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Haiku Summer Poems | Haiku Poems About Summer

These Haiku Summer poems are examples of Haiku poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Haiku Summer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Adieu Summer

Adieu Summer
cheeky red roses silky scarlet skirts sashay… final summer fling

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summer's lavish brush
canvas stroked in billowed swirls…
daydreams framed in blue 

-16 Jun 2014-

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Ripe Mangos

Ripe Mangos
overripe mangos falling from a pregnant tree- worms ready for feast

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green leaves shadows dance
sunshine blinds curious eyes
dripping popsicle

1in 4 - Choose your season, Choose your form

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Haiku 60 - Indiana Summer

 	Haiku 60 – Indiana Summer
	orange roadside lilies
	rural splendor
	elephant’s eye corn
	no tassels yet
	endless green soybean fields
	rich farmland soil
	a strange beauty
	stark yet soothing vistas

	For SKAT – OZ’s “summer poems” contest...

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breezeless summer day - motionless on lily pad frog waits for victim

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midday sun

                                     midday sun....we cover....our shadows


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Ice Cream

Round the silver bowl 
The handfuls of colored snow 
Sprinkled with mallows

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haiku 5

an old baseball
soars across blue sky--
broken glass

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haiku 6

clear cool blue water
the sunshine hot on my back
flip flops in the sand 

©donna jones

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haiku 9

plump ripe blackberries
drops of morning dew glisten
forgotten basket


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Very hot season
Vacation time for children 
Time to take a swim

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Sheep Life


         in shade of oak tree;
         sheep gather for siesta
         whilst their lambs play

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Surf Therapy

Mother Ocean please
Send me waves of such beauty
I need Therapy

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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Haiku - Written June 25, 2014

every leaf stands still
cold raindrops pelt hot pavement
beast rumbling in sky

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Summer Waves

Pirouettes to shore
Dancing in the summer heat
Awake and alive

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symphony of crickets
performs for the night
hunter stalks it’s prey

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Summer Haiku

across the seascape
visions infuse with sunlight -
footprints wane in tide 

summer waves roil sand
eroding lines and dunes –
salt water stings wound 

Summer’s orbit ends
fog chills exhaled breath - 
a lone ship calls   

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Along Came A Spider

I watched the spider
   Spin her web soon mate would die
        Babies will be next!

I think at one time we have all wished we were like a spider
Eat the mate, kids....  Let freedom Ring!

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The light of hot fire
Burns brightly through the day sky
Warms the soul and flesh

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Gleaming Rifle

The Gun was gleaming
Flashing in the summer sun
Confidence of steel

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summer storm

momentary flash
silent white arc transforms night
thunder breaks the calm

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sunny summer

sunny summer sun
everyone sweating, resting
but not the poor man.

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Haiku 39

steam rising
off hot metal -
a dog lifts his leg

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haiku 6

waves of giggles

and the scent of coconut – 

city splash pad

*where we spent today. I was actually shocked to smell coconut, because most children's sunblock doesn't have any. But there were some moms sunning, so.... still, I actually froze in midstep, inhaled and smiled... BLISS!

Another verbless... I'm liking exploring the concept of verbless.... I do INTENTIONALLY use words that COULD be a verb if I rewrote lines, 

Life. Busy. Tiring. GOOD! 

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a summer garden
pastel hats, large umbrellas
tea leaves and gossip

Dave Austin 

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Haiku 82

	Haiku 82
	barefoot summer boys
	hot asphalt streets bubbling tar
	blister careless feet


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Summer storms

Sultry sodden sky
Stifling stickiness release
Sudden summer storm

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new moon

new moon
midnight thunderstorm~
bright as day

July 31, 2014

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Prelude to summer-Whipsy Winds

salty sea mist 
seized by winds...
dance ensues

craggy boulders...
timeless watch

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Mood light and sunny Ready for some good party Dancing in the heat Nights clammy and wet Watching stars till midnight Love making so fun Days bright and so hot Out is the bikini suit Seas invite me in!

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Haiku 112

	Haiku 113
	waxing gibbous moon scudding chiffonclouds drifting 	downwind										

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Summer Breeze

Summer breeze blowing
soft, gentle as silken touch
caressing my skin

In the summer sun
summer breeze feels like warm mist
as it whiff my face

Gently my hair falls
its long strands flying loosely
like feathers whirling

It briefly passes
leaving a faint memory
a touch of summer

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Water Droplets

water droplets string on Cape Reeds next summer’s thatch roof
Poetry form: Lune (a type of hiaku)

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Cherry Blossoms Jamboree

Cherry blossoms bloom; the townspeople sing, laugh, dance: hope springs eternal.

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Summer Magic

midday summer storm
sunburst plies its charmer’s touch-
steam rises from road

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Paper Plane

Paper airplane flies
Landing in fortunate place
Summer winds of change

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Haiku 38

                                           Spanish moss draped limbs
                                           sway in the summer breeze --
                                               whispers from the past

For SKAT's Any Haiku will do contest.

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Whence Springs Beauty

It’s October, we find time to go by the spring-house to get the tulips. It is time to prepare for winter and the inevitable coming of spring.  The bulbs look hopelessly dead and ugly, rather pitiful in fact.  John nurtures them tenderly.

fall gardener tucks the bulbs in bed till spring's alarm
Through many snows and chilling temperatures, we do not consider at all what is taking place under the ground. One warm March day we see tiny noses poking up through the soil around the back porch. By April, we are sitting in the swing admiring the result of John’s loving labor of last fall.
seeing the blooms we recall dried-up bulbs
How could such ugliness have turned to such beauty in the cold, hard earth? As May approaches bringing other flowers, our short-lived tulips drop their blossoms and say good-bye. But as John knows, the wisest of gardeners do not hasten to bother the beauty in its passing.
dust to dust all blossoms shrivel with time food for the soil wilting leaves nourish the bulb hidden in the ground
The bulb remains unattractive throughout the whole cycle of growth. Along in mid-July when all external signs of life have faded, John removes the unsightly bulbs from their bed, putting them back in the spring-house until fall. Without them, there will be no blossoms next spring. It is the care we show the bulb which bursts into the beauty we bless in time. HM

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Effulgent sun proffers love 

Above the undergrowth…of
Thorns and weeds

The moon unravels wonders

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dark sky spits fury 
water pounds relentlessly 
summer heat broken

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a kiss of sunshine

a kiss of sunshine pouty crimson horizon cock-a-doodle-doo

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Summer time is here
sky is blue sun is shining
kites dance in the wind

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Beneath groaning wood

And shrill midsummer whistling

Cherry blossom girl

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Cherry Blossoms Bee

Cherry blossoms call, beckon nature's majesty-- and the humble bee.

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Summer is Over (Haiku)

For The Summer is Over Haiku contest:

Sunsets come early
Leaves fade and begin to fall
Too soon summer flees

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Green sea

Sea of lush green leaves
Wind causing waves of color
Mind dances along

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The Mirror - ITTY BITTY

It is summer evening ;
the ocean's skin moves
like a dancing mirror.

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Summer Rain

    Waters from heaven—
With roaring, pelting the earth
    Quenching a land’s thirst

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First of Summer 2014

Born were coyote pups,
Little yips in the canyon,
As the season starts.

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Summer Fragrance

Smell of summer rain

Steamy haze over grasses

Flowers overflow

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Hazy Days

Too hot on the veranda,
To the pool I will meander.

Dip in, dry off in the shade,
Thank God for all He has made.

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A Summer shower
Lightning must be somewhere near
For thunder is heard.

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rainbow season . . .
warmth and coldness
in me

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Haiku 41

sporadic chimes -
an invisible man
knocks at my door

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Plucky flower may 
be plucked if someone 
has a little pluck.  

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A Positive Poem

Summer peace alive.
The bloom of warmth in heat.
Winter chill dissolved.

For Elly's a positive poem contest, written june 26th,2014

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                 Unyielding yet humble.
                Centered in this garden,
                    Meditating like me.

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     Lightning Bug Haiku
Like a fairy tale
in the dark it's glowing glowing there
then it is nowhere.
© ron wilson aka veebdosa the doylestown poet

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Summer Respite

Singing crickets sigh 			
Windows open for a brief respite	
Bare breeze blows.

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Perfect Summer's Day

   sun drenched loch
   gives tourists delight -
   ice cream melts

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Sun is brightly shining …
Minaret echoes throughout 
haze hides verdigris

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the spring's warming wisp                                                                                           heats the summer blaze sunshine's                                                                               delicate first kiss

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Love and hope in a winter night with moon

 Glance  winter night
The summer in your face
twice with the moon

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Summer's End

Autumn leaves
Summer Sun's warmth
Surfing temporarily

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Colourful Spectrum

ray of sunshine --
the spectrum in the dew
on a leaf 

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ON A SUMMER DAY - multi haiku

On a summer day
A day with children at play
Memories come back

The old neighborhood
How we used that neighborhood
So seldom inside

Our dirty    bare feet
At games   in constant motion
Lungs alive with joy

Drooping in at eve
And nearly too tired to eat
We lay down    at last

To sleep    dream away

A thousand phantoms linger
On a summer day

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Toes caged for too long.
Waiting for their freedom to
be hugged by green grass

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Summer Parasols

Shadows of tall trees, 
Shade beneath their covered boughs:
Rest from midday heat.

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Touched by trees

feet nailed to the ground
palsied by the scenery
soft leaves whisper songs

© Ellie Daphne

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Weekend of Sunshine

Weekend of Sunshine
Flood waters now receded
Still need welly boots

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Divine Grace

~ summer morning lights ~ ~ birdsong and the cold of dew ~ ~ awaken the dawn ~

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summer dawn –
the path of cowries
beyond the sea 

summer dream
counting the butterflies
in neighbor’s garden

piercing the 			
breeze, my chute lifts –
summer beach	

summer twilight . . .
the bee eater stirring
tall grass

summer sunset – 
changing colour of
rising waves

summer's end . . .
the waterfall thunders into
my laughter

last day of summer
bouncing, the pool ball
of her eyes

summer ends
the wallah takes down
the raincoat array

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Ice King

Sanctuary breeched
Stole cube of ice you hold dear
Grasping your power

Season weakens you
Seething and stabbing my palm
Fighting against clutch

Ceded power now
Few months away, cold revenge 
encasing my world

*** These days we hold Ice dear, then winter comes and it's despised.

Adam Hapworth

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zing dynamism relish
bikini suit slim and thick
a favorite time of the year
PENNED ON JUNE 15, 2014!

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                                        Sleepy summer
                                           Naked girls sleeping
                                                 Mermaids in waiting 

17th October, 2014

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River Walk

Stifling hot Sunday
Body is achingly weak
Need some wet relief

8-27-14 for Haiku Contest

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Haiku on Dragon

summer-dragon runs
upon the plant and animal
motionless nature

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Summer Lover

 Kiss soft as rains dew
Touch as light as a warm breeze
My summer lover

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Summer Evening

sitting on the step spitting watermelon seeds song of the crickets

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  hot summer's day -
  children play in
  gushing fountains

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Sudden Dance

Leaves prepare for dance.
Sunlight suddenly departs.
Lights flash, claps set beat.

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Spyro Haiku 3

Bear has money, gems
Plops into a pool of fresh
water, and is sad.

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This is Paradise

Sea tides undulate

Salt saturates wide valleys

Fish leap helplessly

Seagulls laugh at moment’s spare

Desert sand surrounds

Lonely land mass residing

Brim with tourism

Festivals ignite the flame

Native culture dance

Parties prosper all around

Sun enlightens all

Skin tans from ash to brown dust

Reggae music blasts

Life turns to relaxation

This is paradise

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Icarus mimicked; epidermis cremated; sympathy withheld.

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White nights summer tryst
sweet grass smiles

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World glimmers  boldly

Summer sets sails to full mast

Eagles soar on high

Haiku   06-15-2014

Sponsor, Andrea Dietrich 
Contest Name 1 in 4: Choose your Season, Choose Your Form  

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summer sun

summer sun...
running to a corner canteen
for the bagels

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Lessons From The Leaves and The Tree I

Lessons From The Leaves and The Tree I
( Life's Journey)

Life was beautiful
for all the leaves in the tree
in spring and summer

They flourished and bloomed
under the warm summer sun
and sweetest spring rain

Their color brightened
to a lovely shade of green
that glowed with beauty

Flowering blossoms
from the buds of the fruit tree
brought joy and delight

Little birds would peck
as they sit on the branches
on the lush green leaves

It was the best time
of their lives atop the tree
filled with happiness

But life has seasons
that never stay all the time
they come and they go

Spring and summer passed
autumn came and its cold winds
changing all the leaves

Turning their color
from bright green to brown and red
yellow and orange

Their brightness faded
their loveliness spent and gone
making them pale and weak

How seasons changed them
tempering all their nature
through adversities

Winter will arrive soon
and do her task of sweeping
the bough of the tree

The faded leaves will go
and leave the tree to herself
to make room for spring

When new leaves will grow
to replace those that have gone
in the cold winter

In such a lifetime
they have gone through all seasons
in smooth and rough times

That is how life goes
for all the leaves in the trees
in the cycle of life

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Tropical summer 
Scratching  nails on metal sheet
What stirred sharp inside

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Summer Once More

Silent as day Quiet as the setting sun Summer settles in

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Kohled Eyes

scorching sun--
sweat under the veil
kajal smudges

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Purple summer dream

fragrance in purple
copious lavender dished 
honeybees daydream

© Ellie daphne

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soft sigh of the wind
caresses my tears away
with her summer warmth

©Ellie Daphne

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Frog On Pug

Waters song on a mud
Passing away summer mug
Frog on a pug

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An English Summer's Day

                                                        after sharp shower

                                                        comes reign of sun as the birds

                                                        entice young to fly

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Dragonflies Breath

Dragonflies Breath, by Shane Cogan (Haiku style)

                                   warm and cold it flew
                                 purple lake at dawn lay still
                                   wings too quick to see

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Flamingo a-go-go

wings Para Para                                                                                                                                                                        pink fans fly into the sun                                                                                                                                                                  the lawn is silent

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Poignant Haiku

spring dream
a rooster stirs the stillness
into dawn

distant hill
a river carrying
the spring

rolling out
of the rice fields –
remaining snow

spring’s end
my infant fingers 
the fallen petal

sun bath
an eagle circles
the day moon

autumn dawn --
mother serves white rice
on an almond leaf

autumn sky
patches of twilight
in the falling leaf

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Brief moment in time
Spring, summer, autumn, winter
Epoch of wonder

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O' The Summer Breeze

O' the summer breeze
Cool and satisfying winds
A soothing whistle

O' the summer breeze
Now gone, for winter is here
O' the frosty winds.

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The maple tree is my
shade on summer's afternoons
while drinking Ko

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Hyena's showdown

tic tock a high noon                                                                                              sun is glaring with laughter                                                                                             tails dart to darkness

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Fuji horaana

wisteria cascades                                                                                                       the rich pendants wave in wind                                                                                       a flowery den                                                                                      				- Whimsical Wisteria Gardens and Tunnel in Japan

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Summer's on it's way

The Hellebore stood strong
The gentle breeze blew, We knew
Summer's coming

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Summer Idleness

summer idleness --
once again finding
shapes in clouds

6th Place , Indian Kukai, #6 (Clouds)

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into the spotlight

high summer enters stage left-

son et lumiere

Inspired by Raul's Summer tempest photo

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summer night backtrack haiku

back porch memories
of old front porch anecdotes
adds color to bland

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summer boredom outlet haiku

boys come with bare feet
to the water just to wade
and take it all in....

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Southern Summertime Symphony

Twilight symphony
Fireflies glow;crickets will croon
Deep South serenade