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Write with the Wit of Twain

The Wit of Twain I recollect, Pa always used to say There is no pay if you don’t stop your play Maybe figured I'd learned Knowledge not given but earned Life is a success if you don’t delay © 6/20/2015
Mark Twain Quote:*The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Contest Name: Write with the Wit of Twain Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © Eve Roper

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To Poets Who Say They Are Not Poets

The doorway to my mind,
once again shall be forever closed.
For words I used to fling,
like birds notes as they sing,
Have all been properly disposed.

This world that I tried to change,
has kept me hidden from its view.
So I would begin to think,
that my words just stink,
although that may not be actually true?

Thinking of myself as a poet
though maybe nothing more than a bumbling fool.
From my heart I would pour,
simple words to adore,
but perhaps I should have studied poetry in school.

Yet a sadness still grips my heart,
like a thorny rosebush as it grows.
With the beauty of its flowers,
growing skyward as it towers,
though near it no one ever goes.

Many poets say they are not poets.
I say this mere fact is simply untrue.
For the words you write,
are read with pure delight,
once written from the soul within you.

Written By:DannyBoy
Some guy who thought he was a poet
On 2-6-13

Copyright © Dan Kearley

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A Five Minute Poem

To create in five minutes, I wish
to come up with a nice yummy dish.
A limerick I do,
dear Russell, for you.
And I'm sorry it can't be de-lish!

(having problems getting this to post! Hopefully 
third time is a charm)

Written 5/11/13 for Russell Sivey's Five minute Challenge Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

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Pen flies when out of sight,
Boy, I hope that I'm right.
No award for me,
What a shame that'd be,
At least I gave it all my might.

Copyright © Ashley Petersen

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Go tell it on the mountain
That – twenty eleven is for Robin! 
Once I was on the road to perdition
And my mind was wrought
But then saw I the light
Shinning so bright
And all was right.
Now that I have got myself a gun
I will shoot my way to Zion
Roaring like a lion!
Yeah - I am not afraid of Babylon
For mine eyes have seen her ruin.

I want uncommon heroes for twenty eleven
All dead and slain!
For his marvelous patience – Darwin
And for his unconquerable faith – Saint Campion
Edgar Allan Poe – for his crazy imagination
Just in case someday I will have to bleach my skin
I will add Michael Jackson
Ofcourse I wont forget Mrs. Simpson
Lest I fall in love and it will be my ruin.

Mine vision won’t be written on the wall
Unlike that of Habakkuk the Prophet
But I will inscribe it in my heart
Lest it will be seen and copied by all.
For I have been taught not to trust
By the lady whose smile is so bright!

And don’t let it be forgot
That when faced with reality.
I managed to wring out of life
A promise of eternity 
To my utmost relief.

After I thought all I thought 
And felt all l felt at the end of twenty ten
What philosophers call reflection
I resolved! No, I firmly purposed! Yes - I determined to write!
But write what?
Does it matter - will write myself a verse, a story, or even a sermon
Because of all the titles given to men
The tag writer appeals to me the most!
And if this be vanity
Then make the most of it!

Copyright © Robin Tinavo Mashingaidze

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Poetry Soup Friends

My Soup friends are out of sight
When I’m lonely in the night...
Their poems I read
And come up to speed
And everything seems alright

Poems in shapes and sizes
Poets in different guises
Some are sizzling hot
Others hit the spot
Yet all deserve some prizes

Some write of nature and plants
Not one about the dear ants
Some hot body parts
Some mention the arts
While others write raves and rants

Each has a story to tell
And they write it oh, so well
Word play is our craft
Sometimes we are daft
To leave? There's no way in hell!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian

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Inspiration Hibernation

What happened to my inspiration
Is causing me great perspiration
My mind is a blank
No one can I thank
For my creative hibernation

© 2013 Rick Zablocki

Copyright © Rick Zablocki

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Write Away

by Ralph Taylor
Contest: Inspired

When I want to write and the urge is there,

there's one place I go, so I can prepare.
      It's a spot I know
      that makes the words flow

I just go sit, in my reclining chair.

I don't really know why, it happens that way.

Why it's easy to think, what I have to say.
     To write something new,
     all I have to do

is mount my recliner and write away!

Copyright © RALPH TAYLOR

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Put it all together

Arrangements of words can exist  
So limericks end with a twist
This jolt to the brain
Is the final refrain
Of a punch line not to be missed

Copyright © Duke Beaufort

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Writing a Limerick

The rules are quite simple, of how you write a fine Limerick, now. Be sure, take your time to find the right rhyme. The reader then has to go - WOW! ~
For Black Eyed Susan's Competition.

Copyright © Charles Clive

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Names on Contests, Yuchers

Once again I write what I think Include your name, hell that stinks It should all be read blind Just imagine the finds Leave the Judges purely in think <*> All contests should be read blind, unless a Workshop named!

Copyright © James Fraser

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We write

Today we write in rhyme
To get it right this time
To remember it well
And assemble it well
So we don't commit a crime

Copyright © Quentin Ehlinger

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Poetry Soup Guffaws

My Soup friends are out of sight
When I’m lonely in the night
Their poems I read
And come up to speed
And everything seems alright

Poems in shapes and sizes
Poets in different guises
Some are really hot
Their words hit the spot
So welcome to the prizes!!

Some write of nature and plants
Though not one about the ants 
Some hot body parts
Some mention the arts
While others write raves and rants

Each has a story to tell
Most poets are really swell 
Some write about sex
Their great big "dog" Rex
Or how love has turned to hell!

There are lots of contests too
One’s sure to appeal to you
Footles may be fun
Word games and a pun
I stick to the tried and true

I cannot write on demand
Or my muse will have me canned
I write what I feel
And that is my deal
But well wishes to this band! 

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian

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I once wrote a poem about poop Not a 'suitable subject' for soup It’s something we all do So I’ll write about pooh Now a contest – Roy I’m cock a hoop! NOT FOR CONTEST 26th July 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON

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One For Kicks

I know a bird who sways and swings
He jumps and kicks and flaps his wings
He cannot fly in stormy weather
He cannot strut his fluffy feathers
So instead he sits and sings.

Copyright © Don Davidson

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Some you win, Some you don't

Poetry contests we enter with zest
And hopefully write to our best
Sometimes we don't win
So our re-writing begins
Some poets, just over protest

This poem is about another site I had joined, where poets went
in the huff when their poems never got any attention. So many 
thanks to Constance for prompting me to write this.
Needless to say, I don't post there anymore.

Copyright © James Fraser

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To die before you die is worse then death itself.
Time doesn’t stop as you are sprung backwards.
Now you have to climb forward. 
Desperately yearning to revert to your normal self.
Desperately wanting something to spring you back to where you were, happy. 

Copyright © Sean Fahrnebruch

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Berth Write/limerick

There was a young wordsmith from Perth
who when writing would question the worth
of words from the thesaurus
he so hoped would awe us
though placed in a substandard berth

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless

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My Passion - Poetry

I love poetry with a passion, so much That I write it every day as such I really get into it The very thought of it As if I’m writing without a crutch I write a poem with great expression Writing all about my extreme passion For writing a poem I have to show’em I can write about anything of a fashion
Russell Sivey Entrant into ???'s "My Passion" contest 2/26/2012

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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I'm Gonna Write On, Write On

Oh darn I have lost again It's all starting to become such a pain All my beautiful writes Turned out to be ***** Maybe tomorrow may not be in vain

Copyright © James Fraser