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Haiku Introspection Poems | Introspection Poems About Haiku

These Haiku Introspection poems are examples of Introspection poems about Haiku. These are the best examples of Haiku Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Soul Haiku Revisited - Zodiac Style

Aries Soul

Mischievous flint spark 
razes lethargy’s prison 
igniting joy’s fuse.

Leo Soul

Rich roaring campfire 
radiant warmth draws attention 
confidence blazing.

Sagittarius Soul

Long-tended embers 
spawn dazzling wisdom flashes
endlessly glowing

Capricorn Soul

White gleaming marble 
proud solid stability 
structural beauty.

Taurus Soul

Lavish lilac shrub 
broadcasting sensual delight 
exudes comfort.

Virgo Soul

Majestic maple 
limbs' crimson remnants swept clean 
prepared for new growth.

Libra Soul

Sleeping lover’s breath 
passion’s rhythm synchronized 
harmony complete.

Aquarius Soul

Fresh pine-mountain air 
clears celestial vision 
connections revealed

Gemini Soul

Frolicsome breeze 
swirling dance unencumbered 
transports wisdom’s seeds

Cancer Soul

Soft persistent rain 
quenches fragile seedling’s thirst 
nurtures flowering

Scorpio Soul

Ancient cavern pool 
envelops secret demons 
guards Pandora’s box

Pisces Soul

Still midnight lagoon 
shimmers cosmic buoyancy 
atop deep pure peace.

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' Metaphysical Moment (The Haiku)

Metaphysical Moment (The Haiku)

           Understanding A
       Metaphysical Moment …
       … Nature’s Mysteries

                 This Haiku is for:
       The Haiku Master ‘Raul’ Moreno
Metaphysical Poet Extraordinaire’ (smile))


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Seascape Haiku verse 2 - How Deep?

The deepest ocean
Becomes shallow at the edge
How deep will you go?

Co-inspired by Raul's contest and by our minister's talk today on Integral Spirals of
Consciousness, going higher and deeper in stages and states.

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happy haiku 2

my daughter’s short birth
becomes the perfect haiku –--------
life free of the cut

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LONELINESS for haiku contest


Loneliness haunts me
Brief encounters delight the heart
But death comes solo

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Attempts At Haiku - II

I am not the sun
Which your world revolves upon; 
To you, I'm nothing.


Such classic beauty
As hers aglow that Venus
Would die of envy.

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'Moon-Rock... ' (Haiku # 12)

‘ Moon-Rock ’  Haiku # 12

Moon Rock, Craters, Crust
What Does This Terrain Adjust …
“ Earth Was Made For Us ! “

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Eve's Daughter- Haiku Trilogy

                                  A daughter of Eve
                              I follow in her footsteps
                                 Flirting with danger

                               Temptation whispers
                           My heart is quick to listen
                                Bewitching promise

                               The forbidden taste
                      Burns my lips with its sweetness
                             Eve’s tears rain on me

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' Uni-Verse...' (Haiku # 11)

   ‘ Uni-Verse ’   Haiku  # 11

        Oh, What Universe
What Grand Word, Did God Speak First
     ... Gave Beginning – Birth !

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A Haiku Sextet

Losing her, a dream,
winter ravaged my
The snowman melts.

Solitary bird,
why sing you only of
outside my window?

I stole a flower
from nature's bed,
bottled it.
Now it is dying.

The crunch of brown
tells me nothing
about decay, death.

It is November--
but the air forgets
that as
it dances spring.

Winter is most real,
fall most sad,
summer holy,
but spring is a