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Life Tree Poems | Life Poems About Tree

These Life Tree poems are examples of Life poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Life Tree poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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fallen fruit exists
earthen harvest and ground meet
jars in the pantry


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Seeing Autumn's oak adorn

Painting sky before I was born,
Draping my grave in leaf and acorn.

Contest: Crystalline
Sponsor: Rick Parise

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Oak Tree

     the Oak  Tree

You were always someone special
In the midnight hours in my dream
I could really feel the tension
A tree, a limb, a friend
No matter how hard life came at me
There you stood perfectly
Letting me lean up against your stand
I will never forget the day you swayed the first hi 
I talked as if you were hearing
A tree, a piece of wood in my path
A punching bag
My Oak Tree you will always be

One day in my sorrowed life 
I stopped by just to reminisce 
Your beauty, I find so divine
Your leaves took me backwards
I fell in love with your soul all over again
With a beauty, I find so divine 
Hope you will always be there my friend
Indulging the felling you transcend 
A cold spot never found in you
Re-breathing your surround, no need to make a sound
The power you have when you make my heart mend
My Oak Tree you will always be my friend

In the lowest day of my life
I went on a secret walk to look for comfort
The beauty of you is no longer there
Walking around with an extra deep pain of hurt
Not sure how one could bare such a loss
Dropping myself to my Knees upon the dirt
An empty spot is the only thing there
My friend I thought you would always be there 
How can they take you away from this world?
A lonely field
No root, no seed
Loneliness no one to lean up against
You will no longer be there
How could they cut down, my friend?
My friend the Oak Tree.

Where are your seeds?


Details | Ottava rima | |

The Morning Mist

The morning's mists
mix with the
woodland's scent
To fill me with such
wondrous happiness;
I see her wet but
gentle hands are
And reaching out to
touch with
The trees, and fills
my heart with
At how her fingers
curl with
To stroke the ragged
faces of the rocks,
Or run her dewy
fingers through the

{Written by Isaiah
Zerbst for the
poetry contest
"Through the Mist"
on the 20th of
August, 2014.}

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Little Blue Pill

Went through a phase....thought maybe I should live life to the fullest,
and stop giving away 8 hours of each day, towards sleeping.

After the first week of sleep deprivation,
Buddha and Jesus both appeared simultaneously,
started following me wherever I went-
couldn't tell between hallucinations and reality.

Buddha helped write my final exams,
and Jesus always made sure that I didn't forget to eat.

After the second week, I was floating above my body....
no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fall asleep anymore-
didn't just have second and third winds....I was having winds 
to the 99th power extreme.
Jesus was telling me to try again and again,
while Buddha told me to hang in there,
for Nirvana was just around the corner.

Asked my buddy for some help,
and he gave me this little blue pill -
don't even touch aspirin anymore.

Well, the pill knocked me right out! 
Tried so hard to fight against it,
having some doubts about what I had just swallowed.

Metallic galaxies of inner stars began pulling at my eyelids,
adding their massive core-gravity to my temples.
Red turned to black inside of my mind,
as little globules of pulsing light
floated before my inner-eye.
d      o      w      n,
down, I spiralled,
thinking about picking cherries from the apple tree in Eden....
beautiful Japanese Geishas propping up the ladder
that pointed down into the rabbit hole.
Up was down,
as cherries were apples?
The branches of the tree resembled its roots in the ground-
perfect mirrors of each other,
as I sat in both places at once;
dream double looking back at me.

ZZzzzzZzzzzZZzzzZZZz....for almost 62 hours straight.
Must have lived a thousand lives in those dreams.
Woke up, wasn't sure if I was still sleeping?
Awoke into sweat and stale urine.
Started falling asleep in school.
Fell asleep at work.
Once you swallow the blue pill,
you can never go back-
the rabbit hole stretches into eternity.

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Revive the Breakage

High upon the highest heights I see the most tremulous sight A small girl, fair and tranquil Smiling strangely, sitting still Beneath a sobbing willow tree She recites a verse upon her knee She sings a rhythmic hymn Not of death, nothing grim But prays that life will return Even for those who are doomed to burn The girl is a woman now Beneath the tree and upon the cloud She whispers, “I am watching you” Why then are you so blue? A single tear of sadness and joy Rejuvenate the quirky earthly boy Who sits down beneath the blooming tree Listening to her silent voice attentively She reminds him she was once young too That she also was a misty shade of blue But when the boy grows into man He has come to ignore the fair woman Who watches him still from above Burning and swelling with disdainful love The ways of the world have sweltered his heart And time has torn his soul apart Thus he has lost all innocence and light Battling his sinful lust—an endless plight! I watch as he feeds on others’ pains and fears Reducing the vigilant woman to tears The prayer of the innocent has been ignored Life has died and hellfire stored Into the hearts of the impotent In blue, fires of haze their heart is sent Toiling in misery and lament Savaged and severed by our regret The heavenly woman grows old and frail And the man still treads the sinful trail As the rotting tree withers into dust Can I revive it? –I must! Low as low can possibly be I watch myself condescendingly A tombstone, gray and hell-bent Frowning knowingly in bewilderment Above the dust that once was a tree She cries out a verse anxiously Faintly she whispers the undying hymn Not of happiness, nothing of whim And prays that life will come to end For those that break instead of bend

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Tree of Life

Yggdrasil tree of wisdom; tree of secrets and tree of strife; eat her fruit, the mind will grow; all her secrets, she will show. Her tentacles, like gray brain matter; give knowledge that all life, will shatter. In right hands, this world, will grow; in wrong hands, destruction flows. Take great heed of what you do; this world is left, to me and you.

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Dorsiventrally Flattened Leaf

From once lush green, vibrantly alive This dorsiventrally flattened leaf never dies It's fragility, nursed to allow ~ Such patience from the artist abounds By blade and pin such creativity thralls Again, it's decaying membranes reach out and touch From the tree of life, this leaf lives on . Written about the craftsmanship of Omid Asadi whom creates amazing Art from leaves.

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I stand tall like a bamboo tree,
Strong winds make my body to sway,
Storm makes me blown away,
But I still stand like a bamboo tree.

Trials, problems that I faced everyday,
I have the strength to pursue it anyway,
The dreams that I have in mind,
Though it’s simple but it's one of a kind.

Insults, negative people may put me down,
On my head, I still have my precious  crown,
God gave me the courage to be strong,
Like a bamboo tree it sways bravely.

I stand tall and firm with my decision, 
To be successful because of my determination,
No one can destroy my aim in life, I tell you my friend,
Like a bamboo tree I survived, I can till the end.

September 16, 2012
5th Place
For Nathan's "Any Poem #3" Contest

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Nursery Rhyme - The Hunkydory Bear

I will tell a funny story of a bear that's hunkydory
How 'e lives a life of comfort in a pickle on a tree
When the summer comes 'e fishes, an' 'e eats 'em off o' dishes
Till the day 'e ran in 'orror from 'is shadow on the sea

So 'e trundled of gallumphing, till 'e couldn't run for 'uffing
And 'e settled down in Puddington where honeyed puddings grow
There 'e lived a life so royal, till his dream began to spoil
For 'e longed to have a mamma bear with cubby bears in tow

'E trotted to the pickle-tree, that shady spot beside the sea
An' asked about if any knew his fav'rite childhood chum
'Is special bear at last 'e found, and knelt upon the berry-ground
An' there besought if she would be a wifey bear and mum

A mummey bear she'd gladly be, she'd mend 'is clothes and make 'is tea
And have as many fuzzy bairns as God saw fit to bless
So off they went to Pudding Town, the bear and wife, now Mrs. Brown
Which place they 'ad their little bairns, and lived in 'appiness

First place in Nursery Rhyme contest.

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Initials on a Tree

I sign your initials on an old tree And surround it with a heart of desire I want the world out there to come and see The world needs to see our heart completely That’s been put on this tree with love and fire I sign your initials on an old tree People want to view this tree tenderly It’s not like the tree sits on any mire I want the world out there to come and see Heart is formed with love eventually The tree should never be placed on a pyre I sign your initials on an old tree Formed are letters of our names perfectly All the letters put on smoothly not dire I want the world out there to come and see The world can see our kind heart lovingly Our love together shall never expire I sign your initials on an old tree I want the world out there to come and see
Russell Sivey Entered into Anne Currin's "Anne's Favorite Poetry Form: Villanelle! (Any Subject)" contest 3/24/2013

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I have dropped my pains on pages of poems,
the ink in my pen treasures my groans,the 
quill is my sword, with edges sharp enough
to sculpt the perfect picture, the quill is the
only thing you got when those devils try to 
get ya, the only warmth when those men or
women forget ya, I bet ya a million bucks 
and yes it sucks, but poetry is more than
just writing, its healing, remedy of feeling, 
dealing with the worst of you,  quenched the
thirst of you, a doctor or a nurse to you, 
sometimes you  get delusions and think it
gave birth to you, as it pours on its immensity
of worth on you, that's what enchanting words
will do.

One day I gave poe to a dying tree 
now it has grown it looks fine to me, boy oh 
boy the tree said to me, if it wasn't for your 
poe in tree  another day I wouldn't have seen,
but now I have STRONG roots running below
city's a million  feet strong and a billion feet 
long and I can stand to bear the blues jay on 
my branches, with songs all day long, I wrote his 
song it went like this poe in tree poe in tree gave
ETERNAL bliss to thee, oh by the way, I am
the tree saved by poe in tree poetry poetry

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"Evil Twin"

"Spiritual Narrative"

After life began,  appeared “Evil Twin” mind’s obvious sin
‘Evil’  naught of nothing, using the power of love’s “something”
Giving rise to evil self, far to left, image of self
Love created, but mind deviated, it’s love abated

Love’s logic created Soul, but I am so bold, left heart’s gold
Lost in a wilderness mind, became the Soul of evil twin
Lost in it’s philosophies, mind’s logic of complexities
Has philosophically debated, Love that created

Saying, ‘how can this Love be the reality of me
I shall exalt above, this creation of heaven’s Love’
But crucifixion of mind regains Love’s self in time
As the mind is refined, Soul is re-aligned, with Love’s vine

Man’s discoveries, pieces of the recoveries, of true self
As pieces of the mind crucified, must learn to abide
From Love light’s truth  cannot hide, reality has not lied
Being one with reality, God true technicality
Evil self is naught, except, in a mind of worldly thoughts
Live of your mind if your will, create life’s bitter pill
Your bitter pill will not spill, into Sacred Heart’s will
This proverb is proverbial,  `Tis non swerve able

Within one’s love, one must abide, for on death’s cross it was tried
Also mind must abide, for on the cross was proven it lied
Death and life was set before, human mind to explore
To show evil twin, death’s sin, just no way for death to win

Make a tree good or make a tree evil, for is by man’s choice
Lie on God if your will,   lie `Tis your own bitter pill’
`Tis by your own choice, by your own voice, `Good or Evil’
Death failed, life’s tree stands still, on yonder hill, alive and well


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Haiku 9 Life

lodgepoles pines fall 
dead, beetle attack, new life
emerges -- aspens

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Love Is Who You Are ( NOT, Just Something You Do ) Part 2

The mind has become a problem,
This ghost and goblin,
Throughout Love’s land!

The mind’s imagination, 
Took over,
Love’s invitation,
By a tree of divided information!
It’s like, being love,
But having a relation,
With life and death information!

There was a tree of strife,
Placed in the midst of love’s life,
For purpose of decision,
That caused the house of division!

But a decision was given, to twiddle dee,
For love you see,
Is what the mind’s twiddle dee, be!
But he must see,
By experience, what is best to be,
For the sot has forgotten,
His beloved soul with his cotton,
Love’s seed of the begotten!

For, for the mind to be,
He must truly see,
The love he be!
For love already knows,
As the mind only blows,
What love’s life is yet to learn!
For love created the life,
That mind turned to strife!

With mind being only a part to life,
Let no man deceive you with vain words,
The old man needs a good purge,
Then his life would surge,
With a holy urge,
to be the love of his life,
Not a goblin of strife!

We are love,
From the inside,
What mind tries to hide,
On the outside!

God the I am is love,
From above,
The same as I am inside,
My, I am is love!
But what I be,
Sometimes is twiddle dee,
Of the mind on the outside,
The real me, I try to hid!
Like Adam and Eve,
With the fig leaves!

We must learn to confide,
On the inside,
By the outside,
To be the love that we are,
From the inside,

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Beyond My Mind

Blue or green? The color of the sea, Going up and down the waves, To be my unexpected mood, Sweet or sour the feeling of me. The question of my mind hitting it through the divine, The passion of art inside a deep mind, With full of imaginations, Hitting me through left and right. Perspective comes along with me, Seeing it in my mind, Looking at the blank paper, My emotions run down the pages, Forgetting my visions along, Looking down on paper, Loosing my focus , Is getting hard to draw. Speaking with my wild heart wide open, Thinking of the world we live in today, Standing amongst the people not knowing what to say, Hearing the music flowing into my ears, Beating myself inside these walls of hate, Wanting my eyes to cry with full of tears, Hating to be on this earth, Seeing people fade away, Sinking through lies in my face, Stabbing me in the back when I need them the most, Seeing people with unwanted faith through their eyes, Anger comes my way, Looking down at the world with full of questions in my head, Going crazy with frustration and confusion of me questioning God, Deep inside my heart is burning with poison, Is breaking me apart like glass, At peace without a path in mind, Falling down somewhere here that I never belong, I'm not perfect yet, I like to lead not to follow others. Life is like a tree that grows inside me, Leafs on the tree come and go like people in my life, Taking the road of life, Things can change in a minute, When I look away, My goals would fade away, Going back letting noting stand on my way, Trying harder to focus on my goals, Looking around with a smile on, Reaching my goals slowly without a distraction.

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Nature's Harmony

By the majestic mountain Are some yellow trees Beautiful in their austere They sway in the breeze Their life sits purely To find a love such as this Nature’s harmony
Russell Sivey

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Cavemen thought only of self preservation and sex.
In someway evolution was faltered.
Man learned to measure:

You cannot hold an inch, or a mile,
you cannot see a pound, or a ton.
They are but measurements.
They do not exist but in our understanding 
our understanding of what they are.
You can hold a stick that is an inch long.
Yet, it is only a stick, and not an inch.
You can see a tree that is a mile away,
but it is a tree and not a mile.
A pound of butter is only butter and the pound 
is but the measurement of its weight and is invisible.

So is the same for innocence and evil ;
Innocence is love in ones heart for others
and how far a heart can stray from love is evil. 

Measurements of love.

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Wishing, Hoping, Praying

I wish so badly that I was dead
Found in a tree hung under head
The tender kiss felt from a rope
Its for this end that I do hope
To end the pain felt day to day
Its for my death that I do pray
So I am wishing, hoping and praying
That from a tree ill soon be swaying
Its not the fear of being dead
Its living life that I do dread
Its living in this hell on earth
To the day I die back to my birth
And all the days in between
Make this life seem so obscene
So when the day does finally come
And to my wish I do succumb
Ill look and find a hopeful tree
Then ill pray on bended knee
Ill climb the tree a limb up high
And to my neck the rope apply
Look around give one last sigh
And when I drop begin to cry

By Mr. E. Jones

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I was thinking of you the other day until I realized the tree in the back garden didn't
belong anymore. Where does a tree go in the middle of winter? And life for that matter George?

I don't know but could animals on heat plummet land life until we gorge on the
satisfaction of grey-ness and heart break.

Then George, something changes and off we go in a world of wonder-ness and pleasure,
typically satisfaction sways from the mediocre life we lead eating fishing and swimming
with the bricks and tar of city life. 

When can we escape the trapping of the pool? The wind blows us back and forth until Jimmy
comes along and pushes his hand down saying "Hold on I want to take you to Mc'Donalds." No
thanks. I'll swim with the wind.

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More love comes

from a single tree

than we ever need

for you and me.

So look, look

and you will see,

the love that binds

that tree to me.

The sap that flows

within my veins,

speaks of worlds

we do not reign.

Breathe so deep

from that tree,

a gift it is

for you and me.

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My friends and I had midnight hide and seek
One had to stand by a tree and not peek
In my state of hiding great I was hard to find
My friends decided to just be unkind
They all got together and decided to hunt me down
I first hid in the river near my house and almost drown
When they walk close by me I silently move through the grass
It was very hard to see, but I crawled a long time and almost ran out of gas
Then I heard one say that they were going up and wait by the tree
I had an idea that made a way to make them see
A shadow that ran in the distance thinking that would be
I had my horse pull a little manikin to make them think it was me
My friends took their flashlight and shined it toward it
I thought I had them but one thing was clear they did not fall for it not a bit
They all laugh and started to call out my name
They all asked how the heck did you have time to pull that trick that was so lame
I did not answer so they kept on looking for me, but I was so quick 
Some of my friends started to get really mad and tick
I was a master of doing weird things they all knew what I can do
The night was still young and the grass was collecting dew
I decided to make a distraction once again
To think of it, it would probably make the night end
My friends finally surrounded my tree house
I was quiet, so quiet, more than a mouse
I had some rope in the tree house to make my escape
To distract them I made a loud noise like an ape
The tree that my tree house was in was at least forty feet up
I had some stash in my tree house a drink or two in a cup
My final hour is about to end I did not want my friends to catch me till I got to the tree
I took the rope and tide it on a branch and pushed off and that was the key
I landed on the garage roof and sneaked my way to the tree
My friends knew me to well that they plan things before I could see
They had a fish net ready for me to step into
I thought that was kinda wise and some what like pew
The few feet by the tree there was two of my friends that was ready
Up in the tree they both jumped down and pulled me up in the net fast and steady
They thought they had won, the person had to tag me before I touch tree
She ended up having to get something to stand on to reach me
I swung my weight back and forth till I ended up touching and the game ended
My friends and I were so full of surprises and that is what the game handed

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Standing out in a field alone, a little white flower named Daisy longed for someone to share her world.
One day a blue flower named Bachelor Button entered her world they became friends.
 She knew by his name that he was not the propagating kind, but that didn’t stop their relationship she called him BB short for best bud.
The seasons of Spring & Summer they enjoyed the sun, laughed in the rain and held on fast in the Fall.
Winter came it was long and hard they were both covered in a blanket of snow, not knowing whether they would ever see each other again or even survive .The snow fell     then came the ice, this went on for months.

The Sun shone brightly the first day of spring. A few days later warmth of the sun melted the snow, Daisy popped up .
 I’ve been waiting days for you to come out, said BB, they both chanted hooray!
The snow was completely gone in a few days, the birds started building their nests , bugs were crawling around ,butterflies began to visit the two flowers. I wish there were more of us Daisy said, to BB.

They laughed as the sun and wind blew through their leaves.  Then it started the sun and rain took turns until one morning the air & field was filled with the smell of flowers.
Daisy and BB looked at each other and asked what kind of flowers are these ? they’re not white like daisies they’re not blue like bachelor buttons. They did not know the birds and bugs carried the seeds from the two of them and the caterpillars buried them under the soil.
The seeds from the new flowers were then carried by the winds many miles away, they landed in fertilized gardens and flourished, although they faced danger everyday. 
as they were called WEEDS ..
 The Gardener pulls weeds out of the garden so they don’t choke the flowers, which cost a lot of money and require lots of maintenance.

However there was a Gardener who saw her friends spending hours weeding their garden , that they didn’t have enough time to admire and enjoy the labors of their love
So she set out to give a home to all the weeds ,she provided a place where they could fit in and multiply, they required no maintenance, rain provides their water .

The best part of all is their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 Ask my granddaughter-- What are those flowers in the garden ?
  She will answer "WILDFLOWERS " their parents were Daisy and BB

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Walking on a Path

Sky is a bright yellow-tan hue Trees formed in a line, right up high The path of dirt giving what’s due People that walk produce a sigh Trees formed in a line, right up high The cool breeze within the stale air People that walk produce a sigh Carries flowers showing they care The cool breeze within the stale air Walking people looking sky high Carries flowers showing they care Acknowledges that of the sky Walking people looking sky high The trees sway, in presence of breeze Acknowledges that of the sky Hearing naught but a woman’s sneeze The trees sway, in presence of breeze The path of dirt giving what’s due Hearing naught but a woman’s sneeze Sky is a bright yellow-tan hue
Russell Sivey

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First day of summer

First day of summer

It’s the very early morning
The summer’s just begun
Although the weathers kind of cool
I know that soon the sun
Will be burning down on me
But me, I love it all
I really love these summer days
They’re really beautiful.

It’s lovely in the early mornings
To see the sun come up
And hear birds singing joyfully
It overflows my cup
All this love that it brings out
As it shines on down on me
I love to see those Lorikeets
That feed from bottle brush trees.

How I love the beers and barbeques
In a garden filled with flowers
As I watch the many colored parrots
I could sit there for hours
And watch the sun that burns on down
Then rises from the trees
And I love it in the afternoons
To feel that cool sea breeze.

1 December 2013 @ 0500hrs

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In a Foggy Forest

The forest, so full of fog, blinding me I feel the white sheen in front and beyond There are slight impressions of darkened trees Ahead lies a pit, I can’t go around Hole terrifies me so near to great heights The fog engulfs me, taking away sounds I venture past the place not seen in nights The fog seeming to make me gasp for air Now I feel the trees to be my dark sights I don’t sense end of the forest aware The dark trunks just vanish right before me It seems like I don’t know or I don’t care The forest escaped me leaving me free And I feel the loss of a good night friend I’m just left with a white sheet that’s empty I crawl to avoid holes within the bend But hope and wish to find a tree again Russell Sivey

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The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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Mighty Oak Tree

The mighty oak tree sits near Orange and red leaves Looking like it is on fire They clog up the eaves Beautiful to see Sight unlike any around In awe completely
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

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Living my dream

Living my dream

I had one dream when I was young
To go to another land
In life I wasn’t satisfied
I wanted something grand
Lions, tigers. Kangaroos
And all those wild, wild beasts
Africa, South America
Or Australia at least.

Possessive Mother was my curse
How could I get away?
Every time I mentioned it
She had so much to say
And made me feel so guilty
Really cramped my style
And then one day there came along
Something to make me smile

I’d just turned my nineteenth year
When this great girl came along
She hailed from West Australia
And filled my heart with song
So we got married, had some kids
And here we are in Oz
Been here for half a century
And I came here all because

It was my fate to find this girl
She was my destiny
There’s be a whisper in the skies
That knows how things will be
It takes one’s soul, and leads it on
So growth, it might occur
And I know that west Australia
My heart, it sure does stir.

4 August 2013 @ 1440hrs.

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Summer Memories From The Tree of Life

Summer season was  my childhood’s  greatest fun  time,
We played with toys out of a coconut tree which is a tree of life,
We  built  little houses beautifully and so high as we climbed
Like a flying trapeze  on its leaves,  we swung so high.

We played with toys made of coconut trees, the tree of life,
My playmates joined me in building  little houses using a dull knife,
Out of its leaves and midribs, we made walls, roofs and doors,
Pretended as good cooks with its coconut shells  and fruits.

My playmates joined  me in building little houses using a dull knife
Pretended  to live together as families with husband and wife,
I took the role of an elder sister in our little comfortable house
I combed the hair of a younger sibling with a coco midrib brush.

Pretended to live together as families with a husband and wife
Just like small neighborhood or community along the riverside
We chose one of the eldest playmates to be the group captain,
The leader of  unity and cooperation in building more tents.

Just like small neighborhood or community along the riverside
We helped one another as piles of coco leaves we made as rides,
We made unique toys out of leaves and roots as much as we could
Like trumpets when blown, we covered our ears for its loud sound.

We helped one another as piles of coco leaves we made as a ride
We webbed balls, insects and other toys for a surprise to hide,
When the captain signaled to show who's the most  had a reward
Then ran with our wind vanes to the beach and marched forward.

We webbed  balls, insects and other toys for a surprise to hide
We played with toys out of a coconut tree which is a tree of life,
When the captain signaled us to show  the most  had a reward
A wonderful  summer  memory  from a Tree of Life I've ever had!

Sept. 11,2012

Note: The coconut trees are considered the “Trees of Life”. They can provide almost all the things we need like shelter, clothing, foods and others. So, let us preserve coconut trees! They are very helpful but be careful because they are also  risky during typhoons, LOL.   There are many coconut trees in our backyard especially along the riverside connecting to the beach. These trees had added so much joy on summer time during my  childhood years/graders.

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Image on a Wall

The image was a tree, simply at night It was an ancient picture that formed tall The tree was grand, displaying a great sight Exposing the scene of a tree made tight The painting which is produced on the mall The image was a tree, simply at night The picture of this tree was of delight Not a one limb would make you want to bawl The tree was grand, displaying a great sight White flowers on this tree carries with might It’s an awesome sight that sits on the wall The image was a tree, simply at night I surely loved to view this tree tonight The view of the beautiful tree has gall The tree was grand, displaying a great sight The picture has a fixture that’s airtight I see this painting when I come and call The image was a tree, simply at night The tree was grand, displaying a great sight Russell Sivey

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The Backside of Killington Mountain

Killington Mountain, one of the largest Ski resorts in New England.
With its webbing of trails, dotted with colourful kaleidioscopic ski outfits;
racing to the Castle they call a Base Lodge.

My Cabin is atop a mountain across two valleys from Killington's backside
I can see the untamed, wild and free side of Mother Nature's: True being
Where deers have no fears, and the Bald Eagle soars Free

I once did a recue mission there, and when all were safe, I walked
Into the forrest of Nature,where mankind had never before intruded
I walked where the Deer, Bed. where the eaglets squawked for food

I saw the Black Bear awake; "Good Morning Mrs. Black Bear"she Yawned
And walked away.I heard the Evergreens giggle as melting snow ticked Pines
The Serenity,Tranquility,enveloped me in Nature's Wonder of the World.
      Inspired by Linda(PD) with her Contest: 7 Wonders of the Ancient and
                     New World. This POEM is one of my 7 Wonders.
This is Dedicated to all POETS who have written about the Autrocitys of 
Mankind to "  Nature or THE Beauty of Mother Nature in Rhyme "
                           This is not a Contest Entree

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Golden Yellow Trees

The blue sky peeks at me quite far away Through the warm golden yellow autumn trees They look like gold placed against the blue day This lively scene looks beautiful today The path goes straight forward where you see The blue sky peeks at me quite far away The sight is amazing, I truly say I walk the path of trees so I can be They look like gold placed against the blue day The row of trees glow with yellow this day The whole land here grows as if it’s so free The blue sky peeks at me quite far away I go down whistling and thought this way The sky with the trees sure does impress me They look like gold placed against the blue day I know the sight will stay with me I say Golden color of the trees delight me The blue sky peeks at me quite far away They look like gold placed against the blue day
Russell Sivey

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Fall Sets To Turn

Fall Sets To Turn

When timely Fall sets to turn
leaves hit the ground to burn
Epic radiant colors cascade down
forested floors see leafy gown

Winter's visitor did arrive
farmers feel jubiantly alive
Harvest in , time to rejoice
winter's precurser has voice

Sounds of birds taking flight
heading South day and night
Leaves carpet forest floors
Nature soon opens another door

Moonlight nights see it all
glowing as owls hoot the Fall
Native Americans wasted no time
prepping for another bad clime

Furry critters store more food
rushing all in the frantic mood
Living in a deep winters wrath
they pursue a surviving path

Fall retreats into winter sea
naked visits each pretty tree
Leaves wrapping their roots
Nights ring out owl's hoots

Silence cries the coming day
when winter will cast its sway
Snow may cover all in white
Fall has raced out of sight

Robert J. Lindley, 10-19-2014

note: My favorite time of the year Fall and it is an honor to 
present now my 400th poem here as a tribute for its seasonal glory.
I am no big fan of winter at all.

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God Bless This Stump

Along the fair road
On which I amble
I conceived this ode
In which love is ample

God bless this stump
Supporting the tree
That provided so much 
For our futurity

When counting its rings
There can be no doubt
About all the things
That tree brought about

For the pencil to compose
Cherished love letters
On paper I chose
So you’d love me better

And it offered shade
Plus spots to snuggle
Near a lovely glade
Away from life’s struggles

We enjoyed peaches
From that old tree
As we partnered to reach
Picking memories

It blessed our marriage
Shaped as a steeple
And framed the carriage
To make our jaunt regal

And It supplied timbers
For the house we live in
Built with skilled fingers
On boards thick and thin

When cold overtakes
We always say grace
For the warmth it makes
In the brick fireplace

Our love will not slump
It’s always burning
Because of you, stump
Our world keeps turning

For Skat's Ode contest

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Harmonious Clearing of the Soul

Exhausting my skills To the tempered, fiber soul Timeless harmony I follow my heartstrings on Beyond glow of temptation Path in the forest Leads to grand open clearing Obscure light deepens Birds sing beyond the circle And flowers praise nature’s heights Simple minded eyes Dynamic pleasure moves on Leans over inside Heartfelt ties won’t gasp and leave Not to bring loss, frosty drought Russell Sivey

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Haiku 4 - flowering weed, dancing leaf, life force

at the roadside
solitary flowering weed
vision of loveliness

leaf falling from the tree
does its last dance in the air
then settles to the ground

in the crack in the concrete
the grass pushes upwards
unstoppable life force

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Three poems for the price of one Sale ends soon

Three times Nero sang
Three times the violins played
Three times I traveled far
The fourth time I wrote three poems

A Tree

A lonely tree
Leaves have all fallen
A tree with tears
One for each year
A thousand years
Winter rides upon the wind
A time when all sadness sleeps
In the coldness this tree still weeps
The tree of life
In sadness sleeps

A Child

A lonely child
He walks in autumn’s breeze
And dreams as all infants do
A thousand dreams for every thought
He wanders absently in the park
He hopes for a life of no tears and love
He offers a smile, but walks in loneliness fear
In the distance, a tree, a man beneath
He knew the smile was for all three

Buddha's Autumn

Buddha sat under a tree
All the leaves have fallen
A tree with tears
A tear fell upon Buddha’s head
A raindrop from the heavens he thought
From deep in contemplations
A smile appeared
A child in the park, happened by
Lost in lonely dreams
He saw a man under a tree, Smiling

An OmbuTree is wise
A child is innocent
A man chooses to smile

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Train Journey

I sit here by the window
and watch quietly
as the train moves along
I see land - 
wild beautiful land
still untouched by man
and it creates within me
a feeling that is wild and boundless

The beautiful trees
in many places
so closely clustered together
though of mixed species
seem to cry out 
a message of love and unity
to all mankind
I see flowers - 
plain simple flowers
there is a beauty in them - 
the beauty of simplicity

There are children on the hillsides -
the country folk
people call them
My heart sings as I watch them
They know us not on the train
but yet they wave at us
and we wave back at them
because their action is filled 
with some sentiment 
that is pleasing to us

Shimmering little pools of water
pulsating with life
appear and then vanish
out of sight
but the picture of life
within them
remains with me

The cows and the horses 
graze in the pastures
some sit
others browse slowly along
O how I envy their leisurely
pace of life!

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If I Shall Grow Old 2K13

If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

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Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

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Welcome 2013

Well we are already a couple of months in so i just wanted to say welcome. 
this will be a new journey for the both of us, so i hope it will be awesome. 
I will try to write more than usual this year, I promise. :)
What would help tho if you readers would send me topics and stuff to help me write about things cuz my mind goes way faster than my fingers and i cant think of just one thing. lol. so thank you readers. plz comment and tell me your thoughts.

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Softly sipping honey wine

Softly sipping honey wine

Sipping softly honey wine
I hear the rivers song
Lovely lady by my side
With love so sweet and strong
How the river sparkles
It’s on its way to meet the sea
As softly sipping honey wine
We sit here you and me.

Softly sipping honey wine
There’s only you and me
As Pelicans fly us by
This essence, endlessly
Seeps in, as a boat goes by
And trees dance in the breeze
Softly sipping honey wine
We sit here hearts at ease.

Softly sipping honey wine
I know I love you so
No one, my love, could ever love this true
Softly sipping honey wine
I feel loves tender glow
As I look at you, and know you love me too.

Softly sipping honey wine
The two of us together
River reflects the somber skies
They’ll soon be rainy weather
Here in this cosy chalet
Telling you that I love you
Softly sipping honey wine
And sharing love so true

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The last tree

A pretty oak  sits outside my window pane in the snow and in the rain 
Covered with life, outside the balcony fifty steps away 
Decorating the tree with  flashes of red, black, grey,  yellow and white, 
are his friends the cardinals , squirrels , chickadees and the tufted titmice
 They sing , chirp, and  chatter in harmony of song 
As the seasons pass, we live  thru heat, drought , cold and  rain all year long
 I keep my feeder close at hand and watch as they load up in waves of two and three 
 to make their run at the seeds and grain 
The leaves are green now and vibrant with life, in the fall the acorns grow and my tree stands tall 
At winter they covet  the warmth and provide a shelter for the thick furred grey squirrels
 A lovely little hole in the crook of the branch big enough for two to snuggle and borough 
They race down these pathways in the sky, playful as skilled acrobats
October mornings  the leaves are falling , making noisy whispering sounds
the first rays of  sun turn frost into a million twinkling stars on the ground 
 The two winged take refuge in their nest , built carefully for warmth and rest 
To nurse  and raise their young , making them fit for another generation of  the best
The seasons flow as a quiet pond and like our beautiful  life 
 everything is real with very  little strife
 Among the colorful citizens of  this merry place I give life in equal exchange
for joy and a chance To sit and watch my friends as I grow old and enjoy life in the sun 
But life  changes,  very unfair , and I am denied my playground in the sky
one day some men came and cut all the beauty down 
Now its gone all butchered and bare nothing left but a big hole in the ground 

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like diamonds

two hits and i’m hanging off cliffs, listening to water


watching moss fall like snowflakes.

nothing holding my heels down but gravity, irrelevant to me.

the little girl exploring the ocean floor, the caves that once held entrancing treasures.

even tactile pain drives me into a gust of euphoria.

my heart beats (slower than it should), but the trees don’t mind.

the four shades of green blend to create a forest-

with each exhale, branches move in tandem.

and a salty tear falls from my eye,

reminiscent of what once was here.

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Pre-Lit Trees


Pre-lit Christmas trees are great
As long as all of the lights burn
But when the lights begin to go
There's a lesson to be learned

Though you admired your pre-lit tree
So beautifully all decked out
When the lights go out, the glow is gone
And your wife begins to pout

So off to Wal-Mart for replacements
Which you must carefully thread
Among the ornaments and pre-lit strands
Where all the lights are dead

After the holidays have passed
The tree now must come down
Minus all the pre-lit bulbs
Once all the connections are found

You finally get them off the tree
In a tangled mass on the floor
Dare you try to test them
To see if they'll burn any more

You decide the trash bin is better
And my advice to you would be
Save yourself some trouble
Don't buy a pre-lit tree 

	Curtis Moorman
	6 January 2012

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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Broken Wind Chimes

Dangling from the tree I can see,
Broken wind chimes that still sing.
They just hang on by a split string.
Sending a harmony of tunes to thee.
Their tones and vibrations are a bit broken for me.
I listen and I ponder for what tunes they can bring.
From the tree they will sway when they can swing.
Bits and pieces are released through the air and flee.
Caught in the wind is it’s vibrations.
Carrying signals of great magnitude.
Funneling clouds into new creations.
Bringing air into a brand new mood.
Broken wind chimes can still sing a song,
But their messages are scattered all along.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007

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The Gift of Sound

The Gift of Sound.

In our little house stands an upright piano
Tuned by a blind man blessed by the gift of sound. 

My son sat one day playing a masterpiece 
Wrote long ago by a man who couldn’t hear.

Listening to the music it took my mind away to
Afar magical places no luggage and no cases.
My mind kept jumping between different scenes
Fields of colored flowers the loveliest it can be.

Shadows of far mountains colors in different hues
A pied piper sat under a tree playing his favorite tune.

Sheep gathered together chased by a cleverly dog
Taught by nature no cane and no flog.

Oh… the gift of sound.

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All Creatures Big and Small

In his wisdom God
Created all creatures with
Deep love and purpose


Beautiful bird perched
on tree limb under moon's glow
elegantly dressed


Clouds rest on tree tops
lumpy feather beds billow
horses graze in snow
Jan. 24, 2007


Proud bird perched so high
silently viewing the world
We await his song
Dec. 23, 2007


Sun and humming birds
mingle while rainbows arch high
drawing eyes skyward


Tiger baths his wounds
cold water soothes like medicine
he will fight again
October 1, 2007


In him peace abides
Little fellow young and free
God's true gift to me
Dec. 19, 2007

A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Good and Evil

Dead, dying, devoid of life, in deathbed of stones*
The trees roots twisted around each pebble and are they
groaning with the want of water, to re-incarnate living.
This forest of a tree* stands tall against life.

Yet nearby is a tree
Green leaves bedeck its branches.
The shell looks like its holding back the decay of time?
Feeding it with the golden yolk that brings eternal life*

Do these trees portray life as good and evil?
One life is stoned and left to die
Yet another is green and full of living
Protected to live as it desires.

Penned on 7 September 2014

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It's Christmas

Its Christmas time again and the bustle is on ,
cleaning the house, bring out the new stuff
A  touch of paint over there, I’m almost done,
The lights are up, tree fully decorated, My place is decked out !!

In the early Christmas morn, the gifts I lay beneath the tree,
Everything is in place……Ohhhh, what  a beautiful sight to see!

Now retired to bed, pleased as could be
He spoke  - and it caused me to look at the thing I did not see
I’ve cleaned and prepared my house for the day
In the midst of this, have I done the same with life in any way?

The scripture rang  loudly in the blanket of the quite morn-
“A child is born and a Son is given”- am  I ready to receive this gift that’s given?

All the lights I’ve hung, He’s the light of the world
The ornaments on the tree, He’s so precious to me
This tree that stands in my hall so tall
Upon a tree he hung, offered vinegar mingled with gall……

My responsibility right now, is share what’s been offered to me
If you did not have lights or decorated a tree, Could not buy a gift, or just didn’t know the story…

Jesus is the gift that’s waiting for you
Yes, you can receive Him, its long overdue
Just open up your heart, he’ll make it brand new
Take a moment to ponder-
Christmas is celebrating what Jesus has done for you !!!

Merry Christmas!!!

12/15/11 revisited 12/17/12

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My Choir

My Choir

A wondrous day it is today
I sit here all alone
In the garden, chilling out
Like I have turned to stone
Then the birds, they get warbling
So I reach for my guitar
These birds they have inspired me
I’m making like a star.

I start off playing simple blues
That’s all I really know
And playing blues is guaranteed
To make my being glow
As the song birds seem to follow me
To accompany me somehow
And as we sing in harmony
It seems there’s only now.

Oh what things do touch ones soul
When you’re living in the now
And joining with those little birds
It seems to me that somehow
We are all in this together
With the breeze and the dancing trees
As I play my blues with all my heart
It gives me sweet release

23 August 2013 @ 1737hrs.

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Questions for everyone

Questions for everyone

Has anybody ever sat? 
In a garden filled with flowers
Have you felt the magic there?
Have you felt the power?
Have you sat there with the body still?
And the mind too, just the same?
Have you ever lost yourself?
As the mind stopped playing games

Have you seen those magic colours?
And really seen them too!
Have you felt the touch of the morning breeze?
Have you seen the way she do?
Touch those branches with her glory
Make them dance in the morning sun
As the sparkles nearly blow your mind
And you’re the holy one?

Have you ever heard the dove’s warm Coo
And that deep, deep ravens croak?
Have you seen the mulberry tree?
As she dons her summers coat?
And radiance and reverence
Are all that one can know
Have you ever sat there in the garden?
And watched the morning flow.

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Wonderful Trees

Wonderful things are trees 
waving about in the breeze 
showing off their color and light
what a beautiful sight
Protecting the birds that live high above 
helping the Earth, protecting from flood 
Whether mighty oak or tender sapling grow 
it is up to us and our children to sow 
A tree is like eternity, reaching for the sky 
It can be there when we are born 
and there when we die. 
From weeping willow to tallest pine 
all the wonderful woods and forests are mine

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Purposes of the Tree

In a forest, a tree sits by itself and is quite gnarly Bright light shines inside the grove, and on the tree with crooked branches The purpose of the tree is misplaced, but the power is true
Russell Sivey Entrant into Rick Parise's "Sijo" contest 12/27/2012

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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Silent times

Silent times

Sometimes, I really do not care
About anything at all
My mind goes kind of quiet then
My mode is kind of cool
And all I really want to do
Is sit here looking in
Forgetting all the world outside
Forgetting all the din

There’s a time to send ones energy
And circle it around
But then there comes a sacred time
When the harmony is found
Waiting there within the dark
To hold one cozily
A time to be in her soft clutch
And bask there happily.

Then when the muse has been recharged
It’s time to wander back
And let the words come pouring out
Cause just along the track
The wind, the flowers and dancing trees
Have replaced the mystery
So now the words they may flow free
With much more energy.

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Into the Woods

A gentle breeze, 
rustling dried leaves, 
now quietly at ease. 
I set down upon fallen trees. 
Elbows resting on knees 
lungs strained, I wheeze. 
I had run from the abductees 
of ones youth with unease. 
One looks around and sees 
childhood trees, 
climbed with buddies, 
now dead or diseased. 
Others also escaped times freeze 
from a picture of static memories. 
Everything’s time comes no mater the pleas. 

Head in hands, breathing more at ease 
I look round again, suddenly pleased. 
As I look at grounds dead leaves, 
one sees the forests new inductees. 
Saplings, I count by the threes, 
along with them more, slightly older attendees,
of this forest. Young life in vast quantities. 
Now I’m relaxed and can now foresee, 
someone climbing grown saplings with glee. 
Remembering that day of youth in all degrees. 
To come back and realize that time will never freeze.

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Planting a Tree

What can a man do

To plant a seed in the ground

So strong a tree grows

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Cherry Blossoms Jamboree

Cherry blossoms bloom; the townspeople sing, laugh, dance: hope springs eternal.

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The Life of a Leaf

The wind never ceases its desperate ploy to remove me, 
Had I faltered or otherwise failed?
Curling I fought—the constant feel to fly freely, 
In collaboration with host—my tall tree.

In the scope of my vision, I watched as around me,
Losing struggle, and battle, and cause,
Others waved in decay, on each tree round the bay,
Clinging fast with vigorous resolve.

Over time and great space the cold rush did charge past,
Pushing green summer out with a chill,
Questioning why this event left ever so few,
Despite large crowded numbers in fall.

Green, orange, and yellow, now brown cracked and withered,
Flat dry veins on dead family friends,
Cut sharp from our ranks by cold wind and dry stems,
In a desperate permanent cull.

Birds witnessed our numbers through far less cloud cover,
Or shielded umbrellas for rain,
Twas the why that confounded had some rule been broken?
Stirring tsunamis of canopied woe.

The wings watched quite helpless as our count slowly dwindled, 
With effortless permanency,
Removed from the trees which had held back our reigns,
Ground cover we forever became.
In our world of great change mulch beds held no shame,
For all lest those raked from our ranks,
Seed, water, and heat, wind nares again beat,
As encouraged to rot—we survive.

Growing daily proud shadows, former hosts they now watch us, 
Observing without care or real fear,
For green stalk and crisp stem poised and growing within,
Spawn new life giving sap in the spring.
The life of a leaf is a lesson in seasons, 
Shortened life span of breaths of content,
Billion sunsets and rest in assurance this day,
That no humans dictate our providence.

Short term be our fate without shame in the end,
Permanent residence—Black Gold we become,
Rest now winter winds and let spring soon begin,
In a circle of life that’s our friend.

© Michael Wegman, 2014

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Memories Journey

I’m following the country road I learned to drive on 
the old green ford truck, black rusty stick shift, 
hand carved wooden blocks on my feet.
I glimpse a cane pole pulling a trophy from a small pond, 
The low branches of a weeping willows 
sweeping the ground like a broom,
laughter, innocent, young, still free, I look toward the sound, 
sliding down a red, rusty, tin roof on a worn old barn
into a pile of fresh turned hay!

Through the mist I can see her 
Swaying as she walks along the tree line
Humming a song she learnt as a babe 
black berry stained face and a bucket half empty.

A scream guided me to a new day 
she’s running up a Mulberry tree - stick in hand
a black and white Hampshire boar is displeased.
A grinding noise coming from where the old house lay 
a devious smile as her finger lifted the ice cream freezer seal.
The rooster with red, green and gold starting his morning crow
taking the eggs as she kicked him avoiding his spurs.
She’s older now - on a white and tan spotted horse called Sparky
with giant hooves for kicking when the spring breaks.
Mocking her hero, bib overalls, an engineers hat, black rubber boots 
shoveling quickly as the grain poured into the bed of the big red truck.

A crushed velvet chair with a sunken place on the arm where 
she sat year after year and her ever growing weight.
It’s where she learned to sew - and sow she did imaginary things.
Mmmm,  pies and cakes, wiping the flour off her nose!
Such hugs and happiness and youthful smiles
full of innocence and full of faith.

Driving across the brown and red rocks of the clear water creek
running, jumping in the cool deep welcoming pool.
Falling in the feather bed letting her body sink down and down 
into the sun dried cloud of white fluffy comfort.
The wheels just keep on turning and turning, 
within the moment of this memories journey.

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Small World

Seven hundred and sixty two feet from corner to corner.  From the huge old elm tree in Dr. Rooney's front yard on one end, to the lamppost that sat outside my bedroom window on the other.  That's how long the street that I grew up on is.

So who cares?  Good question.  It really is irrelevant isn't it?  Well maybe.  At least it was until one day when I went back and visited the old neighborhood after an absence of many years.  That's when I realized how much shorter it had gotten while I was away.  Time was when I would walk up to Washington Street on the opposite end from where I lived and look back, and it was a very long way.  If I ran from end to end, I would be huffing and puffing by the time I collapsed on my front porch.  

Sitting catty corner across the street from where I lived was the Lincoln Elementary School, surrounded by fields that ran uninterrupted the length of the street.  Only the Noonan's house broke the symmetry, sitting there in solitary defiance halfway down the street.  I never did know why it was there, but suspect it had something to do with the Noonan's getting there first.  

Today the school is a nursing home, but everything else is still as it was, except of course, the field too has grown smaller, and the Noonan house isn't at all as large as it used to be.   

I had a paper route back then.  It encompassed several blocks of my neighborhood, with my dad being the last one to get his paper.  It took most of the afternoon to deliver my route, given the distance and all.  I wish it had been as small then as it seems to be today. 

Anyway, that was a long time ago.  I left for the Air Force right after high school.  I remember waiting for the bus next to that old elm tree in Dr Rooney's yard.  My folks moved to another part of town shortly after that, so I never did go back.  Occasions to visit the town at all were few over the years.  It was my dads funeral that finally brought me back for a few days. 

Funny how the world keeps shrinking.  Once distant destinations no longer are.   California seems to be a lot closer to Boston then it once was, and when did Canada become just a few hours north of here.   I guess maybe I shouldn't be surprised after all that my street ended up being only seven hundred and sixty two feet from corner to corner. Small world, isn't it?

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The Petty Posh-WahZee - Liberation and Ostentation

The Petty Posh-Wahzee - Liberation & Ostentation

The Not-So Distant Past:

The fallen fighters for freedom, are unable to turn in their graves,
their battered, fragmented bones, mixed with a handful of torn rags,
are all that remain, a mute reminder of their selfless valiant sacrifice.

They endured brutal Apartheid harassment, detentions without trial,
torture in the cells, and mental anguish when loved ones disappeared,
they left their homeland, to continue the struggle against racial bigotry,
while countless others fought the scourge of white-minority rule at home.

Nelson Mandela and many, many others, spent their lives imprisoned,
on islands of stone, and on islands of the cruellest torture, yet they stood,
never bowing, never scraping, they stood, firm for ideals for which they were prepared to die,

and many, many comrades did die, at the hands of the callous oppressor,
and many, many comrades perished in distant lands, torn from their homes,
while the struggle continued, for decades, soaked in blood, in tears, in pain.

The Present:

19 years have passed, since freedom was secured at the highest of prices,
delivering unto us, this present, a gift of emancipation from servitude,

a freedom to walk this land, head held high, no longer second-class citizens,
in the land of our ancestors, whose voices we hear and need to heed today.

I do not care much for fashion, Lewis-Fit-On and Sleeves unSt.-Moron,
yet the ostentation that I witness baffles even my unsophisticated palate,

our ancestors' plaintive whispers are being dismissed, left unheeded, as
we browse the aisles for more and more, always for more and yet more.

Asphyxiated by the excess of the Petty Posh-Wahzee, we find ourselves,
perched precariously on the edge, of a dissolution of all that is humane,

babies go hungry, wives are battered, our elders left in hospitals for hours,
I cringe as I scribble these words, perhaps too sanctimonious and preachy,

yet I know, deep in the marrow of my brittle bones, I know, I know, I know,
this tree of freedom planted by the nameless daughters and sons of Africa,

needs to be shielded, nurtured, protected from our very own baser impulses,
so that the precious tree of freedom, may bear the fruit that may feed us all,

for if not, then we are doomed, to tip over, and into the yawning abyss, we shall fall.

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Grieving Tree

The log-men cut down all signs of the trees But the one that exists in the center The expressive white snow on all the leaves Carries awe about them in the weather Glowing in the sun, the tree surely grieves As those trees were his sisters and brothers Powerful this lone tree sees the beauty Of what used to be, but is now empty
Russell Sivey

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Cherry Blossoms Bee

Cherry blossoms call, beckon nature's majesty-- and the humble bee.

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A Flower on a Branch

A flower petal

Blossom on a long tree branch

With a bright color

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The Old Oak Tree

In a meadow by the stream there stood a big oak tree
and now I think of all the things that tree has meant to me

The old tire swing hung from a limb was put up by our dad
and all day long us kids would play and oh' what fun we had

In the shade of that old tree whose limbs are now bent low
is where I met my one true love so many years ago

Was where I got my very first kiss under that old tree
and that old oak stood right there smiling down at me

We are all grown up now but how we loved that old tree
a place of refuge for us all a place where we were free

We all went back the other day to see just one more time
that beautiful tall old oak tree for ever etched in our mind 

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Ode to My neighbour The Woodpeckers

By Sashi. Prabhu(zeauoxian) 1/3/2012.

Often, I glimpse from my roof top garden, leftward, From the sedentary swing but I know the descent of woodpeckers have soared. From the vertical column sans a crown of leaves of rotted dead wood, Once, which was in its own right a magnificent coconut tree where it stood. Freshness, splendor, Vitality and flexibility of a live tree all depleted and gone, T’was a pertinent choice for the woodpecker mates to build a home foregone. Abundantly birdies flock, Pigeons, robins, mynahs, hornbills, cranes and parrots, On the evergreen nearby tamarind tree, but the woodpeckers my eyes ferrets. From that eventful day my eyes they set upon, Their wood pecking bills would on the bark sculpt and impinge on. A homely hole to drill, Their head moving rhythmically and looks like a cap with red frill. Twenty five days back they first arrived I lucidly recollect, Ten days, a pair of hatched altricial chicks, mates from adversaries’ have to protect. One morn had me glancing to the oval cavital hole on the bark, And feasted my eyes on feeding chicks being readied, their lives to embark. Blissful and content , I recollect now I sat a bit longer to observe and discern, Glorious hues, auger bill, cap with red frills, of the peckers as they take their unambiguous turns. To zip across like beige, buttery yellow plumaged darts across the lush foliage all green, Within, watchable bounds to fetch, insects, worms and saps as nutriment routine. The chicks I saw they peek out of the shielded barky holes with awe, Strength it seems to me have filled their wings bill and sharpened claw. Now I wonder if I can listen to the joyous feminine “chrr” and the shrill masculine “kwirr”. As the young chick in the hole frolicking, giving it a try to fly, Away in the wide world after saying a good bye onto the sky very high………… Now the mates without emotions, kerfuffle and ado, To each other, their home and their prying neighbour me have bid “adieu”. Often, I glimpse from my roof top garden, leftward, From the sedentary swing but I know the descent of woodpeckers have soared

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Lilac Colored Butterflies

Flying from the deep blue sky up above Lilac colored butterflies come evolve Encircling me and my delighted trees There's no greater beauty than what you see All have brightened at the sight of nature I don’t think that there’s a better answer Trees alight to the wonderment therein Delightful presence as breeze on the skin The cloudless sky keeps firm its blue color And the grass holds its ground, we all want more The birds take flight into the bright cool air Shadows of them skirt the floor everywhere Nature, a wondrous sight each time you see You just have to get out to find it’s free
Russell Sivey

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Cherry Tree Butterflies

There was a cherry tree on our property Usually there would be butterflies in it The beautiful large red ones full of glory They flutter around just for my benefit They move so quietly up around the sky Sometimes they fly so very high, way up high Their proudest moments has to be in the tree Here motions are shown quickly, so very free
Russell Sivey

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The tree of life feels the woodsmans axe, and thinks such is life when the timber cracks, and consciousness is free, departing from this tree, not dead the spirit see, the tree of life is whacked, let the buggers be! re: " Hammer In Hand" Debbie Duncan by Don

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Hold your chess and say I am blessed

Do not doubt who you 
are or who you can be.  
With in us all, 
their is a light that 
shines with effulgence. 
In our heart it shines. 
In our mind it shines.
A chunk of the sun 
embedded in our core. 

We have been fueled with
 the lions ambition.
Chasing the prey. 
Chasing dreams until the end. 
We have been fueled
 for the finest hours. 
Recognize those powers. 
These powers
 forever remain ours. 

We are the reason the sun shines. 
We are the reason the flower blooms.
We are the reason the tree never falls.
A message in every creation. 

The sun shines to show us 
how bright we can be.
The flowers blooms to show 
us how beautiful we can be. 
The tree never falls to show 
us how strong we can be.

All of this we can be. 
If we rise our self with the sun. 
Leave not your dreams and 
aspirations undone. 
Understand it to be beneficial 
in the long run.

Make life sweeter than a 
ton of sally-lunn ,sally-lunn. 
Out run the doubt until you have won. 
Understand that you are some one,
fit to run upon the sun and clouds.
Reach above and pick heavens flowers. 
So high up in the sky, gazing into 
the eyes of success. 
Hold your chess and say I am blessed. 
Your surroundings you impress.

Suppress, suppress and undress 
those doubtful thoughts.
Progress not digress, express
that light you possess.
Let success be your address. 

This I profess because once 
my light was put to the test. 
A light I lost in doubt. 
It was repossessed because
now I know I am truly blessed.
Do not doubt your self,
within all of us a light 
shines with effulgence.

By:Elliott Bowe
Definition for sally lunn:
a flat round sweet teacake usually served hot.
Enjoy: )

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Tree and the Moon

The lone tree exists out in a large field Alone it hides itself truly concealed The moon shines down upon it bright and true The tree became everything that it knew Clouds cover the moon creating darkness Leaving all things obscure and quite useless Moon appears back to illumine the tree The light appears brilliant so you can see The tree absorbs all the moonlight right there To become a mighty tree that does care Tree knows it will be the show of the land For the light of the moon made it quite grand
Russell Sivey

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My Neighbor's Tree

In the yard across the way there stands a young delightful maple tree. 
Oh in the hot summer......when the hot breeze blows, I watch it as it sway it's green whipfull 
leaves, blowing with the breeze to an ultimate degree.  
If the spring winds are harsh then it bends it's limbs limberly over toward the ground. 
When the winds are mild it just waves it's branches to me cheerfully. 
As if it's waving to say. "The weather is fair today."  
The ground around it, uprooted, uneaven and even rather bumpy and clumpy. 
The condeming of the burnt house that near it once stood, as it left its broad scars upon the 
scortched land. 
It now leans a bit away from where the house once stood, as it seemed to cry when that 
house burt that day some years ago, but it lingers growing still strong and tall today.  
It has not yet lost it's leaves, even with the strongest evil breeze this year.
It still grasps it's leaves tight to it's branches
For it is now February and still holds its many crisp brown leaves.  
Why have they not fallen off, as all the other trees?  
It is much stronger and laughs at the winter saying." You are not harsh enough for me."  
The snow rests on its branches today as the cold winds blow. It seems so odd to see a tree 
with leaves covered in snow.
But the white blanket of snow rests snuggly upon the leaves, as it does to its strong 

This tree, it is my nearby friend when I am alone,  as I gaze over the lawn at it from my 
Yes, it even in the strongest cold breeze, sometimes waves at me..... but still now nare a 
leaf has fallen to the ground from its many limbs.   
It seems to me so strange and odd the leaves have not yet fallen.  
Even in that, as a close friend would, gives me challenge to wander,  why?

Linda Terrell
February 15, 2010

This is a fiction story but  I do have this unusual tree in my neighbors yard.  
It holds tightly to it's own dry brown crisp leaves still in the dead of winter.

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Autumn's Mellow Fruitfulness

This summer was so crazy with a drought but still where mosquitoes multiplied.
And we’re leaving behind a hurricane that attacked the Midwest from all sides.
The crops were lost as months of over 100-degree temperatures, drove us hard.
They were Months that steadily held us captive within our own house doors.

I was soooo looking forward to Autumn where every thing would step aside.
I was dreaming of cool nights so mellow and days where I could walk my dog.
Yes, where the dogs feet and our shoe bottoms, would not be melting off.
Where leaning over the fence while talking to neighbors could be done.

But then, BOOM, along came Autumn, and I do mean with a capital B-O-O-M!
Our acorn tree decided for the first time in 30 years…to go forth and bloom...
And the gumball tree with its little spikes, doesn’t ever want, to be outdone.
The trees are very old and big at more than three stories high, you know…

I shouldn’t have watered them soooo much during the drought and heat, with glee.
For those cute little acorns are now shooting off the trees at mock ten, I do believe.
They hit the house and ground, then ricochet with a force that makes me grieve.
Dozens come down, at a time, bouncing with speeds even planes can’t achieve.

Umbrellas don’t seem to work as they bounce off the house and patio below…
Lord…help me Jesus… I say, as I dodge back and forth, under the rain below…
My dogs won’t go outside… and even my birds have moved a few yards down…
To a more docile terrain we’re all bound, as we were steadily run, off ground.

Even the squirrels stopped trying to bury them, and have left it all behind, so forlorn.
They're hanging a few doors down as my ground has become, wall-to-wall acorns. 
Acorns have hit with so much force, that I’ve had to cover my windows for once.
I no longer sit by my window to write… Yep… Bazinga! Won, with a vengeance...

Once the acorns finally end…the spiky gumballs will be gleefully awaiting, to begin.
I’m looking forward to winter, though I begin to believe it’ll be an unusual clincher.
As I’ve learned to say… You never know when life will send you a… Bazinga!
And that... sometimes Autumn's fruitfullness isn't so mellow after all.

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Purple Majesty

Purple majesty, the proudest tree here Looking powerful, like one that sure cares Ideally pronounced, the best tree around Expressively warm, a heartwarming sound The other trees in the grove don’t carry The love that is needed for royalty The desire for tenderness so heartfelt Is missing from the others in the belt Together they are united as one Even the purple tree’s beauty beacon It holds the power of the small clearing The heartbeat of the grove is endearing The mighty tree brings a towering soul Aligns all the trees making them all whole
Russell Sivey

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Woodpecker, woodpecker
Pecking on the wood
Woodpecker, woodpecker
Live a life that’s good

Peck away, peck all day
Always peck that wood
Peck away, peck every day
Live the life that’s good

Woodpecker, woodpecker
Pecking on the tree
Woodpecker, woodpecker
Live a life that’s free

Peck away, peck all day
Always peck that tree
Peck away, woodpecker. Please,
Peck for you and me

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Tree of love

I ask you this
Doth not thou know
Upon which tree 
Doth sweet love grow

Nor the weeping willow
Which always cry's
Nor the poor yew groves
Which aroud dead people lie

The tree of man 
Is where love grows
And by his death shows
That his love grows

But loving hearts do beat
Like yonder kettle drum
So where is my sweet love 
I beg thee to come

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Time drones slowly on 
Each eternity 
Snowflakes change to frozen rain 
Leaving icicles on the tree 

I barely notice spring's approach 
Budding branches on the tree 
Or summer's sun-kissed bounty 
From the garden planted for me 

Fall arrives in all its glory 
Nature's artists on a spree 
Painting glorious colors 
For all the world to see 

I do not see this beauty 
The golden leaves upon the tree 
To me it has no relevance 
For you're not here with me 

The sand is flowing slowly 
Through the hourglass of time 
Now the days fly by too quickly 
Soon  the tolling bell will chime 

But I cherish these fading days 
And our promised rendezvous 
When the last grain has flowed 
Then I will be with you

For John Freeman's contest (your best shot) _

 Copyright©2004 Beatrice Boyle

(All Rights Reserved

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Influence of a Mighty Tree

How many people want to hug a tree Majestic and high, tree loves all you see Trunk of the base is simply way too large Too huge to hold onto, that’s the main charge Looking up we see the sky it clutches Crystal blue with chilling breath it touches Fog enhances the life of the old tree We all desire to be released and free Our emotions flows here and finds real peace We find rows of life within each grand crease Frigid air surrounds our warm beating hearts Tree is the master, one that’s off the charts Reflected in water is the tree’s might What power it has with its awesome height
Russell Sivey Contest: All About Trees (old/new) poem Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 7/6/2013

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Open Field - Visual 7

          Open Field - Visual 7

                 Bold tree
          Consumes landscape
      Cries on soft green carpet 
Tears rain on branches in the wind
               Grass sings

Create on 1/12/15 for – Andrea Dietrich’s “An American Beauty: Write Like Adelaide” Poetry Contest - (cinquain form 2,4,6,8,2 syllable count) 

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The Devil Advocate

This poem is not about what is written, but what is not written. Never is this subject about 
which I relate ever touched upon. “The dual persona of the human being." Yet it is a real 
struggle each of us deal with every day, am I the true and good vessel as love intended or the 
devil’s advocate! The human species will never reach full potential until it makes a decision to 
be the concern that humanity was created to be,  for love is the right player of life. The mind 
has no real power of itself. What then is the advantage in choosing to be temporary, illusionary 

Which personality are we viewing when we look at the face or group of a person. Is it the 
mind’s scheme for control of the character that was created to be in the image of love!  Is it 
the correct identity of man’s reflection, which was created to be love in action! Most likely, at 
least part of the time, the image is that illusionary figure of the derivative mind, and it is trick for 
control. The human mind can be an hatred of life’s purpose, by the impression it creates by it 
own imagination. We can be the love perception of life itself, in the power thereof, pending the 
human choice. 

That choice is the critical decision that each of us must do every day, regarding every situation 
in life that we face. Humanity is created in Love's face, not devil’s advocate! 

The image that Constance has provided for this competition has sparked an innovation within 
me to write about this all important issue. 

As lovely as the young lady is in the model that has been provided, she could be only an 
illusionary front of her mind…as fruitless as the tree behind her appears to be. Two trees were 
presented to the human being by precept life, in the time that they were created. One was the 
tree of life, so called for it was to be love in action as life. The other was a tree of death. So 
called, for it was the negative possibility of human mind in it’s capability of serpent imagination. 
The human derivative reason was only meant to be the servant of life, not the human being’s 

The mind, for fear of losing control, will hinder your true identity from astounding feats made 
possible by your love’s power. Think about it for it is the fact. This fact, most of humanity 
recognizes as God. 

For and in Honor of Constance La France And Contest: "The Unwritten" 
Written by John Moses Freeman 7/1/2011

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                                  TREE OF LIFE.

I am He that gives  life to man, yet man knows  me not.
I lived  in the midst of man but man never appreciated  my importance.
Every tree  you can see around gives life; some give life  to aquatics  creatures; while   some terrestrials. 
I  stands as  the  only Tree that man needs  to resurrect    
I was called the Tree of  Life when your fathers were in the garden,
I created the tree of knowledge;  I refused to live inside the tree until fullness of time. 
Fullness of time? Yes.  

Fullness of time when man shall eat me and live forever. 
Other trees rely on me for provisions  till date, all the trees  in all  ages   knee  down  before me for  adoration.
My splendors  are in the  works  I created. 
I am He that you rejected  but was accepted by those  that deserves  life.
All the branches that   are mine  sons and daughters sprout  from me,
I am He  that  gives  life and nourishments to sons of  men.

The  waving  branches  of trees; reminds me of my numerous  glories,
My Source intervened and man departed from mine presence
Then,  man screamed,  and I saw the look at his face;
I said, Oh! one day, I the Tree of Life shall come and die for you and you shall be my branches.
Thought of all kinds  rushing as early streams  in the mind of  men,    
The  mind of man asked: How can you die for me and still have me as  your branch? 
No tree ever dies  and still remain alive to produce branches.
Dies  you said?  Asked the Tree of Life.  
Yes ! death.  It is my destiny  to die.
The glory of your existence is in my death.

In  dispensations  and ages to come, I shall be the vine  and  you be my branches.
The fruits of my Tree that you once denied shall you  eat and speak of its power to nations.
Greater will your fame be than I  when you shall know my knowledge.
I will no longer be in the garden where I was kept and guard  by Angels;  The heart of men shall be my  abode.
All the  branches whom you are, shall  spread the good news, 
 I was written in   engrafted words in tablets; So shall  I in the heart of every man.
I am the Root of roots, the only  Root that carry the universe and never complains.
You once had no access  to me; but  now, through my death  you  have  gained access.
I came as knowledge  from my Source and whosoever  eats  of me,  have the Source of  everlasting life.
You are  in me and I in you. That is why I called  you: Tree of  Life in this era.
All the saints in me, plants  me in all the gardens of the earth till my second coming.
Written by:
Omojevwe Emmanuel Brown

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The Sounds of Summer

The Sounds of Summer

I was trying to hear the sounds of Summer,

Which often comes with heat and dust like a hammer,

Suddenly I saw, lots of clouds hanging in the air,

They were covering the Sun, as if some mystery was there.

How amazing and mysterious are the summer clouds,

How beautifully the Sun is trying to peep out,  

How lovely is the breeze, blowing all around me,

Intoxicating my mind, with its ravishing beauty. 

How beautifully the birds are singing and chattering,

While flying in the air with their soul mates, touching the clouds,

How enchanting is the fragrance coming out from summer breeze,

How lovely is the bunch of yellow flowers, calling me there,

While hanging on the tree of Amaltash,* and embracing it completely,

Oh yellow Amaltash, 

Why you bloom, so enchantingly in summer only.

How gently the Sunbeams have touched their smiling faces,

How softly the lotus is opening its petals,

And the Roses are spreading it charms in the air,

Should I remain here or should I go there?

After those alluring summer charms, which call me from here to there,

Or should I stand still to understand and to determine, 

What is the mystery of life? Which fascinates me every where,

How really blessed is human life to enjoy such blessings,

Which we often miss in our life by just overlooking,

Since we are accustomed to hear,  the usual sound of heat & dust only.


Kanpur India. 14th May 2010

Written for Laura Mckenzie’s Sound of Summer Contest

* Amaltash.             Common Name    Amaltas 
                              Scientific Name Cassia fistula (linn). In summer it has more 
                              yellow flowers, every where on the tree and hardly any leaves. 

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Array of Warm Hues

The sky an azure color, light in cast Puts its array of warm hues on a tree Tree’s beautiful in shape, surely will last The sky an azure color, light in cast Brings harmony as it shines with a blast The great tree surely isn’t quite lonely The sky an azure color, light in cast Puts its array of warm hues on a tree
Russell Sivey

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Tree in a Field

This field of fog contains a tree One of movement and mystery The limbs go about in that way As if its life goes and does say Illusions, the heart, it can see The field is all grey it can’t be Like the tree, worshiped entity It seems barren during the day This field of fog The tree shapes itself endlessly In some uneven shapes blindly It cannot form where it does lay Signature branch off where it may In a full field dying darkly This field of fog
Russell Sivey

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The Little Leaf

The little leaf held tightly
to his mother tree's bark.
He started to get frightened
when the sky began to get dark.
But the mother tree comforted him,
filling his little heart with love.
"It puts the world to sleep," she said,
"and is sent from the One above."
As the love between the leaf and tree grew stronger,
the weather began to change.
The color of green seemed to fade,
and the little leaf felt strange.
"What is happening to me?"
he asked his mother tree.
"It's a natural part of life, my child," she said,
"you're becoming who you're meant to be."
The leaf turned a beautiful bright yellow,
as summer changed into fall.
He danced in the golden sunlight,
feeling a thousand feet tall.
Again, the weather started to change,
and the growing leaf asked to leave.
So the mother tree let go of her child,
but her heart wanted to grieve.
The cold wind blew this little leaf
far away from his mother tree.
As he joined the sleepy earth,
he was glad that his mother set him free.

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In Becoming a Forest

In the need of trees To become the forest here Abide by the realm Of peculiar openness Listing immaculate peace
Russell Sivey

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Broken but Living

On the hill top staring out to the bottom
Life seems so far from me 
Up to the heavens I look and pray as I am on my knee
Living life like an unwatched DVD
Up on this hill I continue to stand under this broken tree

The branches are withered and falling
The leaves have gone and disappeared into the wind
No life lives in the tree for it is broken
Receiving no love not even a token
The roots can no longer grow
The cuts and bruises on the tree are finally starting to show

For life is a branch because we have those to hold us up
The leaves are that of our comfort in which blew away
No life left in us we are just taking life breath by breath barley living
No love from others is even being offered
Without love we stand on the lonely hill to die
All the pain and agony we went through we can no longer hold back as we start to cry

Cold as the wind hits our stump
Time and time again we think what’s the point I am just going to jump
As it is the only reason why I am still living because my heart continues to pump
Thunder or lightning doesn’t even phase us not even a bump
For it just leaves another mark another scar another lump

Rain hides the tears we shed in the life we are forced to live
Without receiving any love we lost all ways to even know how to give
We are forced to learn how to make it through and survive
But with so little life left in us how do they expect us to drive
For we are just on this earth waiting for God to arrive

Not only hurting on the inside but also on the out
Living life broken and full of doubt
Not counting on anyone as a small leaf can’t even seem to sprout
On this hill top where I live its now becoming a drought 
Is this what life is really about?

One day this life will end
All the pain, hurt, coldness, agony, will descend
Where are those in which I called a friend
But no matter what if thou die alone I will still be forgiving
Even thou on a hill top left, I am broken but still living

© Jeremy Fennell

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Today I saw a tree trunk,
Growing through a fence.
Metal bars pierced, as it grew,
It almost didn’t make sense.

Sap oozed out its flesh,
Where the spike had bored.
Victim of its own success,
As if it had fell upon its sword.

I wondered if the tree was wise,
That growing meant having to agonize.
The tree didn’t seem to mind though,
As it stretched toward the rainbow..

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Spiritually Belongs

Do you think this world needs some mending? Anger, vice, hate abounds.
Take a good look, wars, killing, famine, and diseases pestilence, all around.
What this world needs is love, something man will never know.
Carnal selfish man wanting what he knows not, getting through life somehow.

Our Father long ago scattered men to the far ends of this earth, confusing men and languages.
The thing that men forget? It’s the Father, He has the final say, all the rest is gibberish.
The Eternal stands above and observes His creation, the fallen man.
God the Father in His infinite wisdom experimented with carnal man, gave him choices, Understand?

With His choice Adam ate from the tree of knowledge not the tree of life.
Adam, in his carnal mind wanted what God had the tree of knowledge, the serpent tricked the wife.
Willy, deceitful, evil Spirit one that sinned in His vanity, was cast to this earth.
Waiting treacherously for Eve to make Adam make the choice, God knew this was going to happen even before Adam’s birth.

The Holy Bible, God’s plan, His mystery reveals that’s so, God wanted Adam’s obedience and His love.
A gift, the tree of life the way to true happiness, from God above.
You can’t have lukewarm faith, like Adam’s, remembering God’s plan is for us to enter the Kingdom it’s our choice.
The Supreme One God, a patient tolerant loving Spiritual Father, He wants your Spiritual happiness and voice.

Adam by choice failed so his children were doomed to physical, emotional, ailing, sickness and death.
God made us in His image He put in Adam a special place, gave him life and his first breath.
Our Father is everywhere He gives His love to whomever he chooses, now, you as a part of that seed, what will you do?
Make worldly things important, or take heed and make the choice to obey God’s laws and return to the Kingdom that the Father has made for me and you?

Our Father the true God of this universe, His “Word” has stood the test of time,
To obey the deceiver of men and his fallen angels is the real crime.
Jesus had the choice, and He died for our sins and stood spiritually strong.
Our Father, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus are there for us, He wants to be obeyed and keep us safe and spiritually strong.

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In Another Light

The best thing you can do about a suicide is understanding it.

The boy opens the door and walks by his mom
his mom says "how was school"
He doesnt respond 
he walks silently to his room
His mom turns away in sadness
"its dinner time Kurt" she yells up the stairs.
He walks slowly down the steps
Hiding something in his hand as he puts it in his pocket
His mother is setting the table
Putting meat on his plate 
He sits down unto the seat
not touching his food
"is there something wrong with it?" his mom asks
He doesnt look at her
"talk to me. why have you been ignoring me" she repeats.
He gets up off the chair and walks outside
Walking into the woods as his mom runs out
"get back here where are you going"

Every living thing dies alone." he writes in white on a tree in there back yard
He throws the rope over the toughest branch
He steps up unto a little chair
Tying the rope around his neck
The chair falls

His mom worries in panic
She cant find him anywhere
She waits up all night

The Next Morning"

She walks out to the garden
Looking up at a tree
She sees the fallen chair from behind a tall bush
She runs
Picking up the chair
Seeing the thing she never thought would have happened
She falls to her knees
A tear falls from her cheek
Not understanding 
Reading the words on the tree
Every living thing dies alone"
She wonders

She untangles him from the tree and holds him
Talks gentle to him
Something she hasnt done in a while
Now grasping the meaning behind what he has done

The best thing you can do about a suicide is understanding the meaning behind it.

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The Colorful Leaves Are Here

The colorful leaves are here formed within the tree Is bright with hope, it forms a beautiful, joyful lair A shining moment outside, coming amazingly The colorful leaves are here I find the effect mesmerizing, such as one there The tree can form greater than anything, perfectly A gorgeous outlook will produce quite an air Colors are spread out over many that are made freely It’s all how you look at it, where none would despair The power of the tree, God created masterfully The colorful leaves are here
Russell Sivey First attempt at a Roundel, not for the contest as the contest's topic is different.

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Life's Wholeness

Life and a living being
can never be separated
See one and you see
the other
Destroy one and you destroy 
the other
Pluck a flower from a tree
and dissect it 
to understand it
You no longer have that flower
as it existed
on the tree
You may have an understanding
of the relationship
between the components
of a dead flower
but you will have forever lost 
the totality of the experience
of the LIVING flower
To see the flower in 
its completeness
and understand a reality 
that can only be experienced
but can never be put into words
for the whole is more than
the sum of its parts

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In the Frozen Air

The cold air reaches the frigid bottom Freezing the hillside completely on through There’s nothing that you can do to stop it So frozen the trees start to snap in two Ice forms on many trees that are intact So cold the trees look so poor and distraught Landscape is so littered with snowy trees They look as if they’re frozen a whole lot There’s risk that they could fall at any time On a hillside that sure isn’t good news An avalanche could form from its falling Rolling down into town and right on through It’s so cold there’s a chance this could happen Trees have fallen with little more than this I would take heed and go around this hill And wait until this cold snap surely lifts
Russell Sivey

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Winter Winds

Winter winds blow all around. 
I’m astonished by the sounds of Jingle Bells and reindeer stomps. 
All of this should never stop. 
Snow lies on the ground, if only that weren't too profound. 
Time only leads to decay, but not on Christmas, not today. 
You should see the angels pray. 
Toy trains, and rag dolls are the things kids used to want. 
But time has changed, yes so have children… 
Santa seems as if a villain. 
So much fighting, so much crying, it sounds as if the kids are dying. 
“I want money, I want fame, and these toys are just so lame.” 
But that’s the product we provided. 
Second chances are no more, Santa’s plot we wait for. 
He’s sick of this, he doesn't care, it’s as if he’s not wanted here. 
He gets ready to take it all back…. 
There’s still one toy left in his sack, it’s for a little girl, half a world away. 
Now how could he have missed this, on the perfect Christmas day? 
He turns around, not time for war. 
This toy, the girl is waiting for… It’s not a toy like you’d expect. 
She didn't ask for electronics, or stupid games such as Sonic. 
She just wanted one small thing… 
She’s waiting for something EXTRA special this gloomy day. 
In a bed she sits and stares, at the window near a chair. 
She’s so weak, and all alone. 
She doesn't even have a real home, not where there are bright lights anyways. 
They've decorated a weeping willow, the only tree around the “home”. 
So she has lights to see. 
It’s Christmas after all, but there’s no way to calm the raging sea. 
She’s dying, it won’t take much longer, and she doesn't care about the tree. 
She needs a new heart extra bad. 
So, Santa’s bringing her the one thing, that will stop her parents from being sad. 
He rushes to the hospital in his golden sleigh, and climbs right down the vent, 
He’s saving Christmas today. 
Santa rushes in just in time, finds a doctor, the girl is dying. 
It’s not what he usually does, but he stays and watches as they save her life. 
He waits for her to wake up. 
“Santa, you saved my life, oh thank you so much! I needed my heart to be touched.” 
He just smiles, and kisses her hand. He’s so glad he didn't destroy the land. 
Christmas is still a special day. 
There’s no more sorrow, no, not today. Santa smiles though some are still ungrateful. 
There’s that one child, standing in the snow, her life can now be started in the evening glow. That’s life for the grateful, loving, caring, and the thankful. Most of the time Santa just gives toys. For all the good girls and boys. But not today, and not tomorrow, once a year he gets rid of sorrow. So sleep tight and say your prayers, Christmas time is but once a year.

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Just Blowing in the Wind

Just Blowing In The Wind

I am the last Oak leaf left near the top of this mighty Oak tree 
wondering what is to become of me
thousands of Oak leafs were here just a few days ago
now they are all gone
the night air begins to chill as the days get shorter
the beautiful emerald green color I once was
is now a scarlet red-- is this the color of death
Oak leafs by the thousands lay upon the cold hard ground
who once were friends of mine
and the mighty Oak tree is now bare except for me
the cold and chilly wind blows gently through the empty lonely branches
causing me to flutter and shutter
but I hold on even tighter for dear life clinging to my branch
as the wind calls out my name 
from so high atop this mighty Oak tree
I wonder is this what it’s all about
is this the end of my brief life       just one season 
laying down there with all the other scarlet red Oak leafs looking up at me
I wonder what my life’s accomplishments were I scream and shout 
but no one can hear my cries of pain was it all in vain
did I accomplish anything of worth while I was here
did I do what I was born to do
before my life is through
now I’m just blowing in the wind my friend
just blowing in the wind

Dennis Davis

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Dressed for death act two -Great Physician's durable clothing

Because sin death entered in is for sure a marry heart does good like a cure  											Good news for men like a new leaf fallen from a tree now a dying spirit a fading leaf  										the Glorious cross a promise kept from the time Eve wept 													He is our life from Adam to the One healing enter in the only begotten Son 												dwelling in the Light only He is He was and is to come 														The only wise true Living God conquerer of all evil the Amen													It is done "The first and the last, which was dead, and is alive"													Heals by believing He forgiveth all your sins heals all you diseases                                                                                                                                                                  		His grace keeps us from plagues those written and those not 													 as far as east to west the Lamb of God the Lamb without spot													has taking away our sins with the shedding of His blood														Writes His laws on upon our hearts our sins remembering not													The sins of all He bore upon the tree causing are sins to return unto thee                                									 Rose again on third day the Justified doing away with our body of sin and death											all points as we yet He is without sin pleading to the sinners enter in												the Day spring on High the True Prophet Priest and King														Here is wisdom Honor Jesus Lord of lords King of kings the Lord our God King 											Garments of praise alpha and omega the first the Last the same													Granting repentance forgiveness of your sins in Your name 													The Lord Jesus The name above all names our all in all                                                                                                                                                                               		our sins separated us from Him that giveth Life to all   														Now by faith we have been grafted in Jesus the tree of life          												           	Us with His own self  He adorned clothing us in righteousness and salvation 												Lambs wife married none other than Jesus our great physician

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One Lonely Tree

It weathered harsh storms

and grew to be very strong

but the day soon came

when life was taken from it    

so that Another would die   

One Lonely Tree  07/31/14

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The Red Death

The days grow shorter. With each moon-rise there
are newly deceased leaves resting on the cold,
frost-covered soil.

Their lace-like edges adorned with death's crystal kiss.
Forever red, never green again. Their death paints the forests
with vibrant colors, and no one stops to mourn the loss of life.

The trees let go of their dead outer furs, showing bare, ugly bones.
Their skeletons stand starkly against a pale winter's sky, and
only then does it seem fitting, because the bones now mourn 
the red ones, forever gone.

But after a few bitter-cold months, 
small cocoons start to form along the tree's barren limbs,
promising life during the new season.
They forget their lost red coat and sing for the green yet to come.
For they will look alive again. Forgetting the red death.
Seen as skeletons no more.

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It's Not A Tree House - My Quiet Place

My quiet place is high above the maddening haste and
I can go there at my leisure, to this five story back yard walk-up, and
On the platform of this wooden stair castle in-the-air-deck, I
Can look over the city, awed at the wonders I see and write about.
The telephone is turned off to my delight and the only sounds
Are my sighs from time to time, and the whistle of the tea kettle. 
No plants to water, no pets to feed, just me, pencils, pads and
My special someone, who says his sole purpose in life Is to make me happy.
I stay here as long as I desire, in this quiet place writing,  and  best of all,
He only plays the music I want to hear…Frank Sinatra, singing anything.

It's not a tree house that hides me
From the world; I ignore 
Yellow jackets so they won't sting
Watch butterflies adored.

It's Not a tree house, inflated 
Balloon, my quiet place;
I love, laugh, write here, time is naught,
sun caresses my face!

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Loves Philosophy

Where would we be without love?
Lost sheep of Babylon, not God’s doves,
Loves philosophy is: ‘love, love, love’,
So let’s begin her story,

Her story begins in the womb,
Where love maternal is in bloom,
Then paternal love springs forth,
With eventual dada mama of course,

Her first steps are tentative,
Steady, gradual, pensive,
Love is growing fast,
She waves her tiny hand, makes a fist,


Love is a mine of hearts and minds,
Broken, pumping, dull, awake,
For goodness sake let something shake!
From the tree of love, what does it take?

A fruit to fall upon my lap,
A love ripe to bite after a nap,
Alas alack release some slack,
I do not have the subtle knack,

Does it take so long to find loves grace,
With strawberry hair and a pretty face,
I wonder if there will be a share,
You cherry, me plum to be your care,

When all is said and done,
What is the point in life with no fun!
The harvest of love is worth more than gold,
So the story told should set the mould,

Look for love in the tree,
Where ever the tree may be,
And find a suitable fruit to munch,
And take them out for a hearty lunch,

If all fails and it well might,
Leave it a while with a smile,
Never giving up the fight,
Then when life is less stale, re ignite,

The journey restarted afresh aplomb,
Shields up for the femme bomb,
As for the men they may need fresh words,
To trap and seduce the startled birds,

A look again at the tree of love,
Where it is filled with new blossom,
Don’t act the goat or be a possum,
The news of love is close at hand,

A gent and a lady, years apart,
See eye to eye and have fresh heart,
Her mind is nimble his is on fire,
Where Lord to take this desire,

I wonder if it is going anywhere,
Do you care, do you think I care?
I adore you from the start,
Your nimble mind my aching heart,

To find her, unwrap her serenade her,
Hear her, feel her, getting close to her,
All in all falling about,
I could shout, is she the one!

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Higher Meaning

The forest, laid out in lavender pink Harbors light within its tender confines Sea foam runs in, as water is nearby No tree has a look that is quite alike Some trees are tall, others are short and stout The water tries to make its statement here Crystal clear teal, it foams at its edges The lake holds creativity within Nothing about it looks like the forest The light from the waning sun captivates I understand the sight, mixture of life No animal could understand this sight No meaning is greater than the sun’s rays It brought me the mauve colors before me The water, that lovely water, is blue Colorful only by the sun’s bright light May I always enjoy my forest here And the water, the crystal clear water I will forever be inspired from this To write lovely words of great tenderness Saving my heart, leaving me with true joy I will always feel the pure wonderment
Russell Sivey

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Azure Heights

The large tree crawls up to the azure heights Where cloudy days cover some of the blue The top of the tree has some leaves it likes The large tree crawls up to the azure heights This mighty tree floats way up with the kites Cutting it down is not giving its due The large tree crawls up to the azure heights Where cloudy days cover some of the blue
Russell Sivey

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Crystallized Snow

Frost, a white edge of mist present on trees
With ice grasping the branches minus leaves
The limbs bend under the gravity scene
Some break due to the frozen water sheen

The beauty compares to none all around
The trees are striking in its glory found
Looking at its heart you see its power
Secure is its love of winter wonder

The trees dance in unison joined as one
Showing off the perfection banded on
Motion enhanced by the grace of the ice
Delivered by the mist which does suffice

Gradual branching of each tree is layered
Crystallized snow, the white coat is captured

Russell Sivey

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Crow in a Frozen Tree

There is a crow amongst an old bare tree Bereft of cold wind that blows in winter This ancient tree, so bare and surely free The bird is careful not to catch a splinter Softly sitting on the limb of the tree Bereft of cold wind that blows in winter Unlike the outside frigid cold we see By our deep breaths, unlike the bird crowing Softly sitting on the limb of the tree The bird looks like he’s dead, but I’m knowing He lives to breathe the bitter cold as me By our deep breaths, unlike the bird crowing I view the tree thinking that it could be A lot warmer place for the happy bird He lives to breathe the bitter cold as me This bird in a dormant tree looks absurd There is a crow amongst an old bare tree A lot warmer place for the happy bird This ancient tree, so bare and surely free
Russell Sivey

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Violet Grove

The trees, boasting about their colors, weep Having been newly blossomed they have clout Hidden behind the purple cloud they seep Blending beside each tree wishing about Reflecting image in the water true The trees, boasting about their colors, weep Thinking about love, this image brings you Secure as this grove pleasantly to keep Violet leaves stem out, getting what they reap Our house’s concealed beyond the world of trees The trees, boasting about their colors, weep The massive powers bring me to my knees Slowly I approach this island by boat Purple glow becomes greater, allowing sleep I’m surely enamored by the tree’s coat The trees, boasting about their colors, weep
Russell Sivey

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Adam's Lament

Adam mused and stroked his beard saying, "I've really got it made!
All I do is eat and sleep and lie beneath The Tree Of Life for shade!
That is until a couple of weeks ago when God put me in a trance!"
He sayeth, "Loan me a rib to create a wife, your love life to enhance!"

"In one fell swoop unto me He created a lovely lady named Eve!"
I asked, "Why is thy physique so different than mine? - I was so naive!"
"Come hither, big fella" said Eve, "I think we can figure it out!"
That's how the "genesis" of Cain, Abel and Enoch came about!"

"With a wife and kids to support, my problems now began.
I regret to say that is what brought about the eventual fall of man!"
"A sneaky snake talked Eve into eating fruit from The Tree Of Life.
Since that little dido, I and humankind have known nothing but strife!"

"Heretofore, we could romp, play and roam about Eden undressed.
Now, I have to wear scratchy fig leaves that really leave me stressed!"
"Cain is in the hoosegow for a fit of rage and the slaying of his brother.
Why me Lord?  Why this onerous scourge upon me and his mother?"

"On top of all of this, I now have to labor for my daily chow.
Alas, all of mankind must now toil by the sweat of their brow!"
"Folks, I'm sorry for perpetrating such terrible misery in your life.
Truth be told, you can blame that wily snake and my wayward wife!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(© All Rights Reserved)

Placed 4th in Linda-Marie's "Adam In Eden" Contest

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The Snowy Life of Two Loving Ghosts

Taking suggestions especially on this poem. This is a first draft and I like it, but I don't have time to edit at the moment. Thank you!

The two ghosts dance through the barren forrest,
leaving footsteps to be pondered about
by the man who owns the land in the morning.
Howls and Screams and Laughter and Love
fill the dewy dark sky.
The two, lovers in death,
never knowing of the truth,
that their lives were taken
Snowfalls before,
being murdered in these woods,
their throat slits and their bodies mutilated,
No one knew who they were.

But here they are again,
running through the spindly trees,
taking in the scenes of their
eternal winter.
He takes her hand,
leading her to an opening in the trees,
a perfect circle, no light insight
but the stars above,
so beautiful,
so prominent.
Theres not a place in this town
better than this
to see the future amongst the stars.

They came here that day,
tent in one hand,
telescope in the other;
their thoughts in the air.
They were seventeen,
Seniors awaiting the approval
of a diploma,
They should be studying,
mid-terms next week.
They took a fatal break,
spent the night together,
only belonging to each other.

The ghosts;
who's sight doesn't recognize
the spot of their demise. 
They sit on top of a large smooth stone,
Left their by the world in it's hurry.
They gaze upon the stars,
waiting for the world to reveal itself.
The screams and wails and love still permeate the air.

They fell asleep in each others arms,
and so they never heard the footsteps,
the drunken laughs of men full of sin,
ready for some action.
They found the tent,
they killed the innocent souls,
but instead of leaving they bodies,
they left the ghosts,
taking the bodies and
depositing them in the freezing lake.
They then sat upon the rock,
laughing about the deed done,
passing out in the deadfall of snow.

The transparent lovers jump to the snow,
throwing themselves down to sleep the night away.
They cuddle,
protecting each other from the snow,
the danger,
the truth.
The smile,
and with one last scream,
they kiss,
merging with the snow,
Part of the world,
and this spot full of false truths.

No longer do lively bodies wander about the woods,
and the owner hardly visits.
But a few times each winter,
when the snow has fallen so deep,
You can hear the screams,
the howls, 
the laughter
and the love
of two ghosts
dancing in the snow.

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Taboo Haiku

     Taboo Haiku

Bamboo skirt lifts scents
Flavors of river desires
Absorbs each other 

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Beautiful Darkness

Can you imagine, the forest of blues Fascinating, trees all carry darkness Even the smallest tree has a dark hue No matter how you look, there’s a greatness Proud paths wind around rocks, brush, dirt, and trees Fascinating, trees all carry darkness The area is covered by some leaves Awesome colorful display of loneliness Proud paths wind around rocks, brush, dirt, and trees Beauty astounds, even brings holiness Openness shows us the given darkness Awesome rich blue display of loneliness Powerfully you would see the sky, thus No light to shower down onto the ground Openness shows us the given darkness This night has to be the best night around Can you imagine, the forest of blues No light to shower down onto the ground Even the smallest tree has a dark hue
Russell Sivey

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In Perfect Harmony

The tree and the vine in perfect harmony
Growing together the way it should be
Their lives cross like veins of life
Yet they stay together through natures strife

In general they are, in the world we live
Although their are some who never forgive
They can suffocate, consume with a passion
Leave life so frail, grey to ashen

Then there are us humans, well what can I say
We are so like them in every way
Even we can live in harmony
Unlike the tree and the vine, more we should be

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The Storm in my Heart set His Tree on Fire

My cheeks pressed against
my window while the rain drops
Streamed down the glass, down my face
Alluding to tears,
Staring across at your house,
Lights out, cars gone, vacant.

The oak tree scratching
At your old bedroom window,
Muddy,bare, lifeless garden, 
It has been a week,
Thunder explodes from a far,
Lightning strikes the tree on fire.

BY: sabina nicole

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The once mighty tree

There once was a tree that was tall and beautiful. It was the talk of the forest. Its 
branches were sturdy, its leaves full, its trunk straight. Kids came from all around to climb 
its height and swing from its branches. On hot days it gave them shade from the 
scorching sun, and when it rained it bore the heaviest drops without thought. One day a 
kid broke off a branch and used it to scratch his back. The tree trembled a little. The next 
day another kid sawed off four strong limbs. He needed to make a chair. The tree shook. 
The third day another kid came and stripped the tree bare, he needed to patch his leaking 
roof. The tree stood naked and alone. No one came around anymore. It had given 
pleasure when they needed it, it had given a seat in its lofty heights, it had been a shelter 
in the storms, and now it had nothing left to give. One day a stranger walked by. He 
looked up at this skeleton of a tree. He didn’t say anything just looked for a long time, 
then took out a piece of paper and sketched something. Then the stranger dug a moat 
around the trunk and filled it with water. He did this day after day. And he would lean 
against the trunk, now scarred and talk about how it was the most beautiful tree in 
forest. And the tree couldn’t help but wonder if he was blind. At first nothing happened. 
But as time passed small buds sprang forth. They flowered and bloomed. Leaves popped 
out the very trunk seemed to straighten itself as if the moon was within its grasp. The 
stranger looked at the tree, there were tears in his eyes as he pulled out a crumpled 
drawing from his pocket and held it up, it looked exactly like the tree looked now. But the 
tree now could see over the tops of the other trees. It saw a house with a small branch 
propping open a door. It saw a wooden chair sitting in the yard, neglected, with one leg 
broken clean off. It saw where the roof had been patched. The tree shivered and shook. 
Leaves cascaded from its newly formed branches raining down on the stranger, who 
looked up bewildered. But all the tree saw were four wooden legs, it saw a patched roof, it 
remembered. The branches started to sag, the bark peeled off like dead skin and in a loud 
sickening crash the tree started to fall. The man turned to brace the tree with all his 
strength. But he was not a whole man for one of his legs was made of wood, it splintered 
and cracked under the strain. And in the house not far away a man looked up in time to 
glimpse a mighty tree crumble to the ground.

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A World in Words


cloudscloudscloudsclouds                                   cloudscloudscloudscloudsclouds       
           cloud                                                             cloud                 cloud


                      workers                                                                         kite
                      workers                                                          leaves
                      workers                                                         tree
                      workers                         home                       tree        
                     cafeteria      car              heart         flowers     tree   picnic


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Tree of Life

I see a tree outside my patio door; it’s tall and gifted with so much life.
It’s bark flows in connecting patterns, they come together then flow apart.
It echoes the patterns of relationships that so often come and then they go.
Its precious leaves are born each year, and will fall with the winter cold.

Each cycle leaves a foundation needed for the next year’s growth.
And a ring in this foundation, speaks volumes of the history before.
The branches lead us off to paths; we never thought we would go.
The leaves lend comfort in our lives, and mute the harshness thrown.

It knows how to bend and move and flow with what life will to it send.
Yet, generosity is the gift it gives to those that, upon it constantly depend.
It will shelter, feed, and protect all creatures; both great and small till its end.
Then it will return to the soil, to replenish and nourish the next to grow, again.

Still, why does the tree stretch out its arms as it grows toward the light?
It’s reaching toward its maker, to acknowledge the one who gives it life.
Trees are the living proof given to us, about what we should already know.
Yes, God gave us all these trees to remind us, of how each life should grow.

Trees know his light gifts all we need, to live contently within his arms.
They replenish the air for our every breath and even give us our homes.
The tree should be our Coat of Arms for all it’s given to us, and more…
This gift God has given to us: is symbolized as the beautiful Tree of Life.

Details | Rengay | |

Ancient Tree

The base of a tree Sits a great Jack-O-Lantern Fear emits from within The hollow nature of his eyes Bring about a sense of death The tree is ancient It’s the oldest tree around Time hasn’t been kind The limbs are gnarled Crooked as limbs can be They sit very lifeless Bats sit atop the lone tree Waiting for some passerby Light seems to dim Whenever you near this tree Evil lurks here
Russell Sivey

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Oh! pretty nature
This is eye-catcher
On the wet, wet grass
There were few dew drops
Shelly and I
Reeling, in pleasure
Selling, our leisure
Rolling, in great measure
This is big pleasure
O, I love this season
It's spring,
This is the reason...

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A Feeding Place

Putting up some fresh suet hoping winter's birds will enjoy coming to feed..
Then added some water to the bird baths so there will be drink for them to enjoy..
An hour later the Willow Tree comes alive with color__

two male bluebirds sit
on the edge of bath drinking...
suet eaten fast

Five female Red Cardinals and two males bounce from feeder to tree and 
then to the bird bath. Too soon it is quiet again.  Just a little excitement in an ordinary day..  

Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Contest: Mix It Up

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Trees of righteousness

What is wrong with our ailing society-
We chase after dreams like a proverbial butterfly 
That does not know how to fly straight
Only to be caught in a net as lunch for a spider

Is it only through heartache we become wiser
Or bitter
Surely our left hand should know what our right hand does?

Lessons learned well help us discern responsible action
Like -don’t build on a cliff if it is made of sandstone
Or near where water may rise due to flood
Or don’t live where there is strife unless you feel
You are called and have the ability to turn things around
And don’t do to others that you wouldn’t want done to you

From the year dot when mankind left paradise we have warred
And have killed, raped and destroyed that which is good
Even a flood of enormous proportions didn’t change or cleanse 
or take away our guilt -for the problem stems from within 
of each and everyone -for you see-The problem is- SIN.

Our human tree is the problem we are corrupt as can be
So another tree had to come one that could give life
One that is honest and good to the core 
One that could overcome all that the fruit of Sin could implore
Even death- A tree that can give - a life that is new

He is called the Branch and when we are grafted into this holy tree
His nature, if we stay grafted into Him -will eventually cause us to 
Bear excellent fruit
Yes there will be seasons that come and go like any fruit bearing tree
But as it matures and is regularly pruned it will give of its abundance 
And when the change fully comes, in heaven we’ll be called,
Trees of righteousness - The planting of THE LORD. 

©? Brenda V Northeast         3 Jan. 2012

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It's Halloween Night

Ghost of a bat haunts this night From a tree limb way up high Scaring those that walk on by Fear mastered by it There are spider webs around It’s known the spiders are there Somewhere near the tree tonight Waiting for victims Up the path is the mansion Haunted by ghosts of the past Scaring those that do venture Who might come and see These frightful things all come out Just one fearful night of year A night of witches and ghouls It’s Halloween night
Russell Sivey

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felled tree

Dear swollen-trunk maple, deemed 
diseased by the saw-happy tree guy, 
you who have stood silently, supposedly 
slipping your ailment through your roots 
to the neighboring trees, now fallen 
full blast down, geometrically down, 
right angle, then parallel at last, your flat-
sawn stump blotched with incriminating 
evidence—you came and leafed 
and are gone, and I who have grown old 
in your lifetime, who intuited you rather 
than knew you, felt you in my bones, 
now feel the slightly thinner woods, 
the hint of frailty. Scott the tree guy 
has carried your eighteen-inch logs in his 
red wheelbarrow and stacked them 
for winter: a little Williams, a little Frost. 
   Oh tree, everywhere I look 
I have to pledge reclamation, fill 
the forest floor with ferns, mushrooms, 
pine needles, and in the side corner 
place the outhouse, practically unused 
anymore, still in good shape, emitting 
its rich human-waste smell, its wood 
smell, its few spiders climbing 
their trellises with their sticky feet. 
Oh tree, so much has been discovered 
to fill in the space where you were: 
seven new species of Philippine 
forest mice, a new genus of blind 
Bulgarian beetle, four new species 
of jewel beetles, six of New World 
micromoths. I have filled my note cards, 
I have left the vertical space open 
for the Ur-tree, the canonical vision 
that will take your place, even the stigmata, 
your bulged and arthritic joints, the 
whither of your leaving, the grand word 
whither standing where you were.

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gospel of st matthew

To give you more of this thought… Gospel according to St. Matthew 7:16 – 7:20... To break down the Gospel for something to exercise your thoughts and feed your minds 7:16 By their fruits you will know them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? 7:17 Just so, every good tree bears good fruit, and a rotten tree bears bad fruit. 7:18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit. 7:19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. 7:20 So by their fruits you will know them. Reflection: I think, it is very rare to find a fruit that disobey the tree. A fruit however, may disobey the tree if and only if the fruit listens to the voice of God. J.

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To Modern Times

By the soul, and That which shaped it and inspired it
[with the capacity to distinguish between] lewdness and God-fearing,
prosperous is he who purifies it, and failed has he who seduces it. 
(The Holy Quran 91:7-10) 

Brothers love their sisters and remember
As the leaves of a tree called life are falling,
At one time apart and at another together, 
There will sooner or later come a voice calling:
Injuries will heal and hence be forgotten
Lies will stumble, be found out and go down
Dreams will dovetail with good deeds and come true
Weapons invented and used against life will end
Birds and flowers will be set free of cages and fences
Innocence and Beauty will spring back and prosper
Tears in our sacred soil will be wiped out forever
Every scoffing built upon our falling is nothing
This tree of life is fruitful and has wonder and wonder.

Chokri Omri

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Glowing Tree

Glowing tree beyond the wall Showering with leaves A bright rose color is shown Hears those that believe Solid with no fear Growing higher on life’s edge In my heart so near
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

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Grand Silence of the Moon

In the grand silence of the moon The tree surely bloomed and spread out It delves into the darkest gloom Shows beauty inside and without The blooming tree grows like it cares In the grand silence of the moon There is not much that could impair It can surely bring one to swoon The darkness doesn’t seem to doom The greatness of this master tree In the grand silence of the moon It blooms through some adversity The moon peaks to give so much light Tree envelopes the darkness soon It can grow tall with all its might In the grand silence of the moon
Russell Sivey

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Tree in the Front Yard

An old tree lives out in the front yard It speaks of a life perfectly true Time doesn’t do wonders on its ward An old tree lives out in the front yard Entertainment has come from a bard So the tree finds something else to do An old tree lives out in the front yard It speaks of a life perfectly true
Russell Sivey

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Yellow Hue

The small group of trees near a large clearing Pretends to be stronger than what they are They grow mightier than their own being Fresh budding leaves growing, leaving no scar The trees are showing life, seen from afar There’s a yellow hue that surrounds the group Trees love this color, throws them for a loop Yellow blends in with the trees and warms them The trees, leafing out, creates a nice stoop No tree in the group would look to condemn
Russell Sivey

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Whiskey Christmas

It was Christmas Eve; I was a prisoner of my own divide.
Lost in mind, clad in drunken sadness, caged up inside.
Alone and forlorn my thoughts laden with whiskey lies,
Memories seem so distant, only a week since goodbyes.
Christmas tree glistening, blurry in my vision of tears,
Flashing lights bright, neighbors Christmas party cheers.
No presents or joy in this household upon this night.
Sorrows, misguided gulps of liquor, cloud my sight.
Heartbroken, gloomy devouring the demon filled drink.
No more, no less, my eyes roamed over as I did think.
Hopelessly lost in a whirlwind of memories of no more,
No more, love by a lover, no daughter to teach the score.
Left me in a house, no longer our home that we shared,
Only I and this half-empty bottle, feeling impaired.
She left me, taking my child a thousand miles away.
While here in this house of torture, me and myself stay.
Every corner a recollection blinks by crystalline light.
Splintered and speckled by the twinkling star so bright.
Atop the now barren tree which had shined with joys.
Years before cluttered with wrappers, boxes and toys 
I slam a big gulp down my throat, since this was my first.
Night of my debut to the evil of whiskey blinding thirst,
Never before had drunkenness been a quest or even a try,
This night she devoured my soul, not wanting ever to cry.
Intoxication was a desire, though not ever beyond joy.
My virgin body of drink has choked me unable to deploy.
Sour mash tears wash down my face, wiping my eyes.
I hear my built up agony; pour out in inhuman cries.

User Name  Cecil Hickman

Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ 
Contest Name Your "Saddest" Christmas Ever 

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Interesting Shadows

An old tree at night Casts interesting shadows From the light of the full moon The night holds darkness Where tree holds the vampire bats That feast on fearful people
Russell Sivey

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Oak Leaves

The withered leaves of summer days
Cling to the oak tenaciously;
Their dry and brittle sighs are heard
When winter winds sift through the trees.
They will not die a gracious death
And flutter to the fields while gold;
When other leaves deep carpets make
Impassioned oaks increase their hold.
They cling till Death's determined winds
In violent spasm fling them down;
But, even as they touch the ground,
New buds of green replace the brown.

How I admire their courage, staunch,
Their joy of living in Death's face,
For even winter's blasting wind
A challenge meets in their embrace.
Although their death is imminent,
Their grasp near wrested from the tree,
They strain to sip life's nectar all,
Before they meet eternity.
I would be like them to the end;
While drinking in my final breaths,
I'd sing of life's ecstatic joy
And pause with you when facing death.

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The Woman at the Well

God whispered into my ear one night
Woman thou art made clean
A new lease of life I have given thee
Like a tree that gives out new leaves
So shall your life be
And the fragrance of this life shall spread far and wide
To the dead and the lost and those around
And this tree that is planted by the water side
Forever shall it draw eternal life
And its leaves will never ever wither away
For the Angel of the Lord will guard it night and day
Thus the glory of God will shine through you
So that all that is written about you shall come true

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Blue Spruce

Their silvery-blue scented needles fragrance and permeate freshness.  Billions of years
preceding The Christ, trees naturalized.  Six      to eight centuries of living.  Oh, Spruce with 
perfect shape.  Why, now, does man steal            life in your prime?  Little trees die.  
Do you ever grow to live life to fullness?                  Man must look around and think!
before cutting young blue spruce down.                       If tree life abounds, all life thrives. 
God made tree genes before Adam                                formed from the dust?  Replenish!  
Man must understand to survive!                                       The Colorado Rockies and 
the Utah  timberlands displayed                                           splendid sights.  BEFORE
thousands, of strong trees were                                              chopped to the ground.  
Each year, across God's lands                                                   around the world
mankind celebrates Jesus                                                           Christ's birth.  Spruce 
trees face a familiar plight.                                                           Guiltless, they are 
crucified, chopped down.                                                                 have perfect lives 
stripped from the earth.                                                                     Two feet.  Four feet. 
Six feet.  And more.                                                                            Cut down in their  
prime.  Meanwhile                                                                                man  makes a few 
dimes.  I guess                                                                                      folks just don't 
realize, as trees                                                                                       stand decorated  
on their floors,                                                                                            Potential dies.
No chance to grow twenty-five feet wide, thriving on God's rich land.  No Chance to be a 
hundred and fifteen feet of blue tinted magnificence with a pretty pointed top reaching up to 

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One Day of Knowing (For the Eve in Eden Contest Sponsored by: Deborah Guzzi)

One Day of Knowing

Adam, my Adam, please come stroll with me.
Let us take another walk to the sea.
Come, my husband, the man of my dreams,
We can live forever with no blasphemes!
You named all the animals as God asked.
Eons flew past; you continued the task.
Never “alone” working with no adieu.
God’s right hand man; I am so proud of you!
Alone in the garden, when God went out –
I keep wondering, what was that about?
What was on the outside?  I wish I knew –
Perhaps way back then…a dangerous venue.
Every yesterday walking side by side
In sync in the garden we two abide.
Millions of years living, immortal, shared.
God invented…giving to us; He cared.
Day after day together leisurely
We, walking with God obediently,
Free to eat of the Tree of Life and live.
Explicate that one, Adam?  Come on; give! 
Let us try the other fruit; we will not die.
The serpent said we would not.  Let us try. 
The Tree of Life gives immortality.
We will know good and evil, God’s specialty.
You said, before “Eve, do not ask again.”
We could be like God; come on let us win!
I am looking for adventure, if you please.
Life in the garden is a boring ease.  
Perhaps I will taste that fruit without you.
Then, you will miss me for an eon or two.
Good idea, baby”— Now, I am thinking!
Beguile me again…these teeth are sinking.
Adam, oh Adam, I ate and still live.
It tastes delicious; this is yours…I give. 
Yummy!  Eve, I love your tummy…naked.
Yikes!  He is unquenchable; love related.
What have I done eternity like this?
Never ending energy, a constant kiss.
My rebel spirit brought mortality.
Now, pain and toil, shall drive humanity.
Come on God; what is next?  Please do something –
God banished us the Tree of Life; mortal life stings –

DEDICATED to the original EVE whose rebel spirit and convincing tongue brought mortality to both Adam and herself.  Thus, the adventures of mortal man began and humanity

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
May, 2010

Poetic form:  Couplets

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Your short shaggy stumps 
That graze the ground
Of dead leaves and dirt
Your wet, black snout that smothers the soil with smell
Your empty eyes that dart from where your first patch of paw leads, 
And the last follows
Your contained existence
From here to there
And back again
What else have you?
This moment’s piss,
That last moment’s slumber
The thoughtless then and now dance you do
Without consideration for what the final performance may look like
And it looks like nothing
Except for all your futile nows
That you execute with reflexive precision
Your hind leg in the air
Your hollow pug face stare
Your undiscerning bladder flows 
On some beckoning bark
Then you trot off
In circles
Much like me,
Coming and pissing and leaving
From tree to tree 

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Grand Showmanship

The pathway Surrounded by trees Changing leaves Red, yellow A grand showmanship desire A passionate love
Russell Sivey Form Shadorma Entrant into Tracie- Indigo Dreamweaver's "GiMmI.. WhAt I wAnT.. wHaT I rEaLlY rEaLlY WaNt..... <3 " contest 12/12/2012

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A Day is Our Life

Life dawns like sunrise
Soft pinks and blues against the black from which it came
Sudden burst of light stretching fingers and toes to a new day.
Receiving blankets of fluffy white
Soft breezes, from Mother Earth, kiss the cheeks of a brand new day.
Spread your wings and announce our new life for we are blessed!
Rustle the name through the leaves, over fields and hills
Blow strong over the oceans
Grow tall from sapling to a mighty oak
Early morning of our life is for bountiful energy and spunk
Splashing and running, carrying treasures to unknown banks afar.
Frolicking from tree to tree chasing the cottonwood seeds

Then approached the noon of our lives
A time to pause; to partake of nourishment from our hearts and minds
Lying in fields of bluebonnets and pink poppies
Nestled in beds of paint brush and purple clover
Revel in your time for it is short!
The hours roll by, to a cool afternoon breeze.
Blow softly for the afternoon is mellow
The lake lays still; no ripples in its tranquility.
Comfort years of life taking an afternoon siesta
Bask in the sun; remember the morning.
Early hours well spent exploring.
Places where you once played buccaneer,
Shrubs that just this morning hid fortresses
Now each picturesque against a landscape of Kentucky Blue 

Too soon Dusk arrives on a charcoal gray charger
Thundering its arrival in the swirl of gluttonous clouds
Chasing you, you seek shelter under the weeping willows
Water rushes in a swirl of memories
Rippling creeks to still waters
The hills no longer beckon
They no longer hold the fascination of an earlier time.
Darkness blankets the earth
Your sit and watch the light show in the sky.
The sun no longer shines through the down pour of tears.
You reminisce
It was a good day, your life!
From the sunrise to your sunset.

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Timeless Trees

Timeless Being inside of a forest Trees, they’re all around My house is within The confines that bewilder The hide-away Timeless The trees worship The house that they surround Open to life’s air My house sits high Above the caressing fields Timeless The trees evolve Like the highest object Within the forest The trees hide My humble building One that finds the trees Timeless
Russell Sivey

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Forest Hibernates

There are streaks of color Within the forest leaves They have a born beauty Natural to see, view Trees are no different They have awesome colors Lines move up and down here Through each leaf they do go Dotting the warm landscape On the trees which are fine Leaving a cool display Power within its heart I rev up for the show Each leaf falls on its own I understand the cause And the effect is great I proudly sit and watch As the show continues Always the colors rule The forest hibernates
Russell Sivey Verse 6 syllables

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The Swaying of the Grass



A path leads,

to where wild grass grows,


sashaying in the summer breeze.




Along the path,
lightness settles within,


feeling the grass,
tickling ankles,


swaying to the lilting bird-song,

in a dance of intimate abandon,


brushing the remnants of pain away.




Melodies float across fields of green,

delicately caressing my heart,


teasing emptiness to flee,

comforting the mind,


to silently be.




Walking on,
savouring the peace,


a momentary respite,
from the burdens of the now,


all is quiet,


a stillness cradling fractured emotions,


the grass in the fields sway,


dusk descends,


shadows lengthen,


nudging dimming light to take leave,


of the day

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The Calmative

            The Calmative

In forest, after the soft rain, a blanket of moss holds green
Holds water to balance the day with shade providing sleep
Woodland creatures know the soundless floor keeps secrets
As they step through the wet unfolding silence
Even the blue birds, flap a quiet wing while soaring by
Tranquility has no color, has no smell, or taste
It fills in the deepest well and falls just like a feather
On the forest ground
The calmative of nature forms 
A bubble around a troubled world
A yawn picks up where sleep left off
And when we wake we talk
We only say kind words
And only in a whisper, on a pillow of green moss  
Nothing gained, nothing lost
Then slip back to oblivion 
To the calmative deep in sleep

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How Can Life Be So Cruel?

The figs on my fig tree are ripe,
Tempting and enticing,
They want you to have them,
To enjoy all you can.
My pear tree is bearing beautiful big pears,
It is almost time to enjoy,
Enjoy what has been provided to you,
They care not who or what you are.
The peach tree has small but oh so tasty peaches,
They tempt you, for they want you to enjoy
To indulge in their lives,
Becoming one with them.
My blackberry bushes have given their fruit,
Now are ready to be cut down,
But is ok with them,
For their roots grow deep,
They will return in the spring.
The plumbs have also come and gone,
Wasn’t so many of them this year,
The clouds must have been so happy,
They did not cry their rain upon them.
It must be getting close to,
“The Dog Days Of Summer”,
For the birds do not sing as often now,
For they are so busy caring for their new families.
The deer have started to partake of the acorns,
It is strange how the oak tree provide for them,
And at the same time,
The deer helps spread the seeds,
So life will go on in the oak family.
The wildebeest has but one main purpose in his short life,
That is to be eaten,
Therefore providing food for those that cannot partake of the vegetables,
Then completing the circle of life.
One helps the other As with all of nature,
Except man, because man is too wrapped up in himself,
Too thoughtless of others around him,
Out for number one, himself.

How can life be so cruel,
As to have man on this planet?

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In the vast beauty and diversity
                 of the reaches of the cosmos
           impresses upon us all
the shear minute dust we are
                 in any comparison
The simplicity of laws
            that govern it's most basic
     and complex movements
Birth , Life , Death
                 some would distain this as "circular"
as the patterns in creation are
for all things existing within its confines
the birth , life , death of stars   , galaxies
entropy and the recirculation of those elements
into new structures encased
                 in the womb for new material
apply equally to the diversity of structures
                 cycling on the little blue marble
seed  sprout   bush    tree     seed 
seed  sprout   plant    flower     seed
seed   baby    child     adult       seed
same  down    onthe   cellular    level
same  down    tothe    atomic     level 
                 and its clock
in a state of perfectly circular self propagation
For those who foolishly accuse us of being
Let me explain              a simple something
     how we measure time in the cosmos
is based on a circular orbital movement of planets
                      and stars
and as for thinking
are questions seeking answers which just
                     lead to more questions
          and that's the beauty of it
       simplicity defines even the most
        complex systems that function
right down to the circuit boards for computers
        and technology
Mama      seals     it      with     Kiss
        Keep it simple stupid
anyone who doesn't know
a clock embedded in the universe
has not recognized his own 

Ecc 8:17
COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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The wretched tree

Awkward is this line that is crossed above
Straight ahead are falling stars of love,
And not to lose all that is built in here
Everything is turning blue, very hard to bear.

The wretched tree is all alone and ugly
An’ I’m standing here and watching,
Its heart is turning to liquid badly,
I ran for it with my soul weeping.

Awkward is this feeling that I can’t ignore,
Everything has stopped into this world,
And my time is up and the fight is lost,
I can’t save that poor tree’s life, is frost.

A golden globe is floating over us,
I’d like to touch it and hold it for a while,
Just to remember how my life was.
I’ve trusted that daemon and he betrayed me, how?

All those days with lies and happiness,
We were connected like iron on fire.
I had more than one little desire
And now I know that he is heartless.

But then he was not diabolic, no.
He was like an angel, with pure eyes,
There were more things that I could’ve shown
And I left my heart in his hands.

And now I must sell my soul forever
In change of that tree’s life and light,
And I’d do that proudly, just to save that,
And never fall in love again and ever.

All these choices I have made,
All these promises I’ve said,
I regret no more, I forgot it all,
I intent to start a new endless life for all!

Next to this daemon I fear,
I wipe, I am faithless and unsure,
Unsure of this feeling never seen before,
I think that my heart you should hear.

And I did what I had to do,
I’ve crossed the world with him in two,
We’ve spread the love and fear for them,
Now nothing’s left for both of them.

An old wretched tree lives,
And a young girl dies.
But the souls shall meet again,
And they’ll be alive instead.

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 1)

On a windswept hill crest by the sea there is a lonely ancient sentient tree that seems so 
figuratively familiar to me, I wonder why this can be n’ who my heart longs for when
I’m here n’ why love gives no guarantee…
Though I visit here frequently, today I was summoned, beckoned by the branches of this 
solitary tree swaying in the breeze, to this charming yet purgatorial space...

I knelt down upon this strange magical place n' was carried away as my fingers traced an 
owl’s feather to my face n’ wondered why I loved n’ despised this fateful place…
My body shivered, internally tingling n’ with grace, some kind of enlightened knowing I could 
not erase n' like the sentient tree that cradles you within, I sensed your ethereal embrace…

Silence ends where you begin, I heard the likes of Aeolian sing “Oh my Immortal”  n’ your 
poetic voice disturbed the chaos in the winds of my mind n’ there within returned the 
memory of your handsome androgynous face…
I said… “Come let my hands play upon your skin” n with my thoughts gathering to replay a 
scene across time of broken hearts n’ love’s abandoning reflected in the fire of your eyes n’ 
a touch of a feather upon my face…

I’ll never know your name or how many tears were cried in the oceanic depths of your 
pleasure n’ pain, though the salt I can taste in the tempest of this darkening day as the wind 
heralds your scent n’ presence unto me…
I’ll never know all who walked hand in hand here before me or where each discarded shell 
has been as the seasons flew away, yet I now know why a thousand Halloweens were  your 
destiny n’ you summoned me to transcend my mortality n’ the meaning of silent words at 
play this day…

Our ancient bodies lay together here beyond mortal touch, though in my present existence I 
no longer recall our names, they are lost in my many lifetimes yet kept in the Goddess’s 
Though no longer you feel my touch or pleasure n’ pain I'll plant a flower as a blessing on 
top of our grave, above the waves, where your soul is a slave to this sentient tree cradling 
your ashes n’ bones returned to dust…

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The Cold Red bud

Sent to his on tree in truth and fabled firewood topped
so if you sow with the liar you will lose your crop
Thoughts of the tree of the forest pensively accursed
a story likened to that is written in true verse
Red bud with pinkish betraying lips
in those same hours like blood drips
for those in the field of iniquity He loved to the end
The purer meets the lips of an unfaithful friend
a hardy stake to fall upon with this kiss not counting the cost
while stealing a kiss this fruitless one to perdition lost
The money will not save within his bag the silver cold
rolling coins bought for a price foretold
so full of darkness to say it was I
It is finished the Fruitful Tree cried
Poisoned by greed and the enemy
growing in the field of blood it is called the Judas tree
- by john beam -The Eastern Redbud known to Cherokees as Da-yi-go-gi or Liar. It is called this because it is the first tree to bloom in the spring often before the last heavy frost. If the farmer planted based on the Liar, the tender crops would be lost." David Cornsilk, Cherokee historian and activist

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The Sky, The Tree and the House

A man and woman 
Lived side to side
A tree and English house
A pen is found on former’s hand
That knows no fetterings

His tales are based on happiness
A simple life with a tree
While all the while the woman sighs 
The binds of residency

She brings her ladder down to him
Slowly down the tree
To invite him into her bleak
And somehow make him stay

The scarcity of the man’s life it seems
To be her serenity

And sadly so, she is declined
By the man who bears her love
A tear then falls to the saddened house
Accentuating the depression

A drop, five drops and a shower
As the skies sang with her sadness
The sky that longed the woman’s touch
Has decided how he could love her

The hardened tree falls at the man
In solemnity he was crushed 
To which befalls the irony
Her then desire was to be gone

Two bodies felled to the silent ground
The woman and the man’s
An oak that fell at storm’s command
A crime of love it seems

Love lost, unreturned and forever gone
Longings torn from the hearts

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Tree Frog's Long Silence


                                          Tree Frog's long silence
                              Thunder, lightening, pouring cool rain...
                                           Tree Frog's voices sing

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Sweet Passion

A world of passion, where happiness is the norm 
Sun is peaking out, even in the midst of a storm 
Trees striking poses, grass dancing with the wind 
Heaven's tears of joy, falling to the surface end 
Mother nature's air consumed with gratifying bliss 
Angels smiling down sending their satisfying kiss 
A gentle melody, is sung by vocal bees and birds 
Carried away by God's harmonious words 
Life grows sweeter, with every newborn second 
Each moment is cherished, like the wise would reckon 
Regret is extinct, great memories are everlasting 
Hate is discriminated, pure love is always blasting 
Fulfillment never lacked, distributed to all who care 
Happiness inserted into all the hearts willing to share 
Kids playing in the fields, completely spirit free 
Adults laughing in awe of everything they see 
It seems so fictitious, yet it's extremely real 
Life is love, and love is what we should feel 
Matters of the heart, pursued in a sincere fashion 
The world is what you make it, when chasing your  passion 

By: Steven Dean Jr. 

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Garden feel

What does a garden feel

A flower feel

A bud feel 

A seed feel

When the beholder 

Goes missing 

who can it complain?

Except the Lord. 

Yet the feeling of 

Loneliness remains

Till the first step sounds

Till the first eyes meet

Till the first breath taken

Till the first smile spread

Till the first joy breaks out

Till the garden echoes with sounds

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a christmas remembered

A Christmas Remembered 

Day before Christmas it was cold and we walked down 
to the harbour to buy a tree and I remember the sea 
that slapped against the dock was apple green and foamy. 
Mother bought a tree, for next to nothing, since its top 
was broken and it looked like a rejected child that waited 
for a car to come pick it up and bring it to the orphanage 
 By putting the tree on top of the dinner table and a star 
and a bit of glitter it looked nice in a child’s eye. 

Mother was angry we didn’t know way, and went to bed.
We children sat on the floor and ate lukewarm rice pudding 
and there was nothing under the tree. Mother got up told 
us to dress and we walked to my uncle’s house. At first he 
didn’t want to let her in, but when he saw us children he 
opened the door.  We had plenty to eat although my aunt 
had a sour mien. But happy we walked home and thought 
we had had a splendid Christmas.  

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Great Spirit, my wife withers the sky wants her to return let the wind carry your roots she is milkweed seed Great Spirit, the land empties war takes my people away their blood stains the forest floor your peace will bring life Great Spirit, we honour you generations speak your name though seasons drop like fall leaves thank you for your gifts
By Cyndi MacMillan, For Russell Sivey’s Trees Content This is the story of the Sacred Oak of Lenni Lenape tribe of the Delaware First Nation People. The Sacred Oak is a 500 year old Chinkapin Oak that is located in the Oley Valley of Pennsylvania. According to Native American lore, a young chief’s lovely wife is so gravely ill that she is near death. Desperate to save her, the chief goes to the Sacred Oak and asks for his wife’s life. When he returns to his camp, his wife is well. Years pass and the tribe is at war with another tribe. Again, the chief travels to the Sacred Oak and asks the Great Spirit for guidance. The chief is granted an idea and gathers blankets and beads and gifts for his enemy. The gifts are accepted and the rival chiefs smoke a peace pipe. The Sacred Tree became a place where one could find help from the Great Spirit. The tree still stands. It is over 500 years old and stands 73 feet tall and is over 21 feet in girth. Recently, deadwood was trimmed so that the tree can continue to grow. Chief Gentlemoon and 25 people from the Lenni Lenape tribe have held a ceremony to revitalize the tree. Though the tree is situated on private land, it is accessible to the general public for viewing.

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Amazing lump! I fell in love with tree stump

Love stories are many written and directed
Usually all with ending life or with survive
It is my pleasure to extend the predefined
Love is expansible crossing all stories of time.

It is that moment when I myself realised
Sitting on the tree stump to create a delight
Considered an obstacle yet smiles alive
Trying to breathe out again a new life
Clearly describes its age nothing to hide
Showered so much love with fruits fine
Now being injured for building heights
Valued so less as no more like a gold mine.

Amazing Lump! I fell in love with a tree stump 
Gives immense love while it expects none
Sacrifices whole life from the day sown till born 
Even after being cut cares for human’s plight.

Heart of an innocent child sharing soul smile
Companion of all my good and bad times
My tears reflected in its caring decaying eyes
Love seamless yet strange in material kinds
Takes me to the bottom of blame game field 
Where I learn for pleasure to dedicatedly write
O’ Stump for me thy are my garden’s pride

Quitting my loneliness lighting treasured times
Wish I could perform just one wonder same type
Thanks for being true without committing relation
Place to rest tired people being a soul of divine!

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They who posses tire
out and loose more
in keeping.
As homeowner never
have I felt at home
But closer home as
squatter and
The crop man crops
his way through
The dry cleaner
cannot subdue the
The well heeled
can’t afford inner
balm with yen.
I need no fortune or
fame nor power
For they like lime
soot gathered in the
And meshed with the
clay of the flesh
Makes the heart
heavy and stick with
the globe
Cannot transcend the
I seek not a weighty
but soothing heart,
And forgo to hear
the distant willow
And reminiscences of
the howling pine.

Once a man of good
standing, well
Goods of sorts and
plots like Sahara I
Heaps and bundles,
piles upon mounds
Of all necessities
and apparatus, 
Strings and outlets
of a bee hive
The routes and
channels of
sub-Saharan trades
Sprawled everywhere;
I a trade mogul.
I built myself an
edifice like a
Loomed from sky over
sprawling trench
Swarmed about as of
winnowed chaff.
I have carved a
niche and engraved a
On rottenstone
before the windward
I knew all I own,
but myself, I know
Myself, shall I lost
at one time
And all my
acquirements at
another time,
Whichsoever shall be
the first to
The both must cease
and be gone to
Alas I fear for my
life and all I own;
Intermittent angst
about the world,
Of growing old and
what becomes of me!
But why, even as
through the years I
Earning “moolah” in
order to live life,
Now realize life has
not the worth of
For even tramps and
wastrels earn it
I esteem life so
much as fishes their
But more estimable
for me to traverse
That it cloys me
not, to traverse its
Even as worms serve
the belly of the
Think not the fish
it serves the belly
of another?
Enough of life had
I, enough a wastrel
Now shall wander by
feet as by heart
The past is fraught
with ignorance, yet
I am saddled with
pain and vexations
My expectations look
to future of
Of life I shall ease
myself of her bond
Let her cloy to me,
but fly my
affectations away.
I shall burden no
more the future;
Why? It’s yet an
abstraction. I
contrive no agenda,
Except now, I do and
walk my work.

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Seed Of Love

Tiny seeds germinate
Fresh roots sprout
New life is born!
The weeds come for free
As every beautiful rose
Has it's thorns!
Growing tall, against all odds
Growing towards the light
Laying our roots deep
Staying strong, yet flexible
We are a tree of life
Or the seed in the ground
We are 'one' of the same!

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Glowing Delight

Asked by a husband, each year before November ends.
His wife sits waiting, to see the tree upon the hill.
Messages of waiting, upon the first night, she sends.
To the building, that displays a tree, so still.

Each year, a tree lit on an, November night
She patiently waits at first, with anticipation growing.
Looking out her window, she gazes upon one delight.
This is a sign; Christmas is near as this tree is glowing.

He tells me she is watching, upon the mark of twilight.
He says it brings joy to her heart and tears to eyes.
To see the giant tree adorned, in brilliant color of white.
Truly a scene of beauty, which floats below the skies,

This tradition, handed down, before nineteen forties.
Vividly seen for miles, marking the seasons cheer,
Tree of lights that adorn a building rooftop with ease,
We all see this view, admiring, until the New Year. 

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Writing process

In a sense of victory
I hold up what is mine
All these years I worked on
My own life and times

Putting ink to paper
In a leather cover fine
Hoping that someone would read
My life, love, and rhymes

The days in sun
And when snow whined
In the time where love won
And souls were kind

I converted this life 
To a physical type
And amidst loss, love, and strife
I have tears to wipe

What of this book
That no one will read
It was a tree cut, and shook
It had memories

A young woman
Once sat at its base
Peeled and ate apples
With memorable grace

A young man
Brought by a date
Joined the young woman's hand
Under a tree of fate

An age later
Men have came
And these traitors
Gave this ancient, pain

In a sense of sadness
I take down what is mine
This item is madness
Murder redefined

I recycle my work
And tell of the tree
And all it was worth
Came with words from me

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Hypothesis of Grief

All day out of sorts with self I fluttered like a leaf
Upon a monstrous limb of grief
There was nothing in psychology or even belief
I found to bring my soul relief
All day with smoke filled eyes I prismed light
But could not see beyond my tears
The invisible spectra of silent irresistible night.
A tree can take so much in its years:
The wind that shakes the soul is strong
That manhood cries,  and cries so long.

I do not understand this thing at all, despite that I
Had worn myself with observations
That spans the larval fly to lakes of empereal sky
I had used words for consolations
Before, but not for me, the wrap around the heart
The soluble bandages of simple pain
For all its power comets still shred and fall apart
The beauty of the thing is truly vain.
And words likewise might store the years
But now means nothing to the salty tears.

No idle grief today I feel, no idle reason set me 
Now, to drip and thaw in this gale
While root and soil upheave in caprice's glee
That this brittle life with life impale.
I have lost nor skin, nor gold, and yet the deluge
Without my flesh holds me enmesh
For mortality besieged, reduced, has no refuge
Where a storm stalked tree may thresh
I must believe in words from which I hide
There is a purpose for each tear I cried.

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Some call this Life

Don't search for apples anymore.
The apple tree has died.
It gave all the apples that it had.
Now it is nothing more than a piece of wood.
Nobody has interest for an apple tree without apples.
Nobody gives it some water to survive.
Not even the dry mother earth.
This is the fate for every apple tree that has nothing to give.
This is the fate of everything alive being on the earth.
This is the law of nature.
Some call this life.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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A Husbands Tale

         Let me tell you a story about a man that found a little seed in the wilderness. 
Being so facinated with its beauty, he decided to plant the seed to see what it would turn out to be. 
         Finding the right soil, the man gently set the seed into some well seasoned ground. He then watered it and covered it with his hand of love. Each day he watered and nurtured the seed with his love while giving it plenty of sunlight to help it along. At times, the seed had to struggle to survive. But between the man and the seed, eventually, it broke through the soil to the world above.
         As time went by, the seed became a small tree with roots spreading out in all directions. The man watched. So proud was he to see the seed blossoming into such beauty and strength. He loved the tree so much. He protected it from the elements until it had grown enough to protect itself. Never realizing...that the trees branches were spreading out reaching for the sky. And the many leaves it was nurturing on its own...gave little time for the man that had given it life.
         Through no fault of the tree itself, it had developed into something independent enough that nature had taken over to help it to survive. In the meantime...the man that gave the tree life, has been cast aside. Put to pasture like one of the trees falling leaves...Someday to fall to the wither and die.
          To be forgotten like the winds of time, and as the wind blows away the dust that was once the seed of life into the unknown void of creation, never more to be. The only thing that this man that gave the tree life and hope ever wanted was, that the tree never forget , its beginning came from a lowly, humble man that loved the tree more than life itself. His heart, once filled with so much love, is now filled with emptiness.

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While the wind walks up and down the village,
all the time at the same speed,
I looked at that fir,
bent down to the ground by the wind.
It must be very, very old,
but it's still so beautiful and
And the wind, the prince of Freedom,
looked at the wild rose
and started to caress her red face,
asking her
to agree
that he might propose to her
to get engaged.
The rose suspiciously listened to it
bending its head a little from time
                                            to time.
Now the wind bends the fir tree to the ground again,
so it might say a few words on his behalf,
and the fir tree started fondling the face of that village beauty
with a motherly tenderness,
showering drops of a bygone rain all around her,
- glistening on her noble face like pearly dew -
so that the rose might have its grace as a dowry,
and the rose majestically nodded to the
prince of Freedom,
like a princess of love,
agreeing to become the princess of Freedom.
And I thought:
“If men could only bend to the ground so easily,
like a fir tree,
there would be more love left for all of us.”

© 2010 Walter William Safar

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Just ashes

at the edge of the century, in the mountains
forgotten by the people and time,
at the shadow of an old tree are standing
the spirits of the broken lives .

and beneath the bloody sunset,
his branches are floating in the wind,
down are staying the shadows of life 
and the ancient tomb stones.

fallen from the world now they rest
there, lonely in their ashes,
only bodies that by day are talking to worms
and who by night gather the silence.

from their loneliness they shout to be heard
from the deep ,cold hole in the ground,
as the marble their souls are trapped by the years
and however ,they're still alive.

and the tree with his shadow, day after day,
is mourning in silence their words...
and life who's gone for such a long time 
is listening how the wind sings.

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Dead Winter

They wanna say that I feel dead inside;
I’m no more dead than that tree in the yard.
The one with no color, no sense of direction
The one left abandoned, the one by the road.
The one that kept growing, though nobody liked it –
The one that kept living, through all of the torture.
As weird as it sounds, I kind of admire it, that tree.
Every year, it falls down.
Nature kicks it, beats it, leaves it left for dead.
Every year its covered by the ashes of the past year,
And like the phoenix, rises every year for another beating.

I know I said I was like the tree, but I’m not.
That tree is strong, noble even.
Standing tall in the realm of undead, it’s a symbol,
A beacon that there is something beyond the darkness,
Beyond the barren, beyond the white…

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Goethe's Path

Goethe's Path

Forested trail so lush and newborn greens

 sweet new discoveries from hours to days
 beauty meets the eyes in so many scenes

 Nature pleases spirit in soothing ways

Calm breezes gently stir within the trees
 escape from life serves well and reminds
 of gentle mercies in the tall forested seas

 life exists in so many shades and kinds

Time lingers along the path to please
 no rush to race for the wonderous end
 as furry critters wander about in  ease

 sweet trail comforts like a dear friend


Sponsor--  craig cornish 
Contest ,  Goethe Stanza

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Trees Want Affection

Into the group of old trees I go heedlessly The trees all welcome my step I move carelessly Trees want affection I walk there beside the trees They want attention
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

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People around the world
Are smoking marijuana
Just like a coconut tree
Is god’s gift to nature?

But some men with power
They gone and make it illegal
When every one knows
The real problem is alcohol

Since the beginning of time
The tribes would come together
And they smoke the hemp
To make peace with one another

It’s a gift to mankind
Just Like the grass in your yard
Now they arrest you for this?
I think the world has gone mad

For some smoking marijuana
Does help focus on they studies
And its use by doctors, lawyers
And professors in universities

If you get arrest with marijuana
You will get a record for life
But some can walk in a store
Buy alcohol and drink and drive

It has so many different verities
Of alcohols in the store
But still they say we can’t 
Pick an herb and smoke no more

The tree of life grows by the river
Says the book of revelations
And the leaves of the tree 
Is the healing of the nations?

Marijuana cures much illness
It’s a healing remedy
But some use it to get stone
And that’s not the way it should be

These people are crazy today
They even abuse regular medication
So you can’t class them with others
Who use it for healing and meditation?

It has a name for the stoners
And its simple they’re abusers
And the name of others
Well they’re the real users

People are getting obese
By the fast foods of today
Yet it’s completely legal
To sit down and eat you life away

Cigarette is very dangerous
But the powerful like to smoke
When every day you see on TV
It cause cancer and leads to stroke

So if I want to smoke a joint
In the private comfort of my home
Then you should make it legal
And just leave me to hell alone

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Green Leaves

Green The color of the leaves The tree so proud To have its glorious leaves To shine so bright Within the sunlight It radiates an aura Of purity These green leaves Of the humble tree Wafting so high Within the air Of the hillside Trees beating off the rocks The rolling stones That invades The hills Where the trees And the leaves Live and survive Wondrously A true beauty Are the green leaves Greenery That will live On the lovely trees
Russell Sivey

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Jesus is the Divine Reason for Glorious Christmas Season

I wondered.. What’s Christmas tree for?
What does a Tree have to do with Christmas anyways?
Why should we have a Christmas tree?
I don't have a tree-I mean really-what’s point?
I mean- yes-Trees are Beautiful
(yes-Tree for Santa-put presents under for children)

But What??? I mean
What is the True meaning?
As I asked.. my Lord in prayer
This is what My Lord revealed unto me

All Eternal Life shall be given through Jesus Christ

BRANCHES REPRESENT:Jesus is Vine-We are Branches
Once Born-again-in Christ (Tree of Life)
(He is in us-We are in Him) Body of Christ
Christ in You---in the Hope of Glory--Together Eternity

Souls who are Born-again-turned to Christ
Embraces God's Light of Christ
Receives Holy Spirit within You—Eternally Shines

BULBS- REPRESENT: Fruits of the Spirits
Souls Witnessing-Followers of Christ-Shining God's Light
Walking Talking always in Love, Truth, Compassion
Tender-Hearted unto all Souls

TENSILE REPRESENTS: Streams Spreading Love
Sparkling-Shining God’s light

GARLAND REPRESENTS: Strength of Holy Spirit entwines
(Interweaves within Tree) flowing through Tree of Life

 STAR REPRESENT:Star of Bethlehem-Star of David
The Morning Star:God’s Glorious Divine Light Shining 
upon Our Savior---babe-in Manger

PRESENTS REPRESENT:Love between each other
Giving from out Hearts-Loving, Sharing –Caring, Compassion

As I in Awe
then wondered 
But...What about the Unbelievers?
My Lord what about them.. for you didn't mention them
As I continued on.. I asked My Lord. 
What about those Souls
Who are unbelievers?

This is what my Lord revealed to me
Reason why there is no unbelievers 
On the Tree.. Because…   It is The Tree of Life..
Those whom are unbelievers 
Have not obtained their place…
Unbelievers are Not Born-again 
Unbelievers Not receive Eternal Life -of Light

Come take you place
Receive God’s Divine Grace
Come to Jesus
Be Born-again
Then Receive Holy Spirit
Divine Light of Christ inside of thee
Your Life-Light Will Forever Shine

Ps.. Revealed- Wow!
My Lord if this be so.. Please Forgive me
I would Love then to have the Biggest Tree Ever
Then God Blessed me
I was given a 7.5 Colorado Spruce Christmas Tree & All the Fixings
Wow!  Ever so Beautiful.. Praise’s Be to God Almighty
God is Amazing.. isn't He???

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Shadow World

          Shadow World 

Wondering off the world are shadows
Trees tried to stay behind
To settle with the sun of red, to make it right and just
Beyond its light
Something wrong had happened to its core
The star focused on objects in reflection
Had nothing left to give to life but death
Objected to moving things in general
With indifference there
Exploded with anticipation of the night
Could not contain dark places looking for escape
Colors could hardly stick to trees
Stationary in their place as was their nature
Seemingly anesthetized to numbness by the sudden blast
Anathematized or cursed  
Trees were the last to stand
They held themselves in dirt
And could not reason with the star
Executed on the spot along with every form of life
For failure to do their job
No one or thing had a say in this grave matter 
All things destroyed in one quick flash of light
To become a splinter in the eye of sun as it went nova 
And when the planet settled into total darkness
To become an empty orb
When the sun lost power
To become the dark
Sunk in on itself and vanished
No one said a prayer
For no one was there to care
Or left alive in Shadow world
A burnt out cinder

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Down the tree of dreams

Down the tree of Dreams
Giving in from too much pain this is the peak this is calamity
We let go as we fall into our oblivion
Weightless we seem now as we stretch our arms like wings
Falling into the cataclysm from our Echelon
For so long now we have hung by the branches of delirium
Waiting for our clinched hands to release
Its thorns scratch at our skin marring the thread of our dreams
The folding hands of time leave their crease
As we climb down branch to branch from delirium to paranoia
We see the clamoring of ideas and feelings
They clank and break down the well built walls of the womb
Devouring dreams of broken memories ever reeling
Distrust you must climb your branches up to delirium
While in linger of paranoia your poison flows
Already set in your path up the tree of madness a revolution
While sanity presses on your reason slows
Content at the base lying within its shadow of recognition
A twinkle of the eye within an intimate stream
Walking the Elysian Fields looking for answers from within
In the glaring horizon stands the tree of dreams
As we stand ready to climb

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Crayola_____Colors Of Nature

On days of early sunrise many colors greet my eyes
Girls in their pastel Easter dresses is one my eye spies

When looking at all the colors presented by Crayola
As I repose on day off in my pergola

Down where wild things play and I would want to stay all day
Where I could reach.. touch the sky-blue sky from this place of play

Across the way where Mulberry Tree gives its fruit to me
Then I can make that Mulberry jam that will draw many bees

Mulberry such picture pretty color to spread on toast
Great color Mulberry for jam on toast this I will boast

Over by the Mulberry Tree where the Brown Turkey grows
Just below the running rose on the trellis of Misty Rose

Nature offered Crayola colors that we favored
Even Razzle Dazzle Rose sunsets that day's end flavored

(This was inspired by Linda-Marie Brianna contest about Crayola Crayon.)

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Multi-fingered trees drowned in the mist
Mist like the cold hand of death coming to Ramses
Last night’s mist  -  purifying spirit
Enveloping all in the frost

Like a well-tended graveyard
Dead, silent, nothing moves
The ugly old dead trees  - and
The lovely young live trees
Are levelled, enveloped,
Masked in a white shroud
Each tree  -  asleep, dead
Recreated in white
Born again of water and Holy Spirit
Ready to enter the kingdom of heaven.
All souls look alike
All the trees look alike
New souls reborn sinless
Souls of trees waiting

These ghost trees are not real trees
Their previous life forgotten, bees and  pollen
All sensual feeling numbed
Their tree souls purified
Pure innocence  -  sin free
Prepared for tree heaven
Cold joy of heaven

Ah….the forgotten delights
Of being a larch or elder or oak.
The warmly imperfect summer life  

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Pillar of Power

towering above the leaf-strewn lawn
is a pillar of power,
its many tiers executing the daily task
of lighting your obstruction box.

the birds seem to enjoy the view,
wouldn't you agree?
but I cannot help but wonder if they
would be happier, healthier
in their tree castles,
where they can look through the
branches to the soil they are 
firmly rooted to -
the most primitive connection of elements,

the bird -
the tree -
the earth.

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Going Dormant

Going dormant Leaves change every year with beauty Going dormant Their changing brings us merriment They fall as is their sworn duty Having the strength to drop humbly Going dormant
Russell Sivey Form Rondelet

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Life of the spirited tree

I sit in the dry desert longing for the rains,
But yet the sky fails to fall on my gains,
A dust wind blows,flinging the seeds borne of my pains,
All's all lost,I resolve to live in my stains,

But in the beyond  an old tree persists,
The harsh winds whip  it but  survive it insists,
Dry is the soil,loosing its savor and taste,
But yet it roots go deep in search of life's list,

Amidst the harsh sandstorm,new leaves still  sprout,
Defying harsh conditions, as its fears it thrashes out,
To its maker, its petition's hope ,shouts,
Striving on humanity's account,

As with the life of this tree I would rise,
For negative  odds, I pledge to despise,
I will forge on,despite challenges size,
For on the long life of this tree would I ride,

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Russet Red Vision at the Edge of the Green Creek

Scabbard symbol enchanted flowers opal potion milky skin
Gold-embroidered  purple  robe , green eyes flashing stars.
Beautiful faintly beeswax smell in  village meadow chamber
Horse's necklace "clack! clack! clack" sleek coat bobbed tail.
Velvet  lined  rose queen , green tree snake salty evening air
Tea tree branch , topiary mazes ,  old Kingdom noonday sun.
Fresh  dawn ,  wood  ash ,  surrounding  woods,  veil  of mist
Twisting  and turning , sliding  and re-arranging  themselves
slender fingers pulled the needle back and forth on the loom
Nuzzling  against his face an eager lip/nostril  whiffling noise 
Ice  crystals  etched along  its blade felt  the glow of his spirit 
took a deep breath voice tiny siver bell with a high sweet note. 
Brightly  wrapped box  he suddenly smiled a number of times 
Wispy  tendrils of red curls straggled free of their satin ribbon
She paused to feed a thread of scarlet  into the pattern of blue.
They continued up the hill , beyond the ridge they saw the King
riding , his amber-coloured stallion charged ahead of his men
at the edge of the creek , green with ferns and rich moist moss.

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Arbor vitae

I think I should have
Been born a tree -
- Maybe a silvered birch
With feather veined
Leaves -
- I could greet 
My tall reflections
That swim saintly inside
The nearby streams -
- Or a lofty, leafy oak,
Crying slow orange tears in autumn
And being a shoulder
For solemn lonely birds
To cry on - 
- It has been said
That I always had my head in the clouds.

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Unfinished History

We spoke the history of Flankers under the roof
Of your old school
And I, O I went interviewing for the proof
I have that little book lost somewhere
But in my heart I read it still
The little brown church upon the hill
The iron caterpillars clawing into stone
The thrill of the poor man to capture and own
An heritage where ancestors blood was spilled.

King, the first boy born there lost his life fishing
Beside his father in the airport bog, we 
Wept for them three weeks and more, singing
And making light to ease the heavy hearts of loss
Brownie, the first man to settle after years there
On the estate smelling the wine of sugar
Roasting in the sun. I saw your son
In New York and was not intimidate of his skills
In maths again, he was just a another statistics
Like myself, and our hearts were cistern broken
Before our birth.

The first girl born there is now an officer of the law
O could we run those days again
Crazy in the childhood of our dream
The choir of birds in fruiting trees
The endless complain of working bees ...
O their nectar made all sorrows sweet
The evening in the sand bed
Pretending we were Quarrie or Bolt today
And the stars older than us
Longing for us to return their dust.

I wrote the history of that place ... the Easter Rebellion
Kenyatta, Desmond, Cyril, Jiggs, Dragon
And King Baz ... O that was a brilliant son. Corbett
Only walk and complain about dead politics now
But there was another time, we were young
And the sun was our liquid gold to dream
They came with the constabularies and machines
That tore rocks and buildings up
But could not spill us from our cup
We drank it all.

Today across the globe we are gone
None return to die
Where they began
And so lonely now the forest obsolete
The dried out swamp
The tourist that will not see again the lamp
Of Bredda, Nunsa and I
Catching crabs ... I left a tree my kite to fly
An old tree that entangled me ...
The history that began me before I finished it.

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My Precious Squirrel: Memory of a Tree

I was born at the edge of a field 
that captured the shadows at sunset
I was an adolescent, 
when I watched men plant odd, angular rocks
where a  strange, hollow tree sprouted,
maturing unnaturally fast.

I was disturbed to see the creature’s marrow shape, 
no rings, only a labyrinth 
of vertical and horizontal lines

An alien cousin perhaps…

It was some time after the strange tree formed bark
that I saw it glow for the first time…
So many eerie eyes glaring like creatures of the dark
I was chilled to my roots

In summer people came,
squirrels with two legs, they busily made a nest there 
and the tree howled and laughed by day, 
and watched with bright, vigilant eyes at night

The smallest squirrel often wandered away 
and came into the grove of my ancestors
and climbed into my arms;
she seemed so strong
but when she nestled into a crook
and watched the clouds roll over hilltops
seemed so small and fragile,
the weight of her thoughts heavier
than the weight of her body

She came when the sun scoured the field
and before the rain
alone, unafraid
her face always a storm of contemplation.

Sometimes, she would talk to me,
tracing my wrinkles,
asking questions and seeming as if she understood 
the whispered replies from my leaves
and the creaky laughter of my branches.

She made me special. 
She could have sought 
the cradling branches any other,
but she chose me, claimed me as her secret.

Her chubby fingers and tiny feet
tickled my existence 
until she no longer climbed.

Instead, she warmed my roots 
As she stared into the hills,
a magic branch pressed the contours of the valley
onto sheaves of white leaves
replacing her voice.

I imagined her rings forming, 
perfect, wise circles, though no wrinkles etched her bark
she was changing so fast…

And then she came no more, 
none of the squirrels came, 
the strange tree stood abandoned
even when I was dressed in respectable summer green
and I thought, perhaps 
she had found more interesting landscapes.

But one day, she returned, 
the same and yet very different
and brought with her two small squirrels,
each resembling her

They brought laughter into the grove,
climbing branches and squealing in delight
and my old friend once again settled at my roots
with her magic stick and white leaves,
writing and drawing me into her memories

just as my precious squirrel
was already ingrained in the very rings
of my heart.

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There's a shooting downtown.  A tree frog
Chirps.  Two young people discover love.  A tree frog
Chirps.  The Chicago Cubs beat the Toronto
Bluejays.  A tree frog chirps.  A bimbo
On the Internet becomes a celebrity.  A
Treefrog chirps.  Life goes on.  Day by day,
Week by week, year by year.  And a tree frog chirps.

Mandell Smock

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Secret Of A Mango Tree (Mixed Rhyme)

I use time not on shorelines, watching
The great yellow orb…..never rushing
To fade and rest…..before the laughing
Eyes of lovers, as noon wind touching
Them, beneath the coco palms, kissing

But I, like bird on a mango tree nestle
Clinging, childishly, on its sturdy branch
Before my eyes, I see how crickets whistle
With rhythmic tune, as tares foolishly dance

With the gadfly, that flatters free
As I spend the stolen time
Enjoying the nature’s rhyme
Till the tree bears fruits…..just for me

Its fruits, sweet and golden, the tree itself is
No match against the brutal force of nature
Once…twice, standing helpless, while bearded mantis
Forcefully stabbing-in its sting, that rapture    

The innocent soul, that still bleeds
In silence, the mango tree heeds
The wailing beats of its heart
Hapless, lying on the dead ground
While hungry beast started to pound
Feasted….till whole’s torn apart

Scared; it soars, aimless, over seas of thunder
With no hope, in mind, of gazing the wonder
Of the world, for spirits lies under yonder

Mango tree, a glorious image
Of little robin, now, in rage

No clue, if ever peace will live 
In the heart of those, once, deceived

What goodness will it give watching… 
The sun fades sure darkness it’ll bring?  
Certainly, no one knows, but me 

The secret of a mango tree

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The Old Willow Tree

Worms in my pocket 
Toads in my cap 
My dog and i on a log we sat 
The river close and running free 
Sitting under the old willow tree
A stick and a string i fished the day 
My dog and i passing the time away 
Sitting  under this old willow tree 
When yesterday it was dad and me 
I will always remember the stories he told 
Back when he was a boy at his old fishing hole 
He said boy i remember  when it was  Pa and me  
Their was a tire tied to that old willow tree 
Pa gave me a push the swing went high 
Over the river close to the sky 
On the grass laid my lunch and book 
And in my pocket the worms for the hook 
Their on the log sat pa and me 
Fishing under the old willow tree

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(Note:A palindrome, by definition, is a word, phrase, verse, sentence, or even poem that reads the same forward or backward)

Roots of tree now grow and survive. 

Shine in green, leaves photosynthesize, 

Breathe and live long. 

Shade providing foliage blocking, sun, 

So it absorbs rays of warmth.

Warmth of rays absorbs it so, 

Sun blocking foliage, providing shade. 

Long live and breathe, 

Photosynthesize leaves, green in shine. 

Survive and grow now, tree of roots.

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mother dear

Told to let go of mother's sleeves,
Told to know all that she believes,
Told to wait by this tree,
Told to wait as she leaves-

She leaves her world behind,
I look for her, but I cannot find
Her- my mother- left on a dime,
I guess I just ran out of time,

To tell her I love her,
And I will always stir,
At her name meantioned- burrr...
Sadness comes while the kids mock, 
"No dur!"

I will follow her last command,
To wait by this tree to take her 
Always wishing for her hand,
To swoop down and make life not as 

Standing at the tree of life,
It only seemed to give me strife,
I'll make my death short and 
I won't gamble my life with dice,

I just want mother dear,
To give me a hug and always be 
As I take a branch with a single tear,
Hit my head hard to make every fear
Go away to mother dear.

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Gun On The Floor

There's a gun on the floor
A man's body in the hall
his daghter that lived next door
is the one that made the call 
neighbors gather on the lawn
they want to see it all
the old man lived alone
his name they can,t recall

violence  in our cities
runs rapid like a dog
seems to be no justice
no ones on the job
is there need to wonder
why some feel  the need
to find a real strong rope
and hang villians from a tree 

there's a child in the dumpster
she had been there for a week
the body of the youngster
had been severaly beat
her dad is put on trial
for god and all to see
but the jury could care less 
if he was  a victim himself 

violence in our cities
runs rapid like a dog
seems to be no justice
no ones on the job
is there need to wonder
why some feel the need
to find a real strong rope
and hang villians from a tree 

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Christmas 365

I'm still enjoying the gift. Praise God! Christmas is not over for me. I'm still shouting 
in victory not for the gifts under the tree but due to the fact that God so loved me that gave His only begotten Son to me. Do you want to enjoy and celebrate Christmas 365 for the rest of your life? Read John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." God gave you a gift. God gave one to me. Did you open it, or is it still sitting there unwrapped waiting for you? I can only advise you to open it by saying this:” O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that 
trusteth in him.” God loves His children tremendously so He gave us the gift of life 
and life more abundantly by giving us His son with a mission to save us all by dying 
on the cross at Calvary. He was conceived immaculately and was born to heal the 
hearts that are torn. He lived on the planet earth and performed His first miracle at 
a wedding. And he performed many more in his life and still is right now. He knew 
His purpose He died and rose on the third day with all power of the earth and 
heaven in His hands so that you, me, your family can finally walk in destiny and live 
eternally. Yes forever be alive. I love my gift. It took me awhile to unwrap it, but as 
soon as I did my life is not the same. I’m still enjoying the gift. Christmas is not over 
for me. I’m still shouting in victory for the gifts under the tree but due to the fact 
that God so loved me that gave His only begotten Son to me. Yes He came with a 
mission for all of us to be forever alive. That is why I celebrate Christmas 365.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever 
believeth in Him shall not perish nut have everlasting life." John 3:16
” O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” 
Psalms 34:8
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life 
and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

wrote 12-26-10

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The front yard of my house in Tyler There stands twenty three, long needle pines A insect emerges from the ground And crawls up a tree in a straight line When growing up we called them locust But Cicada is the proper name Straight from the ground they are like big grubs These nymphs transform and don’t stay the same Climb up the tree from two to eight feet Their skin hardens, they push with all might Their back eventually splits open They emerge, dry their wings and take flight This can all happen while you’re asleep But you can see all their husks on the trees You know they’re there from the noise they make The males all seeking females to please Most of their life is spent in the ground When they take wing they live to just mate As nymphs they suck sap from the tree roots Mating done, eggs laid, death is their fate The eggs will hatch from the twigs and leaves Then before long they fall to the ground They’ll dig on down, attach to tree roots Their life cycle keeps going around

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It was not so much the seed that grow in my dream
But the dream that grow from the seed
This seed so small, so fragile
This seed I nurtured watered and light with the glowing rays of the sun with in
I did it with out knowing, with out worrying
That when this seed sprouts, so shall I
I cared for this sprouting growing seed with out realizing that the branches and roots
Were planting beep into the soul of my brain
Creating a labyrinth of my sole
Each passing day it grow more stronger, more taller
Till its branches reach out my ears and up my nose
This once small seed was now my dream
So vibrant and strong
This dream tree sprouts unchanging leaves of personal gain
And I walk as tall as my tree, for I am just as strong
Yet I must have taken a wrong turn away from my sole light, ventured too far into the stormy night
I found my tree losing its strength as my ears and mind lessening to mean words of dreamless demands
My dream tree lost its laves one by one they fell drown, brown and dead
I tired to grab them, but they fell though my fingers, just dust on the wind
As time went on the dreamless demands raped there choking vines around my tree and feasted on my dyeing dreams
And know I stand not so tall
Just a shell empty and hallow
A dreamless being trying to find another seed

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The Garden

They were there together
In bliss and harmony
Enjoying life to the fullest 
And consumed in one another
Perfection was in place 
And orderliness was real

No stress, no work
No rain for the Lord watered the earth from under
All kinds of trees grew
A garden was planted
And in the middle stood the tree of life
With the knowledge of good and evil

Adam with his wife eve tended the garden
Walking in the serenity of the day
And the calmness of the evening
Sitting often by the banks of the Rivers that watered the garden
And listening to the Rivers as they flowed

When they were told to eat everything 
But the tree of life 
The adversary came,
With his lies and deceit he lured them to sin
The heeded to his pleas and suggestions
And fell like a pack of cards

No remedy
No help
No comfort
Chaos returned
And distress rained
Fear and shame ruled supreme

Who shall redeem man?
Who shall restore dignity to man
And take him back to where he belong

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Sequoia Sempervirens

By stream grows
Tallest so it seems
Sends out roots shallow they grow far
Away sixty feet helps to support the tree in wind
One tree could not stand alone but needs support system of others depends on many more

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Carte Blanche

There were two cardinals separated by a tree branch with fruit.
One was a female and the other was a male.
Her four fruits were ripe and his one was not so he became a brute.
She was to the left and he was to the right and looking pale.

Her purple fruits put off enough to make her some ale.
His green fruit was at his feet and were mute.
She kept her guard up waiting for him to sail.
But he never would follow suite.

She became the fruit of the highest branch on the highest tree.
He just sat there perched and barren not even producing the first seed.
She came to be,
The cardinal in lead!

But he never moved from his tree branch,
He was at her feet forever she’s his carte blanche!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2004

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The lone fighter

A young tree stands amongst weather 
Strapped down with only a small piece of wood and leather 
It’s been beaten down by wind and rain 
It’s been left alone to cry in shame 
Left aside in a harshest environment 
Its bark is almost torn off 
The tree is pitched toward a sloping trough
No one fertilized it before the winter 
Soon it may look like a giant splinter
But the young tree still stands up tall 
He’s fighting through a mighty snow squall
The salt from the road has left him weak 
It looks like things for him, are pretty bleak
The years wined by and the tree still stands 
With a sad spirit and a wounded bands 
It tells a story of the years of pain 
And all the damage it disdained  
He stands today with a slight pitch to one side 
It’s the love of God that’s kept him alive

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Fallen Leaves

Leaves of a tree,
Many colors I see,
But mostly green.
Plenty I have seen!
Reminds me of me,
Fallen from the evergreen!
Some crumpled and brown,
Dried and dead on the ground!
Fallen leaves of a tree falling loosely and falling free!
Reminds me of a spirit down,
Fallen away from its identity!
Leaves of a tree,
Many I can see,
But mostly brown.
Plenty on the ground!
Reminds me of me,
Fallen from the golden crown!
Some still healthy and green,
Shiny and whole from what I have seen.
Fallen leaves of a tree falling loosely and falling free!
Reminds me of a vision foreseen,
Fallen from Grace in society!
Leaves of a tree,
Many I see.
But mostly brown!
Many I have found.
Reminds me of me!
Fallen away from a life of dignity!

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Intoxicate me with thy soul food
Forlorn a wondering heart
Of subtle substance
Hung on a tree trunk

My jar of wit is overflowing
Across the seven Earth I know of
Touching them to life
Now the sacred pipes are let loose

To tap like never before
From the enormous tree trunk
The shanty town of my utmost being
Like beehive on their newfound prey

Gasping for breath becomes my lot
My destiny, our destiny

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Pruned the Root

In the silence of my mind...

stands the tree of reason...

Baring fruit, food for thought...

Pruned the root of understanding...

Tireless autumn leaves fall free...

Like flares of seasoned knowledge...

In the silence of my mind...

stands the tree of reason...

In pruned root...

...the seed I find...

In the silence of my mind...

...stands the tree of reason...

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Unrepentant Miners

Unrepentant Miners

I look out over what should have been viridian fields
Where daisy and dandelions
Found their picturesque beauty
Wild and free

I felt the meadow of summer skies
Lay their heads beneath your bare feet
To kiss at your ankles with their secrets
Wild and free

I saw the written verses
Your laughter in April dales of rain
Beneath a willow tree you came to me
Wild and free

I heard you dance on dewdrops
From gentle hills to mountain heights
You pirouette in my eyes 
Pirate of my sighs
Wild and free

…………………..but the wealth of your heart
is a treasured prize
to another gluttonous search for gold
unrepentant miners gouge
excavate your beauty
to an open cast
terraces dug deeper than the scars

and though it hurts to see 
your dream piled like so much unwanted earth
still given time
in your own clouds of love
those bright yellow flowers
lift up the heads again

but still they search for the precious of you
they couldn’t see and never will
they claw at your soul
for riches they just can’t understand
and think a balm of shovelling it all back
you might grow again for them

they just don’t know that the dusty roads
have trampled you there

Wild and free

I touched the meads of winter skies
Lay their icicles beneath your feet
To kiss on your eyes with their secrets
Wild and free

I saw the unwritten pages
Your joy in the hidden streams
There beneath the willow tree when you came to me
Wild and free

And I watched you sing with lightning
From the echoed prowess of your storm
You dazzle in my eyes 
The sweet pirate of my sighs
Wild and free

…………………………..but to them your heart is a mine
open and cast with the scars
they are just too greedy to see
they think in the fields
where your treasures dwell
just iron and steel to build their world
and leave you a pit
to get on with your life
any way you can

I look out over your verdant fields
Where daisy and dandelions fall like gems
Found their prophetic serenity
Wild and free

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Down, Down Baby: Remembering When

There's something magical that happens when 
you are 10 years old, chasing butterflies, 
skipping stones, riding little pink bicycles
with streamers and white baskets on the handle 
bars with a big yellow sunflower on the front.

Roller skating down the street that looks like it
would swallow you whole, and revisit that same
street as an adult and think as you smile to yourself,
 "what was all the fuss about?" 

Remembering when-

The wind flowed through your tangled hair, because
when you were 10 you weren't worried if the boys seen
you with a "bad hair day!" 

Remembering hop scotch, and jumping rope.
Playing jacks, and sipping cokes.
Reminded of honeysuckle scented vines, 
picking a few and licking the honey right then 
and there. 

Not a care in the world. 

Me and my best friend singing as loudly as we
could "Down, down baby, down by the roller coaster.
Sweet, sweet baby, I'll never let you go."  Clapping our 
hands in perfect timing with the other, like a well oiled
machine. Never missing a beat. Going faster and faster
until our little hands and arms were worn out.

Climbing that big tree in her mom's back yard. We 
both climbed to the tree top, with her mom
yelling out the door, not realizing we were about 50 feet
in the air. We would giggle and she would tell 
us to come down, and we did. Even thought we didn't 
want to. She must have been horrified knowing we were
that high in the tree.

(We were 6 at that time)

Some of the most fun times I had as a child were with 
her. We even fought over who was going to be Shaun 
Cassidy's girlfriend. She always won, because I always 
seemed to give in, and take the other guy, just to keep
peace. Even though I was sad she didn't want to share
with me.

(I honestly didn't care, I just secretly wanted to like him
with her as if we were one soul, one heart. BFF's forever)


We did everything together.

Then we grew up.

Lost touch.
Regained it.
Had children.
Lost it again.
Found it once more.

Now  here we meet again, instead of 10, we are 38, nearing
the 40 mark.
I still love her today, as I did in 1974. When we first
met in kindergarten.

I've spent my lifetime thus far with her in it somewhere, either
in my heart or on my mind. 

We can still make each other laugh hysterically.

Remembering when, yet making new memories today.

Now there's just something magical about that.

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Public Standerns

Is a tree wrong because it leans?

Or is a tree wrong because it is not green


So you tell me what co lour it’s suppose

Too be?


We have to walk in a way talk in a way

Head up high and back straight 

Don’t smile to hard cause your not

Really awake being under the 

Spell of what the government has

To make 


Oh look his shining but really inside his



In a circle of a family everyone has

To be as one you try to step out 

And you’re classed as wrong 


Say too much and you’re classed 

As mad and you need to be locked up

But insert of them giving you an ear 

They per fur to give you a glair 


See a man with a new whip 

Insert of asking where he got it you

Per fur to BANG! 

And that it!


That’s it not just for him but

For his mum and the woman that

Is carrying his unborn son 


In roots, when kuntaka heard

The sounds of the drum he don’t run to


He stays with his family and he had to be strong

But in god he prayed that one day his family will 

See a better day 


Family is a community!


So let us all have a dream that one day are

Community could be clean


Clean of the guns and the drugs 

That’s killing us one by one 


So I pray for each and every one is soul 

So god could make us all whole 

And let are feelings just roll


Because you’re not pulling does’t mean 

That you’re not killing us one by one 


So when we see each other lets

Us be nice and greet your neighbor with a smile 

And let god just shine!

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The Teacher Tree

all of them sustain,
some wilted,
all vital,
each a part of the teacher tree.

speaking different parables,
humming different songs,
each falling its own way in the end.

tell me, tell me teacher tree,
why they have to die?
some too soon to truly live,
struggling and suffering.

the sun will scorch,
the winds will dry,
each one of your sacred leaves.

the teacher tree won't answer,
and all the leaves will try
to tell you why they matter.

every living one does matter,
and was made so all could exist.

the teacher tree stays silent,
but answers every one,
and every fallen leaf
is one with him,
forever and forever.

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Insecurity of the Devil

He sits on his throne made of cobble and bone

Pleading the 5th as his mind sets a tone

The sound is haunting as he shouts with pure moan

In the mirror he watches as he splits from his clone

Planting a seed that was plucked from his heart 

A tree grows in place as it is now looking part

For He does not know why resemblence is true

As his claws emit light as it is passing through

From this tree lays an evil fruit

Pluck from thy soul he intends to remove

First bite like a kiss as if he must prove

That he is better than the spawn thats improved

Second bite knawed from his razor teeth

Blood pouring out from the center of the seed

As blood touches ground a figure will heed

Look as Satan sees himself without all the need

The clutches of hell now forming a fist

As fire emits from Satans split wrist

The end will be near for the spawn of better twist

For Satan insecurity will end all in bliss 

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The Tree

This poem was written at a time (many times) when I was questioning my beliefs - my version of what my life should be. I took a long walk in the woods near my home and saw this one tree, these words came to me instantly. Maybe not the best, but it helped me sort through things at that time.

A tall tree stands in the wood
towering over everything it could;
its giant size tells the tale
of many a year surviving a gale

The trees beside it stand in awe
of this one so high, avoiding the saw;
the shade it provides gives protection
for creatures running in every direction

Its mighty girth is humbling indeed
from starting out as one lonely seed;
to grow and grow by Nature's light
and reach the heavens, is pure delight

O' tree, O' tree with your majestic size
tell me the story of how you did rise;
I want to know so that I can take
that same straight path to Heaven's gate.

For "The Tree" contest sponsored by Constance La France.

By: George Aul / Written in 2009

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My Mercurial Soul

Silver washes through the sea
Veins trace life deep into me
White transpires, falling free
From this Tree of Mercury

Thus have I seen love's bright sheen
Shining forth the last sunbeams
One white light 'midst all the sea
This crying Tree of Mercury

Orbs of sunlight drip to dirt
Where veins of life spread through the earth
Searching, blindly, for the rain
That seeps up to drip down again

These silver veins stretch through the sea
In search of sunlight as it fades
And all across the crimson waves
Is falling rain, sorrow to sea
Tears of the Tree
Of Mercury

A sunset slips so slowly to
A garnet rain with silver strewn
These crimson tears of love for you
Fall as the sunset fades.
The moon
Now rises, shines so pale upon
A night that never will know dawn

So still, alone, I'll always be
This crying Tree of Mercury

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A Day in the Sun

I long for silence
a day in the sun
when all these harsh whispers 
are quiet and undone

I hear an angel somewhere
calling falling
softly in his rage of flight
burning out in the twilight

A prayer in silence is a blessing
a life lived hard through the testing
what can the blind be missing
when god is in the art of kissing

A portrait of a saint
a face in the mirror
my heart in hand
my love inferrior

A tree comes down
a tree now dead on ground
i heard it cry yesterday
now no sound or anything to say

Is this the earth i wanted to save
full of broken hearts and unmarked graves
I bled so long, i've done such wrong
every broken life was a job well done

Soldiers in handbags
sally forth sally forth
a cross in a fist
to show you god's worth

I guess it makes some sense
for some to show some recompense
for all the things they had done
oh god the things they had done

For just one day of silence
a day  in the sun
where I didn't hear a gunshot
when we weren't killing someone

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Adam in The Garden

They were there together
In bliss and harmony
Enjoying life to the fullest 
And consumed in one another
Perfection was in place 
And orderliness was real

No stress, no work
No rain for the Lord watered the earth from under
All kinds of trees grew
A garden was planted
And in the middle stood the tree of life
With the knowledge of good and evil

Adam with his wife eve tended the garden
Walking in the serenity of the day
And the calmness of the evening
Sitting often by the banks of the Rivers that watered the garden
And listening to the Rivers as they flowed

When they were told to eat everything 
But the tree of life 
The adversary came,
With his lies and deceit he lured them to sin
The heeded to his pleas and suggestions
And fell like a pack of cards

No remedy
No help
No comfort
Chaos returned
And distress rained
Fear and shame ruled supreme

Who shall redeem man?
Who shall restore dignity to man
And take him back to where he belong

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The River

Cracks of corral emerged between the Earth’s proud crown of evergreen
Gleaming down on grateful Father whose arms in bloom embraced his Daughter
Moon upon Moon in prayer he spent that God would grant his heart’s content
Now all his dreams no longer dreams but infant in his arms serene
They traveled on til trails converged and River’s roar ahead was heard 
Then there upon the shore was laid, a bless’ed barge of birchbark made.

From the River’s roots they rowed, embarking on a fate unknown
Wide-eyed Child soothed by Father’s song amidst echoes of the Wild’s call
Sweetly metered by sweeping oar he told her tales of life before
The great divide of Earth and Sky, of Land and Sea, of Day and Night 
How God by grace named each creature each fish and fowl each fir and fur
Then in His hands mixed clay and sand, the gift of life breathed into Man.

Between each bend dear Daughter grew and saw the world from worn canoe
Floating onward until the day she traded hums and howls to say
Father, Father, I understand! With lamb and wolf we share this land!
How scattered seed grew into tree and tree we carved for pole to feed
Father you’ve grown and given me your faith and love so I might be
Someday just like you a Giver on the road of life, the River! 

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A Tree in the Hill

A Tree in the Hill, From where do you think it grows? That tree in the hill. For there 
it’s that of a cliff of rock. It is that of heart I guess, to which that tree grows. For 
there lay little dirt on that mountain side so from whence does the root grow? It is 
that of a grace of growth as we are bless each day with that of high. The same as 
the tree in the hill grows, that to which is a blessing of high. For there in the heart 
of a mountain roots that of great love. That of a soul we seek as we reach that of 
great cliffs of love. For it is that of life to which we are inspired. That of a birth of a 
child or perhaps it’s that a love has pulled from aside. We all know that there is 
one of high, as we know that it is to be by that of a miracle. That of something of 
the unexplained, to why you and I are here for this ride. Really, have you thought 
about it! Maybe it’s for your hearts ride or that of the soul we fly. To which you 
suppose the love comes from? It is that of a spirit inside as it is that of a higher 
love to which I love thee from inside. But I know it’s for the right love that I know of 
thee. For here lye’s something of deep desire as my heart grows from that of a 
hill side.  As it grows that of a tree, only to stand there in a mountain alone. There 
in a heart of rock to which my tree grows alone. It reaches for that of a sky of light 
as it thinks of you this day, that in my heart you have giving me light that it was 
that of a might. As you have made my day that of blessing as I remember you and 
your ways. I walk with fight that I might find one of such in the days that he has 
blessed me with that of a love of such this day. That in my tree I have found that of 
a mountain to grow for aside, as you have inspired me of the highest hill side. 
From whence I will blow through that of a cloudy day, just remembering you was 
in my heart this day. As I feel that of a naked tree growing there alone, as I have 
missed being with that one of side. That in you I have found that of a higher rise 
as it is you I want to plant my tree aside. And become not only that of a tree in a 
hill side but that of greater love from inside.

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the world tree

the tree represents the center of the world,
connecting the heavens to the earth...
the roots of the tree hold the earth,
the branches hold the sky...
heaven and hell are the sea and the sky,
and you are the horizon........

......where the great estuary of eternal life merge , as the holy water's of earth flow
to meet and be greeted by the holy water's of heaven . the world tree serves as a
conduit to all life on earth , as the roots of the tree recieve it's messages from the 
creator using the branches ; as above , so below....the horizon is consciousness,
consciousness is but a thin thread of heaven and hell's seperation .
the trunk of the world tree represents the spinal cord of the living , the branches
 represent the universal mind , the roots represent our relationship to all of 
creation . the allegorical use of the spider web represents the connectivity of all 
life on earth ; " what we do to the web , we do to ourselves ...." 
the philosophy and cosmology of the east and west meet to form unity as one 
world mind ; where we stand now is atop humankinds creation , one immense 
land mine. 
we all have a long , difficult journey ahead of us....may we all be blessed with the 
fortitude to persevere......

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The weeping cherry tree retails 
Its showroom as a work of art.

All pink, more golden sparkle
coming out of cherry tree 
In perfect beauty delight.

As a thief one...two.. and three
Cherries are stolen
For her lover in rest.

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Autumn in Oxford

Walking into meadows,
we wandered across the

steep bridge and watched
the students rowing.

The narrow boats moved
smoothly under the tall

trees and the oars glided
gracefully on the river.

as the instructor called
out from time to time.

Keeping their movements
in tune with nature, they

floated into the landscape,
and we moved further along

the rich carpet. Crackling
sounds filled our ears,

the burnished leaves fell
gently at our feet as our

time together evaporated.
Years later, memories

stir in the landscape
of our drawn out silence.

From Perfume of the Soil.  Swan Press,  1999.

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Christmas Time Is Here

I think back to many a year
when Christmas time was very dear
our tree aglow with lights and fruit
having spent many hours in rubber boots
trudging the woods for that special tree
snow had fallen clear up to our knees
we'd trim and cut then make a stand
our Christmas tree just  looked so grand
we dried some fruit that  hung with care
even strung popcorn which was very rare
the lighted candles stood so tall
praying each night that they wouldn't fall
our Christmas time so very merry
none of that rush with cash and carry
we had things made like socks an shirts
never worried if the shirt didn't work
stockings were filled with fruit and nuts
we never expected or had very much
oh i think back to toughs wonderful days
wishing many could  have seen our ways.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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The Big Loss

Walking down the dark tunnel
Amidst absolute peace,
Filled with bowl of silence
And there's no sign of war sharpnel.

A big tree on my way it stood,
A shadow on the tree is espied-
A figure can't be seen in the darkest region of hell-
All the worldly frowns seemed to reflect from its every cell.

I asked him what's he trying there
When there's peace everywhere out here?
And there's nothing to fear 
And no worries to bear.

From the top he spoke
"Its all right with the peace present here
But I miss my nears and dears;
And I have jobs left to do in the earthly bower.

I spoke -"Life is over",
"Death occupies the future,
There's no point trying to climb out.....
--He jumped infront of me like an angry lout.

He was the man I killed the last day!
I repented so that he forgives me;
It happened when I drove the lorry
And hit him in a hurry.

He told me my 'mistake'- 'a lot it meant';
It caused many to faint;
He had still time to enjoy the worldly scents-
Which I had ended in a second.

Mistakes are irreversible often,
Its only made by humans;
Remamber once you enter the lion's den--
You may never return again.

The bitter truth upon me dawned,
I also met the same fate in the very dawn!
The mistake that I have committed in a hurry-
For the rest of the eternity it will make me sorry!!!

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Another Ava Adventure

On a modern playground out by the Bayou
no see-saws, no merry-go-rounds to be seen-
Too dangerous, I'm guessing as we head to the swings
and I push her to the tops of the trees
I sing. And sing:
"Yellow Bird...
High Up In Banana Treeeeee"
( I never pretend to sing in key but belt it all the same)
She loves it, swings higher, asks me to sing again and again.
Then it's on to the jungle gym and slides, slides, slides.
Today, the structure is a hot air balloon 
and we run like mad bandits, pushing silver buttons
and letting air out.
"What's our altitude?" I yell
"400" she answers back in a panic
I push the silver screw on my right and let some air out
"We need 180!", I say, "Tell me when we reach 180!"
When we finally avert that disaster, she looks out of the spy glass
and low and behold, we are about to hit a tree.
A palm tree no less, and those things hurt!
We both quick steer to the right - in unison.
Then, unexpectedly, our battery runs out.
I didn't know hot air balloons ran on batteries,
but she assures me they do - and she happens to have another
in her back pocket.
We finally find smooth sailing
and have a chance to look out.
Pristine blue sky.  Sun taking every edge off the Bayou's breeze.
Apple green grass and trees with limbs bending every which way-
not trimmed, not sculpted, just allowed to grow wild and perfect for climbing.
It's with heavy hearts that we land our balloon to come back to reality.
For a while, she tells me that the whole contraption is out of our hands
and can't land back down on earth - We're heading North North North!
Cold country!
But, after the five extra minutes we spend in the air, she agrees to go.
"I love you", she says.
"I love you too", I answer, "Thanks for playing with me".
She smiles and we leave with plans to conquer the big climbing tree on our next adventure.

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A Night

A night, 
When he was sleeping upstairs, 
He heard a noise,
Someone was weeping bitterly.

He switched on the light,
And came out,
Moon was flashing everywhere,
Cool wind was also in motion.

He looked at the sky,
Stars were twinkling,
In the heart of a blue sky,
When there were no clouds.

He watched every where,
He had seen nobody,
Old tree was standing in a shadow,
In the middle of a lawn.

He came back in,
And enters into the kitchen,
Where he drinks water,
And stops for a cup of tea.

He heard again sobbing,
He came to the window 
And looked out very carefully,
He saw old tree was crying.

He came out and went to the tree,
And asked his problem, 
You cut my twigs,
I never complain. He said,

But today, I don’t know
What was in your mind?
You cut my soft leaves,
That’s why I am weeping.

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rainbow seekers

the right path or the left path , from stories of old ,
each one leading to a pot of gold ,
the tree of life , and the withering tree ,
hither and thither , here and there ,
what we found , wither is , were a tree ,
a shadow on sacred ground .

two seperate messages , written into mankinds constitution
free will and choice , only one leads to absolution
love is our pathway , but roadblocked with fear
pain and suffering , garments stained with our tears
hope and faith are within' , true attributes
we must continue to reach out and contribute
against all odds and cruel assumptions
against distraction and misguided presumptions
unconditional love is our true guide
the wise , not the sly , are the ones to abide
the magi , sages , wise men of the ages
forewarned of books with empty pages
the literal interpretation and translation
has created more confusion than fusion
a roadmap of sorts , to light up those pathways
of our own spiritual journey , towards the secrets
those mysteries locked up inside all .

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Watching over the trees and flowers
They are a constant reminder
That life is lived hour by hour
And there is nothing finer.

Singing their silent song that mortal ears can not hear
They play in the trees and swing from the branches on high
Mere humans can not tell when they are near
But on the warm breeze you can hear them sigh.

Dressed in natures wonders and bathed in dew drops
The tree sprites watch over the forest with all seeing eyes
They see everything there is to see from the tree tops
For as we grow older, they grow wise.

Paula Denise Cosner

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One Leaf

Wind takes the first leaf
from a tree and it lets it fall.
Leaves that lie out on ground
and the tree cares not at all

for the loss of two or three
the branch sounds no alarm
plentiful are the leaves
their loss brings it no harm.

When the winter’s chill is gone
the stems will bud again?
Leafs will grow eternally 
trees never see their end.
I have wondered woods of green
through underbrush and leaves
and littered every where it seems
are trunks of old dead trees.

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Mosquito Hum

Dry afternoon, floating breeze upon the hips of the earth
Languid bodies in lawn chairs awaiting rebirth
or the hum of mosquitos
to signal it's time to go in.

To go in, to forget about this perfect afternoon, this ecliptical night
Lips to sip wine out of Waterford crystal, plastic forks to go with the plates.

Squirrels sneaking up to drink water off the pool cover
Tree like the four corners of the world shading us
We have no brain power on this lazy day and a conversation of this tree ensues
It's west limb is a menace to the house, the roof, and all mankind in general.
The consensus is split sharply in two.  Half say: "Tear it down" in murmurs about forthcoming monster storms,
half groan in disgust at the thought of killing a living thing.
A lone peach from the neighbors tree has tempted us on "our" side of the fence 
-this too is talked about in great detail, as the earth spins, the tide pulls, we age silently, night taps us on the 
shoulder, the mosquitos hum - and with our dry eyes, just adjusted to the dark, we bid good night...

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The Tree of life

The crystal ball ablaze with the moon to unfold the magic of fantasy
In streaks of light fall on the tree of life to cradle my love for her soul
Deeply she clings to me in her ecstasy as moments seem to break up;
The very nature of life craving for rebirth lore’s: together as unified.
Yonder lies the universe in turmoil struggling with the unknown life
Exulting in beauty for ever and ever in infinite vibes of fascination:
Let me adore her splendor for separation is imminent, a divine will.
To the core I must drench my self, in her longing of body in fusion
Yearning in desires of the flesh, as she releases her brutal passions
Blessed by the twinkling stars; blue skies and the joyous tree of life:  
Savor the last kiss as we unite entwined in freedom from this world	
Caress-float the sea of divinity, as one to breathe each others aroma:

Burning in loves torture, groaning within the body’s submissive thirst;
Quenched forces of unbridled thrusts and cravings in supreme fusions:   

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I looked out the window 
the light, streaming down 
amongst the trees 
reflecting on me 

To walk amongst the trees, 
a simple pleasure 
Fresh scent of pine 
mind , at ease 

I heard birds, 
shadows flying from tree to tree 
My hand to touch 
This roughness of bark 
Such thoughts , absurd 

How the deepening light, 
changes the colour of the trees 
I have seen this view 
Three thousand and six hundred and fifty times 
Memorised it too 
Always a delight 

The physical bonds that hold me, 
are permanent... 
Ten years ago, 
the broken back, 
shackled me so 

I am amongst the trees 
I never went away 
For ,the mind is always free 
Living another forest day 

I cannot move, 
the way I used to 
The mind is never chained, 
yet in this chair, 
my body remained 

To walk amongst the trees, 
a simple pleasure 
Thoughts to treasure 
One day... 

I feel, 
yet I cannot touch 
the trees 
I feel the wind 
Blowing through 
I wish i could too 

Slow silent tears fall, 
the light streaming down 
amongst the trees 
I never went away... 
I visited you... 
every day... 

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My Thinking Tree

There is a place i used to go
a place i longed to be
i remember it like yesterday
and hold it dear to me
it is my young thinking tree

when i mustered the courage
to give climbing a try
my Dad boosted me upwards
and i felt like i could fly
it is my early-start thinking tree

when i was still a child i would
explore the top to the best of my ability
pretending to be Indiana Jones 
and sparked by curiousity
it is my adventurous thinking tree

but it earned its worthy name
by the long hours i'd spend
just sitting and pondering
as assurance it would lend
it is my motherly thinking tree

in later life stages
of trouble and resent
my tree would embrace me
in loving branches of consent
it is my protective thinking tree

or i would recall life's simple joys
remaining there all day
and also its misfortunes
hoping forever there i could stay
it is my day-dream thinking tree

when time came to leave the house
one fateful summers night
i passed an hour in that tree
then finally bid it good- bye
it is my dear friend thinking tree

often i'd return
home to find it there
and in joyful amazement
i'd gaze at it and stare
it is my memorable thinking tree

my chest would pound
my heart, skip a beat
smiling at its inviting colors
sending tingles to my feet
it is my wild, impulsive thinking tree

but after seasons faded
many a time over again
my tree grew old and ill
its sickness, i could not mend
it is my weathered thinking tree

and upon that dreaded day
when my tree, dead it lied
part of my childhood taken away
when with it, my heart died
it is my sorrowful thinking tree

long years passed
until the end did rise
my time had come
as the light leapt from my eyes

and as i traveled through sky
to heaven i was bound
something caught my attention
i couldn't believe what i had found

my thinking tree alive as ever
my good and faithful friend
hoping for my company
and waiting until then

as i grasped it tenderly
and flung into its arms
salvations light spread over me
home was finally where my heart was

but this was not the end
there is yet more glee to the story
for my tree no longer had room for only one
but now seated many to share in my glory
it is OUR timeless, life-giving thinking tree

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Her Lost Story

A little girl, not yet the age of thirteen 
Plays alone amongst the bushes and the trees
Innocent and playful are her heart and mind
Graciously untouched by the harmful, unkind
Leaves begin to fall all about; revolving around her delicate feet
They glide down like paper; the weight of their sorrow forcing them to defeat
A young river, now full of life, flows swiftly nearby
Its sparkling clear beauty, glimmers of new light, shimmering down from the new day’s sky
The river slowly begins to cool
Its gentle touch is soft as the lamb’s freshly woven spool
The fog from the water creates new scene
A scene in her head that appears to be unclean
A chill from the winds creeps up her spine
Spreading in ridges leaving all kinds of lines
The thought of fear never crosses her mind
Not even the moment she is stuck from behind
The darkness of shadows drains into her sight
She is unwilling, unable to move or fight
The cold river once clear, is now filled with fog and color
Color like the leaves left behind by the earth mother
A warm wind blows along the bends
From the east; caring swift voices till they descend
The voices seem calm enough
Showing only glitches of the strong willed, the tough
Soon into the night they grow with greed and envy
Then slowly die out with the sounds of her pleas
A little girl not yet the age of thirteen 
Died alone, by a river; she was crushed by a falling tree
Not one heard the tree fall
Nor the screams of her call
Her body never to be found
Left to rot between the tree and the ground
Yet her spirit lives on
Living for the nature far beyond

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I sat upon a knoll
In an Autumn wood
Leaves fluttered through the air
I breathed so softly
More than I could bear
I waited for a time
For a tree to speak
Clothed in gold
Blowing down
An autumn leaf
Kissed my cheek
To caress the bark softly
To look up to a mighty tree
I pass this way , only once
This tree will outlive me
My time is so short here
In an Autumn wood
My time passing by
An Autumn leaf
Kissed my cheek
I cannot stay
I have to go
Tears fall
Like autumn leaves
My life
In an Autumn wood
In a coming winter
Ends it all
Leaves continued falling
Clothed me in gold
In an Autumn wood
I let go fear...
and became part of everything

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Pages of life.

I'm so confused.. I have no idea what to do, what way to go, and when? I hate that feeling
when you see everything moving to fast, like all the bad stuff in your life is happening
to quick, and you wanna grab it so you can control it, but you cant!!!!!! Its like you
want to make sure everyone around you is happy even though your the one sitting in the
dark crying or even holding it all in so that no one knows! Some times when you see
something in your life going wrong, you tend to tell yourself every things going to be ok
when you know damn right its not and you want to hold on to that even when everyone around
you notices it and tells you what you don't what to hear! I'm tired of failure, I am tired
of hurting. I look back at my life and the things I've done and ask myself that maybe if i
would of done this than this wouldn't of happened or its like if you knew it would of
turned out this way you wish you would of never done that. But hey its how life is right!?
I have to really find out whats going on cause i don't what it to bit me in the ass.......
I have to keep telling myself that im not alone and there are a lot of other people out
there feeling the same way or even worse. i hate not know whats going to happen next cause
then im not prepared for what ever it is! Have you ever wanted something so much and then
in the end you cant have it or even you think your going to have it for a long period of
time and it stuck in you head like you carved in to a tree but really your mind and then
it cant happen and ever where were you go you see that tree and it hurts so much to see
that and know that it is not going to happen! One of the feelings i hate the most is
regret, that hurts the most! I even feel like im in a crowded room and no one notices me
and it just makes me drift away more and more to where your mind plays tricks on you.
Really this all makes you think who really cares about you or even if your friends really
are your true friends! well the pages of life have turned and its time to read on in the
story cause theres is no story if you really spend time in that one part of it cause
you'll never know what happens next if you don't go ahead............................

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Pushing Spring

If I were to decorate the winter trees,
arms gangly gray in a crooked freeze,
with leaves of mint sugar and paper mache flowers,
how long do you think it would take?

I would need ladders and pulleys and twining to tie
and large canopies, for the birds that went by
would dive bomb my leaves and drag off my flowers
for perfect sized, bright colored nests.

I would need moon drops for sleeping
and hammocks for reading and backpacks for keeping
supplies (such as cookies of lemon and afternoon tea).
My eyes would need sunshades in white.

If I started five years ago, I'd still be working
even if every elephant from every circus
quit their careers to help me to tie blossoms
we'd still only finish a patch.

I would be tired and burnt by the sun
and the elephants would quit because 'it wasn't no fun'.
Even though I'd pay them in peanuts and cheese.
Trunk to tail they'd stomp off for home.

I'd look back on tree limbs in color for miles
and see all the flowers in wet, soppy piles
for the rain would break through the low cloud cover
and start on a job of her own.

Defeated and gray in my mood like the trees
I'd fall to my knees in the rainbow debris
and close up my eyes, fall to sleep patiently.
Mint sugar leaves on my lips.

When I awoke, from just one night's earth turning
I'd find that the spring's midnight oil had been burning.
Tips of tree limbs with blooms near to exploding.
In one night the world wakes up sweet.

With all of this knowledge comes patience, endurance
to wait for the earth and her natural occurrence.
I'll save my mint sugar for julep this summer
when the flowers give way to their thirst.

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No Tears

A giant tree standing alone,
In the middle of the valley,
But last night when a strong wind storm came,
The tree was torn and pulled the roots up.

Nobody can stand alone,
Not even a bird, animal, human or a tree,
Everyone needs a company,
To banish fearful tears for joyful living.

When something burns,
It left ashes that nobody has seen,
When my heart was burnt alive,
No tears or a shy touched someone’s heart.

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Hero Trees

I planted a tree for my injured hero,
now it is so tall, my how it has grown.
The day I heard you had been hit,
I was so nervous, I couldn't just sit.
So down to the store to buy a tree,
my way of thanking you, for keeping me free.
It has doubled in size, and it carries your name,
your tour ended, and your life was never the same.
You lost both legs in that horrible war,
but you haven't given up, you have come so far.
Now you are a speaker, and a volunteer too,
for the heroes that were injured, just like you.
You blame no one, just the changing times,
a difference in belief, and brainwashed minds.
So plant a tree for a soldier today, it will grow, and
grow, and provide you shade.  
Just like our heroes in far away lands,
these trees we're planting, will help save our
great land.

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My tree nevers blooms any more

When we first started out our love was new
we planted a tree in our yard 
our tree bloomed that summer 
cindy, our neighbor wonder why
I told her it bloomed off of love 
she said no wonder my tree doesn't bloom,
 I have no one to love
I told her she'd find love soon
two years passed my tree stopped blooming
my husband?Where is he? At cindy "fixing" something
her tree's in bloom, but she doesn't have a man
oh now I know wonder why my tree is never in bloom

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That tree was not tree,
it was a giant,
for it spread so far and wide,
from point to point,
it shaded more,
than it allowed sunlight through,
all of them came from far and wide,
to get its view,
the tree was symbol of stability and patience,
its message was if you stand tall,
wearing summers,winters rains and all,
you do survive,
and grow up to be this size,
it sheltered so many down under,
as if telling all,
that a might has to save the weak,
from worldly thunders,
it also spoke in unison,
along with its shoots,
now almost trees,
that united we stand,
and alone we hit the grand stand.

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The Tree

‘Tis beautiful, the beauty of such a cursed place,

to see this woman bound here, twisted into the roots of this tree,

her naked form quivering as the roots continue to wrap its way around her body,

as intimate as any lover,

over the tops of her breast, her flat pale stomach, gently caressing her cheeks,

it brushes away the tears that the maiden cries,

and her pale gold hair that swirls around her face.

It takes a moment to savor her essence, her pure innocence, and shakes its 
large golden leafs in acceptance.

The tree of life has accepted the essence of the innocent,

the soul to live,

as it slowly devours her essences, she smiles, and fades away into the tree, to 
watch and grow with the other maidens before her.

Which is the beauty, the maiden, or the sacrifice, I speak of, nay,

It be the tree of life that contains the innocents of every humans’ time.

The large tree that stretches to the sky, plucks the stars, and let the maidens 
ride, to the heavens above.

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Just a plain old TREE. I Ignored the weather

satisfied with me .   I Looked at TREE.

What if anything do I knoe about TREE.

It used to be a thing made out of wood ,  always tall,

with branches near the ground.  Roots fingering the ground.

Life comes up somehow to TREE.  Water cascades down to ground, seeping 
slowly into ROOT.  ROOT transmogrifies

the water into inner sanctum stuff known only to the Lord.

People still tell me,  Tree just cannot live.

There is  no real feeling in TREE.

There is knowledge in TREE or it would be a blade of grass.

People say the life is in the seed or sapiling.

I think the knowledge is in the MAN, the ONE who can.

He Makes all the TREE begin , upon a distant planet,

Creates the thing again, in the courtyard of his KING.

And every meadow of his earth.

The ONE who gave me birthe the second time around.

The ONE who gave me TREE.

And Time to write this down.

The Virgin Birth.


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he took the tree of life away
for we are unworthy
for we eat knowledge 
the forbidden fruit
we drink from the whores cup
and call it sin (the rising of the cup is sin)
we follow the beast 
and give him the name of god
he took the tree of life away
for what would happen
if the beast and whore 
ate the sweetest of fruits