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Dark And Mystical

Nyx - Ode -


The shadows know the scent of clove *
as Nyx devolves her orphic code;
her odes address the stars above, *
inviting so, the Morpheus' bode.

Her darkness strings the scenic stillness, *
her laughter waves inside the ether,
small hours submit erotic bleakness,
advancing 'mid the sage and heather.

The creatures glance - with eyes of amber
beneath the blinking starry flare, *
while Nyx, the infinite advancer,
inflicts her thralldom and affair.


The blanching moon, in ventured glory, *
embraced by Erebus at night,
unfolds her mane of black graphite,
distributing her daunting dowry.

She meekly bids to worlds of blooms, *
the mortals on the breezes' breath,
bestowing grand the kiss of death,
with fates to weave the orchard looms.


Suggesting darkened deeds and dismal,
with sovereignty she guides - abysmal,
the chanted souls to follow thence,
her clouded callings consequence.

© 26-03-2014 - (date the poem was revised)
© 10-03-2012 
(Iambic Ode)
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Contest Name: Dark and Mystical
Deadline: 4/25/2014

Nyx = Night

Paintings of Nyx:

The story on Wikipedia:
Nyx ("Night" in Greek) – Roman (in Latin): Nox – is the Greek goddess (or personification) of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death). Her appearances are sparse in surviving mythology, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty. She is found in the shadows of the world and only ever seen in glimpses. }