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Ode Science Poems | Ode Poems About Science

These Ode Science poems are examples of Ode poems about Science. These are the best examples of Ode Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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From a three-sided angle
Astrological purpose is unmangled
Triangle on top
Square on the bottom
Bright halo around God
Our tears fill His bottle
A Pyramid is a monument to death
A Tabernacle of wealth
Which comes into effect
When there's no longer breath
Is it mourning or celebration in stealth
Beyond Technology
Architectural prophecy
Geometrical philosophy
The place where Kings and Queens lay
Buried on a sun-disk
Dedicated to Day
The final form to decay
Hands form this shape
When they're positioned to pray.

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Atlantis, the last of the spacecrafts, left this exterior of world
For the scientific expeditions and to discover something new.
Such heroic spacecrafts search new planets, aliens and herald
New discoveries to us that delude our conscience like the dew.

Send no more spacecrafts to search Aliens (even if these exist)
But send some Land-crafts to the Planet of the Poor, this Earth.
The Poor wait, starved and neglected, with an empty open fist
Where to born as destitute is a Curse and cursed is every birth.

A single gram of meal for an Astronaut costs more, yes, more
Than the whole year cost of a poor man who lives to struggle.
Send a Land-craft, at least, to this unexplored planet of poor,
You will discover luminescence of God in their simple smile.

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Ode to Petroleum


In the past coal reigns without any challenges,
But now,the modern glory is petroleum-a toothful fact,
Found juxtapose with natural gas
Formed from dead remains of marine plants and animals,
Thick and viscous,dark and real~the black Gold
To be refined and distillated to perform better,
No matter your class,you cannot ignore him,
A source of power,power to move and glow,
which makes the economy to flow.
You are so unique,Many countries struggle to possess,
For your energy supply is immense,
Your selling price controls the world`s economy,
A wonderful dream for the Persian gulf,
Fuel is needed by the mighty to foster his strength,
Lose control and become toothless,
Nations rising against Nations to have a taste,
You are sweeter than honey,better than milk,
Ye!,A great relieve to man.
You gave birth to plasticos..,
which is classic-whether thermoset or thermoplast,
packaging is better,finishing is splendid,
anti-bacteria,anti-corrosive and heat-resistant,
putting smiles on the faces of many actors,
Engineers are elated and their skills showcased,
Imagine a universe without automobiles and plastics,I mean YOU!
...Alternatives are being sought but yet,None.
Petroleum the energy savior;Kudos to you.

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Quaruple click
f@st r3action
Pwn3d monst3r
ch@irspin 0f vict0ry

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Our modern world has become
so advanced and sophisticated,
and its technology is at our fingertips;
unlikely yesterday when everything was slow-paced,
now fast-food and credit cards are a convenience...
and poverty is the plight of low-income!

Some will know greatness,
for having made unthinkable strides,
and they will be honored or even immortilized;
and I like to be one of them...simply remembered!
The great minds of the past, like those of today,
struggled to come out of obscurity,    
until Popes and wealthy people recognized their genius;
and those names became so glorious!  

Each one of us is born with an amazing gift,
and through vocation and inspiration,
it can grow in size and scope...
if it's used with good intention!
Painters choose the colors of their images, 
writers create the words of their moods;
sculptors carve out  faces with a chisel,
and  composers imitate the feelings of the soul!

Some will know greatness,
and though riches may not ever be theirs...
their works are the reflection of themselves,
or of others who made a difference;
we have seen them, admired them
and applauded them with excitement!
And they are as detemined as we are,
fullfilling a mission beyond compare!

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Untitled #32 / Crazy physicist

Crazy physicist! So, you can
put a man on the moon?
Ooh! I have a new problem!
Calculate the trajectory of my soul
as it leaves my body!