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Free Verse Marriage Poems | Free Verse Poems About Marriage

These Free Verse Marriage poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Marriage. These are the best examples of Free Verse Marriage poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Love Orchestrated by God

Abed this angelic night bound by quiescent beauty,
yearned thoughts of whence the birth
of our yester-years proclaiming
loves first scene waltzes
through thy interior
monologue. In great
measure is our
kiss miles away
on the outskirts of
different land. Persuading
life on end to amble
midst ninth cloud holding
hands. Oh how this 
instant she
taking form
as treasures in
favor of thy last name.
Enraptured at moment is
her warmth skin embraced
with mine...(SIGH) Fingers extend,
tracing single by single the tears about thy face...knowing that love at last
came upon its indissoluble place. Thank you God for orchestrating our lives this way.


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Winter Proposal

With my soul at peace and my thoughts at rest,
standing in this winter wilderness,
I whisper words of heartfelt bliss.

Come with me and walk this path.
Together we tread against the freeze,
and find the warmth of tender grasp.

My devoted being shall forever be,
a place of strength against chilled winds,
a brilliant light only you have seen.

Our lives have met in this quiet space.
Let sky meet land and rivers merge.
Forever, harmony I long to taste.

We have summoned light from darkest days.
Heat returns to melt still ice.
Each day length now brings stronger rays.

The deepest snows cannot hide the facts.
Beneath these layers life holds fast.
Newfound joys spring from bleakest past.

Let's rebuild life from broken dreams,
Where life restarts with each new spring,
the snows will melt to feed fresh streams.

Like this land, my passion runs free.
Walls have come down with earnest words.
My unblinded eyes now see.

I ask for your hand without ounce of gold,
or shiny stones dug from filthy earth.
My eternal love cannot be bought or sold.

Under peaks reborn of volcanic scars,
In night's serene and  starkest silence,
I pledge love to outlast the multitude of stars.

Solitude I turn from on this ride.
Today and tomorrow let's walk in stride.
Promise to be my utopian bride.

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I Do

Tossing and turning not a wink of sleep in sight Visions of her beauty have me thinking all night Butterflies fluttering Churning deep inside Never fathom She'd be my bride She's the sunshine that falls gently upon my face The breeze through my window floating with grace The stars in the sky shining so bright warm hug at night holding me tight In just a few hours all dreams will come true as I give her that ring and we both say I do Staring from the window on the night before we wed Thinking of first moments Inhaling a deep breath Thinking of that smile which has captured my heart Thinking of his tender care A gentleman from the start Many years I've waited Just to watch him sleep Just to lay beside him Feel his toes slight-brush with my feet All my life I've waited for our dream to be At last Im gonna have him for eternity My pearled silk gown is hanging Tomorrow it would be worn Before the lord, our eyes meet the promise would be sworn From the chapel to the gardens Our entrance would be grand The waxen buds will blossom and our love would be sung

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The Prostitution of Her Love

“I’m not a machine, you know.”
He says huskily 
As she places her chocolate tipped breast
Within inches of his lips
Tantalizing him
She just smiles, breastfeeding him
His treat
And leans back and sighs 
As he gorges
On creamy chocolate ecstasy

Later, he wonders
About his insatiable wife
Wondering if he can keep up
With her little bedroom games
And trips into fantasy

Another day
He lies back in the
Exhaustion of fulfillment
About to close his eyes
When he hears her weeping
Trying to stifle her sobs

Should he pretend he doesn’t hear?
He is so tired
She quiets down
And before sleep claims him
He hears her whisper
“When you make love to me
That’s the only time
The only time….
You really SEE me
For those few moments
I feel that your world revolves around me
That you NEED me
To be fulfilled
The only time
You're the man you used to be
The one dying to possess me
And so I prostitute my love for you…
Hoping in these moments
To feel…..alive”

Before he can respond
She's gone
And he looks up at the ceiling and wonders
How life has changed him
His other friends complain
About their frigid wives and dull lives
So unlike his
He is fortunate
And yet…
He remains in bed
Staring at the ceiling

She cries softly on the couch
Feeling broken, used
Just a receptacle for his need
While she remains empty
She fingers her phone
Thinking of the invitation there
Very casual
A shared cup of coffee
Nothing more, and yet
She reads the real invitation
In the depth of his eyes
When he looks at her
She wipes her tears as she thinks of fidelity and promises…

He walks into the living room
Suddenly shy
She tries to cover her body
With her red see through lingerie
Her black hair covering her mascara streaked eyes

He kneels down in front of her
Pushing away her hair
His eyes searching hers
And holding them for a moment
Tilting her chin up, his lips cover hers
With a gentle longing
She gasps for breath
Shocked at the tears gathering in his eyes
His voice barely reaches her ears…
“Will you be my wife?”
She tries to draw him to her
But he takes a hold of her outstretched hand
And helps her to her feet
Gently leading her to the bedroom

And night turns to day
As he makes love to his wife
Satiating her soul
Realizing her every fantasy
He says all the things he’s felt, but never said
As he ravishes her…
His woman, his bride, his wife

The mid-morning sun
Caresses her face
And she awakens
To find herself
Where she’s always longed to be…
Nestled safely
In her husband's arms

E Ghali

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Afloat On a Lavender Sea

Decades yawn and stretch across the years, traveling up the stairs, around the chairs coiling around the door of one small room that was groomed by the sun of a Saturday afternoon... Floating on a sea of a hardwood floor I'm prone, on my back, on a lavender rug Examining the nail of my left hand thumb hearing you express, that you aced your class I had confessed, to missing you more each day linked only to you, by that ivory phone and a ring on my finger, that bound our love and blinded our eyes to the doubt of youth... Invitations in the mail, and a church on hold There was a cake on order, and a cold hard world You were glued to my ear, I was entrapped by a cord that tugged on the wall, with every word Light from the yard is scored by the blinds but, there on the floor, prone on my back, I'm bound by the cord that tethered our lives Linked to your voice, where love was wound Hovering over the sea of cold hardwood, I had a pillow of shag of a lavender rug The days stretching short and our vows yet untold A cord getting stronger, that time would unfold

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Will you marry me

A whirlwind romance, so many feelings…
Dancing around my heart, so thrilling.
I said “I love you” first and felt a little vulnerable…
Finally, he said it too and I felt incredible.

We held hands every night, kissed and whispered…
All about our thoughts and  passions, ideas and inspirations.
I began to feel a part of me was missing without him….
And he said he felt the same way I did, fully content with me.

A million words later, past the first of the “I love you’s”….
We began to bring up the bigger questions, the kids and houses.
I told him I would be happy with three and he said one would do…
But slowly we decided on two, the perfect number for a family.

We became so close it felt like I was undressed in his sight…
Even when I was fully clothed and closing in on a fight.
The mutual trust, the bond, the feelings that corresponded…
All a part of the relationship we had grown into something special.

He said, though, that he was sure he didn’t want to marry…
I felt a little like the first girl who had ever been told this detail.
Two months into the relationship, though, he got down on his knee…
Gave me a hopeful look and spoke the words I’d been hoping to hear.

Will you marry me? He said it with a smile into my eyes.
I looked back and responded quickly,… “yes” …
This would be the beginning of a long and lasting love…
A true joy, hope and faithful love that had been sent from above.

Will You Marry Me? - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Judy Konos

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The portrait of marriage a
Made from hundreds of pieces, 
Large and small but all of the 
Same importance, 
Together put 
A masterful way for the desired outcome 
To attain:  
The completion of the portrayal of  
A relationship, a life to last

No one has ever been blessed all 
Pieces to amass
To perfection the given portrait to 
Always some parts will be missing or 
Not the desired ones would be in the
Right place
The portrait never gets done to 
The artist’s complete satisfaction 
A good artist has to keep in mind the 
Essential parts
Should never be missed from any mosaic
Of the sort:
Trust escorted by honesty
Selfishness coupled with admiration 
Sensuality tied with affection 
Love united with devotion 
The X factor, that the majority never 
Under consideration takes: 
Without it, all efforts will sooner or later,

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   08 OCTOBER 2014 

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Tomorrow's Signature

Yesterday sent its regards in a farewell
A gesture of fate intact, sealed for the 
Or better yet, the progressive harmonies
of God, such as we are. 

It was perhaps the plot of the universe, 
When we slept in yesterday’s hands, 
And I asked you the question of 
In hopes of fading away mutually, after one
last bloom. 

Heaven must have spied on my everlasting 
Because with your pearl vision directed 
towards me, 
And your soft veil of ebony near me, 
You agreed, with no hold of hesitation. 

So under the chapel’s protection is where 
we coast now, 
And a road less traveled is scattered with 
our footprints;
While I did lead with company, along this aisle 
of anticipation, 
The stares of 1000 miles did not present themselves, 
Until your walk was introduced, thereby polishing 
this floor into glory. 

As I stood in the patience of joy, a distance was 
illustrated between us, 
You pressed forward and this negative space lost
its existence; 
As you approached with the tranquil touch of 
My nerves fell sober, and I knew that which was 
parallel before me was art, 
The speechless beauty, I favored in sight. 

The preacher spoke a traditional verse, as our 
eyes locked in perfect reflection; 
Declared through spoken word, was the 
confirmation of our ribbon in the sky, 
Crowned upon your precious finger was the 
weight of symbolism, 
Silently glowing through the everglades; 
With no restriction, we explored the middle 
ground in unison.

We exited through the heart of the sun, cherishing
the unfamiliar heat; 
It appears that life’s divine notary has signed off 
on the greatest equation ever solved, 
May our souls forever write in this blessed ink.  

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How I Met Your Mother

I once vacationed in the company of silence,
It was an unconscious scene bestowed upon
Although I had a calling that answered my 
A myth of joy existed outside this career, 
I was left drowning in limbo, without an 
But there was a witness, who studied my trail 
without cause, 
And without apprehension, she helped to resurrect the 
the location of destiny; 
Allow me to reminisce on such. 

For it was in a previous portrait, that I encountered 
a dozen roses; 
Of these that I held, there were none that exceeded 
a brief touch,
A momentary scent that never returns; 
Now understand with this expression, it is not a
boast I intend to create, 
For I was seeking that gentle grip, in hopes of it never 
I continued a cold failure, never realizing the warmth of 
victory that smiled ahead. 

I settled on the peak of solitude, as my faith passed
away in obscurity, 
And yet, beyond these frozen eyes, there existed a 
narration of fate, waiting for my company; 
For you see kids, I’ve walked past the casual frame 
of your mother, 
And misplaced my sight, I’ve missed her spirit by 
petty inches, 
And when there was a vision of opportunity, my space
was occupied with trivial games. 

Then one day, I discovered a possession that linked 
heaven and earth forever, 
An umbrella your mother left abandoned; 
And yet, it was through her innocent misfortune, 
That I discovered her abstract songs, played upon
by the perfect key, 
Her heart that sits in prosperity, from the charity of 
A collection of beauty, your mother gracefully 
By the time we crossed into cupid’s lair, I knew 
already, the verses of duality were written true, 
And with that, the perfect stranger discarded her 
Leading Renee into popularity; 
Hello became the endless quote, we spoiled into 

As the task of life left this page briefly open, 
I responded with a mutual exit, confirming these 
lips of joy, 
And with revelations of challenge forever slayed,  
I peacefully fell, forever breathless. 

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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Once Upon A Time

This is a poem about the future I'd love to have with the boy of my dreams.
None of this has actually happened yet (besides us falling in love with eachother) but it's how I would like it to happen.

Once upon a time, I became the luckiest girl in the world. I fell in love with a gorgeous boy with blue eyes, and he actually loved me back. He was like my prince, he treated me like his princess and would do anything for me. Today, we're united as King and Queen. It's been years, but walking down the aisle I'm still staring at the cutest, most perfect guy I've ever seen. When our lips finally meet after parting to say "I do", it tastes like Heaven.

Once upon a time, I married a gorgeous boy with blue eyes. And today, I saw those perfect blue eyes light up when he first held our little girl in his arms. She's got her Daddy's blue eyes and just a little bit of her Momma's brown hair. She's going to be spoiled and loved more than possible. She'll know we support her no matter what, and she can tell us everything. It will be perfect.

Once upon a time, one set of blue eyes became two, and we were made into a family. Now, that second pair of blue eyes is walking out the door to college, with a suitcase in one hand and a boy's hand in the other. He better love her and treat her just as well as her Daddy does.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a gorgeous boy with blue eyes. His hair has dulled and grayed but his eyes are the same, and they've seen a lifetime's worth of happiness and love. My baby had babies with the boy she walked out the door with, and I can tell she loves them as much as we loved her. Now it's her time to live.

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                " one piece of diamond ring,"    

                 leads to a milestone journey.   

Written by: AiyaH De Torres
Entry for :Just Ten Words Poetry Contest by nette onclaud

** 6th place Winner**

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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missing piece

i sit here thinking about the days.
remembering the time we first met.
i was crying in the rain,
feeling the water and the pain. 
until you came, and wiped my tears away. 

you were like an angel in disguise, 
you never ever fail to make me smile, 
you were a stranger in my world, 
but you made me realize my worth 
when you touch my hand
i know that you understand. 

I feel so safe whenever i'm with you, 
the way you hug me tight when i feel blue. 
you are just like a dream come true. 
i wouldn't need anyone else but you. 
and from now on i offer you my heart.. 

so i thank you for coming into my life,
for bringing the sunshine and making me feel alive. 
you made my life complete, 
baby, you're all i need
you are my missing piece. 

PS:wrote this 2 years ago. i had this poem hidden and reserved for Mr. Right. :-)

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Right Now

Right now I respect your needs
I respect your wishes
Even though they stab
Like shards of shattered glass
Shrapnel puncturing my heart
Uneven in my thoughts
Unable to think due to a lack
A lack of function in which
My mundane self became accustomed
Expecting your love
Which right now I  realize was
Disrespecting your love
Your love
Which is my life
Regardless of decisions made
Your love
Which is my life
Because of decisions made
Right now
You will be my wife until my dying day
I will fight for my life
Your love
I will go round after round
Take beating and punishment
Just for my life
Which, right now and always has been 
your love
Right now 
I really need you to know
Your love Is my life
The only life I really care to know
And right now
I feel my life, your love,
Is dying slow

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She and the Bumblebee

Lady, with blossom buds in thy hair....

   how fortuitous for me the day is sweeter 

   in the shade of your presence;

   what tall stock thy stem, and flowered

   your bulb of precious petals,

   crimson as the weeping rose....

Longing thy eyes, and bright with hope

   so quickly we became friends,

   laughed 'til after hours,

   deciding the fate of the world,

   holding hands in some cozy little cafe....

   pulling away....

   quick blush smiles,

   the patter of rain....

   two inflamed hearts....

But she wants to know what he wants....

   (he does not know) but has grown

   lost in her eyes, and her 'gentile' smile

   (he wanted her to be happy)....)

To adore her a little more,

   before she would leave and find Prince Charming....

But she said she was an ordinary woman,

   with ordinary needs....

   a flower among many, waiting

   for her little bumblebee;

He must take her pollen just so,

   and have none other in his flight....

   and rest so buzzing upon her feminine delights,

   and crawl gently into her heart

   the leap of a King....

   what a Queen to find ----

And educate the dark of his mind,

   she so easily (wonderfully)

   so displayed in the simplicity of a cafe,

That her one flower among numerous found,

   what a fate in the midst of romantic bloom....

   but I had flown no more (with broken wing)

   though buzzing, rested upon her soul

   (and poised an answer of a man with ordinary needs)

   (I, a little bumblebee....)


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The wedlock rose

The wedlock rose!


If our marriages are made in heavens, why are they broken in this world?

If we tie the knot for life, why so soon nothing is left to be said or heard?

You made me feel like the brightest star, now I'm under the darkest clouds!

My wedding dress with your dying love will be buried in divorce's shrouds!

I think I haven't changed, I am the same charming lady you loved so mad!

You tell me I'm not who you thought I was, how all good in me turned bad?

With you I were dwelling in the skies, in a galaxy of stars with the full moon!

Your change of hearts had me crestfallen, sending me down to this lagoon!

Holding the bouquet of fresh red roses you gave me bending on your knees!

Dropping their petals into water, I'm sending 'em on their separation journeys!

But once they are not the part of the flower, they'll lose their bloom and wither!

Just like we both are now lifeless statues, not the lively souls the way we were!

If only everyone who walks the aisle remembers that the wedlock is like a rose!

With so much fragrance, color and beauty, why'd a few thorns slit sacred vows?


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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Midnight Lullaby

I wrapped all my tears, to see you smile.
you are the best, always by my side.
I tell you my feelings will get you crying,
you must think I’m out of my mind.

You don’t know, what I know,
all the angels let me go.

We were born to teethe and die,
you will grow to be so fine.
Fall in love, feel your softer side,
Remember me when life is kind.

When you go, let me know,
don’t walk away like the world and go.

Life is rough and the world unkind,
fight them down and you will be fine.
The truth of live is a brutal sight,
make no mistakes, you can learn from mine.

You have a strong heart, you are unique
I treasure times when you smile at me.

Live the life, I could not find,
be there for me, when I say goodbye.

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The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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Daddy's Little Girl's

Every little girl needs her daddy 
to love her with gentlemanly charm.
To hold her tightly when she is afraid and keep her safe from harm.
Daddy have you ever wondered whose holding us now.

From pigtails and bubblegum,
to lipstick and high heels;
Daddy whose going to be their to hold our hand.
To help us mend our broken heart,
teach us that true love is real.

Daddy you never stop to wonder the day
you walked out on mom was the day you abandon us too. 

Now as we grow older whose going to teach us to dance in the living room,
Whose going to see us twirl.
Whose going to bid us goodnight
And tell us everything is going to be alright.

Daddy your actions were selfish your desires divide our home
Now daddy you no longer belong to us alone.
You forgot along the way that there is no love that equals that of daddy's Little Girls.

Daddy you once said you prayed
But along the way I think you forgot to ask God
To guard your heart and protect your family from your selfish wayward ways.

The day you married mom
The day you created us
You forgot you made a promise
To stand with us for better for worse

You promise to love us and watch us grow
Dad you failed us
You replaced us for ashes and clay
We were meant to be daddy's little girl's.


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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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Love Poem Number 2

The first time I glimpsed your beautiful smile,
I couldn’t believe you were real, my ideal!
Your beauty captured my attention and soul ,
I could sense it immediately, you make me whole.
Now the distance between us and every moment apart,
is so painful and sad, it blackens my heart.
For you, my heart longs, your gentle, kind touch,
Your smiles, your pure love, its all just too much,
For my lonely sad soul to be far apart,
I crave you, I need you, you are my sweetheart!
Now that you have come into my black and white world,
Color abounds, and rainbows unfurled.
A new joy in my heart, for love once again I am filled,
A new hope, a new faith, happiness re-instilled.
You are my true joy, and hope for forever,
Im thankful for you and Im glad were together.

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Sex Manuel

My wife and I were virgins  very young and Nieve when we met
And our honeymoon was one I  still can't forget
I came across a sex manual very cheap in a second hand book shop
Because me and my new wife didn't know what to do
We thought we'd buy it and might learn a trick or two
That night champagne on ice candles and rose petal bed
There was only one thing I thought in my head
She took a shower
For about half an hour
And the room wafted with sweet perfume
She looked so beautiful stood by the door
As all her clothes fell to the floor
What a sweet delight
On our long awaited wedding night
We both got into bed
She looked into my eyes longingly
Lets read the book and find out what to do she said
With a low soft voice get it read.

Well we read the book
Page one
Hold your partner tight kiss her passionately through the night
Page two
Well there must have been a few pages missing no wonder it was cheap
Because the second and last page said
Roll  over  and say ''that was wonderful darling and light a cigarette''
Then go to sleep in your bed.

Well we were disappointed
Is that it?
Some how
A couple of things didn't fit.

It took us ages with a new sex Manuel we read every night
We finally got there and did it right.

Ooh la la.....

Peter Dome copyright.2014. July.

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Butterfly Spreads Her Wings

Butterfly spreads it's wings
on flower bloom
on summer meadow
in the month of June.

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The Bitter Truth

~Heart opens, Legs close~

If only 'lover' of nowadays could actualize 
What real love is and not that type they play second fiddle to.
If they could stand on their toes to solve relationship puzzles
By being rational in their approach (to it).
Then they would have found out
The true meaning of love
And would as well be able to 
Distinguish it between its counterfeit.

Real love is true love.

With love at first sight 
You can love more than once
And be heartbroken on several occasions.

Love is not sex and Sex is not love.
You can have sex and not necessarily be in love.
You can be in love and not necessarily engage in sex.

Using sex to manipulate a man will eventually fail,
Cos a man may hate you and still have sex with you.
It is self deception to think that 
Giving man sex will make him love you.

True love will never force you to engage in sex.
A man who doesn't love you,
Will not change his mind because of sex.

True love comes from the heart and is often unimaginable and unexplained.

If man tells you to prove your love by having sex with him,
You should know he is only using you as (may be one of) his toy.
And if he is attracted to you because of his titillating figure,
Sooner or later, 'better sex' will take him away from you.
Submitting yourself to him as his sex slave is a great mistake and an act of foolishness.

True love will never shame or degrade you.

If a man truly loves you, he will understand your feelings and will listen to you. 
He will respect and stand by you. 
He won't want you to get hurt
 And he will be ready to hold back his sexual desire
Until that holy night.

Be wise!

 For: Russell Sivey's "Enlightenment, hope and harmony" Contest.
23rd March, 2013

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We met
Fell in love
Got married

The time passed
Three decades already 
Had children
They grew up 
They left

Now we alone
Much older, much wiser

The bodily beauty vanished 
Hair got gray, then turned white                 
Wrinkles appeared               
Some pounds were added  

When I look at you, my love, 
And think of what we have been through:
The joys
The pains, 
The agonies, 
The comforts 


My heart finds you more beautiful than
Ever before


You were my companion 
My comrade 
My friend
My wife

You never left my side, no matter what
You shared everything with me, good or bad

You were the reason that my life’s trip was
You were the reason that all my dreams came
You the reason that my heart was filled with
You the reason that my soul’s eyes have seen
The real beauty of life:

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  21 SEPTEMBER 2014

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Unspoken Love

She saved herself from pick up lines though she looked vulnerable
She's sooo lovable her heart definition could ruin my poetic abilities 
You cannot put a price on her she's not billable
If only her lips where adjustable my soft poetry would define her inabilities and weaknesses for the mute to scream happily ever after  
She's untouchable i O you an explanation
Her tears tattoo broken spirits uploaded on instagram
She's no twitter baby though followers invite themselves its unbelievable
I could throw nice verses in our conversation but i'm afraid i'm love blind 

I'll tell you more about her if you ask me....ask me nice

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Fast Paced Love

The rush of these days, when so much is on our mind. 
It's hard to stop and take a minute to unwind. 
Everything we do is for this one goal, 
once that's done we can sit and console. 
When the pressure is highest and the time is short, 
we can look to each other for love and support.

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the Human Seasons: Elements At War and Peace, Part IV


Each dawn, the cold steps back a pace,
And in the lengthening light the tender green steals up
Through the retreating ice and snow
As the lands rise fresh and free from the deathlike sleep again,
To play the full young mother dressed out in life itself,
Strolling through the warming, waxing sun.

Growth and generation give the lie
To the empty time so short before
Everything renewed proclaims its exoneration from stasis
And beauty runs riot, freed from its long waiting
To declare its immortality again.

And for he and she love grows anew
In the hopes reborn in the spring's thaw
The heart's slow healing gathers force with the blooming 
As they pull the threads of their lives back together,
Sewing them closer with trust and forgiveness,
Going on again in the thousand-odd ways
That make a single life of two.

Love trumpets again its smug triumph
Through the wakening world,
For it too is one of the old, strong forces,
The one that holds together what would fain break itself apart
To its own rack and ruin;
The ultimate surgeon,
Healing with slow steely cuts 
Cauterizing the strangely sweet wells of pain
With unquenchable fire
That burns,

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Lovin from the Oven

Those kisses from behind
when I cooking supper
make me feel so wonderful

It is like being a newly wed
you taste wonderful 
mixed with sauteed vegetables

Like you love a dab of onion behind my ear
those little bites you feed me
and then I share could make the blind see

And although I have kissed those lips a million times
it is not enough for me
I pray to be doing this with long white hair
on into our destiny

I just feel like being silly. I am going through the most wonderful 
time with my husband of 26 years. He has become Romeo and 
I have become putty in his hands. So be looking for cliched lovey dovey junk. hehehe

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I Just Found Out

I Just Found Out
That my wife is leaving me

This occurred so long ago,
A lightning bolt in time

Since then, I have met my
Soul Mate

Together Now
15 Years

Proof that 
Light Always Follows
The Darkest

May 2nd, 2013

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A Wedding Vow

The day has arrived for us to celebrate our love,
Through faith and unity, we lock each others hands,
Our souls and hearts now merged into one entity ,
May our love which we fought to preserve last an eternity,

We shared the promise of '' i do'' as man and wife ,
A promise witnessed by God and his angels,
Together as one we will walk this new path,
being sincere , loyal and faithful , never succumbing to wrath,

Let us journey to our new dwelling,
May loving each other always keep us comforted,
May providing for each other always keep us content,
I love you with all my heart,
Let our blessed union pave a way towards a beautiful start.

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The Human Seasons: Elements At War and Peace, Part III


Wrapped close, in implacable, bitter embrace,
The winter grips the land and holds it immobile,
The cat upon its mouse.

Stripped bare and glazed with stony ice
Ashudder beneath a slatecloud sky
That drops its snow in a hush of crowding dimness,
A white leaden mantle
Is lain over empty fields, piling 'round the trunks of skeletal trees
Standing soberly and waving their bony branches in the frozen air
The twilight days light a world now comatose,
Drawn in against the cold and huddled like 
Some invalid giant shorn of all his strength,
Lying stretched half slain across the firmament
Gazing into nothing with a distant blank stare
As scattered carrion birds wheel against a wan canvas,

Those two in their little house circle 'round as well,
Moving without purpose through the events of their lives
As the cold outside seeps into the rooms
Invading their thoughts
To make them tremble
Shaken in the blindness of their desperation,
And though the fire blazes orange-warm in the hearth,
Defending this inside space from the day's deep gloom,
Autumnal sorrows have collected in the silence
And worn their hearts weary with cares,
And thus the spirit's wounds have festered and widened,
Filling with the poison of despair.

Soft sparks the glow of the fire makes in his tired eyes,
Reflecting wild fears that her love is lost;
They dance in his mind, stabbing with a pain
That knows no cure.

Long the time he just looks at her,
This life that chose to be with him always,
And he sees that
The hurt that came between,
He cannot bear that she leave him 
Condemned to go on without her,

Her thoughts for him are much the same,
Though she says it not.
Yet when at last he reaches out across the table
And takes her hand in his,
She looks up, and for one long moment
They two become the lone human pair
In all of space and time,
And in one another's moist crystalline gaze
They read a deep sweet tale 
In a language without words.

          Something melts,
                                       And something breaks

In that moment when she gently folds 
Her delicate fingers over his,
Looking down again with a schoolgirl smile
Spreading irresistable over her face.

Outside, in the blackness of the star-shot night,
Ice cracks
And waters run clear beneath the snow.

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Do You

Do You!
Do you know what you have or do you take it all for granted?
Do you slowly walk hand in hand along the beach as the sun goes down whispering things of love? Having watched the sunset, sitting in the sand leaning against each other never worrying about time you slowly head back to your room.
Do you know what you have; spending time bonding and loving with every breath you have! Do you know or do you take for granted what you think will always be there. Do you spend your time showing how you feel or do you spend your time someplace else? Do you rush when you’re together so it’s not fun but rather a punishment!
Do you know how the other feels or do you expect the feeling to be whatever. Do you look for ways to spend your time not caring what you have or knowing what you have or do you take it for granted? Do you know how to spend time together; better yet do you want to spend time together.
From the beginning did you know what you wanted, maybe a princess to have and to hold. Did you know what a prince would do once he had his princess in his arms! Did you know how romantic life would be, could be? Connected mentally one can never get enough of their love. Craving from the heart and mind brings the body pleasure. Each is wrapped up together bringing mental and physical love as one.
Do you know what has been or have you taken for granted what was from the start? Did you settle for what you have or do you know what you have!
Debbie Knapp

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My Nest

Love is my nest.
It holds me
where all the world I see.
It saves me
from the ground
which my soul will never meet.

Up in a forest tree
hunters scattering in threes
they'll never catch me
I have love.
I am perfectly happy.

relaxed I am
I do not stress
for there isn't life
without my nest.

who cares what's below?
I am above.
love is my nest
My nest is my love.

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I take you to be the love of my life, 
To have and to hold and to hit and to crush
For better and for worse when worse is unspeakable
For richer, for poorer when money is spent on drugs and booze and porn
And there is not enough money left for groceries and school clothes.
In sickness and in health when I have to sneak to buy medication
and you call in sick to go to the race.
From this day forward because I have no place to go.
The shelters are full. No room in the inn.
I'm not serious, they say, because I did not call the police
When you choked me last night.
Instead I hid, huddled in the closet behind the locked door, 
Holding my baby and praying that she would not be next.
Until death do us part because I have tried to leave
So many times and you drag me back.
Love bears all things, 
Believes all things, 
Hopes all things, 
Endures all things. 
Love never ends.
Love never ends.
Love never ends.

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She stands there, 
as the khols
and taals
to play.
If money had afforded, 
they would have found the
wrong chromosome.
Pat silk
and she
to sway.
the fish, 
life begins.
famished cries
A crumpled woman, 
abandoned child.
Now she is the tortois
lifting herself
from the milky sap
of oleander, 
castor oil.
fingers spread, 
She gazes, 
the boar.
She pulls
herself up
fingers dancing, 
feet stamping.
She overcomes.
She stands.
She spins.
Her worth measured
and found
A marriage worth
a decade of work.
She squats, 
The dwarf.
Her eyebrows lower.
Her lips pout.
Gazing off into
some far distance, 
she runs, 
She lifts her axe.
She sweeps her arms.
She holds her head high.
Her eyes twinkle
and she is free.
Shaking her finger, 
she sits
and takes up
her baby in her arms.
She strikes the floor
right to left
Neck.upraised foot.
A boy.
She joins
her hands
and slides them
her eyes.
her heart.
Lifting her finger
she philosophies, 
She lifts
her child.
He walks.
He runs.
She stirs.
She waits.
Her eyes
from left to right.
Looking up, 
she lifts
her arms
above her head.
She rolls
her neck
and cradles
her womb.
A needle stick.
A girl.
She falls to the ground
and she

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Eternal Breath

With bicycles and a big shoulder sling bag
You were there, at the other side of my fence
Throwing the paper toward me with a smile
Awarded me with a wonder-stricken time lag

I remember, you were ten and I was eight
It was in 1940, our first met
So soon later we allied
And all these times, I always sure that it was truly a fate

I remember, it was on an anesthetize Sunday morning
You put a ring on my finger when I was just seventeen
We started riding our life together in a rollercoaster of emotions 
For years you are my one and only paperboy prince charming

Today, on your grave that is shrouded by Autumn leaves
Knowing that our love surely went on endlessly
I smile and take another breath in the eyes of eternity
A splendor moment, for our memories, far away from griefs

~ Shirley Candy 
Indonesia, 11/05/2013 05.36 AM

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Back and forth all day long
little lovers texts or calls

one more day to be alone
then date nights and love at home

I hope it is like last weekend on and on
no internet or ringing phone

Just making love to my husband
from dusk till dawn

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Be the keeper of your pain

  This is Poetry , for the reader  INTERPRETs  , 

  Why won't you leave ?
     Isn't you whom betrayed me with your actions ?
  Do I really care to tally whom started which action or reaction first ?

  No, It longer matters you see 
     Thee thrill is gone in fact died in me
  Do I want to live with anger and madness anymore ?

  Please honor my wishes , and just walk out the door
     This time take all you have in which you entered my life with.
  I only want you to find peace and love in your soul of tortured memories.

  For these memories lie within you long before I met thee
     In innocence wanting to cure and love the soul within 
  realizing I can not save you nor be your keeper of all pain.

  I Love you , Yet Love is not going to save you through this 
    I let you go now let me go and let us be free .
  I no longer wish to live with the lies anymore , let me be free.  

  Only happiness will return with change , you will see.

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My man is Bluebeard
On this holiday for two
And I don't want to go
To spend every hour asleep or awake 
With him
His voice controlling every action
every movement moment.
I will be caught in the might
of his King Kong grip
Alternately controlling
then beseeching
The needy man child
desperate to be loved
that makes this monstrous He
That must subjugate and control the She
To leave nothing to chance
In this the field of love
To hold and crush in his hot hand
the fragile wilting bloom
Content with that death
for ownership is all.

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My Comfortable Chair

Like my special comfortable chair
I'm reassured your always there
when I need you.

Providing a comfortable cushion
against harsh ravishes and rigors
of life.

My sanctuary
my my love
my heart and soul
my wife
my life.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.July.

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A Woman Like You

   Always I have dreamed of loving a woman like you ,
So kind and understanding in all of the things you do.
   Everyday you are always the same so full of life,
Making me so proud the day you become my wife.
    Never do I worry when things do not go my way,
Only words of encouragement you would have to say.
    To hear  you laugh or to see  your beautiful smile ,
Stays with me in my thoghts for such a long while.
    I am forever thinking of the happiness you bring me,
Confirming our lives together  was always meant to be .
   Every night I Thank my Lord for how special you've been,
I find myself a very Blessed man for what he did.
   A person could ask for no more when it comes to love ,
Especially when there's no doubt it was made from above.

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Mamas Boy Oh Boy

Why Are You So Hurt
Can I explain today is a difference day,
But the same old excused.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
Rudy to in conscience to ,
Just pick up my food I have hard day well.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
To day you was suppose to pay the bills,
But instead you state in bed in till twelve.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
It’s our anniversary you forgot to make reservation,
And you don’t even open the door or bring flowers any more.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
When we first meet it was hard to see through the blur lines,
Or was everything you told me from the start all lies.
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
Mom Why Are So Hurt Cause I Can See IT In Your Eyes,
I Guess I Am The Man Of The House At Such A Young Age,
“Why Are You So Hurt”,
I wonder who can related, young brother young brother no
Matter your race, age ,origin, or creed I consider you my young brother
I’m not a man lacking wood but would like here my story.
Mama’s Boy, Oh Boy!!!

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Back To Reality

Back from the history of worlds colliding and the universe unfolding
Back from the time travel which warps the future
Back from receiving returned mail to Carl Sagan
Back from random thoughts that signify nothing
Back from a dreamland made of dandelions
Back from sliding on hillsides of ice
Back from walking with my pack
Back from the hazards of fate
Back from waiting
Honey I'm home! 

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It never goes well when the hen crows

("I know full well, if I can tolerate her spirit, I can with ease attach myself to every human being else," so said Socrates! The title is inspired by a proverb)

He married to the fairest of fair shepherdess The shepherd was much older than the dame But the fairest of dames was not headless one. Was given the charge of the house with little money. Folks knew well she was not quarrelsome wife But the husband ignored his duties day by day Wasted time, roaming in the country with sheep a few Wandering with friends, wondering at God’s creations. But that didn’t fetch the livelihood of the family He was in heaven as his wife never scolded him Silence was her fair jewel, which she always wore But she kept her sharp tongue intact, never to rut. A day came, she bemused her silence, mused tongue Obviously he has to face a wife much younger than him With rutted tongue, tolerated her tantrums and tongue. So that with ease he can enjoy his daily lazy routine.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Date 12-16-13 Dr. Ram Mehta Second place win Form: Free Verse Contest: Relate your poem to one of the quotes by Giorgio Veneto Chosen quote: 1) "By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher." - Socrates

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Now my freedom spent,
My life before lies,
And life behind I cherish still
And keep thoughts of it most dear.

I turn again and go beyond
To seek with partner found,
And search together on and on
"Till death does part our bound.

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Will You Marry Me

I love the way you look when you are happy;
your teeth glowing in the moonlight, and your
laughter cheering up everything I know.

I love the way you smile;
it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen
under the Sun.

I love the way you look at me;
they have a way of inviting attention
without any speech.

I love the way you hold a child;
it is as though it is your own.

I love the way you shed tears as you watch
a soap opera; I console you with a cuddling
touch, reminding you it's just a play, and reminding
myself that I have a woman who can feel,
at the core of her soul.

I love the way you act when you are mad at me;
pushing me against the wall, and holding my
shirt as though you want to tear it; making me feel
like making love to you.

You are all I want in a wife; everything I prayed for!
Will you marry me?

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The Human Seasons: Elements At War and Peace, Part I


The summer's thunderings gather in brooding, heavy clouds
Soundless masses with shuddering voices
Calling through the untamed sky
Shaking above the meeker Earth,
Pillars of rain, shot through with flashings in their depths,
Electric fires running through the close, wet darkness -
The thunderings assemble to make their pronouncements,
In booms and growlings cast down through the winds
To tongue-lash an unruly world with elemental admonishments,
Bearing reminders of old forces that never die,
Waiting and spreading through their vast spaces,
Breeding strength, coalescing.

Between the group of walls they live in,
He and she circle 'round,
Eyes seldom meeting,
Casting flashes of hurt when they do.
They hold within their aching hearts
Black shards of anger born of their quarrel,
As acid thoughts brew with the thunder's boil around them
As it walks with its giant's tread above the roof,
Growling its mindless sentiments
In tones that set the windowpanes ashiver,
Bitterness tends to the feeding of itself,
Savoring the cold fare
Of unforgiven words and thoughts both spoken and silent
While this summer squall of tattered love rises to rage
And ends in their dark unease,
The slow burn of anger between them
Has settled to a smoking grey ash gradually piling up in their sombre souls
As the sky above flares through the rushing sheets of clouds
The wind tearing by, laughing madly.

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With Mellow Eyes She Came

With mellow eyes she came
Across the vacant lot,
With skin so fair and shining hair,
Ten years old and smiling.
I was only nine.

We were neighbors 
Friends, neighbors, sidewalk skaters
We climbed a tree in mother's yard
And spoke of Ike and Mamie.
I never fell from that pear tree
But slipping some I fell for her.

Time passed and the year 
Between us was a curse;
She passed through school ahead of me
While cheering teams of running boys,
A charming girl beyond dispute.
I thought I'd tasted love.

Like every careless youth 
whose clock is barely ticking
ripened fruit was there to grasp,
though just beyond my reach.

That smiling girl was never cruel
She grew into a woman
I moved to California in my youth
And landed in a tiny town
Upon the coast of ocean.

There is something about girls and ball
That really cannot be fathomed
We love the game, we love the girls
We fall and we are smitten
Running up and down the court
And only think of winning.

Women are little girls that grow
Tall and comely figured.
Little boys, they grow up too.
Fools they are and fools they stay
While women grow much wiser.

If I could live my life again
Would I be any wiser?
My comfort came from books and girls
And guitars playing soft sweet tunes
With singing running over.

Another girl with mellow eyes
Came to me one dawning day
The sun came out, the clouds dispersed.
We talked and knew that we 
Had found our lives entwined. 

I looked for love, I looked for art
I sought some understanding
The love I found was in my wife
The art in understanding
She was more than me for sure
And more than that I bound to her.

The years flew past, there was no stop
No going back, no turning left
No halting of the clock.
We walked along the path of life
We tried to gauge our feelings.

We walked through the grass,
We talked until dawn,
We drove the back roads,
We slept intertwined.

Everything I needed then
Was there just for the taking
We held the hand, we met the eye
No intimacy was lacking
We never were apart until by fate
She faded out of sight.

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A gift, a blossom not yet budded,
Potential for beauty or destruction,
Pure in intention and hopes so
Sweet, dances in the pouring rain
And tears mingling, joy and pain
Protected in one enclosing circle.
Cherished, precious words and glances
So gentle, touch of beating hearts,
A journey ended to begin
Anew, two roads becoming one,
Filled with landslides, rocks
And soft mossy patches too.
Equally unique and of one mind,
Giving by desire, not requirement,
Loyal until the sweetest end.

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Our Poem

Tonight we will start our poem
We will grab ahold of each other, writing love letters.
We will kiss, letting the words flow from our mouths
We will hug, giving the stanzas room to roam
We will embrace each other, giving rhythms to rhymes
We will love each other, giving meaning to letters on a page

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For God's Sake Man I'm a Doctor

My one attempt at marriage
Was like a union between McCoy and Kahn
Both a wee-bit dramatic
Like living a full fledge grand opera

"My God man, we're living a circus
And you have jumped off the deep end
What you're proposing is lunacy
I'm a doctor, not a barbarian!"

"Have you heard the Klingon expression
Revenge is a dish best served cold?
If you want to make this marriage work
Then damn you!!!!  Do as you're told!!!!"

(McCoy and Kahn)
"For God's sake listen to yourself
What you're saying is just plain crazy"
"From hell's hot I stab at thee......
For hate's sake, I spit my last thee.........."

[no, the marriage didn't work out, haha.  And last night I ran into my
ex-wife.  She had the gall to speak to me.  So I just wrote this with
genuine laughter in my heart.]

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That I said -Yes I Do-

Just Because I Said I do

From her words I put out this,
Both in her words her wish is scoop:
“Whatever I do, this I, worth a note”
-She said she needs answers.
For nag I will not play the part,
But for proofs, I will play my part:
I will call you to order as your hobby,
Cos, two wrongs can never make a right.

This love, my lady, is all about understanding.
Though, you are pretty but lack comprehending-
You easily get abnormally obsess, and “let me help”,
You would totally ignore.
Another thing that baffles me about you,
Is the apathy in your pitch and words;
While I word pithy all through for you.
Your love you love throwing in the air,
Especially when you are annoyingly possessed
By things and actions not going your way.

I pity, the why I write
Cos never my strength and personality
To talk behind your back.
A piece of advice to “I want love to remain”-
Reshape, rebrand, reflect, and revive.
For nag I won’t play the part
But for proofs, I’ll play my part.
Your love you love throwing in the air,
Especially when you are annoyingly possessed
By things and actions not going your way.


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Even Now

My love for you grows with joy and contentment in every step, every moment of our passing years. Your love for me, I feel each day. I glow brighter, reach higher, when I'm near you, walking with you. Even when I am one step behind, I feel warm in your shadow. Even when the smile fades from your lips, your kind eyes smile when they meet with mine. Love cannot hide, will never die, even after all these years.

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Do you remember

Do you remember the first place we met?
I'd been out walking, and you were all wet.
Too far from home, to run for your mum,
Too fearful of strangers, inside to come.

You took to my barn, and lay in the hay,
to keep yourself warm and to hide away.
I bought some hot food and some cocoa to start,
and left them to warm your insides, and your heart.

Many would call me a perv or poof,
All I wanted to do was give you a roof.
To let you dry off, and show you no harm,
not hurt you, abuse you, or cause you alarm.

I bought you a phone, for you to ring home,
to tell your mum how far you'd managed to roam.
You told me she'd come in her car to collect,
she was angry and mad, and I would get wrecked.

If only she'd understand my intentions, my care,
but for her - I was sick - the understanding, not there.
I'd try to explain, but it wasn't so wise,
I'd look like a weirdo in that mother's eyes.

I told him to sit there, and I'd wait inside.
As I turned round, he hugged me, and deep down I cried.
I gave him a smile, and a wave; it was true,
And as he was driven away, I hurt. I was blue.

The very next day I awoke to a knock,
it was Mum and the boy, to my great shock.
She smiled, and said sorry, and I got 2 hugs that day,
one of those from a mother, whose love couldn't stray.

So now you know me, and you know of my story,
of tolerance, love, and kindness - not glory.
We're a family now, son, husband and wife,
Look past what you think - you may be ruining a life.

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My life passes me by day by day
Hoping that one day it could change
Then I soon glance at something with such beauty
It was an angel in which I seek

The look in such eyes soon makes me realize
Just how wonderful life could be
When one day you are holding hands with me 
At night when you feel the cold air breeze
I will hold you in my arms so peacefully 

The warmth of a goddess in the one I love
Makes me feel like I am soaring in the skies above 
Glancing at those soft tender lips
Closing in closer so we can share such a passionate kiss

I could wish for nothing more
Your presence is all that I was searching for
Such an image could not be
For me to soon realize that it was just a dream
When I awake I will finally know
How life would be in the real world
Will time come and pass me by
Will I ever be able to find true love before I die
Soon I realize that I am standing under the wedding bells
Where my angel and I are exchanging our sacred vows.

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I couldn't say no

It flooded the heart with its abundant love
I tried to say no, I tried to say no, no
I couldn't say no 
It was there to comfort me when misery seized
I turned to it for an advice when the world opened to swallow me
I could have said no
But its doors were always opened while yours were closed
And locked with hungry hatred that pushed me away
I couldn't say no
It gave me strength of the beast when your words plotted my downfall
I couldn't say no but yes
Yes to its soothing love that paid joy to my bitter heart
For it and I found endless happiness

Inspired by love between in-laws, When Ndumiso left his wife for her sister.

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Queen Esther

(Esther 5: 2)

The King Held Out To Esther
The Golden Scepter
That Was In His Hand

She Was His Queen
The Woman Who Fulfilled His Dreams
One of The Most Beautiful In All His Lands

But It Was Persian Law For All
That Those The King Did Not Call
Would Be Struck Down Where They Stand!

Yet Brave & Beautiful Queen Esther
Whose Godly Faith Never Left Her
To Save Her People, Entered As Planned

Because There Was A Plot
Devised In Anger So Hot ...
By That Prideful, Wicked Prince Haman

To Kill All Esther's People
Haman Schemed So Evil
But The King Didn't Know Why It Began

... Or That Esther Was A Jew
In The Line of Hebrews
Who Worship The One GOD So Grand

But There Was No Hesitation
In Ahasuerus' Heart Designation
Towards This Woman Who Stood Royal & Serene

She Held Ahasuerus' Affection
and Did Not Suffer Rejection
As She Humbly Walked In, As His Queen

I Imagine All Got Quiet
Waiting For Swords To Riot
And See Esther's Head Roll Across The Floor

But At The Sight of Her Dignity
The Scepter Pointed Implicitly
To Grant Esther Whatever She Implored

And Oh, The Interplay
of Emotions That Day
Between This Woman & Her Loving Man

When The King Held Out To Esther
His Golden Scepter
... That Was In The Power of His Hand

* * * * * * * * * * * *

(Part 2)

Oh, And That Wicked Haman Was Hanged
And His Family Shared The Blame
But Esther's People Were Saved From Judah To Benjamin, To Dan

( Walk-On Hadassah - Walk-On ! )

                    Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/15/2013 
                    by:  MoonBee Canady

I have always loved the story of Queen Esther ... This is a love story that has it all - - a lovely-hearted, modest girl, (replacing a vain and arrogant queen) ... then getting royally pampered, massaged in expensive, perfumed oils, lots of clothes and jewels, winning a beauty pageant, finding true love, conflict and suspense and lastly the heroine saves the day (and oh, did I mention that she was an orphan?) ... 'Com' on Movie-Makers - we could enjoy a lot more of this ... MoonBee 

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Seeds of love

She planted seeds of love deep in my heart
that flourished and bloomed like a flower
nourished with tender care
and summer love
with soft warm kisses
that rained down on me
like a welcome refreshing
invigorating shower.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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How Will I

__A Holy Matrimony__

How will I say goodbye 
To this body,
This body that always
Feels my needs.
How will I detach myself
From this beauty,
This beauty that always
Put me in mind.
How will I pay this kindred,
This kindred that is always
By my side.
How will I tell the news
To this beauty,
This beauty that, 
'I am in love with her.'

How will I explain
Myself to mother
To mother that
I have found for her
A woman.
How will this new beauty
Not affect my relationship,
My cordial relationship with 
My mother.

Sure mother will receive 
This new beauty.
And if she does,
How won’t she,
This new beauty
Take my mum
From me.
Won’t there be grudge
Between me and my damsel.

Am I jealous or what?

I can't bid both goodbye.
My mum can say 'safe journey' to me
As I can say 'thank you' to her.
My fiancee will not want to hurt me
My mom won’t want to hurt my home
She will love my mom
For her benign character and love.
Together our families
(Mine and hers)
Will be united
As one big nation.

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Foundations of Marriage

Love, trust, and forgiveness are the foundations of marriage. 

In marriage, many days will bring happiness, while other days may be sad. 
But together, two hearts can overcome everything...
In marriage, all of the moments won't be exciting or romantic, 
and sometimes worries and anxiety will be overwhelming. 
But together, two hearts that accept will find comfort together. 
Recollections of past joys, pains, and shared feelings will be the glue 
that holds everything together during even the worst and most insecure moments. Reaching out to each other as a friend, and becoming the confidant and companion that the other one needs, is the true magic and beauty of any two people together. It's inspiring in each other a dream or a feeling, and having faith in each other and not giving up... even when all the odds say to quit. 
It's allowing each other to be vulnerable, to be himself or herself, even when the opinions or thoughts aren't in total agreement or exactly what you'd like them to be. It's getting involved and showing interest in each other, really listening and being available, the way any best friend should be. 

Exactly three things need to be remembered in a marriage if it is to be a mutual bond of sharing, caring, and loving throughout life: love, trust, and forgiveness.

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago - when I was married the first time and when I was writing as Regina Hill:) - I'm not sure if Blue Mountain Arts holds the copyright, but it is posted all over the internet on wedding planning sites - so maybe it has helped someone.

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Will You Marry Me

I asked for your love
Your answer turned into a spear
and pierced my heart
and wounded my heart
Paralysed now are my emotions 
which once wandered freely 
with my dreams
to enter your territory with love songs
your "no" to my plea was okay with me
It was a firm foundation 
on which to build my hope 
So soul-sickening 
you said further 
"I can never love you"

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Right now that's how I rather be
Marriage failed leaving me single
Giving me an opportunity to mingle
Having the freedom to be myself

The divorce made me
Realize that there wasn't anything left
This life I live is new to me
Sometimes missing the joy

Of marriage and family
At times it's hard getting adjusted to
However I like the freedom
That it gives to you

Although marriage may sound a lot better
That's what people say
Those who choose the single life
Won't feel this way

By: Donielle Smith

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My You

A sophisticated, splendiferous honey of almond, highlighted pecan hue, an intoxicating love, a gorgeous tableau and even sweeter taboo, my you, a resemblance of a semblance, my you, precious-n-private eternal open eyelids, the pinnacle of love, the essence of my being, all I see is you a soul within a soul, a soul within my soul, even in death I couldn’t live without you, from the pain of wisdom ain’t an emotion that can describe how I feel about you, I love you is an understatement, 4 I love you more than love you, a sophisticated, splendiferous honey of almond highlighted pecan hue, the lover of my soul, my soul mate, my partner, my woman, my missing rib, my you.

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If Jane Were a Feminist


What's with that yelling already?

Me Tarzan, Me Man, Me Make Noise

I can see that.  Inside voice, please.
You'll wake up Cheetah and you know
How grumpy he gets if his nap is interrupted

Me Tarzan

Enough, I know already
Me hungry, Jane make lunch

Now wait a minute Jungle Boy, I'm tired
Of waiting on you hand and foot
Make your own lunch

Woman take care of Man, Woman listen to Man, Law of Jungle

Says who?


That doesn't impress me, loin cloth breath!

Jane talk funny since trip to Ameeereeka

Listen here tree vine jockey, I learned a lot in New Joysee
Women have rights, they used to burn their bras

What is bras, me no understand

Didn't think so.  Either you treat me with respect or I'm out of here!

Where Jane go?

Maybe back to New Joysee

Tarzan listen Jane
Jane teach Tarzan respect

Now you're talking
First lesson, what's for lunch?

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Count First -- Three Lines Ae Fine contest

Count First

So you're too cool to finish up high school.
consider that no one will hire a fool.
Count first.

You might be fine with selling fries and burgers.
Take some classes, sell some bigger orders.
Count first.

Before you cut along the penciled line,
Get out your ruler, measure one more time--
Count first.

Before you cook your specialty times three
Make an ingredients inventory.
Count first.

You won't impress that pretty girl so fine
If you can't pay the bill for wine and dine.
Count first.

Before you finally pop the question,
Give her an honest evaluation.
Count first.

If you want a newly-wed apartment,
Think smaller--there is a big down payment.
Count first.

You covet a car with high performance.
Can you even afford car insurance?
Count first

Before buying a new high-tech gadget,
Is there enough in the household budget?
Count first.

When maneuvers are in the planning stage,
Before you commit to a shell barrage.
Count first.

Before overdoing your Santa Clause,
Can you pay the rent?  Read the fine print clause..
Count first.

Before you walk up to the Pearly Gates,
What's on your conscience--ask before too late.
Count first.

Mark Halliday 17 May 2014
Dixdeux O

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Bon Voyage

tattered, yellow napkin
softly settles into the murky lake
as it absorbs it's last spill
our names in gold, still legible

this ring, never fit, seldom worn
"I love you" etched innermost
I know you do, I just couldn't say it much
now I can, but you don't hear

it's cold out, especially on the water
our favorite time, autumn's change upon us
our old craft, tattered sail I told you I'd fix
before your birthday that never came

now why bother, It's the final voyage
a muted splash as the ring follows
and I sit, shivering silently in the blue dusk
the cold urn between my knees

now raised, and poured
a cloud of dust, your earthly remnants
ashes to ashes to water to earth
our dreams unlived, dissolved like you

in the muddy waters we once loved
nothing left for me: no us, no time
I follow your lead, but not softly, not muted
a last gulp and it's really not bad

Sinking, thinking, wishing
watching our boat bobbing beneath
silence is screaming, I gasp
I'm warmed as I see your smile.

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A New Life

We thought that moving to a place
with springs, grass-field and butterflies
would make it better for us, but it was all vanity;
like in the city when we were complaining about overdue bills,
traffic, noise and lack of privacy,
we are now polluting this serene place
with our petty fights - you now complain about
poor roads, smelly poultry houses, dust-infested air,
and extreme silence.

If it is possible to move to heaven right now,
I think God would kick us back to this blue ball……..

Honey, I think it’s time that we change our attitude
towards each other, and rekindle our passionate love,
rather than moving from one place to another.....

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Halfway There

You and I, Love, are halfway there.
Each content with what we've found--
In spite of kids and strife,
And struggles with mid-life,
We've had the good sense to stick around.
Both looking forward, walking together,
Ever onward, hopefully forever.
Yes, you and I, Love, are halfway there.

YOU and I, LORD, are halfway there.
Each day I'm heading towards home.
In spite of sins committed,
And/or good deeds omitted,
YOU've never left me all alone.
YOU encourage me to do what's right,
Foresaking darkness to seek the light.
Yes, YOU and I, LORD, are halfway there.

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I Just Found Out The Meaning

I just found out the meaning to my bachelorhood. 
Now, it's clear to me that those experiences I had earlier are lovelorn.
I've just found the reciprocal affection 
I have been struggling for all these years in courtship.

I just realize I have found the right woman for my unborn generations.
I've just found the true companion I can confide in at all time.  
I found love at last in this angel who now means the world to me.
God! Thank you to have sent her to me on time,
And not until the beauties in her has faded like tainted rose.

My prayer now is that God shouldn't let me lose someone
Like her that would be very hard to replace.
And I as well pray not to find any course (at a later time) to regret or curse the day we met.
I've just found out she needs white roses; she is a virgin.

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Game Girl

            Game Girl

Game Girl broke down the door at 3:00 am
She came demanding sex and marriage
Game boy was a virgin
This was his house
He gave the intruder five dollars
Vowed to see her later at the arcade
Game girl smothered him in kisses
Settled on the five to play 
Then went away

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Engagement Encounter

Sunken in green
"Yawk!" "Yawk!" the cawing sounds.
Trunks, branches, twigs slope 
and bend upward, as we bend towards each other,
Our common causes, showering out of us,
Drenched in the noise of the wood.
I'm returning to you now.

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Souls Becoming One

We look into each other's eyes
For our souls. 
We hold each other's hands
The perfect spot for our souls to meet. 
We wrap each other's lips around us
The connection of our souls now made.

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MAY 27 87

When a marriage of convenience
Turns to a long term love,
The lives it brings together
Can never be undone.

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Love will Triumph

he stood there
his blank stare
fell below raised brows
as he tipped his hat
towards his love
the flame in his heart
burnt brighter than the fire
atop fresh logs
the soft glow lingered
yet it was no match 
for her father's temper
that snapped and popped
in disapproval
in one hour
they were to be married
behind the stained glass
a doorway lay hidden
guests awaited
down the hall
the fresh aroma
of roses cascading
from her bouquet
filled the air
his bride sat there
as if in mourning
on what was to be
her happiest day
her ivory dress 
matched the tone 
of her skin 
as all color faded
beneath the chill of
her father's words
her veil
still in its box
peered through
as her mother
sprang to her feet
and tried to calm him
her hands
pressed firm 
against his heart
as she whispered
love will prevail
in the distance
the music began to play...

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A Cave Man Day

            A Cave Man Day

One day long ago a cave man slept uncomfortably
The brutal sun, good for nothing, woke him up abruptly
Ants crawled all over his body and began to bite
He ate every one of them one by one
Using his fingers and his thumbs as utensils
There was no name for breakfast at the time
Or the creatures who ate his parents

Cave man was all alone and had a simple job
To find more food and stay alive
Fire had just been invented and utilized
This miracle he took with him everywhere
The other 2 gods were sun and water
Fire would be his favorite deity

The man was good at picking berries, consuming plants
All of this at great peril and certainly by chance
They could be poisonous or make him sick
All cave men had to do this to survive and take the risk
He used rocks and sharp ended sticks to take down pray
Skills taught to him by his dad before he died

Cave man was short, stout, mean, with green and jagged teeth
And made his way through Stone Age foliage
He had a bushy beard and scratched it
Wondered what he was looking at…  What was that?!
When he met a woman with long legs and tangled hair
She had nice features for a cave girl from that age

He took her by the hair and clubbed her on the head
Dated, copulated and married on the spot
What a lovely wedding day 
They moved into a cave


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Burning Embers

After being together for a time of great length
I have no idea how I put up with you, or where I get the strength
You make me so furious, just so mad!
Why do I put myself through this, if I just end up being sad?
I get a reminder every morning when I turn to your side of the bed.
The passion our love used to have, a fire burning such a deep red.
Years pass and the fire dies down
I look at you and your once glowing smile, turned into a frown. 
What’s changing I really don’t know
Sometimes wondering if it was all a show…
But in the morning, breath stinky and hair a mess
I look at you and know I’m blessed. 
Because behind those eyes I see a spark
Memories of making out in the park
The only time we’d cry
is when we had to say good-bye. 
I see something that’s keeping us alive
During the screaming shouts there is something in our hearts we are trying to revive
We’re trying to rekindle the burning embers
When all of the sudden, not just our minds, but our hearts remember
We lean in for a passionate kiss
And all of the sudden, remember the feeling of bliss.
And who knew that was the fuel we needed,
A blissful kiss our hearts and lips have so deeply missed
To rekindle our fire
To rekindle our passion
To rekindle our faith and trust we had in each other.

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He Wants a Boy

She tries to weed
out his doubts,
but he cannot heed.

He demands a baby boy,
yet she is not a goddess
to change their baby's sex.

She tells him that if there
was a certain way people made love
to get baby boys, or
if she had the psychic abilities of choosing
a sperm that that would fertilize
her ova into a male zygote,
she would be glad to give him one.

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Women Lead With Intuition

Women lead with intuition.
Just for balance,
men lead in dancing--
	it is allowed.
Have no regrets after the dance;
We have eternity stretched out
	before us.
SHE knows the routine,
while HE hopes to learn.

Given enough time,
	HE will learn—maybe.
Time is just nature's way of
	keeping everything
from happening all at once.

So nature is kind to the man-fool
	as HE hops along one footed
like a flamingo, though not pink.
	SHE snares him with her loop.

Marriage?  Is that but 
	a fool's convenience?
Contrary to prevailing winds
	it can be dazzling to HIM

if only HE would behave
	and be no fool's fool
and cherish the moment afforded
	HIM in time and hand.

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A moment in catagorical time

It's a cool  mesure of life blood low
keeping the venous vacant return and arterial alert
               compressive but maniacal
down   deep fried effervesence continued a bliss
smooth blow horn alive high frequency antedote
fever pitch a b--i-- t==...c,,,h  mellow deed digestive
cornerstone just picked, not canned cloud
billows apiece with networks intact
sublime charged unpatterened--to gut cord
noose cadence couffiures---who needs to look
when you can heartfeel the resonance trueblue
mild like casket breaths mishapen to formless 
'guises compact summer stated summer not
he--ightened proseless panarama to stiffle
the mistermasters time corrided but indelibly
remembered and "coited to us"---like
creature interruptus. Follow the ill laid scheme
and bottleneck every word line graph to a sinomeasure
rhyme myth only time will tell tribute
pour the mind from the soul fill the void with the
gush of private reserve subvintage--but held
crime captive via socioprocastination of free, non taxable
no interest due, no penalty for "early withdrawal" 
purely personal, single minded, "brand H-one
owner single sibiling thought jester cannibal
yum yum eat'em up eat'em up.

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The Color of Love

The Color of Love 

What is the Color Love?

Red- Hot and Fiery or Angry and Mean?
Blue- Comfortable and Warm or Depressed and Sad?
Yellow- Bright and Sunny or Mellow and Cautious?
Green- Alive and Growing or Molded and Forgotten?
Orange- Changing with the Seasons or Dying with the Autumn?
Purple- Sacred and Strong or Broken and Bruised?
Black- Endless as the Night or Hopeless and Empty?
White- Pure and Innocent or Blank as a piece of Paper.

What is the Color of Love?

As many colors as a box of crayons.
Some used only a few times,
while others use the whole box.
Some use them sparingly so that the points stay sharp,
others use them until they are used up.

What is the Color of Love?

Open a coloring book and see what you can create.
A masterpiece or scribble?
It's your choice.
It's your book.

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Truth be Told

Truth be told
There's more right
in their wrongs
than you or I 
could conceive
They've stood by each other
when everyone else
would've fled. 
Truth be told,
they have a fight
in their love
that would leave 
others battered
and bruised
They're hysterically funny
arguing over good news
She started off asking
why he had to find
the leaky pipe 
"today of all days"
His reply: he wanted to.
She fusses again
and he goes in on
her maiden name.
Daily driving each other
to the limits of the Be Attitudes
Truth be told,
Most women wouldn't
fix his plate after he had
sabotaged her grits
but she does..
He argued about
painting the bathroom
a darker color,
she shut him up with
"I thought a woman's
house was her home
but I guess not"
He fussed under his breath
but bought the color she wanted.
She touches him fondly
He provides for her faithfully
Truth be told,
You don't see this
commitment often,
however, keep looking
there's plenty of people
that'll drive you crazy, but
only one insane enough
to stick with you
Truth be told.

Dedicated to my grandparents

Papa and Bami. 

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To whom it may unconcern

How can you tell when you've hit bottom and
 it's time to abandon "ship"-does it stare you in the  
falseface and wipe your browmemory clean cool of
fun classics,  milling around in poor daylight
low of love compromise and mean mode
idiosyncracies obligingfor no one's 
realsake but hanging by a nose thread to a 
course coarse curve enlivened by a renal
renaissance mercury---wide base of support
newcomer setting in for the long haul given
presidence a timely sage too old for this
x@#$%* yet too youngf for climate of clipped
communication neverstrife, appealing to all yes-too
many no, too few---104 degrees FF brain on fire
dryice income shedding short circuited
sillosynapse conglomerates crazy for 
passion + lust intro infusion---two part flesh,
one part soul a pinch of carnal rich renderings.
Simmer ever slowly over a lucid lifetime at
harmony in law degrees--slowly stirring the 
emotes frequently--too many nights of uncelebrated
reruns taunt the VHF cable return whereas I
we my you life by UHF dial dimensions
captured like a worn heel on a new shoe
somewhat skuffed and worn and innappropriate
for a white wedding day.Stand in the back--hope no
anyone looks down at the foot floor and sees
my toe reflection talking--indescent exposure while
teetering on a limbscape construct--folly
like fortunes unabashed qualities go unnoticed
through ingoblame and slug selfes-esteams
balancing on a creepy catwalk of roma and
comatose initiatives that flatline at midnight
in a morbid midnight corridor--venimous intent O2/CO2
fright fraught about what yesterdays will     upbringing fixed.

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Behind Closed Doors

Heart of Gold,
calming tides
holding on, hands intertwined.

The ironman
so bold, so brave.
An injured deer
step forth to save.

No echoing groans.
No sorrowing pleas.
Hard to see what lies beneath.

There are storms and guilt, rejection, betrayal
gnawing and snapping at his core.
But doesn't let a single salty drip ever hit the floor.

This is where he hides,
Behind Closed Doors.

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A Slob of the First Order

He never closes a door, or a drawer.
Dirty socks, candy wrappers,
abandoned on the floor.
Tools, left lying where he used them.

Muddy footprints, 
leading into the kitchen.
Crumbs everywhere 
on floors, tables, chairs-
leavings of a snackaholic.

But he has a heart as big as Texas.
When trouble comes,
he's in my corner.

He carries the groceries
and massages my aching back.

Even after fifty years, he
still pulls out my chair,
         if only in public.

On valentine's day,
he penned a love poem.

Yesterday, he brought me
a rose from the garden.

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You and I

I miss the way we used to be.
Respected one another’s feelings.

Out and about,
Always trying something new.
Living life and creating memorable memories.
Lengthy conversations about our life together.
We were truly something special.

Supportive in every way possible.
Believed in one another,
Nothing could come between us.
We meant everything to each other.
What happened to our “special love?”

I want to feel what I used to feel.
I want “us” back again.
I know it’s still there.
I know we both still care.
You and I will rise above it all.

We will have courage.
We will be each other’s strength.
We will remind ourselves of who WE are.
We are “one.”
We were meant to be, so we shall stand together.

Nothing can stop us, but us.
Giving up on us is not an option.
Circumstances won’t get the best of us.
We’ve got this! We’ve got each other!
Deep down inside of us, we’ve got genuine love.

Nothing or nobody can stop us baby!
Let’s rise to the top!
Let’s show them what we’re made of!
Our relationship is many things,
But most importantly, it is LOVE!

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Love Grows In Many Special Ways

Remembering our first movie date
We were seated among other throngs of lovers
All eyes to the movie, capturing romantic scenes
That day we learned to free ourselves from fears to love again

It was a feeling of rejuvenation
For two souls openly sharing their thoughts and emotions
Then we just found ourselves hanging around comfortably
I just found my soul mate with a divine guidance

We just do what feels right for us
A mutual feeling of almost a part of each other in some way
Time slows down as our heart beat faster
To savor the moments of being together

The places, the people and the occasions
That we came across in our lives
Will somehow speak into our eyes
We really are meant for each other

While our love story is so simple not glamorous
I have all the reasons to spend my life
Watching in riveting desire how our love grows
With a smile on our face, saying we’ll never be separated

As the ‘Notting Hill’ movie will keep playing in our mind
A sweet musing of the whole story
Made us realize that love grows
In many special ways   

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what do I do now

Nocturnal go betweens as I wish wonder why and
pine and ponder the thrill of you, in-sensed
enraged plight unforgiving unkind-blistered
human frality relentless fingers grip and squeeze
the terrified emotion from a craving heart strong
with beaded bridled bullshit; unsustained in a 
pisstrom of anxious delight paradise lost with a fabled man
truth sick honesty no trip to bountiful bliss 
love lost passion dismissed and the threat of
a dismantled ego leanloins in jerked off ruins. No
feelings everfelt inherent in the now metaphor of existent
fervor of that which I place myself in the present
tense of future fear yearnings. My skull, cosmic of crippled
cell thoughts---transient trenchings. Forbid my manual range
inept incomplete incoporeal disavowed--I wishI mayIwishImight
have the wish I-------------------Eternity Heights
upscaled past reason's dictates a surrender gorge.
regardless of quicksand times and blows dealt
regardless of "life goes on"--stop-leave-don't outcomes
regardless of mirror mimed politicolove entgrails whom shout "NO"
from their lovelung tops of false de-saintitty thesis. On&on&on
from charm to harm all in drop C alphabet olleyolleyinfree stew.
Slowly I lose a little more cranial fragment appetitie at yesterday's
testicular terminal power love lost lunch. 
Another naked being for the mating composite heap. Next!  

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We men are arrogant, vengeful, ambitious creatures;
With more ill will in them to fit into their thoughts,
And more time than they can hope for to carry it out.
Why should a prince crawl around between heaven and earth?
Men are by nature criminals and not to be believed.
To marry, will only bring down a curse on your head.
Even if women should remain as clean as ice;
As pure as the driven snow; they get a bad reputation.
The whiles of women drive men to madness:
Painting their faces; hiding their God given allure.
They dance and prance and cajole and ensnare
With their sexuality; their sensual ploys. 
Women are only fit to meet with men in chaste surroundings.
The nuns have done well, therefore: “To a nunnery, go.”*

Footnote: *Shakespeare's way of swearing. 


For a little insight into actual script and Shakespeare's Elizabethan England: Medieval Nuns - Middle Ages
Fast and accurate facts about the Medieval Nuns. ... Moral standards declined and Nuns became more careless about keeping the services



I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious, with more offences at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape, or time to act them in. What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven? We are arrant knaves, all. Believe none of us. Go thy ways to a nunnery. Where’s your father?

At home, my lord.

Let the doors be shut upon him, that he may play the fool no where but in ’s own house. Farewell.

O, help him, you sweet heavens!

If thou dost marry, I’ll give thee this plague for thy dowry. Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny. Get thee to a nunnery, go. Farewell. Or, if thou wilt needs marry, marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them. To a nunnery, go, and quickly too. Farewell.

Heavenly powers, restore him!

I have heard of your paintings too, well enough. God has given you one face and you make yourselves another. You jig and amble, and you lisp, you nickname God’s creatures and make your wantonness your ignorance. Go to, I’ll no more on ’t. It hath made me mad. I say, we will have no more marriages. Those that are married already, all but one, shall live. The rest shall keep as they are. To a nunnery, go.


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krAzy kaRma

Hey Richard, you
want to bring on the crazy?
You want to know
the craziest thing that
ever was done to anyone!

You want to know
the craziest thing
that happened to me?
Seriously? Nah, you
don't wanna know, 
Do you? Really?
For crying out loud, why?!
With all the crazy
people running around
in this world,
You wanna know
what happened to ME?
You want me to confess
how I lost my wits?
How I once let
my guards down,
And got caught
in the down draft?
And got mired in a life
of mundane meandering?
And bludgeoned to my knees?
You want me to say all that
in front of everybody?
No, I don't think so!
Wait a minute!
You aRe Serious!
OK! OK!! Don't lose
your marbles, Man!
This is really THE
craziest idea of all!
Let me get this straight:
You want me to tell here
the craziest thing that
ever was done unto me?
Nah ... All right, OK!
But, it's only between
You and Me ................
I GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!

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For what its worth

Mindfull of a parallel sequence
we seem to function light between
thought and hurt hoping for
easy advancement up the channel steps--
pecarious invoking with someone who
knows--- and not knows inescapable from
ourselves compliant (fraud)  if need not be.
Backwash of hidden intermittent terrors preclude
external sensitivities---like my aching back
heat waves of generalized dizziness and
gender--izing. The sweet bird of youth
never suffers a jet lag stupor as we enjoy
and (softly) murmur the last rungs in a 
flaccid present tense loss of self faculty.
But the nevertheless picture of realitivity
lends a jargon journal future sometimes
nameless but  (at least)  omnidirectional

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Wet Dreams

Slow to wake 
Still steeped in dreams 
The sheets seem to be tangled around my shaken legs 
Sweat, sweet scent 
Melting off of this...
.....curious wanton body 

I try to let go, 
to shed these dreams of you
I always have 
When I'm wanting 
What you won't give me

My night shirt must've...'s off and on the floor, wet 
I must've stripped in the twilight hours,
 feeling too much heat in my blood 

I honestly don't remember the touch, 
just the fading dreams 
Of you
I'm still wet, it's just... Everywhere
 The room feels overwhelmingly 
Too much heat in my blood 

I'm wanting 
And you're not...

I can always tell
Because in this heat of passion lingering 
on my tongue and 
on my thighs

You don't even notice 
Steeped in dreams of your own 
And snoring softly beside me

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Thinking Deep about him

He is my prince
he is my love
my strength,
my weakness,
my reason for smiling

You know
He lets me know
How beautiful I am
How strong I am
He reminds me
Am his princess

He brings me back
when I feel like
am losing track,
He helps me focus
even when,
am lost and confused

He is my prince
my love
my sweet love

Am too young they say
To take love too 
But that doesn't stop 
From loving him and me,
We look so perfect, 
and me,

We have been through 
thick and thin
We have made it 
through all this time
We can't afford to let 
We can't just let it go.

You mean the world to 
More than these words 
would show
I don't know if its 
getting through
what am trying to tell 
I love only you
I want only you

Am embarrased a little,
Am I too open a little,
Should how I feel be a 
Should how I feel 
remain in my heart?
Should how I feel be 
to the whole wide 
I love you,
I wouldn't mind,
Writing it up high in 
the sky..

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My love

In my dream I met
A young lady in fret
Immediately I had a desire
Like a moth drawn to fire

For she did need a hero though
To save her from life’s woe’s
Such beauty I have never seen
Not even in any other dream

BUT THEN I got swept away
From life’s woes who led me astray
I longed for you both day and night
“Angel from God” so bright

It seem now that I’m in need
To be saved from these woes-take heed!
Will I ever wake
from this heavenly-hell state?

Who is this in the far I see?
It is you! Am I free?
At last you came for me
As if sent from Thee

Suddenly I’m awake
Was this all fake?

But who is this next to me
my beautiful wife sent from Thee
My life with you is no dream 
and your name now I know, Corine

Who would’ve known in her so sweet
When I kissed those little feet
Was our beautiful baby girl
Her skin as white as pearl

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Opening Doors

Opening Doors

Last night my husband was with another man.
They were locked in an embrace behind the closed door.
I pounded until my fists hurt while a man stood over me laughing,
Laughing that everyone knows, everyone knew.
Before I broke upon the truth that he loved another
Behind the door that was closed on him, 
But that I opened wide for the world to see.
And he forgot to thank me.

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Sweet Memories

I have sweet memories;memories of you.

Texture of your silk dress reminds me of the first
date that we had together. Scent of your favorite
perfume reminds me of the texture of your skin,
and the flame that we made on the bed. The space
in the house reminds me of how we chased each other
around the living room, and competed to make the best
pancakes in the kitchen. 

Though you are gone,
I have sweet memories; memories of you.

Date: 16/09/2014

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the tides are rising

My heart is heavy from the waiting.
Lonely from sitting in silence
with nothing but my own inadequacies
to balm the wounds time festers.

Patiently abiding the time of recognition
when fate bows down and bestows a grace
sacrificing these tribulations for the mercy of love,
I wait for the coming of salvation
the benediction of true loves embrace.

The tides are rising-
and the binding on my soul is strong
am I to die a martyr?
With imminent despair I implore
come home and untie me...

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Fresh and clean

I love the way she smells after a shower
so fragrant fresh and clean
and how she sits there
so beautiful
in her dressing gown
brushing her long wet hair
until it dry's and gleams.

Her sweet perfume fills the room
and sets my heart on fire
heightening my senses
and filling me with desire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Today my heart is aching for the woman in my dreams
she's to far to touch, shes to far see
decisions of the heart it should of been
mistakes of time and ignorance
regrets of all the things that should have been

Tomorrow my heart breaks for the woman in my dreams
for a woman that has always been
her elegance and beaty that of the stars
seductive as a devil with all of her charm
her lips so moist and full of life
only a fool would think twice

Forever I cry for the woman I love
A broken proposal that mocks all time
Bare skin wear a diamond should lie 
but there it sits in a box all alone 
waiting for the day she calls it back home
before I die it will sit yet again 
On the angles hand, the woman I love

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Your Wishing Well of Hope

Its been three years since we've met 
two years since we started sharing a bed 
and one year since we haven't been
fighting on what could have been. 
wishing you'd give up her hand 
hoping you'd see your kids again. 
For three years I have listened 
you cry over your past 
hoping to guide you forward 
to a better path 
I've smiled to people 
I didn't want to serve 
just to make the rent 
I've taken orders from the rudest soul 
bit my tongue and begged 
not to spare the tip
at home is a hungry man 
I've loved you from the start you see 
I cannot escape what you've done to me 
you've made me smile, shared many laughs
heard me cry, carried me though 
the darkest times I've been with you…
but secretly there is another side 
the one I try, but lately can't hide…
the one who's secretly been waiting
hoping you would pull through 
three years later, and I'm still wishing on you
the lady I smiled at before 
is starting to make me angry
I can no longer work for her measly tip 
of pennies. 
Take me away like you said you would
help me live the life I thought we could 
there is only so much love can do 
when in many ways there isn't two…
and I'm still looking to count on you
but my pockets are low on pennines 
and there are no more left to throw 
down your wishing well of hope.

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The Nuptial Knot

It may sound incredible to the modern
The intelligent man may deride it often
Nevertheless, it is sensible to concede
That the heaven above ties nuptial knots. 

Facts are stranger than fiction indeed
For believers no stout logic is required
To understand the ways of providence
That works in a strange way with ease.

The groom and the bride are handpicked
By destiny through a move well planned
Thus, all things necessary deftly managed
To carry out the design that is prearranged.

Love and longing are but barren words
Addition to the stuff for poetic jargons
It is the heaven above decides everything
That includes venue, time and the linking.

No one knows how it works, definitely
As it is impossible to delve into it deeply 
It is good to accept and enjoy life merrily
For heaven above fixes marriages’ surely.

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When Did Loving Us Stop

When did we grow a part
Surely there can be no date assignment
Nor can a time of the hour or minute placed
When did we become selfishly alone
Preferring the singular to the plural in tone
When did loving each other take the preverbal back seat
With vain wisdom filling our hearts
When did touching excite no more
The sensations callused by prideful numbness
When did thoughtfulness tenderness and kind words
Thus exchanged for screaming hurtfulness and distraught 
When did trust slip away as sand in an hour glass
Spying each other- knowing it could not last
When did honor turn into threats
Threats of self-preservation by disarmament
When did our breath die to seek servitude as one 
As passion was placed into a closet  – we entered the ring
When did love stop- we now needing new air
When did we die and we simply did not care

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Two Hearts

Two hearts were called,
Amidst the cacophony of life,
Amidst the fruitfulness of life.
Evolving from timelessness,
Moving in the center of existence.

Now each finds in the calling,
Beyond the restrictions of space,
An ever more central reality,
An ever more expanding reality,
Sensing even through dissonance,
Home, in its ever-pulsing joy.

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Dear Life: Dear Love

I know when I talk, 
I am passionate. 

I know when I act, 
I am driven. 

I know when I love, 
I am scared. 

Thing is, we are all passionate about something. 

I flip out a lot, 
I sometimes shake with frustration,
I sometimes lose my breath. 

I know I am not the most open person in the world, 
But you have to cherish and appreciate the moments
I knock down some walls. 

I apologize for the moments I say things out of anger, 
I apologize for the moments I turn away.  
I have my flaws, 
I am not perfect, 
But that's the best thing out of life and love: 
It's to build foundations and grow from them. 

I hurt easily. 
I only expect the best, 
Because I've seen the worst.

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I Do

Someday I will say 
"I do" to you 
and from this day 
I will forever long 
and always pray 
to hear your sighs
of light and day
as they mix with
midnight hearts like mine.
your veins and I 
will be the start of
something more than
day and night

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We won't live forever time limited offer To Dave

I wish we could
sit in a soft field 
of flowers and bask
in the sun on our
faces-I'd do it alone and
think of you and what
you would say in the
inspiritational message-
the sharing in the simplicity,
in the humaness of the 
moment-in the sheer 
joy to be in a warm
place---safe for a moment.
I can set up the scene,
the characters, the dialogue,
We will not live forever,
Lost time in a debit, 
account held against
small core savings.

In the end will it be
"enough" that we--I -tried?

Will there be credit for
the tenacity? Or are we
selling finely carved and
cheap plastic security? 

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The Touch

Awakened each morning with moist desire,
Need grows as days pass

Saddened that my present does not satisfy,
Self-loathing wrenches the heart

Forms desired appear at each glance, passing then replaced 
Each bring the promise of release

I cannot, yet I must

Vivid fantasy sends heart racing,
Moisture flows with yearning denied

Desire fills waking moments, 
Explored in slumber's dream

Chance meeting brings new hope,
Drifting ever closer to the inevitable 

I cannot, yet I must

Then the touch,
Flesh shudders,
The ache is unbearable

Lunging toward fulfillment, 
Grasping at the moment, then retreating,
Unable to violate my vow

Break trust to have that which I desire?

Cling to one while longing for another?

I cannot, yet I must

Need consumes,
The promise waits no longer

Regret is for another day

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As We Kiss

Woke up
looked around
he's gone
there's a note
I read fast
I grab my dress
in a heartbeat
slam the door
wind rushes
through my hair
wet grass nips my toes
I see him
on the hill
under the big oak
I run faster
He's waiting
I stop
to catch my breath
he puts a finger to my lips
and he kneels down
on one knee
my hands come up
and press against my lips
he stares nervously
as I nod
he rises
raps his arms
around me
the orange glare
lightly touches
our faces
It's warmth
makes me tingle
As we kiss.

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Unholy Matrimony

They gather together in the pits of hell
to join in unholy matrimony
Greed and Lust.
A union of sin with evil grins the groom and bride
exchange vows.
Greed - Just as hell is hot just as space is cold
I promise to lay riches at your feet and power in 
your hands.
Lust - Just as snakes slithers just as rats are diseased 
ridden I promise to fulfill all your sinful desires.
By the powers invested in evil the groom may kiss the bride.
written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red Seven aka The Brown
Philosopher aka The Green Poet

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A piece of paper it’s true The spirit or intention be a shield The meeting of the minds Between parties is one Witness and signs And officiated as genuine. The vow is a promise which came true The fairy tale… The mystery became a miracle The agreement and the commitment and extent The mutuality of spirit The execution and consummation comes a contract. But contracts are not made in heaven For in true life the parties intertwined Make up its success or its failure. All in one menu of the main course Devoured and be labored But always the expectant more than ever exist!

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November air pours in from the dark island night
Through our Caribbean windows, 
A sea salt breeze, an exhale, white cushioned wicker chairs
Window slats turned out 
And I turned in, a white nightgown
A full breath in my bed, eyes closed 
more lightly than an infant’s palm

A familiar corsage sits on the night stand
Next to the red blinking 12 am, where we had hastened
To bed, to roll out feather blankets,
To trace the curve of our intertwined hands
To leave the first mark on our flaxen rose stationary
Noting how our crawling would become steps
And our eyes would tantalize
Tomorrow and each coming day
Our hands raised high

But love, you bore me in different hills
You spoke to me with a sharper tongue
Your corsage was a cell phone, and your flashing 12
Was a different 12, and it hurt my hazel eyes.

Love, you rib my imperfections
You slight my bed, with bad pillows
And dreams that make me too contented
With dreams that look too much
Like my reality

O love, dear love
Could I solicit for just enough of nothing?
Can you give me enough, or give me something
My hands are full of bells and disconsolate bones
Clinking like pennies on glass, they tremble 
and they slump

O love, you're disappointing
My fingers have lost their veins
They no longer beat like young little hearts
But dance like frantic ants
with their teeth sunk in

My hands can’t find you and
They won’t leave me alone
They  won’t be let to rest, and I won’t be let to know
Whether this season is ending
Whether I will fail, or raise my flag
Whether I will ever really know you

But I pray each moment
I hope for just enough
I will hope with each word that falls off
That you will fly safely
That you will love graciously
Whether for me
Or beyond the sea

I pray, my love, I won’t let go
My love, my God, will carry
I pray you will remember 
To dream 

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When death do us part

If I go first
Don’t weep and reel
or let sorrow fill you.
Keep your tears.
place my picture on the mantel,
remember summers in the sun,
and smile.
Though I won’t see it
it’s comforting to me now
to know you’ll remember me
with joy.

If you go first
I will not cry.
I’ll be dry and dusty. 
like a forgotten room
in winter
I’ll keep your photograph
on the pillow
where your sleeping head should be
And dream of when
we were young and smooth
and love was all we knew.

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Against the Wind

When two people so choose
To join as one
The primary requirement is
Decide to love the beloved.

Then, as happens in love
Two become one in all things
Exclusive, self giving
especially sexually.

And in so doing
The love grows in togetherness
Open to children, raising them
A reward of their uniting.

But what now if the love fails? 
Turns one sided and falters? 
And the critical departure is decided? 
To look for someone else? 

And if it happens that the search ends
Upon someone willing and able.
To meet the need of the orher.
And join in erotic bliss? 

The happiness newly found thrills
Brings warmth and excitement
Sends the heart a racing
Mind awhirl, body aquiver.

Deeper, wider, bolder, reckless
Necessity drives further coupling.
Drawn by the need for happiness.
Affirmation, complimentarity, libidinous.

But this new joining is filled with tension
Since the love struggles to grow.
And growing is strained.
For living together is amiss.

So the need to be closer
To grow together and love deeper
And go on up to the next level.
Of uniting even with childbirth.

The missing component is the limit
Of a love so good, so true
Bound to the beloved
Struggling to grow with the other.

A critical juncture is met
To continue with the limited but true
Or let go and return to the old
Loveless, drab, lonesome.

However, to let go is to die
And is not the way to go
It is far better to live with the limits
Than to die in the unlimited prison

Of knowing one could have loved deeply
But did not. 

Inner Whispers

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She came .   .   .
quietly, secretly
to my lonely bed last night
and from a hidden pocket in her robe
she took a ring,
a circle forged of gold,
and whilst I blushed a deep rose-red
she placed it on my finger,
and whilst I wept
she pressed my trembling hand upon her heart
and whispered in my ear,
“My love, my dearest dear,
weep not, for you and I are One.

Tom McFerran.

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Dont fall in love looking threw immature eyes

Don’t fall in love looking through immature eyes 

Then wake up to see that you married an immature mate
Get a standard and raise it high and let it guide you to your maturity too

Warning this standard is not superficial

But the standard is a heart and character issue

Adhering to the heart and character is a bigger step of one’s maturity

Oh my mate has a good heart and great character traits

But wait you got to date long enough to know if there’s any wavering

This standard you should never settle for less
For the heart and character is the deal breaker for a marriage success

Be careful dont pick a mate looking through immature eyes to create a chance to fall in love with the wrong mate

To create a chance to be so in love to where you're overwhelmed with feeling like it is a necessity to get married

But to the wrong mate.?!

So while accessing your significant other just make sure you are not looking threw immature eyes 

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Dear, Naive Mistress,

Dear, Naive Mistress,

Open your eyes.
You’ve been used...again!
He doesn’t answer his phone –
Sister, yeah, right.  NOT!!!  
It was his wife.
He can’t take you home.
He has another life.
He’ll never ask you to move in 
Or play with your kids.
He is married!  
And already has a family.  
Nauseated?  Dizzy?
You are pregnant again.
And who is the daddy?
Mr. Married Man!
Look inside yourself.
You don’t deserve this.
Put an aspirin between your knees
And leave it there until you are married.
Or keep being an easy mark.
The choice is yours.
Promiscuity brings pain.
Deceit delivers downfalls.
So, pick yourself up,
Look in the mirror,
Get some professional help,
And make a change.
You deserve a better life.
But only you can make that happen.
So get a grip girl.
And become the best you 
That your children deserve.
It will not be easy, but you can do it.

Best Wishes,
Agony Aunt

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Agony Aunt 
Sponsored by Vicky Tsiluma

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My Love

I'm ready to start a new chapter
of this fairy-tale with you
So much hope so much wonder

I wish to be forever with you
Waiting for you
to walk through the door

The smiles the laughter
of the time we spend together
We're the couple everyone's jealous of

Our love is genuine
Even when we fight 
now it's for very short

I love our adventures
We'll be real world travelers
Always together

I see it every night
wishing I was with you
As I wake to you every morning

I know my time is slow
but I'm ready
to be Mrs. Brooks

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Fresh black satin sheets
soft music dimmed lights
champagne and oysters on ice
Red rose petals scattered upon the the bed
The aroma of chocolate and massage oil fills the air
from the bedside table to nibble and entice.

The sound of gushing water from the bathroom
the fragrance of expensive  French perfume
Black silk stockings  tempting underwear
and dressing gown
hanging over chair
The atmosphere electric
as the bridegroom 
awaits his bride
on the honeymoon.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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never mirror marriage unrequited unplenty

Can u take boy me for what I am or do u need to fabricate an ego estrogen entity 
to fit yr fake *******. forum in twat time present and id absent intensity. Do tell howwhatwhatwherewhywhichwatkindhowmanywhose as I am of a different time place evo endeavor, rich in poor so u can take alternative advantage cause u feel infosexsuperior to me mine naked nill sense
with yr ****egg enhancedenvy and frivolous faulted agressive female fervunt. Tame the  delerious diametric dimensions aplenty. Pushed pussy pleasure and feel femimine fornunicatious prowess for yr undiscovered undenying  sadistic only offspring ongoince ocular pursuance negating all elses
in your precocious pretensious postal only psuedo friends that it can't be donated done
in an emoeffort with legs open charmed to a prone proficient practice promise
with giving gonad governance of which I bought into with a Florida filtered fragrance  forgiveness favoring your internal id odd ego conveance only inclination wishwashing countercontrol conscious cerebral crap.
to a wilfull wonderous female who was, as the saying goes,  
willing to give all of herself all to all of me, unbeknowingst to me that it was all a 

post pisces ruse  cancercase in point. pretensious pandering to a boy from Ohio to 
a pussimic promise that reads all to well and
I will liveloveu in always regard less of societal dis regar retard retro renderings; given real or predisposed, contrivent, or nonminent in neutral nature. I givegavegiven up my low life to serve u only u in spite of me and your upper crust crest to be u like u or one 
of u and to lovelittle unbeknowingst a latitude of 30 plus piss yrs and 3 glorious sons later gifted to u       I have only all un's for which to fathershow un     fornicatingly failed in every, according to u, every forgone fatherly catagory. Tminus and 8 yrs asa monk. Tell me who is the unGonad unpotential KING of living oin a monster mommo mode of ugly unforgiveness, un understandings of undeniable undertakings, make all all things admirable admissible,  yet received all doings undoing. When all of ones self is totaly given to a cause and mutual ego emotion is grounded in guilt laden lunicacy, all is love lost. Individual identity cannot exist withou self sense; so all that is left is  a ghost dead, 
showing no male prowess, nonexistenant, nothing, neverness in being. 
 If I were King with 3 great sons I would be a *****Prince, a Gonad God, a Semen Sentinel. Long live me? (No Queen intended.)

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The Book

A bounded book so frayed at the seams
Whose pages are missing of journeys and dreams.
Neglected and torn, then thrown away too fast
No more stories to tell of treasures and pasts.
Or mothers singing to their babies
The sweet notes of lullabies.
Now a discarded object left with a withering cry. 
A cry for help to be loved and touched again
Hoping to save its once glorious tales 
 With a patch or a mend. 

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The saga of the dusty road

The Saga of dusty roads of Utah 
(To the memory of Don W. Esplin, father of Kathryn Esplin-Oleski)
= =
There he was playing with some mild explosives, 
in his own backyard, a resolute boy he is; 
the June month had swelled like the taut belly of 
a neighborhood lady; the boy wanted to be 
a scientist which he became. He, of course could not 
envision that all these sepia dust of Utah, 
the noon backyard and a young scientist’s narrative 
would be remembered by his explosive daughter 
and a strange Indian was going to pen a saga. 

Alfred Nobel was smiling from a page of a book 

The boy rolled a cigarette, the smoke’s curlicues 
swirl up to grain the picture. A blast almost choked
the bright blue jays and robins. Defused sun slanted.
The end of the road was just an end of the road 
where sun could meet earth, warm grass shook off the heat 
and the covert window of the farm house would yield 
a father and son talk. Strong argument on
future, on an university, on money 
on a world that could differ in generations;
of course the boy, as a father, understood 
his girl, then living apart. But distance is in heart.
He would grow up midst dreams. A quirky wind would blow him 
here and there; navy, marriage and science, 
pharmacology and marriage again; a gust
of wind would take him on a ride that, if he could 
read this he would have said, resembled his truck rides 
down the roads of Utah. But at that point of time
he was wide awake inside his misty night’s sleep 
and an American novel is shooting up 
its multiple heads in search of fresh oxygen. 
The waves of moon were enjoying a full tide.

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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The Heart Of My Woman

How can your heart see
what my eyes always miss...
How can your heart hear
what my ears dismiss...
How can your heart feel
what I cannot touch...
My senses would reel
if I endured so much           

You - are my woman
formed from flesh and bone
and  I - am your man
forged from dirt and stone
Your heart has a knowing
I yearn to learn
of wonderful reasonings
my mind cannot discern

You - are my woman
with a heart as an urn...
filled with compassion
and tears of concern
and  I - am your man
with a heart of stone...
Help me to reach
beyond myself alone

To my wife, gv 2013

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By the lily pond

How beautiful it was when the sun shone
And I walked with you,my dear husband, through the gardens.
How happy I was to sit with you by the lake
and to hear the water from the fountain splash.
It's our our favourite music now we cannot visit the sea
To hear the tide rush in,then fall sucking on the shingley beach.
But I see it in my minds eye.
Aldeburgh,the fishing boats go out at sunrise.
I awoke early and saw the sun across the sea
and the boats setting out in the soft light.
Dunwich,the heath filled with birds
the cliff and the beach where sometimes one can find marble
from one of the many churches washed away by the encroaching sea.
And Southwold,the marsh so quiet I heard crickets.
We went across the Blyth in the rowing boat
And saw the place from which our picture of Walberswick was painted...
If only life could be captured,slowed, for a few minutes
for us to receive the beauty and hear the sound of the sea
The everlasting music of the heart

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They said that he was a flake.
You know, strange in some way
that they could not grasp that did
not fit into the dictates of their ethnic
ghetto upbringing.  And so he rebelled.
Not against them, not against the
ghetto ghosts, but against the pressure
to conform to their ghetto-ness.

She was also a flake. You know the
type, strangely happy about being
alive.  Entranced by the movements
of a butterfly, raising her arms and
copying the butterfly’s motions.  Her
hair would just not obey the rules
of religious righteousness.  Nor
would her flirting eyes.

They were flakes, and as such, knew
that no two flakes are  alike.  They kinda
liked that, cherished the flakiness of
the other.  It seemed that they did not
march to any drummer, just meandered
to a music only they could hear.  It was
the rhythm of an unknown heartbeat,
the “whoosh” of a passionate pulse,
the warmth of life breathing.

They are older now.  They are still “Flakes”.
He holds her butterfly hand and they
mimic the movements of the wings
knowing that they, like the
butterfly, will soon be returning to
a transformative cocoon.

John G. Lawless

Sorry Andrea couldn't keep it short. 

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Playing love cards

On this earth table where i sit to sip fury
I chose the game of cards over watching 
stripped dancers
I chose a cold ice malt to flow into my intestines 
As i play the game of cards

Its the love cards i cherish
the Brenda blue eyes card i pick
From the hands of a Tom
who cant let the Emily slim card go
I have to pass on the Rita tall card
to the center of the table
for other players to pick and play

I am not heartless i just love competition 
I cant watch Mark take the Isabella card
As i cling to this Sophia card 
Yet they are many with this card
The Alexis card is not easy to get but first to loose
I cant take that from mason 
He told me a lot like Jason did

I want to quite the game
I didn't know loosing the Chloe card hurts
just like the Nicole did
But i cheer up and pull on
the Anna card 
As packer fights with Dylan
For the Morgan card 
That Easton threw away 
when he stole Lauren card from Julia

As we play our card game 
Ladies are playing their own
I am in this game
Hope I will have 
The winning card
most likely that slim blue eyed card
In Austin's hand
But i have to first pass on
The Kayla card
Which i cant hold till i quit the game

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Never say “I don’t love you”
When you just mean give me space
Because it hurts me so much
Like a dagger in my heart
Never Say “”I don’t care”
When you just mean you hate it
Because I need to know,
Promise I’ll never do it again
Never say I Miss you
When you are far
The fact is 
I want to be exactly where you are
Never say “Come here”
When you just mean, prove my love
Because if I fail, I can’t blame distance
Men are comprises of peculiar elements
Our mind is the abode for knowledge
That holds the truth and the lies
Our mind is the residence of our will and desire
We don’t like to be fool 
Because we don’t play with feelings
We fall in love but hate to be dictated
We have our own plans and tactics
And we don’t stop until we reach success
We don’t lie when
We hide ourselves beyond what you see
Or discloses the antecedents of our past relationships
We just hate remembering heartaches 
Cause we are also the casualty of failures
We maybe objective 
And could become ruthless
But touch us once and we will gradually melts
You can name our nature
Evil and
You can call us everything that you wanted
But I tell you honey
That the realms of our nature
Is tamed with your passion
That behind our glory is your love
That the truth of our being
Is your existence
That the vows that you committed
Is the life that we long to live…

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The Domestic

An exit sign casts its red glow on steel doors that line the hallway,
Their numbers barely visible in its light, the only light.

From 302 comes the sound of conflict,
The loud voice of Anger and the muffled sobs of Despair.

A knock below the numbers mutes Anger and Despair,
Allowing the cries of Innocence to be heard.

Beyond the door, what remains of love watches from frames on a wall,
At its own inescapable demise.

And from a corner of the room, Innocence cries through guiltless eyes,
That are filled with fear and confusion.

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Love and our world

Like Egypt without Nile,
like Holland without dyke,
like army without ammo,
like birds without wings,
is our world bereft of
brotherly love.

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Finally we tied the knot

No thanks, was what she first said
A phrase that lingered in my head for days
Wondering whether she meant what she said

My heart was hurting, breaking and aching
Thinking, planning and preparing
to give it another try for the sake of my heart

Changing tact help save situations sometimes
Less talking, more helping and companion giving
Was what I resorted to, and it produced a prestigious prize

She did not admit it at first
But she could no longer be at peace away from my place
And that formed the beginning of the firm friendship

They say the rest is history
But to us the rest was a test of time
And God guided us in times of trials and temptations

We had to part ways in good course
As she went to pursue promotional studies
For a period they thought our friendship will fade

They told her I will move on
They told me she will move on
But none of us moved on
Instead, we finally tied the knot
All thanks to Almighty God 

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One Simple Job

You had one job
A simple task
I ask you nicely
To do for me.

Yet your such a klutz
You just screwed it up
It was so simple
You find it complicated.

Distracted or forgot
Your so simple minded
To lose track of time
Forgot what was important.

Can't you do right
Why go off track
You let me down
When I need you most.

When I'm feeling not my best
Ill-stricken to my bed
Aches and pains all over
I count on you to help.

Can't you listen
Don't you see
Do I matter
To you at all?

Off on your own
Doing your things
Makes me feel neglected
When your not listening.

Don't you care how I feel
Can't comfort me for an hour
When I'm feeling down
You just brush it aside.

All I ask of you
One simple ting
Do me one favor
To help me out.

Yet you can't do right
Are you not bright
Can't seem to see
Just one thing
One simple job.

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When love lights the way

When love lights the way
The path is sweet, petaled 
Roses stripped naked, discarded
As their dresses pave the way
To the altar.
Yet willingly they give up
Their adornment, their pride,
For the adored,
And those that adore
Each other
The pinnacle of love, of romance,
As they walk to the altar.
When light leads the way
The path is straight, smoothed
Lamb stripped naked, discarded
As His blood paved the Way
To the throne.
Yet willingly He gave up,
His life, his passion,
For the adored,
And those that adore.

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Unholy Matrimony

They gather together in the pits of hell 
to join in unholy matrimony
Greed and Lust.  A union of sin with evil grins
the groom and bride exchange vows.
Greed-Just as hell is hot just as space is cold I promise to lay riches at your feet
and power in your hands.
Lust-Just as snakes slithers just as rats are diseased ridden I promise
to fulfill all your sinful desires.
By the powers invested in evil the groom may kiss the bride.
written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red Seven aka The Brown Philosopher aka The Green Poet

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A Walk In The Garden In Moonlight Part 1 of 2

( Song of Solomon 4: 16 )

We Walked In The Garden At Midnight
We Walked Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Among Azealeas & Verbenas & Blue Jonquils
Sweet Honeysuckle, Yellow Primroses & Daffodils
Among White Phlox & Orchids & Pretty Pink Quills
Two Lovers Holding Hands In Romantic Thrill
Your Touch Grows That Budding Power Still

As We Walked In The Garden At Midnight
We Walked Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Among Tulips and Lilies and Wine-Hued Amaryllys
Intoxicating Lilacs & Jasmine & Ground-Cover Iris
Breathing In Lavender & Vanilla & Bougainvillea Scents
Wafting Heady & Sensual Yet of Shy-Perfume Strength

While Walking In The Garden At Midnight
While Walking Thru The Garden In Moonlight

A "Home Sweet Home" Brass Plaque Cast Soft Glints
By A Heartshaped Box Holding Moonflowers & Herb-Mints
Symbolizing Love's Nature The Way It Was Meant
& There Was A Touch of Citrus Somewhere, Just A Hint

Wafting From Beyond Our Closest Neighbor's Fence
Bowed To Our Queens of The Nights As Darkness Squints
and Slender Topiary Stands Crowned With Hyacinths
Guards Our Garden Where So Much Time Is Spent

Walking In The Garden At Midnight
Walking Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Our Garden, Well Tended, Cultivated Thru Till & Toil
Thorn Blooddrops & Brow-Sweat - Has Moistened Our Soil
 Sprouting Tendrils & Offshoots That Loops Softly In Coils
On Our Garden's Ground - Grown So Large & Lovely & Loyal
(as More Queens of The Night & Roses Reigned Royal)

The Story Is: 
We Saw The "For Sale" Sign ...  & It Was Love At First Sight
For Our Family & Our Future, It Would Fit Us Just Right
We Bought The Ground-Plot - Our Land of Dreams So Bright
... Built A House, Made A Home & A Garden of Delight

Filled With Peonies, Carnations & My Philodendron-Fetish
Hydrangeas Spilling Riotously All Over The Trellis
Ivy Interwoven All Thru The Surrounding Lattice
Periwinkle & Prize Winning Magnolias Embellish
As Cattails Encircle The Pond - Our Garden's Chalice
We Walked Past Gladiolus & Silver Sage At Midnight
We Stepped Into Our Private - Garden Stage In Moonlight

Our Eyes Became Stars A Reflective Shine
Our Lips Became Sprinklers - Our Arms Were Vines
That Clung To Both Limbs - Yours & Mine
That Attached Like Roots of Evergreen Pines
That Rose Like Stems That Bleeding Heart-Flowers Climb
Among Four O'Clocks & Hollyhocks & Silver Thyme

While Wading Thru The Garden At Midnight
While Wooing In The Garden In Moonlight

(Part 1 of 2)

Copyrighted ©:  8/30/2013 
By: MoonBee Canady

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SPam and Craig

"Proper Pam im-promiscuity carries a
tepid torch against the blank footlights
of a dimlit digital marital marquee---last on the 
billing of a car-null double featurette like
a black and white bijou plotless rerun
hand cranked by an arthritic arm;
pit pursuant of
quicksand lust with a gray gaze monotony
able to hitchhike from a plavce point left
only undetermined,
I've seen more action from a shoe sticky floor
or a large hole in an uncomfortable seat cushion,
not to "juxtapare"  mind me but what a
chronofile,   if briefcases  couldspeak and not the
numbers from the credit card diction-ary of child
desires---stratfied pleasures far from TILT
lean calmly on majestic inconsequentials--like
ships passing in the night.
a blue ribbon in a cud chewing contest

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Broken Heartstrings

storms roar
across angry
restless skies,
like a hawk
seeking its
unseen prey,

a motherless
child afraid
to slumber,
like a weary
dove angst
tires of hope,

its groaning
limbs burst
yet asunder,
like a lion’s
cry as death
awaits nigh,

listening to
its mournful
sighing heart,
like a red rose
petal before
its gentle fall,

mere mortal
flesh yearns
till its lungs,
like deserts
athirst shout
forth aloud,

its naked soul
in streaming
tears bellow,
like hooting
owls affright
dare console

© Eugene Harvey

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I love you still

Oh how I felt 
I felt I would explode
If I didn’t talk to you
The first time I saw you

My innards were knotted
As my heart pumped blood clotted
As I looked at you
The first time I saw you

Somewhere, somehow
I found the courage
To walk to you
My knees were wobbling
And I felt cold
As I walked to you

And as I tried to think
Of some clever thing to say
My mind was on the blink
I felt I could just bray

But then your eyes
Met mine - across the universe
And space and time 
Took a bow
As my heart then wrote a verse

Your eyes looked into me
Right down to hidden truth
Your laser-look burned through my string
And my head floated off like a balloon
I heard the circus
I heard the song
I heard the heartbeat beat a different gong
And as my heady feeling 
Felt a rush of warmth
My cheeks were ablaze 
Within your laser truth

And at that moment, 
We shared, we sparked, we lived
And all else faded 
To a background noise

And then the universe responded
The radio waves of dying stars
We found ourselves surrounded
We found ourselves on Mars

Your mouth so slowly parted
In a glistening ripe smile
And my eyes were fixed on you
Bonded with the strongest, the strongest super-glue

And in that moment, 
Three children were conceived
Three lives were there created
As we looked and we believed

Oh, how I felt
Like I was not myself
Oh how you felt,
When you then gave yourself

The rest is history
And history is written 
For all to hear and all to see
As you and I became “we”

Oh, how I love you still
After two decades and a half
And how you thrill me still
As I look upon your face

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A Hard Day's Work

Slaving for a master
that shouldn't be yours
Doing your best for your family
I see your struggles
I see you pain
Don't think I don't
We look fo different futures
You look to be the best husband
I look to be the best wife
These involve giving our all for each other
As the story goes
You come home
and I have food waiting
Yet I can offer you much more
I offer you a smile as you walk in the door
I offer you a hello kiss
I offer you a warm embrace
to break the tension of the day
And I long for the same
Able to break the fears and tears
I can offer so much more
I know the days are hard 
It's my job to make them easier
I send you a picture to make you smile
I send an "I love you" to warm your heart
To remind you what you're doing is not in vain
I appreciate what you do
I try my hardest
Please don't forget
and allow me to be there

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Whirlwind Courtship

Whirlwind courtship.
One morning I woke up
married to someone I'd not met -
an overzealous mother-in-law.
For twenty years now, I’ve been 
excluded from his family clan. 
What a blessing in disguise!

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Notary Unnoticed

I see

But is it 
as if
the first time
we hadn't
made love

Or perhaps
in love
and not
out of 


between us


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Sixty Years

It seems like forever. . .
	It seems like yesterday.
What an incredibly
	long, winding road
we've been navigating.

Every twist and turn
	brought a new surprise.
Every time we danced
	 we missed a few steps.
You moved left, 
         I stepped right.

Two sons, two daughters
	 who have, over time,
heaped up their own
	 failures and wins.

Not much to tell
         of joy or sorrow
but that we’ve built
	 and held together
that which will still
	 be here tomorrow.

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Forced into womanhood at 12
betrayed by those you trusted
abused daily mentally and physically
forced to sleep in the animal shed
Your escape was short-lived
being captured and returned
to your tormentors

In the mountain
the cruel knife passed
on your innocent face
No, Aisha
that is not cold water
in your nose
It is your blood
Your nose is gone
and so are your ears

Your tormentors have gone away
and left you alone to die
But you refused to lay down 
and die
With your defiant spirit
you crawled down the mountain
to those who cared
and protected you
and helped you to a new life
away from the evil unjust system
you inherited by birth

What was your crime
to be dealt such cruelty?

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 -Dharga Nagar Safa

Q married to U,

To keep,




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The Dream and the Drive

I have watched women's hopes of men 
and seen them fall away bit by bit.
I have watched  their love fade 
in the way that the freshness of morning 
dribbles to death in the hard dry heat of noon.

I have watched dreams of friendship and sharing die 
in the emptiness of two separate souls
both designed to procreate 
but one wanting to spread the seed to many vessels
the other to make a warm safe home.

Even though both obey a primal call
The male drive to spread excitement and exploration 
must mix with romantic care and dreams.
Then this thing that women give is sacrificed 
to the hot cauldron of man driven by sex and pride

And in our age we all look back
and see this thing and watch the dieing of the hope
in the brightness of the youth
 and watch it move into the brittle
truce of aged man and woman.

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Dont marry looking through immature eyes

Be careful, dont marry looking through immature eyes and marry an immature mate

Take heed to SOME signs: when they winning, lying, cheating, hold dumb grudges, easily unforgiving, aggressive tones and communication shut downs. When they hit you, belittle you, talk harsh to you, when they show disrespect of any kind to you. 

These are clues of an immature mate 

Where only the immature eyes overlooks this with denial

Immature Eyes wait and grow

Take heed and don’t marry that immature mate

Maturity is saying no to this immature mate and being strong enough to walk away

Maturity is willing to walk through that hurting heart break 

Because you know one day it is going to be okay

For you should not marry that immature mate, that will cost you greater, and exceedingly, and abundantly, way more heart breaks than today’s

We need to love ourselves, learn and create ourselves

Mature and wait, wait for your God sent mate.  

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It's a cool measure of life blood low
keeping the venous-return and arterial
alert-compressive but manical-down
deep fried effervescence continuance abliss
smooth blowburn alive-high frequency antedote
fever pitch-a ***** mellow deed
digestive cornerstone just picked, uncanned
cloud billows a piece with network intact
sublime charged unpatterened--to gut cord
noose cadence couffures--who nees to look
when you vcan hearfeel the resonance true blue
mild like casket breath misshapen to formless
guises compact summer stated summer not
he-ightened proseless panaroma to stiffle
the mister masters time corrodid but
indelibly remembermarked
and "coited to us"--like creature
interruptus. follow the ill laid scheme and
bottleneck every word line graph to a sinco
(rap) measure rhyme myth time will tell tribute
pour the mind from the soul fill the 
white void with the gush of
private reserve vintage but held captive 
via sociopropacastration of free, non
taxable, no interest due, no penality
for "early withdrawal" purely personal
single minded, brand H----one owner
mono little rascal sibiling extract, thought jester cannibal
yumyum eat'em up-eat'em up

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The Lovers

He loved her, and she, him
Even in the bright and dim
“If you love me, prove it now.”
She spoke, soft and seductive
So love they made, then and there
His body on hers, his fingers in her hair
Her arms wrapped around him tightly
Their pulses beating, in unison, lightly
From this day on, she was his
But he had been hers since before this
He had been hers since his eyes saw her
Today they travel everywhere together
Like birds of a feather,
These are the lovers . . .

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The Scent of Love

                                             The Scent of Love
What a wonderful breeze, I’ve seen stars the sky never sees, no apples, but 
you can pick love off these trees, I walk barefooted, for earth’s surface stays 
around about 85 degrees, I drink honey straight from the hives of bees, what 
a wonderful breeze, the Scent of Love, is what my nostrils breathe.

In God we believe, in each other we’re both intrigued, the substance from love 
is all I need, what a Beautiful Breeze.

It entered my ears and stopped at my knees, it spoke to me, it said God sent 
me, I’m your wife, and half your life, marry me, my heart and mind spoke at 
the same time, well we both agree.

We both believe, we’re meant to be, so on one knee I asked this Wonderful 
Breeze to marry me, to be my only Breeze, to be the only air I breathe, to 
conceive my seeds, I promise to fulfill all our needs, but only if you agree to be 
my One-n-Only Wonderful Breeze. So, I say to myself, why wouldn’t you be if 
God sent you to me, to be. Do you agree, so answer me.
                                           Yes, No or Absolutely?

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Half My Life, My Wife

Rare, essential expensive minerals embedded deep down in the core of 3 
dimensional mountains, silver owls, platinum falcons, waterfalls-n-streams, 
poisonous leaves tufa fermented into stream, a tongue less unfrozen tundra 
evaporated from hunger, copper chocolate-n-brass coconut cream from 
copper-n-brass coconut trees, pink roses, white butterflies-n-orange bumble 
bees, islands, oceans,-n-seas, a voluptuous life mix with the briskness of a 
Saint Lucia breeze, onyx-n-rubies inhale the panache of centipedes, 
outlandishly eating at my vanity, grails of golden milk, the riches of snail-n-
spider silk, colorful canopies draped over killer Brahma bulls exhaling my 
sanity, I allowed this earth to breathe, you see lightening only when the 
Heaven’s are allowed to sneeze, ain't a moon, earth, sun, or galaxy worth 
more than me or worth more than she, priceless my wife-n-me, I bow down 2 
my missing rib, for my wife’s worth more than me, ain’t a mineral in this earth 
worth more 2 me than she,  priceless my she, my better me.

Half my 
My wife

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unspoken secretive
voiceless whispers
shrouded in mystery,

anonymous thought’s
soundless feelings
willfully unknown,

nameless witnesses’
withdrawn memories
ever distant moments,

oft silent messages
mysterious signals
called a marriage.

© Eugene Harvey

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Your Eyes

No finer jewels exist on earth
than your sparkling eyes to me.
Like mirrors set in an infinite row,
displaying your hopes, thoughts, fears, and joys,
They reveal all hopes, thoughts, fears, and joys,
Reflecting lights and skies and oceans,
Portals to space, time, and humanity--
to all that really matters.

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"Look at me," he says, pulling my chin up to face him as I shyly avoid his gaze.
How can something so steady be so uncertain at the same...
How can something so limited be so vast in this same...
"Look in my eyes," he says, and I can't help but sink in resolution.
Deep in his soul I see my reflection,
Decades of enlightenment and meditation,
Brown eyes brought to life with unexplained sensation,
Decorated in elaborate scarlet silk and parted hair--
A present in the form of predestination.
"Look at me," he says,
And all I can see is the future.


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Deja Vu

Dijon, Monte Negro, Santiago, Monte Carlo, palaces, kingdoms-n-castles, places 
I travel without planes, boats or passports, places where my mind go with 
whomever follows, Daesh’a we both said I do, it’s Déjà Vu, I saw you before I 
knew you, so when I saw you, I knew it was you, I love you, I do, your mind, 
your heart-n-soul, places I go I can’t live without you, so like my mind, I live with 
you, I do, wherever my mind goes, I’m always with you, I love you, I do, it’s Déjà 
Vu, when I saw you, I knew it was you, Daesh’a I love you, I do, my Déjà Vu, I 
saw you before I knew it was you, so when I saw you, I knew it was you, 
Daesh’a my wife, my Déjà Vu, I do.

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The why of love

do my hands not feel the air
when I reach over
to softly touch your hair.

does my heart not feel my blood
as I race towards my end

do you sleep so close
but feel so far

can’t I see your breath
as your snores

will loneliness share our bed
when for decades

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The Perfect Proposal

*The Perfect Proposal*

The perfect proposal
Just what would it be?
In a fairy tale life or in an enchanted dream
Three different scenarios I could see
And let him choose the one that fits him to a T

Popping the question over a picnic lunch in the Swiss Alps 
A checkered tablecloth, simple fruit, cheese and crackers, and a sparkling wine
To be read poetry from the greatest of greats—Robert Frost or Shel Silverstein
Another option would be at an abandoned zoo
We could cuddle up in the lion’s den and count the stars in the open sky
And then swim in the aquarium with the dolphins too at the first peak of sunrise
And the final option of the perfect proposal would be standing at the pearly gates of heaven
Heaven is where all our dreams come true anyways
And heaven is where I am going to meet you after the next blood moon
So I sit here below a star studded sky and I thank the Lord for delivering me
I thank the Lord for second and third chances
I thank the Lord for ETERNITY

Gwendolen Rix

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Never say “I love you”
When you just mean falling in love
Because it means you could also fall out of love
Never say “Take Care”
When you just mean don’t get hurt
Because love hurts when you leave
Never say “I Miss you”
When you just mean I want you here
The fact is, you say it when I am not around
Never say I’ll see you
When you just mean, when we meet
Because seeing is different from longing
Women are unique
Are different
We don’t like to be treated the same
Worst taken for granted
We are delicate
In every aspects of our being
Because when we love
We are dedicated
We are unpredictable and moody
Because we don’t like to be
Suppress by man’s nature
We are vulnerable
Especially with your words
We easily fall with your sweet notes
But we can also be volatile
And dangerous
For our man is our man
More often than less
You may see us just like others
But our compatibility is rare and complex
We trust our instinct and our assumptions
Not because we are illogical and emotional
But because, our feelings tells the truth
And yes, we accept excuses
Because when we love
We make our vows to misery and pain
For love is the sweetest possession
Men can give to us…#

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My Salewa

My S-a-l-e-w-a

Before you say “I do”
Think deeply before given your precious life
To that person you think you love….
Since marriage is not worth rushing in, for rushing out sake 
Since it is not lived in other people’s path or in their will
Neither is it lived as your parent’s had lived their lives

Since it is not for the reason that; my entire friend’s are married
So ‘You’ must…and your desperation makes you desperate to get it
And it is not because you are alone and lonely and need someone
Or been pressured to marry from your relatives and colleagues
But because it is sacred, it is a commandment, and you have found such one

Since most who had tasted the marital life are clamoring to come out...
By divorce or separation or through death
By physical or sexual violence...or emotional withdrawal
And those who have not tasted the marriage experience desire to get in… 
By pregnancy, or cohabitation or through formal wedding

And you will ask what went wrong? Why this struggles?
I say think deeply before giving up your single-hood
To that intimate stranger you called your man
To that seducer you called your woman
To that neighbor you called your friend
To that passer-bye you called your partner
To your colleague at work you called your fiancée
To your classmate you called your spouse-to-be

Since your single life after giving it away cannot come bye
Because your single life is that time you have for yourself
To be responsible for your choices
To plan your career life and create your world
That time you have to yourself to create your empire
That stage in your life that you need to master
Your thoughts and emotions….
That time in your life you need to examine the life your living

That period you need to know thyself intimately
That moment in your life you need to follow God with your heart
That phase of your life you are creative and imaginative
That era of your life you must be resourceful and adventurous
And become useful to yourself and to the person you love
And accept to live the rest of your life with him

Before you say i do
count the cost and consider the price to pay
are you emotionally matured
since marriage is not all about sex
it involves your person and personality
it involves your emotion, money and time

since what you demand from your spouse
is what he needs in you-and you need in him
what you will spend is your emotion
how you spend it is your responsibility
please think deeply before you say i do

My S-a-l-e-w-a

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Marrying some,

Divorcing some,

Because of sim!

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Pendulous Mind

I want to break free
from the bounds of your smothering love
and the conforms of this life

I want to break free
from molding to the path you take
and your presumptions of me

I want to break free
from the facade of demureness
and sprint for insolent gratification

I want to break free
from the shackles of our vows
and diffuse into the mists of solitude

I want to break free 
from the cage of this marriage
and plummet from the pedestal you have placed me on

I want to break free
from the norms of the family
and delve into the depths of quiescence

With the four words you said,
Honey, I'm home, 
Your voice drifts into my ears 
jolting me from the slumber of trechery
leading me away from the precipitous cliff
to a serene meadow, our meadow, our home

I laugh at the wild swings of my pendulous mind,
as I uncover the roots of our endearment
Ending my eternal wanderings
forever I am glad to be with you,
Honey, I'm home too!

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She Didn't Need Diamonds

Always said the sparkle was in my eyes.
It was all she ever would want to have;
How could I not love one such as her?
She was beauty walking towards me.

Embraced in a paradise no man could simply imagine;
It had to be felt and that I can hardly express,
For how does one describe a living breathing angel?
I just flew with her for as long as God permitted.

(In memory of my lovely wife, my dearest sweet Rebecca)

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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I took my wife to breakfast

                      I took my wife to breakfast   nearby two lovers
                      briefly nibbled on each others ears   we ate 

                      our pancakes and our sausages were sweet
                      as candy-apple lips and forgotten flowers

                      from the mornings of our youth
                      their ankles and their knees

                      caressed beneath the table-top
                      while the sugar in our coffee soon dissolved

                      I ate my food and made small talk
                      but wistfully my hearing strayed

                      the restaurant was good
                      where four lovers might have been

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The Rift of the Magi

He walked in through the main door,
“Unbolted?” he wondered.
An ebbing shade of brown painted layer,
The polish on the door, dulled.

A poor man’s residence,
Deplumed sofa covers,
Sidestepped since the past three years.
The chewed up walls, unrepaired.

Jim heard the church bells chime
Yes, music was assigned to be his steps to fame.
Music at which his bosom would blink!

This was not how it was meant to be –
He was not to lose the music in him
To the dingy clamor and rattle of whizzing cars
And the cheerless chatter of noisy mechanics.

On peeling off the apparel of fetters,
And dressing herself in the robe of her dreams,
Della walked in to a dance class,
To live life on her own.

“Leave your dreams for your love, Della”
Jim, a strange shielding mistrustful lover,
And Della, a mirror of foolish fondness,
“If that is what you wish, dear”

She had planned life differently,
To dance her way to Rome, Venice, Italy. 
Love carefully plucked out every feather 
That clothed the bird yielding body to her dreams.

Today she left Jim,
She left love,
She left to build her wishes,
And spew life into the bloodied carcass of her fancies.

Along with flouting love,
Not love, but custom,
Della returned Jim his freedom
And seized from him her own.

Marriage and making money,
That had throttled their dreams, 
Della eased the grasp,
The grasp of cohabitation. 

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A Matched Pair

I frown into the mirror.
What happened?
Yesterday, we were newlyweds.”

"Fifty  years ago," he says.
“You lost half a century.” 
There's my husband, slouching
in the recliner, thinning hair,
frayed collar, expanding stomach.

A slow smile spreads across my face.
I sidle over, plop into his lap,
and sling my arm around his neck.
"Remember Great Falls, fishing
in the Missouri River until sunset,
A & W root beer in frozen mugs?

“How about that May snowstorm 
in Yellowstone, or camping in Canada,
our sleeping bags zipped together as one? 
Or Holder Lake, Bird Woman Falls,
and fishing in a stream no wider
than this chair we’re sitting in?

“Remember our two parakeets,
perched above everything we owned
in that forty-nine Chevy coupe
on the trip home to Missouri? 
Or the car, stop-dead in Roundup,
Montana, leaving us stranded  
for three days, waiting for parts?

“”I remember that sexy redhead,” 
he says. “What happened to her?”

“Not sure, but I think she ran off
with a pot-bellied old man.” 

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If Only I Could Give Back

How do I begin, when I don’t want this to end?
An apology is my start
Please accept it from my heart
Like yours, it is broken apart

Walking alone I carry these thoughts
Of a woman I adore, a woman I love, so madly in love
Though I can feel your anger
Like a burn to my soul

Your husband I wish still to be
Always there by your side
Despair I can see, trapped inside your aching heart
Oh to wish it free

My wife
My life you are
My friend, I care
My God I pray

If only I could give back
What you know I have taken
Would I be forsaken?
Like a cry from the cross

It meant nothing
It was over, before it began
Oh how my trust has left…
Like a shadow at dusk, it bleeds away…

Dying with every breath we take
With every step I take 
I hold out, I reach out
To wipe your tear

You’re my light
You are my guiding soul
You’re all I know, and yet
Our child may never know

This father to be
The child you carry
The child you have nurtured
How can a man be so wretched?

But I pray this simple note
Will find some way to heal your heart
To put a smile on those lips
And let it kiss that hurt

30 August 2014

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Seal the Deal

You might seal a deal
Doesn't make you real
You talk like you have dirt
Only dirt I see is on your shirt
Can imagine what you say about me
Keep it on the down low, say it secretly

My friend trusts you
Not much I can do
Every one of my nerves wants to hit you
Hope the day comes that he's through  

At a time when I'm cleaning my own messes
I don't need all your additional stresses
Be a grown up and deal with them now
A marriage wont make them disappear
If you think so..then WOW. 

The ex is a friend of mine 
I know you don't like her
Just don't trash talk her..try
The next time I hear that name come out of your mouth
I'll leave in a second no doubt
Never mind they dragged you tonight 
I would've had a blast without you
Just being  honest alright

I've just got to walk away
Walk far far away. 

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fear and doubt

i gave my hand to take her
and together we built a home!

leaving her to make the fire
i went out to pick fruits, nuts
and more to cook
and a blanket to cover!

next morning, to go out
again to gather 
i looked for my razor
only to learn another hand
in my absence, has removed
his facial hair
increasing also burden in my heart
sowing seeds of fear and doubt
to grow on my face!

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Till Death Us Do Part

What! A divorce? Why?!
What do you mean
you want to move on?
Do you want to break up
this marriage of 25 years?
Now...after two teenagers at home?
What do you mean
you need more space?
You live in a mansion
for Pete's sake.
What? you want to do your things,
Experience life,
Meet new people,
See new places?
Well, who's stopping you?
You have been pretty much
on your own all these years;
And here, I have been slogging
like a donkey 24/7/365
making more money than
you can find ways to spend.

I knew not when
our kids grew up,
I worked hard,
Day in and day out,
so you and kids can live
a life of comfort and luxury.

Now, you wanna leave me? Gee!
And take half of MY blood and sweat?
Nah, not even a dime!
No sirree Bob. Nope. Nada.
As long as I am alive,
Not a thing. Not a chance. Zero!
I'll fight tooth and nail;
Only over my dead body!

P.S.: Millionaire John Doe was tragically killed
in a single car crash apparently of brakes failure.
He's survived by his wife and two kids.

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50 years ago I would have said
life was swollen with promise
as I awaited your return
from a land of bicycles,
Pagodas, potato vendors
and "Hiah, Hiah, Mushee, Mushee,
Hononea, Hononea."*

40 years ago the struggle
almost killed us both,
swimming against the current
of babies, bottles, bills
and dreams swept away.

30 years ago, life happened
in such a mad whirl
we hardly noticed its passing.

20 years ago, at life's half-century mark,
still slender (unlike now when flesh hangs 
where it shouldn't), we walked 
backward through empty rooms.

10 years ago, walls strained
as our numbers grew one by one 
and we reeled in astonishment and joy.

Today, life swells with promise,
our attention riveted
                  on dreams rekindled.

*Japanese Greeting		

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You know what I want baby
I want you always and I will always want you
I can’t stop I can’t stop He saw her and conquered
She saw him and fell for him
He calls her my baby
He often says hello my baby
I want to meet with you today
Today I want my body to cruise like a car
It will land in your parking yard
I will bring my cold body and heart
Your warm body will warm my heart
And make me warm like yourself
So baby I really mean it he says
I hope to meet with you tonight
Because the night is yours and mine
I will do something with you that
Lights the sky into million galaxies

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Of Marriage or Of Divorce

Of Marriage or Of Divorce

In both is nothing than a mere piece of paper
Is where deduced a marriage or a divorce
What does it matter
Is between the couple in better or in worse
It maybe alright or all together
If the marriage vow is sustained or deterred
When the love is there
But when one has gone and forsaken
The fidelity is reduced to nothing
Live-in couple is better
Once the relationship dried-up they severe
So, whether marriage or divorce, either is neither
Forget or forgive, if not, let a judge decides
The advice, however, is: always bring a supporter!

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The Depth Of Distance

You couldn't begin to imagine the pain that I obtain from your absence,
Trying desperately to find the words, and yet my voice remains absent,
Visuals of what you are only witnessed within my computer,
My heart searches for her recruiter with no one there to recruit her,
Oh Captain my Captain with you I vowed to share my life,
The dreadful distance transformed this bitter soul into a loving wife,
Insomnia commenced from your side of the bed I kept void,
My King will soon return, my sleepless nights far destroyed,
No time or distance shall ever keep us apart,
Come back to me love, come mend my broken heart...

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O, please forgive me, honey
I behaved like a damned fool at your sister-in-law’s house
Last night drinking like a bull
O, please, please, please, honey
You got to forgive me once more time
I do promise you I won’t do it again
I was a fool by making such a show of jealousy because of that past
Lover be there with all entries and gangs of his

O, babe, babe, babe, babe!
I am not going to drink ever again just tell me you’re still loving me
As yesterday as before and when it done consistently attached
You would say it loud: I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!
I was afraid to lose you again with so much drinks and rages
In front of this past lover showing himself up like a damned king
And driving that heavenly Mercedes-Benz!

I was telling you now it was anxiety and depression and predisposition to adult
Alcoholism with difficulty developing my identical love and passion and therefore
I am so sorry, and please, o, My Little Bee! You ought to forgive me this time
As many times we have done it before!

I lost my mind again
O, tell me before I kneel in front of you just as those drastic tears start falling
From me that you are still loving more than ever

I swear for Jesus I won’t drink ever again
I would go to the Church with you again and again and  again and again,
but I’d send flowers to your sister-in-law in Florida as a way to confirm you 
I have changed I am not going to drink ever again for God’s sake
You would see, o, honey, your papito  has changed; you got to believe me
O, please, babe, forgive me!
O, forgive me!  I yell you again
O, God don’t let me down; so God gives me strength not to kiss a bottle ever again
And don't let me to scream like a fool

O, baby, Sweet Baby! O, My  Sweet Totorri! Your man has changed
O, please, My Pumpkin Pie, kiss me and let me in because your papito feels cold
Outside in this unfriendly porch and the moonlight is full and pregnant
I told you I was a fool and I tell you now forgive me, honey 
This man, your man, is telling you the truth this damned fool
Really has changed!

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Will you marry me

Will you marry me
On Dec 23 ,1979 At Ridgway hospital.
I  said to her.
You took my heart to a place it's never been.
You let me have that first kiss and it never end
Waited a little longer till the day was to end. We lost a loved one that night, but I gained my only love.
When I asked you to marry me. You took me by surprise.
Now 35 years later if I had to ask you a question It would you marry me again.

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Something Worse

"Something Worse"

It has never happened to me

But I do know of two or three

I do believe I can comprehend to some degree

Please before I go on correct me if I’m wrong but there is something worse than rape

The nerve of me

Let me continue you just might agree

Webster says "it is the forcing of another person to submit to sex acts, seizing or carrying off with force; abusive improper treatment"

What, the taking away of ones pride, dignity, and in some cases their purity

Though not physically let me explain the raping of me

One of my lifelong dreams was to find that one person to spend forever with and multiply our love

You changed the plan

Deep down you hated every man

Damn, I believed in you, least expected you

I submitted to what I thought was your true love

Perhaps you said, "I do" to a mirror

Now and for a sometime to come I can’t get over what you have done

Similar would you not agree

For some they get this feeling for it was someone they knew or believed in and least expected

For others the ones closest to them did not believe and blamed the victim

Finally the laws, need I say more?

Just the same I stand by the title of this poem

There is something worse than rape


Copyright © 2000 Philip J. Curtis All Rights Reserved

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A Conversation With God

I'm appreciating it very much what you try to accomplish and that is
Very good indeed, nevertheless, what is the point here, my son, as I just want to know it?

Well, God, I am expressing to you my marital love,
The one sexual love-stimulant causes a man to desire to take that one
Particular girl, not only as my wife, to share my life’s problems, troubles and successes,
To be my companion, and the mother of my children, but also to desire to take that special
Woman into my arms, and express my love in fond embrace.

Yea, yeah. This is what I wrote for all wise, loving lovers, which it intended and designed it to be. I am 
Not going to break it, and this, in a marriage bounded for life by very me,
Is a righteous, clean, and decent, holy relationship that everyone has to follow.

Now, God, I see you do not understand me. Now I see how much of a lie it all heaven
Was, and now it hurt me, because I am your son.

What did you mean, my son? I do not understand it! What all these nonsenses! 
I wrote it. This is my ordained right way.

Well, God, my wife loves me, but she loves another one.

Why! Do I understand you, my son? How she dare to love another man
Than you, the one I created, and the one I am seriously appealing. How she dare! 

Well, God, she loves not a man, but her, and she tells me that loves is the same
In the holy ground sense of right way, because you have forgotten to write it down
And editing it in the second edition of your revelation!

Wait, wait, my son. Wait for a sec here!  Now you confuse, who is she? 
What revelation you are talking about?

It is my wife’s lover, God, I am very confused, too, and in shock how that happens
That my loves once again it is placing the one I offered her. Now, tell me, God, please,
What should I do? Should I love her or her lover’s breeze?

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A Conversation With God

Excuse me, God!

Yes, my son! What do you want?

Would you have a minute, God? It’s important. I gotta talk with you.
I got a second and you can speak up to me.

Well, God, I would tell you as you really know
Human male and female are different and we could not handle what
We did and what you have shown about the astonishing sex differences
Between humans and animals, especially female differences and what it must be.

Yeah, I'd said that, but what is the point you try to say here, my son.

Well, God, everyone may discover a pleasure on things they love most
Moreover, they create that possibility to keep on which it does not require constant vigilance
In addition, I must say, God, they tell to themselves it is good, yet, as a fully human being, 
and you know it, sometimes all of these change and then we blame you like a school soccer coach.

For God’s sake, my son! I don't want to be rude, but what the hell are you trying to tell me?

Well, God, what I am trying to say is that people will always try to do the things different. You know,
Finding pleasure with animals and wire, that is it, just let it goes into hell. They do not try
To hurt somebody because they’re better than you, they think. You see, God, what I say, as you care for me, 
Accept me, help me, and I must say, I love this woman, and your way is the only practical way to love this woman.

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Wedding Day

Wedding Day

I opened the door to the room my daughter was in.
It was the day I gave her away.
She looked so beautiful.
All I could think was where did my little girl go with pig tails and braces?
Boo-boos and being afraid.
As the music started, I placed her hand in mind and down the alley we went.
Everyone was standing and looking at us
and saying how beautiful she was and how proud I must be.
As we came to the altar, I laid her hand into his.
I looked into his eyes. This is my little girl.
I love her. I have been with her in the good and bad.
You may be the new man in her life
But I will be in her life forever.

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Kiss The Devil

 UNSUPPORTED CODE What could i say 
Than the truth..
You are room mates
You and the devil..
You said the vows to each other
You have licked each others lips
And smeared ghee on each other
Why turn your back to devil that knows your transgressions 
You belong to this hell, don't you?
Its you who chose to be a permanent member
As you shouted yes i do, i do
To this devil you had dated some two years ago

Do you want to quit the devil to marry Lucifer?
No way, no cheating your dear devil
Remember you even kissed his fangs before the priest 
You cant tell us the odor is too bad now?
You have done it several times
Just close your eyes
And do it again
Push your lips to his
Kiss The Devil
Nobody ought to put asunder between you two
Till death do you apart
You have to do as you vowed
Its that called him that
'This devil'
Its your devil
You are his only demon
Just kiss your sweet Devil
In this hell of marriage
What did you expect while marrying him?
You would be a fool to divorce the devil
And marry Satan
Stop playing games
Love your man 

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The One I Love

I've looked for love my whole life but thought I'd never find it until you came in the picture and took me by surprise. 
Then I looked up to the sky to thank God you were mine.
Don't ever leave my side cause I need you to be my guide.
My life would be nothing without you.
There's no one that could ever replace the things you do.
Your the only one for me and I want the world to see that you belong with me and I belong with you.
So I'm ready to prove my love for you.
So will you take my hand in yours to love and cherish forever more?

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Wedding Bliss

Every blessing be with you  both,
In this new chapter of your life together.
Be this alliance be of love, care and respect/joy,
Growing each day of each season.
Rejoice in small moments of togetherness and
Be each other’s strength and power.
May this unification bring loads of joy and prosperity.
Each vow uttered be fulfilled and angels bestow
your hearts stringed together with warmth, kindness
And forgiveness.
Us be the new I and U with freedom and expression.
Let acceptance be the key to your new journey 
to each other’s joy.
Make your relation an ever blooming flower
With its sweet fragrance of bliss.
Spend ,spread and share your tender care
May your true love has the depth of an ocean,
vastness of the sky and shine and sparkle of the stars.
Relish these magical moments and relive the
Vows taken each passing day.

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I remember her, 
curled silent in anger
or uncertainty, 
or something,
beside me in our bed, 
though she was already 
gone from this union, 
flown away,
in spirit, if not fact
and would never come back.

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Maybe It Was

How was your coffee, SWEETHEART?

Hmm? A bit bitter,

you say?

Well, you know,

it could have been

the Splenda...

Or, maybe it was

the CYANIDE???

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a cherished closeness
whimsical playfulness,
two complete strangers

while deafly silence
needless separation,
two individuals easily

between lies imagined
of a husband and wife,
across time and space

into the event horizon
broken heartstrings,
within the darkness

across the universe
for the final frontier,
no couple have gone

© Eugene Harvey

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Yes i do

On the long awaited day
I sat on the three legged stool
As elderly ladies worked on my face.
Eliminating all the ugly spots
To leave a smooth and shinny cheek
For my one and only to kiss
As it was a great day to remember

Thousand and thousand of eyes
Shed tears as we walked together
On the smooth ,silverly floor
Walking to our planned destiny
Biding farewell to all single people
As we were now joining hands
To walk as one forever

We have come to realize
That love is a wonderful gift
Given to us by the almighty God
So that we can walk together 
As a husband and wife.

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Sexual relations

"I have never had sexual relations with that woman",
he said, and we all believed him because folks that 
high up didn't lie

then things got sticky in congress, so he admitted he
 had transgressed, but that's OK

and I went home one day (I was on a diet) and my 
sweet wife asked, "where's the yellow cake I baked? ",
and I said, " I have never had any cake", to my woman.

and she believed me because husbands didn't lie

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32 years of nothing love aplenty abyss annoyance answered abeyance

can u tell me whomwhatwhere I am
or is everyone to blame
must i lose all Butt one limbs
and never hope to be the sames
I hide the mymemine unto all within'ins
and neverthewheretohereforwondery i was given
I don't know who u the Fur 
I don't know why the Fur ALiveeeeEEe

Capture, imprison, torture, mame, kill, set in motion , consider me
fake free and reset my soft soul aghast afire aspire so we gonad disagree
and catapault our doured desire decreed to a lightspeed stud unintended
in an each others doubledoubt, and are never in Needs Sleep'
of each other again, cold promise prism ed and feverent of a drop dead desire.

Take, seek, hold, love u, says no future me in a present pic
To you I am only a one moment of a pissed off past time promised
You saw in me and only in me, that OHIO boydunce dumbass 
wishme was you wanto notto canto maybe?? diff in your socioclitiro
promisepremise that sillosuited your pillowpussy preferences in multiple
measures male militant, yet in the final sociocomehithermalermeter, 
it was all a meremalematterhusbominus of vas def/difference diligence. Find a hole in the femalefalsewhale wall that TIMMERS r aplenty and they lay yr loins loyaly indignent unto a penalplay of Oreagonase orgasm statute of unimmmarital prepostincompliant pleasure to get yrself to a BETTER labia lounge. Either or neither nor, one is whore and never torn tween shall ever meetgreet again; Cockaldodado!!!!
I am through with you. 

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what my wife thinks

forget about now 
 for now was yesterday 
 no more excuses about why and how 
 i am tired of everything you do or say 
 again I will have to do it myself 
 trying not to get mad 
 your things to-do list 
 is left on the shelf 
 just one thing ….. your sad 
 don’t want to fight 
 your so complicated 
 all I want to do is take flight 
 your mind is so sedated 
“what my wife thinks of me “

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Dear Heart
The world is changing so fast.
Words are 
Too loose to convey strong
They are worn out 
With the fast
Flying of time, 
With the overwhelming
Power of our madness
For money is madness.

Dear Heart 
In me grows your deep 
Deep Love 
In love, dear Heart,
My Heart is like a
An eternal fire 
That keeps
Entities to four.
So long!
Remember, my dreams,
First loves
Have all gone out of 
My sight.
The padlock hasn’t yet
My heart, for in it
Lies still
As quiet as the
Queen‘s throne,
As precious as gem,
A splendid abode
For you.
Believe me or not, 
Dear Heart 
Your love is the right
To follow
Your love is the only 
Garden where I could 
Plant my red 
Red heart. 
Me in fresh, dear Heart,
So I may blossom

Mars 20012

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I came to say, I cannot stay, I know I must be going, in the royal unreal realm 
of simple selfish self, shedding/shredding of the u/me/my shydom charade of people poor of word, thought, premise and promise, but lay waste to words
more of toiled terdom, lest of prostrate para phrase, some ill of chance, some driven by mere sillo cir-cum-stance, but yet all speak of shillshock silly ro ma nance. When I read your 
words, and see your shallow thoughts, I think of co intentions derived, so fleshily fractured in lieu of rectal information that I see only all slow contrived, love lived unrealized.
You can take yourself, so important, so reliant that no one else can u be, yet when alone you pray, your wishes seem to say, the love you've seen to sow, is what you've slain and all your own is forgiven forever and a day. Turn back your so so speak space indifferential don't ever slack to remember your place in loves real time rhyme, when you learned that just to love is as good as to be loved, unless it is meant to be by a willful non being, guilty to of all that is knowing, not knowing unforgiving un less you 
thinkthank you could, be awful good and not pre pursue a moment that all is said in non normal nomenclature alphabet albeit I follow you in all of my instincts to let you gogo. I see all that is you and wallow in your everpresence of my own loud aloneness yet feau pause for your anoited
allowance of love forgiveness in our togetherness aplenty. When love ends
and couples cease to exist, where does love go??? When do u abandon "ship".

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A husbands promise

I'll be your faith 
when yours runs low.
Then when your smile is broken, 
I'll be your smile.
I'll be your voice 
when you can't speak.
When you want to vent, 
I'll be your ears.
When you cry, 
I'll catch your tears,
without missing a drop.
May my words be the glue, 
to comfort you when life breaks you.
I'll be your legs 
when you can't stand.
I'll  be your back
when the world gets to heavy to carry.
I will carry your pain 
so you can be burden free.

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Never Again

And here again I stand, 
empty and bleeding,
wishing only for the kiss of true passion again in my life.
To truth and beauty I remain a slave,
empty and soulless until such a time
as someone reminds me why I breathe.

Pulling in so many directions, 
wishful thinking,
paranoia and illness.

Perhaps the home we thought we made,
was nothing but lies and illusion.
The loss of such was not as painful as it should have been.
More a realization that no two people should hurt so much.
A quick slash across the wrist,
the darkness enfolding as everything fades.
When we wake,
we won't hurt anymore.

Everything I held sacred, 
no longer means a thing.
You've managed to take that from me.
But the one lesson I have learned, 
and learned well is this:

Never again.

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IF is taking the hands of AS today,
IF and AS the two become one today,
IF is He and AS is SHE,
IF is hands AS is prayer,
IF is flower AS is smell,
IF is dream AS is reality,
IF is hunger AS is food,
IF is sick AS is cure,
IF is sleep AS is song,
IF is need AS is offer,
IF is yes AS is not no,
IF is no AS is not yes,
IF is light AS is bright,
IF is right AS is not wrong,
IF is road AS is walk,
IF is body AS is cloth,
IF is Adam AS is Eva,
IF is Yoosuf AS is Sulaiha,
IF is Ibraheem AS is Sara,
IF is wishes AS is blessing,
I(nsha) A(llah) the almighty I'm pressing!

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Useless Me

Do the dreams of a lost soul prosper
Or are they lost forever in the dry wind
I lost myself in this despair
Pondering the absence of my life's purpose

She confounds me
She needs me

But I am a useless husk
Barely human
Barely alive
Save when she is near

I AM a liar
I AM a thief
I AM nothing

Nights like these I ponder my anonymity
I sit impotent in front of a world that frightens me
I need and I hope
But I do nothing

She loves me still
When the dry wind blows what little humanity of me remains
Away ... so very far away.
I reach for her in dark and frightening wind
I find her warm
I find her love

Does love sustain the weary and broken
Will she tire of my useless ways
I've lost myself in the pitiful grasp of the unknowing and dying world

Can you guide me home?
Can you give me love?

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Start Courting Again

There comes a time in every marriage 
when a certain junction is reached 
When you or your spouse will start to think 
that your love has reached it's peak. 

When times like this come around 
Do something other than you have been 
Forget the NOW and the rut that your in 
And just start courting again. 

A gentle touch for no reason at all, will start you on your way 
A spontaneous dance with no music at all, anytime of the day 
A trip just for ice cream as a midnight treat 
And don't forget that all important massage for the feet 

During a marriage you are bound 
To fall in and out of love time and again 
The true art of staying married is that you don't fall 
out of love at the same time in the end 

If you can recognize this when it occurs 
You can get past this little crisis and then 
Take the steps needed to bring back the love 
Once you start courting again 

A kiss when you pass in the hall 
Or a hot passionate telephone call 
Streak through the house buck nekkid together 
Skinny dip in any weather 
Feed each other red ripe strawberries 
Any thing silly you did when first married 

You may think I'm crazy or I've lost my mind 
But just put away those fears 
This has worked for my Husband and I 
For the past Thirty three (+) years 

It doesn't have to cost lots of money 
In fact it's better when free 
I bet when you first married, you were as broke 
as any new couple would be 

Take these words of advice to heart 
And have fun when your with her or him 
Just keep it spontaneous and silly 
When you start courting again

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What Defines Love

What does love mean?
Does it explain how you feel inside?
What is longing?
Does it define the emptiness when she is gone? 
What is compassion?
Is it kissing her goodnight when you’re in a fight?
What is understanding?
Is it looking at the world through his eyes?
What describes comfort?
Is it the peace you find in their arms?
What is sacrifice?
Is it doing for them before yourself?
What is love if you don’t follow what’s above?

By: Tim Lundmark

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Sand and Stone

All my real and exaggerated infractions
Over the years you meticulously engraved in stone
But your moral indiscretions against my soul
I recklessly and occasionally scribbled in the sand
The storms we weathered in our years of marriage
Kept erasing all your faults without a trace
But mine became more distinctly etched with time
Until there was no forgiveness left

9/2012 Copyright

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Nuptial steps

Shortly seeking to take you 
As a witty in-law,
I am in anticipation.

Do you vow to:
Love and to cherish
Keep your sweetheart 
Free of bruises?
Hold her in
Sickness and health
In wealth and poverty
Till death do you part?
My sister and her family
Come as one parcel
We sell not our daughters 
To men of the night.

The night of your cross-over
The scorpions that sit on the road
Will be cursed!
The witch that holds the fallopian tube
The broken plates
Packed with a flourish!

That night of your celebration
I’m rebuking the okra
That will not draw
In Tosan’s pot (tafia!)
Cursed be the palm oil
That will not whiten 
When bleached
Cursed be the tangled bedspread
To trip your legs
On your mattress!

Together, the gods will unite
In your case,
We shall blow the horn
Of joy
On that beautiful day.

As I eagerly seek to take you
As loving in-law
I am in haste!

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The light of the moon
The sparkle of the stars
Match the twinkle I have in my eyes for you

My eyes open wide
changing colors with my mood
all I want to see is you

Your tender kiss
Your warm hugs
on a cold night

Connected to you
hands always together
feet always touch

I never want to be without you
I think about it every night
My love I need you to hold me tight

A few more months
and baby we've won
and can have sleepovers every night

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I felt a sudden shiver.
Night begins to fall.
We floated up the river. 
The city lights..enthrall.

Wind in my hair. 
You holding me close. 
My heart beating fast. 
Ships horn it blows. 

Laughter from the cabin. 
Wine glasses chime.
Music is sexy..
it's a quarter to nine. 

We duck inside.
You ask me to dance.
You kiss me gently.
A passionate glance. 

We walk by the bar. 
Wine tastes so cold. 
Love in the air. 
It never gets old. 

Dinner bell rings. 
A table for two. 
Exquisite cuisine. 
Oh! what a view. 

The city lights..
ignite the sky-line. 
Flames in my heart. 
He pours me some wine. 

Jazz playing softly.
Friends all around. 
We dance and we sing. 
A beautiful sound. 

Ship pulls into port. 
We all bid her farewell. 
Dinner on the Hudson. sails. 

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Q divorced U,
Marrying W,
In key boards,
Why double U,
Not enough one U?

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The footsteps of our youth run before us in the sand,

And disappear into the arms of a loved one.

We are not concerned, nor do we dwell,

For we are happy as we are - Together.

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The veil

Just the other day, 31 years ago 
I saw her tears through her veil
Tears that the sun shone through
As she walked down her aisle
Towards me.

A precious veil
That only two can know.

The veil made her face look white
As if it was a light source.

Through that veil 
She made made her promises
Her vows
That she now fulfills.
Every day 
Every event
Every relationship
Every pain
Every joy.

Through that veil
Through joyful words
Yet trembling voice
Came an ancient yet present commitment.

Through the veil, a bride makes her promise
After the veil is lifted, the promise is kept.

Two become one.
Life is shared.

Just like when one turns to Jesus
The veil is lifted, and
Two become one
Life is shared...

Within the veil.


And Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and breathed His last. Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. (?Mark? ?15?:?37-38? NKJV)

by a new and living way which He consecrated for us, through the veil, that is, His flesh, (?Hebrews? ?10?:?20? NKJV)

and behind the second veil, the part of the tabernacle which is called the Holiest of All, (?Hebrews? ?9?:?3? NKJV)

Nevertheless when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. (?II Corinthians? ?3?:?16? NKJV)

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church. (?Ephesians? ?5?:?31-32? NKJV)

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Marriage is an engagement,
Two minds agreement,
The bed playing the middleman,
A bed,the first debt in marriage for settlement,
Ring brings a debt,
The cake baked in debt,
Dress designed in debt,
Meals in merchants books of debt,
A marriage is said in life to set,
But in fact it's settlements of debts!

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What is Marriage

What is Marriage?

Marriage once had an aura about it
a special union ordained by God
a unique symbol of our humanity
I find that the purpose and meaning
of marriage and family today has
changed as society has accepted new
norms it seems that are now the way
we define both of these institutions.

Boys and girls no longer have their
roles as future husbands and wives
defined by growing up watching
and learning from their parents
what is means to be a husband
or a father and a mother or a wife

Our roles as husbands and wives
are ever changing and are based
not on what is right or wrong but
on situation ethics and individual
self-centered attitudes of what’s
exactly is in it for me, myself or I.

Marriage is no longer a relationship
based on the giving of one another
for the benefit of each other, but
instead is all about getting all that
one can and having it all for oneself

Selfishness and greed are the two
primary determining factors that
deems whether a marriage is or
or is not working, with the easy
solution being the pre-nuptial
agreement or the fast “No Fault”
divorce when the marriage doesn’t
live up to unrealistic expectations.

Today what determines whether
a marriage is successful or not
is the accumulation of things
geared to our own selfish wants
and not seeking to live together
in harmony working together and
seeking only to acquire those
things that meet our own needs.

© Eugene Harvey

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                        Unlike then,
           he plants a kiss on her left cheek
                 repeats 'bye honey'
              pale numbness invades her
                  To the nearest chair
                        she drops

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Love School

What can I say that'll add proof
on a day like today?
I the wed, I do, in sickness,
in laughter, when your upset
and say "what's it matter."
What can I say that isn't 
a fairytale but unbelievably 
real? We only have today
However, if God is generous,
I promise to pray each day &
Heaven and earth will bear witness 
& everyone here is charged 
to remind me of my purpose: 
To nurture, love and cherish 
this gift that God has given.
And if He answers prayers the way
He did by bringing you
in my atmosphere, 
I might be lucky enough 
to breathe a lifetime of you. 
Just like in grade school
we both have 100s.
I'll work diligently to be present
and attentive. I may need a little 
extra credit from time to time
but I'll do whatever 
if it means making up with you. 
Today's our fairytale 
some months or years 
down life's settled path
when storms try to wash us away,
I promise to remain in school
learning how to love you
equal to or greater than 
August twenty-ninth  
our first day.