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Limerick Animal Poems | Limerick Poems About Animal

These Limerick Animal poems are examples of Limerick poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Limerick Animal poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There was a baboon in my bed,
I thought it appeared to be dead,
So I turned out the light,
But it chattered all night
And swung off the curtains instead.

For PD’s Silly poem contest

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The python hung down from the tree,
It hissed and it scared little me,
I gave it a whack,
To make it turn back,
And have someone else for its tea.

For Russell’s Five Minute Challenge, 11th May

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Seeing the posting of the zoo unicorn
Could not wait to go see his horn
My eyes just could not believe
The boy I had  been deceived
Poor horse got thrown a lot of popcorn

 a Linda-Marie   = (contest) =

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Goofy Kangaroo

God had a great sense of humor when He created the large goofy kangaroo.
He gave it donkey ears, a deer’s face, teeny tiny hands and eyes of goo goo.
Then there is the kangaroo’s big honking feet which cause it to hop instead of run.
Don’t forget it’s long humongous tail that looks like the back end of a giant python.
Finally there is the mama kangaroo’s front pouch for the safety of the baby roo.

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Hello Kitty

There was a cat from the city
who thought she was purrfectly pretty
But a dog  chased her down
Almost running her out of town
And that did upset Miss Kitty

You best be believin'
That Miss Kitty got even
 She rounded up a cat posse
And they  scratched up the doggie
Now the poor mutt is grievin'

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The Vet

Heard them say that I’m off to the vet
It’s for my annual booster you bet
He is fetching the lead
Here he comes yes indeed
And into the car I do get

I do not like the car very much
Travel sickness I get just a touch
If they take me to far
I’ll be sick in this car
But I just can’t help it as such

We arrive at the vets safe and sound
I drag slowly for this I have found
It’s a waste of time 
Going to the vets is a crime
I’d rather be back in the pound

Now there putting me on the scale
The nurse says I’m as fat as a whale
This is no fun
I just want to run
But alas I must sit on my tail

At last I’m led into that room
I know that it not for a groom
They lift me on the table
For to climb I’m not able
At last I fear it is doom

The vet has moved round behind
That thermometer looks none to kind
He says it won’t hurt
In a manner that’s curt
Now the thermometer they cannot find

Next it’s the jab in the neck
I could bite him but what the heck
It’s all over now
It’s much worse for a cow
As I leave the surgery I wreck

Then just as I’m off to the door
I hear the vet say one thing more
He needs more exercise
To decrease his size
To hell with that that’s for sure

So back in the car to go home
I feel my mouth starting to foam
Then I’m sick on the floor
Someone open the door
In this car I just hate to roam

Now free of the car I need the loo
The fresh green grass will do
As I open my bowel 
The smell is quite fowl
The thermometers there in my pooh

So home again I will take to my chair
Relax and unwind as is fair
Too much stress for today
Just want to sleep and lay
For the exercise I just do not care

So my trip to the vet I’ve relayed
My owner took me and has paid
So leave me in peace
All wrapped up in my fleece
For my sleep has to long been delayed

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Cats Outside My Window

I wake at two a.m
Cats outside my window
Fighting screeching moaning
Honey, what the heck is going on
I don't know
But, could you stop with all the singing

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New York City is overrun by rats!

   And is driving the poor citizens bats.

      Guv'mint will botch extinction.

         They ne'er act with distinction.

            I'd suggest they bring in legions of cats!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Chicken Crossing

A chicken one day went out walking
But chicken was too busy talking
He walked on the road
And then he got mowed
Poor chicken then ceased all his bawking

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A Dumb Squirrel

The Squirrel climbed a tree in a dash 
While climbing he got a big gash 
He went to the store
In through the door
But soon found he forgot his cash

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A Sguirrel Named Merl

" How do you do?" "My name is Merl."
I'm not a tree rat; I'm a squirrel.
To hunters, I'm screamin,
"Please eat more chicken!"
"Never mind, you shoot like a girl."

I should build my nest in a tree
but your attic looks better to me.
A fight? It's your call.
I'm a little buzz saw.
Remember; nuts are my favorite treat!

July 15, 2014
Contest: Animals Alive
Sponsor: Carol Eastman

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A Good Girl

Connie is actually a good girl.
She races horses around a barrel.
Why? I really do not know.
It’s some kind of cowgirl show.
Otherwise, Connie is a normal girl.

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A Dog And A Cat And A Flea

A dog and a cat and a flea,
All sat down to some tea,
They all ate some ham,
With some bread and some jam,
And were all as content as can be.

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Animal Magnetism

A pet more exotic I'd wanted.

A pet to be groomed and then flaunted.

not a dog or a cat

something cooler than that!

I began my search feeling undaunted

In a pet store I came on a ferret.

Such a pain he was! How did I bear it?

Under doors and through cracks

He'd escape from me. AAAACH!!

So I traded him in for a parrot.

Well, the parrot just wanted to fly!

And that bird knew more bad words than I.

When he called me a whore,

I threw open the door:

“Now you’re getting your wish, Bird. BYE BYE!

A boa constrictor I bought,

He’d like to be cuddled, I thought,

But he wrapped and he squeezed,

As I gasped and I wheezed,

And offered the rat that I’d caught.


A bowl of piranha I won -

I played Baccarat with a nun -

And they wiggled their bums,

So I tickled their tums,

But bones ’stead of fingers aint fun.

My elderly aunt sent a text,

Suggesting tarantulas next,

But my spider alas,

Took a bite of my ass:

My pet-owning hobby is hexed.

I went to the pet shop, I swear,

But nothing I wanted was there -

To my pets I am prey,

So I went on eBay,

And purchased a big teddy bear.

for Darkness' Grab A Partner collaboration contest, written with a good Soup friend

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The old hen

There was an old hen in a coop,
Her favourite dinner was soup,
And the eggs in her nest
Were the biggest and best,
But covered in inches of poop.

For Susan’s contest

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A Cow Named McKuen

There once was a cow named McKuen
Whose cud she was always a'chew'n.
Till one day in her lane
We asked please explain,
Said she, "It shor beats a stand'n 'n moo'n."

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Pasta cat

There was a large cat from Llanelli
Who was terribly fond of spaghetti
One day out of menace
He travelled to Venice
Where he dined in the sun on a jetty.

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there once was

there once was...

there once was a rooster from Nantucket
with vocal stylin's, it only could cluck it
it cocked and it crowed
strutin' loud 'round abode
'til the farmer's wife's axe did awestruck it

© Goode Guy 2013-01-28

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Easter Hijinks

While I was out watching the children hunt for Easter eggs,
The neighbor’s dadgum dog kept trying to hump my leg.
A nasty stray alley cat killed the doggone Easter bunny.
For some strange reason the kids thought that was funny.
Then my good wife brought me an ice cold beer straight from the keg. 

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A Ghoulish Meal

It is kind of ghoulish, kind of funky,
To cook and eat a darn monkey.
It is not half bad if you like goat meat.
I would suggest you try the legs and forego the feet.
You can’t call it lean meat because it’s somewhat chunky. 

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In A Land Far Away Is A Tree

In a land far away is a tree,
In which there lives a small bee,
His continuous buzz,
Is the work that he does,
It seems like a good job to me.

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A Day At a Zoo

We went to the zoo
We met this tiger named sue
She was roaring at this man’s 
She clearly meant no harm
Maybe next time he should 
cover his tiger tattoo 

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Dinosaurs From A To Z

My research reveals there's an Allosaurus

   And a dinosaur called a Zupaysaurus.

      As you can readily see,

         I have searched from A to Z,

            But am yet to find one called a Thesaurus!

Entry for Roy Jerden's "Limericks Clean and Clever" Contest

(10 Nov 2014)

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Elephants - two limericks

An irascibelephant whom no-one could trust
Had a whim to run amok, or bust!
Though roundly condemned by his peers as a skunk,
From interception they’d cowardly shrunk,
Saying simply, “Old boy, if you musth, then you musth!”
2. Elephants have as  a favourite pursuit
A fondness for tasty  doum palm fruit,
Though when of this delight they are sated,
The tuskers can become quite inebriated,
And stagger home in enormous wobbly-boots! 

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Poor Mouse

I decided that a silly poem I would write About a mouse who wanted to fly a kite Up, up went the mouse Right over the house Last seen hanging on with all of his might...
For the Silly Poem contest..

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Baddy Paddy

Paddy O’Briar was a stinking drunk,
Who would get as doggone crazy as a rabid skunk;
Then he would dance a wee Irish jig,
Have sexual relations with a pig,
And spend a restless night on a jailhouse bunk.

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The Midnight Hour

Late in the midnight hour
When fear gains its greatest power
Dreams transform into nightmares
And tiny mice become gigantic bears
Causing sleeping children to cry and cower. 

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Highlander Jockey

There once was a Highlander Jockey Like his stallion, brazen and cocky Sorry for being coarse I am hung like my horse So boastful, and all walkie talkie * Written 20/05/14 *

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I Call Him BoJo

I met a young fellow not that long ago.
His name was Bocephus but he told me to call him Bo.
He could sing a real great country song.
I could sit and listen to him sing all day long.
I named my new hound dog after him, I call him BoJo.

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Jock with his Cock

There was once a Scotsman called Jock Who was always stroking his cock But when the clock struck ten He then turned to his hen The egg basket is now restocked . 05/07/2014

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The hunters search for glory

The hunter’s search for glory

Now here is a little story
Of a hunter’s search for glory
He shot at a bear
But didn’t take care
And then the story turned gory.

13 March 2014 @ 1520hrs.

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Girl From Nantucket

I once knew a girl from Nantucket 
Who chased down a goose, just to pluck it
As she ran, took a spill
So he gave her a quill
And I guess we all know, where he stuck it

Just not clean enough for contests---lol

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Elmer the Frog

All the reptiles gathered round
When Elmer the frog hopped into town.
There never was such bloated glee
As Elmer croaked his history,
Then from his pad fell and drown.

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Long ago in Booville lived a Doo
Doo had a friend named Rue-Foo
Rue-Foo was obsessed with candy
But he was never handy
Then Rue-Foo found a mooing Phu-boo

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Trio of limericks

Trio of Limericks.

Saving money

There was an old fellow named Dave
He found a dead chook in a cave
It smelled just a bit
But he had to admit
That a whole lot of coin he did save.

When Andy got randy

There was an old sheep dog named Andy
He had such a liking for brandy
One day he got drunk 
And lord how he stunk
Cause with an old skunk he got randy.

Poor lady

Once an old lady named Faye
Who ate like a horse every day
This day she did choke
And it was no joke
Her corpse in a heap now does lay.

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hilly Billy

I had a goat whose name was Billy
who grazed in places that were hilly
he never complained
in sunshine or rain
and he even ate all of the lilies

But one day Billy got into the pot
and then he stumbled around like a sot
He ate all my weed
he was greedy indeed
 So now he is stewing with the carrots   

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TOAD In the midst of an island there sat a huge toad He'd have gone for a walk but there wasn't a road So he hopped from his perch But he fell with a lurch Now he lies in state on what'll be Flat Toad's Road © ELR 2013

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THE PIG There was an old farmer who raised a fat pig He took it to market in a fine wooden rig He needed to sell it come hell or high water 'Cause he couldn't afford the cost of the fodder He sold that fine rig - what became of the pig? © ELR 2013

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Limerick Tilly

Have an old boxer dog named Tilly
Whose loud snores are driving me silly
Tried those nasal strips
But they wouldn’t stick
The look she gave me was quite chilly

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A small white deer

There once was a small white deer Who no one could quite get near She was very fleet On her four wee feet And was seen only once a year

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Trying to teach a dog tricks

A fellow got into a
Trying to teach his
dog some new tricks
His canine named
Refused to roll over
And seemed totally
blind to thrown

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The Crow

I once heard a knock at my door
And there was a crow repeating "No more"
I was so taken aback
I hit him with a rack
And sent him crashing right on the floor!


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ROGER THE KANGAROO There was an old boomer named Roger He'd hop from his wife and he'd dodge her She'd need him to help with the joeys But he'd rather have beers with his mateys That selfish old boomer named Roger c ELR 2013

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Tragedy at the Petting Zoo

No matter a man's call or profession
He must use all the proper protection 
Ask the zookeeper why
For he lost his left eye
When the elephant got an erection

Made for Bawdy
Poetry II Contest on

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The Frog Who Could See His Future

While watching man jog to his friend
A frog croaked a future portend
Man finished his jog
By sitting on log
And that’s how the frog met his end

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A Woman Named Flo


There once was a woman named  Flo 
Who did it by the way that you know 
She had a long nose 
And alligators in tow 
Who ate her nose and each of her toes! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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THE PIG - 2 There was a fat pig who escaped at the market He jumped from the rig when the farmer did park it He ran dodging and swinging All while laughing and singing: "This fat little piggy ain't going to market!" © ELR 2013

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The cat, sat on the settee, glaring at the dog and the dog lying on the mat, half opened his eyes and glared back, at the cat

Then they both stared at me, sitting in a chair, combing my fair hair, without a care, so I did the same and gave them a stare 

We are like that, myself, the dog and the cat, we stare at each other and all that

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Limerick: Once a Mom Tigress spurned her lame-born cub

Limerick: Once a Mom Tigress spurned her lame-born cub

			for Commandant Cousteau’s son

Once a Mom Tigress spurned her lame-born cub 
Wild Life Champ admitted cub to his club
Took cub under his wing
Till she could wildly spring:
Club members now learn to swing the knobbed club.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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A fellow named Joe

There was once a fellow named Joe 
Who saved money for an expensive bow                                                
The bow was awesome
Used to kill an opossum                                 
Which won him a trophy in a show 

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Judge's Disclaimer

My friend, the judge, made this disclaimer
Since she worked with beasts, who could blame her
“In there it’s too rough
So I’ve had enough.
I’m done being a ly’in tamer!”