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Halloween Ode Poems | Ode Poems About Halloween

These Halloween Ode poems are examples of Ode poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Halloween Ode poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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‘Trick or treat!’ the children cried
As every door was opened wide,
Buckets and bags were filled with 
Of cakes and biscuits and hundreds 
of sweets

‘Only to neighbours, the ones we 
have listed,
‘Don’t go any further,’ the parents 
But a renegade group of two ghosts 
and some ghouls
Were out to cause trouble and break 
all the rules.

They jumped over fences and trampled 
on flowers,
Whooping and shouting for what seemed 
like hours
Parents and children were huddled up tight
Shaking their heads at this terrible sight

A little girl gasped and said to her friend:
‘They’re going to Miss Allwitches’ house, 
at the end!’
The gang stood and stared at the dark, 
spooky dwelling
Then once more began all the shouting 
and yelling

With all of the noise, they were quite 
Of the strange little lady, hovering there
By the time they all looked it was simply 
too late
She had lifted her wand and they realised 
their fate.

With a flash and a pop! The crowd all 
As one by one the spooks disappeared
‘Will they never learn?’ The old lady sighed
And she winked at the crowd as she went 
back inside.

With sirens a – wailing and lights flashing 
Two police cars pulled up, and out stepped 
a crew
Of burly policemen with big dogs in tow
Sniffing and pulling and raring to go

They searched all the gardens, the houses 
and roads
But all that they found was a group of rare 
Who were rescued and crated and put on a 
And sent to a sanctuary, over in Spain

So beware trick or treaters, when knocking 
that door
You might get more than you bargained for.
Enjoy all the treats that are given to you
But be kind to your neighbours – and Allwitches, 


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DANCE OF THE BOOGEYMEN(An unusual Halloween hors d'oeuvre)

Twirling around and around in the Night Sphere
Creepy eyes that scream out for a Partner in Loungerie
plus 2
6 and then Twenty
The Boogeymen of the night
Catching the souls of the departed in flight
Sending them to the loneliest corner of Hell
With a Dunce Cap on every head that read:
A quiet empty trio of fools who did not play it cool while they were alive
Who refused to submit to the booze,the Pot,and all that Open Up Jive
Sweethearts on the dance floor where the Dead party all without a smile
Takes us back to that Halloween Trick or Treat town,at least for a little while
Mothers swing their Fathers
The Grim Reapers do their do-si-do
Harper Valley 1-800-NEXT-OF-KIN
Biting Teeth on a Harker Jonathan
Sipping blood with a grinning Mina
She is lovely in that shade of dead
Vein vessel blood all around her neckTAR and thy Head
Here in the ram shackled Studio 50 for DEAD
Dancers are the Boogeyshoes
With one eye alive and the other socket popped out
Sleep Deadly tonight Beneath the full moon and the Tango of cold Harvest Fright

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They have said that to me ever since I was a wee boy
Lurking under the sheets,in the closet,behind one's back
Especially at night when we are susceptible to  the vivid
imaginations of our peers' taunting ravings of Unmentionable
crawlers of the dark and fright
I would not sleep with the closet door half open to fill these
frightened pupils of what may hide behind
It would scare me out of my adolescent mind,to know that something
SINISTER would come from the shadows and SCARE me to death from behind
Every little boy or girl would be so sensitive to the Boogeymen stories that their 
elders or friends would tell them,how green and deathly evil their eyes can be 
when they look back at you.Is it purely imagination or something of a twisted and 
macabre sense of humor that our brothers and sisters would like to throw back 
at us..for kicks and thrills,Halloween night terrors of unimaginable thrills
When I was younger,the Man with a Forever Grin,would like to ridicule and 
terrorize me with his Devil-may-bite smile and assistant ghosties who would play 
along for the HELL of it.
I may be a grown man now,my friend,but whenever I pop a HALLOWEEN dvd in 
my player,the mind cannot help but recollect the pictures of Night Terrors that 
forever go bump in the night where I live..
I hope the same can be said of those same Vile screamers that terrorize us in 
the first place..give them a taste of their own WICKED medicine

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~~Tales From the Crypt~~

On the day before last Halloween,
We made the cemetary scene.

When we came upon a certain tomb,
My scout troop leader filled with gloom.

He read the tombstone teary eyed,
Then, he turned his head and cried.

Our outing didn't go so well
Now, the story I will tell--

Joseph Horny and his wife
remained horny all their life.

They took their final horny breath--
United horny in their death.

Survived by thirteen horny kids--
Did horny things that God forbids.

Both lay horny in this grave--
Joe is stiff and won't behave.

Anna Horny, although dead--
Buried with her legs still spread.

On Halloween, they're often sighted
Trick or Treating, still united!