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Free Verse Prayer Poems | Free Verse Poems About Prayer

These Free Verse Prayer poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Free Verse Prayer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Often, i have spoken with you
about urgent thoughts pillaging 
my restless heart. During limbo
of midnight’s shadow, my knees 
grate in rage when your songs
do not come to wrap my hands. 
Do i know your seas and the Calvary 
that put a stake unto your unbidden love?

I know, I sometimes never dared
travel inside the tides of your eyes
soulful and caressing the silk of light,
the damp powder of tears 
hanging on winds tormented and
tamed by soaked loaves of discontent. 

You did die for me, dear Jesus,
letting my seedless wisdom
gush into flakes of pride… Still, you--
barefoot on a road of parched lands--
climb unto height of rivers, the mounds
of earth offering your mercy unknown yet
known if only through the glory of
your pricked crown. All these for me
and all of creation you so cherished.

I shall but enter the serenity of your
eyes and gather my faith; then,
walk again and live for you instead...
And so it is through your grace.

Regina Riddle's Prayer Contest

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The art of understanding

You so desperately 
Want to be understood
So I wonder
Why do you
Hold back
So much of yourself

I see him digging
Chipping at your edges
Wondering what's behind the facade
He waits between your breaths
Ponders your pauses
Looks for answers
Pardons your harshness

He sees beyond the obvious
Is aware of your audible sadness
The place no one touches
Imperceptibly he reaches 
Pushes past your protective
To the deeper you
The precious part
The unknown softness
The magnificence of you
The inner art
The revelation 
of an unsequestered heart

For in letting go
You can be freed
Reach out for his hand
Let him take the lead
For he deserves 
all of you
You deserve 
all of him too
I see
I understand
I know
It's hard to let go
He's patient and will move slow
If you both want it
Love will grow
And you will be

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New Years Resolution

Love more, when it is hardest to love.
Show compassion, always.
Be kind when deserved or not.
Be patient, when you are at the end of your rope.
Smile, when you are saddest.
Pray when you are at your lowest.
Thank God when you are at your highest.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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My weakness


Wondrous of many blessings.
Smiling never a frown.
My prayers, Lord, are  suddenly being ignored.
I've taken a tumble of  fallen down
Lord, my life was plain and simple  
How did it come to this.
Lord, now I carry a  burden so deep
A torn up life not easy to fix
Hard to get my prayers before I sleep
Bleeding only internally!
Feeling very minutely!
God, have you deserted me, or is it me who deserted you?

God, my Lord, my savior, how could you abandon me?
Must I drown in my own sorrow.
Must I wake up like this today and tomorrow.
Why have you left me, or is it me who left you?

God, I need you like never before.
When I wake up,
When I head out the door.
Tormented in a mood ring of stock
Heavily my tears hit upon the floor.
God, do you not feel me, or is it me who no longer feel you?

God, what is your plan for me?
What things did I not see?
I asked for you to forgive me in my ways of sin.
Why do you let him provoke me?
Lord, I forbid for him to win.
Relieve me from his gutless pain.
God, do you not believe me, or is it me who no longer believe in you?

God, do you not hear my call
My pitiful excuses make me weak and small
In your eyes I no longer feel tall
I remain cursed in every single fall
Lord, only you can break this wall
Do you not see me on my knees
Must I beg and crawl?
I am at your mercy, crying out with grief
Open the path to the lighted hall
O' Lord, the day you judge me before your throne
Please tell me it was a lesson for me to stand up on my own
God for now I will end this talk
With the dignity to never look back
And ask if you were there on my endless journey of a relentless walk?


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Blue Solitude

The night lingers, yawning, 
Stretching its limbs across the sky;
It lies there so silently, so languidly
As if awaiting the early rays of morning
To come by- I wake-
I wake to the sounds of silence and 
Like the night, I linger in my bed.
Nothing appears to me but darkness-
Darkness that twirls a million times
‘round my head.

Upon these cold, air-conditioned tiles
I find myself walking so slowly, almost
Crawling into the darkness. 
I hear my head talking- talking so loudly
Even amidst all this silence.
How am I to know- how am I to know
Whether or not this whole night is but a dream?
A mere dream so trivial that it almost wakes me
And makes me part of its darkness.

From my window I see the night-
I see it lying there, painting all other 
Windows with dark threads of sleep.
I even feel my eyes getting heavier,
Yet something- 
Something endeavors to keep
Me awake through this night.
I continue to stare outside my window
Still listening to the haze of my thoughts.
How come all that is should be? And
Why are you, you and simply not me?
It seems that this darkness is not willing
To part away from me.

( Pause)

A voice- a voice recites its calmness through
This night and slowly approaches my
Window. I see it- I see it coming
My way, touching 
My window,  stroking the
Darkness away. 
My thoughts once again begin to bellow 
And say:
How come all that is should be?
And why are you, you and simply not me? 

I succumb to the voice, regardless-
And deem my thoughts forgone. 
On my window it slides- the voice- 
Almost so artistically drawn. I stand upright,
Facing away from the night which has now
 Become withdrawn- 
I slowly kneel down, whispering prayers to
The cold-tiled ground
And finally it comes- Dawn.

Inspired by a Al Fajr Prayer which is the Arabic for Dawn.

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' '''''''' ' '' Somewhere a hand is reading out loud a Dickinson, a leather-worn journal recording daily life’s soirees, memorizing rain and shielding little girl’s eyes from the blasting words of the sun. Somehow someone reaches from darkness to drive the shadows that meet the body of her child: trembling with excitement or fear, sliding tender fingers on the back; parts the arms like wind that rushes in all seasons to reveal the lush, delicious landscape of summer ; then rubs the elbow down the forearm to greet the cheeks with a kiss and watches while the hands move back without help or guidance from the daughter sleeping. ~ Somewhere a mother, grandmother, godmother, stepmother, or mother nature weeps over love’s broken child; uses her hair to bandage the wound on the youth’s head …unfolds her hands from prayer to widen the window of angel psalms pressing her lips into alleys of the sapling’s mouth: a tear transforms her from receiving to giving. ..and she feels without seeing the last light of the night; lit for the heart of those who witness its extinguishing * Somewhere death’s chariot prepares for a long journey, away from the living: pack the roses from tomb to womb, remove the thorns for gracious sake, like knives that pierce the heart of loved ones who cannot move on, pulling the orchards over her head; a name whispered in every fireplace she flamed * * And somehow tonight, I hear her stir, still clinging to the waning voice of the hours; she bequeaths stars I will inherit until she, at last succumbs to wispy bliss. And I, a sighing child must tell her: “ Wake up, you've been in bed so long, Mother, you should not be sleeping…” ~ © ........ .... ........ *with love to my Mom who had passed on* Gautami Phookan's Poet lll Contest by nette onclaud

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My Dear Father God,
My silent lover. My faithful friend. 
My forever redeemer. My all in all.

Dear Father God,
How I want to see-
  touch Your face.
I long to hear You
   speaking to my heart, mind and soul.
I yearn my Father God for Your caress, 
Your all consuming fiery love.

Father God, 
I have many faltering moves;
  many times I know, I have failed to follow You;
  many times I know, I have questioned You;
  many times I know, I have made You frown;
  many times I know, I have caused You misery.
Even more
I have forgotten You.
 I have forgotten to seek You
   to even thank You, nor worship nor praise You.
I have been so stubborn, so proud, so hard, so fooled or blind,
  that sometimes, oh sometimes I didn't trust You enough.
Father God, I am so sorry for all of these..
Thank You.. 
I thank You for not ever ever ever leaving me;
Thank You for being so faithful to me;
Thank You for the strength and guidance You are raining unto me.

Father God,
I know,
 I can never be what I am now
     unless You are not with me... 

  You are so sweet to be with me.
You treat me so so well:
  Warming my cheeks whenever I wake up with sunshine's warmth.
 Talking to me,
 challenging me, 
laughing and crying with me 
   Holding and hugging me
through all persons that surrounds me..
 Testing and provoking my limits too.
Sheltering and guarding me every night and day
 by providing - my every earthly needs.. 

Father God, more than these
You bestow me more with presents--
talents and skills that maybe I could have not known if not by Your blessing
potentials that again I didn't know if not by Your grace...

Thank You for making me realize
 that I am here 
You really want me to be here
   that I am no mere accident.
Regardless of 
  who are my parents, 
     how I am born
and how my life has been,
You really want me to be here.
And I believe, 
  You have a prime purpose for my life;
You created me for a reason;
   for a certain purpose--
And that is:
   I believe to worship You
      to use this life, 
to declare and share all the love You have let me experience.

   All the days of my life,
Make use of me to bring You glory..
  Let it be, Father God, that my life be a testimony of You. 
Allow me to be of full time service to You..
   to bring You always a reason to smile.
I am humbly welcoming You Father God,
   I am all Yours to use...

(c) Olive Eloisa
9:39 pm
September 04, 2014 

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Aboriginal Sin

We made arrows from feather and bone
before burning down our homes,
our footsteps slinking 
over undulating, snow-covered hills.

The animals residing inside my head
follow me into the forest
where I cross streams to lose my scent.

Bugles blare in the distance,
but at my feet, the hounds lay open,
bleeding-out in morning's fresh snowfall.

These moments invoke an original sin.
I could fell a million men with the softest of blossoms -
slay a million men with a gentle, whispered caress.

And so I pray for my hate to be replaced by grace,

since you are the other half of my heart and hearth,
since you are also a victim to the plague,
it's all I can do, to atone for my Aboriginal sin.

~(2013 Halfling Remix)~
January 22nd, 2013

*Dedicated to Singing Rain: May your sacred arrows always fly true


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T h  o  u  s  a  n d  steps, 
    I...must boldly take!
Should I stumble, again
  I  will not succumb.  I must take..
    To climb heaven's gate, I must make.

  to how long, Oh how long...
     minutes, hours,
           days or years?
   I am waiting. Waiting on you, Lord..
I will stand firm over flowing storms blow.
    I am waiting. Waiting on you, Lord..
   I am hopeful... I am waiting on You, Lord.
My soulful heaven intercourse ....
     I pray: "My God, Oh God, guide me to increase"
As raw river rumblings, the appealing gust chimes my peace.

 Winters' biting cold
         Springs' vibrating show glow
    Summers' chanting heat..
        Autumns' bell rings both life and death 
All the season changes waves both smiles and tears
    Still, I am kneeling down clasping both my hands tight
        Trusting You that soon  [God, very soon]
 Your grace is there to bend and mend
     always, always You are at hand...

Salty crystals may glisten through my eyes
    Arms, I will raise high - my whole surrender cry
I believe. Patiently waiting for You `~
    joy, success and peace unto my life, You'll drew...

Whenever temptations lure me frightening my heart 
   stirring, shaking and shattering even my mind...
     Then notes from song's music fade
      Still, I will try... [God, I will try]not to be  fully swayed
 I know...  Your Breathing words are the sweetest..
    Your Living Words: my double edge sword
Everyday to be experienced and explored not ignored.

Past shadows-
  They are foes my God
     Causing shame and cross
Hungry gnawing lions surrounding me
  They are all ready. Ready. Ready to consume the fire in me.
       but, Through You..Through You Oh God.  [I believe.]
My poor tempest-tossed soul will be save
      for sins iron chains, I will break free then rise.

So long as I have breathe, my mouth shall fret
With You Oh God,  with You,  all things are possible...

***Inspired by Psalm

1 I waited patiently for the Lord;   
  he turned to me and heard my cry.
2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
  out of the mud and mire; he set my
feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.
3 He put a new song. in my mouth,
  a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
  and put their trust in him

And Matthew 19:26 - With man this is impossible but with God all things are 

© O. E. Guillermo
10:09 AM
AUGUST 16, 2014

Sponsor	Regina Riddle
Contest Name	Bible -
Placed 2nd

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A Leaf In The Wind

Like a leaf in the wind
Floating through this realm of time
Whither I go, this knowledge eludes
And 'though I know who bloweth the wind
At times my troubled heart does quake
Over rugged mountains, through raging storms
Tossed and battered against lofty walls
Too high to scale or infiltrate
When strength is wane and hope is dim
Questions abound as to why here and now?
All left unanswered, without a clue
So best to withdraw and heart be stilled
Live reliant upon His will divine
With prayer a constant upon my lips
In solitude and peace, my spirit blends
Carried here like a leaf in the wind

©2010 Audrey Carey

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If Only

 If they could look into your heart
 and see what I see when I read 
 your awesome poetry, 
 they would never stop 
 telling you, what an amazing 
 person you are. 

 If they could see your love for God
 they would see the person who is
 at least trying to be a better person
 then they would never stop
 apologising for not noticing 
 before now.

 If they walked one day in your 
 shoes they would feel the pain 
 you feel, cry the tears you shed
 and never ever let one more day
 go by without telling you 
 you are the best.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
For Cathie Lindsey's Contest  
It's All About Me

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Though shalt not kill love

A stronger man inside true faith 
he will always turn the other cheek
in the end  
Our precious Lord and Heavenly Master 
He received 5480 blows to honor his wounds we pray 
not executing vengeance as it carries so much hate 
such dark power destroys a soul 
Take a good look at the world as is
greed eating out all good In darkness 
Love is so pure a light 
one look at its full 
whole embracing pureness 
dazzling we all will bow 
Meek and gentle lambs kissing 
we will kneel humble at our Creators feet 
Our hearts tell us what is right in the end 
happiness we all truly seek 
God's justice not mans to carry out

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They are in meaningless session again
Not seeking to serve but to practice the deception
Not seeking to lead but to mislead
Taking black and white, creating gray
Don't wave that flag if you do not honor it
Oppression by omission. You have given
But rights to the dissidents and wrongs to the citizens
Hear me now
I cannot replace the spine you're missing
               ONE NATION UNDER GOD
If you cannot accept you cannot lead
If you cannot lead you are the problem
                    THE FAILURE
Authorizing condemnation and treason
Banning prayer and patriotism
Once filled with victory and pride
Now mired in failure
Represent or resign, serve or secede
Make a stand for once or fall forever
We no longer will tolerate
                   YOUR FAILURE
One nation UNDER GOD. 

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God, I know I have been blessed, what more can I ask for?
Although my roof is leaking, I still do have a roof over my head.
I may have to go to the food banks for meals, but I am still fed.
My dryer broke this week, but God, thank you for the wind to dry my clothes.
I could pray for my next mortgage payment, since it is months behind,
But instead I pray for my health, so I can continue to earn my place.

There is a million things that I want, but only one thing I need,
The one thing that I need is to know love.
That I will never be alone, for you have put the people in my life
to help me, to hold me, to keep me from falling apart.

God, I pray that you will keep me here on this Earth, so that I may
be able to spread love and happiness, and God I pray that your love
radiates through these hands of mine. 

And God, I pray, that no one will forget that they too are blessed.
The treasures of the world are not gold or trinkets but are love
laughter and all the good things you give us.
Thank you God, for letting me be me.

For Contest : Prayer

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Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Afraid for your miscreant soul
While the Devils licking tongues of flame at your heel
With oh so dirty thoughts

Afraid for the flesh
As you are lead to the pits
All the torture there in of your imagination conceives
Be pleased, to afflict on someone else

Swallow your morals
Like a sanctity pill
A Eucharist aspirin swilled down on holy water 

Fear the flesh you stalwart middle class
While the upper-class
Enjoy what you cannot
As you wallow in the resistance of sin

And narrow your life to acquiescence
Puerile in such judgements
Of fickle moralities pleasure

Live a life unlived
And all its pleasure turn to guilt and reprieve
Salvation will come
When it ends

Ascend then, the Jacobs Ladder to heaven
Never knowing what it meant
To kiss with abandon

But rather, suckle to demon lips
All those desires in their fetish of flesh
One last look at the skin you left

Resist my swarthy middle mass citizens
And ply the trade
Of your own oppression

Condemn me, I dare you, to some raging inferno
Where the appeasing of your righteousness
Knows no bounds
In another climactic prayer for torture

I will play with the bonfire
Rather than mess with poor dripping candles
I will stand proud and defiant
And declare that I

Am Human

for Christie

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Dear God

I wish I could write you a love song
Fill with heart felt words
I wish I could say that I love you and meant every word
But as you know I am just a man
And even now as I have grown
I still cannot understand the meaning of those three letter words.

I spent my life searching
I spent my days hoping
Even now as I have aged and have a family of my own
I still do not understand the meaning of those three letter words

They say, that they love you
They say, that they care
But their words are cheap and weigh no value.

My heart is still broken
My bones are weak
My nights are restless
And my soul is asleep.

I feel so hopeless
Defeated and crush
These burdens I carry
Have me buried in a dump.

I try to call out
I try to shout
But these words I speak
No one can hear me.

God take my hand
Lift my pain
Save me from this cane
I am afraid its about to leave a big old stain.

Lord I am in so much pain
These scares bring nothing but shame
Jesus please let it rain
Save me, I think I am about to go completely in sane.

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Humbling Self

 Removing the sharpness
 of doubts corners
 Rounding off the edges
 of borrowed defeats 
 No room for either
 at this table of peace

 Examining the discards
 with prayer
 clothed in the sackcloth
 of meekness
 the spirit bends knees
 in humbled repentance

 Meekness bids the oil
 of forgiveness
 as humility bows
 to understanding
 while the ashes 
 beg the embers
 from stronger hands

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Poetry in Motion Challenge from Richard & Mary

Turbulent impervious obsidian lifeless world clouds God's compassionate
betrothed faithful prayer family.
Moonlight joy havens awestruck love elation.
Aquamarine wave spirits hot desire 
beyond passion.
Lilac crescent sky petals.
Life bliss vows hope peace freedom melody.
Azure northern light winds kiss calm stars.

poetry in Motion   : Marty Owens  Tag you're it!  use same words. :)

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Tanglaw -- Light

Sometimes, I cannot help but sigh
and wonder--
wonder deep inside of me 
whether I could ever be like you.

I riffle through the pages of my soul
and find a lot of them empty
Unlike yours, which seem to be bursting, blinding,
bursting, and still continuing to burst with brilliance...

So much so, 
that your soul's light
has spread far and wide,
very much like sunlight's fingers
opening the morning sky curtains,
touching and warming
those who need it.

Each step that you take,
each breath that you exhale,
each prayer that you whisper,
each beat of your heart

I receive a smile,
and chat
with that man
who you've helped change...
Because of you,
the silent man now speaks, smiles.

You sit down to rest,
I see you talking to someone,
and I am almost fooled,
since you seem like old friends.
Because of you,
the lonely strangers become kindred.

It mystifies me sometimes,
of how you never seem to get tired.
It seems like I am the one who gets tired for you,
who gets worried for your own strength...
Then I see that glow from all around, 
and I am reminded how you glean from this glow.

I see you as this beautiful ball of energy--
Never static,
bouncing from soul to soul,
illuminating parts of themselves
that even they never knew existed.

It is so amazing seeing this at work,
since the next thing I know,
the place is lit up,
...and it is all because of you.

It makes me feel unworthy at times,
but oh how it also makes me feel so proud,
that I am a part of you,
and you are a part of me.

I have a lot of catching up to do,
since it seems I am lightyears from where you are

But I will try.
I will catch the tail end of your light,
clutch to it with my life, winding it around me,
let it embrace me--tight, so tight.
And I will never let it go. Never.
Until I also begin to glow.
Until I too, become that ball of light.

Hopefully when someone
riffles through the pages of my soul,
they will not find it blank,
but filled with gilt pages of light.

Just like yours.
Bursting and brilliant just like yours.

Tanglaw is pronounced "tang-lao"

Where I live, mothers are said to be the "light of the home"... 

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            "A world of trials and tribulations carried underneath the sun.
      He stands by his woman as she by her man bound together as one.
                 Instilled with Prayer and Faith along with God's grace.
                  Power of both will never let anyone take their place."

Pace, G

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Why give me passion
And not bring it to fruition?
Why give me love
And withhold reciprocity?
Why give me voice
A touch above mediocrity
When all I want is to sing?
Why give me words
When they don’t transform?
Why give me dreams
With no hope of a reality?

Why make me enamored by beauty
When all I see is plain old me?

Questions that need answers
Rebellion is brewing inside me

Why create me with incessant longing
That will never be quenched
To learn sacrifice?
To suffer?
To pay the price?
To purify?

But all the reasons
Don't satisfy
I’m tired of asking "Why?"
This heart is about to die

Eileen Manassian Ghali

The Answers:

The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.” 
Zephaniah 3:17

One of my favorite Bible texts. God allows me to throw my little temper tantrum. I am, after all, His times rebellious, but when I'm all cried out...if I let him, He takes me in his arms...and quiets me with his love. 

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The Message in the Balloon

I caught myself this blue balloon
Flying adrift and among trees
Laughing I untied it from its string
And ran in happiness at top speed
The balloon unknowingly deflated
And hung limp from my fingers
Sadly I touched its shiny surface
Feeling a lump in its heart
As my fingers explored its very life
A tiny paper note it unveiled
And on it were the words of a little child
Asking her daddy to come back
As I sat on my bed at night
And looked out to the starry sky
My eyes closed and a prayer went up
For daddy to come to his waiting child
For daddy to come to his waiting child


By Tahera Mannan
For Francine’s ‘Happiness is a balloon’ contest

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Dearest Universe

Dearest Universe,

May I call you dearest?
Though sorrow has shadowed
Our years together for I soon learned
The lamb does fall to the lion,
A lizard’s poison can kill a calf,
And often men in prayer are swept by 
Fear into a whirlpool's darkness.
Still I long to touch; to be touched
By a presence that I sense in the beauty
Of the velvet night. My head bows before 
The grandeur of morning's golden lights,
The vibrant glow of living colors
Bursting into verdant springs,
Light that flows from a great 
Painter’s hands--ribbons of such light.
I have seen a legion of men 
Gone into the chaos of dirt and blood
To ease  suffering
The arc of a rainbow; 
The last fragrance of a warmed
Rose in spring,  Light and darkness.

My dearest Universe,
To the images of light I cling.

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The Silence of War

The Silence of War

Behind the Curtains of a church window
Men in Prayer, orchestrated by sweat and Lice
Find relief from snipers gaze

Beside the cross sits the last candle
Flickering precariously, searching for sanctuary from the wind
But the wick is near the end
And so are these men
The Harvest of War is almost in
For this is November 1918.

The German guns call like the song of the Siren
Irresistible, for only the dead will hear
New orders to cross the Sambre-Oise Canal 
Another postcard for Historians to write.

Machine gunners scythe the ranks
Gone the Irish regiment, clover for the beast
I take shelter behind a splintered Oak Tree
Once magnificent, A survivor of Natures glory
Now a hideous spectre to man’s intervention.
I wait here with Wilf my captain
Waiting for death to find me
The mud beckoning for blood,
The Canal red like the River Sticks
A feed for tomorrows Newspaper.

A groan from wilf, his eyes start to dim
Fear brings the Lord’s Prayer to my lips
 A last haven for my soul to cling 
 I watch his spirit fly away,
 As the words fade from my voice
Like so many others on this day of carnage
 Wilf, my friend, died November 4th 1918

Yet another contribution to this dark harvest,
Another soul for god to tender.
A statistic, a casualty of war, 
To be remembered generically
A wreath to share with a multitude of lost darlings,
 Another photograph to fade on the mantel piece 
A piece of History for a grieving widow to dust

In the ranks of the dead
Angels count our losses
 What dreams did we lose?
 What voices were made silent?
 What books were never written? 
And how many tomorrows gone,
Lost in the darkness of death?
Under this oak tree, fading from memory
A soldier Wilfred Owen was taken too

Unspoken truth in unspoken poems
 Silent to mortal’s ear
Another casualty of war
A feast of wisdom for angels to keep?
For His words were far too much,
for the hogs of war to stomach.
His poetry made silent by country’s shame,
Unpatriotic, not cricket old bean said the generals 
Only now, through peace can we learn 
The voice of one soldier,

How I pity humanity 
For silence is a killer
Democracy, and justice its victim, 
And the inevitable Silence of war will kill us all.

On this day November 4th 1918, Wilfred Owen killed in action, Sambre-Oise Canal, 7 days from Sanity
One of England’s Finest War Poets.  

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My destiny,
My ever present,
Yet invincible companion.
Wings like an eagle
I ask of you to give me.
So, above mount of haze
And beyond the cloudy sky
I could soar and nestle.

In the vale of haze
For a steep I ask of you,
To a plane higher than
The baleful eyes of haze.

My feet, my destiny
I implore you to hasten.
In the midst of gale of cruel
Fate, to a tranquil plane of
Harmonious solemnity with
My heyday.

From the saturnine vale
My destiny.
For rescue, to you I look.
My heyday, eclipse from the
Dazzling ray of vague fate
The death  knell of cruel fate
I implore you to sound.
From the knit of fabric
Of futility unravel me,
And from the shock of blow
Of bleakness absorb my fabric.
Till my heyday
And till doomsday.

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A father sees his small children babbling and  
Blowing insignificant bubbles in the wind.
One child's lips blow a lot;  another blows only very few.
Yet these few are precious to the father.
The multitudes which peel  effortlessly
Off the soap-frame in the hands of another child 
Mean little individually - shining spherical pearls before swine,
Blowing randomly in the wind.

And prayers, too, fall sometimes too easily from the holy lips 
Of people kneeling in groups each day: and each babbling
Repeated mantra or Hail Mary has individually little significance:
And God is showered with bubbles of babble of all sizes and colours,
Some in clusters inside one another, with bits of extra soap dripping off 
Carelessly-formed sloppy glassy  balls.
Some of them expire before even reaching his throne,
So little effort was put into them,
So little intention of ever following their path upward.

But a lone figure lost, abandoned, in some black  
Perilous sea of troubles who, pitched headlong into a moment 
Of last helpless desperation, screams at the top of his soul 
To his God, and at  that moment is certain
That only the Almighty can right his troubled boat,
That he has exhausted all his own puny powers,
And recognizes the insignificance of his babble  -
Such a prayer is a precious gem, perfectly-formed and rising, 
Fast-track, directly thronewards, as it should.. . . . . 
A pearl of great price.

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What makes me human is You
You who broke me and push me through
Yes,though You know I was not strong
You caused me to cry or so long
So many times I ask if You really exist
Though many times also You heard my pleas
I was so wrong to blame You for all my sadness
For truly it is You who brings gladness

So many times You tried to break me before
But I was so hard and rebelled more
Yet You never stopped breaking me
Coz You were concerned of what my future could be
You never wanted me to go the wrong way
That's why You wanted me to pray
So You could guide me everyday
Until into my bed i lay

From a frozen heart You broke me to become human
For my heart never melts though put under the sun
You changed my whole being
I was changed by the grace of Your loving
Because You care so much about me
You wanted me to live with you in heaven for eternity,
For the chance to be with You forever
YOU BROKE ME to become a person much better

Thank You Father or breaking me to a new person
I didn't understand at first for I didn't know the 
Thank You for the tears that have poured out from
my eyes
Thank You for the sorrows that have made me cry
For now I know I'm a new being
Changed by the trials You have given.

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The Waterway

Riddles twisting through the scalps,
Trace the paths that wind about
Pouring out through the watery spout
Like waterfalls, inside and out
Possessed by a madness,
Sadness reaps my every thought
Isolated by my shadow, I’m laying in the dark
And the river flows faster as the ferry embarks,
Behind brown eyes, find a crimson spark
As your prayer begins,
He seeks the mark of a sin,
Let the silver sink in,
Embracing your skin
And while every breath escapes from your heart,
You ask him, “What makes thee force my depart?”
With a love so strong, “Till death do us apart”
Day after day, this phrase you’d impart.
But when all control is powered by a fiend,
Darkness meets light, and the two are convened.
The passion of one causes will to concede,
Even when sacrifice compels thee to bleed.
And nothingness gathers to deliver me downward
Live amongst souls, and regret begins to shower
Blind to your ravenous taste to devour
From the day we began, you’ve dwelled within power
But confusion arouses where you don’t understand
I continue to love you, beyond my command
Dare you to rid me, you think that you can
But I’ll linger in this stream, from now till your end.

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Purge Our Consciences

From my lowly bachelor’s house
Proudly christened ‘Embassy Fair’
I woke up to the chirping of birds
On the trees above and across the vale
And the riverine bushes in-between
I woke up to the crowing of cocks
And the mooing of cows
I woke up to the leaping of calves
And the bleating of anxious goats;
To the braying of the donkey
The barking of my brother’s dog
And to the mumbling of the sheep.

There was no time to brood
Or think negative thoughts
Or linger on yesterday’s deeds.
I opened up all my senses
And voluptuously drank of the new day.
As my feet stroked the dew
On my way to the reserve fields
My eyes fathomed Mt. Ithangune
The eastern fortress of Mt. Kenya
Itself a mere one thousand feet higher.
Then we were mountain warriors
And our locale elevated us accordingly 
Leaving no room for flippancy
Even when it was flipping cold.

Times were when our men grazed there
On the slopes of Kirima kia Ng’ombe
Times were when Omo elders made rain there
Little did we know then (as now?)
That the God of Rain had slumbered
And demanded pure white fattened rams
Delivered by pure white-haired men
Whose penance upon the mountain
Would atone the sins of the Meru clans
And make our mountain God weep
And let his tears soften our rich soils
To ward off barrenness once more
And banish famine from our midst;
And as our fast-flowing rivers swelled
So, too, our cattle and our granaries.

For although our God lived at the apex
Yet he allowed us to get this close
And so to commune with him
Without touching his garment
Craftily spread over the three peaks.
Krapf and Rebmann never knew this
They were mere trekkers, mere explorers
Of a continent pregnant with mystery
That their kinsmen sought to make a home,
A distant home away from home.

Was the first man to see Mt Kenya
To which I responded, ‘Really? Aren’t you kidding?’
So what kind of men were the mountain warriors-
Blind men? The Meru, the Kikuyu, the Embu,
The Wakamba, the Masai, the Samburu, the Borana-
Were they all blind men then? Stone blind-
All those Africans that had known it before Krapf?

Desecration followed desecration
As alien men sought to climb Mt Kenya
And alien men sought to expropriate
Not just a field but all our land.
From a handful of missionaries and clerks
To shiploads of coolies and soldiers
To throngs of settlers and administrators
To segregation, imposition and subjugation
Till the people- wary, weary and desperate
Rose from the caves, valleys and forests
From every blessed nook and cranny
Chanting MAU, MAU, MAU, MAU
(Mwingereza Aende Ulaya
Mwafrica Apate Uhuru- 
White Man Return to Europe
African man Attain Independence!)

Though a youngster and much afraid
I sang that, too, in my youthful heart
Forbidden, I still sang it, in my heart
For I had seen the sword on my mum’s throat
As they sought to extract a confession
I had seen the village burn down
And I had seen the limp body of a fighter
Paraded through the village paths
But that was over half a century ago
And although I had seen the aftermath
Of Kaya Bombo and Kaya Tiwi in Kwale
On my way here (but thought it a dream)
And the agony of the 1998 Al Qaeda attacks
I had not seen much else; nor will I ever see
The likes of Eldoret, Nakuru, or Naivasha
After the 2007 election- I ardently pray not
For this is not the white man in Africa
That we are up against, surely not here
Not this long after regaining our independence
No! Not here in my beloved, bounteous Kenya.

It is commercial and political greed
A vicious, ugly cross-breed beast perhaps
That is all there is, that is all there can be
And these we must banish from our hearts
For who can bear to see Kenyan blood
Flowing down River Tana or Athi or Nzoia
Or swelling the banks of Lake Victoria, Nakuru or Turkana?
Who can plead such a case before God
And come away with his soul intact?
Have the Kenyan people not chosen
Through a brand new constitution
Their route to freedom, justice and progress?
Have they not decreed their own destiny?
Let me hear it from you and you and you
Whose hand or sword or bullet or arrow
Was stained by the blood of woman, man or child
Let me hear it from you who schemed or aided
And you who lent your tongue or thought
Or simply sought refuge in silence and waited
For something, anything to happen to ‘them.’
Let me hear you say, ‘Enough, enough!
Purge our consciences O Mighty One!’

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Venturing The World Above

A continuation of The World Above Me, a special collaberation between myself and my good friend Justin Connor


The shelter opens its door to the world above me
Never have I seen so much destruction

My eyes get used to the brightness,
An unwanted tear trickling down my cheek
But once they are accustomed to the light,
I want to close them again
I feel the urge to turn back
But they push me forward,
Whispering low, consoling words

I look around to see what humanity used to be
Before the devastation
And I marvel at what the old world used to be
But one question remains:
Why did people destroy their lives,
And end the world we used to know?

I walk my feet on the unknown terrain
Ruins. . .debris. . .the air placid and still
All around is rubbish
My mother whispers a prayer from behind
And then I wonder. . .
If God was ever here

As I look around I notice a book
Lying there, upon the ashy wreckage
I pick it up and read. . .
It details a nation’s fight for freedom

A large statue of a man is in the building I stand by
I stare at the brazen figure in awe
The features are crumbling but here it still stands
Watching over its obliterated land
I squeeze the book in my hand
His eyes show loyalty and courage
No sadness—not even a speck of fear

Looking more outwards I see a tall structure
And past that a building with a large dome
The architecture of the old world amazes me
What wonders men have done—could have done
If they hadn’t let each other come undone
In violence and death
Yet still I wonder how these incredible buildings 
Could possibly remain after all that has happened
Like the buildings, we have survived
And hopefully, through lessons learned,
We can thrive

My father tells everyone to clear away the ruins
People even use old machines with cranes
The old world is gone
But from the ashes we can start anew
We were in the shelter for the good of humanity
And now, because of us,
There is hope

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Warm Winds of Wisdom

Upon a drunken path I seemed to be confronting doom
Upon my shoulders I seemed to be carrying a cloud of doom
There I fell crumpled and spiritually shattered
Coddling a heart beaten and battered

Lonely pleas of mercy escaping me
Trembling inside
Begging to be free

Warm winds of wisdom sweeping me away as New York Swagga approached with a smile
Whisperin', "Let's talk for awhile"
I reached out in cautious distress
Circumstance being our first test
His open ears and honest eyes being my beacon of light
His warrior mentality kept me safe that night

Warm winds of wisdom loved me until I could love myself
Warm winds of wisdom dusting off my heart and removing it from its lonely shelf
Nurturing loyalty shaping me
Chivalrous compassion guiding me to the girl I can be
Within warm winds of wisdom I have grown
Within warm winds of wisdom I have found a place I am proud to call home

From the streets to the sky
There be not one reason to cry
Upon a drunken path all seemed lost
My soul had been sacrificed at the highest cost
A feeble prayer was all i could say
Whirling warm winds of wisdom forever blessed me that day

From stumbling to sobriety
From cynical to serenity
From fear to everlasting sanction
My life today has exceeded every expectation

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peace from dead skinned fingers

It's minor keys that resonate, I'll stay up late and wait
then in between the silence I'll hear the sound
of steel and cedar, the slow rebound
wrapping around my reflective heart
and so it comes,this slow release
brings me peace in dead skinned fingers.
It's me who lingers unanswered and unsolved
even after prayer wheels have been revolved.
The answer is not to doubt at all,
to take our backs from off the wall,
but still these shapes take precedence,
a permanent tenement residence
of twos and blue toned cadence.

That perfection goes unnoticed
would be easier to bare
if there was someone there to share
the exquisite madness and requisite gladness
who's roots draw from melancholy 
but the apple that fell on me
knocking sense into me
bruising my head
releases me, brings peace to me

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Earth Our Blessed Earth

O the sunset...the sunset...the carnelian sunsets
how I long to hold them in my when you are blue
so deep dark can come to me 
I will open my hand and you can wonder...wonder...wide open wonder
at Xanthe yellows and amber golds streaming from my humble palm 
and you will become immortal 
O if only I could keep you you
swathed in light and warmth
safe...sound...close to me forever
You who I am lost to...over a thousand vessel-ed seas
O how l long for the sea...the sea...the sparkling sea
in it's emerald greens and topaz hues 
in it's passions and powers and motion
I long to place it in my a thousand times broken heart
so the pieces can wash away and my essence can float free into the wind...
the wind...the wild whipping winds that billow the sheets hung in your yard 
and whisper wild to the my inner demons 
washing them away with the rain...the rain...the falling rain 
that fell and fell and fell again 
keeping you from my door...O my door...that blessed door 
that opened to your face one cold crisp blessed by God
O my gorgeous God! 
if only I could hold your essence in my mind 
that I would not get lost so often in the wretched forest of thoughts and shadows
my shadows small and tall...wide and slanting shadows 
if only I could rope you and keep you the things that hide 
behind and within you
can not escape and create in me...the darkness...the darkness...the black coal darkness that chases me down alleyways of night and slivered moon...O beautiful mindful midnight crescent and full moon
O if only to swing with you round and round and round the earth 
and cast a glorious shine upon everyone...upon every single child who needs love 
O my love eternal love 
if only I could sprinkle you like confetti...upon the earth 
and ease the pain I would...I would...upon my life I would
O life...the very thing life...the breathe that enters that which wasn't and so then is
O if only you did not flee so quickly by but could be cradled away from death
Death....O death...O damnedable death!
if only you were not so draped in confession that I must pray
I pray...O how I pray that the vastness...the vastness...the great and cosmic-ian vastness beyond 
is more splendid still than Earth...our Earth...our wondrous 
perfect hungry sad beaten tarnished dirtied Earth...
O MY I love you!

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Communion with Dawn

In the stillness of the early morn 
When nature shakes off the remnants of slumber 
Leaves stretching, flowers opening 
I sit quietly with my cup of tea in reflection.

Gazing at the first visages of dawn 
As the sun lazily climbs into the heavens 
Gradually dressing the day in a kaleidoscope of hues 
Huddling a bit deeper into the quilt I have wrapped about me.

Oh quiet morn what blessing will you bestow today? 
A gentle shower, a warm caress? 
Or will passion shatter us from our doldrums, 
Enveloping fury of an unleashed tempest.

Communion with nature, I tune into earths heartbeat 
Thundering through my blood, rejuvenating my soul 
I rise and salute you in prayer and thanksgiving 
Calmer from the spiritual union of birthing a new day.

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With heavy sighs too deep for words
my being reaches out to You, O God.
Your Spirit intercedes for me
translating each unspoken word.
You are closer to me than I am,
O Searcher of the heart of man!
And while I pray not as I should
never let me silent be. Amen.

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The stars of my light
May fall into a thousand light years
Of darkness, fragmented and solitary.

I will sweep the dust of my love
Into the galaxy of abandoned regards
There it may remain a pang
To beget another planet of life;
A God with a new face!

Tear my lust off its skin
To wrap it in new clothes of passion.
Where is the fragrance to shove off
Blood-stained humiliations?

Silence of sky, you spread 
Above the green smiles..
When can I have them
To wear in hot days of passive prayers?
When I die 
The mob will hold a star 
Without edges, to bury me with..

And you will  later find
A star to remember in all Decembers....

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And in the darkest sweeping wings is held all probable
The night of dreamings; wished embraces of gossamer senses ponder miracles 
And leave their mark; ever in hope....

She is waiting

Pale in naked moon lit sexual stretches
Fanning shadows curve on satins anguished blue
To subtle bronzed drips rusted rivers
Lay about her in ever flowing delta’s of hair

These the coy covers of shoulders demure beneath their lifting expectation
Quintessence supplicant to floating hands; risen
Her slow beat thumps on a sudden heart
The fleur-de-lis arched beseeching the avid prayer of lips

The floorboards creek

And though through empty rooms the sighs may roam
Though forever it seems she has lain alone
There are eyes, by bat wing devised; by the caverns urgent aphrodisia
He has been gathered by the corpuscle of desire, to come to her

And by each and every silent unspent moan of longing
He inscribed this hours, fretful, reflections of her mantle parted
An eternal caress folded; ingress to her concupiscent heart
Mere Luna beams of dreams of loves physique, his love, made love to her

Dawns dissipation breaths

Remembering the warmth before forgotten days; where separated so
Bathes her awash in amber fire; and traces his finger along her spine
To leave her sleeping in those somnambulist foot prints
Looses in the languid illusive of arms, wrapped in suns breaking

Turning to the light he asks for its edifice, hold fast on waking 
Struggle to define by wanting the irrevocable kiss; pressed to her
A taste recited by those gossamer senses ponder miracles
And leave their mark; forever in hope 

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I've seen all the hurt that you've been through

I’ve seen all the hurt that you’ve been through

Written By Dean Masciarelli

August 9, 2010 (7:00pm)

I’ve seen all the hurt that you’ve been through

Because its been little over two years now

Since my heart was literally broken in two 

And I want you to know that I truly feel for you

Because I know what it is like to feel like you do

Because its like an emptiness that starts to take 
over every ounce of your 
being as it slowly begins to consume your soul

And you constantly ask yourself 

What have I ever done to deserve all of this sorrow

And I wish that there was a way that I could comfort you

But I don’t have the right answers to give to you

All I can say is that it is a big bad world out there

So just try to take each day one day at a time until you finally recover

Of course there will be some days that will be much harder then others

Because there will be a part of you that will wish that you were still together

But you have to remind yourself what you shared together is finally over

Just remember that an angel will always be watching over your shoulder

Until you are able to get your composure back together

And then a day will come when everything will be much brighter then it ever was before

Because someone will come around that will love you and truly believe in forever

Because they will be searching for all the same things that you have been searching for

And that’s when you can finally say that the good Lord had brought the two of you together

So that the two of you can spend the rest of your lives truly being happy with each other

So that you can finally forget about all the hurt and all the sorrow that you had been
through before

Because the good Lord came through and he answered every prayer that you had ever prayed for

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Elegy for Little Nick

Drop drizzling petals of tears here
For Little Nick, weep the emptiness left behind,
The void in the ocean of love, care
Stumbling through the shadows bereft and blind.
Balm O fragrant wind our despair
Memories that cannot wilt at the altar of pain.
Death is a common tragedy we share
Faith makes it better, touch hope with prayer again.

Little Nick, I did know you, but I know the memory
Familiar as my own son taken away
Before youth was past, or joy wrote a history
Of his dream. So weep I this child today
So weep I, for I am a silent witness to this grief
That sometimes threatens faith and belief.
You know its natural for the old to die
At least we expect it after our boredom
Have discovered life is a waiting game,
But the young wilt as a morning blossom
Too soon for dreams to tell what flame
Was in them, what light to give or to seer
The hills where soldiers fall, or bear there 
A flag scrawled on sky a wordless page to stare

Upon. Yet there is more meaning than this
More than missing soldiers and flagged heroes
In the hollow tides of messages, that we miss.
God takes his own from among the young, sows
Them anew among the stars to light us home.
And what is meant for evil is changed to good
In the blinking moment of a tear. I've combed
Scriptures, and philosophies hounding blood
For answers before, and then he took me there
To the parting door, and I seeing though blind
Understood how the cross made heaven bare
And blend human loss to love in heaven's mind.

So through our hot and weary days of the panting sun
Ww will think of you, little Nick, God's work is well done.

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Jesus You Know His Heart

Once soft meadows so full of life,
now hold shadows, blocking the light.
Words unheard, and dreams untouched,
once your eyes laughed so much.
Distant sounds, still call your name,
within a body silenced by the game.
Love can't touch, and tears can't clean,
that part we know as self esteem.
Yesterdays of you, bring me joy,
recalling back when you were a boy.
Shiny blonde hair, and smiling blue eyes,
my heart forever hypnotized.
As tomorrow comes, and life goes on,
somewhere happiness must belong.
My prayer for you I humbly ask,
may light surround you within God's grasp.
A blessing for me, when you were born,
but somehow evil has sent this storm.
Jesus You know him, but he has lost his way,
hold him tight, don't let him stray.
Bring him safely to me once more,
as the waves get higher on unknown shores.
Lost is lonely, and screaming for help,
but I can't save him all by myself.
I give him to You, as I sit and cry,
a mother in pain, I cannot lie.
Your mother watched, as you died on a cross,
a mother in pain, for her son she had lost.
You gave her comfort, You called her name,
now I give You mine, my heart feels the same.
Bring him safely back into the flock,
as You guide a lost vessel from hidden rocks.
Let him know joy, let him feel rain,
as Your Love gently brings, my son home again.

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My Prayer

Eyes burning 
Head pounding
Heart racing
Hands shaking
Falling to my knees
I pray God please help me
I need your love
your mercy 
and your grace
and I need sleep
I am running slowly
out of everything
breath, energy
life, meaning
reason and rhyme
I only want to
turn back
the hands of time
erase the drama
from my life
give me purpose
so I can fight
because right now
I need you
to provide a miracle 
and pull me through
help me now
in my darkest hour
give me strength
give me power
I will lean on you
I pray to you
in my time of need
Please don't ignore me
Guide me in this time and place
Give me warmth,
love, and
your grace

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You can get back up again

My dear friend has been fighting cancer for the last six months
so please say a little prayer for her

You can get back up again

Written By Dean Masciarelli

December 1, 2009

We all face challenges 
every single day 

Yet some situations
worse then others

So try not to let the
things knock you down 

And if life try’s 
to knock you down

Remind yourself
you can get 
back up again

I have learned that 
from a friend of mine

Who's life is 
hanging on a limb

And Her situation

Started over 
five years ago

When she was told 
that she had cancer 

And it didn't look 
very promising 

But some how by 
the grace of God 

She lived 

And then she was 
with cancer again

And this time it 
was breast cancer 

And the doctor told her 
that in order for her to live 

That she had to 
have her breast removed 

And she thought 
about it for awhile 

And she made 
the decision 

That her life was 
more important 

So she told the doctor 

Take my breast off 

Because if it means 
that I can live longer 

I will fight with 
all my might 
until the very end

Yet she hasn't 
been doing well 

Because of all 
chemo treatments

But yet she still 
takes the time 
to remind me often

That life is 
for the living

So try to live each and  
every day to the fullest

Because none of us 
are promised tomorrow

So do your best 
to live for today 

And live every moment 
as if it were your last

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in all its glory
is all there is
the driving force in everything that moves this world
is what man and woman are made for
our journey to be ourselves cumulates in finding the person
that fits us so..perfectly
so physically
and makes sex a blaze of glory
a tender mercy
a private prayer of committment
a moment of conception
a whisper
a cry
a wonder

do not turn your head to deny sex
and sexuality
it is the majority of humanity
bring your children up in a house where sex is healthy
and partners
are respected
and they will go forth and find a partner to cherish

herald sex
as the most intimate of god given gifts
the most healing moment you will spend
in the arms of another

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One self

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A Poem for the Fallen 44: A Tribute

Heroes of my age in their morning mourn,
Filled with teardrops of pain and sorrow, 
They'll be now part of the epic history, 
But the cloudiness of who ones's fault still remains a doubt for justice,
When all lies in secrecy,
Can we blame peace and harmony? 
Where we are all thirsty. 

The masters of war behind the walls,
Safe and sound from the bullets of death, 
The heroes in order and duty,
When guns can't do anything for victory, 
When bullets can't do anything for survival, 
They hide behind the seeds, behind the prayers
Behind the first fallen hero.

They, who are grabby for one's life, for one's blood, 
Thirsty for distraction of one's covenant, 
They, who pulled the trigger, who ought killing is a game, 
Shooting one's body as if a little toy, 
Like the Trojan war of old, was trapped and deceived.
Will their consciences arrest them?
Will forgiveness forgives them? 
When they will die?

In service, for security the heroes died, 
To sacrifice one's life in the name of duty, 
A peace we wish is a peace they're yearning?
Or an inside job for another piece of power?
Who knows, we only care
But the Man can see them behind their masks, 
Through their eyes, inside their brains.

The agony and heartaches they leave behind, 
The scars that'll bleed for justice and life, 
For the woman of love, alone in coldest times, 
Somehow tears may dry by the aging of time.
For the cries of baby longing for daddy, 
Searching for brawny arms that will lift them, 
The baritone voice that will laugh with them.
Now change of path, life will never be the same, 
The light will also be now the wall.

All will pass, all will calm like an ocean after the storm,
But justice still pursuits justice, must not hide from another demise, 
Will give them the truth? Will the lives be not wasted?
Afraid for this will be one of the unresolved cases, 
Repeats the failure of my Country, 
Their coffins, their graveyards, in memoirs for the heroes 
Once the stewards of us, once the fathers of Country
Worthy of prayers -for them, for families and for justice.
We salute the Fallen!

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Purple Heart

Morning glowed, Phillip.
A purple fire burned beacon bright
against the stinging stench of napalm.

A thick thistle - two feet from your head,
wordless in speech, watched 
with dark misfortune
curving letters of prayer 
above your bleeding valor.

A crumpled martyr lying there,
innocent as a schoolboy
amidst the blare of gunfire -
asleep in our country’s eyes
dormant in the arms of an adopted comrade.

I held you - lost brother - tucked inside my soul;
nineteen and breathless.

The tears inside my empty lungs
spilled so softly onto your forehead
as I knelt in the center of August’s cancerous garden;
staring at the mud stained badge
nestled peacefully above your silenced heart.

I slowly ingested and tasted your
bullet-ridden honor, as I was viscerally blinded
by the sickening, piercing strobes
of a delicate mourning's

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Dear God Good Night

                           Dear God, please give me a little brother
                                    I want to be a big brother
                              Dear God, tell my father and mother
                        I`m going to be a kind and good big brother
                                Dear God, give me a little brother
                              He can get my three-wheeled bicycle
                                        I`ll teach him to ride
                                   Dear God, you must not forget 
                                      then I will need a new bike
                          Dear God, it must be blue with yellow stripes
                               Dear God, please think about this now
                              My best friend got a new bike yesterday
                       Dear God, this prayer comes from John, five years
                               living in the white house on the corner
                                     Amen and good night Dear God


A-L Andresen :)

- Thank you for my 2nd place in the contest -

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Prayer Poem Dedicated to Malala of Pakistan

Prayer Poem Dedicated to Malala of Pakistan Malala has dedicated her childhood to championing education for girls like her in Pakistan. As she lies in a hospital bed, a tragic victim of Taliban gunmen, let's help make her dream come true. Pakistan's constitution says girls should be educated alongside boys, and the government has the resources to make it happen. But politicians have ignored that for years, influenced by extremist religious groups, and now, only 29% of girls attend secondary school. Study after study has shown the positive impact on personal and national income when girls are educated. Courtesy Avaaz I have Twitted My Photo Poem on 17th Oct 2012 for Malala!/kapoor_/media/slideshow? A Prayer to God (Khuda) Let knowledge & education Touch and shape the dreams Of every girl child Of Pakistan. Let the flowers of real Happiness As it blooms, on the charming face of Malala Touch the smiles Of every citizen of Pakistan. Let the light of Khuda (God) Flashes on the minds Of all the citizens of Pakistan Who want to see A prosperous and Happy Pakistan. Let education and knowledge Bloom to spread their fragrance For all the Girl childs Of India and Pakistan. Ravindra Kanpur India 17th Oct 2012 Note: I pray to God to save the life of this precious girl Malala, who was trying to save the lives of hundreds and thousands of girl children of Pakistan from getting lost in the darkness of Illiteracy. Ravindra

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A Prayer to Clouds for all My Friends

A Prayer for all my friends in America and all over the World This Prayer Poem is for all my friends of America and for all those anywhere in the world who are waiting for Rains.
I have made this Prayer Poem on My Photo Poem and this can be seen in My Photo page on World Art Foundation This Prayer Poem actually supports my Folk Song ‘Folk Song of India -Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees’ placed on You Tube It may be a co incident but ever since I composed and placed the above Song on You Tube the drought like conditions improved in many parts of India drastically. A Prayer to Clouds for all My Friends O Clouds full of Rains Please go to my friend's place Where ever you see the land is dry And all the fields and trees Are waiting for your showers To get wet and to kiss Your ever refreshing Rains. You bless them With your nectar like Rains So their fields too May yield grains And their forests may be blessed With your love drops To again enfold you In their sweet and loving embrace.
O Clouds full of Rains Please go to my friend's place And give them The blessings of Your Beautiful immortal Rains. Ravindra Kanpur India 15th Aug. 2012
NOTE: Draught like conditions (not very acute almost 50% less Rains this year) prevailed in India in July, but after July last it improved in August and even some parts experienced excessive Rains till 27th August. I had composed a Song around 20th July for the Indian farmers as a Folk Song and have placed it in Poetry Soup on 24th July 2012 and on my Music Channel “RavindraKK1” on You Tube as a Folk Song of India. The Song explains the reasons of fewer Rains in the simple language of a farmer telling the story of Farmer, Clouds, Trees and Rains as a Folk Song of India. Ravindra 27th Aug. 2012

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A Prayer For Strength To Be Yourself

It's hard doing something different.
It's difficult staying yourself.
In a world so accustomed to conformity,
It feels nearly impossible to be unique
As the one He created you to be.
How do we find the strength?
How do we find the courage?
How do we find the bravery?
Where do we defeat fear?
Well, He's hanging on The Cross
Giving life to you and me.
Thank You Jesus!
Let us not forget
With Christ,
Nothing is impossible,
For with God,
All things are possible!
Thank You Father!
Thank You!
We give our lives to You!
We are Yours!
Praise You forever
And forevermore!
In Jesus' Name,
We pray,

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Lord God Jehovah, I come to you via humility as a faithful seeker of a peaceful way. The tears I have cried Lord. Many days I have been falsified. Nevertheless, I forbid struggle and I have disallowed strife. As I pray that, you are my slack and that you are the strength vested in life, I know that you are much more and therefore, I am at peace. I will trust in The Lord God. (I pause for a moment and then voice…) God, you gave me a destiny to fulfill. I truly will and humankind, via your will, will adhere to the prophecy set forth. When I win Lord, I will remember the greatness you told me I would achieve at an early age and thus, Lord, as I live today, I see this greatness being created. I owe grace and honor to you Lord and not mortality who tries to persuade me that I have no right to life and his or hers is greater than mine. Praise is thou name, which is The Almighty God – Jehovah God Lord. Hallelujah Amen! __________________________| Penned on September 03, 2014!

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My Prayer

Lord, you know I never will be perfect,
so I won’t lie and promise to be something I am not.
Lord, you know I’m weak, but with your help,
I pray I can be strong.

For myself, I don’t have much to ask.
I count my blessings daily because I am so grateful
for my health and sanity, friends and family, 
the comfort of my home and spouse,
and a job that is fulfilling.

For all the little things that mean so much to me
I thank you too:
for the food I daily savor, which also feeds my body;
for the many things each day that feed my soul -
like the beauty of the land and mountains, sea and sky,
flowers, trees and creatures I have kept as pets;
for the knowledge I’ve obtained from books and classes
and the wisdom of the ages imparted to us all;
and I greatly thank you for the talent that you gave
to actors, dancers, artists, musicians, and all the many others
producing songs, movies, shows, artwork, and sweet poetry,
for you know me, Lord, and how much I adore
those worlds created from the fertile mind,
so I thank you for that portion of talent that you gave to me,
for it has brought me to a place of joy.

Finally, but most importantly, I ask that you would bless
the sick, the poor and the downtrodden, lost souls and 
those who suffer from abuse.
Of all the virtues which a goodly soul should have,
I believe it’s charity I need the most. 
It’s not enough to be a mere well-wisher. 
I pray that I will take more opportunities given me
to bless the lives of others.
My recent sufferings have been so small 
compared to that of many others in this world.
So I know that I should have a grateful heart,
for by experiencing  pain myself, I have gained more empathy
for my fellow man and I’ve learned to more appreciate
those days when I feel splendid
in body, mind, and spirit.
And thank you, God, for letting me feel free to just be me!

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My confession

I am led by desire
I desire this
I desire that
I desire everything 
that all my friends’ 
have and desire
someone else has and desires it 

I know I have no use 
for most of it
but I must have it

I desire life
but not death
for the fear of it
I desire life because 
most my friends have it and want it 
and fear death because 
most of my friends fear it

when I am dead
maybe I will desire nothing
because all my dead friends 
will most likely desire nothing
and hopefully
we will most likely have no use 
for any of it

then God 
what will become of it?

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When it comes to prayer
I feel inadequate to the task
Unsure what to ask for
Selfishly requesting the things I want
even though I know You are not a genie
confined to a bottle

Please help me to see beyond the me
my child like needs
Freedom can't be found in the temporary
Help me to lift others on my words
to Your loving hands
Coat my tongue with Your praises
Let thankfulness rise from my page
Infuse me with Your compassion
for all that I have and am belongs to You

Let me be Your instrument
allow Your music to flow through my veins
Help me to hold nothing back
with my hands please hold the poor
Use my broken for Your cause
My selfish prevents me from seeing with Your eyes
I realise I need to let it go
For You are my King,
brother, sister, wife, friend and mother
Every ounce of special in my life
The cup of Love that overflows
Seeds of happy that you have sewn
Let them grow until every branch 
reaches towards Your generous and Holy Heart

For Regina's Prayer contest

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It's not a lesson to be taught
Or a skill to be acquired
It's the nudge to move forward
Open when the time is right
It's the spirit inside
God leading on the way
On the journey to discover
He is all you need
It's the courage to let go
Say yes instead of no
Reveal what you've been holding back
As Jesus takes the wheel
It's the realization that it doesn't matter
What others think of you
God leads you where you're meant to be
Just allow you to be you
It's the standing up to fear
Proclaiming "fear's not gonna win!"
The battle has been fought too long
Time to let the stalemate end
It's the inspiration you've been holding
For others and for yourself
The light we've been dimming
Rather than shining on His behalf
It's the spontaneity in the decision
To follow His call all the way
Discovering peace in being you
Wide open as the perfect creation you are
The world out there is brutal
But there's a Holy Man holding out His Hand
His bravery now is all we have
But His bravery of love is all we need
May God bless you!

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A Dog

The darkness fades as the new day comes and he sips coffee

He thinks of his marriage that had faded with the night

He relinquished the vows and his wife's plea and poured them into the glass

The world turned as the dog came and said good morning and came to rest at his feet

The Sun rose into the quiet and he silently gazed out the window

It was silent as were the vows

The birds had formed a Union with the squirrels and picketed the Sun

And the warmth on his foot from the dog made the silence fresh

The prayers were sent to where they go and the waiting

The refrigerator hummed and rattled and kept in tune with the computer

The words waited with those prayers and the dog stirred

And God looked down on the pair with love

Those prayers gathered to God and He considered each

And one prayer was showered down on the man and his dog

Love was granted to the two and with certainty God relayed

The dog got to her feet  and took a slow draw of water

And He went back to the vows and released them with finality

He gave the dog a rub and went to his coffee

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A Survivor's Prayer

                    A Survivor's Prayer

                                    for my daughter Yelena  
                                     and all burn survivors

          Fire...  Burn... Shock... Pain...
          I want to live! I don't want to die!

          O, who can help me?

          I  suffered from pain, distress and serious injuries,
          went  through a lot of tears and too many surgeries.

          O, my God, I am happy that I found You.

          My surgeon who grafted the skin,
          saved my life with his skills.

          O, my God, I know that You sent him.

          I had  rehabilitation for years;
          my body was red with scars.

          O, my God, You help me fight for my life.

          I changed, I'm different, I'm brave, I'm powerful.
          You treated not just my body, You treated my soul.

          O, my God, You gave me a second chance at life.

          I am a not victim, I am a Survivor;
          now I can help people with Your power.

          O, my God, Thank You. I feel Your love and care.

          I am blessed. I love You and I will live for You.

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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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You Promised

You promised
Yes you promised me
That we would grow old together
Our pathway would be traveled hand in hand
Now I am faced with the possibility
Yes the possibility
Of traveling alone

I cannot
I don't want to
The thought is unbearable
I need you to be my everlasting
My comfort
My smile
You alone know my heart
Your whisper is my resonance 
I dance within your borders
The music of you expands my horizons

Let me be your tether
I can be your immovable rock
Let my unspoken be your comfort
A surgeons knife cannot cut through our bond
Do not swim to that distant shore
Float upon our faith
Ask God to help you complete our covenant
For your breath is my own
Your eyes help me see
Your hands extend my reach

As you travel within unconsciousness
Be aware of my presence
I will not leave you alone
For you are my everything
Come back to my loving arms
For if you do not
I will age, one hundred years
In but a moment.

I was writing this for Elly's last letter contest.
I went over twenty lines so I can't enter it.
Thankfuly this is a fictional account.

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A True Devotee

*Hare Krishna, I am your devotee I know and feel the pains of others Keep me doing well to others And let not ego or pride enter my mind. Hare Krishna, as your devotee Never speak ill of others Disdain greed and avarice Respect women as I respect my mother. Hare Krishna, as your devotee I never indulge in lies Lust and anger not my forte For the salvage of my family. Lead me from despair to hope Fear to trust, from hate to love From false to truth, war to peace Peace, Peace, Peace.
*Hare Krishna, the incarnation of God Vishnu* +++ October 8, 2014 Form: Free Verse Religion: Hindu (Gujarati) Second Place win Contest: A Religious poem Non-Christian by Roy Jerden

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My Prayer on Xmas Day

My Prayer on Xmas Day 

You came as a beam of Light, for the suffering humanity,
To remove, cruelties of Life  and to spread Love and forgiveness,
And became,  a symbol   of a new dawn,
Ending the dread of the darkness by your sublime Love, Light  & forgiveness,

Simplicity,  and the teachings of forgiveness  and Love for all,
Was the name of your great causes, and your divine   appearance, O’ Jesus,
Your heart melts to heal,  every suffering human,  
And the light of your love, filled a new life to awaken the souls of those, 
Who were in miseries and pains  and  were in great sufferings, 

Humanity would always remain indebted,  for showing everyone,
A path of Love, forgiveness and living a life of truthful non-voilence,
My humble   prayer to You,   on the great day of Xmas would be,           
To show a path of Love in the hearts of those, who are living in hatred,
To throw a light of kindness and Love, on those, who are in great distress,

Instead of revenge and violence, which is slowly engulfing the entire world,
Fill the heart of every human being, irrespective  of,
Places, beliefs and religions,  with the Light of Your divine Love  & benevolence,
And bless them, so that they may know the joy of living with Peace and Love,
And may adopt a better way of life, of living with love and kindness for all others.


Kanpur India 19th Dec. 2010


With Greetings for all my friends anywhere in the world, for a Merry Christmas and a very
Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011.

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Prayer for Twin-(Poetic Twins)

My prayers
I will send
To my dear twin
this prayer is for you

Please bless twin
Heal her body
Touch from inside- out

You know
what she needs
give her strength
to reach out to you

I pray that
you send angels
to minister now

I ask that
you forgive all
wrong that has been done

Oh God
wash us now
I give you praise
This I Pray- Amen

* Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye maybe healed.  The 
effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  James 5: 16

Poetic Twins created by Mary Ann Duhart on 10-3-2009. Subject  topics relating to 
twins..syllable count 2-3-4-5 representing 2-twins 3-triplet-4- quadruplets
and 5 quintriplets..rhyming for identical or non-rhyming for faternal - no limit of stanzas.

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Last Summer Saturday

Poorly heated coffee;
I can't seem to get it hot enough.
Tired eyes still rolling,
Film draped for dreaming.
This last Summer Saturday,
Might as well call it Fall.
The pumpkins out and jumping,
Future jack-o-lanterns for fun.
Gentle breeze cascades,
Every once in a while a poof.
Sunny sun still sunning;
Please don't ever go away.
Time to heat up the coffee;
My goodness this is good!
So open arms and lean back;
God is so, so good!

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Beyond The Distance And The Days

Our love grows stronger,
Even beyond the distance,
Even beyond the days.
I know you're with me always
And I'm always with you;
In God together we're together forever
And physically we'll be together forever soon.

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This is the day the Lord gave.
His blessing is guiding our way.
He has manifested the extraordinaire.
He is why we live.
His intervening in human affairs has brought forth humanitarian events.
Insofar, our episodic existence augments our intelligence.

Stated to be a poetic boon, god sent for sure.
Divine intervention scribe on our scrolls, we are pathfinders to fulfill our inner core.
Life formed to live we are human beings.
Our footprints came long-ago via the Apostles and Prophets of the Lord.
Great Awakening took place and religion emerged.

No statue is limit in our theological presence.
We must keep company to our beliefs.
Therefore, a psalmist endurance becomes his or her poetic content.
We may write in prose, verse and flow, or both.
Our spirits will explore.
Our souls will be exposed.

Divine intervention is deific interference.
Interpolation defines our cause.
Wisdom sallied forth.
Pure utterance is a godsend.
We are scribes of history.
We are the writers of a holy scripture for humanity.
Verlena S. Walker

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Porn No More

I've watched the war from behind closed doors;
Eyes too glued to close.
And now knowing what's in store, there's porn no more.
God's love is the only hope we know.
We are forgiven because of the love that is Jesus.
We are saved because of the love that is Jesus.
We give our lives to the Father for we are His children and He loves us.
We are loved!
No matter what we've done, we are loved!
Confess and ask for forgiveness;
This is such a beautiful gift!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
You forgive me!
You save me!
You change me!
I am changed!
I am new!
I am renewed!
I am forgiven!
I am saved!
I am changed!
There's porn no more
For God's hope is in store!
There's porn no more
For God's love is the hope of the world!

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A Mother's Prayer

I kneel in front of the alter praying the rosary and asking Dear Jesus our Father to keep my sons protected while they’re serving their country to keep us safe. A son in the Navy, station in Bahrain in Desert Storm. While the ship is in close fighting and providing navel gun support, the men are inhaling the smoke of the Kuwaiti oil fields fires. Saddam Hussein ordered the wells to be blown up and set a fire because he knew the war was over and he didn’t anyone else to benefit from its riches. While the oldest son is stationed in Washington making bombs to support the bombing campaign in Kuwaiti.

By Eve Roper 11/12/2014


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A Christmas Song for You on Xmas

center Christmas Song for Christmas 2012 This Song is a gift for all my Christian friends on the Xmas Day. Soon I would place it on You Tube also.Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2013 to all my friends. Ravindra You who is our savior sublime, You who made our heart so kind, Through prayer you taught us, To reach near You Through tears you taught us How to pardon others. Through Love and Kindness, You have showed us The lofty heights, Through benevolence You purified the hearts full of sins. And by bearing our sufferings On your shoulders O’ God, You taught to smile even in strife, O God, How beautifully you have taught us, To win hatred with love and sacrifice. Ravindra Kanpur 25th Dec. 2012

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A Conversation With GOD

One day I wondered, why am I here?
What is my purpose?
What is my plan?

I got down on my knees, and asked GOD the same,
First going to him in Jesus Name,
I said “Father GOD, I just don’t know, I just don’t understand
Why in this life, I was dealt this hand.

Why is my life such a struggle,
Why so much pain,
Oh Father GOD,
I just don’t understand.”

As I begin to rise from my knees,
I heard a whisper, I felt a light breeze,
A voice begin to speak, such a commanding tone,
I fell back down, with a shiver to my bones.

The voice proceeded to speak and this is what it said,
“Hello my child, your prayer I heard,
So I thought I would tell you in my own words,
I have a plan for your life, that you just can’t see,
But continue to do what you do, continue to have faith in me.

I will not steer you wrong, for your path is so bright,
You seem happy during the day, but weary at night,
Fret not my child, for I am your Father above,
I will only show you, Unconditional Love.

You will go through some struggles, you will have some pains
But the rewards you will reap, will be well worth the gain
You have no idea of my plan for you
But you have a purpose in everything you do.

I will not reveal, my plan for your life
But you will see, when the time is right
So don’t give up and don’t despair
For I am GOD, and are with you everywhere.

I thank you for your prayer,
I enjoyed this conversation and I hope you did too,
Hold tight my child,
Your blessing is about to come through.”

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Where The Next Dollar Will Come From

I'm worried where the next dollar will come from.
Will she ever arrive?
Will she ever show up?
But why am I worrying?
Stop it!
It's all in God's Great Hands!
It's all under God's control!
It's all within His plans!
It's all His
And He will provide
Because He is our Father!
He loves us!
It's all His!
Trust Him!
I know it's difficult;
He will not lead you wrong.
He knows where you need to go.
He knows what you need to endure.
It's all His plan.
It's all in His Hands!
Lay down your life;
Give the control.
He is in control!
Thank You Father!
Trust Him!
It will all be okay!
Trust Him!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!
I love You always!
I trust You always!
I trust You!
I trust You!
Yes, yes I do!
I trust You!
I love You!

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The mountain seem so steep, Lord, please give me the strength to keep on To focus on your love for me Not on the things I need Not on the lack of love I seem to feel All the worries that are on my mind Please topple them and you be the centre of it all You be the air that I breathe Be the one thing that makes sense Help me focus on you Focus on your grace Saturate me in all that is you That is my prayer...

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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Daily dally

It's another Monday
One seventh of your life
It's the second month of the year
at least six to go before you can earn it all
(Or most of it)
On the seventh day God rested
Hopefully He hasn't since
I wish He'd rested on the sixth too
(We'd have weekends off)
You can downplay religion if you want to
But I'm so grateful for Sundays
I'm considering a small business endeavor
Manufacturing small easy to keep objects
That are interesting enough to treasure
I'll sell them for weights of silver or gold.
sorta like a nickel bag novel (5 grams)
Or a daily prayer writ in stone
To carry as atonement
For allowing congressional thievery
Doncha just love Mondays

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A Prayer For My Girls - If I should die before I wake

A prayer for my girls ~ If I should die before I wake

To my girls I would write

Mommy will always love you ~ I never placed anyone above you

You are my world and the reason for my life ~ I did my best though I didn’t get 
everything right

You both gave me the courage and strength to fight ~ Your lives gave me direction 
and your love was my light

Even though my body is no longer here ~ don’t you fear ~ my spirit is always near

Each night you get on your knees to pray ~ remember this prayer ~ Promise me to 
	“Dear God please tell mommy we said hi
	That we understand that all people must die
	We know she is safe with you in the sky
	She is an Angel with wings and can now fly
	We promise to make her proud
	Our dreams will reach beyond the clouds
	Tell her that we are okay and we remember her everyday
	She is in our hearts where she will forever stay
	We know she did her best ~ and that her soul can now rest
	Please tell mommy we love her again and again…”


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In God's Hands

  I am malleable in God’s hands, 
No one can shape me like He can, 
He never gives me anything that I can’t handle, 
He always knows what He is doing, 
No one can compare to Him, 
He is the father I never had, 
I can truly trust, love, and honor Him, 
Because He made me, 
He loves me, 
And I love Him, 
I will never be able to put my heart into someone else’s hands with such trust!
Because He is love! 
And I am His. 
- Inspired by Jeremiah 18:6 

                                                  Jeremiah 18:6 NIV
“O house of Israel, can I not do with you as the potter does? declares the Lord. 
“Like clay in the hands of potter, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel.

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Without You

I have just promised my eyes that,
I won't see morning without you,
I have promised the roads that,
Walking without you should be a punishment,
Listem,these are my emotions,
My heart says that desire is to live wih you,
I have promised the wind that,
Without you I should be separated from my breath,
You are the ground on which,
I have formed my world,
Where shall I go without you?
You are my support,
I live in your faith,
I won't be able to live without you,
My every talk is because of you,
You are my sunlight,
And my rain is from you,
Without you the clouds should not shower,
I have promised them,
If your hand is in mine,
The lines on my palm have heartbeat,
When you are separated,the world stops,
When you are close to me,
I believe in my existence
When you are separated,I am lost,
You are present in my habit,
I tell you the truth,
You are worth worship for me,
I have promised prayers,
That no prayer should fulfill without you…

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An island of Pandemonium

Beyond the leggy palm trees you can hear them calling out 
Through the diffused light and thin curtains called home- 
Are a people in need 
Brought to there knees with infelicitous faces-
Filled with confusion and doubt 

Broken hearts in broken places, loss of life-
In an atmosphere of raw humanity 
Through there dusty desperate lives they plea for substantial means 
Tested beyond their capacity resting in squalid conditions-
Praying into their Christianity 

No mortal man of compassion could stand by
And be witness such devastation 
Sparse medical means in a land crumbling from the inside
Many impoverished brave men waited by the loud white gates 
For a voice a glimmer or hope from their leader guru 

To the victims the questions remains why?
Everywhere in every corner tears pooled into hands 
Contentious people begging for water and pointing to their bodies 
I was brought out to the edge of my chair from what I viewed 
An act of God has taken some many lives and left me in a state of stupor 
I said a prayer for the people of Haiti


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By Our Side

By my side:
The tallest mountain,
The calmest pond,
The purest stream;
My hope and strength,
Faith and love;
The Lord,
Our God,
Always by our side

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Move On

So you sinned?
Well, that's done and over with!
Keep it in the past
'Cause that's where it belongs.
But ask Jesus for forgiveness;
Don't dwell on mistakes any longer
Because He makes you new again:
Love is the outcome;
Forget the wrongs,
Love and move on!

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Jesus, Please Take Over Me

You've fallen down again;
How can you let darkness win?
You just scraped your knee,
You didn't break your leg.
It will all be okay;
I will give you strength.
Brush it off, my child;
Come and take my hand.
Let me help you up again;
You will be okay.
I have always been with you,
And I always will be.
I am by your side,
But this time,
Will you allow me to take the lead?

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The Truth About Love

Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is time apart
Trying not to drown
Praying to stay loyal
Holding on to lover's promises
Dreaming of reuniting
Crying tears of hurt and joy
Thinking of you constantly
Asking God for all the best
Love is difficult
Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is faith
Love is hope
Love is trust
But love is beautiful
Oh, so beautiful
And love is worth it
Oh, so worth it
Love is in God's Hands
Love is protected
Love will come back again
Reunion again
For God is love
In Jesus' Name
We pray

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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The Name of Jesus

Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

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My Inner Breath Part:2

Fight for your country but we're all brother in soul
Why are we so ignorant of the situation
Why is there so much hatred between our nations
Why are we fighting for the wars
There has only been massive destruction in the course
They say fight against but when will it stop
We are just playing a game that's killing at the top
How i wish for no more discrimination only charisma
The hope for no more judging and no more racism
One united world is what we'd call it in those days
Not knowing the resemblance or the difference in those plays
Trying to make a change for a better place
I'm going to evolve into a change that rearrange
I'ma be a leader not a follower in my story
i"m not afraid to race in my glory
Watch me grow in these multitudes 
With a desire to overcome in positive attitudes
Not just another one in the crowd
Wanting me, myself and i to be proud
Not if people know how I'm feeling
Or if my notes are any much revealing
I want to be listened to and memorized along history
My melodies will be more than the different like Elvis Presley

More than the unique but not lie the usual
Not afraid of being who I am I'm not unusual
Day by day trying to figure out what God plans for me
everyday Im looking for my destiny
Knowing none of this to you might make any sense
But lets worry about the now not the past tense
now there's a time for every season
Knowing everything happens for a single reason
Knowing how it feels to be alone in a world of many
But i have Jesus and I'm sure that's plenty
Cause and effect being human is a result of virtues and defects
There's a time to live and a time to die
There's a time to live and a time to cry
Wanting to do something here and about
Exhaling a shout
Wanting to cry out that for sure
Making a single wish on a million shooting stars
Believing I'm locked up but not behind bars
Locked inside a maximum security called inner self
Going through something I've never delft
Why is this happening to me
Reasons are complicated to see
Or to believe in such disasters
Sometimes i wish i could just die faster

A topic which seems long way off is really not that far
My soul locked inside a body jar
Sometimes having those dreams that make you doubt and intervene
It changes your perspectives with a rotation of electives
A mentality in a state of maturity
Not close to being a fallen angel with any much purity

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An Ode to LIFE Part 1

An Ode To LIFE

As I lay my head down and start to fall asleep I see myself being carried off to a place and time the place of our Lords birth in Bethlehem of Judea

As in the Bible tells the story of His life and how he lived and died in that human seance and rose on the day He told of

I do not remember being here but I remember the story I was taught so many years ago

As I walk through the streets of Bethlehem I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am learning the story they telling is true

The writer writes of a jealous King  and his way of dealing with his people and of Mary and Joseph who came to Bethlehem to have a child

The story tells of the three wise men  who saw a star in the north and heard of a child  who was born to be the King of the Jews  and come to see and bring Him gifts 

An  angel from the Heavens above came to Mary and Joseph in a dream and told them they had to leave Bethlehem or King Herod would have their son killed 

So they left Bethlehem and went to Egypt and there they lived until King Herod no longer ruled

As I follow along in my dream I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am puzzled by the fact I understand each

I don’t understand why I’m going through this time but I know I must continue on this journey 

As I am pulling through a time where I reach the place of Jesus’ in  Nazareth of Galilee

As I watched Him grow and work in His father's shop I could see the thing in Him that were with me

As I walk along the streets and look around I hear the people talk of a child that speaks of wondrous love that’s all forgiving and of a Father in Heaven that’s loving and true.

By Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

                                                            Inspired by God

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The Light

They praise me like a saint,
But I am a sinner;
They don't know the man they see.
I am an addict.
Broken eyes to pornography,
Only Jesus can set me free.
Only by His death on the cross
And the grace of His Father's love
Am I able to be set free.
With God as The Light,
The One and Only Light,
The Only Hope in sight,
Will I be set free.
I am free.

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Praying Hands

Praying Hands Praying hands" Oh praying hands, please come to my aid. I need you now more than ever. Praying hands, you have the power to cure the sick, or take care of any problem. Praying hands, do not forsake me, that I don't ask for myself. I know that you are everywhere. You always pray for everyone. Please pray for my sister now She has been sick for sometime. They think she has bone cancer, but are not sure yet. Dear God; Maybe I ask for too much, but for you nothing is impossible. Everyone has praying hands. won't you please fold them together and pray along with me? Praying hands" oh praying hands - this is all I ask of thee...
09/26/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: My sister's name is Estella she will be admitted to the Cancer Hospital here in Houston this coming Monday. Her family will be bringing her here.

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Every Second We're Away

Every second we're away,
We grow stronger everyday
Until that day will finally come
When we know it's okay
And we will rest in each other's arms
In peace from God above,
No longer missing one another
Because we're together;
Built forever in each other's love.

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We Are All In This Together

We all have a story to tell.
Ups and downs,
Together, we've been through it all;
God has led us through it all.
Trust Him;
It's all for a reason.
All your pains,
All your struggles,
All your hurts-
They're all for a reason.
God has a bigger plan,
One we cannot see.
Trust Him and pray.
We are all in this together.
Together, we have been through it all.
Ups and downs,
We are family-
Brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are friends.
Most importantly,
We are family.
Let's love one another like God loves us.
Let's help each other out
And help each other up with loving hands.
We are His children.
We are His servants
Together on His mission
To love, save, and change the world
For the better.
We are all in this together.
Listen to His praises ring;
Let's praise Him together.
Listen to sister Fantasia sing,
"Sometimes you gotta lose to win again."
Thank You Father!

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Queen of Heaven

And then the Props withdraw
And adequate, erect,
The House support itself
And cease to recollect
Emily Dickenson.

Queen of Heaven

Give me faith!
Ground me!
Tell me the sky will not fall in
the earth at my feet will
not give way- pray,
shelter us- mankind and me
from crazy predatory frenzy
Defend us from all destructive forces
Foster love of beauty, altruism-
generosity to our cores; a search
for grander possibilities

Teach us the solemn value of history
Keep us true to form, intuitive
imaginitive, instinctive
Attuned to the importance of
self- limiting responses

Not innocent in self delusion
Not virtuous for virtue's sake
Unique and irreplacable
Never notorious, false hearted
or didactic
No! not the sum of trivial
Not the collection left behind,
of usesless irrevelancies;
objects beyond human memory
No! it must be us

Abiding echoes
of breath caught in wonder

Suzanne Delaney

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These Walls I Built

Stuck in the prison of my own life,
I dodge behind these walls I built.
And inside is a demon covered in guilt
And shame so thick you can't see his eyes.
God, please help me to see
No matter what, You will always love and be with me.
Thank You Father for everything.
In Jesus' Name,
We pray.

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A new Newtown

The innocent souls. The little angels flown away. The dedicated. Perished.  

Agonising. Touching. Demanding answers. A town held in the grip of
 unfathomable mourning. A world shell-shocked. What next?

Some serious soul-searching .A  real newness . Country. Community.
Newtown, there has to be new paradigm  shift.   There has to
be a new beginning . A dawn of non-violence. An end to a cycle
of mass shooting tragedies. A new chapter. A secure future.
The sights, the sounds, the terror, the grief. Should people live
in fear? Feel helpless , weightless and exposed? No. Innocent deaths 
of 28 people that touched the hearts of  many across the world
because  we are all the citizens of this world.  We therefore demand a 
world that is safe, habitable , just and peaceful.  A world in which the
sanctity of life is of paramount importance.  Let us contain the emotions
and find lasting solutions . 

Let us find solace in that it is possible to arrest the situation.  A newness 
of love, security and peace must be collectively and individually ushered in. 
Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you WILL not 
fear no evil. Death you have been defeated. 

To the parents, teachers, schoolchildren, the community, and the
country, the world mourns with you.  It shares your grief. Be strong. 
Be comforted.  Our  hearts are with you. We offer our  prayers.

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Pastoral poetry

When you wake up well 
from bed
Stand up and praise your 
'Cause He worth it.

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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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A Touch of Amnesia- (Anaphora)

Did you forget about the last time that I brought you through?
Did you forget that I was there to help you?
Did you forget that I am the creator who created you?
Did you forget that my arms are not to short that I can not reach?
Did you forget that my name is Shalom- the God of peace?
Did you forget I heard the last prayer that you prayed?
Did you forget that I am God and will be with you each day?

playing with some new styles from our friend Joseph.

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Stuck In The Struggle

Sometimes I get stuck in the struggle
And I forget that this life is real,
Full of real love,
Full of real people,
Full of real strength,
Full of real faith.
Look around
Because this is real.
Welcome to reality;
This is God's amazing life!

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One Wish

As I close the door behind me… I stand upon the porch.
Every day I leave here… becomes so much more bitter sweet.
I found the money yesterday so I could pay my note,
But what about next month or the others sure to come.
I raised my children faithfully under this old roof, and…
Memories abound, like the raindrops that hit upon my roof.
Yes, I admit leaving here will cause a little pain.
But the day-to-day struggles have striped away the gain.
Where once I held on steadfast… now I waiver on that thought.
Instead of seeing comfort, now it’s the struggles I have fought.
The food upon the table… outweighs the comfort of this house.
But yet, my heart still bleeds for what will soon be lost.
How to tell the children… it will be hard at its very best.
I’m sure they’ll rail against it and cause me more pain, yet.
But I can’t expect them to understand, this old grownups shame.
I promised to protect them… so today I’ll continue on my search
A job or a little money may pop up from anywhere, you know.
All I have to do is keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.
God will provide eventually, even if it’s a step, or two, or three down.
Every day as I close the door behind me and I stand upon this porch…
I say a little prayer and add a little wish…
May tomorrow find us better off than here we are today…
And may others please be helped like us… as we try to make our way.


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A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

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Kick the Can Hard-Bucket List

I’ve kicked the damn bucket
                                         turned it upside down
pieces of a lae fell out, yards of fabric
hand-woven bright

The spill was tremendous
out came tinksa’s
         prayer flags
singing bowls
and melted glass 
from Pele

Kneeling in the snow
    of winter, in I peer
the bottom is not insight,
wetness shimmers and seas call
       oil films
on Northern lights

Before me, before my time
my Grandad played kick-the-can
           damn good idea
as toe meets bucket, I howl
perhaps, I will go see
a polar bear!

No regrets fill my bucket
for I want mine full of colored bits of Lhasa
windchimes from Bhutan

Dented, by life marked, decorated
hell morphed, I intend to rise
on comet tails
    look for me
in ashes       on a wind
in the H i m a l ayas

Poet: Debbie Guzzi

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By His stripes I am healed

By His stripes I am healed
By His blood I am washed
I am a new creation
And forever I am free

Wash me in your spirit
Purge me from my sin
Take away the shame I feel.
And bring me into peace

Cleanse me from all wrong
Thoughts and attitudes
Cleanse my body, make me whole
Wash me clean with your power

Make me the child who can be taught
Who is willing to be led
Let me eat of the living word
And truly well be fed

Let your healing flow through me
And touch another heart
Show your loving grace through me
And let them truly see

You are the son who sets them free
When in faith they bend the knee
You have come to give them life.
And give them all eternity

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A Prayer to Almighty

Endue us your godly light to realize
What we have forgotten who we are
We selfishly tried to seek our own security
And have exploited our own ends
We have misused our own power.

Endue us your godly light to realize
Not to destroy the beauty of creation
And add something to that beauty.
A sense not to destroy only for avarice.
Lest we may misuse our own power.

Endue us your godly light to realize
Never to corrupt the Earth’s music 
Creating confusion of honks and noises
Thus wrecking appearance and beauty
Lest we may misuse our own power.

Endue us your godly light to realize
Dry lands’ thirst to refresh them.
Show us the way to cleanse the rivers
Choked with debris and pollution
So that we may make good use of power. 

September 5, 2014
Form: Free Verse
Fourth Place Win
Contest: Prayer by Regina


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In his Arms

A story of Faith..
How does anyone explain why they believe the Faith they have .
I can only tell you through the eyes of a 5yr old child .
That child being myself 

so let me rewind a bit in time .
It was preschool to 1st grade , I would fall into a vegetable state at school , with my head down on the desk .
My Mother was a very talented RN and worked in triage at St. Francis Hospital
She would take me to the best of Pediatrics , only to be told ," take her home give her a aspirin,  if fever gets to high , and call us in the morning . 

All I can remember is this.

I was laying on my Mothers bed as from the ceiling it appeared a man that resembled "Jesus Christ ' and his Angels , 6 on each side lifted me from the bed in his arms , and took me to a place of warmth , light and love like I have never felt before since.

I was held by him as he said , you can stay here and no longer feel pain , or you may go back. I wanted so badly to stay , but I thought of my Mothers tears , and I was sent right into my little body again only to miss that feeling I had my whole life "in His Arms "

I got up out of bed , walked to the living room , where I saw my Mother in the distance baking .'  The Grinch whom stole Christmas ' was on TV. I then noticed a tree all lighten up with decorations, I walked  towards my Mom with a blanket in my hand .

My Mom turned and she had a plate of cookies , her face white as a ghost . I asked her " Mommy , Is it Christmas ?  " she started to cry , and held me as she said " Yes Honey , it is , it is Christmas Eve. " as her tears hit my shoulder . I then asked " Why are you crying ? "  Santa Claus is coming ! " I replied,  as happy as a little 5 yr. old could be.

I was taken to a Chiropractor that week ,as a last result , He told her it was simply a miracle I was alive  .  My Spine was out of place and no Oxygen was going to my brain , in one or 2 days , I would be brain dead.

I found out later in my life at 18 yrs. old , it was shaken baby syndrome . My Father confessed to me as he to cried , at his Moms home at Christmas time . He had carried the guilt with him for years . He was a born again Christian , and a new life he had wanted with true forgiveness .

I forgave him , I know the man whom lifted me was Jesus Christ that night , and there is nothing ugly at all there , so I know he to forgave him . 
Since then ..I have never doubted , I know he goes by many names  , It is Jesus Christ all the same .

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Not so blue

If she only knew what she could do?
We all see the problems that have blemished our door 
Missed holiday dinners where she left an empty plate 
Promises that were never kept 
Most of us would never dare to speak of it away from the family 
But I must dare to speak of her it hurts my heart so 
She left on a trip to nowhere and didn’t look back
Sure she thinks we are stupid blind at that 
All her lies and phony tales trying to hide the unbalanced scales 
Her dreams failed to see her through so the pills just grew 
They grew a place to hide away from us 
They grew a place to settle at best 
But now they’ve taken over her life
She fights with everyone she once cherished and enjoyed
She has grown to be more and more demented 
And the constant need for drama and disorder
The younger members in the family don’t ask for her anymore 
She just drops off presents when she feels like it at our doors 
No warm family interaction it’s just too hard for her to do 
Why she needs to save her energy for her family in a bottle that just grew 
She’s always conniving and planning to take something for free 
While she settles for less and goes on a taking spree 
If she only knew what she could do with a prayer from God? 
Her addiction would break through 
And we’d be a family not split, and not so captive and blue 

 Written for the Unmentionables contest by Debbie Guzzi 
(This poem was about my sister’s addiction to pills!)

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The Corner of Madison and Huron

At the corner of Madison and Huron,
The faint pedestrian appears.
A couple holding hands walking swiftly
As police pass near.
Cane in his hands
Walks a younger looking man,
Rolling his suitcase along
A central corner in a downtown city
Where faith, hope, and love belong.
May God bless you Toledo,
Today and forevermore.

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When I pull away, you push

I’m silent, like a single finger to my blush lips

motioning “shush”

I feel like a caged tiger

craving freedom and lovers flesh

a prisoner of your personal horror

I must digress

I loose myself, into my mystical, magical, mind

to keep this empty agony, from burning into

each minute, of my lifetime

my body, feels frozen to your touch

your kisses, cannot melt my hatred

toward your soulless lust

I am strong from within, I cannot,

will not

let him win,

A real live porcelain doll I have

turned in


lines forming a cross, hold my inner eye 

for the Lords love catches my tears as I cry

when your fists, strike my body

a bloody mess, you leave my lie

punishing me for your insecurities

and false lies

a chance to escape you, this dream

has me hypnotized

each day of mine, ends in silent sorrow

and begins, with prayer filled sighs

For love, does not beat you behind backs

and then smile in your eyes

using such smiles to disguise

to the outside, false facial expressions

keep things trill

I pray, for the strength one day,

to fight my prisoner back

perhaps kill

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Rapture and Riddle

A sleeping beast 
Or winged messenger from God 
Lays its quicksand of the truth
And I am spat like a petal from some nameless bloody heart
A constant question of the proof

I scratch in complacent deals
With my fellow’s skin and drone predators
While living in the fields
A cauldron drips
These poppies fix

A soldiers boot 	
Addiction is
The needle spent is where I live

But faith can be 
Such a fickle masturbation of sentiment 

Did I nail myself onto the wood
In scarlet scars through shrinking palms
Sacrifice my history
So they could write a misshapen allegory 
So they could rest their scraps
In painted psalms of papier-mâché 
None of it was me
I was not born to be 
An asset 
Of their delinquency 

Did I lay myself out in love
To hang there torn upon the cross
A plush riddle in comforts upholstery 
The benediction of their ease
The filthy placebo of their greed 

In the ragged bones I fall to earth
In the moist illusion of the dust
With this wretched taste of famine in my throat

Am I the benediction of their greed
The filthy placebo of their disease

A nameless child who scavenges 
For every single breath
As I lay here in the dirt
And in the gluttony of the church
And so for pities sake
Just one more obloquy of prayer 
In the chronicle of remembrance
Or sleeping angel 
A winged beast sent from the savage eye of God 

Lays in the quicksand of the truth
Spat from a stinking petal 
Of some cringing bloody heart
And I will gather here a while
The meagre scraps of dust and earth

A constant question of the proof

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The Acid Light of Revelation

digits stray cold upon the taunt surface
unheated       by the friction of lavender’s rise
diffuse sweetness coats the iris of my eyes
life forms in the negative's longing         to be
lingering limpid as a tearful eye upon the cheek
held    in the clenched fist which falls, axed in anger

stray digits weave coarsely, sweat less, 
like a basket of ash   ccasting wweave sshadows
upon the prayer mat, balsam scents the soul
forest born, scratching the inner lining of mouth,
tickling the hairs within  honeycombed ears, 
heated, rubbed raw, rouged      by clap and slap, alive... 
in the between,  twitching in the sour curdle of death and rebirth

digits stray  rise and fall  on delta waves, pulse throbs
of persimmon trail limbward, trunk bound, crown crested,
human delights all, salted, post dance on the work calloused pads
metal touched in the acid light of a limbic revealation.

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Why Question No Question Question Is Now

I was born unresponsively of arrival on birth.7:01 Am,  one of the coldest days  to record,
I battle for my life for every beat to every breath I was born premature.

Being born premature I was born with learning and mental illness and despite 
Of the disadvantage I broke barriers of stereotypes and prejudices that would follow.

Why Question that it is a recession does it mean mental illness rise? 
No Question the research from
top website say no taking from thefiscaltimes, RecessionsSilent that would include That facts does not lie, 
Question is now who is listening. 

Why Question in the headline it’s the mental ill that’s making headlines
No Question they all ask for help put the system ignored or failure report those demeanor read between the lines.
Question is now could that have been your family or friends so why make fun of the mental ill to feel what;inferior? 

Why Question they say that people with too much education is at a higher risk of become mental ill? 
No Question they say that mental ill can’t have weapons if so then why is it 1.5 million roughly in the military that has sometype of mental ill with weapons? 
Question is now that Bill Clinton stated on Cnn that gun laws will never go away because (forgive me if I miss quoted)  the voters don't hold the people they voted into office to there word.

Why Question that a person got to do a violent act before you determine that there mental ill and if that is so why do we have prisoner that could be mental ill
 or, is it one in the same thing and state from a television host “to do violence you must be some type of mental ill” it would be simply, if he ask the first question I stated then fumble with his words 
No question my doctor said if you are depression more then three day then in there book a person is mental ill 
Question is now why have smoking been written in constitution or some states and you know what type of smoking I’m talking about so  blame.

Why Question that the medicine they give us that can make you aggressive, more violent and sometime even suicidal but when go to sue them it was not enough evidence to prove but ten years later you can’t sue because the statue of limitation has ran out
No Question a comedian made a joke about the same thing was it a joke or was it a movement you tell me much luv to him! 
Question is now is if a person life is more valuable  then a buck if not why is  manufacturer making a G over one prescription not knowing all side effects.

Why Question what is the debt ceiling as well as the glass ceiling seems to be something to keep minority from stepping in the next class because it all revolved around money and who is usually get short stick? (the poor)  
 No Question food stamps being cut, health care require and we have been in a war over wars since I was born I guess my generation was a victim of society and they say it the Lost Generation indeed, 
no wonder inmates believe government own them. 
No question does this facts lie? If so why is history books rewritten in college every semester? Question is now

Why Question in the bible it speaks to the effects things will never be heard or seen would happen
(1 st Corinthians 2: 9)   I paraphrase that….. No question Jeremiah 8-9 once again paraphrasing  the people that became of power and knowledge used it in the wrong way and god later destroy the city
Now question god spoke lyrically and God creation us in his own imagine and I have research that a person can come out of depression naturally but does the doctor tell you that? 

Once again it is a small percent of mental ill that does violence and most time they are the victims. I have giving my life to science I have giving my blood for 10 years and im only 25 years old my doctor told me by year 2020 it should be cure for my disease being born which such a disability may you know I gave my life to science so child like me will never know of harass words to endure.....

I will probably die before 30 or 40 because of malpractice and my disease Why question, No Question, Question is Now what is the definition of crazy and that of mental ill? 
My last statement is, I am the not only person that speak out for mental illness October is mental ill awareness would you like to say you spoke for reason? better yet chance.... 

As of 2015 more information has came out and in a article stated there is lil prove that mental illness cause violence and also that what i have should be consider a brain injury not mental illness i wonder now that facts are coming out what will they say twenty or thirty years from now or even of me

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Am I Still Forgiven

I did it again; I need forgiven.
Will He still forgive me even though I've fallen before?
I've fallen into these same sins countless times before;
I still haven't learned my lesson.
I am an ignorant hypocrite.
Am I still forgiven?

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Lord, I Need You

On my knees, Lord, and with hands raised
I pray I need you, oh how I need you today.
My heart is broken, my strength is gone, 
I am desperate for love only you can provide,
and the song only you can sing to my soul.
I'm begging Lord fill my cup, make me whole.
This world tells me I'll never be enough,
the world beats me, breaks me, tears me down.
Without you, I lose the battle within;
I lose myself and the will to carry on.
I ask you, Lord, for the courage to rise above
with hope and a new perspective.
With you, all things are possible.
Your goodness and love follow me everyday. 
You are my fortress when I need protection,
my refuge when I need to feel safe.
All that I am and all that I have,
I lay at your feet. Please bring me peace...
You make all things work together
for my good because you love me.
Please, do not let me fall, give me new life.
On my knees, Lord, and with hands raised,
I pray I need you, oh how I need you today.

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Rise and Shine

A white torn garment she wore,
fidgeted and partied alone in the air.
Neither knowing fully well her plight,
Nor understanding her whereabouts,
She kept on racing and rocking
In the oblivion cloud.
On her own,
She raised her voice like never near Ears.
Many at times, yelled at the free sky.
On her true hue, not shy;
"Angels, please fall from the Heaven.
I request you rock with me!"
She in her solitary, calmly stepped on.
This time, walked near a pool
She was a barefooted Negro
Seemingly horrified and terrified; 
drank and washed herself in the pool.
"Aren't there any haven near by
To put on with at this time of the day?"
Now rescued her God-known amputating life!
Though, on the hop, she sought and found
And hopped for a hostel hereabouts.
"Now I see, angels are near"
She danced into the erected cover clouds;
"Are angels still going to see me here?"
As she entered, she solemnly prayed,
In sotto voce,
"Verily, I seek refuge with the Lord of this haven,
As I live to live and lay in peace." 
As though she understood it all:
The such in dreams and the such in life.
So determined in and with her timeline;
And so she rose to the top.

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Braid Hairs

Why are you so devilishly addicting?
I come back from you,
It looks like I'm on drugs:
High and drunk,
Out of my mind.
The demons inside us braid hairs
Until we're peaceful meadows apart,
Nuclear wars together.

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Retro - The Ever Fashionable Oppression of Women

A modern trimming,
Grin and bear it.
The slap of a buckle,
Reminiscent of the squeeze.
Laces bloodied,
From a prayer of acceptance.
Breathing is optional.

The shove to a corner,
Start early for pattern recognition,
Bind the idea prematurely.
Numbed pain,
Limited motion.
Embrace wind through the long locks,
It's only an illusion of progression.

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She spread through our minds
In the chaos of Cairo backstreets.
And on this day
Oh how we loved that girl.
and we stopped our red Vespas at the red light
for her to cross.

We knew who she is,
In her tight jean cutoffs, 
Western Wear designer jeans,
designed to change the world.
and her near waist yellow T
revealing all of the woman she could become.

We knew we would see her again and again.
Yes we got her Message
and it is Holy.

All we could do is watch her. 

She knew.
But did she ever know we had our eyes on her.
When she reached the curb, she paused,
and she threw us a backward, over the shoulder smile.
Yes, she knew the revolution was overdue.
Their Arab Spring was new and here.

Ready for her rise to human right,
we turned,
we blinked,
and she was gone.
We knew it is so.
Their girls are so beautiful
sans an abaya.

Suddenly her revolution was ended.
and gone, her smile.

Those ladies of Cairo,
They were right,
They were together,
They had the hope,
and the world was on their side.

So why did they lose?
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet
     Orlando FL 07-30-2014

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For the Brave men and women who fight for us everyday

There are  brave men and women somewhere tonight
standing in alert and ready to fight.
I send a simple prayer 
as they bravely march on through
defending the honor of the Red, White and Blue.
No air conditioned condo's and fine dining in their ranks.
They march on foot, or cargo trucks, in flight or Army tanks.
For all of us you risk your life, and your world is upside down.                                
I believe in heaven there's a jewel in your crown.

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What words

What words, dear God?
For an idiom 
Or an idea
Of all that this means!

If not then, or when
My soul resounds 
At a silent thought
Lights an eternal flame
Recalled at sacred hearths;

Within quiet chambers
Wounds would heal
Once dealt unwittingly
Now in privacy, thoughts
Wrench relentlessly
At souls adrift
Through time and space;

Words cut at passions denied
Allow this one impression
To swathe us
Dear God, what words?

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What did I do to deserve this

What I do to deserve this heartbreak,
this horrid and unnatural pain,
this cleche of events that strike me simultaneously
as the time ticks away,
and as the grinning faces pierce a whole through my soul
and my heart turns pale and slowly beats.
My heart is torn in two,
and I cannot find the doctors to stich me up.
I ask an old man,
how does love go about,
he smaked me in the face and went on.
The pain and the sorrow,
it is too much to feel,
too much to gain in one serving,
When I eat, I taste posion, not passion,
familiar faces turn grey, with ruby eyes and sharp fangs
they hiss at me, like a cat to a mouse.
I don't understand why I deserve this.
I am a good man,
who loves with open arms and a big heart.
With every hug I give,
I recieve a knife of betrayal in my back,
I feel the blood ooze from my open wounds,
suicidal tendencies roll through my mine,
but I quickly throw them out,
because Mama didn't raise no coward.
I see the blow, I clench my fists
and swing away,
God cries wanting to stop this madness,
Death laughs and soon joins in,
people join in and punch away.
I lay there on the concret blood everywhere,
my heart torn out of my chest,
each with a thousand knives stabbed in it,
as it slowly beats,
I lay their on the pavement,
looking up to the heavenly skies,
and as it starts to rain droplets of hope
I ask myself,
What did I do to deserve this?
Then, I shall close my eyes
and rest for awhile.


Inspired by all the betrayal and heartbreak I've faced, by so many cowards who didn't want to recieve my love. People I had thought who were my friends, came with invitations of humiliation and hate, and now I see who my real friends are; this pen and paper... Have a good day.
P.S. No one should ever be shown this much betrayal and heartbreak. I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemy. Have a good day!

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Three days Saved

It's been nine years, I have counted the tears-
  they have made trails of guilt
  worried into my heart 
  then filled with loneliness and bitter despair
but by your grace I have been shown...

For the first time, in these nine years, I have not wept
  nor held a vigil to honor our grief
though the loss still burns, this time it is transformed

Peace from your love still reaches through death
  and through your eternal love I am reborn
 It is Good Friday. 
When God took your spirit home
  and left me dying to know,
  how to love him for his sacrifice
  when he asked me to give up you?
How do I heal this death and rise with you in his arms?

Through your love I was born, and in your arms I grew
 and it has been your love the kept me whole
 that taught me how to be reborn
    for even though your body has gone
    your words lost in the wind and breath no more
The essence of grace and strength you lived
- it grows still in your daughter soul

My being and existence came from your womb
  my heart and mind shaped by your enlightenment
I have lived a life you gave me and for once
   I live it in pride to honor your sacrifice
your words giving me the guidance I'd lost nine years ago.

Alas, I've come to know, that as you died
  and went home with our Lord, you saved me from my death
not in your dying, my grief and love can attest,
    but in your living strength and loving example
       you showed me how to live a life
             open to our Father's gift

We knew it would not wait, but the parting was too fast.
I sat in thought three days before your sleep and asked,
"In three days time my savior died, I wonder hence
   what of my soul will rise with his?"

And now sitting Easter morning, 
  holding my sons candy-filled basket,
I realized Three days passed.

  He took you home Friday morn, but left me love,
that eternal love that never dies
whose comfort is unending

I honor your love by giving it to my children
         and Easter morning I felt your hug, your kiss, and knew 
                                 you have never left me
Though God took you home Mom
I know you have never left me
for as our Savior died and rose
you too still live in my heart, 
showing me proof our Father's blessings

    because you, my love, are my soul and all ready there
there fore I am strong enough to give this pain up 
       to honor his sacrifice and transcend,
           to be humbled by the grace and mercy
          that could forgive such lost lambs as I

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Autumn's Dream - 2011

A request to tell all of your kinfolk, that are inside Heavens Gate To keep watch on one of my folk, for she has a special date Their just east of South Dakota, though she's in a different state For these Doctor's in Minnesota, want a team to secure her fate Their are many special surgeons, who all do their job first rate Prayers are needed, even sermons don't want any wishes to be late Let your words of prayer guide them, for she is my special mate The plan, in spring to send her home, I guess Grampa, will have to wait

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8:15 To Freedom

Do you hear the train a'whistlin'?
I wonder where she's a'goin'.
Can she be boundin' toward freedom?
Well, there's freedom in Jesus!
And that's all we need!

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Dead On My Own, Alive In Him

Faith is not failing me,
I am failing Him.
Why do I refuse to accept His grace?
Why would I rather live my life on my own
When He is extending a helping a hand?
I am depressed,
Dead on my own,
But I am alive in Him!
I give my life to Him for real;
I give Him my all,
And now I'm alive
Because He gives me life!

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Your Love Is The Strongest

Send me to the darkest places;
That's where I feel You strongest.
A kiss and hug down the deepest alleys;
Never letting go, Your love is the strongest.

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 I swim in the murky waters, diving deep, nails claw mud. Lowly, I may be bowing, but I am not drowning. No, I am not beat, the struggle is not defeat. My toes dig into the earth, to feel the tangible for what it?s worth. Eyes search to find light, struggling not losing the fight. Head lifted, I seek the sky. Let this stifled soul fly. The gray clouds follow me, blinding me, I cannot see. Living with the acrid smell of my own stale air. Life may be a gift, but it?s not always fair. Looking to God, I break through the bolted door, caught between Heaven and Hell, feet planted firmly on the floor. When did I forget to live, to feel the sun upon my face? When did I decide to hide from the human race? Strokes of times clenched in fear. I wonder if the end is near. Renew my faith, Lord. I know I am not beat! The struggle is never defeat. I swim upon the murky waters, I fight the bondage of chains, I struggle with a net that was set by the unknown. I beseech heavenly Father on divine throne, Will my words of despair reach his invisible ear? Till I am set free this pain I must bare, The Holy Scripture says have no fear, but that becomes difficult when the many monstrosities appear. It also said to gear thy self with prayer which can move mountains and withdrawal the darkest cloud, but still the gray clouds follow me a darkness swallows me, it seems to devour me. The Lord is my shield and buckler so nothing can overpower me. I will not run cowardly. If the gray clouds still follow me, I'll deploy my umbrella rain boots and a poncho it can continue to rain as long as the Lord keeps me dry... 

Collaboration by:Elliott Bowe ThE DrUnKeN PoEt & Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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Dear God

Well you didn't expect to hear from me did you!
Guess I don’t talk to you often enough
Forgive me
I have so much on my mind but you already know that
Dad is dying but he’s happy he knows where he is going
Can you have a word with St Peter for me please?
Get him to make dads final journey a peaceful one
And can you look after dad please
Make sure he has a supply of plain chocolate in heaven
He won’t be entirely happy without it
We will try our best to look after mum when he’s gone
Although I think she may want to join dad pretty quickly
After fifty-eight years together it will be so so hard for her
Please look after them both please God

5th September 2014
Written for Prayer Contest
Sponsor: Regina Riddle
~awarded 4th place~

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Prayer of the soup kitchen

Trumpet sounds
penniless dignity
black and white
pavement heart
impoverished souls...

Downtrodden  parade
shameful faces
some look away
others wish you
a blessed day...

Help me Father
ease my hunger
a celebration
of family and friend
thank you Lord...

The soup kitchen
holy place
God help the hungry
who wake up
with the sun
until the day comes
when they can't...

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The year came,
With vows, expectations and demands

The months came,
With obligations, anticipations and exams

The weeks came,
With hopeful desires, emotional fire, and crashing waves

The days came,
With challenged emotions, floods from lifes ocean, which retreated into peace

The hours came,
With courageous boldness, guarded endeavors alongside many rocky points

The seconds came,
With prayer and petition, continuous submission,

I have accomplished more this year than just survive
I am truly alive,
I am fully alive!

By: Sabina Nicole
Contest: 2012

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Alone In This Quiet, Perfect Home

Bedroom door is closed;
I'm feeling so alone.
Even though I'm laying bed,
I don't feel like this is home.
Even though I'm laughing with my friends,
I still feel alone
Even in this quiet, perfect home.
Lord, we need You.
Thank You.
In Your Name,
We pray.

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The Year 2012

With two months left to go, in the year of 2012, I must not be too complacent.
However the first ten months have brought much joy and few sorrows. 
The most exciting events have been the four weddings of young relatives.
My youngest grandson's wedding came first and I was not invited.  
He and his intended flew off to Hawaii for the wedding, with their attendants.
The rest of us had to be satisfied with an invitation to their reception after they returned home. My wedding gift to my grandson and his bride was a professionally framed and sealed and museum glassed copy of my double poem, "The Bride's Prayer and The Bridegroom's Prayer". in hopes that it would last as long as I deeply wanted their marriage to last.  

The other three weddings were the results of many months of planning and I received a formal invitation to each one. In late August my great-grandniece married her fiance in a military wedding.  The reception was held in the Officers Club and was planned to the last detail. In September my own great-granddaughter held her wedding in my 
yard and the weather cooperated beautifully.  It was small, around fifty guests.  Rented decorated tables held a feast worthy of a more opulent wedding. The groom was as handsome and the bride as beautiful as those in the wedding magazines they had consulted in order to avoid the high expense of a wedding planner.

The last wedding was held the last Saturday in October and the bridegroom was my favorite great-grandnephew.  His beautiful bride was dressed in a lovely formal gown, under which she wore...cowgirl boots. Her eight attendants wore flirty. short, black dresses and...cowgirl boots.  Western music was played and a catered meal of Western food was served to the two hundred guests.  No expense was spared for this wedding.  It was held at a remodeled cattle barn which has been turned into a beautiful social hall and rented out for just such occasions.  The minister said it was the twenty-fifth wedding ceremony held in that building at which he had officiated.

These were all joyous affairs and my prayer is that all parties will all be able to observe their 75th anniversaries and are still as happy as on these, their wedding days. 


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A Moment Before Dying.

See the mountains all afire
Flaming Appalachians 
‘Neath the pastel of October sun
Treetops all alight

Waves of carmine flame
Swaying in soft dance steps
Amidst saffron highlights
Muted in glowing orange bittersweet

The slow falling flares
Of autumns sweet inferno
Strewing about the mountainside
A blanket of dry and weary sighing

In softly murmured prayer I wonder
Through the birthing rains of spring
And the unquenchable thirst of summer
Despite it all why is it most beautiful

…A moment before dying?

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A Friend With Consequences

I'll shine brighter than ever when I find my way past my woes the farther I wander the more I shall know that I'm a friend with consequences and only one could let that go He somehow convinced me that I needed correction now I know where I'm going for I followed his directions no more full of blaming I point it right at my nose and realize all my problems are by no one else controlled Will I ever shine with a destiny, kind I still have little meaning but he is there with me, sometimes when our doors have been locked up for so many years it feels good to have someone come in my circle, share my fear Everyone so full of hatred afraid of letting us by even when we're most broken still a spark in our eye you think that would tell them that we just want to live life to the fullest potential that our dreams aren't denied We talk of good and evil agreed on right and wrong tell tales of when we struggled and what we did to be strong as the world the he's seen is darker than mine I am less respected as a person but I accept that, it's fine for he talks to me like I'm worthy and proud to be my friend that's why I could never replace all the treasured words of wisdom he gave me like a story of survival, rise and fall though I am a friend with great consequences I could never begin to replace him, at all my personal Jesus, I see the great Messiah in him I hope one day to inherit his good heart to pass it on to some kid one day, struggling.

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Autumn Prayer

Leaves of all colors; orange, red and gold.. Crackle beneath my feet as I traipse across the lawn A shimmering sun dawns bright and mirrors my heart Filling this beautiful Autumn day with a gentle thought Love is all powerful, all knowing and all that makes me Into someone I can trust as God intends me to. Leaves flutter through the air, inviting me to prayer.
For: One Autumn Day (in just 7 lines) Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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A Prayer for Bryan

Dear Lord, we place him in Your Hands,
this precious young man whom we all love.
We've tried everything that we know, Lord,
but our feeble efforts have failed.
Now we have gathered together as You 
have instructed on Your pages.
Down on our knees we are pleading,
"Bring him back to us, strong and whole."
He was only having a hike, Lord, when he fell
over the side of a cliff and hit so hard 
on his head.

The doctors have done all they can.
There is nothing more they know to do.
We know dear Lord, You have Your reasons
that we do not comprehend,
but we are praying, if it is Your will,
please bring him back to his loving
family and friends.

In Jesus name we pray.  Amen


(A nineteen year old from our church family
has been in a coma since he fell a month ago.)

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I stand before Him
    joined hands, eyes closed
with a heart full of hopes
    a 'Navkar' on my lips
A mere mortal- me, praying,
    asking, beseeching blessings
A little bit from his bountiful of grace.
    A life, no matter how short in measure
One filled with warmth of true love,
    vitality of health and virtue of peity.
For me, mine and all His Creation around.

I stand before Him
     head covered for worship
Anoint Him with saffron-sandalwood 
    lowering my eyes with gratitude
singing praises to Him, each minuscule
    particle of my being
Blessed I feel to be born and cared for
    in His Divine Providence.
Thanking the Lord for bestowing me
    all I could have desired
and much more.

I kneel before Him
    touching my head to His feet
begging for pardon, a repenting sinner
    performing penance from within the heart
Forgive me Lord for the grave and
    frivolous mistakes and umpteen sins
I committed knowingly-unknowingly.

Standing here, bowing my head to God
    one last sacred motive
freedom from the cycle of 
    birth-death-re birth!

For Debbie Guzzi's  STAND contest

*Navkar mantra:  a chant of nine lines, prayer of Jainism
 Right now the Jain festival of Paryushan is being celebrated. It has a duration of eight days. All devotees perform worship of God by anointing statues with paste of saffron-sandalwood, fasting and doing penance for the sins. On the last day of the festival people join hands and ask for forgiveness to one another, for anything they have done to others that might have caused hurt during the whole year.

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A Day in My Life

Waking to the call to prayer near a Turkish mosque 
Blowing “bonjour” to passersby in chic, classy France 
Nibbling cheese on a snow-capped mountaintop in Switzerland 
Printing footsteps across the linen snow in Siberia 

Singing with the birds on the Mongolian grasslands 
Gathering simple smiles along a street in Indonesia 
Strutting past all the windows down Fifth Avenue 
Dancing with the pouring rain in the Amazon 

Inhaling the love swirling in the Darling Harbour breeze 
Planting kisses on the sparkling gems of Angola 
Tasting the spice-laced air in a crowded market of Morocco 
Leading a weary camel through the desert of Arabia 

Then near the end of the day I 
Wade across the Red Sea to catch 
The sunset on the golden Egyptian sand and 
Lay back to count the stars 
With my head against a date palm tree 
Somewhere in the silent darkness of Afghanistan.

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I pray for peace

blame, put the blame in perspective 
turn the tables a bit
switch seats for a minute
feel the heat on your chest 
bullets are flying,
who pulled the trigger??
was race an issue?
what lies are we all buying into...
the media only focuses on "what makes a good story"
there's always a victim,
the truth is never really clear
and usually its a one sided story.. its only one side that we hear
People take to the streets,
many overreact... 
and sadly crap hits the fan before they get the facts
who's to blame... who should be held responsible??
death.. destruction.. hatred overflows
As I sit here and watch the news
I pray for humanity all over the world... 
I pray for peace..
not just in my home... 
I pray for yours

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Weeping Willow

Elongated branches
Poignant yet picturesque
Pointed little leaves
So comely and lush
The breeze
makes them dance
Quivering and shiver
Intricately entwined tree stalk
Robust and rugged is its center
The gust
makes it sway
As if it hears music
Distanced far away
sweetly whispering
To stay and pray.

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Between The Balance And The Dream

I have loved solitude for a long time                                                                                            And silence has been a good companion                                                                                   Like prayer for the masses                                                                                                                                                      Silence has carried me above the din and clatter of the world                                                                        And beyond myself to the process of becoming                                                                              The balance between the vision and the dream                                                                                                                                                                      Where reality is ever waiting for us all

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Soul Beat

Run into my heart;
Run right into my arms.
I will never let you go;
I am yours forever, please know.
You make my soul beat;
You bring me back to life.
God, thank You for this love;
God, thank You for this life.

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Cycle Broken

A child so alone
Loud ranting
The thunder rumbles.


The cycle continues.

The storms that rage through the young girl's ears
Becomes the rage that storms through her heart.

A child of her own
Quiet prayers
He calms the storm.


The cycle broken.

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Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder

And maybe tonight in feasting
I'll inhale the flavors of my meal
and exhale colors in the wind
I have not been chosen
beyond our understanding, it just is
It’s the quiet that scares me
so I'm a puppeteer of the shadows
Dancing near the light source
to feed my lonely
I breathe this naturally
Another dimension
Another time
More laughter

I'm pacing and spinning
Yelling and singing
I'm in control
until the arch of my feet gets weak
from chasing the muse my bed becomes
And I'm tired
In prayer I lay
The only air left  to breathe is the regret of wasting the day 
It was never us
Just me filling the spaces of those I want to love
They are not here now
They cant share this with me
I'm only weak
It's only me

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Why does life have to be so hard, especially in relationships
My heart really aches when I hear of someone having problems
I pray to God that He is there to help them out through the rough bumps in life
And hope God answers all their prayers
To reach out and hug that person would be a comfort
My prayers will be there forever for you

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Sweet Children, Sleep

To the Newtown Children

A poet cries with broken heart

Look thine hearts be washen clean with death,
God knows how hastily can be
By an unfitting goodly young man
Become just another evil’s killer.
Take thou no mean of life
That so tenderly and small
Arranged now along that cold room
Where a hundred of parents
Like you and I look on poor children that thou think:
One day they shall be a doctor or a thinker like us.
To understand really why the hungry death
Has to do for their final journey in front of this sickness?

O, children! American children! My children!
I warn thee in all my heart and soul
That could not happen so earlier on life
And where thou cast the peace and saint in the kindness of grace
Take care of them from danger, thou take for a leaf
And makes my heart bleeding every one like us become angry
How in this heavenly nation this massive fate could occur?

Hold me fast in thine embrace God,
Where my despair cannot be silenced,
Let you and me and everyone else to knee and cross
Our fingers against our chest and pray for them,
Give them, Lord, thy blessing give,
Pray for them and mother as well,
And I shall finish this poem with trembled
Fingers and tears cascading over this bloody
Sheet as an awaken wind has just blown it from me.

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You Are Alive

You're alive even in the darkest place;
Even when we can't hear Your Name,
Even when we can't see Your grace,
You're alive!
Even when we can't feel Your grace,
You are alive!

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A Prayer for Michael

A Prayer for Michael (the one who sent me here)

I said a prayer and called your name
It was a prayer for you
You are my friend
I called your name with tears 
My eyes are rivers in your grace
I cannot see the bottom of this pit
Upon whose rim you stand
But I release you from the wretched place
I break your spell and kill your witch with my golden cold spike of love

I have no tools
My ways are simple
But I throw them over to you with every inch of strength you have given me
I only have a small closed heart that’s broken
But it wishes to be strong and large
Like you can be too
Like you were as a child of light
Like you are still, but only blinded and stunned
You are like a brother and father and guide to me
In one stroke of kindness you gave me hope
My broken heart holds magic 
It knows your pain
And in its lock a golden broken key of love you turned
You made me stronger
And like a starfish
Now I have a thousand keys forming to give away

I offer one to you my new friend
My love is yours to use and keep
Hold it in your heart
Be warm
I pledge my friendship
In the times your heart is cold and lonely
Drink to me the cup you throw away
Remember I will keep you warm inside of me
Your memory will not fade, I know your name
Take strength in knowing those you heal
Demand of you as well that you should rise again

Rise and take your place
Stand in recognition of what you must be and are even now
Walk forward again in the light of your own making
Have half the hope you have given
Rekindle it 
You have no shame
And no wrong did you make
It was right to love so freely 
With such pure honesty and trust and lust
No matter that anyone should hurt you
This was only a test and strengthening
Use the hurt to remember your mission
Let its fading embers grow warm again and not fester
Fuel that fire with the wind of your desire to heal
And love again without restraint
As you know you always will and must
I release you from the spell
No fear is yours to bear
Stand up and walk out of those old shoes
In health, without fear, I set you free

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Diamonds and Milk

Once covered in diamonds, Ive got nothing on this skin but filth
Once my heart was bathed in milk, but now its rotting in s***
Down on my knees, the crushed onyx under skin, burns
Down on my knees, I see the alarm and panic ringing out loud
Just a long road, I keep my face paralell to the ground
Just a long road, I keep my body moving through the sludge
Inferior and covered in dust, I crawl up onto your prayer rug
Inferior and covered in cuts, I inch my way up to your prayer rug
Cracked fingernails, dirty skin, shaded eyes, slow, thick blood
My cracked hands wear your beads through, down to the heart
Once covered in your diamonds, Im nothing more than sin and lust
Once my heart was bathed in mothers milk, but now its failing slow
Down on my knees, tears are mercury pools in my perimeter
Down on my knees, Ill take it, take it out on me
Just a long road, I keep my face hidden, punish me
Just a long road, I keep my body moving, punish me
Inferior and covered in scabs, I just want to crawl up into your lap
Inferior and covered in scars, Ive stopped bleeding, love me now
Cracked fingernails, dirty skin, shaded eyes, slow, thick blood
My cracked hands wear your beads through, down to the heart
Once covered in diamonds
Once bathed in milk
Im cracked open and sore
But please let it hurt some more

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Once again, the bell rings.
The crowd's blood-thirsty roar
explodes as a thunderclap.
The arena's skydome trembles.
The gloved gladiators,
as blood-crazed predators,
fiercely glare and growl
in murderous rage and hatred.
Each one's whole being reduced
to the moment's sole purpose
of utterly destroying the other,
for fortune, pride and fame.
They clash anew, after a hurried 
sign of the cross, while mumbling
to their God of love and mercy
...a bleeding, bloodied prayer !


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Me, Myself or I

Why was I born?
Why am I here?
Where did I come from?
How did I get here?

Where am I going?
When will I arrive?
Why do I exist?
Will I live or will I die?

Am I Me, Myself or I?
Who am I?

© Eugene Harvey 

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It's Simple

It's simple.
We make it much more complicated than it is;
Just live.

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A Rose Fell

A rose fell to

the ground,

he slowly picked

it up and took it

home to his

dying little girl,

as she took the

rose from him,

she told him this

oh daddy, just before

you came home I asked

Jesus if I could smell

a rose just one more

time before I died,

now my prayer has

been granted to me

and now I can go home

with Him this very


wrote 4-9-11

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Gift Of Mortality

An earthly existence
A universe beyond my minds, comprehension
I die
I rise
Life lessons reviewed
Homeward bound
I am not lost, after all!
I am a willing participant
Serving, the Father, of all creation
His son combined, ‘producing life’ as we know it
Representing them, in everything I do
I am nothing, without Love!
My heart full of faith, loyal service I give
Learning how to unconditionally serve, as the Father unconditionally, loves me
Worshipping our Divine Creator’s existence
Choosing to live, moment to moment
Being as one with ‘Our Universal Father’
No physical permanency
My physicality, disappearing
My mortality existence, I let go of
Death temporary
My spirit alive!
Relief, Peace
‘I am only passing through!’
A unique, experience of mortality 
A gift, I am blessed to experience, to live!

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A Sinner Like Me

I'm a mess.
I've ruined this body You've designed;
I've ruined this heart You've shined;
I've ruined this breath You've shared;
I've ruined this life You've cared.
I've demolished this freedom You've given,
Yet You give it to me again.
Time and time around I have failed You;
Weak and falling trying to please You.
Earning I cannot for this is a gift from You.
Please forgive me;
Please save me:
You've picked me up and brushed me off;
Thank You for redeeming me.
Thank You for redeeming a sinner like me.
I have fallen once again.
I'm a mess,
But You forgive me.
You save me
Time and time around,
You brush me off and pick me up.
Thank You for redeeming me.
Thank You for redeeming a sinner like me.

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The World Needs You, Lord

The world needs You, Lord;
We all need You too.
Alone, we battle and fall apart,
But we live joyful freedom with You:
Created anew in Your perfect image;
In Your Holy Name!
We pray,

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Heaven's Doorway

I have vanished into portals of eternal light.lifted by pulchritudinous beams of mighty wisdom.Granted a wind lifted seat,made with yellow light.A cloud lifted palace, crowned by benign angels.With aggressively shimmering chips of gems ,stuck submissively and obedient  to their wings.Angels blowing a charmed horn, summoning the unknown. Before me, a carpet made of water and gold.A all powerful voice says,step forth.Come home.One of the few eternally blessed.Guardian angels with faces of light transported me beyond the invisible gates. I felt free.Free from burden. Free from pain. Free from breathing. Feeling whole and younger than before. I was taken for a tour,through heaven. Many were crowned with light. Many sat  on thrones. The floors was invisible. The atmosphere divine, with a sublime shine. Joyful sounds carried along the air, which I never inhaled. I looked at my chess and it shined with a mixture of hues. I was confused, resting my hand over this luminous light. Through my hand it still shined bright. In this palace there was no night. No fight. No blight. No freight. No malice in this holy. No envy. No greed. No negative bound entity's. All equally shining. Smiles are handed out more than food on earth. We are forever full here. No hunger in heaven.A place were people speak every language.More smiles adding to the ineffable decor. Amidst the almighty master we live forever more. Aloof I visualized my grandmother. She smiled at me. Her dress was maid of honeycomb and butterflies that still lived. She was crowned with lilies,rose peddles and electric. Her feet was  bare. She is sitting in a rocking chair. The last time she seen me, my face was full of tears,as I rubbed my nimble fingers on her pink tomb. She hovers from her rocking chair and said I am glad you could make it here. She says do you see how far prayer could get you. I said yes, I told you I would never forget you. Hugging my family members I never met on earth. Last but not least, I was hugged by my wife. We was bonded with eons of blinding light,enough to blind the humans sight. We are immortals drifting through sacred heavenly portals, reserved for married couples. We was surrounded by a red and pink mist, as she placed on my lips a heavenly and eternal kiss. Baby angels drew close playing the harp with holy tunes. A powerful voice said, love is heaven and heaven is in the two of you...enjoy eternal love....For you are eternally blessed......In heaven we drift.....

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On my knees, humbly, Thee I implore,
My Lord,
To forgive me, your foolish servant  
Complaining for having not  
The things I desired:   
The color of eyes I wished for,
The gorgeous ears, 
The lovely nose
The fine-looking hands
The straight legs,
The stunning body,
Instead of 
Thanking Thee for what Thou to 
Me have given:
Eyes that your creation 
Can see,
Ears that Thy melodies enable 
Me enjoy,
A nose that nature’s aromas 
let me scent,
Hands that allow me to touch and 
To caress,
Legs that permit me to move about 
Finally, a body swift and strong to 
Keep me healthy for such a very 
Long time.

Show Thy mercy, my Lord, I Thee beseech 
I have failed the worth of all Thy divine gifts, 
Sooner to realize!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   28 AUGUST 2014 

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Only You

Who can create this perfect land?
Who can give us all we need?
Who can save us from ourselves?
Who is the basis of our time?
Who is the author of all history?
Who is the center behind our calendar?
Who is our hope?
Who is always true?
Who leads us were we need to go?
Who sustains our lives here on Earth?
Who always answers our prayers?
Who always answers our calls?
Who creates this feeling in us we cannot describe?
Who determines our morals?
Who has a plan for us?
Who sets our paths?
Who guides us all of our days?
Who is our faith?
Who is our hope?
Who is our love?
Who is our truth?
Who is our joy?
Who is our trust?
Who is our belief?
Who is our Father?
Who is our Son?
Who is our Holy Spirit?
Who is our Redeemer?
Who is our Savior?
Who is our Creator?
Who is our lover?
Who is our best friend?
Who is our relationship?
Who is the only One?
Who is the only true One?
Who is our only One?
Only You!

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Ode to a Grandparent

Today you shower little faces with kisses
Piggy back rides and little messes....
Who notices???

Tomorrow you speak from your infinite wisdom
Your prayer is heard deep from within
Even though we may giggle
We love that you know and love Jesus.

You let me drive your old truck in the pasture
Laughed till you peed when the chair fell backwards
Love freely, laugh often and give generously what you have
Grandparent days are too short but cheerished!

Love those GRandparents!!

Mine are the Grandest of the grands!
***To all the Grandparents out there in the soup pool.

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I am a hypocrite and look what I just did:
I fell into my darkest pit; now, again, and again.
I thought that I was strong enough to live the truths I said;
Now I realized I'm much too weak; a fool too ashamed to raise his head.
God, please save me, please forgive me, and please give me strength. 
I love You.
I thank You.
I am forever changed.

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Silent Tribulations

Silent Tribulations Sitting within a circle of prayer bled dry by raw emotions Spent are words past understanding as tears plea now in devotion Naked came I into the world crying again now with baring of soul As tears carry words I can’t express wringing out my worries and woe Within each silent tribulation flows a healing dissertation All Rights Reserved by Debra Squyres 2013 Free Verse?? Rhyme?? Really don't know lol

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A soul awakened

He lay there, unable to move 
a vibrant young man, his mistake
going too fast on a wet greasy road
slipped slithered and crashed into a wall
His life was rugby, football all sports 
forever keeping fit, had new girl
will she stay around, doesn’t want pity just love, 
love of each others hearts

He has lain there for 6 months now
feels the inevitable twitch now and again
just muscles flexing themselves, 
giving hope to the person without any, until that day
His surgeon came to him, “
There is a breakthrough, always an element of risk”
Without a second to think he answers
I am ready to take that chance

Epidural spinal cord stimulation and repeated motion training.
After a short time he can now stand for a few minutes
and move his toes.
His soul is awakened belief in prayer answered he smiles again
Hard work and hope will bring him through
The light at the end of the tunnel is now near.

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A Personal Prayer

Lord let me walk more gently and quietly today 
Down this road of life you’ve placed me on.
Give me the strength and courage to smile in the face of adversity
Knowing the worst that could happen to me is death 
Which is far from the end of life because it is our true home 
Where You reside and the birthplace from which all creation originates.

Give me the presence of mind to focus not on past or future time 
But on the eternity of now which is the ever-present magical moment
You give us always and forever to contemplate 
The miracle of creation of all that is seen and unseen 
Throughout the infinite universe.  

Let me fully appreciate the incomprehensible gift of awareness
You’ve provided which allows me to 
See the wonders of the world at large; 
Feel the soft sand beneath my feet while walking near the water’s edge;
Smell the sweet scent of gardenias on a moonlit summer night;
Touch the face of a mountain as I climb;   
Hear the symphonic sounds of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach and     
Taste cherries, grapes, lemons and limes freshly picked from tree and vine.  

Lord, teach me to forgive those who offend me and how to be non-judgmental
Knowing that I too, have flaws and idiosyncrasies  
And the need to continually polish the rough stone of my own imperfections.     

Lastly Lord, 
Let me love like there’s no tomorrow because there is no tomorrow         
And help me to reach heaven here on earth
By opening my heart, mind and eyes and seeing 
The deep-seated intrinsic value of what everything and everybody is worth. 


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My dad

My dad

My dad with his dark hair
Is in his room.
He is touching a Qur’an
And he is reading.
I am watching him
From the door.

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Let Love Fly

Let love fly
With ethereal compassion, a soft glow in her eyes,
she picks up the baby eagle, tries to convey words
of eloquent reassurance, sincerely she tries.

Look, June is here this morning; and sun is shining hot; 
last night’s storm belongs to last night; it has left an eagle;
a homeless, hurt, upset baby; it feels forlorn, lost, caught.

She takes it home; makes enclosures; feeds it with love, care.
It still feels solo, alone within, fed by love, fed up.
The enclosure of good concern grows smaller with time’s each turn.
The bird’s soul belongs to the sky; in its eyes silent prayer 
flares up as it cries; shrill piercing call to its own kind.

Let it fly.
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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Out of Ink

Out of Ink
Mr. Rorschach if you will
dry up; lend me your quill.
I’ll cast some inspiration
for your interpretation.
Dumbfounded pen
out of ink again.
If I could find a trickle,
my poem would fetch a nickel
Kathy Collins
October 20, 2013

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Take the Lead

God does not always respond the way one expects.

Its branches dressed in luscious green leaves
From the young look of the spring season
The cherry blossom tree had lost its sheen,
The petals of its flowers faded spread around its feet.

Of its pink blossoms, it had been so proud
Spreading their sweet fragrance thereabout 
Attracting couples young and old to sprawl
Expressing their love, such joy all about.

Now fewer people came by and when they did
Walked on by without even looking at it
It felt so alive in the presence of love, what a gift!
Had wanted this feeling never to end, but it did.

Said a little prayer to its Maker
Asked Him if he could bring back the flowers
It seemed to make people so happy
But nothing happened, and the tree felt lonely.

One day a young woman came by
She sat at its feet and began to cry
The tree felt in her the same sadness of loss
And wished it could comfort her somehow.

Said a little prayer again to its Maker
Asked Him how he could bring joy to her
A little wind began to blow suddenly
As if the Maker acknowledged its plea.

Its current detached one of its leaves
That fell on her right cheek upon a tear
With her fingers, she caught the leaf
Palm open, she looked at it without a speech.

A smile spread on her pink lips
For she saw in it a special gift
She wiped her face with the leaf
And turned her face up to the tree.

With a sparkle in her eyes, she said sweetly,
“Thank you. You lost all your flowers recently
Yet you gave me a gift of hope with this leaf
I know now I can take the lead.” 

By CarolineCécile, April 24, 2009.   

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Hope is Ethereal

Hope is ethereal…
It is not religion; it is not faith.
Life is tragic and difficult.
We are but flashes of light in a dying world.
Hope is what motivates you to breathe, to live, to overcome.
It exists because we want our flash of light to last; to matter to someone.
Eternal life cannot be purchased through prayer or deeds…
Judgment comes not after death, but during life.
If truly a definitive heaven or hell exists, then why…
Why is there paranormal activity, why demons; why hauntings?
It is not obvious that commitment to a religion is not a form of afterlife insurance?
I have been to the other side, and it is darkness…nothingness.
The will of the living, the strength of their determination, defines death.
Have no fear of me if you have not wronged me… I will watch over you.
If you have caused me heartache, sadness, depression, loathing in this life,
Fear me.
For I will haunt you, and you will know that it is me. You will know fear.
It is not death that plagues me;
It is trying to live in this suffocating world that overwhelms me.
Bring not your martyrs, your heroes, your wars, your natural disasters;
All of these have happened before, and will happen again.
Our very existence is cyclical at best, and stretched far beyond our comprehension.
How dare you assume a right to favoritism from a god?
Your existence is not defined by your faith, or lack thereof.
Your place in eternity will not be determined by your actions.

Eternity is all around us, perpetually moving and shifting.
We are but dust motes caught on the lens of a photograph.
Hope that you might live your life to the fullest; hope for happiness.
The rest is wisps and fractions of existence.
To achieve one person saying your name, in sadness, after you’ve gone
Is to have lived.
Hope is ethereal.

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They don't know him, but he knows them.
It's Revival time under the big tent of the sky
for the evangelicals among them (Billy's Boys),
and vespers for the liturgicals like me, prayer 
meeting for all, whether it's Wednesday or not.  
I used to wonder what this nightly heavenly 
glory story was all about, sangfroid from
a faith I was never baptized in.

They fly in without fail every day when day
is done; same hour, same place over water, where
following ritual circling, they make lake-fall 
for meditation until one of them by signal known
solely to the divine, flutters his feathers, and,
as if at Benediction, they lift again and drop again
in a rhythmic rosary the pagans named a wheel.

There are no words for the sea birds, only 
cries that break the sound barrier of the skies,
where they Were before earthly worship 
in the baptismal font of the faithful.
Lake water made sacrosanct 

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Step Back

Lines crossed cannot be uncrossed
For this no eraser exists
You read my words and imagine yourself there
You there in her place
Yet her place is my place
We are inseperable
Where she ends I begin
When she cries 
tears fall from my eyes
When she smiles
my teeth are revealed
As she breathes
my chest rises and falls
My words not meant to cause pain
so I step back
I do not want you to step too far
I do not wish you to fall
Please step back
before you cross the line

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self portrait

What am I, Who am I
I am the youngest of 4 girls
Always tease and say they left the best til last
Truth be known, that isn’t so
My face, it is said, wouldn’t turn milk sour
To me that’s external looks, it's what is inside that counts.
I try to be an honest caring person putting others first, 
unless toffee popcorn is involve then who dares wins.

Have green eyes, that sparkle and shine, 
or can look as dark as night, 
that look is a warning sign RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Dimples when I smile that makes others smile I am told,
Because I have an accent, people think my voice is
sexy, this amuses me, even to mention sex chat sites,lol.

I am a professional person having done 
vast training in the nursing profession.
No man in my life, since my boyfriend death,
But one never knows, always there is hope.
My dreams are to be healthy,  to be a mum.
Too many babies I hold and pass to Mum or Tad,
My own child would be a blessing, 
to live to see it grow up would be a prayer answered

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My Prayer

Dear kind and loving Heavenly Father. Humbly I bow my head before you and thank you for all the love and mercies you have shown me. Thank you for giving me a roof over my head and groceries in my cupboards. Thank you for those you have given me. All my family and friends and also those who take care of my soul by feeding it every Sunday and pray for me every day, especially when I am week and sick. I feel your love through them and the powers of their prayers. I know I am not always worthy of your grace but because your son gave his life I rejoice that I have the chance to try and be a better person. Over and over you have forgiven me and I pray you help make me worthy. Help those who are week and lost, let them know and feel your love for nothing can give us more strength and peace then when we are under your wings. Hear the cries from those who are suffering. Please be gracious to them and end their suffering. Father I can never thank you enough for you answering my prayers in the last while. The doctors are amazed how well I have bounced back and I know it's from so many prayers from so many. I will never doubt again the power of prayer and thank you for letting me experience such joy. I pray all this in Jesus name Amen.

Brenda Meier-Hans 

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In My Darkest Hour

Days go by
Without a word
Cool whispers of the wind
Grace upon bloodshed skin
A dark lonely tower

A soul sent to die
One swing of deaths black sword
A blow such can not tend
A price for an immortal sin
I will not cower

Nothing to hold his lie
One to call the lord
One last prayer to send
This devil shall not win
Not even with all of his power

There is no reason as to why
The belly of the beast hath roared
One last favor to lend
Hiding within the beasts den
In my darkest hour

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Without You

I know that there is no life without love; 
Only a brutal half-life, shadowed, a ghost of an existence 
And I know that there is no love without life 
And I know, too, that without you – 
There will be for me neither life nor love, 
Save for that I feel for my family and for God, 
The divine force which brought you to me 
And which may take you away at any moment, 
If He wishes
I know too that if you leave me now, 
If you slip between my fingers like water, 
Not all the seas on earth could put out the burning fire of my despair,
Nor could the sweetest words erase the sour taste of failure 
And the ashy grit of your loss 
And I know too, babe, that though my body would not die, 
Nor the fibres of my heart, yet my spirit would be snuffed out 
Like Diana’s blessed candle, 
And from that day onward I would be merely a shell, 
An automaton shuffling down an arid and lonely road 
And the only times when the old spark would return to my eyes, 
And the old lightness and grace to my steps, 
Would be when I mistakenly thought I glimpsed your face in the crowd 
Or when I thought I heard your beloved voice…
Then, for a moment, I could reclaim that half-forgotten joy, 
That delirious ecstasy that only you could bring, 
And I would glide through the air with the passionate ease of a wild horse 
My eyes straining to capture your precious figure…
And it would only be when I could not find you, 
When the gilded mist of imagination was dispelled, 
That the light in my eyes would die to embers again –
 And my dancing steps would slow to a mournful shuffle 
And only then would I return to my old lassitude, 
Your name a bitter prayer on my lips, 
And your face enshrined until the day I died in the alter of my heart

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Thank you

In a little corner of my heart I hold
Sounds and sights that I behold
Stories and tales I have never told
Fond memories I will have when I grow old

In my memories I see a face
So beautiful and charming, so full of grace
A face that changed my life in its entirety
A face I may never ever see

My memories are of an autumn glow
Of a palace, a garden, where time tends to slow
Where a church bell tolled and in prayer I knelt
Where the loving touch of an angel I felt

I was tired and dreary and full of sorrow
I had nothing to give, no love to borrow
My heart ached as punishment of my sin
My life had ended before it could begin

The angel dared me to dream anew
To mend my life’s torn muscles and sinew
To find love and share it with one and all
Not to lose heart and stand up if I fall

Since then I have learnt to live
Learnt to be happy and not to grieve
Learnt that a day always follows the night
Learnt that survive, I just might

My thoughts always go back to you
Oh Angel! What would I be without you?
All my happiness is a tribute to you
So let me just say, Thank you

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'My Silence'

This could be the deal breaker – I want to hold your hand through this difficult time I want to say "I love you" but in all the confusion I don't think you need other complications I think about you every day I miss you more often than none my only prayer is that you will find the answers you search for – it might not be exactly what you want to hear but knowing God and His method of working behind the chaos I know it will be what is best for you – In my silence I am thinking of you In my silence I miss you before I fall sleep at night, know that I am praying for you -- In the end my silence says so much maybe more than my words or actions ever could

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Come O Rain come

Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run
All the simple inhabitants of our villages, towns and cities
Are waiting for you with tears in their eyes
Come O rain come, throw your showers sublime
On fields, soil, animals, trees and birds flying

Even the trees and birds, animals and herds, Human and insects
All are gloomy and sad,  with rankles on foreheads
With worries on their faces, as their hopes are getting buried
Without a shower to wipe their rolling tears from eyes
Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run

I know, why you are offended and not listening our prayer
But the animals and birds, our simple villagers, animal herds 
Even fields drying up in excessive heat do not know 
Why you are offended and not listening their prayers
Oh pardon them as they do not know 
The misdeeds of those, who are spreading cities 
And are cutting trees, forest and are eliminating fields
In the name of modern living 
They go on spreading cities after cities 
And industries after industries
These less blessed species of humans, do not want to know 
The priceless value of mother earth
And the value of each drop of water and rain 
Which comes due to green mountains and glaciers
Trees and plants, fields and ponds, 
Lakes and rivers, they all are the
Darling children of the God of Rains.

To appease you O God of Rains
We are making our prayers with folded hands
You are and you were always our dearest
O God of Rains, on you we have offered our prayers
And have offered since ages our songs and lyrics 
And even our heart and souls
Come O rain come, throw your showers 
On this part of earth and do not run
The soil of earth and air also is boiling with heat
The birds and animals and all living creatures
Are waiting with their tired eyes on sky
To search a piece of clouds, which can extinguish their fire
With showers on their fields, plants and trees
Bless them O God of Rains, with your sublime drops of rains


Written on 24th June 09 originally in Hindi as a prayer Song
When draught like conditions were seen in a part of my state.
Translated in English with changes and some additions on 5th Dec.09 
Incidentally God heard the prayer of someone and
From June end onwards God of Rains blessed us with good Rains. 
Kanpur India 5th December 2009

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Spirit Of Love

Inside my heart
Over flowing
A sea of love
My spirit free
Love taking lead
My inner consciousness, awakening
Inner realisations, coming to light
Experiencing the wonders of our universe
Discovering who I am
In the spirit of love

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From His LIps To God's Ear


Sorry for keepin' ya up late, but I wanna know .
If' you’re too busy,                             it can wait,
You see grandma's been forgettin'                  Mamma says so
Today she forgot my name  Mr. God,           walkin’ kind a slow
Yesterday she jest left                          without even sayin' bye!
Daddy brought her back                            with a tear in his eye.
So, I was wonderin'                                           can you fix her?
She has somthun' called 'all tizers',              forgets who we are 
Forgot grandpa's dead Mr. God,      please give her a new brememberer
'Cause I miss her playin' with me             cookies she’d  bake
And, she was so smart, wasn't she?
She used to talk 'bout you a lot           now she jest talks to herself
Mr. God, she don't know herself from the pictures on the shelf.
Sometimes she calls me 'little boy' & pats my cheek or hair.
And she don't seem to care
Please Mr. God, will ya fix her, all new again, a'fore she gets lost 
Can't bremember where she's been  she ain't sang a Jesus song
                              Like I like to hear her to do.
Daddy says 'cause she is getting old but she's not as old as you!
Daddy says you never forget & you are older than anyone ANYWHERE!
Mamma says, "All we can do is bremember her in prayer.   So Mr. God?
I'm jest askin'  Cuz I don't know how to pray but you un'erstand right?.
Well, I gotta go to bed now keep grandma safe, O please,
So she won't wander off and get lost?
If she forgets her hat n’ coat, she could freeze!

Good night, Mr. God. Are ya tired?
You work, so hard, all day I'll be back a'morrow, to visit,
Before I go out to play.

A re-write  24/10/2014

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Lord, here I am today;
You already know, perfectly, the many themes
churning in my mind, my heart,
like a child's spinning top they whirl around,
blurring together in one confusing frame
all the old insecurities, the vulnerabilities, the sorrows.
Even before I start to pray, You already know.

How foolish I am at times...
I don't talk to You;
I just go on my way trying to solve my problems,
my husband's problems, my children's problems,
the world's problems...
carrying on my weak shoulders burdens
far too great for me to bear,
You long to share them, to wear the yoke with me;
help me remember in those times
that only You in Your great wisdom know
what is needed in each circumstance;
You love everyone equally
and only You can do what is just and holy.

Forgive my neglect...
I am busy with the business of life
and I forget how trivial it all is 
compared to You, Your love, 
and Your infinite pleasure in communing with me.
Renew today and every day
the joy of my salvation;
help me relish the relationship I have with You,
my Father and my best friend.

I pray for those who are leaders over us;
God, they need Your knowledge 
for we are facing perilous times,
more so than I remember in my lifetime.
Create within their hearts  
a great hunger to come to You
for the strength and wisdom needed to insure and protect our freedom
and to stand for the weak and helpless in the world.

Help me be honest with myself
and fair with others.
Give me grace to face the inequities of earthly living
and to extend mercy to those who hurt and abuse me.
Make me newly aware that joy comes
in obedience to You and service to others.
I know that many people do not share my faith;
I would be kind, gracious and respectful to them
that they might see a true picture of You 
in my speech and actions.
Bring me to people today
who need Your touch,
Your loving care
and, then, let them feel You in my hands.

May my living be a praise song to You,
a sweet perfume...

September 3, 2014

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I heard your voice today.
When a gentle breeze floated through the orange grove,
the blessed smell of bloom caught me unawares.
When I turned around, I heard you say,
"I am here."

I heard your voice today.
When my oldest child called to catch me up on all the news.
The happy swell of her voice left me breathless.
When I said goodbye, I heard you say,
"I really care."

I heard your voice today.
When my wondrous dog played with me for hours on end;
the sloppy kiss from his mouth gave me laughter.
When he nuzzled me for more, I heard you say,
"Just for you."

I heard your voice today.
When I stopped to thank you for this life of joy and love,
you whispered lightly to my heart and soul.
When I smiled, I heard you say,
"You are welcome."

Did you hear my voice today.
When I spoke to you of gratitude, of happiness and fun,
did you feel my presence reaching out.
When we touched, did you hear me say,
"I love you."

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God Saw My Distress and Healed Me part 4

This question drives me up and down the walls
I know for certain that God has answered my calls
I can’t hang up on Him…He’s so brilliant
And I’m so little compared to Him…
Maybe I’m little in size and very insignificant compared to the most High
He gives me quite a natural high
He brings me back home and kisses me good night
Without His love, I’d be lost like a sheep losing his shepherd
I feel like I’m separated to God
As if God and I are on both sides of the coin…
Our oceans don’t collide with each other,
But He does make huge tidal waves…
And I make baby waves that swerve up and down
Like a wave’s movement, my life seems to have its low points and high points
But, when I build enough energy, I glide higher than the clouds
Though, unfortunately, I’ve only been dreaming this
Then, I collapse into the face rubs against it and I have scrapes all over
Sand and water do mix well, but afterwards, the sea shore’s weight will pile up on the bottom of the ocean floor
I can’t imagine how many grains of sand there are on Earth
There are countless amounts of ants on Earth as well
Trillions and trillions of them are in existence
It’s amazing how plants take in Carbon Dioxide
And we breathe in oxygen…
God is a fantastic creator and He did carve His creations pretty well
God saw my distress and He healed me
When I think about Him, I’m speechless and can’t say much
He’s made out of love and He bubbles me up with excitement
I haven’t given Him the credit of working miracles in my life…
But, I don’t want to divorce God…I must propose to Him like a wife
Does to her husband…I want to submit to Him
He made the sunset, the moon and stars
Look! He even made the planets and He healed our scars
He made the flowers, the roses and the creeping bugs
Look! He even made leaves for our eyes to see…
He made the change of seasons
God saw my distress and healed me
God made the wild cats, bears, reptiles
He made us have a brain that is as neat as black and white tiles
God healed me…and I’m simply glad He did so
God wiped out my distress…and He simply dressed me with happiness and He’s in high spirits to see me grow

 ~ Inspired by the band of Evanescence’s song: Never Go Back 
~ God inspired me to write this poem…

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I Pray For Her Sight

____ you sit in search as almost to enjoy the pain without color nor euphony nil of painted love and flowing dream in pale blue sky and prosperous garden of life I must reach inside to find a heartbeat of light in love, a flower I pluck for you in hope my fare maiden to see you through.. I'll wait in words as sunlight falls in prayer I'll nudge your soul along for with this seed I've nurtured true my anticipation with fear, I wait for you....... ____

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Old Woman

There was an old woman whom would lay in her bed praying at night.
She prays for her children, family and friends for happiness, health and protection until the 

Up in heaven this prayer is encased in a Crystal Statue for all to see.

An old womans love for eternity.

Her life has been spent loving all those whom mostly are not around.

For the old woman has taken a haven on Southern grounds.

Many years had been spent on jobs that to her were much of a dead end, just to make ends 

She loved to work and gave it her best.

Many of her friends now lay to rest.

For now she lays in silence next to the man she loves.

The old womans hands crippled in pain, as she puts them together and begins to pray.

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Talking to God

Lord, where does my heart wander?
where do my thoughts travel?
far away…
so far from where You are….
I try so hard
so desperate for love
for acceptance
so unhappy with who I am
knowing who I can be

Lord, I forget
I forget that no other love can satisfy
no other love is lasing
no other love is unconditional
no other….
not the love of a lover, a spouse, a child, a friend
all will disappoint…
everyone at some time will offend
Lord, not You
not You
why, why do I forget?

Why can’t I be constant?
warm my heart
keep me in the palm of Your hand…
I know nothing else can satisfy as You do
and yet…I need that human touch
that earthly sense of being valued, desirable

Lord, no matter...
how ridiculous I am
I want You to know
that deep down inside my little heart...
the constant in my life is Your love
YOUR love

Jesus, save me from myself
I’m my worst enemy
save me
love me
show me Your love
today….SHOW me
as only You can
open up heaven’s gates
send the light, peace and joy of that place
to envelope me...
embrace me with Your presence
let me walk in the atmosphere You dwell in
anoint my tongue
let me speak YOUR WORDS
not mine

Lord Jesus……
forgive me….
I’ve fallen
I’ve forgotten
I’ve denied 
I’ve ignored
I’ve abused
Your love for me…..

Forgive me, Lord
and remember that I am weak
a child of the dust of this earth
and yet….Your child…the King of the Universe…

How awesome are YOU!!!
no one compares to you
“Whom have I in heaven but you?
    And earth has nothing I desire besides you.” 
no one in heaven 
no one on earth is as beautiful as You are
I exalt Your beautiful Name
name above ALL other names...JESUS!!!

You are altogether lovely and desirable….
help me, Lord…help me be who you want me to be
never...NEVER give up on me

Thank you for speaking to me today
I heard Your voice
it touched my heart
my stone cold heart
it warmed me
I felt the embrace of heaven
I adore You...

In the name of the One 
who has my name
engraved on the palms of His hands
because of those nail marks, I can pray….
In the name of Jesus Christ


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Bullets rain tears

Young and innocent they went to school
 Expecting to learn and play
 Never in anyones wildest of dreams
 Did we expect that day
 For a rain of tears to shell them
 From one lost deep to sin
 But heavenly hosts came down for them
 Releasing them from him
 The devil he did have his day
 But God in end dost win
 For noubt will be lost but these young lives
 Will not be gone in vain
 The laws of the land will change in ways
 For it must not happen again
Those who reign must stand on this
 Take stance and make a difference
 No one should be able to take a life
 With intent nor mindless innocence
 For even when with madmans mind
 You cannot be left to mingle
 How can you be able to walk in shop
 Purchase guns and not be liable
 Actions speak far louder than words
 And if we let just one slip through
 Without accounting for their sin
 It might well be me or you
For on anyone these bullets
 Might be named to fall upon
 So make a difference – make a change
 Add your name – petition
 The whole wide world mourns in shame
 An Amnesty is long past needed
 Write your letters – use your vote
 Act now while it is fresh
 And pray for the souls of all those lost
 That each by the Lord be blessed
 Also for those who’ve lived through this
 That they might find a way
 To find the strength and courage
 To step out further each day

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To my lost Mistress

Humor dispels rumour
You can't but want to stay happy though
But Lo
If the rumor be of you
Thank God your presence still lingers
Stupid stuffs all around 
It's a call for the ultimate
Walk on high, and pad your shoulders
Walking tall is the first step
Of course, forget not you've got a rep
Please, please I pray, mind them not
Even the blind that seeth not
Perceives and say she's hot
Please my fair lady, mind them not
What you are they are not
The reason you see they are wrought

Our affairs here are soaked
We tread days in flitting haze
As exams beckons 
While we are yet to cross rubicon
We only look to creator of unicorn
Not to look on us with scorn
For exams sneaks
While we sit at the bar taking steaks

Pray thee I, maybe your prayer 'll do
As we look to the day....
Let's regale ourselves with the thought of you
While we see ourselves only in dreams

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Your voice was born from twilight's
Your name stole the mystery
Of the night.
Ambrosial hand of gold
Bowled along the white
To glorify the lost souls
Of a time
Winding off with each chord,
the locked secrets of the world.
You are the Sun's chosen
And the Sirens are trying
To steal a song 
To bewitch the seamen.
Time is trembling among
Melodies and laments.
A lost lover behind the
Turning light. 
Your silence is calling 
The Muses
To carry you beneath
The sky's festival.
Maybe now you are near her
Father of melody 
Your untouched Lyra awaits
To form sounds of time,
To bring up an era lost.
Taming the darkness
You offered a soul to the cold.
Fingers divine,
Heart of gold!
As near was the end
You stood in front.
A bending moment was your Fate's circle
Following you 
As condemnation for the centuries to come.
Journeys across the Sun's arms
As a prayer for the dreams you loved,
As a plaint for those you lost.
Still, your voice travels along the sea
To justify the unexpected turns
Of Time.
You, Orpheus, are the star,
The lighten flame,
Across the fields of gold,
Calling your love to come
With unreachable promises you hallowed.

This poem is for Orpheus, the Greek Heroic Legendary 
figure who charmed even the God of Darkness 
with his music. The story of Orpheus is unique, 
showing love dimentions, his Hymns have made 
an impact to world's music over the time. 

Valeria Iliadou, Greece

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Then Came the Rains

Crops in the field had dried up so long ago,

our old well gave us dust, instead of water.

Prayers went unanswered, many had given up,

while others threw their faith away.

Then our little creek went dry on us,

nothing remained, but dry dirt.

One Sunday Morning the old

country Church took to praying

all morning, the preacher ended the service

by telling the congregation we have to have faith,

that the Lord will send rain, and very soon,

or it will be over for us all.

Sunday night the smell of the golden scent

of rain hitting the dried up earth, as a down pour,

like we had not seen in over 30 years, came down on

us like a mountain top.  By day break, our well and creek

was once again full of water, the Lord had given us rain, our

faith, which was almost gone, was given new life, and the rains

had come which was a prayer from heaven come true.

Written 5-12-11

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Every year we celebrate Christmas,
A season of lights and giving
Be joyful and love one another 
Because our Lord Jesus was born.

We lighted our Christmas trees,
With Christmas lights and lanterns,
A symbol of peace in our heart,
A solemn prayer for the family.

We exchanged gift to our love ones,
We can hear the children’s laughing,
The choir singing Christmas carols,
The spirit of Christmas is in the air.

Full of lights every corner on the streets,
Different colors with different forms,
Showing happiness to everyone,
For Jesus, the son of God is here.

December 4, 2012

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School days

The busy hours at nine, running at the last minute. Those never ending classes now i miss them in every minute.. Give me back my school days is the only thing to say. Let me go to school for once, that's the only prayer i pray. The heap of lunch boxes and the rush for the recess break, give me back my school days is the only wish to make. Last night study and crying for buddy, i really miss them all teachers question and empty faces makes me laugh when i recall getting a star or a zero makes no difference right now, i wanna have my school days back please give it to me somehow...

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Another Tragedy

Another tragedy has struck our Country. On December the 14th of 2012 a young man took the lives of twenty children and seven adults, than he took his own life. All this happened in New Town Connecticut. It happen in a school while the children were attending class. A town where people thought that they were safe. The whole Country was in shock as we saw on TV. how the police came to the school and the parents were running trying to get to their kids. You could see the worry and pain on their faces. The principal and some teachers died trying to save the children. A little girl escape, by playing dead. Her friends didn't have that luck. The children will go straight to heaven. Little Angels they already are. The adults probably followed them. They earned their wings that day. The shooter had killed his mother before he went to that school to commit that horrible crime. He escape the Justice of man here on Earth, but he still faces a higer court and from that no one escapes. How many more tragedies have to happen before things can change. Please say a prayer for the famlies of these victims and ask GOD to help us make this a better world...
12/19/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo For Skat's contest of 20+7

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On the Edge of Summer

It's hard to think that just a few

Long lived and aching months ago

We were barely to the point of love;

We had just become a we at all,

Simply the youngest of truths 

That the ageless world could show.

And when I took your hand then,

When I kissed your lips

For the first of many times,

I could feel life bending for us,

To the very creation we desired.

So we walked together in bliss,

Sometimes hand in hand and

Other times hearts were

The only connection we could come by.

And no, we never bore perfection,

For what true love really does?

There were nights where we cried,

Days where we sobbed mercifully,

So scared of losing each other

That we forgot the impossibility of it.

Even when the clouds built up,

We always seemed to shine brighter

After the sun fell and rose again.

Entwined were we through the

Infinitely minuscule moments and

Those severely searing seconds,

Left drenched and drained from

The very creation of our passions.

It truly takes my breath away,

Much like your angelic lips,

To think of who we were and

Who we are in the moment so called now.

We stand on the edge of summer,

Together forever and ever,

Until time reaches never.

Everything we've been and everything

We've yet to become are true,

Nothing in this life means 

So much to me as you

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Thank You

I am so glad to be here,
With eyes so bright – they swirl of chocolate.
Content and breathing.

Thank you.
Thank you for these small feet and cute black painted toe-nails
That can fit into shoes and leave foot prints on
Rough gilded grains of sand.

Thank you for these legs, yes they may be skin and bone.
Faded and outworn, and not at the exact height I want them to be.
Still, they run around fields in PE class. They perfectly lean
And bend, when I drop a coin. 

Thank you for this stomach. 
This small round belly, with a beautiful belly button in the center.
Thank you, now I can eat all I want, and laugh so hard that this tummy aches.
This belly has held butterflies, and delights I have over indulged in.

Thank you for these arms, with white hands on their edges.
These arms they can embrace mama.
These hands they can make Zeina a cup of soup when she gets the flu.
These fingers they can hold Mont Blanc pens and wear engagement rings.
They can make pinky promises and wipe off salty tears.

Thank you for these lips that can smile to lonely strangers.
Sip on straws, and release teeth that munch on saggy pizzas.
Thank you, now I can kiss dad goodbye on the cheek, and teta hello on the forehead. 
And with the power of vocal strings, and sound waves I can read,
Scream while watching Saw III,
and sometimes, speak my mind. 

Thank you for these ears, pierced three times on the right side, and four times on the left 
Thank you, now I can hear the call for prayer when I wake up at sunrise.
Now I can listen to Chet Baker! 
I can hear jokes,
And sometimes eavesdrop on others when it’s really
None of my business.

Thank you for these eyes,
That helped me see too little
Or sometimes, too much.
They have gushed joy and trapped tears.

Thank you for this conscience. 
It bubbles with scruples. 
That goad me to apologize and sympathize.
Thank you, now I can give that destitute man at the subway the coats I had
But never really wore.

Thank you for this heart that loves and hates,
Grudges and forgives.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. 

I am so glad to be here,
With eyes so bright – they swirl of chocolate.
Content and breathing.

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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don’t throw me out 
into the garbage
people must keep fighting in this world
and I still have meat on my bones
and a few living cells in my head
and I am not yet fully dead
I still have some fight

I have too little time now
now to pray
during the day
or at night too
too little time 
at night now
now to pray or to fight
I must rest

when the time comes 
and I am fully spent
I will pray then
then that the time is not
not now to late 
to change my faith
and get there where
I will finally rest 

rest in peace 
for all time then
then there then when 
I am fully dead

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The Moon

Look up at the dark sky
Hidden beneath the gray cloud
Appears the round glowing circle
What is it? The moon I whisper softly.

It gleams with a vibrant light
It leads the way upon are many travels
Around the world, through the rain
It gleams through my window
As I say my prayer tonight
It beams of light shine down
On my bed with old words of wisdom.

The moon light reflects on me
As i lay there my spirits
Down cast knowing when
I awaken it will be gone.

For now I allow my eyes
To forsee a new direction
A direction that's bright
The light gleams up to the stars
And penetrates out across
I fall into a deep sleep
As I await for its beams to gleam again.

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Take me back

Winds of hatred, clouds of dark waters shower thy grace upon my soul
Be merciful to me God of my world
See time rewind in my name, cleanse me from it all
Yet I can't go back and amend
I sit here desperate in question of the future that walks my way
If only I saw, if only I spoke of beauty beyond reach of the naked eye
If only I held her every time as if it was the last
How can I make her love me more if I no longer am in her life
Will the wind carry my voice upon her ears that she may rejoice in my hearts verse
I weep and in thought I die
I no longer live for the day, as only at night can I see her
She sits over the clouds in the second heaven
Her light dwells upon the night
She glows my eyes that I may see
If only I had listened to her when she spoke
If only I had taken the time to plant joy and see its fruits upon herr smile
Yet I stood there in lifes struggles that killed the eduardo that she once knew
And here I am wondering if God will give her back to me 
In prayer I stay for it shall be but my Lords will. Amen

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Angels In The Hospital

I have heard of Angels before and I know that they are all around. They appearin the most unusual places at the time when you need them. You don't always recongnize them, for they don't always have wings. The angels have sweet voices and they make you feel good. They could be anyone, from your neighbors to your friends. But sometimes they are people, that you have never seen before. There are two special Angels that i want to talk about. I had a stay in the hospial, where I thought I was going to die. I had opened heart surgery and a triple by pass. As I was in an I. C. U. room of the Houston North West Medical Center, I was feeling very sick, not being able, talk or do anything. I kept praying and asking God if I would ever get out of there. My prayer was answered that night, when an Angel came to me. She said her name was Sara and she was there to care fopr me. She did just that. She sweetly smiled at me and assured me that I would be alright. By morning, she was gone, but another Angel came. She told me, her name was Julie and that now she would now take care of me. I spend four days in the I.C.U. with my Angels next to me. After that I was sent to another floor, but I will never forget those two Angels That spend those days with me. My Angels didn't have wings, but their spirit could fly free...

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mail to God

This pray is priority
Cloaked of concluded hopes
Mail marked fragile
Glass like thoughts reside within
Orally stamped Amen
May they make it in one piece

Eagerly awaiting results through mundane lively hood spent hours
They must come, for that prayer of all prayers was fashioned of my souls sincerity 
Nights pass by and days venture away, still no reply received of any foreign kingdom  
Doubts that God could read such beaten prayers play mischievous in my intellect
Doubts that the sincerity and tears placed within the prayer were understood
Doubts that prayer exist, and an uncanny skepticism of the realism of its intended reader
Days continue to venture, Night clouds swim by and still no reply

I must believe
Although my hope is battered, it’s not yet broken
Although doubts encroached my will, belief still subsist 
For He will reply
I think

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Homeless food

                                              In a cipher of poverty
                                        These rich words postpone hunger
                                   Feed a famine
                               While a sole dies
                           I examine its corpse lying there
                     While I am elevated with the glue that killed it
                History made my days ugly
            Touched my pen to wrestle anger
     This bread I inhale repairs my lungs as I get glued on with a smile that makes me meet my maker in person
  Legalize the glue so I can sniff the truth
    Legalize the glue so I can sniff the truth

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Carnelian robes permeate dreamtime landscapes
of parchment and prayer flag.
Smiling faces walk swiftly
through corridors of ancient walls
carved from living mountains,
spinning cylindrical wheels in their wake.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Eagle feathers jounce
as soft moccasins dance heartbeat
on the prairie hair of Mother Earth.
Sacred sisters hold position in jingle dress rhythms
offering prayer pipes to their men,
who burn sweet grass as they fancy dance past.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Hula dancers waft sea breeze
in the heat waves of Pele’s fire.
Warrior lines pace boundary between the worlds,
as molten lands part the waters
and oasis the humble in a paradise
where lei lines encircle life.

Patience of a thousand thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Condor circles as mountains spirits speak
telling stories of forever and ever.
Ancient peoples gather in raindrop mists
to nourish the living land
and feed the collective soul
the medicine of dreams.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

“Imagine all the people” sound waves and ipods
park bench hosts to afternoon drummers,
as momentum gathers
inner city gardeners and beekeepers
buzzing to the cyber shifts
of “sharing all the world”.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years
we wait for peace.

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Eisteddfod of Wales

One of the cultures of Wales
is the eisteddfod* where 
people of all lands sing and dance
So many  countries try to get to
Llangollen travelling many days 
just to perform their dance, song or verse
Dressed in national dress of many hues
making it a colourful artistic event

The crowning of the Bard 
Is one of the ceremonies
At the eisteddfod in Llangollen
to the winner of the poem
written in free verse. Whoever wins 
is presented with a newly designed crown 
A trumpet sounds, prayer chanted
Nom de plume read all is revealed

* nearest english word is session

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peace sun

I woke up this morning and said a prayer for you,
the sun shines through my blinds and it's a shame i can't be there with you
your heart beat creates earthquakes,
your tears bring the rain,
and for the second time it has flooded here again
I'm sorry if i disappointed you,
I'm sorry if i ever lied,
because what i'd do to go back would mean
i could reverse the time that you died.
sick to my stomach i can't bear the thought,
but when the sun shone through this morning
it brought a peaceful thought back to my heart
through out each day i kneel down and pray
and know you're living in the sky
I try making wishes from stars flying by
but the sight must be quicker then the blink of my eye
i'll never know why,
til it's my time to go,
I look around this city realizing all friends are faded foes
I can't hold on, i hold it within,
it is my faith in peace that keeps me from disintegrating within.

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Beyond You

When you broke me
I never expected to be fixed
Many felt I was beyond repair
I was tossed upon a heap of lonely souls
Drifting out to sea
Silent amidst my hollow dreams
Still I was set free
Free from you
For once able to breath
A hand held out lifted me up
A new world was revealed
Realization of what life could be
Confidence in a new reality 
Someone could see the value of me
No longer lost
Heading towards hope
Elevated to the stars
Dreams no longer out of reach
I am not broken any more
Your predictions did not come true
I thank God he helped me 
I'm living a life 
far beyond the restraints of you
I listened to those lies spoken in my ear
Felt each word pierce my broken heart
Still some echos remain
But they are drowned by a stronger voice
And so I have learned to believe 
My soul is refreshed and relieved
Part of me wishes that you could see
Sadly I know
You will never see the restored essence of me

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I have a problem with ignorance they say that it’s bliss;
But when you are blinded, there’s a lot that you miss.
The screams are all muffled into some kind of silence;
Your mind is attracted to all types of violence.

You avoid the trauma of those in pain,
Start focusing on success and what you can gain.
Your vision is clouded with thoughts of envy and wealth.
You ignore the symptoms and the decrease in your health. 

You digest all of the toxins and they’ll say you’re insane;
All while the poison seeps into your brain. 
You are void of all conscious thought;
You think that you’re good but really you’re not.

The evil possesses you in all that you do,
You think you have faith but you haven’t gotten a clue. 
The demons take over and then you are at loss;
Answering not to yourself but another big boss. 

You’ll start longing for a saving grace,
From up above or outer space.
An entity to save your soul-
To take away your sinful goal. 

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I Wish There Were a God

Safety in numbers; It's never simple; Let's talk; It's just you and me right now; Let your goodbyes grow long; I wish there were a God and he were a collector of moments like these; One of my selves is the water; One of my selves is the air; One of my selves is the earth; One of my selves is the fire; An emotional closeness; Natural and profane; Liking anybody more than you-know-who; All dressed up with no where to go; I look so different from everybody; Exactly when is unknown;

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The other side of Freedom

They said they loved me.
 Then, the metal beasts came, soaring over me
 Heaping dust and blood on our city streets,
 As their lethal load hit like rain sheets. 

I watched their love puncture the city walls
 And sever the sinews off the boy and his ball
 Leaving the mother crying for her son, then his dad
 Till her tears meant nothing in the wailing myriad. 

I saw the hate build with each blood drop
 Drawn from the soldiers and innocent. Drop
 For drop, survivors intend revenge upon this love shown:
 This false love which spurs only hate till we’re all gone. 

(c) Nyonglema

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tainted smile
mishaping your identity
as you carry on
day by day
with a masking smile-
without a reason to feel down.
All confidence stripped,
while the waves crash at shore
and the untrimmed grass still growing-
to remind you that life goes on.
Time is still-
you endure everyday with a level head
afraid not what of was
but afraid what will become-
become of you
become of all else
it's THAT fear that grasps your arm.
Clenching so tight that the nails puncture through your skin
a painful setback
only one you feel yourself.
Seagulls drop clams,
they fall helplessly onto the rocks
and their beaks scoop them up
after they're broken, empty 
fallen apart-
a mirror image of your own life
your own dignity
your own strength
it's only too late before you capture reality-
a grip too tight on a slippery surface
you wait
anticipating serenity
that place where the teal ocean ripples onto the shore
instead of the crashing white caps that drown the neighbours child-
where sharks are tame 
and time is suspended
an oasis
far away
to a place you long for
to hide away-
where all questions are answered
and fears are conquered
a heaven on earth

or so to say

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The Shroud

O my Lord I try and understand
as I gaze upon your shroud
where you became a being of light
ascending to heaven upon a cloud...

I see bloodstained image of crucified man
who wore crown on thorns upon His head
a face of such peaceful slumber
every pain you suffered can be read..

O my Lord much like you
love has left me crucified
I wear my own crown of thorns
I search for love and have been denied..

I see the face of death's giving
true I have loved and lost
send me a woman among the living
my arms around her spread like a cross..

Lead me out of this garden tomb
alone in my bed of impregnated linen
praying for love and my sins forgiven
and a love to be forever shrouded in Turin..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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My Personal Prayer

Each night before I go to bed I kneel down and I pray 
For God to bless and keep me safe with every passing day
I pray for his acceptance in my life and choices made 
But also I pray for guidance as I walk the long pathway

To all who know me and know me well I am a caring person
Yet sensitive in many ways for in life I’ve been rejected
And fear to be true to myself has caused me great conditions
With honesty always being the best I have chose the harder outcome

I know that God does love me and he knows my heart means well
Despite the things I write or say some think I’m going to hell
But if my failure prompts a journey to a place of unsure existence
Then God is not the God I thought he was and I’ve wasted time and patience

To sum it up my prayer today like every day is for guidance
To live a life that brings some joy to others while in trails
I believe this the calling made for my life while on this journey
If not, oh well, I made a mistake, at least I entertained plenty

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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Everyone's Prayer

Let us all join hands and pray for eachother today. Some of us are sick. Some of us have problems. Some of us are married. Some of us are not. But we all go through rough times in this life. Today we will get together and bowe our heads before God. We thank you God for the blessings you have given us, which are plenty. We thank you too for the problems we have. they make us come and seek you. Sometimes Disasters happen and we wonder why? If they happen somewhere else, we think that we are safe. But when they happen close to home - we don't know where to turn. Give us the wisdom, give us the courage we need, to help our sisters and brothers. We ask you God to have mercy on the soldiers at war. Have mercy on the people in the hospitals, the ones that are bedridden at home. Have mercy on the children that are being asused everyday, every where, on the homeless person that doesn't have a home or something to eat. Have mercy on the people in jail and the ones in prison too. Please Jesus help us, not to judge others so we too won't be judged. Help us to be merciful of one another. Help us to be a better person - then what we were yesterday Amen...
written by Lucilla M. Carrillo. Comments: I just felt like saying a prayer for all of us today. May God fill your life with blessings.

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I release a prayer

I release a prayer
into the air
it flies on high
into the sky 
I know not why

but where it goes
only heaven
God and 
my mother 

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My Passionate Write

How I long to hold you 
Close in my arms
Press kisses to your cheek
And enfold you near to my heart

Run a warm bath 
And bath you tenderly
Pat you dry gently
Lie you down between 

Soft fluffy warm sheets
Lie close to your body
After you have been amply
Fed the food of life for tummy

To protect you from all strife
I can't go there or do those
Magical acts
Just my prayer today 

For God to send someone
In my place to see that 
These wonderful acts of humanity
Are carried out for you...

(The passion of my heart for all hurting, hungry, and neglected children of the world..)

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There are nights I take a pallet to the porch,
screened-in top to bottom for a peerless,
solitary panorama of emerald grass sloping
to rippling lake, protected from threat
of varmints, a resident reptile or two, 
known to favor unattended pets, the smaller
the better.  I'm not a mouthful morsel, 
I'm here for the choral prayer of froglets, their 
deep-voiced granddaddies, petitioning God, 
however perceived in the gentle persuasion 
of wind, and lilting water music.
I understand, now, in the second half
of life, why, after my father's traitor heart 
took him away, my young, widowed
stepmother, (this from memory's vault,)
took her lawn chair down to the sea
to sleep at night for palliative care
seasoned with salt.

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Forty-Six Cents

I went to Church this morning with my head already bowed.
I would hear the sermon, but my heart was heavy now.
Sooner or later I would put my offering on the plate.
And tied to that offering was an envelope with my name.
I wouldn’t relent using the envelope; it was a matter of pride to me.
Even if a few would know my plight and shame, this eve.
Truly it was all I had… but giving less isn’t a sin, 
So I tried to hold my head up, as I put the envelope in.
Last Sunday I didn’t go, and regrets have plagued me so…
So here I am at church with my both my head and heart rightly bowed.

Jesus gave us a parable of a poor woman and what she gave.
Would I have less courage than to do the same?
The church is built upon offerings and dutiful work, too.
And I’m unable to work so the offering will have to do.
Forty-Six Cents may not seem like much.
But I will pay my portion as best as I can do.
The amount isn’t monumental and maybe won’t be felt.
But even small amounts help add to the Church’s work.
So as I lay my envelope down… It is with some small hope… 
My prayer this day became… that in some small way it will be felt.

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A Soldiers Tale

(A journey into the First World War)

The trembled hand
the twitching face.
A desperate draw on cigarette
looking for courage in a cordite breath.

Huddled in mud protected by 
slime filled walls, 
these walls of Jericho shake
crumbling into my fear.

My tomb beckons another inspection.
Buried alive under corrupted soil,
a land lords greeting from the 
putrid remains of the tenants before.
Did Mother give birth to me for this?

The screams of the howitzer,
Marching in footsteps, stamping it’s wrath,
for fear of the dead rising.
And we who are alive, that dare to look
will see the face of death that hides within it’s light.

A face I would gladly see,
if bargain I could contemplate
in exchange for silence,
and the solitude of darkness.
Where fear cannot go,
where the cold become’s a welcome blanket
for I wish this suffering to end

To hear the guns, all seeking me
to shred my guts with shrapnel scythe
and amputations rip.
To die with blood soaked ears
punctured into silence for man’s aggression.

This man placed here by another’s ambition
to pay the price for no man’s land,
The only thing that is really free,
for dead men will not stop you 
from taking a soldier’s walk.

Another draw on my cigarette,
and a prayer from my anonymous conscience,
trembles upon humanities lips.
“Gives us this day our daily bread
Though I do not forgive them
For thine is the Kingdom
And men will destroy thy glory
Forever and ever

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Morning Dew

Morning Dew

Walking with the cool fall breeze ruffling my hair,
the Sun rising with its comforting warmth.
I hear the river applauding me as I sing.
Sparrows in the distance are keeping rhythm,
as I make my way through the damp grass.

My eyes are drawn to the fog coming off the open field,
reminding me of the spirits of long ago rising from a long rest.
Slow and groggy slipping into the fresh open air it disappears.
The smell of wet leaves and grass fill the air as I continue on my journey.

As I get closer to my destination I feel a familiar presence,
one I have known throughout my existence.
I look down to see the eternal resting place of my grandfather.
I reach down and remove the fallen leaves and over grown weeds.

After a quick prayer and an I love you I sit and talk to him.
While I watch the sun continue to rise I think about the times we had.
I think about the times we will never have,
I think about the way I love him,
I think about how it will be when I see him again.

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paradise is golden

sitting thinking
about love 
on the dunes 
looking across the 
great oceans 
in her vastness
been reading 
the tests 
of our times

i think we
sweet darling
stand together
united always 
touching soul
you have a knack
at doing that
our hearts join

so very sorry 
sweet heart 
you touch 
this soul 
so many times 
lost count
i am scared 

as i know 
sweet goddess 
your soul 
flies with 
the spirits
so very beautifully
on wings
of an angel
the mind sparkles 
was in different places
a captain seeks
paradise lost 
i am ship wrecked
stranded on 
the shores 
of you beach 
on golden paradise
a tropical honeymoon 
smiling sun shine love 

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I Just Know It

~I Just Know It~ (free verse) I lift up my praises to Jesus my Savior And to God my master and creator The one who gives me everyday life And that in fact no one can steal from me I lift up all my prayers and my thanks As I worship with my lips His most Blessed name Because He's done everything entirely right And like Him there's no one I can begin trusting more I lift up my hopes and all my faith In the God of the Holy Bible that lives on No matter what the world may try to put in my head I just know that His love and grace enfold me forever. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,17,2015

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Accept LIfe and Solve Strife

Deep agonies will emerge
Hurdles will be imposed
Life will become very tough
Don't worry, please wait

In God, have full faith
Put trust in patience
Do your job sincerely
Mind and life will alter

You will be punished
And will also be cursed
But, do not lose hope
You can change the World

Proceed in your own way
Smiling at all the troubles
Overcome troubles by wit
Surely you will succeed

Tear-shedding is waste of time
Fill your heart with courage
Think of your next step dear
Forget totally the sad past

If you think you surely can
You can move a mountain
Avoid all pessimist thinking
Ever have a positive approach

When obstacles arise, never cry
Get not foolishly discouraged
Give enough room for confidence
Surely you will achieve a lot

Out of sheer envy and jealousy
You will be by many hated
Do not weep or regret or worry
God is always there to carry you

Have not even an iota of doubt
About God's majestic presence
To God if you faithfully surrender
He will offer help with true care

God's presence is fool-proof
In prayer find the best solace
One day, you will begin to win
The Lord wil make it happen.


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In Honor of Seamus Heaney

In recognition of the Nobel Poet Laureat Seamus Heaney,
who a few minutes before he left this world last Friday
echoed the Words of the King before He rose from this earth;
Thank you for that much needed reminder of  Christ's own words,
Seamus Heaney. May God have mercy on your poetic soul and your loved ones.
There is no hope in the world. There is only hope in Christ.
Be Not Afraid.

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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That's The Amazing Thing About Love

That's the amazing thing about love:
Love doesn't matter who it melts together,
'Cause He will never give you up.

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Help Wanted The Job Posting

Position available immediately in a Christian life
Full time with an out of this world benefit package
Looking for a humble individual with a loving, and 
caring heart to take on role of a servant.
You will work in a progressively growing field.
Duties include the following: Putting others first,
Job requirements include: a willingness to help in all areas of need.
Must be willing to work any hour called upon
And have great listening skills. Need to be able to carry 
heavy burdens, must be willing to sacrifice self for others, need active knowledge of the ten 
commandments and be fluent in the fruits of the spirit.
must be proficient in the practice of self-denial, and be a seasoned prayer warrior
Veterans’ in the army of God are strongly urged to apply.
Long-suffering and compassion a must. A willing heart and born again
experience necessary. Camel knees a plus!
If interested please contact God, the Father, by calling Jeremiah 33:3
Or by knee- mail. Interviews conducted same day.  
An equal opportunity employer


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Letter to Our Heroes

Letter To Our Heroes
Sons of America, heroes all, Stand strong - stand tall! For the love of God and country made you answer the patriotic call. We know you are exceptionally brave and we are proud to call you our own. Deployed to strange lands, you leave behind loving mothers, children, and wives, facing many great dangers, as you try your best to survive. Happy memories of your childhood days seem to be far away in a distant past. But please do not be discouraged; let God be your guide, and He will surely see you through. While I pray for my grandson who is your comrade, I also pray for all of you soldiers far away from home - for those Missing in Action and those in captivity, for all the “Unknowns,” for those who cannot say “God have mercy,” for all who are torn and devastated by the cruelty of war, terrorism and other distressing calamities. May the Holy Spirit of God be with you, as we hope and pray that one day, you will all return safely to us, who will never stop loving you!
Date: 8-10-2014 Submitted to contest sponsored by Mystic Rose

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Beauty For Ashes

I used to feel like 
A ghost
Just floating through this life
Invisible to the world

Weighed down by the chains 
of sin and guilt
My shoulders bowed and my head hung low
I looked at You through eyes
of Disillusionment and shame

My heart yearned so much
To just let go 
And confide in someone 
To look at my reflection in a mirror
And not hate the person
Staring back at me

To show my scars
Where the pain of cutting
Was  the only way I could escape 
the heartache

And use them as a testimony of 
of how you gave me beauty for ashes

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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Driving Miss Daisy

Commit to the turn!
Turn, Turn, Turn!!!
I am behind you, see me burn! 
If you turn on your blinker
That means your going left or right
The way you drive leaves me in a fright!
Anxious I may be to get on my way
But your driving (or lack there of) is keeping us all at bay
As I take a deep breath and say a prayer for you
I am reminded that I have a grandma too
If you’re old or very young indeed
Here are some instructions for driving day by day
Commit to the turn! 
Turn, Turn, Turn!!!

A Poem for Contest “ What Annoys You” 

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Day's End

Crestfallen at sunset 
Shadows fading dim
The last of the day
rests, now, 
on horizon's rim.

Reasoning slips away
in clouded thoughts
of broken promises.

Alone rests uneasy
with the spirit 
of compromise.

Prayerful devotions
the days emotions;
Be still. 
Rest now.
Find peace!!

© Debra Squyres

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is it a chance or just destiny

Her hands were cold as I touched them
I felt an absolute fear plays its rhythm 
I couldn’t hear their voices though they were loud
Am I supposed to feel so alone while I’m surrounded by a crowd ?
Whenever I started losing my faith I heard you say :
All you can do now is to pray 
It was my destiny to die
No matter how much you try 
It was hard yet I found hugging hands 
My knees were weak but I was able to stand 
So I might not be a perfect version of what you want to see 
But I can remove the dust and let you fly high and free 
I promise you I will never let go 
As long as you still want to glow 
I can’t know what tomorrow will bring 
Let’s just close our eyes and swing 
Because no matter how bad things may seem to be 
We never know what’s written in our destiny 

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Raven's Task pg2

a heavy smog circles around the dead hiding the ground below the demons become 
louder and I can hear the ground start to quake then thousands of ugly vile things 
climb to the surface and all thousand of their little ugly eyes are on me I suddenly 
feel completely overwhelmed a thousand against one how can this be why would 
our Father do this to me I begin to shoot and a single bullet fly’s not hitting even 
one of those nasty creatures I can now feel the fear and am at my wits end then 
the great spirit speaks once more you have forgotten your Father you have lost 
your faith how can you rid these evil creatures alone I drop to my knees and weep 
oh Father forgive me I have sinned I let the demons take control letting me forget 
the most important thing of all prayer please help me I can’t do this without you I 
trust that you will see me through amen then as I arose the figures I had foolishly 
mistaken for bats had actually been the lords angels waiting for me to pray all at 
once they swooped down beside me their beauty glorifying the entire land I began 
to shoot and not just one bullet flew but twenty everyone of them hit their target as 
the angels and I worked together the battle was won before it could even begin 
when the land again was at peace the angels took my hand the black of my dress 
became white and wings slowly started to sprout upon my shoulders I then knew it 
was time for me to go home

Contest: Living Among the Dead pg 2of 2
By: Virginia Frayer

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Forgotten Promises

Another Christmas is coming
A new year will begin
I am looking through the window
Watching people under the snow

Some are with family, cooking and eating
Some are in the street, walking and shopping
Some are at home cleaning and decorating
Some are with friends packing and traveling

Everything seems fine
but when I look again …

Some are hungry, looking for food
Some are homeless, shivering in the cold
Some are lonely, sitting with sadness
Some are in pain, mourning for a loss

Another Christmas is coming
A new year will begin
I am thinking to myself
Is this the world we promised to build?

What happened to our world?
What happened to us?
What is going on?
Did we forget our promises?

We promised to NOTICE
We promised to ADJUST
We promised to PROTECT
Then why so much RAVAGE?

We promised to CARE
We promised to CARESS
We promised to FEED
Then why so much HUNGER?

We promised to RECEIVE
We promised to RELIEVE
We promised to FORGIVE
Then why so much REVENGE?

We promised to RESPECT
We promised to APPRECIATE
We promised to LOVE
Then why so much HATRED?

We promised to COMMUNICATE
We promised to COMPREHEND
We promised to CONNECT
Then why so much DISUNITY?

Another Christmas is coming
A new year will begin
How is it going to end?
What to promise again?

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Dreaming of You

In this sea of memory I lay stranded on passing moments,
The ebb and flow of time witnessing my awe of your presence...

There's no forgetting how your eyes have penetrated me.
How I stand there, naked and humbled by your incessant beauty,
Wondering in melancholy how you've conquered me so gently;
Though I lean not on mine understanding of what all this could mean,
I fall back into pieces when I see through what you seem.
And so in vain do I fathom, and utter a prayer unto these seas
'May there not be any one thing that could ever be as sweet
As those opaline eyes... that made me yours that very night...'

Now... oh how my heart cries to quench that thirst for your face
And yet the last since we've met was only a matter of days.
I am bound by the chain of thought that makes room for only you.
In the heaven of your eyes where I am captive and captivated,
How can I not be lost fishing for love my dear beloved?
This sea, it's stars and skies... are all there in those eyes...

Even if I were stronger and could turn against the tides of this memory,
I'd only wake from my sleep, but not from the sweetness of my misery.

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Lives to Live

We have dreams to fulfill.
We have goals to achieve.
We have hearts to inspire.
We have love to give.
We have faith to teach.
We have hope to send.
We have strength to create.
We have bravery to find.
We have positivity to shine.
We have courage to build.
We have stories to tell.
We have hands to hold.
We have lives to live.
All in Your Heavenly name,
We pray,

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The First Stone- Part I

As they threw her to the ground
He quickly drew back into the crowd
Adjusting his clothing
Hoping to go unnoticed
To fit in

He watched her
Cover her bare breast
With his prayer shawl
Why hadn't he been smart enough
To grab that from her?

She long raven hair
Was a poor covering
For her nearly naked form
The anger around him
Was a wave of sound
That throbbed over the crowd
Increasing in volume to a feverish pitch

They had planned it well
The scheme to trap him
The young upstart Nazarene
The young rabbi
The revolutionary
Who spoke of love
And a new kingdom

He had been paid well
To seduce  her
The timing had to be right
But he almost forgot all that
As he tasted her beauty
And drank in her wonder
As he ravished her body

She was exquisite in every way
And just when he was about to
Consummate the treachery
They burst in on them

As they pulled him off of her
He heard her screams as she
Tried to clean away what
He’d left behind
Some of them pawed her
Wishing they could have a turn
Yet knowing that there was a greater purpose
They restrained themselves
Unleashing their anger
In rough handling
And in shaming her with words
That made him cringe

In the town courtyard they found him
Speaking to the masses
And they flung her to the ground before him
Demanding to know
What to do with an adulteress....

What would he answer?
Either way…they had him nailed
To stone her was the thing to do
According to the law of Moses
Would he uphold it?
If he let her go
They could say he had come to abolish
The law…and he would lose
The confidence of the masses

As he stared at her
Through the gaps in the crowd
He almost felt guilty
The money he would be paid
Would help in many ways
And the pleasure had been intense
He looked for a stone
Had to play the part
If someone else recognized him
Or that cursed prayer shawl
He would be stoned as well

He shouted
Louder than the others
More vehemently than the others
“Stone her, Stone the prostitute”

The pushing and shoving lessened
The sound was dying out
His eyes were transfixed on the young Rabbi
What was that expression on his face?
What was that look in his eyes?
He took in the woman at his feet
Balled up on the ground...
She was frantically trying to cover herself
All the while
Sobbing out her shame
Her long hair veiling her face

In his eyes
There was no disgust
No revulsion
No hate
A shadow of indescribable sadness crossed his face
As he bent down beside her...

Please Continue to Part II for the ending.

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Hear my prayer oh Lord

Hear my prayer oh Lord and let my cry come unto Thee,
Don't hide yourself away from me in the days of my troubles!
Incline your ear to me, Father in the day that I call,
please answer me quite speedily, Heavenly Father hear my prayer.

All honour and praise to you be glory given;
Almighty Saviour, Lord and King:
All of creation by your mighty hand was made,
Before the foundations of this world you came to save me!

Now worthy I come before your throne of grace,
saved by the precious blood you shed;
You gave your life that I might live with you for evermore,
I praise you, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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My Prayer

At times I feel outcast
Heart heavy with the shadows of my past
But this feeling never seems to last
Intense and afraid, I pray for help
Hands clasped and heart open
The shadows shudder
Captivated by the power of prayer
I pray to God
My day is brightened
The emotional clouding is cleared
And my prayers answered
He is gracious
Loving and Almighty
I hoped this would happen
But also knew
For he is creative and caring
And end my prayer then
And there
With Amen

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Should My Time Here End

My heart,
I have lived within you from the day we met
Now the passing hours seem to be shorter, still
Before I leave I must confess the reason why I drifted away
For had I known of your true desires from the start, 
I would have saved you all the grief
I tried to show you what love is but wouldn’t give you my soul!
You found it hard to trust ‘til I spoon fed it to you
It’s just too bad, late in the game, the picture became quite clear
So I stepped away though it hurt me to; I did bid you move on with your life
I’ve told you time and again, how very sorry, I am
I pray God will send that special girl so you can settle down
That finally, constant searching will end and peace will build a bridge
Have no fear, all will be well, and your angel I'll remain

Then come the day when you’re ready, God will send that girl for you
Know that, the many times our wills would clash, I wanted you to see
That, words come easy and are sweet, yet untill you truly love
That pain which haunts you still, will ever be
I am grateful for the times- good and bad; we saw one another through
I wish that you'd give God the chance to love you as you should 
We'll be forever in each others' heart no matter where we go 
With all my heart I pray, you find the happiness each soul deserves
Should my time here end this day  
Should the sunshine light up your world no more
It'll be my  fervent prayer to see you inside of heaven's gate! 


Notew:  For Waylayee Whitlock's "If I Had One Last Day To Live" Contest

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written 13th Nov 2001

Alone again...
 will this confusion ever end
I have lost all of my hope
 for I no longer know how to cope
What do I do..
 to get back the life, I once knew
Confused and dazed
 for I have lost the children I raised
I am praying with ALL I have left
  help me get through the rest...

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Stone Angels

I heard an angel speak last night and he said, "Write".

I sat in darkened silence, pondering the words.
As dawn shed light on me, I knew just what to say.
I was taken back in time to days before my teens when friends and me would walk 
atop a stone wall surrounding the local cemetary.
We tracked throughout the graves and stones of lives that time had left alone.
We tried to read the names and dates but some were so old and weathered that 
that their memories were almost wiped away.
But the thing I remember most of all was the stone angels that stood in vast array.
Guarding over the dead until their souls would rise again in the promise.
We believed this to be true because the town was small and the churches were 
So we knew the lives were close in the chain of time and death did not end their 
Sculptors erected the angels to honor the past and inspire the future.
To let all who came there in life and death know that we have a common bond that 
brings us together.
A common bond and a spiritual thether.
There were statues of Jesus and statues of angels.
Hands folded in prayer and arms raised to heaven.
Eyes looking upward and eyes to the ground.
Every statue was spiritually profound.
Stone angels that spread from the graves to the gates.
We, as children, were humbled by the devotion and dedications left behind by those 
that believed and loved.

I can only hope that the angels of stone can be and have been replaced by angels 
of light.

Rockman  :-)

(For the Constance La France contest, "Angels In The Cemetary".)

I also dedicate this to my mother. May she rest in peace and bathe in the glory.

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My hearts greatest desire
The one thing that I miss
Would you believe, is a pair of hands
Hands that were rough and calloused
	They had worked for all they had
Hands that smelled of tar and asphalt
	Honest deeds and long hours
Hands that folded in prayer along with mine
	They knew we were loved
Hands that held me close when I was scared
	Sometimes we need to cry
Hands that held me up to a whiskered face
	To give kisses and whisper secrets
Hands that picked me up when I fell
Ever so diligent, caring
Hands that reminded me I was safe
	They were never far away
Well look, I have fallen and I’m hurt
But those hands don’t pick me up
They’re gone, they’ve left, and I’m alone
I pick myself up
Hands that have been replaced
By others, but mostly my own

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God's gifts.

Do you hear it in the distance?
The rain kissing the earth, sighing as steam raises from hot asphalt.
Do you see the flashes of purest light?
The thunder racing the bolts across the night sky?
I shiver
Do you?
Feeling His power shake our world, His world, and knowing
I am safe
In His arms, in his hands

Do you see the children playing in the overflowing creek?
The littlest one, so small so sweet, with mud streaked across his cheek
Do you hear the jokes they tell each other as they run on their bare feet
The laughter warms the coldest water and babbles like blowing bubbles all along the way
You smile
Do I?
Feeling God is in his Heaven's and all that is wrong with this world will be fixed in the next.
Maybe tomorrow I'll send Him a balloon with a prayer tied at the end of the string.

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Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Changes Things
Indeed this is true
Yet, there are still so many people struggling,
and not knowing what to do
With trials & tribulations that we're faced with each day
But through faith & prayer alone
He can lead our way
For He can overcome any obstacle placed in our path
All we have to do is just believe in him and ask
So listen my friend, the next time your struggling,
and don't know what to do
Just pray, and you too shall see........
Prayer Changes Things
Indeed it has for me!

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Persecute me If You Must

    Is it because I shared my pasted and its cruelty which was perpetrated against me when I was only seven years olded?

Can it be, because I find no anger or rage against those who robbed me of my nest?

Or is it, because you, perhaps feel so much apathy for my victimization and your precious heart canst not bear anymore truth that's so horrendous?

Perhaps, you are to young in life and find these acts of viciousness to hard to bear?  Be that as it may my belove sister in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Persecute me if you must, by ceasing your communication with me, A Young Lion Of Judah.  In the silence of your tender heart utter to Our Lord a sweet prayer of hope and perseverance as I trudge through this life where men and women words, become as shallow as the breath that allowed them to escape and be hear by one who wears "HOPE" as a necklace and "UNDERSTANDING" as shield about his heart.

Nevertheless! Persecute Me If You Must.  Truly I forgive you always.......

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A Prayer For Healing

Do not let me be the demon I have created me to be.
I am the product of myself and my negativity.
I trust You.
I love You.
I thank You.
In Your name,
We pray,

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Let the New Year herald all that is good
Let it fetch boundless happiness to all
Let it end all strife and misery and shower
Peace on all that passeth understanding.
Let all creatures live in amity and love
And achieve progress and prosperity
And enjoy the benefits of their labour
And invoke the Lord in quiet dignity.

Let the world look forward to unite 
The humanity in perfect understanding
Let the able lend a hand to the unfortunate
And thus double the joy through sharing.

Let the nature bless us to live calmly
With good shower, sunshine and grain
Let the heavens above impart wisdom to
Develop affection for nature and its kin.

Let the New Year bring with its tidings
All that is magnificent and gracious 
And bless the mankind throughout
And ensure that all live in harmony.

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twenty-four hours and counting.........
I have been called home to the realm above 
I must submit a bow and gracefully move forward
I must leave you behind my friend, my life....

But, for now......
I shall,

sing a symphony of celebration
dance naked deep within the trees of belief  
dive from the highest cliff I can find
sit quietly and sip chamomile tea 
I will run as fast as I can
skipping and jumping up to each cloud I see
I will relish each moment with a ponder and a plea
as the clock tics down to a grand completion
I will fall upon my knees 
a prayer of thanks I will recite
a word of encouragement to each one who has brought me into the light
I sit for now, grateful for each second spent next to you 
a grateful journey of splendid yesterdays
joyous the celebration , I pledge to watch over thee

goodbye for now......... 

soon a flight to be free.................

quite a Tantalize sensation  


a halo

yes , it is me..........


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Our Love Is Enough

We don't need to go out and party,
We don't need to drink,
We don't need to socialize,
We don't need to go shopping,
We don't need to spend money,
We don't need to go to a movie,
We don't need to watch sporting events,
We don't need to go out to eat,
Because we found love,
And our love is enough.

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The Cards of Life: Part One

This morning, I walked outside
To take some pictures of this glorious day.
The sun's beauty is so strong,
As is the life all around here below.
The sights were one of wonder;
The best of God's creation,
And I tried my best to take it all in,
Grabbing hold of love for us.
The temperature outside was chilly;
Had to have been in single digits.
It wasn't too long after
My fingers began to lose their movement,
Telling me it was time to go back to the heat inside.
I made a hot cup of coffee,
Stirred in the creamer,
And landed again right in my bed.
I covered myself in blankets-
Thick, thick blankets-
And the "warm-up" had begun.
And then my mind switched gears.
I began to think about those who don't have this luxury.
Millions don't have blankets.
Millions don't have heat.
Millions don't have warm drinks.
Millions have nowhere to turn.
There are people right now on the streets
Who might not make it another night.
There are people right now on the streets
Who just lost another body part to frostbite.
There are people right now on the streets
Who are on their last leg
And desperately in need.
They are crying out for help,
And we tell ourselves we don't hear anything.
You never know about their situations.
Maybe they didn't do anything wrong.
Maybe it's just the luck of the draw
As the cards of life weren't dealt their way.
These images and realities
Are visions we tend to forget
Or push out of our minds,
As if we never saw anything to begin with.
We tend to view them as "lesser society,"
But they are still human beings,
And who gave us the power to judge?
The authority lies only in God's hands.
He tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves,
Yet, why do we try to forget this?
And each and every single day,
Including today,
Millions are facing and dying of hunger,
Millions are facing and dying of starvation,
Millions are facing and dying of homelessness,
Millions are facing and dying of disease,
But these will never make the news
Because we shelter ourselves from the things we don't want to hear,
We protect ourselves from the things we don't want to see,
Or we just don't care anymore.
What happened to the love?
Is it still here?

(Continued on The Cards of Life: Part Two)

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God, don't give me what I want
until my want for you is exclusive.
Then Lord, when you give to me 
I will want for nothing!


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Cemetery Of Your Mind

(In the 80's, Pueblo, Colorado, poets Kyle Laws and Tony Moffeit played cemetery zombies in a Pueblo-directed, written and filmed horror movie, "Curse of the Blue Lights". They and Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus agreed to write poems, either entitled with or containing the line: "I was a zombie in the curse of the blues lights”.)

I was a zombie
in the curse of the blue lights,
phosphorescent dream,
And zombie, I found, is something you'd better do before you cross over,
people won't recognize you, you won't look the same
if you wait until too long after you're gone,
and zombie's what happens when your brain short-circuits on a frenzied emptiness of mind
staring out into the night through your glassy eyes,
the air both suffocating and liberating,
You exist, are there, yet not,
intensely exhibitionistic,
The stars look like billions of voyeuristic eyes bulging and winking with lurid fascination,
owls crouch on barren branches overhead,
their eyes rolling and twisting,
measuring an unsteady rhythm as they follow your lurching reel
through time narcissistically mirroring itself in endless loops without apology,
You're a zombie in the curse of the blue lights,
impossible to tell if you, the night, time, the stars and very air - beginning to stir -
are warped,
the tombstones looking like unusually large pebbles on the sands of a foreign, yet familiar sea,
like abnormally high speed bumps in the road to where you know not,
as the wind begins prayer in a low howl above which the owls begin a late-night requiem:
"Hoo, hoo, hoo-o-o!"
until you groan: "You, you, you - well, actually, it's me, me, me!"
groaning, lurching, reeling
until you collapse with a vague knowledge and a smile on your face,
rising soon to the dance, again,
since the night stretches before you,
the stars still winking and beckoning you to lean into the reeling minuet
until the dawn of realizing you are a zombie in the curse of the blue lights and the
cemetery of your own mind... no drug in
the world could be more effective...

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I watched the Debate
between Obama and Romney;
I am kind of liberal and fair:
and I listened to both sides.

The Republicans favor broad tax cuts,
the Democrats are opposed. 
As far as prayer in school is concerned,
I favor the Republican Party...
giving some regard to the existence of God....
we can't become a nation of Atheists!

The Democrat Party demands
a specific deadline for the withdrawing of troops from Iraq
and Afghanistan...and isn't that great news for every soldier 
to be coming back home soon?

One last comment on abortion:
Republicans are pro-life,
but Democrats are pro-choice...
and for this reason I should vote Republican!

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White Trash Wedding

Shaving cream covers up the truck missing a left side window
Backyard lawn is freshly mowed folding chairs assembled
Trailer has been freshly scrubbed the scent of pine still lingers
Ready for the wedding day of Bubba James and Ginger

They’ve known each other all their lives even quit school together
Rumored that somehow their kin but that has yet been founded
Dated off and on for years come Spring a new arrival
Now she’s knocked up dressed in white, God help the child’s survival

The crowd has gathered to celebrate the union of this couple
Indeed a sight to for all to see two hands placed on the bible
Bubba James half drunk with shame with Ginger’s delicate condition
Say I do, a prayer is prayed, the party soon commences

Will their life bring happy times or a road of pure destruction
Pretty soon the child will come and test their own survival
Only God and fate can answer this too soon to draw conclusions
Just hope and pray for it’s too late to stop this white trash union

**This is not intended to offend anyone...just got an inspiration

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Brain Storm

It was a fine day as I gaze to the sky
Such wind, hits me right in the eye
As I waltz right into a spin in of life
Since nothing is new under the sun
I might as well give it a good fight
Would I? would I?
I remember like it was yesterday
That old news of funk
He walks in as if the newly ones
Were just a hit for fun, year by year
The looks, the posture, the pose
As I spent timely time with such men
O, times spent, what times of tears of cold
That is when...brain storm had intervene from
Anger, anguish, anthology of agony from a stone
Brain storm had stormed in some plead for vengence
Would I? would I?
I remember...
That old news of funk
He walks the walks of a collar shirt and tie and,
With pants that is as black as an African Bus Boycott of the Whites
Back in 1955...
The jacket that stands ready and firm to speak
I shall ignore his words of bleak
Until his heart melts down in tears, longing for a pardon
I stand ready to forgive, and year by year, wouldn't he?
Trying to quit the thought life of such dazzling strife I,
I remember how hard for it to have been remitted
My mind, my soul, my conscience, my spirit
That old news of funk
I'm praying the prayer I once made
Asking my heavenly Father to calm the storm
Brain storm...

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In the Coals

The sky danced a glimmer of setted sun blue
Softly through into the night
Like rafters keeping us safe on our path under heaven
Trees wove themselves over us
Breathing light from coals washed the five gathered faces
Flickered in their eyes and over their bodies
In the quiet I saw

In the south like the waves from beneath the sea
One spirit shone with a shimmering breath
And another in the west settled on the rafters there
With a sighing light barely seen and hardly felt
Amid the rafters of the north one other spirit swayed
There too an ethereal visitor echoed in the east
In the quiet I saw

Faces bright, strong and painted with a wash of . . . 
Contentment, save two, both fallen of crest
And still under the watchful eyes of Nokomis high in the skies
One rose to smile holding a light before him closely
But woe fell across the other for being there within already
As if unable to escape for eyes unseeing
In the quiet I saw

I watched a struggle between three spirit cousins
Over and all around they fought where he had fallen
So vicious this fight, it cast a shrouding over everything of him
For these two beasts snarled and slashed for dominance
While the third sat quietly as if waiting or perhaps just watching
With great patience for one to fall and it too was evil
In the quiet I saw

The sky shone softly in the ambient light of stars unglimpsed
For Nokomis with her watching eyes held us 
As only grandmothers do for having loved and loved her child’s children too
All through the night she held us as we sailed without a sound
Across and over the blue of setted sun somewhere next to here
With the warmth of coals burning nowhere save inside 
In the quiet I saw

In the quiet I saw five souls glimmering
In the quiet I saw a war cross one red road
In the quiet I saw the spirits of four ancestors
In the quiet I saw everything, nothing all that I needed
In the darkness of the madodoswun it is dark as pitch
And still, and yet . . .
Before the door whispered to open
I saw in the quiet still

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Carry Your Cross

When you said,
“Take up your cross, and follow me?”
What did you mean, Jesus?
What did you mean?

That cross…that I have to bear…
It seems too heavy for me
I’m crushed under the load
Weighed down…
Unable to breathe
Much less move

I can hardly carry myself around, Jesus
And now I must carry it as well?

What is that cross, Jesus?
Are you sure I can bear it?
Is it the cross of self-denial?
It is my crucified pride?
My unruly desires?
My self-indulgent will?
My selfish dreams?

Jesus, is it that love
That threatens to consume me
Is it that love
That cannot…that SHOULD not be mine
That you want me to crucify
On this cross
That you want me to bear?

Remember, Jesus
Remember, Lord…
Please, remember
That I am weak
I’m only human
Most of all unwilling...

I balk at the pain I must endure
But….I know
You can help me carry this cross
For you carried a much bigger one
That had nailed on it
All my insecurities and pain
Right along with your bleeding hands
That covered those sins
And washed them in red and made them
Whiter…much whiter than snow

Jesus…help me bear it
This cross is too heavy for my frail shoulders
Please, hold me in your embrace
Secure me…
Cover me with your strong arms
Let your shoulders bear the weight
Once again….
As you carry this cross..
My cross
For me.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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sadness in the night...

In the night, I hear the gentle sighing of my heart, 
A lullaby drowned out by sunlight, 
And only brought to life by the moon’s silver glow…
I sit with my knees clasped, in silence, and listen, 
Drinking in the mournful melody of my lust – 
Of my tarnished but tenacious love
The lament of my heart is beyond beauty; 
But turgid with the black notes of its muted despair 
Quietly, my spirit weeps, and each tear is a prayer for you 
Each silent sob is a call to your own leonine heart 
A plea, from my vanquished soul to yours, 
Begging you to have mercy on me and my loneliness…
Asking you to please come, to travel through the night, 
And hold me in your arms again – 
To heal the scars you opened in my aching ribs, 
In the flesh of my tenderness 
But even as I cry out for you I know you will not come 
You can’t; for, ghost-like, you have vanished – 
Melted into the humid night, into the Vale of my tears 
You were like a glorious dream, gifted to me for too brief a time 
And like a fool, I lost myself so deep in you, 
That now I can’t find my way out; can’t forget your face 
Which lies, emblazoned in fire, inside my shuttered eyes 
Stupid and masochistic to the end I love you now, 
As easily as breathing, and as painfully as purgatory 
And so here I sit, an image of wistful sadness in the night, 
Dying a silent death in a pool of my heart’s bloody tears – 
The tears I cry for you…


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Cancer Basher Psalm for Leah Still

O LORD for great pain
     Cruel suffering caused
     Fierce threat they present
Slash each cancer mass
     Leah's body from
Let not one escape
     Please do not relent

Toxic chemo drugs
     Poison tumor thugs
     Poison tumor thugs
Body's soldier cells
     Target and destroy
     Traitor cancer cells

May her capillaries'
     Life-nourishing blood
     From them be withheld
All to waste away
     Starving each to death

Hot radiation fire
     To ash blast them all
     To ash blast them all
Each one sterilize
     Not to multiply

Vicious malignancies
     Banish far to Hell
Down deep them exile
     To bottomless pit
Drag them captive all
     To lake of fire burn

Opposite set guards
     Against all of them
     To never escape
To never escape
     Or wreak harm again

Nurses and doctors
     And medical staff
     Who for Leah care
Grant marvelous skill
     O LORD we pray you

Wisdom bless research
     This plague to destroy
Ever slay our foe
     It totally smash
     Nevermore to hurt

LORD grant divine peace
     All understanding past
Leah and Devon
     Your mercy await

Cancer Basher Psalm for Leah Still by Ralph Dave Westfall is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Note: OK to replace names with others who have cancer or their family members, if those changes are indicated

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Been Blessed

Will I have been standing on the sidelines, watching everyone go after their goals. I been missing out on the finer things that life has to offer. Seeing you  there reminds me of brighter days. Hearing your laughter, reminds me of the day my dreams all changed.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, wouldn’t change it for the world. Nothing sweeter than you. You’re that shining star, the beacon at sea. I thank the good lord for giving me you, nothing can change the love I have for you.

Will I have been standing on the sidelines, watching everyone have their fun. Now its later, you can see them down an out.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with having you as a daughter. You lifted my heart higher, each day I see you. You’re that shining star, the beacon at sea.

If I was a sailor, I would hurry home to you. Can’t get enough of that laughter, don’t like seeing a frown on your face.

Will I been standing on the sidelines, watching everyone reach to the stars. When I have one right here. Yes, I been standing on the sidelines.

I look at this world, and nothing can change my mind. There be trouble on the horizon, terrible times ahead. People getting hurt, always sad an blue. I put them in prayer as with everyone.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with writing these words. A pure melody, straight an narrow, they are flowing like a stream. Nine in the morning, an everything is going to be alright.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with this life. Wouldn’t to change it, wouldn’t to lose it. I would love to share, so here I sit writing these words.

	Oh, I got a melody running through my head, as I write these words. Sounding like country, maybe its an oldie. But none the less, its pure straight from the heart.

	Flowing like a river, steady as a stream. Let it span out there, like the clouds in the sky. Showing everyone in the world, that I got this love for them. My heart is being true, it is solid. This thing is flowing like a river, steady as a stream. Nothing rocky bout this love of mine.

	‘Cause, I been blessed, with having a daughter - who is just like you…

‘Cause, I been blessed.
‘Cause, I been blessed..
‘Cause, I been blessed…

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The First Stone- Part II

He cleared the pebbles from around them
And then, with his finger
He started making marks in the sand

The crowd hushed
Not a sound could be heard
What was he writing?
He could stand in no longer
He pushed his way to the front of the crowd
His knuckles white against the stone
That he still carried
The stone that could bring a swift death
If aimed right
He intended to throw the first stone
To put her out of her misery
It was the right thing to do
The honorable thing

What he saw there in the swirls of sand
Made the color drain from his face
Did others see his name there?
The man who had lead her into sin
Who had ravished her?
Who had trapped her?
Did they see his sin there
Written plainly in the sand? 

He looked around
Knowing that he would be stoned
Then he heard the Rabbi speak
What was that he heard in his voice
No…it was something else
Only later would he be able
To give it a name…
Disappointed love

“Whoever is without sin,
Let him cast the first stone.”
The rabbi turned his face
And look into his eyes
Into his heart
A knowing look
A pained look

He heard the thundering of a myriad stones
Falling to the ground
As the crowd turned to make
A hasty retreat

Everyone’s face masked in guilt
And he ran away
Mingling with the crowd
But instead of going home
He dashed behind an outcropping of rocks
He couldn't tear himself away
Not knowing
What would happen to her
And so he waited
The stone still in his hand
Heavy with his anger, his shame, his guilt

He fixed his eyes on the rabbi
As he saw him turn to her
She lay trembling
Her ears covered
Her body taut with the expectation
Of the impact of that first stone
He extended his work worn hands to her chin,
Gently lifting her face to him
His thumb wiped her tears
And his hand cupped her face
As he gently asked, 
“Woman, where are your accusers?”
Liked a trapped animal
She looked around
Fear in her eyes 
Her face streaked with dirt and tears
Her lips quivering…
In voice filled with wonder she stuttered
“They are…they are gone, master.”

He raised her to his feet
As she clutched at his prayer shawl
Frantically trying to bring some
Honor into her word of shame
The Rabbi quickly took off his outer garment
And covered her 
As he said, 
“Neither do I condemn you.
Go, and sin no more.”

His prayer shawl, covered with his filth, with blood and dirt
Fluttered to the ground.

Besides the quiet sound of her grateful weeping
The only other sound that broke the
The profound silence of the courtyard
Was the loud thud of the fallen stone
The first stone.

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Written 20 may 2013

My faith is in you Lord
 trapped to this bed, I'm bored

How much longer shall I be still
 for I know this is by your will
I'm alone and at your mercy
 given up friends and family
My faith is struggling oh Lord
 I pray that you hear my call

I've been still, by not a choice of mine
 learning lessons through your will and time 

Patience is growing to an all time low
 lets get this operation done, lets go

I've learn't who I am and I do pray 
 so lets get moving, before I fade away....

Give me strength to handle the operation that awaits
 so that I may again see the sunlight on my face

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Eternal Spring

With each stone,
A certain size,
A distinct color,
Water flows gracefully
Over each backbone of the brook.

Along the brook,
The water is pristine,
Yet calm and quiet,
Rolling over stones
And pebbles, the water streams into
A natural spring.

The spring dwells
Eternal life,
Once drank,
Life everlasting.
Offering life after passing.

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The End

The end of our souls, our mercy, our righteousness;
With twelve hundred walkmans
With twelve hundred radios
With twelve hundred televisions
All going out at once- static – static
All being crushed by the hand of humanity,
Ill misfortune,
All in tune to the same crashing station
Like they stated in scriptures, rushing in succession
Tearing down doors teaching a lesson.
Let’s recognize this mess were in,
Jesturing to let the demons in,
Run faster, shut the door before the evil comes in.
But that box has already been opened
With our ill hearts
And wrecked souls,
With our mercy for genocide,
And ‘equality polls.’
Static - Static
I can remember a Paris church on Palm Sunday
Entirely filled with lit candles
One for each prayer we brought
And I wonder why my prayers must be so long
Praying for all of the struggle to be gone
Praying to relieve the pain from our homes
Praying to ease the curse from our souls.
This is not the end of us,
No zombie apocalypse
No meteor swallowing us
Just our faded minds
Coming out to hide.
Tell me that a lesson isn’t a lesson until it is taught right.
Yes, these happenings are real even when they’re not in site.
Look closer. 
Close your eyes.
Look out at your own life.
For each soul, we are drowning in ankle deep water,
Pretending this earth is perfect
Is just going to hold us under.
Don’t bother to try if you haven’t tried yet
Because there are those of us out here that just don’t forget-
The drinking and driving,
The death of Dak,
The shootings and short comings,
And the *****that we lack.
**** man,
You see this world is cruel
But we can clean up this mess and make it beautiful
Just if we open our eyes
And see that this is
The end of the world.

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The Sculptor

I feel Him chip away at my flesh.
The vibrations shake to my bones.
Pieces that were once part of me now fall helplessly to the floor.

Every scrape of the chisel,
Every pound of the hammer,
Every piece that is broken from me stings with immense pain.

Why doesn't He stop?
Why is The Sculptor so cruel?
Doesn't He realize that each swing He takes is a nightmare to me?

I would be better off as stone that was never touched,
I would be more content without the suffering that comes apon me,
But I wouldn't be a work of art.

Each chip of the chisel is intended to remove a piece that shouldn't be there.
Each pound of the hammer is meant to force the hideous fragments far from me.
Each move The Sculptor makes, takes me closer to His plan for me.

I must trust, knowing that He never takes off too much.
I must be ready, knowing that He never leaves His work incomplete.
I must be thankful, knowing that I am being made beautiful in His eyes.

The acute pain is only a short part of His plan.
The lasting anguish fades in its own time.
Though heart, and soul, and body all grieve, the permanent state will be that of finished work.

I may not know the reason for each strike,
I may not know the fault with each sundered chunk,
And I may never know.

I know the sting of the chisel now,
I know The Sculptor has a plan,
My part is to trust that He will not work forever ... but that He will be done.

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So Close, Yet So Far

It's like I'm there,
Standing behind a glass wall.
I've had a taste,
Just not the full platter.
I'm ready for the cake,
But all I have is batter.

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Three Strand Rope

By design it was supposed to keep 
couples together, threw prayer and 
communication it was designed to 
make everything better, but what 
good are those vows if you're not 
equally standing on that solid rock, 
what good is a promise if one 
person decided their belief in the 
father should so suddenly stop, and 
that ship that was once docked by 
that everlasting covenant, that love 
just sailed away slowly but surely all 
of a sudden, whether single in Christ 
or married to a wife, there is no 
relaxation nobody has the right to 
say What's right when you never 
asked them what was wrong, call it 
an assault charge not physically but 
you did em emotional & spiritual 
harm, I mean who gets married not 
wanting that happily ever after, 
which was once a best selling book 
turns into a dreadful chapter or 
should've and would've chalk it up 
to regrets, or a list you should've 
kept but there's no blueprint for this 
no matter how much you follow 
them steps, it's like a scary movie 
now but don't look away on them 
horror scenes that might just be 
what'll save you change you, I been 
there done it emotionally I been 
maimed too but who's to blame 
you? That's right when you don't 
look to the father you suffer 
misdirection and this is a life 
changing decision America's view on 
marriage is such a misconception, 
it's actually a blessing when it's 
done right and founded on hope, 
turn that negative into a positive 
hold on to that three strand rope.

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PSYCHOLOGICAL ENZYME Have a day move I need someone An icebreaker A breakaway An inspiration A morning delight To a right start. Foremost, a prayer for His guidance A Christian living style After this spiritual igniter A second thought is a love one I cannot miss at all This very thought and feeling of the heart This someone is YOU I’m talking about. Without this someone As if I cannot sustain a day longer In all my activities YOU is one that bridge My day from zero figure To complete fullness I need a virtual psychological enzyme The greatest enhancer To be abreast in this troubled times.

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A Stain

Each night she goes to bed in fear
Each night a prayer is prayed
For just one night of peaceful sleep
No visit to come her way
Still every night he enters in
He violates her soul
Abruptly leaves this child in fear
A wounded tattered girl
Until one day she’s had enough
His pain she can take no more
She goes to bed and waits for him
To end her broken world
With one wave she cuts away
The life he lives each day
Now in peace she sleeps each night
And all that’s left
A stain

Each day she prays for freedom
Each day she battles on
The day he promised to love and cherish
The day is now no more
With each day she faces fear
From the man she dearly loves
Leaves her in a battered mess
Scarred to face the world
Then came the day she had enough
The fear she could not take
Aimed a gun while in his sleep
One shot would seal his face
Her life is now free from fear
The world she can enjoy
Now in peace she sleeps each night
And all that’s left
A stain

These stories each are similar
The price each paid was death
Two people lived in daily fear
Now live in happiness
Some say the actions 
Of these ones 
Were drastic steps to take
The bible states 
Thou shalt not kill
But help was just too late
Think back the story
Of the cross
Where Jesus bled and died
He shed his blood 
To save each soul
For us he paid the price
Sounds like the death
Of these ones
At the hands of ones that feared
Was covered by the rugged cross
Where Jesus paid for sin
For God is love 
And each of us
He wants to live in peace
If you doubt 
Go to the cross
And you will find 
A stain

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O Compassionate and Merciful

O Compassionate and Merciful
Listen to my cries, so pitiful
O Creator and Destroyer
You are my one and only Redeemer
O King of the Last Day
Illuminate my way
Do not forsake me or set me astray
I am here to obey
Do with me what you may
But don't set me aside
I pray you don't make my worlds collide
O Compassionate and Merciful

Dear Lord, 
If it is good, then make it easier for me
If it is evil, then set obstacles against me
I may regret and feel sorrow
But I trust you know what's best for tomorrow
My heart is protected in Your chest
Your Spirit preserves my serenity
Keeps me from insanity
O Lord of Passion and Mercy

And bless the Praised One, send him my regards
And enlighten his chosen progeny, for they are the stars
And our last prayer is in praise of You
O Compassionate, O Merciful

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There Will Come A Day

    It's so funny to hear them all  laugh aloud as if it never mattered,
One day they wont feel so Joyful  because their lives  have been shattered.
   Not taking their time to understand or make any plans for the days to come,
Soon they will find out how bad things really are when they are on the run.
   How I have tried to show them these things they do will only cloud thier way,
For them to settle down and start planing for those times that will come one day.
   Why it is so difficult for them to see what I am saying was meant to be,
To do nothing to correct their paths rough roads is all they will see.
   There will come a day when they wish they had paid attention,
I was telling them we must beware but they would not listen.
   It will be as the end of days for those who did not pray,
Never Thanking the Lord for the blessings each and every day.
   Remember those words Please Father Forgive them ,
For they do not know what they do ,I say , Amen..

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The child in the beggar's arms, A scrawny little one, muddy, half-naked Staring at me: large eyes in a small face, Starved and ill-treated, with an expression that is dazed. Camped outside an uptown temple Alms for hunger cries, she even gets pinched! Rented out for a paltry sum I wonder if her parents ever flinched. Just the idea of their child, out on the hot dusty streets Surely did not send shivers down their spine The baby with this merciless beggar woman, who even beats. She is an orphan with parents around, The God inside the temple forgot to bless her Poor thing, with misfortune her fate is bound. As she greedily sucks the banana I give It makes me think about the striking irony in life Two of God's own creations: one in comfort, the other in strife. My little baby born about the same time; Showered with love and affection, cared and cuddled In the cosy comfort of his home, plays with his musical chime. Gets fed before he gets hungry, Put to sleep on a schedule and entertained timely. Poor little one, it seems, with you the Gods are angry. Destined, though, is each being's suffering Dear Lord, please forgive her 'karmas', Please do accept the fervent prayer I am offering.

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Prayer and Action

I remember learning from the first minister I had. I thought I had to only pray to 
obtain things, it was my faith in such a GOD. He kindly gave me insight

 he said "Ted, it is prayer and action"
I replied " what do you mean action?"
he said " Do you get a job before applying for it?"
I replied "No, that is silly, we have to apply ourselves first"
he said " exactly, God calls you to act upon his desires, so he can make the prayer a 
reality in some cases Ted"

The moral of this story is, if you need justice you have to act. A rapist is not just 
caught by prayer, they are caught by the police. They act.

If you need to reach for what is remaining of your dignity, you need to act.

This week I apply myself to act,

and know God will heeds my action to turn it into a prayer.

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Wash me, wrap me, dig 
some earth 
Buy me a casket if you must
Love, when I die don't let 
the holy man touch me.

For the life of dirt I lead this 
Could a year of prayer wipe 
a slate
Engraved with gold and 
blood of theft and tears 
And greed and lust and hate
Many a foetus robbed of 
breath and
Seven nights and seven 
days of orgy
Drunkenness and rape
Of scooping icings off some 
cakes and
Much disdain for day of 

Wash me, wrap me, dig 
some earth
Buy me a casket if you must
Love, when I die don't let 
the holy man touch me
Lest he contract a death of 

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My Gift To You

Christmas will soon be here. Everybody will be getting gifts. I wanted to give you one too, but I didn't know what to get. I just knew that it had to be perfect for you. I am going to say a prayer, this prayer is especially for you. I don't know you, or what your need might be. I just know that you need a PRAYER today. Maybe you are sick, or might have another type of problem. Whatever it is - I know that you need some help. Right now I am liteing a candle. It will be in your honor. Very humbly, I will ask JESUS to come to you now and lay His hand upon your head, so all His power can be transmitted to you. Let Him rid you of your pain, or problems that you might have. Just for a minute - close your eyes and imagine that you are alone with JESUS, that He is holding your hand. Let Him bless you now and forever AMEN... 12/18/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Comments: Just thinking of all of you. Merry Christmas to all.

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By Grace

Except the grace by which I'm saved


Make my life a real prayer to you,

As I'm crawling, begging, pleading & passing through...

Perhaps, we in our society have bit off?

Far more then we can actually chew;

Yet who knew in full view/

A parade filled with wasps falter to fly on through nor to stick like glue;

No questions anymore just to settle for what is new/


We have been sliding back into an evil abyss with sin;

Shattered dreams in its timeless appease/

We then choose to water down your saving message/

Except the grace by which I'm saved,


In your Holy word you cause such a heavy tidal wave so behave...!

Yet you have given mankind free will some cheap thrill,

Instead many just settle for the lie that claims I am what I do;

In place of lobster brisque they end with burger on fry/

That is no lie!

Again through hearts that are very closed to cause harm sound the alarm!

Today more then ever we need to face the music & sound the alarm;

In pulsating textual fervor just don't ever call me late for dinner,

The vibe can go further,

With faith as a child one can get a little wild;

Except the grace by which I'm saved!

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The Scent of Your Soul sweet is your soul's scent;
it excites everything with Bliss; bliss that never goes faint.
Inhaling your sweet scent, is our inner purpose,
to cease smelling the stench of worldly suffering.
Cover us with your wings, to let us smell your scent,
forever being drunk in your Eternal Bliss!

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A Prayer for Humanity

Dear Lord, have mercy on our souls sins of inhumanity are rampant ISIS beheads not only Americans but their own citizens as well our leader plays golf instead of taking action reports of hungry children span the globe terrorists act like puppeteers please take their power strings away let Your children see a better day we take responsibility; You gave us free will so I can but pray for the innocents, the children may their futures be brightened by the love in Your heart and the sacrifices made by Your Son Judgment Day seems to be approaching let there be a line at heaven’s gate Amen
*Written September 3, 2014

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Linda-Marie The Sweetheart Of Poetry Soup

The Joy of Jesus she cries out

a poet
and a dreamer
a mother
and a dedicated wife

a flower blooms from within a sacred dream of possibilities
with pen in hand passion is birthed profound
she has been blessed with a special gift of spiritual insight
pushing forward into a realm of  a new beginning 
her loving words seem to take flight in an adventurous vision 
each day her beauty touches our lives
She is so special and kind 
protecting each with love and a prayer of belief
she is a loving guide with inspiration spilling free without a cost
under her wing she has placed me since the pen reached out to the paper

a poet 
and a dreamer 
a mother 
and a dedicated wife                     
Linda-Marie, thank you for this time
may God wash you in His eternal light

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Praying Hands

Why do we hold our hands as we do
When we pray
Is it relative to our thoughts
I hear us say
Is it so that we can see the children’s hands
So they don’t play
Or is it in reverence or a gesture
We do each day.

Palms together has been a ritual for many years
So where did it start and why I might ask?
Is it gesture of pleading, that our prayers are heard
that we are up for the task,that seems absurd
Maybe it’s the look of a favour being asked 
Because of this position I might be observed
As in the Yoga position, mentally centrical therefore
I can say that observations are in accord 
the palms together does emphasise
the meditative, pleading, respect of most cultures alive.

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The First Time

For the first time,
I feel that life’s treating me right

Everyone’s talkin’ amongst themselves…

I’m sick ‘n tired of wastin’ time
I need to…train myself to become successful – 
Starting tonight.
My life has its ups ‘n downs…
How can I balance myself again?
How can I be more productive this week?
How much time does it take to make my life valuable?

Every now and then, 
I feel that there’s no way out of the cage

Everyone’s bringin’ up past recollections 

I’m willin’ to fight the good fight… but I feel like garbage…
My faith towards Him slowly decays away… 
How can I rebuild my strength again?
How can I reassure myself that I’m stronger than I realize? 
How much time does it take to accomplish all of my dreams? 

Every so often,
I feel that my family doesn’t love me

Do they still cherish me like hidden treasure?
Do they still love me beyond measure?

Everyone’s tellin’ me that I did a great job on my solo 

I don’t believe them entirely…but at least I got the audience’s attention  
My future is bright like the sun…
How can I make my dreams a reality?
Does God know the answer?
How much time does it take to taste a sprinkle of glory?

For the last time, 
I feel the need to reach the finish line

Everyone’s proud of me for trying my best 
And running with all of my effort
I’m willin’ to encourage myself to pass the test…
Despite my struggles, I’m doing fine  

My courage increases by the minute…
I outrun the competitive runners and I’m barely passing the test 

My cup is half full – I’m extremely grateful
For the first time, 
I feel that God has answered my prayers – 

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From the sky
Rested achingly upon
The ample bosom
Of grief
Oh Divine, my beloved!
Kneel upon thy alters
Bow down, oh heart
On velvet cushion's grace.
Nigh is death
Lean on Thee
Erratic heart
Tumultuous sea
Calm! Hush now. Calm!
Thy belly crawls
 before thy feet's sorrow
Given paradise 
A tomorrow's dream
Thy brows sweat
And the moon dims
Take my soul
To eternal's promise
Bosom's tears 
water the heavens
Heart and the sea
Pleading for the nightmare's end.

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Tooth Fairy's Lament

Baby teeth, two of them
loosening in her mouth force me to tears.

How under prepared for the coming of age
that will devour the entire night
in a prayer to a god not visited
since who knows when?

A complication all along
by the strangest of men who
somehow believes himself
impossibly responsible, sneaking in letters
sans a return address… 
No way to respond.

If one night she finds her good nature abused
for the unfathomable, seems 
one of us might feel that terror again.

The most selfish of bearers reckons that
loss bites bone deep. Devours.

Such little bones –
how heavy.

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Her eyes concerned,
Her smile soothing,
Her touch caring,
Her heart kind
Her presence comforting;
Her ambition service,
Her speech, love
Her prayer, peace
Her scripture simplicity and tranquility.
Her hymn shelter, holiness and purity.
Her meditation humility, gaiety and generosity.

Her fruit of silence was prayer,
Her fruit of prayer was faith,
Her fruit of faith was love,
Her fruit of love was service
Her fruit of service was peace.

Countless mothers are there in this world,
But who like her shines like gold?
She was an angel to humanity, a blessing and a boon.
Words are too less to describe a human like her
She was to the poor, sick. downtrodden,
Orphans and destitute a saviour.
Her name will be written in God's book with gold,
Her immortal, spotless soul shall never be old.

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Violent Prayers

I have cried those violent prayers
hurled them, venom filled, cursing
all the powers that be - but aren’t.
Seething in the roiling pit of rage
alone amid the nothingness of all,
yet still felt the presence of a
something, a texture, a tenuous
touch of windblown curtain brush
against my clenched and hateful
fists.  I pounded mercilessly on the
sands of doubt’s mirage, laid siege
the bastions of the liars, fled in
fear of a power’s lack of power.
A strength now shown so weak,
a vision’s searing heat laid cold,
an emptiness so full it led to
barren desolation, blank and
blackened dreams.  I wept.
Not for me but for he who was
sacrificed so that I could become
me, for the child denied his chance
to live free of me, my hate, my rage,
my past, my pain.  And so my prayers
are violent and loud in an effort to
awaken a deaf and distant God.
My prayers do not beseech forgiveness,
nor toss bouquets of unwarranted praise
to acquiescent arrogance.  I pray not
for others who are capable of praying
for themselves.  I pray as violently as
the wind blows, as heatedly as the
desert sun, as proudly as the leaves
of Fall, as meekly as the buds of
Spring, as coldly as the glacial gales.
I pray with the passion of the seasons,
the faith of a bumblebee’s pollination,
the hope of the sightless mole digging,
the love of the shrieking Eagle’s devotion
to the air currents.  I pray as a Lark
who sing in empty canyons hearing
only the reverberation of his song.
I pray – for praying is the song of life -
and life - its voice.

John G. Lawless

for Regina Riddle - Prayer poetry contest

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Angels' Wings

To one who has touched angels' wings
From one who still reaches
To one who has learned all there is to know
From one who knowledge beseeches

To one who has attained peace
From one who fights for pride
To one who is stands in the center
From one who sits off to the side

To one who is always carried
From one who must always walk
To one who is always spoken to
From one who must always talk

To one who everyone adores
From one who needs love
To one who is never below
From one who is never above

To one who is perfect
From one makes mistakes
To one who always wins
From one who loses after raising the stakes

To one who always knows
From one who must always learn
To one who never worries
From one who is always concerned

To one who has created the world
From one who lives on this Earth
To one who has never been sad
From one who has never had mirth

To one who always smiles
From one who always frowns
To one who always hears prayers
From one who hears horrid sounds

Hear my prayer to you God
To help me learn Your teachings
To You, who has touched angels’ wings
From me, who is always reaching

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When? Until when 
Will our state be unknown?
When will all be clear?
When will it all change?
Where is the climax?
Where is the changing point?
Well there has been many 
All were hard and tough 
All were painful and caused separations
Many caused screaming and tears
All were mad
None of them except
Opened the closed windows 
And showed me the burning sun 
Showed me the sinful truth
Everyday, closed some of the windows
Everyday, a curtain shielded 
Time didn’t erase
But left me curious and eager
For what shall come
Every part of me screamed silently 
When will all change?
Or hasn’t it been time yet
My present wants to know my future
As it runs from an unforgotten past
As I practice hobbies
To help strengthen my ability 
And clear my mind
I’m tired 
I’m suffocating underneath my grin
I’m imagining both destines
Through my skin lingers fear 
Time didn’t change it
Nor fake hopes
But one thing
I believe might change it
Even though I’ve been waiting 
But nothing happened
I still believe 
Treasure these erased moments
Live these forgotten times
Cry as much as it takes away the burden 
Remind your self with patience
Live with you’re believe in God
Sleep with a prayer to keep your soul 
And one day 
All will be good 
All will be justified
I still believe
I still wait 
For no one
But Mighty Lord 

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Help me

Take me in your fold For I am a wandering soul A soul fed up of its fleshy case Caught in such a prison It yearns for free air It yearns to be cleansed It yearns to repent It yearns for thy grace Lift me up ,for its now high time Help me, O my Allah To gather these withered ends To surrender to thy will Heed the cries of this shackled soul Help it to fly in the mystic air To whirl on the mystic tune To feel what it is,to be near you…

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Blood on the Bible

The indecision builds while staring into the velvet covered bible and knowing that you have already read more than was necessary. Yet you stand and read on and on hoping that one small word will shine into the dark crevices separating you from reality’s warm embrace. Scoring your wrist you watch the small trickle of blood now pooling where it lands inside a knitted loop of the bric a brac doily on the roll top desk. You wince slightly as you press the blade little deeper, and jump just enough for the holy book to fall and slide down the silk backing on the Queen Ann's chair to land open on the floor. A spot of blood calls attention to the number 139. Surely you hallucinate as the eerie blue iridescence emanating from the still open bible seems to warmly creep around your feet. “Such strange warmth”, you think, as it permeates your socks against the cold wooden floor. “I haven’t lost that much blood”, you think wondering why the sudden loss of breath and the need to sit down. The blackness forces you to the floor and a single word catches your eye. “everlasting” —the last word on the bible’s page. “Everlasting is a long time you think” as your eyes leave the single word at the bottom of the page. Moving to the top again you see Psalm 139. “I remember them you think. Psalms, --King David.” Reading the book later, you will realize the words on this day were different. “Dear one, I have searched you and I know you. I know when you sit and when you rise, I perceive your thoughts from afar Before you speak a word I know what you are going to say. -----such knowledge is too wonderful for you, too lofty for you to understand. Where can you hide from my spirit. Where can you flee from me? If you go to the heavens, if you go to the depths, if you rise on the wings of the dawn and settle on the far side of the sea, even there my hand will guide you." Pulling the pillow case from the bed behind. you bind your wrist to stop the slight flow of blood. Feeling the strength of passion spurring in divine presence you continue this life event with a hunger never before felt. “Oh God, please don’t let me die,” you pray. “For you created my inmost being, you knit me in my mother’s womb. ----I am fearfully and wonderfully made and was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven you saw my unformed body and my days were written in your book before I ever came to be.” Hanging your head and thanking God again and again, you will realize later that the prayer you prayed was exactly the same as the last part of King David’s prayer in Psalm !39. You will marvel over that for all the many years of your life remaining. And afterwards all the seed of all your seed for 139 generations will receive a framed story telling of the life event, preserving your miracle of the bible in the hands of God. © cghjr Nov.9.2012 It is against my nature to copy selective verse from the bible and put it into a poem to make the poem coherent. However, I feel the message in the part of psalm 139 which I am using is a powerful one and is a voice I can spread without offending anyone. Non believers just dismiss it as fiction and believers will say “beautiful”

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It's Not A Cult

It's not a cult:
It's a Savior saving my life.
It's a Savior saving your life.
It's our Savior saving our lives.
It's not too late.
It's never too late!

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With Regret

Impatiently she waits; anxious and as usual
begging God to intervene with a phone call,
an invitation, she was unwilling to wait for.
Her prayers were in earnest - full of promises.

God is a good judge, He exposes falsehood
and He said no, a clear no.  This is a trap,  
You are deceiving yourself;  
you are being deceived.

But she longed for true love 
and a trusted colleague showed her some.
She knew she lived among imposters  
who thrived on fraud and lies.
Refusing to face facts. 
she made that phone call herself.
When a too-familiar voice answered, 
she dropped the phone in disbelief.
It was an even clearer answer to her prayer 
and she moved on.

Reader, be warned by her scars of deceit.
If you must fight to have your own way,
pause on occasion to consider, 
what do I want to know? 


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Resistant laugh,
Scope of my pride,
Honorable integrity
With a twist of wisdom and wit,
Is it hard to notice
The night turning over
To the peer of the morning sun
While the frozen ground is cracked
From a winter's chill
Like the chapped lips of a cigarette aficionado.
You beseech me
And I abide by your appeal
Like a doctor with a weak anesthetic,
Yet you stand outside, watching the sun rise
With a roll tucked between your pouting lips
Like a man under the pin of a shark's jaw
As the teeth clench and he uses his last breaths
To try to kill it before it kills him.
I can only say a prayer for you
As I've done so many times before,
Wishing for your comfort and happiness
Like a repetitive drone with a repetitive desire,
But it makes no difference to the eyes and ears of this world.
God will chop away at you
Like a surgeon running late for a dinner party,
And you will deteriorate
Like the awe inspiring pages of a classic novel's
First print. I will spare the expense
And carefully turn each page,
Reading each chapter under strict scrutiny
As a devout fan and honest critic,
Loving, appreciating and admiring every word
Until the day the binding
Loses its touch
And falls apart.

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written 30th Nov 2001

Lost and alone
 for she doesn't know where to go
This mother is now stuck
 she weighs up her options
And see's she is fighting against gossips 
 she stops, and takes a look at this world
What have they done, to this lovable little girl
 as she open's her eye's
Only to be faced, with all there lie's
 feeling alone and tired
She walk's on, to only find
 she is saying good-bye..
Taking one last look around
 before she lay's down on the ground
As her eye's completely, silently close
 she whispers, her final prayer to die
Still she walk's on, lost and alone
 but the difference now is quite clear 
For you can see her soul.....just disappeared...

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God listens in SILENCE

Loud Chants, rattling of Bells during 
"Aarti" in Temple
"Azaan" in Mosque
"Mass" in Church
is heard by PEOPLE ..... 

also heard by 
Sick, Elederly people
Students preparing for Exams
Cattles resting
Birds on way to Nest

also creates NOISE POLLUTION

GOD prefers listening Prayer in SILENCE
HE knows how not to DISTURB Others during Prayer (For HIM)
HE knows how not to POLLUTE Environment (own creation)

HE is waiting for us to UNDERSTAND.....

"Aarti" "Azaan" "Mass" are way of Prayers by Hindus, Muslims & Christains 

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Last Prayer

Last Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
Medication Russian Roulette
Praying to the lord my soul he shall keep
Please God don’t let me awake
I yearn to embark on this slumber
A slumber which knows no end
Closing my eyes; never to open again
The one thing I ask dear Lord
May my loved ones never weep
For embarking on my eternal sleep

By: Tim Lundmark

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a thousand times I call your name
throughout the day
like I always would

you'd come frolicking around the corner
always making your way
to me

a thousand times I swear I feel you
brush up against my legs
like you always would

a thousand times more
I forget your gone
because you should be here
not there

but I know it's an oasis
one where your lungs are restored,
your breaths aren't shallow
and you're eating all of the tuna in the world

a thousand times I swear I wake up
you next to me
on the other pillow

I can't help but sleep against the wall
afraid I'll roll over on you

and then I wake up,
pillow bare
no indent
and the reality takes toll
a thousand times I've prayed for your soul

but in the end,
I'm alone

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Notes on an Election

And the election came about 
Our land chose its leader
Hard work on both sides
     and now the results are in 
An African - American 
    stands once again at the helm
of our ship of state
Let's hope the ship 
    has smooth sailing 
 Although knowing the way the world is 
    I doubt that the trip will be easy 
  America is the furnace 
where the fate of mankind 
    is being forged 
   Despite our faults 
we still offer much hope 
     to mankind 
Now that the "American Dilemma" 
     has faded somewhat 
  Say a prayer for our leaders 
Difficulties can be conquered 
      If we work together we can move ahead
Rejoice in nature's  bounty 
Turn our cities into"gardens for the human spirit"!

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Pieces of Scabs

I felt that;
The upward lift,
As they touched my crown;
A prayer whispered,
The living;
Feeling alive,
The muddy eyes;
The truth;

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Hope for Utopia

          Utopia, Casa de las Madre,
these four walls that close
         round flesh and bone, exclaim:
" is the breaking of the body,
and the spilling of blood...",    is it not
       that which means sacrifice?
    means love?
                            means life?
Family brought together in embrace
       of pain and prayer, I say:

'God, I am only as good as you,
             and being as you are, I can't
                       regret my birth (having played no part),
                                                     but live only with belief:
                                  that my home can once house my heart 
                                                                                          in peace.

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Elemental Witch

 Dirt pours between my fingers
 my energy returns
 Steady as the ground beneath me
 Send a prayer to Demeter
 Cool breeze runs across my face
 Look to the clouds, float gently across the sky
 I feel like the swift sparrow through the leaves
 Send my joy to Khaos
 Freely flow through streams and rivers 
To you I am pulled, a calm when you are near
 A steady drip of water, one day my cup will fill
 Poseidon has sent for me
 Draws me to it's warmth
 Turns my calm to a quick temper
 but away from it, my back will never be
 I call out to Hestia
They call me to walk my Wiccan path
 In their hands my spirit will ever be

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Where's The Love

We were taught to shine bright,
But where's the light when we condemn?
Where's the light when we judge?
Where's the light when we don't love?

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His Power

I petitioned God in prayer 
With angry words ... I cried out
He bowed down His ear to me
Then, in one single touch He sent me
Falling prostrate on the floor

He reached down from on high
And took hold of me
He drew me out of the deep waters
Waters in which I was drowning
From my own tears they grew

With One mighty finger
He penetrated deep within my chest
And melted my hardened heart
As I lay depleted before Him
He raised me up

Seeing the darkness that had encompassed me 
Humbly and shaken I sat at His feet
For He saw my fearfulness
He felt my anguish
My tears He wiped away with tenderness

My sobs were felt in His heart
His voice was heard in my spirit
Together we were bound in oneness 
As His arms enveloped me and 
His peace fell abundantly upon me

He is my hiding place
He will protect me from trouble
And surround me with songs of deliverance
His power is made perfect in my weakness
His grace is sufficient for me

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In The Future Looking Back

In the future looking back,
You'll be happy to see
How far you've come
And where you are today,
So make the most of this now.

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We Are Yours

I am Your soldier.
I am Your fighter.
I am Your servant.
I am Yours.
We will fight for love.
We will embrace all.
We will serve Your world.
We are Yours.

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The healthy man fights not to be sick,
Meticulous doctor prays to have enough patients,
patients hope not to end up in the morgue,
morgue keeper needs more corpses to keep his job,
The coffin maker hopes to make enough sales
to pay his bills;praying that many should die.

The robbers pray not to get caught ,but
to succeed more in their exploits;
Fraudsters plan to swindle more victims,
Crime fighters prepare more to stop crime,
as terrorists device different means to make
their impact more devastating.

A woman prays day and night to have a baby,
A child! of her own to bring out the joy of her marriage
and silent all her enemies and adversaries,
Another refuses to have one;she evacuates her womb
many times in her lifetime,not ready for motherhood,
The strong and wise remain poor,
while the weak and nitwit dined in opulence.

Electorates planned and prayed to elect good leaders,
'Good' leaders embezzle and usurp power,
A man has thirty-six duplexes and two castles
but sleep only in one room,while another man has six children
with no room to lay his body.

Oil exploration increases,piracy increases,
New pipelines constructed,vandals destroy,
UNO sues for world peace,more nuclear weapons
produced,insurgency unabated,
everyone prays to succeed in their quest,
Whose prayer should be answered?
That of UNO or terrorists?
Crime fighters or criminals?
evildoers or good fellows?
Doctors or patients or coffin makers?
Saints or the beasts?
Murderers or mothers?
Hmm!I`m confused...
Thanks to the supreme deity,I`m not in HIS Shoes.

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I prayed for food and I prayed for rent, 

I prayed for these things to be heaven sent, 

I prayed in the morning and I prayed at night, 

To help out my brother and the mentally ill in their plight, 

I prayed at my job site, 

I prayed at the dinner table, 

I prayed that men should not kill like Cain and Abel, 

I prayed against war and slavery on every shore, 

I prayed for the victims of criminals, the lepers , the poor, 

I prayed and prayed until this very same day, 

When I received a knock on the door, 

" You have not my money! Then you must go away!"

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It's About Them

It's not about me;
It never was,
It never should have been,
And it never will.
It's not about me;
It's about them.
It's about Him.
It's about giving them all they need
To get them back on their feet.
It's about showing them hope
So they may be filled with the Spirit
And know that things will be alright again.
It's about serving Him
So we may show His love
And spread His messages for all the world to hear.
It's about inspiring.
It's about teaching faith.
It's about giving hope.
It's about showing love.
It's not about me;
It's about them.
It's about Him.

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Greatest Love of All

The greatest love of all might be a fake antidote 
A distraction to the mundane and insane ongoings of day to day
From streaming through the cement jungle on your tap shoes
Or running in the nick of time
Spilling the cup
Jumping the ropes of change
That’s when you find the great moment of joy
One great supply of unfurnished real fresh air
Like in the breadth of living you find life worth living
And your greatest love of all

A cup of piping coffee dark and sane
A glass of chardonnay 
A new pair of heels, wheels, or sealing the deal
A dress with ruffles, nothing less than ruffles
A moment with your sister 
A laugh with your brother
A sweet cookie and meal with your mother

Bursting through the mundane doors you come out alive and renewed
A prayer to the heavens and your re-glued 
Sticking to the point, you’re on the way
It’s a new day 

A fresh new day might be the greatest love of all


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The Cards of Life: Part Two

(Continued from The Cards of Life: Part One)

Ah, yes!
I see thousands chipping in with their donations,
I see thousands giving coats to those in need,
I see thousands feeding those on the streets,
I see thousands saving lives,
I see thousands changing lives,
I see thousands making positive impacts,
And this is only what is seen.
Imagine what occurs in hiding
Behind the scenes!
I guess the moral here
Is to open our hearts for all;
There is no person too big or small
Who doesn't deserve to be loved.
God is all around,
And we need to show them His love.
This life is not always easy,
And we cannot understand everyone's situation.
So, please, let's love all of those in need
For they could use a helping hand,
And let's give them strength,
Faith, hope, and love again.
You can change someone's life!
You can save someone's life!
Let's start a movement to share God's love
By loving the world and all her people
Because they are human beings too,
Just like me, just like you.
But I still sit here,
Wrapped in my bed,
And I can't help but feel guilty.
So let's go and help those in need.
Together, we will all fuel the victory!

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Jabez's prayer is recited from  
The side of the refrigerator  
Near a magnet from last summer's
Vacation bible school
Early morn and the quiet 
Is interrupted by myriad birds chirping 
The rumble of a refuse truck robotically
Empties the dumpster from the front 
Passing cars creak and whoosh  
Mrs. Garza's nightlight clicks off
Automatically the day begins
Entangled with snores
The ice maker gives birth
The central air unit cycles on
Announcing the cool air needed
For a going to get hotter day
A distant dog barks
The muse is crashed by the
Stumbling into the room
Cabinets creak open and the
Electric can opener growls
Open a can of syrupy tangerines
smackingly devoured while the spoon
Scrapes against the metal
Ancient civilizations are described
As the now too loud television alters
The air waves
Then the national anthem waves
A train whistles pass 
As does the morn 
And the mood broken 
Or enhanced by a reality
Of sneezes and snorts

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God Has Other Plans

God has other things for me to do;
He has other plans.
I need to listen to Him;
He is the One.
God's Will be done,
Not ours.

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He is a Friend of mine

Had a conversation with God in the morning,
I told Him all am wanting,
all am needing,
I told Him how I love Him,
how i am so lost without him,
i told him my hopes n drims,
i told him my hurts n pains,
i opened up to him,
cried b4 him,
let hm know hw i feel.
i promised to be good,
to not forget little thngs that count alot,
i askd hm to help me,
to guide me,
i asked him for so much,
i put my trust in him,
He is my God my friend,
We talk every morning,
every time,
he lets me cry,
lets me weep, smile.
he cares and protects,
and guides me,
I am so at peace cuz,
I know HE is in control.

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The Longest Night

With every candle lit A prayer of hope was said. With every tear drop cried A prayer of faith was given. With every fear expressed A prayer of uncertainty followed United together as one God covered us in love. He wrapped his arms around those suffering. He walked with those that needed reassurance. And he carried those who were too weak to continue. He showed himself amongst the pain and anguish. He turned fears and tears into strength and courage. He saw the gifts he had offered and heard his words of wisdom. Surrounded by candle light on this night God came to help us win the fight.

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You are enough

When will you understand that you are all you need? That all your imperfections are a gift you see. You have so much to offer to those who’ll listen. Your strengths are your foundation The love you hold in your heart is only the start. The faith you hold onto in the darkest times It is your phone to the afterlife. The power of prayer can lead you anywhere. The whispers you hear in the breeze Are a reminder of all he hears you say. Close your eyes and feel his hand As he pulls you close to him. When will you understand you are enough for this man? You are perfect the way you are a sinner covered in blood. He will love you for eternity all you have to do is believe. Raise his name up when all else crumbles and falls Stand your ground through it all. Don’t hide your face show the courage you posses Know deep down your love is enough. Never forget what he did For you to be standing where he once did.

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While I thought you slept, I broke into your mansion to rob you.
I should have been shot on scene as a trespasser
With only the stain of my blood left to be scrubbed away,
But you fed me, clothed me, and gave great gifts to release me from need.

In the act, you caught me defiling your bride.
Your boiling anger should have overwhelmed and terrified me.
Strong hands of a passionate husband should have clenched around my neck.
Instead of strangling me, you embraced me as if I were your closest friend.

Why was I spared from the cross that I deserve?
Even now I feel the gaps in my hands where the nails were not.
Why do you sustain when you should decrease and destroy?
Each breath was stolen from the lungs of your son.

Why is forgiveness your desire, and not the exacting of revenge?
The gavel is in your hand and the charges against me are read.
Why, even more, am I the blessed traitor who was given clemency?
My actions deserve death, yet you pour treasure in my lap.

This seems overly ridiculous to all of my dull senses.
I'm confused by the stark contrast of my new fate.
Baffle me daily so that daily I beg for your guidance.
My intelligence is insufficient as eyes are to emit light.

Remind me constantly of the buffoon that I was
So I might be first to cry for mercy for others like me
Remind me consistently of how you relieved my immense debt
So my dread fear for the lives of my new friends might vanish

If I insolently stand against you in anything your will seeks
Maintain your compassion toward me and direct me back to your side
If I habitually abandon my post due to my sheer neglect
Find me again and discipline me in your swift grace

I am a low and foolish individual who mourns over my isolation.
You celebrate with your community of faithful followers.
Include me once more in the joys of your resounding favor,
And often prompt me to speak of you, who thwarted my plans.

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A Good Rule To Follow

Just do what ever you think if you must,
Cause with you there can be no trust.
   Faith and love is what you must learn,
It is  something you must go out and earn.
   Respect and understanding is how you must start,
To keep a love from completely falling apart.
   If Joy and Happiness is what you seek ,
Then be strong and true it will be yours to keep.
   Kindness and compassion is a good rule to follow,
It will bring brighter days for al your tomorrows .
    Love as if it were the last day of your life,
Try caring with open arms and do not fight .
    This life is precious if there is someone to love ,
Try to remember that it is a gift from above.

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This weight upon my heart seems too heave to carry
Along this winding road of life,
I keep thinking of you, wondering if you are fine
When you were the one who pushed me away

I want to say a little prayer and want you to be here
To keep away this darkness of my life
I catch myself wondering if you ever realized that 
I was the girl who was always there for you

If I took back those words that I said
Would you still be mine?
If I smiled and took your hand,
Would you be the friend I used to know?
If I gave just another final chance,
Would you be here now to wipe away my tears?

This poem comes straight from my heart
I want to let go and set you free
But these feelings within me are not over yet
The yearning in my heart is taking its toll
I lived for you, believed in you
And what you gave me back was
A broken heart and broken lies
Together with a broken trust

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The Shadow Cast

The shadow cast was  so gigantic
My shadow small could not measure up
The feeble efforts__ my meager life
To gigantic shadow that was cast

Hard workin', energetic, gifts held
So that I could grow be giant oak
Strong sturdy solid gave your all__ life
Limbs were used to heat center of home

The leaves to mulch the flowers, roses
Acorns to the feed the squirrels, deer, wild life
But what a shadow across the yard
A shady place for one to sit and grow

Or sit close to your trunk to weather
The storms that come from time to time
How I miss that Oak that is now gone
Cut down removed used for heat

Hearth and home for several winters
So long ago but the __memories
Of the beauty as you lifted
You limbs in prayer and praise

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Oh Lord Can You Hear Me

I close my eyes and begin to pray, Dear Lord, why is life so tough?
Oh Lord please forgive me, this pain is too much I don’t have much strength left.
For you have not failed me any time before so why do it now or is this your great plan?
Oh Lord can you hear me when I call out your name?

I need you right now for this life has gotten harder, sometimes I just want to let go.
I search for the answers that I may never know and I reach for the sky in hopes of your touch.
I pray you will help me with each very step and I pray my hand you hold within yours.
Oh Lord can you hear me when I call out your name?

I need all your guidance and I’m sure you understand I need help to get through this.
Sometimes I feel like this life should end but I have two children who need me much more.
I feel the wind blow as if you’re walking by I smell a sweet scent like you’re right by my side.
Oh Lord did you hear me when I called out your name?

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Love more

I was walking down the street one night
I see people staring out their window’s frames
Looking tired and lonely in the night
Most in every single day
We stumbled in the dark clouds of life

This universe is beautiful & large
The power can give us everything

Each star is a dream hanging in the sky
Each star is a prayer waiting to be answered
Have you ever thought of it?

The wind is not just a vacant puff of air
The power can send your prayer into the open sky
And turned your hope into a sparkling star
To brighten up the dark sky
To give you a comfort night

I don’t care how far this loneliness will take me
I don’t care how long ‘till I found what I’m looking for

‘Coz I got soul to love more
And I got life to learn more

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Quiet Waters

Streams of blue fluid 
Flows downward 
As fragile carcasses decay 
Without a peep of a sound

We’re in the brink of disaster… 

Who invited such fear and anguish?
Who could lead us to quiet waters?

We bleed…
Polluting the waters below us… 
Trickling down the mountain
To our filthy feet…

Cleansing the sin off of our skin
But, it’s tangled from deep within…

The eeriness breaks 
The hearts of a thousand strangers
They all fall away powerlessly… 
Into the chambers of death 

Danger is lurking in every corner…
Pursuing its evil plans
To cut down our hopes…
Growing like crops… 
Rising rapidly –  
It never stops

Dreams of misfortune still 
Rapes our minds,
Plaguing our happiness… 
Consuming the darkness…

We’re sprawling on the ground…
We’re crawling like infants…
Veering briskly like serpents…

Who will set our souls free 
From suppression?  

Who will preserve our hearts?
Don’t prey upon our 
Guiltless lives… 
We’re in complete agony… 
Does He consider 
Our prayers  
Of support and nourishment? 

We scream…
Breaking the repulsive solitude…

Encourage us to keep on 
Trekking toward Your light

Where’s Your path?

You rinse off all of the sorrow 
Giving us a ecstatic tomorrow 

The weeping ceases…
While the corpses 
Tear into 

The faith of a couple of people
Strengthens us…keeps us motivated…
Not captivated…
In misery…
We’re reaping our 
Leading us to peace and fortune 
Keeping us accustomed
To Your purifying spirit…
Keeping us away from 

We’re hungry… 
Our demise is close at hand…
Closing in on us abruptly 
Like an obscure cave…

Rescue us from affliction –  
Embracing downhearted clouds…

Those wretched clouds…

Brought us rain when we asked for bread…

Those merciless clouds…

Spewed out scorching fire when we asked for relief…

Remember our supplications… 
Appalling lightning’s daring to strike us  
Out of cruel vengeance 
Out of sheer amusement 

Don’t even attempt to weaken us
We’re blossoming in joy…
We’re under cover… 
You can’t manipulate us 
Like a subtle toy 

We’re praying for
Quiet waters

Offer the deceased 
A second chance

Don’t disown 
Our broken lives

We’re not alone…

We’re just waiting until
The quiet, glistening waters
Gratefully arrives…

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What if GOD was one of us

That old age question, what does GOD look like?

What if you have already met? . . You might have seen him today?

Did you look closely at that stranger that needed help when you just walked on by?
Remember that charity worker that asked for a minute of your time?

Maybe we dont get to see GOD in his true form yet, but that dosnt mean we doont see him in this life. 

Don't be so quick to walk by . .
Dont be so quick dismiss that situation were you could have helped . . 

GOD sees everything and sometimes he's right there testing you . . Dont give up on the world just yet

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Castles in the Sand

So many men,
building castles in the sand.
Surmounting the sky...
with the belief,
that they will never die.
A mortal man,
Can not build,
a fortress around his soul.
The tide will wash away,
All that you build...
Even on your longest day.
Why does the pride of man,
Strive to break the soil of the land..
To build,
an empire that will surely rot?
I'd much rather have,
A shack on a rock,
than a castle in the sand.
I'd rather enjoy my life...
with the little I have,
knowing I lived all that I could.
Than end up battling the tides,
on my last day...
Only to lose a futile fight...
Losing my love to an ocean of night.
Give me twigs and and rope..
I'll build a house of hope.
Give me leaves and hay,
I'll build a roof over our heads today.
A house of loving faith,
A house on a rock..
For he is my foundation...
My Lord, My salvation..
By James Kelley 2010©

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Smoke burns IN,
By asteroids,
 of dispute, and
While the skies,
Fill, A comet, as
Everything disappears,
And, disaster strikes,
Where the world, turns IN,
For what we know, Is 
Just yet to, Be shown, IN,
Life, I can not see, beyond
IN, climate....

Though I will, Seek it to,
It's highest formate,
Because our LORD, almighty,
Lives IN, you, me, and for
always, at earth, forever, in
His heart, where we will, have
Given to find a house of heaven,
By a prayer In Hand....

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He Is Real And He Does Real Things

You know,
You are a beautiful person
And you are a beautiful soul.
Your faith is solidified in the ground,
Your hope is spread for all to hear,
Your love graces every heart to cheer,
Your belief in His truth has the power to change,
You believe because you know,
And that is what is so neat to see.

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The cold wet earth clings to my boots
The scent of wet soil draws memories
Visions of the past , scenes from my boyhood
Flicker in my thoughts.
Buds of sweat drips their cold journey down my spine
As I lay entranced and entrenched upon a hillside
Waiting the timeless wait for the next target

Here upon this accursed pass, we floundered
Here upon this barren land men fell dead 
Friends and comrades, brothers in arms
Others  still clutching their weapons 
Others in muted prayer laying where they fell
Kissing the cold earth now seared in black and red
The hues of death , the shadows of fate.

Here as I await the enemy’s passage
Here as this hill may be my burial mound
But I will not shudder nor fear the dread
that fear itself rains upon me
for I was trained to be steadfast
my valor , my strength , my courage 
is needed now, more than ever by my Country.

Unaware of the danger, caught in the cross-hairs
Of my scope ,the target , a general stands tall
The glow of an emblem upon his hat 
Temporarily blinding, yet a clear target he still is
Slowly gripping the trigger, affixing my stance
Feeling the direction of the breeze , the scent of wet soil
Cold sweat down my spine as I gently squeeze the trigger.

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Holy books says it all
You taught me how to crawl
This will never change
Never ends never fades
Dear God where you are?
Shattered piece of childish dreams
This will never change
Never ends never fades.

I can fight for all my life,
Not broken, not broken inside
Never be so frustrated,
Not going to commit suicide.

Fuc*ing faith will fall,
Mortals will stand tall
Hell and heaven are all the same
Live your life, don't die in vain

Only you and I can make 
A better world for tomorrow
Have faith in yourself
And wipe off the tears of sorrow

Make me scream, Make me cry
I'll never fail to try.
This night's has an end
No pain will remain

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God And My Friend 'originally called- Untitled'

“Please,” I said to God one day,
“I just need a friend.
One who’ll stay with me,
From beginning to end.”
I didn’t hear an answer,
I guess He was pretty busy,
I’ll try again later,
Maybe He’ll get back with me.
“I need a sister,” I yelled,
Hoping God might hear.
“Someone who won’t push me away,
One who’ll draw me quite near.”
I thought if I yelled at Him,
He’d get my prayer fast.
It was getting hard,
To deal with the loneliness from my past.
“Please,” I prayed to God,
“If this isn’t too much of a bother,”
I had tears streaming down my face, but,
“I would like a mother.”
I hadn’t had an answer yet,
Hadn’t heard anything at all.
I was wondering what to do now,
For I was feeling quite small.
“Please dear God,” I whispered,
For I’d almost given up hope,
“I need someone to love me.”
I was nearing the end of my rope.
All I heard was silence,
My heart was growing numb.
If I didn’t get an answer soon,
I would feel a bit dumb.
“Child,” God finally replied.
“I’ve been here all along.”
I thought He had left me, but,
“I have you where you belong.
You already have a sister,
Mother, and friend.”
I listened real closely,
I didn’t want this to end.
“This person is quite wonderful,
She loves you for who you are.
Open your eyes,
You need not look far.”
“Who,” I asked God,
For I was too scared to believe.
I was desperately hoping,
This wasn’t a trick up His sleeve.
“She is someone you know quite well,
You look up to her with joy in your eyes.
She is my servant,
I have made her quite wise.
Yet she is also a teacher,
But you have to be willing to learn.
Pay attention closely,
So you do not burn.
She’ll teach you not to get too close,
To the fires of Hell.”
“Dear God,” I whispered,
“At me will she yell?”
“No, dear Child,
For I have taught her patience.
She’ll love you forever.”
“Dear, God, is this a test?”
“It’s a test of your faith,
But you won’t be hurt anymore.
When I closed the window of your past,
I opened this door.”
“Thank-You, dear God,
I believe I understand.
All this loneliness,
Was a part of Your big plan.
Actually, I was never alone,
This is what I understand,
You were always there,
Hence the footprints in the sand.
And those times I thought You were gone,
I always had my friend,
The two of you were with me,
From beginning to end.
I might not have known you two,
For a good deal of my life,
But once we found each other,
You helped me through heartaches and strife.”
I know now I’ll never be alone.
As long as I have God and my friend,
They helped lift me up,
Time and time again.

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One day

One prayer at a time... one day at a time... and some days one step at a time.. Is what it takes to get to where you want to go.

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uncommon cure

tar it with a smile
suffocate the
color from its beat...
add feathers of forgiveness
drag it by the ID to the top of a cliff
feed it to the air
spin the prayer wheel
chant a prayer to the wind 
follow the tarry trail
back to the quiet canyon of your being
before entering
scrape the tarfeathers from your feet:
(an uncommon cure for a bolt cold heart)

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Death Awaits Me

It seems as if the darkness was like a veil that
Covered and kept my heart away!

Death Awaits!

Hey listen to my tragic story
One melodramatic story
The one that even I hate to remember
I had lost my wife!
My only real love in life!
And my children would soon follow after her!

Death Awaits! Death Awaits!

I have no hope left in me
Lost my house after my job
And soon I had been forced onto the streets
I have been starving for days!
Crying tears of blood!
Then finally I submitted to the darkness!

Death Awaits! Death Awaits! Death Awaits!!!

It's like karma came back to haunt me
Taking everything that I once cherished!
It seems as if the darkness was like a veil that
Covered and kept my heart away!

Death Awaits...

Now that I've been corrupted
There was no way to stop me
I had all the power necessary to live
However, I cried for help!
Terribly crying on the inside!
Hoping for a release from this world!

Death Awaits! Death Awaits!

I felt like an empty shell
One taking space and frail
Asking for some salvation or a way out
I'm tired of living!
I don't need this life!
Not if I am to be left alone in this world!

Death Awaits! Death Awaits!
Death Awaits! Death Awaits!!!

It's like I held my life in my grasp
But then it all got taken away suddenly
It's like the darkness is slowly dragging me
Into a cold and dark oblivion!

How I wish that I could fade into the
Darkness and have death carry me away
But it would seem as if I'm made to
Suffer for eternity...
I've done what I've coud to try and
Take my own life away but I've failed!
So I'm on my knees begging the
Darkness to take me away!

Death Awaits! Death Awaits...

I call upon the darkness to do me a favor
I pray that my prayer will be answered
Take my life away for I want to
Be with my family once again... 

Death Awaits...

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Betsy's Burden

Poor thing was such a worrier 
Over every little thing
Tell her any bit of news 
Expect the third degree
Endless nights she would spend in prayer
For answers to the problems  
The running joke around the town 
Avoid being Betsy’s burden

Betsy was the sweetest soul
You would ever want to meet
Always first to help someone
If ever there was a need
Despite poor Betsy’s goodness
Her worry voided reason
She would drive a soul plum crazy
Your problem became her burden

One early Sunday afternoon 
Before the choir rehearsed 
The people of the church house
Started to get concerned
Betsy never did show up
To lift her voice in song
A member of the choir set out
To find out what was wrong

They found her by her bedside
Still in place to pray
In offering up a prayer to God
He took her home to stay
Only thing that could explain 
Her death while still in prayer
That God himself was finally tired
Of hearing her always pray

Some people take upon them 
To be a pillar of strength
Betsy was that person
But her burden did defeat
Be careful of the task you chose
So it does not destroy you
Just like the problem 
That done one in
Known as Betsy’s burden

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Worth remembering

Another year has flown by
a new chapter begins.  A journey.
grateful for what has been done,
accomplished and shared with others.
It’s worth remembering; wrapped with joy.

perceived as ‘the glass is half full
rather than half empty.’ Optimism.
There’s emergence of hope.  It’s an experience.

while disappointments may blend
within the character of human goal;
given the spirit of wisdom
and perception of God’s wonder;
patience and perseverance make
the whole set in common.

It’s putting into practice amid
the ups and downs.  With newness in faith.
the path that leads to a life of grace.

As St Augustine’s prayer says,
“O Beauty, ever ancient and ever new.”
may this new year herald a cornucopia of blessings,
a gift of faith and peace throughout the year;
drawn to clothe everyone with these things
amid the running sore of pride,
selfishness and anger.

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Sixty Minutes

Sixty minutes to make peace, 
not much time in the scheme of things.  
To ask forgiveness for all I've done, 
seems I shouldn't have tempted fate in the first place.  
I never should have taken the path, 
that leads to remorse and I'm sorry's.  
I just should have listened to my little voice.  
The Angel that tried to guide me.  
Perhaps I wouldn't be here at this moment, facing my mortality.  
The what if's can fry the mind. 
 But just one might have saved me.  
I leaned upon the tale I'd been told, 
that forgiveness is but a prayer away. 
But, when you have just thirty minutes left, 
you realize it's too late.  
I am luckier than some, I guess.  
That had the end happen in a blink.  
Never knowing, nor having the chance, 
to ask for their soul to be saved.  
With just thirty seconds, 
not much time for lengthy pleas.  
So I will just ask you to hear my last two words..
"Forgive me" 

For the contest:  MY Last Hour
Sponsored by Robb A. Kopp

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Lord give me strength to hum
Even in the storms
Lord give me grace
When I do not have lace
And when all else fails
Still be the one who unveils
Still take my heart
For your power cannot be measured in kilowatt
Let me be the reflection of your glory
So when I begin my story
My once upon a time
Where I'm Ella without a dime
I'll end my song grateful
Cause all you are is faithful
This is me saying thank you
Cause all you've ever been is true

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Small Little Victories

If we break life down into small little victories,
It won't be long until the battle is over,
And before we know it,
The war will be won.

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My reason for being alive

You’re always there
hovering in the background
waiting for the invitation
to accompany me on this journey,

I can feel your presence
but as always when things go well,
You were just an afterthought 
a rambled prayer just before bedtime,

You stayed in the background 
not moaning, not sulking,
just waiting, waiting on the words
“Help me!”

And when things go wrong
when I lose control 
when I’m not able to carry on 
with one word, You’re there
to pick me up, to help me on this voyage,

not holding a grudge
not saying
I told you so, 
always forgiving…

Without You, I am nothing,
without You, I have no direction, 
without You, I don’t know my own strength…

But with you everything that seems impossible
is made possible
every obstacle that seems big
becomes minuscule, 

that’s how awesome You are
that’s how forgiving You are
always there, always willing and able
to respond to my plight,  

Lord, help me never to forget
my reason for being alive…

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Blame who

Who is there to blame for this pouring rain,
is it the sins of man that saddens my God?Or 
is it the cry of the dry dessert ,sent by its cactus antennas? 
A pointy prayer of the cactus, popping the watery sacs of the clouds?

Who is to blame for the blazing heat? is 
it the Eskimos trembling  prayer, sent up by the glacial winds?
Who is to blame for the famished ants ?
Is it the isolated people in there homes, 
never paying a visit to friendly grass, with picnic snacks?
Who is there to blame for death? Is it the grim-reaper
 or a story's mysterious end?
Who is to blame for natures loss of trees? 
oops lam sorry for the loss of trees ,I needed that
to write my poetry, but for the rest who is there to blame ?

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I see

I see a beginning of a smile
a wave of hello
and this lets me know
an orphan can be happy 

I see a church boy placing a note 
into a homeless mans' hands  
and the man beginning to smile 
and this lets me know 
a prayer does go a long way 

I see a young mom in a shelter 
and a baby girl in her arms
and this lets me know 
a family needs to stick together 

Lastly, I see a college student 
walking across stage peering into the seats
looking for his father who is not there 
and this lets me know 
that determination comes a long way 

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I want   

Mankind to be kinder to man 
The world to echo ‘‘yes we can'' 
All children to live without fear  
To know literacy and opportunity 
Equality to be truly equal  
Life to be valued higher than gold   

The tally of one’s true legacy    
To be measured by their mercy   
Law to always speak the truth      
A right to prayer to be absolute    
The plague of racism to be vanquished  
Earths bounty to feed the hungry  

The games we play called war   
To be declared forever lost 
The blindness of hate    
To be granted sight and tolerance   
The cries of the weak and abused 
To be answered by the strong     

Our rain forests to be cherished   
Whales to roam free within pristine seas  
The words spoken ''never again''  
To never again be needed to be said 
Every man to be a brother of mine 
Each child to be my child  

Within my lifetime 


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A prayer is like a song request
You love the melody it brings
Each... note... aligned... along... the... page
Corresponds with a masterpiece
Our prayers are very much the same
In that when we pray them 
They create a most beautiful arrangement before the throne of our King

So I challenge you this day to SING!!!

SING!... SING!... SING!...

*worshiping the Lord Jesus through poetry 
Gwendolen Rix

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By 3 AM

she wasn't there 
finally got used to it
the idea
to live is to suffer
scared of making mistakes
being an outcast
i keep it on the low
so much trouble in my world
haste and stale down here
i rely on poetry
to pass the time
alot's at stake
wanna wake up and read
blurry in my eyes
i go to sleep
dream of home
i see hope in a dream
before 3am
there ain't no fading from my memory
i visualise holding my newly born niece
Kolimba's tree blossoms
I say a prayer for Tuyate
to rest in peace
i've survived the pit.

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He Reveals Himself

He Reveals Himself

Everyday He reveals Himself in a special way.
Whether through His word or people  around
who know jus what to say.
That still small voice is waiting there to
speak into your ears.
I’m so gald He knows us and is waiting
there to hear.

He hears our very thoughts and words
so be careful come what may.
He is our Lord and Savior and
He’s only  a prayer away.

He reveals to us in many ways one
juct can not submise.
In dreams and vision come what way all
through the and all through the night.
Through a pleasant word from a dear friend
or just from a stranger showing a 
kind deed.
He reveals Himself.

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Abundant Touch

blood, sweat, and tears
nailed to a cross
crown full of thorns
your life was lost
for me, a worthless sinner
for me
a new beginning
I leave the past where it remains
I've been transformed
I've been restored
condemned no more
I wear the chains no more
I am free

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Thank You, Father

 free verse 

Father, no other one
can manage
the crossing of my Jordan
like He does, 
thank you for sending your Son,
my Navigator, Jesus!

Father, what a novel notion -
your grace, a norm for justice.
Thank you for sending your Son,
evil’s Nemesis, Jesus!

Father, ordained at your hand,
He offers us life
by dying on Calvary.
There is no one like your Son.
He's always available to help,
your Offering, Jesus!

Father, omnipotent over all things
one Lord, our example,  
occupied with obedience,
Overlord of the universe, 
Thank you for Jesus!


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Goodnight God

Goodnight my God,
I`m going to bed    
Work is over,  
prayers are said   
I am not afraid of night                 
You will watch till morning light.      

Goodnight dear God, 
I`m going to die     
Work is over,  
While here I lie, 
waiting for my final breath       
I Am not afraid of dark     
You will be my only ark.

Goodnight, my Lord
I feel so tight
My love I have ignored;
I shunned your light.
How I wish your face to see
Then I`ll know, 
I will be free.

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A Desperate Soul's Prayer and Jesus Response

**A Desperate Soul’s Prayer and Jesus’ Response** (fiction)

A day to the Lord Jesus is likened to a thousand years
I feel as though I have already waited an eternity for my prayers to be 
Why does it take so long for my petitions to be addressed?
My life is in shambles and I need some relief
You said everything is possible with you, Oh God
Well now it’s time to get working on my order
I have a miserable existence and my children don’t obey
My bills are reaching the sky
And my spouse doesn’t care either
It seems as though I am all alone in this situation
Don’t you care, God? 

God’s response…

My child, 
Do you not know how the Creator of the universe works?
Do you not understand the seriousness of my labors?
I do not send lightning bolts from the sky to make people obey
Instead I send gentle rain showers
You see, my child, when the Creator does his mighty work 
He continues to allow his children to make decisions on their own
He simply exerts a little pressure here and there and draws them unto himself
When years and years go by and a child is still disobeying me then it is at this
Time when I turn up the heat in my own heavenly way
I may allow a circumstance to befall you
I may allow a death of a loved one to draw you closer to me
I may even allow certain events to take place to draw you closer to me
But it is very seldom that you will ever see me send a lightning bolt from the 
Very seldom indeed
I am a loving God
I am a gentle God
But when centuries go by and my children continue to live in disobedience to 
I have to turn up the heat a bit
This is what I am about to do right now
I am about to turn up the heat on the entire human race to get their attention
I am calling all sinners to a complete repentance
Come back to me my children
Come back to me before it is too late
I am your loving Creator! I am your Father God!

Gwendolen Rix

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Are You Contented

Are you contented?

God gave us brain for knowledge
              And heart for love.
But He seemed to forget contentment.

If God gave us contentment,
            there will be no more competition,
            no more street rallies,
            no more chaos.
We will be happy, satisfied, and pleased.

Yet, there will be no more dreams,
             no more friends to talk to,
             no more efforts to be the best,
             no more adventures to make.
We need NO MORE GOD.

Are you contented?

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The Rapture of love

Trembling sounds running through my head,
earth tremors hitting my knee caps
fire balls blasting right inside my heart,
terror all around me,
lighting bolts striking right through my chest cavity,
thunderous heart breaks causing me to lapse into a coma,
A fear creeping upon me like a dream of Revelations,
fear soaring through me like an eagle,
a ferocious roar like a lion,
all I see is a demonic dragon with seven heads,
puncturing my soul with twelve horns,
I feel doomed for eternity,
the rapture of my heart is about to unfold,
please come back to me my love,
don't let death be the final calling sound of the trumpet. 

A moment before collapsing,
God opened up my dark clouds that floated above my lame body,
and he let you come back to me like you an eagle in my sky,
you stayed in my heart like a snake on a hot rock,
you rid the roughness of fights with me like a unsinkable ship,
all there is now is the way of you and me.

Inspired by the Love I have for my wife and the bible chapters(revelations and Proverbs 30:18-19).

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The pampered kid

I did not just wake up
the marvelous blended 
voices of beautiful birds 
woke me
before i attempted 
getting off my bed
breakfast in bed
just perfect
from toast to juice
could not wish for 
anything more

it was sunny and beautiful
just how i wanted
as usual i felt healthy 
and strong for every 
activity i had planned
its isnt my fault am a 
pampered kid
the day ends
i say a prayer and wish 
for a brighter day 
i know i will get whatever 
i want
am a rich king's kid 
and i cant be blamed
am the daughter of the 
king of kings

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The Ladies of the Temple

Each Sunday you find them at every church at least one in every pew
The ladies of the temple where visits from God are few
They enter in dressed to the nines their flashy clothes are worn
And beneath each painted face you find a heart that’s cold and scorned
Make sure you never cross them for there is hell to pay
If the ladies of temple have a bone to pick your way

The stories that so many tell about problems that arise 
When revenge is sought and payments brought can offer ones demise
Don’t let their sweet words fool you for the meaning behind the voice
Will bring a victim to their knees in prayer before the Lord
I say this now to warn each one for I was once in twine
The curse brought down upon my head outweighed the great divine

To all out there who know too well heed the warning in these words
Please do not mess with ladies dressed to kill now you are warned
Each out for blood each out to hurt every living soul of man
I say this from a compassionate view take heed these words have said
For hell it hath no fury making Satan’s life look simple
A mistake I made when I failed to praise the ladies of the temple

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illogical prayer

That day, the sky delineates the beauty of a golden dusk,
The dusk which shed the azure of a day,
The dusk which seduce the earth to picked up her shadow upon the moonlit,

To the dear night she sang,
Chanted about the grief of a daylight,
Wrapped neat the anxiousness within the side of a jaded soul,
Shush the wishsong when the world began to burke,

That day, in the hubbub sense tucked a prayer,
A prayer with all improbabilities of a reality,
A prayer with all of the naivete,
Is the prayer in her desire to have a pair of impossibilities,

A pair of wings,

A human being who literally could not set down the sky with her bare feet,
A gifted creature with the remarkably things around her yet full of limitations,
A naive prayer but able to bring tiny grin on that day,
That day, that single beauty returned to her essence as a needy creature who craved for the existence of the almighty

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Mirror vol II

I look myself in the mirror and I 
quickly look away, the man I see 
before me was different yesterday 
seems to me I worship the same 
God everyday, I been a slave to my 
flesh for too long still I'm hoping 
today is my payday, Mayday my life 
is in a state of emergency, they say 
it's power in prayer I hope so 
because me not doing so is hurting 
me, my surgeon says I gotta heart 
condition and the only way to fix it 
is to be sincere with repentance, 
forgiveness only takes place when 
the heart is broken and contrite, 
psych 101 when your mind is a 
slave, no matter how hard you try 
it's hard to escape, but the father 
threw a rope a way out of this 
destruction, the son gave it all up 
and it cost us nothing. So as I look 
back into that mirror I see what he 
saw imperfect perfection, sanctified 
sinner who by faith and grace he 

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Chamber of Poor Men

Caucus in the chamber of poor men
Twisted by powers of failure
And tortured by believe is sinful dreams
With their fate being decided by charities
Hence, they have no reason to smile
If they do, is fraudulent smile
For smile symbolize joy
Smile endorses satisfaction
Smile injects happiness in the vicinity
Smile pictures having, with ability to get more
In their traumatic scene
Poor men have none
Poor men have no reason to smile
Poor men fall outside realm of satisfaction
Bereft of hope as they are,
What can they say in their chamber?
What kind of music will they listen to?
Which dreams will they display?
For even their names do not appear in the scroll
So, their chamber is chamber of tears
Their chamber is chamber of hopelessness
Their chamber is for the powerless and voiceless;
Hence, I whisper in my prayer
For the barriers to evaporate
That the poor find way to climb the ladder
Prayer for them to pitch out of the dying jungle
For them to triumph like the weather,
That tomorrow they rise and shine even in the dark
Roll up with human dignity
And whistle in the chamber of happy people
I pray for the world to line up for perfection

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reverie into revelation

my spirit suddenly woke 
slapped me around a bit
set me straight
fed me Light
cracked me open

little trickles now
praise prayer song
blessing against the cursing
color seeping back into
this grey murk

how is it 
i turn away
i neglect
i forget 
who i am?

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Everyone's Gone

Everyone's gone...
There's no one to look up to...not one...
Not one will be kind enough
To look down and attempt to help me...

Everyone's gone...
I'm beneath the debris
There's no one there to save me...
I'm left to my own misery 

Everyone's gone...
I guess I'll find my way out of this maze
Without any clues
I'm waiting for relief to dawn upon me

Everyone's gone
I'm dealing with so much trauma 
I'm watching for any signs of support...
Hear my echoes of pain...
It drives me insane...
Catch me before I fall off the cliff...

Everyone's gone
I'm all skin and bones
I'm trapped like a hunted animal
The predator took a bite into me...
Don't just watch me suffer...
Deserted in this lonesome state

Everyone's gone
I'm kicked around like a soccer ball 
Hear me as I call...
Help me to stand tall

Help me... 
Reach up to the sky
To feel the coolness seep through me
Help me...
To be inspired to write more uplifting songs
Help me think more positively - help me wave g'bye
Help me...
Forgive me for all of my wrongs...

Everyone's gone
I'm a screwed-up building
I need you to be my backbone 
Straighten me me to be stiff like a soldier
About to enter another horrifying war
Support me today...
And stick with me tomorrow!

I want to let go of the past memories...
Scaring away my happy moments and delights 
I want to smear away the blasphemies…
Obliterating my blissful days and nights

Everyone's gone...
There's no one to depend on...not one...
Not one will be brave enough
To look down and attempt to help me...

Everyone's gone...
I'm beneath the city
There's no one to show me the jolly sun...
I'm left to my own misery 

Everyone's gone...
Fine… I'll find a way to get out of this nightmare 
Without any clues
I'm waiting for relief to give me strength instead of fear 

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Cherished Mother

Mother is a word
Always to cherished
Mother will live forever
Even if 
The world is perished
It is said 
There lies a heaven
Under the feet mother
Lovely and flourished
But I think
Mother is a galaxy of heavens
Away from tearing demons
Mother is the face of God
Where doesn’t lie
Any fraud
Her love is the only true love
Mother is Almighty’s soul
And we are 
Small fractions of it
Mother’s blessings
Is even wished by gods
Her true devotion 
Is the path of salvation

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On this night surrounded in candle light God opened up his heart for me to see. That nothing is what it seems. The fears I hold captive in my mind. The sorrow I try to hide. The touch of a hand or hug of a friend Sends me running every time. Give me the strength to overcome these battles. Help me feel the love you hold. Catch my tears in your hands Do you hear me calling out your name? When I am on my knees begging? With love in my heart, Faith in my soul, Guide me and never let go. Show me the secrets that I seek And walk with me on the journey you have paved Silence lingers in the air, Peacefulness takes my hand. The words of a friend pierce a soul Leaving a mark that will never go cold. With every flame that is blown out My foundation becomes stronger with less doubt. My worries are lifted and a sense of relief sets in I close my eyes and say a prayer Inviting god’s love and wisdom in Never forget when you look to the cross that god Is doing what he loves. Sending angles to protect me when times are tough. Giving me the courage to stand up. Showing me it is ok to trip and fall I will never need or want again I am covered in his blood.

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I Have A Poem

I have a poem for peace to the world
A poem that’ll spread the message with its fires
Towards the planets with holocausts or killings
A poem that’ll talk about reality amongst the 
Communities tortured and marginalized
A poem that’ll be against female genital mutilations
With sex violation and child abuse
A poem that’ll sail on the oceans, seas 
And lakes.

I have a poem for peace to the world
A poem that’ll born the richness of solidarity 
For the poor and needy ethnicities
A poem that’ll climb the mountains with rocks
Against the tribal war and hatred
A prayer that’ll linger across the borders, horizons 
And skies.
I have a poem for peace to the world
A poem that’ll never accept dictatorships
But the democracy to embrace the integrity and equality
A poem that’ll victoriously shines in the midst
Of darkness to steer the world for light
A poem that’ll challenge the axis of conflicts, hunger
And war.
I have a poem for peace to the world
A poem that’ll change the masses from
Racialism and imperialism to harmony that prevails
A poem that’ll face no fear on the Leaders
Of the earth in the nuclear advancement
A poem that’ll heal the children, mothers
And fathers.

I have a poem for peace to the world
A poem that’ll resist the subjugation towards
The innocent creation and nature burning
A poem that’ll uphold our dignity and rights
Against the imperialists nightmares storms
A poem that’ll reign on the rivers, streams
And valleys.
I have a poem for peace to the world
A poem that’ll fight for my rights, your destiny
Against poverty and violence
A poem that’ll take its paths on the clouds 
Of machinations with tribalism
To bring back reconciliation within the dust 
Of bloodshed of massacre
A poem that’ll call for the struggle 
Against the tyrants holding the oppressions
And discrimination towards culture
A poem that’ll condem the child trafficking, slavery
And child soldier.
I have a poem for peace to the world
A poem that’ll reflect on the lives
Living in despair with no hope for future
A poem that’ll free the deprived races
From the rising massacre and destruction
A poem that’ll boldly demonstrate against
Military dominance within the humanity dignity
A poem that’ll swiftly tread in the slums, towns
And cities.

I have a poem for peace to the world

A poem!
Like Martin Luther King had
A Dream.

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A Random Note to Jew

You tell me now how it used to be
While I can only weep
For how it should have been
And lost memory
Of the hillside steep
The bench on a little field of green
Where all night you said you cried
With my courage impotent by your side

Strange, through each strand of lighted day
The hope of night remains
The star that guides the heart
To our unseen promise here today
The little stains
Of doubt like bats with daylight part.
And love reclaims its throne
O what pity I own

Can words tell you still
The sorrow of my heart
What apology can right what's past
Except the will
That's longer than the night is short
And we the hope of all we lost
In him, and him alone, our truth to seek
To hang on hair a weighty prayer meek

I pray that God will give again
A second chance to you and me
And grandchildren for the garden rare
Where jasmines soothe the nights of pain
And love stills the memory
In the little room we'll share
For the greatest wealth on earth to me
Shall simply be our family.

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Life-altering Experience

Her eyes shut down,
Her life had been stolen, sleeping on a summer day,
Deeply, she’d snored in relief,
“She found the light”
The one she always searched for
Because the world is dark,
But her spirit can light up a town.
My mom met heaven,
Heaven approved,
And God introduced her to it.
I just didn’t think that God had to put her to bed,
For a whole month and a half,
Because we missed her,
We thought
We’d lost her.
You only borrowed her, 
She has returned. 

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It’s raining….
Clouds is all WE see.
Darkness looming at every corner.

It’s raining….
Hail is coming down.
From all angles.
Darkness looming at every corner.

It’s raining….
Thunder echoes our ears deaf.
Clinging at the rear.
Of our broken bridges, we fear.
Darkness looming at every corner.

It’s raining….
Mist cowers our eyes.
Wiping, we feel them burn.
Burn in anticipation as we stretch to see.
To see and save our own lives.
But darkness looms at every corner.

It’s raining….
Our feet move fibly.
With only blind courage we walk.
They hurt in response.
We have to move we know.
The bridge is only what we have to cross
But again darkness looms at every corner.

It’s raining….
It’s raining our hearts heavy.		
It’s hailing our efforts vainly.
Thunder overpowers our voices quietly.
Mist forces our eyes not to see clearly.
Our feet hurt to make us walk steadily.
Darkness looms to discourage us slowly

It’s raining….
We fight on in the rain.
We shout “justice” despite the thunder.
We brave on against the hail.
We struggle on to see above the mist.
We move, we run with our feet.
For justice is what we want.
Justice is what we crave.
Even when the darkness looms over.
We will fight on for progress. 

after watching a clip from Michael Brown's mother, Eric Garner's widow. I was touched on the amount of killing going on in America, we hear it in the news, social media, everywhere. Whether its just or unjust circumstances our prayers are always alive. 

© Herzel Poshiwa

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The Prayer of an Orphan Child

The Prayer of an Orphan Child

Silver clouds  silver clouds

Will you play with me as a  mate?

As an orphan,

none is there to play with me.

Ivory moon. My Sweety

will you kiss me to bid good night?

As a motherless child

to remember Her love.

Jasmine buds ,Jasmine buds

Will you smile in morning times

to stay in your beauty and

to keep your smile always

Chilly breeze My Darling!

Will you raise me from my bed?

to enjoy the sweetness of  dawns and

to pray Him for giving my thanks

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I use the time for contemplation

at the end 
of each day
I pray
and wash it down 
with  brandy

at the beginning 
of each day
I pray
and wash it 
with a shower

I use  the time 
the shower
and the brandy
for contemplation

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Angels On Duty

Did you hear your alarm this morning?
Like ten thousands weights chained to our feet
We drag ourselves to the edge of our shuffled bed
White sheets reeking of sleep drape our legs,
With our body bent in half,
we devour heavy breaths of air
Hoping this will replenish our tired spirit,
the work of this day infects our mind
Rocking ourselves will comfort our soul,
Or so it seems...
The morning bell tolls the Angels to their duty
Wings wrapping souls is the first order of business
Their mission: to strengthen mankind’s resolve
to make today better than yesterday
They wash our light in lullabies from the world beyond
And we are unaware of our body, as though filled with air,
being lifted to a soft cloud
where whispers in our ear
give us the secret to life each and every day
We are reminded of our calling by the love we can’t see
and as we reach to erase the noise of the morning clock,
a smile of truth warms us in a freshly heated blanket
For within our being shines the gift of knowledge, that,
the world is our neighbor,
and hope is but a prayer away

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Peace in the night

When will the rain fall warm
on cold feet;
that have tracked muddy trails 
to places I've only dreamed.
When will the wind blow softer
notes; remind me that peace
isn't a lonely cough
                            ...but a calming melody.
When will the sun rise,
and not burn tired eyes? 
I reach into a shattering sky,
and pull down what I can not see.
The last memory,
of what could be. 
I find hope when the sky turns,
afraid to give it my back;
always looking up
                                ...toward the only brilliance I still know.
Glistening mystery;
how fondly I wonder
                   about all that space,
                            quiet and eternal. 
                   there is peace.
Somewhere this dust
can settle,
                and be at rest in the sight of something new.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Everybody keeps telling me that ill be just fine

It saddens me to know this is the way I felt at 19 yrs old..

Everybody keeps telling me ill be just fine
But they aint tellling me when
I can't sit here and pretend
That I don't have a broken heart and there's nothing to mend
Night after night prayer after prayer I always send
Hold my head at the same time it feels so heavy
Wanna be happy but its like the Lord won't let me
Forgive me father I know I have sinned thank you for my blessings 
May I ask you one more thing?

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I Raised My Hand

Tonight, I did it.
Tonight, I found it.
Tonight, I discovered it.
Tonight, I raised my hand.
Tonight, I am new.
Tonight, I am brand new again.
Tonight, I raised my hand.

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I wished I was a sea!
Sailing your ships wherever you wish!

I wished I was a brook
Pouring to your cups to be watered!

I wished I was a nirvana 
To fill your hearts with calmness! 
But I, my beloved 
I am not but a jerk in the god's heart.
A prayer never sleeps; 
For purity of your hearts!

Written by © Fatima Nusairat

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My Prayer

My Prayer

Most Holy and righteous God
Alpha and Omega; the Beginning and the End
The Great I AM…
I come to you lowly, meek and mild 
To extend thanks and praise to you
Thank you Father for every breath inhaled and exhaled
Thank you for the good days as well as the bad
Thank you for my “Job” experiences because they 
have brought me closer to you. 
Thank you for all you have done, and all you are about to do.
Continue to guide my feet Lord as I travel down this chaotic road called life.
Instill in me the courage to do your will so when the day comes
that I close my eyes for the very last time, you will proclaim
“Well done my good and faithful servant”
In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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Destruction of Women

Some men seek to destroy women to satisfy their own
pitiful images of themselves, subjecting the fairer sex
to lives of hell,

Whether its emotional, physical or mental abuse,
Either way, their distortion of women have grown obtuse,
Their respect has dwindled and they would rather treat
them like refuse,

The misguided men are really vying for their souls,
but strong women rarely acquiesce to the heinous
acts of hate and distress they cast upon them,

The godesses of earth outer shells may die, cry
and live with shame, yet their souls still roar with
beauty and a tireless flame,

Only cowards would seek to destroy whom God has created
to raise good girls and boys......

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The Lalakonti ceremony

The Lalakonti Ceremony

The old women gathered
To look at the stars above
Orion was their greatest prize
It hung there as if to realise
It was time for the Lalakonti
Hopi girls lift your baskets
First to the left breast
Then to the right touching so
Then my Hopi's down it goes
To the prize of brave young men
Round and round the fire you go
The Great Spirit will hear you so
We will make an altar to you
Prayer plumes more than a few
A sand picture drawn true
Bring us that Winter hail anew
The Hail that rests the soil
That in the Spring we toil
Making our crops grow
We need soft earth and water so
Our dance is led by our mother
Who places the prayer plumes
There in the sacred Sipapu hole
Two men used to make it so
We thank you Mother Earth
For all the gifts you bestow
Our baskets thrown lets you know
That we the Hopi love you so
A scramble ensues of the young
To find a maiden, join in the fun
Many hours of loving life our way
Wish it would return to me today

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I love that moment before the storm.
The world goes silent
and dozes and snores.

A prayer summons this bliss to last;
for regular breath,
much unlike the past.

Peace that ends in a series of pours. 
Thunder snaps the core.

The world's awake and is frantic.
Breath turns to howls.
Rain. Tears. Panic.

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To All of our prayer warriors a message I bring.
The prayerroom is up and running again.
Come and look in on our new site.
Join us in prayer it will be a delight...

Please come join me on Prayer Room

Hello! I've just started a new Wetpaint wiki called "Prayer Room" . A wiki can only grow
and thrive through the efforts of its community of contributors - and I want you to be one
of them. Come check out what I've done so far and lend a hand! Tell others about the site
too, and the Room shall grow sharing God s love.

tikat / Elaine Young Vachon/Prayer Room, (aka tikat)
	Accept invitation 	

You have been sent this email by request of a Wetpaint user.
If the links above don't work, please copy and paste this URL into your web browser:

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I Pray

I pray for all the Atheists,
And non-believers as well,
I pray they come to know You Lord,
Instead of knowing Hell.
"The word of the Lord is proven",
Says 2 Samuel 22:31,
He opens His arms wide,
And to everyone says "Come."
I pray for those close to me,
The teachers and pastors all over,
I pray for the weak and poor,
That God will give them cover.
I pray for the strong,
Then for me last,
I forgive everyone,
Who harmed me in my past.
I end this prayer with praise,
And thanks for God alone,
Thank-You dear Jesus,
For making Heaven my home.

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Hear my cry O` Lord ;Listen to my voice.
In pain and sorrow ,I cry unto thee.
My bones are weak and my heart troubled.
Heal me and soothing my heart with your
Viscous oil of joy. Lubricate my soul, lubricate
 my heart and lubricate my body with your loving kindness,
with  everlasting peace ,with good health…and happiness

Do unto me  like you did to  the righteous and servants of old….
The lame walked ,the blind saw ,the sick healed ,the 
Leper cured, the storm stopped ..all by your mighty hands.
Father! Stretch forth thy hand and remove from me ,this
 Blemish ,this mockery ,this pest and this dis..ease! 
For your hand is not too short to save nor too long to grasp, O` Lord.

. Arise O` Lord and put all my foes asunder..
Arise O` Lord and put a stop to my hardship.
Arise O` Lord and mold me into perfection..
Hearken unto my supplication as I bow on my knees.
Lead me O` Lord to my promised land.
Lift me up higher than my enemies..
Let the evil machinations of my foes be like
dust in the air,like the path of a snake on a mountain;
Like  a mirage in the desert..
Bless me with wisdom ,wealth ,joy ,and fruits of the womb;
So that my table will be surrounded with beautiful flowers.
And when I rest ,I SHALL REST in your bosom…

CONTEST:"Prayer" sponsored by Regina Riddle.. 

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I walk in the cathedral, its vast space
is  quiet is like the immense silence
of a  deep and gentle snow storm.
light through the stain glass windows glorifies
the sense of peace.

In the distance a book is dropped
the flat echo sounds far and small.
I hear the shuffle of people
in another nave of this place,
they talk one to another
In booming sibilants that make no sense, but echo.

An old woman prays in the pew near me,
We are so very far from the chancellery,
She flashes me looks of scorn.
I feel she knows I don't pray
and has seen I did not genuflect.

High up  amongst polished rose wood 
I hear slight noises echo as a man
moves papers that he carries.
Very softly, a low sweet sound fills this place
I feel joy and I am full of tears.

The sound stops. silence rings like crystal,
to be fractured by the opening thunder
of the Bach D minor toccata and fugue, 
which fills this place and me with sound. 
Then I am crying and desolate.
because  it is quiet again.

If a place like this can exist does it mean that there is a god.

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I Long to Have You, My Angel

I heard an angel speak last night and he said write
write and dream of the love you seek
the dark hair, dark eyes
and pale white skin so sleek
a perfect face forever etched
in a cold, hard stone
forever in a oblivious stance
watching over them alone
I imagine your wings wrapped tight
a shelter from the winds of change for me
whispers throughout the ages
a silent prayer to set us free

written by: Victoria Lynn McIntyre

June 13th, 2011

for contest: Angels In Cemeteries

I Long to Have You, My Angel

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Use Me

It's true, I have absolutely no idea who I am.
Lord, please show me Your way.
I give myself up to You.
Use me.

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IN My days of school I remember what my teacher has said,,

 "Pray for them as for you."
 "Think for them as for you."
 "Wish for them as for you."
 "Feel for them as for you."
I Remember aswell what he said,thereafter:
 "There is HEREAFTER"
Throw away these frozen boots,
look after every kid & kin,
love every young & old,
live upto what they say,,, 
life is full of wonders ,made of promises.

 Every yesterday is forgotten,
 Every tommorow is myth,,untill it ain"t today.
 FOrget everything and not your roots
 throw away everything and not your BOOTS.

 #R_remember#                                       *R--respect*
#U_understand#                                       *O--otherwise*
#S_sense#                                              *O--owls*
#T_trust#                                                *T--talk*
#E_entitle#                                              *S--sensible*

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I Am

I am not a perfect person,
My hair doesn't stay in place,
I spill things a lot,
I seem pretty clumsy,
I sometimes fight,
Some days nothing seems to go right,
But when I think of you Lord,
And take a step back,
I remember how amazing my LIFE is,
I just start to see that maybe,
I would be better off imperfect,
As how else would I learn...
What you have tought me Lord...

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014

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When he went away

When he went away,

He said,"Lehitraot,mama."

Do vstrechi.

He died but I'm still here

Yes,in my heart I feel his love.

But why did I live,

And he did not?

Auf wiedersehen


Yes,darling,I'll see you later,

When the sky turns black and all the stars blaze bright

I'll see you shining in the night.

I'll see you in my dreams alas.

Do vstrechi.

But why you and not me too?


I can't understand.


A plus tard

Some where in this world,you fell

But no-one,not even God, can tell.

God was absent then or in some other place

He's gone again.

They said He's died too,

But He didn't have a mother like you.

Do vstrechi.

My breasts ache and my heart and soul,

My breasts were made to make you whole.

To feed, give love and to console.

A plus tard

And now they ache with grief as my tears fall.

A bientot

My body trembles in the night

As dreams may bring my lost ones to my sight.

A plus

I'd walk across the roughest bleak terrain

If l I could find my loves and hold your hands again.

Do vstrechi.

The bell rings on the ancient clock

As time goes on as normal ,it doesn't stop.


I wish the hands of time could be reversed,

And I was not living with this curse.

People forget that I once had a son.

They think my grieving has been done.


But grief and loss and pain will never end

Until the curtain of my death descends

Auf wiedersehen.

Meantime I look at flowers and birds and trees,

But it's really you my deepening insight sees.


Th inscape of my heart is shown to few,

An artist of the lost would know this view.

I know I want to see just you.

Do vstrechi.

But for me there is no

Auf wiedersehen

Never again will you say

What you said that day




A plus tard

Tot ziens.

See you later

See you soon.

See you.


 the beloved

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Love: bound and unbound

Let love fly
With ethereal compassion, a soft glow in her eyes,
she picks up the baby eagle, tries to convey words
of eloquent reassurance, sincerely she tries.

Look, June is here this morning; and sun is shining hot; 
last night’s storm belongs to last night; it has left an eagle;
a homeless, hurt, upset baby; it feels forlorn, lost, caught.

She takes it home; makes enclosures; feeds it with love, care.
It still feels solo, alone within, fed by love, fed up.
The enclosure of good concern grows smaller with time’s each turn.
The bird’s soul belongs to the sky; in its eyes silent prayer 
flares up as it cries; shrill piercing call to its own kind.

Let it fly.
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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One Thousand Scars

She was bleeding, pierced and bruised 
To love she ran, but love refused 
With a thousand ugly scars on her heart 
Her smiles faded, her life fell apart 

He gave her a red rose 
As a sign of his love 
But the thorns pierced her hands 
The rose was filled with blood 
She trembled as the drops 
Stained her white dress 
Her heartbeat dared her to stop 
She was drowned with guilt; depressed 

With a life full of hurt 
From the very ones she loved 
She prayed a prayer to the skies above 
They answered her with the rain 
She stood silently, feeling no pain 

Her mistakes, her past were all forgotten 
Her distress, her fears became nothing 

She dropped the rose 
She stopped the bleeding 
Her dress was white 
She was still breathing 
She closed her eyes 
For a second or two 
Then opened them to see 
She was somewhere new 
Never again she would be alone 
She left the strangers, she finally came home.

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We all walk on a loose line that leads to debris


Etched in the fabrication through the elapse in time,
The Lilley of the valley the bright & morning star/

The illumination in time through degrees of solace
A hand extends through the cosmic debris in circumstantial evidence;

Just to touch the very hem of his garment
Just to hear to pitter patter of soft sandeled feet...

A myraid chasm through a gulf fix in sight;

We all fall short in the midst of violation...
Having planted our seeds in its timely proclamation
A side was pierced for sorrow to be gained;
In times of want their is a clear change

In the violation of the innocent proned to bitter chains..

The hand to hold as you are told until the rights to you are sold;

Jesus in the garden pearls of sweat fallen down
Jesus in my heart while painting the town
Jesus after the rise in certain days to see
Jesus in the formidable way making sweet history
Jesus helping neighbor or the hero in disguise;
Jesus offering breakfast to his followers in disguise
Jesus who will pray in the tender hours of need
Jesus is in you & also in me!


With days in thought & delicate prayer with humble quest
A rest in view to its timely crest;
We each our given a choice regarding heaven & hell
Yet Jesus is the perfect gentleman who doesn't force himself on anyone

Through briars, asps & serpents layer...
We all were born into the world & given a choice?
Repent for the days our cursed;
Don't live your lives in a fishbowl circling around year after year choose the fear
In sorrows quest the follow draws near in desolation filtered through a straw
A sore vex sway to take the time to bow the knee to pray
Some may even insist it ought not be that way yet who are they?

The liberal makes his or her heart fat on the worldly vices with false choices;

Through ages past as Abraham had grasped & Moses was exposed
We watched on as you were ripped to shreads;
Your tender touch through eraser heads
In vile repute hence the opened door to explore...
Yet the past is the past & now is now
A heart saturated with truth thus in order to withstand the truest test in time
Elapsed fervor,

Bood soaked messenger exposed to the elements;
Come into my heart I know I'm a sinner
I ask you to be my Lord & savior;
In Jesus name I pray,

Now choose to celebrate your commitment with other believers in the fellowship;
Embrace the cross.

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His Child

I’m a child in heart 
I’m sensitive,
So don’t misuse it

I’m God’s special child
I need to respect 
My zealous Father

I need to honor Him
With my young heart,
I pray for freedom

How awesome are Your deeds? 

Relieve my heart’s ache
Help me escape 
From the darkened pit

I can be active
And beat that race 
I’m on God’s good side 
God’s mercy 
Aids me in times of trouble 

I appreciate His consideration 
He fulfills me with elation

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The Prayer


Oh Lord bless us love and peace,
A daily sunshine and open mind,
Oh Lord give us ability to logically think,
A kind heart that melts for needy ones,
Oh Lord give us an intellectual eye,
To differentiate wrong from right,
Oh Lord give us the strength to bear,
A patience in life to keep our cool,
Oh Lord give us a brain for judgement,
To treasure friends and beware of foes,
Oh Lord give us energy for hard work,
To earn desires and turn dreams true,
Oh Lord bestow on us your kindness,
And the ultimate joy of contentment !

Written September 6th, 2014
For contest 'Prayer' by Regina Riddle

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underrated insomniac brainstorming

underrated insomniac brainstorming 
through the mightiest blizzard coming 
up with an idea that will be the blueprint
to cleanliness and freedom

a "welcome" mat for cold, careless feet
to wipe on, underrated insomniac brainstorming
devises a deluge that will heal instead of destroy
and uplift instead of depress

once the field is prepared and the seeds are all planted,
underrated insomniac brainstorming will claim his yet-to-
be-seen and yet-to-be-felt prosperity in the name of the 
Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

as the prayers are answered and the blessings increase due 
to underrated insomniac brainstorming's honoring God, the 
choice of choosing charity over merged materialism will inspire
others....henceforth confirming Favor within the Divine Hierarchy

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overseeing in all His presence,
deserving with all of His blessings.
predetermined by His will,
preserved for all true seeker.
the proof of His power,
one of many true miracles of His gifts.
few are ever blessed with;
forever inspiring,
moving all works for His glory,
even sweeter when you hear it.
even better than any knowledge,
can't be compared with any sophistication,
truth of wisdom can't be bought.
the true value of all of His promises:
that before every person that is saved,
there must be first calling,
forever giving and forgiving,
begins the origin of all merciness and blessings. 

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Preech but no Practice

Stained glass pours
light throughout.
There he stands innocent 
wearing white
Sunday is a time of
rejoice, forgiveness, and worship.
All of your sins and unjust 
will be cured. 
You must stand and sing
to be heard.
                    As a salesman bargains 
for your pockets.
Elderly folk align
                  wearing finest
sunday clothing.
The lord might judge like the neighbor
who sits two rows infront. 

Equalness is drilled.
the wood always takes 
untill exiting the sunday cult.

If a black
holding an afro
and tattoo's 
               cuts you off 
or didnt say your welcome
or makes you pay more taxes
or is unjust to your demands

he would be a nigger.

Sunday afternoon is present
and you've done your deed to
your savior. 

Turning away from the poor,
while throwing a 10 for the car cleaning
 you sang your songs
that is enough. 

But the old who die 
and the young who survive
will be saved by 

not christ, not a father
not a sign

but themselves.

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My Daughter's Prayer Closet

My Daughter’s Prayer Closet (A poem by Jesus)

My daughter’s prayer closet is ever-changing
First it was her van
Then it was her basement floor
Then it became a summertime meadow at dusk
Then it became a field near a horse’s pasture

You carried your insect repellent one night to meet me at dawn
Do you recall praying and swatting mosquitoes?
What many would call a demonic attack
I would call Mother Nature’s interruptions

I remember the multiple times you stared up at the sky begging me to reveal 
my angels
Only to find out that I decided to show them to your coworker Sue instead
If I showed you every one of my mysteries then you would have nothing 
exciting to talk about as you work with your patients and coworkers at the 

Your prayer closet today was the chair at your desk
Yesterday it was the spot beside your doggy’s bed
Tomorrow you will be on bended knee beside your old walnut bed
How many prayer closets does my daughter have?
It grows each and every day!


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Earthly Condition

Earthly Condition
We your lonely servants tremble in our cave
Bereaved beneath in our ignorance
We look up pleading guidance
Seeking a place to pray

You with the face of provocation
Trading wisdom and mystery from the dark
Floating in our imaginations 
Threatening joy and terror
Cosmic disciplinarian to the deserted

We endure your words
And on them we rely

©dbyrne Aug 2014

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Fighting For a Miracle

She sits in the field watching
the sun slowly rise above the hill.
The warm rays wash over
her skin as light fills the sky.

She sits in the field remembering
the pain, reliving that dreadful day.
Those heart-wrenching words
forever burned into her mind.

She sits in the field and raises
her hand to her bare head.
Fingers gently caress the
stubble of hair slowly returning.

She sits in the field wrapping
her arms around her now flat chest.
The most prominent feature of a 
woman now lost to her forever.

She sits in the field, the taste of salt
in her mouth and tears staining her cheeks.
The hope of survival sitting
just out of reach.

She sits in the field thinking
of her should-have-been future now lost.
Another prayer fall from her lips
as she asks for a miracle.

She sits in the field watching
the sun slowly rise above the hill.
Hoping for more days like these
and praying for it all to just end.

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Connection to Heaven

God knows every hair on your head
From the prayers of loving mothers
Voices are silent when mother's die
You lose a connection to Heaven
Overflowing in the warehouse of Hope
Their prayers are released from storage
Throughout the lives of their children
A mother's love connects us to Heaven.

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My Beloved

My Beloved:

In this abyss of loneliness, reveal the depths of Your love for me.
Consume me with its fire, so I can love You as my soul desires.
In this coldness, stir in me the spirit to turn my thoughts on You.
You are my only hope, O Lord!

Wretched and poor is my soul, I do not deserve You.
But, in my poverty, I beseech You to come to enrich my spirit dry.
Claim my weakness, hurt, doubt, and pain; so I can shout with joy.
You are my only hope, O Lord!

Strong are my worldly desires; they give me unrest.
To declare independence from your love is its nagging call.
But, do not allow it for it would be the death of my soul.
Have mercy on me, O Lord!

I only have human’s wisdom, which knows nothing.
Enlighten my unlit mind; send forth Your divine light.
So I can do your Holy will even with my feeble mentality.
You are my hope, O Lord!

Wandering is my heart; it swings to and fro
It desires to love you, but does what is not true
Poor heart; confused soul what will be its course?
You are my only hope, O Lord!

You are a God and I am nothing 
Yet, You give Your life for me.
There is hope, O Lord, in Your Love.
Thank You for loving me so I can love, too. 


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The Birds

Fly, fly, fly away,
but do come back another day
I'm here - I like to play 
I'm here - I'll feed you
I'm here - I'll watch over you
Care for you
Be there for you 
Say a prayer for you
The birds

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Fracta Anima

Maybe instead of life
Maybe I’m the joke.
Maybe I stopped mattering,
So why does this matter?

The shattered pain in my eyes,
Mirrors that reflect only you.
Do you see the cracked smile;
Your laughter is a dagger to my soul.

The frustration is a merry-go-round;
I might fall off and die.
The pain is rotten, a corpse
Twisted all around my heart.

Tears are uncountable, endless
Crying at night but still more.
Oh, the despair in my soul!
I long only for joy, please,
Is that just too much to ask?

Those beautiful dreams are ruined,
Why on earth were they given?
Was it all my fault or maybe
No one’s fault, just life,
The joke that is me.

The cuts will scar, as always
Yet can’t you see them,
Or maybe you refuse to.
The outside cuts are nothing
Compared to my heart, ruined,
Destroyed by far too many hopes.

My trust, shattered like glass
And lying in the wasteland,
My bitter tears are the oasis.

Tired, yet no sleep is found here,
So many questions in my mind,
My heart can’t ask you again.

I’m sorry, oh the mistakes made,
And there will be so many more.

I am hollow, a container of sorrow,
Of lifeless, wingless dreams, so frail.
The hot fire mixes with it,
The anger that is me and my mind,
Questioning, screaming and so unhappy.

Delusions are my safe, happy place;
I only wanted love.

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One Day

or many years my life has been sad,
  The woman meant for me I did not have .
Patiently I've been waiting for that wonderful day,
  When the woman of my dreams finally comes my way.
The blue that I have felt will now be in the sky,
   The light in my life I've missed now shines in my eyes.
How my days will be filled with happiness and joy,
   Like the excitement of a candy shop to a small boy.
All my dreams and hopes will become a reality ,
   When the love of my life finally comes to me.
The future we will share will shine so bright ,
   Because the bond we have between us will always feel right .


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I drank every spiteful word you said
I ate every punch you threw
And after you were done with me for today
I waisted every prayer that you wouldn't again

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Alway there

Quickly falling waves crashing against rocks rain falling heavily. Listen. sunlight dim hidden. dark clouds continue to leak. Loud thunder rolls. Lightning in the background. Heart pounding racing clothes soaked dripping. water splashes, still falling. Voice quite. He reaches down and grabs me, he says have faith for I've been here all along. And I love u.

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When I am dead my Dearest
Just say a prayer for me
Please stop all tears from falling
For God has set me free.

I'm a registered Donor
So let them freely take
What e'er their hearts desire
A new me God will make.

Have lots of fun and laughter
Every night at my wake
Going home is a pleasure
God never makes mistakes.

I want you all rejoicing
Give me a great send off
No sad hymns should be singing
Wings are a good trade-off.

I'm going to my Master
For He has called me home
When I am dead my Dearest
UP will my spirit roam.

In Heaven I hear the bells
Ringing, and I'm in glee
There's Jesus and the Angels
Waiting to welcome me.

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God Thanks You

Seems like we are always

thanking God for something

or another.

Before we eat, as we

kneel in prayer and

so forth.

God really thanks you,

when you do His will

and heed to the Word.

God thanks you when

you help some one

who is in need of something.

God thanks you when you

forgive some one that has done you wrong.

God thanks you when you

love your neighbor,

as well as your enemy.

Most of all, God thanks you

when you attend His

house each Sunday.

written 4-20-11

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Brooklyn, N.Y. USA 2009 (revised)

A lost monopoly game
Williams fright, bridge, faith
and urban blight, Williamsburg.

Soot gray and brick red
the buildings stand
slumped, shrouded
death in the abundance
of vacant buildings.

Waste strewn sea
of asphalt, concrete, and urban dreams.
Cracks housing cigarette butts
form paper chains at the bases
of forlorn locust trees.

Sickly trees, popping from between
wrought iron barricades spiked manmade thorns
an Appleseedian affectation of defiance
toward a city of cave dwellers.

Doors, blind, eye out or in..
unwelcoming entries..present
surfaces flat, color-chip palettes
for the graffiti “artist” latest spray painted
“ahhhhhhhhhh urban art!”

Two story warehouse walls writhe
their surfaces adorned 
with an effluence of madness? grafetti....
Throw backs with paint tubes? 
Or Jackson Pollacks with aerosol cans?

Sunday mornings only human grace;
bagel bitters, their sideburn squiggles
the only reassuring reminder of the reverent.
Their continuing presence 
these Hasids with prayer shawls dangling
these monochromatic breathes of fresh air
present as the only harbor of safety, sanity, 
as a lost girl child returns to her native

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Wish I could

Wish I could be the rainbow
That colored the sky
The sun that shines like a summer smile
A raindrop, washes away your tears
A star flickered in your darkest hour

Wish I could be the wind
That touched your heart
A song plays, deep down, to your soul
A voice speaks within your silence
A word was written inside your mind

Wish I could be your angel
 Sheltered you from harm
A cloud that can hide secrets of your heart
A flower blooms in your joyful day
Water that bathed your burdens in life

Wish I could be the love
 grows deep into your heart
A special memory portrays in your life
A tear that carries your heavy loads
A smile that blazed beneath the meadow

Wish I could be the air
 you were breathing
To inhale kindness and beauty of the world.
An  ocean that embraces your dreams.
A bridge that could take you in the path of lights

Wish I could be your world
 That brings a thousand smiles in your eyes
A laughter that fades away your sorrow
A prayer leads you to God
Wish, I could be your life and everything.

----June 30, 2010---


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A week to i aspired!

No office no studies anymore
A week to do something for-
Happiness of the pretty soul
Yearned for a break so long
Prepared a pleasing plan…
Give time to loved ones home
No longer feeling of being alone.
Early Morning Prayer to care
Shower blessings today to ever
Then an ecstatic dine together.

A trip to start some adventure
See beautiful sights with recite
Fearing away haunted fears
Living life in true dimensions
Capturing pictures in digital sense
Back home with reminiscences.
Enjoyed days one to four
With a voyage longed for
Without any worries in mind 
Realizing wishes in store…

Another tale to come on floor
Unwrap the reading pleasure
Let the fantasy world explore
Insights to thoughtful galore
True two days to compose more
Burning lamp to enlighten hope
In lives of God’s home for old
Sharing laugh among faces of Gold 
Whole day more than pure
True living as thoughts enrolled

Week of being true Human being
Each day going with I meant “Me”
Circling life with family tree
Angel bliss! Days of glee…

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Timeless Love

Born of dreams
that see through time
shadows removed
in love sublime-

Lightest prayer of all the songs
keeping not measure, knowing not wrongs
angel of grace, who keepeth my heart
Heavens sweet fragrance
right from the start-

Time stands still
and the winds call your name
since you came into my life
I will never be the same-

For as the rose your beauty but grows
ageless as the sea
a heartbeat to know
so limitless and free--

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Artists Prayer

Where are all the great patrons Throw me a hook you fishers of men That I might be caught and eaten by the audience beyond the footlights That my blood be spilled on pages and canvas in prescribed portion Afford me the flame of arrogance to believe that my own hand in the fire of creation touches wonder and maybe God himself

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Awaiting God

You have given me my name, and you’re the only one to love me.
 You are my father, better than life and, stronger then iron
 You called me your son and spoke to me your word.
 It is so beautiful; I couldn't, but memorize and write it down. 
Publish it and call it holy.
Yes sir, it’s the bible. Guidance to our reconnection to perfection,
But none can be perfected.
 Imperfectly advertising an answer that's not yet answered,
 But consumed. 
Faith is you, and we praise for answers
 Hidden replies are your solution. So we wait for the night,
Where you take us all away. 
That is why, therefore "in God we wait, and trust". 
By: Jerry Najera

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The Petition for Immortality

Oh Fates, incline thine ears to my petition, 
Ye matriarchs of destiny, ye patrons of providence, 
Quench my thirst with the waters of Helicon,
Nourish my hunger with divine ambrosia,
Reserve thy servant a seat at Calliope’s feast,
Grant thy servant a seat with her children,
Horace, Virgil and the magnificent Homer, 

Let my works be not for a time but for the ages, 
Let them echo throughout eternity,
Let the stars be named after them,
Let them be remembered in this life and heralded in the next.  

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Everybody makes mistakes 
I told you I was sorry 
Wont you tell me what to do
Make your sad eyes believe
No matter what it takes
I swear ill make it better
I cross my heart I swear 
I'm gonna make this right
Please don't leave me stranded 
I'll make all the darkness into a dream
I'll be loving you forever
Let's make a prayer tonight
You promised me we'll have each other 
Please don't leave me alone 
I want to kiss you goodnight
I wanna make this right 
I'm thinking of you 
For the rest of my life 
I'll be right by your side 
If you will, just give me a chance

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Thank You Jesus

Thank you for the gift of love, peace & forgiveness 
Thank you for gift of love
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for teaching how to love

Thank you for the gift of peace 
Thank you for calm when my life is stormy
Thank you for your understanding when am overwhelmed with confusion

Thank you for the gift of forgiveness 
Thank you, for you are slow to anger
Thank you for your forgiveness 
Thank you for planting this gift in my heart, that I may continue this journey of forgiveness 
To forgive and forget

Thank you Father for this day
It is not yet clear
But with you it will cheer

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Why write when you can pray ?

Writing is a form of prayer, the writer makes with  his pen.
He puts it to paper,
 and lets it all go
When writing there is no time, 
  no space,
 everything stands still,
 while the writer writes.
Why does he write ? 
 Why do you not pray? 
To have someone to hear your inner most thoughts to look for answers,
 to ask for help ,
 to let go , 
to just get it out.
Sometimes he writes out of anger,
 sometimes out of loss,
 others its out of desperation ,
 sometimes its just because .
Now the writer writes in hopes
 that the answer will be come clear .
He knows all he has to do is wait long enough,
 and it will appear. 
But what say you of those who do not write ? 
Are they lost, broken or just forgotten ? 
No, they are not lost, broken or forgotten
 instead of bringing down the pen to paper , 
They choose to speak their silent prayer 
But one thing is for sure 
Paper and pen 
Hands clasped and kneeling
Someone, somewhere,
 has heard your silent prayer 

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Hope of the Hopeless

A droplet of icicle glistening in the sun;
Frozen in a tear.
Is an unanswered prayer on a dead man’s lips;
Frozen in eternity.

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All To Him

I've got my life between my lips
In my hand i hold the fire
All lit and glowing
Red hot
I'll light up this heart of mine
I'll let it burn all up
Like a stick of cigarette
I'll puff endlessly
And let the smoke out my nose
I'll watch it burn out slowly
O! yes its my life
It's mine 
To decide how i live it

Then an unseen hand took my life
From out my lips
Thou art a fool
Even worse than
The greatest fool there ever is
Life's mine to give
And mine to take away 
So i put out the fire
And let my knees 
Touch the cruel floor
And said a prayer 
To him who gives life
To restore unto me
My dear life
Life's worthless
So i thought
But now i know
I need life now
More than ever
I'll do all in my power 
To have it back
Even if i cant have it all back
I'll make good use 
Of the years
I do have left
This time i'll give it all to him
All of my life
Yes!with him my life is safe

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looking back at all the mistakes i've done.
i had a hatred heart was full of darkness.
i thought a life of mine can ever be saved.
or if i can push myself to the limits and make
it to the top.
i guess every where i go,Theirs a black cloud
that follow me.
torment and lies i said to myself.and the people
i hurt.
i really don't care,its a run gun situation.
scared to love someone,because of being hurt in
the past.
i was in love with the money but not fame
nickel's and dime packets.corners of light that shine
on a drug dealers eye.
the street of darkness a prayer on the street light
a gust of wind through air.
so watching what your doing.because the streets will
make turn into darkness.

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The black one contains the incense of his cremation:
       the fragrance of hair become ash, 
       shreds of flesh lost among the sorting of the parts, 
       grindings of those that didn’t burn.
A bowl of gold nuggets reshaped in fire;
	jewelry for the bereaved.
Another, fashioned from prayer and smoke, 
	holds a rosary and a cross.
	(Was he a believer?).
In the plain envelope, the one with the string tie, 
       are photographs and small paintings of his women; 
       some he didn’t know.
That one is made of ice. Windings, stained cotton sheets, 
	imprints of last bodies can be found there.
The silvered one, the hemisphere, hides a woman’s breasts; 
       the oval box the curve of her body from breast to knee; 
       the one of marble holds knees to ankles. 
       Her feet and head? He sold them to a collector.
Take care with that one. It holds his souls, one for each face.
	(Do souls have weight?)
Arrange the boxes for me, will you? Put them in a life’s order. 
       Will you begin with the one, 
       and then the other, 
       and the third becomes the ghost?
I come back to the resolved:
	his is the humility of the commonplace, 
        refuge of the soon forgotten,
        a natural process.

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no gimmicks - life time guarantee

i'm sure on one thing we all agree,
life is not as easy as it used to be,
and with all the progress man has achieved,
still we miss that something that makes our life complete.
switch on the t.v. or the radio,
just call this number, give it a go.
for every impurity there is a repair,
still we live in a world full of despair.
you have tried everything with no success,
you have nothing to loose, just take this chance.
it is time for you to take a stand,
ignore all ads, stop kidding yourself.

a daily prayer is all it takes,
say it out loud but say it with faith.
God knows our needs, he feels our pains,
trust all in His hands, He'll make the amends.
not all we pray for, will be fulfilled,
but don't hesitate, just trust in His will.
the cross we must carry through our life,
is no longer unbearable with Him by our side.
i'm only human with an excuse to err,
and i lived my life as if i didn't care,
but since i've tried this daily cure,
little do i worry for what may lie in store. 

so say your prayers, He'll do the work,
just keep them plain, you don't have to explain,
reach out your hand, He'll lead your way,
just keep the faith and everything will be okay.
try this at home or in a public place,
don't be afraid, don't be ashamed.
God will work wonders, you'll be surprised,
don't keep Him waiting, time is passing by.
before i go, i  just have to let you know,
no fees to pay, no codes  to break,
a moment in peace is all it takes,
your life-time guarantee against all aches.

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Things that matter

Roaring of traffic is the song that play

An i phone is the preferred company

which everyone is lost

in its magical lay

A minute to listen to a

friends' story is

considered the least

And a moment to stop for

a short prayer can be a delay


Cursing is the easiest way

to keep frustrations at bay

The  clock at the door

could tell who's the

slave of the day

Coffee at hand means

no good meal today

Hurried steps to catch up

the first bus and train

must be the mantra until

one turns to gray


But nothing is more 

impressive to see 

the bobbing out

of flowers bud

in a deserted lot

and worn out pot..

the filtering of sun's rays

of the waning day..

To embrace

The new day and  a fresh dew

after a night downpour blew..

The stray birds searching for 

a morsel of seed under the 

shadow of a spring bloomed tree

The angry waves that

calm down as they kissed

the soft silver bed of shore

And nourish tiny creatures

secretly sheltered in an empty

dry and neglected shells

The sunset that never tires

to display the wonder of colors

of the twilight to begin another day

How much more to reckon

A gasp of disbelief from

a mother to hear  her

newborn cry..

An angelic smile of a baby

to wash out mom's tiring day

A toddler who learns

a step or two to embrace

her freedom without much


And to understand

A teen's eagerness

to wear the cap  of challenges

he's never been..

And to feel..

a hug to prod dispirited

being to move on and let go

And a gentle hand that assures

when death comes in time.

Though life is painted sometimes

with color not our choice to enjoy

and crying can be the best cleanser

and holding on is our character equalizer

But the one who sees  things that matter most

is blessed  with a heart that never breaks

when brokenness undertakes..





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Vasava - An Untold Story 10/Many

Vasava – An untold story                                                               10/Many

Curtains made of Silk with gold thread embroidery  
Were hanging on all the doors and windows of the auditorium
Big silk curtains, were hanging behind the dance stage
Shining and blinking,  because of gold and silver on them, 
Were brightening the dance stage, making it bright like a day

Beautiful Persian carpets were displayed 
Covering the entire auditorium, where the guests were sitting
A thin such carpet was also lying, all around the stage
Leaving the dance floor, which was made of Mahogany wood 
On which, Vasava was sitting to start her first Raga of the day

All the eyes were drinking the nectar like wine of Vasava
So lovely were her looks and so intoxicating was her youth
The beauty of her spotless body, was spreading its charms
Which was coming out, from every part of her body, specially 
The matchless beauty of her eyes, legs, waist, hands and bosoms

King Suyodhan was invited on the stage to declare the Utsava to begin
And then appeared the attraction of the Utsava or the day, Vasava
The drums and musical instruments began to flow their sounds
The team of musicians accompanying Vasava, took seat near her
Suddenly all became speechless, so that they may not miss a word of her singing

Vasava’s face appears to have taken, the beauty from full Moon glow
And the gold Noopur* which she wearing in her feet’s
Were ringing, on her leg’s movements, creating a melody on its own, 
Her recitation of Saraswati’s* prayer had already enthralled everyone
And now she was about to begin, her first performance of the day

Ravindra						to continue in 11

Kanpur India   21st March 2010

Copy writes protection as per Poetry Soup automatic Copy write provisions also.

* Gold Noopur		Noorpur means small bells, which dancers wear while 
                                                performing the dances in Indian. The Noopur which 
                                                Vasava was wearing were made of Gold. It creates a 
                                                sound on the movements of legs. Normally it is made
                                                of brass and many such are tied up in a cloth belt.

 * Noopur                                  A  hallow anklet containing tiny bells

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The Kolanut

Lobes of mystery,
As charismatic as the chapel of sistine,
A traditional prayer tool by which the ancestors in their spiritform listen to and 
hear our every prayers,
The kolanut when broken into lobes serves as a compass for the hunter even in 
the deepest part of the rain forest,
Alas! the city dweller chews it to stay awake,
Friends apply it as a seal of friendship,
The kolanut, the kolanut, the kolanut the silent killer of dogs,
Still the urban dweller cherishes it because it keeps him going without feeling 
the pangs of hunger,
Nature's gift to humankind. 

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First Time Love

Everyday I turn to see,

the face of someone admiring me.

Not just anyone, someone I know,

with a heart so soft as fresh as fallen snow.

The eyes of someone so passionate and caring,

deep within their soul so daring.

Wondering if it is you, the one I saw before.

The one standing beside me during the hard times of war.

Your hands are gently grasping mine as we cross the drunken sea,

my first time love, just you and me.

Waiting long enough for someone such as you,

a little longer and I don't know what i'd do.

A prayer I send to bring you to stay,

your sweet scent stalls me from miles away.

As you look into my eyes and i into yours,

a new life sparks between us in a code of morse.

As I get closer to your love,

a new life has began its quest to mind us above.

To see you standing there is joy from heaven,

bringing light to my lonely days of seven.

A song of sucess I sing to have you at last,

now and again a slow train away from the past.

A new line of faith comes as cupids arrive,

singing songs of life, keeping our hearts alive.

Three words changed in so many ways,

passed on from person to person along with good-bye's and hey's.

The when and the where is at it's place,

standing there for you my first time love, waiting to at last see your face.

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When freedom spoiled me,
and lovers blinded me 
with their false affections,
no wisdom was present in any thought,
although I heard its sound sweeter than a symphony;
friends frowned, taking away their smile...
I refused to grow up by remaining a foolish child.

And I sinned because 
I couldn't see the difference
in the good things that made
one wiser and more serene;
perhaps this lesson had to be learned
to separate foolishness from wisdom
to make me understand
that I had to make better choices.

Finally, salvation came
as that morning prayer brought Heaven's hope 
to my doorsteps where sunlight never shone;
finally, I acquired the wisdom to choose
a purposeful life based on truth,
and cleanness of soul...
eradicating all traces of sin.

Written by Andrew Crisci
for nette oncloud's contest,
" Serenity Response "
"....and wisdom to know the difference "

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Broken Jesus

At the foot of the bed
She hides in fear
To scared to make a sound
She senses his presents 
Enter the room
Afraid she will be found
Young little girl
So all alone
Waiting for the familiar blow 
She closes her eyes 
In prayer 
All she finds 
A shadow 
A broken Jesus

He wanders the night
Searching to find
Some food 
To feed his hunger
The price he will pay 
A trick down on Main
On his knees 
Will pay for his supper
Life completely broken
The wages of sin
He pays to earn a living
Another night on the street
His prayer is complete
And he finds 
A broken Jesus

The heart does cry out
For innocent lives
Forced fed
A life of rejection
Despite prayers that are prayed
No relief to regain
The safety
Of a life each covets
When the shadow is seen
In a prayer that is deemed
To fall on a heart that’s broken
Protection is there
For the one in despair 
By the only
One broken Jesus

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To the Writer of a Sad Poem

To the writer of a sad poem 

You have posted a poem today 
Which shows the extreme gloominess and sadness of your mind.

Your writing shows that you have great potentials,
But you have to give it a chance. 

Life may not be good right now for you, 
Due to prevailing darkness all around, 
But please give a chance as your have the powers 
In your writing to convert this darkness 
Into a bright sunshine. 

My good wishes and prayer that you come out 
From this darkness without eliminating life 
Which is not yours but a gift of God. 

Kanpur India 17th January 2010

Note: These lines were written on 16th Jan 2010 when
I saw a poem while posting my own poem on the board
In the name of Suicide. It appears to me that the writer
of this poem is in utter depression and perhaps my 
words may sooth her a little.
After completing my comments which is still on that poem
Suicide I found that these comments 
could be posted as a Poem also and that is how this poem 
came into existence. I have no idea whether the writer
of Suicide has come out of her deep depression or not?
As since then there is no new posting from that poet
on the board.

May God give her strength and courage and peace.

rechecked on 29th Jan. 2010

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Rising Above

Rising Above (Ricks 10-36) Rising above Throughout life With prayer and love Follow where He leads He shall answer all our needs And all burdens shall feel lighter Making the outlook brighter That opens the heart Ringing above With love. Within time Spiritual stairs It’s worth the climb Trying to stand alone We are never on our own Happiness we create in the mind We can’t always find With an inner smile Rising above With love. Erich J.Goller Copyright 11.30.2011 “Ricks 10-36” 10.17.2011 by Erich J.Goller 10 lines--36 words--2/2/4/4/6/6/4/4/2/2 Rhyming lines 1/3-4/5-6/7-9/10-- Any subject--no stanza limit--

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As I quietly watched you
I was so envious 
But at the same time 
I was also afraid
That I would never 
Feel the passion with which
you so ravenously recited those words
in that "Shakespeare" poem

I kept asking myself
"Have I ever felt that?"
"Have I ever been that passionate 
about anything?"
I was so jealous of you
The "excitedness" in your voice

I tried to imagine
a time-anytime in my life
That my "passion" for anyone 
or anything
Was rawly noticeable
Not only to others
But also to myself

That is all I can answer
Because I honestly cannot remember
such a time
Was it High School?
When I fell so deeply in love?
When I became a "Wife"
When I became a "Mother", three
different times?

Or was it the moment I entered this world 
from my "mothers" warm & nurturing womb
And not only became a "Daughter"
But also a person?
I took my first breathe
Screamed from the top of my lungs
Although I cannot remember
I believe that I felt a "kind"
of passion for life itself

Especially at just 2 weeks of 
My tiny, frail body fought 
through the fluid filling my lungs
with "Double pneumonia"
I believe I fought "hard"
Hard to "LIVE"
With my mother by my side 
Just outside the steam tent that 
forcefully pushed medication through 
to my little lungs
her scared hands resting on my back
to make sure I hadn't given up

Now as I look back
I know that I have felt it
It has just been such a long, 
long time
The black cloud that has been hovering 
over my life
Has smothered out my good memories
It has shielded my thoughts
to only the bad

So I will pray
I will pray so hard to God
to give me the strength to overcome
this pain in my body, the sadness 
in my heart
To help me throw some color into
this black cloud
Please send a "rainbow", to crush
the blackness,
a brightly lit sun to smash it to the ground 
All so I can find enough
"Inner Strength" to feel again
To feel the "PASSION" for "LIFE"
That I believe I once felt 
As I desperately try to find a
reason to be happy and to "LIVE PASSIONATELY"...again


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Walking through the valley all on my own

Walking through the valley all on my own

Written By Dean Masciarelli

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walking through the 
valley all on my own 

Searching for a reason 
why I am still around

Because I never thought 
that I 
could live for so  long

Because I thought I 
end up dying young

But I am honestly 
that I am still around

Because I still have a lot of 
living to do in this life of mine
before it’s my time to be gone

I just wish that I didn’t 
to spend it being alone

Because I really wish that I 
could have a companion
who could love me as 
I could love them in return

Hopefully the good Lord 
hear my prayers in Heaven

And he will answer every prayer 
that I have ever prayed to him

In my heart I know he will bring 
me a 
partner and a mentor and a friend

But it will be in his time and not in my own 

So in the mean time I will keep the faith
and I will do my very best to remain strong

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Thoughtful Ride

These thoughts of mine
Jump from the branches
And weaves of my mind
Cruising on my breath
Erratic and fleeting,
 Unleashed and bewildered
Yet plummeting the mark
Its the debris i  confront,
With a sigh and a laugh
The reins in my hand
O Lord do be kind
Do guide this horse and carriage
To Thy stand-- 

(c)copyright-vijay nair

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A Christmas Miracle

Amanda, Our Christmas Miracle

It's Christmas Eve
and everything's on hold.
She's only 15 - too young, Lord,
too young to die.

A simple matter for you.
Rebuild her blood as she lies
on the table, under the knife.
She needs a miracle.

But, you're in the miracle business, Lord.
Please, don't let her fade away,
a beautiful butterfly,
flitting through our space
for only a moment.

A selfish prayer, gracefully received,
granted in mercy.

Thank you, Lord
for our Christmas miracle.
Someday, I'll tell her about the prayers.
I'll remember, and tell her
what you did.

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Constant Lover

To you my Lord,  
I think;
I praise, 
My constant Lover. 
For lies `nd lines 
Are but 
grunts `nd  groans of a creatura. 
Only One 
Can a muddied mind beatify, 
No earthly kindred soul, 
Can life justify. 
And my mind, heart, n soul; 
The whole of me,   
Can only be and bloom in 

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The Lord is my Teacher

The Lord is my teacher;
I will not fail.
He fills me with knowledge and wisdom.
He teaches me in the way that I should go.
He refreshes me with understanding.
He instructs me in spiritual matters; 
He will not leave me ignorant.
Yes, though I make mistakes and 
Sometimes show misunderstanding,
I will not be ashamed -
For you are with me.
Your arm of love, your patience, gently corrects me.
You allow me to shine in the presence of my peers.
You crown me with success; distinctions over flow.
Surely, excellence will follow me everywhere I go.
And I will be in your classroom for ever!

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He Kissed the Door

The headlights shown into the bedroom
as he pulled into the driveway.
The alarm clock turns to one
and she tugs the blanket under her chin.
A quiet prayer falls from her lips.

The back door closes loudly as he stumbles in,
heavy footsteps fill the air.

Eyes tightly closed she wishes
That he will just fall into his lazy-boy.
A ridiculous wish since that never happens.

Light streams in from the hallway,
his slurred words penetrate her skin.
She rolls over slowly and gives him 
a weak smile as he takes off his boots.

Maybe tonight will be different, Please God.

He falls into bed and pulls her close.
A hard kiss lands on her mouth.
She turns back, that was the mistake.

Before she knows it, she’s on the floor.
A foot to her stomach, a fist to her face;
at least this time his boots were off.
She stifles a cry so the kids don’t know.

He never says a word,
the blows always spoke louder.
Finally it’s over but she stays on the floor.

After a while she hears a bottle opened
and the TV turned on.
She crawls into bed and lets a single tear
fall from her eye.

Maybe tomorrow will be different
She just has to be better.

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Poetry in Motion Challenge To You Audrey

God's compassionate faithful prayer family
vows lifeless obsidian stars betrothed.
Impervious aquamarine crescent moonlight 
kiss awestruck azure sky.
Life elation spirits passion
beyond desire, joy, love.
Hope petals calm hot kindred bliss. 
World peace havens light melody.
Northern turbulent winds wave
lilac freedom clouds.

poetry in Motion :   Audrey Carey....Tag you're it!  use the same words.

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Venom laced words
Is all the world
Feeds the weak
But I can taste the brutal decay
Of all the slain souls
Now buried in the deep
Look through the eyes of the Taken
You will see this tainted world
You will see you’re mistaken
Those are not happy tears
They are laced with blood
No one feels a thing
They have all gone cold
And gone numb
You feast your eyes
On a beautiful Shamrock Shore
But instead I see waves of black
Swimming along are the snakes of wrath
Those sweet little lullabies
Causing you to sleep
They wake up the Demons
You are their feast
When will you stop?
Looking through the eyes of faith
Take a look through my eyes and see
Those born of innocence...
Their true damned Fate

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                                   MUSIC MOVES THE WORLD
                                   DANCE MOVES THE BODY
                                   WORDS MOVES THE MIND
                                   PRAYER MOVES THE SOUL
                            HOWEVER INSPIRATION FINDS YOU
                             ALLOW IT TO MOVE YOU THROUGH
                                       ANY OBSTACLE.

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DMagnet-in the new nowhere

Calling you up
on the phone
all 1600 of us
are on the line

between the hours of two and 4 am
free falling
75 miles an hour
shattered me like glass

struggling we go to the edge
a procession for the king
the subjugated called
bringing news 
speaking in tongues

l learn to shut up, listen while
hopelessness, plagues, drought and suffering

leaving only this skin hanging on the branches
withdrawn and awake 
in the new nowhere

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Balm in Gilead

Long pole rise in center of yard
Morning like a mass in Latin dictum
Vanished. Here she comes
White as the mountain robed in mist
Echoing the centuries disassembled
In the chaos memory of foreign tongue
Holding water like a psalm in her hand
And watching it break
North, South, West, and East like dawn.
She shall say a prayer for the village today
Three sounds of goat's dead skin
Vibrating life into hollow wood will tell
I hear it and shout 
Cleanse me, cleanse me O, cleanse my sin
My lust for lucre filthy as the world
My celibacy separating the annoyance of the flesh
My hatred of the woman who choked my dreams
In self suffocating hands rough as broken toothed rocks
Jagging my forgiveness
And I pray she has heard it
For this nation needs a balm from its bitterness
From the constant explosion of dreams into gun fire
For the self-centered carnality of desire
For leaders who neither motivate nor aspire
Better than escape of minotaur's rage.
She comes praying for all of us like lillies
The long thread of faith
Looping from the ancestral past to light
Mother Icy, put the glass upon the pole
And dead stalks now of innocense
Flowers that you must away tomorrow
After they have shed their leaves like tears.
I too am penitent
Bathe me, bathe me deep in the bushes potion
My faith is in the Balm in Gilead.

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OH no! I'm NEVER good enough ,now am I?!

Like I'm not good enough for you!
That's the problem 
At least to you.
I give you my heart and you throw it right back in my face.
It's wondrous to me how much I want you to love me 
For me!
And the reason why left nonexistent!
So sit me down in the corner
And give me the dunce hat
Because I don't know who I am!
Because I don't know something about myself!
So lay me down tonight
And watch me scream to the cosmos and starts
In prayer 
That someday I'll be as good as you.
And in prayer 
Trying to reach someone 
Trying to reach you
So you could come to me!
Come to me and heal my scars!

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Lord, thank you for waiting for  me.
And when I forget, you remind me of your glorious presence.
 When I call out in times of want you serenade me with your birds of song
When I am filled with loneliness, you send the sun to embrace me in its warmth
When I have confusion you send me a fire in my belly to show me the answer
When I cry out in deep sorrow you cry with me with tears of rain
When I am tired you offer me a place to rest my head
When I am lost you show me stars to lead the way
When I am without faith you offer the birds, the sun, the rain, the rest, the stars and my belly and you wait…........and you wait.

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I Still Pray to the Moon

I wonder
If the moon ever wept,
And if so
If the sun dried its tears.
I suppose with a love
That burns like fire
It only takes an intake of breath
And a soft blow of comfort
To warm a soul back to life.

I wonder,
If the moon ever became lonely.
If glimpses and glances
Wore hard of her soul.
If she is too, like us.
If the soft blowing of a loving sun
Is not always all that is needed.

I wonder,
If the moon ever becomes jealous.
Does it rage at the other moons
Trapped all within the same constant pull of gravity.
How can one not wonder
If the other’s time is better spent with another?

I heard once that angels take the moon your prayers,
Your dreams.
So I began praying straight to the moon,
If my prayers went straight to the moon
The sooner I would be free of this gravity to you
After all, if the moon knew so well of love,
Of the pain and heat
Of the weariness
Then she must know better than I,
Whether to bring us closer
Or farther apart.

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I beseech you oh lord

Lord here I am here,hear the prayer of this humble lamb.
Standing on the land you have created. 
Whistling winds,
invisible winds,
lifting winds carry my prayer above to the lords holy ear.
I beseech you with out fear.You are here,
you are there,
you are every where. 
Your eyes embedded in all of your creations.
Your eyes unseen,
your voice unheard but is know.
Your stare I can feel and see in the mirror when I look at my self.
Appearing to be alone but not. 
I stand with you,
I walk with you,
I talk with you and understand that you are not silent,
 but speaking through me.
From any fall I stand,
from any pain I recover,
from any confusion I am found,
through the maze of life I follow your light and 
so bright, 
so profound. 
Be thou my savior,
be thou my friend,
be thou my lantern in the blind night
and hear me when I beseech you oh lord.
let not my inner flower wither.
let not my endeavor be in vain. 
Breath on me breath of god. Fill me with life anew.
Show me false from true. 
In you I have found a resting place full of truth and grace.
Remove the stumbling stones from my path,the trials and tribulations.
For I have a distant way to go and a victory to behold. See me through the perils of the storm.Break the shackles of adversity. 
Set me free.
lend me your wings of glory.

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My Lord, my only companion and guide
Please drive this gloom away from my heart 
Fill it with joy and peace never to desert 
Strength and compassion to help the hurt 
with glow of inner light that destroys the dirt.
Empty it from the narrow and baser thought 
Light it with knowledge that spreads delight 
that relieves all beings misery and plight, 
help all in higher flights to reach Thy height. 
Let it be engrossed with you and you alone 
and not to flutter here and there forlorn
Amongst mundane matters ephemeral
Even under the showers of distraction 
Grant my prayer to be ever in bond with thee.

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If it were all a dream
water would flow through from the sea to the earth
And where earth meets the waters mighty crest a shore would stand

If it were all a dream
time would move unaccountably
Like wind though a mill it would pass slowly, and then swiftly day to night

If this were all a dream
limbs of my body would outstretch and relieve their own pains
The hand would flow through the air in prayer and namaste to the pull of gravity
Motioning to the bend in my legs, hips, back and neck into harmonious posture

If this were all a dream
there would be joy on the peoples faces around me
there would be confusion on the faces around me
the scenes of life would uneasily move from one to the next
the deep thoughts of a foe become the woes of a friend
the tourists would pass along the stream of my unconsciousness
soliciting my fears
confirming my self doubts
gnawing at my skull enough to make me want to choke
I cant be too sure if the sounds from across the hall are in my sleep or awareness
The next door over may not be safe and may also be new to discover

If this were all a dream
Food would exist and somehow disappear
as if the goodness was too good to be true
the makings of my imagination could seek the best wine, the best chocolate, the ripest fruit
and taste flavors from all over the world as if God himself put it there to be enjoyed
This would be a dream I could hope to revisit

If this were all a dream I could manifest my highest desires, if i could see the way to grab them off that pedestal
Desire to grasp the essence of what would become of me in this dream
Like when you're dreaming and the noise from the last scene clouds the next
You know the feeling?
If this were a dream I could remain who I want to be throughout its entirety, with the exceptions of uncontrolled outcomes from somewhere deep inside me

If this dream were to end the only way I could see clearly would to be in a cloudless mind unlocked by myself
 I feel
As though I were to be able to jump out of this body and revisit my last dreamscape
Twisting, whistles, and creatures and things
My nightmare brings the worst of my dreams and becomes a sad waking reality
I lose, I win, I see the truth again, and again.

Be still in this dream
As the rainbows come and go
where they come from nobody knows

If this were all a dream,
Where does the world we are in come from
Appearing as majestically as the prisms of a rainbow


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She Reaches The Eighth Milestone Of Life

(This verse is painted for my Loving Daughter P Suzanna Christy on her 8th birthday) 

It was the day she began to move out,
She’d been in the cradle of her mother’s womb
Some seven years before silently in her dreams,
And her dreams! Who knows? But He knows.

Her mother, yea, yet to be a mother then!
Then in her travail, yet rejoicing in God’s Gift,
With her friend and neighbors close by she was wriggling.

Her father, yea, yet to be a father then!
Then in his journey, anxious, yet praying all the way,
None but the Father in Christ is beside him.

She reaches the eighth milestone of life,
How she hath reached is by His Mercy.

I remember the day of entry into the world,
She made a cry within and it was not heard unto us,
We could not know why she had cried within,
But we know for she had prayed within,
And now we’ve learnt that her first cry would be to Him.

Her mother’s friend took her in his arms,
And showered thousand kisses on her tiny forehead,
And it is he always the God-sent providence unto them.

Her mother rose from her anesthetic sleep,
And her every breath, it’s the fact, pronounced THANKS unto HIM.
She longed for her God’s Gift and took her in her arms of love.
I watched her imprinting kisses on the silky cheeks.
Every one wept and there were tears of joy,
I collected those tears in the deep of my heart.

She hath reached the eighth milestone of life:
She flutters as the dancing star in the sky,
Like the tiny trout in the running brook she plays,
Sweet like the ripe apple ‘midst the orchard,
‘cross the horizons of joy and laughter she traverses,
Dressed in the Blessings from Above,
She looks purple with floating frilled skirt,
She wears the smiles of her mother,
Filled with friendly wishes from her school mates,
She walks amidst the song of her little blooms.
I can’t hold her joy she experiences,
And so her mother shares it with her 
And too with her for she hath carried my prayer in her womb.

She grows with the Heavenly Grace,
And does proclaim the Glory of Heaven in her life. 
Now she’s a little plant to grow more flowers,                 
And every flower shall be the message of His Mercy

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Searching for Avalon

"Oh, Gods of the sea, hark;
will this wild wind pitch us,
down, down to a watery end?
Ship's awash, pigs half-drowned;
and chickens floating away.

"What is our sin, for Thor's anger
to be kindled in bloody rage?
With each lash of his thunder,
we are hurled against the rocks.

"Where will Aegir's daughters cast;
will the fierce ones spew us out
over these widow-maker waves?
Grab those pails, sailors, bail,
lower that useless, tattered sail

"Glaucus, please, to our rescue,
we are brutally shoved about.
Triton, trumpet with your conch,
calm this storm with your horn.

"Oh, Christian, come to stern,
point that cross to the sky.
Pray to your God for mercy—
He whom you nailed to a tree—
else we perish in this sea." 

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Mind and Body

If they’re bipolar
Why should you act bipolar too?
Do you think that will make it
Right between them and you
Yes they have highs and yes
They have lows
Their moods are unpredictable
No one knows

Agreeable one day
Cantankerous the next
They’re not evil or mean
Nor are they under a hex

If you understood the mind 
Like you understand a cold
All of this confusion
Would leave your soul

If you'd nurture the sick in body
And the sick in mind
There would be no reason
To feel confined

I don’t know how many days you are away
From embracing the body and mind
As a whole, 

The same way some of us pray

To the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

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I crave for your Indulgence

O! Merciful one, I have an appeal to make
I am sure it is easy for you to accommodate
I do not want all those things people require
I only crave for your indulgence in my life.

I have no yearning for pomp and splendor
All the tribulations I am prepared to endure
Kindly place your hand on my head forever
And prevent all the uncertainties that hover.

In life I have faced plenty of ups and downs
The brunt of them is very difficult to stand
And your grace has helped me to withstand
Hence crave for your indulgence in my life.

I wish and pray on no account abandon me
With affection and tenderness look at me
Please be my guide, mentor and caretaker
And be the guiding light in my life’s’ tour.

I pine for nothing but your endorsement
For me to remember thy name constant
Never ever to forget you at any moment
Hence crave for your indulgence in my life.

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Walk with the Lord

As I walk 
In the presence of the Lord
I come with an open mind and humble heart
That he, the most holy and high king 
Will guide me in his will 
And way
That through me people my see 
The kingdom of heaven

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Picnic In San Fernando

She lays the white cloth 
on the ground of grass
and opens the cans of coke
with gentle flicks

On a little narra table 
she sets the plates 
each with three hanging rice, 
and a quarter of lechon

While he broils ten sticks
of barbecue on the grill
wiping his sweat as they 
trickle down to his cheeks

Smiles paint the little faces
of their children running against 
the count of hide and seek
with the other kids in the plaza

as the embers dry to the cooling sun
she calls them all to gather round
hands washed, faces flashing
they say a little prayer 
before partaking 
from the small banquet of love

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To be brutally honest with you

We stake our claim to fame
Among falling ambers with feathers for wings
Through a barrage of disgust & then,
For a fallen world in quite a rush

He knows that if he can control your thoughts

That in effect he can control your mind
At one time I could see yet today I'm totally blind
To be brutally honest with you
That effective fervor prayer of the righteous one

From such prayers availeth very much

To resist him will result in a flee

The bruised reed shaken in the wind
Although, Papa was a rolling stone;
He was never to be found very far from home
In matters of solace degree

To be brutally honest with you
A transformed hermit was once a slave
That fully claimed thread,
In noticable silent dread

Some engrafted in essential sought after fabrication

With silver streak to faintly prey on the weak
To be brutally honest with you
A slight of hand once delivered out of divination
In solemn mass to profess a vested proclamation

To be brutally honest with you !

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My Prayer

	Please Father, heal me from my sickness,
Forgive me for my sins,
Whisper the words, “I love you”,
In my ear once again.
	Forgive me of my wrongdoings,
As I forgive those who hurt me,
And thank-You dear God,
For rising on day three.
	Heal those who are sick,
Fix those who are hurt,
Give clothes to those,
That don’t even have a shirt.
	Give rest to the tired,
Help those who are weary,
Bless those who need it,
Give sight to those who can’t see.
	Give shoes to the shoeless,
Help all the teachers,
When You close a few windows,
Open a few doors.
	Guide the President,
Help him make right choices,
Help the silent,
Raise up their voices.
Help those close to me,
And those far away,
Answer their prayers,
Hear what they don’t say.
	Be there for the weak,
And be there for the strong,
Help us all know,
When we do something wrong.
	Thank-You for listening,
And for always being there,
But I thank You most of all, Lord,
For hearing my prayer.

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(To women, esp. those who care) 

The lights have all gone,
The torch lamp’s weary
To drive darkness
Away for
Darkness is eternity!
Light your candle
In order to bequeath 
To the humankind  
The heritage
And be saved!
The seclusion unbearable
O come woman
Come noble creature
To console the suffering
Human race
By the soft sound of your voice
Your turtledove voice
Speak when you come
That Chinese I like so much
Come when the winds blow
Come when trees crawl
Come when birds sing
Or to loving mates are calling
Come when I come
Let’s come together, all our life!

Oh, the night and the torch lamp
O at a dark night of a rainy season
At Elobi for a forlorn student
Like me
It’s strident
O my Allah give a woman 
To care for.

Yaoundé, June 29, 2002

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Ambrosia's Anthem

My yesterday's rush by me as the
songs of many rivers wherein is the
inspiration of my youth.
Therefore do I go but into wilderness pain
relevant thought, sinful iniquity.

I die but in the chagrined shores of my soul
which bear witness to rebirth awakening
spent on today's word but tomorrows promise.

Canst not the wine of redemption
be brought on the tears
of many men?
Can a man not live again through
the ageless promises of wanton wrath
which we serve yet even when we sleep.

Time gives us but a glimpse
of bewildered fear
born unto days divinity
a prayer given to ancients
but cast on the winds
wither soever they should go
may it be that those prayers
rescind to bounties of lords and legions.

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Night Prayers

Again tonight, like a child,
I lie early beside my wife
Muttering prayer lines
Of innocence.

Not that I am unaware
Of the wild wild things
That happen at night
I just do not want
Any of them again.

Again tonight, like a child,
I lay beside my wife
Muttering prayer lines
Of protection.

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The Fall Poem

I heard about a storm coming
More rain is what we are all wanting

California needs rain 
Like a dirty shirt needs a stain

We are doing better
Thanks to all the prayers

It shows that many people believe
And care

I have just been groovin’ this afternoon
Listening to my favorite tunes

As I was looking out my window
I heard someone shout “Bingo!”

A couple of friends
Are in the den

And I think it’s time for them to go

But I would never put them out
I enjoy the noise of laughter and shouts

I’ll just close the door as I ponder about
Going to the store

I could buy a few more Christmas lights
But shucks, how bright is bright?

I’ll take that thought off the list
And drink a shot of Canadian Mist

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The open wound that festers and burns
how long have I ignored it?
I spent all night praying
that this decay hadn't touched my core...

There is nothing between here and the sky
That rages as violently as our hidden hearts.
It doesn't matter how often we say "I love you",
those words only become sticks and stones
in a heart that vomits out hatred, annulling,
everything else, even now,
our prayer is trapped inside.

The huge void between here and the sky
swallows us whole, why is everything rotting
before our eyes? This heart holds too many secrets,
it's collapsing into itself, ripping itself apart and 
the precious sentiments it holds inside.
Vomiting, rejecting, annulling -
Only the tombstone will be white.

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The morning prayer I miss

I miss the sweet sweet morning prayer I used to say,
In the lights of early morn, in the darkness of losing night.
In that surrealistic atmosphere I used to pray,
To the One who possesses endless might.

I used to make a society with my Lord;
The only society where I was so happy.
There used to be He and I and nobody else;
He used to call me with affection and I used to respond.

And I miss all that blissfull feelings
Of early morning breeze, so tender, so sweet......
And the smell of morning sweat so honestly earned,
And the pleasure of walking on the wide empty streets.

Then coming back home with endless satisfection
Of pride, of wisdom, of solitude.
Then reading stories about witches and fairies,
In such and atmosphere so close to the action!

But now the morning prayer is never the same,
Its just aformality of going into the busy day (that lies ahead).
Then going into the breakfast so testlessly cooked,
With smashed potatos and mushrooms and thick pieces of bread

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Go to the Lord

When turmoil seizes your very being
and aspiration turns into despair
When peace is gone and hope is fleeing
Go to the Lord in prayer.
Go to the Father with trust in your heart
He will hear your sorrowed plea.
The Lord will make your burdens depart
and give you victory!

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Song of the music

mastering the psychological situational ironies of life
to heal the mind and soul
the game of life jesus played
writing ones own next experience
in hopes for the outcome of lifes lessons
be a unified prayer

if i lead you down the path of blind leading the blind
would you follow?
or do you see it as a crime of the century
walking the circles they are talking

hopes to master healing relationships
of which there is no confusion
notes to remind me

Life insurance for the world to win their own lottery
deja vous of new shoes
forgetting the steps like i will
planning to fail psychological situations

The pieces of your muse fit in this way,
the unified prayer harder to decipher but still there
the song of the songs, a reason to rejoice
thousands of voices, hundreds of thousands of songs
the answer to your riddle says it all

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In Remembrance of Our Brother-Our Friend...

Cinque "Cino" Mingo ~ September 7, 1984 to May 8, 2007 


It's been a whole year of laughter, memories and tears,

We know he's in Heaven, but wish he was here.

He was a great guy, 

Now he watches over us from the sky. 
His smile we can still see, 

Wishing he was here with his friends and family.
And even in his death, 

He's somehow still the best. 
He communicates through Jesus, 

And Heaven where he rests. 
We all get sad when we remember that day, 

But we know he's in better hands for everyday he prayed.

His spirit is present and so is his soul,

He left us his legacy so let's grasp and behold.

With prayer all is possible so we shall meet again,

For those who were inspired by Cinque's legacy, please pass this along,

Time flew past our eyes, but in our hearts it has been long.

He kept it real all the time, 

Making music and staying on the grind. 
He was more than a man, 

He was a father-son-brother-friend, 

Whose life succumbed to a violent end.
He spoke of the perils of life and the inevitable death, 

He preached God's word up until he left. 
He never once lost faith, 

He was truly great and amongst his elders he showed much respect. 
Despite what others thought he knew God had a plan, 

His soul's still the blueprint for many a man. 
He stood for what he believed in, 

And he was definitely a true friend. 

He was a soldier for the Lord, 

And tried to get many to come on board. 

He wasn't afraid to take a stand, 

The true epitome of a man.

You are missed, but never forgotten. 

Written by~ 
Yolanda Jackson & Kwanisha Young 

Copyright © 2008 – Keeping It Real Poetry, All Rights Reserved. 

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Ginger Ale Nights

There are some nights
when I am asked,
to bring the ginger ale.

I carry the seemingly
benign beverage from
the cellar without fail.

As I reach the top step,
I can see him 
reach below the sink.

20 oz. of Canadian Whiskey
And a shot of the ale
…the recipe for his drink.

He downs these libations,
steadily through the eve.
Slowly things change.

The room gets hotter,
air is stiller, silently I sit.
Staying out of range.

I watch and wait
and say a prayer 
to do nothing that incites.

You see I have a reason 
to dread the drink 
and those lonely
            ginger ale nights.

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O Founding Fathers of our glorious state
Your names live  hallowed in antiquity.
Your kingdom has come,
Your will is done on earth as it should be.
We’ve earned today’s daily  bread;
We tolerate no errors domestic or foreign;
And Lord help those who err against us.
Send us no trials, and deliver us from all enemies:
For the kingdom, the power, and the glory
Are ours for ever.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Modelled  on    The Lord’s Prayer :   Matthew   6  :  10 - 14  

( How hollow  life  would be  -    if this were a real prayer.)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Entered  in  John Freeman’s  New Contest  :  Faith Versus Poetry

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The Evolution of the Casino

We sit and take our chances,
watching the invisible Master
do the mysterious work.
We supplicate noisily with our dollars
pasted on the prayer wheel.
We know how
once this was a sin,
making material prayers
to alter the world against
the master's own instruction.
We once did it in a hall of danger,
unprotected; but we are now free.
The commandments are swept away.
What was once sin
is now sport.

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Somewhere, not within an  earshot

not within the four corners of the room

not within the reach of  fingers

not within a grasp of a feeling,

not within an understanding

not where an eye could reach seeing,

not even existing in a make believe world


the wailing of the orphans ,

the sobs of the abandoned ,

the plea of the unborn child,

the shrieking of the frightened,

the loneliness of the forsaken,

the strangeness of feeling of being haunted by disaster,

the awful experience of failure,

the need to belong,

the struggle to let go of the  unforgiving , 

the breach of  confining rules to be free

the will to be sane in a pretend world, 

the scourge of a  pride,

the embattled courage of the unrecognized

the will to survive at the brink of death,


Somewhere, one is deaf of the cares in life to hear

one is numb of  pain to feel , one is self engrossed to care

one is  wounded to struggle , 

one is blind of the fleeting pleasures in life to be sensitive,

one is occupied of earthly possessions to empathize,

one is imprisoned of  pride to be humble,

one is lamed with fear to speak up the truth and be happy


Somewhere, a humble heart can see,

generosity empowers unity , a touch can heal, 

a smile bequeaths new assurance , 

a call sends  relief, 

soothing words lighten the toil, 

a visit opens new perspective, 

a camaraderie of friendship brings out the best in you,  

a prayer transcends everything to beauty 

and LOVE aims to perfection ...






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The Church

Upon his rock he built it
washed throughout the world,
through the toll of bells in the air
and the curl of smoke, rising.

Snakes that silently slithered
whispering 'come hither' to those in need.
Then they feed and take away the light that rose,
fell deep to the depths and rose again.

Only he who can be like a child will enter
through gates adorned by light and flower.
Through their lies they dispell your belief,
they sour the fruit that blooms.

Veined marble that beats with the passion of the millenia,
the prayer that dispells the darkness within.
Inside you is the alter, not in the stone or gold that adorns.
Perpetual innocence at battle with sin.

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Save Me

                                                     Save me Lord, I am dying.
                                                   Blinded by my Pain.  I cannot
                                                               see your light.
                                                              Catch me Lord,
                                                                I have fallen 
                                                            From the highest 
                            Branches of the Olive Tree.  Hold me Lord, I am broken
                             Cradle me in your Loving arms.  Shelter me Lord, I am
                          cold from the frozen touch of my own sins.  Lead me Lord,
                           I am lost in the valley of my own insanity.  Heal me Lord, I
                         am sick from Satan’s invasion of my hearts deepest passions.
                                                            Come Lord, I am
                                                            Calling you from 
                                                            Every star in the 
                                                            sky.  From every
     				                             Blade of grass.
                                                              From every
                                                               Drop of water.
                                                               From every
                                                               Breath I take.
                                                               Love me Lord
                                                     I am lonely from yesterdays
                                                      Laughter and todays hidden
                                                               hope.  Forgive 
                                                             me Lord, so when 
                                                              death calls, I am 
                                                              sure of my place
                                                                  Beside you.
  Carrie Emily Verfurth Beck

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Living In The Light Of Eternity

Something happens
making you look at
death's door straight on;
You pray about it.

God always answers
though it may not be
the answer you expected
or even wanted, but....

One prayer might
actually counter another
you already made before
though you didn't realize it!

Yet there you stand
looking at some path
beyond the door
you never imagined facing.

A path you've never walked
not the way you might need to;
you look at your broken body
wondering how you can make it.

All you know for sure is
God will walk that path
by your side, no matter where
it may take you if you must go.

One prayer answered
you ask Him once more
to answer the other
the way you want it to go.

Death's door recedes
the news of the day taking it
mercifully with God's nod;
you don't fear death, but....

Life still has so much to offer.


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January 17, 1961

 "We pray," he said
 "that people of all faiths
 all races, all nations..
 will come to live
 together in a peace
 guaranteed by
 the binding force
 of mutual respect
 and love."

“…in a nationally televised speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower addresses the American people for the last time as president. Expressing ideas that seem prophetic in retrospect, Eisenhower offered his fears and hopes for the future, warning against the unfettered growth of the "military-industrial complex," as he coined it, and calling for diplomacy, restraint, and compassion in dealing with future crises with the Soviet Union. Despite his sadness that peace was not in sight, the great Allied commander offered [the above] a closing prayer to the world from America.”

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My Final Prayer

A thought that commonly lingers into scope

A timeless hour left unprovoked,
A caged fury sullen in reaction & approach.
My final prayer I shed a single tear to numb its inner pain
For the kings and queens of the Earth;

That one day will bow to thee...

My final pray & plea,
Through a shoulder to cry is my clearest destiny
A loving  thoughtful sigh or that of lulabye stream
The strong inner presence of an alibi scream

My final prayer,

In swift desolation in which to care

A captured response to share
As curious as a cat in heat

A small portion of dust from within
The silent whisper from a lonesome child
Such as the call of the wild,
Although it took time to silence the mind

A chosen vessel once torn is young

The mere inner quest of restitution,
In a pyramid of sorts with line drawn in the sand;
The nightingale fly's above
It's swift timeless chatter proned to light

A bird in asunder filtered in flight
To help warm the night
In the hopes to awaken a brand new day!

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Thoughtful Ride

These thoughts of mine
Jump from the branches
And weaves of my mind
Cruising on my breath
Erratic and fleeting,
 Unleashed and bewildered
Yet plummeting the mark
Its the debris i  confront,
With a sigh and a laugh
The reins in my hand
O Lord do be kind
Do guide this horse and carriage
To Thy stand-- 

(c)copyright-vijay nair

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Sermon on mouth

Sermon on the mouth

Up in the hill of congregation
When the land came upon him
Mouth open, a seep of, sleep down 
When he set, the prayer of praise
What he has, what he will give 
You have not present appreciation 
What you build he gives and will
Will to given for him who knows
You woman and man married
See your back, fast lags 
With fast eyes are brothers
Comtampted content  you contact 
Are not with his
Wide like the ocean your mouth vague. 
If you weak? Endure 
The blood that came out
Put your hand, suffered the land
All the world upon them, we hang
Our mind accepting the cause
Our soul pushing for better 
Slapping every air within
That nothing good will to us
The greatest among then is love

Theme: 	Worshipping God, appreciation or thanksgiving, unfaithful wive, children suffering hope, love
Note: This is a free verse poem and 26 lines. It poem about women who are not always faithful to their husband and the outcome is always that the children gotten out of such wedlock suffered a lot, and they are not always contented with what God has given them. 
(1) Woman who are married should remain and be contented with their husband
(2)	Children should not be made to suffer what is not their fault.
(3)	Husband and wife should always think befor divorce 

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If I had to lie down
Onto the black hearse instead of our love,
I would agree to die right away,
But hope is the last thing to die,
Yes, my golden one, I am living with hope
That Your tear, like the beautiful moon,
shall shine upon each letter,
each word, comma, exclamation mark and period of this poen,
as if it was the most honest of prayers.

My prayer is loud;
Like the prayer of an abandoned derelict;
Like the prayer of an abandoned child,
Like the prayer of a missionary in the valley of horrible hunger;
My prayers are searching for a sacred sanctuary,
To enter the cathedral above all cathedrals;
To enter your heart.

Just like a derelict is searching for bread crusts,
Just like a believer is searching for his communion wafer,
I am searching for Your kiss.
This prayer is my last hope
That Your tear shall slide onto my tear,
Into a world that is entirely ours;
A world into which the aureola of all human desires is born,
A world into which love is born.

In the darkness of a lonely night,
I am finishing this poem
With an inexplicable hope
That the time to say goodbye isn't here yet,
That our love shall not end on a black hearse,
That it shall live forever in our wonderful world,
In our hearts.

Walter William Safar

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A Prayer for the Persecuted

  The truth is whispered in the wind.
  A lone eagle screeches
  Calling out 
  "Remember the persecuted". 

  Men, women and children
  cast out
  Into the Scottish winter.
  Despairing to God

  Sheep now graze
  Over the dereliction.
  Scottish  blood 
  Still spatters the heather.


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A Dream Come True

Can this be a dream come true? I can't believe this is truly happening to me. You have swept 
me off from my feet, and have made me feel like a brand new girl. I am not the same 
person as I was before we started to date. Things are different now and I don't understand 
how it can be. You've made plans for our future and I can't help but smile everytime you 
look at me. This is a dream come true if I have ever known one. My heart spills out with love 
to you. As I lay awake at night all I think about is you, and how I can't wait to be in your 
arms. I am so glad that I have a man who is willing to wait for me. This is all so new to me 
that you have to forgive me if I get a little nervous. My mind has been so full of hate towards 
guys that when you came along and changed my views, I lost a few brain cells. Maybe it's 
just from falling in love with you. I am still not for sure but I know that I love you and always 
want to be with you. I am treated like a queen. I know now that God answers prayers for he 
answered my prayer by bringing you to me. This is a dream come true.

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The Thunder - Chapter 13, Verses 14, Holy Koran

Allah deserves their prayer
And whom they pray to besides Allah
Give them no answer.
They are like the one who stretches forth 
Two hands towards water
Thinking it may reach the mouth
But it’s a mere madness
And prayer of the unbelievers is fruitless.

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Through prayer I emptied out my heart -n- cleanse my soul, while my emotion taught thy emotion emotional control, my plethoric eyes then glowed, then through prayer my flesh reached its goal, a system that’s perpetual, anything other than prayer is ineffectual, illogical -n- impractical, so I shake my head -n- laugh, then prayed 4 a system that’s perpetual, I pray you empty out your heart -n- cleanse your soul, and teach your emotions emotional control, and 2 be the best self inside your flesh, through a system that’s perpetual, I pray you reach these goals, emotions controlled, a empty heart -n- a cleansed soul, I pray your prayers get answered, through an effectual system that stays perpetual.  

May your plethoric eyes then
Glow, a habitual perpetual
Your prayers only God knows
If they’re acceptable

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My Humble Prayer

I humbly ask you to make my enemies have good feet,
So they will walk away as I do.
Make them listen to the birds sing,
Instead of narrow opinions of others.
Make them have good eyes,
So they can see from another's point of view.
Make their hearts beat strong,
So love will overcome hate.
Make them stand proud,
So they need not tear another down.
Make them happy,
So misery will not love company.
Make them secure,
So they need not take from others.
Make them have hope,
So they do not darken another's hope.
Make them honest,
So they appreciate honesty in others.
Make them confident in their faith,
So they need not destroy another's.
Make them love themselves,
So jealousy has no merit.
Give them busy minds,
So they do not assume about others.
Make them feel safe,
So fear won't dictate their ways.
Give them long and happy lives,
So happy that resentment never enters.
Comfort them when they cry,
So loneliness will not make them bitter.
Walk with them amidst life's storms,
So they continue to the horizon.
Wake them every morn',
With gratitude in their hearts.
Love them even when,
They do not show love to others.
And in all of these things,
Let peace begin with me.

Wa'do Grandfather ... You are my greatest teacher!

Darlene Doll Smith ~ Cherokee

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Trading Shoes

He's gone,
Put away
You never knew it would happen to someone close to you
I can't relate
But I imagine the miles walked in your shoes

She left and never came back
Left for someone else to raise you
The hole in your heart feels both love and hate
No, I can't relate
But I imagine the miles walked in your shoes

You fell in love and thought he loved you
Menstral flow a few weeks late
Months later, left you and the baby too
No, I can't relate
But I can imagine the miles walked in your shoes

Bills due
Stress is high
Nothing left but a prayer and faith
Yes, I can relate
Can you imagine the miles walked in my shoes

Waking up everyday
Trying to hide the pain
That shows all over you
Yes, I can relate
Can you imagine the miles walked in my shoes

Others blinded by the smile given by you
Rendering lies to hide the truth
When you and God knows exactly what you're going through
Yes, I can relate
Can you imagine the miles walked in my shoes

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The Light Of Love

It is by the light of love re-birth unfolds,
A tonic of just course and common events;
Touched by the grace of the knowledge of the one,
Chiseled from fate and molded into destiny,

Like being the image looking back through the mirror,
Objective thought carried on the waves of time;
The blank slate with a mission on the way to death,
A site unblemished without hate, fury or envy.

We carry our flag drenched in an epic story of our ego’s quest,
Towards a singular haven at the conception of our being;
Liquid rainbow colors floating our forms in divine pleasure,
Hearts pounding in symmetry to the whispers of angelic wings.

A prayer of wishful grace absorbed in our mind’s eye,
Where truth is but a lip ness test open to subjective thought;
Ending at the core of our moral and ethical ideals,
As re-birth unfolds upon us by the very light of love.

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Law enforcement Poem 
Saint Peter put away your knife, if judgement 
Has come from god to us in HIS OWN SON 
Than how can anyone justify the use of force take ofF thy gun oh lawfull man and 
follow him who made the law and told us to just love someone take off the badge 
before it decays and turns the dirt and mud of am back into dust the dust that we 
all are made of. IFF the people are afforded law than let it come in the form of 
GOD and not from a fragment of the earth a piece of lead to take my worth please 
heed my prayer and take me at my word eye don't want law to shoot me with its 
Learn to obey the GOLDEN rule and kiss the SON. 

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The love of prayers

I feel the prayers by others sent my way
A flood of warmth covers me, like oil flowing down
My spirit dances and feels refreshed

The prayer of others is so precious to me
I pray also for them, that they feel as I do
Letting the flood of God’s healing balm and love cover them

We grow in strength with these prayers
As our body, mind and spirits are strengthened
The Holy Spirit leads us in our new day’s work

This warm oil bathing my soul is what I wait and long for
Let those prayers never stop coming my way
As I am in great need of the prayers of others

They keep me safe, straight in my walk
I am weak without the love of my friends
Defenseless without their prayers and covering

I feel loved and warm, wrapped in comfort
Strength and wisdom come flooding in
As to what my Lord wants of me today

Feel the arms of my Lord wrapped around
His loving kiss upon my forehead
The gentle push to start my journey for the day

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Ondine are untamed Tonight 
A yielding Lover….You held me long before I was born. 
speak to me with the language of Dreams 
A Mystic Bridge between the Light and Mystery. 
You Summon….then RAISE 
The Storm , 
                 the War 
                                and the Distance between two colors   
  Naked in your Beauty   only in the darkest of Nights … 
                      with no will of your own 
. let flow the Waters of Life against the Sky...I am soundless Gray 
          as you rise from this ocean…a Myth…then a Woman 
You do not choose to create or destroy 
but Heal with a cold and wicked heart. 
I am Criminal… Suspect …Always in chains… the fury of creation 
          In the waters that give life. 
Your Dance hidden, The Song unheard   My prayer is silent against empty Cathedral Walls 
Of your Bones. 
I suffer your Love and become immortal then die in your memory 
I am Reborn again and Again…Creating Myself from the Ashes 
Then leaving only Ashes 
You do not give Birth...but only plant the seed by casting 
the dimmest of lights, 
against the waters, 
against the shadow that is me. 

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Papa Abba Father Please

Please take the pain of my youth and turn it into
peace everlasting.

Please replace my fears with serene solitude and the
security of your arms.

Please cast your revealing light upon the dark
corners of my deceit.

Please help me to stand steadfast in the shadow of your wings
that the searing fire of guilt can no longer scorch my soul.

Please drive the echoes of my sorrow into the waters of your
redemption, within the soft shores of your joy.

Please fill me with the song of your unconditional Love
lest I once again beat the arrogant drum of judgment.

Please enable my eyes to survey the depth and breadth of
your generosity in order to keep the shallow... narrow mirth
of my ingratitude at bay.

Please bleach the tainted fabric of my mind in the white light
of your purity.

Please soften my haughty eyes with compassion that I may
practice the only approved religion; "to care for widows and orphans".

Please hone the jagged edge of my well of forgiveness, grinding away
the sharp burrs of my rage.

Please cast the soiled stones of my hatred into your eternal spring
of living water.

Please inform the skewed angles of my understanding with the
unfathomable depth of your knowledge

Please fortify the frailty of my reason with the many pillars of your wisdom.

Please recast the clumsy forms of my relationships with the graceful
lines of Agape, that you might heal us through the loving of one another
and love us through the healing of each.

Please smooth the splintered surface and harsh corners of my fatherhood
so that my amazing children can safely draw near enough to hear your
heartbeat within me.


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Sitting in the terminal waiting on a plane

Sitting in the terminal waiting on a plane

Written By Dean Masciarelli

July 24, 2010 (12:58am)

Sitting in the terminal waiting on a plane

Trying to pass the time reading a magazine

And I finally get tired of the waiting game

So I get up to stretch my legs 
and I start walking around

And I even spend time talking on the phone

And then I make one final  trip to the restroom 

Because I really hate going to the bathroom
when I am flying through the clouds on a plane

And that’s when I hear the speakers come on 

Announcing that my flight has arrived and it is 
time for me to stand in line for one more time

Before I can get on board 
and reach my final destination

And when I finally get to my seat on the plane
I put my seatbelt on and that’s when 
I say a little prayer to the angels in Heaven

So that everyone on the plane can make it home
to reunite with there families and there loved ones

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A Reoccurring

When this reoccurring dream began it was not very clear, as it continued
it became clearer. Almost immediately after I accepted Jesus Christ as
my Lord and personal Savior, the dreams became vivid, as though I was 
actually there. I would wake up in night sweats, heart pounding, wondering
always wondering. I never really put much thought into the dreams, only 
that they were. One night a few years ago, I guess something in my 
subconscious made me pay attention. What I noticed was, when those 
apparitions were surrounded by the soft glowing light, they indeed disappeared.
 However, in every dream, there are hundreds of them, the room is full. One
day I asked God how that could be? So many had disappeared. The very next 
dream, my question was answered. The faces were new, except for those that
would not look at me. I had asked God for help, He answered my prayer and
question. That's why the new faces, those apparitions were asking me for help.
Somehow by God's Grace, I believe I do... I hope I continue to dream.....

  May God Bless all of you, As He has me............Taz

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Open Mic

One thinks poetry is a couch to make the world play therapist, 
or at least take note and listen.

One thinks poetry is a prayer book, calling the faithful to litany
or the faithless to become congregation.

One thinks poetry is a rifle to shoot the head with images of war
or blast away the combat’s trauma.

One thinks poetry’s a vase to preserve the cuttings from the garden
or store stony trinkets collected from private shores.

One thinks poetry is a bullfrog shut in a dry shoebox, ready to croak
or jump out inappropriately during show and tell.

One thinks poetry is confetti, meaningless color tossed haphazardly,
or blinding shards thrown like glitter into eyes. 

One thinks poetry is preservative to allow display of pale, shriveled organs 
or the internal parasites that feed upon them.

One wonders if this poetry deserves the polite applause for its presentation 
or if the art has been lost in the hands of these practitioners.

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Infinitely Wilting and Alive, I Know Him

I know him infinitely, in the forest where he grows.
Where speckled greenery is abundant and joyful, paranoid and secretive. 
I know him infinitely.

Quietly observing his growth 
I am patient as dew waiting to die.
His only wilting habit erases my sense of time
and there in some expanding Heaven I’ll deceive myself,
no white cloud holds me for I am weighted by his world
in which I consumed some time ago.

Trees that grow wild and tall may conceal his existence
but his will is strong and his roots drink only Holy Water;
in prayer I sense his sins which covet his soul.
He is no sin to me, just a beautiful thing I care to nurture.

Perhaps the hand of God planted this seed we found together
and in some universe this love is something of a treasure.
No metal ever so precious, no gold ever so spectacular
could compare to our fate embroidered infinity. 

To know him is to apprehend the forest in which he is indifferent to.
He never heeds his immediate surroundings for he knows his home is Heaven,
and in each cloud he creates a step closer to discovering 
an answer to the question neither of us claim yet are mutually mulling.

Silent are the days and nights but I know his eyes;
I know him infinitely wilting and alive in full bloom.

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Where do you carry my planet earth?
Through the eternity in deep space,
Pass by billions of suns and stars,
In here, this small earth I survive.

I am a miniscule senseless life 
Existing amount millions creatures;
Once born, any body wants to be 
Vanished from the beauties of earth.

Someone miss the earth's beauties;
Foul vision fulfilled in their mind; 
Desire to destroy the others lives;
Including me, mini creature on earth.

You who carried my lovely earth,
Be powerful to proceed my planet
To a peaceful paradise galaxy,
Where I could find, on my final day,
The eternal tranquility.

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God's Gift

We were at the garden ---
      the garden of life,
lonely and longing for
a blossom to bloom for us.
We watered the garden with our tears.
The soil turned fertile;
but not a trace of seed found.
Supplications were made unto HIM.
Silence from HIM prevailed
betwixt HIM and us.
Days rolled on and our hairs grey;
yet our faith on HIM stood steadfast.
We were almost in a fruitless stay,
drenched in our tears shed,
drowning in the pond of tears. 
A Clarion Call unto us!
Songsters broke the silence of the dawn,
Butterflies opened their wings across us.
The garden of life in us quickened
by a mysterious breeze.
We were made awake.
What a wonder!
A seed sprouted to a blossom and bloomed.
Fragrance of mystery embraced us
and our tears of sorrow turned tears of joy.
It was the day of wonder,
the day of HIS Gift offered unto us.
We named the blossom God's Gift,
and offered THANKS unto HIM.
Across five years of voyaging
           we look back.
Still the moments are fresh and sweet,
She hath been in the Lord's fold,
And it's our prayer we with her dwell in the Lord.
We've our faith and hope on HIM.

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IF is taking the hands of AS today,
IF and AS the two become one today,
IF is He and AS is SHE,
IF is hands AS is prayer,
IF is flower AS is smell,
IF is dream AS is reality,
IF is hunger AS is food,
IF is sick AS is cure,
IF is sleep AS is song,
IF is need AS is offer,
IF is yes AS is not no,
IF is no AS is not yes,
IF is light AS is bright,
IF is right AS is not wrong,
IF is road AS is walk,
IF is body AS is cloth,
IF is Adam AS is Eva,
IF is Yoosuf AS is Sulaiha,
IF is Ibraheem AS is Sara,
IF is wishes AS is blessing,
I(nsha) A(llah) the almighty I'm pressing!

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Gratiae - the three graces, mythology of Greeks.
Considered daughters of Zeus and Eurynome
and yet said of Dionysus and Aphrodite,
or Helios and Aegle. Human creativity and fertility.
Goddesses of charm, beauty and nature
Usually by three in numbers; - Aglaea - Beauty, 

Euphrosyne - Mirth, Thalia - Good Cheer.
Part of the underworld - the Eleusinian Mysteries.
For centuries song, prayer and poetry -
has worshipped their celebrated mysteries.

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Getting Clean And Sober

Getting clean and sober.
Tired of all the beatings and the hatred of the people for the poor and homeless 
Working and justifying all eye am.
Working for a FIVE DOLLAR bill to get more beer.
Becoming drunkard was the plan.
Time will not erase all the alcoholic waste of time in meaningless meetings like 
The day the day had come to come unwound to come apart to find the help of 
GOD above.
Eye packed a bag eye took some food but  not enough to survive for more than 
just that DAY and eye did FIVE.
FIVE days into the desert and eye was not alone for the SON OF GOD
Who sits upon the THRONE was watching me.
Eye did my time in the desert sun just walking without home
And aimlessly beginning mye new life in sobriety.
Eye survived mostly by pure luck and the SPIRIT of the SON
Who would  not depart from me and eye found GOD again
Inside of me and  even in the people around about me.
COLD TURKEY is a song but also an attitude and if it gets the JOB done
Than that is what ALL of you should DO.
Eye am sober TODAY because of JESUS and some time spent in agony
Sweating out my alcohol and getting clean and sober.
LISTEN unto me the LORD has heard my prayer and never will eye need another 
Eye made a VOW to GOD above to drink no more alcoholic beverages until eye 
am with HIM in glory inside of HEAVENS door.
Please understand that a VOW it must be kept there is no further going back
COFFEE at my elbow and sodas when eye sleep 
There is no mmore booze for homeless hobo to drink.

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Images of Ed

I see him lying there,
Respirator clicking off and on.
Skin so cold, no sign of life...
My son, my precious boy,
How can this possibly be?
I am old, I should be the one dying..
There is no prayer unsaid that night..
The nurse, so compassionate,
enfolds me in her arms.
I try to carry the image of him as a little boy,
Not this aberration, this affront to life.
But this picture hides away, often springing
from nowhere to break my heart again.

My son had a cardiac arrest while jogging..age 34.
He is alive and well due to miraculous advances 
in medicine

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Silent Psalm

I long to write a silent song;

ringing resonant rising

round revolving reach,

risk relaxing riots,

quiet storming streams,

sentient string

waiting your


sharing story,

advent's adventure

deep despair diving

diastolic drifting

out beyond sonorous sea seasons

sweeping flight to gather might,

speaking slyly deep

down steaming volcanoed channels

reaching roots of listening

into Earth's core chi-soul.

Speak, justly shout enchanting contention

churning charry content,

informating reasons

fine-purposed meanings

boiling funnel tipping

turning spinning

spilling waves of Tao balance

revolving temperamental cross,

straining yang from West to East

reversing yin from East to West

like longing lingering

loitering within belonging

becoming being

yin's right spins left

good's evil space

wrestling voices



massaging rhythm's blood flows

flying frequencies

echoing past identities

of storms still-dancing

through memory's veins

and river swollen

spring's raucous roaring

songs singing silence

I long to write.

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Memories of this Year

The fireplace now all lit,
the warmth brings memories
of this year with you.

Holly now strung all down the rails,
But the moments I adore of
Christmas is time with you.

Others are rushing into
maddening crowds.
Breaking the checkbook and
spoiling the meaning of this holiday.

But for me it is the ray of hope,
that heavenly link in the rope
sent so long ago.

When first as a child I stare upon
you in your infant form beneath,
the tree in a wooden manger.

Low and behold, I did not know
how important that first sight
would become in my life.

But sitting here with you
In spiritual presence,
Is the best Christmas present
I could ever long for this year.

Having you near and communing
over all the joys and memories together.
Thank you for this Holiday Dear Lord Jesus.
My prayer is all people come to know the
True reason for this season.

Christ Jesus in You, With You, By You.

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The Unanswered Plea of Centuries

The Unanswered Plea of Centuries

You know
Just for once
Give me a God
Who understands
A God that answers
A God that heeds
And acts on prayers

A God that doesn’t pretend
With mysterious hog wash
And convenient coincidence

A God profound
In it’s helping hand
Who doesn’t leave us
Praying for centuries
For some kind of explanation

A God who’s goal
Is happiness and love
Who devises miracles to make it so
Who comprehends the human misery
And really, really
Knows what it means to be

Just for once
Give me a God who doesn’t need praise
And the endless devotion of sin and hymns
Give me a God
Who listens instead
A benign benefactor
A protector of innocence
A smiling sympathy
For life’s encumberments
Who just wants us to be whole

Just for one aching, burning, longing, everlasting time
Give me a God who is sublime
And doesn’t hide behind
The pretence of some religion
Of the desperate need to believe
In some irrefutable truth

Give me a God
Who really cares
Who has a grip
And a compassion
For the overwhelming possibilities
Of the happy human

Just for once
Give me a God 
Who actually gives a damn

Give me a God
With a real helping hand
And not some vague will to comprehend

And this
This has been the quiet plea
The unanswered prayer of man
For centuries

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Eternally Lost

A vision of prayer for a drop of rain
thoughts of a plan to save his lost
a wisp of dream all the while insane

thoughtful for a simple hope 
grounded in eternal loss
reflected to the universe

an open sore is salted 
an abyss separates all 
and tomorrow is here 

knock knock and only the wind replies
knock knock and weeping takes seat
the man of eternal regrets who finds at last 
what once he refused to seek

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For Audre Lorde

What do you say to a poet
Whose transition left us uncomfortable among the dead
Who you cross a bridge with from an island to a mainland
To find your prayer mute before a city's crumbling steeples
And could not beyond her skin share the unveiling of desire
What do you say to a poet
The world shall never see again, words giving sight
To the blind cul-de-sac of power? What, if you know what to say?

Would you say, would you write images of thought
Dissolving your particularity in the mass, like shared sacrement
Would go against tradition, and unsubstantiate the self
Into bread and blood to feed to feed the coming dread?
It is revulsive ... if I forget Africa and all her sacred meanings
But I cannot watch beauty fade before I pick a flower
It is the paradox that goes against the grain ... the shadow
Passed invisibly and left shivering at the stammering door.

I talk of shadows and substance in the recovery of essence
You carved away the shadow to make an icon of existence
And all the while our ladder of faith were words upon a page
And it was not only for acceptance, but to know the universal
Or to become again what we left so we could hate it more
We dancing in our pain, found hope yet in perennial praise
While we rose and fell into dust, for in the mortal crust
There is always this ambivalence and slipping of the truth

What do you tell a sister
When she crawls out of your mother's bed into another dawn
Who can say to us because we are dust
People from a small place are not suppose to have a universal taste
For we know brother better every mending of the broken bond
Sister, I am from a small island too
And all my life we have been fenced by only water
While were dismantling the fences that they built in skin
We have a porous boundary, many crossroads to sin
O but I would bridge me to your world again
And carry words like you to shake the bed of many worlds beyond
For it is in bringing forth our love that the mask of our virginity falls.

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My dear siblings and pals;
I enjoin you all, to vibrate when you have the cause;
In proper scrutiny, I have come to apt conclusion that;
This is a world of vibration, validly, when it’s tumultuous;
Because a time will come, when you will become incapacitate;
And your vibration becomes vague!
I tell you…, the hall- mark of your every-day prayer will be;
As fast it could be, to kiss the generous mother earth.

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Poem Prayer

.         ....and in my prayer I saw...
          that God blessed a poem exponentially ,
          and sent it's blessed Light, 
          into the darkness of night
          to enlighten whom it might,
          making many of all things right.

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My Family's Resolution of 2008

I pray to God in that 2008
The bad qualities of my family will change
All need to be changed into good qualities
Especially in my sister and me

I pray that we'll go to church much more
And get to know God a little more
I pray to God that we'll get saved
And never go back to our old ways

I pray that my dad will no longer nick-pick
And stop accusing so quick
That he'll go to work everyday
And help pay the bills so that we won't get evicted

I pray that my mom will go back to work
And change her attitude
Or that she'll get a financial blessing
And no longer be held down by headaches caused by stressing

I pray that my sister will become a better person all around and a better mother
And that she keeps going to school to get hers and stop following others
That she won't drop out of school anymore
Stop running the streets, be home with her son, because it's nothing but trouble outside 
        those doors

My prayer for me is to get a better attitude
To do good in everything that I do
To remain stress free
And to pass all my classes so that I can get my degree

My prayer for me and my family is that we will all get blessed with a well paying job
And get to know and get closer to God
To stop all the arguing and animosity
And to just be a happy family

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Genesis the Second time round

We fesat on flesh
stacking the bones
today until tomorrow
in this garden of sorrow
sickened by sicknesses
only feasts on flesh can bring

behold the apple
the illusions disappearing
cleaner to the naked eye
filthy you
filthy me
we unravel
the truth
the tower falls

slaves to salve
an hour late with a missing letter
that cannot bleed from mounds of flesh eating mouths
the apple is to blame
deny the fact the plague
we are saved from
born a second time around
after the planet drowned
in the midst of our laughter we are in bliss
the game of life evolves

Villified by ignorance
the joke youre not telling killing you
something i cannot spell
every soulbound prayer aimed toward unseen gods of society
nightly deathwish to come clean
feasts on flesh
tower of bones
mispelled words

cycle of chaos
torturous transistor user friendly media
silent dissent
the game of life
to save a life
hurry up to wait
and stand in line
punch your ticket
and see through the illusion one more time
systematic nonsense to feed the gullible

stepping out of the shadows
the altered table of perception
where we used to drink
now we smoke to interrupt one another
behind guises of three perfect arts of war
we side step the same deja vous routine

under the stairs
the angels get their wings
was something said upon them?
well that was upstairs
we're on another plane now
I'd tell you the answer to your alphabet riddle
cannot keep time with an hourglass
too late with the missing letter
and this is genesis
the second time around

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God grant me serenity
The opening line
Of a prayer so old
But still just as powerful
God grant me serenity
Serenity, the word
That tells of peace,
Calmness and tranquillity
God grant me the serenity
To accept what I cannot change
To accept the things 
Which forever drag me down
To accept what I cannot change
Tis hard to say 
Especially when our way
Becomes burdensome and long
God grant me the serenity
To accept what I cannot change
Courage to change what I can
To brighten a life where I may
Courage to change what I can
So hard to do sometimes
When the world stares us in the face
And says “You can’t”
God grant me wisdom
To know the difference
When I have done all I can
To further Your kingdom
God grant the serenity
To accept what I cannot change
The courage to change what I can
And the wisdom to know the difference. 

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like a good friend would

I found you lost, wandering the desert floor
hatless and shoeless, confused by lack of water
I gave you drink and soothed all I could
put your feet back on the path, pointing
you North like any good friend would

there was a time in our long ago past
things were different; I hoped more than I should
lost for awhile without exemption
you saying a prayer for your redemption
a 'DNR' on a non-existent relationship
things work out or else they don't
ties that bind somehow come unwound

good things come in small little packages
everyday like Christmas when you are around
take what I give, the friendship I offer
store it like a treasure inside your heart's coffer
I gave you drink and sustenance for your soul
pointing you North like any good friend would

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for me

I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know where to run.
I've ran so long.
I need a warmer climate.
I need a hug.

I am one of His sheep

He spoke to me you know,
He said when I walked he would counsel me
but I didn't get out of the house.
I couldn't.
the suffering, then enlightenment, the Love
Good God!

I am hurt very bad inside.
It need to go.
I won't be around these walls anymore.
so long, be nice to people. I don't understand why you didn't like me.
discarded me.
Like trash.

You cussed at me, over the years 3 times
and a bitch is a female dog in heat.
you shouldn't call a woman that.

I cannot fall for your words.
lord save me from this today, tonight and always.

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After all this,
it really is all about
breathing. Each inflation
is faith, awaiting
the materials of the planet.
Each exhale is a prayer.
I give you
what is in my body
knowing how the world
is large and generous.
We are made to pray.
We hang on the planet
like a prayer machine,
in an out in prayer rotation.
We don't need to know and figure,
we don't need the words.

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The book the wizaed wrote part five

But you cant keep this book intact its not allowed 
your soul will not bear it 
do you keep all the prophecies to be a part of the truth 
do you tear out the love and find just the directions to eternal youth\ 
do you keep the satanic metaphors to reveal the author had a horrible soul 
this test upon humanity is sitting by the riverside
Love for sale in western mail
Love for sale in western mail
Watching it all go down is given to every woman child mother father adult 
and then you create how its passed down to the future but its never whole 

one day I will write this book and you will all dream 
Pushing the limits
So many nights crying
The limits that limits that change
About its entirety 
go from house to house 
to read the book 
with pages missing to compare it to yours 
to fathom family legacies and opinions 
Born to please
to try to understand the truth of oppression and decisions and accuracy and 
and in this book I will write stories and I will write traditions and I will write games 
and I will write sanities and insanities 
but what you keep and what you throw away 
stay away from the river man
The water is cold
Don’t ever set me free
Born to dream
Of those days of warm rays
No one has a clue
You’re safe when they hear me
But they’re gonna clue in
When they see the sneak
They clueing in
All their strength not to fall apart
Satellite secret moments shadowed in the heat of the afternoon
To the holiday
They will always want by their side

they’re cluing into the bird lady

Doing things my way
they’re cluing in to little miss daisy
is another test 
another dream another curse 
another prayer of metaphor 
another chain 
of soft spoken words
to never have answered 
something this generation had that memory can only answer 
and the death wish of not cooperating leave you upon a grave of cand’lit flames 
and hells passed on to legacies of hell the arch angels tell you to tear down 
walls to cripple you all 

Everything blue eyes
Unbelievable ways
Sky of white stars exotic
Magical times

Broken faith makes me
your new book of god 
And I’m running out of here
Or no way at all
Running out of here

makes me

And I’m running out of here
And I’m running out of here
Come to the reason
You really got me
I wasn’t fake
come to the light
back to the middle

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Santa Fe

It is the hovering  time,
moments made to bear defining.
Someone should declare when it is night;
the dear white ghosts slip down the corridors,
wordless, in and out of rooms
as if the walls did not exist— and commerce
is a strange and other-world imagining
fading quite away, just after eight o'clock.

Sound is sacrilege, gesture  frames the hour.
And from the morgue below, the cart is bound
for 722; there is no one to weep.

There was a prayer a little while ago:
"You know, of course, dear lord,
I have the promise of my son...
that he won't let me die alone up here...
and in the dark."

Note:  A few months before my father died, he expressed the fear
that he would "die alone, and in the dark."  And it has always
haunted me that he did, indeed, have to do that.  We, his children
were not there.

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Let us pray 
Lettuce pray
Pray to the lettuce
Lettuce praying
Makes much more sense

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Prayer for John Henry 1554

Father, we pray for those who are fighting ALS.
Lou Gehrig’s disease benched New York Yankee’s
First base player with over 2,130 consecutive games.
For those who are fighting ALS, Father, we pray,
We pray especially for John Henry’s healing.

Father look upon the 30,000 plus who are suffering.
Rilutek (Riluzole) is a drug with modest effects,
Myotrophin may slow some ALS progressions too.
The 30,000 plus who are suffering, Father, look upon,
We pray especially for John Henry’s healing.

Father, in 1874 Dr. Jean Charcot identified ALS.
Its cause is a mystery; revile it, and cure it we pray.
Glutamate in the brain has been examined as a cause.
Dr. Jean Charcot identified ALS, Father, in 1874,
We pray especially for John Henry’s healing.

Father, look upon physicians working for a cure.
Some say Neurotropic growth will stimulate cells,
Prevent further injury to neurons by free radicals.
Physicians working for a cure, Father, look upon,
We pray especially for John Henry’s healing.

Father, strengthens John Henry’s nutritional health.
Improve his muscles, strength, and mental support
Bless Cal Ripkin and John Hopkins for their help.
John Henry’s nutritional health, Father, strengthen,
We pray especially for your miraculous healing.

Dear Lord, hear our prayer, Amen!

Comments:  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive disease of the 
Central Nervous System.  John Henry is fighting this ailment.  Let’s join in prayer 
for a cure for this disease.  Janmp has issued a challenge for poems.  God 
bless each of you always.

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And i said "please"

Forget the past that you may forgive today
For as long as those memories live, so does the pain
At times it feels so fresh we break
Let judgment pass not upon your soul
As in the great tomorrow there will be the bones of adversaries dancing to life
As all will stand when He blows the horn
Fear the shaking mountain for it isn't the force of the earth that speaks but Gods foot that walks
Praise Jesus for his life the only gift we have from our father
He showed the greatest love, to never sin
And we fall to say we are only human
Will this pain ever go away, will my eyes open to see you once again
And from the highest point I shout to the vacant crown of bones "help"
Dancing skeletons make way to my heart
I yell to never be heard, for my voice is mute
And all the fallen sing my name, as I have to laid down my flesh
And my spirit leaves my bones
So long my prayer keeps my eyes open I shall write
Let me pen not dry for I shall write of his tribulation
Keep the peace upon my head that my eyes may see
Let my tounge fast, for food is not tomorrow
And our water leaves us to nothing, we walk and sleep among the dead
A race we will lose
Free me, as I too yell to top my lung and my voice falls still

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My Wish

There are times when i worry about you...

I go through each day in my life
Wondering if you're doing fine now
Hoping that you aren't in any kind of trouble
At times I feel so hopeless
Because I can't do anything to help
However, I only have to try to stay positive
But I can't help at times when I...
Feel a sudden pain
Like something inside of me is warning me
About you...
I can't even shake off the strange...
Feeling eating at me
And so I get doen on my knees and I begin
To pray for you!

I say this prayer on... your behalf
And I ask that the One will...
Watch over you through your days in life
I pray that my spirit... will come to you
And watch over you as well
That's my only wish that I ask of...

There are times when I would be
Talking to you like nothing is wrong
But deep down inside, I wonder if you're just fine
Guilt and helplessness only seems
To cloud and take over my mind
Because over here, I'm powerless to even help you
But I can't let these emotions of mine...
Control my life
When I know that I should have more
Faith in you...
I know that I should trust the Almight One
To guide you
And so I get down on my knees and I begin
To pray for you!

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good morning

good morning
a prayer to god
the tensions of what's in store
the eyes that inspires
wake up and cover the world with your beauty
no slacking now
a tired eyes, never sleeps, or gives esscuses
wake up
feel the sunlight as it hits the earth in the pattern of life
the rotation and repetitive life of obstacles
wake up and breathe the life of scented life
enjoy it, because one day you will awake cold, and a stranger to your grave
helpless, and thirsty to wake up in the land of dreams. or nightmare
choose as you wish, a wish equals the vocals of actions
replace the actions, and you will see the scripted verses of of gods plan: sketched between 
need and desire

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Rock Bottom and Back

Rock Bottom and Back

So dark and empty, cold and lonely  as if in a pit,
But I know now rock bottom is where I had hit.
I called out in fright wanting someone to take me out,
It didn’t matter how I said it, quietly and some a shout.

Rock bottom is not a place I ever imagined to be,
Not a mom, a nurse, a Christian, why me?
I began to sob and held my faces in my hands,
Is this my life? Is this God’s plan?

I fell to my knees and began to pray  and cry.
At times in the prayer I even called to God, why?
My life is a mess and I feel so trapped right now,
Tell me how to save myself, please tell me how!

The dark place I was in at an instance shed some light,
I knew it was God’s way I saw it, because this was
At night.
I felt a big weight shifting off my back, I knew
At that instance, my life was getting on track.

Tears fell to cold place around my legs and feet,
But even through the tears, it felt so sweet.
God was with me, I knew this for sure,
I felt light and lifting, true and pure.

Miracles can take place, even in tough times,
We have to believe he is yours and he is mine.
Rock bottom can sneak up and drag you  down,
But hold on tight and have strength  and  stand
Your ground.

God is the saving and amazing grace,
He will keep you on track to win the race.

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Apathy for the apathetic

can't point your finger of blame at me if its broken right
so would you like a broken finger or rib?
can't die from the joke your not telling that is killing you
would you like a broken rib or broken finger?
point and laugh if you must
at my broken nose
fighting for my rights as a human being

don't suppose I'll ever suppose

Blood all over my hands
scrubbing the floor
state of shock behind closed doors
blue revolution a suggestion

Guilty by assosiation
justified because of selfrighteousness
I could put myself in your shoes
dedicate my life to surrendering to me being the victom
paint over my reflection
so i could see what I want to be
find myself living beside myself
unable to keep a tidy bride
bribe the devil with my inner demons
full well knowing he loves the sin and not the sinner

Always closing off with a prayer
god to watch over you
as jesus finds his way to you
and the holy spirit to guide you
away from the wrath
I no longer have the strength
to keep at arms length

blood all over my hands
my blood
my broken nose
two men in uniform
broken finger?
broken rib?
whose the laughing stock?
the soulbound prayer hits back on judgement day
no paint over any mirror will cloak that illusion

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Broken Cities

It's time for an

Broken cities all
around where nothing
is actually
beautiful anymore,
pain in people’s
eyes will nothing
change I have to
leave. ?Please God
fix it all up I
don’t want to see
another broken soul.

Nothing good ever
comes out of here,
so much potential
lost each year. Good
people are made into
slaves all the while
oblivious to what
they’ve become.

everywhere but no
light being thrown.
Judgement cast by
strangers lack of
care makes me sick,
how did we become so
lost in ourselves
with no love for
each other?

Nothing good ever
comes out of here,
so much potential
lost each year.

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Debbie Guzzi - a rejoinder

Great mentor, of my virtual paradise
Half muse, half woman
Yet between the spirit and the flesh
Still of all compassion full
Do you still come to read and stretch your time
In full ease with discomforts woven for my bed?
And would tell me still
Your love within a prayer I may clasp
While words churn me like a sugar mill?
I read your siren's serenade:
"Rise and grasp the thing you long for,
Know better than to let it swim by,
Court your dreams"
And thought rise I surely can
And grasping has no domain in vanity
But that thing I longed for
What form or figure or shape embraces it
What formula of flesh or frame of spirit
For I too have heard that El Dorado is real
And might have passed it in my zeal
Not ever having seen it before, nor knowing now
What shall I gain by its possession or how
It swims me by
An electron in the orbital of dreams
By some uncertainty's principle lost
And for this I pay one poem per cost
One bleeding heart
To ransome a universe of dreams.

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Who made it all

That peak that I sight,
covered in white of snow,
how mighty it is,
letting you know.

It stands tall,
with only a few having seen,
the fall,
from its top.

How rare,
is its back down,
with lush verdant green forest,
all over grown.

In that I could venture,
in an adventure,
the flora and fauna,
as if a peace house for Lady Madonna.

The blue bouldered river that drew and flew,
from its middle,
had me rambling along its shore,
with this riddle,

who made it all,
and maintains so well,
not allowing it to,
decay and gall,

answer me
answer me,

in doing that,
they look heaven wards,
and sigh,
he knows and he did,
ask him if he would,
answer your prayer and bid.

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Wounded Soul

A wounded soul was seeking help. 
Who was there to aid him? 

You were set before me with a need.  
I had the means to help and gave you nothing. 

Wounded and bleeding 
in the mist of a pack of wolves I left you.  

I saw the hurt in your eyes and in your heart, 
from the attacks they had done to you, and still I did nothing.  

Knowing that they would sniff out the wounds, 
I left you unarmed and unprotected. 

Surrounded by merciless wolves 
seeking those they may devour, 

because of my own fears and weaknesses, 
to them, is where I left you.

I did not attempt to lift you up out of the blood-drenched dirt 
To clean your wounds, I offered only a bandage 

A bandage to cover what I did not want to see.  
I am ashamed that I have left behind a bleeding brother in Christ.

Please forgive me!  
I failed you, .... I failed my Lord.

If you allow me, 
I will do what I can to help you 

Clean your wounds so the Lord may heal them.  
I will lift you up to the Lord in prayer 

Asking the Lord, that He may pour 
His healing balm over you.  

By God’s leading, you will walk past the snarling fangs 
and no longer be harmed. 

For you are a child of God, and 
He watches over all that He loves.      

Even those of us when we fall short, 
and when  we fail each other, He ALWAYS is there.  

He sees the godly man, the righteous man, 
the gentle and loving man that lives within the spirit.  

His sight goes deeper than what man can see.  
I pray someday ours also will see that deep.

I thank God, that He waits for us to see our mistakes, 
and gives us the chance to do right by our brother or sister in Christ.  

He gently pricks our heart until we submit and ask,  
‘what is it You would have me do, Lord?’

I ask you, dear brother, for your forgiveness.  
Please give me the chance to be of help.  

Prayers for you are sent heaven bound.  
Know that you are loved by God.

You are prayed for by one whose heart is broken 
by the conviction of my failures. 

Be not ashamed of where you were brought back to life from, 
instead rejoice loudly, dance for the Glory of God 

For He has come upon you and saved you!  
Give God the glory that is rightfully His!

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you complement me on my hair
when I know it is a mess
you say my shirt looks sexy
and it's torn with paint stains on it
you tell me that dinner was really great
when the steak was really tough
I think you see through rose colored glasses
and I thank you very much

you tell me that I purr at night
when it's actually snoring
you say you don't mind when I toss and turn
when I know it's probably annoying
I lay awake and watch you sleep
and say a silent prayer of thanks 
with your arm around me tight
loving that I'm there

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My Life Found Meaning Because of God (Too long to read)

My Life Found Meaning Because of God

When I Was An Overprotected Child 

I had the heart of a child.
I thought like a child.
I dreamed like a child.
I did chores like a child.
I had bliss like a child.
I forgave like a child.
I worshiped like a child.
I steadily grew like a child
Until the day came that:
I was no longer a child.

When I Became a Young Woman

My whole world fell apart.
Into many broken pieces lay my heart.
I tried to reassemble what was bitter…tart.
Life was not as sweet as at the start.
Arrows of hatred pierced my soul like darts.
I, disrespected, was the devil’s work of art.
Self-loathing flew off the chart!
Cruel coldness, plucked my joy’s cart.
The bliss that I once knew did depart.
Many choices that I made were not smart.
Trembling and wrecked by blackhearts.
I willfully withdrew my heart, every part.
My soul begged for death God could impart. 
Joys that I knew long before did depart.

…And God Ached When He Saw My Pain.

He knew that my world was not the same.
A big dose of reality enjoyed its fame. 
A mind-wrenching flurry filled my brain.
Constant fear and worry became ingrained.
Naïve choices unexpectedly flamed.
Satan’s most dreadful keys upon me took aim.
Bending understanding was the devil’s game.
Rationalization hit and made its claim.
I could not forgive my own heart of its blame.
My, once pure, wishes were rearranged.
The trepidation of life everyday remained.
Bit by bit, my soul grew dreadfully lame.  


Even though my life seemed to be untamed.
And those who stared secretly mocked my shame.
My soul cried out to God to heal my pain.
And within this lonely holy temple, my frame,
Through prayer and supplication, God, came
Each new day began renewed again and again.

When I Knew That I Was in the Care of my God

I began to feel in my heart the love of God.
I began to dream of eternity with God.
I began to reach for the Kingdom of God.
I began to feel and know the joys of God.
I grew in spirit; I met me, a child of God.
I began to worship the Son of God.
I began to forgive as forgiven by God.
I finally understood the love of God.
I lived no longer in sin, but a child of God.

When I Began to Share My Gifts From God

My soul mate knocked on my front door.
And life became more blissful…evermore.
While together, we do, Our Lord, adore.

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Metro going home on Friday
Hell on wheels
Feet like lead and eyelids wilting
With weight of week’s work
Five interminable  days 
Of doing what the boss says
Every face in this train is like mine 
I prop myself up to the door, close eyes
Sway in time with the train
Tracks suddenly change direction 
Every soul  staggers -  an over- trained 
Dance troupe well beyond rehearsal phase
At each station more worn faces forced
Into Faust’s bargain for youth again
Two days of rejuvenation,  
Then the interminable five. Each station, 
Each man,  indistinguishable from the others,
As I am to them.   At the end of the line,
Doors burst open.  We trudge to the escalators.
Respite - we rise, pity ourselves,
Gaze unfocused at the floor,
Hunched  over  the moving rubber rail, 
Adjusting grip every  few seconds.
Rest one foot on the next step up,
One minute’s pause and eagerly 
Look up to the surface lght -
Almost out of the pit 
A prayer answered  - “de profundis “
We’ve had enough,  
We want to get home  and shed the load,
Regenerate,   renew contact with
Life above the grindstone pits.

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Saint Therese Expires

St. Therese knows the time is near.
She hears my half-flung prayer for you
as you leave for the day. The house
feels worried, cabinets quivering and faucets wailing.
I sit at the kitchen table and open my palm
where I keep my pieces of you --
your mother's pearls, your sister's smile,
and the curve of your jaw in the dark.
St. Therese reaches one hand to me
and we meet as absent sisters.
Our joined hands become an open coffin
and St. Therese expires
as steam on a winter night.
Suddenly alone at our table, I sprout leaves
among our dirty dishes and you
stride back through the empty doorway.
We kneel before the bed 
and three sets of lips move in unison.

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To sit and stare at fast moving clouds,
And pray to stand on one's own two feet-
The bus is my monastery, and I sit
And cling to my belongings like beads,
Bowing in still half-sleep laden stupor,
A prayer of need is denial's seed,
And I plant my Gods yearly, 
Hoping that hope can drag me,
Out of this routine of wheels,
And road, so I can stand up
Tall, as Lucifer after the Fall

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Free will

Don’t let me fall again from this high tree I’m trying to climb
Scars and bruises don’t hurt me more than heartache
The people on the ground direct me on which branch I have to follow
But something is telling not, is it my ego or my heart I barely know
It says that life is a path, follow your heart 
And it’ll take you where you’re supposed to go
Others think I may be too quiet when life is too frightening to be too calm
But what if you haven’t found what you are looking for 
And this age might not friendly enough to wait
I keep my visions to myself while others want to interfere 
This dreams I’m willing to live even it’ll take a whole life to make it true
I surrender myself just to make it mine, choosing life I’m ready to follow
And if you asked me what will I do in the next day
I will let the wind to guide me and let my heart ignite my way
My faith is faded away most of everyday and I give up so easily
Decisions come along the way and it’s puzzling me
Reality bites but hope is allowed to let us stand in the solid ground
Maybe my life is in the other side of the world only heaven can tell
This life is beautiful no matter how sad it might be
And in my prayer nothing but gratefulness I can utter
Under this skin and body there is a broken soul
Trying to know my own heart and struggling to figure out my life 
Where to go and how to build courage all by myself
I only believe in one thing and let faith guide me to acknowledge

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Saint Therese in the Night

St. Therese wakes in the night.
She feels the bees buzzing in her chest
and kneels, naked knees on the floor.
I wake, startled, by a nightmare
that slips from my mind 
to another corner of the house.
You are off somewhere else,
breathing in time with the ceiling
that rises and falls with a huff.
I stare into the dark, unmoved,
except for my lips
that offer a prayer of protection.
St. Therese and I pray in time.

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Wars of You

I long for a day without my war 
a day without the fighting in my head 
hating the fact I can't let the past be
everywhere I look, 
I see your memory looking back at me.
I never could stand up to you when you had breath
Yet I still can't stand up to what you have turned me into.
even though you have faded out 
You haunt every memory 
I live on dead inside because of the war you have built in my head.
wishing for once you'd just let me breathe
too accept the person in me 
you have blinded me to happiness forever
you have locked me into a battle I can't win 
for now I am closed because of you, 
you would never believe in me 
all you ever cared about was you 
if only you had half the heart 
everyone thought you once had
In a way I'm just like you 
I hide from my past 
hiding in the shadows from all who try to love me.
because of you, I lay broken in my mind 
confused to what to accept in me
I have longed for a day where I never have to think about you 
A day without a memory of you 
yet everywhere I look 
Your always standing there taunting me 
staring back at me laughing because I am broken
your in my dreams making me cry out,
like you have always done.
Pulling my hair,
grabbing my head to try to shake 
myself away from you 
wondering when can I let go of what I never had 
Yet my past makes me weak
scared it will repeat its self 
afraid of the tears  of pain that could fall again 
everyday I fall because of you 
I'm tired of being scared to trust,
scared to love and to be loved 
so because of you I close myself
screaming in despair of demons you  made in my head 
why can you not just let me be 
to move on to a future I can change 
a future to where I can be happy 
be able to share the love with a family 
that you were never able to give 
For me, I go back to crying in my dark corner 
where you always left me
a grown woman trapped in a child's face full of tears 
looking for a prayer to be saved from you 
at least in my shadows  you cant hurt  what is all ready hurting 
so I lay back in my mind smothering me from past memories of you,
Wondering why am I still afraid of you?

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missing something
I am not sad
little worried, but I am not ...

... just missing  ... you know
and afraid
for what are you leaving unfinished
you are sentenced to be only half human
and you didn't let me even once to say goodbye
even once

I don't want to be half human

by water preordained for persuasion
I searched for you
I really did
so intense  that in the way the very purpose abandoned itself

release me from your rush conviction

I am the product of circumstances that shaped my life
and consolation is not reason good enough for 
constraining my eyes all over again 
simply because of possibility that
by kneeling over granular salt
they could washed out that feeling
which possessed me every time when you let things to happen

I really hope that you aren't letting them go
only because
I  look good in black

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Trust In Him

God is good and he is great

I don’t think that he makes mistakes

He gives us strength so that we can do our best

And whatever we can’t handle he will take care of the rest

He is always there watching over us

That’s why I don’t have a problem giving him my trust

If you don’t believe me then say a prayer 

Then he’ll send you a sign telling you that he is there

That’s why for me it is a must

That I give God all my trust

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Love more

I was walking down the street one night
I see people staring out their window’s frames
Looking tired and lonely in the night
Most in every single day
We stumbled in the dark clouds of life

This universe in beautiful & large
The power can give us everything

Each star is a dream hanging in the sky
Each star is a prayer waiting to be answered
Have you ever thought of it?

The wind is not just a vacant puff of air
The power can send your prayer into the open sky
And turned your hope into a sparkling star
To brighten up the dark sky
To give you a comfort night

I don’t care how far this loneliness will take me
I don’t care how long ‘till I found what I’m looking for

‘Coz I got soul to love more
And I got life to learn more

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The Garden of Gethsemane

The Garden of Gethsemane

While Jesus was on earth, all creation felt His presence
and for a short interval of time, it breathed a sigh of relief, 
for the Creator of Heaven and Earth had come into its view
and for Him to impart of His perfect peace.

But in the stillness of the night, somehow it seemed
the grass beneath His feet began to shudder and the trees quaked with terrifying fear, 
for all creation was entwined with Him in great turmoil
while their Master shed great drops of blood and tears.

There were myriads of angels that came and went
in these moments ministering to the Bishop of our soul, 
and the devil tried with all his might to kill Him there
but the Master of His life would not let go.

At one point of time when the trial was so intense
He cried, “Father if it be Thy will, from Me let this cup pass”, 
but then He added, “Not My will, Father, but Thine be done”
and the Father gave Him the strength to last.

So He continued on His journey with added strength
for the joy set before Him and this is also what each of us must do,
fixing our eyes on the Master of Glory and what He has prepared
up in Heaven for me and for you.

We all have our “Gethsemane” moments in this life
though for certain not as severe as His, 
because He paid the greatest of price for His dear children
so with Him we could eternally live.

And now, as I reflect upon Your agony sweet Jesus and in 
that garden how You suffered so tremendously for me,
I gratefully come to this conclusion, my Lord
help me to follow You and finish my course no matter what the price might be. 

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings

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Becoming an Atheist

It doesn’t happen all at once,
But with the measured tread of rational thought;
Shedding the comfort blanket,
Embracing the cosmos as it is
Without the wishful thinking,
Cleansing the intellect,
Sharpening the senses, the forensic faculty,
The spirit of enquiry.

Perhaps it’s sad to toss away old certainties,
The homely prayer learned at your granny’s knee,
The rituals, empty now, emotional attachment
To music, candle-light and incense
Which sanctify and justify medieval stones,
But the rewards by far outweigh the trifling loss.

The universe is enough, dynamic, terrifying,
Chaotic, but moving to the music of
Molecular synthesis and disintegration,
Attraction and repulsion;
Worlds growing and shrinking, over time scales
Way beyond imagining.

And you’re a part of it! You’ve won
The greatest lottery in life by being born!
Enjoy! Exult
In the excitement of another spring,
In friendship, love and babies,
In the power of life itself.

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Let our children pray

With in these walls of wisdom.
Where our children learn.
Where can they go for guidance?
To whom can they turn?
Let them say whats on their mind.
If it's prayer , Then let them find.
What ever helps them through the day.
Let their day be divine.

Drugs are around each corner.
Gangs, They seem to stay.
Violence on our tv sets.
No safe place for them to play.

People dying in our churches.
And death inside our schools.
Is prayer so bad for children?
Is the Bible not a learning tool?

Why can't you accept this picture?
Of children hand in hand.
Asking God to help them.
To protect them when he can.

Some are taught to worship God.
Some are taught to hate.
Some are taught to do things right .
Some to make mistakes.

I prayed when I was younger.
No harm ever came my way.
Don't make a law against it. 
Let our children pray

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the power of prayer

fall on your knees
say your choice words
send the dove 
from the realm of earth 
to the feet of God
let him read the silver lined 
letters, let the prayer be your 
only rule. Clasp your hands
cry his name in your head
and out loud let him hear
the words you have to say
be not weak about
demanding a miracle,
let him hear your words.

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See No Evil

If I were to see no evil, then life would be barren. If I were to see no evil, then what would be the need for change? If I were to see no evil - would I not know that I am good? If I were to see no evil, I am standing in the presence of God. If I were to see no evil - I am dead of this world and passed on into Heaven.

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Catholicity of Faith

Horoscopes defy what the mind already knows
Sagittarius categorized, Catholically inclined
Religion forces Signed eyes to reconsider deliverance
Archer status on the dance floor
Lips poised clothing crunk'd
High heels dipped in ghetto couture 
Street loved, Sirens seem to posess me with Hip-Hop streaming
Cold blue steel pressed against my thigh
He makes me forget Good Girl analogies 
Marxist ideologies and paying the water bill 
Electric cars and global warming
Catholic tendencies clash with knee-jerk leftist remarks
Minorities have a propensity to be Democratically oriented 
Shall I take it to the highest point of disregard
And let Disneyland dreams give way to worldly needs
                                                     Oh God
May we philosophize before his muscles take me over
Smiles reconcile what was once sober
Drunk off uncertainty
"I live for the moment" lies 
We all need a little healing
I forget my repented chants to forgive sins
The more educated I become the harder it is to blindly believe
Faith is a tired charade that I must play
Center stage, bright eye'd and readily paid
I believe but must I rely on what the homily says
The bank notes the eagerness in charity of diluted masses
I trust in the Lord
Everyone needs a mentor
To relinquish safety in the face of uncertainty 
Is something revolutionary 
Am I to fall in love with guilt as my ancestors before me
Will Jesus still love me if i'm not sorry for smiling
I'm not sorry at all for being
Lividly in love with living
But was it T.S Elliot who was so declined to meet
The basic devotion in his poetry
Or was it me who denies faith everlastingly 
I'm already twisted with these bottles of opiated, over the counter conviction
Priests who color me darker then I was before I dipped my hand
Into sanctified waters
Questions procede answers that are left for dying
The Vatican with daily mantras force me to facilitate fate
Is this the right religion for me
Why isn't faith enough, destiny binds me to unforgiving roots
Relatives in Zoot-suits trying to mix it up
The fine lines between being revolutionary and being impious
Are fading so slightly from the clear cut minds
Or is it mine whose mind is cut from something similar to sacrilede profanity
Surely we shall see 
With prayer in my hand
the devil at my feet

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let your will be done

God let your will be done. As in 
you I find my peace to keep my 
calm, my joy to smile through 
the storms, my strength that 
restores me when the battle get 
taught, when I can't fight no 
more. Because God is the only 
unexplained solution that works.


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weilding the weapon of prayer

If you wanna ride my locomotion
just lay the rail
If you can handle it
wrong way down the tracks
neverending tracks
across the lands
forever going
where are we going?

Going off the tracks
before its too late
your heart understands
why were ging off the tracks

A soulbound prayer chain reaction
your heart
tied to the tracks
over the muddy water
no turning back
the love I keep seeing
taught to me in this way
forget it all again
you are not the one who needs this spiritual healing
cinderella tied to the tracks
of a prayer we weild as a weapon
words are stronger than you know
i could set you up
and you would fall
like dominos
but this is what i understand

we're goin off the tracks
two trains on one rail
a prayer for a weapon
somehow you remain sheltered
asking yourself
whats that sound?
and dont see the train coming
building a weapon out of our prayers
step by step we drop the act
the illusion gone
see you clearly
mothers coming home with something to say
mothers gonna be here
take the confusion away
whose in control of the sideshow?

I'm in the limelight
watching the slide
in the limelight
people seem to shine
in the limelight
life is good
in the background
waiting for you
nothing else to do

given the clocks away
time was something
never mirror that reality
shoed away my own laces
i keep trippin
trippin my way down the street
she said it
im just trippin unglued
not everyone is a fool
scram, scram, scram

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A Prayer For The Sick

Into tomorrow’s light
I will

Remember the beauty that

The lord took out time to

And I will

Send up a prayer for the sick
In need of your touch

I do pray

You touch the eyes of those

Who is having trouble

Seeing all the beauty you create

For your sheep

“My Dear Lord”

Take your hand’s just wipe away
The tears

From the grief of sorrow laden
Heart’s tonight

Lord, just erased the weary hearts

That all lay in solitude

Last but “least my Lord”

Feed the hungry babies

They lay awake with empty


I think I will just say “Thank
You Lord”

That Is all I ask of you
I Love you Lord

I’m your child please just

Rise your hand’s

And wipe away all this strife
Of this world

Amen, Amen

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Signs of the Time

Take a good look around

Tell me what do you see

Is this the future?

Of our society

So much evil

So much wrong

So much deceit

Cheating our elderly out of their homes

Young people being shot

While walking down the street

So many killings

And what is the reason?

Some say what goes around comes around

And this most certainly is true

But does that give someone the right

To fatally harm you?

The Bible says there will be a time

When you cannot tell the seasons

Natural disasters in unusual months

Now tell me if you believe it

It also says in Revelation

You won’t be able to tell the men from the women

And the women from the men

This most definitely is a fact we are seeing

Global warming

All over the world

Take heed to what you see

Hold tight to the ones you love

Father against Son

Brother against Brother

A war of the worlds

And so much more is coming

Plagues all around

Nation throughout Nation

Killing off millions

So much devastation

Diseases with no cure

More and more are being infected

Like a lethal dose

Of death being injected

People don’t want to take heed

To the messages being spoken

Families being destroyed

Torn apart and broken

Romans 8:31 – "If God Be For You, Who Then Shall Be Against You?"

Is one of my favorite scriptures

It gives me hope and faith, even peace

The words are a vision of a perfect picture

God makes no mistakes

He is the creator of all

Just as he lifts you up

Sometimes he lets you fall

When you are down

You have no place to look but up

God enjoys your communication with him

Through the smooth and the rough

See, he allows you stumble

Yet helps you find your way

And he appreciates

The time you take out to pray

There are many things that will happen

Before this world as we know it will end

I encourage you

To allow Jesus to be your friend

My prayer for those who read this poem

Is that the message resonates and stays on your mind

Jesus is coming back, prepare yourself

Because we are living through the signs of the time

Written By,

Yolanda Jackson

Copyright © 2008 – Keeping It Real Poetry, All Rights Reserved.

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my friend

there is a sweet whisper
blowing through mesquite
singing your name
my long lost friend
and I miss those days

when the shadows stretch long
before the darkness falls
I think of you my long lost friend
wondering where you went

just before I sleep
before I start to dream
I say a prayer for us my friend
praying you return to me

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24 Hour Prayer

I would like to challenge the world to have one day of peace, something this great 
land of ours really and truly needs.
For one day of peace, can we show each other a little juman kindness, just leave 
all the bad memories and negativity behind us, as we say a prayer in silence.
For one day of peace, can we say no to anger and hello to love, for 24 hours, just 
think with our hearts, instead of using our guns.
For one day of peace, can we truly be honest, not as americans or politicians, but 
as one single person on this earth, that can see what the problem is
For one day of peace, can you imagine such a very enormous accomplishment, 
to only show each other compassion, instead of sin and violence.
For one day of peace, can we think of togetherness, instead of so much 
seperation, be more humanitarian, and help heal this nation.
For one day of peace, are willing to ignore hatred and embrace human 
exceptance, we only have one chance at life, I'd rather enjoy it, than spend the 
rest of my life trying to forget it.

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Current events commentary

Do you think I care 
For your phony Arab spring
And dead trees and hot wind
I have never seen a spring without seed popping from the soil
I should know I am made from the dust of the earth
Spring must have rain and bring flowers
Like the peace people use to sell in California
Before I knew they were only exploited slaves
Following someone else's agenda
Muttering words that were meaningless to their existence
You see what I cannot believe in what I see again
I am a man of faith, and have always been
Since the blindfold fell like scales of history
There is no Arab spring
Only the death of the old undying resistance
That would not conform to nothing but self
Only the death of people in the street
Who does not know the puppiteer willed them
For if they return from the dead
What will they see
Only the same old things more dilapidated than before
Only the invisible hand doing visible things
Killing people and calling it spring
That the new world order may prevail
As a new nomenclature
For the same old stuff that has made us barren
And berefted us of dreams
I want my children to better off than I have been
I can only entrust to me
Sleeping at their door armed with a prayer and an angel
That is who we were
Before the primitive hordes came from the sea
Before the sea people defied the bounds of their habitation
Before our empires were stolen
And we ended up in cages at the Bronx zoo
Yeah, you should read that story too
It is only by prayers we suruvive
It is the mystic part of us, the first part they derided
Calling it animism, or some dark sinister stuff
Making us afraid to own ourselves
We abandoned everything and found no berth
In their new economic order
For we were always commodities or some sort of value in exchange
So those high sounding, idealistic documents
They copied from what we believe but could not bring to pass
Those constitutions were not about us nor our possibility
For we were not construed to have humanity enough for that.
Then are we suddenly men again
That the Arab spring should be something more than a sinister thing.
I stop believing in Trojan horses long ago
I mean it is there as a gift
But I will keep working the night shift
When there is no moon
Just remember what is the color of my skin
Because all things work together for good
And I cannot walk by sight in the darkness
So I live by faith in season and out of season.

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Oh Lord grant me just one more day

Fist smacks chest, I double over.
Pulls my hair, wrenching me up once more.
Imprints his thumbs and fingers bones 
Into my chin and cheeks,
Bruising - he crushes the virgin skin.
Presses his booze stinking breath against my face;
He bellows abuse and filth riled language toward me,
Fetch me this, no good for that, do it, bitch, do it now.

Dare not challenge for fear of what might come next,
Just do  as he says, kids are in bed - at least safe.
Placate him, ease his soreness, feed him - Let him sleep.
What then? Tomorrow he'll be different - sorry,
He loves me and his children, 
Just drink changes him - he becomes a monster,
Danger by night from chemical persuasion, intolerance, -
Surely not his fault - an illness - we'll get help.

Promises of love, of change; befall my ears next day.
We try again, but deep inside i know he's not ready,
Not ready to accept change and tolerance.
Not ready to seek the help of those who know more.
We don't go, queues for councillors months away, -
Time by which we think situation will have long passed.
How very wrong we could be as Friday nights pay comes in,
A familiar sickening pattern resumes. And fear sets in again!

Familiar prayer returns, as i ask to be a survivor. -
Oh Lord grant me just one more day, that I may live,
To find new hope, some where safe to lay my head.
To take the children that he may harm their gentle minds no more.
Send your soul to rescue us and free us to peace once more,
Only this time I will find the strength to go....Amen

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On The 7th

For a minute I thought I was right.
For the second I thought I was wrong.
On three I had seen my mistake.
By the fourth I was starting to think.
By five I began to learn.
On six knew enough to doubt.
And on the 7th remembered to pray.

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Sermon on mouth

Sermon on the mouth

Up in the hill of congregation
When the land came upon him
Mouth open, a seep of, sleep down 
When he set, the prayer of praise
What he has, what he will give 
You have not present appreciation 
What you build he gives and will
Will to given for him who knows
You woman and man married
See your back, fast lags 
With fast eyes are brothers
Comtampted content  you contact 
Are not with his
Wide like the ocean your mouth vague. 
If you weak? Endure 
The blood that came out
Put your hand, suffered the land
All the world upon them, we hang
Our mind accepting the cause
Our soul pushing for better 
Slapping every air within
That nothing good