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Ocean Ode Poems | Ode Poems About Ocean

These Ocean Ode poems are examples of Ode poems about Ocean. These are the best examples of Ocean Ode poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Great Barrier Reef

Pacific beauty, garland of shimmering pastels  
Textures and colors astound, deep in your ocean heart 
Your court is larger than any kingdom on Earth 
And hosts grand balls and parties, 
Shimmering schools of fish dance in unison 
Anemones gather by the thousands
Each more vibrant than the next
Grand plumes of algae sway like great banners
In the streets of your endless coral cities,
Lost happily in orange towers 
All fathoms deep, cradled by warm currents
Erupting and tumbling and breathing, 
The jealous coast watches, the winds bow down 
Salt and scales glitter like stars in your sky
Oh magnificent belle of Queensland! 
All Hail The Great Barrier Reef!

For PD's "7 wonders of the ancient or new world" contest

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Mother Ocean

Froth and foam, time and tide...
Ah, the motion of the ocean.
‘Tis the source of my heart's longing,
The place of my soul's belonging, 
With it's push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

As time and space go rambling on...
At your shores, the same time and space
Stand halted...
Your maker and mine exalted...
By your push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

At times I find myself longing,
To become one with you,
And your knowing of life's beginnings,
Both old and new...
And the days and years of all your learnings.

To find myself wrapped up, 
In your fathomless embrace,
In all the ways you have kissed me,
With the currents of your passion…
Your endless days, the mystical fashion,
Of your push and pull...
Ebb and flow.

Yet how shall I fathom, 
Your unending endlessness?
And how shall I counter, 
Your impartial fury?
Most certain am I that it will bury,
And erase, 
All that is and leave no trace, 
Of that which is and was to come.

For man who is blind, sees only your wealth, 
And not wholly that, 
But that which he deems
As wealth.

Till you, left naked and raped, rise...
To reprove us, to open our eyes.

Only then do we see, 
T'was meant to be, 
That you, and I and we,
Are made as one.

And as to you, unto us is done.

Thus to us is done for sure, 
Till blindly stumbling we find this cure:

That those who shall possess you, 
Shall do in setting you free.

And to them is your grace, 
To them is your passion, 
The depths of your soul and the endless fashion, 
Of your timeless, enduring mystery.

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In this world

Beautiful day, sun full beam upon

 my face. A fresh brilliance as I Inhale,

 this world is truly indescribable. I

 certainly cannot comprehend the

 depths of the deepest oceans to the

 highest mountain peaks. I could ponder

 till the grave the vastness of the landscapes,

 every creature God has made. A world

 teeming with life every corner far and wide.

 I have let the barrier down. In this world

 God's love is beyond our understanding. Its

 unconditional and forever lasting

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                                               Eternal Father, strong to save
                                               Whose arm hath bound the restless wave.
                                               Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
                                               Its own appointed limits keep
                                               Oh hear us when we cry to Thee
                                               For those in peril on the sea

				  For Those in Peril on the Sea
								                                                                 ~William Whiting~


A welsh morning blesses Church in the Sea,
I walk its causeway, lost somewhere in time,
St Cwyfan has stood for nine centuries,
Though ancient stone is now clouded by lime.  
The wind chides to loud gulls, a tranquil hush.
Mariner’s hymns rise from beholden waves,
Land, ocean and sky careens and collides,
Hours would dare not rush~
As I remember the fallen and brave,
And here I’ll stay ‘til evicted by tide.

The arched door is closed, the windows are dark,
But a church bench provides a place to pray,
This islet is peaceful, though it seems stark,
Across cool waters, Shetland ponies play.
Thick walls retain stories, laughter and tears,
The mourning of death, the joy of new birth,
Praise to the Lord for the bounty of fish,
A fortress against fears~
This solid structure hewn from blood and earth,
Mainland’s exclusion, a shunning brutish.

I look down at my feet, see the headstones, 
Sentinels all, guardians of this clay,
Above the sun shines, while I stand on bones,
Wale’s beauty revealed in all I survey,
Rugged, eternal, strength tempered by grace.  
Rocks pillowed by lichen, green tufty moss
Grants plovers a dance floor; they do a reel,
God sings in this still place~
Regales me with joy, then whispers of loss,
Tomorrow I’ll think; today I’ll just feel.

*By Cyndi MacMillan, Sept 25, 2011-09-25 
For Constance’s “The Church by the Ocean” contest

Church in the Sea (Yes, IN) was built on the mainland of Anglesey, Wales, but due to soil erosion, now resides on its own islet. Photos and info: