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Narrative Passion Poems | Narrative Poems About Passion

These Narrative Passion poems are examples of Narrative poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Narrative Passion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I See You Looking at Me- Collab with DM

I see you looking at me
There is an old pang in my chest
there where your hands used to caress
where your lips loved to roam
there where you called your home
There is an old flutter now
What is that in your eyes?
Is it real or just a disguise?
I see you looking at me
That way….


No, it can’t be
And in that instant your memory consumes me
   A roaring fire lighting the room
   Shadows dancing on the walls 
   We are drunk on desire
    .....breathing you
    .....holding you
    .....caressing your breasts
    .....kissing your body
    .....tasting your love upon my tongue

Unbelievable . . . panic seizes me
Don’t look at her -- flee
But in that moment my shattered heart
Leaps with joy 
I see your eyes 
    ....and I feel the earth
    ....moan with delight


I wish the world would go away
How can this be?
It must be a dream...
I turn away from your stare
Look down at my shaking hands
I'm breathless...overwhelmed
I need to think....
Why now? Why here?
Out of nowhere…you appear
Oh, but....I want you
I sneak another peak
As my mind brings to my eyes the memories
It seems just yesterday
you looked at me that way
    ....when you undressed me
    ....when you caressed me
    ....when you made me understand
how a body can speak
the language of love
Never before
Never since....
has my body spoken
with the same eloquence
That language I first learned with you
I want you
But....the pain won't go away
you were too proud to say,
"I'm sorry"
Oh....but my lips are getting moist
hungering for your kiss
I look your way
My heart will give me away
Thundering in joy
It won’t be still!
    .....Let me think
    .....Let me THINK!
Oh...Oh...but....I want you
Here you are….
You’ve made it over to me
Here you stand
Looking down at me…
Reaching for me….


Taking you into my arms – lifting 
Your eyes -- dark pools of honey
Your lips – full . . . moist . . . inviting 
Our bodies embrace – I am home
My prayers for another chance – answered by your kiss
Our words tumble over each other
Tears, laughter, kisses . . . relief
My beautiful darling – I’ve missed you
   ....Your smile
   ....your touch
   ....the way you look at me
Making love until the dawn
Our bodies intertwined 
My head resting upon your breasts
Listing to the rhythm of your heart – my heart
How beautiful you are my darling – 
Your love is fragrant and radiant
Filling my heart with light  . . . 
Look – I am glowing from within . . . 
But…wait…what’s this?
I feel a stiffness creeping into your body
WHAT –  fear seizes me – I can’t breath
My darling – abandon the hurt, the pain I have caused . .
I am on my knees begging 
   your forgiveness
   your love
How can I prove my love – 
   earn your trust?
I won’t leave – never again!
I love you
need you
you . . . 

What if you hurt me again?
This time....I won't recover
This time….I won’t survive
It has taken so long
for this heart to mend
Down on your knees
Your eyes plead
I see the tears gather
Can I risk it?
Can I?
But then again
Can I risk going back to the emptiness
that you left behind
A life without you
was only days and nights
of longing...for you
My fingers reach
For those unruly strands of hair
You turn your face into my palm
Planting a kiss
Your arms go around my waist
as you rest your head against my body
We're lost to the world
Our moment
Our truth
You're finally home
I bend down to whisper
"Stand up and walk me home
There is a language….
I want to hear your speak to me.”


And that night
In our hungry bed
The eloquence of our shared language
The body syllables of desire
The sound units of passion
The language of our love
Was heard by the world


The story of a chance encounter between two old lovers
~~~~~~~~~Love lost and love found~~~~~~~~~~
A Collaboration by David Meade and Eileen Manassian

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Heavy Footprints Of Love

the sorrow lies in the reverberation 
of wanting you ….always wanting you…..
it taunts me like a starving wretch
it echoes in the corners of my mind….

your name on my lips and soft on my tongue
red and raw and pulsing with such blatant desire
how could the whole world not feel this fire ?

love is much stronger than rampant lust alone….
(it could break through steel….this love I‘ve known)

it rides in silver wings of angels in the sky
stretching supplication toward the heart of weeping
pleading on pristine white clouds for respite 
as it plunges into the whirlpool of want 
                                              and on tiptoes
it came in….treading so delicately on this tattered heart
rose petal soft …..but completely destructive
battered in the need of needing you….

please….this love is much too powerful to withstand 
wrapped in want that leaves me naked in the rain….
and I want to hide from the stone pelts rising
the punch of gut hurt heat that comes (inevitably)
when its so far away that no cry on wind could catch it
oceans betwixt and blue is an enemy….

where are you my love as I wake in the night….
are you sleeping? do you dream of me? 
I dreamt of you….and I woke up weeping….
empty arms and solemn seconds ticking by in anguish

I want you….just in one kiss to your lips 
though one would never suffice
for I am greedy, my love and it cannot be quenched
with a single kiss….(could one kiss ever last a lifetime)

I am a beggar riding a pegasus
eager and white as muscles ripple against a black sky
her wings soar effortlessly
and I am flying toward you….yet…I never do reach you…
hijacked we were….in time and we are prisoners…

a little like the dream one has of running…
but standing motionless
frustration beseeches me and then consumes me
into a mass of messy “what do I do”

can you feel my need as it tears through me
raging and wanton….completely blatant

each day seems a thousand with your hands not about me
teasing my skin until I cannot breathe but to cry out your name
would it in some way repay you and describe this love….?

I am you… are me… a mirror its your eyes I see….

forgive me if I repeat myself….

the sorrow lies in the reverberation 
of wanting you ….always wanting you…..


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Climbing Levels Of Spiritual Enlightenment

learning from the past turning the dark into light grasping a lesson from our Father climbing levels of enlightenment The Almighty presents us with lessons each and everyday it is our job to acknowledge the lessons and grow from them Although presented in different ways we all go through the same lessons in life I call it "climbing levels of spiritual enlightenment" if you grasp the lesson presented and live by that lesson you will begin your climb if you fail to live by that lesson you will tumble back down over and over hence the lessons will be presented to you once again until you achieve them The lessons are not always pleasant as the flesh cries out in pain as I climb and fall throughout my life the agony is soon replace with delight a little pain to receive a blessing from our King What appears to be a failure or a loss with no way out is simply a hidden blessing , a gift from our King...... It's time to start climbing!!! lets grow strong..........

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She walks here often, almost every day
She thinks of him
And each day he will appear
With a different name, a different face, 
But always,…. the story will be the same…..

His skin will be bronzed by the sun
Wet and glistening by the tide 
He will not tell her his name
Instead, he tells her she is beautiful

The sand scalds her shoulders and thighs
She will let him have his way
He will talk with his hands
He tells her she carries passion in the little hallow of her back

        Her walks along the beach
        And into the brambles 
        Are never without purpose
        She thinks of how he may be watching
        She is pleased to hold
        Her head tilted slightly downward
        If, while she continues
        Into the wildflowers and thistles
        With her clothing open
        With her skin borne
        To foxtails and thorns
        Letting them enter her flesh…..
        She will of course admit
        Astonishment, …….but no shame…
        And promises herself not to return again
        For at least a week

For Cyndi's Contest: Sensual

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America, Why Did You Stray?

America, why did you stray from the old way.
A constitution put forth, the foundation of our land,
barely recognizable what was originally Jefferson's hand.
Tarnished and smudged by misinterpretation,
overindulgence and greed, to satisfy political,
judicial, and journalistic need.
Once majority rule, now bordering on ridicule,
the law of the land, ever changing, meeting demands,
of whoever takes a stand.

America, why did you stray, parents unable to discipline,
fear children undisciplined now rule, school in chaos,
students unruly, guaranteed to pass, unprepared for their future,
parents unsure, wish for the past, hope the next generation,
won't be like the last.

America, why did you stray, streets used to be a place to play,
neighbors knew one another, socialized every day,
doors left unlocked, nothing to fear, families stayed close,
helped one another, took care of mother.

Now drugs rule the day, hate and crime more common than play,
multiple locks symbolic of today, rarely talk to a stranger,
living in fear; life no longer precious, taken away,
day after day, the bloody count rises, a country in crisis,
victims pay, guilty appeal, courts give them the best deal.
Nobody protests for victims rights, put a murderer to death,
they scream all night.

America, why did you stray, hatred and bigotry alive 
and well today, nationalities split, long for the old way,
when an American, was just an American, now hyphenation,
the accepted way.

America, why did you stray, once an industrial giant
you gave it away, too high a standard for industry to pay,
moved out of country, the new American way, unemployment,
poverty, homelessness rapidly increasing, ruined lives,
while billions are spent on so called allies.

America, why did you stray, what's written today,
barely address the wrongs building every day,
religion is accepted, God is not,
country divided, politically split,
presidential bashing provides journalistic wit,
hatred and bigotry, live for it.

America why did you stray, new chapters every day,
really a damn shame.

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Once Upon a Blue Moon

There's mischief in the air, and in the sky
Rises fair, sublime, and rare - Blue Moon.
Son of Venus, hidden, now lets fly
An arrow to a chaste fair maid who soon
Shall spy a youthful eager boy and sigh
As through the dance hall wafts a wistful tune.

For she, with goddess body silken-clad,
And rosebud cheeks and locks the color wheat,
Turns - the first she sees - a simple lad.
She's drawn to him - this boy that she must meet.
He sees her too; his countenance turns glad,
For she approaches with a smile so sweet!

Her face feels flushed; her blood now courses fire
beneath the spot where Cupid's dart was thrust.
With lingered gaze she speaks her soul's desire.
A feathered touch. To have him now she must.
Her honeyed voice and breath. He can't respire.
Her scent; the darkened room! He feels the lust.

He takes her by the waist of her soft dress.
They slowly move along the corner floor.
His fingers wrap around her back and press.
She leans into his body, wanting more.
Her fingers tread his neck; then they caress.
And next he leads her to the exit door.

She follows, not protesting, to his place,
Where, on the floor, their clothing soon is flung.
They fall onto his bed in an embrace.
With pleasured  aching, soon they're lost among
the tangled sheets as bodies interlace.
He touches where her silken gown once clung. . .

Winged scamp with cherub's face and ready bow,
You laugh at each new fool that you waylay.
For love of reckless passion born, you know,
can't last. She wakes, and you've since traipsed away.
She gasps and shakes. The lad is dealt a blow,
His face once loved - now loathed by light of day.

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Midnight Molasses

nicotine stained fingers
tap ashes
into a shot glass half
full of midnight molasses
amber buzz in my
watching from across the room
she knows i got a jones
she got a body i want
to own
lickin, my lips- lettin' her know
i'm full grown
just sittin' here tryin'
to get my lie together
i ain't gonna lie
i want us to ride together
lying so i can love her 
and, yeah, so i can
peel her out that sweater
grab a napkin from the bar
intent on writing her a letter
expressing how i wish we were alone
the first time that i met her
order me another shot
of that midnight molasses
glance back across the room
her and him are tapping glasses

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In The Shadows


With my head on the pillow I see you in the shadows.
Slipping back into your clothes when all my eyes can do is follow.
My mind starts to wander as you step back into those heels.
The silk touch of your body my hands just want to feel.
I roll to the side where your scent still forms where you stayed.
Then over to the rocking chair where we laughed and played.
I watch you dress and put yourself back to who you are. 
And hold my breath and kiss this star ....

                        ~Mysterious Lady of Soup~~
Reaching for the stars I feel the passion in our eyes.
We lay naked and free as  the moon makes a rise.
Without pushing the boundries on who we are.
We stare at each other without feeling one single scar.
You run your hand over the tightness of my dress.
I cherish every provocative moment as you caress.
You rub your hands up my shoulders and through my hair.
We kiss and say good night as you rock the chair.
I walk away into the shadows of another night,
and kiss the stars as we await morning light...	 

Want to take this time to thank this lovely lady
for taking time out to collab with me again...
xoox Michael


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In Between, Silence

The oath spilled over my lips
If you hurt me, said she 
I will never forgive you!
No, it was not the words
Probably the pose, or the voice
Or was it the silence between?
But there was power, and I swore
A daunting spirit 

In Between, Silence!

Today, I awoke to the mocking bard
I am sorry, said she
Forgive me, forget me
It was the words, no pose, no voice
And the sinful silence aside,
There was power in the words
The daunting spirit.

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The Poetry of Hope

Every once in a while I lose myself
But I’m glad the dreams are coming back
I feel the thrill filling me
I feel my heartbeat rising
I see redemption rising in the days ahead
I still realise once again that I’ve earned another chance to begin anew
Still glad that it’s early in life
...and I can apply the lessons I’ve learnt before I’m twenty five

Phew! Boy, my heart’s beating fast
I shall no longer look at my past
For the past is just that
...opportunities gone with the wind, never to come back
I look towards the days ahead
I spend today to dream of the future I intend
For I know now tomorrow is bound to come
Today was but a dream ten years back
Had I realised then how soon today would come
I’d already be rich riding on the wings of independence
I pledge never to make that mistake again

Today I shall live like I plan
...and not like my neighbour Mr. Wright
For I know not how much he earns to spend the way he does
Today I shall not live like the society around me
For I don’t know whether they think ahead 
...of the days that are bound to be raining with storms of emergency
I pledge to live as befits me
I plan to live today in a way that enables me to save
For now I know I was right ten years ago
But I hadn’t the courage to follow a route of my own
Now I’m determined ten years to come...
I’ll be riding on the unicorn of delight

I pay no care for what those here and there may air
I wanna be happy today in my moderate ways
Knowing all too well I’m headed where
There, in the future where my heavy dreams will float in the air
I’m no hater so for the rest of the players here
I wish all the goodwill and good wishes my subconscious can air

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Blinded by "Beauty"

If only she had known.
Then maybe she would have saved you.
Maybe she wouldn't have turned her back.
So that you wouldn't have to face this all alone.
She swore to him that this would never end.
Another lie, if only he had seen this coming.
The water overflowing.
A beating heart lying exposed.
Left to die alone.
And she turned her back on you.
With zero regards for the consequences.
She only thought about herself.
And the shadows casted so thin at first.
Leading to an overwhelming darkness.
What  could he have done to prevent this?
Where'd she go when he needed her the most? 
Another question going unanswered.
Just look what you've done.
You place the blame on everyone but yourself.
Trying to cover up all of these lies.
Your jaded veil, a facial disguise.
You left him for the vultures to feast upon.
Oh my God.
He would give anything to escape this shattered place you made his world.
Will he ever make it out alive? 
He's craving something new.
Something to open his eyes.
Sick of being drowned by a traitor in a once beautiful disguise.
I'm coming for you tonight.
You'll never make this out alive.
I'm sick of your bull####.
Unimaginable lies.
This is the death of you.
You've forgotten what it's mean to breathe.
He let you get to his heart.
He let you wrap your hands around his soul.
But now his life is in my hands, and I will break the chains of your control.
You'll never make it out alive.
You'll never You'll never make this out alive.
Is this the end?
The end of you?
I hate to say I told you so.
Don't tell me this is not what you want.
I'm taking ahold of this.
I stand in front of you, you've become a mute.
Not saying a word.
I will set my ground.
And without a sound.
I'll pull the trigger to save a life.
He will now make this out alive.

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for such a time as this of political upheaval and economic uncertainty
how does anyone go about determining what is their God-given destiny?
what is our purpose in the grand scheme of God's desires?
what is it from us that the Lord Our God requires?

God gave each of us life for a reason
and will call upon each of us in due season
there will be some sacrificing and moving out of comfort zones
just remember that whatever God asks of you, you won't have to do it alone
for the battle is not just yours it also belongs to the Lord
and God won't let you write a check that you cannot afford

God will move you to a place and then give you an obstacle to overcome
but through Jesus you have the victory so consider the battle won
just trust in God to give you all that you will need
so that His set purpose for your life will come to seed

like Queen Esther, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Sanger and Rosa Parks
women destined for greatness who were beacons in society's dark
they did what was necessary for the greater good
to put the needs of others before their own as we all should
they stood up and confronted the so-called powers that be
in righteous indignation in order to save humanity

so let God position you where you'll prosper and be strong
and then use you as a vessel to make right a wrong
it might not make much sense to you and you might even disagree
but God knows what's best when it comes to determining your destiny

so just say yes to any and all that of you God does ask
and believe unconditionally that He'll equip you for the task
and as long as you remain resilient in your resolve
between you and God the situation will get solved

destined for greatness as mothers, mentors, lawyers or teachers
destined for greatness as activists, doctors, scientists or preachers
it matters not the capacity nor the career for you that God did choose
we're women destined for greatness and as children of God we cannot lose

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To What Do We Owe Thee?

To what do we owe thee for the sacrifice of your son?
The shedding of His precious blood to show love for everyone.
The death of Christ was necessary to save us from our sin,
For the glory of our Heavenly Father, life and peace within.
The gift of salvation was our God's compassionate plan,
As He included all mankind from each and every land.
The emblem of the rugged cross was filled with suffering and shame,
But eternal life was God's purpose all in Jesus' name.
At first Jesus spoke not a word, as He hung there on the cross,
The propitiator for all our sins, so we would not be lost.
As the hour neared for Christ's death, He murmured a forgiving word,
He directed His wish and last request as He looked upon the Lord.
"Forgive them Father",  Jesus said,  "For they know not what they do",
Through pain and anguish, He stayed on the cross just to save me and you.
Jesus' mission was accomplished when He hung His head and died,
The nails driven in His hands and feet, two thieves hung by His side.
The victory of death was heartbreaking, and it seemed all hope was gone,
But now our Saviour Jesus Christ sits right hand on the throne.
What an awesome act of love, delivered with no charge or fee,
To God be the glory for all He's done, everlasting life is free!

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LOVE being felt caressively,so sexually, 
intimately,intentively makes me feel so 
radical,speaking hypothetical-ly of how it 
makes me feel,

So real,the thrill I always feel,the ideal of me wanting to kiss,

I can't resist what this is, which is you only you.

No one else has made me feel what I felt, 
get me so hot until the point I melt,

I sweat began to pelt upon each other,

There is no other that makes me feel what I 
feel when we together for now until forever.

The LOVE we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.
But just to think I'm only speaking hypthetically.

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Just for Me

In the past I remember how things were so simple
When I was little my cheeks had such cute dimples
Looking back I remember how sweet I was as a child
When I think again my heart told me I was so wild
Yet, in time my simple choices was revealed as true as anyone
The reason I was the way I am today, I did things, to get done
Finishing lots of my undone ideas was so incredibly hard
So I figure my heart and choices should never hold in no bard
I never thought I would learn heart aches and pain
With such under statement I did things for no gain
I was a child who held true to what he has learned
But as we got older those kinda perspective would get me burned
When I made up my mind that people was not kind
I led myself in a confusion that I was blind
In the past I do recall that seeing is believing
So I was the one who stood their with friends leaving
Alone, I felt I did not belong, I cherish each person who knew me
I got older too see how the world works it stung me like a bee
The feeling of tingling ran through my vain
My view of the world and people who knew me was stained
Now I know they are out for their selves with no kind feelings
Life I know is just a joke because of who I hung out with seeing
Today as I look at the world it is in such shambles and astray
And rather fallow everyone I just walk away

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A Dream That Came True

A Dream That Came True.

In my mind's eye I had seen her undress a thousand times
 sending hot flashes that exploded with her moaning
 Months before ever summoning the courage to speak to her
 I practiced the words befitting her splendor!

 She had been noticing my adoring glances as she 
 adjusted her skimpy bikini in the bright sun
 Showing just what a man, any man would hope to see
 I moved closer anticipating her charming refusal
 to my shock she answered a quick yes and our date 
 that night was on!

 I asked her to wear something sexy and she replied
 how about I wear no panties?
 My stammering answer made her laugh that laugh
 the one that sent shivers up my spine in anticipation

 It is on! We met at theatre and hardly watched the movie
 for her hands were busier than mine!
 A nice change to feel the heat of a woman so anxious
 I almost wept with joy! What a thrill! She had kept her promise
 No panties!!!
 None under that sexy short skirt that had made the other men 
 openly lust for her charms! I saw and was amazed that this vision of
 sexual beauty was actually with me!
 What happened later that night you can imagine,
 the earth shook, the sky fell and I heard a ringing bell!

 We married two months later and it was pure sex and bliss
 Non stop sex night and day.. Ahh, the memories that last a
 Nothing that great can last forever. We burned like the Sun for
 a few years and then it happened..
 The crash!
 My motorcycle hit a tree ,I was rushed to the hospital and woke up 
 three days later to discover it had been only a very vivid daydream!
 My heart broke , I was sorry to have came back to the world! Then, 
 O' yes then in walks a vision so lovely my heart almost stopped

 A new nurse. So hot the paint on the walls started melting.
 Over she floats to my bedside. I sat wide eyed looking like a fool!
 Awestruck with anticipation! She took my hand, took my pulse .

 I fumbled for words, I fought for control. I begged for help to impress
 Finally, finally I felt power return and I asked her to just pinch me!
 Pinch me! Let me know I am not dreaming again..
 She laughed and pinched my left cheek. The lower one! I felt the earth
 begin to rise. She noticed and laughed,
 LAUGHED THAT LAUGH!!! That laugh!
 That laugh came from those sweet lips. I begged for help and she smiled,
 O' that smile!
 As she turned to leave I asked her to see me again and she said yes!
 I shall return in two hours to give you your bath.. Then winked at me!
 Longest two hours of my life! 
 Then I woke up still laying beside my crashed motorcycle!
 With a broken leg and shattered dream!!! 
 Fate can be so cruel.....
 So damn cruel...... Then the door opened and I hear her say with a 
 smile. Time for your bath darling !!! Its late and I'll block this door!
 Then she removed her clothes. Crap, dreaming again I thought...
 And that is how I met my first wife. Yes she was a dream!!
 Something that great never lasts, never lasts.... 

Robert Lindley

Dedicated to my first wife.... and some of it is even true!!! 
Found this last week while rummaging around in some old files I had... 

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La Belle et La Bête (Beauty and the Beast)

The sweet neck of her life came adorned with dazzling jewels of the ages;
jewels imbued with holy virtues, long before she was born.
She rose, alone, Venus veiled above a sparkling sea,
her love light flashing wherever she gazed.

As she spun her cosmic spiral, a tiger, hungry with anger and bitterness,
tore at the veil, hoping to claim victory—fire and passion.
Each time she dipped her head, trying to free herself from the ships of ancient
torments that lay anchored at her throat, the tiger roared for more,
devouring jewel upon jewel—fire upon fire, passion upon passion.

She lay, alone, her carotid adornment shortened by the tiger’s every move,
her virtues struck down until she was left grasping at a choker
‘round her throat, her life soon to end.

Then, in the billowing clouds of her torment, she saw Diana rising from the sea.
She stood on an iridescent ivory shell, her arrow poised to strike.
The tiger raged, but could not pierce the clouds.
A red fury filled with fire and passion shot from its hell-born eyes;
its massive jaws spewed hot saliva that set the sea on fire.

The sea itself cried out, “Golden Diana, make your arrow swift and sure;
the world in Venus is quickly fading.
Strike now, the tiger, and restore all aright!”

Even while the prayer was being uttered,
Diana’s aim proved its power as the arrow found the tiger’s heart.

In a flash, Venus was restored,
her long strand of jewels aglow,
the tiger at her side.
Together they stood in a deep, iridescent ivory shell
and made their way out to sea
with a wind that was sure and true.

All was set aright.  All was free
as they sailed into the rising moon,
her Venus jewels lighting the way.

Written in contemplation of Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a
Pomegranate, One Second before Awakening, by Salvador Dali. (1944)

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Dreams Of Reality

Dreams Of Reality
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

A difference of a world a way
A distance of a different kind
Love is blind and divine
Hold my hand
Let us touch the sunshine
On this hill of heaven we stand 
I pray

From one another 
Life and the world will never take us
Unless it’s together
Then we will become forever
Never leaving each others presence
Our bond becomes stronger in living
With every day
I stare into your glare
Wishing we live on; and long 
Strong and healthy 
We will grow old
In a happy union together
Looking beside me
Coming to a reality
You’re not there
My dreams are not reality 
My love has perished. 

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

                                                        Upon A Bed of Petals
                                    The fragrance is so heavenly full of romance
                            With petals smooth and colorful it puts me into a trance
                                    The light shines upon the area of which they lay
                               With the oasis of beautiful smell I fall in a deep delay
                                    The aroma of sweet beauty comes a dream
                                With motion that reveal emotions with great steam

                                                        Upon A Bed Of Petals
                           Comes a well spent year with joyous laughter and self appeal
                                   With open arms we embrace the life that is surreal
                             Comes a time that we do have to dream with petals of life
                                         With occasional choices of passion and strife 
                                   Comes a venue of flowers of many beauty with value
                                      With another part of each season we stand true

                                                         Upon A Bed Of Petals
                                  The scent of life passes through and makes new
                                With loops that can be seen in an open sky so blue
                                   The wind takes one petal or two to show a trust
                          With to passionate people lying by the petals love is entrust
                                     The beauty is that the petal lasts in memory of
                              With two people passion with love rules true and above

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Healing Words

My mother, my grandmother before has always held a place in my heart.
My father, and my grandfather before has the same part.
I was young and very active with unwillingness to listen fully to what they had to say.
I had a problem, never could be solved without my parents and grandparents till today.
With patience they all come to my aid when I fall on my face.
With little dishonor I listen to them and what they had to say, I embrace.
Over the years I go to them with no doubt a feeling of no dismay.
Over the years I go to them and they help me solve problems that to me is O.K.
Now I am getting a bit more aware of what had happen to me when I was growing.
Now I remember how the ride was in my beginning: it was a trial of not knowing.
With the guided words of my parents and grandparents I survive through them all.
With it some being a problem that I remember I recall.
My mother and my grandmother always said to be patient and it will be easy to solve.
My father and my grandfather always knew that I would grow and evolve.
I could wonder everyday what if my parents and grandparents was not in my life.
I could just think that would be fatal like a stab with a knife.
With knowledge that they had past on to me of what they had experience.
With their proof of teachings they had past on to me is their self existence.
Over the years I grew with life so full of happiness that was because of my families love.
Over the years it showed me the path that led me to all the above.
Now cherish those words that help me through my troubles in my new family.
Now I listen to my parents healing words of wisdom and except them gladly.

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Losing Someone to Cancer

I did speak with them, seemed very confused.

Apparently from what I have been told,
the cancer has gotten worse, and has 
began invading the rest of the body…

The hospice nurse doesn’t,
think they will be with us much longer…

They don’t know where they are living, can't 
remember me seeing them recently, can't 
remember me talking with them yesterday...

I know that this is very depressing news,
and if it weren't for friends and family,
I would be going crazy…

For it is hard to lose a loved one,
whether it be family or friend…

Since we don't know, when that fateful day
will happen, we can only take it one day at a time,
I only hope and pray that they won't suffer, I would
 rather see them be in a coma, and not have 
the pain and suffering…

I know that sounds harsh, however,
I don't want them to suffer, I want them
 to go in there sleep….

By Sandra L. Hoban

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Indefinite Love

I saw a young lady who was so perfect that she made my heart beat
I could not figure it out and now I really don't know I had to take a seat
She smiled like an angel in the heavens with glorious blinding teeth
She seems so kind and full of life and never put people beneath
I do not have a bad thought or a moment without any ease
I notice that because she pulled me up and smiled with a tease
She kept things close to her like my hand and my heart
She knew that I was just the man that gave her a good start
I never had a thought of leaving because of a fight
I will never part with her because she is my sight
She looks forward at all times and never looks back
She knows how I am if some one would hurt her I would attack
I will never leave her side with out her knowing she is safe and sound
I am the man of her dreams I will never let her down hard on any ground
She loves me with all her heart and I know this because she gives me the look
She knew how long I waited for her to notice me, I remember it was long time it took
I waited by her side when she was ill and could not walk 
I held her hand and made her smile when I told her I love her, when I talk
She noticed it in my voice the feelings with care
She never looked at me in a blank stare

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Frozen Kiss


The sky is black as liquid ink with not a star,
     Hushed and silent is the forest this dark night;
I walk a snow covered path seeking him,
               The tangled intertwined branches creaking.

Groaning under heavy precious crystal icicles,
     That dangle suspended like brilliant chandeliers;
The harsh, wild wind takes my long raven hair,
                And my purple gown presses against me.

Every night I walk this cold, lonely forest path,
     I come willingly and without any fear for my soul;
Even though I know that he is the undead,
                 His voice, his scent, his beauty devastating.

I have no strength to fight the love that I feel,
     In a distant clearing he stands waiting for me;
His dark flowing hair blows wildly in the winter wind,
                His skin so pale it mingles with the falling snow.

I am somehow floating, drifting into his sweet embrace,
     And his dead, cold red lips are at last on mine;
In a frozen kiss and I am lost in total utter rapture,
                  Then faraway I hear a ringing, ringing, ringing.

                                         The sound pulling me back to my bed . . . .

May 22, 2014

Narrative (the telling of a story)

Entered into the contest Your Best Love Poem, Sponsor A Poet Destroyer

2nd Place

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The Perfect Day

It was New Years' Day and the rain was pouring. The plans I made for were ruined by the rain. He must have noticed I was cold because I felt his silky leather jacket being draped across my bare shoulders. I looked over and saw him smiling at me. I caught myself blushing then looked away. Shyly I broke the silence. "I'm really sorry. I had this big day planned for us but," I paused, "I forgot to check the weather." Before I could continue blaming myself his finger tips led my face perfect plush lips. When we kissed, it was like Heaven on Earth. He told me something I'll never forget. Kneeling down on one knee, he looked up and grabbed my hand. The words still play like a song in my head. "Will you marry me?" Tears poured down my face. I was so excited the words got stuck in my throat. So I nodded instead. He picked me up, spun me around, then we kissed. There was so much passion we felt the sparks between our closed lips. This was truly the perfect day.

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He Whispered

                                             He Whispered!
Finally I was going to get what I had long anticipated. Taking me by the hand he gently yet with urgency pushed me onto the bed. Climbing in quickly he whispered, “I’m going to make you mine.”
  Without hesitation he stretched my arms above my head and positioned himself firmly at my core. Kissing me he paused to whisper, “There’s no turning back”. 
  Deep inside a passion burning, filling me with such pain and pleasure; I would do anything as long as he didn’t stop! He had control; driving me crazy, only please escaped my lips. I heard him whisper, “I’m never letting you go.”
  I couldn’t believe how good he felt or that he had such control of me. As long as he was taking me, giving me what I so badly wanted he could do anything. Just don’t ever stop! He told me never tell him no. I needed this man who’s forceful and sexy yet I knew would never do me harm. Bringing me such pleasure I could hardly breathe; then he whispered, “I love you.”
  Sharing pleasure and exploring fantasies passionately he then whispered, “Your mine.”
                                                                                Debbie Knapp

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I believe
In the promise of yesterday
The reflection of tomorrow
The precipice of your pouty lips
The sheer of your jagged hips
Eternity blinds the depths
Of pain's echoing eclipse

I forgot
Why the sun never lies
Silence washing over me 
Like warm chestnut eyes
A whisper of winter
Swirled in your touch
A fall to remember
A contour to clutch

I watch
To hear your sweet name
The leer of your tipped chair
The saunter of sideways hair
Throw around legs
Curled naked feet 
Tapping the open perfumed air

I felt
The fingernails of your fire
Midnight's moaning barbwire
Teeth baring shadow lit drapes
Lust found in fogged disgrace
The night forever broke 
Love's glass embrace

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A Serial Killer In My Heart

He met her at the bar,
she asked him for a drink,
he said yes,
and he felt the link,
he saw everything that set her apart, 
It went from calls,
to dates,
to late night coffee,
and cheese cakes,

Love was in the air,
he thought what they had was rare, 
but in reality it was just...,
another murder affair,
she missed his calls 
with no return calls,
at all,
she played games 
to enthrall,

Then one day,
she came,
she knocked on the door, dressed in black,
poised to attack,
she explained she found someone better,
Do not write anymore letters,
she said,
they won't be read, 
do not shed tears,
do not act dumb,
forget me, 
drown yourself with beers
if you must,
I've gained your trust,
If it was love,
then its full of rust,

He was stabbed in the heart, 
and burned all over,
he couldn't see her from afar no more,
as she left his life,
he knew hard would be the strive,

He walked alone under the city night lights,
without his might,
without his pride,
Grotesque was the man whose heart was broken,
walked alone under the city night lights,
without his might,
without his pride

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My Tale

Listen to my tale of two lovers that ventured forth,_From two waring peoples for up in the north.__O now Littlefire was the daughter of the chief,_And she knew to tell her father of her love would just bring him grief.__Now Icefox was a noted warrior with stealth knowing and pride,_But his love for Littlefire he knew he just couldn't hide.__Now on a cold clear night they ventured forth to a place they were to meet,_A little house of ice their own small retreat.__But a vindictive soul fallowed and hurried back to the people to tell,_Oh and for the lovers this didn't bode well.__Oh untill it was to late they never heard a sound,_And there in each others arms the two lovers were found.__Now the chief's met to give punishment for what the two lovers did,_Oh the shame to their families was something that could not be easily hid.__So sentanced by the chief's death would be the price,_Their living hearts cut from there chests and togather barried deep with in the ice.__O but you can't kill passions flame or put out the fire of love,_Now the beauty of their hearts still burns in the night time skies above.Now if you don't belive my tale then you should venture forth,_Look into the skies up in the north,_And when there love is shining bright on cold clear nights._You will see what we call the great Northern Lights.__Oh Native people call it Icefire in the north But for their people that watched them die,_It will ever be known of as Littlefire loving Icefox in the sky.__So ends my tale of two lovers that paid the ultamit prece,_But the fire of their love will alway reflect in the night time sky from deep with in the ice.

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SHIPWRECK OF THE FISHING FLEET                                 11/24/2012

He was lost in white surprise
Of drugs and doctors quips
His mind was filled with flapping sails
Of white that guide the ships
To dance among the white capped rocks
In North white nights of June
Bring in the catch to catch the maid
Who’d be his wife so soon.

Wild hair so white it shamed the sheet
That soft caressed the grass
The grass-plagued daisies held her there
As clouds triumphant passed
In columns white the bossy clouds
Marched brisk across the sky
But none of them could match the spark
Of whiteness in her eye.

Fishing was the fruit of life
their land bore little green
the joy and danger that it brought
left little in between
and men who braved those waters
better be prepared to die
for reaping nets and filling holds
bows to a fickle sky

And then his shocked brain shifted
Jigged timed across his life
How many white nights had escaped?
The maid now was his wife!
Saw breasts so white that milk they gave
Seemed paltry in contrast--
To feed the babe that snuggled there--
The fruit of love surpassed.

Then shipwreck banged into his head
The white-flashed lightning zing--
He tested feet and moved his legs
Seemed he’d  survived this fling
Of nature’s whims again he’d live
To tell the lusty tale
      of how north winds had jumped from waves
      to grab their ship's main sail.
Before the White-Christ
Had emerged from his Semitic genes
The sailors would have cried for Thor 
To ease his hammerings.

Sailors lost were prices paid
To live in Arctic shores.
And, lost at sea was ever feared
By them, and wives adored.

He’d play a trick, they’d think him dead--
Would make a crafty tale!
By his hearth and in his bed
would sound a mourning wail.
His house would be a feast of black
Mad weeping would impress--
Then his imagination called her tears
He vowed each tear to bless

He smirked to think of their surprise
When he stalked through the door--

       An unsuccessful leap from bed—
                       He’d rest a little more.

And being man-- he pondered sex
And pleasures it would bring
There was no sizzling passion like                            
His lover’s offering.

a putrid glass forced through his teeth-
Morphia drew him in
To dream the dreams of healing arms
       prickles kissed his skin
       He found her face beyond his pain, smile that could disarm--
       In dreams , with wife, in languid bliss
       he caught a fish of charm

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The Midnight Madame

Honey Glaze Bun
A herd of hoof ran across her back
 Her mind drifting into slumber
Her midnights rendezvous became dangerous acts 
while the itinerant
Slept in every alley on Delaney Street

An exhausted prosecutor 
Release her back to the cruelty of the dark street
Where broken lamps on 
The Great White Way generates
Little or no heat
And the deafening sound of the siren
Kept her awake
Until the blonde blue eye stranger pulled up
In a dark limousine rolled down the window
 And whispered
“Hello honey bun
Come on in 
Your place or mine
Let’s be discreet.

Half a mile down the dark road
The hooded stranger
Poetry became a reality
An old Shakespearean

Let not my love be called idolatry,


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I died one night,
yet, I got up the next morning
as if nothing had happened.
I showered and got dressed,
had a couple of multi-grain bars
and a diet soda for breakfast.
I drove to work, greeted my co-workers
and chatted with them like always.
I worked hard until a little after one,
then I walked down the stairs
to the basement, entered the break room,
and purchased my lunch from the vending machines:
a chicken salad sandwich, a bag of chips
and a cold diet soda to wash it all down.
I shot a little bull with a couple of the guys
from the tech department who were still alive.
I decided to take the elevator back upstairs
to finish my honest eight hours for my good day’s pay.
Before my shift ended I was asked
if I could work two hours overtime
to help clear up the backlog which had accumulated.
I said sure, why not, I’ll work a couple:
after all, what else does a dead man have to do.
The long work day came to a boring end,
so I got in my car and headed back home.
At some point in between,
I guess Marie LeBeau put a curse on me;
because when I got out of the car at home,
I had become a zombie.
I sat in my chair in the den
and stared blankly, mindlessly, at the walls
until well after ten.
I finally crawled back into bed, and then,
the next morning it was déjà vu all over again.

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Waiting Moon

Waiting for darkness to fall , always waiting. For it is only in darkness that she finds comfort. The days realities left behind . Only the moonlit hours passing their time , although too quickly. 

She waits.

There is no light where he reigns . Only remnants of old. Crumbling hard stone , broken panes . Shards of once had been's . The only life , the stale cold air of day. Blinding with memories of forgotten dreams and new tomorrows. 

Then the moon rises.

The moon reaching its glory as the star crossed lovers dance , the dance of old. 
Two sensual powers glowing in the moonlight's celestial embrace.
Hearts and bodies entwined .  Free . Sweeping softly then soaring with thunderous roars . As passion's final howl's savaged rage,  is released upon coming of the sun.

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Dedication to Everyone

I feel that I have found a home in this cyberspace
with full of hearts and ideas in a special place
I wonder of all the people in the world to make me smile
with antics that help me grow in every mile
I do want to say to all of the people with respect
because of all of you my mind is not in a wreck
I would lie if I did not get ideas from all of you
without you my poems would not come true
I bless everyone with care 
with kindness and without dis-pare
I hold my hands high and put them together
with this I bless you with good weather
I do read some of the poems that people put out
sometimes I feel with out a doubt
I feel the pain in the poems that some has revealed
with hopes that they can read with their mind not sealed
I smile a bunch with every word
it is like a music in my head making a cord
I do want you all to know that you have made my day
to be a better day in every different array
I cherish my time with all the people in my heart
the words flow in my mind is just but a start
I'm happy with everyone in 
with hardship that came this cyberspace makes me calm
I cannot choose five cause if I do I don't think it's right
just to tell you that is just my own insight
I thank all for helping me grow with all the poems that are shown
with faith and humor, with views of kindness this site has grown

If I had to say or dedicate my poems to who 
would be the first five who reads my poems with a point of view

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Deja vu

All by myself again,
peering through my open window.
I watched a familiar solitary, silvery moth,
diving, flicking, rising, falling, haphazardly flying,
drawn to my hot naked luminescent porch bulb.
No longer threatened by his mere erotic presence,
I methodically snapped off the switch.
He slipped back into the darkness,
just as he had done last night and the night before.
Once more I regained control but will he return?
Will he bring others?

For "CHOPPED II" contest.

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If i have ever hurt anyone in any way I'm sorry

If i have ever hurt anyone in any way I'm sorry, cause I learned in the last two days that everybody has something wrong in their lives everybody has troubles in some way and one word u say could hurt them badly ... And one good thing u say could make their day so everybody I'm sorry if I ever hurt u in anyway.. And I hope everyone has a good day. No one deserves to be treated how u treat people, we all have feelings... And we all have made mistakes, and we all have issues but that's no reason to treat someone like u do Imam pray u get a heart and learn what you are doing is wrong. And I hope u stop. You say u hate drama? But girl u r drama! Just saying so from now on I am going to be me, I'm going to be myself not who everyone else wants me to be... (: cause being someone your not isn't right u shouldn't have to change for anyone..

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the mandala with the nipple at the centre

Grogged, split into holographic shards:
Hypnogog reveleations reflect
One dreary dreamer. Divinity
staggers to recall Itself
in matter.

Is God like peppermint? I think him

more like meade caressing 
a breeze – just beyond 
the fresh whore.

Bands of succulence
orbit a soaked mind.

The mandala, stony gravel out-stations
brilliantly placed in the Logic, 
oddly so.

In the centre the most divine Creation.

The nipple more proud than unassuming
more mirage-producing
than drought.

And all around the nipple children skip
chasing fairies in the smoky glow.

All around the nipple dance children, go.
More ancient than childbirth. The cheek

of Isis swirls itself into a Promise. Food
was later, grown men (and women) don’t know.

The milk erodes its own palace. The screen
remains; like the silence in a scream.

Art only, ever in the making. The sacredness
of a breast more than Nature produces.

Some on the outer, independent scriptute.
Some more honest, after some lost inner elixir.

I say: the world would not last long without a breast.

Copyright. 2009. JLM.

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It Ain't Easy Being Stupid

It Ain't Easy Being Stupid 

 The sweet reggae music 
And the oldies Goldie’s Outbids the 
Noise in the night 

Tall dark and handsome, 
I saw him standing there, 
A well shave face viper 

His artistic designs 
From ear to cheek 
Zigzags lines that 
Shape his round face 
The shine on his face clashes 
With the street light

To have such a deep admiration 
From a sex stave woman 
I was in love the six packer 
the bearded caribbean viper 

Under the street light; they he stand tall 
I sigh! and took another sip of beer 
as memory recalls I about to have an affair? 
I whisper softly " Lord “Please don't failed me now

That was the night 
When I surrender my heart, my secrets

  for moment of bliss that fulfills only 
a temporary curiosity of most women

My self-confidence forfeit 
The enemy captured my heart 

Self-confidence is to do 
What you are afraid to do. 
I have done it all 

I surrender everything to a tall six packers
 the beard  caribbean viper 

A moment of sanity 
From another human being to another 
It Ain't Easy Being Stupid 

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How You Do

It was a passive “how you do”; the night we met. 

??Single shot one, three five, one more.
We laughed, we shared, just as common fine folk. 
Full bowl, joint spliff, one extra pre rolled. As lighting you came, 
you had fire within. Looked down, her left hand up my left leg with erotic  display. 
I pushed you away from a most passionate drunken kiss. 
To alter the shame I would feel the very next day. 
Deep breath, clear mind, to my room and bed.

??Two minutes, six eight, tick tock  then ten. My door cracks and I knew it was you. 
She jumps to my bed, cloths thrown to the side and now her warm body is on top of mine. 
This went on for months, we both thought it was fine. 
Just have sex; just make love, no no, we both had pain. Infatuated minds, yes we desired to...??

It was a passive “how you do”; the night we met.

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I'm thinking of cheating with you

I’m thinking of cheating with you.            Steven Hudson

I dreamed of you last night,
And thoughts of you occupied my mind today,
Can I see you again tomorrow?
What is it about your look that thrills me?
You’re like a break in the clouds on a stormy sea,
My heart leaps and falls on waves of your every movement,
You return my gaze with a smile of your own,
And pull me in close with it,
I want to know you, everything about you,
To discover what makes you come alive,
You’re tenderness and beauty is unmatched,
I’m thinking of cheating with you,
Because you have something I desperately need at home,
Am I crazy?
So I watch you with our children and am keenly aware, that
You may have been just a stranger in the park,
But instead, am happy to discover you as my beloved wife,
So my desire is to run off with you, and have an adventurous affair,
Or maybe we could just go home, and make it happen there..

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That Ultimate Moment Of Passion

Can't help telling you over and over “I am madly in love with you, my darling!” I dream of the two of us every night locked in a tight embrace Our naked bodies becoming one, passionately entangled Ending in an explosion of indescribable vibrations Quivering with over-the-top excitement Culminating in that final moment of sublime exultation When our two souls become one There is no greater feeling that we humans Have ever experienced or ever will It's the ultimate expression of everlasting love In that glorious moment of passionate unification Of body and soul... a most beautiful union This is my feeble attempt to describe that moment divine But try as I might, I have not done it justice So I'll simply call it love, sweet passionate love! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Waiting For A Prayer Pt 1

The wound saddened her and the scab would not dry.

She is frayed but with dignity sews and patches herself.

Time ticks as she waits patient, alert for the door closing.

And she waits.

Her clothes are torn from too many washings.

Too many stains.They should be thrown away.

But with tenderness she tries to make it work,once more.

And she waits

If you can hear me . Now is the time for help.

Sewing her dreams one by one helps and the waiting.

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L O M L Always

The thought of her smiling gave me faith
From when we were little we bathe
My mother and her mother is best friends
They both took care of us and gifts they send
We pulled each others hair
And she was always quick to dare
When I smiled at her she knew it was no good
She learned to pull me up and she understood
I just wanted her attention and that she gave
She knew it in her heart love was my slave
From when we were a child with full of energy I had my way
She was the one who was my guide and she did not push me away
When I saw her cry one day and her eyes was so sad
I gave her a flower and I smiled at her and made her glad
When some one special leaves her heart
I sat by her and never wanted to depart
She is the love of my life always
She is the one who gave me my hope through out my days
So I gave her my heart and love from within
And I did not make it thin
I stood by her side since I was a child
I gave her my support when we were wild
She knew who I was and I let her go the distance
I did not hate her or give her resistance
My mother and her mother are great friends and their virtue will never end
Because of their love they both trusted us to live our ways to transcend
So my childhood friend was my best friend, and now my wife
She new it from the start that we part of each others life

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With storms my passions dance and play
As winter swirls above our heads
Sleep's embraces grab you tight
Hawaiian visions crowd our bed

Deep in frosty winds of night
While you are dreaming balmy skies
I trace the beauty of your back
And lick the whiteness of your thighs

Sometimes you smile, 
sometimes you groan
But it’s my delight 
to hear your moan.

I snatch you from that ivory shore
And wake you begging me for more

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The rustling sound of rain, heard through the window. Dust covered histored books that I tended to clean. A small forgotten letter fell by, a lost letter, was never sent... For my loved one;
“Oh how I cannot forget the smell of your breath, the scent of your hair surrounding my head as I bend and touch your sweet lips with my own. How I cannot forget the tight grips when we locked fingers standing close together in the lonely rain as you heat my body with the warmth of your chest. How I cannot forget your twinkling whispers in my ears sending shivers towards my feet, and your fair giggles with shiny eyes as you come across looking at me. How our lives were intertwined with heavenly love and then torn like a small leaf thus crumbling into ashes and dust. 
Not a day passed by since you met your fate have I not swallowed my tears into my guts… farewell my love, farewell my one. I hope you fare better in heaven than I do, down here, on earth."

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Their Hidden Waterfall

Their Hidden Waterfall

Bubbles . By the thousands.
An underwater symphony, dancing airborne in a water set sky . 
Releasing , free , in this lover's hideaway . 
A secret alluring beacon , cool , falling in a thunderous cliffside rain . 
Lovers free , left abandoned to passion's will .
Bare skin , bodies embracing the flow of the rock faced currents .
Hands , mouths , finding heaven in this tropical paradise . 
Wet . Gliding . 
Seductive water play , the hot cooling ripples of ecstasy .
Desire burns under Neptune's watch . 
Mouths capturing soul's weeping cries . 
Guiding . 
Fervent hands seeking their lovers , to take what is given . 
Give what is much needed .
Warm rocks against bare skin , passion's fires appeased and sated .
Captured by nature's opening arms .

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Waking she goes downstairs with great hope.

And she is not disappointed as the tree is sparkling.

Presents also wake with hope that is great as well.

That house was lovely and with remembrance .


The hope that awaited that child wasn't disappointed.

And that boy filled with promise as he ran to whisper to his brother.

"Wake and breath," said he as he later recalled.

And the mother watched as it unfolded.


She worked two jobs to see the promises made by the father.

And that father who spent paycheck after paycheck on horses.

He was strong at the promise but weak when it came to the track.

With a cigarette in one hand and the slip in the other.


Tomorrow will be different with the smoke and promise.

I will give them Christmas that won't be forgotten.

But The Shadow was to slow coming round that last quarter mile.

And shredding the winning ticket as he read The Shadow the riot act.


I can make it all back and parley it to get that Pokeman figure for Jr.

And Simone will love Ken and the Punk Rock Barbie dressed in black.

Post time for the sixth and he bought his ticket as the horses were at the gate.

At the the final pole he leaped out of his seat and was filled with inspiration.

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Surrendered to my Love

I searched for you night and day,
My lungs gave out and breath gave way.
It was endless in miles and vast in count.
The treasures in measure are heavy in amount.
Piece by piece I seek to find,
Gathering myself with a soul and mind!
I prayed for you day and night,
My heart gave way and my feelings gave out.
I was surrendered to my love without a doubt!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Love Is Like

Love is like hitching a ride On a star on a summer's night Or the fresh smell of a dozen red roses A flock of blue birds in flight A kiss on the cheek of a newborn babe The first snowfall of winter Children's laughter at play in the park Love words softly whispered Love is like the sun on your skin As you lay side by side on the sand A cooling breeze on a warm summer day A shade tree so tall, so grand Love is like the soft trembling voice Of a little old man walking by As he wishes you have a very good day With a smile and a twinkling eye The gentle sound of some soft melodies As the sun sinks slowly in the west That final glimpse as day turns to dusk Contentment deep in your chest All these things and so much more Describe a lasting true love No other feeling in human emotions Can give your heart such a shove © Jack Ellison 2015

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Words unsung

I try to find words but the I
The we
The I see you and me hide
These words hide from me
Deep within me
Deep within this passionate, powerful pink weapon I call my tongue 
I sing a tune with no lyrics
Words unsung

Amazingly you hum along...
In a second of silence I feel a connection so strong
Elevated emotions by the sound of your sigh
Explosion of ecstasy
Oh you're making me high
Speechless when you look into my eyes
So i just look down and smile

I love it when I hum and you find the perfect words to say
I love feeling this way..
I put pen to paper
You create the perfect beat and together...
We make magic
Every tune, every melody every harmony is beyond perfection
So Ijust want you to know
Just how much it means to me
When we play...
Our song

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Curry. Cumin. Saffron.
Mmmm, the hallways always smell of spice,
her seventy-year-old body perfecting the rhythm of movement
from icebox to oven in her efficiency kitchenette.
Tangerine wall paint cracks and mixes carelessly 
with bits of spice yet lingering in the air; it
follows her, this aroma that eats the eater, 
dancing around her skirts
like faeries honoring their faerie queen.
She knows this, and smiles at the sliver of sun peeking through her window.

Down the corridor
people begin their ritual of recognition, then sniffing,
and finally a smile that reveals anticipation. 
No one goes hungry inside Apartment A6 and everyone has seconds.  
Lunch and dinner, breakfast too 
if a body is moving about as dawn surfaces. 
Though small, her main floor seems to expand
beyond the boundaries of walls,
everyone cross-legged and eager to devour dishes 
few could pronounce and none could forget.

A legend among the two hundred desperate palates;
today, however, souls wander lost through the hallways 
because the lucky have snaked their way into heaven
and left the masses to a barren, tasteless fate.
As the onions, okra and potatoes, flavored
with a hint of saffron and even less ginger,
entice bodies five deep and ten across,
our greedy fingers and mouths offer no thoughts of others
going without while dripping sauce falls onto our legs
and Berndi seems content with the pleasure she’s wrought.

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Your Angel

I am your angel, daddy's little girl.
I know I haven't been my best in cold, shallow world.
But I listen to you most of the time, your lessons and such; and when I don't listen, I suffer 
very much.
You don't give me signs when I'm going the right way.
So How can I make you proud of me?
I know I've done so wrong by not just following you; suffering pointlessly.
Either way I love you Father, with my everything.
I am your angel, will I ever earn my wings.

written in 2005

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A New Satisfaction

This is dedicated specifically to Howard Hof, one of my dearest friends, for giving me all of that new satisfaction!

A New Satisfaction It can’t be held inside, the satisfaction so new This can no longer hide, so let me just tell you You gave it to me, yes you sure did Such total ecstasy, I knew not existed I was totally fine, living without love Just happy all the time, no worries to think of Then you came along, to offer me some fun Being friends so long, and with no other one Well I said why not, it couldn’t hurt to try Let us give it a shot, to help us both get by It started out to only be, just a simple vodeodoe Then with the sexuality, chemistry started to flow It may be hard to believe, though it did happen then More than I could perceive, to levels of new satisfaction I never thought I’d see the day, where the dreams of Charlie Chill Could ever be completely taken away, now you’re the one my dreams can feel This new satisfaction you gave to me, has got to come from your kind heart So sincere I’ve always known you to be, I really should’ve known it from the start Now since this has begun, there is something I’ve gotta say I’m stuck on this new satisfaction, so you’re gonna have to push me away Florence McMillian (Flo)

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'Tasting Droplets - of You'

the night approached with the moon setting the scene

the trees waving the day a gallant goodbye 
as you walk across the white sand
with so much promise 

droplets of a forgotten swim 
glistening - highlighting overt parts of your body

as you approach even a little slower
every step makes my heart skip a beat
involuntary movement as I edge a little closer

my nipples respond unquestioned 
as suddenly the fabric seems too tight 
longing to have your hands all over 
my body rubbing up against your partly wet body

everyone disappears as we finally stand in front of each other 
I can hardly move and all I want is to move closer

closer to the promise of our bodies becoming one
closer to your fluids mingling with mine
as our lips finally meet 
my tongue melts away and all I can taste is you


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Her Dark Ember

Dark Ember

Hiding in darkness she waits , she should never have come .
She feels him there before a sound is every made .

He's been watching her . 
The heart of his heart . 
She has never seen the dark thoughts he hold's inside . 
Needing to come to light , but seeking the shade of his darkened soul .

He is damaged , broken. 
Not worthy of love or the freedom of hope .

She waits , breath held so it does not escape , 
disrupting the silence . 

He's close now , her neck tingles. 
Exquisite caressing tremors ,
 like fingers tracing down her spine . 
She can feel his darkness . 
But she is light needing sanctuary 
 in his shade to rest .

Darkness drawn to light's welcoming ember . 
Wanting comes to Light .

              2 / 6 / 2015

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My Journal

My Journal ~ September 04 / September 06 ~ 2010

A Trip To Belize 


I travel the winding roads of euphony upon the hummingbird highway 
the ancient forests stand proud pulling every dream from with in my mind
a voyage of serendipity as each wondrous epiphany followed another
flowers entangle the mighty scape spilling delightful rainbows across the hill top 
Orchids, Poinsettias, and fragrant yellow Oleanders brought a dreamy sense of 

3:16 P.M. Friday


as I wandered a magnificent  trek
I found myself in the Central Lowlands
a certain energy became present with in my being,
it consumed me in a spiritual inkling of a majestic past......
"El Cara col" the ancient Mayan site
What a divine wonder!!
a flourishing menagerie of a distant civilization so mysterious and pure
I Marveled at the simplistic yet intricate architecture   
A piece of my heart longed to entwine with the spirits of souls past...
If I ever in this life felt complete, I was at that very second......

12:30 P.M. Saturday


On the third day I traveled to the Platinum Coast line  
It was breath taking......
a crystal clear royal blue utopia  
The coastline dotted with gentle palms swaying so slight......
a Caribbean tropical oasis with white sands and a comforting warm breeze  
in the the distant one of the seven wonders of the world "The Great Barrier Reef"
O' how I longed to submerge myself in the purity of this vast nature bath......
a cleansing rebirth......
just to sit and brood in silence was all I needed.......

11:08 A.M. Sunday

A wonderful experience......a life changing moment in time......


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The Pianoforte

Tenderly the ivory keys call to me.

Their vibrating octaves like different voices

soft and hypnotic, drawing from

me the deepest yearning of my heart overtaking

my senses....helpless against its intoxicating melody.

Sweetly the notes swell,  filling me, lifting 

my spirit from its solitary place.

With each push of the keys the hammers strike a

chord deep within.   

Waves of inexpressible emotion

sweep over me enchanting, and mesmerizing they

carrying my soul Heavenward

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Iris of Poetry

Introduction: We don't really think deep enough about "What A Poetry Actually Is", the
obvious question which we all know but don't think how to really elaborate on. We mostly
see the story, depth and the purpose it delivers. Well, here's one a little bit different
this time...

Poetry is the reflection of our lives like in the mirror,
It is something we can relate to and share.
It's our memories written in jumbled words,
It's like a song, with a meaning it holds.

A mere idea of our mystical lives,
Expressed in a way from deep inside
A way which only the heart can see,
A place where the eyes get cold-feet

The earnest truth and the sweetest lies,
It's all the irony that makes poetry so alive.

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All About Her

I dont know much about her
but I heard she wasnt that talkative
She didnt like being alive
She was numb to all the pain she had to go through

I heard she didnt like anything that was green
She ate roman noodles everynight for supper
She always wore flannels and bellbottoms
Sometimes i seen her wear dresses and fancy tops
But lately shes been wearing band shirts

She wears converse shoes and uses an army bag for school
I know that she dosent like to communicate through talking... only through her peoms
or sometimes even her songs.

I see her drawing and painting all the time
She draws famous people
She would like to be famous and not so unknown
When she tries to speak to anyone they always walk away and leave her alone

When she gets home she goes upstairs to play her bass guitar
She hates chocolate cake but loves chocolate
Her family left her behind because she cant forget her past

Sometimes when shes alone she contemplates the meaning behind her life
Her favorite color is gray because her life is black and white
Everything she says is false according to the world

She is not so innocent
I understand that she dreams about the perfect life
When she opens her eyes they are pitch black

She is someone that is fake
She acts nothing like she should
She is very grungy and unclean

She knows of no safety
and of no time
Her life is smashed into pieces by the giant sun

She will always be a ghost
She knows of no god
She crawls around in the world of death
She remains forgotten

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The Eagle Escapes from the Chicken Pen

A little bit before the usual time
My mind dawned in spite of the short time dozed
I didn’t even plan to have it as I have
But least known to my thoughts
Today was the day long destined by fate to be mine

A few minutes passed as current affairs sipped into my mind 
Then somehow a pen found its way to my hand and with it I jotted the recipes
That was a few minutes to four a.m.
Least known to me the journey had begun

By the time my mind had emptied the facts on paper
I saw clearly that I couldn’t be a moment late
Yesterday my horoscope warned me against Sagittarius’ cautious ways
Since today seemed to be the day
I decided to let my carelessness spirit me away

Events driven frantically by rampaging heartbeats
Moments devoured hastily by anticipating anxieties
Scenery changed as did the imagery
And as magic would have it, here I now am
In a reality hundreds of miles away from yesterday’s realities
Seated on a bed in a cheap yet comfy boarding room
Planning, plotting, anticipating the beauty and liberties of a new reality

Today I feel free
Today I thank my spirit for driving me to this bliss
Today I seize the opportunity to crystallize my dreams
I am in the wake of my destiny
And for that I indeed do believe divinity endows me 
Tomorrow I hope to be led to the nest where my dreams shall be hatched

Today the eagle brood over by a chicken
Has escaped the meagre chicken pen to the beauty of freedom
Today the eagle is soaring free in the sky where it belongs
The sky where the spirits of achievements are high

Today I feel the wind soothe the muscles beneath my wings 
Today I feel the strength of my feathers
I have hope! I believe even more in my dreams
Today has washed away all my past sorrows
Today I forever bar away yesterday’s pains
And only usher in the joys of tomorrow
Today and the many today’s that shall follow
I shall live as only I can

Finally, my time to live has come
And to live I shall, only in the greatest way I can
Finally, I am glad to be a part of the heavens I used to see above
Finally, I’m rid of the worries those contented to be on the dust have
Finally, I’ve risen to earn my rights 
Finally, I can honestly thank and say I’m glad

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Will to Live

I look ahead to the ends promised in my mind
But always reality clouds my eyes with the peppers of life
Sometimes I make hasty progress
Only a few steps ahead to be forced more steps to regress

Sometimes my hope gets a boost from a fine line I read off a book
But as soon as I lay down the book 
The reality of a stool beneath my foot
Makes me anticipate the pain of the noose

Still I have a will and I know that soon I will
On the back of the winged unicorn of my dreams 
...I will soar free
This reality is for the benefit of my dreams
On its harsh grindstones I will sharpen my will to live

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My heart has a mind of its own

My heart seems to have a mind of its own,
Feelings grow from a seed that was sown.
I don’t know that much but this is true,
My heart will always feel love for you.

It’s funny how life just goes on,
Everything changed now that you’re gone.
I try to find something, I don’t know what,
I find some happiness inside what I got.

With the wind at my back, the steps that I take,
The love that you give may be the love that you make.
I stand in line to just wait for my turn,
Only to realize all that my heart yearns.

I wish for better, so I make it so,
Still, I see so many things shall go.
I wonder what happened was I to blame,
I wanted to play am I in the right game?

My heart seems to have a mind of its own,
It simply responds to everything shown.
Sometimes I’m lost and don’t know what to do,
I don’t know that much but this is true.

There is no finish without a start,
I couldn’t make it without my heart.
It gives me hope and helps me survive
 It makes me thankful to just be alive.

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On Seduction

A Seductress plays but a dangerous game,
Her object, to steal his heart's desires.
She walks not softly upon his soul,
Drawing him to to her all consuming fire.
The hidden secrets of his dreams,
His thoughts she invades and captivates, 
As he allows her to seduce him again,
Completely and everlasting.

© 2014 CM Davidson

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The Guitarist's Passion

With every note there comes a motion 

With every motion another note 

Simultaneous facial expressions form 

From harmonious melodies the guitarist wrote 

He unselfishly shares his immensely sharp talent 

With patrons he lovingly calls friends 

Grateful friends that listen in true adoration 

Hoping and praying his performance does not end 

They cannot help but twist and shout or simply tap their feet 

To the tireless momentum of lightning fast fingers 

Evoking emotions that mesh with the beat 

Bringing feelings of thrills that forever linger 

The crowd cheers on as the guitarist performs 

Casting expressions through sounds being born 

From his guitar that exudes a true love of life 

Exalting to feverous peaks of delight 

The guitarist will be the first to tell you 

That his out of this world talent is not of his own 

In humble hesitation that exists in his voice, slightly trembling 

Spills out confessions for God’s Love, all powerful, never ending 


Author: David G. Pennington 

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A Rock I'm Not

A ROCK I'M NOT I might like rocks But a rock I’m not And I really like rocks A really whole lot Now rocks you see Stand strong alone No feelings to be And no emotion Lets rock and roll On what this is about I think you should know And I won’t scream and shout I may portray that appearance To have the stance of a rock I have feelings is the difference So again I say a rock I am not I know it takes so long for me To get to the point of the matter But I like to tell it descriptionally That turns into a bunch of chatter Each time with me You hold me tight And it seems to be With all your might Caressing me so dear With all that passion Your body so near In a loving fashion Then where I’m at You put me down Like a drop of a hat You forget I’m around I always wait patiently For you to again pass by I wonder if you think of me Or if you ever even really try With each little bit I gave you a lot You know I did I’m not a rock Getting little bits of you Was always fine with me I was totally satisfied too More than dreamed to be I didn’t ask for more attention I gave you your space and such But just a little consideration Shouldn’t be asking too much I’m not like some rock To pass by and ignore I will be treated not Like that any more I always dream as big as I can And bigger dreams God brings to me So I’m sure to have a wonderful man Coming around the bend eventually Now when it comes to that day And I will not even have a notion He will pick me up and take me away To a level of true love and devotion He will want what I’ve got And I’ll be a gem in his eyes He will see that a rock I’m not Maybe something you didn’t realize When I reach that moment You and I will no longer be So maybe appreciate the enjoyment That you get with the little bits of me I know I said a lot But a gem is what I am So a rock I am not A big gem – ‘tis am – Tizam! Florence McMillian (Flo)

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It's Time

It’s Time

By BJ Welsh

The sun shines brightly each morn’
Life goes on although the heart is torn
Only you wished for rain instead
Exposure to light is what you’ve dread
Breathing in life that you’ve been given
Spitting it back out to those who are livin’
It’s time, you think, to worry no more
There’s only always silence at the door

The shades don’t work as you think they should
Sun rays seeping through as only mother nature could
What more could you do to keep things dark?
Close your eyes, go ahead, you’ve left your mark
It’s time, you think, to worry no more
There’s surely silence at the door

The mind works in mysterious ways
Your paralyzed and in a daze
The things you lost have never been yours
Borrowed for a while, so take a pause
It’s time to repay that long ago debt
Promises made and you thought kept
You followed a map uncharted at best
A life re-invented and put through the test
It’s time, you thought, to worry no more
But there’s no more silence at the door


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Divine Vision

Alone, I sank myself that night,
In prayer, deep, divine and true.
And in my mind, I saw a sight- 
A vision I was meant to view:

Amidst the acres- stretching land,
And before a palace great, 
I found myself, with Jesus, stand,
And gaze at what might be my fate.

A voice was heard- Him asking me,
"Is this your long-gone destiny?
Or is it up to you to leave 
It all behind and work for me?"

I thought no more and answered fast,
And chose to go with Him to life-
Life eternal, waiting, vast,
And full of bliss, but not a sigh!

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Son of a Dream

I progress from my regress far back behind the rest
Steady Improvement is the Chief Aim
So many are the years I wasted trying to be
	...what the society wanted me to be
I?ve retraced my steps to where I lost my way
I?ve regained the platform from which I clearly perceive the horizons ahead
My dreams are now nearer than ever
...because in spite of them being further than they were yesterday
My failures in being something else has reaffirmed in me 
...the faith that this is the function whose tool I am
Hence efficiency is the native merit expected of me
...and I promise to effortlessly and efficiently fulfil to the pleasure of analysts
Now I have a stronger will
From my hard fall yesterday I have today healed a stronger soul

I am a front warrior in a war against mediocrity
I am an evangelist of optimism in a county of pessimism 
I am a politician in the democracy of dreams
I am a mason in the construction of a better reality
I am an actor in the play of successful living
I am a student in the University of Life
I am a seeker of the Universal Keys
I am a shooting star with a definite course, Infinity is my destination
But for now as tick-tock of the clock resounds 
I am the ant with a defined purpose

History is my trusted friend, never lies to me
...and always enlightens me with better lessons
Time is my ally, always on my side
My dreams are the business plan
The seeds I hope to reap tomorrow
My skills, dedication, and passions are my equity
	...the capital I count on 
Mother Nature and the infinite mind are my guarantors 
I fear not to take the highest risks for I am insured by the Policy of Faith
For me life is an endless series of opportunities
I dare to dream because I have the capacity to believe
I dare to strive because I trust in my native abilities
I have a name that has no one else
It is a name that must be built with candid effort from the ground up
I am now digging the foundation for this castle of a name
For at the end of the day
It begins with the fact that I am standing at the gate of possibilities
My spirit has brought me thus far, what?s left is to walk in
Shall I knock or shall I let myself in
Let me first proclaim my name and see if the children of souls recognize
I am Wiseton Prins, the Son of a Dream

Suspense... what happens next
Alertness.. Excitement.. Exhilaration.. 
Elation... Anticipation... Confidence..
 Emotional Power

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Untitled #305 / The Traffic Teacher's Tale

They locked eyes. Engines revved and roared.
When the light flashed green, tires screamed across the pavement,
other horns were honked, and a cup of Coke
flew across the lane divider into the lap of the second driver
even as the car of the first driver veered off
into a ditch, overturned, cabin
crunched into a tree
and three souls rode their last.
The traffic teacher says we must control our emotions, but I know
this is impossible. Emotion binds the heart of every human.
We can control our responses to these feelings, or else
ignore them entirely.
I wish I could choose the latter.

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The world was dark blue as only the full moon and twinkling stars light the deadly stillness.
A lake as dark and steady as death should be
A white light was gleaming in the emptiness
I didn't know what it was...
A mermaid from the lake? 
An angel from God?
All I knew is that it was a She             
I said hello. She giggled..
And Oh her giggle played with my ears     
I asked again, who are you?
She giggled another time and said, Come closer to see
As my heart was beating like a jungle drum I stepped forward
I was shocked because I saw something more beautiful than anything in the world         
I was speechless, I was paralyzed...
The entire world seemed to stop, the hushing of the trees seemed miles away
My legs felt weak, my heart took flight
I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing 
Because they were seeing... You

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Limitless Lust

Introduction: Limit itself has a limit of its own…

A walk, mile after mile
In quest for my lost soul,
I had forgotten how to smile
Everything felt out of control,
I fought too hard to be worthwhile
By that I got lost in my life’s hole

The regrets for mistakes I’ve made
It took me off the edge, way too far away;
Yet I tried again so hard to get off from that shade
But got caught up in my brutal fray,
The same song keeps playing with such a vicious rage,
I find myself down to my knees, nowhere to go - So I pray

A prayer to leave the worst and move onto more,
Come off this fantasy and onto reality, to be -
Closer to something I’ve been fighting for
The touch of the light cutting through the night, it rains down upon me
As I overcome the grief and believe, recovery lies ashore,
Only three steps remain, to be fixed and free.

A lesson of value I earned from my faults -
Never push yourself off the edge,
You’ll lose the only key to the vault
A life you never had to live – It too could forever be lost,
So stay confined within the limits of the limit
As it seems - Your control over lust, only can make you complete.

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A Night I Will Never Forget

It was the end of a long, hard day, made tolerable because the work was performed to benefit victims of the earthquake.

The other volunteers and I ate our bowl of soggy, undercooked rice and beans as if it was the finest meal ever prepared before we slowly dragged ourselves to the individual pup tents on the edge of the small, third-world village.

Having closed my tent flaps, I removed my mud soaked clothing, placed the sleep mask over my eyes and gloriously plopped down on top of my sleeping bag enjoying the barely perceptible breeze filtering through the netting of my tent.

Just as I was teetering on the brink of unconscious sleep, I heard the unzipping of my tent flaps and was aware of another presence in the tent.  The hands that began to massage my shoulders were obviously feminine.  It felt so good I could not make myself move in a modest attempt to cover my exposed back side.  I simply melted at her touch.  Muscles released the stresses of five days’ worth of heavy lifting, long hours and emotional gymnastics at seeing so much damage and loss.

In my mind, I conducted an inventory of the twenty or so female volunteers I had met that  week trying to imagine which one may have been so bold as to enter my tent.  Having massaged my neck, shoulders, back and legs, she was now enticing me to roll over.  Embarrassed by the impact her hands had on my libido, I cautiously rolled over aware that it was obvious how much I was enjoying the massage.

As I reached up to remove my sleep mask, her hands intercepted mine and without a word, lowered them back down to my side.

From the rustling sounds, I knew that she too, was now removing her clothing.  The massage had evolved into a higher level of physical pleasure.  Energy I thought I no longer possessed somehow inspired me to join her in the rhythmic motions that brought us together as one.

The climax was simultaneous.  Our sweat soaked bodies collapsed; entangled in an exhausted sleep in the deep, dark night.

When I woke in the morning, she was gone.

During breakfast, I looked into the eyes of all the women volunteers searching for some  acknowledgement of a shared, intimate secret … I found none.  Throughout the day, I talked with each woman, asking how she slept last night and saw no indication of a guilty soul.

My tour ended that night.  I was taken to the airport by one of the local Red Cross workers without ever knowing who to thank for a night that I will never forget.

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tales about them

each time when some stories
are told I cringe
and swallow a lump of bitterness
and will my tear duct to stay intact
because I will never break 
in the presence of anyone
I'd rather shut my eyelids 
and start counting backwards 
from 10
She loves me, I know that
but tough love can only stretch
this far and sometimes
when u least want
your heart will melt
its walls will wilt releasing
molten warmth that will wash over
your tear stains and feed the demons
in your stomach
Love knows not only fear
but weakness, charisma and a wicked
sense of humor
and strength that will envelope
you further down the rabbit hole
that may possibly swallow 
and spit you to a shore
where the sand is shiny and glassy
it cuts your heels until you bleed
and come to a stop
where death will find you
or you could just hand over 
your life to Satan 
just to not feel anymore pain
for a second, to silence
the screaming voices in your head
that tells you hell isn't quite 
done burning you
and to quiet down the cries
of your tongue as it dries and 
stick to your throat until you suffocate
this life isn't yours to take
or trade or give away
its for you to give, to know and 
not even understand because if you did
then you would never feel pain
and you will always smile
even when the storms rips you off
of all you have
so right now this is me reaching out
hold on to my hand and be granted
one more good reason to stay
a bit of warmth and a glance of love
one day we will both stand before God
and recite this story

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The King of Charm

The King of Charm I have searched for and wondered Just who my prince charming would be You know the one who was made Specifically for me He will want to treat me Like I am the very best He will make me feel like I’m better than all of the rest He will really want to hold me Not only when I ask him to It will just be something He truly wants to do The kisses he gives to me Will be so very sweet That I’ll tingle all over From my head to my feet His love for me Will be so real That I’ll know how A woman should feel He will be my soul mate Though I have had one before We never shared our life together So this time will certainly be more It’s as if the journey Goes on and on again As if it’s in a spin cycle Without reaching an end I’m really in a higher category As a friend pointed out to me I actually need a level above Who a prince charming would be Now the next level up From a prince charming love Would have to be a king’s status So that’s why I’ve only had love duds I may only be the queen of drama As is what my friend actually said It still carries the category of a queen So those are the steps I’m going to tread Now I am turning in a new direction Away from those prince charming men They seem to be galloping all around me Just not meeting the criteria of my searching So it really must be the king of charm The one who will find true love with me Together we will share our dreams of life And live together forever very happily Florence McMillian (Flo)

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promising rhetoric

if i am not elected:
you will be able to sleep that night
if i am not elected:
the very next day, you will hunger
if i am not elected:
young children will cry - for their mothers
if i am not elected:
some grandmother will fall - and break her hip
if i am not elected:
crimes will be committed, 
and dogs and the derelict will wander the streets
if i am not elected:
people worldwide will cry, and laugh
if i am not elected:
some will, and some will not care, about you
if i am not elected:
you - yes you, will look into the distance
 and wonder perhaps 
 if it would have made a difference
if i am not elected:
our momentary democratic lives will
continue to their inevitable democratic end

i ask for your vote in the upcoming election,
not for me, as i intend to think - and perhaps nap,
but for yourself, yourselves, you who might
hold dear to the promises of tomorrow
i promise you will find some fulfillment there

© Goode Guy 2012-08-27

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Nobody Knows

Long we may ponder the ages past
  Those things we held inside,
But nobody hears a sound of suspicion  
Or the innocents that slipped away;           
And ideas did cast the moonbeams aside    
When sounds a distant thunder,    
Yet where shall wait the fate foretold 
No one here can say…
For nobody considers the forbidden darkness
 As beams greet the somber light,
And there at last waits our sole intent  
To feel the winds again,
Listen to a thunder divide the sky, 
And speak of what has vanished and died,   
But who inquires of the lonely spirit
No one here can say…

And nobody thinks of the shadows gone               
 When the goodness of morning calls,
In a hail of light ends the passionless night
Bound to our hope and desires;
But still that thunder from affair 
Cries out to our lives emotion,
And whoever asks where we are bound
No one here can say…
Nobody feels the falling rain
 Yet often we sense its wonder,
When words and questions play on once more…
Play on to another day;
Yet mortality looms and morality waits
When we hold the mystery that divides us,
From all the illusions that were foretold  
In a place nobody knows

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Swallow Your Pride

You were born with some sort of gift
Just remember this, my child,
Swallow the pride that takes away

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Tell your foes, if you have some, swallow your pride
Don't be afraid of their actions
Be in tune with God...He'll get you through this living
and He'll send immediate help on the way
because you've been gentle, patient, and courteous towards people's 
emotional trials and dangerous tests
You have been healed by the Most High

Swallow your pride, woman full of spiritual life...
You are now a bride of humbleness

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

They'll never understand 
What the reward is for

Don't lack humbleness
Lack pride and practice
Patience before 

Men of dishonor, remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

Swallow your pride, you devious fools of shame!

Pleasure-seeking women, swallow your pride...
You are now a bride of humbleness

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Unspoken promise

I whisper sweet nothings
in your ear
they bring a smile to your face
I kiss your lips
and with one movement 
of your tongue I am impaled,

drawing me closer
you wrap your arms
around me
your embrace feels like a haven
I feel safe and nurtured

as you return my kiss 
with fervor
the woman in me is awaken
my very being is stirred
in places I have forgotten existed

the warmth of your body 
can be felt through your clothes
with an intense need
I push your legs apart
no wanting to miss out 
On your unspoken promise…

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Psalm 21-I  For this day . GOOD FRIDAY

A Prophecy of the Passion of our Lord

My God my God why hast thou forsaken me? Thou art far from my prayers.
From the words of my cry.

3) My God I cry during the day, and thou dost not answer, and in the night, and thou dost not heed me.

7) But I am a worm and not a man, the scorn of men and despised by the people,
8) All sho see me scoff at me, they open wide their mouths and wag their head:

9) “He trusts in the Lord: let Him deliver him, let him save him if He loves him.”

10) indeed thou didst bring me forth from the womb; thou madest me secure on my mother’s breast.
11) to thee I was committed at my birth, From my mothers WOMB thou art my God.12) Stand not far from me, for I am in distress; draw near: for there is none to help.


14) They open their mouths against me like a ravenous and roaring lion.
15) I am poured out like water, all my bones are disjointed:
My heart has become like wax, melting away within my breast.

16) My  throat is dried up like a potsherd, my tongue cleaves to my jaws, and in the dust of death thou hast laid me.

17) for many dogs surround me, a gang of evil doers encircles me.
      They have pierced my hands and my feet, 

18)  I can count all my bones. They indeed look and gloat over me; they
19) divide my garments among them, and for my vesture they cast lots.

Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Just one of the prophecies in the old testament that did come to pass.
Have a holy and reflective Good Friday everyone.

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A big hurray for the Yankees
for their stunning victory,
and a parade of confetti
to celebrate their twenty-seventh win
in the World Series on 
November sixth in New York City.
Fans tossing shredded paper they saved in their offices
for that unexpected event, revel in their triumph, cheering up
their heroes whose faces glow with glory from Battery Park
to City Hall as they ride down, " The Canyon of Heroes"... 
and all the streets seem a scenery of snow as Bloomberg
honors them with his poignant, thought-provoking wit!
The cheerleaders dance and the band wearing
their famous, colorful Scottish skirts,
don't mind the nippy weather...
what a joy to pay their tribute playing
their happy, memorable tune for 
a great team who fought against the odds. 
The crowds can't get enough
of their charisma and these rejoicing players
accept this honor with smiles...
and they know that there are
many more to come in the near future,
so let's cheer and hail our handsome champs.
A parade of confetti tossed down by fans
weeks before Thanksgiving Day,
when the jubilant, vibrant city forgets
all the worries to indulge in a carefree day,
revving up its passionate spirit and be jolly all morning...
a celebration indeed for every fan engaged in fervent hailing.

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Afternoon Spell

Fleeting memories encounter vague enchanted pleasures at the bottom of the minds well. 

Their delicate everchanging existence intoxicates the huanted  headspace in which they dwell.

Images infiltrate an insatiable conscience where fools invent necessity and cry superficial tears.

Momentary merciless passion commands the heart to kiss fantastical desire with lips that never tell.

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...this is so intimate of time, as a first kiss of time close of soul, so near, so dear of heart beat, so precious a rhyme that flows so intimately,
deep of time, down by the Crystal Seas...
...this is so intimate of dreams,
dreaming reality,
as the Crystal Sea so reveals of destinies galore,
destined as the night light of the moon-glows of starry eyes,
upon the waters,
...seeing tranquility upon the waves...
watching to the depth of a dream,
and a sun-rise
being so true...
for underneath and within this a moon-lit poem of starry night eyes, down by the Crystal Seas, a vessel sets sail upon the deep...into a kiss of dawn...
Sea to shinning Sea.

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Balance Within

Introduction: Even if you're tied to barely holding on, your control over will power shall pull you up towards the truth and success. But only if you believe up to all, that it's stronger than what you could be - that's when you balance the fall...

You may get old
Your memories may drown,
But your soul won't get cold
And beliefs won't breakdown.

Just don't you let go
As you never know,
Things you seek for all your years
They could be in your back yard.

Find the truth within the lies,
Fight your pride to end this cry,
Trust your soul; open the door
Balance yourself and roll the stones.

The one's you heart will always stay
So don't throw life out your doorway,
Life's too short and it's too real
Sometimes it's hard to see and feel

That's how you live a life,
The risk that breaks you down to bits
Saves and brings you back alive,
That's what we call the gift of life.

No matter how rough things might get
We get rewards for the risks we take,
No matter how hard or sad
Learn and value what you have.

Though, too much pride will leave you dried
Don't let 'hopeless', be your life's stride,
None of this will you take to grave,
Your deeds will lay, only your pave.

As you breathe in and do breathe out,
Make each one profound
And stand your ground,
As lies are just the fantasy,
The truth - is your ecstasy
And this will forever be plain to see... 

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The Widows Hour

A black widow hides
the hour’s count, in a painted
red glass, on the underside 
of her belly.

Unlike a snow white kitten,
the hard shiny black widow
receives not one loving caress.

In the pale moonlight the black widow spins a silver web.
It created a growing and binding spell-like enchantment.

A man and a woman
are dancing through time.
A man and a woman and a black widow
are dancing through time.

I do not know which I prefer,
Us making love by a sizzling fire
Or us making love on the cold wet sand,
the black widow scurrying across the beach
Or the moment we met.

A web repaired a broken window
with finely spun silk.
The shadow of the black widow
remains hidden from view.
The silence
hanging in the web
spoke a thousand words.

Descendants of Adam,
Why do you fear this little spider so?
Do you not see how the black widow
splashes and plays in her bath
as naturally as the child within you?

I know that I know nothing
and I remember everything all at once;
I know, as well,
that the black widow does not worry
about what I know.

Dark spaces harbor the black widow.
Shake out your shoes,
shirts, and jackets after they’ve been on the floor.

The black widow’s shadow
encloses the stars like an eclipse,
even I cannot overlook a
cosmic event as rare as this.

She walked across the Nile
in crystal slippers.
Escaping, she never looked back
over her ivory shoulder,
the black widow’s shrill song flies
through the wind and echoes on the water.

Grains of sand are filling the glass slowly.
The black widow must be endlessly dreaming.

The sun beat down while it rained.
I was not moving
and I was not going to move.
In the peak of the thirteenth hour
the black widow traced circles,
after kissing me lightly on the 
back of my hand.

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Noxious Butterfly

I'm fine! Really, I am.
My eyes may give way
To emotions, but I've found
That hiding them is okay.
No one wants to live with
Their heart on their sleeve.
That'd be just fine if
People didn't care or need.
As it is, no one can
Survive. Not alone that is.
Clinging to one another and
Crying together like kids.

I want to surpass that,
I want to be able on my own.
In many ways like a cat,
I would do more alone.
Sometimes, when I think this
Loneliness pushes it's way in
And it gets so hard to resist
That noxious butterfly's sin.
Sure, I care for others
And want those feelings in return.
People are like wet covers
Weighing you down to get burned.

My feelings, I want to cut them.
To tear them down and rip them out.
But once it's dance has begun
The butterfly will win, no doubt.
No more! Leave me be I say.
You imploring noxious butterfly!
Feelings, I will not hear of them today
There are no rules that life goes by.
But within me the dance continues,
Those horrid things I want to forget.
Some sort of personal revenue
My noxious butterfly, my feelings, kept.


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I do my best but
It's still not good 
enough for them.
They compare me to 
something Im not nor
Will ever be.
They may be adults,
but they shall not
be better than me.
They yell and scream
and I flee.
This presure they put 
on me hurts.
It's a burden 
of pain.
I want to leave, 
I want to flee.
To a place where peace
is always near,
And love is never
To far off.
With womenm, children,
And men laughing.
Where love is home
and home is soul,
And soul shall be home.

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Our Gable Lombard Romance

A love affair which transcended mortality;
Just to have walked with her brought me miracles,
My existence only an afterthought past our first embrace.
I went straight to heaven without stopping for time.

My name Robert and hers was Rebecca,
Quite sure Clark and Carol would not mind.
Knowing that difference between acting and real life;
These lines more like steps than simple words which lead.

Each time she touched me I died without leaving,
Traveling faster to nirvana than in any instant dream.
So many sunsets must have stared back at us in amazement; 
Love born on a pedestal that would dwarf highest mountain.

We flew there together on wings no human could manufacture,
Two unknown stars who never even thought of touching silver.
No movie screen ever showing the expanse of our eternity;
Just picture that someone meant for you waiting at forever.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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i am a dreamer

She cud feel the attraction between them, 
She took a step closer to him, 
It was like a magnet was pulin her towards him, 
His warmth was like a blanket put on her to keep
 her warm in a winter nyt... 

His breath was warm, 
But it made her feel cold. 
All she wanted was to tuk into his warm arms. 
When he took her in his arms, 
Her world stopped, 
it was all she needed. 

She felt as if she was dreaming, 
She was a dreamer, 
Today she was in a dream, 
A dream she wudnt want to wake up from. 
The feeling came from within her 
She felt her heart dancing, shaking, 
She loved the feeling, everything was clear to her now. 

She cud feel the love... 
Even tho she had neva experienced
 anything of ths kind b4, 
she knew it was love 
Everything felt so real to her. 
He had a smooth touch, 
His lips were sweet nd wet. 
She wud love to keep them locked in his 
for as long as tym cud allow it. 

He talked to her, 
Now she realised that it all is real, 
She is not dreaming. 
His words were those of love. 
He was expressing his undying love for her. 
She felt his presence in her life. 

He was, he is wat she needs, 
She is in a real world with him 
And that's all that matters to her, 
He is the main reason for her everyday smile. 
She put her arms around him 
She kissed him back and smiled. 

She is in love with him too...

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How Cool Is That

It feels like you are right here with me Seeming like it’s way more than reality It just makes me laugh, giggle and smile Even dance all around and sing for awhile I’m not referring to being tightly squeezed When you’re making me feel oh so pleased Or your sweet lips gently touching mine Those are the things I do feel all the time But I can actually see your smiling face And I really do feel your warm embrace I can hear your voice with your notions And making the cute little impersonations All those little things you do as I recollect It’s like I have more than anyone can get My heart stays completely filled with joy The thoughts are the best place to employ It matters not whoever else with you may be No one can have this part of you I hold in me Every tiny moment that we do share together Feels like the happiest times of my life ever So I thank our heavenly Father continually As this feels like a gift lifting me spiritually By myself I’m not alone, as a matter of fact Now please tell me just - How Cool Is That? Florence McMillian (Flo)

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As It Rains

Today would be the perfect day
To call out of work
And laugh & play
As the bed lays 
against the window pane
I can hear each drop
As we lay
As it rains

Just the two of us
Trying to keep warm
I breathe your kisses into my lungs
And they heal a heart that’s been torn

You make me so happy
After pain attacked me
But each rain drop explodes
As you grab me

Your kisses to my forehead
Bring tears down my face
I have a bleeding heart
That has been saved
As we lay,
As it rains...

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your body next to mine,
no better perfect crime.
trying not to get burned,
this lesson was hard to learn.
to get away with you;
heat that only exists for you,
passion that never dies,
measures of extreme emotional fire.
fire that quenches,
benefits that is so twisted.
melting in your gaze:
those were the times of days,
innocent just added to the thrill and suspense of the memories,
times of ecstasy that i miss.
more than genuine attraction of being together!
chemistry with a mystery,
courtesy of chivalry.
sparks blazing from within the inner depths of your soul!

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A Lovely Thought

Its there I lay upon this bed. 
My thoughts are of the one I love. 
My emptiness I feel there but my fullness in heart is of Loves devine.
It is there to which I am lost without. 
Without my love here, next to me in touch. 
To whisper them words softly but with meaning they fall from thine lips.
To feel the passion of her own heart, to know there is meaning there.
To kiss her lips gently with a chill of excite.
To feel her finger's as our hands grasp tightly. 
To lay with firm arms wrapped as we sleep.
There my bed is empty, not of her smell I taste. 
That of her kindness of love she keeps me strived. 
That of her body I long to curl next to.
It is there I am just a man wanting like any other.
Just to be next to you and love forever. 
But share everyday, the love that exsist. 
That of two souls bound in life. 

Having such beautiful person to share them moments with. 
I know I've been bless as God has made dreams come true. 
He has gave me my heart because there you are. 
Nothing but love as I have found one's self. 
But I have found myself because you are. 
That every beat you are.
Never wanting to be away from but giving my heart with love. 
That everyday is just as special as the first. 
That everyday I love you even more.

Because the love of two people makes happiness. 
With you, life is a grand slam. 
That your sweetness you would melt just at a drop of rain. 
But your smile would light the world as a ray of sunshine. 
Because everyday my world would be bright just having you to love. 
I Love you with heart. 
With joy and happiness and all the things that are nice.

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The Messiah in My Boat

The fierceful waves of life be rude, 
The strongest winds of armies rage, 
Yet still I find myself at ease,
For, have I with me, Holy, a Sage.

Rocks my boat so madly still, 
Roars the storm that grows at sea, 
Yet, amidst the conflict, calm,
Firmly stands my God with me.

Strengthens He, my weakened will,
Reassures my doubtful heart,
Faith increases manifold, 
All my fear is torn apart;

Has He, power over all, 
Christ the Messiah is He, 
Calm, but stern, commands He forth,
"Calm down, calm down, oh raging sea."

And thus, the sea, His voice, obeys, 
The waves that raged drop back to sea, 
The frightening winds, they part their ways, 
And thus, restored, is silent peace!

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Hurt and You Could Have it All

upstairs in my room
i put my ear to the floor
only to hear my parents screaming
the argument is about me
my mom yells "look at what your son has become!"
Heartless, unintelligent, fake...
my father replies back
"hes your son, hes your own pile of dirt!"
whenever my family is out together
we act happy like these fights never happen
but every night they do and i cant tell anyone
i have to act like someone else in order not to get introuble
What have i become?...hurt..dishonest..will this feeling dissapear?
I will drag you down and i will make you hurt..
I lift my head from the floor
still hearing the angry voices of my parents
i found an old needle, and i dug it into my skin
the next morning i go downstairs
with a cut off shirt on, and baseball shorts
My father grabs my arm
"what is this boy?"
i yank my hand away from him and i sit down on a chair
"its nothing sir"
my father repeats "are you cutting yourself?, why?"
i grab my bookbag and i disapear out the door
My father runs outside pulling me to the ground
"are you cutting yourself boy?!" he screams
i say "no sir i just scrapped my arm on my dresser"
My father grabs my face
"you better not cut yourself again" he replies
He hits my face, as i lay on the ground.
I didnt wake up until i felt something wet drip on my face
it was raining and dark outside
i run into the house and into the bathroom
looking into the mirror i see the bruise that was left on my face
My father wasnt home and my mother went to bed
"everything goes away in the end right, if i let him have it all, my moms pile of dirt?"
I sit upon my liars chair full of broken memories i cannot repair 
I become someone else, but the old me is still right there
if i could start again a million miles away i would keep myself
i will find my way

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My Inspiration

It’s called my inspiration
Your a beautiful soul
My inspiration
A beautiful soul
My intimidation
Just a beautiful soul
You Are……..beautiful

I see you in many lights
More than I can think off
I just want everything to be right
Just blessing pouring from above
Give to me some of that youthful look
Make me feel, 21 plus 365, 24, 60’s
Of ever bit of your being
Help me relax by whispering into my ear
Melodies from ur experience of those 21+ yrs

It’s called my inspiration
Your a beautiful soul
My inspiration
A beautiful soul
My intimidation
Just a beautiful soul
You Are……..beautiful

Release all of that stored energy
In the grips of my being
Relate with my groove
Feel my mood
Effortlessly, caressing my mind
For the span, of both our lifetimes
Grab a hold and squeeze my sides
As I get my rythmn swaying from side to side

It’s called my inspiration
Your a beautiful soul
My inspiration
A beautiful soul
My intimidation
Just a beautiful soul
You Are……..beautiful

It’s hot up under hear come on and set me free
Whisper that last line you just whispered to me
Your kiss is like death
My soul is on fire
On my lips your every breath
You soothe my desire
If I’m so beautiful, relax and relate
This isn’t our first encounter, it is not our first date


It’s called my inspiration
Your a beautiful soul
My inspiration
A beautiful soul
My intimidation
Just a beautiful soul
You Are……..beautiful

It’s how you say what you say
The way your hips move
That jester you make with your lips
The way you move your head to the groove
The smell of your skin
Your persistant reminding of your own man hood
Your way of getting what you want with out asking
The love you search for that’s everlasting

A beautiful soul that’s what I see
Handsomely put together just you and me
My inspiration that’s what you are
Intimidation hangs ova me like a wound or scar
Finally love has found its way home to me
And I must say it happened beautifully

Your my inspiration!

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The Man in My Dream

Last night I had the most amazing dream. I found true love with a man who had no name. He was casually dressed in jeans and a T and smelled incredible. 
We were at a house party, me sitting next to him on a couch, very aware of his magnetic aura. He passed a mirror with a small line of cocaine across it. 
‘Want some?’ 
‘Sure,’ I said. 
I leaned in and sniffed the line like a pro. I should have known at this point that I was dreaming, as I don’t party like that anymore. 
Next thing I know we are dancing real close. I am rubbing my hands all over his back, discovering his muscular torso beneath his T with the tips of my finger. I was hungry for this stranger, insatiable. 
He tries to kiss me, but I turn my head, conscious for the first time that I have a husband. I would never cheat on him. I feel the strangers hands tentatively trace the lines of my back, from nape to waist. I am electrified. I feel safe, happy, loved. 
Then the bed moves as my husband places a hand on my butt…his butt for thirteen years. Maybe he felt my passion and it woke the animal in him. 
Now I realize that I was dreaming. I peer at the clock: 4:34am. I don’t want to wake up, not yet. I can have sex with my husband anytime, but this was the first time I had ever had such a dream. I was determined to return to my fantasy lover’s arms. 
You can’t cheat in a dream, right? 
So I push my husbands hand away from my backside and I lay still, my face buried into the tempurpedic mattress and wait for sleep to come. I don’t hold much hope, as it is rare for me to enter the same dream twice. 
But there he is again. This time we are alone. He is dressed in a sharp grey tweed suite with shirt and tie, and silver cufflinks with my initials. I am blown away by his perfection. 
We hug and I am now ready to kiss, go all the way, as I am now fully aware that I am dreaming. I wanted to devour him quickly as I sensed he had to go somewhere. In the heat of passion he peels me off of him and says. 
‘I have some more cocaine in the car. We will party later.’ 
I smile and then he’s gone and I am back at the party sitting on a sofa. I feel lost and confused. 
A policeman sits next to me, smiles and then put’s an arm around my shoulder. He shakes his head and I immediately know. 
‘He’s dead, isn’t he? That’s why you brought me here.’ 
I feel the warmth of a single teardrop slowly rolling over my cheek. 
I wake up sobbing, no tears, but full of genuine sorrow for the loss of my one and only dream man.

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Heavenly Love

I followed myself up in an open stairway
As if I was going towards heaven
And behind those curtains of the cherry blossom trees... I saw you

How peaceful you were with your eyes closed
As if you already went to the dreams of heaven
And when I softly brushed a petal from your hair... you awaken as if this was a caress

I suddenly ran away from you
As if I quickly clutched my heart, perhaps a love made in heaven
And even with a small fear in my life... you gently took your hand in mine

How unexpectedly you pulled me close
As if you already gave me a soft kiss from heaven
And so I surrendered myself to you... I already knew that my heart will forever be with you

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The Sea Blue Eyes I

Once in a while I meet a person whose eyes tell their story
The story is like the sky reflection on the seas of glory
The eyes are all the wonder of the world
It sees the future, past, and present
The eyes give us knowledge of the world and reflection
The reflection of sadness and weakness of each creature
The wonder of each individual being has a present
To the world who has lots of false images
To arise the moment of that one glance
To follow the heart in romance
Just the reflection that gather in your eyes of blue
What a man and a woman should view
Life is such a pain without stopping to see each eyes
Its like roses you have to enjoy each passion in side
When that moment collides with mind and heart
Nothing in your soul can keep your love apart
Join in the fun look in every eyes of a person beside
With passion and romance I bet you, you would cry
The luster of all the things to come
A bounty of life long needs to be given by just the wonders of the eyes
The blue seas reflects the different depths of our feelings
And it should become revealing
Come to your senses with ravaging hormones of lust
The sea can take you and even the reflection in the eyes of the person
The beauty is not held by one it is held by everyone
Such looks with fear for no relief
Is almost a dreadful part in our human nature
Beware of what can happen when emotions are held
Held to the core of an individual
No such thing is kindness when you find yourself in the Sea Blue Eyes
Calling in your soul by just looking
With ignorance you play around with such futile emotion
Gush away the fear and do not go insane with life so dear
The grasp of the titans comes to reveal
The evil within your heart is so obscenely noticed
You want the sea and you want those eyes to look at you with wishes
The rage in the heart are waves that cannot stop 
It pushes and pushes with no regret
The heart falters and there is only one thing in your mind
The idea of one soul to be with is the ocean 
The rifts that is trying to break to end the wants of desire
Cannot be trusted in a human lier
The beauty of man is destruction 
The beauty of women are commands
The eyes of each does not matter in the sea
Because all emotion and desire is given to those who are true
Command of a person is just one thing 
The desire to destroy is another
The Sea Blue Eyes will see no bother cause it bares it all
Even the utmost desire
To be continue.

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Rainbow People Let the Gods Fight Their Own War

(To My Proud Daughters of a Man-made World)
We shift shapes and shades all day long
Happy or sad we cleanse our souls with a song. 
Together we sat giving company, counting crows,
The rhythm of our lives echoed in the shore.
We are the rainbow people known to all;
We answered the world to its beck and call.
Then came the fateful day, mighty and dark
We set out on a mission - a journey to embark.
We dreamt of a butterfly dream, soulful and bright
But the passage to heaven was out of sight.
Our glorious land was ravaged by the gods,
We lost our sight and calculated the odds.
Hunger and stupor became our hosts
We were defeated, but all is not lost.
The wind fails to favor our sail, our spirits encumber
In the land of lost we were outnumbered. 
The soul shifts in the endless tyranny of life
Wicked wisdom cuts us through like a knife. 
The golden gate was rusty, the eyes wander for shade 
We marked the silver lining with our rotten blade.
So long my sweet angels I bid thee well
We spread to prosper but I cannot tell.
We are the sisters of a mother’s womb
Until the day we rest on a solitary tomb.
We burned the sacred books to get rid of the cold,
To the world that is yet to come – We are the mold.

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Walking to Redemption

Stuck in a place with negativity bound within it's Walls. I need to get out of here, before the phone rings with insanity's calls. I burst out of the door into the streets owned by the night. Shadows staring back dodging the lamps light. I begin to walk down the urban corridor of uncertainty. The workers of soul catchers carry out their shady activity. I find myself in the empire of danger invoking pure photo-phobia It's a small price to pay for escaping the mecca of claustrophobia. As I reach the climax of the spiraling vortex tunnel. I walk on tenterhooks as my problems funnel. Facing me at the end of this path, is a door laced with remorse around it's edges. The entrance to unknown stands out with a line of devoted pledges. Those waiting and queuing are the damned and the lost. As I drift towards them, I wonder how much my sin will cost. For I felt the weight of the pressure and stress, forcing me into the light of shame? For I was the puppet master, who poured onto me the petrol and drew the flame. My moment of selfishness was a cardinal sin to myself and others. lacking consideration, deprived of thought for my sisters and brothers. That self indulgent cowardliness, has lead me to this final act. A door beaten with the hands of the damned, regardless it's still intact. As the number descends down to it's final member. I stand there understanding my sin, bound to surrender. Reaching out I grasp the golden handle, and turn it to the right. As I push forward on the door and out bursts a green neon light. My chance of escape has come to a halt, it's time for me to face the jury's end. I stand by my plea of weakness and insanity, as into the court I descend. A skeleton of the peril court rises with a verdict and answer. The jury has decided I was overtaken by a vicious cancer. The disease wasn't voluntary but they agree my cure wasn't correct. My punishment is to fade into the man that never was, with immediate effect.

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My Imprint

I always used to ask myself this question, "What kind of imprint do I want to leave with people once I pass and am I scared of dying?"  I had come to this question again once my grandfather passed.He was an amazing human being who loved God by the way.Anyway, I have learned over time through experiences of my life I have realized something and its what I want others to know, its that Life is a gift.So cherish every minute of it even the smallest moments in time.See, everyday is a new opportunity for Forgiveness.Love.Reconciliation. etc. one will not always have the chance to live promisingly.I believe that people need to go about their lives with the perspective of not what can I do for myself.But, what can I do for someone else.For instance, How can I make someone''s day? Or just simply How can I make a person smile today? For me, there's nothing that brings more joy to me than knowing I may have made a difference in a person's life. I just want others to know that the bigger picture in our existence is not just serving Jesus, but its to serve each other. I mean, of course we need to live for the Lord and spread the Gospel and live our own lives. But, there's nothing wrong with a little selflessness and its very fulfilling to do so. Oh, and No. I'm not scared of dying. You see, The Apostle Paul said it well, "To live is Christ. But, to die is gain." I know that it's different when your told you only have so much time to live than when a family member or friend is told this.But quite honestly, to me it's just death. Besides, if I could leave this earth knowing I changed at least one life, it was very worth living it.


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Remember Us as Smoke

It’s a highway nightmare, or it should be,
but no one’s afraid (too much)
and the road just thunders and hummmms
on and on and on and on
under that greedy summer sun.

All of their guns are cocked and loaded
but we’re still wondering:
	Water or bullets?
	Joke or truth?
	Which is which?
I’m starting to like that you can never be sure
if that’s water or mortality dripping
from their barrels,
from their thumb-tacked smiles.

Then there’s us.
We live in the realm of
nonsense and secrets and
pure dangerlust.
I think it’s the hint
of the war zone in you
that keeps me in this.

You see,
I was born on a battlefield,
in the gunsmoke and sulfur
and dirt and lead;
I was raised in a war zone,
where I scrabbled for a wisp of meaning
among scores of hardened soldiers
(but mostly,
among the ones who had
no choice, 	no love, no fight).

I was forged in violence.

I belong in your
You’re a manifestation of trenches and dust,
of rubble and the cold thrill of martyrdom,
and I fit as a toy soldier
(too much truth there)
on the board of a child’s game.

Maybe real people
don’t fit together quite like we do,
but I’d rather be the
blistered pig iron ideal of a vagabond
than some shadow still hopelessly searching
for something that’s not there.

At the end is a firefight of old Hollywood proportions,
but I’m combat-ready and you’re battle-eager,
so let’s stop pretending that we don’t love this anymore.
(because I do I do I love it more than you)
We’ll keep writhing in the dark
until our time is up, but let’s see if
before we fizzle out, maybe we can
take a few of them down with us.

Fight me and love me,
don’t you ever settle
for an armistice, a cowardly end;
not if you want to go out as binary stars
or conjoined twins,
held together not by gravity or skin
but by the struggle to be
the triumphant,
the blood-soaked and victory-stained
of this whole affair.

So I won’t listen when they
say that this is all just something we’ve created
in our heads.
(If war is the opposite of creation,
how could we create one?
When matter and anti-matter
the only output is mutual annihilation.
Does that make us
n o t h i n g?)

We’re pushing 120 in this
high-octane pipe-dream set on the stage
of the bitterly hopeful Midwest. I’ll play
Bonnie if you’ll be Clyde,
but really, 
I think we’re a second Genesis
that’s been penned as a high-speed chase. 

We will never be hit.
We will never be caught.
We will only win. 

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Why we have missiles?
To get them rusted in some iron containers,
And to do nothing when we continue to loose our men,
children in ghastly act done by coward soldiers of terrorists.

Why we have army, air-force & navy when we don’t have courage,
To fight that bastard who is responsible for every tear of my eye.
I hate dying like this again & again after every ridicules shot of those
Terrorists, if they want to kill me, kill me before me but not after me.

My life has changed because of that hidden enemy, I get checked
Every time I go to my metro or library as if I am not a human being
But an object, I am tired of this life; you may not see the chains I am in,
But let me tell you, I am not free.

They kill me in bus, train, market, plane; they kill me in hotel, road, beach and
Lane. They kill me anywhere they want and I get killed easily and always.
If it’s only me who has to get killed every time and everywhere then why not
In a bigger occasion like a war then to find a bomb in my own car.

Enough is enough ……….. I want WAR.

This time I am not going to blame any minister, politician, officer,
Policeman or even my enemies.
If it’s my fate to live like this, I am going to accept it and fight against it,
To either win my life or loose it, bravely.

When my GOD send me to this earth, he didn’t told me that I have to
Live in such a great fear and uncertainty.
That means he wanted me to enjoy life free & fearless and going by his
Choice, I will not leave myself on the mercy of some ill-minded men.

I miss the song of sparrow in this noise of guns; I miss the smell of air which is
choked by the smoke of burning layers, I miss all the things I used to do freely
when I was small and I wish my earth would not have had to face these
days but I know life will never be the same again as it was.

This is not that kind of world; I would like to leave behind me for my children,
And to the people who will come on this land after me.
Its time to act, to do what is needed and to kill the killers before we get killed.
My patience has crossed the bar.

We cannot afford this ‘peace’ …………….I want WAR.

[Throughout the poem I- stands for INDIAN not for the poet]
………………………………………………………………………….by every INDIAN not only VG!!


After the Mumbai attack on 26-29 November 2008 the poet was shattered, he was crying, he was angry, frustrated and wanted to launch a war on terrorists.

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Haunted Maiden

Haunted Maiden 

There lived a young maiden in a fairy tale land 
who dreamed of princes from far away lands 
where things weren't like there , that they were like here . 
The thought of her life nearly bringing the tears . 
Every nights dreams she'd slip away . Dreaming of
powerful knights and the dragons they slay.
Closing her eyes passion sweeps her away to the 
man in her dreams of so far away . 
Bronzed skin darkened in sun , strong arms to lean upon . 
Powerful legs to carry her thru . 
Battled worn hands that knew a caress or two . 
Haunting eyes , longing lips whispering words of sensuous trips .
Hearts desires . 
Flower filled dreams . 
Haunts so dark they smothered her screams . 
Needing , demanding , waiting , taking 
hungered for their love making ............

Waking from velvet dreams 
Silently , she lays in her screams....... 

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The village festival is almost over
But anticipation fills the night air,
For the pyre, now lit, soon will be blazing-
Yet it’s not the pyre that keeps everyone there.

No one leaves as they wait to see Leyla-
The most beautiful girl the villagers say.
This raven-haired beauty of a woman’s dimensions
Is performing the dance that will end the day.

She’s now dancing as freely as the bonfire flames
As she takes her energy from their radiant heat.
She’s as lithe and graceful as the rising smoke
As she shimmies and sways to a sensuous beat.

The musicians play softly as they keep the time
And the villagers watch as though in a trance.
Their attention is fixed on the vision before them
For all are enthralled by Leyla’s dance.

Old women recall from so long ago
How they were as vibrant and supple as she,
And how Beauty, though fleeting, once held them dear
And at least for awhile kept them company.

And all of the men (old beyond their years)
Drift back in time to a different life.
They remember with longing their youthful vigor
And they wonder what price to make her their wife.

But Leyla dances with great abandon 
As glowing ashes ascend to the skies.
The fire that burns so brightly behind her
Is reflected quite clearly in everyone’s eyes.

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Not much is left behind
The last louse has crept out
Of my diseased body.

From the house of death
Frozen blood left estranged
No more dreams-
Clotted blood transfigured
Into a mural painting.
A groan choked deep in throat
Anklets of death chirping madly
Glittering sword swinging-

You ask
Why am I mute ?
Racing blood vessels
Slips into deep sleep
Tender shoots of dreams
Burnt into ashes
In hot sun.

No answer, convincing
Oh! Goddess, Mother
Pluck out eyes that tend to dream
In deep mourning struggled path
Eyes have no role to play.

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Eros Unfettered

Soft moonlight streams through the window
and in its pale, golden glow
faint sweat sheen glistens on pink, flushed skin
speaking of love’s pleasurable exertions recently ended.
Fingertips trace the contours of legs, hips and breasts
feeling the slight twitches of small muscles
still  not settled from over-stimulation.
Each breath drawn is like inhaling fire
but its warmth feels cool on heated flesh
as two bodies snuggle close, 
hearts beating a sensual counterpoint,
afraid of breaking the connection 
holding two spirits so closely together.
Then lips meet lips in a tender kiss
and two meld into one once more to greet the sunrise
in the most primitive and intense
celebration of life.

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A city made from nothing,
on a lagoon with shallow waters
to keep the invaders away ;
still today those bell chimes ring out
to remind everyone of her victory
at Lapanto...when the ships
brought back the banners
of the defeated enemy!

Venice's splendor is seen everywhere...
 even in San Marco's Square,
 swarmed with pigeons and visitors, 
 where the Venetians' genius built 
 a splendid Basilica reminiscent of their wealth
and power...making Venice:  the Queen of the Sea!
 Down the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs,
gondolas row...carrying visitors and lovers;
the artists seek  inspiration for their works,
while their stunned eyes are delighted by beauty, 
which pulls them out of virtual reality!  

Intrigue and mystic fascinated 
many a devoted soul,
and the entire city echoed
with delirious voices breaking
the silence of midnight;
violins and lutes played in palaces 
and in gondolas on the Grand Canal...
did anyone stare at the brilliant stars?

A masquerade was an invitation to love,
all disguised themselves behind a mask;
many were seduced by passions with haste...
as Venice revelled in their merry-making,
celebrating a glory that knew no ending;
and when it declined, it was deserted by all! 

Venice's splendor seems eternal,
not diminishing through ages;
her fame ever-increasing and each stone
can tell a different story of people
who partook of her greatness,
leaving a legacy we regard as our own...   

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The Boy and The Sand - Part Two

Special Note: Please read Part One first.


Her eyes began to slowly wake;
Her fingers tapped the ground;
The boy outstretched his carving hand
To help her come around.

She reached for his so soft embrace;
His skin unlike the sand;
And when she stood up on her own,
She'd not release his hand.

"Don't let me go; I'm scared," she said.
As if a tear began to form.
"A life without someone to care,
To me, just doesn't feel so warm."

"OK, I'll go," the boy replied,
"But just one thing before we leave."
He turned to me and said, "You there.
Tell my parents where I'll be."

The couple nodded me goodbye.
They then began to walk;
They strolled along the shore, engaged
In lovely happy-talk

Just then, the tide began to rise.
This made the couple slow.
Then they walked into the sea,
Away they both did go.

Surely they'll come back again.
I haven't yet forgot:
Love is what they both desired
And love is what they got.

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My Battle

I was broken and bloody My soul was torn asunder,So death came for me.He thought it would be easy I thought I was done. But when he reached out to take my soul My spirit which was fading fast found its last ounce of strength and began to glow with an amazing power. So a battle began a battle for my soul. My tattered body then feel into a coma to try and save the last bit of its self.The battle raged within me for a full day. Somehow my spirit weak and faded managed to give death all and more then it could take. The battle ended and I awoke....alive the victor. So the question I ask the world is "If I still won the battle that weak and tired. What is there that I can't do if given the time to heal?"

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The assasination of Margaret May

The wind was blowing,
as the car was going,
across the hills ; across the vales
the night seemed young , as each nightbird sung 
to the moon there long and timeless tales.
Then, at midnight hour
the chauffeur rested, his iron fists upon  the wheel.
There it was,
The mansion of Margaret May, 
whose life tonight I shall verily seal.
I approached the moors like a silent hound
I scaled the walls then climbed the mounds
And though the night was dark and still
I still saw the great house upon the grey hill.
I scanned each wing like a wolf would see,
a sheep as it feeds with humility,
and yet it was no prey, that I was to kill,
for the hounds, they now bayed upon each hill.
The moon gleamed its mischief upon the terrace;
And it shined, like an unearthly thing,
it gleamed its sorrow upon my face,
and wailed its scorn, against the human beings.
I entered the house 
the doors were not locked,
so I opened them slowly and its  walls they did talk.
They spoke of devils and demons and familiar kind;
But I did not see them for my soul was blind.
I took out the weapon and its barrel shined,
by the light of the moon thay was now declined.
And having climbed up the ladder,  to the rooms upstairs,
I found  May just finishing her prayers.
She turned around and I gazed at her eyes;
How could such beauty be 'bought' to demise?
I dropped the weapon,
no bullet could shred;
The flesh of the mortal,
that before me was spread.
And yet she would die for the world could not accept,
what in this masion was hidden and kept.
She was not lustful but lust itself 
and yet I could not stop myself.
For I had no soul,
I had no sin,
I went for her throat, and held tight her chin.
She did not struggle;
She did not plead.
Rather she smiled, till I had finished the deed.
And left her silent;
And still upon her bed,
and there she lies smiling,
but her heart is cold and dead

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a place called home

A place called home I’m not welcome
A tear rolls down my cheek I must go.
I feel sorrow in my heart the toil burdensome
Memories wither along with all that I know.

As I walk away I can’t look back
Faces I knew are no longer friends.
I wonder where I am is this the right track
The river flows onward around twists and bends.

Now it seems I’m lost my heart is torn
I wonder through thoughts parched and dry.
The more that I learn the less I know
To this cherished life I say goodbye.

It’s been a year yet my heart is still torn
It becomes a void consuming the good.
My hands are rough my shoes are worn
I’m lost in sorrow I would lose if I could.

Daylight comes but soon shall fade
Darkness is loneliness coursing through my veins.
Still haunting are all the decisions I made
The rain starts to fall erasing all these pains.

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A Morning Prayer

Another Morning Prayer

I pray Oh Lord Jesus that you forgive me
 of the many sins and the mistakes I have made in my life
If I have wronged any of myfellows, I know I know I am at fault.
 I thank you Lord Jesus for this beautiful day you have made. 
May you strengthen my faith, Oh Lord
that  I may do Thy Will this day.

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What IS that dancing Light?
Moving closer--getting bright!
How come it dances to and fro?
Coming down-then around each row.

I love the colors of this Light-
Reds, greens, then yellows--all in my sight,
It makes me feel bright--then funny-
And it shines as if it were So sunny!

Is this Light coming down from Heaven?
Is it the Spirits of God--numbering seven?
Could it be the glow of a gorgeous Angel?
Will we ever be able to give it a label?

Dancing Light, burning so bright,
Please don't Ever leave my sight--
I love You! I love You! You are so Pure!
Tell me! Tell me! Are you humanity's cure?

A Voice from Heaven came to me--
"Believe in Me and you will see--
How I can heal and cure all ills-
Without shots or treatments or even pills."

"For I will make your Earth happy again- 
Happy and free from every sin,
For I am He Who made you all,
So pray to me--I'll answer each call"  

"I love you", said I and fell asleep,
And when I awoke, the day was mine to keep.

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A part of me

A part of me is dying
There is no point left in crying

Everything is wrong,
and my heart has been bonged.
Im left confused
not knowing what to do.

The world has lost its mind
And now a part of me 
dies cause you never noticed
me crying while i lie dying.

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It is there your love is like a star in the sky.
It lights my inner most darkness.
There your beauty is, cutting tears in my heart.
There you find love full of pride, happiness and feelings like any you could compare.
It is also of sorrow, hurt, anger and despair.
It is there I love with reason because of my life I hunt.
There I am always on prowl for the right one to give my heart.
To share my soul but to end my tiredness.
There I love just to feel all of this.
It is not my fault to whom I love, just to who I love.
But there God has given me the grace to knowing such one.
It is because of the kindness one might share, even if they are heartless inside.
It is still with feelings to which I love.
But with great honor to which I love thee.
It is of the loneliness I feel when I feel love.
It is there the emptiness is when there’s no one to share it with.
But it is the tear that wastes when there’s no one to care.
No one to catch the fall or wipe it before it runs down the cheek.
It is there I cry because you are not near.
Because of the hurt I feel but you are not here to kiss the pain away and say, it will be ok.
But there, love is all of me and my being.
Because it was of love to which God formed that of me and you.
But it was with thought, that he made that of you for me.
So I am not lonely but complete in my life.
That of the woman I love and none other will exist.
That there, I wish you were in my bed instead of the space I feel.
Because there, I will know I am fulfilled as I have got you to share my life with.
To wrap my arms around and whisper softly in your ear.
I Love You would be the right words you would hear.
But there, you know love is because it’s me you sharing it with.
A man with dreams but goals.
But a man who knows the true meaning of love because I feel its pain everyday.
That I would be happy to love for the right reason.
So all the hurt would go away.
But to love you would be my dreams but more then that, it would be my fantasy come true.
With lots of love from the one who cares.
With gentle kisses from my lips to yours.
I give you my heart, please be careful not to drop.
Cause it is already shattered from life as well as not having you to love.

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The Sea Blue Eyes II

There she is the false image standing quietly
She is just standing looking at a beautiful flower
She notices her passion of earthy desire
Something is happening she burst into the sun
I look up as her hands grasp my face
Her sea blue eyes gazed at me
Her warm hand and then a bright light blinded me
I went down on my knees and cried
The salty water dropped on to the ground 
I live by the ocean so deep
I do not know how to swim
By the thought of a beautiful look 
That made me shake
With fear in my head I saw those Sea Blue Eyes
I cannot restrain myself she burst into the sun
What is going on is it just the feeling of being left behind
She was a desire and now I have none
Driving nuts and insane what will I do
Believing such a image is a dream
I walk on the sand by the ocean with flowers in my hand
Raising it to the sky and trying my best to lure her
The image came close 
It pulled me into the ocean I was soaked
What a lonely human being I am
I grope the sky with such desire
I look pitiful and look anguished
What horrible feeling I have to pull the beauty that is nature down
The wind blew one day the image once more appeared
A young woman standing beside a flower with deep Sea Blue Eyes
Looked at me a glance of hope and happiness came
I reached for her and all of a sudden I fell into a deep sleep
Months past they had told me that I jump off a cliff 
They explained that the flower patch was by it
I realize heaven and earth cannot be reached with out a sacrifice
With meaningless thoughts I would wonder of to the cliff area
To see the ocean were it meets and ends
I was told a story long ago that the feelings of the ocean can seep into your soul
The trend of this story came shortly after some deaths
I was fooled the lady with the Sea Blue Eyes can manipulate anyone
Ladies and men, she is an illusion of the utmost desire
Blaming everyone human kind knowing they are lyres
The ghostly images that creeps everyone is oneself
Desire falls upon those who are lonely 
Believe of the unnatural becomes science
The Sea Blue Eyes is no lie cause they have been taking souls
Through century they have been taking souls for tolls
I stood once again near the ocean reaching to the sky
Lonely I was ready to disappear 
One day she not the lady of the sea it was the one I knew
I was blessed that day she embrace me 
I then fell into a slumber of bliss and desire
Now I just hear voices and I am paralyze down
A disappointment I was fooled once more by the Sea Blue Eyes 

To be continue.

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My World

My world has always been a world of eternal dusk not so dark I could not see but not light enough to see more then a foot in front of me. There are other people in this world I can just barely see them. They are transparent just outlines of people when I watch them move it seems like the air around them is honey they move so slow. I have screamed at them them but they seem unable to hear or see me and I pass right through them If I reach for them. As the years have gone by I have grown to realize that they are not just outlines but I'm the one who is not fully here. This is how I have been living my life as an outline and as the years kept passing I found myself becoming less and less of what I was,slowly began to lose my mind. No longer trying to get people to see me or hear me I have been walking up and down the same road mumbling to myself for the past 10 years. But a week ago a light appeared just a dim light far off into the distance but a light none the less. I have been slowly drawn to this light ever since. It's still so far away but I have begone to hear a soft female voice calling to me. But I'm fading so fast I am trying with everything I have left to reach that light and find where the voice is coming from.

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A Silver Fluidity, stronger than time Crystal shatters against me, in my prime I’m bulletproof, and echoes rebound Piercing ricochet’s, transmitting the sound I fell from Heaven, fast and strong Into a world, endangered by wrong I wasn’t a hero, just a moment of love A second chance for humanity, sent from above I’m a legend, a titan of Greek mythology The body of an Adonis, the dream of muscology I defend the greater good, and eliminate the hate My methods far from clean cut, they’re an ethical debate I was born Titanium, with a sword in hand I can manipulate thunder, with a wave of my hand I am Titanium, and the overlord is my enemy The creator of greed, money and the impecunious amenity

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Igniter the Diver

Igniter the Diver

Once upon a time, in a time next to mine,
A writer named Igniter decided to become a diver.

All he knew was writing, but no one cared about that,
not even his admirers. For they didn't know how to read, you see,
so the light in his passion for writing subsided abundantly.

And it died as quiet as the flame of a small candles fire, sorrowfully.

But diving wasn't hard,
although the swordfish promised to be unarmed.
And the loud hiss of conversing dolphins could not be 
missed however hard one tried.

So soon he got the hang of it,
and soon he became of it,
The oceans King Poseidon.

And all the living, swimming, shimmering fish
that were inhabitants, gave Igniter the tang he lost 
when he was just a dumb writer on fire.

That old dream was shattered when he climbed the social ladder,
for a more valued title, in a tide more powerful.
And isn't that all that matters?

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Dancing with Desire

The fire in your eyes, 
scorches my soul,
burning with an intensity,
leaving me to hunger for more.

I try to avoid your gaze, 
wanting to ignore your magnificence.
My self-control disappears,
as desire consumes me,
persuading my eyes to linger,
upon the flames of your soul.

The walls I build around me,
continue to crumble,
into debris,
when your captivating charisma,
envelops my heart,
surrendering to inevitable attraction.

I hide the curve of my mouth,
realizing that I must conceal,
the realities of my sin.
Your dazzling smile,
engenders me to pretend,
I do not notice,
 the pair of horns,
 upon your head.

The darkness of your spirit,
mesmerizes me,
falling into temptation,
without considering the implications.

You are precarious,
to my life,
a fact that excites me,
yet terrifies me.

I yearn to fly away,
abandoning the arrow of lust,
piercing into my purity.
Your devilish grin,
whispers melodies of secrets,
enchanting my lonely existence.

The moment I let my guard down,
you place your hand,
upon the small of my back,
and lean into my body.
Your lips caress mine,
leaving me to tremble,
with the taste,
of your intoxicating kiss.

Our bodies unite,
connecting as one entity,
tainting my celestial light.
I no longer want,
the halo,
hovering over my head.

I came to abhor,
the purities of the heart,
bathing in an ocean of thorns,
severing the wings,
of delicate feathers,
off my back.

Innocence evaporated,
from my pores,
becoming a raging phoenix.
I took your hand,
turning my back,
to an alleged harmonious world.
I took a walk,
 on the wild side,
running through my labyrinth,
of fears.

Your gentle touch,
transforming into a dominant embrace,
creates an adrenaline rush,
exploding into a fever.

I choose your destiny,
to dance into eternal flames,
a black rose,
between my teeth,
as we perform the tango,
into a blazing inferno of passion.

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A Story of Love That Never Came To Be

This is a story of love that never came to be This is a story of you and me Do you remember the day we met? It’s a day I never will forget. Many girls wanted you back then But I was the lucky one to win We used to share a special passion Not the same with any other person Destiny took me in a different direction But I always longed for your affection It seems we never found closure between us And I don’t want to, for me you’re a must Throughout the years our paths have crossed And the passion is always there, never lost Each time we seem to be in a different boat That’s why I usually turn away to stay a float No matter the circumstance, no turning away I’m cherishing each moment, I’m going to stay Just hoping I can always get a hug or two And be content with just dreaming of you Even though our love never came to be Just seeing you still makes me happy Who knows, maybe when I am 92 It may then be time, for me and you Florence McMillian (Flo)

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You feel special
 Do you?
Life and soul
Are you?
Truth be told
You’re an actor
Playing a part

Who is the real you?
Non communicative

 I love you
This madness must be stopped.

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Strive not for strife
But confront conflict on all fronts
When it strides past your ride
Dispense with all disputes
Spare not your fangs
When fear rears its ugly head:
When it rains; have a free cold bath
If sun shines, dry your clothes
At the reign of darkness
Find the inner light 
That lights your path undimmed
If the flood flows
Swim afloat on lifebuoy
And if fire rages and smoke rises
Expect the afterglow
When horde of odds assail like bandits
Never retreat, nor surrender
Turn around, turn aside, 
Never ever turn in nor turn back
Enjoy the war.

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I have always been alone it seems. This life has taken everything from me all my friends have gone walked away into the light where I can't follow. All my family has left and wont tell me where they have gone. So over the years my defenses have been built up and are strong. First the towering outer wall, surrounded by the dead bodies of people that could never get through. Next we have the inner wall, with two guard towers at either side. This wall is not as strong or high but the towers always filled with guards and weapons to strike down any and all who approach. People have reached this far many a time but almost all have fallen here. Second to last is a huge iron gate surrounded by a moat of battery acid to keep all from swimming it. The gate is thick and has never been lowered willingly, the gate keeps all out of the city that is my soul and heart. Only a select few have reached this far and a couple have forced there way in. Then last within the city, there is a golden vault door keeping all out of my inner sanctum. These defenses have been tested and tried but never have they all fallen. So imagine how shocked I was the day I was walking within my sanctum and out of a puff of smoke you appeared without any warning.........

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On Watch

He stands behind a wheel thick as a mans wrist, ornately spoked and polished, its diameter 
half his height; which he fondly strokes as he gazes upon a horizon, red, as in anger, yet, 
knows this is not the case and smiles.

His beard, speckled with slivers of gray, hide a face strengthened by wind and sea weathered 
beyond his years, accenting eyes, dark, deep as an abyss, that bear witness to the years of 
hardship. His teeth clamp upon the stem of a pipe broken to perfection, one of his few 
pleasures in this life.

His clothes, unmistakable, upon his shoulder, two chevrons under an eagle, identify him, as a 
man of some esteem.

This late night he commands this ship upon the sea, as the deck below his feet creak softly 
responding to the pitch of gently lapping waves; reassuring men below all is well.

Gulls, screeching their displeasure, circle above the crows nest protesting the occupation of 
their intended perch, their appearance a welcome reminder, just out of sight lies a land 
young and rich in resource and history, a land he calls home.

Porpoise, leaping, play in the wake of the ships bow, as to guide this ship home, provide 
momentary amusement, while sharks aft of the ship maintain their silent watch, awaiting 
their next meal.

As he stands behind his wheel he takes in all of this, knows all is well and good, in the morn, 
they dock, once again on dry land, until then he maintains his vigilance, never faltering in his 
duty to protect and defend.

As he gently turns the wheel making minor course change, he removes his beret, reaches to 
scratch a head void of hair, adjusts his beret until it sets just right, for all who can see, to 
read, U.S. Navy.

With a draw on his pipe, America's guardian, remains on watch tonight.

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What's Love Got To Do With It?

When she is pregnant, the father long gone, the street her home, she knows she cannot 
afford, or provide for you, yet, will not allow you to be forcefully taken from her womb.

When you are born, she leaves you on a door stoop instead of in a garbage dump.

Where after years of hardship and pain, she finds you once again, you reject her, then 
chastise her sin, send her away, do not let her defend against the hell she lives in.

When you marry in front of all your family and friends, the only one absent, your mother, 
you give nary a thought whether she is alive or dead.

When the day comes your children wonder why you never talk about your mother, they 
question what she did, to make you despise her, like no other.

When you realize there was no shame, she gave life over death, she gave you a chance you 
would never have, a home with a bed, instead of a crate over a grate.

When finally you search, years go by, until one day you discover her upon her death bed, 
your head awash with memories missed, those, you will never have, you look upon a face, 
you once looked upon with hate, tears held in check all these years, flow freely, 
overwhelmed with emotion, barely able to speak, she takes your hand, smiles, then closes 
her eyes.

The last she sees, her son at her bedside telling her he loves her, he wants more time, she 
dies peacefully, happier in this moment than any other time.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

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take me from this misery

* this poem has been inspired by Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony....*
* and was written in memory of my grandmother Jeanne Gula *

My name is Jeanne Gula, today i found out that i have cancer.
Its in a tumor, that's very painful, its very rare, its 3 cancers into 1
they already took it out once... and it came back.
The doctor said it was to late to take it out again.
Its not the perfect end to my life, but its all i can have..
I don't really know how much more time i have.
I used to be able to walk by myself, with out help.
I can't believe this happened to me... of all people.
It's be coming torture, they called in hospices.
This cant be good...
I'm in my own home, slowly dieing...
I really don't want to leave, I will leave so many loved ones behind..
So I think i will stay a little longer...
Its January, i now can't do anything by myself, i have to rely on family to help with
everything, my organs are starting to slowly shut down, its very painful to go through.
but my daughters birthday is coming soon... I'm not going to leave now... i don't want her
to be sad, on such a happy day.
I can't hold on much longer.
I'm now out of this misery, its feb. 2nd, and I'm finally free.
Free, of all this pain, and I'm healthy again, I can walk, with out hanging on to anything
or anyone, I can finally be independent again...
now no one cry for me, because i lived a full long life, and no longer in pain..
I love you all.
Love Grammy

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Words Not Written

The words not written Will always be remembered But there are those few With what they so far heard These are the words To completely describe All the passion we held And always had to hide The not written words Would’ve been the best Romance novel around Better than the rest But I don’t mind Passing up that chance Because I enjoy feeling The most passionate romance This is a promise I now make to you Forever and always Believe me it’s true The memories I see Through only my eyes Will only be written In some form of disguise Though those words Will be written not I must explain how Even a little is a lot Each moment with you I’m never forgetting I’ll just carry memories Of the words not written Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Many roads I travel end on one
Walking at night I can't stand the sun
The sound of shaking leaves
The crying of old trees
I enjoy the woods, it's my place of peace
I hear something different
So I stand still and freeze
Listening closely the noise is a cry
The power of the forest tells me to fly
Getting closer I begin to fall
I don't know whats ahead, but I risk it all
As I land all that I can see
Is a girl wanting to be with me
I pick her up and wipe her tears
Using my powers I destroy her fears
I kiss her lips as she kisses mine
I tell her things will be just fine
Stay with me forever and ever
We will be happy living together...

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Speaking from the podium, to thank 
all for my Poet Laureate Award;
overwhelmingly glad to receive it
from the hands of a famous critic...
I discern how the audience loves my lyric!

I have never spoken so openly
about the idealism and realism of my poetry;
and they are listening, focused on my lines
recited softly to them with emotions and tears,
and their positive response is my reward. 

Applaud me for creating new rhymes and rhythms,
poetic words inspired by the wilderness of frontiers,
by the truthful insights I expressed with my momentum;
unlikely other poets, who are perpetuate in memoriam,
and lie into tombstones never having been given honor.     

Entered in Brian Strand's Poet Laureate contest

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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A Modern Travesty

I Did Not Consume My Exquisitely Delicious Boston Cream At The Local donut shop on East Colonial Boulevard For Breakfast This Morning While On My Ravenous Way To My Place Of Employment .

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Pieces of Poultry Part 2

Your only as sick as your secret, but this was only the tail end of his secrets, secrets buried so deep that not even he himself could exactly put his finger on the difference between what had happened and what he may have imagined. Never the less, it didn’t hurt him, so it only must have made him stronger. As he crouched on the outside of his housekeeper’s home he knew tonight would be over even before it happened. Leaving him teased by the feeling, what kept him looking for an experience that would satisfy such a hunger. The whole experienced seemed surreal, kneeling down he brushed his hands along the grass. Was it the same grass he had at his home? He thought to himself, Where the bricks on his house laid in the same way? .For a moment he just enjoyed the pleasantness of the experience, the calmness before the storm. The anticipation was a rush of ecstasy wrapped in delusion but Sam didn’t care this was the reality he enjoyed.
	Sam knew that his house keeper lived alone, that’s why he was so particularly surprised when young women in her early 20’s opened the door. For a moment they only looked at each other. Sam felt caught, as if he was wearing his intentions on his sleeve, caught and angry, angry that whoever this girl was she was intruding on a very special moment of his. She was trying to take something from him, going against his plans purposely. In anger Sam reached into his inside jacket pocket and when he removed it he extended his had outward in an arcing motion slicing a horizontal gash along the young women’s face. He had meant to slice her neck open, but he missed and in turn placed what now appeared to be another bloody mouth from cheek to cheek, slicing her upper lip open along with her septum and left nostril. The young women fell backwards and Sam stepped inside closing the door behind him never taking his eyes off the young women.

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What is Time?

What is time?

Is there time  Is time perhaps in the wind?  casually in the wind?
Time passes by, time slips away
Time is in our hands, only to fly into the distance
If time flies by, at what speed does time fly
The speed of sound, of light?
People spend time. Can a price tag be put on time?
If I take time, does time become mine?
When I am given time. Do I spend it wisely?
What can I buy with time? Something I can see?
For I cannot see time. Can You?
Time is measured, accurately? No! I don't. Do you?
Is aging time? Do we often become afraid of time
Seeing people dear to us pass on
Does time stop for souls passed?
I have heard there is no time in Heaven
Infinity! Can time be greater than INFINITY!!
Does time go on and on, forever and ever?
Not ending. Even though we may or may not 
Accept that one day for us time will be over
So if there is no time in Heaven, 
So when our time is over here
And our time has come to a stop
Why do we worry about time 
If time for God is all we need
Keep the faith and earthly time will pass
For me I think I will give God my time
For whenI reach the pearly gates
And St. Peter lets me in.
I know God will have time for me
For with God time is eternity

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Bed is rockin Dont bother knockin

Sorry folks, no poem here, I began writing a raunchy poem ,which ended up turning out quite explicit(some may prefer to call it vulgar), so I don't think the Soup would appreciate me posting it on here, so I loaded it onto my Facebook page, I listed it as a note, (but it went down as a comment on Life, is the time of your lives, if you click to read those comments, you should find it on there) so it would not disappear.

My facebook is open for everybody to look at, whether we are friends on there or not, feel free to have a look, and because its not on the Soup, you can say its crap(or worse) if you like!!/FunkydelicPsychonaut?sk=notes

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New hope carried my soul through summer travels
its timing good karmic irony ,found in ancient parables 
I've dared myself to exceed my expectations
I've survived with new creations
displayed on the walls of art galleries 
in towns I'll never see

sometimes wisdom must resolve indecision
No desire no vision
gave myself permission 
never to keep my distnce from success

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What Happens Behind Closed Doors

What we do behind closed
Doors, stays behind them…

For us to know only…

Of the lust and the
sex is for us to know…

For no other has the
right or is it their business 
to know what happens,
behind closed doors…

The sex that happens should
 be for us to know and kept
behind closed doors…

By Sandra L. Hoban

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Apollo, I Am


Apollo God of light, I Am
        a prophetic deity of the Delphic oracle of all men
        the power of healing flows from my hand 

The love of the sun I shall shower across the land
I shall destroy the rats and locust that plague our crops grand    
I reign as dominion over all colonists of simple man 
I shall guard your flocks and herds from the valleys to the desert sand 

Upon this sphere of man, my powers flow................  

Apollo God of Music, I Am
        I shall flood music across the Realm of a new seed
        a psalm of truth to scatter abound 

My attributes shown proud as I travel the crowds
a tripod of vision showing all my prophetic power proud
a bow, an arrow sweeping away drenching clouds
I am all power, I scream to the heavens aloud

Apollo God Of Knowledge, I Am                           
       The truth of all known, in me will be found
       The scrolls of wisdom, I Am

Upon this sphere of man, my powers flow................



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You noticing

You noticing me crying
You noticing me being happy
You noticing me being depressed
You noticing my smile
You noticing my frecklce
You noticing my brown eyes
You noticing my pretty face
You noticing my feelings
You noticing my shyness
You noticing me blushing
You noticing my braveness
You noticing my courage

You noticing me!

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Waiting for my Girl

I await your entry through our red door.
I know you will be stunning as before.
Your sexy dress will be metallic blue.
It will suit you completely, any hue.
I adore everything about my wife.
She breathes youth into me, allows me life.
She’s coming, how I can’t wait to see her.
Her entry, the power, is quite the blur.
The beauty that emanates, takes my breath.
If she wasn’t my girl, I’d fall from death.
I walk over, grab her waist, and kiss her.
Passion flows between us like none other.
We now walk together out the front door,
To a night of pure romance near the shore.

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Catie Lindsey's "Narratives" contest


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The Man, With A Pen

The man, with a pen in the pocket of his 
suit of yesterday and today, that has chosen a place 
in a rocky shoreline, sits contently, waiting 
for the orb to settle down a smile from which words 
of mystic sea whirl, enjoying the summer wind.

The man, with a pen in the pocket of his 
suit of yesterday and today, feels rejuvenated 
from the touch 
of those lips, etched in a photograph. Ah, memories
good or bad, are always permanent!

The mountains and the seas tilt nigher 
to the orb, who has selflessly warmed him with 
eyes blinking from heaven to earth 
and has felt the gentle ripples of tares and the whir 
of transient birds gliding, in jovial mood, in the air. 

The orb declaims a lovely poem, while endless sky 
guesses if it should please his aged mind and a pen adhering 
to a note pad. A man, with a pen in the pocket of his suit 
of yesterday and today, that will  
boredom less enjoy the evening graces whilst she’s away.


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A Brand New Fad

I watch the news,
I scratch my head,
at all the mess,
my mind is fed.

Nothing good,
only bad, bad, bad,
seems the scoop,
depends on sad.

Money is greater,
than honor or pride,
it sways a person,
to the darker side.

A rocket scientist,
I am not,
but to figure it out,
just follow the dots.

Dollars have a voice,
for the greedy, and weak,
an addiction some have,
still running the streets.

Their hands get slapped,
for being bad,
but the dollars pile up,
it's a brand new fad.

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Everyone calls him
the king of rhythm and blues;
and with his electric guitar he plays his music,
strumming those strings with frantic fingers:
singing of his past delusions and unfaithful loves!
Decades ago, he traveled to many countries,
and everywhere he went he brought along
that guitar he named Lucille;
and even today it still emanates his will:
can you hum his most recent song?
A southerner from Mississipi,
uniting folks and making them sing;
and fame he found when he moved to Tennessee,
and who would have thought that he would have
become a living legend? 

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Galileo made his elegant telescope with wood,
to discover Jupiter's moons, which were four in all;
and he saw with amazement what we see today.
Galileo's creativity and intellect changed
the definition of science and expanded its scope;
and his touch of genius intrigued even a curious Pope.
Never before was Man able to gaze at the wonders 
of the unreachable Heavens with the naked eyes...
he allowed us to admire them and praise them eloquently.
And with the superb creation of his Galilean lenses, he shortened
the distance of the galaxies, planets and dippers that had existed
even before civilizations claimed dominion over the earth's rough terrains.
I would have ensued the same cause that motivated young Galileo to choose
a path encroached with many risks and trails, and be the bearer of change;
powerful war machine he invented when the city of Florence was constantly under siege.
He defended the Copernican Theory and was found guilty of heresy,  
and while on trial, his innocence gave him more audacity...
that everything he had created, would have honored him with some recognition.

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Everybody knows him as Alessandro,
the handsome gigolo of Via Veneto,
and his lucky charms he sells to many a gorgeous lady,
he approaches them and says,
" Mademoiselle, parle vous Francais?"
as he struggles with words, she replies,"Oui"
And he continues with a perfect accent, "Je t'ame!"
shocked by the womaniser, the slender French young woman
looks at him and starts to laugh with an entertaining wit;
but the gigolo insists, " Tu es tres belle!"
And the petite mademoiselle exclaims," Merci!"
How can his sexiness win him this French woman?
"Vouz habite a' Paris?" and smiling she nods
 " Oui...a' Paris, a' Belleville..un quartier de Paris!"
and the gigolo continues, " Un bel androit!"
" Beau garcon,, est-ce que La Fontana di Trevi...
est loin dici? And Alessandro excitedly replied,"
" Ce ne'st pas loin!"... and with a sign laguage,
he pointed to his red Ferrari, ready to steal her away! 

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci


Mademoiselle, parle vous Francais?"/ Young lady, do you speak French?

Tu es  tres belle/ You are beautiful

Vouz habite a' Paris?/ Do you live in Paris?

Qui...a' Paris, a' Belleville...un quartier de Paris!/ Paris, in Belleville...a quarter in Paris!/

Un bel androit!/ A beautiful place

Beau garcon, est-ce que La Fontana di Trevi...est loin dici?/
Pretty boy, where's the Trevi it far?

Ce ne'st pas loin/ not too far

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Call Archimedes Again

My heart is beating once again!
Call Archimedes from his grave so we may celebrate!
Eureka! I found it again!
My heart’s pain has gone away!
My life’s darkness has lifted away!
Stark in the middle of the wilderness I have regained the way!
Oh! How beautiful it is to see and feel me back on my way!

Eureka! I found it again!
Call Archimedes from his grave so we may celebrate again!
Writing literature in my dreams,
While praying for success in my sleep!
Writing poems in my head while strolling ahead!
Painting masterpieces in my head while bathing at midday!
Seeing tomorrow today while it’s still too much work away!
Oh! How beautiful it is to see and feel me back on my way!

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I’m not sad, I’m scared... there’s a difference.
You see lately, I’ve been having these dreams.
Weird dreams, and they feel so real.
Like they’ve dug into the very secret that is myself,
and turned it inside out.
Opened me up, my insecurities awake to be taken advantage of.
Like the stupid little things that scare me the most,
and my bad memories have woven together.

I feel like I’m not in control.
Something is going wrong.
I wake up confused, scared,
I wake up in tears.
My dreams are brainwashing me.
I’m drugging my life away.
Quick fix, quick fix, take this, take this.
When can I take control.
How can I take control.

I feel the effects, the effects of love.
How much it hurts me.
Distance is good, but I get so scared.
I have complete trust in you.
But I feel like manipulation is growing strong.
It’s my dreams, they’re brainwashing me.
I feel hated, and that someone wants me miserable.
My dreams are brainwashing me.
I know the truth, at least the truth I’ve been open to.
I know reality, yet I’m still scared.

I’m scared of a lot.
Being hurt again, deceived, lied to.
Being stabbed in the back, again, by a friend.
Losing control, that scares me the most.
I feel like I’m slipping through my fingers.

It’s cold here... in my dreams.
Dark too.
I can barely make out the faces in front of me.
Truth is, it’s how they make me feel when they’re around,
That’s how I know. 
Voices mean nothing, they’re all disguised.
They speak in riddles and in lies.
But it’s the feeling, the feeling I get,
That is how I know, I know not to forget.
It’s hard to explain, all of these fears.
My dreams have injected them into me.
It’s hard to hold on, to reality.
When my dreams, they’ve brainwashed me.

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Daddy's Little Girl

Her eye's are pretty with innocent inside
Her face is precious with curious trying to hide
Her body state's that i am a grown woman
The tight clothes and plenty of makeup keep
the grown men coming
Her every move and every step is just to dog on sexy
That man's eye's missed her face because her body
is screaming caress me
Before he realize this is , he's inside
Her body feels everything that her curious face was 
trying to hide
Those pretty eye's are no longer innocent
Guilt has came and made all her presents pastense
Now that body that stated to be a grown woman with
those eye's that was pretty innocent ; no longer can
hide her precious face with curious
That man never saw her face until after he planted that
seed and then realized that this is serious
Because her body was screaming caress me
His eye's missed her face but , saw her every move and
every step that he couldn't resist because she was just
to dog on sexy
Who cried , when her body lied
But , realized now she have to be a woman and this big
old world
If it wasn't for the tight clothes and plenty of make-up
he would have saw that those pretty eye's with innocent 
meant that she was daddy's little girl

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The Falling: Part II

Thats all she needs.
She desperatly wants his strong, protective arms to wrap around her and sheild her from this cruel world, this world that has broken her.
She desperatly needs him to whisper to her the words that would set her free.
That everything will be ok, and that he won't ever leave,
Like the many times before, where she would lie in his arms for hours
just listening to him breath in and out. His steady heartbeat playing its beautiful composition in her ear. The most signifigant sound in her world. 
She drops to her knees, pulling her drentched hair from its roots,
Screaming at the heavens.
The heavens respond with a loud bellow,
shaking the earth beneath her.
She knows the truth.

Yet she refuses to accept it.

The pouring rain continues to fall.
She continues to break.

He does not exist.
Not anymore.
He never did.

She wanted it too much.
She wanted to feel love.
She wanted to feel human.
She wanted to feel the unconditional need to be with another person,
and have that feeling returned with equal amounts of passion.

Was it too much to ask for?
Is it too much to ask for?

She can not move.
The rain starts to freeze mid air,
violently pelting her exposed body, leaving red marks as proof.
She does not care.
She can not feel.

The heavens cry out to her, begging her to get up, 
To get help.
She refuses.
All she needs is him.
Who ever He is...
Where ever He is...
She will wait.
Wait for all of eternity if need be.
She will wait for the unconditional love.
For that unruly passion that burns in both of their souls.
She waits for the man who was designed to love her,
to need her the same way she needs him.
She waits for the man who cannot live without her warmth,
her touch. 

And with that,
She slowly, unwillingly pushes herself off the muddy pavement,
permitting herself one final glance at the angry sky,
catching a glimpse at her diamond among coal
Her only friend in the wake of night.
The moon.
"Save me, my angel...Save me."
she whispers towards the sky, allowing a tiny smile to dance across her pale, desolate face
Before returning back to her throne in her cold, abandon dungon, her in lonly, abandon castle.

Feeling a new emotion she's never felt before.


Hope shoots across her sky like a metor.
Shinning so bright, filling her with warmth that blinds her.
The heavens cry out,
He will find her one day.
And she will be waiting. 

[.Because Falling in love, Is giving someone the power to break you.]

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The feel of Love

It is there I sat here all alone.
As I think of a woman not here in my arms.
There my love lingers in blues.
As I fill the emptiness of my soul down deep.
It's there my heart longs for love.
As I miss a woman’s love.
It is years that has past since I have felt pure love.
But even more I have never had a first love.
But there I long to be near one to hold.
As I feel I have became a nun with no one to love.
As it is that I am getting none makes me feel alone.
Not having one to touch and show my true heart.
It is there my soul cries for someone to love.
As I think of my pain of not having you here.
It is there it drives me crazy out my mind.
Just thinking of the moments we could share.
As I think of your curves and beauty you portray.
It's there I would love you for hours in the day.
As you would have the best of even foreplay. 
That when the time came, you would be wet with excite.
Not just your juices from inside but the sweat that would fall.
As I would taste each flavor all the way to your inner wall.
As the both of us would find a passion of love from inside.
But most of all, we would love of the heart and soul.
As you would know the way you make me feel.
Just by my action and the words I say.
You would know you are love by a true man.
Only to show the same in return.
But there you would feel like never before.
Because I would love you all the way to the floor.
But you would have tingles you could not explain.
Just because it's me there next to you loving in many ways.
It's there I give you my heart forever in life.
If ever that day comes and I make you my wife.
I promise to always fill you with the love and joy in life.
And never forsaking the one I would like to be with for life.
But knowing it is your beauty that I strive each day.
As my heart beats for only you, I dream of the day. 

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The Falling: part I


Loud noise.

but it was not just noise, no, not to her.
It was the wild cries from the heavens, calling out to her, reassuring her that everything will be ok, that there is somebody out there who understands, who is just like her.
She emerges from her throne, in her cold, abandon dungon, in her lonly, abandon castle where she is kept prisoner. Kept prisoner from her dreams, her temptations, herself.


The scent stunns her.
Memories from her former life proceed to play like a movie in her memory...
a movie that she can not pause, can not forget.
She stumbles, -afraid to move for the thought that this magical moment may dissapear if she becomes too hasty- to her only escape.
Destroying the barriers that stand in her path.

Ice cold.
The tiny rain drops fall from the sky,
releasing her temporarily from her own personal hell.
From judgment.
From criticism.
From the abandonment that overpowers her.

Lifting her pale, desolate face to the sky
she lets the rain wash away...
Wash away the hate
Wash away the pain
Wash away the lonliness
Wash away the end.

She cries.
No one would notice, the rain unselfishly disguises her pain so any on lookers would assume that the moisture is just from the malicious storm.
The wind.
So rude, so loud, whips past her.
Attempting to knock the fragile being to the ground.
But she is strong, stronger than she thinks.
She is not phased by it's attempt.
Mother nature is kind.
The heavens cry out again,
begging the young girl to remember, to be happy.
But she cannot.
She can't breath.
She can't think.
Her heart stopped beating a long time ago.
Stopped dead in her lonly, broken chest,
and the heavens cannot understand why

No one can.
But no ones ever tried.
Suddenly, the vicious winds attack her once more,
this time getting a reaction.
A violent tremmor shakes her body
raising goosebumbps on her skin.
She barely notices.
Her imagination runs free, 
unleashing all her memories, all her former happiness.
They all consist of Him.....

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'Twas on a sunny day in May
Along the banks of Fundy Bay
When I met… my dearest Anthony

From a distance…I could see
His rugged frame…and symmetry
And the glint of Irish eyes…of bluish green

With manly strides… he lingered there
Along a path of grasses… where
The sun reflected on… his golden hair

And with a glance… he stole my breath
I could not still… my heaving breast
With every step he took… I nearly died
Overcome with… such profound emotions… that I could not hide
'Twas in that magic moment… that we fell in love
Blessed by heaven… and the angels up above
And with their keeping…we were married… in the month of June 
Underneath a pale misty silken silver moon
We built a house… upon a hill…that overlooked the harbour
With a winding path… to the door… that walked… between the arbour
And there… among the sea salt roses… and the ocean breeze
We lived and loved and raised our family

The years went quickly sailing by
Sometimes we laughed…sometimes we cried
But through it all…we never left…each others side
For…we had that kind of special love… that never dies

A love…that asks the reason why
I stand upon our path and cry
As I look out to the ocean...where you lie
So overcome… with such profound emotion… wishing I could die

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Streaming down an untouched mountain side
an innocent river tumbles to freedom in a picturesque paradise
graceful green pines brush the climbing mountain side,
standing proud in Gods grace as they sway in a blissful August breeze
I slip down a beautiful ravine into a moss covered fortress
an opening in the dense foliage reveals a bald eagle searching the basin for life
a realization engulfs my spirit soul , a special love , a beauty 
a song of grandeur echoes free.........

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First Love

A collection of love letters in a heart shaped box
that I kept for many years,
reminding me of the times we met in secret,
and moments we spent in your loving arms
wrapped up like a gift in your embrace.

I have never forgotten your smiling face,
and your romantic charms,
or the butterfly kisses traced on my lips.

We parted in youth going our separate ways,
I thought of you often for many days and lonely nights,
wishing you would of stayed from memory to reality.

All I have left in this red velvet box,
with satin lining ,and emotional thoughts
are those wonderful times  of remembrance.

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Whats My Name?

I'm falling down a rabbit hole,

Down, down, down.

No...I'm not Alice...

This isn't just a dream,

This is our reality.


I've never fallen faster,

Never been so careless.

Love at first sight,

You make me fearless.

Light catches seize of the shadows,

In a white light washed night.


Racing, speeding, down the way,

Twist, twirl, curve, dip, in, out, in between,

Up, down, inside out, night to day.

The clocks hands fly,

Each minute, second, passing faster by.

You take my hand,

It all just melts away.

I'm lost in your arms,

That kiss, I'm breathless.

What's my name?

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Intoxicating Eclipse

Let me know all your smells
I want to taste of them well.
Let me hold all your funk
and sweat with you.

An eclipse 
blending fire
melting ice
filling limbs heavy
with weight untold.
Hot flames flicker
flesh most ready
heaving writhing 
they meet
in a dark void.

And then,
as ashes smolder
they rest 
in awe
in sweat
in the intoxication
of an eclipse.

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In Your Eyes

gathering a criminal profile I shall conjure up a madman's perspective

a performance of a desperate actor

a stunning display , quite a persuasive objective

leading me through blackened allies , his premeditated grandeur

I must sit back , recall all possibilities , ponder in retrospective 

illuminating a twisted motive ,I shall gain a devastating introspective 

now you see............
I am close at hand
I am on your trail
I am a thirsty dedicated undercover detective !

the guilt I shall read in your eyes 

yes , they are the key to thy soul !

and the soul is so very reflective



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The Power of Love

The power of love holds the battleground. 
Nuclear blasts from sea to sea. 
Wait and you will see!
Begging, kicking, and screaming:
Pleading, “Give it to me”!
Standing on God’s ground, defended by the armor and shield melting.

The power of love holds the mystery.
Things are never as they seem.
Do the means meet the extremes?
Where, how, when was I?
Wondering if it was only a dream? 
Standing on God’s ground, defeated by the lock that obtains that key.

The power of love carries the only prayer.
Time to come and be done.
Soon you will be the one.
Dead, black, despair:
Hoping, will someone hear?
Standing on God’s ground, lost in the dream in which you begun.

®Registered: 1998   Ann Rich

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In her poetry

In her poetry her heart shall stay
In her poetry her passion will lay
In her words you will find her secret
In those words she will tell you it was worth it
In that feelling you will see her tears
In that feeling you will know her fears
And in that poetry you will discover her hearts desire
The burning fire
The passion that flares
And that girl who cares
You will find her there 
even when she is lost
But to read her wisdom there is a cost....

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The Hurricane

The hurricane, so viscous, so violent!
Yes, it must rain.
This force is behind, 
This force beyond!
Yet, finally it came.
The winds, clever and dangerously rough,
Please measure this poll.
Dark clouds consume the heavenly skies, capturing ones soul.
With a love so hard, yet, a love much too cold!
Our world now spins, hopeless and out of control!
You are you and I am me,
Together, our climates capture and debate this Sea.
These winds are too strong, our sky so dark and dim.
Stricken with fear, too afraid to release what is deep within.
The storm is here, so grab onto your soul! 
Yet, beware! This one is fearless and this one we share.
Scream its name and it shall cry its love,
For it be you, far beyond the heavens above!
Hold your strength with a grip so tight,
That storm will surely break, so where’s your fight?
This hurricane can surely hold its own.
Our little world can and will be shown.
Our damage is as our damage does,
Surely this tiny world isn’t our just and only cause!
You hold that thought and forever we shall be,
True love bound and forbidden to set itself free,
Held within you and deep within me,
This love was meant forever, 
One day this you shall see!
This hurricane loves, yet, 
It wills to hate,
The forbidden fruit conquered by its very own fate.
Give your seeds, but stand your ground. 
Forever in this world!
For once we shall not be lost, but found.            

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997                                           

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I'm Just What Your Looking For

since the year of 1952 the city of st paul Minnesota holds
their annual treasure hunt the king and queen of snows
goes out to a city park and hides a medallion worth
10,000 dollars if you are the winner and your carnaville
button is register with the st paul pioneer press
which gives out 12 cryptic clues and this little medallion
could be wrapped in just about anything from diapers to cookies 
and the frigid weather here just may make you want to just
stay by the fireplace and sip on hot coco with family and friends
even lucky finder gets to ride along with the king and queen of snow
in the closing ceremony of it's torchlight parade
also watch out for the vulcans krewe for they like to dethrone the king
and leave you with a black smudges across your sweet cheeks

Tribute To The Winter Carnaville

Carnaville runs
Jan 21-31 

Also Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Christmas In Your Town Contest

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Mi camma to America wid a passion for moni en fud,
hoppin to getta rich;
en de sai det gold is founda in striz!
Mi work en work ol dei
to meke sam dollar,
en mi eat pizza, en drink vino...
mi wanna be lika Al Pacino:
a famos attor ov Hollivud! 
En me veit too mani iers, to see butiful voman 
laika Marilin Monro...whata a fess!
Whata a bodi! A Diva so sexi!
En mi wanna be laika Valentino from Italia,
to sedus ol duh pritty ladi vid mi ciarma;
en ol kiss mi...O locki Casanova!  

English Translation:

I come to America with a passion for money and food,
hoping to get rich;
and they say that gold is found on streets!
I work and work all day
to make some dollar,
and I eat pizza and drink wine...
I would like to be like Al Pacino
a famous actor in Hollywood!
And I waited many years to see beautiful women
like Marilyn Monroe...what a face!
What a body! A Diva so sexy!
And I like to be like Valentino from Italy,
to seduce all the pretty ladies with my charm;
and they all kiss me...O lucky Casanova!!

Entered in Deborah's Gucci, " Dialects make the world go around "
(Brooklyn-Italian dialect)

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Seeker

Life is beautiful
So should be the values within me
I am awesome in all my traits
Being the child of Mother Nature 
...only beauty can become of me

In my heart marvellous dreams of even better possibilities reside
In my mind the lessons of amazing possibilities resound
In my life the rains of opportunity bound in sure seasons
In my instincts the surety of purpose is in management 

I seek not the common weary path treaded by everyone 
I seek to wade a path through the jungles dreaded
I seek to obtain the gems so rare and seemingly  inexistent 
I seek not to achieve that which already has been done

I seek the wisdoms unturned
I seek the purpose unheard
I seek the luck uncared
I seek the powers untapped

I seek the rewards unclaimed
I seek the hearts unconquered
I seek the sights unadulterated
I seek the reality undreamed

I seek to influence the untamed
I seek to dominate the weaknesses unconquered
I seek to harness the powers unsought
I seek to own the happiness unfelt 

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A Plea to Infinity

The Infinite Mind of all eternity
In all your wisdom you decided reality to have me
Of all I know about you, profit is supreme
Please help me succeed too in securing my dreams
For it falls within the functions you purposed in me
Moreover, me being a product of thee
Means embedded in me are the elements of supreme skills
Designed to succeed in the highest scale of reality

The infinite mind of all eternity
Everything about me reflects the virtues of thee
My bodily beings daily grow and my heart never stops
Most times I’m all alone but I always feel You around 
Perhaps it may be that if I call upon thee
The wisdom of how to carry my burdens with ease
	...will be revealed to me
Oh, how I wish this weight on my back would turn into wings
	...and fly me far and fast, to the lands of appreciation and rewards
Away from the dreadful past stuck right at my back

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My cane

Yesterday, I walked the lane
Where once I lived 
And found my cane
Not yet a cane

But only just a dogwood limb
Barked and petalled still
Lying in the lane
Within a boy's dream

And I thought back then 
When fifteen years were all I had 
To make my cane a Moses staff
To walk through all the world.

So, I sawed the broken branch
And deflowered those pink blooms
And skinned her naked
Bathing her in good shellac

But I didn't know then
She'd be my lover to be 
Kept by the corner of my bed
She waits for me

To come home to her
For me to hold her
And caress her now yellowed curves
She wishes I would stay. 

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The Moon is a Thief

The moon is devouring my brothers/uncles/cousins/father/husband/sons

Last night my youngest son disappeared
We searched for him in the moonlight
(But I do not trust the moon)
She is a thief, fickle, many-faced liar
She deceives, manipulates
She is a crazy woman beckoning, then galloping away

Call her names
Better yet murder her
Gather her like cotton and push her
Down into a burlap bag
Grab her and shake her
Maybe the lost boys and men 
Will pop out of her like
marbles set free from a pouch

My son ran across her incandescent heart
Sweating, foaming at the mouth
I could not run fast enough after him
He was gone so fast
She is an enticer and a thief
A hard hearted moon who cares about no one
but herself
Blow the moon down
Then my men would return

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Let's do it now before its too late.
The more we move closer,
The more i feel it nearer.
The more it comes closer,
The more our love becomes stronger.
Than we thought, it's becoming faster.
Oh! I can't hold it any longer
coz, it's now greater
Which makes it easier.
Let's quickly do it
That we might reach its peak in season.
Time's almost up for us to be marred or left to live.
It's our only choice for it to be kept burning.
Let me touch thy tatoos
And unveil that which no man has
Ever seen. Just this once, so as to sow a seed
For here they come to mar us,
And destroy all we both worked for.

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Yeah, This is it

Yeah! This is it!
The music is so fine
The tea is so right
The life is so bright

Yeah! This is what I sought!
Every morning on my way to town on clean highways lined with neat trees
I mingle with my dreams passing by on parallel lanes
How can I fail to pursue my dreams when I perceive the reality of it

Yeah! This is it!
This is the opportunity I needed to put my dreams to test
This is the chance for me to cultivate my best seeds
At last here I am, an escape from mediocrity to the realm of possibilities

Yeah! It is as it should be!
Hard work, late night coffee, red eyes, lots of music
Longer hours in pursuit of happiness
Soon, my reality shall justify my sacrifices

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Always Friday has been
my favorite day;
not Saturday with
its frantic pace, 
or Sunday with Monday's 
but Friday with 
Saturday's full potential
awaiting, like 
standing at the door 
of Westminister Abbey,
not having any idea 
what will lie on the
other side but
feeling it will be grand.
But when inside it is
too much, too complicated
with its high arching
ceilings, too high
to make out the fine details.

When you were away, 
Wanting you was wonderful,
imagining a chance meeting,
a close warmth behind me 
and I would turn and 
smell your heat
not touching but standing
so close my nipples swell and
stretch to you with longing.

But then you came back and
Watching you drink
and watching you sleep,
I knew there was something there
I didn't understand like the
fine details in the high arches
of the cathedral and my
Friday dreams were flattened
in the dull thud of Saturday's 
lost potential.

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Ben Ja Min

on Jan 17th 1706 Benjamin Franklin was born 
became a printers apprentice 
established the first lending library
was known as an uncommom comman man 
that taught self in science and inventions

Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Also Entry For Brian Strand's   Vignette
A Literary Love Affair Contest
         GL All

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Nothing Left Of Me

Living in a world of lies 
Addicted to the way we crash 
But it’s all about the flames 
Too bad they never last 

Our time is escaping 
Nothing left but a grain of sand 
We’re such a stunning disaster 
Everything moving, faster and faster 

Lost in the darkness 
Oxygen is running out 
I cannot breath, not even shout 
The world is spinning, closing in and turning black 

Living in a world of lies 
Addicted to the way we crash 
But it’s all about the flames 
Too bad they never last 

Grasping for some control 
It’s all too much to bear 
Tearing at the seams 
How can this be fair 

All that you are, every single inch 
My soul is crying out 
Devoured while aroused 
Go ahead destroy me, just a little more 

Dying in a world of lies 
Addicted to the way we crashed 
But it was all about the flames 
Sad they couldn’t last 

There’s nothing left to say 
Cuz there’s nothing left of me 
Watching you walk away 
It was the end of me 

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just look to the sunrise in the east

She'll always be remembered for her golden hair
Youll never forget her grey green stare
But youll always forget her writing
Youll forget her words of fighting
Her poetry of crying
And her pleas of dieing
Youll forget her screams
But youll still see her in your dreams
Youll always remember the beauty but never the beast
Just look to the sunrise in the east
There you will find her rising with the sun in all her beauty
And all her fraility
You will see her there rising dead and alone 
With her wrist forever sown
If you look to the east where the sun shall rise
You will find her clensed of all the lies
You will find her price
Her sacrafice
What it took to make her whole
And because of what you stole
This beauty will fade away
But not her wisdom
For in her book it shall forever lay

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This is it

So the dream is already real
At least the greater part of it
It’s now up to me 
It’s time for me to show what I’m made of
The lights are on me 
The audience of fate and opportunity are waiting 
Will I put on a show
Or will I kill the show

Somehow I have to find a way
To bring all the best that I’ve got in me
Somehow I have to find a way
To bring out the best of me that I’ve always been dreaming to give
The audience is silent
The eyes of criticism are searching me
The eyes of appreciation are waiting to applaud me
Will I impress or will I fail

The anxiety is overwhelming
But still doesn’t change the fact that here I am
Live on the stage of life
Now I must act
…for all have paid to get their worth
I must throw all care to the wind and fit in the cast
The only care I should keep 
…should be of the sequence in the script

So here I go
This is what I’ve been waiting for 
This is what I’ve been yeaning for
This is what I’ve been practicing for 
Now I shall perform for the applause I wish to own
I hope you enjoy the show

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A Flickering Flame

Ah, a flickering flame with shadows on the wall,
With glimmering lights rolling all around!
I will remember them all!
A flame so high,
But a flame so low,
A burn out in time!
A linger much too slow,
A flickering flame,
A moment that I claim!

Ah, a flickering flame where light covers dark and dark covers light.
With glimmering lights bouncing all over the walls!
A vision of true sight!
A flame so unpredictable,
But a flame so respectable!
A flame hard to know,
And one that can’t be controlled!
A flickering flame,
A moment that I gain!

Ah, a flickering flame showing dim light within its own domain.
With shimmering lights reflecting a glare of golden visions burning too bright!
How very well maintained!
A flame so harmless,
But a flame much too careless!
A flame too passive,
And one that’s way too captive!
Ah, a flickering flame,
A moment that I’m holding with no shame!

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In A New World

I?m in a new world of strange sounds
I?m in a familiar world yet of different tongues
And I somehow feel at home
This was the dream I wanted to own

Yesterday I was so down, eager for a dreamy reality to own
Today here I am, my dreams having won, yet still stuck in ?Now?
I wanna dream even more of the heavens yet to be
I wanna live like a mortal with the destiny of a king

Still the sounds are so clear in my mind
I feel the vibrations of their laughter in my heart
I feel the fire of pain in the wounds they hurt
Yet I still have that voice of forgiveness humming deep in my heart

I am the prince and the prophet
The price of their peace is in my wallet
When the time is right I must pay for their rackets
Such is the game whose rules I squash in my racket

I still believe in the dreams of a better modernity
I still pine and plan to rise in spite of my bondage with mediocrity
I must find a means to benefit from the trash of my history
I must achieve my dreams so as to disapprove the unfavourable history

Warnings abound of my biting off more than I can chew
Confidence within assures me my mouth isn?t as weak hence I can aptly handle my 
I am dancing to a beat so loud within I do not need the party
The path I am treading is of a virgin destiny, hence it can only imprint my new 

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Day Two

Wow! What a day it has been 
Right, left, centre
Ain?t nowhere that I haven?t been 
On a matatu, on a bus, and so much on my foot
Ain?t none I ain?t seen
And at the end of it all it?s my trouser that split
Right in the middle for all to see
Damn, what had me wearing a red pant today?

So, there it was
Day two of my life gone by in so much effort
Still I ain?t found what I am looking for
But I have a hunch I?m closer to the front
For here I am sitting at the corner near the door
The bed was so much nicer, unlike the breakfast
In the reflection of the mirror I see them looking at me
Well, that means I am a little bit different
And so I intend to be
Writing away my life like this
Till time and fate will send me a fat cheque in the envelope of fame

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Guitarra is her name

Beautiful she was when I saw her
Nestled gently in that obscure corner at the Supa
If only she knew how many years I’ve longed for her
How sweet the poem I wrote for her was
Well, since I saw her and heard her beat in my heart
I swore with the little cash I had that I would buy her

And to buy her I now have
It was few minutes to nine
And the thought of spending another night without her,
 ...harassed my mind
I couldn’t survive the loneliness,
			...I wouldn’t 
So off my room I rushed 
...and into the Supa I dashed
There she still was, as beautiful clad as the day before
I didn’t have t look twice to know she was mine
That I had done in my mind so many nights before
Now, this was the time for her to really be mine
For opportunity to be theirs had long passed them by

Damn, how good it felt to have her in my grip
When I had her is when everyone else realized how fine she really was 
Now they all wanted to own her
Damn, I’m glad it was too late for them

Here she now is
Nestled lovingly on my thighs 
The feeling as sensational as I thought it would be
Her beautiful shape so bewitching
Her contours so obsessing
Her sound so marvellously enthralling
She is the love of my life and together we’ll be more than fine

She and I will find a way to make it sound and look right
We shall soon make love on the stage in the star light
They shall soon pay to see us perform our hearts delight
But before then it’s tough practice every night

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For What It is 2

He knows that her heart belongs to him, 
not because he desires it, 
but because she gives it to him freely.

She offers herself unto him,
knowing he would do her no harm.

He returns his love with his gentleness.
He doesn't leave when its over. 

She not a notch on his belt. 
It's not for his satisfaction, but for hers
and what she desires.

He stays with her because 
he has nowhere else 
he would rather be
than to stay be her side.

Not for another round, 
but because he loves her.
His heart belongs to her.

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she's a painter
he's a poet
the potter takes his
clay and throws it
turning mere dirt
to a thing of desire

© Goode Guy 2011-12-29

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Late One Afternoon

Late one afternoon, i saw a star,
And i wondered what month we were in the calendar.
Just as i worked outside on the printer
For such is only seen during the winter.

Oh! Thou magnificent star
Roaming within the boundries of space.
My heart beats as thou were afar,
As i gazed at thy beautiful face.

i felt thy undiluted fragrance,
That gave me an insight into your graceful elegance.
The thought has often come into my mind
If i ever shall feel it real, not in a trance.

I love to confess
My undeserved oneness
Which has brought me loneliness
Of living in a wilderness.

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dressed as a lady in waiting
You come unto me
In the myst of the night
The river so bright
The moon shines above
smiling on the stars
The tide roars in
almost speaking in voice
On the sand 
You approach 
Through a cloud of fog
First your legs
Then your arms as they swing
Followed by your glorious body
with a mysterious smile
You come upon me not stopping
We are engulfed
Waiting No more

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2005 Peter B. LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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To You My Future Love

Dearest of all pretty divinity
You are the fairest of all the princesses of reality
Even though I haven’t as yet met you
I trust my intuition’s claims of your astute values, to be absolutely true
For already the sight of you playing tunes with my heart is so enthralling

I pine for the time we shall hold hands
Perhaps even sneak a beautiful kiss or two through the cyber
I’d like to see how your eyes will twinkle
As I tell you how much I’ve loved you even before I met you
Darling dear, even before I know your name, I wanna say ‘I do’

My sentiments to you are true 
...coz the feelings your aura stirs in me are so cool
Anxieties of meeting you sometimes probably soon,
...reminds me of my sweet, mischievously naive days in school

Darling dear, only problem will be that I am an artist
...trapped somewhere lonely between childhood and adulthood
But I trust your understanding and support will help me through
May be you are going through it too
In which case it will be so cool
...for we may just be the two geniuses the world has been waiting for to move!

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Locked behind a field of stars,
Hidden behind battle scars,
Living only to contend,
What is righteous without end.

Stare profusely at the time
When dreams had matter more sublime
Than existence in a shallow climb

Where hopes are shattered
Made a joke
And empty promises are choked
Beyond the point of no return
And those who dare they wind up spurned.

Yet somewhere in this blinding vision,
The spirit of a knight once christened
Emerges from behind the stars 
Waging battle from afar
To those who trample on the weak
And those who cower under meek
Obscenities meant to deny
Aspirations to a tie.

Amidst the field of shattered glass
Betwixt the blades of blood-stained grass
Knights of valor lie in wait
For the oncoming barrage of hate

Fitted armor and a sword
Weapons only of a sort
That principles of virtue cry
Impediments towards those who strive
To hinder what is right and true
And places evil into view.

Where chaos discontented reigns
And knowledge serves of only pain
Emerges steady into lieu
Creatures aimed to misconstrue.

Armed with weapons of a sport
Meant to maim and to contort
Complacency…create in a word
A kingdom of their own accord.

Filled with displeasure… discontent
Rejecting faith as it was meant
To conquer nothing above all
Just eliminate this squall
Between men of different creed
Which only one there shall succeed.

Now the two opposing sides
Growing nearer in their strides
Each one bellowing his cries
Of righteousness and chide
Both caught up amongst their lies
That either side is to subside
Till their very last is tried
And only silence coincides.

Amongst the carcasses struck down
On the field lay all around
Remnants of the dead are found
And only silence is the sound

Of a battle that was waged
Since the origin of age.

Yet…from atop the tattered skies
On the field there does arise
One survivor from each side

Each too tired to discern
The longing to return
Where the lost once knew as home
And honor those who’ve lost and mourn

Going each one his own course
Till they gather enough force
And their paths become traversed
When the next battle is posed.

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I am unknown
Simply put..a gentle sort of guy
Every day from 9 til 3
Submitting my poetry
They are for all to see

Fame is not my game
Not looking to add
a writer credit to this name
It is the best of just a simple poem
Describing life:Where,How,When,and Why?

To call myself a Poet Great
Is an insult to those who long and wait
There are many who are more talented than I
They will be known
"Poets American Pie"

This "Unknown" writer  in sensitive
Prefers anonymity
Country home on a New Hampshire side
Winters in the Berkshires county

Fate has not been a friendly face
The clock ticks
Father Time points to my face
Even though my work may be shown
All,in all,though..
I'd rather be unknown

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Heart void lost love
yearning what was
when our time was slow my heart your treasure
our passion unpoisoned by carnal pleasure
your wisdom my heart's will until my heart stills

Cherishing photographs of sacred memories
tarnished by anger selfish joy and jealousy
never tamed our passions, despite their pain

Betrayed by lust our solemn vows broken ruined our past
may our past strenghthen our future remains an unspoken task

Past photographs of forgotten moments unmemorized
our hands lovelocked embracing compromise
careful sharing sincerities seemed wise

In haste I sworn against you
yet your patient and true

Kept your distance from others never trusting their concern and vision
this bridge they dare not cross without spiritual wisdom

Kept my faith despite temptation
our shared passions...inspiration
our angered son's light woke my conscience
yet his comforting can't ease...indifference
yet two colors must  blend 
forever inseperable yearning an end  

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I dream that we'll be together
I'll be thinking about you
I see your smile
you dream about our love
we think about each other
we kiss
both smile
we make each other happy
I never dream of another
I treat you great
you treat me better
I know we'll be together forever.

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Black Beauty

Like the Nubian princess she is, she rises above the dust and ashes she calls 
her life. 
This life has continuously given her heartache. Blow after blow, she takes them 
Battered bruised, dazed, confused, tore up she does not know what to do.
Many times she has been scorned, lied to, cheated on, and trampled all over. 
She has been a dumping ground for insults, stereotypes, hateful words. 
Harlot, stupid, disappointment she has heard them all. 
Love is foreign to her, but hate is something that is all too familiar. 
Life she has never seen, but death is all around her. 
To her goodness no longer exists. 
Evil rains like acid all around her. 
It eats through her flesh and devours her soul. 
But she has survived and is growing a new, warm soul. 

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One True Love

My life was so rugged and blue
Until God blessed me with a gentlemen like you,
I stop believing in love, love so kind and so true
I started back believing the day I laid eyes on you.

I was so skeptical this time around
Oops! I'd better watch it I don't wanna fall down,
Down the road of loneliness and despair
Hmmm....will I ever find someone who really care?

Indeed, it did take a long, long time
But who would have thought that, you, this man could be mine,
The actual day we meet was in July
But when you went to Montgomery, I felt like I was going to die.

In Montgomery way up there
I came to realize that, that was nowhere, 
The days I came to stay with you
Made me realize all the more, this love must be true.

The time we spent, we spent it well
Gosh gee! that sounds like weddings bells,
Bells of music, joy, and laughter
Bells that could means happily for ever after.

After two or three days, I had to come back here 
The thought of being without you caused me to shed a tear,
I'm counting down the days that I would use certain initials
Praying and hoping that it would be Mrs. Jermaine Mitchell.

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Alexandre, the young alpinist from a southern France,
attaches crampons to his tough climber's booths,
to ascend the dangerous ridges of Mount Rose,
and with the same ice axe, he climbed Mount Everett!

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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On-line Romance

Have you ever been in love

   with a name

   with what you want

    someone to be

    with an on-line persona?

Have you ever

    had your heart broken

    when you met face-to-face

    and discovered the relationship

    was just an illusion?

Have you ever 

    been brave enough to try again?

This time when you meet...

You see your soul

    in his eyes.

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What I love about her

What I love about her 

What I love about her
I told her twice before
I don’t believe she heard me
Tell her tales of my amor

‘I think a lot about you’
I slowly brushed her hair
I guess she didn’t hear me
As I dreamed of our affair

‘What I love about you
I told you once before
It’s the way you look tonight’
I knew she wanted more

She sat there bated breath
As I waited for her coo
I saw her looking sideways
As she said ‘I love you too’

She teased me with her smile
Looking at me, while I sighed
I said she played too much
With me, she always lied


While she laid upon her bed
Before she fell asleep
I leaned, and whispered to her
‘My love for you runs deep’

My lips had slightly grazed her
she shivered from my touch
I laid my hand upon her
and comforted as such

I moved my hand up lightly
‘For warmth’ my fingers dancing
I lied to no one really
Flames in me slow advancing

Breath escaped from her lips
Heat was rising in her too
I wondered what she dreamt about
Oh, if I only knew 

I placed my lips upon her neck
I suckled at her skin
Sound rumbled from her body
As I drew her scent within

I became a bit more daring
Pushed her back onto the bed
She lay there blinking at me
Her face a shade of red

I pressed my lips upon hers
She press’ed back at mine
I tasted in between her flesh
I felt us intertwine

I smiled inside her mouth
We laid there spreading grins
While our teeth clicked each others
I began to count my sins

I nibbled on her lip
I kissed it well again
I lowered to her neck and
Denounced the need for men 

I bit her neck a bit this time
Her moans excited me
And so I bit harder still
And waited for her plea

I looked into her eyes
And knew it had begun
I fiddled with her blouse a bit
And then it came undone

‘What I love about you
I told you once before
It’s the way you look tonight’
I knew she wanted more

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Living life to achieve none lessens pride,
our purpose is to accomplish something;
rare individuals reached out and enticed.   
Were we born to live and die as others,
or create  great works to delight and inspire?
Start your flight today and follow your stars.
If all did this, lives wouldn't be wasted:
more scientists would find cures for diseases,
world famine would be wiped out completely;     
deserts would flourish as flowers gardens,
peoples would be overjoyed by their sight...
letting them live a fuller existence.

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The romantic man was mysterious, inventive and restless: 

and the Universe's vastness influenced his intellect,

in the arts' world he was known as a crafted lyricist and poet;

by the creativity of his mind, he kept that flame lit...

in the human soul, he drew real images of his fate.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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I remember it was spring, of that year when we met.
Natures beauty, new love, so passionate.

The early spring flowers, young lovers in life,
So strong was our passion, would you be my wife?

The warm sun, the bright days, we laughed oh so often.
Our love in full bloom, our hearts in full blossom.

Fall colors such beauty, but nights turn to cold
Part of life’s cycle, we start to grow old.

We laugh and we cry, our love still remains.
We embrace with such joy, and share all the pains.

And now I’m alone, the nights seem so long.
With a shiver or two, I don’t feel as strong.

Oh, for just, one more springtime with you.
My heart would reblossom, from the love we both new.

I remember our joys, the seasons we shared.
I remember our love and the way we both cared.

The nights still grow colder, the fire becomes dim.
I pray to be warmed, by my memories within.

Copyright Tom Welch

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Allow Me

Let me be the person you want
Let me be the person you desire
Let me be the man you talk to
Let me be, allow me to be ‘Me’

Touch you when you need to be touched
Caress your insides, with my hanger
Rub my fingers down your back
Making screams as if you’d didn’t know how to act
Whispers nothings in your ear
Just to make your body chant back to me
Shaking like it’s never been touched
Because the feeling is a little to much
Let me be the person you want
Let me be the person you desire
Let me be the man you talk to
Let me be, allow me to be ‘Me’

Allow me to nibble on your chest
Nibble from breast to breast
Kiss you cheek to cheek
Then down to your knees then your feet
Tongue the small of your back
Up the hill and down to your crack

Let me be the person you need
Let me be the person you desire
Let me be the man you talk to
Let me be, allow me to be ‘Me’

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To The Band Of Brothers From Viet Nam

What did I do when I was a kid?
    Loved life, had fun that’s what I did.
Enjoyed what I had, and had what I enjoyed.
    Never to be bothered seldom ever annoyed.
Stood tall, felt proud, proud of this country, The Home Of The Free!
    Proud to be an American, lucky to be a part of such a great society.
Then something happened that ripped this country apart.
    It was called a police action but it ripped and tore at the very soul of this country 
it tore at her heart.
 Was it right or was it wrong?
    So many mixed emotions were played out in the words of yesteryears songs.
The seventy’s brought on free love, drugs, and the start of a decline in our morals 
in this story.
    Viet Nam brought both shame and honor, but very little was given in the name 
of glory.
Many young Americans lost their life or were crippled and maimed.
   And had to come home to a country that held them in contempt or made them 
feel ashamed.
They were pushed aside refused work treated like second class dirt.
    And what did they do they too had feelings they too could hurt.
We blamed our soldiers instead of the politicians that sent them there.
    They were the ones that were dying but no one seemed to care.
So to the Viet Nam Vets I say I for one am proud of you this very day.
   And may God Bless you all each and every one is the prayer for you I pray.
And maybe someday there will no longer be wars are reason for blood shed.
   In thanks to The Band Of Brothers from Nam we should all give thanks as we 
bow our heads.

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My Dearly Departed

In this world, I can see many faces of you and me,
Boundlessly free with our new abilities to breathe!
I am a dime per every one dozen collecting my fee.

You see, it is just you and me rising upon this day.
Together we do be and forever on our merriest way.
It is just another day for you and me to pitch a say.

We are one word away you see my dearly departed,
We can all bail ship or get this whole thing restarted.
Or, we can confirm that which became our imparted.

Love me now and hate me later,
Or, love me later and hate me now.
Either or my dearly departed hater,
I impart onto you my Poof Bam Pow!

® Registered: Ann Rich 2009

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left behind

This whole place is set ablaze. 
Smoke is filling these lungs. 
I'm looking for the fire escape. 
The sirens ring aloud. 
I can't make out a single face in the crowd. 
Where are you? 
You said you'd never leave me behind. 
Where do you hide? 
I can't breathe. 
These fumes are looking to take the life out of me, but still i push to make 
my way out. 
Forced to crawl as the flames reach for the skies. 
How desperate i am just to find you. 
I scream your name as i make my way through this burning building. 
Struggling as this structure tries to make its way to the ground. 
It's going down! It's going down! 
Searching for you, my eyes blinding by this haze. 
I'm trying to find my way out of this maze. 
Where'd you go? 
You said you'd never leave me behind. 
I'll make it out of this alive or die trying. 
I hear the siren's cries. 
Pushing forward trying to make my way through the door. 
I don't know how much more i can take. 
It's getting harder to breathe with each breath that i take. 
Save me. 
This is exactly what it seems. 
Trying to survive as this fire tries to baptize me. 
Get me out! Get me out! 
You said you'd never leave me behind. 
I scream your name in one last attempt as this fire consumes me. 
I'll never forget your smile as much as it haunts me.

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God Bless America

When we pledge our allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.
    And also to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God.
It doesn’t say under budda or allah or any other form of belief that is not 
Christian. Indivisible which means we are not to be divided. With Liberty which 
we have ungrudgingly shared, and Justice which we are daily being deprived of. 
And last it says for All, which I take it to mean for Americans and our way of life. 
This is a pledge only for Americans and intended only for Americans. That was 
written by Americans many years ago that had been suppressed of many rights 
we now take for granite. When we give up one right think of all the blood that was 
let just so you could have that right.

To my brothers and sisters that live in this land.
    Let us reclaim freedom as in God as we stand.
Let us stop the abortions and save the child.
    Return discipline back to the educators in return for a child that is not wild.
Remove elected officials that don’t do their job or do what they say.
   Send those to jail that accept bribery or pay.
Stop turning your head when you see something that is not right.
    Beef up the minutemen and teach them to fight.
Goods can be exchanged at the borders but allow no foreign vehicle to traverse 
cross our land.
    No more immigrants allowed, no more can this country of ours stand.
We are united and we have all sworn the oath.
     To better our country and cherish its growth.

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Avodah zarah

Peoples across cultures
converge in a certain place to worship.
Bringing with them the baggage of their history,
helps to understand their ways and cultural flavors.

  Everyone shows his need
  in different levels
  with varying degrees
  in quest for an answer.

Others crave for more
beyond the limit in human proportion.
It's passion for a certain need
power, money and prestige.

  Like a foreign worship
  that centers only on oneself
  One's obsession just for self gratification
  describes a temptation to prevail.

That's contrary to our calling 
as men and women in the world with others
meant to be gifted to others
moved by God, the source of life and love.

Peoples across cultures
converge in a certain place to worship.
Bringing with them the baggage of their history,
helps to understand their ways and cultural flavors.

  Everyone shows his need
  in different levels
  with varying degrees
  in quest for an answer.

Others crave for more
beyond the limit in human proportion.
It's passion for a certain need
power, money and prestige.

  Like a foreign worship
  that centers only on oneself
  One's obsession just for self gratification
  describes a temptation to prevail.

That's contrary to our calling 
as men and women in the world with others
meant to be gifted to others
moved by God, the source of life and love.

Note: avodah zarah literally "foreign worship" is the formal recognition or worship as God of an entity that is in fact not God.

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Hungry for You

I walked this path narrow wide or straight.
In the corners, voices are of many to bout.
Every single one just wants to get in or out.
But many felt beyond grandiosely great.
Tables turned and Sunshine came in,
They all took a twist and fell in place.
It was a madhouse at a race.
But again, traveling did begin.

One was to my left and one to my right,
I promised to bring some gainful insight.
I loved and learned taking a lesson or two,
Never say never, and to not forget about you.
I shall place a bet,
And time I shall set,
For a day to the side,
Where you can’t run and hide.
I’ll dance under Moonlit skies,
And behind I’ll be surprised,

You are wondrous to me,
You are such beauty to see.
In your heart I shall sit,
I’ll eat you alive bit by bit.
I am hungry for you,
And you are to.
So don’t sit and wait,
You may be too late.
I am by no disguise,
For, I am in your eyes.

From dusk till dawn,
My love I spawn,
It is you and me,
And forever we shall be


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Apart of me

I wonder how you feel when I run across your mind
Good, bad, or pleasant thoughts coming from inside
It hard not knowing how you feel
When the feeling that I’m feeling has got to be real
We’re so distanct yet so close
But I lack the things from you I need the most
It’s affection from you that I seek
It’s because, you’re Apart of me

It’s uncertain you have the same attraction
Because you show no emotion, it’s not in your actions
My heart just yearns for capture
Caught up in the love that it’s after
In your presence ,up under your skin
Posted up I want to lie within
But, it’s been 2 long weeks
And you’re still apart from me

Looks like nothings going to change
The world keeps moving and I just stay the same
I guess I need to move on before its to late
No matter how hard it feels, I choose my own fate
If you’re unsure about what it is you want
Tell me what you’re thinking right now upfront
I don’t need 3 months to decide if theirs a we
It’s evident to me already, beacuse you’re apart of me

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My Life's Work

I sort of thought no matter what happen I'd have you
Now from the look of what happen recently it can't be true
I counted on you needing me
I guess that's hard for you to see
See you'll never know what I see when I look at me
You'll never know, how much I needed you to need me
I'm so into the idea I'd play the fool
And I'm saying right now I'd do anything to keep you
I'm not ready to lose you; I'm just getting use to loving you
Never say goodbye, never leave me like this
Don't walk away, alone I'm dangerous
If you must go, leave me my identity
If you must go, leave my shadow
Reflections of scattered thoughts of us two
I lowered my inhibitions for you
I honestly don't know how you feel
However I'm just keeping it real
I need for you to need me
My life's work or just a faded memory.

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Serenaded silence
Under blushing sun
Swinging hands holding
Flowering love
Fledgling fingers 
Jousting to arrhythmic beats
Summer soliloquies
Too shy to fluently speak
Sweet somethings
Whispered in ticklish ears
Swirling sentiments
Searching to endear
Grown-up glances
Alternating until one
Longing lips converging
Under blushing sun

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What is it about?

What does he have on me, that would make you leave me
How do I live without you
Go on like there was never a we
Two years of relationship, now it’s just me
Never saw you leaving after all the times
Your telling me, your never coming back
Your love for me has played out its lines
You expect me to just continue to live without
The love you put on me, what was that about

I put it all on the line so many times
Made so many changes to make it right
Found all this love to please 
Now you betray me with ease
If it was that easy for you to leave
Then love for me you said you had, I can’t believe

That song you sing is the same, from yesterday
Didn’t think I would catch it
Now why you handle your baby that way
At least that’s the way you use put it
Now you don’t even sleep on your own pillow
Running up behind some marshmallow negro
I weather the good and bad of you
Took all the stuff you put me through
Yet still I wasn’t enough
The bad in you, that front, that bluff
Had me all caught up with the good scene of you
Now you’ve moved on, B-jay ends & now it’s part two
Seems like just yesterday we were together, now I'm through with you

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Red shirt with a matching hat pulled down low over his eyes.
Just leaning, holding up the wall while having a smoke.
Watching him watch me.
Still looking out for my girl, but maybe it's time I look out for me.
She's grown, I'm grown, and he is definitely grown.
Small talk floating through the air.
Trying so hard not to be interested, keeping my attitude hard.
Thought I had given up on trying, but this one has sparked my interest.
And then it happens.
A comment thrown my way by this one, not rude, not vulgar, just painfully 
And I reply back, addressing him as "Pa" and the wall suddenly holds itself up.
My eyes grow wide as does his.
A sign of respect, a hotter spark, a door opening, then going back inside truly 
thinking the nights almost done.
His hand reaches out and touches my arm, soft words shared.
Bad timing but I don't really care.
After watching him for so long I now cannot meet his eyes.
I can't stop smiling, can't stop looking up into those eyes and feeling like I belong 
with this one.
Feel like I belong TO this one.
Don't want to leave his side, leave his sight, leave his touch.
Kisses so gentle and soft on my forehead.
Inhaling deeply taking in his smell.
Time has slowed but sped up all at once.
What to do.
What to feel.
Totally becoming lost in this stranger who doesn't feel like a stranger at all.
I keep biting my lip, holding back the urge to kiss him deeply.
Wanting to respond to him and give into him totally.
Feeling his arm around me, so safe.
Totally losing my mind.
Never have done this, never have thought this, but I called him Pa and it came so 
I want this one.
I want to know all his secrets as I share mine with him.
I want to be his anyway anytime anyplace.
We really have to be going but I'm dreading leaving his side.
My mind pleading for time to stop.
More tender kisses, sharing quick looks, smiles.
I find myself giving him my number with no hesitation.
We clicked we flowed we belong.
Impatience from my girls pokes at the air surrounding us pulling at us.
I lean in and kiss his cool smooth cheek.
One last look over my shoulder as I leave.
Trying to burn that smile those eyes those lips that I long to kiss into my memory,
Just in case.
One last reminder "Call me Pa" and in my heart I'm his.
Whether it's love at first sight, spontaneous and all consuming or just lust.
I so want this one I called Pa.
Time to leave with hopes he wants me too.

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Dinner Can Wait

“I’ll join you for dinner, meet me by the bar at 8 o’clock” 
He recounted her saying this as she walked in the door late
His eyes lit up intensely when he saw her enter the restaurant 
His breathing was so sharp he thought he would hyperventilate
Wanting to approach her, he was afraid he would faint if he moved
So he stood like a statue and waited for her to come to him
She is exquisite with her fiery red hair and milky white skin
Ample are her breasts filling her dress to the brim, spilling over
Her hips sway sensuously as she glides to the place where he is frozen
There is a look of concern on her face as she approaches near
Realizing his rigidity he turns the corners of his mouth upward
The span of a man’s smile will fill the universe with love for an eternity
She smiled back at him and put her arms around his neck and whispered:
“Dinner would taste a whole lot better in bed, don’t you think Mister?”
As she gave him a wink, he felt reborn as he melted into her

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I've had my share of being blue
Now to have found someone true
He lightens my heart
Completes me in every part
He's a breath of fresh air
No one else could ever compare
He knows me inside out
The beginning of what love is all about
He's a blessing in disguise
A fool she was not to realize
Wash away all our fears
Here's to happiness, no more tears

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My Destiny

Opportunity knocks every corner I turn
I'ts up to me to uncover the stones
Every step that I take is pushed by strenght
of endurance and skills that are learned

Nothing is given for free I've been told
take when you can and learn to be strong
born to win is my destiny
the survivor in me must adjust to be free

I can be overbearing and strong
just enought to voice my own
if you ask me the strom will not tumble me
the heat will not wither my sensitive soul

I will not be torn, I will not be defeated 
to reach success in any form
the strenght of experience pushes me through
the echo's of past voices saying "you are through"

to achieve even if by walking over your feet
I will push and push, let survival set in
until the seeds of greatness are sown
one day I will reach my destiny and goal

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I was blinded by her halo
So I never noticed her horns
Stabbing my sensibilities 
Like a rosebush of thorns
I was blinded by her eyes
So I never noticed her tail
Slithering under the sheets
Like a widow beneath a veil
I was blinded by her smile
So I never noticed her hate
Stalking the black of night
Like a succubus for a mate
I was blinded by her beauty
So I never asked her name
Gasping for my last breath 
Like the embers of a flame 

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An Artist's Eyes

As the picture is painted on a canvas so bare,
my words begin to create a silhouette, that I may share.
Stroke after stroke, each mark is placed,
forever an image, has a place.
No colors or shading, no waters, or oils,
only words from my heart, as my  passion boils.
Feelings revealed through an artist's eyes,
placing each one, where it fits just right.
Spiritual, nature, people, and times,
all captured in a message, of a painting that rhymes.

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White Rain

White rain
Tumbling from an ivory sky
Blanketing a pastel slumber
Clouds cushioning night

Silent lucidity
An alter of tranquility
Baptized by rain drops
Caressing virgin skin

Legs overlapping
A fair maiden's rapture
Forbidden from capture
A beauty furled within

A silhouette
Bathed in serenity
A midsummer’s dream
Nestled in winter’s light

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I Believe:


I believe:
    That Jesus died for our sins so we might receive.
I believe: 
    That on the third day after His death Jesus arose is what I believe.
I believe:
    That He ascended to Heaven so do not grieve.
I believe:
    That we must surrender all to Jesus in order to receive.
I believe:
      That to God’s Word we must always cleave.
I believe:
      That Heaven is full of joy and there you will not grieve.
I believe:
      That God wants us to be happy and trusting Him we will achieve.
I believe:
      That Heaven is too beautiful for mortal man to conceive.
I believe:
       That satan is a liar and will only mislead you and deceive.
I believe:
       That time is close and we must seek the Lord and His word receive.
I believe:
       That without God we are lost and will only grieve.
I believe:
       That America will fall if we don’t turn to God and fully believe.
I believe:
       That God is still reaching out He did not leave.
I believe:
        In God Almighty is what I believe.

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Is the End Really Near?

All I know is what I feel and what I see.
   And it sure looks like the time for Jesus to return to me.
It looks like maybe the final page has been read.
   Prophecies are being fulfilled and painted in red.
 Are you ready to take that final walk?
    Or are you hiding in the bushes when it’s to Jesus you should talk?
I don’t see how this old world can take much more abuse.
    When everyone knows what’s wrong, then there is no excuse.
Wars and rumors of war is all that my generation has ever known.
    And before my generation passes I fear Armageddon will be shown.
Read and study the Book of Revelation then you’ll know where I come from.
    It’s full of prophecies that have come to pass and some that have yet to come.
Our on technology has brought us to the place.
    Where we are capable of exterminating the entire human race.
Think about it if you think I’m telling you wrong.
    And I know there have been people crying the world is going to end for so long.
But never ever have we had transportation, communication, or the power we all 
now hold.
     And it’s written in the Bible so it’s not like we’ve not been told.
There was much in the Bible that was not understood.
    Until lately the things are falling in to place just like it said it would.
I know that’s all the bad news now where is the good?
    Well we can be sure our Lord and Savior will return because it says He would.
And for those that haven’t received Jesus as their Savior.
    You still have time to repent and to modify your wrongful behavior.
Seek the Lord with all your heart .
     And stay in His word that is your part.
Then you will have no fear of the end that is near.
     For with Jesus to guide you will know no fear.
God Bless You All!

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Out in the meadow, a shadow stirs,
A thought brought back from many wars,
A love which has lasted for many ages,
Comes back again to haunt her book's pages.

She puts down her pen, lost in thought,
A shadow flows under the door as if it were sought,
The thought of love, long lost, steals into her heart,
And she gasps as she recognizes her Bart.

She had had visions of him since childhood,
His name was lost, but not his warm love,
In her dreams, they chased each other out in the woods,
They would scream and play tag as long as they could.

Now he was here- her love of all ages,
Coming to her with the help of his sages,
The wise men of old, the young of today,
Had brought him back again and here he would stay.

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This is who I'll be
The one who wipe away all your tears
The one who understands everything about you
The one who's there for good times and bad times
This is who I'll Be
Your very best friend,never turning my back on you
The one who will always love you
The one who will never ever stop loving you
This is who I'll be
The one with no unbroken promises
The one who keeps you completely satisfied
The one who makes all your wishes and dreams come true
This is who I'll be
The one who's faithful and true
The one who makes you smile without saying a word
The one you're always thinking of
This is who I'll be
The one that give you NO doubt when it comes to real love
The one who show you that you can love again
The one who treats you like a lady
This is who I'll be
The one that knows how to make love a forever lasting experience
The one who makes you feel very special
The one who's not about lies,drama or playing games

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It's Not About The Tree

I bow down to but one God my friend,
   He’s the one who will judge my actions in the end.
And it hurts to see this nation turning away from Him
   We are allowing the wrong few to lead and the prognosis is grim.
The day that I have to start calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree,
    Will be the last year I put it up it will end it for me.
Jesus died over two thousand years ago just for you and me.
    And I will still celebrate His birth with or without the tree.
The Nativity scene is outlawed on most courthouse squares,
    And what about our children the ones that want to say prayers.
The Ten Commandments written in stone by Gods on hand,
    Has been taken out of public offices I don’t understand.
These same politicians that go to church on Sunday,
     Seem to forget about God and His laws come Monday.
Maybe I’m dumb or blind as a bat,
     But I sure enough know when I’m smelling a rat.
The Lord says to forgive and that is the hardest thing that I do,
     And I’m also suppose to pray for people like you.
I can forgive you and pray for you but that still doesn’t make it right.
    I don’t understand why this is happening it makes me want to fight.
But that’s the old devil trying to tempt me he’s done that now for years,
   Jesus never owed us nothing but He died to save us and take away our fears.
And this is how we repay Him trying to renail Him back upon that cross?
   I sure pity you when that day comes and you find out what you’ve lost.
Thank you Lord Jesus just for being there for me.
   Thank you Lord Jesus, I pray You open up their eyes and hearts and let them hear and see.

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Message In a Bottle

I found a heart with a key and a note
Trapped inside a bottle next to a boat
Little one little one you found me so
This heart of steel can love some more
This heart can be replaced yet broken in two
So don't sell yourself  short on what all I can do

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My Lord and Savior


The Lord will lead us, if we seek to be led.
    The Lord will feed us ( like the Israelites in the desert ) if we ask to be fed.
There is no task that my God cannot master.
   He can send love or punish us with disasters.
He is the creator of all things be it large or be it small.
    He is the one God and the only God for us all.
He is The Alpha, The Omega, The beginning and also the end.
    He’s the current in the ocean, the forever blowing wind.
My God bows down to none.
    My God is the Awesome One.
My God holds the universe in one hand.
    The vastness of my God no man could possibly comprehend.
He can be fluid or solid, or as soft as a vapor or bright as a ray.
    He took the darkness from the night and breathed into it light and called it day.
He is the answer to my prayers.
    He is my God the one who truly cares.
He helps us when we’re lost .
    He was the one nailed on that cross.
He is my Savior of this I know.
    He is always with me where ere I go.
Jesus is but one of His many names He answers to.
    He will answer us all, yeah even you.
If you feel lost you might well be.
    Try calling out to Jesus in all honesty.
Repent of your sin.
    Invite our Savior in.
You’ll be glad you did,Thanks

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Memories Captured in a Song


An old song just came on over the radio, 
   And it took me back to a happy time so long, long ago.
I was young and so were you,
    Two foolish kids having fun and not knowing what to do.
Reaching new heights as our love we shared,
    Searching forbidden places as our excitement flared.
I never dreamed our love would last for forever more,
    As I think back on that night we spent together on that sandy shore.
An enchanting night as you gave yourself to me,
    That night was made to capture all our memories.
A short time later we became wed,
    A whirlwind romance that won’t last is what they said.
Nearly forty years have passed so I guess they were right,
    We haven’t reached eternity the love we pledged that summer night.
But you know it just made our love grow strong,
    As we fell in love listening to the words you said was our song.
You said that song must have been written for just you and me,
    It captured our love forever that night, Thanks for the memories!

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Into the shadows,
where darkness dwells,
an affair of mystery,
she must never tell.
So quiet she waits,
her heart pounds so,
his touch still lingers,
her heart is aglow.
Into the stars,
he carries his love,
on a  beautiful night,
they can't share enough.
When daylight comes,
her heart still sings,
remembering the passion,
he always brings.

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Stop The Madness

It seems they started this war upon a lie.
   Where are all the W.M.D.s that caused so many of our young to die?
We’ve got Sadam, but where’s Bin Laden?
   He’s the one we started after, maybe you’ve forgotten.
September the eleventh is where it all began.
  As the Twin Towers fell people on the streets screamed and ran.
The television news that was all we could see.
   Terrorists bringing destruction to the land of the free. 
I personally think we should bring our troops home and lock our doors.
   We keep letting them in we’re just asking for more.
We’re strung out so thin they could walk right in.
   And you can bet given the chance they’ll do it again.
There was one good thing that came out of nine one one.
   For awhile it brought us closer to God each and everyone.
We will never change Iraq’s culture so why do we stay.
   It’s to a different God that most of them pray.
I believe what we’re doing is wrong but that’s just my thought.
   Our way of freedom to them can never be taught.
I pray for peace and a better way.
   I pray for our country and our president each and everyday.
I just feel like what we are doing will never work.
   What I am seeing is another Vietnam is this just a quirk?
 I don’t think it really matters for our time seems to be drawing near.
   I keep looking to the clouds in hopes to see our Savior appear.
I guess I’d better close cause I’ve said enough.
   And if then they want to push, then we can call their bluff.

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I’m tired of the lies 
And all the frustration.  
I don’t want love
If it means frustration.

I’m tired of you trying
To hold me down.
If you want a real friend
Quit kidding around.

I’m tired of playing 
Playing games is not for me,
If you don‘t want my love
Just set me free.

I’m tired of waiting 
For you to see 
That I’m tired of you 
Treating me selfishly.

If you think that I’m joking
You must be joking too.
To put it simply 
I’m just tired of you.

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My Lost Love

Invisible knife shimmering soft
Delicious brides shimmering soft
grooms chortle love on silky slips

Stealthy sultry skin
hot and waxen
Fevered positions
nocturnal passion

Vows of night
consummated by day
Shadow dressed light
love bled away

Invisible knife shimmering soft
Delicious brides shimmering soft

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Sweet Pea

Please hold my hand right now
Help me
I'm scared, please show me how
To fight this
I'll wait for you to understand
And I'm being as patient as I can
If you come back sweet pea
I'll know just what to say
I promise I won't turn away
Every night wanting to feel your body heat
On your bed through the sheet
I've thought of every pretty little thing to whisper in your ear
Recalling the way I felt when you first touched me there
I pray we'll apprecaite each other more
By making it through
Will you be the way that I remember you?
Holding you to my chest
My one desire is to please you
You know you're not like the rest
After I smile I have to cry
Becasue you're not there to see me look beautiful
When I laugh I want your eyes upon my face
And I want your hand where my hands trace
We'd both be happy then
Loving every breath of you
Can't believe I let you slip away
Was there anything I could say?
I think I'm falling apart
You're what I think of when I fall asleep 
And wake up
Did you think of the rest of our lives too?
Like you said we'd love each other after one year
I'll kiss you the way you want
We'll have a big yellow house
I'll be whatever you need
In that picture perfect place
If you come back sweet pea
I'll know what to say
I promise I won't turn away
Alone in a summer night
I want to know you again
You make me think everything I do is right 

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Frenzied Bodies

Stranger to the other a short while ago though not really,
for they knew what they wanted, to use the other’s body,
driven by heated loins directing them just where to go,
shedding away inhibitions with but one path to follow;
Beneath tangled sheets entwined, predators of the night,
giving in to frenzied lust that they would not dare to fight,
their feral moans the only sounds in that darkened room,
slaves to blazing passions, caught in the eye of a storm;

Grinding, rubbing, rising and falling in nonstop rhythm,
insatiably hungry, pleading and demanding for more,  
impatient bodies, groping hands frantically searching,
submitting to a greater power way beyond their control;

Then comes the dawn and with it the faint rays of morn,
exposing tired, spent flesh after the tempest has gone,
sated after the wild ride, fully knowing what lay in store,
unspeakable images reflecting what they have done;

Amid the silhouettes they together painted on the wall,
how easily the lusty, one-shot lovers got carried away,
now the act is over revealing warts, blemishes and all,
there is no hiding their shame in the clear light of day.

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Love Is Not Certain

You will know if he is the one,
your heart may tell you, turn and run,
but love is not certain, it has no
guarantee, what is to be, will be.

Don't let the past, shadow your mind,
love is sometimes, blissfully blind,
a mountain is made for a better view,
remember this, when he comes to you.

So my friend, don't be afraid,
take that chance, for you never know,
he may be the one, who will love you, 
and with each new day,  his love will grow.

Keep looking to the future, forget the past,
especially the parts where love was trashed,
you are much wiser, you have earned that claim,
all men are different, none are the same.

He is out there, waiting for you,
open your eyes, and your heart too,
and when you see him, just take the lead,
two loving hearts, in a search, to be needed.

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Will You Dance

I want to dance on the stars,
  Throwing kisses past Mars.
Hold on forever as we glide right along,
   Keeping beat to the rhythm as we step to our song.
Slide down a moonbeam with you in my arms,
    And whisper I love you in a Milky Way storm.
Our bridges are rainbows as we stroll right on over,
     And heavens our playground all covered in clover.
You are my sunshine you light up my night,
    I’ll hold on to you forever caressing you tight.
Only happy feelings will you find,
     Everything else left behind.
Only true lovers abound,
     In this Heavenly world above ground.
Dedicated to those who have a special kind of love,
    Given as a gift from our Father above.

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She reaches far into my chest 
And pulls out a handful of emptiness
Our embrace, enough to drive a master lockpick to madness
Both our hearts, pounding rock hard
Hard enough to shake leaves from the tallest, wisest tree
She has hair like wild lava
Eyelids of a butterfly's wing
Petals of rose dance in her cheek
Lips lush as fresh blood born of the finest sabre
Her lobes are the very first droplets of morning dew
And her voice, one hundred children running through a hilly field
Laughing and falling and falling and laughing

I am a harrowing tradgedy
I have lost her
Now I must wake everyday, until I meet the end of time
The sunset took her hand held high
She slipped from my arms, while the lockpick laughed menacingly
My eyes conquered by a salty ocean
Burning like a lick of the sun
All colour left everything my vision falls upon
All I see now are black rainbows and grey sunsets

With her, she took spring and summer
A bird's songbook and scents of eucalyptus woven on warm breezes

I live every hour at the beginning of fall
In the middle of long graveyard-cold winters
And ending only when fall wakes again

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Luscious lips
Sultry and transfixed
Asking her master
To kiss her

Seething flesh
Bound and bereft
Begging her master
To touch her

Succulent breasts
Tender and erect
Tempting her master
To taste her

Hungry thighs
Quivering and pried 
Inviting her master
To take her

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This summer's evening still echoes
with the distinguishable city' noises:
the screams of adolescents,
the cranking of cars and motor-bikes
the loud rotating blades of helicopters,
and the blasting music
from luxurious convertibles
that unawarely tranfix...

We can get away
from this madness,
and find a silent,
infrequent place
where nothing has to be hushed;
where the firmament 
emanates a perfect peace
to submerge us by awe
as we coalesce
in a lascivious wish...

We can return to be innocent,
and lean over blue waters
to cover the still lake
with beautiful,velvety roses 
as the gondolier enthralls us 
with his poignant vocals...

The quite geese float 
in the aromatic lake of flowers,
inperplexed by our presence
as we lean over blue waters,
so intoxicated by the balsamy air,
to invoke and inflame
an incessant desire
and incur no regrettable fault... 

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Don't Say A Word

Softly against my cheek, your lips feel divine,
tell me you love me, one more time.
Hold me close, and feel my heart beating,
it's just you and I, so close, I can't hide my needs.
Nothing at this moment, is more important than you,
lets walk down that hallway, there's nothing I'd rather do.
No phone calls will I take, nothing will disturb,
the pleasure that is waiting, shhh...don't say a word.

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My Testimony

As I look back on the life that I led,
I realize I was unhappy until I found Christ and through Him my life was fed.

Like a song I once heard I wondered aimless living in sin.
I just plowed through life refusing to let my Savior come in.

He was always there Gods gift of love,
Gods only Son sent from heaven above.

To cleanse our spirit and wash us clean,
To share His Kingdom of peace and love so wonderful and pristine.

So stubborn I was when I was young,
Bitter and tormented with a vile speaking tongue.

I knew of Jesus and what He was about,
But the devil had control and thus I was filled with doubt.

It was a mighty long journey before I surrendered my soul,
And accepted Jesus and Heaven as my ultimate goal.

The first few months after I accepted Jesus as my guiding light,
The devil got mad and put up one hell of a fight.

The devil hates losing especially someone he used to control,
It took a lot of prayers to save my soul.

A couple of months after I was saved I was practically bedridden for a couple of 
I couldn’t even speak or walk just mumble and stumble for no reason as friends 
began to pray.

These mighty warriors of God I feel is what saved me I know in my heart.
No payment was required as my friends were only doing their part.

The presence of God is so real you’ll not change my mind.
An awesome love for all if you’ll only look you surely will find.

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To End What it Began

Once upon a time in a magical land
There was a girl and fairies danced in her hands. 
Her hair was deep black and her face was pale blue, 
And cast an abyss of sorrow no one once knew.
Eyes greener than the trees in the night, 
Shown vacantly in the store bought lights.
She watched her friends falter.
She felt her world collapse.
She let the blood run down her face, 
Staining her cheeks in a rapid pace.
Inception is where it ended.
Hate is where it started.
In the middle love struggled to end what it began

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I step into the room,
Boiling over with noise
A crescendo of laughter
Laughter I cannot join in on
People, faces I do not know
I feel shy, embarrassed
Did I dress well today?
Who knows?
I move around, I do what I need to
I smile slyly, wave to those who stick out
As faces I seem to recognise
A self-conscious beauty
Instantly, I feel a burn
Of eyes on me
I know not to turn around
But I do; a mistake
My eyes lock with his
A face I do not know,
A King sitting down, on his throne
Beauty not claimed by an average man, 
I look away and continue in my task
Remember to exhale,
I finish my work and lift my eyes
His dark eyes still watch, like a predator
Our eyes burn
I feel a burn in my chest
Butterflies and all sorts of winged creatures
In my stomach
My lips tremble
His gaze never leaves, 
His eyes tell me stories I cannot fathom 
I forget my self-consciousness in the strange place
He wipes it away somehow
His blink is so slow
I know he’s staring, 
My mouth eases a smile
I give my best shot
His body
His eyes, 
My eyes soften
His build, I take it all in 
I am frozen; he’s taken my breath…
I have no control
Somehow, I
Walk towards him
My mouth begins to move

She enters
I am there
She does not even know
I exist at all, but she will soon 
The Queen from before,
Like a lifetime away, like royalty,
I sit, wait,
A crowded room of noise
Yet she wipes the outside far away
Anxious and unsteady
Yet ready, willing
Confident, she is a Princess
Like no other
She seems shy, meek, yet
A lady of ladies,
She is busy, at work
Preoccupied with a task 
I, on the other hand remain
Preoccupied with her beauty
I cannot let her go
My heart warms,
She stops, knowingly
I know she feels my burn,
My eyes cannot let go
She turns, sees me,
For the first time
My eyes on hers
Almond shaped and deep brown,
She is stunned, turns away
The room does not know of our
I smile to myself, 
She ignites a fire,
An inferno in my chest,
I remain seated
Afraid to stand, knees weak
Unbeknownst of the burn in me
My chest heaves,
Feel shy for a moment
She turns back, a smile
Face to face, across the room
My face relaxes, I return a grin
She is a masterpiece of perfection
My heart? Captured
She approaches
My heart beats hard
She smiles
I exhale
She speaks softly,
'Have we met?'
I reply,
'Only in my dreams....'

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Puddles of perfection, ripple with time,
endless motion between your world, and mine.
Snow caves of imagination, heated by thought,
foolish is the keeper when nothing is sought.
Broken desires the wind at your heels,
reaper of truth still lusting for a thrill.
Words spoken in anger cut like a blade,
flowers of forgiveness, thrown upon your grave.

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cascading light 
washing over me 
on sunlit wings 

fierce golden glow 
feather edged sundancer 

sun light in your heart 

goose pimples of pleasure 
sun trickling drops of pure gold light 
dapple on me 

sunbreathing,basking sunshine 
golden wings soar 
rush of warm wind, 
blinding white light 

blue silence 
calm of mind 
flex of golden wing 
on sunlit clouds of white 

pure joy of golden light 
pure joy golden flight 

feather of mind 
feather of heart 

sunlit heart 

breathe me 
soft golden journey 
my journey 
your journey 

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Ashes Of Love

In these ashes, where once love was made,
not much left, to sort, and save.

Once a fever raged within our hearts,
but time, and confusion have pierced every part.

Trials of deceit have now revealed,
hearts so devoured, leaving nothing to feel.

Divided by truth, and emotions of lust,
revealing temptations, and the ones you can trust.

Remnants still linger, trying to slip back in,
but honesty and compassion have been destroyed within.

Lies, and games, where no one wins,
an unfaithful heart, whittled by sin.

Nothing left to sacrifice or save,
lying in these ashes, where once love was made.

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To Be A Dreamer

To be a dreamer is the greatest gift,
your path may change, on this splendid
Challenges will come, teaching you patience,
and love, not to be confused, with greed, and
To be a dreamer, will warm your cold, empty bed,
when loneliness surrounds the night,
holding only dread.
A fountain of youth, is within your grasp,
as the years fall in numbers,
reminding you of your past.
Music drifting softly, across the starlit sky,
awakening that arousal,
of dormant feelings gone by.
Dreams, and desires, walking hand in hand,
caressing emotions of life, only a dreamer
can understand.

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The outcome of a deserved victory
picks up momentum
with an unstoppable frenzy,
but some call it delirium;
and who can stop the human spirit
in moments of unimpeding grit?

Unity grips the rampant imagination...
to set oneself free of all predjudice
by speaking words of liberty
and declaring, without shame,
one's undeniable ethnicity;
one can understand their jubilation
by joining them if it were their own...
to find this mood impeccably imperative!

Let the unstoppable frenzy
identify yourself and be proud;
take on, for only a brief time,
the frantic looks of invincibility...
never depress the exploding emotions, 
because they attest to the circumstances!

The desire to be recognized
for the strides and boldness...
reaches far beyond mere expectations;
expel the doubts,
rely on confidence...
be a brilliant lighthouse to humankind!