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Free Verse Journey Poems | Free Verse Poems About Journey

These Free Verse Journey poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Journey. These are the best examples of Free Verse Journey poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I Sail This Ship Alone

As the last opalescent glow of sunset fades away I sail this ship alone towards a crimson horizon over a starlit sea to the soft lapping of waves which lullaby my destiny I sail this ship alone far from the coral sand far from the pebbled beach far from my sun-kissed land Tonight there is no moon but there's a sparkle in the sky a starry night so still filled with beacons of bright light Tomorrow births a new dawn a song within a dream meadows of yellow buttercups and fields of evergreen Tomorrow I'll be greeted by a pink-winged butterfly a host of daffodils, and golden dandelions a rose within a smile Tomorrow I stroll along a new shore feel fresh salt spray on my cheek dance bare-foot in the wind as Spring whispers on the breeze.

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Grief is Grief is not

Grief is not something we “get through”…
you “get through” a bad day
Grief is not something we “get over”,
“you ”get over” a cold”
Grief is not something we “move on from”
you “move on from” a bad relationship”
But Grief is… a companion we “move forward with”,
learning from and growing, with each agonizing step.
Grief is… a heart-wrenching process, not bound by time,
But sets us on a “lifelong journey” of finding truth and meaning…
Grief is not a crutch we hold onto for pity
It is not a lack in character
It is not a weakness that needs to be strengthened
Or a problem that needs fixing
It is not an enemy to be slain
Or like a wild animal, to be caged
YES! that needs “time”… “A LIFETIME”
Grief is… an acknowledgement of true love shared
and true love lost
Grief is… a love we hold so deep within our souls
That our tears fall to caress the pain…
“God given tears”, full of purpose and meaning
For each one carries with it a piece of our heart
grief hugs us and holds us close
to a great love we can no longer touch…
grief is… our friend for without it
our lives would have been a lie.

Grief is…purely and simply a journey of love
It is a friend, to those of us who mourn
A friend who sees what we need and allows us to be us
Grief is a release of unimaginable pain…
a release of a great indescribable loss…
Grief is… the bridge that crosses repentant oceans,
spans desolate canyons, and fear filled mountain tops.
that we may cross over this tragedy to a renewed heart 
by means of the love we shared and continue to share
through the love of our Almighty God
Grief is…
A pain we can use, to broaden our hearts
and the hearts of all those around us
it is… a road we must travel to gain wisdom.
A level of wisdom you will never achieve by playing strong.
For only when we sink to the bottomless pit of grief
Will we be awakened by the light of truth.
Do not judge it… for it contains Gods secrets
Secrets you can only hear by listening
through the blare of the pain.
It is a sacred contract to be in awe of and inspired by
To learn from and grow from
To gain compassion and understanding from
It is a journey that holds a sacred contract
That will be signed by each and every one of us
Who has the strength… and the courage…
to love with all your heart and all your soul.
It is not a journey I would wish on anyone
But now that I am here I will walk it with honor
And purpose, with my head held high and my feet in stride
For at the end of this road there you’ll be,
waiting to take me home.

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View From The Top of the Trail

It’s an unknown journey, but I see a trail
heading to the light of tomorrow
There will often be times I'll be afraid, to go
I may stumble a bit, with an eager heart
And may tremble climbing cliffs of old sorrows

There are deep, black chasms I will not forget,
where slopes slick, with pitfalls, are waiting to trip 
But I've gone too far, and I can't turn around,
Just as the sun can't turn its back on the day 

The trees speak in tongues, so foreign to my ears
using parched, old voices, and tears from the sky
Scraps of brittle leaves litter, with dust all around
Mixed with words left unsaid, that I've left behind

There’s a sharp mist of hope, at the bend of the river
yet,sun on my face seems to lend, 
the slope of the rain, but the warmth of the sun
      with an open blue sky at the end


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Orient Express: Collaboration Poem By JaDazzle Jan Allison and Darren Watson

We hear the engine whistle 
The hissing of the steam 
The hairs on our necks begin to bristle 
As we meet the arrival of a dream 
We didn't think we had a chance of winning 
Entering just for fun I guess 
but thanks to simple poem we are grinning 
As we board the Orient express.
London to Paris, what a dream come true
I never dreamed the sparks would fly between us two
The fireman stokes the boiler; and releases a jet of steam
The guard collects our tickets and we begin our dream
Days and nights together on this magnificent train
Travel through beautiful places, seeing new terrain
Enthralled at the elegance and beauty of the carriage
Will our trip together end up with our marriage
Looking so handsome in your new dinner jacket
Glad you won this holiday; it must have cost a packet
The ambiance of the surroundings is utter bliss
We seal our relationship with a tender kiss
Holding hands so gently we share a vintage wine
Sitting in the Pullman coach you rest your head on mine
Velvet blue sky and shining stars start to cast their spell 
The romantic seine has such stories to tell.

In Paris we visit the galleries of fine art
Holding your hand I realise you have captured my heart
We pass through the Arc De Triomphe and climb the Eiffel Tower 
Now I surrender to your feminine power
Retire with me to the Napoleon suite 
Sharing in the splendour of this romantic treat
Promise to be my Mam'selle Josephine 
Or expose my heart to Madame Guillotine  

You look so beautiful and smell divine 
I kiss your lips, They taste of fine wine
We are lost in the flames of passions fire 
As we quench the thirst of true loves desire
Our bodies rise and fall as we entwine
Oh I’m so glad that you are mine
All those feelings denied and for so long suppressed 
Come to the fore aboard the Orient express.

Passion abates we are wrapped in each others arms
Darren wants more so I succumb to his great charms
Our fire ignites with desire and great passion
Hour upon hour – this man I can’t ration
Finally we reach the end of the line
Our love making session has been so divine
Arm in arm we head out of the carriage door
So hopelessly in love – who could ask for more

15th April 2014
Jan Allison and Darren Watson - 'JaDazzle'

Please also read my Blog about our collaboration

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She Hulk

When I was a child I only ever wanted to be strong.
I wanted to be able to compete with the boys
and when I foot raced them at recess I won every time.
They called me ‘She Hulk’ because of my muscular frame
and from the way I only ever wore soccer t-shirts and sweat pants.
After that nickname was implanted into my brain like a growing weed,
I’ve only ever wanted to be feminine.
I started wearing skirts and dresses 
and in middle school they shrieked at the site of my makeup and done up hair.
But that weed inside of my mind only grew, and grew, and grew
until I became a mixed drink cocktail
with one part anorexic and two parts lonely,
because I thought that the definition of feminine began with the word frail.
No one ever realizes how greatly words affect us,
how a simple nickname can turn a pretty girl into a skeleton.
I stood at five foot two weighing seventy nine pounds,
so cold and frozen,
yet I still considered myself a ‘She Hulk.’
You could see my ribcage through my t-shirt
and my spinal cord protruded loudly through my weathered skin,
as if somehow my bones were dirty knives
just trying to cut through the flesh of judgment.
As I grew older I became the girl that was never enough.
Not good enough to speak poetry.
Not good enough to lay paint on a canvas.
Not good enough.
Not tall enough.
Not big enough boobs for them.
Not primped to perfection.
Not undeniably straight.
Not smart enough.
Not dumb enough.
Not ditsy enough.
Not cool enough or fun enough.
And I began to believe, too, that I wasn’t enough.
I never told my mother that I had been in madly in love with a girl.
I never told anyone about the night we first kissed 
because I was too vulnerable for the judgment.
And parents always justify saying that ‘kids will be kids’
But when we are kids our brains are still growing
and the smallest of seeds that get planted will one day bloom
into one giant regret,
will one day affect the choices that we make,
will one day influence us about the clothes that we wear,
will one day shape us into the person who we thought we would never be.
I only ever wanted to be strong,
and as a child I thought strength was only about being able
to lift a bar stool above your head.
I thought that strength was only about being able
to beat the boys in bare foot running races.
I was told that strength was something only
a man could have.
But as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that strength
isn’t about muscle at all,
but it’s about weakness,
and the ability to overcome the social anxiousness.
It’s about carrying around a lifetime of baggage
on your broken back
because the ones that kicked you when you were down
are going to be the ones that were  ultimately wrong.
I thought that the definition of woman 
began with the word disappointment.
And I became a mixed drink cocktail
with one part freedom
and two parts Sailor Jerry
because every girl needs a stiff drink once and awhile.
We are not disappointments.
We will never be the ones who gave up on hope.
We will never be the ones who gave up on each other,
or god,
or our mothers.
We will always be enough;
enough for the ones who shunned us 
enough for the ones that cursed us
enough for the ones the hurt us
and destroyed us
and beat us when we were covered in bruises.
But you see, bruises fade
and the scars of our flesh are only stories
things we have overcame
and there are things out there that we will overcome.
When I was a child, I only ever wanted to be strong.
I hid my vulnerability.
I hid the parts of me that were true.
I never told my mother about my girlfriend
because I was afraid she wouldn’t understand,
kind of like all those people who never understood 
just how much words effect us. 
I can’t say that I can beat the boys at foot races anymore,
because, well, I smoke cigarettes now.
And I can’t say that the nickname of my childhood didn’t affect me.
But I take that name now and embrace it.
Because I am strong.
I am the ‘she hulk’.
I am a mixed drink cocktail
with three parts greatful.

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In My Place

I have been put in my place many times
Told how to talk
What to think
How I need to look a certain way
Be the way I'm suppose to be
Expectations to be met
I could never be me

That place that almost drove me insane
I kept being placed there
Over and over again
Yet I had no choice but to be true to myself
I couldn't be someone else's book 
Placed on a shelf, in a perfect row, not standing out
No one knowing what I'm about

I ripped out the pages
Inserted my own
Scribbled on the cover
Added my own colors
My pages screamed to be read
Hoping others would hear what I said

As time went on
I often changed my design
Desperately trying to know myself
Unsure what I would find
Never really fitting in
Confused by what I found within
Hard to know where I belong
Listening to notes from others songs
Was my way of thinking right
In a distance I could see a glimmer of light
I dreamed my dreams
I craved the light

Then one day
All the pieces clicked
I fell into place
Joy accompanied by a certain grace
Comfortable with me
I live in the moment
I can just be
Finally, finally 
I am free
I know my place

Dedicated to my Friend Armand who knows 
his place and helps others discover their place. 
You my friend are a true original Happy Birthday!

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~ JOURNEY to the center of me!~

Yield upon this blissful moment!
In, a cutting-edge welcoming,
This minute can only maintain-

Yesterday’s journey~ Desire~

The world inside my head, can think,
Deeper than a dream;
Up till now, anticipation has hovered my present thoughts
Day becomes night,
Night becomes day,
In a cave, I call my insanity.
Hallucination, raveling inside my head, 
I sit where my thoughts entwine with my elusive slumber.
Everything inside of me is lucid and lost in madness. 
I perceive the proper perception; 
to think is only a thought.

Today’s journey~ Sensation~

Barren thoughts never exit the aggression in my mind.
I stand among the crying thunder locked within my head.	
Of sweet flower they arise and bloom, above all shores,
I embrace the beauty of my deepest emotion.
Sands of time litter within my walls!
My thoughts sit and wait! 
Minimizing themselves down to a speckled dot.
They are a few, sweet and creepy,
Those grab my attention,

Tomorrow’s journey~ Pleasure~

Passion wilting upon yesterday’s memory.
Concentrating and unraveling every single knot.
And, still I go back and give that one look.
A hot steamy want, judged by my brainwaves.
Notions, follow a path and indulge with no escape.
Danger escapades into a naughty reflection, "I am my own diversion!"
My thoughts are thoughtless as they can be.
Brittle and little like you and me!
Still my journey continues to emerge with all the thoughts found in the center of me.

Everyday's journey~ Begins with………Determination……


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'A Thousand Steps'

A thousand steps in between 
who I was and who I am now 
do I wonder about the detours? 
do I wish I took the dirt road instead? 

Would my path have been smoother if I said no instead of yes? 
Would the worries have been less then what they are today? 

I guess I’ll never know, 
unless I go back in time 
choose a different path 
choose the least attractive offer and run with it

pipe dreams that is all my journey back in time would be 
‘cause I would not have met you 
and you would not be reading these words.... 

Everything in life boils down to an immaculate plan, 
it may not be my ideal plan or yours 
but in the end the voyage continues 
whether we want to or not…

‘Cause it is all part of the bigger picture 
in that image is your life and mine... 

We just got to embrace the journey 
no matter how uncertain it might be...


Contest: Anything Goes
7th Place

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Lantern on the Water

Place my mind into a boat
doused with kerosene.

Create a lantern on the water:
light the boat a-flame
and push it out to sea.

Then my heart will be more free.



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I am one breathtaking moment
I am one who is lost or alone
I am one raindrop, or one flowering rose
I am warm as the sun, or cold as a stone
I am a distant star or a meadow lark
Or one dark cloud that hovers on the horizon
I am many memories from a long ago childhood
I am today and tomorrow
I am a teardrop filled with sorrow
I am the first rainbow of the season
I have many ways to sing a love song
Or tell a story, or share the laughter, or feel the glory
I am all the colors of our world
I am a disappointment, I am a  pearl
I am all races, all creeds, the scattering of all seeds
I am a leaf who's frayed by the wind
I am a friend, who stays till the end
I am all words unfurled into the light
I am all the broken hearts and hopes lost in the night
I am all the hurt, all the anger, all the joy, all the love
I am all who believe in God above
I am all who doubt
I am all who laugh, and sing, and wail and shout
I am unleashed with wild emotion
I am silent with devotion
I lay stepping stones to healing
I renew by sharing feelings
I am a few unbroken rules, a few enchanting jewels
I am the ember, I am the spark
I am unsure, in ways that count
I have been kind, I have been cruel
I have been curt, I have been hurt
I am a poet.........I have a heart
I am a season nearing autumn
I've climbed to the top, I've hit rock bottom
I am a mother, I am a wife
I have been taking, I have been giving
I have a family, they are my life
These are my reasons to be living


For The "I Am" contest, sponsored by Frank Herrera

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I need it to rain

I need to hide
to drown my sorrow
to not feel obligated to stay a secret
the darkness to blanket my self inflicted pain
the thunder to stifle my screams
the lightening to set me on fire
I need it to rain...

I need to be revitalized and invigorated
to feel serene and tranquil
to be calm and collected
the darkness to bring me peace
the thunder to direct my mind
the lightening to guide my heart
I need it to rain...

I need to escape
to feel the ground at my feet
to feel the wind in my hair
the darkness to blind my captor
the thunder to clap in approval
the lightening to sever my shackles 
I need it to rain...

I need to grow
to heighten my potential
to cultivate and thrive
the darkness to shelter my fraility
the thunder to ward off any imminent danger
the lightening to strike as my weapon
I need it to rain...

I need to be laid to rest
for someone to cry for me
for someone to long for me
the darkness to resemble my abscence
the thunder to echo my voice through your ears
the lightening to flash visions of me before your eyes
I need it to rain...

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Who Will I Follow

So many ask me to follow them
through rusty gates and broken doors
Where will I be led
whom shall I follow
Are their directions better than my own?
Will I lead myself down the garden path?
Perplexed by messages
What will satisfy?
Is there meaning to life?
Blind guides speak loudly
painting pretty pictures on my mind
Enticing me with their magic
They speak like they know
They want me to see what they think they see
It is so close
just over the next horizon
Purpose, serenity
Being at one with the universe
Peace, love, understanding
I pick up a book
It warns me
there is but one way
Directed to the only Son 
A gift from the Father
The creator of all things
Earthly wisdom to be ignored
become as a little child
The opposite of all that I had known
A single narrow path
I am slowly guided along
no longer alone
I know who I will follow
I am on the road to home

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A Summer To Remember

A Summer To Remember

Summer exhausted, the fall chill begins
    in those first days you and I fell
    into each other as water into the sea
    sunshine was you, light was all me
Winter's snows saw us meet its deep cold
    a team that danced in that icy glory
    sweet ink wrote our special story
Spring, our lives embraced a great renewal
    beautiful pictures sought we out
    tempting each into adventurous journeys 
Summer returned, I found your shadow had fled
    our love emerged from its sheltered cocoon
    seeking love anew, its past left dead

R.J. Lindley

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'Rewrite your ending'

If you continue to hide How will they know? Who you are What you are Behind all the guilt Hidden behind the negative thoughts
A gem
You don’t realise the depth of you You don’t get the image God sees when He looks at you Faults - mistakes all forgotten Shackles broken long ago The only prison you are in; is man made By your hands By your thoughts By the misconstrued image you see In others eyes Focus on your race Not those around you This chapter is for your book It's your path

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Youth I remember you well The happiness and the perfection A lifetime in which to dwell No worries to block my path Playing make believe with my dolls Unaware of the passage of time and age Oblivious to hate and cruelty Happy and content with my thoughts No nightmares to disturb my peace Teddy bear pressed to my cheek Friends to laugh with A Mom and Dad to hold close Boyfriends that came and went A long life ahead A career, love, marriage, children No rock left unturned Elder Do I know this reflection This woman who bears my name Where did the little girl of yesterday go And the woman that was me She only resides inside nowadays My hair has lost its sparkle My cheeks are hollow and pale Eyes that are too dark and empty My beauty has faded away Many deaths have left me alone Nightmares rock me to sleep In the dark I weep I fear the end and wish it also The pain of old age pulses in my bones Dear God, take me home Death I lay beneath the green earth In peace I dwell Here I watch the changing sky The rain drenches me The snow is beautiful as it lays upon me The sun soothes my bones The cool earth wraps me in her arms Filigree clouds drift by dreamily I listen to the wind in the trees I hear the voices weep above me I gather each falling tear Death is not such a terrible place I want to say to those above The youth of yesterday was fleeting My elder years were long and painful And only death has loved me well Now I reside in Paradise My only regret are things left unfinished June 21, 2013 Free Verse For the contest, Talking to Yourself

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I Drink of Life

I drink of Life
Of lavish beauty
Consuming its fragility 

I drink of Death
From which I flee
And cheat with immortality

I drink of pain
Its utter grief
And spew out my humanity

I drink of time
Of frozen bliss
And Change’s continuity

I drink of love
And drag it deep
For it is my serenity

© Donna Golden; December 25, 2014

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It is the old man from the threefold of life 
To whom I have taken control on this
But the poet whatever 
The cause should be 
The one who must walk 
Along the concept
For which beauty fades from 
Measure of apparent
Size of naturalistic explanations
Regardless how rich your heart is 
And none of us is able pass through.

It is the poet who is living 
Psychologically into this burrow of guesses 
And paradises within him
With reflection and with correction 
Of life this creates such 
A record that commands he must live or die.

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Moving On

Moving On

we are human tuning forks
vibrating to our own frequencies
searching for the rhythm and the pulse
of the universe
the peace of mind
we're looking to find
the occasional perfect moment
to prove we're not blind
so I accept my flaws
and their probable cause
because in the last place to dream
there can be no laws

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Sanctuary of Obscurity

Dare one impose upon the primitive soul, Revolving around solitude—a savant hold warmer than the sun Entranced by every ideal—loving many and no one Would they hesitate to break the sensational sway… As petals of tiger lilies fall upon its sunset eyes Tremulous sighs and exhalations—dedicated to wisdom Looking to the sky…a vast wilderness of celestial light Fixated in the center of star-drafted darkness The wheel of its heart turns smoothly Oiled with only the finest knowledge With brutal truths seeping into the empty spaces Not even the most charming can break its stance Feeble smiles melt away into frustrated admiration For not one could dare embark upon her spirit Without looking first deep within himself Tearing apart the pride that so recklessly razes Ensnaring all that behold him All but one Had one selflessly walked into the midst of this fraction of heaven, He would watch faithfully a sunrise on the legs of endurance And the embracing, smiling arms of patience If one only left their guard for the Sanctuary of Obscurity The skies of white light upon dark would open in reverence The lips that are so fixated upon moist discovery Would have their gentle hold on mortal purity To allow such a moment to exist, Kindheartedness must coexist And hovering humility harnessed deep in vicious sincerity

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The Speed of Flight

A small thunder of beating wings fell
Into it, I threw my hopes and prayers
should his light fail and end succeed,
the thunder would roll on

The fury of his need steals his days, and 
I cannot breathe for lack of understanding 
why the good die young, why
the good does not last 

Chaser of fear after a pint of exhilaration
drowns my joy in knowing
the horizon rises against him, and
I cannot change his course

- A. H. Sewell ©2015

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He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

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Flickered Candle - A collaboration with Eileen Ghali

A huge shout out to my dear friend, Eileen, for creating a wonderful memory with this collaboration. There is a vital lesson when moments like this are created: The cure to uncertainty is togetherness. May we all make more memories like this. Friendships, real ones, are a commodity.

Surrounded by impenetrable marble

A stained glass perception
Milks dignity from dilapidated pores

I stare unto retribution’s flame
Gliding softly on waxy façade

Holding the hand of a friend

I hold on, 

Distorted view of reality
Piercing inner sanctum

Veil of peace

Torn asunder
Set aflame

Melancholic facades
Dripping in hardened tears
Waxy build-up

Inner core of existence


Licked by burning infernos,

I hold on…

Holding the hand of a friend

We raise eagle’s wing
Banishing oppressive lips

Venomous soliloquies
Tasting alliterated misdirection
Uninvited to solace’s peak

Our time is now
Our time is now!

Our time
Turning hourglass sands
Into horizontal awakenings

This eloquent candle will never wane. 

Our strength faces resurgence
Your hands to mine

My soul awakened, revived

Our orange-hued sands of time
Reversing ravages of melting tears

Candle light, incandescent,
But not melting
On this night

But no hesitant flickers,
On this night

Generating heat of bonded hands
Bonded minds

Burning flame of mystery

I hold on to your hand.

This is our time


Words set to eternal flame

Oh, yes. 

This eloquent candle shall never wane.

©Drake J. Eszes & Eileen Ghali

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World above the clouds

Far away from this bonded crowd,
Far away from these layers of 
Oh wings of the air glide me away,
To the world, world above the 

To the giant mountains of mist,
Where sparkling houses of rain 
be built,
World beneath where would be 
And sun rays where will be cold 
and soothing.

Where I won’t be bound by laws,
And I could speak freely about 
things I love aloud,
Yeah to the world with cloud 
above the clouds,
Where everything just everything 
will be allowed.

Sliding on morning dews that stays 
till night,
Diving in the night’s sky that looks 
like morning light,
With no paths to follow,
I’ll glide free and fast,
Yawing, pitching, bouncing, 
Like the endless penumbra it’s 
unknown where I’ll last
Yeah endless it is,
And it’s unknown where I’ll last

For Above the CloudsContest
I think I am late :-( posting this 

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ABC Love Poem

                            ~My Trip With Love~

A arrival from Montreal to San Francisco seeing my son and his children.
B beautiful red roses on my approach expressing their love towards me. 

C for caring to have an eye contact honoring my motherly devotion & fidelity.
D for dreams come true when i sleep at night in my own studio. 

E for enjoy having our breakfast first day while exchanging our life time stories.
F for faithfulness towards one another was so important since his childhood.

G good friends who invites me to their homes to meet their families.
H for happiness when I run to the restaurant help greett his customers at work.

I interfering with my sons life is a long forgotten issue, a perpetual respect . 
J for jokes we exchange together through evenings laughing endlessly.

K kissing me good night when the night is over for me to retire.
L for love that I get from both of them when I cook an oriental dish.

M morning ride on a tour with family & soft music while driving.
N for never do I complain about any subject when shared together. 

O older, but I don't let them feel my arthritis pains when I am visiting. 
P for pictures are taken as souvenirs from this fabulous journey once a year 

Q quite evenings when I leave my son and wife to have an intimate night.
R for roll up my sleeves to clean their home to amaze them out of love.

S surprise when home from work to a house clean & table set for dinner. 
T transport for me is the subway my independence not to bother him.

U unique love between a son and mother, he is my rock. Best friends.
V variable outings touring the city while discussing his children's future.

W wanting those happy days to last forever. But will return next year. 
X xylophone for enjoying the music of our last dinner together.

Y yearning from my depth to have wanted my stay to last longer.
Z zone when we said farewell at the end of the visitors area. Tears of joy.
Visiting my sons once a year is my dream come true forever. The love for my children has always been, "The Endless Love Of A Child".

Therese Bacha
. 28/5/2013

 An ABC poem :For Alfred Vassello

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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A Room Full of Butterflies

Inspired by a Art gallery and a poem by Shelly.

A room full of  mottled multicolored butterflies
captured within a creative space
of artful design
to inspire and aspire
Flirt and flutter a delicate ballet
among the pot plants
A splash of color
an oasis
among a drab row of urban gray
The door is opened
and the butterflies are released to freedom
flying high above
lush green trees
in clear unblemished skies
floating like autumn fallen leaves
in a gentle breeze
painted Ladies
that rested on my heart for a while
and made it smile
bringing pleasure to my eye
A symbol of freedom and eternity
filling my dreams
with all the treasures of summer.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Sept.

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The Same

You used to look at me.

You glanced upon my ripened, caramel skin
With palpitated affirmations
Of your smile



Your titanium pupils
Illuminating across Merlot filled chalices

Another umbrella drop
Another hungry thrust
Unto solemn choruses

Another choir of sonatas
Filling our bells
Turning the tides
Against full moon deceptions

Yet, the sun rose.

We would lie on park benches’ lap
As I covered my thorns
To avoid your judgments
Drawing your attention to cresting waves
By our lakeside

Yet, the clouds rolled in.

As vehement rainfall
Caused my roots to blossom
My thorns to strengthen

You were poked by my errors.

Another angel cries.

These wingless flaws I shed
Within retinal waterfalls

As I hold onto empty, rickety barrel
For dear tomorrows

Am I
Not good enough for you

Has your pulse’s arrhythmia from yesterday

Will you still take my hand
In whimsical slow dance
Through God’s uncertainty

Because, tomorrow,
I will still be the same.

©Drake J. Eszes

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My Dreams

I want to dream
Like flying across the sky
Finding out greater heights
Seeing others view of reality
And be one with the sky.

I want to dream 
Swimming underneath the ocean
Searching water creatures
Fishes, clamps, and corals
Discern what their importance’s are
In our existence and health.

I want to dream
Walking underneath the ground
Exploring things that make us
Wealthy and abundant
Seeing the sources of gold, diamond
And any mineral alike.

I want to dream all my life
To enjoy everything
With my dream Self
As I always know
It’s another form of my reality.

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Me, Myself and I

I thought of things each day
As if they were stream of events
Through my mind away
More scenes I kept
Within my soul blemished
Haunted and reminiscent
Each action that pricked
My inner being in the wilderness
Of its fruition bestowed
For those who deserved
To savor the sumptuous breed
Of nature who spoke
Within the collective cells
That circumscribed
The essence of my existence
I created everything
That pleased and hurt me at once
But it was just fragment
Of essential things
Needed to propel my desires
To become who I am
And be one with everything.

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Flowers bloom
And flowers wilt.
Flowers blush
And flowers fade.
The eternity is only in me-
The twig that bears the flowers.

Sparrows are born
And sparrows die.
Sparrows fly
And brighten the sky.
That who nurtures sparrows is me-
A cozy make of a twig upon a twig.

The sun fades
And moon is born.
The twilight blurs
And moonlight spreads.
All the soothing moonlight beams are me-
A crisscross of unfathomed twigs.

Whether in its birth
Or in its death;
In the heart
Of its heart;
The entire beauty is none but one-
A design of mysterious twigs.

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You Are on My Mind

You're on my mind
Doing things which you
Love most with me
Creating marvels of life
You want to share
Making impossibility
Possible and real
Exploring the vastness
Of love we share
Even in our minds
Let's don't stop
These uncanny feelings
Until we realize
It's all in our minds.

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chasing the dream
falling into a scheme

screaming as I fall
nails scratch the wall

going down

wake in a new place
hands reach and rub my face

people come to greet me
and they all agree

I'm not from this land
so they take my hand

and lead me to the queen
(who is quite mean!)

all dressed in red
from toes to head

then I meet an extraordinary man
who tells me how this world began

next to him are a mouse and hare
who go thru life without a care

that is where I meet the cat
who gives the man back his hat

a smile set upon his face
randomly appearing in a different place

taking me to see a girl in white
who asks me to join the fight

against the dragon who roams
the skies above their homes

I must agree
for is my destiny

dressed in my silver suit 
ready to beat the brute

his wing flap against my face
why am I in this place!?

my sword comes down in a crash
he had no time to dash

now he’s dead and I must leave
but the man grabs my sleeve

and dances a little jig
and tells me that the world’s no to big

I give hugs and say goodbye
never shall these memories die

when back at my palace
I spoke my name aloud

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The Wasteland -Part 1-

How can one express the baffling depths of obscurity? How can one behold to open the shafts of the mind? I have never been able to solve the mystery— Of myself. . . I wish at times that my life was no more That I could live as another and finally see things right But I am always stuck in this darkness And I cannot see this mind in light There are beasts. . .demons prowling through the wasteland Searching for any remaining life And if they are ever found— They are doomed and consumed Fear is their downfall and they never fail to smell it Their ashes remain, dancing with the imaginary breeze It is silent here—there are no answers I wish there were answers. . . But maybe there was never a reason No answers. . . Talons extend and clench around my heart They will never seek me out—they left me here It is like they knew…I had no reason—that was the answer I feel the pulse of my dangling life Alone in the dark, whimpering like a child I have scared myself, becoming this dragon-daggered youth No balm in Gilead! No eyes to see All I know will never be free I don’t need anyone! You are a disgrace—scum of the waste! You have everything, you ungrateful little nothing You are a joke. . . So swallow it all up like the pushover you are Stand your lowest and trudge right through No questions. No answers. Just . You. Or just lie back down into the mush of disease It has already infected you to the core Accept who you are, you ugly pestilence! I hate you Who are you to be glorified? Dream snatcher. . .murderer of all things bright Saturated in what you call light I see right through—even as the reflections shatter All of the dead kept you alive—they all matter… But alive you are the worst there is False savior—edited attention whore I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I hide. . . Desperation. . .desperation. . . I sob and cry kneeling in defeat For once I am right. . .I am right

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Always the Lady

An hour before time, they put her through the motions.
Shoving and pulling her strings adding oil and suntan lotion.
Hot and humid still shining in candid spirit she professes
in music, a monotone but in finesse, a tune nonetheless.

Of her welcome song intrinsic in me but to her handlers, in blase
only the mere task of steering and roping in tense power play.
Embarking though marred by obvious signs of abuse and neglect.
Her rolling in elation disguised the slippery entrance and my regret.
Drivers accommodating cramped spaces as directed, gently to fill.
Opting to maitain serenity as they in vain, placate her iron will.

Do I hear her rising blood pulses or lack of joy in welcome thereof?
No, just the sound of tumultuous creaks and human smell
of perfume, tainted sweat and punjent oil leaks let off.
Disgruntled impatience of mere sailors but of her, not a peep.
Standing tall, holding firm a class of her own as she let sweep.
Riding the waves in style directing me to the destiny I must keep.
On and on she rides tantalising the waves as they foam at the peaks.
Such insight when she lapses into a lullaby putting me to sleep.

I return to a friend who knows well to serve, to ferry me ashore.
Another blissful time with her as the sea beckons for us to explore.
She is faithful, a useful companion with its own metallic commodore.
Sailing majestically forever a classy lady, our very own Lady Samoa.

(N.B  Lady Samoa is our Inter-Island Ferry)

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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So Shall It Be In The End

What choice has bittersweet despair,
A dying rose,
An empty chair.
Shall I then grieve and weep for thee
And temper broken heart and soul
So I can cherish one more gaze
Of happiness, of summer days
And bristle with abiding love
Of life cast now in shade and brook,
This ebb which pains with force and fate
United soon through heavens gate.

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Contortionists Test

I enjoyed wrapping my mind around his words
Stretching my thinking
At times coming unglued
Reaching towards oblivion
While keeping my feet in multiple worlds
Standing on sinking ground  
While leaning on granites precious solidity

The substance of imaginations inconsistencies
Tugging on the heart strings of a well played heart
Wondering along the pathway of dreams long held at arms length
Hoping to understand
Taking that backward look while moving forward and upward 

Words are his gift
Dropped like psychedelic bombs 
Ripping at the fabric of convention
Pain wrapped in sheepskin 
Joy pushed through pencils point
Leaving me in awe
Dancing and stretching along
Bouncing against his liquid walls
Till I come out the other side
More than I was before
Yet part of myself
Stays behind
Trying to catch my breath

Dedicated to Drake

Submitted to Debbie's Guzzi's Referential Contest
"Closer" By Chris Aechtner reminded me of Drakes Work
and Drakes unusual word combinations thus inspiring 
the above piece.

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A Lollipop in Page

The chirp of cloudy morning peal its wondrous beauty 
As it was a perfect moment to sip the taste of an old times
Pampered and drawn by those vintage voices
Shrunk in this sweet anomaly,  the frames of a time roamer

Word by word, time after time
An anecdote is herding, I'm dancing in a rime
Reread all my writes, feel the flakes of each verses
My masterpieces in time, the journal of life's flavours

Now I'm landing on a sketch of laughters
Where I feel the rainbow of bliss
A small creature is trying to stay
In a warm belly it grows in its way

Waiting is the first list to do
Hoping for the best is the lovely second line
I have another story to make
And this time I offer you the lollipop in page

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The Man Named Jesus

Sometimes when the road gets short
and your body becomes weary
It seems difficult to keep your eyes open
There is someone who will carry you
Have you met the man named Jesus?

Not the man of churches
He's not waiting to rain down fire
He wishes to embrace you in his arms
Forgiveness and rest are his to give
Have you met this man named Jesus?

Your burdens may be heavy
There is no reason to carry them alone
You can give them all to him
He's a God of flesh and bone
Have you met the man named Jesus

Have you accepted the gift that he offers?
Fully paid through his great sacrifice
Not a religion a relationship
He will never let you down
He is the man named Jesus

He knows everything about you
He accepts you as you are
It's not about being good enough
He patiently waits at your door
Respond to the gentle knocking
You won't be alone anymore

Religion teaches us we have to earn our way to heaven.
God knows this is an impossible task for us humans. I am 
thankful that Jesus paid the price for our salvation and I accept 
his amazing gift. Have you met the Man names Jesus?

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My Journey Home

My journey home is closer today,

than it was yesterday.

Someday my heart aches and pain

will pass me by.

My journey home will be a

most beautiful trip,like no one

has ever taken before.

Mother has been waiting for me,

there on those goldend shores,

ever since her parting from this old world

many years ago.

Taking one day at a time,

until I take my

journey home, when I sit down

with my Lord and thank Him

for what he did for me

on Calvary that day so long ago.

written 4-24-11

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Mind wandering through misty woods.
You don't understand your purpose.
I knew you too little,
Please do not shed your salty emotions,
Not out of anger, not out of sadness.
You now lose your way so easily,
You sink, you burst, you burn inwardly.
You weep from frustrations, 
From the guilt of an honest smile,
From pains, that you forget for a moment,
That come swiftly back to haunt you of your loss.
I understand, dear friend.
You once had a light and the woods seek to snuff it out.
Do not fear, dear friend,
Friend follow me, as I once did you.
Friend, now you see?
Yes, you see,
The little wisps in the fog that guide us home."

~In memory of Bill Hamman, and all else who have suffered the pains of Alzheimer's

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Turning and Waiting

What am I but an ironic turning
of this mind, now frosted,
from a short walk around the edge,
of the corner,
promising to never promise,
even as I do?

And even, as I do
then; within the spin,
of what I've seen,
passing shadows and looks,
along here and there,
past where fragments of dreams,
cool under their own clouds, 
time, and stars.

Ah yes, my dreams, let us 
ransom other people, the other people
outside the door. 
We have a way to go. Didn't you feel how much was missed,
just waiting,
to let it go?

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The Center's Footsteps

Thoust message rings,
But it is a wretched beauty.
Sew up thine tongue;
It forks in many directions,
Ensnaring, passing through the centers,
Weaving a thread gleaming, deceivingly white,
Yet drenched in the black goo,
The sticky gobs of our source, our blood.
Cast aside thine needle,
Let time make it blunt.
Wallow in thine sorrow,
But only for a moment.
Up, up with you!
The sticky gobs cannot protect thee.
See me, Hear me.
For I see thee...
Thou hast split thine tongue
To hide, to forget.
Thine forked words, black to all, clear to me.
Go on, go ahead,
Walk through its enveloping black.
And when you cannot run,
And when you can’t do that anymore, 
Find someone to carry you.
Thou art strong!
Let thine center give you new feet!
If even thine center falls weary,
I shalt be thine legs.
I shalt carry you, my friend.

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Enchanted Princess

Enchanting beauty
of royal birth
shining brightly 
as the sun
like Repunzel’s
flowing curls 
of luxurious 
golden hair,
like Belle’s 
delightful smile
a magnificent
crown of glory 
quite elegant 
and refined,

As enduring 
as Snow White’s
  unconditional love 
ever precious
a handsome prince’s
noble dream
like Alice’s 
a life’s journey 
beyond the mind’s
in Neverland’s realm
under the spell of
Tinkerbell’s magical 
pixie dust,
A mysterious 
quite alluring
as Tiana’s
magical makeover 
come to life
like Ariel’s 
a whispered
softly sung
to quiet
inquisitive child,
A journey 
of a lifetime
born of Mulan’s 
courageous spirit, 
ever powerful
as Pocahontas’s 
everlasting loyalty 
and strength,
like Jasmine’s
wondrous splendor
and heart of
pure gold,
ever effervescent 
fairy tale 
faithfully retold,

An odyssey 
of mythical change
just begun by
a valiant daughter,
young Merida
a jubilant soul
before her time,
a free-spirited 
first-born child
forever brave
and daringly bold, 
bond on a quest 
of endless surprise
before dawns 
the second sunrise,

A Sleeping Beauty
ever captivating 
in endless sleep 
ever profound,
lovely Aurora
a shining jewel 
rarely seen
at last is found,
a priceless pearl
forever blessed
quite delicate
forever bond,
awakened in bliss
born of her heart’s 
beckoning call by
true love’s first kiss,

A wonderful
ivory princess
delicately adorned,
a blissful sparkle 
twinkles in her eyes
as two hearts
joyfully embrace,
a royal wedding
a dream come true
as love’s soul mates
are joined together,
before one and all
happily ever after
at Cinderella’s
grand ball

© Eugene Harvey

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The Journey (To Inspire)

I have traveled in search of
Meaning to this existence
But for tomorrow I weep and find little peace
As an emptiness still exists that cries for
With arms outstretched I cry Oh Father, Father
I've seen the outer limits of Your universe 
But still I feel an emptiness
I have searched for answers and have been denied
I have touched the planets and still
Feel the loneliness of the masses
But I continue my journey and am so far from home
As my tears mix with the blood 
The answers come
Yes my son 
Continue your journey and look                                           
Yes Look
Within your soul.

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The Hours of Alzheimer

The Hours of Alzheimer 

It starts ticking away slowly
Longer needed to search what’s  known.
Watching the hand jerk 
Minutes passing
“Twelve is for noon, then?”
“Yes.  Yes, Daddy!  Just like that. 
  Twelve noon is lunch.” 

Very gently, oh so sweetly,
Out of love and kindest thought
Offering words and filling fissures
Keeping pace and instant beating
“The,     oh, you know, the       oh how silly, the     the box thing”
“Yes, the box thing, the clock,  Daddy.  Says it’s 3 and time for tea.”  

Now impatience starts its tapping
Chasms stretching longer still
Wanting this moment
 to stop its running
“I       I       please      fork       I     I   food”
“Oh, of course, dear Daddy.  Dinner time.  
  Here, your fork. ”          

Interval waxing
Memory waning
Lingering in the distance
This cavity expanding 
“ I                   I       I            I”
“Oh it’s last course time Daddy.  Some dessert, then time for bed.”

Midnight falling
Thoughts abandoned
Cadence silent
Dead of night

First published: Poetry Quarterly

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Fallen Star

In the heavens above on any given day
Countless stars are born to blaze the skies
Trillions speak their truth through verse and song
As they praise, inspire and light the path
Fallen star brings joy he twinkles and shines 
Both Man and creature in wonderment gaze

In the middle of the winter of ‘78 
Formed and fashioned in love by the Master’s hands
The young star set forth toward his destiny 
‘cross millions of galaxies constellations far 
Reaching earth’s galaxy along the Milky Way
To add brilliance and illuminate our world

This perilous journey he was called to make
Proved daunting too complex to accomplish alone
Distracted by forces beyond his strength 
He strayed and fell as countless before 
Anger and pride as companions he chose 
Would retard his progress yet for a while

The Master keeping watch over his universe 
Saw the young star unguided he stumbled he fell
God projected his will providing another way out
In wisdom with calm resolution he allowed him to fall
Through the fire refined like silver and gold
Preparation confirmed the journey to complete

There’s a new day coming just over the horizon 
When Fallen star will arise fired and strong 
In the interim all plans are made fool proof 
Tools are honed cleaned and sharpened 
For this journey a lifetime to make
Fallen star aims high to blaze the skies

For Jimmy M.  with love--*

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If you never return

Dedicated to a friend who needed this from fresh eyes…


I won’t miss you much.

My 5 fingertips of serenity
Will help me climb to undiscovered atmospheres

Above the cumulonimbus

Your irrelevancy will fester within your bubbling swamp.

I will conquer with copious smiles
Laced in satin bows gifted by the menagerie

My ascension on blissful asphalt
Will rain awakenings on condescension’s superhighway
To 8th circle

No lettered signs
To direct my paths

I wax stringent lyrical apropos
Upon their chiseled onyx dialects

Degraded translations scribbled within
Drops of filtered turpentine

I walk on resilient inkblots to write my rights.

Across sapphire skies
Saying goodbye to crimson lies
I watch faceless hemophiliacs bleed each other dry

Silhouetted scabs, never an obstacle
Specks of dust, decelerated particles

I dare you to crumble my pages
When you have no prologue of your own

I wish for you to become a hailstorm upon my scars,
Because they need a good laugh

I insist you let it rain
Let it reign

For I’ve seen the fire
Seen the rain
Seen sunny days
Thought they’d never end

Seen lonely times when I could not find a friend

But, I found MYSELF!

Rainbow affirmations that I 
Will see you again
From distant mountaintop
Struggling on corroded foot

You may be the eye of a hurricane
But, I am your glaucoma

Unless you open wide

©Drake J. Eszes

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Walk with me

 We follow the river
Along  the Taff Trail ****
Where will it lead me 
Somewhere beautiful without fail

We pass Llandaff  Cathedral
With Epstein,s statue's within
Cant say that I like it
But thats not a sin

We keep walking for miles
My dog Tilly and me
Soon will be at a castle
Used in films u see

The name of the castle 
Is Castell  Coch
Whose  translation reads
Red Castle of course

It called locally as
The magic castle
Looks so mysterious
As though ready for battle

The rooms arent big at all
Carved small  animals adorn the wall
Been sanctioned for weddings
Though numbers  must be small 

Time to turn back
Homeward bound
Along the manmade track
To the mighty rugby ground

Where voices echo
Hymns are sung
The 6 nations contest*
Has begun.

Come on Wales The reigning grand slam **and   triple crown ***champions

*wales, ireland, scotland, england, italy and france, battle it out annually against each other in Rugby Union. 

**Grand slam is where  you beat all the other teams

***Triple crown is where you have to beat the other 3 uk teams.

**** the river running through Cardiff is the River Taff, that is why we in Wales are called Taffy's 

Taff Trail is 50 miles  of track between Cardiff and  Brecon through countryside and over mountains.  

PLEASE GOOGLE. Castell  Coch  hopefully you will be impressed.

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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One self

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A Battle Within

The only thing is to try to be happy. 
Because no matter how you feel in this world, very few people care.
Everyone goes on with their lives, carrying their own struggles and pains.
No one is going to take the time to read in between the lines and get a peak of your soul.

All that matters is that they see a smile;
and whether they choose to believe that painted curve 
or whether they don't, its "not their problem."

Because their own bags are tearing,
and their own weight is piling on top of their shoulders.
So all you have is yourself.

But you see that is the problem, because your your own enemy.
Constantly battling and fighting but you never win.
Because your mind is consuming your heart;
and it no longer matters what you feel rather its what you think.

But the mind its a tragic place;
with so many thoughts where your past has been traced.

Until that one person come along,
they too carry their own baggage.
However they stop to wipe that painted curve off your face.
And they see the tears that reside in your eyes.
They do not come to condemn you but instead to love you,
and express their mind too.
You then see that your not alone, everyone's hurting;
left feeling as if they don't belong.
But this earth... 
It'll roll you around and beat you up.
But how you choose to fight back determines if your tough.

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Who Am I

 ~Who Am I Mirror Mirror.~ 

Hospital mirror, 
Mother who is that man who has no hair? 
I have hair. 

That man that has no eyebrows? 
I have eyebrows. 

Hospital mirror, 
That man who looks slim? 
I am healthy. 

Who is that man with a plastic bag 
hanging from his arm? 
My arms are free. 

Hospital mirror 
Who is that man who looks like me? 
Suddenly I was screaming for help 
Crying out loud yes 
that man`s image is me. 

Mother look at that mirror with me 
see If that man is me? 
When did you find out 
I have cancer? 

Tears were flowing down my face 
I am strong I don't cry that image 
he looks dead how long will I live? 
Answer me? 

Mother whispered to the mirror I couldn't! 
As I knew not 
except that image in that mirror, 
is you. 

My son, we will remain here for the coming five months. 
I prayed fear not you will become 
The Miracle Boy. 
It happened. 

Today five years later he is free of cancer, 
he looks at his mirror knows who he is. 
Alive and Healthy. 
A Miracle. 

Written By Me: The Mother 
Therese Bacha

Mirror Contest by Nathan A. (Honorable Mention)

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You and I


I find you at the gateway to life
the center of my world
patiently waiting for me to ripen

You make all the storms seem safer
your maturity grounds me
to that place where my age is nothing

The one piece of fruit you crave
you are my sunshine and my rain
you are the clouds full of mystery

You are all past, my history
and here in these days
I find life from you at my own gateway
forever gratefully 

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Here i am again hiking near a mountaintop as the aroma of hibiscus reminds me of my charmed youth, of a serenity the winds cannot contain. As I reach the peak, my breath spills of gratitude, gently affirmed. It didn't matter if the trees are older now perhaps, rustling my grandfather and Dad’s sleeves--- or if the mossy ferns gather like wrinkled toes on a late afternoon. I was bathed with soft of light beyond the ridges inhaling the serene madness of a nature-child as if the moment stretched into a dance of family bonfire. I flow… and now, my sweet memory retains a journey of girlhood days: on Mt.Cordillera, the fullness of my spring lips, my summer cheeks embrace a rapture I cannot touch or cuddle in my arms. While gazing at how new stars emit their beauty; all I know is on this angelic evening’s bliss… I become a child of eight again. Anthony Slausen's Pinnacle Contest

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This is how I see them

her little taffeta white suit and blue piping
a hat tilted just so with her dark curls flowing
around her face and down her back
white gloves in hand with shoes and bag to match

little bit of cherry lipstick against her
alabaster skin eyes the color of Robin eggs
open wide in search of her hero

down the plank she walks along with all
the other war brides
do you see him Mom  he is that handsome tall
slender army officer in uniform with the black
wavy hair and that beautiful smile

he has been waiting for you for such a long
time now

their eyes meet his arms open wide and
she runs to him
one journey is over and now for all eternity
another journey begins
the two of them together loving holding and
sharing until...

In memory of my beloved Mother

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World War - Benita Margaronis

RED  DOOR (collaboration)

by~ Benita Margaronis

War Of The World Death, pain, blood, 
Shell-shocked men, suffering and darkness. 
It's all they ever saw.  
Soldiers thinking about their lives.  
Rotting flesh and the whimper of dying men with their bodies half blown off.  
Other soldiers shooting them in the head to end their pain.   
The shattering sound of an explosive destroying life and more ground.  
Blood and body parts spray through the air and spread throughout the ground. 
Total emptiness and nothingness.  
Mounds and mounds of biting bodies and horses.  
Scattered planes, tanks, trucks and others.  
Burning guns and oil.  
Because the world went to war so much was lost for so little gain.  
The war of the world shall never be forgotten. 

by~ Poet Destroyer

War of the world Sacrifice.
Doors tainted red, tragedies never forgotten.
Mediterranean swept the soul of combatants without a word to say.
A war so defiant both sides lost more than humanity to each other. 
Prisoners, white flag surrendering, shot in the head with no remorse.
Brave soldiers wiping off the blood of their face like a tear.
Men in fetal positions crying hard like the day they were born for*mom-MA.
Soldiers pocket full of notes and dog-tags for a loved one.
Achievements that followed death without a mother's hand to hold.
Chaotic news and telegrams traveled without a moment to spare.
A flag brought to the door painted black.
Mothers falling to the floor broken hearted.
Because no one can mend the courage one gave to us today. 
The war of the world shall never be forgotten.

A collaboration with * Benita Margaronis

My collaboration contest

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My name is Catastrophe

Hell hath no replete replica like an Ohiohell
memom memoboys dispelled with lovelessloss lorn laments
measured in misgiven gravid neutral grautities of cool compromised cruel
capsid cascades of dreary demented drowsy dump deep demented deny desires
with wilfull wallowing in unsupposed not to be here
herein two boys born to a numbnuts army husbodad and a 
WTF what is happening in/outside this family 50's acircle
what comes next in the uneducated female nonintuition of a
deaddad accidential with a pity piss payoff and a whatdoIdo anal attitude
totally in reverse of an arkansas hope of upheaveal. GDMFSOB, who could I/we haVE
BeeN in the assinine scheme of things with someone in an intersomewhateducated semistate of minimal MFconsciousness. We play the hand we are dealt in the vast unscheme of unness. 
WTF, and where/why does God take part and lessen a small boy's dream of donated dadhood by taking it away and leave him left to faulterflounder in a boyhood abyss. Dead, devoid, denied to the manmale circumstance of what the future folds to be delivered to doting descendents, like my three sons. with whom I struggled to 
shower, impart, enable, enbibe, instill, foster, enliven, and all that I did not experience yet faux provide with an inner soulsense to a measured milestone of mannered man manufactured love and tendered texture of all mine to give with that that is mustered macro from a micro counteanace of humocapped coperal deliverance. All's fair they say unless u have been there and then it's every man for himself---and then, I dare u to get in my way---------no holds barred, look out for I am a survivor, all the way.   
Hi, my name is Dave, and according to my grandparents, I wasn't supposed to live to be raised. Go figure.

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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A country walk

A babbling stream, a peaceful lane
These are the things that I enjoy
As I walk on a summers day
With a warm gentle breeze upon my face

A cottage in a field, with swirling smoke
A family sitting round ready to eat
Rich chicken soup and freshly baked bread
Then five little children all snug in their bed

A flitting bird upon the nest
Protecting her brood from unknown harm
A cow chewing cud all gentle and calm
Then sheep and one dog in one accord

Oh what a beautiful land we have
If we would take the time to see
Instead of rushing through the day
Let’s sit for a while and take it all in

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It's not a lesson to be taught
Or a skill to be acquired
It's the nudge to move forward
Open when the time is right
It's the spirit inside
God leading on the way
On the journey to discover
He is all you need
It's the courage to let go
Say yes instead of no
Reveal what you've been holding back
As Jesus takes the wheel
It's the realization that it doesn't matter
What others think of you
God leads you where you're meant to be
Just allow you to be you
It's the standing up to fear
Proclaiming "fear's not gonna win!"
The battle has been fought too long
Time to let the stalemate end
It's the inspiration you've been holding
For others and for yourself
The light we've been dimming
Rather than shining on His behalf
It's the spontaneity in the decision
To follow His call all the way
Discovering peace in being you
Wide open as the perfect creation you are
The world out there is brutal
But there's a Holy Man holding out His Hand
His bravery now is all we have
But His bravery of love is all we need
May God bless you!

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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Wild Western Blizzard

What could I really know of the breaks 
                                                                in the land
huge canyons               bleeding red              cut by the wind
with the snow swirling                                  around our tires
barns upright 
                                   and fallen to a  tumble like icebergs
windshield riming over with a crust of ice
                        we scrape madly inside
                              trying to keep cold out
speed slowing
slowing to a crawl
always on the lookout
outside line appearing and gone, 
                                                                    no worries about
cattle led inside to safety    to be watered               and fed
but what of us?
                       Will we be trapped clutching a candle
                             wanting a chocolate bar, 
                                 waiting for a tractor?
and all the flat seeming land seems to have ditches
and roof pitches and rushing trees, and a swirl
                         of slumbering snow 
                                             to lumber down in drifts and piles
no fire would ever warm us
                                                                temperature dropping
            until finally we see it                shining in the dark
                                          a lantern at a farm
a fleet of snow mobiles to greet  us
                                                                   scurry is off 
                             before our ears turn blue, 
                                would they fall off?
Luckily, not tonight, not in this blizzard, 
                                                                      we have home.

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The Running Man

Leg over leg
I watch
Oh once great majestic man
Stuffed with life and vigor
Stood atop the world
Once conqueror of mountains
Now crushed by pleasure
Turned animal of desire 
Now the running re-claimer
Of past honors

Leg over leg
I watch
One step at a time
His lungs smashing against his insides,
As they fight for air,
Against a nicotine choke hold

Leg over leg
I watch
His feet
They burn,
Sprinting through a Savannah of flames
The weight of his past gluttony slows him down
And chains of sweets
Bind him to a mountain of food;
An animal
 Hungry for progress

Leg over leg
I watch
A hurricane of alcoholic despair swells above him
As a downpour of liquor whips his beast of a body
And all that he has drank
 Tries to wash him away

Leg over leg
I watch
His vision blurs,
The distant mountains and clouds begin to swirl,
The road ahead bends and buckles, 
His legs vanish beneath him
And he greets the floor with open arms

I watch
His heart rages
Trapped in a cage
The animal pushes and pulls aggressively
Painfully biting against his chest 
Until it finally becomes quiet
Strangled by the smoke, grease and alcohol
Silencing all who witnessed their reign of terror
His body unmoving
Just inches from the finish line
I watch 

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My strengths and weaknesses

When I was a child though bright but always in fright Accepted whatever the people furled with fury or flurry Resulted in to know self –my strengths and weaknesses That gave me a chance to know what I am in reality. I accepted all challenges to my large family life Self-acceptance came from meeting challenges As a result of that, I went beyond all of them. Learnt, the greatest success is successful acceptance. One of my grandsons says I am like a fierce tiger But the fierceness is in my words and not deeds One of my daughter-in-laws says I am a volcano Bursting but beneficently and that too very rarely. I have never numbed myself in trials and tribulations Nor built mental walls to exclude pain from my life And have found peace not in denial, but in victory And never in life have been interested in stolen goods.
+++ November 6, 2014 Form: Free Verse Third Place win Contest by Verlena Walker

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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Last Summer Saturday

Poorly heated coffee;
I can't seem to get it hot enough.
Tired eyes still rolling,
Film draped for dreaming.
This last Summer Saturday,
Might as well call it Fall.
The pumpkins out and jumping,
Future jack-o-lanterns for fun.
Gentle breeze cascades,
Every once in a while a poof.
Sunny sun still sunning;
Please don't ever go away.
Time to heat up the coffee;
My goodness this is good!
So open arms and lean back;
God is so, so good!

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Beyond The Distance And The Days

Our love grows stronger,
Even beyond the distance,
Even beyond the days.
I know you're with me always
And I'm always with you;
In God together we're together forever
And physically we'll be together forever soon.

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No More Sojourn

Sonnet, you beckon me with your allure.
Valiant ship from a distant shore
Resting, no more sojourn
Basking in glory of a distant past
Lowered mast once battered and blown
An emblem of pride and place
From boundless rushes, to a windless pace
Now laid bare of all innocence
Meekly, humbly retired

All aboard was the captain’s word
As the crew came rushing on
With hands on decks and the compass set
To carve a story not yet heard
A seafarers’ life of no regrets

While cavaliers seek their bounty
And fortune favours the brave
You set sail from old Blighty
Sending  the good and mighty 
To watery graves

Now in retirement you bask and bathe
As the tides doth ebb and flow
Rising and descending your mood does shift
Whilst along your flanks assorted remnants drift
In the silted bed of the Thames your now reside
Dancing to the rhythm of a seasonal tide
Whilst aboard, there is a tossing and a turning 
In the warmth of comfy beds
Lays the bodies of weary heads

Painted lady, red, gold and green
On my canvas you are drawn
As on the pages I do scribe
Of a beauty and a guile
Never to be erased from my memory
For your dye is truly cast,

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I am about to take a trip into the lens of thought. I am going to magnify the face to be. Sometimes it may be pretty as ugly goes. Otherwise, it is an ugly feature. This journey I am partaking is sociologically constructed. It defines why the world is stuck on stupid. Nothing more than you being more refined than me. I see you are a masterpiece. Expeditious I am. In search of new populations, I travel the Pacific. Indigenous people are there to discover. I will not trip when I see a different sister and brother. This crossing must be made in this day and age. Excursion digress to acumen investigated. Natives of new country longing to be unearth. I am in quest for a difference in the universe. Toddling to not be a todd, I will ramble the Eastern and Western hemisphere. As the explorers did long ago, by vessel I go. From East Pacific to West, I look for what is there. I imagine only reptiles and amphibians in the East and water mammals sunbathing in the West. This is a knowledge quest endeavoring. If I do discover indigenous people, I will be very cautious to not assume their normality. Embracing their difference, if I am allowed. How long I am there, who knows? I came to educate and inspire. Through my navigation system, I will share out. If a signal is not given, I am disallowed. Therefore, will I return to my home land, is question to ponder. Insofar as I sally forth imagism via looking through the lens of thought, Expeditious is my cognizance, as I trudge forward for gen, the world is a brilliant place to be within. ________________________________________________________________________ PENNED ON JANUARY 09, 2015!

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Porn No More

I've watched the war from behind closed doors;
Eyes too glued to close.
And now knowing what's in store, there's porn no more.
God's love is the only hope we know.
We are forgiven because of the love that is Jesus.
We are saved because of the love that is Jesus.
We give our lives to the Father for we are His children and He loves us.
We are loved!
No matter what we've done, we are loved!
Confess and ask for forgiveness;
This is such a beautiful gift!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
You forgive me!
You save me!
You change me!
I am changed!
I am new!
I am renewed!
I am forgiven!
I am saved!
I am changed!
There's porn no more
For God's hope is in store!
There's porn no more
For God's love is the hope of the world!

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I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

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What a sacrifice Sublime

About two thousand years ago
In the early morning hours of a cool day
When the wind was calm and the Sun had just 
Started showing his sign in east 

A small vessel boat standing near the shore
Was getting ready to move, after taking on its board,  
A number of scholars, with their heavy load of knowledge
Lying near the boat, were the bundles full of load* 
Which some scholars were trying to put on board
To carry away the much labored treasure of books* 
For its final long journey from a near by seaport

These books were translated by scholars
Both Indians and Chinese, in more than a decade
Learning in those day’s early universities
Was possible only after tough labor 
And facing hardest living ways 
The priceless knowledge of that world
Was not much known to all those 
Living in Beijing, Athens or Rome
Was being taken out of India to light-up 
The dark areas and different paths of the globe

The Indian scholars with five others 
Had come from university of Nalanda
To see off their Chinese guests up-to the port of Kalika
And wanted to go upto an inland near the shore  
To say adieu and Good Bye, to their friends on board  
The island was few miles away from the shore 
From there the guest scholars, were going to start alone
Their long journey to far Far-East on their own

Ten years companionship had tied them in a bond 
They came to say adieu to host scholars Shing and Yang
The boat was small but full of load 
With crewmen and scholars
And lots of handwritten books on board

The boat left the shallow seashore 
For the near by more deep Kalika port, 
From there the boat was destined 
For its final journey towards Far East 
Towards an unknown land and shore

The wind had hardly driven them few miles away
When a crewman saw a storm coming from west  
And saw the boat was staggering on waves
With heavy weights on it, its chances of survival was at stake

The storm was getting rough and waves were roaring high
A voice came from behind, to throw the books in sea
To save the boat and lives on board 

The host scholars, who were eight 
Knew the value of that work sublime
Took a decision to throw them selves instead of books 
To save the torch of knowledge lighted up by them  
In the form of manuscript’s load sublime 
And said only ‘Good Bye’ to those on board
Before anyone could have understood 
They all jumped into the sea and lost without a sign 
The Chinese scholars exclaimed! ‘What a sacrifice Sublime’


*manuscripts (on Bhogpatras-A tree leaf used in early days)

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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Where The Next Dollar Will Come From

I'm worried where the next dollar will come from.
Will she ever arrive?
Will she ever show up?
But why am I worrying?
Stop it!
It's all in God's Great Hands!
It's all under God's control!
It's all within His plans!
It's all His
And He will provide
Because He is our Father!
He loves us!
It's all His!
Trust Him!
I know it's difficult;
He will not lead you wrong.
He knows where you need to go.
He knows what you need to endure.
It's all His plan.
It's all in His Hands!
Lay down your life;
Give the control.
He is in control!
Thank You Father!
Trust Him!
It will all be okay!
Trust Him!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!
I love You always!
I trust You always!
I trust You!
I trust You!
Yes, yes I do!
I trust You!
I love You!

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A Transformation Begins

Fishing masters
Clothed in white feathers...
They stalk in slow motion
And as they strike a pose
Everything rare and beautiful.
Round my heart and soul of bliss
A transformation begins,
At peace I am.

Motif: spiritual and nature (Great White Egrets)

For contest, "Impress me with a Small Poem" by Giorgio A. V.

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If I Shall Grow Old 2K13

If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

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My Spiritual Journey, I'm Still Roaming

I grew up physically abused,
with only grandma to hold on to.
I was a frail child confined,
and couldn't understand the pain I was going through.
I roamed!

In my teenage years,
I was rebellious and out of control.
Emotional scars were souvenirs,
and I felt I lost my soul!
I roamed!

Down a long dark path,
I thought my spiritual journey would end.
Listening to a demonic laugh,
I found myself in prison with no friend!
I roamed!

I cried out to God for an answer,
for the death of my grandma was too much!
Spiritual pain ate me away like cancer,
and I felt God had just lost touch!
I roamed!

Down that dark tunnel of tribulation,
I began to see a spark of light.
I continued forward with determination,
with a stronger spiritual appetite!
I roamed!

Inside behind these evil walls,
I constantly fed my hungry mind.
At times I felt so small,
but mentally I was no longer confused!
I roamed!

I was once weak and frail,
and attempted suicide with a knife.
I fought my way out of hell,
because I now valued my life!
I roamed!

My journey began so long ago,
and the strength of my heart continues on.
I survived a spiritual TKO,
emotional scars remain, but insecurities are gone!!
I still continue to roam!

Written for Drake Eszes contest "I, roam"

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Only in You

Through the lonely woods, I may head,

Upon the autumn leaves, I may tread,

At the secluded horizon, I may stare,

And only you, I may see,

In those symphonies of silence,

In those melodies of calmness,

In those euphonies of quietness.


By the silent lake, I may lay,

Till the twilight fades, I may stay,

Then in reclusive silence, I may walk,

And only to you, I may talk,

Through those toungueless emotions,

Through those wordless attachments,

Through those voiceless sentiments.


In the lone meadow, I may wander,

Along the untrodden paths, I may waver,

In companionless seclusion, I may hide,

And only in you, I may find,

The depths of oneness,

The bonds of togetherness,

The cozy feel of coalescence.


In the wilderness of emotions, I may die,

At the merciless daggering, I may sigh,

Through a million wounds, I may bleed,

And only in you, I may seek,

The balm of love,

The warmth of affection,

The heal of inseparability.

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like diamonds

two hits and i’m hanging off cliffs, listening to water


watching moss fall like snowflakes.

nothing holding my heels down but gravity, irrelevant to me.

the little girl exploring the ocean floor, the caves that once held entrancing treasures.

even tactile pain drives me into a gust of euphoria.

my heart beats (slower than it should), but the trees don’t mind.

the four shades of green blend to create a forest-

with each exhale, branches move in tandem.

and a salty tear falls from my eye,

reminiscent of what once was here.

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To nourish breaths and twirl away when island counts beachcomber years folder and pen will imprint scripts of journey’s tales sucked from my womb with drawings and poems handwritten, filling the cavity of time, of rainbow stars. For private care, need I bring toiletries? oh , Mother Earth offers all herbal scents, except for undies... that’s a load full; just maybe, they’ll wrap me from the cold or guise them as hats for summer’s fare. Forget the playlist as necessity, the music of waves, seagulls and leaves is finer than orchestra or blues combined; a serenade of night chirps will invite the lull of twilight, the hop of morn. In between survival and lush of days, Rumi’s journal would embed new seedlings opening chakras with tender wildness for pauses while I lay on moon’s hammock, enshrined in a banquet for body, mind and soul. What Would You Take Contest, Shadow Hamilton 10.30.2013

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Rain, The Story 3 of 3

Entry submitted in honor of - Constance ~ A Rambling Poet ~

Rain, The Story  3/3

Her horse Past, wished that she should be with her new love,
So that, Rain may find a new loving companion,
To complete her future journey with a new experience,
In the world of love, happiness, joys and even pains too, but  
Rain should try not to live any more,
In the world of fake happiness and alluring illusions,
Created by her horses Future and Past. 

Her horse Past was happy to see, in the eyes of his friend Rain, 
The seeds of a self made future and hopes to find a new life of love.

Rain looked in the eyes of her other horse Future and
Found the same message, as she had seen on the face of Past,
She knew that if she would look into the eyes of Future,
Horse Future would show, the glimpse of her new love to Rain, with whom
Rain may go ahead further in her life, but,
She made up her mind not to look into,
The enchanting eyes of her horses Past and Future,
Until she can live on herself, for building her new fate for her and a new future.

She was more confident now and looked towards the rising Sun,
As the Sun was inviting her to keep walking,
With confidence and smile to face and make her new destiny.

Rain kissed her best friends Past and Future and told them that,
She would not be asking them to show,  her past or future again,
As she was now full of confidence, to face any situation,
For building her own fortune and future,
However, she would like them to be with her, as her best friends forever.

The charming and lovely Rain,  
Now blessed with a new life of confidence,
Moved ahead with her two beautiful horses,
To face the life,  in its true colors on her own,
Without fearing the risks of the future and 
Caring for the dread of past.

Thus started the new journey of fairy like beautiful Rain, 
In search of her love and adventures…

Kanpur India 28th Dec. 2010 

Contest entry:         For this contest only
Contest Name:       Rain, The Story
Sponsored by:        Constance ~ A Rambling Poet ~
Written by:	       Ravindra K Kapoor

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Move On

So you sinned?
Well, that's done and over with!
Keep it in the past
'Cause that's where it belongs.
But ask Jesus for forgiveness;
Don't dwell on mistakes any longer
Because He makes you new again:
Love is the outcome;
Forget the wrongs,
Love and move on!

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Before a rainbow appears there must be a little rain

Before a rainbow appears
there must be a little rain
Before we find true love
we must have a little pain
you might run away from your problems
but your problems still remain
you have to leave the past behind
before you can make a change.

To travel through life successfully
you have to accept life is no bed of roses
and you have to ride the storms
see problems as a challenge
you can learn from
take the bull by the horns.

You can't rely on others
to give you a helping hand
and get on
you may have won a battle
but there maybe a war to overcome.

Life is for living
and serving God up above
to thank him for all he has done
and his love.

Don't put off until tomorrow
what you can do today
or one morning you may wake up
to find it's too late
your old and grey.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Jesus, Please Take Over Me

You've fallen down again;
How can you let darkness win?
You just scraped your knee,
You didn't break your leg.
It will all be okay;
I will give you strength.
Brush it off, my child;
Come and take my hand.
Let me help you up again;
You will be okay.
I have always been with you,
And I always will be.
I am by your side,
But this time,
Will you allow me to take the lead?

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Cowgirl Up

Rise at first light.
This cowgirl enters up to ride this day.
She dawns her hat, for this is not any day.

Ready to pay her dues.
The sun will beat down,
hot and hard is how she'll ride.

Cowgirl up!
Into the shoot we go.
The blood pumping, muscles quivering.
Ready to go!

The gate slams open.
Off we go!
 My mustang and me,
to round that first barrel.

Away we go!
Rounding our second barrel.
Sweat trickling.

Thundering down to that third barrel.
We round that barrel,
the dust will follow.

With a war cry, 
We head down the long path home.
Followed by cheers and jeers,
she crosses the line!
Cowgirl is up and paid her dues.

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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The Glass Goddess

All around me
Great cities made of sand.
Green sky scrapers poke through the ground 
To thrive in life’s strict conditions
And melt away with the tide…

Great houses made of cards
Form lines, and tightrope walk existence,
Knowing that any moment, the wrong brick may fall
And buckle our world to its knees
As Mother Earth shouts Jenga! from the sidelines.

So while were here
We dance with the Glass Goddess 
Poised miles above reality,
Leaping over the heavens on our domino stilts-

We floor it in the sky
Living death in the fast lane, 
Seizing the day
Because any moment 
We could disappear 

Jacob Reinhardt	

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When She Dances

It’s when she is dancing
That she feels so free
The music drives inside
Extending to her tips
She tells you a story
By the smile on her face
The shine in her eyes
Energy in movement
Composure in her stance
Strength through her core
Fingers reaching for the sky
She lunges through the air
Lands with grace of a swan
Competing with herself
Being the best that she can
All that she is – expressed
All her innocence and pride
In the moments of dance
Shyness and all that’s inside
The perfect imperfections
Woven in her story to dance

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The Name of Jesus

Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

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A Fable on Friendship-The Strawberry and the Bee

The Strawberry and the Bee –A Fable on Friendship

Hidden away in a magical garden lived a single honey bee.
Busily buzzing along enraptured by the sweetest melody.
Busily transferring pollen from one plant to the next
When he stumbled upon the sweetest strawberry
He had ever laid eyes on.
“I must pick this strawberry and keep it all to myself,” he thought.
Thinking all the while how he could latch it upon his back.
Along came a fuzy wuzzy caterpillar searching for a noonday snack.
He invited himself to join in on the conversation between
The bee and himself.
“I’ve carried many berries upon my back ushering them to my den.”
“If you allow me to assist you with this endeavor you will surely make a friend. 
So the busy bumble bee took upon himself a new friendship.
This was a new journey for him for he had no real friends  and he
Lifted the strawberry to his new friend’s back.
They marched off together side by side wonderig what adventure would be 
What is the moral to this story you might ask?
Cast your burdens on eachother and alwayswalk beside one another.
Let the love of your Creator make your hearts light. 
Oh! And finally, always make room in your heart for another friend may come 
along when you least expect it!

Gwendolen Rix

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The Light

They praise me like a saint,
But I am a sinner;
They don't know the man they see.
I am an addict.
Broken eyes to pornography,
Only Jesus can set me free.
Only by His death on the cross
And the grace of His Father's love
Am I able to be set free.
With God as The Light,
The One and Only Light,
The Only Hope in sight,
Will I be set free.
I am free.

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I am wandering
but never lost
I am a child
A pilgrim on an
artistic journey
to find the truth
hidden in me

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Loss - Lee Ramage



Just as poems paint a picture 
And songs take you on a journey 
How do I keep you with me 
Now that you’re no longer here 
I am pink clay and you are blue 
Mold and mix us together 
Separation is near impossible
An image drawn in my mind

by~ Poet Destroyer

The images you draw in my mind
Are enjoying the swirl clouds of pink and blue  
Clever as one on a calm night
Loss is never forever,
Mold me and hold me
You will see the journey will paint a picture near the sea
Twist me in to a midnight reality
Mix us into the wilderness that will never separate
There you will find the perfect clay and create~
A poem without loss and endless possibilities 

a collaboration with * LEE RAMAGE

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Where does the moon go

On a cold winter night
A wolf pup stared in to the vast darkness of the sky
And thought to himself: “where is it that I lie?”
So he turned to his mother, 
With eyes that glistened like the snow
And softly asked her:
“where does the moon go?”
With a gently look in her eye…
She let a sigh, 
And paced slowly along with the stars
Silent as the shadows...
But gleaming from the inside…
Listening to the sweet pup
That dares not leave her side
Watching him look up…
With a puzzled look in his eyes
And once again he cries…
“…Momma… where does the moon go?”
Yet again…he only gets a gentle glare…
Puzzled even more…he lets out a soft cry…
And continues with his stare of the endless sky
“…Momma… where does the moon go?”
Accompanied by the beauty of the stars…
The small pup let out his first tender howl…
With his head held high
And paws intertwined with the Earth,
He sat back down
And listened as it echoed across the snow…
The moon shined brighter…
The stars paced faster
…and after a night of his wonders…
The pup slowly gives in for the night.
Curled up in the snow,
The pup turns to his mother and says:
“…Momma…where do you go?...”

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A Spiritual Journey

I should have trusted You all along
I can now see how You're working all things for good
Because God,
You are so, so good!
I never should have doubted You
Not even for a moment
Look how things You are turning around
Lifting me up
Up out of darkness
Up out of sadness
Up out of depression
And now all my pain and misery
Are a past glimpse of history
An experience I needed to go through
To simply learn and learn to trust You
Through it all
Low and tall
You've brought me here to this place
On the mountain we stand
You take me in Your Hand
To show all Your opportunity awaits
You love me in Your Welcoming Embrace
From looking back to looking forward
I'll shout for Your Love
Saved by Amazing Grace
Future placed carried by The Dove.

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Distant Love

The hours dwindle slowly by- 
When I want you by my side. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath 
As you kiss away my pride. 
The anger melts away, 
When I'm held within your arms.
My balance quickly faltering;
As I fall for all of your charms.
The weeks are always longer-
When I don't get to have you near.
Wishing that I could run to you- 
The distance heightening my fear. 
The hours go by rapidly-
When you are finally home. 
 Leaving me all by myself;
With my thoughts to roam. 
The cycle starts all over- 
I'm wishing that you were free. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath. 
Until you come right back to me. 

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We Are All In This Together

We all have a story to tell.
Ups and downs,
Together, we've been through it all;
God has led us through it all.
Trust Him;
It's all for a reason.
All your pains,
All your struggles,
All your hurts-
They're all for a reason.
God has a bigger plan,
One we cannot see.
Trust Him and pray.
We are all in this together.
Together, we have been through it all.
Ups and downs,
We are family-
Brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are friends.
Most importantly,
We are family.
Let's love one another like God loves us.
Let's help each other out
And help each other up with loving hands.
We are His children.
We are His servants
Together on His mission
To love, save, and change the world
For the better.
We are all in this together.
Listen to His praises ring;
Let's praise Him together.
Listen to sister Fantasia sing,
"Sometimes you gotta lose to win again."
Thank You Father!

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Make him a soldier

Make him A Soldier

Make him a soldier 
so I won't cry anymore

Transform a boy to a man
 so he will stand...alone

 In the dark forest
as natural combustion of dusk in the sky 

Red blood running through our veins is the same
identical as if we share the same DNA 

And even as a child I couldn't deny how our hearts beat the same 

Rate pulse pace...boom 
it startled me
 but as I gaze in his eyes 
I felt a deep connection 
as if he knew me better than I knew myself
Our love is so pure and shall never be tampered 
and even if life tries to poison us 
we will always have each other 
pure love
Blue water
 a million miles away from me 
and as he travels from sea to sea 
I think of him daily 

I try to remember where we came from
 blue water 
shared space 
different times

 Blossomed from a tulip where our petals do not vary 
and the sepals seem to follow a course set to sail 

So I beg you 
Make him A soldier 
so I won't cry an ocean of tears 
Transform a boy to a man
so he will stand beside me in my darkest hour.
 Help me to raise my head 
when he is long gone from here 

When my fears are red 
 my soul turns blue 
let me remember the purity of us 
how I loved a my brother a man of red, white and blue!

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These Walls I Built

Stuck in the prison of my own life,
I dodge behind these walls I built.
And inside is a demon covered in guilt
And shame so thick you can't see his eyes.
God, please help me to see
No matter what, You will always love and be with me.
Thank You Father for everything.
In Jesus' Name,
We pray.

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Conjured an ocean of emotions
Within me lured, twisted and tangled
Swiftly and quickly my heart pounding
At a thought, a vision, a moment
All my senses invited and aroused
To play in a circle for answers

I lay washed up on the shoreline
A journey with the waves to ponder
Every part of my being, wrestling 
 the forgotten and the unknown
Alive, awaken, eyes wide open
My mind, body and soul to take
I sacrifice to dance in the circle
Questions and answers I seek

Emotions and moments that spark
Imprinting on my mind to last
Come forth to replace that which is gone
To blast the past and pave for the new
Its all experience, that makes me
I seek who I am and what I want
The hardest journey to go on
Answers hardest to seek.

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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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Like a cherry tree in the spring,
God if this is meant to be,
Please let this blossom.

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Stuck In The Struggle

Sometimes I get stuck in the struggle
And I forget that this life is real,
Full of real love,
Full of real people,
Full of real strength,
Full of real faith.
Look around
Because this is real.
Welcome to reality;
This is God's amazing life!

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Life's Walkway

Oh, look over there!
There's a button that makes life easy,
wait, what's that? 
There is no easy button! 
Someone forgot to mention,
self-destruct is a straightforward path.
Like a yellow brick road so simple to follow.
Deviation from a path so obvious.
Woe betide the one that takes the easy way out.
No one said it would be clearly marked,
no one said that there would be directions.
Cookie cutters, patterns, all to simple.
Follow in a footstep, follow a tide.
A whirlpool can drown you as fast as life.
Follow the road less traveled.
Make a mark of destination, not a footprint of regret.
 k.chun 2013

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We walk talk like champions in the streets of nowhere planting seeds birthdays turn into funerals the life cement was not strong enough to build our hopes or blessings that petrol drive through our hidden abilities we all have spare wheels that God personally manufactured for us and He made education our only air filler for flat tires and this is why we don't stop and breath on our way to our dreams before we get admired right at this moment sum1 is getting cured through the love of spoken worded words laying clear pictures and he could name us life pitchers with endless scriptures and that's for his ears as he turns to be the world's champion

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Living the Dream

Dreams cascade into my life.
Some I have lived.
Others await me in my dream catcher,
for me to full fill.

I walk the silver threads 
that weave them together.
This is my path, 
to have a dream to follow,
to make these dreams come true.

Yes, I have a dream,
And am living it!!

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Kick the Can Hard-Bucket List

I’ve kicked the damn bucket
                                         turned it upside down
pieces of a lae fell out, yards of fabric
hand-woven bright

The spill was tremendous
out came tinksa’s
         prayer flags
singing bowls
and melted glass 
from Pele

Kneeling in the snow
    of winter, in I peer
the bottom is not insight,
wetness shimmers and seas call
       oil films
on Northern lights

Before me, before my time
my Grandad played kick-the-can
           damn good idea
as toe meets bucket, I howl
perhaps, I will go see
a polar bear!

No regrets fill my bucket
for I want mine full of colored bits of Lhasa
windchimes from Bhutan

Dented, by life marked, decorated
hell morphed, I intend to rise
on comet tails
    look for me
in ashes       on a wind
in the H i m a l ayas

Poet: Debbie Guzzi

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Bucket List

maybe see the deepest valley in the ocean
or Mars
maybe see the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorial
or Tibet
maybe see the oldest living tree on the planet
or the Parthenon
maybe see Bethlehem and the Wailing Wall
or a volcano
maybe see distant relatives I've never known
or yesterday...

or you again
maybe see both of you again, before I die
before I die again...

Tim Ryerson
Nette Onclaud's 'Wanderlust' contest

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a long journey


it has been a long journey
the journey we call life
with its many twists and turns
its curves and dips
the puzzle never to be complete in my time
because of one missing piece 
each day I begin with a prayer
I will turn back the pages of time and sorrow
no rock will be left unturned . . . 

so young and lost
wanting only to be loved
my family sent me away in shame
with no one to protect me or comfort me
I held you close to my heart looking into your face
realizing their mistake
they pulled you from my arms . . . 

I like to dream of what could have been for us
we could have made it in this world
could have been happy
why would no one give us a chance
even though I was only a child  . . . 

a life searching for you
dreaming an impossible dream
praying to find you
to look into your face again
my heart aches each day from searching
and not finding . . . .

maybe it will not be in this lifetime
but if God is merciful
in heaven I will find you
my son . . . 


July 23, 2013

Free Verse

For the contest, Free Verse, Poet Destroyer

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The Green River

She slips from the sleeping ice.
Green, fresh, free to flow
through the great fjord.
Past the blue mountains.

She glides smoothly
over the rocks with glee,
covering them with her cool touch.
Tall evergreens cheer her on.
Waving as she courses down her chosen path,
carrying life. 

All the while never tiring!
Surging forward to join the others like her.
This vast journey ,
will not end till she reaches
The Great Shores.

Her journey is joyful.
Touching all on her banks,
leaving the gift of life in her wake.

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taking a step

This life's journey is like climbing the stairs
each step, year by year. moving up in the air
the higher I get, seems the harder to breathe
My ascent has stalled, sorrow seems to impede

loss of passion to climb and no will to explore
filled with anger, unfairness, ahead a closed door
having desire and need, for a warm body to hold
Fierce hurricane winds, they have taken there toll

thoughts of taking a step, repressed by the tide
it's filling the vacuum, where my heart use to hide 
filled with sorrow and pain, from life on this earth
letting the darkness, decide what it is worth

Is this journey over and do I need to lay down
joy and happiness lost, my heart's closing down
I'll know the end has come, if I don't feel the sunshine
It's rays feed my soul, like a fine cheese and wine

"My body gets nourishment from  Mother Earth,
sunshine fills my soul with Gods grace and mirth"

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Shadow trees

Shadow trees 
On gentle breeze, heave 
and lip the edges of a sanctuary 

Hallowed space, of union graced 
In liminal hour 
where dappled light plays cupid to our delight 

Crepe paper garlands 
Seek to adorn us 
Fugitives in search of respite 

No penetrating eye should moot 
this canticle to umbral shine 
nor prick the virtue of our plight 

Unsteady mood of solace and peak 
Shadow trees 
In boundaries you speak 
as we move on the fringes of the night -
Let me keep time 
damned blue midnight

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Just one of many things

Catching me out and truly unexpected
Flashbacks that only bring tears to mind
Children so powerless, no happiness to see
Left in the darkness to fear night and sleep

Nowhere to run, no one to care for them
Cold blooded man with no heart or love
Chillies for breakfast more punishment for tea
Strappings and cruelty, their harsh reality 

Forced to watch and too scared to cry
Strength inside but fear in our eyes, 
Never show weakness, take it on the chin
Secretly hoping he pays for his sins

So much fear, sadness and guilt
Fear of not standing up to his build
Sadness for the horrible things indured
Guilt I wear for not making this stop

Life has many challenges, we all know
I should have dealt with mine years ago
Instead I just pushed it so far below
Locked deep out of sight, out of mind

Letting this all impact on my life 
Feelings subtle in the background
Slowly eating at my heart and soul
Preventing me from being whole

So this is a new promise to myself
Finally remove it all from the shelf
No more will it comfortably be dormant
Day by day I will sweep it all out

This is a journey....'A Road about to be driven' 

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Child's Eyes

When I read Othello with my child’s eyes, I saw a master’s artistry at work;
Foul, devil plots, a hopeless love, a monster created but refused.
Victims and sinners alike debased, I saw worlds crushed and a giant fall. 
Convinced of character and poetic muse, I was led through vague words to light passages.

When I read Othello with my adult eyes, I saw an artist bargaining with his theme;
His faceless blocks moved to a sympathy Mass, 
Searching for learning I found divested acts, all meaning and diversity consumed;
My awareness full, so was I then led back and the subject failed.

As I reflect the reading of Othello: two journeys made, one path to follow;
A world was opened through my child’s eyes, for adult eyes to swallow.

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My Notebook

Stimulating ideas pop into your head
You need a pen…you need a piece of lined paper 
It looks like you’re outtah luck…no wonder you’re drowning in dread
You need a shoulder to lie your head down for a moment’s rest… 
You need a helper…to aid you while you struggle emotionally…
I’m not trying to irritate you purposely

Try with all your might…try your best
To stay optimistic and fervent 
I believe that you’ll pass the test
Be upbeat, kindhearted and jubilant  

I appreciate the words you wrote on my notebook…
Sometimes, I feel like leftovers left on the counter…
I’m a rotten mess – you’re leaving me as if I’m an uninteresting book 
Sometimes, I feel like a coward – I don’t mean to bother…

But, you’re like no other . . .

You’re like a mat – you’re constantly stepped on…
I’m like YOUR unwanted tool – 
I stepped on you and
Pushed your buttons
I accused you of being the fool 
When, in fact, I’m the fool by your side…
You’re drifting…pushing me aside…

I’m writing words of truth though – 
Expressing how much I’m fond of you 

I esteem your presence
Glowing with glee 
At times, you do say things without thinking 
I’m the god of distress – 
You’re leaving me breathless 
Cutting me down like I’m some decaying tree
You don’t see how much you make me…
Guilty for your crimes
Taking the blame about the hundredth time 

At times, I feel that I’m awkward when I’m around you

You’re like a backpack – you carry everyone’s weight…
You’re like a sponge – soaking in our stress
I’m a distraction to you – you’re wasting valuable time…but don’t hesitate 
I’m writing words of self-centered feelings – logic doesn’t exist…
But these feelings aren’t as bad as committing a crime
These feelings come and go – I just had to confess 
I didn’t mean to screw up your progress…

Hey, if you need a few sheets of paper to right on, 
Use me like a notebook instead…and write with all your might
It seems as if you read me…like a book that drags on and on 
Use me as your tool of relaxation… and read me all night  

When you wrote those words on my notebook…
It made my day…you’re such a delight 
Like reading a fascinating, classic book

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The Corner of Madison and Huron

At the corner of Madison and Huron,
The faint pedestrian appears.
A couple holding hands walking swiftly
As police pass near.
Cane in his hands
Walks a younger looking man,
Rolling his suitcase along
A central corner in a downtown city
Where faith, hope, and love belong.
May God bless you Toledo,
Today and forevermore.

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A dinghy ride by starlight

There is an echo even now. Awakening 
From haunted dreams, late in the night
A memory of a dinghy ride by starlight:

The noise of the motor reverberating
Off the coast, above the rushing waves,
Cold and damp from sea spray and rain:

Phosphorescent glittering streams in
Our passing wake arise from unknown 
Depths as we skim their salty matrix:

A shoreline strewn with the debris of
That unending war: A warning to steer 
Clear off, but to keep a parallel course: 

Dark ragged hills like a rip in the fabric
Of a jet black sky and the ghostly white 
Foam of the relentless Solomon Sea:

Speak not of crows for I have seen them
In a mist shrouded morning at Rabaraba
Where they held their nodding congress.

And Champion’s surprise at finding me
There, upon his arrival, was worth a
Hundred voyages into Anuki Country.

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I read today that the root word phil means loving and I thought you were given the right 
name. I know you sit and serve your mother in law as she is in the transition of life to life 
eternal. Remember that we will see her again and she will be free to roam and run and play at 
the feet of Jesus. Time in this world must end for all; she has traveled her journey and 
taught her children well. The children must take her torch on their own journey through this 
life and be ready to meet the savior.
May the holy spirit comfort you, strengthen you, and love you through this difficult time.
Family is our most important asset in life, God given and God protected.
Remember the good days and forgive the bad.
I love you my sweet sister,

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Am I Still Forgiven

I did it again; I need forgiven.
Will He still forgive me even though I've fallen before?
I've fallen into these same sins countless times before;
I still haven't learned my lesson.
I am an ignorant hypocrite.
Am I still forgiven?

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I lay sleeping

I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with no care and sleep with eyes blind,
I lay sleeping, there with my eyes wide open.

Seeing the dark change from dark to black.
There is no moon, there is no sky
just purple strokes of paint in the sky.
Take that morning dew smell and close your blind eyes.
Smell the morning, that smell that clicks in your mind.
The smell of childhood dreams,
that as an adult never came true.
Sleeping bare in the nude with your eyes wide open.
Thinking of her, as she is five thousand miles away from you.
Wanting to love and hold her, but no use in crying.
Sleeping their with blind eyes in the dark that dances in the light.

Your lamplight turned down low,
as life trickeles down in its nightgown and yawns for sweet slumber.
Tired from longs days, and sometimes long nights,
wanting to curel in bed and close its blind eyes.
Dusk will soon peek its head through the blinds
and awake life to a new dawn.
She sleeps in the morning, and walks at night.
When he sleeps at night, and walks with a bare nude heart in the morning.

Life climbs over yellow mountains,
and meets her fellow compainion
a handsome fellow with broud shoulders and blessed with an ego
as I sleep there with my eyes wide open.
As I sleep with my eyes blind to what life has intented for me,
and as I raise to walk the lone streets at the break of the dew covered lawn
at the first sweet smells of dawn,
I can see life go on with the handsome man
and I blind and wanting to go to bed.

I dream of dreams that have no meaning
Gardens of cluelessness and raging emotions
tare me down and I am confused on which way to go.
Do I stay here and dream away, blind and half awake
as life slaps me across my broad cheek?
Or shall I walk on with life hand and hand
and regain my vision of the world,
Start to sleep with dreams that make sense
and dreams that are made of gold and have no end?
Dream of fancy dreams that show love and happy endings
I would love that, and I would love to walk with life,
but she is out of my leauge.

And my bed is so cozy and I feel like sleeping.
So I shall sleep on more restless night chashing life down.
I lay sleeping with my eyes wide open.
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning.
I lay sleeping waiting for life to come back from the mountains
and lay beside me.
I lay sleeping with hope of regaining hope and salvage
what is left of my spirit at hand.

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Hello my green, little friend
don't mess with him or you'll have an end.
Alive over eight hundred years,
with his powers, he disappears.
Teaching is one of his strengths,
except for his lengths.
He may be a little bald,
as long as the rest aren't appalled.
Even if he's greenery,
he blends in with the scenery.
He can fight with a saber,
but with good behavior.
For as backwards he talks,
on tiny feet he walks.
This episode is at the end,
so the rebels will apprehend.

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Chhh-ta-cuff, Chhh-ta-cuff

chhh-ta-cuff, chhh-ta-cuff

The train chugging back and forth
Looked out of the window.
The beautiful landscape floating by
I wish I was there in the fresh air
Aha, the train stopped at Calais station,
the engine driver has got down. 
It is the time for uploading the coal
And will take more time to fire
the engine of the steam locomotive.
I saw the Towers of Canterbury.
My mind was full the Chaucerian images.
Felt peace with waters of English Channel

I heard the whistle and chhh-ta-cuff sound
I ran and running the train I got aboard.
I again I looked out of the window
And saw green meadows and willows,
the English dolls strolling by.
I put out my head out of the window
Oh, my face was dark with the soot
and my eyes aching with the grit.

I heard the sound of the engine along
Recalling the words of R.L. Stevenson
"Faster than fairies, faster than witches."

January 23, 2015
Form: Free Verse
Second Place Win

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In The Desert

        In The Desert -  Desert Inclinations

Warm souls ride camels high to inclinations
Shifting landscapes change and rise
Reach inside the sands, breath sunburn dry
With buzzards on the bone, drawn in winds direction
Beyond the dunes, there are more dunes to find
Bodies have a tougher time out there, turned red, baked
Dehydrated, never enough water at the oasis 
To quench the land and comfort man
Who takes his solace in the sun in endless desolation
The kind you can’t escape from

Earl Schumacker -Created on 9/15/14 for In The Desert – Poetry Contest 

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Railway Journeys

Way before the days of restoration and trains with double craned gaze  
Lived immigrants with hungry stomachs and nickel plated eyes of veer     
Their tangent promises cajoled with dreams of prosperity and love   
This is the story of an immigrant ancestor, who came to our Country broke  
Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A! 

On the journey went with an atmospheric engine puffing in praise  
The smell of moth protected coats n’ woolly hearts waving in goodbyes
Bodies leaning hard against clad iron trains, on towards strange lands
With unfamiliar scents left behind, a lulling caboose rocked on and on 
Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A!

From her window she saw scenes of rock, earth, sea, and skies of steel
While the rod and piston made head way, she laid her head and lulled    
With hands clutched round a scrappy parcel tied by butcher rope of old  
Two years worth of love letters that were never returned nor consigned 
Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A!

She dreams of grandma’s home fries foggy windows of January mornings
The smell of recycled oil and the crisp ends of a well cooked potato wedge
Orange blossom cannon ball steam escapes, leaving behind the steel tracks 
The clanking bell of her arrival, he is waiting at the stop, waiting to see her, 
Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A Chug A!

The End….
January 19, 2015-01-19

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Life Can Be Cruel

I cannot get into heaven
God I have tried!
Suicide is a double edge sword
Especially when you survive!
Walking the streets at night
Dazed and confused
Longing to be loved
When is Mum, coming for me?

"Does she still love me?"
"Does she still care?"
"Does she still think of me?"
"Does she wonder, where I am?"

I want her to come find me
I want her to say she 'loves me’
I want her to comfort me
I want her to take me home
And keep me safe
And not forget hat I exist
Like the way she treats me now

I wish God 
Could make my Mum
Magically appear
Making this hellish nightmare
On the street

“Send my Mum please!”
So, all this can end!
Before this last ray of hope
Diminishes for good!

I don’t want to become
The walking dead
Forever forgotten as if 
I was never born!
For this is the cruel, harsh reality
Of living life, feeling unloved
Uncared for, abandoned,
Left to fend for my own

A dangerous killer inside me
Eating away, at my soul
Something, no one can see
As I suffer in silence
My insides crippling!

Lost, alone and frightened
Weeping on a dirty
Graffiti park bench
Dirty tears
Rolling down my cheeks
Stuffing newspapers under my jumper
To keep myself warm

“What am I going to do?”

“Will I make it through the night?”
“Will I get raped and beaten?”
"Will I be left for dead?”
“Will I survive
To see another day?

“Is my life worth living?”

Please God, I beg of you
Have mercy now
Please show me the way!

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Have You Ever Read

Dedicated to an author by the name of William Golding... Enjoy!!!

~Two boys meet on an island
~~One is skin 'n bones
~~~The other one is chubby

They discover a lagoon~
Ralph teases him by calling~~
him "Piggy" -  how mean!!~~~

Piggy asks him if
There are other people on 
The island with 'em

He has no clue
But this'll answer Piggy's question --
Other boys appear - 
All diverse shapes and sizes
What'll happen next??

You'll see...

Have you ever read The Lord of the Flies?
I recommend it if yah haven't read it yet - I must admit
It's a book full of adult words and it's simply...FASCINATING! - no lies
You should read it - or you'll regret it!

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Dead On My Own, Alive In Him

Faith is not failing me,
I am failing Him.
Why do I refuse to accept His grace?
Why would I rather live my life on my own
When He is extending a helping a hand?
I am depressed,
Dead on my own,
But I am alive in Him!
I give my life to Him for real;
I give Him my all,
And now I'm alive
Because He gives me life!

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Longing For Summer

It's almost time for...
A time to be free
To go a little crazy
Push things to the edge
Longs drives around the town
Even longer nights around the bonfire
Hot guys and beautiful girls
A time for 
Long days
And even longer nights
It's a time to ditch
The sweaters for tank tops
To peel of the jeans
And slip into some shorts
Feel the breeze caress your face
And flirt with your hair
It's a time
To fall in love
Kiss in the rain
Make new friendships
Create amazing memories
It's a time where all worry melts away
The winter blues are gone
Happiness is everywhere
Life all around
New life,color,sounds
Summer is a time to get lost
Take a road trip to nowhere
Just drive around
Take a risk 
It's a time to love life and just 

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8:15 To Freedom

Do you hear the train a'whistlin'?
I wonder where she's a'goin'.
Can she be boundin' toward freedom?
Well, there's freedom in Jesus!
And that's all we need!

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Journey On Your Own

There is a high, high cliff, just waiting for someone to come and climb, 
But what you must go through is rather tragic, so you must figure it out. 
I’ll let you pass through this gate and hopefully find out what is missing in it, 
what it means, 
I won’t give a hint or a word of it, so don’t pout. 

Your first stop is a place of nothing but fog, and a fast current of icy water 
passes through it. 
Only pure of heart and those who understand can step on the stones and walk 
the distance to anew, 
When you pass through the fog, hopefully you haven’t tripped yet, you’ll find 
such a beautiful place, 
But to the only few. 

The mountain awaits for your footprints, only to blow them away, 
There is a flower on the highest tip of the monument in the sky, 
“It’s too high, but I’m sure you know that.” Most say, 
But to those who are strong of imagination, just fly. 

Pick the flower, and you’ll finally see the path of your journey alone, a long 
white hall. 
On the walls, there are pictures of your past times, retelling all the good 
But if you are truly pure, you’ll see the way you made it here, and you’ll know, 
You’re dead, and this long journey ends when you sit in the golden room with 
two chairs. 

You’re almost there, just a little further and you’ll find paradise, I’m not lying. 
If you see doors leading away from this golden room, congratulations, you 
have done well.
For you, there will be a never ending paradise, a Dreamscape awaiting your 
And your life stories, people can retell. 

“You have done well alone, 
You must come and find me on your own.”

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Touching A Lonely Heart

A poem is born right here at home
No need to fly where I'm alone
I've often wished for wings that fly
To take a magic carpet ride
To places deep where phrases hide
So rich with wisdom, and insights known
Above the moon, where stars are keeping
Amazing words that form a poem

If closing eyes and knowing this
The wonder of poetic bliss
Are beneath my feet, beneath my stare
A poem resides most anywhere

The voice inside my head must share
My life, my friends, my family
Within my reach, are memories
Where lies a wealth, a poem or verse
To touch a few with heartfelt words

A poem unfolds tiny rose
It starts new life, so tightly closed
But given life, it opens wide
And takes me on a carpet ride
I pray for words that will not hide
To take you too..........upon this ride
Above the moon, beyond the stars
To land upon a lonely heart
For Michael's "Boomerrang Contest": 1/27/13

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A Drunk's Prison

A Drunk's Prison

Having sold cold misery to enjoy the lack of pain
         drinking spirits to blot out the cold hard rain
Beaten down, busted out and without prayer or hope
         thinking of a long step and a short rope
Another shot of whiskey to ease such morbid thoughts

This season of woes always brings out inner demons to play
        skipping rope while  cursing them to just leave
they sing unhappy and merciless off key melodies
        Another shot banishes them straight to hell
replaced by wailing women demanding more time!

No respect for a man drinking and desperately thinking
        of just how far once was up to have just now grabbed sickness!
Another drink sends them back to Hades
Fallen and there is no getting up until the spirit leaves !

Not another shot, tomorrow they find this useless old tattered  

Robert L.   08- 23 1987

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Defined by Love

The way you feel
about me doesn't
define me. You will
not cause me to
re-think my
priorities or
examine my virtues.
You may love, like,
hate or be neutral
towards me, that is
your prerogative. Of
course I would
prefer to be looked
upon as good,
inspiring, or any of
the positive human
characteristics we
know of... but it's
not essential to me
if I am not. I
respect your opinion
either way. More
importantly, I
respect mine. In my
eyes I AM worthy of
love, friendship,
praise, blessings,
God's Love and love
for myself and I can
only hope for
"genuine" to precede
all of these words
and their meaning. I
understand that
these things I need
in my life, and they
are also the essence
of me, my gift to
those who really
know me and love me,
who truly desire to
be a part me, not
just tolerate me or
see an opportunity
for achievement at
my expense. I have
come this far on a
road paved of my
blood, sweat and
tears and the
admission of my
faults that made it
so. Many lessons I
learned were harsh
but I managed to
proceed in the right
direction and it was
I who suffered and
bowed my head with
shame and it was I
who rose, anew,
forgiving and
forgiven, humbled
and eager to forge
ahead. And the few
that were with me
all the while, will
forever be a part of
me, we are one and I
acknowledge I would
not be where I am,
who I am this day,
without you. And I
will always love
you. It is my
ambition and honor
to give to you the
same beautiful,
selfless gift. I
walk with God, in
good company of
those that chose to
walk with me in this
amazing life's
journey. And that,
is all I need to
know as to what
defines me, as a
person, a blessed,
cherished soul,
grateful for every
single moment.

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This thing we share

Long enduring eyes
I bring you tender flavor 
to live inside 
cover sad limbs 
sad nights 

a shaken wall falls when I call to you, 
asking for fruit, for whispers, for slow smiles 
nothing more, 
yet everything I give, is given

I may
I may grasp day yet
reap one last harvest
our shy bounty 
embracing a pain not made for solitary lovers 
but for us 
this thing we share

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Freedom in Love

Keeping my head up, treading water
Cut throat surviving, struggling
Going under, death visits
Will to live, tested!
Selfishness Vs Selflessness
A Greater Love, encompasses me
God demonstrating mercy, for his children
Learning about forgiveness, cultivating, inner faith
Melody of Love, one can experience
In the darkest, waking hours, of everyday living
Self survival, learning how to live
Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart
Peaceful Spirit, Freedom in Love

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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            love u
The word love you ,really touch the soul.
As it came straight through her heart.
Praise i gave her was true from my heart.
So the word came straight though my heart.

To here the word love u,from her heart .
Was great thing to here for my heart.
I felt the real love for me ,when i here 
the word love u,
was like continuous ringing of bell 
in my heart.

It was journey of true love,to talk 
With a girl of true heart,i went 
on to journey of life,
when i talked about love.

The love she bestowed upon with her touch,
was soothing for my soul.
love you ,she said to me was the 
real love to feel for my heart.

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My Nest

Love is my nest.
It holds me
where all the world I see.
It saves me
from the ground
which my soul will never meet.

Up in a forest tree
hunters scattering in threes
they'll never catch me
I have love.
I am perfectly happy.

relaxed I am
I do not stress
for there isn't life
without my nest.

who cares what's below?
I am above.
love is my nest
My nest is my love.

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Love Bonds

True love is never taken to the grave Death, though the final blow to all living kind, Never takes with it the heart of the living When “Death” calls A life journey “ends” replaced by memories For loved ones “a” thread to hold onto A link to help make the “life” of those left behind bearable For the loving spouse this is “not” always where the journey ends Their heart remains still “a” part of the missing whole The living “relationship” only severed Written by: Debra Squyres on 1-16-12 For: “Middle of the Road” members contest Sponsored by: HGarvey Daniel Exquire (This was perfectly centered in my program, but not here, sorry.)

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I heard the thunder
above my contented place
as I accepted the sunshine
and left home
without an umbrella.

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Soul Beat

Run into my heart;
Run right into my arms.
I will never let you go;
I am yours forever, please know.
You make my soul beat;
You bring me back to life.
God, thank You for this love;
God, thank You for this life.

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Loss- by Poet Destroyer and Lee Ramage

LOSS by~ LEE RAMAGE Just as poems paint a picture And songs take you on a journey How do I keep you with me Now that you’re no longer here I am pink clay and you are blue Mold and mix us together Separation is near impossible An image drawn in my mind by~ Poet Destroyer The image you draw in my mind Are enjoying the pink and blue flush clouds Clever as one on a calm night Loss is never forever, Mold me and hold me You will see the journey will paint a picture near the sea Twist me in to a midnight nursery rhyme Mix us into the wilderness that will never separate There you will find the perfect clay and create ~ A poem without loss and endless possibilities a collaboration with * Poet Destroyer
Written for "Collaborate with Me" contest Won 3rd Place

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The itty-bitty spider knew 
he had to web his site.
He was in the corner of breakfast nook.
I watched him all night.
He went up the line with such might.
The itty-bitty spider was magnified.
The web he created was in neon light.
For Andrea Dietrich Third & Final Itty Bitty Contest
April 11, 2014

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Look at me

Look at ME!
I hold your gaze for untold amounts of time,
When others try to talk with you,
I’m so important,
That sometimes you won’t even look away from me,
When you see me, I am a window into the world,
A message from afar, limitless information,
I mesmerize you with my brightness and color,
Other things arent as important to you,
Other things need your affection,
But this bond we have is so strong, I have your attention most the time,
The world goes on around you but you hardly even notice,
Because to notice would reveal an absence 
An absence of romance, adventure and life,
I feel so special, if only I could feel,
I can tell you love me, but I can not love you back, for
I am, your smart phone, cell phone, I pad and computer,
look at me, look at me, look at me.

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State of Mind

I am uninhibited and long in years
but still here to praise the day
and my present mien amid the strife
that I endured I can see a light
as if reflected on a watery path
that glistens and shows the way
to another day that I choose 
to accept and come what may
I will not age , I  will evolve
To demolish dementia with my thoughts
I have recaptured youth 
With the tools I have wrought
To trot in the world with a steady gait
as a child, I am uninhibited
still here to praise the day

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A Soul Will Be Saved

And then the day came
                That I found my self lost in the void of my own emptiness
And as suddenly as a tree bust into flames
      After being stuck by lightening
My heart sank
              I felt so lost and alone
The walls ran red with my blood
                     For they were all I had left to beat
And my busted knuckles bleed with the vengeance of hate
I cursed the Lord above as the gooners burst into my cell
        Overcome and beaten
Hogtied and broken
                  I refused any medical aid
For my hate drank the pain
             And I wept
As deep as the peace of a deer lying in the meadow
I felt the Lord Jesus Christ come unto my soul
And to this day the thought of him
      The depth of his mercy
             Makes me cry
   For I have been forgiven
I became a man of living example
The future holds limitless opportunities for me
                         I bare witness to the darkness of addiction
                          For I have been delivered from the ashes
                            Set free from the chains that bound me
My soul is my Lords as my heart is my wife’s
My life belongs to anyone who is willing to learn
As I ready to embark on the journey of education
My excitement grows with each passing day
Because I know the Lord Jesus Christ
                       Will use me as a lantern of faith 
         And those who teach me will also learn from me
      For my knowledge of emptiness is as vast and barren
          As all of the great deserts spread around the world
            Compiled together in one 6’-2’’ 240 lb. frame
        The depths of my scars are like the Grand Canyon
          Amazing to see and impossible to comprehend
                   This is my story this is who I am
                    My past will never be forgotten
     Because it holds the possibility of higher education
            In regards to the overhaul journey of life
           And hopefully some where along the way
                          A soul will be saved

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Tears Of Success

We told at a young age
You can make it as long, as we get good grades
If we behave;
We told hard work and dedication prevails
We not told what will happen if we fail

A life time's Aim for Lusting for fortune and fame 
Just to have it, so abruptly taken away
We not told have much life can strain
Drain every single bit of life away
Have our dreams crushed to a size of a dusty grain
Have our wounds cut openly, so the world can see our bloody mistakes

Emotionally and physically scared
But those scars 
Make you the person who you are
For them critics to tell you, they don't like your art
Its like having a rusty dagger put through your heart
Your dreams and self believe torn apart
To get right back up and march 
On regardless of your past
Gives you heart

So dream bigger
Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror
Get the courage to not be a quitter
And stop yourself feeling bitter
Through literature I paint them the picture

I painted my own Self portrait
I portrait-ed 
me as I see myself, a distraught face
glum misfortune fate
but looking back in mirror is a gorgeous face

You got Self esteem problems your not being honest 
Don't listen to your sub conscience
Fear is what kills dreams, just think positive 
Don't listen to these critics there talking nonsense
I've taken loses I've taken being at the bottom
I've promise 
To myself to never doubt myself by there comment
In the hope one day they pay homage
To the pain of my voyage...

But the chilling truth
critics only start hearing you
the moment death is nearing you. 


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Perfectly you

You say you aren't perfect,
but look again and behold yourself; perfectly you.
Your tears be heavy-laden with guilt;
also remember, they glisten with remorse.
The sea water of the eye cleanses wounds old
and leads life to the good vulnerability
that teaches humility and belief.

Singing; your voice awakens the dawn
and dancing you set the moon.
Entrancing, you smile
and for a moment I glimpse forever.
Joy's child is your way
and grace is in your name.

Awake in the watches of the night
He watches your panic weeping;
wanting your day to soar 
and set twilight leaping.
Stars twinkle in sympathy,
and meteors lead sight to the other.
Come away with me my love and wink at suns.

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Futyre child syndrome exposed

In a moment there was time a child could grasp corporeal and gracious
It stopped and I carefully gave non notice to educasees
that paused me to bleed blend assinine inaccurate aforementioneds
to preprocure a mule measured primrose pathos of interposes to analyze the ex ever jutaposes of irrevelant psuedo spawn spellings intrinsic of piss patterns nego 
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(Three times I have crossed swords with death up to now!)

The cheerful trumpet of 
Miraculous life,
Imperatively sounded in 
My mother’s life-giving womb,
Heralding with its melodic tune 
Another animation:
And as now my innocent 
Infantile heart, provoked by
The challenging divine call, 
Started beating tenderly in
The rhythm of never-dying cosmos
Thus making me 

The promising sound was 
Still ringing in my delicate
Singing the marvelously hopeful
Song of life,
When a sound of a 
Second trumpet, similar 
To first,
Filled with its melancholic 
My tiny world,
Announcing the coming of 
Calamitous death thus
Condemning me to 

LIFE and DEATH beside me 
They stood facing
Tenderly holding my hands
And claiming me as
Their child

Life was the first to whisper 
Into my ears
Promises so many,
She talked to me about joy, 
Happiness, love and
About thousands of other things that
She would like to offer, 
Only a favor she asked in return;
To be hers and only hers

When death heard all this, 
Didn’t make any sound,
Only sardonically smiled at life first
And then to me emphatically 
“The cup of joy you can never 
Drink before you empty that
Of sorrow’s
And no matter what life says
To you, in the end you will be 
My very own.”

That’s the way my trip in 
This ephemeral world
With vigorous life leading and 
Tracing the promising way
And death kept following her,
Just a few steps behind
Patiently was he waiting  
To catch up with her pace
As years were passing fast 
One after the other
Death was approaching rapidly
Each and every day
So the fight they had begun so
Many years ago
Relentless war now becomes
With life still the

Yet, the ill-fated date unexpectedly 
Came to my great surprise 
When the cold hands of death I felt 
Around my skeleton waist
Squeezing the life out of me with 
All their force and main
Eager to extinguish in me wish
The very last spark of life
And as the shrilling wind of death
Was howling throughout 
My body
I fell at once breathless, dead and
Still over the ground

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       2 February 2013


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musings of an impaired being

Does it really matter that i conform to the norms of the day?
What perfect blueprint is there for the journey called life?
Who are you to chastise me for being filled with flaws?
Only one was made perfect.
who deems it otherwise?
Who made you judge and jury over the morally bankrupt?
How dare you raise your nose when your anus is filthy?
Aren't we all on this journey to utopia?
what being dares claim arrival?
That life is fraught with connundrums and challenges is not far fron the turth.
That humans of different races will be judged alike is up for debate.
I'm filled with vices, and so are you
but thou hipocrisy shields your misdeeds.

Listen, fellow weaklings
Take caution as you condescend,
for the descent is inevitable.
What fun is there to life if we dont fall and rise?
What story will be told if we dont lose and repossess?
How would we become fitter if we are not faced with storms?
Who can best define our cause on devil's roof?

Is it survival or procreation?
Is it strifes or oppression?
No one really can tell, only HIM  knows

Clerics hold us bondage to selfish doctrines,
and we gullibly oblige.
Like a procession of zombies,
yearning for the release their words present,
unable to put our reasoning to test,
and lose the cloak of vulnerability.
Who exactly are we?
puppets of nature?
or rivals in the ring of life?
Do you wonder why harmony dwell scarce in the elements?
Or why philophobia lives in the heart of men?
I'm speechless, i tremor
at the level of discord we habour
Can humans ever really change?
do we just suppress some deeds at whim?
and display others when we desire.
Will we ever be whole?

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The Drawing of Circles

It lingers without trace, and for evidence we seek
Long away from eyes prying
Further off the path from crashers feet
To this place of solitude
To this place promised to let one be free
This state that borders euphoria
That questions all we'd once believed
     Is it love?
     Is it life?
     Is it friendship?
     Is it to drain exhale complete?
     Is it freedom?
     Is it quiet?
     Is it a place of retreat?
Lingers if sobering into the withdrawl of sleep
That escapes nuances of time and the desires of others needs
And so beyond we cast search
Beyond the flecks of faultering gold we see
In hopes to come full circle
In hopes to find true peace.

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Side By Side

Oh it's a beautiful night!
The moon is full
And the stars are glowing
While the trees, with Earth's cool summer breeze
Start slowly blowing...

A campfire's flames are burning so bright
While a young couple holds each other tight
Warming their hearts, as these two lovers embrace
Traveling together, through time and space
Oh how tonight, with their love, they won't hide
Two lovers forever, Side By Side

Under the stars, both of them lay
They've been together, happy, all night and all day
Holding each other, a sweet caress
While green grass stains her pretty white dress
But no words, to each other, do they say
Happy just sitting Side By Side, knowing no other way

Gazing up at the stars
Breathing in the night
Them together with nature
A beautiful sight

All the years they've both struggled
And how they cried 
Has led them here tonight
It matters not now
As they'll lie here forever, Side By Side

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It's Simple

It's simple.
We make it much more complicated than it is;
Just live.

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Nothing Remains the Same

Where could you be tonight, Sinatra?
Love and Marriage
Love and Marriage
A chant I heard reverberate
As far away as the length of the waves 
I rode indisposed 
When I was bound
To a remote island
Named Buyukada

The permanent content of what you mean
Transcends me the moment I kiss your lips
And I know that meaning is produced 
Only in an unexpectedly rambunctious union

Succinctly, I dissect everything
Looking for generic terms I left 
Back somewhere in Kadikoy
At nine o’clock sharp near the theater 
Where I heard a beautiful young voice
Lamenting Istanbul in operatic tempos 

Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha 
Fatih Sultan Mehmet 
Jalal al-Din Rumi
All proceeded towards Istanbul again
Alas! Nothing remains the same
Everything is only revisited once again
Even the empty sunflower fields of Kutahya

Detach yourself, postmodern Kerouac,
From the vicissitudes of a stuporous life
Isolate yourself from mundane places 
Where nothing transcends the ephemeral
I know that I will meet a deadline  
Just because life manifests itself 
Unintentionally in those experiences I weave 

I thought my days could end 
On a ship to Prince’s Island bound
Alas, a Russian girl took me aside
To recount her Icelandic memories
To a dismembered Moorish heart  

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UnderStar UnderStand

Avant Garde declarations of flawed misunderstanding Ethereal hand's star cast thought's scattered materialised being From under stones crept To kindle fires of imagination's spawning grounds Turned over in tumultuous caverns of repressed understanding Unbound suddenly as spring leaves answer a sun's call from a hundred light years distant Feeling crosses dread chasms with invisible bridges having no descriptive language to flaw their being Under stars knowing by being under stars Become my brothers outside of time's fantasy born gasp My eyes know you over centuries in microseconds Depth forgotten I reach out to hold you in my palms And for a fleeting heartbeat's moment I hold a universe in my arms Nails scratching a ceiling of light The earth beneath me rises to a firmament's elemental haven Drawn to sky alive Laying inside the space between Brink of countless worlds Mirrored on grass by ancient paths By fire cast by fire's hand Kalimba tones underline music's word of finger etched peace White flower in fields of midnight silver Glowing through memory screaming parallel truths Searching through countless lifetimes for bridges A path to close the gap I found it in the mirror's face Dark lakes of highland dreams touching skin to a traveling gleam Still pools on ancient roads holding timeless light Reached out again for star's caress Soul communication's shout You are the bridges Minds of walking life Our transience quantified By wandering stars ©David Nickle Read 2014

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Gift Of Mortality

An earthly existence
A universe beyond my minds, comprehension
I die
I rise
Life lessons reviewed
Homeward bound
I am not lost, after all!
I am a willing participant
Serving, the Father, of all creation
His son combined, ‘producing life’ as we know it
Representing them, in everything I do
I am nothing, without Love!
My heart full of faith, loyal service I give
Learning how to unconditionally serve, as the Father unconditionally, loves me
Worshipping our Divine Creator’s existence
Choosing to live, moment to moment
Being as one with ‘Our Universal Father’
No physical permanency
My physicality, disappearing
My mortality existence, I let go of
Death temporary
My spirit alive!
Relief, Peace
‘I am only passing through!’
A unique, experience of mortality 
A gift, I am blessed to experience, to live!

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Harsh winds blow from a baron frozen land,
Of ice and snow.
Exhaling Nordic gods breath a chilling mist
An eerie foggy vapor creeping along the
 Waters aquatic edge.
Rages angry seas lap against the wooden
Hauls as battle harden men brace for impact
Waves crack tarring asunder splinters oaken shell.
Yet these Icelandic warriors laugh at death,
Savoring it's flavor, and relishing their own bloods
Taste upon salted lips.
The devils seed lives within them, these
 Barbaric conquerors known to history as the vikings
By Thor’s mighty hammer does strike thus,
Against the anvils rough hewed edge.
Sparks fly igniting thunder and lightening below
Splitting apart the very heaven's themselves,
Odin exposes a distant horizons far off shore.
Hear the oarsmen drumming, a pounding, 
 It's hastening beat the inner heart of this vessel
Foretelling hells army will soon arrive,
At early morning highest tide.
Whom shall stand after this storm hits land fall.
The sword unsheathed will take vengeance fill
With it's blade dipped an ink well of blood.
No treaty signed can stop history's mighty wrath
Feel hot Norse breath upon your neck oh roman.
Seek thy brothers kinsman’s council for
 Safety’s sake alone.
Fears children hide beneath a gray cloak of innocence.
Illusions shelter of falsehoods arrogance delusion,
 Believing the walls of roman shall never fall.
A dark shadow is cast over thy world of glittering
Gold a plunders treasure chest a shinning example 
For glistening ripening to fill ill gotten
 Gains empty hauls. 
What price to pay for lies deceit, it's brilliance
Calls forth a trumpeting, a sounding for
 Deaths comforting.  
Valhalla gates open wide, to welcome
Vanquished heroes unto the neither world.
While Romanian drink deeply from deaconesses
Bloody cup.
The Vikings sing a victory song and voyage on
And Odin smile down upon his people 
With pride's honor restored.

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The World Needs You, Lord

The world needs You, Lord;
We all need You too.
Alone, we battle and fall apart,
But we live joyful freedom with You:
Created anew in Your perfect image;
In Your Holy Name!
We pray,

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The colors drift
With the winds of winter
Drafts dapple and draw
A sequence of life
Ever changing
But always the same
Once it begins
It never ends
And so life goes…

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This City Inspires Me

The Chicago skyline.
You symbolize home.
You are me and I am you.

There you are Sears Tower!
Just like you I will stand tall and strong
Even through life's toughest winds,
I might sway back and forth,
But to the ground which I was built on, 
I'll remain.
Even when people try to change my name, 
I'll just reply "Watchya talkin bout Willis?!" 
Yeah, you'll always be Sears to me.
And I'll always be Joe to you. 

Thank You Chicago.

I promise I will get as fast as 
The trains and planes that transport your people
And when I get caught up in life's traffic,
I promise to keep my cool and my destination in mind.
I promise to get as strong as your culture is.
I promise to always be filled with as much vigor as 
Your raging college students are.
I promise to stay as passionate as
The struggling musicians that serenade your "L" subways are.
I promise I will work as hard as 
Your workers that are just trying to pay their bills do.
I promise I'll always stay as hungry 
As the poor that beg on your streets are.

And I promise I'll make you proud of me.
For I am proud of you!
Chicago, don't you know? 
You will always put the "O" in Joe.

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Water's long journey

 Interesting to learn that all the water on earth is all the water the earth has ever had.
That it takes thousands of years for water to complete its long journey.
It rises from the sea and lakes and ponds and rivers and puddles at the beckoning of the 
sun at the beginning of each day as morning mist.

 Many trillions of water molecules rising and uniting to form the clouds we see floating 
above us like so many strange air ships  in every shape and size beautiful and majestic 
in the sun light.
Some of the heaver clouds touch the mountain tops tearing open like the titanic hitting 
the ice burg only quietly and gently depositing cool refreshment for all that live below 
while still other ships of mist sail away on a sea of air hopefully to replenish some 
parched parcel of earth with the wet life giving bounty stored in their holds.
Still the other Man of War clouds heavy and black are moving fast with seemingly willful 
recklessness  and they crash and storm and deluge the already water laden land below 
bloating and roiling it to destruction.

When at last down into the earth the journey continues geologically slowly now as the 
water is filtered clean and once again travels on to the rivers then on to the lakes and 
seas a journey of several millennia repeating again and again refreshing all life on earth. 

The same water that has flowed over the world’s most majestic falls for eons of time.
The same water the dinosaurs drank.  The same water the giant trees drank up even 
before the dinosaurs.  The same water our first ancestors drank. 
Consider too that most of our body weight is water.  Apparently we are not as young as 
we may think.  

Drink up and enjoy that glass of whisky or wine or beer or coffee or milk or juice or just 
plain water secure in the knowledge that we truly are of the same stuff as the ancients. 

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When I leave this life
I will leave a note for you 
Remember me – 

You will know how to find me
We will meet once again 
In our next life

We can continue our journey  
Together for Eternity

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Rodeoman is here for contest

Saying your a rodeo rider
Makes it sound so much fun
But living hand to mouth
I assure you isnt fun at all

Make sure your timid horse
Is well fed and warm
Your second in this pecking order
Keeping well is your aim

Driving from one venue
To another i assure you  isnt good
But the visions that you see at night
Makes the journey understood

The rising and the setting sum
Is a feast for the eyes
A mental picture that you carry
When your mouth is dusty and dry

When saddling up that muscular horse
To ride into the arena
An adrenaline rush is prevalent
To ride  those 8 seconds clean

The satisfaction of big money
When winners are announced
Makes all worthwhile for you
To saddle up for another  event

So I tap my hat
Pack up my gear
Pick up a six pack
A few hours to sleep.
Before the next journey 

So watch out
A Rodeoman is coming to town.

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The beatles She's leaving home

The sun edged over the horizon
Leaching its yellow elongated tentacles
Over the shunting trains of Liverpool Lime street station

The full moon wavered for a short moment
being held there fast, 
then, as if released by a child’s elastic band
it too began its journey
Trying to maintain a perfect arc across the early morning sky
Like a compass pencil scratching across sandpaper

It’s Wednesday morning 
She’s in mourning
She pushes the bedroom door gently into its frame
It clicks comfortable closing like a prison door
She leaves a note on the floor
She wants to say more
But words fail her

She breathes in the kitchen for the last time
And exhales memories of a life not quite right
She looks back briefly
A moment
A spot in time
She turns the key
She’s free
She is leaving home!

Father snores out stale cigarette smells through yellow teeth
Mother wrapped in a tightly wound dressing gown
Lipstick and Mascara 
Struts like a painted clown
Waddles without a sound 
Picks up the letter
It says not what’s a matter
She falls to the ground

"Daddy, our baby's gone. 
Where did we go wrong!"
We sang the song
“Okay it wasn’t in tune, and we did forget some words but…..”
We gave her everything money could buy 

It’s Friday morning now, 
She is far away 
They meet, they hug, they kiss
Arm in arm they move out of the song
And walk away from the frame

Cos fun is the one thing that will take away the pain

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Survival Of The Fittest

Dropped out of school
At an early age
Lived on the streets 
Because, I disgusted my mother
She thought I was a poor example
Of true Christian beliefs
At an early age 
She religiously drummed into me
‘blood is thicker than water’
And yet, 
Here I am today confused, lonely and hungry
No one protecting me
No friends
No family
No home to go too
Just, peoples eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth mentality
Praying for the sun to shine
To feel some warmth again!
Sun rays of hope, lighting me up
To live through this darkness without fear
With a heart full of faith
No matter what happens to me, now!
If only I could drink my salty tears
It would sustain me for a lifetime
Your tears are worth nothing, around here
You’re classed as weak and venerable
Only attracting death
Your life worth nothing!
Save me from myself
I am my best friend
I am my worst enemy
My prayers and dreams
Lost in the wind
Blowing around like autumn leaves
The rain washing them away
Down the drain into the sewage
Rolling with the seasons
Year after year
Survival for the fittest!
Surviving on the love
Hidden, inside me
Being my strength and guide
My personal lifeline
In surviving this crazy world 
We all live in

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Wrong Turn

I have ceased staring at the allure
of moon and stars,
long past laying my head at loves feet.
I can pen no words, or expressive 
musings; the rose within my soul,
withered...sullen thorns remain.
I am a strayed embodiment of Him 
and my mortal confines, chases His shine.
have searched every smile and veritable
tears in unknown faces; lingered to inhale
the fragrant breaths of both young and
old. I dared graze
the pulse of undaunted hearts
hoping to catch His presence...
quick to sidestep those 
garbed in wintry stone.
I heard him clearly in a
child's laughter; inviting 
and engaging …but the
message was not 
for me.
have looked within natures 
subtle passages; as I arise
before the sun each 
day. Still I am 
that even His shadow
eludes me.
the vigor in my walk has
dissolved into a drunkards
dance...doddering and
Yesterday, I closed
eyes and heart;
an apparition watching
my funeral's passing.
Suddenly, He was beside me
around me...everywhere;
alas, in life...I failed to turn
my head and see him.

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Living in A Glass House


The volume of a certain something

does not by any means determine its levity over any given situation

or its brevity by relation

Once you strike a chord,

It's moment of breath

Shatters through it's glass-painted interstellar conquest

Where the fine line between an arrow and a target success

is evident in the lack of evidence

Which provides you, the Reader, better access to the verity in absence

You're an ancient old trick

but if I am watching, you'll have no where to rest your well-traveled head

But in my seductive grin

I am too an old trick

But I stand closest to the cauldron

Stirring green the ocean

To make way for that final moment

When the flame burns cold in the winter frozen solstice;

The waves come crashing to the coasts

Coming for my broken souls

With a gleaming smile for all their sorrows

Taking off into tomorrow

With a calmed, relieved breath

Reliving the scenes on an endless landscape

Now, in compassionate presence

Because after all,

Can't have nothing without 'how'

How: being everything that has ever been conceived of.

So, what have You left out?

You've become ignorant of your own shining features

Forgotten feathers from a bow

Lost your inner voice in the mirror glow

All along Zephyr without, you've lived as a pestilence to others and yourself...

And now, its time for show

Up close and personal

Bath in all the choices ever dreamed of; and burn with a rosy glow

Opened-close a shut case

Without remorse or concern or thirst,

Because all this, will soon be Unearthed

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people scurry around me
its like I am invisible
I am looked over
often forgotten
the one whose name goes unknown
never remembered
not matched to a face
or a personality
even though
I am a person.
I exist.
I matter.
I have significance in this world.

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Africa my love
Like a mother you embraced me
You taught me about life and love
You gave me something I never had or felt

Like a mother you punished me
When I mistreated you 
you gave me everything 
and took it all 

Africa you are the cradle of life
Why do you cry Africa
Why is life living you
If I leave you? 

Will you heal
Will you become wild and beautiful 
like you once were
Can you let me leave?

Africa my mother 
show me the world beyond the stars
Tell me about love 
and the ancient stars

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Drown to Rise feat Michael J Falotico

These are thundering noises that I hear
They are thumping in my ears, pump restlessness to my head
I feel like I'm going to explode
Breathe no more.. I gasp my last air 

They're getting louder
I run so fast till I can't feel my feet
I run so fast till I care no more but sounds of my steps
I’m still not breathing

So this is how I die
Drowned by my fear and worries

With my chin just over the point where I could breathe..

I French kiss the air to show my fight and belief…

I won’t leave this cruel world like this, not this way..

My life needs to be read and my dreams another day…

My crawl becomes a walk and my stride now a run..

Because this heart is strong and my soul is not done…

Collaboration feat Michael J. Falotico

Special thanks to Michael J. Falotico that has completed this poem in a perfect way :)

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Spirit Of Love

Inside my heart
Over flowing
A sea of love
My spirit free
Love taking lead
My inner consciousness, awakening
Inner realisations, coming to light
Experiencing the wonders of our universe
Discovering who I am
In the spirit of love

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live your life

I would tell you to live your life but I’m too busy living mine
Got to make sure I achieve all my dreams in my given time
The biggest risk you can make in life is to not take risks
Cowards die daily, if you’ve got an obstacle then face it

The only things to fear are 8 legged freaks and people who aren’t afraid of spiders
Every heartbreak I went through is how I was made a survivor
So I’m going to do everything I like to do
Because I’m not living my life for you

If I like a girl I just tell her no point in wasting time
The worst she can say is no
Or she breaks my heart a few months after I make her mine
Either way I learn and it makes me grow

Tomorrow isn’t promised so I’m living for the moment
Never will I give in to an opponent
I have too much pride and fight in me
I’m living my life for me

You’ll have to bring Tupac back, and place me 6 feet underground
Take pigs from the ground
And teach them to fly
Before you get me to dumb it down

I will die before I change my beliefs
Or before I bite my tongue
I’m staying the same for me
Weather I’m right or wrong

Everybody loves Raymond
And everybody hates Chris
I guess I’m in-between 
Men are jealous and women want to see me naked

I’m just kidding learn to take a joke
You can’t take my faith or hope
Hopefully you get some hope of your won through my words
And maybe use some of them to make a quote

That encourages you to live for you and no one else
We are all equally beautiful
Don’t be scared to be yourself
The day you live for others is when you lose it all 

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Clockwork Orange

It is only a matter of minutes before you are due for your next arrival
Hoards of heavyhearted souls, myself included traipse up and down your concrete steps, with hungry, bemused footsteps. 
A constant game of sardines, standing is sometimes all you will allow for, congested we stand, like an ashtray teeming with used fag butts. 
Daily, early morning 'till the late night stragglers approach, you are fruitlessly called upon. 
Strangers... they share nothing but a passing moment forgotten, 
There is no prejudices here, no laughter at a slight tumble while awaiting your stop.
Effortless couples protectively shield one another  from the drown, frustrating jerks you are famous for. 
We share one task and that task is to attack your concrete steps, 
like corporate slaves we attack.
We  climb until we see the inevitable light that teases us, 
teases our tired eyes. 
And once more our tired eyes are immersed into the energy that will become our life stories.

Copyright © Christina Clark

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Conversations With Myself Part 1

What am I doing?
I don’t know what I always do, I always run to this,
it’s like my default setting.
But I’m scared, it’s not familiar any more.
It makes me timid, it’s like looking off the edge.
But it’s different, isn’t it?
There’s nothing beautiful here anymore, is there?
No, there’s not.
Just a cynical criticism of things not even written.
But where did the Beautiful go?
I don’t know for sure.
Maybe it’s just hidden, maybe if I look…
It’s too hard isn’t it?
No, silly, remember, nothings to hard if you put your mind to it.
My mind?
Your mind.
Maybe it is too hard,
Just try stupid, it doesn’t hurt to try, remember?
No, it always hurt when I tried, but I always tried again.
And again, and again, till I didn’t feel it any more.
That’s the spirit, remember.
Why are you pushing this?
Because this is you.
This is me?
You just don’t remember how to unlock the beauty within.
But the beauty’s gone isn’t it.
No. It’s just hidden beneath your stubbornness.
Let Go.
       Just Let Go.

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Colorful Life

when you see a man
bent and worn with age
give him your hand
you know not what he has suffered
where he has been
who he loved, lost
give him a smile to show you care
is that too much to ask
show compassion 
give him your time 
lend an ear to his story
fire he feels still
you may gain knowledge
experience is a wonderful gift
to share with others
happy times sad times
broken crayons still color

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Unlit, unmapped, undiscovered
Begins the quest of an armored
Without shield or sword
Fate bound onward
Does the heart command
And the spirit demand

Chaos flames burn
Uncertainty begins to churn
 Stripped of protection
Lost and without direction
Stumbles the tormented soul
Bound to destiny’s scroll

Abhorrence chokes
Demons of fear provokes
Alone and incomplete
Searching with exhausted feet
Determined and predicted
A love so strongly inflicted

Precisely in the darkest moment
Attacked with the most torment
As the last of hope dies
Does the sun finally rise
The missing piece able to be found
And you know without a sound

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Scars of an Inner Child

You are not the man, you want to be
You said you were my Father, till, I discovered different
Enduring, daily beatings
Bashing the living day lights, out of a woman and a child
Repetitive, bad ass attitude, nasty streak
Mean and aggressive!
Fists, knives and guns, your weapons of chose
Out of control, abusive, devious
Relentless, over – bearing!
Breaking me, piece by piece
Confusing a child, with unhealthy love
Hand fed your bullshit, brain washed
Using me as your human, punching bag
This innocent child’s blood, staining your callas hands
My child’s curiosity, asking you one day
“Why do you hurt me and Mum?”
Your retort: “I am not your blood!”
I didn't understand, back then
Now, as an adult, I clearly understand!
Believe me, when I say
There was never a day that went past
That you didn't remind me of that!
My freedom, restrained
My sanity, tested
Caged, like a wild bird in captivity
Behind bars, looking out
 Here, I am today, free from your grip
Nursing, this inner child’s, bleeding love

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To Be As A Leaf

To Be As A Leaf
Ingrid Showalter Swift

To be as leaf
…food and so fire for the flame 
of hearth and human souls

and to be leaf floating on the river of my ever days

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scrambled  eggs
white toast
black coffee
fork spoon 
and sharp knife
today’s times

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Subconscious On My Mind

She visits in my dreams,
A place that I love to go,
For when my body is sleeping;
My subconscious starts to show.

She is not the same as when I’m awake,
She is fierce and unafraid; 
She watches over the pillows,
Where my head is soundly laid. 

She has wings just like an Angel,
Only hers are made of light;
With brilliant rainbow hues,
Enough to shine throughout the night. 

To me she looks much older,
Maybe even wise; 
One look at me and I know,
She can see right through my lies.

For her and I are one,
No hiding from the truth;
She understands that I’m growing,
Developing from my youth. 

She never passes judgment,
For herself would be included;
Her thoughts are always brilliant;
And never convoluted.  
I’m referring to my soul;
Aged throughout my lives.
She gives my words their meanings;
And my body is what she drives.

Inspiring my movements,
And wiping all of my tears;
Her voice is mine but rings through,
My head and out my ears. 

Perhaps it’s her who is writing this,
Giving me the rhyme;
My subconscious and my consciousness;
Working together for all of time. 

Although most won’t understand this,
That it is about a different part of me,
Tonight under the full-moon;
I’m setting my spirit free.

Allowed to dance in the stars,
And run across the sky;
Only to return to our body,
Suppressing her urge to fly. 

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wether to weather stormy weathers,
crucial to any understandings.
dire to decision,
more like a feeling never mentioned.
heavy to the struggle;
when the weight of the world is on your shoulder,
rise above the storm,
rise above the norm.
critical to the lifestyles,
hard to choose where to begin.
to wait till' the sun shines,
not waiting for the tears to rain.
so many unaware;
the choice you have to make,
the effect it has on you and everybody.
to stress getting through,
to make the right changes.
better to mve on, 
don't linger on the problem.
not to get undertow by the trials and tribulations.

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Land Ho

With the wind
	in my sails
I’ve been riding along
	on cold currents
for some months now.

Through my spotting scope
	these salt-sprayed eyes
might be seeing land – 
	land to anchor to – 
a place to rest from my voyage.

I’m hoping you will be there
	to greet me open-armed
with words of love
	to whisper in my ears – 
telling me that my journey is over.

Were I never set adrift again
	my mind wound not mind,
my heart would be full of loving,
	and my body would ache
wanting to show you pleasure.

Let that be Land
	I see with these wind-weary eyes,
let my journey from you
	be back toward you,
let me never sail from you again.

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poet soldiers

The child turned to his future
asking what am I to be
a poet or a soldier
who shall make this choice for me
am I to lead or am I to follow
what is my destiny

the child suddenly felt a whisper
flow through his very being
you may choose what you shall  be
but hear this moment well
from this heartbeat on 
you alone decide your legacy

Hannibal and Burns
not so different than you or me
one shared his words with the world  
 the other took all that he could see
every man writes his own history
before he is laid to rest
a soldier and a poet
each one mere flesh and bone
both shall surely perish as mortals
each chooses their own battlefield
a soldier shields himself with armour
a poet is protected by his truth

a soldier may wage fear because he can
the poet builds with words and belief
one yields a sword as a weapon
the other draws  a landscape with prose
the soldier lives to follow orders
a poet hears the wind

a soldier takes by force
the poet  bestows imagination
one seeks the spoils of war
the other merely time to think
one grants conditions of surrender
the other will  shares his daily bread

a soldier may cross to a new frontier
the poet traverses galaxies
one occupies a country
the other captivates the mind
one sees sunrise as time to march on 
the other to kneel and give  thanks

the child then chose
where his journey would take him
bidding farewell to his days of innocence
bowing humbly to the vast sea
in his heart he took in a mighty wave 
whispering share this journey with me

Irish          Qualicum Bay 2008 

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Who Is My Savior

The wind blows from the East towards the West.
Like a migrating bird, I have finally left my nest.
The Sun rises in the West and Sets in the East.
I am hungry, but it is on Life that I feast.

I have been stressing. I been stressing for a while.
This the type of habitual stress that weighs your heart down much like anchor weighs down a ship.
But this feeling, this feeling explodes and intensifies the speed of the fall. 
So when it ends you don't land, you shatter. 
Unlike Humpty I do put myself together. 
Although I do lose some parts of myself to this whole.

I embark on the climb to fall again. 
Something like Sisyphus I've been dammed
but I still don't understand why I'm willing.
Why this heart stays whole above all after all its endured.
Even the beat to which my heart skips deceives me. 
I swear its the fall that makes it beat new peaks. 
Is it so that I shatter to save my soul. 
That if I were to keep whole on impact I would Penetrate Earths crust itself and find myself residing in Hell's hole.

Is Lucifer my Savior? Is He not Gods Dammed Angel like I am a Damned Son. 
Should I let my heart fall into depths of darkness and the touch
the Oh So Cold Touch which has my hair erect with its Chilling Embrace. 
This matter has me as indecisive as a child in a candy store.
I am not half as innocent but still I wish it was half as sweet.
I wish the World to be as sweet as honey and not make me have to choose. 
Oh how sweet that would be.

Could not everything meet me half way?
If not whole. 
Once more it is time for the fall.
Is this God's or Lucifer's call...

I close my eyes. Turn around.
And face the West.
For I am tired of watching the Sun set.
I am tired of endings.
I face the West and count my blessings.
I count many things. 
The Sun Rises.
It was one Hell of a fall.
But in this moment in time I understand yes it was in fact,

God's Call.

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The still driven Road

Rattling along the tumultuous road, some road this the long road of life, With all its pit falls and pot holes We still go on with this toot-toot bumpy ride! An arduous journey right from inception and conception Each element of Nature leashes out its fury time and again Bearing the scorch of heat, brunt of thunder claps and some bone chattering icy chills, Rolling on and on with the turning wheel of time. Oh! the twists and turns, perplexing cross roads posing questions, Some new adventure each time undercover and camouflaged. Feel blessed when driving down the silken smooth carpeted paths Lush green meadows passing by as lucid flowers waltz.. butterfly caress of the musical satin soft breeze, And then again yet, the wobbly rough rocky terrain A jolt of bleak reality from the suffused sunlit dreamland, Some stark pitch dark nights to test one's faith Trust the guiding star in the sky, the bright path finder After the day's warm sunshine submerges deep down in the ocean. Truly gifted are those endowed with their soul mate To cherish and cheer on these much trodden paths A shoulder to shed a silent tear when the blues hit hard That God sent Angel especially for one To share joys and ease sorrows, soften brutal burdens Making one feel so loved and desired A friend, a partner, a guide, a lover... Who could bunch up a cluster of joys from life's thorny thickets. Or else like millions before us have come,wandered traversed and left, vanished Solitary we come and solitary we go Empty handed we come but hope so, to depart with one handful of worthy blessings Spreading the fragrance of beautiful existence that lingers around for at least some time to come. 10th Dec 2012

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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needles and pins

I can’t survive without the rush of an impulsive swallow or an impersonal touch.

I’m fueled by the adrenaline I get solely through sex and drugs, driving while high and chasing danger.

Piercing my skin with needles and pins,

willing to feel the worst to feel anything

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The Bird that is Loved and Loathed

It burns and it stings.
It hurts.
More than drowning beneath 
the ice.
More than remaining in a 
kindled flame
She hits and I no longer cry.
Why mother, why? 

It burned and it stung.
The markings remained, 
returned, and were relived
Looking, loving, and little 
known loathing were the known 
ways of living.
Never was their pity for the 
child that cried
Never was their relief for the 
child that tried

You were that lovely bird that 
understood the complications of 
Nothing looked the same in 
those dewy browns of yours.
My everbeating would cry tears 
of joy.
The others-they were yet to 
Caring Mother, o' so fair
 You were that beautiful bird 
filled with care.

The others came and were not 
alone. Their two suitors sat on 
the throne.
Rampage and rage why did you 
I began to wither and wither 
slumping along. So very soon I-
the child of fines- became a 
human raceme. 
The droops of the Lily of the 
Valley became the slumping of 
my heart.
My lovely bird the enemy had 
taken you and the person you 
were is far from near.
For that divine nature left its 
intricate self and you became 
irretrievable my big bird.
All of your fairness died.
With that went my pride.
Mother, Mother what moved 
you so? 
Your intense spirt vanished only 
to supplement a monster. 
Mother, Monster and your tar 
filled lungs. 
How did I kill that liver that was 
so, so strong?
The lesson of pain was one you 
came to learn.
My darling bird why did you 
My lovely bird and your big 
brown eyes
I'll tell you once, but never 
Pain is only a flower for it 
blooms and dies
And a mistake can be killed as 
quickly as lice.
 You dear bird hurt me well. 
Though, haven't you heard?
Weakness is a souls greatest 
You brought me up, then you 
brought me down.
You haved helped, hurt, and 
hindered my blazing spirit.
A hero in my heart-I left you 
down in your deep black 
Escaping those terrible nights
To go for the town of delights. 

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Rain Against My Skin

a peacefulness rains on me
as I slowly give in
and feel the drops of tranquility
against my aching skin
the gift of relief I am given
I can take a breath and sigh
enjoy the moment of clarity
until it comes again.

©Holly P. Moore
   March 2013

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Feel The Love

Diving deep, into the void, within
Washing, cleansing, myself clean
Trusting without expectation
Letting go of, what I am familiar with
Allowing the divine, infinite spirit to guide me
Teaching me how to live
Growing inside my heart and mind
Larger than my mind’s ego
As I consciously shed light, upon my self created burdens
Lighting up, my made up fears, my mind has believed, all these years
All the mistakes I have made, now become my greatest blessings
Showing me how to love, without attachment
Discovering, who I truly am

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Winter Winds

Winter winds blow all around. 
I’m astonished by the sounds of Jingle Bells and reindeer stomps. 
All of this should never stop. 
Snow lies on the ground, if only that weren't too profound. 
Time only leads to decay, but not on Christmas, not today. 
You should see the angels pray. 
Toy trains, and rag dolls are the things kids used to want. 
But time has changed, yes so have children… 
Santa seems as if a villain. 
So much fighting, so much crying, it sounds as if the kids are dying. 
“I want money, I want fame, and these toys are just so lame.” 
But that’s the product we provided. 
Second chances are no more, Santa’s plot we wait for. 
He’s sick of this, he doesn't care, it’s as if he’s not wanted here. 
He gets ready to take it all back…. 
There’s still one toy left in his sack, it’s for a little girl, half a world away. 
Now how could he have missed this, on the perfect Christmas day? 
He turns around, not time for war. 
This toy, the girl is waiting for… It’s not a toy like you’d expect. 
She didn't ask for electronics, or stupid games such as Sonic. 
She just wanted one small thing… 
She’s waiting for something EXTRA special this gloomy day. 
In a bed she sits and stares, at the window near a chair. 
She’s so weak, and all alone. 
She doesn't even have a real home, not where there are bright lights anyways. 
They've decorated a weeping willow, the only tree around the “home”. 
So she has lights to see. 
It’s Christmas after all, but there’s no way to calm the raging sea. 
She’s dying, it won’t take much longer, and she doesn't care about the tree. 
She needs a new heart extra bad. 
So, Santa’s bringing her the one thing, that will stop her parents from being sad. 
He rushes to the hospital in his golden sleigh, and climbs right down the vent, 
He’s saving Christmas today. 
Santa rushes in just in time, finds a doctor, the girl is dying. 
It’s not what he usually does, but he stays and watches as they save her life. 
He waits for her to wake up. 
“Santa, you saved my life, oh thank you so much! I needed my heart to be touched.” 
He just smiles, and kisses her hand. He’s so glad he didn't destroy the land. 
Christmas is still a special day. 
There’s no more sorrow, no, not today. Santa smiles though some are still ungrateful. 
There’s that one child, standing in the snow, her life can now be started in the evening glow. That’s life for the grateful, loving, caring, and the thankful. Most of the time Santa just gives toys. For all the good girls and boys. But not today, and not tomorrow, once a year he gets rid of sorrow. So sleep tight and say your prayers, Christmas time is but once a year.

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Need I say more duhhhh

There is a time post mortem intertwined in the sickosocio scheme of thoughtless thug things reflecting 
in a morbid mirror mantle miniscule memberance of total times timid. How do u resurface the old times 
for your perservant to retro hold and resubmit inheritant
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Prism a cameo contrivance with cumulo capable cruel conspiracies. Watch while unlimit 
my self selves to an appleant analogous anal appetities  announcing all is well that 
ENDS WELL. Copious credence couples our co current exoexistence with a degraded
deluge of not guilty by reason of you are and idiot!!!!!! Thank any legal god that technomorons
preclude the rational reason preplanted brain cell cortex countenance required for prepost pitiful
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esquire ano acquired in its literal latent lotioned spreadacre entirety. Call me
what u want but I will not delve give in to the pre dis prosed anal contrivity
of  pre ambled rhyme ,grafted guilded, some stupid pseudo format u like or have slept with to confound the poet powers that could be, creep it to yrself lowlife, insecure innane idiot so u can prove yrself stupid superior to all that applies as a PREMIUM MUST MISER MEMBER. GLWT. Read poems by, 
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!. For4give me 4lord. I am a 4lowpolife cause I donot/didnot/willnot pay the poem piper a
4po 4price for 4premium 4importance in the PAID PRELUDE of LOOK AT ME LOWLIFES. M

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The Mountain of Self Measure

I scramble up the jagged rocks, 
on my way to the peak of this mountain top.
A self-given measuring stick.

Toppling back, I fear I will fall.
Barely hanging onto this rock.
Hardly enough strength to carry on.



Beaten down.

A gaping hole of nothing opens under me, 
as I stare below me.
Reaching, blindly seeking for the next foothold.

Scraping my way, 
my hands feel like they are bloody and raw.
Trying to find my way to the top of that 
formidable mountain top.
Just to see if I measure up!


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My cycle of life

Retracing steps, going down memory lane, 
Its amazing how far I've come
From a young girl scared to love
Afraid that my love might cause more harm

Struggling through loneliness 
Shutting guys out,  
Finding reasons why relationships would not work 
Feeding a fear that held me captive for years

Having lost three special guys unexpectedly
Feeling that it must have been my fault
Now looking back, I feel that it had to happen
For me to appreciate life
For me to invite love into my life again  

Sometimes I still feel scared
Sometimes I still want to run
But the journey I'm on cannot be rushed
It is something that needs to be embraced,
Fear or no fear
Giving up is not an option

So whether I am happy today 
or whether I am sad
Its all part of me
Every emotion, every facet, it’s my life, 
my footsteps, my journey in the cycle of life…

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You Shall Fear Me

The scream of evil,
has awoke him.
Deep in that chamber of
fiery hell. 
He will slumber no more.
Demon energies bringing Him forth.

Provoked by the promise of pain.
Do you know what has awoke?
You shall fear Him like no other,
for He is the Belrog!

Pounding steps through 
the great halls of Moria.
He is coming for me
I feel the heat.

The black pain, 
weaving itself into my heart.
Charring my soul,
as He takes me whole.
I shall not pass through the light,
but into the darkness of night
I no longer fear him.
Feeling the demon 
I want more!

The blackness of His evil is great.
Fear me,
For I am the Belrog!

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When we are born,we have nothing
Bare as we can be, as we grow
We accumulate, more than we can see
We fill our lives, continually with things 
We never need, it seems gluttonous.
By midlife our things have grown 
Take up loads of space
Why do we continue to collect 
Like a squirrel filling its cheeks 
Waiting for another time. 
It's all so senseless this pile we need to have
For when we grow old , we leave this earth 
The  same way we were born
With nothing 
And all those things 
We cherished so 
May as well
Have blown away 
We really did not own 
Except our

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Nomad of the Centuries

Awake, alone, the hours after midnight
when thoughts like gypsy spirits roam about the world,
traveling through past, present and blank future--
no maps, no boundaries, no roads.
Free to roam, a nomad of earth's centuries,
along unbarred corridors, uncharted seas,
viewing both the close and distant perspectives
of nations, thrones, and kings,
captain of a time kaleidoscope turning
in the curious capsule of my head.

What could we be and see if not restrained
by gray barred cells of time and place?
Would wisdom rule because we ascertain
the whys of old cultures' swift declines?
I doubt we would choose any better
even if we knew all there is to know;
we would find we are determined rebels,
for we are fallen beings after all.

August 27, 2014

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Only to remember

ever since I could remember

an age of mind so tender

a complement to illusory surroundings

came to find out

the world of doubt

crippled from the neck up

hasty from the neck down

from crawl to flight

layover after layover

through time’s passing

no destination

no expiration

if and when

then, why

because, would be convoluted

until numb is eradicated

and this was future’s present moment

only to remember

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Difficult Trials -Part 1-

Turn the wheel
Out of curiosity
I'll be'll receive
Something special...something to make you whole
Though the trials you must run through
Are a great struggle that can easily
Pull you down
And I want to erase your frown

You will feel way better about yourself
Just trust me...take my hand...
I'll encourage you to have a satisfying time
Just for your own liking
We'll be hiking
Those somewhat difficult hardships 
Together for eternity 
We'll spend time in the future 
Together in unity

*******he sea...Let's flee and be free!
LOOK how nice you look!

Trample those insufferable nuisances
That dare put you down
To the sea floor
I'll push them to the core!

Feel free to walk the 
Road of Recovery 


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Submerging more into this abyss
Fading away in the darkness
Engulfing the heart with emotion
Life is torn away, lost, broken
Or perhaps just rebirthed
Reverse the already walked path
Inhale each lost breath
Gain each second wasted
Unprotect where you overguarded
Hold those you didn’t mean push away
Appreciate the love that blessed you
Enjoy each simple kiss
Never break an embrace
Dwell in your beloved’s aura
Intoxicate yourself in passion
Gander at adolescent mistakes
Rebellion and new freedom
Laws broken, nights filled with fun
Morning after of consequences
Smile at ignorant youth
Continue back to the feeble
Not from age, but lack of
Weakness, carried by family
Repayment for the future, the past
Bury yourself in warmth lost
Submerging more into this abyss
Fading away in the darkness
Engulfing the heart with emotion
Life is torn away, lost, broken
Or perhaps just rebirthed

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What Lies Behind The Mountain

What lies behind the mountain?
 A far and distant land?
 Are there valleys and flowers,
 Or hot and burning sands?

What lies behind the mountain?
 A place I’ve never known?
 Is it desolate, and barren,
 Or do you reap where you’ve sown?

What lies behind the mountain?
 Somewhere to rest my head?
 Do the weary cease their labor,
 Or do they toil in fear and dread?

What lies behind the mountain?
 The sun’s warming glow?
 Should I stop or keep on going?
 Many things I do not know.

But I know what is behind me,
 And where those paths have led.
 Of all the odds around me
 Greater things must lie ahead.

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Nothing Left to Write

There's nothing left to write.
No more textbook vocabulary to relay your state of mind. 
No more analogies, similes, or metaphors to convince others that your abstract thoughts could ever be compared to concrete concepts. 
No more iambic pentameter to give rhythm to your flat-line emotions, or play-on words to give your conscience a personality. 
No more diction with an optimistic connotation to give negative issues a striking charisma. 


No more can be written.

Leave it the way it is. Maybe someday it will grow on you.

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Into The Godly Realm - Let Us Go

(Rev. 21: 1-7 /  Rev. 21: 10-27  /  Rev. 22: 1-6  /  Rev. 4: 1-6  /  Dan. 7: 9, 10, 13, 14, 18 & 27)

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
Into The Splendiferous, Shining Sector!
To The Spiritual Site Where Ultra-Love Glows
by the Vibrant, Blindingly-Brilliant Light-Vector

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
GOD Has Invited Us Into HIS Kingdom!
The Resplendent, Royal City of Emerald Rainbows
& Radiant Pearl & Gold & Glass-Sheen-Domes

… Where Thunders, Horns & Harp String Tones
Join With Angels & Kings In Hallelujahs’ Choir-Songs!
and Residents Greet Citizens In True Fashion ‘Shalom’
and Are Welcomed Like Beloved Children Come Home

& Share The Fruit of Trees –  Sweetest Ever Known
A Righteous Reaping & Keeping Paradise Beautifully Grown
as Crystal Fountains & Rivers, Bubble Forth & Shone
… in The Sparkling Waters of Life’ Gleaming Zone!

… O’ Let Us Gaze In Awe – In Meek Gratitude
At The Greatness & Grandeur of GOD’s Estate!
Let Us Whisper In Respect-Muted Admiration
with Wiped Feet As We Walk A Street Called Faith

Let Us Gather ‘Round Devotedly – As A Great Crowd
Read Inscriptions On The Precious-Gem Cornerstone
of The City’s Foundation, As Opened Fortress Beckons
To Jeweled Temple & Ancient of Days, Treasure-Throne!

Walk With Baited Breath & Bowed Hearts & Heads
As Joyful Tears Pool In Our Beaming Eyes!
As Into The Godly Realm … We Have Ventured
& Entered ‘The Archway’ Supports For All  Skies

O’ My Brothers, My Sisters, My Family & My Friends
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
Where We Have Been Invited To HIS Garden Party
Where Each One of Us Will Get To Speak … with HIM!

All You HIS Faithful Ones – Who Awaited Kingdom Come
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
To The Place Where The Holy of Holies Is Situated
O’ Get A Glimpse of  Heavenly, New Jerusalem!

Into The Glorious Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go!
Up To Clouds & Zion’s Mountain-Top Location
As Earth Becomes – The Global Promised Land
Yes, Humans’ Own Homefront, Habitat Space-Station

(Yes, This World’s First Honorable United Human Nations)

… and Into The  Godly Realm … GOD Will Let Us Go
… into The Splendiferous, Spectacular Sector!
Into The Spiritual Area – Where Eternity Roams
Close To The Vibrant & Blindingly-Brilliant, Light-Vector

                           Written & ©:  7/13/2013

                           By:  The MoonBee

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A glimpse down the hole

I see it there in the dark depths of nothingness
Mirrors of unclearness that could bring me a strange ambition
Flood my dark thoughts today with childish fun 
Make me a mere strand of wind passing over your sphere
I feel I've lost my way home 
Could I venture into your unknown place?

Down the hole I went with my furry friend 
Meantime I could sit and ponder by this dirt floor 
Which way is home, to what door 
Instincts extend me a set of eyes to what sleeps over there
Savage things and smiling caterpillars 
Rolling stones and emerald moss not to posh

Giant umbrella mushrooms and dancing mad Hatter
Kings and Queens and playing cards
Spells of persuasion and fables and stories of you reside in this place 
The young and innocent stir exciting images of a sweet tale
From talking characters and altered lips furry creators jumping from their hips
While fear and laughter play in the dark below

Perhaps a cup of tea for my friend on my blanket of red checkered fun
As I brush the soil off my blue dress I’m gently reluctant to leave my friends 
Out I emerge safe and sound
And walk away twirling the ribbon on my tresses 
Skies of cerulean and cotton clouds above me now
Clearly shaken by such strange events 
What was just a dream resting under the old oak tree? 
A piece of fur falls from her dress 

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I have a problem with ignorance they say that it’s bliss;
But when you are blinded, there’s a lot that you miss.
The screams are all muffled into some kind of silence;
Your mind is attracted to all types of violence.

You avoid the trauma of those in pain,
Start focusing on success and what you can gain.
Your vision is clouded with thoughts of envy and wealth.
You ignore the symptoms and the decrease in your health. 

You digest all of the toxins and they’ll say you’re insane;
All while the poison seeps into your brain. 
You are void of all conscious thought;
You think that you’re good but really you’re not.

The evil possesses you in all that you do,
You think you have faith but you haven’t gotten a clue. 
The demons take over and then you are at loss;
Answering not to yourself but another big boss. 

You’ll start longing for a saving grace,
From up above or outer space.
An entity to save your soul-
To take away your sinful goal. 

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Not Knowing How

Walking cold and lonely in
a forest of immediate entrapment.
Hanging on desperately for dear life,
yet not knowing how.

Walking cold and lonely in
a world of endless sorrows.
Weeping silently and uncontrollably,
yet not knowing how.

Walking cold and lonely on
an island of impending desertion.
Trying to survive and make due,
yet not knowing how.

Walking cold and lonely in
a country that knows not your name.
Attempting to learn the language,
yet not knowing how.

Walking cold and lonely in
a cave of lost hopes and dreams.
Making the mind fall asleep,
yet not knowing how.

Walking cold and lonely on
a mountain of victory and defeat.
Embracing the thrill of it all with no agony involved,
and finally knowing how!

c10/23/13  Julie Rasley

(For Just that Archaic Poet's Reinvent, Reimagine, Revamp! contest; the above is a reinvention of your poem, "Romance the Chance")

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Everlasting Candle

"Hey, I've missed you. Can I see you tomorrow?"
"Yeah, when I get off the bus!"
"Okay I have a present for you. See you then!"
Anticipation. A meeting long sought after.
Phone's distant ring.
"We're going for a ride. Put your shoes on."
A father and daughter head into the night.
Empty company. Words go unspoken.
"She's in the hospital. She was hit by a car."
Confusion. Sorrow. Anger. Rage.
"Don't let her mother see you cry."
Strength found somewhere. Arrival.
Room coated in silent sorrow.
"They said there's hope. She had a brain wave."
Hope. Wonder at what that thought was.
A warm summer day running in the woods.
Sorrow shattered by oncoming traffic.
"I'm so sorry."
Enraged eyes meet the driver. 
The woman cries, ashamed.
"Its okay. She'll be okay."
A misplaced hug. A lesson in judgement.
"Sam. Do you want to see her?"
Not like this. 
A long walk. Endless abyss. Tearing thoughts.
"Don't be afraid."
There through the door with handle brass.
My beautiful friend's body turned to glass.
"I won't say goodbye."
Refusing to cry. Just as father said.
"We have to go home. We'll come back tomorrow I promise."
Journey back filled with empty company.
Hollow. Out of place. A need to be alone.
Give me space!
Somehow sleep's darkness finds.
My space invaded. No! Shut up! Go away! 
"Sam, I'm sorry. She didn't make it."
Tears. Each one a memory.
Meeting in fourth grade. Sharing the same name.
Sticking up for one another. Playing a simple game.
Long afternoons in the sun. Never once had a fight.
She found out I was afraid of the dark. So she'd be my light.
"She was amazing. So young. My condolences."
A funeral filled with sadness so thick.
I gazed upon her body. Peaceful. 
"She made this for you."
A bracelet. Her present.
The facade shatters.
It's too much to handle. 
How can one's soul fire ever dance...
Without it's everlasting candle.

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Last Thoughts on Bob Dylan

When your engines burning and you call it quits
Say goodbye to the devil and all of his wit
When the breeze has you backwards holding your soul
And the December snow makes you leave your last goal
When the brisk air freezes your knees
And the door won’t open because you can’t find the keys
When your family grows numb under all the commotion 
And your head keeps spinning from too much emotion
When your sipping on gin and juice clutching the last bone bruise
And you’re under the tree searching for a noose
Hold the rope in your left hand
And break it with your teeth
Gnaw down on the sunset
While you’re looking for the sunrise
Lift up your head to the moon
And pray with closed eyes
Go on walking the road isn’t too long
Keep steady for you are not too far gone
When your nail polish chips
And the birds aren’t chirping
When your coffee is cold
But your ears are burning
When you can’t fall asleep and it’s two in the morning
Keep on dreaming
Even though you aren’t sleeping
Your mind is moving
And your hands are shaking
Your voice is quaking
And your toes are tapping
Keep your lips smacking
And your lungs inhaling
When you exhale words that aren’t meant to be heard
And your talk is wrongly taken
When you pull out the cake and it’s all undercooked
And you think to yourself what should I be making?
What should I be hearing?
What should I be seeing?
What should I be loving?
What should I be doing?
In this life I am living
And you say to them come keep me clean
Keep me focused
And keep me mean
Under all the dirt and grime
The stories under your fingernails
With the mountains you’ve climbed 
And the garden you grew
And the ocean you swam
And all the things that you knew
About fishing boats
Crossing moats
Turning rock into gold
And sinking until you float
Like George Harrison you said
Making it on his own
Living until your full grown
Never accepting or taking a loan
Because you can do this 
You said you’ll do this on your own
And there’s a ship sinking somewhere
You’re grabbing some drift wood
Staying afloat
Just because you know you should
You can take it two ways
Above or below
You can grab the door know
Or jump out the window
And you’ll see yourself in the door frame of a house
And he’ll be waiting in the kitchen
For your welcoming smile
Because this is your place
So pick up the pace and don’t lose face
They might see you with the utmost disgrace
So walk in slowly
One foot at a time
See the hallways as a maze
And find yourself in your own home
Grabbing your own keys
Dusting off your own knees
Holding onto your soul
Even in the cold breeze
You may be shaken
Or rattled
Or turned upside down
But you know that
You’ve got one foot in the door
Standing on solid ground. 

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One Plus One Equals Three

One man
One woman
One love divine
One heavenly father
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One miracle child
One family birthright
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One lifelong bond
One promise revealed
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One solemn hope
One lifetime covenant
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One faithful son
One loving sacrifice
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One humanity free
One purpose fulfilled
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One glorious day
One kingdom of God
One plus one equals three

© Eugene Harvey

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Nothing compares to your hands
I bathe in your warmth
the hollow of your armpit
is my shelter...

It cannot be helped
we can't be anywhere
except together...

I'd like to paint you
I choose crimson
my fingers touch your blood
life springs from your flower-fountain
folded lips caress the seams of my eyelids...

You injected yourself into my life
entering my blue and red streams
I cannot filter you out
you have bitten me firmly
the paths of my nerves are yours...

It seems you are so much me
my type O lover
I cannot tell anymore
the what is you and what is me
there is love in cellular arrangement...

Your dark angel eyes
cut like swords inside my flesh
waves rush between our bodies
my blood cells which are my stars
flows to yours which are my lights...

We share the warm blood of lovers
I once read where
the Angler fish attaches himself
to the female with his razor sharp teeth
and in time they share a common bloodstream...

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In Search Of

In Search Of
( HourGlass)

In search of answers hard to find
Thoughts keep running across the mind
On a journey down here below
Just don’t know which way to go

A brand new mountain I must climb
At the crossroads now marking time
Flexing my muscles can’t you see
Step by step I will walk with thee

Holding tight so my feet won’t slide
Day by day you will be my guide
By your grace I will run this race
Praises I’ll give in each new place

Praises I’ll give in each new place
By your grace I will run this race
Day by day you will be my guide
Holding tight so my feet won’t slide

Step by step I will walk with thee
Flexing my muscles can’t you see
At the crossroads now marking time
A brand new mountain I must climb

Just don’t know which way to go
On a journey down here below
Thoughts keep running across the mind
In search of answers hard to find

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Isolated by the shield of insecurity
The walls of paradigm unable to break through
Crouched into a small piece
The connecting door locked the border of my sanity

Long gone for the world of sundries
Terminated in limitation of self esteem 
Yearn for the reasonable life to live
Seems like my world is too unkind

Reaching for the air that I thought was empty
Touched by the warm body which seems so alive
I tried to compile my sight
As if it was frosted too long

I find my self in a same room but different color
Someone paint it over upon the abstraction of lame
Rise from the tiring crouch
The hopes sustain me more

Someone paved the veil of angst
Someone who sent by the big owner of love
The one who less than perfect but not least for my room
The chamber of life, the chamber of hopes, the chamber.... is you

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Journey of a Feather

From a poultry house,
a feather spirals up to the air,
and sails to the skies,
with the help of strong winds.

While aloft, it flies past a burglar
trying to break into a popular
farm-store in a village.

…………It flies past a man
struggling to throw his brother’s
body into a pit, after a sour fight
concerning land inheritance.

…………It flies past a child
left in the morning cold
by its mother, who’s uncertain
about her mothering ability.

……………It flies past a shaman
taking his mystical concoction
for giving him dark, supernatural

As the winds lose their strength,
the feather gently rests on the
doorstep of the village-chief’s

If it could only speak and see, it would call
out the chief’s name,
and narrate to him about all
the things it saw around his chiefdom......

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Hands of Time

tiny, plump, and new, not yet forced to feel the weight of the world.
growing, soft, and dirty, curiosity has called them to do its work.
diligent, fresh, and shaking, endless opportunities are just within reach.
callused, rhythmic, and free, passion and soul guide their every move.
rushed, pulsing, and skilled, slaves owned by the power of desire and lust.
clasped, caressed, and jeweled, committed to another pair.
giant, splayed, and trained, talent drives and pride navigates.
delicate, primped, and glossy, forever awaiting another unearned offering.
clenched, red, and twitching, prepared to destroy like only a burning rage could.
swift, smooth, and colorful, an artist's most used tool.
flowing, swaying, and light, expressing more than words ever could.
rough, greasy, and capable, passions have soaked in deep.
comforting, quick, and busy, moving at a pace that only a mother could know.
meaty, large, and bruised, responsibility has called and they have answered.
deliberate, solid, and forceful, power runs through but only behind the flow of love.
filthy, scarred, and freezing, forgotten in their desperate need.
warm, gentle, and outstretched, habits formed with years of care.
firm, leathery, and restrained, limits learned and limits kept.
slow, wrinkled, and quiet, a moment at ease is their awaited reward.
still, cold, and pale, the life they once held is no more.
hands new, hands old, hands gone forever.
hands bound, hands free, hands caught in between.
hands past, present, and future.
on and on, the hands of time are never ceasing.

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See like eye sea

Take your uproaring words 
And pour them into 
The deep unsettled sea
Let them wash to shore 
And rumble the sand gently
Don't let them get caught up into the wild wind
They'll rip through someones sail 
And make them never want to leave 
The shoreline again..
So watch what you say 
And how you let your words flow
With a broken compass 
You never will know
In what direction 
That the current will go...

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Break Me Wide Open

Go ahead!
Break me wide open 
spread me out thin the dough beneath the well dusted rolling pin

Slender my edges and refine my rounded shape
push me away from you with each forceful roll
extend me 
in our mutual exertion to define it straighten me slowly carefully gently lovingly...this time
as the white page spread beneath the 17th century palm in hopeful contemplation
Indeed serious intent born of the preciousness of the white page alone
Can you feel the writer catching his breath with which to begin
Yes I FEEL YOU catching yours just now
In brave... bravest planned intent

So... this time break me wide 
But also.... then true

The confession after the lie that has lain between us for years in good stead

As the little perfect pale egg in your bowl on any given Saturday morning 
with a single sudden tap
just a brisk strike 
               ...spoken from bowed head and with averted eyes
that you will insist on bringing round to meet mine 
Lest I find weakness in your delivery and once more deny you this
Go ahead...try to write out the final passages of this our tall and long tale
You may use an ink well if you wish and a quill
If it will add romance...ambiance
But first you will need to erase...the expression on your face when you last saw me for the first
Your face filled with the sudden sunlight of your own unencumbered sunrise breaking wide open 
across your tired sky
at the first crest of my visage embrace
With pupils dilating and grin spread vista wide across yours only breathtaking gorgeous lined face
Go ahead mine truest love
Break me wide open for the sky 
that I can love the world in perfection
Before I die

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The Road Less Traveled

Walking down my journey of life many stumbles I have made
I have taken many roads of wonder and traveled paths of shame
On each road I have journeyed disappointments I have seen
But it has been my choice when I started along
Where I wanted to be
Influenced each by many travelers each day I have seen
And the steps I chose to take have caused a great deal of pain
But through it all those bumps and curves
My journey is now homeward
Set for the prize in the end when I reach my destination
Sometimes my journey gets long and weary
At times I am traveling alone
Because the roads I have to chose to follow
Many others chose not to go
But my steps will be rewarded when my journey is complete
While traveling down the road less traveled
The good Lord follows me

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I Am A Spark Of Life

A spark of life
Fire in my belly
Giving what I have
Serving you
Honouring, who I truly am
Loving you, in return

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minute strands of joy

I watch
 as life starts to leave
 me behind 

Each day
 unfolds its neverending
 glory, little by little
 youth is another creature
 ravenous its hunger
 consumes everything 

The minute joys
 encapsulated in each day
 should be savoured
 taken in small bites
 and rolled around your mouth 

Life is passing me by
 but I sit here holding
 ribbons of life
 stroking them through
 my hands
 each beautiful strand
 Is a moment of joy ....

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Roller Coaster of Emotion

I got on the Roller Coaster of emotion
It started slowly
How hard could it be
I laughed in the face of danger
As it tentatively moved forward
I began to feel dread
What have I got myself into?
There before me a steep drop
The coaster stood there for a moment
My heart pounding in my chest
Fear screaming in my head
My voice silent
Downward picking up speed
I felt my stomach in my throat
Eyes closed
Butt cheeks clenched
Up the other side
Adrenilane coarsing through my veins 
Excitement, feeling alive
Dropping turning twisting
Crying, screaming laughing
The ride ends so soon
To the back of the line
Boredom as I await my turn
Another chance to feel alive
Do it all again
Thrill is gone
No longer surprised
No more anticipation
I might as well have taken the train
I head out in search of another ride
I want to feel something
Not sure what I will find 

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Coffee Science

          Coffee Science

Wild storm crashed my boat
Succumbing to the unforgiving rocks
In a sad deposit on a primal savage shore
Remote and desolate are words that come to mind
My Keurig and I alone survived the humble wreckage
A couple K cups floated up
Lapped upon the salted waves
There to be found and saved
There is one small issue on this island to submit
The science of electricity was yet to be invented 
Nor outlets to help the Keurig brew
If I don’t have my coffee
There is nothing left to do
The coffee maker will have to be returned
From what I can surmise
And what there is, to be discerned and seen
There is no receipt 
Like us, it too is lost 
I guess we’ll have to wait
For a boat or foreign science with electric to come our way
Before we take our coffee break 

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Ignorance meets Insanity

Seriousness settles in, like an old friend
Seriousness spreads like a disease
Infecting us, accelerating, our aging process 
Our youthfulness, our playfulness, slowly slipping away
Our wonder in life, diminishing
Seriousness leading to rigidness, pathway to small mindedness!

Days and years, rolling into one
Colourless, lifeless, mundane, dull and boring
“What day is it?”
“Don’t smile or your face might crack!”
Judgemental, cantankerous!
Pompous attitudes, of modern day man

Stubbornness and ignorance, clinging to what’s familiar
Seriousness, up tightness, humourless, imagination vanished, pathway to madness!
The mind focused on its self created drama’s
Fears constantly being stimulated, from our outside world
Personal insecurities, constantly being triggered, inside
The past lives on, the present forgotten 
What was once important, now, left on the back burner
Hard headed, victim orientated
Righteous, self absorbed
Emptiness, hollowness, helplessness

Seriousness and ignorance, walk hand in hand
Becoming, our best friends
The vampire suckers of vitality
Sucking the life, out of our personal goals and childhood dreams
Lose of faith, gradually, losing our way
Lost, amongst the thick of it
Not knowing any different
Everything becoming an illusion
Seeing things as it should be
In our own little universe, no one else’s!

Entrapment of the mind
Our, personal intelligence, laying dormant
Body and mind, riddled with dis - ease
Heart beating hard, starving for a substance, we call love
Numb, to the outside
Numb, on the inside
Going crazy!
Consumed with our own self created loneliness and separation
Ignorance meets insanity!

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You're My Plague

You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart throbs in unease You carry me off to a far-off island Your breeze keeps me flowin’…scraping sand Your names escapes my lips I tell myself, “Get a grip, dude…” But you decided to intrude... My blood drips to the floor I’ve been losing balance… The instant you pushed me aside Your quietude devours me… I can’t help, but hide… I feel horribly disheartened…feelin’ too insignificant To start my day with a good note Too discouraged to be motivated to run… You trade me your pain in the past I consume it like a bear My stomach is churning persistently…you’re running too fast… I’m dowsed in despair My eyes stare vacantly…into space…they roam happily Your vigilance keeps me safe and sound…I dwell in your tranquility Your dreams caress my own… This intriguing comfort never makes me feel alone I’m under your dazzlin’ spell… This is heaven – not living hell! I’ve been bruising myself over you…for a while now The moment you abandoned me that night… Your rejoicing mends my gash…heals my mind… I think better of you – everything’s black and white I feel so exquisite when I’m around you… So inspired to reveal my might…just shine your light On me…and remember to meet me at sun rise… But I still feel malnourished… By your sweltering disease My heart refuses to beat in perfect rhythm – my high hopes nearly perished By your forceful breeze…pushing me on my knees I’m stumbling off my feet – I’m not at all pleased I’m not in the mood to be teased… I’m suffering…I’m not discreet How did you push me off my feet? Why do you make ME feel so damn miserable and incomplete? You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart pounds as I fall upon my blood-stained knees You carry me away to an unknown place Your voice still rings in my ears… I glance at your admirable face I’ve faced you way too many times – Your sparkling with majestic brilliance and pure grace

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Brick City's Homeless

I am a high school graduate and a former college student
I have no children
No drug or alcohol addiction
nor do I have a home
I am one of Brick City's homeless
Many of the faces I've seen downtown are the same faces I see at the soup kitchen or the shelter
The same quirky, ragged, foul-smelling, quiet homeless people
But these aren't the only homeless people
Many of the faces I've seen at the soup kitchen or at the shelter,
I've also seen downtown
The same outgoing, inconspicuous and "average" yet homeless people
I used to assume I'd pass up to 10 of the same homeless people downtown
Now that I'm one of them
and pretty much every homeless person knows every homeless person
You'd probably feel blessed and highly favored when I tell you that the majority of adult pedestrian traffic downtown are homeless United State citizens
The majority are homeless
We're at the library, McDonald's, Penn Station, 18 Rector, 50 South Clinton, all Essex County Parks, 990, Red Doors, St. Johns 
or the sidewalk with our book bags, purses, suitcases and our will, however weak or strong, to live for right now
We get in where we fit in
The most thrilling part of my day is knowing what time the next soup kitchen serves and when I'm unconscious and dreaming

Most are not bums
Most are caught in a cyclical cycle of destitution because they have a record and can't qualify for anything other than a 9-5
Or don't have a job because there are no jobs and don't have anyone to take care of them without taking advantage of their situation, be it sexually or by an unfair criminal or immoral request
Most of us just can WAIT until!
. . . and there's no one here to help me right now
I understand though:
It's likewise
This homeless lifestyle encourages me to keep dreaming, faintly hope and never expect anything
My high hopes and expectations left me ____ out in the streets of Newark

It's 4 o'clock
. . . On to the next soup kitchen

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On the top of a hill
We traced our journey here,
Tracks through a virgin snow
Ribboned away and disappeared.

On the top of a cloud
The sun softly rolled
Then fell into cobalt blue.
Hills of white seemed to race away
Like the ripples on a pond.
We traced our names in the snow
And continued across the meadow.
The journey here we shared,
Tracks of deer and fox
Reminded us we were guests.

Through a virgin innocence,
Snow blanketed our senses 
With a deafening quiet.
Soldier lines of birches
Drew long thin shadows
Like soft grey ribbons
On the white damask landscape.
Away from the jagged edge of reality,
We escaped to this wonderful peace
And disappeared...

For Anthony's whiteness contest
Inspired by Debbie G's "etcetera form"

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a journey to begin

my ticket leaves thursday,
these 21 years here will not.
the too long, you can't list
rockstar memories with the guys will stay,
 for we are landing in LA. 
I know my move is 
I am leaving behind no wish for salvation

for I have always found myself 

I move my presence to 
land, where the ocean and swaying
trees' brings a spring to my step. 

this mind can adapt anywhere
throw me to the dessert 
and I will think 
throw me in a cage
and I will think 

 what a gift,
sometimes a dagger,
others a white swan
floating on a lake 

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I Tell You These With a Black Heart

I recite scriptures in cemeteries,
persuading the fallen to follow the path to my chambers.
I sing them hymns of what I claim to be mine
as I hide my blood stained gums,
they kick and scream with lead legs
so I take their palms and drag them
through the storm.
Some get dismantled from the socket.
Only they can fix them.

Their bodies starved and withered
as we enter the eye of the storm,
the eye of God.
We have arrived in hell,
enclosed by tornadoes and hurricanes.

Hush now, you must keep my words secret
for there are worse things on Earth
than dying in my arms.

I watch every one of them drop 
six feet below.
I could choose to leave them buried,
give them to the maggots,
But instead I carry them through the inferno.
They mustn’t walk alone.
Walk with me to the afterlife.
They must die through what I died through.

They are all casualties to me,
no longer humans.
I don’t know their names.
If they speak them I am deaf.
Cries are frequent but never heard,
never nourished.

I was an angel once, of my own,
preaching praises,
but now I spend my days
creating curses,
designing the darkness that is here.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to do this.
But I crossed coals for my mistakes
so they must fight the fire
just as I did.
I was alone for years
in the eye of the storm,
in the eye of God,
in hell.
I became the first to claim the agony of sin.
I saw everything through his eyes.
Perspective is an interesting thing.

I created this place out of
loneliness and self-destruction.
I made the everlasting storm.
But I cannot control how the victims survive here.
I constructed the room,
and they must build the atmosphere.
I am only the transporter from
grave to final destination.

They must relive and realize their wrongs
through the lense of his irises.
You cannot crawl under the sheets
during the thunder when you live here.

Maybe through the eye
they will be able to see clearly,
but muddy waters are often 
and rationality is masked under emotion.
I carry them to the calmness,
but the tragedy of hell is that
most decide to walk back into 
the monsoon.

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The Secret Journey

Life is a secret journey that shares no mercy
You are lucky to go through it, to be born, and see the world..
And then you say… Yes I have lived, I have cried, 
And I have experienced some thorns…

Life is a secret journey that shares no mercy
You are lucky to go through it, to be born, and stand barriers...
And then you say… Yes I have lived, I have battled it, 
And I am stronger...

Life is a secret journey that shares no mercy
You are lucky to go through it, to be born, and suffer...
And then you say... Yes I have lived, I have a cause
And now I give hope to others...

Life is a secret journey that shares no mercy
You are lucky to go through it, to be born, and find a mate...
And then you say... Yes I have lived, I had a family
And loved ones…

Life is a secret journey that shares no mercy
You are lucky to go through it, to be born, and stay alone…
And then you say... Yes I have lived, I’ve made friends
And I was never lonely…

Life is a secret journey that shares no mercy
You are lucky to go through it, to be born, and finally die...
And then you say… Yes I have lived, I have grown,
And now I rest in  peace!

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 “Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once.” - Woody Allen

When I was much younger, previous decades seemed so distant, so far away. To me these older and impossible decades existed only in cinema from their time. Cinema, the older I get, the more it becomes a source of time measurement. 
“The Seventies! How great the Seventies would have been!” Nineteen-Seventy-Five, the year that Jaws came out, Nashville, At Long Last Love, all those great classic films that I now love... One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest... 
Nineteen-Seventy-Five, in truth, was only Ten years before I existed. Not that long a stretch. 
Ten years... It was Ten years ago that we had Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Return of the King, all those big family films... Does it feel that long ago?
The Last Samurai, I almost cried, I saw Kill Bill twelve times, Lost In Translation, Old Boy, Last Life In The Universe, The Cooler, Ten years ago, Two-Thousand and Three. It is not that far gone.
Twenty years ago. Nineteen-Ninety-Three, a great year of personal cinematic discovery. At this point in time my favorite director was Don Bluth... Films of his I watched, The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail (”There are no such things as Cats in America!”), The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven and Rock-a-Doodle. Nineteen-Ninety-Three. It was a good year. Films like Jurassic Park, Naked, Schindlers List, Short Cuts, True Romance, The Thing Called Love, all those brilliant directors, telling great stories. I was too young to appreciate any of them or see them... That year I enjoyed films like Super Mario Brothers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Three (the one in Japan), The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus. I hated Free Willy, my favorite film was called Heart and Souls and on a few occasions I managed to sneak in a viewing of Hot Shots: Part Deux and Falling Down on VHS. 
Twenty Years ago I began to curiously follow cinema, Ten years ago I was immersed, incurable, Melville, Goddard, Kurosawa, cinema from other countries and other decades... Ophuls, Cassavettes, Pabst, Sokurov, Powell, the list of artists goes on and on...  
Nineteen-Seventy-Five, I never knew you, I know your cinema.
Cinema, I know you, I know your decades, I know your writers, your photographers, your directors... alas, the excitement is not the same. The measurement of time is upsetting...
So long Don Bluth, thanks for the memories.

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The Horizon of Perception

If you stare at the sun long enough,

your eyes will become the desert 

they’ve always failed to see;

Just beyond the limits of their

perception. Empty, dry and tragic. 

If you stare into a pool of water

long enough, you’ll see the vivid 

reflection of years meant to wade 

through relevance, yet stopped short,

trapped in the irises you’ve held 

in a skull destined to become part

of an ocean’s reef; another story

lodged in the coral of ironic distraction.

If you read these words, and look into


                 …just long enough

You’ll see a life meant to be defined 

not by the elements around you,

but by the intention in which you

choose to see, and be seen. 

The ripples in the water,

made by your stroke could

drown you, or push you further

toward a destiny written in the 

eyes of elements curated by a

glow not of the sun, but of your own. 

You are at the helm,

twaddling notes, denoting 

the curious expectations of 

a young drifting sum of celestial 

coordination. Where you go is 

up to you. What you see, feel,

what you hear, taste,

What you change… 

is in the heart of each moment 

you continue to turn the cogs

of understanding, and breathe in

the truth of why the wind pushes 

you toward a horizon that continues 

to stray. 

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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The Art of the Universe

Looming way up high in the sky, holds a friendly, but shy star; which posses the caring, and strong-willed 
determination, which controls the poor star at every waking moment.
The determination to fit in and be recognized is seen through the hesitated young star.
Soaring into a thunderstorm, ice sickles form over the horizon, a chilly whisper thrusts itself to the crowd, the ocean draws near and completes a crisp but smooth wave that is clean, sharp and to perfect to paint a mental picture.
The moon gleams fear with vicious multi-colored red and black eyes, plus flakes of gold that captures the stare of the whole universe accompanied, with an all mighty struck of lightning at its feet. 
The star gasps, his conscious sliding and forcing its way inside, all his dreams fading,
he cant escape it, wind howling, a pitch black tornado forms tightly enclosing him.
Nothing can throw him a helping hand, he feels the tornado he names Demon, at the last second crushing and crumbling his hopes and dreams, his bright and intense color of yellow is faint and becoming unsteady.
Finally, feeling no hope, his slick and gifted mind takes a toll, falling from above, gaining speed in despair, he takes a deep, woozy, glance at his life, revealing to himself of no achievements, even temporarily closing its eyes, he cascades his last thoughts and conveys admiration of his chaotic life.
He orates (Until we meet again) moments from, feeling the powerful and bone-chilling
water, caving on his body. Setting adrift underwater, unknown to him, bubbles appear,
developing it seems the bubbles grasp the lone star, and propels him upward, not one second of air fills its lungs, when his eyes are driven open. He glances around to barley notice the bubbles have vanished, and it is not them but only himself, lifting his weight. He fails to realize he has actually taken form of a shooting star, evolving, advancing into a confident, elder star. The moon busts into tears, lighting sparks fire, that  veraciously swings brightness into all the land. Thunder rings in the distance, has the star has found his calling, finally claiming his name, as a elder in progress. The now self-proclaimed Shooting star, can glide in a glorious resurrection, as he now considers he life is not over, nor in vain, but being built, and he can now start with this on his record, surviving his guilt, and transforming into something beautiful, something worth living for and being known for: A Star of Art, a Shooting Star.

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There is a frost crawling up the legs of my chair,
But the ink in my pen disregards the frigid air.
Closing her eyes and thinking warm thoughts,
Writing prayers that will comfort and open our hearts.

Ice reaches the paper,
My words turn to white.
My hands cannot move,
But my pen can still write.

Carving through the cold ice of hate,
The pen continues her journey,
A quest to fight fate.

For the fate we sought before-
Was merely a reflection,
Of what frightened us most
A combined recollection,
Of fear.

So my pen stumbles forward,
With a heart that still beats
Humbles herself,
 And kisses his feet.
And he sends forth his word, and his word melts the snow,
With the warmth of his breath,
Ink once again flows.

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The Window

The window to the soul
is that what they're called
As I look - what do I see?
I see an old lady staring at me.
I see smile lines of a child,
which have aged over time,
Upon her lips where true love was places, 
Smile lined spread across her face.
In her eyes I see joy she gelt as a young new wife,
and the wrinkled hanfs
that worked hard in her life,
"But excuse me mMrs. - What do you see?"
"I see the new ages
looking back at me.
I see the young growing older,
and my chilhood freinds no more.
The tress I grew up underneath
is now a shopping mini mall.
And my loved one, he still hold me at night, 
Under no more pain and stress,
In these arms and this heart,
will his soul always rest."

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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Lonesome island goer

I feel at home
on the island hopper
I am not alone
yet on my own

walking coast to coast
from the sea towards the sea
stepping across the land 
so small and still a perfect host

climbing  dunes
catching the wind
descending dunes
hiding for  the storm
the air blows her tunes

I sense lifelines
going beyond horizons
I imagine songs
from abroad
I fantasize dreams
for the future
ubiquitous sand
rubs and defines

I am on my own
on a crowded beach
I am on my way
between  scattered houses
I go back and forth
in half a day
I feel alone
on the boat ashore
longing for another day
on the island
I passionately adore

March 4th 2014

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Eyes of Causation

Fiery eyes of crimson tide
as a captain looks upon haunted ships,
what once was, but no more
eyes filled with heavy tears as darkness floods the heart's chambers,
wars raged and lost,
the innocent and brave fought the unseen tales foretold.

Hungry eyes of vultures,
lions and insatiable alike,
pursue pray with eyes watery glaze,
ever so softly, ever so suddenly
a life which is no more,

Loving eyes of the passionate,
hopeful, full of adoration,
one stare in each other's eyes
a lifetime of promise awaits.

Eyes closed, eternity of solitude,
infinite hours of timeless wonder,
heaven in a soul's reach
a reality that is yet to be explored.

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Spirit Walk

I am asleep
I dream
I am flying

I am the sky
outside myself
above streets and buildings

Time and place
do not exist
I am moonlight
staring back at the sun

Updrafts of light
echoes off distant plateaus
above the blue earth
into the sparkling void

Walking up the stars
through the nine heavens
and all nine earths

I am me
set free
so astally
in a sea of ecstasy....

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Walking down the path of life,
the path splits. Left or right?
You make your choice, but the
the path splits again. Left, center, or right?
Again you choose and continue
life’s journey. Again and again
the path splits, becoming
more and more complex. Again
and again you choose a direction.

But soon worry washes in.
Have I chosen wrong? Should I 
go back? Too late, you can’t change
the past. Continuing forward
stepping with care, until finally you stop,
sit down; shut your eyes, wonder
if the path will ever be clear.

You stay where you are, fear rooting
you to the time and place you’re in.
People go by, passing you, going
further in their journey while 
you stay stuck, stricken with fear.

Over and over you ask yourself
what if I chose wrong? What if
I'm not where I should be?
Am I lost? Should I keep trying?
Questions and fear ripple over your skin,
replaying in your mind.

Stand up little one, leave your 
fear where you stand. step forward,
take my hand. If you stop now
you’ll never find where you’re meant 
to be. Hold on to some questions,
for they keep you on your guard, 
but don’t live in fear. Mistakes may 
be made, but new paths appear
going way to a brighter place.

Never stop on life’s path,
find happiness and sadness, 
strength and weakness. Continue
on until your dead, because 
only then does your life’s journey end.

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               I  V

                       He sat quietly in the incoporeal 
                     thought theater of confusion never listening to 
                   everpresent unsatisfied yet insatisible quivering 
                 thoughtfulls of glowing fantasies intrepid night 
               romances doing the don’ts of life and society
            I can taste you in my dreams   touch you in my
         nonsleep care for your waterfall uncommon 
       in luxury midnite delicious door chime 
     renedevous windcaste fate  meld of mind and 
   soul of flesh and time, one nonapart
 minute embracement  
                                 (and close my eyes)

dave collins

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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Should of Been

 A word not spoken,
 A meaning never said.
 A thought lost,
 A moment passed.

 Maybe I should have said what I meant.
 Maybe I should have said my mind.
 Maybe I should of thought it out.
 Maybe I should have kept it in.

 I forgot to tell you, 
 well maybe I didn't.
 I forgot to tell you, 
 well maybe I shouldn't.

 Never is a rightful word.
 Never is not an end.
 Never will or never won't.
 Never will be if you never speak.

 Read it again and wonder,
 Read it over and wonder if.
 Read again and the words are the same.
 Read again it won't change.

 To late now,
 you should of spoken.
 To late now,
 words are only a token.
©K.Chun 4.27.14

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On The Garden Path

" In The Pathway Of Light 
I Have Seen 
Deluded Dreams 
and Mist-Moonbeams 
In The Garden, 
They Fell At My Feet 
Where We, 
Had Made Plans To Meet ... " 

And I Waited & Waited
For You To Come
I Waited Until
The Morning Sun
And Then I Could
Wait No More ...
For The Rains
Had Started To Pour ...

Alas, My Soul
My Love, My Heart
My Happiness, My Hope
Once Bright
... Now Dark
Drenched & Merged
On That Muddied Path
& In Puddles In The Grass

... there Splashed The Plans
That We Had Made
To Meet-Right There
and Run Away
and Escape 
Into The Night
With A Brand New Start 
In Sight ...

But Now I Pace 
This Path Alone
With Footsteps Faced 
Towards The Unknown
But Wait - Tho' Late
& Past The Storm
... I Run Into 
Trustworthy Arms  ! ...

" In The Pathway Of Light 
We Have Seen
Our Starry Dreams
and Mist-Moonbeams 
In The Garden, 
They Fall At Our Feet 
Where We Dance  
To Love's Heartbeats "

                 Re-Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/23/2013 
                           by:  MoonBee Canady

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Before reaching the crossroads
Where division rises above sea-level
Compelling you to look sideways-
-Up, down, back and forth
While trying to knock on stream of doors
Looking for answers without questions;
So, turning into a seeker
Attempting to enter new phase
By only making the right choices;
Hence, beginning before the crossroads
Where spheres cross one another
Change becoming inevitable
Colours mixing without mixer,
And fire burning without choice
Awakening one's consciousness-
-Suppressed by pride and ignorance-
Sinking everything before the eyes
A world falling apart,
Sending clear signal
For everyone to rise and do it
Before reaching the crossroads

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That's The Amazing Thing About Love

That's the amazing thing about love:
Love doesn't matter who it melts together,
'Cause He will never give you up.

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I was in a panic my heart beating rapidly

At the thought of losing it all.

I looked around and what I found

Were angels starting to fall.


Warriors from up above

Sent to help the willing,                             

But what they had wasn’t enough;

to stop humanity from killing.


For they were corrupt and unjust

In what they have learned

They didn’t realize that all of their sinning;

Was going to get them burned.


 Here are all of the angels;

 Working hard to save

These people who just laugh at death

And the gift in which he gave.


There was an angel so beautiful,

One I couldn’t see- for there was

A bright white light

Surrounding him and me.


He kissed my temple and he whispered

Everything was going to be okay.

I felt the warmth of the message

That he tried to relay.


A peace washed over me as I realized;

 I had spoken to God,

I watched the dirty looks and heard the snickers

Of those who found it odd.


For in this age it is impossible,

To speak to the creator,

It must have been a demon in disguise

A great impersonator.


They were wrong

 I have never had such a great feeling,

Energy passed through me

 And healed the pain I’d been concealing.


I will always remember

The day that I had needed

A miracle from up above

My prayers had been heeded.

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The Editing of Me

My words rewritten
Until they become yours
Grammar syntax
Pages lined with highlighters
Polished to extinction 

I will resist
Intentions that are well ment
You want the best for me
Still you do not understand what I ask
I hear you yet I have my own vision
My way is not your way
Still I say what I must say
My rythm is unique to me
I am in what seems the disconnected details
I do make my point
I say what I say
My words have weight and substance
Like a road sign I point in a direction
You see curves in the road
The direction seems unclear
There are points of intrest along the way
I do have structure
My mind is clear
I am okay with flaws
They hold the essence of me
I am not asking to be changed
In the end I must be true to me

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To the Weary Traveler

If ever you should find yourself
Lost upon the craggy, mud-strewn trail
Matchless, mapless, 
The cloak of sky above you lacking a button of moon
And leaking through, 
Sack nibbled to the crumbs
And drink drained dry--

If ever nature-nipped feet
Deem you mishap your way to me,
Mistake me never for your guide. 
I am just as damned, just as far astray. 
But equally so hapless or no, 
I will pat the empty space beside me
And pour half of my canteen into your cup, and
Offer up what's left of  the stew
And if you help carry the wood,
I've got some sticks to rub to keep us warm.

We can pass the nights in tent, 
Time by swapping stories, every tale another
Skin we shed. 
And as we make our way,
I'll be the arm that pulls you to your footing
When the pathway gets too steep
And lend my chewed-through blue umbrella
To ease the onslaught when it pours. 
And if the path we know is set in stone 
To walk the road unpaved, 
I'd take it stride for stride with you
Over the macadamized

Any day;

For what it's worth.

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So long my urges have been hidden beneath my desire to be just fitting..
a daunting task that has come to be
Wanting to be just perfect in the eyes of many,
I forgot to be the most important type of perfect, -- to be me

I wanted so much to be seen, seen by many
but in all that
I lost the me I was meant to be

So many things I wanted to be
I just couldn't really come to see what I truly felt 
what I truly wanted to be... I couldn't see the natural beautiful dancer, performer within me.

So many things I am good at
but the things that I love, that flow easily through me
are the things of love, poetry, dance and artistry

I am a creative creature of the light
Fluid and free as the water, to which I truly belong
My home, my solitude, my place of being free, of just being me.

So funny how things occur, when you just let your heart be free
So simple the heart is, while the mind seeks to rather be complex
There must be a balance of these, through the center of our being

With this comes a deep appreciation of self
Appreciation of self comes with complete acceptance of one's self
complete acceptance comes with complete love of self
and complete love of self comes with true understanding of self - compassion for the darkness and gratefulness for the light 
All this leads to the being of me.

Destined to be all I my heart dares to dream
I will be abundant in the spirit life and the physical realm
I will manifest the best that is for me
then bring it to the world to show
how the spiritual life leads to a beautiful bountiful life of heaven on earth

The philosopher in me
is quite intelligent you see
so all this knowledge, all this wisdom gained and to gain
will only set me and you free

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World We Live In

I sit in the classroom
Start of a brand new year
I am really nervous
New students, surround me
They come from diverse cultures & backgrounds
None that I am familiar with
It’s like God gathered the whole world 
And placed us together
In one, tiny classroom

I admire the beauty of their different coloured skins
It’s like gazing at a mesmerising masterpiece
Neither human nor artist can replicate that kind of beauty and colour
God’s colour palette, extraordinarily vast!
I love the way their eyes stand out
Beautifully matching, their shade of skin tone
Warm and welcoming eyes
White, shiny teeth
Hearty laughs
Everyone’s so friendly!

Going about my school work
I listen to them talk
Talking in their native tongues
The rhythm and tones of the sounds, so fluid
I noticed they think before they speak
Where most people I mix with ‘blurt’ stuff out
I love the way they pronounce things in English
Faces full of expression, lots of hand gestures
Wanting to be understood, validated

I like the clothes the cultural people wear
Bold and bright colours 
Shiny, printed and patterned fabrics
Where I choose to wear black, most days than not
I turn my attention 
To the others in the room
They are dribbling on about nothing
Nothing, worth listening to!

Drawn back to the cultural people 
I notice some come across as sad, scared or timid
Often too shy, to speak up
To say what their thoughts or opinions are
I wonder if each knows how beautiful they truly are
I can’t wait to learn from all these new people
I am blessed to be surrounded by so many races and nationalities
What an amazing, wonder-filled world 
We ‘all’ are privileged, to live in!

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The Unknown

The world, once a seemingly small place, expands and grows with you.
Bigger, more vast, scarier.
How is one to find their place?

Searching for motivation--forward momentum, I crumble.
I sink into the abyss that is my life.
Smaller, more secluded, scarier.

I scream, but no one hears me.
This is what it feels like to be one mere person.
A dot in the universe.


Ah, I rebut.

I refuse to go unnoticed.
I refuse to live a life afraid of chance.
I refuse to not make my mark in the world.

I run, head first, towards the bigger, most vast and scarier.
I welcome myself to the unknown. 
I look fear in the eyes.
I search;

For my place, my purpose, my mark.

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Life Goes On

I know that chocking feeling of redundancy
Like your calamities were always inevitable, 
Life its self simply shunned your existence 
Reduced you to nothing, but   squalor 
As the world wipes its feet 
On what used to be you face.

I know how it feels to be trapped
In an endless cyclone called stress
Where worries and joys swap lanes
And you left drowning in your pool of blood
Because mother earth left one miss call for you:
“Didn’t you hear, I do not care”.

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Protect Me As I Sleep

Knows my real name
Is what I go by
I am freezing cold
I don’t have money
Just, the clothes on my back
I am a walking wardrobe
I am lonely
I smell like crap
I am starving hungry
I can’t find any shelter
My clothes are drenched
I look like a drowned rat!
Upon women
Is classed normal
Around here!
I wonder...
I will survive
Another day?
To wake up
Do this
All over, again!
“Protect me tonight
As,I lay my head to rest”
“I love you, dear God”


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Some thoughts on myself

I cant seem to find the happy
antedote to cool my negative
consequences--- malignant non standards
freud pennance desires to capitulate re
the never  mores  so the forni fun reins can be
pulled  taught      somewhere
inside lives a man who cares----simple
kind to all--pleasures akin to
mellow moon moments--get the
fish jist--uncomplicated---neurogladiolas
with leafs outstretched to catch
the morns love rays---fully watered
premise to a concubine wife unopposed
like all fetters released free to
abound like alcohol laden pods
in a swaying sequence    peaceful in its
aloneness but always seeking the never
true part  ner so patiently ignoring---
Cancer quest staring you in the face
but cant see it---knows knows no
knowns eyes closed bloodshot--wishing
hard to overwhelmed joy visions of what could be--I know theres a palace in me that gushes being    is a river raft of giving
tides unabated for the abandon quits warm of function
but in pure feet sense cant save
to swim in the same antidirection plan for a
single sec hard to find 30 days notice
self eviction would help  but then whered i be
in the tunnel of soothing nonfixtures
riding on nosense syllables that
now sag to be a faraway foreign language
my own fault  alcohol only a seed cloud
the deeper I think  the more dense I look
in the wrong semidirection too quiet and 
yet unyielding to promote a sick sense of
perserverance uncompounded like a gemstone past
its prime on the open market   a bill past due
folded   catalogued  drawn drawered in  a
tightshell   outcast lowbrow  miniscule
catapault   nurtured nonethe   less retro
inconvenience breech birth brain divided
gray tipped shark heart profiled in opposite filling manikin lifestyles

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These pass years, I have been in a quest..
There are times I want to stop but I guess..
If steps and risks aren't taken, I'll be waste..
Thus, I try and try slowly not in haste..

To become a Saint, one must be chaste..
To become a hero, must death be faced?
To become renown, must fame be chase?
However, to be love, must one be on same race?

Building long lasting & steadfast relationships..
Will require from you more than stewardship..
Even more than a deal of companionship..
And more than just friendship..

It takes the right time...
Sometimes months extending to years..
Or a whole of a lifetime..
Only God knows yet stay on cheer..

By: olive_eloi

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Thoughts and Thinking

Thoughts and Thinking

There’s a hole in the sky through it I run

Living where the sun doesn't shine

The shooting stars disappear in the sun

Looking for something that's just not mine

Now here's a well that won't run dry

I won’t exist on the profits of pride

I'm getting closer to the eyes of a lie

I believe I'm seeing the end of the line

Don't push my back against the wall

All doors locked tight, private lives

Two in the morning all alone in the hall

Dragonfly whispers ” I’m living high”

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My Sphere

I'm taking a moment with my brain, my memories
Each of period that I've been through
Flashing like bolts, seems like unwillingly to recall
A single blink of my eyes brought me to the world of unknown 

I still see the same sky
I still feel the same breeze
But I stood on a different situations

Bleeding on the journey that I chose
Each foot print be the story, be the history which rusted
Life is just a matter of time
That's what those people said

Hanging on the opportunities which achieved
I lean on everything that I could grip
Struggle to stand over pieces of me
Though sometimes sad to be alone, sick and hurt

Isolated by the crowds of my head
I build my own chamber, my own kingdom
Where people cannot see
Where people cannot reach

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Graduation, we have come a long way to get to this day.
From the best friends since kindergarten,
To the drivers’ licenses of high school,
We all have grown.
Elementary was where we met our closest friends, 
Middle School was where we branched out and tried new things,
High School was where we began the journey to find who we are. 
Though our journey has only just begun,
Our lives have still been forming through the friendships made, 
And the friendships lost.
Now that we are all closer to finding our selves,
Our paths may take different turns.
But always remember
No matter where we all are,
We are all still connected by our roots. 

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Confessions of a Poetry Souper

So, I write,
Sometimes I do it for me 
At times it's out of spite
I should just let it be 
Instead internal fight

It's hard to match these words
And rhyme them every time
Sometimes it for the birds
I know it has to rhyme.
I feel like such a nerd.

Emotions,memories flood
Inside my inner soul,
They grow and then they bud,
Completed now I'm whole,
Have not created a dud.

I try to tell a truth
Share a fact or two
Like when I lost a tooth
Is what I need to do,
Mustn't lose my couth.

I like the words to play
And sound and syllables dance
There is a certain way
It's not achieved by chance.
Someday it might pay.

Until that day does come
I try and do my best.
Make them all for fun
To share with all the rest
Enjoy I hope for some.


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The unknown

    About to enter the darkness
    A place that I have never been
    I am so dreading going there,
    for I can't see what lies ahead

    Please do come guide me
    help show me the way
    My hands are shaking
    and I am afraid

    The darkness is frightening
    It is filled with unknowns
    Turn the light on for me
    and I'll know where to go

    My hands are shaking
    I am so afraid
    what's in store for me
    for that I must pray

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A Letter To Robert Frost

               A letter To Robert Frost
Dear Mr. Frost or Bob, as the occasion might be lent
We are happy to report a world still turning wild
There are still two roads divergent in the woods
Prevailing, waiting for others to decide 
You took the one less traveled
To make a difference as you could
We continue to abide convergent roads
Comply with natures inclinations as our maze
Pulled in some direction not always ours
As for that world that did not die
It did not perish in fire or by ice
As you postulated quite nicely 
Both would have equally sufficed
We are in a different place and time
Protecting ages and ages hence in your defense
We will never meet again in fire or in ice my friend

                                                                 6/06/14 Contest:  Letters To Poets	

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Journey Towards a New Future

At the edge of despair , i stand in wait,
Quiet and content , awaiting my fate,
The hour was late and time had run its 
course , 
No longer can i draw hope from any 
For years i struggled through hardships 
and misery.
Wondering if i had been victim to a 
naysayers banter,
So i lie in wait now in defeat,
Waiting for Grim's clutches , to release me 
providing a quick retreat.

A light then shone , brighter then any I've 
ever witnessed ,
An angel descended and stood before my 
Whispering gently, '' Let me free you from 
all the lies ''
She sensed my broken spirit and a need 
for guidance,
A promise was then made , with her loving 

A journey we undertook to renew my faith,
The path was riddled with misery and 
At time it proved more then my mind could 
Whenever the journey proved impossible 
for me to bear,
She would gaze into my eyes and say '' 
never despair ''.

The path was long and never-ending,
Till we reached a sight of pure wonder , no 
man could deny,
I took rest in her arms , reaching out for 
her hand,
She held mine firmly , and assured this 
moment would never end,
However her time was short on this mortal 
realm ,
Our hands parted , and she ascended 
back to the heavens ,
My life once lost and fragmented, i had 
now regained,
A newfound hope and determination i 
have gained,
No longer surrendering to the whims of 
fate ,
I journey ahead , towards a new future i 
will create.

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Vipers Along the Path

The road is long
       and it is not yet known
where it will eventuallly 
      lead us 
Dangers will face us 
     on our arduous journey 
There are vipers along the path 
     As we travel 
     we must be careful 
   A sudden misstep 
can have terrible consequences
    There are vipers along the path
On a journey whose end is 
 Our fortunes are tied 
to the stars in the heavens above
To avoid the vipers along 
       the path
We must watch the road

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A Prayer For Healing

Do not let me be the demon I have created me to be.
I am the product of myself and my negativity.
I trust You.
I love You.
I thank You.
In Your name,
We pray,

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written 9th June 2013

I lie here with all my memories
realising the full cost of this new life
through it all my faith was kept strong
I know now God knew it all along

The path had to be taken that very way
as I grow to know Jesus more every day
I realise God was always one foot ahead
thats the only reason I now lay here in this bed

Every bumpy path I chose
all the prayers that were left unsaid
he knew the road I'd need
or I wouldn't have all my babies you see

now this new life I breath
is getting to really know him and, his journey
the bible I've had for so many years
now for the first time enters my ears
no longer just in faith, but in Jesus I will now forever praise

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Concrete Steps

            Concrete Steps

Concrete steps took the old woman with her cane
The last hours fell on her sidewalk awkward gait
There is nothing like a walk to town 
Flowing rain, following shadows down
Buildings changing into complex shapes in fading light

We were sad to see her go, though
It was not her nature to be held back

Along the narrow closing road
She took alley ways far from the shops
They were closed
Everyone knew that 

One foot was bad, the other slow from lost grace and age
None of that mattered, in her travels, and who had time for facts
She headed in her own circles by cane and foot
Which took direction to, no special place or path

There was no reason to go out at this late hour
And the city is too far from home

If she finds her way back unharmed we will be happy
Her shoes are waiting here, where she had left them
There is always the concern for broken glass
Concrete steps must be measured on the path
When walking with naked feet along the street 

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You left me on a bus. . . . . .

Blowing along the sidewalk
As the bus left  on its way to the next stop,
Each tiny ticket  a token of a journey 
Which lasted only a short while,
And now thrown away without a second thought, 
Tossed aside as the trip ended 
And a new journey began; 
Just so much jetsam  -
No more than a short-term memory
Ending up in the gutter
Along with other useless articles,
Forgotten and trodden underfoot  -
Disappearing with no second thought,
And lost in the empty wastes
Of no one’s memory.

Just  the way you treated me,
Despite the way my heart 
Had given itself to your care.

. . . . .  And you left me.

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born to be different

7 billion people in the world, but I’ll be alone fine
I don’t mind, being a prisoner in my own mind
Caged thoughts, surrounded by genius that you won’t find
Been told my mind is dark, deranged, crazy, I call it genius and beautiful
Why would I listen to people who can’t accept the unusual?
I’d rather embrace the fact that most the time I’m misunderstood
I was going through it, hut never had my past explained
Hold me head high, did all that I could
I overcame obstacles and welcomed the change
At times i became complacent with pain, stopped seeking happiness elsewhere
Staring at the sky, trying to dance with the stars, like Alfonso Riberio after the fresh prince of bel-air
When you come from a background
Of always being let down
You’d also regret every time you let someone in and trusted
& why I’d leave a girl I love, & commit to a girl I lusted
It came to a point where the pain was now pleasant
This may be why i allow the past to remain in the present
It’s so much easier to deal with what you know
If all closed-minded people used their brain for a second
They’d realise, when I’m fully healed, I’ll let it go
But what is real, I’ll let it show
All the hurt and pain I feel, will let me grow
Never will it make me weaker
When you tell me I’ve gone too far
I’ll find a way to take it deeper
How can you have a journey without gaining a few scars?
How can you reach your destination without walking different paths?
How can you get what you want without taking risks?
No regrets because I appreciate where I’m at
I laugh at every obstacle i hit
It gives me something new to overcome
Glad to be past the point of being cold and numb
It’s true that life’s a bitch
Bu I’m with her it’s not one I’m missing
Weather you think I’m strange, weird or quite a kid
I’m proud I was born to be different 

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Our Love Is Enough

We don't need to go out and party,
We don't need to drink,
We don't need to socialize,
We don't need to go shopping,
We don't need to spend money,
We don't need to go to a movie,
We don't need to watch sporting events,
We don't need to go out to eat,
Because we found love,
And our love is enough.

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Who What When Where Why

Who causes my heart to sing
lets me breath
causes my soul to fly free
sees the parts not previously seen
a safe place 
no judgements
the me I thought only I could see

What was I before you
but a place with empty dreams
tears wept in quiet rooms
no visitors crossed my door
I stood in darkness
yet my feet never touched the floor

When do we know we exist
is it our words spread on a pure white sheet
laughter made without our lips
hearts opened 
leaps of faith
wandering through imaginary halls
flying along windswept fields
strings attached to other souls
somehow connected to all
no longer just a single mind
looking forward not left behind

Where this road leads
I may never know
The path goes too and froe
I gladly follow
there are people to meet
other words on other sheets
that's why I choose to read and read
my mind expands beyond the here
People who are far are the ones that are near
Words capture essence
Like the scent of fresh cut grass
evoking emotions from present and past

Why you may wonder
Unless you're like me
interconnected with Poetry

Who What Where Contest

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Have You Met Your End

I'm scared...
I'm not prepared...
to meet my end... 
to drift into the river's bend...

I'm not prepared... 
people start to stare...
people don’t seem to care
If I live or die
If I stay on ground or fly 
I see my end...unwind...unwind...and it makes me blind...
The tears that are clogging up my eyes
They’re feeding me lies…and the thoughts whisper cries
I'm treasure...never to be found
Decaying in the ground
I'm sorry...I'd never
Mention suicide again to you...
Don't be blue...though you get the clue

I'm not prepared... 
people start to stare...
people don’t seem to care
If I live or die
If I stay on ground or fly 
I see my past…unwind…unwind…now, I’m blind 
But I see it in my mind’s eye

I'm not prepared... 
people start to stare...
people don’t seem to care
If I live or die…
Live or die…
Live or die…
But I’ll try…
To live and make you feel happy
‘Cause I, alone, am feeling needy…

I'm not prepared... 
people start to stare...
people don’t seem to care
If I live or die…

I’m ready to meet my end…
The waters brew…and my fate blends
In with the gloomy, despairing river's blissful waves
The sky swarms above me…I want to see you
Again…but you’ve met your end

I'm not prepared... 
people start to stare...
people don’t seem to care
If I live or die…

I STAYED strong…Where do you belong?
Your life ended like a shimmering star
You ended your tune of delight…I can’t hear your song
Repeat it again and again in my ears…
You left me with an everlasting scar

I'm not prepared... 
people start to stare...
people don’t seem to care
If I live or die…
I want to die…just let me fly
And reach to heaven’s height
But, I’d feel guilt and contrite 

I'm not scared (of your absence)... 
people start to stare...(and I feel dense)
people don’t seem to care (I can’t bear)
If I live or die…(the thought of you, I won’t deny…I’m just trying to play fair)

In my heart…
You broke it apart…
It breaks my heart
To see you die and depart

From His light

Have you met your end
Around or near the river's bend? 

Your heart breaks instead of bends
You still have some errands

To run...
You have the ability to run...
Just run...
And don't run off somewhere far away...or I'll consider you officially "gone" 
But, first: get your duties done

And then...we can welcome the sun 
Don't shoot yourself with a gun...
Put it down and run

WITH ME! *smile* 

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Today I thought
   I could sail the sea
To find what I thought
   Was missing
Or something
Or someone I thought 
   I had been missing.
I thought I was about to board
  The great searching ship 
     be away for a season.
 maybe permanently change course,
      And never to return.

People and places
Laughters and dances
    Could make one forget 
     For a moment...
          only a moment.

   Thoughts of finding
The missing pieces
   Always stay.
Thoughts. They never sleep, I think.
Young thoughts they were once
  old thoughts now they seem,
     as some exhausted dreams.

    thoughts have their own way 
of aging, too.
But, never i imagine they die.
For one single thought could lead
    To a myriad of them.
They have a soul and seem to feel.
For thoughts have a heart to feel.
   And hearts, too, have minds to think.
The windows to the soul.
Or they go numb, nonetheless.
   Maybe, that's why they age
       like people
who grow old,
    shriveled with time.

In the beginning,
And on the journey
It may hurt 
   with lots of tears and a trembling soul.
to feel.
With a hope that 
the end will surpass
    the long tearful pilgrimage
To become.
With your thoughts.
With your feelings.
But the missing pieces remain the same
Until I find them piece by piece
The answer is uncertain.

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I can say I have a regret that cant be 
the day I stopped living my own life 
and became 
a character in someone elses tainted 
world, just a sad litttle role  im so 
sorry i just didnt know..
just an innocent naive girl..I would 
never be the same ever
again..I could only remember who I 
once had been..I did it for
love I did for spite whatever it was it 
still couldnt make it of
struggles filled with so much 
pain..tears of despair filled my eyes 
I never knew and they would 
remain everyday ..such a fool...i 
tried many times to turn back...and this my life now
I just didnt want this..but who 
knew...I died that day...and no one 
had a clue..
It took my kind heart and made it 
dark and my daughters 
will have 
to grow up with what this cold world 
did to me...I regret it but I have 
learned to adapt in it..doesnt
matter what I want my life to be.. 
this is one chose this but me. 
stand proud..It was my choice..gotta 
stay solid. i laugh now.. really thats 
what matters ..cmon grow up much more out 
me.. i once lived it..of course not 
now.. I stood for something before 
now i stand for ...nothing..I didnt be in this strange 
world..where i would lose myself 
and everything i was meant to be. 
maybe a nightmare...not so lucky im 
wide awake..this is me  . childish 
foolish things that make no sense in 
my mind at all..its waste of a life. i 
tell myself just sit back now...and 
just endure...many years left..its not 
ready to let you go..not even close 
who do you think you are..
Too much unecessary lies..followed 
with emotional madness...Was it 
worth it..not
even a little bit...If I could of just 
been strong...and remembered how 
much I was a
descent my little boring 
life...I would be on top of the world 
instead of running
from it like a scared little soul, cant 
even think right..nope.. not no 
more. its not your mind anymore ..u 
have no rights stop trying its useless 
by now .I end this with a little piece 
of me....Never change yourself to fit 
in...and be somewhere you are not 
meant to be...cause trust me...I lived 
it .. i would rather have my sanity....

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-Death Is A Nothing Word-

                                                     DEATH IS A NOTHING WORD
                                                     for Death was once called
                                                      D'aarth in ancient of ancient
                                                       times, then translated to Death
                                                       to control and cause fear.

  Death means nothing to the dead

   but it sure means a lot to the living

   because death is a nothing word

   for the dead is glorying in their living

   and the living is left to mourn the dead

   Death means nothing to the dead

   for the dead is now living a life free

   free from worry, free from pain and body

   the living finds the missing of those love ones

   who have passed on from this earthly road

   sometimes too terrible to bear

   but the dream of the dead goes on instead

   The door of death is there for all already awaiting

   it's only those that are scared of that word of death

   that makes it hard to go thro' that open door

   for that open door leads to a world of dreams

   the dream of walking in a dream

   till the passing on is fully realized

   that more the living is done on the other side

   tho' without a body, you the "Spirit" is now free

   So it is now very important to realize in truth

   that You are You the Spirit in a body encased

   and not the other way round that you are told to embrace

   and so go on to knowing of your Immortality

   and that makes the door of death easy to go through

   to make the new living so much easier to propound.


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Vowel- consonant- contest

Aboard the event train I watched over the undulating scenery ahead. 
Whose eyes see into shadows ogling the unknown
What a basically exhilarating time indeed.

What other panorama undresses before admiring glances.
Evening skies in many orangey shades urges many admirers
Watching every hue interact with others made us very aware therefore, 
every minute interaction could overflow senses 

Unusually patient artists, wait excitedly for inspiration, no over worried urges,

Mountains alongside roll engagingly by in magnificence, only surprisingly usurped by
angry rivers each with instinct, rushing onwards gleamingly unspoilt, the awaiting sea empty, the incoming tide  overrides the unsuspecting rivers as the eddys flow 
incorporating ocean ,  rivers, united

Fields angrily shout every colour in the oscillating spectrum, urgently needing 
attention, waiting easels placed in readiness,  overtone to undertones
Pencils are flamboyantly enjoying the interesting light overtly sketching, unruffled
Watercolours are readily endorsing the intense flooding on the unadorned paper,
all mingling, each colour interacting with others there upon  

This artist charity event contest, it will occur yearly.  unknown charities,
annually benefitting, every painter indicated his offer to use


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An Astronaut

I think I was an astronaut
Aimed for the stars.
They fill me up;
They refuel my tank.
They enable me to believe,
Telling me to never give up
As they follow me all of my days.
If only we could see the beauty
That they truly are.
They shout out dreams
That we can reach so far.
Climb into the rocket
And liftoff!
On a journey to discover ourselves,
We are taught so much more,
Learning our goals are only a plan away.
Even thought we must return,
I know that I will be back.
I am an astronaut,
And we always reach for the stars.

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Where Are You When I Need You

Don’t pretend to understand me
When your frustration and anger, comes first
Don’t pretend to nod and listen
When all you hear, is what you want
You treat me as if I am a brainless idiot!
Blaming me because I don’t agree with you
Because I won’t let you control me
I am a big girl living an independent life
So, don’t pretend to know how I feel
When you only believe the lies you convince yourself, I am

Don’t say you love me, when your ego takes precedence over my feelings
Dreaming of what you want us to be
Dreaming of me, from a far
Leaving me alone, to problem solve, on my own
I do this to show I care
To show you I am responsible
All I want is for us to be on the same page, sharing our love again
Laughing, kissing
I need your love and attentiveness
I need to feel your nurturing warmth
Instead of taking it away from me
Knowing my vulnerabilities
Deliberately hurting me
You told me you were my knight in shining armour
Where are you, when I need you?

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Written 20 may 2013

My faith is in you Lord
 trapped to this bed, I'm bored

How much longer shall I be still
 for I know this is by your will
I'm alone and at your mercy
 given up friends and family
My faith is struggling oh Lord
 I pray that you hear my call

I've been still, by not a choice of mine
 learning lessons through your will and time 

Patience is growing to an all time low
 lets get this operation done, lets go

I've learn't who I am and I do pray 
 so lets get moving, before I fade away....

Give me strength to handle the operation that awaits
 so that I may again see the sunlight on my face

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The Wasteland -part 2-

A long time passes and I am still here Silently insulting, brutally weeping But then I lift my head from the ground To see him standing there Towering over me in all endeavor of quietude Was he there the entire time? I feel his eyes but see only his stare I am dreaming again Has he returned to guide me? To frighten me back into reality? Who are you, entity of fear? I know death draws me near— But why, oh mystery, do you linger here? He never answers me, though still I try Why are you here? Must you hate me too? He pulls me up staring me down His thin, sophisticated form makes me feel hollow Empty features burning my vision As he bends facing me I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I hide. . . Why, I ask, my voice croaking Tell me why. . . He takes my hand as I cringe Walking me to the edge, his head tilted my way I shake like a dried leaf on the brink of autumn A small, pathetic part of me wants to thank him To believe all of this. . .is right How though, can I trust his blank sincerity? I am the only. . .the lonely But there he is beside me His long fingers intermingling in mine The sense of fear and confusion Sticking to me like grime I am the Slender Man—I am—your friend And for once I let him embrace me I cannot bear to flee He tenses and tightens his grip Dreading I may slip away in panic Please stay. . .please stay Soon it will all just go away. . . He is warm against me—alive Breathing slowly, I feel the beating of his heart Bashing my nerves—blurring my mind Tingles shoot down my spine As I stand there, so close to him We watch a sagging sunset As tears flow down my infected eyes I have learned to fly. . .to embrace the lies Squeezing my hand he holds me close As the black sun wearily lifts its head one last time Only to sink from its post I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I lie Slender Man cradles me in his tendrils Surrounding me like I am its sickly nourishment Whispering comforting falsehood I gaze beyond the wasteland Beyond myself. . . But there I find nothing Hand in hand we walk over the edge Heading yonder into the sheer, sweet Nothingness The demons watch us disappear Grinning from ear to ear I cannot see them now. . . But I can smell their fear -January 26, 2013-

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The End

The end of our souls, our mercy, our righteousness;
With twelve hundred walkmans
With twelve hundred radios
With twelve hundred televisions
All going out at once- static – static
All being crushed by the hand of humanity,
Ill misfortune,
All in tune to the same crashing station
Like they stated in scriptures, rushing in succession
Tearing down doors teaching a lesson.
Let’s recognize this mess were in,
Jesturing to let the demons in,
Run faster, shut the door before the evil comes in.
But that box has already been opened
With our ill hearts
And wrecked souls,
With our mercy for genocide,
And ‘equality polls.’
Static - Static
I can remember a Paris church on Palm Sunday
Entirely filled with lit candles
One for each prayer we brought
And I wonder why my prayers must be so long
Praying for all of the struggle to be gone
Praying to relieve the pain from our homes
Praying to ease the curse from our souls.
This is not the end of us,
No zombie apocalypse
No meteor swallowing us
Just our faded minds
Coming out to hide.
Tell me that a lesson isn’t a lesson until it is taught right.
Yes, these happenings are real even when they’re not in site.
Look closer. 
Close your eyes.
Look out at your own life.
For each soul, we are drowning in ankle deep water,
Pretending this earth is perfect
Is just going to hold us under.
Don’t bother to try if you haven’t tried yet
Because there are those of us out here that just don’t forget-
The drinking and driving,
The death of Dak,
The shootings and short comings,
And the *****that we lack.
**** man,
You see this world is cruel
But we can clean up this mess and make it beautiful
Just if we open our eyes
And see that this is
The end of the world.

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A Rich Tribute

Mother Teresa been a historical,
and an important,
and a humble figure,
as she had dedicated her life for the poor and the needy indeed, 
the best tribute one can give her is by quoting a single quote of her,
out of the many though, 
the one mentioned below seems to be more precise,
in today’s world,
“Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God-the rest will be given”
in the rush of acquiring money,
many have forgotten this lovely aspect,
the aspect of love,
which is much greater than money,
and had crossed a number of boundaries,
from times immemorial,
today jealousy, selfishness, greed have taken over love,
wherein money is not that great,
than love itself,
as love is like a ‘Can’,
which can be filled from the top to the bottom,
unlike money,
which needs to be filled from the bottom instead,
love is greater than money indeed,
as we do love our Gods,
our wives,
the children,
whether they be ours,
or of others,
without distinguishing between their caste, creed, colour,
Love is indeed greater,
as we love the newborns born into this world,
our friends ,
wherein love can also help us to defeat our enemies too,
without love,
no one can progress on,
and neither the countries too,
Therefore love is greater than money indeed!!

'Quote and Author':-
“Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God-the rest will be given”- Author: 'Mother Teresa'

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a day

a day to celebrate.
a day to enjoy.
a day for love.
a day for joy.
maybe a day to cry bout.
maybe a day to laugh.
a truly wonderful day, your on the right path.
it could be a day to mourne.
possibly a day to smile.
a day to smile through the fear from wich gets you riled.
riled up from the day that you face again and again. 
from either pain that makes you hurt,
or from the joy that you earned.

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So Close, Yet So Far

It's like I'm there,
Standing behind a glass wall.
I've had a taste,
Just not the full platter.
I'm ready for the cake,
But all I have is batter.

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Sand Storm

Waking from the starry illusion of my own shadowed reality
Bending towards the wings
Rearing to take flight
Though the delight will be sweetened with the bitter taste of the wait
Wait I shall  

Best foot forward so they claim
Until you’ve come to realize through this thick haze 
That it “twas only a mere miss take of footing” 
Out the gate

Return to me thine keys
Gracefully place them upon my stake 
Look back no more
For there weren’t no mistakes to have been made
Only serrated sightseeing taking up valuable space

Filling the void if it’s mound
Inward wasn’t so bound outward
There could be no cries found 
Only casted cradles gauged in sound
Again waiting to be found

After all I must assume some parish to my find
For in simplest terms 
My own reality is rather blankly missing its own reality in kind
Unjustified by the creator 
I’ve yet to combine with the agitated truth that awaits my mindful mind
Blustering to the rind 

Sand Storm

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Hope or Hopeless

I draw a blank to passing considerations and bureaucratic failings
Failed expectations gnaw and grate my every sense
When do we accept what is before our very eyes is truth?
No hiding from reality to the pain that consumes and binds,
guided by interpretation; still your ideals are different to mine?

We see the same but react differently, honouring the pain that creates subdivisions
Accidental does not mean unintentional
A needing for clarity does not negate self-belief
We journey against confusion, looking for significant answers not believing in our own judgement
Our conclusions do not stand the test of time

Lives guided by a different level of understanding, disavowed with contempt,
changing the orientation, diversity embedded within
Equality does not exist where controversy lays bare its soul
Giving strength and bitterness to dilemma
Alternate states guide the flow of discovery

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You may doubt yourself and your capabilities,
But you’ll soon see just how awesome you are.
You may not know how or where to start,
But that’s okay. Allow YOUR vision to guide you.
You may be nervous and/or scared,
And that’s okay too. Breathe! This is all new to you.

Long hours
Lack of support from others

Don’t allow ANYTHING to hinder you!
Keep your vision alive, no matter what.
Work smart, and stay committed.
Discipline yourself in everything that you do.
Keep your eyes on the prize. There’s a winner in you!

You can’t afford to give up. That’s way too easy to do.
Push your way through in spite of it all.
You’ve gotta make your dreams a reality.
Don’t stop because things may get rough.
Think of how you will feel when it’s all said and done.

Accomplish what you’ve set out to do.
Keep your attitude in check, and stay positive.
Remind yourself of why this is important to you.
Don’t ever stop believing in yourself!
A negative mindset is sure to derail you and your dreams.
Rise to the top! Don’t stop until you can say these 3 words:


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Stolen Promises

As a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina
With beautiful dresses flowing freely when I spun around
Holding the looking glass close in hand
Marveling at the beauty that was to come

As an adolescent I found a helpless kitten outside
Curled up in a ball of our puppy’s fur
Instantly my dreams began to grow into a need to save all I could
Sheltering them until they were strong

As a young lady I explored my youth in every aspect
Enjoying what delight it brought savoring the bite
Gracefully walking towards my own enlightenment
Growing into the woman I have become

As a woman I’ve enveloped the best of the lessons I’ve been taught
Absorbing the significance of each and every one sought
Capturing the essence in giving unconditionally with no expectation of receiving
Cherishing the soured sweet as I learned in retreat
There is always another way
Another door
Another day

Today I need to complete the tasks at hand and those that lay ahead 
Repenting brings forgiveness
As I stand before the threshold 
While asking to spare a little time
Once more I ask

Do we fully grasp the know of when our hours begin to count
Is it then and only then
Clairvoyance shows us an understanding of just how tremendously
Precious each second precisely is

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My Heart

I've felt my heart get stomped on,
Its been beaten,
Sometimes broken.
But never has it felt like this before.

It's been twisted and messed with.
I've let my feelings flow,
They were misled. 
Sent into a abyss and shattered. 

Which are mine and which are left over. 
These pieces barley fit together.
Making a picture,
Blurred and misinterpreted. 
Why can't it just be simple. 

They say a picture is worth,
 a thousand words.
What if I only want a few,
Of those words. 

My heart is beating hard,
From love?
From fear?

These feelings thrust together,
Combusting and overwhelming, 
Everything else that matters. 

Where is the point,
That my heart can idle.
I just need some time,
To place the pieces together. 
To understand what these feelings are. 

My heart is still pounding, 
Even though its been,
Stomped on, 
And broken. 

This time is different,
It's being tested.
Seeing if it's worthy,
If it can handle the stress.

It's becoming stronger, 
Going through the toughest. 
Building a trust, 
a hope,
In what it feels.

Today my heart has started a journey. 
Tomorrow is just a continuation. 

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Psychic Freedom

Burrowed deep,
within a physical structure,
a soul exists,
locked behind an emotional gate,
desperately seeking the key of fate
that will unlock, releasing this spirit
from the ruins
of despair
onto a journey elsewhere,
soaring free of mental bondage
to that extraordinary place
as her own.

©Ana Espinola Collins


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The Realization

The Realization

The heart glows but still there's sadness
The mind's at rest, but still there's commotion

I am in a crowded street, yet I feel lonely
I walk in a noisy place, but somehow I feel the quietness
The sun is shining yet i feel the thunder and lightning
There is darkness but i see light
Swirling and twirling yet there is steadiness

A feeling of uneasiness with a strong sense of PEACE

When i try to reason
i realize it MAYBE a Dream.....or perhaps...?????

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Sweet Bird

Sweet bird, sweet bird
   With wing so wide
Fly the night
   To distant tide

Let your weary heart soar high
   On breezes meant to glide
No birds of prey disguise the day
   Bring your wings to me, this way

You pass through darkened rainbows near
   On the very edge of fear

Oh, how the winds do blow
   Their course unknown to you
But let your aching wings bring height
   Above the storm tonight

Oh. let the sun shine bright
   Amid tomorrow light
On wings so bold of dreams of old
   A love that's past that so I hold

Sweet bird, sweet bird

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My heart
A red clock, a construct
of the human experience, 
Beats like a cleat on concrete and can’t help
but not relate to the grease beat of 
chill trees, swaying with the breeze
Aimless trees, and they’re asleep 
For moments that don’t linger
More than a second too long

And they will pass…

Much quicker than beer or grass can grasp
Because every minute casts off its dawn,
To a lawn of littered experience

But here I share the thoughts I bare
Shouting, “Feeling, feeling!” 

Me and my hair are constantly reeling
At what makes my blood so red
And everything else so black and dead
Like the platform on which I prostrate 
this human mind…

I keep pushing and pleading, breathing 
And feeding my life through 
The loop of a needle
Weaving myself into 
My final tapestry
Even as I’m shoulder deep
In humanity
And even in the absence
Of a colony
I know that this sea is where I’ll be
Whether I choose to escape myself
And explore someone else
Or remain here in my constancy…

In my bed of river stones 
Built to be alone, or see
Whoever god delivers me

I pray for that man…
He’ll  carry my honey suckle season
Impressed with the scars on my hands and 
yawns in my chest,
He’ll fill my cup with water like wine
and will hold me high and say that
“it’s fine…”

“Even when feelings rage…
We’ll know that whether crying or caged
They’ll be alright…
Best friend, hold tight
Time is like money, it’s meant to be spent
Not vaulted with fear
To waste

He’ll say,
“Feelings are fine
but as long as your mine
Your feelings can’t steal you away…”

I wait for that day…

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Life is full of changes, re-arranges and people.
coming into this life unaware of what is to come of you.
not even knowing what life means. 
be open to new ideas. 
be open to change.
be aware of the options before you. 
be aware of yourself and know how capable you are.
you can be successful and accomplish many things.
you are important. 
you are special. 
you are amazing.

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Almost Ready to Go

Almost Ready to Go
How does one pack up and move to an area of destruction?
How does one take all of their mustard seeds and place them on the window sill?
I am about to take the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life 
And I say “I am ready to take the plunge with you, my Lord!”
Where ever you lead me, even if in the middle of a cyclone
I will go! Send me! Don’t skip over me and use someone else!
I have been in training for this moment my entire life!
No fanciness
No lingerie
Just a single suitcase, a Bible, and a box of protein bars
We will walk right into the middle of hell together side by side
Just like we used to in the olden days
I am ready to go where ever you lead me, Lord
Let me tidy up my house a bit first!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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Will I meet you there 
Oh Jah when my journey
through life ends.
Will my sins be forgiven....
Or Will I beat myself in 
lamentation for all 
the wrongs I've done....

Will my earthly suffering 
Has your son for me ever
regretted paying the ultimate 

I am not worthy of the 
shirt on my back,
the shoes on my feet
the bread on my table 
Nor your daily blessed mercy
Upon me.

How many times I thought
Myself abandoned and prayers 
Yet it was me who had abandoned 
You and strayed...
yet when reflecting upon my life
And all the mistakes
I've made praising you is the only
Real joy I find 'cause only you Jehovah 
With infinite mercies can continue
To love someone as unworthy as me.

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Don't worry, don't worry;
Give yourself rest.
Release fear and struggles,
And He'll take care of the rest.

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In an age
Where souls are pawned
For fame and wealth

A time when
Good and evil
Cease to war

A period where
Men passed, and
Weaklings arose

A place which 
Breaks my heart
yet fuels my limbs

A land whose
Stain I loathe
But name I bear

A people who
Curse the stench
Yet eat the feces
Here, I’m to call home
Home or desert?

My path is vast
So I call it home
But journey it is

I hope to sleep
And wake in a time
Where men are men.

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How I Found My Muse

Let me try to explain, the amazing way I found my muse.  One day, away in Istanbul, later than usual, I made my way down to the hotel gym for some exercise.

Running in place, in an empty space, I drained my waste like I always do. And then, I heard the grunt, and the weights go clunk, I just waited and watched her work it through.

Not a word, nor a glance, but it felt like nothing I ever knew, it went straight through me, it raised me out of my emptiness.  It filled me with energy, I forgot who I am and what I should do.

And then, the mirror connected us, her eye to mine, her brown to my  blue, her sun to my moon, and I knew, from that moment on, I had found my muse.

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The Hike

We cannot give up;
We still have life to live.
The hike may not always be easy,
But the view must be seen to believe.

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im gone

Don’t know where I’m going but I’m not where I should be
I’m aware they judge me
Life isn’t as beautiful as they make out so I’m prepared for ugly
If I knew how to be scared I would be

But I had to grow myself
I’d tell the world to suck my, whoa that’s a bit below the belt
I’m not used to things going well
Won’t even ask people I know for help

If I don’t need you won’t be around
Not being mean I’m just putting my feet down
Doing it for myself, to make me proud
Tell Pixie Lott if her and her boyfriend break up I’ll be her rebound

At the age of 15 I was forced to see a therapist
I fancied her and I’m sure she was aware of it
Wearing low cut tops, and jeans with tares and rips
I stopped going and even thought my anger had me ready to explode like a terrorist

I could stay calm with no anger management
I’m comfortable I’m not [panicking
You want to know what’s really damaging.
Is young kids looking up to Kim Kardashian and Helen Flanagan

You should be worried if being like them is your daughter’s target
How can anyone want to be famous for being talentless?
Or maybe that’s what the real challenge is
And I’m just a depressed tortured artist

But if I could go back or make a swap deal
There’s nothing I’d hope to change or not feel
I like how being lost feels
Wow my insanity just got real

But I wouldn’t change for 10 million pounds worth of change
I’d go through the hurt and pain
I’ve had to endure
Have bullies curse my name and make me insecure

I’d date the same girls
Have the same flirts and flings
Wouldn’t change a thing
I’d live in the same world

Wouldn’t take back a single word I’ve said
I’d have the same thoughts
Sleep in the same self-made bed
Walk the same walk

I’d live the same painful life
Go back to where I came from
I’ve said all I need to say
I’m gone 

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County Road

I know I've been here in this afternoon
4: 10 P.M.
Like lubricated clockworks in a perpetual machine
My life returns to this brown earth blue sky
Pressed in between the distance
And the silence and the cries of crows
Who gather, circle, and grow louder
In the rising dusk.
This is how it has been, is, will always be.

This red clay bank where the road was carved
Has risen here forever.
That old capped well has always dripped and echoed
In the plunging darkness
And the far-off crack that is cicadas breaking from their skins, 
These things have always been in motion.

That path that disappears just there between the trees
Leads now, as ever, to a grand but faded house
Drowsing in the humming shade, 
Where my father's fathers lived and died, 
Lay open eyed and wide awake
Through first bird sounds and whipporwhills
As grey ascended into daylight once again
And just as always far too soon.

A place where lost boys raged
And beat their hands against closed doors, 

Is this my road, these shaded woods, 
This certain path the only map that I can read? 

Sometimes in the small hours even now
I think I hear the pounding of my father's desperate hands
On doors locked, bolted, and immune, 
The ringing of his secret wars
Down darkened, pine floored corridors
Where secrets are piled thick upon each other.

The only sound I hear now on this narrow road
Is wind that hisses in the branches
In sharp swift gusts from long ago

Standing now beneath those branches, 
Owning no locked door to pound upon, 
I wonder why my clenched and aching hands
Are bleeding.

Thunder rolls and rumbles, 
Distant in the fading afternoon. 

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Three Halves

Dedicated to a dear friend. 
You needed me and I needed you, but we were never ours to lose.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I never felt complete.
I knew something was missing, a part of me.
Now I know it was the other halves of my heart and soul,
My love, my kindred spirit.

I never knew how to feel full.
Was never fully happy – not with missing pieces.
Can anyone have three halves?
I do.  Myself and two others.

First… my lover, my home, my best friend.
Who stood by me through mistakes and poor decisions.
Who has been nothing but loyal and true.
So what am I to do?
Once you build the foundation you can’t move the castle.

Then… my kindred spirit, my freedom, my bliss.
Who within moments defeated my demons and set me free.
Who has taught me trust like no other ever could.
So what am I to do?
We still have that castle on a cloud.

But we don’t live on a cloud.  I feel the earth between my toes.

One other half of my soul lives in a body who is, never was, and never will be mine.
That’s right, I said ‘never’.
‘Never say never’.  Why hold on to this hope?  
We are such fools.  Always have been.  
Fools for our other halves.

One ‘other half’ will forever be chained to anybody but me. 
The other ‘other half’ is, was and always will be mine.
My heart is for both, in different ways.
Now I am as full as I can be. I have found my halves.

Being happy is not having what you want, 
But having what you need, 
And wanting what you have.
I am happy...

We asked: ‘how can one live in black and white after seeing in colour?’
I have an answer: ‘because we know what colour looks like...’
We know what to look for, how it feels,
How to see it through the black and white – even turn it into colour.

Remember? How to see.
For some, their other halves are in one body –
Filling both the heart and the soul,
But not for me. I have three halves.

I never knew where my pieces were.
Then I found one. Then the other found me.
Only one can fit my puzzle – yes, halves can only be two.
But why be sad about bliss? 

I am happy…
Because I no longer wonder about my pieces.  
May not be mine, but they are both safe. 
I am happy…

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The Witnesses of My Life Secrecy

Not for once I kept those rumbles 
Not for once I spilled it through the silence 
In the long way I spoke
Spoke to the vacant air next to my passenger seat

Driving no where upon the limbo
Passing through the droplets rain, I hid my sorrow
Once I locked myself into an argument within the space
With hope the shouts won't be audible beyond the screen

Cliche did fill my stories
But you hid me within the glory and sorrow behind your shield
You are the silent witness which I could lean
No third parties would be in, only the two of us in between

Prayers overshadow our drift
You be the witness in my plead
Nobody's there even see me pray, 
Besides you and my guitar we sank in play

None of living things ever seen
The fragile case of my grim
Only you and the six strings reside in the hidden tide
Only you and the six strings the witnesses of the other side

Author's Note:
Inspired by my car and my guitar as the witnesses behind the story :D

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There's a Man Who's behind me,
Who protected me in everyday,
Who give what I want,
And Who saved me of being a sinner.
He is my lover,
He saw me all the times,
He always one step behind me,
But Who is He?,
He never leave me,
He carry me all the way.
In every challenges I had He is with me,
He choose the right path for me to go.
I trust my life to Him,
Likewise He trust me.
But Who is He?.
He accept me as what I am.
He is my savior,
He is my guardian,
He is my angel,
He is my friend,
And He is my everything.
At last He told His name
I am Jesus Christ.

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Enigmatic Lane

Enigmatic Lane

This enigmatic lane-
I’ve walked long.
And now I see
Only barren lands,
A mere setting sun,
And a vague horizon.

I turn to look back
Along this enigmatic lane.
And then I see
Those umpteen vicissitudes,
Those sudden meanders,
Those familiar turns,
Those abrupt detours.

Down this enigmatic lane,
There have been
Many a rich meadows,
Many a bleak wastelands,
Millions of pompous marches,
Millions of disconcerting dirges,
Several comforts of love,
Several cruelties of reclusion.

Along this enigmatic lane
I may no longer tread, for-
As I now halt, I ponder-
Perpetuation has always been
The ruse of fleeting phases,
And what worth has it been
To walk this enigmatic lane.

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Soar Above The Clouds

Wings of bronze, Wings of silver, Wings of gold.
 Soar with me in a flight so bright.
 Show me not Icarus' flight.
 Fly with me in the darkest night.
 Give flight and air to feathers so light.
 Love for you makes me soar.
 above the clouds so high.
 You are the draft that makes me glow.
 You are the one who's wings beat in time to mine.
 You are the one who's breath gives me life.
 Fly with me in tandem flight.
 Show me that you are what I was meant to feel.
 Shine your light upon my face,
 in a smile so bright, I know the sun does hide.
 Accept what is and what we have, 
 for freedom can be our only path.
 From a weathered past and an unknown future.
 You are the wings of flight,
 look down and see your journey plight.
 A future of gold our only choice.
 Live now and forever in merged flight of what is so right.
©K.Chun 11.3.2014

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The Cavemens Journey

The cavemen family were moving
all was packed ready to go
their medicine man took the lead
heading off towards the mountains

A vast range lay to the west
blue against the setting sun
hunting as they travelled
carrying an ember in moss

It did not take long to start
a fire that blazed between the rocks
a spit of mammoth meat cooking above
juices running into the hissing fire

Settling down around it for the night 
they snuggled together nerves on edge
startling at each snapping of a twig
feeling vulnerable out in the open

At dawn they push on as fast as possible
lush valleys in the foothills game aplenty
cliffs towered high over the landscape
there, over there said the medicine man

Sure enough a cave lay ahead mouth gaping
they approached with caution wary of bears
or a sabre toothed tiger both liked caves
they found it to be clear of all predators
One large chamber with several small ones
ideal for them some they had it to rights
a hole in the ceiling acting as a chimney
they set to work starting a cooking fire

Taking the ember from the moss bed
laying it on dried twigs and wool
blowing until flames licked up the wood
catching alight the bigger branches

The medicine man blessed the cave
while the healer saw to sore feet
and other ailments caused by travelling
soon they had settled into their new home

There was all they needed here at their feet
herbs to keep the tribe healthy and fit
animals for them to hunt with sling shot
most important of all they have each other

It is incredible that one simple word in this case SPARK
can lead to three poems I gave Rick the idea and he ran one way while 
I took another route hope you all like our results

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Life is a Journey

                                        Life is a Journey
To my brother and sisters as you travel along the high of life, I want you to keep in your mind the road condition. There is going to be rainy days, sunny days, fog that will make it hard for you to see. Let us not forget about the snow and ice that can cause you to slip and fall. Watch out for pot holds and detours that will cause you to get off track. 
Along this highway that you are to travel, you are going to meet many others. Some of these people will be going in the same direction; these may prove to be good company, so fellowship. There are going to be some that are standing still on the side of the road or just stranded in need of help or they may be lost. You might want to stop and pull out the old trusted Atlas, that book of books, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, your Bible. Sharing the word just might save someone.
As you continue to travel down the highway of life, there is going to be people who are going in the wrong direction. These you want to be verrry careful of!!! Help them to turn around if they are willing to listen, but do not let them cause you to crash and burn! Stay focused their direction is detrimental to soul as well as yours so beware! 
While you are traveling down the highway of life with your spiritual license, use your knowledge are the wisdom found in your trusted road Atlas, that book of books; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, the Bible. If your path has been true and your heart has been in your journey, this highway that you have been traveling should bring you to the interstate, the interstate to Heaven.
Beware! This Highway to Heaven is paved with good intentions and if you turn the wrong way, it can easily become hells highway. Stay diligent and strong in the Word and use good judgment in all things that you do.
You will meet many people along the way, some will be Angels in disguise, and others will be demons. The Angels are a blessing, but the demons , well they will offer you free rent with free heat but the costs is very high. 
Well I have come to the end of this roadside assistance and I will leave you with this, so keep it next to your heart. Life is a journey so sit back and enjoy the ride. You are in good hands with Jesus!                      

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Journey to Mystery

As I embark to strange
and unfamiliar places,
I am ready to get out 
of my comfort zones on what
I know and believe; but am
I that ready?

It is possible to get lost
in a jungle or forest

It is possible to eat bugs
or wild frogs as an advice
by a shaman

It is possible to be completely
split away from your family

It is also possible to become
insane, or enter a wormhole 
of confusion and definition
of who you are or what is life

Mystery is a place which the brave
and supernatural beings only have access to

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And Yet I Cross

I arrive at the churning river,
with one option.
I stare at the jagged rocks below.
White water agitates across the gorge.
And yet I cross.

Forward or to retreat I must.
Uncertain I am
 of the future, distant bank,
my knowledge scant of its terrain.
And yet I cross.

A wooden span held with rusted iron
bearing the scars
of countless crossings, creaks
and voices the sighs of protest.
And yet I cross.

The opposing shore may offer paradise,
bright acres of rich inheritance.
Or perhaps consists of a land without shade,
possibly a territory desolate and destitute.
And yet I cross.

In unfamiliar maps I find myself.
lost in the forward progress,
unwilling to reverse my course,
standing at a rushing boundary.
And yet I cross.


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The rains have come and gone Our heart is swollen with joy The time has come again To see them do their dance Some happy mothers here Some anxious suitors there Waiting … … … watching Bubbling the circled square Kum Kum Kum Kum Yee Yee Yee Yee Comes the song of drums Heralding their precious steps Shaking their beaded waists Dangling their bangle ankles Oh big bunch of beauties Fruits of healthy seedlings Ripen yet unpluck Dance dance dance Shake shake shake Ready for sheet to soil The stains of the night to see Of shame or pride to bear And so it goes like that…

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Journey's End

All things sought are found
Be great, be small
Be righteous, be wicked
All adventures you might befall

As the wind howls
And the waves crash
Where the eagle soars
You'll meet your match

The thing you seek
Has all things done
At Journey's end
You'll find the living one

When the lion makes no sound
He has come for us all

When at night nothing prowls
He has come for us all

And when all is said and done
At journey's end
You'll find the living one

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Given Up

I’ve given up the prospects of brick walls
And smoke crawling out of chimneys
Of white snowmen and Christmas trees
I’ve given up hope of these

I’ve given up on Oxford and New York times
Places where people do things with their lives
I’ve given up on seeing the Eiffel Tower
Or travelling on planes to wherever I want to

I’ve given up on the aroma of hot chocolate
And marshmallows roasting on an open fire
I’ve turned my back on silly winters
And frostbite and chocolate for Valentine’s

I’ve changed my mind about chasing dreams 
I only get hurt when I do
So then what’s a dream if it can’t come through? 
It will be a façade to me and a story to you

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In Caves of Forgotten Dreams

daybreak cries
as the earth mourns
alone among the stars
its fountains teary-eyed
yearning burst forth living
dreams rising in silent mists
as time remembers her lost sons

till even yawns
awakens the moon
its gleeful heart uprising
sees the dusk aglow abide
amidst starlight into the east
while seasons concede unsaved
as wind births new kindred souls

distant memories
of the sun ere aflame
in streams of stellar light
over vast oceans of darken
shadows melancholic rhythms
against the tides enduring smile
as dust once twine comes undone

empty prayers
as sweet incense rise
mere streams in the desert
naked trees hidden in stillness
a daily rhythm constant unheard
questions spoken in silent solitude 
as myths ancient now long forgotten

black clouds
in wary corners
across seas of hope
bequeath dear rainbows
dancing over sunless skies
while below existence suspires
as mankind’s light shines no more

© Eugene Harvey

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Still small hours
Morning delights;
Breath of fresh air

A touch stirs
I awake to awareness:
A fond embrace

Joy in your eyes
Touch beyond time;
Rapture in a moment

What a blessing
To be aware of love:
Lovely eyes follow

Joy is feeling
Belonging and giving;
Sparkle at love's altar

Each day a gift
Of love and loving;
Laughter in your eyes

Thank you dear Ann:
Love of my life
Laughter of my days

So many years
Signposts and raptures;
Four decades two-gather

Class of '75
Seemed just a flash;
Hindsight feels nostalgia

Life's a short summer
We're mere flowers;
Love lives forever

So here we go
Hand in hand;
One whole in twin hearts

Leon Enriquez
22 Feb 2014

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Hands stir sand,
pluck dead skin.
 Eyes endeavor to reach
the end of the horizon,
fight the blur of woe. 
Throats cough against 
stale lips that can no longer
harbor tasting tongues.
Dizzy bones linger inside
unkempt sacks of wonder,
hoping to find rain in a 
place where there is none.
The sun beckons the lost forward.
The first blush,
and the last scowl of day
taunts their souls…
Feet leave their mark 
in a place soon to be 
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Walking on the shore of loneliness
Comfortable I sink my toes into the sands of life 
And feel its time squeeze through these toes.
Behind me I can see the footprints left
Now a single pair, marking the moist sand midst 
Pieces of polished glass and shells of my pain 
Smoothed by sand’s force to etch the edges’ 
Sharp piercing power.
I look to the future watching
The sun’s warmth dip
Into the sea of gradual darkness.
Then you, a wild wave crashes overhead
Enveloping me in your power
Swirling the sand away beneath me
Sweeping me from my valiant stance
Sucking me under into your passion’s tide.
Picking up long buried sharp shards of brokenness 
You pierce my vulnerability and I wash to the shore
Exposed and panting for air.  

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My Fate in the Sea

I watched the sea as it grew dark, 
the light it shined but not too dark, 
fading from the clandestine spots, 
I see the sea just fall apart. 

What makes it grow or even die, 
this endless piece just takes my eyes, 
I can not escape the growing fate, 
the holding cell's about to break.

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Love without End

Why does my heart go on weeping
Why my eyes bare these tears…
Why must I still feel so lonely?
Even in a crowd.. 
full of laughter and cheer

Yet.. I still feel so out of place.. 
and in such despair
Still am in wonder… 
For these moments  
Within this life-time here
loneliness goes on for years… 

Why does my heart go on wondering
Wonder what if .. 
this could be..
The moment I have been awaiting for all my life
The one whom fills-up my dreams

Wondering when my time shall come
That my Prince shall ride like the wind
He will come and sweep me off my feet
And dance the dance with me…
Beholding Love without end…

Why yet..  still in my heart 
Beholds shadows of such lowliness 
and times Emptiness grows..  
soon in time.. knowing 
my life here shall come to an end

As deep inside my heart awaits
beholding Love awaiting for the Pearly gates
Where there be such Glorious Happiness  
Love Forever in Time Showing..  
as I will be eternally born-again…. 
Into Our Heavenly Father’s Glory.. 
Beholding Jesus Christ
Undying Love without end..

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My Little Boy Lost

My Little Boy Lost
by Katherine Huffman
Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, I can't find you, why aren't you near?

As I walk the streets in search of you, 
I feel a pull, a tug, not sure what to do.
I passed the park as I looked for my boy, 
Even passed our play spot, but in my sight, not even a toy.
After everywhere I thought that I could go, 
There was one place, but it can't be right, this is all I know.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, can't find you,
Why can't I feel you near?

This evening begins as I lay to rest my head, 
There are some things I'm unsure of, 
Like making your tiny bed.
Oh God, whats happening, haven't I counted your toes?
What about cradling your head or kissing your little nose?
What are these things I am unsure of, have I even done? 
Where are you, where are you my precious son?

Mommy lays here, in tears, her face on something cold.
Where are you my son, it's you I need to hold.
I've searched all day, it's turning into night,
I'm tired, I'm lost, but I still won't give up this fight.
My eyes start to close, slumber is far too near 
If I fall asleep, I may miss seeing you my dear.

Next thing I know, as I wake to the sun.
Wondering what it is, what has been done?
As I sit, my eyes focus, I start to look around.
Then, for some reason, they are drawn to the ground.
As I look, I see what has become,
This can't be, what's happening, where am I my son?

That cold my face last night laid upon, 
Was a marker, with your name, 
Of your body my little one.
Those things I wasn't sure if I'd ever done, 
Were but the memories, I'd hoped to make with you my son.

You were here, I know you were here 
My beautiful, precious son.
You were in mommies arms, such a little one.
As though it were as simple as reading a book,
I start to realize
These tangled webs have become unhooked.

That tug, that pull that led your mommy here, 
It was your spirit, it was your soul, 
It was your heart my little dear.

Here you were, here you were, 
Right with me, so very near.
My little boy, my son, 
Mommies little one was here.
You see? You led me where I needed to go.
For it was well past the time,
To accept this I know.

I feel a tug, I feel a pull.
I feel like I need to hurry, 
Like I have to go.
There is someone I remember,
I need to get to I know.
He's a small one, a little boy. 
He's your brother, my son, 
He's pulling, he's tugging, 
Needing mommy my little one.
I have to leave, I have to go, 
To find my baby, my son.

Oh Thank You my boy,
For bringing me here.
For letting my mind begin to see clear.
You showed me the way, 
I now see the light.
I am so close, so near in this dark night.

So here you are, here you are, 
With mommy, my baby is so very near.
You are in my heart, my mind, 
And this little brother of yours, my dear.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost, 
it's you I have found.
You were there with me,
as I slept on that ground.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can see you, mommy found you, 
In my arms I hold you so near.
I've bathed you, I've clothed you, 
And cradled your head.
I counted your toes,
I bent in and kissed that little nose.
As you fell asleep in your bed.

Without him, 
Would these be memories
we are making my dear?
Without him would mommy, 
Be able to hold you so near?

We have a little angel to watch over us for all nights.
In spirit, with us, his soul,
Our endless guiding light.
He's your big brother, my son, my precious little one. 
He's right here, a part of you, 
Never again to be gone.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost,
It's you, I can see.
I have to Thank You 
For guiding me!

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Broken Bliss

So another year passes
and everything you 
thought you knew
then you question yourself 
why does Everything around 
you have to change 
when in reality you were the only 
one that ever changed 

They say
Maturity comes with age
but in your case its you've 
reached another crucial stage
it may seem painful and 
you may feel insecure
but as time passes
You’ll break free and 
Shine as a figure high above 
with immeasurable prowess 
Who knows she’s beloved

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Spread Your Wings, Kailee

My friend says she's a turtle
Locked away in her shell
But that's only to people
Who don't know her very well

In reality she's a caterpillar
That hasn't made her cocoon 
She will become a butterfly,
And that should happen very soon!

She said I am a lion
And that I protect the weak
But inside I feel small and shy,
And very very meek.

On the outside I may look big
Yet I feel very small
I'll admit I have a big heart
And it has room for all.

So my friend, I want you to see
That what you are you'll not always be,
Right now you may heave and sigh
But soon you'll be a butterfly!

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In The Future Looking Back

In the future looking back,
You'll be happy to see
How far you've come
And where you are today,
So make the most of this now.

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one foot in front of the other
the journey is endless and constant
only seeming to cease briefly
before the false promise of termination
to hang in the cold
then as if under the curse of gravity
fall back to the source of all things

endless steps
one way or the other
rising or falling
it dose not matter now
the one same as the other

i have traversed the desert
of life 
of death
the desert that is eternal
seeking an ending
i have returned to the source
where wisdom is folly and reason insufficient
and unwelcome

why then the effort
when no effort might have led me here
and with much less pain
why then the sorrow
when ignorance was my initial state
and as a consequence of my effort find
there was never anything but ignorance
knowledge being just a sad illusion

what have i now
there is no wisdom
no blessed end
and the journey has found me weary
not renewed
not expectant
nor breathless
but weary and aching in mind and body
so that one cannot fully support the other
was it ever otherwise
or is youth itself only illusion
now i have come to think that i was old and worn
even then
and so were you
so were we all

i have written lies
still i value truth or say i do
though lies have served me better
lies are beautiful things
they are how we live with ourselves
they are how we kill ourselves
they are how we heal the insatiable longing that
have become tiresome wounds
and how we live with disillusion
lies are
the voice of shadow
the comforting shadow
the cold shadow
the dark voice of dreams
the timeless impulse to know ourselves
as if the only great quest is to know the self
the worthless quest to seek the self

my self is a liar
so my thoughts are lies
my words are lies
my truths are lies
my poems are lies
i have been lied to
and have become the lie
i issued the lie and believed it
for it is the truth of me

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What is really is to be Human,--------------noww

Subsequent seances of satorizing sanctities signal two fold sinfold shat sightings of nevertheless neverings that all ways 
super suggest our innate inadequacies pertinent to socio precious
 pontifications post prevalant askings of  the revr
irrevelant rationings of a rationedrace resigned to complacent cow a tures politico compliant to the inner igno twinings adjacent to your soul 
sellings as they relate to yr inner partisanplasmic potentials. remember yr humble DNA, beginnings as they restorocoordinate
yr predisposed primary plastic parental beginnings as to what is for u as an emo entitiy. As a parent times three of the son persuasion,
I can contrast contemplate the socioprotocals that r supposed sublime to cater to the male powers to be and socio sale the rental rites of 
tremors that will swell the estrogenic ebb tides of common bond intelligence. I am at a personal peramater that is awash with the
paritisan status quo and the beliefs that LIE within the scope of their being. Retread the constitution and all that the FF's put into place for 
the good of the postulate union as a WHOLE. Persuasion is inconsequential, no matter, 
in---adequate as to its modern day relevance explicit. If u can't sociocope and lean really far foreward, and do us a big
PAY IT FORWARD times 3. Give is as Give does in the insignificant web we weave. Careful with who u have for breakfast,lunch, dinner, snack,desert
 and night cap. All things being ugly equal r alive and wish u ill. Perverse protocol is protected in a nestled non convryance of abbey normal malice. 

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Fractions unwind

The rivers that flows,
Has no ending to its content.

The journey from young to old,
Takes time to arrive. 

A secret kept, 
Is a friendship earned.

A child’s smile,
Is its own reward.

Hungry man,
Never leaves his plate unfinished.

Yearning to be touched,
Is described as anticipation

Hopes & dreams go hand in hand,
Without each other, they would cease to exist!

Take a moment , be grateful for all that you have ,
As tomorrow, is never a promise that can be kept.

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Just as Rain

Just as rain numbs into nothing with the passage of time, after the first drops have fallen and made their impression, [What is a little more water, when you're already wet?] my heart stopped jumping at each chronological backfire of my mind and simply beats twice; once for each moment gone missing. [But then, when - and if - am I living?] Just as droplets gradually become puddles, that fall into streams and pour into lakes, we assume the sustenance to keep noticing the retrospection which falls from the hazy grey veils congregated in the sky. [And we finally get the chance to love what was once before our eyes.]

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All through the long winter
I went looking for you,
I searched all the old familiar places
but you were nowhere to be found, 
at last, weary of the search I sat in the silence
and there you were inside my self.

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A Man and a woman in a sinking boat

The woman was worried and very distressful, 
she could not swim and her dress was too heavy
-  she would sink like an old ship’s anchor. 

The man saw her fear and kept paddling 
with a grim on his face and a whistle on his lips. 

“How was your morning, sir.” Said she. 

“It was a most glorious morning, madam,
I see Apollo’s chariot where it always have been
and I hear the waves birthing another Venus, 
Neptune blesses me with his kindly touch,
by Jove, what glorious morning!” 

She opened her umbrella and smiled wryly 

“I didn’t know you are also a poet, my sailor friend.” 

“Neither I, Neither I, but I also didn’t know 
you would like to spend the rest of your life with me. 
That is what brings poetry to my words…” 

She smiled and he padded and that is how it ends.

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Eternity is endless, but time is measured by a “beginning” and an “end”
But from the beginning of creation, male and female made he them
Historical parenthesis within eternity the flow of time
Preparatory, Fulfillment, Consummation three distinct phases of time
Time, the historical framework in which things happen, yours and mine
Creation, Regeneration, Redemption, the nature of time
Soothing wounds of the heart, body healing accommodation of time
Time was given for our "benefit
Don’t look at oneself as timeless misfits
Our real home is in the heavenlies, "outside of time
Make haste all ye men it’s God’s time, seek refuge this present time
From events and occurrences shadows of what to come end –of- time

©Copyright November 16, 2013 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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                           False truths, wrong choices
                          Tearless cries, late night pity
                               Don't give up on me

                           Lost hope, fearless dreams
                         Frightful thoughts, visions lost
                               Don't give up on me

                               Quick wit, blood spilt
                               Anger first, love lost
                               Don't give up on me

                          Wonders cease, angels soar
                           Feelings last, number one
                              I won't give up on you

                           Anchors gone, eagles soar
                             Rivers flow, tears fall
                             I won't give up on you

                            New hope, freedom first
                      Forgiveness comes, recover fast
                           You didn't give up on me

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Moonlight delight

We crested 30 thousand feet as I watched the clouds pass by.
To a full moon sonata, 
wrapped up in my mind.
Cotton ball clouds shimmering frosted white of moonlit dazzle to my eyes.
An ocean of rolling cloud tops,
Hover as I pass by.
Off in the distance bright orange and yellow collide, 
as flashes of sprites leave the earth,
to a darkened midnight sky.
The awesome inventor of this great scene, 
the painted pleasures my eyes have seen.
Makes me wonder on this red eyed flight
How many know such amazing delight.

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The Praise

It looks so pleasing and engaging, 
But it is very tricky, and, yet, finicky, 
That can pull us down beneath our feet,
With our own pride, while we’re rising up.
So let’s not yield us to our minds, which 
May blind us to be demolished by the foe, 
The enemy visible as a friend, though not. 
Hence, we must be beware of praise 
That may elicit us to lose our rise. 

By: R K Chowdary Jasti
@all copyrights reserved


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i want to freeze this moment
to paste all this feelings
into one moment in time
these smells
theses thoughts
these sounds around me

the tuk tuk i am in reaches town
and from the mosque nearby
the mwadhini calls out loud
"Allah Akbar"
the faithfuls;
men in stark white robes
and women in shimmering black buibuis
hurry on
to the dome roofed mosque
for their evening swala

the tuk tuk
comes to a halt
infront of the booking office
of the bus i shall travel with
there are many other travelers
like i

i alight the tuk tuk
pay the driver
and tell him asante
after he carries my suitcases
to the place i shall sit
to wait for the bus

he drives off
rickety and noisy 
like all tuk tuks are
and i think nostalgically
that that's the last tuk tuk ride
i shall have
in a long long time to come
i doubt if they have them in Nairobi
at least not as many as here, in Kilifi

neither is the air as warm as this one
i know Nairobi will be cold
and i know i shall miss this humid air
so warm
like a lover's breath on the neck
and so teasing with scents of this and that
all of them elusive
one time there is a tinge
of the murky salty sea scent
the next
there hangs in the air
a sweet scent of feminine Arabic perfume
and then later
that of frying garlic;
somebody's cooking pilau somewhere

i feel hungry already
i shall have to buy some fries
to eat on the way

matatus pass by me
the conductors asking me if i would like to get on
i smile and shake my head
i have somewhere else to go
they speed past me

sighing, i look above
the street lights glow lemon yellow
they light the town
in a golden hue
and up above still
God's light bulbs
light up the clear coastal sky
in tiny fluorescent spots
like diamonds on a black dinner dress

and i wonder
is it possible
to touch them stars up there?

they look so far up high!

a bright one stands out
like Venus at twilight
it winks down at me
and makes me smile
they may be far
but one journey then the next
may take us closer
and closer to them

i have my own stars to touch
and my journey tonight
is another one
to take me closer to them

who knows if humans can ever touch stars?
only time will tell
i guess

*asante- swahili word for "thank you"
*mwadhini- the person who calls to Muslims at certain intervals to go to pray at the mosque
*swala-  prayer

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The Path

Oh, long ago secluded path
   On through the green wood ambled

Winding, winding evermore
   Through brush and forest bramble

By stream and silent meadow
   Its onward course did wind

Forward, forward deep
   This path of no mankind

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Soul Sustenance

It is said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
It's all in how we see life itself 
and what we indeed take from it too
Our relation to time - being and existence
Food to the metaphysical heart - Love
Truth to the mind - bringing peace
physical and emotional fulfilment
When the soul is nourished 
we are in better place
to face the choices and decisions 
facing us each day
Thoughts are momentary
but any feeling 
is accompanied with repeated thought patterns
meaning they stay deep routed
within us for longer periods
Silence and reflection can help us to focus
making positive decisions for good 
causing ourselves a lesser pain
Spiritual sustenance
that is empowering to the inner self

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KEYS TO THE KINGDOM some read Bible’s to study some to learn more about Heaven some as an obligation some to show pious intention Whilst… veritable facts remain more than mere literature history or theology it’s Life it holds keys to heal strife We…. are lost souls and fail to discern the way up His book embraces all wisdom on love a satiated gracious cup Witness… God’s word as a window in our prison-soul hearts unlocking the way as Kingdom Keys impart © Kim van Breda—2 July 2014

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If Souls Were Rivers

I’m your life’s embankment; the wrong way street.   
You’re the mighty river: the containable rejected.   
Edging away my banks, indifferent to the cold or heat; 
you’re life is an erosion project left unprotected.   
You take a piece of sand here and a dirt clod there;   
engulfing and dragging it along to the mouth   
of the ocean; mixing me in with the debris where   
plastics, paper bags, fishing lures, all float south.   
Things once held in people’s very hands, thrown 
out in disregard, now unneeded, or just lost       
in the current by a false promise; a catch never known. 
I look upstream of your soul at your thoughts’ cost. 
I see your frustrations in swirling pools, vortex of mind; 
hung up on things that I, floating, am forced to leave behind

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Time for Change

Dominic C Cherry

I feel like time is wasting away
I keep trying
But todays just another day
My mind has escaped and ran free
But that isn’t anything of me
Or is it me
I have changed
But not welcomed my own change
I still can’t figure out what I want
I got you and you’re the only one I need
But I’m not me
I got lost somewhere
Now I’m stuck deep below the surface
Waiting to break free
Just trying to find the right spot
Thrashing through dirt seems too simple
I want to break free through the hardest surface
I want to let loose my mind
I want control, more control
The outcome isn’t just about me
I’m holding myself in
Just breathing, waiting for the chance
To be me
Did I overlook it?
Probably just a worry though
Usually is one
But how can this be right
It can’t be, I must be missing something
Wait! I used to just let everything happen
Now I’m trying to force things again
I need to relax
Take deep breathes and clear my head
But I’m falling so fast
I can’t do this to myself
I couldn’t dare do anything to her
I will not show fear
I will not be ridiculed
I came here to change this place
I didn’t expect it was this bad
But there are more like me
More who want to change
More who will change
And as our idea expands
They will need a leader to step up
I am that leader
The one placed here to change
To change life as we know it
And move toward a new world vision.

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Its effects run in you
Always through you
And when you’re not careful,
It can go all the way down
If you clench it hard enough
It almost squeezes back
Ripping at your everything.

In the moment it wrenches you
And you play dead for a while
Until you’re back to reality
And it releases your smile.
It’s not as bad as you thought
You’re not as bad as you thought.
Squeeze yourself,
Releasing all that needs to be said and done
Tempt yourself
For you’re not the only one.

Inside it feels like heaven
And you’re tempted to look inside
If you do, you’ll have to rip at it
Is the cost worth the price for knowledge?
It’s opened…
You see everything
But like a child, the gift of sight is blinding
You’re scared of this new beauty
You can’t understand 
There’s an adjustment with time
And you feel alive.
If you accept it’s will
The rest will come full circle,
Don’t lose your battle
For the worst thing that comes 
Is happiness, beyond good judgment…

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just more than mere thank you:
an act so righteous,
honor with humility,
proud to be alive.
grateful to the sanity,
even for my life.
turn around and look;
like an open book,
you have to soak yourself with grace,
blessings to embrace,
just waiting for the right moment,
a place for you under the sun,
to give it all back with a smile.
to show there's something more out there for you!
to look forward to every event,
like it was meant for you.
just for you!
a hearty sweet feeling to know this;
peaceful content that i miss,
now is just a faint calling in distance.

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Where the Blazed Trail Ends

In the middle of the forest, 
Where the light is at its least, 
Where the darkness does abound,
Is where the blazed trail ends.

Until now we've had a guide, 
To help us on our way;
But here and now we stand alone,
Where the blazed trail ends.

We cannot take the paths before us,
For they cannot be taken twice.
We must make our own way beyond
Where the blazed trail ends.

The paths before us give us hope
That we too can succeed.
Our new journey has just begun,
Where the blazed trail ends.

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Truth Begins at the Corner

Remember to always make sure to bless the days that you are given, because they are few, and beauty only lasts so long! 
Hold tight my fair wonderer, your day will come. I will be with you again.
The lost soul of your childhood still roams the crevices of your forgotten past. 
The unrestrained faith in the wonders of the woods, the vastness of the cosmos, and the darkness of the night still lingers beneath the rough waters of maturity and age. 
Come with me again my friend and lose yourself in the joy of the unknown, the unplanned, and the chaos of a life on fire! I can take you there, if only you let go! 
Be with me, take part of me with you, and feel the self that we are. Perfect in spoiled admiration of instincts lost since the time I awoke without you.
The id consumes you with a savage passion, while the ego ever so gently licks the tears from your wounded breast. 
My mind strives to unbutton the layers of worldly impurities until I reach your core. Pure as the first light we accepted into our virginal eyes. 
Wrapped in body and blindness, our forms ached as we accepted this gift. As we unfolded into light, a passionate awakening of nature stirs the breath and frightens the senses, the initiation of spirit begins. 
I long to stay. The only I there is in this ephemeral abyss. I loathe all blessings bestowed upon my eye, but the light penetrates with ruthless contempt for all we have created, harshly illuminating the disparities of night and day, nature and nurture, love and death, you and I. 
I curse the light, and in desperation implore for the beginning to come to an end. For now I see you, and now I know… never were.  

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Life Trains Chugging Along

On track to something yet realizing nothing,
On schedule yet hardly ever arriving on time.
That's how we express ourselves to infinity,
Still, somehow managing to jump off that path.

Repairs made to egos seeming to set us straight,
Along curving steel roads made of good intentions.
There are times we get steaming mad about this ride,
Rolling down metal trails to uncontrolled destinations.

Problem is this breathing locomotive has no reverse,
Clanking forward slowly then so damned fast without notice.
Lives railroaded to places never dreamed of or wished for,
So goes this mortal existence which promises only death.

Can't take the money or baggage with you to last station,
Only redeeming thing about it is the final ticket is free.
So when you hear your train coming try not to miss it,
Might be the only one possibly taking you to that forever.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Love is a game to some,
Love is a life to others.
But love is the same,
for all of us.
Pain is there,
to make us stronger.
To stand up,
for ourselves.
To learn that every obstacle,
can be overcome.
Trust in yourself,
and trust in God.

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A Beautiful Downfall

                                   Silver snowflakes in the sky
                           Sparkle with grace as they pass me by,

                                        Bound by gravity they’re forced to lie 
                                        Never having the ability to resist and fly,

                       Drifting from heaven in such sorrowful grace
                       Fated to land, to fall on its face,
                                           When its slow fall stops and its place is held
                                           It will soon break and surely meld,

                     Losing its independence and uniqueness 
                     When it lands on earth it becomes something less,

                                   Most are destined to end in a blaze
                                   Some broken apart by a gentle graze,

                      After this subtle fall of a fragile snowflake
                      All it can have is what it can take
                                           Always wanting for more
                                           Always wanting for something…
                                  It never arrives at that shore
                                      It always has nothing…

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Luggage Check

Clouded glass prevented
The driver from reaching her
Destination. Sunken eyelids,
Furrowed forehead, 
Contributed to the already
Wearied woman's unseemly appearance.
Yet she dreaded that most of all.
Then as fast as a fish flitting
Out of the water and in,
She realized how wrong they'd
Been all along. These freeloading
Hitchhikers were simply baggage
In her already jam-packed car.
Furthermore, they
Didn't deserve to see that side
Of her, or any, for that matter.

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Where will destiny take me

Where will destiny take me

Written By Dean Masciarelli

August 10, 2010 (11:16am)

Where will destiny take me

I guess I will just have to wait 
and see
and continue waiting patiently

And hopefully the good Lord
will guide me along the way 

So that I wont have to spend 
much more 
of this life of mine being lonely

Like I have been what 
like forever and a day

Because I am ready to experience 
a brand new journey with somebody 
that can truly appreciate me 

And all it will take to make me 
happy is just one special lady 

That believes in dedication 
and loyalty and honesty

Because she will be the only one
that can take me on that journey
that will lead 
me down a new path of discovery

So that we can start enjoying 
the journey being happier
then we could ever possibly be

Where will destiny take me

I guess I will just have to wait 
and see
and continue waiting patiently

And hopefully the good Lord
will guide me along the way 

So that I wont have to spend 
much more 
of this life of mine being lonely

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Matter of Happiness

Traveling into depths of my solitude, I realize value of happiness
Sometimes wonder how valuable happiness in our lives is
Is it ultimate reality of life which is hidden from all of us?
Am I happy, are we all happy? I begin a search for an answer
In society, among friends, among strangers, everywhere.

When I come out of the self, I gather that
I am not alone in this wanderlust, each one is searching
Though each one has a different perspective or circumstance
Yet the target, of everyone’s journey, strangely, is same
To achieve ‘happiness’ of some kind at the end of each journey.

I feel a strange calmness in me, at this realisation
So much so that I do not find anybody a stranger anymore 
All seem to be fellow travellers, trying to reach at same target
Each in his own way, in one’s own context, in one’s place 
Yet this calmness evaporates fast when I see that unhappiness persists.

Is our happiness transient and our wanderlust permanent?

Date: 11.8.2014
Mohan Chutani
Contest: Wanderlust
Form: Free verse (16 lines)

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How Do I Get There

Isolated, closed door, evil stare...
Trying to get out.
How do I get there?

Uncertainty, disgusted, let down in compressed air...
Trying to make sense of it.
How do I get there?

Faithful friends, truthful in what they share...
Trying to absorb their words.
How do I get there?
Pre-trial, revealing devastating news, life seems so unfair...
Trying to stay afloat.
How do I get there?

Bad news confirmed, court room again, filled with lies in thin air...  
Trying to keep my babies and myself safe.
How do I get there?

Trying to quench and hold onto the Lord's Prayer...
How do I get there?

Alone, depressed, in despair...
Trying for their sake to just be there.
How do I get there? 

Faith, counseling, oh how I'm in need of prayer.
Trying not to be hurt.
How do I get there?
Final hearing, I feel let down again...
Trying to get my life back.
How do I get there?

Compassionate new friends, 6 day trip, eager to share...
Trying to heal my heart and wounds.
How do I get there?

New freedom, feeling alive, silly online questionnaire...
Trying to do something fun to find myself again.
How do I get there? 

Interesting biography, cute smile, do I take the dare?
Trying to move forward.
How do I get there?

Feeling unattractive, awkward, and out of place, what do I wear?
Trying to stay positive.
How do I get there?

Unwilling to commit, afraid and in disrepair...
Trying to guard my heart.
How do I get there?

Encouraging and empathetic, to my surprise, he has tender loving care...
Trying to remain hopeful and joyous.
How do I get there?

God has sent me an angel, but still, I get that evil stare...
Trying to understand the feelings of my children.
How do I get there?
Everything happens for a reason, even when it seems unfair...
Trying to live up to His expectations.
How do I get there?
written by Michaela Johnson
August 2011

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A Prayer

Let me never become so enamored with the future,
That my journey on earth is not appreciated;
Nor find lurking in dark corners of my past,
Things concluded,
That might preclude my journey from being validated.

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As a product of the night
I spread my wings toward the moon
With moth-like grace.


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Generate Mad Dog Income

Hand over fist
Tightly bound mist
Falling change washes
Covering new day UN-derailed

Timelines metabolize truth
Driven skull to shine and buffer
Smoothie abuse, set up new booths!
A concoction of American bliss

Rage to the end of the world
See the bills unfurl
Leverage this beast
Make it complete

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Canyon winds caress the soul
Grazing sheep warm the heart
Dine' children play in the creek
childish giggles that make us laugh 
With you here beside me
The journey begins
The horses nicker
breaking the silence 
Silence wraps around us, 
Mother Earth holding us to her
As we journey deeper 
Ancient drums begin to stir
Can you hear the Ancients calling?
Welcoming us to the tribal fire
Dancing in celebration of our Love 

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Life On The Street

Dried up like a reservoir
In the mid summer heat
The cracks in the ground
Are like
The life lines, upon my face
I have weathered many a storm
As if
I have lived a 100 lifetimes,
Instead of one! 

Bare, rough, dirty feet
Shoes are hard to come by,
These days
Unless, I steal them!
But, then I will become a target
Having something new
It will get stolen from me
By some other gang
Or by some cruel and nasty person!

“Bare feet it is!”
“Less problems, this way!”
Feet are made for walking
I will use them
For what
They are made for!
“Now let’s get something to eat, I am starving!”

Loitering around Hungry Jacks and Macca's
Asking people 
As they walk out
With their hot, delicious, fresh food
For a gold coin or two
Dumpsters and bins
Look nice, today!
Only half eaten, stuff
A lot of wastage!
“Not the freshest stuff, but hey!”
Make do, with what we have!

The sun is shining today
Not sure where to wash though...
Water is scarce, thank god for public toilets
They sure come in handy!
They say it is fun
And you are lucky to have freedom!
It is a lie we tell ourselves
To remain ignorant
To pretend, we don’t give a damn
But, inside, 
We really do!

For you see ,
There are sacrifices
To the choices you make
When you have to live them, out
“Don’t be a fool!”
Life is no fairytale, on the dirty streets of hell!

During the day, 
The city lights up
It glitters 
As if
It were made out of gold!
It comes alive with people
Rushing here, rushing there, rushing everywhere
Not really knowing, what 
They are presently, doing 
People reminding me of robots, sheep and zombies
Acting as if they are in control of everything
When in fact, they are not!

"Who knows what is around the corner?"
"What is coming, your way!"
Life is unpredictable,

“Don’t be mislead by the fakes, around here”
“There is plenty of them!”
Eyes are on you,
Down every alley way
Standing on every corner
Watching you
"You, are in ‘our territory’ now!"

“Hold onto your bags tight!”
I may be lurking behind you
One minute there,
Next minute gone!
It is the nature of the game
I snatch and grab your bag
When I see you off guard
Taking your money
Claiming it, as my own
You see,
I need it to survive on!
I'm banking on you, being rich!
I told you
This place is a hell hole
I meant it!

This dark place
Full of shadows and conscious deceit
Will swallow you up 
Eating, you alive!
You will lose your way
In its pit of endless darkness
There is no Prince Charming’s, out here!
There is no one to save you
There are only damsels in distress
Like me!

No one
Comes to your aid
When you need it the most
You could diminish and disappear one day
Within a blink of an eye!
Without a hint 
Nor trace of you, left behind
No one will see it happen
No one
Opens their mouth up, around here!
Love and appreciate, one another!
Care for yourself and care for others!
Tell your loved ones 
'you love them' often
The home, you live in!

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Junkyard of Life

In the junkyard of life
What do you see?
What do your eyes focus on?
Do you see the rusted forgotten?
Do you feel the presence of greatness?
Or all you recognize is the trash and weeds blowing about the ground
In life there are many relics
Glimpses of the past; present now
Are you willing to buff and clean to find its potential or do you ignore it's beauty?
Can you look past the decay?
To bring it back again with touches of love and grace
Every junkyard hides a treasure 
Something forgotten, Something lost, Something discarded
But to look beyond can be the greatest sensation, the greatest belief
Reaching beyond the obvious
Seeking a different kind of richness
Can turn up the ultimate vision, the ultimate recognition, the ultimate declaration
I am here waiting to be discovered in your own junkyard of dreams.

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Holy books says it all
You taught me how to crawl
This will never change
Never ends never fades
Dear God where you are?
Shattered piece of childish dreams
This will never change
Never ends never fades.

I can fight for all my life,
Not broken, not broken inside
Never be so frustrated,
Not going to commit suicide.

Fuc*ing faith will fall,
Mortals will stand tall
Hell and heaven are all the same
Live your life, don't die in vain

Only you and I can make 
A better world for tomorrow
Have faith in yourself
And wipe off the tears of sorrow

Make me scream, Make me cry
I'll never fail to try.
This night's has an end
No pain will remain

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In to the night I wondered,
hopelessly looking for that 
one hint of truth,
that spiritual essence
that would help me discover
who and what I really am.

Who am I?
What am I?
What should I do?
Who should I be with?
Where should I go
to fully understand my 
destiny and purpose in life? 

Then, as if succumbed by
glimmering wisdom
it occurred to me; 
the journey itself
was the map of truth.
It beckoned the path,
that perfect azimuth 
that would lead to the
unsolved mystery of 
who and what I really am.

It was only then that I resolved 
to relax and enjoy the journey.
It would be a trip through life’s 
peaks and valley’s.
En-route I would witness the 
construction of a life time of memories 
as I patiently waited for my destiny to unfold.

The end of the journey was clouded in mystery
but I sensed its end would come much too soon.
Even if I ventured through more of life’s valleys’ then peaks
I would still be grateful for having had the opportunity
to take the trip, and I would ultimately cherish
the promised enlightenment that comes only,
in to the night, at journey’s end.

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Road Trip

I've heard that endings are for lunchtime, college careers and birthdays, Once they come around, they're wont be other times quite like them. I could feel your heart beat vibrating faster each time my hands made a movement to press against your waist, and then slowly silence itself as soon as our arms dressed each other like heavy winter coats. I could've sworn that narrow arms stretched long like highways & interstates; long enough to make you loose sight of custom made licence plates with letters that spell out nicknames. I remember my tire-treaded arms could wrap around your two-laned-traffic yellow dash marks so that you could feel the friction of protection keeping you just enough away from a head on collision. Bumps in the road and all; we always kept going straight. The path seemed endless, but I guess a rubberband heartbeat can loose it's elacticity without another set of arms to bounce back into. So I snapped back with both hands on the steering wheel before crashing dead into the reality you no longer wished for. Lord, I needed your direction. I just wanted to get my life back in the right lane, & it looked like using my father's shoes to accel and the yellow pages for a booster seat wouldn't cut it anymore, so I had to grow up and accommodate my life for a few years of extra leg room. Hit the ground running, move forward and don't give up can sometimes be premature reminders that you just got your licence to live your life again only but a few months ago, so don't rush into something you're not ready to reach for yet. Let your legs grow. Allow your heart to beat in the steps of a one-two rhythm again. Realize that knowledge is power, and free your mind from the slavery of hands twisting at your spinal cord, and words that whip you into emotional retardation. Tell yourself your value is weighted more than the trouble inside the baggage you carry. Take yourself out on a lunchdate. Graduate from one stage of living to the next. Have your birthday cake, cut out a slice for a loved one and then smash your face in it like a toddler would. Follow in your Creator's footsteps, and He will direct your path. 
Enjoy the path ahead of you. 
The future is in sight.

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Growing Love

I am scared this is so new
I have never felt this way
I did not know love till you
I found my soul today

I wonder if it will last
I do not trust my heart
I queastion my past
I fear you will break my world apart

You are not the same
You are sweet and ture
You move me by saying my name
You do not make my world blue

You always know just what to say
You hold me just right
You make me smile everyday
You turn the cloudy skies bright

I have been hurt and broken
I find it hard to turst a man
I want to belive in love unspoken
I just am not sure I can

You do not give up on me
You  wait till I am ready to go on
You hold my hand till I see
You will stay till our love is strong

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The Tip of the Horn

I am telling you boy
Don’t go that way
She said over and over
But the path pulled me up
Towards the top of the peak
It was icy and cold
No one could sleep
But I couldn’t heed one word 
That was said
For it was all or nothing for me
And by God that’s the way it would be

So we climbed through the night
Though the Sherpa’s sighed
I was destined to peak 
Before sunrise
At three AM we could see the summit
It was 1000 meters to go, but we met a Yeti
Sitting upon on a rock 
Smoking a cigar
He said you’ll never make it that far
I pulled off my mask 
And asked how did he know?
He grinned and let out a howl

It shook my bones to my very soul
And he said you should listen to your
Heart not your soul
I turned my head and realized at last
That she was right
Why had it taken a Yeti to know
When a goat was right 
That I was going to fail
Come short of a fight.

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How Do I Let You Go

What will be
Will be!
I know of this, first hand
Your life was taken away
So abruptly!
I will 
Never forget
That day!
Till the day 
My body dies
I am with you, again!

“How was I to prepare myself?”
That kind of 
Life changing, event!
Didn't warn me 
Were permanently leaving!
I hope 
You know 
How much “I love you”
You will never be forgotten!

I don’t know 
Has got into me!
I feel you
Inside me
I see images
Of your face 
So clearly!
Am I crazy 
To believe in this, my love?

“Are you still with me?”
“Is my imagination 
Playing cruel tricks
Running rampant
I talk with you
As if 
You were by my side, right now

In my heart and mind
Your face etched
Like a blue print
That never fades
Your foot prints 
Still remain, beside me
My heart beats
Trying to make sense of everything!

Forgive me, my love
For being so strong in my feeling
For it has been a long time
Since I lost you, my friend
I haven’t
Got over!

My heart 
A mind of its own
To be with you, still!
To see you
To smell you
To touch you
To taste you
Last time!

I want to say “Goodbye” 
Once and for all!
We have
Brought out
The best and worst 
In each other
Rivers run deep
When it comes to you and me!

We have had our fair share of fights and arguments
Stubborn disagreements
All of them
You cease to exist!

I miss your lingering touches
Your hand, stroking my face
Your big, blue eyes
Looking into mine
Your warm lips
Your rough, unshaven face 
The way you
Kiss me
We make love, till dawn

I miss
All those nights
You kept me 
Safe and warm!
I miss
Loving embrace
I miss
“Am I ever going to feel the same, with another?”
I felt
In your arms, my love?

Do I let you go?
Do I set myself, free?
I am ready
To love, again!
‘Our eternal love’
Guiding me
In times, like these!

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In the golden book of paradise
Marriages are noted by the angels 
Marriage is a pronouncement of two unknowns as a known
North and South,West and East, a meeting center
It is bonding of two minds into one,
Bonding of two hearts into one
Marry plus age,marry before aged is the message,marriage!
Marriage is not a mirage in the lonely deserts
But a miracle in the rose of garden
The marriage roses bloomed only in the bed of life
Marriage is like a plantain tree,
In generating, generation after generation
It's like a candle,some from same
A wedding ring is small and round in shape,like a Globe,
"Live within your means,"
"Live within the promises,"
The message of wedding rings
Marriage is a relationship to sail not to sink
It's a partnership agreement,
Declaring unity and standing under,understanding
Adam could not live alone even in the paradise
Until Eva is married,
God created man first ,woman next
He arranged marriage to bring man in woman
Without man woman is w(h)o?
In the road of male-female,children a bridge
Pa in the right bank Ma in left
Marriage is a world order of living with a wife
Life is wife,
Wife is life,
No mid wife in life!

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Small Little Victories

If we break life down into small little victories,
It won't be long until the battle is over,
And before we know it,
The war will be won.

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Into the Darkness

Madness consumes him like wildfire,
A man who walks between life and death,
All essence of humanity gone, only the shell of a man remains,
Chaos and carnage his mantra,
Salvation attained through bloodshed, all who resist are labeled fools,

He hears voices, guiding him in this dark quest,
Voices lusting for death, only drowned by bloodshed,
A crazed demon, only praying for war,
To the edge of the world he travels ,
beyond all that light shines upon,
Into the void he travels, to the very essence of vengeance,

A quest to release the origin of all evil,
To punish mankind, rid the word of sinful men who claim to be the devil,
For in his forsaken heart and soul,
a maniacal truth he has come to realise,
Only in the face of despair,
will humanity learn true darkness

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Subtle Seduction

Watching you clean our pool
On a hot, summers day
Admiring your muscular, tanned body
Your butt looks cute in those shorts!
Strutting around, like your king of the castle
While, I slip into my new, red bikini
Rubbing coconut oil, into my skin
Putting my long, blonde hair loosely in a bun
Leaving a few strands loose
One last twirl, in the mirror
Before walking down stairs
Taking a closer look, at this fine, male specimen!
You look even yummier, close up!
Your shirt wide open, baring your manly chest
A big smile, as you greet me “Hello” 
Delighted to see me
Your full package, clearly showing!
Untying my bikini top
My full bosoms, on display
A flirtatious smile, your eyes, widening
I dive in the pool, inviting you in
Be carefree, be spontaneous
You only get to live once!

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Joys from Heavens

The time of year when the joys 
Rain down form Heavens
When the families get together, 
When the children look up in  hope
Santa’s fill surprise in the socks at night
When the snowman appears in gardens
There comes a the giggles and chants
Colored balls in trees and stars shining
Exchanges of greetings nights of prayers
We gather to celebrate the coming of Joy
Night to celebrate the Holy Jesus
Night to celebrate new Life, for its
The time of year when joys 
Rain down from Heaven…

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The Plains Part 1

The climb was gentle 
As the rose
Caressed by the bee.
The blue hills
From whence come these waters
Range on either side of us
Guarding the ancient secrets
Of the vast plains
Touching this lake here
And those far away
To the right and south.

How the plains love each other!
Whether rich with grass
Or richer with wheat
They gently merge into each other
And lose their greyness
To the hills further away
Than the eye can see.
Those that love not the plains
Have no love of their own!
Each plain with a cloud of its own
Sailing by and shading the plain
From the harshness of the sun
And occasionally floating away
Into the hills beyond
To return charged with rain.

The plains are pregnant with memory:
They will tell you of invasions
From beyond the hills
Via the pass to your right
Where the iron snake
Made its lasting appearance;
They will tell you
How, long ago,
The invaders stood stunned
As the earth heaved
And the plains sunk
To beyond a spear throw.
The plains thanked their god
And flourished with growth.
They spread endless
And sealed a vow
To share the shores of the lakes.
In later years the plains
Summoned subterranean force
And Mt Longonot stood guard
Should the invaders return.

These things we saw
As we descended into lovely grassland
Where cows are in calf
All the year round
And milk never wanting.

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days away

My love.
The distance matters not.
Its but days away, our love at hand.
Mere multiple hours until my hand takes yours
and solitude ends completely.
As armor so sleek, our fortune shines
with the most persistent side of grace.
But days away is our destiny.
As we set and wait, we think, of how we
pay for such nectar.
In time, in patience, and in heart.
There will never be such a moment when 
kiss meets lips in soulful passion.
But for now we wait.
Until we meet again.
I love you.


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Universal Children

A child I am, a child of love
Seeking my universal home
Seeking the creator of my being
Building my faith and courage 
Love, my foundation
My spirit, navigating me 
To where I originate from

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the keeper's self

when no clouds touch the sky
tomorrow becomes
just another way to get by
we free birds dream the livr's lie
Forever you and I 
live the dreamr's cry

if you ask for the devil long enough
he will eventually join you 
so be warm, be joyful 
politely ask him to leave 

find comfort within the things you know
and appreciate the things you donot 
and do try not to be so distant
for when the winds sway 
the chill reminds me
just how dearly i miss you 

time will bring changes 
and age to weather 
and in the mist of adversity 
you will get to see 
the true size of you 
Like a mirror for the moment 
Tomorrow admires you 

"like a curse, i'll write you away"

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We make it in digital so that nothing real exists
Beyond the firey belly thought horizon
Far beyond the fraudulence of existence
Numbers and symbols form and this replaces our language
The heart is gone, nothing but rom and unread messages
Cold to the touch and anger replaces our moral ethics
We make it in stereo so that we know it is real
Speakers pounding to replace the hole where heart once filled
She heard it in waste, on repeat three times a day
But it all somehow remains meaningless
Going in and out of dead space
Barely recognizing a recognizeable face
It swells and then it quickly builds
In empty space it lives
Made toxic but sweeter still
In sync the destruction of hope and heart appear
But it is all squalor and sickness
Thus we make it in hologram so that we can feel 
One must erase or become deleted, otherwise it all becomes far too real
As a touching moment between friends turned lovers that will soon end
     Because in the end it is all truly insignificant
What seemed impromptu later is revealed as scheduled
Proven to be hoax, planned and illegitimate
As it is wise to look before one leaps
Before the fall even the strong can be deceived
As I when I believed you friend, when in truth you all were enemy
Made strong by my hope, my naivety
They told me it's ok to grieve
But before my grief could last too long they all abandoned me
With care their lies paved and stupidly along its path I came
     Because if one can't believe then how are we to have any faith?
So, they broadcast it in digital to make us into slaves
It's purchased and bartered, laundered and exchanged
In innocent blood they are all washed and bathed
Made pure by impure act and trade
Made in America and over time slowly degrades
We've all been duped, we've all been betrayed.

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Abundant Touch

blood, sweat, and tears
nailed to a cross
crown full of thorns
your life was lost
for me, a worthless sinner
for me
a new beginning
I leave the past where it remains
I've been transformed
I've been restored
condemned no more
I wear the chains no more
I am free

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In Babbling Brooks

The flow of time and I but a stone in the current

Upstream I cannot know,

Downstream but a memory.

Piece by piece I am worn,

To the past I become,

A shadow of what went before.

But I stem the flow, life's blood,

Staunch and strong,

Present in this single moment.


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When the ether settles
and fortune bellows
and eastern stars make haste
to rise
Says one cat to the other's jazz
let not the crystal trade your
For growing roads like trees
or babes
a constellation mayn't foretell
Like ore, a mineral deposit found,
such plaster curves
and muscles drive.
The cat with jazz then
made aware, did leave his iron
bars aside
And south by east
the stars they ride.

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I Still Love You

I still love you
Buried six foot under
Life no more
Risking my heart
Everything, I have ever known!
Letting you go
Eighteen years of panache and tears
‘Loyalty’ because 

‘I Still Love You’

At a cross roads
Changes of initiation
Giving in, risking all
Trading this pain in
Making my heart whole
Know by saying goodbye
And, letting you go
Know, for an eternity

‘I Still Love You’

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Arousal Stream

Human kindness whispering belongings
non filter elements of unbreeded blastphomies
content to wallow in willow bonds of cage happy
stilted mystics pleasure no pain windows
radiate love peace mystical motherloads
captured escapism moods of elegance raptutred
desire action in full swing nestled between
the neurons forever giving noncompetitive 
nurturings blissful in capacity all
going weightless    snapshots of arms waving
notes abound in archiac primitivity-------give
it to us all weened to bathe and breathe in
sustinance for the many all for everyone
substitute politics with annonimity of rationality
perk up your mind with ears of learning
prize thought over wasteless journies
 of peak gain equality over measure 
stance over readiness calm over storm
peer through the window pane eternal
soulful light mirrored intensities gladful
poignant    sentient     beings     unforlorn    natureboy   naturegirl
natureclad newborns
tarry over mindful clouds of ozone deafness
chocking in an airkess vacuum

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Good Time Johnny

Planet in turmoil
People they run
Running on empty 
From point of a gun

What are you eating?
Sure what it says?
Looks like a burger
But how does it taste?

Now you’re addicted
Tattoos brand your skin
You’d rather the music
Than join in the spring

You drink to excess
Smokes blow your mind
Porn makes you reckless
Rave Johnny Good Time

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In The Plane

I was in the plane.

Someone asked:

-Are you comfortable?

-Oh, yes! Thank you!

He has shortened

the space between the seats.

And now? – he asked again.

He had to thank God for

we were in the plane,

otherwise I would 

smash his face,

it could be a disgrace.

Some people feel discomfort

when you feel good.

They are so happy

when you are in a bad mood.

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Who Truly Knows

You know
That I know
That 'we’ know
Nothing, at all!

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Seed Of Love

Tiny seeds germinate
Fresh roots sprout
New life is born!
The weeds come for free
As every beautiful rose
Has it's thorns!
Growing tall, against all odds
Growing towards the light
Laying our roots deep
Staying strong, yet flexible
We are a tree of life
Or the seed in the ground
We are 'one' of the same!

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Undaunted flight

Pry me essence
Of honey dew melon
Fat back gimme
Mo collard greens
Gimme essence from 
Flavas undone
Marmalade too
Of long ivory tusks
That elephants do
From the flight 
Of the whip poor will 
The next rains flood 
Those plains
Talking bout old essence
From far and near
Yet never here
To the dried up bones
That bake in the in the Sahara sun
As the mighty Mississippi 
Giving life to everyone 
Visions from the native 
Child tears from fear
And unrest 
While there forefathers 
Laugh and cry then 
Turn over in their graves 
As  the millions 
man woman child 
March on on and on
Undaunted and forever ..

                                                  All rights reserved
                                                      A.camacho jr.

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Till Death Do Us Part

I lay awake, at night
Hearing your spirit, calling me
I feel you, deeply
Another time, another space
How, do I bring you back home?

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Natural Order of things

First rhythm to the beat:
Being honest
Next guest of honour:
Following the morning after:
Self-awareness and courage
Break for freedom:
The musician strikes a cord

And echoes the universe it's glorious Love song

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In Absence

Through the journeys
I have foreseen,
Not an answer
To be found.

And through the times
I have waited through,
Not besides itself
Had phased me.

Along the roads
One shall travel
Through trials

As mortality with
Sickle and stone
Shall take those
Beside me

Its horse in reigns
Ever comforting
To those
Without mercy

As soon
Absence shall arise
From what had once
Been time of suffering

Yet afar
One believes to run
To avoid
Such destiny

War had been waged
Against the inevitable;
A force ever

How polite of it
To resume after myself,

As its realm continues,

In absence.

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She glances
From afore does she stare
Poised passive without motion
Petals grace and glance in glimmer
Dans la roseraie de la vue
Attractive allure into light's lust 
Marinating morning's delectable dew
Entwined is she in the rose's vine
Flowered fluorescence enclosed eloped
Claret joues et l'éclat rose
From the bud doth she now call
Flowered glances doth pollen pose
She glances...
Coeur brisé

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Why do I Hit You So

Razor's edge makes lines on the mirror

Bullet in the barrel tantalizes

Adrenaline rushes

Euphoria beckons

Grace reaches out

Always reaches out

But can you feel it?

No food on the table

No money in the bank

Eviction notice on the door

What am I here for?

Grace reaches out

Always reaches out

But will you receive it?

Whiskey bottle hasn't been touched

Explosives strapped to your chest

You walk into that crowded place

Handgun, loaded in pocket, just in case

Grace reaches out

Always reaches out

But do you get it?

Can you feel it?

Will you receive it?

Do you get it?

Why do I hit you so hard?

Adrenaline rushes

Straw snorts

Euphoria beckons

Pull that trigger

Release that bullet

What will you feel

As it passes through your brain?

Why do I hit you so hard?

Always reaches out

Grace does.

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Rejoice my love,
The wondrous moment , 
The smiling spring,
The gloomy winter will follow 
Is finally here!
The noble dreams we have made,
The tender desires we ever had, 
Without  fail, will be fulfilled to 
The last
The unfolded wings of our precious 
Will be stretched to their ultimate 
Will carry us through the laughing summer
Into the ecstatic fall of our lives
Forever united as we 
Were ONE! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    13 APRIL 2013

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Subconscious Coma

subconscious coma

borrowed feelings
betrayed wisdom
abused intellect
stolen thoughts
discarded emotions
a subconscious coma
lost in the stratosphere
of humanities collective conscience
manipulating the laws of the universe
at war with the mystic
exploding ego's lost in stars
to be recycled

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A Walk In The Garden In Moonlight Part 2 of 2

(Part 2 of 2)

While Wading Thru The Garden At Midnight
While Wooing In The Garden In Moonlight

Still Sharing Secrets That Our Shadows See
On This  Rendezvous To A Path of Our Life's Journey
We Come To A Stop By A Stand of Myrtle Trees
This Is The Spot Where The Earth Seems To Breathe

As You Kneel In Blue-Star Grass Upon An Older Knee
By The Purple Violets - Where You Proposed To Me
Oh, What Better Way To Start Each Anniversary
than In The Place That We Both Share Passionately 

... When Walking Thru Our Garden At Midnight
and Waking In Our Garden In Moonlight

                     Written & Copyrighted ©:  8/30/2013 
                      by:  MoonBee Canady

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born to win

I was classed as a loser now let the story begin
Welcome to the loser that was born to win
Make it out of any storm I’m in
Come out as winner no matter what form I’m in 

I’ll go all the way in any tournament
 Knock me out, I’ll pick myself off the floor and grin
Have a lot of thoughts so I got a notepad to store them in
Then use poetry to help me fight whatever war I’m in

Winning is my only option
Most say it’s important that you take part
I learnt that sinning isn’t a problem
Because you can’t take spirit or erase heart

I used to run just to finish the race
Then I started to believe I could win the marathon
Heading for first place
I know the road I’m travelling

Never got a card from my family on my birthday
And I found it embarrassing
Some things come in the worst way
But most my childhood was disparaging

Embarrassed but wouldn’t let them see my face red
Bullied at school but was forced to go
I used to believe what they said
I was stupid I know

But I survived it all 
Look at me now
I learnt to stand up tall
So they can no longer bring me down

I was lost with no hope
Make it out of any storm I’m in
A few situations should have left me unable to cope
But I know I’m born to win 

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Cold Winds Blowing

Welcome back,
Rest awhile, 
Let your journey to
continue on without you.

Rest awhile,
From the cold winds blowing,
Your eyes reveal your weariness.
Travels can take their toll.

You See,
Your journey didn't go far.
It waits outside the door,
Till day breaks.

You must have so much to share,
So many stories.
But, such little time remains
And so few that stop to listen,
But the cold winds blowing.

Drink from the cup of respite
It is this moment saved
Reserved for your reflection
Preserved from the wrinkled hand

Arthritic joints don't glide so freely anymore
You can feel that by the fire
Here, within these adobe walls,
And outside,
The cold winds blowing.

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Paint the Town

I pause from painting a canvass of opinion, brush strokes colouring a solid red 
across the blank faces that warily observe. A compass points to the right (a dead
end) yet with no direction, escorting a stained brain in reverse: an unnatural place to start.

This taste is always freshest in the mouths of the hungry, which are forced to part
from an honest working voice to focus solely on the next meal. Who will stand
up to write THIS IS WRONG on Parliamentary walls to clear blinkered eyes? A hand

can paint and sculpture, but will also make a fist.  
A better world is open if we walk on through the mist.

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To Die

Don't cry for me, I've only just died. And yes, I know you tried and tried
But the life ends and hearts do mend. Now I'm the atoms that war and love can never defend.
A universe spinning all around and now I'm home, I'm found.
Its the pain that goes away for me but I'm not a forgotten memory, don't you see?
It's all around us that life is a gift but the death is the return to the love in the universe and beyond - Beyond the burn and concern of the world and the horrors that are done in turn.
So reject the pain and celebrate with me for my death, like yours will be, was a certainty.
But not of lost life but of the chance to be free. Not now but you'll one day agree.  So lay aside the regret don't fret the time is now for livin' and later comes the dyin' but please no cryin' Let the tears be for you not for me that one day you too can become free in the dust, in the air and travel everywhere without a care while mourners stare and enemies glare.
To Die is no dream it's a return to the love in the universe and beyond - Beyond the burn and concern of the world and the horrors that are done in turn.

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True Reality

Why is it
I am always wrong?
I have always done?
Why is it
I am 
Never good enough
In your eyes
In challenging times?

How many times
Do I have to say
“I love You?”
What will it take
To convince
That mind 
Of yours?

What can I say
That will ease 
This jealousy
You feel towards me
When drinking 
Too much booze
Killing what brain cells
Are left
In that stubborn 
Head of yours!

How long 
Will it take
For you 
To believe in me?
For I know
I am a fool 
Staying here, with you!
Feeling desperate
Lost and lonely
Dreams squashed
Emotionally drained
When ‘we’ need to pull together
In union ship
To make 
This bond strong
Between us!

'Uniting as One’'

'Love Conquering All'

“So, I am told!”

I love you more
Than this
Arguing and fighting!
You refuse to understand
The love I have for you

My head 
Tells me to stay with you
My heart knows
I cannot!
I have asked you 
To be kind to me
I have asked
You to open up 

Your anger and rage
Continues growing
Out of control
Taking over
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Burning bridges
Being ruthless
Out for the kill!

I need to break away!
I need to clear my head!
I need to experience
Love and longevity
True togetherness
The one’s I love!
My heart needs to experience
‘Healthy Love’
My heart deserves the best!
You now
Belong in my past
I am no longer the person
You once knew me, to be

Your insecurities
Your inner demons 
Far bigger
Than any of the love
You choose to acknowledge 
Feel from me!

You can believe this 
To be true
If nothing else!

“Love thy self”

Without personal gain
Your Primary Motive!
Know Love 
Be Love, in Action!

Be honest
Have empathy now
I cut these cords
Of emotional bondage
Bind us together 
True Love 
No longer 
Our foundation!

I stand on my own
I have learnt the lessons
You have come to teach
I now know
What love isn't!
“I thank you”
For showing me this!

My illusions of love
Blinding me
Colouring my experiences
Only what 
'I Wanted Us To Be'
‘True Reality’

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The Day Light

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The day~

What does it mean?

Some effects are the rooster crows on time, the sun rises and soon sets as we 
grow one day older.

Some look back on the days gone by and are satisfied, others feel as if they 
have not given enough or even failed. Yet, it is much better to think of 
pleasantries than errs. One can think of either in excess.

But the day. Ah yes, it is filled with lessons, reminiscing, happiness, love and 
sometimes through grief and travesty God provides something so sweet to 
touch our hearts and souls.

He, an omnipotent God of truth, has taken dirt from the earth and started 

Sometimes as I browse with the remote I end up on the discovery channel 
and I ponder.

One day, I saw in the middle of foreign mountains was a place believed to be 
a meeting place for the gods.

"It's possible", I said to myself. There are other gods I don't serve.

I thought about my journey. My walk, if you will, leaving the foothills at age 
sixteen to be a humanitarian.

I stood in that corn field back home all those years ago and spoke to God.

"God, I am angry with you. I want to go see the world and need. I hope you 
will let me come back and serve you."

So many times I thought I was through being a humanitarian. I thought I was 
a good Christian. God pulled and tugged showing me yet again human stance. 
He wasn't through with me yet. He showed me more. 

I put my mind to work studying the gospel. I worshipped in many churches 
including Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Full Gospel, while attending Mass some. 
In fact, over a decade I realized I had studied or worshipped in every 
denomination in America except for Seventh Day Adventist.

Luke warm? I've been spewed a bit.

One day years ago I couldn't bring myself to conform to a church. I thought 
there was no place for a loner like I spent time with a monk for nearly 
a year. In life, I learned with Bhaskar all the things I already knew. The 
beauty of all creation. I thought about that meeting place in the mountains 
and smiled. My mother and father taught me there are reasons for all things 
but it is not for us to question.

Then there are friends like Johnny Hannah, that doesn't believe in God, any 
god. "Oil is from dead dinosaurs" (as NASA searches on).

The day: what does it mean? Your voice matters.

The day, my grass needs mowed but that's life being hacked with the blade. 

The good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll have a beautiful yard 

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When do you know you are a writer

  (an archived interview with Orlando City Beat Magazine)
{q & a with Matthew J. Palm}
"No one knows when they are a writer. Everyone thinks they are a writer. No one is a writer.
There's a creative well-spring shooting ideas into the universe.Those fortunate enough to drink of the waters, have experienced what good writing is.
If there is a blank look on your face right now, you may never taste it. Hone in on the magic. Greatness will be gone in a flash without direct connectivity. 
If your feelings are hurt by this knowledge, pick up another hobby where the grand spotlight will singe your forehead.
Writing is a hard, long journey of solitude. No Alpha, no Omega."
"No sir. The spotlight is my is where wolves roam. 
I am a Lamb. It's there in my last name. 
Also, the beginning is the end. 
We must learn to stop searching for the right words, when words are RIGHT in our face.
Ya' Dig?
The creative act is done at the keyboard, the notebook, the wherever, and is easy.
Constant struggles should be reserved for life, writing is merely it's reflection"
"When? And is this a trick question?"
"Well, I HAD imagined the person interviewing me would have actually known what I am about BEFORE 
this interview process. Guess not. I do not understand the concept of fans so I will leave that alone. 
Now, concerning those who actually read my stuff...
If you do not like what I say or write in honesty, then well, you may need to have a discussion with yourself about whether or not fake is what you are actually attracted to. 
Truth is one very important aspect of writing. 
To quote my friend, the late Adam Yauch,-' Be true to yourself and you will never fall.-'
There is no winner, no loser. You are merely a vessel.
If adulation is on your radar of needs, look elsewhere.
Upon finding fame via writing... sorry friend, it was a mirage."
"They ain't sendin' me to the electric chair yet are they? Ok, ok...
Slip from the fog, breathe free from the smog. 
Don't try so hard.I have fell on my face plenty along the way.
Maybe I can help break another's fall with some wisdom. Much strength and love to each and all.
I am not a writer. Namaste', peace and chicken grease!" 

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Love Sincere

I want to stay in your arms
Smelling, the scent of your skin
A moment, captured in time and space
Enraptured, by your warming presence
Feeling you kiss, the top of my head
I gaze, into your eyes
Stroking your chest
Nothing to fear, smiling
I am safe with you
A tender kiss, of reassurance
Lingering upon my lips
I love you, for the way, you love me
Feels like an eternity, as you kiss me, so perfect! 
Not wanting, to let this moment pass
Fingers locked, hand in hand
Bodies entwined
Skin against skin
Breaking, all barriers of time
No goodbye kisses!
Only passionate desires, aflame
Making love to you
Feeling you, inside me
A passionate affair, deep
Making the most, of the moment
Know me, feel me
This is who I am
Love, sincere!

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Just Keep Walking

Just Keep Walking

he just kept getting
smaller and smaller
as he walked
farther and farther
always at the point
of two divergent triangles.

walked, and without
looking back, knew
felt the memories tug
less and less

heard the ticking
of the tower clock
muted in the distance

the sound of the children
trail off at the edge
of their boundaries

sensed the pull of names
and ancestry lessen,
pass beneath his feet
on uncrushed stone

knew the loneliness
of loneliness and
the empty fullness
of being alone

he just kept getting
smaller and smaller
as he walked
nearer and nearer
the smallness
of the future.

Contest – Open Free Verse
Sponsor – Charlotte Puddifoot

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Own self be true

Pull from my bleeding scarlet heart
feelings so deep so true
loving blanket of seductive hope
your kisses that renew

touch feelings buried inside
that gently spark
my new reason 
to wake 
upon the morrow

salvaged tattered remains
of softest memories
of cherished times 
pulled from my mind 
i borrow from time to time

watch past poison 
draining out of
soul once battered 
rise again to stand
to fight on

to live again for today
but also for tomorrow
for the future
for the innocent 

bitterness drains 
from my heart
killing prior demons 
obsolete they fall behind
as i walk ahead

truth in well known words
to thine own self be true

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Being and Fantasy

the tightness of silence
raw potential
in each space of relation
the nerve of your lust
keeps me bulging
to discover every contour
of your being and fantasy

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My own little garden

My dearest little garden
that grows my plants
The finest yard of numerous
that holds my beauty
My wholeness that grants my draft.
My obese garden that stays and stands
Even though you know I am a Yokel.
I owe you much
My till, till and till.
My own mine, I whole you all
Cos you have stood by me
In no place and less vacuum.

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A Forty Day Ordeal

Forty days. That’s a long time through the wilderness. How did you resist temptation? Weaker men would have given in. One thing can’t be denied: The devil tried his best. That creature knows man’s weaknesses. He offered you a kingdom, but you steadfastly refused. It took every ounce of your strength. How did you hold together? It took a foundation of stone to keep you from crumbling. Onward, your journey took you. Never did you ever look back. Forward, ever forward. No retreat at all. You were the epitome of man. Strong, and never yielding. I could never be as strong as you. No other man could duplicate your feat. None could surpass your suffering. You knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. You found your way out of the darkness. The trail is blazed for us to follow.

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This is what life is

Life is a dagger;
beautiful and fragile, but will stab you in the back.
It will take away the pain and misery,
and bring it all back.

And then you're standing on the edge,
not knowing where to go.
Your past lyes below you,
and so does your living soul

The music rang loud in your ears,
a tear rushed down your face.
And you heard a gunshot, 
as the stars danced through the pain.

Now your feelings leave your body
but your body stays on the ground.
You're depressed, stressed

You're a mess, tearing apart on the path
that leads you to the end.
And you're so close, but too far to get there.
Too far to look back at the pain and misery he caused you
And the stars, they glistened through the pain.

But your body loses control,
Flames burning through your soul,
only to be shot down by the clouds filling your mind
and refueled by the burning fire inside.

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Good To Be Home In Dixie

...leaving starched shirts and neckties in my rearview, mission accomplished and to The North, I bid adieu. I set fire to a Panatela and answered the call - "ALL ABOARD!" The Cajun Queen was southbound down The Mighty Mississippi - MY REWARD! The whistle blew, the bell clanged and that big paddle wheel slapped the muddy water in perfect three quarter time. Two summers had past since I left home at Oak Alley seemed much longer since I held my sweet Scarlet O'Malley Good to home in Dixie.

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The Well

I chanced to visit once a well
   Abandoned for eternity

Surrounded by a velvet sky
   It somehow beckoned me

From ages past the grass had grown
   And withered there to die

Replaced by shadows that beseech
   The coming passerby

And as forever rambles on
   Brief respite waits for me

Within this old and shallow well
   Eternity I see

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Railway Journeys

I felt as though I was inside a giant pipe,
that had seats, tables, foods, and drinks,
as it did its best to tie the world,
into some kind of a giant rubber ball.
I saw the outside world changing before my eyes,
as though the four seasons were were happening at once!
It was the best journey of my life! 

Date: 12/01/2015

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An Ordinary Fellow 

I am just an ordinary fellow

I have no need for show

All I know is a simple life

Yet I know I will still grow

I have no need to think big

I just watch life flow

I am happy with the little bits I know

I have no grand designs to follow

No philosophies to borrow

I have no places to go

I just want to take it slow

I am not lazy

I just don't want to over glow

I am just an ordinary fellow

I have it big for my own show

I preach to no one

I just hop, skip and 

Not overgrow

I know when this life is over

I will just take a bow

I am after all just an ordinary fellow

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from dying young:
to living your life-half asleep,
try not to always keep the glory and crown,
there's more tot he fight that fits.
as the footprints cascades with the tide,
always learn not to blow it out of proportion.
be timid but not shy,
not forgetting to ride it all the way through the end.
don't think too much about the plot,
always try not to give up.
hold fast what you learn,
cause you don't know when the next time you'll need it.

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Weekend at Tapora: Part 2

The weekend continues...

But not so my spirit and not so my mojo risin,
 And in my addlemania I dry wet clothes
From my baptism of sand and sea:
 The mudflats beckon yonder: Bugger!
Kaipara Harbour at its low ebb -
 A remote ancestral place of myth and legend,
 A place of phantasmagoric dreams!
Those windswept badlands
 Scar a bleak landscape -
To me it feels like the dark side of the moon:
 A dead man walkin - fallen in the dunes!
Under cover of darkness...
 Regiment covert Black Ops:
Left Base Camp HQ at 2100 hours -
 Stormin Norman Skeet Company!
Cursed by the howlin wind,
 More eye-rollin drunk than before
Dug in on the cold shiftin sands of Iwo Jima:
 Bivouacked on the beachheads
And coves of Guadalcanal!
 To seek out bow-legged women: make contact
With the local frontier girls
 And summon them in the tall grass:
But the blokes under my command had heads
 Like gargoyles, so we had to Bug Out -
Bid a retreat lest toothless villagers
 Wavin pitchforks appear! that Deulin Banjos I hear!
Returned to HQ and debriefed in our madness
 As the grunts frenzied on cockles.
They nursed their wounds - I nursed a beer!
 Then out of nowhere
Enemy positions rained incomin shellfire
 Upon the tin roof - stoned us
With their hit and run cluster bombs
 And vanished like the voices in my head!
Kiddin! No voices! Not psycho!
 But worse was to come at Camp Crystal Lake
When my "Blood on the Tracks" tape
 Self-destructed: the ghost of Dylan died!
O but there was an Idiot Wind blowin
 Through our Shelter from the Storm!
And in my cabin fever I did
 Become yep, Tangled up in Blue!
Sunday: gravely low on hooch -
 More precious than Saddam's stolen gold!
'Twas then the plotters plotted 
On the windy Kaipara shore!
 The first casualty of war is the truth,
But not this version of it - so shall it be written:
 With jellyfish in my jacket
And deceit in my heart
 We were on a Mission from God...
And as I rolled back the bedcovers
 I felt good and just cause!
As I laid my slimy tentacled friend down
 The universe was in alignment!
And with my Blues Brother and wheelman
 In sunglasses, like Jake and Elwood,
We smoked that Monaro out of the "Deliverance" 
 Backwoods before insurrection in the ranks,
And before them pig squealin
 Mountain men showed up to take a bride!


Dedicated to all who were there.

Tapora is a small sleepy village on the Kaipara
Harbour in the North Island of New Zealand.

...until we showed up!

August 1994

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The journey seems long
Rugged and stiff
I have come a long way
Where is the balm
For sorrow
From thee
I have a long way to go
       I have a long way to go
But let me find a rest for a while
A rest I need
A rest indeed

My heart has been bruised
A hundred times
Scars have remained
To remind of the hardly earned years
Where is the healing
that has been promised
For the hopeful
I have a long way to go
     I have a long way to go
But let me find a rest for a while
A rest I need
A rest indeed

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In Between

There’s a moment when, crossing between two streetlamps, a double shadow appears,
arching from your fears, a body projected through years onto cracked concrete. 
So, stopping, you watch it split in separate directions, no fixed perfections, 
all later corrections point from now dividing as forces pull one into two, 
coloured red or blue at different ends of the spectrum, matter is best left some space,
life isn’t a race in the traditional sense, but against the perception of yourself.
Worrying is bad for your health, because as much as television may scream in your ear, 
grinding each individual gear, you need not wealth, 
but a hand to pick you up and dust you off when you fall,
no problem at all, giving pats on the back, setting the wheels back on the track,
in motion again you walk on from staring at your shadow, standing won’t help you grow.
And I know it says not to walk towards the light, but this time it’s alright, 
because looking back won’t help either. As a fighter, neither Rocky nor Rambo, 
you face the night ahead, spit to clear your mouth of lead, and strut on son, 
because you are only born once, and you only die once, 
but it’s what you do between the two that makes you awesome.

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In death, a journey comes to an end.
Death’s journey through life ends with
a gathering of family and friends
who reflect and comfort each,
saddened by the life lost to them.

The defining moment of worth on display,
no longer able to express emotion,
a waxen replica of what was.
Those who now pass recollect 
then weep the tears of loss;
laugh as they remember great times.
So many memories buried,
now surface for a time, 
again will be buried in the same manner.

Mourned for a time,
memories fade with each generation,
until, no memory remains.
A journey has come to an end.
A piece of history lost again.

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Blissful Ladakh

Beyond the world lies a journey,
a horizon that acquaints a magical destiny,
a solitude with soulful eternity,
a milieu abiding betrothal vicinity,
where deity is within the eyes
and the  faith adobe vivid smile.
Beyond the human lies a viability,
a nascence that exhale a verse amorously,
a spirit with blissful sovereignty,
an admirer beaconing Elysian itinerary,
where deity is seen solely,
to a hermit heart wallowing ethereally. 

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Tell-Tale Signs

Twin black tracks 
thick and bold,

          six inches wide
          four feet apart,

careen across the highway
off the edge and back again,

          pass swiftly
          under my wheels

end where broken glass
lies scattered like prisms,
reflecting red-brown residue.

Did the driver speed,
follow too close? 

Was he distracted 
by his cell phone ring,
breakfast on the go,

or was he tempting fate,
like striking a match
to see if it really burns?

I'm just glad I wasn't there
when he laid that rubber bare.

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black diamond ring

"no matter where the road may lead you," you said
"i would always hold your hand, but nows the time
where you dry your eyes, and pick you self up,
turn around and share your intellict for those who need it
becasue this world is a cruel place and although it pains
me to say this, you have got it good compared to most
so hold your chin up and start your journey again and tell your story
to those whoes burden is much to weighted to carry alone."

"all your life you hid behind that shining smile of yours
and now is no different than back then" 

i know i'm wiser then beyond my years of those around me
and i know that if i dont break through i will break inside to the out
who knows whats right and wrong, who knows whats goin to happen
we have lived, those have died, and i am here not knowing if i myself 
is living or dying, i am numb to the wind and i cry at the moon
i dont know how this journey of life is making me alive, but as this ride goes on
the more i feel faint and sick to my stomach
get me off, unbuckle my safety strap and let me vomit my hatred
of my obtained troubles, i can not tell those whoes burden is too heavy
for the burden that i carry now, is too much for me to even carry.

"cry at the moon all you want if your that selfish,
wake up you know your in pain and many around you are feeling the same way
tell others to know love and live and grow with love
let them learn from the past, not live their life around it
those who have passed, have passed on their stories for us to listen to
and comprehend in our own ways and merge our own stories 
to form life's best lessons in how to help one another with eachothers obtained 

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Turn Us Right Around

life as we know it
is a journey filled with many complications,
sometimes enough to turn us right around, 
around and down to where we scarcely want to go.

that's life,
struggle to begin,
begin to end.

but in the end we have to keep in mind
nothing lasts,
life goes on.
if that's hard to recall...

whatever life may through your way,
I'm hear.
whatever life may through my way,
I know you'll be there.
everyone reaches obstacles throughout their journey of life.

two can pull themselves out better than one.
with a little bit of help,
a new direction can be discovered.

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Primrose Blossom

A sapling restrained from its dirt prison
Wanting to sail across the vast seas
Yearning for liberation

Rain brew in the mighty sky
The little sapling endured valiantly
The sporadic growth of the sapling now on tie

Tempest devoured by the radiant sun
Absorbing nutrients from the sun’s jubilance
The days till maturity became none

The petals of the primrose began to blossom
A majestic scent pervaded the boundless air
The options veered from lean to awesome

Spain, Germany, Belgium, and France
Foreign mountains, towers, and customs
Now in sight from the blossom dance

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Harmony is a song
It is played oh so perfectly when the notes go together
And everyone is singing the same tune

Harmony is two book ends that fit perfectly together
Holding all of the contents in  between

Harmony is the sky when the summer moon is lit
And the shooting stars are going in a million different directions

Harmony is my heart for you
When the world has gone in the opposite direction

Harmony is a watch that keeps perfect timing
Each and every piece is working in unison

Harmony is a peanut and butter sandwich
On any kind of bread being held by you

And lastly,
Harmony is the way my heart melts
When we go to sleep at night and there is no strife between us

Just me
And you
And the dreams of our futures
Forever cherished!

Gwendolen Rix

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Wanderers And Home

where are you running off to, Oh wind?
There are no devils to chase you,
and nothing can stand in your way.
you are always born and Death
can never hold you in his arms.
yet you seem lost, restless
wandering through space and time
here and there, here and there.
For ever everywhere.

Where do you go wind? where is your home?
Or do you like me have no such place?
then shall we be companions;
wandering to places and times
unknown. In search
among the ruins you and I created.
May we go in search?
And if such a place is never found,
and nothing but hope survives, 
may we remain together?
Endless wanderers, in this eternity.

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With Hands that Weep

It was a liquid wall – a wave so exceptionally massive
Foreboding and catching unawares, tossing into passive
Submission of bodily functions violently shaken
White noise crashing through sandy pores
Tearing fingers along broken bottles to
Billions of bubbles bursting between salty motes
Sucking hideous gulps of brine in lung full rotes

Where serenity hides amongst coral flutes
To seek you out and shove you deep
As a soul is crossed and taken by reap
With hands that weep
Across a soundless plain
Devoid of pleasure, yet not of pain

A journey through light, a glittering void
Filled with those seeking past and present
Where worlds collide to anoint a soul
Before the hands of time; and
Commit to dust, a body belonging
To the ordinary world

Where loved ones drip upon a wasted shore
To hunch and punch
A chest that’s cold to disbelief at
Eyes that speak through windowless souls
Of a place that’s reached beyond
The hands that scream and weep

Over a body that belonged to the ordinary world

Anthony Slausen’s Poetry Contest – Near Death Experience
24 Oct 2014

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Walking alone

Walking alone

Walking alone I fear no evil
I’ll embrace this journey as in times of medieval
If you feeling alone, make yours this request
And together we’ll fight, so others can fest!

Walking alone I fear no evil
I’ll embrace this journey as in times of medieval
If you feeling sad, Join my force
Together we’ll redeem, the lost faith from the source

Walking alone I fear no evil
I’ll embrace this journey as in times of medieval..
If you care to accept, I will make you strong
Close your eyes and repeat… “Nothing wrong! Nothing Wrong!”

 Thoubert Larus, 
 For Leighann Anderson's contest “Magic Words”

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The Plains Part 2

They will tell you
In simple language 
(As is the language of truth)
Of murders, tortures and deprivations
By an alien race
Of sons and daughters of the plains
They will show you 
As in a dream
The hills of wheat and dams of milk
Carried away on the iron snake
To feed the oppressors’ sons in Eton;
They will not hide the scars
Begotten in the years that followed
The return of the exile
And the blood that flowed
That the plains may live
And be, as they had been,
Inhabited by their own seed.

The history of these plains
Has been recounted elsewhere
But never relived as when
We made this steep descent
And I descended into memory
And sorrow and forgiveness.

The birds of the plains
Are famed for their plumes;
Their seasoned flocks
Defying the public gaze
When they fly- the birds,
Their shadow covers Nakuru
And when they roost
Europeans arrive on holiday.
I have seen them send messages 
To the Roosevelts of America
And receive the same from Mao.
I have seen them cloud the sky
And shower the earth
With their radiance.

Birds of the plains!
We sing with you
The beauty of the plains
And you carry the message
To all corners of the globe, and further
And as you are free
So, too, the inhabitants of the plains!

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Where nothing ever happens

Except for when I want it to,

Then all hell breaks loose,

Or all heaven,

Depending upon my frame of thought,

Or yours,

Twisting things into straight visions,

Walking divided lines so very carefully,

Brain's eye a little out of focus,

Dreams for tomorrow in a foggy haze,

Wishes dropped dead in an illusion,

Trespassing on borrowed property,

Still room at the top of nothing,

Dragging me laughing to nowhere.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

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Introspective time

the picture of the past
the touch of a thought 
the perfume of a present
the sound of a symphony

could be
the mystification 
of a latent  memory

when the moment reveals
it’s time
you’ll  sense 
you’ll see
what’s to be divulged
this moment only 
for those being privileged 
and present

with its unique varnish 
strong colors 
loud noises
intense images
into  pictures of an exhibition
exclusively  behind closed doors
only for the happy few
wealthy enough
facing  unique perspectives
in expanded  revolutionary views

gained ground 
exploding in color
and sound 
exposing a new world
leaving a stairway
following a sign
choosing that  direction
feeling so  immensely meaningful
just fine

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

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Philosophers' Stone

Many explorers and magicians have travelled
across the continents, searching for the Philosophers’ Stone.

Legend has it that the stone originated from the core of the universe,
the core which cannot be seen even with today’s eyes. It is said in hidden
whispers, that it has all the secrets of the past, present, and future embedded
in it. Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, Oak of Mamre, and ancient maps,
have all been searched painstakingly, only to be left with an echo of time’s 
laughter, scorning the stone’s seekers fruitless mission.

“It is not a real stone,” an alchemist once told me. “It is a fabled stone that exists
only in the imaginary world.

“Our world today was once an imaginary world,” another alchemist told me. 
“what if the Philosophers’ Stone exists?” 

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The Sire's Journey

Off to mountains he climbs
Whilst staying in his mind.
Off to battles he goes 
Defeating many foes.

The nature of his quest
Unruly as it may be,
Sings noiselessly in the air.
It cries and screams,
Yet pride smirks on his face.
It wriggles and squeals,
Yet his begotten one he will not yield.

His words speak kindly to it,
Soft like the wind,
Yet harsh they become
Like leaves rushing through the mountains’ wrath,
To those who may bring it harm.

Invisible string links them no matter the distance,
And at the beckoning call it grows taller than trees,
And has become stronger than the foundation of the earth.

Off to mountains it climbs
Whilst staying in its mind.
Off to battles it goes
Defeating many foes.

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i love to write
i love to rhyme
i love to fiddle
with my mind

to state aloud 
to say it proud 
that I'm a writer
and a poet

the little things
the obscure things
the light i see
inspire me

to capture in
some faded light
the beauty that
i see within

and so i write
in words i choose
so like the strokes
of a painter

i try my best
to woo the minds
of those who come
across my poems

this is my dream 
affect the world
to make you smile 
with just one word

and so began
my journey to
become the best poet
i can be.

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Voyage across the stars

Snowy field full of cold whispers,
Lies and truth all but disappear,
A voyager endeavors to find a path,
Years spent in an agonizing search,
The white of snow blankets all that can be seen,
The path seems lost,
not even a place for the weary voyager to lean,
He then looks up to the stars , stars dancing in defiance of night,
Within the vast dark sky, stars shine pure and bright,
Above all humanity and the earth itself, their sparks spread a hopeful light,
The voyager's heart fills with hope and determination,
Stars, one of the smallest of god's creations
Like the stars that find their path despite the burden of dark skies,
The voyager musters his strength, to find his path and face what lies..

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A Matter for God

Dear God, bless
everyone that I love
and maybe some
day that might
include me.

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Am I a Jinx

The dictionary says that a jinx
is one who brings bad luck
and to jinx someone or some thing
is “To foredoom to failure or misfortune.”
 Unfortunately, my track record
would indicate that I am one
who is subject to an unlucky force,
and this connotation brings on words
like hex, curse, spell, voodoo, sabotage,
and phrases such as evil eye, unlucky charm,
kiss of death, and one I'd never heard before,
“Point the bone at.”
Not that I'm superstitious or anything,
but if I point a finger at you,
you might want to run!

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faced with this beginning

in its own way
it is many ways
that shine
like your eyes
seem to shine 

only to me

when the threads are lit and burning
when the blaze around your head dies down 
you will see 
that you are free again

the road opening up amid the ashes

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Once Here Now Dead

Once here
Now dead & gone
“What am I known for, this time round?”
I exist only as a memory now
A memory that fades, over time
“Who will remember me, when I am gone?”

No one knew me
Yet people will say they knew me, so well!
A laugh, how often people think “they are experts”
Yet, really
Know nothing at all!

“How well did you know the inside of me?”
For, if I was to ask...
“What is my favourite colour?”
Or, “what’s my favourite song?”
I listen for answers...none come

“What’s my favourite food to eat?”
Complete silence...
I could hear a pin drop!
“Do these questions fall upon deaf ears?”
For I ask...

“Who truly knew me?”
“What am I known for?”
“Who will remember me?”
When I am dead & gone

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A Sinner I am Not

Closing my eyes
Feeling the moment
No thoughts distracting me
Setting my heart free
Reviewing, learning, growing
Releasing the blame and guilt, I harbour
Releasing the things, I once thought I could change
Recognising good or bad
Right or wrong 
A sinner I am not!
My mistakes, my greatest blessings
Living my life
Being human

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To all the haters, to all the disbelievers, to all those who doubted me along the way. 
This is for you, I stood strong in the face of adversity and saw it through now it's my turn to shine, as I take my place among the stars.

So to all you haters out there, look up at me now as  I stand tall and proud as I have overcome adversity despite all the odds. 
I alone faced the hardships that were  thrown at me, I stumbled and go back not letting me it get me down. 

I alone overcame the barriers in my way and hurtled over them with ease, so stand aside all you haters all of you who would stand in my way, Today is my day

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Just a Little Bit

Give me a life of good 
just with a little bit of bad
the one that is dark 
in a very artistic way
the one that comes
but in a quick way goes
darkness is good
when it comes down with the muse

Give me a life of Heaven
just with a little bit of Hell
a taste of deep pleasure
that comes and quickly goes
always making sure
there are no broken hearts
just drama on the pen
on my music, on stage!

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Oh when shall You come, 
To take away the strife, 
Of everyday life, 
Which causes great despair, 
We are awaiting for You to come, 
But it has been so long! 
How long shall we wait! 
Our enemies forsake us! 
We are moaning in sorrow! 
We need our Savior to come back! 
For without Him, 
ALL is lost, 
For without Him, 
there is great despair. 
- Inspired by Psalm 6 

Psalm 6  NIV 
O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger, 
or discipline me in your wrath. 
Be merciful to me, Lord, for I am faint. 
O Lord, heal me, for my bones are in agony. 
My soul is in anguish. 
How long, O Lord, how long?  
Turn, O Lord, and deliver me; 
save me because of your unfailing love. 
No on can remember you when he is dead. 
Who praises you in the grave?
I am worn out from groaning; 
All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. 
My eyes grow weak with sorrow; 
they fail because of all my foes. 
Away from me, all you who do evil, 
for the Lord has heard my weeping. 
The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; 
the Lord accepts my prayer. 
All my enemies will be ashamed and dismayed; 
they will turn back in sudden disgrace.

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Nonsense Answered

~This poem is a response to the questions asked in the book "The Book of Questions" (Poems I, II and III) by Pablo Neruda.~

The airplanes fly solo,
ashamed of their pasts; those who know
of their young propeller days.
The sunny bird,
with warmth is lured
those with bags of lemons from their ways.
No one can make the gun,
that harnesses the sun
to give to helicopters; they grow unwise.
In the lake shines a great bright light,
a reflection in the night,
and in that sight you will find her prize.
Ask Big Ben, who's always visible through rains
or the sun who dictates change,
you'll never find time through flesh.
The leaves, so green,
from trees so keen
on the birth of many strong souls; fresh.
In the mind,
you hid the blind,
without worry of bees.
We will use red then,
anger works just as well as delight in the kin
for bread to eat with teas.
The rose petals swell,
outside the budding shell,
having nothing to hide.
The wise old tree knows
it is better to hide than show
it's roots; knowledge makes them wide.
The silent screams,
the unknown rings,
reveal the automobile's frame.
The train so rusted,
the train so crusted,
I will never forget it's pain.

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Bus Time

The weekly bus that carries
the old ones from the village
to do their weekly shop
fills with shaken umbrellas
and eager tales of morbidity.

You know those water tablets
that Jane’s been taking for her blood?
Well they’ve affected her kidneys now,
and she’s got oedema.
You should see her ankles:
like balloons, they are.

The rain has stopped, the sun
dazzles the seats around me,
warming the air and our faces;
beads glisten down the windows;
the driver hums a tune;
the journey smiles.

Janet found a growth –
it turned out benign but
she fell and broke her wrist.
I’m doing her shopping.
And as for Billy’s verruca . . . Well!

The sun has failed to shun
the cloudy conversation,
gives up, ushers back the rain.
Rain is happy here: cheer is so obviously
no substitute for this bus-time babble.
Sickness over health is preferred.

I push my earphones further in,
crank up the volume and enjoy
that radio hospital drama
I downloaded yesterday.

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Being and Living

There is a difference between “being” and “living”. You won’t always be able to act a certain way all of the time, because we make mistakes, but you can always strive to live better each day. It’s easy for us to “be” in love, because it makes you feel really good at that time, but to “live” in love is a daily expression of your spirit that you’ll know is true even on days when you may be feeling bad. That’s what keeps me grounded every day: knowing that regardless of how people may feel towards me, I will love them anyway because it’s how I live.

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She enters carefully
A journey that began so long ago
Culminating on this threshold of discovery 
With the turning of the knob, an old door, of peeling paint and squeaking hinge
The house, a derelict with broken shutters
Darkness, mold and gloom,...yet a pleasantness...a sense of familiarity
Floors that creak and groan
Surveying each room...gathering thoughts, sensations, emotions
Digesting the essence of stories told
Of sitting on a grandfather's knee, and hearing of this legacy
So long harbored, like faded photographs, in her heart

A glance outside the bay window
Pushing aside the cobweb laced shade
Rubbing dirt and grime from the glass, and viewing a river in the distance
A pasture overgrown with weeds
Gopher hills the only things sprouting in the yard
Flower beds empty, except for tendrils of devil grass..
Forsaken, abandoned it is today,...but she can picture it then...
She can see the geraniums in bloom as if it were yesterday

She walks the hallowed rooms imagining the family
The father coming in from the fields
Covered with the red soil that he cherished
The mother, apron clad, gathering her children is over there where they would sit...
Around the table, the Bible resting on the shelf
Waiting to be read by evening light

Just as the giant oak in the yard
That shouts and tussels with the wind
With deep roots which cling so intimate with the rock below
In this journey, she clings... 
To things that are deeply rooted
Family, love, life, death, that which is...that which has been..
No longer are there only sepia colored stories
Stored in a shoe box on a closet shelf...
This is a journey that continues on and on...
And like the reaches deeply...searching for constancy
These are her roots...


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Humming Bird Dreams

I smile as it seems to be,
 The wind came to play with me.
 For i lay in bed,
 Ill for what seems like forever.
 I cannot move or dance myself,
 So the wind and my dreams dance together.
 I watch as the humming birds made of lace,
 come alive before my eyes.
 I love to watch the sweet caress,
 Of the lacy blinds against the open glass.
 I love to watch as my dreams take me,
 Dancing me out my small window
 To the open land and tall trees,
 To the light in the skies,
 And the smell of the seas.
 I laugh as i slip away into my dreams,
 Now i can dance for myself.


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Waiting on That Call

If only I could kiss u as many times as I shed a tear last night.
I wish i were older. I wish people would  realize we are just two lonely kids trying to find a way in this world. I hope when the time comes for us to meet again we don't regret a thing. We will work out perfect we won't have to make anyone happy but ourselves. But for now, goodbye. I hope your life is as fun and amazing as you have made my life these past few months. I hope your successful, and I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I do. I hope you are happy in everything you do. Anyone who is yours is really lucky. Just know that when you need me to keep our promise, to find and fall back in love with each other, I'm where I always said I would be, waiting on that call, and on that day my life will be complete.

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The Dream

As I walk through the house,

I see toys scattered around the floor

I see a tiny mouse

I see a bright light coming from a door

I found little candy boxes, little key rings.

I found lots of candy

There were so many things

Oh,these things could come in handy

I felt like I was in a maze

Or maybe this is just a dream

Did someone put me in a daze

Is there a price for me to redeem?

This dream is now ending

I don't know what message I'm sending.

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we've been here before

inside here, it spins and zigzags
outside there, normal is my favorite flavor
either way, a straightjacket insanitarium awaits me
when i stay, i pay
when i go, it is like i don't know
confusion is a boa constrictor squeezing until the color of life fades to nothing
what was once fun is now a heartache playing darts with my Sanity's cerebellum
it all leads me to follow fragile
where it all takes me i have no idea
what i do know is that sometimes in life you have to throw away the running shoes
survival is a cash reward incomparable to nothing except God's Love....
now that i think about it, all around, over, under, and on all sides of us, that is where our focal points need to be....

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Companionship of Time

Darkness broke against the
shimmering, bleeding-out sky 
as the sun, descending back 
to its ebony prison. 
We two sitting enjoying 
Nog and Chai, speaking 
pondering of life the 
meaning, the confusion 
of memories molding 
clay upon the spinning 
wheel, churning mankind 
into a form from 
embryological entrance 
feet fist, usually 
head proceeding down 
to the slanting point 
situations teaching 
us the lessons of life 
the best teacher the 
one without judgment 
letting us grow and 
learn, the best guide allowing 
us to experience it all
some good, 
some bad 
all adding to the moment 
of who we are, all adding 

to the reality that is us

We share with each other 
these lessons, for we 
too are teachers and
students to each other 
All in one, one in all 

From Cafe we sit
to icy darkness we stand 
our breathes heard by ear 
seen moving upwards by eyes 
All truths revealed 
of who we are, what we 
learned and where we plan 
on going. This journey 
is one we need not 
travel alone. Having a 
good companion is just 
as important as having 
a backpack, rations 
that sturdy canoe 
we use these items 
so often. The canoe 
especially, its floating 
mass taking us along
the river. Our Journey 
filled with harsh winds 
hail and rain. As we 
grasp the floating emptiness 
alone and frighten, the 
rocking reminding us of
the cradle, but Mother 
is absent, replaced by
the Mother of all. Nature 
at her mercy, her
all-powerful grasp. This is
what we learned that 
night against immature 
car-filled hooligans, two 
mature beyond age pairing 
sages. That throughout 
life we are faced by 
many stepping stones 
along the riverbed 
yet we, along this course 
can find comfort banding 
together to get our 
poetry heard, or voices and 
minds accepted. Go!
Go together, all in one
one in all, strength in 
numbers. Building our 
home together, our Buddha 
Lotus, our Grand Mosque 
our Mecca of results 
of our Poetic Journey
down the river of time.

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This is the second poem I have ever written, I was nine or ten.

The love caused me pain
I’m no longer able to breathe
My bleeding soul
My enclosed throat
My blood-shot eyes
My dying words
All seem to fade away
I love to sing
I loved to laugh
I loved to love
Now they are no more
I have no sang in three years
I do not think I even can…
I try to laugh….
But it turns into a broken sob
I tried to love
But I just wreaked pain
Over and over…and over again
Can a broken soul ever heal?
No, I do not think so
Can a hollow voice ever have life?
No, not that either
Can a dead love be born again?
Life ends like it begins
We start out crying and frightened
We die crying and frightened
Life is a cruel joke
We all die at the end
Why be immortal?
Only those whom hate life get to forever live it
Fighting the whole time, crying
Crying for death
Because death is when memory is gone
We come back crying
There is a threat that in the end will win
No circles will save us
No praying will help
This threat has no compassion
Has no soul
Will kill many
And birth more
It has no mercy
Harbors no soul
It is here for one thing
And one thing alone
To kill us all
This great threat goes by one name
The thing that few know is not a friend, a blessing
But is a threat, an enemy
This is one fight not many can win
Most will die
But a few can cheat death
Maybe even life
But that is up to you….
My choice? 
I will cheat death and survive life…

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Fully Equipped

I’ve already packed
Everything you need
For your trip, Little One.
“Yes,” she said,
“But I’ve never been 
To Chicago before,
And I just might need
My old hairbrush
And this book I used to like,
And…” it all went
Into her backpack

I smiled then
And again later
As we walked the long concourse.
Steps faltered
And tears of fatigue flowed
Down my daughter’s face
Until a loving elder brother
Took the unnecessary burden
So we all 
Could make our plane.

I shoulder my own
Unwieldy baggage,
And trudge with faltering step,
Tears of frustration 
And fatigue 
Rolling down my face.

I fail to acknowledge
That Father has sent me
Already fully equipped,
And I’m reluctant to release
My unnecessary burden
To the Brother who
Would carry it for me.
And in my obstinance
I just might miss 
My flight!

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Different Roads

Cruising along horizons unseen
Where scent of greenery lingers,
The plaza curves in a labyrinth
Of  footprints  memorizing vignettes
Past old churches and warm townsfolk;
And I stop, amazed. My spirit 
Inhabits another culture,
Different in its quaint artwork
That a soul tastes the delicacy
On to paths where new souvenirs
Await. Somehow, these wanderings
Free the senses  to open life’s doors,
Engulfed by fired,  thrilled abandon.

Once more, the roads of adventure
Meander through discoveries,
Searching for memories to keep.

Wanderlust Contest for nette onclaud 
From  Gabby Sabre   Aug 11, 2014
16 Lines

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Soulful Cries

I scream, at the top of my lungs
No sound, comes out
Silent, curdling screams
Is, all I have left, now
I wrestle; I fight, with all, my physical might
While, being forced down 
By the mighty strength, of many men
The pungent smells of dirt, sweat and grime
Embed, in my senses
Their ghastly hot breathes; making me, want to puke!
Their hands, all over me
Constantly grabbing and groping me
Hollering and cheering each other on
Then, someone punches me
Someone, I cannot see
A large man’s hand, covers my nose and mouth
Muffling my soulful cries, terrifying, my insides!

I can’t breathe, now!

Many heavy handed blows, follow
In a blurry haze
I watch, my scarlet red blood splatter
Upon the snow white sheets, that surround
My sacred blood spilled
My salty tears mixed in with sticky men’s semen
My body, a raging torrent of scorching hot lava
Lulling into a translucent, entranced state
Surrendering, to the primal, animalistic frenzy
The men, taking what they want, anyway they want it
Devouring every morsel left ,of my weak and weary body
My body fighting, for its God given right
To live, now!
My life flashes before my eyes
The sounds around me begin to fade
My eyes glaze over, my body goes limp
My body betraying me, when I need her the most!
Silently, I pray for this is not my will, but their own
“Have mercy upon these souls” 
“Please forgive these men, as I do, now
“My love remains with you, heavenly Father”
Blackened tears of jet black mascara
Weave their way down
Through the bloody crevasses, of my black & blued skin
My body used up, a lifeless vessel, totally numb!
My innocence and dignity stripped!
No one, can save me, the worst is done!
Bashed, beaten, worn
I am nothing, no more...

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Twilight Stroll Through the Jading Copse

The sun in its melancholy phase
dazed swirls, sun dial spinning
Pale moon but a mere shadow
empty ball, psychedelic haze

Into the bleary copse I tread
for a twilight detox of sorts
nerves on end, psyche suspends
light with shadows, a disco portends

Blipping pulses of light filter down
the pin pricks cause vertigo,
as disoriented interloper, stagger
through the bifurcated maze

Bristling limbs tap their snare drums
dissonant rhythms, arrhythmia creeps
swaying arms shroud every move
Damocles' sword swaggers o'er my head

The ground's tangled web straddles
my feet; jagged stumps, fibrous roots,
slippery Lichens harrow each quaking step
the seismic swell rises to my shaken core

An eerie wind serenades my imagination
grainy outlines appear in the distance
wispy figments dance in the shadows
above, silted holograms prance through trees

Picking up the pace, now double time
my lagging adrenaline to prime
shedding my sensory shield
my naked soul conquers the tempest

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Tumbling Into Leechdom

            Tumbling Into Leechdom

The Omo River Ethiopia has no roads or bridges there
It is my home of hope
There is no other way to live
Leeches were once everywhere within the Omo
Tributaries, brooks and streams attended them
Morning’s sun would glaze my eyes when I was young
Running with the muddied currents there
The rock along the centered way protruding on the surface
Destroyed my boat and fled as splintered pieces down the stream
Swirling their good-byes
 Discarding me right there abandoned 
From the shallows, fighting currents to find dry land
When I emerged, muddied, like some darkened creature 
Firm terrain found me dripping wet with leeches clinging head to toe
This would be my new life story
My river found friends and I set out to see the cunning man
The village shaman medicine man 
Who offered his daughter in exchange for them
I took trinkets and bottled goat milk instead
Finding the young girl too heavy for the road
These leeches are perfect for all the healings
Respiratory infections to demonic possession
Leech gathering is what I do
Along and in the Omo of Ethiopia

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Privacy Privileged

As I awoke this morning the strangest feeling came upon me 
The air was thick yet clean

The water surrounding me though murky 
Holds clarity of the visions I'm to see

Suddenly unwittingly aware
Yet I don’t want to be

It’s all so bitter sweet
Tangy although a treat
To be a piece of the puzzle so neatly incomplete 
Yet the pieces fit so perfectly

Clearly my mind’s eye has been plagued 
Yet not blind to the scrutiny in which it’s survived

Charmingly divine is the denial we’ve so cautiously danced around 
Yet no elephant roams in home

Lingering is the question I’ve so cautiously avoided
Yet its answer I’ve owned all along

Wants and needs do differ in deed 
Yet there personal importance is frowned upon
When standing tall and walking strong…


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Journey On

Spirit rallies and musters energy to continue
Further tallies and blusters ensue to end you
Fear it, cause clusters of evil pretend to
Suck the life out of you, journey on and take his hand
Go through hell and keep going

Fallacies invade nightmares and dreams awake
At night you fight the unfair of dreams at stake
Periodically bite the hand it seems to take
You, and you are on quite the journey, onwards friend.
Feel his presence yet? No, then you need a hand.

Reach out and take mine or any who knows
Truth that end of line isn't as the journey flows
Unending find of thee and thine as master glows
God gives me the time to foster and grow on
Journey's, take it and you won't look back.

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Flight 370 Things Suspended In Air

     Flight 370 Things Suspended In Air

Fresh out of bed
In long disjunction with the day
With due reverence for the missing
Suspended in the air
All things held suspect
Something takes shape out there
But there's nothing there
We’re not quite sure
Nothing looks familiar
How did they get..... somewhere?
A woman then approaches
With every sound of softness
She told them to relax
With every confidence
This flight has ended in the air
It’s been suspended
It does not really matter
Things like facts
Let us gather more data though
We're good at that
They asked her why
Some things have no answer
We don’t know why
This conversation
Like the flight
Has ended
Somewhere in the sky

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Somebody stop me, or The way of the respondent world to be, I hope

I will keep this one simple as it invovlves one with love
to get the full impetus this song fits like a glove
I am a lover, or prostitute/giglo of love, but a guitar 
reigns all and rises above all. Thank God for Youtube and the offerings
it promotes from a antique man that its presents promote. So much I have l
istened and so much I've lost to vinyl, tape, 8 track and more than it cost. 
Whatever the measure the venue that speaks is all that ask for and all that
bequeaths. Way past, past, pre present now forward, lends ears to all measures
that motivate pleasures to all that appreciate without no man clatures to ageless
yea man playtatures. Music is all to one and all rergardless of age and for one for all.
My middle son suddenly I heard him of Frank like I did as a boy in Ohio a dank. Is there 
something to astrology, heredity, DNA, that speaks to the aforementioned
in a word yes foretay. Hidden, hiding, promising, pre emienent, ever prominent
evasive, compromising maleovenent. This is where parental promotion is prime
where u forget about convention, discipline, and sublime. Letting them be, 
and be and be be, without social shitface premises to see. My sons r the greatest
as they think unarraigned,unassigned, unhinged, to favor fathom their existance
in line to their own place in the present time/place/passion position equitible
and free forth coming to a future fashion fusion frankness filled with
love, caring, forgiveness, and global nurturance for all things human. Yea, 
right. It is possible if u drop yr ego and give yr other other self half a f-ing chance.
 A mirror works both ways my friend.

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Deep Within

Deep within the gated doorway of a shattered adults hurt, you find the innocents of a child. Lost in the ways of life, picked apart by strangers claiming to keep them from danger. Trusting in the heart to find that love that only comes from above. Gated now because of the years of false promises and dreams that brings the mind to dream and the heart to scream. Older now... the pain still remains and the heart is stained trying to remain in a world of no love. Tears, fears, and unpleasant years has brought ice, stone cold and not easily broken but easily melted by the burning lust and worldly thrust, to get you nowhere but alone again searching for your childish self as a friend to pick up and start again in a world that never ends in a lonely heart that needs a friend.

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I press along this arid wasteland
Thirsting for your eyes beneath
A mirage of  low stars,  and in the
Sahara of  copper dunes, your fragrance
Becomes an oasis for this parched lips.

Alone, as stretchmarks deepens
The curved lines of thoughts,
Heated winds carry your breath sweet
And damp upon my neck; while one
Tiny cactus pierces my skin with faint longing.

For Contest, In The Desert, nette onclaud
Carly Lalion, Sep 14, 2014

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Jumping Blindly

Thinking over conversations
written words
never any spoken

Silently I fear
what would it be like
if I had you near?

Would I still hold
that small part
of heart and soul?

Would my dreams
finally be put in place
behind closed eyes?

Wondering if soon enough
fears will be 
put to rest.

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The Expression of My Poetic Testimony

i never become a victim of my trials' aftermaths
i choose to shake them all off and allow the calmness of my sanity to guide me
where that direction has taken me untied the noose that stunted my personal growth
steady i do go, and the True Vibes Of Positivity flow smoothly under the soles of my feet
where i am Truly Blessed is where my WonderFull God doth taketh  me....
All Colours Shine Brighter even in inevitable days of clouds and gloom
as a Direct Result, i eventually become a representative of The Latest Example....
an extension to My Self Knowledge Gained, easier is The Expression of My Poetic Testimony....

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Decided to go visit the long-lost relatives  
I'd  left when I broke away from family
To find myself as a teenager.
                          You can never enter the same river twice
                                Wanted to try and pick up the thread
              Of lost decades, catch up, hang out, break bread
                           Wanted to renew contact, like mum said
                                Progress has a cost - loss is the price

It was winter: roads were blocked with snow   
And normal temperature dropped way below -  
The very dead of winter .    
And the car - worn out fanbelt lost,
Engine coughing, tires spinning in the frost;
Other drivers were rude, without inhibitions, 
And fractious in the icy conditions.
All the hotels were filled in a trice 
And in any case charging high  prices.

                             You can never enter the same river twice
                I regretted leaving my warm apartment in Queens
    The little Italian restaurants and waitresses in their teens
   The journey seemed to be just a foolish waste of gasoline
                                   Progress has a cost - loss is the price

But I could tell I was getting closer to the old place,
Then at dawn I came down to a temperate valley,   
Free of snow, with a river and a water mill and three trees.
I checked at the bar in town
But there was no information and so I continued,
And I found the the relatives’ place in the evening
                             You can never enter the same river twice
                                  It wasn’t really that great of a reprise
                  Barely satisfactory to appease them by degrees
                                       With them I was no longer at ease
                                   Progress has a cost - loss is the price

Well, that was a long time ago and I would do it again 
Even though seeing these relatives 
Wasn’t really all the fun I’d thought.  
Turns out I had changed so much 
                              You can never enter the same river twice
                      It was strange even after we shared our meal
                 Just to know how differently they and I could feel
                               To me they were now like strangers real 
                                   Progress has a cost - loss is the price

Entered in Debbie Guzzi's contest
Based on Eliot's  JOURNEY OF THE MAGI

(6 lines have  Eliot quotes) 

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On My Way Home

When day is done and night draws near
   I'll stumble out to greet the waning light

I'll grope for keys to start the old wheels turning
   And head for home again

Thought the time is short, the drive is long
   And all seems in a haze

My mind turns back the pages now
  As alone I start to think

Of days gone by that still remain
   So deep inside of me

Days that filled my soul and more
   So bright the light that shined

But all is past and drive I must
   On my way home again

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A time for rest,
a time for enjoyment,
in order to keep our mind at peace,
we venture out,
in search for something quite special indeed,
these are known as memories,
in order to keep these memories as lively as possible,
we tend to travel afar,
finding a number of ways to preserve these,
especially the good ones though,
but elaborating on a number of these would exceed the pages indeed,
so keeping in short,
the travel to the Himalayas,
is what I can think of,
the elegance and the beauty of the place , 
keeps on registering in my mind from time to time,
how I wish to spend my time in there,
but a voice calls me back,
for it’s not yet time to rest in here!!

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Stranded on the road again
With a pack of cigarette and jar of wine 
And a snoozed up box and a leaked tank
In a cold-desert known as end of the world
My heart scampers for a soul for help
With furriest echoes breaking the wind's voice
And the soring sky eclipsing the benumbed night

Stranded on the road like before
With a dead battery and a panicked gaze - 
I watched my lazy jalopy as it relaxes by the road 
Clad in smokes and grimes down to top
Its tyres are worn-out like my childhood 
And its eyes are cracked and broken

Stranded on the road 
Locked deep in superficial meditation
While I smoke away and get drunk
Passersby honk and zoomed by
Veering left to right from a potential casualty
Me! Whose pity will I win for a ride to my love?
I'm by the side waiting for sleep to possess me
Nay to the bed of death in whose comfort I might 
find myself

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Its just me, 
here in front of the sea.

Yet what do you expect of me-
This monumental powerful sea!
What do you expect of little ol'me?

Dominant viscosity,
Frail frame of curiosity.

To see the fire,
Is to drown in full attire.

Little ol'me-
Grand sea.

Wonders to meet
Fine in company.

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given and shared by many,
valued by the wise.
bound by no one,
except but by power of God.
founded with true mercy and humility,
grounded on faith.
free with no payment,
blessings with no attachment.
proof of the holy spirit:
true works of hope,
through our daily lives,
many are unaware of it's knowledge,
left to claim for the deserving:
lifetime spent seeking.
few are grateful.
missed by so many,
used rightly by just a handful,
you can never take advantage of.
handy in case of  emergency.

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Treading together through Winter, somewhere
between Autumn and Spring, we discover
suspicions brought on by our untamed pasts.
We stopped running in packs, long ago
tidying up our wildness with commitment.
And yet, memories of
our actual nature
challenges truth and movements.
Each other’s prey and predator,
we obsessively fear what
could make us stray...

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Save Them

Can the world survive,
What is to come?
Maybe not.

We need our savior, 
Our hero,
Save us he ought.

Where will our world be?
When it all come down to the end,
Who will be alive, 
And who will be dead?

"He'll save us." 
They all said.
Yet  he did  not,
and we perished instead.

Where is our hero,
When we need him most?
He let me die,
And never came for me.

This was one of the times,
Where I would cry,
And fear what was to come.

Why did her save them,
And not the other few some?

I question it all now,
Did he really do much,
Or would we be better off dead?

I ask those questions,
The like, the such.

Please my hero,
Don't let me down again,
Don't fail me,
Especially when I need to smile,
And all I have is a frown.

When the whole world,
Looks to you,
Who do you save,
What to do?

How I have wondered these things,
What will he do?

And I say that maybe he just gave up,
He cant do this anymore,
He was scared,
Of the way things have fared.

So this is what I do,
I go,
And search for people,
Who need him,
So he could know.

They I'll rise,
And think about back then,
I'll get my suit,
And go save them.

I can't let people die,
Not when there was something I could have done,
I am a hero,
I will fight till the flame is gone from the sun,
Fight for right and wrong.

I am The Hero,
The Heroine,
And this is where all my doubt, 
Their doubt,
Reaches the end of the line.

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the dark is her preferred habitat;
her wings spread effortlessly,
silently and invisible in the
cool black that surrounds her,
as though a child's blanket.
She's comforted by the welcome
the wind speaks,
as it whistles quickly;
her black lace dress dances to
the wind in ritual.
Avoiding the lights of common humans,
she flies in joy;
her laughter can be heard inside the 
coffee shops and
From time to time she
comes across a bloody scene,
and the warm, forbidden,
sexy black-red life liquid
seems as though to speak to her.
she can feel the pulse of the living around her,
and it drives her wild with desire.
How she longs to swoop upon a victim,
to gain the taste of what was so
wrongfully taken away from her.
Another night, little nosferatu.

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Time Until the Last Drop of Stardust

I am in love with this girl.
This girl who tries so hard
to hold the galaxies of emotion in,
in an attempt to rid mankind of it’s beauty.
I’m in love with this girl 
who sees faults in our stars
and cries for them.
I am in love with this girl
whose every being consists of stardust,
One much like the other.
And my love for this girl does not wane,
For I shall wait until those eyes 
look at time itself and make it smile.
For the time it takes, 
will be the time until,
the time until the last drop of stardust 
fills me with everything it has,
and I am taken.

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should the coin flip,
the spade's ace be dealt,
the roulette ball drop,
the slots come up all 9's
- know my stance

i will not be ended
execution style, 
bowed to violence
praying for 
some wasted miracle

assassin, murderous hit
- look me in the face
- watch me - 
watch you kill me
a casing twitching at me

not that i think you'll 
change your way - or mind,
only that i may live on,
if only in your dreams

on face value that
may seem a tad harsh,
a bit vengeful, but no
it's the will to live
that makes it so

© Goode Guy 2013-01-11

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Ardency is the drive of life,
Beings journey in it vehicle.
For the rumination of thoughts,
The hunger race is infinite.

Ideas conceived are perceived,
Concepts are boundless,
Notions are yet born,
That man's itch is immeasurable.

Insatiablilty pervades the air,
Taste rises,
Hunger inflicts - and,
Cravings to be served is intense.

Man shouldn't be by bread alone.
Today thinks not,
For all seek to yield - to,
Their endless tort yens.

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The Train

The lights stream out the tunnel,
The tube stops at the platform, 
Passengers interchange.

I wonder if the man in the suit,
Ever stopped to think about that guitar player,
The busker he never thought to spare a little change 
For he didn’t have the time.
He was late for dinner,
And he didn’t want his wife to interrogate him,
About why he took so long and had red lipstick on his collar…

The tube stops at the platform,
Passengers interchange,
The alarm bell sounds,

The doors cl- , oh she just made it.
The 20-something year old Artist,
Blue hair, tattoos and a lip piercing.
You may assume she’s just like you or I,
Trying to get somewhere in this life,
When in reality, she’s selling the paintings that she can,
To support her single mother, who was diagnosed with cancer last year,

And I wonder if that same Man in the suit,
Ever stopped to help or even apologize,
To this young lady,
When he barbarically barged into her side,
Causing her to drop all her artwork,
Now destroyed beyond repair.
He was too busy daydreaming about his latest job “perk”.

Passengers interchange,
The alarm bell sounds,
Doors close,
Train moves.

And who does the train move with,
I look around the carriage and I see people,
They all look different with their own story to tell.
Different personalities, some we may relate to well.

The Stockbroker who just lost his job.
The Italian couple who are madly in love.
The insecure school-girl who wants the boys attention.
The middle-aged woman who’s never been married,
The smiling elderly man, who has Parkinson’s,
The group of boys from south, hustling hard.
The Chinese girl, new to life in the city.

The Man in the suit who just cheated on his wife…

The lights stream out the tunnel,
The tube stops at the platform, 
Passengers interchange,
The alarm bell sounds,
Doors close, 
The train moves.
The lights stream out the tunnel,
The tube stops at the platform, 
Passengers interchange,
The alarm bell sounds,
Doors close, 
The train moves.

We cross paths with strangers everyday,
Strangers that perhaps we will never see again,
Or even if we do, they wont be recognized,
Simply because they don’t mean a lot to us.
But even strangers can become life changers.

I just find it funny,
How we are all on a journey,
We all start in the same place, 
And when its over, we all go back to the ground,
Our routes are all different, 
Yet, the passengers always interchange.
The Alarm bell sounds,
Doors close,
The Train moves.

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Where The Peaceful Dream Unfurled

Was it just imagining
Which brought these eyes to see inside
Another world
We could have realised
A different story
For all our lives

Looking into this stolen world
Where the peaceful dream has unfurled
Its banner of love beneath the sun
A flag of truce for everyone

The journey of our hearts becomes celebration
When all is gathered into one
A birth in unity
Of this global family

Looking into a broken crystal sphere
Only turns on me its dark reminder
Of what we all have become

Peopled with lives of separation
So filled with their neighbours fear
Grabbing all they think they need
Appeasing someone else’s greed
Their solitude in slavery
To the markets of their luxury

While other faces shine with a tarnished love
Are hoping for the pious judgement day to come
So their elite self-righteous sense of justification
Can gloat in contentment and damnation over the wicked ones
And please themselves with all the evil they have never done
But smiling still with condemnation as they watch
Their brothers and sisters

And on the tiny gang-land street
Where colours run with gangster feet
The agonies of our divided homelands
Are played upon a smaller stage
Violence by the guns divide 
Rules to keep the urban warriors small
Keep them in their skin deep cultures
Keep them fighting for the scrapes let fall
From the tables of wealthy vultures

Usurped by those who wanted more than would suffice
They sold us back ourselves for a price
They are smiling in our death
Killing each other for the chance
The less we are 
The more there is left
To fight over

Keep us fighting in every way
For a better life some day
In these lives we do not own
With all its empty promise we are shown
Robbed from us so long ago
We were redesigned and then re-sold
Is now the only way 
We have ever known

Looking into this stolen world
None of us seem to be human anymore
Our future confiscated by the fear of fear
Destroying all the things we hold so dear
So love can not stretch beyond the wall
To the faces of the starving poor
And extend our helping hand 
To us all

Was it just your imagining
Which brought my eyes to see inside
Another world
We could have realised
A different story
For all our lives

Looking into this stolen world
Where the peaceful dream did unfurl
All the banners of its love beneath the sun
Became a flag of trust for everyone

Did the journey of our hearts become 
When all were gathered into celebration
The birth of this global family
In a unity of one


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Once I Sought But Love Ran Away

Once I Sought But Love Ran Away

I sought peace by way of knowledge
the well was full but the peace it did so hide
I ran races after peaceful horses but 
the saddles fell of and trampled was my heart
I sought love by way of exciting sex with 
beautiful vixens but satisfied I found love hiding
I ran after soft girls with hard sexy bodies only 
to find sex great but true joy O' so elusive
A journey lead me into a wild life looking for
clues to peace and love. I found great pleasure 
no real gain. I sat for years begging for an answer
when suddenly a little bird told me-
Stop, you are trying to force it! 
Love flees from force. Settle down, look around 
and you will see Love seeking you out! A great
truth hit me like a ton bricks. I obeyed that 
little voice and now married ten years to the
 Love that searched me out! 
Hallejah and I praise her with a Shout!!!!!

Stop, open your heart, look and listen.
That same little bird just may speak to you!

Robert Lindley. 08-13-2014

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can it be that we are just floating

can it be that we are just floating
happy we are without care as we journey
the carolina blue skies provides the motivation for each mile we cross
where we go is the camera to the picture of more
we never thought we would be here for we know what we would be doing if we were still alone
however we do not think about that as we cross a certain state line
the back roads only excite us more
all sadness, though a thing of the past, defines who we are and is still the reason that we are doing this
we know that we cannot wish or regret our past away, so we just accept that it was and move forward from there
as we get closer, we take a moment to just be silent and let it all sink in
see, a short time ago we were overexerting ourselves on outlets and denial
without knowing it, we were only increasing unneeded toxicity to our individual selves
now here we are, full of natural spring water but still remaining thirsty
can it be that we are just floating
so at peace we are in the warm aftermath of essential repentance 
God opened this door that we are carefully bursting through
however we laugh despite ourselves because we know good and doggone well that we, for once in our lives, are not trying to be careful....

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Beautifully Unfinished

These thoughts play back in my head again and again like a sappy love song on the radio...*REPETITION REPETITION*..."CAN WE TALK for a minute"? many questions that I need to ask...the when the what and the why....mostly the WHY is WHAT boggles my mind...WHEN will the answers be revealed?...while I continue to propose these questions...never do I fret nor lose focus...instead I'm patient enough to wonder....and while I wander through this forest of great confusion....I find inner peace in the search for knowledge and wisdom....and even with what's already understood I understand that I've not yet reached complete and total understanding....I FEEL a certain sense of rush knowing that my journey is very much still ahead of I walk down the path of what is true SELF DISCOVERY...I marvel at artistry of creation...and appreciate the blessings of being.... "beautifully UNFINISHED"....

CiD *Challenging Industrial Dictators*
Milk And Bread

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to be focus,
to conquer all.
no matter what is in the line,
to strive at all times.
to better tha imperfection;
no other solution,
than the one string in your face,
not dependent on being made.
mind set to finish,
not weak with limits.
perfect on just doing you;
not looking on anything,
but what you can do.
craving to take that risk,
for that one chance to go all out.
the measures of a win,
without loosing any of the passion.
no more insecurity of missing,
bottom line is towards the goal.
not giving up what you're made off;
the true test of a star,
without getting burned.

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Blossoming Budlings

Cherry blossoms
Pink and white
Sprinkle down 
Like confetti.

What a lovely flower
That pops open like popcorn
From one single tree
As its petals blow in the wind.

Amongst the cherry blossoms
There are budlings attached to branches
Still waiting to awaken 
Waiting to blossom.

Though these budlings take time
They are quite special
As if their waiting for the moment
To reveal themselves to the world.

Once they begin to bloom
When the sun's rays just right
Slowly they unravel
To reveal their majestic forms.

Their color more dyed than others
A deep pink like a heart
White light as an angel's wing
Their form so divine.

These blossoms branch out
More than their siblings
For they are the most beautiful
For all to gander upon.

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Why Bother

Sometimes my head is heavy with the burden of letting things simply go 
Like a feather torn apart from its carrier and floating downward to eventually reach earth

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A Broken Heart

Tired are the eyes of a heart
That have only seen darkness,
Since the very start,
Fading slowly into the nothingness.

Painful are the feelings of a heart
That cannot be expressed
By any form of art.
Day by day suppressed.

Long and dreadful is the journey
Of a broken heart
That is yet to be lived in agony.
A broken heart trying to express itself in art.

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A Painful Journey

What a piercing thrones just felt
What a dreadful moves i went
What a agonies just overwhelmed
What an emotions dashed my sense

It was pains,unbearable
Sorrow surrounded incurable
I was walking smoothly with my LORD
suddenly thought of discovering new Road

Longtime a feelings touched my heart
Adored and accepted with a fresh new start
Loved and cared to hold him through
Wanted to cross every limit , so true

All that glitters is just not Gold
New start ended soon with painful folds
My path with GOD was just soo fine
Discovering new road was a biggest crime

Emotions was carved in my heart 
Wounds left in the core atlast
Hurts and aches still remains
His fake cares n tender touch, I wish I could frame.

Taken a resolution will walk with YOU (GOD)
Never again will open my door
Showering my love was just not all
This journey of mine was a new downfall

Only last words will remain in my heart
Our journey ends here -and no new start
Goodbye  with pains in my heart.

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Abusive Love

Cold case lover, how I loved you so!
You always mattered
But, you never believed me!
You were my every desire
You were everything to me!
Looking through your eyes
Jaded with jealousy and envy
You laid your hands upon me
Acting out your emotional
And bitter pain
“Why were you so mean spirited?"
“Who messed with your mind?"
How can you kneel before me, now
Pleading me to forgive you
As, you bawl your eyes out

Your relentless begging
Over and over
You keep playing mind games, with me!
Begging me, for mercy
To come back,
One, last, time...

With my swollen eyes
Broken bones
Twisted up, insides
My heart is torn!
“Are you a dead man walking?"
“Do you not ‘feel’ no more”?
Will I get to see tomorrow’s sunrise
If, I stay another day with you...

Playing Russian roulette with my life
I am terrified, I am petrified!
My eyes are blind
My heart too forgiving!
But, I am not leaving.

“Will I become a cold case murder, one day?"
I wonder...
At the hands, of my own stupidity!
“What will you do on that day, dear lover?"
“Will you lie and be deceitful?"
“Will you hide things?"
Just like, you did from me!

Will, you ‘vow’ devotedly
You did it all in the name of ‘Love?'
Will you brag about
Your ‘bitter, sweet victory?
Open wounds
Bleeding soul
Release me free
From this man’s betrayal!

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Drifting endlessly,
   Into the night I go

Above my head a ribbon wide
   Of light from distant glow

"We've come by way"
   Soft voices say
"Of the galaxy of dreams"

"And on this night, within this light,
   We trust you shall obey,

Behold the canopy of stars 
   From which we do descend,

No calendar can rule,
   No dream a man befool

Behold, your waning spirit calls,
   We bid you soon depart

Aspire to the heavens high,
   The fervor of your heart"

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hope: merge with the large

money, always, easily slipped
through my fingers
lands that i tried to own also slid
quickly from my hand

the bed i slept in the night
someone else secretly
occupied in the day

the juvenile bird i cuddled
in my bosom
to give warm comfort and a nest
flew away to build her own

my remains too, soon
the fire will consume
leaving, perhaps, my soul
to merge with that larger soul
that welcomingly smiles
from behind the veil

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Ecstasy of Sufi Whirling

Letting my body perfectly free
As anonymous star in the sky’s sea 
While whirling I closed my eyes
Lit the Holy candle inside
As light as an air
When losing my existence 
As I am a wind
Or a particle of sand
Or a Dandelion seed flying in the air
In a Sufi (mystical) flight
I am a soul in luminous twilight
The whole universe is echoing
With soulful melodies
With the Zikr (recitation) of (Allah) God 
And with the chanting poetry
To praising Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)
With sweet melodious tune
Like a beautiful mosaic… 
Sounds and whirling waves 
Flow together in harmony
Like a singing nightingale 
Or clinking of bells
As a rustles of leaves or cataract sounds 
Or splashing of water in flowing streams
Velvet soft as warm breeze
Sublime flashes of spiritualism
Blow up every moment
The ecstasy is growing wider and wider
The increasing gentle turns
Become dynamic
Whirling whirlpool is getting deeper and deeper as a well
My meta-physical journey is on extreme
In a moment in universe
In a moment in the sea
Where seeking spiritual connections
Now seems very close
The stage of my purification
Sacred feelings and emotions
Of the Divine love of God 
Enlightens my heart and soul
Where no more worldly greed
No worries, no screams
The way is direct and clear indeed
Just me and my God, nothing more I need.

Poetess S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari.

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Running lines
Swerves implied 
In the zone
Only one way out
Mistakes will happen
Erase the tracks
Continue with the journey
Bumps in the road
They'll try to stop you
Beauty is up ahead
A masterpiece awaits us
Once received
It'll control
It'll become you
Don't let it take over
If its all you
It's all in you

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A step I take, 
Another I make. 
Looking around, 
I, alone in my bound,
Then looking at my distance
And thinking about resistance
But no, on I go
In my journey to my destination,
All I see is distractions
The more they come, 
The longer my journey turns
I could avoid,
But couldn’t prevent
So I moved along 
With a meek pretense
Then I stumble,
Refusing to crumble
 I continued with my struggle
And finally,
There I got
Standing on my exact spot
And looking at what I have done 
I start to tear up.
All I did 
Was to pave the way
And seeing others on the same trail
Made me understand 
That I have completed 
The journey of life.

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Ask not, 
And you 
Shall indeed

Believe in 
the Son of 
All things known
and Unknown. 

Or Not. 

He knows you 
And me. 

And regardless, 
disbelief is the 
Same as belief. 

When transcendence is
At stake. 

And you and I 
marry to the clouds 
In an eternal treaty.

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To Live, to see,
To Dream, and believe
I take a step back
catch my breath.
Hand on my chest,
to feel the heart beat,
glad I still possess.
It's mine forever, possibly.
Is a lost love able,
to take a part of me?
For them to hold on
even if they leave.
That familiar pain,
the past loves made.
The consuming shade.
When love leaves eternally.
My mind clouded
From those thoughts that flow.
Grief slowly crowded
I have been there before.
That consuming heat
flaming from our core.
Just breathe with me
and don't leave inevitably.
Are you so tired
there's no worth to life?
Missing every percent,
every inch of mountain
you struggled to climb.
Believe you are prized
beyond measure of mind.
If you quit now,
you have allowed loss.
Look at me, I am here.
Fighting the cross
willing away fear.
Take this piece
keeping it close.
Chose this forever
your beauty shows.

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Weekend at Tapora: Part 1

More like Weekend at Birnie's! Anyway...

Like soldiers of fortune on the road to Baghdad
 We crossed the border into No Man's Land:
On convoy's eastern flanks...
 The Brynderwyn Hills,
And a bridge too far as we led 
 The first wave on North-West passage:
From out of the Valley of Mizpah
 To the fires of perdition at the gates of Sodom,
Till at long last...Tapora,
 On the Kaipara Harbour.
Land of pixies, eunuchs, and banjo strummers:
 Home to the Children of the Corn!
Yet we were men on a mission:
 And behold, "the Eagle had landed",
Or in our case...the Red Falcon!
 To crash and burn, and rise from the ashes
Like the Phoenix - no, not the pub, Einstein -
 The great flamin mythical bird!
And so the winds of folly
 Did fan the salty sea air
On nervous sheep and hayseed virgins!
 Soon night falls on the dunes - the Southern
Cross is high in its galactic belt:
 And constellations of Gods and sacred beasts
Gazed at by ancient Greeks
 And Babylonians shimmer in the heavens -
The lights of all antiquity,
 Where the Valkyries ride!
 Well, I'm no ancient, or student 
Of planetary motion but I see a shootin star -
 I'm always seein stars!
Thus with a beer shooter in my hand
 And a song in my heart
I am wise to not much I fear:
 Joyfully I am mute to Political Correctness,
And dumb to the ideology of Passive Resistance -
 Gandhi I'm not: more like Mau - 
Yep, Chairman Skeet!
 Actually...more akin to Marx - Groucho, not Karl!
True, I am the architect of my own demise,
 Yes, and deaf to the bull**** of my own speak!
But I'm cool and hip to mind over matter,
 If Skeet don't mind it don't matter!
The cache of hooch is a target rich environment,
 And as the self-appointed quartermaster
And rankin officer of this rabble
 I must do what I must,
For Skeet is an "ideas man":
 And my master plan is a most cunnin one -
To drink the merry lot
 Till I need a stomach pump
Or a blood transfusion - whichever comes first!
 No, these are not the banks 
 Of the River Jordan, but I do hear
A voice crying in the wilderness...mine!
 And long into the night conspire
The fates to rid me of all conscience:
 When I can drink no more 
And waves upon the shore lull me to sleep,
 My clumsy death trap kiddy cot
Will toss me out in a pre-dawn stupor:
 And as the mornin light on the Kaipara breaks,
So too my fuzzy dishevelled head,
 Where my runnin battle continues with
The Earth's centrifugal force and gravitational pull.

                     End of Part 1


August 1994

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The Visit

11:21 PM 9/27/01                         The Visit

I sit in splendor amongst the sun
Of an afternoon sky

I look below to see the stones
Skyward proud they stand

Some I know, most imagined
All the quieter now

Deer travel the fringes here
Off to the East a bit
Never to offend these resting souls
Passersby in life

In a moment of silence I sit......
How precious life can be

How voices no longer heard
Can resound within the soul
Lighten the sky in brilliance
Form clouds in shapes of love

Me in the afternoon sun
And you in my beating heart

A reflection of the day

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Star Trek

The vacuum 
between the stars
didn't care.
Much of it
died silently.
There were no tears.
The spaces
met each other
by chance. Strangers
rubbed together
to become families
without benefit
of wisdom.
We traveled
with our crew
of coincidental friends.
We almost cared,
but not quite.
We were tied together
by rules we learned
With this crew
we imagined
a universe of life.

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Beware not,
of what lies ahead.
Beware of,
what you already know.

Be the path.

Do not wander
but seek in oblivion.
Pose yourself the mighty question.
Who am I?

The path.

How so?
You’ll know.
Realize you are no one.

An entity of collective thoughts.

Disguised for decades to come.
Till time ceases the moment
and free you become.
To be a cluster of wisdom.

Created not by wonder.

Non complacent to obscurity.
The candid bereft of self-indulgence halted.
Solace transcends for an interlude with faith.
To commence sound purity.

For eternity.

To arrive, is irrelevant.
To be, is character.
Not to be, is awareness.
And the path unfolds.

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bindlestiff blues

cover'd over with the moon

backroad'n RFD,
spare biscuit breakfast,

flop house glad rags
tied up on a bindle stick,

down dog bark alleyways,

as bridge span gypsies 
crouch split-bone knuckled,

soul worn boondockers,

gristle cracked
now tin can feasted,

wind whipped in a belt loop,

frayed into a railyard
stale coal house dusted,

silence like a drumbeat,

as mountains echo hinting
driftsnow blowdown,

vapor thrumming like thick cable,

northron clipper come carbon arcing,
harsh bitten as a cow catcher,

cold iron given life,

shaken snowflakes
deadfall driftwood,

blood pounded steam whistle,

quick step gasping
dead hand switched,

desperate for a ladder rung, 

slide door framework
boxcar straw flakes,

ticket to the rising sun.

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Yes we were born with out possession,
the love received was from God and our parents,
no worries, no fears, no troubles and no fuss.
Yes in our mother's arms we put our total trust.

But as some got older, they looked and wanted more,
Then found themselves all too enslaved to money.
The more they received, the more they needed.
Their quest for more became their LIFE.

Their thirst for our need for more was unable to meat.
The more we grasped, the tighter we held on to it.
They con and scham everybody and gathered to hoard,
possessions became their master and lord.

And when their old with their treasures all together,
This is a sad example of what greed has to their lives.
Their need for it still clenched in the bottom of their heart,
Yes at their death they realize it was wrong to be greedy.
To con and scham everybody out of the their money.
So they would have nothing and you with it all.

God Forgive you for your greed
hurting your brothers, sisters all
in the name of GREED.

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014

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The Mask

The Mask

Deep down
My heart (…)
The mask.
I saw you
And nothing
Else if not
A rope and
Still live in
One day
Life could 
Be other-


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23 Line Haiku Hijack

            23 Line Haiku Hijack

I stole a haiku from the Japanese
Stuffed it in a duffle bag, added 23 lines to make it fat
Fed it chocolate day and night before we started
Threw the 5-7-5 lines overboard in flight
Then placed the new one on the market when I landed
Shrimp and whale tails make for sound haiku 
Deliciously raw like sushi
Japan hates my poetry and me.  They call it criminal
Call it distasteful, crude and rude and even disrespectful 
Complaining it suffered from too many lines and rhymes 
I sold the stolen poem to a toothless Afghan man 
A Taliban by trade, in need of a wife
He realized the mistake we made  
Haiku is not an overweight woman, so he returned it
Calling it bland, loveless and torturously trite
I injected a diaphragm on the haiku 2nd line     
To prevent undo pregnancies
When left alone to expand, haiku will multiply on command
It grew from 3 to 23 lines in what Japanese call, disgraceful 
Hijacking haiku and adding more lines is wrong  
It changes the meaning and is far too long
Haiku will never be the same again
I sent it off to India on a train…a quatrain to be exact. 
I have no shame, and that's a fact

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My Poetic Journey

My journey started in a small way..
Walking, jogging, sometimes running.
It has started and stopped,
Been derailed by arid landscapes,
and drowned by self doubt.

While the view is ever changing
And the road can be bumpy,
The journey has been the thing
That stays with me during  bleak times,
And lights the dark parts of my heart.

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Are You Listening

with my head held high
let me begin
by introducing myself

I'm the hours you've spent
in complete aloneness
I've always wanted to escape
your solitude

I am your inner voice
the one with all the secrets
that dare not be told

oh, let us not forget
I'm the hunger, the ache
the confusion
within you
I am the man you won't be

I'm the happiness you forbid
the family you shunned
the photograph
that has never been developed
the conversations
you never had
the dreadful experience
you've forgotten about (not)
and the good times which never was

I'm your only confidante
as you sit and stare at nothing
I'm the soft voice within
can you hear

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Billowy Patches,Thin Shards

Can I sink into your fullness and pretend that I'm whole? 

   If only I could melt into your sturdy frame, 
you could muffle the crying, the screaming,

          Or maybe I'd just forget. 

Truth be told, my past will forever be a reminder of this current aching,
          as sure as the scars on my skin

But maybe you could pretend to love me just now,
telling me you'd never take from me what I've already lost to the lions-

        that you won't feast on my vulnerable state of mind,
         or conspire as you take into account my fragile,weepy eyes.

 The lies and truths merge in my mind,
 and I feel that either might relieve me of this uncertainty-
          Oh, anything to believe in...

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Sentimental Journey

When I was 21 
the bus didn't stop in West Virginia, 
such a small state 
and the Maryland panhandle only minutes away. 

I would settle in for another few hours 
completely saturated with resting. 
The slight early morning gray 
was like dust.

Going home; but not home, 
a visit with my parents. 
They would greet me and
I would be grateful.

Now, from the high standpoint of age, 
as if I look back from a high peak 
with thin clouds drifting under me, 
I realize that today 

is the time for play. 
I pull out my toys 
like I did when I sat 
sprawled on my parents' carpet.

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I cannot sing
I cannot carry a tune
I cannot run
I stumble and run like a clown
I cannot hum
my tunes are all in my head
I cannot sew
I'm not in love with thread
I cannot cook either
this gives no patience or joy
not even satisfaction
nothing, just annoy
its all just too much work
all too much domesticity
Id rather have more quiet time
to read, to sleep to think
to walk with dogs in the woods and sit
nevermind anything on the stove, or sink
my life has turned to what I need
I just here by myself.

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Investment of Hearts

Another ending and a new beginning,
A whole different world filled with surprises. 
It feels like the world is spinning, 
In which a new challenge arises

A heart, wanted by many
and though the future is unknown,
I will venture into it.

Soldiers march into a battlefield of love. 
Their faith tested and broken,
Until a sole victor walks out of the fog, 
To claim what is rightfully his

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The Road

As I look back down the road we have traveled
I can see all the cracks in the pavement 
Each one a reminder of what we've endured 

If you look at each one more closely
You can see the tears and the laughter
You can hear every sigh and every scream

Some of them are deeper than the rest 
These are indicators of the hardest times
Those made us stronger than we realized 

What we have cannot be broken or burnt 
It cannot be severed or laid to rest 
It is enduring. It is for eternity.

Looking forward on this road we walk
I can already see tiny fissures forming
Trials to come and hurdles to face 

Faith in us and in what we are together
That keeps me from veering off course 
You are my fate and my evermore

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Those heavenly bodies,
they'll rend your mind to ribbons.
It's true;
But first, you must be willing to play the part.
Only the blind, deaf, dumb, and pious need apply.
You'll sit in your padded seat, nodding.
So sad, it's true, and who are you?
Lips blue, eyes black. A warm cadaver to be filled.
Don't bother looking back, the end of the tunnel
long ago.
Surely, to turn from the rising sun is blindness,
to spit on sacred ground is folly,
to face the abyss without fear is madness and abandon.
Sometimes, in the ragged dusk I hear a shallow murmur,
a call to arms for the dirty and faithless.
It's true, so who am I to ask why?
I, of these tired lies, and small, evil mind.
Not so evil as the silent engines that propel my quest.
A sojourn fetter'd in shackles of taunting realities,
held above our brows as a beacon to the journeys of tomorrow.
And blessed am I, to vanquish the marauding bandits.
The unwanted and foul.
Those who would not accept the gift.
Gibbering with thoughts of lust, hatred, and pride I prevail.
Breathless, at the peak of that wretched descent,
we'll see the fabled reward, cold and pale.
To those who mock or doubt my tale, may the mercy
of fools be upon ye.

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A journey

A journey taken

Paddle wielder, not so graceful a feather,
there is a delicate balance 
one must observe in a canoe
having to switch sides and currents
trying to control, nearly
an impossible goal, she stows the tool
letting her finger tips skim the river
as it takes her and every fantasy 
she has ever imagined.
Yes there are shrieks and frights
as the boat spins
too close to what she can't comprehend
and she closes her eyes
ending on a calm shoreline
pulling the vessel close,
kneeling down, she knew
she wasn't alone in that canoe.

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Coming Back Home - On My Way To You

Dawn: I slipped away, started walking…

I walked alone for a thousand days -

I wandered through crowded cities,

Trudged through untrodden ways.


Now every road looks the same to me,

The allure of the unknown has faded.

Every day I lose myself a little more,

Always a cynic, I feel even more jaded.


It’s been so long I don’t even remember

What I was looking for when I set out

Leaving everything, everyone behind

With no scruples, no shadow of doubt.


Now I crave for things long forgotten;

I long for the times when secretly I knew

That no matter how far I drifted,

I would always find my way back to you.


Only you’ve gone someplace I can’t follow;

Not yet. Someday soon  although.

For now, I’m ready to come home and face

Your memories from a million moons ago.

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Complaints as always do ever arise
in this journey which is self imposed..
with this lovely lady eve.. so complicated
one day shes alright. the next shes' brooding
i do try to fathom the depth of her deep feelings
but being just a man i am only able to perceive as much
them lovely ones called eves' always so complex yet adorable
at every stage of the journey a mans greatest companion will be
a daughter of eve.. they make the journey more so bearable.. Eva so

Lewis k. Nyaga

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i am here

I speak for many
But not for all 
He was a military veteran
Awaiting a September fall
I put my song in your heart
My heart is your song
Until I crawl beaten
Back into your womb
Days they seem to stretch
For how long
Could I have been wrong
For how long

As I journey 
Through my darkest days 
Of sunshine
Nothing but cold winters 
On my mind 

Enlighten the darkest killer
I died of amnesia 
I don’t want to pray anymore
A forgotten ritual
Seen too many have-nots
Plastered to heavens doors
Remember me
For I shall not return
Remember me
A beggar at arms
Mother’s last scar 
Lost his soul
Seen it slither homeless
As I tempt passion
This cognac in a jar

Journey through 
The darkest sunshine
Nothing but cold winters
On my mind

Seventy-two on clear sheets
Father where can your savior be
Are you comfortably numb
Or numb and can’t find comfort
Living off the hand of a locust
An honest man attempting
To stay focused when hurt
Turnover and sleep
The piano speaks to me  
Violin creeping down my spine
Nothing but cold winters on my mind
As I journey through the darkest sunshine

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pushing on

I have tried to conquer
and vanquish the deep 
muddled thoughts that disrupt
my intended journey

but at each corner, a distraction
of hectic grey pulls at me
elastic, stretched thin, and worn
and starting to tear
then, I push; one step
push, step again, stumble 
and I have fallen, so many times

and some of the terrain 
has been confusing
even hurtful but then
I furrow my brow
clench my jaw 
and push again
pushing on…

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Nothing shall separate us...
 not even us. 
Not height nor depth.  
Things seen or
make believe
We Biblical with it. 
Take a swim, 
a fish could swallow us, 
and we'll reach those
prophetic promised lands.
Whether in fiery furnaces 
or a pride's den 
eyes stay on Him. 
The two of us connected 
in a spiritual three some. 
 We down with the get down,
 look around, 
we've been through 
thick, thin, and a
Judas type sin
all the powers and principalities
 must yield to what the Word says,
 nothing shall separate us, 
not even us 
so it is written
so it shall be done
We on One

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Spirits In The Wind


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The Rebirth Poem III - My Backpack

Another poem. Another story to tell. Another journey to partake in. May this poem be for those how seem lost and know not which way to take. May this story open your eyes so that you know that no matter what, losing faith or hope is not an option. I haven't experienced such a journey but Poetry is a soliloquy of what I think is true. 

It was a beautiful day outside. It's time to tackle the world. It's time I become a man or stay a boy. Without a father figure to guide me, I don't know where I would receive the teachings of being a strong man. So I decided to go on and do my own search. As I got ready to leave, I picked up an empty backpack with a Bible lying next to it. I left it there to accumulate dust due to the love that I only knew. Neglect. I walked out and began to search. I met this lady and she asked me: "My son you seem lost. Do you know God? Do you know His word?" I could not speak so I went back to pack my backpack because I had no words. I would move my lips but nothing would come out but now that words are apart of me I can share my story.

A wolf can come in sheep's clothing. Who are you to trust a stranger who gives you the smile of an angel? The sun has now set. I was engulfed by the new experiences of this unknown world. It's late at night so people approached me and said: "Eyy mfana isekasi la. Sishova inombolo uyiziphi wena? Awuzazi? Qina mfondini uzoba indoda. Tso, gwinya la uzoqina namhlanje." I was so stunned. All I heard was numbers and strength. There's strength in numbers or do numbers have strength now? I was confused so I looked up and someone emerged from the darkness. He shouted and said: "Yeyi!! We don't want church goers here. Do you know God? Do you go to church?" I said no and I felt weak. I had to go back to pack my backpack because I was lying. The lies together with this heavy backpack made me weak but I guess the Lord wants those who have fought for him the same way he fought for us. And Revelations 22 vs 19 - 21 says: "And if anyone takes anything away from the prophetic words of this book, God will take away from their share of the fruit of the tree of life and of the Holy City, which are described in this book." So let this story be my testimony. "May the grace of our Lord God be with you."

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Aberdeen Church

The white tower reaches for the heavens
a lighthouse in a motionless sea of grey

Beckoning the road-weary traveller
like a palm tree at a desert oasis

While an ominous fence of black spears
keeps the unwanted at bay 

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Darwin's Relative

The hill of life
may start out easy
but I keep my eyes
on the summit in the clouds.
When the rocks start
they tell me
persistence in the best selector.
I grit my teeth.
The summit is not green.
The cliffs around it
call me to accident,
and my jaw now hurts.
Here in the depths
of the valley, I nurse my bruises.
One of the eliminated, looking up,
I laugh the laugh of the embarrassed. 

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Perhaps there’s no more satisfying
Than journey to an everlasting place
Which is journey to life after death!
There’s no denying there’s death
But life after death is weirdo
No one has come back to prove, indeed…

To trek into the sojourn of the unknown
Is a judgment of God we know it would happen
But what will transpire after?
Is the biggest question please prepare
No man on earth ever proved
Lived beyond and returned to relate.

It is a matter between life and death
In a second or two one dies
The journey could be mile and mile. No waiting list!
It could be a traversing of the longest hour
Before one reaches that predestined occasion
But what God has in stored for us?

It could be longer than we think
When to start and to end is definitely unexplainable!
One may not know it
One might have begun the trip by now!
A one way trip…
No round trip, to say!

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Tramp on the Street

When I fell asleep
I felt a light breeze
While fluttering somewhere in the sky
I was someplace very high;
I saw the world from the other side
With snowflakes covering the ground
And a lonely tramp
Freezing like a hound

Sitting on a sidewalk
With a candle in his hands
Staring in its flame
Memories were burning away
About friends, about chores
About the wet pavement
Getting to his bone
About warmth long gone

Then I felt cold and knew that
Space grew between him and me;
Away from the breeze
Far from the place so high
He was now out of sight and
People surrounding in a crowd
Forced me to shout

Awake on the sidewalk
With Mercedes petrol and heels around
I had to get myself in safety
The night had worn me out
This street now looked obscene
I was the tramp, there is no doubt

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The journey by night train

Resembles journey to other world.

Strangers sitting before with inscrutabe

expressions on their face,

Dim-lit compartments,f

requent halts at

Grotesque stations with hawkers selling

unfamiliar things and yelling in alien


train running whisling through darkness like enormous anaconda hissing

through turbid waters of dark sea 

a cup of coffee at

uncouth stall of mofussil town of an obscure

district with stimulating taste-

Smile of tribal girl selling apples like 

smile of a wild flower 

changes your equations

of beauty. 

The journey by train at night

is an excursion to the unexplored treasure

of wonderous life..



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Banked off the steady mountains, pushed on by memory
Through swollen gorges flushed with raging waters
Gathered by ancient storms without a warning 
Pounding past the sandy rocks
Crashed through dams along the flooding path
As he held on to timber logs along the way
Then swept off by winds like prestidigitation  
From disappearing south lands with conjured dice in hand
Tumblewalker rolled into Last Chance town to formulate a plan
Quick digits formed their sleight of hand
While Tumblewalker formulates a plan of action
Once he lands on land
He suddenly appeared in front of children pirate like
Seemingly from nowhere in sight
He scared them when he arrived
A black patch covered a missing eye
The other clouded, milky white, piercing, with limited sight
He grants the young ones wishes on the spot to settle them
Magic to be perfected and performed above the storm
He rolls one die.   A one comes up.  A snake eye
An omen more visible than not
This made the children fear a lot
He carried ancient water in a leather bag
An old wool blanket shrouded in a yellow dust
Covered all his vital parts and things he brought
Dice played a major role for his desires and devices
He kissed them twice for luck then vanished in their cast
Tumblewalker rolled out of Last Chance district
Taking his dice and one bad eye  
In a singular milky white last lost glance around
On the same south winds now gone from town
Dematerialized, invisible in that instance 
As though he never existed 
Never seen before, never seen again, as foe or friend
He disappeared
As for the children; who gambled on the chance of magic
Got exactly what they wanted
And what was granted when they first wished it
Tumblewalker vanished as quickly as he had landed
And no one really missed him or his tricks, his dice
His little slice of life

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The Journey

There is something about a beautiful sunrise that can bring 
joy to one's heart...
Because the joint journey through the day with God is about
to start.

The night can be cold and lonely and fear can grip one's heart...
But the joy of knowing you're spending the day with God is a
great place to start.

The joy from the Lord can make you feel warm and nice...
And the peace that God gives is beyond a worldly price.

When I peer into the eastern sky and see the sunrise there...
Then of God's presence I suddenly become aware.

There is something about a sunrise that brings joy to one's
Because the journey through the day with God is about to start.


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Night - Chapter 92, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Swear upon the night when it covers with darkness 
And the day when it shines in brightness 
And the creation of males and females
Surely your striving is from various angles.
Then as for those who give away and are scared 
And accept the Best
We will facilitate their journey to the best destination
And as for those who are meager
And think they have enough for recreation
And reject the Best
We will make their journey to the worst destination
More and more harder
And when they will perish their wealth will not be of any value
Surely only We shows the right avenue
And surely Ours is this world and the hereafter
That’s why We are warning you of the flaming fire. 
None shall enter it but the most unfortunates
Who disbelieve and turn away their face
And We’ll safeguard whoever is afraid of Me 
Who give away wealth in order to purify character
And no one has anything 
For which he can deserve reward from the Creator
But you can always wish Allah Taaala’s pleasure
That will make Him soon pleased forever.

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off the beaten path we go

off the beaten path we go
nothing like the thrill of newness
even when it gets old, something new is discovered like a dylan record
we embrace our respective kid at heart approach to things
it definitely brings us closer and alleviates unneeded stress
we already are graduates of lonely street university both with a masters in isolation studies
now here we go....eager students of professor unexpected
what we learn is more than valuable to our minds and our potential future endeavors
it is like a blank page full of colors with the beautification of water for the purpose of intrigue
when life goes in directions of low places, it inspires you to strive of the highest heights
we are giants....yet still so microscopic in our travails
we yearn to see more, but in the reality of life duty calls in the form of a time clock
however, we bless the heavens for the earnings bestowed upon us nowadays.... off the beaten path we go....

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on the long drive to change

on the long drive to change,
i didn't know at the time 
when the realization came,
i was literally shaken clean 
from the aged norm of my reality

on the defining interchange to new
scenes and settings, i was honestly
taken aback by being cared about
and given such a rare opportunity
for careful reconstruction

shocking was the journey and the discovery 
of myself that i never thought i would learn 
about through actual experiences that left 
me healthily greedy for more and more each

on the next wave of a planning session,
i am now my own travel agent for more 
than one and i never expected to be 
such a ready participant or such a
determined trooper

i think it is the combination of memories and
loneliness in dark times that attributes to our
newborn, newfound passion

the fruit of the joy it brings keeps our juices 
flowing and growing for the next anticipated

what once was is now 87 unleaded gasoline
and very dependable navigation....the map 
of our lives....the reigniting of our once limited,
sectional, and broken tonalities

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This piece of writing is about poetry; it is not poetry.


Laura (Riding) Jackson(1901-1991) was an American poet, critic, novelist, essayist and short story writer. When Laura was just 60, in April 1962, and when I was but 18 in the last months of my high school life, and of my baseball and hockey careers; just before leaving my home town and beginning my travelling-pioneering days for and in the Canadian Baha'i community, and before the first signs of what came to be called my bipolar I disorder became apparent in my life-narrative, Laura read "Introduction for a Broadcast" for the BBC Third Programme, her first formal statement of her reasons for renouncing poetry. 

She continued, though, to explore what she regarded as the truth-potential of language, free from the artificial restrictions of poetic art. "My faith in poetry was at heart a faith in language as the elementary wisdom", she had written in 1976.1 I was just starting my three year stint at the University of Ballarat as a lecturer in the social sciences, and in the Ballarat Baha'i community as its chairman and secretary. My only son was also born during this time. I was, then, in my early 30s.

In 1995, four years after her passing, and four year before my early retirement, my sea-change, after a student-and-paid-employment-life of 50 years: 1949 to 1999, Riding's words can be found in the London Review of Books2 as follows: "There are at least two words ‘poetry’, one meaning linguistic activity of a certain kind, the other meaning verbal matter produced by such activity. I speak in this little essay of what it is that poets are doing and what their activity amounts to in the scales of human behaviour, rather than of poetry the verbal matter, although I may be drawn into making incidental references to it."  Riding continued:

"Another way of describing my point of view is to say that I am trying, here, to function in the field of human criticism rather than in that of literary criticism. In my fundamental attitude to poetry as a poet, my conception of poetry was not a categorically literary one. During my career as a poet I became increasingly an advocate of poetry.

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The Pinnacle

He steadily climbed the mountain,
though he slid and slipped, but safely
held by the climbing ropes. "Where can I get
the pinnacle of joy?" he asked, his soul really disturbed.

There was a local legend that the mountain had a pinnacle of joy;
if anyone touched it, joy would be absorbed right into the soul!

The mountain top he reached, saw the pinnacle, touched it, but 
he remained the same as he was before; memories of recent divorce,
retrenchment, and loss in a bet were still haunting him. That's the moment
he realized that the pinnacle wasn't in a mountain or any mountain, but in his mind...

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Wisdom of the Soul

Life is a journey ... not a final destination
if you don't start, it's certain you won't arrive.
For life's most precious moments don't have value, 
unless you have someone with whom they are shared.

Life is what's coming...not what was, for
yesterday was the deadline for all things past.
Your worst days are never so bad that you are
beyond the reach of God's amazing grace...

We often fear the thing we want the most,
never knowing that now is quite special
The most interesting time of all, for God is ever
present, performing miracles before our eyes.

It is more important to look ahead of us
than it is for us to always look behind
For when things go wrong… in our lives
success is just one more step forward in time.

No one can ruin your journey without
you first granting them permission, for
Coincidence is God’s way of remaining
anonymous, ever awaiting what we decide.

In life, one ought always look for opportunities
and know your best days are yet to come
For life is never so good that you are beyond
the need of God's infinite and eternal grace.

© Eugene Harvey

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While resting under the shade
of a tree a traveller thought,
god was a stupid designer
as he gave
pumpkin-like large fruits
to the creeping plants,
weak, lean and light,
but grape-like small fruits
to the trees,
like the Banyan tree
he was lying beneath,
so strong, heavy and huge!

And he fell asleep
in the cool breeze that blew.

When he came to consciousness
he found himself covered
by lakhs of fruits.

He thence ran to a Temple anon!

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The spirit inside of me is telling me to move on
To pursue what it is that I desire
And what I desire is your love and energy
Before I burn out with this changing time
You’re my motivation
You’re my driving force
With you behind me, I am fine
So please open up to me
Let me inside of you
I promise not to hurt you, darling…

This journey that I chose to take
Will only burn me out if I don’t slow down!
But I’m sure that I won’t feel the pain
Not if I can just have you by my side!
And until that day comes, I’ll work hard
To get closer to you as much as I can!
I need your body, mind, and spirit
In order to make it on my journey!

With a special light shining down upon you
I feel as if you were meant to be my guide
And my inner voice tells me to follow that light
So that I can escape this darkness
You’re my guardian
You’re my angel
With you beside me, I am fine
So please don’t lock me out
And don’t push me away
I can’t give up my only hope…

This journey that I chose to take
Will only end up with much disappointment!
That is unless I can somehow
Win your heart and show you my love!
If only I can show you easily
That what I’m feeling now is completely real!
I can’t seem to find the strength to
Finish this journey without you!

This journey that I chose to take
Will only burn me out if I don’t slow down!
That is unless I can somehow
Get both your love and your energy!
And until that day comes, I’ll work hard
To get closer to you as much as I can!
I need your body, mind, and spirit
In order to survive this journey!

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death's unfailing call

the world is filled with scenic creatures
it's scenery gives a magnificent picture
the most precious of all is man
man's original duty was to subdue the land
to embrace and appreciate the good work of the divine
due to the disobedience in the garden
man's journey through earth was made transient
the world is no permanent place for man
the world is filled with contrasting characters
some you've met never to meet again
some you've seen but I’ll never get to see
some will commence when my journey is over
some completed theirs before mine began
the world is no permanent place for man
the world is a beautiful home for all
if we were all extinct, the world will not exist
everyday in the world we never fail to find
the kind, the wicked and the evil
the elite, the noble and even the pauper
all with different aims, and looks but the same image
someday we'll all answer death's unfailing call
oh! the world is no permanent place for man

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Shallow grave

Shallow grave
Out of the clay 
In new breath of life
Fire tested
Beneath this weeping willow my soul rested
Motionless as a statue
Forever stuck in place
Out of the tar pits
Dirty unclean by your eyes
Who will save me now?
My life molded out of clay
In vain I shaped my own image
Made my own ways
40 yrs in the desert
Thirsty for a cool sip
But water is not found
Out here in the dryness of this hollow grave
I been stranded alone on an island
The island of misfit toys
But here I sit alone
Unwanted by the unwanted
A loveless soul
Is never what I wanted
But here I rot
Will you join me?
Shall I save you a spot?
In my final resting place
Staring at the sun
Till my eyes burn
Blinded by the light
So that I may not see my fate
Living careless was my misfortune
My one mistake
Weeping eyes cry
A dead man soul dies
No loose ends
Said all my good byes
But a muted voice goes unheard
Curtains close tonight
This is the end..

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The Handkerchief

 Hear, dear, for I lost hope.

It took quite a while before I found the love so long desired. So magnificent yet vulnerable. As last I caught it and never will I let go. But hearken now, my heart grew weary.

I was alone and desperate. No friends to share my skit with, no lover to cuddle and flatter. I walked miles and traveled a far to find the missing piece. When at last all hopes flew, I gave up my last defense. I gave up in love. At my weakest, you found me, surprised as ever. You renewed my spirit and made my veins alive again. The love so magical, too sublime to be true. You made me chuckle in wondrous ways. You see love, you are so perfect that I can no longer believe. Your devotion drowns me that I no longer can breathe. Tell me what spell you've used to crush all of my strongholds. I fancy you more than ever, more than my soul and my dreams. Your scent haunts me day and night; your face is what I seek from time to time. I am so consumed that I can't go on living without you by my side.

Now things have been pretty melancholic. I am troubled by chances of you leaving me. What thorny path will I undertake to find you again? How shattered would I become when I lose the one I love the most? Will you find your way home again? To the sunrise we hoped to witness? To the future we sought to foresee? To my loving arms? If circumstances are still on our favor, will you stay with me? Stay 'til I run out of air to breathe and strength to live?

Hearken my love and lend me peace.

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The Delivery

Up I looked into the pregnant sky,
and she delivered to me

It seeped into my scalp,
darkening the clustered follicles.
It danced down the deep curvatures of my neck,
discovering the virgin forests of my skin.
Through my pores, the dirt, the sweat,
it made a map out of me.

And yet,
and yet, I cannot read-
cannot follow evaporating squiggles-
Fate's writhing pen in the form of rain.

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You Won't Win

Do what you will
Cause you won't win
Body floating in the air
Upon the non existence
Slowly bearing all their sin
All their black stares
Black Hole Sun
Here I come!

Lost in a trance
And mesmerized 
Forever once was
Will never be mine
But maybe in time
My smile, once again will shine
And my heart, will chime
Light will shine within my eyes
And my ears will never again hear lies!

Do what you will
Cause you won't win
Here I come
Right around that bend
Speeding high
Speeding low
Dodging your everlasting nasty soul
I still see that light at the end of that HOLE!

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Up only

Up we go
We can’t go anywhere but up
As we are changed from glory to glory
We don’t go backward
It may feel like that
But forward only we go
Our ways are all planned out
Feverously right and error free
Fright not
Fret not
Drive by our fearless determination
Finds our ways
Go on
Up and beyond
You and I

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Lament of a Traveler

Lament of a Traveler

So far ahead the shattered break
With drifting light through limbs that ache
So far behind left to hesitate
On raven wings broke the key of dreams

And so many footprints spent traceless
Along sundown’s passage
As they search in expectation of finding a different way
To borrow for tomorrow an illusion for today

Through petal fall and snow flake
In frosts and floating leaves
Did the parade of beauty gather to speak her mysteries
While the dust of a traveler dozed and dreamed at day break

Dawn’s greetings have echoed far from distant mountains
Silent wind to brush the grass blades speaking
Answering to the running shadows passing a dance through clouds
I am the brethren of spears, a silvered splinter, I am a shaft of sun

In footless halls the green march of trees begged the soles of shoes to wander
And softly lingered there amidst their centuries
Another time for the time where the weary may take rest
Yet now there is no respite no admission more for the traveller

The record of his strides and the crow’s feet of his eyes
No longer hold witness to the smile of splendour he has seen in nature
For all their nomadic predilections his feet will not begin
And there on ravens wings broke the key of dreams

So far behind the shattered break, so long ago when heart did not falter
Open life to the open road and the beacon of another
Never to say goodbye but fair them well, but fair them well
And still, never to travel together

Is it the reminder of years or the memories of tears
The footsteps left without or the falling locks of her dusky hair
The sweet soft reflection of her watery eyes
The pale beauty haunting of his lover whispering in the star strune skies

Never to say fair well but bid her goodbye
And still, never to journey together
In crimson dress for crimson lips as she returned to her dark sad bower
And never,  no never to journey with her

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the hard way

I've fallen down more time then I can count
been picked up off the ground more then I'd like to admit
walked in circle before I found the right turn
I was that stupid joke that everyone told,
but nobody got the punch line
I got battle scars that could write a novel 
they show where I've been, 
they prove that these streets aren't as glamorous as they seem
but for some reason they still appeal to me

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Left Without a Trace

Feel the rhythm of my heart…
The moment you broke it apart…
Feel the rhythm of my storm…
That makes the world quaver with fear and distress… 
This dilemma gets more frightening 
Why did you force me to sit alone in this solitary dorm? 

You threw me out like a pen that ran out of ink 
I’m no longer useful for writing…but I’m still thriving 
You abandoned me and put me into adoption…I begin to sink
I’m no longer willing to run the extra mile…I feel like giving
In to failure…what will happen in the long run?  

Pound to the rhythm of my heart
The moment you left me without a trace
Taste my wrath…push away the death cart
That strikes without warning like unpredictable lightning…
Have I lost or won the race? What have I done to deserve such cruel punishment?
Tell me right in my face; you made me look like a disgrace!

Let me go! I want to go my own pace…let me run my own race…

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The Stone

I don’t know 
said she to the stone
as the tear rolled down
the long and lonely road
let me roll over
and make myself a home
the stone lay silent
still as the night
the stone lay awake
in the middle of the light
slowly she told it her story
etched with her bare and frail bones 
She watched it arise
to make itself known
she glanced at the stone
and no longer saw 
the image of barren gray granite
marbled black with many days
the space between she and the stone
grew thin and cold
as she and the
stone had become one and very old

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The Beginning

I bring you into a land 
Where only mad men reside
In this land even the purest things bring about ruin
Even the truth becomes distorted by lies
As you walk past the cold stone walls
Notice that to your left is the dying
And on your right you will find the dead
These are not real men as you might think
But only memories of the best kind
Which decay in this dark chamber
Look now upon the sun that shines like blood
In a sky that is never blue
And feel now the wind that blows hot
This is the truth as true as it can be told
Which is as true as the wall will allow
Look far within and understand my words
For they are true of us all
Yet some will oppose this for fear of their unveiling
Others will wholly agree
And it is this that you are truly free
Let only those stay who believe the words I speak
For the others are nothing but cowards
And only the bravest are allowed on this journey
For it is a journey of great length
And not all that begin are sure to find the center
Because of fear that what they see is far more true than I say
Now let us begin the journey of which I speak
It is a journey into the heart soul and mind

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alone together

Forget the world lets be alone together
Forget perfect let’s get it wrong forever
I’ll be honest and tell you I’m a mess from the start
There’s still a lot of pain left in my heart

But I’m ready to move on and forget it
So while we’re still young lets act reckless
What’s the point of living like you’re scared of hurt?
I’ll be ok as long as I wake up to you wearing my shirt

Been forced to grow up fast and be mature but now I want to be immature and dumb
Go head first into my fears when most would run
The world’s full of people but let’s act like it’s just us
Yeah their words are sharp but there’s no reason to get cut up

Ignore their whispering let them talk
They’d say a lot more if they could read my thoughts
Why should we care what they say?
Tomorrow isn’t promised so we have to live for today

If I can’t act reckless now what has life been preparing me for?
Girl, I’m still a guy don’t get mad at me staring at your?
I don’t need to finish that sentence
The world has caused me enough pain, now to enjoy it, is my intention

Girl lets be alone together, just me and you
Nothing is impossible there’s nothing we can’t do
Whatever comes our way we can see with through
Forget the love stuff, lets act reckless and dumb while we’re young, just me and you 

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She enters carefully
A journey that began so long ago
Here, where it all began, the seed of her own life
Cumilnating here on a threshold of discovery
Now in this moment. with the turning of the knob
Opening an old door, of peeling paint, and squeaking hinges...

The house, a derelict with broken shutters
In spite of darkness, mold and gloom
A pleasantness, a sense of familiarity...
Floors that creak and groan
Surveying each room...gathering thoughts, sensations
Digesting the essence of stories told
Sitting on a grandfather's knee, and hearing this legacy 
So long harbored, like faded photographs, in her heart

She glances outside the bay window
Pushing aside the cobweb laced shade.. 
Rubbing dirt and grime from the glass
Walking about the hallowed rooms
Viewing a river in the distance, and rolling hills
A pasture overgrown with weeds
Gopher hills the only things sprouting in the yard
Flower beds are empty

Forsaken, abandoned...but she can picture it then...
She can see the geraniums in bloom like it was yesterday
She tries to imagine the family...
The father coming in from the fields
Covered with the red soil that he cherished
The mother, apron clad, gathering her children is over there where they would sit...
Around the table, the Bible resting on the shelf
Waiting to be read by evening light

Just as the giant oak in the yard
That shouts and tussels with the wind
Deep roots which cling so intimate with the rock below, 
In this journey, she has found herself clinging too...
No longer are  there only those sepia colored stories...
Stored in a shoe box on a closet shelf
This is a journey that continues on and on...
Like the oak....reaching and searching for constancy
These are her roots.

For Matt Caliri's contest.."The Journey"

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If love was a forest

If love was a forest
I tip toe the climb through its beating heart
There is lost love, the dry deaf leaves
Strewn ground high and spread thick with utility
And there is love yet felt
The young vigorous flora juicing on the branch or vine
Waiting to be plucked or forced fall head over heels
Onto it's destined prey
And there are rocks, dirt and the melange of mayhem
Where love trips and collides with mortal wonder
The unsuspecting hearts and whims of others
Where considerations can be aberrations
Sometimes forcing scrapes and cuts and wounds
That may never heal
Yet to walk through...
To stop at times and gaze along the way
To wander deep into impervious platitudes which lure and mesmerize
To lose the path, endure the anguish
Where light goes missing and no direction leads home
To survive despair, starvation and last rites
Only to be saved by an angel
Made of sunlight and magic elixir
Especially for, and only capable of being consumed by you reason enough to press on.


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Before I go

A traveler in this journey of life
I pass though so many lives
So many lives pass through me
some a flicker in time
some linger a lifetime
and in every life, 
     every sparkling eye,
          every laughing face,
is a trace of that life embedded in my soul
I walk this journey alone
except for the live that have touched mine,
who left their fingerprints on my heart.
They are the only reason I continue on
for their words and kindness have given meaning to a weary traveler
I wish to leave nothing but good feelings in my wake
and hopefully my journey will be a successful one
and perhaps,
before I go,
I can leave behind a few words of comfort,
or passion, or solitude, or joy
to someone after me.

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Limitless Destination

I reach out by sight
To pull the sky to me
I gaze far into the distance
Willing destination
Mentally hoping for someplace else
Feel the newness in my bones vividly
In discomfort, I want to bring the sky to me
From the other side
By imagination I can change my mood if I can relocate
Change my position or destination
And so my mind travels beyond limits 
as I wish for new sky

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My Inspiration is from a close friend who is a single mother raising her kids with 
her faith in GOD. 


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A lonely grasshopper

Although the contemplative may disagree,

In late Autumn when leaves change
A scented shade of pine pale torn brown;
Within happiness shift change to sadness...
Amidst the gait of timely hue

A brash circumstance to fully cooperate

Having no given sense of forbidden solace to relate;
In full view of its silence;
A lonely grasshopper reacts
Within myraid currency for distant fervor in restoration,

Now tired from its journey rests & waits;

In full view of solace by which to delegate....

Although in time stregnth comes in numbers stealling thunder

Amidst a surprising fall in compromise thought;

A long line of twisted ambers falling asunder
The firm swift call in delegation mixed with thorns;
In a wooden chamber created within its waiting sphere,
An illusion filled wit silent heavy members drew near,

With pulsating madness running through my brain 

A bridge of hope to guide then suddenly elapsed in fear;
I shed a single tear for want to draw near,
In swift desolation a rest on a sofa

Suddenly in full view the butterfly arise

Emerging in figures of candles with triumph from its cacoon;
In colors of lavender in mesh slight red with blue,
It radiates a slight quiver in my head;
At first frost the elimination of its timely plight,

The cue for silence as we follow its light,

To the natural man their is always a different way by which to understand,

That destination which always seems right;
With its elimination of truth,
One is completeley forced to live by sight!
In time, a lonely grasshopper is then eager,

A search for order amidst its fire;

The yearning quiver of its timely desire
With thorns fully grown in the place of fear
A soul twisted in vice can ultimately still draw near
The lonely grasshopper still embraced its life's journey after all!

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Road mishaps

Their honks were like buzzes
From a desperate housefly;
Streams of smoke blurred the air
As the metallic insects cued up
On the road beaming the light of the night
Like a trapped lampyridae in a race-field

Its moves in snail-pace
Overtaking the unfortunate scraps
With broken eyes and disfigured body
Again, the honk increases
Like a trumpet from an elephant nostril
There came a monstrous millipede
Pregnant with commotion
It cuddled up few insects with one squeeze....

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The Itch

The Edge.
That a powerful word, what an amazing consept.
The edge..
The moment before the fall.
That couple of inches before life and death. before something different.
Before discovering the answer to mankind's greatest question.. is there a life after the edge?
Is there something to look forward to as you fall, a light in the tunnel?
The edge... the barrier and bridge between worlds.
Those inches are what keep you caged to this world, those inches are also the door...
The door to death. 
Time and space, they all fall to the power of the edge..
The amount of power in those inches is God like.
The edge has power over life and death, The edge knows the answer. 
It gives me this itch.. like, when I'm on the roof and its high up, but it's not that high up.. and i just get this itch to jump.. to see if i was right.. to see if i wouldn't brake anything.. to prove others wrong, and to prove myself right..
But i don't scratch it, because the edge is to much for me..
I can not conquer it...
Only the fools challenge a God. Only fools try to answer the question early.

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Random Travels

Energized happy
Changes snappy 
Speeding trains
Traveling the same
On a journey
For favorite scenes
Random choices
New soundtracks
Spark emotions switch gears
Swallow fears
Exchange glances
Taking chances
Spending the day
In a usual way
Time spent
Going the distance
To journeys end

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Mortal beings

Why is humanity filled with hardship for some?
And then for others a free flowing clarity
Through the years of Christianity 
I have now established a new view 
My believes of God have not changed 
Just the possibilities of an after life and the journey 
The journey of now today 
The reasons we choose who we are
It’s no mistake or coincidence who we’ve become   
Or what we come here to learn
And perhaps some of us don’t learn 
And are forced to redo it all over again 
We are truly brothers and sisters 
Mothers and daughters 
Husbands and wives 
Connected from past lives 
Experiencing life and its essence
No matter the outcome!  

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A journey's journal entry...

how thoughts of you comfort me
as I journey alone in the wilderness
spectacular sights on countryside
only able to share them in my mind
until my return to your graceful smile
my companion horse is no sustitute
for the butterflies that dance in your hair
the beauty of this natural surrounding
can never replace the embrace of you
the warm breeze on mid-day sun
would rather feel your warm whisper
the sweet fragrance of blossoming color
only a tantalizing reminder of your scent...

I heed your call,I need your all
this journey close to an end
only to begin anew....with you

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Journey in Hand... Revised

Eons ago, 
I picked up my pen,
put it to paper
my journey began

Smooth at first 
the plains did appear,
as mountains neared,
I suddenly, 
felt fear

As highways rose
brushing the stars,
close was destiny
But fate chanced, 
to a dream marred

Struggled up hill
hauling down dale,
pen did follow
a life left to trail

As deserts rolled in
life dissolved,
years dehydrated
misery lived hell

As life stripped joy
to a desert bare
eyes still staring
noone lives here

Horizon is darkened
a shadow appears,
shaking my boots
raising all fears

A Face gifted to angels
vision envied from hell
this soul reaches out
castes healing spells

First grasping breath
pen in hand 
I write of my life
be it,
a journey unplanned …

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one of those sudden, unexpected getaways

i wanna get away
what about you
we will take the scenic route
we can stop and get a chocolate malt
we can visit a sight for a bit
we can walk on a trail and admire the beauty
we can check out a unique store in the middle of nowhere and just look at stuff
we can just drive until we see something interesting and just forget about life
who knows, we could just end up at a beach somewhere
then again, maybe i am just being a bit selfish
on the other hand, you just may wanna go there too
i am a guy, you know, so of course i do not catch the obvious hints
in that case, um, this getway will be brought to us by 'okay, whatever'

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…End of the road ?

As I emerged from my outlet,
I stood by the roadside,
to embark on a journey.
A journey from my close.
A journey to the highway.
I passed through the streets,
i meandered the corners. Then..,
i found my self a way.
A way to junction.
To the right or left?
I got an avenue to bridge the gap.
A little to the right?. A little to the left?.
Which way forward?. I approached a zebra...,
to cross the road.
A zebra led me to a storm, then,
i beckoned on my destination.
Approaching my destination,
i saw a tarmac. I saw the terminal.
Across the port. Then i wondered. 
Is this, the end of the road?

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Imagine That

Close your eyes,
imagine me and you under the moonlight
the mood is so right, and I ain't one of them 
men that's used to the nightlife
but me holding you tight is right where I wanna be,
my lips against yourz feels like I'm finally free 
and before it was just me, me thinking that 
this can't be it, naw life ain't easy but me I'm
focus to call it quits but open your eyes and picture 
love on a new level, picture the fact when you 
close your eyes you finally can settle and life is good now,
so minus the up's and downs imagine us walking 
down the aisle family and friends, all cry's & smiles
and it's a joyful event now, take a breath and comeback
to reality when it's just you and me loving each other passionately
and this journey we're on could be a egotistical casualty,
and everything is brighter on the other side of the fence 
so I enlighten you if your ready let this journey of love commence

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I know you.
I’ve known you before
I could put a voice forward.

We share thoughts.
We’ve shared thoughts before
these souls were doomed by liars.

These vibrations flow.
They flow through us again
with the glory in light of love.

You journey on.
You journey on as before
with every saint watchful in prayer.

Our spirits link.
Our spirits join in grace
no matter where we shall travel.

The day drifts.
The day drifts away, slinking
under the slope of the horizon ahead.

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Ear Wane

The journey gets lonely with no one to talk to
Needing yesterdays that are a joy to look back on
Piled so high their loom