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Love Butterfly Poems | Love Poems About Butterfly

These Love Butterfly poems are examples of Love poems about Butterfly. These are the best examples of Love Butterfly poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Couplet | |



I'm still alive and I don't know why?
My heart survived falling from the butterfly sky

Caught by the hands of destiny
With visions only I can see!

My love I heard your call
Wings of a butterfly broke my fall

Love motion is in the air, a love no one can compare
Indulging a look-a-stare- that we both share

Reminiscing our love made out of stolen hope
Awe~:*! To  them butterfly kisses that felt so real

Flowing like Amazing Grace, 
A shining light upon my face.

I traveled fast and far, longing to be in your arms
I desire, the warm sensation of your charms

Your safe love will help me carry on,
With the strength and bond~the love you set upon

Nothing is better than a sensual butterfly kiss
Beyond the sensation of heaven's pure bliss

Fluttering in the clouds aiming for the moon
A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I bloom!

Valued by the art of true beauty and its rarity
True love flapping in the mist of clarity

I entwine that I am yours and you are mine
Bonded together till the end of time

With the vision my heart is no longer blind
Two broken hearts at last combined

I glide below to touch your lip.
Our lashes touch from tip to tip.

Caressing each other as our wings expand
Two hearts- kisses collide and land

Holding your hand reaching to the rainbow sky.
Kisses:*kisses:* like the butterfly!

Dedicated to *Nathan*

Details | Free verse | |

Butterfly Landings

Butterfly Landings 

It’s a precarious perch
High by a skydive
In such a leap of faith
A leap of love
Circumnavigates these boots of Earth
Fellow to the stratospheres
These butterfly landings
Of you in my heart

Destinies lance
Has shot me full to the sun
On the twirling chant sung
Ever re initiates
And sounds the river onward runs
Of your name
Settles red iridescence
To tip the scales
These butterfly landings
Of you in my arms

I see you in precognitions
In my obsessions of your hair
Lip-syncing to the kisses 
In my passions of your eyes
Where my heady desires evolve
This molecular bonding’s
These butterfly landings
Of you inside my soul

It’s a precarious perch
To expressive to encapsulate
How much I love you
It’s a peculiar laugh
That admits I have never even met you
But all of you inexorable
I am conceded to the pull
I am bound to the groundings
In these butterfly landings
Of you

( Everything I am
  Everything I do
  Wrapped inside
  Those landing butterflies
  I cannot express
  In any vocabulary of words
  Only in the dictionary of unspoken eternals
  Lay the definitions of
  How much I love 
  How much I need 
  How much I want 


  They beg with you
  This man on bended knees
  How this strength in me

  Come back to me

  Come back to me )


Details | Terza Rima | |

Beauty Kisses The Beast

Sun golden shining warm upon the back speaks
wind cutting cold chills freezing thoughts held
captivating love standing a vigil faraway dream

Touching warm fingers of light in a deep blue painted sky
bewitching clouds gunbarrel grey shooting magic wishes
silver shading arrow points out into the softest peach charms spells

Everything spellbinding shines amazing beautiful enchanting 
snow covered mountains cold winds howling and whistling tunes
bells in the distance calls you're the rock one clings to on Trawbrega's shores

Drawing behind the eyes wind bellowing whispers a blessing tides turn waves
inside joy burns one candle warmly flickering happiness butterflies dance
blue blazes to see the soul of a deeply treasured jewel forever sings

unrhymed tercet 

Details | Quatrain | |

Dance Of The Butterflies

I had received lots of love in years past I have felt all joys and pitfalls of it No pain seems to enter my simple life Love entertains me, that wonderful hit I know my life floats above tender hearts That which brings love, but sometimes avoids me I move quickly this way and that in air I have “dance of the butterflies” simply My life moves in all respects here and there Highs and lows of dance are of gratitude Love escapes my lips to my gracious love My eyes have passion that brings attitude
Contest: Dance of the Butterflies Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 6/5/2013 I know it's a Quatrain...a Rhyming Poem (I hope it's acceptable)

Details | Free verse | |

You Lead Love

As the moon smiles 
beams pearly white 
silver shadows dancing 
in the souls warm sweeping energy 
Sweetly brushing butterfly wings 
floating inside flying to the sound 
Echoes floating in each flutter 
touching a warm dainty voice sings 
magic chanting 
I am to the mantra off your life 
graced each step 
one like a swan in flight 
always flying forward 
Never stepping back
finding everything in peace 
inside out shines beautiful 
dancing the night away

Details | Free verse | |

Forever loving you

Sounds of a great mountain roar
trembling echoes 
a shaking voice,
flooding down the face
a river of tears 
inside each drop, 
treasured sparkling crystals
pearl jewels weep.

Brings new life 
as joy sweetly blushing 
desires your beauty ,
Crowned queen of the flies bouquet colors,
a butterfly dances 
floats upon a sun lighting rays,
touching inside with warm wings 
sweeping an angel.

Sweet gently skipping desire 
hot pulse beats star lighting passion ,
glows behind the jewels,
baby you shine beautifully bright 
warm when the thunder roars ,
beast of reality natures lion.

Loves arrow strikes 
deeply blushing red
under a pink moon ,
sweetly embracing together 
kissing forever spirit of the night
always uniting under your love,
when our dream becomes true
into eternity hand in hand 
one masterpiece 
walking to paradise 
adoring the picture within you.

Details | Quintain (English) | |

Fair Maybelle

Fair Maybelle trode through the morning dew
She peered through the foggy haze
Her blue eyes saw what I tell you is true
For the fog did part and the sun did blaze
And a pure white unicorn met her gaze

Now it may well seem it would run away
Or perhaps she would rather shy
But against her nature she hastened to stay
And an unseen cord drew her nigh
Till Maybelle's feet she laid her by

So sweetly Maybelle stroked her hair
She longed for her touch once more
But Maybelle ceased, and she left her there
For what a *wight could see, that her heart was sore
Till she meet her love on the Highdown *Tor

So Maybelle walked o'er the far and near
And her one-horned friend followed light as a bird
And they travelled on without a sight of fear
With but one care and nary a word
That winsome twosome persevered

At the long last, Maybelle heard a pleasant sound
The sound of a rollicking song
And the butterflies danced in the air all around
Whilst her love held her dearly and long
If it could, could it be that she was the theme of his song?

So the three of them lived in the fairyland *wold
Where the sun slips off to the moonlight's glow
Where the wind blows warm and the streams flow cold
And the daffodils thrive in winter's snow
Now here is the end, as you surely know

* Wight: A person
* Tor: A high pointed hill
* Wold: A wood or forest

Written 4/2/2013

Details | Free verse | |

A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

Details | Tail-rhyme | |

A Love Song To A Beloved

‘‘A friend once in his youthful flight 
Had found a beauty delight
Though distance stretched them in mileage
But their love was destined to find a page’’

A lark that sings in the morning bright
Ke-ke-li, O Kekeli! My beautiful light
The hanging garden upon my sight
Hands of fate has woven a happy home
A love of current, stronger than the Law of Ohm
Invigorating, a love connected at heart
Which God designed never to part

Where there is love,they say there is a way
Our love I believe is here to stay
Kekeli, my beloved, sing me a serenade
A song of an angel’s grade
That in heaven’s clime pervade
Sing it across space and time
And make it last like a rhyme

My beloved Kekeli! You’re my light
You’re my Hephzibah, my only delight
Thou art fairer than Friedan Betty
Thou art matchless in beauty
So calm and inviting like the blue sea 
Beauty not to be told but for eyes to see

Behold my mistress of fair skin 
Eyes of diamonds, pure and pristine
O Tell me, you whom I was made to love
One, unique in your choicest apparel
Lips of zebra stipes set with a berry
The hanging petals of a blossom cherry
Chief among all my thousands buddies
O Kekeli! The only ruby my finger shall find
And wouldn’t be ashamed to be called uxorious

"For as a young man marries a virgin
so shall your sons marry you, and as
the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
so shall your God rejoice over you". Isa 62:5

Details | Quintain (English) | |


Cherry blossoms declare it is Spring
Infatuation's breeze is in the air
Dormant days have burst into green
Wonder and awe are everywhere
Love is birthed in those who dare

The young boys compete for attention
And young girls give charmed sighs
Spring butterflies too many to mention
As innocence is kissed goodbye 
The birds and bees you can't deny!

Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest Name: A Spring Day in English Quintain 


Details | Terzanelle | |

The Magpie and The Butterfly, A Terzanelle

I look out upon a lonely Magpie,
I feel a great stirring deep in my heart,
As he gracefully glides across the sky.

He’s always searching for his other part,
The Butterfly to whom he gave his soul,
I feel a great stirring deep in my heart.

But he does not know that he is still whole,
Even when apart she is still with him,
The Butterfly to whom he gave his soul.

For that’s what love means, it is no whim,
Giving yourself wholly to another,
Even when apart she is still with him.

And the Butterfly is with her lover,
Knowing the greatest gift that one can give,
Giving yourself wholly to another.

My heart is yours for as long as I live,
I look out upon a lonely Magpie,
Knowing the greatest gift that one can give,
As he gracefully glides across the sky.

*Decoding: reading the first line of each stanza  forms a message to my “Magpie” from his “Butterfly” (as does the last ;) )

Details | Free verse | |


painted lady
spread your wings

Thighs of color
pose your love

I light
candle flame
for you
I am
consumed by fire

Since my house
has burned down
I can see
the moon more clearly

I gaze upon
your Eden
falling upon me

I run blindly
to you
as you mount
in my garden

As I hold you
in my arms
do not
let me feel
your departure
upon my hand...

Details | I do not know? | |

Butterfly Birthday

Butterfly kisses
butterfly pastries
                                                                   butterfly breezes
                                                                   butterfly free
butterfly wings
butterfly blue
                                                                   butterfly beautiful
                                                                   butterfly you.

Details | Ballad | |

The Definition Of A Real Woman

(W)- A real woman knows that the wages of sin is death so she is not concerned about the wages of a real man, because money comes and goes like day and night; but true love comes just every blue moon. A real woman isn't loud and doesn't have to be the center of attention. Money is a gold-diggers virtue, while patience is a real woman’s virtue. A real woman is always wary of the image she displays to the world because she knows her children are watching her every move. A real woman’s wisdom comes from the teachings of her elders and the experiences and hardships life brings. A real woman is the wings that help a broken man learn to fly again. When you become the object of a real woman’s affection, winning is the only option.

(O)- A real woman’s main obligation is to better herself, before she attempts to become someone’s better half. A real woman is very obliged with all that God has blessed her with. When a man takes a real woman for granted, she makes up her mind to put him away into oblivion. A real woman is use to jumping hurdles because overcoming obstacles in life keeps her on the right track. A real woman doesn't spend her time worrying if failure is around the corner, because she occupies her freedom chasing her dreams in her most comfortable running shoes. A real woman is a hopeless romantic ready to be wooed with an odyssey of love with a real man by her side.

(M)- A real woman’s presence is magnanimous and captures attention because of the poised and elegant stature of her classy nature. A real woman is like the magnet of ecstasy. All women don't attend college or hold prestigious employment, but for many being the Valedictorian of mothers everywhere is the major of their lives. A real woman respects the art of marriage and believes in monogamy. A real woman’s life is the motion picture of sophistication. The mythology of a woman began within a man’s ribs and ends in the beat of his heart.

(A)- A real woman sticks to her man like glue and never abandons his side. A real woman has the ability to do anything a man can. A real woman has the power to fill the abyss of a man’s pains with joy. A real woman prays with her other half because faith is the key of remaining on one accord. A real woman will amaze you with the way she adapts to changes in her ambiance. A real woman is the architect of her own destiny.

(N) A real woman needs a man to understand and love her for everything she is and for everything she is not because a good support system is a leading factor in longevity within relationships. A real woman is the nexus between love and happiness. When you converse with a real woman you will realize that she is nimble with her every response. No man can ignore the nymph of a real woman, because it is in her D.N.A to be notable.

Details | Personification | |

Puzzle Piece

A puzzle piece you are to me 
Like a vine without any leaves. 
Your heart is pure your soul is 
Gold, the sweetest thing I'll 
ever hold! A miracle in my eyes 
it seemed, knowing they said 
no babies for me! Always a 
surprise you seem to be just 
like a puzzle piece! At 9 months 
you walked but not until 4 did 
you first talk! Always a terror 
making a beautiful mess always 
a surprise that has yet to be 
met! The twists and turns I 
know we will see will seem 
somewhat like a roller coaster 
to me! The milestones and 
special gifts you bring will make 
my life seem Like a dream, my 
special boy I have always said 
How special I knew not till 
Aspergers they said! The 
journey will be trying the 
journey will seem long! But 
with our family together we will 
chug along! My special boy I 
love you so and cannot wait to 
see you mature and grow! Now 
we have a goal we have our 
dream you see to make you the 
perfect fitting puzzle piece!! 

Written by: Christina Kirks 
McCullouch 04/05/2012 For 
Jonathan S McCullouch Jr 
Mommy loves you to eternity 
and beyond! Forever and 

Details | Sonnet | |


 (my mind hath looked 
upon the speaking face of earth and heaven
as her prime teacher......[Wordsworth])  

I saw two butterflies wrapped in silent passion,
Her heart-shaped wings splayed flat against the sill
Her torso throbbing in anticipation...
Himself, hovering gently to hold her still.
I saw their sleek brown bodies tightly pressed,
His feet clinging to her lest the wind 
Tear him away.  I saw the shadows rest
Around them and the midday sun descend,
And still they lay outside my window pane...
I wondered why it is that we must rush
And why my timid touches are but vain
And useless gestures, why he must always crush
The urgings. Nature’s children seem to know
That love is best when cherished soft and slow

Details | Ballad | |

Best Friend

I remember the very first time I saw you,
You wiped the sweat off your forehead,
I remember what all I use to say to you,
Followed my heart, I love you,
Maybe I needed to guard what I say,
Or express it in another way,
I hope I did you no harm,
Or is that what you call destiny,
Please know in your heart,
Eventhough how things played out,
My life and all its' worth,
Worth calling existing - living,
And without ever crossing paths,
My life would have been blah,
Words can not express how I feel about you,
Celebrate our love, if nothing more ever than be my best friend,
You are my very breath and hope of hearing from and possibly seeing you,
The very reason I make it through another day,
Our love we will celebrate far and away,
But in my heart, you are right here with me today,
I love you friend,
You make this world and all it contains worth living,
My heart smiles when it thinks of you,
I will somehow express my heart before I leave this earth,
So much I want to say,
I don't want to complicate things,
I just want you to be healthy, happy and carefree,
I know you love me,
You don't have to say it like I so often do,
I knew day one, 
When I became good friends to you!
I love you, boo!
I do!
Best of luck,
Live like you were dying!

Details | Verse | |


Standing out in a field alone, a little white flower named Daisy longed for someone to share her world.
One day a blue flower named Bachelor Button entered her world they became friends.
 She knew by his name that he was not the propagating kind, but that didn’t stop their relationship she called him BB short for best bud.
The seasons of Spring & Summer they enjoyed the sun, laughed in the rain and held on fast in the Fall.
Winter came it was long and hard they were both covered in a blanket of snow, not knowing whether they would ever see each other again or even survive .The snow fell     then came the ice, this went on for months.

The Sun shone brightly the first day of spring. A few days later warmth of the sun melted the snow, Daisy popped up .
 I’ve been waiting days for you to come out, said BB, they both chanted hooray!
The snow was completely gone in a few days, the birds started building their nests , bugs were crawling around ,butterflies began to visit the two flowers. I wish there were more of us Daisy said, to BB.

They laughed as the sun and wind blew through their leaves.  Then it started the sun and rain took turns until one morning the air & field was filled with the smell of flowers.
Daisy and BB looked at each other and asked what kind of flowers are these ? they’re not white like daisies they’re not blue like bachelor buttons. They did not know the birds and bugs carried the seeds from the two of them and the caterpillars buried them under the soil.
The seeds from the new flowers were then carried by the winds many miles away, they landed in fertilized gardens and flourished, although they faced danger everyday. 
as they were called WEEDS ..
 The Gardener pulls weeds out of the garden so they don’t choke the flowers, which cost a lot of money and require lots of maintenance.

However there was a Gardener who saw her friends spending hours weeding their garden , that they didn’t have enough time to admire and enjoy the labors of their love
So she set out to give a home to all the weeds ,she provided a place where they could fit in and multiply, they required no maintenance, rain provides their water .

The best part of all is their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 Ask my granddaughter-- What are those flowers in the garden ?
  She will answer "WILDFLOWERS " their parents were Daisy and BB

Details | Ballade | |

Sea impression

                 Wave a sea softened
                  and a pain and a tenderness
                   throw dreams in fascination
                   of the blue.
                   And let shave the waves of
                   Your eternity , oh, weigh
                    above me,
                    oh,weigh a  coast of years.
                    Carry far in azure, spiral
                    with bulging little abdomens,
                    flutter with mahagony pinions
                    and already in vain  expect you
                    to stop the scales harbours 
                    with hot flames for You are
                    Far away, far away ,far away,
                    stretched string,
                    heart and frank await the 
                    hymn of June.
                    All sea sisters are dressed in
                    mother-of-pearl garment
                    embroidered of kiss of 
                    In the morning hunts them
                    fishermen and revive with
                    breath of their man’s hands.
                    In the evening girls wash 
                    their black tunics,
                    in their blue hearts,
                    their feet white ,who cadge
                    heavy chains.
                    The night is squeezed enigma
                    and ugly,
                    predatory like a bat pecking
                    of scarlet fig.
                    Sea sisters, sea sisters,
                    remember His steps 
                    which go through you noiselessly,
                  and ou swing like
                  bloody wine-
                 hold in His fingers Herod,
                 Pilate washes his hands,
                in Yours heirs
               and they bristled like winter
               icicles bristles of innoncent blood .
               There at Golgotha 
                hearing terrible cry,
                blood gushes like
               wounded river disappear
               like Easter roses,
              in weeds of flushed 
     preditory crowd,
     to open way of
     Who is He?
     Do you heard 
     His name ?
     He is Messiah,
     God’s anoited
      Jesus Christ.
      Like little sheeps,
      clouds of candy floss,
      they welcome festivaly.
       Barefooted are feet 
      of lovely swarthy steps
     of the sun, came to bow,
      before You , Creator.
      The sea throws his 
       magnificent silver flesh,
      blue like heavently lace,
       to swallow all stars 
       only Bethlehem’s
      stays inextinguishable,
       pretty like uncreated
      like an apple of not 
      born girl.      

Details | Concrete | |

A Heart Lost and not Found


                                         This                                        heart
                                     is missing.                              Lost long ago.
                                   I cautioned it                          many times not
                                 to fall in love again                and again. but it never
                               listened to me.And fell            in  love  time and  again.
                           You know it is such a heart.    It weeps an ocean in sorrow.
                           It loves a lot.Like the vast blue sky above.Always spreading
                            its wings over the earth as if giving a shade.And expecting 
                            nothing in return.A childish heart is this.Seeing a rainbow 
                               in a rain drenched afternoon takes it to a wonderland 
                                 beyond this blue sky.And a butterfly always attract
                                   it like  a child.And it runs after that butterfly to
                                       catch it.Still in its dream it catches fireflies.
                                            And remember it can mingle with any
                                              heart.So check yours.If it is there
                                                    handle with care.For it is
                                                         very fragile.Fragile 
                                                              like a glass.

By:kash poet

Details | List | |


1.	The first time I met you I was instantly impressed with your ever growing afro. I noticed that you looked at my eyes when you spoke to me instead of staring six inches south of there at my ever growing blueberries. I guess humans are alike in that aspect, always growing in some way or another.
2.	You seemed shy at first, slightly flirtatious but I tried to ignore it. Well actually I tried to flirt back. Maybe you didn’t notice or maybe you just never caught the hints that I dropped every once and a while. I had just gotten out of a relationship. I was scared and nervous to take interest in anyone because I’ve always been afraid of opening up. But you were different, quite different. Maybe it was the way you sat and drew so quietly in English class. You were so concentrated and connected to your work. If God were to have walked into the room I highly doubt you would have looked up. 
3.	When I first met you I said to myself, “I am going to know him.” And for once in my life I actually followed through with something. I know you now and it is a wonderful feeling. 
4.	When I first kissed you my stomach came to life, not with butterflies but with eagles and owls and they were dancing. And I can remember that night after dinner when there was music playing outside through speakers. You angled your neck downward in order to kiss me. I whispered in your ear if you would dance with me. And we danced slowly to a fast paced song, but it was still so beautiful because whenever I’m in your arms I feel as though I am finally protected from all the madness in the world. 

Details | Light Poetry | |


I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

Details | Prose | |


She's the flour in the middle of a fertile desert soil
She dreams of my dreams when i dream she dreams dreams that we dream
She's a speechless pole
She's a footstep away from my soul
She dreams of my goal
She's my African queen
Her womb carriers the nation's poetry
She takes me back to my dreams in chains
I make my own God she believes
She's one minute past jealousy
She's the speed of an angry poem in the dark
The black paint building an arch
The spirit of a mic resurrected by a dead poem
Speechless pole stronger than cone
She's my poem
She's my poetic lyrical port
I can see by the blushes right under my rhymes
She's so beautiful she makes you read her repetedly
She's my poem

Details | Couplet | |


Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

Details | Rhyme | |

Like Butterflies

Like butterflies, your words I catch
And store them safe away
In my heart’s little treasure chest
For my soul’s rainy day

Then like butterflies, I let them fly
To flit about my heart
A kaleidoscope of colored wings
That make my healing start

Like butterflies, they settle down
And let me gaze a while
At nestled beauty in my palm
That brings a loving smile

When peaceful pause is almost done
And I must journey on
They all fly back, unhurried in
For to me they belong

Your words, your words are butterflies
Most treasured beauteous things
Oh dear, my love, if you but knew
The joy each butterfly brings

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Details | Romanticism | |

My Dear Friend

I called you over today my friend,
For I have a secret to tell you.
For no Man nor Woman knows,
Only you and I my dear friend.

From the times of childhood to adulthood,
You have been there,
and you have never left,
and you never feared,
The outcome of our friendship.

Let us go my dear friend,
For a long and nice walk.
And keep quiet and lay under,
lay under the somber tree,
with all the soul leaves hanging over us.

Oh, look how these leaves cover us,
with their shadows that cast over us and cool us.
Cool us from the heat,
The scorching heat,
The heat of the unbearable sun.
Oh look, look at the beauty,
The beauty of the butterfly.
Look at the bird and see how they fly,
Look how they fly together,
and forever.
Look at how life flies in beauty.

Oh the beauty of nature,
The beauty of nature,
Looks and blends in the beauty of your looks.
My heart beats,
Everytime my eyes look upon you!
Look at me, like the Lion in the Safari, prowing, looking for his pray,
The beauty of nature blends into the beauty of your heart and soul.

You are the Jaguar,
The black Puma,
The Tigress,
who roams the green and yellow jungles,
I am the Lion in the Safari and you are the Lioness,
who roams the yellow Safari,
with her sweet, aborable cubs.

I called you here today my friend,
To tell you a secret,
A secret no Man nor Woman knows,
Only you and I my dear friend.

It is today that will live in infamy,
and your laugh will be pleasant to hear,
and your eyes, which glow in excitment,
Will show me the truth.

Oh come now, from this place of beauty and nature.
Come away from this place that brings the beauty out,
In your smile,
In your eyes,
and in your laugh.

Oh how your laugh it makes me smile,
and hold you closer and you don't resist.
Then I think to myself, while in the twilight,
"Oh look how she did not resist me!"

You, my great friend,
How we spent our days and nights together.
Now looked at through a time capsule of memories.
Oh, let us live once more in those memories.

Memories, oh sweet memories,
Now tired and wanting to go to bed.
Memories, tired of looking at sorrow souls,
Memories, my dear friend tired of us,
holding hands and laughing.
Oh let us revive those sweet memories,
and live forever, under the sheet of matrimony.
Live with me,
Love me forever,
Everyday let us love each other.

My dear friend,
We have been through thick and thin,
Through night and day,
Let us spend many more years together,
and love each other forever.
Will you marry me?

Details | Romanticism | |

The Four Letter Word

Four letters put together to create one word,
with an impeccable definition.

It is a strong word,
Close to the heart, yet
far from the woman you Love.

Butterflies flying, flapping their
orange and white wings in the summer heat.
The butterflies flap, flap their beautiful wings
together in the summertime of Love.

For Love is beautiful, like the summer preludes!

Four letters composed, to a Chopin's masterpiece.
The Romantic pole reaches out, to touch, to hold, to Love.

For these four letters are easy to read
and put together to create a complex concept
with a universal definition.
A four letter word, easy just to say,
but it is harder to show.
For Love is a simple word made up of simple letters,
but a complex meaing that takes most lifetimes to comprehend
and others a short while.

For I've seen hearts broken
and hearts put back together,
with this simple word.
My heart burned, brused, stabbed
knows the dangers of this simple, four letter word.

Love, some think it is a game
to play when you are bored.
Destroying self-esteem of girls,
who are already weak and nieve.
They long for love, but find surrealist dreams,
and see the Man of their dreams slip away in the night.
Gone without a trace.
While she is sucked into false promises,
from simple minded boys,
with only one thing on their mind.

Love..., it is a joke to some.
"I love you," is a laughing stock,
while a slap in the face, and disrespect is in fashion.
Girls, foolish girls walking in lonesome heartbreak,
saying they are in Love.
It is sad to see, and hard to hear, I know it is.

And to me Love is sometimes fair,
and most times a cruel joke.
Love, this four letter word is simple to say, but hard to comprehend.

Love me and I shall take you by the hand
show you caves of mystery,
and skies of grace and meadows, filled with flowers,
dedicated just for you, no one else, but you.
We can make Love on the sandy beaches, under the moonlit sky
under the still stars and shooting ones too.
Have a romantic dinner of oyster-shells and champange and kiss each other,
till we drown in intoxication and fall asleep in each others arms.

huh, Love... A simple, four letter word, that is easy to say,
but even harder to show.

Details | Pantoum | |

Into My Dream

I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming . . .
     Peacefully detained by a delightful young gent,
Lying in green mead where buttercups were beaming;
     Releasing an enchanting aromatic scent.

Peacefully detained by a delightful young gent,
     His fascinating smile lured me in my slow stride,
Releasing an enchanting aromatic scent;
     Where enrapturing view overtook me inside.

His fascinating smile lured me in my slow stride,
     Entrancing flitter hypnotized to restful sleep, 
Where enrapturing view overtook me inside;
     When into my captivating dream he did seep.

Entrancing flitter hypnotized to restful sleep,
     There he envisioned I was his true love to be,
When into my captivating dream he did seep;
     Making a woman without wings to set me free.

There he envisioned I was his true love to be,
     Lying in green mead where buttercups were beaming,
Making a woman without wings to set me free;
     I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming . . .

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

July 9, 2011

Third Place Winner ~ "Daydreams and dreams and dreams” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance La France~ A Rambling Poet
Aug. 5, 2011

Details | Carpe Diem | |


Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

Details | Free verse | |

A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

Details | Concrete | |

Sleep In Her Soul

It's easy to become lost in the idea that only things in life change you;
rather than you are always changing in your creation. 
When you look at demons in the haze, marvel at the haze. 
Demons are feeling homesick.

Be true to everything you are and thrive on.
We all have demons, it's up to you on what to do with those demons. 
The most dangerous are the ones unknown. 
She is herself. A beautiful demon; not hidden behind a shadow. 

Her magic is infested in my desire.
She is beautiful for I can unravel her thoughts.
She expresses to me the words intertwined with my ambiguity.
Riddled with love; I sleep in her soul.

She is my butterfly in our cosmic cannibalism.

Details | Rhyme | |

The Butterfly Effect

Our eyes meet and then shy
His breath draws closer to mine
Tingling currents
Down my spine

Lips caress and glide
Soft pecks move on to slide
Hands lock into mine
Warm rays of sunshine

May I?
A virgin canvas am I
Slow brush
A stroking touch
Short peck
Colour my neck

Oscillating heart beat
No feeling below my feet
Whispers of heat
Crawling goose bumps
Peppermint sweet

The clocks have stopped
The world is still
Tongues intertwine
Slow sips of wine
I cling onto my lifeline

It’s pure
It’s perfect
The butterfly effect

Details | Carpe Diem | |


If its money I got its money ill keep. If its money I have its money ill weep. If its love that I give its love ill receive. For I am but no one who just see's beneath. Some say your only as strong as you feel, but how could we a place that's so unreal. People are hearing but..not really hearing. Why is the world so blind. I keep on screaming and screaming and screaming for things to be revolutionized. I am just a small song in a world full of cries, laughter, tears and french-fries.

Details | Lyric | |



I sent her an email with butterflies attached, I was hoping she'd open it, her heart would I snatch. 
It was ten past four when she read it-after quite a very long day. 
They flew out at once with one click of that mouse, 
So many included they filled her whole house. 
Next, I decided to send her- a very large enveloped batched- 
with seeds from deep in my garden-where lies all the weeds and piles of thatch. 
She went to her mailbox and saw it was from me, 
a smile she flashed, just as quick as could be. 
She hurriedly ripped it open 
to see just what was inside, she spilled out all of its contents 
she poured it out in her hands, 
as those butterflies flew -and filled up the whole sky. 
Now I gave her a bottle- a message inside- 
"now that I've finally found you, please no longer hide" 
"I thought of You, quite often, as my life-it has passed. "I felt all my breath leave me- all in one single gasp. 
"I - so long ago-just was not the right guy.  I lacked life and the smarts to give- my best try." 

"I've found you again, lost you- so long ago. 
I've learned all my lessons, Please give me a go." 
I understand about love hurting you so.. 
I'm no longer the guy from so long ago... 
I know your untrusting and you've a hard row to hoe.. 
I know that around you ...some speed bumps may grow. 
But I work with strong hands and I'll pull you in tow. 
I wait for return it in letter or post...i can promise you one thing..I wait your response. 
I wait and I watch as my mail person walks by.. 
..I await just a message or email or such. 
I can't stand here guessing for my time left is short. 
I wait for a signal..a sign of some sort... 
without it I'm clueless, So i wait your report.... 
I wait everyday- to check through my mail. I watch- on this screen-till my older eyes start to fail. 
And -look to the sky -where the butterflies hail. 
Yes, my dear I still wait..... 

This is for someone old- someone new -someone needed- someone wanted- 
Someone Special...Be Special 
You know who you are. 
Crazy still

                                By, RLJGMF

Details | Light Poetry | |

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

I am here strolling in the cool wood
as I take a seat drinking in nature
I espy some movement in the boxwood
going over to look I see a feeler

There to my delight by chance
is a cocoon starting to open
slowly bit by bit does emerge
a colourful butterfly all golden

It spreads it wings to dry
gently flaps them with grace
then it hoovers ready to fly
now it lands on my face

I can  see two what bliss
as I squint, it will depart
with a gentle kiss
It flys off taking my heart

contest: Butterfly Kisses written 06/14/2013

Details | Quintain (English) | |

Spring Rules

    Written for the contest
A Spring Day In English Quintain

The Butterfly Mattress Co.

The day, I started this job
Of course you'd consider me GREEN
So I had to be trained by Bob
first on the Kings, then Queens
Using the BUTTERFLY Mattress machine.

First time I put in a SPRING
Another popped out of a seam
It caught on to Bobs wedding ring
And boy, he let out a scream
While I shut down the Butterfly Mattress machine

Mr. BIRD, the Owner and Chief
Immediately showed on the seen
Expressed a moment of grief
And after that moment ,he deemed
He LOVED the Butterfly Mattress machine

So Bob was made to retire
And no longer a part of the team
And his job is what I've acquired
But I'm careful to watch all the seams
While operating The Butterfly Mattress Machine

Details | Haiku | |

a wide-eyed child

a wide-eyed child
leaps into a woman’s arms –
a butterfly lands

By Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Copyright January 20, 2014

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Beauty 
Sponsored by Shadow Hamilton

Details | Free verse | |

To My Heartbeat

Dear Dearest,
I do know fate is not cruel
And so are our souls.
I know sky will remain crystal clear
Until our hearts sing alive.
I know that stars will remain glint
And they would sign treasures to our dream.
I know the same way my heart beats...
So is yours too.
I know we're fashioned to be 
Though our destinations seem far-
I live north, you live south.
I know you don't sway without thinking about me.
And so do I.
The only memory you left me with in here-
Pen and paper,
Are what I polish my feelings through.
I do hope my words won't take days before they'd be returned.
It's well with my soul here you left it.

From your part in here and right there.

Details | I do not know? | |


I wake up every morning, 
Wondering if you had a good morning.
You never ever leave my mind.
You are like a butterfly,
Forever fluttering along the branches of my mind.
And I love you for that.

Details | Free verse | |


The darkness of light impossible to see the pain and the lies always damaging you reach and get burned not understanding this is my disease nature of the beast Suddenly my light is taken away my darkness was revealed taking me as slave when all I ever wanted was for someone to say please stop, for me or enter an early grave Now face to face with all of my demons how can I fight them if I don't want to beat them until the reason arrives, then I shine a little at first but that small thing, is mine The den of ten thieves come up with a plan a whole set of new lies that every single man cannot resist believing it's seeming to be that a horrific ending is just what I need Then all of the sudden my small shine swallows time and with that virtue my face comes to life I would never hurt you please, know this to be yet no one believes me this curse grows like a tree I hate my helpless fate why can't I make a new life for me that no one can take why can't I escape a prison not for me for years I accept this tired sense of defeat The small shine barely intact, inside until Saint Anger starts to burn me, alive I find I'm set off by my wrong, senseless self until I am talking to no one, in Hell So I pick up my pen power to create a new world for me where I design my escape in my invisible state the Devil don't notice that one of his children is no longer hopeless I stop all my madness by power of pen for years my sword drew nothing but sin the yin and the yang both helped me to find that I'm no longer afflicted when darkness lights my bright shine.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

In my summer meadow

In my summer meadow

Lavender colored milkweeds, growing between dark  purple butterfly peas, are 
perfuming the warm air. 
The color combination is especially pleasing to me; I love purple.
Perfectly round globes of milkweed are a magnet for bees, butterflies and a variety 
of other insects. I see lightening bugs among them. 
The buzzing of bumblebees, wasps and honeybees is accompanied by the chirping 
of crickets and the happy twittering of the meadow birds. 
Yellow Sweet Clover lends it's perfume to the summer symphony of soothing scents.
Tall spikes of blooming Johnson grass sways dreamily in the bright sunlight.
Right in the middle of a soft pink wild rose bush, a bright red butterfly weed is the 
center of activity for many species of colorful butterflies. A brilliant blue"Two-barred 
Flasher”  flaps it's wings as fast as a hummingbird, while the orange-brown Buckeye 
rests peacefully.
Next to the roses, a blackberry bush is promising juicy, dark berries soon, while the 
Mulberry trees are already providing a welcome sweet snack for birds, deer and 
A patch of wide- open orange daylillies is a cheerful spot over at the edge of the 
trees and an emerald- green hummingbird enjoys their offerings.
There is so much life and beauty in a small patch of meadow! 
I love it!

Details | Than-Bauk | |

Wise up

Embrace your spouse;
Don't give louse room
To browse your home.

Details | Ballad | |

The Moment

The moment I saw you
Only for a few minutes
Of the site I see
Never realizing my life
Would change for the better of me

My heart was running full speed
Not being aware again
We only had an hour to spare
I know this may sound weird 
But this moment was the day
I got my life on track close to the end

I knew I fell madly in love
When my eyes connected with yours
Standing face to face
It felt like something had fell
Out of heaven from above

This has hit me so hard
Knocking me off my feet
Feeling I need a few minutes to breathe
Only time and space can give
Cause I sense my love running
So much deep

Somehow for that brief moment
You completely blew my mind
In my eyes seeing two different people
With two different personalities
Seem to have different life styles
But only one heart which were completely stolen
In that only one moment
During that one beautiful sunny winter morning

I knew I fell madly in love
When my eyes connected with yours
Standing face to face
It felt like something had fell
Out of heaven from above

That day I knew I had to see you
Only I didn’t know how or when
My heart started beating fast
When you said it was nice to meet you
I hope we can meet again
Wow it was like a blur
You caused my mind to stir
The ground started to spend around
Only I knew I couldn’t make a sound
All I could do was to catch my breathe
So I decided to take a seat and have a rest

I knew I fell madly in love
When my eyes connected with yours
Standing face to face
It felt like something had fell
Out of heaven from above

Oh my gosh what have you done to me
I once was caged
But now your words have set me free
I didn’t know how to react
With these feelings so bright
Only I know I dream of you
Each and every night

I never thought someone would look at me 
The way I see myself in your eyes
I never knew how my movement would change
With you in this life time
I never felt this fire burning inside of me
Nor I never felt this wetness between my thighs
If this feels like love I never want it to end
Cause finally knew the moment
When my life started to begin

Details | Haiku | |

First Date

Ball of butterflies;
knots of anticipation,
tickling me within.

Pick-up at 7;
ready to go around 8.
patiently he waits.

Off to the movies;
holding hands, clumsy and shy,
ever so awkward

Horror flick on screen;
sharing popcorn and candy,
snuggled in close.

Walking home slowly;
lean in;first kiss at the door,
foot popping galore.

Details | Free verse | |

I Dream Of Things

"I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming..."

Delightful is the way I see, the people and places ahead of me.
All shapes and colors, sounds and tastes, it truly is enrapturing.
Imagine a place where waterfalls fly, the cities and towns made of silver.
A place where music fills body and soul. Enchanted and enchanting.

I yearn for a place where the land is whole, beautiful and glowing with life. I see such 
places in my dreams.
People know love, and value it so. They see with their hearts, and give with their soul.
Such is my fascination.

Imagine a lake with light blue waters. Fishes of colors not meant to be, like bright red, 
royal blue, and emerald green. Imagine how the sun shines on the lake, the fish shining 
like jewels.
such beauty makes me crow, it's hypnotic, entrancing.

Captivating are my dreams. The sights, the sounds, the places, the scenery. Such 
places make my heart feel at home. But for now, I'll have to keep dreaming.

Daniexelle M. Lingofelter
Daydreams and dreams and dreams

Details | Free verse | |

A Billion Butterfly's

If she was the sun then i must become the moon...
Shes the bullets 2 my gun my obsession i consume...
How can i hold my tongue you fill my stomach with cocoons...
A billion butterflies now my hearts an open wound...
I never understood how our hearts were so in-tune...
Cupid got me good sniper tactics with the zoom...
I wanna be your king the only title ill assume...
If loving you is pain then ill never be immune...
Suppressed the beast in me so easily light dissolving gloom...
A flames forever great full just to know it evolved from fumes...
A door that never closes hides a portal that we never use...
She grew a rose inside my heart a place i thought could never bloom...
Present , Past and Afterlife...One day I shall become your groom..
The day that you become my wife your hearts forever shatter proof...
Passion everlasting burns and yearns for just 1 simple truth...
To see your heeart forever smile theres nothing else id rather do.....

Details | Classicism | |

Calling Out

The shadows over take my mind at times

but your love stands so true for me

it takes care of the pain I feel

but when the shadows call it seems so loud

when your soft whisper is covered by clouds

Why so faint is Thy voice for me

did I fall to hard inside this hole

Do the clouds stand so close for a reason

let me out of this season of darkness

let me hold Thy hand inside mine

keep me warm and fill my heart

I love the way you touch my face

when the tears fall and you open your warm Embrace

Your truth is all I need to live

a true life for all to see

your hand and love guiding me

But I can't walk this road alone

I need to hear your voice inside

I need your touch so very much

I see the pain and feel it to

I need your love to lift the blue's

Take me now and use my life

Help me Lord, to escape the strife.

Written By:©Betty Bolden

Details | Verse | |


"I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming"

                                                               Constance La France


Did your breath call
in sweet delightful dream
did you call of promise
o fascinating queen

In loves treacherous battle
could two devour pure
a heart enrapturing completion
a place where destiny soar                  

Will you overtake me
captivating a heart silent with despair
your enchanting wind of flight, seductive,    
might, I come to share...

I fight to elude your eyes,
your entrancing promise I hear
perhaps, just a small piece,
but, do I dare...

I watch your silhouette sway,
from distant dream I gaze...

Poet ~ Rick Parise
Contest ~ Daydreams and dreams and dreams
Written ~ July 8,2011

Details | Lay | |

Walking Shadows

I am but a
Walking shadow.
When I hurt
You don’t feel it.

We are but 
Walking shadows
When I talk to you
You don’t hear me.

Details | Rhyme | |



Let us whisper you and I 
In a dark little corner and no candle light.

W'll wait until  dawn and watch the sunrise. 
Then catch a gentle breeze or watch a fading star.

We pick some flowers and catch a butterfly

We cross a small stream, sparkling water 
catches the corner of your eyes.

We make a sailing boat from paper then
write a little song.

Soon will be breakfast, then at dinner w'll say a prayer,
And at night time w'll light a fire, and then we retire.

Details | Free verse | |


With a flick of her humour and a heartfelt warmth,
She pulls him right back to square one,
Before all the women came under his hands.
Before, on beds, careless coats were  flung

Before heartbreak kissed another goodbye,
And weary beliefs on love took hold.
Before time wounded heels that deserved nothing less
And jaded love was bought and sold

There is her....giddy delights and sweet disposition.
 Heart of wisdom and loyal friend. 
Dirty letters sent with orgasmic intention.
Heart of truth, no need to pretend.

Why has this girl been found so unopened?
She offers love pure, with no compromise
Why are her gifts left hidden..unnourished
And, at his age.....why does he have..... Butterflies?

It's just love.

© 2013

Details | Rhyme | |

The Unusual Fragrance

The unusual fragrance looms above my room, 
Its owner not yet known, 
Its purpose still a mystery I assume 
Sweeter than any other fragrance I ever own, 

Its mood is ataraxia, 
Cold soothing scent, texture so smooth, 
Like dying in a peaceful euthanasia, 
I have it trapped in a booth, 

Smells like angels on a spring break, 
Dancing gloriously in the water fall, 
With a rattling feeling like an earth quake, 
Its particles bouncing from wall to wall, 

Clogged in my mind is a fog of disconcert, 
As I battle my feeling to a perfect stranger, 
The feeling of unrest causes discomfort, 
As the unusual fragrance puts my heart in danger,

Details | Free verse | |

Iron Butterfly

Isn’t time cruel
Never stable or forgiving
When you’d forfeit everything
Just to feel something

When it’s all broken
And you have no more tears to cry
When all you have is false hope
And it seems you might survive
You’re fooling yourself
You’re nothing more than an iron butterfly

Details | Quintain (English) | |

Tranquil Undergrowth

      Tranquil Undergrowth  

Tranquil Undergrowth so slowly grows
And hides the tiny timeless leaves of life
Arrows spring forth on sunlight bows
Joined by birds of green and white in flight
Piercing bursting life into the light

Golden butterflies glisten in the new suns birth
Untangling night from day
From covered secrets in the earth
Where sacred is the spot to pray
And love comes out to play

Winged Spring bursts forth in cosmic splendor
To breathe the world to life
What joy to find you at your door
So beautiful and nice
As we explore together loves every spice 

Tranquil undergrowth so slowly grows from the earth
And hides so quietly the tiny timeless leaves of life
Now we have our time for playful mirth and worth
In pools of warmer waters that ease our strife
Where you remain my lovely wife 


Details | Lyric | |

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings

you sit and wait for the sunrise
painting pictures on the walls of your wounded heart
sitting by the window writing words on the frosted pane
hoping that they'd come to life and wash your failures away

you sit and wait for the firelight
sad thoughts dancing like the shadows of a flame
sitting by the bedside knees to the ground
throwing prays down your wishing well

you fly on butterfly wings
looking over mountain tops
for that everlasting love

Details | Rhyme | |

Butterflies in My Tummy

Butterflies in my tummy.
Can it really be?
That I’m falling in love all over again
Or is the joke on Me.?

Confused and Sleepless nights
Is it because of thee?
Cause when I close my eyes
It’s your face I see.

Sweaty and fidgety palms
I’m now nervous as hell
Uncontrollable blushing
You got me under a love spell.

Shivers down my spine
When I think of you
Just can’t seem to stop smiling
This was long over due.

Heart keeps on racing
See what you have done
Two completely different people
Have now become one.

These are all the symptoms
I’ve now begun to feel
The day you walked into my life
And made my dream real…

Butterflies in my tummy
Can it really be?
Love has caught up with me again
And sent You just for Me….

Details | Rhyme | |


Who does not know?
A woman is a rose
At which you must stare
And handle with care
Lest the hurt you bear.

What manner of heart
Will not stop and stare
At the sweet part
Of which he must beware
Or be aware

Who does not know
How it starts and grows
And how suddenly it bends
And ends
With no option to amend.

Details | Free verse | |

walk of love

sounds of  
one lamb bleating
then the mothers calls
carried upon
a swirling breeze
lifting a spirit
such peace
playing in 
nature's song

pure as
the driven snow
sweet the birds singing
enchanting heavenly bliss
with angel feelings
butterflies dancing
on currents 
upon swirling 
warm winds
rising then falling

standing alone
dog at my side 
staring across
windswept mountains
such a beautiful vision
blooms an oasis
fills up in thoughts
patting him
on the head

i kneel down
warmly picking
a handful 
of daisies
smiling golden treasures
making a ring
inside magically
this mind

love is 
all around us
breathing whispers
silently upon 
the heart
one worshiping soul
of regal beauty
crowning emotions

jewels when
i look into 
your eyes
to see 
the deep ocean
our dreams
erasing one 
thousand nightmares
finding you
my best mate

to eternity
we will walk
together hand 
in hand
through the gates
heaven a lifetime
with a dream
on a mixed cauldron
of vast pleasure
magic spells 
out you

Details | Light Poetry | |

In the Palm of your Hands

As the winter slows down and the wind is not heavy

Your love holds me in the palm of your hands.

You shelter me from the storms and you keep me warm

in the palm of your hands.

When life takes my last breath,

you hold me in the palm of your hands.

Your love flows from rivers slow

you hold me in the palm of your hands.

You took my sin and let me live

in the palm of your hands.

Life can hurt and twist us all over the roads of life

but you untwist the pain inside,

you hold me in the palm of your hands.

My life is still not right,

so many days of inside fright,

but one thing I know,

you hold me in the palm of your hands.

Take me into your heart so true,

help me not to be so blue,

Jesus,please hold me in the palm of your hands.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

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nagauta,long song Butterfly

little green dragon                                                                                                     sprouts emperor’s wings she lights                                                                            tastes red plum nectar                                                                                           _family hopes among  trees                                                                                          monarch blown from seas                                                                                           one love will never be still                                                                                                dancing rhythm meet                                                                                            _erratic dance but on course                                                                                  destiny sea blown                                                                                                         alone sun's daughter she flies                                                                                        wisteria’s home                                                                                                    _cherry blossoms roam wild rose                                                                                   fawns run firefly hides                                                                                                  sparrow plucks delicate wings                                                                                    sunflower escapes                                                                                                      _to moon flower clearing skies                                                                                      monarch gone sparrow                                                                                                sighs apples ripe the winter                                                                                         the flowers are gone                                                                                          _Madame butterfly hides child                                               - * Note - based on Madame Butterfly" is a short story by American lawyer and writer John Luther Long

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Everything In Me

Like the breezes that blow 
Carrying the wings of a butterfly 
The softness with each touch 
The innocence in your eye 

You've held me close 
In the chill of the night 
You've won the battles 
I could never fight 

Like the water-stained wood 
Around the cracked window 
You hold secrets and stories 
Most never will know 

The butterfly kisses 
In which I receive 
Remind me of the love 
The force of belief 

The care you show me 
Gives me delight 
The shelter  you are 
Conquers all of my fright 

We've said the things 
We thought we never would 
We've climbed the mountains 
We never thought we could 

We've shared our souls 
We've given our hearts 
There's no broken pieces 
Just replaced parts 

I close these emotions 
With the words well meant 
For with you I'll be 
For all my life spent 

I'll be your sunshine 
On clouds of gray 
I'll be there to welcome 
Each coming day 

In need of encouragement 
Right there I'll stand 
Whenever you fall 
Right here's a hand 

In need of a shoulder 
For tears to fall upon 
Mine will be waiting 
Among open arms 

Whenever you're lost 
Just follow my voice 
Whether you listen to my words 
That is your choice 

But do listen to these 
In whatever you do 
For Mr. Golden Sunshine 
I'm in love with you 

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I do appreciate your being here
But one day soon you know I'll disappear.
And when I fly,
I'll fly on butterfly wings.

I know you see someone you think is me.
But nothing's really what it seems to be,
and when I fly
I'll fly on butterfly wings.

Bright light.
Never ending white light.
All my life a sweet ride, on butterfly wings.
Always going my way
I'll keep going my way, on butterfly wings.
Out there
I'll be going somewhere
and I'm going to get there, on butterfly wings
Bright light
never ending white light
all my life a sweet ride, on butterfly wings.

It's not that I don't care, you know I do.
And you can feel it, when I think of you,
and when I fly,
I'll fly on butterfly wings.

This is one of my personal favorite poems I have written that developed into a Song Lyric. It is on Youtube, as a video as well.

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Love Insanity

it is...

love too deep
so much of it we did keep
three years
of laugh and tears
shared intimate dreams 
owning each other in realms.

he turned his back last night
broke his cam 
and said goodbye. 

told him I love him many times 
losing him, I can't bear
he is being used, 
my weakness, 
my strength. 

we did our best 
I cried much, my heart in pain. 
but he decided to stop 
hope is gone 
he said, find another man.

must I if i love him much? 


(inspired by the 'Black Butterflies)

Inner Whispers

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MomenTS treasured

In each other’s arms entwined so firmly
That the moon froze and the stars sailed down on the clouds silently
Our fiery passions spilled and sizzled, cold and wet sands sheets
The waters of the seas engulfed them slurping calmly with waves repeat .

She pressed my bare back to the pricking sand
Amidst sultry kisses, black sky disappeared &all seemed bright and grand
Churned waters oozed froth of spent waves
our bodies moulded differently but gyrating together like rowing slaves.

Spurting unbridled passions on to the wet sand floor
to find ourselves like two pearls grinding and our bodies set aflame  and all sore

Supple pecks of her lips
and the vacuumed gyrating sounds of our hips
Lost without a trace our names
but does it really matter to us in these  honeyed moments all the same

Her feelings all crystalline
Her, I could sense and feel in me.
Her supple skins on my gladiator chest
Her frantic arms clasp my back, clawing for a grip and panting for some rest.

These froth filled feelings and emotions sweep past so fast,
To me these moments seem into me forever last.
These moments, my thoughts they treasure,
Of swooning, poached emotions and pleasure……


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joyous love

feelings held inside
embracing emotions
in a balance 
of trust
as the water
floats over

spreading butterfly wings
touching walls caress
in flowing waves
fluttering deeply
inside the heart
of this ocean

bathing within
fountains of 
forever young
waterfalls warmly
dazzling dewdrops
holding such 
rare beauty
colours love

dancing inside  
skipping over
one rainbow 
in the mind
tickling inside

smiling warmly
at a golden treasure
fresh warm rain
falling from 
a summer sky 

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I'll love you if you love in return

I'll love you if you love in return

You’re the one I want to see. You’re the one I want to hold. You’re the one I want to kiss. You’re the one I need more then anything. Can you see whenever your never around your always in my mind twisting and turning making me into the perfect doll. Oh how I love you. I feel like i could love you to the point it killed me. Can you see how my heart races how every word you say turns me into a bumbling idiot?  Don't you see how I create this work of art that so much emotion then it de before and don't you know it all because of you. If I could ever say anything it that I’m so thankful your mine and I never want to let you goals their something wrong with loving to the point it an obsession? No not in this time, not in this life, not in my heart no. So let me say I love you with a gently kiss. Forever even until after death let me love you and in return love me.

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I can't compare your love

I can't compare your love to a sweet red rose,
For roses whither and they die.
I can't compare your love to the deep blue sea,
For it rises and falls with the tide.
I can't compare your love to a white fluffy cloud,
For clouds have a silver lining and then they turn black as night.
I can't compare your love to a high flying kite,
For in a tree can get caught that kite.
I can't compare your love to the brightly shining sun,
For the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
I can't compare your love to a knight in shining armor, 
For his life has no meaning once he’s finished his quest.
I can't compare your love to an angel,
For angels sometimes fall from heaven to hell.
I can't compare your love to the rain of life,
For there would be no life if the rain never fell.
I can't compare your love to the pure white snow,
For when the warm spring comes it all melts away.
I can't compare your love to a beautiful butterfly,
For the lifespan of a butterfly is only for a single day.
I can't compare your love to a beautiful butterfly to see through the dark,
For once the wax is melted the light goes out.
I can't compare your love to the innocence of a new born baby,
For if it doesn’t gets its way it tends to pout.
I can't compare your love to a fish swimming free in the sea,
For if the fish are not careful they can end up on a hook.
I can't compare your love to the greatest literary work,
For when you get to the last page that’s the end of the book.
I can't compare your love to a secret tightly locked behind a door.
For the secret can be found to one, if one only had a key.
I can't compare your love to anything of value on the earth,
For our love extends beyond the heavens for all eternity.

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

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War good God Yall absolutely nothin''


David Madison -

Hope your having a fgood uh, sleep...... its 1645

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The Comma Butterfly

~The Comma Butterfly~ I am a comma-not a full stop I’m tawny brown and black and love on stinging nettles to hop I love the elm and hop plant for flitting on too I do all the other things butterflies do I am not a great beauty like some of the rest My fritillary wings do work just like the best I don’t gain the oohs and arhs as I give butterfly kisses on my way Some here call me a moth-well what can you say. I flit and I kiss from elm to nettle I always do my best and show them my mettle A British butterfly I have beauty in my own way Look under my wings and I bet you will say Oh look there’s a comma marked under its wing I suppose it a butterfly really poor thing I flash them my markings before flitting on my way I have so many more kisses to give out today.
By: Mandy Tams~GG~

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Brushing the hair from your face
 Watching you as you sleep
 The very light that fills my soul
 Sleeping right next to me
 Places my hand on your chest
 Gently rubbing your heart
 As if to heal it 
 Mending all the cracks and scars
 Kissing your lips
 As if to heal the pain that formed upon them
 Pecking your eye
 Healing it from all the tears you once cried
 Grabbing your heart and placing it in a jar
 Placing it back into your chest
 Building brick around the jar in your chest
 Keeping you safe from all the hurt and pain
 its when we decided to love eachother 
 That i realized we were perfect for one another
 You are my new soul
 You are my new air that i breathe
 You are the sunshine i see in the mornings
 And the bright stars i see in the night
 i love you to all eternity <3

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Puppy love’s kiss when I was thirteen
First time a butterfly fluttered by me

Learned all the cheers of the cheerleading team
When next did the butterfly flutter by me…..

Cause one of those cheerleaders my special she
                   GIMME A B!
for the Butterfly that fluttered by me…  

Went off to college to get my degree
Again did a butterfly flutter by me…

Math degree earned plus matrimony              
Sei bellissima butterfly fluttering by me             

As my children born, each one a beauty
For each did a butterfly flutter by me

Alone once again, yet hopeful I be
by and by that the butterfly flutters by me…

© 2014 all rights reserved

Written for Butterfly Contest

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Taking falls alone
Causes the pain to be shown

Yet, this heart is not my own
It is our's while together it's sewn

Alas, i finally feel at home
The tyrant has been overthrown

Until my final moments,
I vow to forever remain open

Remnants of evil begin to dissipate
As my eyes begin to precipitate
I elevate above the delusions of hate
To eradicate the illusions of shame

Without you, i amass to a simple reprobate
Who tends to vacate before beginning to placate

I ask for forgiveness
Love is my witness
Guiding us into riches
& keeping us from straying into ditches

I stare at the darkness & pray for stars
I glare with sharpness to delay the scars

Beware of the ominous bars
That imprison those who don't see far

Yet, with you, i know no fear
Not even if the end may be near
Death greets me without a tear

If this may be my final year
Please know you will forever be endeared
If this may be my final year
Please know you will forever be endeared

My soul will always be here
Long after my body has disappeared

If this may be my final year
Please know you will forever be endeared
If this may be my final year
Please know you will forever be endeared

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Butterfly Love

Do you ever watch the butterfly?

The beauty in its colors.

The love in its movements

its just like no other.

The butterfly is my favorite

of the bugs and the flowers

the love it shows is like Gods hand

its touch is soft and full of grace

so gentle in its movements like the Lamb.

So as you walk in the spring

watch the butterfly as it lands

see how it moves and let it stand

on the flowers God made for us and it,

take it slow and never skip.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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Ecliptic Silence

Hopeful but its so mundane
Filling the hollowness with more empty pleasure
But it takes my hand and and walks me through this withering decay
Into the ecliptic silence, 
Self medicated diluted dreams
A mixture of over stimulation and desensitizing me 
Somewhere between ominous and beautiful
Letting the darkness consume my conscious brain
Until the sun can realign and pulls me back into this day
To overcome this strange numbness 
Of self inflicted shadowing
Butterflies once warmed me up inside until I pulled off all their wings
Holding memories I cant forget while praying to a God who has forgot
But we are only allowed to keep the things that we have already lost
Sometimes living is not enough without sovereignty 
As these flightless insects crawl back inside 
Then perhaps through their death life would be more satisfied
Finger deep I draw a line then stand to face a blackened sky
I reevaluate Your presence now without You Lord then where am I 
Because this is me You were my light, subsequently my faith has died
Somewhere below the surface of this shifting unstable world of mine

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Spring Blasts Love

Fairy of spring when flies high
To the core of the heart of green
Sleeping buds yawn with a sigh 
Ready to create a magical scene
To welcome their loving queen

The earth lays a soft bed of grass
For her feet so soft and delicate
And the evening brings in a glass
The wine of love from the fate
To welcome at the hearts’ gate

The colourful butterflies go zoom
In the fragrance of heavenly fresh
The twittering of cute birds bloom
Newborn flowers like shiny flash 
The lovers leave away the gloom
And sit under the green of doom

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Take your time

Take your time
Take your time a moment in life
To live not, but in your expectation
Travel down the road, and up the stream
Who said that beauty is the one far?
Count every block that you pass
And take time to see the rising sun and the moon.
Take time it may be the only one have
Be at best phase with yourself, don’t hold grudges
Or wonder about yesterday, no worry about today
Just be yourself, and leave the rest be.
Pamper yourself a little but forget not
What is like to endure in poverty, to live with a disease?
Take time to learn others suffering, take time to show compassion
Take time and reflect everything to yourself, and ask
What will it be for me, if I was the one lying there?
Take your time; take time it may be all that you have

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kissing paradise

one fountain flowing
forever beautiful
falling mist 
down vision
pearl drops 
from the eyes
of a thousand dreams

sending kisses
on the back
upon wings
of a butterfly
floating all over
softly touching warm
from the deepest skin
of a heart smiling

sweet wonderful rose
blossoms behind 
the mirrors
opening waves
upon lips 
enchanting beauty
sealed magic 
with a kiss

greeting tides
crashing bursts
touching gently
treasured feelings 
laying inside
golden wrapped emotions
in a deep 
jungle paradise
always with 
you love 

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the vulgar and the beautiful

The Vulgar and the Beautiful 

By the roadside I saw a blushing flower amongst
arrogant, working class weed. It suffered greatly 
this delicate bloom which could inspire a poet
to write about the richness of nature if only bloody
weed would stop being so obtrusive.

I picked the flower, rude, gray weed applauded 
in their world of harshness beauty was strength.
And now that I have changed from being an angry
old man to a gentle soul, I put the flower in a vase
and saw it die of loneliness 

Next day I stopped my car at the same spot I
ignored the blaring horns of angry drivers. And 
the weed said: “why did you this to us we need 
a soft soul amongst us even when we make fun 
of its boon, but we need the love it creates. 

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From "Modern Love And Other Poems"

It's raining! I joy
	The whispers half-mist 
Of the rhythmic motion 
	That has become
So deep with the sound
	Of your name:
My love is coming!
	My life is dying!

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When they met, their pairing unlikely.
From two worlds, stories differed slightly.

Into the forest ahead they go 
He observes her, rosy cheeks aglow.

The pair ensconced in equal lushness, 
where the Redwoods grow, the moss touchless.

Streaks of fresh sunlight mismatched in strength
cast upon their shoulders from great length.

Today she is his and he is hers, 
no aches in their hearts remain uncured. 

Unspoken words dance between their lips, 
Looks exchanged, his touch on her hips.

Butterflies linger, often they do.
She smiles, eyes soften, her hope renewed.

Their start described as remarkable.
When face-to-face, their love thinkable.

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where i write

the quiet place where i write
breeze swept field and shade tree
the autumn sunlight warms the soul
in the distance mighty towers
construct of hammers and hands
down by the ocean and its mighty ships
the scent of open water stirs the soul

this quiet place
where my heart builds little worlds
magnificent noble creatures come to wrestle
with a deeper sea of dreams
this quiet place where
innocence still laughs undaunted by the world
when my pen can speak its heart
unchallenged by the weary day

this strange place my heart goes to put pen to page
a place of memories both real and wished
a place where all could have been and was
this quiet place
crepe paper constructions of grand dreams
christmas tree tinsel lions chasing dawns wicked approach
where innocence still has the heart
to take joy
to take joy

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Walking along the waterside
One evening of a sunny Sunday
With a basket full of flowers
Into it fell a butterfly!

Fly! Fly! Away 
Butterfly, you better fly
With your wings,
Full of beautiful colors

In my basket,
Though full of flowers	
Is without nectar,
So butterfly, you better fly.

Walking along the waterside
One evening of a sunny Sunday
With a basket full of flowers
Into it fell a butterfly!

Fly! Fly! Away 
Butterfly, you better fly
With your wings,
Full of beautiful colors

In my basket,
Though full of flowers	
Is without nectar,
So butterfly, you better fly.

 Walking along the waterside
One evening of a sunny Sunday
With a basket full of flowers
Into it fell a butterfly!

Fly! Fly! Away 
Butterfly, you better fly
With your wings,
Full of beautiful colors

In my basket,
Though full of flowers	
Is without nectar,
So butterfly, you better fly.

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Black Butterfly

Here I swing inside my dark cocoon afraid 

to become all that I know I can be... A 

Black Butterfly too scared to emerge into my 

full potential and spread my beautiful black 

wings. I'm so afraid to spread my wings, to worried, 

about what this world may think of me? I'm a Black 

Butterfly that can't seem to set myself free from this 

cocoon that imprisons me. 

I do know how the world will ever see my real beauty 

that hides within me? The love I hide and the pain that 

does consumes me. 

I know this world can sometimes be cruel and rude place to be . . . 

but if I don't break out of this cocoon and set 

myself free? How will the world ever see me for me? 

But I must first set myself free, so that the world 

can see all my true beauty... and when I do emerge from 

cocoon? A beautiful Black Butterfly is what I shall be. 

As I spread my wings and fly into the sky… Fly away fly, 

fly beautiful Black Butterfly. 

Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

Copyright ©2008 Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

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Catching Butterflies

catching the wind, lifting in flight,
with delicate wings soaring its heights,
looking up while searching below,
a crucial time to fly alone,
to ride the breeze is nothing new,
it's just what the butterflies born to do,
her landing never stays too long in one spot,
it moves to the next, and her beauty is caught,
at a glance, yet only for a moment,
these beautiful wings cannot be stolen,
the sun's rays shine down on her wings,
her colors illuminate the scenery,
leaning down to touch her,
the wind then picks up to rush her,
but never forgetting the beauty you've seen,
through the tears of the worlds pain and suffering,
revealing love for healings sake,
this moment in time was no mistake,
our tears released, a clear reflection,
the showings of God's love and compassion

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The Butterfly

Feeling grounded, weighted down. The world’s upon my shoulders.
Feel my footing loosing grip, I’m covered up in boulders.
The suffocating pain of life is almost too much to bear;
I’d leave this world of suffering but for the ones that care.

I’ve lost myself inside this storm. The winds are whirling round.
I feel so lost and cast-away. I’m sure I’ll not be found. 
Lacking Love, a heart neglected, it’s a dark and lonely place. 
I seek some light in this dark tunnel; looking for some grace. 

My youthfulness is fading. My hope is growing dimmer. 
I search the sky for one small star to wish upon that shimmers. 
My world is crumbling down around; inside I feel I’m dying.
I find it hard to leave my bed because I’m always crying. 

I seek security in life; to find the Promised Land.
I remember Happiness is a choice that is within my hand.
And like a butterfly slowing leaving the cocoon. 
I realize I can find myself; I can change just like the moon. 

Slowly, the layers peeling back, my wings begin to show.
The world is feeling lighter; the winds no longer blow.
The boulders crashing down are gone, I feel renewed and fearless.
The pain it’s gone; taken away, by love, hope and forgiveness. 

Smiles have replaced the tears, my life has renewed hope.
The colors of my wings they shine; with all things I can cope.
I learned to be the butterfly; my life could rearrange.
All I had to do was from the caterpillar change.

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A beautiful sunset, a painted picture in the sky. The clouds dared to take it away, but the sun shone through over this breathtaking horizon, I always knew with you, there would be a reason. I always believed in you, my heart whispers you are speaking the truth. I find blithe safety and trust in thee... please don't ever leave me. You'd miss this beautiful sunset, our memories you'd soon forget, would you want to risk that all? Giving up everything for nothing... who'd be there to help you up if ever you took a fall? Who'd be there, but me?... Who'd remember it all?... A cold wind sets in, I search for you... A ray of sun finds a sparkle of hope inside of my heart, I see you standing still, proud, and tall. There you are. A butterfly in my soul, how happy, how joyful. With this one last sunset before the end of our time, it paints a beautiful picture across the sky. Forever a butterfly fluttering, enchanting in my mind. And so you fly away, transforming in the light. Tears stream down my face, a broken heart, a sad goodbye. We will soon be together again, a promise until the end. Love will last forever, forever will find us in the end.

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Beauty of the butterfly

The butterfly glides gracefully
across a field full of flowers
My eyes become fixed upon the beauty
Which I could admire for days and hours
His wings are distinctly patterned
Setting him apart from all the rest
Coming off as though he's peaceful
continuing on to be his best
As I turn my head to look away
I look back to see it gone
It seems it left me here alone
Did I do something wrong?
Then low and behold down by my side
perched on the petal of a rose
Laying eyes upon one another
he then flew up and landed on my nose
Mr. Butterfly taught me a lesson
How life goes on by us fast
Live in the beauty that surrounds you
For tomorrow it will be the past.

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                                  	      With every thought
                                               Comes a rush of joy 
                                                 As I think of you 
			                      My love shall deploy
                                  Into your eyes so beautiful and wide 
                                Through your hair and down through your spine
			               Passing through your heart
                                         Here come's the love chart 
                                        Checking off every single part
                                                   Because to me
                                             Your body is a fine art
                                                    Head to toe        
                                                 you are so smart  
                                                  as I think of you
                                              I wish we could start

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				            Bound by ties
				      Not sure were they lay
				          If I could tell today
				     We may be able to stray
					   Together, away
				      Nothing could stop us
                                           Not on our way
				        No boundaries nor ties 
                                     Not on our beautiful day

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Gentle kisses Butterfly Light

Gentle kisses Butterfly Light
      Gentle kisses Butterfly Light....
Gentle kisses 
Butterfly light, 
Not all I desire, 
This dark, stormy night.

Let Go...Let Go
Let your passions take over
Let Go...Let Go 
Throwing myself at you...Yourself at Me
With a growl like a huntress from the Junglel! 

Feeling me as I enter, 
Carnal lust, 
Sensual pleasure 
Crying out with 
Every forceful thrust! 

'I love you'
'I want you'
'I must have you'

Feeling my lightning Rod, 
Hearing the thunder deep inside, 
The floodgates of passion open, 
Nothing to hide! 

Thoughts of only you cross thy mind 
This electric stormy night, 
Succumbing to your Butterfly kisses, 
Your touch by.. Butterfly light! 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Stunted growth, some seedlings need both sun and rain 
The sun went 
away, never returning again Seedlings into striplings 
grown warped and 
weak Striplings become plants, prospects bleak To bear fruit, to 
spread its own seed Was a forecast none could have 

 Until came a butterfly bold, beautiful, unique It cared 
not that the 
plant was weak It would land on plants upon whom others never settled 
Taking a chance, willing to test their mettle It thought 
that come 
spring the weak plant could bloom Giving nourishment and shelter the 
butterfly assumed
 On came the weak plant to fulfil the butterfly’s trust 
Grow stronger 
 and higher it knew it must For the butterfly was also 
bereft Nothing 
 but the weak plant had it left They stood alone together 
the plant 
 trying to grow The butterfly waited for changes to show
 Time elapsed, spring came and went
 The butterfly grew tired of all the time it had spent 
The butterfly 
 had kissed the plant with pollen and strength The weak 
plant hadn’t 
 bloomed, didn’t grown in length
 The weak plants roots sunk deep in soil too fallow The 
 couldn’t save one with potential so shallow Leave the 
weak plant, the 
 butterfly knew it must Find a strong plant in whom it 
knew it could 
 trust Alone the weak plant knew it would live Deep roots 
in bad ground 
 life would give However weak forever it would remain 
Hopes to grow 
 strong torn forever in twain