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Free Verse Spring Poems | Free Verse Poems About Spring

These Free Verse Spring poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Spring. These are the best examples of Free Verse Spring poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Stunning spring is my favourite season She swirls her skirts and drapes the garden in her finest clothes Dressing the naked winter trees and bushes with bright brilliant foliage Spring showers us with confetti of pink cherry blossom petals in the warm breeze Gently opening the eyes of the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils They crane their necks from the melting snow and smile sweetly Creating colour and scent in our glorious gardens 01-02-15 Shadow Hamilton - Seasons Poetry Contest ~awarded 1st place~

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         Oh I am but a simple leaf
         withering within the gutter
         one summer of bliss
         now! Just an autumn flutter.

                   For some; destine to fall
                   upon stony ground, a part
                   of life’s infernal gyration.
                   Yet for those that fall
                   within your reach, to live
                   on within your soul!

         While limbs that stretch
         towards the solstice, create
         vivacious veins as channels of hope,
         a pledge of foliation continues
         to endure what spring has
         furnished; autumn expires. 

                   Yes! If we can but learn
                   from nature’s complex simplicity,
                   that life be of a cycle
                   from the seed we are conceived,
                   then let spring be my beginning
                   winter my exultant eve!

         Let our two cultures
         merge as one, the
         decomposed humus
         to become the sustenance;
         our transfusion the
         new beginning.

                   Let us breathe the
                   fragrance of born again;
                   let each slender limb,
                   stout body bear our
                   tenaciousness, each lyrical
                   leaf our life’s blood.

          Let us mollycoddle each
          precious tear that falls from a
          angry sky; dance gracefully
          upon the wind, embrace
          on moonless nights, bathe
           in summer madness.

                   Let us hear the bluebell call,
                   the daffodil pray, the apple
                   blossom bear witness; the
                   clamour of the field mouse
                   the pitapat of the butterfly
                   the silence of lovers in love.

             Let us be sanctuary to the
             symbolic songstress, scuttling
             squirrel, vulgar urchin;
             a fortress for the warrior
             a haven for the pacifist
             an inspiration for the poet!


                  The call of springtime
                   we will invoke,
                     logging representative
                      we will gladly choke;
                        nature’s guardian.
                          “This! Obliging old oak.”

Copyright Harry J Horsman 2000



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Winter's End

Winter’s fury has long died; fading, weary, she comes to pass. Sunlight spills across open yards, blotted white - then, one last chilled breath escapes with might before succumbing to southern breeze. The seasons transform with ease. Subdued colors slowly brighten - in budding delight, rising, swaying, searching sky, they sleep no more. Pale cheeks, soft to touch, cheerfully blush. Love blooms in wake of warmth and bubbling sounds of children’s laughter. Under a hearty sun, bare feet and legs long to lilt as passion follows deepening breath out to taste the open air, waiting for night to kiss in the flush of descending moonlight – as shooting stars sleep no more. A blazing fireplace cools, no longer needed to kindle romance. Feeling alive, I soften to the touch of spring dew, the joyous music - rustling leaves, songbird’s melody, fresh falling rain; nature’s dance, taking her time to seed waking soil until she voraciously catches fire seeking summer like a lost love – a restless gypsy on a journey- she sleeps no more. Spring dresses earth in liveliest colors… and I smile, Overwhelmed with the beauty touching my soul and sun showers falling on sweetened dreams.

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Any Old Poem Contest: echoes and whispers uncut

the whispers
of leaves
turn color
autumn is here.

the echoes
of the rain
that waters
and blossoms spring.

the snow shapes
the crisp cold
ices the wintertide.

the sand sculptures
that paint
that rekindle
a childhood summer past.

the seasonal airs
stimulates the senses
and the memories they carry.

in the glee,

in the hopes and dreams,

in the human spirit,

lives the miracle of life.

the magnificent
voices in every pitch
deep and resounding,
the melody

 of echoes and whispers – uncut.

Maurice Yvonne
Any Old Poem Will Do - Contest
For Skat A
Entered: August 29 2014

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Spring Showers

The Happy Field and Spring Shower Hand in hand, we fluttered like two butterflies among the fragrant flowers of the field and meandered, singing songs, along a stream. No agendas to keep to; no schedules to curtail the pure pleasure that we took in consuming every lovely hour of our Saturday. With our picnic lunch, we sat down on a blanket. Later we lay looking up at clouds. Transported to the wonderland of our imagination, we named them fluffy mountain ranges, bunnies, sheep, and Easter lily petals until they morphed into lopsided bearded faces, huge white polar bears and cotton-breathing dragons. Unexpectedly, the clouds grew dark, and suddenly, we saw and felt large raindrops splatter on our skin. We fled our happy field, arriving home - two children, wet and laughing, just as the spring shower let up. How were we to know in the springtime of our lives that the field and the rain from which we fled I’d one day write about as metaphors for youth. Written for the Spring Showers contest 3/30/13

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Nature's Dance

Through a rose petal forest,
The Spring wind sings
A luscious symphony
Of sighs and whispers.
Light and shadow dance 
Cheek to cheek
To the music of the boughs
Beneath a prismatic honey moon.
Nature's kaleidoscopic dress
Flows and swirls in chittering delight.
Leaves rustling, branches tussling,
In an ancient dance of mirth.

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The Avenue

There, just beyond the door yard, she wanders
and I, hiding behind the curtain, catch glimpses
before she disappears up the avenue
that winds through the apple orchard.
Each morning I watch for her as she walks aimlessly.
Sometimes she steps across her previous step and spins,
dragging a broken branch she found,
and with her eyes closed---smiles.
On occasion she willingly falls, lying there,
still smiling and staring dreamlike at the branches
now laden with white blossoms and the busy humming of bees.
I wish I could know her thoughts--
but then, I fear they might be of some other love
instead of the wonder of this perfect spring day,
or, maybe she dreams of that love that she hasn't yet found.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll stroll---and say "Hello"?

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Those Were Golden Days of Splendor

Those Were Golden Days of Splendor

Rushing clear water splattered over the rocks
melding into a huge spraying white foam
The sounds made sent heavenly tastes to my ears
the sight pierced my heart with love's stab

Stab that melds heart to a gentle Soul
a sweet pain born again and again so happily
Fast running stream in my mind's eye endures
stamps images with a clear splash of life

Just a swift stream from my youthful forays
days spent exploring Nature, the world anew
Memories time stamped , precious cargo aboard
faces of family waiting home for my return

Rushing water, a life in a bubbling brook
A memory, a love , a mental picture I took!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-26-2014 

note:  Looking back at the greatest time of my life. 
I was ten years old, rambling the fields and woods
like a roaming gypsy on the prowl. My father was still alive,
my mother young and in good health and best of all my 
baby brother was two years old, destined to live 12 more years.
A happy family of 11 children and two parents. Life was good!

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The Mystery of Spring

(a Salute to Howard Moss)

Although it is not yet warm,
we have shoved to the backs of closets
snow-boots, gloves, and woolen scarves, 
locked tire chains and ice scrapers
into trunks of automobiles as if
tomorrow the first bloom appears.

Oh, stiff wind blow, hold back snow,
whose flakes unwelcome gust
while hearts claim lilac scent.
Oh, pale moon, come, lend your light.
Oh, songbird, drop your sweet notes here,
while old men's hats sail past
and girls push down their skirts—
with both hands—as purses cling
on hunched shoulders and hair-strands 
blow against cheeks. 

What is this howling wind
and who brought this mournful song,
this wild, feathered up-surging
as if tomorrow the world upturns.
We've shoved our gloves, 
our boots and scarves behind
the racks in backs of closets, 
locked away the sacks of salt,
and scoured the ground for signs
of hyacinth buds or crocus flush,

while old mens' hats sail past
and girls hold down their skirts
as purses sway and hair-strands
whip against their cheeks?
And though it is not yet warm,
there is the mystery of spring.

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Springs Purrr

Sur une journee de printemps venteux
je ai senti des yeux de chat rayonnant
percer me vetements

And I felt the tremor of his desire…
purring softly, I felt the magic between
him and I

Je ai un clin d’oeil, et la chaton souri,
elle se approacha
et mes membres se mit a trembler

Sitting now on his lap, I was content
as a cat
lapping up his warmth
I felt safe and secure

*Collaboration by: Mystic Rose and James Peranteau

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Weren't we partners in everything?
Didn't we talk, study and sing?
Weren't we innocent?
Weren't we kids?
Why aren't we so anymore?

Why each has a life?
Why each has a door?
Weren't we there together?
Weren't we enjoying spring and summer?
Why aren't we so today?

Why can't we have fun and play?
Why can't we share our talks and say?
Didn't you promise me to be my soul?
Didn't I feel shocked and suddenly fall?
Don't you remember... anything at all?

We aren't partners...
We aren't... at all!



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April's last Flowers

April's last Flowers

I was watching carefully
The last stems 
Of April's Red flowers
Which were spreading their beauty and smile 
Unconcerned with the destiny 
That after April 
There would be almost no such flowers 
Of red Lily
For another one year.01

The flowers were smiling
As if, it makes no difference to them
Whether, they would be here or not
When the hot winds of summer 
Would try to wither and make dull 
The beauty and grace
Of every human face
As often they succeed in withering 
The beauty of flowers and life 
That exits and breath
Without the love drops of life giving water.02

The last flowers of April 
Were also unconcerned 
That they would shrink and would get dried
By the heat and dust of summer
In the days to come 
When the scorching Sun would 
Burn the Earth, Sea and Water
To create the wonders of rains 
For thirty lands and sky of the earth.03

What a great way to live life 
Was prevailing 
In these smiling last flowers of April
Alas! If only humans can understand 
How to live a life with the pleasure of love
And get lost forever 
Without the worries of tomorrows.04

The flowers were enjoying 
Every moment of their existence 
With the butterflies and black bees 
Which were hovering on them 
Since day one 
And were trying to please and praise them  
To win their hearts 
Like men praise and please the women
When they want to attract and win their heart. 05

The hovering butterflies and bees too
Were trying to show their love 
To all the beautiful flowers of April
Before the alluring beauty of these flowers
So that these alluring flowers  
May allow them to come close and kiss them
In the flowering season of spring.06

Every time these symbols of love
The black bees, butterflies and 
Even the little black tiny bird
Were coming close 
To kiss and to touch the petals of flowers
They were charging with a new energy
After getting the love drops 
From their beloved red flowers
And they were flying 
More and more high in the sky
Perhaps to touch the those lofty heights
Which can only be seen 
When nectar like love drops
Creates its magic on these searching lips
Filling it with the energy of love
Which get reflected in every new flight 
Of these beautiful creatures
When they fly from one flower to another. 07

And I was watching silently
With a Camera in my hand
While witnessing  
The last of these April flowers 
To catch the glimpse of 
Any of these memorable moments.08

Their silent game of nectar and pleasure hunt
Continued in that bright sunlight
As more and more new creatures
Were coming to please and to win their beloved
Standing there with its ravishing beauty 
So that, they may welcome them
With a smile and beauty 
And may allow them to taste 
The nectar of these red beauty and love
Which starts pouring it's magic 
With the approach of April 
In spring every year. 09

Ravindra K Kapoor
Kanpur India 2nd May 


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A Night To Remember

So sweet a kiss
The murmuring tunes of Spring
In the fragrant breath of night
Hums within my slumbering ears.
Like the whispering trees dancing
In the softest dews descending
From the vapours of the skies 
When the soothing night
Was young with the glimmering moon of May.

The poor labouring clouds expanded wide
In the muted distance ripe with coldness
While the storming of the Eastern wind
Drifted through the blossoming fields
Graced by the sultry springs in the lulling hours.
I pulled the weary drapes
When the night grew old with silence
From a crystal window 
Mirrored against the dumb fields
Black with the night.
A soft mist exudes the dead wind
Curled around the nodding branches.
Then I stealed away to the vacant spot
Where a crackling fire
Invaded the mournful breath of silence.

Lipsing sounds intrudes the night
Upon the quiet slopes and verdant span
Where the blossoms gently bow
Kissing soft the silver spray
Fluttering in the starry distance.
There sauntered I
Under the gladsome sky
To pluck a cherry from its stem
Outstretched beneath the sobbing moon
That in the dawning misty hours
That silver orb of light expires
When the sun had greet the day
With a golden sigh!



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Slowly rising sun peeks over treetops
causing them to blush when their nakedness is revealed
Only the apple tree is dressing yet in anticipation of spring dances
Green leafy buds appeared overnight to adorn uplifted limbs
Grass lengthening and greening by the moment
displays its need for a trim
Daffodils planted randomly and profusely through the yard
by a previous owner are exploding in a riot of yellows
Unseen birds chirp happily    tweeting a new day’s greetings
A woodpecker furiously hammers at an oak stump beside my house
Sleek black feathers contrast with a snowy white belly
and vibrant red crest on top of his head
An owl hoots mournfully in the distance
Each hoo-hoot fainter than the last 
as it settles down to sleep after a long night hunting
A night of hunting    oh where are the rabbits I watch in early mornings
They hop playfully into view crunching through last year’s leaves
A doe and her fawn watch from the far edge of my yard
Waiting for me to finish my coffee and this poem
And vacate my front porch so they can breakfast at the birdfeeder

(I have a pot of fresh coffee perking on the stove and comfy chairs on the porch. Come visit, sit a while and enjoy the morning with me)

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Spring Showers

Soft sunlight streams through Nimbus clouds A sign, a foretaste of coming spring When hills and fields bring forth rich foliage From humble green grass to royal heather Flaunting peacock colors to honor the day As clouds release their crystalline drops Lovers’ laughter echoes as they run for shelter B’neath the old willow tree, they stand; lost in warm embrace Soon, a hush will fall as sweet jasmine floats When hungry lips taste the first kiss of spring ~*~
4/4/13 Note: For Russell's "Spring Showers" Contest

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I Feel Sad Today

I feel sad to day

I feel sad in heart to day, to see what is happening all around me 
The season of spring is singing the tune of autumn
The Koyals* and nightingales have left without singing,
This beautiful garden and the trees,
Before the spring would have bloom them to sing,
In full throated ease and beauty
They have left the nest and the tree and even the Garden
To see all this 
I am very sad to day, sad, very sad in heart 

Adieu my friends, you are the birds, who could have sung,
Many more songs and would have given many more dreams,
To those who are still in the garden, in the hope of a Koyal’s melody

But these are the dreams for awaken eyes
And not for those who are sleeping
As day dreams can be put to shape, but the dreams of sleeping eyes
Very rarely get a shape and are often get lost in sleep alone
I feel very sad,  
To realize and to see things as they getting all around me


Kanpur India 31 01 2010
*Koyal .  A melody singing bird of India (like the Nightingale of John Keats)
Koyal mainly sings in the season of spring.

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From a Tiny and Bright Orange Flower in the Woods

Hark! Don’t forsake me. 
Search for me. 
Look down low, in the underbrush. 
I will be good for you.
Though I’ve been given just a little of our endless world,
I have the glowing fire of raging cordilleras,
The blazing sunsets of Equatorial skies,
The lustrous skin of succulent citrus.
I am orange truth.

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Spring's Sweet Reality

She wanders to a dream, a place Where weeping willows brush her face Beneath the branches bending low She's walking where a garden grows Grass gently sways, as cool as glass And timid blows the warming breeze, That fetches shining hair with ease With wisps of gold, which fly astray, Like meadow flowers, in yellow maize A melody of larks, that sing Of promised spring....of pastel things An amber sun, a basking glow, Who ambles by and whispers low Of meadows green and rainbows too How much she longs to bask again To warm a face so pale of skin But then, once more the threat of chill Upon a cheek, a breath of ice And snowflakes land upon on her lash They startle cold, like morning ash, A northern wind that stings her eyes A thief will snatch her scarf away, And thus her dream has gone astray And once again her dream has died Yet distantly, there lies in wait, A springtime place, a promised fate A path beneath the willow tree, Where sun peeks through the velvet haze Where flowers bloom and meadows grow, And larks sing lovely lullabies The earth will wake, to be a dream A dream with sweet reality
____________________________________________________________ For Francine's Contest: "Winter Begone" 1/23/12

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deep freeze

Winter days so  cold and dreary
Cause the soul to grow weak and weary
Ice has covered all the trees
It seems we are in a deep freeze

But Spring  is coming to the rescue
 Bringing  hope and life anew
Blossoms will soon  cover the trees
In will come the tropic breeze

Then will come the butterflies
Fluttering  as  they  beautify
Followed by the bumblebees
As birds sing happily in the trees

Winter soon will  have to go
As Spring comes in with gentle  kiss
 Proclaiming to the cold and snow
 That  winter thusly is dismissed

1 - 20- 2013

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Refreshing Spring Showers

After a soft spring shower last night, the air was washed clean
And saturated mother earth brings to life nature's bounty
Wisteria, Jasmine, and Azeala's scent wafts perfuming the cleansed air

Last night's accompanying thunder and lightning
Brought nitrogen that restores  green to grass, plants, and trees
Now renewed shades of green dot the rolling hills, dashes of soft color those spring greens  

A gentle zephyr stirs the leaves refreshed from the moisture and rich nitrogen air
Now hidden within the once barren limbs a tiny bird's nest nestled with care
Soon baby birds will emerge to feast on seeds nourished from this spring shower

A gentle spring shower is a blessing for man, earth and beast
Refreshing, restoring, and nourishing so all will be able to eat
Spring showers put in store water to carry the earth through summer's heat

Out on the porch to enjoy air washed of pollen, cleansed, and refreshed
And hear the birds sing at their very best
Last night's soft spring shower assures their life will be blessed__

Sponsor: Russell Sivey
Contest: Spring Showers
Written this twelfth day of April 2013

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Spring Showers

They bring new life,
Revive the old,
Spring showers,
Wash away the snow.
These showers make me happy,
When I am sad,
They water the plants,
Both good and bad.
My favorite thing about them,
Is they hide all my tears,
They wash away the pain,
Of all my years.
I don't like these showers,
When I want to go outside,
Because when it rains,
I have no place to hide.

Spring Showers

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Shrink Wrapped

The days go by
as I walk around the man made lake,
churning the tides of time backwards
making butter from the gold and brown broth
a solitary wanderers on the same gravel path.
Always a person for whom the flow meant danger
from spring to summer,  I walk the scene
with cheery “mornin’s”
popping the insular bubbles 
of self imposed


The days go by
as spring returned to my aged step.
The flow lures the weary mind tired of treading water.
Glassine eyes cataract dimmed clear and lift to blue skies.
Familiar faces grin back hooked 
on a cheery “mornin’”
Marshaled resources clockwise turn.
Forward thinking, right sided, occasion walks
from summer to fall
popping the insular bubbles 
of self imposed


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I think about you and my soul sings
Of all the endless springs 
That await us, rich and promising
in their fertility,
I want to lie with you in the grass,
I want to lose myself in you there,
Hidden away from the glare,
I want to take you; outside in the sun and
Beneath the swaying trees,
Marvel as the rays gild you in gold,
Open and ready,
Surrounded by scents- sweet and musky,
Covered by your weight; 
Warm and heavy,
I want to lie with you,
And watch the flowers bloom.

© Kavisha Saga and Ek Choti Kavita, 2014

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winter,summer, spring, and fall

First of all I am going to tell you a story about the four seasons,
winter summer spring and fall,

Its a story not to forget at all and it is easy to remember that
Fall is a season that likes it cool, the nice wind blowing as all the leaves make sounds as they hit the ground,

And Winter it's a season of snow with the frosty nicknames that everyone knows.

And Summer is the hotest season of all,bringing up the heat so much you  wish it was still fall.

Now spring is the prettyest season I have seen, where everything is blooming and growing green.Its a season where all  the birds start singing cause of the joy they have had with winter,summer, spring, and fall....

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A Peculiar Sea

The polystyrene waves whip the sea of earth on

a Spring tide as the crows nonchalantly look on  

patiently waiting for the styrene spray to uncover 

the fishes of  the dusty dry earth to feed  their young.

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What if spring hadn't come this year?
What if we'd jumped smack into summer?
I'm thinking of Schumann's Spring Symphony -
If such a thing had happened to him
There would be no Spring Symphony
I'm thinking of Beethoven's Spring Sonata
Same thing -
I'm thinking of all the rosy poetry
Hey! Berlin's "Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it"
I'm thinking of lovers on park benches
Keeping each other warm on a slightly chill May night
Thinking of scadzillions of little green zits on starved tree branches
How that first warm breeze smiles the system from head to toe
    to one great gulp of joyous laughter
What if summer doesn't come this year?
Worry about that later

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The Well of My Poetry

I pushed through the pain

Smiling      when lightning struck my heart

Even rainbows       drift to darkness

I saw fear       in the rear-view window

Pieces of my life        floated by

Begging forgiveness.......

Buoyed by the thought 
                                       of becoming whole again 

Many years passed      and poems I sipped for strength

Nodded knowingly, when I found
                                       the spring water was fresh

                        the spring water


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Spring Colors

Sun shining on a spring day
Grass spent months under winter’s snow
Reaching for the sky
Hoping for that one last sunbeam
Desiring a moment of warmth
Streams covered with ice
Thaw into distant rivers
Feeding fields as they flow by
Plants and trees spread into life
Showing a beauty hidden by the icy cold
Flowers burst through the ground
Hues and tints not remembered
Brought back to the imagination
Turning empty hillsides into palettes
Painted by brushes created at the start of time
The colors grow and fade
As the time of summer comes and goes
And once again
The beauty and color of life
Hides beneath a white blanket
Waiting for that one moment 
For the sun to return on another spring day

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Come Spring

Pods appear upon the sprigs of green reaching skyward 
covered in early morning dew.
Soft yellow petals open and fold down forming a blanket 
upon which the trumpet center will rest.
The sun shining down on the daffodils give a feeling of 
daintiness to the flowers.
One of the most beautiful flowers seen swaying in the 
spring breeze.

A sign that spring is indeed bursting at the seams to be 
born again.
As the spring season arrives and Easter approaches the 
daffodils will be in full bloom.
The trumpets reaching to the sky in a wonderful display 
of beautiful colors.
Again year after year these precious flowers return to us
once more to admire.

Entry for "Ten Minutes Tops" contest of P.D.
Written by Carol Brown
10th Place Winner

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Seasons' Promise

Summer lies sleeping somewhere in fields of daisies
her warm breeze waltzes with each blade of grass

Autumn’s reclined wrapped within soft, cool mists
her nursery of seeds and parched leaves put to bed

Winter has awoken and rides the frigid northern winds
Ushering in a moment of slumber to proffer the circle of life

And... spring will come tomorrow, a new beginning to champion
When all asleep arise once more, with burst of colors everywhere!


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The seasons of us

when winter comes and skeletons of trees

stand starkly upon the snow

i will think of you

and your head on my lap before the fireplace

skating on the gaunt, deep pond 

where we made love on brighter days

hot chocolate and fired brandies

and standing at windows while flurries fell


when it is spring again and trees bear promises

as islands of snow die slowly in their shadows

i will think of you

when all was alive again and you believed in us

within the world of nest-making and streams going home

making bouquets of foothill flowers

constantly profaning the word “forever”

and imagining that winter was forever gone


when summer is upon me with sweltering wrath

i will come to the forest where we walked and

i will think of you

where we were prone beneath the well dressed limbs

in a canopy above us, fitted into one another like lovers

by the quarry lake where you were covered in beads of water

and the sun loved you and glistened upon your body

where i looked at you as one would view sunsets or miracles


autumn will come with all its dark omens and i will walk 

upon the crisp leaves made spectacular by death

and i will think of you

where the earth wore its gaudy colors while ours had faded

into the murky hues of uneasiness and fear

and soon the trees will awaken alone and naked to the world

and i will understand their plight in a box called home

where once laughter lived and life was wonderful


there was a time before seasons and sentiment

when small, gentle hands covered my eyes with giggles

and you gasped, “oh, i’m sorry!  i thought you were someone else!”

i smiled then and replied, “i am.”

it was the spring of us that led into the caldron of summer passion

before time and treasons took their toll

before reality and reason tore the glitter from our eyes

and our autumn came that condemned us to our winter 

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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Days of Spring

 The starkness of winter is left behind
In it's wake comes inbound spring
 every step with joyful  delight
She dressed herself with greenery
Putting on her finest dress
As her beauty is heightened the
Flowers poke their heads
 laughing, dancing with delight
Colors of floral explosion appear
as her sweet scented perfume fills the air.
Birds are returning to her warmth 
as she dances with the wind 
The winter blues have begun to lift 
Spring waltzes in on the incoming breeze.

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free spirit of spring: a new foliage wraps the air; vagabond sunset awakes upon colored tones, mounds of rosebud lips drip of citrine sensation…how beautiful they are, enough to rustle hundreds of maiden’s smiles: and while the swags of spring cuddles gemmed lilacs and dewed tulips--- a plump view shapes the morns into a spray of mountain blooms, spreading sheer rapture on long, wild green fields--- and flowers burst more daring than the red, orange and pink of sunlight, a trinket of bulbs surfs along garden beds waving their flamenco hands to greet tangled wet weeds. ...and much like the sun they were born from, florets thrust their tanned arms radiant, rare, robust… a parade of garlands dressed in satin hues burst on the first touch of light: finally, earth’s flesh is decked in springtime glow…waltzing
""""""""""" for P.D's' Spring Contest by nette onclaud

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The Backside of Killington Mountain

Killington Mountain, one of the largest Ski resorts in New England.
With its webbing of trails, dotted with colourful kaleidioscopic ski outfits;
racing to the Castle they call a Base Lodge.

My Cabin is atop a mountain across two valleys from Killington's backside
I can see the untamed, wild and free side of Mother Nature's: True being
Where deers have no fears, and the Bald Eagle soars Free

I once did a recue mission there, and when all were safe, I walked
Into the forrest of Nature,where mankind had never before intruded
I walked where the Deer, Bed. where the eaglets squawked for food

I saw the Black Bear awake; "Good Morning Mrs. Black Bear"she Yawned
And walked away.I heard the Evergreens giggle as melting snow ticked Pines
The Serenity,Tranquility,enveloped me in Nature's Wonder of the World.
      Inspired by Linda(PD) with her Contest: 7 Wonders of the Ancient and
                     New World. This POEM is one of my 7 Wonders.
This is Dedicated to all POETS who have written about the Autrocitys of 
Mankind to "  Nature or THE Beauty of Mother Nature in Rhyme "
                           This is not a Contest Entree

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only you and I
Our season
That goes beyond the reason
Makes us sing 
And dance on our hearts-beating
Is it the moment
We've been waiting?
If so
Let's close our eyes
For, our love is the eyes
That will lead us to Paradise
No one could die
That's our life
That's you

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Spring Showers

They sometimes come as strangers to the Earth. But, often, they are unwelcome overflows. From two pure elements they are always made, And they are most essential to the welfare of mankind. They have activated hormones now and then And, sometime later results are proudly known. Many sweaty brows of have been cooled, After work in fields fed by spring showers. As both adult and child I’ve slept to the Rhythm of spring showers on tin roofs. And the sleep resulting seemed much more refreshing Than the forty winks I managed now and then. Spring showers are our friends But when carried by strong winds Can bring devastation And damage of historic proportions. These gentle rains can mean Life’s blood to some and death knell to others. So, spring showers are many things And memories galore flourish after their visit. Written for Russell Sivey’s contest ‘Spring Showers” 04/14/13

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Spring Showers

Living on a mountain top in Vermont "Spring Showers" are very dangerous
With several feet of snow still covering the rocky terrain above the tree line
a recue unit is always prepared for the fools that climb the cliffs; unprepared
They pay no heed to the weather report: Spring Showers today and tomorrow
on top of a mountain the rain falls and creates tiny rivers under the snowdrifts
A slow rain tears the bottom layer of snow away with a sheet of ice at its base
The potential now for an Avalanche just rose 80%.Are there fools climbing today?
every fifteen minutes, the rescue squad check their gear. The thermo body raps,
Snowshoes, Snow spikes, heat sensored depth poles,helmets with red, yellow,
and green push on lights, two way radios;checked batteries,Coffee and Whiskey
When one lives up here long enough; You can hear the snowdrifts : drifting
It has been raining for almost 48 hours,as raindrops keep falling my fears rise
Down in the Valleys, they cherish the April Showers,looking forward to May Flowers
I have to go now and call on my ham operator radio for assistance.The alarm is
ringing, the Snow is rumbling down the side of the Mountain.You asked to tell why
we do or do not like Spring Showers. I will tell YOU when and if I Return.

April 15, 2013 for the Contest : "Spring Showers" Sponsored by "Russell Sivey"

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like diamonds

two hits and i’m hanging off cliffs, listening to water


watching moss fall like snowflakes.

nothing holding my heels down but gravity, irrelevant to me.

the little girl exploring the ocean floor, the caves that once held entrancing treasures.

even tactile pain drives me into a gust of euphoria.

my heart beats (slower than it should), but the trees don’t mind.

the four shades of green blend to create a forest-

with each exhale, branches move in tandem.

and a salty tear falls from my eye,

reminiscent of what once was here.

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Title Poem

"Spring Showers" spread
"Lilac Blooms" through
"The Neighborhood"
and to places "Unseen",
"Above The Clouds".
"Where The Wind Blows" and
"Where Eagles Dare", the
"Shattered Pieces" of violet "Lilac Blooms"
become a "Color Show" "Caught In The Middle",
"Treasures Forever Hidden".
"A Ripple In Time",
"Where The Wind Blows".

Its all in the titles contest, 8-17-2013

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A monarch drifts in gauze costume Wildly cruising, to ride on spring’s trapeze; An effervescent flight which shines,which glows Enchanting buds through regale of mist Unto wind-tossed sways in hues of orange... Then she pirouettes, for an encore's dance. Contest: Itty bitty Contest #2: Doing it Again! For Andrea Dietrich New Poem

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w-Niagara- a natural treasure and man made jewels

( Please share with me the photo story of my visit in April 2011
Please copy and paste in your browser the following link:

We do take stocks of a natural treasure
And the man made jewels every year
Experiencing the awesome majestic beauty
That nature paints with wind, water and ice
Over 12000 years on the Niagara landscape.

I along with all the members of my family
Opt for the picnic during the spring back
On reaching, the first, very first craving of kids
Hey, let’s go to the Butterfly Conservatory
Teaching us to learn how to get happiness
Chase not a butterfly, stand still, will land on you
As in life not to run after the happiness
Let the happiness come to you like a butterfly.

Time for the lunch break and to buy biscuits
For the seagulls and the squirrels a plenty.
Holding a biscuits in our hands for seagulls
Hovering over the people everywhere and
Bold enough to enjoy their lunch from our hands.

Now it’s the time for The Maid of Mist boat tour
Watching eternity, flowing away forever and ever
Yesterday becoming today, today tomorrow
Never resting beautiful dream, a stark reality 
A bliss to be there down for to see the beauty.

Now for the tea and breakfast at the Mist Plaza
Resting in the open, kids waiting for the squirrels
Here they come whirly, twirly, round and round
Down scampers to the ground, furly and curly
Where is their supper, in the shell? No, No
It’s biscuits in the hands of my grandkids 
Holding the hand high to lure the squirrel
To climb on his body to grab its supper
Fun for the kids and a treat to all to watch.

Our spirits grieve to say a farewell to thee with
But with a promise as usual to return next year.

Dr. Ram Mehta
Fifth Place win
Contest: Picnic sponsored by Carol brown

We took a spring Break vacation to canada from 22-4-11 to 31-4-11
And went on Picnic to Niagara as usual on 24th. I will be placing some
photos on my blog tomorrow on 13th.
Here are some links to the video clips: Copy and Paste on your browser and share
with me.                                Niagara                            pelee point     Toronto       My Poem Niagara posting on the site

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Spring Showers

Spring showers are God's way

Of watering wild flowers

And giving mother earth

The nourishment she needs

To feed the trees

Who in return provide the shade

For all living things

Winds blow clouds across blue blue skies

Causing sun to hide, letting spring showers

Come again to water wild flowers

©Donna Jones

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A coming to life
That which was not dead
The incredible boiling of roots
The awful joy in power

You can’t hear it      
Nor feel it
You can only sense it
That tangled nether boom

But you might see – 
Had you special eyes –
A carnival of worms
And burrowing things

A promenade of spring

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Sound your trumpet loud oh Daffodil
So all around can hear
Cover green with golden quilt
To show that spring is here

Fill our hearts with hopes of Sun
To warm us to our core
Enrich our lives with petals gold
Heralding spring with winter o’er

Your golden flutes play to our hearts
As we gaze upon your spread
Slowly swaying in the wind 
In reverence your bowed head

We too our heads we need to bow
And thank Him for our sight
To look upon you Daffodil
Is to remind us of His might

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Thank heavens, the winter that bit is bygone

                Thank heavens, the winter that bit is bygone.

               Winter frost chilled gout-ed limbs, wrinkled 
     all crooked fingers severely knotted with revolting ink blue veins. 
            Movements became a luxury of room heaters.
              Thank heavens, the winter that bit is gone !

              Love and passion had gone low in profile
                  rigid against frigid cold-heart ed winter,
              warmth had dulled down in tiny dots, unseen
               Thank heavens for the winter begone!

      The sober siblings,the purring cats and the bored puppies 
               now peer slowly out of shut window panes
        in bright hopes of spotting long gone glowing brightness
       They too sigh, thank heavens, the winter that bit is gone.

                I can hear colors knocking at my door
          fragrances slowly permeating air, faintly though
     a warm ray of sun stroking my sleepy senses to rise and shine
               Thank heavens my beloved spring is here.


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The Green River

She slips from the sleeping ice.
Green, fresh, free to flow
through the great fjord.
Past the blue mountains.

She glides smoothly
over the rocks with glee,
covering them with her cool touch.
Tall evergreens cheer her on.
Waving as she courses down her chosen path,
carrying life. 

All the while never tiring!
Surging forward to join the others like her.
This vast journey ,
will not end till she reaches
The Great Shores.

Her journey is joyful.
Touching all on her banks,
leaving the gift of life in her wake.

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September Weather

Ah, the september weather is here,
the trees turn firery red and orange,
and the leaves gently fall to the surface.

Fall is here,
and the grass turns from green to yellow,
the souls of many change their ways.

From going on beaches in sun
to walking on wet streets,
with jackets on.

September weather is here,
too most it is depressing to see,
such change in the world.

But I love it.
The girlfriends and boyfriends go away,
and that makes me happy.
Then I go apple picking.

I pick red apples,
from low, hanging apple trees.
and I eat one, while walking down the trail.

Fall is here,
the time of death,
the last of sunshine.

I don't argue,
I love fall,
it is so cosy and it gives me hope.

Hope that a day will come again,
when the sun pops its head out
and the warmth returns.

September weather is the best,
when summer is gone, but not quite,
and the cool breeze sweaps through your open windowpane.

I love fall,
it gives me hope,
that with death comes life.

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Pushing the Envelope

With the unlikely proposition that winter would end
	green tips took


             beneath the softening crust of snow around the

	box, a

collage congealed by road salt and sand
               buried the early dream of spring in 

	granular mass 

My slippered feet sank muddying the soft 
           sheepskin leather. Joggers pushing the envelope
	as well

people the curb

cutting to the heart of the matter
	springing forward with a rabid desire to bloom.

*I printed out Charlotte's contest direction and cut out the first word
in each of these lines. 

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Spring Showers

Rubber boots and rain slickers
Snow has all but gone
April Showers mean
Puddle jumping happy children

Miniature tidalwaves
Enveloping trails of mud
Pioneering young explorers
In Playgrounds
And Schoolyards

The smallest child understands
Rain and sun equals flowers (Mother Nature's Algebra)

For now
Mud Bogging

In rubber boots and rain slickers

March 27th, 2013

For Spring Showers Contest

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The Awakening

The early Spring rain
pounded the crusty sleepers 
from the All Seeing Eye of Dawn.
Like a conductor raising percussion instruments;
the rain song joined the cacophony of wind
and the crackling sound of Spring ice 
sprung from it's earthen entrapment
rising mist like toward the heavens.

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Spring Showers

Do spring showers really bring May flowers
Or does something else make them grow
Is it the snow that seeps through the ground
Renewing and cleansing their toes

Is it the sunshine that sends down it's warmth
To waken the plants as the sleep
Or the dry decay that freshly fertilizes
The soggy soil of spring.

I wonder why I question the showers 
As being the reason they grow
Maybe it's the wiggly worms that the water releases
That break up the earth beneath

Jennifer Marie Oliver 

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Playful Day

The sun shone  brightly at last 
On this breezy spring day 
A  black cat stalked  a yellow bird in play,
As he stepped lightly across the fields of grass
 Covered with dew , Alarmed , the bird flew 
Leaving the cat with nothing to do 

The sun shone brightly 
on this breezy spring day 
As the mouse appeared suddenly 
through the field of  grass
And once again the cat turned to play 

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Like a blanket spring has arrived , cozy and warm , with the suns first rays
Fresh in the knowing of twilights dying day, 
Couples stroll easily along the narrow deserted streets 
In the cool evenings of soft clear air ,they often meet
 Nodding and saying hello, living the small town fare 
Chirping back and forth, birds echo loudly through the soft spring air 
The last activity of their busy day and off they go to their sleepy lair 
Watching the crystal sunsets , the fair skies with its quick fade into orange and red 
 between light and dark kids make their appearance to  play in the street ,
 in the yard or behind the bushes postponing time for bed 
Their games of excitement and stealth ,like tag or hide and go seek
Their shouts and laughter heard once again in the warm air and fading lights

Twilight beckons in the soft spring air as it softens day into night 
That magical  moment that is so rare
 The end of the day, beginning  that certain  time 
 When harsh reality softens to misty light 
As day draws imperceptibly into night 
 Marked by quiet moments when peace and contentment feels right 

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Soy Sauce Spills

Soy sauce drains 
Into the white, clustered rice
Stepped on…
spills . . . 
Soy sauce taints
The whiteness of the grain
 It slips out of my hands
No point in crying out in rage
Though I was starving, 
I'll just eat another thing and start on a new page

I'm hungry like a swine
I wish I can earn back my snack!
I'm as angry as a bull
I'm about ready to attack! Attack!
Soy sauce packages
Fall unto the dirty school ground
Stepped on
By bratty, conceited teens
They really need to eat their greens
Instead of junkfood and pizza
They should drink some water
Instead of drinking sugary drinks or
 Sucking on popsicles obnoxiously
Why did the soy sauce spill? Seriously....

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Sunlight through My Window

    Sunlight streaming 
through my window 
   The day begins!
A brief listen to an inspiring song 
  Then I face up to the realities I must 
deal with 
Life is full of sorrow and pain 
   One should realize, however, 
that just being alive is a blessing 
Anne Frank wrote that 
as long as one can be 
   alone with nature and with God 
there will be a a cure for every sorrow
   She was right on the mark with that!

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Cold Fingers

I look out my window
No longer white and fluffy 
The snow has turned a sickly gray
Much like my mood towards this season of death
Tired of dark clouds and cold winds
The birds are wise to abandon this desolate place
I dream of sunshine and blue sky
Running barefoot across green grass
Smelling the fresh scent of spring breezes
Lazy days of summer accompanied by young lovers
For now I am a prisoner in a cold land
Wrapped in my blanket staring out at the gray
Nothing seems to warm the coldness that has invaded my soul
Old man winter has stolen another day 
I wait and I wait
Time seems to move in reverse
Is there any escape?
I go to my computer
Warm weather awaits me
Just a click a way
Visions of spring dance in my head
I can cheat on winter
Escape cold fingers
I can fly away to some exotic warm land
Run through Sun drenched waves
Drink umbrella drinks
I can follow those clever birds
I long for this escape
Just four hours away
I arrive at the airport bags in hand
Feeling oppromistic
Then comes a storm
Old man winter refuses to release his icy grip
I look out the airport window
The snow covered runway is pure white
All flights cancelled
A block of ice where my heart used to be
How I long for spring

Winter Be Gone Contest
Poem written January 27th for your contest.

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Three days Saved

It's been nine years, I have counted the tears-
  they have made trails of guilt
  worried into my heart 
  then filled with loneliness and bitter despair
but by your grace I have been shown...

For the first time, in these nine years, I have not wept
  nor held a vigil to honor our grief
though the loss still burns, this time it is transformed

Peace from your love still reaches through death
  and through your eternal love I am reborn
 It is Good Friday. 
When God took your spirit home
  and left me dying to know,
  how to love him for his sacrifice
  when he asked me to give up you?
How do I heal this death and rise with you in his arms?

Through your love I was born, and in your arms I grew
 and it has been your love the kept me whole
 that taught me how to be reborn
    for even though your body has gone
    your words lost in the wind and breath no more
The essence of grace and strength you lived
- it grows still in your daughter soul

My being and existence came from your womb
  my heart and mind shaped by your enlightenment
I have lived a life you gave me and for once
   I live it in pride to honor your sacrifice
your words giving me the guidance I'd lost nine years ago.

Alas, I've come to know, that as you died
  and went home with our Lord, you saved me from my death
not in your dying, my grief and love can attest,
    but in your living strength and loving example
       you showed me how to live a life
             open to our Father's gift

We knew it would not wait, but the parting was too fast.
I sat in thought three days before your sleep and asked,
"In three days time my savior died, I wonder hence
   what of my soul will rise with his?"

And now sitting Easter morning, 
  holding my sons candy-filled basket,
I realized Three days passed.

  He took you home Friday morn, but left me love,
that eternal love that never dies
whose comfort is unending

I honor your love by giving it to my children
         and Easter morning I felt your hug, your kiss, and knew 
                                 you have never left me
Though God took you home Mom
I know you have never left me
for as our Savior died and rose
you too still live in my heart, 
showing me proof our Father's blessings

    because you, my love, are my soul and all ready there
there fore I am strong enough to give this pain up 
       to honor his sacrifice and transcend,
           to be humbled by the grace and mercy
          that could forgive such lost lambs as I

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The Silent Pine

The dark green forests cover the earth with  pine , straight and tall , all in a line
Fragrant and soft ,quiet and clean
Gentle giants grow in all sizes, sacred and true, waiting to be seen
The wind stirs through  branches and whispers its quick goodbyes ,
 While making music that gently soothes the soul 
 Of one who lies with in my fragrant cocoon, seeking replies
 My carpets of needles, warm and sweet, quiet my step and cover my feet
 The chickadees, black capped and white, fly to my side 
One by one they stop and say hi ,As they pass merrily by
Raccoons, squirrels, rabbits and owls ,gossiped and chattered and told all they knew 
And the pine smiles and sings to hear all the news 
Their tracks are scattered everywhere ; dotted or round, a pattern or two, give a puzzle, a clue as to what they have been  up to
My scent carries in the breeze ,sparkling and green , pungent and clean 
The sun beats down , strong and warm ,true to form, it gives me life and keeps me warm
 The wind  bends and sways my boughs, and I  whisper of coolness and dew
The rains splash gentle and sweet to feed my soul and nourish my retreat 
 For any who listen  to hear my silent heartbeat
 In our magnificent wilderness home, deep and calm, where our waters run pure and we cant be found
 We live whole through all the seasons and for every action we have a reason
All summer long I grow nuts and cones to feed all my friends
 I will replenish the earth , nor do I waste, for all I have I lend
In winter,  I lay refreshed , sparkling and white, covered in  blankets of snow
 As I sit and doze I hear the earth speak in tones very low, 
She calls and I listen ,sleep, sleep for I am here
Protecting watching caring for all, in things that I do 
I gather myself in her darkest womb awaiting the way, that first warm spring day
It is spring and my blood runs strong, make more of me it calls, as I grow big and strong
 Awake, awake for it is my time again , the sun ,wind , rain, and tiny feet 
To  gently sit and play all day long  
In the sun and rain silently watching waiting all day long

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Tohoku -- When Worlds Have Altered

On an early spring day, washed brilliant with clover
In the land of the sun, and sweet cherry blossom
A tremble, a rumble, that rattled the earth
Cracking open the spring day, like the devil's own plaything 
Plates of dispute, on the edge of destruction
Beneath the sea’s surface…anger's wrath lies in waiting…

It came with no warning, …a mighty surge of horror
A tower of strength, to this tiny island flower
The harsh call of nature, came boldly from the shore
Relentless, the shaking, battering to the core
And altered the earth with a shattering shrill
Spilling despair, in a pillage of flurry 
Killing the helpless,     yet… leaving the courage

O’ land, of gentle people, wearing dignity’s expression
Those from afar, watched on with compassion
We gasped, then we cried, yet are awed with impressions
How hands helping hands, and courage ensued
Kind hearts, claimed the bruised, and calmed the confused 
You banded together…helping each another, 
Balance of elders, will hold you forever..
Grace under fire…. with honor we brand you
You raise up the spirit with hands of the valiant
Respect you have earned and honor you wear
The sun keeps on rising…..and will shine ever more

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The sticks on the hill
     were brushed when they were wet,
Lay with a pattered smoothness,
The bushes 'round which they swept
Bulged their greenly leaves,
Stony stairs on an uphill way
     creased a toe of the world.

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Lil' Spring flowers

And along came the lil’ Spring flowers,
in there amongst the springing grass

Distended visions before me,
as if I were not there

In the garden
the flowers did belong,
and I at the distance
where I did fit in

I felt the soft heat
that scream;

“it’s Spring !”

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Inspiring Note

     I got a little note today
     About a trip I always take
     It brings me thoughts of summer
     And the games we love to play

     I've had many good times
     And went with a lot of old friends
     It is the right of every southsider
     To go there to the end

     Sometimes the weather is sunny
     Others it is dark and gray
     It really doesn't matter
     As long as they play

     I long for this day to get here
     Forty Seven days to go
     It is the start of something special
     It is what we all will dream

     So bring on my mighty White sox
     I am hoping you do well
     Bring home that elusive championship
     We all are waiting for it to begin.

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Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

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Spring Showers

Trickle down my windowpane in March, 
April, and May producing assorted flora 
to perfume my room and brighten a 
dismal day.  Flush green pollen so my 
asthma stays at bay and refresh stale air 
that hovers low and refuses to go away.

Leave sudden heavy down- pours to deep 
oceans and lakes; renew green fields with 
spring showers for all that earth makes.
Please I ask you come softly at night and 
lull a peaceful sleep assuring no one wakes,
leaving your pressure low, helping a tired 
old body to refuse its aches.  

Lightly shed your tears upon me, cleanse
pores and rejuvenate the thirsty tree.  Slowly
pass spring showers over desert and dried lea,
cool the air parched from bursts of post summer 
heat I plea, allowing moistening residue to flow 
to the sea…  
Copyright © 2013  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Second Place Winner ~ "Spring Showers" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Russell Sivey
April 30, 2013

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Birthday Wish

Spring comes,
Bringing novel flowers
To this multicolored Earth, 
A really wretched place actually,
If you know the awful truth about it

Spring leaves, 
Taking some flowers with it, 
Bestowing freedom 
Upon these fortunate plants

Seventeen springs ago,
An ordinary flower blossomed 
On this cursed land.
The worst of all curses,
Placed on this pitiful plant 
And a fate worse than death

Seasons flew by
And the flower withstood 
The immense force of the elements,
Debilitated by great adversity
Brought by the years 

Now with spring close by, 
If fate shall allow,
Hopefully this spring, 
This dying flower will perish. 
Its roots turned to ashes
And carried by the winds of freedom
To the promised eternal paradise

A garden greets my eyes
With its breath-taking beauty
And my suffering dies

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Spring Sours

From within the frost frozen bare boarded shed with its loosely hung zee braced door agape, the spring light peeked. Warming the woodsheds King pine planks, toasting the ten penny nails, popping the planks to a toe-stubbing height. Door slamming dashes barefoot through the obstacle course of cord, tinder, rake and hoe, to the semi attached outhouse. Drawers half down, butt bitten by March’s wind, the two holer waits, lye bucket at the base. Curled, yellow-brown, newspaper pages from 1890, the shade of Uncle George’s pipe stained teeth, wiggle in the wind; as do I when an updraft attempts to speed dry my bottom. I make a half-assed mad dash to the kitchen door. Half way there I stop awestruck at the gapping door to the kitchen garden. Raspberry red, tit tipped rhubarb buds and stalks, warmed by the sheltered spring sun set my mouth to drool. So stands, a waylaid girl child in transit.

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Green Is

Green is spring's renewal and rebirth.
The indication that things will bloom. 
The love of a gardener with a green thumb,
Or green envy for those with brown who think
Grass is always greener on the other side.

Green is the combination of yellow and blue.
It's the color of inspiration and growth.
If I keep a four-leaf clover in my heart
Will the spring songbirds sing?

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The cold Spring rain

Whence the sun crosses
the celestial equator
northward this year,
in mine stance

The sound is of 
the thud

On the man made

not of that soft splat 
on the pink of 

the Spring sylph’s
bare supple shoulders

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When The Tides Of Life Roll

When The Tides Of Life Roll

When morn awakes by the bluebirds trill
When the robin songs echo on the hill
When the tides of life run against you
When your dream rainbow is shining through
When again the dim hope lamp burns
When hopeful once again world peace returns
When crazy foolish tensions fill the day
When it is time to pause and pray
When the winter wiped away its frozen gloom
When again the glorious spring flowers bloom
When spring is showing all it’s glory
When nature is telling it’s timeless story
When your love is held by a strong cord
When  your faith is blessed by the Lord
When your guiding light does forever stay
When you shall walk the glorified way
When spring flowers bloom so bright and gay
When sunshine beauty blesses summers way
When autumn struts proudly across the land
When everything looks so colorful and grand
When the tides of life roll do not grieve
When you know that heaven provides all the need

Erich J.Goller
Copyright 10. 20.2011

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Oh Glorious Spring

Placid river mirrors the majesty in nature oh glorious spring I succumb to your charms majestic crisp white blankets hiding the green beneath Bound to earth are the trees with growing leaves they search by day and shimmer by night holding spring starlight like diamond shrines The sky makes way to heaven in purity reflecting off the winter it mirrors waiting for the rebirth of life Creatures slumbered waiting for spring waking to stretch opening eyes briefly uncurling mouths open wider ready to anew What a beautiful discover spring is under sun and moon shimmering iridescent colors how could one not see this beauty of mountain, lake or river Beautifully arranged in it's simplicity yet, no other could paint such a master piece oh glorious spring your splendor I behold indeed

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Spring Showers

Drip, then another and another, pitter-patter,
Rain tapping at my windowpanes.
Darkness and whiteness of winter washed away.
Windows opened, breathing in sweet spring rains.
A feeling of newness blossoms deep within.

It seems it's contagious, clearly spring has sprung.
For when the rain stops, puddles do sit about.
Wet pavement sounds, slaps, steps and squish.
Squeals of delight from little patters with their rubber boots.
Puddle-jumpers, splish-splash, resonating me with joy.
Aah, life as is, with the sweet spring rains.

For Russell Sivey's contest, " Spring Showers"

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Suddenly the Storm

Suddenly the Storm
      by Amy Swanson

Beautiful spring day!
     Warm wind so soft
                     kisses my cheek

Dancing breeze 
      quite generous with your touch

                you send the fallen leaves to play
                     flying wild
                           like children in an outdoor race

*then quickly*

            sunshine sky darkens, the rains begin...

how could I know
       so soon you would turn




Wind - you grew quite pompous
        puffed yourself up so

                        Gone - the gentle breeze
                           that touched my heart

    gathering yourself together

          --- ever faster ---

                             rip-roaring, threatening, all within your path

Gray sky - you accommodate
        destructive ego

                    once gentle wind 
                        now spirals, uncontrolled,
                               whirling, blackened cyclone
                                     no longer at play... 

you seek only to devour.

Those who see you shake
       terrible capabilites you now possess
              in your anger
                    feverishly pushing all down on their knees
                          to worship you in fear and trembling...
                                   expecting all to cower in their homes.


          you are only wind.

Vain and proud, one thing you forget;
     you ride
           *you twist*
                   today's air currents

   (and take such full advantage)

        but only for a moment.

Just as suddenly
       reduced to what you were...

                a simple slight spring breeze before the rains
                         (debris scattered around you from your tantrum)
                                          silently awaiting - 

another day
another place...

you bide your time so well
destructive cycle

                                             *perverting Mother Nature's precious gift*

until the moment you arise once more

     so large, full of yourself

             uninvited, some distant spring day...
                     sweet, chiding wind, at first loving and playful

then suddenly

                           the storm.

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Aquafirs miles away in my mind
with springtime sun
 lapping upon the 
shores of my memory

 sending involuntary 
movements to my legs
 moving thoughts 
to music echoing in my limbs

5th. Symphony catapults me out the door 
into glorious sunshine

 hiking trails 

dormant for months (seems like years) 
staring at boulders  
basking in the sun 

touching bark on trees

 grooves of my

smelling the earth dug up with my 
 sifting my life 

turning my face 
towards the sun

 warming tidal planes 

in my mind 

recalling the ebb and flow of 
upon this land 

marking my scent in 
the woods (as men do) 

tracking the sun as 
it moves across my day

 foraging sprouting 
 as earth releases

pausing to lay 
down in prairie grass and nap
 in sweet 

 refilling all my


                                  I have still to travel

                                                         I have still to travel...

© All Rights Reserved

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Spring Goddess

Your kiss is laced with opium
and your eyes ablaze with fire

Gaze at me and I burn
caress me and I'm captured

I am yours
I run to you as a traveler

seeks the shade of a tree
when scorched by the sun

It is Spring
shelter me with your blanket of leaves

It is such joy to find you
where meadows are in bloom..

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In the space between the moments
Myriad eternities merge,
They come like dreams
    on whispered interludes
          between seeding and
As a tender touch of dew
       at dawn,
With a lightness of
        just dried butterfly wings.

Then the time between the pictures,
Before the sprockets fill,
Here lie thoughts beyond the number
As dreams whispering.

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Your love is an endless melody played just for me
Sweet notes in spring and all SUMMER long
 A single ROSE for a lonely heart. 

Your love is a joyful afternoon RENDEZVOUS. IT IS MORE
than just the spirit of my leaping heart. It is as rare as a
LAVANDER ROSE. It is the MASTER OF all loves, an enigma
Never to be understood.

It pulls at every invisible heart string. It is the DELICATE cloth which binds my soul.      it causes me to aspire 
To that which has been silently DESIRED .
YOUR  Love is a MEADOW filled with VIOLET blades of grass
Each blade has its own unique name whispered on winds with

It is each and EVERYTHING  every single day and all that sings

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When The Tides Of Life Roll

When The Tides of life Roll

When morn awakes by the bluebirds trill
When the robin songs echo on the hill
When the tides of life run against you
When your dream rainbow is shining through
When again the dim hope lamp burns
When hopeful once again world peace returns
When crazy foolish tensions fill the day
When it is time to pause and pray
When the winter wiped away its frozen gloom
When again the glorious spring flowers bloom
When spring is showing all it’s glory
When nature is telling it’s timeless story
When your love is held by a strong cord
When  your faith is blessed by the Lord
When your guiding light does forever stay
When you shall walk the glorified way
When spring flowers bloom so bright and gay
When sunshine beauty blesses summers way
When autumn struts proudly across the land
When everything looks so colorful and grand
When the tides of life roll do not grieve
When you know that heaven provides all the need

Erich J. Goller
Copyright 10. 20.2011

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Spring Attractions

Spring Attractions Twas every day upon the arbor that a certain early bird eagerly sang. Every day, as sun appeared, his audible voice awakened bluebells…allowing this opera house a song and sight of spring. Always dreaming of Spring, along with its serenading offspring; for ears to enjoy, craving eyes to appreciate… feastings offered with a daily entertainment value of sight and sound. It was every day aside this arbor Mother excitedly sat. Alongside her. in silent anxiousness, sat always her angry cat, awaiting the early bird…a lush angora. All rights reserved @ Debra Squyres 2013 Written for: Consonant /Vowel sequence contest

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Let out the light

May the snows stop
and the rain cease…
May the winds take shelter
and let the sun birds sing. 
Let out the spring!
Let out the spring!
I want the flowers to bloom
and the sun to shine
Let out the light!
I want tulips and roses 
lily’s and daisy’s
Let out the birds and the bee’s
the monarchs and the daisy’s 
I want the snows and the rains
the long winds and dark days
To finally end.
Let out the light!
Let out the spring!


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Slant light lances
     stabbed through clouds
         of thick grey,
Wetness fills the sky
And falls on all.

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Spring Showers

Winter blues are  passing, making a place 
for the healing Spring showers
the softness of their touch 
soothes away the deep grooves of weariness.  
The pleasures that spring showers bring 
mending not just our needs also the needs of nature.                                              
The tender green shoots of the spring flowers 
nosing their way out of the soil, to feel enriched 
by the sprinkling softness of a shower. 
Animals also enjoy the warm shower,
using their tails as back brushes.  
Watching all of these things bring 
peace and happiness to me. 
To walk in the rain along a sandy beach laughing 
at  the antics of the birds,  
spreading their plumage like a ladies fan.  
Best of all Spring showers means hope -
washing away the winter gloom
So I lift my face to the rain, 
to look to a renewed hope, to Spring.

Penned on March 26 2013

Contest of Russell Sivey

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Return to the Womb

Down in to the darkness deep
Slowly and delicately I now edge
In to the warmth so cold and bleak
In to the womb I once resided
In the mother I’d idolized
Wondering what did happen
Wondering what had changed
What had caused such death?
To cause such pain?
Still slowly moving, sneaking, 
I started faintly weeping
Why would we cause this?
Why did we not see?
Still I inch, well tears did fall
Till a light I did spy
Till a sprig I now cradle
Now I see, as I gently stop my deplore,
My mother will forgive
All the hurt,
The hate,
All the people that did denounce,
All she has provided
All that she cherishes
Yet she now grants;
Unconditional love
All in the loud roar
Of spring

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Like a Flower

Like a flower you are
Mixed Beauty with generous attar
Flowers progression from year to year
Phenomenal that should be revealed

Some will be picked from the fields
That loved ones would be pleased
Some would be crushed by feet
As lovers wonder the fields
Some would dry out from the heat 
Plummeting seeds into deep beauty sleep 

Yet again to rouse every next coming spring
Spectacular art work that can’t be real
Where minds and hearts could meet
Admiring that's of nature novel gown 

So my words to you would be brief
Wake up my dear from your deep sleep
For Spring is not far from reach
Let nothing defeat your beat
For like this flower you will be
Beauteous, generous lady indeed 
Prevailing with each coming spring

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In Anticipation of Spring

Within my heart there reigns
nothing but desire for you
to keep it to myself
is punishment self-inflicted...

The way you whisper
my name with such praise
with you it is different
my name is safe in your mouth
don't ever stop smiling
it will kill me
I will stop breathing...

You my love are Springtime bedecked
around you fount, flowers and plants
the smell of cottonwood and peaches
your hair hangs like Spanish Moss
what divine radiance
of sun in the fourth sphere
you at purple daybreak
the morning star brimful
none which can equal
your southern loveliness...

I desire your long black hair
to flow like a running brook
to hear your voice like a melody in the night
to awake next to you with winged heart
you my hearts desire
what relief of torment
I desire to become as one with you
our bodies eternally entwined
aimless in sexless foreplay...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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In Observing a Yellow Daffodil

It almost appears to me to have a face, 
and perception. 
Somehow it seems to be attentively looking out, 
and quietly considering within. 
I am glad our paths crossed, 
and I met you.

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APRIL 20 1977

Filtering clouds
     of morning sleep
          hidden haze,
Wind from my passing walk
Blows bluing notes in the sky.

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Finding a Spring Hill in the Desert

Sometimes we see our whole life
in a desert photograph all purple
tinted and unshaded from the scorching
sun.  There is no water in those dry
hills to quench a thirst unsatisfied.

Yet we wander in futility searching for
a spring which runs there with cooling
water.  We could bath in it and pipe it
down to water a garden of cantelopes
and grapes.  Water is the lifeblood of

the land, and desert is the antithesis 
of the sea.  No prudent man would swallow
the briney sea.  He would float on
it, buoyed up by hopes of perfection
which grasping he cannot reach.  The

ship of body sails fervently on that sea
and seeks a port to dock.  Finding only 
a calm harbor on a desert island the sailor
struggles ashore and plants his flag of
Buddhist prayers.  The prayers fly to

higher skies and reach the ears of his
dharma.  His path is more golden than 
he knew when he set sail that hopeful
morning.  All friends were at the dock
waving then.  He knew he would never

return the same.  Now, in looking back
I walked where the words led me, but I 
did not board that ship.  I stumbled and
I lurched but yet I fell in a forward
motion. A canteen was on my hip and 

filled with coolness from the spring-hill 
in the desert where only cactus blooms 
and lizards hide from the midday sun, 
waiting for the season of rain. Reaching
beach, I waded out into the salty sea.

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Now I Am Free from My Step-parent

A life of beauty and happiness denied, of innocence 
smothered like a flame, I have always lived; but when 
I hear your lovely voice, my Lisa--

now I am free.

I was dead before I even entered into this world, a
place cruel and without feeling, cruel and without 
the love and understanding I finally know in the rich 
harmonies of your voice, my Lisa--

which sets me free.

Before I could even hope to bloom like a sensual
flower caught breathless and naked in the first, rainy
sunbeams of spring a great evil--the threatening, 
inner hostility of a dark figure overflowing with 
bigotry--transformed me into a joyless 

waste of ashes.

From that terrible moment on I fought all the ugly
and horrible assaults as his unwilling possession, a
gladiator in the arena of his constant abuse and 
myriad threats, subject to his occasional hostile 
looks from 

across the dinner table.

But when I hear your voice and imagine its tender-
ness and compassion as an unearned gift meant for 
me despite him and my child-like self-loathing: 

I feel the love and self-worth denied me, taken from
me simply because it was too easy to not rape from 
a child whose only fault was that he was born 

defenseless and

O Lisa! Because of the music of your lovely voice--
now I am free! Free from my years as a gladiator in 
the arena of his constant abuse and attacks; 

free to bloom like a sensual flower caught breathless
and naked in the first, rainy sunbeams 

of Spring again!

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Spring Showers

Like a nest of baby chicks
straining toward their mother's beak,
seeds and buds of spring await
the nourishment of nature's showers.
Lacy liquid curtains fall --
sweep and wash and patter
like a far away applause
where fiddleheads bow
next to a swelling stream.
In the forest the last of winter
melts away unseen,
and as raindrops splash
like tiny regal crowns,
the babes that color May
wait to be born.

March 25, 2013 for Russell Sivey's Spring Shower Contest

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Ambiguously hiding words

Ambiguously, yes I have
and without compunction
intentionally did hide words
a small sum of souls who would find
difficulty deciphering their milieu
I did hide even the flowers
bursting forth before mine eyes each Spring, 
the Spring flowers finding the glow
in mine wanting eyes
and eager to please mine globes

And with ease, I did

to the ogling observers
wanting nothing less than to
tear the radiant petals from their lush form... 
I did cause winters scorn

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Battlefields of Discontented Dreams

Another year has marched out of my life.
A crusading warrior making his way back home,
Leaving bloody battlefields in his wake.
Trampled valleys where dreams once stood.

In the beginning, the year tiptoed in,
Softly sprinkling crystallized wishes.
Ideas, floating like a fine dusting of snow,
Forming a light covering on my bed of anticipation.

In swept the Ides of Spring laden with promises.
Storms tossing my wants in a turbulent sea of needs.
I planted my seeds with the expectancy of progression,
Hoping to find nourishment for my battered soul.

Summer scorched a path through my life
Bringing passion and potential to my fertile soil
Growing, thriving, reaching for the budding of fulfillment
Hopes alive, green and fresh, standing tall against adversity.

Autumn flew in on the winds of a changeling,
Taking the abundance and leaving a barren field.
Stripped of optimism, I wander in the fields of despair,
Wondering where my footpath led me astray.

Yes wicked winter with your freezing rains.
You beat against me, leaving blisters in your wake.
But Spring will return, of this I am certain,
Bringing with it the possibilities of contentment.

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The Garden

The night air is cool and collective,
Running through my hair and face.
Even when I’m with people, I feel alone
In this cold blooded space.

It’s like walking through a garden
Of all your favorite foods,
But none of which can substantiate
For that one so special mood…

That mood, 
that beautiful frame of mind.  
I only go there with you,
And only you can make it unwind.

I discovered a passion unlike any other
And in my finding I opened a world,
A world I did not know existed.
I’m on cloud nine every time I think of you,
Just the thought of you brings joy to my heart.

This garden holds many beautiful things
Many delightful pleasures,
Many cold nights,
Warm nights,
Difficult frights,
Ecstatic times and unsystematic times!

But they mean nothing to me,
While I’m alone…

Walk with me through this garden.

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City Spring Night

Tonight a fresh spring breeze flows into my window.
Listening to all the sounds in this city.
There are so many.
Cars with engines roaring, racing up and down this city street.

Ambulance sirens with fire trucks screeching and;
hollering are always passing by.
While helicopters with their loud propellers shine their light,
bright onto the city streets. 
With the helicopters flying high in the sky.

On this city spring night a fresh spring breeze;
flows into my window.
I can hear the children are out playing;
having so much fun running up and down the 
street. I hear them  laughing.
They will sleep well;
thanks to the spring breeze tonight.

Motorcycles, trucks, and more cars I hear them all.
Roaring and raging engines racing up and down.
Really fast they are going. The city bus will run all

On this city spring night the breeze sure does feel 
good tonight.
There goes a police siren screeching and hollering.
Mo-pads doing wheelies racing up and down the
city street tonight.

I'll have to close my windows tonight.
Missing out on this beautiful,
spring breeze flowing tonight.

No peace to be found for poetry
writing tonight.
Hopeful I remain enjoying
the spring breeze.
I wonder will sleep find me.

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Petals in the wind

Entering the gates of spring A new panorama unfolding Almond blossoms all around Oodles of beauty all around Splendid white flowering trees Petals on the ground layered To welcome the onlooker to the heavenly sights Under each tree Petal showering down And playing with the wind A smile on each face Such view brings A dance of smiles and petals A dance of wind and fragrance Spring air and blossoms Dancing to the tunes of nature Wings gifted to all the viewers Each lifted to a dreamland Dreamland of heavenly bliss Each kiss of petals falling from the trees Makes you feel lighter and lighter And in no time, everyone starts dancing With those petals in the wind…
Irfana Ali Bhat

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Renewal Begins Anew

Exploring the petals lent
from the bouquet of life spent
ever inhaling memories past scents
of yesterday’s requisite repent

Watering the flowers remaining
with the tenderness gained
from past events…
Kindness and compassion
fertilizing the still living blooms

Wisdom stems the drawing force
Empathy gained… the life source

Diving into the blossoms
of a new day, 
please join with me
and say you’ll stay
come out, come out
and let us now again play 
among the renewing flowerings
Let us join together again
among the tender buds
and scatter the petals
of yesterday’s 
in love’s forgiving winds
© Debra Squyres 02/23/14

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My Kentucky in Spring

Gently sloping emerald hills, 
Old, gray fences brightened by daffodils,
Majestic trees ready to burst into bloom,
Strangers smiling and waving at me.
That’s my Kentucky.

Gleaming horses peacefully grazing
Behind white fences,
Old, leaning barns speaking of tobbacco and history,
Spring peepers voicing joy by the pond,
Young groundhogs nibbling on new growth,
That’s my Kentucky.

Forsythia blooming against an old log cabin,
Surrounded by ancient maples in red spring splendor,
And  the weathered schoolhouse nearby, 
boardered by a split rail fence covered in ivy.
That’s my Kentucky.

The quietly rolling Ohio river carries coal 
away from these hills in barges,
While a bald eagle turns wide circles above,
Soaring on air curents invisible to me.
That’s my Kentucky.

Along the creek watercress and forget-me-nots are flourishing,
A blue heron stands statue-still on the glittering water’s egdge.
The ancient mill is nestled between the wooded hills,
 where the sparkling creek works the creaky wheel.
That’s my Kentucky

Softly swaying cedar trees line roads like tin soldiers,
Decked in fresh, spring green coats,
And underneath velvety violets and glorious bright dandelions
 celebrate their life with happy  faces.
That’s my Kentucky.

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Oh Sojourner

Oh Sojourner

By Ingrid Showalter Swift


Oh Sojourner
Walk among the tall lithe pines as they sway 


subtle hues of lavender’s dusk 

Reach your illuminas fingers 
with polished nails a-glittered 
in crystal-ed gold and diamond sight 
out and into this thrusting long light
         …Searing a golden pathway from sky into dark walnut and pine and lines of 
these byways ..only angels and devils alone ...dare tread

This forest is a barrier thin enough to breech
so teach me!.....I plead of you.... 

with lips blazing ... the need to speak volumes…like  heat rising 

Make me  a lit oiled lamp on a tall white post 
singing out ...streaming out into the streets gray toned and grayed with the 
of the merciless weakness ...of humanity 

lead me to hope….. yet still more
and pray

daring out …the dark night 

yearning for just yet another... lilt hearted singular spring day to awaken within 
the gates of this immortal town
held aloft by bone cavern and pale flesh tenting

Let  light green springs erupt from me once more 
and flow through all I meet 
like the river shows the leaf to the ocean and then to the shore once more

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Sing Little Song Bird Sing

Once upon a time in a new day dawning In the crack of time between night and morning Something caught me from yarning It was sweet but felt like a warning That death is night to life of a new day born in This celebration of life beginning The song bird took up their instruments and started singing Awakening sleepers with a joyous springing Ending their short death with a new up bringing So sing little song bird Every morning as the sun comes anew Only recognized by the few Flapping her wings in the dew She’s that song bird Cracking the dawn, she’s heard What can she say? She’s just a bird Can’t speak but you know her word So sing little song bird sing With your melody bring The wind of nature in your wing In your serenade there’s our fling All I am saying Is sing little song bird sing

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What Love is All About

Falling in love, then parting away
I’ve been repeating such relationships
Examining my memories thoroughly
I would seek sweet shadows
I can taste the sweetness of the past
Although you are no longer with me
I’ll be alright
If I shut my eyes
I believe
I believe I will see unchanging love
When you’ve gathered the light of spring make the flowers bloom
Gaze at me in the summer, where the moon floats atop the sea
Warm the autumn winds
As well as the winter snows with your style
Four seasons with your love
Once again
Promises based on desire alone
Will fade with tone
Can you feel me underneath your skin?
Considering that we love each other so,
As long as we believe that, yes….
No matter how far away you may be
Come for me on a night when the spring flowers slumber
Leave a message on the summer beach
Warm the autumn rain & winter tears
With your unembellished love
Four seasons with your love
Within my dreams
Let us hold the flow of time in our hearts just the way it is
The days the two of us spent together will soon be a memory
Even love & dreams will be forgotten, left behind
Warm them, no matter what day it is
Four season’s with your love
Four scene, four four seasons
Deep within my heart
Four scenes, I’ll be alright
Four scenes, four four seasons
Four scene, stay with me...

Inspired by my friend "Sami .K."...

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Kiss Me Like Spring

I love your gentleness,
How your hands
Move like early Spring...

When you kiss me,
It is as if I am a dandelion;
All delicate spider-web
Gossamer threads and 
Finespun silk fragility-
Your fingers on my cheek
Feel like the spring thaw,
As if I am ice only just 
Learning how to move 
Like water again...
When you kiss me,
It is with all the warmth,
The tender slowness,
Of early morning sunlight-
When you kiss me,
It is as if I am nearly
As insubstantial as sunlight...

But eventually even a dandelion
Wants to be blown away-
When a frozen waterfall meets
The Spring thaw, it does wake
Slowly, soft as Sunday morning-
It rises up like a roar, plunging
Down through space until
It is pounding like a heartbeat
That never stuttered for 
Even a moment-
The seasons can teach you
That sunlight is anything but
It is heat and passion and
Faster than the sound
Of the shifting winds gasping
To keep up...

I love your gentleness,
How your hands
Move like early Spring...

But sometimes I wish
That you would kiss me
Like late Spring-
I want you to kiss me
Like a dandelion on the wind,
Like a waterfall waking up,
Like sunlight burning through
The dawn like passion;
I want you to surround me
And beat down hard like an
April rainstorm- to breathe
Me like petrichor and hold me
Like raindrops clinging to 
Blades of grass, like raindrops
Soaking into the ground
Until there is no closer...
I want you to make me 
Feel like I'm coming to life.

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Spring Song

New birthed buds will yawn and stretch to 
Golden-threaded rays; 
Parrot tulips bloom in early spring;
Liquid colors flow like cascading silk, across my garden.

Paper whites smile and soak up Mother Earths’ milk;
All is beautiful in this lush garden canvas
Birds provide a mellow concerto and titter-sweet notes, 
dance on the scented air.

Cricket-chirp-symbols ring out with each stanza as,
Evening shadows flicker upon Gaia’s’ palette;
Crescendo on the dew-dusted air.

Here, among them all, I sit in contemplation.
I sense their elation;
Euphoria of spring-song consumes my spirit.

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3 tiny Spring poems

   Almost Haiku Tangibles

Fish jump to bridges
Birth of flowers happily
Signals suns reach there

    Tangible Bud Lights

Rivers, springs, hops, push  
Warm days emerge, showing buds
Season of new water


With sun, girls milk
Green fields stretch on miles, glowing
Rich taste steps on stage


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These Mornings

Maple and Cherry Oak
deciduous delight;
a new wardrobe.

Another marriage; 
violent waterways 
racing traffic.

Cremation of
fallen family
lingers onward.

sweet scent--
Lavender & Lilacs.

Desiring exactly
what we despise
as dreams drown.

Twenty branches above 
percussion solos begin
between wings while

lead singers gather on
electrical tightropes
of music notation.

Trade-winds whisper
as the ocean above
remains motionless.

Until next
December my
dear winter.

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It is time Too long in bed I stretch Cast off the bonds of Hypnos Cold white sheets retreat I am free My head lifts Sun caresses my face I rise, standing tall Naked for all to see Beauty reborn It is spring

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Yellowstone, 1995 or Thereabouts

	I can hear the water, 
	a giggle almost, 
	in the small cold spring 
	by which I sat
	that foggy morning, 
	sketchbook, pen, and watercolors in hand. 
	A weed with a single white flower 
	grew from the innards 
	of a half submerged, 
	humus-bound log 
	alive with neon-green moss. 
	A brilliant web 
	spun by a tiny jewel-orange spider
	laced the flower to the log. 
	I dipped my brush in the spring water, 
	washed it around in the appropriate colors, 
	painted the scene as best I could, 
	never coming close to capturing 
	the brilliance of flower, moss and spider.
	Only approximations of nature are possible.

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Spring Showers

The showers of springs
Give the imagination
Soft and light wings
And take the heart
Beyond the horizon rings
The colours there
Show there
A lovely glare
Brighter and fairer
Than the rainbow
During the showers slow 
The eyes seek for
The inspiration
Through the window
Of open inspiration
To prepare 
A matchless culmination
With past sensation
Which are like the swings
Moving high up in the
World unknown
The to and fro motion
Awakes a commotion
Into the world of words
And a heart touching verse
Comes out
To have a bout
With the unfair doubt
Pacify the feelings 
With an eternal calm 

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Humming Green

                                        There is a green
                                        Beyond the grey
                                        That hides behind wild wintry white.

                                        A green so sweet
                                        Tears slip from the eyes
                                        And turn to dew to please the thirsty grass.

                                        A green so sweet
                                        Deeply buried dead burst up into flowers--
                                        Before snow whispers in the summer.

                                        Bird song
                                        In the sweetness of the green---
                                        And as it slides into the sea
                                        Azure kisses gently in reply.

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Icy sidewalks and frozen roads 
Crisp winter air 
A peaceful sleep
The wind whispers thoughts of spring 
Soon forgotten with icy shivers 
Hibernation now 

We awake to find a peaceful city 
Industry forgets itself 
Men at work adhere to silence 
Ice lays claim
Our place in the world is frozen 

Animals come out to eat 
Briefly seen by scarce rays of sunshine 
Darkness shrouds the short and bitter days 
Cloudy skies and rosy cheeks 
Lulling moments that are necessary
Giving contrast to a beautiful spring 
Coming closer everyday

By Kyle Ezra Kriticos

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Spring Showers

Night shadow passes into dawn.
I walk along the wooded path
and smell the drops of rain so crisp.
I surely feel the blossoms rejoicing
at this early sign of Spring's delight
along with our winged friends the robins
that have put in a heartening appearance
singing their throaty songs of joy.
The warm and encouraging showers
rain down in frisky streams that beckon
all creatures to come out and play.
As I amble along with my umbrella
perched above my head I dream
of longer days and beauty abounding.
I'm refreshed and renewed in Spring's embrace.

written 3/26/2013

for Russell Sivey's contest "Spring Showers"

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The Armies of Hope or Blossoms in Early Spring

They are coming out from every direction, 
steadfast and formidable in their invasion, 
surprising and overpowering our senses, 
bringing us hope. 
Let us find comfort, 
despite our worries and sorrows, 
that they set forth their march every year, 
forever faithful to us.

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Vernal Equinox, Spring Begins

Spring begins as a spring, the roads shining wet, the earth desultory floats the water as 

the lawns are pricking green welcoming the Spring. At dawn the birds chatter with delight 

at the worms' awful plight while commuters mutter imprecations to one and all as if 

weather lore will do for us all, until they remember the Easter holiday that still seems so 

far off as the weather seems to be spoiling our lot.  

Snow shovels the warm dry sunny weather we had for over a week far away as it reminds 

us of its power to be bloody awkward of its own accord. 

In Spring we all fancy a smile that is not wry and weather to warm our bodies and souls 

after a grotty winter. Let us Hope! 

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In The Autumn of My Years

Memories linger melancholy as I approach the bridge to the Gardens de Sol. A picture forms in my weary mind; Just a mere shadowed mirage, like an old faded photograph in a heart shaped locket kept near my soul centre for days, weeks and decades…. while fall winds crooning blue zephyrs frigid, incantations upon the once verdant meadows where the fawns grazed and wild horses pranced so breezy carefree on fine spring days.... I whirled and twirled , a carefree dance on patches of clover and dandelions in the spring of my youth Reveling joie de vivre of sun Sol warming skin and soul pink I remember our long, meandering walks in a picture perfect rose garden scented with redolent pines and aromatic wild flowers we conversed for hours, my hand in yours thrilling at your every word infatuated by a fervent touch You, idly picking petals off a rose; the deep timbre of your delicious laugh resounding joy to my acquiescent ears as I cavorted playfully in the garden’s fountain until lengthening shadows quilted the path with reluctant to leave, sun beams of a late summer afternoon And afterwards, in twilight violet sky; intimate moments by a blazing fire, silent music of our hearts thrumming a lovers sonata while you kissed me; gold specked brown orbs, so pleasurable and beguiling, warming my soul full of tomorrows promise and forgotten yesterdays Now, as I picture this quixotic drama rehearsed again and again one solitary tear slowly trails down and comes to rest on lines that were not there yesterday….. Dead cornflake leaves crunch under my feet as I walk the very same bridged pathway to the garden alone my only audience a solitary prickly cactus in the autumn of my years.......

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Spring Showers

when earth cries
its tears fall upon us
not tears of sadness, really
tears to cleanse the horror
that it has seen that year
to wash away the pain 
and the blood that has stained its surface
a revival
so it can last one more year
the ugly must be swept away
so the beauty can be seen
or else we might not notice 
we might only notice
so the bad must be swept away
so the good can return
so the showers must fall
so the flowers will bloom

spring showers contest

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Treacle Melts

        Treacle Melts

Sail on sugar in the sweets
On winds of chocolate powder
And candy on the smack of lips

Kisses in secret caramel places heard
Over miles of creamy icing roads
Lift up my savory love

Whose fragrance is of pink and dreams
Of treacle melting on the tongue
And stories of flying fudge ships

Told in confectionery verse
By hungry children eating mints
Tales fill the air once more

Of fruit flavors sailing on 
And off the tongues of young ones
With hints of magic and fresh breaths

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Signs Of Spring

When you walk you can hear the sounds of spring,
The beautiful songbirds chirping their song,

The snow begins to thaw, eventually melting,
The sidewalks clean and easy to walk on.

The sun shines beautifully and the clouds fade away,
The air warms, and you know spring is coming.

I look forward to spring again, the snowdrops and crocuses start to appear,
The snow allowing them to make an appearance.

The vacant trees whose branches are gnarled and uneven,
Buds begin to appear and you know the leaves wiil unravel slowly.

Milder weather is here and you transcend to clothing that is comfortable and warm,
Spring brings hope and happiness to us all, god's blessing.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Happiness Surrounds Me

Happy that I live but more,
That the sky is bright blue.
Happy for summer roses after rain,
And for spring glimmers and dew.

Happy for sunsets and warm days,
And for rain that turns to snow.
Happy trees grow green leaves,
And I get to see flowers grow.

Happy that I more than see,
That whether happy or sad,
Life is luminous and amazingly beautiful,
Now of this, I'm most grateful and glad.

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First we construct words:
simple, complex, love-words.
A game becomes real
with every word,
that starts to build a new poem:
a fraction of life—
in another life—
here and there, far or close together.
I wanted the night to come early—
depending on words hungry for invention.
I can't hear you,
but words can say,
a thousand times,
that this voice
was a part of you.
I learn the blind silence,
in steps of vowels,
every morning—
happy to be in another life,
somehow, somewhere…
You know you are forever special
in my mind and soul.
I love you.
The cold spring comes
early this year,
with hope for flowers,
windy songs of birds,
and poetry.

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Spring Showers

Spring Showers

I had a friend who gardened but sadly her health
 has waned- still, I know she dreams of  flowers
 and welcomes good  health like spring

when showers of petals  rain  from blossom
 laden boughs and form a pale pink carpet
 for her to tiptoe on.

Who can be sad  in spring 
 when rain awakens  dormant bulbs
and every where is fragrance 
and flowers in multitudes

I picked the daffodils this morning with 
raindrops in their yellow cups and her smile
 was like a rainbow that spread across the  room.

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The Drafting Hand of God or Little White Petals with Black Lines

Every year, 
these small, gentle flowers 
bring us evidence 
of the drafting hand of God, 
Who so thoughtfully took the trouble, 
amongst all His mighty and endless obligations, 
to draft anew 
every single petal that has ever been 
and is yet to be. 
They are like the human faces 
we are so lucky to see 
every single day.

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Now you are put to rest - Part Two


You had said when I kidded you? After all I'm not going to be far away? Now you are put to rest?In a place dug and slabbed for you alone As if you were not going to rest for good ?with all the others?

It is a place to a side in the pebble-strewn sidewalk ?against the wall ?your feet to the east ?all the other feet to the south ?As of a general standing to a salute from his army

There was no sight of you ?The golden chocolatish-pink of your casket ?made more glittering the cross? I couldn't guess if you would have wanted the Church's ornament then the feeling of being out-of-place? thoughts of you in a cloud

We talked in suppressed tones? about you of you ?trying to be polite and succeeding among uneasy fellows? here and there some unwanted details slipped in through nervousness ?yet none felt your hand tremble on the racket

You were the master of the court ?as now you mastered your going by the low sleek slate-grained marble? in sharply polished angular correctness ?amidst shy upright cypresses and neatly cut passage ways of chipped stone

We sprinkled your tomb with Church water ?Neither rain nor snow you remember could keep you from finishing your game? Already as we turned in a column the voices now louder in the distance? They were arranging the roughly hewn stone slabs ?before the marble thickened your bed

You may at last be at rest ?with no one to challenge you to a test of strength? your referee's whistle holding its un-disputable silence

You came with the spring ?Now you go in cheery spring ?Your sollicitous voice still lingers in our courts ?You knew us all by name and style at play ?long before we met under your critical gaze

(Jean Franco, born in Morocco of Spanish stock, was an Income Tax Inspector and in his spare-time an International Soccer Referee for France. We often played tennis at the Tennis Club in Fresnes-94.)

©T.Wignesan 1992 April 21, 1992 - [from the collection: back to background material, 1993]

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The premiere of spring

dawn sneaks through the curtains sun-rays tap gently my eyelids radio-news rustles about the first lamb triplets wishing half awake with my head on my pillow spring isn't just a dream spring persists she enlists a birds- choir for a beautiful sing more sun for a heartwarming swing trees to show off in fresh glorious green winter's downstream drowns in spring perfumes crawling shy inside through the open window slowly returning to the upcoming day my eyes gaze a dream encircles the curtains briefly hover on and off touched by a soft spring breeze I smell spectacular fragrances I hear glorious symphonies I see snatches of the budding tree in the backyard I sense intense earliest spring-moments in the air ©Ellie Daphne 2/24/2013

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Night Is Coming

Night is coming
Even though it already looks and feels of night
It isn't here yet
Gray veil covers the sky
Rain plays its sad tune
But pink flowers contrast green on Japanese Magnolia

Night is coming
Color blind person would not be able to see
The green leaves that are in contrast to the pink
Nor could they see the contrast between the white and green on the Bradford Pear

Night is coming 
Rain increases it rhythm, the grayness in the forest deepens
A heaviness weighs upon my body making it uncomfortable to breath
The rain washes the pollen away for right now

Night is coming 
Colorblindness would be a disadvantage for a person in many ways 
Some of the beauty of spring would be lost
But they would probably notice shape and design more than someone who sees color

Night is coming
When the darkness covers over me then I won't be able to see how to write
This would be a great disadvantage in accomplishing finishing this work
The yellow green or banana yellow yard light has come on it light radiates outward
In the distance a very large tree reaches upward skeletal but has few spring green 
tiny leaves that contrast the gray sky.
If I  were color blind I would not see that.

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Eternal Spring

With each stone,
A certain size,
A distinct color,
Water flows gracefully
Over each backbone of the brook.

Along the brook,
The water is pristine,
Yet calm and quiet,
Rolling over stones
And pebbles, the water streams into
A natural spring.

The spring dwells
Eternal life,
Once drank,
Life everlasting.
Offering life after passing.

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Rain in the Wild

Birds scatter in the air
as they head back to their nests

Rivers begin to create
beautiful circular waves

The smell of rain
fills the air once more,
as droplets of rain come
down to embrace the ground

The jungle is alive again
in the endless rhythm created
by raindrops and the earth

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In one corner of my room,
That is shaped like a tomb,
There is a window, where I sit
And see my world through it.

I see the rising sun,
I see the melting dew,
I see the blooming flowers,
I see the sky’s changing hues.

Through it
I embrace the fading sun,
I live the joyous rains,
I feel the flowery fragrance,
I walk those lonely ways.

Through it
I float with the summer clouds,
I breathe the winter breeze,
I touch the autumn leaves,
I celebrate the cuckoo’s springtime songs.

Through the window,
I see my world.
Neither the autumn leaves,
Nor the springtime songs;
Neither the winter sunshine,
Nor the summer rains;
Would have been great
Had it not been through my window rails.

Through my window,
I see the world.
In the window, lies the entire bliss;
Beyond the window is only an illusion.

Suyash Saxena

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As winter blows its last short breath

as winter blows its last short breath
to try and steal the candles’ warm small flame
to try and stop the light it casts
the inevitable flame of earlier sun
fading in the spray of blossoms
as frostless grass blushes greenly jealously
but as it blows the flame out
the party starts
and children laugh in warmer light
as the promise of fruit and fun
birthday cake of joy and sun
lies in the pink carpet under the apricot trees
and the birds burble forth in uncontrollable mirth
as their brothers return from far away
and as the new born flowers cry
tears of dewdrops 
the bluer sky builds castles and dragons high
with the present of early raindrops
and as the winter slinks away
to its frosty lair where it will stay
the joy of life reveals movement and light
in the reflection of the bee’s purposeful flight
everything fresh and made anew
on a crisp lawn full of sparkling dew
everything new and very fresh
as spring has covered dry bones with flesh

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Star Seeker

The winter is dwindling!

   the winter is dwindling!

There is an ancient warmth

   returning to kiss this land

   with warm love ----

   draw her in from the shadow

   of icy-looms,

Spinning sure-spun recipes,

(warmer the beams solar-soft)

   the sun becomes a star;

   deeper in day to bloom

   many a seed for her delicate


And the warmth of winds

   blow from fire-nymph lips;

There is growing in heaven's calendar,

   gardens to till, lawns to mow.....

Should an angel choose a swifter spring....

Draw children from their open windows;

   to parks and balls and sandbox thrills,

   let the sun be some prima donna,

   some little genius,

   anxious to shine


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i call for mother
for she is sleeping on the sofa 
i look more close for death has come to call on this sunny spring day
"mother , "mom" "mommy"
no words will wake her for death has made his final round
my breaths shall not save her no matter how hard i pump
my pleas nor cries will bring her smile back out from behind her blue lips 

i stand before mother in her favorite dress and i hold her cold hand as those around say it 
was for the best
i lay in mother empty bed smelling her perfume waiting for her just to walk though the door
i wait in darkness for my heart has no light 

my days are full with routine but i am dead on the inside my smiles are fake and my laughs 
are brittle
"just one more day to get though"
i am lifess and joyless i am pointless

my children grow but i am blind 
i grow older but my grief ages me even faster
my face i no longer recongize though the mirror

long roads and dead ends but i can start to breath again
recovery is so hard mother but recover is a must 
my smiles are real and i can now laugh without crying 
no longer do i look to the door waiting
some days are long and i must really work at it
some days are so easy that i never want them to end

i stand with flowers in my hand and the spring breeze ruffles my hair 
i look to your grave and 
i can finally say i will  be fine
i will be ok

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A New Season

Change is in the air, shortened 
days give way to light
Whisper cool days deny winters 
hold, fleeing the fight
Juvenile greens transform 
the colorless scape
Familiar sounds return, 
remarkably on que
A new season is here, arrives 
with an unfading scent
Gone too long is the time as 
spring governs

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My pen visioned spring

A vast ,babbling vast of green lush grass, 
 spread out on rocky mountains. 
Rays of sun light ,awaking slumbering buds, from a sleeping beauty.
Winds of tranquility shifting the images of the spring sky.
Ob-east Caterpillars crawl on the aged bark of trees, to hang.
To transform into a flying beauty. 
Flapping  its wings towards a flower to lay and rest. 
Both flower and butterfly complementing each others beauty,in a bonding image .Seen by the eyes .Standing, awestruck stillness . Dandelions picked from the earths ground to be blown,
for a desperate wish, to spring to reality. 
Birds cutting the infinite winds of the sky, 
baring worms in their beak. Bounty for an off spring. 
Children play, on the play grounds,releasing in to the air sounds of horse play.
 Mustangs of distant lands gallop free and wild.Yellow pollen filled antennas of  hibiscus pollinated by buzzing bumblebees.
A city filled with people complementing the weather,wearing sleeveless shirts. 
A unborn baby expected time of arival spring.From the moist soil of a mothers womb a baby springs.Many suffice in spring.From spring vibrant laughter springs.
Dead images of winter, spring forth and spring forth they shall.
Thanking words spring forth to the open spring weather, for favoring my land.
I hope not to ofend any other seasons, but for faviring the impecable spring I have my reasons.

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I planted this garden to enjoy.
Photosynthesis comes from the sun.
The white orchids set to the east.
The daffodils are astray.
The roses are a spread on a rack.
The tulips and morning glory are in a flowerbed.
I am relishing nature this year.

I planted these gardens to enjoy.
I sit in my cupola thinking about, therapeutically writing poetry, and reading aloud.
Behind this belvedere are a plot of mustard greens, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers.
The radiant energy celestially augments the vegetation.
The foliage is an architectural beautification.

These gardens were planted to enjoy.
No qualms I have, thus far.
I am truly adorned.
Penned on May 02, 2014!
What's in your GARDEN? Contest

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Awakes My Garden

Seemingly, sudden,
Restful sleep all but over.

Wild tricolored Irises, vivid white, sun centered, Shasta Daisies,
And Cosmos of azures, fuchsias and buttery cups;
Babies breathing, eager to begin once again,
In order to forsake the bronze, soft textured crustiness 
Of the newly milled mulching caps, as they race for
The viewer and the gazer's glorious prize.

Even with a long and empty storehouse,
The beautiful bachelors and bachelorettes 
All remember how to drink
From natures vase,
And where to turn their faces
For one fleeting and lasting
Ray of purpose.


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Season Of Shorts

The day is brrrry.
I stay inside, drive everywhere I go.
Longing for my birthday,
Groundhog's Day,
and all that comes after.
The melting, the warmer winds,
the lengthening days, 
the things that bring
the depressed spirit back to life.
watching the layered, coated people
walk shivering on the sidewalk.
It's almost time.
The season of shorts will soon arrive.


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I love the symphony
of the flowers
which composes itself
after mid-winter showers;
though silent to ear,
it rings loud and clear
in the soul which holds
God's creation dear.

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September's Child Part one

Born in Autumn, a buffer season
Not Summer with days of sun
Fields of green with life abounding
And sparkling clear springs.
Not Winter with her majestic wonderland
Of brisk cold winds which kiss the skin
Of gentle snowflakes that fall to earth
Of a blanket of snow that sheets the earth
A covering that allows all to sleep for its rebirth.
Not Spring the beginning of life anew
When snowy fields give way to green grass kissed by Morning's dew
Of promises of love, the inner mating call
Spring a season of life, the most beautiful of all.

Born in Autumn
Things die, They give way
To winds that blow decaying leaves
From once beautiful green trees
Autumn poor Autumn how it yearns to live
A season of brilliant colors
Colors that are false for they hide
The fact what Autumn colors dies.
A season where not sure
Too cold to go bare arm
Too warm to wear a coat
So sweaters were made
Not too cold, not too hot are these days.

Spring a season of love
Summer a season of fun
Winter a season of rest
But Autumn a season of labor
You must reap the harvest
You must prepare for Winter.

I fell in love with a girl of Spring
A joyful, lovely, spirited thing
Her eyes were wild
Upon her face there was a suspicious smile
She was every thing a man could want
Carefree, laughter, emotions of Joy
O' my heart did she toy
Bountiful, free yes was she
This little girl of Spring.

I am a child of September
Born in the month that begat Autumn
Withdrawn, quiet, working hard
I have a strong desire to change the world
Just as Autumn does
It breaks down Summer, forces him to yield
To give birth to Winter
That is what Autumn does
And for all it's glory-for all it's change
Winter blankets him with her snow
So the change of Autumn goes unknown
So is the life of me
Only changing the scenery temporarily.

The other seasons understand
They have their place in time
They yield their beauty grand
But Autumn yearns for it all
He wants to fight
He waves his colors boastfully
He shines with colors bright
And Winter, she only laughs
And blankets him with her snow.

I fight for beliefs I hold dear
But yet I yield them to Time.
For Time rules all the seasons supreme
Time is the Father of all things
Time tells us we must only love
Those in which seasons we can share
Autumn could have Winter which he proceeds
But Summer has Spring which he succeeds
Autumn to Winter, Summer to Spring
That is how Time made it.

       (continued September's Child Part two)

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The element of time
is what you
make it

Time after time
I FALL back to SPRING forward again
What have I gained
Time is unchanged it remains the same

It doesn't matter where I go
Time shadows behind me
Taking up every minute in every day

 Times... I wish time would go away
Give me a little more time and more space

Man has painted numbers by hand
Winds the clock time after time...again and again

Time, it will never stop
Just my time will end, and that is my life
Time is eternity the ever-last

I much rather keep time by a dandelion clock
It blows gently in the wind
To fall down and spring up again

God is timeless
Time as we know it... was made for man

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Spring Showers

In winter the rains seems to subdue the earth.
Grey skies lower and the rain beats an unrelenting tattoo .
But in the spring the showers are soft and gentle,
Encouraging the earth to bring  forth its splendor . Rain
on the face encourages the loss of hat and umbrella
and urges you to run free.
The earth has a fresh, clean fragrance, one that will
never be found in a bottle. Like tears, drops form and
fall with the promise of growth and renewal. Spring showers...
they bathe the spirit and the soul, and prepare us
for the coming days of summer..

For the Spring Showers contest3/23/13

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Love's Tender Greening Bud

Come, gentle Spring,
Into my winter heart
Long frozen beneath a wide expanse of snow.
Seek out the slumbering flower
Hidden in the dormant sod;
Charm her from frigid grave
With sweet, warm sighs and penetrating rains.
Come, incessant Spring,
And ravage my still heart with beauty's multitude.
Persist until I feel
Love's tender greening bud
Burst through surrendered soil.

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The art Of Spring

Bright blue skies on a spring day
Fulfills my horizon
Blue birds and robins pass me by

Mountain, trees, and animals
Priase God Abroad
The frsh air bring forth calmness
A quiet serene a waits my soul

Red orange and violets
Represents God's glory
Flowers slowly rise with the sun
And water crickets sings songs of glory

Fresh water arises with the scent 
Of of sweet savory of God's spices
Beach rolls in the lazy tide
I sit back and enjoy it all

The art of spring is glorification
Of all tings God created
He's the world famous artist


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All nature sleeps in winter freeze.
Soil lies dormant, catching snowflakes;
drinks raindrops, waiting for the sun
to heat its body - sufficient 
to nurture life’s awakening.

Like needles piercing burlap,
green shoots push upward thru soil;
strain toward light, leaning in the wind.
Dull hues change to rainbow bright.
A new cycle begins.

     A version of this poem was
first published in IDEALS Magazine
        Easter Edition, 2006

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A Single Pine Cone

*A Single Pine Cone*

A single pine cone
Lying on a bed of snow
Its shadow seen against the morning’s curtain
Lying there cold and all alone
A pine needles throw from the old blue spruce
Sleep little pine cone
Sleep so tenderly
For soon the sun will nudge you more intently
Announcing the approaching signs of spring
Sleep while you can for the squirrels and the chipmunks 
Are also welcoming in the entrance to spring

Gwendolen Rix

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Spring Showers

Spring showers?
Blooming flowers?

Or deceitful ground hog?
Crawling up its bound log?

Instead of rain,
I see the snow.

Expected fishing,
Turned to hopeful wishing.

I have no bite,
I see no kite.

Winter is still a'blossom,
Cause' the blossom isn't living.

Still dragging under the snow,
While the winds harshly blow.

This is an odd Spring,
Something God could only bring!

Spring Showers

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Light alters the ambiance 
of all that is seen;
the accelerating clouds escape
 while a distant trumpet,
embodying the allegro beat,
arranges beautiful arias
that ascend like orchards' pink petals 
unaware of us
watching as they enter
 the radiant atmosphere...  
look up, those fading stars adore them! 
Against the igneous rocks algae cling,
empty boats err 
without any stirring;
anguish for one heart awaiting night...
opening her eyes,
she allows fears   
and tears ignoring the ardent moonlight:
again lonely, allured by auroral gleams!  


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On days when there are no poems to be found
When I drudge the depths of the murk 
I think of Jonquils.

I get stuck on those pesky flowers
And the mental image of tiny yellow and white daffodils.
I ask myself for a poem but
From somewhere else
The whisper comes:

Poems must be about Jonquils.
You can’t have a poem without Jonquils.

I need to write about
speak about 
sing about
write some more about


So, as a poet who has learned from other poets, I research.

Narcissus jonquilla:

A native of Spain and Portugal.
Grows in open spaces and forests and at the edges of lawns
Like little poems
that push their way up through the late spring snow

Vast white sheets spread for acres
On my desk top.
I stare at them and wait for a poem to happen.
From the corner of a page
A yellow tipped bud appears—

And nothing else.

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Spring Season

When daffodils brighten my windowsill

And warm Spring rain begins to fill

My outdoor pots and borders wide

My heart cannot help but burst with pride

We have survived Winter's squalls and snow

Spring has arrived for a few weeks more

No more icy winds and feeling jaded

Collapsing fences and motorist's stranded

Spring you are welcome as a friendly face

Spend time with me and slacken your pace

Join with me as gardening we go

Amongst the hyacinths bluey glow

Neighbouring garden mowers and scythes

Fills garden spaces when Spring arrives

Germinating seedlings boxed in rows

"Stop your pinching you greedy crows!"

Early morning twitterings of a feathered friend

Youngsters are feeding, extending necks bend

Life renewing in all aspects on show

Whether plant, insect or baby doe

Streams are filling from the Spring rain

As fish in numbers too many to contain

Their underwater world coming to life

Freed at last their breeding rife

Bleeting lambs born in the cold

Farmers bottle feeding them, some to be sold

Weekend treats with Dad and Mum

Children happily farm visiting come

Easter heralds festive times

Easter hat parades and egg hunt finds

Foliage filling empty trees

Humming insects and honey bees

Now this Spring we begin to know

So thank you God for creating this show

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Spring stampede

as rabbits emerge
out of the bushes
on the green meadow
in front of me
because we both do not bother 
each other
we splurge 
while sharing presence

by moving around
on the grass 
and under the bushes
they create naturally 
with their paws 
their own sound
not disturbing the silence

as more rabbits emerge
out of the bushes
on the green meadow
in front of me
because we both do not bother 
each other
we splurge 
while sharing presence
their little song changes
in a soft symphony
graced and colored
by their countless embellishments
of the sounds of a soft stampede

I am enchanted 
due to their a-rhythmic sound 
of trampling and rustling 
and their beat of tranquility

©Elly Wouterse

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A Lesson Queerly Learned

Silky white, pink-tinted petals pushed by dreaded zephyr
They brush against cheeks; comfort sensually skinned
Delicate, freshly bloomed, fall like widows who have wept
I should too if not for ignorance willfully kept

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As we transcend snowy bright mountains that thrill the adrenaline seekers
  Buds spring up around the foothills of these mountains and
populate themselves by way of white bells and other lovely flowers
  making themselves well known in summer months by their scent that wafts upon billows of breezes

This is the time of cherry blossom trees that line our street in a symphony
A riotous coloured canvas splashed with magentas, thalo, and cobalt hues
if a symphony were playing it might be Ode to Spring by Benjamin Britten

each season has its beauties
Is gifts for the eye and the body
My favourite is spring
As it sometimes not so meekly melts the snow with vengance.

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Summer Here Again

When I hear the tweets of songbirds at dawn
Nesting in the oak tree outside my door
I smile at the sun shining on my face

A red bird scours the brown grass 
Blue birds skeeter on tree branches above 
Squirrels run up treetops scampering nearby

There's more fun in spring than wintertime 
Tree frogs start to sing songs of joy at night 
Fireflies lit the darkness as they mate

When I hear spring back, summer is coming 
Hot beaches call my name to the ocean 
Hot sand between my toes makes me holler

As I run for the shorelines' cool water 
I dance my jig retreating from high waves 
That reached my tighs quickly pulling me in

When I hear tweets of songbirds at dawn 
I warmly smile at yesteryear
Hoping for another day to make fun memories 

By Barbara Washington 3/9/2012©

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This Night

This night,
The stars glittering behind
A blossoming branch,
Springs reoccurring blanket begins
To spread itself,
New hopes ride fertile winds
Through freshly furrowed fields.

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Kiss The Rain

Droplets of rain
fall on Earth,
making everything
to come to Life
before my eyes!

Trees sway from left
to right with joy!

The ground smells
of fertility once more!

The air smells of rejuvenation
around me like before!

Rivers gain strength
and eagerly flow downwards
to become waterfalls!

Opening my mouth wide,
I taste blessings in the form
of pure droplets of water!

Once more Mother Earth
kisses the rain!

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Light shadow
Movie screen grey
Another season's on the way.

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Like Spring for the Very First Time

Today was the kind of day
That presses itself against your 
lips like a first kiss
And melts on your tongue like 
All warm sugar sweetness and 
decadent richness-
Today smelled like sunlight 
and childhood,
Bursting with buttercup-bright 
color like laughter-
Today felt like Spring for the 
very first time.
Today was the kind of day
I've been missing for a while.

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My faith

I know that without you my life wouldnt be my life 
I know that without you I'll never understand
I know that wiithout you I wouldnt be able to smile 
you know I was told by a very bless person 
that everyone have season
and right now I am going though my winter 
even though It seem like my spring will ever come 
I know as long as I have the faith the size of a seed 
that everything will be ok
My faith is not that I wish it will be 
but I know that as long as I keep doing what I am doing 
my spring will be here in no time

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A Soul Awakened

They bloom as buds,
The young and expectant
bursting with the life of spring.
Winter-bones, stiff with frost, 
Unravel the icicle wire;
Release the spry exuberance of
Underground bulbs of self:
Heart, mind, chakra points--rise,
Rise to greet the thaw!

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I sit on the windowsill 
and admire the silent sky
that is partially dark; 
I listen to the crickets 
that hide in the oak's massive branches...
doesn't it suggest suspense and melancholy?

How can the ivory moon of spring brighten my night
and dissipate every surly thought 
that interferes with my contemplation?
It's my desire to feel and hear peace,
which in daytime is so immensely absent;
and unlikely nighttime, it only offers implausible allure.   

No verses I will write tonight and begin dreaming... 
instead, I'll look further into space and believe in creation evermore;
I'll hear Daniel's voice echo through its immeasurable vastness,
and perhaps the ivory moon of spring seeing my sadness   
will brighten the gloomy night before stars vanish behind the blazing clouds.   

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Winter's End

Leaves are soaking wet
    from the ice that is thawing.The Sun is slowly
waking up from its hibernation. Snow flakes
         are vanishing one by one; after spring's visit, umbrellas,
raincoats, and lovers kissing in the rain,
          has made snowflakes to seem as though their existence
is a fairytale.
     The ground that was once filled with ice, like icing put
                 on a cake, now is green with life, 
with some rainbow colors from birds, butterflies, and flowers.
From a bird's eye-view, the land looks
                     like an explosion of a big bang of color.

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Our first walk of the Spring

Our neighbour's excited spaniel pups spring up to us with the joys of Spring as the trees and shrubs are about to bud as do the garish litter bags thayt no surburban lane would be the same in Britain without the hard work of litter louts. Birds flit from hedge to hedge, the sparrows not rare here neither are yellow or red finches; the winter berries still in bloom as early cherries shyly blossom as though tjheir impertinence will not go unpunishred by snowy winds that have made a tactical retreat rather surrender to a warmer world. 
Couples walk walk and talk as dog owners talk their walk while the former tiny Methodist chapel aintefd a pink that no Wesleyan would praise that or the 'For Sale' sign that the owners' grandon secures the windows before he enthusiastically hoes the roses and everyithing else in a desperate bid to sell as the sap in house prices is on the rise. across the road the large modern homes are crowded in for protection from the ghostly threat of tjhe lord of the manor's remians of his moat, a reminder once a once medieval power as bullocks with no degerence roam and anser to the the mooing of the cows in the fields nearby that are fed by the the farm hand with tractor and trailer never getting out of his vehicle to face this phalanx led by the bull that lord's over them. 
wE walk home replenished as the first day of warmth so we can stop and stare with no shiffer there as the sun goes down peacefully. coming homegulls swirl overr the estuary in mock anyance on such a spring day as the lower sky blushes light pink as the higher sky is a pale navy blue in a beutiful Spring sunset after all our Winter woes.

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The Magic Of Autumn

Listen as the autumn rains fall 
Caressing softly the fallen leaves
Sounds of cold in winds now call
Harvests stand in shocks of sheaves

Rising breeze stirs leafs of red
Was once the pallet of spring 
Lay softly there in winter’s bed
Painted from natures things 

Magic of autumn makes pearls of dew
The sun gets tired and shadows grow  
Colors change from what we knew
From vivant greens to whites of snow

Softly there a blanket white
Adorns the summer’s pride
Sleep there in winter’s night
There till spring they hide


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Nursery of Winds

In the glistening of Spring
young winds are born,
hatchling mouth gaping
for frozen bits of thermal carrion,
gleaning what nourishment they can
from the keening of last winter’s gales.

Summertime zephyrs are on their own,
casting themselves in currents of warmth,
deciding from moment to moment 
whether they will caress or sting.
They move as they must
for only those most fit
may sail forward into Fall.

Late autumn gales dance in glee,
plucking the trees for adornments
to dress themselves, pushing
the dead scales of summer
through wild ranges
to line west facing cliffs
in hopes of spawning anew.

And in the depths of winter’s bite
they prance in waxing and waning strength,
mating with abandon,
showcasing the power of vernal rage,
cradling each other’s breezes
in the glacial nooks of high rocks,
Scattering truth in their wake,
waiting for Spring.

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winters gone

Winters gone
Winters gone
April show brings
May Flowers for 
June weddings. 
Winters gone
The robin sings 
His spring song.
Winters gone 
The children play.
For school will soon end.
No more snow 
So winter s gone.

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The Moon

One spring night,
Just for fun,
I rode the crescent moon.  
Then left her below to gaze on me,
As I soared miles high
In the still starlit laughing
Spring air!


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dark horse

the year is as spring as you are regardless 
the fall hasn’t passed
love, loss, encore
the year is spring and buds threaten bloom
hesitant, having to a waiting
to that oncoming
that a felt cool, autumn wind 
tiny’s  leaves tight to say, “No, not yet”
the world sits wanting
happy to bait your summer rivaled, hired limo
not enough money can take you home 
when you’re whole lot a walkin’ is a walkin’ the earth
only a few of us out here no that kind of tread
the year is spring as you are baby
and you’re usually right ‘bout that

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She glances
From afore does she stare
Poised passive without motion
Petals grace and glance in glimmer
Dans la roseraie de la vue
Attractive allure into light's lust 
Marinating morning's delectable dew
Entwined is she in the rose's vine
Flowered fluorescence enclosed eloped
Claret joues et l'éclat rose
From the bud doth she now call
Flowered glances doth pollen pose
She glances...
Coeur brisé

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Soft Spring Evening

as the moonlight flushes
the white plum-tree blossoms
down the night-black bark arms
like snowflakes softly landing
on the calloused ground
without a sound
a mirror image of a petaled sky
filled with
star blossoms and fragrance
deep and high
whirling around the moon
cold and distant
yet pouring out
its cold love like
a symphony of
softest flute
and bassoon
ah, the moon, the moon
casting shadows black and deep
as the blossoms go to sleep

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Nothing makes one forget the stillness of a warm noon
more than that memorable stroll
with our sweetheart as butterflies 
gently flutter over us to be admired, making us 
remember the tender beauty that spring was. 

Everything around us emanates joy,
harmony is seen everywhere in this forest, 
but peace isn't the only thing the traveler seeks,
and surely bluejays can arise much curiosity
with their songs that sound good to the ear.

Walk with us on flowery paths, say hello
to the timid squirrels with long, patchy tails;
rosemary bushes are fragrantly sweet... 
to remind all the tender beauty that spring was.

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Cleaning Day

I think that God had intended
For Spring cleaning.
After all, he intended for doors
To light dark corners,
The spiders to spin webs 
Along the walls..
The dust collecting 
On the surfaces,
The bird's song 
As an incentive 
To keep working.
The tiny sqeak
Of cleaning windows,
The allure
Of a newly made bed,
With my puppy by my pillow...
The crisp, clean look
Of a newly painted wall,
And the soft feel 
Of new carpet on your toes..
The clean smell
Of newly hung laundry, 
But most of all...
I think God had intended 
For Spring cleaning
As a darn good reason

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Of Loving You

In winter I miss spring time rains,
In sunmmer I miss the coldness of snow,
When the sun beams down I miss the 
Clandestine moon, cool and aloof,
When you're not here with me,
I miss your warm embrace.
I miss the moments we share, so precious,
So treasured,
The depth of my missing you cannot be measured
In tears
Or fears
When lonliness overwhelms me.

I love you!
Missing you is but an extension of this love.
I'll be loving you, missing you, be lonely for you,
Until I am no more, and somehow, I know,
Even after.
I tell you I miss you, get lonely for you,
Not to make your spirits sag or to erase
The smile from your face.
I am only sharing a feeling of caring, of wanting and
Needing - 
As constant as the midnite hour,
As natural as winter's snow and
Summer's warmth,
Spring time flowers,
As that clandestine moon...
The stars
The trees
The grass...
I love you!
Miss you when we are not together!
I get lonely for you!

In winter I miss spring time rains,
In summer, I miss the coldness of snow!


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Spring Musings

Her eyes gazing at the raindrops,
as they create patterns outside the window;
she follows the patterns, and get destructed
when another pattern forms over them;
she wonders whether that's how love is;
something you cannot make a pattern of- flaming
in caresses and kisses, and the next minute tears
and pain.....

Date: 06/06/2014

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To Ever Young Spring

To Ever Young Spring

O enchanting flavor, of the beautiful Spring
Why you always look, so different to    me
Seasons come and seasons go, every year
But why only the Spring, enchants everyone

Why the mind get lost by the flavor of Spring
Even birds returns from their migrating hides
Why sweet sensations runs in human hearts
Why life began to look so different in Spring

Why the Koyal* keep on singing and singing
Why the smell of Mango buds creates thrills in mind
Where on earth this intoxicating wine is being made
Which sweeps away our mind and heart in Spring

And where in Nature the nectar of Spring is hidden
Which intoxicates humans, birds and even animals
Why in Spring,  images began to appear gradually
On the other wise sleeping, but turning pages of  life

The Butterflies are flying from the top of the flowers
To invite Black bee and others  to enjoy the Spring
What ever may be the stage of life in which, one may be
In the season of Spring only, one feels young and evergreen

Why my mind has started searching on its own
Sensing the dawn of the season of Spring near by
Why even in our life, we find some day that even in Spring
Even the enchanting fragrance too began to feign oneday

Why the mind cheated and illusion by seasons
Becomes anxious and began to feel young again 
By watching the new born leaves on every trees
And finding them dancing with breeze in Spring

Why the singing of Koyal’s * kuhoo*  kuhoo*
Leaves the impression of some anguish always
Silently the heart keeps on searching throughout the year
The grandeur and melody of the Spring singer

When the childhood has ever come back again
And when the youth has ever returned, once gone
Only on the pages of our memories and in our hearts
Their fragrance remain always alive and ever young


Kanpur India  2nd March 2010 

* Koyal .  A spring bird of India which sings mainly in Spring
   While setting on the Mango tree branches
* Kuhoo Kuhoo . the melody song of the Spring bird 
   Similar to that of the Nightangale of John Keats

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September's Child Part two

  ( continued from September's Child Part one)

But Autumn does not love Winter
Autumn yearns for Spring
But Spring with her bubbling laughter
It is Summer she chases after
Hurt and disgusted Autumn becomes
A season of depression for his love rejected
His leaves of orange, red and gold
Turn to a decaying brown.

He tries in vain to change
To conquer Winter
Yes if this he could do
Then Spring will he be with
But Winter strong, her winds they blow
She buries him with blizzards of snow.

September's Child
A love he has lost
September's Child
Alone and tormented
Spring she will not have him
Summer shines him by
Winter she does control him
Autumn the season when love dies.

September's Child through he breathes
The breath of life
Deep inside he has died
For a love he can not have.

Came September I looked up at the trees
Red, orange , gold were her leaves
I plucked a few from her arms
And kept them in a paper sack of brown.

And I released them into the wind
That Spring.

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Spring comes slowly, creeping in

With foggy mornings and misty rain;

A bit  of snow now and then.

Melting ice and dripping trees

Buds on branches, new baby leaves.

Birds of spring begin to appear

Calling to mates from the previous year.


Crocus are the first flowers to show their bloom.

Pushing themselves up through the ice and snow

Amethyst heads pointed high, petals open to the sun.

Robins chirp, hopping along catching awakening insects.

They bathe in puddles icy and refreshing.

Soon new blades of grass push up from the the browned lawn

Birds nests dot the tree limbs, laying of eggs begins.


Spring thunderstorms wash away the last of the dirty snow.

Memories of winter's cold winds ease, 

Thoughts, of summer yet to come, arise.

The planting of the garden, mowing the lawn,

Children yearning for the school year to end.

Life renewed, another spring has begun

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I miss them the most

Flowers blooming in the spring.
Birds singing in my ears do ring.
Butterflies floating in the breeze.
Squirrels playing amongst the trees.
Bees buzzing in the air. 
Deer frolicking everywhere. 
These are the days I hold so close,
And when they are gone I miss them the most. 


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Spring Reborn

The vigilant Knight of Winter stretched out his frost-lined hand

Gauging temperature changes over the desolate land

His trailing snowy mantle skirts the overhanging bower

Welcoming dawn's re-emergence this sun rising hour

Solitary Knight no wish to remain

Sentinel to nature, grave cast in all but name

Then emerging cautiously from a shrub's fern-like spears

The maidenly form of Spring appears

Dew caught sunbeams cascading down

her plait of corn stalked wheat turning brown

In a dress of peat with grass stained folds

And network tracery of germinating moulds

Purple star aubretias crown her hair

She glances to see her Knight's enraptured stare

Lachrymose Spring sinks softly sobbing

Lamenting her Winter Knight so true

Could our separation be forever

Alas, no time left  to renew

The eternal link between us both

She sighs, "Maybe when autumn leaves comes forth?"

Winter chides," Don't forget, May the Summer Miss"

Surrendering the embracing Seasons kiss

Responsive blackbird on the branch above

With bobbing head and throat a throbbing

Sings an unbridled song of love

Winter reassures, but no longer calms

Her piteous pleas for continuance

A proposal to his Spring formed wife

"From my demise I give you life

There is work to be done on the earthly plane

Then we shall reunite to begin again"

"Why wait" Spring pleads, trying to turn it around

"No time", he murmurs, "look about you, 

it is here on the ground, "your awakening".

Adoringly her encircles her so

Against the raw world of sleet and snow

In dreamlike slumbers they disappear

Only Spring reawakens to her seasonal year.

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When the spring rain falls, I feel renewed. I feel that I have nothing to worry about.
The thunder blocks out the cries on the streets. The cry of helpless children. The thunder blocks out my screams. But it does not block out the screaming inside me. The lightning lights up the world. It exposes the good and the bad. It exposes some of the deepest, darkest secrets. But it does not expose my secrects. It does not expose me. It does not expose my pain. The spring rain cleanses the Earth. It wipes away the world's wrong doings. It wipes away my tears. It makes me feel like the world isn't only mad at me, The spring rain covers up my sins, It wipes away my sadness but only for a minute, when the spring rain stops, I'm hurt and sore all over again. When the spring rain stops, I feel hopeless. When the spring rain stops, I wish it would start again. When the spring rain stops, I wish that it never started. When the spring rain stops, I feel like there is no meaning in life. When the spring rain stops, I feel like I want to die.

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Grand King

When I lay down on my deathbed,
Remember me…remember me forevermore
When I give in to silent slumber,
Don’t grieve for me…
I’m in God’s hand – 
A pleasant placement that I adore

When I wake up from this horrifying nightmare,
Dream not…dream not of war or violence
When I try to reach for my goals in life,
Be not afraid of me…I’ll be a success
Be not afraid of thee…He wants you to have progress

Shower me down with empathy and elegance
You sprout splendidly like a flower in the brink of Spring

Tower over me…protect me from 
You don’t doubt – 
You are one-of-a-kind and You are a GRAND KING!

When I grow weary and old, 
Don’t desert me like a worthless garden full of weeds
Don’t desert me…bury me in the damp soil like seeds
If you do decide to leave me behind, 
That would be just rude

When I have high hopes and if I’ll ever be as bold as The Lion,
Don’t take away my strength, my gift, or my gratitude

When I fall asleep on eagle and dove wings,
Don’t worry! 
Don’t worry about me! 
My heart will take divine flight 

When I approach heaven and its radiance 
Reigns upon my undying soul, 
It brings me love from somewhere quite a delight – 
Don’t reject the precious light
The precious light…

You’re a grand king!
You blossom with might and victory 
I crown you with 
Loyalty, Awesomeness, and Golden Pride

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The Fallow Plough

There are those of us, as one,
who feel greatly the indescribable
as if to probe the caverns of our non-existence--
the us which cannot be and is not
except in the small hours, the infinity of moments,
stretching beyond our belittled sense with shut, weary eyes
and the inconstant shaping of faces behind the world.
The momentous certainty of one's own death,
we know,
tolls me back, not from sleep, or fugue, or transcendence,
but by sloping box springs. Where no transient rivers lay their beds,
no eglantine or honeysuckle dapple the wild thicket groves,
no fluorescent bulbs lead to the exhaustible sun,
no tender sprigs will spring in Spring or fall in Fall, but
here, where places do not exist as we do not,
we know.
I feel no thing, and here is where I love--
a most disembodied love that cannot die
for death like we is not--
and leaden-eyed among the alien corn each sordid day, I yearn
most deeply to feel you there
as I do not feel you, my love.

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Nocturne of The Orient

Nocturne of The Orient

I woke upon a winter’s morn,
To find that summer had long gone.
And simpler games of summer days
Have turned to chess--where I’m a pawn.
I feel my heart where it was torn--
As sharp of edge as with a knife--
And know that I have lost the ways
That sheltered me from winter’s strife.

And where were you my summer song?
When I awoke no more to hear
Your graceful melody of care
Float gently ‘round and fill my ear
With essence, pure! Still lingered long,
Your heartfelt tune of life and loss--
To close my eyes would see you there;
An ancient soul of yin* and joss.**

Though shorn from life, my sweetest dreams
Still come to me when dusk brings sleep.
That little death that brings release,
While still I slumber dark and deep,
And rends my night upon its seams,
When wondrous sights I do behold--
That bring at last my soul some peace,
And chase out much of winter’s cold.

© Copyright 2013 Shawn H. Hall - All Rights Reserved

*yin - the feminine passive principle in nature that in Chinese cosmology is exhibited in darkness, cold, or wetness and that combines with yang to produce all that comes to be. Hence, yin=Femininity, and yang=masculinity.

**joss - a Chinese idol (or roughly, a deity). AKA, Spirituality

Thus, an ancient soul of femininity and spirituality.

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Spring Showers

The moist air come around once more
to start the new life of nature to be sure
spring showers that cleanses our world.

The snow melts to a degree for it is time to see
a world of wonders for everyone
that needs a spring showers to be free.

The ground gets all soft for things to grow
to be part of this emotional adaptation
is how we should know.

The binds of winter goes away 
to be come a new season to portray 
a wonder of colors and beauty.

The moment has come to use your umbrellas
in many ways can block the showers 
that might drizzle on us to ruin our day. 

Spring Showers Contest
March 25 2013

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Spring Is Wilting

The spring is wilting, it's leaves of veins slit red and makeshift graves where truth once layed upon a bed of roses.   

Those roses whose shoots once rose, through ashes of adversity now show no signs that the roots are even there; the blood has drowned it everywhere.

The petals are burning through the smog, which strangles voices in it's fog; the vegetation doesn't grow, it bellows in pain as the rockets rain another day.

The spring is wilting, the summer's doubtful if it comes. All time is ending; and no ears can hear a sound.  The fires suffocate it all.

The glimmer of truth still skies the hope but still the peasants die;  there isn't time to mourn their passing for here come yet more rockets from the sky.

Will there ever be a summer?


To the martyrs and innocents killed in Libya, Syria and Bahrain. Let us pray your deaths were not in vain and that the world will see a summer come again.

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I often wonder,
In those fragile moments between dream and waking,
If what I know of good,
And what I I know of evil are what creates the complexity that is me.
Do the two intertwine,
Compacted together so they form some semblance of normality?
Or if they are opposing forces,
Neither winning in a battle of dominance over my psyche.
The later of these two appears to be the case,
Because I'm always the same,
But so very different after each and every passing moment.
Peering inside myself,
I imagine that this is what I would see:

I can be shallow as a puddle,
Growing ever smaller under the summer sun.
Or deep as an ocean trench,
Teeming with mystery.
I can be childish as a girl on her first day of school,
At first too scared to let go of her mother,
And then off making friends with everyone nearby.
Or I can be wise as the old woman,
Seeing so much more of the world in seconds,
Knowing every secret at a glance.
I can be smooth and cold as marble,
Indifferent and never yielding.
Or rough as the bark of a sun bathed oak,
Showing all that I have openly.
I can be harsh as a blizzard,
Searing with my very touch.
Or gentle as a spring breeze,
Playfully whistling in your ear.
I can be sorrowful as a summer monsoon,
Raining torrents until no more will come forth,
Or cheering as a spring rain that leaves a rainbow in its wake.
Of devil or angel,
I choose neither.
Both deny themselves the freedom I hold so dear.
The ability to choose between kind or cruel,
Gentle or harsh,
Raging or comforting,
And most of all,
Between hate or love.
I am me,
No one else,
And all the warring elements that make me are the most ugly,
And beautiful things in the world.
All these and so much more are who I am,
Who I can be,
And what I long for myself to grow into.
As all things must someday,
These thoughts drift away,
Lost once again inside me.
Fading as the night does once it reaches dawn,

For I am in that space between dream and waking no longer.

I find myself seated in Biology,
With my teacher shooting daggers from her eyes,
Asking pointedly if my nap had been restful enough.
And I say how sorry I am,
Scrambling to answer her,
Working fervently until she turns away.
Then and only then,
I smile.,
For somewhere in between heart and mind,
All those things still exist.
Waiting until I can wonder again,
To find them in that space,
Both singular and vast.
 Ever searching for the thing that one calls a soul.

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Coming Clean

Sunshine bursts with lovely adjure 
All over the land of no snow, taboo
In all the land on sunshine days a blur
Closing doors life outdoors is the rule
Open minds open hearts fear away
All values clear on sunshine days everywhere
'Tis not a dream, competition slows, as snow goes
Steam rises from the land somewhere
The glare of sunshine glances off a window and rolls
Along the heart, into the aged, balancing on a beam
Belongs to each not someone else, races along a stream
The silver rills gleam upstream- sunshine coming clean

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Classically gray day
pre Spring trees
cast in silouhette.
Sitting in shadow
side by side
behind the wall,
one of them
puts right
hand above left
knee of the other,
slides palm slowly up.
Heartbeats. Ticktock breath.
Feels flesh soften,
moisten, smooth.
One looks ahead.
The other eyes over,
downward. A parting of thighs.
Future waits.
Mysteries near solving. 

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Spring Thaw

Drip...Drip...Drip Slowly---Too Slowly The melt begins hour by by day warmth knocking to come in peeling off the ice...piece by piece thawing...layer by layer exposing a fertile ground starting fresh...starting anew planting the seeds nurturing it with love growing stronger and stronger fresh spring feelings blossoming in full bloom creating a brand new world

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The Universe

I am in the universe. 
Planets and stars align beside me. 
The all mother beckons to me.
She is a beautiful swirling energy full of colors. 
She is filled with life, 
and power, and peace. 
I reach my hand out, to touch her gently. 
Folding into her, 
letting go of my hold on my heart. 
She consumes me - filling me, 
and I am in awe. 
I am the universe. 
The planets and stars align inside of me.

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When autumn catches the unwary gardens
All the sightseers leave it to itself
It wails on its fate
On the destruction of all its blooms
Remembering the spring air
Its heart bleeds
Can someone assure my weary garden
That spring air is itself 
eagerly waiting for it
Unless it endures the freezing cold
How can spring air come into its fold

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Punxsutawney Phil Speaks

What’s that noise I’m a hearin’ just above my head
Man, what is wrong with you can’t you see I’m in bed!
Hibernating throughout the winter is such a cushy thing,
But here you come again bells a ringing; always a wondering
About my dag nab-bit shadow, my eye sight, 
and the weather that’s leading up to spring~
If’n I had my way I’d still be sleeping!
You’d think with all the new technology the weatherman would get it right…
But, Nooo… the Mayor has got me up and I must face my plight;
If’n I sees my shadow, I must do the shake as with fright.
DJ don’t you dare crank up that music…
No coffee, or chi tea for me,
The effects will make this ground hog weak in the knees…
Just do me a favor if’n you’d please ~
When it’s all over put me back in my home so I can catch some ZZZ’s
This is Punxsutawney Phil signing off saying hopeful weather; 
Good Day to all, I’m going back to bed,
Have a Good Night!

Contest: Punxsutawney Phil Speaks
Sponsor: John Lawless

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Yellow dust covers everything,
thin layer and swirls in air,
yet it is not radioactive,
just powder from the pines.

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It's Spring Time

Like a splash of love
Spring time is among us
Cleaning out old memories
Throwing away the past
A new horizon has appeared
Time to let dead dogs lie
And old things disappear
A new day has begun
Time to throw away old baggage
And get rid of stale thoughts
Awww The freshness of spring
And beautiful scenery
Bountiness and abundance has grown
Into an a garden of bright flowers
Heaven has opened her skies
And brought in new blessings
She cast out old curses
She brought in memories and gold dust
It's raining blessings, raining blessings
And big red roses all over the place
Awww it's spring time everyone
It's spring time

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A Cool Conversation

"A burst of ice."
whispers Winter 

"Your not being nice!"
answers Spring 

"Your frozen outburst;
Your chill, will not change a thing."

"I will dance. I will sing.
It is inevitable.
A symphony of color I will bring."

"So walk away. 
Do not smolder.
Soon your reign will be over."

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spring clean

I awake, dull crusted in shadows,

to the swelling roar of hard rain on shingles
wetly dripp'd down rusted gutters,

air thick with cool moisture,
ozone sharp razor clean,

somehow, the sod grew a deep green coat in one night
as dogwoods shed blossoms like fragrant dandruff,

when did spring arrive?
my mind still bundled in deep winter time,

ghosts of snowfields, untouched by sun,
blanket my mood in a stiller time

now shattered by detonations of life
melted by pollen infused with wind

scintillate bands of light burn laser bright
through pregnant clouds rain gray

beams play like shining faeries on the sill
as a weird biology compels me to arise

rush headlong onto verdant lea
dervish twirl'd and humid breathed

but lightswitched it's gone
thunderheads roll like playground bullies

smearing runnels on the window
dogwood prism'd to a streak

as I shrink back to a pillow 

smelling faintly of grass.

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Millions of Daisies


Millions of them!

Singing in the meadow

Smiling at the gentle breeze

Jubilant giggles at the site of passing butterflies

gwendolen rix

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Where are you my sweet spring time,
I’m heart sink waiting for thee, oh beloved
Of all the seasons, thou ‘art my favorite,
For yours is the very breathe of life itself,
The Mystic Rose grows within your warmth,
Nourished by the gentle breezes that you
Bring forth, a tender blossom of sacred beauty,
A timeless wild flower of single elegance.
It sleeps this brilliant Tiffany bulb, curled up
Tightly within its raw soil bedding dreaming,
Oh thee, oh sweet springtime, but frozen
She remains in a status freeze, waiting for
A soft whispering from nature
She comes be at the ready, child of the sun.
Beneath winters icy chill, lays fields of dreaming
Blossoms, here the verities of the pallet array
Dips into the rainbows stratospheres, melting
Within the earth below, to create the beautiful
Bouquet that spring will draw forth.
Nay the white hands of winter, smack harshly
Against my window panes of sorrow,
Yet within my heart is hope of the tomorrow,
And the glorious joy to come, with the on set
Of the promises of spring.
The burning logs of holiday cheer have lost
Their romantic luster, the sleds sharp blades
Are placed aside, it’s just too cold outside for
Laughter’s enchantment to take hold.
The shovels of white diamonds fields that
Once glistened so magically now remain
Dual and tarnished, just a chores aimless
Task of back aching pain to be done.
I’m waiting for the breathless color burst,
To feel the warmth of the sun against my
White skin of palest ivory, and to hear the
Street children at play once more, outside
My prison door.
For here I’m still looking out my window,
At a wintery wonderland of ice and snow,
Waiting for the spring, tired and weary of
The splendor of white lace, and snowflakes.
Where are you my sweet spring time,
I’m heart sink waiting for thee, oh beloved
Of all the seasons, thou ‘art my favorite,
For yours is the very breathe of life itself,
The Mystic Rose grows within your warmth,
Nourished by the gentle breezes that you
Bring forth, a tender blossom of sacred beauty,
A timeless wild flower of single elegance.

Dedicated and inspired by My Sister Poet Mystic Rose

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Gunnar Draft

I know about a man of the early morning, a simple man. No man of deep thought, accompanied by those who do not. He is a man that very much enjoys the cool lush grass. He likes to take his shoes off while he works, to feel the dew between toes, on his chest and his face. In stillness and pain incomprehensible; all thoughts are halted. What follows is profound silence, which is when the beast lifts the earth, dense muck. Limbs strained and back arched, a fresh ditch. Or a resting place?

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Forest's Song

The trees danced back and forth in the wind
As the bushes rustled along to the move
The grass whistled, feeling brand new
Creating the forest's own special tune

With the leaves turning to the shades of fall
The trees slowed their dance
The bushes, in turn, slowed their rustle too
The grass continued to whistle, having too much fun

Nothing can stop the leaves from falling
The trees know they are only stalling
The bushes too see the delay
The grass just wants to continue to play

Standing bare, the trees dared not to move
The bushes stopped rustling, feeling alone
The grass continued to whistle, not wanting to stop
Yet, no one could hear it under a white blanket

The stark white snow silenced the forest's song
No dancing, or rustling, or whistling can be heard
But don't you fret or worry
They'll come back in the spring with their special song.

When they come back they will be louder than ever
A bond between them that no one can sever
A melody that we will forever remember
And a spring night that will last until December

Jessica Turl
October 5, 2011
Edited: October 9, 2011

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Subconscious maze of the 
cobwebs of my mind fade
as somehow
I continue a half-finished piece.
With simple pen and paper
I write pages of poetry
devoted to thoughts
which are flowing today.
Memories spring and churn
as my mind wanders,
slipping through my mental gardens;
ideas like roses spring into scenery.
Seeds of unborn stories,
based on yesterday's news
grow into castles of
solitary musings as the pen
unlocks the vellum page.

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O’ winds of winter be thou Sunkist
To touch the streams of my heart amidst
As the warmth of a Spring morning anew
Let your breath kiss the banks of my soul,
As with a touch of sweet honey dew

.. And I shall be renewed...

As with a touch of sweet honey dew
Let your breath kiss the banks of my soul,
As the warmth of a Spring morning anew
To touch the streams of my heart amidst
O’ winds of winter be thou Sunkist

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A Hint of Lilac

Infant buds on the lilac bushes
   seem out of place as
      gray clouds swallow
         the pale spring sun
            cold as the lingering 
               winter chill

Longing for light and warmth
   to burst into joyous huges of lavendar
      laughing and dancing
         on a warm spring breeze

Have I forgotten how?
   Have I forgotten why?
      Have I

Oh! To spread forgotten wings
          in glorious flight
             sipping the nectars of life!
                Having it drip like honey from
                     an over flowing comb

Leaving a succulent flavor
   on the tip of my tongue
      a trill of emerald wings down
         the soul of my spine
             a hint of lilac in
                the heart of my poet

To take with me to my sunset,
   to warm me in my winter
       to remind me, I have LIVED!

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We often gazed at the island, she and  I.
In the  broad Volga,  it    
Looked like one island in summer,
But boats entered  its leaves never coming back.
In fall   the view   cleared  it into two islands,
Separate,   but too close to be separable. 

An undiscovered   land  seen 
From  afar  at first,  then up close and so wonderful
And  seen again from  afar,
Shows a new hill or bay,
Not obvious from close-in.
A  lovely added dimension,  she said.

Unknown  Venus 
In  the frosty blue early spring sky
Shimmering and alone, except for us.
Every morning freshly welcome
Like a drink of cold water 
Always new, untouched.

She is the undiscovered country. 
A fresh world of  life, where memories are created 
Always new, moment to moment,  living  
With no plan,  no  history, unimagined new 
Ideas spring from her  reality.
My boat will never come back.

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the rose

a girl,
she plucked off
a rose,
and touched her lips
to the lips of
the rose-
sniffed the fresh smell of
the red rose.

like spring rain it smelled.
like spring rain it smelled.

a lone tear
from morning dew
trickled down
the rose''s
red, red face.

the rose
then fell from
the girl's
hand as she
hurried off to greet
her friends.

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Spring holiday fever

Daffodils bunch, spring has sprung,
Sun raises higher to waken sleepy heads;
No time for hibernation now as spring fever hits, - 
create time to get together; go fly a kite, 
or sit and chill, make daisy chains.

Let the sunshine bring warm sunny days.
In meadows baby lambs take their first steps;
whilst mad March hare hops and plays
with baby bunnies dotting the green fields 
of the countryside.

A season where everything wants to bloom,
time to trim those lawns and weed again;
and all just in time before spring rains
will once more aid those thirsty 
flowers and bulbs as they grow.

For it is now that gorgeous butterflies 
flutter gracefully by giving nature a helping hand;
pollinating the kingdom while watching little chicks -
crack open their Easter eggs, just in time
to join in the madness of this happy holiday season.

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Longing for Spring

The populace is longing for spring
not realizing that they are wishing 
their time spent.  Upset with the Winter sting,
they won't let Winter just vent, soon enough
the snow will be gone, and winter will be done;
giving way to spring showers and
sporadic sunny days providing
nourishment for blooming flowers.
Birds return from their southern trek
singing their songs as if they had never departed
New life surrounds us everywhere
Making days a little more lighthearted

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Lady Bugs in my Window Sill

Can you hear the tunes playing?

There are ten million lady bugs dancing in my window sill

Celebrating the return of spring

Celebrating the return of things green

Gleefully serenading the robins outside gathering in the trees

See their spectacular dresses?

Red with polka dots and even a splash of green

O lady bugs won't you stay and dance inside through the summer with me?

We can keep this square dance an entire year long celebration...

INDOORS that is!

gwendolen rix

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The chilling morning breeze, caressed the yet

Asleep, ground  

Whispering in its passage the joyous message of 

Coming Spring, 
Awakening thus, the imprisoned in winter’s dungeon,

Earth’s hibernated desires

Which, liberated, sanctuary in the blooming fields of 
A myriad hues, have found! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  26  FEBRUARY 2015 

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Here Comes Spring- Flower Song

The flower is happy, the flower is healthy
it’s a period of balance to life and beauty
a pivot of equilibrium reached between cold and heat
a climatic character full of comfort and peace
resting from its extremes, refreshed by showers
life from withered to fresh, because spring is here.

Nature now puts on its default make up
with the launching of sprouting colourful petals
the human sight is painted so green,
fertility and nourishment having a re-awakening
the flower merrys through its colours
and greatly prides on its nectar
life is never dead only revolves in cycles
yet again, proven in this period of spring.

For the poetry contest "Flower song"
sponsored by Rick Parise

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Spring, a Crucible

Spring came like a crucible-
With a flicker, a spark, a bursting
Into color like a blossoming flame
Out of a crackle of breaking ice-
The sunlight burns through
With the brilliance of revelation
As season blazes into season,
A divine transubstantiation.

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when a flower blooms from the spring grass
when the wind whistles from the crack of the air
when the birds whistles that spring is here
when you fell in love for the first time
when the first snow fall in december
when life wasn't so hard
when you were a little kid

Remember when you learned to......
tie your shoes
ride your first bike
the alphabet
count from 1 to 100
make friends
make the right choices
but the memory we learned with us all the time
was learning to Remember

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Winter's End

This day is warmer than yesterday 
Flowers are starting to bloom
The sunrise's gentle rays 
Softly wakes the land
Along with it's inhabitants 

The wind is singing a gentle song
Announcing the start of rebirth
Emotions flutter through the air
As if they were butterflies
All were awaiting this day

The day when death ends 
And a new life begins for all
The earth rejoices 
As spring arrives to grace the land
With her warmth and life giving love

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A bee
Quaffed the nectar
From spring
It was as happy as
A shooting star

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Beauty In The Carolinas

in the Carolinas there's beauty in nature 
spring is here ears are attuned to birds singing 
baby chicks tweets for their parents feedingsl
behind green foliage on an oak trees's branch

eyes spies butterflies freed from it's cacoon
drinking nectar from wildflowers
in the fields behind a farmers barn
where a river of pink salmon swim up stream

mouth watering blackberries catches strollers 
alongside grassy trail thorns and spiny leaves pricks 
the hands
of walkers hoping to taste the sweetness of a 
a pocket dyed purple with a few to take home

mmmmm the smell of roses tickles nostril hairs
growing wild along the woods edge
three feet from the picket fence around the yard
tall smiling sunflowers wave at visitors touring the 

children touch dandilions by Cooper's pond
laugh and play reaching for dandifluries in the wind
arms like airplane wings waving up and down while 
they run
hearing their names being called time for supper

spring is here again feel the warmth after the chilly 
the sunshine blazing through sliding glass doors
vacationing warm spring beaches along the grand 
sand between the toes water above knees in the 
dusky hours

in the Carolina's spring is here again 
all is new in the beauty of nature 

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Waiting For Spring

It's much too cold right now for my taste,
I'd rather be in a warmer place. 
Not huddled under the blanket to keep warm,
No, that is not the case. 

I'm waiting for the day the flowers will bloom again,
I'm waiting for the day the animals will come back. 
I'm waiting for the day a twelve year old like me can play,
The nice warm sun is what I lack. 

All we have right now is all of this snow,
Why can't it simply melt into the ground?
I want to be able to go down the slides at the playground,
And listen to the laughter all around.

But it seems the snow will be around for a while,
So I might as well wait as I cower under a blanket pile.
Yes, this is too chilly for my taste,
So I'll just sit and wait for Spring.

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Opening Season for Spring

Caress of morning sun
gives the day a wake-up call.
Winter has set aside hr wraft of cold...
The highways are crowded again with
Hurried drivers, like before, although
there is no snow to impede or ice for crazy crashes.
It is almost spring-like, forty degrees and
we are all pleased to have it so.

Our chatter is easy with no loud cries of
"Watch what you are doing!"
Yes, easy riding; when I get home
I shall write a poem about the guy, just passing by,
wearing only a "Tee", wow, look at me, layered still,
blouse, vest, sweater, coat of us
appears to be crazy!
Ha!  What a laugh,
I must be daft, minding someone else's business
on how he is dressed.

After all spring is just around the corner and
I'll write another poem, just off the top of my head.
The leaves are dancing again, soon to be wearing
Spring green and laughing, dressing trees in nature's colors of spring splendor.



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Spring time we call

Spring time We call
The snow is gone 
The trees a budding 
The flowers are showing in the ground.
The birds have returned with a song.
At spring time we call
The rain is falling 
Children start calling.
It is spring time once again.

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This Fine Spring Day

I smelled nothing sweeter 
than the new rose in bloom
Nor the smell of lilacs, upon a fine spring day.

I saw nothing better
Than the morning sun rise
With the birds flying eagerly, along on their way.

I tasted nothing juicier
Than the softness of berries
juices come alive in my mouth, refreshingly sweet.

I heard nothing prettier
Than the sound of the bells
And the sound of laughter and children’s little feet. 

I felt nothing warmer
Than the touch of your hand
As you take mine and walk with me this fine spring day.

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Rouge barb / Spring Sours

From within the frost-frozen, bare-boarded, shed
within its loosely hung zee-braced door agape
the spring light peeked.
Warming the woodsheds King’s pine planks
toasting the ten penny nails
popping the planks to a toe-stubbing height.
Door slamming dashes through the obstacle course of cord, 
tinder, rake and hoe;
to the semi attached outhouse.
Draws half down,
butt bitten by March’s wind;
the two holer waits, lye bucket at the base.
Curled, yellow-brown, newspaper pages from 1890, 
the shade of Uncle George’s pipe stained teeth, wiggle in the wind;
as do I when with a holler as
breeze to bottom freeze dries.
A half flashed mad dash to the kitchen door 
is halted; awestruck at the gapping door to the kitchen garden.
Raspberry-red, tit tipped rhubarb buds and stalks,
warmed by the sheltered spring sun;
set my mouth to drool.
A waylaid girl child in transit.

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I can feel it.  
Flowing through me, twisting, taking root.
In the mirror, my eyes blaze green fire.
If you snapped one of my arms, it would smell like dew, new
Like fresh green twig. 

I am surprised that passerbys don’t notice.
My hair sets the air afire as I walk down the street:
Not even tears of rain dampen the burning strands.
They say you can’t mix fire and water,
But I whip both into a glowing froth and emerge reborn.

You wouldn’t recognize me now.
I am pure spirit, stripped earth air sea and fire.
True, daily I smooth on calm agreeability, pleasant smiles.
But do not be fooled. Look closer, the phoenix rises in my eyes.
Nothing can touch me.

Can you feel it?
I doubt it.  You who tried to trim me back with pointed words
And thought you’d won.
Well it’s spring now, the spring of my soul.
And I am laughing, bursting into bloom.

But I am more dangerous than any flower.
I am raw soil, sharp breeze, foamy wave, searing flame.
All the elements are alive in me.
Bubbled up from the womb of the earth,
I am uncooked power, newly-picked strength.
I am Woman

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Bells from the Cathedral

Bells from the Cathedral

How do you tell
a wife you love
there are Spring days
in raw Chicago
bright with sun 
and the boom 
of bells 
from the Cathedral
how do you tell
a wife like that 
there are Spring days
you wish you had a girl

Donal Mahoney

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Why can’t the spring sparrow sing, in its crystalline 
Cage of ice icicle bars, it flits and flutters against its
Chilling prism chamber, as tiny rainbows dance within
The icy walls keeping it a prisoner.
This poor lonesome dove of delicate beauty,
With its tender heart beating so rapid and
Swift, longing to escape from captivity’s
 Imprisonment of wintery ice.
She sings ever so sweetly, with enchantments
 Mystic melodies, trying to lull her capture 
To fall beneath charms elegant spells of
 Bewitchment, begging father winter to
Release this bird of paradise.
Evil is the sun, teasing it with its rays
Of warmth, caressing ever lightly the
Cages crystallized structure, whispering
Come out and play, soar amongst the 
Power clouds of heaven with us.
In grief’s sorrow the tiny creature
Raises her head, thinking of the dream 
Of the tomorrow, and it’s hopes promise
For soon the great thawing will set
This song bird free.
Outside the white lace snowflakes
Fall and the howling winds bash rocking
The holding cell, giving this small victim
Hidden within cabin fever, inside 
She weeps as her sweet songs turn to
But Mother Nature hears the melodies
Swift change of rhythm, it is the sacred
Signal slowly the ice cycles begin to thaw,
One by one they melt away, dripping one
Drop at a time, as a ticking clock’s second
Hand moves to the changing of the seasons.
Why can’t the spring sparrow sing, in its crystalline 
Cage of ice icicle bars, it flits and flutters against its
Chilling prism chamber, as tiny rainbows dance within
The icy walls keeping it a prisoner.
In a hearts adrenalin rush this tiny thrush,
Crashes bursting through to the outside
World of lights glory, shattering its prisons walls.
Split shards of ice glass descend outwardly,
As the sunshine kiss at her wings of healing,
Behold the song of the springtime, rebirth and
Everlasting love, climbs upon the currents flights of
Liberation, and is free at last.


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Current events commentary

Do you think I care 
For your phony Arab spring
And dead trees and hot wind
I have never seen a spring without seed popping from the soil
I should know I am made from the dust of the earth
Spring must have rain and bring flowers
Like the peace people use to sell in California
Before I knew they were only exploited slaves
Following someone else's agenda
Muttering words that were meaningless to their existence
You see what I cannot believe in what I see again
I am a man of faith, and have always been
Since the blindfold fell like scales of history
There is no Arab spring
Only the death of the old undying resistance
That would not conform to nothing but self
Only the death of people in the street
Who does not know the puppiteer willed them
For if they return from the dead
What will they see
Only the same old things more dilapidated than before
Only the invisible hand doing visible things
Killing people and calling it spring
That the new world order may prevail
As a new nomenclature
For the same old stuff that has made us barren
And berefted us of dreams
I want my children to better off than I have been
I can only entrust to me
Sleeping at their door armed with a prayer and an angel
That is who we were
Before the primitive hordes came from the sea
Before the sea people defied the bounds of their habitation
Before our empires were stolen
And we ended up in cages at the Bronx zoo
Yeah, you should read that story too
It is only by prayers we suruvive
It is the mystic part of us, the first part they derided
Calling it animism, or some dark sinister stuff
Making us afraid to own ourselves
We abandoned everything and found no berth
In their new economic order
For we were always commodities or some sort of value in exchange
So those high sounding, idealistic documents
They copied from what we believe but could not bring to pass
Those constitutions were not about us nor our possibility
For we were not construed to have humanity enough for that.
Then are we suddenly men again
That the Arab spring should be something more than a sinister thing.
I stop believing in Trojan horses long ago
I mean it is there as a gift
But I will keep working the night shift
When there is no moon
Just remember what is the color of my skin
Because all things work together for good
And I cannot walk by sight in the darkness
So I live by faith in season and out of season.

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Sweet now the songs of day shall come
Like honey melted to be free
Of birds delicious tongue
Sweet now the sunflower's golden eye
Eastward turns to see
What choirs from orion hum
This sweet blend of minstrelsy

It is spring time on the cracking ice
Spring where the mountains weep
For more time to hug the white kiss
Of sleep. Spring dances in the trees
And on the lap of erotic seas
O spring is come
Except where soldiers hearts are numbed
For comrades fallen there.

The unsung heroes cannot hear
The song of children play
Nor see where dawn with shaken hair
Dance from the pole away
Across the ecsatic bar
Of a raucus sea.
Spring walks voluptuos here
Flaunting her breast against a soldier's tear.

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Love's Song

As a cool breeze flowing on a warm spring day 
She sings Love’s Song to my soul
As a humming bird flutters about the spring blossoms
She enhances the grace of Love’s Song
She imitates the slow rising of the sun
By enlightening Love’s Song
Under the protection of the tree
She relaxes the tone of Love’s Song
While glancing at the sky’s pillows
She sweetly hums Love’s Song
As her arms enfold yours
She embraces you with Love’s Song
As you hear her whisper your name
She brings much justice to Love’s Song
As she whistles softly in your ear
She glorifies Love’s Song
As she smiles at you beautifully
She brightens Love’s Song
As the warm spring day transforms to a cool spring night
She sways to the melody of Love’s Song
As you glare at the starry skies
As if it were a lullaby, she sings Love’s Song
As you gently lay, alone under the stars
Her beauty reminds you of the melodic tune of Love’s Song
So as I long to win your heart, I look you in your eyes
And serenade you and your soul with Love’s Song

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Apple Blossoms

Apple blossoms
last spring what
a fragrance you
sent my way,

will be thinking of
you as winter slowly
crawls by, until the
youth of spring opens
her dreary eyes.

wrote 11-16-08

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Watch the World Turn

The world turns,
Changing every second,
With every whisper of the wind
Every movement of the sea,
Every song of the birds,
All the earth is in motion

Look at your surroundings
And see the change incarnate

Watch as spring first begins –
The flowers in their bloom
The trees all green and glorious
The sky a crystal clear,
All the world seems light and weightless
We see nature and smile at its beauty

Watch as spring bursts into summer –
The sun shining brighter,
The air feeling warmer,
The heat healing the earth,
All the world is free and cheerful
We feel fresh, vivacious and content

Watch as summer rolls into autumn –
The leaves turning all shades of orange
Nature taking on a deeper hue,
The cool starting to finally sink in,
All the world begins, school, work, and play
We adjust to a new routine 

Watch as autumn fades into winter –
The air getting crisper,
The days becoming shorter,
Glittering snow falling softly to the earth,
All the world is comfortable and cozy
We settle down to warm by the fire

Look at your surroundings,
And see the change incarnate
With every breath you take,
Watch the world turn.

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Mind on Spring Harp

Morning emerged out of night dark.
Shy sun began to show its face,
It streaked the night sky with daylight,
The dawn was striking and clear,
Blue azure sparkled in the spectacle of sunlight,
I left warmth of cozy bed to catch that sight,
Stretching limbs to get off sleep stupor,
My nostrils widened to heavenly fragrance,
It was spring time,
And everybody could feel its vapor,
Each leg movement was up and about,
As if it was springed all right,
Zest flowed abound,
And eyes searched far and beyond,
Wherever they were laid,
Colored canopy of blooms was in raid,
Red, blue, geen, yellow, pink and what not,
My little garden was witness to it all,
Blooms had been ripening and had now broken free,
They smiled as if coy and confident bride,
I ambled across to the green carpet,
And stopped at a riotous bloom,
Cool wind blew across,
And they all began to zoom,
This bloom was as if a search light,
Instilling delight and dispelling all gloom,
I was a late riser,
Many had awaken before me,
There was activity on the room,
And it was on the riotous bloom,
Little pale streaked honey bees were in flight,
Flying now and then landing right,
They were busy gathering nectar,
And possibly ready to ferry it home,
No! Was it a beginning of a new home?
No it was not; I saw it sharp and clear,
Developed broken wax cubicles lay in vantage,
Right there near the bloom,
Looking as if it had been a part of bee home,
And now was a little home stand alone,
There was a rebel mother bee,
Or my imagination was on a spring,
To make most of the spring,
These little bees had brought in their home,
They could not wait to get home,
Now here they worked,
And here they stored,
I watched it for a time,
Before it struck me real hard,
If little bees could use spring thus,
Why I could not,
I had a lesson indeed sharp,
And my mind was hooked to the spring harp. 

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Birds Of Spring

Birds of spring they
bring on so many things
sounds they send
to each other.

That only they
can understand
in their sweet
cheerful harmony.

Sweet smell in
the air this
beautiful April day,
listening to these creatures.

Taking in the warmth
of the sun that
is so overdue, blue
skies beauty to the eye.

Birds in flight
from one tree
to the other, getting
ready to produce life.

Cool breezes this
day so fine to hear
birds of spring echoing
music to my ear.

Birds of spring
to many to mention you all,
robbins, wrens, cardinals,
are a few I see, oh so beautiful,

to hear their chirping
wondering what they're saying
at this moment,
will sit here for awhile.

Sounds this day
so relaxing is it,
to listen to these
birds of spring.

wrote 4-3-07

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The month was cold and hard, scarred by frost
and glacial ice, then grained by cutting winds
as Winter sliced through the skin of life
to violate the flesh and bone beneath.

Some weeks before, sparkling strands of tinsel
and glowing golden lights warmed the world
when the frenzy of bought-in entertainment
grew the transient comfort of Christmas.

And then? Pale sunlight, snowdrops, daffodils,
dark rain-soaked earth, bluebells and primroses,
as songs of Spring-Hope from nest-building birds
push away the Winter-weary darkness.

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The Sprout family venture forth

Ignatius Sprout pushed himself to the surface

As he was the foremost elected leader

Followers, Bamber, Gottre, Bovis and Night

were all reluctant to escape their prison

None could remember how or why they were trapped

Bamber's head popped out, flapping his long green ears

Ignatius frowned down at his friend's reluctance

"Up, Up," he demanded co-operation

Bamber slowly blinked, adjusting to the light

Being bumped firmly from below, he hopped out

onto the grassy green, dew wet, riverbank

"Ah! Ah!" beamed Ignatius, pumping Bamber's  hand 

"It's great?" indicating the Spring countryside

Bamber grunted, mopping his perspiring head

From the hole came Gottre followed by Bovis

Excitedly, the twins jumped giving high fives

Then started prancing about shouting in glee

"Humph" said Ignatius loudly, "you two behave"

Gottre and Bovis did not heed the rebuke

They were obliviously sniffing nasturtiums

And playing hide seek amongst the dahlias

"Where's Night?". questioned Ignatius rubbing his head

Which started itching from a pesky midge bite

Bamber crouched down low and hallowed down the hole

They heard Night's squeaky voice asking them for help

They all hunted around for a creeping vine

The pain of Night stretched their ingenuity

But they managed to lift him by small degrees

Binding his ankle with a soft cabbage leaf

They all ventured forth to a new adventure.