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Free Verse Sympathy Poems | Free Verse Poems About Sympathy

These Free Verse Sympathy poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Sympathy. These are the best examples of Free Verse Sympathy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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This Girl

This girl, she's crying inside,
But all everyone sees is smiles,
This girl, she's hurting inside,
She's lived like this for quite a while,
Always holding her pain inside, 
She won't ruin everyone's time,
This girl, she's breaking down inside,
But all she does is smile,
Those deep eyes,
Hold a lot world of misery,
Playing pictures from her mind,
Showing her past, her history,
She doesn't want to remember,
But the memories continue to play,
Every night she prays,
Wishing them away,
But this girl lies with her laugh,
And hides behind a mask,
So that no-one can see her pain,
Her past, her denials,
This girl, she's dying inside,
Although no-one can see her pain,
She just continues to smile bright,
From day to everyday,
With beautiful lying eyes,
For everyone to see,
Everyone and anyone,
Everyone but me.

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Peircing Silence, Screaming Thoughts...

Here in my room,
I lay in my bed,
With every thought of you,
Intruding my head,
Like snapshots in my brain,
Of the last thing you said,

My gut is violated,
And I twitch with rage,
I cannot free myself,
From this anxiety ridden cage,
And in this chapter of our life,
It seems I can't turn the page,

This torture is much worse,
Since you have been away,
I am so scared,
That away is where you'll stay,
And no matter how hard I try,
I will have to lay here in my room,
Alone one more day.

By Mac Holmes. Janettas grandson. 
Written sitting in my room alone still waiting...

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Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad.
Sometime I sing, sometimes I stammer

Sometimes I dance on the music of my soul, Sometimes I dance on the fingers of 
one single person
Sometimes I expect so much from others; sometime I myself can’t meet my own 

Sometime I make fun of others and feel bad later, sometimes life makes fun of me 
and I smile
Sometime I win and sometimes I lose, sometimes I don’t even understand whether I 
won or lost.
Sometimes I laugh as if whole world is with me,
Sometimes I cry as if I am alone wandering in a strange land

Sometimes I give up so easily
Sometimes I work so hard that no one can stop me to achieve what I want

Sometimes I am dynamic person, who wants to change the world,
And sometimes I am a kid who expects anyone to embrace him tightly.

Sometimes I feel happy about the achievement of my enemy
Sometime I feel dejected with my own success.

Sometimes I help others and show them the right path
Sometimes I feel totally helpless and don’t know where to go

Sometimes I ask god to please give my past back
Sometimes I pray to show me the way forward

Life is composed of SOMETIMES and I just flow with that.
U admit or not but you are also sailing on the same boat.
So join me and enjoy it EVERYTIME as SOMETIMES life is very short!

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Split apart your ribcage,
Open up the corridor, and let me come in
Uneasiness instantly strikes through me
Let me sway away...
Let me flutter away...
Like a butterfly out of its cocoon 
I'm trapped!Let me depart

Split apart your ribcage,
Unwrap me, let me go!
Believe me...reflect on me
Let me sway away...flutter away
Let us both seek the sun,
So we can grow together once more

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Lonely Man Under Pink Sky

It was something real -
love's lucidity stretching to eternity.
The dusky pink air of evening, salty gravel underfoot,

and the five o'clock brooding on water and mud flat.
There you were, fixed figure on the landscape,
black irregularity against all that pink,

your solitude clutching at my uncertain empathy.
You wanted to be understood.
It shocked me softly - your impenetrable cocoon,

the warm human reaching,
and the sea of your separation
washing up over my disregard.

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R.I.P. William Dale Eubanks
d. July 1, 2012, aged 68 yrs., Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee

Death came as no surprise
the first Sunday in July;
it claimed you, on a ridge in Tennessee,
with kin who took you in and waited with you
through the last hard days.
You kept what fears you had well hid,
did not betray with loud complaint
the fate you could not but know awaited.
A smile, a joke, a hug – exotic meals –
And genuine interest greeted all you met.
And you were, certainly, never boring
but well-traveled and smart
beyond the telling.
We’ll miss your wit, your bright demeanor,
and will remember all you freely gave ---
and what you took from us
with your passing.

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Hounds from Hell

Hounds from Hell take their toll on your soul
as you walk the mainstreet of mainstream
and watch Saturn and Neptune dance to a simple tone
of silence in the outer space.
As you sit in the middle of the world
free yourself from the sense of hopelessness,
only see yourself in the mirror of deception
as your reflection laughs at you and looks right through you,
and doesn't have remorse for what it says or does to you.

Hounds from Hell take your soul,
chock you, cut of your air,
the smog and fog blind you in the city of ash.
Hear the hounds from hell howl for your soul,
go now, barracade your soul behind sins and temptation,
Alone, listening to your soul die away,
watch love go away from you, with suitcase in hand,
picture frames broken and collect dust through the sands of time.
Till the cleaning lady comes on Monday, to clean the mess
that you left behind.
You are gone, without a trace of ever returning.
Looks of the Hounds of Hell came for you and stole you from
comfort and warmth,
till the sorrowed heart cracks and pain spills out
and you look at it all spill out over the floor.
The Hounds from Hell have paid a consumable harmage to you,
and your rich soul of sorrowness burns away... slowly.

Fear darkens souls,
innocent souls burn with a new day,
a slumber that has no end
with nightmares haunting every light of hope
there is left in this desolate Wasteland.
Fear and darkness tears a hole in the darkened universe
and we all go to hell to see the Hounds,
who come for us all.
The graveyards fill,
and death guards the tombstones of the dead,
and the flowers burn away on the feet of the dead.


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She tries to rearrange the sunrays, calls the clouds
clutter, the Namaqualand daisies that stray her way

are worthy of slaughter, too erratic, too off-colour 
defying borders. Nightmares intrude, find her 

unaware, bleed hurts dry, sand grains are sorted 
by composition and size, though so many fail

to comply. Secrets, dozens, this paladin keeps,
their shadows bring chaos when she submits 

to sleep. Somehow she inters her cry, an art she
has mastered. Hidden, a hint of formaldehyde in

tears, for ghosts return to box her ears. Few would 
guess at the cautions she takes, how trust strains

against a thousand barricades. But love is there,
a babe pressing on crib bars, it stains sleeves, 

it fills her ribs and yet somehow, it dissolves
in air.  How could she be so misunderstood, 

defending treasures rare, restoring perfect order, 
freeing truth from falling stars, sweeping creaks 

from ancient stairs and re-gilding tarnished alters.
All she wants is peace, harmony, everything good,

and so she does more, more than she should,
schools truants, tames the wild and refuses to falter.

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The Beauty In Futility

my heart breathes its last breath
Embraces its own death
Ready to be reborn 
and made anew

Can’t live a lie
Refuse to “do”
and I’ll DIE....
Focus now on why I’ll live 
And never touch the sky. 

I have to forget you
I have to reject you 
But I will never love anyone 
like I loved you.....

I heard you whisper 
and you never knew it
I wiped the tears from your eyes 
But you couldn’t feel it

You’re lost and you’ll never find you
And neither will I 
And I’m so sorry--
but I’m NOT. 

I'll attempt to reset
Try to forget
But you know, I never will. 

Be my dirty little secret 
My very worst-kept secret 
Sweet, smooth, beautiful poison 
My infernal and endless attraction 
towards complete and utter self-destruction 

I fell in love with the devil
And it will take one heck of an angel
To save me from the likes of you....

My addiction 
my confusion
my nightmare
my dream never to come true

Oh, I’ll never forget the times
we never shared
I’ll never forget 
how you were never there

Always me, the stars, and tears
And I ask you,
what kind of life is THAT?

I have to face the facts 
I don’t know what happens now
but it happens without you. 

The stains will always be there
the scars will never fade
But the memory of you----
it HAS to. 

I could carry the torch forever
But it would only consume me
I can’t cry another tear for you
Or I’ll dry up completely

It doesn’t affect you
and you never deserved me

You’ll go on with your life, too
All, all alone
Because you’ll only ever be in love
with you. 

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we are stars

people are like stars,
some are younger,
some are older,
some are brighter,
some are darker,
some are bigger,
some are smaller,
but in the end we are all the same.
all together.
shining bright with our personality.
dont care about what other people think.
its their own opinion.
be unique,be you.
you are who you are, and who you are is all their gonna get.
so shine like a star!!!

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you pick on the innocent
pray on the weak
leave the unwanted in your dust
harming all in your path

they go home
bruised and beaten
filled with tears
a lump in their throats

still breathing
still a love in their hearts 
yet they have more strength
than you ever will 

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in memory of a rose

your velvety blossoms
slowly withers away
once tender roots
have now decayed
at the thought i cringe
such insidious disease
gradually infects
each and every leaf

moldy black spots
crinkled stained edges
your magnificent growth
gradually suppresses
your unsurpassed beauty 
now fuzzed up and gray
crinkled debilated stems
a dull distorted array

shoots barely opened
leaves now curled and bent
such unforgettable moment
your petals soon descend
your spicy scent has drifted
such sickly brittle vein
Flowers now discolored
and left to thrive on pain

after months of nurturing
your once marvelous display
the thought of you slowly wilting
has left me in dismay

*My theme is taken from Constance's Poem "in Memory of a rose"*

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Tears From The Swamp

Author: Joseph Osita

From the swamp
Haunts me the tears of my blood
Stripped of all hope-the soil to shelter
And banished to swim in oil-poisoned sea
Do they know
Ghost of revenge haunts the weeping soul?

 From the swamp
All sorrow-veiled mourners gather
To unfold reaper's choice of the day
As muscles are crushed by soldiers’ bullet fury
Poised by Hobson's choice
Young men breed strength for crime
For ghost of revenge is haunting the weeping soul

From the swamp
Haunts me the stammering musket of angry souls
Where owners beg stealers the share of oil 
And the dead man’s amnesty is of twilight solution
For ghost of revenge will forever haunt the weeping soul

On the oil rich people of Niger Delta who are given peanuts by Nigeria government, despite oil companies’ excessive spillage in the region. 
The people hauled their anger against the government but were apprehended by Nigerian Army.  
For Michael J Faloticho's 'Sounds of a cry'

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Mystery guy

          Dreams and memories of what could have been,The past means nothing to me 
and then everything at the same time. 

It's made me who I am, and i'm glad I know but if I could change the past would I be so 
quick to do so? I want to have it all but the future never whispers not even a little bit 
I want to know it's secrets.

 I am left in the dark about what and where I will be the future no tears that promise 
pain so I don't know if I will get hurt. 

It's just that I can't help thinking about you and how different I would probably be if 
you knew that one secret that I held so close to me for so long that when it was time it 
was too late.

 I may spend eternity looking for someone exactly like you, it's because my conscience 
will never let me forget how good a person you were.
I was so deep into you that i'd lose myself in the moment and I have never felt that way 
before and I don't know if I will feel it again. 

Just waking every morning knowing that I would get to see you again, Oh it 
was such a feeling and now I can't even remember how it felt.

 Searching for that guy again with my whole heart and my whole soul... even if it turned 
out bitter I just wish I could know.

 I hate living in regret, I hate living in my head.

 It's filled with empty promises and dreams that are so far away I can't even feel them.

 I want to touch, this time i'm not afraid if only you could appear one day then maybe I 
would get my second chance.

 Reality is so much better than anything I could pretend 
so when the time comes I will jump into that mystery guys arms and fly free for that 

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Crying Red Tears

I hold it in
falling apart inside
close my door
walk up the familiar stairs
reach for my only friend
no questions asked
not a doubt in my mind
i tug at my wrist
let my arms Cry Red Tears 
full of pain desire hate
tape up the emotions
put away the fears
so i can hold it in 
and let my arms Cry Red Tears...

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The Logical Bird Sings A Logical Song

A single bird rests above
Singing over and over again
The same notes in the same logical order
Again and again
Seconds, minutes, hours pass
The song never changes
Doesn't it know what is around it?
Doesn't it see the world below?
The grass and flowers
The small dogs yelping as they chase a ball
Doesn't it see the two people in love?
The two who want a beautiful melody
A melody that matches they way they feel
Soft lilting music
Notes that match the sound of the breeze
The distant waves
Does the lonely bird care?
Does he see the reds, golds and yellows of the sunset
Muted by grey skies
Chased by true blackness
Do the notes reflect the sadness of a sunset?
Hidden away
Colors lost never to be seen again
Or do they just repeat?
Again and again
Until the grass, the dogs, the lover and the sunset
Fade into the darkness
Into a distant memory
And the bird, still singing the same notes
Never realizing that he is not fully alive
But knowing that his music is still logical.

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See How You Left Me

See how you left me
Just see how you kept me
A lonely canoe paddler
In turbulent and windy waters

Let me go into oblivion
For i am lost in nowhere
Yea! Let my memory be swallowed
In total and unrepentant coma.

I am not blind yet i cannot see
I am healthy yet very sick
Because you left me with nothing
Gasping for strength in solitude

I turn left, its emptiness i feel
My right holds darkness in daylight
My foot knocks in utter fear, for
Pain has become my friend

You left carrying my love unreturned
Wearing the hood of a stranger
Uttering dark and piercing words
As you sail away to strangeness

Oh just see how you left me
A proverb before many mouths
A walking flesh without bones
Just see how you left me

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What doesn't kill You only makes you weak

I down poison and sleep for days
trying to take the heart ache away
I swallow rasorblades to take the headaches away
but nothing matters its always the same
what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
liar liar pants on fire!!!!

Overdosed and dieing
survived it and now paying with liver damage and internal bleeding

The car crash of the drunk driver
how relaxing
nail biting aftermath
and another reason to go out and party
for the celebration
of the alcoholic
who just took the life of his best friend
I'm the victom
I'm the victom
I'm the victom he says
but low and behold the survivors in the other vehicle
stronger than ever
all crippled and in wheel chairs
know that
they should really thank the drunk driver and condemn
all the hippocrits who know nothing of survival

so here i am
wishing to be more strong
why bother to exercise
they surely have it all wrong
why pay attention to science any way
all those cliches can tell you about apples and sunshine
but we know what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
so i think I'll cut off my leg
go play in traffic
or fight the wars by doing too much drugs
the place inside the fire can tell you
what doesn't kill you will only make you strong

A second lease on life
a new found reason to get up and go
and find god and praise life
and all the things i should have done
and all the newfound glorious reasons to cry
why oh why oh why oh why
thank you lord thank you Jesus
thank you wars thank you liars thank you lies
thank you doctors thank you poets
thank you psychologists
thank you preachers for truly understanding an age old cliche
I'll peel off this apple to keep the doctor away throw out the core
and know
if it doesn't kill me
I'm probably just weak
and after all the rehabilitation and speach therapy i still don't feel like me

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Why does the will i am hate Mr Jones?

Is it cause youre small minded Mr jones asks the many voices who once had 
repect counting the crows pecking the and gouging out their eyes?
Is it cause you loathe what you dont understand and this revelation is something 
they need to see in themselves?
Is it the fact you carry a heavy load and need a helping hand
was it the opium you down like poison that you Jones for
leaving you to ask who i am?

Whats the will I am saying?
as he steals my spotlight
leaving me here assassinated verbally like a sitting duck
sure im no hippy sniffing daisies
pounding on drums in peace beads begging for sex
with a picket sign saying peace please

Is it because im gay?
Is it because im spiritual?
do we have penis envy?
Have you read the lists?
are you going to pay the tithe?
and before you mash the send button with snide cruel bitter comments
please please
don't think twice

the murder of crows circling
cawing in the blood moon sky
November rains down on this wedding day
and I am forever by your side
why does my will
the will i am hate me?
is it a syndrom of an itchy trigger finger
an itch below the waste
why must everyone pull eachother down
back into the boiling pot
like the crabs we truly are in this amazing race
to lose it all
then fall
and sing and
sway and praise
and humm such blasphemous amazing grace
of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

oh sweet sugar coatings
and icing on the cake
The will iam
I wonder counting crows
a famous last name with me
Mr jones
why do you hate the will I am

Is it because i read tarot cards?
is it because i'm gay?
is it because i'm amongst favorites?
is it because im controversial?
is it because you have nothing to say?

but who am i flamethrower
i sit here a hack
with a curse gor the harpie you are
and a smile upon my face
i throw this effortless nothing
and never look back

the stone falls into the pool of the abyss
oh will i am
mr jones
why do you loathe what you dont understand?

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The Cancer

I've watched her vanish and dietirate into withering roses.

The pain that takes over her body is spreading fast and furious,

and only weakens her!

How can she bring so much light into a room of darkend souls, with her smile,

When she has only those two weeks to remain?

Why her a mother and new bride?

She doesnt want to miss a thing in her young boys lifes.

But... she already knows how it will be and how it will come.

Six days, six days she had before the death withen her took 

one last breath, and she vanished into the atmosphere and left.

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"Put on channel seven.
My Lord!! What have they done! 
I can not believe it..
they killed my only son!"

Raised with respect.
Never a problem.
Worked hard as a Man.
Problems..he would solve them. 

He did well in College.. 
He struggled..but made it through. 
Held his chin up when he was down.
Gods help..guided him through.

He put down his cup of coffee.
Kissed his daughters face.
Ran to catch the bus.
To join the daily race.

On the 105th floor, 
"Ding!" and he steps out. 
He can already hear. 
His boss’s vivid shouts.

It’s 9:15.
We are staring at the screen. 
The worst disaster I have ever seen.
The building collapsed.
My heart went numb.
Where..Oh! Where, 
is my only son?

Did he make to the office?
Lord tell’s not true.
God, take me instead of him!
Please help him get through. 

"Where is my Daddy?" 
I was staring in her eyes..
I saw it then..she realized.
"Why would they do it?
..What have they done?
I said, "We are not to hate but..
..but they have killed my only son."

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Heroin Hero

  Alone; as you lie on your bed
The stars brighten, serene
Such an ecstatically lovely scene
While these visions float in your head
Imagining hues of purple: divisions of colorful red
Teardrop sparks sprinkle the room
All around in sweetness croon
The words unheard, not said.
   Beauty beheld in radiant eyes
In you resides the strength of Achilles
Though at war within your smile is silly
All and sundry cries
A child unknown, underlies
This babe: birthed in the lion’s den
Whimpering song of saddened sin
Precious glowing guise.
   A moments life on a dealers rate
Mommy’s whoring liquid lance
Living within your secret trance
Ungodly was to procreate
Yet yours is to a tempted fate
To feel, to float, to steal a scream
A life conceived within a dream
With this are you given another date.
   Heaven awaits sweet heroin hero
Innocent babe with your precious grin
What you have now is only ten
Seconds counted backwards to zero
Alone to dwell in your place of limbo
A pasture for you, a bed of clouds
One more broken breath allowed
Goodbye sweet heroin hero.

       January 21,2008

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Without Him

The decanter is filled with chicory blooms
(blue, for the sky is her pleasure)
while the snapshot turns nigrescent
marking rain for the evening weather
The ring with which they two had wed
lay gilded 'round her finger
With her eyes closed oboes quarreled
'gainst the scent of him, that lingered.
Her languish comes but once a day
She turns to the mackerel sky
and sits upon her lonely porch
In sight the ibis fly.
She remembers sweet the sparkling mint
his eyes had held in winter
and the rush of tangling wild wars
they waged when he did kiss her.
As evening falls the grass gives up
it's scent from dew to rain
and again her footsteps lead her
to a solitary grave.

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The Scar

 They told me..forget it..! 
 They confused me.. 
 They ordered me... 
 "Control your thoughts.."  

 Whenever I see flowers...
 My heart leaps with joy..
 But when I reach near... 
 They wither.............  

 Whenever I see babies... 
 My heart leaps with joy.. 
 But when I reach near... 
 They cry....... 
Whenever I look in mirror, 
It frightens me......... 

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Wasn't supposed to go as far as it did.  
Had no intentions to hold you close to my soul.  
Was my first time,  just wanted a little taste.  
Something to take away my blues.  
Help me forget the pain serging through my veins.
But after that first hit, you made my body hum.
I felt like I could fly.
Nothing, nothing could hurt me again.
But as I slowly came off that high,
I started to remember my pain.
I was disgusted with life.
And everything that appeared before me.
Couldn't sit still, had an itch to fulfill.
Then began my quest.
Quest to feel like that first time.
Taking anything to not feel again.
Never coming close.
Just pulling further and further from me.
Losing total grip of my reality.
Someone help me,
Wasn't supposed to go as far as it did.

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Old Red-bone Hound

Damn old worthless dog.
Lazily, he lies in the shade of my porch
by my rocking chair.
Useless but for tick food and flea fodder.
Too old to bark at a cat or wild rabbit.
Asleep he lies with one eye open
as if to protect me, if he still could
like when he was an overgrown pup
back then, so quick to pounce 
on a troublesome snake or wild hog
gone them days -long gone.
We all should pay for our keep
I should put him down for his old age

A kindness.
He's just old.
He and I lost some weight since my wife passed on
we miss her biscuits but he still gets the house, 
to sleep by the fire she started that bad habit.
Now when inside he goes, from room to room, 
looking for her, always her
and the kids, he loved the kids.
Grown and gone a long time now they are 
and he knows still he looks for them.
I am sure he misses them more than they miss him.
I will have to tell them. It has to be done!

This kindness
I don't think they will cry. I will not; no, not I
"Hear that old dog? Not one tear from me!"
The kids will have too understand.
Damn old worthless dog.
We all should pay for our keep.
I should put him down for his old age
a reward, I think, to keep him from pain,

Just a kindness,
a thank you for nothing, 
same as a gentle pat on the head.
A sad job this kindness
but not today -no; not today!
I've too much rocking to do; today!
Maybe tomorrow!
Or the next; maybe soon-
I see no rush to this kindness
no rush at all.

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Ready and Waiting

I’m ready and waiting to find your love again
Ready to be the one your heart lets in
How great was my sin that caused you much pain
From you my mind was gone, but my heart remained
So hard to maintain, so hard to refrain
From cursing the God and the heavens above
For I have lost my one and only love
But because, of my stupidity, I caused my humility
Literally, my heart was torn in two
How could I ever hurt you?!
Now this has caused us to regrettably separate
Has my own foolishness sealed our love’s fate?
As I sit and contemplate, I imagine the time
When your heart will once again become mine

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If I could, I would
     wrap you up 
     in the softest down
rock your broken heart
      until you felt safely
protected and
to open your eyes
   and know the tears
      that soak your world
         come from
     water tender shoots
pushing up through despair and
confusion to
    the light
    softly glows in your heart
    and grows a tiny bit
minute by
    until there
at the corner of your lips
a slight tug
    so desperately to 
          grow into
              a ~

Love you, my fragile friend.

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Give Him Your Heart

Someday, I believe
And only me, that truly knows
There in the New Jerusalem, I’ll live
Happily, with my Lord
I will not feel 
The sorrow and pain
That I’ve in this world
For my Father promised me
The true life
The happiness
The right 
To sing him praises 
Among the blest, in his throne 
Would you like to live in my Father’s house?
If you do, then, come and follow me
I will show you his love
And the Father will open the gate
If, you’ll give him your heart


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S'il Tu Plait

De toi- fixant mes yeux
Mais je suis humaine
Alors, malheur tu désires plus….
Pour me trouver

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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Para Mi Familia Y Amistades

Para Mi Familia Y Amistades Si ustedes estan aqui sentados, escuchando estas Palabras es porque yo ya no soy de este mundo. Yo todavia estoy aqui pero ustedes no me pueden ver. A ustedes mis hijos - quiero decirles que siempre los ame mucho con todo mi corazon. Yo nunca tuve riquesas en este mundo. Mi mas grande Tesoro fue haber los tenido a ustedes, fueron el Tesoro que Dios me mando. Yo los cuide lo major que pude. Dejen que Dios conforte sus almas y limpie sus lagrimas. Despuez sigan sus vidas y el tiempo curara su dolor. Ahora yo tengo que emprender una jornada, pero tengo que hacerla sola/solo. Por favor no lloren por mi. No he muerto, estoy empezando una vida nueva. Traten de vivir una vida recta y buena. Mantenganse siempre cerca de Jesus y asi estaran cerca de Dios. Pronto nos volveremos a ver. Cuando ustedes suban las escaleras de oro - sere yo quien los encuentre alli. A mi familia y amistades les quiero decir - gracias por los anos y tiempos que pasamos juntos. Por los tiempos que reimos y los tiempos que lloramos. Como ustedes saben - todo llega a su fin. Ahora yo les dejo aqui mi ultimo adios. Desde Arriba yo le pedire a Jesus nuestro Senor que los bendiga a todos y cada uno de ustede. Adios...
08/19/2014 By Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Nobody's Child

Her chapped palms smell of
-ungrateful jasmine-
roughened by shrewd plays of world.
And in the creases of
- youthful forehead-
sleeps an orphaned childhood, old.

Among distasteful leering,
ineffectual rags of
-modesty cries-
unfortunate beauty trapped among
pawn broker and hawker alike.

-Nobody’s Child -
gazes high UP , at the
  S ,
elegant unreachable stairs
winding beyond clouds yonder. 

S L O W L Y sighing,
At the dreams hidden, on the dark side of
half bitten moon.

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Love, Death, and Rebirth

The signs started in December
When she started waking up in tears each night
She was a normal girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes
She had plenty of friends and a loving family with just one thing missing
Her father. 

Days passed by and turned into weeks but only felt like a few seconds
Her life just whizzed by faster and faster until it was just a whirr in front of her eyes
Darkness filtered into her heart and mind until she didn't know if she could go on
But she had to. She couldn't let her mother and her sister drown in this same pain
She wouldn't let them.

She pushed all the darkness into the depths of her own heart
In hopes to save the hearts of the two people she had left
Because what else was there to live for now?
The rest of her world had crashed and her mother and sister was all that was left 
She wouldn't let them drown in pain too. 

She watched as they started to heal in her loving arms
Their hearts started to lighten up once more
But hers was just as dark as it was before 
And growing darker day by day 
But she wouldn't let that stop her. 

Suddenly a year had passed... and then two 
It only seemed like seconds to her but everyone else started moving on
Her mother and sister no longer needed her nurturing care
But she needed someone to hold on to

With nothing left for her to take control of, the dark pushed past her boundries 
It found a way into her soul
Until all she could see was dark and no light 
But her mother and sister were healed now
They didn't understand

The tears came back and engulfed her soul
Bit by bit until she wasn't sure why she was still alive
The grief took over like knives 
Piercing her skin over and over and over
It hurt so much.

She started to wonder what it'd look like to be dead
She could see him again if she was
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to endure this pain?
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to live knowing she'd never see him again?
It would.

So she started to hate herself
All that negative energy was starting to take toll
Everyone around her was breathing while she suffocated more and more by the second
She wished she'd just choke already instead of living in constant pain
If no one would put her out of her misery, she'd have to do it herself

She couldn't see any light anymore
So she grabbed the pill bottle off the shelf and just hoped it wouldn't take long to die
Deep down she still had a spark of light, but she just couldn't find it 
And now it was too late in her mind to change, to turn back and try to look deeper
She was done living.

That's when people started to notice that everything wasn't as peaceful as it seemed
They started to see how deeply depressed she had become
They wanted to help her see the light again before it was too late 
So they sent her away to see doctors and to take pills to make everything better
It was a start.

She didn't see a change at first but suddenly she could think clearly
Maybe what they were doing was actually going to help her see the light again
Yes, she still wanted to die, but maybe that wasn't the only option anymore
They cared,  and behind all their own problems they were trying to understand
They really were trying

Six months longer she would be treated and cared for
Until suddenly she was sent home from her treatment and care with a smile on her face
She had a new perspective
Someone had helped her ignite that spark in her heart until it was a glowing ember
She had been reborn

Sometimes you have to be able to experience the worst of it
To come back shining brighter than before
And if she had died that cold day in October, she wouldn't of ever seen the best of it
Or known that it would get better
and it did!

And she now sits at her laptop, with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart
It's never been an easy road and it won't ever be
But at least she knows she's lived through the worst
And it can only get better from here

So whenever she feels lonely or gets back into that dark spot again
She can look back on what she's learned and can read this poem
And remember that she survived the darkest depths of depression
And she will continue to survive it as long as she lives
Because she is stronger now than she ever was before ?

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Come Father, become human and kind...
sit at my  blessed and abundant table,
and have a dialogue with me!
Many questions assumed for myself:
like uncotrollable rivers flooding their banks...
pitifully susceptible to oblivion;
a disaster so real and not too stealthy...
come Father,suspend time!  

Indisputible are Your commandments
that make the sinners tremble
and the mighty complain and ramble;
unchangeable are Your moral demands,
and the devouts heed them with reverence...
to diffuse them without diffidence!
Come Father,engorge this eager spirit...
descend to clear up contradictory opinions,
words dictated by the die-hard and undignified;
this is not a conception or a dilemma,
but an enormous and contemptuous enigma
engraved on the souls that engage in snarling tactics
to ensconce, not to enrapture what is good...
and in doing so they captivate people in sin!

I declare my faithfulness with words that prolifate
and have  wonder and inspiration...
true words that express a genuine faith;
I am not  prognostic...I rely on devine intervention,
and shun what lacks in importance...
not debasing what is sacred to satisfy their impertinence! 

Come Father, have this promenade...
let's talk about their impervious minds
that collide with truth with impetuous haste;
come father, let's make them perfect and pious...
give them a plausible momentum of grace,
and make them victorious and vindicated! 

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The Devil Walks

The devil walks 
gets tired
and sits,
and while the devil sits
the devil picks up a tired fruit
rotting, and with jagged nails he peals
slowly, the tender fruit bruising
and he tastes it, smacking his dried lips
and the devil eats
decayed fruit and sour wine	                 nothing lush and sating
then the devil rests
and resumes his walk,
and later the devil sits again
rubs his feat
and goes to bed
and in the morning
he breaks his fast on curses and lies           nothing so filling as figs and nuts
and begin the devil’s walk again,

his walk
on the road our thoughts paved
where all that grows is bad and unwell
to the cross our words built
where flames dance and all is unwell
and he is condemned
upon christening
upon the hearing of his name
and the wobbling of his first steps
to walk a road less traveled,
to be the leader
of our very own crusade
armed with words
against himself
to see him burn,

our crusade of one
and many
on roads first paved upon his birth
to bring the devil down.

The devil walks
The devil eats
and pelted by our stones
He does but sleep
For what we sow
The devil reaps

and there is justice in punishment
there is reward in reckoning
there is bitterness in my mouth
as I say these words
and pity
              the devil
his due.

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Murderapolis Streets, Claim Two More Young Heartbeats

Native, Liteskin, sun kissed
sit, talk, get to know me 
a while
for I am not my skin and 
even though the tan pigment
runs deep
I am my heart, thoughts
and actions,reflection of
I keep
A car accident took
my Homies brother this morning
and as we sit and talk to him
now, through faded room mourning
Young man, stole pop’s keys
from sleeping pockets
joy riding with friends
headlights beaming, MN
summer star sky gleaming
Dad's unaware, boy & friends left
 till woke, by early morn’ meeting
God opened the skies and took
two good ones away
I felt it rained, clouds crying briefly
for them today
70 miles an hour, Murderapolis streets
took two good homies heartbeats
jus’ a mile away, a close
friend heard the tires screech
Driver yells to him, “get a knife & cut me out!”
Neighbor, like doe eyes in headlights
filled with doubt
ends up dying after all
at the hospital
down 29th Ave and McKinley St.
Two of the Five Souls involved
God, now, does keep
I recall seeing the drivers smile
less than one week ago
why Mista Watkins & White Jr.
was it yo’ time to go
your loved ones may never know
We don’t always understand
the Lords plan
but He surely knows
heartache and sorrow
is how July fourteenth does go
two significant young Southside sons 
at 3:30 am, drove into a utility pole
crushed glass ridden streets
two homies, with us no mo’
I pray Jesus be with them
and theirs
as they grieve, and friends
surround them with the love
they need
car accidents & tragedies
like these
close to home to you
tend to place things in perspective
defrost a persons mind
set it into view
cuz’ its not about the color, of
your skin, or where you came from
it’s the way you impact the world
in the end, who you’ve grown to
the lives lost, were good peoples
Stood for good values like Church steeples
vibrant athletic youths of the future
barely 14 & 17, gone too soon
I hear the sad, cry, lonely night of our
Murderapolis streets, claim
two more young heartbeats
you will forever be remembered
and loved, keep an eye on us
from above, we know you’re
in a better place, were all running
an impossible to win race
for we all have a time card to punch
under the Lords undying grace
your Influence and charm, young men
is locked within us
and we shall all party again
in the Kingdom of Heaven
our final resting Place

7/15/2010: R.I.P.- Patrick Watkins (17) & Duane White Jr. (14)- South Side, Minneapolis, MN
you are forever loved and missed, but not forgotten, watch us from Heaven, Amen

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Dancing Eunuchs Of India

                       Dancing Eunuchs Of India
Eunuchs they were, who sang at doorsteps for alms
At birth and death alike; blessed the bride and groom too.
They danced their dark bodies heavily gyrating,with
 busted breasts, hairy chest and hefty forms tightly clad 
in saris candy colored ,sequined and six feet long.
Painted smiles, jingling bangles, tinkling anklets
sang bawdy ballads  of glorified virgins and stillborn children,
in a third gender voice-a hostile blend of two opposite sexes.

Mehnaz Veetil
Entry for 8 lines contest on a native culture, sponsored by Debbie Guzzi 

Note: Most of the eunuchs in India live by begging. They normally come out in groups of about five to ten and spread out in streets approaching small shops and restaurants for alms. Normally people give them alms out of fear of being cursed. It is widely believed in India that the curse of a "hijra" is very effective; same with their blessings. They offer to dance at small family functions like naming ceremonies of newborn children, weddings and other village functions. 

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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Gene, Gene, the Singing Machine

(in memoriam, Eugene Lawler, d. January 29, 2012, aged 83 years)

--- Note:  "The singing machine" is a not so tongue-in-cheek reference to Gene and his penchant for singing whenever and wherever he wished, as well as to his karaoke
equipment and his nickname at bars that featured karaoke nights. ---

You fancied yourself a singer,
and indeed you were.
What songs we heard from you
you had made your own,
and you gave them freely
to all who would listen
(though we were just a few
who were, at times, inattentive.)
Time and remembrance may color
the images you left behind,
and the sentimental songs
you sang (and scribed on silver disks 
for us to hear when, and if, we will)
may prod us to recall
your willful, dour demeanor
which could bloom into benevolence
or darken further in stormy sneers
at tardiness, or at perceived
maltreatment of any sort.
You were your own arbiter of behavior
who kept before you expectations
of what was appropriate, for yourself
and for us, the others of your kind.
We were few (still fewer now),
who flocked together on occasion
to celebrate, in quiet fashion,
whatever anniversary we chose --
perhaps your passing date
will become another to be marked.
And your voice, reproduced mechanically,
amplified, may remind us of our loss,
and of yours.  

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Two Hearts full of Love

I am a heart full of love
that shook the pilars that held her colussium up
her heart filled with sorrow,
I swing such fury toward her heart and soul
she cowards away from me,
in fear of falling in love and not knowing what is in black
and not searching what is in the light of pure white.

I am a heart full of love,
she runs and takes the long dirt road,
through the raging mountains of the quiet countryside,
as the meadows of lilacs slowly die when Spring comes,
the blooming of the rose,
like the blooming of my heart,
a blossom on a cherry tree fall and harbour in the wintertime.
I swing toward her, she falls in fear of wanting attention and love.
Lost in the midnight twilight,
the flaming torch guides her through the dark holes of meaningless souls.
and like a frightened hummingbird,
she flees away from the secrets of falling in love.

A heart full of love ready to love,
it is diffcult to feel and to show,
but as if a rose that blooms in Springtime
my love is ready to bloom.

Pettles lay along a darkened atmosphere
lit up only with four wax candles
a portrait of a woman hung over a mantel piece
in honour of my one true love.

As the twilight shine though my bedroom window,
I show a heart full of love,
to take and to hold for eternity.

And as she slowly moves forward,
she takes me home with her,
and opens her chest and shows me her heart
with a glass of red wine and charming cigarette.
She sheads tears of pain and sorrow on my broud shoulder,
I curise her hair, silk laced hair,
shining against the twilight and the moonlit sky.

My heart full of love,
so divine, so original
a one of a kind.

We make love in the midst of the twilight,
as my dream girl is now reality and my pain is no more,
her pain is no more.
Too show such love makes a man feel free
and his soul lighter.
She holds him there,
as the sun rises over the mountains.
The birds sing a tune of cheerfulness,
and they talk about everything beautiful and kind,
that is still left in this cruel and empty hearted world.

Romance and love shared
with a heart full of love,
smile and kiss upon smooth lips,
feel me against your tight body,
and love me till the morning
when Blue eyed Death is staring us in the face.
and we go with him,
and play a game of risk,
and together forever,
onto a diffrent world
we shall love each other forever,
for you and I both have a heart full of love.

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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God Bless The Garbage Man

Though this is written like a poem it is
more of a thank you letter.

God answers prayers in so many ways
he brings us people to help keep the faith
he gave to me a sweet, sweet man
who helped me truly understand
when i was low and ready to give up
see i was broke 
Without a job, no money, no food, no gas in the car
My husband needed to go and find work
To help his family stay a float
We saw the garbage man outside
We feared he'd come to take our garbage can
So we rushed out side to ask him not too
He said he wasn't there too
He just came to empty our can
'Cause the regular garbage man had passed us up
Now here is were God steps in
My husband and the garbage man talk outside for quit awhile
Tears fill my heart when I think of what comes next
My husband leaves and comes right back
He tells me that the garbage man has put $23 of gas in our van
My heart must of skipped a beat, I could not believe his generosity
Though it does not stop there
Apparently the garbage man has also given us $40 in cash
His only wish is was that it was not spent on cigarettes or booze 
This money was for my family to get food
So often we forget how God lends a helping hand
God does not promise to make us rich, or grant us all we wish
He simply says just ask of me and all you NEED will be given to thee

Today I send out a special prayer, "God, Please bless The Garbage Man that 
gave my family a helping hand. Amen"

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spread your love

Where their is darkness
let their be light
Where there is injustice
let us put it right
where there is pain and suffering
let us heal it with love
and bless God the creator up above.

When someone is down
reach out your hand
and pick them up
when someone is thirsty
give them your cup
when someone is lost
show them the way
and bring joy and love
by spreading your love each day.

Peter Dome, copyright. 2012.

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Energy and passion,
excitement breeds attraction;
a brilliant work, a masterpiece
explored in true love fashion.

Traversing plots with disregard
for clear-cut truths,
it must be hard
to take.

Our cartoon minds
can’t comprehend
the words she spins,
the twist; the end.

So calmly,
I walk out the door
and know my thoughts mean
nothing more,
than love.

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Carrie at Cafe du Monde

Her voice was soft on the telephone
She had gentility, like the part of the city she once lived

We talked of tragedy and chicory coffee
My friends had told me the situation was still grim

I asked her of Galatoire's and Brennan's
Of the Ninth Ward, and of her home

While I, pining and homesick, sipped coffee the color
Of the mulatto Mississippi River. . .

So polite and patient she was
For one who had lost everything

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Junlado Maiden

Beneath sullied cloth, hastily covered
chain of seashells nestled
soundless, threads of an old story.
Your eyes, beneath lashes that catch
snow—I see the deep blue
sea of Junlado, 
waves shining grey before the setting sun.
What are you doing here in the frozen north?
You came from seashores
cherry blossoms raining upon 
your brown upturned face
dreaming of another world, you beautiful fool.
There is no other world when we
all suffer beneath endless winter. 
Pity, a sweet face lined and streaked;
I watch it as you pour wine.
I, merely a wanderer
in rags, as we all are.
But I am strong, dear child.
Let me not see those purest tears
forming, unforming within
sinless eyes—
what are you doing here?
Go back
Go back to your land. 
Swim, there, forget, in the bluegrey 
Let joyful pearls make pure a salty sea.
We all suffer, but
at least 
deserve to go back.

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Tell Me Why


Tell me why?
Tell me why?
Tell me why?

Was it, because I was too nice,
I was too much of a gentleman,
or was just too much to handle?

Was it, because you were young?
Was it, because you couldn't find your heart,
in all that darkness?
Was it, because you just didn't feel the love?

Why me?
A man like me, deserves no pain,
no heartbreak.
So, why me?

I pray and ask the Gods,
But an unresponsive god never speaks to me.
He sits there and watches... watching what?
Nothing, but a heart being torn to shreds.

Was it, because I was too careful?
Was it, because I loved too much?
Was it, because one half of the heart couldn't fit the whole?

I ask you, because I still love you.
Come to me, my beautiful,
stop this nonsense,
I cannot make you love me,
but I sure can try to show you love.

Do not blink,
do not take a gift sent down from the Gods
for granted.
Appriciate what you have,
appriciate me, because one day,
when you need a shoulder to cry one,
you will not be able to find me, anywhere.
I will be lost,
in a fool's dream of romance and love,
that will never come on my front doorstep.
Still dreaming of the possibilities of you and I.
My heart is with you always,
but I will soon expire,
so do not wait too long.


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For My Family And Friends

For My Family And Friends If you are sitting here listening to these words, it's because I am not of this world anymore. I am still here - you just can't see me. To you my children - I want to say, that I loved you with all my heart. I never had riches in this world. My biggest treasure was having you all. You were the treasure that God gave me and I took care of you the best way that I could. Let God comfort your soul and wipe away your tears, than go on with your lives. Today I must take a journey but I must do it alone. My job here has been done. I am now going to a better place. Please don't cry for me, I have not died. I have only started a new life. Time will heal your pain. Try to live a righteous life, stay close to Jesus and you will be close to God. We will see each other again, when you climb the golden stairs. I will meet you there. To my family and friends, I want to say thank you for all the years ant times we spent together. The times we laugh and the times we cried. As we all know, everything comes to an end and now I must say my last goodbye. From above I will ask my Lord Jesus to bless each and everyone of you...
08/19/2014 By Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: My best friend asked me to write something for her. This is what I wrote I hope you like it. It will also be in Spanish....

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Sister: A Lament

For Maxine

Sister, was there forgiveness for she who bore you?
For us, your siblings and sometime charges?
For all who would not help, but hastened your demise?
The marble coldness of your corpse,
to my touch, is like an electric shock.
The limbs, the torso, with sudden strangeness,
now bear you slight resemblance.
You feared all pain, but died without complaint.
Who can fathom what you felt?
Was there a last, sharp stab?
A welcome to oblivion?
Or even an awareness of your loss?
Or was death no more spectacular
than a tire deflating, slowly,
quietly, unrecognized?
And was that the shame of it?
That your life ended, so early,
so silently, and death
was no extravaganza?

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Judge and Jury

Should I disregard
what other people think or,
balanced on the brink, maintain
a thin-veneered façade?
Where shall I store,
how shall I keep,
the poetry I must write
but cannot show--
that which smolders deep
and threatens to erupt?
Must I lock it all
securely in a box,
store it high upon a shelf
where none are wont to go?
Would it be likely to corrupt
the innocently unaware?
Should I, at least,
pretend to care?
Might not I plunge into the mob,
joining others of this ilk...
should it be my job
to preach, now the day
has finally been reached --
to walk alone in open air,
free from fear of full disclosure?
Would my revelations stir
those who taunt, who hate?
Might not their spate of hurtful words,
and worse, prompt my avoidance of 
the fate they threaten,
encourage my reluctance to unmask?
And may I be moved, instead,
in surly tones, to ask
who made them my judge and jury?

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Don't Try It

A single kiss from thy lovely lips,
so sweet and so divine,
yet I taste posion upon your tongue.

Your beauty so glorious,
like a blooming rose so beautiful,
yet, why do mine eyes go blind
in the sight that you walk along with another?

Yes you, walk with another,
arm under arm,
lips touching lips in romantic kisses,
it makes my blood boil,
for mine lips are dry.

For mine eyes have seen your glory,
yet no one here listens to my story.
You are evil, yes you are,
don't try to deny,
Listen to a man of experience,
you might as well save some expense.

I write of our long romantic walks
we took together, under the shade of olive trees,
how we went apple picking in autumn time,
and made love in the foyer.

Nomore of that sweet and passionate love,
nomore silent kisses in the night,
when the wind blows hard against the branches,
that tape violently on my windowpane. 
Nomore somber tears shed, when you got sick,
and nomore warm embraces when you shed tears of betrayal.

Betrayal now is a game played by a fool,
such as I,
to think I'd have a happy life with you?
Huh, only a fool would think such a thing,
but now I sit, looking at the foyer,
where we once made sweet, passionate love,
nomore will that foyer be filled with exotic pleasure.
Nomore will you be filled with smiles and exotic pleasure.
I've done my job, as a good man shall do,
now pack your things and get of my stage,
the spotlight yawns for anew,
and the audience grows tired and restless of you.

Now I live life anew,
you too shall see life in new eyes,
walking hand and hand with the blond, blue eyed devil
you call your own.
Shall he take one kiss from your lips,
and die of the posion he tastes on your tongue,
shall he go blind, when he sees your true, black beauty?
He will see the ugly soul, covered up by white rags,
and cheap makeup,
and then he will come to me,
and shake my hand in condolence
and say, "You were right!"

Now you are all alone,
looking for another, as you did many times before,
Now you are alone, walking an open road,
spying on another,
fear of being alone.
Now, you see when you play games with a good man's emotions,
don't try it,
because a good man is not meant to be toyed with.

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Thoughts of You

Random thoughts of you run
randomly throughout my mind,
as I hold, looking through a simple picture of you and I,
smiles and holding each other,
embracing warmth brings me to sanity,
watching your hand on my forearm,
as you gaze into my eyes.
Oh the tears flood such emotion,
only you and I now in such madness we call love,
such madness we all call life,
such madness we all call reality.

Thoughts of me without you,
I cannot bear to see such a sight in mind,
to hear such words that tear my heart out
and sadness stabs me rapidly in the back,
and I can't bear to see such a sight as this.
Thoughts of you
running randomly throughout my mind,
my hair turns silver and white with stress
of not being with you,
and my liver covered with cancer,
and lungs black with smoke,
and stomach embraced with ulcers.

All I ask for you,
is not to be a thought anymore,
and come back to me in flesh and bone
in a portrait painting of you in reality
come to me with your beauty and glory
and kind heart and hold me again,
and let me kiss you again and love you again,
and call you mine again.
Don't say it is impossible,
when you know and I know,
that it is in fact possible
to love each other once again.

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Heavenly Nevermore

The sun has learned
to nevermore interfere 

with the moon 
and its stars

To give it a whole world
because the sun

doesn't need to stand in the way,
when it has free reign 
of the entire universe.

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My Gift

Meddlesome acknowledgement was my gift to many
I wondered where the nutrients were coming from
I was absorbing your words, parched by my own dimming light-years
There I was stunned by the legion of black-faced martyrs

Exasperation of the undeniable misunderstanding of every conceivable word 
Left me with another path onto death
And not nearly dying, but regenerating in technological, factorial woe
Demon thoughts squeezed bile from the brim of subconscious drivel  
Accelerating the ghouls from the gull of my esophagus 

I was held down from the dreams of the fortnight
From words of architecture ascending from the brims of the archangels 
Eyes remained closed
And I felt the actual descent of my downfall
I did not open my eyes at all

I did not mean to pry into your life, oh beautiful soul
Please accept my gift today
My fierce gaze into your lavishing grail
Led me to accept and love where I often fail
I am no longer smothered in your intricate designs
Though I am surely small to you
Though I feel only a fraction of a fool
I am the hidden spark under the timbers of lies

I am the hidden spark under the timbers of lies

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Sacred Tears

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.” – Washington Irving strongest love known conveyed by tears, not words powerful the person allowing tears to escape walls that hold a captive heart essence of true compassion sharing sacred tears as a loved one mourns
*Entry for Russell Sivey’s “Challenge - 8 Lines Max” contest by Carolyn Devonshire, October 9, 2011 Dedicated to Joyce Johnson on the loss of her brother

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A new Newtown

The innocent souls. The little angels flown away. The dedicated. Perished.  

Agonising. Touching. Demanding answers. A town held in the grip of
 unfathomable mourning. A world shell-shocked. What next?

Some serious soul-searching .A  real newness . Country. Community.
Newtown, there has to be new paradigm  shift.   There has to
be a new beginning . A dawn of non-violence. An end to a cycle
of mass shooting tragedies. A new chapter. A secure future.
The sights, the sounds, the terror, the grief. Should people live
in fear? Feel helpless , weightless and exposed? No. Innocent deaths 
of 28 people that touched the hearts of  many across the world
because  we are all the citizens of this world.  We therefore demand a 
world that is safe, habitable , just and peaceful.  A world in which the
sanctity of life is of paramount importance.  Let us contain the emotions
and find lasting solutions . 

Let us find solace in that it is possible to arrest the situation.  A newness 
of love, security and peace must be collectively and individually ushered in. 
Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you WILL not 
fear no evil. Death you have been defeated. 

To the parents, teachers, schoolchildren, the community, and the
country, the world mourns with you.  It shares your grief. Be strong. 
Be comforted.  Our  hearts are with you. We offer our  prayers.

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A Sinner Like God

“I have forgiven mother”
She tarries with hope
that the good woman will pray her clemency for her own sins, 
but that hour is expired; 
Gee grew a strong wit
"Mother is no longer my burden"
Jesus came from hard conscience to corroborate her lies
The WORD written in black and white:
“Us twain is now one; for this reason I depart from her”
Three moons less than time in the safety of the womb is slight

In the past mother was necessity, 
but she grew weary of the pace;
her birth city received her
The old Jewish woman was left
with stage three pressure ulcers
while the twain bender in Atlantic City
Their backsides were not masked by mother’s conformity
My mother's now defiant fingers work dutifully in another excrement, 
goat stool in her callaloo garden

Before the recession, money was tossed in all directions;
I took hold of a few green ones.
She lived to outdo her alliance, 
but high seat killed Miss. Thomas’ cat
Mother watched her outshone the Jones
The recession was never her downfall;
immorality got the better of her. 
Jesus was overlooked
“put the WORD to work,
compensate the guardian of your youth”

She had to let a nation know how well off she was
Her enemies know her silver spoon was achieved
Her splurges buried ethics, and smiles were wide as graves
She let me know in scripts:
“A new being I am now; My shine is unlike years ago”
Vanity is not here in show, but her heart remains the same
Like the Jewish elder, mother is spurned 
with bruising on her heart.

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I heard the cries from far away
The sounds of anguish all the way
The tears had flowed like Tsunami floods
A plague has led our land awry

Scenes of passionate rages reigned
Heartbreaks, shots of depression rained
Like an abattoir filled with bones and blood
Our lands became awash with blood

Heartless hands that maimed our men
Have struck our land with darts at will
With gruesome tact their tasks were done
The task to slay our men away

We saw our warriors staggered and fell
With bloodied limbs and heads and being
We saw our kindreds breathe their last
And could not awake to our calls and groans

Can you hear the helpless orphan’s howl
Their mothers struck with shock untold
As their losses, pains and grief unfold
Oh, who shall mend their hearts apiece!

  …Dedicated to the many lives who have been devoured by sectarian terrorist attacks in my nation… and beyond… 

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All my life,All my days
Wolves and sheep alike flock with me
Like a magnet,they are drawn to me
Like bees,they swarm around me.

Sucking my honeycomb to Sahara
Like mosquitoes,they bite and go
but like Twist,they want more
Vampires,what a befitting title.

They've built roofless shelters
Right in the corner of my pocket,
the home of my juiciest fruit
believing in its strong cover,
when the rainy days roll in.

They milk me dry with their pincers,
Descending on my defenseless self
Pouncing on my vulnerability
Like a relentless leech,
they hold on to my apron.

Ripping me has become a hobby.

Till i am as dry as the fig,
my udder will be home to them.
Venomous blood sucking parasites
They will follow me to the end.

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Sitting Alone

Sitting alone here,
all by myself,
looking at a reflection that I do not recall.
I see a face looking back at me,
a twin,
but not my twin,
no I see a pale face,
I see jealously, pain, sorrow, and a frown
I see all the negative.
I see fear,
I see nothing.

I am sitting alone,
in my room
white walls surround me.
I hear the trains blow their horns off in the distance,
and the cars and trucks roaring down the lonesome highways.
I can even the crying and wailing of sirens
blazing down the avenues,
"Where is the fire, folks!?"

The wind blows through my window,
moving the blinds back and forth,
and I sit there alone,
smiling and singing a little.
Sitting there alone,
peaceful and tired
wanting to rest my head,
but scared too face the nightmares.
Too hear the voices of the dead
call out my name.
And I sit there alone
thinking of what once was,
beauty and harmony nomore
in my trial of certainty.

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September Weather

Ah, the september weather is here,
the trees turn firery red and orange,
and the leaves gently fall to the surface.

Fall is here,
and the grass turns from green to yellow,
the souls of many change their ways.

From going on beaches in sun
to walking on wet streets,
with jackets on.

September weather is here,
too most it is depressing to see,
such change in the world.

But I love it.
The girlfriends and boyfriends go away,
and that makes me happy.
Then I go apple picking.

I pick red apples,
from low, hanging apple trees.
and I eat one, while walking down the trail.

Fall is here,
the time of death,
the last of sunshine.

I don't argue,
I love fall,
it is so cosy and it gives me hope.

Hope that a day will come again,
when the sun pops its head out
and the warmth returns.

September weather is the best,
when summer is gone, but not quite,
and the cool breeze sweaps through your open windowpane.

I love fall,
it gives me hope,
that with death comes life.

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Burnt Beyond Recognition

Sunrise is nearing but everything has remained
still, not even the birds have burst into song.
The sky is a mixture of colours but most are 
slowly fading into the well-known blue.
A slight breeze has been born, it makes the
trees and bushes flutter their leaves like wings.
Still I remain stuck in this horrendous bed where 
I am seen as an invalid where pity is bestowed upon.
Many faces may project smiles but they are 
truly nothing for they are false and unwanted;
pity is a poisonous gift that no-one wants to own.
Still I remain glued under these bedclothes that hide
the horror that has possessed my once radiant skin.
I have been burnt beyond recognition, nothing remains
except memories of my once natural beauty; untarnished
by the elements of age.
Tears are worthless for they will never erase what has 
become of me for I feel ugly and monstrous then yet
people still look at me as though I am my normal self.
But disgust is overshadowed by pity, I feel I shall
shatter a mirror if I peer into the depths of the glass.
The sun has now risen, it hangs in the sky like a
angel’s halo; life has now begun to stir, creatures
of all shapes and forms are set free.
They seem to roam the land untouched by the evils of
life then yet here I lay burnt beyond recognition
with nothing but sourness and spite for company.
My soul has been scarred by fire, the very element
that gave life a home when the Earth was young.
Still here I lay burnt beyond recognition but grateful to
be alive.

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Sister, You're Remarkable

You’re truly unbeatable…
I’m so tired of living in fear
You’re remarkable…
And yet…I feel the total opposite…I wish hope would draw near…

You’re truly irreplaceable…
It’s so hectic outside…
You’re very vigilant and I’m very irritable
My eyes are sweating…I’m a coward by your side

You can call it jealousy
You can call me horrid names
You can call it envy
But, I look up to you… because you’re a better writer than I
Laura, promise me you’ll be by my side
I love you…though it feels like hope has dried
Don’t crumble me up…consider my voice…
I trust you…you’re like a best friend…but it’s your choice…
To leave me behind…
I know…it seems that I’m blind…
I’m greedy and your beauty shines on
Your writings amaze me…you are a lot of fun

You’re truly amazing
I’m, on the other hand, not a good enough poet
You’re so fascinating
And yet…I feel that we’re not on the same boat…and I know it…
And that’s not all of it…

You’re truly a genius
It’s so cold outside…I’m freezing out here
You’re very nice and full of greatness
My heart is beating profoundly…I’m a loner, wandering away in fear

You can call it jealousy…you can say that I’m weak 
But, I respect you, Laura…I love you immensely 
I love my whole family…they fill my heart with glee, not bleak 
I don’t envy you…I appreciate your sympathy 
Towards me

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Skin Deep

If I could dream
for anything
I would dream of Peace, Love
and Unity
for all Bloods & Crips
all gangs, are in need of a change
for you represent such ignorance
and scrutiny 
Difference in colors worn
Sides in which you were born
are truly all that divides
when the two opposing sides
and it makes no sense
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside
And a future generation
is hard to provide
when death, is like your shadow
creepin' up by your side
and drive-by shootings happen
each late night, outside
where running seems the only option
to know
for no places to hide
no defense for your demise
for a difference in colors worn
and what side in which you were born
is truly all that divides
when these two sides collide
and it makes no sense to me
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside

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A Love Letter

A love letter,
so full of words,
so full of beauty.

A love letter,
me reading alone on a park bench,
while I form tears in my dry eyes.

A love letter,
which takes me to a place,
of peace and brings joy to me.

A love letter,
that has no boundaries,
that shows a stranger's true feelings.

A love letter,
taken words put together,
to read a poem of glorious beauty.

A love letter,
that shows that someone loves you,
and it brings a smile on my face.

I go on home,
sit at my desk,
look at the sweet love letter
marked with a red kiss.

A named penned in curseve,
The "I" is dotted with a heart,
makes my heart leap from the chest.

I sit there,
light a cigarette and stare at an empty page
from a lonesome notebook.

I pick up my pen,
and I transfer all my emotions onto the paper,
to create love and art to show my love in return.

Then I shall go to a simple, but beautiful garden
and pick two roses that have already picked themselves,
and take them to the creator of this love letter.

A love letter,
so strong with words put together,
expressing true emotion.

A love letter,
so strong in its own world,
it brings strangers together and makes them love forever.

A love letter,
so sweet and so divine,
that any man prays for a love letter to appear on his doorstep.

A love letter,
beauty and harmony,
that brings people closer togther.

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Glimmers of hope

The candles we light in honor of your name
Reflect the brightness you gave to our lives
Burn away at the darker side surrounding
Giving way to freedom's path for your spirit
Helping bring healing to the hearts that miss you
Binding you in mind, faith and prayer
So your memory can live on and bring comfort
To those that walk in hope, with you beside them

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sorry for the dirty laundry mom

I'm not wearing underwear
I can’t afford to clean my clothes
I shower every day
and sensitive skin from soap and psoriasis makes me itch
But I have bills to pay
I know you understand
Raising my little half brother and half sister
I've only met once
who are an ocean away
But this isn’t my story, it's yours
and the memories that remain

I know we've talked about it
Your pain and mine
About dad an alcoholic, and the abuse
and how you’re still attracted to it
But I still remember soo many nights
And soo many strange days

You dragged by your hair
I'll never forget
You thrown through the door
is embedded in my head
You with black eyes
you fell out of bed
The screaming 
The fights
I remember everything said
My name 
My brother’s name
Psychological abuse for you
soo long ago mom
You left and I don’t blame you
Years of you being cheated on
And dad would introduce us to his girlfriends
Easter holidays treasure hunt
While your husband was out betraying everyone

I know you know
That he talks poorly about you
And acts like the better man
But mom I remember
and you need to understand
What you went through
And the nights when I heard the door slam close
because you were fighting
and he told you to leave
That was how I met god in a sense
and always prayed for you to come back
Then finally I prayed for you sanity safety and for you to leave
And I would cry
as quietly as I could
cry myself to sleep
and chances are
dad either fell asleep
or went out in his drunken stupor 
to cheat on you again

The divorce is over
It’s been over for years 
But yet its still messy and I bite my tongue and remember
The night you came into my room
And told me you had to leave
I remember taking beer to kindergarten
Hiding it from you and dad
To throw it away
And my teacher in grade three finally asked
No lie mom
I had the same teacher in kindergarten and grade three
I could write an entire poem
about all of the people who shaped my mind
But I need you to see
When I come visit and am called an incest family man by your boyfriend
for giving you a hug
You’ve fallen into the same trap
And it’s like my own mother I’m not allowed to love

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Love Thing

She will not say she was Predator.
She knows she was
(She has that throbbing memory to
remind her)
But it's in her intuition,
Her breath (her life)
To be Victim.
Let her play the part.

"It was like a game of chess
Against myself and I;
I won
And thus I lost-

We met by fate
Intertwined by what we loved
The ice gradually cracked and broke
And I wanted his flesh on mine,
His breath on mine
But he wanted me wholeheartedly.

But I was too torn
I am torn to pieces.

Yet I consented knowing...
I will break everything
So long as I'm broken
And without action,
Without thought,
He was made broken
And now he breaks everything.
A pestilent sick that penetrates.
How was I supposed to know he would grow ill?"

Now nod.
Smile until your jaw cracks,
Else she'll bicker
Til you do.
Don't show signs that you tracked her lie
But show pity...
She doesn't deserve pity
But smile with pity
Pity that the b**** lied to you.

That she deserves.

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Wake Me, When the Morning Comes

A night full of nightmares
and suicidal tendencies,
feeling pain rush, like tidal waves
crushing me and blood boiling
anger wishes and takes the best of me;
but can I heal my own heartbreak?
Will I ever find love again?
See the angel of death come to me,
smiles and says come with me.
Oh, Wake me, when the morning comes,
so I can show evil the light.

Feelings eternal and fragile,
she walks some lonesome highway
travelled by the ones who fall in love.
She a grand fool, who takes life for 
wake her with the morning light
and shine down rays of goodness and 
and show her the path that leads back to 

Wake me when the morning comes,
place her upon my doorstep
and a smile upon her loving face,
I'm not ready to move on just yet.
I don't want anymore nightmares
and nightly visits from the black angels.
I don't want to see blue eyed Death,
with his grinning skull and black robe.
I want to see the sunshine break through 
my window
and I want to hear the birds sing love 
and the trees dancing to the wind's sweet 
I want to awake to her sweet and glorious 
Wake me, when the morning comes,
when I can open my eyes to anew
and see life in a new day,
and live life in a new way.


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I study the ache that falls from your fingertips,
swim in the crest of your delusions,
and quarrel with the demons
you’ve created.
Right along side of you.
I hear the shake
between your bones,
that nervousness you
try to hide with wobbly
You spill unto me,
as the gait of your
verse stumbles up 
my spine;
retinas wince 
under the weight of 
every word.
Nothing has ever 
been so hard to read,
but I cannot look away 
from you.
We’ll get through this,
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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The Forest

A sanctuary
Attacked by lightening
Smoldering embers

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Miss Ladybug

Wearing your red pock-a-dot dress
Miss Ladybug, you look divine,
it is beautiful today, the sun is out.

Go now, Miss Ladybug,
flutter your wings,
buzz away from me.

Go now, fly Miss Ladybug.
Point me in the direction of love,
see you flying North.

May I say, Miss Ladybug,
that you look divine,
and beautiful as ever.

I walk North,
I follow you Miss Ladybug,
point me to her.

You flutter over to a beautiul girl,
five foot, seven.
Nice pick Miss Ladybug.

I walk over to the girl,
She is beautiful,
long hair, jet black, flowing.

Miss Ladybug thank you,
now fly away,
I shall need you for another day.

Take me away now, baby
show me something new,
take me away from the few.

And Miss Ladybug,
there she went off into the sunset,
with her red pock-a-dot dress
flowing in the breeze, alone.

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Melancholy Mood, Last Less

Those pitiless days ’re enough to puzzle the compassionate mind.
A phenomenal gesture, soon sued to have downplayed the legit,
That even the impartial impact was bandit with words.
Not so funny ’re those days
That devils 're clad in bigotry .
And soon ready enough 
To poison soups 
Meant for the entourage.
Pitiful quill perhaps has taken over this weakening wit.
Now struggles continue.
Exclusive parcels to all the greenery gestures.
Your compassionate touch is well noted
And well felt.
Thank you so much for the deliverance.

Penned by:
Abdulhafeez Oyewole


Previous contested poem title: 5 Minutes Challenge

For: Russell Sivey's "Complete Your Poem" Contest.

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They pronounce to me there is but no ordinary
Then how is it that being dissimilar achievable?
They notify me everyone is diverse
Then is it that being diverse to be ordinary?

They advise to me there is no flawlessness 
But is perfection attainable?
They inform me it is once you do everything acceptably 
So what happens when everything is accepted inaccurately?

They tell me an assortment of things
They inquire about my thoughts
But I have learned time after time to declare to ‘them’:
I want to be the me I once sought

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Thinking of you always
Every second interludes 
A past a future when always we
are interrupted by a bitter sweet mention
Of you my love why do we question
all rhetorical for you, for me
love baits good interludes 
the all agonizing ecstasy 
can not dissipate a week a year
for love is longer than our time
while life is short as bread
why in love do we feast
on the bitter tears we are fed	
to find within a love long and true
though at times bare and brass
cowardly, does not recede
			straight or bow kneed
					this love must proceed

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Life From A New Perspective

The outfits we wear only tare down who we are
our faces are glued to the mask we made in the dark
we hide our passion, to blend in the crowd
And suffocate the soul that trying to get out
So we walk our way through this world of depression
Victims in a maze of deception
Up becomes left and right becomes wrong
When life hands us lemons, we write a sad song
We hate our chances, but remember our falls
Cut short of glory, to scared to stand tall
Poor attempts to escape the nightmares
That Laso and ranggled us into damsels of fear
With our imaginations gone wild
We conjure up the life that could of been now

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I'm like a lion
Tryin to be  trained
to behave in a cage, but
I wasnt born to be tame
Full of stress and rage
 Im compressed and chained
Infected with depression
beCause I cant catch a break
Lifes taste is so tart
In pain from my scars
Stained by lame luck
Stuck behind apace car
I strive to write
But all I can type is the space bar
I'm Pervaded with doubt
About to freakout
Quick Someone bail me out
I would sniff my way out
but I got this cyst on my snout
From 6 years of this drought
Im sittin with this could of pout
Stickin to me like jam from a can
like melted candy in your hand
I'M a pantree full of Spam
 A Letter without the stamp
A debtor without a plan
Like chicken on a pan without any Pam,
Damn I'm starting to get pissed
 I got to devise a plan, before I break my fist,
Punching this brick wall, I got the spit but no ball
got the wits with no squall, like a toliet with no stall
 Slippin in a pit fall, Shiz just snow balls
I want to brawl, missed last call
My Stick shift just stalled,
This lawl has no intention at stopin at all
And I'm kicking myself in the balls
like old men walking up and down the halls
so i flop, just like a dust mop
Now i got knots in my food box
The size of king kongs rocks and
Every door has been locked
I try to soar but its all for not

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Paris in my bed

this is the loyal trail
here the street of fantasies
for beauties - the soft path
where the desire 
whereby the caresses
for happiness by two
for pleasure by three

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Loss of innocence

Houses lost, friends go away…
Then others I’ve never known…
Some areas worse, some less…
But all have seen the scar…

Empty homes with vacant eyes…
The bank will own the loan…
Won’t let lose their precious prize…
Until they’ve made a score…

A few will pass thru many hands…
Most will wait with time…
In the end we all lose…
With tears in our eyes…

The only winner any where…
Is the bank that still holds on…
There was really no doubt on this…
As the monster gobbles more…

As still so much is lost by all...

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The Deer-Slayers

Is he down?
I don' know; you wait 'ere,
While I go see/ Come 'ere.
Gut 'im now?
Not jus' yet; check his pulse.
No, high'r up. Yeah, right there.
Now, Pa, how?
I'll show yeh.
And the thunder of God's wrath 
Echoed through the wood.

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Scam of the Con Man

Who hasn’t heard of the Nigerian Letter or the Australian Lottery won?
So what about you’re kids in college… what for them is going on?

My son found a job posted on the University’s Nursing jobs bulletin Board.
Apparently several students applied to take care of an old man coming into town.
They were each approved separately, and then sent a check…
Plus a list of nursing supplies and a wheel chair they had to pay for and pick up.
Apparently, the place to work with had already been set up.
Once everything was paid for, they were ready for the job.

Instead all they got was their accounts cleaned out.
And the Nursing supplies were another part of the scam, my dear.
In the end the money they had was gone with everything saved from the student loans.

Now the problem was made and you know what? Guess who didn’t care?
The police, University, and bank said it happens all the time.
Of course they turned away saying it wasn’t their concern.
The bank told my son he owed $3400 more, even through he was the victim of the fraud.
The Banks fraud department yawned and said they wouldn’t look into what was done.
In fact, they were sending his accounts into collections to attack him even more.

Slough it off, and attack the victim, and of course none of them would do their work.
Mail fraud, money fraud, and con men involved… across state lines meant nothing at all.
Attacking the victim is not where the Banks, police, and university belong.
So let me tell you The States’ Attorney General is the next on the list.
The Attorney General and the Federal Government is where to go, my friend.
Don’t give up on the internet, there are help groups there, that abound.
Tell your children of the game… to keep them far away.

The bank wants my son’s next student loan money for collections on the debt…
And he will have to work full time at minimum wage to survive.
You might say everything at the moment… is truly upside down.
But we will fight unendingly… to straighten everyone out…

What a Christmas job deal breaker… and what a way to find out…

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Christmas 2009

Recession made Christmas harder than ever before
Family’s splitting – money the core
Dad’s leaving to live on the street
So that young hungry mouths are able to eat
That some extra cash might be in the house
and children might learn what Christmas is about?
But without Dad gone, roof would be lost
for the bills are much higher – we can’t meet the cost
No longer can the average family budget
2009, jobs lost, even working struggle to afford it
Commercialism needs to stop building hopes and dreams
Childern don’t understand you are busting at the seams
Disappointment reigns as kids outside taunt and tease
No longer we fit in we’re all on our knees
Sinking. Even love has fallen apart
We don’t want this Christmas just haven’t the heart!
Expectation lower, depressions set in
Politicians not helping the hole we’re all in
Instead raising taxes they’ll crucify more
and this miserable life could be at your door
Will someone tell them that family should be together
sharing love, life, hopes dreams whatever they weather

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Beauty in the Breakdown.

The world is on fire and I'm thinking that's not such a bad thing.
Maybe it will take away the pain,
condemned to a lifetime of agony in my heart.
I doubt it'd be strong enough, but it's a start.

This pain feels indestructable.
It just keeps building brick by brick.
Soon to be a wall, not of protection, 
but like a prision, it will limit me.
Unable to let anyone in at all.

I dig my own grave.
The hole is in the ground.
It's taking everything I've got
to keep my feet to the ground 
and my head, to the sky.

So destroy the indestructable.
Break down the wall, brick by brick.
Fill in this grave I've dug.
Because I'm dying to be with you.

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The Songs We Sing

People connect, people want to connect, if stranger-you, stranger as you find yourself, as I see you, wish to speak to me, The Poet once asked, then why shouldn’t you?

We loose touch with it, we try to tease it out in poetry and song, and wrong it comes
In the wrong form and shape it shows, we are embarrassed to try to: I am embarrassed to know. 

There are things on YouTube that make us cry. Homelessness on YouTube that make us cry
But why? 

I lived in Brooklyn for twenty-five, twenty five years of me in Brooklyn and I saw them everywhere. 

With no place to go, the phantoms of the train.

Those who tried asked for dollars and cents and some didn’t. And a lot of them smoked crack, many of them brimming high, capsuling, in clouds of mist of drink, most of them had to. 

& there are nights of coldness collected in the steel, and there is blue-coldness that hardens the steel

& to them, we look as blue as it, unable to peel the ring in their voices, silence, not flesh-like like they feel when the blue-coldness touches their skin,

& to them some of these holidays make no sense, for out of misfortune or kin they have not a thing to attend  

In subway carts I see some leaning, bending with the weight of O’-that-feeling
O’ that hit of steel that makes them want to

Religious, black women prayed for them and sang to them I remember. Y algunas, las viejitas, afraid to look their way, said an ave-maria in their heads. 

Some white folks prayed, others gave change and some played in their minds other moments that made this one naught. 

But that was all of us.

We made the train ring with our laughter and pain
	O’-that-feeling is why I can’t quit
	And homeless they are and have been and then haves-beens 
	& we give change and expect none in return

These subway doors open: 
“O’ I hope he gets off” 
			“He’s making me sick”

The songs that we sing

People want to connect even when they don’t want to stranger, you
& through train sliding doors, a glimpse of this,  and we try, we try not to loose sight of it 

locked eyes looking and no fear
	human recognizing human & no fear
		pain recognized by pain & no fear
			& no fear, and fear not fear

& they will slide 
And you will move - and you may remember and may not
But humans feel because humans we know because they feel and humans they know

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Skin Deep

Achilles' heel 
You’re another day older
The world’s much colder

It’s not your fault
They were taken 
Don’t blame yourself 
for God’s mistake

Her beauty reflects your own
Her life reflects your future
Chasing rabbits will get you there faster
Loss of faith will bring you there faster

The ball drops
It’s clever to see
What happens to us
And here we are

Take the evil out of this
You’re stronger
She’s stronger and always,

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The World We Live In

My heart aches for a world filled with peace, so much sadness and destruction,
I cannot take any more.
I get up in the morning and put a smile on my face,
I watch things on the news and I feel disgrace.
How can I smile when the grimness of life for others hurts me so much?
How can I eat my food and not feel guilty for the starving millions?
How can I waste water having a bath or a shower when others have no
clean water even to drink?
Dying of malnourishment and dying because of contaminated water,
All over the world this is happening to real human beings and what do I do?
Carry on as normal and put a smile on my face.
The children are crying, their parents are dying,
The Parents are crying, their children are dying,
But the world carries on as normal,
And I get up every morning and put a smile on my face.
Wars are raging everywhere, haunted faces staring “Why doesn't anyone care?”
Fear and terror is their living nightmare “Why doesn't anyone care?”
We care, but we choose to look away, “we're not affected” people say,
So we get up every morning, put a smile on our faces and get on with our day.

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Most of the beautiful girls of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh most of the beautiful girls
Are raped by their fathers
The victims shed tears 
In the darkness of night
Most of times they cannot protest 
Their mouths are gagged 
By their horrid shamefulness and unknown fears

These fathers are lascivious like animals and insects
They cannot control wild desires
Their daughters are like flowers
Beautiful, sweet-smelling, innocent and helpless
Many of them later become loose characters 
Some of them become sex-workers
And others face unhappy married life ultimately

These girls think it would be better
If they were dead long before they were raped
Or their fathers buried them alive like the dark ages
When they were newborn 

I have heard hundreds of such cases
And it makes me wonder how bad this society is
And how can we metamorphose 
These human animals into real humans

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When you were born the doctors said you did not have long.
But your loving heart proved them wrong.
Your determination and will touched everyone near.
God gave you your bright red hair and big blue eyes so dear.
He also gave you a heart of pure gold.
Made you the baby everyone wanted to hold.
You never meet a stranger and everyone was your friend.
You never gave up giving to others even if it meant you did without again.
Now you’re wearing those wings you always hid.
The ones you have had since you was just a kid.
Wear them with pride and that crooked grin.
Know we will all work hard to see you again.
With our thoughts of you and what you would have done.
We will make your loving heart carry on.
We will ask ourselves every day. What would Jay Jay, do or say.

writen for my sister who lost her son in june we will love and remeber him always 
          Jerimiah J. Ellingwood  Oct 24, 1981 to june 9, 2010

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Soul of man

The soul of man has known too much ache.
the heavens spill salted mercy water,
but the regalia of misery shields his body
his glare too impaired to recognise release.

he frets in his hood,
he flees for shade,
scampers from fortune.
his err, his cross.

desires of a little ease,
that threatens tomorrow's lease
Nature's deceit,
A game oft played.

Yet he falls, he fails.
The soul of man,
how feeble, how weak.

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An American Hero

                          for fallen soldiers

I watched the bad news on TV again...
A young soldier came home in a coffin.

He is someone's Son, Daughter, Grandson, Granddaughter,
Brother, Sister, Friend, Husband, Wife, Father or Mother:

        who will never smile and hug his parents,
        who will never love and kiss his spouse,
        who will never enjoy and play with his kids,
        who will never laugh and talk with his friends,
        who will never wear his military uniform,
        who will never, ever be again around us...

He, who gave his life, is an American Hero:
an American Son or American Daughter. 

We will remember You, Soldier.

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Dilapidated houses line these streets.
Lawn furniture that holds memories,best kept discreet.
Neighborhood air redden of cooking.
Seniors who've weathered the years of onlooking.
A tumultuous life for those who have lived here.
With nothing but boredom,and occasional fear.
Hollow eyed children,blank with thought.
Raised with the beliefs,of what their parents sought.
A neighborhood best adored from afar.
For living here would just add to the scar.

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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5 Minutes Challenge

Those pitiless days 're enough to puzzle the mind
A phenomenal gesture then sued to have downplayed the legit
That even the impartial impact was bandit with words
Not so funny 're those days
That devils 're clad 
And ready enough 
To poison the soup 
Meant for the entourage
Pitiful quill perhaps has taken over his weak wit


For Russell Sivey's "5 Minute Challenge"  

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Protective Love

Theories long forgotten, strategies of self interest predominant
The war of Forces, Principalities so dark, no man walks away untouched
My senses so keen I feel it all a mile away
I send the Angel's and it's all said and done in the breath of a second
Then a healing beam of light caresses me
The Angel's of God or a womans love
Both so deep and rare here
Both protecting me from the evil men devise against me
And I feel the force of love as they combine together
It relieves me of my worries and now I cling to the hope it gives
Be strong, be courageous, follow the soft gentle voice
As they light my path, As her inner beauty shines through I am just a cub in her arms
Just a sheep for the slaughter protect us both God

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The doctor's still don't know

another two edged sword
Here we go
some other pill to swallow
choke it down and see

Will this one leave me blowing me nose in my hand
or crying for days on end on the floor?
What about the mysterious rash?
erectile dysfunction like that other cocktail dose?
but I'm sure with this new big word they can help me
I know they must be close

Diagnosed and diagnosed
and if i get upset
or agitated
for the tortures ive endured for my side effects
heaven forbid
another presciption
a new name for my mental state
and here we go again

Drug induced psychosis
Manic Bi polar
Schtsophrenic of the disorganised type
schitso effective mood disorder
but none of them knows anything thats been going on in my life

Respiridone makes you fat
and five years of dieting and exercise wont be enough to take it off
but the blessing of all the work out books and magazines you read
is you will learn a lot
Stellazine makes you twich and drool
but they will smile as you have these spasms and say 
they've never seen you better
and as you feel so hollow
never ever dare to get confused
and ever have a temper

Swallow this
swallow that
the antidepreesants are killers
and I'm still singing about my friends
as i twiddle my thumbs
about the lies and liars
and who said what 
and the lawyers that wont let me talk

Diagnosed several times
a two edged sword
called amnesty and talked to allah
the joke of the switch board

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A Prisoner Of Living Free

There is so much to be felt
to understand the point of no return
When you befriend heartache,
it's best to remain civil, and stay clear from it

You recognize intentions
with a string of separation, lagging behind thoughts.

Never knowing what to expect, i steer clear
I move on, and stay clear from your path of destruction.
From your inviting thoughts, only to pull me under your skin

When i opened myself
Poor perception of your own
placed me in a piece of your reflection
While you told yourself, this is who you are.

Yet, you deceived me. And became who you hated most.
You let go of yourself, and gave your heart away to an empty soul
You sold your soul to the mirror, who deceived you for what you really are

And i look ahead into the distance
Numbed from all the truth.
Lies have swallowed up my past.

I cannot be a prisoner of living free.
Although, my mind is set beyond what you have seen
I cannot be held of captivity for witnessing what others remain unseen.

I will not be a prisoner,
all i can imagine is to be set free

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God Saw My Distress and Healed Me part 4

This question drives me up and down the walls
I know for certain that God has answered my calls
I can’t hang up on Him…He’s so brilliant
And I’m so little compared to Him…
Maybe I’m little in size and very insignificant compared to the most High
He gives me quite a natural high
He brings me back home and kisses me good night
Without His love, I’d be lost like a sheep losing his shepherd
I feel like I’m separated to God
As if God and I are on both sides of the coin…
Our oceans don’t collide with each other,
But He does make huge tidal waves…
And I make baby waves that swerve up and down
Like a wave’s movement, my life seems to have its low points and high points
But, when I build enough energy, I glide higher than the clouds
Though, unfortunately, I’ve only been dreaming this
Then, I collapse into the face rubs against it and I have scrapes all over
Sand and water do mix well, but afterwards, the sea shore’s weight will pile up on the bottom of the ocean floor
I can’t imagine how many grains of sand there are on Earth
There are countless amounts of ants on Earth as well
Trillions and trillions of them are in existence
It’s amazing how plants take in Carbon Dioxide
And we breathe in oxygen…
God is a fantastic creator and He did carve His creations pretty well
God saw my distress and He healed me
When I think about Him, I’m speechless and can’t say much
He’s made out of love and He bubbles me up with excitement
I haven’t given Him the credit of working miracles in my life…
But, I don’t want to divorce God…I must propose to Him like a wife
Does to her husband…I want to submit to Him
He made the sunset, the moon and stars
Look! He even made the planets and He healed our scars
He made the flowers, the roses and the creeping bugs
Look! He even made leaves for our eyes to see…
He made the change of seasons
God saw my distress and healed me
God made the wild cats, bears, reptiles
He made us have a brain that is as neat as black and white tiles
God healed me…and I’m simply glad He did so
God wiped out my distress…and He simply dressed me with happiness and He’s in high spirits to see me grow

 ~ Inspired by the band of Evanescence’s song: Never Go Back 
~ God inspired me to write this poem…

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Concede to Purity

Come inside weary nomad
Concede your effects there
Demands that of once greatness
My frail frame shifts in command
Subtly do I settle my tome 
Within his allotted collection
Barren mind remains 
Erased is all knowledge
Press further to truth

Come inside exhausted warrior
Concede your arms there
Demands that of once innocence
My frail hands move in command
Reluctantly do I discard my weapons
Within his cluttered armory
Empty sheath remains
Removed are all defenses
Press further to truth

Come inside fragile soul
Concede your garments there
Demands that of once love
My vulnerable being shakes in command
Disheartenedly do I delete my outfit
Within his convoluted bed chamber
Bare body remains
Stripped is my life
Press further to truth

Come inside mutilated man
Concede your torment there
Demands that of a unique soul
My heart weeps in command
Completely do I extract my pain
Within her purified passion
Past spirit remains
Revitalized is my mind
Press further to truth
Press further pure love

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Bullets rain tears

Young and innocent they went to school
 Expecting to learn and play
 Never in anyones wildest of dreams
 Did we expect that day
 For a rain of tears to shell them
 From one lost deep to sin
 But heavenly hosts came down for them
 Releasing them from him
 The devil he did have his day
 But God in end dost win
 For noubt will be lost but these young lives
 Will not be gone in vain
 The laws of the land will change in ways
 For it must not happen again
Those who reign must stand on this
 Take stance and make a difference
 No one should be able to take a life
 With intent nor mindless innocence
 For even when with madmans mind
 You cannot be left to mingle
 How can you be able to walk in shop
 Purchase guns and not be liable
 Actions speak far louder than words
 And if we let just one slip through
 Without accounting for their sin
 It might well be me or you
For on anyone these bullets
 Might be named to fall upon
 So make a difference – make a change
 Add your name – petition
 The whole wide world mourns in shame
 An Amnesty is long past needed
 Write your letters – use your vote
 Act now while it is fresh
 And pray for the souls of all those lost
 That each by the Lord be blessed
 Also for those who’ve lived through this
 That they might find a way
 To find the strength and courage
 To step out further each day

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Tears, silly tears,
Tears, gullible tears,
They have no color
They have no feelings
They have no emotions
Come joy or sorrow
They flow out
From their eye-burrows
Like saline rivers 
Towards unseen sweet water oceans
And dry up on barren cheek deserts

Tears, silly tears!

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Beslan- Russia 2004

Under a free sky, today
on a beach in Australia
I gathered from the white sand beach
ancient, sea- worn shells.
Another world away they gathered up
the siege-worn bodies of their children

As I rinsed my weathered treasures
in crsytal blue ocean waves; they were burying their innocents,
lowering them into early graves

All around me freedom shimmered
while they, grief stricken, had helpless tears
that shone on white, shocked cheeks
I felt the sun, warm on my skin
while they felt the deep chill of evil mocking them

I think I know how precious freedom is
They are sure of it, as they bury their dreams
 with children they would have died for
In the face of such callous cruelty
we feel just as helpless 
Gulls hover above me like thoughts
They go out to them - on freedom's wings

 Suzanne Delaney

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The Complaint

The Complaint 

Sir we have a complaint against you. It seems you stink you wear your shoes 
twice longer than most people do. Tell us in your own words how often do you 
change those socks. My left sock has been on for far too long my foot is sweaty 
it's so much shorter than the other one and rubs the shoe against the foot when 
all eye do is walk in them. Eye find a sock every now and then within the week if 
this eye can and most every day is now the best and then is when eye change 
them again. Who was the complainer who was it the dike who dissed me some 
eye bet it was she cannot stand the stink of unwashed socks. She must have 
saw the way she looked at me in the mirror of my eye she seemed so 
uncomplete eye cry when people look at me them ways. They fished in the wrong 
water hole much longer they came up empty and the eye is smelling like a water 
lily. Some men leave the clothes upon the back a bit too longish they turn black or 
faded yellow with the stains of sweat and salt it would embarrass them if you 
made a complaint. 
 The Complaint 

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The lurid moon

The lurid moon-
Dim as an eye, 
squinting, and
waning unnoticed in 
the despair of darkness,
like souls that trudge
through the roadless
vast transit of Sheol.
Guideless wanderers 
lost: no spirit, essence,
nor aim. 

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CIRCUS of HELL 666 Through Trying Times 7

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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she deserves love

Pain, anger, torture, she came from a broken family
And it eventually broke her sanity
She reacts to everything so angrily
But wants to be better and people call it vanity
She saw her mother getting beat down by her father
Her dad took advantage and abused her
No wonder she’s so lost and it all scarred her
No wonder any love or affection goes straight through her
She drowns her sorrow with a bottle of vodka
Thinks her body and sex is all she can offer
But now she’s pregnant with a baby
After being raped by a friend, and a doctor
She lost her will to live
A long time a go
Considering an abortion, but doesn’t want to kill her kid
People say she deserves it as she allows her thong line to show
But I don’t know how anyone can have the nerve to say that
They haven’t known her from way back
They just think she’s the new girl on the block
And everyone stays back
No one welcomes her or tries to get close
They just see she’s a young girl who’s pregnant
And call her a slut and hoe
Her pain and misery just won’t lessen
She doesn’t know where the hope is at
Friends just offer her cocaine and crack
Basically silently killing her
When they should be healing her
They should be doing all they can to help her
But they use her and put themselves first
The next time they go round they find her dead in the bath tub
This is just a story i made up based on real life
you never know what a person's been through or what they feel like
so make sure you get to know someone before you judge
I’m sorry i had to go so deep
But daily we see these things happen
Before you throw your judgment
Just know you could be responsible for another person’s actions 

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Blue-Eyed Boy

I am crying
The little blue-eyed boy
With bright red hands
Freezing in the pram
Whimpering, squirming
While mummy
Texts on her mobile
Ignoring him
Freezing inside a gaping plastic bubble
On a windy wet station platform

Not one word of comfort
Left her lips
Not one eye contact
Did the babe
Of her vagina
Nurtured in

What right do you have
Call yourself mother
An ape
On a leash
Would serve

Disgusting woman
Benefit grabber
Disposable shopper
Resentful back stabber
Made the child
Give it your best
Whoever said
You can detest
A miracle
Seed by your passion divided
A trillion times and more
Yet you

Give something back
You spiteful taker
A pair of mittens
You heart breaker
Purchase disposables
At your peril
Wash some napkins
You lazy devil.

No mother you
No church pew
Has seen your shadow
Let alone you
Your distain
For your own flesh
Will with you forever rest
And when he is older
You will regret
The object of
His detest.

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White Helium Balloon

white helium balloon
not quite taut
from summer heat and long ride
in the rental car

let fly
by a son
to picture a father
going to a better place

crowd of friends, family
circle round
watch the orb
rise ? just slightly

then hover
just overhead
string dangling forlornly
barely out of towhead's grasp

sad eyes turn to adults
unspoken comes the question, "Why?"
"Never one to leave a party early"
nods a bearded desert-rat

slowly the drooping symbol
wafts past onlookers
barely skimming yard, garden
comes to stop over newly-mown alfalfa field

Gravity persists
drops it slowly
string entwines 
among the green stubble

a calloused hand finds 
young boy's shoulder,
shaking, as tears fill 
saddened brown eyes

"Heaven's whereever he most loved to be, son.
That'd be right here. His flight was short."

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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Deathbed Prayers

Sanctify the begriming blood that churns within my decomposing channels.
Douse my life in the distilled downpour of the holy.
Spike my transgressions to the cross. 
Let them hemorrhage in crucifixion. 
I can no longer carry the burden of iniquity.
Let my soul spread wings and soar away into the nirvanas. 
Keep me from blackening in the magma of Gehenna.
Relieve me of eternal desertion in the onyx abyss.
I cannot tolerate to face Lucifer upon his throne.
Pull me away from the heat of the blaze. 
Lay me down on the silky luxury of the cloud.
Absolve my sins.
Liberate my ghost.
Forgive me.


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Difficult Trials -Part 1-

Turn the wheel
Out of curiosity
I'll be'll receive
Something special...something to make you whole
Though the trials you must run through
Are a great struggle that can easily
Pull you down
And I want to erase your frown

You will feel way better about yourself
Just trust me...take my hand...
I'll encourage you to have a satisfying time
Just for your own liking
We'll be hiking
Those somewhat difficult hardships 
Together for eternity 
We'll spend time in the future 
Together in unity

*******he sea...Let's flee and be free!
LOOK how nice you look!

Trample those insufferable nuisances
That dare put you down
To the sea floor
I'll push them to the core!

Feel free to walk the 
Road of Recovery 


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An outcast
fit only for the lepers' colony
A burden
big beyond bear
A huge bear
too ugly to hug
An unwanted stranger
to family, friends and foes
A perfect tool 
for Government's propaganda
A clean cover
for Health Ministry's graft
A sure means
for Activists' foreign AIDS and funds
A goldmine
for multinational pharmaceutical giants
An alien
in the place of her birth
Technically, they also call me
HIV/AIDS positive person
For nicety, I am also known as
Why then do you wonder
That we're wheeled into morgue slabs
Time before our fixed time.

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Impending Night

The impending night has fallen upon us
It woke with much persistence
Our hearts fled from its rage like a doe from a rifle
But the blast had already been made. . .

People fall like rain
The clouds are crestfallen with grief
And the darkness has no mercy 
Rain soaks...leaves an impact
The falls are devastating...

She was so strong, like a diamond she shined
Only to burn away and be one with the grime
I never saw her go
But the angry darkness of her essence—strangely glows...

He choked on his words, his memory
Like a child swallowing a pill
It is sticking in our throats
Against our will
And the dose ever grows. . . 
Who will stop the night?
You wicked thing how achingly stormy you have become!
Rich in your light as it smothers you whole
Leaving the rest to the droll sound of its toll

She burned
As they watched in angry happiness
The smoke of her spirits filling our hearts
No expressions...heavy depressions 
He was left to melt and rebuild

His wick ignites—burns are second nature
Though images are hard to swallow
She still talks to our souls
Her story still to be told
Like diamonds never found

A flame of hope hovers
We remain instilled in the rot
The darkness smothers
Its heavy slumber always waking

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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Trustful relationships

If a relationship is based on trust then why trust people
what is the point in a relationship if it isn't centered on trust
I guess there is no point 
I guess the relationship isn't worth being in 
Love is filled with trust so trust should be filled in the relationship
Trust is happiness in a little heart-shaped box
a box that should always be open
and cherished for the fact that it is able to be used 
this is trust on many levels of love

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The Whores are my Women

I walk alone on freezing cold gutters,
with my jacket that has no buttons,
and shoes with the holes at the soles of my feet,
and the women look at me and gag,
they cry, they faint, they run away, they sigh,
they don't spare a passing glance,
they are the horrid creatures that have no soul.

Then there are the whores.
Yes, the whores stay with me,
they look at me and see a real man,
they see a real poet,
they see a real artist,
who really and truely starves for his art,
and they all admire me and what I stand for.

When I come around,
they tag along,
they sigh in relief when they see me
and they huddle around me
and they admire me
and I admire all of them.
They are my women
who ask nothing from me,
not one thing, yet they stay by my side.
They don't look at beauty, nor how big my bank account is,
they come as they are and look at me for what I really am.
They admire me, they love me,
they can't get enough of me,
and I can't get enough of them.
They all treat me right,
and I admire them for going out of their way for me.

Love is real, when real people appriciate real people.
Love is there when they sit there and listen to me
read my poems and they laugh and smile at me
and my creative genius.
The whores are my women,
and I love them for that, and I smile,
my heart laughs and they laugh with me,
because their my women
and I love them for that.


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Best Friend

She said that we were drifting apart.
But I feel that we were close from the start
My heart was torn out from deep within
She said I had changed from what I had been

I didn’t know what to say
We used to talk every day.
Now that things had changed
I felt that I had gone deranged

Dear friend, the one who was the best
Why have you left me alone with the rest?

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Color Blindness

Oh, you are so wise
judging with your eyes
what you see
merely a figure
something to despise.

Oh, you are so sympathetic
kind to those who seem pathetic
If you could look beyond skin 
you'd see a soul free of sin.

Oh, you are so kind
living with closed eyes
judging all mankind
If only we were color blind.

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See See I can do it too

Words elevated to a dazzling height
Silently answering perfections plight

Love strung together to make a sentence
Hate molded to become a pen

Time yields to patience
Rage bows to zen

Transcending a mind
A unique voyage just to find

That my pain is not my own
The dark is not for me to own

A star sits in a dark corner weeping
Its light flickering, its tears beckoning

Waiting to be rekindled, be reborn
Its essence weakened, its passion torn

Unable to help, my flame long since extinguished
But her whispering screams need to be relinquished

My history a possible remedy to her heart breaking agony
So I slowly open scars I closed indefinitely

I bleed memories and thoughts, hoping her tears will stop
Synchronized … as her tears and my blood drops

For every memory, a tear is traded, for every thought the corners of her mouth move up a inch
The darkness recedes as her light increases

Her tears slowly transform into pieces, pieces of poetry
Convincingly showing my blood a forgotten beauty

… I smile …

Sometimes the dark holds a star waiting to soar
People see it as scary, but the dark, yes the dark has so much more

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Walking Through Fire

I walked through fire, And didn’t get burned, Not a scratch on me. Protected by a heart Hardened by hurt Secluded with a smile. No person benign or audacious enough No storm capable of prevailing To enter my kingdom of heart. With subconscious thoughts that told me Things I knew God didn’t want to hear, Nothing to do but keep trudging on, Without the slightest bit of fear. I could hear Satan calling, Calling out in vain. Used the rest of my strength to try And stay the slightest bit sane. I walked through fire, Thought I was fine, Until I looked in the mirror And saw the burns on my skin.

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  Sometimes when I close my eyes I can almost hear your voice.

  It whispers so soft that I don't know if it's real but I know your watching me. 

  Sometimes I can feel your eyes they are watching me from all sides and I can't 
  help but feel safe.        

  It doesn't matter if your not around I still know what I believe.
  They can tell me all they want that your up in heaven but I know you've never left me.
  Sometimes I look at your pictures in a photo album and I smile I see the brown
  the brown eyes I have myself. 

  I wish a million fish that you could be back again, but it's the real world 
  and I know things don't work that way I wish sometimes it could.

 It didn't hit me that you were gone until I saw you lying in that coffin.

 The tears couldn't stop falling and my eyes kept burning they tried to comfort me.

 They didn't understand that I needed this pain, they didn't understand that I can't 
ignore this feeling. 

Sometimes I can't sleep, my whole body feels weak... I wonder what I am here for and 
then you remind me. 

It's always been my dream to conquer the world it's seems you 
were always there when I fell.

 Putting your hands up so I could use them as a punching bag you wanted me to grow up 

I'm still learning that I should never be afraid we all die, we all feel pain sometimes 
and that's a lesson ill never forget.

 It's making me tear up right now I haven't thought about this in a while but 
I know I should.

 Sometimes it's hard but I look up and I smile at the blue skies, at 
our happiness and I know your the reason... you will always be the reason you will 
always be apart of us.

 Sometimes I close my eyes and I can almost hear you saying 
baby don't give up i'm watching you till the end.

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White Privilege

Lily white
Petals have been bitten and broken
Where is the root?
And with your story
God is teaching me to love
 I’m prostrate on cold ground
begging on the behalf of your salvation
Your sanity

And you’ve lived the life of blackness
And we forget of the privilege you’ve been afforded
I’m taking all the words I’ve ever known
To play God and save you
I want to save you

Let me teach you how to dance then
Forget the men who leave beds cold
And safe dark places barren
I still believe we can live
And these are the stories we tell
To save the weaker vessels
And so drink to your life, breath, and chance
Lily white, when it comes embrace it
Find the texture with the lines of your fingers
Softness of your cheeks, and pucker of your lips

My God, how can I say this?
In what language, pretext, context do I form all the answers?
And then maybe you’ll smile and mean it
Cry and feel it
If no man has loved you
I have
If you have no God
I do
If you don’t know how to say it
I can
If you can’t find rest
I’ve slept

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By A Friendship That Never Bends

The shadows of doubt 
          May cover our thoughts; 
          Cover our sights; 
          Or ruin our dispositions 
But the shade of truth hasn't lost its 
          Luminance that creeps and overruns 
          The mind from disillusions 
          And bring it forth into the lighter part of the dawn. 
Confined in a nostalgia that is akin to a rhyme 
          With hope that is free but beyond one's reach 
          Like the wind that musses but can never be gripped 
          Nor be touched like a falling rain. 
Seeking refuge to some childish imaginations; 
          Or fantasies and pure hallucinations. 
          With a never ending crave for happiness and consolation 
          That can only be catered by a friendship that never bends.

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Life Kills

If life be a mirror, then she is broken
And slit are my wrist by the shards of injustice
That tempted me into suicide of the soul
Guilty is my flesh to bare such sin
I breath pain..
Pushed off the edge of my deepest desire
I fall head first into an unforgiving grave
Where lay..
Counting my regrets as I sink into a timeless ebisk of pity
I'm a prisoner to my own cataclysms
Wasted was my life
And meaningless be death
But to spar me the torture of the present day

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Do not listen, be then deaf
And misinterpret circumstances
Do not see, be then blind and stumble
Thinking in change there is no use
You herewith decide to seduce
And break your bread of fame
You framing life in your name,
Can't you reduce yourself to shame?
To change that fashion to the old
Do not change your behaviors if you can
Be enslaved and become like that
If you feel needy
Locate a straw in man's pocket
Suck all he has
Suck the whole world
Feel fully contented
Drop your head on a greasy stone
Slide along and burst it
Wait to be composed together and buried
You who search your own death alive
Booze and get intoxicated
Do not change, be then still
Change belongs to the right ones

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My Responsability

Fifteen years old, I feel like I'm taking on the responsibility, As if I'm twenty-five. Forced to mature at a young age, All i needed was a little time. Time to think to have what the others had, Being a kid, the ADULTS to be my savior, Looking in the crowd from the outside, The looks of hatred and waver. The worse thing for me is that i feel so grown up, And don't have a job, No temps to take care of the family that I have left, Because they're so far deep in stress, An endless pain, An endless mess. I'm in high school, Taking care of my sisters 6 year old daughter with all my will Because she decided that she couldn't do it no more, She tried what they all said she'd never do, She took the chance, She took the pills. Me, in defence mode, For the childs soul, I want to save. But I know what it's like, The reckless feeling like I'm alone, I just can't take the visual sight, Of my little angel, Growing up with all this in her home. It's so hard to tell her, But it's gonna get harder as i wait, Mommy's not coming home for Christmas, With those words I felt my heart break. She reminds me of myself when i was six years old, To know the word hatred, To get used to being all alone. God i just can't stand it, When this little girl looks at me and says.. "My mommy hates me, I can never make her happy" I will do anything to save her from this mess, She has a heart of pure gold, Though no money could ever be enough to replace her, I just don't wanna believe.. That this is the way she feels, I will do anything from now until she she's grown up still, I just don't want to see her 10 years later, Feeling like she wants to escape, And going for those pills....

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This is Who I Am

I am me; and I know there are going to be people who do not like me

But I can not change the way the feel about me and I'm okay with that

Why change them, when I wouldn't want them to change me?

They are who they are, and I am who I am

This is who I am: I am Emily, a person that tries very hard not to judge people

This is who I am: I am Emily, I will be anyones friend; It does not matter what they did

It matters that you take them in your arms and hold them and tell them your here for them

Even if they walk away, it matterd that you showed them you cared

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I saw my wife tonight
She was on my brother
with the letters...
abbreviation of some college
plastered on him
she kept him warm
like she did with me
hugging the curves of his
he held her closely
her softness unspeakable
caressing him
He smiles 
looking at me 
breathing her into him
as I did her
"Thanks bro..."
I smiled back
Admiring her on him
"No's cold out"

Author's Note...inspired by a scene in a movie

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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Apostrophe in Time

water weeps wildly
whilst washing away your
jesting foolery.
I saw the sun annihilated
	Against backdrops of liturgy
Lethargic activity that earns
	It’s title as the Earth’s endearing child
Against backdrops of monogamy,
Pedestrian thinking,
	Accelerated usage,
Lapping up mentalities from bowls of pulled poultry,
Doing nothing for the Universe, Yet stealing all unities,
Dissention and green lights and babies birthed and apostrophes in time,
Influencing the way we work on thinking of ourselves as HUMANS, As people, not things.
Growths, from children to adults, the contortion of time, the peeling of fate, the sweet sugar coating like a scab on your life,
Bleeding out of your heart and seeing out of your eyes and feeling through your brain and feeling through your synapses.
Here are the producers of the broad way show of assimilation
Here are the problems, Here are the irregularities with the hole in the boat, But don’t worry everything is now under…
Black as a burn on white , yellow as a can of
	Cream, not yellow at all.
Not nothing but irregularities we perceive as
	Potential ingredients in life.
But in greed, is what we are, in need
	Not so much, Thinking SO outside
	Of the box, that the box has grown
	Legs and walked away and has grown
	 A full beard and a full head of ideals.
And we are trapped outside of this fully
	Matured matron of mystic answers.
And we are pleading to God to be let 
	back in...
But you know something, GOD IS IN THAT BOX TOO.
And you know something else, inside all of us
	Is a little box opening when
	It's ready to breed a plague of
	Insatiable urges.
A quest for self.
A journey through self. 
Black and blue benches where a man sits,
	Breathing, he breathed.
Waiting for his anti-matter mother to annihilate him,
	But less than he believes because anti-matter
	Kills not what it touches, But what it needs to 
	Kill itself.
A piano, might be boxy and Brute-Like
	But might mean more than piano
	To you.
It might mean the 'end is nigh'
	For music is the sound we hear to 
	feel forsworn,
	to feel filthy inside of ourselves.
But remember, the Doctor is here
	And he is watching from inside
	The box, and he's sitting over a cup of tea,
With GOD,
	       In that BOX

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Sarah in the Corner

Fears locked inside
feet shuffling down the shiny linoleum halls 
eyes glaring like needles puncturing her skin
echoes of humiliation in their laughter
experiencing isolation at the long empty table
loathing the silence until the conclusion of lunch
quietly and socially unable
nearing “home sweet home”
overflowing with anguish
as her plan was exposed
suffocated emotion
tension enveloped her neck
chair overturned
shuffling feet
eyes immobile
soul took flight
as she was found in corner 
after the students took her life

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Scent Of A Korean Tea

See this not as a flattery
Thou, we both know that 
We met, only, yesterday
But truth is I am missing 
You, every night and day

You and only you
I think of no other, as
I spell out 
These words of mine 
My arts, from the heart

You told me 
To gaze the stars
Whilst I begged you 
To ask the birds
How to fly

I remember that night
It’s something, I’ll not forget
The scent of a Korean tea
Brewed, delicately, with love
To sanctify me

It was already two a. m. when I 
Walked home, from your place
Guided by the sleepy moon 
I found out, we passionately speak
Nature’s own language

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God's Image

My numb soul. I peep inside its dark hole. Many sins done rinda! Now pay the toll.
Mad heart thinks. My mind scolds. What I have turned into. A man in monster’s fold
The ink of my pen. Comes from my bleeding heart. My head hangs in shame but my 
emotions aghast. I write these lines: my blasphemous attire. He prepares for me – The Fire

Fire, you Gnostic element! burn me till I turn to – ash
Ash, on the floors of my dreams – washed
Washed, by the waves that advent from my – fate 
Fate, which bewilders my – mind
Mind, which has become the prisoner of my – heart
Heart, a criminal without any – charge
Charge, my emotions with – redemption
Redemption, which I pursuit for – an assumption
Assumption, tricks my conscience – laid to rest
Rest, a fugitive living in life by alias of – death
Death, cover my deeds of filth and – shame
Shame, a paradigm shift from pride and – gain
Gain, nothing in this world but comfort of – pain
Pain, I bleed from my bloodshot – eyes
Eyes, trade my soul for the place in – hell
Hell, which burns fueled by – stains
Stains, of sin which fill megalomaniac vessel of my – human mire
Human mire, the brush that paints my soul’s – caricature
Caricature, is what I have become of God’s Image.

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Good Intentions

Open the door
Help carry a box

Good intentions

Pick up a dropped pen
Share an orange
Voluntarily give the right of way

Good intentions

Make dinner for a friend
Help clean
Hold the elevator
Give a ride

Good intentions

Help someone cross the street
Give up your seat

Good intentions without a simple thank you will remain as a good intention
But with these good intentions comes lovely sensation,
Just an easy smile, a helping hand, an open ear,
Are a few things that can make a world of a difference, just make sure it's sincere
For one day, somehow, the reason is unclear
These good intentions will come back and help you my dear

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To the child that was in the womb for nine months
But never had a chance to breath the breath of life
You are a angel in heaven
Let me sing you a lullabye

To the child that hungers for love
But only has known abuse of their innocense
I pray you are found and given a hug
Let me sing you a lullabye

To the child that is hidden somewhere
Waiting and wonders why hasn't anyone found them
I pray you are found and set free
Let me sing you a lullabye

To the child that was playing outside
A accident took their life too soon
I pray for you peace and hearts go out to the families
Let me sing you a lullabye

Everyday we cannot escape it, always on the news
SO SAD, WHY, a tragic story
I can only want to hold you so softy and comfort you
Sing to you a lullabye

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout

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below the lot-

I held myself above the lot, 
all too sure that life is life,
all too sure that death is death, 
all too sure that I am man, 
neither more nor less than that,
I held myself below the lot…

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Dont You Judge me

My words could only be understood 
By these who have felt my pain
These who have tried to hard 
These who felt they lost everything 

Don’t judge me because I loved once before
Don’t judge me because i'm scared once more
Don’t judge me for who I am not 
Don’t judge me because you DONT know me

If you know me you would understand
If you met him you would love
If you lost him you would cry
If your alone you would sometimes want to die

I cant write an love poem with the same feeling
I guess I’m not happy anymore
But it was all him
Because I will love him always

Even though we have moved on
Even though we make the right choices 
You will always ask yourself 
Why did this happen 

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A Dream of Love

A Dream of Love...

And now,the fruit of
A dream,I had buried.
Surprises me with life...

I worried,the dream might
Be embarrassed if ever
It came into being
Ashamed at its inabilities.
I hid it from prying fingers
Yet it surprises me,comes to life...

All I did was think about it often.
Often enough, I hoped
To save it from forgetfulness,
Age and a bad memory.
Yet it surprises me,comes to life...So soon....

I loved too much I guess.
Maybe God felt sympathy,
Gave me a gift.
This gift
Of love
I'd rather not be given.
I wish to snatch it from the heavens,
Wish to make it happen.
Yet it surprises easy...

The fruit I'm given;
This Love.
I cannot savour.
But then I can't not accept it.
I really must have it.
Cause it is after all
My dream.My love.

Dream...Cause it will come to life...
Dream...And bring it to life.

  -Viraj Shah 

Posted for Contest Any Poem/Any form- for new poets of Soup.                                                               Posted on 26/11/2013

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A Job I Cannot Quit - Empathy

Some view it as a blessing
some only see a curse
but for me, all I feel is destiny

It's hard to call it such
because I truly don't believe in destiny or fate
yet I know that this is my calling

I will sit here, closing myself off to the world
when all of these strangers' feelings flood my soul
and I have to sort through them

Some people need advice
while others, just a listening ear
but the hardest is of the thoughts of the perverse

I truly do not believe anyone has the right to decide who needs help
versus who may progress all on their own
but the feelings I get from others do not lie

So again I sit
with so much inner turmoil for hating my chosen path
mentally reaching out to strangers that need me

I know I am doing good
yet I've only really given in
because all I want is to be on the darker side
to live my own life

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I don't know, how can I fly
Like a bird 
In the sky
Even if a wounded bird could fly
So why, I should not try
May be could I reach to my destiny
but how could it be
Without a company
So come, my fella
Lets make it easy to get

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Moment To Moment

Moment to moment… and from breath to breath…
I decide which bills to pay from this second to the next.
This one today… that one comes next…
All waiting my next payday.... never to come…
Things aren’t the same… never will be again…
I sold the last of my jewelry to pay the last bill...
A garage sale gave nothing worthy again, still…

The days travel insistently around the clock
They are quick and fleeting and leave me behind.
My options diminish more daily
Tomorrow will bring more of the same.
No one is hiring unless you already have a job.
Two Thousand arrived for one janitor to hire.

Where is my white knight to scoop me upon his horse?
Where are the promises made to a child?
Where went my home with a white picket fence?
Where is my future I hoped to retire upon?
Where went my gifts for laughter and fun?
Where went the next Christmas for my son?
They are gone and moment-to-moment is all I can see…

Is there any one out there… who isn’t like me?
In honor of every man and woman... feeling lost, forgotten, and alone.
Moment to moment I'll remember to sing our song.
We won't go unheard... while I am around...

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Reflections of Love

I need to heal and fast,
I can feel the time running out, all too soon.
But can't push myself out of the agony,
The threads of pain pull me back like a puppet.
I seem wrong to be grieving now, odd one!
Everybody else is no longer black,
Me, haven’t seen the sunlight for long;
The mansion, its corridors, the rooms  now my world.
The wound in my heart is still too fresh,
It forbids me from a sunset on the beach,
It forbids me from running or skipping,
It forbids me from laughter and joy...
In denial: they say but it's not all true, I accept
I know he is dead, He is no more
But do I dump him in my past and move on?
The thought makes me hate myself!
He would want you to smile again, live further..
Strangers tell me his likes and wants, the know-it-alls.
I look straight ahead and avoid their prying eyes
It’s a losing battle, I know but let me lose in grace...
Visitors keep pouring in, with flowers and tears.
He was a man loved by many, the crowd proves it,
Everybody seems shocked and pale but not as lost as me
I glide along the windows, reliving the shadow of memories...
The moments were many, uncountable even,
It crushes my soul to think, they are all I have,
I see his fingerprints on the window panes,
I search for mine too, just beside him they lay...
The garden is being watered, but by a strange hand
The plants understand the master is now below them, 
He will never enjoy their colors or drive away moths
His ashes and scent scattered around the mango tree..
I smile at the garden then burst out laughing,
Before I know, warm tears run down my nose
But there still lingers a smile, wet with glistening tears
I am happy he lived, he lived full and more...

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Sweet Sweet Lorrayne { Rondel}

<                                          Sweet sweet Lorrayne
                                            No voice to speak
                                            Smile always peaked
                                            Just wanted to end her pain

                                            Known to one and all
                                            Cookies cakes she loved to bake
                                            Orders were never to small
                                            Family tradition she wanted to make

                                            Meds and revival she wanted nil
                                            Family and friends held her hand
                                            Assured she would wake in the promise land
                                            Lit a candle and placed it next to cross in window sill
                                            Oh ye hearts tears did over ~ flow and fill


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Blind Ambitions

Ambition is to fight to become as our dreams demand, 
Always something different, always something else.
To lose what we are… to become what will be…
To fight the world for recognition… endlessly and constantly.

It’s something never truly or totally achieved.
It’s really an image we want others to believe.
We leave everything and one behind for an empty dream…
It empties our soul to the important things in life…
Till no one is left except our wayward and empty hearts
Alone, we strive so that we can now find something to believe
Then the hole it has made demands that it must be filled.
So our self-image and loneliness make us dig harder still.
Then the stark reality of the emptiness works on our souls
And we try to forget it with drugs, parties, fake friends, and alcohol. 
Now forever we will wish to fill where before we were full
Why couldn’t we see we once had every thing?
Ambition is a blinding and a lonely making thing.
The richness of life is stolen to fulfill the dream…
And then only hangers-on come…who wish to steal your dream
Excess and wild living will never fill the void…
Only seal the end of our dreams, lost forever more…

Dedicated to all the ambitious and famous people who died early due to 
excesses of drugs and alcohol.

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Sorry for the dirty laundry mom and dad part 3

Slide for a second
I know it was tough for you
But see it through my eyes
You had alcohol to ease the pain
I had confusion of the ways of the world
And the terror of this is the way it’s going to be forever
and soo far I was accurate
Look at my life
Watching my loved ones fight
And my dad never came to that occlusion until he was with my step mom
and he was fighting with her
and I broke down in frustration and he said
It’s hard when your loved ones fight

The broken home got worse before it got better
Because after you left
My next memory
Is purple finger print son my neck
from my brother
Monkey see monkey do
And god only knows what stuff I’m blocking out
Maybe nothing
It’s been hard mom
I know life isn’t fair
While life seems to turn up all roses for him
It hasn’t
Look at the accidents surrounding grandpa's estate
And grandma's cancer
And I love you all
And my life has been a terrifying nightmare
I no longer know how to mask or hide with humor

I know it sounds selfish
but sometimes when I call u at 3 in the morning
I need someone to talk to
like when you call me at three in the morning I talk to you
I don't know what to say but I love you
And you will never have to ask for that
I may never know the truth of everything that surround my life of 
Reasons I cant take a compliment
and cry for the world
and lie to my doctors
and mistrust everyone
But Freud says it goes back to the parents
But I always blame me and god
For all the times I prayed and made the wrong prayers
Like he was some genie
and now you’re all paying the price
for the stupidity I possess I’m not getting any better at handling

Anyway laundry day is coming
and I need some clean underwear
So I’m going to do all the things you taught me
And you know what
Dad never taught me how to shave

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Do you judge?
I feel your penetrating eyes
disguised behind
your smile
So you approve...
do your voodoo.
Let me believe
that no other thought 
entered your mind!
What's that? A quiver? conscience
take flight...
dimensia sets in
I sink into my court
judge me please...
so that my jury would be silenced.

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Your Hurts Are My Hurts

Ever since the mid '80s 
when I saw your tiredness and stress
and how much you cared for Claire
I've been able to feel what you feel time and again.

Even now, though far away,
whenever I hear of your aches and pains,
your sleeplessness and depression,
I still feel such empathy towards you.

In fact, truth be known,
Many times I get quite down, even sick
when I know you are not doing well
and sometimes I pray to take on your burdens.

Other times, I almost want to ask God
for this deep in my gut burden to be removed,
especially when I know that prayers
are the only action I can take on your behalf.

Today's news makes me so sad.
I just want to come get you and take you away
to a warm and comfortable place
far from your worries so you can rest and heal.

But, I'm no longer allowed to care for you.
I'm only an old friend who is very concerned
and not your newlywed husband
who I'd hoped and planned to be by now.

To say that Time heals all wounds
will not be true for you and me
as I'll always feel deeply
for whatever you are going through...

Your hurts will always be my hurts.

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For the Britneys of the World

I wonder if cameras really can steal the souls
Of young people caught up in celebrity roles

So many pictures, so many times,
24/7, no reasons, no rhymes

Except they’re famous for being famous, not for their art –
Do they become soulless and devoid of their heart?

Being photographed always, world-center stage,
Perhaps camera-flashes transform to flashes of rage

That explode so volcanically – Who’s at the controls?
I wonder if all those pics really did steal their souls

No matter how brightly their shooting star shone
It seems that celebrities are very alone

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Bloody Flower

You guide all when time ends,
Taking our sorrow into yours.
Chained in thorns,
You’re forced to strike.
Bloody little flower,
Cloaked in a dark cape,
You pull us into the darkness eternal.
Drown us in your tears,
Shed for deeds left undone,
Anger of injustice,
Sadness of lost love,
And the regrets of times long gone.
How I pity you Bloody flower,
As you’re forced to strike,
A slave of life,
You take care of its mess.
How small you are under that cape,
retched with darkness eternal.
How did you come to such a place,
Clothed in a dress of blood?
Bloody Flower,
You have seen our regrets,
 the wars we’ve chosen,
and the sins we no longer care to hide.
How innocent you really are,
As you pull back your arm to strike,
Chained by thorns,
You weep for me.
Drown me in your tears,
Guide me,
Take me deep inside your cape,
Into a darkness eternal.

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A Sister From Many Lands(My Sincere Apology)

When I first met you I was elated
Filled with much awe
I dreamed of the presently elapsed years
Of great happiness and rich excitement

I watched the birds as they flew past
And squeaked
My naked eyes were fixated
On their sudden movement and their return

Never did I strew my thoughts on the land
Upon which I stood
The charms I could trace on your face
The broad smiles you gave
Lowered the thick tall, solid brick walls
Of my heart

My passions lighted
My yearnings glittered
And the taste of purely refined soft-drinks
I sipped through my throat
Simmered down every feeling of doubt
I contained for you.

Scarcely did I consciously brood 
That some day I would struggle
For relief and solitude
From a white woman’s domineering rule

I grew up fast to think she was white
I disdained and disliked her
I pressed hard at her
Till she felt an austere uneasiness
I fought with her
And sought for what I called liberty 
From her presence

She sobbed, wobbled and left my coast
With spasms of sorrow surging
In her youthful bosom
And bled from pains for untold days

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the crown is moving away, leaving me
the clouds of hopes fast vanishing
my mill of motives grinding to a halt
and my sap of potentials clogging
never to flow for me to live

seven years ago, I started to crawl
to catch my dream in the sky
in the offertories of Writers Bureau School
But still I am that toddler, stunted
I wish to grow by your fingers of benevolence

Dip unto my tongue, once
for the miracle to happen
so I can praise you as GOD of my salvation
Only this I crave
To be in Writers Bureau School.

this is my personal appeal for my dream to come true to be a freelance journalist. Your
help is highly reverend. Thanks.

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At eighty he is still a coolie
toiling in paddy lea;
reaping pods and
heaping the seeds.

His sagged muscles working
in wonted harmony
But his brain tired of thought;
of his son who died as a sot; or
of his daughter widowed at twenty past
or his wife pulling weeds at another spot.

He has to carry on this moil; I thought
till death to retain his breath.

Looking at his pitiable plight
a wicked feeling swept my heart.
How great we're in contrast;
honourable servants of the State.

We retire at sixty, in peace.
Take home a lump sum of grant, apiece.
Also a pension for monthly use.
Last but not the least
a T.V and a chair to ease.

All this at what a simple price.
For sleeping forty years in office! ! !

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Once upon a time in ZigZigland

I was only 48 days old
part of my mother then
when I knew about
what happened to ZigZigland

I felt it ,I was a part of it
I loved it much more again
when I couldn't read yet
while I've known it's place beforehand

If you believed in haven
ZigZigland was a part of it on earth
It was the kingdom of all human beings
the mankind's place of birth

The father, mother and
children were all living there
Story of happy family
the glory of  endless welfare.
Until they came out from
the middle of nowhere, 
they fell downfrom devil's nest
father died fighting, the mother
starved feeding her youngs
blood of her breasts

They walked around destroying
burning the haven all the way down to hell
the children left their home
that was so sad for a farewell

Those creepy creatures stole
history, land, the Name
looked to the world victims,homeless
The world was blinded with fear, what a shame

They'll come for you if you speak out
eat you up and throw your bones
and the'll come back after all,lay down
beside you with their bloodied hand on your gravestone

whispering in the dark: Say it !!!
One word and you'll rest  in peace
give in their Justice : Peace
they're talking about in the middle east

Hope you stand there and roar
Land is for it's people, for all mankind
It can't be stolen, ask her and she'll
answer who she is,Just bear it in your mind

So, when they ask you again who you are
look down deep to your spine
answer them,surely the true answer:

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I know myself but you, asking to other

 I am child and you are elder
 But you are not like an angle.

 I am foolish and you are intelligent,
 But you quarrel every time

 I am blind and you have eyes,
 But you don't see beauty of the world.

 I am dumb and you have tongue,
 But you don't speak good words.

 I am deaf and you have ears,
 But you want to hear the mistake of others.

 I am handles and you have hands,
 But you use machines for work.

 I am lame and you have legs,
 But you don't go out to the room.

 I am heart patient and you are healthy,
 But your heart is hard.

 I am poor and you are rich,
 But you are like a poor.

 I am infidel and you are a believer,
 But you don't have love.

 I am alone and you live in crowd,
 But why do you feel lonely?

 I am blind and you have eyes
 But you have no dream

 I am an ignorant you are scholar,
 But your words are meaningless.

 I am loser and you are winner,
 But you are not happy

 I am enemy and you are friend,
 But why do you want to kill me?

 I am poet and you read me,
 But you don't know me.

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Fatherless Still Stands Tall

Thought I needed you 
Thought you were great
Thought you were going to
be there, but now it's
too late
Hoping and praying you
would get me out that bed 
and say there's another way

Come with me I 
thought you would say
Baby we family lets 
Lets hold hands lets
share grace
I thought you would be there
Your eyes lied to my face
You love the streets more
than you love me
I lost you to everything 
why you never hold me 
Sorry to say I don't
won't you in my life I
Made it out OK
I love you but the pain
ends today.

I want a father
Really needed one to
Tell me how beautiful
I was in every way
Cant breathe don't help me
Cause I never felt a warming touch
from my Father
Only from a horny boy

I was scared that having her 
I was going to lose you in
Every way but she's here to stay
I'm glad to
cause I was missing that father
piece and she fulfilled it for YOU
She completes me
And that's why a fatherless child 

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Down And Out Haiku Slam

<                                          whispers of the wind .........
                                            speak to enchanted sea .........
                                            bp ........  going down

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The Lords people in a Corrupt World

I see the world crumbling around me, people losing their moral ground
Following what they think is right rather than what they truly know is right. 
Most people really are uneducated sheep and cannot see what’s right in front of their faces. 

So many even mock the Lord and his word as if he didn’t exist and even openly say with conviction that theirs no GOD! And instead there small minds worship a sport as if it was their GOD?! 

It really disgusts me and breaks my heart to see how far mankind has gone and I fear for their souls as they do not know what they do. 

Dear Lord please have mercy and help show them the way, its easy for them to be distracted and miss lead with all they hear and are shown in this corrupt world without its true intentions shown.

GOD Bless all the Lords people and hold your heads high as the true fight is yet to happen and when it does . .  We’ll fight until we die!


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Touching the Pain

Feeling Nothing

I am the girl whose brother died.
It is how they introduce me now.
It is the conversation they have in the next room…
a tragedy, so awful, how horrible.
The poor children, how are they?
Oh, too terrible, so awful.

And then me, an unexpected encounter,
Apologies pour from them and I have no umbrella, 
Forgot my plastic boots, there was no time to shop. 

But I have been manufactured, used, discarded.
I am in the landfill of loss.
My whiteness corroded by the filth which surrounds me,
Broken into pieces that can be shifted by the earth,
Pushed away and pulled by birds until there is simply, nothing.

So sorry, so sorry, and a nod.
Some reach out to touch me,
wonder if they can feel the nothing. 

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White Trash Wedding

Shaving cream covers up the truck missing a left side window
Backyard lawn is freshly mowed folding chairs assembled
Trailer has been freshly scrubbed the scent of pine still lingers
Ready for the wedding day of Bubba James and Ginger

They’ve known each other all their lives even quit school together
Rumored that somehow their kin but that has yet been founded
Dated off and on for years come Spring a new arrival
Now she’s knocked up dressed in white, God help the child’s survival

The crowd has gathered to celebrate the union of this couple
Indeed a sight to for all to see two hands placed on the bible
Bubba James half drunk with shame with Ginger’s delicate condition
Say I do, a prayer is prayed, the party soon commences

Will their life bring happy times or a road of pure destruction
Pretty soon the child will come and test their own survival
Only God and fate can answer this too soon to draw conclusions
Just hope and pray for it’s too late to stop this white trash union

**This is not intended to offend anyone...just got an inspiration

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Baby Girl Of Mine

I wrote this to help someone special to me:

I lost my daughter today.
Sadness threatens to overwhelm me.
Grief consumes my every thought.
Pain fills my entire body.
The words send a shock to my heart.
My legs fail me as I fall to the floor
Knowing it was to come,
Realizing it is in God’s will,
Nothing makes it easier to deal with.
My heart crumbles under the weight
I know all the pieces will never be found.
A wound created that will never heal.
A constant reminder of what is gone.
Desire to become a forever family.
Hope of taking away too much pain.
Dreams of her eyes filling with child like joy.
Plans of everyday growing up and learning
All cause to mourn, all things I won't get to again see.
I long for the comfort others might have,
Joy her in the arms of someone who truely loves her,
Peace in knowing she is being properly cared for.
The knowledge that we will be together again.
I lost my daughter today.
There are no kisses to brighten my soul.
No grave to visit and seek refuge at.
The rest of the world will never notice,
For the daughter I lost was never really mine.
She is alive somewhere else 
Not by my choice but by theirs
For it is not I that gets to kiss her good night
I lost my daughter today at yet it is like the world does not care
Really she was more mine than theirs... 
I lost my daughter today...
I lost my daughter today...
Don't worry baby girl we will be together ....

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First Boston

          When we got the news we were not totally shocked

          When we got the news a marathon was a surprise

          When we got the news speculation in families came 

          When we got the news there were worries of our own 

          When we got the news with a funeral and London marathon 

          When we have relatives in Town - London - worry always there

          When we got the news we living in 'First Boston' thought of the 

          'First City' of Boston in proud Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

          We send our sympathy and urge justice in these irrational times.   



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she wonders

She wonders what you’re doing
and how you're living life
what new things did you learn today
and how did you sleep last night
did you feel raindrops on your face
or sunshine in your eye
of all the questions left uknown
the biggest one she has is why
why can’t you be together
why can’t she watch you grow
why can’t she guide you through this world
this she just does not know
but she promises you’ll be together
no matter how long it seems
just know your always in her heart
and always in her dreams

Poem is dedicated to a dear friend of mine 
P.G  Always remember sweetie true love is never lost, you will meet again someday.

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London, July 7, 2005

It’s happened again, the early morning fog, mixed 
in with smoke that should’ve never beenthere. 
It was just another day, nothing special but yet now 
a day forever imbedded into the hearts and minds 
of many like the shrapnel, glass, shards, and metal 
debris implanted among those dead, the hundreds 
injured and dying. More smoke, choking, bleeding, 
screams of pain and horror and always more questions; 
Who? What? and ALWAYS  the why? Struck down are the young, 
the elderly, the poor, the rich, people doing normal 
routines but no matter the city, country, or nation, 
nothing is normal anymore; just chaos and madness. 
Now across the world much fear, anger, and sadness, 
is felt now that this has happened again. Today won’t end 
the way many thought it would; young children will sit 
tonight, waiting for their father, waiting for their mother, 
maybe waiting for them both, but realizing all too soon 
that they will not be coming home; they were more victims 
of violence lost to another nation’s hate.

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King Of The Hill

<                                               Vietnam War
                                              Capture of Saigon

                                               What The Hell For

                                                   Guerrilla war

                                                 Conventional war

                                                 What The Hell For

                                                    U.S.  Soldiers 


                                                 What The Hell For

My Thoughts On 
The Vietnam War

May All R.I.P.



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Mute Cry

“Hence when did thy breasts hate to feed me?
Hence then haven’t they heaved to need me?
Oh Mother! Why art thou so silent?

Those bombs and those ammos from the machine guns, they bother me no more.
They sound like a lullaby to me.
Wasn’t it you who reassured me that ‘this is life’ even before I was born?
Now why do you still lie?

I heard Papa’s plea to let you go before they shot that merciless bullet into his head.
I saw it Ma, I saw it all...
ripped, stripped and writhing in pain,
I heard your final beg to let me go.
I cried then Ma, I cried aloud, I cried my best with all I could; 
thought that hearing me cry they would let you go.
They never stopped and choked I lay.

My eyes still won’t open full and I only see darkness around.
Tears mixed with trickling blood have dried 
and my voice too fragile to rise above the noise outside me.
Oh Mom! Why don’t you shout for me now?
Was it wrong that I was born to thee?!

Why have they taken it all even before I can understand 
in a life time or more what war and hatred is all for?
Tell me Mom, tell me now from up above
Why won’t a bullet silence me too?”

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His Eyes

Those eyes.
    Do not label them brown.
For this one
there is yet a color
to be defined.
    This is what you will see
seeing you ...
too undone for the soft smile beneath
those eyes not brown,
    too quiet for those years
doing hard time out of mind.
May he forget why he is weeping
    one day.

for seth

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Forgive, please forget

I lie here looking at the ceiling,
Then I look to your word,
It didn't have much meaning, 
Trusting you is almost absurd
You left me broken promises
I know I'm better off
No more kisses
I need to write you off
I'm a creature of habit
I  know I'm not that tough
I have no heart to be compassionate
You stole it, left it in the rough
I'm Forgetting how your voice sounds
It truly makes me sad
yet still want you around
I still know what we had 
Why'd did you ever leave? 
Why couldn't we have been enough for you?
Now you wallow in sorrow and tell me how you grieve
love isn't for the weak I give the devil his due 
Now you suffer twisting, contorted pain
the worst mistake of your life
takes me back to lovers lane
You really messed up and I'm to alleviate you of your strife?
You think you deserve it?
…..I do.

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Breakfast time and a bowl of cereals

Waking with a start,preparing to face the end
eating next to nothing,cracking the bottle of optimism.
Life looked away in revulsion as the villainies committed
and lost into the book of vanity.
With the naked eye i see the world every morning,revolutionized
but big words puff me up as thought i was you.
A jarring note,a shot of morphine and get out of the rut
a perjury of illusion,the only blemish on your face.
I was deceived into the belief of something invisible.
Swashbucklers,mock heroics,phony patriots and cells
that proliferate so rapidly.
Populous mash potatoes,the decomposition of the corpse,
i can't take much more.
Filth has no sense of delicacy,i never boasted that
and the inanity of convenience put a bullet through my head again
So i open the window of pessimism.

We live with the manners of a swine,
enough to keep body and soul together.

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Sea of Souls

I see the sea of souls
overturned n washed away
I see their loss of love churning them 
toward the undertow
Their anguish bubbling to the surface
forming foam
poetry soup

Watching &
wading in this
slick of sadness,
i intuit my sinking in the sand.
Not from sheer weight 
but by all the hands
grabbing my ankles
trying to pull me in

The mother in me
wants to scoop them up
one by one
& sing them
sweet lullaby’s

The mother in me
Wants to cast a spell,
To calm the oceans,
To form shells
around their tender youth
Nd protect them 
from further lures

You see....
i have been in that frigid water many a time
It is where you & i have to go to die
& yet I know as sure as the rising n setting sun
we will all gladly walk that plank again
(Even if it means another mini death)

From under the water i must look like a God
An unattainable form bathed in light
an unattainable happiness out of reach
....what you cannot have
But, it is just i,
a simple caring soul 
gathering your words and hopefully you

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They call it Fuel Scarcity

The nation in question is a world largest oil exporter
It citizens is be deprived of what she has
Involuntarily long queues from night 
In petrol stations till dawn outside the same stations
Makes the danfo drivers angry and happy with price hike
Who will be sorry for the stranded commuters
Is it the profitless street sellers
Or the red hotted conductors?

You then see a divided country
Each citizen angry with and harmless to the government
Frustrated citizens walk miles to chase Molues
No one cares for the other the aim is to get home
Though some do, the poor ones.
Who says it only touches the proletariat
Even the rich are touchable
You will see big fat men exercising  in their cars
Suffering from the traffic jam created at the stations.
Who will condole with the cying lady
That cannot manouvre due to her twisted hand
And clucth ridden legs?

A country were  urchins 
Take to the streets as black marketers
The hoarding stations having collaborated
With them sell the gold four times its price
All moneyed men will buy from the law breakers
The owners says it is due to vandalism 
What a suitable lie
For it is likely that the political skirmishes
Has reined on the innocent citizens
Even our eight year leader
Will not address us on the issue
Who says it this is not a dividend?
I say it is.

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Where Darkness Clings

Darkness clings were light doesn't linger Breath struggles were air is depleted I'm siting by the window staring at the waves of sorrow, forgiveness and love That crash in to are lives like title waves crash into buildings And down the way fair away children play in tall Fields were corn is made its so sad to know that inasens will never make it past 13 In a world were childhood fantasy's cant only run so deep And its scare to see how evil people can be when they justify it by how life treats them Darkness clings were light cant be Clinging like a leach feasting till the hart beat of the world is deceased And its so sad to think worms can drown in puddles created by cloud games And why is it we get so lonely at night Fare from childhood yet to young to sleep alone Is it fear of the unknown drawing us close Or human nature to want to pull the covers close And why dose sympathy seem to control all that we do When sympathy cant do nothing for no one I hate to think of the day when night is all i see A starlight world that can look so bleak and gray What dose the universe hold for lonely souls traveling down broken rodes I guess well never know Why darkness clings were light cant be

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The Most Fascinating Person I Ever Knew

You were the most fascinating person I ever knew,
every part of you, every fiber;
I loved the shine of your lucent eyes,
the saccharine taste of your lips;
you fought for my sanity
whilst losing your own, and
I cannot explain how much I thank you
for that.
You were the most fascinating person I ever knew,
but now you have disappeared;
I cannot see the emotion in your once-lucent eyes,
I cannot even dream of tasting your lips again,
and now I am fighting for your sanity
as you once did for me, but
you do not notice why I
do it.
You were the most fascinating person I ever knew,
and now,
you are the

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Leave Me Here

coiled up
kicked to the ground
its quiet here
when i plug my ears
there's no sound
let the tears
sink beneath my skin
let all my fears
scare me enough
to stay here
just leave me here

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What brought me to this sullen shore...
is not sheer curiousity at all,
but an equivocal question too hard to be answered
even by those whose minds are so cultured! 

Pelicans swarm the February's frigid sky over the bay...
like clumsy butterflies greeting a spring's day;
it's past sunrise, and all clouds catch on fire,
fleeting to the western sky to avoid the infernal dire!

I take a brisk walk adventuring in the gelid wind's blows...
as the agitated waves  indicate an imminent storm;
unafraid , I lean over the fortress's  stones with hands so cold,
to feel the vengefulness of a sea frightening all humans!

It's Saturday mid-morning, I hear a shrill filled with emotion, 
and a shivering pelican comes close to where I stand;
he doesn't want the crumbs in my generous hand,
but understanding and much more compassion!

If he could talk and tell of his plight so unspeakable...
I'd listen and make a promise for his survival...
where  once limpid waters rolled so brightly,
painted in gold by the solar glow, now they look too murky!      

Does he feel great animosity toward us...
we, who build and destroy, kill and terrorize?
And what made him turn to me  so fearlessly;
and will we, rulers of this earth, show hiim some mercy?      

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A bird lays an egg
She keeps it warm
It starts to crack
And it hatches, during a heavy storm

It was a beautiful Lorrikeet
You could tell mother bird was proud
So out of her own happiness
She joyfully tweeted aloud

Time to fly, little Lorrikeet
Mother Bird encourages him
So he jumps off the tree
And swoops through the sky like a queen bee

On a quiet night 
A van pulls up to the tree
A shadowy figure scales it well
And he was tranquilized, faster than you could to five

Daybreak in a pet shop
He was in a cage, that's all Lorrikeet knew
Surrounded by a rainbow of birds
Name a bird and It was in view

The other birds learnt of Lorrikeet's intelligence
But then they bullied him for it
Lorrikeet grew depressed
There was no bird to make him not want to throw himself in a pit

So Lorrikeet was trapped
Trapped in a cruel world of hate
One day he'll be free
But there is no specified date

But then a little girl walked into the Pet store
But like anyone her age, she was looking at the puppies
Little girl asked Mum for a pup, but she said no
But then the tears roll down her face, What a sad show

Then something is spied in the corner of her eye
The beautiful Lorrikeet looking out of the glass cage
The little girl runs up to the cage and admires the beauty of the birds
Which are staring at the girl like one giant herd

The little girl decided for ages
Deciding which bird. There were cages and cages
But then Lorrikeet tweeted. Oh It was beautiful like a flute
The Little girl said it was a lovely toot

And so Lorrikeet was chosen
Chosen to be taken home by this sweet innocent child
Lorrikeet was happy to leave the cage of sorrow
He'll be playing with bells and eating the finest seed this time tomorrow

I wrote this poem to teach that through the hardship of bullying, victims can go on to
live long fulfilling lives. Which is the only thing that keeps my head high :)

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A dusty old town-so quiet
a man, a traveler
takes off his pack-so heavy
and reclines for a rest.

they dont know his name, they never do
they wont even bother to ask
he troubles them-his mysterious past
leads them to prejudiced views

but were one to ask, for if naught but a name
what would this traveler say- would he speak?
a word, no. a name, he would give them and pass
"Im Wanderer, the world is my street."

Wanderer-what a name
does it signify much of his life
or is it a code- a cypher?
an enigma to his past.

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My wintry thoughts

I have been coldness
I have been ice

Something chilly ate my thoughts

But when my Moslim friend looks so sad
I cannot reach her with my wintry heart

I want to tell her what the seasons mean to me
Winter takes
Winter gives

( what is it your eyes keep to themselves? )

Hey, I can share loneliness with you
( how can I make you happy? )

She hugs me

Perhaps tomorrow spring will multiply in our souls

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House Of Cards

I forget that I’m in trapped in a house of cards
until the wind comes blasting through
And I’m left again with nothing
Nothing but grief and this pile of all that I knew

I had to forget how much I cared for you
Something no one should ever have to do
Can you remember? Do you remember?
Those darkly happy days when you felt that way too?

Love so many bitter times unrequited
Two hearts broken----too broken to break anymore
You’ve become my dark horse in this race against time 
And I hope to God we’re not about to lose 

And all around absurd 
Is what this nightmare without you has been

We shouldn’t have to work so hard
To fall flat down on our faces
again and again

I wish you’d come out of your shell
and back to life in the warmth of my arms once again

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Invisible Chains

When you think your alone I’m actually there. . taking away your freedom and your not even aware.

Its better this way with you not knowing, as if our true face was to show, well that would be the end of the plan as we know.

So do us a favour and keep working your 9-5 watching our T.V thinking you’re alive.

The truth of it all is we run this show and even if we told you no better people would know! 

As most aren’t wise they do as there told, makes them feel secure. . Its psychology of old, an as we both know sheep do not lead  . . but follow!

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sometimes, the light is too bright,
for you to know where you are.
to know if you're doing right;
if you're daydreaming a nightmare,
lying in the realities of lies,
taken away by too much illusion.
mistaken realizations:
masks of the phases of life,
turmoil and strife,
drama only seen by you,
eye to eye with the maker's vice,
everyday it's a challenge not to get lost,
genuine witht he right choice.
expression with every impression,
trials with even harder tribulation.
lie is not simple,
the road is paved with a lot of choices and mistakes.
the stress of tomorrow,
oh! not to get overwhelmed.
miles to go, miles to go,
and they say tomorrow is not enough.

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Shade of pink

The flowers are some shade of pink, 
I couldn't really grasp the exact color because I was in a rush to get them to you,
I didn't want that color,
I wanted the color blue,
Because I really don’t love you,
Like that, 
I see you as a person I can talk to you,
Not a person that I can lay next to,
I want to break up with you,
I don’t have the courage to so,That’s why now,
I’m sitting next to you and your pink flowers,
Wishing that I have powers, 
To change myself to someone that is not a coward.

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My Shadow

Blackness, a dark version of me, badness, negativity.

No matter how fast i run or were i run too your right behind me.

Even the brightest sun doesn’t destroy you, you only exist because of me.

All i know is when i face the darkness you disappear, but to only return when the sun rises.

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I'll be there

In life there is always one mistake and I made one of those mistakes Of course it'd be me to make that mistake and well here we are apart out of love out of each others hearts and I guess I won't Get that chance back but if there is one thing I kknow It's that I'll always be there for you And I won't let anything happen to you In my heart well i guess I don't have a heart left It's been shattered so many times But I won't let anything hurt you and if it does then i wouldn't have been able to keep my promise But one I know I will keep is I'l be there for you forever and always.

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Yet She Smiles

Her dreams crashed on the shore of reality
Her ambitions lay covered in the blanket of misery
Life has stolen a piece from her
And left without saying as much as a word
Time heals wounds but what about dreams
Her scars run deeper than my imagination can explain
She holds a suicidal amount of unreleased pain
But her screams will not be heard
Her giving up has never occurred
Her bravery has slain dragons in ages past
Her courage has pushed forth soldiers fighting for freedom
Her attitude has broken through diabolical spells cast
Its her motivation that allowed the tyranny of oppression to become undone
She stands tall, as life tries to break her down
But with every punch with every pound
She never shows where it hurts
She never complains about her tears
She never breaks the glass of valor
Tales will be spun, for she is what makes it all possible
Everything breaks down in time
But her shattered pieces of dreams are nowhere to be found
She picked them all up and placed them somewhere to never make a sound
For dreams are ambitions that have lost their drive
But she miraculously manages to keep them alive
Shattered, broken, unhinged, damaged to the very core
Unable to walk on clouds no longer able to soar
She is now an angel with clipped wings
A dancer with no ankles, a story with no end
She has been through the darkest of pits
She has wormed through the narrowest of slits
Cut, bruised, beaten … life gave it it’s all
But she is wonderful because through it all
I would have broken down, and yet she smiles
So for that I wanted to say thank you

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Mystery guy part

   Magic is it possible I can feel this feeling when i'm next to you.

 I feel free from problems from all the issues and then I come back and your no where 
to be found. 

    No I yell this was my chance but it was only a dream and I can't stop 

 It felt so real, how did they know I grabbed on to my sheets real hard 
because my dreams are just teasing me.

 Another poem about that past love that you can never forget, it's like a knife being 
stuck straight in my heart I can't feel the pain because the love was never there in the 
first place.

 It hurts so bad and sometimes it doesn't I can almost remember a time when I wasn't 
this stuck to him. 

  It was a time for carelessness and a time for laughs I didn't have this memory yet 
and i'm starting to think i'm going mad.

 Sometimes I feel like deleting this one thing that keeps me focused on you like a kid 
on candy. 

   I feel like I could never move on... it's funny how hearing you name could make me 
feel all over again.

 The worst part about this is that it never got finished and I wanted to hear the rest 
of the song.

    Lonely, A funny word sometimes it's laughable sometimes it's a crying 
tantrum spilled moment.

     A cloud has been hanging over my head for nearly forever dark and thundering 
shooting rain down my noes making me lose breath and lose focus. 

   Calling, shouting, beating, bleeding then the cloud finally lifts and I can't help 
missing it.

   It tortured me and made me feel weak and now that's it's gone I can't 
help screaming for the rain.

   Come back to me I say honestly I was fine getting 
soaked but it's gone and all I can see is blue skies and that lonely remembrance 
that I am alone.

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If you had it your way I’d have a ventriloquist mind.
Everything would be perfect and I’d be so on time.
You have tricks up your sleeves, but I would be blind.
The memories have disappeared and you’d be so kind.
We would travel the world in blissful sin.
You’d shower me with empty compliments that shine
Like diamonds and jade. 
And I’d think that thinking would ruin our home.
So I’d move with the light and the sound, hand in hand while
You’d be the man. 
Huffing and puffing about all of your fame, and me,
Your girl, I’d never recognize your game. 
And you’d win.
My soul would end and we’d form into one,
Blind to misery and in fear of the gun.
Breathing would stop and I’d look around in search
Of a past nowhere to be found.
trapped in a life I never chose,
Unfamiliar faces and you staged in a pose.
Your ego larger than the box in which I’m enclosed.

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Old Monster's Remorse

Psychosomatic memories
Sweating in Indian summer 
Burying bones wrapped in a golden locket
And the dirt does ruin its shine
Just as a heatwave burns autumnal beauty 

And it's so very shameful 
That I let my hate conquer you 
I wish I had the courage
To let my heart bleed with you 


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No longer I could resisted your love Could not avoid your eyes You own my heart My resisting loosed Your warmth surrounded me I surrender into your arms My body burn in this arms How can I fade away from your passionate love Let your wet kisses turn off my burning Hold my tightly, hug me strongly I become prisoner in your love; Make me the queen of your heart…

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Dilapidated houses line these streets.
Lawn furniture that holds memories, best kept discreet.
Neighborhood air redden of cooking.
Seniors who've weathered the years of onlooking.
A tumultuous life for those who have lived here.
With nothing but boredom and occasional fear.
Hollow eyed children,blank with thought.
Raised with the beliefs, of what there parents sought.
A neighborhood best adored from afar.
For living here,would just add to the scar.

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Their Shoes Pinch

I cried when I watched it
A single tear
Rolled down his face
Crouching on the floor
Of a public bathroom
His bed for the night
And then I wore those shoes
I cried when I heard it
She gasped and sobbed
My children my children
Her children were gone
Find them she couldn't
And then I wore those shoes
I cried when I saw it
So skinny was he
His skin dark and ashy
It's not him
No, it can't be
And then I wore those shoes
I cried when it happened
My bed, a public bathroom
My children, gone
Hunger, oh hunger
I cried for them
Did I have to wear their shoes?

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How do you expect me to breathe 
Without you by my side? 
How can I go on with my life 
If yours is ceased? 
How do I keep my vision
If I can't see your face? 
How can I talk 
If it's not to you? 

When you left, 
You took everything with you. 
My life, 
My smile, 
My happiness, 
My breath, 
My voice, 
My heart. 

I can't breathe, 
I can't see, 
I can't be without you. 

You killed me.

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if emotion had color

if what we do
if what we did
if our emotions 
had colors
that we could see
what color would we be
dark red with passion
bright red with love
black with anger
or a mixture of colors.
what color is your heart
is it perfect
for your body
or is it imperfect
for your soul.
if emotion
was colored
who would 
you be?

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Your hair. Your eyes. Your last name.
What else did I get of yours father?
Your temper?
No that's mothers, it's obvious.
Your love of music?
We'll never know.
Your love of motorcycles?
Well I'm not quite there yet.
Your hate of caring for small children?
Yes, yes I got that father.
Did it hurt you to say “give it up”?
Because it hurt me to know
I would do exactly the same.

Am I like you father?
Why yes, yes I am.

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Too many children have had to grow without ever having a parent to know.
Ran through the foster parent system,with no one ever asking them.
And what occurs when they get some bad ones,beatings,isolation,sexual assaults done.
Then growing up and living with what occured,their conscience telling them this is absurd.
So they go through life being afraid and believing that those who hurt them must be obeyed.
It truly is a sick circle they must live in,and how this affects others is truly a sin.
So we must try to get them through this and most times it will be hit and miss.
But someone must be there for them,to ask those crucial questions where and when.
For if they never release that pain inside,they will always surely run and hide.
So "PLEASE" dear LORD! Set there evil free,and when they've released their pain could we 
then work on me.

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To help is to be alive
to lift when someone has fallen
to shine when it is dark
to be hope when all is lost
All these are help, and are remembered by those who witnessed. 
A smile can change a life, never underestimate your power, and your power over the world.

So when its needed . . . 'help

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Divided in two

Two parallel Worlds divide my body and mind in two.

One World holds my heart, while the other holds my limp body.

One World shows the life i'v held in my heart, where there is good and there is bad, but everything in that World always ends in good.

The other World shows the life i'v feared for years, where there is nothing but bad, but everything ends in death.

I'v lived in both Worlds.
I'v hurt in both Worlds.

Both seem neither good nor bad at times.

But the funny thing is... 
OUR world today is what those two Worlds have become.

( If you may PLEASE comment of Mail me. Sorry i havn't been on in a long time... ALOT has happened this year to me)

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Stand Up And Fight {Poetry In Motion}

a womans humanity remains strong
regardless of the victimization
simply stand strong to opposition

Tribute To Abused Woman
Never Give Up The Fight

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Stroll through the Illest Empire
So much heat feeling like we’re living in the fire
But we’re living under fire
Tell me how many shots must it take before my loved ones are crying at my own wake
Its time for a break from sad eyes I’ve seen grown men cry
It hurts to tell a loved one good-bye
It’s the same reason why they died
Hearts just too full of pride
Mothers praying their young’n wont be a victim of a homicide
Too many drive-bys blood shed for a block you really can’t call mine
Wishing we could turn back time
High off of nickels’ and dimes
Making moves to boost your grind looking for hope
But the hustle got us in a head choke
Don’t blame me for acting crazy cause this how the streets made me and you
To watch our back and throw bows and cuss
Cause you got to be tough when times are rough
I know your asking when will enough be enough
And truth is I don’t know but this is how it goes down
But if I make it out will you smile for me now

So many families struggling with poverty
I don’t judge cause that use to be me
Watching mom come home late
Barley any food on our plate
So young and life we already hate
Praying God bring us something great
My clothes were cheap imitates and kids called you on them for being fake
Knowing mom bust her ass to provide
But all your knock offs you begin to hide
Ashamed of what you own
I know how you feel I been there too
I see mothers walking there kids to school
And the walk is far when you cant afford a car
Mom hoping one day you’ll be a star
I know about being next to poor
Your local neighborhood liquor market is your grocery store
Wishing you didn’t have to go through that living off of food stamps
Cube the neighborhood is a trap but we’ll all be free
So smile for you and me

Even 2pac said smile for me
This isn’t how its always going to be unless you let it be
In our different way we’re all a G
Cause we’re trying to make it straight legit
Whatever your hustle never quit but don’t lose yourself in it
Cause you still got a long ways to go
Still got a long time to grow
Use what you know to get by or you wont survive
Remember to always keep your dreams alive
Whatever it is just do it and never try
The limit is the sky so keep your heads held high
And when you come to a hard road just always know nothing can keep you down
You’ll be able to come back around
So give yourself a chance
And I’ll smile for you now

JUNE ‘06

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A Laundry Kitten Sleeps

Lying in the oddest of places
A pile of clothes on tattered blankets
He finds solitude and peace -
On the boldly coloured fleece.

A twitched expression, almost fear
In dreams about what kitty’s ponder
He looks frightened, unawake -
on his laundry pile he quakes.

Bravery and stealth he owns
Yet not a bit of that does show
He quivers in a hiding place -
With terror on his furry face

What makes you shiver like the cold
Curled up among the folded sheets
I stopped the wash to hold that kitten -
Now so calm on fresh clean linens.

You’ll never return to where I found you
You’ll stay here warm atop my quilts
Still here where the towels are hung -
You’re not abandoned little one.

[Now, in memory of my sweet kitten, Lazerus, who we lost on Friday February 24 2012 at 10:15am, he was very sick. I love you and miss you, Lalee. Please know you were not abandoned. I am always here and you can come back home to us any time you want. You're bowl is waiting.]

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written 30th Nov 2001

Lost and alone
 for she doesn't know where to go
This mother is now stuck
 she weighs up her options
And see's she is fighting against gossips 
 she stops, and takes a look at this world
What have they done, to this lovable little girl
 as she open's her eye's
Only to be faced, with all there lie's
 feeling alone and tired
She walk's on, to only find
 she is saying good-bye..
Taking one last look around
 before she lay's down on the ground
As her eye's completely, silently close
 she whispers, her final prayer to die
Still she walk's on, lost and alone
 but the difference now is quite clear 
For you can see her soul.....just disappeared...

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Still Life with the Lorax

The Lorax is on top,
I wish it would stop.
All these bad and good memories,
of me and you.
The trees are all green,
and the water (like me) is blue.
The tree's tongues are tied,
and twisted,
searching for the place,
where the Lorax lifted.
If life give you lemons,
Well I guess you're blessed because,
Lemons raise the level of serotonin,
in the body,
The chemical responsible for making,
you happy.
I still feel crappy,
I squeezed a whole lemon into my water.
I'm still wondering how couples stay together,
when they barely have anything in common.
I'm still wondering like Tom Robbins in 
Still Life with Woodpecker,
"How do you make love stay?"
And why does it go away?
I know I won't find out today.
I've got a thousand papercuts,
And the citric acid burns.
I'm fishing without worms,
Nightcrawler vision,
sinks inside my brain,
panic attacks,
and I can't stand the pain.
I wish I could turn back the hands of time,
but I can't, 
so I'll trade one of my lemons,
for a lime,
cause I plan to drink this twelve pack,
of Corona with or without you,
I'm honestly trying not to feel blue.
By: Joseph DeMarco

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The Test Master

The test master fights his addiction to the brutal end his weakness, an undesired friend until he casts out every demon In his helpless idiotic stupor he stumbled into false idols who presented him with pretend hope now at the end of the rope reality shatters high up the ladder stuck in denial for an eternal while pile on a thousand bricks to amend towards forgiveness for the addiction to bliss Seeking the light that leads from his plight away from the disease with minimal friction to slay the addiction now called test master for the disaster was just the beginning the hole is mending from the ashes fly off phoenix for he survived the meanest course of life with tales to tell children who live in constant night my faith hasn't reached it's peak until I am tested like the friend which of I speak

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bitter old man

redefining the art of having a
chip on his shoulder
he marches through the last specks of his burnt out existence
telling us all how we should live our lives
(spouting his rotting “wisdom” at everyone he sees)
so very much of his
with wrinkled ancient skin
flabby & sagging
dark blue veins popping out
just beneath the surface of his
decrepit self
lost in the deadening reflection of the polluted river he kneels by
wondering why his wife left him
wondering why he can’t get it up anymore
the dirty homophobe walking on the college school grounds
trying to flirt with young girls
trying to remember what it was like
when he could smell the roses
& he can’t get past the fact that things are changing
that things have changed
and he’s lost in the moment
of really being scared,
terrified in the corner
flipping out with his pathetic attempts at wit
condemning us all to the hell he clenches on to
he has to believe that it exists
because it’s the only
left for him
but with the reality that his
superannuated ideas
just don’t
trying to pelt us with his cane
trying to keep free from the rain
and yet all the voices in his brain
don’t allow him any peace from the pain
which really fuels all of this
narcissistic need for death to come
sooner than later
and some will say he is no longer loved
and some will wonder just how he got to where he is
and some will see that what he has become is simply
and it’s just better to walk away when he enters the room
i have no sympathy for such bitterness
i have no sympathy for laziness that comes with self-pity
waiting for that clock to tick that last tick
i’m walking down a narrow street in st. petersburg
looking for
cause’ i got this old bastard’s number in my hand
and his time is up
i think we’ve had enough
i’ll polish the candelabra for my young friend
hell, i’ll sharpen his axe,
and stand watch, outside the bastard’s building
ready to alert him
if anyone catches onto our
“dastardly deed.”

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Something of a vers libre rant.


I'm two hundred and sixty pounds of fat
muscle and bone.
ligaments and nerves.
emotions and freewill.

six feet and three inches
of longing
and of hope 
that is bound to be lost

I alone am no hero.

but then again,
none of us are.

solitude brings out the strength
in only the mad
the frantic
the hopeless
and the dead.

strength lies not in 
the whispers of the dead.

is there an after-life?

is there a god?
a heaven?
a devil?
a hell?
a nirvana?
a sanctuary in the clouds; the earth?

i could die on the streets, 
as many are

leave no impression on anyone

where is god then?

millions die.

where is god now?

so many christians;
yet so few are christ-like.

i see the hypocritical
the sad
the greedy
the desperate
the mad.

I am one that longs
for love
yet at the same time
i absolutely love the feeling of being sad
above all other emotions.

a rainy city,
overcast and chilly everyday 
of every month
of every year.

an apartment,
on the top floor.

my future self
staring out of the window
with a glass of scotch

a teenage alcoholic turned pseudo-celebrity.

my job being listless and endless, 
just as my life.

long and un-happy.

this is not what i portray in my life
to my friends
to my love
to my family

they know nothing,
only suspecting.

And yet here i am, 
climbing the ladder to a happy little life.

secretly longing for what so many scorn.

loneliness is my blanket and my secure little life is my pillow.

teenage alcoholic turned pseudo-celebrity.

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i do not sympathy those asking for it, i sympathy those laying down the battlefield, 
their wounds dripping blood, not surrending...
i do not sympathy those i envy them for their greatness

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tides are risen from tears of love

when oceans rise beyond
the beaches, and 
it seems like the 
sky is leaking
water that fills 
the sea
above its very limits
and when those
tears stop falling
from the sky
where they fell 
the only place
that is the waters
edge is the mountain
that you land on.

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The methadone girl

She could hardly drag himself along,hovered between life and death,
so frozen that her hands are insensible to any feeling
and atrophied heart works only for the casual trade.
Plucked at hair with rage as these morning habits die hard,
spiting blood,residues of the night before.
You toiled in vain because you think you've met her several times
and your soul finally realized your ambitions.
But she is the methadone girl.
The cheap shoes worn out,trampled underfoot by the crowd,
wasted by the long illness,languished from indifference.
Dice with her life everyday,the perspective of sadness,
gain nothing or something in her mind,
watching you to keep your reputation free from all slurs
The drainage happened at the age of eighteen
only dent in her pride was forever.
Fool her with promises,exchange arms and legs with money,
skin burns easily so be an animal,defy the pressure-gauge.
Rolling on souls again.
Overawe us into the silence.
The silence of methadone.

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You're Going To Die Laughing

I could just imagine Tom 
dancing in the Lord's Kitchen
wearing his Spandex Boxer Shorts
while his other goofy Friends Hammond and Rosie
pose as Vacuum Salesmen 
at a Dire Straits Gig
making Tidbits and poking Wormholes
with their Listerine Soaked Tissue box
Oh I know Tom has to be laughing in sweet Pain
as these two nut cases aboard an U.F.O.
and stay drifting to another brilliant Convention
on  Insomnia and Nuclear Waste Medicine
Bet they end up thinking that  Lunar Craters
is the head cheese in charge 
As they sit to Wine And Dine for free

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Joaquin: paint-besotted at sixteen.

The color silver was your favorite --
it had the craved-for, biting glint
of a dagger dizzying your brain,
twisting as it mixed and chopped
your few surviving thoughts,
which floated, glittering,
in an icy silver mist.

Your classic, sculpted nose,
bearing a single dot of silver
smaller than a dime, expelled
the smell you struggled to breathe in.

And your eyes drowned in a sea of silver.

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Outer Circles

A fallow tree stump
ritualized by the empty
Bath of Salvation
creeping painfully as if
thrown by the wayside
The retort of schoolchildren
smoothed by the evenness
of taken innocence
Arisen from a fruitless slumber
Clamoring for the germane
but destined to be wholly

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Eye to Eye

The stars in the midnight sky never fail to shine so bright
Gazing in the beauty of the night… lost in thought
The breeze of majestic wonders swept over us tonight

She said, “I want to kill myself”
Think of your daughter…
You’ll be missing out on so many great accomplishments
Don’t say, “Whatever…”
I feel this urge to tell you that everything will be alright to crush that depression
God will show you the true direction

Taking a giant leap of faith, we pressed forward, conquering all doubts – free will living to by the grace from above
Mesmerizing delight is enveloped in your eyes of emerald forests
Trying my best to look the other way, but your shine combines with mine

She said, “I’m tired of waiting”
Think of being more patient
You’ll get to walk with us sooner or later
I need to wear my sweater
I feel this bottomless, bitter guilt, coursing inside of me
If only I could be your key
To unlock eternal bliss…
And scorch away your hopelessness

Flashes of your greatest unmask the veil that held my eyes shut
The glory from within outshines the stars
Your heart is heavy with grief suddenly...

I’m walking up the stairs,
Thinking that no one cares
If I run away and never be found,
Paradise would be far from my reach
God’s love is what I beseech 
Let go of me, pity and grief…
Do me a favor and marry relief

Relief blankets your're recovering right before my very eyes
Do me a favor and sift out the lies and goodbyes
For once, we now see eye to eye

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Everyday I'm Thinking of You All (Dedicated To D.W.I. Boyz, Ms. Pat, & D.W.I. Street Team)

Good things don't always last
so we cherish each moment
from joy's to our tears
lets not forget the good times
that has past over these years

It's not any telling when we all
may meet once again
but lets not forget one another
nor where we came from
where we all began

We all have dreams of success
so lets continue to walk throughout life
by faith; not by sight
Everything that seems to be right
isn't always true

When your days get blue
here's a shoulder you can lean on
a person that will always be true

Haters come but that's everywhere you go
so lets show them love as well
because nobody can do it like you
D.W.I. Boyz and the crew
always keep the crowd moving
that's the truth

"I'm going to miss you all
Number 1 Fan, Deneshia Bryant"

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old 66 mustang

This 1966 mustang that i own
It unique and thinks it has it own throne
Oh yes it drives
Thats until the engine dies
Was this car ever fast
To me it seems out classed
Since last year I've worked on this car
Everyone knows i haven't got that far
But i know it has potential
Even thought i just broke it rear end differential
It doesn't roar
And no its not like that greek god thoar
More or less its funny 
I should call it a big lovable bunny

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Tell Me Our LoVe Is Not LoSt Among The MidNight Sky

MidNight comes faded beneath my feet,
All is gone above loyalty, love n'

What have I done?? Can I regain
The love once lost baby please 
Don't go.

Here you leave me in darkness,
Take my hand and lead me back
To the burning fire.

Among you're eye's that once
Sparked our love so bright, towards
The sun these Tears I Pule

Tell me I haven't lost you...
I couldn't bare it! Tell me 
You haven't given up??

Please don't leave, my love is:
Still true and pure since the day
We first met.

You mean so much to me, I swear
My love is on A thin line with;
You..I need to know that your
Love still survives,Through me.

Tell me our love is not LoSt among 
The midnight sky.. I honestly love
You!!! Truly no LIES... Baby!! All is
Lost with~out you.

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The Truth Is

The truth is.
You can pretty up a lie, give it lace underwear
and satin coveralls but at the end of the day-
It will still be a lie.
A boldface lie stands in opposition
To a boldface truth.
The truth is not going to change
because you want it to change, 
or because you need it to change.

D. J. was raped.  He was three.
The rapist covered it up.
He threatened D.J. 
The rapist clothed himself in
a pink cheeked angelic facade.

D.J was injured and the truth came to light.
Despite D.J's pain 
The rapist went free.

But to no avail...
The truth found the rapist
years later behind bars
convicted of a brutal murder
where he drowned a man
in a lake.

When a boy is raped
It makes people uncomfortable.
When a child is raped the wounds
can crust over like a pus filled sore.
D.J. still has the scars 
to this day.

Don't say it.
Don't talk about it
and it will go away.

People tried to ignore
the truth-
P  U  S  H   it  aside,
Kick it around,
Wrap it up and put it
out with the garbage,
make excuses...

But it stands today.
D.J. was raped 
and it hurt him;
it hurt us all 
and we tried to shush
it up as a neighborhood,
community, family...

D. J. was raped
and it hurt him 
and that's the truth.

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Fragment of truth

(for George Ehusani)

When minority
Threatens majority;
Divorces reality,
These in a community
Depict dilapidation of the society
And decadence of integrity
Of humanity
In every country! 

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Forgive me, my Lord

Forgive me, my Lord of Mercy & compassion
Lord of the Worlds; The Holy & The Majesty 
I am your sinner slave, expecting mercy
Have been wrong, ill by body and mind
Here at your door step; in Your House 
Asking your graceful mercy & forgiveness
Am thankful to You my Lord for all You Gave
Am thankful to You for all Your Blessings 
Am Thankful to you for all relations & Friends
Am thankful to you for all that I remember 
And remember not; I am Thankful my Lord
Not a confession of fear; it’s a echoes of heart
I fear You, my Lord not of fear but a thought
Of Loosing Your Love, Forgives me my Lord
Bless me with Your compassionate, all that
You consider good for me and my life a head
Save me from ill of the day & night and after
Bless me with health & make me utilize it
For the goodness of day & night and after
Make me the best of followers of Your Beloved
Beloved of all that there is and will be 
My Mustafa SAW; Peace & Blessing be on Him
My Lord forgive me for my past & my Future
Your are Merciful, Gracious & the compassionate
Forgive me, my Lord of Mercy & compassion
Lord of the Worlds; The Holy & The Majesty 



This poem may be little pessimistic, but there is a hope within (with prayer) and recognition of the fact there man is in existence nothing if he is not grateful to the One who Created him, and to pple around him, What ever one may believe, ultimately human leave behind good/bad thought and actions that one expect to be remembered and cherished. 

Confession out of fear is good, but its better if u realize its out of love for your Creator. The poetry is written in a form of prayer..

If some1 likes it, I am glad and if not .. no worries.. 
Comments appreciated..

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To the last sail to paradise.

Oh come!
Somebody take me 
To the last sail to paradise.

At he end of the day
When the sun goes down
I heard a shadow far away
Who is weeping an a shattering tone.
It took my mind apart
To the other side
And made me wonder
Who is there on her knees
Weeping so trgically.

Oh come!
Somebody take me 
To the last sail to paradise.

The one who has to sail
Has gone into the sea
And the one who has come home
Has also gone.
But the one who is neither in the
Nor home.
At the deapth of night
Who would come for him!
The ones whose faces have never smiled
Whose gardens have never bloomed
Whose daylights were never bright
And night-lights were doomed.

I'm going to go those
To feel their life
To touch their face
And cry....

Oh come!
Somebody take me 
To the last sail to paradise.

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The woman on side the road

The women 
That stand on side
Of the highway daily,
Hoping money will be found today.

Your insecure jokes about her
And her undiscovered life.

Did you know,
She was abused and raped
Until she left home?

Drugs and alcohol
Were the only help
She was ever introduced to?

That baby she holds dearly
To her breast
Is a reminder 
Of her horrid incounter
Everyday with her sex starved step father.

Her cocaine stained eyes
Glare over the busy
Second class people
She wishes she could fit into.

But tonight,
Is another nightmare
So her daughter
Does not starve.

Why judge someone
Who is trying to get by
And not doing anything
That is hurting anyone?

This world is rough
Without your rude insults,
Don't make her scars deeper.

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Sorry for the dirty laundry part 2

I wont repeat this cycle
I wont repeat this nightmare
I love you I really do
You are my mother
And no matter what any of your abusive boyfriends or husbands say
I will always
and that is fact
That is true

I don't know if it was easier for you not to call on our birthdays
I just figured you were too poor
I can relate
Sometimes I would get upset
Sometimes I wouldn’t care
And I know sometimes you blame yourself and think you were never there

You were mom
You fixed dad
and got him to stop drinking
And now you’ve moved on and on
Round three of another match of verbal abuse and beatings

I know you and grandma never really got along
And I know dad was screwed over by some high school sweet heart
So he wouldn’t allow you a lot of things
And after all your pain they are back together
After like 17 years of psychological abuse and tears and frustration
and his debauchery shoved in your face
I still have a memory lane too 
and know sometimes it’s easier to focus on the bad then the good
And I remember going to Disneyland
and how you were let in on all the women you knew and were friends with
Dad was diddling
as they chanted
It’s a small world

But mom
Don’t repeat the same mistakes
That would be like me rediscovering another place within the fire
I’m still stuck in the middle of a hard place
The weakest of the family being fed pills and counseling
As through me the age-old battle goes on
I know I'm having a hard time dealing with what you’ve been through
And no one wants to point any fingers of blame 
And even though I have no idea who to believe
The joke I’m not telling
you could both blame it on the alcohol that destroyed you rmarriage
Drove your children crazy
And now apparently your still both stuck with emotional immaturity
Not like I’m any better
Thrown away and shunned for running away from alcohol and drugs
Keeping my secrets from you because you’re both too fragile to handle my truth

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Why i fight for this country

It’s foggy
I see people in the background
Running back and forth
But I can't make out who they are
I walk closer to see who they are
It looks like a girl
I get closer, she starts to run
Time for the chase, a chase to see who it is
I see a house, she runs inside
It’s a big blue house with a large front yard and a white picket fence
I knock on the door to see if anyone’s home
I walk in and in the house the fog has followed me in
I hear creaking foot steps coming from upstairs
I slowly walk up and stare at the wall
Its picture of me with an unknown family
A son, 2 daughters and a beautiful wife
I’m standing in the background in my navy whites
Where is this place, who are those persons?
Whose house is this?
Where are all the people?
I make it up stairs and see the children’s room. 
Daughters. It looks like twins, twins sleeping in the room all tucked in
The fog is slowly clearing, I’m getting confused
What life if this, whose shoes are these?
I walk further down the hall,
The next room is his.
The son in the picture,
Full of trophies and figs.
He looks like a sports jock
How many trophies he has
He’s sleeping with his shirt off
But still tucked in like a kid
I say good night
And slowly close the door
I feel this is natural
As I see his night light turn on.
I continue with my journey
With every step the fog clears
I see the master bedroom
And take a peek whose inside
I see a women, her back is turned
The women in the photo but can make out her face.
I can hear her laugh
My heart it pumping
She says to me "you’re finally home!"
Sounds like an angel sing
Who is this woman, what is this feeling?
She has her faced turned to her shoulder, like she wants to speak
Still can’t make out her face, its very mystique.  
I walk closer, I see her ring
Could this be the love of my life?
I get a little closer to see who she is
I trip and fall down 8 feet into the rhib
I’m on a small boat in the water splashing. 
Was I dreaming, or did that happen?
It’s the life I dreamed,
What I wish I had.
I fight for this country 
So everyone else can have
The dream that I wished for
Everyday I wake
I gave up my dream
So the whole world can take it.

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Almost One Ago

Blood has been spilled 
Wounds cry out
Relief is never found
Men inside shallow graves
Deaf to any sound
Burning flames lick the wounds
Many among the dead
Troops of headless soldiers
Laying all around

Those among the living 
Cry out for some relief
Tortured all in hiding
From fear they run, none free
Help arrives for no one 
Like from the pit of hell
Riddled with the shrapnel
Weapons deemed to kill

For those among survivors
There is no place to dwell
The life once lived and once enjoyed
Forever gone, farewell
Picking up the pieces to start life a new
For these it’s not an option
Peace for them is thru

Only hope that does remain
If death will be their friend
Ending pain and suffering
There is no God for them
What a way to live a life
What a way to go
Living in the town
Called Almost Once Ago

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The Drunk

I see him on days
As I walk from school
Weighted with books + facts + insecurities
Feet moving to the rhythms in my head
A thousand songs
Illustrating the world in slabs of impressionist paint

And then he is there

Jerky movements invading my mind
Shouted expletives aimed not at the crowd
That shies from this desperate drunk
But at unknown enemies
That he fells with a frantic blow
He topples
Falls again

The sane wrinkle their noses

And he is gone
Just another madman
Another drunk
Another dreg
Scum, trash, refuse
Suffocating society
Nothing lingers but the stench of his fear
Not alcohol
Nor cloying smoke that haunts my soul
Just whispered warnings to secret friends

Move along
Move along
Scream a thousand songs
There is nothing left to see

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It is the denial that you try to deny,
Your sky does not cry; its tears do not join yours,
They are not pure or purified,
Chemical toxins and poison fumes wash the air,
Acid descends from the lower heavens,
Overtaking the higher earth and rushing low,
Sweeping into swirls and spirals,
Descending! Descending!
Stripping you down into a shell,
Natural erosion of emotion,
Fires turn the noxious sky grey,
It moans with warnings,
Run away from the toxic greys,
The sky does not cry; its tears tear into yours,
A haze of aerial smokey waterways,
Blending in some undivine battle,
Two way personal conflicting convictions,
Ground degrades and atmosphere fades,
Decay! Decay!
Artificial rot and ruin remain,
Inferno soil and tainted air,
Breathe in heavy your breath now soiled,
What is left of your cloudy day?
You have bled until all was bleak,
Now, and only now do you relent,
Your heart tattered and your clothes rent,
The sky does not cry; its life flows free,
Defeated! Defeated!

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Wielding together artificial meat
No need to conserve this being will keep
Looking through grafted eyes
The creator now smiles
Shamelessly looking at bones made of lies
Once it is born does it speak with a tongue?
Calling out hopefully, am I the one?
It started out walking it skipped all the steps
Its power lacked knowledge deceived by the best
Slaying with anger the others were dust
Running in circles pain filled with must
Confronting the master to find what he was
Hoping to live, but then again who does?

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I feel it in my body
Darkness all around me
This is what I wanted; Right?
I know that it is wrong
I hurt the ones I love
But no one really cares
Welcome to my Nightmares

The Nightmare's Melody
Oh, how it calls to me
I can see my own demise
The pain, why can't I cry?
I stab it with a knife...
my blood, I feel pour
I can't take it anymore
I feel it come to and end
Just know I was happy, my friend

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Holy books says it all
You taught me how to crawl
This will never change
Never ends never fades
Dear God where you are?
Shattered piece of childish dreams
This will never change
Never ends never fades.

I can fight for all my life,
Not broken, not broken inside
Never be so frustrated,
Not going to commit suicide.

Fuc*ing faith will fall,
Mortals will stand tall
Hell and heaven are all the same
Live your life, don't die in vain

Only you and I can make 
A better world for tomorrow
Have faith in yourself
And wipe off the tears of sorrow

Make me scream, Make me cry
I'll never fail to try.
This night's has an end
No pain will remain

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[stingy old man]

stingy old man.
	black breath.
you stroll, filling
the cracks of my youth.
	crimson wrists 
plunge into severed 
ground once  filled with
  fresh               soil.
    until   you came.

ripped into my
rigid    structure, and   you.
        old     man, went forth
to obliterate   my being.

and watch, squinted eyes.
hanging over  the
     adjacent moon of
	your lips.
as brick by brick I am
being left with shear

black. breath.     black 
       black breath.
old man. shut the corroded 
mattress.     You’ve outstayed
your welcome-

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I Keep Dreaming

I dream but soon feel
You are the cold water to my face
The match near my toes
The free fall that woke me up
I woke up
Upright and down turned
I take frequent peeks at the nightmare I waited in
I fell
And fell
But only fell in love
The love
This love
Only love
Is what held me in the flames
Of burning passion I ignited and you fed
I was doomed from the start
The split second of the fraction of the exact moment our eyes met
In a second
I saw you were beautifully caring, peculiarly fun, awkwardly enchanting
The second after
I knew you were one in immeasurable amount of any like you
And the second after
I was trapped by silent thought "she is the one"
That echoed as slow as the seconds that passed by
It only took three seconds
Longer than blink
But faster than a greet
It was Hell at first sight
So know this..
This is not a poem
This is a cry for help
Save me from my pain
Save me from my thoughts
Save me from the love
Or is this life it's self I live all just a Nightmare to?

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Garden feel

What does a garden feel

A flower feel

A bud feel 

A seed feel

When the beholder 

Goes missing 

who can it complain?

Except the Lord. 

Yet the feeling of 

Loneliness remains

Till the first step sounds

Till the first eyes meet

Till the first breath taken

Till the first smile spread

Till the first joy breaks out

Till the garden echoes with sounds

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We come, we go
We touch one another
And so:

Linda-Marie Bariana
The Sweetheart of Poetry
Who dared to share with me
Her wisdom, her charm

She has come and gone
But will touch me forever
©dbyrne jan27, 2014

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Iran, Cradle Mine

Iran, cradle mine, oh my crib sublime
How I have grown to love thee
You my refuge, so devotedly mine
Have now rejected me so profoundly 
Imprisoned am I and here alone
As I search your strength in vain
Mother mine with your heart of stone
You have turned our bond to pain
Whose arms must I seek as I cry?
Will I ever have your love again?
Can what we had just merely die?
Am I orphaned now by such disdain?

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To have and have lost

To have and to have lost is the ultimate pain, 
Knowing that your life will never be the same again. 
That one little missing piece of your jigsaw called life, 
Questions as to what you did to deserve this strife.
Another angel for heaven above 
Empty arms but still the love. 
Never far from your mind 
If only life wasn’t so unkind. 
Little angel I love you so 
Fresh in my thoughts wherever I go. 

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hard to smile on a good day

you held 
three loaded guns 
to my head
and you call me 
a criminal

i am unarmed
and just a man
i did nothing wrong
no sympathy song

you pick on me
all my days 
of all my life
why my life

i was give to this world
i did nothing wrong
no sympathy song
no where to roam

every night i cry
it hurts to hold my head
the truth is spoken
i can not lie

i've been pushed to far
I drive no fancy car
living my life 
for empty nights

never know yourself 
you do too well
it's in every breath
your conscious tells

a fatherless son
my mother was raped
just merely I escaped
the tales i'm told

but i'm here today
to let you know
there's no going back 
this time per say

day by day
i'm going to lift you up 
until i fall 

on the play ground coming up 
repeatedly i was called 
"white nigger boy"
oh i was your
"black honky boy"

now the jokes on you
maybe you spoke to soon
when i'm done with you
you'll beg for 

i tried to be positive
all of my life
i pray you good
I pray you would

no god
can help you now
going back and forth 
with my conscience
Just trying to properly function

i don't know
who you are
but i need your help 

i see beautiful people
do hurtful things 
i don't understand 
and the pain is more 
than i wish to bare

i've been on my own
living day to day
singing fragrant songs
don't let me go
it hurts to say
i've lost my way

just waking up 
reminds me 
where i don't want to be
and when i fall 
you can all smile again

"when waking up is the worst part of your day"

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The ones with the ears

Melted to the floor, with tears she nearly drowned
She sank to the cold earth, without even a sound
Her soul burning with distress, with no one to hear
For the ones with ears, had no desire to endear
Facing a lie, misunderstanding the truth?
Facing a lie, no, Avoiding to sleuth 
The ones with the ears, she depended on
The ones with the ears, turned in the dawn
Dawn of which her anguish now began
Recalling the fire which burnt beneath 
Her eyes like ice, departing to the heat
Her heart was now scorched, but her mind now burst
The ones with the ears, will now perish the worst

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Tower 2 is hit
One badly misplaced airline jet
…In Texas
A homemaker calls her husband
Her painful voice holds disbelief
Have you seen the misery?

Tower 1 was next
Chaos as always
This one well placed stolen airline jet
…In Texas 
An old man nears the creek
Working with his headphones on
He stops his tractor, dead
A stream of tears
No more for now
….He prays
The harvests suffer much this day

The Pentagon was next
Nearly one hundred lives
In this the innocent
My sister she’s from Texas
One corridor away
So much
Ones walls can separate

Both towers now crumble
Lives are crumbling
Deception has a dance
Frantic dancing

Dance the Frantic Dance
(Sung to London Bridges)
Sometimes moments finds forever
Sometimes forever’s are compressed
Concrete and flesh impressed
Helpers and the helpless
Sometimes souls are entrapped
Beneath greats weight
Blood-guilts of the right-just hands of hate
Amazing how much so little faith left
That destruction creates
Stirred up humans race
…In Texas
We take in the chase.

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no news

the post man said "no mail today"
my heart broke it two...
again today
I thought I was going to die right there
another day,
with no news of survival
how do i manage to let my life go on
when his has  gone and passed away
my mind tells me he's out there some where
but no news from him
no letters
no card
not even two men dressed in suits
My mind wonders
as I try and distract myself
the news comes on
and I watch ever second
hopeing to see your face
just walk by
but as soon as I heard your voice
I knew
I didn't need news
I didn't need a letter or card
because there is no you
well at least not anymore

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What may it take to reply

A Page of apology

A Cake or chocolate

A Poetry of smiles

A Bouquet of flowers

A Shower of reminders

Or just a thought that

I remembered You

What may it take to reply

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a midnight wish

There’s a chill in the cold 
And it’s going nowhere 
She says it’s going to get worse 
Before it get better 
But we’ll hold on like stormy weather

If midnight falls then I’m homeless 
She says so calmly 
The winds going to take me away
But I don’t want to go lonely 

She likes to think
That you can carry on for sometime
She marries for the day
But she yields from the moments 

There’s everything you hope for
A map for the road
A picture for your wall
A lasso around the moon
Dawn, she's going to come to soon

She smiles softly
If midnight falls then it’s hopeless
She says so calmly
The winds going to take me far away
But I don’t want to leave you lonely 

She concludes
You can’t take away from a man
What he’s already lost 
But she insist 
That bubble baths and a warm massage
Will take away your Sunday misery

i fear it all sometimes
i hear your screams
and i wonder
if you're calling
but i can't reach you 
no i couldn't reach you
i tried but i just couldn't save you

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Look You Poor City


Look you poor city!
At the depravity at hand
Lacking the lover of creation
But fill’d in menacing, smoggy tears
Gutters of murkiness swell thy tongue
Conceiv’d only by the generation
Virus spread—leaving dead
All hope of resurrection
Look at thy doom! 
And smell thy rancid fumes
Constru’d in rapid sensitivity
All consciousness glu’d 
I ache to find a street
That groweth life—and hope of it

Ache no more as one
But change in unison!

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Slipping Away

Time is slipping away,
I just don't want to stay.
Why can't you just let me stray,
The world of Black and White, has so much Gray.

Depressing days come and go,
My heart is broken, I'm all alone.
The world turns their backs and ignores nobody can know,
My heart without it's very own.

Days grow darker each minute,
I never wanted to be so deep in it.
I'm just stuck in this little pit,
Just another blow, another hit.

I lay in a ball on the dirt of my friend's grave,
Rain falling on my skin the weight, how can i be saved.
The mud that changes the dirt, stains my clothes,
This depression in my cold heart, every second it grows.

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Snow White

Take a bite
Of this shinny red apple called life
And tell me what you taste 

Is it the sick syrup of genocide 
Gone unnoticed 
Or the tangy taste of a thousand births to cover it up
Weighing life is a challenge 
Yours is worth as much as your country 
It seems 

Generations they scream with severed tongues 
We are the same 
Yet holy different 

So who is to blame 
For this indecent exhibition of 

This apple is rotten and I choke 

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Stand Together

There isn't an answer
No matter where we look;

Nothing will make us understand 
why this had to happen;

It is hard to accept 
That this was out of our control;

All we can do is look forward,
Be a comfort to those grieving;

Be an ear and always listen,
Give a hug when it is needed,

No matter where we look 
there isn't an answer,
In the face of such tragedy 
What we can do, is stand together

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darkness settles slowly upon the lost soul
 still moving boundless and within
that sweet twilit night
upon the tender mouth that uttered those words
i fell deeply
never to return
sweet breath of one i love 
never again to be felt
 a gentle kiss leading the mind to believe
a lie you have thrown to me
i thought i knew you well my love
but now darkness does take me
a soul i have lost
unbearable to think
but my life i would give for you
take away the dreaded pain you give me
 for i return your love you once said
in love with a fraud 
ashamed to say
but, like all fairy tales
it had to end someday
darkness swallows the bright soul 
darkness holds the mind hostage
try as i might 
but i cannot sleep at night
for the darkness of your lies has swallowed me whole

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Night By Night
Day by Day
My mine swirling in continous confusion
Searching for a soulful melody 
That would feel that empty position

A staircase that takes me to a place of no where
A door that is open
Though it does not promise a place of growth, comfort, and acceptance
Rather a place that is indescribable
No one person can describe its power

A place of silence
A noticable place of tranquility
But by creating its tranquility
The tranquility is disrupted
A place that controdicts itself

A place we all find ourself lurking upon
A road that we are forced to travel
Yet a choice that we make
A choice that will possibly lead us to self incrimination

A door, a room, a space that we are left to design
To alter, to perfect, to make a haven, a paradise
But by creating this paradise, we may be forced 
To fail, to die, to burn
And learn from previous mistakes

An oppurtunity to transform your world from
Inconsistancies and disappoints
To a world of 
Fortune and ultimate fame
Or easily vice versa

A key is offered unexpectedly 
Into this full but empty apartment
Of love

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Symphony Sound Sympathy

Once I whispered like a child
Cup-handed (gleefully)
But the cup is full of whiskey now
I fumbled (shamefully)
My head was filled with light
Your imagination: my symphony
My mind is cluttered now
My indignation: your sympathy

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Stuck in this body
My mind starts to think
And examine the possibilties
The possibilty
That I am alone
The possibility
That I am hated
The possibility
No one cares
never does my mnd
Examine the possibility
That I can be loved

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LOST down a Dark path

Years i felt it, there was know way out of the abiss, no point in giving a shout, who would hear it and who would care? so alone in the world just as if it was bare. 

My cries went un heard, no comfort i felt, alone to dwell with the cards i had been dealt, 
years of waiting with dark thoughts in my head, untill the same dark path led me to the light instead. 

The feeling of comfort knowing i was saved, my problem was someone elses i could be knowones slave, i thank GOD for saving me from that dark lonely time, knowone else could of reached me, not even myown mind. 

Now i walk in the light never to be alone an i seek to help others in the same way i was shown, so go in peace my brothers and sisters and hold your head high! 
. . never forget in times of hardship GODS right by your side.

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All I ever knew was darkness, but when I looked into his eyes I saw the light.
All it took was one look, one look had changed my life.
He showed me the rising star, the star most giving.
Its fierce glow allowing all souls to be forgiven.

It shined upon a forgotten path, the one many had abandoned.
So long ago when my soul was all but disburdened.
It shined upon that which I left behind, but a path still remained.
A path I never journeyed, a road waiting to be claimed.

I had only just found the light, but the light was always there.
He continues searching for those living in the dark, stripping us bare.
Teaching us a world where all was open.
Teaching us to cherish each and every moment.

This man wanders into darkness, exposing our sight.
This man roams the shadows, trying to understand our freight.
All I ever knew was darkness, but now I know the light.
But I shall continue to crawl in the night.

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My baby

Don't listen to them, why should you care what they say?Hmm?
We will always love you, you know that.

They just don't understand you.
They don't matter.

Hush, don't cry.

My poor baby.
Why do they torment you so?

Mummy's here.
It will be okay.

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Less Than A Day

The touch of your whispers has blown through the air
And the wave of summer disappears in the sand
There’s nothing to stop these memories are gone
Let the playbook now rest for the feelings they’ve stopped
Slowly it turns the small hands on your wrist
The knots in your belly have clenched like a fist
You picture the east and close her eyes
For the dawn’s a coming in all of our lives
The night’s now bleeding forever it tilts
Circling the orbit no rest from the filth
Rivers are flowing and spirits are dim
And the skies from the ocean will always stand still
The pain from the east has moved to the west
These days are numbered just like the rest
Blind in the rivers the hand clears it away
The whole world has changed in less than a day

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the Ward Wart

Dirty whore headphones
doctors and nurses
sex witches with
black cats and brooms

General hospital accidents
mental hospital drugs
havoc security guards
television sex time bombs
hottie in uniforms

General hospital
sickness cigarette
accidents ticking
obsession warning light
panic addiction
wounds red alert
car accidents

rich and famous Ward plug ins

hospital jail red alert
stripes and overalls
sweep badluck cigarette
gay sex na na na na
big and thin magic voodoo

white black curses
sex couples
masterbation power
piece of me positions
men women
demons oh yeah
lifestyles devil

curses telephone
white hat
cross tick tick tick
Drama religion
derier magazine Jesus
cult american dream
Ethics tick tick
morals sideways

Doctor elevator
turn and cough scene
locker room tightening

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Love, Loss, and Repitition

Channeling through to the screaming demon a wall thin as a sheet of silk reflecting like a piece of glass all that I ask I all I can do I can bring an end to the rain for nobody ever will know me again the tears will stop flowing as you slowly stop knowing the evidence points to a love so true I cannot be so stuck on me I cannot be inside I shall broadcast over every corrupted wave of human brain space hoping for an end to the war hoping for an end to a means whatever it brings shall be directly for me Interlinking network cables cross sometimes to find a new stream of though that has never been been thought of I could never fall out of the great tree, in debt to me for saving it from the woodsmen Oh scaly beast with your pointy teeth your so poignant to me and I am all that matters when nothing else does I'm all out of weapons and defenses because I followed you too far into the great pit of love with no sight above or intention to escape I shall just lay in a place that fate has thrown me Whoever has known me has known a true friend if I ever at any point let them all the way in which rarely happens for I don't know trust for I am the truest form of myself I need to help from a bottom feeding fish who's only wish is for self advancement your selfish attractions entice me no more you were the last one I felt anything for your absence is noted and the void digs at me so empty I shall forever stay here in the epitome of misery so perfectly purposely

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Silenced By Sorrow

For the first time in my life
I am silenced by sorrow.
Questions go unspoken.
Answers remain unknown.

Fearing the brutality
of the darkness
I hide.
If I refuse to look too closely
will this still be true tomorrow? 
Will you still have suffered
as you did? 

Could I plunge 
my hand of friendship
through the tar-like darkness
of your world
to bring you light? 

Can you see the way out
or must I light a thousand candles
to ignite that part of you
that believes life can be wonderful? 

With the first strike of the match....
I offer you a glimmer of hope.
I'll start lighting those candles now
and I won't stop until you see it.

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Callous eyes


Every tiny things matter in a young world, 
and then with callous eyes, he is used to pick
days and nights as they pass him, as they pass beyond.

Sometimes he panics, fears that she’ll go away 
and he won’t feel any ache, just be watching her
moving away, erasing; looking at the place
where she has been seen last; with covert anger.

A tiny butterfly flies, in and out, in and… 
the patch of rain raises smells, smells of musty dusk.
The callous eyes follow the hands clutching heart 
where past is blending in pains and agonies.  
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Your hair 
Is the envy of the autumn sun 
It holds winter close
Your lonely eyes 
Map the secrets of Venice
Behind a carnival mask
Your ears 
Are vessels to your heart
Where armies invade
Your cheeks 
Are like ocean tides
Shifting with the moon
Your lips 
Are polished flowers
Sprouting from melted concrete
Your face is like my own
Too much so 

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Madrid it is a hot and sad place.
Filled once with music and pretty women
now filled with bombs blasting on street corners
and old women hovering over their dead husbands.
Madrid was once a place of love and culture.
Love was full through every hotel lobby
to every small cafe, love was all around.
Now, nothing but abandoded buildings
inhabited by rats and broken dreams.
The hotel lobbies once home to rich folk in tuxedos
drinking expensive champagne and dancing,
now filled with young boys bleeding from bullet wounds
and burn't to the bone.
Madrid once a home to life
now a home to death and war.
Fellow Spaniard fighting fellow Spaniard
in a Civil War between life and greed.
Life was all good and well
till 1937 came around.

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Lights Out

Lit your candles upon us!

Take away the dreams that has driven the dawn away
Pour forth your light and gather up our muffled meditations
We muse morning to night whilst curses haunt the atmosphere
Thunderous greed strikes my weary soul again
Flee from us, you loathsome we are letting out horrifying fear
Pour down your sunlit desires and hear our hesitations,
Taken away by the nightmares-- then it's all gone

Let there be light,

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A Nurse's Apology

Its the silence I am surrounded by,
a hundred people,
waiting patiently to die.
Their little rooms of beds,
neat little rooms,
colors full of life,
so contradictory to  the reality. 
Silence now as they sleep,
one day bleeding into another.
Do they even realize death approaches?
We fill their days with pain meds,
and children's games.
We fill their heads with love,
and hope wasted.
Silence is our only real offering of comfort.
To be the onlookers to aging,
we feel gifted.
We are given a glimpse into our futures,
laying in a cold bed,
a room filled with colors and death,
wondering, if we can, when the last exhalation will come. 
Now sitting here in the dark, early morning,
I fail to see the beauty and hope in this scene.
I see reality in this old flickering tube lighting,
I see the aseptic, clinical side of death.
And for all the lies I tell them, 
for all the false hope I bring,
for all the bright, unnatural smiles I give,
I am sorry.
I see reality here in my dark hallway,
listening to a hundred dying breaths.
I am a witness to death.
And I thank God I am on this side.

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Hail To Chile


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Missing You

As I stood in the dark room
Filled with grief,
Memories of air shows, homemade cookies, and “fun”
Flushed my mind
I kept telling myself,
“It’s not my grandpa..Is it?”
Then I realized, from all the tears and suffering,
It was my grandpa.
I had so much fun with my grandpa
I didn’t believe what I was about to accept.
As the hospital machines beeped,
There was a new tear shed.
The grief from my grandma passing on,
Still pain in my heart.
Now it’s my grandfather suffering. 
It was the last time I was going to see him,
And I knew it.
As I walked up to my weary grandfather
And the wobbly hospital bed
I cried.
Knowing exactly what to say
I reached out with comforting hands
Grasped my grandpa with a tight squeeze
And said I love you for the last time.

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Haiku with Media

Few Words, Few pictures, News
Thousand narrations to same story
Every day a new story
Journalism, an art to write
Whether truth is perceived or false
None care, just write it.
Coverage of war or peace
Hidden remains the agenda of brokers
Cameraman with presenter on TV
What is shown, repeat telecast?
Same images, and same footage again
As seen on cable TV 
Magazine, periodicals, articles and letters
People read and contribute searching truth
Some are victims, others spectators
Morphed I did see, pictures
Some well crafted, some under bad hands
Every agency has a news
Reports, articles, statistics and surveys 
Core contents of the daily news papers 
2 page news, rest advertisements.
New flash, breaking news and updates
Presidential speeches, parliament debates and reality shows
Twenty four seven TV channeled 
Melodies, drums and orchestra played
Dramas, shows, politricks and business
Echoing; let the shows begin.
FT, BBC, CNN, News corp. Siasat
Created, supplied, edited, published, blogged, or uploaded  
Chinese whisper crawl in their veins.


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the girl that made me sad to watch

defeated Cassandra
                         sackcloth gown
    strapless sultry shoulders
             wish bone
                       anorexic dorsals
 limp lipstick
        stained smoke
   juts just
and little worry lines
   (cracks in clay)
   stretch sketch etching
                 frownward down eyelines
her panic flutter plied forearms
those frantic butter flied forearms
     hair fidgets
  digits on arial visits
                 the clock watching fidgets
Movement, you see
    draws your eye
       from black eye

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September 11, 2001

To those who have survived the New York tragedy
To all who have lost family and friends
To all of America united in grief
May it bring you some comfort in the days to come
To know that the souls of those lost to this tragedy
Soar with the Angels in the Heaven's above
As their spirits rise to unite in God's Holy Kingdom
May you find peace in knowing that your loved ones are resting
In the arms of our Heavenly Father
A life taken suddenly leaves no less to be remembered
For all life is to be valued as the most precious gift one could ever receive
Therefore, each day a life was given and lived
So to shall it be honored and remembered

Dedicated to the families and friends of those we lost on September 11, 2001

Copyright © 2001   Shari E Davis

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A Wandering Knight

A wandering knight
wambling in an endless road

Thinking to himself

Where the others are?
Taking care of what?

Who am I?
but a fading footprint

on a dark empty land
under a starless sky

seized by roaring shadows
and delusive hopes

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Ribcage - Unapologetic or Sympathetic - Chapter 3

Subsiding from the morning’s light,
I can’t see the hopes of Tomorrow
I am dealing with stress on a high level, but I’ll stay with you tonight
And wrap you up with adorned glory and put out the fire of sorrow,
Giving us (a heavy load of dread…)x2
I dropped dead (I dropped dead)
Where’s my head!?

Don't strangle me with your tainted love…please see what hope brings 
Don't tangle me up with your heartless hatred
"Don't move a muscle,” she whispers to me as pleasant as a fluttering dove wings
I’ll try to put all of my distrust and apprehension to bed
In the mirror, I drink in my insecurities
(I’m trapped inside your ribcage) x2
Tragedy brews in my blood, there’s no where to hide
I am crucified by your absence of love…
Where’s the love? Buried up above?
Buried up above? (whisper: above…x3)
(I’m trapped inside your ribcage!!!!)
Don’t blink and bite the bullet (Oooh! Oh oh oh oh yeah)
Bite the bullet
See right through it
See right through my pain
Dripping endlessly like acid rain,
Scorching my skin aflame
(Feelin’ this shame x2) without a name
I’m trapped inside your ribcage
You’ll see my despair – 
The throbbing heart can’t bear
The thought of losing you again
(I’m trapped inside your ribcage)
I’ll remain unapologetic 
Until you rescue me from my demise,
That would be so…mesmeric 

Apologies accepted? Light up your wick!
We will hold up our candles (in a chorus of joy x2)
I'm guilty for being so unapologetic
I'll try to be more sympathetic
I’m more than happy to see you shine
Shine effortlessly in the moonlight
I wish you were mine, which would be mighty fine   
Move forward and walk the road of recovery 
I’ll scare away the horrifying night
(The spooky night…devouring the light)
Fear not the arrows, flying in all directions
In the dead of night
Let go of anguish…let go of the past infections
Or you’ll lose touch of delight
And you’ll lose grip of His overflowing might 
I think I’m lost in your paradise
Where you and I used to dwell in mirth 
Lost, but never found - I’m living a hell on Earth 
I’m that bothersome fly that swarms around you – (something you should despise) x2
I’ll erase the bad days and replace them with the good
I would do anything for you…
I would walk on hot coals for you… 
If I had the guts, I would go for it!
Our love is a gold nugget to discover in the soil 
You’re an apple to my eye, 
I will be your shield in battle, you anoint me with olive oil~~~
I won’t let you pass away in the dust
Our love is a sacred, lucky oath – it will never rust

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The death rattle of Jackson Haley

His heart gave a leap of joy,
scrambling up over a wall of memories,
as the leaves quivered in front of him.
On Monday the children were playing at soldiers.
On Tuesday he was playing fast and loose with a girl's affections.
I forgot to give childhood to him and the coat sit badly across the shoulders.
A heart overflowing with gratitude,he was a good man,
came of a good family.
Thinking of grievous loss and bewailing, Jack Haley woke up.
Gale force winds and the boat of souls tossed about on the stormy sea,
a joke and a racking headache of a thousand why.
Silence reigned everywhere at 6.30 in the morning.
He is a law unto himself now as 5 dollars in his pocket suddenly
He never sold himself to the enemy and lights turned on.

He looked at his son with pride,fingered the tie of reputation,
stammered out a few words and then stopped.
Just stopped.

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Black Dahlia

Glazed eyes shrouded
in an ivory face
Dark hair in knotted tangles
A look as haunting
as the Devil himself

Fragile shoulders on 
a body like twig
Bowed under the burden 
fate has bestowed
Shivering in the summers breeze
Like a leaf, ripped apart
in an August wind

What horrors lie beneath
The ghostly exterior
What sins did those eyes
witness in days gone by
Did the mute voice
scream in terror,
or laugh in glee

Was the there a time
when those shoulders
were held high
And the arms
embraced in love?

Or was it just horror,
pain, deception and lies...

How could the world
twist something so beautiful
Into horrors untold

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It's Complicated

She cares not about the breath that leaves my lips
The words I spoke
The lines that dropped
The dreams that died
She cares not of my time
Nor my effort
She waits for the very thing that waits her
The light that is my love
But she cares not

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Once I cared for a beautiful witch

You've fallen in love with the medium state, 
im calling above for premieum fate. 
i watch you fall further as did the best angel, 
i point my sword knowing not the best angle. 
Most to weild before me let fear consume, 
you know its not present but one might presume, 
that the quality is a curse. For fear is a power but it wont be the worst, 
its applying truth to situation, for my eyes are ALL thats needed for communication. 
One day you'll stop the falling and stand, and since you declined my aid, you are now in gods hands. ~

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it’s animosity  
and i know he is not mine
but the wolf longs to be free
i feel his agony in the form of anger

the ropes that hold us down 
in every way keep us bound
and i hear his cry to be released 
still what can i do 

what forgiveness can he offer
to me a passerby 
that wont loose him
it’s as though I’ve committed a crime 
and that’s how my heart feels

if they refuse to claim him
tell me then
why do they shame him so
with guilt when he’s done no wrong 
and now he can only sing the saddest song

a song of longing 
and a song of loneliness
already held down
worsened by rejection
lack of affection

he is now weighted by depression
and no one else will listen
so i mourn along with him
the days of running free

i miss with him too
hearing laughter
and feeling loved
now long gone
by the binding ropes rubbing us raw

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She is thirty  and two
Her face has lost it’s soft
She is a professor in her subject  and
Her second nest is her college
She is a married woman  -Her
Past had a pleasing romance
She loved  a man for love  and
It grew as night in a moon
Bad rituals pushed her in a hell
In the name of marriage with an impotent
She lived with tears and pains and
Spent her days  in the burning fire of lust
He became a patient  to his death
Ptiy  Ahalya whispering for her fate 
Her hero comes again to take her
Out of emotions she gave her to his hands
It spreads to the ears of  her impotent owner
He cursed and sued against her in the court
He argued there she is immoral  and
She is having affairs with many
Poor  Ahalya  denied not in the court 
Court separated her from His life
Ahalya  isthe poor victim living with her tears
Her hero once again vanishes as air from her life
Ahalyas are not one  or two here
They are more and more in this world 
Their tears are making seas and oceans
Not to think they are always  calm and quite
Before their ANGER  realize your sins

Saktheee S Ravichandran

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Wide eyes
lips hovering right below a scream
hair pulled into a fist
mouth covered
panicked eyes
heart rattling

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We are so nearly there

We are so nearly there!
For further fly all our
Cherished aspirations
Than we could ever imagine!
Our bright hopes…
Though they be only thought
And so briefly seen…
Have breath and life!

What we once conceived
Of virtue and true living
Of beauty beyond
All our fondest dreams
That which came so close…
and was so real awhile…
Went softly streaming by
Veiled in silken clouds and airy wine

We were so nearly there!
We felt the flicker of life’s wings
Living things brushed past
But reaching out to touch we lost!
Oh, had we only known then
How to enter in!
But before we knew it
The vision had slipped on by and fled us!

What, seemed possible
Was now only a dream
And the emptier we felt for having seen!
But no bright purpose is ever lost
That once has been
Truth’s star is still there!
As deep inside as it is above
Where night’s endless light is!

Our mansion is kept!
Our heart voice mapped
Upon Love’s palm our place
And the everlasting vision etched!
Out held, kind, ever offering
Love’s hand is always there!
“We always may be
what we might have been.”

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Do you understand

Why does everyone leave me
And never sticks around
Never helps me out
Always puts me down

Do you understand

I tell them one thing
And they're out the door
Gone for sure
Never to return

Do you understand

I wouldn't dot that
I can't do that
I got hurt hurt from that
Do you understand

Do you understand

Please come back
I just don't want you like that
I'm too young for that
You could hurt me

Do you understand

I can't do that
I might have a baby
I can't do that
I won't do that

Please understand....

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Music Box Dancer

Once upon a time 
So full of grace
Like a music box dancer 
She soared through life
A welcomed addition 
To the human race
Only 17 she was 
When in marched the cancer
Cancer in the form of an evil man
Never did she imagine 
The destruction to come 
Body mind and soul
Broken like stained glass 
I see the distant beauty in her eyes
Mascara spilling her dreams on the pavement
Melting into different hues of the rainbow 
She had lost herself completely
Going through the motions of her life
Like performing marionettes 
To forgive and somehow forget
Was always within her to my amazement
Over time she learned to turn a blind eye
She just didn’t have any more tears to cry

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Salute to a friend

Sparks fly and smoke billow from seven muzzles
Deep into her heart the explosion echoes
Flashing memories of a smiling face of a love now lost.
Lost in strife, conflicting ideals- caused

“Mommy, mommy I‘d like to see Daddy.”
“Hush my darling, Daddy is going away… very far away”

Wrinkled and flawless fingers alike clutch white roses
which began to rain down upon a flag draped casket
Memories of white petals floating down the aisle
as a radiant bride in white marching with pride and style.

“Will you take this man to be your loving Husband… I do…”
“ …I now pronounce you man and wife.. you may now kiss the …”

In a convoy of three humvees, the young lieutenant sat sternly
Impact resistant eye wear shut out the road glare
but offered little help from a flash so intense
it threw the leading vehicle ten feet in the air.

“Don’t you worry my Love, I will be back home soon”
“Kiss my little pumpkin for me …”

The horrors of war we read and see only in the news
but our brothers, husbands or fathers grit their teeth
uttering silent prayers amid the chaos of explosions
and the glaring reality of impending death. 

“Your husband fought bravely for his country maam…”
“He was a good soldier and a good friend…”

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Greetings from the RedKnuckle Storyteller,you may find he;s ann odd kind of feller.
Though he'll do his best to write from the heart,and what you don't like you may always tear 
apart.You see,this storyteller has lived an awful life.A life without family,children,a beautiful 
wife.Now some may say my poetry expresses my pain,others say it's a release in anger I 
gain.Personally I write about a society in grief,so many hurting with no sign of relief.I am so 
proud of every man,woman,child from these hoods,for when it comes to unity and strive they 
truly deliver the goods.With the streets getting younger every day,what's a careing man do 
but kneel down and pray.These are our children out there,so who's in charge to step up and 
care..It pains me, that i'm but a single voice heard.who's only given inspiration is sometimes 
a single word.Now go find a drink and a comfortable chair.For we are about to embark on a 
poetry journey where others would'nt dare.

Dedicated to all the missing Women in Vancouvers lower East end.


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only the good

bald child
for a paper crane

prays for others

the sun to her
is everyday
and smiling

and mightily
she smiles
after every chemo

stoic hide
tries to hide
her child why's
and whimpers

'cuz smiling 
is more her style

and i
search for words
not smiling

what do you-
how to say-
tell a little child
her momma
has gone away
        gone home
and little girl
you're all alone

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Take a dip into the pool of my mind
Join in my reality
Follow my steps
Look through my eyes

For an external view is one
While looking from the inside out is another
You never truly know
Until you know

Pass through my memory gallery
Every canvas was an adventure
A lesson learned
A second used

Borrow my shoes
See where they lead
Don't mind the holes
They have meaning

Grab my heart
Squeeze the emotions
Absorb the pain
It serves as a reminder

Steal my thoughts
They must be abandoned
My mind is a dangerous place
Only seen from the inside

Everyone has a story
You just see the blank pages
Think first
Their story is unknown to you

Judgment is for the weak-minded

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Talk To Me

Tell me what you're feeling
Since I have felt it once myself.
I know how it hurts 
To have one you love 
Act as a prick-
To puncture your delicate heart 
At a young age.
I know the scare you get
When you tremble at the thought
Of losing an innocence you can't
Gain back and then living it.
I understand being lonely 
And being denied 
What you really desire and
How it makes one 
Stay up and cry every night.
To be forgotten-
Neglected and dismissed-
A total outcast-
I know it well.
Tell me what's wrong-
I'll understand.

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                        Withdrawing sea waters withdraws from the sands and dunes. 
                        I see I am chasing waters as a kid, back then. 
                        I never missed a chase. Now that I'm older I miss you. 
                        I love you, never will I be able to love you less than I love you.. 
                        I am able to love less about myself! 
                        Now that I feel the sea is with you and away from me. 
                        I love less. 

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Mine but Not

I should love you.

But I cannot.
You're a stranger.

What did you do wrong?

You're mine 
But you're theirs.

I gave you to them.
I do not deserve you.

Poor abandoned child.

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The Birds

Fly, fly, fly away,
but do come back another day
I'm here - I like to play 
I'm here - I'll feed you
I'm here - I'll watch over you
Care for you
Be there for you 
Say a prayer for you
The birds

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Why did God give me a big heart that loves anyone and everyone who do me wrong?
Why did he make me so forgiving? I smile when it hurts.
Why did God make me this way? 
I don't understand it and I honestly don't want it. 
I sometimes wish I had a cold heart that was frozen with hatred, but alas a harden heart will never be mine because mines is a burning white hot flame of love and warmth and refuses to be put out. My determination to end the pain and suffering of those closest and dearest to me is like a runaway train that absolutely will not stop because it has no breaks. 
I hate that I'm so nice to those who have wronged me when they don't deserve my kindness. 
Why did u make me this way God? 
Please tell me why.

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Listening to you as any caring friend would,
giving you good advice learned from life,
making you feel very special and happy;
has anyone asked me what I am actually made of?
Everything I not done not for a selfish reason,
and please understand that this is the real me! 
Some may disagree, not considering my selflessness...
how much more can I offer to prove this truth?

I opened doors and welcomed many miserable vagrants,
to make them feel the warth others denied them,
and they smiled making their dark day bright...
giving that faint hope back to them as my gift,
to transform it into something they had never seen.  
When desperation cringed in my breathless throat,
nobody came to console me with an embrace...
all alone to face the unknown...a fate I terribly feared.

Even now their resistance deeply hurts, why can't they openly admit
that this is the real me? Their affluence will never effect me directly...
they can try a thousand times to win me over with their fallacious ways!
No, nothing can change me or my character as it appears today...
and more than the candor of lilies, it is a reflection of a fair and humble man!
How can anyone accept the purity of a godly and vigilant mind 
that once fell to darkness, not knowing the depth of its sinfulness?
That was someone else pulling me into the wrong direction..this is the real me! 

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Too Late

I’m sick and tired of the violence that conspired through the time when I was 
young. Just a little girl, may have been not too bright, nevertheless still not dumb. 
Looking back on the times, when the pain escalated and I didn’t say a word, my 
window of opportunity pass by, slip through my fingers as grains of sand. Time 
has expired and yet I still have not said a word. Have not opened my mouth to 
speak a sound, a whisper, a tone. Instead kept quiet as if I had never even 
learned. Whether it was because of fear if words were spoken or anxiety of the 
expected outcome. What was the real reason in which I acted as a mute. Too 
young to say too much, nevertheless had ample reason to state a dispute. 
Avoiding argument, debate, or even more so... more abuse. Regardless of my 
age at the time, or even now as an adult, that fear is still deep rooted inside of 
me, part of my past unfortunately part of my future as well. I carry it around as a 
pain in my heart a little part of my heart that has been strangled and damaged as 
a disease with no cure. My only hope is that I don’t go in to relapse to that life of 
torment and pain, where it takes over my life and body and leaves me disabled, 
limp, breathless without strength or pride. Before I am to ever get to that state, I 
just pray for the ability to speak, to say a word, to raise my voice loud and let out a 
cry. Never again will I allow for it to be Too Late.

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Cerulean Jade

Cerulean Jade

These eyes, they deceive you.
Blank and insincere. 
Playing with your mind,
and getting well inside.
They’re deceiving you.

Beneath the emerald blue, 
the gold ever glows,
Blazing like an inferno.
Beyond the shores,
 of my emerald azure eyes,
lives a shy and passionate being.

Your trust is all wrong,
for them and not me.
Can’t you see, you can trust me.
And not them. 
I may seem cold, heartless and malignant.
But all are lies.

Like Poseidon in the heavens,
strong in his own way.
Subtle and candid, 
I will always be.

Be sure that you take your chance,
when I provide the raft,
to cross this sea. 
To find this being, 
to know him and love him.

I am unlike the others,
for my eyes are unlike the others
My eyes, this sea. 
My favourite colour. 

Cerulean Jade.

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Subject: BUS STOP CRAZIES Today at 3:37 pm

Subject: BUS STOP CRAZIES   Today at 3:37 pm      


Glitter My Words 
First one: a man rolled a cigarette using a bummed paper. 
But he did not ask for any tobacco he was scrounging the leavings off the tarmac 
OH Yuckk it made me so happy that eye do not smoke. 
He reinforced my habit of no indulgence and made me appreciate the value of 
nonindulgence the boy seemed to me to be rolling stuff the pigeons was leaving 
behind laying there to fill his paper with there offerings there. 
The second one: was 
The second parting shot was this a man and his lady friend 
Just waiting for the bus he finished up his smoke 
And turned to her in time to see her doing a line of coke 
He said ON NO not in PUBLIC eye. 
She had hollowed out her eyebrow pencil to make it suck. 
She held her mirror up and pretended to do makeup. 
HE is lucky if he does not die of some strang disease from all of his tattoos. She 
will likely die of using coke too much. 
The third crazxie was: 
A man ??? A PERSON his pants was torn in such a manner to let people see 
when he is excited there can be no doubt he did it on the purpose his purpose 
being to get some excitement and even though eye seen no tobacco on him eye 
can say HE was smoking. 
These are my buss stop crazies today three persons and one user please. 

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King Cobra

     When spoken to talk lightly,
     I have no good advice.
     A King of cobras answered me
     What he told me then was this.

     "There are different things to say
     Different things to do
     A different path to choose
     A different way that you lose. . ."

     I didn't hear you clearly;
     I didn't catch your name.
     Fire burns my conscience,
     But no one is to blame.

     "Others walk a silken thread,
     Others never knew.
     Little are those things I know
     I never knew I knew."

     A cobra and a liar;
     A Beggar and a thief!
     A missing intuition
     Without meaning of belief.

     "You then are other things you say,
     You are half a day;
     You would answer callously
     And I would go away."

     Who would ask me what you know?
     Who would like your name?
     No one told you endlessly
     That I am just the same!

     "Walk or talk in bargains;
     Sell me for a price.
     Your conscience has the upper hand,
     And I was never nice."

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At my birth, something happened up there...  
into the wondrous constellations,
God Himself made them shine brighter
for this new born trascending life 
into a destiny of greatness;
and my grateful smile deepened His delight!

Astrologers study the heavenly bodies: 
stars, planets and the wondrous constellations
to predict  the events of an individual's destiny... 
from an ordinary the most extraordinary;
fame is measured by a monetary value,
but  greatness is a spirituality laid open to view!

Nowdays simplicity is looked upon with suspicion,
it seems a bit too spontaneous and impractical; 
the modernist confounds it and confronts it,
treating it like an incurable disease of the outcast,
but no great man has ever been
ashamed of expressing it and propagating it!

We are building monuments of wonders,
and go far into the boundless Universe...
instead of undoing pain and disharmony,
curing the plagues that inflict this Humanity;
our society is too proud and arrogant...
nothing frightens us, and we still remain defiant!

If  your fate favors you over the others,
who only can wish for such glorious moments
consumed in prosperity and greatness;
start cultivating the seeds of wisdom,
seeking out those truest friends living on the Earth...
to admire and share the wondrous constellations above!

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Foster Mom

your so beautiful
you make me smile.
you make my living life
your always there when i need you
always there when i cried.
was always there to repair my heart
when a part of me died.

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I've cried many tears
For many different reasons
But when you left is when I cried the most
You watched over me 
You loved me
I was growing closer to you everyday
You told me stories 
You never told me lies
I trusted you
When you went away I didn't want you to
I knew we'd all miss you
Everyone said you were in a better place
You were in pain
That you couldn't carry-on
I miss you
I'll always miss you
But in a funny way, you'll always be here with me.

Dedicated To:  Hilda P. Smith/ my mom-mom

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Sex Sacrifice

People have sex everyday.
People have sex in everyway.
People have sex everywhere.
Then people make choices that are never fair,
After they have sex something arises.
Then it turns into a sex crisis.
They should just simply call it "Sex Sacrifices".
People are quick to have sex while dating.
Instead of waiting.
Leaving them with a child seed.
Waiting to be concieved.
But in awe this you cannot believe.
Now you begin thinking there will now be two mouths to feed.
And maybe God's words you should of heed.
Should this child be born maybe,
I can get abortion, or in other words just kill this baby!
Is this murder I don't know?
But this child cannot and will not be able to grow.
Becuase I'm not ready yet.
I just wanted to get a little wet.
Now I'm in a predictament.
Because I just wanted to experiment,
With fire.
I thought I would not get burned.
I guess this is the lesson I needed to learn.
I guess this is the punishment I must now deserve.
What should I tell my mother?
I can't even say I may love.
Because it was just sex to someone not even my lover.
I didn't expect him to break the rubber!
I don't know what kind of father he will even be!
how will he be there for my son,
if I don't even know if he will be here tomorrow with me!
I barely knew this man.
Honestly it was suppose to be a one night stand!
This has really threw a damper on on my life's plans.
What should I do!
My mind is very distorted!

A few days later she got the child aborted.

To tell you the truth that was the ultimate price.
Because after the procedure,
she was unable to give any more life!
I guess she was willing for something to die,
and for life to treat her unice!

I guess she was prepared for this 

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The Childless

The Childless

The childless are not only those
That has not protruding stomach experienced
However, they are part of it

The childless are not only those
That theirs’ fell like a leaf eaten by maggot
Yet they make up this group

The childless are not only those
Whose offspring cross the seas?
And have their brains formatted
I agree they are childless

The childless are not only those
That dies of hunger and poverty
It is the worst type of childlessness

The childless are not only those
Whose sons misappropriate funds?
Even when they make the citizenry suffer

The childless are not only those
Who moves from one NPF station to another?
With an intension to bail
Its most heart breaking

The childless are not only those
That replaces a jewelry box weekly
In their heart begging, blaming God
For the gift of a thorn in the heart
Instead of the so requested children

It takes more than birth
To become a father or mother

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Freudian Patho Gen Pathfinders

In the PsychoSocioscheme of things we see;

The ID chooses the  Socio  Path
The EGO chooses the  Sym  Path
The SUPEREGO chooses the   Em Path
             all others choose the A Path

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Safeguarded Fate

I can feel the gust of wind,
The music in my ears,
the warmth from the sun,
How time stand still here.

A solemn place to be,
the living to be amongst the dead.
I can find my peace here,
The air I can purely breathe. 

Nothing in my head but the words unspoken.
Everywhere I look, it seems some of them are forgotten.
Then I prayed words that are powerful.
words that can even be heard what's underneath the grave.

But Actually I'm not scared,
I just want to be here to recall the memories that we shared.
Because I know the unseen are harmless,
compared to the living who can cause so much sadness.

your world, it's quiet here,
not like the real world that has full of fears.
Your world is full of lighted candles,
w/ names engrave to marble stones.

you pretty sure know why I come here,
it's to lay down and talk about my safeguarded fate.
And maybe for just a day I can escape,
escape from what's beyond those gates.

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My Fading Lasher

Fortunes spread an open tie.
He is bleeding.
His lungs will die.
His legs will give,
His face will fail.
His eyes,
Once were real.
He'll lie at rest,
Drunk with a disturbed damnation
Blooming in his mouth.
For I too bloomed there.

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Story of my Grandpa's Estate part 2

I remember being in the sky with him
He was a pilot
He let me hold the stick
And now how awful he was betrayed while he was alive
And didn’t know any better
And the truth didn't come to the surface 
Until after my step grandma passed away
I remember the good days grandpa
Let those greedy losers have the money
I know you’re still in the sky
And you must have been there when you were going through that hell
But after it was all said and done
It feels like I’m the one shattered
And I’m the one that fell six feet

I'm changed forever
No dent in my forehead
No medication will change what happened to you or my side of the family
I can’t make them do what’s right
Under rug swept
They sure love to spend your money
While I live on government assistance
And people who aren’t your blood relatives now receive my college funds
Go to school
I don't know if they'll ever read this
Or if they knew how I truly felt
And I had the chance to humble them grandpa
How I want to make you proud in the best way
I don't know if they would know what to say

This has gone on for years
Torn from nightmare
to choke down the next sour grape
To be thrown away creatively by someone else
It was tragedy after tragedy after tragedy
And they all think I’m too out of touch to realize anything or have an opinion
They must think my heads in the clouds
But I’m still in an airplane I guess
Flying with you
On my first flying lesson

And I can’t fathom the wonderful memories you left for everyone else
But I wont tarnish your name any further
And I’m sorry I have

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Waiting... By: Candice 

He listens in the dark at the warfare in the distance.

With each passing day his heart grows colder.

His passion for violence grows immensely

and the remnants of his " once was life" are no longer fresh in his mind.

Gunfire and roadside bombs were now a part of his everyday life.

He''d give anything to be at home, warming a bottle for a midnight feeding,

or preparing to change a diaper who had been a victim of a disastrous explosion.

He smiles to himself thinking of his new baby boy

and prays to God that he will return home safely to hold the precious miracle of life

that he had not yet laid eyes or hands on.

He tightly closes his eyes to hold back the threat of oncoming tears.

Images of a deadly blast just days before crowd his mind,

He begins to weep.

This war torn life would affect him for all eternity.

He was in fact, a victim of war.

He would never know another restful night.

Rest doesn''t come easy for a man who has seen men blown to pieces by bombs and lifeless
on the terrain.

However the disaster of a lost life somehow brings him strength to drudge through another day.

He takes out the crumpled birth announcement.,

reads the print and gently tucks it away.

He had never known such an emptiness.

Everyday he waits.

For what he is not sure.

He just prays in the end, it will have been worth it.

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Angel... a beautiful angel,what a disaster
perfect so perfect controlling all
no one knows how many faces but she has em all
self absorbed, her conscious torn
doesn't care if her right is wrong

pain...nothing felt
no sympathy for what shes dealt
no sympathy shes never felt

Hurt...her halo burnt
its resting at her feet
Hurt...tears are falling, but none from her
Angel...a beautiful angel, what a disaster

So sweet she use to be
day by day you never know what she'll be
love...once upon a time
she doesn't care if the the sun ever shines
Love.... i wish she would
I'd make her if I could....I wish I could
Angel a beautiful angel....what a disaster

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Inner Solace

A beast lives within,
for love he has not. 
In anger he cries,
for love he has not.
First he must befriend a dark shadow
before he can have his heart.

For so long pain has given him inner strength
for he is a man that fights a shadow,
but ever so slowly that shadow grows weak,
for the mans heart was never meek.
and even though the shadow slowly disappears
the man extends his hand in love and friend-ship for he feels its pain.

For many tears, the shadow survived in a lonely dwelling
but friend or foe no one deserves to die alone, even the alter ego.
Dear Lord, have mercy on his empty shadow.

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broken angel

A nameless face amidst the crowd
Resembling an angel above the clouds
A lost soul looking for a mate
Not waiting for what is given by fate

Desperately searching for a love that is true
For past relationships never failed to make her blue
She believes that she will encounter
The love and loyalty in which for she hungers

She’s like a child yearning for compassion
A little girl longing for affection	
Mistaken lust for love and care
Results a body and soul raped and bare

Broken promises in exchange for her heart
And when returned it is torn apart
A broken woman always prone to fakes
Faded by time and jaded by mistakes
Best she must be willful and strong
So never again she would go wrong


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Herpes New year

No one ever talks about it
it hurts
it throbs

\No one knew what to say
especially when it was no longer all about them
but it was

Who have i been with?
who have you been with!!!?

the tears
thief of under
under where?
under there

All my friends were busy
Called mom yesterday we fought
My brother bout fell off the wagon
cause i want to move away if he moves near
and they're all blaming my ex

i know better
psychological torment
Im the slut
Im the whore
I blame myself as i should
serves me right

so who wants a piece of this pie?
drug induced schitsoeffective
mood disorder
mentally ill
Lover Boy
all for you

Just give me more pills

Two friends left
I don't want to talk to the Angel whose ex stole my password to this site
My ex girlfriend whose room i lit on fire owes me 240 dollars for her drug debt
things are getting better
happy birthday rip off
merry Christmas debt
high and dry
Now Herpe New year

and i wept
stronger this time to not go over the reasons to live versus those i should die
and i laid in bed
with no one to hold
so young
people are cruel
I'm the joke dressed in suicide
just make sure you wash your hands
when you clean up after my mess
you might get infected
and then as the songs go sang by the artists
that sing about how my names are songs

I'll be the one responsible for killing all of my friends and myself after all

For the love of latex and lesions
practice safe sex
know your partners well
and remember life aint no merry go round
it can happen to you
it happened to me

and I've only been out of the funny farm 
for three years
before that i was clean
before that was high school
and the nightmare i will always remember and equate with the word 

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Warnings from the Waterfly

Taking use of a waterfly
She merrily drifts on
To a tired petty refuge...
For the last time.
The waterfly is gentle
Beyond it's appearance.
It's wings bellow 
A deep hum 
And it's ventriloquist  eyes
Are forever waiting beneath the sea.
You lay a few cautious kisses
Upon it's head.
It's been so tedious over the years.
So careful to go 
To each specific place.
It's corpulent body
Trembles in it's pace
And carries you into 
A stronger current,
Ignoring the ancient palace.
Your curiosity fumbles 
With his golden reigns.
He turns back
Strange that this old waterfly
No longer knows his way.
Strange, he seems
Reluctent to obey.
She strokes his weary head
And they arrive at their destination.
What a strange being.
She wonders as she 
Searches his age old face 
Worn at the edges with
Touches of silver splinters
And water rust.
Each crease and fold
Holding more water
Than the hungry path in which they travel.
Don't go.
Don't go.
This is what his front
Would say
But it never makes it past his
Studded, smooth, eroded teeth.
She left.
She walked below the bridge instead.
She opened the door to the palace
Where brave men no longer venture.
She spots a cold dark woman
With a veiled face and frowning brows.
She wears a white familiar dress.
All to familiar to the waterfly flyer.
She stares at the eyes of the dangling woman.
They protrude from her skull
In a somewhat modest fashion,
Like a prostitute,
Avoiding the burns of the limelight.
They devoured her face and 
Left her lips parted with slurred speech.
The wedding march
From a Midsummer Night's  Dream
Slowy churned on beneath the stifled murmurs.
She heard murmurs.
Her distant husband sat in a corner
With three limpid bitter seas
Tumbling from his green skies.
He held a wrinkled, written prose
Within his trembling hands.
She left me her body,
He cried.
She always left me her body.
And the waterfly fell silent.

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(for Neil)

I wonder if you remember,
the dog you killed that day
on the way back from the Stony Rises?

You were driving, talking about
yourself, I think,
or maybe you were singing along
to some song on the radio.

Up ahead, the boy on a bicycle
pedaled against the wind,
dog by his side.

It happened so quickly,
you were driving so fast
you nearly didn’t stop,
thinking, hoping, perhaps,
that you’d only imagined it.

When we backed up the boy was
on his knees, hands hovering over
the dead animal.

"Sorry about that, mate,"
was all you could say.

Fighting back tears and disbelief
the boy looked up:

"Oh, that’s all right," he said.

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Through Bars

The greatest fear for my blood;
I shall see you next through bars,
Facing felonies I am afraid for you,
A ‘tough’ mindset,
It will get you nowhere positive;
Within those locked doors,
I fear for you my blood,
That the next time I face you;
It shall be through bars.

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All By Himself

                                 Taunted, torn to rags by 

                                 a torturous crowd.

                                 A body hangs lifeless as
                                 His head is clad with 


                                 A melody of blood and 
                                 tears trickles down His

                                 a Mother's kiss...

                                 silent screams...

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Somewhere Between Fall and Falsehood

Her chin was resting between her knees
Her fingers were running smoothly through the sand
She didn’t notice my arrival
She just sat, staring out at the ocean

I could hear the drop of the hallowed cave
It echoed and faded at the foot of the fissure
The natural awning shielded us from the sun
As the waves lapped slowly at her feet and not much further from mine

“What a view,” I said, resting my weight against the rocky walls
She looked up at me as if coming from a dream
For a minute, she just sat there looking wretched 
Heavy-handed, droopy mouth, bags under her eyes
But then she managed a smile; a weary smile
I returned it, then looked off at the ocean
The waves disappeared behind the horizon
And the sun fixed its reflection across the seascape

“Why are you here?” she asked with the effort of true curiosity
Squinting her eyes and pressing her face above her mouth
She’d been staring at the sun again
She could probably scarcely see me

I forced a smile and sat down close beside her
“The sun’s not going to help you, you know,” I said matter-of-factly
I continued to look at her as she buried her face in her legs again
Her dirty blonde hair wafting with the wind like meteor showers

“I know,” she said, muffling her speech
Looking away for a minute, I turned back to see her with tears in her eyes
“But what else will?” she genuinely asked, and softly sobbed
My mouth hung loose at her irregular directness 
Eventually catching myself, I put my arm around her shoulder
“I will.  We all will,” I said and smiled once again
In doing so she then relaxed her head on my shoulder
And for those few minutes, believed me fully

Somewhere deep within, she knew the truth though
And it would remain there, no matter how comforting my lies got

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little sister

I walk down this dark path knowing where it leads,

holding a small flower gently in my hand,

As i walk the air is heavy as if the air is pressing all around me,

I reach my destination a large old decrepit building,

Still showing the burn marks on the windows and door,

I hear a scream in the distance,

Looking around knowing that no one is really there,

Just that this building holds so many memories,

Memories that are so hard to shake,

Walking up to the steps to the door,

Memories of lost ones flow in my head like a flash flood,

That day I lost her,

I lost my baby sister,

I wish I could take it back,

Take back what I said to her,

"I hate you, your the worst sister ever",

But really I don't hate you,

I miss you every day,

Wishing I could turn back time and change the last thing I said,

But I can't,

So every year I bring you your favorite flower,

Hoping you'll forgive me one day,

I think placing the fragile Daisy down on the first step,

Turning and walking away,

Looking back at the scarred house every so often,

The wind blows,

Faintly heard in the wind "I forgive you"

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Monkey Flower

My little monkey flower
why are you crying?
Why are you so sad?
Sure things might not be the best
but they aren't that bad
I know you're hurting on the inside
you think I don't understand
how could I? 

My little monkey flower
please don't hide your tears
that just makes it hurt so much more
when you finally them go
I know the world may be moving too fast
you can't seem to catch up
I promise that it'll soon slow down

Monkey Flower, you silly little girl
just think of how strong you will be
once this whole stage is is through
I promise you'll find a different 
brighter side to you
But for now, I understand
you must cry your tears
My little monkey flower

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390 And say goodbye

I have forgotten the willow weeping in the field
How it brushed closely to the Earth
As the sunshine would glimmer through
Highlighting the wild flowers in bloom
Home to the sparrow and once a year
The turtle dove would tour through its branches.
I remember the golden sunset
It would paint the sky with purple, reds and oranges
Majestic upon the encroaching night
In breathless awe I would watch
As the clouds explode like rainbows
And the calm of the moment breeched serenity.
   I can picture two hands
The gentle embrace of two lovers
Walking the sandy shores near the ocean
And the sun would caress the waves
With shimmering dance
As the winds would part, circling
Embracing the beauty of love.
   And I can remember tears
Suffering, how it can encompass us
Burdening even the most willful soul
Stripping away beauty and desire
Leaving only the tear stained pillow
And the decision to say goodbye.
   it is to not, the passing
Every day the blind eye escapes to see
The beauty within the life
The nature within the beauty
And when death takes trespass upon us
We take back the glimpses forgotten
And say goodbye.
By: Darren J McMurray
    March 22, 2012

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the pain of a users daughter

Her consistancy finally persuaded you to stay,
it still upsets me sometimes that she convinced you to treat your only daughter this way,
i know her addiction must be very tough, and i know crystal is her name
i used to look up to you, i used to tell my friends how lucky i was to have a dad like you,
but, that was the past befoure, meth became your soul, befoure you spun out of control,
i don't know if you ever think about the pain you have caused,
my innocent soul shattered to pieces, my heart broken while, my eyes were wide open,
no morphine can stop this uncontorolable pain, all the traumatizing memories consantly racking threw my insecure teenae brain,
i thought you could fight the addiction,
but, the truth is, you love her more than you love me,
i never knew you would fail me like this,
you looked me straight into my tear filled eyes and you and crystal told me a lie,
crystal has took away your honor of being called dady now your just my biological father,
she will follow you to your death bed, while your laying there alone and so filled with fear, you'r personality always filled with blame, its so sad to know she put you to shame and you can only blame yourself
you will not let her go; so i must say good bye

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Memories haunt and yet they lead.
They help us to find our way.
Memories bring choices with comparisons made.
Memories lead to decisions as corners we turn.
But memories are fluid and change as life goes on.
We forget and discard what we don’t want.
Later we revisit and change images again.

Resentments change to love and care long lost.
Achievements verses what we gave up.
Even wrong can become trying to do right.
Other viewpoints open the older we become…
Then we revisit and memories change again.
Memories can be truth or lies, but they are always…
As fluid as the life from which they come.

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No Reflection

Why is it that beauty dies young?
The forest fire claims the young oak.

If only she could see herself as he,
If only she could feel her beauty.
Her one true love, the arts,
Stories told with the dip of a brush.

But in her mind,
Jawline fractures, cuts and bruises,
Stencil her face ugly; she has been robbed

He saw her as the leaves,
All shapes and colors of emotion,
Bound to a tree, strong everyday,
At the top of the hill.

She saw herself as soil,
That which lay beneath our feet;
Dirty and unworthy.

All he wanted was to enlighten her to her reflection,
Show her the fairness that resonated as the pigment in her skin.
She could not see through the veil; Travesties of her father,

His words intangible as the wind, 
She denied him; Oxygen to the flame.
Now this tree stands alone, burning.

She would never know the soil she saw so unworthy,
It was fertile, allowing life to take form.

All he wanted was for her to understand her beauty,
To show her her image.
But his words remain intangible as the wind;
And soil holds no reflection.

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Lifelong promise
where are they? 
in the arms of 
the mighty time
or, somewhere else
I thought myself 
the luckiest
you proved me
the useless
now life has no
connection, with me
as, I too
don't want to survive
knowing the ultimate truth
I, being relised
you were correct
nor was I
I lost a love in the 
form of you
tears share both of us
but that mighty line
can't be just overwheled
by that tears
I lost you, hence I 
lost my life

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imagine the bed 
imagine the desire 
and thighs 
and lips 
and destinies 
infinite ecstasy

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Mothers, Sons, Drugs, and Rum

Death's a bitch,
I was cheated by wrath,
Don't follow my path, 
No matter the itch.
I'm protecting you,
From the events to come,
Mother, please listen,
Put down your rum.
Dad always said,
To love and learn.
I'm your lesson,
I'm your happiness,
I'm your cries,
Your constant yearn.
We'll get through this,
As we always did,
Just when Dad left us,
I was only a kid.
Worry not Mother,
All will be swell,
Do it for me,
Life is yours,
Time will tell.

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Coffee, Tea or Me?

I am here, again
asking you, “Honey, coffee or tea?” 
not that I love to ask, nor I’m too forgetful.

Indeed, to tell you the truth 
I would say, really
I’d have it ready by the time you wake-up.

It is not that I am 
not fully aware of what you like, you see 
but simply, I miss so much not hearing 

…you whisper, ere you go to work  
to my ear, teasingly, “Not coffee, nor tea
but you…I want. Oh, kiss me, my baby!” 

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I Miss You

Staring at the clock, 
I have gone through the immense universe of each and every second… 

                                                                                       ...I miss you

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A fine line

There is a fine line between insane and sane.
I know,
because I have walked that line,
many times before.
You stand there,
on the brink of the known and unknown.
You either decide to cross,
or decide to retreat.
And in most cases,
you are never even given that choice.

I have seen both sides.
I have gone so far insane,
that I became sane once again.
And been so sane,
that I circled back to insane.
It is a hard road to travel.
And no one should go it all alone.

My heart,
truly feels sympathy,
for all those who know,
who truly know,
what I am talking about.

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freelance photography

Blank presentations of nothing, obviously
A relationship of one, bringing a calming numb
Feelings getting better and better than before
Grab hold of that distant memory, then let go
Forgetfulness seems to be scarce as of late
Seems the memories that cause the most pain
Are the memories that won’t go away 

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Divided into the pieces of pieces of pieces,
That form my fully conscious conscience
I hate that love to love
Have the ability to love to hate
But will always hate to hate
I wish I could be the over praised,
over exaggerated,
over rated normality that is blessed to so many
But me
I want to be inside the box
because the weather out here,
sucks as much as my skewed and looped perception of
Where I thought I was going....

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Everyone is different,
Don’t you see?
Many act alike,
For one reason or another,
Those that act alike,
Conceal their real selves,
Putting a mask on to hide from all,
Running to there secret hiding places,
They don’t want to be hurt by others,
None of us do,
You all hide behind that mask of yours,
Show your real self,
See how it feels to be picked on,
Could you handle it?
Worlds cut deeper then any wound ever inflicted,
They last the longest,
Those are the only real scares you will remember,
Physical scares can go away,
Or forgotten,
So how can you justify what some have done?
You can’t,
Those who suffered from this will never forget,
Some never forgive,
Some take it to extremes,
Anyone can help even a little,
Even a little help can save someone,
Save someone from a lot more then they can imagine,
Standing up for what you believe in,
Don’t let anyone put you down,
They see you fall and they attack like hungry lions,
Upon their kill,
These things are never forgotten,
The feelings are never gone,
Someone you see hurting?
You may not know them,
Take the time to get to know them,
You just might see they aren’t that different,
After all,
They aren’t very different from you,
Or I.

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Another Day

So she disembarks and disengages, -1
People try to read her like a book,
But she’s missing pages,
No one even noticed her gone for ages,
So her mind just rages on,
No one ever knowing she’s gone,
To him it’s just another one of her cons,
But he decides to linger on anyway,
Doesn’t want to be another statistical runaway,
Yet, he still can’t ignore what the people say,
Their words of hate that scar and fray,
So he does is best not to stray,
And remember what his mother used to say,
Another time, another day,
Another place, another way…

1- First line is from "Death of a Martian" by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Wraps your lips around my pain,

recite the words as if they

were meant to fall from your own.

Some nights, I think you can 

feel the gravel in my mouth,

as if it were beneath your feet.

Stand here with me,

hold the blade.

Twist my memory and 

let it gush along the 

path of our bitter prowl.

Leave it here

with me. 

-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Voices Reign, 
She stands alone. 
In a mirror, 
She sees beauty. 
Here and now, 
She doesn't imagine the coke-bottle waist only attainable by purchase of the latest Barbie.
She sees beauty. 
Colors like the sun and the moon, 
The vast oceans to the unfathomable skies. 
Here in the mirror, she sees beauty. 
Until she opens her eyes, 
And voices reign.

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Stop that laughter
( from somewhere I hear my voice )
I don´t dream of ever being sexy, then again…
( some skin tears my heart apart: the gaze: the absolutely beingness:
  something I can´t touch directly with my hands: it´s an inner sexiness )
Stop talking about her body, I saw nothing of it….
( a flavor: memories meeting in a kind of environment: and yes you were there)
If I could give you something ( lasting ) ( something more than others gave you )
( if its just my friendliness: so here you have me )
let me try to spell your name ( a rose fell into my bosom )
let me not hurt your fineness
O, let them talk ( I could understand your distrust )
And at least I give you the red silence

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Back To Earth

There you are

Even the earth has forsaken you

What were the fruits
That motivate indecency?
Incomparable the ache

What have you done?
Back to earth that
Swallowed you up
Being to dust

Is it rewarding?
To be so cruel
You broke the rule
That binds intimacy

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It Takes Two {Caricare}

It Takes Two




Tribute To Those Lost
In The Twin Towers
You Are Not Forgotten

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Accept My Hugs

How could I sense when people are in need of hugs? 
I always had that loving heart
Now what happened to it? 

I'm in big trouble...ragged with loathe 
My hugs don't hold the same feelings
It chokes the living from their shelter
It makes them weak...I slowly swelter 

If I offered you a hug, 
Will you accept it
Or leave me hanging there? 

How could I sense when people are in need of hugs? 
I always have had that loving heart
Now what happened to the love that shields us all?
How did this horrid situation tear us all apart? 

My hugs hold no importance...lacking desire
It only feeds the fire
Not the helpless in heart 
It clusters annoyance in the soul 

If I offered you a hug, 
Will you accept it? 
or leave me hanging there? 
Now I'm lustered in wrath...

I fear that dad will lose you 
Just over a single hug given by him...
Your affectionate embraces feel so grim 
Restrain from losing yourself
Accept his hugs that hold such guiltless charity

Free from faithless arguments...don't hold on to worthless words

If he offered you a hug, 
Will you accept it
Or leave him hanging there in the freezing cold?

His hugs aren't sold
Like a piece of perishable gold
To an ignorant form just like you
It holds's all true 

If he offered you a hug, 
Accept them and appreciate his offer
Because he doesn't dwell on the negativity
Feel free to say your last goodbyes
But, remember us as our family departs...and dies

If He offered you a hug, 
Will you accept it
Or leave Him hanging there in the freezing cold
Without His healing arms
Cradling you and your family throughout the furious night? 

If he offered you a hug, 
Will you accept it
Or leave him hanging there? 

It wouldn't be a dissappointment
If you would willingly
Accept his hugs

We would be drowning with excitement
If you would certainly
Accept OUR hugs

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Is there a purpose for struggling,
enduring trails that could be been avoided?
What motivates an individual to surpass
any conceivable build a concept?

A normal person has less cares than a genius;
no passion for art or interest in science,
so aimless is that existence...
resembling a shadow passing. 

A philosopher once said that
legends are made by dreams,
by each stage as they are woven,
but their inner voices are as faint 
and distant as raging waterfalls
descending steeply, to splash in rivers below;
and to hear them, you must get closer enough,
until their loud sound can deafen 
the ears and astonish the eyes...
Oh, I have contemplated them in sheer surprise!

Nobody ever sees a thinker's curved back
posing on the water-splashed, cracked rock;
if civilization has betrayed his idealistic thoughts,
accusing him of insanity and prejudice...
how can dark minds be lucid enough to discern
what he sees in images of true perfection?
And he will be another outcast detested by society...
for having demonstrated a superior mentality?

Go to the highest hill, amid the rugged mountains of the South,
and find him in the same spot meditating
over a glorious view that the very learned once admired;
go and comfort him with a friendly hand-shake,
and amply confirm that his action wasn't a mistake,
but a challenge and a cause worth-taking!
And his testimony, that all legends are made by dreams,
is found in his prophetic and exquisite writings.

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August 28th

Aug 28th 

The sky is clear for far

My pants are old navy and have visible holes 

A lady with a smiley face umbrella enters and a man removes his cap


Only to replace it


The leaves are starting to fade and many to fall

We pass the intersections which house the wealthy—but only pass 


I'm leaving my element 


As our minds do pass the thought of riches—the institutions of wealth fly past 

Large oak trees scream into the sky reaching for something of substance 

A boy—no a man with wild hair steps up walks quickly, sits 

No roses but other flowers are in bloom—that of the unrecognizable but 


White shoes, clean studious girl perfect hair, time taken 


A young face smiles at me 

Cheap clothes swaddle her she looks into her holder's young face. 

Their dark skin is one but their minds are waves that beat against each other—
she holds her pretty face and smiles 


A woman who looks older then she should, spent her time feeding addictions 
she sits near

Stares into an abyss—something she sees there that we cannot 

She is unkempt and laughs at nothing from time to time 


The studious girl shuts her book


The lost lady plays peek-a-boo with the child in front of her…


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The Bus

Get up and go

Foul smells assault my nose

taking all my senses in its strong hands and draining the life from them

I struggle to breathe 

A woman—her age, sad as her condition pulls her crippled body off and away 

I feel the wheels moving under my lightly shod feet 

I want them to move faster

A man who controls only parts of his body rolls his donated disgusting chair out 
of the way

So those with useful appendages will not be hindered 

Silent I consider my faults 

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to show sympathy or affection;
without bitterness of reaction,
solemn and carefree.
holding it so dear in their heart,
passion to repay the goodness of others.
an undertaking that must not be denied,
a liking with so much tenderness.
an action with so much emotion:
truer than any morality,
much better than any ways of caring,
valued more to some people,
this can mean the difference between the goodness or lack of faith.
it can move people to ggod will,
more spacial to reasonable people.
better than fairness of objectivity,
inspires people to show genuiness.
similar to the right values of any christian,
brought to your awareness for the right vision of love.
can move others to have the right motivation,
giving others a true heartfelt awakening to what a true good samaritan is!!!.....

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Powerful gusts blow trees horizantal,
Bricks blown off houses,
Paint chipped off cars,
Recklass beauty,
Swirling winds of destruction,
Grabbing the heart of observers,
More prayers sent up than those on Sunday,
Cashmere shirt: $150
Furniture set:  $1,950
Plasma TV:      $800

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Too Heavy

Hollow within myself,
I walk upon thin ice convinced it won't crack
But when it does,
consumed will be by my sanity
Learning to accept the acceptance
I've avoided for far too long
I only wished there was a mutual path
But this I take alone
I go down alone, to help those above
I shed not a tear on my own cataclysm
I waste not a breath on faith
And not a drop of blood on pity
I drown silently.

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I woke up screaming once more of another once more. I had the dream again, bringing back memories, and feelings of distress, grief, and unremitting pain. It's storming again, loud bolts of light rolling on and on in a continuous pattern like life, and death; age, and time. Age is an illusion, something time chewed up and spat out like a piece of gum on the evolutionary highway. Time is irrelevant, it only tells what it wants, until life runs out yesterday, only to give birth to the idea of "new" life today, and to die tomorrow.

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I can feel your presence over my soul looming into my life I can't help wonder who you are or who I was Meant to Be Everlasting Love is what I Found in You Something I Swear to never let Go You protect my soul and keep me away from Perpetual Cold I can always need you, until despair abuses me into the dwelling Chasm from the wane of the world

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were spiders reach the lonesome dust,
                        here endures a jar robust.
it bares no needles, nails or rust,
       but the object all should trust.
it knows no hate, greed or lust,
                    without it, all is lost...

a white-coat appears and take the heart,
        his last remainder to be taken apart.

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Young, Hurtful Souls

Let's put ourselves in their shoes
Let's take time to understand why they act the way they do

They're tired
Tired of being surrounded by liars

Tired of seeing bags underneath their eyes
Developed from the lonely night cries

They're tired of being tired the next day from the night before
All from staying awake waiting for their mom to walk through the door

Their tired of feeling like nobody cares
Being alone, with no food to eat is too much to bare

Tired of what's suppose to be a home being a house
Of seeing parents play with their children while stuck on the inside looking out

Tired of wondering why do they have to suffer the pain
And be apart of life's hardest game

Tired of crying when people see what's wrong
As if we don't hear the sad tune playing in their hurtful song

They yearn to be where they belong and desire to be
A place where they can feel good, happy, and stress free

Where they can smile, laugh, and play
But mostly, go home to a loving family at the end of each day

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Bad Feeling



go      in       g

                   on me.


      all of a 

all the lights go out.

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The raising sun inspires me
The blooming buds stir me
The blowing wind intoxicates me
The moonlit night lures me
The twinkling stars enlighten me
The rushing tides provoke me
The moving clouds fascinate me
The rainy shower delights me
That was the pleasantness
Still standing as childhood witness
But now……
Parched lands, pouncing heat waves
Drought and poverty leading to graves
Aggressive selfishness engaging nations
While violence and wars breaking regions
The whole mankind is pushed to stake
Leaving human instinct to its own fate
The disciples of The Supreme are mauled
Everything on earth seems endangered.
Where’s the inspiration that moves
Where’s the intoxication that lures
Where’s the motivation that rouses
Where’s the fascination that delights.

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This is real

Take a step back
Just to catch my breath
Close my eyes
So I wont have to see what's coming next
Holing on tight
And try not to loose my grip
Watch my blood drip
Cuz Im just that pissed
Take my own life
Cuz aint nothing out here for me
Im NEVER gonna be fulfilled
always left empty
Take a step back
and then I trip
No one catches me
Close my eye
and no one bothers to look at me
Hold on tight...
but then I let go

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Boat of Horror

I hear the moans and cries of my neighbor next to me
Tied down on this boat of death
Where are we going?
Taken against our will
Towards a place of unspeakable cruelty
Our families, our homes, our lives
Taken away from us

Lie in filth and sicknesses
Tied in chains in the bottom of a boat
Little food, rats, feces, and filth 
Slaves to these people 

We sing our hymns
Quietly at first
Then it passes along to
Our brothers down the rows
And suddenly we are all one
From many different tribes
We are all brothers 
In our singing
Until they tell us to 
“Shut up”
The ones who don’t 
Are punished
They take away all that we have
Even the one thing we all have in common
Our hymns
Why do we endure such torture
For doing nothing?

They call us savages
These people with light skin
Who are they to bind us Innocent
Take the babies away from the mothers

And will we ever see our families
No, no they say no
They say we are their property now
We are human too
We are human too!
And they call us savage 
Who beat the women and children 
For not working hard enough 
In the sweltering heat
But who is savage?

They say we are stupid and
Do not allow us to learn
But we do anyway

They take our names
And give us new names
They take our religion and
Give us a new one
But we still worship 
Our way

We yearn for our home 
And our children’s children
Will do the same
But we pray
That one day they can
Go home again
Or at least be
Able to stand on both our feet

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Poverty is like a curse
It deprived Prophet Jesus
Of a wife and popularity

Prophet Muhammad
Became successful
Because he became rich

Poverty is like a torture
By the enemy
Without help from others
One cannot get rid of it

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Tommy's patch

(Aids memorial quilt, February 2005) 

As a native girl too, 
grapefruit tanned, knew the secret 
to Florida oranges. 
That the sweetest nectar, 
broken open 
piece by piece, 
points naturally toward the 
thumb tip,  dips delicately 
across the taste buds. 
I am sure 
Tommy held them this way 
many times, 
far away from the dull blue 
surrounded Florida 
painted on his cloth tombstone. 

The heart of Texas was Bill. 
Not the plastered crumbled clay 
of the Alamo, 
where the dead still wandered 
aimlessly, gaunt faced, austere and unknowing 
of their long abandonment. 

I wondered 
if Bill liked ten gallon hats. 
If Tommy would scold him every time he put one 
on before planting 
light bird nest hands on his shoulders 
and pulling tight 
with pressed lips, 
telling Bill to remember Tommy, not the Alamo, 
so his apparitions can stalk at daylight 
with green tea and an orange on the thumb 
unabandoned in the heart of Texas. 

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Constructing spirit

Have you ever come to share, your spirit showing that you care
not with flowers but the strongest form of heart ?
I ask only to display, why I may take great dismay
For the end is sounding then more like the start.

And so I've come to notice, after loosening my focus
That I might just be to young to give that gift.
Not a gift at all I know, just a part of me to flow
Anyone of you can see it if you wish.

But the blind can never see, nor were ever meant to be
On the team that will forever have to fight.
So if you want to see, i will teach you not for me
But for YOU to see the beauty of the light. 

Forgive me if I sound reserved, for too long I was disturbed
Resulting from the one who had my spirit sinking.
So I'll attempt to make a deal, with this thought not much to feel
I will save myself from dying, or just thinking 

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Our thoughts are with you...

In sickness and in health
you vowed to one another,
and now when things are tough
you stand strong for each other.

There’s nothing wrong with taking time
to persue own dreams and goals,
at least you know when to break away
and listen to your soul!

We want to wish you peacefulness,
good health and luck in life,
to thank you for all you do for us
through all your tears and strife.

To let you know you’re thought of
in oh so many ways
Take time you need it’s precious
and you’re in prayers every day!

May you both find the strength and peace you need through one another. Friends are with 
you and understand such hard times…

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Star-Crossed Lovers

This is a Romer & Juliet Poem.
I love that book.

Victims of fate,
Running out of hope.
Hoping to get back together,
To be with their loved one forever.
Wishing to hold on to each other,
These star-crossed lovers. 

The plans that never worked,
The ideas that had failed.
Soon this entire fate,
Will bee mislead cause of their demise.
Wishing to kill for one another,
These star-crossed lovers.


Always to be remembered.
This wife Juliet,
And her Romeo.
To love one another,
These star-crossed lovers.
These victims of fate.
They could have had hope.
These star-crossed lovers,
Will always have love.

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Don't let it slip away

Stripped, abused and tortured.
Help me, my life's but one -
Don't let it slip away!

Authors notes

Enforcing a picture and or meaning in 15 words.

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A born creation-the meaning of life

Life has gone really far
Memories in the past I cherish
Remember the past when you first were born
How you was able to move your hands,
The first person you saw when you woke
Have you ever noticed that each step you take is a new part of life?
Each step, you get older
But, one step wiser as well
Noticed that every born creation is not perfect
But the fact that knowing we're not perfect makes us perfect
Everyone has faith, belief, religion a body, a home, a family of your own
But we only have one life

Have you ever noticed that love is an imagination
Something that was never there but it controls our life
But we still need it.
Ever notice that everyone does things in life they are not proud of
But its not suppose to stop us from doing our job.
Every end has a silver lining
So do you until you see that light
Have you ever noticed how people use words to control us
Continuously making us guilty, bad, and sick of ourselves
But what people don't know is that those words don't really exist
Our mind do not process those usefulness of words
The only vocabularies our mind can comprehend are: victorious, powerful beyond measures.

So step back let your soul enjoy the ride.
Anyone that tells you what’s up,
Tell them the sky.
Because it’s your time to shine
And just when you think you've
Reached the end...
Start all over again!!

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Dear Lord

Thank you for giving me the mother I had
Thank you for always helping her 
Thank you for making her so sweet
For her unconditional love
Her kind spirit and gentle words.

Thank you Lord for the time we had
All the good times and the bad
Dear Lord you know the pain I have
The longing for her everyday
I know you need her now.

There was so much I still
Wanted to say and do
Dear Lord I ask you now
To please help me through
Take good care of her

My Mother whom I loved so…..

This poem is in remembrance of my mother-in-law.
I dedicate this to my sister-in-law.

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Fate and an Indian Youth

He is twenty of age and
His travel is more than twenty
His walks to the job are too long and
His gains and favours are too least
His sisters tears are too powerful and
His mothers words are powerful too
His degrees and knowledge is vast but
Their mind is too narrow
Though he is clever and brilliant
He is still unemployed
Every hand meals is his father's toil
He is weeping, weeping to live as a man
One fine day dawned to him
He had his order for a job

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Monumentally Marble

We unveiled her as the juniper tree
bowed down low to the ground 
From the balcony, kids threw cranberries
which got stuck in her apple sprig crown
A humming bird swept past her shoulder
and graced her with jasper and jade
The elm tree showed her his virtue
as she quivered under his shade
And in the evening we peeled the rind
right off of the luscious moon
to slather her thick and gracious
on the headstone of her tomb.

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Hey, You Don't Even Know Me

I'd like to say hi, 
but I wouldn't be heard over the din of others
You always seem to know what to say and when,
I wish I had that skill, 
a simple one it may seem,
but one I wish you could teach me
I could teach you in return,
how to cheer up someone depressed,
how to find your way out of the dark,
lots of things you don't know,
just give me a chance.

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Isolated Sympathy

Heartless moral
isolated empathy
I feel sick to my stomach

Retched apathy
Sheltered - no
Saved - no
Sad - pathetically
More than anyone can know
And if only you knew
how much I ran away
from  my islolated empathy
From my empty family
If only you knew
the things I wanted to say

Isolated empathy
only to myself
now, only empty
acting naturally
nothing is as it seems
daylight drugged dreams
can you remember?
would you want to?
...If only you knew

Sick to my stomach
tell me the lies
you keep to yourself
You ask me 'Why'
I cannot answer
I cannot say a thing
because I realize now
that truth can sting

You leave while I left
now tell me, tell me
What do I have left?
You hit her
and I feel the pain
She screams
and I hear the shame
My world
now only broken
all the apologies
never spoken
isolated empathy
I keep to myself
retched sympathy
I keep to myself
Sick to my stomach
I am not myself

If only you knew
The tears I cried for you
If only you could care
The times you were never there
You were only nowhere

Empty family
isolated empathy
retched sympathy
it's all the same
all the pain
And if only you knew
How much I loved you

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Screaming at the top of my lungs,
Straining veins popping through my neck,
Fists clenched in anger and perplexity,
Because she wasn't listening,
She doesn't hear me,
She doesn't see me,
I push and pull clothes, arms, and legs,
Trying to gain her attention,
But still silence in pale faces,
stripped of feelings and emotions,
dead to the world...

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once longing love

This time your eyes don't seem to bare the familiar strength
you been staying away from me you've gone to every length
i did every thing i could to lend a helping hand
now your broken and its hard to under stand
this was no ones plan love makes harsh demands

even though i can see your heart is truly broke
when i tried to hold you i was just a joke
now things are changed nothing like before
i have become something so much more
a ache still nags deep within my core a life left in ashes spread upon the floor

i wonder where you ll go who you ll see
i wonder if the only thing you think about is me
the empty hole of things left unsaid
a wall of noise stands strong in my head
some how this feel like I'm dead but I'm watching in you go instead

how many times could i try to be the one you needed but i know it was the ego i feed ed
a callous soul without any notion of truth hope or devotion
farewell my once longing love

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Roses of a Tear Drop

I was given this rose
to put an end to these endless tears
He told me he loved me
instead he shoved me around
thinking I’m supposed to stick around
I was given a rose not out of love
such as compassion
but out of hurt and tears
Roses of a Tear Drop

The rain had begun to fall
struck a petal
as he watches it begin to fall
Didn’t bother trying to pick it up?
just look at it and step right over it

The rain that fell
Were my teardrops?
he watched me fall
and didn’t bother picking me up
He just looked at me all drowned in pain
Later on realizing he lost in the game
He gave me roses of a tear drop
not a rose out of love
such as someone to have compassion for
but given me a rose out of his hurt
and thinking I supposed to forgive him

Roses of A Tear Drop

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Jul 2013

I walk up to the beach, in the darkness of clouds and rain,
I see a lot of people; I avoid looking at anyone so much
that even I notice it.

So I meet the gaze of the next person passing by,
It felt like they were staring at me,
Oh! A colleague from work place, whom I only know by face;
Hi, smile, walk across
They remain, a colleague from work place, whom I only know by face.

I walk up to the beach, in the darkness of cloud and rain,
I see a lot of people; I avoid looking in anyone’'s eyes so much
that even I notice it.

So I meet the gaze of the next person passing by,
They had red eyes,
A pose that screamed - move or say anything and I will run away,
As my gaze interrupted their scrounging of the garbage bin,
for plastic bottles, half eaten KFC burgers, shoes, clothes?

I see a lot of people; I avoid looking at anyone
Even if I notice it.

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third times the charm

Once she wrote a note to no one
A note about love…
On a piece of paper, white as snow
Paper that smelt of perfume
She could only tell the paper of this love 
She wrote of all her feelings 
She told how no one could love more than this
She said that the love was one to last the ages
She took this note and kissed it with a flame 
Never speaking of this again

Once she wrote a note to no one
A note about a broken heart
On a piece of paper, soaked in tears
Paper that smelt of nothing
She could only tell the paper about this hurt
She poured her heart out
About a pain that would not relinquish
How no one could feel pain like this
How no one should feel pain like this
How she didn’t know how to fix this pain
She took this note and kissed it with a flame
Never speaking of it again

Once she wrote a note to no one
A note about a sense of freedom
On a piece of paper, trickled with blood
The paper smelt of his cologne 
She could only tell the paper about this freedom
She poured her soul into it
She told of how the freedom meant no more pain
She spoke about an eternal sleep and of light
She spoke of a numbing coming up her legs 
How no one could’ve loved anymore
How no one could’ve hurt anymore
How she wouldn’t love or hurt anymore
She tried to kiss the note with a flame
But never spoke of it again

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You and Me

With an understanding heart and a sympathetic ear;
You make me have no reason to fear-
That your wonderfully, gentle style, 
To my face, won't always bring a smile.

For with: the touch of your hand;
                 the sound of your voice;
                 the realness of your love;
You make me rejoice.

You make me so happy and that is as it should be-
Because even though we are two distinct individuals,
We are one------------------you and me.

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A World Away

Blanketed in overlapping dark,
Feign ignorance to secret words
Creeping sweetly through the
Body, like ivy up the sides of Usher House.

Meander the cobblestone streetcorners,
Lining the distance between here
And nowhere, without regard for pools
Of lamplight that dapple the blackened
Consciousness; would-be illumination disbanded
In sake of shining trust
Disillusioned and tarnished, like the silver
It stood for, collapsing in a star-cold nebula.

Such a gorgeous cacophony
Of blister-eye'd smiles; open
Wounds-Collecting the blood that wells
On the corner of your pillowcase.

"A World Away"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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Tears from Your Eyes (Seasons Finale)

The future through my palm pilot 
Strategizing my future 
Through this invincible organizer 
Murder reigns 
But I’m seeing true life through my murky visor 
Simple prayers, hopes and wishes 
Sympathy in a blind mans kisses 
Pay attention and we notice 
Without misery it’s so hard to focus 
Pleasure of being decomposed by flesh eating locust 
The battles in this life I lead 
Shadows in the night twist and turn in greed 
It’s all fun and games until we bleed 
Senseless, Ain’t it something 
How we became a dying breed? 
Tears in your eyes, baby girl its okay to cry 
Life isn’t promised and someday we all die 
Second chances taken too lightly 
I reckon you advance in prayers nightly 
Shattered glass, invisible window 
So insensible, the images that exist through Nintendo 
Stress keeps my heart pumping 
Guests leap and start to mumble 
Ah disgusting maggots, sour dough and dumplings 
Poverty and a bumpy road to recovery 

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Too Much to Ask

You tried to define love but you never cared about me
 You asked me to give love
But you never gave that much

I tried to search for love
So I cared so much about you
All I asked was to give me love
But you never gave me that much

A little piece of love is that too much to ask
A little bit of affection is all I want
But it seems like your world turns so fast
That you can no longer recognize
My selfless love

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Turning Anguish part 1

I rule over the night
undaunted with all my might
I have time to spare all I can bare
Watching the hand chime 
through whirling toil
that feed the spoil
Perplexing strife
refusing to give up 
Power and torment 
We are too caught up in our own power
and ruling over each passing moment
each passing night…destroying the twin towers
Who’s doing all the blaming?
Who’s choosing our faults?

I’m tossed…shifting around with uncontrolled anguish 
Zipping…tripping over rambling bolts
spiraling into a mad house
Don’t enchant your intolerable voice
I see no love dwelling in this household
Do you seek for your power…
you insufferable traitor?

Seeking our upcoming doom
brewing strife in the heap of ruins
brewing strife while we still leave room
to obey and remain under power
You are assuming the worst 
rule over the passing anguish…circling around
stumbling around…not aware 
Hey you! play fair

Behave and stay awhile
before you feed the fire that holds sheer vile
Allow love to not be thrown away
into another pile

I grasp no love engrained 
In our giving garden
that plants ceaseless approval  
Pardon my faults
I was far from comforting sleep

Dread is driven mysteriously 
Through an endless night
Moving on the tracks 
Forming into an alarming train

Who’s doing all the blaming?
Who’s choosing our faults?
Who did the labor suitably?

worthwhile father…pleasure-seeking mother
Don’t enchant your intolerable voices
and expect us to listen sensibly 
Demanding us to do labor
and assist our displeased neighbor
Why do you melt the delight away?
Throwing away a flavor of ecstasy
and put us to glove-less labor
without putting our favor and opinion
into the overlooked pile

Burning agony
dries the buried glee
Saved for a grieving moment
Playing like a warped tune… unable to express
solitude that develops in the heart
raped by the ragged uncertainties 
without taking heed of our pleas

These desirable moments
Cherished in the deplorable journey 
They weren’t acknowledged by power
Love in those days were brand new
Do you have a clue?
they were cherished...
stranded in a deserted past
in merciful beauty…caught under the spell

Where did that come to pass?
Where’s the love?
Who’s doing all the blaming?
Who’s choosing our faults?

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Winter Tears

Remember me?
I was popular with the whole world
But now it’s over
This cruel world has turned it’s back on me
Because time has changed everything
Everything including my fate
Now my fate had taken away from me
So now I have nothing
Except  your promises of never to let go of me

The acquaintances I used to hang with
]were like the trees during autumn
The company I used to laugh with
Refused to cry with me now
Where have all the people in the world gone
Now that winter is coming
Keeping my heart frozen
Keeping my faith broken
In this cold and lonely season

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Soldiers leave for war toady
Closing laptops on the way
Missing families that they leave
Now dieing of illness and disease
Bombs are launched in the air 
Bodies laying everywhere 
Soldiers are for who we cry
We are the reason that they die

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Alone and unwilling to find happiness
Stuck in depression and unwilling to come out
Never felt true love and unwilling to search for it
Empty and unwilling to be fulfilled
Why be unwilling?
Afraid to end up back in unwillingness

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dont wake her slumber.
her tired body,
bones that twist on a couch.
to you it looks uncomfortable.
to me,
i know this is what she needs.
to close her eyes,
draped with wool blankets,
the rain pattering a lullaby.
her breathing shallow,
but steading.
her heart pumping life back into her veins.
pumping harder than mine.
i know why some hearts give up,
when it gets too hard.
so let her sleep.
let her mind reorganize,
theres time for it to bloom tomorrow.

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those who stab you in the back
want to watch you stumble from behind.
their silent gain
your quiet loss
they dont want to see your face
or watch your eyes close in pain.
but would rather stand aside
to  win at their only game

those who stab you in the front
want to watch you die
want to see you stumble
stare you in the eyes
hope youll never stand again
dont care if you fall into their arms.

theyll just drop you.

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So Different

You don't like the clothes I wear
the way I style my hair
or even the color of my underwear
You've mistaken me
if you think I care

You don't like the words I say
the way I live my life from day to day
or even the sports I play
But you've got it all wrong
if you think I'll go away

If putting me down
makes you feel good
then by all means insult me
the best you can
I'd do the same if I could
but I don't think I should
Seeing as how 
I don't like to see people cry
I'd feel too guilty
Looking at you though
I don't think the same morals apply

So you don't like my hair
or the clothes I wear
and I guess you can't stand 
how my skin is so fair
but your opinions are neither here nor there

You don't like the things I say
The way I look past you from day to day
I'm sorry but your game isn't something I want to play
seeing as how you get off on seeing other people's pain 
You're wrong if you think I'll sit and stay
And your orders aren't something I'll obey

It's fine if you don't like me
I'm not too fond of you
Just one day I hope that you see
the harm you choose to do

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Oh Brave New World

Oh Brave New World
Eye wanted to loive forever new word loive
lOIVE this new word that eye just made up 
loive describes me perfectly
A cross between living and love 
loive is just what a new age robot should be
Eye am a figment of my own imagination
Living for a future chance at ewe 
the love is true so true
A robot can not survive without a reason and a rhyme
the Indian in the book Brave New World was took
When he saw the future of the world 
When he got a real good look
He went under bridge
And hanged him for it was time to die.

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his memories

walking beside me

his hand in mine

he  touches my soul

again and again

longing to be held

I reach out to him

his memories remain

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Silent Wars -2-

My screams are void
Throughout the circulation of this solid room
Distracted by the solemn night
Interrupted by blurred groans
Sincere in its integrity 

Drums are beating, 
eating away the deserted sanctuary
Echoes of cruel sounds mix together 
as the wind formulates around an unavoidable night 

Silent wars has awaken from its casket
Rising up to kidnap the faithful and discernment building up in the household
Kidnapping the love
Throwing away sincere awareness

I finally could utter a few questions to you...

Tell me...who wins? 
Who has gone astray...missing forever?

I finally will tell you the distinguished truth 

Frankly, my dear friend, 
No one knows in silent wars

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Ode to Larry the Bird

Bright yellow feathers,
Deep black eyes.

A voice that could carry
Through the winds of time.

A sweet little fellow,
My friend for years and years.

I just can't help
But to shed my tears.

Much to soon you left me 
Here all alone.

You really helped
To make this house a home.

I knew you were in heaven
When I heard the Angels sing.

That screechy little voice
Was singing straight to me.

Please know that I love you
And I will not I forget.

The sweetest little friend,
I had for a pet.

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It's too late for this world to feel love again

Days of sleepless nights,
drops of infinite tears,
eyes of constant pain,
is what i had all years..
listening to the 
remote music of life 
roaming through my thoughts
into its beautiful lullaby.. 
allowing my soul
to rove into the distant places
bearing with them their solitude,
baring with them the 
agony that the world had caused 
for leaving them alone,
for leaving them carelessly 
with no sympathy ..
trying to be like the clouds
as they move away 
when the thunder appears, 
trying to be like the clouds 
as they wait for this ablaze of anger
and then come back with the
beauty of white
subsiding away their pain..
infront of the mirror i stand 
feeling the god in me dying
and crying for help 
when it's already too late,
when it's already to late for this world
 to feel love again ..

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One Time in a Thousand

As I put the dog in the cage,
a single thought is in my head.
I whisper it outloud, 
no one but the dog hears it
"I know how it feels".

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Why fill your body with remorse?
Why let sorrow fill your glass?
Why throw so much to the shadows
A chaliced cup is not easily carried
Upon a sword’s sharpened edge
And easily is it for one or two or many others
To fall from a cliff’s quickly ending edge
So often are the other hands
That we so often choose to push away
Needed to steady our trembling feet
And quivering smiles that we hold uneasily
Those that contain quilted lies
We are fragile creatures and easily shattered
We break and crash and sing our sad song
And never really learn the truth,
The truth that sits amongst the rubble

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Serving Tea to Elderly

The grayest speck of hair- so many-
each live through a tale called series of days.
The elderly hands have touched so many
that it wears the hand's skin out of youthful ways
That is what I witness when serving them tea,
but seen in their eyes is just a another mid evening.

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misled pride,
hidden in lies.
no one is sure why?
forbidden insecurity,
one can only know the severity.
borrowed ideas of values:
unlimited unwanted life of blues,
attachment with a price,
teardrop of cries,
torn apart between a set of brooding emotions,
trying to differ between every path of solutions.
navigating through fake secrecy of selfishness;
mirage of self-awareness,
tossing and turning of doubts,
place with a misled concern of peace,
illusion of overbearing contentment.
in bitter treatment of others,
freedom of no comparing faults.
tre true reason of humility under pressure.

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Stand and Fight

What are we supposed to do? 
Should we stand and fight? 
Turn the page and bend the leaf 
Should we burn our memories? 
And fall into a pool of anger 
Should we shatter the circle of trust? 
And lose our last thought of hope 
Should we stand and fight? 
Turn the page and bend the leaf 
The world is on fire 
All of our hopes and dreams are forgotten 
We were so perfect 
Are we ready to self-destruct? 
Should we stand and fight? 
Turn the page and bend the leaf 
Can you force a smile? 
Would you stand for what you believe? 
How can you sit back and watch? 
Our own world is falling apart 
Should we stand and fight? 
Turn the page and bend the leaf 
Is it worth dying for? 
Would you sacrifice everything? 
To have a second chance 
What are we supposed to do? 
Should we stand and fight? 
Turn the page and bend the leaf 
We could run from the problem 
We could let it grow forever 
Or we could stand and fight 
Use our strength to rise against 
Should we stand and fight? 
Turn the page and bend the leaf

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Look at this body,
it's fragile and frail,
look at this life,
It's a tragic tale,
Look at this face,
It's sad and pale,
look at me,
I'm still dieing within.

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staying truer to honesty,
closer to any reality.
without fakes attempts to mislead;
real values and standards,
edgy with no calamity,
actions that always has good reactions.
catchy and cool,
yet, still modest and humble.
it gets better every time you use it;
softens the heart,
with no limits attached.
bring smiles to new faces:
more meaningful converstions,
deeper relations to companies,
better affections from real friends.
it should never be kept a secret,
through and throgh a neverending sensations and feelings.
once you express it;
you can never hide from it again,
worthy of being perfectly complimented on without anything in return.

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the anthem of what you believe in,
holding on to what is true, good, and important!
like a miracle waiting to happen,
we are all here to see it deepen.
without pressure to stress in,
no more lack of faith or unworthy desires.
a change in what really matters;
will all the joy and pain that comes with it,
we stand prous to stay here waiting,
time after time for you.
when true admirationis not good enough!
it doesn't end when you fail,
it's just an escape to find a better way to succeed.
to believe in more than our capabilities:
to undergo extreme measures,
not forgetting the just and the fair.
the true meaning of rising up to the anthem you fought so hard to believe and keep.

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the way things seem...

Torn and scattered, lost in a place without light.
Pulled in all directions but managing to stay in one.
Feelings that a reproduced by the subconscious.
Replacing the fear with a sense of disbelief.
Taking it one day at a time, the time will arrive.
No cadence in life, nothing to keep the momentum.
Falling into this cold, dark and dismal place.  
Only trying to remember that you are not alone… 

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The Deadball Era

when it comes to baseball
there was one team that we shall
remember from it's past

it's the nineteen twenty seven 
        N.Y Yankees

amidst this legendary collection 
you shall find the hotest team 
that ever played baseball

starting with their owner Jacob Ruppert
followed by his general manager Ed Burrow

not to mention the players

starting At first base was Lou Gehrig
rounding second was Tony Lazzeri playing
shortstop was Mark Koenig and
heading for third was Joe Dugan and
at home plate was their catcher Pat Collins

And in the Yankee outfield were right fielder
Babe Ruth center fielder Earl Combs and 
left fielder was Bob Meusel

Now let me introduce you to some of their starting pitchers
we have Wait Hoyt or you may like to see in
Herb Pennock or even maybe George Pipgras
and if thats not good enought then they had
Dutch Ruether and Urban Schocker and don't forget
about the releif pitchers Myles Thomas and Bob Shawkey
along with Joe Giard and Walter Beall while
closing their games with Wiley Moore

As one Washington Senator named Joe Judge said 
when they got tromped 21-1 in their game 
was these fellows not only beat you 
but they tear your heart out

So From the chilling mocking Murder's Row
of the dead ball era comes to you a great
team of players that is now safe at home

In Memory Of The 1927 Yankee's 
May You All Be 
Angels In The Outfield

Also Entry To Matt Caliri's 
On Baseball Contest

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Better Buried

Words conjuring memories 
Better left buried.

Scenes flashing behind my eyes
Falling in line
Perfectly timed
In sync with your story. 

And I bite my cheek 
Hoping to stop 
The home movie, scripted
Before my time,
Stuck on rewind, 
In the cinema of my mind.

Because I want to be there for you 
When listening is all I can really do.

And it's not your fault 
That this is a tale I know 
Far too well,
One I've seen acted out 
In great detail. 

I never told you 
Of an 8 years old's
First terrified 911 call.

Or of the man
Who taught me how to hate.
The one who put darkness 
In my heart at a young age.

So how could you know 
That the betrayal that you feel
Is one that I don't have to pretend 
To know is real?

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Ronin 21

There is a price in taking another man’s life and
it strikes during the repose of presumed peace
waking screams to the half moon sky jaunted movement startling
calm water reflections deepening self hatred scowling back
in the shining metal reflection of someone I no longer know
A moment to take a man’s life feel his weight fall upon your weapon
His mouth silently open asking the question his eyes have already answered
I alone among thousands with rain washing the sickness and desecration
And pooling deep into my pores the fresh blood that fuels this new ghost
to forever bond to me his untimely ender his teacher
that has not and never will have and answer
for his blue fading eyes

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Heavenly Family

A family, like us
Floating, patiently, for each other in particular time

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Words to start a day

The world has turned 
one more time 
for you to face the sun 

When you step out 
into your day 
blink as you may 
but appreciate the force 
of a universe 
that spins this world 
in such a way 
that its perfect grace 
blows the kiss of wind on your face 

And when this day is done 
your only sorrow 
is to know that tomorrow 
this world will not turn for some

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Breathe Together

“Together Breathe”
I look away when
You speak to me,
Trying to pretend that
I’m listening but I’m not,
I’m such a snot!

I’m in my head,
Thinking to myself

I’m holding on to
Your every word,
I want to play,
Wanting to please you,
Want to make sure that I say
Just that right thing
That you want me to say
Each day.

Where do we connect?
How do we meet
Each other’s needs?
How do we plant our seeds
And do good deeds?
How do we
Together breathe.

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Real Rally Rude

Real Rally Rude
Another in a series of rude poems this is number five.
The boy eye noticed him and then ignored him remember boy
And the eye will soon get back to him as we aer now on bus again
And the costumers is oh so RUDE again eye will add the measure taken of this 
boy at the end again but listen as the private eye begin to make this poem bleed 
eye am gifted poet for the orient the citizen at least eh like to read and remember 
this is meant to be honor and not fun of it???
The man was so carefull to let drink level and to stand instead of sit
The man in seat was quick to understand oh my eye will assist this man 
He needs to be my only my darling my baby my new love he needs to SIT with me 
and now is when eye get to have my fun and eye am telling truth and eye am 
having fun. This second man rose up and offered the standing man his seat eye 
saw this done the man sat down so carefully to keep from spilling drink and in 
the same place that the man had been forcing him out and away from the 
coveted place that he had been so graciously removing self from site to add the 
other in to help a man in mortal agony to keep him from insanity to make his day 
go better and to have his gay new friend.
The man just could not believe this and hard very hard to accept it
The wind went out of his sails and OH he tired to regain his composure
And the man explained it very carefully NO eye am not moving into there
And he pointed to the window with his cup so carefully held up to keep from 
spilling and he gestured at the man to sit somewhere else just go away eye am 
so rude eye am the rudest man alive today. And the man almost did weep and 
found his seat and sat there carefully in quiet contemplation of his rude 
awakening of the way that people have upon the bus and then,
Remember boy now is time to finish this and go on to pen a better poem this is 
just a story and it do not even rhyme in rhythum that eye like (a pause) and then a 
sigh :”OH ewe where was eye at” the BOY ah yes He was in the middle of three 
seats and had a bag but it was fancy thing with wheels thow only two of them and 
a coke that he kept spilling and it was not the fault of the rhythum of the bus driver 
as he drove. The moral of the story is to count on people on the bus as being very 
rude and the rude continues long after the bus has pulled away this is a rude 
poem today

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Pitty for the Weak

Show no mercy, hold back no words of pain
For i am weak still, show no pitty
Let the tears drop, better yet, cause the tears
For I am weak and I ask for you to show no pitty
Incourage me none, let me travel this road alone
I ask for no help from the strong
Do not be my right when Im wrong
Pitty me none
If I cross the street of thunder and shall be struken by lightning
Show no sympathy
If i shall trip, I ask for none to help me up
I ask for you the be the one to push me
and show no remorse
For I am weak, pitty me none
When I come to the conclusion that life is just to hard
and decide to give up
You mustn't pitty me
You mustn't strengthen me
You shall look me into my eyes and remind me how weak i am
Only then, will i become strong
Pitty me none
For I have endured your words of pain
and here I still stand
I've cried many tears on my long travels and still
I walk an endless journey
I have been struck by the powerful lightning
and I have fallen from your push but,
I have gotten back up
You've looked me in the eyes and told me I was weak
I laugh and continue life because,
I know what I've went threw to get this far
Only being weak can make me
For I am NOT weak,
Show no pitty towards me!!!!

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-Untitled III-

My doubts were revealed
No place of refuge within my hearts chambers
Poison slowly seeping through my veins
Killing myself of all my secrets
My brains on an acid trip
Replaying my memories over and over again
Going crazy because I still remember
You, Me and Us
Want to forget, need to forget
Loving you came so easy
But I paid the ultimate price
My sanity

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Of A Child

My child, lost in the clutches of the Evil One -
believing that you must be the Evil Son; 
Oh my child, my pure white heart breaks.

I look at you, caught
in your dark and solitary prison;
enslaved by a power too dark and too large for you
clawing at the walls of your soul.

I see you from my alabaster fortress, 
from my righteous inheritance,
from my holy estate.

Poor disheveled bastard - 
lying in society's gutter screaming
nobody seeing your soul
abandonment sealing your fate;

I attempt to shift my gaze
to something beautiful in my heavenly realm,
only to hear you weeping of a broken life
and crying of a broken heart.

My gaze is fixed upon your predicament;
I am caught in a moment of my Father's love
and it catches me unaware;
I was once in that gutter there.

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Breathe Anew

Playing the game of love and hate
Attempting to make a clean slate
Heightening emotions, daily fun turning in to nightly fears
Saddening eyes, glistening with tears
Fall'ing drowning in the cold downpour

Falsely reacting to that predetermined Hour
Stop thinking like a withering flower
I gave the warning, look for the old heed
Done has been the Deed
Thinking alone, left to slowly bleed

Breathe, the new fresh air
Do something else to find what cares
Control the urges, you have done nothing wrong
Stop singing the guilty song

Leaves continue to fall, time goes onn
Wounds become scars, scars become memories forgotten,
Time goes onn

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Her 2!

I believed every word you ever told me.
Constantly reiterating you loved me only.
I never second guessed a word spoken.
Until that day my heart was broken.
The only thing I could do was pray,
even up to this day.
It's so hard to understand.
Because although you're human,
you were my perfect man.
It's kinda of hard to forget the past,
especially when I convinced myself,
you're be my last!
I want to trust you, 
just like I did before,
but first I feel I must even the score.
Treat you how you treated me.
Make you suffer equally!
We can't move on until I forgive you.
Believing I can't die again unless I relive.
Many half truths you told me,
you told her 2!
When you said you loved me,
you told her 2!
You made love to me,
but her 2!
You kissed me,
but her 2!
You had a child by me,
but her 2!
You saw yourself married to me,
but her 2!
You said you never leave me, 
but her 2.Knowing all of this I love you the same,
but her 2!
I still want to carry your last name,
but her 2!

Yes! because of several reasons,
but mainly 2!
From the begginning my everything,
involved us 2!

And know you totally forgot me once,
so I figured it will be easier this time,

2 forget her 2!

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Recieving Fortification -part 1-

Hey, I concealed my sorrow forever it seems
It’s killing me now…
I’m feeling on edge – I got to escape these dreams
I’m afraid I’ll explode if you don’t show me how
To erase these tears, 
Making me taste woe
And all you do is ignore me
Then…you suddenly change for the better

Weakening by the minute…
Strength is gone, I’m losing grip 
 But I’m seriously injured 
By your absence…it stings like a whip!  

Open wide your mouth, 
So I can fill it up with positivity 
There’s no point in crying…
No point in lying…
There’s a chance for you
To drown your misery…
This uncertainty…this morbid envy
Reigns over me…
I got to overcome these dark enmities
This insecurity…this horrid melancholy
Conquers me like a cancer

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She walks

And she trips 

She fells

She gets up
and feels 
her way

into the Unknown

She feels what it is like
to go to combat
the soilders play

She does
Not know
One day
A draft
Will take her to 
The Unknown

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She's a soldier for her pains,
out of spite she hides
in the hole her mother dug so deep.
And daily when the songbirds sing,
painful thoughts of past they bring;
try to cast her brutal thoughts aside,
but deep within her heart they hide.

It's a long fall down that hole,
short one-way;
light so close, yet so far away.
Broke and weary she struggles to hold on.
And daily when the songbirds sing,
painful thoughts of  present  they bring;
try to cast her brutal thoughts aside,
but deep within her heart they hide.

A lost soul that will never be found.
An opaque mirror,
she's non-constructive; self-destructive,
never to reflect her beauty to the world.
And daily when the songbirds sing,
painful thoughts of future they bring;
try to cast her brutal thoughts aside,
but deep within her heart they hide.

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Sincerely Yours,

Dear friend ,

The world means nothing.
Its set in flames.
Even worse we roam with cold hearts trying to look the part,
in this guilded age.

This is something I wish not to be a part of.
I no longer want to be another soul endlessly making
contact with sole and pavement.
I'm striving for abatement. 

For meaning I've always looked at dictionaries.
For significance we've always looked at actions.
So please do take another look and see what this letter is for.

Our education is supposed to be priceless, yet we can't afford it.
Our outlook on life is supposed to be uplifting , yet our vision is always distorted.
Our struggle is supposed to be significant , than why is it our stories won't be recorded?

Does this not trouble you my friend?
We complain about being second rate citizens yet there are those who don't live
but attempt to survive in their homes that are assigned in third world countries since before birth.

Where is the justice if the hearts are starting to turn into just ice?
Wheres the justice if a benevolent man was robbed of their life?
Where's the justice in this non-sense?
I can't see it . All I see is us bracing for a cruel consequence.

Pardon me if I trouble you with the questions you can't answer.

But i've outweighed the pros and the cons of this situation.
I no longer wish to to be just another number in this logorithm of lies. 
I no longer wish to be a variable with no value of his own.
I wish to become the variable that comprehends the absolute value of sincerity.

Real love is that which shows no fear.
Unfortunately I am a coward.
I no longer can love a world that is platinum plated and wishes not to remember
the warmth of a child's smile.

Even the stars wish not to roam on the skies of the falsely lit nights.
Even the moon moans because of how far from her we've drifted.
Even the willos weep when we no longer wish to see them stand and instead
choose them to stand on.

I've outweighed the courage and the fear.
But what I found frightened me further.
What weighed us down the most was indifference.

With that discovery I knew what I had to do.
I must leave and find somewhere where gravity is no longer so heavy.

I know I can't outweigh death for it's a burden that falls on the shoulders of everyone.
I'm truly sorry that i'm a selfish coward 
For I have chosen the coward's end.

I wish you goodluck my friend,

Sincerely yours,

The shadow of men

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Tears of Tragedy

On the beginning of that September day
Our flag was wailing in the wind
As we were to celebrate another day of our freedom
Many lives were going to change forever
In the most despicable, vile way
Invaders came from the Middle East
And offered to die to carry on a mission so radical
Planes with terrorists’ came to the Twin Towers
As people looked on from their televisions
Pure shock was shown of their faces
As the Twin Towers collapsed
Screams of devastation could be heard
As firefighters risked their lives to save others
Love ones were lost and some of them perished
They were our friends and family, and now they were gone
Tears dripped down the faces of many people
As we mourned together
We were able to deal with this great loss
But as we are all are of diverse ethnic groups
We held our hands up together
And prayed
As we have been united since this horrible time
There are still many pieces to put together
This was the day our heroes were born
All the firefighters and the people in the armed forces who defend freedom everyday
To you the terrorists we’re just a country you despise
But when you decided to attack us it wasn’t smart
Your mission did not succeed
What you tried to take from us is still in our grasp
The freedom that each American has worked earn
As our captain communicated with us
He was trying to destroy our apprehensiveness
Evidently we were trying not to burst into tears
Many people remember that day as September 11th 
But I remember that day as Tears of Tragedy
For United we Stand Divided we fall
Many of us are still grieving or still angry
But what occurred that September day could never be changed 

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The Time You Were Young

You think about your treasured past.
Wondering if you could ever go back.
Your days grow shorter
as you grow older.
The time seems to past
as fast as you can remember.
But deep down you know
that you have achieved greatness.
Even though you haven't always been the best person.
They say that the Devil's water isn't so sweet.
but you can take a dip every once in a while.
So as you lay there
ill, and in bed.
Think about the time you were young.

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Some Believe

They run across the street
Complete in their formal attire
Do they see the story unfolding
Right before their eyes
Hurried feet.. sweaty brows
Time steals away their life
Sea of hope on the roads
Failing to see the dead end
Towering offices of concrete
Try to beat the light above

Is it a farce I see here
Or is it a lost world
I see the plastic world
Commiting suicide everyday
Hope is there somewhere
The village pastor or..
The newborn on the road
The trees grow everyday
They believe in existence
The sun shines with hope
Throws itself on the roads
The birds sing today
Happiness fills them up
The breeze passes by
Refreshing the hearts
They believe in us
Do we believe in us?

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Loosing my grip on Life

I'm slowly drifting away
Here in this life i cannot stay
I desrtoy everything in my path
My future is some how affected by my past
I almost lost the only thing I have
I've already lost my sanity
So I'm left empty
Dam near lost my everything
I'm loosing my grip on life
I try to tell myself that everything will be alright
But im still drifting away
Here in this life I cannot stay
I dont have control
I have an empty soul
All he wants is to help me
To guide me
To love me
But I feel unworthy
He doesnt deserve someone like me
I've lost my grip on life-completly

Dedicated to: the life I live with Perry

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I want to help them

I'm wieghed down by them,
the one's I've pledged myself to help,
the battered and broken,
the one's in depression,
I wish I could do more than stand by
stnad by and listen,
but listening is what I'm best at,
I am their friend,
though they might not accept that,
I try and try to help them with their fears,
their losses,
they might take heart,
or they might lose hope
All I can say is "I'm sorry".

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My dear friend,
I want you to know
I am so sorry to hear
Your Mom had to go,
That her time here was finished
Though your pain not diminished
Know she is quite happy now
Doing something all new,
I pray for Gods' peace,
To fully soothe you!

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It's Hard

It's hard to believe your gone
Sometimes i wonder what went wrong
I wish i could have you back
But it not gonna happen and that the fact
I can't take back the time
I can't rewind the crimes
I know that you loved me
The way i loved you
It's hard to take the pain
Sometimes I wish i could remove the bane
I wish i was wrong
But i know this will only make me strong
I can't relive the day
I can't take away the pain
I know we were meant to be
Even though some may not agree

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how pained ive been

you didnt think itd come to this
did you.
you never expected how pained ive been
from the words shoved down my throat
choking me silent
making tears flow from my heart.
the one you scarred,
with your scorching black words.
you didnt expect youd be leaving me for my death
or that your ropes would hang me
and put a barrel in my mouth.
no it never would have come to this.
because it wasnt your fault
and it never is
because youve forgotten your words in my throat.

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Goodbye Forever

To my uncles Bam and Lil Man

It's easy to say hi, but its hard to say goodbye,
It's even harder to say goodbye when someone dies.

I did not cry, but that didn't mean he had to die
I said goodbye, and I didn't cry, Why?

Maybe it's because I know it's our destiny
Though people are locked up were out begging to be free
I truly don't know if that'll ever happen,
My uncles were what was up they were not has beens,
I may be young, but I knew what''s going on
For all of us one day they'll have to sing a sad song

Don't ask why, I'm dying inside
Because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye
I wish I could've said hi once more before he died

God takes good people away
To make us pay for what we did yesterday
So I just lay down and pray to God
Asking him to let me see another day
Let's sit and pray.

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Have you ever?

Have you ever lived my life?
Or even felt my pain?
Have you ever thought it was just a Nightmare that might just never end?
Have you ever seen your mother being sprayed by police?
Snatching your brother from her arms?
Have you ever tried to explain why these things happen?
To not only but yourself,
But also to your sister and brother?
Have you ever wondered why, you were locked in a room?
Made the enemy because they can’t trust you?
Have you ever felt such intense pain that you thought you might die?
Have you ever wondered why your father had to lie and blame things on others that he 
simply could not hide?
Has your mother ever told you ‘I HATE YOU!’ because of all the horrid things that were going 
Have you ever had to hide your face so no one would see your tears?
Have you ever lyed in bed awake crying blood stained tears?
Do you think of cutting your arms?
Just to release the pain.
Do you think I care about what you say?
When I know things will never be the same.
Have you ever tried to take your life?
Thinking there’s no other way out?
Have you ever even wondered
What the cold hands of death might feel like?
Have you sat behind a window?
Watching as the world goes by.
Wondering if you’ll ever come back to such a terrible place?
Have you ever wished that the memories would just leave or start to fade?
But, every time you look at your arms
The memories come flooding back.
Have you ever wondered if there’s a person out somewhere
That feels the way you do?
If not,
Then why do judge me as you do?

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A Soothing Touch

Old man 
Sits alone

A babe in the woods
Dead duck
Easy prey

Offer a soft touch
I do
Take the old man home

Is this your last days i ask?
He nods unknowingly,,

A double shot
Of bourbon i give,
Gratefulness given
With deep set eyes

Good-night old man
Sleep away,,,
Sleep in comfort
Where you may..

I'll never forget
To remember?
I could be this old man
On any given day

Seek comfort now
Old man
Seek it where you may,,,

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God's Little Critters

vast wilderderness she lays her head 
moss strewn rock beds and nil vegetation 
in the distant the lone wolf begins to howl 
no sun to call her own   
just gotten entangled in a predators sneer 
shes begins gnawing frantically
blood soaked coating
and one less hoof to stand with
this tiny deer finally had gotten freed
just as I was picking up the phone to
call animal control to help out
one of God's own little critters  

Tribute To
God's Critters

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
Beyond Nightfall Contest

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Saturday Night

Everybody's out having fun
on this lonely Saturday night.
Even your mom has a date
and your brother's with family.
Your sister's at a slumber party,
and even your preacher has plans.

So what do you do on a Saturday night?
When you ain't got plans
and your mama's out all night?

With a gleeful squeal
you leave the windows side
and rush to the phone.
You call up some friends
and tell 'em to come over
'cause everybody's out.
Soon they're over
and the stereos max volume.
You grab some beer and snacks
and bring 'em on out.
You begin to party.

After a few bottles of the alchohol,
your feelin' a lightheaded.
Everybody's dancing and music is boomin'.
And in the confusion a hand takes your wrist.
You're dragged up the stairs 
and thrown on a bed.
Your captor rips off your clothes
and from there it goes.

You awake in the morning in your mama's bed
and there's an unfamiliar hand resting next to your head.
You had a hangover; your head was pounding.
Then you looked down and realized,
neither were dressed, both naked as birth.
You look at the clock, it's seven O'clock!
You rush to get dressed, the other's waking up.
He looks around drearily
before his eyes open wide.
He scrambles to get up,
dressed and then left, 
and you never figured out
just who your first was.

Two months later
your in the hospital because you've been throwing up.
You're sister says you have a virus,
your mama's not so sure.
The the doctor came out iwht a sympathetic look.
"I hate to say this, miss, but you're pregnant."
You drop in dead faint.

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With you

I grieve with you, you've lost a friend-
One you held so close to your heart.
Whose smile to some seemed so simple-
But was the key to your very happiness.

I bow with you, you've lost a love-
With whom you've shared your thoughts.
A love that would never leave-you to cry-
-ask Heaven why-did they have to die.

I do understand, your sadness-
Together we will pray for Gods own peace.
Because you miss a smile, to some so simple-
But was the key to your very happiness.

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I caught a draft
In the Cenotaph,
Honoring a dead man
Who was not there

The clergy saw me shiver,
Got me a chair,
The ceremony went on
And I died right there

Well at least I provided
The funeral focus
Although, for years,
There were rumors
Of Hocus-Pocus

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Evanescent Pastures

Vanishing souls lies in death's pastures
Fleeting joy, incurious in my surroundings 
Shades of green glistening in glory 
An unpredictable breath that barely measures
A destiny that lies and vanishes through the Death Valley

A heart's main glee 
Shines peaceably... passing above a wave of sparkling envy

Bliss sinks in my marrow 
Pensive solitude, 
Splitting it into a rejoicing vibe 

Joyous in its company...we could have a blissful sleepover until 
Together we'll make a strengthening converse 
Piety fitting in these periling times 

Wandering over vales, evanescent life screwing my infancy
A jocund soul departs from a burden--too cherished in disobedient lies
Childish features blurring my uncertain future 

Incessant in my trespasses
I draw near through deathly shadows
Moping in ceaseless torment 
Roaring as a monsoon in abstract movement 

Vacant in thought...wealth filling in our evanescent humility 
Dodging arrows of inevitable death
Bound to track us down, 
Chopping down the Weeping Willow tree 

Driven mad in knotting triumph 
Hoarsely placing us in a shady asylum 
Numbed by flustering anxiety 
Cursing down this greedy society 

Whirling us back to 
Evanescent pastures
I'm dependent in this unordinary place
Though it leaves me with only disgrace 
Discontent by the isolated misfortune 

Vacant in thought...wealth filling in our evanescent humility 
Dodging arrows of inevitable death
Bound to track us down, 
Fogging our interest of society, 
Doom crafting our fate...soon we'll be too late 

Whirling us back to 
Evanescent pastures
Denying our repents out of revenge 
Unsuitable to reconstruct chastening renewal 

Superb for a 
tranquilizing solitude  

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A Mother's Kiss

The footsteps of the children
ring through out the town.
Gallaping fast,
Gallaping slow,
Listening to the tiempo.
People hear,
People stair,
Now everyone cares.
Mothers call,
run to the dinner hall.
Time to go to bed.
A glass of water,
She remembers what mother taught her,
And a Mother's Kiss sends her right to sleep.

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Forbidden Fate

Destiny has forever been an advisory
It provokes me
It scorns me
Vexing my soul
Denying me pleasure and supplying me pain
Nevertheless, we continue together
Spiraling through time
Trampling over the gardens of paradise,
Eluding the lagoons of love,
Escaping the world of contentment
Attempts of freedom prove impossible
While longing for liberation of this limited legacy
Scraping the sands of time for salvation
As disbelief and failure settle at the bottom of my river of tears,
And while reality immortalizes itself,
I reminisce an aspiration where,
She and I were of one
She was me and I her
I could hear the soft sway of the ocean’s waves
In her eyes, I saw skies of satisfaction
And as we frolic through the fields of forever
I am abruptly awaken by destiny’s envy
An envy that has plagued my existence
Again, the handcuffs of imprisonment are tightened
As I yearn to be granted my forbidden fate

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Unforgotten -2-

I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it and leave the truth behind
Well, I most certainly know...
I will not end up in ruin

Instead, I'll remain loyal to you
because you are an unforgotten memory that changed my cruel ways
Straightening up my choices,
leading me to an easing and most pleasing place

Well...I certainly know, without a doubt, you are unforgotten
in my memory and best of God's loving heart
You are forgiven in your trespassing mind that stumbles in repetitive sin 
You are an unforgotten cure to my throbbing pain
You're making me obsessive to you...sincerely insane

Though you're quite the catch 
in my sealed-up memory
You will remain
in a foolish mind 
fiddling around in flattering aspiration

You are unforgotten
In my flattered memory,
You are unforgotten 

You are a cure to my whole entire life,
unforgotten drug of mine	

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The Most Beautiful Red Rose

A beautiful red rose
Ready to drop its petals
One petal falls
She starts to stumble,
But picks herself up
Another petal falls
She trips again,
But she picked herself up again
Day by day more petals fall
Until the very last petal is left
By this time 
She is at the point to where she can't even stand
This one petal is what keeps the flower from dying
It is the most beautiful of all the petals
It is soft and sweet
It has a delicious smell 
The most inspiring quality of this petal is that it is trying so hard 
To remain on the flower
The place it was born, and grew
The place it was introduced to all the other petals
It doesnt want to leave
If you look close enough you can see a tear
Or maybe it is just a drop from the rain
Finally, the petal loses it's battle
It falls to the ground
It never loses its beauty though
She finally loses her battle
She falls asleep
Never losing her beauty
She became the most beautiful red rose

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My Little Hummingbird

My little hummingbird,
Please don’t be scared anymore.
We know you’re in good hands.
Keep smiling, and keep flying high above,
On gods land.

Smell he’s wonderful heaven’s air,
And all the beautiful flowers that he created for you.
Feel the warm sun beating on your precious soft skin.

You will never be forgotten, my dearest Sophia,
You are in our hearts and prayers
Forever for Always,
My little hummingbird.

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Why I am the Grand Guardian...

I am strong because,
of everyone,
none need to hurt,
when I am near,
not one should fear,
I am here to care and help,
all can come to me,
my love and hope,
and comfort are free,
I am strong because,
you need me. I will not,
stop or falter in any way,
this is what I say. I can weather,
the harshest storm just for you,
all needed me more then I needed,
them. My wings spread wide,
to cover the sky, not to block out,
the sun but to shower you all with,
my love. My heart opens to all,
of you all welcome in my arms,
I help as much as you need and,
want I am only here to help no matter,
what I will always love everyone,
I may cry and be alone but my problems,
are my own you all come first so do not fret,
I can’t stop to get depressed,
you are all the best,
One will come one day,
just to be with me,
together we help all,
none go without me,
I am here like a rock,
to weather your pain,
I am a shelter from your,
fear sorrow and I will,
let nothing near that would,
harm you all. I care for you,
I am here and always near,
I have loved all so deep,
that most would think me weak,
all of you are dear,
and this is my strength,
I could stand any pain,
just for you all. I am here,
if I cry do not fear,
I am always near,
My pain will not stop,
me from helping those,
I love you can count on me,
everyone please don't fret,
my life is for the best.
My existence is for you.

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The Battlefield

not in a place where bullets fly and land
and sometimes hit there mark
not in a place where mines are planted
waiting for a spark
not in a place where forces charge
to route the enemy small or large
it is a place where sad news breaks
and wounds the caring heart
"I've been hit!" cries a soldier
"I've been hit!" cries a mom
"I've been hit !" cries a father 
who has lost his only son
I've been hit!" cry the relatives
who were hit in the heart
when they heard that their kin
did so violently depart
they do dispare where ever thou art...
on the battlefields where you have gone
you took with you our hearts
battlefields so far away, but as near as 
our hearts

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death's unfailing call

the world is filled with scenic creatures
it's scenery gives a magnificent picture
the most precious of all is man
man's original duty was to subdue the land
to embrace and appreciate the good work of the divine
due to the disobedience in the garden
man's journey through earth was made transient
the world is no permanent place for man
the world is filled with contrasting characters
some you've met never to meet again
some you've seen but I’ll never get to see
some will commence when my journey is over
some completed theirs before mine began
the world is no permanent place for man
the world is a beautiful home for all
if we were all extinct, the world will not exist
everyday in the world we never fail to find
the kind, the wicked and the evil
the elite, the noble and even the pauper
all with different aims, and looks but the same image
someday we'll all answer death's unfailing call
oh! the world is no permanent place for man

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Controlled to extremes
Unable to move
Without you leering at me
I slowly starve of reality
Of air

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From Her Eyes

Sorrow fills
the context of my page
as it drips
    from her eyes
making pools
    in her lap
that pour down
between the crease
of her thigh and her waist
with a purple hue
from the dress she wears.

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If they could see your soul

Her name is Aunica, 
To some she is just another face
In an ordinary place
Another individual, of habit, manner, and style
An elderly stout woman whose brown face
Bares the stamp of her ethnicticity

Amongst the hustle of others in a small café
She is the quiet old lady whom labors away
In a back room filled by the monotony of everyday
Routines, her hands are coarse, yet strapping, 
Unto an average customer, she saunters about
Replacing silverware and plates
But goes virtually unnoticed by most

Except for one, who sees beyond
Weary eyes and a worn black apron
For if only they could see your soul, 
There would be a cloud of sorrow 
And an ever present shadow of despair

When cities in  your homeland Serbia 
Violently collapsed due to prolonged warfare
And conflicts, your heart plummeted  to the bottom
Of your being along with it, 
A city now converted into mounds of ash
And ascending clouds of smoke

Memories of a life, you once had
Are now swept away aimlessly
By a ruthless and non sympathetic wind
Like those who executed their cruel tyranny
Upon the remnants of your very foundation

Through compassion and understanding
I have acquired eyes that see
You have opened up your home to me
I have eaten in your presence 
And extended unto you an ear
For many stories this woman 
Has shared, these tales I will hold
For her, life has been  truly cold
So now it is known
If they could see your soul, 
The fierce light of your courage
Would be ever so blinding
Your determination and inner strength
Are akin to a lions roar
And an aura whose mere presence
Casts a vibration that is piercing 

To the casual eye you are just 
That simple woman whom carries
A tray of plates and smiles
Amid the conversations and 
Cigarette smoke, so for you 
I end appropriatley by emphasizing
What has been said before
This poem is dedicated to all those have experienced the misfortune and loss 
due to war in some form or another, you will always be remembered.



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enjoy the Ice cream.. while it lasts

Entrapped with Wires

Hands bound behind my back


The wires go on for miles 
Covering every inch of our city

Vibrating with electricity. Humming excitement 

Our happy little friend??



Like a dog on a short leash

Tugged by  its master


By the flicker of light from the fillament

Are we now but  0's and 1's?

Turn it off 


Ceaselessly the wires continue on their path of domination

They have found me here in my safe refuge

The world's  end  and innocence is due to our undoing

I am their prisoner

I shout for someone to rescue me


 The noise of Traffic


The sound of my tears dripping

Honking away those little monsters

Gasoline chompers

 leaving their waste 

Which harms us

Oil from the dead

Is what fed them today

Poisoning the air

Like fish gasping on land

The Result: Dead like the oil

We'll be buried in the ground


The wires are waiting to entangle our caskets

 Like it has every inch of the underground

Infrared signals

Dance across the sky

Our invisible enemies


Cooking flesh for human consumption


The cancer eats us from the insides

This is a plea of a young girl seeking refuge

for something pure


Devil's breath 


The stench is unbearable

OH Gaseous Death

You billow from the smoke stacks

Licking  Away layers of the Ozone


The universe's ice cream

A treat that used to be sweet

But now after years of abuse 

Turned  out to sour

How long will we last?

Lets hope our ice cream won't melt fast

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How have you been,
You've had water, old Barkfingers,
Good soil around your roots,
well-potted, Sun-Reacher.

Time, blush, to flower
maybe seeds, huh?
I'll bring a butterfly
or a bee, Twig-Rustler

This spring, I'll see to it
that you have a nest,
not a robin's nest,
built in a week, a throw-away.
Oh no, an oriole's nest,
that marvel of a purse they weave.
I'll get you one, if I have to go
without theater tickets, 
or give up ice-cream like for Lent.
A guy  needs a friend.
and, Plant, with your second flower,
if it comes, I'll make tea
a superb infusion to drink
with crackers from London
with cheese from Finland
and open the window.

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Turning Anguish part 2

Missing a remarkable meaning in my life
I’m the woeful sacrifice
play me as the dice
on the solid table
and roll me and speak of a fable
don’t toss me 
like a valueless toy
brushing…echoing harsh envy
Heed to our last plea 

You’ll face dire rage 
giving no mercy to your desire
Are you aware you fed my wrath?

Mercy-filled bliss
don’t exist in this pile of vile
Don’t bother to trace our passing ease
that we dearly missed

What could brew these ruins to love?
Disbelief covers my once kind heart 
conquered by avarice
Unforgettable doom,
has been written on our tombs,
sending us a last kiss of unmoved death
Giving us futility…
Leaving us without a breath

Behave and deal with
frightening bolts that dare
break us apart
and turn it to denied anguish

Who’s doing all the blaming?
Who’s choosing our faults?
We all do our part in it
That’s the troubling truth
Toil cheers up the spoil
What could we do
to get us ahead of
stricken in toil
Separate the spoil 
that crumbles away like foil

Give us little power
and lift up the broken twin towers
and fill us with 
Unspoiled love
The only choice
is to patch-up our love
and strip off the turning anguish
and fill us with 
Unspoiled love

The only choice
is to patch-up our love
and strip off the turning anguish
and fill us with 
Unspoiled love
Your sun will shun out strife
and be a kit to fix up concealed love
and fill us with
harmless love 

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What is fair?

When a person is child, he is under care.
When a person is old, he is under care,
When a child is growing up, he is adolescent,
When he is young, learning care, what is fair?

When he has a choice, he likes or dislikes,
If likes, falls in love, if dislikes, falls in hate,
If someone likes him, he didn’t choose for her,
Also jealous comes to care, what is fair?

When he is growing adult, income is a purpose,
If he has a job and partner, responsibility is a hose,
If boss is happy, he has promotion and peace,
If a partner has no care, what is fair?

Family, relations, children and society,
Every one has aim, seeking contribution,
Traditions and religions also seeking donation,
If life has no care, what is fair?

So many things we need to learn, step by step,
Good conversation and communication is first,
Good manners and performance is also a matter,
If system has no care, what is fair?

Colours and tastes have complications everywhere, 
What is better, searching all, approachable share?
Everyone is in a race, good health is priority,
If happiness has no care what is fair?

Traditions and religions, living over the centuries,
A person is growing and dying for what aim,
What is right nobody knows but follows everyone?
If life is miserable what is care and fair?

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Eyes Closed

I long for a pure, soft goddess to
	rescue me from my misery,
But I only find loneliness’ comfort.
Shadowy images of Joy haunt my dreams
	But I can’t seem to grasp them somehow.
Surely there must be some redemption but
	I remain tortured by what I can’t have.

When I die and it’s true that I’ll suffer
	eternal torment for all the wrong I’ve done,
Then why must I suffer here for helping those I love?

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Sometimes I wonder what things I’ll do in life
Will I have a wife, a soul mate, a life-long friend, a companion till the end? 
Will I be left on my own, by myself to fend? 
Send me to a place where your looks don’t matter
To a place where you can be skinnier or fatter 
To a place where your confidence and self esteem wont shatter 
A place where you won’t be judged if you eat a full platter 

I wish my emotions were an optional choice 
To be able to drop them, escape the insulting voice 
I wish I was a toddler, back when all that mattered was toys
Where it didn’t make a difference if you liked girls or boys 
People’s words are like an army, waiting to be deployed
And when they deport, your feelings are destroyed
You’re on your own left thinking if there is anyone on your side
But you don’t go and search, you feel the need to hide 
They have created a monster, it’s now living inside 
It's tearing down your courage, and eating your pride 
You find yourself asking if your parents have lied. 
Telling you all these years, you're perfect in every way shape and size 
Even now when you hear that, a part of you dies 
Because it’s not what you believe, according to statistics 
You've been judged throughout life, on your appearance and characteristics 
Facing the world’s most blunt and cold hearted critics 
It’s inevitable to judge, but don't be so quick to attack 
You don't know that person, and that’s just a fact. 
The one you made fun of, lost everything, house burned down, he didn’t have time to pack 
His father had left when he was young; his mother was addicted to crack 
What we all take for granted, is what this boy lacked. 
All I’m asking, is to think before you speak 
Even though you don't know it, it’s making the person weak 
Just focus on yourself, seek what you want from life 
Don't be the person who's the reason, on their wrist, lays a knife.

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reflected guidence

somewhere between the sephira i beg of thee
bleed my soul and take my spirit eternally 
i question no motive 
of mans hatred nature
and place no blame of that which is smoke and mirrors
oh how i wish i could bring you the horizon
read these words and feel the pain
yet think of comfort 
and its bittersweet rain
forever am i the broken wings 
guidance i offer
an outstretched hand
but i lay in the shadows 
so find my fingertips 
and embrace that which i have reflected upon you

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I Used to Know Her

For as long as I can remember, I’ve known her
We met sometime ago
In the sandbox
I grew quit fond of her 
As did everyone that knew her
She was one that you hoped would be around for your entire life
We had an understanding of one another
She would be around only if-
I made wise decisions
As time continued to erase itself
I took for granted her presence 
And forgot to acknowledge how much I needed her
Yet, she remained close
Yes, there were times where we became distant but,
She was always in reach
I stretched out to pull her close to me 
But I returned only the air that I breathed
And the space that she had left
So yes, I used to know her
But as sure as I live this day 
She now only exists in the most sentimental aspects of my being
We commune only through the remaining thoughts and images that I strain to hold on to
So much has changed now
Life is less meaningful
Time seems to spite me
For it seems as if depression lingers over my head
As time halts and remains motionless
Never fall in love with happiness
Or you will doom your soul to self damnation
Because I don’t know her anymore
My chance has passed
Its someone else’s turn
To know contentment

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All They Want Is to Be Children

I look at the faces of the children
None of them are the way they are supposed to be
They are sad
They are crying
They are in pain
Children should be happy
Children should play
Children should not have to worry
Yet these poor children have to
They have to worry about 
Where their next meal is going to come from
Whether they are going to be the next to die
Why their parents had to die
They don't understand what is going on
They don't understand war
No one really understands 
Why it happens, when it happens, where it happens
There are so many victims, 
Yet the ones who cause it are not
It is so hard to know that
Children all over the world are victims
They didn't ask to have this happen
They shouldn't have to live with it
Just take one look at them
Some have no arm
Some have no leg
Most are dead
They are going to have to live with this the rest of their lives
If there was only something more we could do
There is, we can help
We can send aid
Not join the war, but aid with the victims
Help those who suffer
Help those who are dying 
Just take one look
Then you will see
All they want is to be children

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Weight of Charm

O Poetry--- 
The sensual,
The beauty,

Ahh, the weight of charm in your lips
Is metered
...And criticized, yet still melts sweetly 
In my soul!  

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This River Carried Me and a Flag I Never Thought I Had.

The white sun flared through, 
wrapped its melting-gold fingers
around window trim and clutched walls.
It was reluctantly dipping 
into the horizon of wood, like
a drowning man flailing 
his grip through the water’s tip.

A sweet-oak smoke billowed from the grill
and wove a grey veil around 
quiet slopes of light.

The river of my drink plunged me
into the stool in front of the bar-tender.

“The only thing I think I believe 
is that I don’t believe in solipsism.”, 
I flung between chimes of glasses 
and muted murmurs from a ball-game.

I slumped over to the side and
glanced at myself in the mirror 
between bottles of alcohol glinting
with wisps of white hair.
The curve of my cheek-bone
hung the flesh-flag of my I.
I liked it this time. 
And it rippled in the breeze from my smile.
The sun was losing it’s golden grip.
The smoke-veil unraveled
and furled into the descending glare.

There was absolutely
nothing I could do about it.

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Waist Deep

Wadding through the waterways
collecting all the victims
one by one
as the day turns to night
I see my task has only begun
for all tales that were spun 
I see now are all true
the animal I see is what's left of man
in this country of plenty they went without
in this of land of milk and honey
they went without food or assistance of money
the storm stripped away their pride
took away their homes
but it was man who took away the families
and spread them across this land
we made them strangers in a strange land
and for that we must repay
give them their due
and dedict to them their own special day

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Untitled #257 / Poor little blind boy

Poor little blind boy! Don’t
follow us back to class!
Don’t sit beside her! Don’t
laugh! Don’t smile!
Don’t let her have a sip of your Icee!
Hide yourself away!
You’re headed down the path to heartbreak!

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Emotions Run wild

How I feel
You & me
Day by Day
Holding hands
Each and every night
I cry
I'm not near you
But in the mourning
I'm in your presence
And I smile.
Bodies touch
Lips are kissed
How I felt
What I miss
By today, I'm still in love
With the person I'm married to
This gift to love
I'll never throw away
But will always be missed.
Different things
Bells ring
Emotions run wild
The sun shines
and in moonlight I see
A picture of you and me

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Yet Another Reason Why I'm The Grand Guardian...

I am the pillar of hope, 
I give them strength, 
that’s been my life, 
and I am now made of rock. 
I have and always will be, 
here to help humanity.
My friends don’t fret, 
it is for the best, 
and I care for all of you, 
just, the same.
So your pain is mine, too, 
now smile and remember, 
I care for you none go, 
without my love. 
I am an angel from above, 
I care for all who seek me out, 
and I am here without a doubt.
All are worthy of my care, 
your emotions of pain
and sorrow along with them all.
Everything you feel is with me, 
all of my days I cared so much, 
and so deep for all I can feel everything.
When you see me cry,
remember your hope keeps me alive,
your pain hurts me too.
All of your strength gives me courage, 
to do what’s right even when we mess up.
Do you get the gist of my connection, 
to you I will forgive all, it is not my place, 
to judge I just am here to love and comfort, 
all who need my kindness. But even
an angel needs an angel every now and, 
then, but none under my care can be there.
My entire existence is for you all, 
I would not feel right forcing those who, 
I help all those in need but I don't worry about me, 
Eventually one will come to help me so, 
that I can help you all more with my heart of
gold that you all know I may whine and cry, 
but my problems are always set aside for you.
None need to worry about me I will be fine, 
as long as I can help you all I will be here.
Now rest in the hope that I can help,
need not weep for my pain for I care for all,
none shall cause me to come close to falling,
I will be fine to help you all but I hope for the,
one to come and help me. Hush my friends; 
I am always here for one and all.
Now be glad I live I am strong I have handled my burden's and yours as well I will 
be fine. I will always be here to help none need to worry about me only he who is 
to be with me to help all of you, I am fine and safe so smile I thrive off your 
strength and feel your pain but I am here for all I care without a doubt.

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Respect Our Good Neighbors

I saw a light on the side of the road
Shining like a star in the dirt
Dusty diamonds in the rough
Cosmic talcum in the night
Fey child
Old little Good Neighbor lost to this time
Will-o-the-wisp in the gravel
She backed into the grass as I walked up
Wings to the wall, one might say
With a fallen whimpering mew
A secretive look fell into my eyes
And I left sugar-water and milk by the road.

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Just Let Me Go

Let love means freedom
Hand in hand waves goodbye
Eyes see not tears 
Rolling as blood…ours

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Please Don't Cry

I have noted all
The changes in your life
And I see that you want to prove that you’re strong
You go about your life
Almost like its normal
But then you just suddenly break down and cry
And I can feel your pain
Though I can hardly relate
But know… that it will be ok

Please don’t cry! Please don’t cry! Don’t cry anymore
Because you don’t want to stay miserable
Try to smile! Try to smile! Smile more often
And always know that you’ll meet each other again

Memories just plague
Your mind everyday
But you shouldn’t let that ruin you
Be stronger now
And stand up on your feet
I’m sure that they wouldn't want that from you
Try not to drown their spirit
Instead, try to lift them up
And allow… them to smile down on you

So don't cry! So don't cry! Don't cry anymore
I'm sure that they want to see your happiness
Just relax! Just relax! Relax much more
And remember that you'll see them again

I'm sure that they don't
Want you to have any regrets
I'm sure... they want you to move on

Please don’t cry! Please don’t cry! Don’t cry anymore
Because you don’t want to stay miserable
Try to smile! Try to smile! Smile more often
And always know that you’ll meet each other again
So don't cry! So don't cry! Don't cry anymore
I'm sure that they want to see your happiness
Just relax! Just relax! Relax much more
And remember that you'll see them again

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Sorry, but You're Late

You say that you're sorry that you're late
   And here I sit waiting on you all day
You say, "Oh baby its nothing sorry that I'm late"
   Now I'm saying that's all you have to say to me
                    that you're late

You made the plans to go out on Friday nights
   Instead you hang out with your friends
That, I didn't understand
   Then, you in your bed and think I'm supposed 
to drop everything for you so that we can make up for the love you lost
              think again

Everytime you say you would call me
    I asked you what had happened
All you could say is "I Forget"
   Yeah that same old excuse
When being with you is no use

Sometimes, hmmmm, I wonder
   Do I mean anything to you?
You act as if I don't
   But you keep coming back thinking I will
             show my love to you
Well, someday I wont be standing here waiting on you

You should know while you're out playing games
   what goes around come around
what seems to hit you long like us
   sooner or later will hit you short
So you say you sorry

But this is what I have to say,
"So I realized since Im a woman
   and were the back bone
I'm sorry, but you're late
  but I found somebody new
     and its definitely not with you
 I finally gave up with you and your games
because I was tired of waiting on you"

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Please Mister

A beggar plied his old worn hat
Propped between his grimy feet
He begged pennies as he sat
On the sidewalk of a city street

Please mister give me a dime
It’s been days since I ate
I get weaker all the time
The reaper stands in wait

Those of habit stepped aside
Avoiding his pleading stare
Begging pennies as he tried
To get someone to care

The beggar begged all the day
People all turned their head
His empty hat stayed that way
And now the beggar is dead

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The Laborer

Standing outside,
Working in the heat,
Skin charred and brown,
Weathered and leathery.
There toils the laborer.  

He’s fixed at a distance,
Huddled with others.
Like warehouse items,
Tools packed together,
Yet to be used.  

His clothes are caked,
Decorated with dirt and dust.
They are torn at the sides
And unwashed for days—
Except from his sweat.  

But when he comes near,
You shy from his odor,
Disgusted by the soiled shirt.  
Avoiding him like spoilt fruit
Rotting when left in the sun too long.  

His arms are creased from overwork,
His hands are like bricks, 
His body is weary and chipped,
He is ready to crumble and break
Like the rusted tools he carries.  

Yet he keeps toiling.
Ignoring the complaints of the noise
Or the accusations of lethargy.  
Swallowing his pride
To earn his allowance.  

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Prayer For Family Blessings at Christmas

Heavenly Father,
In this season many are in need
Send Your angels to comfort and lead
Robotics is taking over and jobs are lost
Employment downsizing is a mighty cost
Companies are moving south of the border
Families are frustrated with sleep disorder

Gracious Father,
Help those struggling for an anchor
Save their homes from the mean bankers
Preserve their cars for the family and work
Bless their finances and allow them some perks
Many are trying and the obstacles won’t go away
Open new doors for them as a sign to a new day

Merciful Father,
Look upon the management at their work sites
Teach bosses how to lead and manage in Your light
Transform the hearts of those who are discontented
Preserve those who are about to be railroaded
There is enough prosperity in Your world for all
There is no earthly reason why a family should fall

Almighty Father,
Touch the heart of those in power
Show that by each and every hour
That Your love and grace will preserve
Even the little people who deserve
The blessings of life in their hearts
Your love and mercy will never depart

Dear Father,
In Your name we pray
Bless each heart today
In the precious name of Your Son
I know that the battle is won
This is Your season of grace
Keep them in Your embrace


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Home. Home home.

my little dog 
white chest and grey whiskers
floppy ears and bark that whimpered
they were the best of you
of the things that i remember
the best of you besides
what you tendered
companionship from you alone
even when i had a mate at home
i'm glad i gave you freedom to roam
you; i always knew would make it home
but one sad day i had to send you home
home home
and now my hopes of heaven
are to hold you in my arms
when i come home to you
where ever are
i pray to God that i am
somewhere where you are

Dedicated to Rhodas cat

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Friends with Knowledge

It's good to have friends that understand stress and the like,
they know when to shut up and when to speak,
when to persuade and when to dissuade,
they know how to cheer you up,
especially when you feel like you are going to die,
they know who you like,
they know who you don't like,
they know when to stop,
most of the time, at least,
and they know exactly when to give you a good hug.

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Fictional for a prompt:- think outside the box in sixteen words.

Frothing at mouth
Distemer shows itself
Taking over body and mind
Mans best friend 
Slowly dies

Please, please, please get your animals/pets vaccinated!

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Poetic Cratftiness

Dad, I’ve come of age;
Ready to follow suit,
Your literary path.

"Okay son go on,
Write your thoughts: 
Not only in lines,
Also in stanzas; lyrics
And prosaic formats."

Here dad, are my recently
Written creative pieces,
Hope improvement
They all profess/confess?

"Not better son,
Filled with creative lapses
And lack grammatical accuracy still!
Well, write on son,
Your poetic craft
Will be blossom pretty soon
‘Cos you’re just twenty-four."

Oh, thanks dad.
I promise my poetic craftiness
Will surpass yours
Before I’m fifty-four!"

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Twins from different mothers,
we both think that we breathe too much
and no one loves rust
better than us.
Trying hard to find
whatever we have lost,
souvenirs of innocence,
pastel dustrags.
Holes in our pockets,
holes in our hearts,
leaking at the seams
with patchwork pride.
Pink and blue memories
of wet cement curbs,
silver spokes
and mud puddle smiles.
Our pain is just a souvenir,
still I wish the ghosts were gone.
We could chase them with a broom
and sweep the roosters from the room
Leave his picture in the rhinestone frame,
wear your heartache like a crown,
add another cloud to your collection.
Then I'll meet you halfway
and we'll dance in the rain
so we won't see each other's tears...
tomorrow's souvenirs.

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Flame Thrower

so now I'm off popping more antidepressants
after jonesing for the truth
so glad someone
anyone could offer me reality
that I'm truly
deluded and misunderstood
and now i know there is nothing i can say

Oh sinead
what does the con man sing to the bones of metaphors in the soup fiasco
about belligerence and brutality and psychological abuse
is it me
is it me can anyone here this plea
The pearls Jam the gates
oh my king throwing flames from his mouth
what can i say what can i say to Jeremy when he speaks in class?
i have no comment just the delusion
i am unstable
but intoxication of another
love note from you and broken homes is all i really need to spoil my therapy

Fred is Limp
The bizkit has me in a Full nelson
and if you listen closely to the words of wisdom to the new aged nuns of wood 
stock 98
you will see the revolution spinning full blast
but the hippies are Jonesing flamethrower
the wars of winters are cold and frozen
take this Will I Am
and realize the place inside the fire
is something 
something for you
for my rights in my living room
and the king i am 
of plajerised words and themes

I am no saint so whats my name
and isn't it sad to know life is more than who we are and know
oh flame thrower
i don't know what to say
but hush your temper tantrum and pay attention for this Will I Am
finds That Mr Jones
has inspired me to say
steal the rythym while you can
and i know the pieces fit
so enjoy the schism
and flame thrower
everyone knows i am the liar
ask Mrs O'connor
ask Mr Durst
ask wuts under rug swept and rediscover
the place within the fire

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A Loving Brother may be like this

A brother who doesn’t mind even if I shout 
A brother who doesn’t mind, if from a game I pull out 
A brother who doesn’t mind even if I hear loud music 
A brother who doesn’t mind for my fuzzy logic

A loving brother may be like this   

A brother who doesn’t mind for my odd behavior 
A brother who doesn’t mind for my failure 
A brother who doesn’t mind to take me to an eatery  
A brother who doesn’t mind to spend time to read my poetry 

A loving brother may be like this  

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the thought walk

though it's yours 
you've not seen this road before 
the nights alone 
the storms blown 
the pavement never smooth 
the mirror of my youth 
you've not seen this road before 
until i showed it to you 
when i opened the car door 
to let you out 
and you walked home, angry 
in the potholes of my footsteps

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Attached Souls

Sincerely, it’s sad;
Hearing “Farewell” bid 
By the beloved,
Truly it’s bad;
Tearing apart
This touching attachment
Of utmost feeling: love!
It’s damned fearful;
Listening to the distressed,
Agonized, pained and solemn
Expressions of a heart
Beset by beating confessions.
It’s indeed madness;
Tearing apart attached souls,
Sailing across life’s coasts
In love’s vessel!

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I found out about you tonight!

It brought me to my knees!

The feeling I had was overwhelming!

When I heard, I was not at peace!

You faced a lifetime of battles!

Satan tried to control your every thought!

Did you repent and ask Jesus into your heart?

Did you remember what He did for you at The Cross?

Where are you now?

Only you and The Lord God truly know!

Will I be seeing you in Heaven someday?

Or did you go down the wrong road?

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A Funeral for Unsweet Tea

The voice of a moth was all to come out
when I meant to to say I hate this life.  
I meant to scream it with all the genetic coding 
that allows such well developed emotions, 
but what really happened in the time span of 
those few seconds was a desperate little whimper 
only the caged schnauzer 
in a car at Wal-Mart could hear.  
The poor little beast looked at me
knowing what I really meant 
as I dropped my bottles of unsweet tea, 
glass, liquid, pavement, all meshing around my feet 
as I sighed at where my life had led me.  
Cursing my way to the Honda I call home,
I saw the schnauzer call me a little priss 
as he strained to reach the insufficient crack in the window.
While seeing his eyes close for the last time and
his bowels releasing themselves in his final act of defiance, 
I wondered who the hell was I to complain.

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You Little Devil

her heart could not withstand 
anymore pain from the life 
of her son's daily usage 
of drugs and alcohol

only sixteen and yet to blossom
mother had to make some 
tough choices either check him
into a treatment facility by dawn

or simply call the morgue
while holding sons photograph
kneeling and crying at his casket

Tribute To Addictions
May God Give You Strength
To Fight That Demon

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I cherish the flower
I salvaged 
From the table
That night

The flow of wine
Gentle music
The two of us
Holding hands

How could I 
Have known
You'd be gone
That tragedy 
Would strike

On the phone
You talked 
To me of love
Driving home 
That night

Now I'm to blame
We broke the law
For love
You having 
Lost your life

A lone
Treasured flower
I cling to 
Now I'll never
Be your wife

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No More Bad News

Well, well, well now, I just heard the news
There’s another illness lurking
Now I’m really confused
The doctor said that you have pneumonia
Now what are we supposed to do?
Lord, please help us; you’ve got to relieve the pain
She’s always been such a good girl
It’s there something you can do to pull us through this rein?
Of terror that’s quickly taken over
If I could do it myself, I would 
Maybe all I need is to find a four leaf clover
And make a wish that this was only a dream
That you’re really not as bad off
As the doctors want it to seem
You’ll be home soon all you need is a little rest
I think God is trying to put you through another test
To see if you’re strong enough to handle the task
But why couldn’t he see how tired you were
So that we would have to ask
Him he reasons for torturing you
I thought you already proved yourself 
And you were on your way to a speedy recovery?
But now all hope is lost and your illness is no longer a mystery

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the hollow flame of christmas
is but a memory
suspended in the wind;
unanimated and sore.

a discordant lullaby
and unsettling to the touch.

resonating within
the emptiness
a frost-bitten chill
no amount of soothing
could thaw.

and in all my selfishness,
not once did i wonder
if maybe it wasn't
meant to be felt
like it was - and did
that very first time.

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Mornings are evil,
I wish to destroy my alarm clock,
(I wonder if you can be sent to jail fo premediated murder of an alarm clock,
Note to self, look it up,)
Mine doesn't even make that irritating beeping noise,
(it learned something from the previous one)
But yet it still insists that I get up,
but now at least to music,
People say sunrises are worth it,
Give me a sunset any day.
I am tired and cranky,
And not allowed to go back to sleep.
Stop this torture now,
We should remove mornings from the roster.
getting up is over rated anyway.
you don't need to be on time.
Sleep sounds nice.

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Oh Pain,
You  have no mercy
Upon no one and nothing.
You continue to hurt me time and time again.
Haven't you had enough,
I know I have.
Leave me alone!
Don't you have remorse for what you've did?
I don't want to hurt no more.
I'm tired of hurting,
Sooner or later Pain is going to come to put me to sleep.
Until then I will cry and weep,
Toss and turn in my sleep,
Until Pain come for me on its late night creep.
Oh Pain, 
You show no mercy.

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A Mother's Teardrop

her tears stained the paper
after reading the article 
from the pentagon on how
her son was killed in the line of duty
by friendly fire by another
soldier guarding a watch tower
placing metals and flag in hands 
she endlessly stares at her son's 
picture wearing his dressed blues
on the old piano and unwraps
the flag and places over her shoulders
chanting his name over and over again
her husband helps her to her feet
and leads her out the door for their next
visit to his marked tombstone 

Tribute To 
Armed Forces 

Inspired by a sister site Swamp Challenge
To Start Poem Using Her Tears Stained The Paper

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Dead from two lions at the cherry tree

I lose my voice
more and more
replaced by what
you think I mean
it doesn't matter to me
I lose it every day
all my faults and beliefs 
Just keep pretending you have something inside
you don't
as i continue the search
for true believers who want to save and help
and fix
and save me
from the controversial damnation

a true soul mate
among the players
trying to look so pretty
but i loose my voice more and more
i'm told what to say
influenced by your emotions
torn into waves and complexes
i don't wish to be
what does it matter to me
go forth ghost
spread the damnation
go forth spread the ultimatum,
send me to hell or heaven like you think you have that power over me

and i lose my voice more each year
as you twist and turn me
and i become something
i never intended
something within discovered
another life lesson for me to understand
to the jokes im not telling
to the riddles you're not comprehending
of the wickedness inside of everybody
who remains innocent
as i die on this page

because he came into this world
tore me apart
from limb to limb
like man stuck at the cherry tree
two lions from 
the past and the future
the seasons change with my tears
and i keep dieing
but i'm just a dead man
safely living amo0ng the living to take you there
with commercialism
of a sucker patrol
to poop the party
and you twist and turn my words to prove to yourself
i am something i'm not
and you are better than me

another rant
another injustice
nothing hidden between the lines
like Easter Sunday with no eggs
what can i say
as you parade your voodoo you practice on automatic cruise control
stop the insanity!

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The Flying Casket

amidst my indelible impressions
comes an era of remembrence
that shall go down in history

I recall the flight of an airship
traveling abroad from Europe
to the United States 

with ninety seven aboard
passangers crews and news media
were all awaiting for its safe arrival

as newsreel coverage was filming
the attempt docking of this flight it
turned into a blazing yellow and red fireball

within one minute
thirthy five lives had

In Memory Of 
Those Lost On The

{Deutsche Luftschiff Zeppelin #129}

Also Entry For
Brian Strands 
Indelible Impressions Contest

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Maybe in another lifetime

Maybe in another lifetime 
we be together
i see you smile, and you wont cry
i hold you close and you be mine
we will watched the sun and the moon shine
i sing to you with all my heart
and we never be apart
maybe not today, and not tomorrow
maybe in another lifetime you will love me
and i will loved you too
forever, and always will be together as one.

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Ecstatic Words

I long to see you, to infuse you with joy
Speak bubbling words to soothe 
Your aching heart
Hold you tightly in my loving arms
Place lasting kisses on your very soft,
Revered lips
As an honest man does to a newly-found 
young woman
Of whom his heart craves so much after

For you’re exceptional today,
Spectacular among the women of your clime
You’re a wealthy Queen indeed
You’re vivid in speech
And would love to teach
All young ones, and all people within your reach
The precious traditions and values
Of all great times and seasons
Sweeter than cream and many a peach

I long to re-echo as a voice that brings cheer
To your sorrowing heart
For a day like this,
The sad news filtered down to you
Of the sudden departure 
Of an excellent gem you so much treasured	
In your life

I long to exchange pleasant hugs with you,
As many gallant folks since the days of yore,
Often keep a trustful guard on their tongue
Who with uncommon and rare actions
Portray their innermost feelings 
As they anxiously stay awake 
Through the dead of the nights
And wait with great expectancy 
And with patience
For a promising morning.

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Papa Dale

I want to take the time tonight
To tell you how I feel
I see that she still loves you 
I know she always will

You were not just a husband
You were not just her friend
You’re still her everything
And that will never end

In her purse she carries with her
Your sweet and tender words
She wants to share them with us all
She wants to show the world

She has the understanding
That life is much too short
She relives it in her memories
The love that you brought forth

Given the chance to start again 
She’d want to be with you
Your loving smile and tender touch
Always saw her through

Though you often picked on her
In your loving and playful way
We all know how much you loved her
She shares that every day. 
So now I am going to say goodnight
One more thing left to do
We could never say it near enough
But we'll always love you.

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Some fragment of a memory
stems off into an abyss of pain,
you can't hide from it
when you're all alone with a glass
that looks empty,
green olive on a fancy toothpick
with some small red void of love
for you to seep into,
your ramblings are getting deeper
and we are your only listeners,
take another sip and be thankful
your memories are all that lasts.

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it's been ages since my last hit
i need a good fix
i know i have to take another the next day
it will make me feel good
smiles for everyone 
mr. pharmacy dude
i wanna be in balance with the world
the wooze is definitely not welcomed
but the happy pills are

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A Few Lousy Quarters

rawbone skinny and

leaning on a cane.

his eyes glazed as the

chill wind brought tears

and streaked them

across his angular cheeks.


his right foot in a 

makeshift cast.

this old black man

had never seen an 

easy day in his life.


there on Tampa Avenue

he had a look of weathered

mahogany, cold coffee,

thumb tacks and foot blisters.


if I’d had a twenty 

it would have made it’s

way into his cup.


if there is a god,

I hope he’ll find this 

man a tall bottle and 

a warm bed tonight.

a little comfort 

for a ruined soul.


as the light changed,

I dug into my ashtray

and came up with a few

lousy quarters.


looking into his eyes,

my heart broke a little,

like a cracked eggshell.


all I could manage to say 

was, “I hope this helps”.


he nodded thanks

and moved on to the next car.


humbly and quietly

there remained grace

within this broken, old, black man.

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There is a lot I have to say
first, I would like to say that I love you
being in love with you
are some things I thought I never knew
so never say what you won’t do
if I was around my friends
I will always show my love for you
I will never treat you cold
your love is the only one I hold
I don’t won’t you ever to feel aberration
I want you to feel I’m the only one
who have the ability to love you
the abrupt of a broken heart
is the last thing I want to feel from you

If I could accentuate our love
I would tell the world
I want you to acquaintance me
learn me like a book
I want you to know
I would never lie to you
I would never be a cheating love
I’m not a two-timing lady 
I want you to know
there’s nothing I wouldn’t never do for you
nor give you agony

Leaving you boy is the last thing on my mind
Matter of fact 
I’ll take that back its not on my mind at all
Out of all the men in this cold world
they will never compare to you
they say never say what you wouldn’t do
but they just never been in love with a man like you

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Oh Lord grant me just one more day

Fist smacks chest, I double over.
Pulls my hair, wrenching me up once more.
Imprints his thumbs and fingers bones 
Into my chin and cheeks,
Bruising - he crushes the virgin skin.
Presses his booze stinking breath against my face;
He bellows abuse and filth riled language toward me,
Fetch me this, no good for that, do it, bitch, do it now.

Dare not challenge for fear of what might come next,
Just do  as he says, kids are in bed - at least safe.
Placate him, ease his soreness, feed him - Let him sleep.
What then? Tomorrow he'll be different - sorry,
He loves me and his children, 
Just drink changes him - he becomes a monster,
Danger by night from chemical persuasion, intolerance, -
Surely not his fault - an illness - we'll get help.

Promises of love, of change; befall my ears next day.
We try again, but deep inside i know he's not ready,
Not ready to accept change and tolerance.
Not ready to seek the help of those who know more.
We don't go, queues for councillors months away, -
Time by which we think situation will have long passed.
How very wrong we could be as Friday nights pay comes in,
A familiar sickening pattern resumes. And fear sets in again!

Familiar prayer returns, as i ask to be a survivor. -
Oh Lord grant me just one more day, that I may live,
To find new hope, some where safe to lay my head.
To take the children that he may harm their gentle minds no more.
Send your soul to rescue us and free us to peace once more,
Only this time I will find the strength to go....Amen

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This is something I wrote to express what my sister was going through, not 
myself :-) but in some degree I am in there. This a an emotional poem and I 
hope you enjoy it :-)


Dear lord

Please listen

I can not feel more torn

Right now!

She's my whole world

I love her endlessly

I hold back

Because of that

But this feeling

Torn so strongly

Makes me

Feel like breaking point

Is upon me

Please tell me

What I do now

I can't answer this one,

For myself

The love I hold 

For her

Makes me say no

Stop and think


But there are

Two people hurting


I may care about one

More than the other

But I also have a heart

That hears the pains ,

They both speak of

It can't completely switch off

For either of them

Sometimes I wish it was that easy

I am so confused

Lost in it all

So torn!!..

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Give abundantly
Give unconditionally
To the first in need
To the most in need
All those in need
Need your first seeds
Need your best seeds.

The more you give
The more you'll receive
The more you'll release
Life oul stirring melody.

Anytime you love somebody
Anytime you love soemthing
Anytime you do a good deed
Anytime you learn and grow
From necessary differences
Anytime your produvce a product
Anytime you deliver a service
A product and a service 
In need by us all as a whole
You automatically release
Powerful power that lies, 
Often dormant deep down
In you and me and us all as a whole

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why my mouth is filled with poison

Your sour words cut into me 
As they roll off the tip of your snake tongue
They dance down my rough back
I caress your scales softly-gently
And though I know its deadly,
I watch your fangs sink into me deeper and deeper 
Until I’m filled with your poison 
Now paralyzed and unable to move 
I know, that none of this is true.

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Falling To Pieces

Viewing out the big bay window,
Tears stream down my face.
Seeing all the children hungry,
Wanting for things that they need. 
In a country where there should be hope,
People starve, cry, and plead 
For the freedom that was once so willing to be given. 
Tell me what has happened to the so called "United States",
Is this what you consider "United"?
We live in a world where hate is what 
We teach our children, and they grow up knowing nothing else. 
Kids fear going to school because of what others 
Have said to them or what they have done. 
People speak of the innocence of a child,  
But are they truly that innocent anymore? 
I walk down the road and hear people yelling, screaming, and beating others.
Where some believe we are the country of "Peace", 
I think we are truly the country "Falling to Pieces." 

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There is still Poor

There is still Poor 
There is still Poor 
Some people do not cell phone some people still do not car some people do not 
live house near by and large but sleep them under train trestles and internet 
bridges no wait eye meant of course the interstate there is places where the poor 
can hide there is places where the faces seldom cry the mission beds and 
showers all are full where would you go a camping under stars if you were poor 
where would you hide the desert is a large and grainy thing the beaches are all 
taken by the rich the ditch is inhabited by rabbits and one witch the mountain 
goats have places the fox has his own den the skunk can find a hidey hole my 
friend but where am eye to rest to sleep perchance to dream of things eye am 
with the eye 

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Walking Away

I finally let you go and surprisingly, it was easy for me to do.  You made it easy for 
me to walk away.  You came into my life again after months of emotional torture 
and for an instant, I was happy.  But after the happiness left, the reoccurring pain 
came back.  The pain that I had been so used to feeling from our past 
relationship.  That pain had become part of my daily routine.  It was there when I 
woke up and was with me when I went to sleep.  All the lies, the yelling, the harsh 
words, and the emotional and mental abuse had become too much.  It had 
started to consume my life.  But still, after everything, all that you put me through, I 
still care.  I care about you more than I care about anything in the entire world.  I 
care about your life, the decisions you make, and that path you will take.  I care 
about everything you are and everything you will become.  I don’t know why and 
honestly, I hate it.  I try to stop caring and let go.  I try to hate you by reminding 
myself of everything bad that you did to me.  But when I think about that, it 
reminds me of all the bad things that you are doing to yourself and for some odd 
and obscure reason, it only makes it worse.  It only makes me care more.  It was 
easy to walk away from the pain you made me feel.  But it was torture walking 
away from you, not knowing how you’re going to turn out, or if you will be ok.  I try 
so hard to let it go and to not care, but I can’t do it.  I can’t control the way I feel.  
No matter what you do to me, no matter how you make me feel I will always care.  
I will always pray.  I will always love you, and I will always hope that one day, you 
will make the choice to leave the past behind you and surrender your life to Christ.

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The World Now Is Like A Hell

Nuclear turned to every human's advantage
Not knowing it's danger and possibilities 
Of the world's greatest human threat
Being the most strongest will only led them to failure
Too far to go to the Future 
The Future of when the world is ready
When the world knows what lies beyond technology

The World is turning to Hell these days
People wants technology and pills
Drugs and alcohol are raised around by everyone
Why can't they think of the consequences?
Why are they listening to the whispers of the Devil?
Have their conscience turned evil?
We felt helpless
So seemingly helpless
There is nothing we can do stop it
It became a worldwide dark fairytale
Where only the innocents suffer
And the evil laugh at the tragedy 
So is this curiousity?

How can we escape now from this threat?
From what is happening in our world?
What can we do to let them know how we felt
That the World now is like a Hell

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The maze-
Twisting turning,
Just a phase,
That's what they say.

But I don't believe,
Cause everything I say is dismissed,
I can't help but wonder what would have happened,
Had I not missed my chance.

I lost it all,
A blink of an eye,
My world died,
And now I cry.

It faded and I fainted,
Too much to bear,
Loving you causes to much pain,
Not enough gain.

I laugh and I cry,
But God it's no use.
I loved and I lost,
I missed you.

I turn around,
Profess my love,
And at thirteen,
I'm just in my teens.

I know what you're thinking,
I'll never be the girl,
I don't want to be.
I won't be.

I'm tired of the fake debutaunts,
Trying to be me.
They can't be,
They won't be.

You can't live now,
You know the secret to my denial.
You know me inside and out.
You have no plans.

It's plain to see,
What you plan to be,
You don't want me,
Never me.

I hate you,
Your blue eyes,
Dirty blonde hair,
Your almost six foot frame.

Tiny, petite me,
Four foot ten,
A foot shorter than you,
But so much bigger in another way.

You can't spread the rumors anymore than you have,
You can't stay in that secluded corner any longer,
The hate burns inside while I lie asleep.
I can't keep.

You can't leave me this way,
Not today.
You can't leave dead this way,
Not today.

i'm not prefect but that doesn't mean anything anymore to me,
I'll never be.
You'll never be,
We'll never be.

She can't replace me,
She can't replace me,
She won't replace me,
She won't replace me.

You've taken her,
Put her there,
Made a sub for me,
But she won't last long.

Me and all my peeps can't take over in a week,
But we will eventually.
She shall leave now,
I will lead the revolt.

I will lead,
I will tell,
I will be me,
I will survive.

I miss everyone,
Kody my best supporter
And all of my friends,
Buit God told me to leave.

I must let you remember who I am,
Words just keep flowing from my fingertips and they won't stop,
This saga never ends,
I'll remember the ember of life.

I won't forget,
I won't forget,
I won't forget,
I won't forget.

You won't forget,
You won't forget,
You won't forget,
You won't forget.

Leave it to me,
I'll make it be,
Leave it to her,
She'll never be.

She won't listen,
She keeps saying she does,
But she don't,
She knows it.

Cause she won't be,
She can't be,
She'll never be,

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The most terrible thing of all
were the sun was bright and warm
and the poplars grew on the grass were the children played
yet it all seemed frighteningly wrong.

A place of horror, 
torture, death, and fear
with memories
of which sane men cannot conceive.

Today some gaze blankly,
walk silently, or open their mouths in a silent scream
because there is nothing much to say
after one has pointed.

The most grisly tourist center on earth
yet people come for many reasons
to see if it really happened, to pay homage, or to remind themselves.

Yet today the sun is bright
the grass is green and children laugh
all this seamed frighteningly wrong
through the nightmare of the Holocaust!

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I Carry EgYpt On My Back

I Carry EgYpt On My Back 
The stuff is just junk most of the things that I find. 
I keep it all in as I bend into the wind as I walk. 
I have a large back pack and a small shoulder bag. 
I place the things from my scroungeing some up and some down. 
I do not look back as I continue my walk. 
It remains in my keeping my holdings as the clown carries them. 
I call it my gather like the Hebrews they did. 
The manna from the wilderness is what they did eat. 
I carry EGYPT in my backpack,I carry it all on my back. 
The price is my freedom,the cost is the Cross. 
The places I go and the people I see. 
The shampoo and the bus schedule and my sizzors is there too. 
I have the whole house on my back. 
I can carry EGYPT on my back. 
I have no lack of bread in my house. 
There is no room for the mouse. 
I carry EGYPT on my back. 
I walk. 
I am heavy. 

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Okay stand right there next to that pond
If you look to your left there is a swan
Wondering what were doing
Upright you are face turned to the side
Smile much bigger and try not to hide
Your beautiful face, yeah so what you have a scar
I can see beyond how mental you are
Bright and intelligent no books have taught you
But the real life worries pressures do
Get the best of us all at some point in time
Be who you are it will be just fine
Measure to know one genuine and one of a kind
Beauty of a lilly you look better with time
Scars fade away, but brilliance is forever
Show me teach me your so dam clever
You light up the room with your bright mind
Be sure to plant your seed cause we need
To continue your cycle on earth
You did just that he's five years from birth
What are we doing
Trying to manipulate the mind
Wondering what there doing just passing time
Lets take this picture as you look in the sky
We forgive each other and never again ask why
You blamed the world for looking this way
I would stand in the rain for you any day
No matter how you appear to know one you see
With God we know no tragedy!

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Waiting for you

When day's gone by,
and night's drawn in;
when most are
bound to sleep.
I'll lay a while
remembering you;
safe, in my dreams to keep.
Where none will know,
those sultry times;
our souls will wander free;
'till death will bring us
close again,
and leave just you and me.

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 DADDY has books and daddy has to go to class what does daddy have and 
what does daddy do DADDY he tows the two of us around 
what do we do while the DADDY is in class TIME we do time just like the 
prisoners in jails do the children just dont understand that on a someday DADDY 
will then be a man we wait out in the hall the classroom is too small what does 
daddy have and what does daddy do 
HE has the two of you just wait for after class we have to wait for class is through 
for DADDY to be a man someday comes to you but never when it counts the 
children will get old while DADDY mounts the steps up to his class 

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The Undisputed Champ

       Introducing the undisputed champ - "The Fallen Star!"/ I'm aware people stare at the 
extremely bizarre./ I'm that "beep, beep" on your hearts radar./  This pen is metaphorically 
my scimitar!/ Poetry Soup says I'm cursed,/ because of the content in my verse;/ but I feel 
as if I'll burst,/ and it will only get worse,/ If I don't relieve this stress!/ So allow me to 
express/ what's on my chest/ before I become possessed!
       I will start clawing and fighting!/ If I don't here you say: "You make this site so much 
more exciting!"/ So what if I don't play nice,/ but I bring that Latino spice!/ You damn right 
I'm a sexy S.O.B.!? And I don't give a flip if you don't like my poetry!/ Who are you to judge 
me?/ You wanna hear an apology?/ For being comfortable and expressing my sexuality?/
       Look I'm 32,/ and that's the difference between me and you./ I've never felt more 
alive!? Don't get upset with me because you're 65!/ I know you wish I would just disappear,/ 
because I live in today and not the day of Shakespeare!/ Don't no one read his work no 
more! / Yes I bring a poetic war./ Blowing up verses like C4!/ My sentences are sharp like a 
       I don't like fake individuals no way./ Why should I listen to what a hypocrit has to say?/ 
Someone told me to just leave it alone./ So those without sin casts the first stone!/ - I didn't 
think so!/ I hope your house gets blown away by a tornado!/ Sometimes my heart grows 
cold like an  Eskimo,/ and other times dark like Edgar Allen Poe!/
       Look before you start pointing fingers at me,/ and condemn my poetry./ Take a look 
see that others have wrote erotica too./ I can name a few./ And nothing I write is taboo!/ 
You just probably stay away because you have bird flu!/ So I can care less if you're my 
friend./ I'm just out to set a new trend!!!!

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Salley, the Alley, and the Shoe

The shoe lays alone resting from its last walk
Beside the body outlined by chalk

This shoe had a nice life with Salley
But somehow she and it ended up laying in blood in the alley

Come along with me on Salley's journey
And see how she lived because she's owed a little bit of sympathy

She done some wrong
And dragged the shoe along

But she also done right
Which always gave her hope that she'll finally make it and see the light

She was a runaway
'Cause at home, she was taken advantage of in each and every way

She turned to the streets looking for love
Not knowing what they were made of

She made money the best way she could
Her motto: if she could, she would

Things took a drastic turn
And then was when she learned

Experience taught her
That she could do better

She wanted to get out but got herself into something she couldn't escape
She couldn't get the money and ended up getting raped

That's how she ended up here, dead, in the alley
All because she owed a pimp some money

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Towers of faith.

From the dust and the smoke of the towers that fell.
With the metal and concrete . It all looks like hell.
Death and destruction for the country to see.
Brings forth the pride and the faith of the American free.

Those jackels that did it. We're right on their heels.
These people that did it. We won't cut no deals.
The wounded and dead . They're so  hard to number.
The countries in awe. The feelings are somber.
It's so easy to hate. The feelings won't linger.
No repercutions till we point the finger.

Our freedoms are strong .Our sprits are high.
Don't do it again. Don't ever try.
The price that they paid .Theres no way to repay it.
Too late for your sorries. Theres no way you can say it.
You've messed with our familes.Too many lives have been touched.
You have given us reason to hate you with lust.
We've joined God and country.The way it should be.
God bless this country and the American free.

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God, I'm WEAK

God I’m WEAK…I thought that I was strong
And then I realized I couldn’t do this on my own
Lord I feel so alone….where has everybody gone?
Where are My “friends till the end “ in the end….everybody’s gone
Lord give me direction…..I know I’ve slipped in mess when
 I should’ve listened to you…. now I just sit here in depression
God I’m WEAK…
All I need is you ….but  your face not your hands
I need another “one more chance”, reveal to me  your plans
Now I can’t sleep….b/c all I do is keep…on thinking about the week
when I shoulda been reading your Word
but I was sleeping around being a freak
God I’m WEAK…
But Lord it’s you I seek, I’m trying to reach higher
I’ve been labeled as a whore, player, hypocrite…liar
That I should give it up  this Christian walk..just retire
like there’s no chance… way that I can please the Messiah
God I’m WEAK….
Lord I know that people will judge me on my past and….
 it’s even harder when I  can’t even look past it
Although it’s Past tense…I see it in my future
I try to change, but I still do the things that I’m used to
Because my Past doesn’t define me
It doesn’t end here….so here is where they won’t find me
I’m tired of landing on my back…it’s time I land on my feet
I’m not turning back ….it’s time for a new season…so bye heat
I know I reap what I sow…What’s happened in the past is done
So I gotta move forward and keep my eyes on the prize…. The SON

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I want to go home

I sign, and from the moment when my ink -
naive and plain - lays down its life, I cry.

Microwaved air brushes against anxiety
plays with our concentration, dances with sweat.

Our eyes: giant pendulums patrol inside this brimming bucket, guarding the lies.

Children, ragged and seemingly archaic, graze
in herds along this expanse. This thirsty sight

calls for aid. Sand slips sensually
into every cranny. I can taste the insanity.

Falling like trees they multiply, lining up
nought after nought with the lick of my trigger.

Featureless faces lay gaunt; their cheekbones defiant and dark reach out for 

Blood-curdling screams scratch scathingly
throughout my body, grating on my bones.

I am lost. We are the foreigners.

I want to go home.

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Marquis de Sade

A wounded heart
An offense of conscience
Inner struggles
Or in desperation do I dip this pen

Deep within the ink wells
So dreadfully crimson
My declarations
Upon this soaked paper bled

The verses LOUDER and BOLDER do shout!
My injuries from a cruel world
That must be heard!
Every rhyme and every reason
Catapulting out, through my stinging words

My soul melts into ink of quill
Becoming one
A channeling vessel
As the broken heart 
Spills and spills

This is my message of life
Of how I lived!
The tragedy and torture…
Continues written and left unabridged

At the ironic twist
For now, my heart resides in others
And agony lives on
From where before, it could never have existed!

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Tiny pebbles

Tiny pebbles are strewn around the
gravel road, like forgotten thoughts uncounted
half-chewed, littered along the wayside, ah! disorder!
The most constant of nature’s laws!
Still, each of them dreams in time of being pressed
into a statue to the gods, to be a Stone of the Highest Order
but each must count himself lucky every time 
a passing child stoops to feel the gray roughness in his hands
to them, to whom anonymity seems guaranteed,
remembrance is enough.

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If You Were Here (for Just a Moment)

If you were here (for just a moment)
Dedicated to Chris Pinto, Mark Oliver, and most recently - Sean Finnegan..

If you were here
For just a moment 
Sharing it with me..
I would not waste the time
In Gossip.
Only in sincerity.

I would tell you
Of the anger
I felt about your death.
And how it taught me
To take advantage
Of what life is left.

I would share with you
The feelings
I've held deep within.
And that I cherish
Every moment
We spent as friends.

I'd ask you
How you're doing.
And ask what it's like beyond.
And wish you all the happiness
Until it came my time
And I'd see you again.

If you were here
For just a moment..
Maybe I would not 
Say a thing...

For I know as I write this
That you know every word
And everything..
And that you haven't spent
Just one moment-
But many .. with me...

written 2/5/84
(c) 1984

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Ode To A Dead Pilot

Ode To A Dead Pilot
  The time to sioux for peace is before the first shot is fired.
Weapons of destruction aer better turned around.
Point them at the darkness and then frown.
Fighting is for ^A^ngels and much nobler sorts than yew.
A Soldier in his britches needs a glory to behold; 
other than the flag of his own country I am told.
Place your thoughts above on things where Christ
does dwell, and walk on streets of GOLD. 
Even in your dreams and memories it will help you to grow old.
There was once a MAN who was once a boy.
He played with toys, and after graduation then He heard: 
Great engines sucking air into intakes, 
and the expelling of the air again to reach a multi-colored
transfer pointe and sometimes after running out of fuel
a man does NOT bail out...
but takes his planethopping function into the DEAD terrian.
Avoiding populated areas, to kill a cactus NOT a populas.
When that MAN is inn his Heaven and rewards come due.
I want to hear everyone in Heaven say, 
'He was a boy getting into that aeroplane, but he
became a MAN today.
I saw several of my men turn fear away from populated places, 
as they crashed and died in flame into the desert cactus, 
to ensure the best proclivity of mass production.
The wreckage of an aeroplane. 

Charles Hice 

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A Piscean Death

child's spirit, tinged with sadness, 
you played us your soul, 
and we each took it away with us, in little pieces
your eyes they haunt me still
I miss the way they used to question and accuse
my crippled angel,
broken by the world's injustice,
I feel the pain in your voice,
your hair hung in pale streaks
across the shadowed beauty of your face
you radiate a light so pure, 
a steady flame set in a tavern window 
my beacon of hope
through the darkest hours of my soul
So like the single flame I now burn
to keep watch through the long, silent hours
of the night, every April fifth
to preserve your memory
gone too soon, love
gone too soon

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The Big UnEasy

It was all good a week ago,
Bourbon Street was full of energy,
The air saturated with laughter, Gumbo, Jambalaya and Catfish.
The wind whispering sweet nothings in your ear,
Farewell to the last days of summer.
But in my slumber, hurricane season was here,
The wind no longer whispered, but she cried for help,
And suggested that we do the same.
As God's fury swept across the delta,
With a similar rage that had driven Hitler during the Holocaust,
The same "Big Easy" that was adored and cherished,
Had become as uneasy as an upset stomach.
In complete emotional distraught, I pinched myself,
Hoping to awaken from this Purgatory... and I did.
Only to find the ocean inhabiting the streets of New Orleans,
Filled with corpses, that swam through the water like schools of fish,
The air saturated with death, hunger, despondency and lamentation.
With my faith paralyzed, I turned to look up at the broken sky,
Seeking an answer from God about what had happened.
As if he had sighed before answering,
The same wind that had once whispered those sweet nothings, daintily cried,
Katrina, Katrina... Katrina.

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Does it bother you to be alone?
Only when I sleep.
Your dreams are nightmares of death.
But I can't help it.
Why do I suffer more than most?
Nobody knows,nobody cares.
But is it wrong to wish they did?
Was I destined to suffer?
It makes me want to be alone.
So you dont cause others the pain you know?
You are loved.
I know I just can't feel it.
The more I love the more I feel alone.
I don't think I belong here.
Death can ease your pain.
I want to live.
But if you do...
You will hurt them.
I just want to know why.
Why what?
Why do I suffer?
Why are they glad to see me suffer?
Do they hate me that much?
I know I'm not perfect,
I just want to feel,
To feel like I matter,
Like I'm loved,
Like I'm not alone.
Iam hated.
You deserve it.
What you can do with words...
What can I do with words?
Write your feelings down.
Even if someone cared
They couldn't help me.
Why can't someone care about me like I care about them?
Your a psycho.
I know.
Your heart is black.
I know.
Then how can you love anything?
But I do.
Doesn't that mean anything?
Not to them.

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Justice is seldom found on earth
Although we want it most!

If the victim is poor
And the accused is rich
There should be a handsome compensation.

If the victim is rich
And the accused is poor
There should be less compensation.

I prefer death sentence
To lifetime imprisonment
And any other penalty to fine
Since the criminal may repent
And become a very good person!

Therefore the lawmakers should rethink
In order to establish true justice
In all spheres of judgment.

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Garden of sin

I cultivated a garden of a sin.
A garden carefully planted to attract mercy.
A sight surpassed only by 
my hanging garden of deceit.
With all my treachery reaching down
in a attempt to cover my sins.
And with each passing day I trim my vines,
in an attempt to keep my deceit at bay.
To keep its trap at bay and to save myself,
and to make its temptation retreat.
I decorate my gardens with fountains
to wash away my sins ,and to keep the seeds
of deceit at bay ;to stop them
from taking hold of this rich clay.

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Achilles Heel

To lament the lion hearted
to cowering in trembled skin
befits the bottom dwelling things
the silt under wool of society's rug
While bravery is steel in stance
and oils the jaws of recovery
the bite of poison from burnt mouths
will hit the heel every time.

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Vindication In Due Time

everybody thinks it's wrong
for my little brother to emulate me
so i go alone
none of my nephews wants to be like me
i go alone
yearning for vindication
maybe it's just now
may be in time,the Lord will
let them see who i really am
that i'm not good for nothing at all
instead i'm more than my two brothers 
put together
i'll be the best after my vindication

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A Love Lost

The love lost was in a home
The love lost had worn its course and left on its own
It was unhappy
Because the love wasn't there the way it was planned to be

The lost love was broken down bit by bit
Day by day
Minute by minute
And fate by fate

It was tired of not being used
They made it feel neglected and abused
In this house, love was nowhere to be found
It was suppose to speak clear and loud, but it couldn't make a sound

The love lost wasn't felt in the hearts of the home
Instead, it was left outside in the cold to love alone
To dream of a home looking for love to fill the space between the walls
But until then, he has to wait until a home calls

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Appalling Cruelty

            the shouting and cursing,
            the betting and arguing among
            the drunken dockyard crowd
            rises to a feverish pitch and
            explodes into a diabolical din

as the wounded dogs
   snarl and lunge once more
      at each other's throat,
         clamping their foaming jaws
            on furry flesh, ripping it,
               their growls muffled by gore
                  and dust and torn skin;

one seizes the other's jugular,
   tightens his hold till the pavement
      is slippery with blackish blood;
         the vanquished falls, lies limp,
            its frothy jaw now loosened,
               just another mutilated carcass
                  there in the bloodied dust.

            the shouting and cursing,
            the betting and arguing among
            the drunken dockyard crowd
            rises to a feverish pitch and
            explodes into a diabolical din.

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Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre is German for Dance of Death...

Transfixed by the movements, the musical vibrance,
We move to the tune of invisible sirens.
Reality reposes with the closing of eyelids,
Then lies change to truth and peace transforms violence.
As the colors fade from blue, all noise turns to silence. 

Upon awakening, I feel an icy hand capture me;
Pulling me down, closer to insanity.
Vertigo sets in, but the dizzying gravity
Helps to realize the hand is my own, that I’m actually
Standing stock-still, alone, blinded while I atrophy. 

With our head down and eyes dripping wet,
Feeling hasn’t slipped from us yet.
Silence is a burden we grow to regret,
But still a reminder of that which is set:
The music of a past we’ll never forget. 

A distant drone, or a heartfelt beating,
Omnipresent and ever-repeating.
Tongue tipped with malice, the devil is feeding
And tightening the noose which constricts our dreaming.
While robbed of our fruits we lie quiet,.. selfish and bleeding. 

As we sit cradled by cold, grim hands,
Choice is beckoning, it calls, it demands
To face the music and to take a stance.
And as the echo lives on through our second chance,
We’re helplessly drawn into this wreckless dance.

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Fallen Soldier

A gentle giant with a heart that complements his compassion to help and protect 
humanity from the evils bestowed upon family and friends assuring them peace 
with a blissful ignorance that everything is sound.

Protecting us, as we are a nation, from threats over seas, a natural leader is born 
from out of the ash, which consumes the hearts of most with a horror of death as 
he alleviates this fear with honor and bravery.

Within his friends, which were spawned in the depths of the pines, lies a 
company of his fellow soldiers in this war of addiction, that will miss the laughter 
and wisdom he shared, allowing this adventure a bit easier to believe life in 
recovery is possible.

Many people loved and cared a great deal for Gordon, as we shed tears of 
sorrow over the memory of this magnificent being that God blessed this world 
with proving that angels do walk amongst man

As big as his heart was that helped and nurtured the people close to him, it was 
also the source of his tragic end as a mortal to this planet, but not the end of his 
soul, for he is a guardian angel on my shoulder and that of the people closest to 

He will always remain in the hearts of the many people he touched throughout 
the years and especially the men of Lebanon Pines.

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Have you ever asked someone for help with homework and got dissed they say 
whoa you want my help or you are just wanting me to DO THIS? There is no way 
to stay a friend the girl is not the best and she is married to her test she cannot 
aid and abet the criminal in you she will not make an animal of you she will not 
help you and it is likely that you will fail in life at everything you do and falter and 
then fall no motor car no stall to buy and sell no you are a cheater after all is said 
and done there is no one that can do the work you want the girl is on her phone 
now to everyone that she shares numbers with to tell them you're a bum. And 
then the time for class has come and you do not have the answers you wrote 
them on the bones of all the people that you killed to be someone go and read 
them after dark in the text of wishing land to be a doctor or a doctor here or a 
doctor there. 

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A Tearful Good-Bye

How do you say good-bye to a child that is so young.
The memories of yesterday when everything went wrong.
As I look upon your picture of the shell that is lying there,
It grieves my heart and makes me think that life is just not fair.

Although the Lord knew what He was doing it still makes it hard to accept.
Sometimes it’s hard to handle all the things that life has dealt.
A body so frail and tender had just began to form.
No one could comprehend that you would leave with so much harm.

A nightmare imbedded within our heads of that terrible night.
When Little Jeremiah left this earth without no one in sight.
Things that happened in the dark is now coming into the light.
I pray that the final outcome will make everything all right.

Your little life touched so many hearts as you walked upon this earth.
Although it was cut short the Father knew this from your birth.
The Angels came to rescue you from the environment that you were in.
So safely in our Father’s arms you are resting once again.

Your happy smile we can’t forget as you ran throughout the house.
Your presence we will always feel from day break until night.
A picture painted within our hearts we will always wear.
We will always love you so and your love we will continue to share.

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I held my head up high in
The cloud..
The stardust sprinkle in tune
Yet waves and dance to the
Old minstrel band
With broken strings, cords all
Out of tune..
But the minstrel band just pay
No never mind,
Just played on with broken strings,
Cords all out of tune..
Life reflections undefined, in 
Depth the soul lives on..
Silently the soul whispers with
Broken wings..
The stardust sprinkle in tune
Sustain each tear,
With broken strings, cords all
Out of tune..
Yet waves and dance to the old
Minstrel band,
With silver teardrops filling the
From broken wings, soul silently

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Her Word, the truth

...She inhales So
her Secret won't yet Slip...

Her life was a by-product
of my rotting flesh,
set in a dysmal still-life
where she was my only color.

The past was a blur
plunged in a hypodermic needle;
smoke-filled chambers of thought Coalesce-
ideas Congeal.

The form she usually held was an open hand,
a broken heart, even a bridge Between.
Sadly, today she was but a blank piece of burning paper,

Her facade shimmered before me,
as she leapt into my hand,
settling into her luminous revelation
I ran with and
squirm I do, only to
consume and remove
these criss-crossed truths;
shackling Inherent definition.

She struggled, fading into a deep blue,
and just as the light turns green, turns

"Is it always this hard,
to be just what You Are?" she exhales,


and jumps from out of my head,
crossing unthinkable distance
only to splatter her brains and suicide
upon the wall of
her Readers' Misunderstanding.

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From the Sublime to the Sublemon

Beautiful words of wisdom adorn this site.
Frightful hints of abuse, can keep one up all night.
Pain ripe from the heart, easy to be read,
Mourning agonies pulsating through a poets head,
Joys and sorrows, confusion, and faith...
Swirl about my mind,leave me so confused,
The shining Mother Theresas, the misery of the abused,
Sadly, I have no magic answer,
Sure wish that I indeed did,
To sooth the pain of the aged,
To comfort an abused kid.
All I can do is pray,
Send in my Christian Charity support,
But a small attempt at providing,
Something each child should have without thought.

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Accepting our loss

Such pleasure you gave 
in the short time we had,
but you were chosen
and though we are sad;
you're away from the dangers
your earthly life had,
away from things ugly
those awful things, bad... .
You brought us peace,
we can't be mad;
for your crossing over -
means an angel they add.
So proud of you,
so very glad;
from loving friends, family;
Mum and Dad 

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Paradise of Eternity

A light that never dims
Burning bright through the ages
Wisdom flowing in those eyes
Just as clever as the sages
The strength of a thousand men
Fortitude deep within her core
Courage of a warrior
Brave through this right-to-die war
Endurance of an athlete
Integrity til the day she died
Dignity that never faltered
Always kept her head held high
Love is what sustained her
The nation's outpouring of laud
She's home now dancing 
With the angels and God

Her eyes spoke words
Heard only by those 
With a heart;
Her soul sang a song
Felt only by those
With a spirit
Rendered silent
By those with no
Virtue of substance
My her song be sung
Infinitely by the Universe
May she find her voice
In the Paradise of Eternity
May her legacy
Be immortal
Enduring beyond Time

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who you really are

I guess I thought I knew a lot.
I guess I thought I'd been to hell and back.
You showed me there were a lot of ideas I never knew were facts.
But flying to another place won't erase who you really are.
You'll always look for the sun,
you'll always sleep under the stars.

There's no magic in your hand,
no sorrow that  you can't understand,
no end to beginnings in your head.
These are all things that you said,
easily I interpret your more or less.

I guess I thought you knew a lot.
I guess you thought this was hell,
but hell is simply where your at.
All those ideas you thought were facts.
I guess I should have known better than that.

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Loving You

Loving you is like having tears of joy.
Loving you is like having a wild house party.
Loving you is like smiles of happiness.
Loving you is like music to my ears.

By loving you I can have a sound mind.
By loving you I can sleep like a baby.
By loving you I don’t have to worry about trouble coming my way.
By loving you I can be inspired.

Loving you is like a hot summer day.
Loving you is like a million dollars in cold hard cash.
Loving you is like having a good dream.
Loving you is like having a touch of freedom.

After all of this being said loving you is what keeps me going each and everyday.

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As I lie wiping the last tear from my eye
I am here lying in place that is unsafe
Misunderstood, hurting and crying myself to sleep
Wishing of dreams of a better life
That I know I wish would come true
Hurting in places that can’t be healed 
My feelings are more and more getting drilled 
Hurting so much that I lost the feeling to love
That I falling in hole that I can’t climb out of 
That I hiding behind shadow of fake feeling 
That I have been hurting so much that I don’t even know myself
That I wish I could see the light in hole that I wish I could climb out of

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Subject line and matter what's the matter there must be many abuses of the 
system close the door make a number on the card give it only to the elite one. 
The poor children die stoned in the ditch rhymes with witch. When the ruling 
factor is wealth and fame added unto name and they say who are you anyway 
what have you done today lets party and have sex behind the closed and guarded 
doors. We are all elite and the ruling force. A man does not walk like a pigeon 
toed duck. Good luck out the door just go away the lice and mice and lingering 
doubts play. Romance and faltering footsteps failing sight and failing heart. We 
knoe just what the girls say to one another and how they treat a poor old 
homeless man. They play keep away and worse they add it to the verse of every 
rhyme. Eye am eye. My title is eye. Eye is the title of the eye. Eye found October 
wine to be too decadent the label was not tasty to my eye. Eye lost the will to lust 
or fill my belly with the must of crushed and shattered grapes of dust. Please just 
skip the Halloween and bring thanksgiven to my eye. Try hard to advertise 
Thanksgiving with the popcorn that eye crave and leave the candy corn for 
children they deserve to try it out but eye could never count the kernels in my bag 
or have enough. The title is in doubt. 

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My Friends Brother/I guess it was his time

My friends brother,
Died Sunday, July 8, 2007
Born September 19, 1989
But I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
He was 17 years old
A senior in highschool
He almost made it
But I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
In about ten years nobody will remember
That faitful day at Franklin Creek
Except for his grieving family
I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
Brandon Earl Peterson
York Highschool
Son of  Janet and Earl Peterson
Brother of Courtney Nicole and Amber Brooke Peterson
I guess it was his time,

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A resurrected Kitty

A kitten
Living in a discarded box
grease covers his pink paws.
Under my sister's deck.

I stood shivering
on the permafrost.

So thin
fur matted from the dirt
a bus ride home.
hiding under my coat.

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The Dying Gardener

As she rendered him 
His daily medication
He noticed nobility

Over her 
Lovely, pinker face

And purity

Had curved
Her inner
And outside beauty 

“If God permits me...
To live a little longer
Surely, I’ll sow my seeds on her!” he said  

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My Dark Angel

As I look into the eyes of the thing that suppose to be watching over me the angel 
eyes was as blue as the sky but as cold as ice every time I looked into his eyes a 
vibe ran up my spine 

It was like he took the joy from me I knew that his heart was filled full of lonely 
tears, sorrow, and lonely nights I wonder night after night was this thing a part of 
me and indeed it was the other side of me such a side has never been reached 
by me

It even scared me that this was part of me it was a shadow that I couldn't run 
from cause it would always be there I wonder why god couldn't  have sent me a 
happy angel not this angel cause this angel was like something I would never 
want to be or see

I saw him everywhere in my dreams the crossroads of dreams and reality it was 
like he took the life from me, but I didn't know that it was death that I had already 
be dead. That he had met me at the crossroads 

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A Deserted soul

A  Deserted soul
  She maybe seventy three or four
  All her senses has lost their lives.
  Only she can walk and talk to litttle
  Her food is little bit and her sleep is too little too

  In the age of her dying, 
  she has been deserted to road.
  Not by her own daughter
  who received a lot in money and jewels

  She is now on roads
  as an orphan in platforms
  Her poor vision and hearing
  caused her to bear many wounds

 Though her daughter is rich enough and
 though she is residing in her mother’s house
 She doesn’t care to her mother’s pains
 All her motto is to drive her out and to 
 escape from the expenses of her death

 Now that soul wanders as an orphan to
 retain a shelter and for food
Is it right to us?
to push that soul on streeet for food and shelter

 Are we civilized to see her sufferings ?
 shower your love on that soul, up to her departure to 
                                                                        last bed.


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Running Colors

In a city of gun wielding, drug dealing and heathens.
Home of the pity where murder offers mysterious reasons.
In a neighborhood of red, a man of blue unknowingly walks through.
Where vendettas are settled with berettas.
Trained are these creeds, to perform the evil deeds.
Of avenging their comrades, who have fallen in these streets.
Strolling down the sidewalk.
Reality sets in, within the time of a gun cock.
On this block three reds look on to make him dead.
Cringing at the truth, this soul of blue sences the dread.
From out of their eyes, knives do fly.
If looks could kill, this man would die.
So here begins the primal fear.
The chruning of the bowels and that ringing in the ear.
The violance can never end.
Life and death, here, come full circle again.
Feelings of instinct complete his fear.
As this man of blue fights back the running of the tears.
Beginning a sprint with the occasional squint back.
To see if the attackers are still on track.
Around a corridor, and over a fence.
Over a car door, and around with no sence.
Down an alley way.
This is his last chance to live another day.
The reds are closing in.
With his legs about to give in.
Nearly in tears, he pleas with God.
Swearing, daring never to sin again.
For his fight is almost dead.
Disrupting the peace, he bursts onto the street.
Spotting a police car on the usual beat.
A serious glance the officer offers the nearly delirious man.
But nothing more, just a smile as vile as one can.
Casually driving away.
Leaving a returng of that churning feeling as he turns to face the other way.
And out a sound rang.

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The Hidden Handicapp

The Hidden Handicapp 
The foot of this poor man is sadly bitten from the past a quick reminder everyday 
of mortality and the inevitable decay of certainly death 
The limp is unnoticed by the ruling classes they ignore it 
As eye go hopscotching on the bus the lift is never lowered for me 
The footman of the coach sees only young man because of overall health is 
happy and the blessing on my house fits in my smile and makes me look like a 
happy man and no one guesses at my frown 
The foot is broken in many places and why must eye buck up and walk around 
as iff they let me in the frontage just because eye am so pretty man and not 
because my age and limp and broken foot 
(they can not see it so it must not exist) and poor man hurting 
To the core of being OH GOD why wont they just please let me sit down and ride 
this bus eye need the front seat please 
Eye carry baggage on the bus but mostly eye carry  broken bones 
My handicap is hidden but for most its just ignored 

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Cash This In.

How it burns:
this image of you:
onyx cufflinks, pin striped suit, crisp black shirt
on your way to your funeral, your wedding, your song to sing
How it aches:
this memory of you:
tragedy smile, eyes of drugs, ragged stance
on the eve of every sweet goodbye you ever felt and kept inside
How it breathes:
this voice of yours:
sealing up the broken hearts, ebbing along on the violet wire
on the minds of some, the ears of more, the hearts of all
How it burns:
this fire from you:
slow smoldering, uncontrollable, in your crisp black shirt
on your way to your funeral, your wedding, your song to sing

And it burns, and it burns, and it burns.

(for Johnny Cash)

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K I S S I N G 

When I was a young boy oh so many years ago, 
the girls they really teased me so incessantly, 
Bing o  is the Name o was a better one to me. 
Then K I s s I n G. 
Kay eye ess ess eye inn gee. 
Charles and Parme~ sitting in the tree. 
First comes love; then comes marraige, 
then comes baby in a baby carraige. 
And then there was the one they sang, 
that really made my head ache ring. 
Red ROver Red ROver come on over, 
when i did they locked they little arms 
and tried to knock me to the ground 
my stomach still aches with all the little hate 
of the little women that hated  me and beat me down. 
DOwn to the ground i am made of. 
And now that ewe knoe all my past 
ICI this poem at last: 
Ewe are the woman, 
Eye am the mirror, 
My heart is the trigger, 
Eye am dead. 
Love is kind. 

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Circle of Memories

Hold my hand whooping in twenty four carats of gold.
Be a beggar in streets without  own shadow.
Dying in glamour as beggars of souls sail to Mumbai port.

May flowers dancing as forgiven cherry Hunan nights.
Autumn leaves savors of crushed dreams sold as silk
Spike in soothing silence sell herself to bow her misfortune.

Tender in taming deserts widows of Cairo in golden dress.
Fading circumstances as the soul of good and evil radiates.
As being ascended in love with its ghosts as seen departed with fame.

Knight of lady  New York  tamed yet impatient.
Debating lust as her unconditional dissolving glaze.
Give herself as crystals falling down the cloud dreams to move forward.

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The Geisha And The Clown

 The Geisha And The Clown 
The Geisha and the clown 
Every one makes waves that pebble tossed in concentric rings 
The water in disturbance making waves and oval rings 
The vortex is descending down to mar the visage of the crown 
to make the mental man decay to make the clown to make the clown… 
He stood apart from all the rest of them so forlorn and quiet 
as a man who's only problem is his next drink of alcoholic beverage. 
When this white English man found out it was the truth he took to drink. He is the 
clown in all the town the Otis of the century 
baring his anatomy for everyone to see in public urinations 
and even defecations and predications of his sexual anatomy 
my shame was not enough to make my horror go to sleep 
eye died upon my feet eye cried but not enough 
eye craved my drink eye craved myself my life replete 
eye am the clown the very one. 
The women of the orient so very adorned with grace 
and lithe the way they move the feet was my discovery 
the poor poor feet they bind the feet 
so they can shuffle so they can look so very sweet 
as they move along so gracefully they seem to slide 
and seem to effortlessly encounter men. 
They bind the feet to make them suffer 
they torture self to make it seem divine 
And then they live for pleasure. 
But that was then and this is now and eye have won the holy crown 
may all the geisha please bow down and just forgive the clown. 
My foot is lame. The very same as bound. And now eye bow. 

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Another sleepless night has come my way.
Trying to find answers of a tragedy that took place.
My nephew came running screaming for help.
Little Jeremiah would not wake up.

We ran next door to my sister-in-laws house.
The little child layed in his mother’s lap.
No signs of life visible to the eyes-
Checked for a pulse but none could be found.

We found a small body frail as it could be.
Laid there motionless-CPR began.
It was too late the damage had been done.
I bowed my head and the tears began to run.

A life so innocent had just began to live,
Was taken away by the ignorance of men.
A niece and her boyfriend that could not agree.
Took things out on a child that was so weak.

Felony Child Abuse they both face.
The rest of the family is grieving from their mistake.
We need your prayers to help us get through.
Facing a tragedy and I don’t know what else to do.

The Duhart/Bragg Family certainly need your prayers.
Jeremiah Bragg was only two years old. We mourn the loss.

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Sincerely (from Scenes from Above)

I came and sat down beside you 
Watched you decide what you would do
I met your family 
I adored the way you got lost in insanity 
I am who you think I am
I'm the answer to that simple question 
Even more I lost a tear at my hearts suggestion 
I touched the tip of your nose 
Saw for myself every nightmare you opposed 
I've seen the places that no human goes 
I am exactly what you think I am 
As I knelt down
From my very lungs escaped a whisper 
No fog, no cold air, simply no one around 
My soul was not tortured, Just imbearable 
It seemed everything but time was shareable 
I am more than you think I am 
I was there the day your child was born 
I smiled as the umbilical cord was torn 
I saw new hope in her eyes 
And even I cried 
As I felt precipitation from the skies 
Said gently, I'm sorry for the agony you've absorbed 
Never knowing I was pushing a cart in the morgue 
So little affection 
Sinners soul plagued with perfection 
I apologized once more 
But it seems you have fallen in love with death 
Are you still my friend
I am here for your final breath

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Gentle and caring hand laced tenderly on mine
Holding on while the rest of the world unwinds
Bright and beautiful smile brightening every day
Making every moment shared seem so magical in many ways
Vibrant laughter that echoes in the night air
Her disposition was always so sunny and fair
A sweet soul that radiated a magical glow
Always a pleasure to love and to know

Caring ways to show her never ending love
Her support and guidance could make you sore with the doves
Cherished memories full of so much warmth and joy
Mementos of childhood like a favorite doll or toy

Many things will be missed from this moment on
The fact that she has left us behind seems so wrong
Deep inside emptiness shall remain silently
A gift form God so beautiful lost not only to me

Her suffering is finally over and she has been set free
Someway somehow that though comforts me
Her memory will live on inside our hearts
So we know truly we are never apart.

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Quarter's Ebb Tide

Quarter's Ebb Tide
A quarter of a century
Stolen from the heart
Broken bonds
Deception thriving in secrecy
Trading in the ball and chain
For a different vice
With another name
Escaping your prison
Freedom awaits
It shall reign arrogantly
Like the court jester
That you have become
But, nothing has changed
Swimming in stagnant waters
Going nowhere
Running in circles
Tears fall because you are the same
Just a broken soul
Trying to find the truth
But, living a lie
Like the coward that you are
Smashing the mirror
That reflects your misery
Bloody hands of debauchery
Are all that remain
In your empty existence
Solitary rodeo
Diving in the crimson sky
Of tempting illusions
Falling to your death 

©  2008 Courtney Dyer

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The scenes we left behind remain

Embedded in tormented mind , 
blood clogged fields,
dangling limbs - contorted.
Whistling ammunition,
gun fire resounds.

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Message On The Phone

Hi, I see 
the stars 

in your 
cornflower blue eyes

and I am 
a bit timid

to tell you that— 
they make me

to kiss you;

and I am 
nervous too—

that we will chat 
about them, the stars

and find how 
sweet love is!


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Under demolition

Amid his intoxicated anger,
like an ebony volcanic haze - erupted;
insanity strikes, trust dissolves.
Quaking, as an army of strewn deluge 
spirals, smothering my silhouette.

Uniform flames electricity, sparks.
Everything emotionally swirling;
I beg him to pause, be silent,
Whilst my engorged tender form
spouting evidence.

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Leave Me Alone

It'll be all right,
just hold on tight,
it's always the same damn thing,
don't give up,
hold on, you'll make it,
I'm sick of it,
all the worry,
don't worry about me,
I haven't done anything yet have I,
I wish they would all just leave me alone,
do they think I want them to worry,
especially over me?

Just shut up,
I'm fine,
for real,
I can't take all this,
it's overwhelming,
and I hate it,
leave me alone,
stop saying I'll be fine,
I won't and you know it,
so just shut up and leave me alone,
I can take care of myself,
really I can.

It's okay,
things will get better,
just shut up damn it,
I can't take this,
Do you think that badly of me,
or do you think I'm irresponsible,
though deep inside,
I know you're just trying to help,
But I don't appreciate it,
so please don't try,
I can't take it,
please, just leave me alone.

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blue world

A cold, and dark place to live.
Dank and dismal, all that is black.
Grey and black streaks
Darkening my blue skies
Bringing the voices out to play
She whispers in my ear, softly.
Speaking words that would give hope.
But none left for me. They devoured it all.
The sky is crashing down upon us.
Its deeper than the ocean, it’s deeper.
It’s higher than heaven, it’s higher.
It’s stronger than love, it’s stronger.
It’s weaker than hate, it’s weaker.
My world is blue, what color is yours?

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Rings around an equine leg,
captured gait and proud of heritage,
slice my heart to freedom's pitch
to lay the stones to pave
Fields should sway in wildflower metronomes
to the running hooves of a thousand feet
Sun on manes and nostril steam
breaking the morning dew in clumps
and yet I watch as canters stop painfully short
and white wood fences become brick walls
to never be toppled, except in flight
in midnight eyes and fire.

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Eye must love ewe.

Eye must love ewe. 
Eye must love ewe . 
Sometimes it seems that ewe have gone 
Sometimes it seems like eye am alone 
Sometimes eye wonder how ewe are 
Sometimes eye cry and wish for love 
Sometimes eye seem to ewe that eye am not someone but still eye am a human 
trying still sitting and crying and wishing and hoping and knoeing that ewe still 
love me. 
Sometimes it is very hard to love me. 
Sometimes today should be tomorrow or mabe even yesterday. 
Sometimes it is hard to see the middle of the day. 
Sometimes it is the end of time in the beginning of the day. 
This is a sadness not a madness and it will soon go away when eye have ewe 
For eye must love ewe. 

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Hating People Halloween Too

Hating People Halloween Too
  Hating People Halloween Too
I met a man I didn't like, 
He told me Superman ain't real.
He said' angels fly without their wings'.
And he would teach me how? 
All I could do was SCreeCH! 
Because it's halloween, 
and I should'nt preach.
Have a Happy Holy Holiday.
Angels are real and they have wings.

Charles Hice

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice 

Charles Hice 


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Author Message 

Age : 53
Joined : 13 Jun 2007
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 Subject: JFK   Today at 13:23      



A Yankee so what we all loved him even when he went and fought on the PT boat 
that day you shot him you killed me as well the heart of America the heart went as 
Eye am as sure of this one thing that everything that eye have done since that day 
in history has been tainted by this one deed done the death of the American the 
death of just someone that was loved in a heart so full of sin it never recoiled 
from this dirty deed completely again his life goes on in his spirit so young and 
he stands in the white house in pictures remembered still being someone. 

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I had a long-lasting love
I never wanted to lose my loving
But i always lose what you holding back
And i always think about people i really love
Even when they no longer with me
I will remember you

Even those who lost their love ones in the terror event
That happen on September 11, 2001
And my love ones will live foreve in my heart
Even the surface of the earth still have memories in my heart
But by praying peace and love to people of the world
I will remember you

If tears could build a stair way and memories a lane
I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again
So that we all leave together as one big family
Moments make a lifetime for everyone who loved and lost
I will remember you

It is now for me, not to let there untimely death go in vein
May the soul of my departed rest in perfect peace
And I will remember you

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sickness within

Feverish and cold at the same time.
Having trouble breathing, even with the respirator.
Pulling the plug, the pain won’t stop.
It must be imaginary then. All in my head.
But if it’s all in the mind…
Why does it hurt so much?

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One Last Touch

You say good by to a yesterday love,
as memories surface on the wings of a dove.
Quiet is this room, where his body lies,
we are never ready when a part of us dies.
So many faces now look upon,
a wonderful person, forever gone.
Loved ones linger, they can't  let go,
but death is the beginning, for our
Salvation we know.
One last touch, one last kiss,
forever in our hearts,
he will be missed.

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eye created gragon fly

 eye created gragon fly 
Eye created gragon fly 
There is only gmail it is experimental email 
There is a place to visit other people on the internet 
But you must have a cell phone but even eye do not have one eye just have gmail 
and eye have the caht box where eye visit babay lambe~a. We aer only  just 
discover each other and nothing horrible occurs sometimes we make a gragon 
fly and watch his wings wiggle yes that is write the wings of a gragon fly they 
wiggle but only in the caht boxes of gmail.There is this <3 heart that turns and 
turns a color oh so pink and there is many things that work but the best thing that 
eye have ever seemed to have done is just the gragon fly IT works. It is just a < 
symbol and a . dot and one more symbol> turned in a certain way to make a 
creature eye have dubbed not made of clay   but just of WORD and this is mye 
Gragon fly >.< this is the ragon fly 
>>.<< gragon fly is male and ragon fly is female she has four wings and gragon 
sometimes only has his two . 
The things we earthlings seem to be able sometimes to dew seem so amazing 
and so real and so when the populace of internet is chatting please don't forget 
to get to making lots of gragons. 

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The Reader

A poet
dresses the naked 

with emotions. Such as the air 
in this empty room sops the hand 
and satisfaction it gives. Still, 

the pen he has used 
flows again and the page cherishes 
that in its roots—
and produces blooms on the bed 
of spring. Ah, the spirits are splattering
on the tasteful styles, but the 

mails on your phone 
are comme il faut the summer sheets 
of petering dust. A note from him 

is among them, unread. I watch
at the poet. It is so vain not to peruse—
that I opt instead to read his soul.

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Gone, But Not Forgotten

Quill flutters 
from a table too old.

The soulful 
of passing winds.

The nature bard’s 
absorbs by the mystic sea. 

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Plastic Faces

Walking down the hallway
I see your plastic face
The one that smiles so dryly
The one that makes my heart reach out to you
The one that covers up the life you live

Walking down the hallway
I see your plastic face
The one that has empty eyes
The one that hides the tears streaming down your face
The one that lies to the world about you

Walking down the hallway
I see your plastic face
The one that is drained of color
The one that is is unemotional
The one hides the pain you feel

Walking down the hallway
I see the plastic faces
Too many for me too bear
So many lives that need helping
Kids aren't on their own, they just need
A friend, to help relieve them of the plastic
And see the light of day once more...

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The search for comprehension:

Within my in-comprehensive feelings,
Beyond what others know, beyond what I don’t know…
Within the esoteric emotions of mystification, of
Bewilderment, of what I wish to comprehend…
I sit and meditate, trying to understand myself,

Within my heart, behind its door
That stands ajar,
 Awaiting reality, 
It awaits the pure blood in
Which it pumps…

Long, dusky nights,
Where I sit and ponder,
Contemplating, as I wonder…
Swimming within myself,
Seeping like water into my flesh,
Inhaling myself with my every breath,

Within the days in which I reminisce,
Between the tepid arms of my safe haven,
My harbor, my sanctuary…
I exhale a cold breath,
Longing for the ardor once more,

Surrounded by the illuming beam
Of the violet moon, I hopelessly seek for 
      Understanding and sympathy of the world    … for 
I lost trust in it…

When will the air purge the sinful ones?
When will the air purge me?


As I surged within myself,
I realized that a line is drawn between positive
Expectations and hope…that 
Expecting with too much optimism and crossing the line, 
Is not having hope, it is actually
Convincing one’s self that hope is there, even though it might not be,
It is awaiting hope…even though it might not appear,

Hope, is living each second with it,
It’s drenching each step with hope,
It is expecting it for the second you are living, and
Not for seconds ahead of you…

Within me, I saw a reflection of life,
Telling me to leave the reminiscences I long for 
Behind me, and to live the present constructing my future,
And not waiting for it…

Within me, I found the sympathy, the understanding…
What I have been searching for, and I realized that it is something that
Has always been there... within me, 

 Sympathy is only found within…but it takes time to
Be found for it is not like the disguised sympathy of the world,
It is invaluable,

I also realized that all will walk away, but 

The person within…Me

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This Hole

With my tears i fall, into the hole you dug.
with my breath i call, for you to hug.
how much do you think you hurt me?
its more than what you know.
I was one heartbeat from loving you.
but now im all alone.
i cannot beleive i cried over what you did.
all my time all my heart.
all of that you spread apart.
i need to get stiches, 
for my shaddered heart,
i need to find comfort,
because i cannot stand the pain
Yes we can still be friends,
but i dont know how i can substain.
i have all the friends you have.
but it is too hard for me to look at you.
all mly feelings come out, and i dont know what to do.
so now i say goodbye to my crys for you.
for my love has been buried in a hole.
i cry and cry until all my tears are gone.
no slits on my wrists.
i know i didnt do anything wrong.

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The Love of a Friend

The love of a friend
Will cover a body
Of its nakedness
Giving a stripped fellow
Protection and
Adorning vesture

And the love of a friend
Will save a face
From dire shame
Making an ugly fellow
Beautiful and 
Altogether lovely

To the world
And to himself.

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Success of the Tragedy

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Like magneto of marvel comics
locked away
Charle Manson has made his escape
How did you do it?
How did you get innocent to kill for you?
Now he sits there in a cell writing memoirs for the government
Now he sits there on camera
with the government
wrapped around his pinky finger

School shootings 
and going out of your way to the wrong wars
How else do you get people to kill for you?
they as and study and prodded the genius.....
How else do you get people to fight and stab and gouge and surrender 
their free will to insanity

And now everyone at the top reads his books
analyses his ramblings
sings along to the songs written about him
and they know for truly
he is a humbled god

Those tragedys of school shootings
of psychologically tormented children with guns
scared and thrown away with no other way out
was a government success
or was it?

wrapped around the pinky finger of a genius
the guards the politicians
the musicians
the philosophers the poets
the teenagers the parents
the martyrs

The success of his tragedy!

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Untitled #214 / Affirmative Action

He had worked hard all his life, but
he was denied admission
because the other guy was ten points dumber
but a hundred points blacker

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Cockcrow's Chill

Oh you— 
gentle versifier, 
still awake 
in the cockcrow’s chill? Is there a lust, blooming 
in the beak of your pen? 

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Wounded by evil

You come to me, - wounded.
Pain shows within those darkened eyes,
that natural fire for life dampened.
I reach to you,
crane my neck to whisper -
sweet serenities unto your ear.

I gently soothe your skin,
listening, I take on board all you say.
I do not judge for I am not -
the mighty one! 
The one who comes in strength and power in spirit.
I am friend of conscience -  

No I am quieter, 
the essence of soul within.
I'm a friend that stands strong 
with your inner being;
that knows the real you
and how resolute you can be.

I am one who knows you can conquer
even the highest of mountains;
for not all people are the same.
Then how much more shall you be blessed
as you walk with strength, in light knowing 
how much more love and kindness can defy all evils.

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Cupid's empty psychic promise

Cupid don't come around me

He's lost his arrows
and he's late for his appointment
should have been here
years ago

His wings are tainted
clipped and broken
and when he sees me
he leaves me hoping
but he finds somewhere else to play

Another empty psychic promise
made today
another lonely day to parade around
another heartache soft and sound

Cupid don't come around me no more

He's lost his direction
and is flying circles above my head
shooting arrows, finding random marks
Everybode ELSE is in love
Everybody ELSE taste the salt of a kiss
all i have is the bitterness of the solitude
of the stale air of bitterness

Cupid don't come around me no more

He's drunk on love
and his memories a blur
can't remember who he's stuck
and whose got what temper
he's got a blindfold over his eyes
shoots his poison of love
at a heartfelt nation of passion
who is soo shallow
and everyone falls head over feet
and that's the reaction
but for some reason
no one ever falls for me

Just the stale air of the loneliness
of this bitter solitude

Cupid i think you forgot me

You're soo rude

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Tear Tattoo

For the sorrow of a lifetime

The baggage of a broken heart

Shows heavy footprints through time

When eyes cannot shed any more tears

And death is so far away

Premanent, viborant blue tears down your cheeks

So you may forever cry your pain

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Save Me

   When you come undone,
  We will try to stay blind,
 To the hope and fear outside.

   I did not mean to fall,
  I did not want to care,
 I did not want to need you.

   You are unfolding before my eyes,
  And when you move, you move through me,
 Under my skin.

   Shed your Armour, spin your web.
  Hypnotize me with the longest stare.
 Make your promise, or maybe a threat.

   Is there room in my heart,
  For you to follow your heart?
 And not need more blood, from the tip of your star.

   Just a little breath, on the water now,
  Is all we need.

   Just a little strength, in our hearts
  Enough to heal.

   Face to face, no telling lies.
  The masks they slide, to reveal
 A new disguise.

   You never can win, it's the state I'm in,
  This danger thrills, and my conflict kills.

   They say follow your heart, follow it through,
  But how can you, when you're split in two.

   There's a night, where you close your eyes,
  Round a real dream, that shines
 Like the sun.

   Everyone knows its beautiful,
  Tell me, why you want to dream
 It alone.

   And, I say that I love you,
  I say that I need you, baby.

   I leave you all the lines in my palm,
  No shadows will get you.

   No heart will desert you,
  Nothing will hurt you.
 Do you any harm.

   And, I am lonely here, deep inside myself.
  Deep inside myself.
 Believe in the light, in me.

   I am here, deep insid of me.

   And, the ghosts I keep inside myself.
  How do they see me?
 While again, I'm drowning in my soul.

   Will you save me?
                 / F /








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Feel   like near the skin and moves all around 
Feel   like a knife making my skin come unbound 
Feel   like a real thing between the bones and the meat 
Feel   like an entity beginning to unwind 
Feel   like someone doing something without a mind 
Feel   like pain that never leave or go away 
Feel   like a growing living thing 
Feel   like love in a wet place 
Feel   like hurt 
Feel   like nerves 

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Complimenting reality

we should be realising the fates
and who is belonging in what safe place
those who build bombs around the world that should be locked up
and those who guide us to kill one another
and blindly spin in circles to direct another war
should be held down in chains
but this art of conversation is not about that
I'm not writing to lift that veil off of anyone's eyes
go ahead and fight among yourselves fools
fight in your shallow stupidity of who is better than who
because who sits on what throne when they poop
This is about a hurt being we are here to cater to
an insignificant thing that we dont realize is great
something poets
slash and tear apart
and the cynics bruise and poison
and walk away from
cornered and scared
and no one realizes that this being named reality
truly has a heart

so stop for a second
put all your poisoned prayers
and two edged swords and gardens of poison ivy away
look at the green grass of fields on every side
and look at the reality we have created
that wishes she could run away from the babysitter we are
shame shame shame shame
drop your seeds of deceit
and zodiacs that are arts of war
and protests of cartoons
that complain about everything
as we gripe and complain about how horrible everything is
and look at reality
The child we are here to babysit
is it his or her birthday?

not saying 
put your rose colored glasses on
shove down another bunch of lies
that would make the poisoned angels who fell from the heavens
on gods birthday party of infinity proud
but see the truth for a second and understand that this being
this essence
this center of everything
of delusion and magic
of emotion and experience
of religion and confusion
of what we are living needs four compliments
and it is time we hand them out

How do you explain reality to itself?
this being....boy or girl?
this esoteric seed we all lock away, trash talk
right in front of its face?
is mystery a compliment?
Is blessing the truth?
Is life lesson enigma of endless riddles and understanding
closer to revelation?
and just what would you do
if you could understand all the pain this being felt
all the confusion?
at all those particular times it chose to stay with you or leave
and why?

can you give reality a compliment?
and can we see whose got it wrapped around his finger
sending her off to battlegrounds and wars through delusions
and terror to save him or herself?
as a babysitter
can we keep reality together?

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Helping Others?

Helping Others? 
are you sure that ewe are helping others 
can you give a dollar to someone smoking a cigarette 
do i need to find a partee to go to and donate 
dont they already have too much 
i must procrastinate today 
i cant give to those that have a lot 
i just will not try to relate 
i have a different fate -------sometimes-------- 
i like to give to my poor brother 
the only problem there 
is his own hate 
he sends me away with all of my goods 
with just a word he says 

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Dissecting Words Into Letters

 Dissecting Words Into Letters 
Dissecting Words Into Letters 
In this class of hard introducting there is words to be dissected into letters there 
is no further need for a discussion or ramification of the dissertation. Ignorance 
is bliss or so they say. Take the word at random play fortification. The first letter is 
f. The second letter is o. There is a third letter r. The fourth letter is t. The letter i is 
fifth. Number six is f. Seven on this list is i again. 
Eighth Word is c. No wait eye am very sorry the letter not the word this is what 
happens when someone hurries me. Nine is a. Ten is t. Eleven on our list is i 
that's three. There is a twelfth letter there an o. 
That brings me to the thirteenth letter of this word an n. 
Now we can begin the day and ascertain that n is the unlucky letter. 
The random chosen word is fortification this word has thirteen letters the letter n 
is the unlucky letter. 
For optimum performance of all placed bets on horses or tables or games do 
not use the letter n in a betting manner. 

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Empathetic (man)

Everyone makes jokes at partees and laughs 
And smokes and drinks, there are the mind controllers 
And the power freaks, but not many ex-Marines. 
They just do not seem to need the glitter and glitch 
Of partee life eye have never used a wheelchair am not sorry about that am glad 
that eye can have my walk if not my run 
An old man does not top a bluff and run willy nilly down a bluff but stops 
And finds a path to just walk down the hill 
Today eye feel 
the pain of wheelchair bound and wonder at his plight. 
Was he a marine ruined in a fight or just some strang desease that keeps him 
sitting there please GOD eye make this prayer 
Please help the wheelchair bound and lift him up. 
Mye empathetic prayer is Thank you 
For my walk. 

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The Survivors (Sedoka)

High in the Andes
Surviving the fiery crash
Overcoming winter’s storm
Telling their stories
Spirit of preservation
The inner soul of mankind

Comments:  The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line 
poems called a katauta with the following syllable counts: 5/7/7, 5/7/7.  A Sedoka, 
pair of katauta as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing 
perspectives.  The katauta is an unrhymed three-line poem with the following 
syllable counts: 5/7/7.  This Sedoka addresses the intestinal fortitude of the 
rugby team surviving the plane crash in the Andes in 1972.

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The Blonde Next Door

My thoughts
drifting between rhyme
and un-rhyme.

A scenario, I write
me and you, we lovingly pursue our dreams.

I am blessed, sure I am,
but when my thoughts awaken 
in reality, you are 

happily married to someone
with three kids.
And I sigh…ahh!

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Dead Hero Child

slowmotion watching for you to
say take slow motion off and 
delete the sound of my snoring
take my breathe away

stones love
thinking bout my truck
hesitating never was faded
and now it shines again to twst 
breathtaking slow motion watching 
round turning to say


i couldnt believe 
all these 
emotions in the midst of silent bliss
and every moment shared
it never mattered to think 
 tomorrow came
you are 
breath taking
absolutely breathe taking

I swung
dead and left my money i cant spend
now i know this dance floor 
with this smile on my face
where everyone loves that bar!

Here i am
wont you come find me

whenever they turn out the lights
and i get lonely outside in my car
lonely inside my head
ground flowers
licking wounds
aching inside
i know im dead
better off alone

this isn't allowed
so they rip it out

Whose choice is it to take my remains to the morgue now?

but shes not too tough
and now the lights out
lets go
lets talk
to see all those dreams
and what magica world is what now?
what way doe the stars seem to sway?
what saved us?

my heros died that night

I remember it well 
On an on to take me to the crib
be easy
dressed impressive
sexy selective
doesnt mean to disrespect
but when he lays it down

realise you no longer in first place
the spell
was from hell
and no one could tell
all about some nasty girl
and so she gave me her tips
the silence thereafter
 the screaming of the chant from hell
do i live by the mood or the moon?
anyway what happens to Cinderella
after midnight if the lights are off?
ghetto baby followed herself down 

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Child of God

Can you tell me why I have to live like this?
I am only a child
I don't understand what is happening
Why did those men kill my parents?
Why did those men kill my brothers and sisters?
We didn't do anything
Somehow I survived
I don't know why
I don't have anything anymore
I don't have anyone anymore
Who is going to take care of me?
I'm sick too
I don't know what it is, but my whole family had it too
They tell me it will kill me
I don't want to die
I haven't even lived yet
I haven't learned how to read and write
Now that my family is dead
I have to live with all these people I don't know
Fortunatly I have a nice doctor to take care of me
I wish the people in my country were that nice
All they do is kill people
They like to take my food away
They like to take my water away
They like to do bad things to the women
My eyes are to young to see and feel the things I have 
I hope that someday 
All the people in my country 
Will learn to like each other
That way no one else will have to suffer
That way no one else will have to die
That way other kids like me 
Can live happy, healthy, and free.

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Penniless Dreams

Your News was very hot,
I were very excited,
You was coming to me.
The message was very cool,
When I heard,
You are facing insult,
And your husband,
Also beaten you up.
I were remembering,
My loving days,
When I chased you,
Every moment,
In a day light
Also in my dreams,
My life was blocked somewhere,
Where you was only my destiny.
I still remembering,
When you said me,
Love is n’t only enough,
Money also has a matter,
Enjoyment is a meaning,
That is impossible,
If someone is penniless.
I don’t want to hurt you,
You already has penniness bed,
That is firing around you,
But I like to confirm you,
I still have only love,
I welcome you,
If you like to live with my Love.

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StasticaL Poem

 StatisticaL Poem 
Statistacl Poem 
Eye looked at the newspaper in the rack and could not tell what the headlines 
read and the letters blurred and looked like Chinese characters all inked by 
Chinese hand and  nothing that it said can either ever mean a thing to me unless 
eye become an Editor at the paper or someone like Clark Kent a reportor of the 
real event. For me the day is over eye am a statistic eye am a displaced person 
A homeless shelter in the desert sun 
An AnachronYm of one. 

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Pleasure pools bathe indecency
splashing erotic sensations rapture.
Clouding emotions in darkness
carried farther than victims desire.

Glazing passions promiscuous
tickles into punctured freedom.
Concrete tendencies flourish,
boredoms haunting nightmares.

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An old bird in a nest

An old bird in a nest 


It was too aged and sick

lying in a dead end of the nest

None cared for its prey and its needs

It was deserted by its own blood

They are in the hands of youth 

who cared only to feed their own youngs


They feel that the old is of no use

its death would cause no great loss

Such selfish thought deserted the old friend

once so dear now a mere burden 

It decided

to put an end to its miseries

and committed suicide,

some feathers stood witness in the nest;

Not only few feathers and a lesson too:

the old age and death would come to all,

to me and to you.

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Life Is Me


E                                             In 
                  Laughter, visualize 
           My reason, the answer
   It’s not in the sky, life is me

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The Making of a Fool

You have a dream 
To follow
Like everyone else in this world
Striving harder 
To get the things you want, and
Your performance is appreciated
For that, you’re elected
To the precious throne
Of your dream
By lower life
Don’t fool
The fools
The bile
Creeping into their consciousness
For quite sometime now
You see
And not the pleasure
Of your wish you’ll get
To serve
Pass them the truth
That’s essential to their life
And, if you don’t
Your tears is well highlighted
In their skin
It won’t be erased
Even if, they’ll dismiss you
To ashes of grief
‘Cos forever will haunt them
Of your disgrace
To society
For you made 
Them…the fools 
Feel fool

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A pity – a shrug
No good-bye party  not even a shake or a hug
Fall for all the system takes
A programmed criminal – an imprisoned thug
Excuse and rationalized
Convicted lizards – parolee bug
Should have stuck with sprinkling life with your spice
Freedom was not enough – so now pay the price.
A dangerous animal					Ant farm of insects
Mindy Joe deserved better than you.
Smart and able to see a lie from what is true.
So which tragic way Doug must go through
Violated parole. - Down in the hole
A tempered sword, A tempered soul.
Friends of far between and few
To succeed or to suck eggs? Which is the goal?
Doug has dug his own little grave,
Within it a cage
Inside is so empty			The outside – now gone- is now so. Full.

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Uninvited Death

Tragedy bristles upon the lips
and rivers in gestures of finger tips
It pools under suits incomparably black
sizes too small from disuse
Clinically built in a room sweating sorrow
which vacuum packs pain in a box 'till tomorrow
where loved ones bend whispers around all their stories
and sleep walk to hug the next guest
Ribbons from flowers blow stiff air conditioned
once perfectly placed and then quick repositioned
creaming the moments with dulling perfume
sprayed on in the fake factory
All of the smiles are pinned on to ears
in a desperate attempt to dissuade silver tears
which want to unsterilize every moment
and spin up a cyclone of grief
Footsteps are muffled by carpet too thick
in a dance of emotion brought brittle and sick
The room is a breath set to flame catalyst
with only one guest uninvited...

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I'm a victom of too little too late

The stars sing to me
to set up games
to look for players
to save my life
from the sick world of satanic cults....
I know you're thinking
How do I know?

I'm the modern day
David Gayle
She swallowed the key
She wrapped the bag around her head and taped it up
after intercourse

Once upon a time
I talked to the T.V.
I told them
I didn't want
anyone help me become succesfull
little did I know
everyone was going to spend 
the rest of their lives
fighting me

Now I'm crying
from the truth your not believing
and the mental scars I have you don't see

A call for help is a sign for suckers

Once upon a time
the radio talked to me
I told the radio
i needed a friend
a shadow
a mystery
little did I know
I'd be studied
and cast aside
after being thrown away

mentally tormented and raped

I could have lived happily ever after
The radio mocks me
The tv runs away from the truth of