin laid
And all I keep thinking bout is will we last 
Or just be another fling 
But a couple minutes later my cell phone rings... it's her

                                     "TO BE CONTINUED"

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Who Are You

 How dare you take advantage of me like that ,
Leaving me stranded with no way to go forward or back.
   Using the friendship that we had led me to believe,
That there was trust and honor between you and me .
   How you layed me aside and left me for dead ,
You have caused these hateful thoughts inside my head.
   Never could I have done this to any man , 
I can see you have no concious so I know you can.
  There just one thing I really want to say  about this ,
It's been a long time since I have made a clinched fist .
  You have no idea how much hurt you have caused,
It won't be me you'll have to face That's up to God
   But you will regret mistaking this kindness for weakness girl,
Bad Karma will surely consume you this is my word.
   Yes you were able to catch me completely off gaurd ,
Never again because now I know who you are .

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More Than Words...

Once again as my pen fails the page
In a humble but sincere effort
To honor my loving sage

As I ponder and attempt to deduce
In a low, soft chuckle, “more than words”
My rhetorical excuse

By function; words exact, color and define
And with Webster’s sword levied I chase
Definition of you into the sublime

Concept, newly born of insight and ash
Presents no attempt at justice
So its fate is sealed to trash

And alas, as a thousand times tense
I seek to corral feelings
By pen within paper fence

For moment’s sake, suppose these words I cannot cage
I humbly offer in place of love song
The feelings that surround this page

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Teenage Love 10: Interracial Teen Couples

Once again, young love has affected the lives of all teenagers, but this time, it's also
affecting the lives of all young interracial young lovebirds. All types of interracial
relationships have been active since the ending of the 1960s and when all of the schools
and other places have been integrated. It seems that two young people (a teen boy and a
teen girl) would rather date someone outside their race than dating the other that's
within the same race, that includes African American and white teen boys and girls. Like,
for when a black teen boy were to get into a real relationship with a teen white/Caucasian
girl, a teen Asian girl (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian,
Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic girl, or a teen Middle Eastern girl, that would be
great for him. And if a black teen girl were to get into a real relationship with a teen
white/Caucasian boy, a teen Asian boy (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese,
Malaysian, Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic boy, or a teen Middle Eastern boy, then
that's great for her, too. What love is trying to do to all teenage lovebirds, including
all interracial teen couples, is to have made them happy, especially when they're around
each other.And what this type of young love is also doing is promoting interracial love
around the entire American nation, including Massachusetts, Texas, Alabama, and
California. Interracial relationships among all teenagers are increasing in not just the
United States of America, but the whole world, as well. It also seems to everyone that
both lovebirds of different races will never stop loving each other, not even before the
year 2019. But then, interracial relationships among all teenagers do have a good impact
on then. Their parents (the mothers and the fathers of all different races) should be very
happy for their teen sons and teen daughters, especially when they know that their teens
are in love with each other. And if love among all teenagers continues to grow and grow
without stopping and that all interracial relationships were to increase, even before and
after the year 2020, this is going to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to all
teenage lovebirds nationwide.

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My Love---a very special original Japanese poem

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

Details | Villanelle | |

The Potency of Words

Potent words can move the soul to be still Writers’ pens may look frail, or so they seem The hands may never touch, but the hearts will Handle with care, words can be volatile Lambasting love and life, deflating dreams Potent words can move the soul to be still Seeds of thoughts grow into wisdom’s tendrils Reaching deep within, bursting the heart’s seams The hands may never touch, but the hearts will Sometimes the simplest words, without the frills are those that capture hearts, that make them gleam Potent words can move the soul to be still Words easily pass through mountains and hills, Friendships formed, faith restored, and love redeemed The hands may never touch, but the hearts will A wealth of words touch beyond writers’ quills Ink from within have warmed lives like sunbeams Potent words can move the soul to be still The hands may never touch, but the hearts will ** June 17, 2010-- written for Dr. Ram’s Villanelle Me contest :)

Details | Concrete | |

I know I can Be a Bad Man

Yeah I know I can be a bad man
But I just want people to understand
I do what I must, I do only what one can

I think about life, I think about my everyday strifes
I know I love you girl you the mama of my children
You already like my wife
I know I have cheated from time to time 
but you the only one who I sleep with at the end of another long night

Yeah I know I can be a bad man
But I just want people to understand
I do what I must, I do only what one can

I know I like to drink yet it feels like I love that alcohol
This liqour and beer is my number one downfall
If it werent so then the crazy *****in my life now I would have never saw
I would have never ended up sitting in prison for breaking the law

Yeah I know I can be a bad man
But I just want people to understand
I do what I must, I do only what one can

It's alright now though because Im back in school
I know I struggle at times but Im reframing from being another lost fool
I know it bull-*****even though many youngsters think that *****is cool
But they don't know if they been where I been and still want to do what I do

Details | Light Poetry | |

' My 300 Spartans ... ' ( or My Scheherazade )

To Commemorate My 300th Poem Here On The Soup

300 Solomons
300 Beacons
300 Spartans
300 Martyrs

300 Tales Done
300 Threads Spun
300 Heartsongs
300 Touchstones

300 Scheherazade
Only 700 More, GOD
and Wherever YOU Beam Me
10,000 More, Gleam Me

 - - - - - - - - - -

… I Have Lost 200 Poems
But Here Are 300
Because I Open My Arms
To Inspiration Undaunted …

“ Pancakes, Preserves, Poached-Egg & Pork
Maple-Syrup, Milk and Sun-Motes In The Morn
Calling My Name, Just Like Flapjacks To A Fork
Psyche Is Picking Up Poems, Like Babies Just Born “

- - - - - - - - - -

A Childhood Poem Remembered …

           I See The Moon
      and The Moon Sees Me
       GOD Bless The Moon
         and GOD Bless Me

… and Long Live, The Love Of Poetry …

                                 The  MoonBee

Details | Tetractys | |

Let This Soul Rejoice (tetractys)

this heart,
cleanse this mind,
fill it with joy...
Thus, my soul shall rejoice forevermore

Written for Brian Strand's Five and Twenty (Tetractys) Contest

Details | Lyric | |

Amidst Celestial Dark

Billy my brother drifts on a plain
In my mind I still feel his hurting pain
I still see you Billy, seeing me cry
Dad it looks like Billy, he's saying goodbye

He tell me of places that no one has seen
Amidst the celestial dark amongst it's diamond screen
Where no one can sail against the luff
I still see you Billy, why has life been so tough

Billy my brother what would I see
Smiles on our faces once again when we are annealed
Still inside I cry and the reasons why
Billy your gone now, but your so nearby

Billy my brother what would I see
Smiles on our faces once again when we are annealed
Still inside I cry and the reasons why
Billy your gone now, but your so nearby

Billy my brother drifts on a plain
In my mind I still feel his hurting pain
I still see you Billy, seeing me cry
Dad it looks like Billy, he's saying goodbye
Dad he's looking down, there's tears in his eyes

My entry for John Heck's 'Dear John' contest with 'Daniel'
               written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

A Dark Fairy-tale

A Dark Fairytale

As I was chained, I breathe in.
As I was burned, I breathe out.
As I was cut, I looked down.
As I was broken, I looked up.
As I was destroyed, I closed away.
I had killed myself damaging beyond any repair.
To keep myself closed I chain, cut, burned, and destroyed what was within me, isolation my fear around me. But suddenly as I had nearly been kindled to a shivering light, something braver and stronger then I appeared and took me and held me and once again I was fixed and this is what happened; 
Suddenly I breathed in as I was unchained.
Suddenly I breathed out as my burns disappeared.
Suddenly I looked up as my broken body mended.
Suddenly I looked down as my cuts faded.
Suddenly I was opened up and my destruction was nothing more then a dream
As my knight, you entered that shadow and held me now I grow with a unprofaned radiance.
I was held once more, and my soul emerged.
I was spoken to once more, and my mind went blank.
I was kissed and my body reacted without a second hesitation.
And before I could run away once more, I was trapped.
Unlike my prison I lived in a fairytale, in were I don’t want to live this place anytime soon. What happened then and what happening now are so fair apart it hilarious.
 I’ve forgiven the past, not forgotten it. Prove never to make the same mistakes or else be locked back inside that tower I call my mind. 
Let me in brave knight, into your mysterious ways.
Let me in brave knight let me have secret passages into that world of yours. 
Let me in brave knight so I can truly capture you. 
I was as cold as ice even more then winters hail, but you with a ridged past that icier then I could have imagined is as warm as the summer sun and sweet like spring air.
For saving me, for taking my heart, for releasing me, I’ll become everything you want and then more, I’ll stand by your side and hold you like you held me and I shall be everything you need.
My sweet Knight.

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Child poet

The raw delight and 
wonder of an eager 
child-poet lay scattered 
across the floor.  

A baby's coo squeals from 
the aging pages babbling
forth childish nonsense while
tired cliches wind lazily through
trite rhymes lacking lyrical luster.

Still, each precious verse endears 
me to the memory of a precocious
youth when poetry was simple 
and an unspoiled world
lay bare age old secrets
calling out to be discovered.

Author's commentary:  

I don't remember what inspired me to write my first poems, but there was always something about
language.  Something profound, something powerful, something pure.  

I had no natural talent, and thankfully I didn't know it for I might have given up.

But eventually, and by sheer accident, I pieced together something that worked proving
poetry is not reserved solely for those with the predisposition but is also born of
passion, study, and discipline.

It was 15 years of frustration and tears as poem after bad poem was ripped to shreds by
seasoned writers with invaluable, albeit sometimes harsh, advice before I created anything
worthy of being read.  But I am in love with poetic art so have persevered with humility
and gratitude in the face of rejection until finding a rhythm of my own.  And though a bit
of time may sometimes pass before I am moved to write again, the words eventually spill
forth, and with a bit of luck and ingenuity, I will write a profound piece of insightful
prose stirring pride in the hearts of my mentors whose opinions I hold so dear.

For me, it has never come easy but with a deep-rooted love for the art and an obsession
for one day authoring a single, perfect verse, I hope to be unified in spirit with the
ghosts of poets past inspiring and encouraging others to keep the craft alive.

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Invisible Ink

"My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear" – A Rambling Poet

Someone once said, “Write not what should not be read…”
He never knew what to do otherwise
for his pen was his only friend, and paper, his face
of which emotions made themselves known

Forbidden love touched his heart,
never knowing ‘til then that it could be 
the ink for which his pen would write

He seized that passion
and wrote ‘til his fingers bled, mindless of the pain,
numb with love.
The pain was superficial after all, just blood on skin
A flurry of letters that grew strength on secrecy…

Ah, but someone once said…
“Write not what should not be read…”

But how badly he wanted to be read…
the only problem is that word called

Love reveals, love betrayed;
hearts betray, hearts revealed.

It was all a ruse,
to let slip secrets that were never meant
to be known.

The pain now draws from the heart,
bleeding him dry, reaching his soul
to dehydrate him some more,
‘til Death becomes his friend.


She receives one last letter in the post
-a blank sheet, wrinkled…warped

Was it invisible ink?
On the contrary,
its message was loud and clear.

No words needed at all, just
pure sorrow of a heart and soul 
that wept

…her tears stain that paper now,
never enough to smooth it out.

August 14, 2011  149a219 
for Constance’s Just Write contest :)

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"Are you Quill?," She asked abeam.
"Yes, of course! - mostly - when the Muselle` 
visits oft'n'r upon, as my wont!
"Well, here!, this will surely help at the Magic...

And IT, Voila!, was in hand, a thrust-unmistakable!
Blunt, bulbous & sleek, a slick Recife, 
this Turquoise and Silver stick.

Is IT "Blue?" Is IT "Black?" 
Pray, "Blue-Black!?"  Wow! - 
A Sole instrument for Playing in the Indigene,
Soul Colors of the Earth! - I nearly crack to Self.

Swirled-embedded, b'neath the haute Baekelight-Crystal
like a LavaLamp-Entemp.  IT's messages of ambidexsrait-
Threads, Mola thru splayed fingers.  O' Charitable Mage 
You have brought to Life!...   I     Write    Handcrafted!  

Details | Ghazal | |

How to love

My roots are trembling
through clay orgasm,
tumbling the landslide
that speaks every shake or so.
Leo roars and I await life,
Generic roving rumbles
reminding me of the world around,
but I never remember
how to cling to the ground.

Details | Terzanelle | |

Memoirs of Legacy

"Memoirs of Legacy" in hopes of leaving written legacy behind words of inspiration with creative flare mellow moments fashion in sweet phrases to unwind. absorbing potent messages ingesting with great care phases of poetic art emerges to embrace words of inspiration with creative flare. lines of legacy infiltrate blank page to grace thoughts convey emotions elegant with rare beauty phases of poetic art emerges to embrace. writing instills a pleasure plight relinquishing mere duty a parallel synopsis of life and love and hope thoughts convey emotions elegant with rare beauty. exquisite remnants last in legacy as memoirs cope delighting readers who partake of finer arts a parallel synopsis of life and love and hope. the final goal of any writer is in touching hearts in hopes of leaving written legacy behind delighting readers who partake of finer arts mellow moments fashion in sweet phrases to unwind. *For Craig's Hope Contest. *Nov.12, 2012,

Details | Light Poetry | |


I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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Rhyming In A Cup Of Soup

A poets paradise to share words and dreams...
Where friendships blossomed as smiles beamed...

A place to come in from the rain and always feel the sun...
Where love affairs of lines connect bound by none...

From one side of the world to the other we all touch...
A site built with passion for a poet who has grown so much...

I thank you Team Poetry Soup for a place for me to play...
Where I can write of love and life with my own rhyming way...

"What I love most about Poetry Soup"
sponsored by Carol Brown
1/10/2012 written by Michael J Falotico

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Details | Rhyme | |

I am not SAD

I am not sad!

While most of my poems may be SAD
They reflect the experiences that I’ve HAD
I promise you I am not MAD
In fact most days I feel GLAD

Whenever I do feel DOWN
Or sadness is AROUND
When pain and fear are ABOUND
I write to release my inner FROWN

My writing is the skeleton KEY
To all things that make me - ME
It opens the door and sets me FREE
To document my life’s JOURNEY

I write today to tell you SO
Just in case you did not KNOW
My memories are clear and PLAIN
On my journey there’s both joy and PAIN


Happy memories are all I SEE
When I reflect on my girls and ME
They fill my heart with such JUBILEE
And now my life has UNITY 

Alaya and Saen adore me SO
I love them and this they KNOW
They repaired my heart and helped it GROW
In their eyes I see love’s GLOW

A love like theirs is INCOMPARABLE
This makes the pain of my past - BEARABLE
They fill my spirit with joy and GLEE
They are the reason I was meant to BE

Each and every day I PRAY
I look in the mirror and I SAY
Thank you lord for this DAY
Watch over my children as they PLAY
And please show me the WAY
To be a better person - TODAY

This eases the sadness in ME
So I can live and be HAPPY!


Details | Verse | |



Abomination scorn Affection Passion Yearning
Struggle Attempt Cherish Relationship Flame
Taste Tender Inner soul Bloom Bamboozle

I was a woman scorn 
Unknowingly  cherished a relationship
where the flame was no longer existent;
where time flew by in the distance and I missed
everything in my life I intended 
because I was accepting a me that depended
on him
I made an attempt to bamboozle the truth
and convince myself that he wasn’t screwing Kim
Ultimately I faked passion and lustfully feigned for affection
since I’d been betrayed
So, I got down on my knees and  I prayed 
I began yearning for knowledge of my Inner soul
I began to taste freedom and feel whole
The healing began and my consciousness rose - fresh bloom
It was no longer a struggle to end an abomination that would 
prove to be a path of doom

Details | Shape | |

O h i o

*OHIO*     O     O     OHIO     *OHIO*
 H     H      H     H         !         H     H
 I      I       I---- I         !          I      I
*OHIO*    O     O      OHIO    *OHIO*

Details | Sonnet | |

Sweet Inspiration

As if the words beg to float from my throat, But only spill with the ink of my pen; Only with nature's embrace and sweet coat Do I feel truth form in words and begin. Solitary confinement- I'll find peace; Only within, I can feel the soft hum . . With each stroke, and spill, a gentle release To nature's sweet music, pluck, and soft strum. Nature shall comfort, wherever I go; No matter the warm breeze, or the cold bite. . Caressed by nature, rocking to and fro' While I admire each beautiful sight. So now that no one's here to inspire love, I'll find it around, within, and above.

Details | Senryu | |

Soon, They will get to You

(27/04/2012) - Senryu

It is true indeed
These words ‘missing you so much’
From heart they come through

To my veins they infiltrate
Soon, they’ll get to you

Details | Personification | |

I, Artist

Soft spring winds, or a harsh winter's freeze we all write in our version of simplicity an artist makes passionate love to his canvas a musician strikes cords in longing hearts With this moment of our very being we give birth to what is hiding the mixture of people and their dreams with an artist's heart we see them clearly Every minute of every single day one cries look at me, see who I am, create my destiny through eyes that see in every color, we dare to dream giving birth to that part of our personality Our thoughts are alive, begging for sweet release no one understands who we are, or all those who live inside but an artist's soul can be bestowed in imagery some of us kill them, stab them with our quill, or brush Some make love to them for extended lengths of time as creating a bust out of clay, removing the hate we add, we take away, but in the end it breathes and each of us knows of that work, we call a dear friend We go where no feet dare to tread, our very souls bleed the parts that are kind, evil, sexy, smart, ignorant, or unheard of this is the stuff life is made of to us the many personalities that live within delivered by the artists who dare to dream the UN thought of...

Details | Rhyme | |


(29/02/2012) I love how you convert your friends with kisses Changing their look physically I love how you affect their identities You bring out comfortness inside them gently No matter how bold a color To soften it always what you do White, a conqueror that pure Beware, its power is true
*Inspired by Russell Sivey Contest 'The Colors Have It' Written by: Dinda Minardi 3rd Place :D

Details | Crown of Sonnets | |

For My Unborn Seed and Girlfriend

Dam girl when Im locked up you set me free/ 
When Im not myself you set me free/ 
Im behind the lock and you got the key/
 Im blind with hate but you helpmy love see/ 
WhenIm lot and alone you take the lead/
 Without you I could have never planted my seed/ 
I hate to say it but you make me better/ 
You know I love you even without this letter/ 
When Im cold with sadness you my comfort warm sweater/
 I know I can be a bad boyfriend but Im going to be a better father/
 I might have wanted a son, but it really didnt matter because now you having my daughter/
 Im guess Im too stubborn girl with me why you even bother/
 my heart gets heart gets colder but for you it only gets hotter........

Details | Narrative | |

Sunday Morning Blues

Sunday Morning blues

 RIO DE JANEIRO all nights or LAS VEGAS nightlife
After two-three glasses of Twisted Ice Lemon
Or was it an Alabama Slammer?  You mustn’t trust!

My days and nights felt like a Freight train ride 
And that no lie!

Then I remember the Cuban Bulldog who bite me
 Three years ago, in Kissimmee; I think
which left me more than a little weak
 in the knees those feisty drinks

Or was it that wicked, wacky Long Island Ice coffee
Which almost has done me in? 
after watching a news clips of Momar Kadafi
or was it an episode of Friends

 Luckily, for me I met my sweet Marlin Brando
And it was hallelujah and Amen in Key Largo
So many bartenders, so many smokes filled rooms
So, once again here I am nursing
Another Sunday mornings blues.

Details | Rhyme | |


Inscribe it all down 
Just read it do not make a sound
Leave nothing behind 
Poetry is the world of creative minds 
Some words quite short-lived
Support and respect is what you need to give
Poets are possessed of senses 
That allowed them to perceive
Read it with a thoughtful mind and you will receive
For tomorrow is never yesterday
Far beyond what words can say 
Or any eyes could see 
Keep reading just do not believe me
We have perception and knowledge 
That is what makes us skilled and polished
Like water the words flow 
Very gifted as a prophet as well;
Friend to Gods and heroes, 
With so many tales to tell? 
I do not depend on man’s well-being or material prosperity
It is like trying to cure the outward symptoms and neglect the main cause of the malady
Poetry is generally viewed as the look of human joys and sorrows
I will always put pen to paper whether it is today or tomorrow
Poetry has reached a higher level of consciousness and inspiration
There is no other explanation 
It renovates a satisfying experience and delights
That is why I love to write

Details | Tail-rhyme | |

Wuthering Heights

Star crossed lovers strolled together
over moorland fields of heather...
Tragedy unfolds

Emily Bronte wrote thereof...
She, too, lost chance to find true love...
Death, again, grabs hold

For Black-Eyed Susan's Contest: Tail Rhyme

Details | I do not know? | |

Crucifier (poem story)

On the day He died, I felt ashamed.
Quiet and remorse, I wanted to remain..
Why did I follow the ways of the worldly men?
When they mocked, scorned and spit on him?
I was the cause for what He went through.
I tried to find comfort; but, guilt was all I knew.
I couldn't eat or sleep, knowing He was dead.
Wishing now, I could take back everything I did or said.
When I had no one, He took care of me.
Set in my ways, his caring; I couldn’t see..
When I was ridiculed He didn’t take part.
Every kind thing He did, came from the heart.
He showed love to the rich and the poor.
To the lonely and the broken hearted, He restored.
How could I have been so prideful and blind?
How could I have been so cruel and unkind?
Sadness and guilt would not give up.
I wanted desperately to have taken the cup.
Why did I point at him and yell “Crucify!"
Part of the crowd, I sentenced him to die!
Oh, my Judas heart what have I done!
Oh, heavenly Father, I have betrayed your Son!
Crying and weeping, my heart slowly withers away~
So ashamed of what I took part in and witnessed that day.
As the days and nights slowly wore on.
I knew in my Judas heart what must be done.
In my heart I no longer wanted to live.
My own life, I wanted to give.
I bowed my head, feeling laden with sorrow.
What is the future of man's tomorrow?
I lifted up my face with tear stained delight.
There beyond me a beautiful luminous sight.
Was that Jesus standing there? Or was it a dream?
I wanted to run and tell him those things I said, I didn't mean.
I walked up to him crying and at his feet I knelt.
He looked at me, knowing my heart; what I felt.
He showed me his nail pierced hands~
Why He still loved me, I didn’t understand..
What I did I could no longer face.
But, in loving arms, I realized I was saved by his grace.
He said, He loved me and all men still.
That He died because it was His Father’s will~
That, through him, all men might be saved.
I knew then, in place of ours, his life He gave.
That all men may repent and be forgiven.
To be in heaven eternally~
Not In Hell, forever condemned. 
To reign with the heavenly Father~
For all eternity, where unconditional love abides~
To be with Christ forever~ by His side.

Details | Couplet | |

Poets Passion

Poetry soup satisfies so well,
Comments making hearts swell.

A long awaited return to grace,
A writers haven, a sacred place.

Each one telling their own story,
Hoping for prestige, honor and glory.

Poetry flows the way it wants,
Bursting from one's own taunts.

Belief in those who believe in you,
A poets passion always holds true.

Dedicated to my loving soup family...

Details | Quatern | |


Her way was so graceful -- yet bold...
She'd left her mark on many hearts,
With soft spoken words she controlled...
Refined beauty ne'er to depart...

He looked upon this beautiful face,
Her way was so graceful -- yet bold...
He thought that time had slowed its pace
She heard his thoughts and took control...

Dressed in lace she had caught his gaze
The initiative would be hers...
Her way was so graceful -- yet bold...
This left his head spinning for days.

Have her he must, this beautiful thing
Possibilities un-foretold....
Essence was caught in his paintings
Her way was so graceful -- yet bold...

Details | Clerihew | |

Not, yet

I dreamt myself as poet-frog
And good Fancy` Fairy
Would stoop to pick my verse…
But she didn`t come.

Details | Free verse | |

Rivers That Flow

Hands anastomose, 
bifurcating the rivers that flow.

Details | I do not know? | |

My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

Details | Couplet | |

A philatelic pandect

A is for an album to hold my stamp hoard,
B is for back of book where my “specials” are stored.

C is for the cancellation that causes such strife,
D is for definitives with their unlimited life.

E is for excitement, the thrill of the find,
F is for fiscal and its financial bind.

G is for the gum that sticks them in the post,
H is for the hinges displaying those I love most.

I is for imperforates, those joined with no holes,
J is for a Johfra box to soak off without bowls.

K is for a killer mark that destroys a stamp’s worth
L is for local stamps with a limited dearth.

M is for the magnifying glass used for searching out flaws
N is for the newspaper stamps that brought headlines to our doors.

O is for “officials” with a government cachet
P is for postage due when the sender fails to pay. 

Q is for the Queen’s head on all British stamps
R is for retouches and forgers re vamps.

S is for a stockbook for stamps that are spare
T is for tweezers to handle them with care.

U is for unused, a stamp postally mint,
V is for variety, it has a fault in its print.

W is for watermark to prove authenticity
X is for xanthic spots, rust, that strikes without pity.

Y is for youngsters and encouraging their dream
Z is for Zemstvo a rare Russian theme.

To see a stamp thrown in the bin, now that is such a crime,
I’ll revere it in my collection making it sublime.

Written 1st March 2013 by Rachel Fawcett. I am a Trained Nurse by day and spend my time off collecting stamps and trying to write poetry.  I haven’t been publicly writing very long and this is only the second poetry competition I've ever entered.  I love writing as it stretches my imagination and I enjoy the challenge it brings.  I love collecting stamps as they bring order to my mind. 

Details | Acrostic | |

It's Just One Word

 Am I the only one who's feeling there is something very wrong with all of this ,
I can't seem to get anybody to listen not even when I raise  my fist.
    How can they not see what I see ,has everybody lost thier mind I say,
Why can't they see what it is that is making them act this way.
   Have you taken a look around to see  there's something that has changed,
When you look into peoples eyes Lord how you can see the rage.
   No compassion  for thier fellow man as if they have never ever cared,
For the future of mankind and how we all should be  aware.
    Saw a friend of mine the other day he was acting a little strange ,
I can't help but wonder just when , how , and who's the blame.
   This power and greed is consuming us all we just can't seem to stop
Stepping on our brothers & sisters as we  race to the top.
   Where's the love ,the kindness ,the hope and faith  we use to live by,
How we allowed ourselves to sink so low I' will never know why.
    Still I will contunue to spread the word which has always been,
Be good and love one another as you are learning not to sin.
    Please don't be another wreck that has been pushed to the side ,
If you' listen to the one and only word you will know why.
    We will all band together so we can stand  tall and free,
It is one simple word and that is love how could you nor see.

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Because of you, in gardens of blossoming Flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring. I have forgotten your face, I no longer Remember your hands; how did your lips Feel on mine? Because of you, I love the white statues Drowsing in the parks, the white statues that Have neither voice nor sight. I have forgotten your voice, your happy voice; I have forgotten your eyes. ~ excerpts from Pablo Neruda’s poem, “Love”
Flushed hands spill passion, softly wild In a languid explosion you rise With threads and threads of angst piled Spewing flamed embers’ cries And I feel your veins in my chest From twilight laced I rile again Down fingertips my soul’s unrest To drain on verses from your pen A language of fire scents my mood, That marks thorns when love and rage twine. Sweet flowers ache as plucked lyres brood On frail stars, veiled light breaks my spine Dear Neruda, salt of heart clears Offering balm of gentle smears ~ Pablo Neruda , a Chilean poet, and diplomat, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. For Francine Roberts’ Tribute by Sonnet

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Paper Airplains To You

Thoughts spill on paper wings....
Comes to life in a poetic ring...

A paper airplane written just for you...
Words from a heart that fell in two..

They fly across your distant sky...
Reaching eyes while they whisper by...

A paper airplane that has to fly...
Sprinkled with hugs and care for 
a love gone by...

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SOUP Spoonin'

Online tonite
looks like 
a whole lotta' spoonin'
goin' on in the "Soup"

nosin' around the comment coral
I see love 
amongst the group

hot Soup!
not shaken
marriage scent in the air
no fakin'

where it leads...
we shall see
I know some 
are dippin' crackers in the "Soup"
but Lawd' knows 

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I Can't Say It Without You

I was your never ending composer
We spent many a nights, and many an hour together
But now you’re lost inside
And I can’t find my way, again.

( chorus )
Cause I can’t say it without you		
It hurts to be without the feeling		
Never knowing when it will return		
But I know that you would stay with me	
If you came back, again some day		
But till then I’ll wait till you appear.	

I really miss the way you make me feel
People said we were meant to be together
Why’d you leave me so unexpectedly
I hope you come back soon.

( Chorus )

It’s been two months since I’ve written you
All I’ve got to show is crumpled bits of paper
The passion and creativity is now gone
So come back home so I can work it out.	

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

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Man Vs Wild Words

If I am but a man, then be it so. 
And I eat strength and breathe fallibility. 
But I confess, to be man is a gift by 
one name and burden by another. 
Heartbeat and fresh flesh is my honor. 
And still, I weep for my bleeding core 
that proves so fragile. 

For I am beast with evolved morality, 
fish with lung, and bird with broken wing. 
Tamed by that which drove Romeo 
and twisted Hitler. Love and Hate. 
And love do I the beauty of hatred 
seen, examined, and understood.
Between the poet and the sleeping lion 
lies my identity. Intact and scarred. 

So if I be man, then drench my brow 
with sweat, break my back with labor, 
but layer my tongue with stanzas that 
burst free and drip from my lips like honey! 
And with that identity, I shall yawp 
with barbaric thunder and scream 
my mortality from the highest mountain. 
With Pride!

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My Love for a Hispanic Girl---Spanish version

Una chica hispana la fuerza y belleza tan sabios y fuertes, creo que estoy enamorado de ella. Ella representa al sol que brilla toda la habitación y mi mundo por día. Por la noche, ella es la luna que sube por la noche, y mi buena estrella.La belleza de todas las niñas hispanos están floreciendo como un lote de rojo, amarillo, blanco y rosas rosadas. Cuando miro a los ojos de una hermosa chica hispana, que brillan como un par de caras diamantes por valor de 1 millones de dólares. Cuando veo la cara, es como mirar un ángel

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A Poem for You -First Collaboration with Michael J Falotico-

A Poem for You By Michael J. Falotico & Dinda Minardi
(Finished in August 14, 2011) ~Dinda~ Same like yesterday of yesterdays, I sit under this three He sits on the woodenbench Before, he just him in the same ways Then unique him set free Tastes like dewy meets thirsty to drenched I’ve sighted his eyes, down to nose, slide onto his lips How come a stranger makes me beat my heart faster? I can’t imagine if he talks to me, can I bear the shock waves? I wonder, when will I get that eager to see his face closer? My underestimation has been impressed wider I used to be a talker. With him around, I’m only observer What can I say, I am now an admirer Atleast this park provides me air that's clearer So I can still be sober ~Michael~ A day in the park seems to take a change.. I try to write words but they spill out strange.. This blank page is being played with by the sun.. Shadows crawl up and down but none with fun.. My eyes travel past the wishing well to a tree.. A smile that shines but I only wonder is it for me.. All these words I write she can't see or hear... My legs are frozen from this beauty I fear... ~Dinda~ Who is he? He robbed my breath and blocked my sanity Could he be? The one who’ll keep me from uncertainty Or it’s just my brain mutiny because I want him too badly? How should I know? My self-esteem suddenly low Should I start it first, or would it only make out worst? What a perfection he has, I can only gasp By his all I sigh, while my hands sweating on my lap ~ Michael~ Well she is moving closer, what should I say? I will tell her I'm drawing a picture of today.. When she see's there is no paint only words and letters.. I answer "I have drawn a poem of you" which I feel is better.. With no words we kissed and smiled for hours.. I flipped the page over and drew you a flower... *I had fun in this collaboration. It was my first collaboration and I feel honored to collaborated with such sweet poet like Mr. Falotico. I hope you enjoy! :)

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Southern Belles

When it comes to making friends from the South, it's like everybody's welcomed in their
communities. But when it comes to being with a bunch of attractive Southern belles, that's
so awesome. she's got plenty of style and a lot of beauty to have blossomed. A Southern
belle is as attractive and beautiful as any other woman in America, especially that of a
white-Caucasian girl from the West coast or the Midwest or any other girl possible. What's so great about these
Southern belles is that of her soft skin and her beautiful smile. And if this Southern
belle was a blonde or a brunette, I'd tell her how awesome she looks and I'd declare my
love for her. These Southern belles have made the south very interesting and it makes a
guy wanting to go down there to have been with her. Of course these belles are religious
and whatnot, but that doesn't stop us guys from telling them how beautiful they look,
trying to impress these girls from the South. And when dating a beautiful Southern belle,
it's like going to a Sadie Hawkins dance in either Birmingham, Alabama, Biloxi,
Mississippi, Savannah, Georgia, or Cameron, North Carolina. Everybody's going to get a lot
of Southern hospitality in these parts of America and the city guys and the country girls
will be having one heck of a good time. It seems that the young women from the South
really have a thing for us city guys and stuff. And for when I begin to date a Caucasian
Southern girl, it will be like love at first sight. Not only do most guys each have a
thing for a bunch of attractive Southern girls, I also have a thing for Southern girls,
especially the ones from Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, and Tennessee. Now I know why I love all beautiful,
attractive Southern girls; they're beautiful and pretty, especially that of a bleach
blonde belle. And if this relationship works out with a Southern belle, that would be
great for us city guys.

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I'd Walk The Naked Miles

What twist of fate has befallen us?
When nighthawks no longer soar by day --
Ritualistic measures of time usurps moonlight
Where then shall I see upon my love’s face ~
A smile that would light the ancient Nile
Oh to feel the warmth of his sweet embrace

Dusk be not in such foul temperament..
Let pace of dawn be slow to arise
As it steals the warmth of our embrace

Oh twilight stars of night twinkle, now
As, the nighthawk, pleasures ebony soul 
For that simple delight, I’d walk the naked miles…

Saddened is this heart when we must part
Let the setting of the sun come soon
Then we shall soar once more ‘neath lover’s moon 

The watchman comes nigh, careful now
we must depart this gentleness – Remember,
For that simple pleasure, I’d walk the naked miles…

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Death Of A Believer

The death of soul steals slowly through the years
the fog of mind that's never known to be;
brought on by laughter, love, and hate and tears
the fate of all that few can ever see.

It brings the withering of life, and all its leaves,
once green and shining in the morning sun,
now setting on it all, in evening grieves
for lack of interest in what life has done.

Compassion leaves the mind, once fired and prime
and old and tired now beats the heart we knew
life now mundaned by passing of all time,
there's nothing left the heart would like to do.

     Old man, you're numbered to your final breath
      and no one cares for all your sweat and tears,
    your rest is not until it's done in death,
      but keep the faith in what you've done for years.
            © ron wilson

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

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It The Everyday Struggle That Make The Man

It The Everyday Struggle That Make The Man

This struggle we live in,this world is or enemy and our friend we fight to see it beautiful.Have you ever heard "I've given up all hope and am ready to die to day"
I'm sorry but this is more this is not some joke have you no heart have you no thought on what someone other then you have to deal with.I want to see the smiling faces of everyone that a longing dream since the day i could walk,Dreams are meant to be kept close,hearts are meant to be keep open,life is meant to be filled to the fullest.How can you say forget it and go and prepare to be put 6 feet under? I'm taking on life building up this life to see a better future for those who think they have none.Who am I to say people are crazy when I myself am crazy.Who has never been grief sicken in't human to the least.I say to those out there it is an everyday struggle that make a boy into a man and a girl into a woman,but if there is love there then this is what should be said"it is beautiful to love but to love is to know how to grieve".

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Holes I have Fallen to


How my life got this bitter
Only one can be blamed on
Everybody says I need to move on
Huh!-move on and hurt won’t go together

Inside too many holes I have fallen to
But never found which one called true
Once I was drunkenned in the hole of blue
By his deep stare and charismatic hue
I was sticked on him, one-so-called love was the glue
Then on my heart, he nailed a trace
Bleeded to struggle, I climbed off the hole
Yet, still I believed of love itself was grace
I could only pray of better love for my soul

Another time, I fell into twilight colored hole
Inside was a man full of intrigues
He made me feel I was a whole,
Before my fragile heart inflicted by his conflicts
He pushed me away off the cliff
My heart was getting stiffer
I cried inside, he shooed me to leave
He loved me, not as much as to his liquor

The third, fourth, fifth and so on
Never led me to pure heart to open
Tempted by false lusts always happened
How can I get to be this bad?
Blinded heart is a high way to that

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Realm of Reality

Introduction: Life is a mystery with many ups and downs throughout the journey. The
journey filled with thoughts of tranquility and turmoil. But the perfect sensation is the
time when you get to feel closer to your Almighty, the one who understands you the best,
your closest friend, your hope and light, your solution to every problem, The mystery you
came to life to solve and to believe in.
Even in the happiest and the saddest moments, He is always there when you need Him.

Right now I am, thinking what to write
Holding my pen, it’s almost midnight,
I’m truly out of words, to express my whole life,
It’s so absurd, cut all pain through a knife
And I wish I could feel, Your presence in my soul
I know that You know, what I am going through
And I’m not sure I believe, unless I really feel
But I know when You’re not there, so I pray to feel You near

Now I can see, what this life is about
Now I do know, I’m too lost without,
Diamond in the rough, that’s what I was
But now I’m reborn by the shower of Your bliss
I’d die to satisfy, I’d do everything I can,
No matter how tough, after all I’m a man
I won’t fall apart, You’re always in my heart
I’d swim oceans and more, only to be Your friend

This undying grace of Your creation,
Time and space, more than perfection
You’ve opened my eyes and showed me the truth
You’ve blessed peace to my soul; I know what’s my role
I see two key coins, one black and one white
And all I have to join, the one with your light
Life is as it is, we make it our own
Hard or easy, full or alone

Everything grows, as they all involve
With the rose you put down, to show us what’s love
I wake up early, to see Your beauty,
Throughout the morning sun, I feel complete and done,
I drive all the way and see my problems solved,
By Your love from above, I stand still so firm
Everything I do, everywhere I go,
Every moment I breathe, I remind myself of You…my Almighty.

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My constant mirror

My constant mirror from heaven, 
On earth and in the sea,
Only you can be;
But can you see yourself in my poetry? 

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

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This Place (Haiku)

(Paint me a picture with your words)

Clear rivers of life 
will flow through this handsome place 
Colored with true love 

© Adell Foster

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The Alternate Story

With every word, with every phrase,
You breathe, you come alive,
A tale of truth, mapped with reality,
Or a dream unlived for which you thrive,
You live through what is written,
Or you choose to hold your pens,
It doesn’t matter how it ends,
Because it’s the end where it all begins,

Broken hour glasses of the War,
Acting as the mirror to see through the past,
The good is victorious, and is glorified,
And evil is evil, because in the battle they did not last,
With their blood, is inked the war diary,
So winner takes it all, and is called as ‘good’, hence,
As it doesn’t matter how the war ends,
Because it’s the end where it all begins

And then there is Romeo, falling in love
And Juliet waiting for him in the Balcony,
They kill Romeo, and justify the murder,
But love is charged for an unforgivable felony,
Died, the felons leave the stage,
But love lives irrespective of the skins
As it doesn’t matter how the life ends,
Because it’s the end where it all begins

You pose the king of you story,
Or in their game, you are just a pawn,
Your story is written in this moment,
Larger than life; this moment is never gone,
So when they bury you as a ‘Sinner’,
Be the phoenix to rise from your sins,
As it doesn’t matter how the Story ends,
Because it’s the end where it all begins

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It was started under early November’s fog
You picked up chat by talking ‘bout dogs

The next day, under the pinus tree, we sat on a log 
After a hug you gave me a box

“Inside is my heart” you said to me
He leant his back against the tree
Was excited, but was worried if it was a hoax
I only saw white plain card inside the box

But then I was blushing
I felt blood rushing to my head
“Be my girl!” the card said 
More blushing, 
My blood-racing sped up intensely
I answered it with my fervent kiss

Two days of two years of knowing each other, 
Is this love or he’s just too good in attracting girl’s heart?
What is love anyway? 
As long as I bliss this, he is all I wish

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' King David's 23rd Psalm ... ' (Classical - Tribute) 61st Senryu

‘ King David’s 23rd Psalm … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  61st  Senryu

The Brave Should Know Song:
King David’s ‘ 23rd Psalms ’
Makes Warriors Stay Strong

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We can swim beyond the storms

Unknown friend immerses 
In my fullerene verses,   
And finds four allotropes forms… 
We can swim beyond the storms.

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An endless solace

It takes away pain.
and fills this heart with warmth and bliss.
so tonight upon your lips i steal a tender kiss.
then you reach for my ear, and whisper that my every word is like an endless solace.

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Barely standing on sinking sand

Although she longed, prayed and hoped he wasn’t away

she still couldn’t stand the thought of him being no more

only having known each other for a few weeks

when love at first sight kicked in

they walked together holding hands like inseparable love birds,

talked about anything from life, to love,

and how they would never leave nor forget each other,

moved together in synchrony

and tried so many treats

and almost everything

from piggybacks to mouthy caresses

The rumors of his untimely demise sent her shriveling

from a beautiful rose to a wilting, wrinkled lily

she was eventually lost to the unbearable memories

of her prince charming’s death

Shortly after her passing away,

her prince's survival resurfaced

drowning the  untrue rumors

when asked about her

all he could remember

were the images of a damsel

built on nothing else

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TO DANTE ALIGHIERI                                                      

As a student I found passion
Not in jocks, which was the fashion—

but in Dante and his time
his haunting tale in perfect rhyme
what a mind--- what a brain

modern guys just complain

Dante my first major crush
You set the bar to make me trust
That truth and beauty do exist
Bequeathed my heart's poor pen persist

Betrothed as a child Florentian's law
You loved a woman that you saw
By chance in public on the street
You were lightning on your feet

Wonder of a man you were--
All your life with thoughts of her
mad love for Bea-- romance afar
This love bizarre survived a war 

Your published work sings just of her
Your wedded life seems like a blur--
Maintained your children's adoration
through long years of separation

Oh, most daunting was your child
Adoring you through days most wild
And when you lost your wealth and fame
She took nun vow's and donned Bea's name

And through amazing life and verse
You’ve taught me nothing can be worse
Than losing dignity and heart---

All valiant souls survive fresh starts.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Ex-Best Friends

Two people have broken their friendship ties because of either a disagreement or he or she has found out that his/her boyfriend/girlfriend had an affair with his or her best friend of one too many years. This type of betrayal has taken its toll on all people since day one. It seems that this friendship wasn't enough for him or her, especially when this guy chose this girl over her best friend and this girl has chosen this guy over his best friend. Why these people aren't best of friends anymore is because for one, his girlfriend or her boyfriend cheated on him or her with his or her best friend and for two, they've gotten themselves in a lot of compromised situations. It breaks the hearts of every human being just thinking about it. He or she, of all people, should know that they've been the best of friends since kindergarten and/or elementary school. So now that these people are no longer friends, thereby being "ex-best friends," I guess he or she has no choice but to move on with their lives. These people have broken ties from each other, eventually trying to rebuild them. But even if he or she has betrayed his or her best friend, one should be seriously forgiven for all the misdeeds he or she's done: trying to take his or her girlfriend or boyfriend, leaving him or her hanging, everything. These two people are best friends and they're all they've got. But the sad thing about two people being ex-best friends is that not only are they not talking to each other anymore, they've humiliated each other publicly and personally. So, if that's the way these two people want it and they want to cut off communication with each other, well, then two ex-best friends (guys and girls) have no choice but to wish them the best of luck and hoping that they'd forgive each other in the near future.

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'Unquestionable Love'

The scars are slowly fading away
A pity the fear seems to be here to stay
We use to share a love so deep
Heaven knows how we let it just seep

Through our fingers - 

Your love turned to a slap,
A swear word to bring your point across
I didn’t know fear until a few years ago
When you accidently pushed me away

Your sorry still echo until today
You’ve said it so many times

Every other day -

I needed to get away,
Not just for myself but for our unborn child

Now here I sit, with nothing 
But a friend’s unquestionable love,
That gives me the strength to go on
The ability to start anew
Showing me there is a life beyond
Swear words and abuse

I may not have those creature comforts
You use to provide
But I can fall asleep peacefully at night
Knowing our baby is safe
And his mom will not wake up with a
Swollen lip or blue eye in the morning


*not a true story - was written for a writing project the theme was Domestic Violence*

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Teenage Love 11: Teenage Lovebirds From the 16th Century to the 1930s

The origins of young love is going way back to the early 16th century and it'll stop at
the 1930s, even the Great Depression. This type of young love had been around since the
16th century in England and after the first radio was invented. It seems that when two
young lovebirds (a teen boy-turned elderly man and a teen girl-turned elderly woman) met
while they were in middle school and/or high school, it was love at first sight. And when
two people met before, during, and after the 1700s until the 1930s, it was a life-changing
moment for the then teen lovebirds. All young relationships were way before these people
were born, even me. Everybody knows what their lives were like when they were teenagers
and before they had passed on. Not only is young love an amazing thing, but what all of us
will have learned about serious relationships among all of the then-teenagers back in the
1700s, the 1800, the 1900s, and the 1930s is that they didn't take each other for granted
and stuff. But back in the day, when these people were teenagers, there were no movie
theaters, no malls, or any of that stuff. It looks like that even if they had gone to see
the full moon at night or a functioning or whatever, at least they had a great time. But
now that they're not teenagers anymore, then they'll have to tell their grandchildren,
their great-grandchildren, and their great-great-grandchildren about the day they met and
fell in love. And with that being said, young love is about to bring all would-be couples
together in the future.

Details | Imagism | |


They ride the good dragon-cloud towards warm light
While wistful wind was a wrongdoer on the hollow hill
Wrapped woven from the wounds and wrath`s night, 
The wood will wear white woolly witness of the windmill.

Hoarfrost hitch-hikes and hoists with hoarse hood,
Drumming beat of hobble of the army`s fatal feet,
Far away from the glow-worms of their childhood;
Friends fumble the glassware where they might meet.

Falteringly frogs of fancy jump towards the lake’s glass; 
Orphan souls sit on the steps of hope in winter`s time
They scrutinize the frozen sky of hope to find the rhyme 
Of the verse from the other side they want to happily pass.

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Scattered Words

by Michael J Falotico

                                              Words written across the sky..
                                       Will find their mark which is your eyes..

                                          Thoughts scattered across my mind..
                                               Become a poem for you to find..

                                         My heart opens and closes by the day..
                                  We just need to be on the same course to play..

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Set To Sea

"Set To Sea"                  

No more rain that taste like tears...
Took my sorrows that I buried in years...
Placed them in a bottle and sent them to sea...
Hoping the tide will carry them far away from me...
Maybe to an island where other bottles hold the same..
A place where pain and sorrow is never a game...
Now the rain is just a cool reminder of a different time...
A refreshing drop of water that tastes only of happy signs.  
So let it rain, I will lay under it and let it awake and inspire me...
So I can write and play and never dread the rain and thank the sea...
A little more insight to how I love and how I blow off steam....
I play with words and love others to read and follow my dreams...

by Michael J Falotico

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Teenage Love 5: College Sweethearts

Once again, love has conquered the lives of all former high school lovebirds. It looks
like that day in and day out, week after week, even in college, both lovers (a young man
and a young woman) still have feelings for each other.  All relationships have now
escalated from high school all the way to college/the university. It seems to everybody
that when one college student falls in love with another college student, it's like love
at first sight for them. And when it comes to serious relationships among young men and
women in college, they must take those types of relationships very seriously, which means
they best not cheat on each other with other people, even if they're as attractive as the
others. For all college sweethearts, there's a lot of things  they can do if they're not
studying for big time exams: there's the movies they can go to, two people can go to the
mall, going out to eat, and stuff. Sometimes most relationships don't last longer, even in
college, but some of them do, eve after college graduation. How amazing is that? and to
make things very interesting, everybody thinks that these two young lovebirds (a man and a
woman) can make it all the way to the altar, especially when their parents think and know
that their offspring will spend the rest of their happy lives with each other. and if
there's going to be another generation of young lovebirds that are in college and all
loving relationships continue to increase, even before the year 2025, then it'll be all
thanks to fate and to God.

Details | Sonnet | |


Good poets like precision, real art is
an economy of words that define.
That is why the subject of love will mess
up even the wisest of poets that line 
up to talk much of unrequited love,
that sounds more like lust most of the time.
True love may not be eternal or above
ordinary humans but found to be divine
nevertheless because it endures in the coffee
made each morning, resides in the same bed
every night, lasts through mistakes and daffy
misunderstandings, diapers, children fed,
sickness, health and death, life's distracting lures.
When loved ones work at it, love endures.

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Beautiful Inspiration

Beautiful and inspiring is he,
Who sees the world through rose colored glasses.
If only he could see what I see.
His sight is clouded with unfortunate sadness and melancholy
He views the world from a birds eye perspective,
He sees the beauty of the world around him...
Yet true love and honest beauty,
Grounded in reality
He has neglected.
He soars on eagles wings,
Beautiful inspiration is what he brings.
Strong and confident is he,
Yet blinded by loves unsure indemnity.
A broken heart, the gift of his passion
Has left him standing alone...
My beautiful inspiration.

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Sin And Poetry

As the night sets in, it's as black as it's ever been.
My soul is in ruin, and my heart is like a back pack carrying a load of sin.

In the closet my skeletons scream, and constantly torment me.
The rage in my blood stream causes me to blaspheme religiously!
I am doomed because I'm so consumed by that very rage;
Engulfs me like burning fire, wraps me like barbed wire that causes a rampage!

The malice in my heart craves the blood from a helpless foe.
I feel I'm being ripped apart like some dark work of Edgar Allen Poe!

So many sins to atone for, and I get on my knees to repent.
Again with my face on the floor, I pray I receive a love that's heaven sent.
The evil is eating me alive from the inside out.
I can't survive when I feel like I'm fighting a 12 round bout!

My greed has come between me and my family.
I just wanted to succeed, but I admit I did it selfishly!

I seduced Lisa knowing she was married to another man, I just didn't care.
As Lisa fell in love, I became her number one fan, and then I ended our love affair!
My conscience wouldn't let me continue on the path of destruction.
I think of the consequence of losing you and laugh because now I'm unable to function.

I now see literally that it is better to lose an eye than your soul.
As I write my sin and poetry, I cry knowing my heart is as black as coal!   

My new form written strictly for Constance's contest "Create your own form maybe" ? is called Stanlets because it consists of couplets and stanzas that rhyme and is a dark subject.
Jimmy Anderson

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Inspiration: our Daily Bread of Life

Inspiration is all around me.  It swirles in the midst of darkness and deceit.  
Blinded by dry tears...the deliverers of this blessed word find me when I know not what to look for or where...
I and my kind walk in circles looking for and end to pain, deceit, betrayal, unlove, uncareing.  We are looking...but not invane.  

When the circles we walk in seem endless take heart and know that it is not a downward spiral...  Keep looking and you will see...  
     (C)....Catherine Buchner    2012

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Written Thanks

I thank you
with every word I write
every confession I pen

I thank you
with tears of joy
shed in tears of jet black ink
to the sound of rapping on gentle plastic
with every tap tap of the keys
I thank you more,

for holding me 
when I run for your embrace unbidden
I thank you so much
when I run from home
escape that place
that begs escape
and rush first and only, to you
so thank you
for reading my words
and embracing me
when the embrace I feel at home
is a pressure that I cannot take

I know to you I can run
and with all the thanks in my heart
embrace you once more.

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Dead Words

Unspoken words do not, as poets say,
Die on the tongue - in truth they are transformed.
"Please, As you wish, I love you, will you stay,
These, lingering, turn crawlers, all deformed.
The webs they should have wrapped 'round hearts astray,
In throats catch words that might have coldness warmed.
Speak! lest you are likewise robed in silence,
And thus robbed of love do your soul violence.

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q ) or Prolix Drama Queen Part Three of Three

‘Cause, Priests and Prophets Must Pray for The Reign…
and for Pre and Post-Op-Apocalyptic–Novocain ! …

Yet… It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
 On the Planet, however Polluted or Profane
It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
 Wherever the Delusional -Dimensional Plane
It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
Or Danger-Plot, Prison-Door or Deepest Pain
Or Present-Defeat, or Darkest-Hours-View
even Thru Dying-Breath, Devout Prayers Proclaim
to Be Delivered- New, True, and Pulled-Thru
to Claim The Prize of Life-Perpetually-Sustained

… For Particularly, By God’s Unpronounceable Power
Thru His Son’s Unparallel- Principal-Purchase… Dower
God’s Dependents and Dreamers Will Prosper-Gain
The Prophecy,  The Promise,  The Paradise-Preordained 
The Perfect-Future  and  The Victory-Parade

… The Distant, Destiny of Eden – Never Been Doused Nor Degrade 

Then… It Won’t Matter…So, Please Dismiss The Paltry-Strain
The Days of The Deformity and Damage-Train
Will Be In The Past … Departed-Detained
Disaster and Disloyal Will Lay In A Destroyed-Plain
Damned For All Of Time –Proliferate-Blamed
A Suppository-Prophylactic-Puddle-Shame
 Patience-Persevering…Demands Punishment - Prediction-Sang… 
… Final-Draft …Stop-The-Presses!... Poll-Loudly-Refrains

When You Really Discern and Pragmatically-Attain
The Divine God and His Son’s King- Domain
Publicize Their Progenitor and Predominant Names
and Preach and Deify Like-Doting-Platoon-Swains,
 with Pedestal-Passion and ‘Plum-Plumb’, Persistence-Ingrained 

For On Position-Comparison, We   ‘All’   Pale-to- A-Feigned …
…Puppets and Peons and Dim-Witted-Parasitic-Great Danes
and Dopamine Defective, Demerol Addicted – Darwin-Poisoned-Sprains
Disoriented-Drivel, Droll-Drooling-Inane
or Just-Plain ol’ Dire-Derelicts-Insane
(and now… I have a P D Q,… for Me and You… Migraine)
Oh… May They Accept This Poor-Placard-Crane

                    Amen… Again… Amen

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novel 2

Long grass,tall nettles,no mower
Narrative form I've labelled 'novel' after Hemingway's 
story in 6 words-'For sale,baby shoes,never worn

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It will be Mourned

When you smile, 
I would love to write it into words
When you laugh,
I would love to transfer it into verse
When you frown,
I would love to absorb it and spill it on papers
When you cry,
I would love to wipe your tears and translate them into stanzas

You and yours are my muse
I will help you deal your abuse
So when we’re done with this life and gone
Our love story will be ended and mourned

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waiting for tonight

I am searching for a dream,
in which you are not there.
but, I have not found such one,
Since I saw you, you resided there in my each and every dream.
now I don't want to come back in this chaos of people.
... let me live in your dreams, 
let me live infatuated...........
waiting for tonight, 
waiting for your dream.......

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My Love Affair with Poetry

Nights when I’m alone,
Icy wind flittering through the window,
The absent warmth of love echoing in my empty room,
I have frequent love affairs with poetry.
Its pulsating words gush themselves out on the white blank page,
It caresses my every emotion,
Sending me reeling through a torrent of multiple ecstasy,
I scream with release as every unhinged secret is documented rhythmically, 
After, subdued by unthinkable shame,
I stash it away with the refreshing slide of a closed drawer,
I light up a cigarette and lie within the sheets like a film star,
I am who I choose to be,
Husband rings, why don’t I answer the phone?
I’m having an affair with poetry. 

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So Cold And So Sweet

-William Carlos Williams

For you
I hold out-
a figment of thought,

like a twig holds out juice
from the fig tree,

from branches, trunks
and roots, 
from the ground
and people draped
all around
like fallen fruit 
by their trees

For you,
the day comes
the way it leaves

a taste of fig
that was never there

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Teenage Love 16: Teen Couples of the 1990s

Young love has revolutionized the 1990s and had brought all of the then-teen boys and the
then-teen girls together. This type of love has been around since the day these two
lovebirds met in middle school or high school, especially when he and she were in the 8th
grade. Young love was so amazing back in the 1990s, including the year 1990, it's like
both young lovers were living in a fairy tale world. It was the time for all of the
then-teen lovebirds to have expressed their real feelings for each other and stuff. Even
when their parents found out that their then-teen sons and their then-teen daughters were
dating, they were either happy about it or not pleased. There were lot of things all of
the then-teen couples have done in reference to dating: they've gone out to eat, they've
gone to the movies, to school dances (including prom), and that's it. What's so great
about young love is when two people are enjoying each other, especially when they're
walking in the park or whatever these two then-teen lovers were doing back in the 90s.
This is starting to look like episodes of "My So-Called Life" and "Degrassi High" and the
1995 film, "Clueless," starring Alicia Silverstone and Donald Faison. What a decade these
tow young lovebirds had. And if true love and young love continue to have plenty of affect
on all of the young lovebirds just like they did with the teen couples back in the 90s,
who knows what great thing might happen?

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My Thing

Writing is my thing. My drug of choice. My bling bling.
I fall in love with the similies and mentions of passion while wrapping my body in 
Creating complicated rhythms and making them simples as instances
Every line a differenet emphasis
Commas, explinations and periods
Sometimes rhyming and sometimes not
Stopping to puff so my thoughts can lock
Feeding hungry souls starved from starvation
Creating new creations
Making people feel the sensation as I build up to mind elevation

The quest for knowledge is not a game
Spoken movements teach about the pain
I write to ease the pain
Rhythms run deep

Deep underneath clouded visions of unspoken truth lies a message
a message...a message that should be taught accurately to the youth
About the struggle of a people that was misued
abused, refused, confused, raped, beaten down
portrayed as clowns, coons, niggers, fools
Modern day niggas and goons
Wake up!! Did you hear the news?
You are responsible for you!
Imagine how it would be tho
If we were uninterrupted and brought overseas yo
Uprooted from a line of royalty kings and queens
Africa unite is all we'd sing
Rhythms run deeper into the seams of my being

I write to ease the pain of the oppressed
I write to celebrate their success
I write to educate the rest
The message..The message..The message is very clear
No time time to waste
The time is NOW
It's here!

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Hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion

Kids are playing with strange blue graffiti
So, they wrote several times: ”Neffertiti” …

And drew the most beautiful queen`s head.
The whole history of Egypt written in red, 

With sacred hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion:
The Pharaons` destiny dandles a dewy dandelion…

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Intriguingly Divine

Your so intriguingly divine,
and shivers driving up my spine.
In the long grass, I lay here still,
I imagine secrets spilled.
I shudder at the thought of me,
not ever knowing lovely you.

My head it spins out of control,
overloaded, emotional.
And just to think it's all your fault,
but I don't blame you, not at all.
I shudder at the thought of me,
not ever knowing lovely you.

My heart is jealous, it explodes,
to see you in caressing holds.
You never said that you belong
to someone else. Now who is wrong?
I shudder at the thought of me,
not ever knowing lovely you.

My thoughts, they bleed onto this page,
and you and I are sure to age.
My deepest feelings will stay fresh.
I long to be next to your flesh.
I shudder at the thought of me,
not ever knowing lovely you.

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i don't wanna sit here 
in the garden, without you 
i don't want to be here 
falling apart, waiting for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of existing here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

i'm not gonna stand here 
all evening, without a clue 
i'm not gonna be here 
sweetheart, bleeding just for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of burning here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

you're not adam, 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
that haunts me 
you can't be adam 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
ripping my heart away 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be

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Flying With The Birds

If I were to believe in you, would you believe in me?
If everything that I promised you actually came to be

If I were a beautiful rainbow, a reflection in the sky
Formed by the rays of light as your tears you cried

Sweetheart I am just a simple man with a complex plight
My blessing is you’re here with me, as this quest I fight

Sweetheart you know I’m a warrior, though I live like a ghost
I fight and write living my plight, inside the belly of the host

From shore to shore, a forever war, that will never end
Just today I got the word the host has taken another friend

Another soul another goal of course another wasted life
God I am a lucky man to have become one with my wife

Pains insane it shreds my brain and tears my heart into
I’m left here asking myself, “Was there anything I could do”

I have to write a eulogy though I just don’t know what to say
Here is a soul, another hole, for someone who lost his way 

Sobriety is really great but at times it is truly rather hard
You watch them take another friend and plant him in the yard

Another smoke, another joke another party has reached its end
Here I sit in a spiritual pit feeling totally lost about my friend

I hope someday someone reads what I say, takes another course
Pass on doing that shot, love it or not, death upon the black tar horse

So I shall write my Eulogy falling to pieces about my friend
Who made fun of the man I turned out to be, until the very end

But that’s ok it was just his way, right up until the day he died
The one true light shinning bright, lives inside of you and I

So will all of you join with me let your spirits pen my words
About a beautiful soul, who found his goal, flying with the birds

Very few people in this life that I love enough to let make fun
of the changes I made in my life. Addiction (The Host) took 6
friends in 2007, 5 in 2008 and this is the first in 2009. He didn't
overdose he was shot a couple of days ago in Chico, Ca during
a home invasion robbery over his heroin debt. I used to always
pay his debts when it reached this point with bags of Meth. This
time I couldn't go there for him and now he is dead. This is my
life, my gift and my curse. God Bless you all, mj

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Summer Morn

The future lies unwritten on
the blankest, blankest page.
I’m born today and, safe to say,
on track to boundless age.

At anchor in a harbor on
the leeward side of time,
engaged in making love to verse,
in making beauty rhyme--

the heart has placed before the eyes
what Gods of hope have borne,
a well of sweet serenity--
and love like summer morn.

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The Song Of David

Enlighten days have past
He comes excel in all, so he thinks
"I am greater than man,
I know what ignorant man does not.
Come to me for knowledge unsurpassed!".
He points to the blue heaven,
"Where is thy wisdom? For I know all.
Where is thy command? That makes the ground shake
And brings forth water that lives?"

At the great gatherings,
He flocks the shepherds, blind, mute and deaf  
He answers to the multitude of questions
He asked the shepherds, "but what are thy questions?",
“I know not what do ask a man of your wisdom, but what  is a dream?
What is life?” asked the young herdsman.
"I know not what you speak of", said the Man.
"I only know what i can feel, touch and see"

"A dream is dream that passes us by, like gentle breeze of fresh spring.
Life holds all things mystery and doubts.
Shepherd knows to flock, not life or dreams".
"The shepherds are those who are humble, noble one", said the herdsman
"The blind cannot see, the mute cannot speak and the deaf cannot hear".
"Who are you preaching to? Silent and amaze, the man looks on.  

"If the blind could see you, 
They would say, 'look here is the man who tried to humble the blind
For they can see what others cannot,
If the mute could speak, they would humble you!
And if the deaf could hear they would shamed your wisdom".
"Was I a fool?" said the Man "or are you not that young herdsman?
Who knows nothing of life and passes his days tending the sheep's?
What could you learn from such simpleton life?"

"Life I live is simple indeed, 
No one knows that the shepherds are those who protects the weak"
"Nature is a friend of the shepherd; we sing the song of David
And rubs the olive oil to our young sheep, to keep away the flies".
Insulted, the man's fury turns over to the young herdsman
"Nature? Protect the weak? The song of David? Flies?
How can nature befriend a lonely shepherd? Protect who?
Song of David the Shepherd who became the king? 
What flies would harm the young flocks?"

The young herdsman smiled at the frown face of the man,
Left without a word
The blind, the mute and deaf ignored the man.
An unyielding shame kept the man humbled
He wonders why the young herdsman smiled about.
He came about a bridge and crossed the rocky roads
On the hill top he stood 
And saw the young herdsman singing the Song of David.

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When we met, we were but mere strangers 
Meeting on foreign soil 
Nevertheless, the acquaintance was so pleasantly met 
That our hearts did not recoil 

Both had been in relationships that went awry 
I was still apprehensive and 
My being was a little gun shy 
A little afraid to give this kind of love, yet another try… 

However, you understood my apprehensions 
Therefore, we formed a special bond of friendship 
As friends we flirted with all of the possibilities 
Of our being so much more 

Oh, my dear when you whispered, have no fear 
It was that beautiful night that we first kissed; 
My heart did quiver, as my soul began to shiver 
Within goose-bumps filled with pure ecstasy … 

I started to back away but my heart said stay 
I knew no need to anticipate, 
As I looked into the dark mirrors of your soul 
Your eyes softly gave your secret away 
I knew a love was forming more precious than gold 

We have started something special 
Some may say it is superficial 
But, we care not what lies that others may think, 
For our hearts have begun to drink 
The sweet nectar’s of love 
That seems to have been sent ~ 
Straight from the Heavens above… 

Yes, it feels so right as you hold me tight… 
Even when you wink as you say goodnight ~ 
We do not have to think, 
Because we know that 
Love has found its way home 
To you and I... 
Baby ~ 
This is it! 

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Loving A Bleach Blonde White Girl

Loving a bleach blonde white girl will be the best thing that has ever happened to me. My love for a white girl will always be stronger than ever. It seems that I've got real feelings for this girl. The fact that day in and day out, for the rest of my life, the only thing I want to tell this white girl is that I really love her. Looking into the eyes of this beautiful, attractive white girl is like looking at a pair of priceless gems or expensive diamonds worth $385,000. And when I look at her face, it's like looking at a beautiful angel right in the eyes. When it comes to loving a bleach blonde white girl, I want to be her black knight and shining armor. And when it comes to falling so seriously in love with a white girl, I must protect her from real danger, especially that of a bunch of womanizing jerks. Not only do I not want this beautiful white girl to go through any more drama in her life, I don't want to break her heart, either. Right now, I see this white girl as my best friend, my would-be, possible girlfriend, my future wife, and the mother of my children. If this beautiful white girl had a nicer, gentler black guy like me in her life, I promise not to ever cheat on her with any other girl, even if she's as attractive as this girl is. I don't want her beauty to go to waste. And if me and this white girl were to be together and stay as a loving couple for the rest of our lives, that would be great for the both of us.

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Paint my way

Passion pen

Paint my way

Cover my flaws

Create my fate

Let His lines

Live in me

Lay my path

Lead me to thee… 


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Unashamed Self-Promotion


Greetings, good and kind fellow Soup-ers!

'Tis wonderful, I say,
to be a Soup-er, so if I may,

I humbly request you to lay down your pen dipped in fine ink,
and visit my blog which can be found at the following link: 

Now if this blatant self-promoting of mine seems rude,
I ask for your generous forgiveness, dear fellow Soup-er,

And wish you a day, that is peaceful, kind, and just plain super!

So cheers from the scribbler for now,
and as I take leave, my fellow Soup-ers,
I, in courtesy, to you all, do bow!


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A Bouquet of Words

                    I have dipped my pen in the sublime, it is my gift to you..
              I paint with my pen my feelings of love in colored words so true..
                 The letters are like seeds that extend from my mind to grow..
                     Each word a new flower that has bright colors that flow..                            
                   I hope to catch every aspect of my heart in arrangements
                                                of red, yellow and blue..
                   A warm bouquet of my everlasting love , it is my gift to you..

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Your Muse

Our paths have always crossed. Our hearts forever intertwined
We have lived and loved each other so many life times
Together we’ve slain dragons.  We have walked side by side with beast
Witnessed you wounded in battle and fall to your knees
We first fell in love in a world that came before
I have suited you for battle and watched you leave for war.
Together we escaped the wilderness , said our vows by peaceful streams
I’ve given birth to your children on every mountain peak
I’ve watch you quest for new worlds, far across unknown seas
Ive watch you bring down nations , only  to rescue me
We have treaded long and far, across hot  foreign sands
seen you slay enemies and take the spoils of their lands
I have watched you build kingdom, and helped you tear them down
Together we were made King and Queen, our heads adorned with the crown
We have lived and love each other time and time again
We were predestined,
 Created for one another, before our lives began

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Hispanic Girl's Love Poem---Spanish version

Amar a una hermosa chica hispana será el gran momento de mi vida. Parece que todos los hispanos las niñas son hermosos ángeles. No sólo es esta chica hispana es tan bello como el resto de las niñas hispanas, ella es muy lindo, demasiado. Cuando vi esta hermosa chica hispana, tuve las mariposas en mi estómago. Pero cuando esta atractiva Hispanic ángel había entrado en mi vida , he tenido un instinto acerca de este momento. Esta chica hispana es el sol que brilla sol, la luna que aparece por la noche, y mi buena estrella.

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My heart aches for the love I deserve
I cry for this one I love
but I lack the nerve

I know not what to do
i know not where to go
but this fact I do know
I love with all my heart  and soul

I love with every part of me
for this reason, I'll challenge destiny
My future holds my secret reality
I have opened my heart for all to see.

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OF POETRY........








PLEASE DON'T HIT ME................ 

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My Treasure Chest of Words

In the heavy silence
I grope around
In my treasure chest of words
Fumbling to find
The right one…
The word jewel…
Glowing with honesty
Radiating with passion
Emanating love
Displaying desire
Quarried from…
The rock of my heart.

Where is it?
Oh, where is it?
I look at your impassive face
Indifference in every line
Of all I consider fair
And idolatrous.

I continue to search
In the suffocating silence…
Finding a few choice words
I string them along in my mind
Not good enough!

Discarding them,
I search again.

In hopeless desperation
I reach across the abyss and…
Caress your check
My fingers saying
What my lips cannot form
And glory of glories
Heaven on earth…
You smile
Leaning your face
Into my hand.

For Treasure Chest Contest
By Anthony Slausen

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A Cold Winters Night - Adult bring that beautiful body close.
Let me touch and lick you from your head to your toes!

Damn it woman, you taste absolutely divine!
As I taste your nectar, twist around for the 69!

I want you to inhale me, taste every inch of me.
Allow us to meld our poetry, and bring each other to ecstasy!

Swallow my load as I explode from my writing pen.
Down this carnal road, I'll take you places you've never been!

Hold me tight as my universal poetry enters your womb, via satellite!
Such a sexual appetite, you and me, on this cold winters night!!!

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They are ALL my Children Part I

Each poem I birth
Is a child of my heart
Flesh of my flesh
Bone of my bone
Word of my soul
Conveyor of my emotions

Each one is unique
One is always happy
And sees the bright side of life
The eternal optimist
With not a care in the world
With a song on her lips
She traipses about and everywhere she goes
Flowers bloom
And the sun peeks out
To welcome her

The other is intimately acquainted 
With her mother’s world
Of suffocating despair
She sees the tear behind the smile
The insecurity behind the laugh
Her loneliness
This child of my is consumed by worry
That Mama may go through with it this time
And no longer be there to love her
She quietly watches 
Her daily fight for survival
For escape
From the demons that haunt her life
And so…she bears her sorrow
Trying to be strong for MAMA
Her tears she hides as she cries in the closet
Knowing its Mama’s tears in her eyes
And Mama’s pain in her heart
I love this child of mine, for she sees what no one else sees

One of my children was conceived in frenzied passion
And she is its embodiment 
She devours life
Her passion relishes 
She is intense to the point of insanity
Those who know her are electrified by her presence 
For she is….
Always endearing
Always charming
Always in love
Always flirting...teasing...pleasing
Always passionate….to the point of losing herself
In the moment

My little one….ah, my little one is a romantic dreamer
Her eyes never focus on the here and now
She perches on the windowsill
Seeing her castle in the distance
Waiting for her knight in shining army
To sweep her away on his gallant steed
With flowing mane
And thundering hoofs
Matching the thundering beat of her heart
She waits to be whisked to 
A forever land of dreams
Of flowers and sunshine
Of birds chirping by streams
And love better than in the world she’s seen

Oh, but my eldest
How my heart bleeds
For my child of wrath
Born of my affair with Zeus
Sending out thunderbolts
Livid by injustice
Seething with anger
At all that is inhumane
Welding his sword
Eager for revenge
For retribution
I fear for this my child
Who often is about to draw blood
In mortal combat with the enemy
Ever at the point of death...

(End of Part I)

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Teenage Love 6: The Engagement and The Marriage

Both of the young lovebirds who have been dating since middle school and high school will
have finally made it to the altar, and after a long-term engagement. Both lovebirds are
very excited about getting married. First, these two former teenage lovebirds will have
gotten engaged after a guy, who used to be a teen boy asked a woman, who was a teen girl,
to have married him. And before these two make it to the alter, then both young lovebirds
will have to make it throughout the engagement without ever cheating on each other and
stuff. It seems that a young man and a young woman have dreamed that they'd make it to the
wedding of their awesome dreams, which is now called, "the final frontier;" a famous quote
from "Star Trek." It also seems that once these two lovebirds have tied the knot after
saying the words, "I do," there's no turning back. There's also no way out of the
marriage, unless it ends in a divorce. This fairy tale story now has a happy romantic
ending for this loving couple who met in elementary school, middle school, and/or high
school, and pretty soon, there's going to be a happy ending for all would-be young
lovebirds, too. Everybody's talking about getting married since the day they started going
to school, especially what their dream weddings will have looked like. I find this type of
love very interesting. On top of that and as for this loving married couple who were once
teenagers when they fell in love with each other, they're going to tell each other three
words: "I love you." It also looks like that day in and day out, week after week, and
every day for the rest of their lives, they're going to stand by each other until the day
they pass on. It's just like the saying goes, "love conquers all," which means that all
marital relationships will never be broken. And if this type of love keeps growing and
growing and this ends up in marriage in the near future, these two love birds (a man and a
woman), their friends, and their family members will be ready for it. they'll all be ready
for the future of all lovebirds.

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Roses & Thorns

im all alone and thats the way it should be
because no one was good enough to try and tame me
so sit back and relax and enjoy the fall
the truth really hurts you never loved me at all

you say you love me 
but i saw past your lies
and let me tell you somethin' baby 
i'm not fallin' for you this time

roses around my hand 
and thorns around my feet
who would have known 
you were wrapped around me

but you tore me to shreds 
and i thank God for that
because if you never hurt me 
i wouldnt ever get you back 

so here i go without you
somewhere you can never reach me
and you can rest assure
im not takin' you with me

to this happi place
that makes me numb
where revenge will get you
its so good to be home

because the roses left me bleedin'
maybe that was a sign
that you would turn on me
and walk straight out of my life

you say you love me 
but i saw past your lies
and let me tell you somethin' baby 
i'm not fallin' for you this time

there's no ring around my finger
and thats ok
because im unobtainable
and thats the way it should be

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Golden Wings

Pure hearts unite
to metamorphose wings
and completely dance golden.

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The Candide Within

“This is the best of all possible worlds I hear, and you’re the master of your life”,
But when you count the closed shut doors, and look around you for a window,
Turn a rubik’s cube around and play with empty running rivers.
Mere stupidities and bottles with clichés will smear, right across the empty floor,
Tremble stupid kid! For cold, is just your empty sensation of fear.
This life is a wondrous gift, you’ll say; a challenge for the mighty heroes.
The good Pangloss in blood and flesh could not resist his own ideas.
You run and jump on sharp and blunt spears, to catch a glimpse of certitude.
But gravity, a law of nature, will keep you still in mortar shoes.
“Men have somehow corrupted Nature”, and I corrupt myself with dreams 
But what is hope but a glorious strength, embedded in genetic attributes,
Like aids attacking healthy cells, will disappear. And let it go Candide!
You die a hundred times a year and fear, fear, fear another death, another life,
The grand pillars of values and potent righteousness, 
You dare to believe in their existence. 
It’s like the God you trust, but cannot see and cannot feel.
But do not be shaken, have no fear for this is just your own free will,
Oh Cunegonde of mine, you’re near, and every time I look you disappear!
Sometimes you search the absolutes of universe and wonder where,
Does God exist and what He’s doing when Cunegonde is flagged and raped?
Stumble on the rocky path on orators and chaste priests,
With tongue so sweet and gloried preachings,
But what they do in solitude with sharpen knifes in backs of infants?
Close your eyes oh sweet Candide, and dream away with no restraint,
And watch how all your hemispheres will tremble soaked in darks and lights.
If not your head can imagine life without a shadow or a tear,
You are corrupt Candide oh dear, but this is the best of all possible lives.
You kill even the ones you love the most, nothing is holy anymore.
Just the promise of Pangloss and the dream of Cunegonde.
Merge your coding to save a dear, stop on red, and do not litter!
For your punishment ‘s not in Hell, it is indeed the life you bare.
Pace yourself! In the New World, like a Columbus you’ll try to steer,
Your arms and legs but not your head, for it is damned for it is barren.
There is no sun, or air out here. You strive for breath in empty chores,
At least you have your Cunegonde I hear, but she is just another whore.
Who cursed her love for seven years, but plow your garden cher Candide!
For this is the best of all possible worlds.

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heart, mind, and soul

father time in my chest
keeper of its own pace
just skin and bone depth
influences time and space
what are we but drifters
 in an unknown

see truth in a literal
belief before my face
stars with no funeral
light will win the race
here i am, not for long
death starts at home

where is this leading?
which story could it be?
despite all my reading
writings the cup of tea
i dont need to know it all
as long as im not alone

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Keep Me Awake At Night

i never thought i would say
these words are so true
but the fact still remains
i'm so in love with you

i keep thinking about 
when my world is nothing
you take away the grey
with all the things you say
and baby my heart will stay the same
i promise, ohh yeah 
you keep me awake at night

so as long as it keeps pounding
your words will keep on reminding
me of your love, while they keep on lying 
and i know no matter what they say
i'll be yours forever and ever 
as long as you want me too

i never thought i would say
these words are so true
but the fact still remains
im so in love with you

i keep thinking about 
when my world is nothing
you take away the grey
with all the things you say
and baby my heart will stay the same
i promise, ohh yeah
you keep me awake at night

boys and girls sometimes 
say things that are so fake
but baby when you speak
your words i'll never throw away

so let's kiss
just one last time
before you leave
i want your lips on mine
and i'll always remember
ohhh,  hell yeah
you keep me awake at night

i never thought i would say
these words are so true
but the fact still remains
im so in love with you

i keep thinking about 
when my world is nothing
you take away the grey
with all the things you say
and baby my heart will stay the same
i promise, ohh hell yeah
you keep me awake at night

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Your Love Poem

                                              My pen was dry and my paper was full..
                                       I promised you a love poem that would not be dull..
                                          So I will lay you down and kiss you with lines..
                                I will whisper sweet words on your neck and take my time..  
                                     The kisses will rhyme and our hearts will beat in tune..
                                   The format will be warm and structure will heat up soon..
                                       We will glide through poetry as only two poets can..
                                          Slipping and sliding to new words as the ink ran..
                                    After the editing is done and the proof reading complete..
                                    I have written you a love poem without leaving my feet..

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When Love Hurts

When love hurts, God heals
When love hurts, God feels
Your pain too as you do now
Pray and He'll show you how
When love so hurts, how to deal
The deep pain is oh so very real
God'll cry too for your tears and
It's true about footprints in sand
Reach out and He holds your hand
In kind your mind will feel His love
Hurting'll subside from God's glove 
I know of true hurting, how it feels
Accepting a hand of cards He deals
Painful nights crying, I've had many
But God's blessings, I've had plenty
That I will have better days ahead, I
Know and no longer have need to cry
When life itself hurt I questioned why
But I survived and my faith didn't die
For yesteryear's hurts, it will subside
The tears still come once in a while
But the love memories, I can smile
For God's so in His glorious Kingdom
For Kingdom come, thy will be done
And done will the pain be, away it'll
Go, like wood off a creative whittle
Beautiful to see, as days coming be
God cures all hurt, just wait and see
My mother, dad, brother, baby too
And for me, cried like baby boo hoo
But I wiped away the tears and have
Been blessed like a cow and her calf
Help do words of praying and writing
More than once, had vision - sighting
Not just in dreams, but for really real
I was in such pain, it was just surreal
Once it was Mother/Son, Mary/Jesus?
Through Him I pray for me, bejezzus

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A New Love

Sometimes it seems all the love songs have already been written;
No new ways for “I love you” are left to be said.
Sometimes it seems all the love plays have already been scripted,
And all the love sonnets have already been read.

Then when you are with me I know that can’t be true;
There must be love songs that have not passed any one's throat.
The love I feel for you never before has been experienced;
There must be some unsung love musical notes.

Sometimes it seems all the love poems have already been thought of;
No love words are left yet to be rhymed.
Sometimes it seems all the love phrases have already been whispered;
No new sayings can new lovers find.

Then when you kiss me I know that I must be the first one
To ever feel love as deeply as I do.
And so there must be some way unthought-of
To express just how much I love you.

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The Now Of I Love You

by R. Ellis

Blue falls on the river
tonight falling and recoiling
in a splashing wave of stars
like frozen rain.

I miss the most of you that
I know which is a little piece
of something small but powerful
No burning flames no one the
sames just the now of I love you.


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The Muse Has Gone

I think I may write, but of what I am not sure
It could a be a love verse or one not so pure
I think I would like to write a verse on love and life
But it gets so hard and can be full of such strife

What can I write for this new one-to-one
My thoughts are dried up, and now they are gone
The muse she has left me, what am I to do?
I will just send these lines, as they are now to you.

Please do not judge me, if I get it wrong
But this is a breeze, I may now write a song
A song of love or a song on what will be will be?
Come muse I beg, send a new thought down to me.

No I am not there yet, I can’t think of a new one
So I give up on this piece that was for the one-to-one.
I will do the next one when I know what to say
So this is the end of it, I will send this one your way.

© 13/01/2013

Contest Entry One To One

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For nine months
With love and pain
With joy and suffering
In her womb she carried me
A mother she is 
And a woman of virtue.

When there was no one, she was the only one
Even left alone, she never leaves me alone
Indeed, she’s a mother 
And a woman of virtue.

When toddling, she cared
And still directs when I could run
She is a mother of the child and the adult
In her thoughts are all, even the descendants to come
Many names will I call her; “A mother of all”
And a Woman of Virtue.

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A Blank Sheet of Paper

A Blank Sheet of Paper
A blank sheet of paper
lies on the table.
It's a reminder
of a life uncertain.
As I take a seat, 
I can't find a thing to write.

A blank sheet of paper
appears in my notebook.
It's a reminder of what we once had.
As I look back, 
I don't know what to write.

A blank sheet of paper
is placed in front of me.
It's a reminder
of what we soon will have.
As I think of you, 
the paper will soon be filled.

A blank sheet of paper
sat on the table.
It was a reminder
of what we had together.
As I remember you, 
I find plenty to write.

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' Alfred Noyles ... ' (Classical-Tribute) 63rd Senryu

‘Alfred Noyles … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  63rd   Senryu

   Alfred Noyles’ Poem Rings
‘The Highwayman’, Came Riding
   … Still Gets Me Crying …

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Paper World

Everything that's real passes me by
Cause I live on a sheet of paper
I could leave it anytime I want
Convincing myself there's always later

Writing about lives I've never lived
Scares me how I act beyond my age
As I'm fading into the background
Becoming a character on a page

In a fibrous bed
Is where I lay my head
The ink stains my clothes
Watch as I, decompose

I'm too young to think this way
I should live and feel everyday
Always goes back to the pen with me
Real life doesn't phase me and honestly
At times I prefer my paper world
Falling in love with artificial girls
Words can't break your heart, their with you from the start
Ink flows in my veins, to me it's just a game
I'm too young to think this way
Am I far too gone to be saved?

Just one marvelous frame in this world
My beauty is like the autumn leaves
Pretty to see, don't you know I'm dead?
Enshrouded by a blanket of make belief

Instead of trains I played with pencils
Literature in my box of toys
At 6 I held my books in wonder
Desire to intrigue, though I'm just a boy

I tire of real things
Pen holds my puppet strings
I have had enough
Poetry is my love

I'm too young to think this way
I should live and feel everyday
Always goes back to the pen with me
It's where I go to breathe and honestly
At times I prefer my paper world
Falling in love with artificial girls
Words can't break your heart, their with you from the start
Ink flows in my veins, to me it's just a game
I'm too young to think this way
Am I far too gone to be saved?

With enormous zeal
I burn oil by the desk
Drifting, fading, I
Become a child less and less

It's how I escape
This cold and earthly shell
Is it really me
You're talking to, can you tell?

Would you remember me like a good book?
At times I wish you would
See me as a work of art, a wondrous look
I really don't think you could

Instead of a box beneath the ground
I'm a mere mortal striving to astound
Put me on a shelf and put me in your head
Bits and pieces of me to look at when I'm dead

Would you remember me like a good book?
At times I wish you would...

Entered  into the contest
"How Poetry Has become You"
Hosted by Michael J. Falotico

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She Made Love To Me With Poetry

She made love to me with poetry
Rhyming erotic terms
Descriptively and explicitly
Painting a scene that made me squirm

The rhythm of her words
Moving like the lovers she described
With each passing stanza
I grew hotter deep inside

I was building to a climax
Simply by her words upon my screen
Delicately yet deliciously woven
Erotic but not obscene

My heart palpitated
Sweat built up on my brow
I had never been moved like this before
But her words did it to me somehow

She made love to me with poetry
A ballade I’ll never forget
Who knew that you could be seduced
By someone you never met

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Teenage Love 15: Teenage Lovebirds of the 1980s

Young love had finally made its way back into the 1980s and all of those teenage lovebirds
back in the 80s were so "totally gnarly." The 80s was when MTV made its TV channel debut,
the first cell phone was invented, and when a lot of people were born in that decade, that
had included Julia Stiles (born in 1981), Michael Cera (born in 1988), and even me (also
born in 1988). Also, the 80s were the times when hip-hop music and the break-dancing scene
were born, especially when the TV show, “Yo! MTV Raps” was on TV. It seems that young love
among the then-teen lovebirds ( teen boys and teen girls) had been in their lives since
the day they met at summer camp, middle school or high school. And when a teen boy and a
teen girl fell in love with each other the day they met, they knew it was love at first
sight. There were a lot of awesome things those teenage lovebirds have done back in the
1980s: they went to the movies, had gone out to eat, they had gone to the school dances
(including prom back in 1984), and stuff. Their outfits back in the 80s were “totally
tubular,” especially when all teen boys and teen girls were wearing their Converse shoes
and their Nike Air Sneakers. The 1980s were the best of times for all of the then-teenage
lovebirds and their parents. These people were young and in love, especially when they
were the ages between 13 and 17. And what their favorite love songs of the 1980s were
“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper, “Material Girl” by Madonna, “Never Gonna Give You Up”
by Rick Astley, and other love songs that were heard back in the 1980s, especially the
year 1987. This type of young love has brought the best in all of the young couples. In
reference to young love among all of the then-teen couples, it’s like living in this “when
doves cry” moment. All young relationships are just like the ones these people have seen
in all movies from the 1980s, like “Dirty Dancing,” “Pretty In Pink,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,”
and “The Breakfast Club.”  And if young love were to revisit the 1980s and bring it back
to the future, young love will be indestructible forever.

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Paper Sheets

Lay me across your sheets
of white, hold me as a poet
fingers her pen, caressing
with the passion of expression.

Draw me close,
then color me with the ink
of passion, kiss me,
roll me off your tongue,
and play with me
as a poet plays with words.

Blanket me with your fevered
inspiration, sketch me crimson
in your mind's fire.
I want to burn there
as a memory,
make you savor me
like a poet does her thoughts,
then tarry in the draw off of your pen.

I want to feel the breathless rush,
climax as a poet
slamming her read
and leaving the voyeurs 
lusting for more.

Later, we can separate the wrinkled sheets,
unfold what came of night
and you can write me again,
better, as a poet would

Play with me,
as a poet does.

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Teenage Love 7: Retired Couples

It looks like all of the elderly couples have been in love with each other since they were
real-life teenagers, even before the ones who were born in the 1980s existed, even me.
This type of teenage love has been around all of the elderly men and women who were young
since the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s. It seems to everyone that no matter how old
these two lovebirds get, they still have plenty of love for each other. Back in the day,
before the cell phone was invented, MTV made its cable debut, and before the Internet,
there was a lot of things all teenage love birds have done back in the 1950s to the 1970s:
they went to a drive-in movie to see one of their favorite films, they had gone to the
diner to eat hamburgers and fries, there were school dances, that kinda stuff. And before
the high definition television sets were introduced, all teen guys took their teen
girlfriends to see the full moon back in the 1950s and the 1960s, including 1955 and 1964.
That's a date they'll never forget. Teenagers back in the 1950s, the 1960s, and the 1970s
have had a great time, especially when they fell in love back in either middle school or
high school. This is the kind of stuff they should talk to their grandchildren about it,
especially how they met and how they really did fall in love. It also seems that it has
been years and years since all relationships have began to build between the then-two
young lovebirds (a teen boy-turned elderly man and a teen girl-turned elderly woman). How
interesting was that? Well, it looks like another generation of young love will take over
the lives of all young lovebirds of today and take over where their grandparents, who were
teenagers back in the time, have left off. And if this kind of young love keeps increasing
before the year 2025, there's no telling what great thing might happen next.

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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To read, perchance to dream,
To run through woodlands fresh and new,
The grass an emerald green,
To allow the words to draw me in,
As they describe the scene.

To see and feel as the poet feels,
To see and live the glory,
To be a part of everything,
To be within the story,
Of mighty battles lost and won,
Engrossed in a pot-pourri,

Of wonderful description,
Of freedom, love and life,
Words of passion, love or hate,
That cut just like a knife.

Words to take me far away,
To soar on eagles wings,
Or search for treasure yet unseen,
Or hear the angels sing.

To read, re-read and read again,
To feel it, taste it all.
Experience the stuff of dreams,
Adventure gives it's call.

                                    Judy Ball

For Put Yourself In The Reader's Shoes Contest by Judy Konos

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It's sad to reminisce the memory of those
who have long left our world without a chance for goodbyes....
I was left behind for an unexplainable reason
to fulfill a task with a true purpose;
and still walking and breathing I go on,
gathering tiny fragments of stories never told by writers.

Sometimes I tell myself," Why was I continuously spared?"
" Why do I have to be the last one to leave?" 
Those answers will be given to me when I'll grieve,
and close to death : I will hear them through the voice of the Lord. 
And instead of receiving comfort, I will generously give it...
even to the enemy who once despised my honesty; 
and coexisting with everyone, I will uphold my ethical code and go forth,
not cogitating the mystery of my unblemished identity.

Many before me have achieved this by resisting change,
not adapting to the new moralities dictated by society,
but the result was too tragic and gruesome for all to accept reality;
and as lepers with open wounds, they still indulged in pleasure,
hiding their disease with canning lies and eloquent flair....
I would cut off my own hands, rather than share the unclean thing!  

And still walking and breathing, my arduous mission must be complete:
neither ridicule nor contemptible looks will make me put my rod away!
I'll stick to my convictions and move on to delight in another blessed day,
and as bewildered as they may be, I refuse to be compassionate...
they must understand the purpose of my birth,
identify those works and deeds that give me worth,
then the outcome wouldn't be short of a miracle;
and ebullient as they appear, I suspect they will tremble!

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A line from you

You enter her… mind

Bent over like… a rocking chair

Comforting her with words

Your poetic stare…

Undressing her passion

Baring her essence to you

Each curve revealing

A new line or two


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Angry immortal

You dont need no friends
all they will do is hurt you
let them all go, why hold them up?
the family are so far behind,
they will never understand
we are so alone, in this life,
women want what you can give
i wont trade money for sex
or even a bit of attention
or a commitment of ownership
a culture of prostitution...

The poor people steal from you
the rich will rape you
not selling my rear for interest..
and the middle are just stupid
addicted to the drugs, the propaganda

I am the artist, the expressionist, the prophet,
alone, with one mission, 
where are my pleasures?
cursed to teach this selfish culture
pathetic humans, suffering
too stupid to give anything
complaining, whining, frustrated,

They are about to destroy themselves
a collective suicide of selfishness

The other immortals tell me to have hope,
to love them, to teach them,
They arent my friends, so busy 
teaching, and giving to the vampires. 

The christians love war and murder of others
They worship, punishment, hatred, and money
the buddhists wont stand up for themselves and fight,
the middle road is lost.
The muslims are too busy oppressing women
and praying for heaven
The jews know nothing of love, only greed

They tell me i should feel special
i have so much to teach and give,

Jesus taught them forgiveness
helping the poor, loving all people
they crucified him!

The afterlife is so wonderful, they say,
if you teach love and forgiveness.

I am in this life now,
and all i find is tricksters, liers and decievers
I am tired of being alone, 
The body is male, and only half of itself. 
addiction to female energy
no control, clairvoyance gone
the suicidal idiots have something right

I am cursed to sit here and learn compassion,
patience, how to inspire them
teach them to love, and give to others, 
all in the hope that they wont destroy themselves

Why cant i give up on hope?
they are pathetic, i am tired,
of the abuse, and anger, i evoke.

They hate me, unless i pretend,
smile the big smile, 
and pat them on their back for selfishness.
They love you then, 
I do not worship their god, of self-worship.
I wish i could, maybe i would be rich. 

living off of the blood, sweat and tears of others
how nice that would be, to relax, no responsibilty
to give or love anyone except my family.  

I am sure i will feel better tomorrow

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In the several centuries 
Before the coming of Christ
The Jews in Palestine re-examined 
Eliminated some of the books 

From existing collection
As not in harmony with the Law of Moses as 
Of doubtful inspiration
The Pharisees set up four criteria 

Which their sacred 
Books had to pass 
In order to be included 
In the revised Jewish Canon

(1)	They had to be in harmony with the Pentateuch (Torah or Law)

(2)	They had to be written before the time of Ezra

(3)	They had to be written in Hebrew

(4)	They had to have been written in Palestine

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Teenage Love 14: Teen Couples of the 1970s

The 1970s were the grooviest years for all of the teenage lovebirds-turned-married adults.
Young love has still been among all of the then-teen couples since the day disco music was
born. It seems that when two young people (a teen boy-turned-man and a teen
girl-turned-grown woman) first met while attending at summer camp, they were meant to have
been together. And when they met back in either middle school or high school, it was love
at first sight for them. Back in the 1970s, including the year 1975, all teen lovebirds
had gone to the movies at various movie theaters, listened to a lot of  music (pop, rock
and roll, rhythm and blues, and disco) gone out to eat, that kinda stuff. Their outfits
were very awesome back in the day, especially when the young boys-turned-men and the young
girls-turned-women had afros and had been wearing bell-bottoms and stuff. What was so
great about young love back in the 1970s was when these two young lovers had always been
serious with each other, especially when they had made a promise not to have ever cheated
on each other with other people, even if this guy was as attractive as he was and this
girl was also as attractive as she was. It looks like love has never taken its tolls on
everyone, not even their mothers and their fathers. This is starting to look like an
episode of "Happy Days," which was a great TV show with Henry Winkler. That was very
interesting. And even when all of the then-teenage lovebirds were still together, all teen
idols were in the Hollywood, California, scene, that included Erin Murphy, Donny Osmond,
and Melissa Sue
Anderson. Young love back in the 1970s was also when "The Brady Bunch" was on the air. And
if this type of young love keeps growing and growing, even before the 22nd century,
there's no telling what beautiful thing might happen next.

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Aging poet,
let your last words
avenge your frustrations,
the unfairness of society;
still feel happy to create verses
that soothe the wounds
that want to heal despite hopelessness.
Do not mention your unbearable trials,
they are buried in the mysterious labyrinth,
where your lonely and weary soul
was trapped and yearned to escape...
step into the sunlight love awaits!

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I speak poetry

she says i speak poetry and its true
knowing me i must have flowed for you
look to my eyes , a full soul in view
words all the moments your love would do

spare hearts for those caught in thought
the difficult twist that rips and knots
the lines i gave, a brave, soft spot
when the queen of my hearts fell from the top

forgive but yet i shall never forget
faith in no faith, but its best if i slept
rather dream than see worst outcomes at best
create a new love for some hearts Ive kept

i dont know why I must speak as such
a rough young man, can eat nails for lunch
scars and bone, dress shoes covered in dust
when stripped of my past, i whimper at a touch

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Do not read this

But now your here,

Raise a glass
to all the talented poets here
who, inspire us to write everyday
and all the friends we have met along the way.

Brought together
by a common interest
to express our thoughts
and feelings
and give pleasure
to all the poetry family.

peter Dome. copyright. 2012.

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Romance Novel

A snow bound silence descends now
upon my hallowed home,
the traffic's gone, the streets unplowed
and I'm engrossed in tomes.

A ribald tale of myst'ry roils
the knights have charged the breech
the bard sings tall tales of old
of maiden's love's unleashed.

The pendants mark the battles course
as Saxons face the Celts
unarmored men fought Saxon's, Norse
in naught but paint and pelts.

And so it was, and so it is
as men live or die for a kiss.

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Education is Power

Who is in charge of our children's education?
What happens when parents don't do their job?
When children have no sense of reading, writing,
till they hit that school room head on?

Who is responsible to initiate, ingratiate, the word,
so language is understood from infancy and
not suddenly at five years old when
communication receives the attention it deserves?

Parents stand up and take notice
schools do not provide the only source
You are your child's first teacher
You are the one who gives him voice.

From you he will learn expression
From you he will learn who he is
From you he will learn his roots
Give him your love and attention.

Provide an environment filled with books
A place where reading takes precedence
Instill in him a joy for learning
With gentle hand and loving looks.

Model the love of learning
read on your own or with
till without even knowing
he'll develop a yearning
to know, to explore, to evaluate
all there is and more.

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My pen wanders without my permission,
pokes through arches, peers into glass
for it has its own will and so it has its own way.

I worry sometimes what the dark ink will say
and the riddles that hazy lines evoke,
the laced frissons of reason that crackle 
inside a long buried doubt.

Paper, the damned paper, bleeds its skeleton keys,
under its thin façade plays a charade of clout,
odd blunders, for I seek to hold myself in 
all while I turn myself inside out.

Sharing too much, fazed by first drafts,
the nib jots its freak show parade,  
but fiddles with curlicues and hack rhyme
while it plots its spaces, slants hazardously. 

I’m faced with forms which I carefully touch
then embrace, enamored by their timeless craft,
reading the maps, all those ancient, lovely maps
that exploration, stumbling steps, can not deface 
and no wading words can ever chaff. 

Behind my eyes, below my pulse
are words that hammer 

why not why not why not

I let them go
confident. joyful, free,
trusting the true course of poetry.

*Love sent, hopefully received

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I speak 
to you in
verses, fencing
for my life

From the crevasses of 
my shaken 
soul come about lost 
voices I neglected
to hear, fragments
of piercing awareness I
forgot, deranged 
feelings wrapped around my 
throat like 
a silk scarf forcing
me to breathe deliberately, disorganized
nonsense pouring
out of my buzzing
brain sweeping
away everything
I believed

Chunks of lucid
thoughts emerge braving
the weather, survivors 
in a stormy 
ocean of overwhelm

I am left
among the bewildering 
remains of an inner 
shipwreck wondering how much
of it you too
can see.

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Dying poem

Written at dawn,
The word became verse.
Can we dye as poem?

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Just writing without stopping

Random Free Write: 

Just flowing - writing
and not stopping to think
or even to lift my pen
I kept going and the words seemed to have no end
Understanding that the process is a simple one
Love everyone and 
stear free of the wicked one

I'm not sure if it was winter or spring
But, I gave way to all the flaws and  imperfections
and realized that this is me
The change came when I saw fit
and not when someone else decides

It's not hard to forgive
And even easier to forget
Does that not reflect love and also what it begets?
Except too many hold grudges and even
pretend to be angry beyond whats necessary
Caught up in someone elses problem
and not dealing with their own is a hard burden to carry
Let it go
stop negativity where it begins

Cut people short if you have to
because this is your life you have to live
Be on the lookout for those looking to devour you
Pray for those who do ill sh@! to you
Respond in a way that makes them realize they love you
and hope it inspires change

Still maintain dignity and move on to something new
Growing, building up treasures for a place greater than
you can even dream to go
It's the simple things that help make life flow
I could go on and on with this practice flow
Writing and stoping to think or lift my pen
This is one of those poems that didn't make it to the waste bin.

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Teenage Love 12: Teenage Lovers of the 1950s

It was the 1950s and all teen lovebirds back in the day were the greatest couples in
America. These people were way before all people who were born in the 1980s were born,
even me. It seems that both teen lovebirds (a teen boy-turned elderly man and a teen
girl-turned elderly woman) fell completely in love with each other when they were in
middle school or high school, even when doo-wop music and rock and roll music were born.
It looks like all of the then-teenage lovebirds had a great time back in the day. In
reference to teen couples dating back in the 1950s (including the year 1954), they went to
a drive-in movie, ate at a diner, they went to see a full moon in classic cars, that kinda
stuff. These dates were way before the first cell phone was invented, MTV made its TV
channel debut, and before computers were invented. On top of all that, both of the
then-young lovebirds used to listen to their favorite love songs, like, "Baby, Baby" by
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, "Can't Help Falling In Love" by the late Elvis Presley,
Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis, and "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" by the Four
Seasons and the Shirelles. Their parents were happy that their teens were dating back in
the day, especially when their parents (the mothers and the fathers) back in the 1950s
found out that they were dating. And now that they're not teenagers anymore and even if
they stay together as a married couple, they'll tell their grandchildren about the day
these two lovebirds have met and fell completely in love.

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Did you ever suffer writer's block, 
When you couldn't write a line?  
When you struggled, hoped, and waited  
For that inspiration shine?

Did you ever beg the muses 
To intervene on your behalf, 
And find them in a stubborn mood, 
When they'd only sit and laugh?

They've been playing coy with me, now,
For far too many days.
They nearly drive me up the wall,
With their mean, contrary ways.

But I still love 'em, don't you know, 
And I'm sure that they love me.
I know they'll sing and dance again,
If I wait patiently.

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me without you

Music without rhythm
Night without dark
Is same me without you.

Life without soul
Heart without breath
Is same me without you.

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A Genesis mimesis Part 1

the Poet maker said and it was so let there be prose forward turns the page       										        	 ancient song from light to breath it was good to divide light from dark    											     	 to recite the day the night the verse of the day expands the page  												visible words separate the waterways waters above held in Heaven's store                                  									evening and morning end of page two Below turning droplets collect for the seas            										it was so land appeared a birth of earth let it bring forth the grass the herb  												 full with seed of life after His kind the tree progeny with life within it was good also               ends page three Sowing the lights midst the heaven the sign of the times standard          let it be dividing rule the greater for day lesser for night He made the stars also giving light seen upon earth agreeing evening morning still good fourth page Poet's words flow optimistically like water seas fill abundantly with the living word sky filled flocks of winged fruitfully multiply for God said let them be blessed evening and morning of the fifth page  The kines after His kind the things that crept with the pen of the ready writer man in His image with this breath

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Title Taken

The page laughing at me the canvas cold and blank.
Winter filled room in the middle of june.
Why had my heart run a ground on such jagged shores.

Now I scavage for remains of my soul.
ragged I wonder would anyone remember me apon my return.
Would she stand smile apon face and regret in heart.

The page stayed empty for a reason.
They were all gone the great titles along with there writers.

Me the fool brave or foolish enough to  attempt the
impossible  with little to show for it.
A broken relationship and some bad tattos  in 
some  weird places.

To be stuck down in a  hollow .
Is fine  with suplies lowand the truth a sober mind brings 
time was ticking the false deadline was apon me.
And like a kid trying to cram in every answer on a school test.
I was stuggling  waitting for the teacher to say times up.

Hands shaking from the need throat dry  and a headache
that would last for a week.
Why had it always come to this  isolation.

Maybe it was the roads way of calling me back.
Like a lover calling me back to bed.
To entangle untill the mornings light.

Yet just like a passionet affair the struggle for the title 
kept me trapped to this place for nights on end.
You cant grasp what is never yours its 
like trying to see that sweet southern breeze.

Everytime you find  one with which your heart agree's 
 You find the titles taken.
life and love will always  bring you to your knees.

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You Whisper Softly To Me

You whisper softly to me
and I enchanted, respond to be
You whisper me from a distance
and I reply demure in silence
You whisper softly to me as your hazel eyes 
sing, revealing unsung tributaries, dreams and realities
Your inviting lips lusciously unfurl with savory tales
You listen to me and I am demystified
Your face a vacuum- formula that initiates my creativity              
You whisper softly to me
And I am left speechless, resuscitated and quenched simultaneously
You whisper softly to me
And I am stilled in suspensions of grace
You whisper from a distance
And I am captivated as you appear dedicated 
Your sway whispers sensually
And I am forced to redefine, explore and reexamine the definition of beauty
You whisper softly 
And I can only imagine what it’ll be like, having you in my arms forever.

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Scent Of A Korean Tea

See this not as a flattery
Thou, we both know that 
We met, only, yesterday
But truth is I am missing 
You, every night and day

You and only you
I think of no other, as
I spell out 
These words of mine 
My arts, from the heart

You told me 
To gaze the stars
Whilst I begged you 
To ask the birds
How to fly

I remember that night
It’s something, I’ll not forget
The scent of a Korean tea
Brewed, delicately, with love
To sanctify me

It was already two a. m. when I 
Walked home, from your place
Guided by the sleepy moon 
I found out, we passionately speak
Nature’s own language

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About The Author

If my writing ever takes me
Even close to notoriety,
(Or infamy; more likely)
And my poems marry paper,
Become books lost in libraries,
They will house a small biography,
Black and write and written for me,
(With a greyscale portrait, maybe)
And my life will be condensed.

'She lives, and she lives happily,
With the one she loves unfailingly.'
And that will tell sufficiently
Of the muse behind my words.

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Introduction: This is a new word which should be added to the English language
to the English dictionary, as in that it is not already there!  I am now introducing
this newest of word's and if you ask me why, well then " I don't Know!  It mean's
just that I don't know.  This word can sometime's deplict to be graphic and sometime's taken literally in it's most common form.

Ishcaduata   (ish-ca-duata)

Some say that it could be British
But, I don't know
You can call it American
And here we go
Because I could ish-ca-duata anywhere
I can do it in a chair
No matter how many times we do it
The people, they only stare
You can ish-ca-duata any time
You can ish-ca-duata
Your house or mind
You can ish-ca-duata
Ish-ca-duata with a close friend'
You can do it in the kitchen
You can do it in the den
I like to ish-ca-duata
I do it in my jeans
I can ish-ca-duata wearing
Almost anything
I can ish-ca-duata-du
I can ish-ca-duata-di
I can ish-ca-duata-cee
Till it make's me pee
I, Ish-ca-duata when it's kind of slow
I even ish-ca-duata in the snow
But, if you want to know
Exactly what it mean's
Well, I can tell you
That is is exactly what it seem's
All that I can say is that 
It mean's I don't know
And that is just about as far
As it go
And when I go to the spell-check
To ask the question
It always' tell me
Their is no suggestion
O'h, Ishcaduata

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Come Fluttering Words

"come fluttering words, come drifting words to me  . . . "
Fly though my dreams and whisk me away to a “Nederland”
Where fragrant flowers perfume the air with delightful surprises.
And butterflies dance through the trees where fairy dust makes magic.
Take my heart to the beautiful memories of childhood.
Where imagination flourishes and laughter chases the breeze.
Mend my sorrows with your soothing; vanquish pain with your sweet lexis. 
Carry my soul to the heavens where family love waits true.
Flutter my heart with generous gentleness, with understanding.
Send my soul drifting across the lands where friends hear and foes are forgiven.
Embrace my mind that I may share each part of me through you.
Caress my lips that only sweetness may pass through them.
And teach me all wisdom that I may love purely with no ire.
I have heard your fluttering when my soul wanted to cry in anger.
Your soothing brought solace to my unconsciousness, quietly.
I saw your flickering when my eyes were closed to the needs of others.
Your compassion brought knowledge to my awareness.
I felt your trembling when my heart was overwhelmed.
Your wisdom washed away my worries, wisely, willfully.
"Come fluttering words, come drifting words to me  . . . "
For in your fluttering, comes tranquility, love, understanding,
…And friendships are preserved, forever.

© July 26, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: What is she thinking . . . 	
Sponsored by: Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~

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Living verse

That verse still lives.
We forgot His Words
Aren`t we the real verses ?

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Jill Scott

"Love rain down on me..."
she bellows sweetly
I drink her soul through
the sounds
Letting me into her universe
dripping with love, food, imagery
a beautiful symphony of words
"Slowly, surely, I walked away from..."
the thought of turning my  cd off
Jazz seeping through my pores 
melting me like chocolate in hand
'I understand what you sayin' girl!!!'
Moving feet with every beat
"Love rain down on me..."

Author's Note: Some of the words in this piece are from actual songs. Jill Scott 
has been a tremendous influence in my poetry. Her music and words are 
constant companions. Much respect to her.

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All I write is him
His eyes that bloom like April
As we print ourselves in sand

The serifs that trail from every word
Fallen feathers at our feet

The nights-
When we were more than naked
We were transparent
I could feel each rib against mine
See right into the core of his chest 
A pulsating brass mirror

I write him

And I fold him into fiction
Furiously sharpen the seams
Thumbnail pushing paper

Just Nouns loving verbs, I say
Just nouns loving verbs.

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The Storyteller

I was mesmerized by the tales he told
of foreign lands and shores.
Tales of bravery and men so bold
going off to fight their wars.

Of foreign lands and shores,
his stories hold rapt attention.
Going off to fight their wars
immersed in intrigue and tension.

His stories hold rapt attention
to all who gather to hear.
Immersed in intrigue and tension,
stories of bravery and fear.

To all who gather to hear
from this storyteller so great,
stories of bravery and fear,
stories of love and hate.

From this storyteller so great,
tales of bravery and men so bold.
Stories of love and hate.
I was mesmerized by the tales he told.

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My Dear Lady

In times like these
watching the tales of the night unfurl
while the stars are alight, 
bright in their glory
I remember you 
and the hurdles that lay before us

I plead with space seeking for reason why time will never suffice
I contemplate what to do with infinity as she strides further
I thank eternity for her patience

We resume our favorite room-continuum                  
and leave the rest of our history to eternity and infinity 
to compose, debate and solve our conundrum

Remember your aspirations as I ponder mine
You know that I will always keep you in my prayers
We need not give up                                                            
For we are just a footstool away from realizing our dreams

I will preserve you in my memory 
Hoping that time will show mercy 
and grace will protect me 

This I promise you 
I will remember you till the day that I last
My Dear Lady.

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track 18

thanks for the tea, heres something about me
nothing beats poetry, sitting underneath a tree
thankin' my family for a strong identity
people watching cause its free, beauty in the scene
has me staring with a cheese, a smile at what i see
possibly a dream,  caught up mentally 
imagining a few things, with this human being
who has the sweetest energy, soulfood like collard greens
all fools falling means I'm really dumber than I seem
being intelligent isn't just from memory
its handling impermanence light and sensibly
and lady I'm feeling your sultry melodies
we'd be crowded if its three, sit and be my company
must be a chemistry major cause the reactions meant to be
the love we can achieve, is safe from any thieves
 hold em from my queen, hearts tucked into my sleeve

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A Hushed Prayer

I beg for your forbearance
For I have disregarded my faith towards You
I beg for your healing in advance
For I have disclaimed Your protection and now I’m blue

Do you notice that I’m blanketed in deep distress?
My pillow is soaked externally with unsettling tears
My good memories that bestowed hopefulness
Has been meddled with for years
Has been mistreated and replaced by insecure dreadfulness
I need shelter from the tide of despairs and fears

I’m shattered and I’m seeking Your helping hand
Receive my hushed prayer…from your throne in heaven
I’m begging for Your contentment that’s beyond grand
Receive my muffled prayer… or I’ll be stuck in this tarnished den

Do you notice that I’m spinning mad in the rivers of mystifying visions?
My unwavering boat sinks drastically with damaged gears
My bad memories that departed from my missions
Has been discarding the carefree years
Has been neglected and torn apart by dishonorable decisions
I need Your love to embrace me with jubilation and cheers
I beseech for Your mercy
For I have abused my steadfast hope towards You
I look forward to Your infinite Kingdom favorably
For I have admired Your blessings and now my dreams come true!
In Jesus’s name,


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Love's Reverence, a cover of ''A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky''

Chivalrist of pure intent
Honoured by the ears that lent
A tale recounted to content

Resplendant wonders brought to ear
Laments that draw an unseen tear
Evasion of the heart's deep fear

Soft young mind and placid eyes
Lucid to the tale's disguise
Unseeing the truth behind the lies

There upon the golden water
Wimsically listening to the lauder
Inclines the middle Liddell daughter

Days have come and years have passed
Golden evenings couldn't last
Erosionary time has swept too fast

Dreary dawns and bitter nights
Overcame the muse's might
Dead and gone, that fragile light

Greiving when his heart was tore
Secreted to land of lore
On through Wonderland he'll soar

Now to dream forevermore

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Blood-Drenched Paper

Wordless and pitiful, this fool can’t deny
The emptiness hollowed out deep in my mind
Nothing will redeem these broken thoughts
And nothingness is all I have, I’m so damn lost

I can’t remember how to sleep anymore
I can not recall the taste of oxygen or law
Only the blood that was spilled from my mouth
As I choked upon the words that threw me down

How am I still living without my heart?
How is it that I can stand when I fell apart?
Truth is that I am gone, deep in the dirt
A place where I can not think; where I’m safe from hurt

I can’t recall a way to speak anything
That does not remind me of every single thing
The dry blood across my skin will not be washed away
And whatever else I try to hide has stained all I say

Collapsing into a mess upon the kitchen floor
Fearing to even walk out of my bedroom door
The sun burns away every place I can cry
And the moon delivers another thousand lies

How can I ever hope to breathe and sleep again
When every single breath I take turns dreams into pain?
The stains of blood are punishment for all that I said
And nothingness has carved your face deep within my head

Wordless and pitiful, the things I will write
The deepening eternity of every lonely night
The broken thoughts accompany a song that always plays
I’ve lost you forever, but this music will remain

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Do you like my raven eyes

As I walked down the street 
this morning 
I tried to be polite and inconspicuous 
You stare into my eyes; 
My brown eyes speak louder than my 
Husky voice ever will 

What are you looking for? 
Do you liked what you see 
Pain, shame or a sense of connection 
Love, nowhere to be found 
It ruthless, it vanishes, it disappoint 
By now us all know the stories 
Of lost-love, 

It begin with a smile 
A kiss, a warm embrace, 
Then tear and fears 
Do you love the raven in my eyes 
Sorry stranger! 
I paid my tithes, 


I lost my loves 
Caw, caw, caw! 
Do you love the raven in my eyes

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I let my voice resonate
so softly
feathers caressing me
like notes on a keyboard 
I soar high 
strumming me 
sweetly I glide
from side to side
as my ears move my feet
"Pa da pa pa paaa!!!"
delicate words
needed to be heard

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Poet Love

Never fall in love with a Poet
for they are blackholes of the broken hearted 
Set on a treacherous sea blindfolded
to distracted by butterflies to properly set up a captain's log

Never fall in love with a poet our emotions burrow themselves deeper than a naked mole rat

Exposed, Vulnerable

Just like that time in biology class dissecting the rigamortis set frog
Nailed on all four appendiges

For what???
Love is sometimes a Lie that we tell ourselves so we feel comforted.
The fairytale we read to children
The moralistic ones where the princess is a vision
and the Prince is an amorous gentleman
Walking hand in hand in the sunset immortalized
as one of the biggest lies
But what of love??
Real love the kind that drives you to a sickness
So nauseating you lose yourself in the process

Only simply to be there for them......... to eleviate any of their suffering

What of the tears???
That LOVE seems to squeeze out of your once sprite like Disposition
Like a worn out mop
that drips milky white left over mess
Lackluster like a dying fern, you have lost your glow
Resulting from the aftermath that your hurricane love 

What of loneliness....


Makes your fingers at night notice how alone they feel
Like a drug, you go through withdrawels 
You try to intertwine your left hand with your right
You know it will never be the same

Your Queen sized bed feels as if it has grown
to the size of Antartica
Where your insides grow so frostbitten from your bitterness
and you fear that you are so far gone and isolated
No one will hear your whispers

What of loves, loving distrust
Lies and Broken promises seem to defeat a person sometimes from honest confessions
Because distrust is like a math problem. 
Sometimes my friends, you have to discover what type of equation is their male partner.

But love is more like the Infinity symbol.
In that 2 bonded circles flow
LIke simultaneous toilets being flushed in Australia
Circling around sucking water into the pipes back into the earth

Love is the Infinity symbol because nothing can be Charted in Infinity
Understood or even Wanted

Love is kind but scarring. You never know if you have found your penguin dance partner that 
will always stay beside you


Ensare you faster than a venus fly trap.
Ripping you apart like a Praying Mantis

This is why you should never fall for a poet

We know Love,

and sometimes the horror of it.

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To get someone to read my poems… Contests there must be.
They must be bleeping nuts thinking I can follow all those cockeyed rules.
Out of a zillion types of poems they always pick the weirdest ones.
Allowed only 16 lines… I found I stopped at ninety-one.
And for a topic they want a bird throwing glitter from a tree.
How about I spank them as I put them across my knee!!!
And why must I name it… as they told me? Where’s that for creativity?
Then they want a special comment added in the poem…
I would rather not add plagiarism… I’d rather call it my own.
But, you know, I am so very needy that I’ll do whatever they want.
Well… I’ll do, maybe one or two… of the things they want.
I know this makes it harder to judge the poems that are found therein.
But to me a poem… is a funny bent on my crazy whim.
Then suddenly, Lord Have Mercy… my poem didn’t win.
But I’m happy as punch for even with their strained smile…
I’m sure they read one of my poems yet again. :)

(Meant only for fun) I'm not really complaining. Just having fun.

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My Muse

"Come fluttering words, 
Come drifting words to me . . .”
Come voices of the flowers
You’re my muse to be
Come tell me of her daydreams
Come tell her deep desires
Come give me just a hint or two
Before my chance expires
Come tell me how her skin feels
As it brushes your pink petals
Come tell me of her beauty
Before my heartbeat settles
Come tell me what she smells like
When she’s that close to you
Come tell me if I have a chance
To win her heart so true
Come tell me what she’s thinking
I pray it is of me
Come voices of the flowers
You’re my muse to be

Mike Dailey	7/17/11  9:44PM
For Constance’s contest – What is she thinking
4th place finish in contest

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I don't look like anybody else on the planet, you see...
I don't think and write as others do to hide pretense: 
my aspiration is not to be someone else, 
because a unique individual lives in me.

I had lots of friends in my teen years,
sadly, not a true one I could remember today
and that friend I found only in mother not others...
many regrets I have, but that bitterness has faded away.

I learned by watching, pondering, analyzing and comparing
vast differences in character, deed and action...
it was like seeing actors in a drama:  each one expressing
their feelings, expecting a positive reaction.

Sometimes I see myself as a modern philosopher with definite
thoughts on logic and theories...and most certainly
not a Plato, Aristotle or Socrates, and as amazing as they were,
they would criticize and scold me with their harsh words of antiquity.

I sympathize with anyone who has suffered a loss:     
it's the humanness that defines and completes me;
I am more patient than anybody who carries his cross, 
because a unique individual lives in me.

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I wrote an obituary to share my thoughts, the words about a loved one's life and passing. In mourning, I will bury the flesh and remember the existence of a life, to honor and cherish the soul, worldly achievements and love in our hearts. Sadly, all condensed to a paragraph on a page, a short tour of the memories family and friends hold dear. Out of the words, we reflect on the light of a life, one drop in a ray of eternal light. Each letter, a moment, a breath, we must buy. A part of me died, too, and life goes on. I feel the will still orbit the sun. Days turn to years. Yes, life goes on. I have a child now, a boy, my loved one will never meet on this earth. Perhaps, on this journey, our boat will take us to the otherside where we will all meet one day. Your love lives, I wrote in memoriam. I will always carry your love, a radiance lit within my heart, displayed like the finest, priceless art. For The Word Games Contest (Catie Lindsey)

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Midnight Lullaby

“I just can’t sleep,” I wrote one night
“My poor heart just longs for you”
“Sleep, my dearest; I’ll hold you tight
And kiss you the whole night through.”

And though he was worlds away
I felt his presence so near
The comfort of his arms was mine
What more had I now to fear?

Those tiny lines my lullaby
They caressed me through the night
Though sleep did not touch my eyes
My heart was illumined with light

How comforting to surely know
That he could embrace my soul
And quiet down my beating heart
With words that made me whole

I read again each little line
And saw his love written there
All alone in that dark night 
I was cradled by his care

Midnight lullabies are sweet
They are angels from above
They are ever more the dear
For they are written in love

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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 in the corner
 of a pub
I write vows
 and eulogies
 I speak
 of the dead
 the departed
speaking of love
 waxing of life
 on the breath
 of a baby 

I take minutes
 of hours
 I wrap my hands
 in cheesecloth
stained with black
 my fingernails
 have loosened
 from their beds
life passes through
 my pen, surging
 and ebbing
 with each tragedy
 or celebration 

I read lips
 hear tones
 watching from afar
 the faces
but unable
 to touch
 the life in them

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Quickie You

You are quick
And so spunky  
You are witty 
You are a goof-off (everyday) 
You are silly and crazy  
You are whiny and wary 
You are childlike and canny  
You are a show-off (in a good way) 
You are pretty 
And quite tidy  
You are slick!  

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Drug of Delight --My Beloved Wish--

You are like my mesmerizing lullaby
You soothe my body…warming me like blankets
You make me die all the time when you prepare to fly
You are making me daydream without ruthless regrets
Your powers are amazing! You can even teach me to fight
With Your thundering might,
You melt away my impassive heart…
Like a candle, scorching with fright
You are like the merry midnight sky
But our merriness broke loose when you waved bye-bye to our friendship
You make me cry in high spirits time and time again…when I receive your reply!
You are inspiring me to take wing like an eagle, but I lost my grip
My emotions are roaming freely…someday I’ll reach to heaven’s height
With your mind-blowing sight,
You shun out the anxiety brewing in my tender heart
Like a dandy candle…a wish that won’t depart

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Teenage Love 2-and-a-half: Childhood Sweethearts

This type of love have been in the lives of all children (boys and girls) for some time to
come. It's been like that since the day the kids started going to camp and elementary
school. It seems as though that when a little boy had fallen in love with a little girl or
the other way, their hearts start to beat, they're getting this emotional feeling in their
ribs, thoughts rushing tn their brains, and that kinda stuff. It will have looked like
that their parents will have know that their kids were in love with each other, even from
the beginning. There's been a lot of young relationships that have begun back in
elementary school and at summer camp, especially when one little boy had met one little
girl when they were participating in a lot of camping activities (kayaking, e.g.). But
what's so great about a lot of long-term relationships most of all is when this boy and
this girl are talking to each other on the phone on a Saturday night. This type of young
love among children from around the world is starting to look like the movie, "Little
Manhattan" with Josh Hutcherson. It's also as if this was a real fairy tale. Sometimes,
some relationships among kids don't last long, but some of them do. And when it comes to
these kids-before-teenagers falling in love with each other, there is such thing as love
at first sight. Love follows all of the children everywhere they go; it exists. Their
parents will have gotten this funny feeling inside, especially when they were supposed to
know what their lives were like as children when they met and fell in love. Let's hope
everybody knows that young love exists. Let's also hope that the parents know that their
children are in love with each other. And if this type of young love continues to grow and
grow and grow day in and day out, their hearts will never be broken in the near future.
Let's hope they stay together forever.

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If love is blind


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The Journey

From time immemorial your story began
A hundred, a thousand, a million years and more
Your story past written a character just one
The tale of you bleeds into all

Each story unique while pieces the same
Today, tomorrow, millennia expended and gone
Your story continues passed first to no last
The tale of you bleeds into all

Through love and hate, laughter and death
Minutes and seconds grew to decades and days
The story being written you wrote each day
The tale of you bleeds into all

Memories endure through dream and remembrance
Yesterday is gone but tomorrow you live on
Your story yet written a character more than one
The tale of you bleeds into all

Your stories the fires shall never consume
A past, a future, a present goes on
The story you wrote lives forever in your love
The tale of you bleeds into all

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Ode to My Muse

And then I
sit here squeezing
my soul like
a lemon in the
attempt to pour
my juices
out and distill
them in few
drops of relief

Shivers shake
me in waves of
self-awareness coming
from your disconcerting
mirroring while I rattle
out in a stream of 
concerned consciousness

To your enchanting
complexity I owe
what binds
me to unravel
my thought
patterns with a strength I had
known before

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Cupid, be my messenger...
take this letter to Emma;
and while your wings ride the wind,
she'll smile down below.

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One Summer Day

I want to muse—
wearing eye-glasses, but 
urge my pen for words that guide 
to sea of love. Sun makes 

her lips fiery, we sip 
the day, 
swallow it, childishly! Hmm, Nitz’s heart 
pumps out breath, holding our souls 

like victims for ransom. Ah, 
etching our aliases in the sudor like wine 
on the lustful spread of green, I 

look for the cheerful shadow 
of sky, as we dress our minds 

with chrysanthemum of a summer day.

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I Want to Write

I want to write something
Of breathtaking beauty
Something of value
That will nurture a soul
Assuage a pain
Tug at the heart strings
And bring release

I want to write the words
That someone will cherish
The words that will bring light
To the dark crevices and corners
Of a battered heart
And bring healing
And peace
And light
And joy
Indescribable joy!

I want to write
About the enchantment of love
And being in love...
About fluttering heartbeats
And quickened breathing
About slowly reaching that melting point...
The mystical moment of surrender
Surrender with sweet abandon
To another
That you are safe
To experience
To know
And be known 
That pleasure is waiting
To be mastered
and to master
and to obliterate all else
Except that moment
in time

I want to write……
But the words
Won’t come
I’m empty...
Parched to the core
And desperately in need
In need of those very words
That will bring me back to life.

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Poem Inside

There's a poem inside me,
I've been trying to get on paper
But I just can't write it down,
Though it fills me like a vapor

Cause this poem is more than words,
It's a feeling deep inside
And although it wants to be set free,
I cannot reveal it to the outside

I've tried and tried,
Although it has yet to work
I'm still trying to grasp it,
This feeling is one I don't want to shirk

Yet how can I simply put into words,
Something that is so heart felt
Just the action of thinking of it,
Makes that very same heart melt

Cause there's no words,
For such a feeling as this
There's no way to explain,
What you do to me with a simple kiss

So I'll try and fail
To tell you what is true
These three words seem the closest,
So I say again: I love you

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' Write: Because You Love To Write ... ' 58th Senryu

‘ Write:  Because You Love To Write … ’   58th  Senryu

    Read:  For More Insight
Write:  Because You Love To Write
     Speak:  Invite … Unite

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What Love s Worth

What Love’s Worth (23/07/2011) Some in sadness, or in laughter Ones in weary, or happy There are haters, or love slaves Not all love is infinite, Love! But, yes, it's worth to suffer for

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Strictly for my love

Just look for the stars and count them If they are many, That’s how countless and endless ma love is to you If they are few, That’s how rare my kind of love could be If there are two, That’s me and you If there is one, You are my only love If there is none, Then so is my love, Second to none… You are my all in all… I love you!

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Praising Your work with song thrills me,
seeing the vastness of the sky
astonishes my eyes in joyful ways;
Father, hear all of my prayers:
be like that willow shielding me.

Furious winds blow, but can't whip me,
their cold gusts can't ever reach  me;
Father, let me sing divine hymns
like David did in those quiet times...
                               Praising Your work.

I've lived life and ready to die, 
days fade...never frightening me;
there is no fear inside when stars
illuminate my path on dark nights.
Father, let me laud you with songs
that I'll sing through eternity...
                          Praising Your work.  

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Talking Dirty Inside

You know w hat I want
And how you can live through me
You know I want to be your slave
Teach me how to behave
Release me from that past phase
Breathe with you rhythmically
I know what you want
And you can heal me in so many ways 
Need something to dream about
Need a wish to come true.

Make another sudden taste enjoyed rhythm
Broken anonymous talented eager

I know you’re not the that innocent 
And maybe because of you 
Neither will I
I know I want you to be my slave
Teach you how to relate
Release me from the next phase
Breathe in my rhythmically
You know what I want
And you can heal me in so many ways
Need something else to dream about
Need a wish to come true

I know you can hear me
I'm talking dirty inside
Cover you ears if you have to.

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A crowd rest beside and around me
Still the emptiness appears to surround me
It’s been over years and years
The love in my life isn’t bears

With friends though I do some fun
But finds myself missing some one
She is my valentine, I believe
With her closeness I started to live

She made advent in my life
Now wishing to enter in her heart
The way appears quite entangled to rove
But I have a hope of love to move

I got her company
But companionship is yet rest
Living without her in life
Even for a while is a jest

She has taken my heart like fur
And I want to do the same with her
She has all rights on me, fine!
Now I want to claim some of mine

Getting her I got my life
And gaining her I’ll start living it
But till she’ll be entirely of mine
I cannot celebrate this day of valentine

In this mundane, all is there for me
Even then a sound beats in me
A missing valentine…..
A missing valentine…..

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A crosswise-MY LOVE

Your face            your eyes          your smile
So deep              so green            so warm
Awoke                met mine           dear heart
In me                 that day             a part 

In me                 that day             a part
This desire          to kiss                to hold
Always               your lips              to me 
Remains             divine                 all mine

This form (which I have labelled crosswise) was popular in the 17th century.It can be read in 
almost any direction.


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Carolyn is that unique friend
who imparts encouragement
by restoring a thrill that was dead;
her uplifting comments have made realize
the worthiness of my talent...
it's a friendship that motivates and surprises!

She could be a thousands miles away,
and still finds time to respond and even pray
when somebody's heart needs solace...
there she smiles with the kindest eyes!

Carolyn has a passion which amazes us all;
her poetry and stories are full of human comprehension
never hesitant to reach out and intensely love...
who wouldn't want to be her friend and get her attention?

She's not afraid of admitting her physical pain and loneliness,
searching for miraculous ways to cope with her boldness, 
but she'd find much comfort, if we consoled her with our understanding...
lessened the burden of her worries by reaching out with a happy feeling!  

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Touch of the Soul

I alone stand vigil over the memories of my past;
I alone feel the weight of them,
feel what it is to be
the man that past has created.
I stand, alone, beneath the stars and the moon,
contemplating all, as I ever have done;
it is only now that I've accepted
that's who I am meant to be;
the writer, the poet –
I stand with the rest of the dreamers.
I sit, alone, among the instruments of music,
playing on and on throughout my life;
music flows into and through my soul,
and I am now and will always be,
the musician and the bard –
I sit with the rest of the drummers.
I travel, alone, with the remembrances of love,
searching always for that one true other;
it is only now that I've accepted that even
without one such, I can live;
the romantic, the sentimental –
I travel with the rest of the passionate.
I escape, alone, in the pages of a good story,
reading for ever and anon;
books speak to me, engage me,
entertain me, release me;
the storyteller and the listener –
I escape with the rest of the readers.
I will fight, never alone, next to my brothers
and sisters in arms;
it is with all of myself that I've accepted
my duty, and who I will always be;
the soldier, the guardian –
I will fight with the rest of the Marines.

I dance, run, walk, laugh, alone, in the rain,
let loose my being in the deluge;
the storm's fury and glory
somehow become my own;
the drenched, the soaked –
I do all of this with the rest of the rain lovers.
It is only now that I've accepted
that I have become
who I was meant to be;
who I want myself to be.
I alone know what it is to be
myself, Andrew James Sprouse,
scion of the sea and of the past,
of the word and the sword.
But I do not alone know what it is to feel alive;
to be exactly who you are,
who you're meant to be.
I do not alone know the truth of pain.
None of us stands truly and utterly alone.
Every single one of us walks, arm in arm,
with those who share your experiences,
your beliefs, your thoughts and your lives.
But you, alone, know what makes your heart free,
what makes your fire ignite and your essence true;
you alone know the visage and touch of your soul.

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Within the Inky Pages

The binding groans open
And lets me in
Plunging into the depths
Of a cream colored world
Scents of ancient tomes fills my soul
And I’m addicted
I need a fix
				I really need a fix
And I inhale like I’ve never breathed before
My eyes glaze over, and               I’m   g  o  n  e
Universes I never knew appear
Black holes suck me in, Supernovas explode
Stars dazzle my eyes
As the words sprint across the page
It stole my heart, it did
I’ve never been in love like this before

Running fingers over the inky pages
Texture filling in the ridges of my fingerprints
Flooding my identity

Knowledge makes me
Builds me up to take me down
Into myself
Over and over
Inspiring new thoughts
That I thought were new
But really were hidden under
The dusty covers

If we save literature
If we save books from censorship
If we promote literacy
We can save mankind
And it’s history
The bad and good
Lessons learned and yet to be understood
All the falls and tumbles
Rises and stands

All within the inky pages
Held in my hand

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The Blessing for My Book

As my job and health failed me... I dreamed to someday put together a 
book of poetry and this will be the blessing it will begin with...

As I sit here weaving my poetry
Into the semblance of a book…
I find that I must ask Gods’ blessing…
For the journey, that together we have took.

I find I must bow my head in thought…
Over this book that together we have wrought
As my hands clasp oh so reverently and earnestly over my heart…
As I believe his help brought the words together that I sought.

And God set the journey that shaped what now before you begins…
He helped me find the words that reached through my heart to my pen.
I pray the poems will be worthy of what he showed me as my life’s art.
And upon this book I honestly pray that his blessing he will impart. 

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Doesnt make sense

I think ill make something new!
Something somewhat different with the words i spew!
Something about lost love to be found.
That will end up driven right into the ground. 
Or in a box called lost but not found.
Or make something about death so hollow and sad.
So sad it will move the hardest prison grad.
Get it?
But anyways maybe not.
Maybe ill write a story of a baller getting shot.
But yeah ill probly not.
Whats on your mind though?
Have you got the time to find the time then let it go.
Just grab a notebook and let it flow.
Its like riding on a breeze nice and slow.
Like flying a kind real low. 
Its easy unless its not simple.
Like when you use big words to sound obedient.
Which only rymes with words like expedient.
I dont even know what that means, i just threw it into the ingredients.
Sounds like a word thats rather deviant.
I like to build my poems like a subservient structure. 
Im loosing it so bad my brains about to rupture. 
This write sucks it doesnt make any sense.
The reason im on the damn fence.
Becuase nothing i seem to do.
Seems to make sense.

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My Petals of Words

Unfinished words I now retrace
Are drifting now like petals in the wind
Blown long ago, from some old hidden place
This is the night that calls me to that place
From deep within my vase of memory

I fell in love with words, but knew that love was fleet
My words recall, and help to write a poem
As if it were a thing to touch and feel
That time and years would take to make complete

 I write again on petals now retrieved! 
And still, somehow, sweet fragrance lingers near
When thoughts were flowers falling at my feet
I’ll pick them up, and dust them fresh and clear
Tonight I bare my folly to the moon
O’ moon, you saw the ways the devil woos
How roses swoon to songs so out of tune
But hearts refuse to see the naked truth

A bloom that sought the sun to feel the glow
For gentle touch and whispers from the breeze
Instead of sonnets sung with warming breath
Each petal  has had his chance, and left with ease

I trace the choices made…each withered shard
Words strove to use me up, and follow scorn
I stand alone, stripped bare of self regard
As petals fell away, stripped down to thorns

My words now steal my breath, against my will
Made captive by a heart who seeks it still


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I'm A Poet

I'm a poet, though I can't say that I'm good
Cuz I can always find those better than me
I have low esteem, lower than most
But it can't stop me from writing poetry

I wish to be different, I wish to be you
I wish to sink lower to the ocean blue

But I'm not suicidal, I love my life
Even though it can be full of endless strife

I love to write, I do it day and night
Seldom do I travel without a pen
For what would happen if I got an idea
without a pen I would lose it right then

Though I'd like to be different, I still love myself
And it takes all of me not to sit on a shelf

I listen to music, it's my inspiration
and will continue to be till my life has begun

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In Appreciation...

My words, 
Cannon fodder, 
Into a no man's land, 
Dying china ducks, shot down 
And sprayed into the weeping wind; 
Redundant, no meaning in the face 
Of all your caring deeds and grace. 

In all 
This creation, 
Did I survive intact 
If not for your sweet mercy? 
The culture of a loving creed; 
Unconditional, supported by your ministry, 
By all the kindness given me. 

No gift, 
Material thing, 
Settle such a debt, 
Incurred upon my lonely soul, 
Such debit I am proud to own; 
Remittance, I could never pay 
From now until my dying day. 

These words, 
By some ghosted pen, 
Are all I have to give to you, 
Mere ink and paper sentiment; 
In truth, a lowly platitude 
Of my eternal gratitude...

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Why I can't Write

I have carved seventeen years into this notebook
Dragging Mondays across the paper
Saturdays exploding from the nib

It is not enough now
To take a hair from his head and rest it on a page
Sacrificing my heart to the wind
Praying she might not take it from me

It is not enough now
To take a reflection of his smile and scatter it across these sordid lines
In the hope that they might trap it for me
And not keep it for themselves

I want to pen myself into him
Carve myself deep into his skin
Curl into myself
And live there
In the space between his heart and lungs.

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Writing the Future

Take my hand and ride along
as I write you, this love song.
An endless day with endless passion,
you know this is your hearts own fashion.
To scream out loud with blissful joy,
this love I hold will not annoy.
Just marry me and you will see
the happy scribbles ill let you be.

Love is that of endless dream
with a most unconventional theme.
A story line to last forever
if the plot keeps us together.
But I am he who writes the tale
and I know my heart has yet to fail.
So with this pen ill erase the past
and rewrite present to make us last.

Like tulips on a warm spring day
you are just as sweet as words can say.
To wrap you up in sheets of gold
ill change it all for me to hold
your body tightly next to mine.
And on this day ill be just fine.
Ill close the book and take a seat
next to you, my works complete.

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I Really Like Her

Her smile and personality just builds within
but unlike my heart i dont know where to begin.
I wrote her poems and told her things.
I made her smile like no other human being.
Her curly hair and intelligence
made my heart so irrelevant 
to the point in which i sat and cried 
and sung some lovely lullabies.

Her beauty started our world
with a few men and alot of girls.
I want to scream her name right now
and if i do i will say it loud. 
Please believe that i got diss
that girl who talks just wants a kiss
but in the end i will always miss you.

One Love<3

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as quiet as he ever was

tightrope typography; 
the arbitrary doyens of 
fallacious complexion… 
perpetually soaked 
in gin perked rum… 
inelegantly smeared 
across glass bled eyes… 
purely out of interest… 

the bluish flaccid
moonlit regatta;
whistled and sold…
whistled and cleansed…
privy to atonal acronyms 
and consummated progress…
as quiet as he ever was…
purely out of interest… 

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Untitled #308 / Universal gravitation and the human heart

Oh constant Things! By Newton’s law of universal gravitation,
everything in the universe is attracted to
every other thing. If only the human heart
would obey this simple principle, there would be no need
for heartbreak, for pain, for mortal strife,
for impotent words that fall on no ears that matter.

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Eyes pierce;
words penetrate;
countenance corrodes…
pity those tough hearts
of rough masculinity
tender muliebrity.

Just think of poor God
…He dares once in a while
out of Maya-muffle
to eavesdrop His devotees’ troubles.

Got encapsulated in Her
enchanting shell, spell
…the God became a helpless manikin
caught within Her tall
woo-prison walls.

What to say
of frail mortal man;
truly gullible
to sirens’ smirks,
swings, snits and whiffs!

O’ man, O’ man…always gets tangled, wangled
and ‘woman’gled
like a fish in an angler’s net.

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and we are gone

... And be one eye , one soul 
as the world recedes , gone ,
away far climbs. Vanished like a 
driven cloud.
		He is merely flesh and blood Reality ;
slaughterhouse stumbling through script
	typed in selfless pursuit.
Wanting only quickened wit & Pupil's Needs.

Mortal simian image, which we , the living 
only feel and bear and tremble and 
are gone. 
Upon my Darling's beaming eyes The summit 
of everest slurs into a bog or quagmire , deep 
and dank.
	So gazing with the boldness which prevails
love, and peace and gracious mirth.
	with a voice less loud though its 
joys and fears show wool in dissembled 
colours shine.
	As the passers by near us drew 
the Need to know from our stares, going further...
	" O Merciless Lady & Vulture Poet
when I am pinned and wriggling on the wall
I will turn my bewildered eyes out 
of soil and darkness , to run through 
every alternate scene 
Where I  used to play on the green
in goodly colours gloriously arrayed.

And a voice less loud brought me 
breathless to Aphrodite , throned in 
flowers beyond this pale picture ; 
be the dream. Roaing with laughter 
as a fallow deer is clear cut through 
the sun seen peering out the skull.
vast lilliputin language cannot describe
an Echo of the Time, after the rainbow.
Then , as if some strange mystery aware
that you should remember & be sad.
Now memory feels itself grow weak , I can 
not endure,
	I am merely flesh and blood "
"it will be found once more , I say to
thee with furtive flagons , white and red.
Now get back retreat, depart."
	She of the tribunal did command
great at sea, and the Heaven. From some 
touch of pity which may still restrain 
she let him pass.

A leaf fallling softly at my feet,
but I saw it was not as thought , 
only inked. Falling in Heaven's crescendo.
Climax always brushing distance out 
of reach.
As to long panoramas of Visions, of 
my faith , I'd give whole to see the architect
of my dreams once more. I am 
waiting here for thee, flesh and blood , merely.

	Ne'er to be found again. I am 
like a flag unfurled in space. Oh ! Lost 
to Her and all thy race to wit
 faces of scorn , stuttering ends 
this morn ; O Weak Heart. I long 
to rise. Never being a Poet of God's making ,
laughter to thy lips, wandering to sigh 
among mortal men dust ; shall return to 
dust. As the storm cries everynight 
and those that know me confirm that it is thus.
Easing a new epilogue , tremble 
and we are gone...

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And Her - Of a Friend's Muse

Out of the depths of my soul comes  my Lady
Across heart and mind to spread a light
Radiant as the slender moon as she
Floats the still black waters of the night
The universe comes into being
In the shadow of her presence
And seized by the vision I am seeing
I'm drawn by a longing so intense
Entranced I would fly to pull her to me
And could I hold   or would I
Overwhelmed by her mystery
Tumble back down the dark sky
With all of heaven too far above me
Condemned to the earth beneath
Imprisoned in this small life I create
Bewildered by this bitterness and grief
And left in the deepening silence to wait
My soul locked and chained within
Without her my spirit unable to rise
Denied the grace of inspiration again
To see the world with merely human eyes
So far from the one that produced 
Wholeness of vision   beautiful   divine
The heart of the unseen reduced
To words once made to live and shine
By love of light from which they sprang
Fashioned first by woman and as fine
As any woman's child who lived and sang
The songs his mother taught in lullabye
While still enfolded in the arms of her who brings
This joy from which I stand apart   estranged and shy
To suffer love   perhaps to learn to love all things
And recognize in the lowest and most mundane
Forms hidden behind her often closing door
Are echoed and mirrored in the most arcane
Authority  that I have honored so much more
And charged with the burden of my own success
Required to learn what silence has written
Is more than any tongue can express
Or struggle to contain and fit in
The emptiness of words if stirred to verse
When all is her   and her eclipsed I find
The eloquence of love can be a curse
So much greater than this little mind.

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Why I Write

Written expression is my own personal therapy.
It keeps me sane and gives my thoughts clarity.
My brain comes alive whenever I write poetry.

Self-expression is my way to self-healing.
My poetry at times can be so revealing,
Letting the reader inside, no longer concealing.

Inspirational verse allows me to witness
My belief in God and Jesus Christ to confess.
Open my heart, share His love like a caress.

Humorous rhymes let my inner child breathe.
Creating laughter is a magical gift, I believe.
I am truly blessed with each smile I receive.

Poetic forms with syllabic counts intrigue my brain.
Sometimes finding just the right word can be a pain.
By writing senryu, haiku, and tanka, my mind I train.

Love poems are my favorite poetic genre to explore.
Regardless of how many I’ve written, I write more.
Happy love poems seem to make my heart soar.

I also write sad and broken-hearted verse
Where people are loving then leaving or worse.
There are no happy endings, just the reverse.

If you should ever encounter a poem of mine.
Perhaps it does not have the perfect rhyme
The rhythm could be off a beat you might find.

But know this one thing for sure about my musing,
I don’t believe you’ll find the words confusing.
Many of my poems can even be quite amusing.

I write poems for me, so I write just for joy!
So when you read my poems, I hope you enjoy!

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The smoke-ring smut roll slid 
down his oaken face, 
delicately doling graceless grit 
upon his cervical lips, 
he spoke;- 
Lyrical sex… low brow aesthete, 
slowly failing o’er 
faecal basalt breaths…

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Quote :believability of love

Love is beautiful as a noun, but it is only believable as a verb.

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Writing You

Writing you is easy
For me.
I like to think
I'm the only one who can ever
Translate you into words,
I'm the reason your blood
Runs as ink,
I can read you like no other.
How is it to have me
As your author?
For me,
It's what I love to do,
What I live to do,
To document how we exist
Together, apart.
It's easy.

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Written words

Words swirl around in my head
I starts and until I write them down
They just won’t end
Writing my words on paper
For people to find significance within them
These words are very real to me 
The emotions are far from being pretend
Some say you looked right into my heart
You’ve seen my soul
You read my mind
Just how did you know
You pinned my feelings to a tee
How again could you see
Everything within me
Here’s you answer as to why
The words that I write are my pain
I’ve seen you, yet not knowing you, through my own eyes
Just because we are different, don’t mean we are still not the same
Emotions are universal
They make the world go round
The silent cries of screams
Quiet is my sound
To often of times
The struggle leaves one
Lying on the ground
The hurt so heart wrenching
And so very real
Time is never ending
Life is what the pain will steal
So breathtakingly helpless 
Is what you will feel
Heartbreakingly hopeless
Devastatingly you just can’t seem to heal
So yeah,
I write my words of hurt and pain
On the pages of paper to share with you
Many will relate and they often feel the same
At some point of time
I do hope you find some sort of comfort here
Within my lines of worded rhyme
Perhaps they will help your heart and soul to let go and heal
Cause while they do help me get by
Most times they don’t really help mine

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Eternal Sparrow

Two thousand years ago a tiny bird
Loved by a Roman beauty met his death.
Catullus, a poet, was by passion stirred
And penned light lines, as fresh as baby’s breath.
“She loved him more than her own eyes,” wrote he,
“For he was gentle.” Furthermore he told
Of their affection pure that held the key
To sacred love, precious to her as gold.
That sparrow and his mistress live anew,
In everlasting, perfect adoration.
Catullus told their tale. There’s no adieu
And their true bond still offers inspiration.
A poem can send echoes throughout time,
To touch our hearts today with love sublime.

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I am giving up
The stress is past the point of throwing up
Every day the same routine
The repetition has become obscene
My hands are blistered, sore and torn
While my face looks old a worn
If my nerves are bent any more
I will snap at the middle and break at the core
Just a little break
To relieve me from more than  can take
A rest for the weary is all I ask
A little relief from this stressful task

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Love Songs of the 1970s

All of the then-loving couples have been listening to all of the love songs from the 1970s, including the year 1974. Love has been in the air for all of the people back in the 1970s since the day doo-wop music was born and the British  Invasion began back in the 1960s. all of the love songs have been on the radio every day from 1970 to 1979, especially that of "Maggie May" by Rob Stewart, "American Pie" by Don McLean, and other love songs. They were way before I was born, especially that of the mid-late 1980s. Disco was alive when those love songs were on the radio. And when listening to songs performed by artists like David Cassidy, Melanie, Donny Osmond, ABBA, and others back in the 1970s, it's like spending a Saturday night at the Hollywood Hills in Hollywood, California. It's also as if it's prom night 1976 all over again. Paul McCartney is that of an idol for all of the then-teenagers. How interesting was that? I wish all of the now-and-then loving couples knew what their lives were like when they met and fell in love with each other, even by listening to a lot of love songs.

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Why I Enjoy Writing Poems

Why I Enjoy Writing Poems... I often have a thought or two on my mind. And have written them in the expression of a rhyme. I’ve tried to write as I feel God has led. And try to do it in love, in what's written & said. At times, I “have stepped on people's toes.” This is not my intention— God really knows. If you've read a poem that I wrote. I hope you were encouraged with hope There’s a message that I pray comes across... "With Christ... all is not lost!" I’ve tried to write poems from my spirit. As an expression of how I live it. The words written are from my heart to you May they be a blessing in whatever you do! By Jim Pemberton

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Untitled #338 / Who can hear America singing?

Who can hear America singing?
Good for him!
Some only hear silence,
followed by the echoes of futile screams

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The Monster

The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

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That Angel Smells Like Lotus Flowers

I know not her name, 
But I can trace her by scent, 
She has driven me into a smell-at-them game, 
And am attracted to her a hundred percent, 

Stronger than my very own Chase, 
But am unable to keep the pace, 
The scent, be it expensive, I'll buy on higher purchase, 
I just want a glimpse of her face, 

Is she a material girl in a material world? 
Who taught her to smell so sweet? 
Whatever the case I'll buy her the world, 
And place it beneath her feet, 

I spoke with the wind to reverse her scent, 
And I followed it to a mansion so beautiful, 
It is here that I'll pitch my tent, 
Till I see this angel that converted me to a beauty fool, 

Alas! A master piece, 
If she isn't a runaway angel from heaven, 
Then God must have really been at peace, 
And created her in days more that seven, 

Introduce myself I shall, 
Even if its only for a while, 
Am Leonardo da vinci, please Monalisa smile, 
But she disappears behind that great wall, 

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                         Delicious words stream through the mind
                                       Drowning, drowning
                            Wicked thoughts must be confined
                                       Drowning, drowning
                            Grab one or two and just hold on
                                       Drowning , drowning
                               Turn those words into a song
                                       Drowning, drowning

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©
12/01/12  Juja, Kenya  Africa

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An Unexpected Turn of Events

A right became an unexpected left; 
Nothing more important than subliminal 
country miles that pulled me forward, 
no destination or thought to why, 
just my surprise. Some ten miles gone, 
I felt a ray of grace; the reason 
for this race, and as I chased a trace 
of errant time – I thought of a line. 

I felt a now in my existence, 
and shared a smile with the corn silk 
light that fed my way, and the wind 
that blew the hair around my face. 

A chance to share some thoughts of mine, 
Within the realm of reason, street and rhyme. 

Once upon a time, in Everyday, 
the minutes and hours of the human 
condition, the hopes and dreams, sadness 
and screams, the cries of sedition, 
the plight of the lost, intolerance 
and ignorance, expressions of love 
for country and man, were duly recorded 
by a poet's hand, a composer who scored the lay 
of the land. And mouth to ear, where needed, 
we shared his composition, in celebration 
of the word's intended mission- 
food for thought. And then it stopped. 

We gave poetry away to obscurity, 
to the teachers of form and craft, 
who slipped overboard in their zeal 
to define the titles for the times, 
of what is a "must read", for greed, 
and intellectualizing need, 
to feed their egos and their jobs. 

With speed, they redefined 
and refined the voice of inspiration; 
imagination served with a mutant strain 
of peas. Poetry beyond the realm 
of good digestion, the cause 
of painful indigestion in the mind. 

They built a world of poetry, 
that will never sing a child to sleep; 
Mutant peas engender nightmares 
in the young. 

She said, 
"I love the way my body moves when I read Seuss." 
(For any traditional poet, this mom's good news) 

"But what of street, the beat and passion; 
the march of voices crying to be heard, 
the visualizations from a well-wrapped word? 
Can you read one and exclude the other; 
is it all about the prize and what's in fashion?" 

"No, it's about what I like. Last night, 
I drank in Whitman's leaves, with a little 
Shakespeare chaser. and tonight, I might 
guzzle Ginsberg and savor Kerouac 
like a fine wine in meandering 
subconscious streams." 

Who could disagree with her taste in words? 
So I drank a little more Baudelaire and went 
to sleep myself. 


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Noble Knight

My love,
You are the honey I put in my sandwich.
You are the rose I avoid to step on.
You are so digestive.
You have a glowing smile.
Your smell is better than Channel perfumes,
so I don’t have to buy you Channel.
You are my apple I love to eat.
You cause sounds of bombs in my room
because you make me explode in laughter.
You melt when you are shy.
You are not short in your duties.
You are my heart’s beat.
You are my Aspirin. 
I love you.

P.S: Oh Love, forgive my writing, because I just came out of my first English course   
       and I wanted to share my joy with you =D

              Noble Knight <3 <3

*Digestive: humorous.
*Short in your duties: late in duties.
*The P.S is the Noble Knight himself talking and telling his beloved.

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My Tea Stained Heart

And written on top of my sonnet – a note…
Hey babe – working late see you soon…

All those lonely hours... 
Writing to capture the thought for what?
 A soulful rite...

My life left gashed and dripping as her aimless pen slashed my heart…

The tears cried over each line and verse...
I knew these words would  let her see...
The spark carried in this ancient soul displayed just for her...

Even a fool knows that lonely passion serves no more purpose at all...

In the end your heart stands alone...
All those tear stained pages amount to no more than landfill.

Awkward feelings trying to fit into a verse...
My angel, my love, this wounded heart...
Love knows the bounds when it all falls apart.

Heaven please accept this tea stained note for it is lost amongst the living - my heart soon to follow...

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Caught Up In The Rock And Roll Game

Don’t get caught up in the game 
Don’t get caught up in the fame
It will drive you insane
It’s only you to blame 
When you get caught up in the game*Refrain: 

Because you walk through the crowd
They all know your name
The road twists and twists
 With a surprise each turn
Try to stay above it all or you’ll soon learn
 That the eyes looking in are hungry for your blood
Don’t mistake it for the love
Cause they all want a piece 
Of the music, rhythm, and soul
They love the Rock n Roll
Then there’s the girl who writes the rhymes  
Loves the love and soon you’ll find
Her spirit is so real and her sex appeal
I know you feel 
The fire that burns from the words she writes to you
It’s a powerful heat that makes your heart feel new
She loves the melody you put in her soul
It warms her heart, it makes her whole
Her spirit soars so high 
When you look into her eyes
The fire is so hot between the girl and this rock n roll guy               

Don’t get caught up in the game
Don’t get caught up in the fame
It will drive you insane
It’s only you to blame
When you get caught up in the game

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Prayer To My Self

Walking away might be the most hardest things for a man to do, you cant even imagine what that feeling can do to you. Falling flat on your face would be better than to look shameful, even walking around naked around the streets would be cool. But like any story in life goes, there is always that one person that will help you get back on your feet and walk again. No matter how much you fall, no matter how much you stumble upon a struggle, that person will be there with you till the end. Give love and thanks to this person who never leaves your side and helps you put a smile on your face everyday. When the day comes to an end and you know that the person has to go, all you can wish is for your special person to stay. Mine has walked away on me, I was so blind that i couldn't see. She wanted everything for her self, for me to change and be what she wanted me to be, but i had to let her go and never see this person again, cause it would only be worse in the end. Writing this is more painful than getting your body tattooed, writing this is more painful than getting over screwed. Writing this is more painful than words, writing this is more painful than razor sharp swords. No matter how much you try to let it out it just wouldn't come out, the pain is way to deep and its almost like its tattooed on your bodies gout. haven't i been hurt enough in this world, i just don't understand why i am being treated like this, is it cause i am better than you and have nothing to look forward too but my blue and black handkerchief? The cut was way to deep my dear, you just cant imagine, i have been cut and bruised for the last time, i can promise you that. No one will ever touch this body or hurt this soul ever again, if you wish to try so, go ahead and check it, but before that go ahead and get yourself a casket.

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The well that once had a spring is bone-dry
Rain torrential flow_water the cracked clay
Let the well fill with fresh water mile high
Then spring that comes forth will be gold assay

Just jewels of love will be given by muse
Jewels like Lovers' Knot crown royal
Help me to not in anyway gift misuse
Fill the well full with love above all

Muse visit me today as the bees hum
Visiting the Holly, Pear, Oak enjoy
The nectar of flowers to feed upon 
As lazily cotton puff clouds float with joy

Swiftly hand did pen twelve lines of beauty
Love flows, thoughts flow sharing spring joy duty

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' Generous Words ... ' 18th Senryu

‘ Generous Words … ’   18th Senryu

      Love … is A Give-Word
   God … is A Generous Word
       Forgive … Says It All

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A Love Poem

A Love Poem

I have been writing for hours
Trying to find just the right words
I want to tell you of love
And how I feel about you
The night comes and then the morning
I know what I want to say
The right words just will not come
My finger strike the keys
Words appear on the screen
They are the perfect words
Written with all of the love I have
I look at them and smile
The computer flickers
The screen goes blank
My perfect words are gone
Lost somewhere in the universe
If only I would have hit save
If only

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What's in a name 
But century old letters
Painted and peeling around a third floor balcony?
All cold to touch and higher than my chest

What's in a name
But syllables gathering in his molars
Filled up like fangs?
He wants, he wants, he wants

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Fate is always decided by other people, including the judge and/or by God. Fate will also have conspired against those who've not been considerate to others, not working together as a team, or whatever. There's such thing as redemption and second chances and stuff.  Fate works two ways: one by punishment, the other by love and companionship. What's so great about fate is that everybody's destiny is decided and what will happen to the those who've done all the deeds, good or bad. It seems that when two people ( a man and a woman) don't want to see each other again after just one day, fate will have other plans for them, especially those who aren't married or dating as of right now. everybody knows that the condemnation or love will have sealed everybody's fate. especially that of the future. And speaking about the future, that will have already been decided and fate will always be there, no matter where they go. Another meaning of fate is when the three goddesses will have decided the fate of a human being, whether it's good or bad. Fate also has affected the lives of every human being. Even when the outcome of the end comes around in the near future, fate is always there. That's why there's a difference between fate and destiny. It also seems to me that every event occurred will have sealed our fate, even when we pass on. And if fate and destiny were to stay for a long time, we'll know what the future will be like for us human beings.

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Haiku Defence - JS

Will you flay me alive
To hold conventions that strangle belief?
Shall credibility dive
For cutting love free from chains of grief?
In your form I search for me
Not the hackneyed desolate rules that steer
Cowards to shores of misery
I hold my love and my heart must ever cheer

You are sick, but will not die
The faith of flesh is tougher than the raw bite
Of death, I will not say goodbye
Nor surrender hope like lightning in the night
So let us talk love still
Let us make our world without old memories
Sweeter words can yet spill
Broader boundaries for better histories

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Among the kind and responsive friends on this Poetry Soup site,
I'd would love to meet Carolyn whose comments shine as light.

Scanning hundreds of poems posted daily, I wouldn't miss the title
of her new I read it and indulge in the delight of each line.

Anyone who reads her work, agrees that her poetry is overwhelmingly ritzy,
and admiring her talent and intellect, I'd would love meeting her over coffee.

So today, I will send her an invitation to meet me at my favorite cafe',
and we'll start an interesting chat over hot cappuccino, or cafe' latte.

I will certainly give her the warmest hug as she approaches me with joy,
" Hi, Carolyn!" I will say..."It's my pleasure to meet such a legendary lady!"

Written by Andrew Crisci for Michael J. Falotico's contest,
" First Words Over Coffee "
Dedicated to Carolyn Devonshire

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A Good Rule To Follow

Just do what ever you think if you must,
Cause with you there can be no trust.
   Faith and love is what you must learn,
It is  something you must go out and earn.
   Respect and understanding is how you must start,
To keep a love from completely falling apart.
   If Joy and Happiness is what you seek ,
Then be strong and true it will be yours to keep.
   Kindness and compassion is a good rule to follow,
It will bring brighter days for al your tomorrows .
    Love as if it were the last day of your life,
Try caring with open arms and do not fight .
    This life is precious if there is someone to love ,
Try to remember that it is a gift from above.

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Hoping my words will find their way

The snow shining so bright from the reflection of the night moon in the winter sky
My mind drifts wondrously back into the past
Remembering so vividly of you looking so intently deep into my eyes
And thinking of how we thought what we had would last

We would hold each other ever so tight
Whether it was over the phone or we were with each other right there
During the day or deep in the night
It didn't matter cause we had one another, so we did what we had to do and took it at that 
without a care

Laying wrapped up side by side I could hear your heart beating along with mine
Those feelings neither one of us could completely hide
Those moments forever captured in time

Seems our thoughts of us lasting back then however, were wrong
So we had said goodbye and tried so hard to move on
But although hiding what I felt for you worked for awhile, I've been in love with you all along
True love never dies nor is it ever completely gone

I'm here in this place with all my regrets and misery
It all runs so extremely deep hitting my heart hard and ravishing my soul
All I know is that I need you here with me
I know I need to regain, over myself, some form of control

I sit here and wait for you
Hopeing each day, what I'm saying here, soon you may come to realize
Yes I do this partly because this is what I choose to do
But also because it's never ever too late and sometimes, to get it right, it takes many tries

I write my words within these poems upon paper, they are so truly how I feel
Here on these pages are what, to you, I still need to say
In some small way they kind of help me to somewhat heal
And they help me also make sure all my thoughts that are needing to be said
Don't get trapped, stuck, and lost within my head
And to insure that to you my words will find their way

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Yes, I'm talking to you. 
Don't leave me hanging 
Like a shirt on a hook 
Or a man in a game. 
Fill in the blanks; 
Don't make me die. 
I need an answer 
Before I get hung 
And I never learn
What it is you wanted to say. 
Yes, I'm talking to you.

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Rhett's Farewell

You could never get Ashley Wilkes out of your head. He is all yours now that Cousin Melanie is dead. Scarlett, I thought you and I could have a good life. Your deceit and dishonesty cuts any man like a knife. You never loved. You just used men when you could. You are as insensitive as a cigar store Indian made of wood. I thought we had a chance while Bonnie Blue was around. Now that she is gone, no love between us can be found. Well, it is back to Charleston, and I am on my way. I do not believe you love me and want me to stay. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” is all I can say. Based on the novel "Gone With The Wind" by the late Margaret Mitchell

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All of these poems
beneath my skin
haul the weight
of every shed tear 
and I'm getting wetter
with each neoteric sob,
but darling I found myself
a pretty way to scream
and it's much more fetching
than being peevish
from so many starless dreams 

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Last Supper – A Winter Sonnet

I spit the words you made me eat, and then
they land on you as there you stand aghast –
You cringe and stare at what you said; thick phlegm
bedecks your face, a white-hot, slimy blast.

They left a taste, a bitter paste of hate
and painful anger. Tongue to teeth, I fled
the room and slapped the twisted hands of fate
from off my neck as choking life-breath bled.

I tripped, you screamed and tried to grab me back –
Too late for that, and now we fall apart.
The precipice is yawning, grim, deep black
and down I plunge, my ending and my start.

The forge of stellar flame blows hot, then cold
as melting, sculpted frozen wings unfold

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A Woman Scorned

There's no fury like the wrath of a woman scorn. Every woman will have known that they
will have been lied to, cheated on, and deceived by their husbands/boyfriends and will
have driven them over the edge. It seems that these men (the boyfriends/husbands) have
been taking these women (the girlfriends/wives) and what they've done for them for granted
and it's not right. It also seems that these women are not good for the guys and the women
are angry about it. Some of the guys (the husbands/boyfriends) think that other women are
way more intelligent and way more attractive than their current wives/girlfriends,
especially when these men are having multiple affairs behind the backs of their women. A
woman's scorn means that all of the ladies have had enough of being lied to, cheated on,
and being belittled by a bunch of womanizing jerks, that includes the loser boyfriends.
And for a bunch of women scorned by infidelities and lies, there's such thing as bad
karma. What these bad guys did to their women will happen to them in the near future, and
when they pass on, these womanizing fiends will meet their judgment day and God will
punish them for all of the misdeeds they've done. The men may lie to their women and they
may lie to their family members, that will have included their parents, but they can't lie
to Him. He sees everything that's going on, and the men (husbands/boyfriends) are going to
pay for what they did to their women (wives/girlfriends). And like the saying goes:
"there's no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned." These men better be really careful
around these women because if they take them for granted, there's going to be heck to pay.

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Prayer of Thanksgiving

I thank you Lord for life,

 health,and strength.

I pray for the haters,

Who think they have me bent.

I love you Lord with all of my,

Heart, my mind, and my soul.

I know that even if I strive,

To live right and allow you

To rule my life, then all of

My battles for me you'll fight

And win. I will then see

You and I'll walk the paved

Streets of gold in Heaven.

I pray that  each  day,

I help someone to come,

Your way. I love you Lord,

To express it there's not

Enough to say.

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Paper Bag Poem - IV

I’m not shy about my sins; 
most I know,
and some you’ve caught.
Yet,I have a love that sings
straight through my eyes, 
and for that, poets won't write my faults.

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What Should A Love Story Be

What should the perfect love story be?
Maybe about the future or past history

Maybe the story should just be about today
If it were your final breath what would you say?

The Lord is the maker and the keeper of time
He is the giver of love and all that’s divine

How can any love story not involve him?
The keeper of truth, the forgiver of sin

Jesus Christ is the father and I am but a seed
Regardless of the path I shall follow his lead

I praise God for the pain that hinders my way
For it truly does offer plenty of time to pray

The more that I pray the more clearly I see
Exactly what a perfect love poem should be

It should be hot as the desert, beautiful as the snow
Born way deep in the heart so it can forever glow

It should speak the honest truth about your dearest friend
How the strength of your love helped each of you to mend

The story should be of two lovers, bound by the soul
Yet each is has the freedom to leave, if they wish to go

You see true love was truly intended for us to caress
Tell me, “How can an unseen entity ever be possessed”

Love is a part of your heart and a part of your soul
So please caress it, bless it and make it your goal

And that’s what a true love poem is really about
Cherishing each others love through all the doubt

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

No Blessed Slumber Given

Thou Death! To me no subtle thing
But of common visage, known,
Unto my days so well betrothed!
Yet in its clutches not Mercy's scythe
But cursed quill
Which no surcease permits-
And granting not that blessed peace
Does letless rage and torment, sting and prod
'Til e'en poor Tantalus would hold his lot
And not mine, for it, dare barter;
For Hades very countenance more fair a thing beheld
Than promised Dawns deferred,
Each alighting hope but a moment's sigh
By Hell's cruel breath consumed
'Til naught but cinders adorns my path
And Love, sweet corpse, its darksong warbles...

Details | Quatrain | |


I don't love you for your wit
You're always spitting bile.
Reluctantly  I now admit
I do not love your smile.

Nor do love your manly touch
And I don't love your smell.
I just don't love you very much,
So why's your silence hell?

I do not miss your lilting voice,
Nor do I miss your kiss.
I've never seen your laughing eyes
So what is there to miss? 

I don't love your hand in mine
It's strictly for the birds.
Without your love I'm doing fine,
But how I miss your words.

Details | Lyric | |

Poetry, Craving...

you, I’ve 
penned so much, 

ache, typing
forms, such as:

rhyme, sonnet, acrostic,

and free-verse---

to name 
a few, though 

bled, but 
not fed up 

...from craving, for your lips!

Details | I do not know? | |


Arise take heart, and take up pen
And let this poet live again

He is not dead, not dead you see
So let him live and let him be

Let your words flow out so strong
And let them be the anthem’s song

Let them arise from their sleep
In my hands give them safe keep

Though you rest but for a time
Pick up your scroll and pen and rhyme

Let me arise and take up pen
And this poet shall live again

Details | Lyric | |

The Mamas and the Papas

The Mamas and the Papas

MONDAY, MONDAY what a glorious day
And I feel a poem coming your way.
Do you know who I’m thinking of? 
CREEQUE ALLEY to be complete
I know I must take the blame
But your WORDS OF LOVE still show
But your heart will never be free

Mdailey	3/5/12

Artist> The Mamas and the Papas
Songs used> Song titles and words from the songs are in capital letters in the poem

Details | Rhyme | |

New Song

When I lay with you,
I sense all that I might yet become;
the sheen of our sweat,
my glistening purpose shines in sum.
Of the flutt'ring mass,
you are my most significant dove;
and, riding you,
my lioness, the hint of perfect love.
When bare before you,
you see my many masks as mere hints;
tasting fingertips,
I kiss the swirls of your latent prints,
as my thumb traces
the pattern of your breasts'  hard nipples,
our smoothness is lost
to our lust, leaving roiling ripples;
going down, I know,
tonged, circled motions bring you delight;
in your ecstasy,
my promise of most beautiful light,
with arms 'round my back
in your feral, feminine embrace,
I, then, breach and thrust
into the curvature of your grace;
all else falls away,
my sole thought is of  you, here and now;
I'm overcome by the scent 
of cornfields, as though I plow;
I drink of the ripe vine
that my heart's yearned for, for so long;
in you, I found inspiration
to write this, my new song.

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Stolen Moments -Revised

(All about poetry)

Details | Blank verse | |


Again, I got it wrong
She wasn’t bathing nor making up
She was of her natural look
Holding a Bible with her phone  
Coming straight from a vigil
Forget not, it was 7.15am

Not too tall as I envisaged
A bit lighter in body colour 
Her facial beauty was not magical
Her smile was same as that on phone
While her eye lashes speaks for itself
But her teeth-gap is of instant special effect
In all, she is of an average beauty.

Alayande Stephen T.
23rd November, 2007

On my way to Ikare

Details | Rhyme | |

Ireland's Journalist Jewel

The dedication of this journalist gem
Whose writing, brought down
Drug dealing men
Eire's Sunday Tribune
And Sunday's Business Post
Newspapers of note, for in them she wrote
But it was the criminal world
And her writings so splendent
That craved her to write for the Sunday Independent
This brave reporter put her life on the line
To reveal to her country
Their drug filled slime
To avoid libel
Pseudonyms she chose
To protect the paper, from legal blows
Drug dealers uncovered
Showing their ill gotten gains
Irrespective of lives and families pains
Threats turned to visits, firing shots at her home
To deter her uncovering
In her investigative roam
Three months later she was shot in the leg
But the dedication of her
Thousands of newspapers were read
Near Newlands Cross
On the outskirts of Dublin
On a motorbike, two men with a gun
At a traffic light junction
With a Magnum .357
Ireland's Journalist Jewel, was taken to heaven
The name of this gem
Veronica Guerin
" In memory of a brave woman, wife and mother who took on the 
                      criminal underworld in Dublin, Eire "

Details | Free verse | |


On this parchment
I am forced to write
That of which I cannot speak

On this oh so delicate paper
I am enraptured
by my under lying thoughts

On this meager piece of material
And this once sharp pencil
I try to express the deepest of emotions

On this once blank loose leaf
That I now read to it's fullest
I find that though I wrote about nothing

On this one piece of parchment
About nothing at all it seems
Is full of something you feel, not just see

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A Cup of Tea

stepping out into the open air 
i feel a course of light running through my veins 
the sky, the sun, the grass 
some things never change 
and i pray they never will 

underneath this tree i built 
i gather from the shade 
a sense of belonging for what it's worth 
i could never taste the touch of your lips 
or the incessant nudge of a friend's reality 
but i can just as well sit here 
and become the earth again 

it's just me now 
and that's okay 

i take a trip up the countryside 
my jacket across my shoulder 
waving to any passers-by 
it's not as lonely when everyone knows you 
i find a diner off the side of the road 
and stop in for a drink 
i sit alone in the farthest corner 
and ask the waitress for a pen 
she obliges but she wants it back 
then asks me what i'd like 

just a cup of tea 

i pull a napkin closer in 
and write what i see/feel now 
the sun reflecting off the window 
and the glare in my glasses blinding me 
it's beautiful out there 
and it makes me wonder 
how much more beautiful it might be with you 

but it's just me now 
and a cup of tea 

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I, the humble soul, unsought and not adored
must endure loneliness as no man has;
longing for desires to complete me and let me die...
I, humble soul, seek consolation in words.

Don't ask me why I have no friends,
their bond isn't as strong as mine;
it's better to let go than hold on doubt and feel mistrust,
for this reason, I live as a bird without commitments or worries.

I, humble soul, should be inflamed for their abhorrent and cruel actions, 
punish them as God would, but vengeance
is a strong poison that spreads quickly and kills, making one too vicious...
enough to cause restlessness without a pinch of remorse. 

Don't question my hesitation to forgive, a troubled sea
doesn't return to its calm state until the tides recede;
and as it fights darkness, so I fight evil forces trying to defeat me,   
and watching the misty moon change phase, I fade into a long sleep.

Details | Sonnet | |

Paper Sheet

A paper sheet; untouched and lily white
An illusion waiting for ink to be born
Of poet’s dreams in sweet rhythm and rhyme
That voices passion for love’s own delight.
The ancient nib in poet’s hand is worn
By words that flow inside the deepest thought
And echo sounds of a bamboo wind chime
From the muse’s scented garden each night.
And though my thoughts of you maybe forlorn
When you are not with me in space and time
I have but words to speak of love and court
Your hand; and plead that you’ll take me as thine
A humble poet seeks your heart’s consort
By pen and ink that form poetic line.

Details | Free verse | |


No, It was not my time
to jaunt & jump about 
the Morld with You, to
of Ischia, the privileges
of Mackinac, "...our Paris, Ilsa!"...

Ornamented ataud &
calefacted incinerators are
merely better-funded!, to a last-
notice of proteaned hoar, the
dearth of silk...

So, it was to be
Goa, or Delhi "curry-in-a-hurry" not,
and the touts & shouts 
as We passed...
You in those shoes,
toeing-up with heel asway
like a silent, ticking-pendulum,
Me, watching...

Allowing sole specialnesses, but a few
to my inti-mated Life,
why there was You insinuate...
E'er Yours-sporadic, tho'
an extravagance of Soul!, like
incipient Sinatra, or 
the piano of Jarrett!  But,

No, it was not your time
to jump & jaunt-about
with Me, but for You, 
like a junkie afeared of needles,
to be going, & mine  
to Write... of It, plecking-off 
the pilpuls from 
My blanket, & You to
replacing contoured batteries
for Now... perhaps as recent
as tomorrows' accident.


Details | Tanka | |

Pen of Loneliness

My heart beats for love
But the pen’s my loneliness
Writing down the words
Painful words put on the walls
Of my aching heart of love

Russell Sivey

Details | Alliteration | |


What'll I Write... he
Muses, surveilles the nil 
Wind, windowy visage, 

& gateswayed key-pad, 
like a cyber abacus
to touch & stroke, counted-

on to reveal it's 
whilom Mysterlex, vener-
able... Sunday, a 

small gaggle of Ibis, like a 
short-stack @ the Pamcake House,
gather to beak the 

night-sogged sand & soil - 
Yes, it is Raining, & what'll 
I Write onto this 

Sky heavy with no 
sound, Divemy - to Alpha-Bet- 
souper-bowl-Day to score 

& yield 1st-touch-Words, 
off-costume, aplenty like 
Muskmelonseeds al 

centro, resplendent 
like an occasion, of the 
Yes-twoDay's a mazed 

Prosetrycopia!, huh! - 
What shall I Write, In-
Deed!?, but Linnear... 

and Quantumescent,
A Sirge in Time to the
Muse of Rhyme, I Am...   


Details | Free verse | |

For Sweet November Rain

Yes, I remember…
I’ve a sonnet of us, rhyming
silently, across the vast blue sky
in waiting, eagerly 
for sweet November rain.
We knew, we both
have the need to feel 
what’s good to be touched… 
the truth was, by the way,
I enjoyed the beat.
We danced, whilst the noon birds warbled, 
with unchained melodies, as the passing wind 
gently rippled the field’s golden hair, till we 
settled, ourselves, into a naked ritual, exaggerating much 
the vers libre it was leading us, before
finally, we wrestled the night, with an adieu kiss.

Yes, I remember…
I’ve a sonnet of us, for 
sweet November rain to cleanse and freshen
the wrinkles we left on a golden field, of tares, 
…for its next transients!  

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Crumbs of Deception

...A poem dedicated to a character named Koreen Mae Garson (a lady, not a man)... 

Your love smokes me like a worn-out cigarette Your love blemishes me with bite marks You brush aside the crumbs…now I’m stomped on all over again Your hugs are constricting like a serpent Your hugs loses its passion…my fury vigorously sparks You abandon me cold-bloodedly, now I choke in harsh punishment Your treachery strangles me…you don't consider my screams of importance You snatch away my humility and leave me with the crumbs of shame Your arrogance plants a grave in me…you don't notice that I desire your radiance You ditch me with senseless remarks and you make me feel game You ruin my modesty You stole away my heart’s virtue You bruise my sustaining dynasty You complete me with rue Your conceitedness intoxicates me… Your arrogance underwhelm thee… You unscramble my remains and insert me with the liquid of corruption Your self-confidence leads me to never-ending fate…you disregard my joy You handle me with maltreatment/enchantment and smudge me with your provoking expression You crushed me with your cunning plans, now you made me hunt after my prized boy Your hatred penetrates me with lush, crooked trace You swap me onto the floor, now I’m smashed into smithereens Your smiles lose its splendor...your enlightenment gains disgrace You disown me carelessly…now I spilled your moldering beans You’re imprisoned by the chains of infuriating heat, Feeding off the crumbs of deception

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Love Poem Generator

I was trawling the internet yesterday and came
across the Love Poem Generator
I thought, disgusted, you can’t generate a love poem
it’s like having sex and calling it generating a baby
you’re taking all the passion out of it.

Details | Cinquain | |

Angst Of Burden On An Overcast Day

traps me inside
myself -- suffocated.
to love but be unloved -- my cross 
to bear.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Teenage Love 9: TNG--The Next Generation

Once again, young love has affected the lives of all teenagers (teen boys and teen girls). It 
looks like this type of love is going to pass on to another generation of teenage lovebirds. And 
even as I speak, young love is going to continue growing in not just the U.S. of A., it's growing 
everywhere, including Japan. But fortunately for all teenage lovebirds, it's actually a good thing 
for them, especially when all teen boys and teen girls started being interested in each other. It 
seems that once those teen lovebirds enter adulthood in the near future, even after finishing 
high school and/or college, young love is going to affect the lives of another bunch of 
teenagers; even before the year 2020. Young love among all teenagers is going to continue 
growing for a long time and it's going to pass on to another generation of teenage lovebirds. 
And not only that, this type of love is also going to continue growing for another generation 
after generation, after generation, after generation. And the next thing everybody knows, their 
p[arents are still going to be happy about it. The greatest thing about young love is that not 
only are both teen couples (a teen boy and a teen girl) going to stay togrther for a long time, 
even before and after marriage, they're going to tell their grandchildren the following: how they 
met, why they fell in love with each other, their first date, and that kinda stuff. It loks like 
teenage love is going to continue to pass on to another generation after generation, after 
generation, after another generation. And if young love among al teen couples continue to have 
impact on their loves, there's no telling what great thing might happen next.

Details | Narrative | |

Beauty and the Unpublished Author

Far away in a little town tucked in the corner of a map
Lives the girl who ruined his heart
And broke his life

While with him she would smile and laugh so sweet
Tender as only she could be
In his heart she lit even the corners so deep

With time she became his definition of life
In all he did he had her in mind
Life wasn’t life without him seeing her smile

As moments grew into weeks
The flower of his heart started to reveal its wilt
In her eyes no longer was the sparkle he was used to seeing

Winds carried awful odour of their disorder
Tales went round of her illicit exploits behind the counter
The man with the shop at the corner savoured all the honey she offered

At first he dismissed the whispers with laughter
But soon he discovered he was the only one on the other side of reality’s border
Yes indeed, another prince had taken over

Trouble was how sincerely he loved her
Problem was that even she had only love to offer
Issue was he hadn’t yet sold a dime of the books he authored

Details | I do not know? | |

Tendrils of Hope

Refusing to succumb,

to the alluring haze of self-pity,

I refuse to wallow,
in an ocean of regret,

I choose to banish thoughts of despair,

dispelling pain, while tempting joy to emerge from its shielded lair.

I shall sow the seeds of promise,

nourishing well,

the tendrils of hope,

breathing new life into my nights, my days.

I must stand, I will rise, I have to believe,

in a better tomorrow,

not perfect, nor rosy,

yet filled with tidbits of bliss,

as well as with shards of sorrow.

Details | Free verse | |

The Tale

With paper and pen in hand,
She sat down to tell the tale
Of a love once known
And now gone forever.
Tears stain the paper
And smear the ink
As she reminisces
Over the young boy she met
At the church picnic
That beautiful day so long ago.
Of the fairy-tale courtship
And story book wedding
Of a couple so in love.
She in her long, flowing dress
Glowing, more radiant than
The pearls and sequins that covered her.
He looking like a prince
In long white tails and top hat.
She smiles gently as she tells
Of the children brought in love
Raised to walk with heads held high.
The words flow easily,
Like the ink from the pen,
Speaking of the grandchildren to come,
The days of growing old together,
The good days and those less happy,
The love shared and the hopes expressed,
The promises made and the lives lost.
With pen and paper still in hand
She begins to weep silently again
Wishing only that this story book life
Had been her own.

Details | I do not know? | |


Words Words can make you hurt, Words can make you cry. Words can make you laugh, 
Words can make you try. Words can change you and Words can make act wrong. Words 
can hurt others. But words that hurt are nothing new. Words with action is. Because some 
actions can hurt and make pain come. Some actions can make you feel happy and loved. 
Some actions can get you down the wrong road. But whatever happens, with words or 
actions Remember that friends and people have feelings Try listening to them Friends can 
make you laugh when your sad. They can catch you when you fall. No friend lets you die Or 
leaves you in a dark corner to cry. Friends are angels from above. They are there for you. 
So if their is one thing from this that you remember is should be this, Don't say your my 
friend one moment, Then hurt me and leave me to die the next.

Details | Free verse | |

Heartless Fire

In my fervent heart,
You knew I treasured you
But you didn’t return those tender feelings
Just see the fumes arise from the consuming fire
Because my wicked desires wasted away into embers
I love you…I love you…These feelings are ever so new!
I LOVE YOU…I love you…These feelings are always true!
You knew I honestly adored you…oh yeah; I always did from the start
But you don’t consider those mild feelings—you wrecked those bits by bits
Ah! Now I’m crammed into the ascending fire, splintering me with the strokes of death
Because of my virtuous desires, I’m wasting away into the pit of corruption
I thought you were encompassed with my passionate kisses
But you wanted to chase after your callous blisses, now I’m faced with crises
I detest the thought of adoring you…but I have to admit—I love you!
I love you…I love you with all of my heart! Do you love me too?
I know the desires that I have constructed for you never occurred in your heart
I know in the bottom of my heart that you were only enticed by your sick pleasures
You’re dumping me into the raging fire and you’re a sneaky little liar
Because I ain’t lying like you do deceitfully to me—I’m in love and I can’t draw back my desire
You brought magnificence in my eyes, comforting angel
But I’m subsiding into the cavernous fire
Because I surrender to my legit desire
How could I free from the embrace that yanks on to me?
You brighten up my dreams and set me free from reality’s calamity
I love you…I love you…These feeling relieve me from the blue!
I LOVE YOU…I love you…I adore your every existence—do you get the clue?
You knew I kept this feeling inside for so long
Nevertheless, I feel that I belong
In your heart…In His heart…
In my heart…we’ll never depart!
You are my true endeavor
And I wanna win your heart forever!
You’ll always be loved because you’re above beautiful
But, you don’t believe this love will survive in this stranded palace
But I’ll attempt to win you with all of my might and I’ll defeat the malice
Our boundless love is like two fireflies floating in the midnight sky
But you disturbed our greetings and you didn’t even accept the feelings I felt for you
Why did you blow away our interweaved feelings of passion
And blew them away into the heartless fire?
My precious love, why did you diminish my eternal desire?
You knew I worshiped you
In my sensitive heart

Details | Epic | |

Teenage Love 8: The Final Chapter----Not

Well, it looks like love among all teenagers is never going to stop growing, even by day. It's 
always been like that since the beginning of this century. It seems that all relationships, including 
a bunch of long-distance relationships will never end, especially when both young lovebirds (a 
teen boy and a teen girl) have know each other since elementary school. Some of them won't 
last long, butr for all teenage lovebirds, some of them will, enev after they pass on. Love is in 
the air for all teen boys and teen girls, and everybody's feeling it. And when it comes to young 
love continuing to grow and grow day in and day out, it's never going to stop. Everybody 
knows that young love is the greatest thing that has ever happened to all teenage lovebirds in 
not just the United States of America, but the whole world as well; even Canada and England.  
It looks like their parents (their moms and dads) are happy because of the fact that their 
teenagers are deeply in love with each other. And even when the moms and the dads were 
teenagers, they've experienced love and real relationships. And now that young love is never 
going to stop affecting the lives of all teenagers, then there's nothing one bad thing after 
another can do to end all young relationships. Let's hope that all of those relationships don't 
end up in multiple break-ups. And if those teenage love birds were to stay together for a long 
time, even throughout the marriage, who knows what beautiful thing might hapen in the near 
future? All of those teen lovebirds are going to wish that their Saturday nights would never end.

Details | Rhyme | |

If You Ask Me

If you ask me
How deep my love is
I wouldn't know the answer
For I will only reach the bottom in ever after

And if you ask me
to measure my heart
I'm afraid I would never see you again then
For the journey needs thousand years to end


Details | Bio | |

All That's Left

I wrote you a letter-
In it, everything
I want you to know 
And how I feel 
After all this time.
Not a single tear 
Is shed-you're not worth it. 
Not anymore.
No hard feelings.
I knew you couldn't get it.
I erased
Reading it over and
Wondering if we'll
Ever speak again and 
What would be said.
Word after word, 
They disappear
Along with the bottled up 
Emotions I had for you.
Once the last word
Is gone,
All that's left
Is a blank page-
A new chance to start over,
And my name
That's signed at the bottom.
All that you left
Was a memory,
And a sad, confused girl
That grew and matured
Into a more realistic,
Aware young lady.
I grew to love you,
And I grew to let you go-
All that's left is a memory.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

The Game

Rap is quick, witty and fun.

Poetry is smooth, rhythmic and heartfelt.

Rap and poetry had a love child.

A daughter, named Spoken Word.

She grew to maintain the better characteristics of her parents;

From Rap, she took freestyle, freedom, and grass roots movement.

From Poetry, she took imagery, theme, and voice.

Together, all three, as common forms of expression,

spread to every rapper, poet and storyteller in the world.

Details | I do not know? | |


Like a trap,was a pit dug,
On a peaceful journey,my heart fell in love.
Bounded with shackles and chains,
my poor heart felt banes.
A sweet memory,that i never wish to re-
like the pains of Christ on the cross,hence.
The earth lost is complexion?
my heart lost its sane state?
Gone imprisoned heart inmates,
i voice out into he winds,please pay attention!

Details | Free verse | |

The Emotional Cry

Inside of my soul is emptiness 
I can't get rid of this
all of this emotional relationship sh!t
made me unstable naw I ain't tellin fables
but listen & look into my eyes more deeply
my heart feels so cold now
the Pope or catholic priest couldn't reach me
reach one teach one 
I hear evil but I don't see none
and whats worst in like 8 months 
I might have a lil daughter or son
and truth be told I can't stand my baby muva
I regret ever speaking to her Damn!
when we was loving I wish I would've used a rubber
she's the reason that I need a brake from the female species
I don't know whats worst dealing wit someone 
who could physically or emotionally beat me
right now I swear I just need to be by my lonesome
I been on the frontline long enough
she's the reason that I no longer believe in love
truthfully speaking if I wasn't a poet 
I'd probably feed myself a slug
Now look in my eyes can't you see the emotional flood

Details | Narrative | |

Another poetry festival

Another poetry reading.
I arrive late and drop my phone in a workshop.

I capriciously retrieve it and slink to the corner,
My notebook and pen
Poised and ready
For my muse to be resurrected after
A long hibernation.

This is why I am here,
To absorb through omosis
Inspiration and guidance
By the brilliant featured poets
(clearly stated in the festival program)
Who grace us amateurs with their
Published verse and professional advice.

That is the reason I tell myself
And everyone else,
But, I also have a secret agenda
Which causes  me to compulsively
Scan the faces and profiles of each
Audience member 
In workshops, open mikes and  the main lecture hall
For one specific person, 
an ordinary man,
With dark hair and eyes

Who I once loved.

It has been three years,
But the need to see him makes my mouth dry

I want to have an awkward conversation
Peppered with stilted small talk and profound subtext
Which my posture, eye contact, tone of my voice 
Clearly indicates:

I still look good, don’t I?

I don’t want a reconciliation,
Only an endless moment
(Like a scene from  an old movie)
Where we wistfully stare into each others’ eyes, and 
Fused with old love, regret,  longing 
I telepathically communicate:

I am so happy we were together once,
Even  though it ended with us acting like 
Two toddlers throwing tantrums and telling lies,
It took me a long time to move on, but I did.

Day passes into evening,
My heart leaps and sinks in my chest
With hope and despondence whenever I glimpse a man
Who has a similar jacket, hair color or hat

But, he isn’t here 

Instead, my notebook fills with quotes, notes and poems.
My thoughts become occupied with 
composiing chap book  of poetry and 
Taking a writing class.
I finish the day
With relief  and confidence that my muse is alive
and I can write again 
and that is enough.

Details | Rhyme | |


You lay in the surf waiting for me
Although Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr we could not be.
Trying at love with the incoming tide
Kelp and seaweed stuck to my side.

"Great gods", thought I, as I wrote the rhyme
Use "Adonis" and "Poseidon" from another time.
I'll let love be the center of the poem I write
And show all who read it, my emotional insight.

The pounding of the waters blue
Will be my metaphor of a love so true.
And I'll have to sex it up a bit
For passion plays a big part in it.

I will use "penetration" and words like "breech"
To add to that image of us on the beach.
With the romantic beginning I have said
And to the altar of love that I've been led.

Because I  finish with our pledge on the shore
The reader will always want to have more.
So, the green eyed girls will be my poetic night
And close the verse, so crisp and tight.

Note:  It took sum lookin' fer me to find,
          Which of yer verses to redo in kind.
          I be such a nut on rime y'see...
          This'n be the one fer me.

          Not only be the words of it I do,
          But "Glad Tidings" title caught me good eye, too!
          'Cause it be 'ard fer me to act on yer quirk,
          Me spleen to trash one o' yer better werks.

          As I be not 'fraid of a few typed words,
          Trashin' me stuff as if'n they be turds.
          So, 'ere y'ar matey, me own attempt whilst I be sprawl,
          To change them words that ye did scrawl.

          Me words 're somwhat boggin'
          'Cause me be thinkin' what was in 'er noggin'.
          And if'n ye take offense at me 'ritin' a bit,
          "RRRRRRRRRRR emember that ye asked fer it!

Details | Epyllion | |

Dead To Tears

In the cycling molecules of my mind
Till fate's fingers got us bind
I filter whether you have crossed your kind
Woven with the airs I find
In the cycling molecules of your mind
Hoping you won't stab me behind
So our travel be indivisible as wind
Though the creator captures us from mankind
Let this journey like sun and sky be bind
From years to years
In the cycling molecules of our mind
Dead to tears.

Details | Rhyme | |

We Speak Poetry

We speak an age-old dialect, of couplets our creators composed

Powerful words, so beautifully written that they penetrate our souls

We speak prehistoric lyrics, once woven in the fabric of our ancestor’s tribes

Merged and misplaced in distance customs, misdirected in the thralls of time

We speak mystifying stanzas, simulating the first verses ever written

In a time where limericks, like ideology were illicit and forbidden

We speak in a dialect so foreign to others, that only we can decipher its codes

Like some forgotten ancient tongue that very few know


Chiquita Baity

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' Uni-Verse...' (Haiku # 11)

   ‘ Uni-Verse ’   Haiku  # 11

        Oh, What Universe
What Grand Word, Did God Speak First
     ... Gave Beginning – Birth !

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Teenage Love 19: 2010-present

When it comes to young love, it's a beautiful thing for young people from around the world. 
And when it comes to teen boys and teen girls falling in love with each other since the day they 
met, it's like fireworks popping in the sky. Their moms and dads are either happy about it or 
inapproving or whatever. It seems to everybody that most relationships among all teenagers 
might even last to either 72 hours or a lifetime. That's a really long time, but then, if these two 
young lovebirds want to stay together, even until their high school reunions, then that's fine. 
Sometimes love will make young men and/or young women do some silly things or whatever, 
but love doesn't; it's just an emotional feeling for teen boys and teen girls combined. Their 
parents (the moms and the dads) should also know what their lives were like when they were 
teenagers, especially since the day they fell in love with each other. Young love has 
revolutionized the year 2010 and it'll revolutionize the future of all of the would-be teen 
couples. This is starting to get very interesting. It looks like the junior/senior high school years 
will be with all of the wound-be-then teen love birds for the rest of their natural lives. All 
relationships among all young people will not just continue to increase every single day, but no 
matter what the circumstances of young relationships or whaterer, it'll seem that day in and 
day out, all of the young lovers (all teen boys and all teen girls) will always have love for each 
other, and their parents are very happy about it. And if young love continues to grow and grow 
by the time the year 2025 arrives, there's no telling what beautiful thing might happen next.

Details | I do not know? | |

It Seems I Always Write These Words For You

It seems I always write these words for you
And when I do
You leave me
Are my verses the very toxins 
That cause us death?
I sip the final drops
And ask for martyrdom
Though I’m not sure what I’m dying for
I think you know better than I do

Details | Free verse | |

In Your Battle Between Love and Fear

Try to type nothing.
Try to remember the beginning.
Try to find the spirit of the non-words.
The sound that makes a bell ring.
Try to remember the sound.
It was a waveless sea of light, wasn't it?
Try to remember it---being louder.
And try not to tear out your eyes in your process,
Or anything else .

Try to summon that ageless, silent sound
By not typing anything.

Details | Epic | |

Teenage Love 13: Teen Couples of the 1960s

When it comes to all teenagers (teen boys and teen girls) falling in love with each other
back in the 1960s, it was a beautiful thing. The 1960s were also the decade when the
British Invasion began, especially when the Beatles had made their way to the American
music scene and the Rolling Stones had made their way to the rock and roll music scene in
Hollywood, California. But before the Civil Rights Act and other laws were in effect, all
public places, including the diners, were segregated before being integrated. It seems
that both of the then-young lovebirds really had a great time, especially when they went
to see a movie and stuff. It was the year 1960 until the year 1969, way before the 1980s
were born, even me. Back in the 1960s, before MTV made its TV channel debut, these two
teen lovebirds had gone out to eat at a diner, they went to a drive-in movie, a school
functioning (including the high school dance), anything these two have done on a Saturday
night. Their favorite love songs of all time when a man and a woman were teenage lovers
were "My Girl" by the Temptations, "Do Wah Diddy" by Manfred Mann, "My Boyfriend's Back"
by the Angels, and "Happy Together" by the Turtles. Even when the "World Peace" slogan
began and Woodstock 1969 became the grooviest music festival among all teen couples, it
was a great time for them. And as for the Flower Children, who were teenagers at the time,
it was also love at first sight for them. But now that the 1960s are gone, it'll be a
groovy decade for all of the then-teenage couples will always remember.

Details | Free verse | |


I'm writing you these poems,
Something I haven't done in a while
But I bet you do not know,
How easily you make me smile

To be able to write these words,
It shows so great emotion
All of them are for you,
Since you're my main inspiration

I haven't written in a while,
And I just wanted you to know
All these feelings inside,
Every day they seem to grow

So all or nothing,
Whether you're a friend or foe
These feelings will still remain,
Always there to show

Details | Sonnet | |

Beat Red

I’d like to write poems beat red.
Like the color of my face
when white spit foams the lips.
I’d like an utterly violent embrace.

No pretense, nothing dishonest
about this undoctored rage.
Hold nothing back, let it all go,
tear off clothes, and punch the walls.

I’d like my poems to be suicidal.
Willing to jump off the Golden Gate,
overdose on sleeping pills,
a Black and Decker drill to the skull.

At least then I will have killed
for complete love of the poem.

Details | Rhyme | |

I'll Follow You Like Your Duckling

I'm like your duckling, dear 
I follow wherever you roam so have no fear
I'm your duckling, so don't disappear 
Be my dependable leader
I'll stick around and I'll abide by your side
Like a shadow...(3)
Wie ein Schatten...(2)

I mimic like your duckling, beloved
I swim wherever you paddle so slip on my gear
Be my trustable coach 
I'll follow your routine and float by your side
Like a reflection...(3)
Wie ein Spiegelbild...(2)

I'll follow you wherever you flee
Just signal where we ought to be
I'll follow you wherever you take wing
Just push me back and forward like a swing
Lift me up and pull me down
And I'll follow you
Like your pesky duckling

Take wing, my darling angel 
I'll watch your Devine flight and wave a farewell 
Someday I'll dwell with you 
But I'll be your duckling and will always have you to turn to
Like a hero! (3) 
Wie ein Held! (2)

Like a shadow...(3)
Wie ein Schatten...(2)
Like a reflection...(3)
Wie ein Spiegelbild...(2)

I'll follow you like your ugly duckling

Details | Burlesque | |

Poetry loves Porn

I hate the words
when I can not touch them
I love life more than I can say
This is the reason why
I tried to seduce Poetry

But she was a whore
Dressed like a slut
Eating like a horse
And talking like... me

I saw Her walking in the streets
She never noticed me
I eat Her just like I use to eat my brain
She never noticed me
She was in love with another Man

She never knew what love was
Because she never had a soul

Poetry loves in a porn way
She gives everything
Because she do not have to give

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Driving Home From Bill's House

Part I
Driving from your house
My thoughts swirl like midnight fog
One more tune unsung

Part II
I would have played it
But I was deep in your thoughts
Didn't miss a thing

Part III
Already it's late
I don't feel much like sleeping
Words won't always hold

Details | Epic | |

My Love for a White Girl

When I fall in love with a white girl, I won't flee; I'll know what I'm doing. My love for
a white girl is so powerful, so strong, it makes me wanting to get more of them. A white
girl's beauty is blooming like a dozen of red, yellow, white, and pink roses, especially
by day and by night. She's the sun that shines daylight, the moon that rises at night, and
my shining star. Not only is this beautiful white girl very attractive, she's also
awesome, she's nice, kind, and not judgmental, at all. A white girl is the angel of life
and she's the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I look into her eyes (brown,
olive green, ocean blue, or hazel) they shine like a pair of expensive gems worth $80,000.
And when I see a white girl's smile, it's like an attractive angel is smiling down on me.
Whether she's either short or tall and blonde or brunette, a white girl's still beautiful
inside and out. But I can tell that this white girl is really angry. I can also tell that
she's crying inside and out. The only reason why I care about a white girl's well-being is
because I don't want her to go through all of the pain and suffering. With that much
beauty in a real white/Caucasian girl, not only would I not want her beauty and love to go
to waste, I don't want to take her for granted, either. The reason why I'm in love with a white girl
because she's beautiful, she's smart, and I love her. If this white girl had a nicer,
gentle black guy like me in her life, she wouldn't have to worry about anymore drama that's going on
in her life. And if we become boyfriend and girlfriend in the near future, things will
never be the same.

Details | Haiku | |

God's Love

From a higher place
Fall streams of tranquility
Moving still waters


For John freeman's Contest: The Precept: Nature's Haiku
Inspired by the Photo
Awarded:  2nd Place

Details | Couplet | |

Write On

Some save innocent people's lives.
Some get honey from bee hives.
One was famed for coming and healing, 
One was famed for painting a ceiling.
Loves and passions are never far from sight,
Same as mine. As for me, I write.

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q) or Prolix Drama Queen Part One

When You Really Discern… 
‘Why The Drama?’ Pattern
and Pending-Adoration,
When You Perceive… 
Who Demands and Why?...  Proceed… 
… to Ply and Pry to Ascertain…
’ He Deserves This Portion-Acclaim’
  and Drumming-Heart, Soulful-Desire…
and Defer-Strength to Dry-Pyre
 and Humble-Pie, Donated-Data –
 in Your Plea-Bargain-Brain- Por-Nada
Disperse the Diaspora
Prefer Real-Deal and Retain Prerogative-Honor

 To, The Divine and Peerless… 
 Person of God – of Pure-Spirits
…  Whose Personage Positively… 
Remains Due-Homage and Dignity
…The Pinnacle… 
Of  The Direct-Pact - Empirical 
Drawn and Done, 
with His Precious DayStar-Son,
 Who Deigned to Come
by The Father’s Decree… 
 Was Dispatched with Poise-Prudently
as Probe and Provision… 
for Our Poverty and Pleurisy-Drain-Derision

He is The Pivot-Portrayal of Royal… 
and Portal-To-Pace-Immortal
This Diadem-Prince-Progeny… 
of Dazzling Famed-Piety and Propriety!
The Possessor and Presenter 
and The Permission-for-us-to Speak and Palace-Enter
The Premium-Derivative-Son,
 This Potentate Happy One...
 Proof-Explained and Patent-Won
Delving Mysteries; Described Memories; 
Drawing Forth Miracle-Draperies
and In Deference… 
As A Pro-Dative – Proconsul-Presence… 
He Maintains Preference
and Displays:  That, The Dynamic-Will… 
and Determined-Purpose Still,
Definitely,  is Top-Priority…
 One… and The Preeminent-Same… Pardon-Plea
He Is The Presiding – Deciding-Door-Key…
Precisely! -  Praise-Accordingly!

For We Are Wind-Swept, Droves of Dust… 
Dirt and Air-Gusts,  
Now, Plundered-Seeds… Still-Planted… 
Packed to Earth, Properly-Contained and Patted
 if We Continue to Divide… 
Disfigure, Pilfer and Hide 
From SonShine, then in Dirty-Prairie…
 We’ll be Permanent-Lain- and Perjury
If  ‘We Choose’ to Develop… 
Too Low-Down, to Peel-Hope
  or Plow-Perverted… 
The Preview, We’ll Not Regain…(We Deserted!)
Its Our Duty and Delight… 
to Reach Dawn-Heights
and Par-Policy:  Dump Rotted Produce…
and Pitch-Pit-Grain- Pro-Ruse

Details | Free verse | |


Bleeding so painfully...I escape the light
 I try to forget the hardships...brewing in life
 But, it's too hard to live this life...this life
Breathing so heavily...I fade away into the night
 I try to forget my slits me like a knife
 But, it's too hard to live this life...this life
Fight away the monster in my heart
 Throw away my sorrow...Take away my wretchedness
 Burn away the hideous rage...tearing me apart
 Take away the anger...renew my joyfulness
Oh God...please forgive me...
 I long for Your cheerfulness... to set me free!
Bleeding so dreadfully...I pray for delight
 I try to pray for mercy...for this pain is too much to bear
 But it's too hard to live this life...this life...
Fighting back tears...I discover His light
 I try to pray for comfort...and I know He is there
 I pray for His scare away the strife
 And escape from the darkness
I look forward to the afterlife
 When there's no sorrow or pain...
      When there's no evilness...
   no craftiness... 
That time will come!

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Pro Predicament

Circuitous circular departures cleverly Sequester and  
embrace Inexpressible  moments of time.

Reexamine status, prevent  consciousness apathy, 
fabricate and reflect acceptance of self. 

precisely propose  to expose fallaciously filtered 
fantastical trickery touched theories.

Turn tasteless translucent tall tales into stable, sturdy, 
structured strands and threads of reality.

Penniless pocketless Poets put the points paralleled 
and placed above onto pure white pieces of paper.

 Once they find the ramble in their role they carefully 
command,Clever creative content to appear from thin vapor.

Amusement, bemusement, a resplendent  daring drawn 
out dark dance down a solitary diabolical descent. 

Lingering Layers let love live in a finely spun web of 
lazy, lofty, lyrical linguistic letters; lost lurking spiders cant
 reach the heights that sadness fled.

Poets are pros, pronounced proponents, that precisely 
reconstruct a feelings components that fails to leave any 
audience in a stoic state of stoney discontent..... 

Though they tirelessly endeavor to gain a fans approval 
and respect, they fail in fortunes favor. 
 Yet each day they commit make their art 
when most would be right to quit. 

Anyone can become a pro poet, 
you can tell we are devoted, though it should be noted 
if that's the readers intent, not a paid pro among us can 
come close to turning our 
thoughts into rent!

Details | Romanticism | |

Unto Me

                                 What shall thyself do?
                When the night mourns thy selfless brew
                                And shall call upon thee
                                As for soon, ye shall see
                           The blackened eyes of death
                      That lingers past the baby’s breath
                    That shall grow upon thy future grave
                           And ye cannot soulfully save
                                     Thyself upon thee
                                       Of all the things
                             That ye hath done unto me


                                       Contain thyself
                                 As ye shall make a fall
                                   Into the arms of Hell
                           And under all demons' claws
                                   For the horrid crime
                                    Of that against love
                             That ye hath done unto me

                        O, what a torturous lapsing hand!
             That makes me burrow upon the ocean sand
          And turned the sour grin of the devil upside down
                      That left him to cry upon thy grave
                          Onto which in time I shall lay
                            That ye hath done unto me


                         As I yet wait upon the calling year
                 Of angels to whisper into my troubled ear
                              That all hath been a dream
                          Of the awakening smile of thee
                                      But can not one 
                               Turn thy events undone
                            That ye hath done unto me?

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Speaking In Tongues

I have so much to give,
I have so much to say,
Let me speak,
Let me feel.

I know my heart,
Here lies the truth:
My tears paint
Much more than friendship.

The ink in my veins
Will write how I feel,
The words on my tongue
Will show after time.

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Your Insight

You are powerful even in the darkest of days... I prayed for Your insight
Night and Day...every pondering moment.
You responded to my prayers in many unique ways...You made my spirit take flight 
What should I say? You scrubbed off my lament. 

You relieved me from distress
You fearlessly strengthened my hope 
and frayed my fear
Now I'm in high spirits with freewill and delight...
and I must confess
You wiped away the boundless tears, shattering my negativity...
your love is crystal clear now!

Am I still that hovering angel...yearning for some light?
Am I still that naive spirit, giving in to the darkness and seeking plight?

I know God loves me, but I doubt Him still
God revealed His love with my whole family...but i don't feel right
I know God cares for us, I see no sign of Him or His will... 
God dealt with us with patience and kindness, but I can't yield on to His radiance so full of might

You are fruitful even in the darkest hours...I prayed for Your delight
To fall upon me day and night...effecting my every thought process
You promised me Your blessings and upcoming Kingdom every time I consider Your Word... You made my dreams come true and lingered around me despite
My bitter, spiteful words that I didn't mean to say... Is there any hope that I'll ever be successful during this time of cheerlessness 

But, I believe God is a merciful creator!!

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Check My Melodie

Now is the time,
For a poet like me to bust a rhyme

I speak, recite and dedicate all things in love
My metaphors fit tight like a glove

I am the brutal lyricist you know as insane
Yes indeed, through my words, all things will viewchange

Details | Free verse | |


I said
"I love you."
And I stood there.
You spoke not a word
Just stopped there in shock
And I watched you
For a reaction of sorts
What would I get?
Love in return?
You spoke not a word
But your silence spoke volumes.
I turned to hide the tear
Rolling down my cheek
I was a fool,
I'm sorry I wasted your time,
I'll go now.
Don't worry,
Don't say a thing now,
Your silence spoke for you.

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A New Year / A Lot of Love to Acknowledge

Oh, my sweet Soup sweethearts,
So much love you send my way.
How much more can a man ask for?

Sharon, Christy, Rhoda, Catie,
Farah, Renee,Sweet Ruby, Sue,
Patricia, Sandra, Carol,Karen,
Heidie, Elaine,Teressa, Trix,
Caryl, Vernette,  Julie, Anita,
Bella, Laine, Susan Cousins,
Karen O'Leary, Melainie Ross,
Patricia Contreras, Judith, Bella,
Louise, Crystal, Melanie,Alexa

and all other of my poetic vixens,
wiser than men in many ways,
I love you all!!

Details | I do not know? | |

Slowly Foreign To My Ears

Whisper in my right ear,
  how in my eyes you wish to fall;
While my left's pressed firmly
  to the soothing cool of the wall.
You dare sigh of this despondency
  and name it our Love;
All I see's a twisted,jagged cage
  for some oil-slick dove.
I breathe on your neck of my
  desire to chase the set sun;
You just turn over,tell me to
  shut the light when I'm done.
I dream of love made in each
  room of your father's mansion;
Shaken,you say such visions are
  so long out of fashion.
Your sight's but small parishes
  not of brick,built of cute rhyme;
Show me your's,my lady,before
  I have to check our time.
Pharmacy-bought cards' 
  vocabulary under trademark;
Oh, where would we be without
  the company of Hallmark?
Laced with longing,each sweet,printed
  word meant to draw strings taut;
As Alexander,I'll cut this rope,
  our Gordian Knot.
To be left with papers in pieces
  and pencil shavings;
But,they should serve well enough
  as my current life-savings.
Our love's translation lost,
  doomed to silence amidst the years;
A passing passion become 
  slowly foreign to my ears.


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Details | Rhyme | |

denruT segaP

denruT segaP Every love that claims me Tells me I’m the first, and last Maybe so for a moment But what was now has now passed And you’ve made yourself a liar So you set your words on fire In the flames your letters cast The alphabet never got so hot Than when you said your love was not Who can say what pages are meant to be turned When love is only a chapter in the book of life But even though the leaf has flipped The story remains By the transparent graces of the paper I can still read it backwards Now the beginning is the end And I’ve never loved at all

Details | Free verse | |

For my muse.

 Hello , you know who,
you are, can not say,
your name, but you,
know all the same.
 I have started writing again,
for you.
It's some thing I  have to do.
You are the one, who knows.
what's in my heart,
you are the one who inspires me,
opened my eyes to poetry.
You are my secret love,
when the time is right,
I will tell you above.
You are the one, who ,
held my hand tight,
when we walked, along,
the beach, late at night.
With you I went to Paris and Rome,
with out  leaving home.
We even walked along the China wall,
with you in my arms, I felt so tall.
Yes it's thanks to you, 
that I write here now,
expressing my feelings, on the net.
Thinking of you, in all I write,
My muse, My friend,
I love you so,
just wanted, you to know.

Details | Sonnet | |


Emotions fall to meaningless cliché
attempting to unravel lover’s mind,
and plummeting through endless fields of grey
though vibrant you, poetic threads unwind.
Obstructed by the trials two lives have brought,
the beauty seeks its eloquent release;
expression, though we surely have been taught,
will fail when all poetic urges cease.
The promise made, ensuring we survive
stirs not the timeless scribble of the pen,
though every small betrayal so alive
does beckon me to empty page again.

The passionate alone can drive the quill;
as such, it seems my pain is stronger still.

Details | Light Poetry | |

' Love Of Poets ... '

Oh, I Love Poets …
Here is Why:  Explore-It …

I Love The Way We Speak
I Love The Way We Think
And Seek and Link and When On The Brink
Of The Flow of Life … The Way We Drink …

I Love The Way We Pour-It
On … and Oh, I So Love Poets

Oh, I Love Poets …
Here is Some More-of-It …

The Way We Exercise Freedom of Speech
Sometimes, We May Actually Even Teach
All Times … We Are Truly Trying To Reach
at least One, if not Each … (while We Preach) …

but, They’ll Overlook or Get-Over-It 
Oh, I Do So Love Poets

I Love Poets …
Simply, Can Not Ignore-It …

We Are Determined to Make Talk, Très Chic’
All Topics, from Looney-Tunes to Tolstoy-Tragic
Deep Thoughts and Themes and Tags-Unique
“for A Rose by Any Other Name, Would Smell As Sweet”

… but It Would Not Sound So Fantastic !
If It Were Not Said, So Poetic …

So, I Do Love Poets
And What They Do, I Do Adore It
New or Classics and How They Wrote It
Oh, How I Do Indeed, Love Poets …

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Homeboy Clown (Conclusion)

Every smile has a frown
In the life of a clown

We all hide behind painted faces

Our mind is our cell
Our own state of hell

Dreaming of far away places

We keep dreaming of free
Something we’ll never be

As our hopes drown in our fears

Our number is our name
Our life is our shame

Distorted by all of our tears

The years turn us cold
Over hearts we can’t hold

Our love is replaced by our hate

There is just one conclusion
It is all but an illusion

Because we create our own fate
We all hide behind painted faces
Dreaming of far away places

As our hopes drown in our fears
Distorted by all of our tears

Our love is replaced by hate
Because we create our own fate

Just a ghost inside a "Homeboy Clown"

Created for Michael's Contest

The conclusion is basically a rhyming Couplet
that has a non-rhyming conclusion at the
end of each stanza. At the end of the poem
the non rhyming conclusions must form their 
own rhyming couplet stanzas with a non rhyming 
conclusion that refers to the title. Note: The Couplets
in the first part of the poem must be even
numbered as to form a perfect couplet in
the second half. 

The "Conclusion was invented by Michael Jordan
On 2/6/09

This was quite the adventure Michael

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I Love Writin




Details | Free verse | |

when eyes crawl ...

in words
         grace falls
                     from the page

falling down for quite some time
                every soft silence is falling
                        every flying dream
falls swiftly down

every enjambment
               every word
                       every note 
falls down 
   your feet

where the beat
           lifts it up 


where you dance
                 it up


and feel your heart 


where you lift your eyes
from the mud to the skies
looking like a fallen angel or a dirty saint

seeing the words 
in the clouds and the rain
in the stars and galaxies filled with dust and fire
in the wars of men and the gathering of moths
in the sweetest honey mead and your broken guitar
in the sea and the wind and the shadows of the street
in the secret in your eyes

where you

                       see the spaces

                                     where my pen gently aches

Details | Epic | |

Teenage Love 20: The Series Finale

This is the conclusion of how young love works, that includes when it started and stuff. Looks 
like al teen boys and teen girls are able to learn what serious relationships are all about Now 
that they're together there's no turning back, unless the relationship ends in a break-up. It 
seems to everyone that day in and day out, both young lovers just can't get enough of each 
other. Well, I guess that's the way young love goes. Everybody will then talk about how these 
people have met when they were in school and how they fell in love for what will be the rst of 
their lives. Teen boys and teen girls from around the world, including the U.S. of A., should also 
learn not to take each other for granted, especially when they should promise each other not 
to ever cheat on each other with the individual (another boy and/or another girl). Now that 
everybody knows what love is, then I guess there's no need of both teen lovebirds wanting to 
know how young love goes. All the mothers and the fathers should accept the fact that their 
teenagers are now in a real relationship and they must take it very seriously. Just like going 
through steps one through five, all of the would-be teen couples must take things slowly and 
they must know each other first before getting involved in a serious relationship. That's the 
way it should go for all would-be teen lovers. And if young love works for everybody, including 
all teenagers, then there won't be any problems in the near future. Let's hope everybody 
remembers how young love works.

Details | Quatrain | |


I'm taking it upon myself
to sing a phrase or write a lick
to put a few words upon the shelf
for singers and poets to pull and pick

what's needed are more rhymes for love
so here I offer now some brand new words
to keep from relying so much on, above
for the finer points of love absurd

"pillove" will mean those times in bed
when face-to-face we gaze and lay
with unwashed night-mouth to taste
but passion makes us kiss anyway

and "smove" will be the way we walk
when hand-in-hand we ambulate away
and "brove" will be the times we talk
when really we have little to say

"plove" will mean wanton puckered lip
and "frove" will be a passionate embrace
"crove" will be when two really click
maybe "sove" loves that smilin' face

to spice up a song we've had "clove"
and some other notable rhymes of note
for lyrics sung low, we have the "dove"
and a few other lined words to connote

lovely sentiments to melt our hearts
and give humanity's eros voice
to create some writing a la carte
some new rhymes may give greater choice

© Goode Guy 2012-03-18


Details | Free verse | |

The Interlude

I am drenched
In a solemn, endless rain of tears 
Over the drifting of my sole spring—
Its grace and ethereal splendour

Extricate me, 
Now lost in the tangled darkness of cosmic riddle
Fire me, 
To the crest of your sublime ripple

In a murderous mob
Hunting down intolerant voices
Let me flourish 

Efface that vestigial wilderness
Of towering forest between
So I can hear …

Lavish on me the wealth of your melodic inventions 
Closing that desert of distance
That long seems across trillion miles 

I, the latest flame in your rising fire
Pull me near your rapid river
Where groves laden with mangoes quiver

Details | Rhyme | |

Where's The Blame

                     "Where's The Blame"...

   I'm sorry for many years, I've done you wrong
We argued so much and I cried many times for you.
But you never came home or sang your favorite song.
I know that I had mistakes and I  feel like a fool.

Night and day, I had to find a way to get you back,
My hurt and pain was intense that I could not be here
I know now that you are gone and that's a true fact.
For many years and countless days, I cried my tears!

If there was one wish for a lifetime with you, once more
A dream of many treasures, wrapped in harmony and love
But chances were at risk and another, who you adored!
Please keep me safe like my guardian angel from above.

I have many regrets and don't know who or where's the blame
And the values of love are honesty, respect, caring, with trust!
It was the longest love that I had with you, or was it just lust?
For I am here, you are there, where's the blame, "oh what a shame"!

Yolaine Armitage 10/ 7/12

Details | Ballad | |

well past tea time

' tis been sa long since y 've been gone
Too long indeed my love
This tether feels sa limp 'n loose
An' stretched sa far above

Come down and rest y' weary wings
Come sit w' me a spell
I'll tell y' poetry that sings
Of love an life an' all those things
We've come t' ken sa well

I'll waft a cyber kiss or two
in empty space sa full
"n tell y' y' been missed 'tis true
'n more each day na bull

Sa come on down 'n tell us then
Where ha 'e y' been what  d' y' ken
That was na then before y' there
Rest from the whirl y' lovely girl 
And share y' life o' love and care

Details | Rhyme | |

Share my soul

I would like to propose a toast
                             To my friends on this site
For all of us share a single soul
                             One that loves to write
We write not for fame or glory
                             But agree that would be cool
We have all just come to learn
                             Poetry is our greatest tool
We write about our triumphs
                             As well as our regrets
We write about those we love
                             This includes our pets
We write about things in our past
                             Things that are yet to come
We write about our deepest joys
                             And pain that leaves us numb
We write about all types of nature
                             This includes the birds and bees
We write about our darkest sins
                             And getting on our knees
We write about the politics
                             The agonies of war
We write of how God loves us so much
                             Thats what he gave his son up for
We write about the children that are born
                             And our love ones who have died
We write about things we have let go
                             And things that we have tried
This morning I picked up my pen
                             Just to let my dear friends know
You're not only deep in my heart
                             You also share my soul

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

Words Fail Me

Intellect in disarray,
Eloquence falls short, again.
You, perfect picture, in my mind’s eye,
Words often fail when they aim to describe.

I look in every lexicon,
Delving into dictionaries,
Empty out encyclopaedias,
Thumbing through the thesauri...

I conclude no words compare to you, 
Descriptions weak and rarely true.
No word does justice, phrases fail 
To truly tell what you entail.

Details | I do not know? | |


Scribbles and doodles all over the paper
Hearts and stars and a poem to a broken love song
Words misspelled and sentences crossed out
Meaning behind the meaning never had a doubt
Single word or phrase and somehow his name appears
She looks at it ten or twenty times
Before she knows it its all over the paper
Balloon letters, block, hell even script
Miss him, but things will never be the same
She holds the paper in her hand
Takes a second look 
Then crumbles it away.

Details | Free verse | |


When in Paris do as Romans do where pardon me I lost my Latin there                 
What is love truly like not to quench the stereo type                                                  
in clicks and cliche's let us count the ways from one liner's to hopefully the refiner      
My face my mother has good taste grace please do not waste                                  
Faint hearted love does not hurt only a shallow flirt                                                  
Fair love not everything goes in rules of the court                                                      
Next to you sugar taste like salt I wronged you it's my fault                                  	   
In small houses best not to hurt the one                                                                      
but forgive least that be turned to stone                                                               
Love thy neighbor a gift from above do not throw stones or live in                        
glass houses when push comes to shove                                                                   
A many splendored thing not a splintered thing with kid's glove                            
One size fits all comfortably when God is your Love                                                     
For the Love of God is the truth better than the kisses of an enemy a rebuke             
To love immeasurably the only measure to set us free is His pleasure                   
Love has everything to do with Love and contrary                                                        
to the other opposites do not attract well rarely                                                        
So when your bow you are a singing love is not blind just forgiving                           
So quit playing cards save your money and love your wife                                   
looking for one choose words carefully ask a right                                                    
one will return as with promises, doves and ravens                                                   
one is wise but the other a safe haven                                                                       
If you will and if it pleases how do I spell love  JE SUS

Details | Quatrain | |


I take Mr. Webster's pages
Season rather well
Toss t4hem in a noisy blender
Stir them up pell-mell

If you find therein some meaning
I am doing well
'Cause I am just a used-words merchant
I've nothing else to sell

So here I am, past seventy
A prattling, wordy fool
My friends all say, and I agree
I should go back to school

I can learn from textbooks proper ways
The way to do it right
And scribble pretty words of  love
That blossoms in the night

But what does this boy know of love?
I've only loved one girl
Since back when I was seventeen
And I had hair, with curls

Society says love comes and goes
And girls move in and out
But I don't understand their way
Or what it's all about

So I'll just keep my long-time girl
Who wears my wedding ring
There is no Jeezebel in her
She treats me like a king

So i can never write of love
As forlorn tragedy
I can only write of love
AsI found it to be

Details | I do not know? | |

Animated Life

Dwelling with the gracious Lord
Traces righteousness and worthiness
Enlivening my glum life
Dwelling with the Almighty
Embraces blessings and gratefulness
Animating His faithful life  

Details | Acrostic | |

Writing Poetry

Writhing words fly around in my head.
Realism and fantasy combined within.
I feel realism from what I have said.
Thinking is my pastime, maybe my sin.
Intelligence not always in what so read.
Note worthy maybe, where to begin.
Great poetry no, but simple lines fed.

Plain simple verse is all that I win.
Overtures of verse are all I spread.
Exemplary words escape my mental pen.
Telling of love, nature, happiness and dread,
Realistic views, simple thoughts of men.
You reading my words are my trophy instead.

Details | Fibonacci | |

As Often As We Can (Fibonacci)

                                           Still dance 
                                            As often
                                    As we get the chance
                                 Beneath a lovely moonlit sky
                      We allow the rhythmic sounds to take us on high
Like flying through joyous clouds filled by love and sweet romance kindled through the 
art of dance~

Copyright Adell Foster© 2006 Adell1

"Dancing is good for the soul"

Fibonaci: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... Poetry: 1 syllable, 1 syllable, 2 syllables, 3 
syllables, 5 syllables, 8 syllables, 13 syllables, 21 syllables... 
The number of syllables in each line must equal the sum of the syllables in the two 
previous lines. So, start with 0 and 1, add them together to get your next number, which 
is also 1, 2 comes next, then add 2 and 1 to get 3, and so on.

Details | I do not know? | |

Embrace Me

I have the mind and strength of love
My hands has an arkward touch and movements
My eye's has the sight of beauty 
 and love that goes skin deep
My breath that touches the side of her right ear
Sends a tingle up and down her spine
My heart pours out the most touching and loving words
That really has never been heard
I feel hypnotize by her sexy perfume and her sexy legs
crossing each orther in those sexy steletose
The night is getting late
The feeling awaits
The touch of her is untouchable
My mind began to hesitate
As i began to create
The motion of real love attraction
Getting a good satisfaction
This is not a production
I'm just feeling the seduction

Details | Quatern | |

Jesus Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Jesus Christ stopped Him
Told the Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Just don’t destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angiel Gabriel spoke to Mary
You have found favor from God

Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus Christ
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Jesus Christ created a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In there people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
Second is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they love Jesus Christ
Person who created their Church
Was the person they believed and loved

Jesus Crist is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned

J.R.M. 11162011

Details | Free verse | |

Art Imitating

is better found in the voices of lovers.
merely play with words and
search the canvas for visual seduction.

Details | I do not know? | |



Culture keeps us safe
Until it fades
Family keeps us warm
When we need shade—
Techno worlds are brash
And spit out
          Texting love--

word loss
makes hearts clash
Gives lives a shove
spring roses turn to ash

Leaves lovers wondering
Is this life complete--
Leaves dreamers listless--
stills lovely dancing feet

Blaze the path
wayward lover
Create new words
something each fragile lip can say

Lovers toss skin
Naked standing
 Blood to bone
And, amidst the fog
Stand Dazed, Perplexed--
Lose their will to roam
Fearfully Refuse to
Leave the safety of
Their natural home.

Blaze the path
wayward lover
create new words
something my fragile lips can say

Victoria Anderson Throop
Dec 25, 2012
© Juja, Kenya

Details | Concrete | |

Invisible Within

Pain is my beauty, rage is my sadness.
Laughing is my soul crying out silently.
Yet you do not see, these truths that lie within,
instead you turn a deaf ear, blinded from the darkness of your sight.
You only feel your sympathic ear, reflecting my hearts expression.
Powerless daily, I struggle to allow my invisible voice from within, 
To speak and to shine thru.
A moment in time
The music bringing you back to places in time which 
affected you with an emotional
consequence But since all this time has passed now it 
has become a remanicent memorie of
all the uplifting, downsizing, 
and overwhelming roller coaster rides.
A message in time to come, if you choose to see it. 
An immediate refreshing of the emotional
in combination with your intellectual self. 
Then it becomes not just a message anymore.
Instead it has grown into a great metamorphosis of spirt to embrace; 
consuming your sinful
nature, leaving only the lambs blood, 
giving you clarity, peace and serenity.

Details | Light Poetry | |

Language and love

A word or two is
more than enough
to disapprove, to prick, to make one sick.

Not a single word is required 
to haunt, to wound, to kill.

In a word or two 
i can do whatever i want to.

In a universe of language
my love can't be subdued.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Oh, was it really possible that we’d ever pen, or 
is it necessary to debate our in-sensitivities, 
the ups and downs of life, being sandwiched between
our likes and dislikes of a certain form in writing?

To a degree, of versifying, we have the so-called 
“To each his own” ability
and power to attract the readers of the mind,
to fully enjoy us, in our chosen form. 

Some would profess they dislike haiku
...’cos of its shortness and simplicity
and most likely, many would prefer free verse,
than to listen to the enchanted soul of rhyme

...’Cos of its un-metered style and absolute freedom;  
yet I, the handsome I (ahem!) do love, not prefer 
the beholder of my beauty, my beautiful wife (ahem!)---
a thousand times over, and greater than those few.

Ahh, the exquisite beauty of poetry, 
the subtle meaning half hidden 
in ones’ lines, and totally not seen in its form
but most certainly, lies in the eye of the reader.

Details | I do not know? | |

Messages Of Love

Write a letter, a note, a message,
Whatever that can make him notice.

Fold the paper into the shape of a bird.
Let the written piece fly away to where he is.

Write a note. Post it onto his locker.
It’ll make him discover there’s an admirer.

Roll up a message. Place it in a bottle.
Never know where it might just settle.

Write a letter. Mail it away.
So that he may read it one day.

E-mail what you want to say. Send it away.
Patiently wait for what he has to say.

Write a wish. Envision it becoming real.
Perhaps someday you’ll both truly feel the same.

Details | Light Poetry | |

' The Greatest Poet Of All ... '

God … Is The Greatest Poet of All
God … Is The Greatest Poet
God, Speaks … And Leaves Us In Awe
… Astounded and Author-Devoted ! …

Yea … We are Humbled and Thunderstruck
and Sublimely Mesmerized
on His Sacred Utterances … We Have Drunk
like Raindrops of Soft-Mercy-Cries …

… While Angels, Sing in Quicksilver-Skies
Even His Son, is Called:  ‘ The Word ’ and Wise          ( John 1: 1 )
and Every Will and Syllable, and Vowel, Which Rise
… Begins, with Wondrous Words, ‘ He ’ Vocalized

And His Words, Are Strict-Forms and Bright-Joy-Colors
or Sometimes, Warnings in Stark Black and White
Yet … Articulated in Glorious Auras
from He, Who Called, The Darkness … Night               ( Gen. 1: 5 )

from ‘ He ’, Who Said:  ‘ Let There Be Light ’               ( Gen. 1: 3 )
‘ He ’, Who Orated, Birds in Sun-Flight
‘ He ’, Who Orated Sounds, So Right
Spoke Words, Worthy of ‘The Copywrite’ …

… Like, ‘ Let Us Make Man In Our Image ’ …                ( Gen. 1: 26 )
… and Humans, have been Echoing, Ever Since
For His Words Are More Than Vintage
They Are Epitome of Love and Law-Sentence

… Yea … We Emerged from God’s Epiphany
We Should Recite, What He Spoke First
in Such Beauteous, Lilting-Poetry …
… God, Spoke Forth ‘ The Universe ’ ! …                      ( Gen. 1: 1 )

… Called, The Dry Land, Earth                                    ( Gen. 1: 10 )
Called, The Waters … Seas                                         ( Gen. 1: 10 )
Pronounced Eve, Mother of Birth                                 ( Gen. 3: 16 )
(tho’ She Stole at Speech-Trees)                                ( Gen. 3: 6, 13 )

Yea … God Called Forth, Flashes and Flowers
and The Breath of Life and Swarms of Honey-Bees
And with Dynamic, Inspiration Power ! …
God … Even Called Forth … me

… and You, and You, and Your Voice Too !          ( John 3: 16  & John 10: 16 )
And Refreshing-Dew and Dawns, Brand-New
And The Rare-Edition – Chosen Few                   ( Matt. 7: 14  & Matt. 22: 14 )
… Each Bound-Volume, Ringing, Amen-True !      ( Rev. 14: 5 )

Yea … God, Is The Greatest Poet of Them All !
So, Let Us Catch Each Poem-Pearl, in Free-Fall
and Collect Them and Gather Graciously, as They Call
to Conjugate and Climb O’er, Deaf-Mute-Stanza Walls

… to Applaud, The Greatest Poet, Ever and All …

Details | Rhyme | |


Gentleness invokes kinship,
more than trust's oft biased recommend,
that fills my warranty for beauty's own in crypt,
I thank thee God, for measures in contend!

Forever, in that beauty were love's tend,
the faith between true friendship might erupt,
still it is forceful, deft attainment's quip,
mere looking gives to Soul, some filling up!

And see thee still, in all my eyes do ground,
wherein love's mercy must have contemplate,
if it were loathsome in some vile resound,
my heart would not have of these words found state!

Oh beauty, you are mine, not underrate,
the vestige I did yearn to so expound,
when will is chastised so, the quiet sedate
does moisten my eyes swell, no more impound!

Thy beauty love, be love, in nature's gate,
the seaming center of this garment's strung
holds empathy as moment's turn belay
the love that I do feel, be inward sung!

Details | Rhyme | |


I love to write, it pleases me
For when I write I change you see
I’m not a worker anymore
But can be what I want for sure

A pilot our a buccaneer, how cool
A soldier or a complete fool
Whatever I would like to be
I can through writing poetry

So I write to pass the time
Words of love that I hope rhyme
As many a  good poet will know
If they like me have felt the glow

So relax, unwind and write a bit
Soon you will find the words that fit
Then you could end up just like me
And really enjoy writing poetry

Details | Prose Poetry | |

One For Love

Your sweet breath escapes you and engulfs my soul 
Through words spoken as though from some celestial being 
Warm emotion floods me, floods my very fibrous core 
Love I feel is not a mere four letter 

Word that reluctantly man takes for granted, but more a 
Monument to the jubilous fire you set my soul alight with 
Speak, I cannot, the true magnitude of shear bliss 
Endured by my mortal flesh. With the slightest brush 
Of your angelic fingers. None can know or fathom 
what true insurmountable beauty lies within 
green fields of yet discovered highland plains laden with 
flowers and sweet honey aroma blows within. Feeble 
in my attempts to profess my own meek emotions 
turmoil of my own past colliding with the yet to be. I destroy 
myself knowing such turmoil I cause in an entity 
none like yourself. Meager apology and material possessions 
offer no hint of emotion of love and remorse contained 
My, love, our love, will endure of that much I am sure. Open my mind 
My only wish, to show you things I need you to see. I have known 
No strength such as yours you take for granted. Times as this 
I've never known but with you only would I have it to spend. Forget 
Not the who I was, the who I am, and the who I will be. 
My love, our love will endure of that much I am sure 
Monotony & Mundane remain the same 
caught in this slippery pretty net 
we're all falling in and around our own whirlpools 
our upward spiral climbs too high - the higher up the further down 
Fly the same play the same one with the other 
floating always floating 
This sea we've created weaved in the merciless 
fabric of the time we all flock to certain death 
holding the hands of our clocks & wondering why 
our own bleed. double edged is the face of 
a sundial. With each shadow flicker anguish & 
joy death & life exist permanently & are lost forgotten 
by time held by life lost by eternity. 
Let's all rally hand in hand while the band 
plays on 

Details | Etheree | |

Writer's Block

You stumbled
In my Path way.
A block stopping my
Pen from forming fine words.
Creativity bound tight.
No thoughts Appearing on Paper.
I rest Atop your grayness and sing.
I then write a poem to you; Writer's Block.

Details | Lyric | |

Ode to the black lady

I'll never fail
thee to hail even when I ail
with ginger ale
I'll be hearty and gale
even though I face a gale
steady still will be my sail
and surely, I'll be on the rail
by your side to tell the tale
of how I fught tooth and nail
to get you this bale
of finest Arabian veil
to shield your skin from growing pale
and for your eyes not to wail
even if the sun may trail
but if I must go, I'll mail
and send you flowers by pail
and a puffy puppy without a tail
or a big barking male
born and bred in Yale.  


Details | ABC | |

that night

I walked in the house.
you were on the couch.
the whole family was there.
you said to me i was not good enough for you.
i said what are you talking about?
he said i dont love you anymore your just not good enough.
so i left the room crying.
then it was all a blanck.

Details | Lyric | |

Say It Again

i was waiting for the sun to rise
for someone to love on this dreadful night
and i truly thought no one would come by
until you walked right into my life

say it again
just one more time
those three little words
that make my life

you are my everything
without you i am nothing
but you must have saw something
cause you whispered three words loving

say it again 
just one more time
those three little words
that make my life

you make my day
and thats no lie
just say it again 
one more time

when the rain pours down
i fall to the ground
in shock cause i have found
the sweetest person around

so please just
say it again 
just one more time
those three little words
that will make my life

you make my day
and thats no lie
just say it again 
one more time

I love You

say it again 
just one more time
those three little words
that make my life

you make my day
and thats no lie
just say it again 
one more time

just please 
for me
if not for yourself
say it again

say it again
say it again

Details | I do not know? | |

I'm still hearing the voices

They say 'you've got it kid',
but first you gotta rid
yourself of all that fakery,
the constructed rhyme
like rye and flour primed
to exit out the bakery,
and you cannot, should not
loaf, or doubt anything
you ever wrote, it's progress-
but what path to take?

Should I break apart,
the seeming apparition
of life and love that is gained
and lost in boxcars moving 
across the prairies in
spiritual unison-
   What is to be done
with this poet who I found
   hiding under a flithy sheepskin?

And what of our Sanfrancisco flower
blooming in scattered graveyards
where the pounding Beat has died,
and decomposed decisively
around small parts of the world,
inside the mutant hearts 
of shivering canadian poets
who continue crave the corpse.

Another voice would say:
The hell with all these rat bastards!
True art is what you stick with,
hell or high water, so you can take criticism
and flush it down the toilet, like
the American Dream. You are your own God,
because that son of a ***** left
for good during The War,


Thy choice in art is feuled by love,
and love be feuled by truth,
so open up thy lonely eyes,
and see in thee the proof. 

There are so many voices,
and each constrain my words
to a vision of past greatness,
and new poetry, shall be
a combination, an alchemy
of fire and ice, foreign
and domestic, the self
humming in unison 
with the universe,
vibrating time and space,
in pure emotion,
organized choas,
contained and made conscious,
experienced, and purged
from the self 
in verse.

Details | Free verse | |

Two poems about poem

1. poem who killed himself

because he heard a poet saying
: what kind of poem you are?

words crying
and tears make them
turn back to be ink

2. poem who fall in love with himself

when it is read
words see their face 
changed to be a poem
in the poet eyes-lake

and he decide to fall 
in love with himself

Details | Free verse | |

the entry

loving you is all what i want to do
treating you ight is what i love too
a priceless pearl,you are and that's really true
a love i never thought of
a feeling i never dreamt of
a voice i never heard of
tha's what i've found in you
the emotions i never had in store
the sensations i never experienced before
all this and many more
you came and gave it all
what else can i say
than to let you know
i just love you

Details | Rhyme | |

My Hobby

When I start to write,
I scribble what's on my mind.

Sometimes I have no idea what my pen puts on paper,
But in the end it all comes together.

I can be paying attention in class,
But when a rhyme pops in my head, school work comes last.

Right now, writing is something I love to do.
Who knows, maybe one day I'll fall in love with something new.

Details | Rhyme | |


Have you ever felt unwanted?
Like your being haunted 
One minute their saying bye-bye 
But when you walk out that door 
They wanna break down and cry
And say why did she have to go so fast
But really their feelin free at last

Have you ever felt unwanted?
Like you would have changed something in your past
And u messed up and that was your last
You feel so ashamed
Your saying stop playing games
But you really don't know
They want you to go

Have you ever felt unwanted?
Like there was no comfort place
Like someone just up to you
And said i need my space
How would you feel?
Would you fell blu?
Or when it all boils down 
Would you feel the same way too?

Details | Free verse | |

Between the Lines

"hi," you say
"Hello," I reply
And yet,
between the lines
is an unwritten conversation
which is not heard,
but understood

Details | I do not know? | |

Just Thinking

Why even bother.
Stop reminding me of irrelevant notions,
You know that they don't matter anyway. 
I'm tired of hearing lost thoughts inside your head.
"Sorry I was just thinking about what you said...".

Ah, so now you'd like to talk about my day?
But where were you when I needed you the most. 
Lost in someone else I suppose.
I'd really love to hear your silence instead.
"Sorry I was just thinking about what you said.."

They're only words!
They always have been to you, nothing more.
Priceless little nick-knacks safely tucked away inside a drawer.
You're kidding right? I think I'd much prefer the emptiness beside my bed.
"Sorry I was just thinking about what you said...".

Don't bring my writing into this,
It's the only thing that won't deceive me.
Much more loyal than you, honey please believe me. 
Hate me? Fine. My loving looks are cold and dead.
"Sorry I was just thinking about what you said...".

Details | Rhyme | |

00:56 - Fire from Faith

It surprises me still, how devoted I am,
You're a form of religion, I will be your lamb.
To herd or to slaughter, or do what you will,
I'm yours for the taking, a vessel to fill.

I've found my addiction, but it's one that won't feed
On a liquid or tablet, but a different need.
For it's writing of you that's my ultimate vice,
And no matter the danger I'll pay any price.

It kills me that you are the prize I can't get,
For the moment at least, so I can't touch you yet.
And I hold you in my world of paper and ink,
But the pages are fragile, you burn and you sink.

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Alanis morisette

I know you got my letter 
from years ago
the one about all my problems 
and the crush i had on you
about my dresser and my mispelled name
and what slide meant to me and why

I should be accountable
but im not sure what im supposed to do
ive heard you
and understand your sick of your voice and why
ive even tried joining your fan club
but i think that fell through

I told u about my friend sherri shepherd and her family
and how they blindly ylead eachother 
but im not allowed to be her friend

Im not sure what id do if i was in your shoes
recieving a letter from a child fan
telling a stranger their suicidal tendencies
and molestations and abuse at home
and their witchcraft circle and strange experiences that involved
making love to a famous artist before their career had changed

its like unexplainable to me
what you are
a reminder of a mother figure i never knew
a saving grace when the angels seemed soo far away
and i understand all of ur lyrics from im not ur mother 
i diont carry you in my womb for nine months
to not the doctor
and now i wonder if im like an adopted 27 year old 
life lesson 
object to crave 
side project 
you never wanted but got handed
and passed with flying colors

even though a few of your lyrics are two edged swords
im not sure what i wrote and sent off to you
but by the time you read it and wrote that song a lot had changed

i spoke of love like yours
and the help i needed and how i was fascinated with you
things i needed help with no one else could
i dont remember what i wrote
i think i wrote marilyn manson one too

Thank you
we bruised eachother
and i know you did a lot more for me
an object to crave?
its there u know...and it might not be me
but if u want one and u cant find one
i can help u look, or show u places to start

life is strange
i cant fathom the loops we sent eachother through
and who knows what anymore
but thank you soo much

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No One But You

No One But You

And when I fall
I want no one to help me
I want no one to save me
but you

And when I'm lost
I want no one to find me
I want no one to guide me
but you

And when I'm broken
I want no one to heal me
I want no one to hug me
but you

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aging poetry

remember the simple poem
you wrote as a young kid
in the second grade for 
assignment one cold February week
for the upcoming Valentine's Day
on wide-ruled yellow paper
with a fat dark-green #1 lead pencil
then transferred to pink construction paper
and handed in to Miss Wells
with both pride and trepidation
even though you didn't know
what that meant back then

and remember the first
real "love poem" that you
weren't just assigned to read, 
but read, by Whitman, or Burns
or Dickinson, and how the
lightening of insight came 
to you from the first read
and you felt the flash of
both heartache and joy 

and now, childhood yellowed
and a bit fuzzy at this point
witnessing many hearts ached since
but still...still the yearning
goes on, to stand on a hilltop
with gray clouds hung in blue skies 
and recite from your own aged
memory how much you have loved
another, lost, and loved again
ageless in the life-long longing ...

© Goode Guy 2012-04-03

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Your Words

They’re just words on a paper,
Then why do they affect me so?
Sentences and stanzas,
Show feeling without feeling a thing.
Just simple white paper,
And jet black text,
Sending my heart into a frenzy
With simple things as words.
Boy, you drive my heart crazy,
Your words in stanzas rhyme.
You know how to make me cry,
With every poem every time.

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I had the traits of a gorgeous child,
different in looks and behavior,
only mother understood his tremor...
when night fell and he ran inside.

An adorable child expressing curiosity,
touching everything in his path,
and those hands seemed full of creativity...
when visions lured his interest.

I hold this photograph to reminisce the grace
of that tiny toddler beginning his first, memorable race... 
while his mom stretched her protective and loving arms, 
ready to hug him and reward him with tons of smiles. 

I had the traits of a gorgeous child,
obsorbing the vivid images and colors of the seasonal scenes...
I'd describe in my writings, to feel the essence of unreal dreams;
Oh, was I aware of my final stride?

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Castles In Spain

Drumming from the amps, bristling with snares and hooks,
(“I see in your eyes, castles in Spain.”);
Aide memoirs of the past, post-war resurrection, stubbornly,
Wreathed in wires of smoke and delineated by baselines,
(“I see in your eyes, castles in Spain.”);
In the imaginary glare, scrubland plains play host,
The homeland of bleached white sonic structures,
Aspiring to touch the scorched stonewashed sky,
(“I see in your eyes, castles in Spain.”);
Ravaging the cold corpses of pastoral dictators,
Burying them in gritty sand, interring with their
Emotional fascism for companionship on the final
Journey into the heartlands of the dead conquistador,
(“I see in your eyes, castles in Spain.”);
In that hopeless kill zone of love and promises,
That vain and empty body of soulless night,
That reflective insult of scorn and terrible beauty,
Replications of dreams laid bare, films on her iris,
Panoramas populated by citadels of waste,
(“I see in your eyes, castles in Spain.”)
(“I see in your eyes…castles… in… Spain!”).
But what can I do?

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love is

 is in each language universal
Love knows no frontiers
 love is a marvellous feeling
 Of the soul: amor or love is the word
In every language
Knows no frontiers
Love of love 
A feeling without bordering
 the first love 
without borders
a world without frontiers
because love is universal

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Writing and Riding with Destiny

Empty only seconds
And yet I fell so lonely.
I was pushed into a world
I wanted but never could have to my own.
I wanted one night with him
And a thousand from another.
I wanted and I wanted
I never needed.
I will never need it.
I'll face eternity alone
In jealousy and loathing.
Plagued by the desire
Of flings with older beings.
The wise old souls 
With a book to his nose.
My everlasting hope
Even when my hope is wasted.
Ever is my hope wasted,
Wasted on these petty dreams of mine.
Always dreaming when the sun still shines
Abound my skin
I shall resign.
I shall grow strong.
I will move on
To distant songs of lovers gone.
I shall move on
And then move on.

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Such a strong word with meaning of "HATRED"
Love and unity for humanity are the keys to my soul
That's cruel and unjust
For you to pass judgement is out of character
What happened to this world that has so much corruptive human beings that are 
to polluted by past times to see the richness and love in the modern times
I bare two "KINGS" 
If you think you are going to bash their mixed race and speak to them in a 
manner of disgust
That to me is a judgement you have passed on to yourself and the man above
We were all created equal and we all have blood in our veins and hearts that beat
So tell me why you are so rude and disrespectful
Needs to stop!!!!!
Like I said to who feels wicked with calling either one of my "KINGS'....a nigger 
shall be dealt with one the other side
How dare you be so damn rite cold and mortal to prey on innocent children 
whose parents have understanding and see beyond the colour of skin
You have committed a "SIN"!!
Look at yourself for you are no better than any human being
After all love is love and it's the inner beauty
This is wriiten from me to you and to let you know my "KINGS" have a mouth to 
talk and ears to hear
Eyes to see and hearts to feel pain you chose to inflict on them
But one thing I have blessed them with is
You will not force your corruptive entry because my "KINGS"are brighter and have 
been taught that mankind is unjust
They will speak with intelligent fierce and all the teachings I have taught them in 
this regard
To all you "RACIST" people look out simply because I have been blessed with 
two "KINGS"....and" YES"...their hearts "SING" out "LOUD" with "LOVE" 
and "PURITY"and cleansliness and they will not be forced to accept defeat
For they are always walking tall and holding their heads up with pride
Nor matter the colour of black nor white we are all people and choose to way or the other.. your comments don't fear only makes us 
But "R-A-C-I-S-M" is dark and uncalled for with so much hatred and unjust
Make this world a better place and do your share for the children of today!!!!

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Turmoil of a sleepless night

Turmoil Of A Sleepless Night

The days are tiring I feel but the night will set me free, 
I fall on my bed unfold my legs and again you haunt me! 
It’s the end of the month I thought you would speak, 
But you didn’t, so my pen, your might I must seek! 
I lie on my bed my mind so full of thoughts, 
I try to avoid as I remember the words of Frost, 
But futile it runs because he spoke in happy verses, 
And my heart bleeds in tears - serving as curses! 
Your sweet smiling face haunts me here, 
I am sleepless, you must be sleeping, I wonder! 
The lights have been put off, its devilish dark around, 
and my life with my dead hopes mewling on the ground! 
My eyes are shut but I see you stand, 
Between your hands you hold my hand, 
And pressing my little finger again you repeat ‘great’, 
Your eyes were the same I inhaled a sighful breath! 
You were happy-happy as earlier, 
We were together and between us no barrier, 
again you talked and smiled like before, 
We talked and we read and again talked more! 
Just when my life was back like a ray of sunbeam, 
My sleep broke and found out it was just another dream, 
and again the struggle is starting inside my mind, 
I wish I had no dream-I wish I were blind! 
And so I sit writing this when my mind is at a civil fight, 
to find little fragments of peace in this sleepless night! 
Saket Suman

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Our Time

Finally our time has come,
We slowly start becoming one,
The rose pedals piled on the bed,
Will cushion as you lay your head...
Tugging on your lingerie,
Struggling which words to say,
That will touch or calm you down,
As I pull it half way down...
Starting with the softest kiss,
While I gently pin each wrist,
And softly blow aside your hair,
So I can fall inside your stare...
Touching you in every place,
So much you have to turn your face,
While everything below your hips,
Start trembling beneath my lips...
Locking me between your knees,
And stopping right before you squeeze,
So the climax won’t portend,
What you want me to start again...

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It's fearful to think
that your last moment has come,
and like a pen out of ink...
it stops when a word needs to rhyme.

Keep off the edge at any cost, death waits avidly
for another victim to be added to its toll...
go the opposite direction where you find a wall
to avert another possible tragedy.

Desperation plays a major part in awful thoughts,
hope is found in faith: read all Proverbs and be saved by their soothing words;
ignoring wisdom is to live foolishly and recklessly as thugs...
why live a wretched life and hate others? Why keep on sharpening your swords? 

I have never gripped on rocks to reach that edge of despair,
even though death seemed real and allowed no escape,
but with will and determination I was able to annihilate 
those evil forces coming out of demons who had no love to share.  

Why be unappreciative, troublesome, worrisome and uneasy...
when life can lead one to victory as it has led many in History?
Commit an evil act, and you'll suffer more than Cain...
embrace love and your fear will never drive you insane.

Entered in Linda-Marie's contest,
" Life and Death...And Beyond..."
Written by Andrew Crisci

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q ) or Prolix Drama Queen Part Two

and Par-Policy:  Dump Rotted Produce…
and Pitch-Pit-Grain- Pro-Ruse

It Was Due To Prior-Parent’s Vain-Disobey, 
so They Diminished, That-Dare-Day…
The Delectable…
 and Passed Up The Palatable –
 Main… Held-Accountable
Course (so  not  hard !) 
But They Failed to Avoid: 
 The Ditch, The Decline, The Devoid
They Deformed; Distorted… 
and Perished, at Path of Disdain- Deported!
Prithee, Who Wants to See… A Dashed-to-Pieces Pottery?
Not even-Periphery-me!... It’s No Longer Picture-Pretty 
Despite Protocol-Deficiency… ‘til I get a Decent Setting Plate
On Broken Dresden- my Pheasant-Dinner Won’t be Ate

And Now… Disorder of The Day… 
is Devious, and Double-Dismay
…  Disgrace, Depression… 
and A Putrid-Depraved-Puke-Stain-Progression
 Plunged into Disease and Death; 
Some Plummet and Pose-Deranged-Stealth
Percolating Panic… 
and Picking Up Pride-Plagues- Still-Pandemic
from-Cain’s Prozac-Paddock … Pathetic !

Though, All Are Not Dissidents-Decayed… 
Deteriorated …  or Dastardly-Dross-Sprayed
 Applaud- When Prodigal-Lost is Found, 
and Those ‘Punching-Back-At-Pangs-Bane’ Pound!
By Adhering to The Dedicated-Drive, 
of The Deft-Guardian-Defender’s Eyes
Who Points Where Our Polished-Pebbles’ Sling, 
Put-Practice-Ping-Ping-Aim (ing)
Dove(ing) Over to Dangle The Desist… 
or Meet Thy Downfall Pretenders-Risk…

For We Pummel Problems… 
and Dent and Pelt Puzzle-Plight-Chains (Pop ‘em!) 
Definitive Deeds, Decorous… 
Meant to Disable Dynamite Pipes-Porous 
To Prevent Our Pulverized-Maim 
and Proffer:  A Predicament-Slain

Our Pilgrimages In Pursuit of Paragon-Virtue… 
Must Make Distribution or Divesture:
the Property… of Pomposity
Pageantry… Profits and Desperate-Popularity
and don – Parsimony, and  Penury, 
Pariah, Pest-Control and Peculiarity
yet Pleasurably, we have heirloom-Pendants and Pence-a-Few …
and Pearl-Gates and Doubloons and Dew Drops Too
‘Cause, Priests and Prophets Must Pray for The Reign…
and for Pre and Post-Op-Apocalyptic–Novocain ! …

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We open our eyes to see the world,
We raise our hands to touch the sky,
We use our voices to sing a prayer,
We love mankind without dispair.

It is our eyes that see the beauty,
It is our hands that heal the sick,
It is our voices that keep harmony
It is our love that builds this army.

She opens her eyes to remain sane, 
She opens her arms to relieve the pain,
She uses her voice to kill the shame,
She opens her heart to the holy name.

He used his eyes to see our love
He used his hands to feed our love
He used his voice to keep our love
He used his heart to forgive our vain.

Every sense keeps us here
So forever we will endear.

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Logos Of A Lyric Poet

Logos of a lyric poet 
gleans the page, so white. It’s the 
esurient exponent of 

heart and mind. How I 
wish I could be his reader, instead 
I choose to write about--

this childish yellow butterfly, 
spreading its fragile wings and comes 
to listen, intently, the rhythm 

of my blood. Hmm, she will 
be, surely,  noted by me not only for 
tonight, but for many years

after that 
countless tingles of 
skin to skin 

will sip the wine of poetry 
and commingle, un-agitated,
into my own inner craving.    

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kaleidoscope of kindnesses
rain down upon my back..
knitted hats and knots untied
for those you have a knack...
karma chose you for me
to bounce upon your knee
just another kid at heart
is what I seem to be
kettles boil and time will keep
until the kite has flown
for knights like you are hard to find
once the kindest years are gone
knowledge isn't always friend
in fact..  sometimes is foe
but you my friend are the best of kings
a peasant girl could know
kisses melt the coldest heart
like candy in the palm
but keepers come but once along
to the weary heart a balm
now knobs and knives and fishing things
we pack into a sack
and hand in hand we walk along
ahead.. we don't look back..

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as i pillage inspiration from your pages...

quiet & understated
two words waiting 
at the bottom of the page
crouched as though
some other they might chase away
or bar from the path
i am once again allowed this trespass

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Cornfields Have Ears

Mother warned 
Never make love in a cornfield
For the corn-- has ears 
And they just may tell...

Upon hearing this 
I laughed and replied mom
They might have ears 
But they do not have lips 
With which to speak...

Not so fast, Careful daughter said she with a smile
They have husks that are tough 
And when shucked the silk and shucks will make you tell

Yeah, I've ran through the fields 
Playing hide and seek
The itch form those husks --
Sure did make me shriek...

Ahh… Shucks... I guess you're right Mama
You don't have to worry about me
With great bliss--I promise you this... 
I'll never make love in a cornfield.

Comments:  The lesson was corny but true to form as I will never make love nor hide in a 
field of corn -- ears and all 0;-)

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Dreamscape of the Lovelorn

As I sit once more in this chair,
trying to fit word to page in some nice way,
inspiration seems, this evening, rare;
my muse is distracted, keeping melancholy at bay.

I long for a soft, pliant embrace,
shared by a maiden draped in silken thread;
moonlight brightening her already radiant face,
and her enchanting smile, at what could lie ahead.

Her shining hair pours down her back,
like the rain in which we stand;
the right way she seems to lack,
as she looks to me for a guiding hand.

These hands glide down, around her waist,
and slowly we begin to dance.
Underneath the stars, our own new path is traced,
as we float along, in our lover's trance.

The feel of her, so near and so warm,
I cling to, like a drowner's lifeline;
her every sigh, her very form,
beyond my imaginings of the divine.

To go on like this, held enchanted
in her eyes, serenity's sweet founts,
I feel would be my heaven granted;
my trials, her affection surmounts.

The haze shimmers, the dream recedes,
leaving me dazed, shaken in its wake;
as ever and always, my heart bleeds,
craving an end to its boundless, yearning ache.

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Hand to Hand

 I hate others,
That are objecting me. 
I love others,
That are encouraging me.
Who can alter me?
If I don’t accept any device,
I like to tease others,
But always I love to my like,
Dislikes, I always mind,
I amn’t different,
I do as you do,
My mankind is yours 
And yours mankind is mine,
Then what’s my weep,
We are traveling in a same boat.
You scratch me, I shall scratch you. 
Nobody a third can ruin us.

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Hated from my fear

Scared and lonley
hated from my fear
A part died inside my heart
A part unnoticed thats gone blind
Scraming in silence
Nightmares waken in tears
Wounds to deep to ever show
Suffering I always keep within
sideways falling
entering threw a rolling tide
Memories frozen
Never could i keep alive
Scattered dreams
confused from my soul
Trusted to well
confused by the touch of you
Lay down the threats that real
Forever pushed under
somethings never can be erased
Mentle tears never can escape
Middle of nowhere-
This world I hate
Scared and lonley
hated from my fear

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You Know (In my Life)

You know
In my life
I have loved
And I have been loved
I have hated
And I have been hated
I have tried to kill
And I have had others try to kill me
I have lead others into addiction
And I have lead others out of addiction
I have been a Wolf
And I have been a Lamb
I have always dreamed of just being simple
And my life has always been very complex
I have a dear friend who is a Missionary Nun
And one who is a convict on Death Row
And I love them both equally
And understand them both completely
I have been all that is wrong
And I am all that is right
In our society
I try so hard to help others see and understand
How it feels to be me
Yet I myself can’t fathom why
Anyone would even care
I have been as cold and hard as steel
Yet compassion fills my every moment
I cry every time I watch Forrest Gump
And I rush every time I watch Pulp Fiction
For I have loved with every drop of who I am
And I have drank from the cup of excitement
I am everything you should be
And everything you shouldn’t be
At the same time
Many find comfort in me
And many fear me
Many love me
Many hate me
Yet everyone seems to respect me
While I struggle so hard with self respect
I know our Lord is using me through my poetry
For this gift
I did not learn or earn
It struck me like a bolt of lightning in the night
At the age of 41
And my soul has been in poetic turmoil ever since
When I was nothing I was something
Now I’m something and I’m nothing
But a Poet
And I find great comfort in that

A special thanks to Jesse (Redman) Wasson
Who inspired me to write this poem in his 
Last letter to me. Please pray for him he is
fighting a three strikes case for his life.

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Live above Foeword balance ?3

Living below the low of slow roll
dyeing above the bow in fast sail
failNG front the sow is last paul
baylin flaps the lap si four call
wishin blips the cap tu tres papi
living clips the mam or thee ocho
caving snaps the wig or twig thee
oaring water the dig tu sing fall
winter sings the sun of life agua
cellin beans the lit pa wite bose
giving loves the kit su fite rite
spelin fours the pay if tres paso
quedes ledrs the foe is four tree
living lives the tea of fact free
tuGGin grass the Pep si ever mEEn
loving sings the SEA tu AMOR PaPa
bellow rings the til in THEE NOAN
writin green the man tu Over aGIN
pissin queen the tax me seen meAn
lackin picks the sax ol navy SEaL
cadets craps the SOY IN PLAY FOIL

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Hell Defined

Eventually, nothing is eventual,
not even a passion at it's height;
the colour blue may seem perpetual,
but, my sky's a persistant grey blight.
Where's this horizon I must look to?
It's impossible to percieve this time of night.
Where is faith that I might measure it, true?
I'll need new hands to divide my lonesome plight.

Loss is a viscous form of loneliness,
when found in the fullnes of flight;
the profound verging on holiness.
though, it's grip in hand's too slight.
A depth of divinity that's best crossed;
empty confessional, a dry communal rite.
Forget Caesar's due, such luck's best tossed;
all hope's abandonment upon first sight.

There is no Sara, no Beatrice, only you;
and this future, alone, fills me with fright.
Our time together, far too soon, took wing and flew;
I no longer yearn for tomorrow's sun to shine bright;
all I think of now, is how I watched from the pew,
and beheld such beauty, it would undo, even, God's might.
But, now, we've parted, I've forever lost sight of you,
and, as I sit by myself, my Hell's defined tonight.

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Someone to run to,
Whenever I fall.
Someone who loves me,
Knowing nothing at all.

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Though the crease begins to crumble
These old pages still run blue
Currents pulse beneath the surface
Pen-leaked ink that bled your truths
Pen-spun words that writhe like veins
Under skin and paper skies
Cold to touch, crept through your core
Settled clear in frozen eyes

So I’ll read you like a book
And I’ll write you pretty lies
Just to fill the empty space 
That’s revealed between the lines
Won’t you move a little closer?
Let it spill into your ear
The tide of breath that harboured
All the words you want to hear

Well I tried to kiss it better
Blood and bones to fuse the cleft
Bruised and broken, lips split open
From the effort, nothing’s left
So you say that I’m a sinner
Preach of hearts and ribs and fists
Well I may have made the plunge 
But you revelled in the twist

Now you’re tearing at your wounds
Sanctimonious with pain
Because it helps you ‘hear the music’
Yeah, it helps you play the game
If I pour a little salt
Will you smear it in your eyes?
Feel its grain twist round your lids
As you soliloquise

About the blame you tried to forge 
All the nights you wept and claimed
‘You can’t comprehend the world
Balanced firm between these blades’
No one told you it’s a lie 
And the story really goes
Constellations, superstitions
Are that Ancient’s only load

All the pretty rhymes and perfect crimes
You try to hide behind
Well they just serve to remind me
How you once spoke those old lines – 
‘Your tongue is as a rudder
Guiding vessels safe through storms
Moving mountains with inflections
Making ripples in reflections
Hollowed hull meets hallowed shores’

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You Are Jamming My Dreams

I wait crossly
To get picked up straightaway
I wait optimistically
To step into the murky bowels of my car

I can’t advance…
When you’re dragging me to your feet
I can’t progress…
When you’re motivating me to be incomplete

I wait at ease
To get a ride home
I wait with heaps of crotchetiness
To jam myself into the jumbled car

I can’t drive on…
When you’re creating traffic in my dreams
I can’t carry on as fast
When you’re taking your time on the freeway,
Though your obedience beams

You’re jamming my dreams, sweet dream catcher
You’re liveliness gleams…It’s not what it seems... (2)
It’s certainly not what it seems…
Blame it on my dreams!
You’re just a dream come true…
It’s nothing that popped out of the blue…
It’s not that surprising
If you only knew…
Oh, you don’t have a clue…
This infatuation is positively true!

I can’t move on…I can’t drive on… (2)
I can’t ride on the road to victory…
I can’t burst forth by dashing proudly
Until you hit the brakes and cease from
Jamming my exotic dreams

I can’t travel on… I can’t light up the sky…
I can’t dream on and on and on
I can’t drift on and on
I can’t…I can’t move on
I can’t… I can’t!
Until you inspire me to gleam!

(the whispers grow soundless)
I can’t drive on…
I can’t drive on…
I can’t drive on…
I can't...I can't...
I just can't,
Dear friend...

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Thanx for the Welcome

Hey, thanks a heavy bunch for the welcome
Hey, thanks a larger lot for the welcome

My heart is duly enthralled
My mind has been positively stirred

Two days ago I had a lot on my mind
Now ‘coz of y’all, here I exist in delight

Heaven must be missing quite a number of angels
For what I read on my screen can’t be wordings of ordinary mortals

For now I don’t need heaven
For I have found myself a haven full of the soup I need to get well

A brick at a time, each with purity and love in mind
I’m certain this shrine full of wonder will rise to shine

Such are the blessings of men and women of initiative
Offering poets like me and you the mortar to build our dreams into reality

My heart fills with gratitude, tonnes of it in advance
For the doors of opportunity I’m certain to unearth, in this shelter of dreams

The beginning might be a tad bit rocky
But please bear with me as I drift off my ecstasy to clarity, as consequential of this 
new discovery

I promise to soon find my bearings
And flow at ease like a new Lamborghini on these sleek streets of many dreams

In the meantime don’t mind if sometimes I blurt
For a new soup like this always tastes so sweet, makes one reveal what he was 
meant to keep

Thanks indeed for allowing me to be a part of you
Allow me to advertise to others that you and I on Poetry Soup too

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Nothing that I miss

I grew up on the right side
          Of the wrong side of the tracks
I hit the ground running
          With no thought of looking back
First I ran from town to town
          Then from pen to pen
Caught up in an endless game
          There is no way to win
Then on day while I was banging
          My head against the wall
I realized the only way to win
          Don’t play the game at all
Today that seems so long
          Though it was just the other day
That my beloved lab and I
          Had to go our separate ways
Some days when I’m alone
           I can hear it call
As every vein in my body
          Suddenly starts to crawl
My demons have been many
          As I walk with my ghost
Friends that I knew and loved
         Gave their lives to the host
As I look into the mirror
         At my tattoo brands
Reminders of the other day
          When I was a different man
On the right side of my chest
           Is my gangster patch
In the world of prison gangs
          B.C.G. is hard to match
A break off from the brotherhood
          It’s an assassin’s brand
And every time I look at it
          I wonder, “Am I forever damned”
I guess it’s neither hear nor there
          It simply is my past
And I beat it down everyday
         To make my future last
It’s all about “just one more day”
         One second at a time
As the battle rages on
         Up in this heart of mine
“Just one more day” has worked for me
         As I lace up my shoes
It’s been one thousand one hundred seventy one
         Since I last wore prison blues
The trials have been many
          It’s hard to conquer fate
When you do know it’s true
          Inside you do feel great
And about my crawling veins
         Just one thing to say
Once again I used my pen
         To write them away
I think now I’ll go inside
         Give my wife a kiss
Answer the question she ask of me
         Nothing of that life that I miss

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Hablando En Lenguas

Tengo tanto que darte,
Tengo tanto que decir,
Permitirme hablar,
Permitirme sentir.

Conozco mi corazón,
Aquí yace la verdad:
Mis lágrimas pintan
Mucho mas que amistad.

La tinta en mis venas
Escribirá como siento,
Las palabras por mi lengua
Mostrarán despues tiempo.

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I Always Knew

I always knew there was a person for me
I always knew that the person wouldn't just come 
I always knew it would take time
I always knew my life was damaged
I always knew my heart could talk but I wouldn't listen
I always knew I made a big mistake
I always knew there was no one to take his place 
I always knew that he loved me for me 
I always knew he was a good person
I always knew that the other boy wasn't really worth it
I always knew but I never stop to think

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Facing Reality

It's a hard pill to swallow knowing that something 
you worked and fought so hard for is just a lost cause 
and you can't put life on pause, all you can do is wonder
and think what a fool you are
now there's a handful of people who think they can change
who their significant other is or who they used to be 
love is blind and when you in love and want someone so bad
it's kind hard to see the light and everybody goes threw the b.s
but you try your best to make things right and you began to wonder 
he or she isn't even trying despite the fact how far y'all came 
they say their completely honest with but deep down you know their lying
and when you make time for them and they don't make time for you
tell me what do you do, what do you do when you think
every time you try to reach out to your mate the devils laughing in your face
and you finally realize all the time you spent trying to be the best man
she was never trying to be the best woman
you see you were looking for love but only found heartache in your left bosom
she was looking for a sex partner and thats whats real, but
behind this reflection in the mirror now after adding your relationship
up from it's ups and downs it get to be and seem so much clearer
she could never be the woman who you see yourself marrying
fact of the matter is she's just the woman with your child she's carrying
and the signs were there in the beginning that she was swimming in lust
and ashes to ashes dust to dust thats what the end of this relationship 
was made up of, a relationship that never should have started 
and now all you're left with is a broken heart thats dearly departed 
and a mind thats critically injured and all you can say is, its my fault
sometimes we have faith in something thats nothing
something thats not there, one living in despair and another 
just too in love to admit that despite of what her lifestyle has
always been like he's always forgive and forget, but in the end 
it was his heart that was gonna be a homicidal casualty, but 
thats just life I suppose and I'm just facing reality

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Loud As Empires

With regardless grace,
The dawn succeeds.
We, the midnight revolutionaries,
Are as loud as empires
In the calling black.

The day comes. Our words refuse her.

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See .

When everything has gone dark,
That I'll be your light,
My feet planted firm on this ground,
Know I will always be around,
when things get tough,
I'm not a quitter and I don't give up,
Love through and through,
Mine will never come to hurt you.

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The Shimmering Rose

(free Verse)

My soul and his are binded by ageless 
And borderless miles of dreams, floating 
Inside my mind by centuries of unfulfilled 
And caressed wishes still shimmering in waters of blue. 

I still belonged to this earth,unbounded with dreams 
Wrapped up in coils of graphite and gold. 
Dispersing all kind of wishes to dreamers with 
Dreams from early love visions,and kingdoms untold, 

As disguises his face for me not to see, who's 
Behind the mask, as he's meant to wander untied, and 
Carefree,to all those vast and green hills,that I see down 
Below,and as a butterfly myself, boundles I go happy running to him. 

As he beckons me with his hynotizing and forceful stare, 
To which only in dreams I could have had ever conceived, 
As he kisses my lips so sweet and offers me to come to him, 
In death, sadly I had to decline, also with tears in my eyes. 

Because I still belonged here, bonded so much to the earth,boundless 
But still, tied and sewn to this mortal body, by fragile threads...of gold 

© Dorian Petersen Potter 
Aka ladydp2000 


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My positive EX's

     The two EX's in my life
                           and if I split each word
                                  it allows me a new insight...

                                             Essence of life
                                             Meant to enjoy......

                                                                          Let love be your voyage.......

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Poetry Soup

This is where I come to bleed.
Where I leave my heart for you to read.
So many things in my heart to grieve.
But only one place it can come to relieve.

It's where my friends I've never met,
Yet, in their minds, my feelings I set.
You relate my fears. You see my love,
Even for that of my God high above.
I speak to you of the one I hold dear.
Whenever, for her, I'm shedding a tear.

Poetry and song in the world we fill,
Leaving it with an insurmountable bill.
Though in money and riches we do not bask,
A little of your time is all I ask.
Poetry soup is what soothes my soul.
It makes even the broken feel once again whole.

I write when I'm joyful. I write when I'm lost.
I write when the world has me beaten and tossed.
It's a medicine so potent we cannot perceive.
They're words that can make weak humans believe.

So to you the readers I am ever indebted.
It's a friendship I have not ever regretted.

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Sit and think.

  I sit  and think of what to write,
  some times I sit  all night.
  The words some times flow,
   other times it's no go.
   I have many chapters in my life,
  they are in my memory where they belong,
 there they can do no wrong.
 Sometimes I let them free,
 that's my poetry.
 Of the times I  have fallen in love,
  when I was floating above.
 Of my collage days when partying,
  was all the rage.
 What ever the event many a happy,
 time was spent.
 Now I'm older, married,
  father of three,
  I still reminisce in my poetry.



Details | Romanticism | |


for harvest-
metaphors of

Inspired by Song Of Songs 8:12 and 6:3

Details | Rhyme | |


Whenever all is quiet and still
and my mind is free from all distractions and stress,
I then put pen to paper as my thoughts flow on like a fountain
endlessly and beautifully.
I am able to place all of my deepest, darkest secrets onto the paper
with just the wonderful magic of the pen,
I am able to place all of my darkest fears and worries onto the paper
with just the wonderful magic of the pen.
Whenever I write everything from deep within
my very soul seems to just come alive!
Each and every word just gracefuly and freely leaps from my brain.
I am lost and comfortable  whenever I write
I am free and am able to just be ME.

Details | Concrete | |

The Dot, In Small I

                                       Ok            Is  
                                       It’s          Me 

                                  O, that’s what I am
                                  Small, less famed
                                  Yet, I stand proud
                                  Among your crowd
                                  I, too, have an aim
                                  Even though I came
                                  Yes, from the land
                                  Where all must run
                                  To the field of tare
                                  Ere storms share
                                  Us, their madness
                                  Our great sadness
                                  Still, I have a price
                                  I also have my vice
                                  Though, life is less
                                  For me, I am bless 
                                  Though, I am a dot
                                  But I am not a nut
                                  O, true, without me
                                  Like dot, there’ll be
                                  No. a small letter I
                                  Or big you, my pie

Details | Idyll (Idyl) | |


We, in the heart of midnight, connected, 
Charged by electronic parables spun 
Through cables and channels of fragile fibre, 
Close-knit and ambitious to be as one. 

The amethyst drape of coffee shadows, 
Heliotrope hands of praying faith 
Gathered me in and held me close, 
An avid, emotional, passionate wraith. 

Devoted, bedazzled I anticipated 
Words that hypnotically burn and entrance, 
Wings of a dove in the lavender sky, 
Soft falling rain from clouds of romance. 

I, in the heart of midnight, concluded 
Placid in peaceful superlative schemes, 
My love is the saviour of hope and salvation, 
Guardian of idylls, the keeper of dreams.

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do you lie?

is not always 
a lie
‘though the word remains a lie.

ah, believe 
my dear!

i love you! yo ti amo!
je t’aime! s’agapo!
ya tivya luvlyou! yah habibe!
ay-ayaten ka! mahal kita! 

in whatever tongue 
you hear me say, it’s all the same 
and I would not take away 
that smile, from you.

you are the half 
that lights me in this life, the 
diamond shines, forever—

without lies!

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You Bet!

You bet!
My Heidie poet friend....
A winning streak, I'm on,
Hot as a $2 pistol...
Sun's rising,
It's dawn....
You join the community,
Of endless talent and love,
A charmed life I'm living,
Experiencing all this warm giving....
So thank you, dear Heide,
Trust I do love you too,
Now it's time for 'ol Tom...
To get back in that Old Lady's shoe!

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Breaking The Pen

You may break the pen, but not my love…for poetry

Details | Quatrain | |

The Empty Cup

First time since I took pen in hand
I do question why
Does any of help in any way at all?
Just smoke in the sky

I try to pour all of myself out
Emptying my cup
Just a tired old bag of bones
Inside I’m a pup

Many of you are now my friends
As I seek the truth
I have dealt with all my pain
Back to my youth

I live my life inside of a shell
I am breaking free
By the lessons I have learned
I only wish to see

How to offer you other folk
Things that I know
Kind of like that old farmer
Reaping what I sow

I never look in my cup
Empty or its full
Either way that it turns out
Writing is my tool

I do love you all I hope that
it shows, for this love is real.

Details | Haiku | |


deep within her gaze
silent invitations lie~
helplessly I rise

Details | Free verse | |

Reading Reid

Thirty-two imperfect kisses march out across the very first page of a scattering 
Of another lover's love letters.
A book which, read cover to well-loved cover in an hour or so, 
Contains unimaginable sadness and unabridged despair,
But undeniable love, too, much like our own.

My Love, my bones, which are yours now, ache to read of such loss...
And I hope it's never us.
And, in avoiding pain, mirror love, and grow love, and keep love.
With you as my well-loved cover, you as each fragile page and printed line,
When thirty-two imperfect kisses perfect our life in literature.

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The book the wizard wrote part three

find the messenger and shoot
she smiles and looks art me and says
you don’t know do you?

plant the seed to take care of number one first
censor defaults of sentiments left to chance
head east head west head north head south
It makes me blind s
Save some time and ask may I go
It might save some time
Just wake up 
I feel like nothing
Nothing at all
I cant take it no more
BY E BYE baby

in the morning and know you’re doing right
Slide slide slide
May I go
Ask yourself
Chant for the ending but ask where do I start?
Would I crumble
Up or down the stairs
I’m oblivious
Such a stupid riddle

And out the door

Right or left? 
blind man leading the blind its gonna be something else 

I will survive
and in this world where I lead this brainwashed believer into the realm 
where the sucker patrol saw him coming 

Dear Jesus
Right tight left Lucy
Whispered Mary

What you’re doin to me!
I think the lambs of god are dieing
And the words that lingered slipped and fell

Because you wont believe a word I say!
So what is it like for you she asked
As long as I know how to love oh go on now walk out the door

we'll all predict his surrounding and his reality have prayers of virtues and 
poisons to discover our own brave and cowardice selves 

but the clincher is this 
every family has this book
I don’t want to miss you baby 
and the last page reveals another hidden truth sparkling
shining tired defeated 
another layer of this perfected riddle of missing layers 
and oxymorons  
stay I go

if I go I stay
If I stay I go
Coast to coast
Smooth smooth smooth
Coast to coast
My operator

Nothing at all

Coast to coast key largo
Nothing at all
Lover Boy we’re face to face
With this champagne
Shadowboxing the double crossed

around the block and method to the madness totally beaten of every 
alliteration ,made easy to hurt
this major puzzle 
is a conspiracy fast love poem and its slow masterpiece of every easy families 
hurting creation 

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In A Room

I penned-
a poem, 
where I slumped 

my mind 
in a book, 

the return 
of my gaze
as I listen 

to the gasping
of a night-
that never complains

Details | I do not know? | |

Would it bother you to know?

Would it bother you to know?
That I write about you everyday
About angsty feelings that I wont let go
About things I’d never be brave enough to say
Would it bother you to know?
That I have books filled with prose
Ones that are so filled with emotions they glow.
Like a giant emotional buffet.
Would it bother you to know?
That you unknowingly toss my heart around like a football play.
And my emotions painted out are like a Vincent Van Gogh.
That you make my eyes light up like a Texas independence day.
Would it bother you to know?

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Nosce Te Ipsum

I am
more than
my words
I am flesh
these tears
proof of a
wanting heart
who holds you
in the deepest black
if not the soul
that flows
from this pen
if not the woman
who folds
this paper carefully
so as not to disrupt
an imperfect thought
I would have you
hold me, but
you are not here
as often
as I

Details | Narrative | |

South Rim North Face

I'm going to get a new subject
or an old one back.
All my poems are about him anyway,
And my poetry group might like to 
see something light out of me.
So maybe we could fall in love again.
We could descend together once more into
the canyon from the south rim,
deceptively easy and peaceful on the descent,
the return trip much, much the more difficult.
You could tell me again of your 
adventure that summer when your
friend slipped and you saved his
life with a twig and a prayer.
And we could drive again over the Rockies,
My stomach rising with the altitude
until it is at my throat at 14,000 cold 
feet in August, glaciers of black ice,
never thawed in thousands of years
contrast with our rented Ford Taurus.
In that place time changes nothing.
Down below, the only thing certain is change.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Love hurts

When I hurt,you hurt, damn this cruel world that doesn't know whether to let love be or 
die; my heart yearns to be loved but my insecurities begin to get in the way I refuse to 
be the one feeling my emotions are void. How do I love someone who only makes me feel 
like I'm the only one who cares, I feel only as if I've loved myself? I don't wanna be 
alone but I don't want my heart to be played around with like a play on words to make me 
believe a LIE! I shed my emotions like the the rain pours, heavily then lightens up and 
again begins back at a steady flow. Make up your mind why did it have to be so true that 
love is blind, hidden away in the darkness who only know if I'm being lead in the right 

Details | Ballad | |

It's ashame

Where will love take me but up a hill and then back down one, yet this sounds so familar,
like a rollercoaster ride its playing with my emotions. It funny how you can  say things
so sweet and pretend like you mean them to make me feel so good but all you was really
doing for me teaching how stupid I am to fall in love and how you can do me any kind of
way and I not realize what your doing. So quick to believe in love to give my heart to you
but you think this is some kind of game; a trophy to be tossed any type of way and when I
tarnish you have no use for me. The cruelty of the world I have no control over I cry
before I take the time to understand I have to move on; withholding any love I have left
to give I am insecure, refusing to truly try again.

Details | Prose Poetry | |


you where to hold my hand
and look at me, my heart might 
skip. I would look away, say 
“The sky is lovely.” Yet there
are clouds covering the sky,
like I cloud my words meanings, for
in truth, I don’t think anything of the sky,
nor trees, nor flowers when I’m 
with you. Only you. Therefore, I think 
I need you, and like the 
infamous poets before me, I will
attempt to immortalize you in lines,
and woo you with verse. If that should, however, 
fail, I lose you to the wind, and men 
yet to come, and without 
you, I’ll be of the trees Orpheus 
sings to, with somber branches and
lost leaves. I will talk and write of your
eyes, an electric, endless brown.
Of your voice, drifting in 
the air and stopping at nothing
to please. Of your figure and grace,
destroying wills of men like the Sirens song,
yet thicker and more potent,
lingering like cigar smoke in the air. 
Eventually, yes, my mind will move on,
but frozen in time would be my
emotions for you in these lines, 
and if ever you need to feel loved, 
you need only read.

If it where to work though, the
story takes a different path, which is 
one I leave to your imagination. 
An obscurity found in most love 
stories. ‘They lived happily ever after,’  
would, could, be us, where you to
dip your fingers (what gentle, 
beautiful fingers), into the well 
of my palm.

The choice then is yours then,   
my lovely R------, what’ll it be?

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Domestic Violence

Abusive and know it's not right but you refuse to believe it is not your fault, 
you stay with him when he has beat you worst than a treat you less than a 
human; do you not realize it matters to your child and do you not see if you 
do not get away the cycle of violence will continue? Bitter hatred towards you 
he take out because he left his anger ball up, death soon will be your friend. 
I don't see how you can stay and you know he has become a threat to you and your 
child, no one knows but and the abuser; will you be happy when you are a morgue 
will you never realize what type of affect it will cause?

Details | Narrative | |

courting via match dot com you winked at me....I winked back......!

Like your art work........very cool. Love to paint and draw myself....although have 
been on a self imposed sabatical for the past year.........any interest?

there is something
that I would like to compose,
It shares with me, a secret
under velvetpurple robes,

It wells in me, this creation
stirring in the sink,
in counterclockwise motion
an oval skating rink,

an ovulation station
with a cerebral population,
eye connect with U
intrepidation stew!
peas be with you. 

what more,

and how can I do

what has been supplanted in - 

side my prim - 

oridial mind?

how can I dream of 

silver plates

and dinner dates

when given

only words,
and only words to display

the curiousity and apprehension

that I feel today... what are you trying to say? Not the toilet...........what? 
Secret job no secret......starting a biz...don't want to explain to everyone on 

I pull ropes of a circus
and tie them down with oars
like the email 
I sent.

Really don't hold know -
jumping off
to college...

where is mercy bred?

in the heart

or in the head?! 

You are making my brain hurt...........kind of scary,
I am not asking to marry!
I am a poet and didn't even know it.....that is why I have my poetic license....( Went 
to whittier college in Ca. we were the poets)
Not a good writer..........painting/drawing is my thing....whatever!
sometimes I have trouble NOT writing poetry - 
I feel it is a curse 
at times.
 I don't mean to make yr url erl, oil. 
I mean brain hurt, 
but will put it to you this way 
in short 
of being curt - 
tailed by any subject, incident, or allowance 
(I can not be seriously on the level - 
it throws off my balance) 
countercontemparary shelves in libraries
 is my brainsize, 
full of amicable Shakespearian 
salt shaker over the shoulder values. 
So, brain again on the snide?
 Call me back, or run and hide. 

 Quite the puzzle..........please tell me you don't speak only in poetry........that would 
just make it really difficult.....Not a big Jack Kerouac fan......Jackson 


Details | Verse | |

How is enough

It must be asked how we ended up here.  
For this place is perilous and wondrous and necessary.
Who has brought us here? 
Our own self deliverance? 
Our own self loathing? 

But I believe our way out is still the way in

"How" is the only justification
The only "reason"
The only "why"
This "how" embodies the soul.

Remember the soul?

This "how" embodies the very essence of all
For it is my belief that this "how" embraces the necessary as well as the unnecessary
I embrace the me that should be cast away. 
I have held (cradled) the part of me that does me harm and promises the false….

No more

I lovingly hold that part dear and let it fade. 
It must be and it shall.
I must be more 
but no more than that.

Details | Lyric | |

Three Little Words

I know those three little words
that you want to hear

I know those three little words
when I see a tear

I know those three little words
after we had a fight

I know those three little words
to say when I come home at night

I know those three little words
that you want me to say to you

I know those three little words
they are, "I love you"

Details | Rhyme | |


Oh my friend you sing tonight
to some soul have brought delight
some empty night you may have filled
with happiness the world has killed
to entertain you've taken part
and hoped to lift a heavy heart
but if you hope their heart to lift
priceless truth the only gift
Master musician a story you tell
understanding lies within your spell
weaving the listening upon the ears
the sorrow of their own life's fears
You know not all is as it seems
the world imparts it's own dreams
into your well you have dipped
upon it's wine have listeners sipped
music vibrates it's chords upon the soul
can tear it apart or help make whole
the message that you choose to give
can impart death or light to live
Commune with God upon your bed
the tenderness of love don't leave unsaid
with seduction to gain worldly treasure
and lure mankind to lesser creature
Things you hold within your hands
with instruments tones and word understands
a piper who leads minds on a passage
what should be the call of the message
With the song of the Bard is God concerned
where it leads and what teaching is learned
harken to you do the children of youth
be careful to impart only the truth
source "The pied Piper"
COPYRIGHT © 2098 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Untitled #72 / Curious soul

Ah! Curious soul! Do you really believe
you are reading ink on paper? Nay!
Nay! It is blood spilled from a broken heart!
Turn away, my friend, for my soul is wretched!

Details | Romanticism | |

Milk and Cookies

Batman had Robin,
Abbott had his Lou,
Harvey had his rabbit,
Just as I have you

Like milk and cookies
Naturals together since times of yore
And our President Bill Clinton
Had his friend Al Gore

Like Peace and War
Tolstoy's famous book
And magazines so alike
Like "Life" had it's "Look"

I walk in nirvana
Unsure if this is true
And you can count on
A love forever for you

Details | Free verse | |

Always & Never

She wants me, she wants me not
in her eyes as far as a man 
I'm the cream of the crop
her beauty is astounding 
her voice makes me feel 
like I'm drowning in passion
I feel the whiplash of her intimate kisses
she's everything I prayed for in a woman
she's exactly what I been missing 
she makes me believe I been fishing 
on the wrong side, in her eyes 
she see's our future in mines
and she's so dedicated, so into me
we've already in love with each other 
so the vision of our wedding day 
bleeds thru our hearts vividly
she loves me, she hates me not
so I'm in love with her 
staying by her side forever

Details | Acrostic | |


Crazy life crowded with pain
Loving and leaving not ever again
On the run from feelings and winning the race
Suddenly you're there.. invading my space
Echos of laughter as close as can be
  ~ as love everlasting closes in upon me

Details | Romanticism | |

I sought after...

I sought after the ocean waves, their beauty glistened in the moonlight, 
I raced the ever changing tide, beneath the eyes of twilight. 
I kissed the vermillion rose petals, like rubies in the sand, But nothing that I chased, compared to the touch of your hand. 
I ran to catch the fading rain, as it fell into the sea, 
I pushed my toes beneath the sand, willingit to love me. 
I glimpsed a shooting star, that shattered the sky above, 
But nothing that I found, replaced the beauty of your love. 
I chased the first light of dawn, as it stretched across the sky, 
Crashing into midnight, as the stars began to die.

Details | Couplet | |

The Most Beautiful People

Sometimes we write in a certain way
That’s the style God choose that day

I pick no subject I just start to write
I just simply rely on my inner-sight

I truly feel pretty good on this day
It’s all just a frame of mind they say

I headed out back so I could mow
Busted and disgusted, wife said no

I hurt all the time the drop of a dime
Pain will always be a friend of mine

Pain is the only one I had for years
So much pain full of so many tears

Love on the inside, pain on the out
It last day after day without a doubt

I’m not quite sure where this will lead
As I eat all the pain and plant the seed

Love planting them, then watching them grow
Into the most beautiful people I could ever know

One of the most beautiful, check this out
Tag Chris Higgins, what this poems about

I'm pretty sure by now we all know just how 
special Christopher Higgins is to our mixture
of perfect homegrown soup,  Bro I love you
                                     God Bless, MJ

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Love You in These Blues

Eye-socketed light bulb spirit window
Glint obsidian entering
Rolling reeling mind
Stop looking at me

Scraping nails skin warm sweat
Lithe seduction pressing
Revealing ring thing
Stop dancing with me

And can I
Can I
Can I

Can I love you in these blues

Tones chord piano tongue Bose
Metallic symphony driving
Maddening weeping strings
Stop listening to me

And will I
Will I
Will I

Will I love you in these blues

May I love you in these blues?

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My Poetry

Once poetry was just a hobby,
Then I grew to love it,
My poetry is dark,
And sad and angry,
But I never feel happy enough to write anything else.

My poetry is my feeling in words,
Expressed in a non-harmful way,
I write about love and passion,
But nothing stupid at all,
Because my poetry is real,
And I’m not stupid.

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Snow and Silence - For Ellie

Shine a candle in the shadows
break the glow stick green
Conquer those New England days
You know what I mean
Tree limbs tapping at the window
frost on rivulets grey
Open up the blinds and melt them
into words you've yet to say
Soak in bubbles brought to boiling
swirled in steam and sleep
Break the silence with emotion
I am yours to keep.

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Blank Page

You mock me with one blinking eye,
that never ceases, never stops, never relents.
Berating me with it's ease of place
in stead of my lack of flow.
Words like iron, like bark or sap,
existing somewhere outside of my view;
alive in someone else's woods.
My forest is bleak, unyielding.
It offers no shelter, its fruit has no taste.
A skeletal wasteland that I once picked clean.

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It's Valentine's day but I have no Valentine.
I hope that your love life is better than mine.
Tell your Valentine how much she means to you, it will come in handy.
Show her how much you care by buying her some candy.
I sit here alone as I count the hours.
Go kiss your Valentine and give her some flowers.

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Totally peaceful~ a picnic in the park.
Restful~  relaxing~ fishing~ riverside.
Amazing~ building castles~ at oceans edge.
No strife ~ no stress~ cloud watching.
Quiet and calming~ a  misty midnight walk.
Untroubled ~ unusual~ under the moss draped oaks.
Idyllic ~ impressive~ stars on a black velvet sky.
Longed for~ nature's music~ lovers hand in hand.

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of beauty,
enhancing my
and poems,
and love from my
and postings
from friends on this
enhancing my

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The pleasure to speak is my lost privilege,
And now insanity dwells on a page,
However, it's changing the color in days,
Revealing the truth my white pencil portrays.

But I'm getting sick of the poetess' fate,
I only enliven the worlds your create,
Denying the myths you don't want to believe,
Or perpetuate every side of my grief.

Today it's triangular, soon to be square,
Or even linear, in case you are there,
You skillfully play with my changeable mood,
I'd steal such a talent from you if I could.

I paint the reality, live in a dream,
Duality kills me, I just want to scream,
I'll find the salvation when holding you close
I'll speak of my feelings and keep them in prose.

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When I Die

When I Die
Let the angels sing
Let the sunshine turn into rain

When I Die
Don't shed a tear
I shall be in the 
heavens above

When I Die
Meet me there
Its the beautiful place
that you'll see called Heaven

When I Die 
Nothing will do me no harm
The bad days are gone by
No more weeping eyes
No more mistakes 
No more going through
the pain that ache me

When I Die
God has set my soul free
Now I am free
My life will never be the same
my soul had gotten weak, wasn't able to move

When I Die
Now I will be able to live the perfect life
I always wanted to live
Now here is the peace
for me where I lay my weaken body

When I Die
My eyes will be close 
But never forgetting who I was 
Where I came from
Never forgetting the loved ones 
Family, friends, and enemies
No matter who you were
I still loved you
Nver forgetting who you are

When I Die
As each day passes by
surely I'll miss you 
Maybe you'll miss me too
Don't always come teary eyed
Remember who you are
And the special things that God will have for you

When I Die
Now I will become a beautiful angel
Pray for you above
each and everyday

When I Die
I will be waiting on you
In that special place above
where its called Heaven

When I Die
When I Die

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A Different Word For Everything

She said,
once fed,
she was falling in love with me.
What's that?
Tire flat?
Should've looked for a dictionary.
"Me too!",
no clue,
speaking as a meadow-lark sung.
Too fast,
long past,
like I was using a foreign tongue.
Who? What?
Quick swat,
I still live in fear of a bee sting.
"Not bad,
it's sad."
A re-sounding ornamental ring.
Can't say.
What could he know about this Hell?
"Shush you.",
sung blue;
"Movie!" in a firehouse, best not to yell.
No fuss,
spoke thus,
her royal "We", her Queen over King.
"I'm cold.",
she told,
she had a different word for everything...
                                             for everything.

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When you get there
Say my name then
For in second, I'm in your hand

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Love is for poets

Love is for poets
Bleeding on crystal blue days
Red words of bound pain

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ee Thought #1

how can I write of love

                  when I know it not

     the want          


                        lack of





                   and I are

                             childhood friends


I have yet to experience



n      envious

o                      prideful

t                                  self-seeking



                                            in its truest sense


people wonder

            why I write

                        about spiders

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horrible Dream

Deep down in my soul,
Im taken by fright,
Too scared to be here,
but Im just too polite.

I woke in a horrible dream,
It made me toss and turn,
I woke to scared to be seen,
It's a shame, I feel like Im burned

True love or true lust,
paranoia too,
I thought that I could trust,
You and only you.

I woke in a horrible dream,
Its was so real
I hope that in this dream
That eventually I will heal.

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Weight of Charm

O Poetry--- 
The sensual,
The beauty,

Ahh, the weight of charm in your lips
Is metered
...And criticized, yet still melts sweetly 
In my soul!  

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342 A Poet Is Born, Not Made

Poeta nascitur non fit.
Not everyone can hear the words
Bringing forth the beauty in life and meaning
Giving value to substance
Each story a new beginning, a new ending.
   Poeta nascitur non fit.
The soul of love will cherish nature
Seeing the scintillation from within the waterfall
Give the will of hope unto anothers broken heart
And will give voice unto the emotion of a tear drop.
   Poeta nascitur non fit.
A poet will not rise from the enrichment of monetary value
That would be absurd, an unnatural juxtaposition
A poet will not spring forth from strife nor human deficiency
Poetry does not stem from a mere saddened emotion.
   Poeta nascitur non fit.
Poetry is in the soul and blossoms forthright
A poet sees life in its truest reality
The poet can see though the stench of government
And the conformity of all society.
   Poeta nascitur non fit.
A rose not from a seed is a mere impression of affection
Much as, a poet learned can write the script
Yet only from the seed can truest love be known
Poeta nascitur non fit.
By: Darren J. McMurray
       January 4, 2011

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the reasons why i cry

Love is like my enemy instead of being for me heartache know
my life too well, why bother what the hell; lowered to less
than anything but a person life is a curiosity that you
begin to wonder is it really worth living for? degraded,
misunderstood, emotionally abuse by the hatefully lies
people put on me. Trying to stay strong through it all but
it get hard sometimes, sometimes you envy the life somebody
else has even though their may be no better than your own,
for that moment all you see is the self-respect others are
giving them and you wonder what is wrong with you and begin
to judge yourself as less than perfect. So much your going
through and people really have NO clue what you've gotten
through and what you ain't through yet; patience is a virtue
and two time the lover of your own love, told lies to and
cheated on how do you trust anyone now? so much stuff to
tell but so little words to say them in as you run low on
words to express yourself... one day. I can't make you
understand me nor can I make you listen but wear my shoes
and walk the mile in them too and you'll get a very rude
awaking to the reasons why I cry.

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E ncrusted amidst sensation,
L ust, and temptation,
U rged towards frustration,
S uddenly back to elation,
I ntangible desperation, hence
V eneering mystification...
E nticing words of vocation,

                                         Pen with motivation…
                                         Pen with relaxation…

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Intimate Strangers

Everyday about the same time
We'd pass each other on the street,
staring deep into the others eyes
day dreaming of a way to meet...
Would we tell one another lies
because most mistakes are made in haste
but our vows are the compromise
that keep our wedding rings in place...
making love in each others minds
the thought of it makes time stand still
our shoulders brush and at the same time
I breathe in deep to take my fill...
could you and I lead a secret life
or maybe we could just be friends
but today I think I will just say hi
and tomorrow we'll make love again...

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What's My Type

What's my type? Now there's a good question that 
I'm sure a lot of women wanna know so, let's 
get right into it. I'm a man of God seeking 
companionship so, I like to take it slow. ya know 
everyone has there story to tell and mines... 
no need to go into details but when you 
get something or someone for wholesale 
don't sell it retail....If you're a woman that's
as hard as nails please pass me by...I'm 
old school as far as love so I'm highly attracted
to feminine women who dress nice classy
attire, passionate, sensual, good communication
and someone who hates liars. A woman who's 
virtuous in God's eyes on fire for him that woman 
who's sanctified because she loves righteousness
and hates sin this woman has to be mindful that
it's best to wait to we're married because we 
know it hurts God when we fornicate unto him
what's my type?

The "wifey type" to me is some relationship title for worldly
people but me...I see beyond that peep hole
I'm a king so in the kingdom that I stand for
I desire my mesmerizing queen
I'm in need of a woman who loves to kiss 
not pressed over me but is in need of what I 
have to offer like her this love I got is her next fix
I'm a fan of women that know how to dress 
a woman who looks at me 
with such promise because all her life I've 
been exactly what she's been wanting to feel
and that's real, and If you're one 
who don't know the difference between black people...
black males in particular and niggas....pass me by I'm not
your type of guy, but the question remains
what's my type?

My type isn't physical features but If you have to change
your lifestyle for me get away from me yeah I beseech ya
I'm on fire for God naw better yet I'm full blown ether
and If you're this woman "spiritually" we might not 
be right for a relationship but hey you're a friend 
of God so yeah I wanna met ya. I need a woman
who loves to express herself down to earth 
honesty & trust is the key and I'm the door If you're...
seeking knowledge wisdom & understanding I might
be what you're looking for, I'm a gentlemen in 
every sense of the word whether you hate it or love it
I don't really call this "my type" of woman 
because she's mine I'm hers she has a place for
me right in her left bosom so....forget my type
because that is her whom which I was promised 
so let it come to pass....what's in the dark always come to light

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Antoher Day

I wanna tell you I love you,
But I don’t know what to say.
I better think of something soon,
Because I might not have another day.

Maybe I’ll just tell you I love you,
But I’m afraid of what you’ll say.
I better say something,
If I don’t then I’ll never know what you would’ve said.

Maybe I’ll write you a note,
Just telling you how I feel.
But when I tell you,
I’m going to try and keep it real.

But now, as I sit here,
I’m thinking of what to say.
I better think of something soon,
Because I might not have another day.

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Antique Store Find

A wall of printer's blocks, in rows, in ink, in metal, wood
Jumbled letters, thoughts exploded, chaos in unsteady line's eyes
with dusty vacancy slots formerly spelling: "I love you".

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My Love

Poetry is the way to get out your innermost feelings.
Poetry is the way to say your love sends me reeling.
Poetry is my life.

Poetry is the smiles or frowns you would get in a letter.
Poetry is the way I say bless you and get better.
Poetry is my home.

Poetry is how to get out of the world you live in.
Poetry is the way to make the sadness stop and the happiness begin.
Poetry is my heart.

Poetry is how I tell you what I've been through.
Poetry is how I say what I'm doing, too.
Poetry is my word.

Poetry is if I said, "Will you love me tomorrow?"
Poetry is how I wish there will be no more sorrow.
Poetry is my hope.

Poetry is getting my soul out.
Poetry is how I tell you what I'm all about.
Poetry is my inspiration.

Poetry is all my tress, walls, loves. My surroundings.
Poetry is rewards, privileges, even groundings.
Poetry is my world.

Poetry is sweet to my eyes and ears.
Poetry is truly lovely to see and hear.
Poetry is my music.

Poetry is no longer living with regret.
Poery is moving on, something I will never get.
Poetry is my second chance.

Poetry is all the happy places I've been.
Poetry is overcoming and loving you again. 
Poetry is my passion.

Poetry is simply my way of living.
Poetry is words in an order that have helped from the beginning.

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To Paint You

I can paint
You, in black 
And white
While the sky curls 

Your hair, with care
As swaying
Green of spring
In the garden

Between orb and rain
In rivalry

Yet, I chose
To paint you, with
Lush of 
My words


for poet Ernilando Tugaff

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the day you broke my heart

i wondered why 
i was smotherd 
with pain 
when you left 
a cloud 
hovered over in
being breach 
in insult 
afaid of being
when it poured rain 

like everlasting
water from 
the mount everest
the day you broke 
my heart 
was the best 
day of my life
even though

i struggled 
and suffered to
gain pulse
swearing you was heaven sent
i came to find my 
stronger and tougher
as each day closed
the day you broke my heart

you blosom a rose
i found my 
soul lover.
now i can live 
like the person 
i'am mister soul brother
with soul

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Till My Last Breath

Till my last breath I promise to love you
dedicate myself to you as long as it's 50/50
and as long as your still with me 
I make this promise to be there for you unconditionally
and I ask that you'd be there for me 
whether bad or good times, and 
time is money so despite all of the 
wining, and dining, you gotta admit
that me and you together, thats perfect timing 
and the thought of us together forever is everlasting
and like I told you if I ever lost you it would be more
than saddening, it almost feels virtual but I ain't laser tagging 
and I know what I have or how I got you 
most would call it my swagger
but you would just say yeah thats my baby
so till my last breath I promise to stay dedicated
trust & believe GOD is the only one who could
make me or break me, but you... only a good woman 
can stand by a good man, and united we stand and this ain't on
no Democratic, republican, Politican shhh!! 
I'm a cancer it's no secret I fell in love wit you
kinda quick but all I can say is, or what I call this 
is just being love sick

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Why I Love You

It's no secret behind it
my feelings for you I mean
and God couldn't have sent 
a more perfect woman for me I swear
and love was in the air
before I ever noticed it 
before I ever noticed you
as far as love with another woman,
I didn't know what I was gonna do
but now... it's so crucial, so neutral
I found a woman so emotional, 
so sensual and... That's Why I Love You.

I felt is so deep in my soul
this is the type of love 
I just gotta keep on hold
I'm feeling like a concrete rose
that withered away with the
changing of the seasons
because now I realize why I went
threw what so much with other females
there's no more temptation
because you are the reason.

Three years of waiting,
my angel has finally come to pass
I love you, I want you, I need you
yea I see you, I close my eyes and
your smile is all I vision
me and you together for eternity
Lord Willing, you inspire me to never
stop writing what I've already written.

You're honest, respectful, affectionate,
Godly, virtuous, dedicated, and I love 
how your so impatient when it comes to me
I thank God that he sent you to me
and at my darkest moment four days 
before the new year he blessed me 
with your presence, and I don't care
about where we are, as long as we're 
together we can make the setting
and true people may wonder 
how could we love each other 
and just met, but honestly they
really don't have a clue.

You're my everything 
and baby "That's Why I Love You"

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The Crystal Slipper

I've been preserving a Crystal Slipper warmed only by the thoughts in my heart. I'm like the 
King of hearts, patiently waiting for his Queen of hearts... So here I reach with words which 
only she will understand. I long to feel again, the simple pleasures of watching my lady's 
smile, as I hand her a single rose. enjoy random candle lid dinners, while I watch with 
adoring pleasure the light of the candles enhances the sparkle in her eyes, feeling my warm 
Latin blood, pulsing through my veins, waiting with anticipation, as I hold her precious hand, 
to share each others lips, in a loving, suckling desert of passion and desire... Even though, I 
know, every woman holds a beauty deep within her, My Queen will always know how 
especially unique her beauty truly is to me. I've always believed that if a man actually 
stopped and looked at the beauty of a woman's heart, it would be so hard not to smile, but if 
allowed to touch, taste and breathes her in, he would want to protect her, and be hers 
forever. Here's a poem I always liked. It's directed to the one who feels I've been warming 
her Crystal Slipper... "If when I die, I have the choice to reclaim my life as anything, I'd 
choose to be one of your tears. How could any man want anything less Than to be conceived 
in your heart, Born in your eyes, Fall, caressing your warm cheeks, To finally rest, and die, 
on your lips..."
What a beautiful gift God's placed on earth, when he unselfishly created you... Like a rose in 
bloom, a woman can seem the same ... Mysterious but oh so lovely when unfolded with a 

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Mobile In Memories

My phone’s a funny statue now,
A frieze, antique, a relic,
Who’s arrogant in silence,
Probably enjoying the respite,
Released from my hand.

It’s speechless and it’s faceless,
No usual miniature letter arrives and illuminates,
So it’s solid, quiet, and unusually untouched.

So I search for words elsewhere, 
In the only other world I trust.
It works for a while, Mayer’s almost been read,
But then, on the page, a film clip begins,
Clattering and spotted,
Of a November coach and the back of your head
Which turns, and I’m fixed, as you look
Not at, not through, but into me.

I try again, I pick up Zarin,
But I find each word is left unread 
As I wander happily through my head
To recall some words with amazing grace
That you once wrote for me.

I apologise to Greenlaw, her world looks so serene,
But my messy head wants nothing other
Than you,
So reading bows out nobly 
And allows me to lie here and live within
Each sparkling memory. 

And just as if my mind made it happen,
My phone wakes up and hums and screams,
And there you are, where you belong,
You miss and kiss me through the screen. 

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I see pink lips that mark
Sun’s last kiss to the sky
They fade slower than a lover’s 
But it is still goodbye.

One side of the house
Already in darkness waiting
As my light burns steady
For the end of day.

And as it glows flushed
I see my empty room
Thank my pen for its constant

Oh I wish I could describe 
Hot passion laid outside
My window or flare your
Memory with half the same glare.

Yet watch it fades even now
Until night’s seductive fingers 
Prise love’s fiery glow
From the sky’s forgetful breast

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Writing sets me free.
It helps me get my point across.
When I am writing, no one is my boss.
The literary genre of my choice is poetry,
Because it creates the very image of my inner voice.
I’m not very talkative in fact:
People are surprised when they see me act like they act.
Back to the genre of poetry,
I like it because it sound like the lyrics of rap M.C.’s
Again, I say it lets you know,
The real me.

I had no idea that God gave me the gift of writing poetry.
I realized it when the so-called love of my life walked out on me.
It was the only nonviolent way of easing my pain, 
Because I had already done so many things to get over it that caused me shame.

Not only writing is a talent.
I have many hobbies some could call me a jack-of-all trades.
I love music, singing, scientific works, and reading books-that all people made.
Numerous talents have me unsure of what career to pick.
I don’t know what I should be.

I think sometimes that I want to be a singer, engineer, or teacher/scientist.
I often wonder, is all of that really me?
I have no clue of what I should do.
Maybe there is a way that I could mix,
All of these talents together.

Writing helps me get all of my thoughts out.
Maybe I should be a writer on various topics of my interests.
I am a quiet person so writing is way that I shout,
About my beliefs, attitudes, interests, and general. 

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Woman Of The Web

The woman of the web weaved words
  Captivating of the heart and mind,
Ensnaring every atom of the senses,
  Trapping sparks of love of humankind.
And gladly gilds a graciousness of glass
  A mental mirror mindful of reflection,
Upon her sensual strands beloved stays,
  A soul she mesmerised with sheer affection.

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Reasons Unknown

It's all a figment of your imagination
my whole vision is pure contemplation
I'm only half of what you see
None of what you heard
I'm married to the game
but i'm fuqing the spoken word
the asss and tits just for distraction
they give the perfect ambiance for fatal attraction
i wanted you to fall in love
i wanted you to want to fit between my hips like a hand fits in a glove
if the mic was a dic i'm masturbating it
given my best head using just my lips
the stage is the bed you want to lay on with me
but as big as my ego is i'm just as horny
I don't really want you as much as you think
what i really want is to fuq fight you with paper and ink
i'm using you for ya lyrics and you don't even know
don't take it personal i'm just a poetry hoe
Don't make promises that you cant keep
i don't want ya promises i want you to challenge me
you can have me phonetically i will be ya trophy
make me close doors and draw curtains like i'm going to confession
i want a standing ovation when we get through with the freestyle session
the reason is because i love ya mind
to me mind fuking you is as good to me as it would be to you if you hit it from 
i love all the energy and creativity you put me in a daze
if i were to run out of ink you'd get your chance to lock me up in your sweet sweet 
for days
the reasons are many but the chosen are few all i want to know is this good to 

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Spaced Out In Geometry

Why are u the only thing on my mind? 
I'm trying to pay attention in geometry. 
Why can't I be without u, 
Without losing my sanity? 
Why do I need u in my life? 
Why must u be different than the rest? 
I try to be happy on my own,
But your my biggest test! 
Oh crap, Mr. G just asked me a question,
And I don’t know what to say! 
I haven’t paid attention this class,
In fact I haven’t all day! 
I was spaced out in geometry 
And daydreamed through phys. ed 
Now i'm supposed to answer #8 
I need to start using my head. 
I think the answer's 32 
No, wait its 33. 
When I answer everyone laughs 
And I sink into my seat. 
I’m not on the right question, 
I’m not even on the right page! 
Everyone is staring at me, 
I feel like I’m on stage! 
Should I sing a little song,
or break dance on the floor? 
I look at the right question, 
The answer's 64. 
Thank God it's finally over, 
Everyone looks away. 
I look at the clock, and sigh in relief
Because there’s only 10 minutes left of the school day.
I blame this all on you 
Because your always on my mind. 
I can never concentrate 
Cause I think of you all the time!

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Origin Of Tears

Tears of a bitter past,
And a hopeless tomorrow,
All for joys that never last,
And a memory drowned by sorrow.

Tears of a forgotten son,
For the parents he's never known.
Afraid of what he hasn't done,
And of living all alone.

Tears of the mother
Who was left to die,
And the pain from another
Who never said goodbye.

Tears for a happy end,
That we all hope is there,
For a broken heart to never mend,
And the pain you cannot bare.

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Blindless Passion

What was I to say to her
If I still had my sight
Out of all the people passing
I could smell her walking by...
The perfume she keeps wearing
announces her before she's near
Although I never met her
I get excited when I hear...
The patter of her footsteps
or the scuffing of her heels
No matter if she smiles or frowns
I know the way she feels...
Then one day I spoke to her
just sitting across the aisle
I didn't hear her say a thing
But somehow I sensed a smile...

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Definition of Form

Magically her entrance
was so graceful and mysterious,
The robe that she was wearing
Left my mind to question curious...
Her skin like golden honey
Seemed to magnify moonlight,
And every curve when she would turn
would make it even more bright..
As she sat in silence
Naked looking out the window
She rubbed her bosom slightly,
Tugging lightly at my ego...
Her legs so soft and silky
seemed to call me when she crossed them,
Would they be as exciting
If the lighting would have lost them...
And as the paint meets canvas
Mending images I've torn
I admire...her entire
Truly the definition of form...

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Find The Words

I'm pretty much guessing
I wasn't impressing
with anything I had to say;
so I grew quiet,
breathed the smoke I lit,
hoped to find the words, someday.
I let go a sigh,
put my palm to an eye,
heard you ask," What's wrong, now ?";
My heart, then, freezed,
my mind broke and seized,
too tired to find the words, somehow.
Oh Christ, those feelings...
frescoes on dim ceilings,
a curse that I couldn't be there;
watched dying sunlight,
knew none of this was right,
still couldn't find the words, somewhere.
Our conversation,
near termination,
it was such a damned crime;
I knew I loved you,
swore to do what I had to,
don't matter, now, if I find the words, sometime.

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Writer's Block?

As I stare this blank page, 
I realize why;
Why could I not spill my thought?

What's wrong with me, the words gone?
All I want is to write, for freedom
Of thought is rejoicing.

But, I can’t do no more;
Lost my style, perhaps?
Is this the so-called writer’s block?

I could not even spell love,
Nor hate, for the spirits dead; 
Long dead, I’m done.

Blinking is what I got;
Pictures on it I see no more; 
Just but a white page.

As I stare this blank page
I realize why;
Why could I not spill my thought?

Ah, this is not…
A writer’s block, simply
I am out of love.

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It's a word that was created to control
It has no real meaning
People use it
People think they understand
But there's nothing to understand
It's like someone saying they need you
To get something from you
There's no law
But to get what YOU want
And not care for the other person
People make up rules as they go
What's the wrong thing?
What's the right thing?
But the only thing
That you have to do 
Is to do for yourself


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Aspirations pierced,
blade of sun tears through
panting air. Sound, captured
in the t-bone lungs of a song-bird.
Shadows dance behind glades
casting doubt
as they spray their breath
between roses.
Stirring up pollen, speckled atoms,
Travelers free of charge on the back
of oxygen. As the garden breathes
a sigh of relief
the nation's lungs
contract as velvet flesh.

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' A Poet, Goes To War ... '

‘ A  Poet  Goes  To  War … ’ ( Josh. 23: 10, 11 ) 

A Gentle-Poet … Goes To War
Oh … How Far … How Far … How Far …
Did You Push A Tender Heart
before Poet Finishes, What You Start ?

Just Like That Musician, Shepherd – Boy
whom a Lion and Bear, Dared Annoy          ------  1 Sam. 17: 37
Trying to Steal Some of His Precious Sheep
Poet, Showed Them … What’s His … He Keeps !

And That Same, Brave-Poet Went To War
Against Goliath’s Insulting, Roar !                ------  1 Sam. 17: 45 – 51
… But With just One Pebble Fling
That Poet’s, Sling, Thru All Of Time … Rings !

And If  A Wise-Poet Goes To War …
That Poet … May Wound and Scar                -------  Acts 7: 54, 57
For Words, Gouge Deeper Than Stones
Pen’s Mightier Than Sword … Cuts Clean To The Bone !

But, You made Poet … ‘your’ Foe, with Mock-Chimes
The First Thought … Just Give Them, Calm-Down-Time
But, Know … This Poet Thrives … Behind Enemy Lines
Forgiving and Wishing, God-Giving, Words-Divine !

‘Cause When Peace-Loving-Poets… Go To War …
‘We’ … Must Travel by:  The Bright Morning Star    ---  Rev. 22: 16
and Wait on His Orders … His Way
and I’m Cautious … Like ‘The Commander’ Says …  -- Matt. 10:16

So, Before you feel The Need To Spar                  ----  Zeph. 2: 2, 3
Before…  Big Poets … Have To Go To War             ----  Genesis thru Revelation
… Know That Such Poets … Are Word–Warriors
 … Don’t Make ‘em Go Off … on ya’ !

‘Cause you Won’t Survive … The Tongues of Fire    ----  Acts 2: 3, 4
( or The ‘ Lake ’ Either … If You Live Like A Liar … )  ---  Rev. 21: 7, 8
Gon’ Wind Up, Locked Behind Abyss’ Bars
… For Making  ‘  Poor-Poets ’ … Go To Wars !          ----  Matt. 18: 6

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Sorrows beauty

When you thought the world was a perfect circle
It showed you the lenses beneath.
When you overcame the sadness of the truth
It told you not to dig too deep.
When you confronted it with your problems
It told you it was up to you to solve them.
Silences cruelties
Sorrows beauty.

When you were over the edge
It pulled you up, but pushes you over again.
Betrayed by your own friend
It told you it doesn't matter.
Because you didn't even exist
It told you to live your life now,
Because soon your heart would burst
Deaths unity
Sorrows beauty.

Your heart was lost in someone else's hands
It told you to move on, no one gives a damn.
Your faith in another
Was drowned by mistake.
It was a coincidental fate
No more trust to give.
So you ignore the lie you live
Loves tendencies
Sorrows beauty.

You cry your tears
In a puddle of rain.
The clouds didn't notice
It all blended in.
You scream the loudest your lungs can take
Other register them as nothing but fake.
You know it's real but they can't see
Because it's coming from you and not a TV.
Pure insanity
Sorrows beauty.

When you've fallen
It kicks your sides.
When you've recovered
It takes away that pride.
Pains immunity
Sorrows beauty.

The beauty within
The walls that don't hide
The walls that bleeds the tears
Until the veins run dry.

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That pounding

(This is a fictiional poem)

When I was sleeping with my girlfriend, I got caught.
Her dad was so furious that he tied my wiener in a knot.
A violent beating was what I got.
Believe me when I say that it hurt a lot.
That pounding is something I haven't forgot.
If you're wondering if I'll see her again, I will not.

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   pale vessel of love
carrying folded passions
mail it on the wind

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is it really worth living for?

The world hates you, so what do you do? you listen to the
voice inside your head telling you one and your heart
telling you another. Too many tears you cried so many you
never lied upon but your the one to blame for the things
THEY DO; too much drama in your life all around you, you
begin to believe what's being told to you. Refuse to cry
another night why when you could just take your life?
contemplating suicide means never worrying about being a
burden to everyone, because that's one less peron to worry
about; your pillow soaked in tears like a puddle of rain in
a hole in the ground, so tired of fighting against the one's
you'll never win. One last entry in my diary before I say
good-bye, it's only to tell you how deeply sorry I am for
being the burden on your heart and hope you can forget me
for that and what I'm about to do. Words would have never
expressed enough how much love I have for everyone, tell the
family I'm gone for good and I don't mean I ran away, let
them indulge in deep thought what you mean. Show them the
letter I wrote before I left telling how I felt about them
and how I felt like the failure to the family, stay together
and keep in touch with one another is my only wish I had
before I passed and hopefully you kept. I know where my soul
is headed, no surprise I bought it upon myself but I'm not
around and I cannot bring myself back to life.Can't answer
my own question, so much confusion in the air I dare not try
to understand my own question, seeing as it will only puzzle
my brain even more but I put leave my question open to the
public: is it really worth living for?

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For The Love of Insouciance

(English version)

He possessed the air of indifference
However, his appearance was quite debonair
Many young ladies hearts fell
To the sabotage, of his indifference
Oh, how their hearts did pine.
Until, finally the lass caught his eye,
Copper colored were her limbs
A peach glow, to her blushing cheeks
Teeth of pearly white…
Eyes as black as the darkest coals,
Hair soft as that of raven’s down
Bound by silken threads of gold,
Upon her beauty he could not frown…
His heart stood as a suitor bound;
His passion burning, as he desired a sweet kiss 
From her ruby red lips…
His thoughts were displayed 
And then dejected by she, 
Oh, what a travesty…
For it seems that, he had sought 
The love of Miss Insouciance

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 “Pheonix is experimental courses involving the release of prisoners into society”: 
Professor Hardon was now speaking to his children “he was thinking of them 
already as his child and children he was daydreaming of a future world 
populated by his prisoners released into Society to jerk the world around on HIS 
string. When you do a book report eye the TUTOR have to grade them please 
read only CharlaxFables so you will learn something better and eye can pass all 
of you with highest honors. The Bathroom has been painted and the graffiti is 
fresh and it has to be one of you. NO almost Screaming Tommy Gunn jumped up 
and SPEWED his filthy words at the teacher. We think it is the girl that works as a 
Library assistant for she is not helping the people who are not students. The 
rules would work in a NAZI society there would be no loud talking in the library 
they Matron would walk among the computors and swing her MILLYCLUB if 
someone snickered. The portable classrooms have not yet arrived and the 
prisoners keep milling about in the library chasing a hope and a dream to the 
door of a classroom hoping it will magically appear in front of them while Charlax 
 Plugs are not available only in the outlets at the mall where you can also buy 
coffee in a latte snicker at the freezing cold and hold thy nose with burgers 
smelling like a dead old cow went yearning in the afterbrushes reeds and 
rushes in the ditches working on the center stone of the idea of the century. The 
Pig is dead the Rat is born a Chinaman's surprised the chinaberry's were so 
plastic tasting never boiled them never tried them after fried in oil and butter and 
the batter would be better with some butter and some soil. A man told me bugs 
are good sources of protein how can one man go so very wrong he is not alive in 
the same sense as ewe and eye. The semblance of an android to this human 
image eye become is striking mee on both my nerves today seems like a 
memory of half baked love. The Pheonix is now rising up the ashes of the 
judgments' won. 
 The Tutor is the elephant. The classroom is the world the students are the girls 
in love. The lady has a favorite song 

ewe aer my song 

my hearts desire 

my love of fortune 

smiling down 

my sweetYheart ewe 

my early life 

my later years 

my only love 

a song 

The Teacher is a ruler and a lover of the song. 
The professor is a lover and a ruler of them all. 

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Rise above

Just another passionate scheme of mine
yeah using this pen as a weapon
to kill some time
there I go again thinking too hard
when essentially it' s so easy to rhyme
careful now the pride-water gets deep and the complacent current is quite strong
take that chance on love
don' t get stuck on the what if 's
cause you'll never know until you rise above
make sure it's pure
contemplate it all from the start
love in your mind my friends
as well as in the deepest parts of your heart
follow the truth,share the trust
a couple phrases of advice
still trying to get it all out
just another passionate scheme of mine

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In the deep and starry void

 friends surround me
in this deep and starry void
near and far and all arround me
writing how the pain destroyed

fragile holds they had on Morning
casting them back to the gloom
with their spinning threads adorning
walls within my tiny room.

Terrible the beauty haunting
wistful words of tears alone
of how deeply they are wanting
wondros love to come back home

come back from the grave or garden
where they argued or betrayed
seeking sustenance or pardon
I love everything they said .

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The book the wizard wrote part six

your new split second decision 
your new cult of fashion and intuition 
back to the middle

Say what you
I run away
your new dream to wonder 
around again what’s there if it isn’t love?
the stories that it creates
plant the seed to be healthy 

I set you free
Don’t ever set me free
Turn me loose
I love you
I will be with you

the tangents that you go on 
did you discover his fate or was it all fake 

My salivation

was it propoganda
it not as simple as it seems 

the psychosomatic drowns in you
was my grandfather a conspirator or a joker 
will I ever know the truth or was everybody given everything that they need
Near and far and everything
brainwashed by a political bully 
who had no answers 
be my world as you drown
I wanna fly

what are you fighting for
whose keeping score?
Does anyone understand?
When someone shouts out loud
Ask him what it turns into
I lost my 
I set you free
Say you love me
And you’ll never stop
I wanna fly

Forgot my
Lost my
Record selection 
tear out whatever pages randomly if you wish 
strategically if you desire 
\but what you do what you will 
I love you
Closer together
what you realize you will come crawling back when this book leaves your hands 
to test you and the future generations of this intellectual dance of angels and 
demons and mans 
I will be with you
plan to tease ease and escape them 
one day I will write this book 
I’ll set you free
Dance with yourself
and every possible reality will be a riddle and every direction ill guide you through 
another jeckyl and hide faked fur inside fashion mag
every prophecy possible will be in there so you decide your own fates and 
you want your family to rehearse 
and know one day someone will control them all
couldn’t get attention
\love operation
didn’t want to be ignored

You got me goin
and they tell me their diggin’ the Heroin
she’s the one they like best
Come top the place where they finally found you
 Nothing to lose
so the books will start exchanging hands 
And the change might do you good

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' Legendary ... ' ( Part 4 (of) 4)

‘ Legendary …’  ( Part  4 (of) 4 ) 

Now, that the Maiden was Unaided, Quickly, ‘He’ Located, Her Craftily
Beth, was in A Flurry, Too Much in a Hurry to Hear Turning of A Key 
Alas’ … The Happenstance of Harm, at the Bower, twas’ Done Most Foully !
Alas’ … The Happenstance of Alarm, Maid twas’ Undone for Shameful Villainy!

 * * *  The Maid so Afraid, for The Earl Waylaid – Her, to His Infamy
He Ravaged and Damaged The Maid … and Took Her Innocency …

And She, in Her Distress and Mental-Regress and Misery
Sat Horrified-Aloof, Sitting in Soiled Proof, of Her Plundered Chastity
There Could Nay be Gathered, Her Tattered-Wits twere’ Shattered, even for Modesty
As The Earl snidely Chuckled, and Boastingly Buckled His Belt, Smirking Heinously

Yea, The Earl had Sated His Dissipated Lust and Gloated – Gleefully
Went Back to The Masque-Ball and Unmasked and Called and Mocked Maliciously
Impugned Beth, to One and All, of Her Downfall from Grace to Impropriety
The Earl Made Sure … The Stunned Knight Would Overhear, The Indecency …

But Much to The Earl’s Chagrin and also Akin to Cowardice and Incredulity
… The Knight Spoke Nay a Word, Only The Hissing of His Sword, Struck Accordingly
The Last Look, The Earl Saw Was … Rage and The Fraught-Gaze of  Insanity !
Yea, The Knight, Smote The Gloat off The Face of the Vile Earl, Most Deservedly …

* * *

Thence, The Knight, in Their Sight, Became Legend That Night as He Fought Mightily
He Escaped Royal Guards, His Heart was Beating Hard, as He made it to The Bowery
And by the Window, He could see by Melted Tallow, a piece of cloth hung Raggedly
caught Wherefore Beth … had jumped to Her Death … and Lay Below Crookedly …

* * *

Now, Tis’ Sad To Recite … They Hung The Poor Knight,  tis’ Further Travesty
For The Earl, tho’ Highborn, wast’ a Cur to Be Scorned … a Monstrosity !
Alas’ …  and Aghast, the hope of Lovers Together at Last, Turned into Tragedy
Fie’ and Fain, lest’ we Forget, this be A Story and yet… couldst’ be Reality …

Yea, Fie’ and Fain, lest’ We Forget, …  Why The Earl, His End Met … 

                        … This Too Was Vanity …   Eccl. 1: 14

‘ … Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
Sweetheart, Be Thy Bold in Bravery …
… and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token
And Language Be Spoken …
Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary ! ‘

                               The End

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Depression is conquering your mind
Your body has no action or sign
Sadness has engulfed your emotion
Your broken heart turn into dissatisfaction

You waited forever, but no one's there
you wished someone for you would care
only hope you ask is to pray
that love is forever and always stay

Your blue eyes is turning red
and teardrops you say wont be shed
that one day your love will return
You realize that your eyes begun to burn.

You pretend to smile but your still alone
Loneliness in your life is only shown
Your learned forever is not enough
You need a lover that's makes you laugh

Like a river flows from your eyes
A million tears is no surprise
I miss you, you say everyday
But crying is not okay

I need you, you said my love
But only god knows i love you from above
Until the end of time we meet again
So your tears will end

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Another Untitled

I wish I could find a better angle to look perfect that night when you talked to me.
God! Only for that night
But I couldn’t
I can never pretend for what I am and what I am not in front of you
Pretty ridiculous I guess, but that’s true

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The Journal Entry

Ever since my 1st love
I had nothing but females waste my time
and all I kept finding
was unhappily married women
who I was wishing that could've been mine
but its like I'm running outta time or running outta patience
or maybe I need to slow down 
wit love because I swear I been chasing it.

Patience is a virtue. Love is like 
a unfaithful woman she's bound to hurt you
question is what do you do to find the right woman?
you couldn't to stay so true to you
do I castr my net on the other side of the lake
or do I chill for a minute 
put it in cruise control and hit the freeway.

Maybe I need a woman who's been threw something
because it seems like I was 
fallin in love all for nothing 
I can fall in & outta love wit a girl at any given moment
but since I'm a grown man 
I accept it any mistakes I make
like a man should 
but if I could take all this back God knows I would

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A single word

It started with a single word- then came another five.
When I got to my second line, I nearly began to cry.
Chapter two developed in an unsuspected way,
and the characters began to grow a little more each day.
The plot began to thicken by the middle of chapter three,
and ‘he said- she said- who did what?’ was now a mystery.
By the end of chapter four, somebody will die-
and someone else will fall in love by the middle of chapter five.
Chapter six begins with the sound of wedding bells,
and they’ll probably have a baby if chapter seven goes well.
Chapter eight needs more excitement to keep the story strong.
Maybe between nine and ten someone new will come along.
A wondering eye in chapter eleven ignites a love affair
and chapter twelve will begin with a marriage in despair.
Thirteen and fourteen will hold together the threads of a broken heart,
but in chapter fifteen they will finally decide they cannot be apart.
Sixteen will rekindle passion, seventeen a vengeful hate,
and in the beginning of chapter eighteen someone will meet their fate.
Chapter nineteen will be the greatest finale ever heard,
And twenty will be the end of the journey that started with a single word.

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                                        LOVE IS NOT FEAR
                                           LOVE WITH FEELING
                                              LOVE WITH MEANING
                                        LOVE WITH ALL YOU HAVE TO GIVE   
                                           LOVE WITH INTENTIONS OF GOOD
                                              LOVE LIKE THERE'S NO SORROW
                                        LOVE IS A STAIRWAY TO LIFE AND JOY
                                           LOVE IS AN OPEN BOOK WITH WISDOM
                                              LOVE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT'S WORTH
                                        LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD "ME" AND "YOU"

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I walked along life's path one day,
and looked at where I'd been, 
the path was not so rosy,
it was lined with hedges of thorns,
that often left me tattered and torn.

I struggled through the thorns,
with the promise of roses in sight, 
I wasn't giving up on life,
without an unending fight.

Once through the thorns,
in the distance I could see,
the roses that were waiting,
to a part of my life be.

I stood up straight and strong,
as I raced for the roses,
and left behind all that was wrong.

So now I live in roses,
with an occasional thorn,
to remind were where I've been,
from the time I was born.

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Steps to?

poets, poems,and poetry,
they seem to be just words
all about love, lovers and pain 
about fillings of a boy or of a girl
a time,or a place just somewhere
taking you to the highest of all highs
after drying your tears from being  low 
heart felt paragraphs written from with in
gut wrenching letters no longer able to hide
they are mask  we hide behind to not be seen
they are our dreams,our hopes,and our wishes, 
pain from a dark side that made us cry and weep
nightmares of a past we can't let go of,show,or tell,
they are of mothers,fathers,brothers sisters,& family 
ones we lost,wished we had are wish were still alive
they are about kids and how they warm us with a smile
how they grew into people we always wanted them to be 
even wrote of the ones we lost in death, to drugs,or just life
they help to remove the sadness we carry deep down inside
to say I love you when we can't I miss you when we are unable
to speak our minds for being politically correct  here isn't a must
so a man can write instead of saying those words  I sat and cried 
so a woman could wish for love to find her before shes old and gray
are a young boy can tell of puppy love and the girl who lives next door
how a school girl can speak of her first crush,her first kiss,or just boys
we all have something deep down inside that we won't even think let out 
to say how we really fill what we really want are how we want this love to be 
and here we found away we write,.pour out our hearts,our minds,our passion
these are writes we don't want others to see,writes we want are love ones to read
words we put on paper like tears to a tissue they mean so much to us as you can see 
they are all steps we take,from here to there to find and release......poets,poems,poetry.   

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Winter's chill
Howling winds
Arctic blasts

Through layer upon layer
To the bone

Turning skin a shade of blue
Normally reserved
For tropical seas
And newborn eyes

Drifts of snow
Piled high as my home
Sleet and snow
Driven by Mother Nature's gales

Through the bone-numbing 
And the blinding storm
Of purest white

One glimpse

Of you


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Untitled #290 / A letter every day

I will add a letter every day
to the wall of my prison cell
until the true story of the world is written

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If we had a choice
Between life and death
Would it make us rejoice?
Or would it be another lifeless breath?

If we had to choose 
To die now or to live for eternity
Would you say your last goodbyes
To see the next life that God has for thee?
Or would you live to see 
What lies beneath every word of every word spoken 
To take life as a simple token?

If you had to choose
Between watching someone die as you are able to do nothing.
Rather than to kill that someone in self defense who is doing everything that's 
Would you do it?
If you had nothing tolose
But your life?

If you were chosen to save
Would you save a child from a burning house?
Or would you be a little less brave
And pass it to go to Europe with a free browse?

Would you do things you normally wouldn't do
Live to see the world at its end
Save a young heart from the massive truth?
To watch yourself lose a best friend?
Tell me, would you?

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You should have stayed longer to know me more
It is time that makes love and not our hearts
For we are but discoverers, and nothing more
You left too quickly and stayed too long. Should I
Convince you now that your other world is different
That your former wisdom insufficient for the trip
People commit to grow, and if together
The hate of time will slowly fall apart, the mist
Of morning if it clears now
Shall show nothing but the shattered glass of vows
I do not use words loosely nor in excess
I only say I love you with words fully dress
To carry connotations and context to an infinite end
Love is immortal, and I write things my oral way
The gesticulated discourse a stitched flag of meaning
How can you learn so much so far away
What dumb dictionary can dictate the desires of the heart
Perhaps if you had not lingered so long to come
Blank pages would not be brilliant and simple art dumb
I am too small to be any finer torn apart.

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Even with your faults
and surprising forgetfulness,
I couldn't refrain from writing this:
you are still loved as you always have been;
I've seen you at crossroads,
searching for another love when you were forsaken.

So sorry for the trails you endured by yourself... 
they were the many lessons of awareness
you had to learn to become the real you;
I stood back and watched how you handled your last crisis,
and may I extend my big congratulations to you:
for having been the courageous fighter who changed her demise?

On this Valentine card, I've drawn hearts and kisses:
the ones you deserve to taste on your flaming lips...
it's not that long when we burned with the wildest passion...
making love, breathing the evening air gentler than rain. 

Even with your faults,
I accept who you are, or what you did...
because no one is perfect as God is and who should judge
your actions that changed your fate and world?
Even with your faults,
nothing can remain the darling of my young age.

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Beyond Imagination where hope exist
Lies the hand of God's list
Unconditional love is the gift from heaven
Dreams we share is only daven
Far away through cloudy skies
God's Love will grows and never dies.
A promise will be made from the heart
Heaven and Earth will never be apart
We kneel down each day and pray
So God Smile on us Everyday

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The book the wizard wrote part four

one day I’ll write this book 
with every possible war in it 
with every possible happy endiNoticedng 
every possible love connection every possible philosophy and holy and evil 
worship in it 
every good and bad intention
Now you got me goin
That you know nothing at all
Gotta do it my way if id oit all
And feel nothing cause you don’t know 
and at the end of leading the believer through the streets 

right left forward back 
One way ticket back to Eden
I reveal this book is perfect but you are going to pass it on to the next generation 
and unfortunately it cant stay intact 
I wanna fly
I wanna fly

With my liscencer to love and memories chained with goldFly

so tear out what you will 
Whose loving me?
will you leave it a book to rise against the government 
a conspiracy amongst the pages I have written in the riddles 
to pass amongst the hands
Tried to break me with goodbye 
will you leave the pages of love and inner wisdom to humble the next generation 
that you didn’t see the future possibilities coming 

And I cant sleep at night
will you tear out the truth that this was all really Gabrielle’s dance 
and test for the souls to see who would climb the highest mountain 
and who would crawl with the royalty at his feet
Fast hearted angels
Hurting the easy 
and in this book all these dreams of houses and statues and gardens 

Don’t know what I’m doing
other realities to create and frontiers of lasting of propaganda sand mans plans 
and utopias and how to get there 

 The wings of changing
 Limitless operating smoothly
Listening to the bounding brook
Changing everything
Today I hold my head up high
Smoothly operating
Sitting in the limits that keep me here
And I'm in this shell
And you make fun or threaten me still

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of romance-
when sie became

After the story of Kandinsky and Munter

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Manatee or Mermaid

Goodbye .....
she whispered from afar
The wind took words away
and scattered them
 along the beach
where lovers used to play

 I chased the syllables and nouns
I gathered up the thoughts
but currents in the water found
the letters I had caught

I still can't understand or hear
the bubbles  that she blew,
landing lightly  on the waves
a surface love so new.

I sank beneath the  waters 
a deeper love to find,
the heavy words like loyalty
and truth were on my line,

but I found only adverbs
Of  when and why and how
I left my love note at the shore ,
who needs an old sea cow?

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Salacious Poet, For A Bitter Muse

I have admired many, so often, and 
wondered for whom they used to write 
their muses; if not for their lovers, then 
for whom? A poet like me who loved

them for great things. Ah, I know—
a different thought, a different 
style, but not that much concerns 
me, awhile, but the smile in you 

that beamed like magenta moon and 
lured strollers to kiss the twilight night, 
until it dimmed away, so were you, 
ditching the one you loved.  Having 

dazed in the stolen memoirs of 
spring that was mine, I know now— 
admiration, sometimes, if not always has 
a bitter ending…in a poet’s lonely page! 

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Break up to Make Up

The bee feigns for your honey
I was trying to get it through 
Your head that love doesn't cost
Sex or money
Respect cherished my heart
But your stupidity is why 
We're not together but apart
Being friends is tough
Being lovers was rough
The desire emerges from my soul
Because deep down our hearts 
haven't had enough
It took me to let you go
for you to realize how much
You love me
And now your feelings start to show
But my eyes are refusing to see
Because there's so much I didn't know
We're friends to the end
So my love,care, & support is what I send

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Thanks For Pretending

Thank you for pretending
Like I meant something to you.

Thank you for pretending
Acting like I was needed too.

Thank you for pretending
While you were never there.

Thank you for pretending
Like you could ever really care.

Thank you for pretending
Because I felt like I could fly.

Thanks,but I'm not pretending
I love you,and it's not a lie.

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Eye Put My Finger On IT

Eye  Put  My  FInger  On  IT 
EYE put My finger on it,eye figured it out,eye discovered it. 
But now eye am perplexed again at what eye have figured out. 
Eye thought it was the way ewe eyes light up 
write when ewe here my namme. 
Eye thought it was the way ewe sing and sway 
when ewe are all alone with me (spritually). 
Eye thought it was the way eye feel inside 
when eye here ewe say that ewe still love me. 
And eye would never own a slave but eye am slave to ewe. 
A giant question mark is sometimes deep inside of me. 
Eye put my finger on it,but just what have eye got? 
A lot of love a lot of want. 
The Future? 
L()()king forward to ewe kiss. 
While eye am righting this.

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Poetry Soup A Wonderful Group

  Poetry Soup A Wonderful Group

To all my friends here on the soup, 
   you’re always there and such a caring group.
When my days are not right and sometimes dark,
   You’re always there to provide that needed spark.
Your comments I cherish so,
    They mean more to me than you’ll ever know.
You make me feel like I have worth.
    You give me a reason for being on this planet earth.
Writing poetry is all new for me.
     It gives me great pleasure it sets me free.
You guys are the classiest people I’ve never met.
     Your words speak wisdom and love I’m not done yet.
There’s pain and sorrow and humor too.
     People write of about everything they know or do.
I just want you to know, I care for you a lot.
     Just ordinary people of that I say to you, a special Thanks A Lot
I place you in a class above the rest, 
      You’ve won my heart, you are the best

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Given to me

I once was a wizard who treasured the night
The earthly pleasures full of empty delight

An empty monster who had no soul
Feeding the flames was my only goal

Then one day a lesson I learned
Dance in the fire and you will get burned

Burnt to a crisp and black as coal
Thats what the mirror said of my soul

Thats the day I shattered my mold
Let the blanket of love shelter me from the cold

My poetic teacher was a ray of light 
At the end of the tunnel dark as the night

The poems I wrote were no less than a torch
Leading through the darkness to here on my porch

And now that I'm here I can't help but say
I treasure the blessings I receive everyday

There easy to see if you've walked in my shoes
Everyday it's a blessing I don't go out and use

In losing my freedom I've learned what it means
Everyday is a blessing I'm waiting to dream

Of the pain and trials I now face everyday
There future blessings I'm saving to pray

Today as I sit on my porch with a smile
I thought "maybe I should write for awhile"

And look what that thought turned out to be
Another blessing the Lord has given to me

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Strange Merchant

I'm a strange potion merchant;
my concoctions are a mystery to, even, myself;
when asked what I've to offer, I say,
"I don't know? Throw 'em on any shelf."
Of course, that's never good enough,
not in these times of absolute clarification
the questions become more insistant,
the mass-market requires classification;
"Are your elixirs directed at lost love or sadness?
Or something more esoteric, like on writing and words?"
I pay distracted attention, then shrug, thinking,
"Hell, this is all just for the birds."
Satisfied, concern then turns to the receipt,
formal acknowledgment by means of legal text;
but, by then, my concentration's already given over
to new potions I've in mind to submit next.

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Time Has Past

Time has past and the love has slowly left my heart
The pain has escaped but sometimes jealousy takes effect
I know you'll never find another as genuine as me nor will you find better
This is the present and that was the past
You should let that love you still have for me free
just give it to someone who truly would like yours
There's no way to build something when the materials are missing
You leave something to find something better
That's the key to finding your happiness
One day you'll realize everything
You my foolish one had it but only to sulk due to me not wanting it
I moved on for the better and not worse
Live your life and go about your bussiness 
Take that love that remains in your heart and barry it deep down...
You are the fallin solgier ....

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The Opening of Rusty Doors

Stop me right now if you've heard this before
there's the wind at my back and a knock at my door
there's you love me to moons but I love you much more
and we dance and we dance and we dance
Please stop me now if you know all my thoughts
as they roll on the wind in occasional bouts
as they shine in my eyes like the sun bleeding clouds
and I write and I write and I write
Stop me in summer if you're sick of the moon
for she shines less and less as the Luna de Lune
for she swells with a million hot stars in her womb
and she grieves and she grieves and she grieves
So stop me at once while the day carries on
as I open my door to the once setting sun
as the brooding of winter escapes in the dawn
and we breathe and we breathe and we breathe.

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Words now are leaves waiting for the fall
I have seen them green
But loved them gold most of all
When trees were naked before the eyes
And words were tattered so with lies
And faith shook
The trees barren. I pined for fruit
Of lips of truth, or breast of purity
I hungered for love
And saw nudity that tells of shallowness
The only deep soil left is my heart
Words are being beaten into plough
But I prefer the two-edged sword
Since I am not a man of war.

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Who Else Will Read This?

Who else will read this?
It was for your eyes only
But my verses mean nothing now
My eyes scan the screen
Over and over
Are these emotions only for the poet?
It’s just me and my words
A match made in Heaven

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Heart Of Love

There once was a heart made of stone,
Made hard by the life that its known,
But the older it grew
The more pain it went through,
And was made to do so on its own.

There once was a heart made of steel,
Made cold by the love it can't feel
All tears that were shed
For a love left for dead,
Now forever waits for love to heal.

There once was a heart made of gold,
Made out of a love that's grown cold,
But no mater what's tried
All the love held inside
Still resides beneath riches untold!

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Does it bother you to be alone?
Only when I sleep.
Your dreams are nightmares of death.
But I can't help it.
Why do I suffer more than most?
Nobody knows,nobody cares.
But is it wrong to wish they did?
Was I destined to suffer?
It makes me want to be alone.
So you dont cause others the pain you know?
You are loved.
I know I just can't feel it.
The more I love the more I feel alone.
I don't think I belong here.
Death can ease your pain.
I want to live.
But if you do...
You will hurt them.
I just want to know why.
Why what?
Why do I suffer?
Why are they glad to see me suffer?
Do they hate me that much?
I know I'm not perfect,
I just want to feel,
To feel like I matter,
Like I'm loved,
Like I'm not alone.
Iam hated.
You deserve it.
What you can do with words...
What can I do with words?
Write your feelings down.
Even if someone cared
They couldn't help me.
Why can't someone care about me like I care about them?
Your a psycho.
I know.
Your heart is black.
I know.
Then how can you love anything?
But I do.
Doesn't that mean anything?
Not to them.

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The Moment

For the moment may I…
Be your everything can I 
Look you in your eyes
Take your hand and caress 
Your right & left cheek
Can I be the moment of
Passionate love when you kiss me
Can I be that tear of joy
You shed when your eyes slowly leak
Can I be your everything you’ve been
Searching for, your sunshine your
Moonlight, the feeling you get when 
Were together and I’m holding you tight
And love all of a sudden seems so right
For the moment can I just gaze 
At your beauty, and yeah
I’m your personal sex toy 
So have your way and you use me
Let me be the feeling you
Get when your about to climax 
The prayer you pray in your 
Moment of fasting 
Let me be your long kiss goodnight
The feeling you get when you miss me
When I leave your sight.

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I love the feast

Her surplus my poetic friends...

her legs that rap
the likes of I...

her arms
tightly embracing my torso...

and her hair
which smothers my blind
so my sleep finds darkness

The rest dear friends,
lets be honest;

Mine while awake,
I dine !

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(This is a fictional poem)

People don't want me to date my girlfriend anymore.
They're upset because I'm twenty-seven and she's forty-four.
People say our relationship is ridiculous but I don't agree.
All that matters is that I love her and she loves me.
People better get used to our relationship because it's not going to end.
I love her more than life itself and I'm proud to be her boyfriend.

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Written Words, In My Head

In my head.

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A Record Of A Secret Document

A record of a secret document
Embedded in my memory
Threatening to open
My feelings to the world
And I will keep it clandestine
Waiting for you to furiously
Copy down, word for word
The essence of my emotions

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' Legendary ... ' ( Part 3 (of) 4 )

‘ Legendary …’  ( Part  3 (of) 4 ) 

… Now, The Earl, had Spies, to keep Intruding Eyes On The Tryst of Secrecy
Beth’s Tresses, like Raven Wings and Eyes Emerald-Green, Became His Fantasies
Yea, He erstwhile Plotted, for He wast’ Besotted with the Cobbler’s Daughter’s Beauty
All to no Avail … for Beth Knew Well,  Twere’ None, More Wretched, than He !

So, She didst’ Spurn his Declaration and Protestations of Undying Fidelity
She didst’ Return, His Portrait and String of Pearls and His Poems, Peremptorily
Forasmuch, and twas’ this and such, She Rebuffed all His Pleasantries
In Favor of Her Knight, she Reserved This Right, which Enraged, Their Enemy
 - - - - - - -
Now, Twas’ but an Instant, of Insistent Cajoling, that Beth Pleaded Prettily
To Part with Her Swain, til’ Their Hearts Came, to be Joined For Perpetuity
To Compose Herself, for Their Nuptial-Heft, She twould  Prepare Hastily
And Rendezvous for His View, stating … ‘ I  twould’ Look, My Best for Thee!’

And as She left His side, She was Singing Most Merrily …

‘ …  Carry Me in Thine Arms, to Our Beloved Balcony
To a Bed of Blushing-Rose-Petals and Wild-Tossed-Peonies
A Bed Lover’s Designed … Draped in Damask and Brocade -Satiny
And let Moon-Glow, from Yon’ Window, Bathe Us Both Bodily … ‘

… and The Handsomely Styled, Smitten Knight Smiled, as He Heard Her Warm Gaiety …

… Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
Sweetheart, Be Thy Bold in Bravery …
… and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token
And Language Be Spoken …
Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary !

                                  ( Part 3 (of) 4 )

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Language Arts

A word and a breath but it’s the thought that counts.
Up or down in or out love and trust is what it’s all about.
To you I say can you hear me perked up on the mounts.
You are in or you are out.
A touch and a whisper but it is the kiss of truth.
Knelt or bent I am down on my knees.
And I beg you please.
To me I say can I hear me or am I aloof?
Language arts is a dance in the breeze,
With a summer squeeze,
A winter’s pinch,
The spring’s stench,
Even the autumn’s leaves!
Bathing in the words and dancing like a twit.
Singing in rhythm and painstakingly making a switch.
Language arts is a breeze on the summer Seas.
Lifting you up or pulling you down and spinning you all around,
It will knock you to your knees,
Lifeless and unbound!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2005

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Once, I was a poem---
A memory of a rose, ever-watchful
Of the orb, whilst angel’s trumpet fills the air.

Oh, sometimes then, I was a sweet poem---	
The art of your heart;
‘Twas pure and simple, ‘cause that’s what I am.

The poem and I---fourteen lines
Of uncluttered life, warming the coldness of nights; 
Relentlessly, rhyming to the sound of your breath.

A sonnet of love, you proudly wrote 
Of me, but that was before… 
You lustily engaged yourself, with a free-verse.

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                                           For as long as I remember
                                           I've always loved to read
                                           It didn't really matter what
                                           It all fulfilled a need
                                           A good love story warmed my heart
                                           I traveled through time with history
                                           The comic pages made me laugh
                                           And I always loved a good mystery
                                           Through the pages of books I have traveled
                                           Across oceans and deserts I've roamed
                                           I've not spent a dime on my journeys
                                           And I just close the book to come home
                                           I get to meet famous people
                                           And though I've never set foot in a college
                                           Every book that I read will help me succeed
                                           To expand in wisdom and knowledge
                                           I must say though I do have a favorite
                                           Tis the greatest book I believe ever written
                                           For treasures untold as the stories unfold
                                           It speaks volumes to those who will listen
                                           Its a little of everything rolled into one
                                           Humor, mystery, history and love
                                           All written by one single author
                                           Our glorious Creator above
                                           Someday I might too be an author
                                           I'll never know lest I try
                                           But regardless of whether I'm published
                                           I'll still love to read till i die


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To show you that i live to be true
 here is what im willing to do
I will for sure you there's no mountain to high to climb
I will talk and never walk out on any situations
I will love you not just physical but spirtually
I will take two moments of my time and give you one
on a daily
I will for sure you that we will make it
 through any task or storm
I will be your backbone when your strength feels weaken
I will pray with you any place time or day
I will for sure you that my love is true
Do you feel that there's anything else left that
i should do or say

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Hairline Cracks

When I am so weary
of this world
         speaks through my
when desert summer
     sun cannot
             this uninvited temperament    
and fear brushes
     my cheek on
         my way out
             the door,
I find
to be 
that crack 
     weathered bark

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Love Flies

Love is flying 
after you,
no I was not 
trying to run from you.
If I was 
you caught me by my heart,
I knew it was right from the start.

Why would I run 
from love
that was sent from
God above
would I do such a thing 
just to get a bee sting 
on my heart
or possibly a wedding ring 
from the start.

Where could I run 
to hide from love 
because there are so many combinations
of love
flying from heart to heart
in the air above.

Don't run,don't hide 
because love
always finds a place 
to resign.
If it's in your heart
or mine
no matter what 
it still finds somewhere
to dine.

So don't let love 
fly away 
keep it while
you have it 
even if it's 
just for one day
because like time flies
love flies because
it's still looking
for a place to resign.

Find true love
in your fine design
because now I'm
not worried 
about your love
beacuse I've found it
and it's all mine.

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Imagine That Vol.2

Story of my life... you know it's kinda
funny when I think about cuz
when it comes to love I could never
get it right but I can give all the good advice
to my homeboys & help them keep their
lil shawty's and turn em into the wifey type
but like Beans said "Tell Me What Your Life Like"
pain & turmoil but God made the child that
stands before you outta his image 
so I been heaven sent to deliverance his
messages never mind my seductive

But listen things ain't what it used to be,
you see it's this female I been talking 
to for a minute and somethings different 
I can feel it in how we talk and the way 
she looks at me, kinda got me daydreamin
right now, I mean it's just good friendship
but eternal happiness wit her is
sumthin I'm trying to seek, 
she got me feeling like M.L.K in his 
Infamous "I Have A Dream Speech"
meaning she takes me to a place 
God took John, revealing to him 
because of the sinful nature of 
this nation a New Heaven & Earth 
would be born.

So you see I see new things wit this one,
got me visioning a new love life, where
even if I'm away from her for a few minutes 
I think of her smile and she's what
I'm missing, so for her to be mines & me 
to be hers it would almost feel unreal 
but I'm love it, cuz when she gives her
heart to me the last thing imma feel is 
emotionally torn like Letoya Luckett

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A load of bull

You said he's too old for her because there's a three year age difference.
What you said is a load of bull and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
The love these two share is something great.
But you say they shouldn't be allowed to date.
Because he's nineteen and she's sixteen, you say he's too old.
That's incorrect and there's something that you should be told.
A twenty-three year old man dated and married his fifteen year old bride.
They've been happily married for over fifty years and she's still by his side.
So don't say that a mere three year age difference is too much, that's a load of 
You say that he's too old but you're not the parent so you can't make that a rule.

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Palm of A Hand

(For Poet's worldwide that have experienced a Poetry Contest) 

Human makes a Wish, and wonders… Will it come true?
Asking of Whom? Dream catcher of mind, pleading prayer
Will it come to fruition this time?

Arrow blazes, note attached, Check to be cashed,
Human desires written in print, Candles of green lit,
Burning flame for abundance…

Deadline to meet, trying of luck, 2 stamps for weight
Envelope seals my fate, Seconds wasting away, Mailbox full
Perfection of timing, calendar, massage for comfort, X marks the day
Released with intentions perceived, Forecast of victory, Clear and Sunny 

1176 hours of Hell, 7 weeks of handshakes, Mailman Pal, New best friend
Box of junk, Flag down, empty space of dust, No response, 
I lost…Not Good enough

Human takes a day to recover, Cuddles with lifetime lover, reciting verses in ear
Amateur Poet’s Number one fan, Special dinner plans, Contest not mentioned

Evening has come to an end, parking of car, walking through grass
Shooting stars, Perseverance take the wish, famous book to be published, never 
give up

Holding my hands to sky, asking her, why? She responds “It just wasn’t Time.”
Scratching of my back, Lover appears, Hold back the tears, I listened…

“Your autograph is priceless, Sign away” Presenting a feather in ink, I began
My graffiti signature, Powerful Human, in the Palm of a Hand…

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Oh the words I'd love to speak
Oh these feelings run so deep

I'll never have the chance 
To be completely heard
For everything I say
I'm told did not occur

I'll never have the chance
To be completely understood
For everything I say
I'm told is no good

I'll never have the chance
To be completely right
For everything I say
Will leave me contrite

I'll never have the chance
To be completely true
For everything I say
Ends up misconstrued

I'll never have the chance
To be completely me
For everything I say
Causes nothing but debris

I'll never have the chance
To be completely at peace
Until the bewitching hour
My body has deceased

Oh the words I'd love to speak
If only I weren't quite so meek

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Our Hearts

                                      On                 And, 
                               This                             Will
                            Blank                               Build
                            Page                                 Lives
                              Is                                     Thru
                                Two                             The
                                    Hearts,              Power
                                           In               Of

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Poetic Vandal

Divided devotion, like once parted ocean
A labyrinth of mere blinded emotion
Beating but bloated, ready to burst
Urgent ache to be free from this curse
Carve out our names, bound by a heart
Together forever engraved on bark
Destined desires, fulfillment somehow
Fortuitous craving must be filled now
Pronounce what I’m feeling on this old tree
Love oozes from ballpoint, but too far from me
My heartfelt gift can’t wait till later
When in death the oak transforms into paper

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Writing my words

I sit here often and write on paper these words
Cause this is the only way to which they can release me and be heard
I write exactly how I feel inside
I do not diminish any emotions I will not let them any longer hide
These poems I write are heartfelt to some so I'm told
Within these words is my way of daring to be bold
They leave my heart open wide, so extremely vulnerable, and left to bleed
And it's left here to plead
Here in these words of rhyme, is pieces of me shared
If one looks they will see my very soul is completely bared
Begging for mercy from all I feel and relive everyday
Remembering everything in every way
From what dances inside my head deep in the dark of night
It's the why I feel all this writing is for me so right
I feel in writing them, I get to have him again
He is my everything, the one who knows me better then my closest friend
Then I see him in the distance so close yet so far away
I long to be with him and love him so much more everyday
So yes, I write on paper and share with you these very words
As it's my only way in my moments here, and my mind in re-living my past, they can be 
recalled easily, then so truly quietly and every so loudly be heard

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Value of love cannot be written in a single word.
A sentence will not truly pay homage toward,
Letting complete feelings be shown undeniably.
Even not a paragraph may allow it victoriously.
Novels may deliver a small detail of my fancy.
Telling in words will be believable for just a spell.
Indefinite knowledge of this must grow from infancy.
Never faulting, never delaying, and continuing to swell,
Effulgence of our passions with focus on eternal intimacy.

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Can Hardly Open My Eyes

Can hardly open my eyes
To how I used to feel
I can’t set my senses
On my own poetry
Not ready to cry
As I critique my emotions
I hope no one finds me here
Sitting with my back to the world
Don’t open my door
I’m reading

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words flow
the fiery lips

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The Things I Just Cant Say

I dont write my words because I'm angry.
I dont write my words because you're mad.
I write what is truly on my mind.
What I feel deep down inside.
It may not make sense to you.
But to me, my words really do.
Every letter of every word in every sentence.
They all work together in harmony.
To say the things I just can't say aloud.
To say the things I just can't allow out of my mouth.
I love you, you know thats true.
But when we fight like this, I can't say a thing.
Too afraid to say things I may regret.
Too afraid I'll say things I don't mean.
I can only tell you that I love you and walk away.
Maybe one day these words I write will explain.
The things that I just can't say.

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Erato the goddess

Derived from "Eros" the Greek muse 
Bring me the words to form and infuse 
Your name is has been known as lovely
Shine on me privately  
Love of life 
Bring onto me nightlife 
Of erotic pleasure 
And poetry treasures 
From your Greek Gods 
And passionate lords 
I write the words 
That fly like the birds 
As a pair 
Lovers untangled the lustful flare
And Zeus your  statue faces me 
God of daylight 
Pointing to the sea 
Writing lyrics that sigh and jive 
Helping with words I can contrive 
Erato you wear a wreath of roses 
White and myrtle 
Playing music of love so 


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I'm always ready

I'm always ready to write
because it's simply what I do
poetry comes out of me 
like an uncapped bottled of glue
and I have an unlimited supply
like a forever metro card
it's all from the heart 
and I'll never settle down
retirement from it 
would be like dying 
I breath it in and 
never exhale 
but the talent in me 
never goes stale
I am what ever it makes me
some say creators are moody
and unpredictable like 
a hurricane season 
I don't really need to give 
a clear reason
why I love it so much
but I take it down like 
a glass of orange juice 
at brunch 
and I never spit it up
It's sticks with me 
like good luck 
It's my first love.

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Some people are just different some people are just blessed 
Some people are not better more humble than the rest of people seem 
Some people make a stab at things unseen 
A simpleton a farmer a soldier and the rest a laborer a warrior a vest 
A statesman and a teacher a lion of a man and a little baby lamb 
These poets These poets These poets of the land. 

A Doctor and a Lawyer and the Indian. 
A surveyor when he can find the time makes rhyme. 
A carpet layer and a concrete maker the least of these and them. 
A forgotten homeless in the corridor of time. 
Endless women blessed woman making rhyme. 
These Poets These Poets These Poets of the land. 

Some people have so many problems stemming from the lust. 
Some people have so many journeys starting on the dust. 
Every march of a thousand miles begins with just one step. 
Every poem written began with just one word. 
Yellow and white and black as night. 
These Poets These Poets These Poets of the land.


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April Nineteen

Inside the apple 
a star, in my throbbing heart
there’s nothing, but you--

April nineteen man
of yesterday and today, there is 
us...the vision of morrow

Of creative flair
ah, the spice-scented thought
shod with pink roses

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Written words

Thought it might help me tonight
If I at here and just write
About how my life I've since lost sight
Don't know what to do anymore
Nothing seems right
Losing any and all strength here
I have no more might
Words can sometimes help heal
The wounds that had cut so deep
But these words aren't helping me here tonight
I feel like I must weep
But do you think tears coming down from my eyes that seep
Will be what helps me here
No it just causes more sadness
And more fear
I've successed at failing
And have failed at being a success
My life before wasn't my own to lead
Now my heart is lieing in wait
It's already began to bleed
For my heart will never be freed
For the love I have for someone
To which I don't know if he feels the same
He's the one I let get away
And now I live with that shame
You know who you are so I don't have to say your name
No the writing of these words tonight
Still didn't make anything I've done right
They didn't give me peace
They didn't let my mind by forever quiet
All that could only come from time spent with you
Funny what a few simply spoken words from you could do
For me
Before why couldn't we see
What we had been searching for all along
In everyone we met
We had right here in us
And we let time pass by like a phantom jet
God I miss you
Somewhere inside me it's saying
You are missing me to
I'm scared
Never had feelings like this before
Taken a hold of my heart, of my soul
This time we need not shut the door
Let our hearts be free and soar
Then these written words I would need no more

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You Will Never Die

You will not die,
you will
not go away.
You sat the poison on
the table,
I saw it 
with wet eyes, damp
cheeks. I wish 
I could breath lavender
air, so that
life would leave me alone
I wish that you 
would burn out.
Go away my mental 
my black memories.
My broken rainbow, lost 
in the fog
can see you in
the distance. 
Never will you go away
scars never heal.

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Love's Calling

We are told to love.
It's not a choice.
It's a gift from above
That has its own voice.

It will speak in the dark,
But only if you listen.
It speaks to the heart,
If you'd only pay attention!

But we live our lives
From day to day.
And while love barely survives
It's gets pushed away!

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The Poet

And I knew him
In a way
I never knew myself;
somehowI understood
the sadness
in his heart,
and I felt the
and the needing
that ran so
deep within,
and I fell
without a doubt
in love
with him;
for when I read his poems,
I saw ...his soul

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Colour my World Neon

A spiritual home
to fly,be free
I’m ever to roam
in words with glee

Thumping heads