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Haiku Family Poems | Haiku Poems About Family

These Haiku Family poems are examples of Haiku poems about Family. These are the best examples of Haiku Family poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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New born poem I

A new poem was born.
Its cry, flash of wild lightning
rips through winter’s howl.

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Lightning Strikes

lightning strikes
mom's kitty cat
what have I done?

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Sweet Fragrance of Spring


                      Grandma's vase waiting
                     on Mother's lace table cloth
                         for lilacs to bloom

Inspired by Carol Brown's 
Haiku Waiting for Spring contest

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Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way. 

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  Screams above the din

A moment of grief and loss

    A loved one passes

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Orange you Glad to be---an Orange---

     Contract Delete

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Fishing With Grandpa

I feel it tugging
Hanging on - It must be huge!
Bluegill, smiles, grandpa

Haiku - For Sara Kendrick's "A Pleasant Childhood Memory" Contest

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A family praising

A gather of hands
A feasting at dinnertime
Hear the sounds of smiles

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- Haiku X 42 - Home for Christmas -

     Christmas home with songs
     Gathered family rejoice 
     Happy stars smiling  

     A-L Andresen :)
     Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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                                           Sacrificing loneliness in other country
                                                        For family’s welfare
                                             Considered as heroes by Filipinos

(Experimenting a "Haiku")

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Jim is a runner.
Sister Sue is a stunner.
Brother Bill is slow.

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Two Haiku

Strokes after midnight
received a distant sad news
a swallow has flown

Watch over us dear
I kept my prayers for you
frosted in flowers

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Playing Peek A Boo {Edit}

<                             coniferous tree
                       playing peek a boo .... shuffle                                
                              candid smiles glisten

{ Christmas }

Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Haiku Contest
G.L. All

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Making wishes

grandmas garden
    wishing on

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Dancing Angels

Angels in heaven
Dancing on a small puddle
Always stay afloat

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Sentimental You

<                                      amidst flocked needles ...
                                        woven ornament strewn ...
                                               a star is ... born

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Every Birthday

every birthday
is as splendid as the soul
of its celebrant

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Family of E-motions

loving and long hugs
embracing me on sad days
holding me, so close

arguing all day
saying I love you at night
truely liking me
when I am not likeable
taking the bad with the good

could not thank enough
for your overflow of love
even to my soul

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Gilded picture frames
Hold sepia images
Of kin long deceased

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Unconditional Love

with arms outstretched
brothers and sisters unite
love of God they share

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home sweet home

children parents  pets 
noise in and around the house
lovely  atmosphere

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Quick Handmade Christmas Card With Love xx

Celebrate Christmas Day
In stable - manger Christ lay
Brightest star shone way

Nativity gels 
tinsel glitter baubles bells
Notes of pine tree smells

Bend fold crease cut glue
made with love from me to you
clock ticks... finished... phew!

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Sorry Mom

I should hate my life
mother never wanted me
I’m so sorry mom

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Fruits of forgiveness

peaceful body and soul
spirit free to love again
fruits of forgiveness

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Our unexpected blessing

She became a part of us
A one year old

After many years,  
Pitter patter sounds was heard
And nappies changed 
She is a young lady now
Started working already

Our little princess
My sister’s gift from above
a blessing to us.

                                                                                                       *My sister passed away
                                                                                                         when my niece was only 
                                                                                                       one year old, she is turning
                                                                                                             nineteen next month
                                                                                                               still a joy to us all*

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witches, goblins, ghosts,
terrifying creatures,
out for Halloween

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                                 Corned bread stuffed turkey

                               Party need to go home stuffed

                                     Oh..., tummy’s to full

Eve Roper 11/27/2014

May you and yours have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving :) eve

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Haiku 58

	Haiku 58
	#5 downtown train
	tattoo on his forearm:
	We all We got
	the truth:
	we are all we got 
	rock, solid

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Haiku 12 Autism

    bamboo zoo fencing, 
protecting, connecting -- joy
     to autistic boy

David Meade

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the tree

the tree
brightly lit for comfort 
no presents exchanged

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Children's Easter Hunt

    Eggs colored pastel,
Hidden all around the yard,
    Children having fun!

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Christmas Without a Christmas Tree

Glittery Christmas
Filled cavity on my mind
Christmas ain't yet come


Sight flickering glare
Alternately trap my eyes
But shines ain't for me


Christmas, dear Christmas
Be the present of my tears
Tiny hug in missed


A tree full of lights
Shimmered warm, deep on my cries
Sad memories blinked


Pretty past inhaled
When time puts togetherness
Now just three of us


New family tree
The Santa's gift as mercy
God truly blessed me

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Debunked Rumor

Debunk that rumor.
You are not ugly my child.
You are beautiful.

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Unfunny Jokester

He yelled “Boo” real loud!
It was well after midnight!
She slapped him silly!

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Fatherhood’s a joy.
Got to change poopy diapers.
Tripping over toys.

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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Their silence kills me
They stare,i scare,my soul frets

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Farmer's cradle

Farmer plowed the soil
In green field’s
Sow grow in fruity
Duty is finished
Finally he will sound sleep—

Haiku (hokku) Form

By: lena

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Christmas shopping

I'm Christmas shopping
Today it is done online
there's no crowds nor lines

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The Wolf ...a leader

in front of the pack 

as leader ..i speak to my people 

full moon ..howling wolf

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You are a vision
Of loveliness, poise, goodness
We are proud of you.

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After Milk...

After milk, fruit, sugar and ice
Use fresh mineral water
From the montains in a Paradise!

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The locket

dreams of family
locket lay against her chest
within, picture torn

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Crazy, sad people
Mad antics, habits, sayings, 
Arguments galore

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the ring

buried on
the hill of the cross
his fathers ring

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Haiku Cigarettes

Cigarettes are gross. They can really kill you too Dead. Gone. Forever

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I love my sister
The way she smiled with her eyes
She smiles for the Lord

My sister Kathy passed last night.
Rest in peace little sister.You 
were too good for this world. 

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A memory

dad’s rustling paper
and sweet smell of syrupped doughnuts
sunday morn bliss

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The Meeting

I will meet my dad.
I feel confusion and fear
underneath my joy.

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My Oldies

dancing in my room...
old music from my teen years....
my son shakes his head.

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Love is as love does Peace begets peace; happy day Unconditional

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Mother Father kids
Brainstorm vacation voyage
Car railway or plane

Entry in Brian's "Poetry of the Noun-Haiku" Contest

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Family and War

During Vietnam
recordings made for my Dad
while Mom went astray

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child's first toddle

your mild nudge
made me open my eyes....
child's first toddle

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And God Smiled In The Apple Orchard

Crisp apple fragrance
        cheers a ripe sunny morning ~
                Pippins nip the air


            A family gathers
    under the autumn sunshine
          picking the bounty
   Ladders rest against the trunks
     A picnic waits under trees

           Children giggle while
       russet leaves whirl merrily~
God's eyes are smiling

For "Harvest  of Happiness" Contest

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Our Future

Hectic life we have
slowed down for just a moment.
Our future, perfect!

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noritake haiku

in spring she whispers a sip of shinto sun wen lotus sways below cobalt sky a thought of sobo pink cherry blossom's swirl the porcelain plate hands folded in prayer _______________________________________________________ Sobo- Grandmother Shinto- All Nature / Worship / Ancestors / Spirit / Belief / Sacred Power Noritake Cobalt / Piled 3-high / A Sip Saki or Sake' then passed / Three Three Nine / A Geisha gets her name / Shinto

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Wedding Visitors

visitors arrive
during Chicago’s snow storm—
warm fire inside

the Florida-boy 
wearing short sleeves and jeans—
snow angels

mother and father 
shouting, “Wear your jacket”—

ice on the front steps
beneath foot long icicles—

the oldest son
cooking jambalaya—
guests inhale deeply

the step-mother
staring outside from upstairs—
snow drifts

children and sleigh bells
laughing as they speed down hill—
sudden stop

The New Orleans Saints
playing on her wedding day—
Cajuns watch

the wedding party
lining up for their entrance—
the Saints won

© December 9, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

FORM:  Haiku Series

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Summer is here

This Heat Is Intense
Causing Great Stress On The Weak
Children Are Playing

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away my boy joy

looks like refinement
from outside boiling pot in
cool calm big fat lie

her tears tear me up
along with the depression
pukes on everyone

away my boy joy
morphed from this to that kid to man
overnight success

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Alone forgotten
Abandoned and neglected
Alone in the dark.

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grands olfactory haiku

coffee best describes
papa joe's essence for me
coffee kisses- YES

fertilizer stink
paternal grandaddy smell
famous tomatoes

noxzema only 
for miss toby before bed
shakey hands slicked up

but then grandmama
whew! peach cobbler first of all
sweet corn, pot roast, ham

oh man, those fried pies
blackberry and peach goodness
beautiful mem'ry

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Cancer Chaser

Sneak, coward, eater.
To you, ravenous creeper
know this: He Is Mine.

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A perfect pair

twins Sun and Shadow sometimes play hide and seek but never on their own © Ellie Daphne

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it this a warning?
family on their way to town
rubber band woman

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one family

one family five children.. rabid dog bites dad death angel visits widow left to fend... children's life hard one pat of butter slipped through four fluffy biscuits.. poverty child works picking peas goes to the field everyday... fabric bought for dress
My mother's father was bitten by a rabid dog the doctor order shots for him and told him do not get out and get hot just take it easy. He went to move the sawmill and was taken ill with the disease..He died leaving my mother's mother to rear five children ages 6 months to 12 years on her own..Life was hard..This was in 1905..She said that she would not marry and have another man over her and her children.

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She Never Gave Up!

She Was Always There For Me.

She Was My Mother!

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Pearl white Christmas tree
With beautiful ornaments
And sparkling lights

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Autumn in the Moselle Valley

Ripe, plump sun kissed fruit

Luscious grapes, plum cherry hues

Sipping sweet red wine

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went to see my folks
just about an hour drive 
seems so much longer

but each time I go
it's better than I expect
she is totally 

changing legacy
from control freak to kindness
beautiful to watch

this transformation
right before my very eyes
could probably learn 

to treat my fam'ly
to a lil bit of the same 
dad still sits silent

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Supporting Family

Family's full branch 
Bough weighted with fresh wet snow 
Arm's strength endures test

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Scared of You

Scared of you leaving
this world to go far away.
I need you to live.

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The Carnival

Cotton candy treat
Ferris wheels and carousels 
Amazing fun house

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Children make Life

Little cute buds
Playing, sitting, eating & sleeping
Children make life

Smiles to tears
They show all emotion in life
Children make life

Growing little everyday
They crawl, walk run to embrace world
Children make life

Innocent at heart
Simple joys they cherish live every moment
Children make life

Dear to every heart
They conquer anger with a sheepy smiles
Children make life

Learning and mimicking
They catch every world and act you do
Children make life

Source of joy
They bound the bonds of humanity 
Children make life

Daughters are blessing
Bringin prosperity to fathers and society
Children make life

Sons are strength
Mothers see their pride in them
Children make life

Son or daughter 
Let the joy bloom in every garden
Children make life


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Big Day

              Christmas day

jollious faces,good looking,broad tummies

         a day of anxiety to approach

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black child

Innocence stand by
halfway to understanding
realizing pain...

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the aroma outlasts
apple pie

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Bells and Cries

A lovely lady;
Growing inside, a new life.
A man in a tux.

Another bell rings now.
Final grades, balanced college offers,
Off to another adventure.

Damp ground, headstones.
Growing inside, a new life,
Done with their adventures.

-Caroline Youngless

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The gift

a gift for him is 
     the first year cup, even if the
          second loved more

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Don't cry

a drop on a leaf

rolling across .. morning dew ....  

please mother .. don't you cry n

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Laundry, odor, stink
Parmesan cheese, fungus, dirt
Bleach, washing powders

(Let me Haiku you from a grandmother's point of view.)

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My Light

you love me so true
you hold me in my plight
you are my light

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Old Old Fireworks Stored


                                            Old old fireworks stored
                                          Gave permission to use up...
                                               Rocket misfired fire

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26 June 08    9:00 am

I walk a lot softer than I used to

I walk a lot slower than I used to

I work a lot less than I used to

I work a lot slower than I usde to

But I love a lot more than I used to

Life on Purpose Live it before you lose it! ©2009

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The Photographer

Skies gray and rains blow;
Trees sway and creak like old stairs.
Thunder rolls and booms.

The den lights go out.
On the brown faux leather couch
Kids crowd together.

Whites of their eyes show.
"Shush! God is doing his work,"
Grandparents tell them.

Lightning bolt flashes,
Illuminates the front yard
And freezes the scene

Framed by porch windows;
He snaps candids from the storm,
Outside looking in.

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A Woman Scorned

dry summer winds dance
dusting bridesmaids gowns russet
vixen sister laughs

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A saturated room
A cancerous smoke blower
Killer of my child

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Real Humanity

We can also feel
That our happy summer life
Is a holiday of something real!

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If You Are A Gentleman...

If you are a gentleman, you must be sure that the rule is thinking and then doing,
To get something good as a rule is not bad,  to build - not to ruin, stay on diet:
From one side coctail and from another - a la furshet!
Fly and dream about tender love...

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Fishing Allure

wiggling ripples
lure a bass to shore~
Daddy whistles

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happy new year

thoughts of tomorrow

watching the last sun go down

of a passing year 

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A Mother's Love

Whatever species
A mother with her very young
Opens eyes to love

(Inspired from a worship video from Daystar TV and watching Animal Planet)

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Life conceived in womb
Should be one of growth and joy
Not a baby's tomb

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Auntie's Prince

Kyree' is his name 
The love we share is insane 
He is Aunties' Prince ? ?

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Resting Ingnition

Quite time with loved ones
Stirring minds cold black ashes 
Sudden ignition

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And Was Blue Earth...

And was blue Earth, green woods and hills,
Place that is good, animals had a dream:
My dear, remember me and my deer...

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Pure Happiness

Consecrate others
A gift that is forever
Till eternity

Faith is a blessing
Composure will enrich life
Conviction of soul
Rings outward to many too
Delivering hope beyond

Destinies pathway
Harvesting happiness now
Feeds humanity

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Attachments Bind

                                          Attached by small stem
                                           Floating on wind land

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Road Kill

A day with the family to enjoy lunch in a town close by..Heavy gray clouds, wind, and threat of tornados leaving thoughts questioning whether to go or stay..A day to do the unusual wins..The gun enthusiasts go to a gun show while the ladies shop..On the way the gray clouds seem weighty...

buzzards eat noon meal
road kill thrown in open field..
bradford pear death wreath

Sun emerges for a few seconds somber weigh lifts..

(Written Saturday March 3, 2012)

(First try at Halibun.)

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Summertime Sandcastles

Summertime is here Golden sands await the rush Territories shared Excitement abounds Buckets and spades in frenzy Silica shapes form Children creating Young voices resonating Sandcastles they show

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In heaven above, Surrounded by family, Together at last!
~For Sweetheart's contest~

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intact and holy body

care for your body--
it is God-given; keep it
intact and holy

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Morning Meals

Restive and Restful Holding hands through war and age In their muted house

Details | Haiku | |


Thoughtful and selfless
Kind, gentle, wise and true with
An enormous heart

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Forgotten but here
Remembered yet never there
Why do you exist?

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Enchanted Cottage

Wood smoke
rocker near the fire
Grandma's winter house.

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Our Perfect Father

our perfect Father
is in heaven--our earthly
fathers need his light

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The Gallows

          on a sunny day
          She visited the gallows
          To see her loved ones

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Denn Du Bist Mein Baby-For you my baby-Full German

Baby Ich Liebe Dich so wie du bist,
So perfekt, so wie du mich glucklich machen.
Die Art und weise du mich fuhlen,
Di Art und weise du mich lacheln und lachen.
Auch wenn Ich wu tend bin, trairig oder songar weinen.
Mein Hertz blutet dur dich baby.
Ich Liebe Dich Mein Schatz baby.
Ich kann mir nicht helfer, aber ruhing und glucklich.
Wenn du so wundershon und du liebst mich fur mich.
Ich Liebe Dich fur immer!
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To:My wonderful and amazing Husband Dustin James Palmer
~Dustin's one & only faithful and loving wife~
I Love You Baby!

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Love Thy Mother Much

Love thy mother much
For she's who gave birth to me
But won't let me

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Weed Becomes a Flower

freshly picked by a child
become a precious flower

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A rose and the beast!

A rose and the beast!
Dad’s mom, telling a story —
A romance of love!

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Is A Paradise!

For women and children think too:
If the money are real thing - work is true,
But think twice - trade union is a paradise!

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Her love is hotter
And his hatred is colder
Than desert climate.

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I love reading,
reading soothes
my mind, and
take a lot off of
my mind. Reading
is my only weapon to
escape from this crazy
world, without reading, I'd 
go insane, more or less die,
reading gives me something 
to do when Briana isn't
there. When I read,
I see pictures of the story,
and I go in their world.
It's like I'm crazy, and
everyone else is normal, but 
really I'm just like everyone else.
Reading is Exhilarating,
I love reading.
Reading is my friend.
The stories I love most
are mysteries, action,
Suspense, and a little romance.
I am my mom's little
bookworm, and forever I will
Stay. There's nothing more
awesome than
reading on a cold winter 
day, you can also read on a
hot summer day, it doesn't 
matter, you can even read
on a cool autumn day.
You can read anytime, and 
at any place.
Always~N~Forever, Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Loving Wife!~

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Beauty Is...

Beauty is your face,
Grace is in your mind,
Free and open society you may also find in my Kiev...

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I Do Love You

I do love you,
I cannot describe it,
The love my heart and soul, and my whole being feels for you my love.

I do love you, 
I dream and daydream, of that day where you say I do,
Because that means you love me too.

I do love you,
You make me laugh when I am sad, and you pick me up when I am down, and you are the light of my bad day.

I do,
I do are just simple words, but they mean a lot to me,
You see, they are not just three letters, they aren't just two words,
These two words go a long way.

I do love,
You taught me how to contain myself, and not lose myself, and not get mad too easily, if I do, I can quickly recover from it.

So I want to say thank you my baby Dustin James Palmer, for being there for me and saying,
I do love you.

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Slippery Floor Oo

Drip… Drip… Drip… Don’t let the water drip on the floor or you will Slip… Slip… Slip… Drip… Strip… Drip… Don’t let the water run or someone will Trip… Trip… Trip…

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How Much Do You Love Me?

Way up to the sky,
From depths of oceans and seas
Up on waves to sands-

All around the world...
Can you hear it in the winds?
See it in the stars?

From the sun and moon
Back to the ends of the earth,
I love you so much.

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Out of Gas Again!

My van is on push!
Can I borrow some money
To fill up the tank.

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Gardion Angel

Angels East, Angels West, North and South just do your best, To guide and watch her while she rests.

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sitting around home
waiting for movements, besides
the hands on the clock

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scissors and small hands

scissors and small hands
cutting folded paper—

Ó December 5, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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O' Canada Joy

O' canada joy
'tis my homeland and always will
'tis forever mine

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fearless lion roars
a hush falls over the crowd-
clowns empty buckets

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Addicted to Soup

Addicted to Soup
Stealing bits of time between
Keeping in the mix

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No More

garbage cans are gone
three cans were taken from us
we’re done playing games

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one cloudy day

one cloudy day 
she sat in total silence –
the children ran in

Ó December 4, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Holiday Company

In-laws have pulled up Honey, out-laws are here Hide key to liquor

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this lifeless tot -- Florida

an innocent child,
a nineteen-month-old baby,
was senselessly shot;

cold drive-by shooter
killed a cherished little boy--
with a heartless plot

endless tears of pain--
as we remember the love
of this lifeless tot

*baby was not the intended target

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It's my time

lonely battles, endless dreams,  with dark red eyes, my childhood screams
Nothing is going, on my way, "It's my time" is hard to say
How to move, how to fall, frustration is growing tall
Still I try to find my way, "It's my time" is hard to say
With lodes of hope of mom & dad, I stand tall.. cuz i can't fall
two pairs of never ending dreams, I'll make my way.. Someday

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Breakfast Table

breakfast table~
smell of pancakes with syrup
on sticky faces

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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in an instance

in an instance, waves
from the tsumani washed their 
lives into pieces

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Darlingest baby 
I have found your Barby doll
your daddy's last gift

Embedded in the first cell
Shattered rosy womb

Mom broke her promise
Daddy says  no she did not
She only loved you

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You Have Been Their

You Have Been 
Thier For Me
You Lifeted Me Up
When I was Down 
You Have A Good
Heart And A Good Sound
You Have A Great Soul
You Are My One
And Only Good True Friend.

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Another Dream!

Another dream and power then exist:
It's a desire of untimely restful travel
And harmless laugh!

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I Will Never Be What You Want Me To Be

I know you may hate me,
I know I may have dissapointed you,
But I promise you, I can change.
Father I know I have lied to you,
I know that I may have disobeyed you, but
Can you please let that go,
Can we be a family again?
"I promise I'll be better, daddy
Please don't leave. In a family portrait
We look pretty happy, we look
Pretty normal, can we go back to that?"
Those few lines were from P!nk's
Song "Family Portrait." Dad I promise
I'll try to be what you want me to be,
But I'll never be enough for you.
I'll never be what you want me to be,
I'll never be perfect for you,
Oh, yeah, and I'm sorry father If I don
Not live up to your expectations.
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To: My Step-Father
~Dustin's Wife~

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Served chop suey Memories of your visit In the leftovers

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Yellow Tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes
Gift from our gracious daughter
Juice running down chin

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Life Is No Picnic

the fourth of july
is no kind of picnic for
our fallen soldiers

You Are Not Forgotten

Happy Fourth Of July To All

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are given early...
not permanent less we latch 
onto like breast milk

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let this child be remembered --NYC

a lost boy asked a
stranger for help; was kidnapped,
killed and dismembered

an innocent life
snatched by evil hands ; let this 
child be  remembered

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Sudden Storm

broken flip flop rests
outside sandy castle walls
perhaps, the clouds break

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Empty Corner

a struggle abounds
embellishment torn away~
runaway... Headlines

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Wonderland of Snow

Magical dreamland
Brittle whiteness of belief
Floating before eyes

Written for

Sponsor S K A T * 
Contest Name **SN*O*W** *HAIKU* 

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Between Venetian Blinds

Tuscany beckons
Wandering minds traveling
On the sun's last rays

The pale flesh glowing
Mother stirs from her closed bed
She slides to a stop

Where is she going?
When will the awaited day
Arrive for our sakes?

Letting go is real
Cry, celebrate, or wishing
Through it all we wait

Touched by the angels
Her heavy eyelids closing
Old thoughts will return

A warm offering
Quiescent reality
Numbing all to sleep

Brother's soft hair
Sobbing through the stagnant air
Breathing in deeply

Distant music plays
Chords of joy and pain wander
Forever reaching

Sister's loss held in
Bursting with the hope for death
Squeezing in the love

Past, present, future
Father's sad joy leaking out
Through Venetian blinds

There are no angels
Hovering where we can see
Belief quivering

God sends us no signs
Mortality challenges
At sunset right here

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I would like to see,
Snow, frozen  H2O this year.
It hardly does here.

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lazy musician

Easter Sunday
in a tide pool conch
a fiddler sleeps

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Opening Mouths

Compassion is lost
Understanding is the key
Love is the answer

Unlocking the pain
Making waves in the ocean
The under tow pulls

A downward thrust calls
Swim hard up to the blue sky
Breathe in and breathe out

Open mouths suck air
To calm the tired spirits
Exhaling their pain outward

Deeply remember
Listen to the suffering
Take it not on board

Compassion is lost
Understanding is the key
Love is the answer

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The Light

Incandescence floods my senses as familiar silhouettes beckon --------- (C) John C Michaels, 2014

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searching the horizons

violet tinged edge of night-   
the lights like clinging jewels  
draped over cities  
and as they stab the  
dark that cloaks like black winter 
coats, enveloping  
a streetlight dies quick  
like my mother, though I will   
search for her always 

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Grandpa Whistles

autumn winds echo
through bare trees in darkness --
Grandpa whistles

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
fifth place in Charles Henderson's Strictly a Stickler for Strictness
Haiku contest

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Fussy Baby

Baby cries, Dad sleeps soundly Selective hearing? Do you think?
In honor of Dr. Ram Mehta's "Quinzaine" contest

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House not Home

In the house i live But it's not really a home There's no love and care

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A drop from the sky
A single look or a smile
Touching.. leaving

 *** A day of rain brings the beauty of nature,
                        A single look and a smile, brings hope and new relationships...
                                     A person who passes by may have a life long impact in our lives.

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Long Live!

Long live our God: Jesus Christ
And his children, trust you and love,
Peace is a friendship - what we must do and how?

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Farm pond

the waters small body                                                                                                     
small fry big splashes on farm                                                                                           
first catch in her day

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Ancient Circles

All the ancient circles 
that you will never know - 
they live in me.

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A Realized Potential

Will you marry me?
motherhood, I will give thee
trapped souls, now set free

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Tired feet walk far;

many moons on our journey,

lifetime trip for all.

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a wradled lession

A fight not spoken 
                               is a voice unwelcome
an inoccent tragdeity

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Adopted Swan

Lone swan on the lake
Surrounded by Mallard Ducks
Hatched by their mother

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Mothers are like God
They give us birth and feed us
They teach how to talk

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Leaving, moving on
Takes a heart filled with courage
Remembering love

Uprooted plants wilt
Searching for warm sunlight and
Raindrops to refresh

New roots are sprouting
Branching in all directions
Life begins anew

Forming bright colors
Shaping new inspirations
New chapters to read

Invited by the changers
Risking the future

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Inspiration of the pure High Art is a sweet and light Creation:
Let us build the new happy life - aesthetics
And humanity generation!

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On True Faith...

And may get other way for every love on true faith
That is crossed with sun and going to stay now,
In future and many years ago!

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grampa jogs

grampa jogs
he can't seem to outrun
his wrinkles

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Baby Rest

Gently Sleeping; Still 
Flying; Fearlessly climbing
Baby's dream delight.

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a mom and her child...

a mom and her child...
enjoying the quiet lake,
my priceless treasures 

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lunch philly cheesesteak sandwiches.. pungent onion scent

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Love And See!

'On' is extra, 'in' is sense, 'off' is the absurd away from the free herz:
To be now the new International Democratic Society - we must
Love and see our life as the future in past

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winter's snow

winter's snow has come
let me play with my children
laughing all the way

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Peaceful Spring!

Greetings to all women: it's a peaceful spring and sky,
And mirthful homeland of people and children, they smile
And say: Jane, dear mama, thank you!

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Children are like boon
They give us hope to live long
They fulfill our dreams

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Fathers give us home
They give us loving mothers
They solve our problems

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Everyday Use

everyday use ~
Grandma's china comes out
only on Christmas

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Family Pictures

family pictures scattered haphazardly -- time stands still By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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After the Storm

afternoon storm~ 
at the bottom of the falls
a basket of single flip flops

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Holidays Past 5-7-5 Haiku

Holidays gone past
Hearts ate sad, yet happy
Why not in between?

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Autumn Nights

boundlessly wishing
pinkies clasped beneath stars~
bonfire sparkles rise

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Strong Growing Family

Stone, alone just rock.
Two stones perpetual kiss,
anchor endless walls.

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And Heaven Like...

And heaven like a cloud from the rain:
You love and strike in a garden again!
Our life is never seeing end...

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With tender flowers of love and happiness for a child
In a warm harmony and sweet dream of peace
And high thoughts of friendship: be!

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Dishes Pile Up Once More

I sort bubbling dishes in proper place
I drown absorbed sink with soapy water and towering dishes 
They pile up-- what's the point of doing them?

I place a towel next to the filthy sink
I drown dishes and try my hardest to dry them without a drop
But what good would it do-- dishes pile up!

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Drink Kvas!

On air or water - Diesel power, on Earth
Electric engine car is better and gas,
People can move only with tea and juice - not vodka, let us drink Kvas!

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'Yellow Rose of Texas' (Haiku # 14)

‘ Yellow Rose of Texas ’ Haiku  # 14

         A Lone Star Shone On
         A Yellow Rose of Texas
         and Bluebonnets Grown

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Pier haiku

warm coats dance the pier

laughter swept up in the breeze

spreads to every face

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Just befor midnight
The Grand Children came to stay
They slept well then woke.

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Soul And Love

When those senses: soul and love again exist -
We have the right to know how no longer -
Will matter turn back to brains!

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A Sturdy Robin

a sturdy robin
on my shoulder, kisses me
with his brown colour

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Love Could...

Love could return us the rest
Of delicious fresh air like a child reading at first
Literal world of live words would do!

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Look And Think!

Look and think as long to every life in our heaven
As a new time and other changes keep a peace
For true love and happiness of the people!

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Bella Nonny

Rest eternally,
You’ve touched my soul with your heart,
My peaceful angel.

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seed by seed haiku

a seed i will plant
for the next generation
to extend the roots....

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Days and nights and the universe

Days and nights and the universe 
The musty monsoon 
insects with swelled bellies
soggy paper boats.
a black feathered bird peeps in,
there is no return.
Close the eyes, its night.
A bat has taken a bite; 
the fruit rolls away. 
The desolate rails.
Millions of butterflies, 
they reign the wild shrubs.
Crystallized water, 
this rock has witnessed years,
a fly has more eyes.

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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Wolf of the prairie
Stalk Quail for my family
Ooh my yelp’s so scary

By Robb A. Kopp

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The Snare~

Roma  lassies dance
charming the robust to feast~
pickpockets count gold

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Sing Proud!

My love and songs are on the page:
For golden sake age
Sing proud!

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Are Hippie!

In the freedom of spirit and harmony of soul
Live the happy young and their parents people - all
Is not under control, I and We are hippie!

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summer memory

i watch as airplane
glides through still skies towards sunset
til mission is met

(on watching my daughter leave for Florida by herself)

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The Giraffe And The Squirrel

Giraffe long slender 
Neck, with a long black tongue
Cleans baby squirrel

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My Backyard

Raul, When where You here?
I'm sorry I was not Home
This is my backyard

Inspired by Raul Moreno's Haiku Contest "Solace in Nature"

Author's note: Raul where did YOU take this picture? This is an exact view of my backyard 
YOU are amazing LOVE Always...Harry

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fisherwomen tramp
along river's berm
we picnic

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Questionku 3 The Room

You get dressed up
Go to crowded room
Why are you still lonely

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Sun Of The Freedom!

Say to me that our love will be so beautiful as our blue sea,
Whisper that the new, tender light will be our big, high delight
And forever would be an outstanding Sun of the Freedom!

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Freedom Is...

Freedom is always in Peace:
So many time we often miss -
A Liberty in the open nature of the forest!

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tiptoe through the rain
arms flung wide open ..  eyes smile
all things possible

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Haiku Trail

Cherished memories
are the reminiscent source
of future daydreams.

Friends disperse, forget.
They’ll become strangers to me,
once I’ve said goodbye.

Adventure awaits:
the dawn of a new era’s
almost upon me.

Realising my dreams
and achieving my targets -
my life is on track.

Facing the unknown:
daunting and mysterious.
I conceal my fears.

I try to picture
my destination, prior
to my arrival.

Now its time to leave.
Ending, ended, over, gone:
my journey completes.

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If Your Business...

If your business - not simple work,
Do not often smoke and talk,
Drink and dream about tender love!

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Love Is A River!

Love is a river, love is a kiss,
Love shines forever, it is ageless,
Love is a Sun, on the Earth it is Shania!

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tiniest nestling
bringing thunder to my heart~
must you poop again?

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Christmas Gifts

Santa stuffs stockings
Pomegranates, juice, bees wax 
Chocolate tree nuts

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Life's Day...

Life's day: love you and your eyes by new way:
Only we, children, chose your tender face,
Place and beautiful tea-rose now...

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The Lead

Hidden in the mist
Young buck following mother
Lead by example

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Sunny Days!

Sunny days all times stay like true heaven,
Even Moon in the cloud tingling to-night,
Peace and love are our happy life!

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Holiday Greetings!

Lovers of cars, Papas sitting in the bars -
Somebody think how not to drink: milk holiday greetings
For driver meetings!

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Sea Makes...

Sea makes me feel
This life and sky more real:
Fresh air, clear morning, on the free place love is calling...

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A Sunrise!

If your baby is a beaty from south,
Maybe she can help you to live on the sea!
Pause: open your eyes... It's now a sunrise!

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Early Riser

my bright cork plopped
into knee deep ice water~
tented ~ she slumbers

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Is Our Life!

In the sky love and pleasure were born
And in the homeland happiness with humour
Are the wisdom - peace is our life!

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World Of Notes

All is Optimism,
Temper, Joy and Humanism,
Fresh and sunny sky -
Only think and try:
Fresh! -
Fire, water and ash... 
Show also is fine,
Music and life! -
All with our dream -
Children! -
Remeber this film?
On the Milky Way
Long and easy play,
After that are true -
Let some milk have too! -
Our feelings and thoughts
In the world of Notes...

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And Pleasant!

Happy only with MTV in Ukraine,
The Sun must always shine, no more rain
Or cold weather, let it will be warm and pleasant!

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Let Show!

Let show the world our festive art,
Let poetry always be the merry part
Of audio and visual light fireworks!

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Go Fetch

a leap of great faith
time to hit the water pool
fetching is for me

Tribute To
Man's Best Friend

My Pup {Shadow}  LOL

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You Is A...

You is a song and all are with holy fire:
Even the King and Queen start to dance and sing
New thing from our dear Shania

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Play This Role!

Peace and friendship, music and all
That is pleasant for intellect and our soul:
Love your children, play this role!

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Old Soul

A new life is born,
the soul begins its journey,
`though the soul is worn.

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Last Kiss

last kiss
before dying
how tragic

Tribute To 
Our Loved Ones 
On The Other Side


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Swans On The Lake

Swans glide on water
Elegant graceful lovers
Float to other

Swans mate forever
Greeting caressing lovers
Touch slightly linger

(Inspiration from John Denver's song "A Song For All Lovers" and Daystar TV Worship Videos)

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All Dear

People saw that wonderful sky
Where there was my colour among the remembered
Sunsets and the country of all dear

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Finally Summer

sitting on the steps
counting flashes of fireflies
we welcome summer 

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Plum Nelly

Plum' out the city 
And ne'ly in the woods- trees...
Wildlife and dirt roads

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Double Rainbow

The hard rain tap danced;
Quickly finishing the song,
Winds parted the clouds.

The bright setting sun
Painted a double rainbow
Conjoined by blue mist.

Its water colors
So vivid seemed tangible
Piercing through sky dust.

Amber rays mirrored
The bow in opposition
Foreshadowing night.

Yet, the very ends 
Of the arc I saw touched earth.
...felt I could find gold.

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Ready, get set now!
Positioning for today,
Leap with a light heart.

Flying to the sky,
The open heart singing tunes,
smiles with confidence

You can be more free
To be everthing you are,
Strong and soft and warm.

Capture this moment,
This voyage with your love,
Swaying to and fro.

Meeting the wonder 
Of life's obstacles and strife.
You will find balance.

Trust in your river,
Respecting the surprises,
You can paddle out.

The strength is in you
Finding your voice,
It is on the way!

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Something New!

Something new for all who love Russian Poetry can find and view,
Submit on any language and then read, but use russian font, meet
Your friends, translate on site - don't wait...

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To The Music!

Back to the music from TV and Internet,
Enjoy again a fresh air, no cigarette,
Let dance together, now is good weather!

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elegant wedding
three tiers of cake and champagne
the waiting stork smirks

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Castle Friends

Knights, horses, shields, swords
Battle rams, motes, bridges, horns-
Catapults tower

For Caleb and his Lego Wars

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Child With a Sword

Immaculate Son
Sent for division, not peace
Giving His sentence,

He is not guilty.
But as blood drips from his blade,
He cries out for life.

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Batter on the Spatula

Let me lick the spoon
After you scrape the mixture
Into the cake pans.

Let me have the bowl
So I can lick the sweet streaks.
I will wash the dishes!

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And Like You!

And like you could dance:
You are the part of sense
Where the time sends a soul and galactic rhyme sometimes!

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Brown-eyed Susan

Wild flower bouquets
Handpicked, wrapped with blades of grass
Placed in her clay jars

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Coke And A Smile

drink coca cola
tap bottle or in a can -
it's so refreshing

Tribute To 
Coca Cola Company

But Please 
Wash Those Cans First

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Rest in Peace

I should have been there,
Even while your morphine dripped,
Now gone forever.

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Supper Time

field peas with fat back
bubbling on the wood stove~
tummies rumble

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Butterfly enclosed
By its spinnings emerges
Once seen as a worm

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Am I You?

When the lands and the sky are green -
As your summers are now crying dream
That in heaven all may - am I you?

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The Stranger

A stranger came there
Took the eighteen month old child
Became her father

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Sea World

                                             a day at sea world                                    
                                       dolphins sea lions and more
                                              top reasons to go

Tribute To Our
Aqua Performers

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Happy Win!

Silence... then - not, my own way of soft
Up magic dreams, I love you with your joy
And happy win!

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Stick Fencing

Two sticks by the oak
Trimmed and prepared for battle
On a grassy knoll

On the playing field
With one hand behind our backs
Sticks cross left to right

In the round we dance
The fields sway, trees clap their hands
We duel and laugh

(Caleb and I playing in the front yard when he was 4 years old.  Now we duel with 
wooden and plastic swords.)

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It Hurts Being Used

Is it fair to play
With the hearts and lives of those
Promised love always?

Since you have not stayed,
Time after time, they suffered
Feeling hurt and used.

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For Children!

Some love should turn this life and time
To something more delicious:
They make the sky -blue and dreams - for children!

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Self Realization

When different folks
Say the same thing about you,
Consider closely...

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Twist Ache

father twist-
stirs all inside heart-
ache breaks us.

only using eleven syllables
and break apart for the words
to my interest in Christopher Aechtner's words :D 
so I'm giving the supposed correct haiku a try n.n

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Hyper as anything Our Golden Cocker Spaniel Digger is his name

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What's The Cost

                                            pair of swans conjoin
                                      ducklings trail closely behind
                                               family priceless

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Human Rights

Human rights are the real laws:
To live in peace and not to use any kind of force
Or weapon, people love and be happy!

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Untimely Ends

Tormented soul speaks;
Truth in darkness lies buried.
Clouds weep bitter tears.

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'Rainbows' (Haiku # 8)

‘ Rainbows ’    Haiku # 8

    I Reach For Rainbows
To Touch The Shimmery Show
     After Each Storm Go

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Green Silent...

Green silent sky - I love your eyes:
Warm like the stars, hands, face are hot,
Life is your soft... soul!

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'Just Play' (Haiku # 1)

      ‘ Just  Play ’   Haiku # 1

This Sky of Pale Gray
Cloudy-Mist and Silvery
Still… Children Will Play

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a fat hog wallows
in the sun warmed morning
Grandma fries bacon

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On The Field Of Tares

on the field of tares
beasts nest, while the wind ripples
over their gold skin

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For Children Too!

If you have so many money -
Stay here and say that they are very good not only for your honey,
But it must ber also true: money are good for children too!

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The Old Chair

reflections of joy
beckon my heart gently home~
pure love rests rocking

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So Precious

I have, 

I hide within me,

I shall never let go,

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Thank You, Robert!

Thank you, Robert for your great pedagogical
Business saving our souls:
Library is a defender from a black hole

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Red Thread

From the Wooden Spool,
Two pierced hands beautifully
Stitch their patchwork quilts.

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The Mankind Thoughts

As press-releases are the focused lights -
The ranked books will be the wordless looks:
Like the mankind thoughts about a news-paper!

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Island Paradise

twisted rope hammock
between two coconut trees~
sun browned men cast nets

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'One Rose' (Haiku # 13)

‘ One Rose ’  Haiku # 13

     One Rose, On The Path
Of Overgrown Weeds and Rocks
… That Is How Hope Laugh

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If You A Singer...

If you a singer show to people king of a
Wonderful this world: they are the bees,
Live and drink with children in peace!

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Time for a Change

messy at midnight
wails call me from sandman's realm~
I welcome the change

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Us, Poets!

Let our girls remember artists from Arbat in Moscow,
Where the roofs are for fairy life and stories for - children,
Waiting us, poets!

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Connections brake
A broken branch shivers alone
How can it not shake?

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Candle Moth

Candle Moth flies to
The light falls drunkingly down
Returns to the light

(The moth is bound to get way to hot but does the same thing over and over. That is the 
way with some people that keep doing the same thing over and over and never learn from 
their mistakes.)

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an old ear tilted
listening to the wind
red hawk soars above

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You Can!

If you are free woman, not only fan,
Do for our people what does a superman:
Love Shania Twain and sing if you can!

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Clean Slate

driftwood drawn words~
sandy slate washed clean
under  waves of the sea.

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Catching robin's charm
For him to be on your arms
Patience is a must

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Southern Liquor

Tea kettle whistles;
As the life evaporates,
The brew soothes the soul.

In Loving Memory of Granny Pearl's Heavenly Homecoming

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Mother Eagle

Gains strength from Power
Rises high on air currents
Looks down on the world

(Ideas from James Frazer's poem "The Nobleman, His Eagle, and The Moon;  The " Bible" 
from Isaiah 40 and Dolly Parton's song "Eagle When She Flies".)

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Coming-Home Haikus


                                    Baby boy smiles wide,
                                    Bouncing happy in his crib
                                    Joy beyond all bounds.


                                    Soft Heaven, her kiss
                                    Chains my heart with her sweet touch -
                                    Smooth as ivory.


                                     Love beckons me home,
                                     Where little brown eyes look up,
                                     Glad to see me back.

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In Love...

In love we are free,
Friends - our freedom, we are the voices of liberty:
Live with the Sun in your soul, if you are also the leaders!

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Bundle of joy

all that I know is
that the love you gave to me
a bundle of joy
that is a girl not a boy

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Our Happy Life!

If you live on the free land,
Vote for the free trade union and
Dream about our happy life!

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Mulberry Tree

Long berries droop high
Above the ditch made sweet with
Grainy edibles.

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Grand Dachshund

My red fat dachshund
Independent smart
Intelligent dog

My sweet dog grandhound
Visits me daily
Constantly brings smiles

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A sibling for me
I don't feel very lucky
I sell IT for free!

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Slowly Up!

What have the living way today made for world,
How peace will want the love things like our children,
Why always train is so slowly up!

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run away

copper curls rest on
a bulging backpack pillow~
stars light the night sky

Details | Haiku | |


the weeping willow
shelters a laughing maiden ~
a young man searches

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Can See!

With knowledge of high love and freedoms,
Standing on the ocean of the open windows,
We know that in this sea many things you can see!

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Quiver of Sons

Hand polished shafts
Drawn toward contentious gates-
Sharpened straight arrows...

Psalm 127:4, 5

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Wine Skins

A heart full of love
Cannot contain its contents
Within its bottle.

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Feeling Of Love

Fields will show very bright flowers
That are the crystal light
And was soft feeling of love often hot but white!

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Love Her!

Love her now: danced,
She is from the high free life,
Children and friends!

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Girls And Boys!

Let George, I think, let MTV will be again,
Our George... Michael - the best singer
And Shania on Christmas: all girls and boys!

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set free

ashes released~
Red tail Hawk Hovers
as loving Hands drop blooms.

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Queen Unseen

          ants live, die not weaned ..

                    from toil for colony queen ..

                              their mother unseen.

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Thistle Seed

Sword flashing fire flows
leap lurch land on pipe led toes
Down hill slicing foes

The title comes from Scotland's flower
The picture is a young wild clansman
with a shiny wet sword
led by bagpipes like a wind blown thistle seed

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Tender Love!

If you are so good as we,
Do not often serious be,
Fly and dream about tender love!

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For Friends!

For friends we tell something more than truth
At this moment's pleasure, also chance to explain
And to view something better and new!

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I'm Wading For You

                                                         visitors flood park
                                                 capture bear wading in den
                                                         applauses given

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Moving Up...

The trees are forest of immortal love:
To kiss all without tears for free and innocent
Wisdom of Teddy Bears moving up...

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With Rain...

And high impulsive love is here with rain
From leaves and all directions of desire,
Hot arms of night now and lights of fire!

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Look Well!

Look well like long harmony,
May smile to the seeing very sweet desire,
Have it much more as an open dream for your Love Fire!

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my garden's blooming...

my garden's blooming...
beautiful roses greet me,
with their fiery lips

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Downy Motherhood

embarrassed ducklings
quack quack joylessly
mother shrilly squawks

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Sun Of Freedom

Say to me that our love will be the sea,
Whisper that this light be our high delight
And outstanding sun of freedom

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Clowns Win

                                               The clowns are Happy
                                    Turning their frowns up-side down
                                                  After seas of tears

                                     Dedicated to :  JODIE   STEWARD

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Yellow, white blossoms
Along the barbed wire and posts-
Air drips with nectar