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Inspirational Dog Poems | Inspirational Poems About Dog

These Inspirational Dog poems are examples of Inspirational poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Inspirational Dog poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |


By ears and whiskers, ain't no more
A sadder thing that being in the dog house,
On a rainy day.
Make no bones about it, when momma's
Mad I'm hanging my head low.
Jo dirt has nothing on how bad this hound feels,
But honestly instincts roller, over road wisdom's,
Howling, but I'd mean it dearest sweet mommy.
With woofs and kisses can I  make it all better,
It's lonely on this side of the doorway.
With you out there and me in here.
Kibbles my bits I'd give up my
 Monthly allotment,
Of bacon bits for a true heart felt,
That a good boy one more time. 
If I could I'd bring you a beer,
Just to see that frown disappear.
Perking these two ears up to here,
Your laughter ring out at bed time.
Or a soft whispers friendly voice, speaking
Good night dear old friend.
All four paws down I won't do it again,
Cross this canine's fury little heart.
But the rain keeps falling,
As outside the sunshine is calling,
Our names to be together,
There's no tears like these rainy days.
So I'll sit patiently,
For the sun to rise again in your heart,
When ever that maybe,
Because simply put I'm loyalties pup,
Just waiting for you to bring me 
On the right side of 
The door once more.
To sit beside thee again.
A companion and dearest friend,
Always letting the sun to shine down
On us forever more.


Details | Limerick | |

Bow Pow

<                                    cakes and sausages on hot griddle
                                      uncle Leroy's dam dog just piddled
                                      slipped ~ slide across floor
                                      grabbed shotgun by front door
                                      now dam ole dog just plays an fiddle 

                            bow bow bow bow bow bow bow        bow ~ wow 
                            ow ow ow ow ow ow ow                       bow ~ ow 
                            with   tail    between     own  ~              legs 
                            now    dog    sings  ~    and  ~               brags
                            about cousin's daisies's  bad                 bow ~ pows

Entry For John Freeman's
Slapstick Limerick Contest
Gl All

Poor Ole Dog LOL

Details | Free verse | |


My lovey Labrador, and dearest companion 
It's you I adore,
A gentle softness in those eyes so wise,
Beyond her years, a wisdom’s understanding,
Is she whom once saved my life.
Pitch black as the darkest night, Miss Midnight,
Lying next to me, keeping safety’s vidual.
Crossing the heart's unreliable beat, my heaven
Set assist girl, comes to the rescue,
Alerting me when I'm at risk.
Daddy's sweet darling, apple of his
Eye, no pooch could match
 Their devotional love, for one
Another except mine.
A drop-off fugitive, left alone to
Fend for herself as a puppy.
We two my husband and I, fell
Head over heels for misfortunes
Saddest of stories.
Little to realize one day she'd
Do the same for me, so it is
Truth within itself, that fate
Does move in mysterious
Shes not a family pet,
But a member instead,
We love her as if she
Were always one of our
Own, and she'll always
Have a place, in this world
To call home.
Whom needed the other
The most she or I, it matters
Not, for now we have
Each other, and really 
Isn't all that counts.
Loves bond forever, two spirits
United, within the heart.


Details | Limerick | |

Who Let The Dogs Out ? { The DogGone Dog Contest}

<                              tell me now   Who ! Who ! ~  Let The Dogs Out ?
                                bet Carolyn pulling them by snouts ......
                                fleas ...  ticks....  she started to itch /////
                                screaming  sons of  a  ....... b .i...t...c....h
                                poor neighbor's dog now takes different route
Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
The DogGone Dog Contest
G.L. All

Details | Abecedarian | |


Always and forever
Beyond what I could ask or think
Compassion that was selfless
Dared to live life on the brink
Every time I'd call out
Friend, you came running to me
Grateful to be needed
Heaven's gift you served humbly 

I never could have imagined
Just in the nick of time
Kindness would take over
Love was on your mind
Mary's condition was terminal
Needs complex, we were in despair
Overwhelmed we're desperate for you 
Poof! You appeared out of thin air

Question me if you really must, but
Resist the urge to doubt
Serendipity had shined on us
Treasure that was furry and shout
Understand the legend is true
Valid in its scope and scale
Wag is real and came to assist
Xerox of hope with a dancing tail

Years from now he'll be caring still
Zenith of peace and my Mary's thrill

*Inspired by Shadow's poem on Wag

Contest: Shadow's "Abecedarian Poem"
Date: 8-31-14

Details | Sonnet | |

The Broken Girl-not me

Is my life not tortured enough for you to see? 
I am broken as can be. 
My heart is torn. 
My tears stain these perfect floors.  
Why are singing with glee? 
Why do you not care about my every plea? 
I am trapped in your arms. 
I am the hopeless moth. 
How did you pick me? 
What is it that you see? 
A girl untouched by life? 
A flower blooming in the desert? 
I have said goodbye to my loving integrity.  
You took that from me through R-A-P-E.

Details | Rhyme | |

Life's Difficult Situations

Life can bring many difficult situations!
Often, there’s really no explanation!

No matter how smart or how wise,
Things can take us totally by surprise!

We can often find our life off course.
Many times, being driven by a “dark force.”

I know that it’s hard to know what to do.
Especially with what you
 may be going through!

I can’t think of all the right words to say…
To help you make it through another day!

But there’s someone, I can ask you to turn to!
He loves and is most concerned about you!

His name is Jesus!  The almighty God is he!
He’s committed to you now!  And for eternity!

He’s the one that you can trust and lean on!
And is someone that you can
 certainly depend on!

Won’t you give him an opportunity to help you?
He reaches out his hand!  Because he loves you!

He is the source with an eternal heavenly treasure!
He can completely fill you! 
 Beyond measure!

The decision is yours!  A choice to be made!
There’s nothing for Jesus what’s worth the “trade!”

He’s everything that any of us can ever think of!
And can do more for you!  Than you ever dreamed of!

He’s the alpha and omega!  The beginning and the end!
Won’t you allow him to be your
 savior and friend???

By Jim Pemberton

Details | Prose Poetry | |


Awaken me, Lord.
Open my ears that I may hear the voices,
Of those wo cry out for help.
Let me not be deaf to their pleas,
Lest they perish, because I would not hear.

Awaken me, Lord,
That I might make a difference.
Open my eyes that I may see those who suffer.
Let me not be blind to their needs,
Lest they perish because I would not see.

Awaken me, Lord.
Clear my mind that I may undersrtand the plight,
Of those who cannot help themselves.
Let me not be ignorant in my comfort,
Lest they perish because I was thoughtless.

Awaken me, Lord.
Open my heart that I may truly feel,
For all who suffer and have need.
Let me not be cold and unfeeling,
Lest they perish because I would not care.

Awaken me, Lord.
Loose my hands that I may reach out,
To those for whom You have suffered and died.
Let me not be lazy, or fearful of what others might think,
Lest they perish because I would not reach out.


Once when I was out walking I heard a dog screaming in agony begging to be let inside out of the cold. I just laughed to myself saying to myself that the dog was acting like she was dying out there. I paid her no mind sense the dog wasn't mine.
Later when I passed by again all was quiet. I figured the owner had let her in.
The owner wasn't home.
They went to school and to work forgetting the dog was still outside.
Just because it's an animal that doesn't mean they don't matter or "don't feel pain like we do". Pain is pain and it HURTS. They feel it like we do they just can't tell us because they can't speak our language but they speak in every other way if we will just listen.
That dog died in agony because I didn't listen and her owners FORGOT ABOUT HER.

Details | Rhyme | |

The Rescue

Throughout the animal kingdom, 
There are commonalities, don’t you think?
One of the strongest among them
Is an inborn maternal instinct.

She wouldn’t leave her litter
To go outside and save herself;
Instead she stayed beside them
And barked and howled for help.

He rushed into the burning building,
Not sure of what he’d find;
The smoke and fire very thick,
Making him practically blind.

He followed a path to the sounds
Of the barking, howls and yelps;
Being a dog owner himself,
He knew he had to help.

He found them in the laundry room;
A mother dog and her six pups.
He used an empty laundry basket
To pick the newborns up.

She stayed close to his side
As he led them out of harms way;
He checked out each of her little pups
To make sure they were okay.

Sometimes we wonder if animals feel
The same emotions that we do;
The lick she planted on his face
Sure felt like gratitude.

Throughout the years this fireman
Had rescued many souls,
But the rescue of this dog and pups
Is the one he most often told.

NOTE:  In verse 5, instead of "mother dog" I wanted to use the accepted term for a 
mother dog - "b_tch", but PS would not accept that word - damn, I mean darn!

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

Therapy Session

Some folks would tell you that a Demon 
Lived in all of us

A rapist is a thief 
Some public defender isn’t smarter than his client
One is not required to serve as a juror: on every case
With that in mind:
To create a mental trend is easier.

A train to the plane;
It’s really surprising to find 
A hockey player who is tame
A police officer with all his fear and anger
A cook without a kitchen: Is like tango without jingo
A philosophy without any gaps

The new breakfast drink debut
Ice coffee in the morning
Mocha latte` all day
Please don’t interfere with what work
To help us during the day

I am a woman that follows the warmth
A tree that wouldn’t blossom 
 it's worthless creation?
You can eat tree bark 
While the lark 
Build its lowly nest
On the ground

A philosophy without any gaps

Details | Rhyme | |

Her Cancer's Howl

The savage dog barks from the distance
Like family history, representing cancer's deadly hold.
Her courage provides defence with strengthening resistance
While the dog runs boldly through the blistering cold.

As she struggled to get through mind gamed work,
The dog continues to howl from an eerie spot.
Pain showers her like thunderstorms beginning to lurk
Over the horizon; her cervical cells starting to rot.

With concrete season over, hope takes a push
From a devouring disease. Tears shatter her pace.
Now that savage dog rustles in the bush;
She cries with a smile dying on her face.

Fear is growing exponentially like accululating snow.
With her emotion dwindling, the dog imposingly strikes.
Patience, now a task like watching dead grass grow.
Lasers or radiation, the key to flooding dykes.

That courage mentioned before unfolds and presents itself
With questionably undefined power just like a Terry Fox run.
Her yielding sense of overcome drenches all including oneself,
Now that savage dog dead; Cory has dangerously won.

With her spirit completely fufilled to life's brim,
That deadly howl quietly remains true and grim.

Details | Free verse | |

the new me

The New Me. 

From today I shall only write fine poems
go to the local poetry reading club and
be adored by female fans.

Honey will drip from my lips and I will 
wear flowers in my hair and there will
be a flood of happy tears. 

In Paris I read poetry about the Roma 
people and the plight of the Palestinians, 
the silence still rings in my ears.

Details | Rhyme | |

A Man's Best Friend

There was no one to talk to
No letters he could send
There was no one for him except
His dog - his only friend

He came home from his job
And started dinner around six
He sat down with his pet
As she showered him with licks

Sometime around eight o'clock
The dog began to bark
Alerting him that it was time
For their walk around the park

People passed them by
And never said a word
No one ever smiled "hello"
No kinds words ever heard

The dog looked at her owner
As if to say, "so what"
Who needs any one of them
Each other's what we've got"

They walked back to the house
And started settling for the night
They then went up the stairs
After he turned out the light

He climbed into his bed
The dog had followed close behind
This was their favorite time of day
When they could both unwind

He asked the Blessed Mother
To protect him and his pet
Laid his head down on the pillow
All his problems he'd forget

He hadn't even realized
As he held back a yawn
That somehow he'd forgotten
That the burner was still on

The pilot light went out
And fumes were filling up the room
The dog had sensed a danger
An impending, fearful doom

She tried to wake her owner
But the man just wouldn't budge
All her barking was in vain
He wouldn't move upon her nudge

Just then a blinding light appeared
The Virgin at its core
She nodded to the dog
And raised a finger toward the door

The dog had found the strength
To pull her master by the sleeve
Dragging him across the floor
And out the door to leave

Once outside the man awoke
His dog right by his side
People rushed to tell him
That he had nearly died

The man could hardly fathom
How this tiny, little mutt
Had pulled a man ten times her weight
Without a scratch or cut

As they walked back in the house
And passed the statue in the hall
The dog had stopped and cocked her head
When she heard the Virgin call

What the owner didn't know
And couldn't see as it unfurled
Was Mary reaching out
To pet the dog and say, "good girl"

Details | Rhyme | |

Salem Mass

They should change the name, to Dog City,
from ye ole Salem Mass,
there's a dog on a leash, walking a human,
everywhere that you pass,
we have great urban stores,
and ghosts and witches galore,
salem mass, is a gem,
in Massachusetts north shore,
there are many stores of consignement,
and stores of upper refinement,
we have sandy beaches,
and plush green parks,
you can swim in the ocean,
without getting eaten by sharks,
haunted happenings in the fall,
people come from all around,
so much to do, you'll be enthralled,
you may even get spell bound,
so if Salem's dog city, sounds good,
come by and visit us,
you can travel here many a ways,
by train, or plane, or bus.

Details | Rhyme | |

Are we evolving?

How can this be, I think to myself,
My life is now changing, ever changing.

Sensing myself lifting into the air and no longer upon a shelf.
New dimensions, I seem to be forever transcending.

Not only me but others likewise, building something new.
As if they are also headed for better days.

As I read the scriptures I see something commented upon but by few.
Which shows an evolution of mankind out of his daze.

I see mankind coming out a dog eat dog philosophy
And headed towards a spirit of cooperation in life's forward struggle.

No longer, trying to grab what the other has won with such difficultly.
But, creating something of one's own with one's own skill, so surely.

Then standing back and smiling as another creates something new and great.
Then once again we all move forward again, inspired by each other's new day.

Then one and all can admire each other's great feat.
Where one and all can with pomp and circumstance run out and play.

Details | Blank verse | |

Transparent Force

The transparent force that shelters me from those things
In which I do not believe,
Opening my mind’s eye to alternate dimensions, 
new worlds, and undiscovered mysteries,
That as of yet, I do not or cannot perceive.

Or perhaps, just perhaps,
It is that journey into the twilight,
That travels just beyond the unseen passages of a dream.
Madness Redefined

My anguish of consternation,
Invades the remaining mass of my weakened bones.
It is then, the reflections,
Of my mysterious illness,

Ignites me to madness of determination.
It is that moment, that I undergo the challenge of change.
For all that I touch, all that I taste, all that I believe,
Must now be redefined.

Details | Free verse | |


Echoing against the alpine valley's deepest depths,
In the timbers hear their thunderous voices,
For they are the spiritually liberated, the kindred 
To the restless spirit of the wilderness.
Our native brethren guardian, hollowing unto 
The night moon above, singing the chambered
Music of solitude's paradise.
It is a  mournful cry, a haunting rhythm of this
Unchained melody, sung by a forest creature
In isolation the wolf, whom was born wild and
Free, behold the untamed survivor, living
From tooth and claw.
Running within the illumination of the full
Moons glow, do these night devils patrol,
For foods raw hunger drives this kinship's pack,
On the basic instinct to thrive and survive.
Loving mothers of fur to kin, nuzzlers their youth,
Covered in the blood of satisfactions hunt,
For it is the law of the ancient, that the strong
Live on wards, and the weak of the herd thinned,
By deaths teething predator.
Shadow stalkers lining the snow banks of ice,
Waiting to ambush with speed and stealth.
Wilderness chameleons blending within their
Natural habitat's forest realm, in their eyes 
Gleams the spark of freedoms beauty,
And within the beast, beats the wild heart
Of liberation, no longer lost in isolation's
Paradise, for the lone wolf has found
His kindred path at last.
Listen to the echoing voices from mountain
Top, to the distant peaks beyond, howling in
Unison, for tonight the mystical forest is alive,
Stirring with the songs of the wolves, singing
In happiness unto one another, in the timbers.


Details | ABC | |

Am I Near Heaven

Am I Near Heaven.
A little boy and his went for a walk on Wednesday.
They came up on a big mountain that touch the sky.
The little boy said," we are going to climb up there today!"
                The dog barked.
They climbed for miles and miles. Up and up. Towards the sky
When they where almost to the top. He looked down to see the town.
As they climbed higher and higher the town became smaller and smaller.

When they got to the top. All they could see was clouds.
He could hear the birds below but no trees he could see.
He turn to his dog, a friend indeed, he asked with a look of need,"  Am
I near Heaven?"
   For just days ago his mother had died. and he wanted to be near..

Details | I do not know? | |

For Maya Angelou

For Dr Maya Angelou

Vanquished by the day one may be,
Beaten down by the barren night.
Faltering at times,
at times upright.
Still one stands.
One still fights.
For though one falls,
One must rise.

Details | Ballad | |

Low Man Is Due

A low man is due...
My eyes seek reality,
My fingers feel for faith.
Touch clean with a dirty hand,
I touch the clean to the waste.
I fall cause I let go,
The net below has rot away.
And I cry to the alleyway,
Confess all to the rain.
But I lie straight to the mirror,
The one I've broken to match my face.
The fire is so warm,
But nowhere safe from the storm.
And I can't bear to see,
What I've let me be.
So wicked and worn.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.
So low the sky is all I see,
All I want from you is forgive me.
My eyes seek reality,
And my fingers seek my veins.
There's a dog at your back step,
He must come in from the rain.
But you bring that poor dog in from the rain,
Though he just wants right back out again.
So my fingers feel for faith,
And my eyes seek reality.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.

Details | Free verse | |


The thin gray man 
pulled his truck to the
edge of the greenest part of
the field
behind the church.

He adjusted his cap
then carefully unloaded 
the plastic fences, 
marking poles, 
and the orange traffic cones 
in the middle of the field.

With calculated moves, he had set out
the apparatus
to prepare his dog for
the upcoming trials 
a short
time away.

Adjusting each item,
checking their position and height
just so, 
pacing off the space
between the cones and white stakes
measuring here and there 
to be sure.

His black and white Afghan
jumped out.
The dog followed his signals
and moved
over and around
the folding fences, 
weaved through the
orange cones, 
jumped the hurdles and
got a treat and
and encouraging word
each time it was right.

The rain came suddenly
but neither the man nor
his dog neglected their 

The next day, at the same time,
almost exactly,
he returned.
This time
with a tall, shiny, black poodle.
The routine was a little different.
The poodle 
more advanced, quickly
ran the gates and wove its way through the cones.

Each received their reward in time.
The man, filled with pride.
The dogs 
filled with 
soft praise 
and biscuits.

Details | I do not know? | |


A dog that gave a barking sound.
A  girl that ran to her mum.
She tell’s her mum can I sleep here today.
Her mum agrees they sleep together in a cold night.
A puff of air that disappeared.
The girl see’s it she tries to wake her mum up.
Mum it’s here again the puff of air.
The dog left the house and never came back.

Details | Verse | |

A Wallet

Last year in winter, 
When he was ready for job,
For many days a little dog comes,
And scratches his door.

He goes out hurrily,
And went off without a notice.
But today morning, suddenly,
His feet were stopped.

Last night was a snowy night,
Snow has covered all low,
And high surfaces, the slopes,
Were dripping to make a noise.

He had seen a scrunch,
That was streaming under the snow,
He was surprised that dog was lying,
On a icy floor and the eyes were closed,

Quickly he picked him,
And put him front of a fire,
After an hour, he started breath normally,
When he went for out he also jumped back.

He scratched snow and picked a wallet,
The same that he lost few months ago,
And he blamed to his wife,
She was annoyed and left home.

I never thought you shall come back,
When my mum hand me over your flowers,
I were delighted to inform you that,
You had your son last night. 
It is a miracle, he shouted loudly. 

Details | Verse | |

Aunty Curly and Tom

Aunty Curly was knitting a scarf,
She opened a book and wrote it half,
A mouse was running under book rack,
A cat was after on the same track.

They never bothered someone is in the hall,
They were playing as a player with a ball.
A dog was sleeping on a sofa chair,
A cat waits for him when mouse goes there.

She felt anger when mouse turned this time,
Aunty was murmuring a poem in rhyme.
She heard a noise something was smashed,
Porcelain was on the ground and it was cracked.

She bought it last week that was so nice,
A thing was scattered on the floor that was rice,
A container was lying on a one side,
A lid was hiding a lampshade’s behind.

But a dog was still watching laid his head,
He hasn’t noticed anything as he was dead.
Aunty was annoyed she pushed the cat out,
When she came back she also has a shout.

You are lazy dog why did you n’t stop them?
You are mastermind you did that scam.
Get out from the chair don’t cry for food,
I always bothered you disturbed my mood.

I was willing to finish my scarf very soon,
I hope to wear in a party to night’s moon.
You lost my temper I shall punish you,
Don’t come back it’ll punish you if came through.

Why did you co-operate a cat with a mouse?
Who will pay the fine if you don’t pay my loss?
She brought a brush and cleared all mist,
A Chair was empty nobody was on its rest.

She received a letter council was on raid,
Keeping the entire stray dog in a street laid.
She was terrified and jumped out in the street,
She didn’t saw her Dog that was on a beat.

She rushedly closed the door and ran after him,
Dog was in the park after the food has no blame.
When she called Tom where are you?
Dog didn’t listen to her and walked on his crew.

Aunty was after him he stopped on a pool,
The lads were catching fishes it was very cool.
She again asked Tom come with me to home,
You are silly Dog why you are tearing Tom.

She embraced him and came back home,
She cleaned his seat and put new foam.
You are my family member don’t feel shame,
I am getting old that’s why is my blame.

I am on pension and can’t walk a long,
You need to supervise when happens wrong.
I also banished the cat but she is normal,
You always mind whatever it is formal.

Details | Free verse | |

Sleeps in Sleeps

I slept,
as if I was a dog kept,
sleep was long and deep,
in future,past and present it peeped,
I worked hard and slept,
in my sleep,
as if I was a dog kept,
sleeping inside sleep was not new,
but I slept inside second sleep,
again working like logging woods,
and slept,
again like a dog kept,
I do not know how many sleeps made me sleep with in,
But I was in coma,
and behind layers of sleep,
it was like a fog web,
that had crawled all over,
and wept,
a jerk made me wake up,
the web collapsed,
and reality came in focus all wrapped.

Details | Quatrain | |


Upon the falling leaf
There exists a little ant
Falling slowly to the earth
Held within His hand

Out, in a darkened jungle
From a leopard, lemur got away
Helped up to a higher branch
To live at least another day

Somewhere, in a desert
A prairie dog and a snake
The dog had escaped the danger
No life, for serpent to take

Think for just a moment
As to how they got away
There must be someone watching
And helping them on their way.

In life, there is a presence,
Though at times, remains unseen
Isn’t it nice when this presence
Sometimes intervenes?