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Ode Loss Poems | Ode Poems About Loss

These Ode Loss poems are examples of Ode poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Ode Loss poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mother's Bookmark's

My thoughts they roil like waters dark 
in the abyss of blackest night, 
with memories of mother’s bookmark,
of Longfellow read by lamp light.
She called, in the room around me,
the patter of other small feet.
Her gentle voice fetched angels	.
Oh, the rhymes, they astounded me 
like lullabies soft and so sweet.
All fearsome shadows, she’d dispel.

Maxine, my queen, read Tennyson
and the Charge of the Light Brigade.
A little girl dreamt of caissons
roll, and thunderous cannonade.
To be so brave, the small child mused,
mother her precious, heroine;
what would it take to stand so strong	
without father, and not confused.
What words could be the linchpin
to right mother’s tell-tale wrong.

Such sad inspiration, mother,
oh, how I wronged you by being born,
though I loved you above all others.
Some thoughts of you make me forlorn.
Bring back the tales of mother goose,
three small kittens and their mittens.
Return the vision of your smile
the happiness your warmth induced,
let your spirit comfort, lighten
night, if only for a little while.

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You said JCO

You looked down at me, blue eyes intent on freezing, looked past my tears,  and 
said you loved me.
There was no expression on your face, no warmth in your kiss, you told me you 
cared, and wanted only me.
I placed my hands on your back, kissed that mouth and told you how beautiful  I 
thought you were. Then you smiled that first smile you told me I was absolutely 
When the sweat was dry, and the air was still, you wrapped your legs in mine, and 
stroked my hair. You shared all the moments of your past, the plans of the future, 
and the child like excitement of your dreams overwhelmed me into tears. 
I fell in love with you. I fell hard. I fell for a man who felt nothing for me. I fell into 
the arms of something that I dreamt was there, but faded, like the scent of your 
skin.  I never knew how blind I was.  I never thought it would hurt to let you go. I 
never thought I would have to. I never thought you  would ever hurt me, instead 
you crushed me. 
You told me you loved me, and you cared. You told me I was worth everything, but 
you left me. You just left me. No note. No call. No email. Nothing. You just 
disappeared leaving me to feel like everything everyone had ever said about you; 
everything you said you were, was true. 
I danced with you. I let you in to my heart. You saw my soul. You knew everything. 
You were everything to me. How could you do this to me?  Why did you have to lie 
and tell me it was only me? Why did you tell me I was it for you? Why did you tell me 
you loved me, and cared so damn much?  Why didn’t you stop to think about me 
just once before eating that cake you so had to have. 
You looked down at me, eyes still frozen, and begged me to have that baby.  There 
was a beautiful smile on your face, and you said you loved me.
You watched me move, and I heard you sigh. I thought it meant everything.  You 
said I was everything. You said you loved me. I thought you loved me

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 5 Final)

This new born day I celebrate your souls release from guilt n’ captivity since that day you 
felt a carnal touch of sin within as your hands played poetically upon the curves of your dead 
lover’s silken skin…
I know now  you made your way to the top of the rocks to plant a tree to guard this sacred 
place where I fell from thee n’ you repeated the poetic chant of love’s abandoning to follow 
me into our karmic destiny…

On that fateful day your soul bled away at the top of this crest by a solitary juvenile tree, 
your body of words fell to the rocks at the base of this cliff, embroidered into the blood of 
The one who would hold a feather to her face on this crest by the sea n’ remember finally 
the days gone by of you n’ me, our deaths from love’s abandoning when you my love were 
lost to this world n’ me for ten centuries…

I now await destiny as we will love forever more with immortal hearts…

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Lament to Lone Coyote

This pain in my heart is out of control,
for life without you has deeply wounded my soul.

Bitter-sweet memories flood my weary brain,
as this heartache and grief drive me insane.

Your part in my life, a blessing I treasure;
and love for my Coyote is far beyond measure.

You are at peace and suffer no pain.
This, alone, be my comfort to keep me half sane.

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Cry of the Soul

Once, when my soul cried out in mournful pain;
I believed the Spirit, with me, wept.
When I felt that life was all in vain,
He lifted me from the drowning depth.

Now when flowing tears upon me fall,
and all seems hopeless in this life;
Does He hear my constant wailing call,
when I feel grief’s merciless cutting knife?

Where is my God when I need Him so,
when my soul is wounded and torn apart?
The One Who promised to never forsake nor leave,
does He see me here with bleeding heart?

Like the lonesome howling coyote, my soul does cry
in vain, it seems for peaceful relief.
And as the unfolding years go by,
will I forever be haunted with relentless grief?

Will there be answers which I will someday find?
Will my feet ever be back on the ground?
Unanswered questions riddle my weary mind,
as I feel and see the misery all around.

I was one of faith and considered strong,
but now am weak and a pitiful creature.
What I have become, I have pondered long;
and realize my need of the One True Teacher.

Once again, my howling, mournful wail cries out;
“Oh, God, my Master, hear my plea.
We need Your help, without one single doubt.
We beg for strength to set all pain free...”

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Letting Go

Two precious little memories
Two sweet little angels
Watching over me from heaven
Who were not for this earth
Never had the chance to grow
No first step, no first word
Never to know life’s ups and downs
No future to behold
Judgment impaired, mistakes made
No turning back time
Will ever change the course
It has to fallow thru
Rest in peace my babies
God will take care of you
You were to tender 
For this rough world
We never had the chance
 To know each other
You are in my thoughts
I will see you in heaven

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Love is a Sacrifice

You have my soul, but you have your fate Whatever your words, I’m willing to take You have my word; I’ll give you my breath It’s like a chain that would never be break You are my love with all my heart, I’ll fight for you with all my might. And in the way, you admire your goals, You hold my hands, but not so close. As you go to your chosen path, I’ll accept the fact that we will be apart. In the dark side, I leave behind Within my faith, that you’ll arise Please don’t look back, coz I’m fighting still I’m hurting so much! Don’t want to have you near I accept my fate for what it does, I’m bleeding so much, do you know for whom it was? You reach your goals, as you want to have, Would you remind the man that gave what he had? As you reach the stars, and be the one Be a sun that shines its own. After the rain, the rainbow comes, Like dark in the moon, when the light flash A glimpse from you at least a short For then I knew my pain is worth.

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Ode to Liam

Oh how my heart yearns for you
That once was my dearest friend
We traveled many miles with each other
shared our thoughts and passions

We put the world to rights time and again
You were my sanctuary from life's woes
Never asking or expecting anything from me
freely giving me everything you could

It was only when you were taken from me
That I realised what a gift I had lost
The gap left in my heart so big,
A chasm I was unable to fill

Why oh why you i cried out in sorrow
It should have been me for you were no age
The angels took a piece of my heart
On the day they took you

One day soon I will again travel with you
For such is the fate of mankind

.written 04/02/2013

contest Skat's favourite poems

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Why do always come together at the very last
 We mourn about someone's terrible fate 
 We pray  the almighty to open heavens gate 
 Why can't we take a stand
 Before everything goes haywire
 And its too late 
 What sadness me the most 
 We shall forget her like yesterdays ghost 
 I am weak to take a stand
 Feel like a spineless worm 
 I am  filled with the most grotesque and harm full germ
 I am sorry for the things I could not do for you 
 I am sorry I could not protect you
 (to the Indian Lady who died in hand of Monsters)

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                           In a small village there grew       
                           a beauty pure, and true
                           a flower beyond pristine  
                           a shy rose not yet seen

Blessed are those who can hear the screams of flowers picked to soon.

                            A woman grounded in earthly hue
                            came to light in Royal blue.
                            A lady of depth and substance
                            towered above pomp and circumstance.

Blessed are those who can cradle a wilted body without pause, or fear.

                             With our heads bent in silent contemplation,
                             we bid farewell to the conscience of a nation.
                             To “England’s Rose” we say good-bye.
                             Good-bye to our lovely Princess Di’

Blessed  are the wingless angels that walk in the valley among us.			

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For Thomas

I'm walking out into the gorgeous summer day
and I feel nothing at all;
not the warmth of the sun,
the melodies of songbirds,
nor the cars driving by my street
who haven't the slightest clue of what just transpired
a mere twenty minutes ago.
Yeah, since the news came to me
not one lighthearted thought comes to mind.

I'm in the back of the store, doing dishes to pass the time
and I can't help but wander if anyone notices
the blooming roses on my cheeks.
They'd probably say something encouraging like
"Way to attack those dishes!".
Believe me it's not for efficiency's sake,
I'm MAD, and it just so happens to bring emphasis
to the saying "Use a little elbow grease".
Anymore and I might just a punch a hole through the plastic...

Yeah, since the news came to me
things became way too real.
I no longer felt like radiation that refuses to leave the atmosphere.
No I felt much more akin to a ticking time bomb
in the middle of the Sahara desert.
I could die at anytime
and it wouldn't matter what I was doing:
Sitting on the sofa, devouring a bag of Lays
and then passing out on salt overdose,
Or walking my dog because the weather was nice,
and then crossing paths with a baseball sized meteorite.
I try to stick to the bright side of things,
but the fact remains you died too soon, Tom.
I wonder what flashed through you head
just seconds before driving over that IED.
In a selfish way I'd like to think you thought of me
in those final moments, but I know that's silly.
If I was a piece in your day-to-day life
you would need a microscope
to even notice I was there at all.

As I sit here writing this
I recall the time we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre,
on Halloween night in the old Stonehouse.
We thought that was gory then,
but it's most likely child's play to the stuff
you must have seen in the last three years.
The saddest thing of all for me
is something irrefutably petty,
but it comes to mind nonetheless.
You paid for my movie ticket
when we went and saw The Dark Knight.
I remember how sure and confident I was when I beamed
"I'll pay you back for this. Next time I see you!".
Well that ship has long since sailed.
Perhaps someday we'll meet again, mate,
but for now it's just a waiting game.
And today that feels like the game where nobody wins
it's just something we play...

NOTE: Two days ago I found out a good friend of mine died in Afghanistan. He was a soldier, and barely four years older than me...

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The Cuteness


"The Cuteness"

Power packed 
his small hairy frame
my pug in a winter coat
Loki was his name

Smart as a whip 
always at my feet
I believe he wanted me to trip
that was just his nature

A true companion,
my best friend
him and I the perfect tandem
I am now left all alone

Lively, just days before,
fell ill and lost all his weight
at least I could say goodbye
and hold him as he met his fate

Ferocious yet loving, 
mean but always so sweet.
my little ninja so cunning,
This dog was unlike any other

I have heard him called "Snoop Lion"
Kind of a miniature version of one
others have called him "The Cuteness"
I treated him like my son

I call your name to take you out
when I get home, your not there!
In time my heart will mend
So farewell to you my friend!

Jared Pickett

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An Ode To My Beloved

I just wanted to let you know
That I have this love for you...
Although I'm not fast to show
For you, there's nothing I wouldn't do
And I can't control this love
No matter what I try to do...

While I know our lives are separating
Which has got me pretty blue
I just want you to know
How much I love you...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

Oh how I still see you every night in my mind
You're the best girl I feel I'll ever find
And when my eyes would fall upon your smile
My heart would be put on trial
And so if nothing else, I want to let you know
That I'll always love you, that my hearts beat
For you, won't ever slow...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

So I wish you happiness beyond compare
And sorry for the times I couldn't help but stare
Caring, passionate, smart, and loving
From my heart, to you, I'll never be shoving

You will always be in my heart
No matter where we go, how far we drift apart...

Goodbye My Love...

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Golden Dawn

The sun brings forth a golden dawn 
No warmth no joy no lark to rise
It is but an empty promise of times past
Of life lived but now bereft of joy
Of dreams scattered across the sky lost in azure haze
Of friendships cherished only to wither and fade

The sun brings forth a golden dawn
The night flees before its relentless march
No sound rises to greet its triumph
No colours of autumn light the land 
The soul lies torn and bleeding on the dusty ground
All is still, all is lost, hope has died and lies as a corpse

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If only dreams had wings,
I would be where I had wanted to be.
If only shadows don't stray so far off;
My destiny assured would bring me peace of minds

If only dreams had wings,
I'd have met my man from Tokyo by now 
If the roses still blooms, tended less;
Less worries that I will for so long plough

If only dreams had wings,
Low grounds will my feet fear
If money had meant no value at all;
Off every luxury should  my feet wear
If only dreams had wings,
There will be those bright lights;
Very eager to blind me into void's air-tights
If dreams had wings,
I would definitely be flying by now
And right now

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- Forever and Always -

I look past the stars and moon and space,
past the dark of the night.
Just to look and see your face,
in a ray of light.

A ray of light that gives me hope,
when I am feeling low.
Or just to speed up the day, 
because it's going slow.

I want the day to be over,
so that I can dream of you.
Think about the times we had,
before god came and took you.

My dreams are filled with happy thoughts,
of before you went away.
It's like your still on Earth today,
just in a better place.

I miss you when I see the light,
that brightens up my room.
Then I remember you are gone,
that you left with the moon.

I wish that I could see your face,
just one more time.
Why didn't god take you away,
when the time was right?

He took you right after,
we got in that stupid fight.
I told you to go away,
until another night.

Well now there is no other night,
for you are gone for good.
I will always regret that light
that took you from the world.

Left when the light,
shines into my room.
Back in the night,
when you left.

I used to love the night,
when the darkness filled my room.
Now I always want the light,
So I can't remember what I did to you.

I blame myself for your death,
though you're already gone.
I didn't really hurt you,
but it feels that way now.

I hope you're better off,
in a place far from me.
Just please, oh please,
don't forget me.

I will always love you,
even if you're gone.
I'll never forget you,
until my time is done.

-This is a poem I made for my friend, Shaun. I miss you-

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Ode To Maya Angelou

Ode To Maya Angelou

Great Poet!
We shall forever yearn for one last verse,
one last soulful offering of truth,
one last rendering of the heart,  
one last line from a hand so divine.

Great Poet!
We will forever feel the loss of your pen,
the loss of your own unique voice,
the loss  of your talent on our stage,
the loss of a point of view scribed by you.

Great Poet!
Your written words so profound
etched in our hearts and minds
will live on "in and out
  in and out
  in and out
  of time."


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Memories of Pat

This is the time of year I dread the most
when memories come flooding back to haunt
It was now you were taken far too young
sixteen mainly wonderful years together

Yes we had many many ups and a few downs
life always seemed so sweet and fun
I sit here remembering so many moments
that are now frozen in time but special

There are some tears both in my eyes, on my cheeks
yet in the hush of night I still feel you close
know you are waiting on the other side of the curtain
soon when my time comes we will be reunited forever

Until that time I will soldier on with life
take what comfort I can from family and friends
try to live a full life as best as I can
I know you would wish me to move on, start again

Yes I have tried, but no-one is you, not even close
I can't settle for less not when I once had the best 
my one true soul mate, my forever and eternal only love
So I cherish the precious memories as I wait to reunite

bless you darling, my heart my love
I lost Pat in September 2006

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An ode to my cherished friend

Every word uttered in the mad rush of a day,
Journeys back to haunt me in the dark’s calm.
Those that /occurred with him bears no exception.
Stuck with regret over petty fights that doth not warrant a cut
Yet, so happened.
The resplendent ray of sunshine,
That illuminates a particularly boring two dozen hours,
Will surely not be shunned by beating hearts of any type.
Such and more was his smile,
Sweeping swiftly through the vast expanse of the populace unhindered,
Portraying no exceptions,
Albeit me.

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Remembering Belle

She was a devoted ole gal always at her best
so many days I cried hanging off her chest     
down to the lake in the hot summertime
we would cool her off and swing on a vine

Every morning at five am here came Belle, now my friend
and again at six pm there Belle was ready to work again
years passed and Belle became a part of our family
we worked, we played, and we milked twice a day

Half my life she was one of my dear friends
I greeted her in summer with warm sun burnt skin
and in winter I spent my time warming them
when Belle died I can't say things were ever the same again

Belle had become more than a cow in a pen, who gave us milk
she became a babysitter, a circus act, part of the swim team, for the neighborhood
but most of all Belle had become a lonely teen's dear friend

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Ode of Lily Black

To lil 'ol Lily, 
Who lived on Wolfbane Lane, 
Your dresses quite frilly, and you quite silly, 
You make the town wonder if you're sane, 
Dear, Lily Black,
He sealed your fate, 
While the town mourned, 
if only, Dear Lily, we could turn time back,
Your fate was sealed by a lover scorned.

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Ode To The Royal Highness

In as much as one could attest 
and benumb 
So do I mysophob and blub 
For there were time when the 
sky was calm
And everything it revolved 
And there stand a man with 
great sense of rulership
Whom people often lithe 
cheerfully amidship
Just to pay their utmost respect 
Haply a regent with much fays of 
tales to paint
Emeaba  (do and talk) by name, 
A charismatic
Man who spend all his life 
catering for homeless and 
Peace  loving man Igwe your 
fiscal prudence is nonpareil in 
It was Thomas gray who, making 
a philosophical appraisal 
Of the dreariness around him in 
a country churchyard isle
Wonder whether any amount of 
storying an Urn
Could call back fleeing breath to 
its mansion nure 
The answer is of course no
Within me I know I lost the 
opportunity loan 
Still believe a day will land for real
While your dream lives on, cause 
your leadership
Was never by chance and shall 
remain staunch
To these townspeople is now 
strange when peer  only 
Few could see what I saw. 

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The song of the Fair Maiden

When lost in the Aegean Sea, I heard a song afar from my sails;
          Blinded by the fogs, I sail to the direction of that voice.
Guided by the sweet voice and arouse by the melody, I followed the path of which I knew not,
         And found myself drifting ashore a foreign land.
         Haul by the passing mist; I saw a hill that rose above the lands,
         My ship was in the middle of the two great hills that looked down and over the shores.
         I looked above and saw no clouds, just the blue skies; I could still hear her voice
        The wind blew ever so gently as I move my rudder,
        That song can still be heard, yet I know not where she is?
         I looked to find that voice that eludes me, that called me;
         But, yet, I found nothing, saw no one.
         She sang a sadden song, of lost love, but lost love I knew not?
         I am a stranger, afar my abode, a stranger lost in the midst of seas.
         Hold and steadfast, for my heart feels allured by the maiden song,
Yes...though my heart be sadden by her song, her voice drifts my soul across the Styx.
        God makes all things beautiful; all things have purpose, and is her song,
        Whether it be joy or sorrows, her song, is the song of a broken heart.
        That took hold my empty vessel, and filled it with joy,
         Though I never thought song of sorrow can be taken for a joy.
         I sailed far and afar from the shores, and saw the hills moved further away.    
         I could still hear her song, I looked back and saw her, a fair maiden.
        God's grace that showed me, a spirit of a woman, that took my heart and broke it. 
         Her skin as white as snow, her deep blue eyes that stared into my soul, 
         her hair long and gold as that of a golden fleece.
          She a ghost of the past, singing to guide her lover back into her bosoms
          And her lips afar from mine. At last! it was not for me. 
          A strong wind that force my eyes shut and bent my knees.
         As I stood up and saw no more, I heard not her song, aye, neither her voice.
        She was gone with the wind.
       The song of the fair maiden still resonates in mine heart as I sail a distant shores. 
       Even if  death approaches me and take'th my life, 
        My words of praises for her beauty will live on forever.

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Ode on Sorrows

A traveler has traveled far and wide,
Lost in the plains of yellow flowers and Poppies
He saw the tree that stood
An Oak tree it was, with stream of water from underneath.

A reflection of his image he saw,
A fallacy he denied. 
Like a fool he talk to trees and skies
The west wind blew and his heart felt
Heard his name sorrow, thus the wind Whispers
“A man is weight by the sorrow in his heart”

Thirsty, he drank from the stream.
Bitter it was, but the stream was as clear as the sea
An epiphany he had, the taste of bitterness,
Was from his heart, the taste of sorrow.

Green grass withered and the sun died,
Illuminated by the night skies;
He mocks the heavens
And he curses the ground.

The heaven cried out,
“Man is imprisoned in the passage of time”
The stars died too
The stream dried out and came a man
“I am thy sorrow, thy need, thy fallacy”.
“I live in denial, for I know not the man I see,
I know not of my weight, my sorrows”

“The yolk of life that I carry has undone me”
“Emptiness in a man’s heart is the presences of grief
Atlas! How well did my heart grief” said he
“How well did my heart swallowe’d” 

Darkness came over the plain,
the beauty was shunt from man.
A voice he heard,"nature of man is beautiful and deceitful"
Dawn came, blissful, as the early birds began to sing
the dew drops that fell on the grass, illuminated the plains
his heart was filled with tears of truth.

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Your smile is like a thousand rainbows,
Your little face so soft and pure.

Your hand so small when you held mine,
Your beautiful spirit so divine.

Your gift of love and joy began,
The day you came to us with your master plan.

You sparkled like the stars in the sky at night,
Your eyes were the window that held the moon so bright.

I wish you could have stayed so that I could have seen how you had grown,
I had so many plans for you but you had plans of your own.

Only a beautiful sunset could describe how you left,
Disappearing behind the earth to a place for you to rest.

We all will be with you one day in that land,
Where the space in our hearts will be filled up again.

So I'll wait on this earth and live and learn all that I can,
Because resting together is my only plan.

Vicki Darcy  

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im still waiting for your love

all the times we shared
all the memories we have together
the memories we have together 
the memories are so sweet that i cant let them go 
you wild me with the love that you sprang upon me

why is it that i want you 
i need you with with everything we been through
i will b waiting and waiting tell my
love comes  back for me

you said you always care about me 
you said that i was the one that you wanted
what happened to our love that we had
your waiting and waiting for your love

the pain is here it never went away 
im longing for you got to have you 
waiting for your sweert love to come back to me
im waiting and waiting for your love 

after everything we been through 
i still have love for you
my heart is longing for you
yet im longing for your love!

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My promise to you JCO

There are moments I still wonder why. 
Question everything I gave, and every action
I blamed myself for you not wanting to try
But came to realize you never gave a fraction.

I bled my heart out for you
Cut even when the scar would heal
The wound in love was cruel
Hope in selfishness you chose to steal

You found me in a thousand bits
Picking them up one at time 
Instead of glue it was a temporary fix 
To make the shattering affect more define

Now that the tears have all fallen
I promise you only of this
Your face I will have forgotten
But mine will haunt your every first kiss

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Joe Carl O'Neil

Your hand fell from my back
Heard you let out a sigh
I placed my hand on your face
said 'care enough to say goodbye'

I need you to walk away now
leave my heart with me
I cant hear the beat now
that hurt is scaring me
I cant need you like that
no one can take that place
you have your life of content
my dreams you cant face

Im the best in all of it
thats what you continue to say
my smile you will forget
cant play the game your way
even the greatist have broken pieces
and even I cry at night
the blue eyes that close to this
are pleading to see the light

my smile I have been faking
my veins bleed like all
stop saying Im too good for the taking
then watch as I fall

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The Emptiness Inside

Gone he is, this brother of mine 

    Left is an empty hole

  Visions remain of his misery

 As death came to claim his soul

 Weak and frail was this hand I held

    And his breath dark as night

 I knew too well the end was coming

    But, could not leave the sight

    Stay I did , and watch the last

       Breath, echo the end

  The visions remain and torment me

   The loss of my brother, my friend

  There’s an empty space inside of me

    That ‘s hollow and can’t be filled
   A vacancy that no-one can see

       A  part of me was killed

  Dear, dear brother I miss you so

    You are always on my mind

 People will come and people will go

But,  you my dear were one of a Kind !

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Loss Lost Love

Why my love left
I soon forget the reason's why
All that I remember
Is that she left such
An empty space
An empty trace
So many memorie's
Which can not be erased
And I die just a little inside
And time mean's nothing to me'
Fore you mean so much to me
              - And -
Then ever so slightly
I wish for quiet subtle change
And I don't know since when
But time just set's end on end
And smoke appears below
Which can choke a friend
A friend in need
Certainly not you love
And once again, ever so slightly
I wish for quiet suttle change
It has been three weeks (03) now
And things' are all in a clammer'
Thing's just seem to set end on end
And nothing seem's to matter
An I make a vowel for thee
In a time that is lost for- ever
O'h, how I wish to belong
And when you looked at me
And I looked into your eyes'
Warm eye's, soft smile
What were you trying to say
When you kissed me
Keen sweet, sweet lips'
What were you trying to say
Shall I say nothing,
Or shall I just say nothing at all
What were you trying to say


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no rhyme or reason JCO

You will never have me again
I trusted when you held me
I felt connected when looking into your eyes.
There are some things that should never be
all thoses tears fall from the lies.
You will have to live with what you did
if the bones in you care for me at all
my heart was priority I thought
but you made me a joke afterall
Everything  I believed in you was a lie
fighting is what you thrive from
my love was never to be alive
as I was clawing up from the bottom

I hate you. 

You have made me see who you are
weak inside a tree of a shell
never to defend me, or love me out loud
a ghost, a secret and shadow is all I was
betrayal was all I found
my life with you of mistrust

I am done with you.

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 4)

You regret your foolish disclosure, as you confessed to be a cold hearted lover for she was 
lost of hope n’ sacrificed herself from this crest for her love for you consumed her totally, 
though her broken heart, in the care of the angels choir, now sings reforged in the fires of  
You lived your life in the garments of a scar around your heart, covered in bark, thrombosed 
to the love of another, it now cries in virtue n’ chastity from the sentient tree that consumed 
your ashes n’ dust in the grave at the top of the crest by the sea…

I give to you Poet my blessing, so you can relinquish your guilt n’ pain of love’s abandoning 
from the bed of blame you made of your grave, for your quill is at peace till your 
homecoming into this world, my sweet poet come back to me…
For time was your crest from this day you have leapt, you are forgiven my love so rise, let 
go your purgatory n’ perhaps one day we will meet once again as your soul escapes the 
gravity of captivity, now owlish n’ wise let it fly to our destiny…

Though not a word is spoken in these moments of conjuration from a lover long gone in an 
age of castles n’ quests by the sea, it stormed all night n’ I remained by your grave side till 
sunrise n’ the flame in your eyes became the Immortal’s fire to reforge a tarnished heart, 
for your tortured soul now understands n’ through the flames your mind will follow…
Now I see the picture you have painted in the illusion of the rainbow n’ I sense the birth of 
humility n’ grace as the sun breaks through the storm clouds, for your poem of remorse 
finally rests n’ you my love are reborn with angel wings to ride mother earth’s breath…

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Butterfly Wings

It's so hard to say goodbye to imagine life without you. I just keep asking why but God chose to take you. Time, they say, heals all but I am lost away in a blur of tears that fall ceasesless, night and day. Reality is lost to me as I see you on butterfly wings soaring the heavens, I can hear you heart sing. I picture you there with sweet Grandpa Joe you have not a care you are peaceful I know. So hold my secrets a little longer while you wait for me but while I'm here dance with Grandpa Joe for me.

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 1)

On a windswept hill crest by the sea there is a lonely ancient sentient tree that seems so 
figuratively familiar to me, I wonder why this can be n’ who my heart longs for when
I’m here n’ why love gives no guarantee…
Though I visit here frequently, today I was summoned, beckoned by the branches of this 
solitary tree swaying in the breeze, to this charming yet purgatorial space...

I knelt down upon this strange magical place n' was carried away as my fingers traced an 
owl’s feather to my face n’ wondered why I loved n’ despised this fateful place…
My body shivered, internally tingling n’ with grace, some kind of enlightened knowing I could 
not erase n' like the sentient tree that cradles you within, I sensed your ethereal embrace…

Silence ends where you begin, I heard the likes of Aeolian sing “Oh my Immortal”  n’ your 
poetic voice disturbed the chaos in the winds of my mind n’ there within returned the 
memory of your handsome androgynous face…
I said… “Come let my hands play upon your skin” n with my thoughts gathering to replay a 
scene across time of broken hearts n’ love’s abandoning reflected in the fire of your eyes n’ 
a touch of a feather upon my face…

I’ll never know your name or how many tears were cried in the oceanic depths of your 
pleasure n’ pain, though the salt I can taste in the tempest of this darkening day as the wind 
heralds your scent n’ presence unto me…
I’ll never know all who walked hand in hand here before me or where each discarded shell 
has been as the seasons flew away, yet I now know why a thousand Halloweens were  your 
destiny n’ you summoned me to transcend my mortality n’ the meaning of silent words at 
play this day…

Our ancient bodies lay together here beyond mortal touch, though in my present existence I 
no longer recall our names, they are lost in my many lifetimes yet kept in the Goddess’s 
Though no longer you feel my touch or pleasure n’ pain I'll plant a flower as a blessing on 
top of our grave, above the waves, where your soul is a slave to this sentient tree cradling 
your ashes n’ bones returned to dust…

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It is time to go

The room is small,an unpleasant odour fills the air
She lays motionless.

Deathly pale, covered in a sheet of cotton
A lock of golden hair strays from a linament bandage.

I clasped her hand, blew on the tiny fingers
breathing life into them.

silence all around, an aspiration offered
I said my goodbye, it is time to go.

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Nite Nite Amy

Live too fast, die too young
when glittered dreams have just begun.
All to quick to point and judge
til speculation got too much.
But rest now Amy, close your eyes
and ears now deaf, repelling lies.
So sad, ashamed for you Amy
that drugs will be your legacy
A poison of your mind and soul
that grips and claws and takes a hold
on every fibre of yourself
and feeds until there's nothing left.
How can a voice, so lingering
come from a face thats caving in
from habit, hopelessly devoid
of love and care, so paranoid.
But sleep now, Amy, at last, be free
Untouchable now, Nite Nite Amy.

Amy Winehouse 14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011

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I think,
To be honest
I am pretty sure
My mind, I have lost
I cannot anymore see  
The face 
I love the most
You all may very well say
It was not meant to be
But,to me
This just cannot be
It’s a dream for me
To be with her
For eternity 

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part3)

Yet my soul senses the passion n’ desire of your heart was composed in the language of love 
unto lust that I could never poetically impart, still I know the flame burns with pleasure n’ 
pain for all who find it outside their immortal heart…
I sense the reflected fire of your eyes n’ I wish not to recall the unspoken secrets of your 
poetry n’ the names lingering here, romancing the waves caressing rocks n’ the chant of 
consumable miseries of mortal hearts to rupture into suicide …

I know how your fingertips awakened her virginity when she was your lover in leisure to the 
music of your acclivitous words hypnotising her virtuous seventh heaven of sexual overtures 
n’ into the depths of clitorious pleasure…
She was one of many who summoned the angels of ecstasy by the priestess of your tongue 
that preferred all inamoratas to be kept at distance for their purpose of use was to be your 
poetic muse but she was (heavy sigh) your destiny…

When you dared to indite your desires of others with an empty quill upon her naked flesh 
remembering still their scent n’ taste, she flared with jealous rage n’ you were vainglorious 
for your lovemaking was illustrious as you celebrated far n’ wide…
In her aroused escapade you wished you had braced yourself for her pain as she summoned 
the green demons with covetous wings within her mind, for she would have laid down her life 
for you, though you did not understand this treasure was a love that was true…

For she longed to be your only lover though your fingers of rhyme teased a tongue to 
rhythmically confess your request to crucify her heart in unrequited love n’ her thighs in a 
symphony of continuous casual pleasure…
You declined true love for the endless line of carnal lust with debutantes, bridesmaids n’ 
dames for perfect in everyway to be with you she must, like your poetry symmetrical n’ 
consummate, a figure of flawless beauty n’ face..

To compose in repose your words in kisses upon a page of thy lover’s lips, the idealised 
immaculate perfect place, her face was scared by a trace yet her beauty of heart within was 
a gift given by the goddess’s grace…
She had a long thin line down the side of her face though I know this flaw to be upon your 
soul, it never left your body n’ mind as they turned to dust, where perfection once prevailed 
yet overbalanced without grace for your heart was forged of carnal lust

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I moved you JCO

I woke up this morning refreshed and smiling
its been a long time over due
The face in my mind I was fighting
no longer belonged to you
I took you down off the pedistal in my heart, and put you on the counter.

I admit I still ache inside
and find myself plead at times to know why
Why I loved you so much, and held on to tight
with you I was only bait and worth no room to try

I am not ready to give it again 
this time I want to go with my instinct
trust all I know within
before I dive in a nd give it
I will move you from the counter, to floor of my heart.

I thought about you a little today,
while I was walking out the door,
Sometimes I wish youd come back to stay
but the lies and betrayal would be more

We would have been so great together
had you given  the slightest bit of anything
Now that I left it is so much better
now that I know I well  past her
I will put you in the back of the closet, in my mind, while my heart forgets you were 
ever there.

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My Big Brother

I saw you once,
Too long ago
A grin so wide spread across your face.
Your eyes shone bright,
And gave you light,
Giving life a sweeter taste.

You held me once,
You came so close,
You took me in your arms and then.
You promised me,
An endless care,
My family as well as friend.

I felt you once,
Flow through my veins,
I felt our hearts beat as one in time.
I walked with you,
I held your hand,
Comparing your footsteps with mine.

You lead me once,
You helped me through,
Discomfort and uncertainty,
We smiled as one,
And moved as one,
And graced each other's company.

We quarreled once,
I hardly know,
When it came reality,
But don't you know,
We both let go,
Our friendship met fatality.

I lose you once,
We stretched and strained,
Attempting to clasp hands again
We broke the bond,
Untied the knot
And then our efforts had to end.

We dissolved once,
Melting quickly,
Into disappointment we,
Fought and struggled
To revive it
But it will never really be.

You loved me once,
Bid it farewell,
Though there will never be another.
I'll dry my eyes
And smile for you.
I'll love you always; My big brother.

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 2)

Your hands n’ your caress traced intimately across a mortal’s flesh a thousand years ago, for 
she is a stranger in the dark of my distant karmic past,  though I know her serenading 
immortal heart sings in this body of mine now…
I refuse to hear your long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with such 
lust in this place where you linger by your grave, I only wish to see the sweet beautiful 
memories of the love we made…

No!!! I refuse to hear my long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with 
such lust in this place!!! where you transcend your grave, for there is a weaver n’ a loom of 
destiny n’ I’ll not repeat that chant ever again by the sea…
From the castle to the crest, to the sea, to the waves crashing on the rocks, a hundred times 
the journey from the womb to the grave I have made while you lay in your tomb n’ your 
soul yearns in suffering to make amends…

I sense you invite me to listen to your evocation in this prevailing wind, it seduces my skin n’ 
ascends from the depths of my soul from beginning to end, an eternal poetic essay of an 
immortal heart’s legend…
By this ocean of our dreams you tempt me to inhale the perfumed scent though I’ll never 
know whose breath it was that I now breathe in as the wind n’ the moon feathers the sea in 
eternal waves…

Along this coastline the breath of mother earth has nurtured many lovers, lifted angels on 
wings n’ called forth mermaids who play n’ sing on the rocks n’ dance in the shadows with 
the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors in their watery graves but it’s been a thousand years since 
my immortal heart heard a poet...
Today this storm blows across the lands of my ancestors, the siren of your poetic beckoning, 
an incantation travelling the sea n’ time heralds the galloping horses thundering, racing upon 
the shore with the chariot of your enchantment never faltering…

Their manes dancing towards the crest  n’ crash upon the rocks nearby where we made love 
a thousand years ago in the soft familiar sand, your poetic voice romancing the sunset n’ 
painting the waves in glorious tones of carnal lust ...
Within the evening storm clouds I can see the rain though I’ll never know the name of the 
lovers whose thirst it quenched with pleasure or who was cleansed of their pain as the blood 
washed from the rocks upon opening Pandora’s box in their mind n’ lost sight of hope as 
their fateful love turned to dust…

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Her cremated ashes still remain sealed in the same nondescript box
white, powdery and chalk like material
devoid of any vestigial semblance to her once living and vibrant self
that unique persona pulverized and vaporized
(housed former svelte and tall Arthur Murray ball-room dance teacher 
a half century plus prior to demise
which beauty, charm and grace quickly caught the attention of my father
who courted and eventually proposed to this young flirt and tease of a gal)
inert organic matter now represents sole residual embodiment 
reduced to dust and near nothingness
former corporeal being of blood, bone and flesh 
weighing no more than a few hatch marks on the scale
absence still bears down heavy like some millstone round the neck
per  the black hole void created by defeat with Grim Reaper
toward this woman who helped birth and nurse me into manhood
momma’s only grown son still feels ripples of grievous sadness
no matter the years of suppressed anger and rage
in addition to emotional conflicts between us 
which invariably wrought unpleasant relationship
and a legacy of discord writ large across the tapestry of my life!
Force fields from this lithe Brooklyn native
(whose pronunciation a dead ringer giveaway to any amateur and junior linguist)
lives in the guise of aural spectra
especially within the hallowed sanctity of Glen Elm domicile
and continues to emit indomitable and unfading rays of pure energy and light!

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Ode the Rain

With out rain what would we do?
What would we drink? 
What about food?

Its helps us out 
Every year
It grows our cotton 
So we have something to wear

With out rain what would we do?
 Would we walk around naked?
 What  about you?

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Ode to Kilo

Brought home from the humane,

Life has not been the same.

They were about to put you down,

When our son came around.

He took you to his home,

Around his house you roamed

You ended up his pride and joy,

His companion, his boy.

They say you were five or six

Rottie, you knew all your tricks

You were first on our son's mind

He would never leave you behind

You were his number one

Now your life on earth is done

Our son, was beside you that day

The day ,the vet mistakenly let you slip away,

His house became sad that day

Because his best friends gone away

You left a hole in his heart

Because he loved you from the start

All his love and care could not help you live

But all his love to you he did give

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fallen pet

JESSE was her name
A beautiful white and collie Friendly
always standing by,guarding the front door
She got sick,so deathly ill
We had to put her down
Our ever-Faithful
No More

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The Terrible Cost

Into a place inside the mind
Rivers flowing cascades of time
Violent winds
Melting rhymes

See a colour before my eyes
A song playing softly
The multitudes cried
As a baby was born

My friend died
Because of Viet Nam
People cried
But nobody heard

We saw it creeping
Knowing in time
Death always wins out
Now it’s been decades Bobby’s been sleeping

Time takes the child
Raises him up
Army takes the boy
Makes him a man

Sometimes the boy
Is not ready to be a man
But along comes war
And forces his hand

How many young men
Both living and dead
Living in peace time
Different thoughts in their heads

How many doctors
How many cops
How many teachers
How many mechanics
How many priests
How many artists
How many politicians
How many disc jockeys
How many weathermen

How many fathers
Sending their boys off to war
Knowing when they if they return
Will be their boys no more

Haunted eyed soldier
Stands at parade rest
The names of his buddies
Tattooed on his chest

Till home he arrives
No welcoming band
Just a needle and a bottle cap
And a stone with the rest

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Portfolio Queenie

Portfolio Queenie
Silhouette of hope
Stoned on herself
Drunk with empty hope

Portfolio Queenie
Entitled she is
Admiring faces
Routine in the biz

Portfolio Queenie
Motel door ajar
Overdose of self
Never got to be a star

Portfolio Queenie
A filthy, empty shell
Dead doll face
No longer casts a spell

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my surroundings have no meaning now
in the midst of nothingness
my aggression is aroused somehow
confused about nothing else
a prison of hate increasing
this gap needs to be filled
an uncontrollable emptiness
lies in my head still
i have been exposed to all
as i hang my head in shame
helpless,dependant, yet unique
an individual in every way
i am unable to come to terms with
my own aggressive drive
ill turn this pressuare inwards
it seems on this i thrive
i cant escape bereavemant
ill heap this blame upon myself
im no longer fit to live
recognise my cry for help
how can i admit my own anger
when the words are hard to find
convinced i am a failure
to you so damn unkind 

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Grand Finale

                           As I bid farewell to that which was so close to my


                                      I bid farewell to the sun in the sky.

                                  To that which I longed to once hold and 


                                             Alas..the curtain has fallen-

                           Respectfully I bow..finally ending our grand finale.

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An ode to the pain of human hearts

I lay awake in my soft silk 
staring into the empty space
that seemed to fill in my pounding heart.
what eyes hath the power 
to seep through the brick of skin
and cup my emptiness,
to live, to dwell,
oh, to love forever inside.

what am I, yet a powerless woman
who dream to hold the starry night in her womb,
every star is another world
Lying undiscovered
as pieces of my love hath scattered
to somewhere deep and dark...
lost is it?
oh, what is that unusual rhythm
a flawless rhyme of footsteps
steeping down my path
who dare to walk unaided
with fearless chest and powerless jealousy,
who posses the lost piece of my puzzle
who embark upon this courageous journey
to see me and to hold me
or just greedily want to love me.
what is that apparition my eyes fear to form?
once carved by the mighty lord
had he placed a part of me in it?
for I realize a fulfillment 
and a destined power
in him,
I see what I found in myself
Oh, that emptiness!
I had fallen into the drama of the light
where raised curtains of fate beheld
something that I searched 
in those bottomless eyes of my stranger
that cried like a raging ocean
holding onto the sandy shores, 
I own.

tell me all the gods man had imagined,
tell me all the corals
the hidden rubies and diamonds somewhere deep in the embrace of the soil,
tell me the raining sky,
the power of light,
tell me the eternal flame,
when ,
for that single moment I closed my lids
to shed the endless drops of contentment
when in that split second,
have you taketh away my filled vase
my wholeness
my cherished tale of freedom...
and why if you had known 
that this is not reality
but a reflection of someone so pure
never born,
never lived,
you had given me the power to dream
you had given me the secret of joy
and took away
at the smallest ease
the strength of my soul, 
My love.

Or had it been a flicker of laughter 
to your ears
when I still search for the lost part of me
in the unending branches of the brown trees
and in the bottomless blue ocean
for that intimate stranger...
for his shadow.

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Cold Wind

I hear it coming
And it freezes to the bone.
Even when it is running
It is completely alone.

This cold wind howls with pain
This shrieking gust heard over all.
Whose love will it claim?
Who will it make to fall?
Crying out cold and alone
This cold wind wants to go home.

I hear it coming
And it freezes to the bone.
Even when it is running
It is completely alone.

The wind cries out for fear
It has seen its lonely end.
This poor wind is silent but only to hear
Possible other winds to appear.
Patiently streaming out its own sepulchral sound
Searching for others whom are homeward bound.

This wind, this wind
I've known and loved him.
I've finally let go
And I have moved on.

This wind, this wind
I'm now above him.
I've finally let go
And the pain is now gone.

I hear him coming
And he freezes to the bone.
Even when he is running 
He is completely alone.

I hear you coming
And you freeze me to the bone.
Even when you are running  
 You are completely alone.

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You Weren't There

I know you weren't there to see 
Brandon have a son
But we love you anyway 
We know you're in a better place
I know you weren't there
To see the sky turn gray
When it was a rainy day
But we love you anyway
We know you're in a better place
I know you weren't there
To see my face When I got my car
On my 16th birthday
But it's okay I love you anyway
I know you're in a better place
I know you weren't there to see
Alot of our memories
But I know where you will be 
In our hearts forever 
And that will never change

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Untitled #211 / Nancy Wilson #3

Nancy Wilson! Nancy Wilson!
“There’s the Girl” I went after, and 
I cannot say that I don’t want her anymore!
She left me “Stranded”! “Things” 
a’int what they used to be! “I’m [not] Fine”!
“These Dreams” go on when I close my eyes!
“Will [she] be there (in the morning)”?
yes, she whispers, yes

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Black Rose

She sits at her mirror brushing her hair, dressed in black velvet with just the right 
She puts on her makeup with ever an ease, ready for the night, ready to please.
She picks up her flower and closes the door, its sunset this evening, who could ask for 

She walks through the tall grass with a graceful pose, she bends down to lay her perfect 
black rose.
She wipes the tears that fill up her eyes and visions of the past marquis the skies.

He was her love, her dream come true, but God said "now I  have to take him from you".
She wanders back home and enters the door, pictures of him scattered all over the floor.
Upstairs she ascends, ready to sleep, with visions of him, she begins to weep.

She lays on the bed, not a sound to be heard, she whispers, "I love you" but he never 
utters a word.


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Untitled #93 / Ann Wilson #2

Ann Wilson!
Why was she so heartless?
What made love so different
in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s?
Sage, tell me!

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Old Warrior

Old warrior, in the bar...
Sips on his small, warm beer...
It's still 1943 to him...
And inside he still holds fear...
The world hanging on the edge,
Of uncertainty....
What the future held,
No one could see....

Served his country,
Of that he's proud....
Seems no one any longer cares...
And his fellow warriors are now,
Above the cloud...
Soon he'll climb those stairs...

Vanishing like dinosaurs,
This American-Spartan hero...
Has little left to do...
Ask him about World War II,
He'd be glad he met you...

To show interest
In his sacrifices...
His wounded memories...
His changed life...
His long dead buddies,
His long dead wife...

His mate long gone,
He stares blindly at the TV,
Dressed in the poverty he lives
No one can get inside his head,
Save those so long dead...

He has nothing else to do
Be home alone, with old address books,
Of all his long dead friends,
Photos meaningless,
Except to him,
Time has cheated him,
By leaving him here
In the lonely bar, so dim...

Struggling to make ends,
Six dollars on the bar,
The past in the air,
At home he never cooks,
He just no longer seems to care....

Cigarette smoke in the air,
A forbidden pleasure now,
No one seems dare...
Used to be normal,
Things have changed so,
But not our old warrior,
He'll be the last of his kind
To go...

If today is his last,
That's just fine with him....
His future days will be the same...
The final die is cast.

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Eyes Full of Tears

They were born together, rising towards the sky,
for 25 years, the two giants so proud.
No one ever thought the two birds would strike so hard 
taking down the two brothers, 20 minutes apart.

Now in our lives there is no peace,
taking down with them our memories.
The big catastrophe I witnessed, 
leaving my heart with a lot of emptiness.

People were running everywhere with fear, 
leaving the Giants falling in the rear.
The brothers are down, destiny cannot steer, 
the world is now stuck with Eyes Full of Tears.

Giovanni LaMendola

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The valley is a foggy mist playing upon the rhapsody in my mindless existence.

I cannot go on without your eternal being  embellishing the love that brought us together.

I cannot fight these trojans anymore. I feel empty, unjustly relinguishing to the fact 
that you are no longer here on earth.

I long for your embrace, to heal my wounds. My very existence depends upon you, my love.
My body weak, my mind continues to be strong.

Take care my sweetness, for I will return to your loving arms in eternity some day...some