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Haiku Life Poems | Life Poems About Haiku

These Haiku Life poems are examples of Life poems about Haiku. These are the best examples of Haiku Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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She scrubs the sink
while grinding her teeth ~
chipped porcelain

Dawn brings 
kitchen clichés  
to her window and stovetop ~ 
pea soup 

She hangs linens
while sharing neighborhood news ~
laugh lines

They play chess
in the nude ~
check mate

*Tracie, thanks for restoring the fun.

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Soul Haiku Revisited - Zodiac Style

Aries Soul

Mischievous flint spark 
razes lethargy’s prison 
igniting joy’s fuse.

Leo Soul

Rich roaring campfire 
radiant warmth draws attention 
confidence blazing.

Sagittarius Soul

Long-tended embers 
spawn dazzling wisdom flashes
endlessly glowing

Capricorn Soul

White gleaming marble 
proud solid stability 
structural beauty.

Taurus Soul

Lavish lilac shrub 
broadcasting sensual delight 
exudes comfort.

Virgo Soul

Majestic maple 
limbs' crimson remnants swept clean 
prepared for new growth.

Libra Soul

Sleeping lover’s breath 
passion’s rhythm synchronized 
harmony complete.

Aquarius Soul

Fresh pine-mountain air 
clears celestial vision 
connections revealed

Gemini Soul

Frolicsome breeze 
swirling dance unencumbered 
transports wisdom’s seeds

Cancer Soul

Soft persistent rain 
quenches fragile seedling’s thirst 
nurtures flowering

Scorpio Soul

Ancient cavern pool 
envelops secret demons 
guards Pandora’s box

Pisces Soul

Still midnight lagoon 
shimmers cosmic buoyancy 
atop deep pure peace.

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' Metaphysical Moment (The Haiku)

Metaphysical Moment (The Haiku)

           Understanding A
       Metaphysical Moment …
       … Nature’s Mysteries

                 This Haiku is for:
       The Haiku Master ‘Raul’ Moreno
Metaphysical Poet Extraordinaire’ (smile))


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.              ***
.              ***

___hello kitty___

pretty and stylish
clean sassy paw print shower
purr-fect flower smell

__sea of stupidity___

life without reason
beauty vanished common sense
follow the leader

___city dreams___

low rise grey sunrise 
dusty wind music terror
crystal clear sunset.

___brain storming___

business in the sky
thirst engraved in my sand wall
wishing well compel

___live bait___

catch me if you can
deep under salty water
aquatic spew smell

___turtle wax___

twisted fresh smell
beautiful shine in the sun
clear crystal rain X

___lonely and apart___

an empty kettle
fall like a flower petal
wet window ledge

___ Margarita Time__

stainless creation
blizzard form from tornado
cold temptations

___ withdrawals ___

clouds hide down below
my heart, my body, my soul
a certain form lost


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“snow flakes”

crystalline droplets… 
   heavenliest  ornaments
      earth blanket enhancive

seasonal special…
   holiday cheer enhancement 
      alpine purity

seasonal beauty…
   bountiful abundant store
      spring water release

For: **SN*O*W**  HAIKU
Sponsored by *SKAT*

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- Haiku X 31 - River Walk -

            Nature teaches us 
            If the picture is complete 
            River full of life

            A-L Andresen :)

           Contest Name: One Solo EPIC Senryu or Haiku- River walk 
           Sponsor A Poet Destroyer

           - Thank you for my 7th place in your contest, Linda -

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- Haiku X 25 - Whiskey -

        The loneliness weighs

        Whiskey bottle is emptied

        Doomed to go to hell

       A-L Andresen :)

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- Haiku X 30 - Simple Beauty -


          In the morning sun 
          When a bird flies gracefully 
          Of life's simple things

         A-L Andresen :)

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Evaporation (Haiku)

cold misty morning
wet grass with lingering dew
wait for rising sun

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autumn leaves keep me (haiku)

Autumn leaves keep me
Pensive, wrapped in reverie
Amidst the colors

For: Shards of Light Contest by Raul Moreno 

It is autumn in the southern hemisphere (my second home is Sydney)

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DREAMING (triple Haiku)

DREAMING  (triple Haiku)

those intimate hours
when a mere touch was thrilling
and her wistful smile -

but for another
how I tried to fool myself
that she really cared

and now?    just spilt wine
it’s been?......... been how many years?
i’ve lost count    dreaming

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going haiku halloween crazy

rattling clanking chains
making blood curdling noises
disturbs the ghost's rest 

for PD's contest

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Nurturing Nature (Hybrid Haiku)

Nurturing Nature (Hybrid Haiku)

Children are always 
gentle flowers growing wild 
nurture them softly..... 

Bob Shank

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happy haiku 2

my daughter’s short birth
becomes the perfect haiku –--------
life free of the cut

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Frodo was a rat,
Sam, my very gentle cat,
They finally met!

I leave the rest to your imagination.

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Every Shut Eye Ain’t Sleep (Haiku)

Hanging by its tail, 
on the limb of the oak tree, 
possum feigns slumber

Comments:(Playin’ Possum)

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LONELINESS for haiku contest


Loneliness haunts me
Brief encounters delight the heart
But death comes solo

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Down And Out Haiku Slam

<                                          whispers of the wind .........
                                            speak to enchanted sea .........
                                            bp ........  going down

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Wherever life breathes,
love beautifies everything
He has created! 

Waterfalls nourish
what's lies underneath as ponds
hold their fresh water!

It's a Paradise
we have lost since their first sin...
let us take it back!

God needs our presence,
to walk with Him and obey...
we can be holy!

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The Haiku Corral - Part 1

Haiku Alley

five and dime
jes' lookin' aroun'
give me dime
give me five
and I'll give ya' dime to take yo' time
that's givin' ya' zen in change

there ain't no rhyme
in the zen of five and dime
and time lives only
in the jail of yo' darkest dreams
beyond the dark, beyond the light
lookin' aroun'
five and dime
give me five and I'll take yo' time
that's zen in change

stick some pins in your voodoo doll
hurtin' so good
servin' a sentence of five and dime
lost in the bliss of time unknown
lost between the bars
of your liquid voodoo jail
of stinking five and dime
coolin' the demons
dime and five
give me dime
and I'll give you five to take your time
that's voodoo zen in change

lookin' aroun'
rollin' ovah
an' posing dead
playin' live
'cause there's everythin'
for your virgin hootenanny voodoo doll to feel
not much to see
in the haiku alley
behind your jail
jes' the parkin' lot of prayer
and down on yo' knees
screamin' for somethin'
don't know what
maybe a piece
from yo' virgin voodoo doll
without them pins
but alive with the pain
of not dyin' before its dime
to give the reaper five
lookin' aroun'
lookin' aroun'
rollin' ovah
rollin' ovah ovah' bein' hea' (here)
five and dime
dime and five
give me dime
give me five
and I'll take yo' dime
give ya' time...
... that's givin' ya' voodoo change in zen!

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Going Halloween Haiku Crazy

Fear, extreme feeling
Carves hollow points within me
I may run away

It hurts to be so
Deeply afraid inside me
Tears roll down my cheeks

May I escape fear
The terror still left inside
Must rid of all pain

Afraid to move on
I seek solace from the hurt
Peace to be free, hope

Hope to find a way
Out of Halloween's darkness
And into light's grace

Russell Sivey

Entrant into PD's "Going Halloween Haiku Crazy" contest

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Best Haiku ever

The mind is grey clay
Shaped by each experience
Experience love.

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Silver Moonbeams (haiku)

silver moonbeams . . .
skinny dipping in
summer heat

*For my friends Down Under enjoying summer

This haiku was written in 2005

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Gracious Star (Haiku)

darkness turns to light, 
gracious star illuminates… 
beauty of your love! 

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Indomitable- Haiku Trilogy

                                                   Unstoppable sea
                                                Inextinguishable sun
                                                 Incandescent moon

                                                  Unending journey
                                              Unshakable foundation
                                                      Untiring love

                                              The essence of my spirit
                                                      Invincible ME