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Ode Husband Poems | Ode Poems About Husband

These Ode Husband poems are examples of Ode poems about Husband. These are the best examples of Ode Husband poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Pink Pink Pink

Once in my life, breast cancer, I did not know.
Which was lost, and what would be gained.
I could not see, beyond her glow
Faith and strength carried and remained.
Unfinished things of her dreams come slow
These were not to be lost, our love holds true
Loss of her alluring game would not matter, I did say
In life and love, she is stuck to me with glue
She is more than any loss, which may take away.

Pink in October shapes her autumn sky.
More beautiful now she faces its lie.
Sunshine wakes her in a moonlights lure.
Fighting like a girl, she wins the war.
Dancing as a woman she captures pink ardor.
She is more than a woman, my lady, my love.
Pink, pink, pink color beyond her despair,
Trials and tribulations, rising glow,
She has won her fight; in the pink, breast cancers beware.

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Thank you.....

How can I thank you for living with me
 and loving me for all these years,
How can I thank you for helping me cope
 with an illness that leaves me in tears,
How can I thank you for making me laugh
 for filling our marriage with fun,
How to say thanks for the most precious gift
 of a beautiful daughter and son,
It's all I can say, but it is from my heart,
 the moment I met you, I knew,
That, if I lost you, I'd just fall apart,
 because I'm not complete, without you

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Love Described

As if painted by Monet
Love delicate and soft  
Soaring upon angel wings

I found my heaven in you

Your words evoking lyrics 
Tempering my tormented soul
Soothing sweet symphony

Emotion pure and true

Awakened less my agony
A thunderbolt to the heart
Sparks of passion set ablaze

Searing fire, flames of blue

Craving for caress
Overwhelming all five senses
Temptatious are your kisses

Like the sirens of the sea

Absolute devotion
Undertaker of imperfection
I dance with exaltation

As your arms envelope me

The quintessence of man
Vindicated from past sin
Vanishing all fears

My one and only

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If the fact that he places it their at all 
be grateful,'that knot in you 
it is by only you, it permitted, 
to be soft within, usually twenty minutes it is required, 
until it again becomes you. 
And/or about forty five minutes is possible to be required there 
is he together,apart from fifteen. 
When mostly is if as for main advantage of informal rank 
your panties, were only in the center clean.
Do not be dismayed and helpless but you think of it,
you would like to possess that, it's knot in you. 
With that grasp of your hand covered rings, 
it is to be able, never too prevent that. 
Most satisfaction and the knot sawing-in where 
the panties, even moon,'growing wet.
Making the feeling awaken, which you feel when it
the knot,catches in you.
It understood that it is yours,rusted silk it 'caused. 
Your other things that knot is made to put in place tries 
the fact that in the degree,
which you have fallen, 'concerning love and you it contains.

Is It Poetry

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The Way To See Heaven

They say the way to see Heaven,
is look to the skies.
Yet, all I have to do
is look into your eyes.

Your heart is pure;
Your heart is true.
That is why I
fell in love with you.

I see your love
when our eyes meet
I feel your  love
with so much heat

  I feel your love
when my heart skips a beat
I feel it when it
knocks me off of my feet

 I will love you
till the end,at my death
I will love you,
till my very last breath.


Copyright McCuen 2008

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Ode to a Wife

Wife, you are a quilt
A lasting duvet of my soul 
At winter nights
You warmed me when I felt cold
You embraced me when I needed an embrace
You fed me when I came home 
From work, late and hungry
Kind-heartedly, you’ve quenched my thirst
Now that you’re worn
Here I am, and, I wanted to say
Let me, your husband, be the quilt
A lasting duvet… for you, and 
For my unborn heir

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Speak My Love

Speak to me, my love, of the dawn
With amber rays that grace the fields…
That our concealed dreams, be now revealed
Grace mine ears with sweet praise 
Of your honeyed lips…

Oh, speak of love
That adorns the lands,
Take hold of mine hand ~
Flight of doves
Concede... as you take command

The whispering winds stand still~
While the blue seas touch the once placid shores…
Of this mine heart, shan’t be bored 
As with rendered kiss our love’s fulfilled…