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Nature Butterfly Poems | Nature Poems About Butterfly

These Nature Butterfly poems are examples of Nature poems about Butterfly. These are the best examples of Nature Butterfly poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Chopped Too - A Rainforest

Is This Nature's Glory As a quarry? Alone and at peace A life, a new lease I pull up a piece of land Take a little time to mend This rainforest trembles An open window in shambles Sitting on my own made porch I fire up a configured torch  Then Lay under, should I say What is like a porch light ray And I wait for that one moth Amongst butterflies sought An unwanted reject Like me ready to eject Take me now in this lush With the roar of death; a hush And I will go, amongst this gift Gods Eden unquestioned; my lift My life to stop the bleeding of the land So I protect this marvel, hold her hand Never can't So I chant Let me meld Forest held Me alone a window into the future slightly opened We are all just a moth drawn to a porch light penned  13~11~2014 Sponsor : craig cornish Contest Name : Chopped II ********************************************************* I believe this falls within the 10 to 20 line loose suggestion. This is usually done by the sponsor because it would be difficult to read 35 epic poems and rate them. Because I wanted to create a shape if you count lines as they line up I have more then 20. If I realigned them I would have much less than 20. I believe I stayed within the spirit of the rules. However that is and should be in the hands of the sponsor. I worked very hard towrite this piece for this contest. I loved the process. I have already accomplished everything I wanted to do with this write. I watch the show Chopped all the time.The idea is to be creative with the ingredients. If there is a steak in the basket you better not just cook a steak. The point of the show is using the ingredients creatively never do the obvious. I am happy to have written this piece inspired by the contest. So thank you Craig because I am proud of this write. However below is the ten to twenty line alternative in case you would rather judge it. ********************************************************** Chopped Too - A Rainforest This rainforest trembles An open window in shambles Sitting on my own made porch I fire up a configured torch  Then Lay under, should I say What is like a porch light ray And I wait for that one moth Amongst butterflies sought An unwanted reject Like me ready to eject Take me now in this lush With the roar of death; a hush And I will go, amongst this gift Gods Eden unquestioned; my lift My life to stop the bleeding of the land So I protect this marvel, hold her hand Me alone a window into the future slightly opened We are all just a moth drawn to a porch light penned  13~11~2014 Sponsor : craig cornish Contest Name : Chopped II

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Dreaming With Butterflies


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The Butterfly Flutters By

The Butterfly Flutters By
On a steamy, sun-drenched, summer Sunday, Tree leaves delightfully dancing to the tune of A warm, welcoming, wandering breeze blowing, Metamorphosis now complete, no memory of being yesterday’s creeping caterpillar, The butterfly flutters by.
Blatantly, brazenly, boastfully, Showing off beautiful, brilliant, blue-black and brown wings, Gracefully gliding through a breathtaking, glorious garden, The butterfly shyly pitches from blushing, boldly-colored, buds to fragrant flowers, Cunningly outmaneuvering a competing, hovering hummingbird.
Slyly snatching a satisfying taste of tantalizing, syrupy, sweet nectar From attention-craving, Golden Flame Honeysuckle vines, The butterfly flutters by Cheerfully and completely satiated - Perhaps, already dreaming about tomorrow’s anticipated sugary feast!
Entered in the contest "The Butterfly Flutters By"

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Beautiful Butterfly

Brilliant blue butterfly
Frequently fluttering freely
Delicately dancing on dahlias

Softly soaring skyward
Buddleia bushes brimming with beauty
Enchanting everyone’s eyes

Written for Alliteration Contest Sponsored by Dr Ram Mehta
6th July 2014
~awarded 3rd place~

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On Butterfly Wings

On clear bright days I catch a glimpse
Of what is a rare and beautiful sight.
Endangered, once feared to be lost to time
A gem to the butterfly world.
The Monarch making a brave return
Bringing to me a smile on beating wings.
Timeless beauty wrapped in a silk cocoon
Free to flutter where the wind goes.
Dancing on air without missing a beat
Enchanted by your beating heart.
Knowing I have seen rare beauty.
On more than one occasion you have come,
Like the rainbow that comes by.
Peeking through the clouds, around corners.
Reminding me on several occasions,
To follow inspiration, to keep chasing rainbows.
To fly on butterfly wings.

For P.D., who constantly inspires...
Contest 'any old butterfly poem...

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Butterfly Dreams

Giving in to desires dreams of butterflies,
Dancing to internal rhythms pulsing beat,
Finding Heaven's scent, devils delight, sighs; 
Wanting temptations forbidden fruits heat.

Come to where butterflies desires go to kiss,
On wings that whisper of earthly tones,
Carried to heights of sublime bliss;
While butterflies whisper orgasmic moans.

Plunging deeper, coaxing french vanilla cream,
Eyes wide open drinking in butterfly dew,
Giving in to butterflies secret desires to dream;
Devouring ambrosial butterfly nectar anew.

Trembling beneath each stroke of butterfly wings,
Release struggling to cascade in brilliant form,
Tender hushed whispers, as the heart sings;
Caught off guard during a butterfly storm.

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Butterfly Bush

Purple butterfly
Bush grows weary with it’s load
Covered with gold wings

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Beyond The Garden Gate

Ornate is the ironwork that I peer through
as my fingers grasp the garden gate,
and I open my eyes to my Wonderland.

My bare feet step down the moonlit path,
where fireflies twinkle amongst the stars
that reflect upon the flowing crystal brook.
I capture them in a lantern, then set them free.
My lavender dress twirls weightlessly as I dance,
here I am free to feel joy and to dream.

Here beyond the gate of my enchanted garden,
when the golden sun sets low in the evening sky,
the daisies, gladiolas, and pansies never close their petals
and the sunflowers shine in the moonbeams.

While butterflies stay to perch on the blooming trellis,
the song of the hummingbird fills the warm night air
and I fall asleep in my flower bed of thorn-less roses.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
February 17th, 2014
For Nette Onclaud's contest - "My Secret Garden"

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Beautiful Butterfly

Wrapped in a rainbow of vibrant beauty
While butterflies dance to rhythms beat
Caught off balance by beauty still
Inspired by the smallest features

Found where love is it's purest
Fluttering on silk wings
Waiting patiently for butterfly kisses
A promise of perfumed dreams

Here while wrapped in ecstasy 
Intoxicated by butterfly beauty
Drinking in naked fantasies
Stay beautiful, beautiful butterfly

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Whimsical Butterfly Flirtation

With rainbow wings, you tarry among the stones
Your caress as light as dew drops in the sun
Searching for a rose to call your own...
A morning breeze hastes to join the fun
Tickling vines, and petals, where you've clung 

You find a place to rest awhile and preen
Then fly to me, assured and debonair 
You spread apart kaleidoscopic wings
While proudly knowing roses won't compare
Nor can the scarlet ribbon in my hair

Dear butterfly, while neighbors won't suspect
This love affair I have with you, 
My hair, in which you light, holds new barrette
You flatter me,... am I prize pursued?
You've fluttered down, to be my arm's tattoo

For Francine's Contest

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The Butterfly Song

When the butterflies sing the angels cry
A sound so pure the flowers will sigh
The butterfly song is the beginning of spring
It happens each year when the butterflies sing

Though it's a voice not heard by human ears
The evidence is seen through the angel's tears
Accepted by all as the evening rain
Because a butterfly song is hard to explain

The music is made by the the butterfly's wings
But only nature itself hears the song it sings
It causes the flowers and the trees to sprout
And the birds and the bees to dance about

When a flower is seen it won't be long
'Til spring is born with a butterfly song
So listen close when Winter calls Spring
And you might just hear a butterfly sing

When the butterflies sing the angels cry
A sound so pure the flowers will sigh
The butterfly song is the beginning of spring
It happens each year when the butterflies sing

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Butterfly Wings

From the cradle of birth through the complex of life,
to finally the dungeon of death,
generational instincts react when there’s strife,
so a new order, takes its first breath.

In a pristine held valley with forest and stream,
where beauty and colour stand out,
odd shapes have a reason designed for the scheme;
there’s not a straight line thereabout.

So often we stroll through this balance of time,
blinkered and blind to its role.
What comes to the eye is not reason nor rhyme,
but wasteland that needs our control.

But bellbirds who call from the tree tops up high,
or boronia scent on the breeze,
and the cascading current that flows with a sigh,
are meant to put our mind at ease,
and surely they will if we’re given the chance,
to seek out these intricate things,
so there is more than a mere fleeting glance,
when we travel on butterfly wings.

When blossom takes over the rim of a shrub,
and the lure of nectar is strong,
pollen is moved through the whole of the scrub,
when the working bee moves it along.

The canopy gorges on sunlight and rain,
and filter them both to the soil,
so embryo seeds, start to swell and strain, 
and seed leaves begin to uncoil;
not that you’d notice when you’re walking by,
you don’t see these intricate things,
unless of course you are willing to fly,
and travel on butterfly wings.

Go back to nature; to our dear mother’s arms, 
who won’t support queens and kings,
but she will take you on a journey that calms,
if you dream you’re on butterfly wings.

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Monarch Butterfly

hanging from the foliage
in your hundreds
repainting the leaves
in bright shades
of black and orange
with your waterproof
gossamer wings
of four inch span
so fragile and 
yet so strong
enabling you  
to journey south
across america
from canada to mexico 
breeding new generations
as you travel 
thousands of miles
with unerring accuracy
to the exact place
of your birth
to breed
a new generation
that will initiate 
the process for 
the return journey
to the north
in due course
you are indeed
the monarch 
of butterflies

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Butterflies and Silver Seas

Jump into pistachio talc
and fly on mists a'sparkle
Dripping off me is butterfly dust
Stand up and you can follow
Dive off the chair you sit in
to streams filled thick with cider
Nap on webs of candied cotton
strung strong by the sugar spider
Open your eyes under water
Catch up with me high in flight
Tether your wings to the sea horse's daughter
as she swims in the moon beams at nights
Sullied clouds fall past the ocean
sleeping on silver tide's arm
Drowsy me now from this butterfly potion
sleeping in ribbons and lavender charm
Imagine the ocean alive
with flutters of wings on the tide
Strip all your preconceived notions
and watch with your eyes open wide
Glisten in green innuendos
Sparkle and shake out your wings
I'm a whisper of water, a glint of delight
taking flight on the brink of impossible things...

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Peace of Nature

Peace of nature shows
how relaxing life can be
and can show you truth 

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Standing out in a field alone, a little white flower named Daisy longed for someone to share her world.
One day a blue flower named Bachelor Button entered her world they became friends.
 She knew by his name that he was not the propagating kind, but that didn’t stop their relationship she called him BB short for best bud.
The seasons of Spring & Summer they enjoyed the sun, laughed in the rain and held on fast in the Fall.
Winter came it was long and hard they were both covered in a blanket of snow, not knowing whether they would ever see each other again or even survive .The snow fell     then came the ice, this went on for months.

The Sun shone brightly the first day of spring. A few days later warmth of the sun melted the snow, Daisy popped up .
 I’ve been waiting days for you to come out, said BB, they both chanted hooray!
The snow was completely gone in a few days, the birds started building their nests , bugs were crawling around ,butterflies began to visit the two flowers. I wish there were more of us Daisy said, to BB.

They laughed as the sun and wind blew through their leaves.  Then it started the sun and rain took turns until one morning the air & field was filled with the smell of flowers.
Daisy and BB looked at each other and asked what kind of flowers are these ? they’re not white like daisies they’re not blue like bachelor buttons. They did not know the birds and bugs carried the seeds from the two of them and the caterpillars buried them under the soil.
The seeds from the new flowers were then carried by the winds many miles away, they landed in fertilized gardens and flourished, although they faced danger everyday. 
as they were called WEEDS ..
 The Gardener pulls weeds out of the garden so they don’t choke the flowers, which cost a lot of money and require lots of maintenance.

However there was a Gardener who saw her friends spending hours weeding their garden , that they didn’t have enough time to admire and enjoy the labors of their love
So she set out to give a home to all the weeds ,she provided a place where they could fit in and multiply, they required no maintenance, rain provides their water .

The best part of all is their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 Ask my granddaughter-- What are those flowers in the garden ?
  She will answer "WILDFLOWERS " their parents were Daisy and BB

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Magic of the Night

I sit and breathe the magic of the night
The rustling of the trees as they sway
Black skies dappled with brilliant star light

My inner being becomes calm and right
Allowing my troubles to float away
I sit and breath the magic of the night

On the horizon a half moon shines bright
Reflecting on the water in the bay
Black skies dappled with brilliant star light

Watching as large nocturnal birds take flight
My eyes following as they fly away
I sit and breathe the magic of the night

A single butterfly comes within sight
On a backdrop of velvet it does play
Black skies dappled with brilliant star light

For some the evening is a place of fright
As for me I do not see it that way
I sit and breathe the magic of the night
Black skies dappled with brilliant star light

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The Butterfly

The butterfly, it flutters by,
And yes flutter is the word--
For butterflies don't soar or buzz
Like other bugs, or birds. 

They dance upon the summer breeze
As they flit about the air--
For a garden sweet, is incomplete
Lest butterflies are there.

But who knows whence they travel,
And who knows why they stay--
Perhaps they come to court the rose,
Or about the flowers play.

The monarch and the Morpheus,
And the other species too--
They cause the spring to sweetly sing
And enhance the lovely view.

So perhaps I'll find a garden,
And should fate allow it so--
Then I might see, the tissue she...
Flutter lightly to and fro.

The Butterfly Flutters By Contest
Sponsor: Kelly Deschler

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Haiku 8 - bees and butterflies, ants in action, shimmering pools

what new plant is this
flowering bees this morning
and butterflies too?

running to and fro
a group of ants in action
searching for food

bathed in the sunshine
shimmering pools of water
pulsating with life

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big two eyes
wing face
nice flower is watched 

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I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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Prelude to Summer

A prelude to summer… spring’s glorious awakening Green meadows are alive, littered with hundreds of wild flowers Soft and wet, bright, green grass sway, unhindered by morning rain All awaiting warm sunshine to fill with more glee! Out of woodsy habitats come young foxes and hares Their watchful eyes keen as they search for a meal Then hurriedly down a winding path the brave hares disappear But soon become startled as a butterfly flutters by! ~*~
5/29/14 Note: For Kelly's "...As A Butterfly Flutters By" Contest

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For now she lie silent the winds have all but ceased the ending of relentless rain has birthed a song of spring In her silent paradise protected within emerald boughs a dream of pastel stirs within her silken gown With images alive in flutter where sparks of growth ignite this lovely fare virgin prepares her endless flight With grace reaching beyond and subtle hymns in soft sway this beauty of flights kingdom escapes to make her way...

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Ladybug, Fly Away

Little friend
Little dancer
On my pen

Gentle bug
Little soul
Little creature
That I know

Fly away
Under the moon

Lovely girl
Lovely part of
This whole world

Gentle bug
Lovely boy
Lovely life which
Gives me joy

Fly away
Before it’s noon

Lonely heart
Lonely song from
Nature’s harp

Gentle bug
Lonely you
Lonely me and
We make two

Fly away
Don’t die too soon

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Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity

mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered thud
- flight into eternity
deceptive glass pane

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Butterflies and Honey Bees

In the meadow, weeds flowering
By a cluster of old shade trees
Make a lovely scene attracting
Some butterflies and honey bees

Butterflies sipping each flower
Flit happily from bloom to bloom
Flaunting their wings of gossamer
Giving each other lots of room

Several colours of the rainbow
Painted on their gossamer wings
Put on a brilliant colour show
Such a happy feeling it brings

Bees also join in the feasting
Imbibing each flower's nectar
Doing so with joyful humming
In their role as honey maker

Weed flowers are in Nature's brood
Springing up where ever they please
They assist in providing food
For butterflies and honey bees

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Caterpillar dreams
of wings and sweet nectar -
while munching tough leaves.

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A Waltz upon a Leaf

Teetering on a tangent this pearlescent dew drop
Balancing midrib, it is but
A breath away from oblivion's slide, yet
Held in place by Mother Nature’s lace

A globule of life
An ocean full of microbes surfing its globe
Pirouetting with life’s balance it quivers in its emerald valley
Blinding sunrays bleeding colourful apparitions

From this tiny orb, a disco ball
Where butterflies ballet
A Sundance in glitter
A glide to nature’s symphony

A waltz upon a leaf

19 Aug. 2014

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I found a moth cocoon of silken thread
--A substance indestructable they say--
Almost unseen–his earthbrown, narrow bed
Where, patiently, the silent captive lay.
I thought to put him in a jar, to own,
To watch, to cherish his emerging form, 
But No! The case was broken, he had flown!
His empty, useless house no longer warm,
He flew in joy beneath the spring-blue sky,
Caressing gardens with his sun-bright wings.
He seemed to relish living--sailing high
And in the April breezes fluttering.
I crushed his empty shell between my hands 
And hoped he safely flew to other lands.

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I was a child catching butterflies
on the yellow flowers
sprinkled on the green grass
at the roadside
They were beautiful butterflies -
big ones
small ones
red ones
yellow ones
and some tiny blue ones
which gave different shades of colour 
as they were struck 
by glancing sunbeams
There were little four-winged ones
which puzzled me
why did they have four wings
while the others only had two?
I was catching butterflies
but today 
a thing called progress
tore up the yellow flowers
on the green grass
at the roadside
and there are no more butterflies 
and still I do not know 
why some butterflies had four wings
while the others only had two

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Nature's Sigh

The Black butterfly waves away her adorations
All she seeks is seclusion, subsuming slave to mortification
The Dear Air is all she can breath, captive of imaginary dreams
The Beacon resonates, but the hope isolates
The Wasteland's silky fingers caressing the virgin's face

So she is now, the covet of the damned
Programmed to every victim's pain
Carrying the weight of every sorrow
Drowning in wrongs she does not know
But paradise is at loss; she must go

Nature sighs after the bite
All my hopes fading
Don't look at me with those sorrowful eyes
How do you know exactly what I'm feeling?
I'm just the ghost flower passing by
And you can hear nature's sigh

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Haiku 11 - butterflies, dragonfly, old tree

gossamer wings pulsating in the air butterflies in flight a dragonfly skimming the water's surface taking a drink rugged and gnarled the bark of an old tree home to many insects

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Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

I am here strolling in the cool wood
as I take a seat drinking in nature
I espy some movement in the boxwood
going over to look I see a feeler

There to my delight by chance
is a cocoon starting to open
slowly bit by bit does emerge
a colourful butterfly all golden

It spreads it wings to dry
gently flaps them with grace
then it hoovers ready to fly
now it lands on my face

I can  see two what bliss
as I squint, it will depart
with a gentle kiss
It flys off taking my heart

contest: Butterfly Kisses written 06/14/2013

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Metamorphosis of a Butterfly

Laid as an egg on a leaf by your mother
you patiently awaited Nature's magic spell
In a few days you became a caterpillar
then calmly chewed your way out of the shell

You feasted on the leaves as you grew each day
shedding your skin when it became too tight
Then attached yourself to a safe spot to stay
in a self-made cocoon to keep out of sight

Safe in the shelter of your silken enclosure
you matured to a fully developed pupa
Within which the body of the caterpillar
was transformed into a glorious winged creature

You split the enclosure when the time was right
and then crawled into the outside world slowly
Your wings expanded and they became bright
while the air exposure strengthened your body

At last you stood with opened gossamer wings
glistening with glorious colours of the rainbow 
Whose beauty brightens up the surroundings
and lifts the human spirit wherever you go

Details | Triolet | |

Summer Days

Summer Days Summer days brings us very hot weather But the days cool down 'gain when it depart. Hear birds, see the butterflies, and heather. Summer season brings us very hot weather. There is fun and lots of sun altogether. Enjoy sunshine very bright for most part. Summer days brings us very hot weather But the days cool down 'gain when it depart. Written: September.25.2014 Sponsor: Alfred Vassallo Contest: one new Triolet

Details | Haiku | |

a wide-eyed child

a wide-eyed child
leaps into a woman’s arms –
a butterfly lands

By Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Copyright January 20, 2014

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Beauty 
Sponsored by Shadow Hamilton

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A Garden Party

The sun is shinning and the breeze is a blow,
my table all white with lace in it's place and
tea cups in a row.

Fresh, red watermelon in tiny scoops with triangle cut orange
marmalade sandwiches lined in the shape of a loop.
Hazelnut butter and apple jam adorns thinly sliced ham.

A lovely little teapot with yellow roses painted
on it's stem, gives a flowery glow to this day's trend.
The lavender in the garden is all a bloom with
fuzzy, yellow and black bumble bees kissing it's plumes.

Ivy canopied along the gate, all this green makes me
feel so alive and great. This day is filled with family and
friends, a wonderful time watching the children play, I hate
to see it end.

Bluebirds are perched on the window seal and then in the
back ground I hear a whiperwhil. Butterflies gliding through 
the air, just like us, they haven't a care.

The ladies talk of all that's new and gossip silly little tales
the whole day through. Clouds passing in big, white, puffy
hues and perfectly shades the court yard's designed clues.

A garden party, its always a treat, a place where after
the flower garden walk, you can sip tea, have a laugh, even tell a
secret, a true friend will keep and a place in nature you can
rest peacefully, your feet. 

Details | Haiku | |


A promise breaking:
The sound of a snapping twig
Or butterfly wings

Details | Rhyme | |

Inside Of A Dream

Come chase butterflies with me,
lets laugh and play as we run.
And step inside of a dream,
romping with whales in the sun.

Come enjoy Nature's wonders,
sampling all that Earth offers.
And swim in ice cold waters,
scoffing at all the scoffers.

Come sniff the rarest orchids,
perfuming a jungle breeze.
Or visit snowy kingdoms,
where bears are white and seas freeze.   

Come gaze upon desert dunes,
and watch bees sipping nectar.
Or immerse yourself in fog,
white as a ghostly specter.

Come and explore our planet, 
leaving your woes far behind.
Just imagine all the fun,
and the lost treasures we’ll find.

Details | Blank verse | |


Flowers in a valley faraway,
Wind carries them as butterflies in the day.

Meteors through raindrops fall so slow,
Forming rainbow tails from the solar eclipse’s glow.

Beneath the cosmos and earthly sky.
Floral butterflies ascend towards the showers and fly.

Details | Sonnet | |


Chimera’s are mythical creatures composed of two or more parts.
Sagittarius, by example, is shown: to be made of both man and horse.
But Myths are not found among the living, except in the mind and art.
For where is the mermaid and her siren song found? Nowhere, of course!

Fiction has brought us fantasies, though life is stranger than fiction, I think.
For, now they’ve found the butterfly is in its life, two very separate beings.
Two separate strands of DNA work at different times within this missing link.
One is for the caterpillar, while the other is for the butterfly’s wings to bring.

One must die, or so they say, to allow the metamorphosis to bring the other to life.
But if they say one is dying… I think not… perchance it dreams, or does it sleep?
Or is this like the Phoenix that dies in flames, to again be reborn amid the strife?
Next time you hold a caterpillar or a butterfly in your hand… think about this leap.

Imagine all the wonder of their secret lives, and all that this can mean.
Not only is it a miracle, but perchance a place where we have found our dreams.

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Floating in the air Dancing oh so fair Flits from flower to flower On gossamer wing Making our heart sing Pollinating hour on hour
Beautiful display Every summer day Fluttering delicately Bewitching our eye You soar in the sky Enchanting us so gaily
08~30~14 Contest: A Lovely Alouette Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich ~awarded 3rd place~

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wings of gossamer gently pulsating the air butterflies in flight

Details | Acrostic | |


~*~ " I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming . . . " Born to crawl at the ground nestled with grass and stones Under-estimated to be just a simple legged-insect To be at veneer, an engrossed delightful ala will come and appear from my side Taught to possess allured chromatic colour - enrapturing fragrant pigments Enchanting being came from within - from nowhere inside Real captivating metamorphosis took place - wholly changed for the best Fascinating dreams, daydreams and reality flow with the ticking of the clock Living - giving its elegant splendid paint for the very last fall of petals in her home Yelling...shouting - now an entrancing butterfly dreaming to be a HUMAN OF CHANGE " Nothing's permanent except CHANGES...Practice makes not perfect but the permanence of CHANGES. . . "

Details | Quatrain | |

Butterflies Are Free

Is there any creature prettier
Than a butterfly fluttering by
A creature of the utmost beauty
Like a rainbow high in the sky

Varied paths on wings of colour
A conspicuous fluttering flight
Darting forth from flower to flower
A delightful peaceful sight

Dancing amongst the blossoms
Drawn by the sweet smelling nectar
Preserving nature's eternal scheme 
This fanciful pollen collector

Is there any creature prettier
Than a butterfly fluttering by
A vision of pure artistry
These delicate wings on high

© Jack Ellison 2012

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In my summer meadow

In my summer meadow

Lavender colored milkweeds, growing between dark  purple butterfly peas, are 
perfuming the warm air. 
The color combination is especially pleasing to me; I love purple.
Perfectly round globes of milkweed are a magnet for bees, butterflies and a variety 
of other insects. I see lightening bugs among them. 
The buzzing of bumblebees, wasps and honeybees is accompanied by the chirping 
of crickets and the happy twittering of the meadow birds. 
Yellow Sweet Clover lends it's perfume to the summer symphony of soothing scents.
Tall spikes of blooming Johnson grass sways dreamily in the bright sunlight.
Right in the middle of a soft pink wild rose bush, a bright red butterfly weed is the 
center of activity for many species of colorful butterflies. A brilliant blue"Two-barred 
Flasher”  flaps it's wings as fast as a hummingbird, while the orange-brown Buckeye 
rests peacefully.
Next to the roses, a blackberry bush is promising juicy, dark berries soon, while the 
Mulberry trees are already providing a welcome sweet snack for birds, deer and 
A patch of wide- open orange daylillies is a cheerful spot over at the edge of the 
trees and an emerald- green hummingbird enjoys their offerings.
There is so much life and beauty in a small patch of meadow! 
I love it!

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Nature's Erasures

Butterfly soars O’er charred, black, Forest floor …Life returns once more…

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A Butterfly

So quiet and peaceful
Yet so pleasentful
Flying in the air
Which makes me stare
Going anywhere here and there
Which is dispare
Pretty colors
Which are discovered
I sometimes wish I could be a butterfly
Flying high in the sky
With no more hurt or lies

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Stained Glass

Monarch butterfly
Black and orange stained glass
Fluttering softly

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Twinkling little elephant toes
 Prancing through the Garden Of Woes,
 Sniffing daisies
 With his long dainty nose.

 "Good morning to you", 
 says a cute butterfly.
 With cheeks glowing pink
 The mammoth creature whispers, "Hi".

 Turning from pink
 To bright crimson red,
 He bats his lashes
 And hides his head.

 As the butterfly turns
 And flutters away,
 The prancing little elephant
 Continues to play.

 I realize then
 That it's time for bed.
 Cuz, the dancing pink elephant
 Is all in my head!

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the butterfly

fly li'l fairies show 'em your bright colors, flap those tiny wings.
classy ornate's around flowers clinging, oh how they'd be
from unlikely creature become lovely features.


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A Little Butterfly

Once a big beautiful butterfly landed on me, Such a pretty shade of orange and all trimmed in black. I quickly jumped and he flew away, He never ever came back. I wished for another butterfly, To bring me luck and land on me again, I would try not to jump so quickly this time, Reminding me of an unmet friend. A pretty little butterfly landed on my leg, While I was laying in the sun today. He was the same color as the other one, But this one did not fly away. I thought I’d name him Jeffrey, Like that unmet friend of mine, In hopes to see more of him, Before he flew away this time. Instead he sipped the cool water, That had been splashed on my knee. I slowly sat up and held out my hand, And called him to come to me. Believe it or not he flew right to my hand, And seemed to listen to what I had to say. I noticed his little wings were damaged, Then again he flew away. Inside his wings of beautiful colors, More of him I really wanted to see. So I called for his return, Twice more he came back to land on me, So for my little Jeffrey butterfly, Even if I never saw him again, At least I got the chance of a close encounter, And I now feel content within. Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Where Do The Butterflies Go

Teardrops of dews glistening
Breaks the days of dawn
Caterpillars shedding shells of cocoon
Awakening with yawns

The little fairies quaintly appear
Dancing their favorite dances, all the day long
But, where do the butterflies dance to
When the sun hides her head...
And the days are shamelessly gone?

They fill up my gardens
Frolic from tip of tulip to end of the rose
Next to sunflower, daffodil the flutter flies flown
Never attempting to speak even one little peep
Keeping their precious secrets
From sun up until the sundown

A parade of floats
Viceroy to the Monarch whom he tries to pretend
Royal and regal, ginger and black
Passes the hours while waltzing with flowers
But where does each of them go as processions end?

Dainty, the Painted lady curtseys
Among the swallowtails that swan through the weed
And the Admirals through the blade
But soon to hide away
Flying rainbows of season’s beginning to fade

And my magical gardens now they are bare
The little fairies all have disappeared
Following the whisper of wisps, of a new winter’s air

It’s the beginning of autumn
And soon will come the billows of snow
Did they take journey to a summer, in a far away land
Where oh, where did the butterflies go

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Under the Trees

Under the trees
A brook so slowly is splashing
Under the trees
The butterflies dance with the bees
There echoes a distant crashing
The bucks of the forest clashing
Under the trees

~The form is Rondelet~

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Flying as lively butterflies,
finding new surprises:
down-hill or up-hill...
not feeling the October chill!

Soul lighter than the Autumn air 
floats to undiscovered places,
and while the skies are fair...
much is seen from these shades!

Stress is left behind a locked door,
blood flows as a river to a delta or shore...
the happy heart-beat is a steady drum
that feels thrills until it reaches home!

Flying as lively butterflies, flapping long and delicate wings,
free and unconfined by inner feelings...
the heart is a kid who loves to explore,
to deepen his/her sense of awareness that's everywhere!

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When we go to heaven

When we go to heaven will you dance with me

will you finally see the shelter you provided

the love you showed for me in time

your hand in mine so freely wide

When we go to heaven will we walk along the sea

hand in hand you and me

Will we see Jesus together and feel free

so close to Him you and me

When we go to heaven can we walk the streets of gold

He paved for us

I see the time in my mind so clear

us walking side by side

so free and so near

I will look for you one day above

when we go to heaven we'll be free

you, and me and Jesus,

Us Three...

Written by://©Betty Bolden


All Poems are copyright!

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Pretty visitor
Golden, colorful wings sigh
Murmuring happy

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Haiku 1 - bees and wasps, butterfly, dancing leaf

jostling in the garden
bees and wasps compete
for the flower's favours

perched on a petal
butterfly uncoils its tube
then injects the flower

a gust of wind
the dried leaf leaps up
and dances in the air

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Haiku - 22

pastel butterfly fluttering colors spill free strong winds stream upward _________________________ A P.D. butterfly Contest ~

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A caterpillar has no beauty
To boast of or display
It feeds on leaves continuously
In a pitiful and crawling way.

As if ashamed of its appearance
And its lack of creature strength
It thrives on sheer endurance
Till days of growth announce its length.

It sleeps in solitude's cocoon
Wrapped in content transition
Sure its rebirth is coming soon
Metamorphosed in creation.

Through its final feat of struggle
Completed joy a thousand sighs
From its triumphs over obstacles
Comes the magnificent butterfly!

All rights reserved~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~04.09.13

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When Holding A Butterfly

Hold your breath When you hold a butterfly For in truth Tis the butterfly that is holding you With kaleidoscopic wings And multifaceted eyes And an intimate knowledge of Nature Denied to me and you Then breathe again,…let out a sigh Let the creature take flight anew Yes… you held the butterfly… Or did the butterfly hold you?

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ISN Am I A Dessert Butterfly

Am I dessert butterfly?
My wings harden each time I fly,
Against the sandy winds;
So, might my wings shatter
From all contrary pressures that I duel with?
I know they might crack or shatter someday
From over-pressured sandstorms,
Like I a broken winged dessert butterfly...

Like a broken winged dessert butterfly,
A raindrop's kiss is what I need,
So that I revitalize
My hardened wings and heart...

Only when a raindrop kisses me,
My wings will regain their former splendor and grace;
So that I can fly on and on,
Disappearing through a rainbow...

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Writhe a worm
Fold of my arms
Global warm-ing
Squirming free from

Carriage ride
Chariot fire 
Butterfly dye
My fair lady

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Tranquil Undergrowth

      Tranquil Undergrowth  

Tranquil Undergrowth so slowly grows
And hides the tiny timeless leaves of life
Arrows spring forth on sunlight bows
Joined by birds of green and white in flight
Piercing bursting life into the light

Golden butterflies glisten in the new suns birth
Untangling night from day
From covered secrets in the earth
Where sacred is the spot to pray
And love comes out to play

Winged Spring bursts forth in cosmic splendor
To breathe the world to life
What joy to find you at your door
So beautiful and nice
As we explore together loves every spice 

Tranquil undergrowth so slowly grows from the earth
And hides so quietly the tiny timeless leaves of life
Now we have our time for playful mirth and worth
In pools of warmer waters that ease our strife
Where you remain my lovely wife 


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A Monarch in the Lilac Bush

~~A Monarch in the Lilac Bush~~

There she was dressed in full array
The most beautiful Monarch butterfly posing quietly before me
As I painted her wings upon my canvas
Motionless except for a few moments when she stretched her wings
Caught up in the moment 
My heart was captivated by her beauty

Her leopard-spotted thorax
And her stained glass window wings
A beauty to behold like a priceless Mona Lisa

Her antennae erect
And her soft spindly feet
The tapestry of her splendor was beyond my wildest imagination
Caught up in the moment
My heart was captivated by her beauty
There she was dressed in full array
My perfect butterfly
My Mona Lisa...ahhh!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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Springtime Interlude

Slowly I am drifting, fluttering across a lush and green meadow, 
seeking out the life giving nectar of your flower. 
Your ruby red pedals spread wide and inviting, 
anticipating my arrival. 

Gently I land upon your silken but firm pedal. 
I kiss you softly as I move slowly across your surface 
towards the soft and sensual spot 
that hides your precious gift. 

Caressing and probing with maddening desire 
I thrust inside you.
Overwhelmed with ecstasy and pleasure 
I drink the delectable essence of your being.
I drink your life giving juices 
until I am drunk with your intoxicating liquid 
and can no longer feel the wings upon my back. 
I pull away to recover my senses. 

Slowly I regain control 
and caress you softly with my pollen covered hands 
then bid you farewell. 
As I lift away with sadness in my heart 
I am comforted to know 
that I will find you again next spring.   

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Butterfly - repost

Sweet butterfly with wings of gauze Give this tired heart a moment's pause Unburdened by the human cloak Freedom's spirit your flights invoke Dreaming times in cloudy spheres Raining droplets made of tears With not a whisper you fly away I would not bid you here to stay Beside your path goes just a bit of me For one moment my soul flies free
for the Butterfly contest

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A Plea to the Butterflies

Spontaneous ladies,
embellished by eons,
illusive, enchanting,
with black velvet "eyes,"
and fringed yellow cloaks,
sparkling with diamonds
at midnight and dawn,
Oh, fly me away from
my grey-flooded days,
from the four-lane race
and the file drawer maze.
Fly me away from 
the chain of the clock
and the sink of necessities.
Bring me in spirit
to magical rendezvous,
to dance by the glint
of the moon on the marsh,
hiding from fireflies,
nudging antennas.

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Wild flowers

      wild flower meadow
      a colourful patchwork - 
      butterflies linger

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The Yellow Butterfly

~*~* The Yellow Butterfly ~*~*

I Grab hold of the intoxicating heat, churn my heart and let it fall to my stomach, breathing in the clouded air.
The water roams around me in swift holds, and I look away.
Away from the world and guess what I see?
A creature of Mars, A yellow star in the sky.
Wings so light they fly like the oceans waves, and so bright they'll blind you with their happiness.
Walk away and there it is. Again. And Again. Again. Always.
Roaming in the air and tip-toeing into the light of the sky, there it goes, burning into a yellow butterfly.

Meaning: I recently went to south Carolina, and everywhere I went, the  same yellow butterfly was flying. I knew it was the same. Same length. Same wings. Same size. Same feeling.

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The beautiful Alexandra butterfly
It beautifies its native New Guinea when it will fly
But there is different type of butterfly  
That is even bigger and more amazing as it transverses the azure sky

That butterfly has transfiguring symbols on its wings
As colorful and enchanting as sonnet of hues that angel sings
He is more graceful then king of kings
His powerful exuberance cannot be chained by chains or rings

He is the Extended Soul
That edge of abyss has under control
I hope one day on Earth his seed will fall
To free us all

For when he drops the seed of dreams
The people will fly without wings to spiritual extremes 
The sleeping knights will awake for them new world beseems 
The shot out soul much greater then prettiest sun beams

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Grandma's Picket Fence

Thirty feet of white picket fence, doesn't sound that exciting. But Oh, to see the blood red blooms, of a Rambler at one end entwining. In and out, it weaves its spell, all but hiding the aged white boards. The picket fence holds strong and true, a trellis to the Rose it affords. At the other end of the yard, where the fence meets a lamp pole, stands a lush Butterfly Bush. Leaning on the pickets as if it were old. A Lilac so full as to block the light, draping clusters of flowers like grapes. For months hiding the fence from our sight, beneath a butterfly enshrouded cape. Sunflowers stand tall and proud, a stone birdbath adds rustic flair. Against a backdrop of metered white, vibrant colors scent the air. The Pear tree adorns the picket fence, with dappled shade, then Autumn leaves. While birds alight atop worn points, eating the ripe sunflower seeds. Thirty feet of white picket fence, doesn't sound that exciting. Until you saw the one in Grandma's yard, a tranquil scene that was so inviting.

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Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly kisses Make me real happy And I’d rather be Kissin’ butterflies I s’pose But bumble bee kissin’ I d rather be missin’ ‘specially on the end of My big red nose Yep! Butterfly kisses And hummingbird hugs Caterpillar caresses And cuddlin' Lady bugs Some people say, my minds gone away Still others just say I’m plain crazy That just could be, because you see I’m happiest when I’m pluckin’ …a daisy…

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When I was young I’d take and take,
Leaving destruction in my wake,
Was little more than a common pest,
But then one day after a rest,
I found myself to be much more,
Than what I thought I was before,
No more crawling ‘long the floor,
With bright and pretty wings I soar,
That wormy thing I was had past,
My beauty plain to see at last,
Fertilising every flower,
On which I land, that is my power,
And my purpose on this earth,
And if you would respect my worth,
Just do this one thing that I ask,
And please don’t keep me under glass,
I’m just a pretty flying by,
A ballerina of the sky,
Inside this Jar I feel such sorrow,
For the missing flower tomorrow.

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The Comma Butterfly

~The Comma Butterfly~ I am a comma-not a full stop I’m tawny brown and black and love on stinging nettles to hop I love the elm and hop plant for flitting on too I do all the other things butterflies do I am not a great beauty like some of the rest My fritillary wings do work just like the best I don’t gain the oohs and arhs as I give butterfly kisses on my way Some here call me a moth-well what can you say. I flit and I kiss from elm to nettle I always do my best and show them my mettle A British butterfly I have beauty in my own way Look under my wings and I bet you will say Oh look there’s a comma marked under its wing I suppose it a butterfly really poor thing I flash them my markings before flitting on my way I have so many more kisses to give out today.
By: Mandy Tams~GG~

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A Butterfly's Visit

My butterfly garden of splendid views Bestows trails of wings in vibrant hues Blooming flowers tempt with nectar sweet As butterflies flutter, grand colors a treat Their grace lifts my soul in the dawn's early hour While I watch them dance from flower to flower In morning glory, a monarch kisses then flies This butterfly gift, a charming surprise She gently touches my hand as I freeze Her delicate wings then wave on the breeze A moment in time, beauty given to me On wings of glory, a cherished beauty My butterfly garden of splendid views Bestows trails of wings in vibrant hues But one brilliant monarch floating on the wind Landed for a visit and became a dear friend By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, April 1,2012 for a Butterfly's Trail of Kisses contest (Gail Doyle) first place

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Spring Blasts Love

Fairy of spring when flies high
To the core of the heart of green
Sleeping buds yawn with a sigh 
Ready to create a magical scene
To welcome their loving queen

The earth lays a soft bed of grass
For her feet so soft and delicate
And the evening brings in a glass
The wine of love from the fate
To welcome at the hearts’ gate

The colourful butterflies go zoom
In the fragrance of heavenly fresh
The twittering of cute birds bloom
Newborn flowers like shiny flash 
The lovers leave away the gloom
And sit under the green of doom

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It was on the beat of butterfly wings, 
We became torn (micro-emotion fibers worn), 
Like pages from a discarded journal, 
Always said we knew what we were doing, 
Until all that we did was done, 
I thought that we grew yet 
I'm still just a caterpillar waiting to cocoon, 
But I don't know how to do it (it was supposed to be a natural thing), 
I hear the gentle beat of butterfly wings above me, 
Its simple life a distant disaster, 
A record of things ignored (so small, can't be my fault), 
Someone's bad karma.

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Petal Butterflies

Minuscule flutters,
White wings flapping through the day:
Petals in the breeze.

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Tiny Lords Of Majesty

It’s due to a facet of your hectic nature That you repose for such a short time Totally remiss in your ignorant bliss Unaware of your beauty sublime A deep sip of Milkweed nectar With proboscis quick unfurled Diaphanous wings idle gently, lazily Then long probe is once again curled Magnetic fields tug once again Beckoning you once more away Legs push up Wings flex down You’re never long to stay The compass of all your travels is Directed by the Sun Your ticket is punched both by Nature… And solar winds All wrapped up in one Wings lightly, delicately dusted In powder of black, red and gold A tad tattered and ragged It’s true Yet still things of beauty Truth be told But also warnings against Avian haste as bright banners Proclaiming: “Beware! …Bitter taste!!…” Thousands of miles of improbable flight Through blistering days And cold stormy nights To attend a reunion With millions In whispering chorus On a cool mountainside keep Deep in a Mexican forest Are old acquaintances renewed? Relations remade? In the trees garlanded With color In the cool forest’s shade Do they mourn for one’s fallen Along the way? Do they have a collective consciousness That they share In some strange way? It soothes me to think That they’re sharing their lore Of things that have passed And of things, still in store They’re mysterious And amazing creatures that I love And are unique to my eye Lords of all they fly above …Monarchs of the sky…

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Woman of Worth

Woman of Worth At the base of Oakwood hills Lies an enchanting meadow Of sheer delight to the senses Hidden in a luscious valley Lavender trumpets line the path Mingled with voluptuous buttercups Large greenery announce their beauty With giant leaves velvety to the touch Fallen trees serve as a trellis for vines Bursting with wisteria blooms of blue Smiling faces of daisies beckon you into The meadow by a small cool running stream Where a glorious weeping willow provides shade An old tree stump remains beneath her for a seat Jasmine permeates the air as a fine wine satisfies The pallet; in her braches hangs a honey pot sweet Monarchs enjoy the botanical nectar joyously As morning birds sing to the grace of the day While the newness of fresh morning kisses of dew Prove that on this day, Nature is a woman of worth Carole Cookie Arnold

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Now like startled flowers

The hailstones pounded the window
as violently,as if they had minds
bent on killing;soldiers in rows and ranks rushing onwards;
as each fell another and another took its place.
Cold and mathematical they had a simple precise force and geometry.
Into this warlike scene,floated two white butterflies
Crossing and recrossing the spaces between the hail
they followed a random path;now apart
Their unplanned,loving dance leads to mating, procreation and a future
while the hailstones can only die.
Seems sometimes fragile freedom is more productive
than the fierce mechanical modern world can imagine.
I see the butterflies now like startled flowers
hunting for the sun

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Brand new Earth

Brand new Earth

The river will forever flow
On and on, and on she goes
Till she reaches to the sea
Then the ocean, she will be

The caterpillar turns into
Something of beauty all brand new
Her form it rises to the sky
The new is born, the old must die

Transformation must come soon
World must sing a sweeter  tune
Wisdom it must show its face
Everyone must live with grace

A voice it whispers from within
Come see what hides beneath your din
Soon a new day will be born
Welcome in the brand new morn

The mystics they have always said
'Come through the heart ,and not the head'
Then there will be a brand new Earth
So beautiful, brim filled with worth

26 February 2015

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haiku 11 19 2014

butterfly river
flows through the woods angels greet
god creates heaven

haiku 11 19 2014 haiku/nature category:angel, butterfly, god,                                    heaven, nature, river
©rajat kanti chakrabarty

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Under That Willow Tree

I'm walking through a beautiful meadow,
The long, tall grass has a tint of yellow.
In the middle, there's a hill,
Should I climb it? I think I will.
On the top sits a willow tree,
It's branches hanging peacefully.
I rest up against the trunk,
Suddenly I hear a "PLUNK!"
I look up to see a squirrel's nest,
It looks like quite a mess.
Winter will be here soon,
He's gathering all his food.
I picked up the nut that fell,
It was shaped like a bell.
I put it on a branch in the tree,
The squirrel brought it right back to me.
I held my hand out,
He crawled into it without a doubt.
He wasn't scared of me,
So I named him BraveLee.
We sat together under that willow tree,
It's branches hanging peacefully.
Then suddenly, a Monarch Butterfly appeared,
Fluttering around without a fear.
She landed on a luscious flower,
Pulling with all her power.
Suddenly, it came out of the ground,
To the earth, it was no longer bound.
The beautiful butterfly flew it over to me,
Laying it in my lap gracefully.
She landed on my knee,
So I named her Heavenly.
The three of us sat there under that willow tree,
It's branches hanging peacefully.
Then a cool breeze blew by graciously,
The three of us enjoyed it patiently.
Then BraveLee climbed up into his nest,
And Heavenly flew away into the west.
I sat there awhile yet,
Happy that we met.
I started smiling under that willow tree,
Wondering if they'll come back tomorrow to see me.
I'll give them a gift then,
Making us Forever Friends.
I started walking away from that willow tree,
It's branches still hanging peacefully.
Hoping tomorrow my friends will be back,
We found a peaceful place we all can relax.
The sun was starting to set.
So, off to home I went.

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A Butterfly Fluttering

A Butterfly Fluttering 
          *     *     *
A butterfly and all things in nature, living and non-living are abundantly AMAZING!
Borne to niches; survival, dependent-independent, necessarily disguised by BEAUTY
Undeniably, dazzling, each scene, creature, and phase since the beginning, UPLIFTS
Together, the mortal task, survival amid the “Food Chain” taunts and TANTALIZES!
Through trials in life, man learns spiritual wisdom, and receives inner TRANQUILITY
Triumphantly God’s splendor decorates each new day; He watches EVERLASTINGLY
Flowers adorn life with fruit and honey; and a microbe working the soil FLOURISHES! 
Luster, in nature embraces life-stretching dreams across all boundaries with LOVE
Yesterday, marvelous newness enlivened the soul, in springtime; all of nature YEARNS.
Fulfillment comes shadowing butterflies fluttering and thanking God FOREVER
Luxury tempts the mind, but souls thrive reverently upon God’s words: wise LIVING,
Understanding and replenishing our natural world, begins as purpose is UNITED.
Together, we must respect nature, conserve, and care; spread the word by TEACHING!
Tomorrows can be made” brighter and more wonderful by: replenishing, TENDING! 
Earth can, again, become healthy and self-sufficient; safeguard its ENVIRONMENTS
Remember, respect Earth's resources, regardless of profits; life must be REGARDED
Irresponsibility must end; replenishment is the responsibility of all, INDIVIDUALLY.
No longer can we sit back and watch while greed destroys; earth needs NURTURING.
Greet the future with honor, strength; walk the path to heal; and work, GRATEFULLY.

Dedicated to my dear friend and neighbor, Joan, who has a special love for butterflies.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 17, 2010
Poetic form: Narrative, End Line Word and Acrostic

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If a butterfly could pose,
or land on my nose,
many secrets I would gladly tell...
th ones left on a forgotten trail.

Its colors so vivid and alive...
would be the colors of my choice:
when dreary days come and thrive
without those arched rainbows.

If a butterfly could pick pollen on my rose
so red and passionate as this heart is,
I would hop on its wings and doze...
dreaming of a garden where happiness lives.

Its flowers: one prittier than the other
would enchant me like a poetic line;
only one of them I would choose and adore...
if a butterfly could show me which one is mine.

Entered in Gail Doyle's contest,
" A Butterfly's Trail Of Kisses "
Written by Andrew Crisci

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If Only For A Butterfly

If Only For A Butterfly

If only, if only I could fly to his waiting arms
Imagine, imagine his exquisite elusive sweet charms
I smell a perfume of a breeze in lavender of summer
In many variances of flowers to one another
Up high in the sky many intense shapeless of clouds have gone and come
All through the most ardent valleys, mountains and streams to richly foam from
The beautifying butterfly with multi-colored vibrant of wings
Fly off into the distance as if its wings surely sings
To all of the well-travelled illusions of destinations always known
For off in a riverbank it flew to a majestic tune as it did roam.

If only, if only I could fly like the beauty of a butterfly
If only, if only on the far off in distant lands we could illustrate the 
beauty alluring butterfly
I have watched in total amazement in awe of its grace
As it slowly floated along as it fluttered away
We then together walked in unison unto a path between
Our long and endless meadow between the valleys of the Rockies 
and Bow Valley of the foothills in southern Alberta.
These beautiful butterflies do captivate one’s perception
If only, if only I could fly; I would fly into his waiting arms
I’d be met there in his sweetest elusive exquisite charms
If only, if only, if only for a butterfly.

Written: 6/15/14

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A beautiful sunset, a painted picture in the sky. The clouds dared to take it away, but the sun shone through over this breathtaking horizon, I always knew with you, there would be a reason. I always believed in you, my heart whispers you are speaking the truth. I find blithe safety and trust in thee... please don't ever leave me. You'd miss this beautiful sunset, our memories you'd soon forget, would you want to risk that all? Giving up everything for nothing... who'd be there to help you up if ever you took a fall? Who'd be there, but me?... Who'd remember it all?... A cold wind sets in, I search for you... A ray of sun finds a sparkle of hope inside of my heart, I see you standing still, proud, and tall. There you are. A butterfly in my soul, how happy, how joyful. With this one last sunset before the end of our time, it paints a beautiful picture across the sky. Forever a butterfly fluttering, enchanting in my mind. And so you fly away, transforming in the light. Tears stream down my face, a broken heart, a sad goodbye. We will soon be together again, a promise until the end. Love will last forever, forever will find us in the end.

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'Butterfly Wings' (Haiku # 4)

‘ Butterfly Wings ’    Haiku # 4

Look … Butterfly Wings
Those Fragile, Beauteous Things
… The Crowns of Wind-Kings

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On Attitude and Butterflies

Ballerina; attitude derriere
Or just a child watching
As butterflies surround her?

15 Feb 2015
© 2015 CM Davidson Pickett
Contest: Nette's "In Praise of a Kimo"
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My Yellow Butterfly; 
My Array!

Pinched in the corner of my eye,
Ah, ‘tis just my yellow butterfly!

A swarm of bees came chomping down on its tail,
And whipping up winds it stirs up new jets to sail!

Staying gallantly afloat it drifts wayward up into a puffed up cloud awaiting it in the air.
A red cardinal bird it did undoubtedly meet perched high on top a big pesky grizzly bear.

It just flies fancy free through the needles and straws of prickly Pine Trees.
And it starts circling around until it is across the rolling roaring High Seas!

My yellow butterfly just zip zaps itself right on by.
It is either flying too low or it is flying up on high!

On top of the clouds, I did get to watch its magnificent tail set sail.
Triumphantly, it stays afloat between a big shark and mighty whale!

A horde of yellow butterflies suddenly dumped down on me with voices that blare.
The journal of flying from here to there will get everyone everywhere except in err!

Yellow butterflies were coming from everywhere just so joyous for my eyes to see,
And I was caught up on a cloud when my yellow butterfly ushered in its array of me.

My Array: 
My Yellow Butterfly!

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The Butterfly Tree

She frolics on an autumn day
running wild through a blood red glen
the leaves on her train leap up and dance
swirling around her as she sings
to a bird in her hand:
she sings of the butterfly tree.

The bird leaps up
he spreads his wings—
he sours through the fall foliage,
up , up,
to the blue sky beyond
where he warbles upon breeze
to the crimson sun:
he warbles of the butterfly tree.

The sun turns away 
to shine among the dark
he courts the quiet shade
chasing away the silver moon
who hides beneath a laughing brook
he flirts among the dappled light
as the world begins to whisper
to the silver shadow ‘neath the brook:
it whispers of the butterfly tree

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Oh my!
How high
Can a butterfly fly?
It can fly
Very high
In the sky.

And, who knows?
I suppose,
If a butterfly chose, 
It could light on a daisy-- 
It could light on a rose.
And, if you stand very still,
It could even light
On the freckles of your nose.        

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This pale blue sky, 
wispy cirrus 
passing by 

This warmth of sun 
on deep green, 
bubbling stream does run 
This blue butterfly has to be seen 

A summer's day 
birds at play, 
smell this soft green grass 
long may it last 

A summer's day 
A Spitfire climbing in to the blue, 
keeping enemy at bay. 
I lie back,enjoying the view 

Steady drone of Rolls Royce 
the Spitfire's voice, 
makes my hair tingle 
lone fighter in to the blue. 
I feel I want to be it too 

This pale blue, 
lifting Spitfire, 
flying straight and true 
in to the suns's fire 

A summer's day, 
Spitfire at play 
This deep green 
has to be seen 
This blue butterfly 
rising high in pale blue sky 

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Stunted growth, some seedlings need both sun and rain 
The sun went 
away, never returning again Seedlings into striplings 
grown warped and 
weak Striplings become plants, prospects bleak To bear fruit, to 
spread its own seed Was a forecast none could have 

 Until came a butterfly bold, beautiful, unique It cared 
not that the 
plant was weak It would land on plants upon whom others never settled 
Taking a chance, willing to test their mettle It thought 
that come 
spring the weak plant could bloom Giving nourishment and shelter the 
butterfly assumed
 On came the weak plant to fulfil the butterfly’s trust 
Grow stronger 
 and higher it knew it must For the butterfly was also 
bereft Nothing 
 but the weak plant had it left They stood alone together 
the plant 
 trying to grow The butterfly waited for changes to show
 Time elapsed, spring came and went
 The butterfly grew tired of all the time it had spent 
The butterfly 
 had kissed the plant with pollen and strength The weak 
plant hadn’t 
 bloomed, didn’t grown in length
 The weak plants roots sunk deep in soil too fallow The 
 couldn’t save one with potential so shallow Leave the 
weak plant, the 
 butterfly knew it must Find a strong plant in whom it 
knew it could 
 trust Alone the weak plant knew it would live Deep roots 
in bad ground 
 life would give However weak forever it would remain 
Hopes to grow 
 strong torn forever in twain

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three of a kind

Between the flower, butterfly and the bee
Lovely to look at, but beyond that
Everything is mysterious

From the silence they shared
Until the significant scheme they had achieved
It all became a question for us to think 

The rain and the sun are their companions 
And the wind will spread their divine scents
On earth, their beauty is untouched

Like the sound of a guitar
The melody can calm a shattered heart
Or a love song, you’d sung repeatedly

Between the flower, butterfly and the bee
A natural process of equilibrium
Where one will covert the others