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Haiku Butterfly Poems | Haiku Poems About Butterfly

These Haiku Butterfly poems are examples of Haiku poems about Butterfly. These are the best examples of Haiku Butterfly poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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ugly and awkward
only purpose to survive
until she cocoons

destiny won't crawl
springs forth in fanciful flight 
angelic rebirth

*the destiny of the butterfly!

Sponsor: Leonora Galinta
Contest Name: A haiku with a theme and title, "Destiny" 
Date: 6-8-14

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A despised beauty Who once belonged to the ground Now soaring with wings

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Butterfly Bush

Purple butterfly
Bush grows weary with it’s load
Covered with gold wings

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Peace of Nature

Peace of nature shows
how relaxing life can be
and can show you truth 

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big two eyes
wing face
nice flower is watched 

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Haiku 8 - bees and butterflies, ants in action, shimmering pools

what new plant is this
flowering bees this morning
and butterflies too?

running to and fro
a group of ants in action
searching for food

bathed in the sunshine
shimmering pools of water
pulsating with life

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Butterfly In A Bottle

Slowly opens the eyes
Amazed, flutters to the skies
Contained. Settles and sighs.

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a red butterfly
quivering upon a rose ...
ephemeral glow

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Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity

mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered thud
- flight into eternity
deceptive glass pane

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Butterflies Dancing

Butterflies dancing

On top of the old gray barn

Across the paved road

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Bug Glee Morning

Bees are a buzzing.
Butterflies fill the dawn sky.
Crickets chirp their song.

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Lost butterflies

 Leaves swirl in the wind
            Lost butterflies hitch a ride
                            New destinations

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Butterfly On Moon

                                                Butterfly of night
                                             Ascending  moon's lake
                                                   Rare sublime

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    Pretty butterfly
Fluttering its tiny wings
   Floating in the air

 Flapping and swaying
Pretty butterfly dances
 In the gentle breeze

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Caterpillar dreams
of wings and sweet nectar -
while munching tough leaves.

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Haiku 11 - butterflies, dragonfly, old tree

gossamer wings pulsating in the air butterflies in flight a dragonfly skimming the water's surface taking a drink rugged and gnarled the bark of an old tree home to many insects

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Yellow butterfly~
flying toward the petal
of morning glory.

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Azaleas in Spring

stronger sun of spring; 
azaleas and butterflies 
wild color riot  

Haiku syllable count 5/7/5

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Colors of Spring

flowers  in warm spring;
the butterfly flutters by
colored and jealous

Haiku: syllable count 5/7/5

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A promise breaking:
The sound of a snapping twig
Or butterfly wings

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a wide-eyed child

a wide-eyed child
leaps into a woman’s arms –
a butterfly lands

By Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Copyright January 20, 2014

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Beauty 
Sponsored by Shadow Hamilton

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wings of gossamer gently pulsating the air butterflies in flight

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                                          Around the Rue
                                                    Jasmine hues      
                                                           Oh fluttering wings

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Nature's Erasures

Butterfly soars O’er charred, black, Forest floor …Life returns once more…

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monarch butterfly

monarch butterflies
wings flutter about the vine
grace the passion fruit

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Stained Glass

Monarch butterfly
Black and orange stained glass
Fluttering softly

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First Date

Ball of butterflies;
knots of anticipation,
tickling me within.

Pick-up at 7;
ready to go around 8.
patiently he waits.

Off to the movies;
holding hands, clumsy and shy,
ever so awkward

Horror flick on screen;
sharing popcorn and candy,
snuggled in close.

Walking home slowly;
lean in;first kiss at the door,
foot popping galore.

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Linger here then
On restless shores;
Support lost causes

Sooner not later
Tides change;
Not always better

Politics like jam
Or peanut butter spread;
No use without bread

Speak softly
Mutter wisely;
Politically correct

Once in a while
Truth entertains fear;
All hell breaks lose

I think of you
All the time;
Retrospective anthem

Listen and learn
My father said;
He's dead, I'm afraid

Loiter and see
My mother said;
She's dead, it's true

Strange voice tone
Less dreary than me;
Out of this time zone

Mr Eliot he said:
"Mermaids don't sing to me;
I wake up and I drown..."

Thinking makes sad
Feeling turns bad;
Know now I am mad

Thinking and feeling,
Doing No-thing;
Enlightenment comes

Look now
Don't stare;
Then you'll see

Leon Enriquez
13 May 2014
(Vesak Day thoughts)

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Butterfly Haiku

Seeking sweet nectar
the butterfly flutters by
teasing the flowers.

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Pretty visitor
Golden, colorful wings sigh
Murmuring happy