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Introspection Dream Poems | Introspection Poems About Dream

These Introspection Dream poems are examples of Introspection poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Introspection Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

A Collapsing Yippie

It seems like everybody around me has forgotten,
they're stuck on a thought again,
saying alot and whining more.
Preying on their own self-doubts,
they have so much,
yet see so little.
so stubborn.
Can't they see that 64 inch TV,
or feel the beating of the jets in their hot tub ?
They measure their lives too much,
they have fallen into the "Great American Dream Sham"
as my friend "Chad Williams Lowther" would say !
Its a ruse,
an antidote,
so they can make changes in their lives which they normally wouldn't do,
because they lack the strength and insight,
so they get stuck in their minds.
Wheels spin,
tears fall,
marriages crumble
and the damn kids are really suffering,
cause they don't have the latest video gizmo box.
Thoughtless over-reactions of self- abuse,
much like an addict who is never satisfied.
"The Great American Dream Sham" sucked them in,
they forgot,
macroni and cheese,
saturday morning cartoons and matinees.
All replaced by todays goals and desires,
which are masquerading as tired souls trying to find solice,
stuck in "the Great American Dream Sham"
and now saying all there is to say,
Hail, Hail to me 
and all who are free,
all who go their own way
and all who see though it !

Details | Light Poetry | |

Second Hand Man

She packed her bags one day
Left me in the dark
Running away, what a lark
I stare at the walls; life seems so bleak and stark

I wrote her love letters
Only a thousand or two
The poor old postman
Carrying them all back to my door

Return to sender was the obvious score
So I took my pen and wrote a few more
Before dousing my desires
In the illusions of folklore

Where out of the forest
On a mist filled dawn
Returned my princess
Singing our song

Alas I walk along lonely forest paths
I dream and ponder of what might have been
I look up to the heavens and demand, what was my sin?
That I am alone, surrounded in deathly silence

A second hand man


For a second hand rose

Details | Free verse | |

Anxious Dissolution


A soul was broken to make room
For dusty halls and labyrinths.
A gossamer, nylon bed-sheet shroud
Enwraps the remnants of that mind.
And no excuses can be made; 
This disease does not justify that one.
I do not sleep deeply, I do not wake easily,
I dream of cities built on sand,
Next to the swelling sea.
Oh, they should have lasted.
Why should they fall?
I dream of timber horses,
Brought between those city walls.
We should have known; we should have known better.


But, I am not an honest mystic;
Beware what you ask of me.
I will show truths within the liar's tapestry.
But, you will not believe; no, you cannot believe.


I howled for my motherland
When the mutiny began.
I heard the cry of treason; heard the cry and ran.
I saw blood be spilled,
Some of it my own, then
Felt the rest boil, that this could happen in my home.
I saw the battle through, until the very end,
Then wished the traitors pardoned,
Because they were my friends.


I cannot tell the difference
Between the sleeping and the dead,
So, I will dole out blankets, and keep the kettle on.
The streets are cracked and dirty,
And they all appear the same:
Shattered glass and roofing tacks
Where I place my bare and weary feet.
I don't want to go on.
But, I must rebuild; I must rebuild.
I have no grass to lay,
The trees and flowers will not grow,
So, I shall use nothing, but mortar, brick, and stone.
It's not the same; it is not the same,
But, I shall call it home.

Details | Quatrain | |

Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

Details | Free verse | |

My Dreams

I want to dream
Like flying across the sky
Finding out greater heights
Seeing others view of reality
And be one with the sky.

I want to dream 
Swimming underneath the ocean
Searching water creatures
Fishes, clamps, and corals
Discern what their importance’s are
In our existence and health.

I want to dream
Walking underneath the ground
Exploring things that make us
Wealthy and abundant
Seeing the sources of gold, diamond
And any mineral alike.

I want to dream all my life
To enjoy everything
With my dream Self
As I always know
It’s another form of my reality.

Details | Senryu | |

Being One

Glitters spread all over
Seeking reflections amidst
becoming steadfast

Long lost better half
Reunite even afar
Sharing out fragments

Standing still staring 
Beyond space and time searching
A spark that mislead

Now after decades
Attracting as one fellow
When moments unfold.

Details | Villanelle | |

Night Stalker

Within the forest’s dream of night’s true fright
shadows twist obsidian trees torment,
the cypress writhe in blood moon’s bright delight.

The hunter hides his nascent lust for might 
and so the doe flees by man’s bow unbent,  
within the forest’s dream of night’s true fright.
The cypress writhes in blood moon’s bright delight,
bedevil not the finer soul, repent,
the destined deed, must feed, man’s plight.

With deadly skill, fletched shaft sheers frosty night.
The horned hart does fall in wonderment, 		
within the forest’s dream of night’s true fright.

And torment flows in drops of crimson sight,
distorting right and light with man’s intent.
The cypress writhes in blood moon’s bright delight

Into the holy water blood rings light
for life is all and death is but dissent, 
within the forest’s dream of night’s true fright,
the cypress writhes in blood moon’s bright delight.

Details | Rhyme | |


Imagine that you had something,
Imagine that you had.
Not knowing it would come to be,
But then you might be glad.

Yet now you think what it would do,
Yet now you wouldn't know.
Until you do you never know,
Of how you'd need to grow.

But when a dream does come by,
But when a dream might be.
You need to see what might be true,
And find reality.

Details | Monorhyme | |

Do You Ever Wonder

Do you ever wonder
Why some times relationships go asunder?
What were the short comings and/or the blunder?
What caused that awesome storm to lose its thunder?
Do you ever wonder?

Did you ever dream
A dream so big, It became a theme?
A dream so rich, it reigned supreme?
A dream so proud, it bolstered your self-esteem?
Did you ever dream?

Do you ever think
In the chain of your life, what is the missing link?
How quickly that life can change in just an eyes blink?
That something big and wonderful was on the brink?
Do you ever think?

Did you ever share?
Expressed the hopes and fears you hide in there.
Speak of your imperfections and flaws, did you dare?
Feel so confused, that you could only find the answers in prayer.
Did you ever really share?

Did you ever win?
Such as the marathon from fat to thin.
Or the sport of discovering who you really are within.
The war on quitting bad habits, you begin.
Tell me, did you ever win?

Did you ever tell?
Tell that special someone, you were proud when they would excel.
Tell that you loved them no matter what, even if they fell.
That what’s important is inside, that the outside is just a shell.
Did you ever tell?

Do you ever speak?
Express the dreams and wishes that you seek.
Tell someone you thought they were special and unique.
That you were awed by their mystique.
Well, Did you ever speak?

Did you ever explore?
Move out of your comfort zone and tread on a distant shore.
Look for answers not from others, but deep within your core.
To realize that beyond what you can see, you know there is more. 
I wonder, did you ever explore?

Did you ever partake?
Really experience life and not just fake.
Get in touch with and allow all your senses to wake.
To permit any and all emotions, to rumble and quake.
I ask you, did you ever partake?

Did you ever shine?
Do you share a memory with others that hinges on divine?
Can you still feel the passion that a special friendship can define?
I seek this for my future; I will plan and create my own design.
Here is my question, did you ever shine?

Details | Free verse | |

Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

Details | Verse | |

Mind and Sound

Only light can penetrate the 
that resides in the default state 
of mind
I descend from beta to delta 
binaural beats; instantly caught 
between frequencies beyond 

I absorb amplitudes of acoustic 
and I learn to just be earth 
Since I am the earth 
and because I am of
the one that is the source of its 
I've owned the power of 

I realize now that I AM because
HE is since I am from that, a 
Created in the image of a 
and a feeling from the 
Universal Mind
I tune in to this vibration from 
pulse that manipulates 
subconscious minds

Immersed  between 4 and 7 
brainwaves halt to a conscious 
All  chakras are aligned shining 
crown energy 
and now my consciousness 
begins to reap! 
and light begins to penetrate 
the harmonious beams
that were already there
constant and always there 

is now flooded with sound 
that force brainwaves to submit 
to power
of omnipresent sound that 
always was 
and always will be connected to 
the Source from which I came
so I extend exponentially 
physical time and space

I long to embrace the intensity 
of gamma rays
I give way to the coded sounds 
that resonate from the inner 
and continue to connect 
through the binaural beats that 
remind me of before

Always familiar but ignored
until found by gaining 
knowledge of self
I listen with the intent to excel 
while reaping an abundance of 
benefits and rewards
It's already yours

Just reach out and grab it 
as long as intention and ego is 
the universe will correspond 
it will deliver a life to you divine 
and orderly
Just listen to the sounds that 
were there from before
They will guide to to the 
vibration from the core
and it will guide you to connect 
directly with the source 

Details | Ballad | |

Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

Details | Free verse | |

Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

Details | I do not know? | |


written 10th Aug 2013

I am God's child, first and forever
I am known by many different titles, a daughter
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am a grandmother
I am a poet
I am by several ways, known as a sister
I am an acquaintance
I am a loyal friend
I am a stranger
I am a cousin
I am an Auntie
I am a niece
But who is this person, they all call "Denise?"

She is a child to God
She is a niece
She is a cousin
She is a stranger
She is a loyal friend
She is an acquaintance
She is known to many, a sister
She is a poet
She is a grandmother
She is a mother
She is a wife
She is known as a daughter to many
She is everything, she'd ever dreamed her life to be....
She is happier than she ever imagined possible

Details | I do not know? | |

The Beach of Promises

The Beach of Promises


Fingers entwined, barely touching,
turquoise waters teasing your dancing toes,

strolling along that serene deserted beach,
our promised dreams within aching reach.


Hands clasped, holding on,
sea-breezes tickling the nape of your neck,

walking together, alone, vowing to never breach,
the dreams dreamed on that faraway velvet beach.


Hands in my pockets, alone,
traces of you linger, teasing,

lost in my scribbles, your memory fading out of reach,

my thoughts ablaze, now and then,
catching a whiff of your fragrance,

wafting through alleyways of nostalgia,
your hand in mine on our pristine beach.

Details | Sestina | |

Sestina In The World Of Worm

Contemporary and vast in imagination is the girl lost in her own world.
Concealed between the paragraphs and ink typed pages of the book.
Remain cross-legged, as if in meditation, toes tickled by grass.
Here the battle of yin and yang, good and evil, is not waged but in balance.
Falling from the tree to rest in her lap is the red apple.
Just like the plot of a book; within and eating it's way to the outside is the worm.

Weaving in and out of the core, consuming the plot, is the worm.
Pulling the reader through the red shiny skin into its world.
Hours could fly by hidden and protected by the apple.
The letters purge into a blur and no longer seen is the book.
Hero, villain, and romance achieve their balance.
Feet sprout roots into the grass.

Becoming immobile with the soft cushion; short bladed grass.
Breaking through one skin and into another goes the worm.
Coursing through the bloodstream, distorting balance.
Eyelids fall as if to be curtains closing out the remaining world.
The key to the gates lay open; the book.
Perched on left knee baring one hole; the apple.

Slipping through the tendrils of a dream riding aboard an apple.
Wings flapping on either side, improvised as grass.
The landing pad looms in front; an open book.
Waving a light for a signal and a hand for hello the worm.
Created solely by the subconscious is this world.

Hitting the pages stumbling from the stem with lost balance.
Skin melting red spilling into the pages; colorless becomes the apple.
Brandishing a pencil, he begins to build a new world.
Kneeling in the grass,
Coloring in the apple purple is the worm.
Dancing in circles around and upon the open book.

When finished, he nods slowly and closes the book.
The scales return to their balance.
Burrowing deep into the apple goes the worm.
Once purple and now red again is the apple.
The roots from feet recede from the grass.
Opening eyes back into the already created world.

Reaching complacency within the world of a book.
The grass, a support for balance.
Leaving the door ajar of the purple apple, waving a sad goodbye to the worm.

Details | Lyric | |


I don't have the words
To say how I feel
And language won't do
To describe what is real
God give me a voice 
So that I can explain
I need a song, with 
A compelling refrain

Waiting.. For words that soar
Longing.. For so much more
Praying.. That God might see
Needing.. You to be with me

I need you
I need you
I need you
Need you!


Details | Free verse | |

Life in Cubicle

The Noose is tightening.
The 5’s and 10’s yanked from our hands and aching backs 
Are spent on band-aids:
A last stand effort to plug the holes in our hearts
When the price of drowning is only getting higher
So we turn to tiny acts of thievery
Taxes prettied up, cashiers uncorrected,
Stealing at the edges because we’re backed into corners, 
Glittering with promises corners
Dripping with possibility,
With Island resort wallpaper
Sold in bulk at Wal-Mart for
Profit: A trail of crumbs called America-
Which has curdled our souls and we love it!
And hate it and gossip about it and think obsessively about it and then
We find the most expensive friends our looks can afford,
Shopping for substance (50% off)
Staring through the eye of a screen 
Light speed in pursuit of heaven on earth (Ignore the plastic)-
Until pop!
We die of ADHD. 
Never having had the chance to smell the genetically modified roses.
Never having had the chance to see through this kingdom of ideas
As we served out our sentence to life in cubicle.

Jacob Reinhardt

Details | Free verse | |

The Photographer's Dream

A photographer dreamed 
Of a telephoto lens 
Capturing light waves  
From beginning to end.
Since time unleashed 
When the Big Bang leaped 
And particles began life’s history 
In swirling clouds he wondered how 
He might picture a piece of the mystery.
Through polished glass converging past
Planets, stars and seas
Of swirling waves that danced and swayed 
No less than windswept trees.
As he focused his dream glass
Where present meets past 
And depth of field is wide;
Where the image is clear and light streaks steer, 
Far away from the photographer’s eye.
With shutter speed set like a fast speed jet 
Blazing through the blue-white wispy above
Turning his wings on the bird that sings 
And a girl who once stole his love.  
Racing through time while continuing to climb
Higher through the prism of light
His finger feathers the button below
Capturing the moment in flight.  
Lingering there in pure mid-air 
Like a magic carpet in the wind; 
Until jolted by the sun on its morning run
While still dreaming of that telephoto lens. 
Maybe today, perhaps tomorrow,
He’ll capture the illusive the beast;
The athlete who strives for the best inside 
Or the homeless sleeping in the streets.         
He’ll stop small birds he’s seen and heard 
With their colorful feathers, breast and crown;  
And children playing in autumn leaves  
Scattered on the ground.   
Weddings and rings, flowers in spring,
Butterflies, wistful and bright;
Pollinating bees and hives in the trees
Or a harvest moon late at night.
Meadows and mountains, free flowing fountains
Ancient temples in faraway places; 
Fireworks up high on the 4th of July 
Olympics and fast car races.   
But now fully awakened he knows he’s mistaken
About the focal length in his dream glass;
Lens lust is a photographer’s must 
But this too, he knows, must pass. 
Like water flowing in the river
And wind passing through thin air;
The world he sees through his own eyes
Is a wonder beyond compare.


Details | Free verse | |


It's not a lesson to be taught
Or a skill to be acquired
It's the nudge to move forward
Open when the time is right
It's the spirit inside
God leading on the way
On the journey to discover
He is all you need
It's the courage to let go
Say yes instead of no
Reveal what you've been holding back
As Jesus takes the wheel
It's the realization that it doesn't matter
What others think of you
God leads you where you're meant to be
Just allow you to be you
It's the standing up to fear
Proclaiming "fear's not gonna win!"
The battle has been fought too long
Time to let the stalemate end
It's the inspiration you've been holding
For others and for yourself
The light we've been dimming
Rather than shining on His behalf
It's the spontaneity in the decision
To follow His call all the way
Discovering peace in being you
Wide open as the perfect creation you are
The world out there is brutal
But there's a Holy Man holding out His Hand
His bravery now is all we have
But His bravery of love is all we need
May God bless you!

Details | Imagism | |

A Farmer's Eyes and a Sailor's Shadow

A thorough yield
On a farm field of far east
It took me time to realize
How far I am to my far east of coast

Call of my weather
Call of my winds
I sailed further and farther
To my naked coasts
Naive songs, Nimble rains
Nile of rivers, Nascent clouds

Reaching this far
I kissed my earth
Ground of my grief
Glory of my ghosts
Glad is those leaves
However scanty they are

Cast is my shadows
No longer they hide
My colors and my figures
They cast numbers on stars
Measure their light
Scope my winters
Scale my summers
Scanty my rains
Scuttle I wish my springs

Now let me see my greens
Their leveling heights
Their leafy gaze
Their spiderly gesture
Their primordial texture
Now let me be slow
In company of my greens

#Poem by +Gokul Alex

Details | Free verse | |

The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

Details | Free verse | |

Dreams of Louisiana

Dimly lit, I sit
in a Mexican kitchen
near the Tropic of Cancer.
A TV is tuned
to inane noises;
dogs at my feet,
oranges in a bowl
on a table:
a specific place and time.
And I am dreaming --
dreaming of Louisiana
in twilight hours --
dreaming of short winter days and
summer's green, bright mornings.
Country time, mostly empty,
was quiet, seldom interrupted
by human utterance;
but my busy brain
was full of fantasy
and subterfuge.
The world was new, was big,
was yet to be explored;
possibilities seemed endless.
Oak and cypress,
willows, pines -- and magnolias --
were all around, and cane fields
stretched for miles.
School was a bus ride -- there and back --
and hours of new discoveries.
The bayous that had always been there
were there still.
Change was slow in coming
and childhood lasted long.
I dream now of Louisiana:
poignant vignettes... dreamy glimpses...
and all those slowly fading
recalled moments
of the past...

Details | Lyric | |


I don't need a million dollars
Yeah, I can pass on the cool car
Don't have to have the fashion
Just need to be where you are
In reality you don't know me
But in fantasy we're never apart
So I long for that dream state
Where I've captured your heart
If these feelings aren't authentic 
Then I'm a huge fan of fake
Cause when I see the Sandman
I start to dream and girl it's great
Oh yeah you're great
You know you're great

Date: 9-30-14

Details | Haiku | |

Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

Details | Light Poetry | |


I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

Details | Sonnet | |

Valentine's need apply

I gave up on you years ago
Felt love in my life had to go
Felt free and strong without care
Never needing wanting another there

Life has changed so much since then
Looking inside I take to pen
Wonder have I grown up yet
To include something more than a pet

Another February comes to be
Alone again hello, just me 
Valentine's day it comes and goes
Will I again receive a rosé? 

Will this be the year I'm ready to see
If someone can share their life with me?

Details | Bio | |

I Am Poetry

I stand solo, aloof in the snow, a precipitation 
                     of words cascading from a nebulous eye 
Fathoms wide, forever dripping like wax onto 
                     a punctured paper serving a Sanskrit sky,

and spreading into sibilant sentences swiftly 
                     sliding from syllable sorcery to soulful serenades 
so silent in the shunting shout of white. Poetry 
                     fills a churning void where novels cannot wade,

Phrases solidifying into idolisation of emotion 
                     itself, isolation of the isometric individuality that so 
Crushes my keeling cavern of thought, ever 
                     careering from caustic career path to another new low,

Which so seems to crumble into crazy paving’s 
                    counterpart. In this first freeze-frame we can all grasp
A fraction of the familiar, oh so fractured by the 
                    fumbling nature of enforced form. Freed by the gasp 

Of a photo-opportunity glowing phosphorescent 
                    with firsts, I am no longer framed by the festering 
Constraints of non-fiction, and folding my fond 
                    farewells carefully, I hesitantly face a vision pestering 

Me, fearing the fiend that would open maw and 
                    gnaw beneath my feet, evoking an avalanche of the 
Vernacular, but I am further past this unfed 
                    existence now, loosened from the fickle friendship of a

Winter thaw. Focus not your gaze on the grinding 
                    gauze of the greats, for the pressing pestilence of 
Perishable poetry is elsewhere pondering its parallels 
                    in posturing and post-modern pining for forlorn love. 

Praise no other; I am poetry.

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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The Glass Goddess

All around me
Great cities made of sand.
Green sky scrapers poke through the ground 
To thrive in life’s strict conditions
And melt away with the tide…

Great houses made of cards
Form lines, and tightrope walk existence,
Knowing that any moment, the wrong brick may fall
And buckle our world to its knees
As Mother Earth shouts Jenga! from the sidelines.

So while were here
We dance with the Glass Goddess 
Poised miles above reality,
Leaping over the heavens on our domino stilts-

We floor it in the sky
Living death in the fast lane, 
Seizing the day
Because any moment 
We could disappear 

Jacob Reinhardt	

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when you're fast asleep
and thoughts creep into your head
and flood your brain until it weeps
and your mind descends dark and deep
into a land of dead end worlds
where the only way out
is the way you came in
but the road is way too steep
and your feet are made of lead
and every smile is just pretend
and nothing is to be believed
and you're going off the deep end
bleeding rivers of hatred
into a pool of shallow deceit
where every thought is colored red
and every shade of black completes
every nightmare ever conceived
born of blood-stained dreams within dreams
where that person you used to be
is falling into skies of silent screams
and contemplating death
all the while wishing
to be alive again

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Birth of a Poet

The animals know better than us. The rain has never poured so loudly in a key so soft.
To the front, the sailing of city buses and mini vans cruising across in this weather makes the water underneath their tires sound like the street is crying out for 5 more minutes of sleep. Up above, the trees are protecting a nest of baby blue jays before they get washed away by the silence of their mother not being there. But with sky blue young spirits, and small empty stomachs, they keep hope alive in the fact that even children know storms and struggles don’t last forever.
Below the trees, nature has found a name to call it’s own. From the hole dug by the little boy next door, a family of three foxes have named human nature sanctuary, and burrowed their problems into the sediment to rest for a while.
To the side of the hole, a flock of ducks are swimming in the water with eyes open wide enough to where you can see their loyalty to love one another rushes wild.
To the right of the pond, caged up in a man made blanket, and lost in his own mind, is the boy. From what he remembers, last night was like a train accident; A head on collision of two people he could’ve sworn he saw holding hands just the other day. He hears the sound of plates shattering in C-minor, and the chorus of words that his parents screamed in F-sharp, so he imprisoned himself in his own bed sheets, accompanied by the courageous corduroy bear who he swears keeps hearing whisper “everything will be okay.”
It’s raining outside, and the crescendos of screams have been silenced by it’s peaceful security.
The boy, sleeps soundly now. The rain has protected his ears, and guarded his heart from being washed away by all of his nightmares.
He doesn’t care whether he wakes up. The baby blue jay, the resourceful fox and the brave little duck are all he wants to keep dreaming about.
Maybe he’ll run away into the rain? Or maybe into the arms if his mother?, whom he prays he can still recognize. To the left of his bed, he picked up the blank page of his coloring book and a crayon, and became a life long poet in that moment that morning. Taking a deep breath in, and giving a soft breath out, his first sentence was
“The animals know better than us.”

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Chasm II

I have awakened from my dream little one. Alone, so very alone. How did we slip so far without direction ? Encumbered by the darkness, the candle long since spent. Dark, so very dark. Can you yet shed a tear for me little sparrow ? Your wings clipped and heartbeat fading. So far down we've travelled. A taste of freedom gone by, my eyes listless. Choking on the remorse of this pit. How deep the chasm. Must I carry it in my heart through eternity ? So much emptiness to bear. You have left me in the darkness alone, so very alone. Too much of nothing, the dream unfulfilled......only a dream. A waking torment, my sparrow gone. The chasm cold, so very cold......lives on.

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Last night I dreamt

Last night I dreamed

The dream I had was all in white
As pure as driven snow
And the whiteness of it all
Did bring me down quite low
There was something very scary there 
In the whiteness of it all
The sameness there in everything
Kind of drove me up the wall.

I looked into the neighbours yard
As the sun was shining bright
I heard an infant screaming loud
There bathed within the sunlight
Was parked a pram upon the lawn
Which glowed with mystery
My mother’s passion was aroused
I took a look to see

I peeped into that pure white pram 
A babe was lying there
All swaddled in a pure white shawl
Just white was everywhere
The whole wide world, Was beamed in light
It was a scary feel 
I found myself in corridors 
This place it seemed unreal.

Each corridor was long and winding
Like serpents, in my dream
And everywhere were locked, white rooms
This place to me it seemed
Like a hospital, insane asylum
Or something of this kind
I just ran round, and round, and round
With panic in my mind.

I could not find my room at all
And every one I asked
Just looked at me with blank expressions
It was a mammoth task
Trying to find where I was at
It almost drove me mad
And then I saw my. Daughter there
And boy! this made her glad.

She handed me the baby
And told me loudly “Take it”
And then I woke up from my sleep
It made me think a bit
As to what this dream was all about
It was the strangest dream
I’d love to get into my mind
And find out what it means.

28 July 2013 @ 1417hrs.


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A Departing Memory

I know you.
Candles lit, incense fuming,
You like it when I bite your neck, just hard enough.
Blankets thrown about the room
So recklessly, they refold themselves.

And we roll down a hill together,
Kissing the leaves, tickling with our eyes,
Laughing with our hearts.
"You'll just leave me for the next girl you find."
"Yes," I say. Because only
Lasts forever.
And it spills through the cracks in your hands
The moment you grasp it.
Like water from a stone.
She bites my neck
Drawing lines of ecstasy down my back with her fingernails
Spilling into me, fighting my words.
"I leave when the sun sets."

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Like A Sytematic Automatic Replay

This record player has a switch
Then there is the pitch and ditch

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Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

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The Risk of Choice

It would be too easy to not believe
And not have faith in all He wants us to see.
But I don't want to risk my life being saved
Because of a choice I was refusing to make.

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Where do dreams go when they die

Where do dreams go if they die?
You can't put em in your pocket
You can't plant em in the sky.
And if you hide em in your heart
Then with you they'll surely die.
Where do dreams go, can they die?
When life just happens
You've fallen again and now running blind.
An unwilling combatant a greying specter 
An emotional conscientious objector.
A Phoenix rising
Icarus hoping to fly
Once you dreamed so big
You almost kissed the sky.
Now all that seems like a faded picture
Faith sabotaged by doubt 
A deadly elixir.
Where do dreams go when they die?
Were they actually there
Or merely a lie?
Did you dream in color or only black and white?
Were you alive when you believed?
Did you just hang on to the seed?
Or by faith let it go
Out of your control
Yet willing to still believe 
That faith will let it grow.
Where did your dream go?
Is it alive 
Or like a mirage in a desert
Playing a trick on your eyes?
Will you surrender to the camouflage of life?
Much like darkness tries to hide the night.
A peace treaty with deception
Void of light.
Where do dreams go when they die?

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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Murky Future (Revised)

Could it be I’m using the wrong bait?
Perhaps what I need is more “a-lure”
To attract and win the perfect mate
My heart stays open, intentions pure

Perhaps what I need is more “a-lure”
I cast my line; only sharks biting
My heart stays open, intentions pure
Swarming in schools; all uninviting

I cast my line; only sharks are biting
Angel fish elude; clown fish giggle 
Swarming in schools; all uninviting
I try new bait; nary a nibble

Angel fish elude; clown fish giggle
Barracudas chase dream fish away
I try new bait; nary a nibble
Life swims past as my hair fades to gray

Barracudas chase dream fish away
Murky Water; the future’s unclear
Life swims past as my hair fades to gray
My pulse quickens as sunset draws near

Murky Water; the future's unclear
Would it require a full makeover?
My pulse quickens as sunset draws near
Life sets limits on our do-overs

Would it require a full makeover
To attract and win the perfect mate?
Life sets limits on our do-overs
Could it be I’m using the wrong bait?

For Jared’s contest: “The Pantoum”
*  Had to revise to adhere to this form.

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A person I've met before

You are a person i've met before.
The man who stands knocking at my door.
I remember you from my dreams,
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.

You held the door open as I ran in for shelter from the cold weather & rain.
You are the man I stood next to in line.
You are the man I passed by
I danced as you sang the songs chorus.
I pushed my way through...
the sea of people and stopped next to you.
Amidst the crowd we stood, searching for a way out
I looked around, I glanced in your direction, I looked past you 
I found my way out, I hurried my way through.
I walked away having not met you.

A second glance, I did not take,
unaware that our meeting was fate.

You are a person i've met before,
Sometime ago on a night like tonight,
The air was warm, the stars shining bright
The night that we met,
I danced that night, I danced and danced until the morning light
I sat to lay my feet to rest, you came to me no different from the rest
You asked me for a cigarette.
An open chance to conversate 
knowing this interaction would not lead to a date
We shared thoughts and ideas of similar interests.
such as music and poetry, art and astrology.
At the time I thought nothing of it, a casual meeting of the mind.
Little did I know, I would continue to meet you throughout my lifetime.

You are a person i've met before,
I've read your book of poetry at the local book store.
you write of life, love and family.
You are a person i've met before,
I've seen your paintings, they are hard to ignore
You are the artist I dream of meeting
You are a person i've met before.

You are the man in my dreams, 
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.
I've met you 100 times before,
You are the man who stands knocking at my door.

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Leave me with my dreams

Leave me with my dreams.

Leave me with my dreams
Cause I’m a dreaming fellow
Leave me here a pondering
With mind all calm and mellow
Picturing a better world
Where evil is no more
Let me dream of the harmony
Of a world all free of war.

It might never happen
Sometimes it seems to me
That a tadpole has more chance
Of swimming in the deep blue sea
But let me dream about it
It makes my heart feel warm
Let me dream of a world at peace
And this it be the norm.

Leave me with my dreaming
Of peace and harmony
Where God will rest within each heart
And a perfect world will be
Where everywhere becomes a space
Of sweetest liberty.

Leave me with my dreams
Maybe they’ll seep into you
Then peace and harmony might reign
In everything you do
I guess that someone has to dream
For something to be born
So if more folk did get to dreaming
There might be a brand new dawn.

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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The halo effect

If there is one thing I remember
It is what life told
Just open your eyes
All that glisters may not be gold
So who is to blame and whose fault I hold
The halo effect, the one in disguise
Manifesting deception in front of thy eyes
Treat one different because of their look
Why read? Judge the cover of the book?
But you do read others because they don’t have the look
If you understand, how long has it took?
The halo effect, we magnify a trait
Condone the flaws, we magnify a trait
Attractiveness, is this what you mean?
All this talk, my perception a feign?
What I see, aint what it seem?
Huh, thanks for this, as well as that.
The halo effect, my mind was hacked. 

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Get out of my Heart

I lay, dripping, soaked within a dark sweat,
seeing and hearing your soft voice abet.
I want to run, to leave this merciless realm,
but you pull me closer, without a choice at helm.
Get out of my dreams.

I miss you, but I hate you, every last memory.
You taunt my every being, you’re all that I see.
I see you in the crowds, or when I’m all alone.
You’re here and there, on your heartless throne.
Why couldn’t you stay?
Get out of my life.

I hear your laughter and see your beautiful smile.
Once so beautiful, now helping others with guile.
You’re now decayed, withering into shallow dust.
I loved you so much, and never again will I trust.
Get out of my head.

Tears I weep, when others aren’t around to see –
I remember the days, the months and years I bleed.
I try to forget, and to hate you and your choices.
But all I can hear are these damn forgiving voices.
Maybe I am what you proclaim me to be.
Was I really that monster, that demon you see?
I hate what I love and love what I hate.
I try to erase our past, and to claim it our fate.
But I can’t let go, you’re all that I hear and see.
I wished you could have loved, that loathsome “me”.
Get out of my heart.

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I lay sleeping

I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with no care and sleep with eyes blind,
I lay sleeping, there with my eyes wide open.

Seeing the dark change from dark to black.
There is no moon, there is no sky
just purple strokes of paint in the sky.
Take that morning dew smell and close your blind eyes.
Smell the morning, that smell that clicks in your mind.
The smell of childhood dreams,
that as an adult never came true.
Sleeping bare in the nude with your eyes wide open.
Thinking of her, as she is five thousand miles away from you.
Wanting to love and hold her, but no use in crying.
Sleeping their with blind eyes in the dark that dances in the light.

Your lamplight turned down low,
as life trickeles down in its nightgown and yawns for sweet slumber.
Tired from longs days, and sometimes long nights,
wanting to curel in bed and close its blind eyes.
Dusk will soon peek its head through the blinds
and awake life to a new dawn.
She sleeps in the morning, and walks at night.
When he sleeps at night, and walks with a bare nude heart in the morning.

Life climbs over yellow mountains,
and meets her fellow compainion
a handsome fellow with broud shoulders and blessed with an ego
as I sleep there with my eyes wide open.
As I sleep with my eyes blind to what life has intented for me,
and as I raise to walk the lone streets at the break of the dew covered lawn
at the first sweet smells of dawn,
I can see life go on with the handsome man
and I blind and wanting to go to bed.

I dream of dreams that have no meaning
Gardens of cluelessness and raging emotions
tare me down and I am confused on which way to go.
Do I stay here and dream away, blind and half awake
as life slaps me across my broad cheek?
Or shall I walk on with life hand and hand
and regain my vision of the world,
Start to sleep with dreams that make sense
and dreams that are made of gold and have no end?
Dream of fancy dreams that show love and happy endings
I would love that, and I would love to walk with life,
but she is out of my leauge.

And my bed is so cozy and I feel like sleeping.
So I shall sleep on more restless night chashing life down.
I lay sleeping with my eyes wide open.
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning.
I lay sleeping waiting for life to come back from the mountains
and lay beside me.
I lay sleeping with hope of regaining hope and salvage
what is left of my spirit at hand.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

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Some Times before Slumber

Sometimes before slumber while counting the numbers
Of sheep in the back of my mind;
I drift into blue and think about you 
And me in those long ago times. 

When living gets lost in those waves we once tossed
Each other near the shores of our youth;
Where the sounds of your laughter for here ever after
Remind me of rain on an old tin roof.  

Dancing with delight at the thought of the sight 
Still smiling after all these years;
Sometimes before slumber while counting the numbers
I can see you, ever so clear. 

In the depths of my being at the edge of dreaming
Of you resting in my embrace;  
Where the seagulls still fly and you first caught my eye
Way back in that once perfect place.

Where now I see clearly, perhaps as nearly 
As the colors of sunrise at dawn;
Of memories made that won’t ever fade 
Well after they say I’m gone.

Sometimes before slumber while counting the numbers
Of days between now and then;
I feel myself glowing in the warmth of knowing
While sleeping I’ll see you again.  

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Final Plea

Inspired by the untimely deaths of young people I knew. RIP

In a dream, tonight would be my last

and I demanded to talk to God.

Of all the things I've gotten past,

to go now seemed so odd.

"You've taken all my friends you see

and now you want me, too?

Unlike one who pretends to be

I've always honored you."

Those sinners who outlive me still,

all I have to ask is how?

It mad me question His very will.

Why take a good man now?

But God just sat and let me rave

on and on about my worth

and why I didn't need a grave,

but rather eternity here on earth.

Pride let my voice be rather loud.

He never said a word.

I told of deeds that made me proud

and good things that I'd heard.

And when I tired He simply said,

"No doubt your life's been good.

But many younger are now dead

and their legacy simply would

be the song that is never sung,

no children call them dad.

for they came to me so very young

and left the world confused and sad.

Yet now your time has come as well

and selfish thoughts are all I hear?

Your life was full and I can tell

it's really death you fear.

Just remember that you have no choice,

for you all will one day die.

Be strong and with a humble voice

tell loved ones they can cry."

And in that moment I knew a peace,

and I felt a tear well up inside.

That most feared was now the least

as my selfish motives died.

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Dark Of Night

                                                  Recently, I had a dream;
                                           I was in this world trying to leave.
                                                Tired of finding everything,
                                          Trying to make love without a ring.

                                           In this hotel, in the dark of night,
                                        I knew what I was doing wasn't right.
                                                  No one pulled me aside;
                                          Neither friends, nor family did try.

                                                     ©2014 Honestly JT

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From A View Unknown

The bright sky after the storm.
The rains smell washed clean.
confessions of the innocent gentle and forlorn.

As in visions we seek the a place beyond
what others can claim to have seen.
As the view does vanish.
we reflect apon its perfection as is 
caught within a dream.

Hands of ice thoughts as stubborn 
cast in stone.
To bitter to admit the pain
So prison from a view unknown.

In a dark landscape there may exist light
over the next ridge but who will journey to see.
It's a choice we must make to try and fail
or wallow in misery.

Children dream without limits so why should
we stop with time.
Age effects all like the pages
of a book of rhyme.

We dream so long only to marvle to the
monsters weve grown.
Thoughts for sale are a mystery.
from this view unknown

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the beast and me

There's fire in my lungs.
smoke flows through my veins.
I feed the beast my soul
to gain euphoric pain.
I serve he who lives in me.
The monster in my mind.
The creature so abusive,
at times can be so kind.
In my mental hell,
I sit beside his throne.
I tend to his desire,
so I don't have to be alone.
Here He is my god.
And I, in turn, am his.
A symbiotic worship,
sealed within a kiss.
Sulfuric fumes consume us,
as we dance into the ether.
The hands of god are ours.
Hes made me a believer.
My halo, so very worn.
His horns, so alluring.
Hand in hand we walk,
love and hate enduring.
His guidance lifts me higher
than any drug could try.
His chains hold me down.
bound wings can not fly.
Walking straight and tall,
crawling on my floor.
I am his moonlit goddess.
And his filthy whore.
I wont break his binds.
I wish not, to be free.
I can never escape him,
for this beast is me.

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The Journey

I am…

The steep steps that you take

Difficult decisions you must make

The dry pebbles in your way

The sparkly rainbows with no grey

The tears that flow from your eyes

Your smiles that light up the skies

The bundles of anxiety in your chest

The sweet serenity that wipes out the rest –

I am…

Every knowledge that is unchoked

When gently probed from minds and books

The graceful movement of the hand

As it draws worlds on wood or sand

Every dream that is yet unfulfilled

And every hurt that was stilled

The multiple incredible expressions of love

That no doubt must have come from above –

I am…

Time; all in future, present and past

Everything that faded and all that will last

The sinking and uplifting realizations that are found

The sharp memories of sight, taste, touch and sound

Every truth you ignorantly thought was a lie

And every lie you failed to turn a blind eye

The ocean of emotions you constantly swim through

That lead to risks you take of things you need to do –

I am…

The intentions you act on, either out of virtue or vice

The road that is frightening and slippery in ice

But I can also be the road that is a breeze

With no fear of falling prey to mind and heart disease

Have you guessed the nature of my identity?

I am simply

the history you write

of your life’s journey.

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bucket list of wants

Tons more I wish to do, Much more I want to do, Before I am laid on the pyre facing the sky deep blue, Much more I wish to do………. I want to scale scary heights, I want to bungee jump without any fright. I want to travel rough terrains on bikes, I want to make it through forests and go on long hikes. I want to wander singing songs, I want to sing about how I mended my wrongs. I want to be creative again , I want to write about my joys thrills and pain. I want to pour my heart and passion in my works, I want to write verses & haikus without reactions knee jerks. I want to take many a calculated risks, I want to learn from the entire process without shortcuts or fancy tricks. I want to contribute for a good cause, I want to give without siphoning material or emotional dross. I want to untangle messed up issues, I want to wipe off tears with empathy laced tissues. I want to work on taboo subjects, I want to solve regression of y on x. I want to listen to my music loud, I want to pen my work in a place far from the madding crowd. I want to sow seeds and many a plant, I want to bask in sun rays that into my room slant. I want to drench in the rains, I want to make paper boats and sail them in the drains. I want to pick up from the ground and smell fresh wet earth, And then joyously have my speech filled with mirth. I want to boldly write about myself only for me, I want the world to know me & my mind as they will always see. I want to meet often the persons, who mean a lot to me, I want to be able to emote my passions and feelings of love and glee. I want to be happy about just any small thing, And all this I want to do before the last breath to my nostrils I bring. Facing the blue skies on my funeral pyre, I want to be on the best craft my soul can hire…. All this I want to do very soon, Before sets into me dreaded gloom. But the life I live is taking its toll, I am yet to get out of this oblivious hole. Time is just right to set aside, And take a ride Fulfill my wants and dreams that I nurtured in me to grow, And I had put away sheathed in a cocoon of time many years ago. Now I don’t want a moment long, And I will do what I want and sing my own song, And do what in me I let grow, Many, many years ago.
by: Sashi.Prabhu

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Blood on the Mirror

You prod at the sores of your heart
with a hemorrhaging pen, wishing it was 
a scalpel; so you could carve 
out the disease that keeps 
your rage alive. 
Basic instinct, I suppose.
To slay the demons,
that made you who you are. 
You thank them for your posture,
but scold the obsidian eyes in the 
mirror. What you have become:
Callous, and engulfed in the 
rotting theater you thought 
you controlled. The reigns 
have broken loose, your 
skull whips in the wind of 
chaos. It’s not really your 
sort of dance, you know…
                                      You don’t know the steps
              …you don’t even know the song. 
It drums against your flesh
as if you were already stripped 
and tanned, spread across 
the hallowed instruments 
                             of reckoning.
But you can’t hear the chant,
only the distant hum of the
butcher who said you could
call him “friend”.
That you were safe,
if only you would show him
what you promised you would
never show anyone.
It drips,
Just like every part of you,
you wish you could burn;
As you dig the covenant,
into the flesh of your enemy;
                                          Your only true, enemy. 
The mirror cracks…
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Her Face

Her Face was perfection, Still see it everywhere
The beauty in her eyes, Please forgive my stare
Though to confess my love, 
Oh no, I wouldn't dare...
So I'll just keep thinking of her, But it's just not fair

Her Face won't go away, So engrained in my mind
This girl was different, Unlike any other I'll ever find
Oh how the two of us, 
How our lives could've aligned...
So now, to everyone else, My heart is blind

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face comforts me, Holds me tight and dear
Takes me to another world, A new frontier
I'm dreaming where she loves me so much, 
That part is clear...
But as I awake, Just shed another tear

Her Face and her love, I won't ever forget
Lust for her will remain, Lips will get wet
I'll be reminded of her, 
At each days sunset...
And I'll remember everything, From the first day we met

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face is the sunshine, A universal light
With it's soul and it's passion, It was quite a sight
Oh how just to see her, 
Brought me such delight...
But here I am all alone now, Another late night

Her Face will surely lift someone up, With unconditional love
So what will come of me, Can I rise above?
Without Her Face, 
I'm unsure thereof...
Because see, out of my mind, to her, I'll never shove

And she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face, I see it every night, In my dreams
Where everything will all align, Oh how it seems
We're walking together... 
Hands together, Along the forests blue streams

Her Face ignited feelings, Things I've never before felt
Just got to play the hand, The cruel hand I was dealt
I will always have my writing, 
To continue to dwell...
On a lost love to whom one day, I would've knelt

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What A Word

H  ades
E ternal
L oveless
L  ife without God  

This has been on my 
mind and heart for
awhile after having 
a nightmare...

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To live, flightless birds

A single branch, clawed and pecked, fickle and straining,
Lonely Nestling and father, paw and peck at their home
Lonely branch, spasms in the wind
Nestling and father paw and peck, yearn and whimper
These Flightless Birds, on a fickle branch

Young nestling skitters to the branch’s edge
Peers over on to sightless depths
Shivers, ruffles withered feathers
Spreads tousled wings
And loosens fast aging down
Stretches till overgrown talons graze the edge
Like endless days before, Craning aching neck 
Eyes devouring the scene with a famished hunger-
And whimpers
Turns to father and warbles in longing,
A sight that speaks of flight
Dreams of swimming amidst the clouds
To leave
-slightest breeze carries words...   
to live

The father, neck cramped, tilted, eyes swivelling to and fro
Cooing and cawing, talons pawing
A slight breeze, decrepit feathers hauled away in swarms
A forlorn sight that reeks of abandoned dreams 

Warbling, cooing and cawing, pleading and pawing
Pecking in apprehension, neck swivelling to and fro in exasperation
“To leave father! To stretch my wings
Lift from them the smell of rot and loss
To fly father”

“To fall! To fall, and to die!”

-Wind whispers,
To fall, to soar, and to live
Nestling shuffles to the edge, 
Settles down amidst aching joints and a teetering ledge
Peers down onto sightless depths
-they bellow to him
To fall, to fly, to Die!
Fall and flutter amidst a shower of feathers
Cramping wings crooked and futile
To swirl into freedom carried by the stench of inevitability
To fall, to fly, to die
Little Nestling whimpers, nothing so glorious about death
nothing so glorious without flight...

Whimpers, shuffles forward, talons pricking oblivion
Ruffles feathers, settles down
Nestling wavers, branch bending
Rotting down tickles his beak, claws dig deeper into branch
Eyes feasting on sightless depths
Endless fears...
They scream to him
To sit, to dream to fly...
To sit, to dream of revitalized wings
Stretching across the sky, an unveiling of freedom
The shattering of chains every morning, with a stretch of wings
The exercise of freedom
to sit and dream
to live

to sit at the edge of that tottering branch
creaking and bending under a restless and aging body
peering over into the sky, where fickle wings will not go
and with dreams, with dreams lift off this branch
and fly, where body cannot
and live

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Will You Travel With Me To Heaven PART ONE

Poem: Will You Travel With Me To Heaven?

When you wake up in the morning
From a dream you think is okay
You see your spouse and family
Get ready for another day

The dream you saw, the things you see
The bed on which you soundly sleep
Your kids all grown up, your husband
And old memories that you keep

Who do you think created them?
Were they created from nothing?
If there is no god who made these
All, then what's the point of living?

D'you think we were made from nothing
Then from nothing we live for fun
To eat and drink, to love and hate
Then when we die, what comes is none?

The eyes with which your body sees
Those sockets that keep your eyeballs
The mouth you use for food and speech
The way you answer random calls

The languages you use to speak
And another –your mother tongue-
The way you carry yourself, and
How you breathe through your heart and lungs

The muscles that stretch when you smile
Your friends who often make you laugh
The words you try to understand
And how you sign your name so fast

Your kids who once stayed in your womb
The months you carried them in you
Your feelings when you saw their first
Walk and when they smile back at you

The food you eat and cook each day
The rainfalls that fall from above
The earth you walk on each night and
Day, and the things you've learned to love

The blood that flows 'neath your skin each
Hour, the foods you eat, sweet and sour
The clouds you see above your head
The scent of various plants and flowers

The many colors of people
You see, and many sounds you hear
All things in this universe make
You think that a God must be near

A God who is not in this world
But because of Lordship –Above-
Above the skies and on His Throne
Above anything you can think of

A God who is the Most Powerful
A God who does not eat or sleep
A God who is Above all things
A God who does not sweep the streets

A God who sees us all the time
A God who knows our hidden thoughts
A God who hears us all the time
A God who gives us lots and lots

A God who made this universe
A God who is the King of all
A God who knows the good and bad
A God who causes rain to fall

A God who made all kinds of colors
A God who rotates day and night
A God who knows all languages
A God who gave the moon its light

A God who knows the past and present
A God who sees the future of all
A God who gave all kinds of sounds
A God who gave all forms –short and tall


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The Soul Shatters

The soul shatters upon death. Sentience fractures into a million variables that swirl chaotically into piercing eyes that melt into the color sadness, spinning into galaxies that shrink to the size of ants and you twirl in a blender of being for eternities until finally, at long last, something sticks. Perhaps it may be as simple as a strand of hair, nonetheless all possibility spins around it, flashing contradictions of rainbow transparencies, empty solids and polka dotted space, continuing until a second hair joins the first, clutching to the nothingness and refusing to move. Soon thousands of hairs arrive and synchronize above a scalp unto a face, torso, limbs… materializing ever faster… and at once you are born. And just as the memory of your trial and error experiments and prior life evaporate, you embrace the arms of a stranger, gazing into her eyes, hung between this world and the next… sobbing in a fit of omniscience, in awe of your hard earned shape.

Jacob Reinhardt

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Unborn Musings

I dream of my mother's face In her arms a sweet embrace Murmured words I want to hear From her lips I hold so dear... I know nothing of men's wars Or the pain of closing doors I don't know the color of my skin But know the heart that dwells within..... Still innocent in my unborn ways I dream of living peaceful days Some love to hold me by the hand And a friend or two to understand... >center>

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The Canvas of Night

The Canvas of Night

Stars like sprinkled sugar,
lay strewn across the canvas of night,

enthralled by the wonder of the cosmos,
my dreams take to the heavens in effervescent flight,

I bathe in the beauty, soaked in sublime delight,
absorbed in moments of bliss, transfixed by the serene sight.

Stars like sprinkled sugar,
lay strewn across the canvas of night,

and my being is infused with feelings of hope,

for even in darkness  I find the sprinkled sugar of hope's light.

note: special thanks to one of my heroes, the late Dr. Carl Sagan, for making science accessible to younger me, many, many moons ago.

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He crouched among the ‘noble’ men Of so much worth they were much to him As seas carry creatures, he carries hope within How much longer must he wait for them, then- To let him in? A beam of a smile appeared on his face They spoke of beautiful women, in dance and grace Their laughter fed his soul like water quenching fire His confidence low, yet high his most wanted Desire The chatter was of an upcoming banquet With well-dressed lovelies, their speech eloquent Hearts swollen with wine and merriment He longed to live among them With resentment Eyes never glanced his way, he hoped to find A gleam coming to meet him eye to eye And as they spoke with anxious humor, There came over the youth a sudden Tremor He was ready to make himself known In beggar’s clothes he would have shown That he can speak as eloquent as any And that the smallest bodies of waters Are plenty The ‘noble’ men continued their vibrant chat Without a thought of the boy, not e’en a glance When suddenly the youth sprung up, ignited “My friends, I too—I too Am excited!” There was a pause in the chilly air Some men laughed but the host merely stared The beggar man smiled and bowed so nobly They would have never suspected a man of his tongue As lowly The smile disappeared as they continued to jeer And the boy was overtaken with inferior fear At last the host said, “Good man, I am glad you are excited, But do tell me—er...were you ever Invited?” His head went down the kindhearted floor He could not take the unfeeling eyes on him anymore Pained to the marrow of his bones, he shook his head He was never invited, he was never Well fed He ran away with tears in his youthful eyes It is sad how quickly one’s hope can die And all that night no hope remained but hunger, Leaving him driven to survive, not above But under

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W-here men and brave thrive
H-is dreams made him strive
I- have a dream he said and died
T-ill his race was enthroned high
E-ligible his color wasn’t but his dreams
H-ail the white house for it light beams
O-verjoyed is the world for Luther sings
U-nto us the dream is come though he love to see
S-ee he may not but i am fulfilled that he lived
E-xcellent i accord him et Lutheran et king

(And ode to Martin Luther King jnr)

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There was something to be said.
From your mind I could detect the words, the actions and primitive desire to unite.
You sailed off, up hill on your bicycle.
It could be one-sided these ideas. 
I could see your life as I saw my own past,
as you soared off, up hill, I waited for your turn and a glance.
I felt it best to relax and keep my mind silent.
I had showcased my passion, a dangerous process, what were you eye's saying?
You grasped the handlebars, looked through me and awoken my instincts.
You were a girl, a women, who allowed me for one night to drop my guard.
As you sailed off, up hill on your bicycle.

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I'm Letting Go

Far beyond the edges of my reasoning a beautiful dream stood…waiting to come true
A dream erected up from cold dusty earth to the searing proximity of the sun
A star like dream, one built from hopes, aspirations and wishes
One whose light is drawn in and out from other stars
In its shadow lays the memory of soft spoken goodbyes and gentle kisses 
I have led my life on the side lines too afraid to repeat your mistakes
See I learned the hard way what not to break
The shattered pieces of her heart lay across the living room floor
I have learned also then how to find my way across the battlefield of broken vows
Because growing up when you’re being pushed back and forth between
What you got and what you wanted makes you question
The truths that are your foundation
You start to see cracks in the, ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss you’s’ 
And notice the fractures between the, ‘You are my worlds” and the “I can’t live without you’s’
See this father is why my heart has no door even to let me in
Because I live in the consequence of these lessons that you teach
But father know that you are a dream among dreams
A dream whose quarter is rooted in reality
And whose walls I built an inch from fantasy
You are a dream whose ends touch the circumference of the hole that you left
Your razor blade edges cut the inside of my mind and shows up as scars in my personality
But you kept my world and heart from falling apart
Now you are gone…

Where he used to be, God please put a new morning and the fragrance of cherry blossoms in
Spring, let the sunshine in and with it reasons to smile, let me hear the laughter of my
soul and give me PEACE
Amazing, calming, PEACE where there was none. 

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The Reality of a Dream

I have felt the bliss, of a daughter’s kiss,
and realize what heaven must seem.
For in all my life, thru happiness and strife,
my daughter’s laughter consumes my dreams.

I have sailed afar, and traveled the stars,
in search of a more beautiful feeling.
I’ve flown by air, for this beautiful love affair,
that sends my heart and soul a reeling.

I’ve rode the train, in search of a domain,
where love feels as brilliant as this.
I’ve swam the ocean, with perfect motion,
yet always amiss to finding this bliss.

I’ve treaded the bush, in Australia I push,
demanding they show me the path to glory,
but I leave empty handed, though I’ve demanded,
a beautiful ending to this tormenting story.

I’ve lived my life, searching for who I am,
and always do I come up short.
I fret and I ponder, for a love that is fonder,
than this love in my dreams I distort.

Still I fail, to no avail, to find a reality as grand,
than the laughter I hear, in this dream I command.
I ‘ve walked life’s path, in search of a resolution,
mindless to an ultimate desperate conclusion.
For a dream is an illusion, a visionary infusion,
a poignant resolution to all confusion – and a dream is just that….a dream.

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The Outstretched Palm of Gabriel

regrets rise and fall 
chafing at the frayed nerve endings of a finite life,
unfolding like origami cranes around the neck of kamikaze pilots
chewing at the bones of our discontent,
leaving holes in the fabric being.

regrets, like and of, unborn children 
never growing to fruition, never falling 
bud to blossom they decay, never reaching the Guf
pointless misconceptions of a wary heart
first born in joy left to rot in sorrow.

regrets rise and fall
yet we chose to retain them in the after-image
of retinal flares, ocular migraines inwardly staring
toward Gabriel’s outstretched palm
embryos unblessed.

never regret
ever regret

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The Globe

Sometimes I can literally feel the burn of silence. 
It’s somewhere within my bones, 
a blank slate made of heavy metal poisoning.
 Perhaps if I cut deep enough, I can retrieve it
 and find the inspiration needed to purpose
 the lonely canvas I’ve sheltered for so long.
 And with a marrow’d ink I’ll scribe the secrets
 I’ve forgotten over years of mirrored eye
 rolling and self propelled pity #$%*s.
 Finally, I’ll be free to pool the ashes,
 and build my castle of upside down day dreams, 
and brightly lit nightmares.
 I’ll call it “The Globe”, 
and dress like Shakespeare would if he grew up in the 90’s, 
and all my friends can help perform my drunkenly scrawled 
screenplays that lead, inevitably to the death of “The System”
 that we all helped create, 
just so we could have something to destroy.
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Eileen: (A Dream That's Not What It Seems)

I met Eileen inside a dream
Chasing me down a mountain -
Immeasurably old and made of gold 
Pouring forth like water from fountains.

Her beauty was rare as angel’s hair 
Visible to sentient beings –
She spoke not a word and yet I heard 
Her whisper, “I know what you’re seeing.”

She followed me ‘round and all the way down 
That mountainous, slippery slope – 
Inside of me, all around me  
Giving courage, strength and hope.  

That the fall I was feeling, spinning and reeling       
And lucid as the day is long – 
Would pass in a flash straight into the past
And the future in one sweet song. 

She told me my names and all of the games 
I’ve played since my inception – 
Back in the times when love was divine
And darkness was pure perfection.         

We crossed a river wide and deep 
In a valley far below – 
Where cities, towns and people appeared 
Many of whom I’ve known.

I saw their struggles, pains and troubles
Laughed and cried their tears – 
Living again as family and friends
In other times and years.

She took me north, east, south and west
By way of an ocean breeze – 
By ship and train, by horse and plane 
Where I’ve never felt so free.     

In time and space where there’s a place 
We rendezvous in travels – 
Between this world we’re living in 
And others yet unraveled.    

Until she placed my head upon her heart  
While cradled in fetal position –
Resting well deep in her spell 
Until this world became my vision.     


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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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Hands of Time

Often I dream what my life would be
if only other choices were made;
if only…
How wonderful to turn back the hands of time.

Often I dream to soothe ill I may have caused
if only those mistakes weren’t made;
if only…
How wonderful to turn back the hands of time.

Often I dream to mold the future as I wish
if only I’d thought of that sooner
if only…
How wonderful to turn back the hands of time.

Often I think how thankful I am
For a life that’s been so full;

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The Mirror

Mirror mirror made of glass, 
Reflex the details of the past.
Shatter not, less shards be lost,
And with them every single thought.
Blame not yourself, sweet little bird.
The accusations are absurd.
Fire and ice this day will rain,
And cleanse away the weak and sane.
Left are the strong, left is the pain,
Seal it away, forgotten again.
And so over and over the story plays,
Lost and found in so many ways.
Once upon a time, a mere flesh wound,
Was only the crack in the mirror’s swoon?
Attracted to the light that reflected there,
Caused the rift of time to tear.

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

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Guilt and hurt

Guilt and hurt

I’ve heard folk speak of hurting
And I’ve had my share of this
I’ve had my share of loving
I’ve had my share of bliss
But me, I know for sure, my friends
That the grossest of all things
{The mother of the monster clan}
That life can to you bring….

Is guilt, I say without a doubt
It’s the deepest kind of pain
Hurt gets nicely tucked away
But you can try in vain
To remove the guilt that you’ve accrued
It’s like a red hot knife
Just when you think it’s gone away
It’s there to give you strife.

I have suffered deep, deep hurt
That’s suffocated me
But guilt just like a mountain
That over towers the trees
He over towers all life’s pain
And reaches to the sky
No matter how you charge at him
That beast will never die.

25 July 2013 @ 1207hrs.

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The Dream

Sensations is the word for the entire treasure, And life is what allows to say That feeling every single pleasure, Makes people find their dream away. And in that dream they put desire, And they put hope for every scent, And all the senses we admire And never let their will to bend. The so called peace that all we need, The so called light we're searching for, That's what the dream is for indeed That's what we all have dreamed before. And when the light's about to reach, And when the peace it's on it's way You feel the kind in every speech And bless you find in every pray. The blind can see the stars that dance, The deaf can hear the wind that sings, And every whisper is a trance That makes even the rocks find wings. And when the dream is no more pain, And all the chains are no more doubt, You know your heart contains a stain And that the dream is love about. 01/13/2008

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Portrait of Handsome in his Youth

Euginia Liapich
Any poem/Any form - for new poets of soup. 
November 26,2013

Well-powered ideals flowing free
Your Existential ,Passionate search for Truth
While wallowing in Unacessible Grief

It being usage rather than TB
Consumption, over-consuming to consume
Well-powered ideals flowing free

On Reminiscence of a Family tree
Upon your life in the Genetic Doom
While wallowing in Unacessible Grief

Upon exploring your Artisitic Streak
On cultivating your Poetic Bloom
Well-powered ideals flowing free

Did you for once the future nor Predict
And living with Your unwarranted Gloom
While wallowing in Unacessible Grief

Priorities changes Ideals not as Chief
By moral fall I was overconsumed
Well-powered ideals flowing free
While wallowing in Unacessible Grief

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Stone of St Croix Island

Carefree in leisure time, one blasé tourist, 
almost happy, I once had collected a complicated stone;
after the sunny hours had ended and last opportunity
for keepsakes began.

In my hand the stone had kept all of its mouths sewn shut,
holding its amalgamated story, and likewise in the car,
on the plane, through US Customs where it was not 
in the least suspected.

A thumbnail identity I now should guess at, marking an old date,
and fixing it to, with reasonable estimate, a map location:
Plot No. 243, East end of the island, slave sugar plantation,
the stone from the corner of a ruined windmill stair—
broken free by my criminal hand, having liberated a vine.

The stone looked like a bleached out mini-monolith, square-rectangular,
able to be stood on end, leaning back and swollen at its center
like a pulled cork.

What could have moved this sequestered world to opening?
That was not for me to discover, except what came on Christmas Day,
two days after my returning.

Slave watercourses, the sight of innumerable Dutch ships,
ballasted with human flesh and hewn rock for sugar works buildings.
The drop at arms swish of the Driver’s bullwhip.
Flecks of spirit splayed on vegetation.
A mongrel dog barked beyond the windless wall of sugarcane
in centipede and mosquito heat.

Seaside, beautiful seaside impressions;
distant coral light shadows, etched deep azure;
snowy colored breakers that pencil-marked the sea.
The staid, vibrant, mocking power
of visual symphony backdrop.

So little of aid for the slaves, but for those dangerous secrets, 
unhoused in the fallen coolness of the night:
demonstratively crystalline heaven of stars; 
a ragged moon, clouds scudding eastward toward Africa
before freshwater rainsqualls came.  And there 
Orion’s Belt, mid-sky, illustrious bright, with its three
centering star points in rational line, as if 
Hope could have flung such a rope anchor onto Life
engendering sanctified resistance.

Christmas morning, 5 a.m. 
I had awakened from a stuck place, shapeless and dark, 
half in dreaming and half in knowing I was in no dream.

I was sobbing, yet strangely, because there were no tears. 
I had only put the stone inside my pajama top onto my heart.

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The Dream Stealer

Past midnight hour, there’s no dreams to keep 
The labyrinth walker has stolen sleep.

The keeper of the deepest dreams
Lets not the dreamer dream it seems.

The labyrinth walker stalks the mind 
Dreams locked away one gropes to find.

The deepest dreams the inner most desires
Kept locked away until memory tires.

Searching for that dream so deep
The one that is the one to keep.

The dream keeper steals and locks away
You pray you will dream it another day.

The labyrinth of the mind is deep
The deepest dreams are there in sleep.

But deep dreams bring desires too
We grope but lose like morning dew.

Through the labyrinth of passages in my mind
searching for dreams one hopes to find.

Stalking and stealing ones dreams you see 
Because the dream keeper is really me.

© 13/11/2012 ~GG~

Entry For Deep dreams Contest .

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Love Endures

Love floats by,


tip-toeing past pain,

leaping through walls,
weakening the barricades,

of the most private heart.

Love settles in,


quietly beyond anguish,

erasing the desolation,
soothing a battered spirit,
enveloping the shivering soul.

Love stays, it is true,

love endures, as do you

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Bobb Marly
30 April 2011 3:20 PM

Is it the end or the beggining 
For He is the beggining and the end

Is death life and life death
His death brought us Life

Is reality a dream 
We dream of His reality

Is He in us
Are we in Him

We question for these answers
He answered for our questions

He died for us
We live for Him

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Some people dream about being a star,
a gorgeous vacation, a house or a car.
Some dream of making that game-winning play.
Others may dream of a place far away.

For many it’s simply acceptance they seek,
courage, that they should no longer feel weak.
Some are consumed with making a name,
a quest for great riches, fortune, and fame.

For me, it’s quite simple, my one true desire,
is help people find their passion and fire.
What is it inside that tears at their soul?
What is their cause, their purpose, their goal?

I’ve found that if I inspire others to find,
the talent that’s buried somewhere in their mind,
then I too will somehow accomplish it seems,
the thrill of observing them capture their dreams.

So, let me ask you, because you have asked;
Do you have a dream you have taken to task?
And if it has no body laughing at all,
know that your dream is likely too small.

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he bud of my dream blooms color in the dead of winter, but i must not utter a sound for fear 
it will wither/ for if i speak too loud, surly i will kill it/ but what is darkness will always come 
to life, until there is light/ & through the silence, i will submit myself to birth it, nurturing it/ 
liken it to spring, turn summer which is winter’s only cure, it, growth's natural current/ it 
will be worth it, for i shall worth it/ for if i am worthy enough to dream it, i am worthy 
enough to create it, become it. #AK47

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The Bird that is Loved and Loathed

It burns and it stings.
It hurts.
More than drowning beneath 
the ice.
More than remaining in a 
kindled flame
She hits and I no longer cry.
Why mother, why? 

It burned and it stung.
The markings remained, 
returned, and were relived
Looking, loving, and little 
known loathing were the known 
ways of living.
Never was their pity for the 
child that cried
Never was their relief for the 
child that tried

You were that lovely bird that 
understood the complications of 
Nothing looked the same in 
those dewy browns of yours.
My everbeating would cry tears 
of joy.
The others-they were yet to 
Caring Mother, o' so fair
 You were that beautiful bird 
filled with care.

The others came and were not 
alone. Their two suitors sat on 
the throne.
Rampage and rage why did you 
I began to wither and wither 
slumping along. So very soon I-
the child of fines- became a 
human raceme. 
The droops of the Lily of the 
Valley became the slumping of 
my heart.
My lovely bird the enemy had 
taken you and the person you 
were is far from near.
For that divine nature left its 
intricate self and you became 
irretrievable my big bird.
All of your fairness died.
With that went my pride.
Mother, Mother what moved 
you so? 
Your intense spirt vanished only 
to supplement a monster. 
Mother, Monster and your tar 
filled lungs. 
How did I kill that liver that was 
so, so strong?
The lesson of pain was one you 
came to learn.
My darling bird why did you 
My lovely bird and your big 
brown eyes
I'll tell you once, but never 
Pain is only a flower for it 
blooms and dies
And a mistake can be killed as 
quickly as lice.
 You dear bird hurt me well. 
Though, haven't you heard?
Weakness is a souls greatest 
You brought me up, then you 
brought me down.
You haved helped, hurt, and 
hindered my blazing spirit.
A hero in my heart-I left you 
down in your deep black 
Escaping those terrible nights
To go for the town of delights. 

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I just want to dream a little more,

before the sun dries up this stream of thought;

before my tongue begins to search for words

faded by the choke of night.

The sky screams in the hands of a harsh turn,

neither of us wants our darkness unveiled.


I wish the light would swallow me up as well.


the broken slumber of day creeps into my bed,

and shakes my tomb.

I watch it stumble through the blinds,

sloshing, lazily polished, and promising.

Like it always does. 

And I try my damnedest to pull my eyes away

from the hope that is stitched to my shadow,

but no matter how hard I writhe in this place,

I cannot escape the artificiality of this world

 that I can’t seem to wake up from. 

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

Details | Pantoum | |

My Fantasy Sister

A rewrite of the previous,,after reading it again the one before this,,, I felt it was sending the wrong message,,,,,,at first to me it was what I wanted to say about my make believe sister,,,,,,only that the lines I wrote, could be mis-construed to another meaning.

She is a dream girl, sibling, I never had.
Not to sexy, or even beautiful to see,
She is not exactly good or even bad.
She is just my fantasy, designed for me.

Not to sexy, or even beautiful to see,
She is mostly happy, hardly ever sad.
She is just my fantasy, designed for me.
She has no mother, not even a dad.

She is mostly happy, hardly ever sad.
Impossible you say, this could never be,
She has no mother, not even a dad.
A dream girl as my sister, oh gee.

Impossible you say; this could never be.
Though it is true, she is my abnormal fad.
A dream girl as my sister, oh gee.
What I always wanted, since I was a lad,

Though it is true, she is my abnormal fad.
She is not exactly good or even bad.
What I always wanted, since I was a lad,
She is a dream girl, sibling, I never had.

By Cecil Hickman

Written for
Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name Pantoum 

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Reality versus Dreams

I start to feel tired and slip to my dreams,
I know much of life is not as it seems.
Reality enters and is part of the mix,
I’m left here thinking what I need to fix?

The dreams become grand but then fade away,
Still they are part of all that I say.
Waking or sleeping becomes a choice,
My heart joins in I can hear its voice.

I know of desires but feel it is good,
I’d try to do better if only I could.
Reality checks in and I’m back to earth,
I see so much beauty but what is it worth?

I want something better but settle for what I need,
The dreams become food for my spirit to feed.
 Somewhere in the middle I recover my hope,
I feel like my fate dangles from a long rope.

I dream of the high wire and balancing act,
Fire is on one side and ice at my back.
I try to find a place where I can be real,
Losing this dream can’t be part of the deal.

The sun rises up and reveals what’s dark,
Dreams appear to set forth the mark.
Dreams shall determine how high you can go,
Which one wins out I don’t seem to know.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |


All that happens is really inside,
From the love and desire, 
To the cosmic tide.
The coming of Christ,
The going of God,
The devil's rise, 
The morning fog.
The dark naked nights,
Of torment and fear,
The atomic bomb and the rumours I hear.
From the beginning of time,
Till the end of space,
The prison bars in front of my face.
The labyrinth of lies,
The weaver weaves,
The kaleidoscopes patterns,
Of the autumn leaves.
All born of tears and blood and guts,
Of suffering children crying for love.
The inside is real,
The outside is dead,
An empty shell,
I dreamed in my head.
The you and me, 
Are forgotten and gone,
In the rumours I hear,
In the atomic bomb.

Details | I do not know? | |

I Stand, Alone

I stand, alone.

Scratching for my truths,
peeling away the veneer,

I stand, alone, before this
impregnable cliff so sheer.

Cocooned in my solitary shell,
wrenching a smile from a tear,

I stand, alone, a little odd,
and definitely quite queer.

I stand, alone.

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Carrying Imagination

Hardly a day ever goes by
In which creativity fails me;
For my boundless imagination runs free
Never pausing once to ask why
Others here are so constrained
To obey the laws of Reality,
Held captive by what their minds perceive,
Imprisoned by what they think they see.

When I was only a child,
 My skills were a blessing;
For even when I played on my own,
There was no limit to my ideas and dreams.
And I never once felt alone,
Though hours passed without my care
As I created worlds in my head
And played with people who weren't there.

How does blessing become cursed
As time continues to move?
Now my creativity is looked down upon,
When it is not used at the "right time"
As if there was ever a wrong one!
Why are adults expected to stop dreaming
Once they get all of their adult teeth?

But I refuse to stop dreaming.
I would rather live up in the clouds
Where the air is clean and brighter than
The pollution on the ground.
I will take my dreams to work with me;
Science is built on curiosity.
I will show the world that adults can dream
Though they might consider me insane.

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Cascading Words

I told my Hubby I needed a fountain to help the words to flow.
It seems in the shower my creative juices, really know how to go.
My Hubby says it’s because I become relaxed, in body and in mind.
That releases everything to flow with ease and in record time.

But then he stated it might also be: the water pounding on my head.
It’s beating me senseless to release the flow and to open it up, instead.
This may be true with a hard head like mine, sometimes it needs a touch.
But I think a fountain would be way more fun, and not hurt near so much.

And what would be more beautiful, than water as it’s simply cascading around.
My lovely birds could have a drink, as my barriers come tumbling down.
My Trolls could frolick and play all day in water as the sun comes beating down.
My dogs would jump to catch the droplets as they fall upon its crown.

And all I need is to get a basket to collect my wandering thoughts.
Truly nothing could be more worthwhile, no matter what the cost.
Droplets falling thru my thoughts would become a rainbow for my mind.
With a prism throwing forth-countless words, to arrange within record time.

I wish! I wish! Oh, how I wish! To bring forth this dream of so much renown.
So many words bubbling to the surface, before they’d come tumbling down.
They’d fill my mind, and fill my soul… before touching each other’s soul.
My fountain would finally be complete, as cascading words did achieve this goal.

Now I truly know, I’ll have no fountain, or any great renown.
Still I am grateful, for the few, who’ve read the words, which I have written down.

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The Atmosphere of Shearing Metal

Everything becomes atmospheric in its nature: 
 the black rock holding open a door to a room with no entry. 
Redemption comes with a price, 
 but it is not for sale here.
Kind gestures mastering no weight,
 and music being played idly through a cracked window. 
Without your bright signs, or the screams of the unlucky who await within,
 there would be no patrons of your dead hostel. 
But we come for the screams and we come for the signs, 
and we come for the music we can almost hear. 
We are almost soothed and almost relinquish our personal peace
 for the greater apathy to reign.
 I am here with you darling,
 but you cannot even feel my touch. 
So gentle in nature, so tenacious in your attempts to learn. 
So blanketed with dream trees and angelic harps that sound only in your ears.
 This is my gallery to display the despair we call art. 
Lack of emotion and childless mothers abound.
 Come in, he says, Come in. 
And on and on they stream.
 With no tears for the dead, 
the brothers that we left by the side of the road.
 Too gentle in their tenacity.
 No ability to further progress in this procession of the damned, 
observed by careful observers from behind the glass.
 Cracked and broken and without a place to conceal their eyes.
 I am trembling in this wake,
 but I grasp your hand and we march on.
To great nothingness, 
 to empty years of needing some way to be free. 
Clanking glasses and shearing metal break my mind and bring me back to you.
 Where are you?
 And how are you going to take me away from here?
Here, where dream trees’ boughs bend and snap beneath the snow-covering.
We are burying the infants who have passed from this world to the next, 
 we are smothering their little mouths and tearing out their eyes. 
We must suppress the screams of the innocent,
 lest we believe we have a place with them. 
Follow their stoic departure and wish with our minds’ whispers
 that there was somewhere we too could go.

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Anchored on the Shore

It seems
the longer I wait
on this dry shore
the farther you get
as I watch you sail
from my place
on this dry shore;

the winds pick up
and your sails unfurl
and with every breath I lose
watching you drift away
a gust of wind
sends you with blessings
of wasted breaths;

and I see you still
distant as you are
going to that place
I dreamt for you,
a place that grows farther still
as I dream for you
grander things
and grander places
that you will visit;

And on currents
that seem to flow
to the beating in my chest
you sail farther still
and with every dream I breathe
you sail farther yet
and you’re so far away now
from where I am
on this dry shore;

and I wonder if things would have been different
had I not sent you away
and kept you here
on this shore
where I can still see you
no matter how far you sail
from this shore
that you have never left
and I have never left.

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~Dreams Are More Than Just Fairytales~ 
(Free Verse) 

I never believed before,that dreams came true, 
Part of me never believed, in such a fairy tales, 
But then as time passes, and leaves behind me all its marks... 
It's for so many years, now, that I've learned, that nothing is impossible after all... 

If you just stop for a moment and open up your heart, 
Your mind will follow through, right behind,once you make that choice, 
And desires will materialize, somehow, all your dreams,with sweetness; 
And rekindle, with so much fire, again as never before, all your soul 

So then, believe! and grab your dreams, and never once stop believing, 
'Cause, that's what really keeps us moving, and makes us come alive and much stronger, 
Open up your heart and all your mind, at least a little bit, and give yourself another chance... 
That the window that you open now,will give you sooner or later, in time,another reason, to survive. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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                                                    hidden consciousness 
                                                   like under anaesthesia
                                                     lover's face in heart

Details | Personification | |


I am looking for dream interpreters.
My name is Goodluck
Don’t swear yet please, don’t “****”
I am no president or “less”
Neither am I clueless
Parents christened me Goodluck
So if there be name sake as me
Well, that is bad luck

Like I said,
I am looking for dream interpreters.
I had a dream last night
I saw ancestors.
Breathing fire like dynamite
Asked me if I am insensitive
Or just clueless
Out of respect for ancestors, I asked them
‘Insensitive to or in what?’
“Insensitive to or in what???”
Was their angered response
“Even in this, you are still clueless”?
Their lead speaker asked

“Okay, fine! Mr. clueless” he continued
Under your watchful eyes
The plane you are saddled with,
Cries out for a pilot
For the auto-pilot can’t land it
And you are a clueless pilot
The ship you are saddled with
Cries out for a captain
For you have broken the compass
And an inevitable sink might come to pass”.

“Mr. clueless” he continued again
The streets of Jos,
Blood has become a river.
Have you seen the butchered women…
Have you seen the opened bowels…
Slain infants.
Religious insurgencies on the instant
United Nations office and police headquarters
All crashed landed with a bang…bomb

Churches are smashed, even mosques
The blood rivers of Jos has flowed beyond us
Now, it’s a national flood above us
Yet your greed is on the oil well
You have weakness for debt accumulation

Your greatest height of insensitivity
What happened to profits of yester years?
Same old promise of good roads,
Good education, a better tomorrow
Yet, forty billion, a former house of reps
Single handedly stole it.
Are you leeches never ever tired of loots?
Or fear of insurgence of the deprived youths?

The people raped by empty promises of bandits
If you are in all these things clueless
Then our dreams for the country is hopeless
All leaders before you
Have creatively out done you
Hate has come to the surface
And you have lost your grace”.

Then from the dream, I woke up!
Somebody help!!!
I need dream interpreters.


Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Lonely Shadow Cast

Flashing neon signs
Dark pavement left behind
But more to go
I know, I know
I've darkness on the mind

Absorbed in mind's cafe
I take a seat to say,
“This can't be mine
This dream I find
Is taken course dismay”

Now gather in good cheer
Partake in lifeless beer
Glasses empty
Patrons gone
Myself I've come to fear

But how this came to pass
I cannot say at last
I turn to go
But now I know
I can't reshape my past

Walk on in dream I do
But lifeless forms ensue
A mother gone
A father too
But empty streets pursue

I've taken now the task
To live this dream at last
Without my wish
Or to my hope
A lonely shadow cast

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My Madness, Me

My Madness, Me...

Confined by this straight-jacket,
strapped in, numb and dumbed,
a washed-out, has-been, also-ran,

body, eyes, the equilibrium of mind,
rattling like stones in an old tin-can.

Still, I am, 

I am,

and I am unchained,

my dreams taking flight, soaring,
above these claustrophobic walls,
of synapses, and dungeons of stone,

swooping through green valleys,
taking a detour to savour the joys,

soaked in torrential, evergreen memories,
of a younger man, with passion in his bone.

I am.

My wings unclipped, unshackled, free,

I am, and though I am unable to see,

I am.

At long last,


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The Doorway

I’ve cut my hands on the broken screen door
of dreams meant to be deserted;
I can feel the rush of inclusion in a state of decay
as it gasps open against tucked in eyelids.
Smiles caught in dim headlights,
before the empty sway of drunken iron
drips from my palms as
inertia drives it all to fruition,
abstract revelations come to life.
My eyes stutter, fighting to 
keep them alive. 
I press reddened palms against 
the dusty doorway, count in
cadence meant for a heartbeat,
and breath in harmonic patience 
with something I wish I could understand,
but my sort of muscles are too weak to make an 
impact, my palms have become imprinted with the wake 
of trembling foundation’s sorrow.
               ….I look at them
pruned by the sour chaste of possibility;
rivers of emptiness run through my 
own imperfections. 
I’ve mended nothing.
they’re still…
These dreams are stone,
and I am only flesh;
Pounding my fists against a doorway
that has long forgotten I am here. 
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Exist in Dreams

A dream that dances in waves, and mirrors all you do
So you dance, and hope that some day the song will come from you
This dream is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
The song is picking up speed, so it’s follow or fail alone

A flame that flickers in sync with the shadows by your side
The rain puts out the light, and causes you to hide
This nightmare is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
But this song still hasn’t stopped, and so you dance alone

You cherish sand on the banks of a path winding through a storm
This desert trail is all that you see; too blinding to look beyond
This path is all that exists, and the only way to go
Holding close the sand as you sing, just so you’re not alone

The sand is part of the storm that makes you close your eyes
But now the wind starts to slow, and the scenery makes you cry
This life is all that exists, and the only way to go
The sand falls through your hands, and you carry on alone

A love that blooms into being beneath the darkest skies
Is a life that will venture out despite the lonely nights
So scared, but so unafraid to find what you need to be
Despite the fear that prevails, and tells you what to see

The flames steady and still, and a shadow kneeling down
The rain cleansing your heart as all your fears drown
The sand creating a path, and shielding you from pain
And now, with the wind at your back, you remember why you came

To dream a light shining out for all the world to see
To be more than you think, and beyond all that will be
To create a desire to be the creators of our dreams
To become the mirror of self, and reflect our unity

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Distant African Nights

Those Distant African Nights...


The shadows swayed in your candlelit room,

a cool breeze teasing your bare back,

streaks of lightning forked in the Johannesburg night,

as my hands stroked your hair,

kissing your soft mouth,

holding you,

ever so tight.


You whispered that you loved me,

and I kept silent,

the rain fell, 
shadows danced,
thunder rolled,

the breeze teased your naked back,

you whispered that you loved me,
as my lips found yours,

the rain washed over our tender nights,

lightning and candlelight,

etching poems on your burnished skin,


a fear gnawed at me,

deep within.


We parted ways,
and you could never forgive me, you said,

now, after numberless thunderstorms,

the rain that falls,

echo the countless tears that I have shed.


You are long gone,

far away,

happy, I pray,

yet the memories persist,

those precious moments shall never, 

like the Jo'burg rains,
trickle away,

and I wish you well,
for loving me as you did,

for it was I who was not worthy,


and it is I who is not worthy,



You were always true,

it was I who always,


refused to,

to give myself,

completely to you.

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A Chipped Heart

A Chipped Heart...

Dreaming, my heart brittle as glass,
my solitary facade a pitiful farce,

shards tearing out of my skin,
seeking release, from cages within,

I am lost, in the dream,
bellowing out a silent scream,

torn from reality, drowning in the now,
yet I refuse,
I refuse to succumb,

I refuse to bow.

My chipped heart, may be wounded,
wreathed in pain,


I believe, love, truth, belonging,

will take my hand,


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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

Details | Free verse | |


So long my urges have been hidden beneath my desire to be just fitting..
a daunting task that has come to be
Wanting to be just perfect in the eyes of many,
I forgot to be the most important type of perfect, -- to be me

I wanted so much to be seen, seen by many
but in all that
I lost the me I was meant to be

So many things I wanted to be
I just couldn't really come to see what I truly felt 
what I truly wanted to be... I couldn't see the natural beautiful dancer, performer within me.

So many things I am good at
but the things that I love, that flow easily through me
are the things of love, poetry, dance and artistry

I am a creative creature of the light
Fluid and free as the water, to which I truly belong
My home, my solitude, my place of being free, of just being me.

So funny how things occur, when you just let your heart be free
So simple the heart is, while the mind seeks to rather be complex
There must be a balance of these, through the center of our being

With this comes a deep appreciation of self
Appreciation of self comes with complete acceptance of one's self
complete acceptance comes with complete love of self
and complete love of self comes with true understanding of self - compassion for the darkness and gratefulness for the light 
All this leads to the being of me.

Destined to be all I my heart dares to dream
I will be abundant in the spirit life and the physical realm
I will manifest the best that is for me
then bring it to the world to show
how the spiritual life leads to a beautiful bountiful life of heaven on earth

The philosopher in me
is quite intelligent you see
so all this knowledge, all this wisdom gained and to gain
will only set me and you free

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Dreams vs Reality

 vast jungles of flesh
 giants of monotony 
 these intellect crushing beasts
 disguised gardens of deceit
 from a petri dish poisoned by mutant chemicals
 what's left of the beauty transforms to become wings
 sometimes I wonder if I should speak of these things
 who could be listening in?
 breathing the thick air of lost opportunities
 crying heavy tears of expired love
 witnessing a higher form of intelligence
 undeserving of humanity
 and my frail sanity
 who could be listening in?
 time to destroy the evidence and move on

Details | Rhyme | |

cycles of love

my mark is fresh like snow in air
brisk and mist will crisp on hair
fists ball up from risk to care
whisper and stare but all is fair
love and reason, flow like seasons
the endings blending and quite seeming
parts of hearts, tho awake or dreaming
half is seeing, the other believing
eyes align and beats will sync
eyes a line for heat to sink
taken quickly for a fall
lovers stroll through memories' hall
echoes stir sight and scent
my senses flight keeps suspense
until logic teaches what it meant
all good things come to an end
summer lighting longer days
more hours to burn for lovers lay
precious tokens we hope to stay
from constant change or parting ways
spring into action to save those astray
a few more years can cost a pay
with lives and sacrifice displayed
perhaps tomorrow will be okay
years can fly like clouds in sky
feelings revealing what to decide
and just like that were back to try
to love the same until we die

Details | I do not know? | |



She smiled, gently,
her warmth infusing me,
with a serene stillness of time.

She settled, slowly,
in my waking thoughts,
a soothing balm of simple joy.

She remains, scribbled,
on the walls of my fractured heart,
memories of happiness that once breathed...

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The Things I want, The Things I Get

Once upon a time I loved a girl but she didn’t love me back.
Once upon a night I wished on a star but my dreams never came to pass. 
Twice I think I hoped for the sun and not the rain pouring in.
But my cover flew away and the drops soaked through my skin. 

I think I could wish for hard times and the dark,
And just to spite my soul the world would set ablaze from a single spark.
My money would pile high, 
girls would wave as they walked by.
And the one thing can I say for this life,
Is no one ever got a damn thing from goodbye. 

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Elevator To My Subconscious Part 2

How about the woman!
His voice suddenly full of venom
You know the one I speak of
Let's commence her to squealin
It's just a dream you know
You are king of justification
Let's ravage this little beauty
And give her an education

No!!! I quickly scream
Never will I betray her
It's the most beautiful love
Someone like me could encounter
I have hurt her enough
She does not give herself lightly
So under no circumstances
Would I disrespect her dignity

You violate women constantly, he says
But "only in your mind"
So you want humanity to evolve?
This place stinks of your lies!!!!!!
Yet you ridicule belief
You call it "escape from thinking"
But your contempt for women
Has our little dream wreaking

I don't hate women, I say
Regardless of my ex-wife
She was taught to think in lack
Since day one of her life
Then again they have always known
How best to hurt me
But they are just products
Of a reactionary society

As far as the government
It's exactly the same thing
We're a drone hive of escapists
Hiding in the denial of beliefs
But I don't exempt myself
My escapism is becoming clear
I desperately wanted to find you
And overcome my fears

He mocks me with applause
You should run for President
I've found the missing link
Let's build you a towering pyramid
Suddenly he is behind me
Whispering quietly in my ear
Cold chills cover my body
As I succumb to desperate fear

I begin frantically running
To the sound of a demonic lullaby
His laughter mocking every step
The hallway suddenly dark as night
My hair standing on end
Suddenly he is in front of me
And black eyes step into my body
As I wake to the alarm clock's ring

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For a Moment

For a moment, I believed I even allowed myself to breathe. . . To smile upon you in all that was said and done For a moment, you were there And a simple thought made me beam I was there looking you in the eye it seemed For a moment, doubt swept under my feet Threatening to bring me to the ground But your words pulled me up by the string For a heavy moment, I realized Just how far you are from me Too far to be close—to far to allow that smile And for another sad, long moment, I sit here in awe-struck despair Wondering why the smile was ever there

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Screaming silently for that one breath

of life...

that whirling maelstrom of beaten-down loss upon wrap-around defeat

of life...

that mercilessly shovels heaps of leaden rubble as you try to get back on your feet


mute and dumbly flailing in the raging torrent

of being...

but a mere speck of dirt on the tapestry of a world, that at times, is quite abhorrent


quietly wishing to surrender to the nothingness that seductively beckons, as you gasp


hoping against all hope that a lifeline would appear suddenly within your grasp


yet caught in the ghastly waters of unchartered isolation


a trickle of hope amidst the gushing liquid of sheer desolation


whilst holding on to slivers of sanity when blistering madness calls out to you


faltering weaknesses snap and gnaw at your state of being, out of the pristine clear blue


i have felt the pull of life's devious current as it has stripped me of my self and left me naked and bare

and still...

i fight with every suffocating breath left within

to surface and to cling onto

another gulp of life's coarse and putrid air...

Details | Rhyme | |

living in a dream world

you were there
and so was i
you in youre world and me in mine
yet somehow we werent there at all
and our worlds were just to small
together we would unite
leaving our old worlds behind
creating a new worlds together
one that we would share forever and ever
now here we are
as we have and always will be
in a world that we created
for only you and me
no longer in our own worlds 
but in our dream world

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Empty Dreams

Empty dreams upon my bed
Vacant dreams in my head
Useless dreams have come and gone
Where are the dreams of summers' long

Winter dreams laden with snow
Has the dream really gone frozen_cold
What dreams were dreamed in vain
Which ones gave glory where glory died and bled

Dreaming of bountiful harvest
Where are the fields of corn and cotton?
Maybe some died for lack of showers
Did I only dream away the hours__

Just one soul that has the zeal
Then a magnificant harvest yield
Let me dream just one more dream
A dream of fields ready for harvesting 

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Where Do We Go To

When we are asleep
do we float or stay in bed?
Shall we meet in dreams?

I wake up travelled
My mind shuts down to my room
I go away to...

                         Somewhere I used to know

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So Close, Yet So Far

It's like I'm there,
Standing behind a glass wall.
I've had a taste,
Just not the full platter.
I'm ready for the cake,
But all I have is batter.

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dreams into reality

I had a dream of you again tonight...that makes it about 3years strong....i wonder what the real thing will feel hold see you smile for the first time...the first time you i put my finger in your hand and you squeeze i wonder what joy will course through my say your watch you watch you as you try to figure out the world...will i miss your first words...or when you crawl...the first time you try to walk will i be there to catch you when you fall...your first birthday...will i be the dad you need me to be....will i fail...all these questions and the worst one i havnt even said....i hate to think it but it has came into my mind every once in a while...what if i never get to meet you...never have the chance to fail or never watch you never have a chance to love never be a father...what if my dreams never become reality....

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Jude triolet

Unfortunate life and endless sorrows
And Fractured dreams with gaps between 
Life and bestowed Wonderings of tommorow
Unfortunate life! And—endless sorrows
Instead of life long goals this day and morrow
With lowly goals instead of dreams
Unfortunate! Life! And endless – sorrows 
And Fractured dreams with—gaps? Between 

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Fate, Destiny, Life

This turns of life
This magnificent world of ours
Turning seconds by minutes
And minutes by hours

We struggled to find what is there
To find the path we have been searching for
Forgetting the obstacles we went
Forgetting that every step leads to a blocking wall

The real eternity of life
Lies in the hands of the people who believe
Whether they had chose a dream to strive for
Or a dream that will be deceive

It is up to us to choose our fate
But not to let it control us
Whether the time moves on or not
Into the future or the past

We can't change Fate
It had already being done
Because it is the earlier decision you made
Doesn't matter on what you want

Decision, is that the true meaning of life?
The lives we live forever
The soul we kept inside ourselves
While we wait for the moving time

Is that how we believe all this years?
That the path depends on what we choose
What can you say if you never get that path
And the others win and you start to loose

You look forward to that endless dream
While you just keep dreaming
Your hands, legs and body remained numb
Inside your own feelings

Is the world so big?
While we are so small?
Can we be the stars and the clouds
Can we be the meteor fall?

Does the impossibility exists in this world?
Is the world too small and realistic?
How can we answer all of this?
Not even the wise who stated the specifics

Fate, Destiny and our Life
The Path, Decision and the World
The Creations where Humans do not realised
That the road of our journey is just one circular twirl

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The Energy of Hatred

I see my faith it’s so worn and lost
At least I know this
I drink my daily cup of lust
I know I do not need it
I am living in my own ways
Too bad my soul is rotten
I know that all life is dead
Seems you’ve all forgotten

Ash and dust are in our eyes
We dream that we’re alone here
We’ve let their hate hypnotise
There’s nothing now to hold dear
It’s here I stand without my lies
I know I’m so near
But when I’m close I hear you die
And I am left here

Now I’m high without my skin
Seems that hate surrounds me
I will fade into my mind
I dream I am free
The balance is so lost right now
When I can hear you
The fuel of hate will fill me up
Now I am dead too

Ash and dust will fill my mind
I live in someone’s anger
When I’m here I am so blind
The smell of death will linger
Now that hate is on my side
I’m breathing with my power
But fading out will make me hide
And now my hate is sour

Waking up I am not dead
But I must start again
I just try to sleep instead
This will make it rain
So I arise among the lost
Silence in my thoughts says:
You are alive but you are gone
But it is here you must stay

So when hate comes to take me down
I know I must erase it
And if I find that it makes me drown
I know I must escape it
The ash is trust, it’s in your bread
You can’t survive without this
Possessing dust is in your head
But with this you seek bliss
Here I am I know what’s true
I live for myself
Once you see you live for you
You will see your own wealth

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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A sweetly-scented, earthy rain-storm,
she came to me,

thunderously raging with raw emotion,
she came to me,

drenched in the essence of truth,
she came to me,

she touched a chord deep inside,
she strummed away all emptiness,

she came to me,


she comes to me,


a gentle presence filling my life,

she comes to me,


a healing spirit soothing all inner strife.

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For Bob Dylan

Ramblin' Bob Dylan Blues
(For Bob Dylan)

Why does the sun dry up so many scattered tears

slipping down the coarse cheek of a million hushed fears

where no one is scalded though the searing fog clears

while prayers are mutely spoken even as the end nears

We shatter and scrape on demented knees

Blindly begging for mercy as it silently flees

Searching listlessly for salvation drowned in the breeze

That spits at the soft rose suffocated by a wheeze

I know now what I need never have known

Of hope that was trampled before it had flown

Into a wasted sky filled with hate that could drown

The giggling of the crowd and the crying of the clown

A hope so fragile that its wings were of brittle glass

Ripping the veneer off the sewers of class

Twisting the fabric of the weighed and costed mass

Who numbly waited hoping that it too may pass

For when shards of that hope in all hearts scurries away

To a darkness where crowded night is emptied off the heaving tray

'Tis then when sewn eyes shall behold that doleful day

When all shall tear at each other while on demented knees we still shall pray

For a lifting of the veil of that wilful deceit

That's wrapped up in a flag swollen with conceit

While the limbs splinter in the claw of a winner's defeat

Yet still the drums roll for the ill-fated souls chose never to retreat

From that drenched battle-ground where blood flows through a sieve

And love's lost song plaintively begs for a reprieve

From eternal loss which into raw emotion does cleave

Only to slip through the fingers and like grains of sand, leave.

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Saturday Rain in Johannesburg

Saturday Rain in Johannesburg…

…With sighs of torrential passion,
the heavens shower teardrops,

weeping with me,
as memories of you come cascading back,

skin on skin, ablaze,
moist kisses, fiery,
gentle whispers of undying love, murmured,

in another life, another time,

far removed from my present, a desolate state of despair,
wallowing in the grime.


The rain keeps falling,
each teardrop stinging my face,

tasting the salt on my lips,

I wonder, do you still remember the caresses of my fingertips,

between breathy confessions, and vows of eternal love,

before you left me, stranded on an island of solitude,

wounded as a wingless dove,

bereft of life,
stripped of all traces of fortitude

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Living the Dream

I am living the dream.
I stand here today,
Cannot believe what I am about to say,
But I am living the dream.
At times, it's tough
And it is not always easy.
I might be condemned
For choosing this path in life;
Some may think it's too bag of a risk.
When we give it our all,
Our passion and our might,
We can overcome and forget the fear
To become who we are meant to be.
I stand here today,
Another tear ready to wipe away:
You can do all you aspire to do!
Set your mind and never give up!
If I can do it,
You can too!
I can't believe I'm about to say this,
But I am living my dreams.
I am living the dream.

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The mountains stand soaring, touching the sky,
Their snow-capped craniums held high.

The brooks and the rivers, crystal clear
Carry the Essence of Life - water so dear.

The air is always untainted and clean
Dust and dirt forever unseen.

The shrubbery and vegetation are flourishing fast
“The Slash and Burn age” is now the past.

Dreams, you see, are peculiar things,
Unknown and unseen into our mind it clings.

Some come true while others fade,
This dream, O Lord, let it not fail.

‘Coz this little dream is not just mine,
It’s yours and theirs; it is growing…the line.

Let’s not stand aside and stare away,
Let’s get into action and pave the way.

To make this world a cleaner one.
To make our short stay much more fun. 

Day by day, hour by hour,
Let’s build up our dream destination.


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Patience, one of my less desirable traits.
Why is it we have to wait?

Life is too short not to go after what we want.
If we stop dreaming and moving forward the past will come to haunt.

There are just so many wonderful adventures out there for us to discover.
That’s the exciting part, all the surprises there is to uncover.

No matter how trivial you think a dream may be.
It’s not; to dream is to be free!

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I Have a Dream

My dream is simple,
it’s to become you.
Banishing this fate,
a mental state renewed.

I won’t send the baggage,
that is clinging to my soul.
I’ll carry on the tradition,
of being out of control.

My dream is not complex,
Alas! It’s attainable indeed.
A mind free from chaos,
is all I actually need.

Even if it’s for a week,
so I can see the other side.
Of a purified mental status,
not this mania which resides.

Facing the endless obstacles,
may seem a bit extreme.
But not for me my sane one,
for all I have is dreams…...

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From There To Here

From There To Here

Sometimes in dreams my youth returns
with visions from my past
Cascading stream of memories
I watch until the last

The rebel from so long ago
reminds me of my loss
The things I used to cherish most
and what ambitions cost

In moments when my friends arrived
my heart would leap within
The faces from so long ago
and what we could have been

We’d sing the ballads of the day
and dance to Carry On
While love was coming to us all
in time it all was gone

How did I get from there to here?
Why did my values change?
If I could now go back in time
so much I'd rearrange

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Circles of Life

I try to find arms to climb from this hole
Feeling quite trapped, like a fish in a bowl.
Swimming in circles in waters of doubt
There doesn’t seem to be any way out.

With each dream that dies another is born
The fabric of life appears tattered and torn.
Life becomes a circle no beginning or end
Nothing returns from the intentions I send.

If I close my eyes will it all disappear?
Will I survive or surrender to fear?
I dream and it seems colors return
Meanwhile my life, bridges still burn.

I awake in the morning to a blinding light
Happy to escape  the demons of night.
I wonder if only I had some more time
But it disappears like the scene of a crime.

Life does come but then slips away
Somehow tomorrow becomes today.
I try to grab hold but it slips through my fingers
I start once again only memories linger.

I see this circle that still spins around
Like the universe to which I’m bound.
Each revolution provides one more chance
The view becomes different upon second glance.

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On Any Given Evening

Corridors with wall sized windows are always places of rummage
Where copper candlesticks glisten and
Wood is polished by dirt particles from strenuous journeys.

Everything emits faint smells of 
Brandy and vermouth -
the sweat of great silver haired storytellers.

Glasses flood downwards 
staining tabletops and armchair sides:
Musings of grey, wrinkled Gods pondering over
50 year vendettas and century long betrayals. 

Hardwood floors creak and crack with the footsteps of ghosts:
Generals, grandmothers, and cousins in love.

Luminous forms of dust reveal nothing and everything,
Cycling unto itself over and over again. 

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The Swaying of the Grass



A path leads,

to where wild grass grows,


sashaying in the summer breeze.




Along the path,
lightness settles within,


feeling the grass,
tickling ankles,


swaying to the lilting bird-song,

in a dance of intimate abandon,


brushing the remnants of pain away.




Melodies float across fields of green,

delicately caressing my heart,


teasing emptiness to flee,

comforting the mind,


to silently be.




Walking on,
savouring the peace,


a momentary respite,
from the burdens of the now,


all is quiet,


a stillness cradling fractured emotions,


the grass in the fields sway,


dusk descends,


shadows lengthen,


nudging dimming light to take leave,


of the day

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Stand Tall

We can be strong;
Time to stand tall.
With God, we have it all
'Cause there's no room to fall.

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Lay down beside me

Lay down beside me
Let's break these picture frames
and roll around in the glass
until our bodies are as bloody as 
               our history
We'll burn our souls inside the knots
of your bedpost and sing our burdens
away until they become
                           candle lit shadows
Lay down beside me
in this bed of depression-
springs our Resurrection
We'll make our screams become Gods
and chase the sun out of the sky
so the only light I can see is the cherry
of your cigarette burning straight into me
You were always so much more dazzling
                        in the darkness
And I need someone to tell me 
whose blood this really is.
                Lay down beside me
-James Kelley 2015, All rights reserved.

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All Alone, I Stand In The Crowd

All alone, I stand in the crowd.
All aground, I travel the oceans.
All adrift, I'm stuck in the bog.
All afresh, I'm back in the stale memories of a wasted past.
All aflame, I freeze in the cold recesses of my soul.
All afloat, I founder in the green depths of the still lake.
All accursed, I stand blessed in the temple within.
All asunder, I huddle deep into myself.
All asleep, I wake to legions of false shadows.
All aglow, I blunder amongst the empty darkness.
All aflight, I crash into the dense undergrowth of the deep woods beneath.
All across, I turn back and see myself back where I began.

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Lost Confessions

Lost between Heaven and Hell, battlements of my spirit and mind, Raptures me into 
the new day, but delivers me in the darkness of night. I argue within my mind, that 
shall wither it blind, randomly I search for the meaning that enhances the light. I 
wander through the ailment that haunts me so. Small amounts of peace keep me 
driving onward, though I feel no glow. In-between both I am haunted with one 
sight, Glimpse of the dream I hold so dear, with massive amounts of fear, my 
menacing fantasy keeps me on my fight. Each week that passes seems as everyone 
that fell before.
My soul knows my end is of a different kind, knowing the sin that I carry each night 
and the penance that I must endure. My destiny is not what I see, But is what I 
deeply ignore. Lost between Heaven and Hell, My soul cannot sell, this torment, I 
speak is a different form I break, Not just any ordinary sin, I have no-where to begin.
No end to reach, my darkness seeks light, though there is no realization to teach. I 
am haunted by the past that lonely night that seizes, though it pleases me ,but no 
other can live in the desire that I speak here and now, Others have traveled this 
road without any dark temptation, though I would lose all interpretation, with great 
litigation. Lost now and forever my dream, forgotten almost it may seem. Distant 
calls engorge my thoughts, memories chase my spirit, and lust envelops my soul, 
into the realm betwixt Heaven and Hell. My dream I shall bury, my destiny, I shall 
marry within my mind and spirit. These darkened nights shall grab the bright days 
down into the mishap of grace. I will council each cheerful day and plant a smile on 
my face. However, the agony shall drive my heart to a stainless hollowness of 
discomfort my continued dream shall live on and inhabit this shell. This shell 
someday shall wither away; there will be nothing left to tell.

Written for

Sponsor Catie Lindsey 
Contest Name Dark Prose 

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i found you in a memory

my logic is circles
fragmented thoughts become rounder
french painters judge your symbolic statement
you freely seek God
but deliver us temptation you request
interpretation is healthy, even pleasurable
attraction leads you from tragedy
to where you start reclaiming super powers
you say adolescence and feel off-limits
your innocence possessed wild love
songs of nature you heard
so vividly intense
dreams fooled by social masks
darkness is to drink quietly
blackness and bright lights are a mystery of unknowns
empty silence can recharge you
question the impressionist
evaluation is a big old mess
pursue inspiration by hunting goals
urban dictionary is absolutely genuine
sins are just voyages across
hundreds of remote landscapes
kiss those who helped you
and compose crazy love letters
paradise is a vulgar vision 
for those who fish in perspective
fate can’t fix the big old mess

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Wet Dreams

        WET DREAMS
I know not why your love's evading me,
nor what to do, so that your heart can see,
that passion grows no matter what I do,
and makes my heart to keep on loving you,
though all it's brought is pure insanity.

In dreams I've wept, but kept on loving you,
and tears, they flowed, no matter what I do,
I tried to take my burning love in hand
but it's a thing my heart can't understand,
and sleep won't tell what love is coming to.

If I could dream the dream both night and day,
I'd spend my life just sleeping where I lay,
and waking from the dream in burning sweat,
I lie content, and feel my hand is wet,
from love you've given me, in your own way.

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A Hundred Thousand Dreams

Each night you dream in fours or fives
or more, hundreds of dreams a month,
thousands of dreams a year. Yet
you know you've dreamt but a few,
and can scarcely remember those--
where then are the unknown dreams?

Are they hiding in a special place within
your unconscious, that vast part of mind
lying iceberg-like beneath the waves
of the knowing world? Are those dreams
that came alive only in the dark side of
your mind still there, waiting patiently
to be known by your sleeping soul
when it awakens in the real world?

I have lived long enough to have made
over 100,000 of these little home movies--
will I ever get to see them again.

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A smile in a thought of a "forever" like this.
A dream from a star's one wish.
A love of a life from a fairy tale one told
To a child with an imagination worth a whole pot of gold.

Can you really put a value to something like this?
Like that feeling you get from your last first kiss?
Or the dreams that come true from a shooting star's wish?
There's no value worth more than all this.

A song from a night from a heart's first glance.
A sway from a dress from a love's first dance.
A rose from a thorn from a child's freedom.
A ring from a night from a tear from one.

Can you really put a value to a moment like this?
To a second in time so carefree as this?
To a heartbeat caused by pure peace and bliss?
To a child's eye lit by a shooting star and a wish?

Could you tell me what it's worth?
Or could you tell me which came first?
Was it hope for a future unknown,
Or happiness from the love that's shown?
Was it a dream from a fairy tale,
Or optimism after every fail?
Because the child that I've never seen
Is one without a single dream.

So tell me,
Can you really put a value to this?
To a first kiss?
A child's wish?
Pure bliss?
To this?
To this moment looking into your eyes?
To a fairy tale defined
By you and I.

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remains just out of focus,
an elusive portrait,

etched in the corner of the mind's eye.

sometimes strays into view,
a blurred mirage,
of burnished words cast in indelible dye.

steals fragments of each day,
a welcome thief,
of emotions left in some dusty space.

scatters my poems in the breeze,
an invited spell,
that vanishes into the wind without a trace.

renders me mute and so often blind,
the wild dreamer,
a seeder of impossible thoughts in the mind.

brings the elements of nature to me,
a gentle healer,
she unfolds my thoughts setting them free.

comes and goes as she chooses,
an untamed spirit,
soothing the very place that she bruises.

rouses me in nights of empty slumber,
a murmured breath,
brushing my cheeks with kisses too many to number.

remains to me the enigmatic one,
a burning riddle,
yet she stays with me as each torturous day is done.

my heart knows not why she stays,
my consistent constant,
filling up my nights and consoling my days.

deserves so much more from fate,
the truest soul,
she loves too much and knows not how to hate.

arrives again tonight as I lie awake,
a thoughtful shield,
my coat of armour in a world far too fake.

stays with me and within me stays still,
the true one,
and to dwell deep in my soul is where she always will.

from whose cup I have so greedily drank,
a giver of life,
I have not the words with which to her wholly thank.

knows how desolate a world this can be,
my sustainer of hope,
and of life and of breath is what she will always be.

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The morning after

The morning after

Is there any reality ?, or is it just another dream ?
Four AM and I awake from a dream.
That dream tells a story, is that story a truth ?, - 
The truth that came to light, Valentine’s night.

I came to visit with you - your girlfriend is there –
Our words are brief – you want to leave – walk out the door.
Your friend and I remain behind – your choice.
Your girlfriend begins to tell me that you are involved –
In fact  - you have been involved for a long time –
I have been nothing more then a filler for your empty hours.
I awake with this pain in my heart and a knowledge of.
WHAT ???

Monika :

February 15th 2007

Four AM ,pen in hand, words begin to flow.
You are a beautiful Lady, I would love to know.
My heart ache, bleeds for you- I show 
you the tears that run wild, through my veins
until knowledge of, absorbs, and all that remains
are holographic shards, memories ( good or bad ) of the pains
I have had to endure - your words where “ be patient ”,
“ be this, be that, be the other ”.
My soul’s spirit, you did smother.
Implication ?, my dream realized.
but these all seem to be more transient.
and my life’s journey, compromised.
In all honest Monika, - I think – never from you
will come the passion, the closeness, the affection, the love,
a desire for – all these things I desire to give and to live, 
I so wish to know. I feel that I am nothing more  - for you –
then a gift – the gift of Christmas love ( black and red lovers twist ).
A block of wood, carved into – inanimate – lovers entwined in each other, 
a passionate kiss that you see as a musical symbol.
An item to be placed upon a shelf – looked at, but never touched -
symbolically, spiritually or as a mentor to bring out of you – life, alive.
As always Monika, I am conflicted -  living with uncertainty,
Always in doubt about where I stand and what I mean to you .

B. J. “A” 2
February 15th 2007

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Him, Her and the World

i want to be angry

at him, at her, at the world

i want to be happy

for him, for her, for the world

i want to scream

at him, at her, at the world

and yet nobody likes me

not him, because of her, she's his world

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sonnet too

I touched upon a dream perfectly chorographic 
as a ballet troupe of sardines avoiding predators.
A dance where no one applauds and everyone 
is a loser, sad except for the mysterious beauty
 of shimmering silver in a bottle- green ocean. 

I touched upon a dream sparkling as fizzy wine
bobbles clung to cool glass disappearing with 
plop- a momentarily rush of happiness- murmour 
of voices; then the wine was still, yet for a second
the of mysterious wonder is remembered.  

I touched upon a dream cold as a winter forest,
blue, frosty mist wrapped around trees; layers 
of snow on the lake of recollection, but one day
a mysterious flash; and all will be remembered.  

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I tried to see what life would be like on the other side of the mirror
I knocked on the glass for days, but no one ever let me in
Cracking, finally, the reflecting world showed me the truth
That it's just like the one I’m in; it only makes you bleed in the end

I only close my eyes
To find something worth looking at
I can only hear your voice
When I’m screaming into the wall
I only think on you
When the cynical inspiration dissipates
And sometimes only the freezing cold
Is all that reminds me I can still feel

Living this perfect life, dream lover, dream house, dream happiness
Take for granted the gift, not accepting your needy independence
Lust, greed, emotional gluttony; everything you've ever wanted
It’s only thanks to me, I created the twist in your soul, I made you who you are

I only close my eyes
To find something worth looking at
I can only hear your voice
When I’m screaming into the wall
I only think on you
When the cynical inspiration dissipates
And sometimes only the freezing cold
Can remind you that you can still feel

Taken by the presence of an all too familiar enemy
This man staring from the corner; he never leaves, never leaves me
Gentle whispers of deception takes hold and only tightens
Painful sobriety renders me vulnerable and helpless
He only laughs as I pray to God to save me

I only close my eyes
To find something worth looking at
I can only hear your voice
When I’m screaming into the wall
I only think on you
When the cynical inspiration dissipates
And sometimes only the freezing cold
Can remind you that you can still feel

Stare into a face, frozen for eternity
Never aging, never moving, never leaving; its world merely fades to white
Longing to go back, wishing to be, nothing humors the hope
Not tears, prayers, nor blood can bring them back
Trapped behind wood and glass; imprisoned in this photograph

I only close my eyes
To find something worth looking at
I can only hear your voice
When I’m screaming into the wall
I only think on you
When the cynical inspiration dissipates
And sometimes only the freezing cold
Can tell me that I can still feel

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Glad to leave the stonefaced Russian labyrinth of passports small
And stamped documents for every footfall
A bureaucrat’s wet dream  - checking each other’s bureaucracies
No walking on grass, no stepping over invisible fences,
No original thinking, no whistling indoors please. 

Engines start to turn and whistle and whine

Soon be back in old school for a while, unmissed, decadent
Teachers like old  Rogers, often boozed-up in class, or that arrogant *
Upstart McCabe, getting  high on his minority skills, his sacred Irish language.
( Mustn’t say Irish, say Gaeilge.)  Important to an  ant or midge. 
I have met them at close of day, coming with vivid faces **
Flushed with the triumph of outdated, set-in-stone values
Elation gets them higher than smoky inhalation
Their dreamland is a small island, a Gaeilge nation.

I dream of stepping from frying pan to fire

     And  life begins to seem a hoax
     And tiny ants seem  large as folks
     Their fragile egos  higher float with  every  puff
     Tiny magic dragons never seem to get enough
     And from their caves they need a coax 

East is east, and west is best  -  but  in the final analysis

Maybe not enough in either one  to miss
And the caves are filled with fragile ants
Afraid to be seen with  ants in their pants.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .


*These are of course fictitious names. 
**This is the opening line from  W. B. Yeats’  poem   EASTER   1916.  
Yeats is probably one of the 20th  century’s finest poets in the English language.

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When I Dream I Lust

So while I dream of rainbow Neferiti 
And gummy bear Akhenaten her fingers 
Make love to the skin on my back oh
Eternal slumber be my lover conceive 
My offspring on sheets of broken 
Glass run for the demon in me
Has risen his lips pursed in a 
Wry smile my eyes a dark sky
Mistake not these tears for 
Rain but shelter as I salivate:
Yes I can love you but I will 
Break you if you stay a wilted
Flower I shall decorate my table 
To feast on your desires overflow
My chalice with your happiness and
Drink it gladly this insatiable thirst
Drives me to you when I dream I do not
Love when I dream I LUST...

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My Dreams Speak To Me

My dreams speak to me in 
This strange tongue asking 
Questions I wish I’d dream the
Answers to I wish I knew how 
Time could spin this way tell me
Why it’s like this and I miss you
Even more when I see that empty
Spot where your shoes should be
When I feel this empty spot where
My heart should be it’s no longer
There these things my dreams tell
Me to say like I knew I missed you
Before I even met you how did my 
Dreams know to love you before I
Ever knew your pain I’m here to 
Soothe your past hurts yesterday’s
Flirts with danger I’m the man you’ll
Call stranger cause I want you to feel
Things you’ve never felt so good before 
Me just let me un-break your butterfly 
Wings let me love you with rings around
Saturn let me kiss you with his lips the
Man in the moon’s he scribes your name
In star dust and comet tails he wrote you
This poem with sunshine and storms of
Hail your forever I beg to take that 
Punishment day long absences for moments
Tick to and from your morning face I just
Had this dream now it replays again tonight
I heard your voice my dreams speak to me

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High-Reaching Hope Leading Destructive Despair

Being Near
It is impossible to say what Feeling is Stronger
Or just wanting to wrap thou in an embrace for all the comfort that wants to be shown unto thee

This meager attraction that has sprouted dwindles by what you see in another
This case seems to be always present throughout these experiences
A sheer passing of Anxiety courses through when near this conduit of feeling
Of course, even at the Genesis of these feelings it was known what they were
Now, it just grows and threatens to burst at the seams

Ever expanding with every passing memory,
Every possible moment that could take place between the two
Every Glance in this dangerous direction

The Memories
How they haunt and stretch the Hopeful side
Leading to a fantasy that cannot take root in reality
Even if the seed has been planted
The Watering will never occur by both
In the same degree,

The Paranoia is perhaps a more pressing matter
Leaving this dreamer to wonder if their feelings are right in their place
Or just a calamity that is sure to follow these rushing tides of sensations
When your eyes are averted in a more hopeful and dreamy direction
When a more realistic approach is so near

Alas, I find myself in a pattern
Something that has become most vexing
This newfound desire seems much more realistic than the last few
Although, saying that fuels a Hope that should not have, perhaps, ever been allowed to be conceived
With the progression of things these past few moons
That possibility of Hope growing is Becoming More
And More
With it, comes an even greater chance of Despair
That has ever been known 
By this poor stricken soul...

Constructive Criticism is welcomed for this, as well as suggestions that might want to be made.
Please and thank you!(:

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new beginning

In a dark room I hide my face, my shame I know they hate me I know I am different I have fangs and crave blood but that doesn’t make me a monster they can’t see that though... all they see is a blood crazy fiend that’s not what I am so ill go somewhere else somewhere new where they don’t even know what a human is I close my eyes and dream I dream away my life... I can feel my physical body decay many moons have passed though it feels like only a moment and now I’m on a whole different plain of existence my body is different than any you have ever seen or even thought to dream of it’s just the same but in a whole new place where limits are long gone and humans are forgotten humans died many years ago... wiped out by their own selfish wants but this new world is crisp and clean it is fresh and young here I am equal I am 'normal' no one runs or is in fear in fact many wish to be me and I let them... this in my new beginning here I rule here I am all that matters here I am loved... this is my new beginning

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What the Mind Can Conceive-

The Dream.
It is bigger than me.
It has to be,
So that I may see
Where I am going 
And where I have been
And what I must do
To dream again.

The Vision.
It is far and near;
Not fully defined,
But very clear.
Just out of reach;
Within my grasp.
I must look to the future,
Not stay in the past.

The Gift.
It is my reward for living,
For moving forward,
Taking and giving.
Keep my eyes on my goals.
Make it a habit.
The dream is mine.
I will have it!

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                                    Day's dream differs known
                                  Night's one colorful and flown
                                       Dream has no meaning

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I often wonder,
In those fragile moments between dream and waking,
If what I know of good,
And what I I know of evil are what creates the complexity that is me.
Do the two intertwine,
Compacted together so they form some semblance of normality?
Or if they are opposing forces,
Neither winning in a battle of dominance over my psyche.
The later of these two appears to be the case,
Because I'm always the same,
But so very different after each and every passing moment.
Peering inside myself,
I imagine that this is what I would see:

I can be shallow as a puddle,
Growing ever smaller under the summer sun.
Or deep as an ocean trench,
Teeming with mystery.
I can be childish as a girl on her first day of school,
At first too scared to let go of her mother,
And then off making friends with everyone nearby.
Or I can be wise as the old woman,
Seeing so much more of the world in seconds,
Knowing every secret at a glance.
I can be smooth and cold as marble,
Indifferent and never yielding.
Or rough as the bark of a sun bathed oak,
Showing all that I have openly.
I can be harsh as a blizzard,
Searing with my very touch.
Or gentle as a spring breeze,
Playfully whistling in your ear.
I can be sorrowful as a summer monsoon,
Raining torrents until no more will come forth,
Or cheering as a spring rain that leaves a rainbow in its wake.
Of devil or angel,
I choose neither.
Both deny themselves the freedom I hold so dear.
The ability to choose between kind or cruel,
Gentle or harsh,
Raging or comforting,
And most of all,
Between hate or love.
I am me,
No one else,
And all the warring elements that make me are the most ugly,
And beautiful things in the world.
All these and so much more are who I am,
Who I can be,
And what I long for myself to grow into.
As all things must someday,
These thoughts drift away,
Lost once again inside me.
Fading as the night does once it reaches dawn,

For I am in that space between dream and waking no longer.

I find myself seated in Biology,
With my teacher shooting daggers from her eyes,
Asking pointedly if my nap had been restful enough.
And I say how sorry I am,
Scrambling to answer her,
Working fervently until she turns away.
Then and only then,
I smile.,
For somewhere in between heart and mind,
All those things still exist.
Waiting until I can wonder again,
To find them in that space,
Both singular and vast.
 Ever searching for the thing that one calls a soul.

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Ode to Just Another Writer

So finally the book is done
You'd think I had some time for fun
The query letters have been sent
There's some cash left to pay the rent
The mail man comes by every day
He waves to me and goes away
You grab the letters stacked inside
At this point you've got no pride
Ads and bills are all that's there
Do the agents really care?
How the hell do you get fame?
If no one really knows your name
Do you try and make a pitch?
Will that really make you rich?
And who the hell will pay the bill?
If nothing's left inside your till
So do I just go back and write?
Is this not a losing fight?
Can't cut corners anymore
Need my nickels for the store
For fame I'll have to wait awhile
While pushing burgers with a smile
No need to feel both sad and sour
Hey! My pay's ten bucks an hour!

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Blooming Flowers, Beating heart

Touch of love, unknown touch

Seeking eyes, for unseen looks

Smiles of warmth, warming smiles

Blooming flowers, love is growing

Showing without knowing, knowing what to show

Yearning for unity, union is dreampt

Reaching out forbidden, natural outreach given

Blooming Flowers, blossom together

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It comes on so fast like a torid rain
These feelings of weakness and unforgiving pain
To keep them at bay, what can one do
Someone give me an answer, or just a clue
Sit and stare, and just stay out of the way
Too many questions, the familiar:are you okay?
Inside, my heart continues to tear
The constant reminder that nobody will care

Breathe in and breathe out, it appears okay
It's night time now, made it through the day
Sleep comes hard, the thoughts are way too much
Racing and streaming the mind seems out of touch
Inside, my heart continues to tear
The constant reminder that few will care

Waking up for another great morning
Not being able to hide, there's little warning
The flood of feelings pour from within
When will this end, so my life can begin
A life of no pain, or just no saddness
Who can help to stop the maddness
Inside, my heart continues to tear
Surely there's someone who'll care

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Abstract Introspection

Flashlights beaming through the midnight hour
A flash of lightening and burning fire
My mind is ripe
With thoughts for the picking

Shifting to & fro
Finding it hard to let go
Memories revisited
Friends forgotten

Picking through misconceived notions
While listening to the ticking of my heart

I unravel & come apart
Don't dare to try & figure me out
I am a jester
A man with a thousand faces

Always feeling out of place
I pace myself for scrutiny 
The alarm screams
As I awaken from introspection.

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Down the tree of dreams

Down the tree of Dreams
Giving in from too much pain this is the peak this is calamity
We let go as we fall into our oblivion
Weightless we seem now as we stretch our arms like wings
Falling into the cataclysm from our Echelon
For so long now we have hung by the branches of delirium
Waiting for our clinched hands to release
Its thorns scratch at our skin marring the thread of our dreams
The folding hands of time leave their crease
As we climb down branch to branch from delirium to paranoia
We see the clamoring of ideas and feelings
They clank and break down the well built walls of the womb
Devouring dreams of broken memories ever reeling
Distrust you must climb your branches up to delirium
While in linger of paranoia your poison flows
Already set in your path up the tree of madness a revolution
While sanity presses on your reason slows
Content at the base lying within its shadow of recognition
A twinkle of the eye within an intimate stream
Walking the Elysian Fields looking for answers from within
In the glaring horizon stands the tree of dreams
As we stand ready to climb

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She lies, quietly reclining,
Her flitting eyes  
Beneath porcelain lids the only sign of life,
Save for slight rise and fall of maiden breast.
But in her dream . . .
She soars beyond her narrow, provincial world
Where tales recorded in approved books 
Are her only adventures.
Moonbeams beckon,
Luminous trails of stardust swirl
Gilding the fluid pathway of her flight.
She wanders aloft, observing narrow streets,
Foreign to her wide and planted avenues
Where one walks protected, shielded 
From the rough venues of common life;
There dwell
The weak, the halt, the maimed, the depraved,
Those whom poverty and cruelty have crushed
Beneath ponderous feet abuse and hurt cleated,
Seeing an encapsulated view captured by inner eyes
That sense her privileged world
Has lost step with humanity.
Courage is conceived; resolve is awakened:
A Florence Nightingale is born.

May 16, 2014

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For Dr Martin Luther King Jr

For Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
You had a dream
of pastures of peace
where children of all hues mingled like rainbows
they silenced you, but your voice
resounds now in those pastures
not yet of peace
and your dream is still a dream
the dream you dreamt while others slept
you said that you’d been to the mountain-top
and they silenced your voice just then
before your eyes saw that promised land
of pastures of peace where children of all hues mingle like rainbows
now your vision is glimpsed in some pastures
not yet of peace
and yes, they silenced your voice
but your spirit their bullets could never tear apart
your spirit, like your dream
is mingled with the wind in all those pastures
not yet of peace
and until we give life to your dream
those pasture of peace
where children of all hues mingle like rainbows
shall remain simply your dream
so as we remember you today
and pledge that those pastures of peace
are nourished first in each of us
for only then will your dream will take root
and blossom into our shared dream
and the view from the mountain-top,
radiant and bright and full of hope shall seem
where children of all hues mingle like rainbows

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Dreams in slow motion,
Dancing in the lead;
Have you lost control...
Of the long planted seed?
Growing out of refuge...
The flowers in your mind;
Will you draw me a picture...
Of all that is undefined?

Draw them curtained;
Masked in the finest drape,
For reality needs not...
To find an escape;
But to see truth...
Behind these wall flowers;
Reveal to us...
The power of all powers...

For dreams bare nothing,
But hopes unknown;
While man seeks greatness,
To be written in stone.
In a day of souls for sale,
May you dream me perfection?
I have not a single hope,
Scaled in every direction...

Please rest young dreamer,
For we are all the same...
Tied to a faction,
Behind dreams that never came.
For your drawings mean nothing;
When we're all blind...
A sad proclamation...
But it's how we're designed.

This is but a moment,
In the poor dreamer's brain.
So don't forget the ending,
As we're inching down the drain.
Draw me a picture... 
Telling our future's tale;
And he threw me a dollar,
Screaming our future's for sale...

Before I knew it he’d left;
Running away screaming in his depart.
Who would’ve thought...
That a dreamer’s dreams could tear ‘em apart?
Beep... Beep... Beep...
And my eyes, I’ve just opened...
Shutting off the stupid alarm clock,
Realizing the dream that just happened...

The reality of it all...
Trying to put two and two together;
An idea by which to relate,
And changed my mind forever...
That we could all be dreamers,
Caught up in our own dream;
Subject to our curtains,
But never as we seem.

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Reality wasn't what I saw when faced with challenges
greater than I could imagine, and to deny truth I made up
excuses to hide from all; ah! Who was the real loser?
All I had to do was reach out, and not fear the outcome
but my sight was blocked by a thick blindfold,
I was the typical blind man struggling on a cane led by a dog,
not pitying myself...I assumed it was utter fate!

As a bright child with an innovative vision, I had different dreams,
many plans to raise above others and be praised;
and dreaming, I was compelled to deny truth, transforming myself
into someone relying on hope, rather than faith!  

O eyes that once beheld glory, your sky was radiant as spring...
when lovely days led to quite, serene nights!  
O heart that was amazed by the grandeur of creation, nothing was
more gratifying than that sublime moment!
Today that veil preventing light from shining, has been lifted to unfold
a treasure without gold, that treasure wealthy men don't own;
no riches can be compared to this wisdom
learned with there a need to deny truth? 

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This New Life I Found

My words always seem to find a new home.
The journey is easier when you’re not alone.
People reach out to lend a helping hand.
Help me to realize, just who I am.

The days pass and I move down the road
Over the rainbow may be that pot of gold.
First I must dream for them to come true.
What you become becomes a part of you.

As the day goes I slip into night.
The moon and stars are now in sight.
They are like beacons to guide me from dark.
The dogs bite remain much worse than it bark.

 I just close my eyes I am almost there.
I seem to remember I just need to care.
Whenever I slip I raise myself up.
When I have thirst I drink of life’s cup.

Soon the sun rises brings forth this new day.
Maybe the dream shall come true today?
As it shines down it warms the ground.
I look with surprise at the new life I found.

Every day is different though seems the same’.
I step up to the mark because it is my name.
I don’t know the future or where I am bound.
I learn to embrace this new life I found.

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Dreams of Anger

The dreams of anger
Wake me in frustration
Though it was not real
I feel it was revelation

Based on a true story
Situations that I’ve seen
A familiar undertone
That really bothers me

My eyelids flipped open
As I awoke from the dream
Ready to unleash my anger
I had to calm down and breathe

Breathe easy relax
It’s not real it didn’t happen
But it feels real to me 
Because to me it happens

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Within The Labyrinth

I cast my eyes deep down Inside of myself;
I stayed there for hours.

Labyrinthine corridors, I walked with apprehension;
believing my inner child might try to defend itself.

I entered; not to change her but, to help her heal.
Both of us facing the past together; I felt, was best.

Individuation is a process, not to be taken lightly; 
with each successful communing; wisdom is achieved.

Moving forward, we stand strong; 
moving forward, we face the past; 
moving forward, we conquer fears; 
moving forward, we achieve.

To the inner child, we look like the other cruel adults.
To convince otherwise; 
we must perform our own soul surgery with, 
psychological anesthesia.

Too little administered, she walks away; 
too much, she is defensive.
Like every other yin/yang in life; 
middle ground is a meal for everyone to,
eat in peace and harmony.

I went inside with my tool box;
Curious inner child and I built a bridge together;
Everyone enjoyed the reunion.

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River of Dreams

Wandering through the wilderness of my mind
Thoughts circulate like ripples across a stream,
As time liberates beloved, cherished memories
Mysteries unsolvable, showcase wonderments
Adrift in rhapsodic rhythms of a lover’s dream,

A river of illusory rainbows soundless melodies 
Like cascading waterfalls twinkling in sunlight, 
My special rememberings, sail beyond the stars 
Starry-eyed  imaginings,  ephemeral visitations 
Recollecting the heartstrings of life in the night,

A bystander to my soul’s impermanent odyssey
O’er a lifetime yearning, forever standing still,
Journeying thru waves of tormented dreamings
Happenstance’s tempest-swept, jaded plaything
Often dispirited and care-laden against my will,

Tis a wonder life’s wild-eyed dream continues
For this lowly heart at the crossroads doth jest,
Midst a whirlwind of angst, waiting to exhale
In darkness happens rescue, a serenade of light
Along mystic highways forever hoping to rest,

In an ocean of galaxies this aweary spirit soars
Like the moon majestically agleam in the night,
Against life’s monolithic challenges hope rises 
As rivers of living waters celebrated daydreams
Jubilantly and blissfully dance in the starlight.

© Eugene Harvey

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Living the Dream

Wouldn’t it be weird if when you woke up this morning you were twenty years younger and you realized that the past twenty years of your life was really just a dream? If that happened to you what would you do? Would you want your dream to come true? Or, would you change a thing or two? When reflecting on your dream would you be disappointed with how things turned out? Would you have wanted the you in your dream to have made different decisions or followed a different path? Perhaps, to those people who died in your dream, you would have wished you were a little bit nicer; or spent a little more time with them; or taken the time to tell them how much they mean to you. Well, the fact of the matter is the past twenty years of your life were not just a dream and you cannot relive those years and do things differently. But, you do control the next twenty years of your future dream. If you wished you would have been nicer start being nice today. If you wished you had spent more time with your children I am sure, even as adults, they would welcome spending time with you now. If you wished you had read more pick up a book. In the years that are ahead you can say, “I love you”, to those not yet dead. If you wished you had achieved more it is not too late today. If you wished you would have been more charitable the needs are still there to be met. If you wished you would have written more letters you can start by writing one to me. No, those last twenty years were not a dream, but you are now living the dream of what comes next. Learn from the lessons of your yesterdays and don’t wake up tomorrow, wishing things were different … instead … make them different. And now, as I bring this poem to an end I hope for you a new dream can begin.

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The Dream Snatcher

One night, I heard a creaking sound,
Opened my eyes- nothing was found.
But I felt dizzy the next day;
Something had been taken away.
I got up, sat to have some toast,
Daydream about all I love most;
I tried to dream with all my might
But realized something wasn't right.
No dreams would come into my head,
My dream ability was DEAD.
I told my friend about my plight,
And the strange creaking in the night.
He shook his head with great dismay,
'The Dream-Snatcher's been round your way.'
'The Dream-Snatcher? Not heard of him!' 
'Prepare for a story most grim.
He has no shape, cannot be seen
And does something so very mean,
Creeps in at night, and through your ear,
Sucks out your dreams, and blows in FEAR!
You then can't dream when you've awaken,
With no clue of what's been taken.
Instead of dreams, you're left with DOUBT,
Once that's in, it's hard to get out!'
'What do I do?' I cried in shock,
'How do I stop this dreaming block?'
My friend replied 'We must begin
By not allowing doubt to WIN.
In order to keep him at bay,
You must shout "DOUBT! Please go away!
I want to dream! I want to hope!
I believe there is an endless scope
To what I can do and achieve,
All I have to do is BELIEVE!"'.
I copied this, with one last shout:
'Good' said my friend, 'now tell me WHY
You can now bid this doubt goodbye.'
'Because I'm ambitious and smart,
Because I have an honest heart,
There's nothing standing in my way,
I have one life- let's seize the day!'
I felt a tingle in my brain
And in my heart- was I insane?
My friend said 'By your flushed red cheek
I see DOUBT's started to feel weak!'
'But,' I said, 'what if I fail?'
'FAIL's a word you EXHALE
Out of your head, out of your life,
Believing that word ends in strife.
Passion and the will to succeed
Are the two things in life you need.'
My heart began to tingle more
In a way it hadn't before,
'Wow!' said my friend, 'look at your face!
It's red! It's smiling! Now there's space
Where doubt once was, for DREAMS instead!
Dream away, pretty, fill your head!'
If a Dream-Snatcher comes tonight
To snatch your hopes right out of sight,
There's a friend who sometimes seems shy
But when you need him, is close-by,
called CONFIDENCE- Conny for short,
I'll leave you with this final thought-
Dream BIG, dream with limitless height-
Meet that Dream-Snatcher with a fight
When he comes for your dreams tonight.

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Savage lies, mercilessly spoken,

battering emotions, a heart exposed, nakedly open,

companionship was all that was sought,

not blue-chip bonds, hastily sold and bought.

The bonds I sought were simple,

peaceful nights, scribbling verse in unseen black,

delicately caressing words of love, my fingers tracing poems, over the contours of your soft back.

It saddens me to say, my thoughts were dreamed in vain,

and it grieves me see, the ashes of our love,

floating down the streets we walked,

scattered in the rivulets of this night’s pouring rain.

Alone I scribble this paltry verse,

the darkest of nights, in the midst of howling storms,

and though I may heal some day,

the memory of the ashes of our love,

floating down the streets we once walked,

shall remain buried deep,

until my dying day

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Paranoid Dream Poem

 vast jungles of flesh
 giants of monotony 
 these intellect crushing beasts
 disguised gardens of deceit
 from a petri dish poisoned by mutant chemicals
 what's left of the beauty transforms to become wings
 sometimes I wonder if I should speak of these things
 who could be listening in?
 breathing the thick air of lost opportunities
 crying heavy tears of expired love
 witnessing a higher form of intelligence
 undeserving of humanity
 and my frail sanity
 who could be listening in?
 time to destroy the evidence and move on

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I placed a stone for you..... 
in my stream 
For, you are part of this dream 
You are part of me too 

Tumbling stream 
Tumbling dream 

I placed a stone for you... 
in the tumbling stream 
I saw this in my dream 

This stone for you 
I placed next to mine so 
The tumbling stream 
Tinkling water flow 

Tumbling stream 
Tumbling dream 

I placed a stone for you.... 
In my stream 
I flow around too..... 
in my dream 

Sun filtering through 
Tinkling water so 
Touching me too 
Bright water flow 

Tumbling dream 
Tumbling stream 

This magical force 
This bright water course 
Gold touching silver too 
This sun filtering through 

In my dream 
I placed a stone for you.... 
by my tumbling stream 

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One Pen One Page One Dream

Some say I write the truth.

They say if I sell my work my bankroll would skyrocket to the roof.

I say writing is just an everyday thing for me.

It's not a job; it's more like a dream for me
I do it out of feeling, I do it for fun.

I know when I have a child my gift is going to be pass down to my son.

I'll tell him everything starts out as a dream.

All it takes is one dream it seems.

To make a poet all it takes is one pen.

To start a book all it takes is one page.

But to make a great poet it starts out as a dream it seems.

I know what you're saying, what do all this mean?

To be a writer like me it takes one pen, one page, one dream.

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Our Bodies

The limitations slither over, around
In the gravity and measurements
The slope of my breasts
Pores sheening like rosy suns
And my brain, the quantum guide
The source of my vector
Allowing me no more room than the universe
As I sense that it is all mine
But I am nothing

I belong to the whole of civilization
But so do they, to me

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Lapse of Existence

As nightfalls come to fruition

Leaving room of conditions

For dreams to strive

And before dawn breaks

Memory ceases to create

So to mediate

Our corporal world

Into transient capacities

Of unborn fallacies

To mitigate now’s journey

Into sanctuaries bearing

All fruits of now’s nativity

In proximity to the ability

Of mystical remnants

Encompassing clear disordinance

When no clue of commandant has risen

To prove indifference

To whom

No one, not here, not now

As priors fall apart

In the discard of somber triumphs

Where cyclical is met first hand

Unlike tombs

Where nothing is apparent

And the rest


on wonder

-Salvador Martinez

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Tribute to Love

The sunset quivers
on memory’s sea.
Reminiscence dreams
of you and me.
Mellow tones
in golden hues
jazzing the steps
with hidden clues.
Reflections move
in quavering depth.
Dreaming for me
is a forward step;

There’s room
in this boat, now,
for more than we.
You’ve become
the memory
of how it should be
With true love
a reflection,
ever following me
I’ll launch 
from this shore
into life’s sea. 

© Debra Squyres

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My Secret

As I sit here tonight,
Like so many nights before
I realize that behind me now
You will soon walk through the door

So many nights I’ve sat alone
And in my heart I would debate
Because there was no one coming home
And no reason for me to wait

But tonight, I wait for you to come
When you finally make it here
When your working day is done
And I can once again feel you near

Perhaps I haven’t told you
But I think that you should know
As much as I hate when you leave
I love it when you make it home

And there you are, I hear the door
And I turn as you walk in
And every time I see you there
I feel those butterflies again

You come to me, with a kiss
And ask, “How was your night?”
I am thinking inside me
“Now that you’re here, it’s all right.”

Though I forget at times to say
How important to me you are
I hope you truly understand
That I love you with all my heart

Because as I sit here in my chair
And my back is turned to you
I wipe away a silent tear
Because you are my dream come true

So if sometimes I seem distant
And you wonder why I cry
Know that you’ve done nothing wrong
It’s just the pain I hold inside

Because I do not feel worthy
Of the love you give so freely
And I wonder how I would survive
If you ever were to leave me

I know this isn’t what you pictured
When you came to give your love
And I regret so much that’s happened
And often feel I’m not good enough

You aren’t what makes me feel this way
I just want so much for you
And inside the reason for my tears
Is that I’m not your dream come true

But you should know that deep inside
There is so much love I hold
And at times it overwhelms me
I wish I could let it show

But until I can find my strength again
And can share these words so true
I hope you truly understand
I am so in love with you

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Ronin 25

hindsight if only clearer in my future my present
still sitting here upon weathered rock warmed by years
of summers sun only now can I give reflection
to the tree that sways in the breeze ebbing and flowing
in the wind of my thoughts
past memories a boy with a dream and desire
following the rising sun and daring to imagine
something outside of his world his preordained future
a goal not granted a thought riding on the coattails of
a samurai’s dressings a moment to be more than himself
before fate crashes the dream onto a rock of reality 
and a broken man sits down beside a stream
reflecting upon a weathered rock

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This Fragile Dream

I once dreamed of being loved 
when i could give love and have in return 
but this fragile thing is just a dream 
and so i let it burn 

I once dreamed that i was someone 
i had a name and lived in a better place 
but this fantasy was fragile still 
and so i had to show my real face 

Behind the mask I clung to a dream 
a dream that faded in fire and pain 
my fragile dream is lying broken on the floor 
and never again will i ever be the same 

No more smiles and naive bliss 
tragedy of reality had given me its loveless kiss 
no longer hiding in a dream of friends and family care 
this fragile thing i once had dreamed 
has become the inescapable haunting of a never-ending nightmare

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Sometimes life seems like rough a road
And successes are so very few
But sometimes were guilty of looking a head
We take our eyes off the present view

We can’t see the future that awaits us
But we can hold on what we have now
And once we learn to appreciate that
The future will find its way to us some how

I don’t have a masters or collage degree
In fact I never been to school since age seven
But I educate my self with everyday life
Like respect, sharing, honestly and giving

And knowledge that I have come to possess
It helps me in my poems and story telling
And I know I make a lot of mistakes
For I was never good when comes to spelling

It don’t matter the level of our educations
It’s the kindness and respect that will follow you
Every one of us possesses great powers
To help others dreams come true

A little act of caring shown to the needy
Can pave a road that leads to prosperity
And if our kindness can change their lives
Isn’t that using our knowledge to help humanity?

And while we all hope for a future so bright
It will not be wise to let the present slip away
For we will never find that dream tomorrow
If we don’t wake our self’s today

I have never ask for much out of this life
But one day god sends the girl I dream of
And she became my present, and my future
My wife, the mother of our child, the keeper of my love

And I remember me father saying to me
God sees all, and will reward us for what we do
And if he was here today, he would have been so
Proud of having a daughter in law like you

There’s so many dreams floating around us
For every one dance to a different music
So don’t look to a future that you can’t see
Because by doing that you might have just miss it

The word respect means the most to me
It’s the most powerful word of them all
For if we don’t have respect with us
Then we don’t have any knowledge all

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Distantly dreaming

Distantly dreaming of a life that has passed
Running and dodging the shadows it cast.
Life flies by, seems it moves way too fast
I hope this feeling grows and that it shall last.

Distantly dreaming of moments yet to come
I envision myself outside standing in the sun.
I see who I am and dream of who I shall become
The weight on my shoulders, it feels like a ton.

Distantly dreaming I just close my eyes
I see myself flying so high in the sky.
Moment like the breeze simply pass by
I feel there is no one luckier than I.

Distantly dreaming of reaching new heights
I give it my best it shall take all my might.
The past is behind but it has taken a big bite
A cold wind awakens as I pass into the night.

Distantly dreaming I just wish on a star
I see this big moon and it doesn’t seem far.
The light shines down to reveal who you are
I shall jump higher, for someone raised the bar.

Distantly dreaming I’m right back at the start
I’ve seen it before so I remember the part.
I see all before me with this dream in my heart
The memories become the glue so I don’t fall apart.

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White Light

Search lights

Fright night

Driving through the dark

Lost within a dream.

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Looking Down Into the Valley

                                                       Looking Down Into the Valley

                                                     Looking down into the valley,
                                                     I close my eyes and dream.
                                                     I dream about a different world
                                                     For things are not as good as they may seem.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where there’s peace and harmony,
                                                     A world with much less violence
                                                     And much less conflict for all to see.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where all can make ends meet,
                                                     A world with much less hunger
                                                     And one where starvation we defeat.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where there’s love for me and you,
                                                     A world where people care
                                                     And are helpful to others, too.

                                                     Looking down into the valley,
                                                     I dream about a better day,
                                                     A day that brings us joy
                                                     And happiness in every way.

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Musings of a Blind Man

Can I walk the roads alone ?
Why am I this scared ?

Do I fear torture
Or pain ?
What if I fall down ?

What am I doing now ?

Is it better to live alone
Walk alone
Aware that peril beckons
When you walk alone on the road
Braced for it.. and careful enough ?

Or seek help from the company
Ok…let me travel a bit
To a country with nice, friendly people
They all take so much care…
But when it comes to helping me cross the
Road… why aren’t they helping me ?

Oh… I’m not the only blind man here…
They can’t see me….

What do I do now ?
Ah…let me go to my own land
And seek help
They are not blind
They’ll see me
And help me

So, I go…

On my way
I have a dream…

I walk the road
People willingly hold my hand
Walk me down the road
I tell myself happily… “why didn’t I come here earlier ?”

Half way down the road
Heavy traffic
And the effluvium
Suffocating me
Suffocating my helper too
He runs away

I wonder
He probably is getting
Too affected by the fumes….
Or… doesn’t he like my hand ?
My perfume ?
My smell ? …
What did I do ? …

I hear a kingsized motorbike…
“hello there.. how are you doing ?”
“you know that if you are found on the
middle of the road, you shall die”
I splutter… “but..i am blind…”

“Blind…and you crossed half
the distance…who are you kidding ?”
“Where’s my gun ?…”


I thought I was just blind
Now I couldn’t hear anything
I couldn’t smell anything
Not even my favourite perfume
The one that I was wearing that day
Hey… I couldn’t think…
How wonderful my friends would say…
The blind guys’ uninformed talk…

But somewhere in that deep sleep, I realized that my dream was reality…
For neither can I see a dream nor reality…
Everything is…
Blind men realize it half the way down…
And pay a heavy price…

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I've sat through countless therapy sessions
Depsite contrary belief a child can experience depression 
for acting human they had labeled me bipolar and damaged 

told me having emotions was a disadvantage
But I insist the crazy are truly sane
how could you be rational when life's insane
times passes and everything will change
for better or worse the expected will be rearranged

Exposed to the truth that our society is a cage
you grow up accept your fate making minimum wage

I saw the world for what it was at a young age
Dreamt I'd be a writer, but knew no ink would ever fill the page

Life is not measured by dollar bills or cheap thrills
Nor by the number of earth's hills covered in garbage fills
The American dream starts to make sense

when you're tangled in that white picket fence

Caught up in all the magazines

like brainless chimpanzees

trying to imagine a world without purpose
where the delusion of god is believed by the surplus
Comparing our lives without compromise
the devil promises vices hastening the demise

spoon fed fairtales that lead us along

genius now prostituting themselves in Honk Kong

Follow the light until it grows dim
starve your dreams until they grow slim

that dying torchlight once kept you so warm

now it's flames engulf you like a swarm.

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Some seek for something that would never be theirs.

Some fall back from life because they're scared.

Some go through life with people telling them what they can't do.

I know because I'm just like you.

But I live to prove people wrong.

A dream lives within everything.

A happy or bad home.

A happy or sad song.

But who really knows what the word "Dream" really means?

Well I do.

Doubt Really Encourages A Man - D.R.E.A.M - it seems.

Living to prove someone wrong that's what makes a dream.

Wanting to be something greater then you are, that's what makes a dream.

To try to live to help your family, that's what makes a dream.

Never let anyone tell you what you can't do.

They're mad at what you can do.

Make a name for yourself -  see me, 
the name's  Young Gifted.

Because I been in this game so long I'm known to be gifted.

What I'm trying to say is if God gave you a gift use it.

Let the haters talk.

And keep your dream alive.

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Tramp on the Street

When I fell asleep
I felt a light breeze
While fluttering somewhere in the sky
I was someplace very high;
I saw the world from the other side
With snowflakes covering the ground
And a lonely tramp
Freezing like a hound

Sitting on a sidewalk
With a candle in his hands
Staring in its flame
Memories were burning away
About friends, about chores
About the wet pavement
Getting to his bone
About warmth long gone

Then I felt cold and knew that
Space grew between him and me;
Away from the breeze
Far from the place so high
He was now out of sight and
People surrounding in a crowd
Forced me to shout

Awake on the sidewalk
With Mercedes petrol and heels around
I had to get myself in safety
The night had worn me out
This street now looked obscene
I was the tramp, there is no doubt

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Do You Fancy The Fallacy

Bring me ye huddled masses no more.
Bring me ye poor, ye hungry no more.
No more yearning freedom, no room on the shore. 

For that dilemma is a domestic case now.
Our own tired, and poor, to the man do they bow. 
Same accord we all share, though be it veiled. 
More brazen than Romans or Greeks could be scaled. 

For our branches have spread from the atlantic on east.
From deep down in Africa, to the mid east not ceased. 
Spreading so thin, like butter on toast.
Losing our substance, occupy every coast. 
Liberation the veneer, “freedom!” they boast!

Attributes of an empire decaying inside.
From a view it is grand, but look in, sight the snide.
For the tempest is here, though most lie in snore.
The door actually golden, with freedom it poured. 
Now gold is the shell, what’s inside; ignored.

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Lines in the sand


I wake this morning, not sure where to start.
I just feel this void that’s inside of my heart.
I must still go on, yet don’t know if I can.
Sometimes I get lost, I don’t know who I am.

The sun comes up and brings forth light.
I feel fortunate to have escaped the night.
The dream keeps playing inside my head.
The signals are changing from green to red.

I know I must dream for them to come true.
Demons still haunt, though night time is through.
I feel like a stranger in some distant land.
As I bend down to draw a line in the sand.

Each time I draw one I say never again.
I see the last time and remember when.
I keep crossing over, yet don’t understand,
The wind blows erasing the line in the sand.

So I try to hold on to what does remain.
Though it's familiar it can’t be the same.
I wonder of life and playing this game.
I grasp for the answers yet know I’m to blame.

I resign to the fact I must be just tired.
I gaze at the clock my time has expired.
Many things don’t turn out as I had planned.
I bend down to draw another line in the sand.

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    by Amy Swanson, 2008

If you still think of me
      the way I think of you
              I wouldn't mind
                    if you just said hello...


If you dream of me
      the way I dream of you
              I wouldn't mind
                    if you said you missed me...


If you care for me
      the way I care for you
              I wouldn't mind
                    if you said you need me...


but if you love me
      the way I love you
              I wouldn't mind
                    if we left all unsaid... until 


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Keep on Dreaming

As a child I used to constantly dream
But as I grew up, people shunned the very thought
They say that it's nothing and won't do a thing
Not if you want to get ahead in life
It was then that I began to follow them
But then I realized that they were wrong!

I'll keep dreaming as well as smiling
Because I know that my dreams are...
My driving force behind me
If I lose sight of them, then I'm done
But I won't let such a thing happen again
Because these dreams... make me who I am!

I know that you used to dream often
But somewhere down the line, it disappeared
Its ok to dream for it doesn't make
You any less mature
Don't let what anyone else says to you
Just follow your heart and open your mind, dream!

You can just dream! Don't worry
Just let your mind take you to new heights
It doesn't matter what anyone says
They just don't understand what we feel
And that's frankly just fine as is
Because those dreams... make you who you are!

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What is this thing called life,
working and struggling
no end in sight
what ever became of the dreams that were me?
Where am I,
who am I,
what shall I be?
Fulfillment is the dream sleeping in the cocoon
awaiting the rebirth of the child
who still believes in the man-in-the-moon
somehow safe,
until the sun arises to awaken the child
and sparkle off the dew of hope
that keeps the dream alive.
Fulfillment shall be mine one day, and the dream,
so sweetly nurtured,
will burst forth on wings alive with vibrance and light, 
and the setting sun will no longer
bring fear of a life left undone

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Thou' Trapped In Wrong Surroundings

Addicted to dream 
Although failed many times 
But some of them came true 
So want to dream more 
Without a dream can't find any aim 
Without aim can't move further 
Although slipped many times 
But some times succeed to forward 
So want to put effort again 
Although trapped in wrong surroundings 
But only positivity of family 
Always motivates to keep on trying 
As this is the way to teach 
A lesson to negative factors 
That I'm not discouraged 
But grew stronger 
As so much hindrances can't 
Affect me to stop 
And I keep on enjoying the life 
Which is beyond the dream of theirs 
As a peaceful time can be caught 
By a mind that sustain confidence 
And confidence remains where 
Positive approach sustained. 
An approach to win the competition 
With superior competence 
Otherwise the fulfilled dreams 
Can't give a peaceful reward 
Rather the memories of victory 
Will remind inferiority 
And your celebration turns into 
Celebration of others' superiority. 
Those others whom you wanted to defeat 
And believe you did. 

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The Girl Next Door

I peek out the window looking for a glimpse
while hiding as I don’t want to be seen
And I fantasize about the girl next door
and I wonder what my actions mean
I sit and dream watching others come and go
all the while sitting in my chair
Though I once had the courage to go speak to her
I’m now afraid and it’s not fair
I have a drink and light a smoke
and watch this girl next door
and I wonder well what could happen if I just said hi
and the answer makes me hide some more
I chastise myself for being weak
as I sit and write out my feelings in prose
When in my mind I’m walking over to her
and introducing myself with a rose
But that’s not what I do as I seldom mingle now
and my neighbors think me a terrible bore
And right they may be and though here I still sit
I dream of talking to the girl next door

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swimming with the stars

swimming with the stars

when I dream 
I dream of swimming
in a sea of stars
far off in another galaxy
to the left of mars
far away from
country western and
heavy metal bars
it is place where
my hands and feet
drift away from me 
slowly and webbed
frog fins replace them
my life is happy
swimming amongst 
the shooting stars
a place where men
can never hurt
me ever again
an ocean of quietness
surrounds me as I 
swim around gracefully
brutal men don't
crush me and hurt or
bother me there
they are not allowed
I go to float around 
and  think
I can twirl and whirl 
around as much as
I like until I turn
bright pink
swimming amongst the
stars is a better place
to live for me 
far away from
stupid men

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In a kind of dream I had

In a kind of dream I had even though I was awake;
Doom was looming in the air with every step I take.
  There with-in a building a festival began;
  What no one seemed to notice was the genocide of man.
Over in the corner revenge appeared as cause;
while fear loomed in the shadows permeating pause.
  Anger stood before me yelling"now ain't this all a mess;"
  Deception laughed incessantly and said "don't worry you are blessed".
People were all waiting to find a place to stand;
As the captain of illusion dealt a crocked hand.
  All about the room delusion was for sale;
  With objects that would block the light or a substance you inhaled.
The merchant with His entourage sat there dealing flesh;
Claiming that the goods He had were guaranteed as fresh.
  All about the room He showed His pretty things;
  What no on seemed to notice, on their bodies there were strings.
I tell you it was crazy the things that I did see;
I couldn't tell you what it was and I doubt that you'd agree.
  Mean while I am standing here wondering where to go;
  But consistency is just a place, I'm not sure that I know
Was this dream reality;
Was this a dream at all?
  What is this term normality;
   A number we can't call?

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The Coming Light

The dream of a day that will end the night
And the birth of a cloud come to see the light
Such tales will be told as our hearts take flight
Such power we find will be true inside

The dream of a storm that believes our pain
Only enters our minds when it starts to rain
Such tales will end once we see this game
That such desperate things start when we still blame

The dream of a darkness replanting seeds
And the end of a heart that held every need
Such tales that were spoken became disease
And such painful times end our clarity

Awaken the dream that recalls our minds
That we feel with our hearts through our open eyes
With such timeless tales surrounding life
It’s hard to believe that we could be blind

A new dream is found in the gathering rain
The love that I feel now speaks my name
And the eyes that reflect speak a million pains
But this story can’t end until it starts again

The dream of a day that began with night
We will live again through whatever skies
The tales of timelessly taking flight
Is the truth that I find when you are my light

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those old dreams

After dawn has malingered through my window
I lay my swimming head down
and as I drown I dream of you.
I dream you walking towards me
and echo of things said
in dark explosive nights
which in the sober day are made real and whole,
I dream the poetry of the greats rising from your mouth
which I once knew
and silently I cry out and out
I do not love you.
I fear those around me 
bodies finally failing 50 hours after our excess began
hear me call out my denial drenched memories.
I wonder now if they watched 
my face when I dreamed
would they see yours?

I find myself in a new town
with a new place to hit the floor,
and yet still i run towards breaking point
in all the beautiful damagin ways I know.
I wonder when you are truly gone from me 
from my vessels 
from my veins
who will I blame
when my body finally caves once more.
when the boundaries crumble.
when the dark is no more my friend.
when the night fails me.
when once more I find solace only in savegery. 
when my heart expires.

You have not seen me dancing on the ceiling of the room.
You I fear will only remember my eyes dark
from those dark days
forgetting our blazing nights.
So I inhale, I swallow down somethings
I will not choke.
Forgive me if I don't eat
If I loathe sleep.
Its the painful normality 
I want to escape from.
Its things long gone I crave 
and cry for
when at last I hit the floor
and my own foolishness closes my eyes for me.

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The Dream Portal

The Dream Portal 
The Dream Portal 
It was a fancy building very large several stories tall an old mansion 
Very similar to something from my past perhaps a large wooden plantation 
house where many slaves were quartered after the rich white folks died. 
It could even have been a ranch house from the days of yesteryear when Long 
John Silverman the Lonesome Stranger lived. The lady whom eye love was in a 
costume dress and ewe found a matching hat like ladies use both purple dyed in 
woolen splendor the facade of the structure of the place was painted puce and 
purple peeling from abuse of years in westward weathered SUN shining from 
the desert EAST. It was she descending spiral staircases 
Admired at by the many puerile longings of the man who loves her still? 
 Resplendent in her glory long legs move slowly incased in purple dress where 
soon she met the GHOST of friendship past a man she knew while he was yet 
living looking for the day of funeral. He was searching for the memorial that most 
men crave they want remembrances. This story is a true version though the 
name of the ewe is kept a heart secret. This was ewe dream a portal if ewe will it 
came to be told by me through longing olde. 

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Last Night

The thought comes in a storm.
An aging tree falls into 
the soft heart of sleep. 
The dream grows from 
the shards and 

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More Than Dreams

There are so many things to live life for.
It is always nice to keep an open door.
There’s so much to dream and hope for
Some dreams die but there’s always room for more

And it is nice always to keep an open door.
Let your heart and mind soar and be free.
Some dreams die but there’s always room for more.
Since life can give us more than dreams.

Let your heart and mind soar and be free.
And live your life the best you can.
Since life can give us more than dreams.
So work hard and make your dreams come true.

And live your life the best you can.
There’s so much to dream and hope for.
So work hard and make your dreams come true.
There are so many things to live life for.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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                                          Dawn brings day's dream
                                                Dusk of the night
                                               Some one's wrong
                                            and of some one's right

                                              Dream of open mind 
                                                and of open eyes
                                              carry on aspirations
                                                 doses to live life

                                      Wonderful dream is always sweet
                                              makes life to live quite
                                             boosts up to go ahead
                                            no destruction no twist

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A Cowboy Remembers 9/11

Two proud peaks rise up from the range,
Like a dream we all have of heaven—
They soar above white clouds and sky—
A remembrance of 9/11. 

New York’s a far piece to ride to,
But folks all know what happened that day—
When those twin towers both came down
And there wasn’t much left then to say.

There’s always some that mean you harm,
Out on the range or down by the creek—
And there’s a time to take a stand
And not to just turn the other cheek.

There are those that only want talk—
And those that say we should cut and run—
But that ain’t my America—
Americans always get things done!

A strong purple haze is rising
From the plains and cities of the earth—
It’s called American spirit—
It now reclaims the rights of our birth.  

Two proud peaks rise up from the range,
Like a dream we all have of heaven—
They soar above white clouds and sky—
A remembrance of 9/11. 

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Forest Phantoms

A will forlorn without release
The things forgot still bring disease
A dream of man to want a war
The nightmare comes, but I still want more

Shifting shapes stalking through night
To my surprise, I’m frozen in fright
The darkness climbs up to the sky
Upon a tree with fixated eyes

Nameless things speaking of death
A place that sings without any breath
Time now fades into one truth
The darkness stalks; it waters my roots

Tears and stone are what I’ve become
The creature grows, but then the sun-
….Nothing there because there never was
The light breaks through and now I can walk

Forests die and forests awake
A void will thrive until there is day
A dream of man to want a war
The nightmare ends when the sun shows us more

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Untitled #171 / Ten minutes

Ten minutes of solitary free time
at the end of class, they’re correcting their tests
I have nothing to correct
Oh! Dream of physics!
Oh! Dream of astronomy!
Oh! Dream of Chinese thought!
Oh! Dream of writing!
Oh! Dream of love!

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Easter Eggs

Woke up from a dream in which I had been the target of abuse. The image of him 
crouching at my lovers door, wanting him more than he wanted me punished my 
whole being all day. In the dream we were caught but the larger horror was that 
the act betrayed everyone but him. I longed to get out of that dream and to feel the 
pain fade away. It didn't fade all day.

I'm never alone these days. I live on my own and I walk on my own from the 
house to the shops or the webcafe, but i'm never really alone. It's like an 
appreciation of something else happening inside me or slightly behind my faded 
eyes. When when I am naked I am wrapped up in it and it gets harder and harder 
to breath through it. On the television someone is bleeding inbetween sex. We 
are all tubes. Now they are crying after the sex with the blood on their hands and 
lips. My blood is inside me, watery and thin and longing to be warmer.

I spoke to him on the phone just to see if he was alive. He starts every call I make 
to him by breathing as if he hasn't opened his mouth or his nose all day. Aware 
that I don't have to call, he perks up knowing that I have, but reminds me with his 
lack of words and his sipping that the only person who could pick up the phone 
to answer my call is him. I wanted to tell him about the dream, maybe to seek 
forgiveness for my inside-self stopping his abuse by allowing my own. I wanted 
to explain about the ghosts I'd chased and the horrible image of the crouching 
man, old skin hanging off rubbed elbows. Instead we talked about tobbacco and 
other passing things. I'll call him again later just to check that he's asleep.

The person on the television has the body I used to have. He reminds me of the 
fullness I used to feel when I ate and the intensity of feeling I used to be capable 
of. All day I have wondered about the value and reality of those feelings. We have 
all been born to die, to pass through things and pass away. We are all walking 
eggs, unfertilised and incapable of change. I want to reach out and interrupt the 
man walking on television and caress his youth and tell him things. He's 
smoking and i'm smoking and both of us are acting, one reflecting the other.

Easter Sunday when things were unborn and shells were walked upon deftly. 
Isn't it funny that the more complex things become, the less we talk and the more 
we understand.

The neighbours plodded and stomped loudly, either unaware or too aware of the 
necessity of night time.

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So what do you think is life ?

Does  it  mean  just to survive?


If u never thOught over it,

I would like to tell u a bit.


Its not merely existing my dear,

Your  own  voice u need to hear.


Some good advice I’d like to give,

This is how I learnt to live.


I took life too seriously,

and God gave me misery.


I held it too tight,

and I couldn’t see the ray of light,


That God beams on all his children,

to help them out of life’s burden.


Then I left it too free and didn’t have any dreams,

God stopped helping me, as it seems.


Nothing affected me, I was indifferent,

At that  moment , a message was sent..


God said to me, here come to me,

You have nothing to do on earth as I see.


I was afraid, I was tense,

I wondered, “ Does my life make any sense”  ?





On every little thing, I was crying,

On all petty things, I felt like dying.


There was no inspiration,

just congestion.


Where am I going, I thought,

Thru all these years, what have I got ??


What is it that I finally want to achieve?

What is the dream that I just cannot leave?


I must have a dream for which I shall fight,

At that instant, I saw some  light.


The light shone on me,

It still helps me to see.


Whenever I’m lost,

in the life’s frost.


I know my destination,

my heart is filled with elation.


Now , I am ready, walking steady,

towards my dream, towards my goal.


I feel so complete, I feel so whole,

I had the courage to look into my soul.


And if you don’t have a dream, you are trapped in life’s mist,

You are not living ,  you just exist.

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Significant Terms

What a man can achieve?
What a man can learn?
Everyone has participation
Into a different direction 
But all are running a race
Accidentally or luckily,
Having a meeting with new faces
Fresh introduction
Always a learning process
Pointing out a healthy distance
Measuring the needs
Growing a wide range of appetite 
Conformable and comfortable
A dream of beauty
A dream about satisfaction
A pride on achievement
A banishment of neglects,
But a life can do
It is a story of warm blood.
Sex grows in everybody
Sex is only a power
That identifies a hidden beauty
And woos a fragmented desire
A desire of living
A desire of enjoyment
A desire of progress and prosperity
A desire of goodness
Until a hope is alive
A life feels its livingness
A motive for aliveness,
What is a Life?
A limited period for living,
An explanation of needs
An achievement of supplies
Significant terms of spending
Can identify
In past, present and furute.

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The dreams I dream make me feel, the dreams I dream make me seem real, 
when they die and leave me alone, can I make it on my own?

Without my dreams who will I be? So afraid to look, so afraid of me... The mirrors 
have lied and told me what I wanted to see, now tis only a shadow that’s left of 

 The mirrors lay broken and glass shards fill my room, reflections of a past lie, in 
the light of the moon...

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Counting into Dreams

Gently my thoughts find their places
Through the drums and past dark spaces
An over-thought of panicked races
I close my eyes and count their paces

Alleviations, inner changes
Congregating me in stages
Deprivation of my rages
I count their signs and see the sages

Lighting me with every wisdom
The universe becomes decision
And through my flowing I see visions
The dark and light seek out collision

Every dream that I can measure
Becomes a claim of evil pleasure
But every dream that I can treasure
Cleanses darkness through true weather

Into breaths of deeper meaning
There comes a place that I’m believing
Reaching into further dreaming
The love that fills me knows no deceiving
Even counting back, I’m never leaving

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Your Knight

With faded, severed notions
Darkened skies
I count the years that I closed my eyes

With fearful sensations
I open my mind
I see the monsters taking their time

With life overcast
I sense a storm
I let the screams come at me like swarms

With dreams of a shadow
I dream I’m real
I dream the sun can never make me feel

With visions of the daylight
Visions at night
I visualise a demon taking my sight

With mirrors all around me
I bury my mind
I stay away from others before they can find

My faded, severed notions
Reasons why
The blood red oceans and darkened skies

My dreams of a shadow
It’s not real
There is no sun and I could never feel

Darkness speaking through me
The sacrifice
I take my seat and gather the night
I take my throne and name my kingdom ‘your light’

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My quiet reflection.......... 
With the coming of the night 
My quiet reflection 
Upon the sea of moonlight 

Upon the sea of moonlight 
My journey through the night 
There is no darkness to fear 
for ,the light of the moon is here 

Soft silver moonbeams......... 
More than I can dream 
Guides me through the night....... 
My journey upon the sea of moonlight 

The night wind blew......... 
Filling my sail.......... 
Filling me too.......... 
on my journey's trail 

The night wind blew 
Far in to the night 
The night wind blew 
Upon the sea of moonlight 

For,the sail never flapped 
It remained steady 
The night wind trapped 
Every gust........... 
Every eddy 

Witnessed only by the night 
The silent crossing 
Upon the sea of moonlight 

Within all our dreams 
We all take sail 
Under moonbeams 
The journey's trail 

The night wind blows 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
Before dawn 
Before the sun rose 
The coming of sunlight 

The dream world 
Travelled at night 
with the sail unfurled 
Upon the sea of moonlight 

For some... 
The journey never ends right 
For some.... 
Time to leave the sea of moonlight 

Your sail, to catch moonbeams 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
To travel, in your dreams 
Pushed far into the night 

My quiet reflection........... 
With the coming of the night 
Your quiet reflection 
Upon the sea of moonlight 

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Endless Chatter

Do deaf people hear their thoughts in words?

Do blind folks dream in color?

Do desert dwellers dream of rain

and Eskimos of Summer?

If they're no cobs, who makes their webs?

What keeps huge ships afloat?

And don't you find it creepy, too
the sideways eyes of goats?

I'm sick of listening to myself!
That voice inside my head,
incessantly rehashing
the buried and the dead.

How do people meditate
and silence all their thoughts,
while mine's in constant chaos,
fighting battles long since lost.

I pray for peace and quiet,
but the talking just goes on
and sometimes throws in pictures
like a slide show all gone wrong.

I fear that even death won't stop it
and I will not be free,
bodyless but chattering
into eternity.

That would be Hell to be alone
with ME for company,
with nothing to distract my mind
like books or a TV.

No wonder people turn to drugs,
maybe that stops all the noise,
but one can't stay drugged up constantly,
can't survive in such a void.


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She Dreams Away

she speaks in silent whispers
of an intimate dream inside her
the secret passes between syllables
as the night descends around her
she talks into the darkness 
like an old friend it awakens inside
to see her in all her beauty
and like the wind it blows her mind
she sees all the way through
as the other side opens wide
to receive her innocent gaze
and smiles with all its might
she stares into the mirror
waiting for it to reveal its truth
it retains her subtle glowing aura
and tells her the secrets of life
inviting her to fly away into infinity
she smiles and blushes so sweetly
without a word she is whisked away
into that dream she has held inside
the fantasy becomes her reality

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If When Morning Comes You No Longer Love Me

After the moon is full
When all dreams have taken their vows
When all wandering spirits loose their confidence
And all serenades have been doused

If by some dark unfair miracle 
You awaken and you view me
And with distaste you turn from me
I will bare it, this I swear

Cast away your thoughts of blame
Because like stained glass all dreams are
Hiding everything at night that shames
But with sunlight, fatal, so hard

No one's fault but mine, I admit it
Behind your beauty I was hiding
And the blindness that daylight takes away
All the mirrors with sadness will be crying

If when morning comes you no longer love me
All the mirrors will be shattered
Your eyes will no longer reflect me
And in the darkness I will scatter

I will lay down with dreams in vision
I will dream you still belong to me
And that dream will be my prison
If when morning comes you no longer love me

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Untitled #197 / Awake

Awake from a dream about gangsters
it’s Friday morning, I’ve slept in
it doesn’t really matter
now I’ll dream about her

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Dream Catcher

Watch the dancers
as they whirl around
Listen to the beat of
the drums
Will the dream - catcher work?
Move with the beat
Let your heart feel the rythms
Join in the dance!
A symbol - a sign is what you're 
waiting for
The dream - catcher will let you know
when the time is right
The ancients knew it 
So should we
Dream - catcher  - listen to our
Let our fantasies live!
Once feather points north
Shows us the way
to our ultimate destiny

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Perfect Mirror

I am a perfect picture
The background bloody skies
The centre full of angels
But the foreground steals their eyes

A massacre of demons
An agent with a smile
The scars depict an empty vessel
And the shroud depicts denial

I hold a dream of hatred
I raise my glass to hope
I promise I will wake up
When the darkness throws a rope

I am a perfect poem
The words were never there
Only people standing silent
As the paper makes them stare

A silence full of reason
A tear for the cost
Every second they are breathing
Is another meaning lost

We held the dream of hatred
It poisoned every hope
We could promise that we’d wake up
But we’d need to steal another’s rope

I am a perfect mirror
I reflect what you’ve become
I am the disconnected
If only so I never turn and run

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Only my opinion, KMA

I am in an oncoming negation of civilized un on going socio passionof an unforgiving remnant that seems to conscio-consider a pre existant pro com promise that if u have a co existant chameleon critter that u must be ongoing and in confluence with socio banters that be in order to sub stance a child like endeavor for all instances to roll forward, regardless of racial renderings to fit the a, anti, sick sorential senderings of a supposed sound surrential governmental succulent sound sentient signal that we all love all who love all and all who love all, and OMG, where does it all end??? Take me to a piss done pasture where all is sublime, negate, and nil in terms or socio silly centerint addicts aplenty and all others thinking ??????????????????????? gs that make me a nil nothing encompassing the never/nor/endeavor that the exo. ill-expanse uncovers an unknown entity casmerizing, olfimising, nllfamizing, the ever intro entragant manufacture of reinfimilcongrates an interactionary miligrant cautionary entrails,  lessening any momentary fovent fighter fat syndrome
unhendering solitary kinesthetic romantic conundrums pillow passive in their anal resistance regardings a royal retard round circumference due in PI calenderic counteances math meth revered reviled. Hey can u tell me the answer to all things??????????????????????????????????? I don't believe it. Sorry. U would look good on a cross. Keep the faith inside yrself, look deep outside, consider all existence and then open yr mouth to evolution.

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Once I Had a Dream

Once I had a Dream
but Now that Dream is Gone from Me
I Slept Away through Night and Day
but Away my Dream Fled from Me

Once I had a Hope
but Now that Hope runs Thin
still I Pray to God far Away
but Pray I Dare Though that Hope runs Thin

Once I had Love
but Now that Love is Dead
she is Slumbering under Stone and Wondering
why Slumbering Angels' Loves are Dead

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caffeinated dreams

ask me what i dream at night
when all the world's asleep.
ill tell you how i relocate 
in valleys young and deep;
of far green lands and gentle hands
and gardens full of life
of spring's rebirth in gentle earth
and music from the fife;
the daylight hours, filled with showers
warm, and rainbowed skies
of innocence, and further hence
all purity implied.
but as i dream i stand and seem
a sideshow, set apart.
i watch and gape and scratch the nape
while beauty breaks my heart.
the music plays, the sunlight grays
but im not fit to dance.
a fear of all, and sure to fall
id never take the chance
so ends the day, i slip away
and waking calls me back
to foggy eyes and distant cries
and creaking joints that crack.
two worlds denied their bridging bride
though one thin strand connects
my dreams at night and waking light;
one point where they transect.
my dreams i tell but think not ill
if they are but half true
for fear of chance forebodes my lapse,
and my thin strand is you.

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Tinted Thoughts

In all my dreams I dream of you
they're dimly lit with speckled blue
in moments that I hesitate,
breathing softly...  stop... and wait.
With foggy head and crackling eyes
my room is filled with saddened sighs
Even as I dream my way 
I know that here I mustn't stay
For dreamers die before their time
and lose themselves in simple rhymes.
So fight I may with all my might,
gripping fingers, bloodless, tight
to clear my way to the present day
with a weeping wish that I could stay
But hazy eyes must open wide
with knowledge of the things I hide
My day ahead still tinted blue
remaining always, thoughts of you...

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A Time

I dream of a time
A time when life was simple
A time when family was everything
And friend's were forever
A time of slumber parties
And boys being gross
I dream of that time
Where life was carefree
And my heart was never broken
Life's not so easy now
Now is a time of angst
And a time of depression
Now is filled with heartbreak
Girls look at guys and see love
Guys look at girls and see sex
But when guys look at me they see 'different'
They see a girl who scorns their attempts
And view as unworthy
That is my now
And why I dream of a time

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Please never tell me when to give my eyes away
Joined in hand and for every fading day
Please never tell me to give my prayers away
Joined in silence and in every dying way

Please never tell me when to give my heart away
Joined in the circus of the words I'd never say
Please never let me ever grow unknowingly
To join in hands with everything that just can’t be

Please never tell me that you’d die without me
Never tell me when you just want something free
I’m not the angel of your misshapen reality
I am the demon that made you kill yourself not to see

Please don’t rephrase the darkness that befalls you
Through conflict and fire we find what pulls us all through
Like the dream of a fish that killed itself by drowning
The dream of an earth that killed itself by frowning

Never give up and let the darkness overcome
The light at the end makes up for everything we’ve done
Please let me walk and never be overrun
But your hope has disappeared and turned our light into the sun

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Be the Night and Feel the Light

I look for beauty in all its forms
Seems I can not find it
But dark confiding in a heavy storm
My eyes are blinded
My breath will compliment the sounds
My heart has found it
I sigh as I hit the ground
Then I will dream about it

I look for fear to return my strength
I need to know I’m here
Force it into my arm’s length
Its hate will try to steer
 It seems that I cannot leave
I hold it far too dear
My heart then starts to bleed
It seems I found my fear

She dies every time I look
My belief is testing
My spirit thrown in the muck
Now my mind is resting
I cry as I read my book
My past is urging
I die as my soul is shook
Now this life’s converging

Drug me and contort my mind
I let the storm become me
I dance as I hear the rain
My soul is so free
Dark light and a force unkind
I am what’s trapped within me
I reap as I feel no pain
But I can no longer breathe

Rain fades and storms must end
It seems I could not know this
I smile whilst I must defend
Lies are fought with days kiss
Beauty is within white light
My nights have gone without this
I fall as I cannot fight
My sigh has now become bliss

I look for beauty in the ways I know
I see that I believe this
Experience and the light will show
I can only cry within bliss
This dream is a test on faith
You must find this within you
I saw and I have become
I can only feel truth

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Another day that brings a whisper
My ears have been deceived
 A dream that said I miss her
It brings a passion for disease

Screw me, make me helpless
Just kill these thoughts and stay
If only my lies weren’t worthless
She’s a dream and far away

Is it too late for love to help me?
Is love even a truth?
I see my mind has made this clear
There’s nothing now that can get me through

All these people make me angry
Let’s trade some angry pain
Seems deception makes them happy
I hope you choke on your vain

Take out my eyes and kill off my reasons
Kill my anger too
I feel I’m out of season
There’s nothing left that can get me through
Just take back time and let me touch her
I’ll fall into the sun
But soon it’s time to wake up
Soon my dream is done