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Haiku Nature Poems | Haiku Poems About Nature

These Haiku Nature poems are examples of Haiku poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Haiku Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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dainty daffodil your golden trumpet fanfares the dawning of spring 09~18~14 Contest: Creative Haiku Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot ~awarded 1st place ~ ~awarded 3rd place in under 12 lines contest~

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Haiku Collection-Flowers For Friends


Summers sensations
Promising pastel colors
Cozy carnations



Drinking every drop
Where the love goes it follows
Rain bows to roses



Spring has treasures told
Gently birthed from the first rain
Dandelion gold.


When summer sun seeps
Lily of the valley sleeps
Rise in the midnight


The talk of the town
Whispers of wild affairs
Tulips are silenced


Eye popping pansies
Extravagant explosions
Playfully perfect

For all the flowers of the world, beauty
takes many shapes and colors, open
your petals, embrace the sun, and thrive!

For JAN~~

Where are the Orchids?
I have never seen one bloom.
They're all in Jan's room!!


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liquid little stones

liquid little stones
skipping and skittering free
on shared umbrellas

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Sealing eyes of sky,
       Descend upon straps of light,
Dusk…now dreams the night...

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- Haiku X 39 - November -

            Frozen roses die 
            November frosty window 
            Summer’s memories! 

           A-L Andresen :)

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low on horizon blood orange red sun sinks down setting in the west 8th January 2015

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golden butterflies wildly whirl in wanton wind - leaves perform death dance

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Now my tendrilled soul,
Has found its pergola-- Christ--
To wind its way up....

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emerald envoys

emerald envoys
endure chilling reception..
scarlet suffering

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Night Owls

Their covenant wings
Like cherubim on alters
Spread out for preying

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Signature of Life

Over the still pond
a leaning branch of Iris
Messenger of Love

sudden gentle breeze
flower kisses the water
whispering love talk

ripples in water
sending another message
signature of life


Iris:Name of a flower meaning"Messenger of Love"


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Honking Recedes

honking recedes-- last shadows of geese bend on the frost
*Inspired by Andrea Dietrich's "Fall Animal Haiku Contest"

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Rainbow Gold

glistening rainbow
lead on to your pot of gold
while you cast colour

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Terra Firma

Earth playing in space.
Rolling over and over.
Sunrise, sunset, spin!

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In the Harem of the Flower Kisser

at the break of dawn a Hummingbird starts his rounds Morning Glory sought flaunting a red hue - Mexican Sunflower tempts looking hot, hot, hot the Don Juan of birds sucking nectar from Beardtongue. . . drunk on French kisses Goldenrod at noon. . . Zephyr carries a sweet scent beneath a gold sun between Rose bushes the Flower Kisser gets lost in Blue Infinity Sweet Pea and Bee Balm entice with purple petals. . . Bees join the orgy Monarchs swarm in droves when blue Hummingbird alights on Butterfly Bush Evening Primrose waving in the dusk’s last breeze. . . the proper lover the Flower Kisser leaves his harem sated as white Moonflower glows By Andrea Dietrich *The capitalized names for flowers represent some of the most popular flowers visited by hummingbirds.

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A Winter Haiku

Snow is just a mask 
Regenerating earths face.
A special peeling.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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Spring warms to dazzle Dew moistens the erect stems Timid buds will blush

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haiku 6

pale moonlight 
tints the silent garden--
raindrops glisten

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Ripe Mangos

Ripe Mangos
overripe mangos falling from a pregnant tree- worms ready for feast

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haiku 7

the Big Dipper
catches falling stars--
crickets sing

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A Modern Haiku

dressed in queen anne's lace  chrysanthemums spray baby breath awaken earth's vase
September 21 2014

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summer’s backward glance
reluctant to say adieu 
one lonely white rose

Dave Austin

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Rainbow Ride

A sky bridge
of reflective rain drops...
Crows glide under.

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In the Clouds entry

a cumulus lamb grazing in heaven’s blue . . . winds howl darkly For the Contest of PD

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withered leaves falling carpet of autumnal bliss adorning the ground Jan Allison 23rd October 2014

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Dripping rainbow drops
 Of shimmering life around
Every breath of dreams

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Long-Leaf Pines

muddy, dying pond
green confronts cloudless blue sky
my dog sniffs and snoops

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                                                after the rain
                                        in each hanging droplet
                                         the world upside down

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what is left and what was there- crescent moon ==========000========== By-kash poet(kashinath karmakar)

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Butterfly Bush

Purple butterfly
Bush grows weary with it’s load
Covered with gold wings

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Showering 'Neath the Falls

Purifying drops
Cascade down the maiden's back
'Neath the falls she bathes

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Two haiku after a painting by Russell Gordon

flowering dogwood
perched and pert, a tanager
harkens to the wind

flowering dogwood
perched and pert, just listening
scarlet tanager

this plaster statue
she’s naked, white and demure
looking at a rose

her round, yellow hat
casts a shadow as she picks
transformation bloom

all is wet and wild
garden cowed by wind and rain
tortoise pokes its head


summer’s backward glance
reluctant to say adieu
one lonely white rose

Dave Austin

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time to sow your seed fluffy dandelion clock drifting on the breeze 6th February 2015

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The wind of Thor
Drives monsoon rain
To frogs delight.

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Cool Breeze

.                     Nomadic whispers 
                            North winds speak to the great plains
                                            Warnings of winter

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From the surface of The moon, light reflected gives Off that rainbow scene For when the moon is Near to full, at it's brightest Opposite of her And natures rains fall Combination creates, a Moonbow oh! so rare

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Poetic Waters

Hummed poetic waves,
Soothing whispers of the sea;
Calm reciting surge.

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Dune - Sea of Time


                                                       Warm wind sculpts sharp crests— 
                                                       waves of blown grains —measuring 
                                                       the eternity


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The Caking Dust

Ending a hot day
On the back of a lizard
Crusty desert dust

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gardenia blossoms - 
creamy white petals exhale
fragrance from heaven

for Constance' Haiku me some nature, please
Kim Merryman

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Gifts from the creek

Nature’s euphony   
Water trickling over stones
Lucid  hues beam spring 

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Safe from the seasons Moss grows under the old oak Furnished forest floor
08-15-2014 For Contest: 5 lines or under round 2 Sponsor: PD

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Orange Horizon

Orange horizon Ripens, as waves graciously Caress, shores of life

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**My wedding day**
my finest moment
washed away with white satin
nightmare from heaven

**Bleeding Love**
dreams never revealed
swimming in a pool of blood
dark clouds forever

**Eclipse with tears**
Dark Crystal Lightning
blue skies, deep watercolors
over the rainbow

**Gods Punishment**
useless way of life
40 days and 40 nights
grave yard promises


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Haiku - X 7 - Sexy -

                                             Wet dreams
                                Explosion of the stars of heaven

Natural / Nature Sexy Haiku Contest -
by: SandyIvy Davis

A-L Andresen :)

(4th place in the contest)

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Haiku Rally


~Like A Diamond~
White ebony sky
Paralyze mountain top dew
collapse falling star

~Picture Perfect~
Once in a life time
Smile for the camera
Beauty standing still

~Red Showers~
Sunsets are the best.
October, vs' April
Fantasy island

~Reaper Cloak~
Pretty like a nun
Digging and weaving her grave
Embracing the sky

stuck on the sea wall
coast emotions 
overcome by rain


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Texas Wildflower Haiku : Widow's Tears

sun’s heat sunders sand
clustered lanced leaves green hug
widow’s tears collapse

Widow’s Tears is the common name for Commelina erecta var. angustifolia, they bloom on 
Texas beaches in sand or clay, and have the characteristic of flowering early in the morning 
and fading by noon. The bloom in all seasons but I chose spring to be more commonly 
approachable. [1]

[1] Wildflowers and Other Plants of Texas Beaches and Islands, Alfred Richardson

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ocean commotion

wind lifts salty air
scent of the sea fills my hair --
fishing without care

pelican dives fast
shrimp on the hook was my last --
strips the bait I cast

turn with quick motion
see crab stealing sun lotion --
ocean commotion

*Entry for Carol’s Rhyming Haiku contest

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'beautiful sunset'

a sublime sky view
oranges, yellows, bronze effects...
mellow clouds blend in
Entry: Sunset(Haiku) Sponsor: P.D. Written by: Carol Brown Written on: 11/05/2011 7th Place Winner

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Snowy Window


albino ~VIEW~
Persian tailed jackrabbit
ebony awaits 

January breeze
snowbird, whistles on tree top
where did x-mass go?


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Haiku 1001

clouds engulf the sky
mountains spear the night to day
sunbursts spew forthwith
Entry to contest sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A Contest name: Any haiku will do Written by: Carol Sunshine Brown

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Beauty In Nature

beauty in nature
flower blooms so succulant...
hummingbirds flutter

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A Gift from God - A Haiku

Wrapped in black velvet
With stars and gold ribbons
A sea in moonlit

Written:  June 6, 2010

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Color Show

vivid green cedar
against winter's bare oak tree
red bird sits alone

©Donna Jones

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Breathe Blue Light

cedar blue evening
day breath held beneath titans
sun offers me stairs

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Haiku 33

art in poetry
ink runs as blood in veins
efflorescence words

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blossoms gather

blossoms gather
below the boughs...
pink cabochons

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Painting a Pastoral Morn

cotton candy swirls dabbed onto an azure sky. . . sweet brushstrokes of dawn through green velvet fields a country lane meanders. . . dew paints the lilacs where the dirt lane ends leafy trees shade a cottage. . . fawns serenely pose For Gail Doyle's A Scenery Of Your Choice As An Artist Poetry Contest

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- Haiku X 18 - All the children -

                                            A thousand small kids
                                       Floating on the summer wind
                                                Dandelion seeds

A-L  Andresen :)

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Sunset Haiku Trio

bright rays of yellow
ride the rolling ocean waves. . . .
sun is hanging ten

sun spreads marmalade
on a toasty warm evening. . . . 
the sky eats it up

day ends at the beach
twilight spills orange delight
onto the water

Written for PD's
SUNSET (( HAIKU )) Poetry Contest

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Must make haste
Time for "waste"

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Kissing In the Rain

rain’s paean is played with lover’s tender kisses cold breeze sways with grace water on the ground symphony of crystal drops kisses warmth their heart moonlight smiles with glee dark clouds shower them with bliss thunder drums so sweet one heart and one soul unselfishly shield, no fear rain’s concluding hymn
May 26, 2013 7pm Note Bueno Haiku 1 is for pictures 1,2 & 3 Haiku 2 is for picture 6 Haiku 3 is for picture 5 Haiku 4 is for pictures 4 and 7 First Place Contest: Kissing In the Rain (Haiku) Judged: 5/27/13 Sponsor: My loving sis & greatest poet, PD/Linda

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Subtle Signs

brown gives way to green
winter surrenders to spring
death succumbs to life

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Winter spirits rise
Released from snow they dance, warmed
Weeping tears of mist

copyright Kristin Reynolds 2008

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the ocean speaks

the ocean speaks a
language we all understand. . .
serene to surly

For Heather Ober's Ocean-ku Contest

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Where Eagles Dare

mating spiral dance
the free falling bald eagles
clear blue lake lies still


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Haiku 25

shining through darkness
light shimmering on water
reflection of moon
Entry: "Any Poem goes~" contest of P.D. Written by: Carol Brown 3rd Place Winner

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Diamonds in the Snow

A Diamond's Remnants beneath a full moon their kiss in winter’s first snow. . . her soft eyes glowing her delighted gasp as he opens the ring case. . . the night sky sparkles the months since she died he wakes sometimes to dreams of diamonds in her eyes in dementia’s fog the snow, the sky and her eyes. . . a diamond's remnants Written 12/28/13 by Andrea Dietrich (I am using the title Diamonds in the Snow to fulfill a rule of the contest, but the real title would be A Diamond's Remnants)

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Farewell to Autumn

Multicolored leaves

                     Dancing in the northern winds.....

                                                           Wave farewell to fall.

                                                           Timothy I. Brumley

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Spring Tango

The soft, gentle breeze,
Dances with the fresh new leaves;
First ballad of Spring.

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Perpetual Swirl

perpetual swirl

   portal through pink nebula --

      pathway to the light

*For Rick's "Haiku Beyond" contest

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pink cherry blossoms

pink cherry blossoms 

cast shimmering reflections

on seas of Japan

*This was my first haiku written when I was a childand  committed to memory.
Now that I know the rules of good haiku writing, I know this does not fit the 
criteria of haiku, but  thought I'd post it anyway. Originally for PD's contest,
I've decided to look for a more recent haiku of mine that is terrible, to be used 
for "worst poem contest."

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colors of pumpkin

colors of pumpkin, 
vermillion and deep gold---
    veiled mysteries air

branches intertwine
in a sea of canopies---
    harvest moon rises

gilded by the dawn
and swayed by a seasoned wind---
    shades of art abound

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a cold winter's breath

a cold winter’s breath freezing limbs in the bare woods --- bone chilled finger points
Russell Sivey NOTE: I really like this poem, one of my favorites! Submitted: 2/17/2012 CONTEST BY: Juxtaposition Haiku SPONSOR : Charles Henderson Entrant into PD's "Only #1 poems... For #1 contest winners only.." contest 3/3/2012

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a guinea fowl

a guinea fowl
molting polka dot feathers—
handmade earrings

© February 21, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Juxtaposition Haiku 	 
Sponsored by: Charles Henderson

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blackened tomatoes

blackened tomatoes
touched by swirling first snow...
cricket husk rattles

October 30th, 2011
All Rights Reserved

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crimson tide

                                    pink gulls of twilight

                                            circle the hidden cove...

                                                    sand between our toes


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Intimate Strangers

"Intimate Strangers" Sunset sleeps gently Moonlight illuminates night two hearts glow in dark. Stars play peek-a-boo Planets twirl to haunt essence two souls firelight. Dawn awakes flowers desires and passions prowled intimate strangers.
July 1, 2012

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I watch you fade away
Until you are seen no more
When day breaks and night falls

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Here in the garden


Here in the garden

Here in the garden
Wagtail sings his happy song
He is so joyful.

Oh, such loveliness
How the roses smell so sweet
So many colours.

The dog is sleeping
The doves they walk up to him
He don’t seem to care

The Mulberry tree
Dances on the summer breeze
Oh, so gracefully

The Parrots feeding
Pink and grey and beautiful
Noisy birds are they.

I sit drinking tea
As the sun it smiles at all
I just bask in peace

Such a lovely day
I could sit here forever
I am mesmerized.

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places I've peed haiku series

Sun glints off ripples
Play of light in sheltered cove
Scenic lavatory

Backyard full of stars
Footsteps crack on frozen grass
Moonlit lavatory

Forested mountain side
Above twisting single track
Rider’s lavatory

Over arid land
Falling rain evaporates
Hot Aussie dunny

Sandy beach stretches
Tropical coral waters
Pristine lavatory

Beneath St. Paul’s dome
Lies manicured garden
Monumental lav.

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glad you're gone

storming away
your absence leaves me
reaching for rainbows


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On Track

cheese lies on the floor
mouse makes his way to the cheese
cat runs for the mouse

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copper beech leaves

copper beech leaves fall - fall's rustling russet secrets confided to earth

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further than the heart allows

beyond the sun
another moon,
and just as cold

© Kristin Reynolds 5 22 09

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Haiku Camille

Howling, screaming winds
thirty feet of raging sea
swallowing the land...

Hurricane Camille
Biloxi/Gulfport/Bay St. Louis, MS
August 17-18, 1969
Deaths: 259
Tidal Surge: 28 ft.
Est. Wind speed: 225+MPH (The wind instruments were destroyed at 200 mph) Imagine an F-5 tornado reaching across most of the Mississippi Gulf Coast...Add a 28 ft. tidal wave to that and you can imagine the destructive force of Camille. Those who witnessed the aftermath of this storm said it looked like an atomic bomb had been dropped
Recommended reading: Accounts of the hurricane party at Richelieu Apartments in Pass Christian, MS

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giggles from our tent
as night blankets the forest. . . 
warm wind whispers shhhhhhh

For Brian Strand's 
ONE FROM YOUR ANTHOLOGY 2 to max of 12 lines Poetry Contest

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Under the Sakura Tree

sipping saki under the sakura tree. . . a haiku blossoms Note: Drinking and eating under a blooming cherry tree (Sakura) is a century old custom in Japan. As a result, "flowers" in haiku came to be known as "cherry blossoms."

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Faint Thunder

lonesome faint thunder
whispers distant symphony
rain waltzes backstage

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Lighthouse Guiding Care

                                              Treacherousness near
                                         Rocky shore shallow waters_
                                           Lighthouse's guiding care

Contest:"What My Eyes See"
In honor of: Annalise Brigham

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under the same umbrella

rain brings us
under the same umbrella---


By:kash poet

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iceberg - haiku

jagged meringue peaks
etched on steel blue frosted skies
perilous splendor

Liz Reilly

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Autumn air

Drifting leaves
in the autumn air--
farewell song

By:Spandan Karmakar

Date:13th Oct. 

contest:Autumn Air

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Green Mist

                                                Mountain dawn--
                                         a parrot's call fades in the
                                                   green mist    

                                                  By: kash poet
                                                Date:18th March

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Ice Cream

Vanilla bean skin,
Cool sweet breath and cherry lips
Make kissing dessert.

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In the morning

Forest light,
June murmurs,
sailing wren.. 

-for Gigno's "Ellip" contest

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skeletal trees

wheezed lungs of bare trees panting against tight winds--- breath of moon dilates

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Butterfly Tears

Dew drenched petals.
Butterfly tears fall softly.
Nectar from the gods.

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one rose bud opens

                                           one rose bud opens
                                      vibrant fragant eagerly draws...
                                         night's first killing frost

Click on
"About This Poem"

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swarm of dragonflies

swarm of dragonflies
cascading on quiet lake---
    burst of hues explodes

perched on grass' easels
crepe wings swoop on irises, reeds---
    ballet of light twirls

in sudden raced glides
dusk twirls like flushing ribbons ---
    beneath a cloaked moon

Skat's Contest
Any Haiku
by nette onclaud

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rose blooms

rose blooms--
buzzing bee hovers
for sweet sip

sown seeds
nestle in fertile soil-- 
a full moon

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yellow bus roars through

yellow bus roars through
blood leaves assail the stop sign..
geese traffic honk south

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Beauty of Nature


                                                      after the drizzle-
                                              on a swan's lingering trail
                                                   the touch of rainbow



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haiku 4-13-13

a winter song

drifts away with the ebb

lost at sea...

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Lotus Charm

soft petals awake; sacred gem of compassion blossom into life

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A Twisted Tree

a twisted tree casts a single shadow - mirage on horizon

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breezeless summer day - motionless on lily pad frog waits for victim

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Haiku 34

                                                  blood red berries
                                              cling to stark branches --
                                                 virgin snow glistens

Entered in Rick Parise's "one of your favz" 1- 8 lines
contest (old poem)

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soft peach blossom clouds

soft peach blossom clouds bloom in a rose petal sky - bouquet of evening
season word 'blossom' Charlotte Puddifoot 30/10/2011 for 'Very Strict Haiku' contest

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Lost at Sea

The sea is unkempt
Unwary sailors regret
Thar mate has been swept

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Darkened skies green tinged
Trees bent down
Branches cover streets

Heavens part, flooding
Here then gone
Nature rolls forward

For Debbie's Contest 
The form is a Lune. 

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death's breath is warm

death’s breath is warm a welcome reprieve in the winter of life

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Land - Ocean

Land uses dress style
according to the climate. . . .
changing with seasons

Ocean is moody
chilling with a windless day. . . .
raging with tempests

Ocean does not care
how land looks or if she’s rough. . .
he hugs her shoreline

Written by Andrea Dietrich
For Linda-Marie's Contest:

HAIKU HODGEPODGE ..TRIO ... Poetry Contest

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A New Day

Luna fades to dream
As the sleepy Earth's eyelids
Begin to flutter...

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sunrise in your eyes

ocean's blue
turning to molten gold...
a wake up call

in scarlet sky
a blooming flower...
smell of dawn

orange sun
rising behind me...
your eyes' reflection


Placement: HM; (Nov.2011)

Contest:Sunrise Haiku

Sponsor:Irma Linda

By:kashinath karmakar

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The Murder of the Crows

Birds in broken wings
grieve through mourning eerie skies
Humming death's anthem

(Inspired by Raul's contest-Tattered Wings)
not for the contest


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night creeps steadily
adorned in dark velvet cape…
watching as men sleep

crickets sound their shrill
bullfrogs play tuba and base…
shooting stars display

day rolls in bright-bold
night in surrender recedes…
rays of gold invade

Annalise Brigham
Note:  For Linda Marie's "Hodgepodge Haiku Trio" Contest
*7th Place

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The Soliloquy of Mother Earth

the bird sings softly
the leaves dance so gracefully
becomes forever dream

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Gracefully falling
Crystals of pure perfection
No two are alike.

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Can you hear the drums
Angel's crying down God's love
Whisper forgiveness

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The Chorus of Dawn- Haiku Medley

           World hushed in silence
          Birds unable to keep still…
             The chorus of dawn

                Melody of praise
     Chases the shroud of the night…
             Blessed hues of morn

           Dawn gives way to day
            The celebration of life…
               Is well under way	

           Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Cracking lifeless limbs.
Casting creepy dark shadows.
Illumined by moon

Details | Haiku | |


       march winds gust -

       gorse clings on tightly
       whilst daffodils sway

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Earth her cotton bra
Slip on, soft white, fallen clouds
Fresh milk of heaven

This is the undress
Of trees, rivers, homes and things
Time's skin, milky white

White as bones in light
The feathers of angels wings
Fruits upon the sight

Now the heavens flake
Petals cuddled on the ground
Crystal dust of winds

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after the rainbow

after the rainbow
its lingering absence---
her eyes so blank

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haiku 8

the gravel path
glitters with sunlight-- 
dragonfly wings

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plumes of breath

plumes of breath -
wolf's eyes shimmer
in moonlight

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Haiku 59

	Haiku 59
	black lake water
	shy yellow lotus buds
	next week’s flowers
	black lake water
	yellow flowers’ reflections
	bumblebees hover

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Mystic Doors

Whilst in deep sleep
Found a strangest place amidst
Strolled somewhere anew 

Creatures lead wrong ways
But still best life chose its path
Mystic doors were closed 

Glimpsed one and the rest
Until one by one opened
Watcher accosted.

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Pussy Willow

sepia stretches,
unfurling her fingertips
blush pink and fuzzy

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haiku 5

farewell tears
falling to the ground --
autumn leaves

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HAIKU 16 about the butterfly

wings flutter across my left cheek a tickling smile

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Grass seed 'neath concrete
Bursts through beckoning pathways,
Where was meant to be.

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haiku 10 I hug myself

on the cold porch

a lone bluebird sings

i hug myself

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snowy blue mountain

snowy blue mountain double beauty double good... icy frozen heart snow on the mountain fire in hearth a certainty... slow ignited fire
Thanks for the challenge P.D.. Contest Entry by: Sara Kendrick

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Love Like A Mighty Oak

you dried all my tears
i stand proud now like the oak---
no weeping willow

your splendid branches
wrap me into your shadow---
shelter from the storm

wind blows me down
your light lifts me up---
might i dwell in your arms?

written January 28th,2013
for pd's Valentine contest

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Cherry Blossom Time

petal upon wind
in truth the symbol of spring...
dawn the blackbirds sing

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the sparkling window reflects the setting sun - snails glide
I dedicate this haiku to the very patient Debbie G. Thank you :-)

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morning breeze

changing patterns
of dappled sunlight---
morning breeze

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Natural Wonder {Haiku}

multi-colored lights
aurora borealis
spirits in the sky

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Valentine Haiku

the tide sweeps the sand your name written by my hand gone, but not forgotten

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 ice coated fence posts

      punctuate the snowy trail…

          frosty whiffs of breath

 Winter Haiku

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PRIMATES(Haiku and Senryu poetry)

Calm is the monkey
Sharing the same genes with man
Nature made it so.

Though beyond knowledge
Man`s intellect is  pronounced
which makes us unique.

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shooting star

shooting star -
in a wishful prayer
he folds wrinkled hands

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A Vacation

Clouds in a blue sky,
Crystal clear, peaceful waters;
Palm trees casting shade.

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sudden breeze

sudden breeze---
the calendar page
turns to june

© kash poet 2012

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One little flower
Nods in the delicate breeze
As the crickets hum

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Frog Pads

Croakers symphony
await the rainy season
a horny toad calls

A burst of thunder
rain coming down in torrents
a mating frenzy

lily pads submerge
fertile eggs slowly sinking
 fish come  for the  feast

new generations
await symphonic debut
a raindrop splashes

By: Joseph May

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Along Cherry Blossom Lane


tiny parachutes free-falling in the wind... pink stars at sundown
________________________________________ For Cherry Blossom Contest: Sponsored by Black Eyed Susan

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male red cardinal

male red cardinal rules the feed trough by strong force... nuthatcher eats seed
I was watching the birds at some food that I had placed out on a steroform plate.. A Male Red Cardinal would run all the birds away then this tiny little Nuthatcher would fly in and get one seed..The Cardinal seemed to keep watch while the Nuthatcher ate maybe five or six seeds..

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Nature's Color Wheel

Palette of nature Sunset picks all the colors From garden flowers

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Spring Into Haiku

.          .          .          .          .          .          .

pink laced branches
shimmer against the sun
petals in my lunch

thirst quenched
by snow's runoff...
I roll up my jeans

my breath
silenced by cold water...
blue feet with red nails

reaching the meadow
discomfort is forgotten...
blisters on my heel

from wildflower pollen....
flannel sleeve hanky

reflect on sunglasses...
camera's click

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .
5/7/14  For Deb's Contest: "Spring Into Haiku

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Atmosphere of Spring
Aura of cold, powdered snow
Ambivalence still

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in thin water

stones in thin water
hunched like spines of animals
waters whisper through

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haiku 20

a white plastic bag
flutters in a bare tree --
the sound of geese

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Cafe Canoe

Morning coffee drift
Disconnected from the shore
Solitary bliss

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I'm Sorry

a single white rose
given to the one you want -
apoligized to

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tap dance

raindrops tap dancing
to a falling melody
thunderous applause

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Interrupting Silence (JW)

Silence: no thought flushed
No message in the still pond
Of turbid waiting

Cradled in the hush
Time snails around the mute phone
Morning left me sad

The first call of day
The finches usurp your place
I long for your voice

This is the first change
Since love's season came again
A brown leaf of care

The woods counsel, says
What is one day to miss you:
A fountain of tears

Your voice belong here
In the tree top of my soul
Nesting in my ear

Let me write with light
On the blank virtual page
Electronic fright

Day's concern is deep
Brooding, can you still breathe there
Did you wake from sleep

O that all is well
Despite the storm in the nest
You will sing again

Irk the stillness now
The silent phone like the sea
Before the dark winds

Trees move not or bend
Legless clouds droop on the sky
Dismal pictures hang

I want to hear you
Tell me good morning like rain
Upon the loud roof

I want love splashing
To your voice like wet children
Playing in the stream

I hunger for you
The first fruit upon my lips
Breakfast in the mist

Pour your breast to me
White milk of songs on my tongue,
Sweet thoughts live again!

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evening breeze

evening breeze---
a bent palm tree
cradling the moon

© kash poet  2012

Placement:3rd ; (June 2012)


Sponsor:Brian Strand

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rain soaked sunlight

rain soaked sunlight
dancing on a cobweb
crystal chandeliers

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haiku lesson

*not a tradition haiku because it is subjective it is my judgement you are told to see the vine strangling the maple something a person would do, further you are told my my imagining that the vine is seeking revenge - so this is more Free Verse than haiku

a bittersweet vine
strangles the dormant maple
ribbon of revenge

* haiku - objective, factual with a season, with 2 parts and implied metaphor

a bittersweet vine
twines about the maple tree --
swollen knuckles ache

I am here, I see the vine, I show you the vine, I see my hand at the same time, now you SEE the relationship, you FEEL, I don't tell you what to feel. The change occurs in where my eyes have fallen first up & out and then down to my hands

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Gulf of Mexico Haiku Collection

Even silence has

its charm entangled in the

calm shores of the Gulf.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Waiting for the turn

of a creeping wind’s conquer;

boarding up my heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I need not see you

pier, nor fickle doldrum’s haste

my bones feel what’s coming. 

-James Kelley 2014 All rights reserved.

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sunrise: multi coloured bands

multi coloured bands 
stretch across the morning sky- -
jupiter hidden 

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Sunset (for my niece, Johnette Loefgren)

Spun gold skies and water
Bring back memories of home
My Florida sunsets

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Solace of Nature

Shiver of the leaves,
A reverberating peace:
Solace in the woods.

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As the honeybee
Drifts from flower to flower
Another joins it

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Tulips crimson lips
Tulips straight erect flying
Share the same war zone

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Olden Ocean

White curl'd hairs of spumes
reveals its longevity-
Blue Ocean of Old

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Skeleton tree

in full bloom---
a skeleton tree at night
with hanging stars


By:kash poet

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Vacation fun time
God creates for all to see
Beautiful mountains

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Reflections of Love

Salty liquid lips,
Await the approaching sun:
While evening skies blush.

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haiku 32

smoke circles
in the candle light --
rose perfume

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' Metaphysical Moment (The Haiku)

Metaphysical Moment (The Haiku)

           Understanding A
       Metaphysical Moment …
       … Nature’s Mysteries

                 This Haiku is for:
       The Haiku Master ‘Raul’ Moreno
Metaphysical Poet Extraordinaire’ (smile))


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Red orange yellow
Bright setting sun's display
Rainbow cloud today

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Nature's Tears

From morning showers,
Liquid tension falls to earth:
Raining sustenance.

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Sacred Well

A shaft produces...
water of life, which one must
protect like the rocks

Details | Haiku | |


Songbirds loose small chirps,
Tiny enough to slip through
Momentary rain.

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Clouds Dot Pale Blue Sky

                                               Clouds dot pale blue sky
                                          Playful pups, seals upon back..
                                               Heavy downpour flash

*Note:Click on
"About This Poem"

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Cool summer forest

Emerald moss back stones
Drenching sunlight trickle
Where I rest my mind

(Inspired by Raul Moreno’s Solace in nature contest) 

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Birds Across the Blue Divide

The blueing ocean Separate eagle and dove Spiritual birds

Details | Haiku | |


roaring orange tongues flicker around crackling trees low water table

Details | Haiku | |

dead red cardinal

dead red cardinal swarmed by sugar ant workers.... cat's supper consumed

Details | Haiku | |


A wisp of white cloud
On a breeze, that cools the land
Autumn is soon here

Details | Haiku | |


Cool breeze gently blows
Brilliant butterflies dancing                
Rainbows in motion                          
Glorious gold beach
Sandcastles reach for the sky
Children having fun
Crisp leaves fall slowly
Green glens veiled in falls blanket
Sunset beneath trees
Cold icy morning
Dancing whirling wonderland
Snowflakes from heaven

Details | Haiku | |

A Place Called Home

On the covered bridge
A bird is building its nest
Hidden by shadows

Details | Haiku | |

Evening Waltz

The cicada's song,
Rouses the shadows to dance:
Swaying silhouettes.

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haiku string 1

a frozen waterfall
melts in slow drips --
my tears fall

warms my damp face --
salty traces

the river flows
toward the vast ocean --
dolphins leap

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beach haiku

Sand laden waves

Pound rich seaweed crusted rocks

Cockles dig deeper

Details | Haiku | |

Nurtured Peace

New growth of life blooms
Nurtured by water and light
Look within for peace

Details | Haiku | |


rose hips ripening
sun ,highlights the pampas grass-
shades of shadowing fall

Details | Haiku | |

An innocent love triangle

me and you love plant                                                                                                 three rising ambient light                                                                                               one parasol folds                     *                         *                                                                 Oxalis triangularis -the love plant

Details | Haiku | |

the storm has moved on

the storm has moved on- sky painted now with pink gauze nestling on the hills

Details | Haiku | |

The Sun

Exceeding beauty
Sparkling through the window pane
The sunshine glitters

Details | Haiku | |

Heavens Blanket

Falling soft and white
tiny crystals closely knit
to cover the earth

Happy New Year and God Bless you all, fellow Soupers!

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Summer Haiku

daffodils wilt in summer heat -- a lost friend kite tails fly -- children chase the wind and catch the sun a forgotten swing sways beneath an empty nest -- and ripe, red apples By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, April 10, 2012 for ????.....!!!!!.....Ku Ku Crazy......!!!!!.....???? Contest (Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver )

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Shajarat al-Hayah " Prosopis cineraria "

Tree of Life, stands in A place completely free of Water, and survives This unique tree stands alone in the desert, about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from the Jebel Dukhan, the highest point in Bahrain. It is considered a Natural Wonder.

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Cobalt Blue Sky

Cloudy cobalt sky Orangy horizon glows The sea mirroring

Details | Haiku | |


lilac dawn
gathering bouquets
of poetry

Details | Haiku | |


As the butterfly
Hovers near a peach blossom
Its shadow follows

Details | Haiku | |


One bright splash of red
On the snow-covered holly--
A cardinal bloom. 

Details | Haiku | |

Lightning Strikes

lightning strikes
mom's kitty cat
what have I done?

Details | Haiku | |

Under the Tree


                                         under the tree
                                         sunlight picks through the leaves
                                         no need to count sheep


Details | Haiku | |

Bathing with an Audience

Beyond the dark trees
Robins bathe in the sand
Watched by an eagle

Details | Haiku | |

Cardinal On The Bough

Cardinal On The Bough
Flashing Crimson In The White
He Takes Flight In Fog

Details | Haiku | |

see the daffodils

see the daffodils 
fill my garden with colour - -
birds peck frozen ground

for Charles' contest

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The Sound of silence - Haiku (2)

A blanket of white!
Frosty tears of winter fall-
The sound of silence.

Details | Haiku | |


on her tresses
mom's floral clips

Details | Haiku | |


Heaven's furry sheep
Grazing the light atmosphere
Bares blue the sky's bloom

Clouds were made to weep
Not paint portraits on blue air
Trees without perfume

The virtual sea
These Jason's sail, hides nothing
Except death's surprise

The eyes graze the deep
Visions of the mind, what fear
Like frosty waves leap

From the hearts dark sea
The wind of thoughts in rags bring
Logic's cold demise

Love should not regret
The fancy of the heart, wing
It, denying death

For clouds' sheep are dreams
Dream's love are clouds, the blue air
With new magic teems 

Details | Haiku | |


Pastures lush and green,
Horses resting near the pond,
All the land at peace.

Details | Haiku | |

Placid Lake Of Green

placid lake of green
into the water i look
and see the wind pass

Details | Haiku | |

Moments of Eternal Beauty

Blossoms fall like snow

Where the silent river flows

...eternal moment

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku-# 1

Lone daffodil sways

Defying April's last gust

Rose bud winks with glee .

A tale of late Spring .....

Details | Haiku | |

Bridal Veil Waterfall

The bridal veil waterfall Seen through Azaleas' blossoms

Details | Haiku | |

Of a Foggy Morning to Whitehall Ferry Terminal, Manhattan

          Sitting- on the boat,
I am- intrigued by the- fog-
                    which- destroys- the world.

Details | Haiku | |

Writer's Block , v.2

quarter moon in sight,
partially hidden by clouds.
just like my verses.

Details | Haiku | |

when the wind blows through

when the wind blows through,
one can here the trees talking:
rattling green tongues.

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 12

a goldfinch feasts
among the ripe concord grapes --
purple stains my lips

Details | Haiku | |

Nature's Masterpiece

Autumn takes her brush
Paints the earth with her beauty
Masterpiece of leaves

Details | Haiku | |

Master's Art

birds rising on the breeze
hue of blue in mountain lake
borrowed from the sky

time tables ignored
mountains rise at their own pace
only God observes

tranquil and serene
undisturbed by man’s progress
nature’s oasis

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku Calendar

Haiku Calendar 
(January to December in the Southern part of the U.S.A.)

snow and more snow falls 
cold wind and more cold wind blows 
all branches are bare 

starving and weak birds 
a chill grips before sunrise 
fall from bare branches 

warm afternoon wind 
thin morning ice melts on pond 
a song bird is heard 

poppies hide in grass 
drink from early morning showers 
bees drink from open buds 

warm ruffles new weeds 
clover covers budding ground 
crickets find their song 

hawk hunts small rabbit 
green hedges give good cover 
blood drips on clover 

sun waves off dark soil 
flowers grow only in shade 
bees hive drips sweet wax 

in shade cow chews cud 
waits for dark to find water 
sleeps on top of mound 

east winds pull cool rain 
quinces bright hill flowers thirst 
streams roar then fall quite 

squirrel hides acorn 
digs hole at foot of oak tree 
barks at gray wet sky 

leaf fall from elm tree 
vacant bird nest are exposed 
geese sound over head 

deer move over trail 
fawns loose baby spots and jump 
graze on holly leafs  

Details | Haiku | |


HAIKU #1-14 (Taken from my files totaling 12,016 haiku, started in 2/9/06)

Ants red as wine                                      A black spider seem to own
dine on yellow nectar                                squatter's rights right on
from a juicy mango.                                   our front porch.

Day of rain and                                         A quiet gentle breeze brought
zero visibility, then                                     thoughts of Belize and
pastel evening sky.                                    New York's Hudson.

Morning draped in silk                                 Drenched from his walk
of white as we await snow                          a lone man sat basking on
and sleet and cold rain.                              bench in sudden sunshine.

In dreariness of winter                               Driving home by night
my philodendron buds stands                      I fled the signal of a white
erect and frozen.                                      hand hitchhiking.

Earth held in traction                                 In temp of one hundred
by glistening silver moon                             a black bird basked
full like a balloon.                                       in my shadow.

Blond rabbit pregnant                                 In dark of night 
with spunk often visit and                           With full moon bright
side with the husband                                military copters all in a row.

A spider sleeps all day                                 In early morn my pen
then wake up and work                                poised like stillness of
at post twilight time.                                   trees awaiting breeze.

Details | Haiku | |

Life-- ETA--Springtime

The warmth of the sun
Pitter-Patter of Spring rain
Life blooms Abundant

Details | Haiku | |


The hiss of the sea,
From the hollow of a shell;
Soft ocean whispers.

Details | Haiku | |


a clinging vine
ivy climbs the wall

Details | Haiku | |

A Gaga Gadfly

a gaga gadfly 
on a water buffalo
touch me not, i rule

Details | Haiku | |

Golden Arbor

Turning Autumn leaves,
Fading from yellow to gold;
Brazened by the sun.

Details | Haiku | |

Slaughter in Summer

Sun murders the breeze
Choking pores until they cry
Holding us hostage.

Details | Haiku | |

Dew Kisses Of Summer



                                                               Purple Aster morn
                                                  Dew kisses soft moves slowly on
                                                               Tomorrow another

Details | Haiku | |

seeds dropped in soil

seeds dropped in soil wetting daily leaves erupt plants lean toward sun

Details | Haiku | |


Red haze shimmering
Lighting the soft lake ripples
Engulfed by darkness 

Details | Haiku | |

Proving the Existence of Beauty

          The cool, humid plain,
Where the woman lays there bare;
                    Beauty- does exist.

Details | Haiku | |



Falling and Floating
So colourful and vibrant
Dropping from the trees


Details | Haiku | |


swallowsong hidden
behind wisps of morning fog
dawnlight yawns above

Details | Haiku | |

Of Autumn Rush

          During Autumn Rush,
Squirrels chase scraps of acorns-
                    On trails to winter.

Details | Haiku | |

Fall Foliage

Fringed by colored trees,
The passage up the mountain;
Calico Autumn.

Details | Haiku | |

The Strength of Her Self

          Her body- glistens
The plains- illuminating-
                    From dawn, through her smile.

Details | Haiku | |

The Rose

Love child born in spring
Blushes in all her beauty
Velvet skin exposed

Details | Haiku | |

Of a Picture From a Mountaintop

          On my senior trip,
A town- stretches- over there,
                    Amidst- the Catskills.

Details | Haiku | |

Lateral thought

Crab on a mission
So much inside that shell; leaves
writing in the sand

Details | Haiku | |

Leopards -Rhyming Haiku-

Sneak up on their prey very silent and deadly don't get in their way. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.12/2015

Details | Haiku | |

Of an Early Morning

          The sun's- dimming light,
Over- the earth's morning sky-
                    With- a woman's- nude.

Details | Haiku | |


Crimson seeds of spring
leaf light air, butterfly rain
soft as summer’s swirl.

Details | Haiku | |

Like the Morning Glory at Noon

          The morning glory,
Like her heart, opens for love.
                    Twelve o clock- she gawn.

Details | Haiku | |


Winter comes again--
The earth returns to slumber.
Time, once more, to dream

Details | Haiku | |


worship in the shade

a cathedral ever glade-

reaching for the sky

Ekphrasis on Raul's photo

Details | Haiku | |

'White Swan' (Haiku # 2)

‘ White Swan ’    Haiku # 2

White Swan on Green Lake
Your Beauty, did not Forsake
At First Seen Snowflake

Details | Haiku | |

Evening Song

Calm waves gently crash,
Soothing the sun to slumber:
Liquid lullabies.

Details | Haiku | |

Seasonal Beauty

The cold shroud of snow,
Melting...icy wilderness:
Unveiled by the sun.

Details | Haiku | |

Of the Nature of Her Looks

          Beauty; strength- power-
Her head held high; her eyes- closed-
                    Sensing back- at him.

Details | Haiku | |

Of Nature's Flirtation

          The wind's- subtle blow,
Teasing- the leaves- on the trees,
                    Wafts her hair- forward.

Details | Haiku | |

Winter solstice

Drawn-out nights come with
Brief days now the sun sits still
We sit by the fire

Details | Haiku | |

Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping willow tree
Casting your summer leaves
Down with a brown chrunch

Details | Haiku | |

Two Quills And A Rose

two quills and a rose
on the same wooden table
love triangle

Details | Haiku | |

The Bealach

The Bealauch...rocky
Steep allows passage to the

Details | Haiku | |

Trees of the Lord

The trees of the Lord
Full of sap and evergreen
Planted by waters,

Spreading out their roots
Even when drought comes with heat,
Still, will yield their fruit.

Details | Haiku | |

My Heart- One With a Leaf

          A leaf- falling- down,
Stumbling through the fog, mocks
                    My heart's- turbulence.

Details | Haiku | |

Howling Messages

Eyes like a bright moon
Howls shatter the silent night
Messages from wolves

Details | Haiku | |

Freshkills Park

The seed of a park,
Indigenous plants emerge;
Reclaiming beauty.

Written for the haiku contest in New York,
in the transformation of Freshkills Landfill to Freshkills Park.

Details | Haiku | |

Why Not To Be Alone

          A lonesome squirrel,
Runs through the dark, vacant fields-
                    And when the Hawk comes...

Details | Haiku | |

Harmonious Green

From side to side they
Sway; beneath them these children
Play...Beauty of green

Details | Haiku | |

Of a Man's Burden

          Far in the distance,
Amidst the trees, is a man-
                    Sitting on a leaf.

Details | Haiku | |

Once Upon a Dark Fog

Where the trees once stood,
A dark fog covers their grounds-
                    A path through lost lives.

Details | Haiku | |

During the Resurfacing of the Ice

          Waiting to enter,
Our eyes moved up, then down.
                    A leaf- fell- on ice.

Details | Haiku | |

Master Artist

Gen 1:1
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

pillow clouds frame the earth
shrouds the beauty of your master
flowing fingertip.

Details | Haiku | |

Spring reigns

The skies fall with jewels
In gardens digging with tools
Blessed by the blossom

Details | Haiku | |

Full Moon

Eye of the night sky
Wide open with cloud-like brow
Guide me on the path.

Details | Haiku | |


Stage in blazing lights
Lovely steps of a hornpipe
Sailor boy's delight

Details | Haiku | |

Land Clouds

Eerie eerie fog
Crept and crept along the ground
Like clouds held at bay

Details | Haiku | |

The Football Match

It’s raining all day!
The kids are playing football –
They just love to play!

Details | Haiku | |

Nature's Tears

streaming down the pane
mother nature cries

Details | Haiku | |

Save Earth From Pollution

There are solutions
To save earth from pollution
New resolutions

Details | Haiku | |



Details | Haiku | |

After the Rain

Amorous sunbeams,
Dance among the verdant hills.
Ballad of the sun.

Details | Haiku | |


Drop of water
In the river -
Sound of joy

Details | Haiku | |

Peace of Nature

Peace of nature shows
how relaxing life can be
and can show you truth 

Details | Haiku | |

The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

Details | Haiku | |

Stormy Weather

stormy skies...
pouring rain...
lightning strikes...

thunder booms...
lightning strikes...
smell of smoke...

For Gigno's ellip contest

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn Sonnets

Iambic rustles,
Composed by calico leaves:
Sonnet of the trees.

Details | Haiku | |

A Farmer's Tale

pale silken strands sway
tickling the warm breezy air
honey wheat wands dance

prosperity flows
nourishing life on the farm
drought came and all died

TLH  ©  05-31-2012


Details | Haiku | |

Nature in the mix

spring blossoms
happy smiles

blue attire---
blaze like stars

the black hole
grave yard for stars
no headstones---

Note:  For Gigno's Ellip Contest ( Listed under Haiku Form)

Details | Haiku | |

a symbol of love

pink and red blossoms

      artistically arranged

                 a symbol of love

sun shines on faces

         turned pink from blustery wind

                     cold hands and warm hearts

on Valentine's Day

         true love and long stemmed roses

                  ... how long will they last?

~~~~ 06/02/2013 ~~~~
 fro P.D.'s "double haiku and questionku" contest

Details | Haiku | |


Roses for you!

petals all over
sexy, sexy as can be
press the flesh tonight

my roses are black, 
did I forget the water 
dry flower bed!!

my roses are red, 
give me a kiss, sweet as you
potion pucker lips

flowers for the dead
roses running through my head
zombies are blue.

ouch! ouch! prickly thorns 
rose blood, falling all around, 
snake under my bed

I did not mean it
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
here have 2 roses

baby bash, ice cream
only In America
roses in demand 


Details | Haiku | |

The Might of Gentleness


Mighty roar... 

Gentle mist.

~Form is Ellip~

Details | Haiku | |

Pitter Patter Falls (Haiku)

rushing waters fall
as of sweet rhythmic curtains,
draping moss and stone

Submitted for Raul Moreno's "Rhythm of The Falls" contest.

Details | Haiku | |

Orange you Glad to be---an Orange---

     Contract Delete

Details | Haiku | |

Points of Light


                                                         airy erosion 
                                                         stars beyond triumphal arc 
                                                         dimensions and time


Details | Haiku | |

Mountains Touch The Sky

as one with the clouds
enfold within still layers...
mountains touch the sky
For P.D.'s "Haiku Mountain Week Contest" Written:July 2012 By: Carol Brown 1st Place Winner

Details | Haiku | |


Rainbow peeking out
bands of color refracting
in vibrant beauty

written              08/24 /2013  

contest  Any haiku will do

Details | Haiku | |

cute and simple questionKU

*rub a dub dub*
  Bath time is fun,
  wrinkled small fingers 
  why is it slippery?

  Fresh rain-droplets
  white dandelions
  Why is the sky-lit blue?


Details | Haiku | |


clement moon...loses glow...sun rises

rose greets dawn...reassures...tears dewy

heart of mist...broken by...dawn chorus

rising shadows...dry stone wall

Harry J Horsman 2013

Details | Haiku | |

- Haiku X 37 - Silver Beads On Line -

        Dew wet spider web 

        Sparkling pearls on fine parade 

        Life's boasting beauty 

  Anne-Lise Andresen :)


Details | Haiku | |

The Wind

From my lips
Songs of love
In the wind

Wind catches
Garden gate
A rhythm

Slow dancing
With the wind

For the "Ellip" contest..

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Adirondacks Ode

Climb high these mountains
And meet cliffs of history
Snug against the moon

Cold lover's warm kiss
Caress each syllable of song
Love makes joy exist
Adirondacks mist
The milk of mothering trees 
Melted on morning's joy

Tongue lark the dark lakes
Water births of memory
Ego ice thin here 

The nation's blood lens
The red moon night, so pride stakes
Claim to fluid truth
The wind prowls the skin
Stirring leaves of memories
A breast dried of peace  

Algonquian trail
Footsteps eat the span of trees
Man is small in grief

The muskets torment
Fusion of mission and right
The north shrikes lament

And beg migrants gone
But wax wing they shun the sun
Bunting snow for life.

Old Mohawk glory
Gone when forest bare shivers
In castles of ice

Steel teeth scrape the rocks
And eat iron from the ore
Of greed, killing trees

Logging the green tongue
Of the sun's wealth of heat
For this new kingdom

Of civilized men
Performing barbaric feats
Distant from the den.

Dusk the Gilded Age
Of rage ... like natives, all past
Diseased to the eye

A new dawn breaks song
And howls of joy claim again
The blessings of rain

Sceptered in the throat
Cities' diamonds of dew
Love of warblers note.

Love is eagle's joy
Climbing high against the breast
Peaking in delight.

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a white rabbit

a white rabbit runs across virgin snow. . . . a gunshot rings out
For Debbie Guzzi's Fall or Winter haiku Poetry Contest

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on the beach

on the beach
a smell of lotion
in the breeze

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Birth of a butterfly

I struggle and strive
I pump persevering flow  
I knew I could fly

© Brenda V Northeast 18th may 2012
For Gail Doyles- Inspirational contest

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butterflies rise up

butterflies rise up thunderous clapping of wings the rose bushes sway
Russell Sivey

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Cirrus fledged cleft

Circa vista under seen

life and spirit flow..

sublime outline forms

little hill folds down..

cross the valley bleating sheep

combs coombe the eyrie hawk..!

copyright Joe Maverick 2011

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Ellip Contest

babbling brook
in motion

plant a seed
earth is moist
love must grow

smile on face
big secret
not sharing

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God's Radiance

blossom in our lives
       such a flower of fragrance:/
              sunshine in our hearts

©   Joseph, May 16, 2009
©   All Rights Reserved


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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River flows.... Musk filled air.... Homecoming

Ellip Contest
© 2-11-2013

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As My Math Tutor's Late

          Looking from my desk,
One plus one equals two birds-
                    Chasing each other.

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The Apple Don't Fall Far From The Tree

<                                          amidst .... apple tree
                                        black bear .... pounces limb
                                              cubs wait .... below

Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
Fall Animal Haiku Contest
G.L. All

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Nature's Kitchen

Grand opening soon
the nectar of the flowers...
hummingbirds delight
Written for Sidney~LeeAnn's "Sweet Flowers & Hummingbirds" Contest Written by Carol Brown 04/16/2012 11th Place Winner

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A Change of Seasons - Haiku 2


                                          crying a river of tears
                                             for winter is gone


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                                                                 A squirrel that is
                                          recumbent on the road, is
                                                            destined to road-kill.

Pace, G


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Rhyming Haiku

Rippling brook rushes
Swollen with spring rain gushes..
Eddie place bulrushes

Alligator suns
Basking her tough hide, sun buns..
Hippo destroys fun

Spring turns winter's tide
Nature comes quickly alive..
Bees buzz hopes  for bride

For: Carol Brown
Contest: "Whats' The Buzz"

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Haiku - X 12 - GOLD -

                                      Gold and green forests
                                     The forests we cut down
                                   Gold is investors' safe harbor

A-L  Andresen :)

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** Sunset **
The afterglow flame 
Creeping under the cold creek 
Daylight, gone again

** Soap Dish **
Daytime TV blues
Tune in tomorrows soap box
Dramatic, dusk wind

** Evening Star **
Tired sound waves 
Waiting for eventfulness 
Hour of the beast

** Atmospheric **
Phenomenon Light
Under the zodiacal night 
Kisses and shivers 

** Twilight **
Locked in my slumber
Vampire face awaken 
Thirst like no other 
** Sundown **
Aurora fading 
What goes up, has to come down
crowfeet, black and white  

~~ Tequila Sunrise ~~
Break of day, snooze 
Cockcrow without a whisper 
Coyote Ugly

~~ DAWN ~~
Same Situation 
Mentally agonizing;
Sunny side egg twist

~~ New Moon ~~
beautiful sun rays 
Sun awaits for ebony 
beautiful moonbeam 

~~ Adjust the Setting ~~
Breathtaking sunrise
Beyond the horizon sky
Sherbert colored beach 

~~ Skipping Rocks ~~
Glitter dusk on lids
Birds sing me a lullaby 
Kids playing by lake

~~ Sunrise Industry ~~
Shining superstar 
Golden streets with no stop sign
Lunch time draws nearer 


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                               THE ERUPTING VOLCANO

                                    blood joy-boiled
                                gushed between rocky loins
                                         proclaim birth 
                                          red hot tears
                                       erupt magnificence
                                          vanquish black

                                          lava pain cool
                                   eruptions promise spring
                                            brief respite

                                          spring dazzles
                                     birdsong forgets fire
                                           mount dozes

                                            sky drizzles
                                       eruption of rebirth
                                           rumbles sweet

                                              terror hides
                                  mountain deep womb veils
                                               future fire

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Deforestation; blades cut a swathe through foliage: beauty has its price.

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Haiku 14 Swan lake

Erased for publishing

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A Symbol Of Spring's Resurrection

cold February's rain saturates the good earth... star magnolia blooms
A symbol of spring's resurrection are those early blossoms. The Daffodils spring up under the bright yellow Forsythia and beautiful pink tulip shaped flowers cover the Japanese Magnolia..Resurrection stated in the most subtle way. They say to me there is hope that the sun will soon warm the earth's soil signaling to all of nature to come alive.
red buds glow decorating the roadside... heavy fog cloaks all
Spring's presence can be unobtrusive slipping in like a lamb. One day it is winter then a heady essence wafts on a zephyr that aroma of pale lavender Wisteria announcing spring has sprung. Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi Contest: Spring Haibun red buds glow(verb)

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beach sunset

beach sunset--
orange spills out of the sea
to touch your feet

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Winter Coats


                                              The sentinel cats
                                     Guard post tip top of the house
                                            Growing winter coats

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Colorful Light

Rainbows here and there,
Lights shining in rain so rare,
Colors, sparks and flares.

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naked roses

naked roses
—on daddy’s laptop,

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White powdery wisps

Instead of the morning dew...

Winter's Wonderland

       * * *


Walking past the park

Wings made with childlike passion

Angelic Image

       * * *


Whitened droplets

Falling from gray clouds above

Catch one on your tongue

        * * * 


White covers the ground

Trouble starting the blower

Shovel time...again

       * * *


Chilled air on glass

Panes painted with icy hues

Scenes from Jack's palette.

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Red Cardinals Comes


                                                   Red Cardinal comes
                                              First female male eat suet_
                                                    Gentleman inborn

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Two Haiku

Strokes after midnight
received a distant sad news
a swallow has flown

Watch over us dear
I kept my prayers for you
frosted in flowers

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A Trip Out Of This World

walkway to the stars
kaleidoscope nebula
milky way beckons

by Carol Fillmore
for Rick Parise's contest: Haiku Beyond (Nature Only)

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Invitation to Mankind

Elements of space-
Galaxies spin on diamonds,
Beckoning mankind.

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Wind Horse

Wind Horse ©

running free, wild, brave
tail streaming high in the wind
hoof pounding the earth

horses turn their haunch
to show their scorn for the storm 
and nature’s tantrum

allows man to think
he can command elegance
and tame the wild heart

Trisha Sugarek

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Playing Peek A Boo {Edit}

<                             coniferous tree
                       playing peek a boo .... shuffle                                
                              candid smiles glisten

{ Christmas }

Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Haiku Contest
G.L. All

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Four in haiku

butterflies flying 
I see them, beautiful 
want to go with them 

rainbow colored skies 
smell of lavender in air
banana pudding on tongue

pearls of gold sunlight 
sapphire blue dripping 
golden leaves falling

trees are standing tall 
birds singing sweet music 
songs of memory filled past 

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behind the sun

behind the sun:
do the flowers

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A Tropical Portrait

                                                           canopy of blue
                                              adorned by white wispy clouds --
                                                          a heavenly day

                                                       palm tree sentinels
                                           watch ocean waves lap the shore --
                                                   white sand reveals shells

                                                        vibrant flora thrives
                                             shades of fuchsia, verdant green --
                                                          a paradise found

7/13/12 for Gail Doyle's "A Scenery of Your Choice,
                                       As an Artist" contest.

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Beauty of Nature

soft nest in woodlands

  a baby fawn under mom

    life untouched renews 

Poems by Shar
Form: haiku  5/7/5

For Linda-Marie's contest
"Beauty of Nature"

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crescent moon

crescent moon--- somewhere in the dark part hides my shadow © kash poet =============000============= Placement: 3rd; (Nov.2012) Contest:Any Poem Sponsor:Susan Burch =============000==============

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Haiku 001

eyes wide open
flowers sway in the the breeze
allergies abound
Received: Honorable Mention Brain Strand's "Eight Or Less"contest 04/2012

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the mountain

granite faces up
chin jutting towards the sky
smiling at the sun

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 105

ocean water ripples
sun brings glistening rainbow
peace is found on earth

Details | Haiku | |


Breath-taking beauty,

Above brown and gold leaves fly,

Pumpkins’ glowing eyes.

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Haiku 13 Beneath a hunter's moon

Erased for publishing

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Nature Romance

nude plains and mountains hunger for the touch of rain don’t harass again both lying naked clouds blanketed with passion sweet romance of rain green plains and mountains in sexy flower dresses belly dance with breeze sexy haiku/s tells let’s all be nature lovers preserve mother earth
November 11, 2012 By: Leonora Galinta Second Place Contest: Natural/Nature Sexy Haiku Contest Judged: 11/12/2012 Sponsor: Poet SandyIvy Davis

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Time to Make a Change

Winter gusts subside,
Pleasant sunlight pours inside,
Welcome after cold.

Snow and ice grow old.
This peek must be a promise.
Don't be a "Doubting Thomas".

Ice and snow must end.
Bitter winter we rescind!
Traded for warm light.

Sun a timely sight.
Nature's plan unfolds before
Spring can open doors.

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Yellow Rose Day


                                                         Yellow Rose unfold 
                                         Give warmth, light, nourishment soon
                                                     Earth rewards with green

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the bird

the bird in my hand -- eating

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Haiku 005 a lone woodpecker Haiku oo6 about a Fly

Erased for publishing

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The Jungle Out There

Fastest in the land,
no matter, still enemies.
Keep one eye open.

Details | Haiku | |


In bleak of darkness

Standing alone in the world

Hope is still alive

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(California) Snow

origami dreams - snowflakes of the past back home - wish I were with you...
for SKAT's Haiku contest

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Beware the Bayou

black-water swamps where
moccasins hang from branches
and gators patrol

monster mosquitoes
invade in hoards at twilight
thirsty for fresh blood

at morning's first light
dawn illuminates Cypress
birds announce sunrise

dangerous beauty
in the Wetland wilderness
and all is at peace...

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Evaporation (Haiku)

cold misty morning
wet grass with lingering dew
wait for rising sun

Details | Haiku | |

Off the Top

Gently tousled leaves
Vivid the emerald fronds
Soon will turn to gold

*Placed 7th in Matt Caliri's contest, "Write Now!" (Approximately 50 seconds)

Details | Haiku | |

Walking Domino

black cows walking by
field covered with snow today
walking domino

©Donna Jones

Details | Haiku | |

Long Cold Winter


bitter wind blows stout
pelting icy snow crystals….
cold winter’s harsh thoughts


treed primate postures
like Indian totem pole….
new politician

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Second Place Winner ~ "Natural and Beyond” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: John Freeman
Sept 22, 2011

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waiting patiently

waiting patiently...
drinking in the warm soft sun
oranges ripen

For the contest; Very Strict Haiku
Sponsored by Charles Henderson

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The leaves change colors
It is getting colder now
Autumn has arrived

Details | Haiku | |

refreshing spring rain

refreshing spring rain
flowers unfold their beauty....
dawn of summer growth

For Contest: Strict Haiku 2
Sponsored by: Charles Henderson

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Spring and Nature

slurping the nectar
of blooms so beautiful the...
hummingbirds nourish

Details | Haiku | |

Fresh Shasta Daisy

                                                Fresh Shasta Daisy
                                    White white cool gown yellow crown..
                                             First at summer's ball

Details | Haiku | |

Water hibernation

Placid and frigid
Clad shrouded stones of splendor
In a winter bath

Details | Haiku | |

Golden Soiree'

Crisp leaves gaily dance
As red and gold parchment gowns
Swirl on Autumn winds

Inspired by Abe Lopez' contest, Haiku Seasons

Details | Haiku | |

An Unknown Death

an unknown death

cracked leaves sigh and decay

bones infused in bark

Details | Haiku | |

blue sky

migratory birds
in blue sky...
a hyperbola

Details | Haiku | |

Sun Moon

light parades through clouds
heat is coming down from sky
bright shine sets the day
brightness lights the night
shadows are cast all about
stars sparkled about
a day of delight
closes into a night of bliss
sun and moon collide
For P.D's 3rd Place winner contest 4th Place Winner For Linda-Marie's "Haiku Hodgepodge..Trio Contest Written by: Carol Brown 3rd Place Winner

Details | Haiku | |


Nature dons steel gray...
Gale swept rains drive mount'nous waves
And e'en gods tremble.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku - X 6 - Hurricane

                                           As a hungry tiger
                                 Sneaking quietly toward its goal
                                    Hurricane kills and destroys

A-L  Andresen :)

Details | Haiku | |

Hot Sunny Day

along the pathway
thousands of soldier ants match--
hot sunny day.

CONTEST:"Any Haiku Will Do" sponsored by SKAT-AUX

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```` ```` ` merry-go-round twigs wiggling down rows of grasses… summer petticoats charcoal sands boling Monet grass wears red-tanned shades… bubbled tints on shore (c) double haiku `````````` for Briand's Any Theme/Form from nette onclaud

Details | Haiku | |

Red Cardinal Sits


                                           Red Cardinal Sits
                                    Frozen water in birdbath....
                                    Peck, peck, head back drink

Details | Haiku | |

a deer in road

a deer in road
snowflakes falling
a still in headlights


Details | Haiku | |


Soft snow beckoning,
Falling with deceptive lade,
collapsing my soul.

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn's Harvest


in ancient woodland -

acorns fall

Details | Haiku | |

24 Hour Darkness

sky black as midnight
clouds move fast as day slides by
light flash in dark sky

Details | Haiku | |

Primate on a Limb

Blissful he appears
Enjoys nature’s habitat --
Survival instinct

We have missed something
Only man kills for greed, sport --
We are devolving

*Entry for John Freeman's "Natural and Beyond" contest (Haiku first, then Senryu)

Details | Haiku | |

---deer tracks

deer tracks
leading to chomped impatiens
gunshots in the woods

Details | Haiku | |

sunrise haiku

first light skips across
the water, iridescent 
footprints gleam in wake

Received 5th place in "sunrise haiku" contest

Details | Haiku | |


Ballooning o'er the desert

Sun peeks up at you...

Experience nature's gift.

Wafting on the wind's current

Silence in motion...

Reflections of a new day.

The fire of dawn awakens

Hills of umber gold...

Borne to see such wonderment!

Details | Haiku | |

In Spring

Driving home from work, I watch the darkening sky and the trees along the streets bending in the wind. Big drops of rain begin to splatter against my windshield until suddenly, my entire car is being bombarded. As the moaning wind picks up, the downpour increases and I adjust my windshield wipers accordingly. Nearing my neighborhood, I glimpse a foretoken of spring.

behind their mother
young quail scurry in a row. . . 
March winds scatter rain

Soon I am pulling into my driveway, wondering vaguely where the baby quail were bound for and relieved to be escaping the onslaught of cold wind-tossed rain. My spirit has been lifted by the sighting of the quail family, for I know better days are ahead. . . 

A few weeks pass, and I find myself becoming excited as I always do after April has arrived. I begin noticing the various plants and trees of my small city, in particular, the burgeoning buds of my own front yard  pear tree, and then at last it happens; I awake one fine morning to my favorite augur of the season:

outside my window
myriads of white blossoms. . . 
the trill of birds

For the Spring Haibun Poetry Contest of Debbie Guzzi

Details | Haiku | |


a heart slides
from its chest-
Uluru at sunrise

Details | Haiku | |

desert sun

desert sun…
sears thirsty still life 
of flesh and sagebrush 

grey clouds burst 
breaching dry nostrils…
soiled, wet, smelly dog 

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Details | Haiku | |

spring uprising

winter leaving
smells of spring uprising --

Details | Haiku | |


black bear-
smells from frying trout
over hot coals

Details | Haiku | |

the last leaf

rising moon--- the last leaf survives another day © kash poet ============000=========== Placement:1st; (Nov. 2012) Contest:Haiku Contest Sponsor:Charles Henderson ============000===========

Details | Haiku | |

In The Dell

securely hidden
small secluded valley...
morning awakens
rainbows of color
flowers glisten with fresh dew...
animals abound
fluffy clouds floating
sunshine brings natural prizms...
heaven, earth collide
"A Scenery Of Your Choice As An Artist Contest" Sponsor of contest: Gail Doyle Poem Written: July 13, 2012 4th Place winner

Details | Haiku | |


Skies whisper: till then
Hands and trees begin to sigh
Summer love; goodbye...

Details | Haiku | |

Forbidden Valley

Forbidden valley

Twin peaks arousing passion

Tulips on the tips

Details | Haiku | |

Misty shore

A dewy morning
Whispers past the haunting fog
Majestic seacoast

Inspired by Raul Moreno’s “Ghost tides contest”! 

Details | Haiku | |

Soft Yellow Cloud Floats

                                            Soft yellow cloud floats
                                      Pale blue water placid scene...
                                           Pebble tossed ring grows

Click on "About This Poem"

Details | Haiku | |


nature's wrath in the wind forgiveness

Details | Haiku | |

Archways to infinity

Sandstone frames make 
Glittery dreams from heaven 
Windows to the sky

Details | Haiku | |

snowflakes fall

snowflakes fall
cold ground lays a foundation...
wonderland of beauty
Any Poem Goes contest... For P.D. 6th Place Winner

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 8 - bees and butterflies, ants in action, shimmering pools

what new plant is this
flowering bees this morning
and butterflies too?

running to and fro
a group of ants in action
searching for food

bathed in the sunshine
shimmering pools of water
pulsating with life

Details | Haiku | |


The warm leaves crackle
From being rudely pushed aside 
As Daffodils emerge

Details | Haiku | |

Alban Arthan

Celtic Priest stands tall
Village folk wide eyed in hope
Sun will hear his call

Inspired by the Winter Solstice Haiku Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Seashell Island

Details | Haiku | |

Panthers Prowl

"Panthers Prowl" panting tongues excite panther passion steams Moon's heat creamy lust lace loins. moistened lips ignite 'call of the wild' ecstasy jungle fires pounce. secret hideaway tender groans submit to love taste euphoria. *For SandyIvy's Sexy Haiku Nature Contest. *Written by: Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S.

Details | Haiku | |


Weaving silver threads
Catching moon beams in their webs.
Diligent Spiders.

Details | Haiku | |

Spring's Natural Beauty

green sprig with new bud
bud opens, bears bright color...
beautiful red rose
A Spring ~tease Poem for P.D. 2nd Place Winner

Details | Haiku | |

Spring into Haiku

Smiling Sakura
blows kisses to Bush Warbler
Dreams of distant love

Details | Haiku | |

Danger Ahead

organisms spawn
     sea heated by July sun...
          red tide comes ashore

dead fish waste on sand
    gulls peck at infected food...
        illness spreads to all

*For Brian's "A Jewel in your Crown" contest

Details | Haiku | |


a root of an immortelle 
life’s paradigm

- inspired by Brian Strand's Poetry Of The Noun Contest

Details | Haiku | |

haiku peace

stars of amethyst
swirling light circles
path to perfect peace

Details | Haiku | |

Untouched moments

Majestic wetlands 
Reflecting tenuous limps 
Under a blue quilt 

Inspired by Raul Moreno’s “Tranquility” contest ! 

Details | Haiku | |

Sunrise Haiku on King Sun

king sun is peeking over tropical waters. . . . palms wave a welcome from the horizon the monarch ascends into a sea of dark clouds in golden fullness the sun takes its rightful place. . . . dismissing all clouds in sky’s blue kingdom above tropical waters. . . . king sun is peaking

Details | Haiku | |

Hurricane Havoc

"Hurricane Havoc" dangerous winds rage uprooting trees to tumble drenched by rain torrents. flooding waters wrath swallow bridges crumbled stones violence and death. power lines cascade sparking flames igniting homes volatile darkness. ocean waves invade breaching sand dunes overflow beaches dwell with fish. hurricane havoc shelters contain precious life Mother Nature cries. *For SandyIvy Davis's Hurricanes - Only Haiku Contest. *American Haiku 5/7/5 syllable count.

Details | Haiku | |

Milk and Cereal

Crispy leaves sipping Autumn's pour

car roofs collect and bathe in snow

milk and cereal for breakfast.

For Carol Brown's 'Whats the buzz' contest

Details | Haiku | |

Appalachian Trail

Deserted cabins
Trees gnarled by wailing winds
The sound of a bear

Details | Haiku | |

skeleton trees

forest in winter
skeleton trees - nature’s own 
nudist colony


Details | Haiku | |


Once a jade vision 
Briefly twisted in the breeze 
Now brown and demised 

Details | Haiku | |


sun hides in dark clouds
wind brings chills right to the bones...
icy branches hang

Details | Haiku | |

velvet sky

velvet sky--
star burns through canopy 
leaves black hole

Details | Haiku | |

Deer Season

No snowstorm down south
Just moaning, sighing wet wind
That shivers my soul

Details | Haiku | |


Woodland reflections
In waters so calm and still
Create scene serene

For Raul's Tranquility Haiku competition

Details | Haiku | |

Sunrise Aglow

mellow yellow sky
glistens upon morning dew
hummingbird flutters
Entry: Sunrise Haiku Contest Sponsor P.D. Written: 11/17/2011 12th Place Winner

Details | Haiku | |

Sentimental You

<                                      amidst flocked needles ...
                                        woven ornament strewn ...
                                               a star is ... born

Details | Haiku | |


Piloted masses 
Invasive sharks in the sky
Cloaked ebony 

Inspired by Raul's Mareno's "Tattered wings contest"!

Details | Haiku | |

Nautical Grace

Through waters you move.
All else is dull when compared.
What beauty you hold.

Details | Haiku | |



left my plums
to fall and rot -

For Cyndi MacMillan's: "Creativity - Write A Modern Haiku" contest.

*Creative outlet is pruning/shaping my outdoor Bonsai and fruit trees.

December 2nd, 2011

Details | Haiku | |

the moon is glowing

the moon is glowing
and a summer fish twitches 
to console my soul

Details | Haiku | |

chattering squirrels

chattering squirrels
clamber across birdfeeder....
slate gray like the sky.

Details | Haiku | |

summer heat

summer heat
a bolt of lightning
spears the moon

Details | Haiku | |

rainbow and sunset

lovely view!
rainbow curve and sunset
wonder bent

Details | Haiku | |


Spirits riding time, in swirling clouds, mist and fog, off the bluff they rolled.
Special thanks to James Marshall Goff for taking the time to explain haiku to me in a manner that helped me to appreciate its imagery and rigid format. "Visitors" is a spin-off from another poem "Heritage", which I wrote a few years ago and posted on PS only a few minutes ago. If the imagery and emotions I attempted to evoke fell short of your expectations, read "Heritage" and you'll tell more about what I was attempting to communicate. This is my first attempt at haiku, so do be too mean. ;-) ~<><

Details | Haiku | |

Breathtaking Sunrise

Pacific murmur
Blond eyelids wake up seagulls
Happiness alive

Surf and rays in love
Paintbrushes escape from box

Tempera of Soul
Obsessive Golden Spectrum
Rip open my chest

Don' t need oxygen
Growing gills,  play with dolphins
Sun alive again...

***for P.D.'s Contest " Sunrise"***

Details | Haiku | |

A Kiss of Sunset

Day gives in to night
Crimson hues paint the sky
A kiss from Heaven

Shannon Deane
For P.D.'s 'Sunset Haiku' contest

Details | Haiku | |

Kitchen Window Closed

                                         Kitchen Window Closed
                                 Frozen birdbath, white 'oar's  frost
                                         Birds seek water, food

~An Haiku From Your Window~
For:Michael J. Falotico
Written By: Sara Kendrick

Details | Haiku | |

winter light breaks free

winter light breaks free
crawling hushed across the vein
tumbling water's sing 

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as cold sudden rain

as cold sudden rain pummels our umbrella. . . . . your long soft warm kiss For the Poem with a theme of "Umbrella" Contest of Leonora Galinta

Details | Haiku | |

Snow Flakes

cold winter's delight
icicles of flowing art
flakes in slow motion

Details | Haiku | |

Here it comes

Storm warning, record rain
Jet stream, El Nino waters 
Wind gusts and mudslides 

For Brian Strand's Poetry of the Noun contest

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Three little trees

three japanese trees
this spring only five feet small 
their shades spread new light

(c) Elly wouterse

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Nature the Destroyer

Raging tornadoes
devastate the entire land
destroying cities

Raging huricanes
plundering oceans and land
natures agony

Tsunami monster
Indian Ocean graveyard
deadly disaster

by Marty Owens March 9, 2012
For PD's contest Nature the Destroyer

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Haiku 08

a squirrel smells
skunks running a gammit
winds uplifting

Details | Haiku | |

A Blessing to Count

storm clouds sail away
but winds usher in changes…
     bright arc kisses sky

colors lure creatures
honey bees and hummingbirds…
     sip fragrant petals

I stare mesmerized
gray day makes way for light, joy…
     a blessing to count

*Entry for Carol’s “Haiku Weekend” contest on rainbows

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sun and moon

sun's flaming florets unfurl morning's molten flare ... burnished sunflower moon's white bud uncurls ... its midnight magnolia blooms in soil-dark sky sun's fire petals fold ... moon's night flower illumines a bouquet of stars
by Charlotte Puddifoot 'Your Favourite Or Best Haiku' contest

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wind blast cold to bone
plants, animals frozen stiff
dead winter kill off
Written By: Carol Brown Written on: 12/13/2011 Written for the: " Dead Winter Contest" Sponsored by: Sidney~LeeAnn 4th Place Winner

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quivering dew drops

quivering dew drops
entrapped in silken cobweb...
buzz of a late fly

© kashinath karmakar 2011

Placement: 1st; (Nov.2011)

Contest:Very Strict Haiku

Sponsor:Charles Henderson

By:kashinath karmakar


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Tropical Bounty

the sun warms gently
mother earth smiles grateful
responds with bounty 

Details | Haiku | |

a white rabbit hops

a white rabbit hops
across the snow covered ground…
sees and smells the fox

Details | Haiku | |

Holding On Tight

I rise from my sleep
As I look out my window
I see a new day

I hold tight to life
A day's breath is heavier
Each has it's season
Spring mornings are fresh
It's nature's nativity
Full of promises

The summers are bright
Long sunny days and warm nights
Full of life's passion

Fall is one of color
A storm of artistry
Full of achievements

Winters are lonely
Life with a blanket of snow
Full of Forgiveness

Edward J Ebbs

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helping a wisteria

Sunday morning--- helping a wisteria to stand again

Details | Haiku | |

Silver Tailed Fox


silver tailed fox
running from silent trigger
trampled and fell---


the grasshopper
hops along the fern, 
with long legs---


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spring garden

spring garden
butterflies play
with the blooms

Details | Haiku | |



twigs of winding stairs
   climb glassy mirror of time```
   old memories wiped

saintly gaslight tails
    fill lungs with pure crystal breaths ```
    new beginnings sprout

all rights reserved


(( for ^ Rick Parise's " Haiku Beyond" ))

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Faces of the Ocean

Grey waters in storm
Green waters in the sunshine
Golden waves at dusk

Details | Haiku | |


Hurricanes blow away our canes stumbling us down on the ground rise to walk again rebuilding places like a midrib broom as one the sun shines again
Nov. 7, 2012 Note: This Haiku was inspired by the theme of the previous contest of SandyIvy, with theme, Hurricane. It came late because of my PC problem. Honorable Mention Contest: Your Best Haiku Judged: 11/18/2012 Sponsor: Poet Nathan A Second Place Contest: November's Poem Judged: 11/26/2012 Sponsor: Poet PD

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An Old Haiku

The earth is green now.
The flowers open early,
blooming but to die.

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Haiku 7 - aurora borealis, rainbow sunset, cosmic glory

multi-coloured lights
searching the northern sky
aurora borealis

the setting sun
painting the evening sky
in colours of the rainbow

the glory of the cosmos
unending in space and time
how miraculous!

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Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor Fall has awaken summer is starting to leave the sun is dimming fruits have full-ripened within the garden of life the harvest is done autumn splendor glow such vibrant beauty display paintbrush of His hand spooky halloween blessed festive thanksgiving autumn months of joy Copyright 10.2.2010 Autumn Spendor Contest Spt.28

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Unicorn Rose

Oh, Unicorn Rose.
Impetuous romancer.
In blithe arms, linger.

*Inspired by UNICORN HAIKU contest.

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Blossom {Haiku / Tanka / Haiku }

<                                      red ~ gold ~ brown ~ and .... green
                                        rustic ~ over - tures .... whistlers 
                                        harvest .......  happiness

                                        the ~ winds ~ mighty ..... gale
                                        speaks ~ to ~ enchanted .... forest
                                        time ~ to ~ turn ~ new ...... leaf
                                        for ~ autumn ~ has ~ once .... returned
                                        and ~ you ~ must ~ all ~ come ~ on ..... down

                                       braided ~ and ..... despaired
                                       yet ~ forges ~ on ~ right ..... ahead
                                       fall ~ colours .....  blossom

Entry For Linda Marie's
Harvest Of Happiness
Haiku/Tanka/Haiku - Contest
G.L. All

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Frog Needs a New Pad

“Ribbit” croaks the frog
his lily pad is sinking…
     time to hop along

larger lily pad
makes a summer home for frogs…
     until the storms come

*Entry for Sidney Lee Ann’s “Lily-Pads and Frogs” contest
By Carolyn Devonshire
Theme: both lily pads and frogs

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From Antarctica

a glacial lake
reflecting snow- capped mountains...
mirror image

dripping water
suddenly frozen...
ice sculptures

two penguins
waddling through snow...
happy family
inside my bed room...
animal planet

© kash poet

Placement: 3rd; (Dec.2011)

Contest:Pictures of Winter

Sponsor:john freeman

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strawberry fields

miles of color
strawberry fields

Details | Haiku | |


a solarium
seems to cov'r the whole forest
sun awakens nature

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fiddler crab

georgia's fiddler crab waving claw attracts female.... size does matter

Details | Haiku | |


. .,.,……,.,,,,,, . tired mountain stands guard watching landscapes through steep days mists soften his paths crest ripples in bops river whirling late noon dance frothy scent invites charm drenches river sprinkling mountain with kisses dusk romance for two © …………. for Linda Marie’s Haiku Hodgepodge Trio written by nette onclaud

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Fishing Hole

water flows near surface bubbles -- old fishing hole *Picture of "The Old Fishing Hole" by Thomas Kincade

Details | Haiku | |

Summer Haiku

Shadetree cools the ground
fluffy white clouds, hide harsh rays
Perfect summer day

Inspired by the photo for the
Haiku Contest by Raul Moreno

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn's Reflection

Crimson leaves afloat

                           A small pond's mirrored surface...
                                                                  Reflecting autumn.

                                                                  Timothy I. Brumley

Details | Haiku | |

six baby ducklings

six baby ducklings sailing behind proud mother... empty broken shells
seasonal--ducklings--spring Written: 31/10/2011 Margaret A Linton Lassie contest: strict haiku sponsor: Charles Henderson

Details | Haiku | |

sweet dance

~when honey bees dance
                       waggling provocative tail…
                                     queen bee smiles sweetly

   In Honor of: `A Rambling Poet ~ 
   Haiku Me Some Nature, Please
   By John Moses Freeman

Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)
The honey bee, Apis mellifera, is one of several species of bees 
that produce honey.
 The waggle dance, an elaborate series of movements by a worker bee, 
informs other bees where the best sources of food are located.

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the tree

the tree yields
its last two peaches
dog days

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First Waltz

the first waltz begins
Luna’s red evening gown--- 
rented for the hour

I took an amazing photo of the huge red moon rising at  around 6:00 p.m. with a backdrop of a navy blue sky...beautiful!

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Valentine Haiku


a day’s diary
   turns to unwritten pages….
       a new sun rises

from smoldering dark,
   a spark ignites heart of dawn…
       flames kindle the hills    
darkness falls away
  like the velvet rose petals....
      a gold ring of sun

soft slippered skies watch 
    while drowsy earth awakens….
        garlands of pink clouds

sun kisses the frost
     with glittery lace designs…
         dapples of white glass
begging attention,
     the garden bursts into bloom…
        valentine bouquet

all the red roses
   stand tall with unabashed pride…
      birds sing from the heart

P.S.  Each morning sunrise is a valentine's gift. :)

For P.D.'s Contest: Valentine Haiku

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.          A Sequence of Haiku (or Choka?)

            on empty beach —
            a conch shell

            full moon
            through palms —
            vertical blinds

            umbrella —                                              
            over my shadow                             
            a cloud on the sand                                


Just in case (or footnote):
The whooshing sound inside the shell is not generated either by the echo of your blood rushing through the blood vessels of your ear or the air flowing through the shell; its sound is produced  by ambient noise from around you that resonates inside the shell.


Details | Haiku | |

yellow light

yellow light flickers

    from candles grouped together

            ... the storm rages on

Details | Haiku | |

withering rose

the withering rose sheds
another petal

Details | Haiku | |

Tweet from a Siskin

tweet from new leaves
siskin rustles, scrapes beak
dives into nest

Sheri Fresonke Harper

Details | Haiku | |

green boughs

green boughs bounce and dance

    annimatedly jumping

          - wind whistles a tune

Details | Haiku | |

Spring Showers

Breath of spring brings joy
Heavenly joy sheds new tears
From tears comes new life

Edward J Ebbs

Details | Haiku | |

Soft Sigh

soft sigh 
winter wanes
earth breathes

Details | Haiku | |


april rain ends
rainbow over the city
prophesy of hope?

Details | Haiku | |

God's Love

           Your majesty to unfold
                                      The gift of springtime

Details | Haiku | |

Queen's Court

Regally displayed
Rich crimson, her royal robes
Stately Maple stands

Inspired by Brian Strand's Images of Fall contest.

Details | Haiku | |

Vulpes vulpes stares

Vulpes vulpes stares
Wind whispers, a hunter’s pose
Murine meal under snow

for Debbie Guzzi's Animal Haiku Contest
Shawn Sackman (Northern CA)

Details | Haiku | |

Snow Fall

the falling
snow glistened
like polished diamonds

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku Collection

icy rain thrashing down 
coating ground with silver hues
gleaming, glistening.

moon beams shining down 
cloaking earth with silver glaze
smiling at lovers. 

river rushing by
crashing down slippery rocks
white water churning.

autumn leaves scattered
hues of golden browns and reds
whipped up by wind.

Screaming hurricane
trees strewn, lying uprooted
debris everywhere.

oh, elegant swan
startling snowy white feathers
astounding grace.

osprey perched high
dives and surfaces with fish
leaving just a ring.

Details | Haiku | |

Active Volcano

"Active volcano" (haiku) 5-7-5 

active volcano: 
hot smoke gushes up blue sky 
mud cloaks small town fast 

Details | Haiku | |

Liquid Diamonds

shimmering waters dance beneath a dazzling sun liquid diamonds ~*~

Details | Haiku | |

A Sunset Spills

an orange glow spills..
inch by inch covers my world..
then slips by to dark..

"Sunset Haiku contest" by P.D.
written by Michael J Falotico

Details | Haiku | |


Snowflakes are falling
Softly landing on the ground...
Winter ground covering

Details | Haiku | |

morning's smile

warm and tender
you greet the skies
morning's smile

Details | Haiku | |


silt drys layered
packed, heated, plates collide bang
flings upright pegs

molten steam singes life
bones crushed down below surface
seed never more green

Details | Haiku | |


a stone’s throw rocks rest
ships can’t sail shallow water…
an eye lights the way

Contest: Haiku "WHAT MY EYES SEE"
Sponsor: Annalise Brigham

Details | Haiku | |

Storm Clouds

Storm clouds in the sky.
Will I live or will I die?
My fate’s in God’s hands.

Details | Haiku | |

dreams of the rice field

bemused light
falls to the ground....
moon cradles me

fingers on lips
amber disappears...
dewy mouth of mirth

whispered words
porcelain meanings... 
incipient snows of sleep

"  "   "    "
Joe Maverick's Contest: Sake From Noritake Haiku Challenge

Details | Haiku | |

not a feather stirs

not a feather stirs
on doves watching
hawks fly past....
yet snow drops from

October 30th, 2011
All Rights Reserved

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Take off the headphones Natures concert surrounds you The music of life

Details | Haiku | |


skyline pines aligned within the needles doves coo… branches cradle peace =============== Brian Strand Contest Name A FREE CHOICE AGAIN

Details | Haiku | |

Life Passes By

dark green lotus leaves
soft throne of the old bullfrog
life passes by

By- Tahera Mannan
Theme-Lily pads and frogs.

Details | Haiku | |

Rainforest Blues

Rainforest Blues
flora and fauna, rainforest teeming with life - hungry bulldozers

Details | Haiku | |

Owls search the dark night

Owls search the dark night To feed on all life that moves head spins I see You
For Animal Haiku Contest

Details | Haiku | |


cows graze.. surrounded by fog

Details | Haiku | |

morning dew

morning dew
the subtle sigh
of a rose

Details | Haiku | |

bird of paradise

Bird of Paradise
now withered and dry
wild geese cry

Details | Haiku | |

Enchanted Forest

                                            Enchanted forest
                                 Trees stand tall, leaves of color
                                       Creatures camouflage

                                     By eve roper   11/9/2014

Details | Haiku | |

Tomato plight 2009

Through my sweat and toil
I plant with hopes of bounty
Defeated by plight 

Details | Haiku | |


big two eyes
wing face
nice flower is watched 

Details | Haiku | |

Surf Therapy

Mother Ocean please
Send me waves of such beauty
I need Therapy

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

Details | Haiku | |

nesting birds flutter

nesting birds flutter a birdbath is safe haven… tabby cat sleeping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kigo: Birds nesting/spring JM freeman 10/30/2011 For Charles Henderson Contest Haiku

Details | Haiku | |

Solitary venture

Concealed ambitions
Pacing a sandpaper beach
Journeying seabound    

Details | Haiku | |

bent green leaf

bent green leaf holding large raindrops instant glass Russell Sivey

Details | Haiku | |


confused sky
vigorously shakes ocean
lives lost

Details | Haiku | |

A Man

man’s Achilles’ heel is not shown when he is mad it’s when he’s in love
;) Nov. 23, 2012 Note: This is Man's Nature this time not nature of nature. I suppose to say, madly in love, lol. Third Place Contest: Haiku 101 For Newbies to Haiku and / or Poetry Soup Contest Judged: 11/23/2012 Sponsor: Poet Charles Henderson

Details | Haiku | |

Earth changes season Haiku

Sponsor Carol Brown 

earth changes seasons… life timed for exaltations buds profusely bloom tides of fragrance spill invigorating senses… beauty flourishes hopes rise from seedpods roots in rich soil awaken… spring’s alleluia

Details | Haiku | |


HEAVEN BALL willow fluffs afloat--- feather cotton rain shower heaven white ball (c)Olive Eloisa 2:30 am August 02, 2014

Details | Haiku | |

Reaching 4 Light

Life like a flower
Unfolds before us each day
Both reach for the light

Details | Haiku | |

---the swimming hole

the swimming hole
with its bouys on the beach
harvest moon

Details | Haiku | |


Glorious amber
Set clouds ablaze at twilight
As the sun descends

For Poet Destroyer contest

Details | Haiku | |


white wigwam winter
Gitche Gumee waters wash --
cerulean blue

dry Dreamtime summer
Uluru in distance dawns --
crepuscular red

May 9, 2014

*These haikus are about creation myths, January being a metaphor
for beginnings. Gitche Gumee is the Native American name for Lake Superior, the largest and coldest of the North American Great Lakes. 
It is a reference to the Song of Hiawatha, by Longfellow. 
Uluru is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock, the sandstone massif 
in the center of Australia. Dreamtime, in the Aboriginal creation myth, 
is a place beyond time and space in which the past, present, and 
future exist wholly as one. As these two places are in different hemispheres, it is Winter in one and Summer in the other.
The two haikus are intended to contrast opposites, hot/cold, wet/dry,
winter/summer, blue/red (opposite ends of visible spectrum)

Details | Haiku | |

someday again


                                                    someday again
                                                  another shoreline


Details | Haiku | |


                    Acid in the rain
           Chances it won't heal again
              Leaves our earth in pain 

Contest: Creative Haiku 
Charlotte Puddifoot

Details | Haiku | |

Au Naturel

Wood, naked to sky
Its pale shaft rising...breath caught
she takes it all in.

Written for "Natural/Nature Sexy Haiku" contest
November 9, 2012
by "Rebel Sun"

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Haiku - Written June 25, 2014

every leaf stands still
cold raindrops pelt hot pavement
beast rumbling in sky

Details | Haiku | |

Peaceful Morning

early morning peace... mist hangs tranquil and serene lone bird whistlling ~*~

Details | Haiku | |


a cricket in the eaves
harmonizes with
night rain
old river benue
a fisherman's canoe
ladened for market
graveyard's windy dust
sending papers and leaves high
every ones underground

Details | Haiku | |

Pass this Peace to Man

colorful hummingbirds
flutter and nibble berries…
     envious, I watch

the gift of freedom
Ma Nature gives her creatures…
     we fight for our rights

animal kingdom
finds harmony in nature…
     pass this peace to man

For Sidney Lee Ann’s “Haiku from the Heart” 
Traditional Haiku, 5-7-5
By Carolyn Devonshire
This haiku is inspired by the free spirit of animals and how I wish we could enjoy the harmony nature has bestowed upon them

Details | Haiku | |

A Fine Young Deer Stares

a fine young deer stares
at something or at someone
its horn got tangled

Details | Haiku | |

The Garden -Song of Song-

Garden plump and ripe
My needs have been provided-
Content and happy

Details | Haiku | |

the wind

the wind 
church bell tolling
at midnight

Details | Haiku | |

Fall foliage-

Fall foliage—
the colors are great
for economic growth

Details | Haiku | |

canopy of leaves

canopy of leaves
covers golden mango bunch...
rustle of bat wings

*kigo is mango-- these are basically summer fruits, oh yumm

--for Charles' Strictly Haiku contest :)


**thank you to everyone who gave their insights and helped 
me decide what to enter :)

Details | Haiku | |


path of a snowflake
a teacup rouges the palms
winter butterflies

Details | Haiku | |

Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Details | Haiku | |

in moonlight

light teasing,
Venus slips behind
naked branches

dew-drenched garden,
a cucumber glistens
in moonlight


Details | Haiku | |

Egads! Winter wind--

Egads! Winter wind-- 
drumming up my olive trees,
with lethargic notes

Details | Haiku | |

Lighting Bugs

Lantern tail poets,
Writing poems in the sky:
Balmy night stanzas.

Details | Haiku | |

the greatest lighthouse

this eastern star's light
bright wisdom led to wisdom…
wise-men’s soul delight

celestial lighthouse
host galaxy of cosmos…
nature’s wisdom night

For and in honor Russell Sivey
And Contest: In the light of Haiku
By John Moses Freeman 9/11/11

Details | Haiku | |

A Summer Shower

Tree frogs chanting prayers
A cool wind freshly gusting
Thunder breaks nearby.

Details | Haiku | |

dancing water drops

dancing water drops on a floating lotus leaf.... mother's cradling lap ==================== Placement:2nd; (September 2011) By:kashinath karmakar Contest:haiku me some nature,please Sponsor:Constance La France

Details | Haiku | |

Snowdrifts Hug Windows

snowdrifts hug windows reflecting warm colored lights... fantasy land view

Details | Haiku | |


rain showers the land
displays knolls of green grasses
tarsiers free park play

sun shimmers brilliance
upon brown mounds verdure lair
big chocolate queue

(c) Olive Eloisa
June 19, 2014

***Chocolate Hills is one of the many natural wonders found in Bohol, Philippines. They are rich of minerals particularly that of marine limestone, fossils, corals etc. Home of wild life species including the smallest monkey in the world: the tarsier..:)

Details | Haiku | |


centrifical force ever widening circle.... yellow leaves central

Details | Haiku | |


dormant no longer,
Earth speaks its mind while mighty
Man shakes like a leaf.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 4 - flowering weed, dancing leaf, life force

at the roadside
solitary flowering weed
vision of loveliness

leaf falling from the tree
does its last dance in the air
then settles to the ground

in the crack in the concrete
the grass pushes upwards
unstoppable life force

Details | Haiku | |


honeysuckle vine wraps tenacles to trellis.... clematis demise

Details | Haiku | |


Mold my shape now
Creating and destroying 
Always eternal 

Details | Haiku | |


Whilst we are raindrops,
we forget we are water.

Details | Haiku | |

Nature the Destroyer

a blackness now looms
funnelled vortex shows anger 
nearer, we now wait

daylight to night-time
shadows of spewing debris
devastation rules

aftermath now in view
nuclear surround springs to mind

Details | Haiku | |

Winter's Blood

Nature's dust,
Caking softly white
Silver rust,
Upon globes of grapes. 
Wit' her moon powder, of
Autumn's gift:
Her purple sugar.
Aching heart!
Poison'd blue & red,
Nature's blood,
Seal'd in winter's grape.

Hide away here her endless vine,
Her infinite potion of crimson wine.

Details | Haiku | |

Dinosaurs, It's What i am

left behind a historic....
Nature's Dinosaur.

For SKAT's contest

Details | Haiku | |


summer night
the moon and the stars
walk me home

Details | Haiku | |

Natures praise

Enchanting hills laugh
Beyond the ridge of nature  
Afternoons shimmer

Countryside’s beam light
From the sunsets of glory 
Upon the white birch 

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 39

in the tidal pool
small crabs walk on shining stones –
a dog barks

Details | Haiku | |


In between the mountains

A thinny tree stem

On it I am

Details | Haiku | |

XOX World

XOX World ( A Valentine to Sun) caressing my face weightlessly and soundlessly. . . . Sun’s light wakes me as I dress myself he peeks through my window and invites me to play My neck tingles as I'm driving with the top down. . . . Sun in hot pursuit I stop at the lake his bright reflection ripples where ducks are floating drifting blissfully I surrender my body to his warm embrace as Sun’s strength recedes sky blazes orange and red. . . . but I just feel blue night finds me at home rubbing lotion where he left A scarlet hickey For PD's "MY FIRST 2012 VALENTINE *CONTEST* HAIKU~ ONLY~ XOX Poetry Contest
PS Love, Andrea (hope I did that in time!!)

Details | Haiku | |

Sunet Strip

<                                  well isn't that swell
                                lost another cool surfboard ...
                                      holy sharks galore

                                        beyond horizon
                                 the sun bids day well ado ...
                                       happy trails to you

                                       top of old smokey
                                  cumulus congestive skies ...
                                    coughing up a storm

                                        excursion riding
                                  using buoyant enforcement ...
                                      to capture the sun

                                       yacht and small vessel
                                  endlessly floats rippled lake ...
                                       feeling abandoned                                   

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku: Landscape Without Water

Without the water
Image of a landscape
Does seem incomplete

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 99

	Haiku 99
	winter’s first blast
	butter yellow ginkgo leaves 
	will fall tomorrow 

Details | Haiku | |

Star In The Night

Shooting star
across the dark night sky
much to ponder.

Details | Haiku | |

How to Take a Picture of the Milky Way

Aperture of rock
Fixed upon the Milky Way
Open forever.

Details | Haiku | |

crystal conifers - frosted firs

crystal conifers tinkle with icicles - winter's chandeliers ~~ frosted firs tinkle with icicles - cones fall
*the first version is the original; the second version was written adhering to the rules of traditional haiku

Details | Haiku | |

The Squirrels (Haiku)

Out of their nests
In Spring

Details | Haiku | |

out on the porch

out on the porch listening to nature does the owl hoot Sara?
From the book entitled "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" By Margaret Craven Kwakiatl native American tribe's belief when death is imminent that the Owl calls one's name.. Sponsor: Richard Lamoureux Contest: Questionku Last line a question.. I bet you were not expecting this...

Details | Haiku | |

Beams from heaven

Arouse the morning   
Light filters on jade waters    
With icy sea stones 

Lapping sounds caress 
God’s beauty for soothing sound 
Uninfluenced joy 

Details | Haiku | |

Into the Sunlight

on white desert dunes
gold faces cast long shadows --
the full moon rises

May 14, 2014

Details | Haiku | |

the cat

calico housecat appears bearing limp chipmonk... meeeeow meeeow meee
When does a female lion roar?

Details | Haiku | |

while thunderstorm blasts

while thunderstorm blasts darkening sky with fury... a bright rainbow waits Hurricanes --Only Haikus Contest Sponsor: Sandy Ivy Davis written by nette onclaud

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn leaves

november gale force 
cold air all over the place 
naked trees message

paths in front of me
tapestries of whirling leaves 
carpets of small twigs 

everything blown off
premature delivering
a wintery blues 

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012 

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 21713

upon gold mountain's

a faint rainbow

fading fast..

Details | Haiku | |

Grand Canyon Visit

Awesomeness I see Always looking back at me God’s own artistry Written By John Posey 01/06/13

Details | Haiku | |


a storm snows and rains
a world plowing in her rage  
nature makes humble

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

Being - no longer - on line with a friend on the other side of the world experiencing hurricane Sandy I tried to express my feelings the moment the connection was 'gone' 
Shortest poem  and the first in this form I ever wrote...............

Hurricanes -Only Haiku Conest 
10th 	Sandy	Ellie Daphne van Stralen
Sponsored by: SandyIvy Davis

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Mountain Eye Candy

Sculpted and preserved
Eroded into beauty;
Candy for the soul.

Gail DeBole
Haiku Mountain (Week) Contest
Written July 7, 2012

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Valentine Haiku

Honeysuckle vines
Golden nectar from blooms tip
Honey for your lips

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Pond Life: Lillypads And Frogs

Pond Life: Lillypads and Frogs

lotus flower blooms
showa koi search old pond
pollywogs scatter

pulsing dragonfly
above shadowed frog on pad
unbridled tongue fast

~by deborah burch©

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Snow Angel

To know an angel
is pure and white as the snow.
Impossible task.

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symphony of crickets
performs for the night
hunter stalks it’s prey

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Hint of fall

Descending acorns 
Now under a hunters moon 
Falling with a plunk 

(Haiku Me Some Nature, Please contest ) 
Written by Laura McKenzie 

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Super Moon: March 19, 2011

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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a budding dogwood
bows in profound spring rain --
pink-dew afterglow 

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Black Widow

Lust faking
Widow in making
Breath taking

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a bird flies over

a bird flies over sings a beautiful song… springtime evolves
Russell Sivey Entrant into Poet Destroyer A's "Your own favorite haiku." contest 2/15/2013

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Naked, Shivering

there… solitary
on the street corner she stands
naked, shivering

Note:  Sorry, but there's no mystery here.  There is a little oak tree on the street corner (I've taken photos of her since her leaves began to change colors).  Then two days ago after a long, cold rain, all her leaves were gone!

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Placid Place

Lone whispering pines 
Rise under a patchwork sky
Mirrored in a pool 

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Endless Admiration

kissing golden sands         
in endless admiration
accursed by the moon

a sweet surrender
caught in stoic web of time
joy reigns eternal

waves hug sand
sweetly serenades 
‘Would you be my valentine?’
For PD's sponsored contest: "(Double) Haiku and  One Questionku"

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scarlet runner beans

scarlet runner beans
twisting high in tree branches—
hummingbirds visit

Ó April 18, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Sweet Flowers & Hummingbirds (HAIKU) 
Sponsor	Sidney ~ LeeAnn

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Skeleton Tree

knobby tentacles
begging an angerly sky
dead by lightning bolt

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins
July 5, 2012

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Wrong Approach

By plucking petals
Impossible to gather
Beauty of flower

Dr. Ram Mehta
Seventh Place win
Contest: Any new or old haiku will do by Skat-love

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October Leaf

October sunrise
Bursts of jubilant color
Lonely leaf falling

Written on August 4, 2014 for LEAF, FEATHER, SHELL or FLAKE - Poetry Contest

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Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

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branch creaks

branch creaks -
pine's shadow resembles
an old man

young mongoose
follows dance moves -
cobra leads

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Orange Sea

Swells of auburn hills,
Osculate the cobalt sky;
Romance of the Fall.

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Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity

mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered thud
- flight into eternity
deceptive glass pane

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Autumn Leaves

When autumn leaves fall
    burst of colors red and gold
         drifting in the wind

    Leaves of gold and red
        wrinkled,burnt, kissed by the sun
             leaves a memory

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Morning Summons

15 February 2010

Morning Summons
By: Noel N. Villarosa

God’s morning summons
Placid sea and dawning sun
A walk in the sand

5th Place to Raul Moreno's Seascapes Contest: 2/28/2010

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'the ocean'

Abyssal, deep, the ocean flows and ebbs--drowning souls under, tide-like.

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on the cocoon

on the cocoon
the butterfly unfurls
a baby loon cries

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bear's belly grumbles

bear’s belly grumbles
so digs teeth in scrumptious fox…
pre hibernate treat 

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                                         The lamp post is lit

                                    Bugs flutter towards the light

                                      The cat waits to pounce

First try at Haiku

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forgotten springtime

forgotten springtime....

          daffodils emerge through snow
                beneath the red oak 

For Charles Henderson's contest "Strict Haiku 2"

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Warm Gold Nectar Soothes

full moon basks in light
reflecting the sun’s bright rays…

void of emotion
the cratered face seems to stir…
     light lost as sun moves

amber crescent hangs
tip it an sip its Chablis…
     warm gold nectar soothes

*Entry for Joe Maverick’s haiku contest

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Haiku Snow

crisp snow slides from roof crashing down in jagged piles... slippery pathway

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Jack Frost Morning

                                       Jack Frost on mountain
                                      Overlooking hollows hills
                                        Sun_Jack disappears

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Paintings in the sky
Kaleidoscopic colors
Mirth restored to Earth

"Haiku Weekend"  contest entry

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Await daffodils
colour of sun cheers the soul
imagine spring warmth.

Anticipation -  Haiku
for John Heck's Twelve for 1 contest

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Winter's first snowflake
Gently falls upon my tongue
Nature melts with-in

Icicles forming
Growing swords to frozen mounds
Freeze pops of nature

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Haiku 33

                                                       giant sycamore
                                             branches reaching to heaven --
                                                        a shady haven


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Drowsy day shuts eyes  
Glowing eyelids adorn sky 
Giggling stars appear!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  26 OCTOBER 2014

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Stillness greets the morn
Tranquility and depth flutter
Beyond the minds eye

For Raul's Moreno's "Awaiting dawn contest"!

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golden leaves

Trees dressed  in many
vibrant colors  pay homage
to Autumn's birth

 As golden leaves fall
and float in the breeze, it meets
the eyes with delight

A melancholy
orange sky sets the sun and
greets the horizon

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---the tree roots

the tree roots
criss-cross the brown earth--
skinned knees

*please click on About the poem

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Slanted Rain

Hunched roses
In a slanted rain
A crow ruffles

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Alabaster blue
Angelically mirror the sea 
Polishing the shore 

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Hundred ten summer…

		Widening cracks drought has made,

					  drip-drop closed gap.

For the rain contest. When I was a boy, the deep south suffered through an oppressive 
drought. The red clay had such deep cracks in it I never thought they would go away, until 
those torrential rains finally came. In less than three hours everything and everybody was 
healed by this blessing from above.	

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Haiku Red

fiery red the leaves
shout -- look at me but wind and
rain just smile goodbye

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Johnny Come Blow Your Horn

pillar of trumpets
are no match in a garden
for the hummingbird

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Fervent Surge

Pecks from lilac lips,
Kiss the setting of the sun:
Lavender waters.

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Apple Blossoms

Apple blossoms out
The sweet fragrance of springtime
Busy bees buzzing

Our ornamental apple tree is a yearly delight at this time.

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sunny morning

sunny morning...
the last dew drop
still clings to a petal

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---the last lilly

the last lilly
in a spent garden
shuttered window

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beacon light reflects stones polished smooth by time- mysterious mist
For the "What My Eyes See" contest...

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At a distance, snow
clumped beneath a pine tree 
plastic Walmart bag


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Autumn Butterfly

Whirling through the grove, 
Dancing in the changing winds:
Pirouetting leaf.

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tree out my window
the various multitudes
call your branches home

world within a world
a mystery large to small
and each blade of grass

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rosebud opens
between the petals
one raindrop

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Heavy Dew

heavy dew clings to the branches-- monsoon season
note: monsoons are rain storms common in Africa, Asia and Australia

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haiku 3

mist of pink and white
petals flutter on the breeze...
silence as they land

© 16/04/2013

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Rainbow Bright Rainbow Light

Red, yellow blue, green,
colorful musical scene.
Rainbow through sunbeam.

Red, yellow, blue, white,
rainbow arched in beauty bright.
Harmony just right.

Blended colors flow.
Rainbow harmonies echo.
God's beauties bestow.

For Carol Brown's "Rainbow" contest.

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into blue skies

   pink wings take flight

         ripples on the pond

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Crackling leaf carpets,
Static chill touches the neck,
Autumn, bids farewell.

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Leaves slippery here
I will watch my footstep then 
In their dance invite

I will not turn gold
For brown will come, old in cold
Ungrateful breezes

Manners of the young
Left much to desire today
Casting leaves to rot

Like values in trash
Thrown away. I am careful
Dancing in the wind.

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Awe Man

<                                 life's bare essentials
                                   can become some great assets
                                   in dires time need

                                  predator or prey
                                  endangerment of species
                                  remains that of man 

Entry For John Freeman's 
Natural And Beyond Contest 
G.L. All                               

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A Fairy Tale Day

a fairy tale sky
bubble gum pink, splashed in gold
caressed in purple

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friendly sea dwellers

smiling dolphins play
frolic there beyond the froth...
deep sea diplomats

for pd's contest "any haiku will do"

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Winter's Arrival

Pink Blush on the hill
Crisp and icy twenty one
Wood stove warms the bones

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Rainbows from Above and Below

splashes of color over a gray horizon darkness and light mud puddles reflect muted hues of Heaven tears mix with rain under a streetlamp an unexpected brilliance absorbs the shadows stormclouds have parted revealing a golden sun rainbows fade away

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morning grace

elegant posture,
recital over the pond:
ballet of the swan.

-R. Moreno 
Contest: Haiku Me Some Nature, Please 
By: Constance La France ` A Rambling Poet ~

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XOX World

XOs to the world..

spherical beauty enthralling revolving gem... man’s own wonderland a galaxy's pearl enshrined by sun moon and stars... constant renewal ~*~
P.S. XOX World Love, A.B. For P.D.'s XOX Valentine World Contest 7th Place Win...2011

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the purple pleasure

Sunny morning---
the last dew drop
still clings to a flower

a tiny rainbow
on its wings---
a busy humming bird

the purple pleasure
from flower to flower---
dripping nectar

breakfast table---
sweet sound and scent
filling the air

By:kash poet

Date: 23rd April 2012

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the giant pine trees

the giant pine trees 
make the forest a dark place- -
moonlight filters through

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About the little tomtit the cat and my dog

the little tomtit fluttered luckless at leg length in front of our dog the neighbor cat crawled for the staggering duo stagnant at claw length I watched breathlessly how the tomtit and the cat flee at the same time the small tomtit lands safely in the tree chirps a summer song the calico cat rests atop a low pole I can hear him purr our brave dog lies down looks at me with a proud look with a weary sigh my soft snoring dog dreams of his heroic deeds and growls against ghosts I sit motionless and hear triple melodies of these life-artists @ Elly Wouterse

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Kissing In The Rain

                                             two loving souls kissing in the rain
                                                  sharing happiness forever
                                                   one heartbeat, one body

                                        Each sweet caress like bolts of lightning
                                                    Passion ignites together 
                                      Kissing in the rain will bind them eternally

                                                           May 27, 2013
                                     For PD's "Kissing in the Rain" Contest
                                                        6th Place Winner

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Natures sweet kiss

Grass breathes with the wind
Echos whisper against the trees
Bow down for a kiss

-Miranda Lambert-
Submitted to:Carol Brown's contest, Nature Comes To Life

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lone leaf

the wind plays a tune

     beckoning the trees to dance

         ... lone leaf pirouettes

 ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
 Francine Roberts 02/09/2011
for Constance's "haiku me some nature,
please" contest

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high Georgia pine tree

high Georgia pine tree home to three hundred Blackbirds... anthem song of praise

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Haiku 96

	Haiku 96
	woodland stream
	whirlpools tying water 
	into smoke rings

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morning mist

morning mist
hides cypress roots
hollow sounds

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Life Oozes

Written by Gail DeBole 
on December 13, 2012

Thrust onto the ground -
Woven miracle of twigs;
The spilled egg cracks.

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summer clouds pregnant
with new life for the withered-
barren grass waiting

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snow blossom

blossom flakes flurry silent whiteness sifts softly - snow on the garden

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Spotted Division

spotted division

birch trees live in black and white

bark reveals secrets

(June 20, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Halloween Haiku

<                                      amidst swollen moon
                                 creatures of the night stalking .....
                                          predator's bounty

                                          be ~ witching ~ hour
                                     beastly  mannerism   gone
                                          totally but .... wild

                                          black cat crosses path
                                          another seven years of ........
                                          having such bad luck

                                              culdron pot boils
                               hearts ~ gizzards ~ livers ... bat's hair 
                                          witches stilled brewing

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Flying Colors

like wisps of rainbows                                                                                            spectrums are changing daily                                                                                          like the skies mood wings

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Natural Highs

      Early mornig dew
then the rising river mist
      welcoming sunrise

       Spring in its glory 
    Flowers of many colours
       Honeybees at work

     whirling clouds on high
  The storm winds blows fiercely
       distruction at hand

           the river rushes  
       sweeping angrily along
         farmers be careful

         as the moon waxes
   the wild wolves will be howling
           tide is riding high

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Listen to the shell - ocean-ku

feet fused to the board 
through the curl the surfer rode ......
listen to the shell

Penned 12 April 2013

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Winter Forest

A winter forest
Frosted leaves lay heaped around
Hedgehog sleeps within

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---an autumn morning

an autumn morning
while walking in the rain
soup cooking

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light cotton ball clouds

                                                       light cotton ball clouds
                                                      cotton candy rain laden..
                                                          sun cast magenta

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notes of serenade

notes of serenade
trail along moonlit garden
dawn opens flowers

in morning's light waft
dew caresses velvet rose
humming breath of earth

. . . . . . . . . 

Enter First Poem On Soup
Contest of Charlotte Puddifoot

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deep blue mysteries
swell in waves of harmony
a whirlwind romance


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Cherry blossoms pink-
Pastel petals soon will bring
Sweeter fruit than ink

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Heaving waves lift me
Over ageless moonlit sea –
I inhale the dark 

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Ode To The Farmer

Ode to the farmer
Carry on your hardy tasks
We live on your crops

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        ~ chain-link breath of moon

                       smearing  gray winter-kissed chill  ~~

                              a night owl tiptoes ~

(c) all rights reserved

for Constance's Haiku Me Some Nature, Please
by nette onclaud
2 sept 2011

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an early frost chills
the orchard where the deer walks ~
a ripe apple falls

May 21, 2014

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a twig snaps

a twig snaps -
wolf dashes across
frozen creek

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Patience Hears

birds retort
wind whispers riddles untold
patience hears

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-- haiku --

a tree grows
where my journey ends --
in the soil

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All About Green

at the forest 
you can see the prettiest  trees
full of green leaves

unexplored beauty
surrounded by green living things
saving our lives

one green fairy
with green gown and a magic thumb
plants green seeds

green frogs
croaking on green grasses
sound of joy

March 19, 2013
For PD's Contest
Honorable Mention

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---pillow down snow

pillow down snow
weigh the frigid maple branch
sap snap crack

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Category 3

Respirator walls
Blinding flashes of blue light
Swirling mass of cloud

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summer storm

momentary flash
silent white arc transforms night
thunder breaks the calm

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leaves burst mauve palette as cherry trees twirl waltz’s crest… sunlight pirouette boughs clad april’s crowns adorned in satin-sheet gowns… parading on towns oh scent of sweet yolk candy-coated like bud's cloak… tickles of warm stroke children squirt hoses under april’s swirled poses… ring-ring-a-roses
all rights reserved © '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (( for Carol Brown's " What's the Buzz" ))

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                             hot   spring    falls    down

                 reaching           the          peakest      sky

                                sending blissful sight.

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a precious white floret
smelling the gardenia
sweetens my botanical

they have freedom
pines far from here in green land
the desert cries thrist

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under the cloud

I watched it falling
The shower from the sky
Aided by the breeze

I saw it coming
A python from the forest
Weed shook when she swayed

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beyond Paradise
a stretch of mountain lupines --
the crown of Sunrise

May 12, 2014

Paradise (on the west) and Sunrise (on the east) are the highest 
points that can be reached by automobile on Mount Rainier.

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The Moon

The wolf finds the moon Howling his thoughts to the sky She never answers
AgMoore© 07/2011

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Green - The Colour Of Life

green plants and grasses a message of life and hope in a desert land

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Sun Moon

Sun shining brightly
like golden ring in blue sky...
spectacular scene

the moon shines in night
like a crown made of diamond...
sky is nature's queen

the sun and the moon
both makes the earth beautiful...
her two ornaments

By:spandan karmakar

Date:23rd Jan 2012

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The light of hot fire
Burns brightly through the day sky
Warms the soul and flesh

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Flower Moon

dawn bright sky full flower moon of may lunar rise
One of the Native American names for the full moon in May is the the "Flower Moon". If it is clear where you live May 5 is the night of the flower moon. Enjoy her beauty if you can.

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Nature's Blessing

silent summer sky
orange rays of rising sun
dapple our bodies

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Wild Waves - Haikuette

roaring of tubular waves
curling lip of white froth
sea's power

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Sunset and Sunrise

  In the dying light
  a heron flies to his roost -
  night owls hoot

  at sunrise heron
  waits patiently  to lance prey -
   night owls sleep 

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sweetest nectar

the breeze slips softly
gently lifting the petals--
sweetest nectar drips

craig cornish 11/9/2012 for sandy's sexy haiku contest

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Hiding from the current
The rocks shelter
Approaching flood

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Darkness fills the sky
Fire covers all land and man
cleansing has begun

Mother's rage at man
destroying hope of a past
she engulfs the land

All man's schemes erased
a calmness will embrace earth
what life will replace

Haiku for "The End Of The World Armageddon" contest

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my gold in sun’s morn my silver in blackest night... gold-silver, my light =============== In Honor of PD and Contest

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Nature At Work

dewy tears glisten
upon silver threads woven...
the rains come then go.

© Harry J Horsman 2013 

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Haiku 15

Erased to be submitted in a magazine

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Haiku Canadian Geese II

canadian geese gleaning plowed cotton field.. last meal before roost

Details | Haiku | |

The Pikake shell lei-w

No Niihau friend
To see forbidden Aden
Where the time stands still


Fourth Placement
Contest: Tropical Treasures

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This View

High snowbanks surround
Slush puddles frozen on street
Seagull atop pole.

An Haiku from Your Window contest
Carol Fillmore

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XOX World

The heart shaped white clouds
make lace kisses in red sky
giving hugs to all.

Wind brings love and hope
blowing on senuous earth.
Making valentines.

P.S. chocolate kisses to all

For PD's My First Valentine "contest" Haiku

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Haiku 57


        Haiku 57
	leaf bits, soft feathers
	sewn about with spider’s web
	hummingbird nesting

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dark moon night

on dark moon night

    lone wolf trots to his den ---

       mockingbirds sing




          by: nette onclaud



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Axes on the shoulders
The bare earth has no say
To the loaded tracks

Details | Haiku | |

Rainy days

along city streets
slight breeze carries aroma
food and wet pavement

Details | Haiku | |

Cherry Blossoms

Bursting with fragrance
Popping with soft, pink, red hues 
Cherry blossoms bloom!

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Haiku,flowers and hummingbirds

Haiku-flowers and hummingbirds Dripping with nectar Baskets rampant with fushia Honeyeaters feast
Margaret Foster. April 2012

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Haiku 74

	Haiku 74
	sunlight’s splendid
	spectral ribbons between clouds
	summer storm clears

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XO's To The World

breezes tease new leaves a blossoming flirtation in emerald spring sultry scorching sun sears earth with molten yearning in goldspun summer berries red as hearts burst with succulent sweetness in amber autumn breathless snow kisses the blistering burn of ice in whiteout winter
for P.D.'s 'Valentine Haiku' contest

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Haiku: Image Of Nature

Image of nature
Clear in still water
Although inverted

Details | Haiku | |

Red Dawn

In the red of morning
Nothing but almond blossom
And frog song

Details | Haiku | |

Brown Thrasher

fall morn Brown Thrasher visits empty bird feeder... under millet grows

Details | Haiku | |


~}{~ fireflies dance on peaks of eternal light soft whispers sign ~}{~

Details | Haiku | |

Beauty of Nature

clouds drift through halos
burnishing sienna cliffs --
shady dale cups rain

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, August 1, 2012

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red storm

red storm hovers on swallows craning long necks… night traffic (c) Charles Henderson's Juxtaposition Haiku, now for Nate's Your Best Haiku by nette onclaud

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Caterpillar dreams
of wings and sweet nectar -
while munching tough leaves.

Details | Haiku | |

Emerald Waves

emerald waves
echo’s of the feasting ocean 
ready for a new day

For Francine Roberts Contest

April 12, 2013

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the sky cries

(Haiku Series)

The sky cries tears now
Loud thunder rumbles the ground
The storm is at hand

Light electrified
A streak on the horizon
Fear sparks in man's hearts

Danger dances strong
In the voice of the wind's song
Singing its fury

Trees bend, leaves rattle
The branches weak are scattered
The storm is going

The sky has brightened
The dim, gray, dark, sky no more
The aftermath shows

So passes a day
Cherish, no matter how bleak
A new season's peak

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Nature Haiku

Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.  

Naked willow boughs
Nature has staged occasions
Blue Bells wait in fields

August 6, 2010

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                                            grapes under green leaves
                                        with diamond dew drops allure us
                                                squirrels' busy night

                                              grapes under green leaves
                                          with diamond dew drops allure us
                                                 gardeners' sweet smile

                                              grapes under green leaves
                                          with diamond dew drops allure us
                                                 eyes who pass near by

For contest:
Sponsored by: Alfred Vassallo

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storm's debris-- in a crying child's hand a smiling one legged doll

Details | Haiku | |

Red Cardinal sits

Red Cardinal sits 'pon willow feathers puffed out .. sunlight filters through fog

Details | Haiku | |


Raging infernos
Upon the naked forest
Through the crash of plane

Details | Haiku | |

Mountain slopes

over mountain slopes.. mingling with my tears a soft rain Yesha Shah

Details | Haiku | |

evening's inferno

evening's inferno - molten amber embers bleed blood orange lava

Details | Haiku | |

Bald Eagle Great Strength

                                        Bald Eagle great strength
                                      Fly on lofty heights soaring...
                                           Gentleness exposed

Contest:Pure Thoughts On Nature
Sponsor: John Freeman

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Haiku 222

bright winter morning 

velvet scent of rain has gone

puddles left to dream

Details | Haiku | |

Spring Shower

Trickle of raindrops
Tapping out pitter patter
Renewing the earth

Copyright © 2010   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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Aquatic Poems

Under star filled skies,
The ocean recites its verse:
For the pallid moon.

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World Cup Haiku


White ball in brook floats

Green field, sails on wing, fans out

Suns victory soars


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bright robin

wings of bright robin

    gliding down on moist daisy…

              shy petals close tips


by nette onclaud
for Sydney ~ Leann’s Sweet Flowers and Hummingbird
and now, P D's Any Haiku Will Do

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translucent petals penetrated by morn's sun... last rose of summer

Details | Haiku | |

sun and sky

sun and sky shine one
tears I cry joy embracing
gently caressing

Details | Haiku | |

Storm of Ages

An eye for an eye
in wake of trepidation...
the midday sun hides.

© Harry j Horsman 2012

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starry night

starry night
glimpsing the moon
in your eyes

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Haiku 6-10-13

waves clap the shoreline -

floating sprawled 

one green frog 

Details | Haiku | |


sunrays dazzle
convey steady heat
slow cook

thermal blaze
infuse earth's terrain
liquid exchange


Details | Haiku | |

Coastal Sunset

ship rotting near shore
prismatic colors dancing...
     ocean’s reflections

nature kisses sea
multi-hues will fade at dusk...
     another dawn waits

*Based on the photo of the ship in the sea at sunset.
Written by November 5, 2011 for PD’s Sunset contest

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Beautiful rainbow.
Your laughter - crystal raindrops
reflecting the light.

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Haiku 73

	Haiku 73
	white spring iris pliant in night’s rain speckled petals

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 32

summer's eve
across the prairie plain
buffalo grazing

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn's Rise

Summer fades to gold,
Nature heeds to autumn's call
A season awakes

Details | Haiku | |

Seasonal Migrations

                Confusion abounds

       rain commingles with sunshine,

            winter greets the spring...


Details | Haiku | |


                                                Snail's sticky tongue feet
                                              climb gently the Taro leaves
                                                make path clean and slick

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Mountain Treasures

lush slopes mirrored round an islet of pines. . . verdant bounty where clear water reflects the mountains’ splendor. . . a lovers’ château at the ridge's feet. . . sunshine in guise of daffodils pure water’s pool where valleys converge with hills. . . autumn in bloom white magic. . . evergreens sliding down the mountainside in ice blue water the crystalline palisades. . . our secret treasure where amber-tinged clouds embrace lofty white peaks. . . a sacred cross among wild flowers water cascades from green cliffs. . . an endless spring Andrea Dietrich/ July 4, 2012 inspired by the pictures in PD's Haiku mountain (week) Poetry Contest For PD's: Enter the #1 poems only.... (entry must be from my past contest) please do not submit a #1 win if it's not from one of my past contest :-)Poetry Contest

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Haiku Sunrise

from my boat I saw... golden rays of early light striate the heavens

Details | Haiku | |

skittering leaves

brown head tucked

   'neath ruffled feathers

         leaves skittering by

Details | Haiku | |


Clouds breeze , wind strong

lightning flashing down in forks

rain flooding the plain

Details | Haiku | |


Snow covered Mountain
Evergreens glisten in White
Spring is in the air

The Chimney billows
A warm cozy Welcome Home
My eyes Tear with Joy

Details | Haiku | |

northern lights rehearse

northern lights rehearse

hibernating bear blinks, yawns...

     first cold blanket sown

Details | Haiku | |

The Duckling

Black wings fluttering
   Pecking at pale prison walls-
Now free for cold swim

Details | Haiku | |

Nature the Destroyer

the sea rolled away
the little girl wonders if 
it went down a drain

her mother screams "Run!"
as a tsunami erupts -
sand castle trampled

Received 7th place in P.D's "Nature the Destroyer" contest
Susan Burch

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strange frog and lily-pad

frog strange croaking voice hanging on his lily-pad.. many allergies
Sponsor: Sidney~LeeAnn Contest:Lily-Pads and Frogs Written: Sara Kendrick

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branches bare of leaves

branches bare of leaves but persimmons still cling tight... jay calls in delight
seasonal word...persimmon For the Strict Haiku contest... Barbara Gorelick

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Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossom spring
pink petals caressing all
nature's fashion show

©2013 Rick Zablocki

For the cherry blossom haiku contest

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Haiku VS Senryu

Impetus of spring
   Beget invigorate life --
       Fruition with hope.

Shrill winds rip, tear, cry
   Heated verse under the sheets,
The songs of love grow.

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one red spider lily

lonely - one red spider lily in my garden of weeds

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Deadly Mistake

trip and splash
teeth take advantage and sink
flock must flee

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Haiku 24

two mountains:
one in the distance,
one in the lake

Details | Haiku | |

Skeleton Tree

No leafy clothing -
Simplicity not foiled by
A cushion of sky.

Written on July 5, 2012
Gail DeBole
Skeleton Tree Haiku Contest

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Her Loveliness-A Truly Devine Sunrise

swirls of colors
paint flamboyant landscape...
her loveliness flaunts

Details | Haiku | |


Wise owl at his post
"hoo, ha, hoo...hoo, hoo, hoo, hooooo"
thus he gives a hoot!

Details | Haiku | |


do you hear the
flowers laughing?

Details | Haiku | |

appalachian trail

long after midnight

he points out the big dipper...

grass for our pillows

for Charles Henderson's Contest: "No Contest Contest"
/resubmitted for PD's Contest "Any haiku will do"

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Sea and Sky

The sea and sky meet
At the horizon, shake hands, then
Go their separate ways

Details | Haiku | |

Yellow Setting Sun

yellow setting sun end to nice warm winter's day.. gold full moon rises

Details | Haiku | |

april haiku

shards of rain and hail
   pounding on the soaking grass...
      april tempest blows

swollen river beds
    fields of winter turning green...
        peeking through the mud

showers feed the lawns
    tender shoots that spring up strong...
          flowers on the way

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Haiku 35

                                                       the fragrance
                                                 of mimosa fills the air --
                                                  hummingbirds feast

Entered in Francine Robert's
"Old or New Five Lines or Less" contest
Category: Nature

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A Summer's Twilight 2K11

A confronting breeze  

Wands of willows are dancing --  

A Summer's twilight.

Details | Haiku | |


the balcony

a bird tugs at my

clean shoestrings

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 2

cresting waves
carry waning sunlight--
footprints vanish

Details | Haiku | |

Summer storms

Sultry sodden sky
Stifling stickiness release
Sudden summer storm

Details | Haiku | |

Harvest Festival

aerial viewing
outstretched crows flying frenzy
harvest festival

Details | Haiku | |

The storm

                                                  The storm roars and exhale
                                              is it Mother Earth last convulsions

Details | Haiku | |

alive color waves

                                                 alive color waves
                                          gold red burgundy orange..
                                                shadows silhouette

Written for:
Contest:Very Strict Haiku
Sponsor: Charles Henderson

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beauty of nature

forest night in bloom glowing in sky's hazed luster… moon cloaks flowered mist Linda Marie's Contest: Beauty in Nature by nette onclaud

Details | Haiku | |

Sexual Attraction

Wanton, seductive, and attractive, the moon calls Earth hither, like sex!

Details | Haiku | |

The Fallen

Soft and tender
Blossoms fall-
Fulfilling life

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn's Wind

The trees change colors,
The ground is covered with leaves;
Swept by Autumn’s gust. 

Inspired by Abe Lopez's
Haiku Seasons Contest

Details | Haiku | |



chirping merrily
black midst an awful whiteness
fat snowbirds seeding 

once in a while
a twiggy branch comes alive
snowbird fluffing

lazy winter’s watch
overcoming tedium
suddenly – snowbirds	

a beautiful frost
flaming red against the snow
winter cardinal

the frost coated limbs
winter’s cold magical scene
blackbirds brush the sky

Details | Haiku | |

Summer Grass

Summer Grass

Willowy green blades;
SUMMER'S textured green carpet...
Waving lazily.

Details | Haiku | |

a dash of red

springtime cardinal
red against still bare branches
scarlet serenade

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku-soundless in soft snow

soundless in soft snow

    stoat displays black tip of tail...

          all else- white on white

Contest: Animal Haiku
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Written: November 2011.  Margaret Foster

The stoat is a type of weasel. In winter his coat turns white ( ermine) except for the black tip of his tail. 

Details | Haiku | |

A Hunger Caress

Wanting salmon now
Soft paw pads caress my face
Melting I spoil her.

Details | Haiku | |

Happy Life

The trees are dancing 
Birds are flying peacefully 
They make life happy

Details | Haiku | |


on a cherry tree
sail flaps

Details | Haiku | |

black willow

black willow
sweeps frost from red carpet -
autumn curtsies

*I suppose this isn't a true haiku, but labelled it as such
because I wanted to :D

Details | Haiku | |

eager beavers

Red apples sway in 
the breeze, beavers underneath wait
for abandoned treats


Details | Haiku | |


Propagates simple actions and powers heavy gadgets without it; nothing can be done

Details | Haiku | |

A Country Lane

    leafy, tree lined lanes
    rich,  wild flower verges -
    damselfly sparkles

Details | Haiku | |

painted lady

                                     miss vanessa cardui
                                painted lady; tainted picture
                                   madame butterfly; miyo 

•Miyo "Beautiful child"

written by Lori McClure 
Haiku Me Some Nature

Details | Haiku | |



how they chatter
wave    sway    catch the breeze
sun struck then shadowed

leaves on the pond
ripples lifting    shifting
highlight gold to amber

one early tree
three leaves like children
forlorn and clinging

sun and moon
turmoil never ceasing
how they dance

Details | Haiku | |


a startled sun -
elephants on the plain;
the families grieve

Written: February 1999
Updated: March 19, 2012

Details | Haiku | |

Ocracoke Island

the stallion rests
cloaked by sea

old sires fade
footsteps in the sand
are now few

Details | Haiku | |

the grub

the grub
white in the shadow
of a bird

Details | Haiku | |


mortally wounded
slowly falling from the sky
sunset ... blood red glow

Details | Haiku | |

her eyes focus

her eyes focus 
as claws become unsheathed

Details | Haiku | |


A flower today,
Did you really see it.
How many petals?

Details | Haiku | |

fox in field of snow

fox in field of snow
eyes focused on a rabbit...
dinner soon caught
Contest Entry "Animal Haiku" Honorable Mention

Details | Haiku | |


harbingers of spring
two robins pecking the ground
arrived back early

Details | Haiku | |

Amaryllis Stood

                                                     Amaryllis stood
                                            Erect like a straight soldier
                                                 Red feminine bloom

Details | Haiku | |

A sunset closure

blind by the dazzle,
into the sunset,I gaze-
on my yesterdays

Details | Haiku | |

a big catch

a big catch---
in the spider's web
the full moon

Details | Haiku | |

Blue Mountain Tears

Blue Mountain Tears

fallen angel wing
upon still crystal water
frozen peaks loom

deborah burch©

Details | Haiku | |

Oh Music Sweet

Verdant  Operas 
Cacophonic symphonies 
 Cicada  Harvest

Details | Haiku | |

Autumn's Glory

Garden painted leaves
Autumn's glory multi hue
Squirrels race leaves laugh

Details | Haiku | |

Unpredictable Morning

The morning sun falls
Noises awake, passing crowds
once quiet again

Stand on the cold feet
Dew still not fade by the lights
Sipping my hot tea

Rectangle door closed
The framework offers the view
My sight clustered straight

Enjoyed the greenish
While the sun turns into gloom
It's ready to rain

Details | Haiku | |

HOME - 2

I shant fall asleep
'til my eyes see Dawn's Sunrise
Kissing Mountain's Peak

'til I feel the warmth
of nature surrounding me
Knowing I AM HOME

Details | Haiku | |


Sunset last rays share the sea with bare bones of pirate ship beautiful in death ~
Contest: sunset haiku sponsor: P. D. Written : 8th November 2011

Details | Haiku | |


springtime touches earth
breaking shackles of restraint...
sings of winter’s blues.

© Harry J Horsman 2013    

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 13

a blue to black sky
hangs over the brittle woods --
single panes shatter

* haiku untitled with traditional objective view/image
no judgement given, a simple as porridge glimpse
of season [brittle woods- kigo for fall] 
two parts structure with a kire-ji is a cutting word
[woods--] that indicates a transition or "thought-pause"
from landscape to home using SOUND in the fragmented
phrase as the second part, the sensory input...
I used 5-7-5 but, it is unnecessary, less than 17 is fine.

Details | Haiku | |

Japanese Magnolia

Tulip trees pink blooms
January blossoms
Warm my frosty thoughts

Details | Haiku | |

haiku for all seasons

the simple beauty
winter, spring, summer, and fall
delight in each one.

Details | Haiku | |

Queen Of Sky

blessed with yellow beak
a dark colored queen parade 
in sweet scents of  life

jealousy soaks mates 
as her white neck bracelet
seduce surrounding

at the peeps of dawn
she sings suiting serenade
to her nesting kids

she flies and perches 
beneath duty-poised sunshine
hunting for her kids

while at cold-veiled nights 
she wing-secures her sweet kids
as silent murmurs

Written in honor of John Freeman's photo. For "pure thoughts contest"

Details | Haiku | |

tearful dewdrop falls

tearful dewdrop falls
slipping silently from death...
nature replenished
Very Strict Haiku Contest For: Charles Honorable Mention word -dewdrop- early spring

Details | Haiku | |

a tropical morn

a tropical morn
rainclouds on the horizon ~
crepuscular rays

Details | Haiku | |


Thunder rumbling
Lightening forking above
Produced by friction

Details | Haiku | |

Dew - Shadow Acrostic Ku

dewdrops on grass bed
emanate pearly silence –
wet footsteps shadow 

Details | Haiku | |


salmon leaping high
up the waterfalls to spawn
sadly then you die

Details | Haiku | |

Robin Red Breast

Daylily casualty
Robins flocking in the yard

***I lost a daylily to grub worms and the Robins love grubs and worms. The last two days the robins have been all over my yard eating worms and grubs.....poetic justice!!

One year when I was a child I was walking in the yard and army worms were every where....I run in side and tell mom then I go back out and worry that they will eat all our vegitation....shortly a flock of birds by the thousands comes along and eats up the worms it was like a blessing and yet it happend so fast I don't think my parents really believed me.

Details | Haiku | |


Leaf of life mutates
to waltz within winds of change
woodland stage awaits.

Copyright Harry J Horsman 2011

Details | Haiku | |

winter haiku

__ icicles melt as gray skies reveal sunlight winding creek swells __ Poet-Rick Parise

Details | Haiku | |

Sunlight Smiles

rose pedal curls outward East
sunlight smiles

Details | Haiku | |

Dusty Moon

dusty moon

over smoke-stacked sky

graveyard shifter

*For Charles Henderson's haiku vs. senryu contest

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 101

	Haiku 101
	summer’s fragile reeds
	now ice-layered   bend to write
	our names in the snow

Details | Haiku | |

Stint that end

... stint of adventure,
all in six sequential dream.
Odyssey complete.

Details | Haiku | |

New life begins

Drops of morning dew..
Reflecting rays of sunlight.
A new life begins.

Details | Haiku | |

Winter Haiku

Here I sit at work
watching snow tumbling down
thinking about home

Details | Haiku | |

Eye Of The Tiger

<                                              eye of the tiger
                                            mystical yet beautiful ...
                                            even through monsoon's

Written By 
Katherine Stella 10/30/11

Season Chosen Monsoon

Entry For Charles Henderson's
Very Strict Haiku G.L. All

Details | Haiku | |


pumpkin patch
smiles back at sky
orange glow

Details | Haiku | |

Ready to pose

From old to new, set
Arranged in colors, hopeful
Of new beginnings

Details | Haiku | |


Silent snow falls still
Blanketing the sound around
Me my heart sings free

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 4-5-13

drunken tulips

turning and swaying

sob in the spring rain

Details | Haiku | |

A Dark and Scary Night

Darkness closes in
My heart is beating swiftly
The world is silent

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 3-31-13

haiku pilgrims

forging upon tanka dreams

gaze in mirror pond 

Details | Haiku | |

Wolf's Tongue

<                                  wolf tongue speaks at night
                                 search for prey has come to end ...
                                         howling escalates

Written by
Katherine Stella 11/16/11

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's Animal Haiku

I Chose The Wolf
My Home State
Is Minnesota
Wolf Pop Estimate 3020 Per D.N.R. 

G.L. All

Details | Haiku | |



a cold touch of heart
the empty whiteness of eyes
nothing green survives

sudden disturbance
yesterday now tomorrow
nothing audible

before you know it
this verdant transformation
and bright warm blue sky

the northern god speaks
his breath cool and threatening
a shiver – goose bumps

Details | Haiku | |

Decaying Gown

In decaying fall, They, deadened colours abound Leaves granted leave, gown .

Details | Haiku | |

Night Sky

Bright speckles of light,
Embellish the night canvas:
Myriad of stars.

Details | Haiku | |


ant crawling in the gasket of freezer... chilling out ant seen by me.. short life

Details | Haiku | |

Animal Eyes

A valley encased
By trees’ littered pine needles
Animal eyes see.

Details | Haiku | |



Details | Haiku | |

The Icy Cascade

Smooth and quite tranquil
Cascading over the rocks
Ice crystals glisten

Details | Haiku | |

Top of the World

polar ice cap melts
bears cling to floating glaciers...
    world’s top is shifting

north pole relocates
tropical forests are glazed...
     history repeats

*Entry for Skat’s “Top of the World” haiku contest.  Many scientists believe the North Pole is in the process of shifting and that there is no real danger from alleged “global warming.”  It’s a natural cycle that recurs about every 10,000 years.

Details | Haiku | |

Nature the Destroyer

she orchestrates storms her air - which we deplete - she turns against us feeling ungrounded - she quakes inside ancient bones. . . we feel her pain water fills her veins from oceanic wounds. . . . she bleeds tsunamis with red hot passion she is seething at her core. . . . fire will be our death Written by Andrea Dietrich For PD's NATURE THE DESTROYER *HAIKU FORM ONLY* Poetry Contest

Details | Haiku | |

Star Trek Rerun...Space

The Final Frontier,
Gateway to the Universe.
Enter open door.

Details | Haiku | |

Three Springtime Haiku

Hear the lush beauty?
	Cherry blossoms sing a song
the birds cannot sing.

Wake up lazy spring,
	your daffodils are sprouting.
Hear their trumpets blare?

The green ivy sleeps
	as winter comes to its end.
Melting snow wakes it.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 102

	Haiku 102
	pine needles whisper as they fall...  she whispered

Details | Haiku | |

peace lilies

peace lilies' cobra blooms reach over jacuzzie.. achoo peace disturbed
To me the Peace Lilies blossoms look like a Cobra's Hood...

Details | Haiku | |

What does the fox say

Vulpine barhopper
bays pick up line to new moon

Feline target wails
unsheathing sharp claws to show
Hatee-hatee- ho

Grizzly bouncer comes
rescues feline in distress

Details | Haiku | |

rose petals

rose petals
on the wet grass...
after-storm lull

© kash poet

Placement:HM ; (Nov. 2011)

Contest:Your Choice Verse(12 lines max.)

Sponsor:Brian Strand

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 32


                                                       fucshia azalea
                                           clings limply to sodden branch --
                                                   morning showers fall


Details | Haiku | |

When gulls and whales

seagulls and whales hunt
together in the ocean
each catching  more fish 
©Elly Wouterse 2012

Details | Haiku | |

twinkling stars

twinkling stars
all over the night sky--
tiny diamonds

Details | Haiku | |

Blue water

fragile waves ripple
limning smooth gleaming mirror
empyrean blue

©Elly Wouterse
# nature

Details | Haiku | |

for Doctor Big

When you are retired,
you'll be just an old man,
with a fishing pole.

Details | Haiku | |


Flower in the ground
Relies on the sun shining
Dirt and CO2

Details | Haiku | |

January Haiku

Frozen lakes and ponds
Blustery winds are blowing
Icicles hang down

Branches bare and grey
Poor sunshine does not warm us
Snowdrops raise their heads 

Jan Allison 
8th May 2014
Written for contest 2 Haiku (describing the month of January)
sponsored by Skat A

Details | Haiku | |

Magic Beans

miraculous birth
from beneath the solid earth
to face the sunshine

copyright 2015
Harry J Horsman

Details | Haiku | |

Winter's Embrace

Devastating trees,
Emotionless character:
Lackluster landscape.

Details | Haiku | |


where in night shadows
only moon and stars are seen
blind men feel no warmth

with the light of day
when a full sun fills the sky
all men will feel warmth

blind who survive night
basking in warmth of that day
felt not moon and stars

By John Trusty © 1/20/12 for Linda-Marie’s haiku trio contest with a little sun/moon, stars/sky thrown in.

Details | Haiku | |

just sighted

just sighted a black panther prowling around... one less jack russell

Details | Haiku | |

Beauty of Nature

peacock feathers paint verdant fields and azure skies flowing florid views Tanya Harrington © 08-03-2012

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 07

wind blasts trees
naked as newborn birds...
snowflakes cascading
5th Place Winner Any New or Old Haiku Will Do Contest by Sidney~LeeAnn

Details | Haiku | |

Nature's Dessert

raspberry pink sky flat-topped mountain ridge beneath. . . . chocolate crust pie clouds coalescing trimming twilight’s slice of sky. . . . dollops of whipped cream
For Brian Strand's SIXES AND SEVENS any form/any theme only single six or seven line poems Poetry Contest

Details | Haiku | |

Top of the World

Thin screen of nature Glory of omnipresent...... God bursts all over Green screen of nature Stones, streams, the shallow murmur… God bursts all over The splendid structure Can't comprehend perfectly..... Feel humility.
======================= Dr.Ram Mehta Fourth Place Win in: Contest : Top of the World sponsored by S K A T

Details | Haiku | |

Winter Haiku - diamonds in the snow

walk softly please streetlights are making diamonds in the snow

Details | Haiku | |

Frogs on Lilly Pads in Review


Frog follies this year
featuring the loudest croak
All frogs in review!

Lilly Pads

Floating lilly pads,
used in spring as sailboats for
poliwogs galore!

Marty Owens for Lilly Pads and Frogs contest

Details | Haiku | |

---a gray squirrel

a gray squirrel
on a tear across the wood
barking dogs

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 4-7-2013

springtime purity

igniting the hushed mind 


Details | Haiku | |

haiku 35

a rainbow 
glitters around a full moon --
black ice

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 31

a regal blue-jay

perched on a barren tree limb--

harbinger of spring


Details | Haiku | |

A pair of snowy Haikus

Snowflake in winter
showing stillness and kindness
forgotten at spring.

Snowcastle is strong
emotion of winterland
New clothes on the trees.

Details | Haiku | |

feral forest haiku

tangerine morning

in a flame feral forest

deer dash, squirrels leap

Details | Haiku | |

God's Gift

God’s Gift (Haiku Duo) scarlet red maple nature’s most colorful tree a sight to behold resistant to wind turns fiery red orange beautiful shade tree

Details | Haiku | |

Vast Reflection

light year daze
objects burst in seams and blaze
starry blinks

farther still
burning in a fiery haze
planets turn

vast in sight
dark and bright in part and whole
earth reflects 


Details | Haiku | |



scented breeze
old dog sniffs    stirs
jolly presence

Details | Haiku | |

Mount Fuji - Haikuette

Mount Fuji
white-capped monolith silent, silver sentinel a sleeping beauty
Form - Haikuette Entered in contest "Three Lines are Fine" sponsored by Debbie Guzzi (5-31-14)

Details | Haiku | |

Savanna Sunset

The air quivers Scorching Savanna sunset Lions seek their prey

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 11-10-14

sapphire twilight where the tonic blue hangs on like a new love

Details | Haiku | |

Eagle Strength


                                               eagle's strength
                                         hunter elegant in  flight
                                                spirituel ballet

(spirituel_light and airy movement

Details | Haiku | |

Snow Flakes

Every flake, own shape
Falls, forms path, ski mountain trail
Soft white flakes, turn ice

Details | Haiku | |


It came from above
Falling so fast on my head
It gets me all wet

Details | Haiku | |

a snowflake kisses

a snowflake kisses
my warm cheek and melts away--
others make me cold 

Details | Haiku | |

Feeding frenzy

a malus in fruit bearing tiny red apples tempting the parrots arriving en masse emerald green twenty eights in feasting frenzy
The "twenty-eight parrot" (Barnardius zonarius semitorquatus) found in south-west West Australia, has a black head, a green patch on the belly. Destroyer A Poet ~Contest Name any Haiku will do Margaret Foster: Sept 2011

Details | Haiku | |

a chirping cricket

a chirping cricket
suddenly stops...
smell of rain

© 2011 kashinath karmakar

Placement: 3rd; (Nov. 2011)

Contest:Your Choice any form/theme (16 lines max.)

Sponsor:Brian Strand

By:kashinath karmakar

Details | Haiku | |



                                "Yes, KARMA is the name,
                               --my world is your world, I,
                           control you, like A finger puppet--

Details | Haiku | |

untitled 5


Details | Haiku | |

On Moonlit Pond

In the dark forest clearing
a family of ducks
escape the hungry fox.

Details | Haiku | |

Sea at Night

Dark moonlit water:
Nature's natural mirror,
Catching stars at night.

The Siren's window
To the wonders of the skies,
Shining silver light.

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haiku 45

sun streams
on woodland ferns
mouse scampers

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Sunrise Serenata

Fiery orange rays
rip open the Eastern sky
spewing forth anthems

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one red rose

one fragrant red rose one unopened bud grace bush.... last rose of summer

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               in colorado
   the geese recall the last time
     we threw crumbs on pond


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Trees of the Dead

Beauty even dead
Still guiding souls to the void
A beauty with death

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tree frogs are singing
to orange-black tinted clouds
against purple sky

set in the foreground
an A-Frame rooftop peeks out
between long-leaf pines

further off due south
thunder still rumbles and rolls,
threatening the peace

a single raindrop
draining from the carport roof
tickles down my nose

the sight and the sound
of the eternal present
in the perfect now...

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sleepy lotus eyes

sleepy lotus eyes

          gaze at singing frogs hop by…

              a pond dance invites



                    ........      ..

by nette onclaud for PD's Haiku vs Senryu

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Small Wonder

        Sweet smells of raw earth
            Enchant my curious mind-
                O' pure innocence

A. Green

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Autumn Colors

orange, red and gold brush strokes of brisk swirling winds autumn’s artistry
Sponsor: Russell Sivey Contest Name: Autumn, Fall Colors (poem must be named "Autumn Colors") Lucretia written 9/21/2011

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haiku 12

a lone jack-pine
carves a pliable sky--
the artist lingers

*See "About This Poem"

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Willows Trees and Peacocks

pendant green leaves weep
branches bend toward the ground-
peacocks prance and preen

peahens understand
bright blue-feathers fan out-
winds whisper secrets

grey frog croaks loudly 
willow canopy is home-
cottage red door opens

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impending weather

rainbow sky

in the distant

impending weather

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'the flower'

~ death came in the dawn fringes of sweet petals die fading like a dream ~ Haiku December 5, 2012

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Flowering Fern

flowers and sharp blades
by a blue, breeze rippled lake
reflecting sunlight

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Crashing Waves

Angry, fierce water,
Nature’s surge, a tossing tide;
Crashing upon rocks.

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spring bouquet spans across the misty sky - a child dreams

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The Sound Of Silence

the ultimate sound permeating all others the sound of silence
silence is the canvas on which all other sounds are painted

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Forty Thousand Sunrises

The dawn comes each day
Barefoot outside my window
With fresh refreshed light.

I’ve been inspired by
Forty thousand dawns bringing
The new beginnings

The sky turns orange
And the love is old and false
The math I have done.

A glimpse of the sun
In a quite new form each day
Know it’s not over.


Dr. Ram Mehta

Tenth Place win in:

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Hurricane Rising

potent winds amass settle in a cauldron--- hurricane rising ~*~

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Ragweed Cast Forth Blooms

                                        Ragweed cast forth blooms
                                        Pollen floats upon dry air...
                                             Watery eyes, nose

Click on "About This Poem"
In honor of Brian Strand's 
"Fall Your Choice"

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February haiku

Snow sprinkles down soft
daydreaming spring's arrival
earth's fertility stirs

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Brisk winds chatter through the trees
Revealing secrets

©2014 by Regina Riddle

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winter crumbs

winter squall
snowflakes peck away
at the breadcrumbs

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majestic lace

crying over creeks,
weeping branches grace the wind--
the mighty willow

Written by Lee Ramage
September 1, 2011
Contest: Constance LaFrance~Rambling Poet’s
“Haiku Me Some Nature, Please”
Placement: Third 

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a hopping rabbit

a hopping rabbit
on the morning grass...
mauled dewdrops

© kash poet

Placement: 3rd;(Nov. 2011)

Contest:Animal haiku

Sponsor:Debbie Guzzi

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the final dance

theme : trees/leaves

    ~~~~ the final dance ~~~~

the trees bend and sway

      dancing to the wind's music

       ... ballet of nature

the leaves twirl and swirl

    in colourful performance

         to land on earth's stage

the leaves bid farewell

    as the wind entices them

       ... trees now stand alone

 for Linda Marie's Haiku hodgepodge trio contest
 by Francine Roberts , 24/01/2012
  ( colour is the Canadian/UK spelling, color the American)

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On a sunny day

On this sunny day
A dog is drinking water
And swimming in pond!

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Tide returns in eight,
shell weighs heavily on land,
patiently waiting.

For “Journey” contest

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frog pond      mallards
on the grassy, shallow bank
watching reflections

table with peanuts
round and round the tree he goes
caw, caw cries high crow

reading by the sea
this boy sitting on a rock
gull catches the breeze

Dave Austin

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Spring Comes

sultry morning –
from one flower to another
a butterfly 

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gun leaning on tree
falls to the ground
ducks take flight

Gun-O-Ku contest

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Planting a Tree

What can a man do

To plant a seed in the ground

So strong a tree grows

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The Unknown

Spiraling colors The steps to a world beyond Our destination

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Beauty of Nature

pure pristine magic place
untouched by humans...
delicate balancing seasons

Phyllis Babcock
Aug. 5 2012

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think a berry pie
poor fruit fallen
from a tree
foot sole cherry red

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Tranquil Echoes

Majestic waters,
Reflect cerulean sky:
Radiating peace.

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Divine illumination

winter breeze at night silver rays sway on the lake lonely moon sonnet

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Yin and Yang

Nature and God, God and nature: mankind exists in their Yin and Yang.

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orange pumpkin

orange pumpkin treat food for aristocracy crunch some toasted seeds

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The Lion King

king of the jungle
fierce protective playful strong
in their own domain

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Haiku double

salty tang... monsoons shriek and whip rough seas cuckoo calls from piney woods... fragile May
see about poem

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Haiku for the trees at Tambul

Straight and tall they stand;
far below sun kiss’d branches
their roots reach deeply 

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Winter haiku

Solstice approaches
the frozen pristine landscape

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the butterfly bush

the butterfly bush sends forth its golden nectar... one lone hummer hums

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White Pieces On Blue

white pieces on blue
 from right to left they fly free
 sun slides down to earth

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (December 17th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Remembering How It Was

fragrance of Christmas
emanating from cedar
nostalgic allure

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Look at a flower
A bud unfolds before us
A new creation

Edward J Ebbs - August 5, 2012

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Mountain Of Angels

Towering Grandeur,
such formidable mountains
where the angels sing.

Steven Beesley (c) 5th July, 2012

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City streets

city streets
   scoured clean by windstorm...
        silent leaf blowers

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Starry Night

diamonds sparkle
upon the black velvet
heaven awaits the explorer

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the waning moon

the waning moon
shadows of cat tails dance
to wind on water

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cobalt blue clouds

cobalt blue clouds hang barely illuminated.. summer's full moon shines under the boardwalk my love kisses tenderly... rain drips through small cracks
Love the pictures Thanks for the challenge, P.D Contest: Kissing In The Rain(2 Haiku)Nature Style Picture #5

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Dead Tree

Even in its death,
A trees beauty never fades:
Incessant splendor.

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'Color of Life'

The color of life, chlorophyll-green blankets Earth, a speck in cold space.

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Haiku 67

	Haiku 67
	cool mist’s embrace
	Smoky Mountains hiding
	morning miasma
	white dogwood flowers
	Tennessee deep forest shade
	fiddleheads unfurl

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A Plane (Haiku)

A plane slides 
On the snow of clouds 
in sky

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Joyful Canine

Joyful canine

brandy warm eyes light
intelligent soft and bright
no language so right

dive after the birds
thrilling that they scatter wild
‘cross the azure pond

smiling the while, gay
tail wags the triumphant hunt
struts out the cold wet

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Animal or Human

God makes no mistakes
He got it right the first time
animals are planned.

made in His likeness
humans are the higher forms 

Won 2nd place

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Revealing pure bliss

Streaks of golden light,  Pierce melancholy gray shields. revealing pure bliss.
- Daniel Fletcher.

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Spring Birth

Spring Birth

one twig, two twigs, three
soft down plucked from mother’s breast
the perfect bower

three tiny blue eggs 
under warmth of mother’s love 
they stir, they hatch new

three urgent beaks open 
insistent, burning, they beg 
speckled downy fuzz

Trisha Sugarek
World of Haiku

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Farmer's cradle

Farmer plowed the soil
In green field’s
Sow grow in fruity
Duty is finished
Finally he will sound sleep—

Haiku (hokku) Form

By: lena

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Finding His Legs

Wet and shiny coat,
Extremities shake and quake;
Newborn foal’s first stand.

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Deep Sea Pearl

Grand Irritation

   Rare and opulent beauty

      Oysters treasure chest

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Water Droplets

water droplets string on Cape Reeds next summer’s thatch roof
Poetry form: Lune (a type of hiaku)

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Mountain Climbing

I’m climbing  
Above the canyon…the sun
Hits  		the 		rocks

I ascend
As 	I 	take 	risk 	after 	risk

I’m climbing
I 	rely 	on 	my 	own 	strength
I’m doing FINE!

I descend
While	 I 	urgently 	hold 	on
For dear life…

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

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baitball shadow

*baitball shadow followed by predators – the ego contained
Please see the About section for details. *A bait ball, or baitball, occurs when small fish swarm in a tightly packed spherical formation about a common centre. It is a last-ditch defensive measure adopted by small schooling fish when they are threatened by predators. Sponsor: Nathan __________ ~~D Contest Name: Your best haiku |

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Haiku Suite

vines slowly growing
each leaf kissed by morning dew
ever present thorns

small rosebud lingers
golden suns bless nourishment
ever present thorns

warmer summer skies
fragrant blossoms parading
ever present thorns

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Spring An awakened field, Born from the passage of time Spring, a tranquil dream

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Welcome Home

The Swallows return

    Like old friends we welcome home 

        Until they depart...

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flit from flower to flower --
a soft breeze blows

3/13/12 by Kim Merryman
for PD's  "Favorite or Best Haiku" contest

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The Cross Dazzles

afternoon rainbow--- almost touching its arch the church's cross stealing sundrops--- some migratory birds on the rainbow's trail setting sun-- in its last ray the cross dazzles

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Anglers paradise

Corner of the pond
Myriad vegetation
Anglers paradise

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No place like the heartland

With serenity Of nature all around us Peace comes forth smoothly
By: Misty Leccese © June 28, 2009 Inspired by Raul's contest.

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Matter of states

Lava oozes down
Water steams up to the sky
Back to mountain rain

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flavor and fragrance

delicious ice cream
hues that match nature’s beauty --
   come to me, sweet treat

strawberry petals
roses springing from brown earth –
   flavor and fragrance

not to be outdone
vanilla is number one --

*Haiku for PD’s “Neapolitan Ice Cream” contest

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The Hike

Atop the Blue Ridge, Along the Appalachian, One Hundred miles wild.

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Cherry Blossoms Jamboree

Cherry blossoms bloom; the townspeople sing, laugh, dance: hope springs eternal.

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Nature’s wrath supreme
Tearing down humanity
Human grace denied

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Wordsworth's Daffodils

One spring morning, William and his sister Dorothy stroll through the woods and arrive at the lake. As usual, they pause to admire the scenery. The hills surrounding the tranquil stretch of water are beautiful, but some daffodils impress them most. 

golden daffodils
sway in the gentle breeze - -
an artist sketches

Dorothy finishes her sketch and decides to also describe them in her diary entry for the day. William feels inspired to write a poem.

For Deb’s Spring haibun contest

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a bonfire smokes

a bonfire smokes - -
a tiny hedgehog wakes
and scuttles out

Jack Horne for Russell’s Autumn Splendour contest, 26th August

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                                        Golden glow dawn
                               Amethyst sun remembrance...
                                      Purple passion close

Chris D. Aechtner's contest
Alliteration Haiku

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haiku 38

as we walk 
pots clink against canteens –
squirrels chatter

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                                       Leaves dance all the time 		
                                       lyrics of air rhythm sings well 		
                                              rest a while, again……



Sponsored by: Destroyer ~ Poet
Written by: bldevnath

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Cool crisp colorful
The next cycle to begin
A refreshing sight.

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Do you remember

A blue Sunday sky
Fluffy white clouds start to sprout
They grow and they grow

The clouds are swarming
Some thunder and lightning
Maybe some light rain

When morning rises
The sky and heavens are fresh
It is a new day

Do you remember
We once filled the noon day sky
Do you remember

Edward J Ebbs - 08/30/14

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A surge of comfort,
Strokes of paint soak lavish skies,
Rekindling dreams.

Restores the soul to
Heavenly places, dazzling
Jewels recap ones heart.

Revealing beauty,
Life’s radiant reminder,
That hope is alive.

By; Sabina Nicole
contest: rainbows

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Seasons of the Sun

The Seasons of the Sun ©

angle of fall’s sun
so different from spring’s rays
dapples the sun porch

end of hot summer
the crisp, sharp tang of fall’s breath
smokes the air about

a waiting for sleep
under the blanket of snow
until  spring sun beams

Trisha Sugarek
World of Haiku

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dreary the night dawns
spirits roam desolate streets
abandon souls cry

night black and looming
a distant scream captivates
escape now vanished

the chill of autumn
visible breath shriek madness
shadows lurk the night

Details | Haiku | |


wipe warm breath from a cool pane
deers graze

*see About the poem

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haiku 42

hot summer evening
along the gravel
deer graze


Details | Haiku | |

Just relax

It is a time when
cold dark winter comes unwound ::
spring's growing sunshine

Details | Haiku | |

Red Sky Sunset

red sky splatter clouds
nature slowing to a beat
sleep till blessed morn

Aug 10th, 2013  Rick Zablocki
For Sunset Contest

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my heart sets on fire
cold snow-crystal on my skin 
a heartfelt meltdown 

©Ellie Daphne  11/24/2012 

Contest Name	FIRE And ICE
Sponsor	Carol Sunshine Brown

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a new moon

mountain path---
at every turn
a new moon

Details | Haiku | |

The Fox

Curious creature
Insidious in nature
An artful dodger

Details | Haiku | |

night breeze

   the night breeze
caresses bayou orchids
    scented voodoo

Details | Haiku | |


'Twas the Full Cold Moon
That made the Night clear and Bright
Befor the New Year.

Details | Haiku | |

Love and forgiveness

Love and  forgiveness
Make a heart wider than the sky 
And deeper than the ocean.

Details | Haiku | |

SK- 4

Silence has spoken
From the roaring of the tides
God is a river

Details | Haiku | |


mountains so high
looks mysterious in the night
lies a deepest secret

November 10, 2012
2nd Place Winner
For Charles Contest

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Autumns Gentle Outcome

Autumn colours bloom Gently they drift on the breeze Skeletal outcome .

Details | Haiku | |

Cherry Blossoms

delicate blossoms
explosive burst of colour
beauty quickly fades

Details | Haiku | |

weekly beautification

on the lawn green grass
stands at attention waiting
for that fatal shear

by Marty Owens
Constance's contest "Haiku me some nature, please"

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Mountain Frontiers

Crystal snowflaked peaks,
kaleidoscoped blue heavens,
majestic purples
deep, dark, cold caverns,
mingled green trees, gold landscapes,
indigo raptures,
clouds of white angels,
refreshing white waterfalls,
cold ice palaces,
slick, green, mossy slopes,
yellow flowers in green fields

By Marty Owens 7/06/12 for Mountain contest


I need to explain that this is not your typical Haiku ...all verses are describing and leading up to the last line where the Mountains are beckoning everyone to come.  Thanks

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Details | Haiku | |

Sun Ocean Cycle

     Sun Ocean Cycle - Haiku

seas boil, drain happy
thirsty sun, laughs and laps waves
drinks excess, rains come

Details | Haiku | |

Frosty Cold

Sharp, crisp, scent-filled air
Inundates the nose, winter
Smells of frosty cold.

Details | Haiku | |

River at sunset

setting sun adorns
the river’s long slender neck 
with sparkling diamonds.

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku J

the waterfall mist
rising in the rainforest -
a midday rainbow

April 30, 2014

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A wind swept waltz

Earths beautiful child,
With velvet petals it sways.
Just a wind swept waltz.

Details | Haiku | |

Oceans Mirror

Waves are waters wings
Soaring past the night, upright
Dissolving through time.

Rocks are waters moons,
Attracting gasps and debris,
Perpetual pose.

Shores are waters skies,
Extravagant scenes perform
As Light rays dance round.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 7-12-12

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A heady perfume
fills my senses-
my rose awakens

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Majestic Mountain

"Majestic Mountain" waterfall cascades nourish Nature's tapestry God glows firelight. succulent substance refreshes peaks and valleys majestic mountains. french blue skies enfold echoes beyond gold twilight inhale mountain muse. azure canopy caress tips sweet mountain musk essence sparks the "gods".

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