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Love Hate Poems | Love Poems About Hate

These Love Hate poems are examples of Love poems about Hate. These are the best examples of Love Hate poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sleeping With The Enemy


See what you want to see
Don't Look at me!
You are staring you are watching;
Eat what you can't be

Come sleep by my side
The whole world is our playground
Don't make a sound
Stop clowning around

In the mist of the night,
You keep me from crying

I wipe off the taste of your lips
You kiss me starting at my inner hips
You broke me in a way..
I hate to say your love is better every day 
I deny you, the one thing I can't say

You are my pillow
Where I rest my legs,
Can you feel me~
This moment feels right
I just want to die here, 
Die here ~ 
Die here by your side

I sleep with my eyes wide open,
I sleep with the enemy by my side
Come here and hold me
After you watched my worlds collide
Come here and love me
I'm yours till the end of time
You can rock me!
Under the moon and its rhyme
I put it all to a side, how I hate you inside
I can't let go
I just want you to know
I'm a fool in love with you
Even if it doesn't show!

12- 7- 10

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A Heart Never Used

A heart
Never used now
Shall die

A congealing
Dead beat

Down to silence
Some where

Where pure
passions exist
Then flee

Soulless to hide
Now lone

Turns to fury
At heart

Cold and hollow

Rick Lamoureux's contest
"Mussetle Train"

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Revenge sweet turning with hate
a brother rises striking blows 
landing hits brother in wicked deeds 
evilness within mans own soul

Cruelty crawling inside desires 
suffering greed of nations they plea 
Rise up against nations man at war 
tearing asunder God's creation 
People slowly murdering loveless

Pride a sinful act of violence 
laced with pain destroying pure love 
everything that once stood out housed peace
so fine cut beautiful, good sharing 
caring  free, in this one, big show rolls 

Keeps turning, the wheel of hope 
whom will speak, as we all become part 
of his heavenly dust in the end 
or  burning remains of hell's fire

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Created By Choices

Something evil this way comes
Sure as the rising of the Son

A single heart left to bleed
A lost soul with a dying need

When love proves it doesn’t care
In creeps darkness and despair

Angry voices from deep with-in
Scream I’m a fool once again

I now make my soul like a cave
It’s the darkness that I now crave

Around my heart I shall build a moat
With blood sacrifices unto the goat

Deep in darkness as a soul can be
Father of darkness come feed on me

She destroyed the love in my soul
I do pray that hate fills up the hole

Troubled souls with hallow voices
In this life we all make choices

My choices have left me degraded
I now hate the person I created

Into darkness away from the Son
Something evil this way comes

Yea, I posted this for Deborah's contest.
Believe it or not this is who i used to
be. Poetry is a truly amazing tool when
it comes to change, it transformed this
into the man I am. All I can say about
that, "Praise be the Power of God".

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Love is a Mirage

Love all hate none
is a common saying 
I too fell prey to it
And Fell in love ....
My love worked well 
As long as there was sunshine
It vanished as the night approached
my shadow was no more  with me
Love was gone
At least for a day
Can love be so intermittent?
How could love change faces so soon?
Is it really love 
Or just a mirage?

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Life Lesson

I love being young, getting to ride the roller coasters.
The sound, tick, tick, tick, tick-like a heartbeat racing to the top.
Then, surprised even when you know it’s coming, dropped into the abyss.
Something always pulls it down, like gravity.
It’s frustrating, riding something so close to being dead.
So far away but still so close, seating rows.

I hate being so close to, yet so far from the row.
She was in with me on this roller coaster.
Adrenaline rushed my body so fast almost leaving me dead.
The blood flowed so fast emphasizing the highs of the top.
But something keeps pulling me down, gravity.
Here I am again, back in the abyss.

In the ride, weeks of no communication, the beginning of the end, the abyss.
The scariest. My worst fear of my youth. Looking back at the rows,
I see her, with my own image, my heart sinks more. I hate you gravity.
But it’s the only thing that fuels the roller coaster.
Nothing makes me happier than bringing it back to the top.
Let’s hope this isn’t so abrupt, so fast, like the last one, leaving me dead.

How I hope so much, so much hope still not dead.
The heart, the love, the eternal abyss.
Strikes me back with enough momentum to reach the top.
Lines, love, flashing like an old film, with rows.
Showing me a movie, reminding me of, a roller coaster.
The movie explained that the only thing that keeps it going is gravity.

Thank you gravity.
My worries are gone and dead.
Just accept it, and love the roller coaster.
Appreciate the loneliness of the abyss.
The reason you’re here is for the ride, not the rows.
I just want to enjoy the youth and its happy tops.

This coaster, like love has its tops.
But something brings it down like gravity.
Distanced with rows,
Never seeing her again, thinking she’s dead.
But deeper and deeper coming out of the abyss.
The complicated life of the young, the love of roller coasters.

Get on the roller coaster, rise to the top.
Don't worry about the drop to the abyss, It’s because of gravity
That you’re not dead, and I don't care about the rows.

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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I Love The Way You Lie

I know that you are seeing someone else,
I'm not there when you close your eyes,
I believe that you are kissing me,
Knowing I love the way you lie.

I hear those three words from your lips,
If love is even possible, it's impossible to cry,
Though I know your heart is not truly mine,
I will always love the way you lie.

Your arms hold me as if you care,
My wise heart still wonders why,
Pretending that everything is alright,
Because I love the way you lie.

When I kiss you I think about nothing,
Wishing it wasn't you when I open my eyes,
I wonder, if I told you the truth,
Would you love the way I lie?

Written for Just That Archaic Poet's contest - "Sing To Me"

Inspired by the song "Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2" by Rihanna ft. Eminem

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It Can't Be Real

A truth in rage of insult furrows my mind
For it is only an offense given to me by myself
In the mouths of others far innocent than I
I feel the tears trickle down my cheeks
For I have surfaced into an ugly mistake
I am always inadequate in this brain
I try to shine like the advice of grace given
But confidence rarely rears its head my way
There’s a sort of shade blocking its way
A shade that darkens everyday

That very shade led me to believe my feelings are wrong
That I will never belong so long as they are not controlled
I must be careful—for the lines of love and lust run cold
I hate myself truly this night
And no one but myself will give me the right
The very right to degrade my every being
Because you are not seeing what I am seeing

There is no point
My lines run cold
Can I be so bold as to say
I still love with a pang of indistinguishable doubt 
All feelings enter in
As my truth blurs and checks out

Your words pierce me so deep
I cannot describe the pain I feel
God it hurts so bad
It can’t be real

Much like the love I have come to embrace
The very love that links to your face
Tears don’t give it justice

It can’t be real
Much like the love I will never face

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Is It Worth It

Love can seem so happy and so wonderful
But it can hurt and take away from life too
You make me so happy and make me feel so special
But then you turn around and make me feel like ****
love can turn you into a whole new person
But you could change into to something great or something no one wants
Love seems so wonderful at first 
But spending my days not knowing if you want me or even care for me is agonizing 
Sometimes i feel like your lying to me but if i say that then you'll get mad again
Your such a loose cannon, ready to burst with rage and tears
Love is so temperamental 
so can you tell me....... 
Is It Worth It?

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I'm Your King

A burst of white light gamma rays, overbearing a flash of brilliance burns through to my soul everything is like hell the world starts to melt in the blink of an eye just the cold blackness of night I don't care if I am not again what I once was, for at this moment I am greater now than ever before I took the path between teetering, tight roping walking right up to my right divined in my unholy state I thought I told you I am your king still you sit there, hesitating I know you hate me what does that mean? I hate just about everything still I'm chosen I did not wish before now bow down to me refuse me no more for I shall always be your demon until you accept me as your King. I don't even know you though you say we used to be best of friends, you and me the day you ditched me I remember now exactly how it played out back when we were just tiny things even back then I still was King you thought me stupid just a ruse I would laugh inside, you see? not one of you single, mean people ever even knew me in a world, mostly seen to me that is why only I can be your true King and bring forth a new source of light everlasting. As two worlds collide slowly aligned one wrapped in shadows one bathed in white evils swirling in the clouds above I'll always be the king you love to hate or despise as in your blood I thought I told you, I am the one I am the way, the way out shall be shown breathe in my spirit as it carries you away breathe in my faith it shall carry your empty space and deposit you gently on a cloud just enough higher than you've ever dreamed of for I am king now, and your in my hell your in my imagination, I'll just never tell you'll feel as though dreaming, you'll feel now if you try and see you were always found the most shared in the light cast upon me the last bright star in heaven. Denounce my name, if you may One year later, still not afraid A black sheep, a darkened spade That's just life, I'm not right I'm in the wrong, follow along Like a piper, I'll pitch a song Mesmerized, the weak wills sing I thought he told you, he's still our king.

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Angelus wasn't anyone special. Some might say that he was a loser.

He did more than his share of chasing women 

and townsfolk say that he was very much the boozer,

but beneath all of his irresponsibility stood a champion the purest of heart.

The Good was always within him. It just never seemed to get a good start.

Angelus was abused by his father. Conflicts arose between the two quite often.

His father saw his son as a family disgrace 

and wouldn't hesitate to get the whip and beat him.

"Why does my father hate me so? Families should love you no matter what.

How can I give my family what they desire 

when it's simply something that I just haven't got?"

Thoughts like this would haunt Angelus daily, leaving him in a very confused place to be.

"I love them! I hate them!" Angelus would cry. "I hate them for not loving me."

One evening he was drowning his sorrows. Suddenly this vision of loveliness appeared.

The vixen Darla then said as she ran her fingers through his hair,

"Such beautiful eyes should not be so filled with tears.

I too never knew the love of a family. I roamed this world living my life as a whore,

searching for the love of family in the arms of strangers 

who cared less after they had used me once more.

I can only imagine the pain that you suffer. 

I never knew my family and perhaps it's just as well,

because seeing you here now with your family and a family that doesn't love you

is so obviously a more painful and tormenting hell.

You've two choices before you Angelus my sweet.

End your life now and free yourself from this torment

or spend forever with me and together we'll seek life's bittersweet but eternal enjoyment.

If death isn't your choice then the answer is clear.

Say the words and I'll deliver you from all of this.

Close your eyes, say the words, you have nothing to fear.

Let me give you my eternal kiss."

He gazed upon her and thought to himself, "This one truly must be my salvation."

"I choose you," he then said as he closed his eyes

and so began Angelus's damnation.

She sunk her fangs deep in his throat and fed on his blood.

All of his Good, all of his Soul all disappear.

Angelus was reborn the most evil of evil.

He was the vampire all vampires would fear.

Angelus's Revenge >

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Love is the Key ---to Victory ---Victory in Jesus

In Life 
Each person goes through
many different types of tribulations
Troubles hits homes
Even Nations

You can hate evil
That's spun
But We Believers know
Love Is the Key to Victory

You gotta Love People
Even those whom do you wrong
For You belong to Jesus
As Jesus said.. with His Last Breath
"Father... Forgive them"
"For they do not know what they do"

As Our Father states
Love one another Tenderheartedly
Never let go of Love inside of thee
You otta Love People~Far and wide
Show Love you have inside

Here on this Earth
Show them all How much they are Worth
All People are Worth Everything
God's Only Begotten Son.. Our King
Showed God's Divine Love for all
He died on the Cross and Risen
Just for You and Me~All People

All Souls.. chance to be whole
Even Souls whom portray evil in days
What profit do you receive
If You only Love those.. whom Love thee?

Love All People
There is many forms of Love
God gives Blessings in Life
Precious is Souls
Whom Love's Shares-shows
God's Glorious Light
Glowing through day and night
Shining.. Bringing others to Christ

All People are Beautiful
Even those who.. don't know what they do
Forgive all those whom do.. or done you wrong
For Knowing You belong to Our Father's Son
Shine Your Light.. bright.. Bright.. BRIGHT!

There's many Relationships
can come about
Love is in Air.. no doubt
God's Blessings are Every Where
Love between You and Me~all People

You can hate this world
But You otta Love Souls
For without Love for one another
then there is No point for each other

Love makes world go around
Love is Greatest Gift can be found
Love between.. You and Me~all People
Most Love of All..  Love Pure and True
Love that God.. Almighty 
has given to me.. and You
And All People to receive 
All of Us--Come to Jesus.. Believe

Believe in Love
Love is The Greatest thing
Love makes Life worth Living
Love gives.. so Others can Live

As God so Loved the World
He gave... His Divine Love of all
Just for You and Me~All People
Save Souls.. Of God's Children
Always Love Tenderheartedly 
For All.. People in World

How do You portray Your Love?
To those whom Love You
Or to All People.. in World

Or to none.. and just let World go by
awaiting for moment.. Christ
Come Shine Your Love.. Light Through
Jesus died and Risen for Me & You~All People

Love One Another.. as Christ Loves Us
Forgive Each other.. As Our Father forgives Us
Save Souls.. As God Saved Us

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Sometimes the memories won’t fade 
         All the places we have seen
         All the prices we have paid 
The memories of the happy as well as the sad 
            The people we’ve lost
           The friends that we had 
Some memories just seem like a ghost 
I always lost everyone that I loved the most 
The wind would just carry them away 
             Along with my tears 
            And my ability to pray
    I wonder how far is heaven from here?
              How many more heartaches 
                 How many more tears 
              I wonder how far it is away
Because I have so many things that I wish to say 
To all the people that I loved and I lost 
             I’m not even tripping 
             My heart paid the cost 
The reaper rode the river in a bikers disguise 
I’ll never forget the fear in my mother’s eyes 
    As he drug her under and then let her go 
Through my four year old veins hate started to grow 
My eyes were blind my ears were deaf 
After that I forgot  
           There was anything left  
Karma is like poker for it is bound to luck 
When I was just a boy 
God through me under the truck 
Of all the things in life we feel 
   We are all bound to God’s will 
Passion is a doorway between love and hate 
    God is the dealer in the game of fate 
              Our place is not to question why 
                       For if we do our faith will die 
            The deeper we hate the deeper we love 
            I was gifted wisdom by the Lord above 
                    Every gift comes at a price 
A world of experience behind my advice 
     Every smile holds a lifetime of pain 
Nothing that happens should happen in vein 
                         It is our choice that which we do 
 Know in your heart these words are true 
The harder we fall the further we climb 
             No ones life is totally sublime 
Illusion after illusion will be offered to you 
                 But only the living word is true 
The living word that beats in your heart 
Will keep you safe as the world falls apart 
Through the pain of a boy watching his mother die 
It’s never to late to kiss the sky
A man of faith who could never give up 
Please come break my bread and share in my cup 
By the time our journey is through 
                      I’ll share all I am with you 
          Hopefully somewhere in my words you’ll see 
              ---Untwisted is truly the way to be---

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Love And Hate

Love and hate are closely connected Emotions both strong and intense A fine line divides these extremes Oft times we straddle the fence It takes what seems like an innocent event To shove us one way or the other We're up on top of the world one moment Next moment afraid we'll smother Controlling emotions is difficult at best Bombarded by outside influence Always requiring strength and dedication To maintain love's continuance Lost without love's sweet guiding light Through sad time and times of joy Love must conquer the uncertain heart And never allow hate to destroy Love and hate are closely connected Emotions both strong and intense A fine line divides these two extremes Oft times we straddle the fence © Jack Ellison 2013

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Sins and Virtues Chapter Two

Turning her back to the wedding guests Lust throws a bouquet of Poison Ivy and Venus Flytraps 
her head.  Stepping in front of Sloth, Envy snatches the the bouquet out of the air.  "Nice catch Envy" 
said Sloth with slow slurred speech.  "Thank you Sloth and I do believe green is more my color".  
Turning around to see who caught the bouquet Lust wasn't a bit surprise to see Envy holding the 
Poison Ivy and Venus Flytraps.  "Well Envy I guess you're next to be wedded off" stated Lust.  Pride 
motions for Hatred to release the owls.  Unlocking the huge cage Hatred releases the owls.  Slow to 
take flight the great owls flap their wings and ascends into the darkness.  "Let's get this party 
started.  Turn on the music" yelled Greed.  As the sins partied the night away the sun came rising in 
the country Tranquility.  "Are you ready to spend all eternity together?"  Loyalty asked Love as they 
stood on their balcony.  "My dear, dear, husband soon to be you already know the answer to the 
question you ask".  As Loyalty and Love stand locked in a warming embrace being kissed by the 
rays of the sun the two share a kiss of their own.  Beep, beep, beep "Well this is a perfect time for my 
communicator to beep" breaking her embrace with Loyalty, Love answers her communicator.  
"Hello Faith how are you?"  "I'm fine Love and how are you?"  "I'm ready to start this new era in my 
life".  "I'm looking over your wedding file.  Are there any last minute changes you want to make?"  
"No Faith everything's perfect".  "I'm outside of your house waiting on you Love.  Let's get going".  
"I'll be right down.  I have to go Loyalty".  Grabbing Love by the waist and pulling her close Loyalty 
whispers in her ear "Are you sure this is what you want?"  "I've wanted you when I first saw you.  
Now if you'll excuse me Faith is waiting for me". 
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red Seven aka The Green Poet aka The Brown Philosopher

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Mystery guy

          Dreams and memories of what could have been,The past means nothing to me 
and then everything at the same time. 

It's made me who I am, and i'm glad I know but if I could change the past would I be so 
quick to do so? I want to have it all but the future never whispers not even a little bit 
I want to know it's secrets.

 I am left in the dark about what and where I will be the future no tears that promise 
pain so I don't know if I will get hurt. 

It's just that I can't help thinking about you and how different I would probably be if 
you knew that one secret that I held so close to me for so long that when it was time it 
was too late.

 I may spend eternity looking for someone exactly like you, it's because my conscience 
will never let me forget how good a person you were.
I was so deep into you that i'd lose myself in the moment and I have never felt that way 
before and I don't know if I will feel it again. 

Just waking every morning knowing that I would get to see you again, Oh it 
was such a feeling and now I can't even remember how it felt.

 Searching for that guy again with my whole heart and my whole soul... even if it turned 
out bitter I just wish I could know.

 I hate living in regret, I hate living in my head.

 It's filled with empty promises and dreams that are so far away I can't even feel them.

 I want to touch, this time i'm not afraid if only you could appear one day then maybe I 
would get my second chance.

 Reality is so much better than anything I could pretend 
so when the time comes I will jump into that mystery guys arms and fly free for that 

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A Letter of Love/Hate

This hurts too much,
Even though at times
Its the best thing ever.
However,  the pain I feel right now 
Is destroying all that I am. 
I feel worthless and dumb. 
Vunerable and used. 
I also feel loved and special. 
Beautiful and wanted. 
These feeling are so extreme in every which way possible.
I love how I feel when with you
I hate how I feel guilty when we part
I love looking in your eyes
I hate when mine cry
Your fingers along my face also touches her
Those lips that drive me crazy
Are sleeping against her neck tonight
I love who I am around you
I hate what I have turned into
I love the way you make me feel
I hate that she must feel that as well
No matter how good it feels
This pain is too much to bear
I love you
I truely truely do
But the hurt is not worth
The random few moments of bliss.
Goodbye, my love-hate lover

This is a letter/poem I wrote for someone special. But it moves me so much every time i 
read it, I thought maybe someone else would enjoy reading it as well. 'To write is to share 
with the world, how we all feel but never speak of'     Lisa

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I Continue to Rise


I've been judged by the color of my skin
Treated like i'm a nothing,a nobody
Called by many a name:a fool, a nothing,not even a human
But i continue to rise

They hate me for who i am
They try their best to put me down
They try to fill my heart with despair
But yet i still continue to rise

Every chance they get,its to cause me hurt
They look at me like i'm some kind of abomination
They constantly seek my extermination
But i still continue to rise

Do they hate me for just being me
That i don't follow the crowds,or go with their flow
The fact that i'm different from them
The fact that i don't do the same things they do.

And as if that wasn't enough
My own race at times shun me, and criticize each other
Their constanly going against one another,son against father,daughter against mother
Sometimes i feel trapped in this malice
Smothered in this constant hatery of the races
We all must try to seek freedom and redemption
This is why i must continue to rise

I offer prayers to those in need of prayers
I shed a tear for the fallen and broken,watching the tears become a river  
Can you people see this black youth's tears
All i can do now is pray for peace,hope,and better days
In fact,let me say a prayer in hopes of better days
For these reasons i'm gonna continue to rise

I want to say peace and love to people in the east,west,north,and south.
To lift them all out of misery,sorrow,and doubt
R.I.P. and love to those who've come and gone.
Good luck and better days to those who've yet to be born.

R.I.P. to my people who're no longer here.
Love to those who're fighting for a better future
But until the day that i can see you all again
I will continue to live,continue to dream

Through all the pain,sadness,and rain.
The sun will shine one day again.
And we'll hold hands and watch hope rise
Which is why for that I WILL STILL CONTINUE TO RISE..

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Hate-filled Love

I hate your touch and your smile.
Wicked little creature.

I hate your blue eyes and brown hair.
Sinful hate filled liar.

I hate your voice and your scent.
Rotten two-timer.

I hate you everything you do for what you did.
But we loved and touched, smiled, talked and connected physically.

You lied about our moments spend, 
you can't look me in the eyes.

You lead me on and stole my youth, 
but don't have the nerve to speak to me now.

I hate your beauty and your thievery;
but loved the way you made me fill.

I hate that you now do the same to another girl;
your lies blind her.

I hate the diseases you carry; 
love the infection you gave.

I love you and can't let go,
hate because I’m smarter than this.

I hate this poem because I think of you with every word...
Your eyes, your smile, your hair, your skin, and your kiss.

Most of all...

I love you for the time we had.
I hate you because you don't want me now. 

Now what???

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MAKING IT HAPPEN Part 3: How To Handle The Haters

you've just started to make it happen your project is now being processed
but you need to know how to handle the haters who are only about giving stress
the hate that has consumed the hearts of men the state of our moral being
where compassion and brotherly love are no longer the traits we are seeing

hating has become the latest fad it has bloomed into full season
where people just seem to hate on others for no apparent reason
from President Obama to the NY Yankees the hate has grown exponentially
where people hate them for what they've accomplished and what they've come to be

hate is a demonic force it's a full frontal assault of agitation
it usually occurs when someone has started on a divine assignation
it seems to come with the territory as the devil always manifests
whenever someone starts something that is positive and blessed

the devil then gets very busy when it comes to anything done being good
his noxious persona then arises in those who hate on you as if they should
just don't give the haters a chance to harm nor hinder you
just trust in the will of God for it will see you through

in order to handle the haters you need to ascend to a spiritual plane
for to hate like them is a burden that you don't need to sustain
as hate may cause you to lose your way it can obstruct and intervene
so don't allow hate to enter your heart and plant unrighteous seeds

God said no weapon formed against you shall prosper nor prevail
so let God handle the haters and send them straight back to hell
and don't allow the haters to hurt nor humiliate you
stand firm on the word of God for it's foundation is strong and true

now in the midst of your Godly mission continue to stay the course
as God's got more righteousness than the devil has demonic force
now is the time to put on the whole armor of God 
to show the haters that you are not faint of heart
now ready, focused, heightened, alert and aware
in a sure and secure position as evil is everywhere

and don't let the haters get too close nor give them the chance to slip in
for they will choke the life out of you and then turn around and grin
as the more they hate on you the more in Christ you will grow
just continue to do a good work in the name of the God we all love and know
how to handle the haters those folks who only want to drag you down
is to let them see the joy of the Lord in you while you're standing on higher ground 

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When Love Becomes Easy

When loves becomes e-z the world will B a better place
holdin you will B more often N kissin U will have a better taste
spendin time will not be spent but it will B remembered
When loves becomes e-z the doubts U have U wont remember
N When loves becomes e-z we will walk hand and hand with our enemies
when greed becomes powerless we will sail back from overseas
When loves becomes e-z it will B e-z 2 love,
sympathy will have a name N it's name will B love
When loves becomes e-z we will finally let our graud down
when i find love U'll B safe when i'm around
i could love 4ever and hate just once,
and that hate will back fire on me like a broken gun
hate is so e-z and love is so hard,
we love to hate the devil and fear to love God....

if we could love jus 2 love, my love will be everlasting
it will be bullet proof instead of plastic
When loves becomes e-z i will love like the 1st
mayB my mind will unfold, mayB this bubble will brust
it's better not to love at all then to love and lost
because trying to gain that love back is a debtly cost
and when loves becomes e-z a smile will become a gift
5 fingerz will become a hand N that hand will become a lift
When loves becomes e-z the most meaningful word will B firend
and When loves becomes e-z i will love you again


Details | Rhyme | |

Never Forgive Me

                     I am alone
                     I am bored
                     I had enough
                     I want more

Why can't I live without you
Why can't I forget loving you
I run through the night streets
I pick fights just to get beat
You think I won't forgive you
If it was only that simple to do
For what you can't seem to see
Is I can't... never forgive me

I have no friends
I have no family
I party without pity
Being in a glazed faze
Hell is all I raise

                     I am alone
                     I am bored
                     I had enough
                     I want more

Promises spoken only to deceive
Promises broken I foolishly believed
Nothing last forever nothing stays the same
True love ends when only one remains
People change People leave
People hate People bleed
People hurt People pain
Never never change

                      I am alone
                      I am bored
                      I had enough
                      I want more

I miss you terribly
I miss you miserably
I miss you more and more

                       Turn off the light
                       Turn on the night
                       Let me dwell in
                       My self pity skin

You think I won't forgive you
If it was only that simple to do
For what you can't seem to see
Is I can't...never forgive me

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13 things about you, I hate

 13 things about you I hate
I hate how you stare
I hate that you care,
I hate how you smile…
Looking at me all the while.
I hate that you’re bad 
I hate how you’re sweet
I hate how you look at me…
Every time we meet,
Ooh! I hate the way you stand!
And the way you demand!
I hate when you’re sorry
Even more when you worry,
I hate the way you get me when no one else can
I hate how I hate and how I can’t understand.
I hate that you think I hate stuff about you
But don’t actually hate you…
I hate even more…
How that’s completely true.

I hate how the things you do make me feel
I hate how they’re not in my head
I hate that they’re real.

I hate so much how I feel about everything you do
I hate that I…
Might actually…
Love you. 

Details | Free verse | |

I hate you

I hate you

I hate that look in your eyes
That makes me despise 
Myself for wanting you

I hate you

I hate your smile and the way that your tease
Plays on my need to please
Every inch of you

I hate you

I hate that you withhold your affection
And in that I find protection
Guarding myself from you

I hate you

I hate the feel of your touch
That I covet so much
I think of nothing but you

I hate you

I hate that you’re there every day
That I wait for your ‘Hey!’
Needing to be near you

Mostly though

I hate me

I hate that I can’t keep away from you
And that the selfishness in you
Shows only the flaws in me

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I Hate Myself

His heart was black, but I didn't 
I needed him, but he said no.
Everything I ever was was stolen by 
his addictive drug.
I gave him my love and more with a 
I'll never get back all I've lost.
I begged him to stay and love me 
but what I got in return was worse 
than a smack.
My love now gone was lain to bed 
when he lied and said, "You're mine 
to wed."
A lying snake he was, but I 
was still lured in by his lullaby.
Six times too many I was his.
Six times too many I was tricked.
I hate myself, I hurt myself. 
I hope someday I kill myself. 
For taking advantage was easily
executed from him to me.
So, as I lie upon the floor,
the blood will seep, it will pour.
Until I snap back into reality ,
my arms will scar most erratically.
I hate myself, I hurt myself.
Sometimes I isolate myself.
From your clutches I'll be free, but 
only if I flee to sea.
Yet, the boat I sail will only sink,
thanks to my unending misery.
The waves crush my bones and cut 
my skin, tearing me limb from limb.
I hate myself, I hurt myself.
Again, I'll try to kill myself.
My love has no idea what he
has done to the old Destiny.
But, no longer will I thrash and cut.
The feelings will all melt away
as soon as I kneel down to pray.
My Lord has brought me up anew, 
but darkness Will fall back on 
Lucifer and his devilish gents will 
not stop, they will not rest.
Until they tear my lonely heart bit 
by bit... apart...apart... 
I hate myself, I hurt myself.
When will I stop disappointing 

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this love this hate

This love 
This hate
is something we cant create
it makes us live
it helps us die
thats something that cant be denied
it makes us heal
it helps us feel 
it can even make men kneel
even though we are not the same
we can all be driven insane
by this love 
this hate inside my head
that makes the world wish it dead
so put all things away
rest your heads for this love this hate will fade away 
only when the world ends.

Details | Free verse | |


I hear the siren of death whistling through your hollow heart.

I see the lies fall so fluidly out of your mouth.

Almost as if it’s natural; a black gravity of some sort. 

I smell the genuine scent of decay, so unpleasant, so definite.

You can’t deny.

I touch a dry residue; ashes of your guilt ignited memory.

I taste the sweet flavor of revenge, as you perish away into nothing but eternity.

I feel sympathy for your poor soul, like a child going off to school with nothing more
than their name.

Why is it that as much as I try to hate all I feel is love?

It’s like my emotions are trapped in absolute values.

I’m dying to hate you, yet would so easily die for you.

My contradictions take over; pulling as if I can be separated.

I cringe at your voice.

I smile at your calamity, even though your suffering isn’t my credit to claim.     

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It never takes much for me to fall in love,
but i love, love for all the reasons I hate love,
I love, love because love is what holds me through the night,
but that same love may hit me in a fight,
I love, love because love is my protection,
but that same love may hurt me from rejection,
I love, love cause no two loves are the same,
but falling in love is like continuing a game, and i just don't wanna play anymore,
I want a love that will love me and except me,
Don't try and change me,
but that is just the type of love that will never find me,
so instead of hating love, I fear love,
I fear love more then I love, love,
I have never feared expressing my love,
but I fear falling in love too deeply cause I know that is just the type of love that will 
hurt me, 
I have falling in love so many times,
it always seems like a race against  time,
love never stays with me,  it always leaves me,
it always finds a way to hurt me,
whether it's taking a boy from me, or taking away someone in my family,
loves my tragedies,
but without love leads me to sanity,
I hate the feeling of being alone because I spent my whole life alone,
 I'v done everything in my life on my own,
I don't think I deserve to be alone but I fear what love may one day do to me,
because love I know will one day hit me,
just like daddy hit mommy,
just like love hit my sister,
love wouln't let them excape and I'v seen the pain the blood and the tears,
so love has become the source of all my fears,
I never stay in love cause i feel the need to fun from love,  but this I will never tell,
I may say I love but it's not the same type of love inwhich you know of
because when I love I love deeply,
but my love for love is running swifly,
I am getting older by the year and one day I will have to live with a man,
but I will not love that man I will fear that man,  because if I love him he will grow 
mad, and he will one day hit me,
thats why I fear any guy loving me,
because loves my tragedies.

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Love and Hatred

Twin brothers born of humanity 
Raised in the heart land
Fed by circumstances
Shaped by choice
Same freedom
Different destinies 

I saw Love grow with limbs
Stretching wide to pull everything
To himself even hatred
And i saw hatred grow with craws
Hiding them in his bosom
Till they grow longer and stronger

I thought this Love kid was too touchy 
And i treasured Hatred he was for special occasions 
Defending my weaknesses and flaws 
Love was ridiculing my my all efforts
He was becoming extravagant, giving this giving that
Not like Hatred a sweet heart who measured 
According to what he treasured 

Years have gone by and 
Love has prospered with many friends
Many people giving back to him
Yet hatred brought out his claws,
His fangs came out
And he grew three horns

One of rejection
another for despair
And bigger one with this word engraved 'loser'
I watched these twins
Walk different directions like light and darkness
Their waring grand fathers

I walked two their birthday parties
Few turned up, gave him crowns and called him Dad
For hatred the party was noisy
Many gathered worshiped him 
In fear of the horns
Love commanded his servants to dress all that came
with compassion, faithfulness, and honor
Hatred commanded his subjects
To kill every one that came for the party
Many died few survived

Details | I do not know? | |

All in all

Your love it like the rain
My hate is like the fire

I burn in all my pain
Your need for me is dire
From this what do i gain
Except the nickname liar

For all in all--

Your hate is like the rain
My love is like the fire

I scream through the pain
You hold me in your arms
I try to break away
My tears are a new storm
Acidic to my heart
This fear is growing wild

For all in all-- 

My love is like the rain
Your hate is like the fire

Your hate is like the Rain
My love is like the fire

Like potions in our veins
What things do we desire
Kisses like cocaine
Tears full of pain

For all in all--

Our love is like the rain
Our hate is like the fire

Burning throughout the night 
Each passion and each kiss
Pouring from our eyes
The love we do miss
Together we are one
Apart we are none

For all in all--

Our hate is like the rain
Our love is like the fire

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hate is not the word for it

I eyes popped out of my head when I saw you with that girl
Boy, was I highly upset and you told me I was your world
I believed you and everything else that you told me
But I was blind but God, he helped me see
I hate you I hate you make me so sick
You lied to me saying that I was your only chick
You want to know something I'm tried of your mess
I got to get away from you and get this off my chest
But its alright and it is all good
I'm happy you did it before I would
After all them minutes, you wasted my time
It is all right you was sour like a lemon lime
That is all I have to say my work here is done
Piece out don't call me call the other one.

Details | Blank verse | |

The Face in the Mirror

It’s hard to wake up every morning and see a face in the mirror that so 
resembles the person that hurt you so deep.  
To see the face of that person that causes this 
internal battle you have to deal with everyday.  
The person who truly made you understand that there IS a thin line between 
love and hate.
It’s nearly impossible to look at myself without being overwhelmed with feelings 
of love and hate for her.  I hate her for what she did not only to me and our family, 
but to herself.  I hate her for throwing away so much potential because she 
needed something better.  I hate her because she made us feel like we weren’t 
And yet this battle rages because while a part of me hates her, 
a part of me will love her no matter what.  
I love her because she can always make me laugh.
  I love her because she always wants to fix everything. 
 I love her because of all the things she has taught me both directly and indirectly.
But still I love her most because no matter what she will always be a part of me.  
But I hate her because no matter what….
I will always be a part of her.
I look into the mirror everyday and see two faces: past and present, 
molded together to form one: mine. 
 And yet no matter how many times I tell myself it’s me in that mirror I can only 
see her. 
 My mother.

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Broken Hearted

If this wasn't ment to be then why did God let it go this far?
If I cant have tou to myself, 
then why should anyone else?
Im tired of suffering while youre out partying with your friends.
I hate that I cant hid from all this,
but some how you find a way you can.
I hate when I see you for the first time in months.
I hate that I build myself up,
only to let you tare me down.
I dont wanna love you anymore.
I dont want to look at him and see you.
I dont wanna think of the "What If's".
I dont wanna see your face everywhere I go.
I dont wanna cry everytime I hear our song on the raido.
I dont wanna think about our past,
thinking of ways I could of made it last.
If you didn't love me,
then why did you lead me on?
If you didn't care then why were you holding on so strong?
If I was the one, then why are you with HER??

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At Night Alone

  So here I sit, at night, alone
  Bored and just too many cigarettes to burn
  So I smoke and I wait, seemingly for a call
  And really just ache, cause it's not coming at all
  You're too many miles away from home
  I feel the distance at night, alone
  I hate you for the restless nights
  And I hate me because I know it's not right
  To sit in front of the computer screen
  Searching for the words I just want to scream
  Not even knowing the pain that I feel
  How to describe what feels so unreal
  I miss, just miss, everything that is you
  Laughing for hours at things that you do
  And how could it be that this is the end
  What was to be a lifetime of new things to begin
  But here I sit, at night alone
  And the numbness inside is all that I know

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This Heart of Mine

You know I hate to love you baby

You're only playin with my heart.

So many dreams you've shattered

So many lives you've torn apart.

If only I could walk away

If my heart could just forget

If the tangled web of love you've spun

Didn't pose such a threat.

Then I could love to love you baby

My heart it could take wings.

I could fall into this love affair

One that had no strings.

But in your hands, my heart a weapon

To be tortured and teased.

My dreams, the ones you've shattered

To be tossed out as you please.

You know I hate to love you baby

Because this heart of mine

Is fragile and it's tender and it's

Living on borrowed time.

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Our World

Dear God please help me understand why people are so cruel.
Why everyone inside this world can't  follow just one rule?
To treat each other with respect and tender love and care,
and hope that one day they receive the love in which we share.

Dear God please help me understand why color plays a part,
why teach our children hate and fear and tear their lives apart.
Dear God please help me understand the tounge and land of some
what give them right to think their lands the only blessed one.

Dear God why must our babies die please help me understand
this gift of love and joy you give we kill with our on hands.
Deasr God please help me understand why brother turns on brother,
and why the love that they once shared is now a hate for others.

Deasr God please help me understand this world in which we live.
Why some would put a price on life and worship dollar bills.

Dear God now in this world we built we must now teach our sons
to have a love for all mankind so they will teach their own.
Our daughters now we need to teach, stand strong and beleive
she is equal to mankind and with your love she will survive.

Dear God please bless this world we built and one day leave our young;
That they our strong and will survive our world that's gone so wrong.


Details | Free verse | |


First thing on my mind
Seems to be you
Yet now it's negative
Not as positive
Even though we shared
Many good times
There were times
Where the broken heart would be mine
Memories of you
I try to forget
It seems to affect me everyday
Yet those memories
I also cherish
I don't know what to do!

All those memories
That I have of you
Are pleasant yet painful
I love you? or do I hate you?
I don't know anymore...

I know I said
I needed you
I kept you in my mind
To keep me going
But now I'm just fine
I don't need you anymore
Because you loving someone else
And playing me is wrong
All those memories
I smile, cry, get sad, even mad
Now I'm questioning
If my friends were right all along!

All these thoughts
I have of you
Are loving yet hateful
What should I do?
Can you please tell me!?
I don't know what to feel... anymore...

All of those memories...
I have are hurting me inside
Why would you do something like this?
Now I'm confused...
I don't know what to do!

All these memories
I have of you
Are pleasant yet painful
I love you? or do I hate you?
I don't know anymore
All these thoughts
I have of you
Are loving yet hateful
What should I do?
Can you please tell me!?
I don't know what to feel... anymore...
I don't know if I love you... anymore...

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Love, I Hate You

Love, I hate you, 
Not ‘cos you’re ugly.

Love, I hate you, 
Not ‘cos you don’t love me.

Love, I hate you,
‘Cos of your great love to me.

Love, I hate you, ‘cos of it; 
A listener, you don’t want to be.
You heeded not what I said, 
Even thou, I beg you, to “back off!”

“Now, Look!
You see… what we’ve done!?”

A soul is in grieve, 
‘Cos of us.

With your love, 
My soul cries, too.

Love, I hate you, 
For intoxicating me, with your potion.

Thou, you know…
I am a married man.

Details | Couplet | |

Love, Hate And My Fate

In my quest of life sublime
I face a mountain I must climb

There dwells up inside of me
A growing amount of hostility

My anger is growing day by day
Regardless of the prayers I pray

Like two grinding tectonic plates
One is love and the other is hate

As the plates slowly grind away
Price of hate my love must pay

Like a beautiful exotic dance
Hate is held in dark romance

Like a lone mountain flower
Love shall hold mystic power

The two sides of a single face
Only one can rule this place

Off to hell fallen angels go
Is this the fate of my soul?

Is the meaning of this rhyme?
Bound by the hands of time

For all to hear and all to see
Love and hate each dwell in me

Love and hate each have their goal
I wonder, which shall win my soul

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I'm Sorry-A Poem for my kids-Jani, Billy, Josh, and Kristin

I'm sorry to all of my children
How I wish I could go back to change
The wrong things I've put you all through
And to make time rearrange
Those times to good moments for all of you
I'm sorry for what my life, fears and screw ups have put all four of you through
I simply rolled with what those fears handed me
Yes I so should've done more
And not just let it be
I was so scared and didn't really know what to do
When you're standing inside a house with the rook on fire
Well you, in that moment, are to blind to see
What's happening all around
Now I see it all to clearly and the fire is burning everything down to the ground
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you like I should've been
There's no excuse for it
Those wounds you now bear may not ever mend
And I live with that everyday
But that doesn't mean the love that I feel
For each one of you isn't real
It most certainly is
I'm not asking any of you to forgive me or accept my apology
But know that this all comes from my heart
Pain and rage will tear ones soul apart
And none of these words will make the past different, go away or any better
We do still have a chance, however, to overcome it and get through the stormy 
weather together
Being better people in the end
So while this don't make my mistakes you bear go away
I still need to say
You can hate me more and more everyday
If that's what is helping you to get by and cope
But no matter how much hate you have for me, I still love all four of you 
Perhaps one day you can each find it in your hearts to forgive me
Not for me, but for yourselves cause it's truly the only way you'll ever fully be able to 
move on........Love Mom

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Put a bullet in my brain

Put a bullet in my brain
as the rain sweeps her out of my arms
and places her into another's.
Put a bullet in my brain
for I don't want to see love slip away
please end my suffering,
for I don't want to dare see her in the arms of another man.

I fear the tear that slips away from my soul
and touches the ground with a splash
as she is washed away by the lashed memories of the rain,
please, someone put a bullet in my brain.

I can't bear to see her with another man
laying in his arms
as he charishes her beauty
just like I did to her.
As she smiles and laughs at his jokes
my heart would not bare the sorrow and pain
that would tare my heart apart into pieces of tainted love.
Please tell the rain to stop,
as the pain grows when rain comes down,
please someone end my suffering,
put a bullet in my brain
and stop the rain
that washes away every memory of her.

Stop saying you miss me
and just kiss me
for I can't take the pain
of the rain that takes you away.
Kiss me and stop saying you miss me
for those are useless words to me.
Love is where it's at, so show me.
Don't go with him, he'll treat you wrong.
Love and laugh with me till the break of dawn
as we yawn the long night away.

Kiss me and don't say you miss me.
For if you go away from me,
I couldn't bare to take a tear and waste it away.
Tears, sweet tears crying for you,
doesn't that mean anything to you?
I ask you, stop the rain,
stop the pain and put that bullet in my brain.

Let the red blood flow from my temples.
Let the plow dig my grave,
for I can't bare to see you with another
in his arms, him kissing you, where I kissed you.
I can't take it, I have to make it,
make that pain go away.
Prayer didn't help, God turned a blind eye
when I came up and said why!
Put that bullet in my dome
and when I lay in the coffin, looking at the roof of the church
you come and kiss me, and then you can really say
that you'll miss me.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

SO blind

   All this time I have always had my doubts,
Not the person led to believe is what I found out.
   To be deceived and lied to for oh so long,
Down deep I knew there was something wrong.
   Head over heels I had fallen in love ,
Always thought you were sent from above.
   How the knife is twisted into my side ,
So much pain I can do nothing but cry.
   These memories of what I thought was real,
I'm confused and I don't how how to feel.
    Is this really possible that I did not know,
Through all this time it never showed.
    Such an evil thing to do to a man ,
Especially the lies which he could not stand.
    How cruel and cold your heart must be ,
To carry on as you did never letting me see.
     Hard to accept all those moments  so dear ,
Realizing they are now my greatest fears .
     What was to be Joy and Happiness,
Replaced by the feelings of a loneliness.
   Never did I imagine this happening to me ,
Thinking that you and I were meant to be .
   It's a very hard thing for a man to accept ,
When he finds out that he's been tricked.
    Was it the money or the control you had ,
Maybe because you are really just that bad.
    Some day soon for this you will have to pay ,
For the sins against me and your evil ways.
    Goodbye to you  who ever you are ,
For in this heart you have left brutally scarred.

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I Hate You Cancer

Dedicated to my Dad who lost his short battle w/ Colon Cancer on June 18,2013

I hate you Cancer
Your vile evil and cruel
You don't care who you hurt
I'll never forget that day
I'll always hate you for it

Your heartless Cancer
You took someone important from me
Someone important from others too
Took people who didn't belong to you
I hate you for it

You disgust me Cancer
You had no right to take him from me
He mattered more than my very own life
I hate you for taking my Daddy
I hate you for taking others too

I hate you with a passion Cancer
You took part of my heart with him
You took part of my soul that day too
I hate you for it
I hate you I hate you I hate you

I hate you with every fiber of my being 
Go back to Hell where you belong
I hate you, others hate you
Your not welcome or wanted here Cancer

I hate you more than his doctor's
I hate you more than God
I hope I get to witness that day
Witness the day you fall
And you will fall Cancer

You're gonna lose the battle one day Cancer
I'm gonna laugh and dance around your grave
You'll finally get what you deserve 
And you'll never be able to take another soul

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Placed 8th in Poet Destroyer A's  2013 "PINKTOBER" Contest

Please Support a Cure for Colon Cancer & every other type!

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    H A T E

~I have no room to hide
the only way is to die~

I hate this world
I hate all it's made of
I lost the love  inside
You are nothing but a joke,
the way you came into my life.
Why do you keep us from the truth
God do you not love us
Why do you insist on these bruises and wounds
Do you not care about the pain and the scars
Trick us with the vanity of the flower
Shower us with the poorest rain
My God where's your power
Do I also have to die for his name
Drown because of everyone else sin
All I wanted was to believe in love
Instead I opened a book of torment
What did I do to you
Why do I feel the battle is with me?
how did i get raped with hate 
What happen to the wings
Why do I feel as if we are all  bait
a world of  no balance, I hate
I retaliate  on my own hate
True love is a program even you deny 
I hate the hate you put upon this world
A hate the look of poverty
resent- IS ME!
confusing the heart to feel nothing
I can't bring my self to need you
You never protected me when in need
You left me suffering alone through the deepest sea
the desert swallowed my dearest mirage
you let me down, to many times
I hate that i still talk to you
the emotions are destroyed
do you laugh  at my beating pulse
you created  many Nations
Meaning you gave hate to this world
making us different in every race 
who else has a key of power to your master plan
I m not blind no more
I see things,   the way he wants me to see
with truth you hide from me
I hate the way this world rotates
I hate the flavor of it all
I was told i was created by your hands
Not Satan's evil ways

God I hate the world you made
Why rest us in a place of love


Details | Munaajaat | |

Tell Me

I'm lost hurt and angry
Why did you take his life
I want, No I need to know
Tell me, Tell me why
I deserve to know

Haven't you done enough to him
What'd he ever do to you
He suffered his whole life
Suffered more than anyone deserved
Tell me, Tell me why you did it
I have a right to know

Why'd you let him born to them
Born to worthless parents
Parents who didn't care
They threw him away like garbage
Pawned him off on someone else
Tell me, Tell me why
Explain how you could do that

You gave him Polio
You let others treat him like disease
You took away the full use of his legs
You warped his hand and foot
Tell me, Explain to me why
I deserve to know

You let others think he was crazy
You let it go on for over year
You didn't stop it, Why
Tell me, Give me your reason
Answer me God, Help me to understand

You go and make matters worse
You gave him Cancer
You didn't give him a chance to fight back
You just jerked him away from us
Tell me, Tell me how
How you could be so cruel

How can others not question you
When others do it, It's murder
But when it's by your hand
It's your will, Their fate
Tell me, What makes you so different
Your no better than the demons knocking at the door

You heard me beg and plead
You know I'm not afraid to die
I was willing to carry it all for him
I was willing to take my Daddy's place
You didn't even let me say Goodbye
Tell me, Tell me why I couldn't take his place
Answer me God, you owe me that much


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Love is a Sacrifice

You have my soul, but you have your fate Whatever your words, I’m willing to take You have my word; I’ll give you my breath It’s like a chain that would never be break You are my love with all my heart, I’ll fight for you with all my might. And in the way, you admire your goals, You hold my hands, but not so close. As you go to your chosen path, I’ll accept the fact that we will be apart. In the dark side, I leave behind Within my faith, that you’ll arise Please don’t look back, coz I’m fighting still I’m hurting so much! Don’t want to have you near I accept my fate for what it does, I’m bleeding so much, do you know for whom it was? You reach your goals, as you want to have, Would you remind the man that gave what he had? As you reach the stars, and be the one Be a sun that shines its own. After the rain, the rainbow comes, Like dark in the moon, when the light flash A glimpse from you at least a short For then I knew my pain is worth.

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Don't Take My Kindness For Granted

You think that you know me
But you don't know at all
Every day you say your sorry
After that I fall
I hate it when you lie
You think your doing good
When all you cause is pain
Just tell me that you hate me
So my life won't be in vein...

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May the Love of Jesus Touch You

May the Love of Jesus Touch You!

May the love of Jesus bless and touch you!
May his presence be with
 and uplift you!

May the joys of the love make
 you complete!
And touch you, from your
 head to your feet!

May the glory of the lord
 be with and keep you!
His majestic power can really touch you!

May the words that he’s spoken,
touch your spirit!
His mercy and salvation… 
 He freely give it!

May the sweetness of Jesus,
 into your life bring!
His righteousness and beauty!  
Your everything!

May you take some time
 with Jesus in prayer?
How much he loves you! 
 How much he cares!

By Jim Pemberton    07.28.13

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Lets speak about computers
Well hear me while I rant
Understand these ruddy beasts
You know, I really can’t
I don’t think that I’m stupid
But I haven’t got a clue
The things they drive me half insane
They do, they really do.

Have you ever seen a grown man cry
Well take a look and see
When that computer plays me up
The tears that come to me.
The kids they come and teach me how
But nothing does sink in
And then I rant and carry on
And make this childish din.

I’d throw it in the ruddy bin
But I really need the thing
I really could not live without it
If you know what I mean
I have these love/hate feelings
It’s the love of all my life
And yet I hate the ruddy thing
When it causes too much strife.

18 July 2013 @ 1915hrs.

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They Took Away My Innocence

They took away my innocence—
A child, but merely two years old.
My soul left with ambivalence;
I hate myself as I grow old.

A child, but merely two years old—
Abandoned, glossed over, abused.
I hate myself as I grow old;
Completely left confused and used.

Abandoned, glossed over, abused—
Why would a person hurt a child?
Completely left confused and used—
Naïf, so trusting, meek, and mild.

Why would a person hurt a child?
My soul left with ambivalence—
Naïf, so trusting, meek, and mild.
They took away my innocence.


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I hate


 I hate the way you make me feel guilty about being jealous when other girls hit on you, 
 I hate the way you can go forever without even seeing or talking to me when your friends are around, but expect me to drop everything to talk to you when you want my attention.
I hate how you're so happy at times and I'm so sad, 
I hate how you treated me like sh*t  but yet I'm the one feeling bad.
I hate how I feel so weak and you're so strong, 
I hate how you think you do no wrong.
I hate how you pretend that everythings okay, 
I hate how you took my innocence away and act sometimes like it ment nothing.
I hate how I feel so scared, 
I hate how fast I fell in love with you without a fighting chance.
I hate the way you look at me and just know when something is wrong.
I hate how everything we have means nothing to everybody else
I hate the way I feel inside, 
I hate the nights I spent alone and cried.
I hate how everything seems wrong, 
I hate the feeling of wanting to belong.
I hate how you're always in my head, 
I hate everything mean you have ever said.
I hate wondering how you really feel about me, 
I hate how you try to go out with certin friends and you feel like you have to lie
I hate how when your job takes you away for long times I'm left with being alone and want to do nothing but cry
I hate it how you can just come in and out of my life and feel like everything is alright 
while I am the one that has to put up with the problems, family and drama every night
 But most of all I hate the way I can't stop thinking about you, and I hate it even more because I know you know its true
All these thing don't make me really hate you, It just makes me lust you more an more and it feeds my wanting you right down to the core

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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God Save Me

Love Love Love
That’s what they
Gave to me,
So Why Why Why
Do I live in Slavery

Hate Hate Hate
Always knocking 
At my door
Where life or death
Depends on the floor

Perception changed
In the blinking 
Of an eye
Now all I can do
Is sit here and cry

I cry for lost love
I cry with no hope
And yet somehow
I will always,
Always cope.

Because I am a Christian
I’m tortured everyday
Someone decided 
To take my life away

They saw a chance to profit
From all that I have done
I pay for my confinement
And am the lonely one.

I hope that one day
The real truth will be known
Who I am and what I am
In blood flesh and bone

Until that day cometh
Pray God stay with me
Then I’ll survive until the day
The real me though dost see


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Actions Speak Louder than Words

Hello Everyone! It's been a long time but I'm back. This is a song I wrote based off a text message hope you enjoy it:)

I don't know where to start
All I know is you tore me apart
But that's ok, I'll live another day
Where to begin?
All I know is this has to end
No more fear, but before I go
Let me make one thing clear...

I don't hate you 
I hate all the things you put me through
It seems no matter how much good I do
You just go and stab me in the back
But you no, I love you to death
I think my actions are the opposite of hate don't you?
After all actions speak louder than words

I hope you understand
I'm letting go of your hand
No more pulling me down
I'll just leave without a sound
No longer your prey
But before I leave I have one thing to say...

I don't hate you 
I hate all the things you put me through
It seems no matter how much good I do
You just go and stab me in the back
But you no, I love you to death
I think my actions are the opposite of hate don't you?
After all actions speak louder than words

Is it getting through your head?
What we had is now dead
Time to lay it to rest
In it's bed, but before I leave
I have one thing to say
As the last tear is shed...

I don't hate you 
I hate all the things you put me through
It seems no matter how much good I do
You just go and stab me in the back
But you no, I love you to death
I think my actions are the opposite of hate don't you?
After all actions speak louder than words

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*i HATE you LIKE

*I Hate You Like*  (For: Brittany Moon) Her Tiny  Request**

I hate you like the Eclipse of the sun and moon====== 
Lightning, thunder, twisters,and Hurricane # 7 destruction upon my hate=

I hate you like the father who walked out on us======
Hating you is the only way we can relate========== 
Fire, burn, heat , and smoke, igniting the hate in flames=

I hate you like the lion who can't wait to devour his prey==== 
I hate you like ivy with poison to irritate ==============
I hate you indeed, deeper than the abyss in space========
Black, ebony, coal, and darkness you fell in my pit of hate===

I hate you and dispise all your living ways=========
I hate you because I want to==========
I hate you and nothing compares=============== 
I hate the living guts out of you ================ 

*A note from Brittany Moon*
*Written by: P.D. as a request from me (an opposition to my original poem: I Love You 
Like)...thank you P.D. for your awesome talent   ((BY: Brittany Moon))
 Commented by: Deborah Guzzi  :- ) ------
naww like the taste of curdled mouths tastes my hate for you...
like the painful lingering scen of skunk on a precious hate for you clings...
gumming up my mind like bubble gum in a braid....
smooch (( that is why I love Ya Teach)) p.d.

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Speech of Tears

Speech of Tears – Zamreen Zarook

Drops of tears from our purl conveys a lot,
Each an every shedding has a ballot,
By identifying the core, our hands should allot,
Because, some might be extremely as shallot.

Chipper and blissfulness gives you cool tears,
Whereas in console and divesting flow hot tears,
Fear and pains give drains of tears,
Nothing that can be patch with dollars.

Some deliveries are automatic,
While some productions are acoustic,
Another drain says I am really bombastic,
Tears are at last solely cubistic.

They convey the emotions,
People go in search for solutions,
They become happy when they are with the precautions,
Reactions again as the tears, it’s the real abbreviation.

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

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Torn In Two

When we met everything was bright and new,
And everyday our new relationship grew,
Finally all of my dreams had come true,
But one day my heart was torn in two,
For you were not who I thought I knew,
How could this happen without a clue,
A hidden side has given me a different view,
My heart no longer beats as it used to,
It's never again, happy and forever blue,
Throbbing no longer red, but a blue-violet hue,
It cannot be mended with stitches and glue,
Now that you're gone, what will I do,
And thinking that I was sick with the flu,
When, actually I was just sick of you.

Written by: Kelly Deschler   motif: philosophical

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A Flower's Funeral

A sweet flower's funeral
displayed in the cold months
of snowy weather and bone chilling shivers.
A sweet flower burned away, dried up;
buried six feet under.

Oh, my sweet flower,
how you once bloomed with no remorse,
like a madman blooming with beauty
and a glorious halo over your head
shinned with such power and blinding glory.

Oh my sweet flower how you have gone now,
resting in peace in the land of paradise.
Oh, my heart it is weak when I see your face,
of once beautiful smiles and warm embraces.
I can hear your crying out to be free.

Snowing and bone chilling cold ripes at my soul
and feelings of sorrow rage through my blood,
boiling my hatred to the world, for losing your
sweet and ever glorious beauty.

What I would give away, if I could be with you
one last night, one last night together
to hold you in my arms, to smell your sweet perfume
that brings back sweet memories of you and I.
What I would do to be with you,
such romance travels through my heart in the highways
of my veins in my body, love is all throughout me,
and my heart breaks when pictures of you start to collect dust.

My love for you, my sweet flower,
is still ingering through the air,
as I travel and look upon a tombstone
which shows your beautiful name.

Come to me my dear flower,
when spring comes,
come to me my dear, sweet flower.
And bloom once again,
twice as large as last year,
and ten times more beautiful then last year.
Come to me in the first months of spring
in my dreams, so I could sit and talk with you.
I miss you already,
and my heart crys,
my eyes flood with tears of sorrow.
I miss our love we shared.
Long walks,
cosy talks,
warm cuddling embraces
and beautiful displayed in a picture frame.
Now I hear the tapping of raindrops on my window pane.
That is all that keeps me company,
that and the rose you gave to me
and a picture of you and me.
Love is endless, even when blue eyed Death comes to visit
and play a game of chess with us,
we all play our game, my love.
I shall go tonight
in my sleepy slumber
and dream of you in the times of our height in our love for each other.
My lost love, you are gone, resting in paradise,
but never forgotten my sweet flower.


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His message to Mankind was divine love, much louder than 
the desert wind hissing through the tall palm trees;
they heard Him, but sadly contempt built up when
they defiled the Temple by selling and trading instead of praying on their knees...
so Jesus got the whip and the lame and the blind cried out the word, " Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna!

Christ was the faithful servant who was scourged, derided and crucified,
now, is the friend of all who believe in Him, not in a sinful world....
the Redeemer who carried the heavy cross to Calvary and died;
His resurrection was a victory over death making Him the eternal Lord!
Who besides Him is more worthy of God His Father, are we?
Anytime Jesus prayed, He finished that prayer with this holy word, " Hosanna! "

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna!

Nothing has was an unjust and mean world, and so it will be;
they lived for lust, power and money getting greedier than Judas who chose death;
find that good soul that resembles it that poor man who seeks mercy?
We can gather much gold, make him a crown and place it on his bruised head!
And while he sits there waiting for compassion, his feeble voice proclaims," Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna! 

All nations strive for supremacy, making useless and massive weapons so destructive,
they have no love for their neighbors...they hate peace and every beautiful place;
we have made it to this century...will others see a tomorrow not dark and delusive?
Pray like Jesus did and put your fate in the hands of the Almighty who's grace! 
No joy or possession is greater than faith...get up, look up and shout, " Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna!
Hosanna! Hosanna!

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Lovin' the weekend, Hating the week

I love the weekend
I hate you week.
You demand, reprimand, and restrict me.
You order me around and poke me to move
You slap me in the face
You stomp on my feet
You sock me in the gut
You kick me in the shins
You suck the air from my lungs
And still expect me to breathe
And after all the pain I go through
For you
You tut-tut, shake you head and say:
‘You still got lots to do!’
I hate you.
I love you weekend!
You are my friend
Would that your blissful, lazy days
Would never end
You let me play
You love my laugh
You always indulge me
You let me sleep
You give me the space and time to be Me
Unlike your antagonist sibling, the week
Let me pass on a Friday night
Let me die on Saturday
Let me stick myself on Sundays
Let me stay, weekend, let me stay!
But no, you’re moving at your usual pace
Marching into yesterday
Bringing in the week with your departure
And silently murdering me
If you must
Do so
But don’t let me die in the week!

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Love Hated

Love; over rated
Both paupers and kings
Razor-barbed brass rings
How strangely fated
For this I've waited?
My soul groans then sings
My heart soothes then stings
Alas, Love hated
What am I to do
Where am I to go
Beg a magic brew
Steel my heart to you
Peace my soul may know
Alone... Love I rue!

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If I had a chance to say I love you

Then I would
Then I would

If I had chance
If had a chance again

If I had a chance to say I love you

Then I would
Then I would

If I had chance
If had a chance again

Before she walked out the door
She screamed and threw glass on
 the floor she said I hate you I said
 I hate you more she said I am never
 coming back I said well now I am glad for sure

She looked me in my eyes
I looked her in her eyes
And we wondered if our
Words were truth or lie
She started to cry she tryed
To hold tears back so she
Rubbed her eyes and walked
Threw the door

I grabbed the broom and 
swept the glass on the floor 
I heard three gun shots then
I opened the door and
there she was on the floor...
it was her jealous ex boyfriend
 she didn't want him no more...

I kneeled in her blood streaming on
 the floor,and lifted her lifeless body off the floor

I Said come back baby
Come back I won't say
Those harsh things any more

Come back baby
Come back why the
hell did you go
Out that door
Out that door

Please get off the floor
Let's go in side

Her soul was no longer inside

If I had a chance to say I love you

Then I would
Then I would 

If I had chance
If had a chance again

If I had a chance to say I love you

Then I would
Then I would

If I had chance
If had a chance again

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Light invades with mercy Realm of shadows Love ~*~

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The Environment, My Home

My Environment is my only homely home
That I know. Plants and animals alike love this lovely home.
I love to sit and marvel at the beauties of our beautiful E nvironment,
To see rivers flow freely in the democracy of the environment,
Grass green and as fresh as a fish in untouched natural free waters,
Births singing and ringing like universal timekeepers in all matters.
This wonderful Environment is the handwork of our ever-caring Father
And when it is well looked after, it could be next to our Father.
My health and my wealth all come from this cherished home.
How I wish foolish humans do not tarnish the harmony of this dear home!

I hate to see toxic smoke from industries go up carelessly and invited to Ozone
Because when Ozone shall have died, Sun will cease to be our friend.
I hate to see fishermen throw away a young fish
Just as I hate to see my neighbour dumping refuse into running waters.
A disorderly forester cannot be a friendly friend to me.
And why not he or she who farms into a river valley, bed and source?
I am sick when farmers burn bushes and
I cannot marry she who cooks just any kind of meat and kills the viper.
Pollution and anything harmful should not be in my Environment, our Environment,
Because I too will be harmful to those who tolerate such things
For I hate to live a brief life.

(Published in CHAINING FREEDOM, 2012)

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the story of my life

When i was about 5 i was put in to a SRS. I was there tell i was 7 and when i got out i move to my grandma and grandpa. When i was 9 my older brother started to beet me up every day and all day long and then when the beating he was giving me stop working he started doing other thing to me. When i was 12 i losted my grandma and then my grandpa didn't want nothing to do with use and still don't. i took my brother *****tell i was 15 then started to beat on him. My brother put me in jail for a few year because if the *****he made me do now i am 21 and have losted and got back the girl that i love and care about her name is Holli Sczenski. Her family don't want use together so they are making her choose between them or me she dues not want to have to choose between use she loves use both and i know it and her family know it but there still doing it. On top of all that my own family is going throw somethings as while my mom is not doing vary good and we may or may not lost her in the next few years.

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is done

Only I hate is Love
       Switching any way
 In of at last ends out

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I Hate Aunt Floe

NOTE: This poem is a humoruos stab at PMS from a mans point of view

I can see your blood boiling
through  the blades I once called eyes,
they were once beautiful  like jewels
now they hurt my deep insides.
cutting at my guts
and like a noose on my  lungs;
your words seek like bullets 
your mouth like sniper guns.
I’m hit with each inaccuracy…
Being killed by words untrue;
and you even got the nerve
to tell me what you think I do.
But let me get mad
and try to plead my case;
then suddenly the world
is a f--ked up place.
You got tears running down…
What the Hell did I do?
We were just sitting and laughing
I could swear that we were cool.
Oh God…
Oh no…;
I should have seen it… 
It’s Aunt Floe…,
This battle can’t be won or reasoned
I think its best I go.
Cause I hate Aunt Floe 
and she hate me too;
she sit and talk sh-t
about the gum I chew. 
The color of my shirt…,
She say my look is a stair;
She say my best has no worth
And she doesn’t stop there.
I didn’t change
I’ve been the same 
these 28 days,
 but now I’m f_ckin A__hole 
Aunt Floe gave me that name.  
She said get out my face 
This aint your home no more,
But I’m more puzzled by 
What was said before.
I love you 
With her glossy eyes 
I knew it was true, 
But horribly sly
You see these words
make me the fool.
The one that’s cruel
That a__hole dude,
That sparked the fuel
To this f__kin feud.
But I swear to God
I didn’t start this sh_t,
Why would I give up my love 
To live my life like in a pit.
 This is horrible sh_t 
Wasted days spent,
On nothing but the worst
I could be bathed in your sent. 
You could be laughing 
While I’m smiling
But Aunt Floe Won’t let this be,
And the only way to make this right
Is hold my tongue  a week.
And that ain’t gone happen 
I’m a person too,
Not soft
But I got feelins
and don’t know what  to do.
Now its been six days
Unbelievable  rage,
She locked herself 
In the room
I call it her cage.
I smell a sent in the air
It wasn’t there before,
Now lookin down the hall
I see an open door.
Is this a trap 
I’ll guess I’ll see,
If I fall for another
 You know that’s dumb ass me.
Curled in the bed 
I think I know that girl,
But where’s the hells Aunt Floe
The one that f__ked my world.
She packed up and gone
Didn’t even say good bye,
Just came wit gang of bullsh_t
And vanished in the sky.
Is that you my dear
Can you please come here,
Listen close and crystal clear…
I hate Aunt Floe
 Next time she here
Make sure I’m stocked
with weed and beer.
I love you punk.  ?

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I am the face of misery
My life, a dissonance of autumn and spring,
The years are written in the same
Lugubrious, nostalgic grey
How can it be the author to blame?
I cannot scream this all away…
Burn nor Bleed this all away…
To Death I am Ordained

Lacuna ever growing
With Velvet sheets of life flowing
Aeons apart of my "royalty"
Under the mask the cannot see...
Can you dispel this tragedy:
Antigone - Epiphany failing

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

No words of hope
No words of hate
Do I have Lenore to send to me:
The sordid child of Thebes
Caught In the longest nightmare
life - the slowest way to die

I know this is my life 
But I'm not under control
under the mask the will see
Just Another Human

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

Can you dispel my life; this tragedy?
Can you control the storm in my mind?
I'm asking you: can you rid me
Of The Curse of Antigone?

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Being a gay daughter

Father, I know I bring you shame,
But I just can’t stop myself from speaking her name.
I can’t stop myself from calling her at night,
Checking in, making sure she’s all right.
I know you hate when we hold hands,
How do you expect me to conform to your demands?
Would it be different if it was a boy?
Would you smile and act coy?
Invite him inside,
Instead of making us hide?
I know you don’t like her because she’s a girl,
I know the thought of us together makes you hurl,
But if you would take a moment,
If you let her step into the light,
She might come off as urgent,
But I assure you, when I’m with her, everything feels right. 
Please, father, give her a chance
Just a bit of your time, 
She will save you the last dance, 
She could show you how a diamond shines. 

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Beastly Beauty

Mean from the start, depicted by fury.
  A beast lies in you, from the belly of your torment

Sour & snarling, with each word you spill.
 Lonely is your heart, unwilling to chill.

Severely damaged goods, not my fault.
  Feel the coldness in the air, gone as you depart.

Not a sight for sore eyes, whenever you pass by.
  Even your shadow, quivers with despise.

Somehow in this lunacy, a twinkle emerges 
  From your eyes.  A gesture pass that dark, shallow
Exterior.  A interior full of light.
 Gaze seemed so gloomy, now seen so bright.
A roaring echo rumbles, into a sweet lullaby,
By night.
 Beauty lost & found, in the strangest place.
Bewildered but transformed, love has found its place.

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Mind Games

I am in all directions
a multidimensional atmosphere
extending to infinity..........and beyond.

To know me is to know yourself
for we are one and the same

To hate me is to hate yourself
not that you do
but if you did
know we are connected
quite literally
bound in your subconscious
not that you would believe me

To love me is to love your Self
through infinity and beyond

I am in all dimensions
in Alpha I was born
in Omega I am born again

what am I?

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Today's Homily

In those days

when we feared the truth

not for ignorance of it within ourselves

but for the dangers posed

by speaking aloud against the prejudices

of masses too well-tutored in lies and hatred,

we kept our secrets and hid among the crowds,

assuming their rabid colorations, spewing

the same evil venom, spreading

all the same lies, pretending

that the past was better than the present,

that regression to our yesterdays,

the years gone by, could create

for us anew that Eden we all lost,

that sanctuary from our knowledge

of the world, of evil; and,

our regained ignorance would restore

the bliss we lost with our innocence.

That, the biggest lie,

feeds our growing xenophobia --

hastens humanity's ultimate demise.

Time does not flow backwards

in this universe; and there is

no "us versus them" --

we are all crowded here together

on this fragile planet,

all in this together.

We must be kind, and love one another,

or die.

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The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani- Two

The Love Story of
Kacha And Devayani


Allow me 
Dear friend Devayani
To leave 
Your heaven like,
As I have completed 
All my learning’s
Under the feet 
of your father 01

And as a test of my
I have restored 
Your father and my
From the stage of
his ripped body
And death
To a normal well
Proving the
Of his teachings 
By the same
Which he taught to
In all these years.

I am thankful to you
And to your father
For all that 
You have done for me
During these years
When I was 
Under the process of
from your father and
stayed here 
In your sweet
Dear Devayani. 03


Showing thankfulness
Is a sweet gesture 
Dear Kacha
But do you think
That your stay here 
Was so short that 
You cannot even
Of some other
Which can cool down 
The melting lava 
Of my heart. 04

Kanpur India 7th
Aug. 2014

To continue in next
part 3.....
NOTE : To know the
background of this
please read Part 1.
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The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani- 7

NOTE: Sorry that in spite of my best efforts &
attempts the Poetry lines are breaking while 
placing the Poem on PS. I have no idea why it is 
happening. I have even deleted the contents and 
have reposted the poem. No results till yesterday.

Ravindra K Kapoor
11th Aug. 2014

The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani
Part 7


And you remember
How after hearing 
Our duet love Songs,
The little fairy like fishes,
Often used to jump one after another
While running with our boat,
Sometimes touching you, 
And sometimes touching me,
To convey their feelings and love,
And perhaps, 
To show their appreciation, 
For those melodies,
In which even, 
The water creatures too,
Saw the images of our love
How you can forget
Such abundance of beauty and love.

You remember, 
They used to vanish and reappear,
Again and again,
In the soft flowing water 
Of the river Venu,
Till our songs were there in the air,
So that they may enjoy, 
Those rare moments,
Of the melodies of our, 
Unforgettable love tunes, 
Dear Kacha. 22

Is it really possible
That no such sweet feelings, 
Of love and enchanting images,
Of our sweet togetherness,
No longer exists and lurks, 
In any part of your heart?.23 

Kanpur India 12th Aug. 2014

To continue in next .......

Protected under the
Copyright provisions
of Poetry Soup.
Ravindra K Kapoor

NOTE: To know the
background of this
story please read Part 1.

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Magic Or Tragic

How would we define the difference between magic and tragic Your first kiss under a big bright yellow moon is definitely “magic” Or maybe in later years when you pull out a ring And ask her to marry you and she says, “Yes oh yes, my darling Fred” When your actual name is Anthony!!! WOW! That's not what I would call “magic”... that's more like “tragic!” It's “magic” when your first wee one comes along But has a strong resemblance to your friend Howard You question your dear wifey poo about it And she confesses to an affair with not only Howard but with six others That's tragic... oh yeah Then you tell her you forgive her, it's all in the past That's magic! Life is filled with “magic” and “tragic” events When “magic” wins you'll have a warm loving relationship! © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani- One

The Love Story of
Kacha And Devayani-


This beautiful story
from the Indian
speaks, how love and
hate can go to
when it is guided by

Kacha was the son of
He was sent by Gods
to become 
the disciple of
Asurs*  Guru
to learn the secret
knowledge of
the dead as a
representative of

Guru Sukracharya had
a beautiful daughter

named Devayani. The
moment Devayani 
saw Kacha, she
instantly fell in
love with him 
and she began to
feel that she can no
longer live without

She requested her
father (the Asurs
to make him his
disciple to teach
him the secret
knowledge of
immortality. Guru
refused to make
Kacha his disciple
as he was 
the representative
of Gods. It was
Devayani who 
forced her father to
accept him as his
to teach Kacha the
secret knowledge of
the dead as she was
utterly in love with

The dramatic verse
starts from the
Ashram* of 
Guru  Sukracharya,
where Kacha stayed
many years to learn
the secret knowledge
in the
sweet company of
Guru’s daughter
After completing the
entire learning’s of
secret knowledge and
practicing it
on Devayani's
father, one day he
told her 
that now he wanted
to go back to
heaven, as 
his teachings were
complete and by
reviving her
father's life he had
proved the
worthiness of
his learning’s.

Ravindra K Kapoor 

The Story starts
from Part 2.. 


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For My Unborn Seed and Girlfriend

Dam girl when Im locked up you set me free/ 
When Im not myself you set me free/ 
Im behind the lock and you got the key/
 Im blind with hate but you helpmy love see/ 
WhenIm lot and alone you take the lead/
 Without you I could have never planted my seed/ 
I hate to say it but you make me better/ 
You know I love you even without this letter/ 
When Im cold with sadness you my comfort warm sweater/
 I know I can be a bad boyfriend but Im going to be a better father/
 I might have wanted a son, but it really didnt matter because now you having my daughter/
 Im guess Im too stubborn girl with me why you even bother/
 my heart gets heart gets colder but for you it only gets hotter........

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Boxing day

Perhaps you see me
it may be your gift to see
or merit for hard work
or maybe you paid for it with the lashings you endured
but surely it is now your inescapable wretched curse
as the truth haunts you
but you cannot close your eyes
like me.

It is my fault I am as this
to be as false as I am
false is my name
I cannot love that
I have buried it inside
and run away
because it is too ugly
easier to smile and pretend.

My grandmother saw it in my blackened soul
clever and easy to lie
she hurt me
made me ashamed
and broken
to protect the world and even me
but her tricks did not work
because I have killed too many hearts
and poisoned those that survived
even my own.

I am cold
and it is right I have suffered so
because I lost my heart
and replaced it with a ticking clock
that pretends to beat like a happy butterfly
and tries to convince me I have feelings
that I cannot reach
I am a masquerader of abundant hollow emotions
that laugh and smile and cry
but I never face myself
in the dark alone
because there is nothing to see without a light
my flame has no fuel
unless I suck it from another's bloody neck.

I do not know myself
because I cannot bear to look
but I hate myself as much as you hate me
and you should
because every love I'm given
is less for the world
I am a black hole
I give to get
like Hansel and Gretel's keeper
I only give love
to fatten up my lover
and open her precious tender trusting heart
so that I can consume it in eventual flames
and steal all of their future hope
and faith in humanity.

And I don't know how to stop
and am too afraid to stop myself
with the knife I keep hidden
but never have the courage to use
because I am a dark monster
that pretends to be inviting
like a pristine beach
on a boxing day morning
beckoning humanity
to my shoreline
so I can consume them
with my hungry tsunami
and leave them writhing in pain
with all hope in shambles.

Rescuers arrive in love
one after another
I greet them with open arms
as if I am deserving
blinded behind my veil
pretending to myself until it is too late
and just as they almost open my heart
I swallow them under my next crushing wave.

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The Four Letter Word

Four letters put together to create one word,
with an impeccable definition.

It is a strong word,
Close to the heart, yet
far from the woman you Love.

Butterflies flying, flapping their
orange and white wings in the summer heat.
The butterflies flap, flap their beautiful wings
together in the summertime of Love.

For Love is beautiful, like the summer preludes!

Four letters composed, to a Chopin's masterpiece.
The Romantic pole reaches out, to touch, to hold, to Love.

For these four letters are easy to read
and put together to create a complex concept
with a universal definition.
A four letter word, easy just to say,
but it is harder to show.
For Love is a simple word made up of simple letters,
but a complex meaing that takes most lifetimes to comprehend
and others a short while.

For I've seen hearts broken
and hearts put back together,
with this simple word.
My heart burned, brused, stabbed
knows the dangers of this simple, four letter word.

Love, some think it is a game
to play when you are bored.
Destroying self-esteem of girls,
who are already weak and nieve.
They long for love, but find surrealist dreams,
and see the Man of their dreams slip away in the night.
Gone without a trace.
While she is sucked into false promises,
from simple minded boys,
with only one thing on their mind.

Love..., it is a joke to some.
"I love you," is a laughing stock,
while a slap in the face, and disrespect is in fashion.
Girls, foolish girls walking in lonesome heartbreak,
saying they are in Love.
It is sad to see, and hard to hear, I know it is.

And to me Love is sometimes fair,
and most times a cruel joke.
Love, this four letter word is simple to say, but hard to comprehend.

Love me and I shall take you by the hand
show you caves of mystery,
and skies of grace and meadows, filled with flowers,
dedicated just for you, no one else, but you.
We can make Love on the sandy beaches, under the moonlit sky
under the still stars and shooting ones too.
Have a romantic dinner of oyster-shells and champange and kiss each other,
till we drown in intoxication and fall asleep in each others arms.

huh, Love... A simple, four letter word, that is easy to say,
but even harder to show.

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I hate about you

 I hate the way you make me feel guilty about being jealous when other girls hit on you, 

 I hate the way you can go forever without even seeing or talking to me when your friends are around, 
but expect me to drop everything to talk to you when you want my attention.

I hate how you're so happy at times and I'm so sad, 

I hate how you treated me like *****but yet I'm the one feeling bad.

I hate how I feel so weak and you're so strong, 

I hate how you think you do no wrong.

I hate how you pretend that everythings okay, 

I hate how you took my innocence away and act sometimes like it ment nothing.

I hate how I feel so scared, 

I hate how I how fast I feel in love with you without a fighting chance.

I hate the way you look at me and just know when something is wrong.

I hate how everything we have means nothing to everybody else

I hate the way I feel inside, 

I hate the nights I spent alone and cried.

I hate how everything seems wrong, 

I hate the feeling of wanting to belong.

I hate how you're always in my head, 

I hate everything mean you have ever said.

I hate wondering how you really feel about me, 

I hate how you try to go out with certin friends you feel like you have to lie

I hate how when your job takes you away for long times I left with alone and want to do nothing but cry

I hate it how you can just come in and out of my life and feel like everything is alright
while I am the one that has to put up with the problems, family and drama every night

But most of all I hate the way I can't stop thinking about you, and I hate it even more because I know you know its true

All these thing don't make me really hate you, 
It just makes me lust you more an more and it feeds my wanting you right down to the core

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Questioning Life

Forget! Regret not, for it all has intention...
To attempt comprehension leads to double block wall.
In searching your question, much more loss is gotten, 
Confusion, dismay a deeper dug hole.
Infinitely seeking you strive for some meaning, 
the truth is quite simple you are not sole at all! 
Infusion connection the union eternal, 
Is easy to grasp when knowledge of whole,
is truly encountered from deep within query
The meaning the truth the love of it all...
Once trouble & strife and struggle are missing,
The clear light of being shows beauty once more.
Accept what is given agree to the treaty.
Fight not with your fears, and answer your call.
Find substance in living, step over delusions. 
Regardless of meaning, life’s radiance will soar.
So use this awareness these words and this practice,
Come forth tall and sturdy, head high and recall..
When sad and when empty in need of intention,
No doubts I plead! No need to explore!
Emotions you hold are sensed by your siblings,   
Your waves of sensation your truth and your soul... 
Are parts of us all, we are all together we are all but one!
In oneness we’re whole! 

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The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani- 6

NOTE: Sorry that in
spite of my best 3-4
attempts the 
Poetry lines are
breaking while
placing the Poem. I
no idea why it is
happening every time
I delete and repost
the poem. 
Ravindra K Kapoor
11th Aug. 2014

The Love Story of
Kacha And Devayani

Stanza 16 continues

And behind those
Sarkanda* furs,
We often used to get
lost ,
In watching the
endless mounts, 
Of silver sands, 
Shinning in the love
drops of Moon,
With the patches, 
Of white dancing
Scattered here and
On them,
In those
They all seems to be
On the rhythmic
Of the fast blowing
winds. 16

And do you remember
How often you, 
Used to tell me,
That those fur
Appears to be
inviting us, 
To go to them,
To join, 
In their splendid
Moonlight Dance, 
To become one with
them. 17

Watching that
shining silver
Of the calm and cool
And charmed by the
sleeping beauty, 
Of Mother Nature, 
And its creatures,
Can you recollect,
Those melody
Which comes very
In our life time.18

The echoes of those
In your soothing
Still haunts me,
Whenever the images,
Of our togetherness,
Flashes in any
Of my mind and
And now when you
To leave this place,

Can you tell, 
Why it is happening
with me, 
And not with you, 
Dear Kacha. 19


Those beautiful
Are the greatest
Of my sweet stay
with you,
Dear Devayani,
And such splendid
Always live and
bloom in our, 
Mind and heart,
To give us the same
joy and pleasure,
When we cannot
create them. 20

It is almost
To recreate such,
Splendid and lofty
They come and go,
Like the changing
As life keep moving,
With the change of
Even when they come
It is not the same,
What you have
On the canvas, 
Of your mind and
heart. 21

Kanpur India 11th
Aug. 2014

To continue in next

Protected under the
Copyright provisions
of Poetry Soup.
Ravindra K Kapoor

NOTE : To know the
background of this
story please read
Part 1.

* Sarkanda  - Munj

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Don't Try It

A single kiss from thy lovely lips,
so sweet and so divine,
yet I taste posion upon your tongue.

Your beauty so glorious,
like a blooming rose so beautiful,
yet, why do mine eyes go blind
in the sight that you walk along with another?

Yes you, walk with another,
arm under arm,
lips touching lips in romantic kisses,
it makes my blood boil,
for mine lips are dry.

For mine eyes have seen your glory,
yet no one here listens to my story.
You are evil, yes you are,
don't try to deny,
Listen to a man of experience,
you might as well save some expense.

I write of our long romantic walks
we took together, under the shade of olive trees,
how we went apple picking in autumn time,
and made love in the foyer.

Nomore of that sweet and passionate love,
nomore silent kisses in the night,
when the wind blows hard against the branches,
that tape violently on my windowpane. 
Nomore somber tears shed, when you got sick,
and nomore warm embraces when you shed tears of betrayal.

Betrayal now is a game played by a fool,
such as I,
to think I'd have a happy life with you?
Huh, only a fool would think such a thing,
but now I sit, looking at the foyer,
where we once made sweet, passionate love,
nomore will that foyer be filled with exotic pleasure.
Nomore will you be filled with smiles and exotic pleasure.
I've done my job, as a good man shall do,
now pack your things and get of my stage,
the spotlight yawns for anew,
and the audience grows tired and restless of you.

Now I live life anew,
you too shall see life in new eyes,
walking hand and hand with the blond, blue eyed devil
you call your own.
Shall he take one kiss from your lips,
and die of the posion he tastes on your tongue,
shall he go blind, when he sees your true, black beauty?
He will see the ugly soul, covered up by white rags,
and cheap makeup,
and then he will come to me,
and shake my hand in condolence
and say, "You were right!"

Now you are all alone,
looking for another, as you did many times before,
Now you are alone, walking an open road,
spying on another,
fear of being alone.
Now, you see when you play games with a good man's emotions,
don't try it,
because a good man is not meant to be toyed with.

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The Melting Pot is a city
where everyone seems
to live in harmony...
although racism and hate 
sometime make ugly headlines!

On Saturday Ballotelli
brought glory to Italy,
we was praised for his decisive goal;
how can we, as a civilized nation, allow haters 
to spread prejudism among us and build a thick wall?  
It's ignorance that causes
unkindness to others
of different colors and faiths!

My adapted city should be an example of hope
for everyone who wants to make it their home;
I have lived here and seen changes in people
who came together when tragedy stroke:
the wrathful hurricane Sandy was one of them!
If peace is to triumph, there must be love in all!

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Never Again

Never again do I want to go through pain
Never ever again
Love, blessed word for the fools
Has been for me one of the most murderous tools

Love, bringing me to my knees
Hoping the heavy rain would cease
Love, never returned to my sorrowful heart
Never making of me the other sweetheart

Torn and bent
Drowned deep in torment
Love is now meant to be forsaken
For never again do I wish to be broken

Strength, strength do I need to live, only strength
Such does keep me alive with good breath!

Details | Light Poetry | |

Rise, Die, Shine

Build me a temple high…high…high up where the sun can rise
Where good can shine and the evil die as a plant in winter time.
Let it rise
Let it die 
Let it shine
Build it high up the moon
But under the sky
And let the sun shine
Through the skin that dims inner light
Let the light unfold the eyes
And see the beauty inside of this small world that wants to shine
Let the war be the plant that could die in winter time
Let it rise
Let peace in the world rise
High…high up like a bird flying up to the sky
Let it die
Let hate die
As a phoenix and be reborn as a flower
Full of scents and beauty instead.
Let it shine
Let our inner light shine
Let it shine through our skin and show us that we can light up the way without hate and 
without pain
Let it rise
Let it die
Let it shine
Let the battle field turn into a garden
Let the soldiers be the flowers
And the ammunition be the fertilizing soil
Build me a temple high…high up the sky
To symbolize world peace.
Don’t rush take your time 
until we find out that we can shine
Let our soul rise
Let our evil die
Let our ability to find world peace shine.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani- 4


Yes I know 
What you are saying 
Is absolutely 
True Devayani
But you are not
To understand  
That my memories
Of these wonderful
Are betraying me
When I try to recall
them. 09

It has put me 
In a perplexed
Dear friend
On the one hand 
The idea of the
gained knowledge
Is constantly
disturbing my mind
As it is undoubtedly
The rarest amongst
All the rare things 
And an achievement
Which any one would
like to dream 
And for which  
One would like to
And would even love
to die. 10

Such a lofty
Has been gained by
Because of you only 
Dear Devayani
To accomplish 
Some greater causes
And it is because of
that need
I seek your
To leave this
wonderful place 
Dear Devayani.11


Try to recall Kacha 
The day  
When you first 
reached here 
From heaven as a
teenage boy 
When I was playing 
In the garden with
my friends
And you requested me
To take you 
To Guru Sukracharya*

Without knowing 
That he was my
father. 12

You wanted to become
his disciple
So that you may
From him
The secret knowledge

Of reviving the
But my father 
Had flatly refused  
To impart that
To you
Because you were a
Of Gods.  13

Kanpur India 9th
Aug. 2014

Protected under the
copyright provisions
of Poetry Soup.
Ravindra K Kapoor

To continue in next

NOTE : To know the
background of this
story please read
Part 1.
or Use the BELOW
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What Kind of Spell

One day a friend asked
What is it I see the worst
that I see in you, my lost love?
And I said.. "I do not know,
But I guess,,
I hate what I love about him the most,
which is briefly, him, all in all!"

I hate because,
I can not move one
when he is not around,
I can't smile
when he is falling down on the ground,
I can't think,
because he took over my heart and mind,
I can't breathe, 
If his heart aches,
I can't wake up,
if he is asleep,
But I can be strong
when he is weak,
just because his prescence next to me
gives me all the strength I need..

True, Natural beauty, is what he holds,
in his style, in his looks,
in his personality, in his eye looks
It is true that no one is perfect,
But with all his negatives, before the positives
I DO LOVE HIM, with everything in him.. 

What kind of spell,
Did you cast on me,
To make me fall so hardly, totally , madly deeply,
In love with you..
What kind of spell,
Did you cast on me,
To make me bare the heart ache
You are making me pass through,
And passionately wait for the day
When I shall on that aisle,
Stand next you, and together start the journey of us
Forever Unite..

What kind of spell,
Is it the natural beauty that is reflected
By your pure soul, on your cold skin..

What kind of spell..
I wish I can know and tell….

Details | Verse | |

Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

Details | Rhyme | |

Shield Me

Shield me from this stain I bear,
remove this filth and smut I wear.
Cover my eyes from the evil truth,
discard these lies and hide the proof.

Guard my heart, these beats of pain,
from this spattered torn, loveless stain.
Protect this tired, worn out soul,
the one who beats out of control.

Defend my honor, grace and trust,
uncoil these spoils, away we must.
Preserve the mutiny, oust the pure,
coral the innocent with your evil lure.

Safeguard the takers, fakers and rest,
loosen the chains around this chest.
Release my dignity, vanity and control,
please shield my heart and cover me whole.

Details | Free verse | |


Oh my lord,
When I see people:
Beheading other people
Selling women to slavery
Executing men for being different
Destroying your places of worship
Obliterating civilizations
Forbidding knowledge and
Subjecting Thy creation to terror, 
There is only one thing for me to do:
To Thee to pray


My eyes to Thee I turn in despair         
To supplicate Thee, oh Lord, 
To save us from all those, around the world, who 
Believe to be Thy exclusive representatives and
Who, the only ones are, Thy divine will to know


In Thy holy name, the blood of those of different
Opinion shed 
Love in their hearts proclaim to harbor!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  14 OCTOBER 2014

*One should not apathetic remain before the crimes committed!

Details | Rhyme | |

I Want

I want to sing you
I want to write you
I want to watch you
And describe you

I would like to compose you
You, my ninth symphony
To put you on a stave
To play your melody

I want to sculpt you
Without engraving too much
Hardly anything to change
Some details to fix

I want to photograph you
Under different lights
To whip with the flash
All those artifices that are hiding you

I want to break your records
Go through your body's limits
Jump higher, run further
When man an athlete is one

I could go on with other arts
But none of them seem good enough to define you
So I'll go on in which my words are the finest
For you, I'll never stop writing

Details | Heroic Couplets | |



He is young, handsome and got all it takes
To get involved with him, girls get tied to the stakes
Early in his age he set it off with one in a relationship
The love was fierce; both were wolves and none the sheep
Quarrel today and settle today; the relationship seem not to last
Sincerity danced to the lime-light; someone will surely get hurt at last
He ignorantly made her jealous and she sought a pay-back
She left him for his best friend but later sought to come back
Marriage and family ties got deep in line; too late to get back
The first girlfriend in his past.

So heartbroken and sad; he refused to show concern
The latest girl was so pretty and that calls for concern
She was his childhood friend he shared kisses with
Another relationship in line; amidst tares he took out the best wheat
It all started off so well, he broke the heart of her cousin
They were too close; the girl was close to his cousin
Childhood friendship an advantage thought this one will last
Unfortunately, the happy relationship came to end so fast
They lost it all: love, compatibility, friendship and in themselves a taste
The second girlfriend in his past.

Tired of relationships, he dived into friends with benefits
It was so sweet an adventure; to every girl, he got a benefit
He became so free and there was no love seen to be found
Nothing to loose as its just sex and the girls were always around
Tasting all juicy like Solomon’s pear; Complications in line he got scared
Frightened out his shoes; friends with benefit? He was no longer prepared
In the midst of storm; just like Jonah , he remembered there is someone so dear
The safest adventure is a relationship with her and there will be nothing else to fear
Difficult as of the beginning but she later came to terms and vowed to always be there
The third girl; presently in his present…

D' Poetic Beast

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The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani- 5


Yes Devayani 
You have made 
Those moments 
Once again alive in my mind  
I very much remember  
That it was only after yours strong 
And adamant requests 
That your father had allowed me
To become his disciple
Because he never wanted
To hurt your feelings 
You being his most 
Darling daughter. 14


And do you have 
Any remembrance 
Of those sweet moments
When we used to sit for hours
In the soft pleasing Moon lights
On our small straw cushioned boat 
Which used to move very slowly
On the milky looking water 
Of the lovely River Venu 
Every year during the summers. 15

You remember how our boat
Was often touched and stopped
By some of the stems 
Of Sarkanda* plants
Which grow mainly 
Outside the river line 
But some of them 
Grow touching the river water
And they grow in abundance 
With their white fur like flowers 
Waving and welcoming the passerby 
Whenever any gush of winds
Kiss their soft fur skins
Then they began to move and dance
To show their inner joys and songs
All along the shores 
Of the river Venu
Often fascinating the wayfarers
To  watch them 
Or to get lost in them
To listen to their Song of Silence
As we were always
Their best natural friends.
Do you remember any of them
Dear Kacha?

Kanpur India 10th Aug. 2014

To continue...

Protected under the
Copyright provisions
of Poetry Soup.
Ravindra K Kapoor

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background of this
story please read Part 1.
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Hey, Pete Seeger!


Do you know the path to freedom,
do you know the road to peace,
do you know the value of truth and wisdom -
let’s bind our hands across the land.

Do you know how to love your brother,
do you know how to understand,
do you realize that you live only once -
let’s fill the world with love and joy.

The world is in a state of sorrow,
poverty, wars and hate abound;
let us stop all of these philosophizing,
let’s sing the song of peace instead.

The world is in a state of sorrow,
poverty, wars and hate abound;
let us stop all of these philosophizing,
let’s sing the song of peace instead.

     (Dedicated to Pete Seeger)

Details | I do not know? | |

The darkest hour


"It can never be", she says,
"Though I will love you forever,
But with him I must stay...
Never again to be together".

For so long we were soul mates,
By best friend, my lover.
From the moment I first saw her,
I loved her like no other.

Her words sting like a whip,
Flailing my bared soul.
The flesh ripped from my heart,
I can't cope with this blow.


Fog fills my mind,
Tendrils snaking throughout.
A darkness descends,
The black night of my doubt.

How can this happen?
Why does she choose him over me?
He is her husband...
Not really, in name only.

It can't really be true,
Surely a nightmare possesses?
Torturous thoughts through my mind,
My sanity breaks, twists and wrenches.


My mood darkens further,
The bitterness shows.
She promised to love me,
No matter what difficulties appose.

I hate her, no, I love her,
I just hate what she does.
Why let others always tell you,
Which direction to love?

The anger it seizes,
Blood pounds in my head.
I want to hurt him, I blame him,
I wish he was dead.


Days pass, feels like years,
My tears never cease.
Depression the curse now,
My heart can never know peace.

Everything around me,
Reminds me of her.
The love we had felt,
Those little things together.

My best friend is gone,
I can bear it no longer.
Finally my direction is clear,
I wish I was stronger.

-The darkest hour

Nothing left of myself,
Nightmares all I have left.
Of all passion and hope,
Now my life is bereft.

Release me, let me go,
My life is just torture.
I want it to end!
I want the pain to be over!

The blade is sharp,
For my blood it knows hunger.
Insanity, delirium,
My mind it does conquer.

No one is home,
The knife angles steeper.
My last words, "I love you"
Then bite it in deeper.

A noise outside...
No! Who can it be?
"Daddy, what are you doing?",
My son's voice, stops me.

Blood, so much blood,
My mind absently wonders,
How should I stop it?
Before the carpet it drenches.


Later I wonder,
What I became?
Now a band on my wrist,
To hide the scars of my shame.

Details | Personification | |


Love, I hate you but you pretend  not seeing me,
Those that love you are like you,
Through you many has paid with their lives.
The rich speak of you yet they kill, destroy and steal;
who really love us or the world we all lived?
I will not love until genuine LOVE comes.
Genuine LOVE created the world but imperfect love;
Created hunger, greed, evil, bombing and terrorism.
I hate those that love you in pretence.
Humanities loves you yet they break each other's heart,
Women, drinks you daily like water; speaks of you than God, yet you break homes.
Souls are waiting for perfect and caring Love that once given freely;
There will be peace if you all love me as it were in the beginning,
I hate you since humanities will not stop using  you to destroy.
Oh LOVE of God when will you return?
Souls are waiting your voice of caring and equality,
when you come, I will love again.
Written by:
Pastor Emmanuel.

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Love You

You said don't look at me that way,
never knowing I loved you night and day,
no matter how you laid me out, or said i hate you
you abortion from hell,
The love I felt for you was more then any one could ever tell
and from the welts of my daddy's belt
was all the love you could have dealt
picking up the ash tray throwng it at
me like I'm the enemy, making my life ebony
filled with dark deception
I don't think those were your intentions,
my love for you deeper then the core of the earth,
why do you hate me? you gave me birth
all I wanted was your warm embrace
all you gave me was a bruise on my face
choking the life out of me, why do you hit me this way
I need the tears to not wet the innocence off my face
then your coffee cup stained my lace
mom please I love you don't make me leave I want to stay
I get on my knees and pray
but the demons inside her scared my saints away
those demons drag me away, the fear you gave
made me no longer a child at mind, this is what you made for being unkind
I no longer can cry, and let me tell you I try
don't need to dry my eyes, you put neither God or the devil
at my side, I made my own kingdom I pray when I hide
I want these demons to let go of my thighs, don't you realize all these 
beatings makes them know you don't care, so they come and visit me at night
this hatred grows when they try to put it inside, I've become numb
and you could care less, I can see it in your eyes you want me dead
All I want is your love, but that image only lives in my head
love you mom wish you were'nt dead.

Details | Narrative | |

Blood Is Not Thicker Than Water

In the summer of 1949, I lay in the grass in "Grannys"  back yard picking clovers with 8 year 
old Ada Bee, my black and only friend.  Ada Bee had six fingers on her left hand and picking 
Clovers meant that I could stare at her hand without  embarrassing either one of us.

My "Granny" was actually a neighbor who had taken us in when my father left. She was kind 
and took brother and me fishing; cooked cornbread on the fireplace; made snow ice 
cream;taught us to can and love the Lord. 

On my special clover picking day, my blood grandmother, "Mammaw" came for a visit, which 
usually lasted a month because she had no actual residence and pawned herself off at one 
of her eleven children's homes during the year.  

It was now my mother's turn to house Mammaw, though mother had no actual residence, 
either. Hopefully Granny would like Mammaw since they both loved to fish and Mammaw 
would have a place to live for another month out of the year.   
Ada Bee and I were giggling just as Mammaw walked up, ecstatic that we had found a four 
leaf clover. I smiled anxious to tell her of our luck, but instead she grabbed my hair and 
began pulling it with vengeance and slapping me hard. 

I was in shock as I ran all over Grannys' 13 acres, cutting my legs on the barbed wire fence 
and blackberry thorns, falling down, as she continued to chase me with a big Hickory stick. 

When I finally made it back to Grannys house,  Ada Bee was gone. 

"Granny, Granny, I screamed, please help me!"   
"No Josie! Granny said, Ada Bee is a nice little girl and there isn't  anyone else to play with 
around here!" Granny kept turning in circles covering me with her big apron so that Mammaw 
couldn't hit me with that stick. She could have easily said, "Josie, please leave my home", 
but she didn't.
It was at age eight, that I learned people are prejudiced and have hate in their hearts and 
this hate is further harvested by what they teach their children.  It was then that I learned 
never to judge a person by the color of their skin.  There have been times when I have 
wished that everyone could feel the intrusion on innocence that I felt as it may have made 
them a better human being.

I also learned that God does not love one of his creations more than he loves another of his 
creations.  Nor does he love one land more than another land that he created.  

Someday, I hope He will tell me what happened to my friend Ada Bee for I never saw or 
heard from her again.

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Losing Sight

Why was I given these eyes that hide 
Behind this clumsy heart-
Hands and knees forever searching 
For an honest soul?
It feels as though we're wringing water
From a dusty rag.
It feels as though we're submerged in longing 
Ever drowning in our thirst.

Why was I given these eyes that grope
For another’s warmth,
When love is fired through a gun,
Or taken from a calloused hand;
Sight has cursed my heart to see
The naked spent to dust.

Kiss me with your tasteless lips and I will see no more.
I will not see their tears through mine,
I will not see their laughter;
I will not see their careless words,
Looking dumbly after.
I will not see their hateful glares that only’ve seen hateful eyes.
I will not see their broken ears that never hear my broken cries;
They’ll all be black to me.

Jacob Reinhardt							09/11/2013

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I Need You

I need you
To clutch me tight and
Wipe my tears away.
Telling me 
‘I know it looks bad but it’ll get better’.
I need hope
To come along and
Recuse me from 
The ceaseless
Pit I recurrently fall into.
I need someone
To be there when
I have my blade.
To say
‘Don’t damage your beauty’.

But you aren’t there.

You don’t listen;
Not to me.
I’m never there for you,
You completely
Shut me out.
As if I don’t care.
Like I’m not good enough.
Too pathetic; too worthless.
Not worth
The trouble.
So no one takes 
My blade from me.
And the angry lines slash
My arm
In every direction.
So there is a hopeless void
Inside of me, 
That grows bigger
Every day.
As you push me further away from you.
And I cry, 
Every night I cry myself
To sleep. Focusing on beaten
Broken hearts.
Because without you there is no reason to go on.

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The Love Story of Kacha And Devayani-Three

The Love Story of
Kacha And Devayani -


I am aware
How  you and your
Gave me three lives 
When I was killed 
By his own followers
and disciples  
Who never liked me 
And never wanted me 
To obtain 
This rarest of the
rare knowledge 
Of reviving the dead
As I belong to
And Gods. 05 

And every time they
killed me
You and your father 
Restored me to a
normal life 
And to what I was 
And what I am today
Dear Devayani. 06


You have dwelled
On this land
For many years  
Away from your
From whence you came
To learn this
Great art of
Life even in a
ripped dead. 07

In these long
awaited years
I looked after you
Every day and every
As if, you are a
part of
My heart and soul
And not something
Which would just
One day 
Like the morning
dew. 08

Kanpur India 8th
Aug. 2014
Protected under the
copyright provisions
of Poetry Soup.

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Ravindra K Kapoor

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story please read
Part 1.
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Holding Back Emotion

Simple things that come and go
Are easy to release
From the grip of hope in your heart
They can be soon be forgotten with ease

At times though, when you hold all in
Your heart for no eyes to see
Can make you desperate for compassion
And just peace and harmony

Of course, our stubborn selves in hand
Block us from the revealing the truth
My heart once soft is now turned to stone
Much different now than in youth

Tired of lies and treachery
And pointless words of life
Not once is the point brought up
That it involves hardships and strife

Hate you now or hate you later
It's all a matter of time
But hate is a notorious word
It's meaning doesn't fit the crime

Let it out, let it loud
Let your inner soul be heard
The time for your final attack is now
For defensive tactics are at this time absurd

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Wonders of my life

I can't help but wonder
I can't help it but I just have to look back
The scar's that I have healed
Every picture I have is so random
I could cry a river
I can't stop the anger within
How can I love and hate thee at the same time
You were supposed to be my shield but you burnt me
You were supposed to be my oxygen but yet you're my 
carbon dioxide
My heart feels like an Ice box
You're a part of me
You're my strength yet my weakness
You're past yet my future
You're my enemy yet my family
I hate you and i love you at times
You break me but yet you make me

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God Is Love

Give those in this world peace, each with a few friends.
Ordain those that embrace differences within each other.
Deliver the world from the darkness of hate.

Isolating the world from one another will lead to death.
Spread the seeds of thankfulness, hope and dreams.

Let them remember the gifts, blessings and lessons in life.
Occupy their hearts with a promise of a life with increase.
Victory begins with the purging of envy and selfish ambitions. 
Eternal life begins with trust and loving one another.

Edward J Ebbs - 08/31/2014

Details | Free verse | |

My Pain

              My Pain
I should not look through her eyes
I should not admire her pleasant lips
When she talks, smiles, or winces
I should not savor her attractive smell
I should never commend her shiny body

She bewitched me like a crazy person
I hate the day that I crossed her path
I can’t block her out of my heart
She destroyed my heart’s protection
She reduces my life expectancy

Her seduction drives me to the doctors
Anesthesiologists can't alleviate my pain
Cardiologists suggest to change my heart
Psychiatrists prescribe me her kiss
God tells me that she’s my medicine

I hate her presence just like her absence
She’s a powerful sweet witch of love
I avoid sleeping because she’s there 
Even though she’ll make me suffer to my death
I won’t give up until I get my prescription on her lips

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Sick of It

I hate the lies
I hate the pain
That you cause
Day after day

Details | Light Poetry | |

One Heart Becoming Two

This is a Poem about Divorce

What has happened to the poison of her charm? He seems immune to its deadly strikes How sudden has the sparks of his passion disappeared. She could barely blink to the aroma of his sweet words One heart now becoming two as the sand dunes of the desert hide one while the other is swallowed by the creatures of the Oceans making the lovers less compassionate than a dead log. An attempted kiss becomes a factory of irritation and a sensual gaze ends up in sarcasm and scorn. The joy of the home is liquidated sweet emotions arrested and taken to a place of no return. Can you imagine how love could be false? While trust goes up yonder? Making truths incomprehensible? As reality sits and ponder? The more one tries the more the other disagree. Selfishness abound taking the calamity to a disastrous degree and subjecting all positives to its under leaving happiness dislocated with nothing to render. Every action then becomes a blunder and even nature gets disappointed and angry on such a romance once with a high pedigree. An institution nourished to fullness has gone completely empty and hungry as it begs for the mercy of asunder.

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Parallel Emotions-Love and Hate

Parallel Emotions - Love and Hate"

between love and hate
a fine line separates 
two emotions
para-interlocking devotions
easier to love someone
hate usurps more energy
power inflicts hurt 
into this tapestry
cross lines to emote feelings
jagged edges like daggers
smoothed and soothed 
by love
sweet love 
conquers life 

Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S.


Love and Hate - The Hate bit 

If you had not bequeath your love
One so pure as a virgin's touch,
Heavenly Angel from above
This life I desired so much.
I would not know now
How to hate alone in desolation,
Unlucky in love is my fate
Condemned to immolation,
Memories, alas, do not fade
The hostility festers strong
This septic wound from cutting blade
Belie's a love that proved so wrong.

Harry Horsman


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Man with sorrow

A risky side
A twisted mind 
He's a man with sorrow 
He's a man on his own
I know your secrets
I see you losing control

I want you back
Oh I want you back home
To kill your sore
To purify your soul 
But not a glimmer of hope
And not a glimmer of joy

You walk with a frozen heart
Making it hard for me 
To leave you alone 
Your nonsensical twist
Makes me shiver inside 
The more mysterious he gets
The more attractive it gets 
But not a glimmer of hope
Not a glimmer of joy 
Your fatal deadly thoughts
Make me scream for more
I can never show, how much my love
For you was strong 
But you're the one I blame
I'm craving on saving you
So I can slay you on my own
I try to forget,
But I find myself with regrets 
You looked at me and said it straight
With no circles to spin
Baby turning the page,
Will lead us nowhere...
But not a glimmer of hope 
Nor a glimmer of joy 
I know your secrets 
I see losing control 
You're the one I blame
You're the one I crave.

**please feel free to correct and comment! :) ** MS-

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Look in the rear view, now I've gotta clear view
Most beautiful landscape I've ever seen
and I've seen 'em around the world baby girl, better believe
No feeling like having you next to me.
I mean it respectfully; I hate the distance
When i'm on the road and you're not there-
I won't admit it; too often caught up in my pride-
but without you it just ain't the same ride.

There's something to be said when a man misses a woman
pushing the pain aside in stride like it's nothing
But something happens when that song comes on
and I hold you in my arms but I know that you're gone
Drawn to memories when we were one
soul; two-halves bound into a whole
being, united in a similar state of dreaming
You are me, I am you, baby feel what I'm feeling

I miss you, won't ever forget you
Every time is like the first time I met you
Truth be told, this never gets old
You are the one girl that i'll ever wanna hold
and mold into a goddess, now you're holy enough to control me
Only you can show me the light from a shadow so lonely
You know me. and I'm proud to say
This is one thing that I will never betray
Look in the rear view, now I've gotta clear view
Most beautiful landscape I've ever seen.
and I've seen 'em around the world baby girl, better believe
No feeling like having you next to me.
I mean it respectfully; I hate the distance
When i'm on the road and you're not there-
I won't admit it; too often caught up in my pride-
but without you it just ain't the same ride.
There's something to be said when a man misses a woman
Pushing the pain aside in stride like it's nothing
But something happens when that song comes on
and I hold you in my arms but I know that you're gone
I ride along until the night meets the dawn
and you're the streetlight that leads me beyond
In wonder, I'm still under your spell
Keep driving, but I'll never say farewell

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You Can Hate Me Now

You can hate me all you want 
I will
Love you
Put no other above you
Let no devil touch you
Only angels
You're a star that's spangled
Like America's banner
Seeing you was always in my planner
But now you hate me
Mentally and emotionally you can't escape me
What did I do wrong
I thought nothing can seperate us
Our love rope is too long
You said a lot of bogus things on the phone
You are another person, you have a clone
You say you hate me forever
But only I can warm you in this below 20 weather
But I guess I wasn't good enough
You made the relationship tough
against me you have culpulsive accusations
But guilt is your rightful topic of demonstration
So now we part as you scibble on our fine love work of art
Its ok you can hate me now
But mentally and emotionally you can't escape is what I vow
So stop asking my cousin about me
You are a bad apple that fell from the tree
But you take all your anger out on me
I'm one in a billion can't you see
I guess you are forever scared by that r.a.p.e.
But now you will feel the wrath of my R.A.G.E.
Richard Always Get Even
Perhaps I already did even
I don't need you
I will cut you off
And cleave you
You loved me?
I never believed you
Drunk with ex boyfriends lol 
Huh they deceived you
I'm not the party type
But you are the party hype
So you will cheat before me right
But you push cheating on me with forcible might
Silly girl
That's what i get for bonding with a girl younger
But the breakup only made me stronger
So go ahead call me "goofy" "liar" "cheater"
Those are just words
I'm a verbal assault eater
When it comes to being real I am the best
You are "Heartless" like the song by Kanye West
"You run and tell your peeps that you leaving me"
"They say that they don't see what you see in me"
"You wait a couple months and you will see"
"You'll never find nobody better than me"
It's not a promise, threat, or vow
It's prophecy
I got that speck of dirt off of me
You can hate me 
But mentally and emotionally you can't escape me

Ok now I just wanna talk. It's amazing how people walk in and out of your life and leave 
footprints on your heart. But you know what baby girl, yours are fading in the sand. You are 
so narrow-minded it's ridiculous. You see your problem is, you are so accustomed to being 
betrayed, those are the only signs you seem to locate. You say I'm cheating but can't prove 
it. So why accuse me of it?

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Paper Thin

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
For kicks is why I do it now.
You tell me to love but I never knew how.
Our feet hitting pavement,
We spent the day in sunny California with sun kissed skin.
I’m learning to forget and how to fade scars,
And you let me let myself down so hard.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
And now I just do it for smiles,
We’ll never see flower girls stumbling down aisles.
I’d lose my head just before that chance,
But if you want we can still have a first dance.
Cause I think I say things that I don’t mean,
Once upon a time you meant the world to me.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
But I’m trying to refrain,
To make this not all end up in vain.
Maybe I can learn to love like some people do,
And you can learn to love yourself a little too.
Or it is in all fairness to let this go?
I guess we can try but then we’ll never know. 

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Lettin' go

Lettin’ go

I am here in my present
(Leaving behind my past)

I am hurting and I am a human being 

I long to be loved by a good man

I am a beautiful black ‘chocolate’ full figured woman I wear a 42-44D bra and am something like 210 pounds

Love me or Hate me; either way I am goin’ to love me so if you accept me and love me that’s good but if you hate then go on and hate me

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Internet Love

I sit there waiting to hear the ding, you arrive sending my heart in a spring.
We chat and banter, all night till the sun beckons and dances.
Is this really love, am I falling for someone that started out as a silly Internet crush?
The feelings I feel must be real because my whole body is engulfed with your entire 
We typed, we talked, we laughed, we fought, but at the end of every night I was 
always yours.
I hate you, you hate me, you tell me to shut up that would never be.
Everyone would laugh and giggle at our banter, it would look to them as if we 
weren’t together.
But in our hearts and minds we were always intertwined, within our love that made 
and defined this new stage in our lives.
The phone would ring, “hey babe” would be said and that one line would be enough 
to make me turn red.
Your voice it sings to me, I just wish you would understand how much you mean to 
I shiver all over and go giddy on the phone, it’s like you have me in your time zone.
It only ever happens with you, I swear this is true.
You must have some power over me because I’m never usually this “blue”.
The wink and look you give on cam, sends me in a flutter I try not to mutter the 
words that I think...........I love you Manuel to the edge of the world and the brink.
There may be so much space between us right now, but not for long babe, you will 
be mine.
I know this is strange to some people but it’s true I found love on IMVU and it was 
with you.

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Love and Hate

Love is symbolic 
Hate is diabolic 

Love always survives 
Where hate never thrives

Love shall succeed
But hate shall recede 

(Why can't you love me?
Because you hate me!)

Love will always prevail
Your hate will always fail

(Why you hate me so much?
There's no love left in you as such!)

I love you when you hate me
I hate you when you don't love me

(If you can not love me
You should never hate me)

Let's move on with this love and hate
For someday your hate shall retire & abate

(But still I love you so much my dear
Or is it because of my hate, you fear) 

And even if you don't love me
You will never hate me

(I hope)

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When a Man cries Himself to Sleep

When a man cries himself to sleep,
it is a sad sight to see,
tears roll off his cheek
and onto his bed sheets and pillow case.
When you hear his somber cries,
you can feel his pain
when he wimpers like a child who treds in fear.
No one knows what they do to a man
when they play with his emotions,
lead him on,
take advantage of him.
They don't know what they do to an innocent man
looking for love.
They break his heart that is full of love,
they stab him in the back
when he needs them at his most vulnerable moment
they laugh at him, and tease him,
Do they know what they do to a man?
They slowly kill a man, who just wants a simple kiss on the lips,
they kill a dreamer, a good man, with a big heart.
They drive a man to his bed,
with tears running down his face
and force him to dream of nightmares.
When a man cries himself to sleep, 
it is that saddest thing to see.
Goodnight and sweet dreams...

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I hate my whisky

I hate the sky on a sunny day
I hate to watch the children play
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
i hate the music in my ear

I hate songbirds all around
I hate every gentle sound
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
and I hate to give and I hate to share

I hate the cites and I hate the towns
I hate the ups and I hate the downs
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
but I drink it all - to hide my fear

I hate my books and poems too
I hate the things I wrote for you
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
and I spend my hatred everywhere

I hate the hours in my hourglass
it only shows the time that pass
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer

But I love it all - when you are here

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The Line between Love and Hate

I hate you for not caring
I hate you for not being there
I hate you for not responding
I hate you for your pompous air

I hate you for mutilating
This sensitive heart of mine
I hate you for not seeing me
As possessing beauty fine

I hate you for your incessant
Playing with my deep emotion
And I hate you for the ridicule
Of my ardent strong devotion

I hate you for not giving me
The dire attention that I need
And I do hate you for making
This little heart of mine to bleed

I hate you for being indifferent
And I hate you for being rude
I hate you for being handsome
And I hate you for being crude

I hate you because you make me
Forget to be vicious like you
And I hate that you make me want
To give my love to you anew

I hate the truth that proclaims
A thin line twix love and hate
I hate it that you’ve made me
Want to cross that line of late.

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I Hate That I Can Touch The Ceiling In My Bathroom Walls

I hate that I can touch the ceiling in my bathroom walls.
I hate that eerie lonesome feeling that I'm getting tall.
I hate how e'erything now is small and how I've grown so high.
I hate how petty tiffs are teeming and I'm asking "Why"

I love that I can now explore the world without a care.
I love that I can sleep and snore until the midday's air.
I love that I have learnt to share and my how I can swim!
I love my aura and galore, expressed with but a grin.

I hate how all my fascination with the world declined.
I hate how sky clouds' animation perished from my mind.
I hate how no one's ever kind to me and I'm alone.
I hate how alcohol's temptation over me has grown.

I love how I can feel emotion t'wards another soul.
I love that I can sail the ocean, always in control.
I love how in my life, a hole is no cause for alarm.
With simple grit and great devotion I shan't come to harm.

I hate that I can touch the ceiling in my bathroom walls.
I hate that eerie lonesome feeling that I'm getting tall.
I hate how e'erything now is small and how I've grown so high.
But never will I cease my dreaming—
—That I'll someday touch the sky.

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A heavy,
Huge and
Worthless load
That some chose to
Carry throughout life,
Easier would things
Have really Been
Had they chosen
A lighter pack
Than that:

© Demetrios Trifiatis
05 March 2013

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You Both Call But I See Only You

I give you devils 
Exactly what you expect of
Each other in
The eyes of each other
Through the tongues of each other you
Fall so madly in love with
Your anger and your hatred and
You try to drag me down into it
Alongside you
Why… I’m your blood?!
No it was never that     the devil
Wants more souls to ferry into the abyss
And I am that frozen wild thing on the bough of that ship
On the cusp of nowhere
Fading away into what once was through
The movement and lost rhyme of nothing matters…
don’t call me
I don’t love you
Never have and baby I never will
Mother my mother YOU are my mother
When I don’t need you to be
I wanted you to carry me through life with love and devotion and
YOU _____!
You abandoned me! Your son
I hate you.
I will hate you till the days
Of my last waking moments…

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Never Take Hate Outside

When you're hurt inside,
And there's no where to hide,
And there's no one on your side,
And it's killing your pride,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is chocking,
The heavy words never spoken,
The things that hurt you inside,
When love has died,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is gone,
From being alone,
And it beats a solemn tone,

When you're cold inside,
It's only a short ride,
Never take hate outside

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My Problem

Born to live,
Never wanting to die,
fearing death to its every limit,
as blue eyed death grabs my shoulders
and laughs with grim
and I fear death even more.
Car crashes, murders, greed and envy
takes me to a place where I can't find hope.
Laughs grow and brings tears to my eyes,
I hope off trains and dodge cars driving down freeways
taking time to sit down and look at my ways,
that push me left nor right.
Up nor down can I see the time tick away
I can't wait till I walk Jacob's ladder,
till a black demon tears me down,
and sins rip me open,
like a surgeon to a patient on a table,
Me, myself and I take time to see the wrongs in life.

Do I dare shake the vines from the dark green jungles
that tangle deep in my mind, body and soul?
I shake with vengence when time turns its face from me.
Time has no time for me
and she takes me by the hand and wastes my life away
with endless heartbreak and drunken whores and buffoons,
who care only about themselves.
The evil souls burn away,
and their blind eyes do not see what they do to others' hearts and souls.

I believe the strangeness of me is that I love too much,
and care too much to actually open my eyes and see what burns away
infront of my very eyes.
I only see what my heart wants to see
my romantic side kills me away,
while my physical being is falling apart with heartbreak and sorrow.
The strange part is,
love was never there to be found,
and the strangeness of me,
is that I love too much to see blue eyed death coming to get me.

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The Complex Brain


To love or not to love that is the question 
Do I tell him how I feel;
Do I tell him how he makes everything seem surreal? 
Or do I stand back? 
Close my mouth like I've been caught up in a trap
Or should I squeal?
You make life seem so unreal 
This is the way you make me feel
You make life so surreal until;
Reality hits me, that you are no longer mine 
And we had to say our goodbyes 
It was no longer our time to shine
But forever in my heart you remain
I try to keep my feelings domain,
But I cannot resist the urge 
Of how you make me feel.
You make life so unreal 
So surreal 
Just by how you make me feel 
Is this love 
Or is this tragedy
When will my fairly god mother come sprout
And talk to me what all my dreams are about?
Will she give me that glass slipper or will I have to ask her?
I am always scared that my life will end in disaster 
Holding on, not letting 
My hope begins to show.
You saw the vunuablitly  in my eyes,
You saw how easily I begin to cry 
So you took it further, and pretend as if it we're over 
Maybe some things are better for us than we think 
True love can make our hearts sink
And our souls grow bitter 
And our skin turns old
We were once
So brave and bold;
And now we don't even have a place to call home 

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Death, it is a sad way to go

Death, it is a sad way to go,
to leave this earth, dressed in your Sunday best
While faces surround you with tears
breaking the barriers of their emotions
tearing their hearts apart, looking down
upon my stone face, upon the face, lays a simplistic smile
that shows no emotion, no teeth, no life.
Death, it is a sad way to go.

People hurry, say their goodbyes,
but when your alive,
they never come around, they never call, they never even think
of you and how you are feeling.
While you walk the streets, with a smile on your face,
nothing but knives stick sharpe in my back and gossip
burns a hole in my soul and heart;
but I keep on walking and smiling.
I keep rolling on through like a summer hurricane
tears apart a coastal city in the heat of June weather,
Walking till death comes to shake my hand and grin at my soul.

Then as you lay their in your casket
with a buqouet of your favorite flowers, (Roses and Tulips)
they sit around you, the same faces, the same blind eyes
and they all shed tears and says good things.
Too late for that don't you think?
Death, it is a sad way to go, but what relief you get,
when finally departing in peace and leaving the drama
and careless people in your life.
After I am put six feet under, a week of crying passes,
After two weeks I am lost and long forgotten,
nothing but a stone at my cranium to keep me company
and my new friends, who sleep along next to me.
Dead and forgotten, but the dead never forget their fellow lost souls.
Only the living forget such souls that were so good to them,
now they are gone,
I am gone.
How do you feel, now that I am gone?

Death, it is a sad way to go, but what peace you recieve in Paradise.

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Open Letter to you,

I hate my speech today, yesterday and the day dust rises.
I was there opening my eyes carelessly, smiling like an idiot
I was gazing shamelessly, walking like an idler without course
Little did I notice my vehicle lose direction; little did I notice my head bleeding
I was just there; the settled dust rising, tables turning, grenades and bullets are now apples
Little did I know the power in my lovely hate speech. 

What pride did we get after slaughtering fellow Kenyans like goats,
What are the stuttering rifles rattling about, are humans turning game,
What are the grenades doing in civilian pockets, are they keys
Why are the churches burning, you cannot tell me tis the holy ghost fire,
What has that neighbour done, why is that policeman lying there,
Why is no body answering me, am I alone, or are you wondering too
Should I assess the power in my lovely hate speech, am concerned.

My love speech I hate you, my hate speech I love you
Both speeches are one, are the same, of same taste, I hate my passion for you
I love my fellow politician, i love his dirge during my friend’s burial
You bleeding mammoth my friend, I like your corrupt tummy
You scavenger of your own carcass, I like your greed for power
You megalomaniac virus of a beloved country, we love you, let us be
Little do we know death will let you release us, How uncertain are we of you.

My eyes are full of your ocean, the palace you exhume immorality
My ears are preoccupied with your desert, the desert devoid of trust, and the just
My nostrils have your pungent infamy, your callous greed, your everything
My mind can’t decipher the thought of your sanity, your policies and you
You make me lose taste, you make me look like you, you make me you
I am youthful to the economy, i am youthful to the wise, am not youthful to your “youth”
Little do i know death will let you release me, How uncertain am i of you.

Am talking about you, what have i said about me? What?
I hope I know the promise in my Kenyan Anthem
I hope I have a plan of getting rid of the chaff, the you
I hope am not you, i hope you don’t like seeing me wise
I hope your son is listening, the son that wants my very own daughter
I hope am the government, the government of me, for me and by me
I hope i know peace, the peace am preaching, the peace you hate. I hope.

Yours Kenyan,
Mzee Emmanuel Mwau.

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My Endless Love

I love you so much my forever love
There is no fancy way to say it 
Over the years we grew apart
Because of our differences and our choices
But never for a minute did that love depart

What God placed in the heart is cemented
And our man-made efforts cannot erase it
We have tried many other roads to walk
Searching for that elusive something
All that happened was dross

So we come right back to the start
I thought we did finally make it
That we would be where we should have been
But then you hurt me with lies
You tore my heart apart

And I hated you for this
I lashed out to hurt you as much as you did me
The feelings of hate and spite was ugly
I look back and wish I had done things differently
That I had given you time to make amends

But in my haste to give myself justice
I forgot how deep my love for you is
But not even that hate can take this love away
Because I love you truly from deep within my heart
My dearest dearest only true love 

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Mankind - a quinzaine

                                             God bids us love each other.  
                                                  Why then do we hate?
                                                          Do we care?

For Dr Ram Mehta's Quinzaine

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Just One Thing

Parce que des fois il suffit de voir une phrase une photo un mot
Et même quelques fois le passé peut nous rattrapé
Alors qu’un sourire aux lèvres, les yeux sont en sanglots
Le bonheur occupe votre cœur mai la tristesse envahi les pensées

Derrière le soleil un orage se prépare pour venir foutre le bordel
Plusieurs fois aussi bien qu’il peut gardien soleil résistera
Mais l’orage reviendra toujours plus fort, vraiment rebelle
Pour enfin mettre le trouble dans tes idées, personne ne le verra

Quinze secondes c’est le temps qu’aura mis cette phrase cette photo ou ce mot
Pour installer un doute certain dans tes pensées les plus profondes
C‘est toute une remise en cause pour toi, qualités ou défauts ?!
Tu en meurs mai c’est invisible aux yeux de tout le monde

Reste humble, tais-toi, règle ça seul
Entre toi cet orage et cette putain de pensée
Que les autres fassent ce qu’ils veulent
Ce qu’on ressent jamais une rime ne pourra l’exprimer

Je continuerai à slamer
Tant que mon cœur saignera
Et j’arrêterai de crier
Le jour où la vie me l’enlèvera

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I hate that I can't see you
or hear your gentle song
Life is unfair to me
How do I move on

Can I take the steps without you
Will my tears turn to smiles
Can I run against the winds
or crawl for miles and miles

I hate it when I can't see you
or hear your gentle song
Please life care for me
Then together we can move on

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Greek philosophy after Heraclitus - Continued in Verse - with the Pluralists

THE PLURALISTS : Empedocles & Anaxagoras

That single primary substance the ‘arche’ of
the Ionian philosophers ,
Was challenged by Emphedocles (b.495BC)
and Anaxagoras(b.500BC) !
Emphedocles spoke of four qualitative elements
of Nature ;
As Earth , Air , Fire and Water !
And also of two mythical beings - love and hate ;
Which caused all elements to unite , or to
separate and break !
Therefore they were called ‘Pluralists’, -
Since for them only a single primary substance , -
did not exist !

This above position was refuted by Anaxagoras ,
Who claimed these elements were not merely
four , 
But they were countless in number and many 
more !
It was neither love or hate but ‘nous’ , -
a spontaneous active mind ;
Was the source of all movements and life 
of Mankind !

Little is known about the Father of the
School of Atomist called Leucippus ,
He was made famous by his pupil Democritus !
For him Parminedes’ non-being void did never 
exist ;
And Democritus spoke of atoms as indivisible
spatial entities ;
Moving in a void or empty space , as the building
stones of reality , -
Which led to the formation of different objects
and its multiplicity !
Just like the comedies and tragedies of those
days , -
Were composed of the same letters of the alphabets , -
Democritus had said .
He was a rationalist and maintained , all genuine
way of knowledge began , -
When sense perception ends !
For sense perception was obscure knowledge ;
And thoughts which transcends sense perception
and appearance ,
Reaching the very atoms in our being ,
Becomes the only genuine knowledge of human
beings !
But these philosophical thoughts only marked
a beginning !

THE SOPHISTS (481- 411BC) :
They were wise and skilful men of Greek history,
Lectured on art, rhetoric and oratory .
Also trained young men for political life ,
Were like intellectual mercenaries of their time ;
For all their teaching came at a price !
Beyond the reach of ordinary men ,
Which made Socrates later criticize them !

There chief exponent was Protagoras ,
Who had emphasized amongst all other things , -
‘Man as the measure of all things !’
But those Sophist had failed to see, the forest 
for the trees !
They failed to recognize ‘man’ from ‘men’ ,
While exaggerating the differences in human 
judgments ;
Ignoring the common areas of agreements !
(To be continued)

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Flat Canvas

Flat canvas;

Bubbling brown ridges strike 
The confining dimensions in a hostile yawn: 
Upwards, Outwards.

Walk the world no longer, an ending beckons, 
A precipice builds moments where swallows wager wings 
On new seed: New breeds.
Falling buys the assurance of seconds
From a sinking well. 
Oh well.

Remember us when the globe begins to slip,
Bang drums for our pity:
Our crescendos mean less than meaningless.
And then, when spheres crack, continue 
On the whorl of a thumb, 
Stretching hope to nothing.

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A Poem About Hate

This whole poem is all about hate Like I hate to say goodbye Or I hate the fact I'm not with you Every moment, you and I I hate it when other men look at you Hate to have to share you at all I'd like to lock you up in a dungeon In a castle with twenty foot walls Think I'm greedy well maybe I am Hate to admit it but it's true Want you all to myself all the time On my mind every day through Hate it when other guys look at you You're all mine and mine alone Go ogle some other guy's woman My hatred is very well known The hate that I feel is caused by love Don't ever want to say goodbye This burning love is so overwhelming My hatred just intensifies © Jack Ellison 2014 HA! Fooled you!!!

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Deja Vu (Song)

I gave you  all of me,
Your wants became too much,
And all of my somethings
You saw as not enough,
But now you are wanting,
Everything you passed up,
Your lies are frustrating,
But still I can't pass up,

This pain, this place,
Is looking too familiar to me,
The same mistakes
Are coming back around,
Your games, your face,
Are secretly whispering to me,
I can't escape,
Because emotions tear me down,

Hold on, hold on,
Tell me what I'm running into,
Stay gone, stay gone,
Is what I want to do,
So long, so long,
Why can't I say these words to you,
When I know, I know,
This will be Deja Vu

As I am anticipating
Loving you and no one else
My entire body's shaking,
Because I promised myself,
That I would never be back here,
A toy sitting on  your shelf,
We always begin in last gear,
By later, there's nothing left...

This pain, this place,
Is looking too familiar to me,
The same mistakes
Are coming back around,
Your games, your face,
Are secretly whispering to me,
I can't escape,
Because emotions tear me down,

Hold on, hold on,
Tell me what I'm running into,
Stay gone, stay gone,
Is what I want to do,
So long, so long,
Why can't I say these words to you,
When I know, I know,
This will be Deja Vu

Why am I
Addicted to you,
Saying goodbye
never comes true,
This is what 
it always comes to,
You constantly on my mind!

Why must I 
stay thinking of you
Coming back
Thinking I love you
Losing control
when I touch you,
Wasting all of my time...

This pain, this place,
Is secretly whispering to me
Your games, your face,
Are looking too familiar to me,
The same mistakes
Emotions seem to tear me down,
I can't escape
It's coming back around,

Hold on, hold on,
is all I ever do for you,
Stay gone, stay gone,
I do and don't want you to do,
I love you, I hate you,
Everything I say is true,
I hate you, I love you...
This is our Deja vu....

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Was a time --not long ago
When you begged me sweet and low

“Cast your net upon the sea
Quickly,darling, marry me!”

My heart caught 
and in a minute
My life was soup
And I was in it

A fair eyed man means dangerous shores
& I'm adrift-- mid rocks galore

On a current, flashing fins
You cast your line--
And hook sweet sins

And, at work you cannot think
When fishy eyes blink out a wink

Even friends are not off limits
When tides wash in the vodka gimlets

Do I hate you, yes, I could
Do I hate you, no, I should

A straying man on marriage seas
Navigates adulteries

When asked to re-chart his course
He usually stomps and screams “divorce”


Mixing metaphors and such
Keeps the critics out of ruts


Straying husbands/shagging rabbits
Cannot/willnot change their habits.

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Oct 10, 2012

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Candlelight Flames pt 3 A Christmas for two

Candlelight Flames pt. 3 ~ A Christmas For Two

The way you are, I fancy you
Twist and turn and turning blue
I hold my breath, I bleed for you
Wrapped in ribbons And Christmas too
So twist and twist My kiss is for you
The way you are, I fancy you

So strip me with your Golden Eyes
Your Golden Hair Your Golden Stare
Strip me Naked in the Rain
Stripped me Naked so Insane
Strip me, take me- Candy Cane

Dancing and Dancing
So beautiful you stand
Dancing this Dance
Our love in the sand
Twisting and Turning 
I’m burning for you
Screaming, I’m screaming 
“This love’s turning true”
Wrapped you in ribbons 
It’s Christmas for two
The way that you are
I fancy for you

So strip me naked 
Let’s dance in the rain
Strip me, take me
Our love so insane
You twissed me and kissed me
It’s Christmas for two
Wrapped me in ribbons 
Our love’s turning true
Dancing this dance because I fancy for you~ 
  It’s Love and Romance and my 
Kiss is for You

   by €hristian Alexander

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Armin Babic

I cannot believe that I used to have a crush on you,
You are cold, heartless, and MEAN!
I never talked about you, never did anything to you,
I never deserved that, you had no need to be so mean.
You stooped so low, never had I seen someone do that,
People told me you were like this, I just didn't believe them.
I didn't believe her when she said you were a womanizer,
Didn't believe you were a Cowboy Casanova, well you showed me,
And never will I do that again, you made me believe,
Believe her, snf you made me believe you liked me, you led me,
Led me on, and then you were like, "I don't like you."
Well guess what I didn't care then, and I sure don't care now,
Cause I loved my hubby all along,
Love him more than anyone and anything, I love him and only him!
I cannot believe I used to have a crush on someone like you,
I swear you are the spawn of Satan himself,
And I feel sorry for girls who date you or fall in love with you,
I do, because all you do is play them like a game.
I don't hate you, but I don't like you like that anymore.
You led me to believe you liked me, and then you said it was all a joke,
Yeah well you were a joke.
You were a pill, I was willing to take,
I am glad I didn't take you,
You are an unmistakeable , unidentified drug.
I am a good-bad girl, I can tell a bad boy,
But even I didn't see this, didn't see that you like this,
The boy with beautiful brown eyes,
Are now dull, no longer do they shine,
That brown hair, that I loved, is now just a memory,
The boy born on February 18th,
The one that I thought was perfect,
God what the hell was I thinking??
Don't ask if I'm alright,
I don't have the answer,
But if you ask me if I want to hurt you badly, I will say,
Say yes without hesitation.
You have no idea how bad I want to hurt you,
But then again I don't.
Half of me hates you,
The other half can't bear to see you,
The game you played on me,
It was cleaver, but it was also cruel and hurtful!
I want to hurt you like you hurt me, but I could never that mean.
I could be as mean as you,
The person who doesn't know how much what he does hurts people,
I bet you don't care either,
Because that's just the kind of person you are.
They tried to warn me, those two girls, M&H,
But I didn't listen to them.
I didn't listen to them, because I am not the kind of person,
The kind of person, to believe what other people say, without,
Without knowing about you, getting to know what you're like, 
Until you do that to me.
Until I learn on my own, that's the kinda person I am,
I take the time to figure people out, instead of judging them,
Judging them by how they look like, and what people say,
That's the kinda person I am, I am a strong Redneck Woman.
And I will never change who I am, change myself for anyone,
I will not change for anyone.
If you don't like me for myself, then you don't deserve my time, or my words, 
Or my anything.
This is officially the end of me and my poem, 


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People I love

All alone sitting here feeling lost,
I hate this life,
I don't even know why, 
I meet certain people in my life,
I feel frustrated inside,
I hate the people I love,
So much that I don't know how to explain,
People I love hurt me the most,
I hate to love someone the most,
Willing to do anything for these who I love,
But when I ask them for a simple favore,
They walk away from it,
And say my way or the high way!
Is that fair? What they do?
All they care about is themselves,
How there life is complicated,
Its all about them,
They don't know what is love,
Or where it comes from,
They might say it,
But their actions says otherwise,
Love, love, love is all in the air,
Falling all over like rain.

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Burn Away


We have all lost our way
To see starlight gazers
And men with broken hearts,
Seeking love in all of the wrong places;
Vacant lots, where women all looking for something,
But not quite knowing what they look for.
We have all lost our way.

The only hope of humanity
Is the shining sun
That breaks through the blinds of my window,
And the faint memory of me and her
Lying on our backs in a grassy meadow,
Holding hands
Looked up and counted stars.

Cities burn away,
Sky, stars, moon, sun all burn away;
The grassy meadow
Where we once lay, all burns away
Everything burns away,
Memory and desire and love all burn away
With the snap of a finger, and a new man
In her own life,
And I burn away.

A picture of her hung high and praised,
A picture of me, in a dark box
That collects dust, in some lonesome
And dusty, cobweb infested attic.
And I burn away with a new day.
I burn away.

A nightmare that I can’t awake from,
It is endless and repeats
When thoughts of her are all over my mind,
I cannot take such nightmarish reality
Too see her and smile,
And she walks away without a trace
Of ever returning.
And I cry,
And I burn away,
The tears wash the fire away,
And turn me to ash,
The wind picks me up and takes me away.

And for one peaceful moment,
I do not cry,
I do not burn away.
For a moment I am happy
And I smile,
And go away for a while
And let them all sleep in peace.


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Weep and a Moan

Watching the sequence of sound coming out of your mouth...
But the screaming is too loud.
I can speak,
But my brain doesn't want to.

I closed the door.
Silence called for me.
Should I cry or should I run after her?

What have I done to you?
but love you uncontrollably.

Shes then left speechless.
It looks like shes out of breath,
but really I broke her.

She was fragile.
So innocent.

Run, Just run.
A gun raised..
up to her mouth.
And a taint on her heart.

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I Will Rise

I’m about to call it quits.
One more f*cking Moron  and I’ll be sick.
I let you walk all over me not once not twice….
I lost count. Now I’m labeled conspicuous
Because I attract all the d*cks.
wasn’t it you who said you’ll stick around through
Thick and thin?
Now when the tough get going you hide like a b*tch!
How many more “demons” do I have to wave through
Let me go. Set me free. I don’t wanna be apart of you and your evil.
I’m not asking to live like Mario and Peach.
But enough is enough I’m tired of the blows.
I bent over backwards to save your as*
And in the end you put me last.
Who were the one who carried you when you were “weak”
Broke bread with you so to speak.
I was your bank when you couldn’t stand on your own damn feet.
So I’m walking away with my head held high.
They will be no more cries.
No more tears run down these cheeks.
Get behind me mother f*cker.
You are beneath my cleats!

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My Frienemy

You claimed to be a friend to me but it seems you are a frienemy
A frienemy is a friend slash enemy
In others words you envy me
I hate it I see it but I love it a lot
The hate motivates me to go straight to the top
If I should fall or if I should drop
Your purpose is served due to the fact you love me and hate me a lot
My friend slash enemy

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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Blatant Irony

She exists for a man only

He achieved what a man can

That of trying a trick abstractly

She easily got henned in hand!

Decisions are tough, exclaimed she aloud

Life in love is not easy 

He, a rose in hand, proud

Rose up to a plane above

She, a tender one with exalt

Thought of love as sincere admiration

Found out the abrupt truth, abomination!

Her only precious asset his inspiration

Her own body, as sexy asphalt!

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When someone you love,
is friends with someone you hate.
They break your trust,
They hurt you,
They stab you in the back.
They want to forget about you,
Because  they're fed up of you,
They ignore you by,
Just walking away.
Parents are like that,
One minute they're fighting for you,
Then the next they're against you.
Don't you hate when that happens?
First they love you,
with all their heart,
Then after a few minor mistakes,
They start to hate you.
Aren't they supposed to always love you?
No matter what you do?
Nope, some do,
But the majority doesn't,
Parents are biased,
to either their youngest child,
or the people that is,
outside in society.
They care more,
about fame and fortune
than the fate and destinies,
of the children they have.
There is too much hurt,
In this small world,
if only we could,
get rid of it.

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Wake Me Now

Such a beautiful night
The stars were shining so bright
You grabed a hold of my heart 
It was love from the start

But if this is a dream, just wake me now
Because I can't stand another broken heart
So far love has been too good to be true
And I hate the thought of loosing you

Is it a sin to want a happily ever after
I'm starting to think it's a hopeless endeavor 
I want so much to be your prince charming 
I would fight off the whole world to be called your darling

It feels perfect when you take my hand and we walk through the night
Every laugh we shared 
Is a memory I'll never forget
I can be myself with you
But I'm hoping it's not too good to be true

But if this is a dream, just wake me now
Because I can't stand another broken heart
So far love has been too good to be true
And I hate the thought of loosing you

A kiss from you is something I can never replace
How the hell could someone ever take your place
When I'm with you it just feels right
You make me smile all through the night

The nightmare that scares me from the core
That I'll always be the guy she pushes out the door
Every night I'm gonna talk to God and pray
Pray that you will be the one to stay 

But if this is a dream, just wake me now
Because I can't stand another broken heart
So far love has been too good to be true
And I hate the thought of loosing you

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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I Hate You But I Love You

I used to think that you're the one for me
But now I realized that loving you is not that easy
It seems just yesterday that I wish upon a star
But now all that I can say is I hate you for who you are.

I hate you when you are laughing with her
I hate you in every second of every hour
I hate it everytime you look at me and smile
I hate the way you dress up and also your style.

I hate you everytime you strum your guitar
I hate it everytime we start a war
I hate it because you're the reason I cry
I hate it everytime you just walk by.

I hate it whenever they tease you with someone
I hate it because you make it hard for me to move on
I hate the fact that I can never have you
I hate you because I fell in love with you.

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Killer Clown

Tear that have  fallen down my face
Gather in a pool around my feet.
My fears are coming true. 
You don't love me anymore.
I can see the hate fill your eyes.

You say that I'm just a useless
Screw Up.
I can't do anything right anymore
If you won't love me anymore then
I will hate you with such passion.

Don't you see what you've done to me?
I can't breathe anymore.
My heart's stopped beating
My soul's been devoured,
I am evil.

My friend stares at me from across the room
Waiting for me to lose my cool
To use him on my wrist.
Will I?
You caused this mess now finish it.

Don't stop hating,
Don't stop killing me slowly
Lock me up
Throw away my key,
Just keep him away from me.

It's all too late.
You can't stop him anymore
No more will I listen to you,
Instead of my wrist,
Should it be my neck?

So you wish that you had never met me?
Wish that all the damage I had caused vanished?
Like a cloud of smoke in the wind?
If I end both of our misery,
Would they understand?

Would they understand if 
My life ends today?
Would they laugh at me?
Spit on my grave?
Does this make sense to you?

Does the fact that I refuse to
Cower before you cause anger?
Do I cause the insanity to flare?
Am I the reason why you yell?
Did I kill you too?

Am I just crying for nothing?
Was there anything between us?
Am I just a fool?
Tricked by love,
That emotion that causes pain.

It started out okay.
Why couldn't I see that
You weren't feeling
The same that I was?
(He's calling out to me).

I'm scared, I can't see 
The light at the end of my tunnel.
Is it true that I'm the Devil's daughter,
Damned to Hell
From the day I was born?

Is this the way my light's supposed to go out?
Am i going to be the one who
Makes everyone laugh?
Am I just 
The Killer Clown?

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Out of the Same Mouth- Reflections

     With the New Year at the door, I find myself in a reflective mood. I think about the power of words. I find it strange that the duality of our nature makes it easy for us to praise God and to curse man with the same mouth.  At times, we disparage someone and feel no qualms about it.

     It is one thing to PROFESS to be a Christian and quite another to LIVE as one. I should know. I am well acquainted with hypocrisy, in my own life. It happens. We are, after all, only human. We make mistakes. We lose our way. Only God is infallible.

     I wanted to share a few verses with you in light of recent events and the need to start the New Year with fresh and clean hearts. 

     One of the most practical books in the Bible is the book of James. He has a lot to say about the power of the tongue:
 James 3: 8 – 10 No human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.

     If we profess to love God, we ought to be able to love His children, no matter how difficult, childish, and ornery they may act at times. They are, after all, children. That means…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. We are ALL children of God. Yes, though we profess love for him, we at times show hatred towards each other.

     I John 4: 16, 19 - 21
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 
We love because he first loved us. 20 Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. 21 And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.

     I have been saddened by the amount of hate I have seen on this site. In fact, to be honest, I've been shocked and scarred as it has hit close to home. Why can’t we just live and let live? Why can’t we just realize that only roses cannot satisfy our thirst for beauty of texture, color, shape, and scent? We need a full bouquet of poet flowers.

     At the threshold of the New Year, I hope we find the grace to let go of OLD grudges and open our hearts to love and forgive, for God has loved and forgiven us through Christ though we are so undeserving. Why not do the same for others? Happy New Year. My love to you ALL!

Eileen M Ghali

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Sins and Virtues

Lust - The wife of Greed and the mother of 
Anger.  She is a prostitute 
and a slut.  Her husband Greed is her 
pimp.  Lust has an affair with
Hatred she becomes pregnant and gives
birth to Anger.  She is good friends
with Envy.

Greed - The husband of Lust, the 
older brother of Envy, and the stepfather
of Anger.  Greed is Lust's pimp.  
Greed is a pimp, a corrupt politician, 
gangster, and a dirty business man. 
Greed is Pride's right hand man.

Hatred - The father of Anger and Cruelty.  Hatred has 
an affair with Lust.  she becomes pregnant 
and gives birth to Anger.  He also has a fling with Envy
she becomes pregnant and gives birth to Cruelty.  Hatred
rapes Love.  Hatred is a cold calculated 
killer, terrorist, and an assassin.  

Anger - The son of Lust and Hatred the 
stepson of Greed.  Anger is the half brother
of Cruelty.

Love - The wife of Loyalty, the mother
 of Kindness, and the older sister of Truth.  
She is raped by Hatred.  Love is a 
humanitarian and a healer.

Loyalty - The husband of Love and the 
father of Kindness.  He gets revenge on 
Hatred for raping Love.  Loyalty is a 
soldier and a warrior.

Kindness - The daughter of Love and 
Loyalty, and the niece of Truth.

Envy - The younger sister of Greed and the mother of
Cruelty.  Envy has a fling with Hatred she becomes pregnant
and gives birth to Cruelty. she is good friends
with Lust.

Knowledge - The younger brother of 
wisdom and understanding.  

Sloth - The wife of Gluttony and the 
mother of Ignorance.

Ignorance - The son of Sloth and Gluttony.
Ignorance is blind.  He and Anger are best 

Gluttony - The husband of Sloth and 
father of Ignorance.

Truth - The younger brother of Love, the 
husband of Faith, and the uncle of 
Kindness.   He gets revenge on Hatred for 
raping Love.

Eternity - The name of the main continent 
in which the story takes place.

Infinity - The name of the planet in which 
the story takes place.

Faith - The Wife of Truth.

Pride - He is a monarch. Pride rules over 
all the sins.

Darkness - The name of the country where 
the sins live.

Wisdom - The oldest brother of 
Knowledge and Understanding.  Wisdom
is a monarch who rules over all the 

Cruelty - The daughter of Envy and Hatred.  She 
is the half sister of Anger.

Tranquility - The name of the country where the virtues live.

Grace - She is a singer, entertainer, and performer.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The 
Green Poet aka The Brown Philosopher 
aka Red Seven

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Why do I love you

You bring out the best in me
You test me
You protect me
You strangle me
But I like… you and me

You have taught me to cry in my sleep
Punched laughter in my dreams
Kicked my patience till I scream
You and me… such extremes

We agree to often disagree
We share to then break free
Toxic silences fill our spaces
One embrace
I’m yours again

I sometimes feel crippled
Held down… weighted
You are right
But nor am I wrong

Poison words
Thrown at my face
I listen and swallow
Weep inside my clinical hollow

I’m tired
You exhaust me
And then…
Inject your drug

Because I love you

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Hate Me

Hate me, but for goodness sake
Don’t be indifferent
At least hate is a testament
To my power over you…
A warped and deranged compliment
To my importance…
For it takes passion to hate
And none at all to be

Hate me…but for goodness sake
Don’t be indifferent
Yell at me, spill out your anger
In vehement words
That wound and burn
I will use it as balm for my soul 
Instead of being fed
The poison of your indifferent

Hate me…but for goodness sake
Don’t be indifferent
For what is hate
But a step beyond love?
Rejection's retaliation 
Self Preservation's warning call to hide
From a power too great
Too strong
Too deep
Too life threatening
But what is indifference but
The inability to be loved
To care
To hurt
To want
To desire
To feel
It is nothing but the passionless state of
Love’s deadness

Hate me, but for goodness sake
Don’t be indifferent
I will welcome that hate
For I know that it belies
A love in pain….
A love still alive…

Yes, hate me…
And in your hate
I will find the secret
To make you love me again.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Hate me now when you can still find your way back home
Hate me now to see what is good for you
Hate me now when your view of me is not what you see
Hate me now in the morning for your meaningful afternoon
Hate me now in this sunny noon so I can melt with the sun set
Hate me now before the crack of dawn for your redefinition
Hate me now for what I didn’t do for you
Hate you now for all the things u didn’t do for me
Hate you now when I can also find myself another home
Hate you now for all the promises you never live up to
Hate you now for I see the sun shines again for me
Hate us together for all the thing we didn’t achieved

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Das Ein Mannlein

Das Ein Männlein

The silent echo reflects through the lodge,
Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stum…
Repeating itself in the young boys head.
He is not yet a man, but stands proud enough to be,
Coming back here to relieve himself of his past.
Crying out as he reaches the splintering and tilted door.
The memories of the cold, the blistering cold overpower him.
He spends time collecting himself as the moon moves across the sky.

He had been here with his family-
Says the toppled dining room table.
He also wasn’t the only child in the lodge-
Says the curled up paper dolls in the fireplace.
There was music- Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stumm…
Echoes the toppled ivory-keyed piano in the corner.
There was a war, as the Russian Graffiti on the wall complains.
The crashed bomber-plane with the seat full of bones assures that fact.

He came back to the rotting lodge in the forest
Back to the overgrown pile of shambles to find something
As he digs he picks objects out of the rubble, a boar’s head, jewelry, dog-tags,
And finally the thing he seemed to have been searching for.
A baby’s bathtub, with a scrolled handle, stares at him through the dust.
What happened to the other child?
She still has all of her baby teeth in her sweet little baby head.
She’s been sitting in that bathtub ever since that horrible night.
When she was boiled to death by hungry war criminals. 

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I Hate You Like*

I hate you like the Eclipse of the sun and moon====== 
Lightning, thunder, twisters,and Hurricane # 7 destruction upon my hate====

I hate you like the father who walked out on us======
Hating you is the only way we can relate========== 
Fire, burn, heat , and smoke, igniting the hate in flames=== 

I hate you like the lion who can't wait to devour his prey===== 
I hate you like ivy with poison to irritate ===============
I hate you indeed, deeper than the abyss in space=========
Black, ebony, coal, and darkness you fell in my pit of hate==== 

I hate you and dispise all your living ways==========
I hate you because I want to==========
I hate you and nothing compares================ 
I hate the living guts out of you ================ 

*Written by: P.D. as a request from me (an opposition to my original poem: I Love You 
Like)...thank you P.D. for your awesome talent

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I Hate Myself

I hate myself for being me

When all I cause is misery

When love changes into enemy

I am left feeling alone and empty

I hate myself for what I sometimes do

And what I seem to put others through

I always try to keep my soul true

But you never see what comes out of the blue

I hate myself for letting myself lose her

Thought so many storms we could weather

Always believed we could always stay together

But love just never seems to last for ever

I hate myself and I always will

I have to swallow the bitter pill

Of this hate it will never have its' fill

And I am left hating myself still

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The Grass is Greener

We’re not called upon to choose anything we live through;
Neither parent nor sibling nor school nor form of sinew;
Neither colour of hair or eye or skin,
Nor love or hate, nor loss or gain
Nor opportunities nor whence we come. So much is true.

But as much as this truth I hold as true as sunlight,
I know that painful times will time to time alight
When with bitter phlegm you curse
The earth where you breathed first
And wish your day of birth were scratched by He with might.

I know. Same feelings have plagued my adult soul
And the wish for better home to make each day whole
Has been dashed by shameful news,
Where Hope, seeing Hitler, and 94’s Hutus,
Needs to hide its youth to stall the death toll.

But amidst pain, hate and bottled despair rife
There’s the rare love, innocent and hardly grasping to life.
For here, we can give our all
When we choose to keep you from a fall.
We really do it: humble, loving…just like the Lord’s life.

Yes, it’s easier to perceive the weeds in one’s garden
For the pastures beyond gleam in our myopia, hiding their burden.
And seeing that weed can cast a shadow
On all that’s sweet, but cause much ado
About the bitter parts, and it day by day your heart will harden.

Think of the evening breeze on the night grill,
Feeding the flames of a delicious family fish meal.
Think of hitting the unadulterated
Lands of hills where ancient rivers percolated
And happy goats skip, and cattle graze and one can feel

Life whizzing through rustling leaves of dancing old tree or reed,
Playing the music our ancestors learned to read,
Making your lungs touch their purpose,
Dazzling your eyes like a Jabbawockeez pose,
The music we’ve forgotten as we focus on some RSS feed.

Think of the youths wise with tradition re-enacting solemnly
The dances and music handed down from before when Ptolemy
Phrased ancient philosophical data,
To the time of the expansive empire of Sundiatta
Beads stomping the dust frantically in musical poetry.

Picture the pure darkness which crowds the silent night air,
Unveiling the marvellous dotted and scattered there
In the moonlit heavenly canvas,
Watching us from light years past,
And we fascinated by the sparkling magic they share.

So to sum it all up, I know it cannot be perfect,
And sometimes I rant and make massive graffiti of its defects,
But this home my parents chose
Still draws my spirit close,
For the bond is deeper, far deeper than human senses can detect.

(c) Nyonglema

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''LOVE always hurts when not on the right time when not with the right person when not in the right place and when not at the perfect moment''
i heard noises from nowhere but the clearest voice was yours yeah, love is everywhere but dear, where are you now? i smell the flowers scent but your fragrance lasts longer yeah, love is blind but dear, it is when every sense do become numb. i hate being rejected but i hate most is when you leave me hanging for something that was impossible to have and that is your "LOVE"
> i am too stupid to fell from a person who will never be deserving for my love <
who is numb . . . you my dear that never felt the love i always give without asking anything or me that until now never realize that no matter what i do it is always be an "impossibe" thing to have your sweetest "YES"?
"do i deserve this?"

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A Reflection Of You

I know your miserable 
I'm a reflection of you 
I know the wanting and needing 
There are times of wanting the screaming 
I hate how you act toward me 
I know you see what I see 
I look in the mirror and see you 
This is a reflection,A reflection so true 
Our hearts sealed up 
Points in our life we gave up 
There are things we used to hide 
Just because we have our pride 
Feelings were never to be shown 
I came out the only way I've known 
We have a little girl inside 
We both hate when she starts to cry 
This is a reflection I see 
Yeah with the way we fight it's hard to believe 
We feel the same pain 
Just too much pride to maintain 
Mom you know as well as I do 
I'm a reflection, A reflection of truth

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Escaping Depression

Where is the light in this dark world?

I can't find it.

Is the trench I've dug really that deep?

So deep that I can't get out?


My hands are torn from climbing these walls

My wrists bloodied from stress

My eyes are red from the tears

Will I ever get to the top?


You are there

Waiting for me.

Your hand is stretched out,

Waiting for me to accept it.


But this hole is too deep;

My arms cannot reach.

If only I could -

I long for your touch.


I'll keep trying,

But only for you.

The darkness is my friend,

But I just can't do this anymore.


You hate the way I hurt myself,

The way I cut my wrist

To bleed out the pain

And unleash the tears.


So I'll keep going.

I hate to see you like this.

My ways are torturing you,

Adding to your stress.


I will reach for these ledges

And pull myself up.

I will keep climbing

Until your hand is in mine.


Then you'll pull me up

And hold me close -

Washing away all the dirt;

Chasing away the lingering darkness.


But I can never let it all go,

It's just not possible.

This darkness is the source of my pain,

But it is also who I am.


If I were to let it go,

I would no longer be me.

I'd be nobody -

A whole different person.

Not the one you know.


Then what would you think?

Would you still love me?

Or would you push me back into that hole

So that I can be myself again?


So I'll keep a little bit of darkness in a jar

And let it out when I need it most.

That way I can be myself

And yet be light once more.


So help me out of here.

I'm halfway up already.

I may still have a mile to go,

but I'm trying.

I really am.


I'll be with you soon,

so why are you climbing down?

I don't want you to feel my pain.

I don't want you to go through this.


Why did you let go?

Why did you fall?

Now you're farther down than me,

And I'm the one with my hand out.


But now you understand how I am.

Now you've felt my pain.

But please don't kill yourself,

Like I've tried to do.


The pain doesn't leave

It just gets worse.

You're stronger than me,

You can get out.


So climb,

You'll reach the top first.

I'll be there when I can.

We'll be together in light.


I love you,

So please go.

Leave me in the dark,

and return to the light

So you can help me out of here

And we can be together happily -

Not brought together by pain.


I'm sorry to have hurt you so.

I'm sorry you've fallen.

I will help,

But we have to do this together.

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I love the love
The light
In other side, hate 
Is shadow
Over light

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Scarred Heart

This scarred heart has your name written all over it.
Just like a tattoo that cannot be erased.
Permanently seared into my skin as a constant reminder of you.
At least that's one mistake I didn't go and do.
All of my scars are kept on the inside,
where no outsider can see the damage that has been done.
Even though you broke my heart only once,
when you broke your promise,
the pain was excruciating.

Since then, I have stitched my torn heart back together, piece by piece.
Which was painful enough.
But, now it does not beat the same as it did,
the rhythm is off.
And, when I tried to use my heart, to love someone again,
those scars you left on me, that pain you instilled in my heart,
would not allow me to love.
You are always there like a stain that I cannot remove.
You left guilty fingerprints on my heart when you killed it.

Will I ever be able to love again?

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Red Roses

Guilt has no imagination.

    It arrives in the form of red roses.

       I have come to hate red roses.

  Guilt has no imagination.

    It cries the same tears

      and promises the same promises.

   Guilt has no imagination.

    It's remorse is short lived, 

       Forgotten within minutes of apology.

   Guilt has no imagination.

      You buy me flowers,

        then you cry, then you lie.

   Guilt has no imagination.

      It arrives in the form of red roses.

        I have come to hate red roses.

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Between Love and Hate

Is there a name for that place we go
Between love and hate but are afraid to show
The place where smiles turn into tears
And one more day turns into years

Do you know that place where someone's touch
Unexplainably turns from pleasure to pain
Of this place do you know of such
Where blue skies fall like rain

Where the playful wink becomes a stare
And the light you see in their eye becomes a glare
The heartfelt kisses of long ago
Now a peck on the cheek just for show

Trusting each other becomes suspicions untold
Never each other again to hold
The I love you becomes I don't care
The same dreams you no longer share

Is that place fear or maybe despair
When you realize they no longer care
Is there a name for that place we go
Between love and hate but are afraid to show

©Donna Jones

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breathe, suffocate

velvet tears slip down my cheek.

a gentle cry.

and the wet drops seep in the corners of my mouth


my lungs are full of my own salty, crystalline tears,

bringing buoyancy to boats that sail inside my veins.

as a rule, I try not to cry.

if a single tear is shed, who is to say that another will not follow?

compelling the rest to join

until I’ve immersed myself in the sea I’ve incepted,

and soon

all I see are the opalescent peaks of water colliding with my skin.

Details | Senryu | |

How I

how I ache for you
how I sweat and shake for you
how I love/hate you

Catie’s contest

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These are just some random thoughts 
that I guess I still have 
of you, of us, of me, of we.

How you use to call me
out of the blue saying, 
you just needed your daily fix
of me.

What happened to the times when 
we just couldn't get enough of each other 
and being apart only justified 
how much we longed to be together?

"If you had a choice between 
beauty or brains,
what would you choose?"

'I hate hypothetical questions.
Why can't I have both?'
I always wanted to be pretty
and I studied trying to be smart.

"How come you never call me?"
'Why does it matter,who calls whom
as long as we talk?

'You can call me whenever you want,
because I always want to talk to you.'

Remembering times we would 
be on the phone without talking,
just content to hear the other breathe. 

It use to compensate for us being apart 
yet it never did satisfy our loneliness.
Until we just got tired of hurting 
and saying the words  "I miss you."

if you stop saying it, then maybe
you would stop feeling it and then maybe 
it wouldn't hurt so much anymore.

How can one person's view of beauty
be another person's view of disgust?
Does the eye of the beholder differ that immensely, 
that your own beliefs, you no longer trust?

I guess I knew it was over when you would be sitting 
right next to me and I still felt all alone, 
neither of us knowing what to say.

I hate words at times, 
and the fact we need to speak 
to communicate.

These are just some random thoughts 
that I guess I still have 
of you, of us, of me, of we....

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No More

No More

Feeling abrupt,
Like a volcano ready to erupt
My soul a hurricane swirling
Around my empty mind and cruel
And forgotten soul.

Pain, feelings so strong,
It cannot be described
On a page with a pen.
I snatch the lunar eclipse
And beauty of the heart goes away,
No sight, no sound;
No pain, no sorrow;
No smile, no frown;
No anything, no everything.

A soul so black,
A heart so weak,
That love is long gone,
And will never return.

No pain is worth feeling,
And no pain such that I hold
Is worth writing away,
No use in finding love again,
When faced with heartbreak
One thousand times before.
No more pain, no more sorrow.

I shall go and sleep away the time,
Till Death comes calling my name,
And lilacs and violets litter my way,
And a single ruby hearted rose
Dries up and slowly dies away.


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Unrequited Love Without Reciprocation

Torment at its finest, found me here tonight.
My love for her has blossomed, yet hers has found no light.
So many stars I have wished upon, less drops of water in the sea.
Tonight it looks like rain, so again a storm will awaken me.
I have studied all her subtleties, and how she looks my way. 
I wish to know not her true feelings, for all I will find is pain.

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you can't hate me

Love me?
Love me not?
You can’t hate me.

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You Had Your Chance

Look at what ya do to me
I dont deserve, the stress your causing me.
I need to breathe, Your Suffocating me.
I cant take what your doin' anymore.
So, I called it off, I called off everything... cuz i cant take it anymore.
ya had your chance and you blew it,
Pics on your phone that ya tried to hide,
Blaming me for things and I didn't know why.
You were an ass to my family,
Ya talked to  my sister more than you talked to me.
You're in denial, and I'm not talking Egypt,
Cuz you just... been.. RE-JECT-ED...
But now I moved on and I'm happy
and all the time I feel like i'm in paradise.
For me this aint the end, it's the beginning.
and as for you..... good RIDDENS!

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I question everything he tells me from the moment it slips out of his mouth, if it sounds honest or forced. My life is simple and that’s not why I question it.  I am okay with having a little  but not or type. We have a little patience and too little time together. Thought we practically spend almost every second together we could never be more apart. As I think about it more and more it seems to hurt me less, how he always says he wants to leave when we argue and all that comes to mind is that I don’t want to be married again. Not because of how I feel about him but how much time I put into this relationship, it cuts me to my core to have that realization. When we were dating I could never let him leave me because how intimate we had become. Love was not the equation, love was never the answer, and love was the excuse.
    I am not sure if he loves me or just seems to hang around because he feels guilty, guilty for stringing me along for such time. Maybe both but I no longer see the man he was, I see depression and hate pointed toward me. I hate divorce, not because it destroys families but because you stand before you friends and family and you pledge to love someone who in turn makes you look foolish once the papers are filed. I am not unhappy as of now, and that’s not why I am writing this, it’s nothing more than I have come to terms with my stupidity.

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Palindrome madness

Flying above streams of love.

Poison flowing streams of hate. 

Streams dried and dead love found. 

Love lost love. 

Love found death.

Loving sounds drowned by hate.
The same hate that tore apart soul mates. Love was much,but hate over weight. Love on a silver plate, while hate on a golden plate. Is this the way of faith?If so it dose not seem to be accurate. Removing love from the throne, making hate chief of the state. Wells of love dried. It only became wet when it cried. Worldwide we cast this love aside. Still I stand by love,side by side. Along side the bonafide.

By: Elliott Bowe
Palindrome mad poetry contest.
The following lines are considered
Palindrome:Flying above streams of love.

Poison flowing streams of hate. 

Streams dried and dead love found. 

Love lost love. 

Love found death.

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To Wind: Thoughts Of Rain

I close my hazel changing eyes,
and wait to see yours there,
remember when we use to meet,
beneath the stars sweet stare,
rain could fill our loving eyes,
for our bitter-sweet tragedy,
and wind would sweep our begging lips,
a kiss from you to me...

within my hand i hold a rose,
colored red by my blood,
in waiting here for you to come close,
the thorns have pierced my skin with love,
ill hold it still, till i can stand,
and place it in your palm,
and show you that i've waited, 
ive been waiting all along...

Though our distance is too great,
to walk and meet half way,
ill close my eyes and meet you in my dreams,
for we swore we'd meet one day,
with crimson colored roses,
and bloodied broken hearts,
held together by the thorns,
that say we'll never part...

Hello my love, i whisper,
and the words come down in the rain,
you mumble in your sleep,
hello my love, and again,
the wind carries your words to me,
and brush my tender lips,
though here ill sleep forever, 
and await your bitter kiss...

James my darling,
our pain it grew as one,
and though we both have others,
you will always have my love,
my vampire lover,
meet me once more in my dreams,
and we shall share a blood-lusted kiss,
while sufficing others screams...

Wind will you listen,
as the rain sings our song,
my love burns like the fire,
but my hate cried all along,
my hate is like the fire,
that burns outside my soul,
by my love for you is raindrops,
that fall from skies of gold...

the wind will carry to me,
your response to my lips,
ill wait for you calmly, 
till you can answer this,
will you remember me always?
or will i just be a fragment of a memory in your mind?
will i always be someone special, or just another fun time?
Darling remember, those first words that we wrote,
the love that grew between us, never had the need to be spoke... 

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Blame It On The Rain

Blame the rain for your sin, You said you loved me, I just want you to say How much you care about me. There were a lot of day's I await in the park for you, A pain inside of my heart, I'm destroyed from the inside. I hate you so much, It making me sick. Memories are crossing my mind, I'm tired of my heart being broken. My body walks but I'm not there, I still love you, I don't know why ? It doesn't makes sense, why ? It feels like I'm drowning In my own tears. I've always treated you right, I loved you endlessly, but You love someone else. All I can think of is hate and pain, The reason of your absence In the park is another, But you blame it on the rain. _______________________ Contest: Blame it on the rain Sponsored: Black Eyed Susan

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A start stop pace

I don’t think you know that it’s a 
You took you hate to my special
That place was my heart, I hate your
The face that lied with such empty 
Long ago your heart fell into
That empty dark space where demons 
After men’s souls who have left the
The human race, it's a start stop
And I went around and around and around and I never felt the need to come down,
But I don’t suppose you care too much behind your crumpled frown,
They went to the ground the ground the ground where we all feel the need to come down,
And you just stood and laughed loudly drinking whiskey in your wedding gown.

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Crying out

Crying out loud,
Crying for no reason,
A girl without future,
A girl stuck in the prison.

Where dreams are coming out?
When they take her dreams away?
A girl without future,
A girl without desire.

How many things are missed?
How many words are left unsaid?
A girl is crying out,
A girl stuck in the world.

Where is an explanation?
Where is a hero?
Is it fine now when
Girls within are still believers
But outside they hate
Every detail and season
Hidden in the eyes of men?

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What You Really Don't Like Me

What?  You Really Don’t Like Me?

Is there something about me,
 that you don’t like?
If you seen me today…
Would you want me to “take a hike?”

Perhaps it’s my personality,
 or a habit of mine.
You can’t stop talking about me,
much of the time.

Pointing out my faults to some
 of the people you know…
The words you say are actually
 eating at your soul!

Instead of loving me, the way
 God wants you to…
You bring up things about m,
 you’re not supposed to do!

Have you ever just once,
took the time to pray for me?
Am I someone you want to be with
for eternity?

STOP! And think about the damage
 you’ve already done!
Begin to pour out your heart
 to Jesus, God’s son!

May he help you to really LOVE me
 the way he does!
The cross he bore was for you and I…
Whom he loves!

May your thoughts about me,
make your heavenly father proud!
I hope to see you as we meet Jesus one day…
In the clouds!

By Jim Pemberton

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In my head

This is not a perfect story, its a feeling that i just want to share with you. I need HELP

The love i show to everyone in my surrounding, its just rediculous the way have trained myself to become or should i just say its my character thats how i am. I hate it when i cry for nothing, its just that i cant get it, do i have to be perfect to earn something in life. Am a good dancer, a good writer as well as a good person, but what have i earned in these living nothing absolutly nothig. Have plied myself to be thee who loves all and never attempt to hate any even thoes who have shown me hatred. Deep in me i feel the agony something somewhere in my daily living is not satisfied have allow my instincts to believe that its just the human strategy we are never satisfied and can never truly and pratically be satisfied, but in my case its a bit different. I miss love, looking at the whole situation properly i cant tell who loves me and who really hates me devastating anomly. The history of my life carries untold stories within its path, i dont even know who truly i am. One thing that am very sure of is that i am always there for thoes whom i feel am bound to be there for although i could be somewhere else. In tears i sometimes sit to ask why, why do i have to be these way. Am so mean to myself as the ones am so hardly trying to be a help of, at a moment i hate myself so much that i dont want to exsist anymore, i wish to be another somebody of somewhere. Just because i couldnt once make it right to the ones i feel bound to help. I am a lost soul screaming loud for attention at some point i can explode if i could, there is such much going on in my head i have issues that i want to talk about things that i just cant keep to myself. Thanks to writing i can state it down. This is a rapid that have ever since search to write about about but i  just could figure it out. I really cant tell weather my own mother loves to talk less of my dad or my boyfriend. My motto, never have up the fight for love, deep inside me am gone, empty and lost, but in my heart i know i can make things happen and watch myself work wonders i believe that. It might be hard to understand if you cant feel what am feeling in me but am completely lost. Do i even have talents? i dont know i have no idea, what i think is am just that loser that dont want to accept her destiny. There is nothing i repeat nothing in this world that cant be solved, my soul is longing for satisfaction love and nothing but the truth. The big thank you i always carry around in me goes to thee the almighty thee who created man from a thick clot of blood and gave hime life despite all what he know that would happen, who has given me the chance to live a life. Suddenly am starting to see life with a different eye than i normally used to as i am writing this,have just figured out life is me, i am my life its only me that can make myself feel just the right way i deserve to feel. Have made so many wrong dicisions, gone through so many hard ways that i could have actually safe myself from. Have given away my last penny to make another fellow feel happy and like me for thoes moments, have thrown my pride away to make a boy fall for my adventurious way, have hurt someones feeling to make another one like me, have done so many harm to myself and others. I just dont know where to head to sometimes i just feel like i should just kill myself and free my thoughts but then I always have this tiny voice in my head that always reminds me of Gods love and it works everytime, thats just what keeps me moving anytime i want to turn back. Have written a manuscript that carries living in it but its still in my laptop. At a certain point i thought putting down 28 pills in my tiny body could save by story, totally wrong thought am stronger than that.   SAVE MY STORY.

A Dream
What happens when you feel so lost, so devastated knowing that no one seems to be understanding your situation. When the whole world turns their backs on you, you feel empty, its a terrible feeling.

A Wish
Wanting to become a somebody to make a certain person in your life happy, a wish that appears not to becoming true, wanting to publish your first book at the age of 20 but you almost 20 and nothing.

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Thin Line

Thin Line 

You hate me when i am around you 
you hate me when i am away
if hating thrives you everyday
i am your energy and 
your medicine at your need
when you gossip for your play.

Poetry 5/18/12 by  Keith Kadell

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through the Keyhole of Time

Through The Keyhole of Time

The houses were made of old timber, like a Russian village 
on the endless steppe - maybe I had Dr Zhivago on my mind. 
But where was Lara? I was in Russia once thought it sinister, 
roads without light and black limousines gliding slowly by.  
Lived in a house that had rough planks for floors and no 
indoor loo, luckily it was summer that year. 
At a café, the woman who ran it looked as a woman I loved, 
and never lost my longing for. I visited the place, there were 
accordion music and much gayety, but the woman I loved 
looked at me with dislike when prancing around with her two 
lovers who were junior officers in the red army and went to 
the gym every day lifting dumbbells; impotent rage, thought 
of assassinating them. She, the woman I loved, had not aged 
I was now forty years older than her.  
 When the music stopped she dismissed her lovers I asked her 
why she had left, she said it was because I was boring and had 
no sense of fun. When the music began, to prove her wrong, 
I danced to show her how much fun I was capable of, but I fell 
on the floor and for once people laughed.  
Knew I had failed her and could not understand what more 
I could do to make her love me. But I had been blind, outside 
a woman smiled, a warm African smile, it took me forty years 
before I met her again and mourn the lost years without her. 

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What Would You Do

What would you do if you knew this was my last day to live??
Would you try and save or let me go?
Would you even care for my soul?
What would you do if I was a fallen angel?
Would you still recognize me?
Would you talk to me or ignore me?
What would you do if I died?
Would you have a funeral for me, so all my friends & family could come?
Would you cry or even mourn a 'lil bit?
Would you care that I was gone, or would be happy?
What would you do if I was a ghost?
Would you feel me right beside you, guarding you, Watching over you, protecting you?
Would you see me?
Tell me would you walk all over me, or maybe even walk through me, as if I weren't there?
What would you do if I was a demon?
Would you still love me then?
Would you still care and forgive me?
Would you just say "You are stupid, and I hate you?"
What would you do if I were and angel?
Would you love me more, or would you love me less?
Would you feel me touch you, and comfort you when you need someone and you think noone is there for you, well that's a lie, cause I am right here beside you to catch you if you fall, to dry your tears, and to heal your wounds of any kind.
What would you do if I was still alive?
Would you continue to hate me, and call me sadistic names?
Would this world still be cruel?
Would there still be a rule?
What would you do?
Briana Lynn Palmer
age: 14

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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love By Jack Horne and Beth Winchcombe 


We’ve been through this a thousand times!

What can I say to make you see?

The love I felt for you has died -

I’m sorry, you’re not right for me.


You made me laugh!

You made me cry!

Now it seems you’ve gone away!

I should hate you,


Love and hate are much akin.


I know you want another chance,

But feel we’ve had that one last try!

I never meant to break your heart.

It tears me up to see you cry.


I’m missing you so much


You heartless swine!

Leaving me alone!

Why did you come into my life

If you didn’t mean to stay?


Unless I owned a crystal ball,

How could I know how it would end?

I love you still - but not enough!

I know your broken heart will mend.


What I felt for you

Is liken to a tap

I just can't turn it off.

You're nothing but a whimp,

A bastard,

A womaniser,

Someone I should hate!

Can't you see what you've done to me?

I wish now that we'd never met!

Sadly though I'd still forgive you.


I've got myself a dog, he won't let me down!

Unconditional love, that's what I need right now!

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let the darkness in

Gloom used to be so familiar to me, 
A second cousin once removed, with similar eyes 
And my own tangled hair 
We used to have long conversations in the dark, 
And stroke each other’s faces, 
Mourning the loss of joy’s bright dancing limbs 
And when the dawn light broke we would shudder, 
Collectively, and huddle beneath the duvet 
Ah we were such good friends, gloom and I…
But then as the years passed I began to resent his presence 
Began to hate his guts
And eventually I kicked him out of bed – 
I thought – forever…
Celebratory days passed, in a blur of unfamiliar happiness 
All sparkling and gilded and glowing with infantile delight 
I threw myself into being normal, loved every minute – 
Until the day came when I met you, 
One suffocating autumn night, 
And Gloom rubbed his hands together in glee – 
Knowing that he could follow you and worm his way back into my heart 
Clinging to you like a leech until he could slip inside me 
And colonize once again the mansion he had lived in; 
The grim black walls of my gothic heart 
So you see, my love, I have a lot to hate you for 
Because not only did you break down my walls 
But you let the darkness in…
And not only did you leave me cold and weeping 
But you gave me despair for a friend…
So run away, darling, while you still can – 
Because rage smolders in my heart, and the grim desire for revenge…

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Why I Hate You

You utter words that are so mean
that I felt like shedding tears
You have gestures that makes me feel bad
that makes me feel anxious
...and I hate you for that.

You call my name in sweetest way
that I could hardly speak
You smile with all your heart
that always left me stunned.
...and I love you for that.

You all had it all
showing me the worst I have and 
letting me realize the best i always had
that makes me feel great and proud.
...and I adore you for that.

But I know you don't feel that much for me
You'll never have a chance to think about me
You'll never have time to spend with me
'cause you have her enough for you.
...and I admire you for that.

..but for letting me feel special
...I really do hate you..


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"La Vida De Un Diablo"

Diablo, we trust those for when we fall on knees to pray and let them take us, so much 
apetite for thos we have confided, sober the wind we have breath on, take it all if you want, 
but not the time i had with her, i know i broke the rules, i fell in love with an angel, i just cant 
let her go if shes the one who covers my eyes, i sat to make a road with my feelings, mixed 
with love and hate towards the heaven, i never tought an angel was gonna be the one i 
would die for, Diablo, i am the devil who killed the skies, once i let the smoke breath air, 
nothing will stop me, i know she wants this to end in dishonored glory, my prize was love, 
my hate was vanquished, i wonder if my lord will punish me for falling for her beaty, i just 
wish once more i would get the kiss of edens end and fall to pitt with the one i love, she 
fights hard to let this lingering soul be calm and relaxed, now is falling apart, i wonder if is 
going to last for one more day, one more week, i want this eternity, it should fall recklessly 
on dishonor and discourage, easy to find and hard to kep, it slipts like if it was soiled pupet, i 
cant hold her, i cant have her, i wont ever understand this times why so lost, i cant see or 
find myself inside my head, i just wish one more time for it to get rebuilt and stop this 
careless acts of sarcastic sympathy, please god, let my love grow and have the angel i have 
fallen for, my Diablo, my souless chest, is just fullfilling with love and passions, how can this 
happend, my hate is gone, my vengative feelings are dead now, how can an angel kill my 
Diabolous feelings and exchange them in heavenly ones?

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Missing you

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, 
But babe I don't think I can take it much longer. 
I miss your touch your laugh the way you smile, 
Cheer up baby I'll be home in a little while. 
I hate being away miles apart, 
U coming here in a hurry would be smart 
When I away from you I feel get opposite of strong, 
When I left I didn't know it'd be this long. 
I want to fall to my knees pout and cry,
I'm not a little baby I just hate saying Bye. 
Those three small letters are very terrible things, 
Hey is much better it makes my heart sing! 
Being apart from you is like losing apart of myself, 
I'd pick you over having any sort of wealth. 
I love you so much I am ready to see you, 
Ready for you to hold me and say 'I love you too'

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Hate Me without Luv

Hate Me without Luv, 2010
Vickie M. Ortiz Vazque

Hate me without love
For the love will consume everything including your common sense
Love me without hate
For the hate is a wasted emotion
One that can consume the senses

Hate me and don’t love me
The differences between you and I is and can be as complex as hate, love
Love me and don’t hate me
Because those differences can, should become the reason for being

Hate what you know
For not all societal values should be follow
Love what you don’t understand
For with heart and soul can you only be open
The unknown, the unfamiliar might be the joy you have been waiting for
The know, full of restrictions can bring damnation to us both

Hate me without love
Love me without hate
Hate me without love
Love me without hate

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Free me

Free me, I say free me
from the enternal damnation
of her death grip.
(I have no use, for love with her)
She does not know me,
She does not love me,
For if she would love me,
I'd love her back.

Come now, someone free me,
free me from the eternal hatred
that has grown between us.
I cannot take this torture anymore.
(My heart grows weak, my heart grows weak... I can't breath,
  I can't breath. She is crushing my windpipe! HELP ME!)

Listen I do not love you,
My heart belongs to someone else.
Someone who understands the pain I face.
I cannot love you, and will not love you, for my heart does not belong to you.

I pray to everything that is holy in this Godly, green Earth
Free me, free me!!
I say free me from this eternal torment and execute this monster!
(For my heart belongs to someone else.)

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I Simply Hate Being Me

I tried to pay her a compliment
But the message came out all wrong
I tried singing my own words of love
But I plagiarized his song

I keep looking into the mirror
But my future doesn’t look much clearer

I’m repeating the mistakes from my past
My enemies all seem to be laughing last

How can it be … I simply hate being me?
How can it be … I simply hate being me?

I tired to help an old lady across the street
But she hit me with her purse
I try being the best man I can be
But I don’t think I could get much worse

I keep looking into the mirror
But my destination isn’t any nearer

I want to be a big success
But I keep on failing the entrance test

How can it be … I simply hate being me?
How can it be … I simply hate being me?

I want to give the world all this love I have
But hate keeps stepping into my way
Tomorrow always looks so great to me
But I am stuck in yesterday

I keep looking into the mirror
Objects are larger than they appear

I want to make something of my life
But the Grim Reaper is getting near

How can it be … I simply hate being me?
How can it be … I simply hate being me?

NOTE:  Don't read too much into this poem.  This is simply a verse that I was singing in my head while taking a shower.  If I could write music, you would love the beat.

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the old you

How can love come and go so fast?
I really miss the way we were.
I still love you even though I hate you
I hate that you made me cry
And how it is so hard everytime to say goodbye
I didn't like that last hug
I can feel little heart strings given a tug
I want the old you to hold me 
I want the old you to come back
I want my whole life to be back on track
The ringing is about to stop
No more "I love you, I really do"
No more staying on skype till two
The old you is gone and for awhile even you're not coming back
I wish I woudn't have got mad for somethings so dumb
So that now my heart wouldn't be so numb
If we could have made game plans and talked things through 
Right now I wouldn't be missing you 
The old you would still be here
And I wouldn't have these painful tears

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Please Come Back

I'm sorry for all the horrible things I have said,
I'm sorry for all the bad things I have done,
I'm glad to havve you as my best friend again,
I was sad, depressed, and desperate to hear you voice, and,
Talk to you again.

Oh Caleb, I cannot tell you,
How happy I was, happy to finally,
Talk to you after months,
You will always be my best friend no matter what,
You know that I will always be here for you,
I miss you a lot, why oh why must you live,
So far away?

Why do you live in Illinois,
Why did you leave me,
Why did you go away and not come back?
Caleb, please come back real soon, we all miss you,
But I miss you the most.
You are my best friend,
And I am here to stay.

I will never let you down,
Never put you down,
Never will I forget about you,
I will never hate you,
It is impossible,
It is impossible, because you picked,
Me up when I was down, you
Were always there for me, and you still are,
You never let me down, and you never called me names,
You Never let me be sad, and it was amazing,
To have such a good friend around,
So why, why did you move away?

I know it was for your protection,
I know you had to get out of that horrible place,
That horrible dark place,
Oh how bad I wanted to beat them for beating you,
You did not deserve that, and I hate that image,
Noone deserves to be treated that way; I don't care,
Who they are.

Caleb thank you for being my friend again,
And forgiving me, and for always being here for me,
May I ask one little favor of you?
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To: CAZ

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I`m not afraid of living in a small cubicle,
for I love to stay alone in my closet for days;
I am not claustrophobic.

I love to mingle with men of diverse tongues,
do business with foreigners,
for I`m not Xenophobic.

I have zero tolerance to agoraphobia,
for I love speaking in public,
shout among crowds to buttress my opinion and ideology.

...but I hate to be barked at,
hate being a toothless bull dog,
I`m a fox who does not like
being ridiculed and under classed,
I hate cobwebs and  creeping plants,
I`m a tiger afraid of not being able
to catch my prey;
a bee afraid of not making honey,
dancing and buzzing without nectar,
This I will not condone;
to be a bad father,husband,mentor and citizen.

When I roar and the forest shakes not,
and the wind refuses to whistle,
Then!I have failed;
Oh! I`m failurephobic.....

Contest:"What`s Your Fear?" sponsored by Tanya Harrington

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When Love Turns To Hate

She fell in love so unexpectedly, there were no warning signs.
Her head kept saying no, but in her heart she knew she would be fine.
She remembers saying she’s never gonna fall in love, but here she is again.
Head over heels sitting on the 9th cloud and forgetting the pasts’ pain.

Days and weeks went by, getting to know each other well.
Months turned into a year, deeper and deeper she fell.
She gained trust and confidence; he gained all her love and heart.
The moment they’re together nothing can tear them apart.

She loved him with all she had, gave it her 100 percent.
Every time he smiled, she knew he was heaven sent.
Materials things didn’t matter, she was a simple girl.
He promised to always love her, she became his whole world.

But promises ended up broken, he played her for a fool.
He got bored of loving her and suddenly he turned cruel.
Two years together and she never stopped loving him.
Never looked at another guy, she knew it was a sin.

But in a matter of seconds, everything came crashing down
She felt the walls close in on her, her smile turned into a frown.
She learnt he was lying to her. Caught him in another’s embrace.
All those late night work trips, instead he was going to her place.

Depression started kicking in, she tried to erase all the memories.
Threw out all his stuff, she cried as she fell to her knees.
He tried to apologize, saying he didn’t know how to tell her.
He wanted to break it off but he didn’t wanna cause a stir.

She made it easy for him, ended the relationship instead.
She lost her trust and love for him, she kept wishing she was dead.
Friends and family comforted her, deep inside she wanted to call.
She really missed him a lot, but she got through it all.

Tears would flow now and then as she would remember special times.
She tried to block it out; it only escapes for a while.
She grew stronger each day, knowing it wasn’t her loss
Constantly reminded what an amazing person she is, an inspiration at no cost.

A year later and he realizes he made a huge mistake
He should have never let her go; the other girl was such a fake.
He tried to reconcile but sadly it’s already too late.
Slowly and eventually her love for him has now turned to hate.

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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Unrequited Love Without Reciprocation

Torment at its finest, found me here tonight.
My love for her has blossomed, yet hers has found no light.
So many stars I have wished upon, less drops of water in the sea.
Tonight it looks like rain, so again a storm will awaken me.
I have studied all her subtleties, and how she looks my way. 
I wish to know not her true feelings, for all I will find is pain.

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i love

i love it when hes sweet
i hate it when hes not
but the most thing i love is when hes mine

there are two of him
and hers...

sometimes i cant tell the difference
between him and...him
i know that sounds crazy but...
thats just how it goes...

i love him when hes mine
hate him when hes hers

i love it when he whispers in my ear
"i love you"
i hate when he does that to her

cant someone get me out of this?
well there is someone
but hes not here...
he lives far away...

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The Death of Madamoiselle DuPont

(continueing the Monsieur L'Vampyre adventure)
Dear Stella, up the path, into the park,
deep shadows hide the trees along the Seine,
the quiet of the night accents the dark
and you can feel your breathing now and then.

The peaceful gloom, enveloped by a mist,
all black and gray and shades of morbid white,
accentuates the place your eyes have missed,
where someone waits, who's watched you every night.

This place, where gendarmes warn to be aware,
tonight is more foreboding than you've known,
and so you pause; you look; is someone there?
it's then you realize, you are alone.

The snapping of your heels you hear increase,
as if the hurry puts your mind at peace.

Engulfed, the path leads up and from the Seine,
and then you'll be out of this narrow pit,
but suddenly you feel the eyes again,
much closer than a glove too small to fit.

You struggle with your thinking, in a word,
to flee or just pretend no one is there,
and so you hum a tune you've never heard,
and place your safety in your mother's prayer.

Oh, Stella, Stella, in the spring you'll wed,
your sweet Gaston. Believe he's at your side,
and you will laugh at all this gloom and dread...
though courage might have found you, it has lied.

The shadows all are moving; you can hear
the groaning of someone who's all too near.

The quiet; crickets sounding no alarm,
but now a drizzle rain cools at your heat,
and tingles flowing down onto your arm
remind you of the friends you'll never meet;

quite suddenly, he's grabbed you from behind,
and muffles any sound you might have found,
you cannot scream, to hurt is in your mind,
but he's too quick, he's pinned you to the ground.

Who is this thing, your lover or your friend,
you might have pained...why does he want you dead?
or is this just someone who brings the end,
you've never known, with killing in his head?

You feel no teardrops, feel no blood nor fright,
there's only blinding, blinding, blinding light....
© ron Wilson aka Veebdosa the Doylestown poet

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Hate roars
Love whispers
Love roars

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     29 January 2013

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Oh how we love them
They lift us
Build us up
Inject love to the centre of our being
Painted into pictures colouring our dreams
Writing or reading or tumbling from our tongues
Words fill our minds and our lungs
They are the wings on which our spirits travel
We are freed with their meaning

Oh how we hate them
They trip us
Cause us to fall down
Words rip our hearts from our chest
We are transported to lands of gray matter
Knocked off of the rungs of our ladders
Millstones tied to our ankles
Words on a page
Help release rage
What we hate can heal
Layers that we peel
Spokes within the wheel
In the end neither good or bad
We need both happy and sad

No day without night
No surety or fate
Words are just a tool
A gift to satiate
So we all drink
The words that others think
We can love or hate them
But in the end
Words create a link

Inspired by my friend Eileen Ghali

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What I love about door mice is their size,
What I hate about love is it's pain,
What I hate about hate is it's eyes,
What I hate about hate's eyes is it's ...INNOCENCE!

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Runaway Bride

Runaway bride

Scare at her face, beauty in a wedding dress,
At first sight her sparkle could impress,
Knocked late night as I opened the door,
Harried into the house and sat on the floor,

Tears rolling down her eyes, she was in pain,
Parents marrying her off for selfish gain,
Asking for a shelter, she bitterly wept,
That whole night closer to me she slept,

Should I call her parents and explain?
Or let her lover wipe away her pain ?
Morning sun had so much in store,
Her life, I could only offer help to restore,

For a court marriage both of them did opt,
I helped them, engaged a lawyer prompt,
A cheer on their face I still remember,
Zest to live life together, in hearts burnt an ember,

A fortnight hardly and headlines to my shock,
Their bodies were found dead on the dock,
Their only crime was to hurt the family pride,
Honour killing for the groom and runaway bride!

Had I informed the parents, would they be still alive ?
Ponder now, But that time I felt I was doing so right !

August 28th, 2014
Poet- Dr. Upma A. Sharma
For contest ' When doing wrong feels so right' by Jared Pickett

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Him And Her

Smile! Click! 
She poses for a picture
Hands entwined in his, 
Faces bumping together, hearts connecting beyond embraces
She knows he’s hers and she’s his
In her dreams- in her deepest wishes
Screams! She screams as she jumps
Didn’t even look but plunged right into love
She said ‘It wasn’t my fault’ 
But a guilty burn stabs her
Ouch! That’s it! 
Just pretend that you haven’t thought a million times about him
Oh yeah! All those poems you wrote, daydreaming, -
Fine! She shuts up the voices
So what? He’s the best of every girl’s choices
He’ll never boast but smiles innocently
Every time she wants to hate him
His beautiful brown eyes catch hers
Poof! Hate disappears
A rush of that feeling called love reappears
She lives a fairytale with him
In imaginary land
Smiling on the outside
Snatching a glimpse as he walks by
Hah! She sighs!
Surely, one day, he’ll be mine!

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These are the things i hate about you

Your smile,
You've been gone for a while.
These are the things i hate about you.
Your laugh,
Inside you cry,
These are the things i hate about you.
And i,
I think you're smart for letting me go,
But i just wanted you to know...
I love you,
I miss your smile,
A tear still sheds from me,
even though its been a while,
 And even though your gone,
I still hear you voice,
And i love you,
I miss your style,
A tear still sheds from me,
Even though its been a while.
And now that your gone,
I still wish you were around,
I miss you...
I miss you!!!

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Hateher GodIhate her (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

The things you say
you don't remember
I remember

you are evil ...
a whore
I can't believe what I've given up
for you

I hate you
I gave up MY LIFE for you
God I Hate you

Think we"ll make it????
I'm optimistic..................


God . I Hate....

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this damn attraction

there must be magnets
holding this attraction 
between us
where ever I go
I see you
on this huge campus
in this large city
with tons of people
and I still
manage to always find
your face
in a crowded room
I hate my heart
for loving someone
who refuses to love me back
I hate these magnets for
always bringing me to you
I hate my legs for not allowing
me to walk away
and give my heart the distance it needs
I hate you for leading me on
I hate you for making me like you
I hate you for making me feel wanted
I hate you so much I think I may love you

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Like, Love, Hate

I can like you 
Flirt like a bee
Keep it easy
Just being me
Tossing good vibes
Me to you
Nothing more
Tonight we're through

You can like me
Lay me a line
A compliment 
Would work just fine
Hoping that you will get more
Lost your chance
Walked out the door

I can love you
With all my heart
Expose myself
Not very smart
Open up and let you in
Let you taste 
The sweetest sin

You can love me 
Make me your dreams
Easy enough
Or so it seems
Give me your whole, everything
Make me need
What you can bring

I can hate you
Wish you to bleed
Holding a grudge
Let evil breed
Darkness fills what eyes can see
Send you harm
Make you just flee

You can hate me
Say words so mean 
Spew your  venom 
Heart drips unclean
No more light left in the room 
Stomped it down 
Let in the gloom

I like you
I love you
I hate you too
I cant live without you 
Now what do I do?

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Rest are Women! 
We worship Women,
We love Women as Mothers
We seek affection
from Women as Sisters
We are Men

We place Woman
on a Pedestal, We need Her
We use Her, We misuse Her
We are Men

We love our Wife,
We hate Daughters
We flirt Women;
We abuse Her
We are Men

When Women dares! and
Gets down her pedestal
We hate her,
we fear her
We are Men

Wonder! Why God fears
to get down from pedestal
The offerings will stop from all,
Shall ignore even the Lord
We are Men
The Rest are Women

INDIA, THE LAND OF GREAT CULTURE  is sadly named among the five worst places 
for women in the world in a survey.

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You Make Me Mad

You make me mad
I just want to scream
Why did you do that to me?
Did it give you a rise? 
to see the affects, of all the heck 
of a mess and the stress 
You put me through
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!



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If I could visualize the world in your eyes and feel what your heart speaks we would be able to teach reaching the many people who dream what we have obtained.


The love of a FAMILY
The AMBITION to survive to have more positive insights to be able to believe in a future.

The MENTALITY to adapt to the changes that has and will take place, even if it means that we love or hate them.

Having the ability to EMOTIONALLY control our urges that destroy so many. Yet to be moved by love with the lack of violence.   Until necessary to enforce some type of love and happiness in the minds of many who don't believe anymore.  The type of love the children need and dream of in a world that’s force to hate when they are born to love.

To achieve greatness and be a positive leader among leaders who have false goals of becoming someone who could actually lead, so many have lost their views on what needs to be corrected and improved to become better people.   I’m often reminded by so many people of all their extreme lies told all in the vein of false fame.

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The Black Abyss

Sinking in deeper,
No way to escape,
The dark and scary Reaper,
Fore told in the Book of Life.

Is this my end?
Will I ever see the light of day again?
No. My wounds, I must mend.
I must find my strength.

Stand my ground,
Face my fears.
Only then will my voice be found
I must survive.

Break the suffocating chains,
Run from the darkness.
Power will fill my veins.
I will Fight!

Fight the painful names,
The horrid memories,
The demented games 
And escape My Black Abyss.

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"Take Me To Hell"

I don't play god, i hate you all, a life made of lie i will slay today, nothing steps
ahead, i will decapitate satan for power, god if i must, i don't rules in a hole so dark,
i feel pain in my chest, so before i die i will destroy the world, more hate in me growing
so quick, my mother and father, hope to see you in hell, i'll settle up the score for
good, i love sins more than devil does, as a creator, i punish fear, blood runs deep, fear
runs deeper, love ain't here, not in me, never will, is like a fire inside my chest
punching the walls of my heart blazing, like a passion breaking, poison closed my eyes,
funny look towards the mirror look at all this devils besides me, i love this chain
holding me down, it actually challenge me to fight harder, take me to hell, let me see
satan face to face, let me spit on him, let me see god's face, i'll show him rebelry, now
every body reading this thinks im just confused, if you knew i am more conscious than
angels sounding trumpeths, i die slowly, years digging up the truth, days to grasp the
grass on top of the bodies, so many years, so many clouds, how heavy they hang the god
watching us die? Go away! im not a traitor, i just read the truth, so i will love to kill
you all, so stupid to think you know beyond but i cheated death enough times to tell you
how wrong you are, how stupid you've dealt this war, you let the world fall and dig up a
grave so sacred, let me kiss her farewell, my life is over soon, take me to hell, satan is
dragging me down, Mr. Butcher cut me on million pieces, take us all to hell, enter the
light ahead, fight the darkness inside, is all about violence, is the only way we know how
to reason reality...

How many more years will it take for my writings to make others understand how dark this
place is? How far will i go to show off my abilities? Why is this so hard? Is it real this
pain? For a moment we all bury truth to sleep besides the enemy, drag me to hell, take my
soul and bury my corpse, show me truth, show them death, take me to hell, take us all,
show me the truth, blood runs deep, fear runs deeper, take me to hell and show off my
world, i will slay the snake once alive, were did i fell from? Hahaha! Funny... How long
have you been alive kid?

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A Sad Poem

Sadness consumes my soul
Like ivy growing on an old building
Slowly devouring any beauty
Anyone might have ever seen

All the hope I have ever had
Slowly fades away each day,
Like paint on a decrepit house
Peeling from all the harsh weather it has endured.

I wake up each morning feeling
Like there is nothing left to live for
Wondering what is wrong with me
Wondering why no one wants to love me.

If I am so great,
Why am I so lonely?
If I am such a wonderful person,
Why doesn’t anyone want to be with me?

Happiness is a feeling long forgotten,
Replace by a daily plague of depression.
Negativity is the locust of my life
Anguish is abundant and all I know.

I cover myself with a façade of joy
Masking the true feeling of desolation.
I don the aroma of bliss
To distract from my natural scent of despondency.

How did it come to this?
Where did I go wrong?
Why am I so sad?
When will it change?

I hate the way I feel,
I hate hiding my sorrow.
I hate feeling helpless,
I hate knowing no one wants to love me.

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I search for words
To describe this feeling...
After you told me
You hate me...

I remember when 
I went swimming in the ocean
One day in January...
Ice was curled in elaborate design
Of wind-blown swirls on the sand...
Snowflakes mixed with grains of sand
And bitter wind blew both into my face-
Sea foam blew across the beach
Like stray, sodden mushroom clouds
And the ocean waves were dark 
And angry...
It was so cold, this January...
But I wasn't scared.

That day, I had I thought of
The ocean in autumn;
When I swam last in autumn,
It was October, and the
Wind was harsh and strong;
Waves were wild with
The fresh memory of stormclouds,
So they crested high and broke hard
On the beach...
The sun hadn't shone that day either.
The water, when I dove into it,
Was cold, but warmer than the air-
Vicious to look at,
But under the surface of the waves
Still gentle as summer...
I had gone back in more than once
Just because I loved the feel,
The pull of the current, the raw energy
Of the water against my skin,
And I dove through waves again
And again...

I knew it would be worse this time,
A few months later
And so many degrees colder...
I almost decided not to do it
When I peeled off my coat, 
My shirt, my boots, pants, and socks...
The wind bit my skin hard, tearing
Into my warm body, and the gound,
Icy, was like bared teeth against the soles
Of my feet...
Too late to back out now.

So I ran, barefoot, over ice-ringed
Puddles of seawater and snow-flecked sand...
I reached the water, the first soft waves...
I was slowed by the foamy surf,
Which, only knee-deep, was a strong deterrent,
But then I was past it, and I dove...
That first, frigid, smack in the face
As the water closed over my head
Stole all heat, all memory of heat,
From my body all in an instant...
I surfaced gasping in shock,
Heart about to either stop or burst-
I'm still not sure which,
All I could think of was the cold...
It was so cold...
Colder than anything I've ever known...

I retreated clumsily-
I should have recoiled from the ground,
Stepping quickly and lightly
Over cruelly sharp grains of 
Equally mixed ice and sand,
But I could no longer feel the cold...
I could feel nothing...
Could think nothing...

When you told me you hate me...
It felt like that.

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Spirit to Fire

Don’t cross your woman
Unless you've lost your head
She could do like mine 
And not rest ‘til you’re dead

Could come call in the daytime
Or slip in at night
Scorned women are sneaky
Mine planned revenge right

Don’t limit your fear to 
knife poison or gun
She could look as mine did 
to drag out her fun

It may be harm to your body
Is her new heart’s desire
But mine called on black magic
To put my spirit in fire

It depends on the girl
Some don’t but some do
I was naive and believed
when mine said I forgive you

So don't do like me and risk
your spirit to fire
Rather Honor your woman
You'll see she keeps you as sire 

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nothing is what it seems

I wish dreams came true
for those who deserve miracles.
I wish upon every star
that one day I wont have to hope
for a better life.
I pray that there was only happiness,
and pain only existed in nightmares,
and hate was gone,
and love bloomed 
as easily as a rose on a summers day.
But dreams are merely that,
dreams, and 
without the determination and perseverance
most people lack
they will forever remain figments of imagination.
and wishes are worthless 
without hope.
Hoping is a waste of time
if you are not going to try.
And happiness is sometimes only a dream
and the nightmare is the reality.
And hate is the most prominent 
and real emotion in human existence.
And love can be as fake 
as a smile of the heartbroken girl
trying to make it through the day.
And love can be 
as long living as the rose
given to the girl
when the boy has nothing more to say

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MLK - 1929 - 1968

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

they shot you down
all those years ago


your dream lives on
and always will

for though much has been
gained since you dreamed
your dream

there is much to fight for
and much more to struggle for

and much, much more
to fight for still

your dream resounds in
our hearts and we pledge 
this to you today
for though they shot you down
all those years ago on a memphis day
we shall overcome
this we do believe
deep in our hearts
we shall overcome

(for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

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backwards version for contest

so for now I guess this is
that I cant buy
I need some time
but new entries are opening
my window is closing
in between
I'm stuck in a different dimension
I hate him
I love him
I cant make a decision
I hate you
I love you

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All signs point both ways

      Sometimes the time we spend apart makes our love grow stronger
         and make us realize how much we love and appreicate eachother
            And sometimes it shows us how much we shouldnt be together
                      but what do you do when it shows you both
            and its all just a contridicting concoction of mess and emotion
                boiled down into one two infinity thoughts to review
            I hate you! I love you! I need you. go away!... come back. 
                        dont call me! why didnt you call?
               why dont you love me? why do you love me?
   Why do you make me hate you so? Why do you make me love you?
                   Why does it kill me when your not around?
                    why cant i stand it when you come around?
               So what to do when the signs point both ways equally

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You started it, you made me fall in love with you, you hurt me, you let me down, you lied to 
me, you made me believe in you.

Why did you start it?  why did you make me fall in love with you?  why did you hurt me?  
why did you let me down?  why did you lie to me?  why did you make me believe in you?

What makes you think you can do this to me?  It still hurts when I see you with her.  What 
gives you the right to do this to me?  What did you think was going to happen?  I hate you so 
much I hate myself, I know you've moved on and I should too, but I can't stop thinking of 
you, you were my everything and I still love you no matter what.

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Fairy Tales End

I humbly preyed as I cried.
I silently wept as I laughed time bye.
Happily waved a sour goodbye willing to let life walk on by. 
Doubtfully thanked the stars that I’m out.
released from passion, resurrected from hate the source of love died to late.
Learning forgetfulness is a trait that I lack.
Forgot such luck when I welcomed you come back.
don’t worry I’m happy so calm to be born.
My smile may be fake but my heart must go one.

Tackling emotion can be pushed a side 
I’m already weary my fairy tale died.
Passed on threw growing a notion that’s true 
To wake up an realise no man will love you.
No reason to dream they never come true
 fake twists of fate all tattered an torn.
Years of wishing make fairy tales boring.

I do despise those childhood lies of knights 
and princes rescues and more an adventure a failure.
Pathetic hopes with pointless priers.  
Childlike love has gotta come true, ignorance in knowing 
it wont come to you.. Ha forget I’m done!  
I’m worn from running to love yet being ran from.

Wearing all black my heart aint at stake it 
matches the hate that remains on my face.
I wont love you is the same normal line 
which equals you cant spare your time.
Did I ask for a prince or so godly knight  
all I asked for was love yet you cant get that right
Dame it you ran as fast you speak  asking “why do I love you”
Well the reasons mine now to keep.

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Going Fast

Caught with glances past
Holding memories going fast
Faces lost pasts caught
I am sorry but I have no memory 
Of any times with you

As good as you look
Your only a odd felt hook
And what we had is now only you
As I open a new book
You would be some thing new

Yes I remember
But theres nothing that I feel
Here to remind me, nothing now here to do
I have nothing but pains for the memory
Your not even a fact or a smell
So untill you are actually bold
I will count you as cold
Some where in a dream I can't hold

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Stop Joseph Kony

            Its not about you but we are making it about you 
Kony its about the invisible children become visible 
Kony the face of a monster 
Most wanted 
Killer of children’s dream’s 
Arming them against there right’s 
Forcing them to fight 
The out  rage is expose 
For the world to see 
As the children’s cry’s are felt around the world 
Not one eye was dry  
As the news of a world wide crime against the young
Is carried out 
God’s children are crying out to be set free 
And stop the blood shed from the hand’s of a monster
Who grab’s there innocents and turn’s it into hate 
Arming them with iron bullet’s of destruction 
As god ‘s angle’s come to the rescue 
To stop this monster’s face come to justice
For all god’s children 
Kony must come to face with his fate 
He must be stopped for in forcing hate 
Among god’s children 

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Things go wrong

Love hurts and people change. Things go wrong and things get strange. But life goes on and you only life it once. Be strong cause things will get better over the months. I thought I was heartbroken, I thought you were my world. You fooled me though, made me think I was your only girl. But all along, you didnt care. Im not sure, your were even completely there. But now I've moved on, when I thought it was impossible. I had to be the bigger person in this breakup, I was responsible. I let it get to me, but I didnt let it ruin me completely. I didnt do anything about the hurt you caused me, I acted so sweetly. I let you walk all over me, I tried to ignore how you disrespected me. But when I ended things, the pain was easier to see.

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Your Poison

Your love is the poison that has riddled my soul
Taking me hostage, it has taken its toll
I've gone without food I've gone without sleep
It has blinded my eyes its shackled my feet
Your poison fills my being so I can't get away
I try to run but it makes me stay
I wrestle, I fight, I can not breathe
The more I'm with you, the more I desire to leave
Why won't you release me and quit playing games
Instead you envenomate ,you poison my veins
It courses through my body decaying my heart, decaying my mind
If I can't escape there will be nothing left to find
You will eat my flesh and devour my bones
Living with your poison, I feel all alone
The clock is winding down, the time is coming near
Your love is a poison that has turned into fear

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A Crying Shame

It's a crying shame,
When love cuts you deeply,
When you don't want to hear my name,
And when you pretend to have been over me.

It's a crying shame,
That I still love you,
Especially after all the pain I've been through,
That you've given me through and through.

It's a crying shame,
How we both know that we love each other,
But don't want our appearance to falter,
So we hate each other out of our love.

It's a crying shame,
That you lie about me,
That you blame me,
That you hate me.

It's a crying shame,
That hatred devours you from the love you once felt,
Torturing you so,
Just let it go.

It's a crying shame,
That I try to hurt you because you hurt me,
That I am filled with anxiety,
I have to try to just let it be.

It's a crying shame,
That you have me to blame.
And I think about it everytime I hear your name.
It's all a crying shame.

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Loving to hate

I hate the way life treats people,
Unfair in the strangest ways,
Allowing good people to suffer,
And the bad, to be happy for days,

I hate the way life acts,
Adding damage to where it has been done,
It tears up hearts and rips out souls,
And destroys all sense of fun,

I hate the way life goes,
Killing people that don’t have to die,
Letting innocent people suffer,
Forcing loved ones to hurt and to cry,

But I love the way life happens,
They way two people just meet,
Their love can bring them happiness,
True love, without deceit,

I love the way life flows,
With memories deep and true,
To remind you just who you are,
And to always, just be you,

I love the challenge life gives,
Makes you brave, courageous and strong,
To bring out the best in you,
Cause you’ve had inside all along.

I love life for making me sad,
Make me suffer and cry and scream,
For giving me hope and beliefs,
So I can always dream...

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I Hate

I hate the birth mark under my right eye
I hate my extremely static hair
I hate my big bottom lip
I hate my spotty nose

I hate that I have really *****y times
I hate that people only remember me for my really *****y times
I hate that the real *****es hate me
I hate being cautious so they don’t ***** about me

I hate that I cry over everything
I hate that people know I cry over everything
I hate that I hide from them anyway
I hate that they actually don’t care 

I hate the fact that my brother is leaving home next year
I hate the fact that I cried when he told me that
I hate the fact that I hid my tears from him
I hate the fact that he’s all I really have left

I hate my father for making me feel like he doesn’t care about me
I hate my mother for making me feel like she picked him over me
I hate that my brother had to look after me when they couldn’t be bothered
I hate that, in my eyes, they don’t deserve to be called mum and dad

I hate that when I was younger I had to run away from my father
I hate that my mother and brother left me by myself that day
I hate that they left me closer to my father
I hate that they went somewhere I would have felt safer

I hate that I feel like my friends are slowly fading away from me
I hate that I feel like I’m a third wheel
I hate that I feel like my friend’s don’t trust me
I hate that I feel like I can’t trust my friends

I hate the feeling of loneliness
I hate that I read books to escape to a world better than mine
I hate that I write to create a better life than my own
I hate that people want to invade that one heaven I invented

I hate that people ask me why I made Katy Clover Taylor
I hate that I had to make a role model for myself
I hate that she is the person I desperately want to be
I hate that she is the one thing I will never live up to

I hate that I feel like my grades would grasp my families attention
I hate that feeling of disappointment when I get a bad grade
I hate feeling like I have to live up to an expectation to hold their attention
I hate that I am relied on because of my grades

I hate that I am an older mind trapped in a younger body
I hate that I am limited in what I can do because of my age
I hate not being trusted upon
I hate people treating me as a kid

I hate not telling people how I feel
I hate hiding behind an invisible barrier
I hate not being able to share how I feel with people
I hate being scared that they won’t care.

I hate people judging me
I hate judging people
I hate that feeling of giving up
I hate the feeling of losing when I didn’t give up

I hate the choices I have made
I hate that nobody thinks I can live up to my dream
I hate people thinking they are so much better than me
I hate the fact that they are right

I hate that I will never make a good girlfriend
I hate the fact I know nobody would fall for me
I hate knowing that no one would help me pick up my life
I hate that it has fallen apart

I hate hurting the people I love
I hate them not loving me anymore
I hate knowing that what I would do would hurt people
I hate the fact I do it anyway

I hate knowing that I do all of this
I hate knowing I hate all of this
I hate trying to change it
I hate that I am not able to change it

I hate that I try not to give up hope
I hate knowing all hope is lost
I hate that I still try and cling to it anyway
I hate knowing I failed at that too

But most of all

I hate not being able to express this until now
I hate that this still won’t change a thing
I hate thinking that it still might
I hate knowing that no one cares

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Love and Hate

There is one instant between the love and hate,
There are two ways which are as sharp as blade.
From both of ways you can’t avoid the pain,
The love is sweet, the hate is bitter pain.
Love is a miracle and hate is evil power,
Love is a blossom but hate is faded flower.
Without love of course we cannot live,
Without hate we’ll never feel the grief.
And only love can save the World, we know,
But only hate the other side can show.
When you feel love, it means that you are given,
When you feel hate, you’ll never be forgiven.
So it’s just time to make a choice, you need,
To make a choice that no one can forbid.


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Chained Hands

La Di Dum... La Di Dum
Tugged back and forth
Between places of Love and Hate 
My chained hands cover my crying face 
Longing to be in your arms
This debacled girl is in Love
I have scrupples of wether or not I should confess
Or if instead I should recede
I have condoned this sad little fact
Even as you beguile my heart
I don't know if you feel the same
With your distantly tired eyes
My worries settle at the sound of your opiate voice
Peaceful slumber in translucent wings
Masked behind a colored shadow
Spreading out like a disease 
Smile for me for a smile back
This cheery complection 
Hides the saddness in my eyes
That or it amplifies it
Emotionless tears spill out
And then they become pain
The aching of my chest and mind
Recollect hidden memories of you
Begging, pleading for something absolute
Dismissed as childish play
Even though it's the game of Death in diguise
So long ago I began giving up on this pathetic feeling
Cursed for its impending return
Looking to you to save me
Waiting for you to hate me
Never had I wanted some one's hatred
Until now
To say "I love you" is to die
How amusing, considering I'm already undead
So I still say it 
Because I have eons left
Dear one do you love me?
If not oh well
If so how astonishing
Either way... I'm still in love with you

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Can't Breathe No More Hate

You sit there with a grimace on your face, when you speak, you speak of a bad taste from a bad place, a history of racism-n-injustices, that can’t knowhow or no way be erased or misplaced, for they continue 2 resurface in every state, black or white, what color is your face, how many degrees do you have, -n- how much money do you make, -n- what ‘s your religious faith, our temples ache for our freedom -n- intellect is being raped, disease thoughts being traced, the hatred of a color of a face, for justice, true justice, a nation awaits, we have a dream to this date, hopefully we can live to see this dream take its place, the birth of true love -n- the death of hate, so we throw up both our hands, for we can’t breathe no more hate, no more hate awaits. 

I love the color of mine
As well as the color of your
Face, true love, no more

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I Love You Yet I Hate You

I love you and yet i hate you
I hate you and yet i love you
Love and hate are the only words that
i can think of when i think of you.

I love you for choosing me
I hate you for leaving me
I love you for holding me
I hate you for rejecting me

I love you when i'm kissing you when no one's around
I hate you for passing me by in a crowd

At first you had my heart ascending to the heavens
Now you left it in tatters and rivets

You said we would be together
That this would be forever
I feel like such a fool
To you i was nothing but a tool

Now i all have of you are memories
So many are bittersweet
That's why i pray
Never again do we meet

So now thanks to you
For many days i felt so blue
But one thing remains true when i think of you
I love you and yet and i hate you

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Torture: A Lesson in English

I ask why you insist on torturing me.
My question is met by dark Egyptian eyes
That enchant me even in their confusion;
You tell me, in that lovely dancing accent,
That you don't know this word.
And then that you do, but are still confused...
You aren't sure what you could have done
To hurt me...
I inform you that you do not know
The true meaning of torture.

Torture is your lips, just the sight of your lips-
You bite your lower lip without thinking; this too is torturous.

Torture is the smooth brown skin at the base of your neck I want to touch so bad it hurts,
Just barely exposed by the buttons left casually undone at the top of your shirt.

Torture is thick black curls that beg for fingers to run through them-
You run one hand through them thoughtlessly as I'm slowly becoming undone.

Torture is you noticing, you seeing in my eyes that I want you,
And your own bright black eyes that taunt me; "So what are you gonna do?"

Torture is the sharp intake of your breath that tells me that you want me,
With out the hard pressure of your body on mine I want so badly.

Torture is the betrayal of my body as it becomes yours; it's without my permission
That my body moves as it would to meet yours- I hate you for putting me in this condition.

Torture is my skin becoming heated until inside my veins moves not blood but flame,
And you encourage the fire until I fear it'll consume me; I'm already beyond insane-

Torture is me begging you to stop, and you pushing me ever further,
Until I'm sure that the greatest pain I've ever felt is this burning, aching, fever.

Torture is you telling me that I should go to sleep,
Acting as if you've done nothing at all to me.

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Forget Me Not At Least For The Night

Copyright 2014 RIGHTS RESERVED
"Just Another Lily White"


HE............FELL TOO!
THEY LIED.........AND.........HE FELL......AND......DIED!




DO........................THE FORGET ME NOTS......HATE ME?
THE............PIIKAKE IS.........LIKE HEAVEN!











MY HANDS..........TOO STRONG.........AND LIKE STEEL.........I FELL!


AND............I WILL FORGET YOU............BUT.........FORGET ME NOT?


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Sins and Virtues Chapter Two

"By the powers invested in evil the bride and groom may kiss".  As their lips touched
their wedding guests were as silent as a corpse.  Turning her back to the wedding guests
Lust throws a bouquet of Poison Ivy and Venus Flytraps over her head.  Stepping in front
of Sloth, Envy snatches the bouquet out of the air.  "Nice catch Envy" said Sloth with slow
slurred speech.  "Think you Sloth and I do believe green is more my color".  Turning around 
to see who caught the bouquet Lust wasn't a bit surprise to see Envy holding the Poison Ivy
and Venus Flytraps.  "Well Envy I guess you're next to be wedded off" stated Lust.  Pride
motions for Hatred to release the owls.  Unlocking the huge cage Hatred releases the owls.
Slow to take flight the great owls flap their wings and ascends into the darkness.  "Let's get this
party started.  Turn on the music" yelled Greed.  As the sins partied the night away the sun came
rising in the country Tranquility.  "Are you ready to spend all eternity together?"  Loyalty asked Love
as they stood on their balcony.  "My dear, dear, husband soon to be you already know the answer
to the question you ask".  As Loyalty and Love stand locked in a warming embrace being kissed by
the rays of the sun the two share a kiss of their own.  Beep, beep, beep, "Well this is a perfect time 
for my communicator to beep"  breaking her embrace with Loyalty, Love answers her communicator.  "Hello Faith how are you?"  "I'm fine Love and how are you?"  "I'm ready to
start this new era in my life".  "I'm looking over your wedding file.  Are there any last minute 
changes you want to make?"  "No Faith everything's perfect".  "I'm outside your house waiting for
you Love.  Let's get going".  "I'll be right down.  I have to go Loyalty".  Grabbing Love by the waist
and pulling her close Loyalty whispers in her ear "Are you sure this is what you want?"  "I've wanted
you when I first saw you.  Now if you'll excuse me Faith is waiting for me".
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The Brown Philosopher aka Red Seven

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As time flies, so her emotion swiftly fries,
As life frowns to dust, so her affection swiftly drowns to lust,
As love turns to coal, so her smile swiftly runs to the cold,
As sunset sets away, so her truth swiftly upsets the root of likeness, and erects away the boldness of trust, 
but her hate doesn't rate me to roasted rat, because her hate is wingless, and no other can make her sweat and melt to hashes like I do.  

Damn! I’m damned, if I get soak in her socking beauty,
Damn!  I’m damned, if I get stolen by her golden smile,
Damn! I’m damned, if I don’t bench her lioness sex drive, I’ll infinitely feel less, like a quenched man. 
Damn! I’m damned, if I merge with her chameleon cries and battalion kisses.

If I give in fully, just for the sake of ‘be a real man’, not 'a steel man',
my life will end up like the life of a North American bug, which inflicts painful bite on love and life.
When I transparently decide to give into love, all I get is:
Vultures smoking cigarette in an uncultured manner,
Kangaroo's doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk in a live show in Cameroon,
Monkeys ordering for coffee, while wooing female donkeys  
Zebras playing golf, with liberal views,  
Lizards rearing Afro and trying to reawaken Lazarus from the dead,
Dingo's wearing costly tuxedos in Mexico, and speaking Spanish fluently,
Frogs driving Rang-Rove jeeps, in a foggy weather
Snakes wearing condoms to nibble into snacks,
Female Goats, wearing sexy underpants, to enable them float in a sinking Titanic boat
Bareheaded demons and bears drinking chilled bears together in a beheaded mood and using chilly pepper, to chill down their temper,
Horses babysitting housewives

I trip endlessly! 
lost in a confused mood and temper, for she false me, she false me not.

I limp endlessly!
No matter how we try to put souls together to make our love bright and wealthy like the brightened face of Paris and the fat pocket of Las Vegas, 
We always end up creating a poverty of love. 

I have relentlessly tried praying forcefully for our love, 
but I end up noticing that people, who aggressively pray the most for love, end up marrying angry praying-mantis.  

I will just have to remain light-footed in love,  and let her featherweight affections for me, turn to true feelings, or get carried away, because she false me, she false me not.

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Looking at my Fingers


In my room
I saw my fingers
That I have never thought of

It were all together
But it were different to each others 
I looked at and 
My other hand burnished each one

I checked one by one
I wanted to know
The best one and 
The hate one

Abstractly and concretely
I compared with 
hopefully and hopelessly
It was difficult to find 
An answer for both
Best and hate

I need all and love for all
Without anyone
It is a vacant to be called 
Hand of right or left

The use and the  beauty 
The movement and feeling
My heart and mind will reject
If one deviate from the other

I looked back the past
That already passed
I could not 
What I today attained

I wanted to write and to call
To my friends who are in silence
To my enemies to whom I closed
It was too late for past
But tomorrow is for all

Udaya R. Tennakoon

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The silver jellybeans I wore were the toy.
      These shoes caused jealousy from my brother.
Just as the lemon twist did from the other.

      Beside the house, he walked in my jellybeans.
My mother watched not saying anything.
      The other brother took my lemon twist.
Penned on May 06, 2014!

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Sins and Virtues

Infinity - The name of the planet in which 
the story takes place.

Eternity - The name of the main continent in which the 
story takes place.

Lust - The wife of Greed and the mother of
Anger.  She is a slut and a prostitute.  
Her husband Greed is her pimp.  Lust has 
an affair with Hatred and becomes 
pregnant.  She gives birth to Anger.  Lust 
is best friends with Envy.

Greed - The husband of Lust, older brother 
of Envy, and the stepfather of Anger.  
Greed is Lust's pimp.  He is a pimp, 
corrupt politician, gangster, and a dirty 
businessman.  Greed is Pride's right hand man.

Hatred - The father of Anger and Cruelty.  Hatred has 
an affair with Lust.  She becomes pregnant and gives
birth to Anger.  He also has a fling with Envy she
becomes pregnant and gives birth to Cruelty.  Hatred rapes Love.  
Hatred is a cold calculated killer, assassin, and 

Love - The wife of Loyalty, mother of 
Kindness, and the older sister of Truth.
Love is raped by Hatred.  She is a 
humanitarian and a healer.

Loyalty - The husband of Love and the 
father of Kindness.  He gets revenge on 
Hatred for raping Love.  Loyalty is a 
soldier and a warrior.

Anger - The son of Lust and Hatred. Anger is
the half brother of Cruelty.  He is 
best friends with Ignorance.

Kindness - The daughter of Love and 

Envy - The younger sister of Greed and the mother of 
Cruelty.  Envy has a fling with Hatred she becomes
pregnant and gives birth to Cruelty.  She is 
best friends with Lust.

Pride - He is a monarch and the ruler of all 
the sins.

Truth - The younger brother of Love, the 
husband of Faith, and the uncle of 
Kindness.  He gets revenge on Hatred for 
raping Love.

Faith - The wife of Truth.

Sloth - The wife of Gluttony and the 
mother of Ignorance.

Gluttony - The husband of Sloth and the 
father of Ignorance.

Ignorance - The son of Gluttony and Sloth.  
Ignorance is blind.  He is best friends with 

Knowledge - The younger brother of 
Understanding and Wisdom.

Understanding - The brother of 
Knowledge and Wisdom.  Understanding 
is a teacher.

Pride - He is a monarch who rules over all 
the sins.

Darkness - The name of the country where 
the sins live.

Wisdom - The oldest brother of 
Knowledge and Understanding.  He is a 
monarch who rules over all the virtues.

Cruelty - The daughter of Envy and Hatred.
She is the half sister of Anger.

Tranquility - The name of the country where the virtues

Written by Keith Edward Baucum 

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It's Not Your Fault

The thing about life
is that
it can end in an instant

When the rope of the
harsh words
wraps tightly around your 

Neck squeezing tighter
and tighter
you just want to jump

To end it all to end all
the pain
and the hatred and words

It is not only the words
that push
you over the edge

It is too the fists and
the feet 
that slam into you

Over and over
a break with out letting up 

Making you break down and slide down
the wall
and cry and cry and cry

One phone call can 
save a
live, stopping that jump

Stopping the self hate
spreading the love

The love i have for 
you will 
never fade or die and i hope

will make you better
to sleep
and to be able to be 

Happy again to 
be happy
forever and always with me

just remember and know
that it's

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Do not try to date a writer

Do not try to date a poet.
She will know that you have read her poetry, 
That you know her sadness runs wide
And shallow
She has spread it like oil
Spilling across a street
You can see the light reflecting in it
Like rainbows
She will hate you for finding it beautiful

Do not try to kiss her
She will fall in love with you
And hate you
All at once
She will write poems about your lips
And their tenderness
And their force
She will kick back like you are 
Gagging her.
She will scream.

Do not love her
She will think you an intruder.
She thinks herself weak and you
A predator.
She will seal herself up
Run hot candle wax over her poems
And when the seal breaks
And she spills into your hands
She’ll curse you for not being able
To hold her

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Why can't I hate you,
Like I hate myself?
Why can't I break you?
It didn't even make you flinch,
When you tore my heart into pieces,
Like it was nothing.
Why don't I deserve your love?
Am I not worthy?
How can you sleep at night,
Knowing I am somewhere, lying alone,
Shaking from withdrawals?

I am an addict and you have cut me off...

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Love Is Light

Your holy book says do not judge me,
Who the hell are you to judge me?
I don’t need your consent, you see…

Your god made me wrong, so you say,
But I do not believe a word that you say,
For love has shown me a different way.

Your voices preach nothing but hate,
What is it about love you really hate?
No longer is freedom prepared to wait.

I’ll stand tall and defend your choice,
I may not agree but it is your choice,
But you in your righteousness deny my voice

The devil’s toy, in me you see sin,
I know no devil or concept of sin,
But I know that love will surely win.

So don’t tell me your way is the right,
Don’t try to tell me that hate is right,	
For hate is darkness and love is light.

Form: Blues Stanza

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From the heart of society

Theres a girl 
she pours out her heart 
gives him everything
changes her hair goes to get 
fat sucked out of her cause no 
one tells her that she really is 
beautiful she goes home to see him in bed
kissing another girl, then get up and smack her around
people ask where she got her brusies and why she hides her face
but behinde that mask hideing her scars is a girl fearing for her life 
scared to go home to that man that just might give her more scars.
Theres a guy 
who takes care of his brother
comes home and covers his brothers ears 
while his mommy and daddy make him fear
fear for his life his mom brings home different guys 
every night, daddy is never home but when he is 
they fear for  there life that just maybe that might be the last day 
the last breath they live to take
Next day he comes home and sees mommy on the floor bleedin 
his little brother tied to the bed stabed in he chest 
he tries to run but trips and falls
three week later the found him floating down the river..
These are the  people we ignore every day 
the ones that cry out for help
 the ones that need us the most..
The ones that are pimped out and dont see there beauty
 the ones that hide the scars that the one they love put on there face
This is our world and society today

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I Hate You! Yo did it again. I don't know why i keep going back to you. You have hurt me so 
much. You say you love me then you stab me in the heart. You say your sorry and then 
cheat on me. I don't know why but you think it's a joke when you say you love someone you 
need to mean it. I hate you so much! yor are a a&& of a person. You need to become a 
better person. You have hurt so many peole. Love is something you don't take lightly. I hate 
you because all of the pain you have put me through, and it will never change

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Playing My Violin (part two)

You were so good at the game. 
You gave to me emotion. 
I didn't understand what was happening. 
Everytime I attempted to play you, 
I couldn't think the notes to play. 
Coluldn't even find the lyrics to sing. 
You made me realize how badly i hurt; 
The reasons I played the violin. 
You became my drug. 
I refused to live without you there. 
Hold me, love me with your heartless chest. 
I want to feel the warmth. 
I want to make love to you, 
And you can make hate to me. 
So, hate me and make this pain go away. 
I'll make myself think you can love. 
You love me. You must. 
How else could you explain, 
Why you hurt me the way you do. 
I tell you I love you, 
And I'm surprised to hear, 
That you love me too. 
This is real, and you're not heartless. 
I just had your heart all along. 
So, here we are, and we can make love. 
Make bloody love together.

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Again My Night Fall's Long Dead

Ah, sweet breeze rushing in the house, empty but full of hate, the wind im sure is
lovable, but is still hate piercing my eye’s, all I wanted was to make you proud, all I
wanted was to feel alive, father, mother, you both so selfish towards having a son like
me, no drug’s, no death, still fighting for my right’s in life, but I hate the fact you
two are coward’s, running away from me knowing im here, alone in the house, I hear you
both scream and all I want is to draw a gun and pull the trigger, im sure that will
silence my ear’s, im sure that will help me relax, I want to fall dead long on coffin, but
my beloved won’t let me die yet, with my seventeen year’s of life, I have roam the world
of sorrow and drowned on hate, so strong the feeling I still remember the name of the
devil who killed your love’s, father, I wish I can one day make you proud of who I am
becoming, of what kind of man I can be, but you never listen, you never understand, im
sure you hate the life you have, but ask me if I ate mine’s, im still thinking the moment
you said I was a failure life, my plan to come to this earth wasn’t with you, yet you
stole me from the devil’s hand and place me in this emotional misery, mother, why did you
had to leave if long night’s I’ve been cold out on winter waiting for your warm arm’s to
hug my heart, the love I had, the love I have, and the love that died, I hate you, all I
say to myself is how I have survive so long, dead? No more for you, remember when you told
me you wish I died? Then I guess your dead to me, mommy and daddy are mad at me, they said I am the king of the failed hell’s, guess what, I am, I am the one who will perish your
miserable existence, but why? Why so much hate in me, if I know the seed of love is in me,
how can this happened, so many voices in my head rushing trough like the wind home alone,
oh, it feel’s alright, but why? You are my parent’s, I have seventeen year’s, I loved you,
but because you made a mistake giving birth to me mother, and you made the mistake father
of telling me the truth of my failure, now I’ll let this darkness surrounding take over
me, I’ll let devil’s make a wish for the end of your life’s, but no, I still have to move
on, I have my beloved, she is with me right? What if she leaves’s your side? And your left
colds out in the night, what will you do? Then I’ll just stop my will and believe I can do
it like I’ve been for seven twelve years, im not running away, im just facing reality.

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Forget Me Not At Least For The Night

Copyright 2014 RIGHTS RESERVED
"Just Another Lily White"


HE............FELL TOO!
THEY LIED.........AND.........HE FELL......AND......DIED!




DO........................THE FORGET ME NOTS......HATE ME?
THE............PIIKAKE IS.........LIKE HEAVEN!











MY HANDS..........TOO STRONG.........AND LIKE STEEL.........I FELL!


AND............I WILL FORGET YOU............BUT.........FORGET ME NOT?


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my son was born with a disconnected mind
he catches on if you give him time

i love that he carries on a normal life 
i hate that he will never have a wife

he loves animals and building things
i hate to tell him that he can not sing : )

his appetite so big and around the clock
you will find him from time to time with only the one sock

he gets so excited about just the little things
oh what joy he brings

he talks to everyone that passes through
why some people are mean i have no clue

i ask God to please keep him near if i am called home before him
he never liked just being called 'jim'

his sisters and brothers treat him well and give him no slack
...and his love for them does not lack

my dear son mommy loves you so
you are special in my heart i want you to know

and if I could tell the world to stop treating as if you have a disease
this would make mommy so very pleased 

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Love is pure least, that's what I thought at first...don't spend your time unwisely, searching for temporary love that's sugar-coated and is an unbreakable vow
Oh! But, I wanna experience love at first sight (OH STOHP WHINING) - I need to have a faithful mate very badly, but I must remain self-controlled and patient, for the time will come!
Vibrant sun smiles down on me...sun rays warm my heart of affection and heartfelt emotions - hatred is an unwanted guest! An annoying pest! It envies our everlasting love, blossoming like a flower in spring
Enlivened by your innocence and pleasurable friendship - does she truly love me or is is just my impossible-to-achieve dream I dream...caught under your wicked spell! You're an enchanting oath that I don't..loathe

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Hate and Hurt are the Causes of Love

You make my head hurt.
Like I love in a sulfur cave.
You eat away at me as though
I were already dead,
cannibal of love;
Tears drip with green tint
(the smell of sulfur sits inside droplets)
onto the rocks,
which jut through my thoughts.
This trial fills
my mind and body,
and therefore my soul
of longing and love.
We fight for emotion
not given in which we deserve.
At least we feel our own demands.
In order to love,
we hate;
an abstract term
as beautiful as love
deserves and demands
an equal opposite.
I love you,
I understand hate.

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It hurts

I keep trying to tell my self
I love you but it almost 
makes me cry when 
I try to say it

It hurts, my love for you 
You have let me down 
Turned your back and left
But I could never speak the words
"I hate you."

The tears I cry are from 
the pain you make me fell
I can't stand the things you do 
You've made me fell like nothing

But in the end I know I would
be lost with out you.
I try to tell myself I hate 

I try to say I'm better off 
without you 
But in the end I still hurt 
My heart, body, and soul 

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All The Ways I Hate You

I hate the way that you're not here to kiss me or run your fingers through my hair

I hate the way that sometimes I can't tell whether or not you care

I hate the way you never come to me; you wait for me to come to you

I hate how easily I forgive you for anything you do

I hate the way that sometimes you can't get your mind off my t&a

I hate it when I can't talk to you everyday

I hate the way you make me want you really bad

I hate the fact that you have the power to make me sad

I hate the way that I can't tell you no

I hate that when you're with me I never want you to go

I hate it when you make me cry

I hate that I can't let you make me moan and sigh

I hate the way you're scared to commit even though you know I'll never leave

I hate the way you think being a worthy man is something you'll never achieve

I hate the way you think you need to give me things when all I want is you

I hate the way that sometimes you don't have a clue

I hate the way you're always right

I hate that I don't even want to put up a fight

I hate the way you don't seem to care whether or not I text or call

I hate how fast you made me fall

"but mostly I hate the way I don't hate you
not even close
not even a little bit
not even at all." -10 Things I Hate About You

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Probable options

Between love and hate
Bitterness is the traitor
Passion is loyal

©2014 by Regina Riddle
July 21, 2014
For the contest: haiku on probabilities
Sponsored by: marvin celestial

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her lips pressed to mine
her breath caressing my skin
a touch from her sweet hands 
I am lost in this joy
this love is greater than any I have felt before
she causes a smile 
the catching of my breath
our hands hold fast in the crowd
the people the turn and look
watch as two beautiful women pass
our love is pure
it is innocent of any anger
how can they hate
say that love is wrong
she is mine 
I am hers
we don't hate them for their love 
why do they hate ours

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The price of love

Days back then.
I don't remember when.
I just rung on your door.
You pushed me on the floor.
You stabbed in my back.
Then you dragged me down the track.
Then to be satisfied, you hit me in my face.
And then you hung me up with a lace.
Is this the price I had to pay.
For my love.
Then in an other life you fooled me again.
Then after all your time pass.
You pushed me in front of a train.
But before I die.
Just tell me Why?
What was my mistake?
Why I'm always last in love race.
But you had no mercy.
And you just pushed me.
Is this the price to love you.
Then tell me what is left to do.

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i hate him 
hes the worst 
i love is just a mask 
you hid behind.

don't count me as a fool
i can see your snarl 
right threw.

i hate your nasty, sneaky ways.
you did have me at hello.
but now i caught your bluff

be gone you betrayer 
you lustful jerk

iv caught you right handed 
that's it your busted..

say bye now you'll never see me again
you'll never be able to hurt me
to tare me inside out

be gone you betrayer
be gone you lustful jerk.

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The end

Hello, goodbye
Round and round we go
It's you, it's me
Oh will we ever know

We're up then we're down
It's love and it's hate 
We laugh then we cry
Are we to late?

I love the way we taste
I hate the way you feel
I chase so you run
With a kiss we do seal

Our emotions run high
Our thoughts at there prime
It's that to much?
Love is no crime

The curtains are falling
So honey don't pretend
We know what this is
So I'll confide in a friend

Like I said before
It's hello and goodbye
But when you said you loved me
That was one hell of a lie.

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Why you hate mi

                                              Why you hate mi??

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

God inna mi life, a him mi put first
Good over evil, a mi you can’t curse
His not my fate, mek your life get worst 
Mi seek him first, so how mi life must be worst

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

I love those how hate I, used I, and wish mi bad – a call down curse
Blessed love anyway, cause god inna mi life, a him mi put first
A praise him from mi heart, not from mi mind, and that’s the reason prosperity start 

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

Love those who hate you, used you, and wish you bad, bad mind you, grudge you, 
don’t like how you “trad.”
Do unto others, you want them do unto you
Harm no one, and let no one harm you, have faith in the lord, not in man!

So, why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

Seek he first, and you life won’t be worst
Praise him from your heart, not from your mind
Have faith, work hard, and live out the hip
Abide by the rules, regulations, laws, and commandment sign
Put god first, materials behind
When you fall, get up same time
And don’t let the same thing catch you next time

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Love And Hate Alike?

Love, Hate, Tears come from both, You needed love to get hate, Hate comes from love, Mothers love their children and hate their bad friends, So see love and hate not so much apart. (Love you but Hate you)

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Dedication to someone i love

Hold me and never let me go
kiss me and let our love grow
look at me, then tell me you love me
when your're around, you're all that i am seeing
I hate it when we fight, and i hate it when we yell
whenever that happens I feel like I'm in hell.
I don't like to see you hurting
So i try to make you smile with some flirting.
we walk hand in hand when wer're together
I can picture this from now and forever
If you question if i love you the same
put your ear to my heart it's calling your name.

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My own downfall,
being with no malice of intent.
the gravity of being born with no force,
my soul even wanders beyond my spirit.
shame of uncleanliness;
guilt of unworthiness,
troubles of accepting,
missing pieces that can't be held together.
troubles with sanity,
sometimes roughing it out to tip of the edge of reasoning.
no rest for the weary,
thanks!, things couldn't get any tougher than this.
mentality co-existing with no hope of success,
unwanted failures and regrets slowing me down until it all ends.

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It's Not About Me

Here I was all this time
Confused, wondering why they hated me,
Many of them barely knew me,
None of them truly knew me,
It even made me ask God,
Is there something wrong with me?
Ninety percent of them love me,
But  the other ten percent despise me,
Then He made it so clear,
That their insecurities had nothing to do with me. 

One day it hit me,
Like, like yes, Chrissette Michelle,
An epiphany.
Hit me so hard that here I am sitting on the side
of the road
To release it-
The words of my epiphany about me.

I thought it was me,
But finally I see,
It’s not all about me,
It’s about them and their insufficiencies,
Their lack of love and respect for themselves,
Their doubt regarding their self worth,
Their hate for their irrational decisions,

Their wishes that they could turn back the hands of time,
Their realization that they not as they wish they were,
So then they are angered with me.
Their fake confidence and petty gossips
Not because they hate me,
But because they have no love for themselves.

So finally I realize that it’s not me.
It’s them.
They see the beautiful, talented, young, educated,
motivated, blessed black sista doing her 
Pressing forward,
Not looking back,
Motivated for success,
Getting what she wants,
When she wants it,
How she wants it,
And they aspire to be like me.
Ain’t it shame!
That we claim to have come so far,
Without realizing envy holds us back.

I once heard a woman say, 
If you want to take walk in my shoes,
You’d better be ready to fill some big boots,
And walk though manure before you reach the flower bed.
I have no hesitation to say,
I am a tough chick,
Because it wasn’t an easy road,
You have to be strong to make it,
I give thanks to my Source,
Because He could have chosen someone else.
But instead he chose me,
I don’t get mad at these sistas,
It’s a waste of my time and energy,
I just ask God to do for them what he’s done for me,
-Set them free.
Who I am is who I am.
I won’t change, won’t waiver,
won’t be mad if you don’t like,
Or like it so much that you hate me.
I’m not perfect,
But perfectly content with knowing God knows me,
And loves the me I am working to be.
Finally, I see,
They are angry because where they are is their ending,
But where I am is only my beginning. 
And all this time, 
I thought it was about me,
But it’s not all about me. 

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The Downside to Love

You drive me crazy,
I can't control myself,
You make me so mad,
I can't think straight,
You give me whiplash,
I hate you so much for that.

But I can't hate you.

You are my saviour, 
I owe you everything,
You make me so happy,
I never want it to end,
You help me live,
I never want to be without you.

But I'll never be with you.

You break me every time you leave,
I hate that time of day,
You burn me every time we fight,
I wish those moments would never come,
You are my angel and my demon,
I love you.

But you will never love me.

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God Forgives Us Of Our Wrongs

God Forgives Us Of Our Wrongs!

God forgives us of our wrongs!
And he wants us all, to try and get along!

He gave us his word and instructions…
But, too often, we don’t seem to “function!”

Something done, or something said…
And it’s like some people, wish you were “dead.”

Even in Christ’ body, there’s dysfunction from the start.
Ending up in another wounded and bleeding heart!

What if Christ treated us, like how we treat each other?
What if he turned his back, like we do our brother?

No matter the good...  A list of wrongs is often kept.
What’s been done…  Someone can’t seem to forget???

Do you find yourself, a person
 who’s easily offended?
By someone you don’t like,
 or one you’ve befriended?

May I suggest a “heavy dose” of 1 Cor. Thirteen?
The love of God can take care of ANYTHING!

If it didn’t, then Christ’ death is meaningless and lost.
He bore all of our sins that day on the cross!

If we can’t forgive your brother over something he’s done…
We need to ask forgiveness of Christ…  God’s son!

There’s no excuses, in God’s 
kingdom that’s eternal!
Will your name be written
 in heaven’s journal???

By Jim Pemberton

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Married Liar

You are leading a double life I found out that you have a wife The pain cuts deeply like a knife Thank you for the emotional strife You didn’t have to lie to me Living your life unfaithfully You have hurt me immensely I never wanted to hate you really You never truly deserved me I never wanted to hate you really You have hurt me immensely Living your life unfaithfully You didn’t have to lie to me Thank you for the emotional strife The pain cuts deeply like a knife I found out that you have a wife You are leading a double life

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Nobody Can

There is nobody in this world knows how I am feeling right now,
Trying to  get it to all  make some kind of sense from it  some how.
   Filled with deceptions and lies leaving me nothing for me to find,
One memory there is that is truly real cause there's none in my mine.
   This sickening feeling overwhelms me making me cold to my soul,
I am surrounded by gloom and sadness the worst I've ever known.
   How is it I am to suffer like this for loving with all my heart ,
Always protecting you and always been the light in your dark.
   Why me with the love so true and a honest soul  feel such pain,
I should feel the Sunshine in my life not tears that fall like rain.
   Was it the  blindness caused by her natural beautey and tender words,
Or is it that I have lied to myself for so long it was almost absured.
   Difficult for me to face this grief that I had always anticipated,
The moment you came back into my life these days been pre dated.
    It was Love itself I have wanted to bask in to know the Joy,
This despair , lonliness ,and all the nightmares  I needed to avoid.
    A wreck just waitng to happen and the wounds opened up again,
Never  thinking of when all began only wanting it all to just end.
   Days that will be lost and the memories you will never have,
It's the worst kind of emptiness and confusion I've ever had.
   These times we share when we are alone and nobody around,
The thoughts we have of fantasies are somewhat profound.
   Is there a lesson here to be learned and remembered ,
Or is it I am that lost soul  that lonely Pretender.
   This can't possibly be the very last and the end for me,
If so then it has always  been what was meant to be.
   When and how it all went wrong and strayed off course,
Something I will never know  or do I want to anymore.
   There is nobody  that knows what I am feeling today,
I tried making sense of it and found that there is no way.
   A fence that will never be mended or memories replaced,
Just a lonely life  and a broken heart is what I must face .
   Get on with my life  pray  for better days  I must do,
How  can I do that if it has to be without having you.

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Mr Wrong

Mr. Wrong

You’re not one of a kind
You smoke;
You get drunk,
You like wars

But you told me
You smoke because you felt nervous when you’re with me
You get drunk ‘coz you think I don’t love you
You like wars ‘coz you’ll fight for me.

My eyes told me too
I hate your lips,
I hate your eyes,
I hate how it looks at me.

But you told me more
You wish to kiss my lips
You love my sparkling eyes
That makes you driving you crazy.

I almost hate everything about you
You’re not attractive, not at all
But what makes it wrong?
You make my heart beats strong.

But you almost love everything about me
I attract you like no one ever did
That’s all for you what makes it right
You’re my Mr. Wrong, but I’m you’re Mr. Right.

Now I hate myself even more
But my heart told me so
I love you more and more
I love my Mr. Wrong

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The Love Hate game

I hate to love. At least I hate the way they love. They love to hate. I hate their fake sympathy. And their condescending pitty. They love their hate when made up to look like love. They love themselves if they find a reason for a pat on the back. They love to see others lower than themselves. And they hate those higher, those they aspire to be like, even though they hate them. If you have what they want or need you may be hated. If you do not have what they want or need well they love that. Gives them that edge they need. To your face they say beautiful day. Behind your back they cuss you. They say what's wrong? Out their mouths. But in their head they say not this agin. They say till death do us part, at least for a few months. They say true love is unconditional, as long as you follow the condition of believing that. They say love is so wonderful then why do we secretly hate it? Does that question anger or upset you if so why? And likewise if hate is so terrible why do we find so much pleasure in it? Does that question anger or upset you if so why? We are frauds. Completely different characters on the outside than on the inside. Some think I am a dishonest person becuase I don't look people in the eye's. But the eye's are the window's to the soul. And looking in most peoples eye's is disgusting. Saying that you may think I'm awful judgemental that's true I guess, but that's a judgement you have passed. I never said I wasn't disgusting myself. Just not dishonest. And that's not entirely true I suppose. Hate- Love is there really a difference. Or do we just make up the feelings we think we should feel? To satisfy the onlookers. So they will think well of us. If the onlookers a nobody we don't care. If the onlookers important then we knock ourselves out to prove to them what good people we are. After all you don't care what the homeless man on the street thinks of you. But you care what the average citizen thinks about the way you treat the homeless man. Yet despite all this I love to see them smile. All them!

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Motor head boy

Intact I am math, 
but in a blast I run fast

...Somewhere above the tree line-
I am seen as fine, 
but inside I am tried...

Weather doesn't help locate a song-
So I hop on a motorcycle to get gone...

I soon crash into a nearby tree, 
and lay on the ground for weeks…

The sooner I come home-
the lesser I learn how to grow

And its never anything but my last breathe of shine that I felt my teeth grind-
****ing the enemy
...the way of the blind

Organic and prime, 
my weaknesses don't show-
so I am fine...

And while feeling fine-
in an interesting wine, 
I smell the pine-
aching within me-
raking at my earliest pillory

So I walk on pleased-
get paid, 
and then go spend all my pees

...With this withering game of time, 
I get hexed to know some of mine

But I soon stop, 
eager to drop, 
1,2,3, and then four…

Four strips, One token, 
and two years unspoken

Where I turn and spin in the door

A splended welcome to adore! 

What shores have washed away from these pores! 

What course I have taken to learn how to adore!

But there is a land I lived in alive
but it just wasn't my find, 
I was there, 
but it wasn't my mind...

I wish I could scream! 

Feel mean! 

Go away unnoticed! 

Then re-arrive climbing in trees! 

Birds eat the bees,
lizards the breeze

But character never breeds 

Its gotta be seen-
understood, spoken and then dreamed
before you wake to it-
just like she made ya do it-
and you jerked yourself through it

Started ta loosin' it,
got loaded,
and became a rude influence

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The Unfinished Chapter

The beginning was a question,
Dealing the the heart's true want.
The prologue filled with innocence,
And lovely sober thoughts.

Then stories took an awry twist,
And things came complicated.
The feelings that were filled with love,
They soon became sedated.

Now drunken, hopeless lonliness,
She walks the path alone.
You chose another over her,
And cast her from her home.

With founding hate the mourners cry,
And wear their veils of black.
The girl you cast into the Earth,
Has had her "heart attack."

With seizing pain the letters scream,
Up at you from the grave.
To know that this is all your fault,
It sets your soul ablaze.

But not for long, you'll see her soon,
In hell or heaven; both,
Are good as any other choice,
So you won't have to be alone.

With hate and tears and love and fears,
You bid the world good-bye.
Take one last breath and then you jump,
A soulless suicide.

The epilogue will bear your name,
Forever, etched in stone.
You gave your life to end her strife,
And so she wouldn't be alone.

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Sunday Evening

There is a void in the pasture of my heart-
or perhaps just a hollow steel.
And where it ends and the bitterness starts,
I have no intentionally feel.

But just as the women cook and clean,
and the children did outplay,
I would look so scornful to the world
who looked back through dismay.

The hate will grow in symbolic pattern,
whether be the coolest eye
watching Spring and Summer flatters
and the moon that passes by.

And grief was just a the pouring rain
out stretching the inner self
through the wretching days of pain
and one's useless pity wealth.

Though, be a void in the pasture of my heart-
Stone colden rock of a hollow steel,
Breathes a gentle warmth upon that newest start,
of what a love so fair could feel.

I saw him in the markets following the dust in the rays,
touching the firmness of each fruit
as he plucked them in his basket to carry 'em away.
He walks away with whistles of a flute.

He had an eye- so pure and blue with lilac speck
And glazed upon the eastern streams.
And all the hate I've learn to built was all now a single wreck,
as I look upon this man of my lusting dreams.

So nevermore- Has the emptiness be filled,
with such a hate so deeply drilled,
for I found a date who I've met in the market
on just a Sunday evening.

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Love Gave Me a Reason Part II.

To you I was committed 
            And I admit it
You used to be the keeper 
There's probably no love that's deeper

Tears often kissed my cheek and pain hugged my wounds
I would wake up to scorched suns and sleep under chilled moons

Plagued with such HAPPY SORROW
It seems like I'm living without you today, but I'll be dying without you tomorrow...

LOVE is my stalker:
Creeping through my heart
Sleeping in my DARK
Hiding in the SCARS that leave these marks

Love gave me a reason to
Keep secrets that you would never know
Nights I wept that you can never owe

A slow death was all you seemed to give

And the more you gave the less I lived 

Released from bondage, 
let go of a man that played the role of a kid

At first I didn't want to
But Now I feel blessed that I did

All I needed in a life of sin…
Was me and my boyfriend
            Me and my Toyfriend….

                        Me and my…
Me and MY….

Boy…you're nothing but my DEAD END…

I breathed you like air…

But like hair…
I had to clip you like dead ends
              An empty bank account….
Kept on writing me checks
And when I tried to cash your love it Bounced

So I bounced…

Although I died, I cried not an ounce of tears
But the pain just rips, just drips, and wont stop 
until it tears whatever pieces of my soul you left behind
Because you didn't leave me with a peace of mind

And all I seem to do is keep sad love songs on rewind
Letting it pummel my mind                
FIGHTING against intoxicating Love Potions
As your venom continues to linger in my veins
And your face continues to lie in the nucleus of my brain

I go emotionally insane

Wanting to hate you
Wanting to escape you…..

But instead I clasp my hands and I pray for you
And instead I ask for God to save you
For God to somehow reshape you…
Remake You…..
Break you…


             After all I been through,

                          It's sad that LOVE 

gave me a reason
 to hate you…

             But God gave me the reason to FORGIVE 

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I'm not so sure

This song makes me think of myself. It's call "what the hell" by Avril Lavine

You say that I'm messing with your head
All cause I was making out with your friend
Love hurts whether it's right or wrong
I can't stop cause I'm having too much fun

You're on your knees
Begging please stay with me
But honestly, I just need to be a little crazy

All my life I've been good,
But now I'm thinking What The Hell
All I want is to mess around
And I don't really care about
If you love me if you hate me
You can save me, baby, baby
All my life I've been good
But now whoaaaa what The Hell

So what if I go out on a million dates
You never call or listen to me anyway
I'd rather rage than sit around and wait all day
Don't get me wrong
I just need some time to play

You're on your knees
Begging please stay with me
But honestly I just need to be a little crazy

All my life I've been good,
But now I'm thinking What The Hell
All I want is to mess around

And I don't really care about
If you love me if you hate me
You can save me
Baby, baby all my life I've been good
But now whoaaa  what The Hell

La-la-la-la la la
Whoa Whoa
La-la-la-la la la
Whoa Whoa

You say that I'm messing with your head
Boy, I like messing in your bed
Yeah, I am messing with your head when
I'm messing with you in bed

All my life I've been good,
But now
I'm thinking What The Hell
All I want is to mess around
And I don't really care about
All my life I've been good,
But now
I'm thinking What The Hell
All I want is to mess around
And I don't really care about
If you love me
If you hate me
You can save me
Baby, baby
All my life I've been good
But now
What The Hell


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Forgotten Already

I’m not the same girl I was before,
I’m not going to run away and hide no more,
I’m not going to wait and let you settle the score,

You think you get to me,
Though I’m not feeling so caring,
I told her what she needs,
And that’s to leave,

I’m not going to let you control me,
By using all my sympathy,
You think your clever with the games you play,
I caught onto them yesterday,

I don’t understand,
I just gave someone their demands,
Then you turn around and say I’m banned,

All because the word no,
I have a new foe,
Can’t seem to say yes,
I’m afraid I’ll have to clean up all the mess,

Don’t judge,
It’s not my fault there is a smudge,
I’ve been straight up,
Said everything upfront,
So why don’t you shut up,

He’s in denial,
Afraid to believe that he can’t have,
Something that makes him smile,
Now I’m bad,
Because he decides to act like a child,

I’m not going to give in,
Just because I wouldn’t be with him,
I had to make a decision.

A decision to heal,
Instead of picking at  the scabs I’m trying not to peel,
Don’t hate me for what I need to feel,

So as your trying to hate me, 
Forget about me as if I’m forgotten already.

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its only time and love will end

I loved the way chills singed throw me when he called my name
If only love didn’t cause so much pain
I loved the way chills singed throw me when he came close
If only love wasn’t a game
I loved the way chills singed throw me when he held my hand
If only love wasn’t like quick sand
I love the way he use to look at me
I loved the way he use to treat me
I loved the way love seemed never-ending
But now I only hate
I hate the way he looked at me
I hate the way he looked at me
I hate the way he treated me
I hate the way he said my name
I hate when he came close to me
I hate when he held my hand 
If I could I would take it all back in the end
Love is pain
Love is a game
Love is like quick sand
Its only time, and love will end 

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depressing love story

you took me by the hand, you guided me through this world. this dark and sinister world.
you said you truly loved me I ate up all your filthy lies. you turned my tears to smiles of gold, even said you loved me
then to quickly you left me in the dark so tell me, why do I still love you why do I still want you after all your lies your hateful deceiving lies. you stupid idiot why do i still love you why do i still want you. you won`t 
wanna be here once i`m done with you. you sick and twisted idiot i hate you i hate you with a vengeance get 
away from me i`m filled with malice to the bone i`m filled hatred lust to destroy you your destroying angel the 
one that you created will destroy you i`m not your marionette anymore no no, my stony cold black heart is 
crumbling away too fast for me i need some love now i need some real love. i can`t seem to leave this 
depressing love story. why do i still love you why do i still want you i guess i`m just a stupid girl living a 
depressing love story stupid girl living a depressing love story depressing love story.

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I hate the fact I was so tied up in marriage and neglected youin the past
I love the fact that you are a one and only sister 
I hate the fact that you had no other sister
But I love the fact that you kept the family together

I hate the fact that you are burdened by my burdens
I love the fact that you see through life for me when I can't
I hate the fact that you are not respected by your Brothers'
But I love the fact that they know they are wrong not to

I hate the fact that you cannot have instant results on legalities
I love the fact that you are now a solicitor of note
I hate those letters coming to your door to detract from the day's purpose
But I love the fact that you now resolve to deal with them head on

I hate the fact that you are good with the public as I am not
I love the fact that you like the craic with all those you know
I hate the fact we live so far apart
But I love the fact you have given my future a new start 

I hate the fact that God gave you and the family a twin a priest 
I love the fact that I am re discovering my new brother your husband
I hate the fact we you may never engineer our family back together
But I love the fact that God made sure I had such a wonderful wonderful sister  

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You Are Hard

You are hard, you are brash,
Your swagger is flash,
And when we touch base, your talk turns to cash.

You are loud, especially in a crowd,
But when your rowdy anger flies
Your friends are suitably cowed.

You are strong, but weak as well,
When someone's wrong you give them hell,
But when they're right you're even worse -
oh, how we love to hear you curse!

Hopes and hearts you broke before
lie littered by each bedroom door,
In their love-lost legions,
they nurse their dark sweet lesions.

You of ice, then of wild fire,
A self-confessed accomplished liar.
Yet still we dance attendance full, 
on you - our heart's desire!

You will not leave a friend without,
But on that friend will scream and shout.
No stauncher ally can be found,
But to your life we must be bound.

Tough as diamond, soft as silk,
No deeper well of kindness' milk.
On we who dwell within your walls,
No shadow of oblivion falls!

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Life is as it is when it comes,

My friend- it is as it is when it comes,

We like it, Love it or hate it, 

We're movin on,

From yesterday. 

Let the bridges burn as you walk, 

Rise the silver smoke,

An' let the silent wind guide your hand, 

With the blade that carves out your days, 

From what you see, 

When I ask,

Close your eyes..?

Oh it's a carliedahskope of mystery, 

How the colors dance, in the darkness, 

An how magicians tricks still amaze, 

Oh it’s a carliedahskope of mystery, 

All the History..

Life, is as it is when it goes, 

My friend it is as it is when it comes,

We like it, Love it Or hate it, 

But were livin it, 

An' it is as it is- when comes yesterday.. 

It is as it is and will always be, 

The History.

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Foul Sisters

Bitterness holds me.
I do not like her embrace
because it is cold.

Her touch makes me rot
not outwardly, but inside
corrupting my soul.

Her wretched voice crows:
"Everyone else is crooked."
No one else speaks up.

I do not love her,
but when she is here with me
we see eye to eye.

She then reminds me:
"Condemnation will come soon."
I hate her also.

Together they drone
robbing me of any will
to get up and leave.

The sisters love me.
I withhold my affection,
yet they cling to me.

They each take a turn,
kissing me with rancid breath
and bugs in their hair.

I want far better.
I need better company,
yet I sit with them.

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Love vs Hate

Is it really easier to hate?
Surely love is easier, safer and less lonely,
Does hate not at least deserve a reason, 
love should be rewarded and welcomed.

Instead hate is welcomed
and warmed and love is shoved 
at a safe distance,
Is all that love really unsolved.

Having a closed chapter is maybe
what's needed and defiantly welcomed,
Can't I be loved is it not possible,
where is the one, that special one.

If only our hearts had eye's wide enough to see, 
the truth above a lie we could let it go,
having nothing to hide and nothing to show

all would of been better...had he not lied.

Perhaps the heart would be without the ache,
the ache without the pain.

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Nothing but a waste
you’re just a reckless disgrace
too much power
for a deceiver

It's not right
I see light
It's not near enough
for me to go 

It's my choice
so don't you treat me like a play toy
I'm not yours
to control

Cause I will storm in after you
If you take her far away from me
And I will storm in after you
If you take her to the grave with thee

You take our race for granted
and you're highly overrated
you're always taking
my friends

It's not right
I see light
It's not near enough 
for me to go

It's our choice
so don't you treat us like we're play toys
we're not yours
to control

I will storm in after you
If you take them far away from me
And I will storm in after you
If you try and take them to the grave

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flower in the desert

i hate your silence..when u don't speak a word..
even when u don't express in your moves..
believe me. i do hate that in you..
i try to figure..
what you are trying to say..
when you don't show any movements..
we have gone a distance..
heart is failing to fill..
the love that was pouring within..
what could have been the fault..
in the darkest night i wonder..
no answer was given..
your heart is getting colder..
in the place you gave me warmth..
what happening i whisper..
i am trying to gather..
all the leftover reasons..
to find a valid reason..
of our love that's faded........
tears and whispers..
for the love that's  withed..
like a flower in the desert..!!!!!!!!

dilupa wijegunasekara

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A Hole Within

A hole is here within
Destroyed a piece in me
Hurt finds its lonely place
Emptying my sensitive heart
Destroyed a piece in me
Displaying hate throughout
Emptying my sensitive heart
Locking the door permanently
Displaying hate throughout
Hurt finds its lonely place
Locking the door permanently
A hole is here within 

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Francine Roberts' "4 forms, 4 themes" contest


Theme: Lost Love

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You and Me

I live for me,
You live for you.
While we are free
We'll do CONTINUE!

You owe me zero;
Just be your own hero.

If we are un-envying brothers forever
Let's fight for our individual rights together.

You are my enemy
If you hate private property.
If you love it,
You could be my friend.

You are my enemy
If you love economic regulations.
If you hate them
You might be my friend.

You are my enemy
If you hate your own life.
If you love it,
We have much in common.

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We enjoyed ourselves, 
We had a few laughs, 
You never knew this, 
But i love you, 

The day you left my tears began to come, 
I couldn't bear to see you're coffin shut, 
You weren't just my friend, 
You were my best friend, 

That night i saw you killed, 
Was a night like no other, 
I couldn't stand her taunting face, 

Now i write this alone, 
I hate this world, 
But now i will leave it in peace, 

I will join you in the shadowland
    We enjoyed ourselves, 
We had a few laughs, 
You never knew this, 
But i love you, 

The day you left my tears began to come, 
I couldn't bear to see you're coffin shut, 
You weren't just my friend, 
You were my best friend, 

That night i saw you killed, 
Was a night like no other, 
I couldn't stand her taunting face, 

Now i write this alone, 
I hate this world, 
But now i will leave it in peace, 

I will join you in the shadowland

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I hate that I love you

I write sometimes, but for who do I write
I stay up sometimes, but why am I up tonight
Maybe your my thoughts, or maybe just one bad memory 
I look at the stars, but all I see is dark emery
My eyes bleed, my thoughts drown
My hearts knows, but my mind frowns
Clever enough, your love still cuts the deepest                                                                                                                  Uphill from here, my life is at its steepest
Fragile, vulnerable, and weak minded too
Your still on my mind, and I hate that I love you
I cry for you, Tears of the past
Somedays I lie in bed, wondering why we didnt last
Other days I remember, why its over
Your hearts so cold, As cold as the end of November
My sweetest regret, my greatest mistake
But I wouldnt trade it in, real or fake

Forever you told me, Silly did I beleive   
Belitte as we speak, look at this heart as it greives                                                                                                                                  

Broken, weak, and lost without a clue                                                                                                                                        
Your still my greatest mistake, And I hate that I still love you
Time goes on, further apart we have grown
The past isnt the future, who would have known
Your so gone, but your memories they reign
Although you have hurt me, In love I remain
I will always wonder, why did this happen to me
But your faults have let me be
Regardless of the past, Im going to let go
Wasting time on you, is wasting time on something I dont know
Goodbye My Love, My memory, My Sweetest Mistake, The Girl I once Knew
One more thing to say--I hate that I still love you

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Hate From The Sky

Paper rain falling dark gray sky
Many tears falling disaster on the rise
Many eyes searching for the love lost 
From the hate that fell from the sky 
So much life gone so hard for those 
Who had to survive 
Searching for answers for what could 
Have gone wrong 
Trying to stay strong as they try to explain 
To the young at heart how one day 
Hate came to devastate and take 
The peace bring a storm of pain 
And lost love to never be found 
On sacred grounds we mourn and pray
For those we lost on a September day 
Who is to say we build from old to new 
So few knew those lost but on that day
The world held hands to pray 
For the fate of those we lost from hate 
Now we wont ever forget the date 
The world stud  still and came together 
Hand in hand together we stand 
To remember that warm September  
Flowers will lay words will be said 
Tears will fall  memories relived 
The world will hold hands once again
To pray for peace and love for those who remain    

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I hate that i think about you.
I hate that i like the things that you do.
I hate that everytime you make me mad, you make me smile again.
I hate that when we argue i apologize in the end.

Why am i so fasinated by what you do to me?
I never thought i would experience these things.
I hate you so much but i cant take my mind off you.
Maybe im addicted to you.
Sprung too.

I dont believe in love so why do i feel this way?
Why do i call you and cherish every word you say?
This thing happens everyday.
Maybe im addicted to you.
Sprung too.

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Hate To Love

I hate to love you but love you I do,
I wish I didn’t as you don’t love me too.
To win your heart is an impossible task,
Trying to see you whilst, keeping on a mask.
To hide how I feel and my own desires,
Again it’s impossible to keep up the lies.

You see it in my eyes and actions too,
The tension builds up and makes us feel like pooh,
I hate to see you upset or unease,
To think that I caused it, makes me feel a right sleaze.
I wish I could hate you but I just simply cannot,
Instead I love you more and end up hurting you a lot.

I want to stay away, but the pain is just too great,
But when I am with you, it is me that I do hate.
I need to be there for you, I feel I really do,
At least I really want to be, but I fear that I may loose you.
Your kids are one in a million and three in one household,
I love them as much as I love you and, I’d like to watch them grow old.

I am sorry for all this stupid biz,,
You’ve been through enough as it is,
I never wanted to upset you so,
I really don’t want to see you go.
I’m sorry for making you feel so low,
I really hate to love you, you know.

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There must have been
An element of safety
That beckoned me to forbidden shores
A common theme throughout
My cowardly members
To dwell among haunted moors

In my white, man made  dress
Wanton eyes pulling to caress
Gently rattle, test
The marriage with empty nest

If I could put back
The last pull I took
Maybe I could show
The purity in my look
    ~of love~

I don't know who I loved
Him, his gaze, or you
My Frienemy, who delved into desire
I loved my precious box - safe
Closed to derision
And the fullness of passion, his attention inspired

He caused me to travel the high wire
On my Harley Davidson of purple fire
One instant of exquisite thrill
Was worth the ice I now feel

As I cry in nothing
But the new walls I've erected
That completely shut me down
Once your presence is detected
      ~hate you~ Frienemy

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3 words or more

was it me or was it you
when one heart splits back in two
when a soul gives in to shock 
turned into water from a rock 
and from this river hate will flow
a hate of passion thats left to grow
and from hate it turns to spite 
whats done is done whats wrong is right 
whats right forgiven, whats wrong is lust 
unchanged anger for years a must 
broken promise a river of tears 
a plot of vengance of feild of fears 
a simple look can melt the lies 
from different blod comes 1 suprise 
a journy taken, a modest mind 
a welcome feeling a hurtful find 
a sleeping demon a lion tame
a longing feeling a secret flame 
for all these feelings sad but true 
i have 3 words and its

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Wish of a rapist's unborn son

Do not weep through 
Your broken dreams 
Promise me not to end 
Before I am born 
I love the warmth 
In this cozy womb 
I feel your sigh 
As a thunder storm 
I hear the  beat of 
your sinless  heart 
as a fast nonstop train 
I struggle to learn it 
Whether LOVE or HATE 
Gather your humanity 
to forgive a wild man 
Give me to the world 
Where there is morality 
Hand me to stand 
as a tamed man 
Let me you to promise 
Not to be a son whose 
father lives within him 
Though I am not a fruit of LOVE 
Please, do not hate me MOM 
What I have not done! 

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I hate me

I said I cannot love you
You said you cannot live without me
I said I have many responsibilities on my shoulders
You said you will share some of them
I said my life is a burden to me
You said you will remove all my obstructles
I said I am from a poor family
You said you never care
I said I am a hindu
You said you never bothered about the religion
I said I am the only one to help my family
You said you will give a hand to help them
And now I love you more than my life
I cannot live without you
But why you kicked out my love
And why you cheated me
I know you used me
And made me a mad in your love
How can I forget your last words
That You hate poor people and you never loved me
You hate my religion and never thought to help me
and you said I am nothing to you

Oh my love, You know that I cannot swim in this lovely ocean
And you took me to the centre
Left me free and you left my hand
I cannot survive in this world
Now I hate me for loving you

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Sixteen minutes 'til September eleventh. By the time I finish typing and editing... it 
will BE September 11th. I remember that day. In the kind of detail I don't 
remember most. Was horrible.. beyond horrible... don't think there's a word for 
what it was...

and yet...

and yet...

nice to have a date to hang our mourning 
our righteous indignation 

isn't it?

i mean...

911 is a lot catchier than


April 6 through mid-July, 1994 
when at least 500,000 Tutsis and thousands of moderate Hutus 

yah, 500k


when ya look for stats on darfur.... 
they're vague... 
but ya KNOW 
in your heart... 

if ya still listen to it...

DO ya still listen to it???

that the suffering there 
outstrips 911 
to the 
(poetrysoup does not allow this particular adjective)

i'm sorry people died in the world trade center 
i'm sorry there is hate on this planet 
but i WON'T hate with them

or with you

even if i love you 
i won't hate with you


i love us.... 
all of us



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this ones for my mom and dad
i treat them so bad
i hurt them with painful words
i told him he was a waste of my time
it's probably useless
to write you this
i wish i coul hang from the rafters in my home
cause my parents don't want me no more so now i'm alone
all i want is their approval
but the words i say are so brutal
over the years i've caused you and mom to cry many tears
and in your hearts and minds i've bestowed many fears
but don't forget i've cried too
and yes it was not all because of you
but it still doesn't make what we did right
but i have many good choices in sight
you'll always be my mommy
cause for better or for worse you still love me
dad no matter how many blows we throw
i love you that i just wanna let you know
i hate being miserable and having this burning heartache in my soul
i hate the things i did but your love i feel you hid
the blood my wrist shed
and yes theyhave bled
the pain of not being able to come home
all the times we fought on the phone
i don't mean what i say
so here i am tring not to fight another day
my heart is right pleas accept my apology tonight
i may not be the best son
i love you mom and dad
i'm truely am sorry i treated you bad

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I love you,   
Nay, I hate you…! 
She let me leave for a dream,   
A dream which turned out to be   
My nightmare 
Lost in its swamps,   
I wandered,   
Pursuing threads of smoke… 
No place could embrace my weariness,   
But cold, dead emptiness   
Sheltering my soul… 
Pale, cold and sad,   
The Moon lost its brilliancy,   
And night became long and heavy. 
She planted me in her bosom,   
Making me dream   
And live in a different world. 
I love you,   
Nay, I hate you…! 
Nay, I won't surrender to this madness,   
This madness that drags me into you…   
I will erase from my memory   
Your charming eyes,   
Your lunar face,   
Your fairy hair,   
Your pearly breast… 
I love you,   
Nay, I hate you…! 
I'll cast out of my soul   
Your voice and perfume,   
Forget the lips   
The lips that bathed me with fire and nectar,   
And ask the nest of my hand   
To let the sparrow of your breast leave…   
After all, will I be able to forget   
And reconcile with my spirit.   

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I do not like

I do not like my state of mind 
I'm bitter, querulous, unkind.
I hate my legs, I hate my hands,
I do not yearn for lovelier lands.
I dread the dawn's recurrent light;
I hate to go to bed at night.
I snoot at simple, earnest folk.
I cannot take the gentlest joke.
I find no peace in paint or type.
My world is but a lot of tripe.
I'm disillusioned, empty-breasted.
For what I think, I'd be arrested.
I am not sick, I am not well.
My quondam dreams are shot to hell.
My soul is crushed, my spirit sore;
I do not like me any more.
I cavil, quarrel, grumble, grouse.
I ponder on the narrow house.
I shudder at the thought of men...
I'm due to fall in love again."

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Prove To Me!!

Why cant u prove to me that u love me ??
stop playing games i hate it am tired of 
laying in bed and crying for u i love u but 
at time am not sure prove to me that ur worth 
staying here am not a mind reader help me!!

Prove to me that am the only one u have eyes for
how can i trust u with u word prove it to me i want 
a guy that loves me for me and not for some one 
am not prove to me that i dont have to pretend to be 
someone am not!!! prove to me that u love me help
me realize it!!

Why is it so hard for u to trust me stop yelling i cant hear 
myself think help me i dont want to hate u!! the more u yell the more 
the more i just want to run from u am tired of this !! Prove to me that 
ur worth living for that u know what ur son is worth to u please dont fake!!

Prove to me that u love me ! That these last three years have not been a waist 
that u love me prove it to me by taking me roses stop and think what i like
hold me, kiss me, pay attention to me!!?? I wake up at night wondering 
what life would be like if u would just prove to me that u do love me
that all this was not a waist of time!!!

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Wounded by the words of hate 
For you to change I will not wait 
I guess I was the one you didn't need 
Too blinded by your ego and greed 

Its the same thing with all you guys 
Filling my head with all your lies 
Telling myself that all is well 
While words were said that bite and yell 

You never hit me; you wouldn't dare 
But you left scars if you care 
Scars that constantly try to hide 
Scars that are forever burned inside 

The days I'm unhappy to be alive 
Are days when thoughts of you arrive 
Days when i pull my hair and yell 
Knowing, of course, nothings well 

A new idea like smoking pot 
Brings my mind to other thoughts 
Scars that are forever burned inside 
Bring thoughts and attempts of suicide 

Your memories have made me insane 
Constant thoughts and constant pain 
From memories of you I cannot hide 
Bringing scars to the outside 

Knowing of course nothings well 
An apology you came to tell 
But wounded by the words of hate 
A sorry from you came too late. 

All this time you always knew 
Haunting you what i went through 
Memories of my awful life will burn inside 
Until you drive yourself to suicide 

Two lives filled with scars and hate 
Was it chance, or was it fate 
At least the pain and wounds are no more 
Two lives ended ends a war.

_By Tamara Brown_

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This hateful world

My first effort might have been in 
For you were filled with worldly 
The anger the hate the annoyance 
the craze
The hatred So putrid 
Destructively framed
Of love .. No account
Of sweet nothings no want
If only We were together 
Id hold you and kiss you
Take away all that hate
I love you 
Three little words
That i speak only without pain
Wishing that only 
It would be enough to cleanse you 
and keep hate away 

By Amanda miller
In a world with so much hatred and 
If only those words would really 
calm the furnace of pain we breed

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Scrooge, You have taken over the world
Seems people want to pick apart everything good
I've been there, I'm done with that part
Get rid of what should have been
Except what is and take a fresh start

How many will you blame for the job you hate?
How many will you blame for the crappy food you ate?
How many will you blame for the lack of exercise to date?
How many will you blame for the crappy goods you charged?
How many will you blame for....
How many will you blame for?
How many will you blame fill in the blank(s). 
Get off your high horse. You know your ways
It's up to you to change
Always complaining things are tougher now than they used to be
All because you chose to be lame, 
It's something you pretend not to see

Get over the past and what's been done to you
You may never be able to forget, 
Certainly don't want to live in regret 
Over those that reaped the suffering 
Cause you couldn't let something go
No one person can fix the world
All it takes is an abundance of little girls and
Little boys, who are provided parents 
That will teach them right from wrong
Not put them in the middle
Always preach love and self respect
That's where the trouble ends
The next time someone tries to freeze my glow
I'll take the few extra seconds to kill them with kindness
Put their grumpy ora on death row

When someone decides to put on a suit of politics
When someone speaks bullets and swords
Better to pretend they're puppets,
In this lifetime positivity will win over sin

Make a decision to not be defeated
No ones place to remove rights or freedom
Take care of your world and be good to those you love
Those that matter will have your back
They'll be there when push comes to shove

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A happy man's tale

If you've heard
The things I've heard
If you've seen
The things I've seen
If you've been 
To the places I've been
You would know what I mean

I flow like the water
No cage can hold me
I live to find laughter
I live to be happy

I hate to cry 
I hate to be sad
I love to try 
I love to be mad

No boundaries define me
I know where I stand
No thoughts scare me
I wish you'd understand

I am penniless
with no money on me
I am rich with happiness
All the good things in the world are free

I don't let life bury me
I dig myself out
I don't let anyone brand me
I let myself stand out

I have no worries 
That's not a lie
I have so many memories
To keep them with me forever I try

I don't shy away from a challenge
I always think I can
I don't believe in revenge
That's why I'm a happy man

I have no enemies
I have not one grudge
I have many families
The path of friendship I trudge

If you've heard 
The things I've heard
If you've seen
The things I've seen
If you've been
To the places I've been
You would know
What I mean.

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Find Love

Find Love 
Deep Dull Gray, Black Shiny Sea 
Love to Hate 
Trading your hate for love
A thin line still ….

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Love and hate in marriage

From time to time I think of reasons
why I stayed with you for so long,
and come up with answers that
never really counted as answers.
Because I can't say I'm still with you,
if the truth is
"I shouldn't have".
Your not my soulmate,
your not my honor
your not my pride,
your a girl
I refuse to give up.
I love you,
and I love the hate in this relationship
while I hate the love you deserve,
its easy to love hate,
since it loves me.
My future wife,
my future husband you are and
I cannot wait for the day
we pile into our gettaway vehicle
and make off with the love we stole,
even if from each other.
And I keep trying to make a soul mate out of me,
as a final parting gift to the life im losing
with you.

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I'm Not Gonna Let You Say

Whispers in the dark Thoughts of you. a meeting at the park, A memory, a flash Surrounded by pin-drop silence. The saddest thing in the world, I have lost all meanings of life. My mind overflows with memories Of those few green and fair days. How do I mend my broken heart ? I hate this idea of my heart That you are the one thing, Whom I want the most but can't have. You tore my heart into two, One part has lost all and The other still thinking for you. I hate this feeling of pain, I'm not gonna let you say.....

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Only You

Only you could do this to me 
Close my eyes so i cannot see 
Drop me down to the bottom of the sea 
And drown out the words that my lungs yearn to scream 

Many times you have left me to die 
So listen to these words that i cry 

I said i would never leave your side 
And i didnt 
I said i would never let you cry on your own 
And i didnt 
I said i never would let you fall 
And i didnt 

So i will wait till the day where you will do the same for me  

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Where there is beauty
Much hate lies
The love given freely
For same another dies.

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If You Leave Me

That fragrant smell of you like jasmine,
When you are away, I don’t forget,
Do you forget mine?
The goodness of it I remember always,
I remember you,
Do I bring you goodness?
Will you remember me? 
A potpourri of dry flowers sit on your nightstand,
Waiting to be consumed by you,
If it talked, it would say I love you,
When you speak petals come out flowing,
When I listen to your words that drip to the floor,
I soak them up with my feet that have deep roots,
This, is completeness for me,
If you think to leave,
Then don’t come back,
I, will be gone too!
I won’t come back!
But, if you always love me,
Then, I will always love you,
If ever you should come to hate me,
I could never hate you,
I will lie down with crashing waves blanketing me,
Then, I will  be that sand particle floating effortlessly in the sea,
If you have killed your hate and look for me again,
Then look upon the fading sun in the horizon,
There, you will find me set free by the sea. 

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Holy books says it all
You taught me how to crawl
This will never change
Never ends never fades
Dear God where you are?
Shattered piece of childish dreams
This will never change
Never ends never fades.

I can fight for all my life,
Not broken, not broken inside
Never be so frustrated,
Not going to commit suicide.

Fuc*ing faith will fall,
Mortals will stand tall
Hell and heaven are all the same
Live your life, don't die in vain

Only you and I can make 
A better world for tomorrow
Have faith in yourself
And wipe off the tears of sorrow

Make me scream, Make me cry
I'll never fail to try.
This night's has an end
No pain will remain

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Never say “I don’t love you”
When you just mean give me space
Because it hurts me so much
Like a dagger in my heart
Never Say “”I don’t care”
When you just mean you hate it
Because I need to know,
Promise I’ll never do it again
Never say I Miss you
When you are far
The fact is 
I want to be exactly where you are
Never say “Come here”
When you just mean, prove my love
Because if I fail, I can’t blame distance
Men are comprises of peculiar elements
Our mind is the abode for knowledge
That holds the truth and the lies
Our mind is the residence of our will and desire
We don’t like to be fool 
Because we don’t play with feelings
We fall in love but hate to be dictated
We have our own plans and tactics
And we don’t stop until we reach success
We don’t lie when
We hide ourselves beyond what you see
Or discloses the antecedents of our past relationships
We just hate remembering heartaches 
Cause we are also the casualty of failures
We maybe objective 
And could become ruthless
But touch us once and we will gradually melts
You can name our nature
Evil and
You can call us everything that you wanted
But I tell you honey
That the realms of our nature
Is tamed with your passion
That behind our glory is your love
That the truth of our being
Is your existence
That the vows that you committed
Is the life that we long to live…

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we met two thouSand thIrteen for the firSt TimE heRe

Sister, older Sister you I finally met and and starting to know
I met you and wished you did not have to go

I love your black, silky hair and especially your grace
...and that beautiful blouse with all of that lace

I watched you close to see if you looked like me and that I did not see
..I still love that you are a big sister to me

Harsh tones when you speak
We didn't even have the same feet

Your eye lashes so thick and long
I can't express enough how much I hate that you are gone

Though the miles between us are not very far
I already hate that we are apart

I notice that you liked some of the same hobbies that I enjoy
I have three boys and one girl and you have three girls and a boy

I looked at your finger and we had the same mole in the same place
...but we did not resemble in the face ; (

Though you were much taller and your frame was larger then mine
I regret that our memories together are way behind

The next time I see you will still be catch up on old times, say our goodbye and I love you too

Send a message to our Mommy please
Tell her that this is probably the best thing she ever done for me

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I love you, I mean, whatever

When I gave you my joy filled heart,
It was still intact.
A thousand pieces of hate and pain,
Are what you gave me back.

You lied to me, ignored my calls,
You'd gone to God knows where.
Then come back with "I Love you",
I'd pretend I didn't care.

You'd sweet talk me and win my smile,
One touch is all it takes,
I'd forget about the sorrows,
And all of your mistakes.

Then once again you'd be lost to me,
No reason, no tears, no kiss.
Your so blissfully ignorant,
Because ignorance is bliss.

Again I would forgive you,
But this time could not forget.
Although happy still to have you,
I'd rue the day we met.

I'd dry my tears with a veil of lies,
Hide hate behind my fear.
But all is well, it has to be,
Because you were still here.

Then you decided it was no more,
You didn't like what you had found.
But like a favored childhood toy,
You decided to keep me around.

Now I've got the time and space,
To look into the past,
I've seen some things, which at the time,
I seem to have looked past.

I hate how you treated me,
You told me we'd be forever.
You lied, so now please leave me to be,
I love you. I mean, whatever...

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All out of words

Just a man
Is all I am
Do what I can
Its not a sham
I am no more
You are no less
An even score
A tie I guess
I have loved very easy
And I have hated hard
I did till I’m dizzy
Though never been barred
A love hate relationship
Is love to hate each-other
The apple of my eye
I picked from a tree
With one more try
Could wind up with three
The oyster of my world
Came out of a shell
A stone can be hurled
To ring from a bell
The gold that I seek
Did come from an ore
The boat that did leak
I steered with an oar
Repaired all the holes
So I can go far
Paid all the tolls
While driving my car
Dumb as I am
I still try to write
Hit with a bam
Part of the fight
Cows are in herds
I cannot believe
All out of words
Going to leave

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Buried Love No Funeral

As I sit in my corner and think about your lies, I have nothing else to do but break down and cry. You knew it would end, You knew it would die, You knew one day we’d have to say goodbye. You told me you loved me, You told me you cared But the rage inside had slowly flared. The moments we shared replay in my head Along with all the sweet lies you said. You thought it was a game You thought you’d win But in the end you felt nothing within. Deep down inside there was a big empty space That I now realize you couldn’t replace. Something about you helped me see That without love I’m finally free. Free from pain, Free from lies, Free from having tear filled eyes. Without your love I finally see All the horrid things you’ve come to be.

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I Do

I try to hide it, pretend I don’t care,
Admitting I miss you, I wouldn’t dare.
I hate the way, everything I do,
Somehow reminds me about you.

Everywhere I go, I don’t have a choice.
It never fails, I always hear your voice.
I know it’s in my head, I know you aren’t near.
But I would do anything, just to have you here.

For one more night, for one more day,
I wouldn’t let you go I’d ask you to stay.
I hate the way we ended things
Your cold shoulder is what still stings.

You left me with no words, no explanation.
It was over so quick you had no hesitation.
I feel so stupid when you enter my mind.
I don’t know how I could’ve been so blind.

Did all we go through really mean nothing?
I know in my heart we were more than a fling.
I think you were scared and that made you run
I think you were scared to admit I was the one.

The pain in my chest when I hear your name,
A fear overcomes me that I’ll never have the same
Feelings for another guy as I did for you,
The one guy to whom I would have said "I Do"…

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question marks the spot

Question marks the spot on my heart
like... why you told me i love you
i didn't ask....
Question marks the spot on my heart 
like... why do you kiss me so passionately and then...
shoot me death's look in the next hour...
Question marks the spot on my heart
like...why do you keep toying with my existence at all
is it just to cause me confusion...
Question marks the spot on my heart
like... what do you truly feel about my existence
do you hate it?, or do you really hate it?...
Question marks the spot on my heart I really love you?, cause I really don't...
I just can't answer the question...

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On falling down the full stop at the end of a sentence

Blind sight scattered my wits
Like whitened bones
Across the deserts of my mind.

I descended into blackness.
Love shrank into the tame cat
By the fire,unacknowledged hate
Grew to fill the room.
I stared too much,
A full stop grew gigantic
Crowded out
All the words in the sentence
I saw nothing but this dot
Now a gigantic black hole
Into which I was dragged.
An energy coming from within my own head
Sucked me into the black hole.
That place was the wrong sort of dearkness.
Within that full stop,
Love Fundamental became invisible.
Disappered into the dark.
I dragged my eyes away
And saw the moon appear , so eerie,
It shone,grey silver.
If I had opened my eyees wider
I would not now lament
What I destroyed in the wormhole
Of the black dot that drew my eye
Into a tunnel of darkness
It blinded me to the light
Did not let me read the sentences
Beside the full stop.
An error of focus left hate
Unacknowledged,unmitigated unredeemed,
Kept from love or goodness
Afraid to spoil my love with hate,
The fear of hate became
That which spoiled all else else,
By freezing Love itself.

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Return to Sender

Return to me like nothing is wrong 
Like time had no affect on me 
while you were gone so long
you thought it would just be that easy 

just to let you know 
thats not how it works 
our love can't grow
when hate stays and lurks

but the hate is your own doing
with no one to blame but yourself
so there is no way i am going
to help you drag your sins off the shelf

you will do it on your own
just like i had to do it on mine
imagine how this love could have grown
but you can just leave and know that the fault was not mine.

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''If God was one of Us'' Remix

                                 Sexual Orientation
wish I could make a ball out of all of it Open up wide and swallow it Instead of wallowing in it I’ll digest and emit Emotion Sincerity Love Sanitary Solutions All I see is perversion conclusions So what I have concluded is this We are our own worst enemy But to oblivious to admit it

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Single Awareness Day

Let's just start
with five words:
I hate February the fourteenth.

I hate it
With a passion

Just a couple
reasons why

I have never gotten a valentine
I have never liked pink
or red
or hearts

But I don't care too much
because Valentine's day
is just superficial

A holiday that just makes people
feel bad about themselves
and buy lots of chocolates
and flowers

But honestly
it's just depressing
to see all of the people
who have flowers and love letters

Especially when
I have nothing

But maybe this Valentine's day
will be different
not that I care

But maybe just this once
I could have somebody love me
even if Valentine's day
is better known as
Single Awareness Day

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Ugly feelings

I might smile
I might agree that you're cool
I may even act like I enjoy having you around
But I think that I hate you

I don't really hate you, I hate what you've done
You've stolen my joy and you've taken my fun
What used to be mine, now is yours
The place I once held, now you hold
It's all about you now and I'm sick of it

I could almost hate you for that

I want to scream in your face
I want to tell you that I despise what you've done
I almost wish you didn't exist
Or lived some indescribable distance away never to be seen
But you're too nice
Too polite
Too too

So I can't do any of these things

And I hate feeling this way
Feeling so incredibly jealous of you
Not being happy for another's happiness
Wanting to let myself hate you
I know I'm pathetic, disgusting,

So I try to hold it all inside
But it doesn't work very well
I want desperatley to run away
Then at least I could leave behind
Instead of being left behind

But there is no where to go

I could almost hate you

But it's not really you that I hate
If it were anyone else in your place it would be the same
I just hate the change
I hate feeling that I'm losing something that belonged to me
Something I never would have given up willingly

But I know now, it was never mine
What do I own?
Not my best friend
Not the time we spent together
Not the choice of who she spends her time with now
Not her love

The memories
I own only the memories

And in the end, that is all I'm left with.

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I hate it
Knowing you might not stay
It's eating your 
Life away
Sucking you up
Like a black whole
Taking in everyone you know.
I hate it
Living on
If you'll be gone
God has made his choice,
We cannot share,
what this cancer is,
because I do not know
If you can stay

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For Pete Seeger Huddie Leadbelly Ledbetter and Woody Guthrie

For Pete Seeger, Huddie ‘Leadbelly’ Ledbetter and Woody Guthrie

it was a long time ago
when you put your words into song

'this machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender' you scribbled on your old guitar

and you wielded that banjo & guitar as weapons, 

fiddling out a hail of truth

of solidarity

of angry, vehement calls for peace

you said of Leadbelly, that that Huddie Ledbetter was a helluva man

you sang and spoke through dust clouds and relief lines

you taught us all, to seek out hope wherever we can

and when they tried to call all of you goddamned reds

you sang on ever louder and louder, rattlin' their prejudices as they slept in their plush beds

you rode and you rambled and thumbed your way around

the land that is my land and your land too

for you believed all this earth was shared common ground

and when you sang of overcoming one day

the injustice and pain that you witnessed along the way

they further branded you a commie, a pinko or a nigger-lover or a jew-lover, or an enemy of the state

while your banjo and your guitars continued to surround their blind hate

'this machine kills fascists' you etched on that guitar as well

but they were all deaf, for they could not hear the tolling of the bell

'the bell of freedom

the hammer of justice

the song of love between your brothers and your sisters'

and they knew not that they were the ones who would sizzle in their own bigoted hell

and then came the marches and you were there too

with dr. king in Birmingham and Selma, and you faced their spit, their venomous rage, their clubs and sticks and knives, but you always knew

that your cause was just and that the truth must one day prevail

however long it may take, you never gave up, you sang and you marched and you strummed yourselves, victoriously, into their jail

and then they shot him, they shot Dr. King dead, as they burnt and lynched many more

yet you stood firm, you never wavered, your blood was red after all, and they could not tarnish the truth's core

and so it came to pass, that woody went on his way, to his pastures of plenty up in the sky

and Huddie too, said his last and final goodbye

and you were then one, and you may have felt alone and overwhelmed, by the battles and with all that was wrong

but then you saw that the people were with you 

as they had been, all along

and so you continued to fiddle with that old banjo

dragging it through Newport and Calcutta and Dar-es-Salaam

and through countless unknown halls in numberless unknown towns

across this earth, turning, slowly, putting smiles of togetherness, on faces that were once pock-marked with disillusioned frowns
today as I jot down these poorly scribbled words for all of you
for Woody, Huddie, and Pete
I do so in gratitude, for after all the travails that you've been through
I know that you know that this world still has its fair share of hate, and of loss and of injustice and of gloom
but I also know that you know that though all the old flowers may have gone
there always will be, as there always must be,

a fresh flower somewhere, that will quietly bloom.

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Always on my mind, sometimes
I awake and tears fall from my eyes,
You said hello and goodbye came too quick.
Got caught up heart couldn't handle it
I know I'm not the only one, you know you felt it.
The difference is you can deny it and I cant help it.
Am I in love with you? I don't know
I don't want too be but its a lot of fun with you
Eevery day is rain until I see you again...
to be where you are is like a kiss from the sun
but you run so far from me, you dont even know
how special you are to me.
If this is goodbye? than I wish you'd never said hello to me...
cause i ****en miss you!
Sometimes I hold on to things you gave me just to get through
the day.
I want to call but I'm too scared and don't know what to say
so i pray that you'll call but that call never comes.
So i cry some more thinking its over because of something i've done
what did i do? i ****en hate this part and wish i could hate you...
but I can't...because....?

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FREE CEE i speak to sy freud couldn't figure out this freak


My meandering mind beseeches me to speak
While my body bespeaks of it being weak
My brain has become both numb and recalcitrant
And if the truth be known I am a malcontent

I used to have the capability to compute important things
I knew how much change to get when the cash register rings
Now my intellect and intelligence are both null and void
Sh*t, I’d perplex the hell out of even Sigmund Freud

I am irreverent, a rebel and a reprobate
I cannot love so I latch on to hate
Hatred comes easy for a man consumed by regret
Haunted by the travesties I’ve caused and cannot forget

I hate all the people who say “no” to my request
I hate each person who won’t do something at my behest
I hate all the people who hate me for being what I am
And being consumed by hate is from where my problems all stem

I hate all the women who beg “I love you but change”
I hate all the men who are correct when they label me strange
My muddled mind says “speak” yet and still I remain mute
And of the fact that I’m f*cked up there is no ****ing dispute
  © 2012…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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We’re all hurled
Into the midst,
A perfect world
Does not exist.

Taught to hate,
Doomed to die.
Our death rate
Has soared sky-high.  

We can escape,
Begin the climb.
Build to reshape
Free from crime.

Help to offset
Push and shove.
Do not forget
How to love.

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I Miss you

I hate you for showing me what true love is
For feeling of weakness I felt in my knees
I hate you for agreeing that we should break up
To leave me alone like an unwanted child’s pup

I hate you for showing me how happy I could be
Just to take away my love and the best part of me
I hate you for using me
I hate you for abusing me

The love that you showed me, I know it was true
For I sit in my house and all I do is think of you
You injected me 
Infected me
Then you rejected me

I hate you for I know this love was true
And I hate you because

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Sweetest Touch

As she so carelessly walks by 
her elegance fills the air 
The beauty of her eyes 
The flowing carelessnes of her hair 

And it seems she doesnt mind 
She sent me to despair 
She can look into my eyes 
as though she doesnt care 

I still hate her with all of my being 
I cant hate her enough 
But that still doesnt mean 
She doesnt have the sweetest touch 

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I Love, I hate

-I love...I hate-

I love your smile
I love your laugh

I love the sparkle in your eyes

I love how you just have fun
I love that you don't hold a grudge
I love that we are friends

I love you...

I love seeing you, every chance I get
I love being around you, anytime I can

I love, I love,
I love you...

I hate that you don't know it
I hate that you don't see it
I hate that I'm too scared to show you, tell you

I hate that you adore another

I hate that you can't be mine
I hate that I'm not yours

I hate...
I hate...

I hate everyday I'm away from you

But i will always

Love you.

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15 Months

I’m sorry I ignored your calls and the attention I was given
I’m sorry I made you feel like your emotions were not worth living.
I’m sorry after 4 months I still wanted some other guy,
I’m sorry at month 6 I discovered yet another lie.
I hate that it was too late, my heart had already picked a side.
I remember in month 7, I left him for you.
I’m sorry that I begged and you didn’t know what to do.
I’m sorry I hooked up with him, and you didn’t approve.
In months 8 & 9 you stood by me while he was forcing me to move.
10 – You just wouldn’t understand. I said “NO” and pushed away your hands
11 – Came and left without a single word. After all that we went through I still wanted to be 
your girl.
12 – Was emotional, you were on your way, but there were those three little words you 
wanted but I still couldn’t say.
I’m sorry that after 13 months I still wasn’t perfect.
I’m mad that we were nearly at 14 months before I decided you were worth it.
I hate that when the 12th of the next month came around you said “wow, that’s 15”. You 
were still far away, and still just as mean.
I hate that 15 was when I was going to say those three little words and send them your way, 
but instead you kissed me and acted like it was all fine. You took me home and then it was 
“I have bigger dreams, and things I need to do. I’m sorry but my life isn’t you.”
I’m sorry that after 15 months you were nothing but a jerk
I hate that 15 months still couldn’t make it work.
I’m angry that I gave you my Sweet Sixteenth year, something I looked so forward  to, I 
couldn’t enjoy while it was here.
I hate you for not keeping your words and just staying away. You had to come back and 
forth and make me want to stay.
Those 15 months where all I had was you, are gone, erased, thrown away and blank. There 
is no sensitivity because of you it lacks.
You’re gone, it’s over and I’m not looking back.

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It's pure fact

I hate the things some people do
But even though still love them through
Sometimes pure hate can cause duress
And I don’t need this kind of stress
Sometimes they hit you with a blow
But in the end still love them so
Why do some hurt the ones they love
And say they can love from up above
That’s not for me I cannot hit
And if you do I will not sit
I will protect the ones I love
And even those that you may love
Though It’s pure fact that love is true
Most times I’m left just feeling blue
I take my time I’ll not give up
Yes you can hold me like a pup
Life hurts no matter what we do
But always know that I love you

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All The Reasons I Hate You

I hate the way you talk,
the way you say my name,
the way you wear your hair.
To me it's all the same.

I hate it when you make me laugh,
even more when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're just standing there,
Also when you lie.

I hate you for hurting me,
I hate you for being untrue,
I hate you for making me hate you, 
And for making me love you.

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im never coming back continued into why did i go back

Im never coming back
smart ,creative,generous you are ,
but theres more to you than that
your insecure ,angry and drink to much
I needed your love ,but you didnt know how to give it
I wanted you more than anything ,but you werent feeling it
I loved you ,and it showed... but your eyes were closed
you didnt see me so i dissapeared ,so now your eyes have come to be open
and your wondering where i am
but im gone
 and im never coming back
Why did i go back
why did i go back to you ,cause everythings the same
as always... u lured me in with your charm, just till im willing to stay
then u trap me and hold me in place and mistreat me just the same,
you appear charming and sweet but underneith your cruel and controling
on the inside i say all the things to you i dont have the courage to say
and on the inside i hate how i love u more each day
i hate how im conflicted between the lines of love and hate
and i hate how i cant seem to stay away 
so i sit here in the mist of your bull*****once again
and wonder ...why did i go back

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Love not war

In war we see ugly visions
faces of  blind twisted hate,
clouds in bitter conflict
dimming loves light.

Armed with the Devil's tools
inflicting mass cruelty,
evil destruction killing innocence
rape plundering 
families sanctuaries 
peace overturned.

Tortured with pain,
leaving a legacy of hurt
laced with suffering scars,
mourning rivers of tears.

Killing machines trained
without feelings,
sorrow flows humbly
upon fields of battle,
soaking the earth
blood of our brothers 
spilt upon the soil.

Drenched weeping ,
love is an angel of peace,
forever living inside 
guiding each and every one of us,
finding the beauty in this world
not Hell bent on her destruction,
light of eternal joy and truth
shines always in the end.

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I wanna love for all

WHEN I WAS WONDERING IN THE GATE OF THE PARADISE IN THE EARTH… SOMEBODY WAS SHOUT AT MY EAR.... " WHOM YOU ARE????" WITH A SHOCK I SAID "I AM A HUMBLE HUMAN" "WHAT YOU WANT?????" THERE THE SHOUTED AGAIN I SAID " I WANNA LOVE...." AGAIN THE SHOUT IS THERE.. "WHAT KIND OF LOVE YOU WANNA????" " THERE IS FATHER'S LOVE, THERE IS MOTHER'S LOVE.. THERE IS SON'S LOVE, THERE IS DAUGHTER'S LOVE... THERE IS BROTHER'S LOVE, THERE IS SISTER'S LOVE... THERE IS HUSBAND'S LOVE. THERE IS WIFE'S LOVE... THERE IS LOVER'S LOVE, THERE IS MATE'S LOVE... THERE IS FIANCE'S LOVE, THERE IS FRIEND'S LOVE... THERE IS DOCTOR'S LOVE, THERE IS LAWYER'S LOVE..." I SAID "I WANNA LOVE FOR ALL...." " DO YOU HAVE ANY BUCKS FOR THE SAME????" THE SHOUT IS AGAIN.. I SAID MY WALLET IS EMPTY... "THEN YOU HAVE THE HATE WITH ME...AT FREE OF COST..." " IF YOU TAKE HATE FOR ALL.. YOU WILL GET FREE ONE GRAM OF LOVE..." “And you can use it your own way!” In the paradise in the earth The price of love going high and high.. And you can never afford the love.. In your life time, because the price will never comedown.... “ I look around to see the source of shout.. Then I see the devil of evil, the emperor of the paradise in the earth.. the Saataan the great, laughing at me in loud….

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Love All

Why Hurt me?
Only to add to my pain?
Is your own pain all you see?
I dont want hatred to remain
Why can't you just love me?

Must we repeat discord forever
And never learn just to love one another?
All not just a few,
All the pain inflicted...
If we only knew.

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Halloween Thoughts

If I didn’t think that Halloween was so special
I would think that it was dull and quite boring
I love Halloween and all of its wonder
I think it’s the greatest holiday of the year
But if I never thought of it that way
I would think it was the worst possible day
I’m fascinated by all the devilish things around
The sincere innocence of this time astounds
If I didn’t think of all of this splendor
I would think that the innocence is just a front
A front of the evil that could be played
But I don’t think that, I believe it is a great time
A time of joyful glee and trick or treating
Dressing up in costumes and going to parties
I would hate all of this, if I thought differently
I wouldn’t enjoy the full moon, and the black cats
The witches and creatures of the deep would be my boon
But my heart is with this Holiday, everything it stands for
The fun of the skeleton dances and the bats that fly
I love to think of the Jack-O-Lanterns that smile at night
But if my thoughts would change, I wouldn’t enjoy
All of these feelings that I do love to employ
Spiders and maggots, creatures of the night
I wouldn’t stand for them, I would hate this sight
I however think what I do think, simply delightful
I will always love Halloween and all its wonder
The festivities of the season will remain in my heart

Entrant into Nancy Jones' "If I didn't think what I think, here's what I'd think" contest


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Best friend forever

Always knew that love 
Would come find me one day
But I didn’t know it was you
Who god sends my way 

You said hello to me
And took me by surprise
And you just captivate me
And I got lost in your eyes

And I know that you were
A perfect gift from above
You were funny, intelligent
And so easy for me to love

You showed me kindness
And make me smile again
Give hope to move forward
And leave behind my pain

You said that I’m special
And you believe in me
And make me promise to
Publish my poems for all to see

I would tell you ghost stories
And folk lore’s of Trinidad
And you would listen to me
And great conversations we had

You are the gift from above
An angel from the skies
You bring so much happiness
And tears of joy to my eyes

God knows I was suffering
The hurt I was going through
So please don’t hate me
When I said how much I love you

And as I write this poem for you
Tears are falling on my keyboards
And it feels like in my heart
There are a million swords

But every time it stabs me
It makes love comes alive
Hoping the maybe the end 
Of my misery has finally arrive

But I will never have the courage
To say you are my dream come true
Because I don’t want you 
To hate me for loving you

You show me your picture
Because you cares for me
And it was the most beautiful
Sight of pure magical beauty

And I will give my life for you
If it’s what you ask for
And I will always love you
My best friend for ever more

Details | Ballad | |


it seems like only yesterday
you'd pick me up and carry me
and now i'm stuck wondering if you've moved on

I hate the way you stare at me
those brown eyes still and caressing
making me fall in love just one more time

I hate it, 
it's cruel
you stole my heart
and played me like a fool
and all I really want is to have it back

Details | Free verse | |


Saw you and knew you

We didnt even need to speak

Saw you and wanted you in my life

just the thought of you makes me sick

So love sick my heart hurts


So love sick my stomach hurts 

hunger no food can fill

I need a bowlful of



Dosent make any sense

I dont know you

yet being without you

Dosent make any sense


I dont know you

yet knowing you has changed me

what a mind @$#%$

This needs to stop


Stop invading my thoughts...I hate that

I hate that you are so delicious ...ok I need to stop

You have me and you have no idea


Got to shake this..but I cant

It's like I'm wearing the Queens crown so heavy and beautiful

and YOU are the King

But the kingdom dosent exist

outside my mind



Details | Acrostic | |

7 4 letter words that molded my life

How I had hate for you, for a longest time in my life,
All I ever thought I was,  was the slave in your eyes,
T eaching me the lessons of life, with wrought hands,
Every time you beat me, you beat me like a man.

Pain was an illusion, I soon learned to over come,
Another beating over, well another soon will  come.
In your eyes I was a really bad child, where you had to punish me,
Nothing ever stopped you, not even my screams.

How you have hurt  me, scars I carry inside,
Understanding why for me, was a never ending fight,
Reliving all those memories, brings me much shame,
Toughen up you reckon, you must be insane.

Fearing you triggered my anxiety early on in my life,
Each day I'd come home from school, and all I wanted to do was hide,
Always alert, always on guard, always looking for signs,
Readying the will to take it again, just like every other time

Very vein you where of how I was raised, you often talked to friends,
Even beatings in front of them, putting me on display entertaining them,
In your mind you were justified, and I had to pay,
Never a care for me in mind, it's my fault you were that way.

Relentlessly  and repeatedly, I suffered from your rage,
All the time just screaming at me, because some how I misbehaved,
Getting it out of you system once, was never enough,
Enraged by the loss of yourself control, always re-sparked you off.

Love was the reason you told me, you did it cause you cared,
Over the years you ingrained this in me, So one day I could share,
Very proud of this love you were, I never went out,
Every time you thought I needed more, It was time for another bout.

Thirty four years of hate and anger it took me, before I could understand what real love was.

Details | I do not know? | |

What I Hate!

I hate to say goodbye,
Because I really hate to see you cry;
I hate to say hello,
Specially when I don't want you to go.

I hate to blame myself,
I hate to blame you as well,
I hate the times I cried,
Because I know it gently kills me inside.

I hate to smile when you're around,
All I want is to cry and to frown,
I hate to see you go,
When I know you're not ready to let me go.

I hate to end this all,
But I hate seeing you suffer more because of this,
I hate to say that you're the one that I should really miss.
Because you are the one reason, 
  why I am blessed.

Details | Epyllion | |


I hate that i think about you.
I hate that i like the things that you do.
I hate that everytime you make me mad, you make me smile again.
I hate that when we argue i apologize in the end.

Why am i so fasinated by what you do to me?
I never thought i would experience these things.
I hate you so much but i cant take my mind off you.
Maybe im addicted to you.
Sprung too.

I dont believe in love so why do i feel this way?
Why do i call you and cherish every word you say?
This thing happens everyday.
Maybe im addicted to you.
Sprung too.

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You Bad

Yeah you
bad alright.
But tell me bro can
you handle your fight?
I hate funny
acting boys.
Tryna play me
like a toy.
See, you got
the game twisted.
As soon as I leave
you gone be missin' it.
Now, I love you,
truly I do.
But why you tryna
play me, boo?
I hate to
be ignored.
Cause y'all know
I go hard core.
Step up to the plate
or get dissed.
And I'm tellin' you bro
you ain't gone be missed.
I'll be honest with
you though.
I really ain't
feelin' you no mo'.
I'm gettin' tired
of your games.
To be honest
your lines are lame.
I thought we would
last to the end.
But baby it's best
that we be friends.

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When love turns to hate

Eventually you will find out,
why my feelings are in hibernation,
Opening the past is to sleep, 
when dreams turn in the wrong direction,
I've tossed and turned, 
dodged and ducked all the past nightmares,
The dreams are my life's memories,
entwined in sordid affairs,
Embossed on slate, my life's carvings,
for everyone to see, when love turns to hate,
To drink, it smother's the feelings, 
discarding what was ment to be fate......

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love is the way out of anything 
but does anyone give a second thought
pain leads to love that never happens
love leads to pain that ended and doesn't begin
love has no meaning
but it has meaning to your heart
love has no time to go through
but time to grow love for someone 
love has a lover
but a lover that doesn't love you back
love is the opposite of hate
but hate is the cause of the love to end
love is you and the one you love
but the one you love grown to unlove you
love can be a part of a teens life
then they grown to hate and give up on love at the end of everything

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dearest Ashanthi
the one put me in misery...
for the love that i gave so dearly...
my heart broke into Pisces..
when i was taken to prison...
was my love mistaken..
you used me..
it was always given but not taken..
you are a receiver but not a giver...
the pictures of our lovely  past...
runs trough my head so often...
its so heard for me..
to hate you even today...
i am trying to gather 
all your bad reasons...
to hate you all over again...
but there is something within me...
i wish i can start loving you all over again...
i wish i can kiss you so tenderly once again...
i know you will not see me.. you will not come near me..
yet dearest Ashanthi..
with all your bad reasons...
of ruing my life to send me to prison...
i forgive you for all your stupid mistakes... and just want to say...
i love you always!!

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it's not enough Guinevere,
or should i call you Morgana?
unless you, too, see me
like a novelty act, with your shiny wizard.

you're always against everything anyway.
the cliched apples,
the nudes i draw,
the fig leaves your nerves cover them up with.

but you don't cover everything.
only you pretend you have to
with me.
you're the mother of my name...
the forest where i form my rocks.

but there's more things us men can give you,
than things you can't touch all at once.
you can touch it all at once,
but you don't need to;
when you don't even try for what you want.

the longer you strive to be queen
the better. the moment you succeed,
dark ruler,
it all goes up in smoke;
all smoke.

you say we're all the same.
but there's more i, myself, have
to give you, than smoke and mirrors.

you hate the taste of wine,
but you're not a Lilith that sucks,
or a witch that feeds your apples
to other women;
as much as you want the sky to be clear
like the nights when you and i would walk,
you can't breathe without the fogs of London,
the sick harvest burning of zombie weeds at that.

you're too worn to be a queen,
and drinking from my fountain of youth
makes you shiver in heat, in fear,
and talk like a child.
you'll always be a princess either way.

my illness will keep me young for years
to come. that's my magic.--
but you're not afraid of that are you?
you're afraid of all that's not magical,
not powerful, not immortal
unless bought in zombie fog.

you can only be a queen if you can pick the brain,
and remove the heart without breaking it
or touching it;
it's hard to love someone that you can't hate even for a moment.

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Torn Pride

 I sit here, once again with tears in my eyes
A sad individual, a waste of a life
How can i feel like this, I'm suppose to be proud
A sunny day, unreachable by clouds
But I've fought, I've fought so hard
These emotions won't stay away
Each time my heart falls short of it's goal
And tears want to run down my face

I feel as if I'm all alone, no one shares my pain
This sadness, this weakness, I'm so ashamed
I tell myself to toughen up, stand strong
But my pride has been beaten for too long

I sit here, broken and torn
Listening to songs as i morn
I have no wish to try again, for i have yet to heal
But i know i can't stop what my heart feels

I cry saddened by my unaccepted love
I cry, angered because that's not what a man does
I tell myself its ok to cry
But i hate this feeling, i hate this life

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What happened to us?

What happened to us?

Now I fear you, hate you, loath you
Really want to kill you

You disgust me 
Distract me 
Distrust me, hate me
Really want to kill me.

Always forever
Remember forever and ever?
Marriage vows
Exchanged in glee
Baby you and me made three.

Love we made twice a day
Exciting full filling 
We both have to say

Time moved on-on we went
kids happened
Deaths, birthdays
Illness, PTA and job promotions.

Travel too much
Yes you did 
Warn to much
Yes I did
Now my unhappiness
From you I hid.

Pay our bills
Build that house 
Need new cars
And more charge cards.

Love we made
Now once a week
Some hand jobs
But still lots of heat.

On we went, time moved on
How your money I did spent.

My appearance now 
did not care
Shorter skirts I would not wear
roots came in 
Dull dark grey hair.

All my love 
Hot to you
Instead to our child
Ok, I admit its true.

But I remember well
Your mistress tale
This deep pain for me 
Never did heal.

Time moved on- on we went
All my love frozen cold
Because you said I’m 
Getting to old

Love we made 
Once a month
Probably less, its hard to guess.

So divorce papers you did file
I felt free
At first
Many new possibilities!

Thought I, maybe now love
I’ll find 
Greater wealth
And peace of mind.

Lies we tell
Around about
Divorce is good
This we should

Therapists and
Friends do too-
Yes divorce
Is right for you!

So time moved on, on we went 
And all our money
Our attorneys spent

Love we made 
Not once this year 
This replaced
With grief and fear

Now I despise you, loath you
Hate you 
Midnight plots
Of you to rape you.

Win I will
 And win I must 
For now I know
What happened to us

Our love was planted
Yet left unattended
Rot to earth
Can’t be mended.

I alone this
Garden tended.

So why of why 
Did you fail to tell 
No gardener are you
Our love to fell.

Our garden of love 
Rot and weeds
Hate, desert
Now you sow
 These seeds.

Ironic yes.

I’m afraid it’s true.

Long at last
A gardener
I’ve made of you.

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Poverty possessed – need to own Steal away to possess by me – and me alone Ludicrous to obsess need to love Stolen away to either be free and obsessed or jailed and alone With time displaced time we’ve grown
Between a hard place to face and a stone. By J.Thornton

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Your lust an infection

My heart right now so low.
Which makes it so easy for these words to flow.
A pain so deep that it cuts into my soul.
My soul so blackened like coal.
Im losing myself and all control.
But right now my fingers and mind work as a whole.
This thing that i feel makes my heart play the smallest role.
Becuase now its all hate in my blackened soul.
All i do is give you affection.
But it goes unnoticed, not the smallest detection.
Which makes this hate spread like an infection.
I dont know what to fow i havent a selection.
I feel we have such a disconnection.
My feelings and your thoughts make this a hard intersection.
My memories of old days make this a bad resurrection.
Resurrection of all of my imperfections.
I just want some love to be my protection.
But you just cant feel the same connection.
So i guess that leaves me with nothing but introspection.
And lets me see my heart is in the wrong direction.

Details | I do not know? | |

Love is blind, they say


                                               Love is blind they say 
                              They said I was crazy for loving you 
              I really believed I was with the right person I was crazy for u 
You always promised that we would be together forever and nothing could 
EVER separate us. 

You lied. You were always lieing to me 
I believed you  

I really believed you 

I really trusted you 
I was so stupid 
I bet you still remember the day  
The day you made my heart numb 
When you killed me on the inside you broke my heart and you didn’t even give a care 
You still walk around me every day brushing me off like a piece of dirt.
I hate 
I hate you so much.. that was the day you killed me.

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 When judgement come what will you say can you tell the JESUS 
what you done in just one day eye left some fish upon the way then left my bed to 
gather more than eye can eat for eye am blessed my heart is full of love for 
people eye have never met and strangers yell at me from van and make me cuss 
and curse and hate yet the things eye found was blessed a cake a homemade 
cake remember LORD when we ate the cake eye found it in the city park on that 
SUNDAY when the man in the van rolled his window down he yelled screamed 
growled at me so cartoon of a character so rubber legged he would not stop near 
me for eye was mad at THEE for letting evil men get near me they rob me of my 
grace more needed now on SUNDAY as eye sit and feed my face eye will not go 
further with embellishments and lies intended just to sell a story to the men who 
drive the van and bother men with hate for eye found some extra clothing and 
added it to mind for there was no one there in the park today just laying on the 
ground eye passed the beggars sides with full larder laid as eye did not even lay 
it down eye hope they have an empty cup of alcoholic stop eye began this day 
without a fish but now my bags is hard to carry a brand new hooded shirt upon 
my belly my jacket getting heavy my cake and coffee is so nice please KISS mye 
lambea wherever she is at a smile upon her face for eye and love and grace on 
SUNDAY. This is CharlaXFabel number NINTEY. 

Details | ABC | |


A life full of love,
Brought  from heaven above,
Calling to each and every heart,
Doubt and truth spread worlds apart,
Even hate is swept away,
Fear and evil cannot stay,
Gather together the good and the right,
Heal the weak so they can take flight,
Isolate from the jealous mind,
Joyfully follow the caring and kind,
Kill the wrong and terrible thought,
Live for everything that love has brought,
Managing life and able to lead,
Never forgetting what others may need,
Open the heart to everyone,
Pray for things that must be done,
Question those who hold a grudge,
Remember to forgive instead of judge,
Show the way for those who are lost,
Teach them of hate and what it can cost,
Understand the hope and faith to give,
Victory to those who believe and live,
Wrongs erased for family and friend,
XO's to symbolize the love to lend,
Year after year keep the peace the same,
Zero time for war or blame.

Details | Rhyme | |

Hold On

How do you hold on to the one you love when that’s not all you’ve been dreaming of?

Is it wrong to wish for something new or is this just something I have to do?

The number of times I tried to go and then you fed me stories and put on a show.

I hear the words you’re trying to say but I’m really not sure I want you to stay.

I’ve been trying to get you to comprehend that this is life, it’s not pretend.

It’s not a game of love and hate it’s about my dreams, my hopes, my life and fate.

I want to live and explore my life and I’m really sorry I can’t be your wife.

I wanted a baby but from no other, I wanted to be your child’s mother.

I wanted a life we both could live, I wanted much more than you could give.

I hoped for a miracle but you couldn’t see, the hurt I was feeling so lonely, just me.

I hate to say this without a doubt but I’ve lost all hope that this will work out.

I’m so afraid to be alone for this broken heart wasn’t made of stone.

You say you love me so if it’s true, then please just do what you said you’d do.

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I Hate That

I walked outside my house.
Into the driveway
And thought
"You were just there yesterday,"
A few hours back.
I was having the best time ever with you.
But now I realize its gone.
And I hate it.

I hate that I won't see you tomorrow
The same as today.
I hate that I'm crying when I should be excited.
I hate that you probably don't think I'm telling the truth.
But I am.
Becaudse you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
And I love that.
And yet, it hurts to know that I won't see you again
For a while.
I hate that strong spurce of emotions.
But I love that I can feel them again.
I really do.

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The pain that one feels,
For no gain doth anger bring,
But hate that cometh from within,
Burns like a witch at the stake,
Suffocates like a hanged man on a noose,
Back stabs you with a blunt knife,
Like uncertain delivery from a drunken midwife,
Love and hate both have pain and strife,
But only one brings forth life.

Details | I do not know? | |


Like the desert and the sun
Like a bullet and a gun
Like promised things never done
We go together

Like a coffin and a grave
Like chains of iron and a slave
Like being scared and acting brave
We go together

Like a car crash and a scream
Like a drunkard and a dream
Like dirty nails and fraying seams
We go together.

Like the world of rich and poor
Like late night vomit in shop doors
Like the vice squad and the whores
We go together.

Like the winter and the cold
Like the bluffer and the fold
Like the word out and the word sold
We go together.

I love you and you hate me
You love me and I hate you
I guess there's nothing left to do
Let's go together.

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Hating you

I hate the way you look at me
I hate the way to walk
I hate the way you're always there
I hate the way you talk

I hate you for your stupid grin
I hate you're pretty face
I hate all of your many clothes
I hate that dress of lace

I hate the way you care for me
I hate the gifts you give
I hate the feeling of your skin
I hate the life you live

I hate the way you love me so
I hate the way I feel
I hate the fact that love won't die
I hate that you are real

I hate the fact that you're a saint
I hate that I'm in hell
I hate the way that I need you
I hate my icy shell

I hate when you are not around
I hate it when you dance
I hate the fact that you're right there
but I have missed my chance.

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             THE SOLDIER'S WIFE

                     Lies bleeding
                    On the snow
                  Message from a guy
                       You know
                   You played with
                    His heart and head
                      It's all your fault
                    the life you've led
                        i loved him too
                      but he chose you
                        i hate you for
                  what he went through
               Wounded soldier back from war
                        As he entered
                           his own door
            Heard sex crooning ---grunts of man
              Turned his back—away he ran
                   Put a bullet in his head
                Now you cry that he is dead
              stop your tears -- can't be undone
               hope your peace -- forever gone
                     what made you treat
                        A good man so
                             Love lies 
                                on the

Victoria Anderson-Throop   12/01/2012

Details | I do not know? | |


I want to cry but tears wont come to my eyes
I want to scream but no one hears me
I have fought hard but with nothing coming from my trys
I can't go on I want to break free

I cant hold on anymore to love that is not returned
I need to move on and find someone
I have done been burned
I know your love is gone

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~ (~) ~ Never Bow Down ~ (~) ~

~ (~) "Because yes I believe as well-true abhorrence is the springboard for more pain, love is the land of peace that lie between." "Denial the raging river running through it!" (~) ~ ~ (~) "Who in the back row, maybe in the front or some where in the middle or between the middle of the two... ?" (~) ~ ~ (~) "Would it be for an honest peace I would myself, maybe for one of you as-well, but for aggression I will not bow down!" (~) ~ ~ (~) "I'd just-soon-parish, because I will never bow down." "Because yes I know love as with hate offers more, but something far greater... !" (~) ~ ~ (~) Because to know love I believe-is to cherish the-gift of allowance, to own the face brimming with the pleasure of this delight, but to be certain also to oppose it as well, it's always ones given right... hate will never know this delight. (~) ~ ~ (~) Because I know mid toils and travels time ticks away yes hope advances pride waylays to and fro, true peace consumes. (~) ~ ~ (~) Golden nuggets turn mossy brown in the streams-time laughs promenades all things are prosperous within the able hands of grace. (~) ~ ~ (~) God's-tender tears-illuminated cascading-down-on-all-are-exemplified by-the-rains I feel-as-they-fall, delighted divinity leaps as it sings-love devoted... it prances... . (~) ~ ~ (~) Because I believe as well today loving moreover is prudent the struggle furthermore the prize, death of hate the mighty reprise. (~) ~ ~ (~) Tiny like a drop in a bucket hopeful is the soul who though longing still remains open. (~) ~ ~ (~) Humbled are the ones who want for nothing more, daring to go further offering all they- can. (~) ~ ~ (~) Exulted and merry are the ones who accept this, joining them, journeying along as they would with them in the beauty of this. (~) ~ ~ (~) Open to the willing peace once the quest of us all yes each our plight now the opportunity presents itself again propels us all together to know, yes-come to-own-for- ourselves-this-delight, the bucket full now sent-to-overflowing washing-the-dirt from our feet; because-lowly is the cry-for-peace... love-the-ladder its-gracious-provision... because though-partial to freedom and honor; cut down prematurely on-occasion surrounded- by-doubt... rising in the effort-love-budding-expects nothing treasures everything is in one way or the other always blooming; its-joy-forevermore consuming... ! (~) ~

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As soon as hello we said goodbye
Goodbye was a word id never spoken
Or ever wanted to hear of
Our lips touched as if we had forever 
Little did I know it would be cut short by that fatal word 
So now I say goodbye
Goodbye handsome
Goodbye believer
Goodbye dreamer
Goodbye friend
Goodbye love 
A name to put all this in one?
Goodbye Andrew

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Men live in memories

Love and hate are the
part and parcel of life
Peace and war are the
costant processes in this world……

Health and diseases come
one after another
Like the nights and days
following each other…….

Sun and moon eluminate this world
periodically one after another
The omnipotent removes all 
the evils from the world…..

Men never live for ever
in this universe
But he can live for ever
in memories of others……

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I Love

I hate, that I'm not the first 
Thing sought out when you start your day

I hate, that I'm not the last thing
You hold onto before you fall asleep

I hate, that I feel like a
Burden you have to bear

I hate, how completely insane
You make me feel

'Cause normally things make sense

But when I talk to you, everything
Out of control

I hate, that you are the dragon
I chase
Just like a heroin addict

I can't get enough
And above all I wish there was a magic cure
To your intoxication

Something I could take that would purge you from my thoughts
Set me free from your shackles of emotion

But the worst part is
That is quite possibly the thing that I don't want at all

Quite possibly I love how
You make me crazy

How you make me so unlike me
In that I am better with you

Maybe I hate you, because
I love you

Maybe you just make me scared
To be feeling things I haven't felt
In so long

Things I swore I would never feel
Ever again but here you just waltzed 
Right back in to my life
And changed me all over again

I can't seem to escape you
Therefore, I hate you

Go away, but never leave me

I hate that I love you

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For me

Letting go never makes it easier,
And with hope confusion only builds 
I opened my heart and I'm too terrified to let it close
My walls took so long to fall
My mind tells me to rebuild and start new 
A impenetrable wall must be made, just to not let this world put me in my grave
But my heart loved and was free
Love you found me just to remind me of everything I will never be? 
The words circle in my head, It's just not there anymore
I felt my soul as it tore
God, haven't I lost enough?
Hasn't this world taught me not to trust for too long 
The feeling of knowing it'll never be the same won't be shaken 
How could I be so blind, to think I could change your mind 
But when my world falls down, I swear I'll run 
Yet I stand still like my heart is holding a load gun 
I swore I would never let you go, But like a childhood dream 
I thought if I wanted it, then it would be
All I wanted was for you to love me
The fairy tails I read, lied to me, They swore that love was all you would need 
The darkness rolled into my happy land 
As I realize I really did loose my man
And I hold on to the hope that I hate like it'll save me from my desolate fate 
Just let this be, and we will see
But with all my pain and all my loss I feel my love drift away 
And like countless times before everyone leaves and they don't know why
My tears consume me, and I hate myself for believing in love 
My anger kept me alive, and you stripped that away so I knew that you were the one that would stay 
So now I am left in no man's land 
Not knowing to let go, But praying and begging you will come save me 
I can't make you love me again, But as you walked away 
I realize that there wasn't a single day I thought you wouldn't be with me 
I thought I knew heart break I thought I could handle pain 
But through this I see, That I was a broken me 
You put me together, you raised me higher then I've ever been
And the fall from there has been my worse
I know I'm a shell of me, because you showed me how to be free 
So if hope dies, Even through my relentless tries
I will never love again, I can't take proving my father right, I can't take this pain 
It took true happiness to understand true pain 
And if I make it through this still sane 
I'll never do this to myself again, For this is the worlds biggest sin, To watch someone walk away that was the only one you let in    

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Reflection In Depression

A dreamer, words on the page.
Perhaps I am the empty book,
Pages begging to be written on,
A chapter is coming, but here we are,
Change and travel on the way.
Fear of the change is slowly
Replaced by the need to escape.
Oh, escape!
The need to run away and be free,
A wild horse or a cat of some sort.
A free, running creature, trapped
Far too long inside the box,
The box too confining.
Words spilling out, a rushing of 
self onto this white, now colored page.
Words, only swirls and lines and 
Drawings; how really is it you
Rain, lovely, fresh and a freedom.
I want to melt away into the rain,
Pour out onto the ground and 
Spread out all over everywhere.
To melt away and cling to you.
I see you, outside, and I, as a raindrop,
Would land on your face,
The closest I’ll ever be to you.
I’d stay, Love.
You always hope they’ll come after you.
To catch, ask you what’s wrong,
Persistently till you tell.
But they never do.
Never care enough and 
If you die,
It doesn’t matter.
This, the greatest story,
Is the cruelest of them all.
The beautiful are ugly and
Alone because they are
Truly beautiful.
The dreamers are given wings
So that they will fall much farther
And break far more bones.
They’ll fall from the sky, 
Beautiful stars falling in the sky. 
The Beast has taken everything from me,
And then given me a thousand false hopes.
I’m stuffed full of false hopes.
I myself simply am a false hope,
Relyed on by other dreamers.
When I break, then they
Will fall as well.
Scars, oh scars of my broken self,
Feeding the Beast.
There are no true friends.
They are false as well, bridges
Breaking slowly, and I will fall.
I always do, having dared to
Keep hoping.
Friendships are impossibly
Frail, but I continue to hope
In those too.
Hope itself seems to be a Beast.
It is the worst liar.
As is fellowship: I don’t actually
It’s all just a lie.
Each day is a lifetime,
And a week is far too many 
Lifetimes for me to handle.
Change, oh change, I once resented
You but now I long for you,
I beg you, please take me with you.
I want to be a raindrop, lifetime
So short but so full,
With no regrets,
Only a living of life.
I wish you were here,
All of you so lost to me 
No, false hopes, leave me.
You were wolves and now
You must leave the carcass
To finish rotting.
The ravens,  that is, anything 
Else besides false hopes,
Need their fill as well,
And though you have 
Gorged yourself,
There’s still some flesh
On these bones
To be ripped off and eaten,

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We were so young, when together we came
Since losing your love, I've not been the same.
Even now, thinking of it makes my guts churn
I know I made too many wrong turns.

I loved you so deeply, but never understood
That you were my life and all that was good.
Then when things started to come unglued
You took the step, and a divorce from me sued.

I tried to talk you out of it then
Not knowing how I would live, or where, or when
But I crossed that line somewhere with you
As the lawyers lined up to get their due.

You made me learn to hate you at times
Forgetting the walks and talks we had in the pines.
You asked me not to fight you in court
"Just sign the papers." was your exhort.

You didn't want me to hear how I made you loathe me
So much now, you just wanted to be free.
I still loved you enough not to want to hurt you more
So, I gave in, signed the papers, you got what you asked for.

But in doing so you turned my love into hate
As ever since then, I would think of our fate.
When we first met at that dance in May
When all seemed so new, so airy, and gay.

You taught me how to really love you
You taught me how to hate you, too.
Now, so many years later I still see
Your smile at times, looking back at me.

But your dark side is there which you can't hide
Your fear of being left alone still lurks inside.
Because the love, the hate, the loathing too
All form a fine line, I guess that is true.

You may not know how I feel about you now
I know if we met, there would be no row.
But there is one who's respect is still hard to place
I see him each day, when shaving my face.

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abc's of forgotten love

Amazingly awsomenest
Behavior perfect
Can’t stand not been close to you
Don’t go please 
Ever did I think you would fall for me
Fight after fight 
Going thru this is not fun
Hello are you their 
I think you’re over me
Just forget about me and you
Kind I was to you but you just treats me like garbage 
Love me hate me I don’t care
More and more love is all you ask for
Never am I going back to you
On poetrysoup I met her 
Perfect for me while you get with a…………
Queer now your hating 
Really do you think I care about what you think of me
Sure pall keep thinking what you want 
Told you that I hate it when you play around 
Unbelievable your day has come
Verbally I won’t talk to you
Whatever I really don’t care what you say 
X treamly in love I was but  
You ruined it 
Zebra looking ass, between you and me nothing no more

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Bury all I held dear in this tomb
Walk away with innocence, infected in this room
Your smiling face is nothing but a cage
Something to keep me inside while I'm left to stew with rage again

So if you hate me, let me die
Don't keep me begging for my life
Our situations were so grim
I saw your patience wearing thin

I remember life without this pain
When I could smile at the rain
You make my life a dark hell
These hopes I wish I could let go
You always clung too tight to let me go

I still think about the love we shared
Remembered a time long ago, back when you still cared
It's hard to face a life without your light
But all of that was torn apart when you refused to fight

So breathe your lies into my heart
And leave my body torn apart
It's not like anyone's there
You've left me hanging in thin air

I know that I was such a fool
But there's no reason to be cruel
You brought me up to tear me down
I wish I could just burn with this whole town

So pour this dirt into my grave
It would be all you ever gave
You never wanted any help
You sold me out to save yourself

I only wish I could hate you
Then maybe this world wouldn't be so blue
But the time for that has come and gone
My blackest night is now your brightest dawn

My blackest night is now your brightest dawn

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Missing You

I never thought that missing you would hurt me so bad. Missing you hurt's me in so many different way's that there are not enough words in the world to explain how I feel. I never thought that missing someone like you would make the pain stay. You left me and the hate and the love all left, but the pain of you leaving kept me missing you, and wanting you to remember that I am someone who needs to be loved by you. Missing you keep's me wondering if I will ever get the chance to see you again. When I am missing you it make's me feel like life has given up on me. And missing you is not worth throwing my love away. Because I have someone to fill that whole were you once were. And I know he shouldn't but your gone and I have worked so hard to forget and forgive. But you are the one person Iwould never forgive. I can't even forget who you are and what you have done. I need to forget who you are and what you have become. I can't live my life with someone like you. But I'm sorry just please leave me alone and never talk to me again. I hate you and I will never love you again.

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Its a strong word,
but some of these feelings are absurd.
im confused...
was it not what i beleived?
was it a phony plan concieved ?
to just use me?
if so i hate you ...
so much  have to thank you.
for without your fake love it wouldnt of been so clear,
to see tha man above.
and when i say i hate you....
i really hate me tha way i was.
Fake hopes,Fake dreams,Fake love is all that it seems.

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Forbidden Love

So what if my mind goes blank from just a glance
And just a thought about her makes my depression lift
Maybe too cliché for me, if you catch my drift 
 Even when its my heart that lifts
I can't help that its her that I've fallen for
I refuse to stop even when she makes life a blur
I just can't stop how I commit this crime
It's fine to most but to others, it's unacceptable
No one ever thinks its something to which I'm susceptible 
Perfect religions hate to breed my kind
They hate the very existence of my frame of mind
It's not a crime; it's in my every thought
My every action defined by my will to play for either team
Can't you tell your hatred tears me apart at the seam?

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Opening up was the best thing I could have ever did
All those things that made me & embarrassed me as a kid
You never looked at me different because my past was shameful
Talked to you about some of the things in my life that we’re still painful
I am human, filled with emotions and lots of anger
Hate filled my heart to the point I wanted to lock it in a chamber
How I feel is as real and emotional as it gets
Stress consumed me for years, felt like I needed a cigarette
Needless to say the battle has been done
I’m still standing and breathing so I must have won
The ultimate prize of keeping my sanity and myself free
Love the fact my past is so messed up… It really made me
You I give the ultimate credit for finding my inner voice
Felt like with you I have to write, it really leaves me no choice
I am a woman, blemished, flawed and tortured by life
Invisible wounds on my heart from being cut by life’s knife
But still I stand and hold my head up High
I only have one life and I refuse to give up and Die
I am woman, lover, and loyal friend till this life takes me away
I only wish I could have told you all the things I wanted to say
I understand that people are placed in life for all types of reasons
With you I guess it was only meant for a season
Learned a lot about myself with the help of you
You embraced me with ease and had no clue
Life had killed me, left me emotionally dead
Then I met you, felt like the best thing I never had
The make up of me is so complex, guarded & sad
I’m learning to let go of it all, no more hanging on to the past
All those people that did wrong by me can officially get a rash
Living for me now so I gives no care how you feel
This is me, uncut, uncensored… I feel the need to be real
No longer taking my past and feeling sorry for how it was
Living life to the fullest… Just like everyone else does
Don’t feel sorry for me I am no longer a victim, I’m Free
Just letting the world know I am no longer ashamed of being me
The mirror I used to run from I now embrace
The hate that was once in my heart has now been replaced
That frown that I always wore because if hurt to smile
I keep this smile permanently embedded and it’s going to be here for a while
I am no longer sad…. I’m so focused on my life and moving forward
Carrying all that hate and anger around was such a burden
Free..Free.. Free from life’s tortures and Pain
Standing on my own two feet with a smile is how I will remain

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I hate the player AND the game

I loathe you-

    I especially hate your face-

        But, I really hate that I miss
              The salty way that your lips taste-


I hate all your hurtful lies-

      That are cleverly hidden behind-

               Charmingly deceptive 
                        Clear, blue eyes-


Such a careless, inattentive lover-

      I really should have guessed-

            That you were too good to be true

                     & Of course,
                           you were hidding "others"-


You take off and you leave-

       Disappearing somewhere into the night-

              Just as I naitievly thought
                    Everything was begaining- 

                           To start to feel right- 


I really dont think that your able to care-

        About anybody else-

              Because in this life-

                     Your just in it alone-
                            Only caring about yourself-
           -Erin Anderson 04/20/2012

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Hate the way i lie

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie 

This is real and we both know how it fells 
Right now the pain, it kills 
We wont fight it almost doesn’t fell right 
The right fells wrong, its like that song 

Fueled by our hate ,Blind from our love 
Its like I am drunk,  and stuck in a funk
You give me breath, when I cant breathe  

I cant leave and I cant stay here 
The farther I run, the closer I get
When its good its bad, when its great its worse

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie 

Have you ever cared so much, when they are not there you cant breathe?
When they are there, you get week in the knees?
And when they leave, you can barley see.

I said I would never hurt you, and I see now how I did
Cant even look at you in your eyes
Trying not to think about all of the lies 
Crazy in love, or in love crazy 
Its time to go our separate ways, 
Its time for us to have a new day
That was yesterday, but today
Its a different day 
No promise I will show restraint 
Life is a game, play it without aim
I wont lie again, but I am still watching you leave
I guess that’s why you found Steve

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie 

I did things I didn’t mean, said things that whernt so clean 
I am in a new pattern, with a different routine
But your the same as me, and just don’t believe
But when it comes to us, there is always a fuss

I know it was me, and you should flee 
Our relationship was crazier then it seams
Like a hurricane and a blizzard

So I pack my bags, and go outside
I can fell the pain, with nothing left to gain
Cant even look in to my eyeball , with out needing a highball
Next time I fight , It will be though a peep sight 

No next times, because I am gone
I am sorry for my lies 
My games is what caused pain, and she doesn’t want me back
I know I should not have lied
This time I am gunna leave, and set my slef on fire, 
That we people know we expired

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie

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Consider us to be dolls

I’ve been made.
Not the way most people are made, with either a fateful mistake or long-lived intent. I
was not born the way people are born, or grown the way they were grown.
I am not real.
This needs saying. You have to understand that this is my reason. I am not a creature of
habit, or education, or coincidence. I am one of design. 
They did not make in a factory or on an assembly line, but that doesn’t matter. I am no
more real than your average toaster. 

I have thoughts. I have words. I have actions. None of them are mine. 

I was made this way. I was made to think how I think, and do what I do, and see how I see. 
	I do not think they meant me to know.
I was not meant to see beyond the veil, to see the strings being pulled. But even so, I
hate who I was meant to hate and love who I was meant to love, and only sometimes do I
confuse the two. I love my maker and hate my maker. I thank the one who gave me life and
curse them for it. 

	It is something strange to live a paradox.

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Not meant to be...

Just a while ago
I was happy
in a split second
it all changed

you had to leave
I hate the goodbyes
I will never get use to them

I hate the fact 
that you can't stay
I wish we didn't 
have to part ways

moments like these 
I want to cuff your hand to mine
never to loosen the grip
who am I kidding?

We're not meant to be
reality tend to skulk in
when it's the least welcomed
it's going to be difficult

but maybe it's for the best
maybe this time we need 
to say goodbye forever

because I can't live like this
I'm slowly dying, 
I’m slowly forgetting 
how to breathe…

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For Dr Martin Luther King Jr

For Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
You had a dream
of pastures of peace
where children of all hues mingled like rainbows
they silenced you, but your voice
resounds now in those pastures
not yet of peace
and your dream is still a dream
the dream you dreamt while others slept
you said that you’d been to the mountain-top
and they silenced your voice just then
before your eyes saw that promised land
of pastures of peace where children of all hues mingle like rainbows
now your vision is glimpsed in some pastures
not yet of peace
and yes, they silenced your voice
but your spirit their bullets could never tear apart
your spirit, like your dream
is mingled with the wind in all those pastures
not yet of peace
and until we give life to your dream
those pasture of peace
where children of all hues mingle like rainbows
shall remain simply your dream
so as we remember you today
and pledge that those pastures of peace
are nourished first in each of us
for only then will your dream will take root
and blossom into our shared dream
and the view from the mountain-top,
radiant and bright and full of hope shall seem
where children of all hues mingle like rainbows

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the feelings you give me

i can't control my feelings i cant control my actions. its hard not to look at you its
hard not to cry. i love that you make me smile i love how you make me lose my mind.
incredibly in love with you smile incredibly in love with your laugh. adorably amazed by
your words adorably amazed by your love. i hate to say good-bye i hate to see you go. i
cry when your mad i cry cause your sad. i laugh when you make a mistake i laugh cause your
funny. i love you, you love me and for we will be.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

The Tyrant, the man, my Dad

You made my childhood scary, I feared you when I was bad. Trying so hard to make you happy, The tyrant, the man, my dad. I waited patiently everyday, To hear those three little words. “I love you” was all you needed to say, But they were rarely heard. Teaching me about life’s little things, I loved every moment of time. Sometimes thinking and hoping too, That your heart was completely mine. Like every child, I brought disappointment, When you yelled I was meek and scared. Trying to show you that I could be good, And you would show me you cared. I failed in so many ways, I could never quite get it right. Eventually I stopped trying so hard, And ended my daily fight. Years went by and I grew up, You grew older and started to change. I started to see the love you showed, It was foreign and totally strange. My wedding day, I’ll never forget, Saying you were proud and loved me too. Even though they were seldom heard, I knew those words were true. No more pedestals or illusions grand, I can finally see what’s real. Seeing inside your heart and soul, You began to truly feel. Our time was so limited you passed away, And now I’m left alone to cry. I had one last talk with you, But didn’t say goodbye. No more chances for words unsaid, I can’t tell you about the hate and pain. In all this time I finally let go, Just look at all I’ve gained. Here I am, your youngest girl, I have so much to be grateful for. I want so desperately to share with you now, Please walk through my door. I’m just here waiting to see you again, With a smile and that twinkle in your eye. My heart is filled with love for you Dad, The brightest star in my sky. Someday I hope to see you again, To regale our memories past. For now I’ll reminisce all alone, And watch as old shadows are cast. I love you, I hate you, I miss you… The tyrant, the man, my dad.

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I Hate You

You always smile at me
You always shine with glee
I think you’ve hinted
But so far, my heart is tinted.

You swore to me
You promised don’t you see?
You wouldn’t break my heart
But it was just a part.

You let me get so close
But when I try 
You have a shell
I cant pierce through.

Should I keep pushing?
Or are you just like the rest?
Will you love me for 1 day
Then throw my heart away?
Like any old toy.
You should know I don’t enjoy
The way you make me feel.

I hate the way you always laugh
And why you do this to me
I hate the way you I cant rely
When you play this love game
Just for some useless fame.

You express in a way I can’t understand
Like all you say is planned
And you know,
I hate you so much
That I can’t help 
Falling in love with you.

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the season of heat

The season of heat 

The summer sun
Fiercely tells the truth
I hate the sun
Seek shelter under an olive tree
Till sun is malleable  
And knew that the truth
Has to be served 
As not to send us into a state 
Of panic
By replacing it with phosphor
 Exploding missiles
And other mad human inventions 

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Insanity is magic-love is khaoz-hate is music


i love to dance for the one who knows me best is me
i love to be passionate on life about life because that is lacking
tell me that you feel differently 
do tell me what goes through your mind
insanity is magic because it is truth at its finest
yet those who are indifferent can not conform to diversity
making insanity some type of disease manifested by irresponsibility
when truth is that the best things were by accident by chance or plain out fate
love is khaoz because without it you would be a robot in a factory following commands
following not leading 
you would conform to roads laced with repetition... roads bleeding 
hate is music ... turn on your tellie your radio your internet
hate makes the world function or did you already forget
dance the controversy dance the gossip dance the worries away
stomp on indifference and make the world pay
simply by doing nothing but two step here and there
i am a feminist i am free
i am a poet the world will hear me
i want common sense to be practiced in the branches of law
i want common sense to be the foundation to everything without it everything will continue to 
i love one with my heart but she runs from me
i want to explore the world for knowledge not for conspiracy
i am a wild card in a deck of conformity
i am a joker if you will 
i will play my way... no matter what your deal
insanity is a place i reside 
be it on land or in the air
love is what stirs my ambition 
because hate is so known
i carry it under my feet... as i stomp
and watch people just stare

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I Hate These Feeling

I Hate These Feeling These feeling which i thought had disappeared were there buried where i couldn't find them. But you how did you wake them up.why does my heart ache when you way you love me?I'm now lost what have you done to me.I hate this feeling these feeling.But i love you i can't wait until i'm honest with myself so i can be honest with you.i will sleep until i figure it all out,i'll play in the sun until i know what going on, i'll stay away from you until the salt on my wounds heal.this feeling i hate these feeling but you know what i still love you.

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My Last Farewell

Before I Let You Go There's One Thing I
Need You To Know Your The Biggest Mistake
I Ever Made. So Consider This My Last Farewell.
Your Feeling Of Hate Is Now Mutual. I Hate Who
You've Become. I Hate The Things You've Done.
Now This World Is Just A Fkin Hateful Place , But You'll 
See Me With A Smile On My Face

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love hurts



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Dead in My Heart

There are many things in my head
but there’s only one type of dead
Dead in the heart
I’ve been loving too hard
with that so easily bruised part
I need to make it new (I need it renewed)
I need to have it whole
I need it happily fulfilled
I need these scars
to fade away
but it’s an impossibility
due to my inability
to forget
I wish I could

I hate the way
I’m only happy on cloudy days
I hate the way
there’s so much that I just can’t figure out
There’s so much that I just cannot take
There are so many things that I hate
but they all rate below you
I hate you

I’m lamenting the very day
that I took my heart and gave it away
I want it back
I want the old me returned right away
I want me back
I want to finally wake up
and not think of this breakup 
and finally breathe easily at last
I feel another panic attack
Another moment of
having no hope at all
Another time I find myself
so freaked out
and then I fall
I’m falling down

I hate the way
I’m only happy on cloudy days
I hate the way
there’s so much that I just can’t figure out
There’s so much that I just cannot take
There are so many things that I hate
but they all rate below you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
Yes I do
I hate you

How does that make you feel?
Well I hope it makes you feel
twice as bad as you make me feel
I feel bad
I am so unlovable
so untouchable
so forgettable 
so forsaken
I feel bad
And I hope you feel
twice as bad as you make me feel
because I hate you
I hate you
Yes I do
I hate you
because I’m dead in my heart

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Turning Hate into Love

Hate consumes,
worms through our brains,
wasting time
best spent elsewhere;
should be deployed
on peaceful
things bringing
love to all.

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Battle scars, erupting hot volcanos......
Who knows where the pieces of my heart are, who does?
I have hidden all my hurt....
You have chased away my will to live!
Pain runs through my heart like red hot lava;
Engulfing and burning, everything in its way!
You killed my dreams, my passionate love,
No more caring or trying to understand!
My sad soul and ice cold heart....
A hard black rock in its stead.
Every fibre of my being, then pulsing, now dying!
My love for you was like an exploding star,
Until your universe collided with mine and smothered it!
The vines of passion have cringed, dried up and died,
Laid to rest in the cold hard soil.
The taste of bitter aloe still lingers in my mouth!
My imagination has gone, leaving a blank dark hole!
My soul is screaming for release, “ just let me go”!
Red hot lava runs through my veins, engulfing my self being;
Me, myself and I have been burnt beyond recognition.
My ashes are floating away on an icy cold wind,
Scattered amongst the black, dark soil.

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The dream

It all seams like a dream,
I walk through the day in a daze,
With the distant memory,
Of your lips pressed softly to mine.
I miss everything,
Your kiss,
Your touch,
The way you talk to me,
Passion lacing around every word.
I try to forget,
To push you out of my mind,
But when you look at me,
I look at you,
And fall in love all over again.
I miss all that we had,
All that we almost had,
What we could have had.
I want to hold you.
Never let you go.
I want to hold your hand,
To be more than just friends.
To hear you say you love me,
And to not even be mine,
Causes my heart to break,
Into 1000 pieces.
Again I want to cry,
I hate that you left me,
For someone different.
I hate this raging nightmare,
Where it seams,
You will never be mine.

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Itachi's immortal

Itachi’s immortal 
He turned his life into a burning hell
For him…
He made his little brother hate him 
To become strong
Although he did not do something wrong 

I can’t explain his love
I can’t imagine the pain he has to go through
He made contracts, he killed people, He took lives
For him, just for him…his little brother

Itachi planned it from all along
Sasuke thought he was trying to kill him 
Sasuke lived three years with hatred being his guide
Grew strong, but not strong enough to kill him 
Itachi loved his brother so much, made him hate him
For the love that was impossible to last
Itachi allowed him to take his life;
Not explaining his actions, but following his heart
Itachi was a good man, after all I thought he was bad
Gave his little brother the powerful Amaterasu
To protect him, just for that 
Sasuke heard the story, knew Itachi’s hell
Tears falling from his eyes asking…..Why!!!


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...I wish you happiness.

I hate the caution that directs me.
I wish you knowledge of all my wrong.
I'm sorry that I am.

Curse these selfish feelings.
And curse myself for hiding.
I hate that I bring pain,
And clear confusion.
I wish that I could share myself.

Days before you came, no words were worthy.
You give meaning to sense, and always give entirely.
I'm sorry that I lied, so sorry that I hide.

I wish that you have greatness.
And this is why I'm selfish,
To share with you my thoughts.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,

But I think I may just love you.

~Written in 2004 (Monday, 23rd, June) when I was fifteen.

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What is Love

What is love: Love is having mixed emotions, having an; pain so deep that you can fill
every end of too the deepest of ocean! Love is: being fooled by your envy, turning your
best friend into your worst of enemy! Love is: Always running about, and I thought she
would never leave me without a doubt! Love is: Misleading your mind, too trick your heart
that it doesn’t have much time! Love is: Taking ten steps forward, but not going anywhere,
because you’re still stuck in the past that no one truly cares! Love is: The pain you
receive when someone you care about is gone, and you start to hate every loving song! Love
is: A filling that makes you cry, because everyone has hurt you; you just want to die!
Love is: Someone you care about getting a second chance at life, but your still ungrateful
so you push everyone away with all your might! Love is: Lust and lust is Love! I love to
lust and lust for love! Love is: mixed emotions like I told you before, but love is always
so close it could be the thing knocking at your door! Love is: like fishing, once you
catch the right one you get hook, but love is so hard to find because its in a place where
nobody ever looks! Love is: The thing that never gets old, it’s one thing that can’t be
bought or sold! Love is: Impossible and so hard too do, why is it that someone peoples
love just will never be true! Love is: Nothing but a game, why is it that all the people
I’ve met their definition is all the same! Love is: your pride on a thin line, no matter
what you can never have this love of mine! Love is: sorrow, sadness, hurt, and pain too!
But it that’s love then I wouldn’t want too see what Hate would put me through!

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Haiku 1- There is still a question

Stop wait you are great
But do you participate
In love or hates fate


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I Love Writin




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please let me home ??

I miss you all so very much,
I find it hard for our hearts to touch,
My heart is breaking, tearing and wearing,
My heart is slowly turning into dust,

I don't know what to do without you,
Its hard to say but i really do miss you,
Its hard to believe that we're so far away,
I take life as it comes each day,

I don't know what to say to you,
But i do know i really really miss you,
The love i feel comes from deep within,
It takes your soul and burns the sins,

The hate i feel is not ment for you,
Words just come out and it helps too,
To get the anger and hate out of me,
I know its not fair to take it out on you,

You have been great all through my life,
Your the best mother to have a child,
I know i can be difficult but i want to make you see,
Lifes about to begin for you and me.

         love you mam lots xxx

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I hate you

I hate you
I hate looking at you
I hate thinking about you
I hate the times we had
I hate the good and bad
I hate the emotional things
For you my heart still bleeds
I hate the tears that fall
I hate you most of all
It takes a lot away
To still see you smile today
I hate you for everything you've done
I hate you for the pain you brung
I hate that you cant change
for whats done is done
and hate will always remain.

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Lust Or Love

I keep explaining to myself
And wondering how to approach you
'Cause the body of you is so sexy girl
The way you're shaped
And the stare from your eyes-
It's like the cream to my dark coffee
Making it a smooth brown
The same brown of your skin-
The skin that wraps your soul within
The same skin that makes me want to commit the sin
The same sin that starts with the lust of my flesh, the lust of my eyes, and the 
      pride of my life
And to hold you
And you ask me is it my lust or love for you

It's the love
The love that's true
The same love that makes not one that makes one that gives us two
But the two that makes one then gives us two
The two that's called doors
Either love and hate
But girl to love me is to hate me
To hate me for leaving
But to leave is caused lust
And lust opens nothing but the eyes of deceit
But to hold you
Yet you still ask me is it my lust or love for you

Girl - it ain't nothin' but true love
The love that not only our hearts - But our souls share
See, for a heart to be a soul in itself is foolish
But to be connected with another by love is love
The same love that's true
The love I have for you
But you still ask me is it my lust or love for you?

Ppsshh -

But then again
Hearin' myself explain
Explain the differentiation of our equation-
The equation of our love
I believe to hold you for eternity as more than a friend
The same eternity as the end
The one that's worthwhile to spend
I don't trust myself with you
In a love that's not true
So then I ask myself - is it my lust or love for you?

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There stood a witch stirring her cauldron, old and pocked, she was quite the gorgon;
And that malicious crone did her wicked work for the Devil:
Satan, that King of all vile sins, who smiles with his beastly grin.
In went bitter mugwart to kill the wastrel
In went her special ingredient, a pinch of fresh witch-hazel.
Then that witch cackled!

Ginger, Spider legs, Eye of Newt, Unicorn Blood, and Bat's Head Root.
A handfull of yarrow to make him tremble.
And finally three pickled slugs, to kill him via poisoned blood.
When she was done, he'd be nothing more than spectral,
And then she could finally win her battle!
And again she cackled!

As she gazed in her crystal ball, she saw the future that would befall.
How trilling was killing; the king dead in his castle.
The king who so wronged her! That crook! That pest! That rascal!
He would pay for breaking her heart, it was TRUE evil.
She cried not cackled.

This poem is based around the structure of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

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I know

I know what you did,
And so do you.
You cheated on me.
What did I do?
I cant remember a time
Where I’ve loved someone more.
So why did you make me
 push you out my door?
She is just using you
For everything you’ve got
I honestly loved you,
And you threw that away,
But for what?
For a girl that you just learned her name?
I hope your happy
Now that you know.
I hate you 
And want to let it show.
I hate the way you cheat
And I didn’t cheat on you
The way you look 
makes me sick.
Her virginity is what you took.
You are now known as a lying prick.

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Divided into the pieces of pieces of pieces,
That form my fully conscious conscience
I hate that love to love
Have the ability to love to hate
But will always hate to hate
I wish I could be the over praised,
over exaggerated,
over rated normality that is blessed to so many
But me
I want to be inside the box
because the weather out here,
sucks as much as my skewed and looped perception of
Where I thought I was going....

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Unwanted Love

I hate to love you
I want to move on
but your smile is all I see
I see your eyes and feel your touch
I hear your voice and 
I smell you smokey smell. 
I love you
But I hate you. 
I want to get over you 
but all of our memories 
are making me hold on
knowing that you love me
makes me hold on
even though you hurt me
I love you, but I wouldn't
if I had any say over my heart.  

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Sad and Alone

Sad and alone,
I see you cry.
"Look at me,
please dont tell me a lie!"

You try to speak,
But no words come out.
I see the tear,
and start to shout.

"You were with her 
and not with me"
You try to speak,
But I cry "LET ME BE!"

Walking off,
I break slowly down.
I hear your voice,
and start to frown.

"Leave me alone,
and dont come back,
Maybe now that your gone,
my life will be on track"

Five weeks gone,
and Im still bleeding.
Its your love you gave me,
that I am needing.

My heart breaks,
cause your not here.
Your probely with her,
That's something I fear.

I know your happy,
But Im dying inside.
I wish you were here,
So we could go for that ride.

I cant live like this,
I hate being apart.
But I hate you so,
But you'll always be in my heart.

I'll be alone,
& Im sure you wont be doing the same,
You'll be out with her,
which I find extremly lame.

Looking out the window,
I see her with another lad.
I smile and call you up,
It's now time for you to be sad.

You cry your heart out,
Telling me what to do now.
I tell you I still love you,
and we start a new row.

You can run after her if you want to,
and ask her to stay.
She'll say she loves you,
But she will betray.

We could never really be together,
Cause you love her so.
So I just rip your picture up,
and scream "Just GO"

Never will I love again,
cause you tore me apart.
So dont come back,
otherwise I'll break your heart.

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Mister Shrewd Eyes

You would think that I would try
To be a little more cautious,

And I commend those who can.
Yet I can’t help that I get a little…
      Completely Mesmerized
When you get that gaze in your eyes.

I know what that look means.
It’s a frequency that I can count on.
When you get that grin
And put your hands behind your head.
I know what words are forming in your mind
Every single time.

And this is why 
I hate you,
Mister Shrewd Eyes. 

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A Key To Me

Girl Side

A lock and chain surrounds my heart. 
As true love can only have the key. 
A person comes and tells you that they love you.
But can you believe them when you walk away?

A boy looks at you and smile.
You look back and think this might be the one.
Until he goes and breaks your heart until it lies almost dead,
clinging to life itself. 

You thought that someone would come and be your prince charming. 
And then you find out that it’s a lie. 
When is it going to be my time to have a love in my life?
Or when is it going to be my wedding day? 

A boy makes you feel comfortable 
make you feel as if you were on top of the world. 
Then you wait for him at the tree that you two named 
but he doesn’t shows up. 

You makes changes. 
You let him go and cry until you fall asleep.
Now you feel as if the world was on top of you,
and your not on top of it. 

Boy Side

A girl comes along tell you that you are very cute.
You tell her that she is too.
But then she has a boyfriend. 
You feel set up.

You sit at your kitchen table scribbling on a piece of paper. 
“I hate myself. I hate myself,” a million times.
You think about death and why hasn’t it came yet. 
Makes you realize that you want to be different.

A girl is alone at a park bench
And she’s crying. Blood shot red eyes look up at you
You asks her is she okay. 
She looks at you and nods yes.

You make her feel comfortable
tell her that she’s pretty. She kisses you. 
You start to date. 

Then you find out that she has other “friends”
She tries to explain.
You don’t let her.
You lock yourself in your bedroom for the rest of the day. 

You feel unwanted. Underserved.
You want to run away. 
You make a path of your own.
And never look back. 

Just ‘cause live throws rocks at you,
don’t let it win. 
Make you lifestyle yours. 
And don’t never give up on true love. 

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mosquito and man

Oh no! Why do men hate me so much? From incarnation even as I try to make my legs and hands and buttocks as small as anything! So they can’t say am competing with their colossal legs and hands and their protruding buttocks!
They say; we knew it! Right from the first sight, he was bent on evil with the ulterior motive that, whenever he perches on the sweet succulent, fresh, flesh - of ours, it won’t be noticed. Because he believes men are fools after all, big brains are not found in big bodies.
Men are evil.  As I try to befriend, the more they inflict pains on me. Ok! I feel rejected and dejected by men, I considered it and thought it wise to detach myself from men by living in nearby bushes and rejected dumped waste and refuse.
They say; ah! Mosquito, you always make use of that little sense of yours. It is all pretence; you love men so much that you can’t live without them! Ok, if you say you want detachment, why must it be near men’s homes, or their dumped refuse and liquid waste? Why not very far at the desert so men won’t complain again. You love men! It is even clear as you lay your eggs where you feel you hate.
Men are ignorant. Ungrateful idiots! Their brains are stuffed with manure. Ok! If I hate men, why should I use the talent God gave me to make them comfortable? I use the best musical instrument; harp, flute with my wonderful composing way of singing, just to make them happy yet they detest me. Ok! How many men are musicians? How many even use the talent God gave them? Since God made me a musician from incarnation I will continue to use the talent, no matter how men feel.
Mosquito, Jackson of the age. You sing and even dance for men’s comfort! But the question is, if you love men as such, Why must the benevolent be a sort of boring? Why must it be at odd hours in the night made for resting? Even as we say stop! You still continue your singing. We don’t need it please! Your singing is a discomfort for men.
Ok! What of the affection I show to prove my love? I kiss your flesh and blood, just like any other man does by kissing the tongue and saliva of a female partner for love! Do you appreciate it at all? All I get from you are rancor and malice. Our judgment will be in heaven certainly.
The problem with you (mosquito) is that you don’t accept fault, very controversial and a very big threat to man. That is what you are! Accept your nature. You say you show affection, ok! Have heard of a man who kisses and inflicts pain on the partner? Perhaps by eating up the tongue or ejecting poisonous liquid in the partner’s mouth? But when you kiss, you disfigure our flesh and inject malaria into our bodies. Is that what you call love? We don’t want such affection, just know that; once you come around, we are at alert and always ready to strike! Let the worst happen in your so called heaven.

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Present with memories

A day of sudden changes.Clouds

cross the sky

like whales swimming North in rows.

The sun was bright,dazzled my eyes

with gold and silver.

Wind cut across my face

like a slap from an angry father..

Those who love can also seem to hate us too..

The lure of that small childish body

tempts them to divert their anger towards it.

When the ones who hurt you

are also the ones you love,

it’s hard to know which direction to run in;

but it usually turns into a circle.

Retreating turns into a new arrival.

Straight lines might be better. though

On a spherical earth

difficult to find.

Even parallel lines meet

In their Riemannian geometry.

So we can never get away

Sometimes the best we manage

Is to increase the circle’s radius.

Though how is hard to know.

Do you love me or hate me?

Do you want me to stay or go?

What do I want?Do I have a me?

The memory of warmth draws me back

Like a cold lonely beast leaving the jungle

To lie down with a what appears to be a lamb,

Surprising the farmer up early to milk his animals

Finding a strange new one

Looking with tender,puzzled eyes

into His Human Face.

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Seasonal Change (Angel of Sadness)

As my soul dwells in your past 
I kill for this moment to pass 
Al though I smile 
I find myself more and more suppressed 
As if, your casket was buried in my chest 

Yes, I breathe 
For I believe 
I am promised to leave 

And I hate the winter 
All the days of September 
I hate the center of a broad frost December 

And as the night expires 
My fright assumes your desires 
I feel I am not the child I used to be 
The privilege of this substance abuses me 
I hate to be the selfish man I have become 
But as if it were fate 
Sadness reigns past noon for some 

I hate the winter 
All the days of September 
I hate the center of a broad frost December

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O, please forgive me, honey
I behaved like a damned fool at your sister-in-law’s house
Last night drinking like a bull
O, please, please, please, honey
You got to forgive me once more time
I do promise you I won’t do it again
I was a fool by making such a show of jealousy because of that past
Lover be there with all entries and gangs of his

O, babe, babe, babe, babe!
I am not going to drink ever again just tell me you’re still loving me
As yesterday as before and when it done consistently attached
You would say it loud: I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!
I was afraid to lose you again with so much drinks and rages
In front of this past lover showing himself up like a damned king
And driving that heavenly Mercedes-Benz!

I was telling you now it was anxiety and depression and predisposition to adult
Alcoholism with difficulty developing my identical love and passion and therefore
I am so sorry, and please, o, My Little Bee! You ought to forgive me this time
As many times we have done it before!

I lost my mind again
O, tell me before I kneel in front of you just as those drastic tears start falling
From me that you are still loving more than ever

I swear for Jesus I won’t drink ever again
I would go to the Church with you again and again and  again and again,
but I’d send flowers to your sister-in-law in Florida as a way to confirm you 
I have changed I am not going to drink ever again for God’s sake
You would see, o, honey, your papito  has changed; you got to believe me
O, please, babe, forgive me!
O, forgive me!  I yell you again
O, God don’t let me down; so God gives me strength not to kiss a bottle ever again
And don't let me to scream like a fool

O, baby, Sweet Baby! O, My  Sweet Totorri! Your man has changed
O, please, My Pumpkin Pie, kiss me and let me in because your papito feels cold
Outside in this unfriendly porch and the moonlight is full and pregnant
I told you I was a fool and I tell you now forgive me, honey 
This man, your man, is telling you the truth this damned fool
Really has changed!

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I hate that you looked
Into my eyes and saw so much.
I hate that you never
Stood up for yourself.
I hate that I felt 
So warm with just one touch.
I hate that you were 
The first to think I was lovely.
I hate that 
French fries, 
Those songs, 
And friendly brown eyes 
All remind me of you.
I hate remembering
What we don't have.
I hate giving a hug
Just to find that 
You're not there.
I hate it when
You don't tell a joke,
But I still laugh.
I hate that I never forgot
The feel of your soft hair.
There's nothing like it.
I hate that I still cry
Because I cannot kiss you.
I hate that you
Are out of my reach.
I hate that I hate myself
For still missing you.
I hate that 
I still love you.

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The Mirror

(I bet you didn’t)
All teenage girls
Would grow
To either
Or to hate
The mirror.

Wretched mirror.

Those that hate it are scorned
For lack of self-confidence
But if they don’t hate it
They love it too much
And those who do love it
Are praised for (shallow) beauty
And narcissus wins.  

Others are scorned (by the less un-wise)
And America has just lost
Another female
To rape, lust, and other fragments.
America just lost another woman
To wholesome possibilities
Of happiness.

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My Little Secret















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What is love

What is love?
love is an overrated sin.
The inflation of elation
leads to the frustration of creation
the provocation of ceaseless flirtation
leads to the brawling love of desired damnation
unrequited love is a powerful drug
our bodies desire is the grave that we’ve dug.
For what is to live without this thing we call love?
It is to live a life free of,
nights alone and mornings plagued by sorrow
haunted by the prospect of lonely tomorrow.
For love pricks like a thorn when not returned,
the pain of unloved lovers cannot be discerned.
It is unquantifiable, of endless bounds
of despair, love is the breeding ground.
For how could we know love without her lover, named hate,
how could we know lightness without the chains of weight?
Some say love is beautiful, elegant, unparalleled, transcendent
I say on hate, love is dependant.
How can we crave an emotion so acrimonious
An emotion inspired by a twin so felonious?
For, for one to love is for another to hate,
While one swells with joy, his neighbour must deflate.
Such a double edged sword is not one for me,
go off you lovers, seek your depressed glee.

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That dress

I hate that dress, I loved it once.
I wore it for our first prom dance.
Ruby –red with sleeves of gold,
You on my arm, a dream to behold

 My head said no but my heart said yes
I hate that dress.  I loved it. Once,
 when we first met and love was new.
I would have done anything, for you.

Then suddenly everything went wrong 
You tried to change me, my life- my song. 
I hate that dress I loved. I once again,
 became, full of grief and pain.

Years on, I pack to start my new life
As my darling husband, Tonys’ wife
I find, to my distress. The very thing 
 I hate. That dress. I loved it once. 

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Flesh of my Heart

Struck in the heart by the angel of fate, made up from flesh so I love to hate. I hate to love my enemy and love to hate my friend, they are both one of the same but only will last to the very end. My heart bleeds from the pain of hurt, but joy comes in the morning for what it is worth. With an angel on my left and a demon on my right stuck in the middle between wrong and right. Doing my best to use my inner light, but the devil in me puts up a hell of a fight. As my wings keep me up and I begin to fly, my heart becomes harden and I don't know why. So I'll ask for forgiveness as I reach for the sky because the devil of this earth wants me to die, but before I go I think I will I God love one last try.

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In the Blink Of An Eye

In the blink of an eye
In the time it takes to
Take one breath and
Then another-we go
From love to hate and
Back again.

Our love is like a roller costar
Soaring ever upwards to the sky
And then plunging back to earth
In a flash of hate and regret
Leaving us both dazed and confused.

Such is the never ending fine
Line between love and hate.

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Her : One Love

No Longer than three mouths
My relation ship have never lasted longer than three mouths
But I have been on  you from years 
And I am starting to think why do I even care
But I have loved you since the beginning 
And to tell you the truth my love will just grow funder because I don't see the end
See you picked me up when I was high and dry
Dusted me up and held me up with so much pride
And didn't care what people thought
As long as I was by your side
The modern day Bonnie and Clyde
Never neglected or rejected
Only promise was to change everyone's perspective 
And to not be bonded with the world with the word of hate
But we just had to have faith
And be wishing for better days
The struggle didn't matter as  long as was together
Always and forever is her name
It Slither across my tongue
But am I was I birthed from the sperm of the Satan because I love her
Our relationship would be the same if she was a man so what is the difference
Was my argument 
When she met my parent
And the words they spitted back were pure hate
But you call your self Christians
But I read in the same bible that you study from That God Judges
And you are not god so how can you judge me if thou has sin too
And I say this what the most meaning
Who are you
Blood might be thicker than water
But wrong and wrong
And i don't care whether I love a girl ,boy , Transgender or who ever  love is love 
And of the day Love has no name or gender
So don't tell me who to love
If you do not know love yourself 


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Learn to Hate

 Now You Say You Love Me,
 but I Fear it Is Too Late.
 All the Pain You Put Me Through
 Has Taught Me How to Hate.
 I Hate the Way I Felt, 
 the Day You Said Good Bye
 and I Hate the Way the Tears
 Kept Getting in My Eyes.
 I Hate the Days I Lost,
 Crying over You
 and I Learned to Hate Myself
 Because I Loved  You Too.
 Yes, I Have to Blame Myself
 but I Understand Somehow,
 If You Didn't Love Me Then,
 How Is it You Love Me Now?
 Connie Moore

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The last thing i ever wanted was for you to die.
I wish that you were here with me.
Id tell you how much i love you sweetie.
You are just my Angel, i love you so,
I never wanted you to go.
I miss you with everything i ever had
Now when my life ends
Ill just pretend
I Hate You
My life without you
Has been a living Hell
My mother
My friends even can tell
I break apart
I hate my life
I hate my heart...

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                         I hate him.
But in that fiery sensation of hate there tingles love.
                         He is my enemy.
Since childhood we have dual in every stage of life.
                         I fight him.
Ultimate joy in victory,  Only vengeance in defeat.
                         I swore to end him.
I swore to dance on his grave,  To drive him from this earth.
                         He is dying.
He lies helpless in great pain,  I kissed his forehead.
                         I shall grieve him.
Friends come and go but a lifelong adversary makes life worth fighting for.
                         I love him...

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Hate? love? confused!

I'm angry and I'm sad

I'm tired and I'm mad

I'm alone and I'm hurt

I'm forgetting what I'm worth

You never see me, 

you never hear me or know when I'm feeling down

My emotions are all mixed up, 

all thrown around

I thought you’d protect me, I thought you’d stop his game

But yet you saw straight through my tears 

you caused me more pain

I hate you, there I said it, I hate you

But to say I have that someone, 

damn I love, I love you

I'm lost, I'm confused 

You’re causing me pain, but I feel I need you, 

I'm being used

I hate you there I said it, I really hate you

But I need you, oh I need you, I love you

why can't you love me?  

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A Deceitful Loving World

Listening to your heart, and believing the love you trust
Is quite the risk to take, but in a relationship it’s a must.
Once you take advice, from your friends which are close
It is mainly up to you, what you make of this deadly dose.

Love that can not be trusted, is just a lie made to you
A relationship is more than love, it is about trust too.
Trusting one another, may take some length of time
But in the end it is worth it, love is greater than a dime.

Today’s world I look at closely, examining my surrounding
Now realizing that everyone, changed to dreadful pounding.
The pounding of this world, makes lives miserable each day
A terrible decision indeed, the government giving their okay.

This world that has become corrupt, full of deadly lies
Changing lives left and right, even sudden drive byes.
This world at war with itself, because of no trust at all
Not knowing what’ll happen, or who will throw the ball.

This ball that has been thrown, is of the world that can’t be
Not trusted or relied on, to see the difference of its trinity.
A world full of Deceit, even though it’s a wonderful loving one
You have to choose your trust carefully, before you are done.

Every one has made it clear, to each other who we embrace
One by one as we come to see, the possible end of our race.
A deceitful yet loving world, will be the end of all humanity
This is why we need to trust each other, before we get panicky.

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Encrypted Mind of Skippy 3

Its the tongue and cheek when the compulsive liars always speak,

Act bleak as they continue to sneak-a-peak,

Of what leaks the poison they continue to drink,

Wander aimlessly in the dark... clockwork makes you distraught,

So I start the spark as it increases the beasts bark,

Outlined in chalk as the casualties reappear on the chart,

Future looks grim when you continue to sin,

Happiness within is smothered from the pain you feel unforgiven,

Love transforms to hate... hate dissipates the emotions you migrate,

Souls irate... suffocating itself until you lose it's mind state,

Dissect what remains, emotions scattered in the brain leave you,

Marked insane as you pray that someone will stop the wicked rain,

Try to rearrange the colors you plaster on the paper once plain,

Tick-tock on the repeated clock has all activities come to a sudden stop,

Drop the top as you reveal what makes you pollute your precious crop,

Dissect this brain... speak my name... feel the pain coursing through these veins,

I confided and love I provided to be rejected when you said I'll always be accepted,

I leave it where you left it but you can't respect it so I ****ing severe it,

Endless planet seems flawless until the drugs enahances it,

Evil glances provide with the answers to defeat the infectious cancer,

Label me a bastard because I won't provide your ignorance with laughter,

Ever care so much you lose yourself? Ever hated something so bad you hate yourself?

Day in and day out I'm in a battle with myself yet all your worried about is yourself?

Where's the bodies wealth when you work your soul to death,

The curse makes me beserk as I continue to kill the retards,

Lost pace increases the space... the space leaves you dirt to face,

The worth of faith diminishing along with the morals of mans good grace,

Graze on my lawn... silently remove my last pawn,

Stitch your faded cloth as your reality filters your thoughts,

Hear the gossip... don't stop it, accept any love when it's offered,

That's why I'm bothered... people care but dare to not play fair,

Satisfying their chest rather then the one who leave it bare,

The circus will surface as you evil mother ****ers hide behind the curtains,

Chairs with dead carcasses will reveal your actions caused your hollow coffin,

Eyes tell the story... from the mistakes and from things you did all holy,

The glory of defeating your titans is satisfaction enough to keep fighting.

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No Lies....

You'll never believe me... But I have been as honest with you as I can be... 
Everybody lies.... The only variable to the problem is what do people lie about..... 
It's when you make someone face death, that's when truth becomes reality, when 
their version of their reality becomes clear, when their priorities come in line.... I 
have to face death, I have to go war, I have to fight or die, protect because no one 
will protect me, I have no one there to save my life but me.... Death isn't 
something I fear, but fear is something I have. Fear of dying alone, fear of going 
to war and not coming back to anything that loves me. Fear.... If you've known me 
long enough you know above all I hate fear, I've gone through great extremes to 
face fear, break fear, and erase fear.... Fear.... 
I'm no role model, I'm no hero, if I were their role model what would your children 
grow up to be?
All I can say is that I try....
I haven't lied in a while, I've been as honest as I can possibly be, I don't know if 
that has been a good thing or a horrible mistake.... I don't know what's wrong with 
me.... Why you keep holding this against me, I've given you no reason to not 
believe anything I've told you, my lies are not lies, but what isn't said at all, which 
can't be lies. Mistakes I've made, and I hate them all, but I haven't made any 
mistakes in a while.... I just keep going through Karma's punishment and hope 
that soon my dept will be paid. But I know that Hitting Bottom isn't just a weekend 
Please if anything... just believe I care, I hope you care, I love, I hope you love, I'll 
die for you, I hope you'll never say the same to me.
With no lies, I say I love you and miss you. If you don't believe me, then you don't 
need me.... Just abandon me.

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All you put me through.

Don't you see what your doing to me? 
You get me all confused. I'm not really 
like this. It's just because of you. You 
make me nuts! I hate that I love 
everything you do! Have you any idea
how much I'd adore a kiss from you? 
Have you any conception of reality? 
How much I like you? Or that I wish 
upon stars to be with you? Ofcorse not,
you're oblivious! I bet you don't even 
care. I guess I shud stop wishing you 
were there. Mabey I shouldn't love you.
Mabey I shud hate you for all the pain 
you put me through. I can't tho, because,
truely I don't believe you try to. It's just
something you do, you mean no harm, 
I supose that much is true. However you
still put me through tough timeswhile you 
remain absolutly fine. I hate that you see?
Geez, you frustrate me! I guess I'll just
remain confused because I guess really that's 
all I can do.

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You used me 
Tore me apart
Left me with a broken heart

A heart that will never mend
Shattered and crumbled within

I loved you with all my heart
Couldn’t stand it
When we were apart

You took all of me with you
When you left
But that’s ok I’ve
Found someone else

Someone who will love me
For me and not for who they want me
To be

I  love to hate you
For all you put me through

All the times you ignored me
All the lies you said
Don’t matter ne more
Cause to me your dead

So I love to hate you
Just know that I’ve
Found someone better
And thanks once again

Thanks for showing me you wasn’t
Best and for that I’m blessed

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defining innocence

one life for you to watch
with the perfect plan
everything mankind is
on center stage
to decide our own levels of innocence
welcome to judgement day
please please condmen me for my mistakes youve made
I'll be your reflection
with all my preplanned perfect protests i call mistakes

your feeling tortured?
to see how you all add up to just one
everything you are and have become
i take on and display rub in your face
lead you to temptation to throw me away

watch me steal
and lie and cheat
watch me fight and hate and freak
watch me manipulate love and cry
watch this life of the perfected reflection of our innocence
but keep it alive

see the perversity we have become
notice my flaws and deny you have them
i am your innocence on trila today
a victom of how the world around me is a reflection and they all add up this way
so welcome to judgement day where you watch misunderstand
and seal your own fate

The life of a con
the cheater
the liar
the heartbreaker
the believer
the nonconformist
the follower and leader
the life on center stage for you to pick apart to learn from
milk it while you can
your opinions of me is nothing more than all about you
and as you judge me you have judged innocence
your innocence and condemned mankind
for a selfless person that has gone out of his way

to be the terrorist
the hate the lover
th epeacekeeper
the husband
the loner
the brother

here i am all of you my reflection creating what i am today
learn to steer the wheel of the robot i am
and make me truly innocent once again

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This Is Goodbye

Tell my family I'm sorry
Fore everything I've done.
Tell them that I love them
I wish we'd had more fun.

Ask my mother why
She put me through some hell.
It really made me hate her.
Could she even tell?

Tell my love I love him
Incase he doesn't know.
Tell him that I'll miss him.
I'm sorry I have to go.

Tell my foes thanks
For all the pain they've caused.
Tell them that I hate them
For the friends that I have lost.

Ask my father why
We never got along.
It really made me angry.
The reasons all seemed wrong.

Tell my peers I'm sorry
For the things I didn't say.
Tell them that I'll miss them.
There is no other way.

So tell the one's I love and hate.
That it was all their fault.
None of them could even wait.
To hurt me even more.

And tell the ones
I love and hate.
That I will die
'Cause this is fate.

I'll cut my wrists 
Until they bleed.
I will die
The cuts so deep....

©2009 ~FR34K0N4L345H33

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Given love and hope and warmth and light
The seedling can begin its fight
Defy the elements trying to survive
Trying so hard despite its short time alive
Your love and hope and warmth and light
Is all that gets me through the night
I would surrender without you by my side
Drowned by all of the tears I cried
Given hate and despair and darkness cold
The seedling never even grows old
Brutally defeated by the frigid frost
Cold winds blow another life is lost
My hate and despair and darkness cold
Is closing my heart making me old
Overwhelmed by all the time I've lost
My soul is a land of tundra and frost

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Darkness Vs Light

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” I often wish to dwell in the light But there are always those useless excuses That allows me to lose insight But I always end up with these endless bruises “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” I try to disregard the hate burning inside But there are always those people who I don’t appreciate Sometimes I just want to cower and hide Away from the love that has transformed into impure hate But someone will come out to stand up for what is truly ours And, eventually love will prevail!

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Hell's Door

There was a time when I knocked at Hell’s door
Didn’t think nothing about it just walked through and explored
Was introduced to a lot, saw a lot of people with smiling faces
I walked by them, they whispered behind my back but remained nameless
I saw a friend of mine that I remembered at one time she had nothing
I gave her opportunity and love and a chance, and I was face to face with her she must have forgotten because she started fronting
Kept on walking until I ran into this dude I once knew, we talked for a while until his lies started to sound like truth
The longer I walked the more I saw, I was beginning to compare it to this life, but I wasn’t surprised at all
I ran into my best friend WAIT!? Why was she here? She knew all my secrets she is my heart I can’t believe this, I was overcome by a sudden fear
When we was in conversation nothing change it seem like any other, Then the more I listened she became transparent this time there was no running for cover 
I recognized the liar, the cheater, and this mask she wore to gain attention; I stopped her in her tracks and told her to listen
I already walked through the gates of hell there is no longer a reason to lie, I gave my honest opinions and loved you like I love my own life
To my surprise she walked away without a comment, I understand because that’s why in Hell the soul is already burning. 
When I walked back through the same door I entered, I realized a lot but I couldn’t be offended.
I went to the mirror to examine myself, I had some things I need to fix and yeah I could use the help  
That walk help me point out my faults in me, back to reality but I can only change me 

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The Thin Line

I hate how you're always on my mind
Invading every thought.
You're in everything I do,
You are everywhere I go. 

Can't play the radio
Every song about us
They sing about love-
The happiness, the pain. 

I hate how I remember exactly how your day goes
The time you wake and shower
Your work, your path
Every hour. 

I hate that I can picture every detail of your space
The place we'd sit to laugh and talk
The smells, the sounds I can't erase 

I hate the memory of your touch
The feeling of your bed
Your smell your taste
The love we’d make.

The hammock, that tree
A gentle evening breeze.
So close together,
My favorite place to be. 

I hate the words you said to me
"You are my one, my baby,
God, please never leave me"
How I felt so loved by you each and every day
With words and music 
A funny line
You always found a way. 

The house we dreamed of 
By a quiet lake
Two dogs, a porch
Together we would wake. 

I hate it all
Every minute every day,
I hate how with ease you walked away. 
I hate the days I miss you, the days I cry.
But I love you still tho you said goodbye.

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I feel invisible. And Christmas feels like another terror crisis for families. I design 
every city, feel no pity for this except, and  can't travel and have romantic sex in the 
cities with my princess Jaclyn. I will make the Da Vinci Code book come to life as 
I read out loud at any (crowded place.) I will prove why the United States of 
America is invincible, how I make all people and products possible. Can display 
any where, we are in my supervision, which is a controlled environment.  I am a 
super power who created the best super power country, I have and continue to 
bless North America. We are one world divided by religion.  So we are still 
divisible. Anybody who knows the english language should be able to tell nobody 
chipped in to create the language and titles of companies. The rhymes, the 
articulate ways to play with sound. Only one person could do this for the reason 
of trying to reach you.  All I can do is play with tv and family. Only if I had allies 
there would be no defects. I hate marketing our life spans. You can believe or if 
not, you just sided with the devil when youdon't believe, and I hate to make 
people decide on their lives. Example is suicide.I hate to be evil. Need money to 
get out of my house.   Its lame to see people blame. This is not a game, I want 
change. I am royalty with not enough loyaltists. If this persists, people will keep 
on perishing. Allah is allowed to have a career in reality, since I am the most 
creative.. All I know is I is he, he is I. I even 
created the aloe plant. We can start to heal families, and I prove I gave all "Family 
Ties". I build on what I build. The world is mine. One day it will be ours. If read 
this I wouldn't  wait till my ressurection of making the future making cycle , 
beacsue I don't feel comfortable. I hate to create insurgents, I created the internet 
to reach the world.  I designed the internet. You bet its a playhouse,like Wynmoor 
on Cococnut Ceek Blvd. I get illusions from the word conk=cock or (count.) I get a 
scroll or dimensional pop up before me of the pearl of a girl.  Love handles really 
means for drawers on furniture. Don't pull love handles but put you weight on it, 
like railings at banks and Disney World. I made the design of slang for the 
reason to rap it up. People are using the wrong words which makes our lives 
miserable. I would like to progress, but still no progress of reply. All I need is one 
mic, and money to come out and play. My souls' sold on dvd's and cd's around 
the globe! Its a goddy god world."

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A World of Shame and Neglect

The little child was born into a home of violence and abuse.
      Sadness was the closest thing to love and that was no excuse.
A little child screaming as his mother gets slapped and tossed all around,
     While his worthless father struts thinking he is something he is quite profound.
The little children with ragged clothes and snotty noses just stood there in tears,
      What an impression this father has made for them through the years.
We live in a monkey see monkey do get messed up society,
     Most of the children grew up watching their parents fighting never knowing 
 Alcohol or drugs, seemed to dominate most of the poor.
     The thing they didn’t realize this was only a temporary escape door.
The pain that was eased only led to more grief.
      Till violence took over in the name of relief.
 The daddy was loaded up paying the bills, food, utilities and rent,
      While momma stayed home pregnant and got fussed at for the money she 
They had sunk so low they were ashamed to attend any church,
      Afraid that the pastor might point them out as he stood on his perch.
What is the answer if any to this little tale of mine,
       How can we make it stop, can we ever draw a line.
 I do know that hate begets hate so could love be the key?
       Has anyone ever tried it long enough to truly find the answer of this I  would 
love to see.
All of my life I have heard do unto others as you would have them do unto you,
        Such a simple answer could this be all we need to do?
Think About It!!!

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what happened???

what happened to children listening to there parents 
what happened to you get what you get and don't throw a fit
what happened to not waste eat everything use everything
what happened to respect each other and they will respect you
what happened to if you cant say nothing nice don't say it at all
what happened to children doing there share 
what happened to no dating till your sixteen 
what happened to do not hate love
what happened to men staying away from little girls 
what happened to love yourself 
what happened to parents paying more attention to there children
what happened to sharing and caring
what happened to the people 
what happened to the WORLD 

all of these problems are ruining the earth and the people living in there do you see what
is going on in the world or is everyone blind we need to stop these problems like
murdering,cutting your wrist,hating,gangs,child molestation,young sex, and much more we
are all a victim of these things and most of us say were helpless what are we supposed to
do when your supposed to help your supposed to love you are supposed to care and i hate to
say this but most people on this earth don't care about no one except their self and it
hurts to see on the news children suffering in Africa and children being abused by their
own mom and 3 month old babies being killed from their stupid mom or dad it hurts and i
bet most people don't even care and 4 out of 5 people dont know how to help save the it takes is you so the question is are you gonna do that or just walk

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Life is complicated 
We love it, we hate it 
And hate each other 
And every other person we meet 
Cause we think 
We have to please them 
And we dont want to 
But we dont got to 
So we dont 
But thats what theres too much of 
Theres not enough love 
Between us 
You've seen us 
We fight 
In spite of one another 
One hating the other 
Breaking them down 
Then turning around 
And putting on another face 
Going to another place 
And doing the same thing 
Playing the same song 
When all along 
You want more 
You fall to the floor in exhaustion 
Your lost in your habits 
How can you change now? 
With the life you live now? 
You can, Ive seen it done 
Don't run, face your trials 
And in awhile 
You'll forget the strife 
And love your life. 

Tamara Brown

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Oh my God! You are such a liar!
Sitting in a chair, your eyes conspire
To tell me lies you’ve told before.
But to me, you cannot hide the core
In your existence.
Oh my God!  I can hear you hiding
Behind these words you are confiding.
Your eyes plead for my silence.
Weakly, you ask for my reliance
In your existence.
Oh my God! I would chew those lies,
Lest you hate and cut all ties.
I’ll take your reasons with a smile,
So that I may rest here for a while
In your existence.
Oh my God! I hate all the things I know!
Hate all those things that you won’t show.
So, keep lying to me for goodness sake!
Perhaps, someday, it will restore my faith
In your existence.

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My middle son he is the one that tears my heart in two

I ask myself everyday “Am I good enough for you?”

He wants more than I can give and just doesn’t seem to see

I give him all he asks for, what does he want from me?

I try to reach out to him, but nothing ever seems to work

Just yesterday at the dinner table, he called me a stupid jerk

I love him with all I have inside my aching heart

But the hate in his eyes for me just tears my soul apart

He blames me for his father’s passing he’s said it more than twice

When I try to comfort him his heart it turns to ice

What can I do to change the way he feels about me?

If he would only let me in I know I could make him see

That I am not the villain here all I want is his happiness

But every time I try to reach him things end up a mess

Thomas is my middle son I love him with all my heart 

The hate he has inside for me I hope someday will part. 

One day I hope we’ll be closer like a true mother and her son

Then at last the battle will end and both of us will have won!

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Why do you hate me
What is it
Me or my attuide
I never get along with anyone
I need help getting through it
You hate me
I don't get along with you 
It hurts me because I lost you 
Lost you as a friends
Never get you back
Push you over the edge
Why fight with me
Why hate me 
No one hardly likes me anyhow
You just making it harder
I don't need it harder
Why is it me for
All I need is friends
Fighting don't help me
Why make it hard for me
I need to rest
Leave me alone
Need to get it out of me
You hate me
I don't get along with you  

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Hateness s can rise to death

I hate the way you talk to me 
I hate it when u care

Cuz you’ve given me false love 
That dies from just a stare

That rips my heat apart
That makes wanna travel 
That makes me wanna declare 

I hate you 
I hate it when you stare

Not once did u cover my wounds
Not once did u stop my tears

You’re love is getting falser 
Day skipping day 

I hate you so much
You make wanna swear 

You’re not the reason I smile everyday 
You’re not the will that is written in my latest declare

I hate u so much 
You make wanna cry
I hate you
You never were the way u were befor

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When only hatred fills your heart
Hatred through and through
A barrier to cupid’s dart
And everything else too.

You weave my life on canvas
You weave it all the time
Never letting me be free 
To live a life sublime.

I have to tell you something
I have to say it now
For it is time for me to be
All that I did vow.

Put aside your hatred
Put aside your lies
Let the real truth
Fill your hearts
And open up your minds

Wake up to a new day
Wake up and see the sky
Realise that you don’t have to be
Evil till you die.

Pure love is in my heart
Pure love is in my soul
For me loving everyone
Has been a lifetime goal.

Even those who hurt me
Especially I should say
For it’s their hearts
That need it most
To help them see the way.

They should love their neighbours
They should love their friends
Then we’d live in a world
Full of love and not revenge

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Temporary Death

I’ve set my right hand on the fault line
But who is there to hold the rest
Million tremors coming for you
And I can’t help you stand the test

Give power now unto my left hand
It upon the trigger rests
One bullet left to stop the quaking
One bullet saves you from certain death

I aim and fire towards love forgotten
I kill you now to prevent your pain
You’ll die tonight in hate and darkness
Yet wake tomorrow in calming rain

So hate me now until forever
Just know I cared until the end
Hate me, breathe me out like fire
But just know these scars will mend 

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Hate Is My Friend

When one isn’t loved
Hate begins to dwell,
It starts deep within
And then it begins to swell.

But I must be strong
For hate isn’t weak,
It will push against my insides
And at my heart it will begin to eat.

I will start to grow bitter
My words will grow harsh,
My appetite for love would wither
Like a lone flower in a murky marsh.

I would be doomed to roam the earth
In a hypnotic daze,
Only to answer those 
With wicked and evil ways.

Meaningless is my life now 
For I have no love,
Why should I carry on?
Haven’t I had enough?

It seems to me 
That I shouldn’t even try,
For no matter what I say or do
No matter if I cry,

I will always be wrong, 
Or stupid and careless,
And that is why to you readers
I share this.

For love is my enemy
And until my dying end,
Love will always be my enemy
And hate will be my friend.

Details | I do not know? | |

You Don't Have To

You don't have to believe me 
because i know its true
You don't have to understand 
because i do 
You don't have to want me
Because someone else will
You don't have to love me
Because i don't love you
You don't have to hate me 
because i don't hate you
You don't have to touch me 
because i won't touch you 
No matter what you don't
have to do the things you
don't want to because i'm not 
controling you

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I want to remember this moment.
How you made me feel.
Pretending that we are close again,
But knowing it’s not real. 

I want to remember the lies-
How you plagued me with mistrust.
The way your words rang clearly,
They were full of hatred and disgust. 

I want to remember the poetry written.
How you make my writing sound.
I was never truly lost,
I was just looking to be found. 

I want to remember who you claim to be.
How you are a hero who was disguised.
I find that hard to comprehend,
You are always victimized. 

I want to remember our beginning.
How you turned it into the end. 
Finally getting to be myself,
Not having to defend.

I want to remember this moment.
How you made me feel.
Pretending we are close again,
But knowing it’s not real.

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I Don't Like

I don’t like this.
I don’t deserve it either.
Everyone else has someone good.
I have a disease from the hood.
I don’t want it anymore.
I hate to see it walking through my door,
Pain, strife, not treating me right.
Wanting badly to be someone’s wife.
It seems that I hate being me, 
Because I always get mistreated.
I don’t like this,
But I won’t declare to be defeated.

wrote 9-13-09

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I love love love you
Well I'm lie lie lying
Merely try try trying
To save my own skin.

I hate hate hate you
But I won't won't say so
That was hell hell hello
This is good goodbye.

Details | I do not know? | |

your so right, im so wrong

i know it feels so right but im so wrong
i love you so much but im so wrong
i stop myself cause im not right
love me now hate me later you'll find someone else so much better

i hate myself cause you're so right
there's nothing wrong you're so right
its me i hate, you're so right
i stop myself cause im not right

 its you i dream of every night
its you i want every night
i cant help myself.. your so right
i love you so much but im not right

 cant let it be so right
it will never be alright
to you these words i right
i will never be alright
to you i say good night
its you i love tonight

 i hope you'll be just fine
i wish i could stop this fight
i hate this restraint inside
i wish it could be just right
i love you so much inside
i wish i could make you mine
its you i love tonight
so to you i say good night

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Your Eyes and Mine

I hate that sappy, mushy stuff
When the girl pours her heart out to the guy
But what do I do when not seeing you
Makes me want to cry?
I've been warned and told about this thing
That I've pulled myself into
It feels so right, I shuddder so...
Because I'm lonely without you
But are you real, do you really care
Have you had others just like me?
Am I a number, am I a play
That gives you pleasure to see?
I don't understand why you like me
It's hardly happened before
You say I'm foony, you say I'm cute
Yet I wonder if there is more
More than you're telling- more than you
More than meets my eye
For this innocent glaze of glistening blue
Is so succeptible to a well-played lie
It only makes sense- you're playing a game
By kissing my hand and hair
When you put your arm on my shoulder
I am displaced from everywhere
Except from the person next to me
The guy I've tried hard to ignore
I don't understand why you like me
It's never happened this way before
Almost all I do is think about you
The things we've said and done
And smile at the moments back in time
When this entire relationship had begun
Still I hate this sappy crap
When the girls tell it all to the guys
Yet it's all I do, just think of you-
And your playful, glistening eyes

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Free Again

I always laid here
This same spot with the same grief
With the same tears every passing night
Laying all the blames at my bedpost
And I mean all the blames.
Always forgetting to put them on you
Cos I thought I was the cause of the curse
And the reason for all the grief.

If you must know
The world stopped when I saw him
Im sure your's did too
Only you were too stupid to realize.
Too stupid to see that your punching bag
Someone now caressed 
And your footstool
Someone raised high.

Now and now, now and here
Im gonna burn all the fake roses in my heart's furnace
And those stupid letters along with that stupid smile
The one you gave us all.
And im gonna hold on to my love
Please him in every way
Make you think of all you lost here
And love him till I have no love left
For I want to be me
And I am now me
And being me is being free.

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Heartache in ZaniLa Rhyme

Heartache is what follows me about
looking for the love we’d found
I loved you once, but now I hate you
silence left, no ethereal sound

Heartache is the pain you left me I
need to run from this dark place
But now I hate you, I loved you once
let me be free to feel life’s caress

Heartache is the lines on my etched face
shows the world internal pain
I loved you once, but now I hate you
until I am in your arms again

Heartache eases have found a new friend
someone to share in life’s game
But now I hate you I loved you once
my true love you will always remain

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If anyone told me that one day I would grow to hate you id say that it was a lie,
If anyone told me that one day id see you and feel sick to my stomach
and right then and there just want to collapse and die,
I would say it was a lie.

I hate you,
You remind me of everything that I don’t have 
The most precious thing to me,
You remind me 
every time I see you 
that I don’t have a family.

I used to love you,
I used to love you when you reminded me, 
That I was young and free
And that I could be like that for as long as I wanted to be.

But now,
You remind me
Of infertility,
You remind me of my bareness
Of yet another unsuccessful pregnancy.

Instead of morning sickness I get PMT
I’m 32 years old
This is not how my life is meant to be,
So for this fact I hate you with a passion that burns from deep down inside of me,
I hate you because every time you turn up unexpectedly 
My husband is one step closer to leaving me.

If anyone told me that one day I would grow to hate you id say that it was a lie,
If anyone told me that one day id see you and feel sick to my stomach 
and right then and there just want to collapse and die
I would say it was a lie.

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Love is my enemy

I love you
Those are three words
That can change your life forever
I love you
Those three words
Express how you feel about someone
How do you know that they really love you
They can easily say say it
They can easily break your heart and hurt you
How can three simply words do something like that
Those words
They hold special meaning
They start a commitment
I love you
I hate those words
Do they they really care
I don't think so
They just tell me what I want to hear
Then they betray me
I hate them
One thing a really hate is

Details | I do not know? | |


I can't help but talk to you
even though your hie
you just keep acting stranger still
But i cannot just say bye

I hate the way you talk to me
and the way you say my name
I hate the way you act all day
and how nothing is the same

Why did you go
to a place I cannot follow
you said so much of nothing
that its still hard to swallow.

i hate the way you look at me
and the way you always lie
i hate the way you talk to me
and how you always make me cry

I hate the way you take care of me
and when you always call
but what i hate the most
is how i don't hate you at all.

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Dream of Reality

Dreaming is like traveling to another world
We dont know where we are going
But we can't wait to get there 
It's a place where we can be free 
But we can also be a prisoner. 

It's a place where we have no fear
But where we find new ones 
It's a place where we can slay our dragons
But still come out with burns 
It's a place where we see ourselver as we do and dont want to be. 

It's a place where the good witch helps us home
But the wicked witch will knock us off the yellow brick road
It's a place full of magic 
It's a place where wonders happen 
But also where tragedy strikes. 

It's a place full of love 
But also of hate 
It's a place where the sun always shines 
And where the rain never stops 
Sound familiar? 

Our dreams are like reality 
There is love and hate 
There is good and evil 
There is rain and shine 
But reality is just part of life. 

We can make our reality whatever we want 
We can slay our dragons and we may come out with burns 
But our good witch will always help us home 
Tragedy will happen but wonders will never cease 
And we can be whoever we want. 

We can make our reality a dream 
And we can make our dreams a reality 
So open you eyes and dont be afraid to dream 
Because if you try hard enough 
You can make your life the dream you want it to be.

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You Hate Me Don't You

Every day around you
You don't seem to care
Saying we will still be friends
There is hatred in the air
I hate it when you taunt
You play me like a fool
I am getting used to it
I feel like everyone's tool
Teasing my feelings
Messing with my mind
It's obvious that you hate me
Just leave me here to die...

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Forget You

Forget You
and your stupid shallow ways
Forget the way you touch me
Forget the things you say
You are no better
You are empthy and alone
I hate you
I hate every inch of your body
I hate the smell of your skin
I hate the sound of your voice
Don't call me
Don't think about me
You don't deserve me
So forget you for making me want you
Forget you for coming back
Forget you for going away again
I hate you for making me think about you
I hate you for making me lose control
I hate you for coming inside
Forget You
and your cold soul
Forget the way you look at me
Forget the way you make love to me
I freaking hate you for making me love you
So Forget You!

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Cannot Get Close To You

I say I hate you,
But you insist you love me,
How can you do such a thing,
Why do you have to become so close to me,
So loved,
I hate you so much,
But my heart says I do,
I love you,
But I cannot say that,
I cannot get close to people,
I will just get hurt,
I always get hurt,
And I never heal,
I hate you,
Why did you do this to me,
You insisted you loved me,
And now you’re gone too.

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Wounded heart

Hate, hate is a strong word and so is love Love comes and goes but true love leaves within I am scared to hate but can't help the way I feel Because hate is something that comes to mind when I think of you You made me believe that someday you'll find me, find us. Someday your family whose my family would except me for who I am As a kid I always dreamed of that day when I'd run into your arms and feel your tender brace but now I am becoming an adult but still thinks like a kid when it comes to you I don't hate you, at least I think I don't, all I hate is the pain, the wishes, the hopes, that faith I have in you Mama never seems to get me at times She doesn't even seem to hear how I long for the unity between two families I am supposed to love to death Oh how much pain life has brought to me To you I am just a mistake one you wish to erase forever but to me, you are the reason I am here they say not to think about it, but what do they expect, at 15 all i want is the perfect home the perfect childhood the perfect life but nothing is close to perfect without you here oh how heartless the soul of a man you stole everything that could possibly make that whole that i so much need I AM A CHILD I see things around to make me wonder how life would have been if only you took a moment to love me the way you should instead you cast me away and made me feel unwanted, uncared for and like a mistake but you know what I am 15 and someday I'd grow out of it someday you would find me find me and cry oh tears of pain and agony would you sheared when you find me TEARS THAT BONDS A DAUGHTER WITH HER FATHER you will find me much stronger much more sucessful than you would ever think oh what a sucess i wouild be to prove you wrong and to show you that i got all the love i EVER NEED and maybe someday the baby in me would let you in till then i am just going to make the best i could out of a situation like this

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Hate the Rain

I hate the rain, hate the rain
How it always rains on me
And when it's raining
I wish for sunny days
Drowning in puddles of forbidden dreams
Showers that drench my only means
To feel you once again

I hate the rain, hate the rain
How it never seems to quit
And when it's flooding
I wish my life to float away
Sinking to the bottom of an endless void
Ocean that crushes the only means
To reach you once again

When the ominous clouds won't blow away
And the only thing left is sunless shade 
The only thing left that still remains
Is the rain, rain that won't go away

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I Love It When I Fill High On Love, But I Hate It When I Realize It's Fake...
 I Love When My Eyes Are Clear with No Fog, But I Hate It When It Don't Last Long...
 I Love It When I Fill Good Inside, And That I Can Be My Self, And Never Die. As Long As My 
Gods On My Side, Ill Have Enteral Life...

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I hate you

I hate the way it's all my fault, I didn't speak a word
I hate the way I'm faithful, it's the least you deserve
I hate it that you lack respect for everything I do
The only thing I love right now is bitterly hating you

I hate the way you prod and poke your nose in everything
I hate the way this turned out to be more than just a fling
I hate the way I have no strength to tell that we are through
The only thing I love right now is ruthlessly hating you

I hate you, eveything about you, don't think it'll change
You have to ask yourself right now, what made me feel this way
You shouldnt of dismissed me, disrespected, disbelieved
I hate the way you're such a fool for thinking I'm naive

I wish I could turn back the clock and break your black heart first
Savagely rip you to shreds, ground your respect to dust
I'd slip my hands around your throat instead of round your waist
I pray one day I can swallow my pride without this bitter taste

10th October 2011

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I speak of a made up world.
One that will never exist not today, not tomorrow. 

This world contains all gain and no pain.
A world that doesn’t include poisons only sugar and love. 
It is not made up of hate like this world of today.

A world in which secrets would not exist.
An earth in which children would be safe.

“Pain go away” would never be said in this world. 
Instead, people would say, “Love never ends.”

Dark clouds of depression would be chased away by the sunrays of friendship.
A lion would never roar only purr.

Genies would hand out not three wishes but a million wishes. 

Every girl would be crowned a princess and every woman would be a queen. 
Every boy would be a prince. Every man would be a king

Lemons would be sweet and not sour.

Let’s make this world true.
Let’s spin the web of magic.
Defy the laws of “Never” and make this world true Today!

Don’t you desire this?
This enchanted world of love, of peace, of understanding.

Are you not tired of today’s world?
A world in which only hate and pain exist.
Where hot salty tears have become the bread of many.
Make it true…this Utopia.
If not for yourself then for the future.
Leave the legacy that won’t perish.

Join me as I dream of what could be then…
Let’s do more than dream.
Plan for the new world.
A world of peace and complete love.  


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What is this? I never noticed this. Countless times my reflection I viewed No mark did I ever see. But now, as I scavenge my face, There is a mark on me. With each new person I meet The mark seems to fleet, Transform, but never disappear. I can feel it as shifts from here to there. As the mass of people accumulate, The mark seems to replicate. They morph, Combing into something like a mask. As I try to ignore it, I reluctantly ask Will the mark always appear? Will one see me as I see? Does the mark come from fear? Is the mark the real me? I never noticed this. What is this?

Details | I do not know? | |

Meaning of true Love

I hate marriage today 
not alot of people married each other for love 
some people married the person 
they are tired of looking for love 
some people married the person married 
because  of what 
they like what see on the other person body 
some people married a person 
the other person makes more money than they do 
 very few marry 
because of
I hate love today 
nobody understand the 
true meaning of love 
oh love 
where are you 
I ha been opening doors 
All I had found was 
Boys playing basketball 
Dogs darking because the meal was good 
 noboyfriend of mine 
no guys for me 
no love....
I was so tire 
I was so heartbroken 
So i gave up on searching for love 
I sat down on my puaech set looking up in the sky 
and tears started to come out of my eyes 
and didn't stop until there was a river of tears 
I had cry a river 
I couldn't find my true love 
I contuine to cry a river 
A Man came to me 
Sat down next to me 
wrapped my tears up
Asked me why I cryied a river 
As I was telling him 
I felt his hand around me 
I felt warm being there 
WE contain to talk 
I knew that my true love had finally came 
I looked up in the sky and Smile 
the sun came out and dried out my river 
left a rainbow 
oh love....
oh love...
oh love...............

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Hosted lament,
Growth yielded dying fiend,
Rancor malice abort bastard,

Details | ABC | |


Why do people hate me is it because I'm a black man.

Why do people hate me is it because of my dark skin.

Why do people hate me then lies and says they don't hate me is it because they think we can not love.

Why do GOD love it is because he made us all the same and we are kings because GOD said so.

So I said stop hating me because I am a black man learn have to love me because GOD is love and we all came from him.

Details | I do not know? | |


I make mistakes
Its what you like to see
I can see it in your eyes
That you just love to hate me.

I don't know why 
But you like to point out my mistakes
Must you be this way?
Must it be my confidence you take?

No one understands me
Because I hate to be in the show
All I ever wanted
Was to be someone you have to know.

All I'll ever need 
Is someone's love and care
But until then 
Nothing in this life is fair.

I don't know why
But I hate you
I guess its cause
Of everything you say and do.

I need someone to love
I need a best friend
Then maybe someday
I'll learn to love again.

Details | Blank verse | |

Strip Me

Strip me...
As you do, 
Youre claiming everything that I am
Youre seeing it all
Not just the physical;
The bruises,
The scars,
The imperfections,
(Even though thats just as hard),
But youre seeing what makes me
Who I am;
Youre stripping away layers of hurt
And pain in many areas;
Youre touching raw spots.
As you do this;
Youre stripping me emotionally;
Im letting you inside
By letting you see my body;
Im saying I want you everywhere;
Inside and out;
I want you to soothe 
The unsoothable parts
Im letting you feel me,
Touch me,
Do whatever you want...
Ive never known that kind of intimacy;
On the inside
Im trembling;
Im so afraid 
Youre going to see something
You dont like, 
Or dont want,
And that terrifies me;
The fact that you could hate something about me
And that could be a reason
To leave me...
I feel so insecure 
And I dont like it at all;
For your sake as much as mine.
I want you so badly, 
I want to let you in, 
Cuz I love you so much,
And youre the only person
I would let do this.
But I freeze up sometimes;
I dont know what to say,
I dont know how to feel;
Im just paralyzed with fear
Of rejection.
I hate that I didnt go all the way for you;
I feel like I don’t give you everything I want to;
And it sucks, like I don’t feel good enough 
And that you almost resent that
Im sorry, Baby for not giving it all
But it takes time I guess...
I dont know;
I want so bad to let you 'strip me'
Maybe next time I wont be so scared;
Its not you Im scared of;
Its me;
Whats going on in my head,
That I cant even explain;
Im scared Im not good enough
For you, 
And for myself...
That sounds messed up, 
And again,
I hate that Im scared,
Scared of putting myself out in the open
Completely like that...
It takes more courage than I have;
Maybe I can get that courage from you...
I want to...
I know I can...
I will...

Details | I do not know? | |

Things I Hate! But On The Other Hand,...

I hate the cold,
but I love the fresh fallen snow.
I hate busy signals,
but guess what, I’M always on the phone.

I hate the smell of cigarette smoke,
but never think of that ‘til I take the last puff.
I hate doing laundry,
but the smell of clean clothes,.. I just can’t get enough.

I hate traffic,
but I always drive at peak hours.
I hate getting in arguments,
but I always loved receiving those “making up” flowers.

I hate the first of the month, having those bills I must 
sit down and pay,
but I certainly didn’t have a problem at the time I was
running them up, I must say.

I hate to go shopping for clothes,
but always complain, I have nothing to wear.
I guess the alternative is a nudist camp,
but I don’t think I could ever go there.

I hate driving in the rain,
but sometimes the other choice is sitting home alone.
I hate getting old,
but I sure love thinking about all of the things I’ve done.

These are a few of the things that I hate.
I try not to think of them much.
But the thing I hate most in life is death,
and missing his sweet gentle touch.


Details | I do not know? | |


Hate is such a strong word to use.
For you I think it will suffice.
I hate that you let me love you,
Knowing it was based on lies.
I hate that you made me cry,
Night after night.
I hate that you left,
Without even saying goodbye.
And how you say you still love me,
When you can't even tell me the truth.
So now I have to make myself hate you,
Even though you still hold my heart.

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In her I see..all obscurity..she lit the match and watched me burn...
I see in her brain,she shoots in my veins, I want her,I need her desire..well greed killed me but it's her i want..

Desire..desire..desire is all i see
Desire..desire..desire is all i need
Desire..desire..desire is killing me
Desire killed me.

I see her so tamed and sane..
I hate her,outcast her, I brand her the liar.

A liar..a liar..a liar is all you are
A liar..a liar..a liar is all you'll be
A liar..a liar..a liar you will die
A liar you will die..

I hate her..I love her..she's beauty in deceit..false spirit..insanity..
She drags me down...lower,then drives me up,higher and higher and higher,desire

Desire..desire..desire is all i see
Desire..desire..desire is all i need
Desire..desire..desire you will die will die

I hate the liar,I love the desire..
I hate the liar,I love the desire..
I hate the liar,I love the desire..
I hate the liar,I love the desire..

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I love the rain
I love the sound
Forgive me if I drip in your eyes.
If I was rain,
would I seep into your skin..
If I fell upon you and you didn't brush me away like you do now,
would I become a part of you?
I love the rain
I love the sound
Forgive me if I soak your shirt.
If I was rain,
would you let me wash away your worries?
If I fell upon you and you didn't brush me away like you do now
would I become a part of you?
I love the rain
I love the sound
forgive me if I ruin your shoes
If I was rain,
Would you still hate me?
Would you hate a natural thing?
Would you hate a simple thing?
Apparently you do.

---[ SKITZ ]--- 2008

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Loneiness in my life

Before my mom left.I told myself.
I would never love again.I will
only love myself and fight for myself.
I felt like I didn't exist.
People was scared of me..They called
me a freak.
Tears down my eyes everyday.
My head down.Anger in my life was
shadowing over me.
It felt like anger was taking over me.
Loneiness got the best of me.
Nobody didn't understand me..I sit
in the corner and be quiet.
watching all the kids play..nobody didn't
want too play..
I say too god everynight,why did you bring
me here..
I hate this ludacriss world..why did you
bring me here.
All they do is care for themselves..not
me.Images as a kid crying,I ask myself
what am I.Am I a monster.
What is pain and what is it like...
what does it mean too have tears in your
I don't understand,I acidently prick my finger.
a dot of blood comes out.
I look at my finger.blood,humm.
I smile,pain,pain sucks?
I said too god I want too leave this hateful
I walk the path of a strae..Why should I listen
too people.I feel like they just plain hate me.
my heart was broken.
Its no easy for kids with seziures too live in this
It feels like your losing everything.
I thought in my mind my mom was a shame of me
and hated me.
thats why she left,I was so mad when I grew up,
I said I'm going too get respect from all of you..
And people who destroyed my dreams,
I see mirrors everday..I see diffrent of me in the 
all of them of me sad and when I was little crying..
I say,is this eyes turn into tears..
Pain,why am I in soo much pain..I break the mirrors
and tears come down off my face.
I remember the words in my mind,I would never love 
again.I would only love myself and fight for myself.
I smile to myself....
loneiness,is just words too me...should I walk away from
my loneiness?
Day to day..A piece of my soul disappears away from me.
I know I can't walk away from my loneiness..
Its so hard too walk away form it.Its apart of me.
I'm going crazy...why did you have too do this to me mom..
I wish you didn't do this too me.
Its nice for me too smile,but I can't...
But my words couldn't see its way through...and a heart beat
couldn't make it through.

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bad word

i cant believe you.
how do you live with yourself.
i hate you.
with everything im made of.
the kicking,the yelling,the crying,the hitting,the pain.
its not even me.
its my best friend.
i love her more than anything.
you're going to be beaten.
turned into nothing.
no job.
no family.
no love.
you're worthless.
you really are.
i hope you drop dead.
i hope you suffer.
so much that you wish you were dead.
just like her.
you make her feel so bad.
because you're a horrible person.
"he kicked me over and over again and he was screaming and i was sobbing and yelling and
he was like hurting me so freaking bad i mean i have all these marks all over me and then
he bent down and was punching me and hitting me and kicking me and it was so hard i mean i
was just so upset and he picked me up and threw me. like on the wall. of the house. god it
hurt so freaking bad jess. and i was just like crumpled there, and he was like never tell
me ever again what to do you little girl. shut your mouth, and think about what will
happen next time you play this on me."
hearing that from my best friend.
kills me.
if i could.
i would make your life a living hell.
if this happens again.
trust me guy.
your life will suck.
and you'll hate everything.
and you won't have anyone to help you.
like your daughter does.
she has me.
and i love her more than anything.
so how about you think about what will happen next time you do that to her.

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The Mind Of GOD

 He became angry, and when he refused to enter the house, his father came out 
and pleaded with him. 
He said to his father in reply, 'Look, all these years I served you and not once did I 
disobey your orders; yet you never gave me even a young goat to feast on with my 
But when your son returns who swallowed up your property with prostitutes, for 
him you slaughter the fattened calf.' 
He said to him, 'My son, you are here with me always; everything I have is yours. 
But now we must celebrate and rejoice, because your brother was dead and has 
come to life again; he was lost and has been found.'" the certainty of days is lost 
in aggravations and in misdirected thinking abilities are missed in dreaming and 
wishing colors were not true the sky is always blue in some peoples world the 
clouds don't move in true reality the clouds fly screaming across the sky to take 
kisses from mye eye to deliver them all to ewe from the kissing place its true oh 
ewe there is many of them there still hanging from my lipps to kiss the lipps of 
ewe. The moral of the story don't get thy dandruff up until the wind blows. WAIT. 
Bulliten: This is just inn hot off the iron. Love lasts forever and yes it forgives so iff 
ewe aer just lately starting to hate me lets nip it now in the bud and snip all the 
hate away and please keep the love thorns are okay when the rose is on vine but 
when picked all the thorns do is cry. Add mee quickly back unto thy eye am 
pleading for mye heart seems to be gone when ewe linger in the ether and do 
not even come just try to find forgiveness in your heart for me today. The concrete 
where eye tried to spend the nite was stiff to muscles used to better beds the dirt 
eye finally found in a corner of the church was fine and warmer out of wind the 
sadness that eye feel is never hate but only love not found and wasted time. The 
anger comes from being left alone.
Eye would not change the way eye am eye would not want it any other way to love 
someone is to miss them when away. My time is spent in vain pursuits of 
happiness continuous searching for food and circuses the hour is almost upon 
the masses no more time to love. Please add me to your list of love as number 
one again mye friend and love the man that eye become is jealous of your love 
and time still searching for your heart and certain ewe aer there in mine and we 
aer both there inside the mind of god. LOVE.


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I hate

I hate that I'm falling 
Into your passionate kiss
Your deep eyes
Your strong embrace
Into you
I hate that your mine
My love
My friend 
My life
My everything
I hate that I need 
Your love
and security
Your laughter 
and you
I hate that I fear pain
Making love hard
Holding me back
Making me break
Making you wait
I hate
That I love you
This much

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untitled 1

but maybe the problem is,
you love too hard and hate too soft.
you don't know how to express
your emotion.
you never did.

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Loves Strife

Emotions of love is what we yearn

Striving and clinging to the most absurd

Looking about in haze held fast

Believing in love will save us from doubt


The touch of a hand

The gaze of an eye

Will make us feel more alive


Until the dark creeps past that mark

Then we see and hear what may not really be there

The pain wells up, envelopes us whole

Emotions of hate take full control


Feelings of loss, pain of the heart

Only regret is whats left

Behind in a void, where love once thrived

Now only chaos and doubt reside


Leaving that yearning for love feeling strong

Wishing and hoping to find it before long

But as time passes, with no love in life

The bitterness and hate grow more into sight

Fading love to memory

Giving hate full might

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I Love You

I’m so sick of being lonely
Being the only one who is alone
The one who is missing you
The one who’s too weak to be strong
I’m sick of being without
Without love, without a life, without you
I’m sick of being sick of being lonely
I’m sick of being lost in love with you
I hate you because I love you
I hate myself for the way it hurts
I hate my heart for the way it betrays my mind
I hate love because I finally know what it means to “make it work.”
I love you because you showed me how to love
I love they way you let me mean I love you too.
I love the way my soul found its counterpart
Most of all I Love You.

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Love It or Hate It

I love the way it feels when you hold me,
I love the way you look into my eyes.
I love the way you make me feel needed,
I love the way you make me think there is no forever in your good-byes.

I love it when you call,
I hate it when you lie.
I love when you kiss me,
I hate it how you make me cry.

I hate the way you make me feel like seconded best,
I hate the way you make me drop everything and wait for your call.
I hate the way you have me wrapped around your fingers,
I hate it because I give you everything of me and you give nothing at all.

I hate this feeling of thinking there will be better,
I hate the good-byes at the door.
I hate that your in my mind asleep or awake,
I hate that I know I can't have you anymore.

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Father's Day (but you were never one to me)

today is fathers day
cant you see the joy in my smile
you know:
the smile you stiched on my face
so no one would know that i hate you
i got you a card
you should read it
cause i didnt write it
everyone buys cards
that they dont write
so what is inside
in reality
means nothing
i also made you breakfast
try it.
its good.
filled with cyanide
i mean love
ha that was a joke
(not really)
oh and also
mom left you
stole your money
took my sister
slept with your best friend
and she said to tell you:
i hate you
she's lucky
she can leave.
i can't wait til i can leave
only 10 more years til i can smoke legally
isnt sad that im so young and hate you so.
very very very very very very
happy father's day
you failure

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A Love Lit At One End

Your mischievous grin brings a smile to my face every time,
I can tell what you're thinking without any words like a mime.
If only you could know what you do to me with just one glance,
I want to give you everything of me including love, friendship and romance.
Over all these years I have never felt towards you an ounce of hate,
But through out these years I have always had you in sight for a checkmate.
I hate to seeyou hurt and it would kill me to ever make you cry,
I hate to see you disappointed because I know how hard you always try.
So many good memories and life milestones involve you in some way,
You’ve been in my arms times before, how I wished you would stay.
My love for you will always be apart of me I cant kid myself,
So if you ever feel the same way I store it up on a shelf.
I could never rid of it so its tucked away but so easy to find,
My feelings will never change completely for you always cross my mind.
You have been hurt so many times before I wish your heart I could mend,
So until we discover what could be this love will be like a candle burning from one end.

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Love, Hate

I love the way he made me smile
I loved his gentle touch
I loved the way he'd walk three miles 
Just cause he loved me that much

I hate the way he left me here
I hate the way he didn't say bye
I hate that i can't hold him near
I ask one question why

I know deep down we're meant to be
I wish i saw it before

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Falling Dreams

* This was written for someone dear to me. *

Falling Dreams
     by Amy Swanson (c) 2007

Falling... falling...
    ... so much in my head...

is it even worth it
    to get out of bed?

Really not sure, can I face the day

But life goes on...

      life goes on.

             I'll find a way.

I can't explain exactly why it is I feel so blue
    but I would bet some money, it still has to do with you!

People go through harder things, and this I understand - 
    but my world's been turned upside down completely by a man.

I've been through this before
    should have recognized it when
          the problem started knocking at my door.

I hate this feeling... hate what you have done to us.

And you don't even care;
       No, you don't even care.

Destroyed my security
and made me doubt our unity -
true love is such a rarity.

And so it's left to me
patch the pieces of this life
Make believe I feel no pain...

            and go on as your wife.

But... my heart still feels fractured
         betrayed and torn

And in my dreams I will be




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Come Out of The Darkness

come out of the darkness see the real you inside the darken rage, hate and pain is.
There inside the darkness come out into the light were love truly is, the pain slowly goes away  the love fuels your soul to feel loves great compassion. The hate is gone within the darken rage you can’t see out, but light is our further.
Were you can face the abuse the hate that ‘s left inside the darken rage, in somewhere deep inside you bring you hope from the hate that’s inside you. Your soul dies in the darken rage needing the light to see its way.
Come to the light don’t be afraid for the darkness, hides more then the light  ever could. The darken rage eats at your bones, while you are facing your deepest fear. Which is finding  yourself deep within come out of the darken rage.
Stop hiding yourself deep within     

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You May Be My Dad But I Hate You

Why is it always me who feels like this? 
Why is it always me who wishes you weren’t my dad? 
Why is it only me who knows the truth? 
Why is it only me who doesn’t want to know? 

It’s all your fault, I didn’t tell you to have an affair! 
I didn’t ask you to have an affair! 
But then again, I didn’t ask you to be my dad either! 
It’s all your fault I feel the way I do! 

I can’t stand the way you treat us so different, 
I can’t stand the fact that only I know, 
I can’t stand the way they think you’re great, 
I can’t stand the fact that they may never know. 

Why can’t you tell them? 
Is it because you are a coward? 
Or Is it because you are a selfish git? 
Or Is it because you are scared incase they hate you too? 

Don’t expect me to like you, 
Don’t expect me to talk to you, 
Don’t expect to be treated with respect, 
Don’t expect me to love you 

Because I don’t love instead I hate you, 
I wish I never knew you 
I wish I didn’t have to see you ever again 
I wish you were nothing to do with me. 

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If She Only Knew

Her veil had become painted with dark misery
As once what was bliss, has now disappeared
The dreams with this man were faded and dreary
Her love turned quickly to hate and to fears

As once what was bliss, has now disappeared
His hands became weapons, stabbing at her heart
Her love turned quickly to hate and to fears
Now knowing from this life, she now must depart

His hands became weapons, stabbing at her heart
He was no longer the man she thought she had known
Now knowing from this life, she now must depart
She prays to find a life she can call her very own

He was no longer the man she thought she had known
The dreams with this man were faded and dreary
She prays to find a life she can call her very own
Her veil had become painted with dark misery

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good day.

2:45 in the morning as I turn off the alarm before it sounds,
it's something that fills I've been doing all my life,
a scratch of the head as I look in the mirror, with a smile not a frown,
thank you for allowing me to wake and take care a my kids and wife.
as the cold water washes over my is catching a tune,
as I brush away the bad breath of night the smell of coffee fills the house,
a new day awaits a new me and I'll hold this filling way past noon,
as I tie the final lace on my boots I look over and kiss my spouse,
into the kitchen the clock reads 3:10am, right on time,
I pour my coffee pack my lunch and count my blessings 
never wondering what awaits me that would be a crime,
I take one last moment one last nothing missing
I turn off the lights and quietly open the door to start another day
work is a five mile bike ride away and in Jan. being cold is nothing new
as I start off down the street I take one last look up and say
good morning mom keep my family safe as I do what I do,
as I watch the other eyes that view a new day some thing is missing
their frown their lack of life the hollow sound in their voice
good morning is as piercing to them as a harpoon some not even listing,
the first words spoken negative, depressing, like waking up was there choice,
you read the paper listen to the news see it all around you,
hate...greed...lost souls swimming in fear of what will be...
cursing the past,regretting the present, and protesting a new,
we all have had our share we just hold it different that is clear to see,
if I listen to them long enough my smile turns to a grin...
and I think how can you be so pompous that you hate the gift of life,
I know "not all of us have had a good life" COME ON!...look within,
your breathing,you have,you may have lost love even a wife
but that is why we are given a new day,
I've had hate spoon fed to me as a child,I was told there is no tomorrow
I'm riches ever poured over me,I know that Is not the way,
every day is up hill,it's a new challenge...and I won't fill it with sorrow.
at days end I know I can close my eyes knowing I respected the day 
I made my wife smile I told my kids I love them and took advantage of it all
if this day was my last...I would like to know I spent it in a good way
not complaining, whining,or crying...I picked my self up I didn't crawl.

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Last Chance

I took the jump
Made the big leap
Poured out my heart
You're the reason I can't sleep

Cause I don't have to be dying at the bottom of the sea
Just to know, just to know 
Your face is the one I want to see
Your love is the only thing that can save me
But I'm stuck in a world of grief 
And I hate to believe you like all other girls but me

You were my last chance to be okay
But we're just friends
I fear that's what we'll stay

If I had one last dance
I'd dance with you
You don't love me in the way I love you
But I'll stick around
Cause I know in my heart what I've found

Cause I don't have to be dying at the bottom of the sea
Just to know, just to know 
Your face is the one I want to see
Your love is the only thing that can save me
But I'm stuck in a world of grief 
And I hate to believe you like all other girls but me

You were my last chance to be okay
But we're just friends
I fear that's what we'll stay
I fear that's what we'll stay

But I hope
I hold on to the some belief one day
Just one day
You'll see something more in me

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Alone in the Dark

God, I’m scared
Scared to be alone
I’ve lost so much
Lost my light
Now I’m alone in the dark
So alone.
My friends try to reach me 
 I’ve fallen too far,
Still trying to stand tall,
But I’m crippled, broken, and bleeding now.
Everything I see is salt in the wounds,
Writhing in pain, all alone in my private hell.
“I’m dying inside and nobody knows it but me.”
Only that’s not the case, everyone knows.
No matter how hard I try to hide in the dark,
No solace, 
No protection in the dark, 
In the cold,
So blind I can’t find myself.
Pain overwhelms feelings of other things.
“Without you, I’m not me”,
And that’s exactly the case,
Smile in the face of death, my welcomed visitor.
Blind, deaf, and dumb 
All I can do is inflict pain.
I hate myself for what I’ve said, and done.
Love is absent from my life
Yet it consumes all.
The absence filled only when I’m touched
And that’s something I’ve missed for months,
Smile, grin and bear it,
Not working.
They see through my shallow smile
It hurts them to see me, when I can’t see them.
In booze I’ve tried to drown the feeling,
But it’s magnified through the liquid.
I feel so stupid,
I want out.
I can’t leave, as much as I hate this place,
I’m drawn to it, stuck.
Drawn like a moth to a flame,
But perpetually burned by it,
Forever night, forever dark, forever cold,
At least that’s how it feels.
Time doesn’t heal, it steals from me
My breath and blood, joy and love,
Gives me in return, pain,
Enough to bathe in
I’ve tried to bleed,
The blood brings no relief,
I do feel human, and that’s the problem.
My bliss is gone, and has left me with no malice,
No hate,
And no desire for revenge,
These things I am without, 
Though I’ve sought them.
Passion, in all of its forms, is gone,
And has left me alone with my agony.
Perfection for me lies in a place were the light lives,
In the smile of another
No one sees, I can’t fix me
Broken before, re-broke now,
Shattered beyond the skills of those I know.
Too broken to fix,
Except by one, who is not ready to be there
Love is the problem, and the solution
Pain is love and love is pain.
Despite the cold,
In the darkness,
I am prepared to wait, 
 Weather the storm.
I just hope I survive the night.

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If someone told me eight years ago,
Our relationship I would have to morn.
I would never ever of believed them,
I could have never thought our love would be torn.

How could you leave me,
How could you leave our love.
How could you leave our family,
How, was it me you needed to be free of.

I took you as my husband,
For six years I was your wife.
I bared you three children,
And now you are not in my life.

How could you leave me,
How could you leave our love.
How could you leave our family,
How, now we'll never have peace like a dove.

I could never hate you,
But I hate the reason why.
I still think of our times together,
Sometimes I smile but usually I just cry.

How could you leave me,
How could you leave our love.
How could you leave our family,
How, we matched like a pair of gloves.

You still have a place at the dinner table,
I still only sleep on my side of the bed.
I could never look for another man,
For you are always in and never will escape my head.

How could you leave me,
How could you leave our love.
How could you leave our family,
How, when our hearts you will always be a part of.

Your four year old still asks questions,
He wonders if you still have his special love token.
He placed it beside you, told me you were sleeping,
I couldn’t do anything but cry, our hearts broken.

How could you leave me,
How could you leave our love.
How could you leave our family,
How, when your all our focus of.

I could never and would never forget our love,
I will fight and search for all of the answers.
I'll never forgive God for taking you back,
I will never forgive your dying of cancer.

How could you leave me,
How could you leave our love.
How could you leave our family,
How, we wish you were here not up above.

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The Perfect Guy

I hate myself, you love everything about me,
you say im beautiful
and keep loving me,
i hate my skin and my face, but you admire it like your special place,
i dont think guys like me, never giving me a chance,
but you came into my life making my heart dance,
i know forever that this love is true
so i just wanted to say these two little words "Thank You"

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Sick and disgusted,
I hate all of my visions.
Someone who loves me,
What an impossible conclusion.
Connected together,
Like the bonds of fusion.
Just to be left again,
Suffering from confusion.
Sick and disgusted,
I hate all of my delusions.
Finding true love, like I said,
An impossible conclusion.

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Something I already Knew.

~something I already Knew~

I can't take this anymore,
This feeling is starting to grow so big,
Rushing through my blood,
It's so thick,

I hate not saying anything,
And yet your never gonna know,
Until on day,
When I blow up like this,
And tell you,
How I love you so,

I hate starring at you,
When you don't stare back,
Will you ever notice me,
God this hearts beating so fast,

This is causeing lack of sleep,
Thoughts of you are running way to deep,
Stop these dreams I'm haveing tonight,
I hate this feeling,
Cause As A Matter A Fact,
I know You Don't feel the Same way back.!!!...

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i hate these thoughts that float in my head
because they are the ones that wont let me go to bed
and they are all about you
night and day even when I pray
i cant get you out
no matter how loud or much I shout
i try to fight and hide
what im thinkin inside
but it always finds a way out other than in my shouts
and I hate it because it always reminds me
of what used to be
its the strongest feeling I've had
and im glad it was for you
because you valued it and knew it was true
i still cry at times when i realize
that it wont be the same anymore
because you have left me and walked out that door

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Sister dear,
I don't love you.
I don't think I ever have.
Maybe the first time I saw you,
But the second all attention went on you,
I was gone.

I know our parents love you more,
Give you more,
Care for you more.
They say they have their reasons...
Well I havent heard one.
You alway were put first,
Never once I got put in first.

I do have to say,
That when I see that,
I do cry alittle,
But then no one cares...
So Whats the purpose?

I wish you were gone,
Sometimes I came close to making you gone,
But then our parents would hate me even more.

Mom and Dad always say they love you,
I barely hear that anymore,
When I do, I figure it's all a lie,
Cause that one day,
That one day they told me, that I have broken their hearts.
That was all it took for me to say,

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Unknown Thoughts

     So much goes through my mind
From death, love to hate and pain.
Not sure if it's all about me
Or if it's just simply the way i see it

     I can't help but think of the past.
All the heartbreaks, all the family issues
That I’ve had in the past. 
I don't know what to do or how to act

     With my Father never there and stuck with mom
Always disappointing the family with all of my problems
Having disabilities that interfere with my life
Been going to therapy since I was three

     Now I’m older, and yet still have problems
I have a dad that's always there and doesn't act like a jackass
My life doesn't seem as hard

       Though it is, and now I’m in high school
The hard times have just begun
Yet from all the hard things I’ve faced in life
They only make me stronger

      No pain ever hurts me for I’ve felt it all
From feeling worthless and good for nothing
To being heartbroken and out of place
Lost and unforgiving 
To hate and love 
And pain and pleasure
I felt it all
But what now?

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I hear my heart weep and wail around the clock
She cries and whimpers raged thumping my chest with knocks
It's not a bruise or a scratch, not a slash or a tear
Her ache is beyond my competence; no remedy is there
When I ask my heart what causes her to twinge and throb
Her tears rush down quicker, crys grow louder, and she begins to truly sob
I crave to know what set afloat such profound agony
It must be an illness which her eyes can solely see
What ailing could be so cruel and heartless I can't make out
What is it that attacked my fragile heart and settled in her pouch?
All I hear is crying. All I endure is her pain
There's nothing I can do; this illness is too vain
Struggling to calm her down one night, I fell to a yawning sleep
A mighty shake awoke me. My heart wishes to speak
In silence I await her declaration as she weeps and moans
Without a word she points towards my mind hinting to unlock the door
I sealed my eyes and softly unclosed the fastened door
To see facing me the disease which prompts her to mourn
Hate! Hate is the illness filling my heart with misery
Hate is the foe that assaulted her purity
A sigh of relief she makes now that I am aware
Though I can't indicate how hate made through when I dealt her with care
I yearn to know this sinless, virginal heart holds hate for whom
Petrified I am with the answer, this hate my heart holds is for you...

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Love and hate

A very
strong word but
so many things there

I hate 
your smile
your eyes
your hair
your laugh
your clothes
your body

But the thing I hate the most
is the way you hate me
and the way I used to love you.

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Lies Are Everything

The things that I have been told
The secrets I will always hold
I hate being lied to
I hate being decieved
Many lies that I have believed
Why is the world so cruel
I feel like eveyone's tool
Please do not lie or I will cry
I have felt this pain so long
I know I must die...

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I will never love again

I am a fighter
I don’t need anyone else
I sing a song all alone
From start to end
What need is there for someone in my life

For someone else to take hold of my heart
My precious heart and claw it apart
With claws I was never able to notice
When did you grow claws I will think
As my I sink into the deeps of the darkness
Regretting and being consumed by all of my mistakes
I made a mistake to love once
It wont happen again
So who do you think you are
Your not my type
To calm
To kind
And too innocent
To safe
I cant like you
Some people are simply meant to make an appearance in your life
And others are meant to stay a lifetime
I can tell right off the bat
That you will be an appearance
I know this with all of my heart
So why do I keep thinking this to myself repeatedly
You haunt me in my own mind
I don’t understand
“You must love him” someone says to me
And I dismiss the thought with a burning rage
How could she question that
I , that I
Me could love someone
I will not love him
I cant
I hate the sweet way he calls my name
And I hate his hearty laugh
I especially hate his long soft curls that entangles my fingers
I hate the way my heart pounds at the sight of him
I hate how sick the thought of being away too long makes me
I hate when he holds me and we lie together in the hot grass
So long that we begin to breath at the same pace
I hate that he stalks me in my own mind
I hate that I miss him
And I especially hate that I am wondering if he
Is wondering about me right now

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Love & Hate

I love that God let me meet you
I hate that I've had to leave you
I love that we became so close
I hate that that's the way life goes
I love that you're always there
I hate that you think I don't care
I love that you always make me smile
I hate that it only lasts a while
I love that we have the most beautiful times
I hate that our memories lead to my cries
I love that feeling when we're together
I hate that we said it was for the better
I love that love that we have for each other
I hate we can't show it to the world together
I love how our cheeks hurt when we can't stop smiling
I hate that my head hurts but from so much crying
I love that you miss me when I'm gone
I hate that you have to cause I'm gone
I love your kisses and your warm embrace
I hate the problems that we have to face
I love you, miss you, and want you forever
I hate that forever can also lead to never

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I hate

I hate to write of misery
But I love it so much
It make me feel so real
Like love from a mother
From child to parent
I hate to write of pain
Though I endure it everyday
And the only way I can ignore it
If I write it down on paper
The only thing that feels my pain
I hate to write of tears
But they come at random times
There either red or clear
But mostly there black
I hate to write of anger
I barely ever feel it
It never seems to let me be
But when it comes
It never leaves
I hate to read these poems
Because every time I read them
I relive the time
I relive the experience
Of what happened on that same exact day.

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Leave Me To Die

She left me there to die
My chest hurts, I'm empty
She ran off with my heart
Not the first time, I got plenty
I crawl back into your arms
For the first time in over a year
How did you love again?
There is so much that I fear
Its now 6am
I'm waiting for the world to wake
I've got to warn them all
And tell them what's at stake
I'm reaching for the moon
I'll be there someday soon

This love is ripping me, ripping me apart
Now hate is gripping me, gripping me, I start
To make my way to the fork in the road
And I dont know where to go

Find refuge at the bar
I'm drowning in sorrow
So long to sober days
There is no tomorrow
A stranger in my house
Who are you? What do you want from me?
Reflection in the mirror
Used to be me, my past haunts me
Just leave me alone
To the darkness of my room
My body turns to dust
Sweep me up with the broom
Just wasting in the bed
I wonder if I'm dead

This love is ripping me, ripping me apart
Now hate is gripping me, gripping me, I start
To make my way to the fork in the road
And I dont know where to go
I thought I was stronger, but lately I just cant take it
Oh noo, just leave me to die
If God says he needs me just tell Him that I cant make it
Don't save me, just leave me to die

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What just happened?
I ask myself this simple question every day. 
How could I have let you...?
How was I so blind....?
I ask myself this simple question every day. 
How could one person absorb my thoughts?
My feelings?
My values even! 
You turned the hourglass. 
My hourglass. 
What had once filled my soul with light?
Fell like grains of sand through the gap.
My one weakness. 
How did you find it?
Is this okay?
I didn't mean to!
I'm sorry!
Those two words came from my mouth so many times. 
Like vomit. 
Constant. Uninhibited. Subconscious. 
I try so hard to hate you everyday. 
Well, I suppose I do. 
A little. 
You don't deserve anything less than my hate, my spit, the hidden evils of my heart. 
The evils I try so hard to conceal. 
Yet. Everything you did? 
You hurt me. 
Did you mean it? 
Did you truly intend to find the scars I already had? 
Did you intentionally reopen them?
I will never know. 
Ah, so there goes my sick curiosity again.
The compassion and trust that lead me into your game in the first place.
You used it. 
You used all of my compassion, and trust, and... love. 
To your advantage. 
For your own gain. 
As much as I want to hate you. 
You know what they say, eye for an eye. 
I can't. 
In fact? 
I feel sorry for you. 
I'm sorry that for some reason...
You feel inadequate. 
Amidst this huge world, you feel small. 
That's why you placed that on me?
Isn't it?
but this time?
I will not wish upon you pain and suffering. 
But love. 
Love for life. 
Love for the beauty around you. 
And that. Is my healing. 
You killed my spirit. You placed upon me your pain. 
I am not a victim. 
I merely passed this test.
I'm stronger because of you. 
I hope you find peace one day. 
I hope you break this cycle. 
For the first time?
I say. 

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I love how we pretend that I don’t feel anything for you.
As if it really were a clean slate.
As if you never even knew.

I love how you pretend how I don’t turn bright red,
                        whenever you come close.
As if I don’t like you in that way.
As if I only see you as a friend.

I love how you pretended not to notice that I secretly like playing spin the bottle.
When you kissed me on the cheek.
Just like little kids.

I hate how you pretend not to notice things I want you to know.
B ut I love how you don’t hate me for those things.

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What you love, you learn to hate.

I hate the fact I love you,
I hate it that I care.
I hate you for not knowing this.
I hate that your not here.
I mostly hate our memories,
That make me cry each night.
I hate how all these come about,
Each time you are in sight.
I hate how when I see you,
My heart just breaks in two.
And yet with all the pieces,
I know I'll always love you.
I hate how your life goes on,
When mine just stays in place.
I hate how my world shatters,
Each time I see your face.
I hate it how you did this,
And that you dont know how much I care.
I hate how you just bring me down.
With every little stare.
I hate it how you think,
That none of this is true.
Even though I'm hurting,
I can't hate the fact that I love you!

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The cigarettes fog or Deaths aroma

Can you see the fog enveloping me,
You, and the world like a dark and bloodied blanket.

Can you see them inhaling the hate like a sweet aroma, 
and exhaling the love like it’s a poisonous gas.
No longer will we last in this fog,
Of death we set for our self’s.

As we experiment on animals,
Then humans to further our selfish needs.
Then we try to justify it by means,
Of false cures, hope, and technological advancement.

I hate this society,
 in general I hate human beings.
I even hate me.
But I do love my mother,
Mother earth that is.

People speak of peace,
And love.
But in the end there the ones committing,
This genocide to our future seeds.

I guess there’s no
 Such thing as a good deed.
And if there is, it’s sure to have a price tag on it.
Like everything does. 

Can you see this cigarette smoke clouding my heart, 
as it chokes anyone that tries to enter or leave its wastelands. 
For the fog of society has, blinded my vision.
To a better world.

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The worlds prayer

Forgive me please,
For those times I let my heart go stray.
Forgive, I beg, the hate I've seen, and did not turn away.
Through times of trial and tests of strength,
I've failed from day to day.
Forgive me.

Forgive me please,
For black and white, when I didn't make a stand.
For all the poor in my midst,
I didn't give a hand.
Forgive the love I've never shown,
And all the times I could have.
Forgive me for not listening, when my conscience said,
"I should have".

Forgive me please,
The wars and pain; the death upon a brother.
Forgive again, the times I've slain the children of you mothers.
When innocence I have forgot,
And violence I did remember.
Forgive me.

Forgive us Lord,
For this day, for all the days that's been.
For all the tears and hoplessness,
And all the hate you've seen.
But most of all, forgive the fall,
From love into this state.
Please help us be a family,
Before it is to late!

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Love and Hate

I tend to ponder Love and Hate
And how to each I do relate
For acts of hate have vision clear
And acts of love often fear
But with anger comes debate
As with controversy lust does equate 
While pain is spread by such indifference 
And from passion in abundant instance 
Not hard to see that tolerance lacks
While a necessity in forgiving acts

And so it has come to decide my mate
With no weakness found in hate
But with love strength unseen
For within ones heart it tends to glean
So in my mind these words collide
Urging me to choose a side
So with judgment my thoughts do race
Pulled towards love, its redeeming grace
But with darkness hate does team
And with light love does gleam
Form a circle these two great beings
And give more depth to all feelings

So to choose would be unfair
Depriving life of half its flare 
For in us all, both do reside
Shifting thoughts and shaping pride

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Can't let go

I dont know what to do,
all i know is that I love you,
and at many times I want to forget you.
The lies you tell are unforgivable,
but the joy you bring me is unbelievable.
I wish you would give me your heart,the way 
I gave you mine, and you did at one point in time.
I wish things could be the way they used to be,
when I loved you and you loved me.
We used to get along so well,but where we stand now,
I cant tell.
I hate that you make me feel this way,when I see you
I forget all that I planned to say.
I want to erase you out of my mind and keep you
in my heart,but im afraid if i do we will
eventualy part.
i'm scared to keep you around and even more scared 
to loose you.
I hope and pray that you will change because for you
my life I would gladly rearange.
All I want to know is how you truly feel,
when you tell me my heart will either
break or heal.So can you just seal the deal
and tell me how you truly feel,just keep it real.
I just want you around and 'till then i'll be
lost hoping to be found.
I'm so lost and so confused and I hate not knowing
what to do.You make me so happy and so blue.
Do I try to forget you or embrace you for you?

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Thoughts Of The Broken Hearted

I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to tell you mostly
I hate that I'm so afraid of everything
I hate that you’re the one thing I want the most but can't have
I hate that you let me go before I got even got to say goodbye
I wish that you would come back to me
I wish I were strong enough to say no to you
I wish I could believe my own lies I use to cover up the pain you left
I need to move on says my head
I need to hold on says my heart
I need to decide says my mind
I envy the way this hasn’t hurt you at all
I envy her
I envy the fact you don’t understand what this feels like at all
I want to hurt you
I want to be with you
I want this nightmare to be over
I wish I could make things they were before you
I wish I could change time
I wish I could change you
I wish I could have hurt you before you hurt me
I wish I would have given you the letter when I wanted 
I need you out of my thoughts
I need you out of my heart
I need to start doing things for me
I hate that you used me
I hate that I gave you something I can never have back
I hate that I wasted it with you
I'm tired of hoping aimlessly for you
I'm tired of wanting something I can't have
I'm tired of hurting me for things that aren’t my fault
I'm sorry I was good enough
I'm sorry I defended you when everyone else was right
I'm sorry I couldn’t make you happy
Funny though how you never once said sorry for hurting me, 
for breaking me, 
for not loving me

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Can't Stand It Anymore

Can’t Stand It Anymore

Something’s wrong
Oh, it’s you…

I dislike your choices of what to wear today
I am put off by that complexion
I cannot stand that way you stand
With that superior air about you
I really can’t accept that way you giggle like it was a joke

I strongly dislike your straight A average
I really loathe your humor
I cannot stand your bubbly aura
I just can’t deal with your perfume
I absolutely abhor your choices
Of what you wish to pursue

I cannot stand your tediousness
I really hate your smile
I absolutely loathe your eyes
As equally as I hate your friendly persona
I just can’t look at that stupidly perfect little face
I can’t live with your little moans and groans
And especially not that annoying wailing you make called crying

I hate the fact that you’re constantly involved
I hate that little noise you make when bored
I hate your blatant honesty
I can’t stand the way you speak in riddles
I hate how you look at me most of all
Because of how you look at him

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dont worry any more just forget about me  your were better off with out me
you hate me but you try to hide it you say you dont but every one know you  do
no matter  what you say ill always love you for who you are your sweet your kind  
yet so confusing.what happened to the sweet girl you use to know well she left  
for good and for the best well like you would even not worth your time any 
more.when you said good bye you meant it so well bye means good bye so ill 
leave.ill miss you yet you hate me but still i shall love you...darkness in my heart 
fills whats going to happen something is wrong  we were meant to be.....just 
forget me like you did be for  it would make me sad