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Great Barrier Reef

Pacific beauty, garland of shimmering pastels  
Textures and colors astound, deep in your ocean heart 
Your court is larger than any kingdom on Earth 
And hosts grand balls and parties, 
Shimmering schools of fish dance in unison 
Anemones gather by the thousands
Each more vibrant than the next
Grand plumes of algae sway like great banners
In the streets of your endless coral cities,
Lost happily in orange towers 
All fathoms deep, cradled by warm currents
Erupting and tumbling and breathing, 
The jealous coast watches, the winds bow down 
Salt and scales glitter like stars in your sky
Oh magnificent belle of Queensland! 
All Hail The Great Barrier Reef!

For PD's "7 wonders of the ancient or new world" contest

Copyright © Jeremy Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Ode To A Wave

Ode To A Wave

Such beauty
Such ferocity
Such power
Traveling around the world
Pushed by tropical winds
You grow and fall
Only to grow ever stronger
Carrying ships and jetsam
Even moving lands before you
You are as destructive as you are beautiful
Yet, after your travels
At the end of your life
A child laughs and dances
As you tickle their feet as you roll across the sand
And then you are gone
Except in that child’s smile

Copyright © R. e. taylor | Year Posted 2016

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The Ocean

My heart sleeps by the Ocean.. Give me beach therapy please..
When all this world's troubles come upon me.. just let me dip my feet in the sea..
I don't ask for much just a little sand between my toes 
Enough to make this ole girl go ooohhh lala and away she goes.. 
When it's time for me to return back to reality.. 
I'll just stay here a little longer living in Peace you see.. 
Because the sand, the waves, the pure blue, green water is where I long to be.. 
Nothing can take place of living at the beach in splendid harmony..
Walking with Jesus is where I'll be living in serenity.. 
Talking to him about all the things I see.. 
Just pouring out my heart to him makes me feel free.. 
I want look back at all the things I left behind
because they want matter to me this time..
I'm on the beach you see where life is happy as can be..
Just to feel the wind upon my face as those waves come in it makes my heart race.. 
Ahh the feeling is so grand all the stress of life there's not a strand.. 
Ohh my see that beach over there that's it that's the place God gave to me, 
My my look at it glow.. More beautiful than a diamond in a bridal show.. 
I found my home where I belong.. 
Now I can finally sing my greatest song..

Copyright © Rose Stephens | Year Posted 2015

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Mother Ocean

Froth and foam, time and tide...
Ah, the motion of the ocean.
‘Tis the source of my heart's longing,
The place of my soul's belonging, 
With it's push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

As time and space go rambling on...
At your shores, the same time and space
Stand halted...
Your maker and mine exalted...
By your push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

At times I find myself longing,
To become one with you,
And your knowing of life's beginnings,
Both old and new...
And the days and years of all your learnings.

To find myself wrapped up, 
In your fathomless embrace,
In all the ways you have kissed me,
With the currents of your passion…
Your endless days, the mystical fashion,
Of your push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

Yet how shall I fathom, 
Your unending endlessness?
And how shall I counter, 
Your impartial fury?
Most certain am I that it will bury,
And erase, 
All that is and leave no trace, 
Of that which is and was to come.

For man who is blind, sees only your wealth, 
And not wholly that, 
But that which he deems
As wealth.

Till you, left naked and raped, rise...
To reprove us, to open our eyes.

Only then do we see, 
T'was meant to be, 
That you, and I and we,
Are made as one.

And as to you, unto us is done.

Thus to us is done for sure, 
Till blindly stumbling we find this cure:

That those who shall possess you, 
Shall do in setting you free.

And to them is your grace, 
To them is your passion, 
The depths of your soul and the endless fashion, 
Of your timeless, enduring mystery.

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Copyright © Kenneth Kirkpatrick | Year Posted 2014

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In this world

Beautiful day, sun full beam upon

 my face. A fresh brilliance as I Inhale,

 this world is truly indescribable. I

 certainly cannot comprehend the

 depths of the deepest oceans to the

 highest mountain peaks. I could ponder

 till the grave the vastness of the landscapes,

 every creature God has made. A world

 teeming with life every corner far and wide.

 I have let the barrier down. In this world

 God's love is beyond our understanding. Its

 unconditional and forever lasting

Copyright © Andy Craig | Year Posted 2013

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To Home by the Sea

To Home by the Sea
On a day where the blue sky is all I see above, 
is wonderous. 
By the sea I stand on the waves boarded by the Horizon;
fish they burble and entice the waters and sandy shore. 
Below the waters rippled surface be the bottom,  
Lobsters pander on the mussels and naive crab. 
Salt crystals bud and flourish as the harbor is shaken with boated 
Buoys of red tails wobble and bob in the salty breeze. Fisherman 
cast their nets out into the open ocean, hoping to make profit on 
Poseidon's ancient sea creatures. 
The men pull and heave on the rope's anchored at the bottom, caught in 
blue lipped being that outstretched to the bay and harbor, 
There the men part the bushels of sun scathed Jonas and Chesapeake crabs.
But along the docks by the Harbor a fisherman's gaze catches my eye..
His hazel green eyes mesmerize me, 
He winks and the Ocean herself beams a glowing light,
to guide the ships and little rowboats home. 
But me.. well all I can say is 
You can never compare nor forget the Wink or the beam 
of the Ocean.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to mighty ocean

You are an enchanting cynosure
Beyond my naked eyes could see;
An unbounded briny exposure
Where tiny drops assemble sea;
Unpretentious blustery waves
Evolve from phenomenal ripples;
Flowing endless murmur cripples
Heart deep embedded peeves.

Tuneless prayers by lonely seamen
Resonate in salty humid air;
Buried history at fathom unknown
Sleeps among tussocks somewhere;
Wonder world beneath farthest reef
Inhibited clams and cockles;
Heedfully shape pure white pearls
For jewels to bride in brief.

Though you could not appease
Thirst of a weary sailor;
Every curious eye, you please
By your incessant glamour;
Don't mislead fishermen's sojourns
Bring them soon home safe back;
To vanquish massive ships on wreck
Don't turn gales to hurricanes.

You agitate poet's serene mind
With your uncanny beauty at sunset;
Heavy down pour along monsoon wind,
Roaring thunders echo from south west.
Furious currents push to ashore
Rolling upwelling rummages the floor
Provoking flash sends terrible blow
You,potent queen! Where is your glow?

Swarnapali Liyanage

Copyright © Swarnapali Liyanage | Year Posted 2011

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Ode To Miss Del Mar

How 'bout that recent zephyr?
Scouring her formidable claws
like a circular saw
That thirsty condor vampiric
for considerable moisture for sure
While with your gentle indulation
'twas riding your form in Pacific
cleansed warm n' terrific
You ladeled me like a lentil
made me feel one of your own
creatures intergration
Oh what secrets lie 'neath your surface?
Delving into your murky depths
Landlubberers still so inept
with their mad science n'equipment
n' so many myths
Still only shake their heads n' confess.
10-17-2016 Duncan R.M.Ferguson

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2016

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The Reach for the Hidden Blue

Oh my dear,
your eyes are the deep boughs 
of blue that 
be suspended upon the sky line.
and like a child I reach my arms up 
and stand on my tippy toes just
to have my palm touch something 
so ethereal. and when I look into 
your eyes,your winding blue iris eyes;
I feel safe, comforted by 
their loyal warmth, 
Your mysticism my dear,
is one that brings the Essence 
of the red rose- 
it linger’s stealthily into

the apples of my cheek’s.
The gaze; oh dear, the wide pupils
the deeper blue that 
came from the ocean of 
your makes my own sea green eyes 
ripple with a crystal blue attraction,that bewilder those around;
I see you. through the peepholes of 
the tree’s ablaze with the gloaming of the sun.

I hear your patient 
tone through the soft 
melodies of wind.
When I draw quiet,
you notice- and retreat into your 
mind,and when you think I'm 
not looking through the 
corner of my eye…
that I don't see you- 
the words- ask her.. speak.
there you look to me 
and I acknowledge your unfaltering gaze.
and there your mind 
hums the genuine words to speak to me;
You stutter, and make the air taut around us,
my mind just sails effortlessly into your eyes my dear…
and yours to mine- we each become 
immersed in fantasy of each others minds eye.
For me- a clear ocean with soft winds 
that of your gentleness.
and you- the sea green waters that pool
into an infinite stream of constant tenderness
from my heart. 
Oh my dear…my longing to be with you,
the gratitude I attain and put forth to the Universe
and the stars above be the shared
love I feel; You gesture me to 

come be next to you- just so you can steal a glance at me when I'm lost on my own cloud- floating away into infinity.
we don't touch. but our eyes and our hearts synchronize 
and beat at the same toll. but when we do- brush each other accidentally we both share the same cloud; So my dear, if I may tell you 
the fluttering of my heart-the soaring of my being,smolders in thought of you.

We be young, 
still climbing tree’s, floating on clouds
touching the elusive possibilities…
I still will forever hold the 

the memento’s you give me in a gilded chest
sealed closed, Until we whisper outside our thoughts and the woe’s 
subside… that cause us to go woozy into the light step of bliss.
But forevermore dear I hold our 
undiscovered love- until it is time to free it from its chest,and give it wings to glide with. For here it be cupped in the palms of my childhood 

forever kept with me.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2017