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Haiku Dedication Poems | Haiku Poems About Dedication

These Haiku Dedication poems are examples of Haiku poems about Dedication. These are the best examples of Haiku Dedication poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Spin off Happy Days Na-Nu Na-Nu Shaz-Bot man Planet Ork Mork fly!
© PoeTTreeZ Publishing

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Living Seasons Through

Bodies together
Pressed against the cold, harsh night
We hold on to love

In the sweet, soft spring
We lay on a tall, steep hill
And hold on to love

Summer's baking heat
Hiding in the shade of trees
Still holding our love

The leaves are falling
Crunching beneath our footsteps
Forever, our love

We'll last through seasons
Enjoy our love together
Just you wait, my love.

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Pearls of Mother's Great Love

the pearls from your eyes are far more precious to me than any treasure your big sacrifice nothing more to compare with you’re my great hero I owe you my life mom, my heart melts when you cry your tears: pearls of love unconditional that’s the greatness of your love in you, I feel God mom, I’m so sorry sometimes, I make you lonely but you’re dear to me you bear all the pains pearls of great love on your cheeks every drop, I’ll kiss for I do believe you want only the best for me all your pray’rs and wish thank you so much mom those pearls of great mother’s love be kept in my heart you’re my only mom replaceable by no one comfort and best friend my ardent prayers may you live long in this world may God gives you strength March 24, 2013
Note: This poem was conceived both from the “Pearl” theme and one of my possible adorable picture themes of my latest contest, “Mother’s Love”- merged into one. It is also composed with the inspiration of all mothers in this world. You’re indeed the greatest heroes/heroines! I am so proud of you! I lovingly dedicate this poem to you dear mothers and friends! Big hugs to all of you! Of course, I include especially my loving/dearest mom who’s my greatest inspiration, refuge and best friend. This poem can also bring to us a message for this Easter Season as we remember Mother Mary who’d suffered much seeing her loving son Jesus Christ’s great sufferings on the cross at Mt. Calvary- a mother’s great love to her child indeed! HAPPY EASTER SEASON TO ALL! First Place Contest: Any Poem Goes Judged: 3/29/2013 Sponsor: My Greatest Poet and sis PD

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Our Friendship

you’re my precious gift from Him, I gladly received I praise and thank Him when you talk to me time is no longer lonely night seems like a day you’re an awesome friend a sister to me as well two-in-one God’s gift your knowledge and skills always unselfishly shared your praise: mind tonic my inspiration in all my writing passions you have touched my life though you're far away in my thoughts and in my pray'r you are here to stay moments that we have be kept in my treasure box I thank you so much may our friendship lasts as I keep you in my heart forever you’re loved
Feb. 20, 2013 ©2014by Leonora Galinta First Place Contest: Inspirational Poems Judged: 3/6/13 Poet Sponsor:My Greatest, Most Fav. & Poet Sis, Linda/ PD

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heights without ceilings
climber’s roster for success
destiny dynast

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Looking at the Stars

Midgets always do
Looking stangely at the stars 
Counting bigger ones

Small and big dippers
Emit freedom a distance
Expressing oneness

At times in old days
Longing to look at more stars
Achieve apogee.

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It is now

Ain't a word, you said.
but it takes a daring gust 
for things start to be.

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To - Skat-Oz A question-ku

Haiku Princess
I Bow to your pen
"Skat", Are you an Angel?

Inspiration the Poem - Haiku Rally ( 11/16/2011 )
Dedicated to "Scat - Oz"       Respectfully Flipper

Author's note - I think this is a Question-Ku
4-5-6. Thank-you " Scat"

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Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way. 

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The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

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Ode to the farmer (#2)

Ode to the farmer
We depend on your livestock
We're very grateful

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A Change of Seasons - Haiku 2


                                          crying a river of tears
                                             for winter is gone


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Unknown Soldier

Here lies a soldier,
no one on earth knows his name.
He’s in God’s arms now.

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A True Haiku

A fine true haiku
Words set in five seven five
Poetry breathing

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Pink - Pink - Pink

morning chemo - She removes from her smooth head a long pink scarf pretty pink roses near her hospital bed. . . . the blush on her cheeks homecoming time - on all her neighbor’s trees. . . pink ribbons Dedicated to Suzanne Somers, a beautiful and famous cancer survivor (I honestly and thankfully can’t think of someone personally that I know of who is close to me, who died of breast cancer. I probably know some survivors who are acquaintances of mine.)

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Make Healthy Choices

live as if you plan
to be an organ donor--
make healthy choices

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carefree summer night
recalling the fireworks fuse…
Déjà vu to Vietnam

For the fireworks haiku contest and dedicated to all vets who suffer from PTSD.

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A Lover's Covenant

Parched Desert needs rain
You the rain I the desert
An eternal need

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Sentimental You

<                                      amidst flocked needles ...
                                        woven ornament strewn ...
                                               a star is ... born

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What Does The Nerd Say

What does the nerd say?
“I was born to wear glasses.
I live to learn more.”

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Nudist Stoner

Those in glass houses shall never throw stones or run naked at daytime
*I must give thanks to my friend B.B. for inspiring me to provide you with the PG description of his depravities

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Situation Haiku

the tsunami struck
with the entire world watching
the judgement of God

the radiation
that they always knew was there
silently rages

it's time for prayer
for the people over there
humble one's self

it's time for hero's
knowing they will not live
yet they bravely give

the sacrifice's
ordinary men will make
will save their nation

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What Does The Fox Say

 when heart is broken
and wings can no longer fly
  what does the fox say?

  world turned to chaos
gays and lesbians were arise
   what does the fox say?

    terminator came
Obama provides healthcare
  what does the fox say?

   cold evening and gleam
two souls meet and turned off light
   what does the fox say

Let us give them time to work it
  Hush! they need to mate.

Note//: I dedicate the sound that fox used to create when they mate; 
           "fra-kaka-kaka-kow!!!" to PS' loveliest poet, SKAT.

** 1st Place Winner**

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What Does The Cop Say

What does the cop say?
“Stop acting like a damn fool.
Don’t you know I’m armed?”

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Quick Handmade Christmas Card With Love xx

Celebrate Christmas Day
In stable - manger Christ lay
Brightest star shone way

Nativity gels 
tinsel glitter baubles bells
Notes of pine tree smells

Bend fold crease cut glue
made with love from me to you
clock ticks... finished... phew!

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grandmother's sweet potato pie haiku

sweet potato pie
my grandmother used to make
i will always miss....

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My Summer Moments

Summer's sun ablaze
Rivers flow o'er mountain peaks
Jasmines wilt in the heat

Cool Caribbean breeze
Fan natures pearls of salted mist
Jasmines swell with honeysuckle juices

Summer's burning moments 
Become Autumn's glowing colours
A harvest to reap

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Hero of Ages

Hero of Epics,
Powerful spell in his hand.
Your blood on his blade.

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My Singapore, My Hearth, My Home

A blend of two worlds,
Mix of city and suburb,
Sprawling with tourists.

Five stars arising,
A crescent moon endorsing,
Red and white unite.

A tiny country,
On its own--- Independent,
Gallant, strong and free.

Living in justice,
Four races in harmony,
Walking hand in hand.

A broth of beauty,
Yes, this is my Singapore,
Yes, my hearth, my home.

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a minute silent

a minute silent . . .
the cackling of a child
in the hall

the cow feeds 
on grass sprout . . .
goats bleat

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Rest in Peace, Dear Friend

Flowers wilt
Dead carcasses are buried
Loved ones mourn

Rest in peace,
Your life on earth is no more…
Farewell, friend

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Mighty New York
Weakened by wind and water
Power will be restored

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Wolf's Tongue

<                                  wolf tongue speaks at night
                                 search for prey has come to end ...
                                         howling escalates

Written by
Katherine Stella 11/16/11

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's Animal Haiku

I Chose The Wolf
My Home State
Is Minnesota
Wolf Pop Estimate 3020 Per D.N.R. 

G.L. All

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Planting a Tree

What can a man do

To plant a seed in the ground

So strong a tree grows

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A Mountain - Haiku

My soul's made of stone       
From triumph to tragedy      
A mountain has grown  

This stature my own 
Forever, stoic forces guide 
'Til peaks fashion thrones 

The angels have flown       
To wherever, without doubt   
Mountains stand alone

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Effulgent sun proffers love 

Above the undergrowth…of
Thorns and weeds

The moon unravels wonders

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In Memoriam

Sunrise, days prelude Birds sing, people about, life Angels get their wings
In honor of those that fell 12/14/2012

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The sky may be grey
Cold rain may be falling, but
Your words keep me warm

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The cloud weeps
To provide water for mankind, plants and animals
Through the tears from her blue eyes.

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Note to Self

Stop writing haikus
They don’t even make sense now
Something something cake

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Sweet kisses of fall
Brings sensual caresses
That charms winters chill

Touch of winter’s charm
Wrapped up in awesome delight
Delivers embrace

Emotions of sight
Raptures heavenly spring sounds
Building into heat

Summers delightful
Fun, fantasy of the mind
Dearest affection

ps: sweet love to all at PS and the world as well the universe.


written for
Sponsor Destroyer ~ Poet  

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Inspired Response (A tribute to DG)

Why am I thinking 
Of ice cream melting like snow 
On seas of our tongue

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lift your brothers and sisters (come together)

we are one spirit...

there shall be no division...

edify each soul...

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Room for growth

Cultivated land
Cherished seeds scattered - roots - grows
Ample harvest reaped

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A Good Book

A good book, unlike a vintage wine is consumed over and over.

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the voyage of life

  Journey  through  the world, 
     Is of two, golden  doors!
          Walk ing    through, 
            Is slim, too short!

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Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

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Uniquely Awesome

mountain roll your life
          force to rivers below clouds
             ---receive power now

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Nunna Dual Tsuny

"Nunna Dual Tsuny"

wild roses now grow
as living epitaphs on
"the trail where they cried"

deborah burch

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My Love For You Is True

My love for you is true,
For noone else is as special as you,
Ich Liebe Dich My love Anthony James Haniuk.

I can never love anyone or anything but you,
Everyday I find myself Daydreaming about you,
At night I dream about you,
I keep wondering if you are okay,
When I am not with you.

I do my homework, thinking of you,
I finish my homework thinking of you,
My whole life is with you My love.

My love for you is true,
It's as sweet as a rose,
It never dies, 
Never wilts,
And is still going strong.

One day I will marry you my love, because noone in this world can even begin to compare to you,
You fill my heart as noone else has,
Noone in this BIG HUGE WORLD can fill my heart as you have. 

I can't even begin to think about what would life be like if something ever were to happen between us, 
I already know it won't.

My love for you is true.

Yeah I might get Jealous, 
A little too overprotective maybe,
But What girl doesn't?

I think this way if you aren't overprotective, and get jealous sometimes, 
That they weren't a real girlfriend to begin with.

Written By: Briana Lynn Haniuk @08/26/11 Finished at: 9:42P.M.

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Haiku for Japan

I try not to say
Sorry to Japan the morn
Sunshine of Asia

I won’t be tempted
To further cloud this sore heart
With my sea water

It is not distance
That holds back the salty fluid
From my eyes but love

My own apartment
Is flooded with Japanese
Electronic stuffs

My countrymen are
Just like the moving sun and
Cannot not be there

My American
Friend’s a teacher in China
Shining so, so close

Japan has become 
My backyard in this new world
Small global village

And the eyes also
Suffer the heat of pepper
Eaten by the mouth

So your pain, Japan
Has clouded my sanity
Yet I say weep not!

For by blood have kings
Wore their crowns; and with blood have
Empires been painted

And in blood do women
Deliver forth newborn babes
Blood brings good tidings

By blood had Asia
Risen above its storms. Ask
India, ask China

So weep not Japan
For blood does bring good tidings
In all climes and times

Let the rain wash off
The pain from your memory
The rite is over

Let the sun renew
Your seas and shores to prepare
You for the new dawn.

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A Cue

To be recogonised...
Doesn't mean you are the best
...Now it should be clear. 

For you yet to win..
Mustn't stop you from dreaming
...belief in yourself.

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a natural thank you haiku

missing you like mad
thinking about your nature
your lessons remain....

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 1 Good Morning Laura
    Your words, my cup of Coffee
    YOUR pain ,my pain too

2 YOUR words Enhancing
   Waking the POETS of Yore
   Time stands still For You

3 Words of Melody
   A song of life Forever
  Use YOUR Mystic Pen

4 Unknown Feelings Flare
   Pen’s Black ink flows Everywhere
  You Know , Laura’s there

Inspired by the POETRY of Laura Breidenthal
 The Beginning of a Series “ Haiku for YOU “
Dedicated to “ LAURA BREIDENTHAL “ 

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The Dreamer

                                                 The Dreamer

Only in her dreams everything exist
Down below earth she could never forget
Rising to the top is all she reminisce
No stopping until she gets there;

As the wind blow through the trees, 
She never stop there as the tornado made her bow on two knees; 

Always focus and never played around,
The young woman tried best to find her way to town,
Gathering thoughts and ideas from the ground,
Want stop until she get there,

Many may come and many may go,
With a dream you will never know,
Not giving up on anything as time flow,
The dreamer is the only one who knows.

                                                                  By: Tabitha R Mathis

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Would you be my valentine

Would you be my valentine

Hear me once, dear one, 
This from the long queue I’m in,
“Be my  valentine”.

To PD from SJ
(by way of dedication to PD, the wonderful poet and great human being)
By:  S.Jagathsimhan Nair,
For: PD’s would u be my valentine contest,  13th Feb 12

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No more diets

No more diets!

Positive Habits
greens, grains, fruit, and  protein
I am Healthier!

I have launched a website in facebook named : “healthy eating by Thoubert Larus”
My goal is to help people have a healthier life. My website also has gov. approved 
websites for reference., links to recipes, food, good resources.In america Insurance 
plans charge for health coaching.. I want to do it for free! We all deserve the same 
 Check me out and like me there to read my articles.

Thank you!  Thoubert Larus

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white laced cotton lay
over the hard open ground
grandma's cup missing

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A vessel of love
A tower of strength
Guiding me to shore

A vessel of love
My guardian Angel that
Always guides me home

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My Light

you love me so true
you hold me in my plight
you are my light

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How Hard

How hard must I train?
Practice, rehearse, go over
Repetition wins!

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The cloud weeps
To provide water for mankind, plants and animals
Through the tears from her blue eyes.

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beautiful amelia

dolphin fin appears
it cuts the water briefly
as i walk the beach

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NFL Golden Child Injured

Finished before start Colts fans leap from Bandwagon Peyton Manning's hurt

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What's Your Hurry

safari escape
zebra giraffe scurring -
in natures garden

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Springtime in New Zealand

the land of the long white cloud...
dignity in bloom.

© Harry j Horsman 2012     

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Dark Love

Dark Love Is All Around Every 
Place Its Every Where Dark Love
Is Simple And Easy Nice And Slow
Happy And Healthy Is This Dark Love
Of Mine Is Here At Last Here 
To Stay And Here For Ever
And Ever Of All Times Of This

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She knew how to write
felt every change in the wind
died on the sabbath

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A Nightingale and A Rose

Standing on a tree

Singing a love song for him

Offers a Red Rose

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Haiku Two

, , 
Numero uno attempt, may be an answer to a new idea , ,
Numero uno:- one, first,...

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Twists and turns are life
Happy or sad, you decide
It shall stay that way

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Snow Angels

Snow angels in snow
I’m watching his every move
Can’t feel my fingers

My heart rate speeds up
Thaws out my fingers with his
Always holding hands

Snow flurries in sight
We should taste them on our tongues
Love delicious snow

I don’t want to share
But sadly he is not mine
We are only friends

Love fills up my heart
I could make him feel it too
I should test that out

Our lips barely touch
They are frozen from the cold
He feels the same way

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An excuseable nive

You learn alphabetically 26 words the entire life.
although you hate others always write 'love' to your wife.
feel sorry when fall ill, say thanks to her supportive nature,
when she ignores you hurt your feelings you held a knife.
when you wrong promise to care in an excuse-able nive.

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Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin
Master inventor;
a visionary genius,
used vulgar humor.

© 2010 Marie Harrison

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Thoughtful and selfless
Kind, gentle, wise and true with
An enormous heart

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saturday morning feast haiku

grits, eggs, and bacon
made home fresh by grandma's hands
making my start fresh

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     -Dharga Nagar Safa



Before success!

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soul mate

In this lovely heart
Your image crested in love
And no longer mine

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if you are not as
serious as your professor is
about class, drop it

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Your eyes, your smile Your love and dedication You are beautiful

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Northern Pride

Stout, stern, flying high
Regal stance for all to see
American made

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star-shaped milk petals
scented blossoms burst thriving
sweet Jasmine blooming

(For J.A.A. – My brother’s daughter)

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Denn Du Bist Mein Baby-For you my baby-Full German

Baby Ich Liebe Dich so wie du bist,
So perfekt, so wie du mich glucklich machen.
Die Art und weise du mich fuhlen,
Di Art und weise du mich lacheln und lachen.
Auch wenn Ich wu tend bin, trairig oder songar weinen.
Mein Hertz blutet dur dich baby.
Ich Liebe Dich Mein Schatz baby.
Ich kann mir nicht helfer, aber ruhing und glucklich.
Wenn du so wundershon und du liebst mich fur mich.
Ich Liebe Dich fur immer!
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To:My wonderful and amazing Husband Dustin James Palmer
~Dustin's one & only faithful and loving wife~
I Love You Baby!

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Not Without Honor

When a man of God
Goes the way of all the earth,
The prophet's home town

Celebrates his life
And honors him after death
With weeping and praise.

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Can You Picture This

blue water rushing 
down rocky cliffs - makes gorgeous 
themes for computers

Tribute To

Also Entry For
Raul Moreno's 
Rhythm Of The Falls Contest
GL All

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The lamp light illuminates My messy bedroom And brings me joy to my heart The lamp light turns off quickly The mellow midnight Has revealed its pure beauty The door opens and welcomes The priceless sunrise And inspires me to write poems The morning greets me again The lovely stars dim I miss the midnight wonders!

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I Do Love You

I do love you,
I cannot describe it,
The love my heart and soul, and my whole being feels for you my love.

I do love you, 
I dream and daydream, of that day where you say I do,
Because that means you love me too.

I do love you,
You make me laugh when I am sad, and you pick me up when I am down, and you are the light of my bad day.

I do,
I do are just simple words, but they mean a lot to me,
You see, they are not just three letters, they aren't just two words,
These two words go a long way.

I do love,
You taught me how to contain myself, and not lose myself, and not get mad too easily, if I do, I can quickly recover from it.

So I want to say thank you my baby Dustin James Palmer, for being there for me and saying,
I do love you.

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This is today's news:
A sinkhole swallowed a man whole
as the earth yawned

in the ancient land
of monsoons and man-of-wars
after the waters

ceased. One was portrayed as 
man suddenly gone, captured
live for us to see.

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Gardion Angel

Angels East, Angels West, North and South just do your best, To guide and watch her while she rests.

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Disdainful Haiku

Raped by Confusion
No one has a clue about
My lame, weird haiku  

Disdain is like rain,
Dripping continuely...yet
I ponder...wander

I think about you
And how treated me so
You're as sweet as pie

Something is missing
Oh! Something drives me insane...
Disdainful haiku

Why are unclear?
You're like a Positive Sheep
But, in wolve's clothing

Something smells fishy
Is it your odor or what?
Your attitude stinks

I think about you 
You've treated me
Dare you...oh you jerk!!

Drain away your tears
Don't bottle it up inside
Angst pierces my soul

Disdainful haiku -
Why are you so cruel to me?
Never stop trying (poets)!!! 

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Write here heart and soul,
Use words, why won't they listen?
Write here, change the world.

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Without notice

stillness between friends
most heartfelt conversation
and softly killing

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Dead Of Winter

dead of winter with zombies 
running a muck dead of winter
with vampires hovering above
peoples beds dead of winter
is a time for the dead to pop
out of their graves and celebrate
the dead of winter once in awhile.

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        poem why are we alone
           no one to converse 
   its you and me inside this room-

        yet write on a blank paper
          we sealed and folded
     slip secretly on someone's door.

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Beyonce's Halo

My angel's on stage
Beyonce has pure talent
Her halo shines on

She lights up like fire
She pushes me to
Follow my heart's desire

She's a great singer
She's beyond priceless - 

She's beyond dazzlin'
She sings so beautifully 
Oh! I sing along!

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Lone Feather

A circular path
Among the wood tells a tale
Of a lone feather

As plain as the day,
But new as another morn.
You were visited...

As the eyes of God
Flew about in search of you
To show Himself strong,

They lit in the road.
Transformed into day angels,
They fluttered away.

A feather was found
By a friend to let you know
His Spirit was there.

Dedicated to a Native American Friend

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As sun pales 
The old town looks haggard 
Till dawn 

Streetlamps sadly knows
They only play stand-in roles   
The sun is the star. 

When sun takes a break 
Crossly hides behind a cloud 
The day is murky 

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Life Is No Picnic

the fourth of july
is no kind of picnic for
our fallen soldiers

You Are Not Forgotten

Happy Fourth Of July To All

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Light upon night water Your reflection is beauty here I came to your breast Water in a throat Apart from you I cannot In my mind and heart Gone apart from you The apple of my very eye Within yours a rose In my life as rain Freshening my soul and mind Yours a lilly in dirt

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See the eagle fly
Prisoner of its nature
Freedom an illusion

Spring, old sparrows die
Fall exhausted down from sky
A nest too many

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Needle rakes through skin; in its wake – pain, blood and joy: an image preserved.

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                                                heart of an small ant 
                                            if really loves whole world
                                                 we have to know it

                                                  small living insect
                                              voice is not read by any
                                              language need to know

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Of Mountains

My soul's made of stone      
Through triumph to tragedy      
This granite strength's shown      

All angels have flown      
To wherever, with no doubt      
Mountains stand alone      

Stature like my own     
Forever, storms come and go 
I go with shalom

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life of harmony
no exception to the rules
stumbling ..  I rise

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You Light Up My Life

suns candlepowers
can surley lighten up some
darken passages

Tribute To Nature
And The Power Of The Sun

Also Entry For
Raul Moreno's
Ascension Haiku Contest

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You Don't Phase Me

dogs come cats go
just like moon waxing
Don't let it phase you

Tribute To Moon Waxing LOL

Also Don't Forget To
Turn Those Clocks Back

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artist touch

a artists touch is 
never forgotten in work
canvas stays alive

Details | Haiku | |

searching the horizons

violet tinged edge of night-   
the lights like clinging jewels  
draped over cities  
and as they stab the  
dark that cloaks like black winter 
coats, enveloping  
a streetlight dies quick  
like my mother, though I will   
search for her always 

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I followed the violent tanager to find
Where her nest is –
It is three inches in length in this
Gigantic oak hidden from the day’s full light

I watched these noisy and tiny birds
To find where they will be next spring –
I gave myself up in front of too many questions 
In a short period of time!

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the home inspector

the home inspector
scrutinizing every inch—
deal killer

© December 7, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Beggar Haiku

The beggar, once prince,
is now dancing on his head.
He tries be common.

The beggar gives gold.
How he tries to give it worth
in the people's hands!

The beggar, confused,
listens to the great singers,
impressed by found words.

Everyone is
a little bit right and wrong:
all we know of truth.

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                                             All unknown Faces 			
                                          exchanging views, ideas....			
                                               having whatever....			
                                               Free Poetrysoup 			
                                      offers the world to feel free 			

My dedication to Poetrysoup 

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The Danger Zone

leopard's danger
floods forest fires and from -
humans that hunt them

Tribute To
Spotted Leopards

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Night By Night Day By Day

night by night day by day i see you
and your smiling face every time you look
at me i think about what we could be together 
like inuyasha and kagome kouga and ayame we are one
of a kind and we always will be one.

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four haiku

 Only a fall leaf  
Blows where the wind takes it
We take the omnibus  

Oak leaf scours asphalt 
Autumn´s  worn out dead beat
Can´t dance tango 


Rainfall in Yemen 
Taliban under umbrellas 
 Listen out for drones 

Steps on gritted road 
Slam of a car door and voices 
The song of life

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Never Hate You

How are you today?
Are you still depressed with life?
Is it killing you?

This is crazy, babe,
You have got to understand,
I just want to help.

Why not let me in?
What are you afraid of, huh?
Why make it this hard?

Just let me help you!
Would it really be that hard?
I want to get it.

I want to help you,
Through everything you need.
I don’t want to push.

You make this too hard,
Let me try to comfort you,
But you can’t just talk.

I think I get it,
But how can I be sure, huh?
Just trust me, you’ll see.

We may not be us,
But it’s hard not to miss you,
The real you, that’s right.

Don’t know you that well,
But I do know you’re not this,
You are not this guy.

You’re awesome and sweet.
I know it’s weird to say, but
I could never hate you.

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Northern Lights


                                                  Bright colorful lights...
                                            Alaska`s trademark beauty...
                                                      Radiating snow...

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Sweet Pain

Deep into my heart
A pain  so sweet and dulcet
Un traced but delicate

And over my eyes
A flow gentle in full glow
Marking Ah!my ail

And some folds of love
Like a virgin waiting for
The beloved's cozy arms.

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To what may I most worthily compare
The tinier, fatter fingers of this newborn?
To breathe of softness his delicate fingers
Which by one definition one is able
To swallow one by one like cherry-flower snow!

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Boy Are You Slow

look ancient creatures
marching through millennia
at slow steady pace

Tribute To Turtles  LOL

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Dawn hurls
Day in re-birth;
Touching moments

Light kisses earth
Touch of magic;
A new dawn

Daylight removes
Deep darkness;
Birdsong greeting

Is over now;
Illumination comes

Morning delight
Sparkling beauty;
Nature reveals secrets

Postures anew;
Life's philosophy

Fresh ideas
Pleasant coinage;
Adrenaline rush

Words queue
Symbols transit;
Transient exploits

Fresh insights
Emerge and endow;
Humanity barters

Lovely day
To do nothing;
Just observe happenings

Take a break
From mere doing;
Slip into happiness

Leon Enriquez
31 Mar 2014

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O sweet baby, so warm and fat
In the womb of nature,
Fight on still, and don’t give up
A life is waiting!

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bold beauty cradles
heaven's glowing light ~
an eternal life

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Lover [haiku]
Enchanting place 
 Where is Nature’s beauty?
Fond of lover
Saroj khan[sakha]

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He writes a poem of illusion
But my poem makes fusion
Do not hanker for topmost position.
Saroj khan[sakha]

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Can't Touch This

butterflies despair
wounded and abraded - yet
forges right ahead

Tribute To
Gods Messengers

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purest of white lace

purest of white lace

a messenger arrives, true.............

jubilation reigns

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The moon swiftly across the face
Of Martin Luther King Jr.,
All that remains a dream: solid, there, our pine-tree.

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I Saw What You Did

i saw what you did 
in your life but why 
forget the good times in life 
and go through the bad ones it will 
always be strange to me to see you like 
this till the day turns to night i will 
always be by your side. 

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My lovely garden
a place of endless beauty
I gather bouquets

This is dedicated to all the many gardeners here.
Thank you and God Bless.  RG

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Poems of Rabindranath Tagore

Robi Tagore’s poems:
Very easy to digest
And lots of good flavor!

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Across the sky a Negro alone fell
In the expression of racy blue
All bowing in barley grace!

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Quit Being Hard On Yourself

deep in the forest
even natures own fury
can be hard on self

Tribute To Nature

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Armor Hotdog

bird of feather
flocks the all mighty sea shore
just for a hotdog

Tribute To
The Hotdog 
In All Of Us  LOL

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Grandpa's Workshed

silver necklace
hangs from handmade nail,
weeds poke through floor

(4/5/4 syll. count)

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Your So Sweet

amidst grass carpet
bunny nibbles flowered bulb
expunges nectar

Tribute To Children

Entry For 
Carol Brown's Spring Contest

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He came to me when I could not see,
in all His glory, He;
dwells forever in me!

(c) March 29, 2008
Rosemarie Schrock

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Longing for Water

A seed yearns for life,
Given to it by water.
I too yearn for you.

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The sun is shining
I will claim the honey pot
Never to let go.

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tiniest nestling
bringing thunder to my heart~
must you poop again?

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Reveal thy secrets:
Darkness stands,
Holding a lamp.

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Dew Drop Inn

single red roses
unfurling their petals wide -
at the dew drop inn

Tribute To The

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Let's Get Buzzed

billowing waters
caused by winds sudden onrush
electric surges

Tribute To The Sea

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Now Don't Tell

rustic overtures
mirrored fixtures
majestic crowns

Tribute To Nature

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Go Fetch

a leap of great faith
time to hit the water pool
fetching is for me

Tribute To
Man's Best Friend

My Pup {Shadow}  LOL

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flowers on Mom's grave haiku

flowers on Mom's grave
like a soft, sweet northbound kiss
Her Memory Etched....

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Song and dance

                                                  Spread a verse
                                                  In diverse song
                                                     O share a
                                               Love in dance for all

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I Remember

Labor Day
honoring those served
with remembrence

Tribute To
Fallen Soldiers

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I See Spots

northern spotted owl
could better serve species - than
dying in the wild

Tribute To 
The Spotted Owl

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thank you

this gift you inspired
brought forth in the form of prose
did I say thank you

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In the deep pond
What is being sojourned 
Between Valentine’s rod?

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Tower of Light

Shining bright beacons
Fore warning, possible doom.
Edge end of the sea,

Seafarers delight
Magnified for gloom of night
Destination marks.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Russell Sivey 
Contest Name In the Light of Haiku 

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HAIKU# 12,029-12,034

I still must look up
Beyond horizon of time
And smile with each now

I still must rely
On promise from the Most High
Pardon equals life

I still must believe
The universe awaits us
With gems far from foul

I still must endure
Rest assure curt kindness cures
Festering mean sores

I still must converse
With God muse and family
In this our mansion

I still must hold fast
Knowing gems from the Source
Is as close as breath

I still must give back
Reflections from gems I've had
From HIM her and you.


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Sooner not later
Change over runs;
Void tramples voices

China in a flash
Photo snapshot memories;
Back to old basics

My little pink book
Ring-bound wordings;
Tell tour stories

Out-of-bound markers:
Do not challenge;
Silly old versus new stuff

By now
Senses stir;
Commotion collides

Allude to stillness
No need to rhyme;
Just say nothing

Time and space
Distress disgust;
Just get along

Little by little
I sense tolerance;
Taut rubber band

Zest shouts
Cynic chuckles;
Joy delivers

Leon Enriquez
02 June 2014

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sincerity assurance haiku

i will not neglect
thee who had Profound Effect
on Where I Went Next....

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Rest in Peace

I should have been there,
Even while your morphine dripped,
Now gone forever.

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The Sky Is On Fire

etched in own minds eye
blazing trails of fire - engulf
the midnight skyline

Tribute To 
Beautiful Skylines

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May I Have This Dance

eye of beholder
gets optical illusion of
moon and water's dance

Tribute To Beauty

Also Entry For
Raul Moreno's
Reflections Contest
Gl All

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Coke And A Smile

drink coca cola
tap bottle or in a can -
it's so refreshing

Tribute To 
Coca Cola Company

But Please 
Wash Those Cans First

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Curing God, One Soul At A Time

GOD was the big bang
fighting evil is the pain
GOD's everythang

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Sudbury The Rock

Poem about Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Sudbury The Rock
Black and crusty surfaces
Loafing in the sun

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My Favorite Mistake

A/N: If you didn't realize it yet, this is a collection of haikus that form a little
story. Just wanted to give you the heads up on that.

Sometimes in our lives,
Things will start to take control
Of our own body.

My heart skipped a beat
When I laid my eyes upon
Your angelic face.

Though no one noticed
I longed for a single touch,
A feeling of warmth.

To you I’m nothing.
I’m just the dull wallpaper
In your perfect world.

I guess my attempt
Failed miserably , because
You chose to love her.

Now I realize
I wasted countless moments
Of my hopeless life.

Counting on this boy
To see the invisible.
…It proved one thing right.

Sometimes in our lives,
Things will start to take control
Of our own minds.

After looking back.
Give it up while you’re ahead.
‘Cause love’s a mirror.

With only one side,
It reflects the lonely face.
Of Miss Misery.

You were my favorite mistake.

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Wings To Die For

amidst suns orbage
eagle outstretches wings wide
freedom escalates

Tribute To The Mighty Eagle
And To Our Freedom

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Unknown Soldier

                                                        unknown soldier  
                                                       fallen unsung hero  
                                                         without a name

Tribute To Our 
Armed Forces

Thanks For Serving

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Virtue's Guard

Virtue’s Guard

Sleep tight sweet virgin.
And on the morrow take flight.
Thou art virtue’s guard.

©  Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    1/ 5/ 2008

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loving my best friend haiku

loving my best friend
made it through life's trials and tests
God's Eye Is Our Guide....

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Holding my future,
The people with the knowledge.
Knowledge can transfer.

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Street Guru clashing fate

Open the door of time
Faces beckon like thorny roses-
All in a life's climb

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Thank God for Poets

Thank you my dear poets
You are all awesome

Thank you for great reads
When i am
and halfway there

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Southern Liquor

Tea kettle whistles;
As the life evaporates,
The brew soothes the soul.

In Loving Memory of Granny Pearl's Heavenly Homecoming

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Candle Relations

Candle Relations
When he asked me, it was lit
A red blazing flame

Candle Relations
The wick our love, long and strong
Wax; problems melting

Candle Relations
We held up against the wind
Our flame's only grown

Candle Relations
Ours will burn forevermore
Candle Relations

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Sweet AnnaElijah

How bitter sweet; she is: you make me cry, you make me laugh, you lift me when I'm down, even utter out of turn; I love you much don't ever change.
" Oh, Sweet- AnnaElijah You make my heart yearn, leaving me wanting more, however do i keep~up with your high everlasting spirit. Your Joy to this world is: so ever pleasant,where mommy can never get enough. My Sweet- AnnaElijah! Oh, how I love you so dear...

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a red sky at night
and red sky in the morning
sure has some old roots

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" I ......DO.....

I...  DO..  TO.. YOU....YES

TO .. YOU.. AND.. YOU .. ONLY ...YES

LIFE .....LASTING...........................

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                  While sun shines, make hay,

                       It's the only time I say,

                   Let's win, come what may..!!