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Funny Pets Poems | Funny Poems About Pets

These Funny Pets poems are examples of Funny poems about Pets. These are the best examples of Funny Pets poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Rhyme | |

A Cat With A Knack

I have a cat 
A real fat cat
My cat is all black 
My black fat cat 
It is a cat with a knack
A true fact about my cat
My fat black cat 
She has a knack to catch a rat
My all black cat brought me the rat 
This is why my cat is a fat black cat
So rats watch your back 
From  my cat with the knack
Or you will become a snack for my fat black cat

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Lounging licking leaping
Prancing pouncing peeking
Corners closets crouching
Tail twirling twitching
Sniffing sensing sneezing
Hissing huffing hunting
Pretty purring preening
Curiosity kitty killing
Nine long lives living

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Lost Words

Sometimes I catch them easily,
The words I'm reaching for;
At other times watch helplessly
As they crash to the floor.
I try to reassemble but
They've landed in a jumble.
I grab too fast for floaters and
My chair and I both tumble.

Susie thinks it is hilarious
And joins into the fun.
Before she hears my "stop", she has
Already swallowed one.
I am truly very sorry
There are no poems from me.
You will know why when I tell you
My dog ate my poetry.

Won 3rd place

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Wet but Wiser

A dog! A panic in a pagoda!
Rex sneaked in with a can of cream soda,
he shook it up hard and then pulled the tab.
But Rex was too slow for their choc'late lab.

Cain: a maniac, the brown dog's head swelled,
confused by the fizz but a rat he had smelled.
He was a god's dog, ergo, a ogre -
mighty fine watchdog, well-trained at Kroger.

Schooled in their stockroom with all kinds of nuts
whose tricks won ribbons for all kinds of mutts.
Cain's radar kicked in, went straight for the can
and turned it on Rex who lost his game plan.

On the way out, he offered some Kleenex.
No one's the wiser, except maybe Rex.
Recording the facts, Cain writes in his log,
Was it a rat I saw? or Am I a dog?

6 palindromes:
A dog, a panic in a pagoda
Cain, a maniac
god's dog
ergo, a orgre
Was it a rat I saw


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Barky Von Schnauzer

At the risk of being called “rabble-rouser,”
I think poor old Barky Von Schnauzer,
should practice his aim,
his master to maim,
in the back end of his very best trousers!

My hero I would call dear old Barky,
if he could just muster the stealth of a sharky,
and covertly steer,
right straight for the rear,
of that great big old bag of malarkey!

I think I should send Barky a big four leaf clover,
so his bad luck would finally be over,
he could retire his fame,
move away, change his name,
to Bowser maybe Lassie or Rover!

Obviously I have been driven completely insane by that stupid t.v. commercial!
Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Details | Limerick | |


There once was a hunter named Frawley
Who lived in a shack, outside Raleigh.
His dog, funny but true,
Would only hunt honeydew.
The dog was a true melon collie.                                               

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Oliver Thinks

"Why," thought the cat,
"can I see through the glass,
but when I try to go through it,
it won't let me pass?"

"There are bugs out there,"
the cat thought to himself,
"yet to them, I'm as dull as
a book on a shelf!"

The cat shook his head,
"This is really too much!
There's two squirrels in the yard
and a bird in the brush."

"How much fun it would be,"
with a mew he announced,
"to hunt and to stalk and then
gracefully pounce."

"Why, I'd shake them until
their necks were broke!
Maybe then," mused the cat,
"I'd be more than a joke."

"They'd be amazed by my prowess,"
he thought with a sigh,
"I'd torture them slowly and
they'd wonder why,"

"they never realized that
I was a threat,
while completely ignoring me
like I was their pet."

"I'd show them," he growled
as he laid on the sill,
"with them in my tummy,
I'd savor the kill."

"They'd show some respect,"
he thought with a yawn,
"I'd shown them who's king
of this yard and this lawn."

Head full of adventure,
he fell fast asleep,
safe in his house,
with plenty to eat.

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Mice For A Very Good Price

I opened the door,
Saw two nice mice,
At Pete's Pet Store;
For a very good price.

I bought them that day,
With money I had saved,
Raking and hauling hay;
For my neighbor, Mr. Dave.

I purchased a bowl,
Just for their food,
And a bottle with a hole;
For drinking water through.

I named one Ice,
He had clear blue eyes,
The other, I named Spice;
He was the smallest in size.

Ice would take small bites,
Of cheese and treats of rice,
Spice made noise at night;
Munching bread - I had sliced.

I'll never forget the day,
Mom said, "Look Price!"
And lying in their hay;
Were two bald baby mice.

Details | I do not know? | |


If you are plagued with dragons in your basement,
And you have tried, without success, to drive them out.
If you need advice and dragon information,
That's what this short discourse is all about.
Now, you can't depend on pest exterminators,
Unless, perhaps, you call Saint George himself,
And pied pipers are of very little value,
As all dragons are notoriously tone deaf.
Since the riddance of house dragons is a hassle
That you might not be prepared to suffer through,
You  might find compromise and coexistence
Is the sensiblest thing that you can do.
The rumor that all dragons are ferocious,
Is a rumor we could not substantiate.
As to whether they are prone to making mischief,
Its a subject that's still open to debate.
Some say dragons are quite friendly creatures.
Why, I've heard  that they make gentle, loving pets,
And it's said that if one treats them with affection,
The great, scaly fellows never will forget.

But if you choose a dragon as a house pet,
Your fire insurance rates are sure to soar,
Unless you teach your dragon not to hiccup,
And to breathe into the furnace when he snores.
On the feeding of domesticated dragons
(We have saved this information till the end):
They feed mainly on bad dreams and mustang nightmares,
And a local politician now and then.

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The Goat and Me

In a field I saw a goat
Eating grass that day
I felt so sorry for him
And thought he’d like to play

And here I thought he was
So sad to be that way
I thought he needed attention
So I planned to see him that day

But what a fool was I you see
I really didn’t click
Why would he be all alone?
In a field so green and thick

So I squeezed through the fence
And straight into the grass
He didn’t seem to flinch
Or look as I walked past

But then I saw his eye
And saw his chewing cease
He didn’t look so happy
And lost that look of peace

There I was standing
In this field alone
A goat looking angry
And me so far from home

So I started running
And there began the chase
Through the field of flowers
Running with no grace

Stumbling and stamping
While he kicked behind
Scared that I would be beat up
And I would not be fine

And so I jumped the fence
And got safely out
While he chewed my jumper
He had in his mouth

And looking at that goat now
I can clearly see
Why there was a fence
Between him and me  

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Christmas Dinner Fiasco

"Christmas Dinner Fiasco" on Christmas Eve, family gathered for "Feast of Seven Fishes" an old Italian tradition while wrapping gifts with expectant wishes hubby decided to play Chef Boyardee complete with hat and apron, a fun sight to see the kitty cats circled dinner table to pounce licking their whiskers, smelling each tasty ounce. pumpkin bread baking and homemade apple pie whipped cream and hot fudge enjoyed with warm sigh candied sweet potatoes with buttered rolls and biscuits diet food hidden away like melba toast and triscuits aromas so yummy the puppies were squealing soon there was a stampede, sent the kitchen Chef reeling. tree trimming time once dinner was finished spirits running high with no chance to diminish all seated to say grace before this marvelous meal with colorful palette' and great appetite appeal underneath the table came growling and gnashing as felines and canines, over dripping crumbs, were clashing. the Chef lost his temper and scooted pets to the yard from inside the hacienda those onry pets were barred but the doggie door was unlocked so began the invasion pets on parade on a Christmas Eve occasion the desserts lined the table like poetic pop art creme puffs with rum and rice cakes a la carte'. coffees were carried next to Christmas tree tinsel and garland with musical lights mystery but Cali the cat had his own idea of fun 'twas entangled in garland with paws in a bun and Gabby had stolen a piece of creme puff his black face was white as snowflake soft fluff. the Danes sniffed out chew sticks from their stockings as Raider and Golden ran round the tree in flocking and sweet little Venus was as good as a dream enjoying her peaches as she swirled in whipped cream Christmas dinner fiasco provided laughs with love as we sang "Deck the Halls' to the good Lord above. *For Francine Robert's Christmas Dinner With Humor. *Dec. 2, 2012.

Details | Sonnet | |


His chicken vanished from the face of Earth
unhappy and distressed connected so
with sites of poetry where lost pets' dearth
transformed to versicle expression's flow.

Logorrhea of namby pamby lines
and balderdash of verbose gardyloo
bombarded him with rounds of porcupines
stampeded unctuous like rabid gnoo.

But on the other hand he met some birds
composers of refined and sightly verse,
with glinting souls and clever words,
their intellect's expressions wise and terse.

And when he searched of who to value most
received his chicken's metrical riposte.

© G.V. 09-14-2013 All rights reserved

Details | Narrative | |


My son and his family drove down from the big city,
out to the countryside with open fields and steams.
They brought their standard golden poodle along, 
a curly-haired fellow, name of Timmy.
Timmy had never seen a cat;
not even a mole or a furry rat.
Visiting country kin, he was checking things out.

Everything went fine that very first day.
Cats went about paying him no mind.
He walked about just passing time.
On that second day there was a big mistake.
Being a city dog with more worldy ways,
to add pleasure to his hum-drum days,
he thought it time to befriend these country kin.
The cats had never seen a dog this small,
only those on stilts, big, long and tall, 
like Pyrenees, big wide mouths and teeth to match.
With barking big dogs on the scene,
up a tree they squirreled, never to be seen.
But this golden-haired fellow, with city clout--
they’d give him benefit of instinctive doubt.

Mama cat was even so bold 
to sniff this city slicker right on the nose.
Sizing him up all the while, a friendly rat, she surmised,
a might bigger than some she had seen,
playing cat and mouse, yet acting so coy;  
that is, until that overgrown golden-haired rat  
walked up to Mama’s black baby boy.

Mama’s two other sons, another black and a blue,
began to gather nearer this city dweller, too.
Timmy politely extended his nose.
black son cat extended his razor-sharp claws,
with a bristled tail and fierce hissing jaws. 
Timmy let out with a painful yelp,
as Mama cat called all boys in for help.

Cats surrounded and gave chase to the dog,
life-fearing circles around the cedar tree he’d log;
four hissing cats hot on his tail,
poor Timmy yelping in a desperate wail.
The master of Timmy gave rescue,  
but Mama cat and her three grown sons,
strutting in pride, putting a dog on the run. 

Written by:  Carolyn Henderson
For Constance LaFrance's Cat Poem Contest
Won 9th Place

Details | Limerick | |

Garage Sale

1221 Boiling Weather Drive
First customer gets a free beehive
With purchase ten bones or more
Food, drinks, desserts galore
Porcelain hitchhiker needs a ride

Details | Epitaph | |

Silly Epitaph 16

In loving memory of Jones,
The best duck I've known.
My pet and friend since I was four.
For a bird, he was dear;
I wish he was here
So that he and I could do more.

Details | Free verse | |

How Mr Pie came to rule the world

It all started when Mr. Pie was a little bugger,
Just a wisp of fluff in the palm of your hand.
"Oh, isn't mama's little man the most handsomest EVER?!"
Not a day has gone by when he has argued that point!
"Be careful with all that encouragement" I prophetically warned,
"It may go straight to his head!!"....and what a head it became!!
Grey, dignified, regal....a lions mane with white marbling.
2 golden eyes piercing you with that casually bored stare one may give to one's shoes.

Every morning at 8 am and every night at 10 pm he demonstrates his knowledge of time.
Head-butting the door and SCREAMING the words "MOM!!! 
MAAAWWWMMMM!!......NOW???!!???.........MOM???   NOWWWWW??" (for real!!)
Needless to say, he's got us trained pretty well,
But we're still working on house-breaking me!!!!!
He still has yet to teach us PROPER portion control,
And I get the impression I'm not so popular when I give less than expected.
Maybe it's the "Death-threat" stare, or maybe the Kitty Log in my slippers, I don't know!

All I can tell you is don't EVER make the mistake of addressing him as a "cat"
Or you may come to know the justice of King Pie, The Terrible........just a warning!!

Details | Light Poetry | |

Piddle Eee Dee

Piddle Eee Dee

Dribble, Dribble, breakage, and Piddle
                   A pox on that little dog!
Ankle biter, obnoxious barker…
                   Wish he’d just shut up!

Chased him around all day long
                   But he still got my sofa again!
I wonder if my Dear Old Mother-in-Law
                   Could survive just one day without him!
Perhaps I should now get out the broom
                   A week of destroying stuff, is just too much!
So I used the broom to scoot him out the door.
                   Then he proceeded to dig my flowers up!

From under the fence he made an escape
                    I chased him for an hour and a half!
Then my Mother-in-Law came back home
                    And picked her precious up!!!!
Such love and warmth I've never seen… Darn… 
                    Wouldn't that be my luck! So I’m back to…

Dribble, Dribble, breakage, and Piddle
                   A pox on that little dog!
Ankle biter, obnoxious barker…
                   Wish he’d just shut up!

Details | Limerick | |

Bow Pow

<                                    cakes and sausages on hot griddle
                                      uncle Leroy's dam dog just piddled
                                      slipped ~ slide across floor
                                      grabbed shotgun by front door
                                      now dam ole dog just plays an fiddle 

                            bow bow bow bow bow bow bow        bow ~ wow 
                            ow ow ow ow ow ow ow                       bow ~ ow 
                            with   tail    between     own  ~              legs 
                            now    dog    sings  ~    and  ~               brags
                            about cousin's daisies's  bad                 bow ~ pows

Entry For John Freeman's
Slapstick Limerick Contest
Gl All

Poor Ole Dog LOL

Details | Hybronnet | |

kittens sleeping

     Two kittens sleep
     aside as I write purring
     each in a moccasin 

Details | Free verse | |

Naming Fish

People often get stuck on what to call their fish
and in many cases come up with ridiculous things.
They imagine some kind of greatness, attached to
naming,  and they name them Moby, or Jaws, or  Hannibal.

Some are poetic and flowing like water- Eulalie
or Aolani( Ay-o-lawn-ee) which means "Heavenly Cloud."

Some joke, and call them Sushi or Chips
which no self respecting pet suspects the meaning of  …..
or, they  invoke nature -
Bubbles and Starlight or Pearl.

Once, I knew a puffer fish named Toto. 

Suzanne Delaney

Details | Limerick | |

February Funny Bone

                                 Once came along a groundhog named Phil
                                 Looked for shadow in winters chill
                                         Even top hat and coat
                                         Didn't stop whining's gloat
                                Stuck six more weeks paying heating bill                                 

Written by 
Katherine Stella 2/4/12
Entry For
Linda Marie's
February Funny Bone Contest

Details | Burlesque | |

Suburban Spring

Suburban Spring	

	Springtime fills the air, 
			like laughing gas.
		(Or maybe more like whiskey.)
The suburbs are drunk on the nectar of it's dawn.
	Middle-class houses 
			are starting to dance.
		(Or maybe they're just wobbling.)
They vomit whole families onto their lawn.

			I watch them the same way dogs watch TV:
				Confused and intrigued, 
		with a slight urge to pee.

	The father cuts grass, 
			like a sleepwalker.
		(Or maybe more like a zombie -
Ravenous for cheap beer, instead of brains.)
	A six pack later, 
			he starts washing his car.
		(Or watering his driveway.)
He's spreading on wax so he's set when it rains.

	The mother kneels in dirt, 
			tending the garden.
		(More like digging in a sandbox.)
Her spade is rusty.  (Figuratively, at least.)
	A sunset later, 
			she cooks family dinner.
		(Or maybe orders some pizza.)
(If every mouth is fed, she can call it a feast.)

			I watch them the same way dogs watch TV.

	The son plays war games, 
			dying for fun.
		(Or maybe more for practice.)
He whines about fruit drinks, as well as the heat.
	A full pitcher later, 
			tweaking on sugar,
		(Or maybe just corn starch.)
the war escalates, 'til its time to go eat.

	The daughter makes a picnic, 
			inviting her toys.
		(Or maybe not.)
(Her plastic spread can only spread so thin!)
	After the tea time, 
			she's off picking flowers.
		(Or maybe weeds.)
(As long as they're pretty, there's a vase that they'll fit in.)

		They gather, as a family, at the table to say grace.
		They hold each others' hands and say, "Amen."  
			(And proceed to stuff their face.)

	The dog sits by the boy - 
			Loyal and true.
		(Or maybe just hungry.)
He drools as he stares from the corners of his eyes.
	After dinner, 
                     he offers to help with the dishes.
		(Or maybe he demands it.)
The boy sneaks him a bite.  The dog is not surprised.

	Bedtime comes soon after.  
			The kids are sent to brush their teeth.
		(Or maybe just to run the sink.)
They put on their jammies, and to bed, they go.
	After tucking them in, 
			the parents watch TV.
		(Or maybe they just dream they do, 
					sleeping in its glow.)

	The dog is changing channels, 
			looking for a better show.
				Confused and intrigued, 
		he pees on the carpet below.

Details | Limerick | |

Some Limericks...

She’s out there chasing a cricket

Through bush, through shrub & through thicket

Together they hop

Fugitive, cop

But when she gets it, she just wants to lick it!

A cat whose vet took his eye

Just cannot quite understand why

His eye’s been enucleated,

3-D vision reduciated,

So now, he keeps an eye out for an eye

Ya gotta keep limericks loose

Think green eggs, or perhaps Dr. Seuss

They’re structured, it’s true,

But they’re also a zoo

Whose tenants are all on the loose!

I frolic in fountains of words

Overflowing with serious absurds

Each poem I write

Wakes up and takes flight

Joining angels and faeries and birds

You ask that we write a good limerick

How to do so, I haven’t a glimmerick

So I struggle and frown

Teaching  poems to clown

So a smile on your lips will be shimmerick

A cat with a mouth full of mouse

Brought her feast right into my house

She played with her food

Who was not in the mood

To be a banquet of mouse in the house

The nightmares that shadow my sleep

Stampede the proverbial sheep

Right out of my mind

When I try to unwind

I find my appointment with sleep hard to keep

In her search for original truth

She met people unsavory and couth

She knitted and purled

But only unfurled

Yarns told by new age and old youth

Cat, suddenly pink,

Drinks her water from out of the sink

She looks so absurd

Since she’s been de-furred

I really don’t know what to think!

If one and one is two and two is four,

And there’s only two ways to go through  a door,

Then, is earth up or down?

And, where is down town?

These are questions we need to explore!

A was that is an is

Tried to mind my biz

But I sent it packing,

Its presence was lacking

And I don’t have time for such shiz!

A couple who lived in Los Lunas

Loved the wide desert sky’s crystal blueness

They’d stare at the air,

Over here, over there

And rejoice at the feeling of newness

A cat with a very fat gut

Found it easier to walk on his butt

He’d drag it around

Across carpet and ground

And use it to slam the doors shut

Said the Missus to her dear Mr. Otter,

“There’s something I think that you oughta

Do before we get old

To protect us from cold –

You oughta make the hot water hotter!”

The ghosts who live up in my attic

Make noises that sound much like static

I’ve tried to send them away,

But they’re here to stay,

Those staticky ghosts in my attic

Details | Free verse | |

My Cat Louie

There he comes to say good morning, mommy.
My cat Louie with eyes of gold, stripes that
wrap around him from head to tail.
On his paws he has white socks.
He comes meowing loudly making sure I hear him.
he wants me to know 'his dish is empty and his fat belly
is too'  again he meows 'Mommy get up and feed 'me'.
As I get up and I am walking into the kitchen he decides
to bloop him self at my feet, rolling, yawning and wanting
me to see  his furry fat empty belly.
See mommy this belly needs to be filled up!
I tell him he is a beautiful boy, up he comes
looks at me and meows  'now for kitty sake
feed me'.

Details | Verse | |

Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

Details | Quatrain | |

The Trolls Come Out At Night

Some cat entered my room one night I thought it was a ghost It smelled like something had just died But I must oblige my guest as the host I turned on the light and there it was An obnoxious opossum at best! Whoa! Forget my host duties, cous! Take the room—I’m an unhappy guest! I left the house with a shutter Before I realized I was heavily surrounded By cats on all sides, up and under The house they had all just rounded! In truth I was perturbed on all levels That I began to realize in horror That damn opossum had spawned these little devils! And tonight I must end this terror! I then ran straight to the kitchen Aware of the opossum inside If I give up the tuna and ditch um’ Perhaps I’ll escape this night alive The persistent cats scratched at the holes Those buggers—those meddlers! They could have been thieves—if not trolls! Their yowls would scare sumo wrestlers! Worst of all in this dilemma Tomorrow was grocery day There were no more cans of tuna All my fish had swam away! Somehow one got in And the rest came barreling through I ran toward my room to him The opossum looked so distressed and blue The little beady eyes pierced my soul And I knew from then on he was my friend He only meant to hide from the furry little trolls And escape a most pitiful end! I made up my mind at last And picked up my trusty broom Come on in—I dare yah tah pass! Ain’t no feline coming through this room! Glowing eyes burned with intent And the yowling grew loud as hell The little bullies think they can take my guest! They’ll fly like birds they will! That night was a battle like none other A battle I will proudly say I won I gained the friend of my life—a brother My pet’s a load of fun! As much as I love a neighbor cat They are a little scary as a race Thankfully a broom will push them back And put them in their place My opossum is a sweet little thing And I protect him with my life I’ll never judge a critter again Till actions bring it to light

Details | Free verse | |


I am sorry,
I am very sorry,
This is for my daughter
I mean my young, beautiful pet.

That was it, the voice of my friend
Who now prides himself
Of another daughter across the street
Only God knows how many of such
I mean those susceptible to his carrot.

Indeed, very young
Full of life to live
Looking innocently attractive
Until he crept into her life.

Her Aunt’s door left ajar
She fell like a pack of card.
He dazzles her Aunt with intermittent gifts
He branded the girl “My daughter”
My innocent friend became a father
And dangles before his daughter a lanky carrot.

As times tickles away,
The daughter not only eats the golden carrot
But she swallows it gently with exactitude

Yet, her Aunt saw no changes
When carrots thickens her sister’s hips
And her flat buttocks getting curved roundly
While her chest pointer getting shaped
Her Aunt still blinded with gifts of “Suya and bread”.

Here comes this day knocking
As my friend’s daughter
Vomits and coughs repeatedly,
She feigned to be well before her Aunt.

“Nothing, I’m okay”
She smiled to her friends
And pretends to all
But grim only at her father

The act got caught short
Not for too long,
Now we all know,
That she has swallowed her father’s carrot
And it got stucked in her throat.

When?, Where?, Who?, her Aunt queried
Three months ago, she retorted
My . . . My . . . My . . . father, she replied.
Before eyes got blinked,
My friend’s was out of town
In search of another daughter.

Alayande Stephen T.
4th August, 2007

Spiced up for my good friend Tope and his daughter.
It all happened on my visit to Abuja.

Suya- An Hausa language (from Nigeria) for roasted meat.

Details | Limerick | |

Just Do it

It was time to visit the vet With a specimen from my pet I scooped a lump of coal But the cheap bag had a hole Now, I'm driving in a cold sweat Nauseous, I cannot elude The smell of what Winnie pooed Rotten eggs are preferred Over smelling dog terds And her ripe farts are far less rude By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders for PDs Pooping Contest *Yes, my dog is named Winnie after Winnie the Pooh by my son. We call her Winnie Bear

Details | Senryu | |

My Cat is Not Stupid

whiskers twitch
there's a dog in the litter
hello floor


Not sure if it's a senryu or a haiku? Help, please :)

Details | Light Poetry | |

Dragon Slayer, No

Dragon Slayer! Dragon Slayer! Just say it isn’t so! Just Look at that cutesy face! 
Behind the scary teeth, fire, and smoke… Choke…Ah… he’s gentle to embrace!
Moody, sulky, get even-ish, is truly he. But to have him, is so cool… and so hot!
And, I truly do mean Hot! Fire retardant suit’s a must, as there’s fire… often, a lot!

He’s just a baby, waiting to be taught. I tried to teach him, how to fly me thru the air.
Instead, he dumped me in a treetop, it took all day to get down, until I despaired.
To help me down, he lit the tree afire, as his wings errantly fanned the roaring flames.
I jumped, and he smiled a toothy grin, because I was safe, he steadfastly claims.

I’m on crutches, nearly bent his tail. But he loves me, you can tell, see he puffs at me!
Grandpa Troll gives us time out, when there’s a tiff, as my dragon, is petulant, you see.
At times, he sits across the lake from me, blowing fire and smoke ¾ across the lake.
He’s such a sensitive thing, he took my couch to the lake, upon sitting, it did break.

I got upset and called him fat…he tried to steam me, as fire is such, a No- No.
For, he had learned to not throw fire… at least when Grandpa Troll is, there, tho…
He needs to be first, the center of attention, seen in his cunning life’s plots, galore!
He taught my Trolls a happy dance, while waiting their first boat ride. Silly Dragon!

They sunk my boat! It's believed, he was getting even for being last in line, you think?
And he stomped off, perturbed, when told no more rides until the boat is unsink-ed.
He’d been last, for breaking my roof for another (fourth) time, but it will soon be fixed.
You see, he gets lonely, while waiting for me, to come outside to play, the little minx!

He CAN be hard on insurance, as I got cancelled and my bills are higher than a kite!
And when the Supreme Leader of the Universe, came to our picnic on a motorbike…
Dragon, accidentally, released his Dogs of War, while sitting on his Harley Bike.
Honestly, the flat tires can be fixed, the body unbent, and the spokes were given back.

I explained they weren’t HIS toothpicks… he truly looked sad as sad can be, at that.
Never fear, we caught the Dogs of War before they had time to… do great harm.
You can just imagine how great this dragon will eventually be, when all grown up.
Dragon Slayer, indeed! Grandpa Troll gave him to me. He’s sweet as sweet can be! 

Details | Limerick | |

Who Let The Dogs Out ? { The DogGone Dog Contest}

<                              tell me now   Who ! Who ! ~  Let The Dogs Out ?
                                bet Carolyn pulling them by snouts ......
                                fleas ...  ticks....  she started to itch /////
                                screaming  sons of  a  ....... b .i...t...c....h
                                poor neighbor's dog now takes different route
Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
The DogGone Dog Contest
G.L. All

Details | Couplet | |

Coco For Ten

<                               Coco was his name
                                 Spider monkey all the same

                                Dad worked for zoo
                                Feeder of Coco too

                               Brought the little guy home
                               Boy did Coco love to rome

                               Droppings here and there
                               Mom  covered up his dairy - air

                               Shoulders he did seek
                               Knocking  younger ones off their feet

                                Bananas and salted nuts
                                Made Coco dance and strut

                               Each day a animal of new
                               Dad brought home from the zoo

                               But the one I'll remember the most
                               Was coco who shared my daily toast

Tribute To 
Como Park Zoo
St Paul Minnesota

Coco And Daddy

Can You Imagine
A Monkey Playing
With 10 Kids  LOL


Details | Rictameter | |


meow at still's darkness caterwaul thud whine snarl cats hiss differences at midnight thud growl caterwaul rapid light footsteps on top of the house wail screech shriek sibilant with comrades on shingled roof meow
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud Contest: Sound of Emotion Written by: Sara Kendrick Date: May 28, 2012

Details | Rhyme | |

I Just Can Not Win

There was a day, oh so clear… I took my newly trained dog for a walk.
Just as I left the house… a rabbit came by, and yes, we were off.
My dog took off quite fast… as he ran the rabbit under a car.
Yep, you guessed… I just can’t win… but I’m still alive, so far…

Then a squirrel crossed the street… for in a tree, to hide.
Clearly we had to follow… as cars swerved to miss us in their ride
I was very grateful that day… to find every thing still intact.
Yep, you guessed… I just can’t win…as a friend, helped us from a limb, well cracked.

Next the mailman rounded the bend… in his small-motorized truck
I sure am glad he got away… but again, me… not so much.
I can attest to my dog’s health… As we ran a mile in record time…
Yep, you guessed… I just can’t win… as a fire truck came roaring by.

Now don’t you worry so very much… we survived, yet, again?
And as all settled down, I was so glad… till the rain came rumbling in.
Since lightening and thunder scare him so… we made it home, in record time.
Yep, you guessed… I just can’t win… as from under the door I climbed.

The dinner table had been set… as I hurried from the door.
Dinner will be late; I have to explain… as I now cleared it from the floor.
A walk always develops an appetite… I mused, as I began to explain doggy house laws.
Yep, you guessed it… I just can’t win…  as the turkey lay between his paws.

The trainer assured me my dog’s well trained… though with a small attention span
Training’s gone well, he said, again… though he looked like a crazed stuntman.
Yep, you guessed it… He couldn’t win…as he gave me, my money back 
A little chagrinned… he sent me on my way, with several tons of luck.

There’ll probably be another moment or two… with my beloved Great Dane.
But that’s to be expected… from a 100 lb puppy that’s almost potty trained
Yep, you guessed… I just can’t win... But Don’t Worry, we’re doing well… 
OOOPS, the doorbell rang… here we go again, for another time…

But know, eventually he will grow up… and by then we’ll be just fine…

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Thoughts from the Mind of a Blogger

It was a chilly morning in paradise...

Autumn was already here...

A time for strange things to happen, as it is that time of year...

She was up most of the night, doing a write....

Regarding some hubs and her series titled "Legend of Fred "

Ahh the questions she had... rolling around in her head..

Were “where were her readers, her followers “ her Hubbers...?

They had all seemed to like what she wrote in the past..

But lately her hubs were falling so fast....

She had written articles on health and life..

perhaps she had targeted too much strife...

Maybe they wanted to read about food..

But when you're not a cook, that would be kinda rude..

Oh, will wonders never cease ?

So she decided she'd get some zzzzz's

She lay in her bed, not moving at all...

but breathing quite deeply, as I saw the covers fall...

So I stretched my muscles and walked ever so slow..

So as not to wake her , then I spied her big toe..

Sticking out from the was such a temptation..

And with me having such a" foot fixation".. however...

She needed the rest , so she can finish her quest..

I have some thoughts of my own...

that I would like to share in a poem..

And I would be happy to help her.. but..

I don’t think the world is ready for me...

as I am a BLOGGING CAT.. you see

So I will close for now...everyone have a great

I'm off to seek something that has a tweak and a squeak..

Details | Light Poetry | |

Looking at Me

Ma! He’s Looking At Me! Make him stop! MA! He’s LOOKING at ME!
And so goes life in the early morn. Two ragamuffins, in battle, and angry.
He touched me! He touched me first! He’s looking at me! Here we go, again.
Two children acting badly, as I stare them into submission, momentarily, amen.

While cleaning up after breakfast… they’re now running through the house.
Heaven should ever forbid, that they’d once, just once, be quiet as a mouse.
The second they come around me, I step out clearly between them, in their way.
Children can be exhausting in the antics, they find readily, that they can display.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love them, as one just skidded into the dog, in his way.
At this it’s a time out, and when finished different toys, in different rooms, horray!
But life is never that easy, as one tries to sneak past me, while he’s on the attack.
It’s just a simple bundle of energy, driving them, that, they never do seem to lack.

But every day there’s always an answer, to every prayer, that I have ever sent.
My sons had wound up the cats, and now are playing with them, till they’re spent.
Yes, you’re right it wasn’t my sons, and yes, it truly was their playful little cats.
Surely you didn’t think my sweet, darling, little children, would ever act like that?

In fact, once upon a time, you know, that of course, they actually did.
But they are past the terrible two’s now, and definitely more refined kids.
But as they head out, to catch the bus, one barrels past the other to the door.
Then he runs back skidding into the chair, as I hold the lunch out, he ignored.

Then the other, gives a push so fine, to tell him to hurry or they’ll be late.
But laughter rings out, as the girl next door, joins them, sweetly at the gate.

CSEastman 2-11-2013 Contest: Maybe I'm Amazed

Details | Limerick | |

Trader Joe

<                           once there was a man named trader Joe
                             could do nothing with hair so let grow
                             under big coonskin hat
                             fleas tick and his pet rat
                             mercantile's just say Oh Hell No

                            once there was saloon name lucky spur
                            where traders brought in their hunted furs
                            in walks old trader Joe
                            miss Molly said let's go
                            now both itch scratch from leftover burrs

Details | Rhyme | |

Besides The Point

I owned a goofy Pointer,
as goofy as can be;
He wasn't worth a quarter,
'cause he'd only point at me!

I took him on a hunting trip,
to shoot a lousy duck;
I didn't feel too well that day,
of all the rotten luck!

Way out in the wetlands,
Went "quacks" from a 100 feet;
"Go point 'em out, ol' boy!"...I said,
"Bring daddy home some meat!"

He darted in one direction, 
as far as my eyes could see;
He made a sudden turn,
Came back and pointed at me!

Oh what a "BLEEPIN" goof up,
he was pointin' without a care;
Little did I know behind me,
was a big ol' ugly bear!

I could hear its heavy breathing,
this bear was fresh from a cave;
I bolted like a track star,
Quicker than a runaway slave!

I dropped my beloved rifle,
this beast was on our heels;
We dashed across a shallow creek,
To my truck at the top of a hill!

Safe inside of our pickup,
I put the pedal to the floor;
That bear was kissin' bumper,
as the rain began to pour!

My Pointer's dead and gone now,
though smarter than he'd pretend;
We'll meet once more in the afterlife,
he truly was a man's best friend!

Details | Couplet | |

Pet Sit Panics

<                                             Dam Dog !

                                               What a hog !

                                               Ate Cousins Dope !

                                               And Started To Choke !

                                                Starry Eyes !

                                                Wobbly Thighs !

                                                To Vet !

                                               250 Dollars I Bet !


                                               More Test !

                                               They Suggest !

                                                Hell No !

                                               Let's See How It Goes !

                                               Just Needs Sleep !

                                              And Plenty Of Water The Little Creep !

Entry For
Sharon Tideswell
Pet Sit Panic's Contest




Details | Narrative | |

Hoot's Toot

There once was a little Jack Russell
who was as sweet as she was cute
and went by the nicname of hoot.

Now in the evening the
family would gather 
to spend family time together.
Everyone including Hoot was there.

Me on the couch
the kids on the floor
and dad in his favorite chair.

As we sat there a smell most foul
quickly filled the air.

It seems our sweet little hoot
had let loose with a toot
and now we are all fighting for air.

Details | Haiku | |

dog haiku

dog breaks wind in sleep awakens and sniffs the air then bolts from the room
dedicated to dogs and dog lovers (the funny side)

Details | Quintain (English) | |

Trapped and Pegged

Hangin' in there is all that I can do
My owner has trapped me, stuck me on a peg
All I was doin' was fun to ensue
Running as fast as I could on my limber leg
Right now I really don't like my owner Meg

Contest: Hangin' In There
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Written by:  Sara Kendrick
Date written: 07, 30-31, 2011

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Lady bug Lady Bug

Lady bug 

Lady bug lady bug it is fun to play and look at you, 
you seem to increase in size whenever we live in some place new, 
you hide in my toy, you hide in my closet
what am I am going to do with you? 
Lady bug lady bug look at you, when I turn on the lights
you run with your friends and fly away too. 
Lady bug Lady Bug 
I am getting tired of you, you run and 
alluding me in to my shoes, even when I am over you,
eating my food, you look and seem
 you want me to bless you to. 
Lady bug lady bug I am not having fun with you, 
I am getting my mom and dad to get the 
exterminator to get with you and your crew. 
This poem is about a five years old kid who never saw North and 
South American cockroach in his young life.

 Poetry 11/26/10 by Keith K. Relf

Details | Rhyme | |

"Wal-Marts" Georgia

Ol' Roy spoke right up without a care
So "Ceasar's" could plainly hear
"There is some ghastly stink over there
Where all those fish live my dear."

Well Goldie tried to  hush him by saying
"It is not coming from our corner
But at the garden center on open displaying
Cow Manure with a scent that is an awakener"

Details | Ballad | |

Ballad of Bad Doggie

Sing to tune of "Teen Angel" if you are old enough to know that tune!

That fateful night we brought you home,
you looked so sweet and cute,
but when I sat you on my lap,
you pooped on my new suit.

We realized you were still young;
you needed to be trained.
But after months of accidents,
our carpets all were stained.

Bad doggie, so annoying,
what now - are you destroying?
Are you dead or doing well
and putting someone else through hell?

We hired a professional
to help us deal with you.
But nothing worked, and even worse,
you then began to chew.

Ignoring bones, you chewed our shoes,
our walls, our chairs, the gate!
And so we had to keep you in
a store-bought plastic crate!

Bad doggie, so annoying,
what now - are you destroying?
Are you dead or doing well
and putting someone else through hell?

You yelped and howled inside your cage.
We put you out in back.
But in the yard you barked and barked
like some crazed maniac.

And then you started digging holes.
You dug through dirt and grass.
You got away and then you bit
our neighbor on the ass.

Bad doggie, so annoying,
what now - are you destroying?
Are you dead or doing well
and putting someone else through hell?

We paid the neighbor's doctor bill
and paid a hefty fine.
But tied up barking in the back,
you made the neighbors whine.

And so we took you to the pound.
The last I heard was that. .  
you fled, and while they search for you,
we've gone and bought a cat!

Bad doggie, so annoying,
what now - are you destroying?
Are you dead or doing well
and putting someone else through hell?

(bad doggie, bad doggie. . . please don't return)

Details | Couplet | |

Fur Ball

<               my little girl came to me and asked for a pet
                 to me my heart just hasn't been quite set

                 but who could resist those baby brown eyes
                 and all those little wimpers and desirable sighs

                 so off we went in our broken down wagon
                 where the rear end you could tell was sagging

                 to petland is where we went
                 pocketbook really took a dent

                 odie and garfield was their chosen names
                 two bunny hampsters very different but the same

                 oh my little girl was not yet done
                 said mama we need hampster ball so they can have alot of fun

                  and don't forget their bedding liners
                  so their living will be much finer

                  but first you must buy them their cage
                  oh my little girl is quite smart for her age

                  she knows they like fruit and snacks
                  so she doubled order with ten sacks

                   ring ring ring ding ding ding
                   did it's cash register ever so did sing

                   eighty five fifty
                   well ain't that nifty

                   handed lady one hundred
                   mumbling under breath was said

                   left store in a hurry
                   with our clothes looking so dam fury

Written By Katherine Stella  7/3/11

Entry For Francine Robert's
Pick A Pet Contest
G.L. All

Details | Rhyme | |

cat glide

through slanted eyes 
she reads my mind
scratches my patience
then glides on by

Details | Limerick | |

Trying to teach a dog tricks

A fellow got into a
Trying to teach his
dog some new tricks
His canine named
Refused to roll over
And seemed totally
blind to thrown

Details | Rhyme | |

And Goliath Said

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

Details | Verse | |

My Dog

With the stride of a goofball
My dog moves not so quick;
But with his wet sloppy tongue
He’ll give you a lick.

The guy’s always alert
He sings his loud Boxer bark,
At the girl across the street
Who loves his dog lark. 

Details | Rhyme | |

Reflection in a Paris Cafe

French madamoselles Favorite harmonica  music Cafe 
Perfectly poised coifferd perfumed elegantly  sipping  in
Floral velvet suit gloves hat matching shoes+handbags
Sitting    gossipping   giggling  intoxicating  atmosphere 
Exclusive   Famous  impressionist  artists   french  cafe
Gladly accomodates  all  dogs  from  first class owners
 Pink diamonde studded chihuhaua , Lola+pink poodle
Huge bulging eyes wet little nose snubs all doggy bags 
Pink poodle ,Pepe patiently  waits to order chicken pate
Waiter white apron whips pencil behind ear Anticipation
Accepts  her envelope on  small silver tray + huffs away

Details | Acrostic | |

Vicky My Cat (acrostic poem for her) 4-6-06

                                                    Vicky my cat

                                                    I love you are loving and

                                                   Caring when you know when I need you

                                                    Kind, silly, cute, and

                                                    You are my little angel

Details | Light Poetry | |

I Dog You

Don’t go anywhere, my dear 
Don’t leave me here
Stay in my heart or stay in my liver
I’m with you leave me never
Watching you watching you
Catching you catching you
I love you I hold you
I kiss you I scold you
Talk to me and walk with me
Touch me and dance with me
Oh I did not give you the meals and rest 
That's why you have proved to be the best
If I love this way to a man 
He will feel tortured and frustrated 
You are my darling you are my dog 
I feel proud of you oh my lovely blacky
I chose you to love you
you are so different but yet again
You love me hug me and bear a lot
Yet people say why love the dog? 

Details | Free verse | |

Can You Guess The Season

It's that time of year again
I saw the neighbor's white cat
Chaseing their neighbor's striped cat.

Details | Rhyme royal | |

Undeserving (for Trudy's Hopelessly Devoted contest)

She is the most demanding cat who ever shared my home.
She stares at me so balefully till I do what she wants, 
And yet I love her more than any other cat I’ve owned.

She tramples on my feelings as she tramples on my plants
Then stalks away with nothing more than a disdainful glance.

Some people say of pussies, that you can’t tell them apart … 
I treat all mine as equals … but Pandora has my heart ...

Details | Personification | |

Crabby Tabby

The way that you’re crying,
You sound like you’re dying…
You can’t get enough of that food!

And then, when I feed you,
You say, “I don’t need you!”
And you’re in another bad mood!

Stop trying to bite me!
I think that you might be…
A little too cruel and crabby!

No matter what I say, 
I’ll adore you anyway!
You’ll always be my love, Tabby!

Details | Verse | |

Who's smarter now

Dogs, are man's best friend
who's most endearing quality is 
an unbound willingness 
to do our bidding

Cats, are like prodigies or savants
who's most endearing quality is
an unbound resistance
to do the same

Details | Light Poetry | |

my five kitty cats


Buster ,Sparkle ,Newbie ,Speedy
and then there’s Pixie our smallest kitty,
One ,two ,three and four and five,
they‘re so frisky, so alive.

Sparkle is my number one,
14 years old and so much fun.
Purrs and snuggles on my shoulder,
she ‘s getting slow and somewhat older.
She meows for water from the sink,
I turn it on, for her to drink.

Speedy is my number two,
proud and handsome, I tell you!
He prances like a little pony,
And you know what? That’s no baloney .
He guards the others from above,
and sometimes gives a little shove.

Newbie is my number three,
chubby, plump, as one can be.
Always cleaning, always licking, 
he tries to run but his paws keep sticking.
He keeps on searching for a hand,
to scratch under his collar band.

Buster is my number four,
always eating, more and more.
Loves to snack on lots of munchies,
tender vittles and some crunchies.
Begging, pleating, day and nights.
“:Give me crunchies, or I’ll bite”!

Pixie is my number 5,
She jumps, rolls over, takes a dive.
Up my back, onto my shoulder,
hoping I would grab and hold her.
Then she jumps to catch a fly,
She’s four months old, my sweetie pie.

Buster, Sparkle, Newbie, Speedy,
and there’s Pixie our smallest kitty.
Five, four, three and two and one,
I love my kitty cats, they’re so much fun.

Details | Rhyme | |

Elegance is Bliss

                                  Ornery in the mornings balled up on my chair, 
                               a stretch, a yawn, a "purr" to remind me she's there. 

                                  Delicately munching her chicken flavored brunch,
                                      leaned over her bowl with an elegant hunch.

                                       She spins, flops, rolls and claws, and ZING!... 
                                            She's gone without a blinking pause.

                                                   Catnip guiltily clouds the air, 
                                    the red handed suspect creator of this devilish hair. 

                                            She flies back in and drops to her back,
                                      "now you sir rub my belly whilst I take a nap!"

                                          How splendidly grand the life of this cat.

Details | Free verse | |

Crackers ‘n' Cheese

I was a-munchin’ ‘n’ a-crunchin’ on some crackers ‘n’ cheese
When a-someone or a-somethin’ came ‘n’ tickled my knees –

With her tail up in the air in a question mark tease,
‘Twas my little grey kitten mewin’ wide-green eyed pleas –

Beggin’ of her human, “Oh kind human, please
Won’t you let me share in yer crackers ‘n’ cheese?”

I looked into her tiny face ‘n’ made the choice with ease –
Doncha know that to my heart this kitten holds the keys?

I felt her purrs flow past me, a gentle, liltin’ breeze,
 ‘N’ now my kitten’s doin’ the munchin’ on my crackers ‘n’ cheese!

Details | Tanka | |

Splashing Dog

(This is a Tanka:  Japanese poem of five lines, the first and third composed of five
syllables and the others seven. In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line,
but in English and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic
units: 5-7-5-7-7.)

Splashing Dog
    by Amy Swanson

Great drops of water
     fly vigorously from him!
Black hair glistening
     he gallops through the river,
     stops only to shake himself!

Details | Quatrain | |


It's the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature is stirring,
Not even a mouse.

Mother and father,
Have put up a tree.
Think I'll just go climb it,
To see what I can see.

Look at all of this tinsle,
And paper and bows,
And yards of bright ribbons,
And lights all aglow.

Is all of this here,
Just for me and the others?
A tree for to climb,
A whole room full of wonders?

A place for us kitties,
To run through and chase,
And send decorations,
All over the place?

Then they can come in,
And rebuild it again,
Knowing that this,
Is all part of the game.

Then they can pretend,
To scold and be mad,
But in secret we know,
It makes their hearts glad,

To see us so happy,
And watch us at play,
Then they get to rebuild it,
It just makes their day.

Not all folks are like them,
It's no joke or jest,
These people of ours,
For sure, they're the best.

                                 Judy Ball

Aren't cats great.
They're fun, funny, curious and so affectionate.
They are total innocence wrapped in a fur coat.
A house is so much more interesting when shared with a pet.

Details | Senryu | |

the old dog walker

the old dog walker faithful, punctual, cheerful.... handler of much waste

Details | Free verse | |

Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium

Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium
Watching football at home with my little dogs on a cold winter night, I realize that I coach my 
own football team.
Running deep far into the football field at the Rose Hill Stadium (Which is my vegetable-dyed 
Persian rug that I bought at an estate sale to cover my hardwoods.) is Piglet, a young and 
highly spirited white short-hair Chihuahua, who happens to also be a neutered male, ripped 
with lots of muscles and little body fat.  Piglet leaps up high and is able to catch in mid-air 
the fluffy white piece of parmesan cheese covered popcorn with his cute little white teeth. 
(That I just brushed with chicken flavored toothpaste after his bath)
Tessie, the long-haired, black and white female Chihuahua, who is not so lean, executes 
most of her plays as the defensive tackle position.  She often blocks Piglet from catching his 
popcorn and also profits from his fumbles, by intercepting his popcorn and eating it before 
she is able to execute a perfect touchdown.  (Haven’t managed to teach her to delay eating 
her popcorn yet)
Each year they get better and better, next year they might be ready to take their show on 
the road.  Until then, they have until the Super Bowl to practice their four footed maneuvers 
and tricks.  At best, they could make it to Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks some day soon.
(No harm was done to animals in preparation of writing this poem or playing Chihuahua 

Details | Verse | |

Grattitude First lesson in Christian Living

Dear little pony, the children’s clown,
Rough mane stands tall, his thick tail tumbles down.
Jiggety, jog.  Yes, some riders have frowned.
Dad can ride him with two feet on the ground!
He’s a tough little, nuggety, wonderful chap
Who can live on the roughest of diet mishap.
We don’t feed him oats much, he’ll founder on those,
But if you can ride him you’re right home and hosed!
He’s full of the tricks that intelligence brings.
He’s always a challenge until mummy sings
Out loud, lets him know that he can’t get away
With presenting his backside to children today.
The children must learn how to command him too.
It isn’t the easiest thing they must do,
But they look for the pleasure of riding again,
So they learn how to handle tough diamond disdain.
They must learn how to stop him from racing away
Towards home when his head is turned facing that way.
His mind is on resting with food in his trough,
But his job is to teach, and he does it but tough!
Tough diamond’s a doorway to wonderful thrills
In the glorious world of the horseman’s spills
And great challenges.  Once you can master this rascal
Nothing can daunt you.  Introductory sample
Of every excitement that riding can offer,
He’s cute, pert, adorable, and he can proffer
Essential abilities.  Gratitude is
The gateway to mastery, sire of bliss!
Every offence becomes laughable when
You think back to this tough little customer. Then
Your mind turns to teaching, as Daddy once did.
No more can the mud of offence cause a skid.
You’ll go round it.  Or jump it. There’s no need to fall
 When Gratitude’s mastered.  Remembering all
Those scuffles you had that your dad helped you through,
You’ll mother, or father, or teach others too.

Details | Limerick | |


          A young robin my cat once befriended
          Till one day the relationship ended
                  I came home to find
                  That my cat changed her mind
           For from her mouth a feather extended

Details | Couplet | |

The Letter, 1660

These rustling humans, how they jabber!
With their smudged and crinkling ink dabber

I lie here resting while their investing
Their moments in this blabbered pestering

I've seen their pages scribbled in rages
Of inspiration by their sages

I hear the parchment, crisp and crackling,
Depicting marks pronounced in cackling

And wheezes of a breezes sighs
Read in secret by her eyes

Here in this secluded corner
This one was sent by a foreigner

The rounded man, all clad in fur,
Hears some code, it makes him stir

The thinner man sprouts in his chair
Which creeks beneath his squirming dare

The glamour creature, thin and frail,
Seems neutral about the true tale

I hear a fist pound on the table
Shouting that this could be a fable

"What if it's true?",  the other asks
While in fascination he basks

They analyze it for a clue,
This letter, to learn if it's true

The chamber, while closed, is secret, airy
While echo's this secretary

The scribbled riddles held in hand 
Are esteemed to be so grand

I might chew them if I could
For I bask in my puppy-hood

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A Battle Rages

A battle rages
between beans and broccoli.
Sadly, no winner
emerges from this dark fog.
Perhaps I will blame the dog.

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My friendly ghost

While sleeping in my bed one night
I sensed a hint of gloom
A shadow lurking far beneath
And reeking now of doom

I stood upon my sheets so straight
As scratching could be heard
A voice that didn’t sound like me
Was really quite absurd

Howling was the wind so loud
And creaking were the branches
The shadows below my window face
Taunting eerie glances

And then I saw the beast arise
Just past my end bed post
It snarled and raised its head up high
A howled just like a ghost

It jumped at me and so I screamed
So mum ran and turned on the light
I pulled the covers from my head
To see what was the fright

The shadow was much smaller now
And sounded like a cat
Of course it was my whiskers
How was I scared of that?

I curled in bed and off went the light
And cuddled my old cat
No more nonsense sounds were heard
That was the end of that.

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Leader of The Pack

Wake up sleepy head is all that’s left to say. Get up I say!
But of course it didn’t help… This was sleeping at it’s best!
The bus was due for school soon, and still in bed he slept.
So out came my hidden weapons, that are better than water splashed.
I crept quietly up beside him… and here is what I said…

If you don’t get up I’ll release our monstrous, fearless, great cat.
He’ll jump and walk all over you… before sitting on your head.
Then I’ll bring in our loud 66 lb lab to lick you everywhere to death.
Then I’ll bring in our 86lb lab that’ll jump up to join you there, instead.
Don’t be surprised if he stretches out taking up most of the bed.
He’s really good at pushing with those really good, strong legs so…
It won’t be long before there’s nowhere left but on the floor to sleep.
And now let me introduce our 55lb forceful, herding cattle dog.
If he can’t get you up and going… believe me it can’t be done...
He’ll nip at you gracefully while never leaving a single bite.
He’s hungry and wants breakfast leftovers before it turns twilight.
And me I’ve reset the alarm. There’s no more music left to play.
Every five minutes the buzzer will be there just for you, I say.

Now I’m going away and you’ll notice the smells of bacon, toast, and eggs.
And if the dogs are in the kitchen first… it’s cold cereal for you this day.
And once they get a taste for leaving you far behind…
You will have forfeited your place at the table I know they’ll think you kind.
And when the animals are gone from your bed…
Who will protect you while you sleep?
Remember there’s an 8000 lb dinosaur living in the living room, that I keep…
And I know for a fact that he’ll come in and drool all over you…
He’s the problem we all run from…we walk around him every day. 
And I named him Mr. Report Card… for all the damage he can play.
Without him there’ll be no Xbox, Play Station, or fancy fishing trips.
So get up my sleepy young man… The world is waiting for you today.

These are my secret weapons and they work every time…
We haven’t missed the bus you see… in a very, very long time. 

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What Did The Three Legged Dog Say To The Two Legged Cat

What Did The 3 Legged Dog Say To The 2 Legged Cat?

What an amazing thing to see by any eye. Two creatures on there way home, spoke as 
if they were from a war zone.

All though both were missing parts, they had tremendous heart. Cat, what do they call 
you? My friends call me 2 Blue.

Dog, what do they call you? My friends call me 3 paws.  It’s a pleasure to meet you. 
Same here 2Blue.

Are you curious? Everybody I meet seems to be.  Not really 2 Blue. What rights have I, 
to say whose whole?  Looks to me like you have plenty of soul.

Thank you 3 Paws; I would imagine you are quite a dog, with lots of heart and plenty of 

So, 2 Blue, what’s up? Seen any action lately? Not since the alley fight in 2002, when my 
back was against the wall, and I took a heavy fall.

What about you 3 Paw? What’s your story?  Well, it’s a lone one, but I like to keep it 
short. I was in the dark in 2007,  sniffing like I normally do, when guess who? Right! The 
Rockwilder Brothers jumped me.

While running, I slipped on some ice, and they weren’t nice with there bites

I agree, we all learned our lessons in life.  Something’s are good, and some aren’t so 

3 Paw, see you around.  2 Blue, I’ll be in town.

Dr. “G”

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A Tail Of A Different Rhyme

There is a tail that has no rhyme
One that has not reason or chime
Just follows close behind 

Good one shows all great emotion
Position can cause commotion
If evil mood inclined

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How Much Is The Cat In The Window?

                    How much is the cat in the window?
                   The one that’s standing up
                 How much is the cat in the window?
               I do hope that kitty is for sale

                 I don’t want a turtle or a snake
               I don’t want a bowl of fish or a guinea pig 
               I don’t want a cute rabbit or a bird
              You can’t give them things a hug

                 How much is the cat in the window?
               The one that’s standing up
                I have a slight problem at home
                And if I have a cat then maybe
                 the rat will  leave

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The little kitten pawed at the ground
Dug out the earth
The way its mama taught it
Then it squatted
And as though recalling something
Looked around
To ensure no eyes were watching

Its eyes met mine-
His, cowrie shaped and green
Mine, big, brown and curious-
And wide eyed
Perhaps horrified
It jumped away
And went round 
The far corner of the house.

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Fox Paulistinha

He grabbed and tore my jeans as I came in
Then raced over, pretty much, everything
Then showed me his teeth as I sat down
And growled hard, I wouldn’t even frown.
So he placed his toys on my feet
Brought his bowl and pretended to eat
Then jumped to my side
Placed his head on my thigh
Closing his eyes with a sigh
After a long attempt to bite his tail,
And since everything else had failed.

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Am I Frightened

I saw a little mouse,
I danced upon a chair.
I screamed and hollered,
And pulled my lovely hair!

I saw a little garden snake,
Stretched out in the sun.
I screamed and hollered,
And took off on the run!

I saw a little bitty spider,
It was crawling on the floor.
I screamed and hollered,
And ran right out the door!

At night I see little eyes,
In the dark beneath my bed.
But that’s just little Fluffy,
That sleeps beside my head.

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my dog

                                I have a feeling 
                         that my dog is so spoiled
                  that she doesnt like dog food anymore
           apperently she want's filet min yung and lobster 
              well this isint the surf and turf doggie cafe
               get your head outa your furry butt
                             and eat your alpo

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On the Beach

Welcome to my house on the beach,
Where there are condos for $5 each

I, for one, am an interesting figure,
With my siamese fish who likes to paint pictures

And my single daughter Rosie,
Who's immune to posie

This place is somewhere with two sides,
You live your life first, and after you die.

I died at thirty-eight
From tripping down stairs just after I ate

Welcome to my house on the beach,
Come on inside and we can enjoy a peach!

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Little Rock Hooty Owl

Little rock hooty owl
sits stoically poised
his roost, the computer tower
atop my desk.
Mr. C.W. Hoots is his name
though he never gives a hoot
least none that I can hear
but please, just call him "Hoots"
for this is what he prefers.
His eyebrows arch perpetually
in that usual scowl
that all good owls it seems
favor among their many faces.
Atop his perch he roosts
a starring contest between us
I will most assuredly lose
for those steely black eyes of his
get me every time.
Most oft times he seems so sad
perhaps a bit lonely too
I do believe that now is the time
to find this Mr. his Mrs. 
for no one should be alone
and most assuredly not a pet rock.

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Nap Time For Kitty

As the kids sat around undecided and blaize…
A summer project was needed ever so badly today…
My crew wavered and together finally exclaimed…
They wanted a video and to make it spectacular this time…
Anything less than U Tube quality would be a crime…
So the kids ask for a poem about their favorite fare,
They wanted it full of a large quantity of action and flair.
And the topic they wanted, that warmed their hearts…
Were the antics of Dandylion the cat of our house.
So cat chasing and spying became a spectacular game…
As they watched the kitty pounce upon his little rag mouse.
Then he slid and he jumped as he ran through the house.
He attacked the dogs tails as he snuck up behind…
And he climbed to the window to count birds passing by…
Then he tried to jump on the counter as I made everyone’s lunch.
He had to eat first… there was no other way, than first…
Then later I put the baby down for a nap…
And surprise, surprise! 
I found the Kitty next to baby with 4 paws to the sky.

The video, music, and poetry would eventually come to be…
With the older kids stringing it together for me.
It was finally good for a lot of laughs…
As the kids all got copies for dear Mom and Dad…

But now let me instruct and suggest as all videos must:
Though many a one was happily surprised and beset…
No Animals were hurt in the making of “Nap Time for Kitty”...
Of that, you can bet...

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Sheepdog Trials

I saw a note pinned up today
that sheepdog trials are underway
I thought, at last, there's justice for the flock
I imagined my fine elocution
as witness for the prosecution
denouncing deeds by doggies in the dock.

Two-leggies might not have the smarts
to see through arcane canine arts
and arrogantly think they are in charge
They're suckered to the masterplan,
believe the wolves are tamed by man,
when really they are free to roam at large.

In court the sheep will have their day
and see the wolves all locked away,
and finally they'll throw away the key;
then celebrate in field and dale;
in years to come they'll tell the tale
of how the woolly ones became the free.

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What Was I Thinking

After working for most of forty years,
I’d surely paid my dues.
Retirement brought me time to play
and I need give no excuse.

I’d paid my taxes cheerfully
and tithed for the good Lord.
All my club dues were up to date.
No one could say a word

If I should indulge myself a bit
and live my life with ease.
With children grown and on their own
I had only self to please.

One day a small cat came to call.
I fell for his kittenish ways.
He seemed to be the perfect fit
when I had some lonely days.

What ever was I thinking?
My head must be filled with rocks.
I gave up my freedom, my just dues,
for a cat and his litter box.

For Paula’s contest  “ How Due You Dew”  I won # 2

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Winter Woe

Whispering winds of winter woe,
icy branches bend and bow,
catfish cradled in the mud,
winter waters slow their blood.

Scampering squirrels, fat & fluffed,
chasing, leaping, playing rough,
the birds are bent on staying warm,
surround the suet in a swarm.

Babs and Buster, canine friends,
stalk the squirrels who torture them,
they snort and sniff at gopher holes,
tormented by these mining moles.

In the western window, warm,
the felines flourish through the storm,
soon the sunshine's streaming in,
thus the cooking of cats begin.

Cloaked and covered, in cozy coats,
we wait for Spring with hallowed hopes,
to lay upon the dock again
and feel the sunshine bake our skin.

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The Doggone Dog Contest

Hair Of The Dog

As my Precious sits on my desk,
shedding and watching with interest.

I take a drink from my cup.
A hair sticks to my tongue..eew yuk.

She is pleased with herself and wags,
her tail, hair flies off like flags.

They are small, black and everywhere.
Making patterns on all of the chairs.

Little drifting smiles of hair,
residing on my clothes without care.

This much hair from a small Chihuahua,
it's not possible, no not at all.

It's not as if she's going bald.
But then, Kojack, she could be called.

Oh look!  You have some hair that she's shared.
I'll take care of that, you wait right there.

I'll just run and get my  trusty lint roller.
Better yet!   I'll get my leaf blower.

For the Doggone Dog Contest
Hostess:  Andrea Dietrich
Placement: 2nd

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Back on my face

I look in the sky                                                                         
and I see the sun,                                                                        
I look to the ground                                                                   
and see the grass                                                                         
I look into space,
and see the stars and moon,
but when I look at you, 
I see a baboon…
I look into a tree,
and see your scary face,
screaming at me.
I look back up into the sky,
and see a big banana cream pie.
I look back to the ground 
and see the banana peel you through at me…
I look back into space 
and see that banana cream pie on my face…
I look back at you…
see your funny face…
I took you to the gate 
and showed you the way.
 I still come back almost every day.
And now I look at you 
Seeing your sad face…
Just watching you,
Sitting in the zoo…
Laughing at your face…
But, between the bars of your gate,
I see once again,
The banana cream pie, 
Back on my face…

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Roxy as the loudest rottweiler in Waterbury, an historic town in Connecticut,
Roxy was a vigilante dog, which never let a stranger or a burglar in;
once this ranch home was a haven, thanks for the love she had shown!
While I was watching my favorite movie, she joined in with interest; 
I padded her to let her know that I approved of her curiosity,
and I spoiled her with foods that dogs shouldn't eat: like cookies and pastry! 

On the sunniest days of spring and summert, we spent many hours playing, I threw the ball
and she would find it anywhere on the lawn and bring it back breathing heavily;
whoever says that dogs can't be human?....They have already proven that to us
by being our best friends! A dog can rescue a child from a burning house,
and jump into the coldest pool and bring that baby unharmed to safety;
and many of them take risks that we wouldn't take, to protect us in dangerous situations!

Canines have been our bodyguards since ancient times...Homer, the blind poet, had one, too,
but what they don't have is a spirit like ours, that spirit which returns, upon death, to God;
and will they ever go to Heaven with us? Our answer should be no, but the odds of taking  
them with us, wouldn't be favorable, so we must leave them behind in their earthly dwelling! 
When we'll be resurrected by Christ, we'll remember these loyal and dear companions
that shared our affections, our joy of loving, and our same fate: living and dying like we do!

Roxy was the gentlest and the most affectionate dog that ever lived, Roxy kept me from harm;
and what she gave was more than anyone could ever give! And my appreciation and gladness
were demonstrated in my caring ways: making sure she was well-fed and had plenty 
of water to drink, when I would be gone for hours...and on my return, she would greet me 
with a loud bark, and licking my cheeks, she jumped on me and tickled me with her paws!  
Roxy was a gift from a neighbor who died alone; she entrusted her to me, and called me son!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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KiddieKat Crawl

Pitter Patter kitty's natter,
meow on the wall
eight to go after the fall-
what a whisker risk-er!
And such a minxy tinker!
The paws at the door
straight to the cupboard crumb
sneaky biscuits for the tum,
and into the hall a cry "Mum!-
What's for dinner?"

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Halloween is not just for kids...
what about those gorgeous pets
that we snuggle, love, kiss and willfully spoil?
Shouldn't they have their own
special Howlween and Meowween
with treats never tasted in a bright party hall?

I love pets as you all do, and with loving and tender care    
I spoil them with warm clothes and matching shoes;
a wool hat and tiny gloves to keep them from frost!
Look at them, aren't they adorable and look sharper 
than the less-loved pets that are bored with their blues?  
Can you compare a well-groomed one to a scruffy one? 

On this coming Halloween, dress up your pets for success,
disregard the dumb looks of certain unintelligent folks,
they never see humor in anyone or anything, and they can't laugh
at these cuties that have a ton of affection on their mellow faces;
what would they do to be patted or be cuddled in their embrace?
They would give them their howleen and neowween for a soft caress!

And on every street people walk their dogs and cats dressed like mine,
what a surprise to watch this parade of adorable pets that look up and smile!
They will never know who was the genius behind all this, but gently and happily they stroll!
So who's to say that Halloween isn't for them? They're like our children who delight our soul!
And on each Halloween night, let them out, and let them do their Howlween and Meowween,
to enjoy the Halloween celebration, but tomorrow they'll not remember where they had been!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Chicken Code

A naked chicken crossed the road
He needed to get to his abode.
He was puzzled you see
About the mystery,
Chicken or egg question, was just a code.

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Watch the Snow

Sing to music of Deck the Halls

Watch the snow for big dog poopie
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
So unsightly, in a groupie
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Look down now for those big accrue.
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Roam your eyeballs, just before you.
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Watch the russet pile before us.
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Step up high and join the chorus.
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Jumping up in measured sections
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
While they laugh with such infections
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh

Go before the new snow covers
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Brave the old pass, as light hovers.
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Yell for joy now we made it home.
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh
Never mind now, just a poem
Ugh -ugh -ugh-ugh-ugh ugh -ugh-ugh -ugh

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The Open Window

I’m already ahead and stirring before that fiery Sunrise appears every single morning.
I'm quickly catching up to my own waiting for the breaking of this phenomenal day.
My coffee will be in my hand right when my thoughts once again start freshly forming!
Ah, I’m feeling alive inside and I think I’ll just stay right here for each second of today.

I glide through my house to stream Sunlight in by pulling every single window shade up,
I toast this day pouring my fresh hot brew straight into my scuffed up old-timers tin cup.
It’s the open window where I see my birds on my oak tree branches singing and playing, 
I just stand at the open window licking early morning honeydew from my lips and I say,
Now this is the most outstanding way to start any God given day with this superb array!

There are just so many smelly buttercups blooming out for me to pluck them up to sup!
I’m smiling whistling and getting enthusiastic about allowing myself to get carried away,
Because I hear my happy little birdies singing their hearts out to me and they’re in tune!

Let us in! Let us in! They twitter their tweets with chirps, 
Let us in and we will sing all day long just to be near you.
Laughing and giggling at my birdies I am just tickled pink,

No way Jose!
I can’t sing! 
My silly, silly little birdies, 
Y’all know my singing stinks.

My buzzing bumbling bee hummers away driving at the winds to boot,
I holler and holler for that goofy buzzer until I’m just not giving a hoot.
So I lift my tin cup up and in my air I toast to a genuine wholeness today,

By the open window I whisper to my eternally inspirational four winds of heaven, 
Forever you may live insde my breaths majestically just as my infallible Sunrays!

® Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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Boy Are You Slow

look ancient creatures
marching through millennia
at slow steady pace

Tribute To Turtles  LOL

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Laser Focused

Red dot of light
Glides across the room
Must capture this intruder

She crouches down
Ready to attack
As the dot moves closer

Pouncing into action
She slides on the floor
But the dot eludes her again

Determination in her eyes
She attacks once more
With a fury of paw swipes

The dot disappears
She frantically glances around
But it is gone…

Defeated, she wanders to her food dish

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Obnoxious Kitty

this may be your last day,
How do you want to spend it?
Laying out on the driveway..
Maybe under my car..
In the tunnel by the creek..
Perhaps in the bush on the other side of the fence,
Tormenting my dogs on the fence because you have no other defense?
Maybe leaving huge dukes in the planter and front yard,

Your day will come *****cat..
When all your obnoxious purring will pay off. 
Ill open that sliding glass door and the last seconds of life will be chaos,
You'll try to scram up the fence, your butt getting stuck on a branch,
Tia and Freddy will be so happy they finally made their catch!

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Who Cut The Cheese

feline for hire
mouse at it again
cutting the cheese

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The Cat

     Hello ma'am!
My name is Sam.
     I am a cat,
As you see, I'm on your mat.
     Please help me - I am a stray.
Can I have a bed in which to lay?
     I can help you with your late time napping,
I can purr so you can sleep when you're camping!
     Ma'am you're so kind,
That you don't mind.

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I once had a big fury bunny,
He was sweet and yes, he was funny.
He would hop all day,
and then I would say,
Let’s go to the park where it's sunny.

Details | Villanelle | |

The Danger of Sam

Beads of blood define my plight
No scars to see just yet
How much more do I need to fight?

I wish I could show you this sight
The fine lines of red that have just begun to set
Beads of blood define my plight

All I wish is that he might 
Stop soon, but my wishing is only a threat
How much more do I need to fight?

I scream and I kick as he shows me his bite
Trying to make sure I’ll never forget
The beads of blood that define my plight

How is he to know which is wrong and which is right?
Will he ever feel regret?
How much more do I need to fight?

Poor little raccoon, with your collar so tight
Why do I have you as a pet?
Beads of blood define my plight
How much more do I need to fight?

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I love to hear you speak
Ever if your voice is just a squeak!
Anything is better than this quiet,
I may go out and start a riot!

Do you think I'm too fat?
Or are you just being a brat!
Do you want me to fall flat?
Sorry but I won't do that.

Some days you will never speak-
I feel like throwing you in the creek!
Are you showing a mean streak?
Or has someone tied up your beak?

I know you're just a goose-
But that is no excuse
For all this non-verbal abuse,
Come on, let me hear you break loose!

Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk!

Just a little fun with rhyme and story. Hope you enjoy.

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Old Grimalkin

Sooty Grimalkin
with ears all in tatters
Stealthy Grimalkin
all paws, pitter patter

Sleeping Grimalkin
curled up by the fire
Dreaming Grimalkin
cream and fish his desire

Scheming Grimalkin
his yellow eyes narrow
Stalking Grimalkin
creeps up on a sparrow

Generous Grimalkin
brings in a mouse
Sullen Grimalkin
kicked out of the house

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In the bar he’s cracking jokes
Making fun of other folks
Knows he’ll end up in the garden
It’s his choice and not a hard ‘un
Mobile rings he’s got a text
“It’s the wife, she’s really vexed”
The barman rings the final bell
“Another drink?”  “Oh! What the hell”
Woody’s drunk (a nasty habit)
Tonight he’s sleeping with the rabbit
It’s something he don’t relish much
To spend the night inside a hutch
But bunny keeps him warm and snug
Just like a furry rabbit rug
He’ll sleep all night and in the morning
Wakes up scratching, farting, yawning
Creeping like a little mouse
Makes his way into the house
Boils the kettle, makes the tea
“Hello my sweet, it’s only me”

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Old Granny Goodness

Old Granny had a big brown kitten, which was the love of her life.
Old Granny’s eyes were failing, of that there was no doubt.
She swore her cat was a gentle Persian, a sweet little cat.
Now everyone loved Old Granny and so tolerated how it did act.
We didn’t have the heart to tell her how wild it was,  you know.

Like the time it jumped thru her screen window going after a bird.
Or how it tore up another screen to get to a squirrel up in a tree.
Or how it climbed the preacher’s leg to get his bowl of ice cream.
The chicken coup was violated by another fateful event.
But granny wouldn’t listen, because she loved that crazy thing.

She said it was a kitten, but it had very Huge, great big paws
And as it grew that sleek, short haired, big thing, truthfully began to roar.
It eventually laid in wait for anything that would cross it’s path…
Oh my goodness Granny… Goodness! Goodness! Goodness!
That’s a mountain lion and NOT a cat!

From that day forward we called her Old Granny Goodness…
For the trouble she could find, Oh My Goodness
Everybody loved her, she was the talk and entertainment of our town.
But a more loving and dear soul, will never be found.

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The Brawl

For the moment I merely watched him
Running back and forth in his home
I am patient you see
I am full of time plenty
I am the sly one in the darkness and I am hungry

So I waited, all day I waited,
All night I waited, I waited, waited, waited
And in the morning he came out of his house
I waited no more

I struck like a black bolt of lightning streaking down from the heavens
As if Death itself had ripped across space to sever everything with its scythe
I screamed down from heaven and struck

Only to find him leaping up and over me
To tumble in the air and land behind me
I landed in a crouch...
Peering around over my shoulder I gleamed at him

He for his sake I saw glaring back at me balefully with eyes and one hand beckoning me

I snarled

Spun around and lashed out with my whip as I did
He ducked it,

With the speed of sound my fist struck him
He blocked it

Out came my foot, and then the other
He evaded the first, and caught the second
I rolled and struck him across his face with the first

Again I landed on my feet

He staggered back and with a back flip he was ready once more...

He wiped his nose with one hand
Bade me come at him again with the other
A sly half grin on his lips

I charged this impudent fool
Changed direction, spun around
Out came my whip
Out came my foot
And he leaped over my whip
Flipped between my foot
And struck me twice with his own
light kicks to the face meant to shock me more than hurt me

We parted and circled each other
Looking for openings in the other's defenses

And there because I am patient I found it
A chink in his armour of skill and technique

He was mine
Again I rushed him in one smooth fluid motion
Twin kicks, the whip, my fists, and head butt, knees and elbows
In blinding fury, speed and in the space between thought it was over...

He retreated blocking the kicks,
Ducking the whip,
Avoiding the fists left then right
Catching the head butt in his hands
Countering the knees with his knees
The elbows with his elbows
And then...
He did the impossible

Defeated me

Rolling backwards he slammed my head into the wall,
Sliding from beneath my crumpling body with his feet
To stand ready inches from my limping body

I remember thinking then as my eyes closed to the world
"That's one damn tough hamster," I get out of the Kitty Clinic in two days

I want a rematch

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My ferrets

   My adorable one year old ferrets,
so cute and kind.
   Full of spirit and joy, always playful and mine.
They jump up and down, grabbing at each other.
   They weigh like two pounds.
Light on their feet, they hide and run around.
   Laying on the ground, anticipating and waiting for 
the right moment to attack.
   Cute, cuddly sounds, that sound like snickers.
Long, lean bodies that are graceful and fluffy.
   Round mouse ears, used to hear.
Little toes, that they use to scratch their nose.
   Always cheeky, squeaky and sneaky.
Shy ferrets, ready to fly.

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                                    HOW MUCH FISH CAN SMOKEY EAT

All cats like fish as we all know,
But Smokey just loved it,
It made quite a show.

My dad went fishing most every week,
And Smokey would wait,
By the door for his treat.

Dad always saved Smokey a nice big fish,
But Smokey kept begging,
To refill his dish.

One day Dad asked him,"How much can you eat?"
And gave him another,
Just for a treat.

Soon it was gone and the cat was back,
Begging and pleading,
For the fish in Dad's sack.

Time and again Dad gave him another,
And finally asked Mom,
"Has he got a brother?"

"Am I feeding two cats? Where does he put it?
I can't give him more,
He'll make himself sick!"

So Daddy refused after five or six fish,
And Smokey decided,
To fill his own dish.

While Dad was busy, quick as a flash,
He snatched up a filet,
And made a mad dash;

But Daddy was quick as the cat it would seem,
And grabbed back the fish,
As the cat made a scream.

Round and around each tugged at his end,
Till at last that poor fish,
In the middle was rend.

The cat ran away with a piece in his mouth,
To hide with his fish,
Somewhere in the house.

Dad had great fun retelling this tale,
Of the great tug of war,
With the cat and fish tail.

                                         Judy Ball

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My cat and my fish

My cat and fish don’t get along
I think it is more my fish
For my cat will sit by the fish bowl
While holding out his dish

He puts his paw in the water
And tries to give them five
Though I don’t know why he spreads his claws
He must not realize

He watches them with interest
And crouches down quite low
He must like to watch them swim
And greet them from below

He balances on the tank top
Like he is putting on a show
The fish must really love it
As they all watch from below

But one day I came home
And my fish were all gone
I’m not sure if they took a trip
Or went away from home

And there sat in the corner
My cat looked quite sick
I thought I better take him to the vet
And better make it quick

And there they took an x-ray
And to my surprise
My fish were swimming in his belly
And they were still alive

My cat looked at me
How could I be mad?
He really looked quite in pain
And how so awfully sad

My cat and fish don’t get along
I don’t think it’s wrong
For one that eats another
Is not a friend for long

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The Poet's Cat's Hunger

The poet sat deep in thought
The cat thought how it could eat
The duo were so busy
A mouse just went quite quick

The poet raised his finger
And the cat aimed its paws
It was going to get its supper
And the mouse would be in a plate

The mouse saw the cat there
Underneath the poet's feet
He didn't want to be dinner
Who would want to be 

So he planned his little escapade
And the cat thought of his tummy
Been rumbling for 12 hours
Since the poet wrote his poem

So the cat jumped at the little mouse
And the mouse jumped at the poet
And a rumblin' and a tumblin'
All happened that day

The cat clawed the poet
The poetry was ruined
The poet was so angry
His head erupted too

All brains were in the living room
And the mouse ran for its life
While the ambulance made its way
And the paramedics were shocked
To see the brains in the floor

While the cat was still hungry
And nobody paid him heed
Poor little cat he is
Lost his master and his prey

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Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Train (

Well we certainly did it last night
When we went grocery shopping, there was a slight oversight
The dog will not eat his regular feast out of the bag under the sink
But he won't go thirsty, he will have plenty to drink
He's a good old boy, he will not complain
We're having Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes topped with the dog's Gravy Train
The chunks seemed to soften as they were put on the stove to bring out the flavor
The family will find out if it is something a person would savor
The smell was quite odd, not bad, not good, just odd
Maybe this would be gourmet in some areas abroad
As the kids sit the table, with the plates all the trimmings
The secret item is reduced to simmering
Everyone is ready to hear about the brown chunky stuff on the potatoes, I begin to 
We forgot our usual Mc Cormick's instant, so we had to Fido's Gravy Train
Everyone at the table looked at one another
I hand the first plate to their mother
The next serving I passed to our daughter of  age three
Then the next one came to me
I took one bite, the chunk shimmied down the throat
My stomach instantly began to  bloat
The three year old took a bite and passed gas with the sound of a Whooping 
Needless to say we gave Fido back his Gravy Train

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Go Fetch

a leap of great faith
time to hit the water pool
fetching is for me

Tribute To
Man's Best Friend

My Pup {Shadow}  LOL

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Eddy, the dog-walker, of Park Lane South, seems
the youngest guy to ever be followed with fervor 
by a bunch of well-groomed, and well-fed puppies;
and does one not wonder how he manages them all?  

He has been in the pet business for decades charging minimal fees,
and what a great service he provides for his customers he loves to please;
never did he lose any of them...his dealings are fair, kind and friendly
and considering the amount he handles, he must be a very smart guy! 

Exactly at eight o' clock, he leaves his shop without a bite,
turning all responsibilities over to Debbie,
and he trusts her like she were close family;
don't trust and friendship go hand in hand as kid and kite?

By the way I've described him, you think everything goes smoothly?
No, by Heaven's sake he has his ups and downs constantly;
and when one of those hounds escapes from an unlocked cage...
you should see how he runs after him, feel his uncontrolled rage!

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Dog Chase

He's catching up..
Gotta go faster,
My little legs,
My little legs,
I feel like an ice dancer,
Hopefully mom doesn't see this,
She'll start laughing,
Freddy is on my tail,
He's going to snipe me..
The bush! The bush!,
Haha, Freddy,
Your in for a twist,
He's walking away,
Thinks Im done,
Not so fast...
Over the stick and through the grass,
To prance on Freddy I go!

Details | Rispetto | |

To Boner

Boner, Boner, my fun, little, furry friend.

Your tongue is long and pink, and always hangs out.

Chasing your tail, is a game, that will not end.

Why won't you come when I call,  Unless I shout?

Boner, Boner, you lay in my bed and fart,

And when it's time to bathe, you scurry and dart.

Boner, I hate the times I've stepped in your poo.

But, you always make me laugh and I love you.

For the "Valentine"  Contest.

Details | Personification | |


You’re a devil in disguise
Yeah, your cruelty I despise
That fur coat is just your guise
I can see it in your eyes

With a snobby little hiss
You will snub away my kiss
Like a shadowy abyss
You will steal away my bliss

I can feel your icy glare
In the shadows as you stare
Reach to pet you, I don’t dare
For your patience is so rare

But tomorrow’s a new day
Maybe it’ll be okay
My bad luck will go astray
And together we will play

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

Samii's Favorite Toy

Since she was three months old,
Samii just loves to be with her toy mouse.

The thick black fabric that was once a shoulder pad of a jacket
Was stitched and embroidered by me with tender-loving care,
And transformed into a toy mouse that has become her special friend.

She drags her toy everywhere, from the kitchen to the family room,
To the bedroom, and even, to the bathroom. 

As Samii lays on the sofa, she savors those caressing licks
Against the fabric filled with catnip.
She just adores that toy mouse!

Sometimes she plays so rough with her claws extended,
And nuzzles with such vigor.
But when she lays on the kitchen floor,
Absolutely no one can touch her toy mouse at all.
Since she's so intoxicated by that aroma of catnip d'or.

For the past ten years, I've watched Samii sleep with her toy mouse
Between her paws, or otherwise, right along side her.
I can tell that she just adores that toy mouse!

And even if she has a morsel to eat,
Samii always returns to her toy mouse wherever it may be.

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Puppy's Single-Sock Diet

They say fiber’s good for 
the digestion. I favor cotton: 
Jimmy’s gray athletic sox
tossed haphazard on the floor

and tasting of ball games 
on the corner lot.
Missy’s socks in pastel blue – 
I always leave her one of two.

And once, (what a treat!) 
Mom laid out a pair of fancy 
argyle socks, brand-new 
for Dad’s big feet.  

I took just one, leaving 
its mate so everyone can see
how its subtle hues
complement red-sable Me.

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In Heat

She’s on the prowl,
Chupacabre in heat,
She’s feelin’ the beat.

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My Dog

I’ve got this dog – a mix for sure
Its pedigree is far from pure
Its mother was a mix herself
A  Shihtzu - Bichon little elf
Its father was a tramp – a bum
A mix of everything to come
That leaves my dog a unique breed
The kind of dog that no man needs
Because its mother had this fling
My dog’s a Shihtz-On Everything

mdailey   6/26/12

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The Bow-Wow Song !

I was ‘ Walking ’ back from grocery shopping
When I saw something, that had me hopping…
… mad, I mean… at what I seen
… a Man treating a Dog, just like a Queen !

They rode past in a top-down car
She had shades on, like a Movie-Star
My bags dropped down, due to shock…
… Now… What She got, that I ain’t got?

… Her big ears blowing in the wind
Now, I know, that’s Man’s Best Friend
But the only reason, I figured, I was Walking
is ‘cause I need a new kind-of-Talking :

Bow-Wow!     Get my  tail to Wagging
Bow-Wow!     Ain’t too Proud for Begging
Bow-Wow!     Learn another kind of Language
Bow-Wow…    … see I can Manage …
Bow-Wow !
I’m slowly Learning How
-	    to Bow-Wow
                    and it’s Alright Now

Now, I knew, something was wrong with that Sight
Can my Bark, be worse than Her Bite?
I started to Listen to the Canine next Door
Yapping and a Howling – made ‘em give Her More…

Then I hung around the Local Pet-Shop
I Finally figured out “What They Got !”
The next Man came, I Said, “They’s Expensive,
You may as well, get yourself a ‘Mrs’…”

                    … Bow-Wow!
Bow-Wow!      Get my  tail to Wagging
Bow-Wow!      Ain’t too Proud for Begging
Bow-Wow!      Learn another kind of Language
Bow-Wow…   … see I can Manage
Bow-Wow !
I’m slowly Learning How
	     to Bow-Wow
                     and it’s Alright Now

Well… We were already happily Married, when He said, “Let’s get a Dog”
I sat up straight… went to sniffing, as silent-whistle-warnings, went off
I jumped in front of Him … and started to Tease…
“We don’t need nothing ‘round with Fleas !”

… and if You scratch behind My Ears,
I’ll make the kind of noise, you love  to Hear ! …

Bow-Wow!      Move Over Rover
Bow-Wow!      Fe-Fe, Its Over !
Bow-Wow!      This is My Growler
                     Git’ A Little Louder … Bow – Wow !

                 Bow-Wow… Wuff  Wuff  Wuff

         Carol Brown… This One’s For You Kiddo’
         And Your Great Sense of Humor (Smile)
              This Poem is From Bygone Days
(Wouldn’t You Know… The Silly One’s Always Survive)
                         Hope You Enjoy It….


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Somebody’s stolen my hamster
It was there when I went up to bed
My sister is sitting there laughing
And saying my hamster is dead

She thinks that it’s ever so funny
That Hammy keeled over and died 
Then she showed me where Hammy was buried
And I fell to my knees and I cried

The tears only lasted a minute
When a thought entered into my head
If my hamster has gone up to heaven
Can I have a new puppy instead ?

© John W Fenn  16-02-2009

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A cat is a singer
Always on key.
A cat is a tourist, 
With the world to see.

A cat is a guard;
A protector of the night.
Sometimes, a teddy bear,
To make the dark alright.

A cat is a sailor!
(Though her ship never nears the sea!)
A cat is a conversationalist
The ideal companion for tea.

A cat is a doctor,
For every sickness, an aid.
Often an illusionist
Into thin air she will fade.

A cat is royalty 
Her every need must be met!
A cat is a protector 
(Of  her rules that must be kept!)

A cat is a critic.
The food is never right!
A cat is a boxer;
She can put up a fight!

A cat is a lover, a tyrant, a clown.
You don’t need to vote her president,
She’s always leader of her town!

A cat is a pain.
A pain in the you-know-where!
“After all I’ve done for her!” You think.
“After all that love and care?”

But a cat is also God’s gift:
A miracle from above!
So when the sky falls on you
She will be there to share her love!

A cat is an actress;
She always steals the show!
A cat is a know-it-all, 
She’s learnt everything there is to know!

A cat is a dramatist.
The star of every act.
But a cat is,
Of all things,
Just that.
A cat. 

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When the well-rested rooster woke up at noon, he found himself in the lap
of a gorgeous boy and he was telling his mom with urgency,
"I want this rooster, he can keep the lonely and moody parrot company!"
And staring at him," It's a rooster, not a pet!" she exclaimed.

Mothers always try to please their kids, and sometimes they really spoil them,
not according to their customs and beliefs, controversially fathers are stricter than them;
"I'll take care of him and soon he'll be living in our ranch home" he promised...
and continuing,"From now on, his name will be Harbor: the lovely place where I found him!"

The gentle boy kept his promise and Harbor became part of the family,
and the talkative parrot taught him to say the exact words he said;
and months went by, but nobody knew that he could speak so humanly,
and how did they find out that Harbor was smarter than an ordinary bird?

They overheard him in a challenging conversation about finding a perfect mate, 
in the shortest time and the shrewd parrot thought he surely would have been the winner,
but to his surprise, Harbor used his accumulated wisdom and searched the nearby farm,
where chicks were bred and then put in perforated carboard crates on a freighter.

Harbor looked around and didn't really like any of the chicks he saw,
and was he about to give up on his search? Suddenly not! He trotted past the noisy farm,
and to his bewilderment, he spotted a young chicken on the grass below...
and gallantly approached her, and with a chat started a romantic affair by keeping her warm.

Harbor and the young chick clicked and they quickly were talking about marriage,
lots of baby chicks to feed: the ultimate dream of two domesticated birds; 
at first, the upset boy wasn't too happy about their agreement, and exploded in rage,
but realizing what was best for Harbor, he finally gave him his blessings.

On the same farm the newly-wed live, and have big plans for a large family;
one more thing, if curious folks decide to visit them anytime soon, they need a reservation.
They will show them around with their fowl hospitality, but rule out temptation;
none of them will end up on their plates for the next Holidays or any other special festivity!

Details | Light Poetry | |

Duke's Dog Do Poo Poo Pick-Up

Did your Dad tell you too
But the video game is in
Did Mom say you must
But the TV controller seems to be stuck
Did Sis tell you NO
And you really hate her guts
Did your brother say Shut UP
Butt you know he's a butt
You know you really have too
But you can't seem to get up
Too Do The Dreaded Dog Do Pick Up
Did you wait a little bit to long and it all turned to rock
Did it all turn to mush with the big storm we just got
Did the neighbor plug his nose because your mutt goes to much 
But your eye are stuck to the Boob Tub
So what should you do about all that Smelly Dog Poo Poo
Just pick up your phone and call 
Duke's Dog Do Poo Poo Pick Up 
The rates are great just fifty-cents a pile
Not much of a wait  So don't hesitate
Emergency Dumps Twenty-Five extra
Have the time use that Dime and don't forget to ask about
The Senior Citizen Dog Do Discount

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                                           I REMEMBER SMOKEY

Once when I was just a kid,
My sister eight years older,
My sister's boyfriend came to call,
As we were playing soldier.

Stationed in the jungle we,
Cut off from our troop.
Surrounded by the enemy,
We must escape, regroup.

To do this we must make a stand,
Take out that lone guard.
A local girl distracted him,
So we could hit him, hard.

My sister led him to the porch,
To kiss her friend good night,
Not suspecting they were watched,
Or what we planned that night.

They stood before the porch steps,
In young love's sweet embrace,
I'm sure the neighbors heard his scream,
You should have seen her face.

We snuck up very slowly,
They never heard a sound,
They thought that they were all alone,
With no one else around.

The timing perfect as we leaped,
I yelled to him,"ATTACK!"
And Smokey did as he was told,
He ran straight up his back.

The young boy screamed, jumped off the porch,
And made tracks for his car.
My sister cried to Mama,
"He'll prob'ly have a scar!"

The young boy swore that he was bit,
Felt teeth in his behind.
I grinned and said,"But not the cat,
The teeth he felt were mine."

Mama laughed so hard at that,
That we did not get punished.
My sister went into her room,
Her reputation tarnished.

She felt no boy would date her now,
She had a rabid sister,
Who hung out with a feral cat,
No one could resist her.

So cute and sweet, she had it all,
You'd think she had it made;
But with me no one would call,
She'd die as an old maid.

                                                   Judy Ball

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Here Kitty Kitty

                                              etched in own minds eye
                                          white kitten raising one brow
                                                  in crouch position

Tribute To The Kitty Cats     Meowwwww   LOL

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sneaky black cat on
the back of the couch likes to
lick oil from my  hair

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The Runaway Gerbil

There was a hole in your cage
And out ran you
Head held high and laughing
Like a gerbil would do
You hid behind the dryer
And maybe slept a few
And had a merry time
Thinking we couldn't catch you
You grazed on paper
And snacked on the lint
All the while we were wondering
Where the heck you went
But there you sat
After a bout of being free
No more running and hiding
You  said  catch me
Put me back in my cage
Shut the door tight
Fix that hole in my roof
And, watch out, I bite!

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The post man and my dog

The postman and my dog
Are not the best of friends
It seems that when he visits
My dog bites his rear end

Their war is rather silent
They never say a word
Why they fight is a mystery
It’s really quite absurd

I saw the postman in the bush
Hiding from my dog
Creeping to the mail box
While crouching under a log

Then one day without notice
The postman brought a bag
Full of pounds of sausage meat
That my dog could eat and have

From then on each day the postman came
Bringing pounds of meat
And when he came to the gate
My dog was there to greet

And though it does seem bribery
I think it works quite a spell
For my dog and the postman
Now get on quite well.

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The thicket 'midst
Carpets of blue bell hue-
Hoping the horse didn't loose
A shoe.

Details | Concrete | |


               puppy,   puppy 		                      full
         of  energy,  always                                              happy
       and so incredibly cute.                                        he greets                                       
me with wet licks and barks,                                  paws on
    my    clean    clothes    leaving                         their mark
        saying   “I was here.”    his   excitement   is   never 
                      ending,    bouncing     happily     like     a 
                        ball,  running   around  chasing   squirrels 
                          much   to     their      dislike,       chucking 
                            acorns       to        banish     him     from 
                                 their     sight.   plays     for        hours
                                     and I look                      for any 
                                        switch                           to   turn 
                                          him off.                          to bed 
                                          i go and                           he is at 
                                         my head                         his tail 
                                     thum                                ping

Details | Chastushka | |

Getting a Cat

This feline was born
Immediately it attacked my skin
Rigid claws made me mourn
The day I took this filth in.

Details | Free verse | |

The Feast

There is a distinctive odor in the air... 
and I am making myself scarce

All are in a state of repose with anticipation, 
but mine is with distaste and finality.
Inevitably it cannot be shunned.
Oh can I withstand them? 
So far away, where the wind doesn’t blow.
Like an unfavorable perfume, the hound flees.  
He seems to be the only one who understands me.  
In total frustration we howl in unison.

Where is an end adjacent to this grievous affliction... 
The only solution to solving the problem of 
grandma’s ‘chitlin’ feasts’, seems to be disporting in the forest 
with the allegiance of my conformable friend, the hound.

Details | Quatrain | |


                                                  SMOKEY AND ME

Smokey was a funny cat,
Filled with fun and love;
Adventurous as all cats are,
And Master of the Hunt.

He stalked the house in search of that,
Which posed some kind of threat,
A bug, a mouse, a ball of yarn,
No pest escaped his net,

That he had formed around our house,
He took responsibility,
To protect us from it all,
Because we were his family.

From babyhood he was my ken,
He always slept with me,
We played for hours in the yard,
Beneath the old Oak tree.

We climbed my swing set, climbed the tree,
Played in my sand box too,
Imagine my surprise to find,
He used it for a loo.

Kitty cat and little girl,
Fought jungle wars, climbed trees,
And then we sailed the Seven Seas,
Buccaneers were we.

We'd hide behind the sofa,
The curtains or in the hall,
And wait in ambush for our prey,
We really had a ball.

My sister's boyfriend happened by,
One night as we were hiding,
I yelled,"Chaarge!" and Smokey leaped,
The boy knocked off the siding,

On the book case in the hall,
As Smokey climbed his leg,
And we were sent to bed that night,
'thout supper though I begged.

Incarcerated pirates we,
The game continued on,
We'd wait until they were asleep,
Then eat til it was gone.

Then we'd escape into the night,
With valuables they cherished,
We'd be away by early light,
Leaving the guard embarrassed.

                                                    Judy Ball

Details | Quatrain | |


                                                    KITTY LITTER

Kittens tumble to and fro,
From room to room, just watch them go.
Attack the curtains at first light,
The sheers put up a mighty fight.

Ninja kitties, assassins four,
Quietly steal across the floor,
Suddenly, quick as a flash,
They charge the loo in one mad dash.

The toilet paper is their goal,
In a furious fight they subdue the roll.
Entering I can't adjure,
They've made the bathroom all secure,

From things that lurk within the folds,
Hiding in the tissue rolls.
Four furry warriors, undisputed,
Whose courage cannot be refuted,

Patrol the house in search of that,
Which could cause harm to ken or cat.
What would I do without this troop,
You must admit, they're just too cute.

                                                    Judy Ball

(There's nothing cuter than a litter of kittens)

Details | Light Poetry | |

I'm An Animal

"We were all born part animal"









This is what my dad told us kids
all the frigging time lol
thanks dad and happy father's day

july 5th 1925 - april 11 th 1981

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Windy Jade Green Sea Frenzy

Whooosh! Brrrrr...icy!..North wind in a steady gale blowing hard.

Whipping up the  green sea into a jade and white peaked frenzy.

The water turning to  an  ultramarine blue on  the misty  horizon
Dappled  clouds  echo a  scaly sea pattern in the lavender  sky .

The cool  Winter sun  shyly  peeking through  the cloudy canvas.

Walking with  the wind a woman with  a  whippet braces bravely.

Facing the salt spray and a wild sea  the wind carries her along.

Burnt sienna sponge corals daley with  red rubber spike corals

Empty crab shells crunched under moon crescent horse shoes 

Details | Narrative | |


is the name of my wild
and incorrigible cat...
down the stairs she scurries
to keep intruders off my door; 
and she, with her sharps claws,
challenges the most vicious dogs,
who would like a match
on my newly carpeted floor...
without letting me breaking up the fight!  

eat your food and grow strong,
they will be back with their groan,
but your meows won't do much;
let me teach you how to win a fight
and keep them off for good...
more faith you must have in me!
come here and jump in my lap;
Faberette...there's  no need for fright!

They haven't bothered you for a week now,
they must have sensed a change indeed;
and like friendly dogs they play and crawl,
instead of pulling off your spotted fur!
And cautiously you mingle with them with minimal fear...
can cats and dogs in friendship suceed?
But a word of caution I should make you aware of,
not all of them can change
and remain tame for long...
Faberette, be slicker than they are!

on my leather couch lies
under a warm blanket...
I pat her, and her feline eyes
flash the warmest glow; and I couldn't be
more proud of this wonderful pet,
keeping me company and share moments of joy!
And on her birthday, I even buy her a kitten toy!
O Faberette,
my adorable cat!


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Awoken Again

I was awoken this morning at a half past three, 
from a startling sound of a high octave C
I heard an F and a G,
or was that a staccato E?
Whatever note it was, it was disrupting me.
Then a D sharp and a lower octave B
"Oh my God, the tune is torturing me."
Then Hark! A smile of silence and I knew I'd be O.K.
But while dozing off to sleepy land I was jolted with an A.

"This is NOT o.k. I tell you,
to wake me up like this from my rest.
This bleeding eared tune I'm hearing now is putting me to the test!"

So I get up to see what's the matter, 
as the cat jumps from the piano down to the floor.
And smugly grinned and said, "What? A mew would have been to 
simple just to have you come open up the door."

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My Fickle Love

You nuzzle up to me, rub on my leg.
I pay no attention as you cry and beg.

I look away, continue my chore.
You come back again, crying still more.

Sometimes you want me.
Sometimes you care less.
My head is 'a spinnin
From all this distress.

When I want to hold you
You run like the devil.
Will we ever get 
On a good friendship level?

That is my story.
It had to be told.
My love's a hungry kitty cat
Sitting by his empty bowl.

Once his little belly's fat
He's happy and content.
He'll look my way, then walk away
He's quite a snotty gent!

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Animals are my prime favorites, how about you?

I like cute dogs, poofy dogs, goofy dogs,

Wiggly Giggly Barking dogs, quiet dogs too,

Smart dogs, silly dogs, crazy dogs, lazy dogs,

Large agressive guarding dogs,

Those are just a few,

I enjoy helpful dogs, playful dogs, bashful dogs,

Hyperactive athlete dogs,

How about you?

How about birds, do you like birds?

Fat birds, slender birds,

Small flutery skittish birds,

Exotic birds too?

Long legged birds, short legged birds,

pink birds, white birds,

250 pound birds (just the ostrich, mind you...)

Feathery birds, Arctic Birds, 

Tropic Birds, Desert Birds, 

Rodent-eating raptor birds,

wait, I'm not through,

I know, you like bugs!

Dull bugs, colorful bugs,

Icky Creepy crawly bugs,

Biting bugs too,

Flying bugs, walking bugs,

Running bugs, jumping bugs,

Maggot-Bearing Bullimic Bugs,

Those are just a few,

Stinky bugs, Slimy bugs,

Aphid eating ladybugs,

Luminescent Phosphorescent Glowing bugs too!

I love them all 

Big and small,

Animals are off the wall,

But don't trip

Just be hip,

Dont be givin' me no lip,

Animals are here for a purpose,

They have prodigiously covered the earths surface,

They are what we see what we learn, what we love, what we hate,

Some can be oh so meddlesome, but they have been helpful as of late,

Helping us to plow our fields, sniff out crooks, give us food,

Fulfill other necessities, so please let us not be rude,

Lets give these critters their credit due,

To animals everywhere, we love you!!

(You may say "no", but trust me, you do..)

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Sidewalk Scribbles

CJ scrawls out
his initials
saying in black ink
this is his turf.

I dare not step
on the 4-letter word
engraved in stone
lest it ruin my day.

Some sweet child of God
writes, "GOD IS GOOD"
all over the park
in pink chalk.

Lovers carve
their lettered kisses
into hearts
set in stone
that make me smile;
love is such
a happy thing!

The dog left
thankfully only

Mother Nature
dropped some leaves
to imprint themselves
upon the walk.

I haven't left my mark

maybe I will tomorrow.


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I call my dog Will Rogers.
It really is his name,
Reflective of the other one
Who gained such worldly fame.
And on the tombstone of my pet
I'll put, so it will stick:
"Will Rogers, 'cause he never met
A man he didn't lick."

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The Naming of Dogs

The naming of dogs is a serious matter,
as dogs are, by nature, a serious lot.
A name sets the tone for a pup’s pranks and patter;
and long into dog-hood. So, give it some thought.

Call a pup BOZO, he’ll just be a clown,
playing dead, pirouetting when you command “DOWN!”
If you dub your dog KING, you’ll be swelling his head;
he’s born to do nothing, he’s royally-bred.

You could call a dog BOOMERANG (comes when you call);
or SNAPPY, or FIDO (most faithful of all).
But to be realistic, here’s my advice.
It takes so much training to make a dog nice.

You give a command of obedience, NOW!
The dog’s suddenly deaf, he says “Say what?” or “How?”
So christen him WHY? – philosophical pup.
When you say “WHY SIT!” he’s bound to get up.

You could call him WHO ME? or perhaps NEVERMORE.
My personal choice, DON'T, no dog can ignore.
Just yell at him “DON’T COME!” He’ll see it’s his game
and run off to prove that he’s true to his name.

(with apologies to T.S. Eliot)

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MY DOG---------MY CAT

I have two pets-a dog and a cat,
One is thin, the other is fat,
Can you guess which on is that,
That's right--that darn cat is Very fat.

She drinks milk whenever she can,
The vet says,"NO!", but he's only a man,
She pays no attention whatever to him,
She IS picky though, she won't drink skim.

Now Mr. dog--he's slim and trim,
He runs and plays with vigor and vim,
He sticks up his nose at milk and all that,
He doesn't want to be a Fat cat!

I love them both-thin or fat,
Even though, at times, they drive me bats,
I thank God that they are around,
For they make me feel alive with all those sounds.

                             MEOW!      BOW-WOW!  MEOW!   BOW-WOW!
                              Don't they sound adorable?LOL

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staccato repetition reverberating in his ears
The rattle and the spinning flicker lights
Is it all a ploy to break him in his weakened sleepless state
A way to make him grab the bars and talk?
The kitten sits and wonders at the diapered prisoner’s fate
For a feline fitful second then she walks
Away to find some other  things to do
Cruelty and torture is really nothing new

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Bear was a dog with silver eyes,
And a heart as lovable as all.
An over grown puppy was this canine,
But his love was ten feet tall

Good old bear was a rather big dog,
But he also looked scary as well.
He wouldn’t bite a biscuit, and hardly a flea
And he was always wagging his tail.

The only thing that bear would bite,
Was an onion and croutons it’s true
He wasn’t your typical German Sheppard  
He would do the things only Bear would do.

I was chilling out at the house one day,
When a delivery man in the driveway pulled up,
He honked his horn, I went outside,
He was scared of that overgrown pup.

Bear was sitting outside his van
Looking at him with those big silver eyes.
He was panting and drool was everywhere,
But I guess he was tricked by his size.

Yes, Bear was a dog, with big silver eyes,
And a heart that was better that gold.
He would do the funniest things of all
The funniest things that on a dog be told.

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Rabbit was my turtle who never won a race
Red is my fish but he's blue in the face
And I love my pets but they do no tricks
So I play all day and sleep at night with my sidekicks

My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!  My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!
Sometimes we stand on bricks, play swords with sticks
Sometimes we have tools for fixin', lollipops for lickin'
But when it's time quit and switch, they're still my fav clique
My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!  My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!   (Chorus)

Smokey is my cat and I love him too
Got a little kitty, named her Crystal blue
And another fish in a bowl I call Fins
But they do no tricks, so I play with my sidekicks again

I got Teddy and Roy and my bulldog Bully
And at bath time I get to dunk my pal Sully
Then there's Croc but is he an alligator
And Fishy is orange, before I see you later
I gotta tell ya Mr. Duck is now Mr. Quacks
But my favs of all time is Tang Tang and Scratch

And though they're stuffed animals~ they do all the tricks
Like my play friend Jerry- they're my sidekicks


A Song for my son Caleb at age 4

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Domestic Disaster

Some think I’m crazy
Plumb out of my head
For listing these reasons
I’m not leaving bed
My pillow’s real soft
My blanket’s nice too
There are dishes in the sink
And dusting to do
The bills need paid
And there are lessons to finish
These cobwebs in doorframes
Will never diminish
The TV is filled with nothing but gloom
The bathroom needs tidying
The floors need vacuumed
The dog needs a bath
There’s laundry to fold
The leftovers from last week
Are starting to mold
The hedges need trimmed
The weeds are growing
The garden needs tended
The yard needs mowing
My house is a mess
The roof sprung a leak
I’m up to my ears
For the next couple weeks
If only I had
The courage I said
I’d throw back the covers
And the cat would be fed

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Wak'n Up With A Dog

Went to bed with my wife
She's kinda nice
Soft and cuddly
You might look at her twice (Provided you're 90)

Woke up to scratch'n
Bed gett'n wet
From lick'n, clean'n
Wondering what's next

Discovered she's not sleep'n
Has gone to internet
Find I've been doz'n
I've been snooz'n,dream'n with dog--Rocky get in your bed

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Nothing rhymes with llama
Nothing rhymes with lava
HEY! Llama and lava rhyme
I guess I knew that the whole time
When I see a llama, I shout
But when I see it not burning in lava, I pout
Ok, so that's not true
But I'm sitting here quietly with nothing to do......
I just realized that I've never seen a llama in the zoo.
I'm really starting to hate llamas now
I really wish they would all burn in lava
Still not true....
Still with nothing better to do...

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My Cat

My cat 
has lots of hair
F  A  T
and time
to do nothing,
but sleep in the sun
and torment the dog
because he is
the Head of the house
and he finds it 

But, of course,
I love him,
the weight of him
against me in the night
the sound
of his "motor running"
as the kids would say.
He brings such love
and warmth in those dark, 
lonely hours.
without warning,
he leaps away.

If you were to 
ask him why?
He would quite

"I was done"

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My dogs are like two pieces of Pecan Pie, I could eat them right up.  With their 
noses so wet and soggy.  Their eyes are filled with love, and kindness.  Their 
tummies so soft and squishy to lie on.  Their mouth filled with laughter, but of 
course in bark form.  Their legs which they run, jump, and tackle you to the 
ground.  And finally their hearts, filled with love, and hope, and kindness, and 

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Twenty Twenty Dollar Bills,
Sticking out of twenty jacket pockets,
Of Twenty Zoot-Suited Mexican Hoods

Leaning on Twenty 1940's cars,
In Twenty different shades,
With Twenty Female Mexican Cuties,
In twenty short cut dresses...

Twenty squad cars nearby,
In case Twenty crimes are made,
Twenty pre-assuming a cop,
I came by on my donkey,
"Twenty Drops Of Do" his name,
He was a smart assed donkey.
To injustice he'd put a stop...

Left Twenty drops of Donkey-do
On each squad car door,
The stink broke up the tension,
Of that you can be sure....

Twenty Zoot-Suited Mexicans,
Had twenty tales to tell,
And for my heroic donkey,
Theyd really treat him well.

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Mr. Sly

The light of day is gone,
The night is slowly dragging on,
Out of his den under the rocks, 
Comes the sly silver fox.

He peers around into the night,
His eyes like yellow firelight,
He runs on soft and silent feet,
Looking for something good to eat.

Mrs. Mouse came from her hole,
She paid the price of nature's role,
Fox pounced upon her slender tail,
Poor Mrs. Mouse did turn quite pale.

A rabbit dazed with drowsy sleep,
Lay under brush in a heap,
Mr. Fox must not be full,
For he jumped on her and ate her whole!

The fox now turned and slunk away,
To roam about until the day,
Day will find him in his den,
Sleeping and waking now and then.

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I am Pet(e), 10

Hey, I am Pet(e).

I am happy, 
…to be 10 years old 
and really obedient,
yes, obedient
though naughty, 
yet still I am Pet(e), the 
loving member 

of the family, 
just like Man(dy);
so please, don’t sass
and throw me not 

the circle, if 
I am no longer, as you feel, 
cute to you,
‘cos I am not your accessory!

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Two Cats and a Man

Two cats are singing midst the rain,
"Meow, mara, meow!" at the side of the train.
"Shut UP, now!" shouts a man in vain.
"Meow, but it's cold, and I'm wetting my mane!"

"If you are quiet, or restrain
I will fetch you some string; in fact, make it a skein."
"Is not for game that we're now fain."
"Then I'll warm you some cream, if your cries will just wane."

Those words then make the silence reign,
So he leaves and comes back with a dish made in Spain.
He puts the dish on their terrain,
And the cats lap the cream... Then start meowing again!
"What's this, you promised to abstain!"
"We promised to wane not to stop our campaign."
"That was a bad, dirty chicane!"
"Don't you see that it's water that's causing our bane?
Try off'ring something less inane."

"Please, all that noise that is pounding my brain
Will make me soon go quite insane.
Should I turn against you and make use of my cane?"
"Are you threat'ning us with some pain?"
"Unless both at this time of your racket refrain..."

Both cats think that it is quite plain;
They must shush, or then risk ending up with a sprain.

Cats and men will often complain
That they're told to do things that they just can't attain;
But once they're forced, all ascertain
They can do a lot more than they could entertain.

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It Was Only A Dream

I dozed off on the couch last night 
My dreams took me to a place that was bright
Dazed where i was wasn't known
Trying to awaken  i felt than i wasn't alone
A fear started growing inside of me 
Trying to open my eyes so i could see
Felt as if i was being held down 
Tried to scream but their was no sound
Finally i was able to get my self awaken
That moment of fear left me a little shaken
Awakening to a big surprise
I gazed in to two big brown eyes
As my eyes were still adjusting to this 
My face was getting wetter with every kiss
This might sound romantic to some of you 
But believe me this is so not true
On top of me laid my dog like i wasn't there 
Stretched out without a care
I looked around and lights on is all that i seen
The house was lit up brighter than its ever been
I don't know why my dog felt she could lay on me 
There was plenty of space we have a sectional you see 
But why should i be surprised she done stranger things than this 
Are dog is surely to put us through a few more years of bliss

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Never Kiss A Rat

Never kiss a rat
For it will make you flop 
And will go away like rats
Throw it to a cat
Surely, will play and you’re on top
And won’t leave you like nuts

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Tom Cat

Purr, Fur, Feline
pillow poaching friend of mine
milk licking, whisker flicking
put your padded paw in mine
Tell me that you pinky swear
to come back home from everywhere
that you go so late at night
to run and play and prowl and fight
I see you run off down the alley
to meet your scruffy pal O'Malley
I know you lead a double life
with seven children and a wife
But I let you in at six o'clock
and when I leave I turn the lock
cause I just want to keep the part
that I have of a Tom Cat's heart.

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Baron's Day

I told everyone you were reserved
Your breeding thick with dignity
You made your entrance quietly
and exited a room light-footed.

I boasted you were on top of your game
agile and quick to deliver a laugh
never to trouble ourselves on your behalf
caught up in life like a frisbee.

Then came the day when we came home to see
the fluff from your bed strewn about
as if a small hurricane contained in our house
had blown up our den in fury.

You still had some stuffing hanging out of your mouth
but how could we find ourselves angry?
After all, you just look so innocent still
Your tawny coat shining in the fluff-filled room
Your head tilted just to the side in amusement
your royalty lineage: Baron.

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Where's That Cat?

As the daisy filled grass,grows up high in 
the sky,As torrential rains fall down by the
by!The Sun sheds it's light rays ever and
about,Sending out it's interference,is a
graying like cloud!Darkness and gloom is
hovering up and above,Nature's own storm
covers as a cap and a glove!As the
Woodpecker does it's rat-a-tat-tat,While up
in a tree at it's very own base,hides a
hungry Tom cat,staring up very greedily!
Dog behind the house,gracefully stalking
that cat, Cat unaware of where that dog may
be at! The Mailman sneaks by to deliver
the mail, Where is that bothersome dog?
All barking and not wagging it's tail!

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man's best friend

he's so happy to see you
so anxious to greet you
jumping up and down
tongue lolling all around
tail wagging back and forth 
going from side to side
running across a floor to fast to stop 
and then he slides
your dog, your  pet
a companion for life
unconditional love and acceptance
more loyal than a husband or a wife
a buddy who will adore you 
until the very end
your dog, your pet 
man's best friend

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A Dog's Wish

How I wish my owner wouldn’t kick me,
it’s not my fault I have to pee.

He only takes me out once a day,
otherwise in a dark room is where I stay.

He often forgets to set out food,
especially when he’s in a bad mood.

He seldom pats me on the head,
or lets me sleep in his bed.

To run and play would be great,
or at least have a mate.

Just to sniff a few trees,
and get over my plague of fleas.

I used to enjoy a special treat,
as well as walks down the street.

I admit life isn’t what it used to be,
I just wish my owner would take care of me.

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BathTime for Mister

Four legs and one tail
balks at tub door.
"Let me out of here,
I can't take this any more!"

Waters not a bit too hot
Shampoo tastes strange, I guess
All this shaking of water
Is just making a big mess!!

Okay, hold still please
You have to be rinsed now
When you're all cleaned off
You'll be ready for your bow!

"Oh yeah, right", Mister smirks
"ready to look like a big drip.
And as soon as I get to the grass
on my back I'm gonna flip."

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Pretty Sh__y

Someone is watching me,
Not that I'm paranoid,
As you can see
This stalking person
scares me,
Somewhere else I'd
rather be,
Electronic bugs I
find all over,
Even hid in my
dog's butt, poor Rover!
Secret cameras, telescopes
pointed my way,
I don't know just what to say,
I've gotten some threatening notes,
The most obscene, from my poetry,
There's a strange car that
follows me,
I wonder what they
want to see...
I'll trick them soon,
And I know how...
I'll go out, and buy,
a dairy cow,
I don't know what
good that may do,
But confuse them with
my motives, true
I'll save up all the
lumps of cow dung,
And make a flop-pie
To throw at some,
The sh_t will fly,
And yes, oh my....
I hope I hit them,
in the eye.

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Booey Dog

I have a medium sized dog,
Which doesn't like a cat called Mog.
When she goes on a walk,
She doesn't  ever talk.
If that was me,
It would just never be.
She normally wees on a log,
Which makes her a smelly dog !!

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There was a dog that loved to chew,
This love of his he'd always do,
He'd chew up shoes and rugs on the floor,
And then after that he'd chew on the door.

The dog chewed on paper until it was shreds,
He chewed on the blankets that covered the beds,
To chew on something he was always ready,
That is why they called him Shreddy!

Finally one day I brought him a bone,
But he decided to chew on the phone,
I told him no! and slapped his heels,
He started to chew on the car wheels.

This dog that I knew finally learned,
By chewing one day some wood that had burned,
It was red hot and he took a big bite,
Poor little Shreddy was a funny sight!

He went round and round and snarled and whined,
Now something to chew he will not find,
There is no reason to call him Shreddy,
To end this poem I am ready!

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Coyly Samba

eyeball to eyeball, deep, labored breathing,     
sidestepping, pulling, twirling, pushing;            
bodies swaying to the fast Latin beat,                  
sultry flame of  uncontrollable heat;   
enchanting the feral, seductive rhythm,   
seemingly floating and lost in a dream;               
to some dizzying heights wildly soaring,       
inflamed pores with sweat overflowing; 

lost in the magic of that Brazilian dance,              
the master and his moonstruck mistress;           
sitting in the corner their loyal Maltese,           
admiringly watching, deep in a trance! 



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Sob Sob

I once had a dog
Who thought he was a frog,
He jumped in the pond
And croaked.
That's why these tears
From to many beers
Now he lies 'neath
The neighbors old Oak.

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Mr Piggy

Piggy is as Piggy does
A spoiled rotten cat.
But still as lovable as the day is long
Was he a little brat!

Poor Mr. Piggy was starved for love,
Or at least that’s the way he acted.
Just be around him for a few minutes
You’ll automatically be attracted.

I remember a time, ‘round last November 
A thunderstorm was raging outside.
I couldn’t stand to see him out in the rain,
So I had to bring him inside.

Black and white was his fur’s color
But he liked to be loved and held.
So I loved up on him and petted him too,
And the purrs always entrailed.

Yes, Piggy was as Piggy does,
My mom’s house shoes he would attack
Though shoved away, if she wore them outside,
Mr. Piggy would always come back.

Dear old, dear old Mr. Piggy,
His cuteness was so attractive.
He could be a pain, but that’s ok
He was just a little hyperactive.

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Two little white paws,
And a little pink nose.
You give him a bath,
And outside he goes.

“Where’s Buster”, I say,
And what do I see?
Two little eyes
Looking back at me.

A pounce at a rooster,
And a pounce at a hen,
His white fur is dirty,
Where has that cat been?

Two little black ears,
And a long black tail,
He’ll chew on a paint roller,
A button or a nail.

One spoiled little kitten,
And Buster’s his name.
One sweet little kitty,
But spoiled is his game.

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I have a little goldfish,
That wants me to scratch his belly.
I scratch it and his tail starts moving,
Just like a jar of grape jelly.

My little goldfish is always hungry,
But is as fat and as long as can be.
He’s a goldfish with an attitude,
And his name is Twinkie.

When I have to change that water,
And he gets put into another bowl.
Ho goes to the bottom and pouts at me,
And he gives me a fin so cold.

Spoiled is my goldfish,
And Twinkie is his name.
But without his little attitude,
Our house wouldn’t be the same.