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Lost Limerick Poems | Limerick Poems About Lost

These Lost Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Lost. These are the best examples of Lost Limerick poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Baa-lair and His Lost Sheep

There once was a leader called Blair To the Iraqi war he declared Like little lost sheep None of his party did weep Not one was found dead lying there

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The House Of Ene

There was a woman named Ene,
Mr. Ferguson she did follow,
She lost all her house,
Much space she's without,
Let's feel for Mrs. Ene Ferguson!

Now this lady named Ene,
Mr. Ferguson she did dream,
Her house hard to clean,
Yelling a maid she not be!
Let's feel for Mrs. Ene Ferguson.

So our woman named Ene,
Ole Mr. Ferguson, a hoarder he be!
Her house is a mess,
To fight she confessed and lost I digress,
Let's all feel sorry for Mrs. Ene Ferguson!

Razorblade © 2012

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Limerick: Once Anchor-Woman at Sea Anne-Anne

Limerick : Once Anchor-Woman at Sea Anne-Anne

Once Anchor-Woman at Sea Anne-Anne
Called Main-Chain-In-Vain-Gain-Mane-Rain-Van
Pulled anchor, lost finger
Put in place cucumber
Now sucks lost finger to spew news ban.

©  T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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Limerick: Once a Miser lost hoard of halfpence

Limerick : Once a Miser lost hoard of halfpence

Once a Miser lost hoard of halfpence
Looked high and low and over the fence
When at last he found it
It wasn’t worth his spit
Ha’penny tipper got his comeuppance

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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The Intent Is Lost!

No event!  No audience!  Brain spasm! 
Is it fun for the sponsor that has 'em?
Folks numerically judge.
Presentations with grudge -
Slam without performance is a chasm.

How in cyberspace can one perform his poem?
Can U-tube audiences judge random? 
There must be an event.
That is the slam intent.
Otherwise, it becomes aimless, gruesome.

There once was a poet who disliked slam.
She slammed anyway while eating eggs and ham.
I was told by a bird -
She got choked on her word.
Too bad it was not performed for the cam!

© July 21, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

A SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO OUR POETRY SOUP TEAM for their continued support of the art of poetry in all of its forms and for their sensitivity to the needs of poets on Poetry Soup.  SLAM POETRY is about performance.  It is about beliefs and opinions...NOT just about dissing.  Some SLAM Poetry is purely beautiful.  I visited the link posted on their recent blog.  It was a marvelous experience.  SMILES

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Our Lost Women

The oldest trade in historical times
In many places it still is a crime
     Defrocked from their gowns
     Some even took it lying down 
It's the sad ladder of life some climb

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The Republic of Jenish, the lost resort

Once there was an intellect called smoke, the philosopher
Architect of a new republic of peace by dare
Shunting viruses by tolerance
Eliminating interferences by endurance
Bloody this domain is for gladiators

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Lust and Greed

Lust and greed drives the hearts of man
We get our fingers into everything we can

We have all we need yet we want more
And we have no idea for what is in store

All this lust and greed has Calloused our soul
In the process we have lost all control

There is no longer humanity
Have we finally lost all sanity?

What no one can see through the gloom
Is the dark impending doom

It is closes all around
It soon will completely surround

We have nothing with which to fight
Even though this is a battle we did incite 

We are no longer the light
We have become a blight


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The Lost Poet

There once was a poet named Sue
Who wanted to write a haiku.
But her Nature was such
She didn't know much,
And was lost as to just what to do.