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I want your SEEDS

**"And his name was Jack"**

No one perceives what abides above the clouds. 
A giant, a harp, maybe golden eggs. 
I demand to see and feel, before I believe. 
A castle, a dream…. I want the magic beans!!!

I'm the daughter of a farmer. 
I have a donkey to ride, a story to tell.
“Jack and the Beanstalk”; my favorite tale. 
Once upon, a morbid dawn. 
I inhale a tiny simple yawn~ I levitate like the sun. 
I head out the door, towards the markets shore.
I grabbed my ass to stroll along the open path. 
My shoes aim out to the nearest creek. 
My ass and I desired a drink. 
There I saw an old Englishman, sitting on a log. 
It looked as if time was approaching his brink. 
In his hand, he had a sack.
A bag, a bag, embroil of ivory and black. 
His eyes were not from this ground. 
His body fragile, he uttered a moaning sound.
He was of dirt. 
I was pure. 
He pledged his life to me. 
I debated.... with many thoughts, 
Although his eyes... 
My eyes... Will never meet again.
I want what is in the bag!
He said, "I'll give you anything for that ass.
My legs and bones can’t hold up on their own, no more!”
I knelt down to where he sat. 
Smelling his essence of rot. 
I reached forward and grabbed his only baggage. 
He said, "This bag is all I got!" 
I answered, "And this sir is a fine ass." 
He replied, "I have no cash." 
Scowling at him, “No I want your demon seeds!" 
How my blood grew thin... 
Inhaling and exhaling out his sin... 
The old man all shriveled and timeworn, 
Propose the birthright of the seeds. 
Yes, plant them! Plant them... 
I cried excitedly! 
He pats the field. 
Said there I am done. 
Now clock as it expands. 
To breed this story short... 
He dispense his seeds. 
Lol...  BY;PD    (for seed contest)

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"Made In China"

They can have my money
If it saves me money

The toys I played with when I was young,
Says I enjoyed their hands
The Labels read 

The cheap material on my back, the shoes I wore. 
How easily they faded and tore
However, I enjoyed their hands
The Tags on my rags;

The car I own saves money on gas
A tiny Honda Civic, takes me everywhere
I love my sweet silver car
"Manufactured in China"

The never been used--Made in the USA--cookware I own,
Says, I don't work hard at all:)
Yummy to Chinese all you can eat take Outs  
Thank you China for being part of this world
Better Yet!
Thank you China, for making this world a part of yours.

Shipped easily in a box


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My butt crack

My butt crack 
Is quite a split 
It supports the rest of me 
when I sit 
you thought I was gonna say something else didn't you ?

My butt crack 
Is a marvel to behold 
It was cute when I was young 
but now offensive since I'm old 

My butt crack 
Is pretty darn straight 
can you imagine if it was crooked 
pretty weird sight I would rate 

My butt crack 
Is funny to me 
when I bend over in my jeans 
It peeks out 
for you to see 

My butt crack 
wanted me to write this today 
for no other reason 
then just to say......................

I gotta split 


Eric (and sometimes not)

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Love was in the air when he laid eyes on her.
Childhood; elementary and even high school with her.
Walking towards her, he greeted her.
Anxiety spiraled as he hugged her.
Conversation grew deeper as he sat with her.
Wanting to get closer because he was falling for her.

Another woman called pausing the time he was having with her.
Knowing he had to answer; he stepped away and spoke to her.
She stated that something wasn't quite right with her.
She said that her stomach had been bothering her.
Now he's thinking back if he came inside her.
Thinking if she lied to him about her tubes being tied within her.

Does he blame himself for listening to her?
Knowing right from wrong and yet he can't blame her.
Does he blame the devil for allowing him to be intimate with her?
Is he not a human that makes mistakes just like her?
Begging God to make a way for him and her.
Asking God to forgive him for committing the sin with her.

God said, "relax my son, you were only dreaming of her."

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Mario and Luigi: The Untold Story

(Submitted to Heather's Famous Couples/Duos contest. I hope you all like!)  :)

“Save me, Mario & Luigi!”

As they both read the Princess’ distress call,
Written in dark cherry lipstick on his walls
“Mama-Mia, I just painted this damn thing”, Luigi whined.

They ride off into smiling clouds’ horizon
Knocking out hopeless Goombas & misunderstood Turtle shells
Rapidly exhaled hustles over flagpoles and grassy valleys
To see who will capture her 1st kiss...and NOTHING MORE

Towards that immense castle in the sky,
They climbed against its walls like two dogs in heat for the 1st time

Into un-screened window archways, they dive in
Their eyes stare threateningly against the Dinosaur-Lizard cross-breed reject

Mario & Luigi begin dropping mushrooms to see stars and taste invincibility.

But, like this battle, it only lasted 10 seconds!

For out from the Onyx darkness, a new hero emerged
Green, not with envy, but of Greek god magnificence
And a strut that would make a pole dancer jealous

He struck down with such brute force, tearing down the gates of Heaven & Hell
Jesus & Lucifer were pissed

It was Yoshi the dinosaur!

With one fell swoop & a high pitched Braveheart-style cry,
He starts dropping eggs like he’s been ovulating for days
Tossing them with such focus & epic awesomeness against his enemies
Knocking them down one by one

He gracefully sweeps up the Princess, staring down towards his enemies
In a condescendingly lifted face, places an old-school Boombox on the ground
With loud decibels of MJ’s “Don’t stop ‘til you get enough!”,
Yoshi pulls out & drops the mic, embracing gravity’s last word

The Princess devilishly smiles at her new green hero and rides him into the sunset.

Game over.

©Drake J. Eszes

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What's up with Santa

                                             What’s up with Santa
                                            He's acting like a child.
                        Santa Claus is upstairs in his big red sleigh bed, 
                           warm and cozy in his red flannel comforter, 
                           wearing his red dropseat pajamas, and hat
                                               sick with the flu, 
                                       constantly ring that darn bell. 

                                          Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                                             There it goes again 
                             Yessss… Dearrrr… I know you don’t feel good,
                           your throat hurts and is sore when you swallow 
                  your body is in pain, like a herd of reindeer has run over it 
                 A warm cup of hot cider and a cinnamon stick to give it flavor
                                               will ease the pain.

                                  I should have never given him that bell  
                                           Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                       Yessss… Dearrrr… I know your frequently, coughing 
                       is making your rib cage feels like it’s going to break
                          I will get some milk and chocolate chip cookies  
                                  so you don’t have to get out of bed

                    I wish Santa would quit constantly ringing that darn bell.
                          If he hadn’t shoveled the snow off the sidewalk 
                  and let the elves do their jobs, he wouldn’t be sick right now

                                            Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                     Yeessss… Deeaarrrr… I’m sorry your head is stuffed up, 
                              nose is red, hurts, and won’t quit running
                                 Reading the Naughty or Nice List 
                      will help you not think about what you're going through

                                 What came over me to let him have a bell

                                           Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                Yeessss… Deeaarrrr… You’re running a fever, freezing, and shivering
                               I will go inform the elves not to dawdle
                            keep making the toys in Santa’s workshop 
                           and make sure they take care of the reindeer

                 Oh! My! I hope Santa gets well before Christmas gets here, 
                                 so he’ll get better and out of my hair
                                or I am going to hide that dumb bell

By Eve Roper 

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All man well almost

My suntan comes from a bottle
My hair from a wig maker in Peru
My legs are very hairy
I have to put my teeth in to chew
I have had plastic surgery
And a nip and tuck
And I'm soon to have my nose done
With a bit of luck
My lips are bigger than Mick Jagger's
And I have that wind tunnel look
And I'm quite a catch by anybodies book

But I'm all man
Well almost
But I do what I can
I do have a six pack
But keep it in the cooler
Yes I'm quite a man
I measured it with a ruler.

So come on ladies grab me while you can
When I've got my teeth in and wig up on my head
They say I look like George Clooney
But then I look in the mirror
And I think they meant Mickey Rooney.

Ar well can't have everything
But my heart is loving and true
I may not be organic no more
With all the plastic surgery
But there's much more than that to me.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. July.

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Happy New Year From The Unicorns

So far I've done everything I could possibly do this year.
I've given thorough thought to cleaning up my act.
These early-day hours have been rough-house
The storm shudders inside me are all grimy, they need tending to,
I just need to find them first.
So tired from last night,
Riding unicorns through the stars.
(No one believes me.)
Trouble is we're all blinking too fast for our own good as it is.
I've done everything I've promised to do this year, so far,
And I haven't even made the promises yet.
That's how interesting I've been lately.
You have no idea how hard it is to be this interesting.
Riding Bellyglow through the thrushes of song birds...
I probably don't know, either.
What a bucket of letters this is.
Thanks for Peking, thanks for Hong Kong.
Happy New Year.

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Sitting in a cloak of black conservatism:

I feel my hands,
oily on the desk like shortening in
slate gray cookie pans,
the speedway inside forcing the absence of 

And my thoughts,
so flippant to implore
if a man with a chartreuse neck tie
can see the long wet streaks
across the cherry plane.

He speaks,
a sequence of interrogatives
common to the bored walls
of serious conference,
evoking tone inflection
in the pattern of polite.

Darest I mention truth?

I am your whore;
infect me with smug integrity,
smack me with false prophet leadership,
just leave some crisp bills
on the nightstand, sugar.

Yet my voice models his wavelength,
relaying back the catchy tired language
of one hit wonders;
eyes brighten,
hands extend
from the man who owns a chartreuse tie.


awards a loaf of Wonder bread,
and a two bedroom lower.

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Funny Onion

Out shopping met an old friend from school
he turns to me serious looking
what are you at these days 
Well says I
working for a China man
picking up crumbs 
for disabled birds
Those with broken wings
who are unable to fly smiling
to warmer sunnier climates

Whoa he sounded shocked
he said what a job
What's the money like 
he asked laughing out loud
I said less than peanuts
out all weathers 
Barely feed a mouse

God I am glad he said 
that I have bumped into you
saying you have just really cheered me up
What a man really needed
Peanuts I replied
He began laughing 
saying that I was a character
really brightened up his dull day
leaving all I heard was him laughing

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The Human Smile

Nothing in the world so disarming,
so charming in it's domain.
Across a crowded room or two feet away
it's all the same.
The shortest distance between two people
despite any other claim.
Is for now and will forever be
with no denial the human smile.

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Basements Basements

This is just for fun..=)

In the basement of my heart
there is a basement
and in that basement there are two basements. 

You open one
and enter the basement 
only to find out there is yet another basement

That basements basement 
was light and blue
But that basements basement
was black

from basement to basement you walked 
until you couldn't anymore

The basements basements 
basements basements basements 
basements basements basements basement
of my heart.

You found my love...

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Curved Lips

Sometimes I laugh while reading in the library
Sometimes librarians come over and tell me to be quiet
Sometimes they ask if everything is okay
And always always I answer "yes"

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Mythical pest

My parents complain of a mythical pest,

Infesting our house since the 7th of July,

Devouring the snacks, desserts,

delicacies and everything hot, spicy or sweet,

Determined to find the beast,

Fattened with food meant for me.

with a magic wand and on a broom to hunt

set out may it be a lachupakabra or a lepricorn,

Scary or naughty and anything the creature might wield

ready with a device from my dad given to me with a grin

the device, the compass, the guide to the beast

was a mirror reflecting its scaled skin scarlet red

staring at me with cat like blue eye

fierce and mighty.

Not a pest but is a mythical beast

Omega and almighty! It was me

Perplexed, gave up the hunt.

now feasting on poisonously, maliciously, dangerously

in sugary syrup gulab jamuns soaking.

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Missing you

She was wonderful and powerful
My object of desire
Her smooth clean face so beautiful
The apple of my eye

My love she had an accident
She fell from up on high
I found her broken body there
'Twas lying on the ground

Now all I have's her memory
The songs we used to share
Oh how I miss that ipod
My heart it megahertz

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Its Raining...

                          Its Raining…

God’s Cleansing Tool
Cloud-Concerto… How Cool !
Plop-Plop Plopping into Pothole Pools
On the Grass, Pavements and On My Own-Sweet- Fools…

who, don’t have Sense enough, to get out of the Rain…
… I think I’ll go Join Them… Again


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The Biggest Jerk

Two days without 
The biggest jerk I ever knew
Two days without him
God, what am I gonna do. 

I'm lost inside this house
going crazy out of my mind
I don't know what to do with myself
Exasperated for hours at a time.

I'm not spilling tears
Just awaiting his return
I'm not feeling fear
I'm just lonely for his arms. 

Out the window
My eyes continue to gaze
Searching for his car
Looking for his face.

Headlights pull in
Flashing at my eyes
My heart beats harder
My spirit lights afire.

My feet moving 
of their own accord
Running, leaping
Barreling into his arms.

Smile breaks
Like the light
From clouds
On a sunny day.

Eyes Glow
Fireflies of sapphire
Twinkling in the dark
Like a diamond heart.

Fingers reaching
Touching and rubbing
Pulling closer
Feeling whole at once.

Lips busying themselves
To smother with a kiss
Where does it end
Where does it begin.

Two whole days
Without the biggest Jerk I know
I don't want to do it again
I don't want my love to go.  

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i am so bright my mother calls me sun

the sun is mean here
it’s too bright
and i don’t mean smart

it shines in my eyes
i have to wear dark glasses just to drive
yesterday it burned my skin

but today i am ready
i’m wearing lotion 
spf one thousand

if that doesn’t work
i’m wearing my long underwear
of course the sun will make me sweat
it is a nasty vengeful sun
i’ll be all wet

i am going to wear it down
that’s the wrong spelling of wear isn’t it?
with all this heat i can’t think 
sun stroke maybe

i'm fed up i am going to get rid of it
i'll look mean 
scare it down
i'll make it go away

oh my goodness
it’s working finally 
the sun is leaving
the sun is gone 

oh no
i can't believe it
the sun
it just mooned me.

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this noisy head i live in

this noisy head i live in
it just never quiets down
theres some motherf#@ker screaming at two am
about some unpaid bills or parking tickets
and some other idiot going on and on about some girl that left
somebody is allways throwing trash out in the common area
little bits of some ancient relationship
small parts of some old mystery
just want to tell em all ''will you all please shut up"
stop that godawful freakin racket
some fool on the roof shouting poetry just when your drifting off to sleep
another idiot in the basement throwing monkey wrenches in the works
always somebody causing some kind of ruckus
just want to scream
"can we PLEASE get some peace and quiet for five minuets"
this crazy head i live in
i want to move
to some nice quiet country house
where you never hear a sound
peaceful with birds chirping
where i can get some rest
not this confounded noisy head i live in
not this apartment building of lunatics i call a mind

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look up to the sky

Look up to the sky
Look up in the sky and what do you see?
Is it an airplane flying by me?
Look up to the sky what do you see?
Is it the sun shinning down on me?
Look up to the sky what do you see.
The moon is smiling down on you.
Look up to the sky what do you see.
The rain coming down on you and me.
Don't look now to the sky for birds are above.
And you don't know what will come down.

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My Sudoku Life

And I walk
across numerical figments
speaking hyperbole dialect to their imaginations.

Numb, blocky gaps
whisper invitation to secret club.

Enticing my stature
to belong
to become exponent’s side-kick.

So they can welcome me with open arms.

Coating my digits with inoperable tumors
double-knotted in hot pink laced bow
and baby-breath scent.

They even left a Walmart Rollback smiley face sticker
with crack residue on right cheek
and a comic-style bubble caption, “welcome home puppet”.


This is exactly how Mother 1 told me it would be.

Kinda like marriage,
but less detail-oriented.

But, I could never fit in.

For I am neither positive
nor negative
about their (cult) ural ways.

Timing would always be off.

An arm from the clock that suffered a stroke at Midnight…

They’d never understand,
how they’d alter this unevenly, odd numerical figment.

For they’ll just calculate,
my sum with rusty protractor.

This Zero, into a fraction...

© Drake J. Eszes

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Golden Dreams

The Leprechaun.

Run, run, run as fast as you can...
I'm still gonna get you, my little green man...
I grabbed on to the gold buckle on his waist...
I held him down, with no time to waste...
I tied The Leprechaun to a hollow tree,
Broke off a branch and poked him on the knees.
I kept on poking him with a stick.
I kept nagging him to reveal his magic trick.

This little shamrock kid would not break.
He kept insisting THE LEPRECHAUN legend was fake.

This little odd dwarf kept lying about his mythical pot of gold. 
I kept repeating all the stories I've been told..  
Nagging him and nagging him~ FOR HIS POT OF GOLD!
He lied, about the fables, telling me his gold does not exist...
The Leprechaun refused to hear the clover list...


It's been 7 days!
And, still he won't give up, what's at the end of the rainbow. 
Tickling his little Eskimo toes,
Running feathers underneath his nose. 
"Look you little green treasure troll, I've captured you, and demand the gold!"
"You won't get me with your tricks!"
"So don't even try to outwit me with your silly MAGIC!" 

I suppose his silver-tongue, will have to do,
And the little gold buckles on his shoe.
I got tired of trying to make him see, my point of view.
I got a better deal and trade for a monkey at the zoo.
Now the lions are enjoying a Pot of Leprechaun Stew. 
After All! 
Nothing I did, made him unfold.
All I wanted was his pot of gold!


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The Elephant in the Room

3 polished oak fans,
Swirling in robotic unison

High maintenance socialites,
Sipping on Merlot fallacies

Lemon yellow coated walls,
Like their smiles

Comparisons of dangling Porsche & Bentley keys
A glorified day care center,
Pacifiers included

The muted virtuosos speak softly in hymn dialects.

Courtesy laughter in snob’s octave

Their heads twitching side to side,
Left to right to left

An equilibrium facing assault charges against self

They slow dance to cello dreams
And E minor dividends

Two-step monotone, sway
Against platinum lacquer foundations


But, it was then.

These same socialites,
Made of recycled candle wax
And rubberized, hedge-fund confidence,
Began to stare longingly at the party host’s 70 inch plasma TV

Proudly imported from China

“Attention uptight snobs of Mecca!
The city zoo has imploded!
The monkeys revolted!
The zebras were tired of being racially profiled!
Run for your LIV…!”

And before the reporter’s frightened inner child could finish’s his clause,
An elephant crashes into the decadent room
Filled with Crisp linen scents of Febreze & judgmental fear

It stares at the socialites,
Laughing heartedly as it playfully stomps away into constellation’s onyx night

As tears waterfall from the snobs’ sobbing eye sockets
As if they just listened to another Celine Dion song

The real newsflash

Metaphors played hooky today

©Drake J. Eszes

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The face in the mirror says

                 Good morning
                                                                                       gninrom dooG

                 I look tired today
                                                                                   yadot derit kool I

                 I wash my face
                                                                                      ecaf ym hsaw I

                 Taking on a little makeup
                                                                        puekam elttil a no gnikaT

                 Brushing my teeth
                                                                                  hteet ym gnihsurB

                 Finally, the lipstick on my lips
                                                                   spil ym no kcitspil eht ,yllaniF

                 I smile to the mirror
                                                                               rorrim eht ot elims I

                 Now I`m ready for the day
                                                                                 ! yad doog a evaH


  A-L  Andresen :)

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I have lost my P

                      I`m not ha_ _y  today.
                      No I`m quite sad and u_set

                     Sitting here with my cold sou_ and an old s_oon.
                     I have s_ent too much money,and feel  _oor.
                     I have not _earls or diamonds,that`s not why I`m sad and u_set.
                     As I sit here with my su_ _ er and my cold sou_,
                     thinking about what I do without my  _?
                     Dreams returns to ha_ _y days, when I  _layed  _iano
                     and had  _eace in my mind.
                     What shall I do without my  _ ?
                     _  is  im_ortant in my life.
                     I`ve lost my  _,I can no longer wish to you:Ha_ _y  birthday
                                                                                Have a ha_ _y  weekend
                                                                                Ha_ _ y  for you.
                                                                                Ha_ _ y  to see you
                                                                                Ha _ _y   new year ..........

                      I do not want _iano,_earl or diamonds.... I want my  _  back.

      A-L Andresen :)

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Internet Dating

I find it hard to get on the internet, FB, and  the soup

Everytime I get at the computer

My puppy crawls into my lap

She's trying to find a date....

She has hooked up with a dingo in Australia but

I hated to tell her that it was a hungry crocodile incognito!!

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Gina the toilet cleaner

They call her big Gina
You'd know if you seen her
She is a toilet cleaner
She wears a white smock
Armed with bucket and a mop
She likes to keep things clean
And is a real scrubber
If you know what I mean
She whistles as she goes
With disinfectant wafting under her nose
She replaces toilet rolls
And cleans the toilet bowls
She really loves her job
She has a cat called Doris
And a husband called Bob
Her job is dirty and often smelly
She has a tattoo of a toilet on her belly
At the end of the day
She puts her mop and bucket away
Goes home and has a shower
Then cleans the house within half an hour
Her husband makes her mad
Leaving the toilet seat up
She puts toilet water in his cup
Of tea to sup
She has a daughter called Pru
She dreams of being a toilet cleaner too
She doesn't care about the smell of poo
Just her dream comes true
We should all appreciate toilet cleaners
Just like big Gina.

''Warning! Toilet water in tea. please do not try at home.
 could be dangerous and doesn't taste nice''.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. Aug.

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If I Were a Girl

If I had been born a girl
I wonder what would rock my world
I really have to stop and think
I guess I’d have to start liking pink

One thing I know that would be really great
I know I’d never make a single mistake

I could change my mind all of the time
Oh wait a minute … no I wouldn’t
Well yeah, I guess I would
Or not
Yeah, I would change my mind all the time
Naw, that wouldn’t be fair to my guy
Ahh – who cares … surely not I

I suppose I would have to get used to carrying a purse
Of course, there are other things to get used to a whole lot worse

I wouldn’t have to shave my face …
But I would have to shave almost every other place

If I were to be a girl
I don’t think I would be one of those liberated kind
Treat me like a delicate flower
I really would not even mind

I guess I couldn’t burp and fart in public
That would really cramp my style
And I know I couldn’t walk in high heels
Not even for one tenth of a mile

And one thing I know for sure,
I would be the ugliest girl under the sky …
No – I think I’ll just scratch and spit
And thank God I was born a guy

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a really bad love poem

when you're in love you write really bad love poetry when you love a woman you want to relive with her every great moment you ever had both of them. clouds look like hearts, and a few look like ducks you know, quack, quack ducks. if you love someone, you walk into the wrong house you stain your tie during lunch you walk into people (a big guy peoples, he's not happy you run...really fast) to a man in love roses look perfect even if they're tulips ...sorry honey. you build a white picket fence with the pickets wrong side up when you love someone you take out the trash from someone else's house when you love someone you quit your job as a superhero you get rid of your trusty sidekick you give away your bat mobile you give your arch nemesis the bad news. you write goofy stuff, and mickey stuff too. i'm in love so i write really bad love poetry really? really! really? really, i'm in love, so sue me!

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The Cold War

I am winter's nemesis.I fight it tooth and nail.
In my youth it declared a war on me.
When I licked that icy rail.
Winter has many weapons to choose from.
Fear not for so do I.
A call my shovel Excali-burrr
My Ranger has four wheel drive
But winter's arsenal is no laughing matter
Icicles sent to impale, and black ice is its deadly device
But the human spirit is not that frail

I am winter's nemesis, and though it muffles all sound
This war is raging with bitter disdain.
My driveway the battle ground
I shall not relinquish my parking spot
to your mindless rabble of flakes
So bow to me you wretched season
For I shall never tire. 
and my staunch ally will soon be spring
and together we will force a cease fire

For I am winter's nemesis
And these walls shall not be breached
Until my tour of duty is done
and I retire to Miami beach

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Toilet Talk

What does one do when in the public loo, 
Apart from the obvious one’s or two’s, well it’s true!
Walls decorated with an array of graffiti and words
Scribble, or jokes, tasteless, amusing or absurd  
The mischief one gets up to, in a moment of quiet
Who would of thought to have a marker on hand
Ready for the opportunity to sign one’s tag
Tell me have you ever pondered the thought
Of having a wall of poetry, for the toilet door
Like a whiteboard, that you can clean with ease
Always ready for a new day, or week of ideas
Just imagine the mind’s workings in progress
Looking straight back at you when your mind is in idle 
This is what happens when one is on the loo
Time on one’s hands to think things through!

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Tick Tock - Itty Bitty

crepitus announces itself annoyed
at my impudence  as I climb the stairs
it speaks the language of stop, I don't

flatulence trumpets my presence
luckily no one is hear to breathe deep
another dead language of age

the sounds of decomposition make me smile
for even they can fill a blank page

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two shoes

two shoes
under the chair
for somewhere to go
and someone to go with

looking lonely
but only
just waiting 
for the weather 
to clear 

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English Language - 1 - Repost

                                   I failed English in High School
                                  Could not understand the writing rule 
                            If I say, when it reigns it pores, people agree
              Yet when I write the same phrase people say what’s wrong with me  

             I before E (accept) after C less it sounds like an a as in neighbor or weigh
                               Where do the words foreign and sovereign (steigh)
             Do they stay with a goose among geese or with a moose among (meese)
             Do they live in a house with a scavenger mouse or something much bigger
                             Is there several (hice) with several scavenger mice

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"Each experience is locked within my heart and only I hold the key..."  

Please do not edit the quote , or add anything to it, use as given. 

It can be the first line of your poem if that is what you want





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The Toilet Dream Speaks The Truth

I had a dream
Where all my clothes
Were in my toilet bowl
Clogging it.

Apparently this means that
I am drenched in emotions
Which need to be released
And expressed,

So I wrote
This poem.

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Fun games

Roll the dice and select a square
Move your counter over there
Oh dear me, She has won
These board games are just not fun.

So after long and careful thought
We play a game that can't be bought
The rules are clear, There are only two
If you win you ravish me, If I win I ravish you.

Well they're the rules and they are clear
So come a little closer dear.
You roll the dice , Its number five
My card says I must eat you alive

My throw reveals the number four
We must get naked on the floor
Then you roll the number three
Oh dear I must endure you twerking me.

A shake of the cup and the number two
I just can't believe I have to ravish you
Still more numbers to come of course
That's why I have the chocolate sauce.

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A homeless bride-w

I shall daily visit the beauty parlor
And make myself beautiful for you.
I shall never clean the house
So that my skin is not tarred.
I shall ever watch my figure,
Eating calorie less foods and drinks.

I shall stay home all day
And will never be stay at home mom
But will go for Disco at night.
I shall not take drugs
But a drink or two in limits.
I shall awake late in the morning
So that you are not disturbed.

I shall adorn the house to earn
Adjectives from the neighbours.
I shall buy the furniture to invent
Nouns to be told to the visitors.
Our house will be all pronouns
But will never admit verbs as
They shake the very foundation.

*** I wrote this poem much earlier noticing a young married woman of a modest family adopting the modern living going astray from the household chores *** Based on a real

The poem was posted on 1/16/2007

Dr. Ram Mehta

Tenth place win in:
Contest: Any Twisted Poem sponsored by Destroyer A Poet

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Anger is for sissies.
Does that make you angry?
Too bad.

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Portmanteaus Scroup

Greu has turned the color of my plarn
So I’ll just knit a legock for my child.
While getting up I trip upon my hornicorn
It makes me ridast through my small famoom.
My son comes in and loosh at my folly,
He’s sure his mom has gone a bit crazoo.
Then glares at me delivering his snark,
By asking which of us is the matune.

Greu, plarn and snark from list

My words:
Scroup: scrambled-soup
Legock:  legging-sock
Ridast:   ride-fast
Famoom:  family-room
Loosh:  looked-shocked
Crazoo:  crazy- cuckoo
Matune:  mature-one

Other:  Hornicorn:  horse-unicorn

Brenda Meier-Hans

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She has a bracelet on    Hear it?
When she tells her friend how concert-hip she is it
Quaking little cupids. trolls and other creatures come together
   and they
On the brighter side, she's taking off her hat,
    but when she does it's tutti-forte
I'm betting at the softest point of Weber's overture she'll
    consult her program and it will
Oh, damn!
It's in my ears    in my head    like Robert Schumann
Get a grip    The concertmaster has come on    takes a bow
    looks to see who makes a
The oboe sounds an A
The winds begin to tune
The brass have heard her song and laugh
Horns    trumpets    trombones give a mighty blast!
And here come the strings    all 62    pull there bows
    but still can hear that
Now    at last    her tintinnabulation's lost in thunderous
    applause    Maestro has come on
I do believe he knows the lass
He throws to her a little bow    a kiss
Jingle! Jingle! Jingle! Jingle! Jingle!

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Bending Spoons


...A poem
is a spoon
that you can bend
with your mind.

It depends on psi
if you 
are mutant 
X or Y 
a paranormal opportunity 
or a wild talent
of psionic penmanship .

Stare at the pattern 
on the handle
as you imagine 
the handle
either roses or unicorns
are emblazon here.

So much the better
as your mind
bends the words
and the metal obeys...

Spoon begins to tremble
there is no knife
to run away with.

Then comes
the period
like an empty plate.
to contain
a bent spoon
with squeezed letters...

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My Lifes Dance (Baryshnikov would envy...NOT)




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Tale of Two Citizens contest poem to, too, two

Tale of Two Citizens

The pair of bi-sexual two-timing women left the duplex, too drunk to board the Twin Cities 2:22 .

Double crossed on the two way street, the duo fled New York, clutching the Tale of Two Cities.   

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Killing my Other Me

I'm contemplating killing my other me,
The one who fronts for the five figure manager at Ruby Tuesday for a job,
Struggling to tie loose ends, so my ends don't meet.
Strangers they are, Me and I, I and Me,
And there is a sharp turn ahead, 
So I can't see our future.
Contemplating offing that sucka!
An actor, he can accurately depict whatever you want him to,
A puppet for a crowd full of the wealthy and snobby,
And I, the weak minded puppeteer of financial slavery?
Broke brotha representa?
Am real.
Seriously contemplating killing my other me,
I mean getting him good for all the eggshells he left in the batter,
There's no way I'm getting cake!
I mean the ladies would dig I,
Maybe even marry a brotha, but me?
This dude falls back and plays chill for no reason,
While the girls are just teasing, begging me please come see!
He tries to wait, and play it smart, but the game ends before he begins...
I'm contemplating killing my other me,
He has no purpose, no drive, stuck on the side of life's highway with his hazards on,
Dormant, while my friends pass by,
I have no clue where I'm going, 
But I sit in the passenger seat while this fool puts nowhere in the GPS,
Stressed because I am me and he seems confident in us...
I trust the untrustworthy with my most valued possession,
So death should come to me...
And it will when i sense the urge to kill, 
But for now...
I'm just contemplating killing my other me.

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This Poem Stinks So Badly it Doesn't Deserve a Name

This poem stinks.

It doesn't rhyme 
It doesn't do anything 
It has a little alliteration


it will have some

because that's the easiest poetic element to incorporate 
and if it didn't have any poetic elements 
it would not be a poem 
but would be prose with 
carriage returns...

(are carriage returns extinct?)

and that would be dishonest. 

This is not a lying poem. 
That would be oxymoronic. 
It's a stinky poem.

And when I finish writing it 
I'm gonna print it out 
and tear it up 
into little bitty 
teensy weensy pieces 
(if I have enough patience to get that small) 
and flush it down the commode 
so it can join all the other 
excrementally effluential essences

(note the alliteration)

of all the other stuff that stinks 
almost as badly as 
this poem.

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Shut the duck up
Or is it a goose
Always honking
Noisy creature
Shut the duck up
I knew that you would get in the last word!  

This is not meant to resemble 
anyone or anything..
Just written for fun!
My sense of humor has returned!

I have no idea what form it could be???

Entered into Andrea's contest...

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not me two cats and a mangy dog

the rain fell 
dogs and cats
was late in coming
rolled over in bed 
played dead

until a red 
long haired cat
named Fred
on my head
and my face 
turned red

then a stray 
mangy yellow dog
named Yellow
decided to play 
with me
chased Fred away
and decided to stay

his body heat 
was hot
and I rolled over in bed
until a cool fat black cat 
named Frank 
chased Yellow
outside to the riverbank

Frank the cool fat black cat 
started to scat 
at the top of his range
at the edge of my bed
his blues 
went straight 
to my head

then Yellow and Fred 
with guitar and bass
and played backup
to Frank
while I played the bed
to save face

it was all 
going swell
until my neighbors 
who didn’t like our chops
banged a different tune 
on the wall
and called the cops

they broke down
the door
and took away us four
along with our instruments 
less the bed of course
into a paddy wagon 
we sped 

it was in a cell 
with a cot
that we realized that we were hot
to trot
and started our prison band called 
me two cats and a mangy dog

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How would you like your death announced?
 In joyous bells, sweet song through the town
 or a solemn dirge, sung in an otherwise quiet church?
 Don't mind me much, it's completely your choice
 but I must make a sale you see.
 Whether they throw flowers and toast to your glory
 Whether they dress in black and weep til morning
 it makes no difference to me
If the fanfare isn't your thing
 obscurity is always an option
 But an ego, such a fragile thing, can't bear it
 A forgotten grave where moss makes its home
 too melodramatic for me
 Alas, you humans are so strange
 There's a ticking
 Can you hear it?
 It seems your time is fast approaching
So what is your choice
 poor soul so close to the end?
 Is it joy?
 Is it sorrow?
 Or a darkness with no light?
 I don't mean to rush, but there's the sake of my sale
 What's left for you to mend?
 And the reaper will not be kept waiting

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The cessation
and alleviation
of the causation
of irritation 
is the clarification
of information
or the realization
the situation
in contemplation
is a manifestation
without liberation
except termination
of your fixation.

I wrote this in 2003 and it was the first of it's kind known at the time.

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The Birth

Your presence within my sphere
Is utterly enlightening and true
It is nice to realize the blessings of life
Are the very words you engrave on my heart

I trust your heart is filled with gladness
Supported with positivity and gain
Terrestrial rains sh*t glitter at me
As bursts of chuckles saturate my brain

I am moved by a humorous plight
Of words flying like heroine-addicted chickens
Clucking and pecking at Charles Dickens

I have become this nonsensical buffoon
As my pride rises like an off-brown balloon
Only to deflate in a fit of guffaws and mirth

Ever since you appeared on this earth
There was an unexpected birth

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Hodgepodge Poetry

Off the rocky Mountain cliff , I Dove
I’m flying  toward the lake like a Dove

Underwater I saw the largemouth  Bass 
Singing in soprano, alto, tenor, and Bass

To Maid Marion Queen of Sherwood , I Bow
I will bring home dinner, with my arrows and Bow 

The Adventures of Robin Hood which I just READ
There are so many great classic novels I want to Read

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My Love I'm not Cheating

My love...let me explain this situation,
I had no intentions of cheating on you.
I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
You saw me with her and it meant nothing,
I just held her for a moment in my hand.

Your skin glows like the moons reflection on water, 
She looked anorexic sick...and pale green before vomiting.
Your scent’s like liquid caramel whenever you move.
She smelt like salty...sweat on a hot day.

My yearning heart throbs to your sloshing voice, 
And I salivate to the sound of your name.
The evening flutters like butterfly wings.
I am calmed by your taste that I carry into, 
The twilight of my soul and hold dear to my heart. 

I’m filled with hope, may I dry your condensation tears,
That steadily stream down your plastic face?
I didn’t mean to make you love.

As my taste is satisfied, it reminds me 
Of your moistened contents when I first met you.
In the hush of night, hearing you psss... turns me on,
My taste...buds leap to my mouth‘s palate. 

I wait in the moonlight for your secret 23 flavors, 
So that we may merge as one, liquid to stomach.
In the search of glorious satisfaction, 
Of having my life...moistened by your touch.

Please believe me...she means nothing to me.
I just held her in my hand for a moment,
I’m loyal to you with all my heart and soul,
My lips never touched hers, I promise.

I would never switch to Mountain Dew.
I’m in love with you and only you,
Satisfy my life with your
I longed to hold you in my hand, Dr. Pepper...come here let me kiss you.
I'm in love with your cool and refreshing taste.........ahhh.

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A Winter Walk

I needed some time, some space to think
And it was either take a walk or drink
And since I knew drinking would solve nothing
I put on my shoes and I started walking

The wind blew the chilly air
Through my unkempt locks of hair,
But I hardly felt the biting cold,
Walking with memories warm in my soul

The street was dark, cold and silent
It was funny the places where my mind went
While I slowly walked across the blacktop road
No destination in mind where I would go

It's funny the things you will remember
I recall a day in mid-December
And how suddenly, nothing seemed the same
After that man at the door called my name

I followed him into a secluded office
Where he would tell me his diagnosis
And suddenly I felt my beating heart
But the rest of the world had just stopped

I felt a hand in mine get tighter
I don't think the room could have been quieter
I shook my head in total disbelief
Too numb to feel anything, even grief

The question asked, "What does this mean?"
But the answer didn't mean anything
My head too fuzzy, my thoughts too jumbled
I turned to my love to speak, but mumbled

I don't remember what else he said
Because of the swirling thoughts in my head
It took three days before I could even think
Which led me to tonight: walk or drink

So I walked and I thought and I truly remembered
Dreams of the past, love treasured forever
Friendship and laughter, sorrow and pain
As though I was reliving my life over again

Little things that I'd sorely taken for granted
Things that didn't happen the way that I planned it
Promises made and ones that were broken
Love that was shared, love still unspoken

The frosty air filled me with a sense of renewal
Inside my soul was fighting a duel
The angel, the devil, both battling demons
Inside of myself I fought to redeem them

I don't know who won the ethereal battle
And I'm not sure right now it even matters
Where once I believed everything for a reason
I'm finding that harder and harder to believe in

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I should say outrage!
My favorite T.V. show
Blacked-out just like (snap!) that
Wind was like a hurricane
Scared hell out of the cat

Whole trees blown over
My house dark as Asa’s tomb
I’m feeling my way
Stumbling on familiar things
Cursing the maddening gloom

Think of olden days
Young Abe reading by hearth side
Chuck sails by moonlight
Hot water heated on the stove
Long before Ben Franklin’s kite

What a hardy brood
Those ancient folk must have been
We should be ashamed
Radios    televisions
Millionaires playing sports games

Time to offer thanks
How lucky we are   oh Lord
(snap!) Electricity!
Thank you Lord    power restored
Maybe they’ll have a rerun 

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Paradise In A Dream

Paradise In A Dream

There is so much weighing me down
The daily toils of doing what others want
Screaming kids fighting all day long
Another four hours of Dora The Explorer
Trying to cook dinner with nothing in the cupboards
Every member of the family wanting something different
Hot dogs for the youngest
Mac and cheese for the little girl who won’t eat anything
Cheese steak sandwiches for the adults
There is a fashion show on the TV for my wife
The basketball playoffs can wait for another day
I haven’t seen a Celtics game in more than ten years
A fuse blows in the middle on the evening
Those basement stairs were not meant for a man my size
Finally the time has come for a peaceful sleep
Until my daughter finds a monster under her bad
Screaming and crying while I scare the monster away
I close my eyes as the moon rises
The witching hour when the dead rises
My dreams take me away to a paradise
The tropical sun tans my half naked body
Naked women chase each other on empty beaches
No kids, no wife and no fashion shows
Too bad morning and another day has to come
Too bad that I love my wife and kids
Otherwise I just might stay asleep

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" IKE and JANE " --Sequence 3 "Old Geezer's Garden"

The name's Ike .
Some a you met me and my wife Jane,
We got us a good life, can't complain.

To the kids, I'm an old geezer round here,
I think it's funny , they don't mean no harm,
I likes ta watch em, and have me a beer,
Work in the yard; Jane calls it my 'lil farm .

I been around a long time,
But ya know, it's still me inside this old shell,
This old body shell is wrinkled and baldin'
gray haired and achin'; I really gave it hell.
Though ya know, inside, ...I'm still really alive!
Funny...I always think I'm about thirty five !

Anyway i'm gettin off track. 
Sometimes I gotta find somethin ta git me goin',
so I head out to the yard and start ta hoein'.
Ya see I got me a 'lil garden,
sometimes, I spreads manure in,
   ...(beggin' your pardon)

You see ,in a special sorta way
each plant needs good care.
Some stay outside 'n grow on the rungs.
Some shoots I wants in the green house,
ta help 'em grow and tend to the young.
Guess them plants is like people,
Some praise God under the sky'
some prays ta Him under a steeple.

This ole garden been through alot.
She been through four hurricanes in her lifetime,
and one year,...a twister just missed her.
I've always liked it out here.
it's a special place to me,..very dear.
We sometimes walk out here, me and the Mrs.
We smile and call it "the old geezer's garden".
Then we get us in a few hugs and kisses.

My old garden been around 
a long long time, but she's still alive!
Some folks ask me how old it is,..
and I tell 'em...oh..'bout ...thirty five...

see you folks next time.   " nite nite darlin."

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Fat egg    you're a mess!
I can't believe the scramble where you fell
There's slime    dirt    and yellow on your shell
Impossible, I must confess

With all the king's horses
           all the king's men
                and the ovaries of a hen
It seems quite ridiculous
      a job so meticulous

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Beer and Being Human

the pain of being human
can be negated
by beer
and beer
in a steady supply, i might add
there is nothing worse
than waking up
out of beer
and being human

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.                                       Cutting off its top
                                        inside the flesh so fresh
                                        and easy to scoop out
                                        art hides intentions
                                        for the model's on my mind
                                        depicting her face
                                        her scowl, monstrous frown

                                        "my daughter needs..."
                                        "my daughter deserves..."

                                        Onto the outside surface
                                        and enjoying my thoughts
                                        sharp knife to hollow 
                                        out the gourd, the pulp
                                        oh! dexterous spoon
                                        Madness shines in its design 
                                        Trick...trick...not treating

                                        "If my daughter would have thought..."
                                        "If my daughter had listened to me..."

                                        Her scornful smile, her last
                                        of orange teeth, putrid breath
                                        As the natural
                                        empty and scary
                                        At night a light will be placed 
                                        inside...deep... to illuminate 
                                        or perhaps an ardent candle 
                                        to burn from within
                                        I still listen to her
                                        pumpkin voice

                                        "What is he doing instead of..."

                                        And I smile like Jack...

It's just fictional! Mine is my second Mom. : ) She better be... : )

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The Little Dog ( Scotty )

The Little Dog ( Scotty )

I’m only a small female
Little legs you see
The other two are huge
Males big pawed and hairy
Great tongues lolling
But they protect me
They are nice to me
I’m only small

The human is a giant !
If I look straight ahead
I can only see the shins
And while the other two are off
Galloping and romping
I am trotting behind
Little legs you see
But the human
He waits for me

I think the human is male
He must be
As I feel so drawn to it
And its kind hands
And kind eyes
He must be male
I am female
I know these things

I love to go out walking
The human he takes us all
All three !
I have to skip over boulders
Which to them are just pebbles
And sometimes all of them
Have to wait for me patiently
Little legs with little paws you see

I love them all
Especially the human
And especially when he feeds me
Even more when he tickles my tummy
Do you know he built a little house for me
Just for me
I curl up on pillows at night
Nice warm and cozy

So because I love him
And even though I am rather small
I growl and bark
When he needs protecting
And I can see him smiling
So I know I am being a good girl

The human has a “ H U G E ” kennel
So big a dog could get lost in
And when he returns from being gone
He always lets us in
But never up those little floors
Which go to the place he uses for sleeping

Never mind
I am content
Like the other two 
To curl on the soft fluffy bit of the floor
And wait dozing
Occasionally sniffing about 
The place food is kept in
Till the time comes
For us all to go out walking

And then I can barely contain myself
In jumps and circles
While the other two are whimpering and whining
Time for them to go off running, snuffling and playing
While behind I follow
Steadily trotting
Little legs you see
But the human
He waits for me

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Like a Fart

I'm like a fart
Puff I'm here
There is no easy escape
Once I am here
No one gets away
Once I've gone 
It's only a matter of time
Before I return

For my husband on chili night... Love you!!

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Chemo Fun

Sitting in the backseat ~ yackety
she drives like
    crackers ~ wackedy
speeding to the movies?
we can’t be late?
Driver ahead asleep at the
panic stop she makes ~ 5 seatbelts lock
But the 
backlash! ........... flying wig
plops smack in my lap . . . .
Screaming fits of laughter all around.
Late to the movies after all,
    not nearly as good.

Dedicated to my friend, Kate.
Breast cancer survivor.

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Barn Dance

The moon is bright, and the chores are done
Tonight's the night to have some fun!

The harvest in, calls for a night's hell-raisin'
Take me out in the old hay wagon!

Not far to go, where the old dirt road ends
There on the left, where the oak branch bends

Let's hurry, Pa! ....Hitch the old grey mare!
We'll share with folks sorghum pies I've made

Stop la gaging, there's some moonshine waitin'
I'll wear my calico, with petticoats wavin'

Fiddles playin', and banjos are strummin' 
Feet are flying, to some do-si-do-ing!

We'll kick up heels, with a still of whiskey
Come'on old man, while I'm feeling frisky!!!

For the Hoe Down Contest:

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Fancy Hair

I turned on the water sprinkler under the Weeping Willow
A fine stream it did spray
The tree was lacking the nourishment that it gets from water
For it has not rained much in many days

As I was working in my kitchen and viewing the scene
Along came a male Red Cardinal
On a rose bush he did preen
Just close enough to the water to receive a fine spray

When he was water coated, he flew away
Up into the Weeping Willow and puffed his feathers out
Shook his tiny body as a dog after taking a bath
Then he sat in the Weeping Willow and rested for a spell

Before he had time to dry,  a Black Bird
Landed on a Weeping Willow limb
Just close enough to the spray to get his shower today
Very intelligent these  birds of the yard

Knowing how to refresh and clean their feathers 
Sometimes I wonder if they are not more intelligent
Than some of the humans that have big brains 
And fancy hair....

(I'll call it free verse for no other reason than I don't know where else it would fit.)

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My Unhappy Lazyboy

After a long work day I come home to a long warm shower.  It was getting late into 
evening hours.  I sat down in my favorite black leather chair.  Not knowing I was in for a big 
scare.  I rolled a joint and sat back fully reclined.  I was getting high out of my mind.
       As I was enjoying my weed, I almost choked because a voice spoke beneath me!  I 
jumped up and listened to my chair spit profanity.  I wondered if I was loosing my sanity.  
My lazyboy said, "Don't be scared, sit down and talk to me!"
       I seriously thought I was dreaming.  Like an out-of-body experience waking up 
screaming.  No this is real, very real.  I just knew my chair was about to do a cartwheel!
       "No need looking around wearing a frown, you been sitting down on me for years; so 
have no fear.  No it's not the weed, you're seeing clearly, so sit down and listen to me."
       I sat down in utter shock, resting my buttocks.  As my chair began to explain.
       "No Jimmy you're not going insane, but I feel you're causing me harm.  I have burns, 
scratches, now dust all along my arms.  I'm left with a permanant frown.  I desperately need 
a rub down.  I don't wanna be mean, but get some disinfectant and clean.  The way I'm living 
is obscene!"
       No more explanations were needed.  So after a good wipe down it was obvious I had 
succeeded.  My lazyboy's black leather had a nice shine.  Now I wanted to rest my spine.
       "Ah I feel so much better.  Now I can go back into a deep sleep.  You can go back 
enjoying your weed or nicotine.  Just remember my hygiene, and from time to time give me 
a clean - Thank you."
       I could have sworn my lazyboy gave me a wink.  I shook my head, tomorrow I would 
go see a shrink!
For Matt Caliri contest "Spea Chair! Speak!

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Pure Love and Holy Cow!

Teeny tiny tornado....

Indestructible force
Pretty fits of laughter....
She shreds the house to pieces…

I thought I cleaned that!

As I wander behind her
     Like a lunatic
picking up the rubbish
that she scatters 
       with such glee

A gleam of mischievous
    in her blue eyes….

“I need sleep!” 
I think
“Come back here!”
        I yell…
As she tears through
     the house
Wind of wild child
and fits of happy
a universe of little 
A cosmic egg of love
     She bounds 
          a free spirit
and innocent....

So Beautiful her soul
So pure her heart
     Just look...
she is so perfect
when shes sleeping...

Holy Cow!
So destructive to my home!
Who would have known
Someone so small 
could wreck such havoc
on a house and a heart?

“What is that?!" 
"Did you pull that
from the toilet?!”
Yep, she did!

Have I mentioned 
I need sleep?

My precious
Teeny Tiny Tornado....

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Silent Night, Weary Night

Silent night, weary night
Worked all day, worked all night
Worked at baking and wrapping of gifts
Hoping the family wont get in a rift

Ohhh and where is the fruit cake
 and  by gosh now who spiked the nog

Silent night, weary night
House to clean, the cake has a lean
All of the stockings now hung in a row
I think the cat just swallowed a bow

Oh  I forgot batteries
Thank God 7-11 won’t close

Silent night, weary night
Family is gathered
The paper is scattered
I still have three more gifts now to build
No understanding the instructions will yield

Oh but these are the good times
I keep repeating this in my mind

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What doesn't kill You only makes you weak

I down poison and sleep for days
trying to take the heart ache away
I swallow rasorblades to take the headaches away
but nothing matters its always the same
what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
liar liar pants on fire!!!!

Overdosed and dieing
survived it and now paying with liver damage and internal bleeding

The car crash of the drunk driver
how relaxing
nail biting aftermath
and another reason to go out and party
for the celebration
of the alcoholic
who just took the life of his best friend
I'm the victom
I'm the victom
I'm the victom he says
but low and behold the survivors in the other vehicle
stronger than ever
all crippled and in wheel chairs
know that
they should really thank the drunk driver and condemn
all the hippocrits who know nothing of survival

so here i am
wishing to be more strong
why bother to exercise
they surely have it all wrong
why pay attention to science any way
all those cliches can tell you about apples and sunshine
but we know what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
so i think I'll cut off my leg
go play in traffic
or fight the wars by doing too much drugs
the place inside the fire can tell you
what doesn't kill you will only make you strong

A second lease on life
a new found reason to get up and go
and find god and praise life
and all the things i should have done
and all the newfound glorious reasons to cry
why oh why oh why oh why
thank you lord thank you Jesus
thank you wars thank you liars thank you lies
thank you doctors thank you poets
thank you psychologists
thank you preachers for truly understanding an age old cliche
I'll peel off this apple to keep the doctor away throw out the core
and know
if it doesn't kill me
I'm probably just weak
and after all the rehabilitation and speach therapy i still don't feel like me

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Georgia Muse

I went to Georgia without my bonjo in my hand I knew it would be great after I landed and took a stand I told them my name and they asked, "What's your fame?" I reached for my muse and turned it loose like a goose They straightened their ties and said “O’ me, O’ my!” “We made a mistake about this poetic rhyming guy!” Someone handed me a bonjo and they all joined the tango My muse had its way and we had a wonderful stay As we departed for home they started to sing, “Hurry back poet, may your muse give you wings!”

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The Chatty Chair

U-umph, Oof-fa ha!.... There, comfy now?
Hey, would you pick up your tush,
reach in here and pick up your wife's locket?
It's  down here under my cush,
and please get that screw driver outa your pocket? 
That's good for me, yes much better.
Is it good for you too?
Yes, now go ahead and read your letter.
Hey, you remember when you and your wife, 
saved me at that Auction in Aspen?
Talk about stress and strife !
I sure was a mess back then.
One last chance, 
and I was headed for the rubbish bin.
The Auctioneer grabbed my arm,
And hollered out, "who'll bid it at a sixty?"
I remember being on stage watching you,
then it was "fifty five or bidit ata fifty -now fifty",
You didn't bid ; ..I thought I was through.
No one interested and he was droppin' fast!
"Biddit ata fortyforty thirtyfi-five bidit atta thirty two!"
"Bidda wudda gimme good chair, just alil bit dirty"
I was so nervous ; you just stared at your shoe!
"Lookin big bidder cudda cudda bidder thirty!"
Biddit abub bidja bidja bud, gimme gimme bouta fifteen on "er
well right then I Frayed My Hem! And thought I was a Goner!
"Wudja wudja cudda cudja gimme gimme biddit at about ten?"
That's when you looked up high and I saw the gleam in your eye.
I shifted my skirting, straightened my back and looked real bold,
You caught his eye,  nodded your head and he hollered "SOLD!"
Well I rocked back easy and you went in to pay the man,
loaded me up and brought me home in your old van.
Y'all cleaned me up and gave me a nice shampoo,
and set me just so in your cozy library den.
You know..I'm really comfortable with you two.
I Have been since that auction in Aspen.
Hey! You dropped some popcorn in my... Oh ..never mind..,
Ahh..the's all's all just FINE.


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A Snowman For You Pt 1

I awoke this morning to find a foot and half of snow all around covering the ground.  I 
quickly got dressed wearing several layers of clothes.  Plus a winter mask to protect my ears 
and nose.  Snow equals very cold weather.  I thought about you, wishing you were here with 
me - us together. Yes us together to act silly in this snow so white, and to run from each 
other having a snow ball fight.  I made sure I grabbed my I-phone and then slipped my 
gloves on.
       So bright was the pure white snow.  I'm just glad the wind didn't blow.  I was ready to 
begin.  I would keep my promise to Charma and build her a snowman.  
       First you start with a single snowball.  The size of a big softball.  Not too small.  Then 
you place it on the ground rolling it around; rolling it end over end.  I was determined to 
build this snowman for my friend.  Round and around on the ground, bigger picking up more 
and more snow. Building snowmen you can never out grow.  Bigger and bigger it gets until it 
is as round and high as a tree.  Three giant snowballs for his body you have to admire.  I 
stacked his giant round snowballs on top of the other which were quite heavy.  I managed by 
myself which wasn't easy.
       Your snowman wasn't complete.  I wanted to make him so real like he had a "heart 
beat."  I went around to my back yard to find a fallen tree limb.  I had to have arms for him!  
After I put both stick-arms on either side;  I returned back inside because there were other 
things that must be applied.
 Continued in Pt 2
Note: Here's Pt 1 of your snowman poem Charma:)

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This Thing Called Woman

When in her best behavior:

    she smiles so sweetly
    and she loves so freely;

    she speaks so softly
    and she adores so dearly.

But if you are not on your guard:

    she will smile sweetly still
    as she drives a knife deep into your heart;

    she will love you, yes she will,
    while bleeding dry your credit card until you hurt;

    she will speak ever so softly, 
    divesting you of your money till you can't take it anymore;

     she will adore you dearly
     till she finds a new man, then drops you to settle some score.

She is tough, yet crumbles so easily,
she loves but hates with uncontrollable fury.

She sends so many conflicting signals:

    like some sort of a weirdo,
    she says no when she means yes, and yes when she means no;

    she always demands equality 
    yet expects preferential treatment based on her femininity;

    she expects a man to open the door
    but once inside the feminist begins to take over the floor; 

    she can manage on her own, says woman,
    yet resents it when you don't give up your seat, you ain't a gentleman;

    she wants a man to hold her when crossing the pavement
    but try it in the office and the poor guy gets booked for harassment.

What a woman really wants is her favor !!!

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Breaking Parole

Once when youth filled
my bones,
that was then.
All the cops and judges
started to look the same.

Back in the day,
pot was cheaper,
beer flowed,
acid was good,
pink tea was better
and cocaine was for rich folks.

A girl stole my heart,
we fell into one another
under a shooting star,
then we said, "we are".
Troubles still came and went.

Breaking parole didn't seem
all that bad !
Sitting in the bar till
close wasn't no big thing.

When I arrived home
the unhero of the day.
The door was chained
and dead bolted,
so in my anger
I kicked it in.

She was tripping
calling me a lair
and use racial slurs,
all high on those pills again.
All my stuff was trashed
and I took her punch,
like a man 
without recourse.

I stole her keys,
like she stole my heart.
Then I showed myself 
to the door smiling all the way.

Her custom Honda,
precious baby,
bright red with bright rims,
crashed and trashed so well.
Daddy's gift ain't shining anymore !

After that I was a sitting,
and a thinking in that bar again.
Hey, bartender bring another,
cause I'm going to get ten years.
Hey, Man take it easy, just go home
and pretend nothing happened.

All right,
I go on home,
its a lonely walk.
I force the door shut,
make my way through the mess,
get in bed with passed out
sleeping beauty.

Later after our daze has wore off,
we awake looking at one another,
she says, 
I got messed up last night
while you were out 
and left my Honda somewhere.
I smile and say,
Its ok we'll find it !                                                            

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Fantasy Land

As I opened my eyes, I saw the sun shinging bright
I opened the silk curtains and I stood in the light
I reached outside and grabbed a cloud, then rode it to the sky
I took the waterfall back down, then I began to fly
On eagle's wings, I traveled light, like feathers in the wind
I fell into a chocolate lake, and swam with chocoalate dolphins
The crystal chore was made of snow as I approached the bank
Twas the city of Atlantis, which I thought the ocean drank
I crossed the tattered bridge of gold, onto the other side
As a cricket then approached, "Let your conscience be your guide."
Somehow I knew just where to go, my eyes led me the way
Onto a giant golden ship, with sails as bright as day
We slid across the city, as it was made from ice
I layed back in my swinging hammock, thinking,"this is nice."
Just then a fairy flew to me, announced, "Now all ashore."
So I got up and walked around, and through the golden door
I floated down the diamond ramp, onto the leafy stairs
Then climbed the treehouse branches, along with the three bears
I ate some pourage then said goodbye, and rode a star back to the sky
I tell you friend this is no lie, it happened just this very night
And if you don't believe it's true, imagination is my gift to you

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The Valley of Desolation

I didn’t see a mammoth on my walk today
I don’t think any mammoths saw me
But the rocks did
The rocks had seen the mammoths
The rocks saw me
And, before the mammoths
They remember the winter when the glaciers came
And scoured the moors
And gouged the valleys
And deposited the rocks themselves
Where I saw them today
Sleeping in the sun
Dreaming of those mammoths and those early men
I wonder what they thought of me?

Note: Valley of Desolation, Wharfedale, Yorkshire, UK

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The Arizona Heat ---Tagged!!!

The heat of summer makes her brain gelatin
The Arizona sun turns her into a skeleton
Time and space she does not put to waste
Really, this poet lady is one of great taste

Iced tea and lemonade in the Arizona sunlight
Create an atmosphere for her that’s just right
Ink just drying on her newly crafted poem
Always ready to rate on the pole of totem

Tall she stands with stature in poet's land
Only doing right waving her magic wand
Leading other poets to higher heights
Lovely readings are on her poetic site

Everyone should look in her poetic bag
What? Jill Martin, you are now tagged!

Comments:  Okay Jill, I was tagged by Tamiviolet Manchas.  As a result, I have to 
pass the tag along.   Your name is on the top of the list.  Your poetry is just 
wonderful!  Now, you must find a poet whose poetry you enjoy reading, and tag 
that poet with a poem.  Man, this is so much fun!  Chau!

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Head Chef

The special today,
is Tom's Stew,
more than enough,
for all of you.
Homemade bread,
with garlic, and chives,
real butter without calories,
dripping from the sides.
Strawberry Shortcake,
heaping with cream,
fresh from scratch,
right out of a dream.
Eat all you want,
get happy, and stuffed,
take some with you,
he insist you have enough.
Open all night,
his lights always on,
place your orders,
before it is all gone.

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A Snowman For You Pt 2

Continued from Pt 1

       In the living room I could hear my parrot.  I reached in the refrigerator to grab a 
carrot.  In the living room I found momma's sewing kit.  I grabbed lots of buttons for Mr. 
Snowmans outfit.
       Back outside I looked at your snowman.  "Something is missing for you."  I made a face 
and I knew.  Back inside I grabbed my Yankee's hat - it will have to do.  I walked over to 
grandpa's chair,  "A pipe for him too!"
       I returned to Mr. Snowman.  He was beginning to look cool as a fan.  My Yankee's hat 
on his head would be his only clothes.  A carrot for his nose.  It would be uncivilized if I did 
not have two buttons for his eyes.  Too bad I did not have a wig for some kind of hairstyle.  
So I added several buttons to make him smile.  He was beginning to look his best.  I placed 
the remaining buttons down his chest.  He was the perfect snowman prototype.  I finally 
added his pipe!
       I snapped lots of pictures playing in the snow;  So you would know how much fun it is 
from my personal view.  As if on cue, I pressed send.  Hoping these pic's would convince you 
to visit me for a weekend.
       You receive text messages from Jimmy Matthew, and you see several cute pic's of me 
in snowshoes.  You notice my lips are cold and blue.  Finally you see several pic's of a 
snowman for you!!!
Note: Here's Pt 2 of your snowman poem Charma:)

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To thong in public...

To wear a thong in public...
Not much chance of that...
Unless your the type...
That gets invited back...
For unlike the summer months...
What's there to show...
I myself...put it on the shelf...
As like most you know...
To thong in public...
That's a life time ago...
A little more to hide...
Even in summer time...
To wear a thong in public...
Not much chance of that...

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Caught in the Rain

It came with a flash upon my back
Caught off guard, suspenders hanging
Madly rushing to find a place so safe

From around the bend with a honk
“Hey watch your steps” was a shout
Horn blowing while in passing 
One disgruntled taxi driver glaring
Newspaper umbrella in ruins

Noisy rumbling above from a subway
Heading down the track, clank, clank, clank
Brown dog barking, woof, woof, looking back

Shelter at last, finally found a spot
The rain came down with a heavy shout 
Caught shirtless and without shoes
Now sipping coffee listening the blues 
Feeling brand new tasting some stew

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number 10.)
Appropriations will be cost effective only when mass production is labeled'for 
esthetic use only'.
number 9).
All committee decisions must be based on my own and no one elses.
The 'sleek new modern' must be based on Baroque precepts that stem from 
facistic-anarchical individualistic expression over the state.
The media is to be tightly controlled based on my novel
There is no number 6.
number 5).
The deliniation of taste will be non linear.
number 4).
I will be awash with cash I now don't have.
number 3).
Teenage angst will be programmed into everyone well into their eighties.
number 2).
There may be a number 2 in a parallel universe.
And the number one result When Artists Finally take over the World is........

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Soft, pink satin,
Baby blue with lace.
Underwear, underwear every place.

Hot red silk
Plain white cotton
Underwear here even I had forgotten.

Black and slinky,
Is that a thong?
Underwear like that almost seems wrong.

Blue with Purple polka dots
Roses scattered over lime.
Underwear like that could never,  ever be mine!

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The piano grumbled at his touch,
Playing fortissimo on command...
Nerves of steel snapping a string.

Ambitious to a fault, practicing the night into alarm,
Lizst spilled from the printed page
Like sour milk for a feral cat.

As he rose from the bench, music in hand,
An audible whispered relief rustled the curtains
And silence cradled the grateful room.

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I need it all the time
I hunt for it.
I advertise for it.
I answer ads for it.
Anyone else need it as badly as I do?
Oh I'm sure there are a few of you
that would do as I have done and
maybe even worse.
But you can only go so long.
Then that urge will catch up with you again.
This is a never ending thing.
You have it maybe three or four times a day. 
Maybe more.  Who knows what each person's 
need's are but themselves?
But you sleep and get refreshed and BOING!!
There it is again!  That urge!!!
And that urge gets greater everyday!
"Oh sure," you say to yourself, "it will soon pass!'
RIGHT!!!!!  That need is only satisfied
if you find it and have it!
And have it more than once a day!
I'll bet if I took a survey, more than likely
all of you would confess.  You say,
"Not me!" but believe me!!!  You have!
And I can prove it if I have too!
Please don't ask me what it is,
because if you do, I'll have to explain 
this poem and that's something I could
never do. This poem gives me the willies,
as it should you.  GO AHEAD AND ASK!!
JUST DO IT!!  And see what answer you 

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Those Were The Days

                                     Rebuilding America 
                                     My little Jenny and me
                                     Remembering a time
                                     When Laurel And Hardy
                                     Brought such classics to T.V
                                     My Jenny asked mom can you see me
                                     Just cruising home in a big jelopy
                                     With my Feathered Friend Buddy
                                     Perched on my shoulder and you Yelling
                                     Smile Your On Candid Camera
                                     That had to be such a Jungle Fever back then
                                     Think  I liked it better When you used to sing to me
                                                 That  I'm A Big Girl Now 

Just Putzing Around here
with my last 10 poems
But Love to watch 
Old Classic comedies on T.V. with Jenny
And Trying To explain  to her about Cinema

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Another Day in Paradise

I slowly awaken to –
Electronic screeching of inanimate harpies;
Their piercing cry
Brutally kneads my throbbing head

How pleasant!

I grudgingly slide out of bed to meet
Frigid ceramic
Clutching my formerly contented feet,
Icing away my comfort

How nice!

As I drowsily descend the stairs into
The dungeon of culinary disgrace,
I tread on pitiless points of steel,
Unseen by my sleep-covered eyes,

How I love surprises!

I mechanically pour
Oozing bowls of lethargic meal
As it vacantly stares up at me with
Grey-faced monotony

My favorite!

As I climb into
The treacherous basin of raining displeasure,
Balance abruptly abandons me,
And I perilously plummet,
But unfailing gravity catches me

How fortunate!

I drape upon myself
Dreary rags of experience,
Faded by time’s clumsy caress;
They curtly choke my waist and chest

A wonderful fit!

I reluctantly trudge out to
My machine of unsightly shape;
It blithely mocks my meager attempts
To rouse it from its perpetual sleep

How I adore my car!

As I eventually arrive at
The bureau of laborious toil,
I hastily ready my apprehensive ears for
Another verbal thrashing

I love my job!

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Just Clowning Around

Just clowning around
so try not to frown


In living this life
I’ve made mistakes
hard it can be
but here’s my take

Grow a backbone
don’t lose heart
be kind and gentle
friends never will part

Eclipse with love
those you hold dear
cause they will not be
evermore near

Search for small miracles
Give of yourself
And of your pay

Now I ain’t no Angel
No Sirree
I’ve eaten an apple
from Eden’s tree

Snakes did whisper
in my ear
always walk tall
showing no fear

A conundrum
I am
Bruised and broken
But this was a ride
I’m glad was taken

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SOUPER Sex Change

This Lil' poem
had to change it's name
With a title so lame 
nearly got sent
to Soup's Hall of Shame!

Never fear
dude's on the poetic rise
silky set a' verses
new curves in them thighs

you bet
boys'll be 
rubber neckin'
new flow's strapped
like an automatic weapon

Yep she's got new features
but didn't cost six grand
with a new set a' headlights
give the new girl a hand!

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World Cup 2014

Pain in Spain
Bland England
Shame in the game
Who do you blame
When your approach is lame
Three lions or three blind mice?
I wonder

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

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You belong to her I belong to him 
what a tragedy it had to end up this way
an affair I can no longer have, its been 10 years
Since she took your love away from me. 
when your so called wife found out about me
far she moved you from the lights of me
never to see you again 
I ended up with some one to save up all the tears.
with this man I live so unhappy
I compare my life to a drunk with out having to drink of a beer.
This man of beauty by my side
Compares nothing like our affair ride
A man of my taste again I can never find.
I settled for a man who broke my heart so many times.
Only because I can not ever be with you. 
I stay stuck with someone who I do not love at all.
An enemy he made me
Why can't we be friends like me and you
In this life time if I ever get to see you 
I want one last romance.
no man has ever made me feel the lust I had for you.
2 years we shared a secret love, how can I get over that
You are the only man I could feel all up inside of me
when you touched me with a stroke of your hands.
with out a lie I say the truth the man I have 
becomes you when we make love in bed
I close my eyes and pretend it is you in my head.

To: my husband who is across the room from me.
     I am telling him to play a song over and over.
     he does not realize he is taking me back to memory lane
     HA HA HA in your face.. S.K.A.T.

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Let me take out my thesaurus
And talk about them stinky dinosaurs

I have my own theory on the Mesozoic Era,
First I'll share my reason on the Continental Drift
Who's to blame for the disconnection of our jagged sierra?
It could've been the Jurassic reptiles that caused the world to split!

My favorite meat eater is the ferocious Allosaurus
Sharp claws- sharp teeth,
terrorizing all the dinos walking on all fours.
Sneaking up while they eat and gaze the veggie heath.
Striping away chunks & chunks of meat!!!
A prehistoric predator eating his way to the top.
Preying on other dinos as if they where all pork chop.

I also like the silly Velociraptors!
These carnivores gathered and hunt in packs.
Should I call these wanna be birds 'gangsters'?
Since they had each others backs!

I also like that funny looking pea brain Stegosaurus
Look how his tiny little head is attached to that gigantic body.
I bet that dino was the dumbest of all dinosaurs

Once again imagine an 80 foot long Diplodocus,
or, a 90 foot long  Apatosaurus- also known as the Brontosaurs.
Along with the largest known 45 foot tall Brachiosaurus.
Can you imagine a herd of these dinos over 40 feet tall.
Leaving a path of destruction like a tornado.
Turning the earth upright, tumbling the ground with one fall

Flying high in that sky, swooping down to the seas.
In the Pteranodon eyes, every thing looked like Pease. 

Don't think I forgot about Mr.. T.Rex
How funny he looks with them little claw like hands,,
A nightmare in his own neighbor hood, 
A scavenger, prowling to see what he could eat next
What a big O' bully that Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Lets not forget about the 3 horn Triceratop.
I wonder how long it took Mr.T.Rex to bring Sara to a drop

Last but not least 
I like the little egg thieves
Hiding and kidnapping all them babies,
before they hatched, into their herds like armies.
Now that could be a theory to the real Dinosaurs Evolution.
One can't really say why the dinosaurs went away
Maybe the climate, or a star explosion leaking out radiation.
Scientist don't know why dinosaurs had an expiration!
I have a crazy thought!
Maybe all them egg eaters ate the dinosaurs into extinction. 


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Bladder Problems in Class

Numbers on 
White board…names written hori-

Students ask
To go pee…right when class starts – 
THAT’S just wrong…

Bathroom line
Of students who have bladder
Problems – WOW!

People are
Not using lunchtime to do 
Their business 

No one knows
When to do their duties – SER-

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My Sweet Camel Toe, Where'd you Go

Where'd you go?
oh where did you go
my precious camel toe?

played me like a fiddle
with your bubbly middle
you're such a skanky hoe
but I love you so
camel toe
camel toe

we had magic
we had fire
purple sweatpants my desire
come back camel toe

victory! camel toe
you're the villain 
you're the winner
with your puffy 
wedgied center

camel toe
camel toe

you're my sassy hoe
you're my Christmas snow
gone like cold wind blows
with your return
my member grows

I miss my camel toe
where'd you go?
sweaty sweetie 
camel toe

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Night Owl

Night owl

Wake up all the night,
Asleep whole day bright,
Am I a night owl ?

Ward of seriously sick,
Moving my neck at three-sixty is a trick,
Am I a night owl ?

Disease in fluffy plumage,
Prey to hooked talons' curettage,
I am a night owl !

Aboard in the black hours,
Be dark sky or glitter of stars,
I am a night owl .

Inheriting the mystery and magic of night,
Taking a noiseless flight,
Blessed are the night owls !

Written on 5/8/14
Contest - Night Owl
Sponsor- Kelly Deschler 

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Would You Be Mine

To Be Or Not To Be, mine...

I have a box of madness.... 
Especially for you!!!!
A chocolate flavored journey.... 
That's dipped and covered with crazy glue... 
Everyone knows love comes in many forms.
Can you really define the true meaning of love....
Without opening this one box...

I'll give it to you in a Shakespearean way...
To Be, Or Not To Be???? 
My Valentine This year...

To: Nathan Dilts
From: Poet Destroyer

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A Cake For All My Friends - For Ever And Ever

                         I want to bake a cake for all my friends
                            A cake that will tell you what I feel
           The first to be mixed in is understanding and compassion
                         Afterwards, a tablespoon of faithfulness
                                      A pound of sorrow
                           One kilogram of sweet delights
                                        A little laughter
                                        Just a few tears
                           A cup of patience and a lot of smiles
                               Then I put up a good thought
                                and some words of comfort
                           Eight to ten warm hugs and a kiss
                                        Share a secret
                 Mix everything together and make a friendships cake
             Bake at 25 degrees in sunshine for ever and ever with love
                  Finally, I rub a lot of sun cream with UV - filter on

A-L Andresen

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I declare myself blessed

As a child I wanted to be a pilot and writer I wasn’t interested in much else.
I became a Marine at 17 a husband at 20, a father at 23 a grandfather at 50
I am a happy middle age fat man with the same wife of 41 years and she
is still all I will ever need.  I am blessed. Much more than I deserve
A more than wonderful wife, 2 fantastic daughters and 3 sweet grandchildren. 
A son in law that loves my daughter and their children
Oh yea, and a crazy dog. 

I can hear our granddaughter asking daddy over the phone 
if they can go somewhere after work when he gets home
while her brother and his dog play happily out back 
Grandma and aunty entertain the youngest of the pack

and now mommy puts them all in the tub 
splashing is followed by laughter and more splashing 
and laughter and splashing until all have had a scrub 
Just in time for daddy
And that is exactly why I bought this house

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- TANGO - All Alone -

    Melancholy sets in
    and twist easily
    around the joy that is stuck
    in the glue
    It's hard to dance tango - without a partner

  A-L Andresen :)

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My Chicken Adventure

My Chicken Adventure
                                 Authored by Chuck Keys

I found a chicken at my door
barely moving on the floor
kind of bony in and out
dirty stinky not proud nor stout

what brought him to my door today
with nothing in hand nor able to lay
I asked "where came you"
replied he  "a land away true"

I asked "friend or foe this fine day"
replied he, "I am here to dine n' stay"
another mouth to feed and care for
maybe I need to show him the door

thinking of dinner for myself, " hmm" said I
"should I eat the chicken with potatoes and peas?"
so happy and gleeful he smiled so free
Thinking maybe wouldn't be eaten by me

Hungry as I was, riled at my noisy uninvited guest
i looked at him, thinking, maybe he should be my quest.
Fried, baked, barbecued or soup?
He was destined to my food group.

I ate him.

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I am sitting inside my smart TV set with my wireless remote control

I am sitting inside my smart TV set 
with my wireless remote control 
and I can’t seem to get my wireless remote control 
to work for me
can someone out there 
please keep on  changing the channels for me 
to something else

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Dear God Good Night

                           Dear God, please give me a little brother
                                    I want to be a big brother
                              Dear God, tell my father and mother
                        I`m going to be a kind and good big brother
                                Dear God, give me a little brother
                              He can get my three-wheeled bicycle
                                        I`ll teach him to ride
                                   Dear God, you must not forget 
                                      then I will need a new bike
                          Dear God, it must be blue with yellow stripes
                               Dear God, please think about this now
                              My best friend got a new bike yesterday
                       Dear God, this prayer comes from John, five years
                               living in the white house on the corner
                                     Amen and good night Dear God


A-L Andresen :)

- Thank you for my 2nd place in the contest -

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The Bubble Burster

In my days of innocence, a man- more a fantasy of flesh and blood- came unexpectedly along and stepped inside my little bubble. At last we had our moment. His mouth on mine, pillow soft, moved strangely out of synche with my own lips, and this was the pin that burst my bubble. for PD's Contest: free verse poem. (15 max lines)

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. F.T.W.(oil)

.       F.T.W.
F.ree  T.he  W.aves
f.REE  t.HE  w.AVES

F.ree T.he W.aves!!!
Is what they say,,
Got my self some true tales
About the world today.
Oil job site fails.
Poor Sea World has to pay.
I found many black sea shells
Oil got in their way.
I wanna claw my nails.
On B.P.for turning our sand to clay
I can sit and give details
How they ruin our ocean bay
Instead I'm sending mean E-MAIL's
Expressing anger for their oily display.
How their stupidities drop our sales.
I hope they choke while eating a sea buffet
I hope someone feeds them sting-ray tails
As they drink coffee at there sea side cafe.
Everything sooner or later prevails
And ocean life will once again find a way.

God send them rain hit them with heavy hail
It's to late for pray..
2 months of a  black grave trail
((LOL)), angered the US.A.
Getting off easy with no jail
That does not make things okay.
I will not wish you all to go to hell
After making the ocean a bigger body of dead prey
Your clean up time is slower than a sea snail
Many uncalled dead seagulls are found in your oily decay
Funny how the president takes the heat of your bail.
You screwed our blue ocean water to a stream of black and grey.

An oil site ran by a higher percent of males
Oh well what can you expect and say.
With the world in the way of oil spills.
Is like B.P.oil's is saying F.T.W.anyway.
While we the protesters say, F.ree T.he W.hales!!!
F.T.W.=free the whales!!!!!


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The Great Potato Mash Up

Like a good Canadian boy
I love taters from PEI
So I got myself an idea

Filled my truck
A '67 Chevy
Tons of taters 
(dollar signs in my head)

Sounding like a beast
Driving down the highway
Gears slipping
Brakes squealing like always

In Ontario
Busiest Highway in Canada

Now my story 
Gets weird

I hit a
Slippery spot
Spinning and spinning

Slam into a milk truck
And we both slam into a 
Delivery truck
Filled with butter

Taters flinging everywhere

Cars skidding
Crashing smashing mashing
Spinning swishing fluffing

Road closed

A Great Wall
Mashed Potatoes

I went to a Policeman    
And asked him
"What do we do now?"

He turned to me 
With a grin and said

"Got a fork?"

© 2013 Rick Zablocki?"

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My First Grey Hair

Written by Gail DeBole

I dyed it.
The dye did not take.

So I pulled it out.

Then I climbed to the highest building and shoved it off.
It boomeranged when it hit the ground and came back to me.

Then I tried to bury it so deep within the ground that
I only succeeded in tunneling to the other side of the world.
And it was still with me.

I threw it off into the sunset.
The moon's shine threw it back at me.

I folded it umpteen times and paper clipped it to 
Last week's newspaper for recycling.
It was recycled back to me.

I hung it in a facade of suicide.
It slipped through the noose.

I stamped on it.
Beat at it.
Did everything besides forget about it.
And hated it passionately.

And then one day, it had gone.
Of its own will, not mine.
And I could not find it though I searched high and low.
I surveyed the front of my scalp and back
And stared my victory down into the mirror...

A whole head of grey.

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My Boredom Disease

Like sick allergies, 
Boredom can be passed around

Like a horrid storm,
Boredom can catch you off guard
Hold on for DEAR LIFE!

Like the whooping cough,
Boredom can be serious
If I were you, I’d
Get a vaccination ! 

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Computer Chair Woes: A Collaboration with Chris :D Aechtner

How do people do it?
For that matter, how do I pull it off?
Sitting in front of the computer for so many hours,
body compressed into a computer chair.
Feel a whole decade older than I actually am-
aching bones,
stiff joints,
sore muscles.
Eyes all dried out
as I get up from the chair
with a cramped neck,
my back temporarily doubled over
until my muscles warm up and loosen a little.

Tired, I slink back into my err-NO-Go-meek (ergonomic?!) chair
I check my butt...wiggle a bit...
Damn. Still spacious?? I want to feel SNUG!
So I sink my teeth into 4 inches of
Chunky Hunky Mega Chocolate Cocoa Cuckoo Overload Bar
Mmmm, this will go straight to my ass...

...there, it finally happened....officially lodged into the computer chair-
knew better than to eat so much chocolate while sitting for hours.
Too embarrassed to call an emergency crew,
I will have to wheel around the house, stuck in this chair,
until enough calories have burned away,
enabling me to dislodge these chocolaty buttocks
and taste some upright, biped freedom again.

Figured I could start losing those calories
by going on a mouse clicking frenzy
Flexing my pointer finger, I start clicking away'til a tic in my eye develops
Yup, don't care what I'm clicking on,
as long as that staccato beat resonates in my ears...
fingertips sweating, I go into a trance-

fall asleep at the keyboard,
image of the screen imprinted on my retinas,
dreaming about clicking the mouse.
Fast clicks, slow clicks, double and triple-clicks!
Many hours afterwards, 
the sound is still trapped in my brain,
slowly driving me completely insane-
*click*  *click, click*  *clickety-click*

How do people do it?
For that matter, how do I pull it off?
Sitting in front of the computer for hours on end...
My good ol' mouse answered that for me
It rolled over my arm,
massaged me on my back and shoulders,
taking out the knots in the process
and headed straight to my butt, just wedged itself in, snuggled there
*click!* *click* *Clickety-clickkk!*
my butt cheeks were now doing the clicking
This is beyond me, never knew I could do that!
Pain shoots up my thighs--going higher
Uggh. Butt cramps!
Shaking my head, I reach for the mouse,
instead, my fingers touch something soft, sticky...brown
Ah, yes!
My butt is glued to my chair with             chocolate.



-- well I sure enjoyed writing this one with Chris ;) 

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A Real Ghost

                                  I'm not exactly very big
                                The little man in my family
                             This summer I will be 197 years
                             I have a sister who is 199 years
                                She is a bit sour and grumpy
                          My mother is of course the world's best
                          she is 248 years and still likes to dance
                    The boss of the house .... my father at 252 years
                             is an expert on telling ghost stories
                      We have celebrated many birthdays, Christmas,
                          Easter, weddings and summer holidays
                        There is one day a year that we like most
                        and then it becomes real party: Halloween
                        Do not be frightened if I come to your door
                           it's only once a year we get ..... Candy
                                          Trick or treat

A-L Andresen :)

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School day hell

They called it school
I called it hell 
From the huge imposing prison like doors
To the doom like toll of the bell
Everyday the same
Running for the school bus
Full of uncivilized Wild kids
Being pushed and shoved
Countless kids in uniform
Fearing the teachers and the day they were born
Satchel bags and lucky bags
Late for lessons again 
Going to the headmasters office 
For the cane ooh how my bum was in pain
Teacher at the blackboard
Pupils getting bored thinking about girls
Motorbikes and cars
Playing football in the yard
Playing sports in skirts and shorts
The one too big that moma bought
School desks fountain pens and ink
Boy how some of my classmates did stink
Trying to blow up the science lab
Bubbly gum and sherbert dabs
Giggling girls and bashful boys
Girls jutting out everywhere
Pigtails and ribbon on their hair
Always getting into a fight
Going home with a torn blazer and black eye every night
Lots of kisses on my homework
Rolling about in the dirt
Pouring ink into the headmasters aquarium
Holes in your trouser bum
Crafty cigarette hidden behind a wall
Morning assembly in the hall
School dinners you couldn't pick
Forced down your throat and made you sick
Being punished and kept behind doing lines
I must have wrote 'I must be good' a million times
Frog spawn put into teachers bag
Gas taps left on in the lab
The school nurse giving you a jab
Riot breaks out in class Running a race on sports day and coming last
Pea shooter and catapult Pulling your tongue out and being rude to adults
First love and nervous thumbled kiss
Girls with new sticky out bits
Hair growing in places it didn't before
Limbs aching and so sore
Always in trouble up to no good playing truant in the wood
Letting the tiers down on the headmasters car
Girls wearing training bra's
Exams were such a sham but wrote the answers under the bandage on my 
hand Teachers talking about things I didn't understand
What a waste of time I was going to be a pop star and soon a man
Those daydreams  of youth that still remain aloof
Hiding in the bushes watching  girls playing hockey and net ball on the field
I still recall how that used to feel
Long school summer holidays away from hell
School books thrown down the well
Then back to school again to days of terror
And pain up early facing hell.

Peter Dome,copyright.2014. July.

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(Show me the funny, part two)

Are you a Lesbian?
 Did you major in the art of female anatomy and minor in multiple orgasms?
 Do you know all seven erogenous zones like the back of your hand?
 Then you may qualify as a Vagenius!
 But don't get too cocky now
 Just because you studied doesn't mean you'll do well on the test. 
 I've met so many people who can talk game but can't deliver. 
 I can't tell you how many times I've had to fake it just so I could finish the dishes instead. 
 Throw some moves at me! 
 Take my clothes off with your teeth.
 Turn me the **** on!
 Now you may be thinking that you can pass the test but please hold your horses because I've only met one Vagenius in my life. (Point to yourself)
 I'm not going to go to the Adam and Eve store just so you can grunt loud and thrust hard while I don't feel a thing, I'll save the crotchless panties and lingerie for my vibrator. 
 And no you can't use a cock ring so that you'll have more time to try to make me cum. 
 And please don't get all sentimental and touchy feely about it. This is a test, you’re not trying to convince me to be your girlfriend. Save the kisses for the wife. 
 So come into my bed and I'll tell you if you’re a true Vagenius.

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- Men - Cars - Women -

  If you see
   a man opens
     the car door 
       for a woman ....
         He certainly has
           a brand new car ...
            or a very young
             and beautiful mistress
               His pride ...
                a conquest ... 
                  the gleaming varnish
                    reminds him of
                     sensual red woman lips
                      Excite shining
                       in his eyes - 
                        you will always
                          be his number two

A-L Andresen :))

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- Is It Fair -

           I have heard: Women burn fat almost 10% slower than men
           It's does not feel justified
           I have heard: Women live on average 3 years longer than men
           Women have a better durability date (used before: .. - ... - .....)
           Men: (must be used within: .. - .. - ....)
           Why is it only women who are thinking about calories and diets
           I bake delicious cakes .... that can only be eaten by my husband
           ..... I think I'll try one more piece :)

A-L  Andresen :)

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The Empty Saddle

They formed a posse and it was loaded

Three experienced  at tracking

And their guide

He was a one-legged kangaroo

No one dared to waltz with him

Even Matilda kept clear

The heat  was unbearable


And no one liked bank robbers

Crossing upstream the three rode through rapids

One horse was bitten by a bee

It startled him and reared

Throwing the third rider into the rapids

One scream and carried downstream

The other two rode the banks and the rapid

And their one legged kangaroo hopped

One hop forward but always angles

They came to a suddenly quiet pool

They saw a hat that was clear

The horse whinnied and a single tear

The kangaroo was exhausted and thought of a new line of work

His master lay face down and floated 

The three horses gazed at the floater

And the two men followed their  lead

And what about the bank robbers

They had a pint

A Lil' Bit of Aus... Free Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver  

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The Best Exercise

Your cold right now
your body is still
but let me warm you up
and give you my fill
slowly I enter 
you tremble surprised
you got me all wet
my body has raised
You pleasure me hastily
with your gentle waves
I use my hands with their fingers 
to play with your face
your swishing back and forth
I've made you all wild
How I love to take a swim
in this pool for a while

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My confession

I am led by desire
I desire this
I desire that
I desire everything 
that all my friends’ 
have and desire
someone else has and desires it 

I know I have no use 
for most of it
but I must have it

I desire life
but not death
for the fear of it
I desire life because 
most my friends have it and want it 
and fear death because 
most of my friends fear it

when I am dead
maybe I will desire nothing
because all my dead friends 
will most likely desire nothing
and hopefully
we will most likely have no use 
for any of it

then God 
what will become of it?

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Elusive Unicorns

I was scrambling through the forest floor,
rambling all around the underbrush,
searching for acorns and pine cone nuts.

I am on a brand spanking newfangled diet,
much more better suited for mice and rats,
which assures me a healthier physical mainframe.

While sitting on a stinking rotten tree stump,
taking a short respite, I spotted a pair of unicorns.
To my great surprise, the male was blue and the female pink.

To my chagrin, I had not brought a camera,
so I was unable to accurately record
this most momentous of discoveries.

I did my very dang best to stay sight unseen,
but I guess the pair spotted me and in a flash
the two majestic unicorns were long gone.

I quickly scurried back home and told my whole family
all about the pair of awesome unicorns I had spotted.
No one believed me and they placed me in a mental facility.

I explained to the psychiatrist in great detail all I had seen.
He slowly and sternly told me I must have been hallucinating,
because it is a settled scientific fact that all unicorns are orange.

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Car Sales Man

                                            Benefit the doubt
                                    How can I benefit Your doubt?
                                      Your doubts are my benefits

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Ridiculous Me

Watch this scene with both eyes and try not to blink C: --> 

I stood there... silently
Like a predator near prey 
I sneak behind YOU

You weren't even aware of it!! Ha-ha! 

I made YOU jump hIgH
Like a startled hare
I chuckle and smile

You know that mischievous smile of mine? 

Your reaction was
PRICELESS - you were so upset
But YOU forgave me

Well...I'm flattered. . . 

We laugh'd together (just like the good times)
In a chorus - our volume
Picked up extreme sound

Believe me - I could hear our laughter from a mile away!

But I'm glad I did
My best to make you giggle

Ridiculous me... 
Wouldn't you agree?

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Worst breakfast ever

Poem, I thought is just play of words and syllable
As breakfast of juice and toast laid out on table
Was fiancee's maiden breakfast, joined in dress with lapel
           Napkin laid on my lap as table manner
To capture slip of drop or missed bite that may scatter
Drop did fall but the breeze from fan tossed it farther
Spoiled dress of my fiancée, upset with quizzical stare
                    Sorry did I say
Gave my virgin napkin to wipe stain away
Fuming, she threw her napkin at me that on her lap lay
Her spoiled napkin stained my dress by the way
           Cursed Self less, more stupid fan
Rotating blades, cutting air, throwing breeze without aim
But tossed the drop dot on fiancée, oblivious of decency or shame
Switched off fan in fury, but angered everyone all the more 
            All loathed me for silly manners
I swore never to have breakfast on table with others
Since then, squat on floor, switch off fan even of next chamber
Avoid napkin, even to wipe hands, after breakfast is over
© Hitendra Mehta
Entry for Members Contest – My Worst Poem Ever by (Destroyer ((Poet

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Love is like a Hoagie Sandwich

He told me love was like a hoagie sandwich
He said, “You start with the bread.
It has to be the perfect bread because it is you and it is what you know you like
You add some mayonnaise and some mustard 
You know you want that
Then you try a little ham
By itself it is good but something seems to be missing
You try a little cheese and that adds a little spunk
Then you decide that maybe this is just not exactly the sandwich you want
You like it but you are not in love with it
So you try something new
This time you add a little turkey, just for fun 
Maybe some roast beef, strong and stable
Oh, and a few jalapeno’s for spice
You decide you need something bold so you add some pepperoni
More cheese because you still enjoy the mellow type
You really want perfect balance
Top it off with an extra large helping of the bread you crave
And you find that this sandwich is perfect for you
Then you realize that you can’t truly enjoy it 
You want the perfect someone to share it with
So...You have to find someone that enjoys the same things as you
Then you offer them the chance to partake in this wonderful sandwich 
Freely sharing the life you have created
If they are inclined they partake and you share in the magic
Of all the love you added into it
For yourself and for them

Life, friendship, spice, spunk, laughter, balance
And the other half (a partner to share it with)
Not too much or you end up with a party sub
Just a perfect Hoagie sandwich”

Yes, words of wisdom in disguise

My best friend taught me 
Not to take life or love too seriously
To share it with the ones we trust and love
To put in it what you want out of it
To live, laugh, love and make beautiful memories
And to enjoy every bite! 

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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Chocolate Milkshake

A fine meal we had this evening
Somehow though it was not fufiling
My mind keeps slipping over to the Dairy Queen
Holding a frozen chocolate milkshake taste sensation

Sensual and creamy with a sweet decadence
Offered in four flavors for the exotic pallet's satisfaction
The calories hold me in pause, will power stand fast
Keys jingle hand on the door knob.....

Choco' lota ecstasy!!
Varoom varoom!!

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Ode to a Blockhead

Just scrap metal in your bellow?
Is your pedal, mellowed old?

Poor old friend, you've lost your wheels
You dream in color, of rubber burning,...
where coughed exhaust, was left behind.

Now we're lost, two junk yard pals
Relics, that have rusted time.
Just a pile of dented fenders,
suspended… here, in desert sand.

Jammed and stacked, we'll make a pact
perhaps the two of us can make a dime.
A part of you, a part of me.....perhaps they'll make some artsy thing

Snap, crackle, hot and Popular Mechanic, 
They should come and fix us up 
Woe is you!   You junk yard dog,
something smolders in your trunk!
Smells of socks, perhaps a skunk?

Once so dandy, someone's bug
Not so handy, you can't move.
How many horses, under that hood...? 
I would push you if I could !
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
I'd paint you blue, and paint you bright,
If I could, to set you right
New transmission, lubed and oiled
Anti freeze to make you sneeze

Honest Engine, we'll get our kicks,
I'll fix you up, and grab the stick

Headin' down Route 66........

Get off me blockhead......we are fixed !

12/10/14  For The "East Jesus" contest: Image number 5
Sponsored by Roy Jergen

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I will start with using my hand as a guide
And in the end I will open my eyes that I will decide

I consider to do this with one thing in mind
I will close my eyes and will imagine it blind
With no colors or fractionation of the light
Just plain me and a vision with my hand as my sight

My hair is very coarse and some what fine
What I just described is so benign  
I twirl my hair and make it bend 
And I will say its very clean not oily on the ends

As I press on my forehead I simply feel a distinct part
I notice from hair to skin it is very different from the start
The simple partings from hair not like skin
I am going to feel with my other hand and begin

The smoothness of my skin like years of water eroding a rough rock surface smooth
Not just that my skin is like home to years of stories like scars and attitude
And when I raise my eyebrows the wrinkles it makes is more so for expression
I did not notice it with certain ideas, thoughts, and emotions

I run my hands down to my eyelids I feel movement of my eyes trying to peek
Eyelids that I have, vibrates with some kind of fear, Why?, that I will seek
Just now as I thought about it a sensation ran through my brain
My eyes is the world to me and that is true and not insane

Myself portrait of me is through my touch for now
But to finish it I will have to open my eyes soon and how
I been in a trance full of so many ideas just with my eyes closed
I run my hand on my nose and lips and I smile who could apposed

The feelings in the tip of my fingers rub on my chin and jaw with care
I do notice roughness of unshaved velcro gripping hair 
I skip my ears so I will sneak a feel with my fingers I chose
I notice it is like my nose with cartilage, so I don't suppose

I will now open my eyes that I will use a mirror to see myself
My head is oval shape and my neck is like a stump, please help
My skin is very tan and my eyes are brown with my eyes I see
With all the description with my hands, one sure thing is the same and key

It is the description of measurements that is what my hands and eyes can see me
With a smile I am looking into the mirror and I can describe that I am happy
Myself portrait of me is such a way to get to know myself once more
I will never think it was a waste of time or a bore

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My Pedicure

I make the appointment all excited
for my feet look like my dads, uninviting.

I anxiously wait until the day of my arrival,
expecting...who-ha’s...claps...and grins.

None of this sort grabs me, instead it is
pick out color...pick out color...and then she turns with chagrin.

That is okay...I am still excited...I try to crawl into the big chair,
but I am only five feet, and she’s practically shoveling me in.

I have on a dress you know...hello...can I have towel?
Oh my gosh, the sky is falling...I did not pick out my color!

And, so we begin, she really is my friend.
This is my favorite place to be, and I love her best of all.

But, she turns on the water, and oh...I want to smack her.
My feet are going to ignite from the heat!

I just want to sit here; I do not want the chair to go off like a rocket,
massaging every ounce of my being, things falling out of my pocket.

I came here to relax, my feet are burning, and my voice is quivering.
Good gosh woman, turn this thing off!

Things finally settle down...we begin to talk around.
How’s your daughter...How is your mother?...Can I have some rice from the kitchen?

She laughs at me...I smile at her...
Oh, no, I forgot to pick out my color!

Her husband comes by.
I say...sure, I will give it a try!

I admire my jellybean toes and pay her the dough.
We hug, she laughs at me, and tells me luv ya!

"Humor Me" Contest

©Holly P. Moore
   October 2012

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Park The Car

Her love was a parking garage kiosk

Take your ticket when you enter

The money saved is legal tender 
                                                                                                                                   Places money in the slot

Park the car in open spot

Her love was a parking garage kiosk

Promptly throws her arms around him

Said she'd never ,ever liked him

Plants a kiss right on the lips

As she's  going leaves a tip

Her love's a parking garage kiosk

It's a different story different man 
                                                                                                                                      The miners gold is in the pan

Mounts with fury and with ease

Makes a slush fund if you please 


Drive the car and the yellow mustang

Go to the moon and drink some Tang

She feels no guilt or no sorrow

Pays the ticket we"ll meet tomorrow

Park the car

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Important Safety Information

Like all prescription Coulrophobias, CLOWNS may increase the chance of heart disease 
or risk factors for it, such as high blood pressure of when clowns are seen for long 

CLOWNS should not be seen right before or after certain heart surgeries.

Serious skin reactions or stomach and intestine problems such as colourful bleeding and 
humorous ulcers, can occur without warning and may cause animal balloons. Elderly 
patients and those taking cotton candy are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and 

Tell your doctor if you have: a history of passing out at the circus, fleeing from mascots 
or kidney and liver problems. CLOWNS should not be seen in late pregnancy.

Do not see CLOWNS if you’ve had an asthma attack, hives or other allergic reactions to 
bad magic tricks or any other Coulrophobia medicine or drugs called red nose.

Life threatening allergic reactions can occur with CLOWNS. Get help right way if you’ve 
had swelling of the face or trouble breathing.

Prescription CLOWNS should be seen exactly as prescribed at the lowest dose possible 
and for the shortest time needed.

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When I Was Going To Pee

If I were a boy - I would be a son
If I were a boy - I would not use a pink dummy
If I were a boy - I would be a brother
If I were a boy - I would not wear ribbon in my hair
If I were a boy - I would have been a young man
If I were a boy - I would not walk with high heels
If I were a boy - I would be a lovely man
If I were a boy - I would find me a wife
If I were a boy - I would drop housework
If I were a boy - I would have been a husband
If I were a boy - I would have had ten children
If I were a boy - I would be a father to my children
If I were a boy - I would read fairy tales in bed for all my ten children
If I were a boy - I would be the grandfather of my grandchildren
If I were a boy - I would sit in a rocking chair smoking my pipe

The best thing about being a boy would probably be
that I do not have to pull down my pants when I am going to pee.

A-L Andresen

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My Balls of Preference

Let me tell you something---
I am not good with balls...
You know, those balls that 
have something to do with sports?

Table tennis.
I end up in a laughing fit!
My pingpong balls
not only have dreams of becoming
jackstone balls or better yet, as bouncers,
they even visit the other table.
Actually, maybe they want to 
escape me, since I play so bad :D

I am lucky if I can even
dribble one, let alone
be able to run without traveling...
So shooting it in the hoop 
would be a miracle for me >.o

My wrists and hands 
scream with the torture.
I literally hold back tears 
because it stings so much.
I hate hitting the thing >_<

You mean I'm supposed to 
hit the actual ball,
and not the air?
Shucks. :[

Same as those darned
pingpong balls.
They'd rather commit
suicide and jump off the table. O_o

Bowl over in laughter is what I do...
My balls always end up in the gutter ;)

So I am more than happy 
to leave them alone
I'd rather stick with the edible ones...
fish balls, squid balls, shrimp balls--
oh! and Meatballs!! those are my kind of balls ;p

haha! I had a ball writing for this one, 
pun intended of course :D

For Debbie's Play Ball contest :D

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School Days 2

School days 2
Up in the morning, I due dread.
Running and screaming I hear in bed.
Back to school what a joy.
Reading, writing and no toys.
The roar of buses I hear them come.
Schools days prepare to begin.
Buses here and buses there.
When is the buses going to end?
I hear someone one shout "is it summer yet"
And It's the first day of school.

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After Dieting

After Dieting Me, finally free I’ve untied my hands And let them explore Greedily Soft and rigid Hard and pliable Textures and smoothness, Merge Grabbing a succulent treat My fingers grip The lurid wrapper Twist I shovel the chocolate devil Through parted lips Madness consume me A.D.
For Dahlink D Guzzo's contest

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A Mouse's Short Life

My mouse just sat there_not beaming
It would not make the pointer move
I tried to resuscitate
But its power was waning
Batteries would not rejuvenate
Its brain was loose in the USB port
Well, all things go at some time
I was going to bury him but my grandson took him
He came alive again just what he wanted...
I now have a new mouse
Who is lively and excited about being held by me
I am excited to hold him too......... 

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Fun in the Sun

Flesh on show and sun tan lotion
bodies laid on towels or sun lounges 
By the ocean
Salty air wind blown hair
Music streaming from the near by fair
Baby screaming nappies full
Cool guys looking for babes on the pull
Sun shades and floppy hats
Grown men playing cricket with ball and bats 
Sand castles and buckets and spades
Candy floss and lemonade
Father With binoculars pretending to look out to sea
Or read a newspaper but really looking at the bathing beauties
Bikinis and manknies G strings tight where the sun don't shine
Hot dogs and hamburgers the popping of corks from bottles of wine
Hairy legs and wrinkled skin
child almost drowning couldn't swim
Muscle bound Life guards with muscles to impress
Granma lost her false teeth
Dropped between her breasts
Ice creams and summer dreams
Young child peeing in the sea
Among the swimmers splashing about with glee
People playing beach ball and football
Mother calls come on all it's time for tea
Large Busty woman running like jelly on a plate
Wobble wobble
And nearly starting an earthquake
Sand between your toes
Sun burn on your nose
Sweaty arm pits sweaty bums
Toffee apples and bleeding gums
Sea gulls flying screeching high above
Clear blue sky pure white dove
Watching the frothy waves stretch upon the shore
Watching the horizon and tiny boats 10 miles away or more
Dogs running here and there
Sweets being passed around to share
Crabs and shrimps and other critters in a rocky pool
Children with fishing nets and jars to take them back to school
Para gliders pulled by speed boats high in the sky
Oh why do people want to risk life
As they could die
Postcards to write people on there bikes
The smell of fish and chips
Children with jam around their lips
Couples walking hand in hand barefoot on warm sand
Treasured memories and photo's to cherish
Suitcases packed feeling unwound and relaxed
Can't wait until next year when they come back.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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Three Inch Cliches

The Soul is the Beautiful Light of Love
Shining like the sun through the 
As the reader, I’m going to have to cut you off there.
Here’s a metaphor for you…
Reading is ****ing.
And your words hit our auditory canals
Like a hotdog down a hallway.
As an experienced reader, I’m after 
The virgin vernacular 
The aphrodisiac aphorism
You know- the big… black words
You feel me?
Because a line is a flashlight, exposing the world’s nudity-
And we’ll never get anywhere shining it in the same spot.
So kiss me with classy couplets
Smack my assonance!
Bring me to the climax-
And we’ll share a smoke together,
Warm beside the fire of your Three Inch Clichés.

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I open my eyes to see

I feel like 
I am all alone in this world 
with eyes
watching my every move

you might think that 
I was paranoid 
but every time I open my eyes
to see 
someone is responding to me 
answering a question I have
but never asked

I turned up the sound 
on my radio and TV
so that no one can hear me pee 
at home
I communicate with others 
on recyclable newsprint 
which I keep to burn 
at home
I burn all 
my garbage and place the ashes and bones 
in public waste receptacles 
around town

I wear recyclable rubber gloves and leave no prints
I wear recyclable rubber condoms and leave no sperm
I wear a mask and recyclable rubber booties when I am awake

you might think that 
I was paranoid 
but every time I open my eyes
to see 
I seem to 
find me

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Driving of a busy mind on a busy road

One hand on steering The other hand steering beloved's knee, One ear on cell phone, The other ear listening to loud music, One foot on accelerator, The other on the brake. Eyes on female pedestrians, If a waving hand is seen for a lift Stop the car, pile up freely The more, the merrier Conversation with someone in the car Well I declare, welcome to India!
+++ September 8, 2014 Form: Free Verse Dr. Ram Mehta First Place Win Contest: Where I Declare by Judy Konos

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Cold Duck on da Floor

Hic, burp, dadgumit Weared dat cocktail napkin go Wanted ta git 'er phone numbr Ineabriated pen fell to da floor, Taking da napkin, too Ah, well, I’ll jest go over ta that fine lady Oops! Freakin’ pen rolled neath ma feet Crash! Yep, write on da floor I set Oh no, she’s a-lookin’ my way At dis humbling floor display I wave; she smiles But wen I git ta my feet, she’s gone Blasted fallin’-doun-drunk pen led me on No moore goose chases fer me Bartender, Ill take ma Cold Duck on da floor
*For Elliot’s “Drink Drunken Pen Drink” contest

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Excuses Excuses

If Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers, would you care? Would the peck be put in a glass jar? What if he dropped a hair in there? And, if Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet digging and found the jar that Piper had hidden in the muck, along side the skull of Cro-Magnon man? “Ahhh, NO we’ve found the hip girdle and he’s a she!” Well, ole Pipper’s pecker would have gone to the pie in the sky and Miss Muffet’s tuffet would have gone to compost; So, how would the archeologist know for sure? " Why the HIP, you hafta have hips, miles and miles and mile of hips… Baby you can be a hero of course just put that ‘orse behind the cart!” Heart, well it’s left the building too. “Geeezzz it was just a pump whatcha want from a pump?” Thump, thump, from the bump, bump, then ya hump, hump, and my goodness, we’re back to Peter Piper and his pecker? “NO, no, his peck of pickles and Muffet’s missin’ tuffet? Well, I say the stars, yes the stars, show the way, the celestial meaning of the id, the I, the you, the ego too, and love “Ahhhhhh love the excuse for it all!” The pickles, the muffins, the tuffet, the bumping the humpin’ The free for all of we!

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How Mr Pie came to rule the world

It all started when Mr. Pie was a little bugger,
Just a wisp of fluff in the palm of your hand.
"Oh, isn't mama's little man the most handsomest EVER?!"
Not a day has gone by when he has argued that point!
"Be careful with all that encouragement" I prophetically warned,
"It may go straight to his head!!"....and what a head it became!!
Grey, dignified, regal....a lions mane with white marbling.
2 golden eyes piercing you with that casually bored stare one may give to one's shoes.

Every morning at 8 am and every night at 10 pm he demonstrates his knowledge of time.
Head-butting the door and SCREAMING the words "MOM!!! 
MAAAWWWMMMM!!......NOW???!!???.........MOM???   NOWWWWW??" (for real!!)
Needless to say, he's got us trained pretty well,
But we're still working on house-breaking me!!!!!
He still has yet to teach us PROPER portion control,
And I get the impression I'm not so popular when I give less than expected.
Maybe it's the "Death-threat" stare, or maybe the Kitty Log in my slippers, I don't know!

All I can tell you is don't EVER make the mistake of addressing him as a "cat"
Or you may come to know the justice of King Pie, The Terrible........just a warning!!

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Grandma Was Dancing

She was a tappin' to the tunes...
of those Mississippi blues...
step-pin' out, in her white...
Pat-en-leather shoes,

We were a watchin' her a prancin',
all through the kitchen, dancin'...
for she was & sizzlin'...
hummin' to those Mississippi tunes...

Funny curlers too, upon...
her head...for a new... Hair dew,...
she was, a swirlin'-in that bakers apron,
when her a bobbin' to...
those Mississip-pi blues,

'Pots were a knockin'...
Grandma a sockin' down all she brews,
while that kettle there was whistlin',
in har-mo-ny, with them good ole...
good ole...mississip-pi moves,'

That floor there, was a bouncin'
holdin' hands we were a jumpin',
an-a hoppin' In the kitchen, to those...
                  sounds ...
Where Grandma's feet were a stompin',
In her new...New-white-sexy-pat-en-
(ya hoo)

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In late October the reddest moon didn't change its phase,
it remained in the same spot to watch the witches' ballet;
the loud music matched the mood of the mystical night: tambourines
and flutes frantically played; sneers, jeers, giggles of the ugliest witches
mixed with the goblins' roars while they danced around a huge, hot fire.

I smelled a foul odor, the wild dogs feasted on a bloody oar,
" Leave some for us, or we'll turn you into bats! "
the hunched witch snarled with menacing eyes,
but they roared and threatened her with sharp teeth,
then Olga began to speak Latin words to cast  
a spell on them and before it worked, they fled.

Glad that they had left, she dragged the dead animal
and hung it on a long rod to roast on the sparking fire;
hungry witches continued to dance with forks and knives 
in their hands, anxiously waiting for their Halloween treat.  

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Russel Sivey's contest,
" The Ultimate Halloween Contest "
10/5/ 2012

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A delicious deep dish

In her panties,
excuse this soul
I did meaningfully mean
her finger pointed to
the cherry !

My heart exploded
that fruit stored in
the dimness of that light.

Who could argue,
it clearly was her delight !

After several moments,
her point was to the flower,
I meant flour,
yes I did,
this trip I made,

was for a delicious deep dish


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The Egg Eaters Hallow


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Mr Nose picker

I salute You
mr Nose picker
i know
you are a respectful man
in your corporate
with a little question mark 
after it
you pick your nose
in the highway
behind the wheel
behind the desk
in your office
in the hallway
thinking you are alone
trust me
i always see you
picking your nose
which is already red
and no wonder big
like a huge awning
on a brick building
please stop it
go wash your hands
or use a clean napkin
because tonight i salute you
for your innocent courage
of nose picking
thanks very much
for nothing...

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Without it we don’t see light and shade
Balanced it doesn’t blind us with its light
Creatively it is has influence on the hue
Its absence brings darkness without a clue
No moon to admire from high in the sky
Or light at night to guide us on our way
The impact of it on our life is profound
Everywhere you look it can be found
You see it on every page and screen
Surrounding every part of our being
It’s here right now, even as you read
Hugging the space around each letter and word 
……………..Is the ………………….
‘Whiteness’ as is commonly referred

Written for the 'Whiteness' contest 

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Poetic Robbery

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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I comb my head

I comb my head 
where hair once was
it rather should be buffed 
     to reflect the beauty of life 
as life does 

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Why do we have to grow up Huh

When I was just a baby
Many years ago
I was so agile I could even suck my toe
Now I have trouble lifting up a cup
Oh how I hate growing up!.

When you'r a child everyone smiles at you
And say's ''awe, aren't you cute''
Bur now your an adult
Your as cute and popular
As an old worn out boot.

When your a kid
and lose a tooth
You put it under your pillow
And in the morning you find a quid
But now  it's something you cannot do
Because you have to put your teeth into chew.

I suppose being an adult has it's advantages
You don't get ring worm nits and puppy fat 
But why did I have to grow up
It wasn't in my plan
It just happened
And now I'm a man

Petwr Dome.copyright.2014. Aug.

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Smell Your Perfume

                                         smell of Your perfume
                                          threatens my heart
                              almost sent me straight into my doom
                                     my heart needs a restart

26 Desember 2011

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Message in A bottle free verse effort

The end of the world is foretold to arrive any time soon so I am leaving a message in this bottle for anybody with advice on how to survive if this should happen again.
In the Bible it does state that the Earth will go on for eternity, so it must be something that will be at his hand that removes us from his creation.
The bottle you have now opened contains my favourite wine and I hope it is still drinkable. There is a warning though and some advice you may like to follow.

Red wine, they say, is good for the heart, but then they changed their minds and tell us is will kill us.  So stick to white wine so instead 

Eat plenty of fibre it’s good for you; you do not want to be stuck on the loo when the end arrives.

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day; you want to be healthy at the end of the world.

If you see a large mushroom formation in the clouds, duck and cover, they told us they had disarmed all nuclear devices but I think they tell lies.

Find out who THEY are, we never did.

Don’t burn the candle at both ends; you want to look your best at the end.

When you wake up and find you have gotten old and it sneaked up on you and all the aches and pains that come with it, go out and welcome the end of the world.

As you have found this bottle I have to presume you have to start a new race just remember life can be a b***h so don’t marry one as well.

You will never find the missing link, so don’t look, accept it that some people really did fall off the ugly tree.

Never go to sleep angry at the person you are with, make sure you swap them regularly.

Remember it is not the Stork that brings the children, it is the lark in the night, buy a bird scarer.

That is all the advice I can give for now I need to get my nails and hair done in case it happens now. I want look my best, so go forth and multiply.

© ~GG~ 24/12/2012

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all my life I ate bad things

all my life 
I ate 
bad things

I have made a resolution 
never to put bad things 
in my mouth again

each day
I now find myself 
having to redefine

what is
bad thing

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Maple Syrup

Most Canadian boys
Love to play with big toys
If they really had their druthers
They'd want Syrup
Out of
Mother Cow's 

Maple Syrup on bacon
Ready for the takin'
Maple Syrup on ham
Try it on spam
Get's my taste buds flowing
On my skin it's glowing

I am a fanatic
For Maple Syrup
On haddock
In my coffee
On my toffee
Let's all try
Maple Syrup
On pecan pie

Maple Syrup
In chicken soup
The rooster flew
The coop
Maple Syrup on Flapjacks
The ducks love it
Hear the quacks
Maple Syrup
On asperagus
We can eat it 
With no fuss

Maple Syrup 
The smell of it
My all time fave
Dab a little on your face
Girls go wild

© 2013 Rick Zablocki

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A Simple Southern Christmas

It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
All I want from Santa is some egg nog, bourbon and beer.
I'm gonna wait on Santa Christmas Eve night,
and when he's not lookin' I just might,
steal his reindeer.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
I'm sending out my Christmas cheer.
I'm gonna sit on my front porch swing and sing.
It will be a good thing to hear those jingle bells ring.
I thought I seen Santa on the backwoods bayou road,
but instead it was a big fat toad.
It'a a wonderful simple southern Christmas here.
Santa just brought me some egg nog, bourbon, and beer.
When he wasn't lookin' I stole his reindeer.
So now I can deliver my Christmas cheer.
But hurry, hurry, I'm in a rush,
got to give that reindeer a little push.
Got to go, got to go,
got to get home to fix my gumbo.
It is Christmas day,
and I'm in  a rush I must say.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
Just add egg nog, bourbon and beer.
Mix it up with some Christmas cheer.
I'm ready for Christmas every year.

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A Mystery

Like smoke, the years accrue and vanish Still, I am a mystery unto myself! ~*~

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The Russian English russian

I am pure Russian and I am the bear
I have  deep dark eyes and black , black hair
Russian girls are very pretty and very exciting bare
Straight and tall  with  features very fair
They  are smart and have lots of brains  
And apply themselves to learning even if it rains
English is one of our favorite subjects 
And it is very hard to explain 
Why we want to learn a second language that sometimes is lame
Which at the end of our most severe weather we can barely retain
 It is winter now and my English is kind of sad
So I sit and study all night long ,
 but after all its only a fad
 For when summer comes I will be long, long  gone
I try and try but it is so hard,
 I can not seem to learn contractions 
And sometimes I feel like I  a retard,
 So I make a list of all my retractions
 Grammar is always difficult and I am always correcting my mistakes 
 But I love hearing English with all its corny cliques , 
and lots of people saying ,for  goodness sakes 
Thank goodness for this silly poem 
Thank goodness this is the end
Thank goodness I will have no more use for this pen

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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My True Beauty

Eyes brown
Knowing intelligent
Brunette hair
Following behind 
As you run
Gentle loving
Enjoying others

Legs and hips
Most beautiful 
I've seen
Could sculpt

You turn around
Well shaped rear
Tail swishing 

To flick
Away the

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Consumer Complaint

Stop resenting me
For the way I shop
The things I do 
To make sure 
My  food is fresh

I confess I feel blueberries
In my fingers
To make sure they are firm
Not too ripe

I confess I shake 
Cans of spaghetti and ravioli
So that I know 
The sauce is not 

I confess I pull  frozen waffles
From the back of the freezer
Less likely that they thawed
And refroze into 
Oddball shapes

I confess I smell trout
Before I buy it
Placing it against my nose
In the most unabashed 

Spare me your hate 
About my consumer habits
When I know it has nothing to do with

As long as I bring you warm release
In the darkness of your desires
Pull your tangled hair the way 
You like 
Bite your darting tongue 
In mad hunger 
Deep appetite

As long as I reawaken the 
Primal animal hidden 
Turn your heat into a river
For a long passionate

As long as I attend quickly to your
Every lusty command
The craving of your nympho

Then  I can squeeze french bread
In quiet and peace
I can sniff cantaloupes
Without suffering ire 
Or grief

I’ll take you tonight 
In that filthy way 
You like

Until then

Leave me alone 

I’m shopping.

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Sun is trying to kill me

Sun is trying to kill me,
but it's too far,
however, it's raising our temperature bar.

Sun is trying to kill me,
but it's too weak,
Earth's atmosphere is to thick.

But that giant yellow thing is cunning,
it made us, circling, running, spinning,
it wants to kill everyone,
to be just as it was on the beginning.

I saw it, standing up on the sky
with that vengeful look on its face,
it calls it self a star, such a disgrace

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Cheese monster

I remember 
dancing for joy 
Sitting on an open shelf 
This beautiful maiden 
Strolls into the shop 
As my eyes whistled 
She picked me up 

Holding me in her hands 
Smiling down at me 
Oh I love 
Words had trembling effect 
with this cheese 

Taking me home 
You took a little bite 
A little taste
Out of me 
Lips softly grin
bursts in flavour 
Almost cheesy 
Licking delicious 

Opening a door 
You placed me 
on top shelf 
Felt like royalty 
Lights out wow 

The last face 
I remembered 
Ever so beautiful 
Weeks pass 
Feeling almost 
out of date 
Left in the dark 

A smell started 
in fungus hair 
Taking over 
almost septic 
Crawling green 
in mildew 

Beautiful maiden 
Awaiting you in dreams 
You open the door 
Squealing out 
in the fridge 

All I done 
was shout cheese 
Smile darling 
I am 
all yours 
Sweet love 

Thrown in a bag 
Broken hearted 
with the rubbish 
That's me done 
With cheese 

It was so sad 
The green hairy 
old monster 
Began crying 
Now smile 
for cheese 

As you will not like 
To see the ugly side 
Of the green 
hairy old 
Cheese monster

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so romantic

I can tell you love my
sweet nothings,
from the bottom of my 


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Poor Jimi's Dead

Poor Jimi's dead and his music used
to turn baby boomers heads.
A musical icon shills a new car.
Let me stand next to your fire.

Nothing sacred in the consumer world.
Those who once thought you a joke
use your songs to invoke what is left 
of a generations youthful fire.

I can see the Mother Teresa 
Depends commercial on the horizon,
and the Princess Diana, brakes.
Jimi, you're lucky it wasn't charcoal.
Let me stand next to your fire.

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This morning, you ask about cures...
Cures you say?
Now what do I (*hic*!) know
oh (*hic!)no!! (*hic*)
not these (*hic*) pes(*hic*)ky 
hic(*hic)cups again (*hic*)!!

Quick! some(*hic)body
take (*hic*)me by (*hic*) surprise
don't (*hic*) tell me (*hic*) ok???

----> oh quit it!
I'll finish this one for you--
your hiccups are making me go crazy--
let's see
why don't we try the 

*don't breathe method*
Hold your breath for 30 seconds
hold it...hold exhale--
uh-oh! still there? 

*sugar method*
here put this spoonful
of sugar
let stay on your tongue
5 seconds
then drink water
uh-oh!! you let the sugar
stay longer than 5 seconds!
no dice!
uh-oh I think sugar doesn't work
but peanut butter!! or was it Nutella? or jam??

*water method #276*
how many ways can you drink water???
well apparently there's a lot
here-- drink only SEVEN gulps
while lifting your left arm
what? you feel bloated already?
well, you do what you gotta do!!
yes, you're on your 200th glass now...
aaack! still hiccuping??
how about pinching your nose this time?
yes, while drinking!!

*wet cotton method*
dip cotton ball in water
take a wee bit of it
and put on your nose
let it stay there 'till
your hiccups go away

tick tock ~lunchtime~

oh wait
I think it's supposed to be a penny!!!
and it's supposed to be on your forehead, duh!

--midnight comes--
still with the hiccups???

*toothpick method*
break this toothpick
put one half in your water glass
now drink up 
and watch that toothpick!!
what?!? you swallowed the toothpick?
hiccuping still too?

*tongue method*
stick out your tongue--
now hold it
between two fingers

what? I can't understand what 
you're saying?
still hiccuping huh?


we've gone through 100+
breathing methods
200+ water methods
and you're still

*stare-at-an-object far-far-away-method*
just keep staring
til your hiccups go away

Zzzzzzzz (3am)

haha you actually fell asleep!!
thank Goodness!! well there's your cure!
Oh (*hic*!) NOOOooooo (*hic*!)

*** Sept.11, 2010
for Deborah's Road to Wellville contest & 
ooh wee-- my 200th poem posted here ^_^!!!!

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 Rain ©  

I walk on slick shine streets 
in the night with my lover. 

Freshly out of bed and ravenous 
for other food, he pauses and 
licks the tears and rain drops 
from my face. 

Rain in its many moods 
quickens to sweep the earth and 
skies clean. 

Settles on the skin like a damp 
kiss. Cold, warm, sweet, clean, 
sharp, rain. 

Is designer bottled water 
merely rain drops from afar? 

The dog romps through the rain, 
in his perfect raincoat, oblivious 
to the wet. 
Blinking owlishly when a drop 
should fall into his eye. 

Mysterious primates of the forest 
sit forlornly, beneath the 
umbrella leaf. 
Forever patient as the skies 
rupture with a torrential deluge. 
Human-tender eyes reflect their 
disgust and sadness at the wet, 
messy coats they must wear. 

The equine turn their haunches 
to the storm to show their scorn 
for nature’s tantrum. 

Cats run for cover, sit 
majestically removing the 
wet rain from their person with a 
wet tongue. 

Wild fowl dance across the circle 
patterns of the pond’s face, 
beating their wings and singing. 

They frolic and dive celebrating 
the sublime circumstance of 
being wet. 

Man spends energy and money 
to keep himself dry and safe 
from the rain, darting from 
doorway to doorway. 

What does he fear? He won’t 
melt if he gets soaked, he won’t 
become ill or grow fins, and he 
just might get clean. 

Snow is rain in its wedding attire; 
no two brides alike. 

The rain drop falls into a rivulet 
of other rain drops atop the 
The rivulet runs into the creek, 
the creek into a stream. 
The stream rushes to the river 
and the river falls into the sea. 

The rain drops turn to salty tears 
as the journey ends. 

It is said that chickens, if left out 
in the rain, will lift their heads up 
to the sky and watch the rain 
until they drown. 

Trisha Sugarek
Butterflies and Bullets


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Tom and jerry

She sits upon the washing machine 
The vibration turns her on 
Now everything in the house is clean
and her bad mood has gone
I hug her very tightly 
She gives me that sexy smile 
Holding Tom and Jerry's and in her nightie
We just might be gone for quite a while .

The great itty bitty poetry contest
Sponsor Andrea Dietrich.

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Poor Man

When without money, eats wild vegetables at home;
When has money, eats same wild vegetables in fine restaurant.

When without money, rides bicycle;
When has money, rides the same exercise machine.

When without money, walks to earn food;
When has money, walks to burn the fat.

Man O Man ! never fails to deceive thyself !
When without money, wishes to get married;
When has money, wishes to get divorced.

When without money, wife becomes secretary;
When has money, secretary becomes wife.

When without money, acts like rich man;
When has money, acts like poor man.

Man, O Man! never can tell the simple truth !
Says share market is bad but keeps speculating;
Says money is evil but keeps accumulating.
Says high positions are lonely but keeps wanting them.
Says gambing & drinking is bad but keeps indulging;

Man O Man ! Never means what he says and never says what he means!

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Crayola Crayon Time

i prefer them bitten off =center
(a slow lick on a hard knife edge)
 a shecat sparkling like pinwheels
on the silky hilltops of waterbeds..
the ones that make you obsess -why they're one hour
-five minutes 
why their mascaras messy,
making you waife their cologned necks,
checking for that strange strong scent
turn you into some kind of burning,paronoid
jittery flake.

i like'em a little mousy,a little off the 
a chick that can spit with class
kick the living MAN outta me...
A fireball that contorts and concocts,
attends to every want and need...
(ya know what i mean?)
hum-ta-dum...ta-dum... ta-dee 

but in the end what I really need
what we all need
a crisco oiled apron
the one mamma used to don
a lullaby in the quiet cove of a racing mind 
reminding me of {dead} mother's...
undivided attention...
way back in Crayola Crayon time

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Walking the dog

From my window I see the dog walkers as they parade past
Leash in their left hand, poop bag held tightly in their right
All sizes, shapes and breeds, both owners and their dogs
Charges safely tethered on their leash, straining to be free
Anxious to check their pee-mail or send a message on its way
I see the walker poised, ready to scoop up each catch of the day
Quickly wrap it tightly and tuck the warm and squishy deposit
Firmly into their pocket before hurrying on their way

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the JOKER - repost


Come at me Joker you will.
Got your eyes following me like steel.
A piece of me do you need.
Hell, take a limb off my tree.

Why did you leave that note on my wall?
Now I fear this echo-y call!
You left (ME) P.D. afraid of the dark.
I'm hiding under my covers, trembling at your weak bark.
I'm so scared I'm sleeping with one eye open~ and the lights on. 


A break in the wind,
Did you follow me again?
I hear this tune playing in my head.
Laughing and Laughing!
I panic with so many tears to shed!
Like a little girl, my hair I twirl.
Why is it me you dread?
This tune is making me shiver and quiver like a kid. 
Your watching me slither back into my bed.
This laughing! 
This tune I fear!
My face is turning white like the dead.
I keep pressing my hands against my ears.
This tune starts to thicken the flow of my red.
I get the nerve to look under my bed.
What the FUDGE, is this doing under my bed??
Is this a jack in the box??
Joker are you FREAKING with my head??

A joke a laugh this DESTROYER has lied.
You don't got what it takes to make me hide.

Your trap fell into the pit of my abyss.
I've been waiting for you behind close doors.
We both hide behind a mask.
Your head falls upon my checkered board floor.

I am still P.D., and your masquerade  is over my friend.
I've come to destroy the joke you left on my end.

A trick--A riddle--A joke--A game--
Lets call it your death sentence.
I already singed my name.
The POET DESTROYER was here : )
And left her name on your headstone of shame.

to: the JOKER  *from the pub*

I  apologize the next time you see (**). in my poems, such as (SH**T), 
Ha Ha that is (shoot) not what  you think. ///THANK YOU/// Have a good day...
and enjoy the re-posted of my poem,..LOVE p.d.

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The Oxymoron

                  The Oxymoron

Dark light flood - seeped the small room,
Music droned loud with a dull sharpness.
As people stood and danced alone together,
Violent sways of percussion brushed my ear
A teenage adult smiled grimly as courage fled,
When I, dared to ask the girl woman to dance.
I stood shuffling in brave fear like the living dead,
A serious joke that I hoped no one laughed at. 
Her smile frowned as she moved in an irregular pattern,
I made my forward retreat to the other side of the room
And watched her then in the now deafening silence, 
With such sweet sorrow, as she danced with another.

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You are the chicken and you are the egg

Wrote my dream woman on a blank piece of paper, 
Said she was this, and this, enjoys this, and that,
And most important of all, she must laugh at my jokes.
(You see, my darling, I do them no justice)
Said list was long, but I found it acceptable and true,
It was, however, uncanny how it seemed to be you,
Fitting into the interlaced riddle of my specified peculiarities.
(The chicken and the egg conundrum thus begs itself)
Were you simply the fit, or were you, in fact, the mold?
Are you the dream realized, or did the dream just materialize
After having only gotten to actually know you in this life?
(I'm just going to take a shot at making you laugh)
How did the chicken go to the other side? It crossed
Knock knock! I'm the one who's there.
My dream woman, and you. Now, which came first?
(Psst... The answer's here, but I'm not telling you where)

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Enough To Curl Your Hair-

Well, I declare.....
I detest my claim to fame!
Without a doubt, it is my shame...
I cannot tame, my tangled mane!
Did you know....  my wayward hair does not play fair?
It's almost more than I can bear!

Well, now you know...It is my woe!
My locks will grow two feet a night!
My awful plight,.... this frightful sight
is not a joke, no laughing matter!

And if I stuff it, in a hat.....
it looks like rats have raised a litter!

When it's not tucked inside my hat...
the cat attacks, jumps up my back
and digs it's claws into the thatch!
It isn't easy, to detach, she makes her bed
and sleeps the night upon my head! 
It weighs a ton....and it's no fun
to keep my head upon my shoulders!

By afternoon my neck gets sore
it must be cut each day by 4:00
to keep from sweeping up the floor! 
Such a chore...that I abhor! 
I can't ignore my tangled locks
that strangle ankles and my socks!
And then I trip....and then I fall
and that's not all......but must not bore you any more!
        But could YOU handle locks like that???

For the "I Declare" Contest, sponsored by Judy Konos

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The TOY 
The TOY 

The demon strator had a midget he was 43 years old and smoked cigars he 
handled the entire TOY. The thing was glowing and even smoking some like a 
twisted cigarette brought forth from a plastic pouch of hidden recess brought 
forth like some prized gold nugget locked away and kept until just now to be 
suddenly offered up as some holy substance instead of dung. He twisted the 
TOY. He lunged at the TOY. He looked smugly at the demonstrator finally 
satisfied. This TOY is radioactive but it will not hurt the CHILD. The Demon strator 
added his aside the entire house is what we are rally after the child is just the 
reason for the TOY. CHACHING. $8.95. 
 The TOY 

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Naming Fish

People often get stuck on what to call their fish
and in many cases come up with ridiculous things.
They imagine some kind of greatness, attached to
naming,  and they name them Moby, or Jaws, or  Hannibal.

Some are poetic and flowing like water- Eulalie
or Aolani( Ay-o-lawn-ee) which means "Heavenly Cloud."

Some joke, and call them Sushi or Chips
which no self respecting pet suspects the meaning of  …..
or, they  invoke nature -
Bubbles and Starlight or Pearl.

Once, I knew a puffer fish named Toto. 

Suzanne Delaney

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Gormless sue

I once had a girlfriend
Her name was gormless Sue
They mustuck her for a Gorilla
and put her in a Zoo.

They fed her bananas
through the bars of her cage
and soon caught the eye
of a young male called Dave.

Dave chased her around
the cage every day and all through the night 
and it wasn't a pretty site.

Sue begged me to save her and let her out
So y picked the lock
and she ran out screaming
and ran and never stopped.

Then the zoo keeper
mistook me for a bear
No one let me out and I'm still there.

Ah Well what can you do
Suppose I;ll just have ro grin and'' bear'' it

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.march

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I'm Just Me

When asked how I am today
This is what I say.

Not good 
Not bad
Just me.

No one likes a complainer.
No one likes a bragger.

Neither of these will I be

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Last Bell.....

Man, I remember the thrumming of that last bell of the school year.....
Like a prisoner being furloughed into the warm sun, buzzing of grasshoppers.
Field stickers burrowing into your ankles, joyfully, while you take the wrong way/long way 
The sound of whispering gold as your armplane wings dislodge future assaulters of ankles.
I always liked sighs in the summer.....those sweet drones were the tones of freedom.
In the distance you hear Shirley scream as Brad tells EVERYBODY she likes Ralph...
You knew you should be gettin' home, but, confound it, this one brief moment was yours. 
There was a sound, like a shell to the ear, of all you had learned, escaping as if under 
To thwart it was to stop a tsunami with an umbrella.....ineffectual....unnoticed.
But, also vacant, was common sense; probably why I went Jake's way that day....
Oh, he was there, lurking...lying in wait for my almost clock-work arrival.
Many a day I had screamed a million insults at him as he chased me like Satan,
Hoping "today" wasn't the day he caught up with me.
His exhalations never sounded labored, as if he was letting me get ahead.....
But not today!!!!!.....I JUMP......He LUNGES......and his teeth gain purchase on my seat!!!!
However, I escape....My bottom, that much cooler than it was before and will probably be 
Home.......... you see mom in the kitchen, drinking sun tea and waiting for you to arrive....
"So, How was school?"..."Uh, fine, I guess."     "What did you learn today?"......."Uh, to never 
underestimate the value of Gym Class!!"......"Well," she says, "if you took home economics, 
you'd be able to fix up your pants before Dad gets home and sees your underwear!!"......

Parents NEVER respect an Adventurer's near-fatal exploits!!!

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Naughty Queen Vicky

It may come as quite a shock
but Queen Victoria
Loved a curry on a Friday night
liked plenty of sex
and smoked pot.

Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, had 9 children together. Her Indian servant and confidant introduced her to Indian food. Taking drugs and opium were legal in such times.

P Dome. copyright 2012.

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Saturday School

Five days a week I get out of bed holler, "Get UP!!"
Get your book bag; brush your teeth!
Saturday I say no alarm, no calls just sawing logs!

Yellow paper placed in my hands
Upset my world and brought a frown around
When did Saturday become a school day?

No sleepy naps, no snuggly huggly
Set the alarm and go to school!
Saturday school!!
.     __________
.   /                       \
. /           /_\           \
|                            | 
|               __         | 
|            /      \        |
| ______|    |_____|

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I am behind the wheel

I am behind the wheel
things move quickly by
I feel like I ‘m being pulled along 
by the machine
new  gauges 
just keep coming 
and going around

the faster I go
the greater the outside winds
the greater the noise
garbage flies speedily by
in all directions
some of it hits me 
and sticks

the outside noises are great
they confuse me
they cloud the music
and the surroundings
and overcome 
and relations

I must 
keep the windows closed
to keep out the outside noise
I must try to take control 
of the machine 
slow down speed up
right turn left turn
never never stop

I am told 
that I must keep going
to succeed
hands on the wheel
foot on the throttle
never never look back

I ‘m afraid 
to stop
how will I get 
where I’m going
once I no where
how will I find it
how will I know

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He thinks my tractor's sexy

He thinks my tractor's sexy
I wear gold hoops and pink clogs
My hat's quite floppy
My furrow set to sow
He thinks my tractor's sexy
and I bounce around for him.

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My mom calls me Lion
Because I’m the king of my domain.
She also calls me Tiger
Cause I’m horrible to tame!
My father calls me Monkey
When I jump up on the bed.
He thinks I’ll trip and fall,
And then I’ll bump my head.
My sister calls me Fruit Fly,
Cause I like to steal her food.
I also like to buzz by
And annoy her like one too!
My brother calls me Cheetah
Cause I always beat him when we race.
He also says it’s cause I have freckles on my face.
I even think my dog thinks I’m something too
Because he always barks at me when I come into the room.

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Hey, you all new cowboy brides Listen, what my cowboy is….. There are no Pizza Huts nearby So got to cook in great quantities. As there are no perfect cowboy jobs Don’t be surprised if to live in a new ranch Maybe your third house in one year. When he returns home listen to his tales Of every drive, every bronco ride And every spree he has undergone. If you are tired of this moving life Buy heavy and costly furniture and A piano or a cabinet and of course Have a couple of kids to weigh him down. Take care that his horse never stumbles Spurs never rust, guts never grumble Boots never pinch and stays out of jail! Prefer the company of cowboys Because they have not been educated Sufficiently to reason incorrectly.
+++++++ April 20, 2014 Form Free Verse Dr.Ram Mehta Fifth Place win Contest:Howdy Pard by Shadow Hamilton

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Ramblings of a Graveyard shift worker....

I used to complain about having to work at night on weekends.
Everyone was having fun but li'l ol' me.
Some years back I had an epiphany on the matter.
Suddenly, I had time to cash my check AND pay my bills!
Then, I might possibly catch a movie, which has plenty of seating on Monday nights!
But my favorite part is: The People Zoo.
I started visualizing folks in their cubicles and at their counters as exhibits.
You find mostly monkeys in cubicles working for some government agency.
The sharks you'll find in the car lots and on showroom floors.
The insects buzzing and dutifully mimicking their peers are found at schools.
The buzzards and carrion feeders can be found at law firms and in courtrooms.
The bulls and bears can be found scrapping it out on Wall street,
While the elephants and donkeys exchange insults on the TV monitors.
The pigs are found cruising the streets making sure the rats and snakes don't take over.
The blood-sucking Vampire bats can be found working for insurance companies.


Just a warning: Most of these exhibits offer you no protection from the brutality of nature!
There are no tour guides and no guarantees of safety or fun.....
And, one more thing: They will eventually come to see you in YOUR exhibit!

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Qui Est L'Amour

Mon raison d'être Your face is more beautiful than the Eiffel Tower at sunrise Our amour seemed real, n’est-ce pas? When I first saw you, I sensed déjà vu Your Mona Lisa smile made me wonder Is she a femme fatale? But when you kicked my shins, I knew that I had made a faux pas I’ll keep my distance from l'objet d'art

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Why do we have school?
It makes me so blue

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Duck Side Story

You have your North side ducks, 
And you have your south side ducks.
Neither the twain shall meet.
For each one had his nose in the air. 
They simply would not do the greet.

So as it happens they would dance with flair in the middle of the pond.
Always trying to out do the other side…Yes, let’s call it ‘Stomp The Pond’
Wings in motion lifting them up, to stomp the waters with their feet
Acrobatics and splashing around… Man it looked so neat.

So Stella, one of the South Side Ducks fell in love with her North side Pete.
But she couldn’t cross the middle of the pond, with so much action in the way.
Fussing, blustering, and carryings on were the name of the day.

But you know, there’s always one strange duck, and that’s the one who built a bridge.
Now all the others could come across or watch the stomp from the middle of the id.
My moral, I say to you young ones… is as appealing as stomping can be…
The world works better when brought together… 
By the builders of a bridge.

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Computer Training

I took my father 
Out into the garden 
And banged my head 
Against the brick wall 
Three times 
While he was saying 
That the azaleas 
Were doing fine. 

When I banged my head again, 
He told me the grass 
Needed cutting 
And the fence 
Was too low. 

When I banged my head once more 
My father became concerned 
And asked me why 
I banged my head so. 
And I told him that this 
Was a metaphor 
For teaching him 
How to use a computer, 
And he said 
That I was just as crap 
At gardening as he was 
At computers 
And that even brick walls 
Have feelings.

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Y :


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Buddha Nature

It is so easy at four o clock
in the morning,
under a starry sky,
surrounded by redwoods
and pines,
centered and breathing
clear air and watching
the sky travelers
make their rounds.
Buddha nature is a piece of cake
until Six PM in the dining hall
with wife and children,
a bloody bore on your right,
who's elbow's in your food,
as he shakes your hand,
and moves into your table.
Now, lets see your Buddha Nature!

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News Headlines:  Rude Becky, Iris, and Lily abducted....kidnapping!!

Mercy upon my soul....buried alive rude Becky, Iris and Lily
Never shall my sin be found as long as their feet stay planted
Their sin is an age old calamity.... being too beautiful!

Keep my secret....if you know
Lethal injection is not the way to go!!

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South Park Comedy Gold

South Park
At you're peril
Should you choose to disregard
Believing it's humor to dark
Once understood 
Becomes instantly funny
Bang on the money
As it parodies life
The absolutely absurd
That you could not write
As so contrite
The human plight
Is comedy gold
Destined never to grow old


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by Patrick Cornwall on Friday, January 20, 2012 at 10:08am

He was the last of his kind and it was known.

Some dated him one hundred years and he had style.

Christmas was his time and the rest of the year he felt nothing.

But Thanksgiving came and some cared and tried to help.

They came in their vans with  Almighty Church of Thanksgiving and Christmas  painted on its sides.

But after the New Year he was alone again except for his friend the rat.

He slept in the subway, where it wasn't too bad.

His clothes were in tatters  and the rat brought him food.

His  blanket was newspapers which he  read and then slept underneath.

Sometimes the rat read to him while he snoozed.

The niners went casually around him and his newspapers but some listened to the rat reading.

The rat was nice and sometimes the Old Man would read to him too.

The rat loved the funnies and would roll over holding his stomach laughing.

The Old Man grabbed his Thunderbird and gave some to the rat.

The rat drank when in the mood and most times he was.

The rat wasn't supposed to drink because of his high blood pressure.

The old man loved the rat but he often disappeared and it made him sad.

He took a pull and wondered where the rat had gone and braced against the cold.

He saw the rat  sitting in the  booth where the tokens went and rat waved him through.

He was hungry and searching found a perfectly good hamburger in the pickup window.

People watched as he dug in the trash can and the train  lighting the tunnel.

He washed the burger down with the last of his Thurnderbird and decided to get on the train before it came.

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More important than life itself

On some English grass
On a piece of land forever England
Warriors of the realm
Take holy orders, on their Fathers grave
To defend the honour of their local pub
For this is the noble art of Sunday league Football

The crowds bay for blood
Shouts of foul and blind as a bat
The decision absurd
The referee a drunkard
Shouts of bar steward,
And your mothers questionable character
Cleaned up for posterity

The game goes on
Frank, the winger another yellow card
Another fine, I fear he will be barred

Groans for Bill a night watchman by trade
I think he’s a blade (Sheffield United supporter)
But not a very good keeper I’m afraid

Then there’s the striker
Super king Jack, 40 a day and a cough to match
Will need a penalty to score in this match

What about ken, a beer belly full back,
Rarely runs for fear of a heart attack
And slugger the centre half
Likes to break legs,
And still the only guy to sup a half a keg

Smooth talking tommy pulls birds on the six yard line
Greased black hair, and knobbly knees to match
Still Skill is not this team’s forte, for we are Britain’s

Taking part is our religion
Lost another game two nil
But won three two at fighting, brill

Bottom of the league
Fines galore
First Aid in the pub
A good drink after
Enemies in the field, but forever friends in laughter.
That’s Sunday football league

Home to the wife
And Sunday dinner, roast beef and Yorkshire pud 
Another bottle of bud
Feet up, settee calls
Dreams of Wembley, and Sheffield Wednesday
Not a bad life for this Yorkshire clan
Here in Sheffield where football began.

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Traffic Jam

Sitting on the soft cushion seat
Start of turtle movement
The advert on the bus
Is the only catchy appeal
The drumming of the engine
The grunting of the taxi
Dusk getting crisp
Dull glow of the sun
The glance at the sky
With a wish to fly

The buttocks begin to get sore
I see my finger nails
Then back to the next lane
I feel my eyes burn
A long ribbon of taillights flashing
The next lane is fast moving
Taxi driver snoring
The turtle movement
Develops anxiety
Feeling thirsty

Phone rings
Good news
Another party
Feeling oozy
Glazing outside the window
Another turtle movement
Nerves rest - feet asleep
With an effort
Feet wake up
Anxiety rising - start to walk

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To Be Like You

You have the eyes of the innocent
I can see that your heart is pure 
Which means to me that I shall 
Follow you all the days of my life
And copy  in all that you do
I shall mimic everything about you 
I should wear my hair like you do
I should wear my clothing as you do
For my mother once told me 
If I want to get to heaven 
Then I must be more like you
Does this mean my own mother 
Loves you more then she loves her blood
If in fact this is so then I should follow you 
All the days of my long , long,  lonely life
Yes, in fact, I should want to be you 
Now I will sit, think , and plot to be like you
In fact I will put a spy cam on you to know 
Just exactly what you are up to when alone
I must be careful that you don't see what I do
There are those who take it the wrong way
Then in fact  one day I will  become you 
Then my mother will love me too !

Sept. 9  2010  Monday 6pm

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If I was a girl

If I was a girl
and ugly as a freak
my life was gonna be
i was gonna need
a total facelift
a huge nose job
and a job 
on my lips
a job on my boobs
and of course
a butt-lift
a fun guy to date
with tattoos,
and a sport car
and marry a guy
who works in Wall Street
loaded with money
and a villa
on the beach
a big SUV and a couple
of kids
who hopefully won't need
like me
a facelift...

Who said
i want to be a girl

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Frog In Limbo

So here I am -  Reincarnated
No more keeping up with Joneses
Free at last ! ... forgetting though:
They love to eat frog legs for dinner...

I was given a challenge to write a short poem by looking at a picture of a frog... :)

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Gene and Gilda

Star crossed champions of mirth
Wild hair and wild eyes, both 
To the world they say with arms raised to the sky, 
"What a pity, for we dearly love to laugh!" 
Arm in arm, singing their favorite show tunes 
But in the voices of Donald Duck and Calamity Jane
Gallivanting through the city, doing the Charleston in the street 
These two have no interest or talent for growing up 
And made the world lighter because of it 

Willy Wonka in his purple jacket,
Holding the door for her with his cane,
Him with those dreamy eyes
Pale eyes that swim in her perpetual smile
A smile, a voice and a soul that lit up everything for miles 
She sits, glowing in the window, 
Like a princess in the white room, wearing her little barrette
But she isn't well at all 

And so she left this world, Roseannadanna did, one morning 
And the twinkle in his eye twinkled off into space 
With her dimples, impromptu cartwheels and spinning skirts  
Four years wasn't enough to fill up the laughing box 
The glass elevator is lonely looking down on the world 

Wait, wait, wait, BAM!
Would she want him sinking there in his spats? 
A wop, bam, boo! No, choose instead to keep that wicked grin 
Dance down the aisle of the plane, show that funny funny face 
Embrace each Saturday Night gone by 
To Gene and Gilda, geniuses of love and light hearts 
Pop the cork on the champagne and roller skate through this life!

~For Heather Ober's Famous Couples/Duos Poetry 

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A Vacation

My muse went on vacation, to the tropics it did go.
I wish I could go with it, but my boss told me no.
I’m afraid it won’t come back; I wouldn’t if I were it.
And my writings are getting pretty sketchy… 
I need help you know, real quick!
So to solve the problem I sent the trolls, from the basement they did go.
My basements kind of empty now, with only dust left on the floor.
And my Hubby’s kind of mad that I sent his friends to travel on…
It seems the trolls were HIS muses, for all the topics so dead-on.
Now instead of things getting better, my Hubby’s not talking, at all, to me.
If they don’t come back soon, I know there’ll be heck to pay, you see.
I think that with boredom setting in… maybe my Hubby’s about to explode.
What I thought would help… just might have been: a boo boo, you know.
But low and behold, I got a post card and my muse will SOON be coming home.
He has stories out the ying yang… like how the trolls invaded the last luau.
Everyone mistook them for local demons and scattered everywhere, some how.
And one is engaged to a volcano demon and can’t wait to bring her home, now.
He thinks the Missouri flatlands could use a tourist boost, with more allure.
And a steaming Mt. St. Missouri would be just the thing, for sure.
Thank you God!!! They’re coming home… is all that I can say!!!
Unfortunately my neighbors might not see it, clearly, the same way.
Though I am a LITTLE worried, that as the volcano demon settles in…
They might just take it upon themselves: to run me out of town!!! Again!!!
Though I might not blame them, just a little bit…
Still, I can’t wait to get back to work… I  truly must admit!!!


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“Momma Mia”
Name of a pizza parlor
No bowling alleys
No pool tables
Just pizza
“We don’t deliver”
Sign above the counter
These old white tables
Checkered table cloths cover the dents
Wobbly white chairs
Joe Biscarelli
Owner of Momma Mia
Joe don’t say much
Let’s pizza speak for itself
Maria Biscarelli
Joe’s wife
Momma Mia pizza is terrible
Joe don’t care
Maria don’t give a damn
Hey! You don’t like Momma Mia pizza?
You ever hear of the Don – Luigi Biscarelli?
Thatsa Joe’s brother
You don’t like the pizza?
Betta shutta you mouth!

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In The Moment

In this moment, writing despite a headache, stuffed nose, blurred vision

Dry throat, exhaustion

Heart beats pounding, over exerted

                As it fights the virus/infection attacking
                                         A very weak body

As the moments fly, erratic thoughts swirl
              In a moment then disappear

Then a new thought emerges from the thick mucus

                                      Sticking, it tries to pull forth into motivation

Sucked down into a swirling fatigue

In this moment, the remnants of a cold????
Sinusitis maybe sucks the joy down the drain

Written: December 28, 2014
Author: Sara Kendrick
Contest: In The Moment
Sponsor: Poetry Destroyer A

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I'll Take The Tall, Dark and Handsome, Oh, I Mean Coffee, To

She looked shyly at him from behind her menu
His eyes were a baby blue that sent chills
Through her whole body; she could melt right here 
And have that waitress he’s talking to mop her up
Typical Barbie doll type with an pretentiously
Effervescent personality that makes you want to 
Roll your eyes and scoff--The environment they 
Were in was a hustle and bustle type of place 
Where time waits for no soon as people
Were done eating, they were cleared out and 
Another party was ushered in

“It is essential to business that you eat,
Order and then leave.” The Barbie Doll waitress’ 
Nasal twang only served as a catalyst for 
Her frustration--She kept peering over her 
Menu at the Adonis that kept her enraptured
“Well Honey, what’s it gonna be?”
Barbie’s voice oozed of impatience
Not taking her eyes off The Gorgeous One,
She replied softly, “I need more time.”
Barbie’s demeanor escalated from 
Impatience to hysterical--“More time! 
Honey, you gotta order, or you gotta go!” 
As the hand went to the waist
And the hip thrusted out.

Now she had enough of this witch and her
Attitude---Why couldn’t she just go somewhere
Nice to eat and be able to enjoy the view?
“No, I don’t gotta go---You do! She exclaimed
As she stood up, knocking her bag to the floor; 
Menu flailing back and forth
You are SO nasty, why would I want to eat
Here? You probably SPIT in the food!”
The waitress stood back, aghast
What evolved next was most of the patrons
Getting up and leaving; unpaid checks and
Half-eaten plates the fallout of this outburst
The owner, who tried to assure people there was
No saliva in the food, bellowed for the waitress
To get into his office while the rest of the staff
Scurried around trying to recover from the 
Losses they incurred

As she took a deep breath, picked up her
Bag and her dignity, The Gorgeous One 
Came from behind, put his arm around her
And smiled
“That was the greatest thing I ever saw,
He said as his eyes shone intensely on her
What’s your number?” And she felt like a
Rocket flying to the Moon
Elation to go.........with a side order of

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take control
be tough

strap on those six-guns
silver spurs
and leather
cowboy chaps

throw on the saddle
and ten-gallon cowboy hat
mount him slowly
and keep it steady
there now

speed it up
pull back hard
and ride him rough
be tough


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sea salt shaker

when my body is done
put me in an oven 
and bury my ashes in a 
sea salt shaker

scatter me sparingly
as you would 
a fine condiment
in a recipe
into your daily life
during its preparation 
so that 
we may add the flavor
and the texture 
of the past

when it is all gone
can refill 
the sea salt shaker

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Still have no answer

My twiddling thumbs or is it fingers?
Who knows?
Why do you have the answer for everything?
Because if you don't you are in deep "s"
Why do we yell when we are satisfied?
Because if we don't we are going to explode
Try to contain the guys on game days and see what happens
Why do things only have one way?
Because it can't think for itself
Try to tell that to a woman
It's a no no
Because we have many ways
And they are all right lol
But with men there is only one way "go"
Try to balance?
Forget it
Things will never be balanced
Whether it's your check book
Or your over the top hormones
It's going to be out of balance
And that is for sure
So you enjoy this? 
I am going to call it
Gonna go to bed
God can wait

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Chastity belt bespoke fitter

i am a ye olde chastity belt maker and fitter
Fitting is free
I love my occupation
As I hold the key
For an emergency

Their men want them fitting
While they are away at war
And my services are required
More and more
Something I adore.

The women beg me to set them free
And I give them what they need
For a fee.

So need a chastity belt? 
Don't buy a cheap imitation from Hong Kong.
They have sharp edges and not that strong.

Just send me a E- arrow
And I'll be there quicker than a falcon after a sparrow.

This weeks special offer hurry!
Buy two get one free
I aim to please
If I still have the energy.

I'm very popular you  know
So come on wenches and ye olde maidens
Give me a go How else you gonna know?.

Peter Dome. copyright.2014. July.

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Thunderstruck Sunshine

The clouds shook
A thick, black, very wet blanket out
In the Southeastern quadrant 
Of the New Mexico firmament,
Complete with lightning
And growling, crackling,
Massive basso-profundo sound effects,
Inviting the sun to rest,
Take a load off, 

Abrasively radiant,
Helios glared a brilliant, heated, passionate,
Steamy smile
Into the arid monsoon skies

And refused Storm’s invitation
To lie down and go to bed

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snap snap chew chew snap,chew puff...*pop* snap snap snap chew chew chew puffffpuff......*Popp* snap, snap, snap, snap, chew..chew...chew...... puuuffff, pufffff, puff mmmm, mmmhhh, yook't it. **POP!!**
Uh oh! For the contest: Bubbles Placement: Honorable Mention

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They called him Jumper

He preferred  Prancer

When he was happy he would prance

Giant circles of joy

And the dizziness

Too many beers and staggers

For 365 days waiting times 4

He would dress himself  outlandishly

Feathers and painting his face

He loved the Mamba and espresso

Dancing to the beat and the heat

But February 29th he could leap and pride

Gyrating crazily leaping from space to space

Time warp again

Disco fever

Never tiring

It only happens once every 4 years

Leap frog when he was a child

Monty Python taught him how to leap from tree to tree

He did the Lumberjack

His jeans had done the Hop on Bandstand

He had bell bottom genes

While in South America he did the Anaconda

Bunny Hop with children as he walked

Loved the song Fandango

While hunting his horse taught him  the Foxtrot 

Auntie Mame be proud

His favorite was Leaping

Once every 4 years



Just bored so I typed nonsense

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clouded by
careless bravado
i say 
too much
this good night

clouds have gone 
and I am
in the spotlight
of moon shine

loose lips
break the silence

but no one hears
the confession 
of a fool
the influence
of you

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Underwear made for a BOY

If you sit tight, and promise not to spite
I will tell you a story, when I was not in my glory
grade one, a new chapter
who knew my teacher would be a captor?
that’s right! I said it!
a washroom run, she did not permit
there I stood
as still as I could
but I couldn’t help wiggle, then jiggle, and out popped a nervous giggle
first I got a casual stare
not two seconds later, a frightening glare
Oh no! I thought
a quick exit I sought
I could feel the rush coming
my small feet started drumming
how could she be so cruel?
this has got to be against some rule!
and there it went
the warm stream I could not prevent
I could tell she was mad
but I had to go SO bad!
she pointed the way out
boy! Did she shout!
“go to the loo! You twitsy-poo”!

Oh. So you thought that was it?
why don’t you take another short sit
to the principals office I walked down
sporting a most shameful frown
she also looked unimpressed
thank goodness, I was wearing a dress
my underwear was wet but my clothes remained dry
if I had to wear lost and found clothes again, I surely would cry
I pictured Mrs. Marriotti as a belly dancer
while she called mom for dry underwear, but there was no answer
I was vexed, with what happened next
you’ll never believe me
the travesty that was caused by my pee
not only was I humiliated, and my new teacher I did annoy
but the underwear I had to wear for the day was made for a BOY!

Diana-Marie Bombardieri
January 30, 2012
CONTEST - Dr. Seuss is on the loose (G. Rix)

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My strange Village

I live in a very small very old village
In England where everyone knows your name
But what makes the place rather odd
Is the locals who are very strange.

There's Gina the window cleaner
Her bum the size of mar's
And Lady Quinn
Who drives like a mad lady
In her Bentley car
There's old Doctor Mckenna
Who always complains that he's ill
And young pregnant sally who forgot 
To take the pill (again)
Farmer Giles and his sheep
Tom the butcher boy who walks around naked 
In his sleep
Norris and Horace
the identical twins
And gambling Fred who backs the horses
and never wins
Old Nelly at the post office
And Nora who has the local shop
And P.C plod the nervous local cop.

They all get together on a Friday night
In the local pub and get merry and gossip
For it's the communities hub
Many tales have been told
About a Headless horseman
hereabouts who rides through the village
around midnight when the lights go out.

Headless horseman?
It makes no sense to me
Because if he was riding a horse
How the hell would he see.

Every year we have the village fete
and people from all around cue up at the gate
we used to have a morris dance
But morris can't dance no more
Because Morris hung up his clogs
When his feet got very sore
There's Mollies stall of home preserves
And paddy and his performing fleas
That leaves everyone scratching
And heading for the trees.

The old church stands on top of the hill
and long after the bells have rung
Your ears are ringing still
When anyone does something wrong
they have to face the old ducking pond
I've been ducked a time or two
And got completely wet through.

It's claimed Robin Hood
Met maid Marion in our local wood
Bet they were up to no good
And his merry men got really merry 
Down at the local pub.

If you ever visit us at our village
Hogs bottom's end
We might be a bit strange but we'll greet you like a friend
But be wary
Many a visitor never leave
And meet a grizzly end, ha ha ha haaaaaa.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. July.

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Redneck Hoop DeVille

Whenever you spot a hillbilly illegality is a possibility.
He’s speeding down the dirt road just as fast as he can.
He keeps switching lanes like some maniac mad man.
Buddy Joe done went and got in trouble with Johnny Law again.
Country boy has been selling rot gut whiskey out of his rusty car trunk.
Try as he might Buddy can’t outrun Smokey in his Redneck Hoop DeVille.

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Getting back on my feet again
Show me the end, show me the end
Give me a road to follow
I will throw you a passage or two

Get yourself right, get out my face
I need a new way, I need a new way
An easy way to start my day
All though I can't get enough of you 
There are times you are in my way

Our hearts don't beat as one
Call me a fool,
I set my foot down 
I keep you as my friends, no rules

Tomorrow will be another day
Do not give in to me
We are still both fish in the sea
Stuffy stuff, you got me at suffocate 
We do not relate
Still I love you

How else can this be fetched out
If I reel you in, sometimes I need you my friend
Stop putting yourself in doubt
This has no end

Don't get yourself all worked out
It will be me and you, a sweet walk on the beach
I see nothing wrong in deceiving you
I'm so funny, I'll have you sticking around like a leech

How many times do I have to push and shove
My feeling are troubled, but in love
Until then my love, 
I will keep you posted


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3 Cute Cats

                                      I have 3 cute cats
                                 They love running through
                                 my house chasing each other.
                                      They have a favorite
                                 window which holds all 3 of them
                                  quite well so they can see outside.
                                      The same time everyday
                                   after their play they all settle in
                                   together watching for the visitors
                                   who come outside their window.
                                       The bird feeder is full 
                                    of seed and the squirrels eat all
                                    that falls.
                                        Inside they their eyes glued
                                    on the visitors who are invading 
                                    their yard tails swishing back and
                                    forth as fast as they can.
                                         Than the chattering start.s
                                    it is in kitty talk but I am sure they
                                    are saying things to the birds and
                                    squirrels that they do not want me
                                     to know.
                                          After awhile they all
                                    are bored and frustrated  because
                                    tonight they won't have bird or
                                    squirrel stew.

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An Afternoon Adventure

There have not been very many days in my life
well in fact, this is the only one,
on which I could say “I rode on a donkey cart today.”

Sitting quietly on the porch of my mother-in-law’s home,
typing away on my laptop, a knock came at the gate
and my name was hollered over the fence, an invitation for a ride.

I don’t think there is anything quite like the dirt flying in your face with the wind blowing in your hair, 
and the way the world—(mainly  your poems and your laptop)—
is being swiftly left behind you, with the methodical whack of a donkey’s back with a big heavy stick.

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Park Bench Panhandle

Trees dance
to the song 
of wind.

in a disco 
of light and shadow,
of good will
with a smile 
and cardboard sign.

Upon his wide wooden throne,
a magic hat
from passers-by.

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Text Speak

Text Speak--A newly developing dialect whereby the speaker can convey a lengthy thought by abbreviating phonetically or through the use of substitutive characters.	

Any attempt to speak it out loud is both impractical and unusually difficult,

Hme skoolled
Nvr took nglish
lrnd on cmptr
omg luvd star wars 
ok lol!

:-) I’m happy
brb- be right back 
lol –lots of luck

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Sixty Six And Counting

I am sixty six and counting,
or is it sixty seven?
No, it is definitely sixty six.
There are no more cakes or cookies,
and definitely no red wine.
Now it is a honey bun and sweet tea,
along with some handshakes
and maybe a few backslaps
from other old codgers just like me.
I don’t really miss the excitement
of the birthdays of my youth,
but I do miss the lovely young women
without wheelchairs or walking canes.

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Thank you for your recent submission-w

To decide not to include it in our issue next.

The editors are also writers and they too
Receive WORTHY REJECTED poems of their own

We will have to pass on your poems
UNWILLINGLY WISH you success elsewhere.

The poem is PRETTY UNFIT to our needs for publishing

To consider our magazine as an outlet

(Oxymoron and Alliteration)
Seventh place winner in
Contest: FREE FOR ALL DO AS YOU PLEASE  In honor of Charles Henderson

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The party line

One long ring; that is for me
One long and one short, Mrs. McGee

Two long rings for the farmer Scholl
As the phone would ring a distinctive toll

Down the road on a line of eight
As the bell would ring we all would wait

One would answer; three would listen in
That is the way it was on a party line back then

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It's a really obscure poem, you probably haven't heard of it

Oh, you’re cool. Deck.
With your battered copy of Naked Lunch
tucked away in your thrift-store
		-satchel, it’s definitely a satchel-
that holds your cigarettes,
the ones you bummed last Wednesday,
and the extra scarf you keep with you
	at all times
just in case your neck gets cold,
which it seems to often,
even though its brother is always
wrapped loosely around your neck.
That iPod in your hand
with the huge headphones
		-for better acoustics-
is playing that band you like,
the one with the synth player
who can also play both
the didgeridoo and keytar
at the same time,
but I don’t think that’s the reason
that they only have five fans
or that that’s why you like them.
It’s okay,
I won’t tell your friends that
you pay your rent with a trust fund. 
		-Isn’t that ironic?-
I’ll keep your secret
the way you keep quoting Kerouac,
who you only know of
because of high school English class.
And no,
I won’t tell them either
that you hate the taste of coffee,
and miss eating bacon,
and actually think that tattoo
of a Palahniuk quote
		-“Your heart is my piñata”-
translated into Finnish
is not as clever as it was
the first time you tried cocaine.
But don’t worry. 
I won’t call you a hipster.
That way you don’t have to
pretend to hate it.

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Love Bite

Love Bite (Humorous) A few minutes after an older couple turned in for the night the woman says to her husband; “ honey you forgot to give me a good night kiss” Without saying a word he gets up walks to her bedside and gives her a good night kiss then goes back to bed. A moment later she says, “ honey, you didn’t tuck me in “ Again without saying a word he gets up walks to her bedside and tucks her in then goes back to bed and gets comfortable trying to go to sleep. Now again she says “ Honey, you didn’t give me a love bite like you always do” Now he is getting annoyed but without saying a word he gets up and starts searching around the bedroom, in the bathroom then back again in the bedroom. His wife is waiting and wondering what he is doing, “Honey, are you going to give me a love bite?” Now he is really frustrated, “ Don’t be so impatient dear, I’m looking for my glasses So I can find my teeth!” Dirty Deeds contest August 27

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One Minute Man

A bouquet of flowers,
 Or the calm of the woods
I felt  one eyed willy in my rib
In an instant you became the minute man
In my midwinter dream
I smile and then I kiss your neck
As you whisper, honey “I hope you’re not upset.
Darn! I am so ashamed of this one minute man.
Viagra is all I can say… you

I still love you. Happy Birthday

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My Cat Louie

There he comes to say good morning, mommy.
My cat Louie with eyes of gold, stripes that
wrap around him from head to tail.
On his paws he has white socks.
He comes meowing loudly making sure I hear him.
he wants me to know 'his dish is empty and his fat belly
is too'  again he meows 'Mommy get up and feed 'me'.
As I get up and I am walking into the kitchen he decides
to bloop him self at my feet, rolling, yawning and wanting
me to see  his furry fat empty belly.
See mommy this belly needs to be filled up!
I tell him he is a beautiful boy, up he comes
looks at me and meows  'now for kitty sake
feed me'.

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A Fishy Story

While enjoying a walk in the woods near a beautiful lake A huge spider jumped from a tree and landed on my shoulder Taking quick action I hurriedly jumped into the lake and the spider was gone But then as I started walking back to the shore I felt something wiggle in my pocket Well that had me a little worried too, so quickly I took off my pants as soon as I was back on the shore. Then I heard some giggles and as I looked around there were some girls just laughing and pointing over at me. So I picked up my pants and jumped back in the lake and then I saw what had caused all the fuss. There was just a tiny little ole fish just looking up at me and it had something in its mouth. It needed my help so I pulled out this obstruction and saw what it was. Well I petted and spoke softly to the little fish and saw that we had a winning lottery ticket now in my hands. I told the little fish all about it and just turned it loose after I told it to meet me back here the next day. So I cashed in the ticket and went and bought a new pick-up truck and drove back to the lake to give the little fish it's part of the winnings. But, don't accuse me of trying to abuse or to cheat that fish. I am being honest.... The fish never did show up to collect its part of the winnings And that is a true fish story

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Word Impression Poem 4: Bayard

What a splendid state of delusion you inhabit, my friend!
Afloat upon a boundless sea of ignorance,
You drift towards disaster
With all the courage of an Alexander.

When it overtakes you, I'll never say,
"I told you so!"
Since no one could ever tell you anything.

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Super box

look up in the sky information in the air able to leap over tall buildings information everywhere more speed than a locomotive more bytes than a mosquito stuffing my box
cramming my brain hope it will rain to slow it down for a nano-second so that I can take a 
breath knowing that the machine can’t breathe           yet!

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Veer right

So you think you are ready for anything?
Sure?  No?
Thought so
From whom do you get your talents?
Future thinker, are you not?
So how can it be from your parents lol?
Give credit where credit is due
From where are you coming from?
Not from the womb!
From heaven 
Lighten up
You are ruffled
Far truth
Far fetched
Has anyone ever called you an angel?
Dedicated you to the Lord
Case closed
Beam me up, Scotty

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Laughter is Indeed the Best Medicine On Hand

A day’s of hard work,
and serious issues to handle,
though some hiccups may arise,
in order to erase these hiccups,
we need to have some fun,
and laughter is only the best medicine,
to cure on these hiccups hands on,
for this, 
we may not travel afar,
just take a look at Indian politics,
quite laughable as it is,
wherein a number of issues,
had come to the forefront,
mostly related to the cap on cylinders,
and the FDI in retail,
wherein a number of politicians,
cast a number of political ambitions,
of becoming the National leader of our Motherland,
but have no concern for the citizens,
living in here,
wherein the bridge between the poor and the rich,
gets wider and wider,
it is not the pursuit of political ambitions, 
which the citizens want in here,
it is the solutions to various problems,
which they want,
and as such there is no politician,
as fit enough for this purpose,
are they really fit enough,
is the question and as laughable as it is,
it is time for the younger generations,
to take the plunge into politics,
wherein they need to cast over their fear,
and political apprehensions, 
and save their dear Motherland India,
from all troubles,
and to make their Motherland into a Paradise!!

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*Purse on top but nobodys home!

I was ready to leave for the store
gathering up everything needed for
the day doing my usual mommy duties,
feeding, cleaning litter boxes, making
sure all have water getting myself together
which seems to take longer and longer.
I finally finish and ready to go do my errands.
Open the garage door, back the car out I am
on my way jamming to my favorite tunes when
all of a sudden I start getting beeps from cars
passing by me some are pointing and I point
right back mumbling what is wrong with you 
peoples I arrive at my store I get out and march
myself in to the store filling my chart with all the
necessary things needed to the register I go and
realize when the amount is given I had forgotten 
my purse, Oh my! I became so consumed with
fright of where it could be, so of course I had to
have  the lady 'void' out all the items how awful
I felt so I hurry out the door talking loudly to
myself well others looked on at me as though I
might need to be put in a 'straight jacket' and
I reach my car and there on top was sitting my
'Purse' it had not moved an inch going around all
the corners in town, it does explain why people 
were pointing, beeping because they were trying
to let me know my Purse was on top of my car and 
if that was not bad enough I look at my Blouse I had
came out with it wrong side out, one white sock on
one ivory sock on so I decided I needed to go back
home and regroup and pray for a better tomorrow.

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Santa The Capitalist

New Year is at our doorstep
But first we have to celebrate Christmas peace

We are stressed up and vortices around the shopping centers
Always late with something,Always forgot something to someone

Back to the madness one more time,entering the battlefield again
But first of all..finding a free spot at the parkinglot..AHH! There`s one!

Screaming brakes next to me,another guy spotted it too
Move your ".blip." car you idiot,are you stupid or something?!?

Later on,we all gather around the table to eat Christmas dinner
Tell eachother how much we love our families and fellow human beings night..
My stomach is overloaded with christmas dinner and dessert

Santa is late though..must be overtime,again
Since he switched over to capitalism,he is stressed more than ever

Merry Christmas everyone,I will do my best
In reminding myself what Christmas is all about

Desember 23, 2011

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I Cant Get Out Of The Bath Tub

This goes past Stephen Kings
An even the Dead Sea, 
I Can’t Get Out Of the Bath Tub
Believe me you going to know the difference, 
From a business and corporation, 
When you can’t sleep, 
And you need stamina to put sleep, 
I can’t get out of the bath tub, 
I’m seeing black dots with difference sizes, 
You can tell when you in some good mediation
I can’t get out of the bath tub, 
My back have gone out and I feel an even cress in the middle of my chest, 
I can’t get out of the bath tub, 
All I’m just asking give credit when credit is due, 
I’m let the water out tub my body is not response to recharge of 
Fluid to the solar plexus, 
I’m no doctor but I guess I’ll be okay with sleep 
I can’t get out of the bath tub.

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Ship Ahoy Divorce Style

<                                              Haiku

                                          sea's tranquility
                                   bestows harmonic balance
                                      amidst  tides rising


                          aye ye matey walking its own plank
                          let not ye other take thee to bank
                                raise thy anchors set sail
                              give heeve hoe to those failed
                         find ye other sailor's who's yet sank  


                    shivery timbers captain bow is about to break
                    toss overboard it's ye baggage holding thee dam weight 

Entry For
{Destroyer { Poet's
Divorce Club
Haiku /Limerick/Couplet Contest
G.L. All

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To : AMY & YOU

For one moment I thought you new me.
no not just yet!
i really have no time to explain
i like the mystery you can not see
did you know to me you and everyone else
are a mystery
come on Amy every one here is a mystery
every thing i write  is not about me
for all you know i like horses to

come clean,  most say
clean to what i am just like every one else
a face with a question mark
but thanks for the write
it was very nice to know you think about me.
also tell Billy your friend i said hi

a special friend i want you to make of me
besides we are on the same poetry team
we will just ask everyone else 
what they think of me

i tried to change my name 
give you guys a clue
all i got was soup mail
telling me to change it back to P.D.
now AMY i will leave you with one fact about me
my friends call me the 


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The Waken

She waded through the dreams as she drank her coffee.

Always speaking of the past and her lost memories.

She was fine as frog hair and fleetingly thought of a time when it mattered.

Her old man had died of a broken heart in one of those.

She loved him and she loved those days but was left with his brake.

She lifted each one and slowly remembered and the love.

What shall I eat as if it counted?

She didn't wish to move on and she tried to embrace.

The woman climbed and the thought separated and died.

Have to keep on, for the moving made it all leave.

But those whiskers burned and waking she called for him.

And realized it was just a dream and the whiskers burning.

Mr Johnson was nudging  her as she reached for the old man.

Mr Johnson lived there or she lived with him.

It all was so confusing and he was a clean freak.

Always grooming himself and a cough to get the hair up.

Mr Johnson had a pair when young but she had him fixed.

Why did he shave so infrequently going back to sleep.

I wish he shaved regularly and she hoped he would in the night.

Hoping for the burn she lowered herself back to the pillow.....

*****cat Johnson is my cat that when my wife and i separated she took him back to Italy with her.. Momma said his name was troppo loungo {too long} so she changed it to Mr Johnson...

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Roll Call

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Love me tonight girl we won't meet again ,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby, ha ha ha ha,
Let your body decide what it does ,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
I know it's straight to the point,
But I'd rather be straight up and straight forward,
Instead of playing with your heart and your mind,
Games are waste of time, now we can do the nasty,
And do what the do and see what the does,
Either we gonna love what we do to each other,
Or just let it be what it was,
No harm, no foul, no commitment, no vows,
Maybe a contract or two,
But by that time I'm already tired of the way you like it, oh,
And let your body decide, exactly what it does,
But it's no secret baby, everybody fücks,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody fücks,
Now I can hear your body calling me,
Tell me what it is, what's gon be,
Only got one night cause I'm...,
Lil mama is a bad one, ain't she? 
Maybe she might be a little timid,
Love when I get it,
Or I might even give a text when I'm finish,
Been doing all this talking, let's get it,
And you can tell me what you wanna do,
I guarantee you can do that,
Or you can teach me like a thing or two,
But I bet you I already knew that,
So one night one time baby girl,
Let's take this chance,
We ain't trying to be love strung,
But I know that Everybody ****s,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
Let your body go, let your feeling show,
Say what's on your mind, I already know,
I can read your eyes, see your body sign,
(Every sign you give baby) with a little bump and grind,
Nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Baby there ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
There ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Baby there ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
Believe that believe that baby,
Everybody ****s…

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You Can Relax, Carol

Carol my friend
You can relax
Samuel, Sarah 
And Thunder are back.

They hitched a ride 
With the mail carrier
Were in good shape
And seemed even merrier.

Pre-she-ates Youse
Watchin um fer me's
Theys seys youse a nice lady
Weren't news ta me.

Keeps in touch
An I'lls does tha same
God Bless Youse....
What war youse name?

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Now when I was a young man 
I didn’t need pills everything worked
I wasn’t a fan 

But now that I'm old 
I need pills everyday 
One to lower my blood pressure 
Another to keep the cholesterol away 

Now I have a new one 
To keep my mind straight 
And because of this 
I can’t ejaculate 

It’s good for an old man to stay hard for so long 
But even for that 
I need a pill for that schlong

I wonder whats next in the pill world for me 
Maybe a pill 
So I can pee 

They gave me holder to keep my pills all arranged 
But keeping them straight 
Is making me deranged 

I need a pill to tell me what pill and when 
Because for the life of me 
I forget now and then 

I can’t tell the difference between the colors of each  
If I take the wrong one 
I have a hard on and no speech 

Now all these little pills 
Cost a pile of bills 
Which causes me 
Lots of stress and ill 

No more pills thank you 
I’ve had my fill 

Eric (and always will be)  

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The Barnacle on my bum part 2

My tale about the barnacle I bared upon my bum
has now passed into legend and folk law
The  battle I thought was over and now long done
Just when I thought I could sit down and relax
and lick my wounds
and heal my poor bum
I now have two barnacles
clinging on instead of one.

Their jealous of each other
and  like a porcupines
my bum is very sore
I'm stuck in the middle
and I don't think I can take any more!!!!!.
My telephone is melting
and they push love notes through my door
I'm divided down the middle
and I'm preparing for war.

I have no idea why they follow me around like flies
maybe it's my aftershave that smells so nice
There's nothing about me
I do declare
but everytime I turn around
there's always someone there.

Why couldn't it ever be
who I really like
I even tried to escape on my motorbike last night
I thought I was just saddle sore
but latter when I pulled my trousers down
what did I see
not two barnacles but three.

I darn't leave the house no more
and I've barricaded myself in
I'm now a nervous wreck 
and I've taken to drinking Gin
I've sealed the letter box and took the phone of the hook
and have been searching amazon for a useful book.

If your a poor sufferer too
have a hammer and chisel
we can help each other get through
just bare your bum like me
and maybe we could throw the barnacles back into the sea.

''Beware! their out there''.

Peter Dome. copyright.2014.march.

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Colder than How cold is it

I never want to touch one                                                                                             Do they wear brass                                                                                                       Never dug a well                                                                                                    Never sat on an iceberg                                                                                            Penguin's not touching that                                                                                              I can wait on the shovel                                                                                                Don't have an ex-wife                                                                                                    Not kissing her mother                                                                                                Ha Ha never seen lawyers with hands in their own pockets                                                I have never cut class that way                                                                                       I have never got ice cream from a cow

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Chocolate Delivery

It's an eternal arrangement

Every week or two I have promised to send him some chocolate

Nothing fancy-just a thought from me to him

Just to let him know that I am on board with our destiny 

We will be forever friends

Chocolate has medicinal properties too you know

It melts your heart and keeps us on the same page

Best friends forever so more chocolate I will send! 

It's sorta like storing up brownie points for the future you could say!

By the time I get to heaven I should have sent him one ton of chocolate 

And a gym membership! 

Gwendolen Rix

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Rich Man

The rich man has his motor-car,
His country and his town estate.
He smokes a fify-cent cigar
And jeers at Fate.

He frivols through the livelong day,
He knows not Poverty her pinch.
His lot seems light, his heart seems gay,
He has a cinch.

Yet though my lamp burns low and dim,
Though I must slave for livelihood—
Think you that I would change with him?
You bet I would!

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Missing sock mystery solution

One of the biggest mystery's 
Known to man that makes no sense to me
Is why when washing a pair of socks
You can only ever find one
The solution don't buy just two socks but three
One for the sock fairy and a pair for us
End of the mystery.

Case closed mystery solved.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.July.

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I am sorry,
I am very sorry,
This is for my daughter
I mean my young, beautiful pet.

That was it, the voice of my friend
Who now prides himself
Of another daughter across the street
Only God knows how many of such
I mean those susceptible to his carrot.

Indeed, very young
Full of life to live
Looking innocently attractive
Until he crept into her life.

Her Aunt’s door left ajar
She fell like a pack of card.
He dazzles her Aunt with intermittent gifts
He branded the girl “My daughter”
My innocent friend became a father
And dangles before his daughter a lanky carrot.

As times tickles away,
The daughter not only eats the golden carrot
But she swallows it gently with exactitude

Yet, her Aunt saw no changes
When carrots thickens her sister’s hips
And her flat buttocks getting curved roundly
While her chest pointer getting shaped
Her Aunt still blinded with gifts of “Suya and bread”.

Here comes this day knocking
As my friend’s daughter
Vomits and coughs repeatedly,
She feigned to be well before her Aunt.

“Nothing, I’m okay”
She smiled to her friends
And pretends to all
But grim only at her father

The act got caught short
Not for too long,
Now we all know,
That she has swallowed her father’s carrot
And it got stucked in her throat.

When?, Where?, Who?, her Aunt queried
Three months ago, she retorted
My . . . My . . . My . . . father, she replied.
Before eyes got blinked,
My friend’s was out of town
In search of another daughter.

Alayande Stephen T.
4th August, 2007

Spiced up for my good friend Tope and his daughter.
It all happened on my visit to Abuja.

Suya- An Hausa language (from Nigeria) for roasted meat.

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Yorkshire Humour 10

When the circus was in Yorkshire recently
a local man watching a rehearsal of
a scantily dressed, large bosom blond lion tamer,
inside the cage with a massive male lion,
was asked
“Would you do that” By a passing circus hand.
“Yes” Replied the local,
“Get the lion out”!

© Harry J Horsman 2012   

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Cell block, boredom knocks

Checking the heart beat now and then
It did not ranged since so very long
Ah! My best friend my smart phone
How it u lost the way to tele signals
Cell block since past two big days
Looks as if the date is of earth end
Checked clock all fine with world
Just my smart life came to bad pause
Cell block as if life is boring of all
Buttons all dying screen screaming
No messages or calls or even alert
Cell block makes it go so dull chap
Yeah can listen songs but how long
Want to chat with friends like silly
Cell block please come back to life.

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in a nut shell

       ''A nut, what else but''?.

        Peter Dome.copyright2012.

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psychotic writer

A mad man 
Psychotic rap fan
You think this is all an act? damn
Give me a compliment to back-hand

Maybe I should be less complicated and more simplistic
Because a lot of the world are dim-witted
I call my pad wifey and pen mistress
Not for love, because I just got rejected by those 2 blonde twin sisters

They took what I said the wrong way
I was just trying to cheer myself up after a long day
I said “you wear the same clothes how about wearing the same guy”
One slapped me but you don’t know if you don’t try

Women try and change us into something we’ll never be
I’m the nicest, most damaged, flawed sarcastic psychotic man you will ever meet
I’m not as hard as nails but also not as soft as a lettuce leaf
I’m not a poet I just make letters meet

A prisoner in my own mind
So it’s like receiving a letter from a pen-pal from death row
When you read my rhymes
But I know you love it and class it as your best note

Already got spiky hair like I got a shock and survived the electric chair
Haven’t you got it yet? I’m not all there
But when have I claimed to be?
Just my pad, pain and me

Force the world to feel my rage
Psychotic writer killing my thoughts on this page
Don’t talk to me if you haven’t got a sense of humour
Ok let’s end the rumours

I’m not making a super group with MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice
I’ve been getting this pain out for years why is it still inside?
Got so much behind me like Beyonce’s ass
When she becomes 1 of Jay-Z’s 99 problems I’ll be there so fast

Wait hold up I only said that because it rhymed
His heart what has he done with it?
Quit being so serious I’m just having fun with it
Give me an inch and I’ll run with it

Before you know it I’ll of vanished
Timepiece on my dictionary cause they told me to watch my language
Try to understand me you will never manage
A psychotic writer, who’s flawed, scarred, weird and damaged

Girl how one earth can I be Drake for you?
But answer me this, if I’m on a date with you
And I’m looking at your boobs how is that a bad thing?
At least I’m focused on the boobs of the girl I’m dating so don’t turn it into a mad thing

Yeah I know my thoughts are a little hard to understand
But girl you won’t get my weird ways and sexiness if you date another man
Wait, I’m not sexy, forgive me I damaged my brain trying to understand you
I’m a psychotic writer and killing my thoughts on this paper is all I can do 

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with each moment we 
start a New Year
best to leave the old behind

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Save Environment-w

Just got back from India
Had amazing experience
Transformed in ways
That is everything homely.
Do you use toilet paper?
Terrible for environment
Use hands
And bucket of water


Sixth place win in
Contest :29 words 

1. Just                                    11.ways                      21.Terrible
2. Got                                     12.That                       22. For
 3. Back                                                    23. Environment
4. from                                 14. Everything           24. Use
5. India                                  15. Homely                 25.hands
6. Had                                   16. Do                         26. And
7. Amazing                           17.  You                       27. Bucket          
8. Experience                      18. Use                        28. of
9. transformed                  19. Toilet                     29. water
10. in                                   20. paper

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Bird Talk

A bird sat in a tree
And looked down at me
And said rather musically “uh huh”
He cocked his head to one side
And then the other
Peering straight at me
I of course replied, “uh huh”
Imitating his spontaneous bird talk
He hopped back a step, surprised
Understanding, then answered back, “uh huh”
Delighted with our conversation
I replied with a friendly “uh huh”
I know our conversation is limited
But I’m happy to carry on
This inter specie dialogue
A connection, a shared moment
I’m sure he understands
Nodding his head in affirmation
Then he rattled on and on,
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

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Her Body Is On Fire

Please kiss and run
 Her body is on fire
The water is rising
Whisky on the table,
Golden in the glass
Burn to the taste,
A little happiness at last
No Money to burnt, yet time to pass

So turn away or duck and run
                              My only son
 Take your misty mistletoe kiss
 Disconnect the extinguisher: this girl is on fire!
..... A battle beyond despairs for the ghetto woman
A part of labor, and a part pain;
The ghetto woman lost all sense of pride 
A breed of women with no shame!
A part of labor and a part of pain
Ghettooooo woman...

 1 Peter 5:8
Be sober-minded; be watchful. 
Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion,
 seeking someone to devour.

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a kiss of Death at 4 am

Woke up from a
at 4 am

clenched on to 
my cold sheets
and stared at the
dead stars
in the ceiling

looked to my right
and gave my
sleeping sister
a peck on the

she woke up
scared for her life

I don't blame her.

being a poet is 
a curse as much
as it is
a blessing;
our emotions 
always burst out

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Why The Sun Works to Rule

At 10 A.M on Friday 13th July The Sun emerged from a cloud. After five minutes shining bright thought, 'Sod this, I'm going back to bed. right now' The Weather King called up Rain But only got an answer phone. Thor the God of thunder, was sick in bed. An accident with a hammer it was thought. Try as he might, the Weather King Could not find someone to replace The stubborn immovable Sun. Who was now working to rule. A better deal was his demand. It was agreed for shorter hours And if Sun was late rising Overcast would cover the time. Longer holidays was also agreed. Fourty-eight to fifty weeks per year. So if you want to see Summer Sun. Don't blink when looking in England, Because he might not be there.

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Nathaniel Bains

Nathaniel Bains was a kindly man but had little brains
He was as skinny as a lat
Lived in a small country village
And a bird nested in his tall top hat.

Nathaniel resembled a scarecrow his clothes were well worn and mucky
Although  a pleasant man he was born so unlucky
When he was two he fell in a well 
And the locals complained because he smelled
When he was three he fell from a tree when he was four he fell on the floor
Poor Nathaniel couldn't do anything right
A walking disaster
But like a good man prayed each night.

When Nathaniel grew up he was nearly seven foot tall
And could peer over the tallest wall
And pick apple off the trees
Until he got stung on the bum by a swarm of bees.

One day in march or may Nathaniel entered a competition 
And sent off  his entry straight away  the prise a cruise
Nathaniel thought he couldn't lose.

Weeks passed by and Nathaniel forgot
If he'd won or not until postman Egbert with letter in hand
Shouted ''Nathaniel''a letters arrived you have won first prize''
Nathaniel never had a letter before and had someone read it by the door.

The village folk were so excited they invited Nathaniel to the squires mansion
And had a ball. hip hip hurrah! our Nathaniel has won a prize and is unlucky no 
more went up in a mighty roar.

Nathaniel packed his old tatty suitcase and the village folk went with him to see 
him off at the Southampton Docs they waved as the ship set off
But poor Nathaniel wasn't lucky and everyone panicked

It was a prize of a cruise on the Titanic!.

The village folk were so sad he was a pleasant lad and not that bad
They erected a statue in his honour in the town but even that fell down.

Some say sometimes you can still hear Nathaniel whistling as he passes in the 
Town after the sun goes down

''Idea came to me in a dream.''

Peter Dome copyright.2014. July.

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Wannabe escape artist Ed's first trick took place in a tank of water Tied up with chains. Wife swapped padlock key. Also final trick.

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A night of shadows

As she lays sweating under the hot, yet
comforting blanket she bites her lip, balls
her hands into her fists just to keep from
screaming and falling to sleep.

Dancing on her walls are the shadows!
Shadows you couldn't even imagine they
seem to be grinning at her as if they knew
something she did not know.

Do they know something are they trying
to tell her what there is to come?
She can hear someone or something 
calling her now; she does not know what
it is and does not want to know either.

As the voice gets closer it becomes more
frightening and louder and louder.
Slowly the tears dwell up in her eyes and 
than burst rolling down her like a balloon 
ready to pop.

Several hours ago by the windows she saw
'ghoulish' activity, her eyes are heavy fighting
to stay awake a little longer so she will know 
when every thing ends.

She falls asleep to wake up later realizing
that it was not a dream but 'Halloween'.

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Housework apathy

Housework what a chore
I refuse to do it any more 
My poor hands have blisters 
And my hands are sore
Oh my what a bore.

The more you do
The more you find
It's such hard work
And I don't have the time.

Some peoples houses are like a show room
Mine A sty
Think I was born without the tidy gene
I'm just a man who doesn't clean.

Antique pizza found under the coach
But how I wish I had a tidy house
Piles of books everywhere
If anyone came they couldn't find a chair.

I tried housework some years ago
But what I let myself in for I didn't know
I bought every cleaning substance known to man
I stood proud with a mop and bucket in my hands
You used to be able to look out of the windows and see the trees
I cleaned and scrubbed on my knees
I threw loads of stuff away. It seemed I was cleaning night and day.

Oh how I hate throwing things away
I keep everything thinking
It will come in handy one day
But it never does.

Oh won't someone come and clean for me
I can't help it I'm such a busy bee.

A man's work is never done
Not because we do any
Because it's far from fun
No we just think about it
And think some more
Oh why is housework such a chore.

''Not a true story, but I avoid it as much as poss''.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. July.
And now I'm sat here tired frustrated
In my apron and rubber gloves

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Funny man

Telling funny jokes
it's not easy
it's a serious business
so don't be surprised
instead of laugh
you can make people cry
when you tell your long story
and nobody reacts
but me
because the story
it's really funny
sucks the delivery 
humor it's nothing you can buy
like gold
or commodity
you are either funny
or you're not
i remember
people laughed at you
with hail tears
with the speech at the funeral
because by mistake
you broke wind
while speaking
and confused said 
"excuse me?excuse me?"
that's funny my friend
it's like the nurse
who doesn't respond
the red button of the emergency
instead she says
where is my bagel
she is in the wrong business
and she is funny
as hell...

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I want to write a funny poem now
after reading Darryl's poem
Why do men think there is no tomorrow?
Because they always want it today
What does a bird say to a bee?
Watch me haha
I'd better keep it clean
Keep it down, will you?
The neighbors are sleeping ha
Is there earthquake around here? 
I heard the ground is shaking
Don't be too long
I'm coming haha
That's it for now
I hope you enjoy it 
Earthshaking moves
Easy will ya?

Inspired by Darryl Ashton's "Body Talk - remotely" poem.  Thanks, Darryl :)

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I'm Learning

<                           [ S 1][ T 1][ U 1][ D 2][ E 1][ N 1][ T 1]

Entry For Nancy Jones
7 tile Scrabble Contest 
G.L. All

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Light of day
a visitor.

but here.

Banters at me,
"There is a
plan for you."

With hands spread
"From birth
to death..."

and waits 
for me.

Then in revelation,
"and in between..."

Comes the promise,
"is life."

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Only Brother

He was the eldest,
tall, handsome, all knowing 
(by his own assessment).

He could roll a ‘guide and wheel’
all the way to school
without a stop. That wheel
kept rolling as if by magic.

He could shimmy up a tree
in search of wild grapes.

He could swim in deep water,
catch snakes for pets.

He could hunt squirrels with Dad,
shoot a 22 rifle.

He could milk a cow,
hitch a horse to the wagon.

He could zing you, square on,
with a dry corn cob.

He could run barefoot 
through woods, creeks, fields,
and over dirt roads.

But he missed the rafter,
fell through to the floor below,
knocked himself out cold,
chasing his cat through the attic.

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This Is Your Pilot Speaking

Under the lamp light 
I found the crying mouth
Though everywhere I walk 
I run into flowers
My hands guided 
By your brimming eyes
My inward pilot
My harried captain 
Is a ghost 
Of what machinery there was
But I 'll do it anyway
I'll lie down on the graves with you
Keep grasping at the grasping
Loving in the darkness
Drawing wings 
On cave walls
Under the lamp light
I found the crying mouth

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Homework... What homework?!?

The clock strikes nine. Ink fills the night sky, until the silvery orb in the heavens is the only source of light. 
The clock strikes twelve. Tiny pinpricks of light dot the raven-dark heavens. They shine brightly; as if each was 
trying to outdo the last. I sit. And stare. And wonder. The clock strikes three. I shift and pick up my 
homework. The assignment is a three page essay, due today. Should I do it? Nah... I toss it aside and resume 
my staring of the sky.

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Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife


Time when jellyfish
Wash ashore
Cover beaches in 
Rotted goo.

Count the numbers
In blue ballpoint
Mark the map
in red.

Right, left
Booted squelch
Sand and guts
Dropped the clipboard.

Running ink,
Sticky slime
Wunderbar wrapper
Clings to the page.

Telephone the department
Need another day
To get the numbers
Info lost in kidney juice.

“Got to do it now”
Before gulls,
Tide comes in, already
harmonica squawks echo.

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Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. Countless jobs for the unemployed. Just search and see. It must be true the papers say. This Government would not lie. Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. Take any job you can get. Work 80 hours a week. It's for your well being, the papers say. This Government would not lie. Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. Take minimum wage if you must. That is all you are worth. You will thank us some day the papers say. This Government would not lie. Reject letter sent by post. Applications online ignored. Too old Too young. Inexperienced. Do not drive. It must be the JSA blues. I have the JSA blues This Government would not lie. The JSA blues. Government would not lie. JSA Blues. Would not lie. JSA blues. Not lie. JSA blues. LIE!

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I find summer in your hair,
Your eyes emerald oceans
More vast than I could ever grasp.
And here I am handing you something to stir with
As I rumble with your every word.
You are silly, let's get that out of the way.
And yet you reign magnificent,
Like a queen from the clouds,
At-chance choosing me as yours.
The music of your voice,
The song in your face.
I am thrown into compliant adoration
To the wonders of your heart.
And I'm not being gushy, I'm being sincere.
You're it, baby.
You're hot-to-trot.

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Christmas Merriment

Snowflakes falling, falling all night
My pine tree adorned, now illuminating under snow
I brush and brush off, unveiling Christmas twinkling lights
Giving the white ground a colorful glow
An appearance of a Hallmark card, I must say
My children gather around the tree in merriment 
Then one by one they form fluffy snowballs
Laughing mischievously they begin to throw them at me
Well you can guess what happens next
Yep, before I was done they are covered in white
Red face and cold we all go indoors for the night
In front of the fireplace tired, beginning to warm
We look at each other and started to grin
Deep belly-laughs replaces the grins
You can't have enough of a good thing

For Nathan's "Christmas Joy" contest

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Facebook is a perpetual party
where you can be honest
without taking a drink
and you don't have to smell
that awful perfume
or make small talk.
You can go take a nap
without insulting anyone
and you don't have to
run to the bathroom to
wash your hands every time
you shake hands for fear
of catching the flu.
You don't have to dress up
in the latest fashion, 
and nobody will notice
that you are a nerd
unless they happen
to read your postings.
Nobody will know that
you are a closet conservative
because you don't have
to answer any questions
about yourself.
You don't have to mingle
or say “Don't touch me!”
Maybe that is why
I might be getting

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Anniversary Bubbles

Put on a new dress, was looking really hot, Dyed my hair with several blonde highlights, Applied my MAC makeup... ooh-la-la, I’m singing Al Greene, “So In Love With You” Its our wedding anniversary, 29th and you knew Bubbles overflow from the champagne bottle You beckon me to come hither into our room Which shoes to wear... oh you burst my bubble! Written by Lee Ramage September 8, 2011 Sponsor Debbie Guzzi Contest “Bubbles”

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Mrs Claus

Mrs. Claus was getting tired of it
He was getting too fat and it would not fit
Her fingers were bleeding from trying to sew him in
Why does he get all the attention when I have to work on him?

Oh, those elves making all that noise 
It is 2012 put up a sound barrier while making those toys
Papa Claus knows I like to watch my “soaps” at twelve
But with all that noise I just say, ‘What the hell!’

And the elves are afraid of reindeer, so no one helps a bit
I have to feed them, water them, make sure their ready for their trip.
Rudolf’s nose is not always so bright; I have to shine it every night
And when he has a cold, oh my goodness it makes me want to spit.

But, I do it for the boys and girls
Besides, I stamp my name on all those toys
I maybe Santa’s sidekick
But he would not get a thing done without me, not a lick!

("Soaps" is short for “Soap Operas” and "not a lick" is slang for “not anything” )

©Holly P. Moore
   December 2012

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English Language - 2 - Repost

Is it Proper to say I LOVE Ewe to a sheepherder?
Is it proper for a lumberjack to say I LOVE Yew?
Is the Poplar the most Popular of trees?
Yule be surprised  when there are no Presence under the tree

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Soy Sauce Spills

Soy sauce drains 
Into the white, clustered rice
Stepped on…
spills . . . 
Soy sauce taints
The whiteness of the grain
 It slips out of my hands
No point in crying out in rage
Though I was starving, 
I'll just eat another thing and start on a new page

I'm hungry like a swine
I wish I can earn back my snack!
I'm as angry as a bull
I'm about ready to attack! Attack!
Soy sauce packages
Fall unto the dirty school ground
Stepped on
By bratty, conceited teens
They really need to eat their greens
Instead of junkfood and pizza
They should drink some water
Instead of drinking sugary drinks or
 Sucking on popsicles obnoxiously
Why did the soy sauce spill? Seriously....

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             On a warm summer's day a little girl sits among the dandeloins
             counting how many she holds in her small hands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
             she giggles to herself as she sniffs each and everyone.
             After sniffing them carefully she giggles again and wonders if
             they would be able to talk to her.
             As she looks down at them she asks them this: 'What is it you all
             do all day?'
             To her surprise they answer her and says this: "Why, we all sit 
             quietly waiting for the noon day suns."

             Giggling, again and wanting to know more she asks this: 'Than what is it
             you all do in the night time?'
             They answered and said this: "Why we wait here for the cool nights dew
              to fall on us."

              Again, she is filled with questions and again asks this: 'Why do you wait for 
              night's dew?'
              They answered and said this: "Well, we wait for morning so that we can be
              scooped up by you, than you can blow our fuzzy milky white hairs in the  wind.

              Oh, she replies she asks this: 'Why does your yellow and gold hairs turn milky
              white like cotton balls?'
              They replied back: " It turns milky white like cotton so when we are picked by
              children like you, you blow our hairs into the wind so it can carry our seeds
              and our seeds grow all over again.

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Night has come sneaking upon me, caught me working at this infernal machine.
My eyes are heavy from the work I’ve done, all the pages I’ve seen.
I think I’ll relinquish the keyboard for now, head for the kitchen and get me some chow.
Then it’s off to bed for a little sleep, if I can keep from having to count those sheep.

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Have a great weekend

A funny do is a funny don't
Don't believe me?
Say I tell you "do talk nonsense"
It means you make no sense
So don't
If I tell you "do cheer up"
You will be so perked up
So you don't do it any more
Lol believe me yet?
If I tell you "do do it"
You are going to think I order you
So you don't do it
Psychology my friend
Ahh what do I know?
Hey nobody is going to feel down okay?
Because it is weekend
Starting right now
You can leave the work load behind
Don't take home with you
It can be alone for a few days
No point of having it impeded on your weekend
This time is yours
Still feeling down? 
Just think somebody thinks you're wonderful
I wonder who
Me you fool
Anyhow try to have a cheery weekend
And I will talk to you later

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My Birthday Suit

Birthday comes once in a year 
It comes every year of your life 
A reminder of the day you came to be 
A day you truly know nothing about 
But a day you are truly celebrated. 

My birthday comes on the seventeenth 
I was seventeen on the seventeenth 
The day was unique because of the numbers 
Got a unique birthday gift from my Dad 
My birthday gift a special birthday suit. 

On my special suit on my special day 
I looked pleasant and radiant 
My friends all complimenting my suit 
As the birthday boy I reveled in encomiums 
I exude the aura of a royal prince. 

My friends in their exuberance popped drinks 
I was bathed in drinks of different tastes 
My birthday suit did come to ruins 
My birthday suit just for my birthday 
Truly a special gift for a special birthday.

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Missed it by-THAT-much

Missed it by *that*much

'Missed it by *that*much'
is what I am told when I  'run '
*Barry Bones and *Karma Lee
the fastest of legs ,with my fingers.
I run, I swipe ,I slide,I somersault
still 'nom nom leathery', the sharp toothed monsters
eat my bones as a tasty treat.
No idol I  do get,my running reflexes
chased away by demonic monkeys.
A feeble under 50 meters and skinny 9 points
hoard as the score my  sweat earns...
I say, I quit ,to my ten year old
and sneak back to the tab track
when she' s not around.
Insult to injury ,she pokes at my scary scores
mmphh, I really quit ....
(till she snuggles deep in her bed-..s shh)

...and this  is how I ''Temple Run',for all I know,
in my daughter's virtual run track!!

**I refer to playing Temple Run ,a  virtual adventure game ,for winning an idol from a  temple .             *  Barry Bones, and* Karma Lee, are  fast running explorers. ..Demons chase the explorers  who get inside the temple,so you have to run real fast. I run like a kid myself..Enjoy.. 

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Happy Birthday

Your birthday in knocking on the door
Time to air some candles out
You need a new one today
Well that’s no cause to pout
Be sure to thank the Lord each day
To give you enough strength
To blow that new one out
Happy Birthday!!!!

By- Tahera Mannan

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Song excerpts' nonsense

I want to know where love is".  Where have you been looking?
"Love will turn you around".  How do you know?
"You want twice, three times ah lady".  Wow, I want that many lol.
"I remember how you love me".  You'd better haha.
"Baby, I want you".  How much do you want me? lol
"Hey, you got to hide your love away".  Why?  You got to?
"You are everything and everything is you".  Lol, really?
"I never dream that I need somebody like you".  Do you dream of anything else? haha
"When I need you, just close my eyes then I am with you".  Okay okay I have too much of this
I think I will stop for now.  All these dreamy songs are putting me to sleep. Good night.

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Warts and all

There was once a woman
who lived on Sheffield's London road
with greasy unwashed hair
black crooked teeth
and huge wart on the end of her nose.

Her eyes were wild and staring
she had rickets and fleas
had hairy legs and knobbly knees
She stank like a million skunks
she hadn't a bath for 12 years and a month.

Her name is Vera Cooper
She could drink any man under the table
and swore like a trooper.

She once won a beauty contest
when she fell into a ugly bugs nest 
she had a tattoo of a sewer rat on one breast.

People would run away
whenever she was in town
but the flies would follow her around.

But you know what?
She had a great personality
was so kind and caring
and gave lots to charity.

We fell in love and raised a family
we're very happy together
and so in love
and go together
like a hand in a glove
She's my angel.

''Well they do say it's personality that counts don't they?.''

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.

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Unwavering Schedual

She carries temptation in her pocket 
With a secret smile, and a subtle beckon
I’ll be damned if I don’t follow 
She drags my world behind her as she walks 
The centerpiece of every portrait 
She shrugs her shoulders as if she doesn’t know 
She wears my agenda like a tea shirt 
She casually says that I COULD spend the night 
As if I may or may not say yes 
One breathe of air is all I get 
Before I’m drowning in her bed
I couldn’t leave to save my life
Even if i wanted to

By Kyle Ezra Kriticos 

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Dirty Deeds

 The serpent closed in on Eve at twilight
 A nebulous shape in the half light, fangs
 Hidden beneath his hood and she, her vision
 Blurred was completely beguiled by his lies.

 He bought her white roses that she watered
 With her tears and chocolate dark like his soul.
 He spiced his lies with compliments and promises
 And she was completely beguiled by his lies.

 Like a sponge he sucked her resources and lied.
 When heavy with her giving heart he gave 
 His time to Evie then Everly and finally to
 Every woman or girl who glittered like gold.

 He matured and widened his audience to include
 Even his friends. He borrowed, stole, swindled
 Gambled, smiled and lied, lied and smiled
 Until his conscience died and he wreaked havoc
 On the lives of those who loved him most.  

 Now he's just a rat who slinks into his hole, scorned,
 shunned that’s his due, and finally  I want him to 
 know, I’ve put his portrait on Poetry Soup and all
 will remember him as  the-serpent-turned-rat
 who drowned  in his bowl of soup.

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Thank you for your recent submission-w

Thank you for your recent submission
We have reviewed it and decided not
To include it our next issue.
Wish you luck in your future pursuits.

Thank you for your recent submission
The editors are also writers and have
Received numerous rejection notices
And don’t like sending them out.

Thank you for your recent submission
We will have to pass on your poems
Though you have impressive credentials
Wish you success in placing theme elsewhere.

Thank you for your recent submission
They do not meet our publishing needs
You harbor a very great love for writing
We appreciate the opportunity to review it.

Thank you for your recent submission
To consider our magazine as an outlet
For your creative work, but regret
To use this particular submission.

Thank you for your recent submission
Without your hard work the journal would
Be impossible. It’s not an easy task.
Thanks for sharing your writing with us.


**Based on the real experiences in 1997-98

September 8, 2014
Form: Free verse
First Place Win
Contest: Rejection by Regina Riddle

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Outsmarted Again

Banana sandwich
jam doughnut
well done steak
turn around to get a plate
from a rack


Two little innocent faces 
and wagging tails stirring back.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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The Mixup

Here's a poem of mirth, a very real incident that
happened on Facebook not so long ago. 
There I have some pictures posted of horses from my past,
and one was a picture of a stallion I once owned.
He was in the middle of the breeding of a mare, and so he was
showing his prowess to everyone that was there.

A comment it emitted, from a relative of mine, 
"He's showing off his manhood," she exclaimed, as if it was a crime.
"If I would have posted the picture taken right after this one here, you
would have seen him breeding, that is the truth my dear!" was my reply.
"Look at her," she said, "she's ready and she's waiting!"
"Yes I replied back again, "It was almost time for mating!"

Meanwhile on another picture, unknown to me and she; a picture of my husband hugging 
his eighteen year old daughter; our conversation was being posted below that picture
too, and so you can imagine what images it conjured up! As people read the comments,
and drew their own conclusions, I thought it rude and crude, they were suffering from 

Once I saw the posts there, I quickly remedied all thoughts that were in the gutter,
I posted one last post, clearing up the matter!

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Nonsense clatter

Okay, what do I want to write about?
I think I am going to write about nonsense
It seems to be my favorite topic of all
Why do you want to talk about something else
When you have right here a great subject
To tackle everything on the planet?
Don’t believe me?
I am going to show and prove to you that
What I am saying is the truth
Why do you like to spend time with someone?
Is it because you have the hots for them?
No you don’t know, you just do
Bet you don’t even know lol
Why would you spend time online when
You can talk to someone in person?
Do you even know?
Are you really addicted?
Why do you write?
Do you always have to have your way?
What if you don’t?
Do you lose your way?
Do you want the same thing every time?
No?  Are you sure?
The last time I check you said you want it
Things can get complicated
Are you sure you want to stick around?
Do you see ahead of time? 
How?  my friend, do tell
Do you barbecue?
Would you take a cue from the barber?
Running straight head on to a problem
Didn’t somebody tell you to look first?
Wow did I solve your problem today?
You know better not to take cue from me
When was the last time you did something?
I will let you know when to stop
Lol okay I think I’ll stop for now
See? What did I tell you?

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Thyme to Ketchup Inn English Language - Repost

A little bee flew across the sea, to see what he could be
He herd a giraffe with a throaty laugh : still continued on his weigh
This pour we bee had too pee  so he stopped on a Specific Ocean Eyelid
It took him severed ours to pollinated  Pollynesian flours and than he flue away
If Yew can reed this rite yore a better POET then Eye

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Not Such A Noble Knight

I'm a noble knight
But in rusty armour
My horse isn't really a horse
but a stubborn mule
I came last at Knight school

My sword is bent
my armour full of dents
I see a Dragon or a fight
I run I take flight

In fact I'm not a knight at all
failed the test
to fat too small

The only damsels I attract 
are Damsel flies from the trees
But still I dream

One day.

Peter Dome.Copyright.2012.

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Have You Ever Read

Dedicated to an author by the name of William Golding... Enjoy!!!

~Two boys meet on an island
~~One is skin 'n bones
~~~The other one is chubby

They discover a lagoon~
Ralph teases him by calling~~
him "Piggy" -  how mean!!~~~

Piggy asks him if
There are other people on 
The island with 'em

He has no clue
But this'll answer Piggy's question --
Other boys appear - 
All diverse shapes and sizes
What'll happen next??

You'll see...

Have you ever read The Lord of the Flies?
I recommend it if yah haven't read it yet - I must admit
It's a book full of adult words and it's simply...FASCINATING! - no lies
You should read it - or you'll regret it!

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Busy Buddy

Up a tree and down the pole.
Through a tunnel or in a hole.
Across the street or through the field.
A bushy tail as a shield.

Rather hard at work or out to play.
I am always busy. No time to waist.
I'm in for the long haul.
I'll finish this race.

My friends all laugh.
Your only three inches tall,
But size doesn't matter.
To the world: I'm a cute squirrel.

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The Crap of Life

Each crap life takes
Fertilizes the world
Ah! Smell the spring air

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Debbie's Birthday-Were You There-----Hmmmmm

There's a strange edge to the wind, not right...
I've an inkling that the fire will spread. .... Oh dread!
In the glow as the sky turns a cherry red
Twenty pounds on her hips, from the cake she fed

She threw caution to the wind while she danced tonight
Jumping up on the table, to the crowd's delight
Kicking shoes in the air, with a rose held tight
Smack between, minty fresh, pearly whites...
While the fizz from champagne caused her nose to itch
It pitched her forwards, pitched her backwards....
glass in hand, splashing left, splashing right, 
filled again and again...........was it fifth or the sixth?...

What's the diff when your stiff from the fifth of scotch
that was brought by the lot that came in just to watch?
while they cheered and they jeered, it's her right to get tight
It's her birthday, don't you know? can't a girl sow her oats? 
But the candles were more than the room could bear
Were you there???  I'll swear.............................................  
such a blast from the past........May the fun last and last!!
May she score many more, ...many more,...many more...............................


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if it's done right
will take a big man
show him how well he does not dance
and then light him on fire

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The nonsense continues

I think I will continue to write nonsense
As I said it is my favorite subject
Why do you miss someone when that person is not here?
Do you see him/her?
Are you sure you are in love?
Would you be out of love?
Running with the wind eh?
When are you running without the wind?
Lost your mind
Let me find it for you
It’s around here somewhere
Just thinking about me?
Why? Would I be that hard?
Running through the danger zone?
Would you know what color are my eyes?
How would you know?
So alive, are you?
When are you not?
Wish you can stop the clock?
Well you can do that right now
Uhhh you feel like you are on top of the world?
Tell me what does it feel like?
Dud duh I am listening to music sorry
It said “what something good can hurt so bad?”
Humm wonder how
It said “wonder who is crying now?”
I wonder too
It said “your love can never die”
Can love die?
Lol anyway, I have too much fun with this
I will stop when I get tired of it
In the mean time you guys have to suffer
I feel for ya

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Poem Within a Poem

To a father there may 
Not be a greater joy than 
A child who emulates
Maybe even idolizes his dad.

With a heart pouring over
With love my youngest boy 
Proudly states, “I have written a poem.”
My heart soars and love overflows …

His next words reconfirm what 
I suspected; he wants to be like dad
He asked me to post it on Poetry Soup.
The next lines are his as I beam …

Kind, nice, Outgoing, and Funny this is
How I live in this strange World. I live
With a funny family always cheering 
me on I go to a big school always
being great I have many friends
Always being Awesome intelligent 
People, I go to a nice church
always being kind I really
like my life in this very strange 

I couldn’t have said it better
Little man.

A collaboration of Dad (60) and 
David (10) Eklund

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New Deep Rutts

The rutts were deep from constant traffic flow
Then the silence laid back mountain exploded
Spewing forth from that lofty height molten lava___

Soon the rutts were filled to oveflow
Eliminating all those deep rutts
How would this man think again?

All his grooves were wiped out cleaned
All thoughts channels gone
Now only new forbidden territory 

New deep rutts to begin again.....

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Trespassers will be prosecuted

'Knock, knock' on the door,
But, I won't let you in.
No, no.
The chamber of my heart is closed.
But 'knock, knock' you say.
Oh no!
I am stronger in this position than any other.
A huge 'liquidation' sign hung,
For months and months,
At my window pane.
I gave away everything I had to give,
To you,
To family,
To friends.
Nothing is left here,
Nothing for you,
Nothing for me.
There is no you and me.
My heart is closed.
I sacrificed,
I worked,
I gambled,
I lost.
I am fine.
'Knock, knock' you say.
But my door is closed to you,
Always now.
I won't let you in again.
No. no.
Go away, now.
I have nothing left to give.
The chamber of my heart was looted long ago.
Raised to the ground.
Left empty.
Like a broken down warehouse,
In some sort of insurance scam that went wrong.
Was that it?
Was this all some crazy scheme?
To gather insurance on care?
On love?
To put me in line?
To own everything I have?
Everything I am?
To control me?
Insuring against me,
Then ripping me apart,
Stone by stone,
Day by day.
No, no. 
You can't come in again.
Not you.
Not ever.
Go away.
This fraud went wrong.
I build back up,
Brick by fragile brick.
I put up a wall,
With a sign,
'Private property',
Keep out!
Yet, 'knock, knock',
So, now I say,
'Trespassers will be prosecuted'.
Oh yes.
Come near me again,
I will tear you apart.
I have emotional dynamite,
So much you don't know.
Oh yes.
Come near me again,
I will blow your life apart,
Just as you did mine.
'Knock, knock'?
'Knock, knock'?
You think you have a right to ask?
For anything?
Ever again?
Oh no!
Not now.
Not never.
Test my walls,
If you like.
They are steady.
Knock on the door,
If you like.
I'm not listening.
My chamber's closed,
My heart is not open for business,
Everything went in the recession.
I don't have a thing to my name,
Except ambition.
And drive.
And a whole host of strength.
You can lay siege,
I won't notice.
You can knock,
I won't answer.
No, no,
Not ever again.
You are not welcome.
Oh no!
No more.
Please go.
Spare yourself the trouble,
Of the incessant knocking...

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Yorkshire Humour 7

a Pastor upon reading his sermon
was unconcerned when some of his flock
began to look at their watches
but grew a little more apprehensive
when removing them to shake violently
to see if they were still working.

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Song excerpts' nonsense

"You pack in the morning"
Leaving again?
"Come stop your crying now"
Who's crying?
"From this day on"
Are you sure?
"You just call of my name"
Oh yeah? "All you have to do is call"
Okay.  "You got a friend".  Goodie.
"Nobody does it better"
Are you sure about that?
"Nobody does it half as good as you"
Where's the rest?
"I would do anything".  Okay, let's see now, lol
"Don't you know it's true?".  I'll see.
"It's lying here somewhere".  Okay, I'll look for it. 
In the mean time you keep looking too, haha.
Between both of us, we'll find it.
Dada dada
"Do it again".  Ah, I don't know about that.
"Say I love you".  Must I? lol
"You look inside my fantasy".  Do you now?  
I don't know what you see in there but it ain't pretty.  Haha just kidding
I think I'll stop now
Will catch you next time lol

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Floating above me,
seeing what I cannot see,
made by a being that I can’t be.

I can see it,
but it can barely see me.
It can’t ever be, what I can be.

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Cow from Tokyo:HEADS

No cow,no milk
no milk now,
I will go,
my mom will go
to bring our cow
from Tokyo.

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Funny SYRIA TAX Money

No longer 
Seems as funny
Dollar money

Purchased by the power
Of social media
Reigns down from a sky
Where children die
And dreams are bled
On broken crying parents beds 

Funny's just is not 
When it revolves around money

In this cynical old world
Where countless masses

Begs the question
Who is the real dummy
And where is this poor child's
Cold laid out Mummy 




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Amore' A Piece of Chocolate Heaven

Warning:  Love Potion # Nien!

The decadence within these truffles can become the very want of souls, whereupon time, in its swiftness beckons these hearts’ desire to beseech upon any offered affection to venture on to its own lovely retreat!

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Just Dont Rub Me With Your Rubber

Doodle me your funny strokes of frog looking just like hidden Mickey Or your princess that wears a tiara made of a plane triangle Go ahead! Indulge yourself! Fill my sheet with your vertical lines Top them up with diagonals and curves Sketch your favorite part of her body if you wish You can even ask Mr. Crayon to join in Don’t stop scribbling. Keep leaving a mark ‘cause I find your lead sexy. Just don’t rub me with your rubber.
Glenn Sentes For Nette Onclaud's SEXY Contest 02-02-12

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The why questions

Why does the chicken cross the road? 
Because it's afraid it'll be eaten
Why does Santa wear red? 
So he and Rudolph can be a team
Why do women like to be heard?
Because we are competing with so many things 
Why do men like cowboys?
Because they are the only cowboys
Ya ya
Why do I like you? 
Because I haven't figured it out yet
Watch it when I do
Why does the sun let the moon shine?
Because it knows better
Better be
I'll turn my attention back to you now
Why do you think I care? 
I couldn't care less for all you know
Why do you think the way you do?
Ahh, that - I don't have the answer to
But I'll find out
In the mean time don't hold your breath
Because I am out for dinner

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Pieces of Bounty

How it must have been, to watch the ship, 
as flames licked the sky in the bay,
and England, dear home, half a world away.
Now, flames are doused, as it sinks below the waves;
a sigh, a cheer,  a tear, for bittersweet  release;
the Bounty now at the bottom of the bay.

My young mind raced with these thoughts
as I carefully glued the final details onto the model.
There, spar and mast and sail were finished,
the HMS Bounty would sail once more!
I turned proudly to go downstairs, and time stood still
as it slipped from my hands and bounced down.

Pieces were strewn all around, and there,
the Bounty now at the bottom of the stairs…

March 6, 2013  For Susan's Pieces Contest

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Everywhere I look, you’re there
Settled on the picture frame
Resting atop the door jam
Spinning on the ceiling fan
Having fun? 
Ahhh-chooo !

Every week I look, you’re there
Clouding the glass surfaces
Clogging up the air filters
Settling on the carpet
Having fun?

Every time I clean, you’re there
Clinging to the TV screen
Filling in the tables creases
Dancing in sunrays
Having fun?

Everywhere I go, you’re there
Coating leaves and trees
Even simple weeds aren’t spared
Freely floating in the breeze
Having fun?

Every day I breathe, you’re there
Persistence and consistent
You’re always there to make me sneeze 
But never say, God bless you!
Having fun?

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Mischievous Imp

There are warnings in the evening wind, a voice of bold acclaim There is darkening of the opal moon,.... and hints of cold and change A rumbling oath, from outer hills, of thick and cloudy air Soon it comes, it shakes old panes, a night of storm and flames Intruding peace! A flash! A crack! It strikes a weathervane! One drip, annoying bedtime imp, now appears when I recline And while I snore, each drop irks me... I groan, "Oh, stop it, now!" I lie awake, to a thunderous ode, while a splash intrudes my aims Now it floods, and.. where's a boat? A gush of rain is pouring in!... Clouds are cursing, and shingles are surging as water is soaring in Ceilings are leaking, a river is rising, and buckets are carpeting a floor Under covers I hover, I shiver and shudder, I'm denied a chance of crying Oh,... would I dare, one wink, one snore? Or should I smile, and dive in?
______________________________________________________________ For David William's Contest: "Con/Vow"

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a LOVE  NOTE  /// from BILLY the KiDSTER

P.D.  why do I  love to hassle you
morning time, I  rise up to shine
P.D.   you are on my mind
how can I be in love with you.                 (( BILLY THE KIDSTER OBSESSED WITH P.D.))
P.D.   give me a sign                                  ((BILL THE KID ANNOUNCING HE IS ME))
that you are on the line                                      ((BILLY HOW CAN THAT BE))
my heart you you have it blind
P.D.  all I  can do is waste my energy on you

if you are a guy that is okay
at times I  find my self thinking gay
if you are a girl oh well
I've been with many and I still do not know what to do
this mystery about you is driving me (more) insane
a game of cowboys and Indians with you I play
I will be John Wayne
you can be my Sitting Bull
you can scalp my head
 if you do not want it in you
may be I am not your type of Kid
P.D.  I want to be the one in all your files
a song for you i dedicate
a crush,  you crumbled me
using poetry as your bait

P.D.  the riddle of me being you
is making my dream, fantasize more about you.
a  face i do not need to know
I can imagine you in any way
if you are a man, it's okay I am gay
if the package, says girl
you will be my queen, for you I will cook and clean
bring you flowers everyday
until one day
I meet another in cyberspace
after all I am Billy the Kidster
Who really has nothing to do
than bothering  you.

((to the readers Billy the Kidster Claims he is the POET DESTROYER))
                READ HIS LAST 3 POEMS TO ME
    another text from Billy
  ( I really do consider you a very close friend to me, but if you want to cut off ties with me, I'll understand and not take it personally. If I did offend you PD, I'm very sorry. Most Sincerely, theKidster, Billy)

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word morph - WELL to SICK

last night I really didn't feel quite WELL
I tried to shake it off with all my WILL
with window open, hands upon the SILL
I deeply breathed fresh air that felt like SILK
which did the trick for I'm no longer SICK

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My Heritage

My heritage is a mixture
Of backgrounds.  Let's start on 
My Dad's side of the family.

My Dad's mom is Irish and English.

My Dad's dad is Irish and German.

My Mom's mom is Scottish and Irish.

My Mom's dad is blood Hungarian.

So in other words,
I'm a mutt!  or as others say,
"Heinz 57!"

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Why oh why oh my

Why do we always get a huge spot
On the end of our nose before a date
And the we turn up much too late
Why do things always break down in three's
And get sea sick on the sea
Can't find the car keys in a hurry
Why do I always worry
Why is it when your in the bath
The telephone always rings
And when you search for something
You can't find anything
But find something you left before
Why are lectures such a bore
Why is the grass never greener on the other side
And why does the movie Bambi
Always make you cry
Why do I have such hairy legs and such hairy thighs
Why don't we get a suntan on our eyes
Why does my computer always go down
Why is it such a battle shopping in town
Why do women wear skirts
Even when it's bitter cold does it hurt
Why am I always the last in the que
And have so many people frown at you
Why do we always burn a cake
Why can't I float like a butterfly
And dance swan lake
Why do we get dust bunnies under the bed
And after a drink or two
We get a pickled head
Why are banana's bent
Why can't I ever pay the rent
Who is Bill I send my money to
Why do I have to take my teeth out to chew
Why do I always run out of toilet paper sat on the loo
Why do pigs run about naked and roll in the mud
I'd do the same thing if I could
Why are my girlfriends always insane
Why is my little toe in so much pain
Why can I only ever find one sock
Why is so difficult when pickled to turn the lock
Why do my feet stink
And my underpants always come out of the wash pink
Why am I writing this
Any single women out there
Want a kiss

Ar well such is life, damn hard without a wife.
And so darn lonely

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. July.

Peter Dome.copyright.

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The English Teacher

I have taught many subjects to many people in my career.
Whether I was teaching first year engineers to write an essay,
or bored sixth-graders the difference between composite and prime,
I never once doubted my abilities as a teacher.

I was passionate, caring, easy to understand, and always got my point across.
Or so I thought—
I learned otherwise one quiet afternoon in a village in Morocco.

I silently watched as my husband’s sister, to whom I had been teaching English,
repeatedly chanted “good night” to my dog, while waiting expectantly for her to “sit”.

My dog cocked her head to the side, in that way that only dogs can, with a sly grin on her face,
and if she could speak, I’m sure she would make a quip about not being sleepy.

I continued to watch without a word, I was speechless really,
and hoped for the sake of my career that my dog would get tired and sit.

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Okay I am going to write my twiddling poems while I am waiting on God
Is that a word? 
I don't care 
I am inventing new words if it doesn't fit me
Why does He make you wait forever?
Does anyone know the answer to that?
What could be taking so long?
It's not like He has to think or something
Does He have to talk to someone?
He is the only One
You can just see it
He is sitting there looking at you
twiddling His thumbs
And no one moves
Time wasted
For what?
I have no idea
Okay if it's going to be like this
I am going to make use of my time
I am going to write some funny poems 
until you know whom gives me a 'let's go'
Okay ready?
Why do we need oxygen to breathe
when it's in itself is flammable?
Because we are fire and we need fuel
Haha you like that?
Why do we like things that are barbecued?
Because we are primitive deep down
Ya ya
What do you look at when you look at a person? 
Ha I don't even know 
Never pay attention
Just look
Heck if I know
So don't be mad at me if you ask me what you look like
You should know
So I don't need to tell ya
That's it for this one
Going on the next one

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To jazz up your poems
You got to do scat
Cause once you learn and try it
You"ll be a cool cat

With a 
Scoobie doobie doo
And a 
Milky silky soo
A bebop a debop
And a 
Speedie car stop

It doesn't mean a thing
Just give a little swing

A sop pop a doo ba
A bom bam boom

To be a
Cool Cat,

For Giorgio's Jazzy Poem Contest

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Cherry Thief

Cherry Thief
 Dear Cherry,

Ontop of my shake you set in red glow,
you looked so delicious and vibrant,
I wanted to take you between my lips 
and taste your sweet juices. But then, you 
were gone. Before I knew it, someone took
you, and he held you between his perched kisser.
I watched as he savored you tender moistness with
delight. The last time I saw you, you were gone
with a swift gulp of his greedy throat. Goodbye
beloved fruit, you were so quickly taken that
we didn't have much time, to even say hello.
Perhaps we shall meet again one day, and 
when that day husband wont be 
near you...

(LOL..just a fun little poem)
5/24/14-Jessica Thompson

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Unzipped lips

 You drive me crazy each time I  try to call.
 You don't answer me in person at all.
 You tell me to hold but what am I supposed to hold.
 You tell me someone will be there but all you play is music.
 Is that supposed to soothe the soul,
 Then we start to play a game.
 You start to number things, so I could guess, in this game.
How do you know, if, the number is right or do I have to guess?
 You give me so many options, yet none seem to fit.
 Then I pull my hair out in fright.
 Why can't you put on a person who talks?
 Why do you think I like playing this crazy game?
 When you sense my frustration,
 You tell me to push 0 to speak to a person.
 I push 0 and talk to a person but I sit back and wonder,
 Why--- no person--- was there in the first place.
 The fingers did the walking but I still needed to do the talking.

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IT Band

The PA says it is an IT Band...
I have an IT (it) band in there..
No wonder it hurts..
How many members are there in this band?
Only three ...well it feels like a hundred are marching to me
At night they are staying up late and partying

When he pressed where they have been stomping around,
I nearly went through the ceiling..
Painful ~excruciating no need to say more

Exactly where the excruciating pain is located is where the injection was placed
No need to say that crying was no disgrace
Some relief is the end results

What did our forefathers and mothers do when they reached older age?
How did they cope with old age aches and pains?
Were they made of stronger DNA?
Or were they more agile from the daily exercise of just doing the work of life?

Going to the doctor was a learning experience..
I found that there was something there that I did not know that exsisted.
I learned all those muscles in college but no one explained to me how important they are.
Life is an education in itself..

One thing that I have learned is take care of yourself for you never know how long that you will live...

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Huge Garage Sale

The residents will soon be moving.
There is lots of miscellaneous and
still useable items.
Some old growth redwoods 
and fishable seas, some 
breathable air
and unpolluted shores,
bargains galore so
don't hesitate
to make an offer.
All prices are negotiable
and everything must go.
Saturday, from 9-5, please,
no earlies.
Earth, the nearest cross-street
is Milky Way.

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tongue twisters

Red lorry, yellow lorry, don't worry
Mr Furry liked to bury all his curry

She sells sea shells to Mr furry
But he was off taking care of his curry

Mr Furry was hairy but went to meet Betty
But Betty was busy with her bit of Butter

Betty saw Gerry going to the gutter
They started their own chitter-chatter

Peter Piper then picked a peck of peppers
Peter, Betty, Gerry and Furry played- stone paper scissors!!

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In love for the first time and counting

It's all Ok
the birds are chirping
the sky is blue
the trees are green 
and so are you
i fell in love
for the first time
my girl is pretty
my girl is smart
she never burps
she never farts
she is an angel
and she is fun
nothing is missing
and it's all fine
today i'm trying to be nice
see the gay couple down the street
kissing each-other like little birds
the neighbor is common thief
must have a strong reason for it
my boss can keep more
from my paycheck
and go away and take a break
i'll work for you my entire life
and don't pay me the  overtime 
today Snooki looks just like J Lo
and the mule next door
like Barry White
God this is just a perfect day
i'm all pumped-up
and that's OK...

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End of the Month Blues

I've got no money ba da da da....
Need me a Tiffany bauble
To brighten my day. Da da da da....

Can't order nothing 
My credit is over drawn Da da da da
Got three strings on my guitar and my TUNE IS FLAT

Sing with me now---Da Da Da Daaaaaa!!

I got the end of the month blues
Got no money blues
Got the gray sky blues.....Ba da da da!!!

Whistle now....

{v~v}    [*v*]   ]-g-[     ]^uu^[

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awaiting Cinderella

around and around
up and down
the merry-go-round 
goes round 

again and again 
and again
as the sounds of music play
fond of youth and the gay
and the bells 
in the  one horse open slay

flashes of color and detail flash quickly by
elegant wooden carved animals

with shiny painted tails
prancing horses with nostrils flaring
regal lion with full curly mane staring
and a golden chariot awaiting fair

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Word of Wisdom

                                             A word of wisdom 
                       Is never smarter than the person who read it

31th.January 2012

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Fun for you

Okay I am going to write a funny poem
Why? Because I feel like it
What caused wind?
Ahh you don't know?
Not that wind
Didn't you know today is the day?
What has become of us?
What do you mean? You and me? haha
What is Christmas? More Christ my friend
That is French for you.  Or is it Spanish? lol
I keep hearing the song about 
"last Christmas I gave you my heart"
Well my heart is still here.  I think I need it 
Is it going to be sunshine tomorrow?
It depends
I may feel like it or I don't
Do you like going to where the sun don't shine? lol
Okay I think I'll stop it now 
before somebody gets upset with me haha

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Everyone's Watching

And I’m released in tiny bursts,
Like suddenly remembering what color the sun is,
Like remembering we’re all a bit like laser beams.
Why do I lean against the walls of the cave,
Self-regulating my impulses and bright-eyed notions
In a bubbling laboratory, upended with what I thought I wanted,
And what I felt was true?

That blue cord of boundless vision is either suddenly in shadows,
Or doesn’t want to come to the party as often.
Or you’re sitting on it and you don’t even realize it.
What's the bother? You’re making it all up, anyway.

Though it does matter what you’re creating.
Everyone’s watching.
This is the time and you know it.
And as vanity runs to the basement
The blue hues brittle into something near bliss.

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Swirling, twirling, whirling
Around, and around, and around
Till the world spins even when I'm still

Jumping, skipping, hopping
Up and down and up again
Till the ground doesn't exist

Swimming, flipping, diving
Up, down, around every which way
So that gravity and direction mean nothing

How can I change the way the world looks today?

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Hodge-Podge - Repost

Off the rocky Mountain cliff , I Dove
I’m flying  toward the lake like a Dove

Underwater I saw the largemouth  Bass 
Singing in soprano, alto, tenor, and Bass

To Maid Marion Queen of Sherwood , I Bow
I will bring home dinner, with my arrows and Bow 

The Adventures of Robin Hood which I just READ
There are so many great classic novels I want to Read

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From Hell to Breakfast

I do have a plan
Don’t think I don’t
Cause you’d be mistaken
I woke up thinking
And I go to bed thinking
And I write it down
I got little pieces of paper
Scattered from hell to breakfast
They’re everywhere 
And one of them, 
Maybe two
Are going to make me rich
So don’t you worry about thing
All your troubles is through
Now cast off your childish ways
And come on up to the house
For I can read between the lines
And there are secret messages in pictures
You just have to know how to read them
I can teach you because I have a shine
It won’t be long before I make my play
And take all the money from the gamblers
Las Vegas don’t scare me
They just hustlers.  I’m the real thing.
I am clairvoyant.
I can see the future
Never mind about no stock market
That’s child’s play
Let me see your hand child
I can read the lines
The truth can’t hide from me
Do you know where I put my tarot cards?

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Reflections: Intellectualism

To Dine, To Die;
Conversations spiral
While thunderous eyes
Grasp concepts to recycle.

Constant debt crisis
A political paradox
Grating social devices
Over the sorting of socks.

An endless groan
Argumental paralysis
The debate grants no throne.

Over a roast
Potatoes won't listen
To who talks the most.

"That point is so interesting"
The floor is open for chat
"What is real?" not a thing
"Meow" adds the cat.

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If I Were A Guy

Would I change from a girl, and give up all my curls?
Would I quit wearing dresses, stop paying hairdressers?
Change places with him? Be a “he”, not a “she”?
Be a guy? Would I buy it?…For awhile I might try it!

I’d rise in the morning, shave off my stubble
Put on some clothes, no need for much trouble,
No lipsticks, or makeup, no blushes, nor creams.
What should I wear?….Just a shirt that is clean

I would wiggle my toes, discard panty hose!
Buy me some boots, holler and hoot
Own handyman tools, love my Lazyboy throne
Where I'll watch all the games, claim the remote
If I want to be cool, cigars too, I’ll smoke!

I could slurp eating soup,
then burp like a guy, and wear a toupee, unless I go gray!
If there’s gray at my temples, distinguished, ….how simple!!
Instead of Miss Clairol, I'll use a Gillette
Hold in my belly, and puff out my chest 
Whistle, and flirt, at young girls in short skirts!

I would eat steak and fries and a big piece of pie!
Not stress over size, of my hips or my thighs!
I won’t drink tea so dainty, out of cups filled half empty
No tantrums or tears, just a beer with the guys!
Start a fight just to try it, get a punch in the eye!
If I pout, they won’t buy it, if the girl in me cries out!

Well, I gave it a whirl…I was a guy in my dreams
A dream that I had? Or a nightmare gone bad?
I’m glad I'm awake..and the switch I WON'T make!!
I woke up as a girl, it's not as bad as it seemed!

(Apologies to all the fine gentlemen out there!)

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A Green Dog Loves Decent Purple Dandelions

A Green Dog Loves Decent Purple Dandelions

I knew I had it with me
It gave me so many great ideas
Shaped them and formed them into poetry
Lately the words do not come to me
They mix together and become incomprehensible
I write, “A green dog loves decent purple dandelions”
That won’t make sense to anyone with some drugs
I want to write
I want to create something special
“A green dog loves decent purple dandelions”
What the hell does that mean?
They came from my fingers through my keyboard
My fingers were controlled by my mind
What was my mind thinking?
What was the imagery I was intending?
Christ, I wish I knew
He won’t tell me what was in my mind
I don’t think he would want to know
I just know one thing
With lines like that my mind is not with me
It left with a bottle of Kentucky whiskey
Travelling on its own
My mind is on vacation to a different planet
A planet in a galaxy so many light-years away
It may never come back to help me be creative
“A green dog loves decent purple dandelions”
That may be the last line I ever write
And THAT would be a hell of a way to be remembered

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The Switch Up

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION


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A Transport of Deight

A Transport of Delight

I was in ecstasy with a smile so wide
as she moved backwards then forwards
backward again, forwards and backwards
in and then out. I tried to stay silent. Oh, how I tried

My heart was pounding,
her face was so flushed
she groaned but softly
then louder and louder

Until she screamed
I cannot park this bloody car
I give in you Devil.
you can park it
and God help you
if you should snigger

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Really Catchy Title

Readers acknowledge first lines as vital
Nothing grabs attention like a snappy title
People dislike poems that do not rhyme
Criticizing writers for committing a “crime”
How I hate being hated for being me
Now I see, for I, is Kenneth to be
If I choose to inscribe in a passive voice
Then do I will, for it’s my choice
If I want to use a vulgar expression
I’d choose ass, to keep writing a profession
I may write in lines that are far stretched across the page, and stick out like a sore thumb
Or use terrible clichés because my filter is numb
I shall proofread if a feel and submit without
Errorz apparent, I’d never doubt
I’ll end abruptly if that’s what I like 
And you my friend can take a hike

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Palindrome Quirks

Palindrome Quirks

Gateman, has thou seen my nametag
Tips he replied or else upon thy boot I shall spit
Evil doer! Can I not but endure this shame to live

Was it thy dog upon yonder grass I saw?
Rats! Rover has been seen by the clear night’s star
God! Why did I ever get a dog?
Swap thy canine for a bird with no paws

Reviled unto myself I must now deliver
Repaid in full by this dirty diaper
Lived, thou has not until thou hast smelled the devil

Pots with gangly growth have but stop
Spot has urinated upon its tops
Smart would it be for it to leave upon the trams
Warts his master has from the pissed on straw

Adaven, now a ghost town located in Nevada
Stressed were the miners when Millie severed no desserts

By Mark A. Goodson

Semordnilap Palindrome’s:




Stressed/ desserts

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The one legged stool

There was a foolish lad, who had a one legged stool
A stool which he threw away
For within his mind for a stool to be
The legs on the floor must total at least three

A milk maid came by, that stool caught her eye, she cried out “oh me oh my”
What a fine one legged stool some fool threw away
She picked it up and to the barn she went for to milk the cow
Moved up close, spread her feet apart; set herself right down

Upon that one legged stool there she sat
She counted it out; the number of legs on the floor
She added it up and to her delight
Found that one and two do indeed make three

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Girlfriend 204

Now the asylum door is open once more
here comes girlfriend number 204 
She tells me
She's certified sane
But I'm not
I'm a wild man
who no one has ever tamed.

She says I look like George Clooney
But I think alas
She meant
Micky Rooney.

She claims to be Cleopatra
and related to Frank Sinatra
I think the injections are wearing off
because she's cut of her ear
and is now van Goth.

Oh why oh why can't I get a girlfriend who is sane
I'm fed up
It's always the same
Someone who isn't a psycho 
and doesn't think
their Doris day
or GI Jane.

''Open to offers''.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.march.

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Berry Christbas To Ya

                                                    Oh No!
                                              I`ve got the flu
                           And it is thrown right in my face,this time
                                                 Why now?
                                         Come on..Mr Flu God
                            What kinda christmas present is that?!?
                                     When I say the "n" letters
                                They comes out with a "d" sound
                                     Same story with the "m"...
                             But that one appears to be a "b" instead
                                        Have A Berry Christbas
                                        Add A Happy Dew Year



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Video Game Hero

FYI: I justed wanted to try some onomatopoeia, my first time really using it.

Thump thump thump
My feet upon the stone

Ba-boom Ba-boom Ba-boom
My heart as I run

Clank clank clank
Enemy armor upon the stone

Huff huff huff
Enemy breathing as they run

My blade unsheathed

Goes our swords

Falls his head

Thump thump thump
My feet upon the stone

Ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom
My heart as I run

Goes the princess

Upon my cheek

Da da dun da da dun da da dun
Goes the end credits

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My Mexican Jerky

He makes me laugh when I’m about to cry.

He is very different than I am; but that’s what makes him, him.

He makes no sense to me sometimes.   

He admits that he’s full of himself.

He doesn’t know how much I care about him. 

He calls me his angel.

He also lives in New Mexico.

He has never seen me face to face.

He has seen me in pictures, and said I’m beautiful. 

He is indescribable.  

He is my best friend.

He is my Mexican Jerky.

I love him.

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A beautiful lady from poetry soup

A beautiful lady from poetry soup
Went for a car ride one day
but as she drove to the local mall
She realised she had forgotten the way.

Then she saw a young man fishing
Directions from him she would ask
but she realised her high heels
Were simply not up to the task.

So she called him over
and he was eager to please
Until she pulled down his trousers
OOH its so long since she saw one of these.

The young man covered his todger
As into the back seat they fly
She fought to pull his hands away
but can't remember why.

I know I shouldn't make fun of ladies
Such beautiful ladies especially
But I'm desperate to witness their humour
That is why they are getting this from me.

I'm sure they'll tut tut and shake their heads
Returning to this wonderful home we share
They are hardly likely to seek revenge
I think they just wouldn't dare.

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What's One

“What’s One?” Guru of algebra: One is One. Suffrage agitator: One is vote. Labour party leader: “Claps” is ONE. Conservative party leader: ONE is “claps”. Egalitarian: One is ANY. Sociologist: One is many. Psychiatrist: One is hidden. Philosopher: One is what. Brother polygamist: One is a quarter. Dictator: 1 is I. Home Office Minister: ONE is who. Poet: two are halves of one. Tunis, March 2010

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Love Poem Generator: Megamind

Turned out odd, thought I would share it anyways: 
My Love, Megamind

Your skin glows like the Blueberry, blossoms 
Beautiful as the Blue Bonnet in the purest hope of spring.
My yearning heart rises to your Piano voice 
and leaps like a Bluejay at the whisper of your name, 
The evening ascends in on a great Bluejay wing.
I am calmed by your Glove that I carry i
nto the twilight of Skybeams and hold next to my Hand. 
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of Water. 
As my Heart falls from my Sleeve, 
it reminds me of your River. 
In the hushed, I listen for the last Rushing of the spring.
My heated Lips leaps to my Shoe. 
I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret Water 
so that we may Smiling as one, Lips to Lips, 
in search of the glorious Blue and spiritual light of love.

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Concealing a Battle

It’s happening again.
Red-hot Guerrillas breaching my porcelain surface,
Angry little bombs exploding, leaving
my land a red war zone,

And I can’t find Concealer,
who has gone A.W.O.L, deserted its place in line,
after Foundation, before Powder.
I send Hands to search the recesses of my desk,
the scattered costumes on my floor.
Their time bombs tick
And I need Concealer for this daily battle.

After the red formations attack my foundations,
they battle against Powder,
forcing my team back to expose my land;
blemished, riddled with unwanted lumps.
A wasteland uncovered,
and Concealer my only defence able to 
hide the scars, the age, this weakness.

I send on the second wave;
Foundations, Powder, Mascara – all charades to
distract the public from my flaws.
Reluctantly I slither out into their gaze,
praying my cover hides what the
snarling, ruthless army
strives to conquer: to
Unmask what I truly am.

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marking my friends on poetry soup.- the Lord helped me fight death and won.

i don't want to be just marking

time.  i died on november 20,

2008, during surgery.  i was

on a vent when i awakened 

december 2, sisters'

birthday. what made me llive

i'll never know.  i know there

are things to do on this side

of death.

i have no time for marking time.

i have a stupid bag hanging from

my side now.  i am supposed to

"get comfortable with it".  well

that was a laugh.

that was a laugh until i thought

of the people that had these

things with no hope of ever

getting away from them.

i am so lucky.  14 days i laid

on a vent, then 22 more.

i came home 3 days, 


i had
great pain in my chest...
well this is great i said,

a pulmonary emboli, 15 more

days, three days home.

then back to e.r. blood pressure

too high.  this bought me 

4 more days in e.r.

i am home now and finally 

have spent 19 days home.

i feel every pain and i feel

every time that i feel good

yes, i am never marking

time again.....there is

something about fighting

for your life and your sanity

that straightens things out.

i don't recommend it but

i wish i could let your hearts

know what i know.


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Rainy Day People

Rainy Day People

There are the rainy day savers
those who never lose sight
of their emotional shore
choosing to sequester away
any possibility of a morsel of life’s celebrations
happening within this day…or any day
for surely the sun will come out tomorrow
a thought that enraptures them as if a song
never a hint of carpe diem for the rainy day saver
who will forever safeguard their belief
with secure thoughts of a better tomorrow
why even their prayers are whispered
believing that  a sunny day is just around the corner

and I wonder…..and I wonder
what gives them such confidence
in a day yet to come while they so easily forget
living within a day that is not yet over

There are the rainy day spenders
those who care not about a horizon
they may never see
and who consume each moment
as if it were offered on a discount
two heartbeats for the price of one
there is even rumor that they laughed at the rumor
the sky is falling….what does a chicken know anyway
rainy day spenders instantly redeem
all promises of tomorrow… refusing to be accept
that a rainy day and a parade are as predictable
as well….a rainy day and a parade
for every cloud must come with a silver lining

and I wonder…..and I wonder
what gives them such confidence
to so easily dismiss a day that has yet to begin
living within day that is not over yet

Michael B Poyntz,
AKA ‘Irish

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My Sister's Diet Coke

My sister sips diet coke
Gets her day going that’s no joke.
It even helps her dream of the Baroque;
Dazzling her eyes while frying her egg yoke.
And folks this is no smoke
It makes her strong as an oak,
While floating like a butterfly stroke
Whenever she drinks her chilled diet coke.

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Let's go now to a nicer place

with this unpleasant place
with grumpy people
and depressed
who work in three or four jobs
and can't put enough
food on table...

I'm going to Boca Raton
the so called rich people's "hell"
and learn
how to be happy and smiley
and sexy
and have a nice thing to say
after every commercial break
how to cheat
in income taxes
how to send away business
how to hide away my profits
how to lie the government
how to open a corporate
in Costa Rica and Bangladesh
how to dump all the garbage
in rivers, fields and everywhere
turning this countries
and citizens
in garbage lands
and garbage men

And at the end
i'll spend my life
striking some cans
with rotten eggs
and that's will be my paradise
and that's will be
my so called hell...

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Confessions of a Vampire

Hey Mr. Bartender, give me a shot
Don’t care what it is, but give me a lot!!
I don’t even like it, and I’ve never been drunk
Folks have thunk me a temperate
    …. but this day really stunk!
So give me the bottle, I can pour out my own
I may as well drown in the root of my problems
Then, call me a taxi, to help me get home!!

Ya see…it began in this innocent way,
I was just getting ready for Halloween Day!
Looking forward to dressing, and ready to play 
on the way to a party, I was a little bit tardy
I was dressed as a vampire, that was a little bit, "tarty"!!! 

On this Halloween eve, I resolved to be cheerful
But while driving my car, another car bumped me
The driver got out, and he gave me an ear full!
It took but a moment, and I knew he was beer filled!
Disgusted and angry, I found myself grumpy
I called the police, and they came to the crash
So I cheered up, and resolved, and expressed my relief
So happy, I hugged them and offered a kiss

They thought I would bite, 
They put up a fight......and handcuffed me tight!
Well they thought ME imbibed!!!
So they took me inside
And into a jail cell...I was thrown like a flash
My mood isn't good...I'm as mad as a hen!!
My thoughts of abstaining had grown very thin!! 
So might as well swallow this bottle of gin!!

How can this girl be happy,
When justice kidnaps me?
No blood did I drink, as I sit in the brink
But could use me some gin
As I sit in the pen !!


For Just An Archaic Poet's Contest: Poems from a Vampire
By Carrie Richards

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My Lovely Pen

My future relies on You

Without you my hand is empty

Without you there would be no notes for me

Without you my personal diary would be empty

Without you my exam papers would be empty

Without you my future would be empty

Without you my life would be empty

You are my Daring Lovely Pen...

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Packing Blues

Have the old time down and out

packing blues.

Moving our cares away,

with that old time packing blues.

Boxes small, boxes large, so many

boxes all around our rooms,

putting things in, taking things our,

oh I hate those packing blues.

Finding room, moving the boxes

to one room then another,

have to go get some more to

add to our old time packing blues.

Written 8-17-11

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Did I Eat Dinner

Did I Eat Dinner?

How could I have lost my mind?
I remember bits and pieces of my day
Eggs and pancakes for breakfast
Coffee and cream for lunch
What did I have for dinner?
Did I even eat dinner?
I sat across from a woman
I seem to remember that.
She talked and I answered
I think we talked
What did we talk about?
Did I hear anything or did I make it up?
Was she real?
Did I eat dinner?
I think I smelled a steak and baked potato
Or is it potatoe, I don’t remember?
Could the smell have come from next door?
I don’t know
It could have.
They eat dinner every night
Or do they…I don’t remember if I have neighbors
Did I eat dinner?
I don’t remember
There is a plate in front of me
I don’t remember how I got it
It has good smelling food
Pancakes, steak and home fries
Is this dinner?
Did I have dinner?
This is most likely breakfast
I think I missed my dinner
Did I have dinner?
I will never know
But I will eat my breakfast
And maybe later in the day I will have dinner
If I remember.

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avid diva
her name, Eva
with nails painted hot pink
she stirs her mixed drink

too hot to hoot
looking for loot
she struts with all her might
hoping to snare his sight

“madam, I’m Adam”
“OMG! He called me madam”!
her feminine wile
make his full lips smile

“dammit, I’m mad”!
 adjusts her lopsided shoulder pad
upon a closer glance
he didn’t stand a chance

Diana-Marie Bombardieri
For CONTEST - Palindrome Mad (David Williams)
1.avid diva
2.too hot to hoot
3.madam, I'm Adam
4.dammit, I'm mad

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No Party For Pity

 No party for pity. 
 Question the absurdity. 
 Friends, use discretion 
 if you get an invitation. 
 It's counterfeit. 
 Don't believe it. 
 Don't RSVP, 
 if you receive it. 
 Discard immediately. Don't contemplate. 
 It'll lead you nowhere. Don't save the date. 
 No early, late, or on time arrivals. 
 The doorbell is silent. 
 No lively dinner guests, 
 dressed in their best. 
 No hors d'oeuvres served on a fancy plate. 
 No thought-provoking conversations. 
 No guestbook to sign. 
 No vintage wine. 
 No catered food. 
 No live music for the mood. 
 No celebration for pity's pains. 
 No "congratulations,"  for complaints.         
 No party here. Discard the invitation. 
 Pity's alone, in bitter contemplation.

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artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence 
is a perfect mind
in this world and
in these times
its being and knowing
all about the artificial
and nothing rhymes

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Yorkshire Humour 6

Upon parking in a no parking zone
a Pastor placed a message on his car.
“I have repeatedly circled this block
I have an appointment to keep
‘Forgive us our trespasser’s’”
Upon returning he found a further message
attached to his car.
“I’ve also repeatedly circled this block
and if i don’t issue a ticket
will lose my job.
‘Lead us not into temptation’” 

© Harry J Horsman

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Tea Party

Lies, glamour, gossip and Earl Grey tea,
Turbulent tales boiling in china cups.
Elegant sacraments of blue-haired ladies,
pinkies stuck in the air, hiding their anger
or boredom or feeling their own

Crimson glass roses, feathers and jewels
crowned with wide-brim hats… trims of
gloves, lace fans and perhaps some pearls
are appealing to these extravagant, fast
and proper old girls…

The guild does not approve of:
   tortilla chips or
      piercings of the tongue.

Invitation is by Tea Bag Only merely 
a device to project the status of a
stunning, affluent wife. Shaved legs,
polished nails and GiGi’s Brazilian
waxing, will enliven you as a part
of the crowd but may seem 
a little bit taxing.

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Naked holes.

Imagine a life without holes.
An unstable world,a round figure of nothing.
A straight line,smells like ptomaine.
Holes are everywhere,white and black,
polychromatic,pretty and ugly.
Holes that you may fill,other you may not.
They can think,memorize,imagine.
Emotional holes,logical,positional,
in a chessboard,a second before a knight arrives.
Holes in my body,in your body,his or her,
screaming for pleasure,with or without morals.
Living there,breathe,judge the way you treat them.
A hole can kill you,can make you suffer.
They are in brains,in hearts.
In great losses.
When out of nowhere they are born,proud,
captivated eventually,died full of years.
Significant holes,in maps,in history.
They feed on hopes,feelings,aspirations,
organic,inorganic matters.
Holes reborn,only looked at us.

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Tried Truly

Blustering tornadoes of ire spin from my head, the blipping computer lost its net, yet again. Even the background of rosy sundrenched sea does little to quell the storm which brews gremlins of an esoteric bent skid with ease from flat screen~ ~to flat screen attacking the saucy skirt of the satellite dish next… Soundless talking heads waggle tongues tuneless dog tails, tattling tirades~ Green around the gills I salmon toward the kitchen. going for tea but the gremlins get there first. The microwave is fried black~ leaving me with an empty cup on my knobby knees searching for the bone-dry kettle. Ah well, having rounded the last pedal of the third clover leaf ~’~ I smile, trouble only comes in three’s!

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Stormy Night

                 Stormy Night

The night was dark and it was stormy.
It was raining hard. They were all alone
in that big house. Everybody had left.
He was sitting on the living room sofa.
She was sitting on a dinning room chair.

They had known eachother since they
were very young. They were in love, but
their families would not understand their

The lights started blinking as the storm kept 
getting worst. She was afraid and started to 
shake. He just waited - he knew that she 
would come to him.

The lights went out. The house got dark.
The lighting and thunder made her scared.
She got up from the chair and ran to him.
She needed to be hugged.

She jumjed on the sofa and into his arms.
He held her close. Locked in his arms -
she knew that she was safe.

Just then the door opened and the lights 
came on. Their family had come home.
What they saw was their two pets in each
other's arms. A cat and a dog.

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Song excerpts' nonsense

“Driving by your house”
So you are checking out my house
“I wonder if it was a dream”
Yes it was
“All I need is a little loving tonight”
Is that all you need? Lol
“Give me one reason to stay here”
Just one? 
“Be careful of what you do”
Aren’t you?
“Remember you always think twice”
Lol, are you sure you can do that?
“If I fall for you, I will never recover”
Haha you can bet on that
“You take all of it wrong baby”
Oh yeah? How close am I?
“Sorry I don’t understand where all of this coming from”
You’ve been sleeping?
“Then I see you baby, everything is alright”
That’s better, lol
Are you sure you can handle it now?
Ohh I just love these songs
They are just too funny
“Have I told you lately that I love you?”
No but it’s not going to help
If you are in trouble
You are in trouble buddy
Anyway, I’ll leave for now
I will continue to poke fun at these
As it gives me pleasure to do so
“With or without you
I can’t live with or without you”
Make up your mind
I got to go
Okay here I go, lol

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“’til Christmas?    Just two shopping days
With New Year a few more away

Considering (what you call) merchant ads -    
With Big Dave there still exists a good will 

Deck the rooms with Dave’s fine ‘threesome’
    fa-la-la-la-laa-re-mem-ber Dave
The ad    while not in fine spiritual keeping
    shows good will    with Big Dave, you save

Merry Christmas all you fine shoppers
    out there in holiday land
Drop on by for some egg nog and
    A tune from our Jingle Bell Band

Ho! Ho! Ho! 
Come on down    y’hear”

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Constantly Torment

Tears well in my eyes; don't let anyone see
Patch the broken parts over and over
Let no one know I am late for the show
Again, unconcern seems my plot
Friends don't desire your lights
Lard biscuits don't make you slender
Taste and know; It ain't for show

Tastes change and remove a familiar flavor
no lard to make those butter biscuits today
Hushpuppy corn bread is the way to go

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Gates and mouths
Are similar in two respects;
Both require a hinge to operate
And are most often found open
When they should be closed.
Gates maintain a proper place,
While mouth's, oft times,
Spew rhetoric,
That occupies our space;

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Famous Nicknames

They nicknamed Doris Day the girl next door
But she never lived next door to me.

Sting is known as sting but isn't a bee.

Davy Jones was known as a monkey
But I never saw him swing through trees.

The called big John Wayne the Duke
But he wasn't born  within aristocracy.

Lana Turner was known as the sweater girl
But I never saw her sweat.

They call the invisible man invisible
But I haven't seen him yet.

Tarzan was known as the king of the jungle
But go tell that to a lion
Your title wouldn't have a lot to rely on.

Jane Mansfield was known as the blonde bomb shell
So get ready to run like hell.

Elvis was known as the pelvis
But there must have been more to him than that.

Bridget Bardot was know as the sex kitten
But wasn't a cat.

James Brown was known as the Godfather but
Didn't join the mob.

Sylvester Stallone Was known as the Italian stallion?.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. July.

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Enough to Curl Your Hair

I'll ask you kindly, if you'll please!
Don't tell a soul, ..... my odd disgrace!!

I couldn't face the awkward fame
Without a doubt, it is my shame...
I cannot tame, my tangled mane!
Did you know....  my wayward hair does not play fair?
It's almost more than I can bear!

Well, now you know...It is my woe!
My locks will grow two feet a night!
My awful plight,.... this frightful sight
is not a joke, no laughing matter!

And if I stuff it, in a hat.....
it looks like rats have raised a litter!

Unless I tuck it in my hat...
the cat attacks, jumps up my back
and digs it's claws into the thatch!
It isn't easy, to detach, she makes her bed
and sleeps the night upon my head! 

It weighs a ton....and it's no fun
to keep my head upon my shoulders!

By afternoon my neck gets sore
it must be cut each day by 4:00
to keep from sweeping up the floor! 
Such a chore...that I abhor! 
I can't ignore my tangled locks
that strangle ankles and my socks!
And then I trip....and then I fall

                      and that's not all......
                      but must' not bore you any more...!

                      Keep my secret, if you please!!
                      It isn't easy being me !!!



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Elegy For My Social Life

You'll be missed,
You will always be remembered.

All those good times
I had because of you.

I regret this loss
More than any.

Goodbye, social life.
You'll be missed.

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I gave you the tale of my computer
Last month 
All is working....... 
Well sort of.

And again it came down to me to put in a network card.
It put up a stubborn  fight 
But two days later I MADE IT WORK! 
It really wasn't that hard

But there were other things 
Like licenses for the vehicles and me
Mine was the problem
My birth certificate name was different you see.

I had had it changed
But who knows in what state
The lawyer said "shoot
The one on your birth certificate will do.".

The Kansas license was personalized
And a beautiful thing
I decided I'd  keep it 
And one day put it out for all to see.

When I removed it 
I brought it inside
Washed and dried it 
And set it aside.

One evening Shirlee and Fred came by
On their way home from work
I wasn't here but they left some no, no's
For my dessert.

The next day they came by to give me a ride
It was off to garage sales we would go
Shirlee looked at me and said
"Mom is that your idea of a joke?"

I didn't pick up on what she meant
And she pointed toward the stove.
" I mean ," she said "Do you intend to leave your 
License plate up there?"

I told you it was special,
I didn't want it to get hurt
So I placed it on the vent
Above the cook stove to make sure.

It was tan 
And a buffalo stood with pride
The letters C I L E
Were printed on it's side.

I still didn't get the drift
Until she pointed to the four little words
And Read 

I had to sit down 
I was laughing so hard 
And when I think back
I still get a charge.

I haven't yet found my home on the range 
But I'll tell you this my friends
Following the next four lines 
You can add the word, AMEN

No more cooking 
I am through
If you can't use the micro wave

                              Cile Beer

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funny man on the moon

heres how i see it
and heres how it is
living in this world where half of it is advanced
with indoor plumbing
cell phones
and a huge chunk of the globe is not
part of the world still has a hole in the floor for a toilet
and we say ignorance is bliss
oh funny funny man on the moon
the joke you really meant in the Hollywood basement
of one giant step for man
and one leap for mankind

Have we not clued in yet?
Do we not live blind leading the blind?
Am i the only enlightened who realizes
that we were in space probably 70 years before we made it public to the world 
and Nasa is full of it
oh funny funny funny man on the moon
why is society so gullible to think
that the governments technology hits the mainstream market
before they use it for years and perfect it and work out all the bugs
and then hands us something that just looks faulty
and we fall for it hook line and sinker

give me a moment
funny funny funny us
half the world buries their waste
and we flush it away
half the world has technology and half of it is in the stone age
and yet we seem to think
that whoever invents these things has no ties
or affiliation to putting us under their thumb
i mean come on do the math
they landed on the moon
how they tell you they send sattelites into space is a truth within alie
they made up 50 years ago
and were falling for it today

let me play
i get it 
society is dumb
I'll write something yesterday
say i wrote it today
no one will know what to believe
I'll even put a cowboy hat on
I'm sure those cowboy western movies
they had just as many cameras and cellphones
but didn't release them in the market

consider yourself a fool
if you don't think they don't have something in their pocket full of tricks they are 
working on right now
they're going to sell to the future
and no one gets the famous joke
the man on the moon told to the mensa geniuses
but a hush fell over the crowd
and I'm sure there was consequences for laughing
and chances are even they were blinded by the bling
life and blind leading the blind
such an easy concept to grasp
and man on the moon
your a funny funny funny man!

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I am in deep despair 
I fear my name he will smear
I don’t know who he is
But I hope he uses a little sense.

I understand My Cowboys
Heard about OUR LOVE STORY
And this one guy
Says he’ll tell ALL

I don’t know what he can tell
Billy wasn’t a gossip
And neither am I
So whatever you do hear
Will surely be lies

I didn’t know how to title this poem
Head Hung is used and also Boo Hoo
And I didn’t know what to do
So I though I should at least warn you.

Please,  Please I beg of you
Take it all with a grain of salt
And if you should choose
A little bit of lime is good too.

So I hear

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Pardon This Page

I reveal these words to the American,
who has the right to pardon this page,
while the whole world's getting out of hand,
as the evils of revelations rage,

Why's the US helping foreign lands?
when it can't get a grip on it's own,
If they intend to make any future plans...
why not start right here at home?

It's nobody's right to invade anywhere;
there's no serious threat here at home,
so send the officials whom send our troops there..
and on the front line with a cell phone,

Yea! parachute them in with a baseball bat,
a cell phone and a roll of duct tape,
One they get to where imposing minds are at...
they can put on their superman cape,

Or, drug them and issue them a used baseball bat,
a walkie talkie and a catchers mitt...
Once they realize where and the heck they're at,
there's a chance they'll resign or quit,

And pardon me if you don' t feel the same,
or believe "just" I do,
but those thousands of humans killed and maimed...
continue growing in numbers too.

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And You Wonder Why I Am Not E-Mailing You part 1

Does the whole world need hearing aids
Or am I just that Dumb
I was trying to get hooked to the internet
But I was sure something was wrong
"I've got you signed up.
Now just hang up the phone
And redial the technicians
Just follow their instructions and you're on."
So I hang up the phone
Go to the computer room
And since it isn't wireless 
I check out the phone jack.
Whoa, something isn't right
There is no cord to the phone jack
And thus none to the computer
By heck.
I call up the tech and he says
"Don't worry about a thing
That's my job to connect you 
To the phone line."
"But" I try to say
"You don't understand I'm not connected to the phone line."
"That's my job," said he
"Just follow my directions and you will soon be."
"But I think I need help."
"That's why I'm here" said he
"I'll connect you if you 
Just follow my lead."
So I shut up and he walks me through the steps,
"Just hang up the phone 
And push START
And you will be on your very own."

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The Day Before Christmas Eve

Christmases and Christmases ago down where the Camelias grow
There was a family whose money was low__not so much cash flow

'Twas the day before Christmas Eve and they didn't have their Christmas tree
                                 nor stockings in a row

Their old artificial tree was looking very used_not even Charlie Brown could give
             it a look renewed

There wasn't funds to buy a new one or a tree that the stores sold freshly cut

Mom decided to the woods they would go for a cedar to hunt

The whole family piled in that tiny little truck and across the creeks 
                     and to the woods they flew like Santa in his sleigh

Walking, searching, searching not one suitable tree_fatigue, cold and huger
                  began to set in
                                   So back to the truck they did plod sadly

And there right there was one Cedar which looked green and shapely

The man of house with his strong muscles and a chain saw quickly_cut that beauty
                                   swinging high onto the truck proud of their great luck

Arriving home with tree in tow and placing it in its stand you know

Mom in the kitchen popping up some corn, making hot cocoa for us to warm

          a fire she lay to heat up the room _then the tree we'd all groom

With the tree in place and a roaring fire, hot cocoa to warm all desires

An odor began to permeate the air_floating over here and there

                                     "What is that scent?" mom did despair..

From that lovely green Cedar Tree a fowl scent circled the room

                    Dad laughed and laughed with a twinkling eye..
"A Tom Cat had sprayed that tree with a scent not very nice."...

So out the door the tree flew and Christmas Eve the hunt repeated...

Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Contest: Happy Holidays
Free Verse
I chose Christmas Eve

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Poetic Predators

She wolf of the poetic world who run
and struggle to maintain her dignity 

Our words, our dreams are falling to pieces 
By, the predators of this time period 
We are the prey for  the fearful ones 
Who scrolls and display rude comments? 

Deep within as you lament over our poems 
 we rise up stronger than ever
Composing rhyme, lyric and prose 
Unlike your hatred about likes and dislikes 
Narrative poems portrays the truth 
We shine, we meddled, and somehow, we win 
We are stronger; death with dignity is a poet emblems 

Pieces of our past anthology anguish you 
Your Savage behavior bites you each time; 
We compose; you pursue 
We are the death of your souls 

Mr. Sleepless White Nights 
Your predators, you editors
Are you addicted to your inner critic
We have our rights 
You confounded wretch night stalkers. 

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O The Indignity of it All

Last summer when hiking with some friends
We came to a place where the trail ends
A road had been cut and stolen the trees

An 18 year old balanced the side
When all of the sudden his mother did cry

Get off that ledge have you lost your mind
And then all of the others with her did chime

I said you guys are silly he’s not going to fall
Anyone could do it anyone at all

All walked on, they had saved his neck
I looked and stared and said what the heck

As my friends walked on I stood on the ledge
Started to balance then looked over the edge

Far, far below all rocks, okay boulders
I realized I hadn’t done this since I became older

The only thought that came was 
Oh man this is gonna a hurt
My arms flailing quickly
all my senses alert

I know I looked like an idiot jerking forward and back
But then all my friends turned and went on attack
So much cussing and screaming had they all lost their minds
Tried though I might no voice I could find

With everything in me came the smallest of “help"
My friend reached and grabbed me 
And threw me to the ground
Then all of my friends did gather around 

I couldn’t get up so hard I did laugh
Then I stood to plead sanity on my own behalf

Look I’m as shocked as you
I used to do this in my sleep
I thought that as you grew older
At least your balance you could keep
After my laughter subsided
Indignity sunk in
I hadn’t felt so very old 
Since I couldn’t remember when

I vowed right then before we left
That before my next birthday
I’d go back and walk that ledge
No matter what they had to say

So in the middle of summer
If my pen should suddenly mute
Just know that I am mending
And my pride is following suit

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Gooooooooood Morning CCcon neck tea cuttttttttttt!

Now, if only, they would cut the damn property tax!
Maybe, the elderly wouln’t have to loose their homes and move to Florida!
Maybe, a God fearin minority member could live here and own a piece of it?

Hello out there in WASP land..
say hey To the folks in Green witch!
Governor Jodi Rell our version of the wicked witch of the east
crossed with Mrs. Ward Cleaver
is out there pounding the proverbial pavement
looking to balance the ole budget AGAIN!

Hit the road Jack and don’t ya Come Back No Mo, No Mo, No Mo, No……..
say the local daughters of the D.A.R. and the Ladies of the  Eastern Star
to the rise of minorities in the local school …..

The Good Ole Nutmeg state has quite a mix 
hell just about anything goes here!
Land of the Free home of the Brave, 
you can even get a state certified Gay marriage
Robin Red breast ain’t our state bird for nothing
one of the first 3 states to protect the early bird getting the worm!

Yup Con neck tee cut is a fine place to live and grow trees
Y’all come up some time for a visit..
just don’t head for the shore cause you can’t get to it
Snob Zoning and All….

You can find just about anything you need 
here in the good ole Nutmeg state
(did you know you can get high on Nutmeg?)
have legal hallucinates will travel
so join the local nuts SOUPERS
and come for a visit
just don’t stay too long.

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Morning Coffee

Morning coffee, aromatic
meets with slumbering, lumbering me
Drawing towards salvation,

"Cream & Sugar?" asks my Guardian Angel,
"Just a little," me replies - avoiding gluttony,
Which keeps me from salvation.

Once more the ritual, 
Rebirth - a new day,
Another choice of sweaters.

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In Search of Words that Rhyme

I can never think up rhyming words
When I write my stupid poems
All the other words have a place to live
But the rhyming ones have no abode

To other poets it comes so easy
Penning rhyming words that sound just right
But I can never find the rhyming mate
Though I try all day and evening

So this desire to be a poet
For me is just a curse
And all the poems that I eventually write
I just have to label them free form

So if you have a few extra rhyming words
Spinning around inside your head
Could you share a few of them with me
So I can write a poem before I’m deceased

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I am all gas

today I am all gas
no words come out
if I do a hand stand 
a passing poem 
will pass
my pass

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Hot Southern Mess

I am not some successful rich man
I am merely a man of simple taste
I do not drink champagne or drive sports cars
I drink nice cold beer and drive a jacked up Chevy

I am not some intellectual genius
I just learn with my two hands
I do not have some tightly cramped office job
I break my back working at the loading docks

I do not go to any five star reservation restaurants 
Kentucky Friend Chicken and Cracker Barrel do just fine
I do not listen to the music of Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett
Hank Junior and Skynyrd are a part of my life

I do not have a big house
I simply own a tiny shack on a big piece of land
I do not know how to play the clarinet or cello
The guitar is basically my third arm

I may not have a pearly white smile
I may not be some smart sophisticated gentleman
But there is one thing I know that I am
And that is one hot southern mess

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Heavenly Bacon

Bacon oh bacon you greasy little devil,
You have my full attention when i hear that frying pan sizzle.

Your aroma so intoxicating, Your taste is just pure bliss, 
Each bite just keeps getting better my head spins like the Exorcist.

You're the duct tape of the food industry cause you add that extra flava,
I don't care if i'm going broke i'm hungry , for you i'll pay that extra dolla.

My belly is content I have a smile across my face,
Bacon oh bacon when I eat you 
you take me to my happy place.

By: Shawn Munoz 
Inspired by Kevin Sheehan

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Don't Follow The Brigade For Too Long

Don't follow the brigade for too long.
Trust your better ways!
And not the ones frozen in the ground.
The ones you can barely catch.
Enliven those around you.
And when their glow doth wither,
Throw a pancake in their face.

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Flying a white flag

the best protocol 
for flying a white flag 
is to hang it
on a stiff erect stick

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Rocky part 103

There have been so many Rocky movies to see
Rocky is now 103
And very rocky indeed.

It's always the same story
About a big Italian American chap
But if you ask me
It's a load of crap
And he should hang up his gloves
Just like any hasbeen should

Last night I turned on my TV set
Rocky was on yet again!!!!!
I threw my remote control
because I was so upset.

It changed the channel
and what did I see
Another repeat of Rocky 23!!!!


Peter Dome.copyright.2014.

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word morph - RAIN to SNOW

I awoke this morning to the sound of heavy RAIN
Downstairs a lake had formed, oh what a PAIN
Off I went to fetch my mop and PAIL

Nonetheless, my spirit does not FAIL
I made a temporary gutter out of FOIL
(This weather will not take me as a FOOL)

Now I sit and dry my soaking FOOT
That’s black because I trod in flakes of SOOT
Which must have fallen from my stove’s air SLOT

At last the rain it has begun to SLOW
But, alas, it’s only been replaced by SNOW

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Down in the 'burbs forest surrounds
Night gets darker than a cemetery
Walkin' about will bring on the hoopinchakey....
His hair stands straighter than a power pole
His wings are airy and sticky as a web
His hands are like cold rubber with sharp little points
Many have seen 'im but few will agree....
If they really seen just how many
Fingers he has
'Cause your feet get the power
Ya skin gets the prickles
Then ya know the

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Can Money Buy Philosophy

I hate being deep, being philosophical and contemplative.
I much prefer to be analytical, judgemental, and cynical.

However, I am feeling much more the former than the latter.
I am pondering the concept of money.
I feel philosophical—money has the power to break up marriages,
cause deep depressions, even the power to create a stomach ulcer.
Yet it is only a few grams of metal, or even worse, a stingy piece of paper,
which has probably been through the wash a few times by now.

While I contemplate, ruminate with these thoughts, 
I come to a deep realization,
the cynic within me cannot even hide for a moment, 
while I pretend to be philosophical.

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Smart Little Johnny

It's a real story that happened in one school  
when a teacher appeared to be a complete fool. 
Once when a teacher of math was sick 
a teacher of physical education came, named Nick. 
He wanted to show how intelligent he is 
so he said: Solve my problem please! 
- The car moves at a high speed. 
To go to Spain a plane we need. 
How old am I if the plane now is high in the sky? 
- If to take all these tasks and mix  
we’ll get the result: You are twenty six. 
- Right you are Johnny! 
Your arms are scrawny but brain is brawny. 
How did you solve this problem so quick? 
For me it’s easier to break a brick. 
- Well, our neighbor being so sleazy is thirteen, 
and my mum says that he is a semi cretin. 

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

For Francine Roberts contest "Humor Me"

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Not Exaggerating

A new life it seems 
Has come my way
In the mountains 
And plains of Wy-o-ming

I look out of my window
And Antelope play
Go out to the kids place
Where the buffalo stay

The rain has been plenty
And the winds not still
If you call blowing
A 500 lb ol’ lady down a hill

I exaggerated a bit
But how would you know
You ain’t ever seed me
So I’ll just let it go.

From a big house 
With no spare room
I now live in a trailer
Just a little bit closer to all of my treasures

I’m trying to fit in and believe me
I say it with a grin
I’ll just give you an example 
My friends

At the Arena Football Game the other night
My son-in-law got bored
He took out his great big knife
While I watched them make a next score

Next thing I knew folks 
Folks were falling off of their seats
And when I turned around
The same thought hit me

He had cut if the bottoms off of two plastic beer bottles
And was holding them up to his eyes like a pair of goggles

And just about then 
All around started to sing 
Billy’s got his beer goggles on
Only his name is Fred but what the heck

You see him ‘n me gits ‘long great
Our only goal in life
Is to see which of us 
Can out do the other

I went garage saleing
With them the next day
And I bought two air conditioners
Per se

And when we arrived 
Back at my place
We stuffed one in my pickup
And the other in his truck

Remember I told you 
My house is quite small
It’s almost impossible
To walk in the door at all

It was late
And the wind and rain
Made installing them
Something for another day

I guess things can’t be too bad between us
Cause I gave him permission to use my lawn tractor
But dog gone sometimes he can be to nice
Making me feel like he’s my baby sitter

But the day he hollered, “Do you want your coke ‘n  cane”
Shirlee hollered back, “Fred, don’t use those two words so close together
The neighbors might hear 
And get the wrong impression”

So as the sun in the west
Shines in my eyes
I’ll close for now
And wish you all a good night
                                               Cile Beer

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And You Wonder Why I Am Not E-Mailing You part 2

I did as he said and got the word FAILED
I call back to the tech and naturally get another male
Again I try to tell this one my predicament
And he says, "That's what I do is hook you to the internet."
"You don't understand I don't have a phone line.."
"Oh they gave you to the wrong department. 
I'll get someone to help you 
Just hold on."
Forty-five minutes and two techs later
I was so mad I was bawling 
And begged to cancel my membership.
"Don't cry dear we'll get you connected yet."
"You can't" was my reply.
"Yes we can just be patient."
"You don't understand. Nobody would listen to me.
I don't have a wire from the phone jack to the computer.
Can you understand?"
"You don't?"
"No I've been telling you and the last three techs
You can't connect me because of that."
"Just get a wire and I'll get you connected to the internet."
"I don't have one
Or I would have hooked it up forty-five minutes ago. 
Just let me cancel 
I'm going to Kansas tomorrow.
"How long will you be gone?"
"Three weeks."
"Than I'll give you a free month."
"No!! Don't you hear me yet?"
"Alright I'll let you off," he said. 
And finally removed my name or so I though.
Until I get back to Kansas 
And walk into my bank.
"I'm glad to see you.  
Do you know anything about this?" 
And handed me A bill for $30.00 
For my so called canceled internet.
I then relayed the story 
But was unsure how 
They had sent it to me personally
Using my bank' address.
When I arrived in Casper
The first thing I did do
Was contact the unnamed internet
Probably somewhere near a zoo.
I don't have the internet
Much less a TV
It's kind of like living 
In another century.
But I always said I was born a century too late
Guess I'll just make do
And hope on my next trip to Kansas 
The stage isn't too late.

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Out at last and  oh  boy  am I gonna enjoy this one
Leg-up,    ahhhhhhhhhh,  there’s one for the poodle next door to envy
He ‘ll be calling for me  pretty soon,   cross the road  (as if I can’t do it by myself
And get a in a bit of car-chasing to boot) with him.
So gotta get to the corner and sniff who’s been and how long ago.
But whoa!  What’s that scent I feel in the breeze?   A cat?
Excellent, I need to chase one of those furry tree-climbers   -
Just show ‘em who owns this stretch of the street…OK…here goes….
Excuse me for a mo….woof, woof,  snarl,  woof, woof:
Just a bit of theatrical dog-voice there.  He’d  kill me if I did it at home.
Oh yeah,  I figured,   now he’s gonna put on the leash 
As a kinda  statement that “he owns this stretch of street”
Ok,  it’s on now  but he’s gonna have to pay: his muscles will be tired
Cos I am pulling the wrong way  all the time, and even when he tightens
The leash, I’m a-gonna want to be ahead of him whichever way he goes:
We're talking arm-out-of-socket  after half an hour.
Hey up lads!  Another corner, stop for a good sniff, make him wait:
On his “tight  leash” he’s gonna have to stand near the crap heap  -
Ok  quick leg-up, no  liquid but just gotta do it   -
Demo of who-owns-what-corner around here  you know.
Now it’s the neighbour’s poodle,  “Oh hi,  how are you? 
Let me sniff your rear-end   a good bit,   mmmmmm.”
Then I’ll lick  his  hand friendly-like and he’ll have to wash that hand when we’re home.
Just showing him who owns the butt-sniffing  rights around here.
Ok so it’s the newspaper shop ritual,  gotta show a little obedience here.
How’d you like a rolled paper in your mouth for fifteen minutes?
And no drools on it  or else he’ ll have a fit.
And all the guys laugh at me with the roll in my mouth as I pass
I tell you, man .....It’s a dog’s life.

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I sat before that panel

I sat before that panel,
some half my age,
that didn't know a tenth,
of what I do,
that I thought had the power
to change my life and
I barked, 
and drooled, 
and rolled over,
and jumped through hoops,
and licked butt,
and played dead,
and chased my own tail,
and preened, cutely,
and even scratched a few fleas.
I did as an old dog would,
that was tired of being kicked,
and starved, and tempted,
by his master,
and who had forgotten,
that he still had teeth,
and still could
run away.

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Garden reality

Chewed stalks brown corn
Skeleton dead heads of sunflowers
rotten tomatoes and watermelons

fruitless vines and weeds waist high
Purple salvia blooms shine
Orange Marigolds


blooms blown
Weeds shown

stalks bare
Full hare

scalp bare
no hair

flower power showers 
Sour pity hour
Powdered sugar icing
tower the sweet wower

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A Thin Line

Ghouls and goblins, ghosts and Ghidora—the three headed monster
Dracula and demons, dragons and dementia—insanity 
The Ripper and Reaper, Rosemary and Risiki—inside the dark forests 
Spike and Samara, Sasquatch and Sabrina – the teenage witch
Jason and Michael, Freddy and Chucky – Child’s Play
They shall frighten you, they shall humor you
They live in your head, in your mind
in your thoughts and in your dreams.
Flooding the light with darkness or
Evasion of darkness, therefore being unafraid
Horror – shuddering fear, frightfully shocking.
Serenity – being serene, feeling calm, 
and the line between the two, being one with no life. 

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Chilly Cyprus

In a land that boasts
You can be warm as toast,
Because the sun shines here,
Every day of the year.

Today the opposite is true,
My fingers are turning blue.
The heaters on high while I watch TV,
Bed is inviting it seems to me.

Sitting here wrapped up tight,
In a sleeping bag, what a sight!
Hot water bottle ready and hot tea too,
I'm off to bed before I get Flu!

© Dave Timperley 2012

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The Grace To Grow

The Grace To Grow

Through peril in its intact 
We have every reason by which to over react
The Grace to grow;
Many a shoulder to cry inflate the ego

Through our hard stance with fate
We lock our doors & protect out faith
In long lines at the store lest I emplore
Shades of trim left for me to begin

In oscillating ivory towers a man from Mars
The Grace to grow
From a little seed next the full grain blown to harvest once again
We can plant a seed deep enough through troubled waters come among

Shades of gems crimsome with rubbies
The cedar as a way of illumination
Perhaps I'm in need of a break on some long awaited vacation?
The Grace to grow

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The sprung

The spring has sprung
And oohh - my back aches
I need a new mattress

© Brenda V Northeast 28th March 2012

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De Javu -High School

First week on a new job
De Javu, It's High School again

Employees talking about their twenties years celebrations 
Getting wasted and drinking
It's a dud of a conversation 
When I tell them I don't drink 

Then I begin listening
I'm sitting in a booth filling out a form
You guys are at the bar
Talking about another co-workers relationship storm

Oh man Oh man, 
I'm keeping work and personal separate
I really don't care how much they think I'm desperate
I'm sure they'll say I'm stuck up, 
Or tease over a few drinks I'll spill when tripping over a bump
But these guys at the end of the day
To my face, they'll have nothing to say  

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Ahhhh -

The only thing
that beats a good sh-t
is a good orgasm….
Once I had the good fortune
to experience both phenomenon

My lover was NOT amused
and promptly proceded
to beat the sh-t out of me
(What little was left)
then told me to beat it
to which I happily obliged…

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Pizza Again

Pizza again 
The turkey was placed on the table.
Pies in the oven baking. 
The football game on tv.
Grandma yells"dinner on"
Went all of a sudden the turkey is gone. Can't be found nowhere.
The back door was open, but no one was there.
When grandpa yells pizza again!
There was no Thanksgiving dinner this night.
For the dogs on the corner had a joy. 
While we sat and gave blessing for the pizza boy 
It's pizza thanksgiving not turkey this year.

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'Keeping up with Change'

What happened to the crossroad? I swear I spotted it here somewhere don't tell me you moved the goal posts again? I can't keep up with you - Changing the rules every time It’s demoralizing working towards something just to find out that opportunity don’t exist anymore don't play with me like a puppet master would - my feet refuse to move my arms don't know the difference between up and down anymore it's all good and well keeping me on my toes heaven knows one of these days even they will be no more...

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I feel The Need,,,

Somebody stop me!!
I feel The Need,,,
The Adrenaline rush!!
The essence of a bling
My heart pumps so fast
O, i feel so harsh harsh

Somebody grab my 
2000 horse power
I feel The Need,,,
I feel like i'm on fire
Somebody stop me!!
Lest i taste an electric 

My guts are engaged
O, o momento
I cannot help it!!
I just feel The Need,,
The Need,,,
The Need For Speeeed!.

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Christmas Season

Santa Claus is a scary dude. 
Right up there with God. 
He watches our every move
and keeps score with a list
that he checks twice to 
prepare for judgement day 
and what might lay 
under the Christmas tree 
if you're not found naughty. 

I love that little baby in a manger 
and angels, shepherds, lambs , 
a bright star to follow. 
But the wise mens' gifts are suspect. 
Smart shoppers would bring
a rattle, toys, maybe a lullaby.

Santa, Jesus,  Christmas,
a season of light, anticipation and anxiety.
The big question pressing hard 
like steel on ice. 
Skating around sacrifice and salvation. 
For God sake who could ever hope to be that nice? 

Santa is not around after he delivers,
thankfully he leaves town and 
God sleeps like new parents do,
catching some Z's
after an evening of childbirth,
well wishers, three kings.

Christmas morning.
Hurry! Bring your best intention.
Escape! Wake up before anyone.
Open your present moment.

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Quotes by peter Dome


 '' People do change. their never the same person again''.


 ''who ever said you only get what you put in.
   must have been talking about their bank account''.


''The further away from God, the closer to the Devil''.


''I look pretty in pink. until I put my clothes on''.


'' I'm the most unlucky person in the world, but does that make me a 


'' All my girlfriends were insane ,do you think it's catching? ''..

All written by Peter Dome. Peter Dome copyright.2014. Aug.

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Love Underestimated

I love you, you love me
And that’s what it means to
Be free .

She loves him, he loves
Another him and that’s what
It means to be too good looking.

He loves her but isn’t sure
If she loves him back and this
Is what it means to be sitting
On a toilet seat.

He breaks up and then gets back
She cheats again and loses his
Trust, but she still loves him
So she comes back hoping he’ll
Take her back, only this time he
Cheats on her; so here it goes again-
She loves him but cheats on him,
He loves her only to get back at
Her and this is what it means
To solve trigonometry

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Disturbance at dinnertime

she sails
into the restaurant
with her volume, voice and vibes
her huge waves
disturbing every conversation
her loud laughs
Interfering with existing atmosphere
her empty words
bouncing all over the room
her massive  presence
sharks the whole place
at last
she sails
out of  the harbor
that wasn’t hers
fresh wind blows
and everyone shows
it is  now our happy hour

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

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Heart Matter

I must save you that stress 
Don't introduce yourself 
I know your friends 
Having met with your bosom friend 
I know your heart just like that 
Did you smell a rat? 
When am not a cat! 
I only have a hat 
I can't house a bat
Not even an ant
I just have a good heart
And i still live on the earth
In such a good health
Without an appointment with death
That to me is a great wealth

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No one drop of royal blood

No one drop
of royal blood
in my genes

funny,isn't it

i know
my grandparents
were farmers
my grand-grands
my grand-grand-grands
were just soldiers
fighting for king
and queen
they died
nobody knows when
they died 
nobody knows how
the only thing 
i know for sure
my parents were
which makes me
a poor redneck-poet
that all he want
is sing
no one drop of royal blood
no chance to be
a king
and doesn't give a rip
about it!

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Want to make You happy part 1 and continue forever

Lord, should we scream or yell when we are happy Lord?
You have made me a very happy girl
Or shout?
You have given me what I needed the most
Which is to be right with you
All the time
I know that we are human and all that
And we make mistakes
But I want it Lord
AND you gave it!!
Thank you Father
I can’t stand being wrong with You
That is not the feeling that I want to experience again
Thank you Father
You are so awesome
Incredible and marrrrvelous
Thank you God
I am going to write funny poems to You
To show You how appreciate I am 
For what you did
Ok here goes
God, do you know who is the greatest? 
Do you know who lives the longest? 
Who has everything? 
Who has all the power? 
You guessed it
Hallelujah God
You are soooooooo awesome
And I am out of words

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Song excerpts' nonsense

Okay I’ll continue
“You belong with me”
I am still here
“The world’s crashing down”
Who is going to catch it?
“Looking for yourself out there?”
Let me know if you find it
Would love to help ya
“Time can never mend”
Would one know?
I am writing these as I listen to the music
And I find it too funny
“Stay with me because you are all I need”
Are you sure?
Am I all you need?
Oh my gosh, I just found these songs too funny
“You’ll be on my mind forever”
Really?  You live that long?
“Something has to make you run”
Lol, wonder what
“So you get your head in the cloud”
Wonder how you did that
“People say crazy things”
Oh you just now know that?
“I’m never going to look back”
Are you sure?
“Don’t think you know what you are saying”
I know exactly what I am saying
Don’t know what you know but I know
“I know what you are thinking”
Lol you don’t know what I am thinking 
I can tell you that much
“Woman you want me give me a sign”
Do you want a banner?
Won’t know if it hits you
Would you care for more? 
You have to tune in and listen for yourself
They are too outrageous
I am surprised that no one makes fun of them before
Do now

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If I were

If I were an English mum
I'd roll my baby in the pram
To the Costa Coffee Shop
Even in the rain

If I were an English dad
I'd wave them off with glee
Hop into my sports car
And date my secretary!

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And It Is A..........

I do not know 
What form I write
I only hope
It comes out right

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Tradin' Fever

Around these parts trading fever is what its called
It comes around âbout ever fall!
The fever will come and go when it will subside 
no one knows!
These men are said to be the last great
 horse traders of our time a dyin'  breed the 
last of their kind!
When the fever hits they will trade anything they own!
They live by a motto, adone deal is set in stone!
The all trade horses, mules knives and guns to them
this is real fun!
They swap their lies and tales, retracing old stomping grounds
and trails!
They come and stay all day, whittling and spinning
 their yarns of those good ole days back on the farm!
Dedicated to my Father  D.G. Lucas

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When i die

With sight forever closed
	And voice eternally locked
	Shine still will the immortal sun
	Birds at my wake keep sing on to life as incense burn
When I die;
	In neat dis-order, ants will march
	And buzzing silently the bees shall lament
	While I shall lie still,
	All gone stealth and stilt.
	Finally dead from undying death  
	With sightless eyes and mirthless mirth, my bane.
When I die .               

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Road Trip

Reaching a fork in the old winding road...
     Our difficult choice, is to withhold admiration.
          A turn to the left?.... Or a turn to the right? 
               Decisions!  Decisions!  Which will earn our attention?

Turning heads to the right, there are potholes abundant!
     Reversing our eyes, in the opposite direction,
          Is a washboard damnation that seems noncompliant!
               Perhaps a rotation, will take us back home !!

For the contest sponsored by Kim Merryman "Road Trip" 8/23/13

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are found in Australia,
they are not pretty birds
with a lovely call,
but racous enough
to mistake it 
for laughter, or even screams of amusement.

love to ride kangaroos,
and sometimes
they hang on their tails,
so they make them run faster than tigers...
to scare the Tasmanian wolves away
resting on sun-dried hummocks of fresh excavations.

scorn puling children,
the ones who are spoiled
enough to get what they want
by not eating pumpernickel,
but demand white bread...
watch the hungry kookaburras devour everything!

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buzz buzz

buzz buzz 
sun rise
down the dark night 
up the blue sky

dress in blues
red tie 
brown belt and shoes

stairway to streetway
into the deep crowds of many
misters and misses 
on their way
to somewhere 
to prey 
on each other

till the end of day 
and darkness 
once again
and again
to rest 

buzz buzz
and up the blue sky

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why is not earth a better place

*f bull sh*t *s a fertil*zer,
why *sn’t earth 
a better place?

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Hand of power, heart of whimsy, tamer of
mighty rivers. Rivers of initial learning,
nurturer of ancient gardens, gardens in

their fabled beauty hanging yet in utter
freshness in the fecund hearts of poets.
Poet at heart cooped solitary, hostage of

life's fickle fortune. Fortune dreamed
with vanished glories still as green as
tendrils twining. Twining on to memories

heart-held, held while tending patch of
foliage, muttering through graying mustache,
"You're soft muffins, crumbly cookies,

munchies in my white cell circle; circle
stony though surrounds me, I'm still palm tree,
brave, steadfast; that you're not, but bush."

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An Unwelcome Guest

Hi I'm a guest in your home, yes that's right your not along
But, you don't like me 
I'll never understand why
When I run across the table I'm only trying to say hi
But you try and hit me like I'm the bad guy
Why can't we be friends?
Come on lets shake hand but if you don't feel up to it I understand
You stand so tall
I stand so small
You should not be afraid of me at all
But when you see us who do you call?
The terminator the exterminator to try to make us leave.
But, all you really have to do is say please
Stop being so mean!
We love your house so nice and warm and the food oh my who could ask for more?
We love living here and would not leave for the world
We love sleeping in you bed even though we may bite you now and then
We only want to be your friend
So put down that can of RAID you'll be a murder if you spray.
Please think about what I have wrote
A poem for you form a unwanted guest a Cockroach

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To Be Read Aloud

Are you listening? Open your ears
For this is to be read aloud it needs your voice 
Because it can not speak on its own...
This is a poem that I'll call a slam

One day I was feeling quite queazy
But had much shopping to do being breezy
No! I will not let a little gassy, nausea stop me
Chewing two tritalac which helps with that gas

It works by pushing all that gas down and outting
Easing the digestive track...A little walking 
You know like that morning constitutional
Helps to eliminate all the problems that are institutional

It must have been those beans in that Chili
They got down there and fermented really
Well I went to the garden center at Wally
You know Wally-World and thought that I would look around

There was not a soul or a sound around the grounds
Everything was quiet on the selling front..Not one of the personnel
To talk to or a customer ....I had this place all to myself
With those beautiful plants looking absorbed in the beauty

What is that over there...Let me go look
Concentrating..all alone
Gas moving moving in one great big
Bubble___ pootttttttttttttt
Looked up ...the man I never saw well he laughed.......HAAAAAAAAAAA!
Rolling in the floor laughter....

Embarrassed! Well, I'll let you decide...

(Well is this a slam!)

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my dark secret a confession

Always wanted to know what it was like to be a woman
so I bought myself two small melons a wig and a bra.
ooh my back was aching within an hour.

I bought a lovely dress from walmart
pantyhose and a handbag from a bizarre
I tried on a pair of woman's nickers
but they were too small by far.

I bought a pair of red stilettos 
how the hell do you walk in them
I decided the dress was too long
and took up the hem

Trying to walk in my shoes
was like trying to walk on the moon
I was wobbling all over the place

Finding a bra that fit was a nightmare
and really nipped
I painted my face with make up
and put lipstick on my lips.

I looked in the mirror
and I must admit
I looked gorgeous
So I put a photo on face book
and got over a million instant hits
from men, maybe I shouldn't have took up that hem

People treated me differently
and politely opened with a smile
I got a dozen wolf whistles or more

Then something terrible happened
I was stood by the roadside waiting
for a taxi I must have been stood in the wrong place 
never been their before
I was arrested by the law

I had a lot of explaining to do
but the judge was really nice
and winked at me once or twice

So I decided to hung up my handbag and my bra
I had really learned my lesson
it was much easier to be a man than A woman by far.

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

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Soup tastes better
when its ingredients are veggies
with enough noodles
to give it a tempting look.
All the pasta letters of the alphabet
can be stirred in it until they cook well.
I see some children drool,
watching it with hungry eyes, but seeming cool...
while mom warns them of the hot steam,
" Don't stick your nose in that'll get burned! "
Finally, the veggie soup is ready...
every bowl is filled to the rim, 
" Yummy ", one says licking his lips.
" Dig in,'s mommy's soup, the best ever! "
She tells them with a thrill that delights them all.
" One thing you've forgotten to say...
what was your letter? " Mine is A, " I yelled.
" Good, boy...I am going to reward with another bowl of soup!" 

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One drunken night

In through the front door he creeps 
The old girl lies upstairs asleep
Then he hears her call 
In his drunken stupor he falls
Her swear words should carry a bleep.

He's broken her ornamental well 
He hears her shout '' oh effing hell ''
and he can see all her wares 
As she comes bounding downstairs
He's in for a roasting he can tell.

She helps carry him to bed 
But the thought of her boobies won't leave his head
He thought a touch would be nice 
and he did it without thinking twice
She gave a look that would frighten the dead.

He got up and fell in the bath 
It was then he heard her laugh
She said '' that serves you so right''
You can sleep there all night 
He's too sozzled to follow her path.

He woke up at an unearthly hour 
His bladder must have lots of staying power
Relieved he crawled back into bed 
You're bloody freezing she said 
Go get yourself a warm shower.

but he cuddles and spoons 
Singing her favourite tune
Nibbling her ears
and though stinking of beer
She isn't stopping him anytime soon.

No matter how hard he tried
His excitement would not be denied
He caressed her body tenderly 
Kissed her so romantically 
The way he did when she was a young bride.

Be still her beating heart 
Of her he is part
and knowing he resides in that wonderful address 
He states '' I'm forgiven I guess 
She laughs , ''Ask me tomorrow when I've got a full shopping cart.

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What Have You Done

My mind still wants to continue,
But my body feels the tiredness,
Can’t take it anymore I told you,
What have you done to me?

My eyes look so weary,
My hands are in pain already,
How many hours of spending time with you?
FACEBOOK games……… it’s your fault!!

I’m already addicted to you ever since,
My time is wasting but I think I’m enjoying?
Well it’s time for me to sleep you know,
Till we meet again tomorrow, oh I hope so.

For Skat's Under 15 Lines Contest
8th Place Winner

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Glitter World

Glitter World
I see the world as my pearl
My place to take a whirl
And twirl around like a sexy girl
A place where there is little turmoil
My world is place
Where all flags can
Freely unfurl
Where a boy’s hair can curl
Everything’s glitter in my little world.

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The Privvy, Toilet Trolls

Twas sordid that thought
Midwinter handed a lit 
Oil lamp
Showing the way outside to the shiny black paint of
The toilet door

Lift the latch....clunk! as your eyes scoured the darkness the bushes
For bogey men, trolls and murderers

Place lamp on window sill
Put small buttocks on the winter chilled toilet seat

Heart beats at a quickened pace
As a small scared face gazes 
Eyes foraging the white painted walls
For spiders and daddy long legs
Anything that crawls
And flys 
And eats small, small children

Eyes down on two chubby little legs 
Distant from the floor
And go girl go! 
As quick as you can
As the sounds and rustles blown outside are
The bogey man
He's coming after your guts and gore
Push little lady and try to be gone
The doors ripped off its hinges
And you are dragged into the abyss
And they will all read about 
The little lost Miss.... 

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The rabbit foot

The rabbit foot
Walking through the woods one day I spied a thing on the ground.
It happens to be a rabbit's foot. At least I thought.
In my pocket, it did go. Then the trouble it began to flow.
I fell down in a hole and broke my elbow.
Then I ran up the steps and in to the door. A black eye did have for a week I think.
The to the bath tube I went. With a splash. I didn't have time to take my close off.
To bed, I went with a bang as the bed fell apart.
And now I think with a sad face because I found out it wasn't a rabbit foot at all.

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For God's Sake Man I'm a Doctor

My one attempt at marriage
Was like a union between McCoy and Kahn
Both a wee-bit dramatic
Like living a full fledge grand opera

"My God man, we're living a circus
And you have jumped off the deep end
What you're proposing is lunacy
I'm a doctor, not a barbarian!"

"Have you heard the Klingon expression
Revenge is a dish best served cold?
If you want to make this marriage work
Then damn you!!!!  Do as you're told!!!!"

(McCoy and Kahn)
"For God's sake listen to yourself
What you're saying is just plain crazy"
"From hell's hot I stab at thee......
For hate's sake, I spit my last thee.........."

[no, the marriage didn't work out, haha.  And last night I ran into my
ex-wife.  She had the gall to speak to me.  So I just wrote this with
genuine laughter in my heart.]

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Slam/free verse/for PD

Talking 'bout surgery
Making my skin crawl
muscle spasms, pain and more pain
Who's talking 'bout surgery?

Read all you can and make the right choice
Believe me it gets worse before it gets better
Talking 'bout surgery
Muscle spasms, stiff neck and pain

The surgeon is smiling all the way to the bank
I'm crying and wishing I was dying
Looks like I have been in a street fight
Talking 'bout surgery!

Wake vomiting and bruises --where?
How did that?? Happen?
I.V. line beeped all night
How's a patient to get some sleep?
Talking 'bout surgery!!

I would like to thank everone for their prayers and well wishes on my neck surgery, I am getting alittle stronger every day!! Praise Jesus!!

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They talk and talk
Running in circles
Trying to make sense
Of what they have, between the two of them.

They both have a lot of baggage, I suppose
Old wounds that haven’t entirely healed
Memories that tug at them when they indulge in reminiscence
Tears they have never shed, anger they have never expressed.

They are a bit like wary children,
Meeting for the first time across a playpen
Wanting to play, but cautious too
Awkward and shy, not sure what will happen
If he isn’t good at peek-a-boo
Doesn’t like to color the flowers pink and blue
And many such things which she likes to do.

Or worse yet, what if he is mean and a bully?
Pulls her pigtails and makes her cry
Destroys her drawing, draws a mustache on her pretty butterfly?
So she is cautious, and quiet as a mouse
Peering at him through her lashes, too shy to tell him to come close.

He, on the other hand, tries to look bored and impressive
And like he has done this a million times
Like he knows a lot, lot more than he actually does
The alphabet, the spelling of his name, songs and rhymes.

He has met girls before; and thought they were silly
Squealed too much, wore clothes that were too frilly.
This girl was no different; she wore a pink bow and carried a dumb doll
But there was something about her, which made him think girls weren’t so bad after all.

She, on the other hand, had never talked to a boy before
Nor had she ever wanted to
Boys were aliens to her, those loud sweaty things
Who eat their nose boogies, and always have something naughty to do.
But this boy, with his big floppy bunny ears;
Something in his voice and his laugh, too
Made her want to sit next to him, and pat his hand when he got a boo-boo.

So they sit, on far ends of the playpen, sneaking peeks at each other,
Making up their minds to ask the other to play together
And changing their minds the next instant-
Maybe it’s not a good idea to be so blatant.

Maybe they will become friends, before the bell rings, before the day is over
Or maybe they will be strangers forever.
However it turns out, they will be okay
Because that is children’s way-
They always end up finding someone with whom to play.

Neither of them knows how they feel about each other
Or if anything at all
All they know is that they want the other to stick about
At least long enough for them to figure it out.

So that is the story, of two grown-up children
Trying to make life happen
Reaching out for something that looks golden
But then again
Even if it they end up mistaken,
They’ll eventually find the right person
Somewhere in this big wide playpen.

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Aberrant Waffle

In a moment my Mom just came
She said when we welcomed by the death
Maybe the soul would be shifted to other planet
Possibly moon is the waiting room

She said people could float in the outer space
Similar thing that spirits do
Maybe we granted a pair of wings
When we flee to the planet unseen

I said
Maybe other world just like Bermuda
When we blink, abandon the world
We just begin in other swirl

Possibly Mars would be an option

Digress thoughts but colored my day
Silly talked but tickled my brain
She inspires the time of spare 
Dearest Mom I thanked you for share

                                                     Honorable Mention
              Any poem not posted for a contest in the last 3 months under 20 lines
                                             Contest Judged:  11/12/2012 
                                          Sponsored by: Black Eyed Susan

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The Perfect life, a wife half his age
Their house grand, with a zip code to match
No hawkers, appointments only

The library full of Shakespeare
Never opened, for it’s the show that counts

Dinner Parties, A new painting
Purchased, because we can,
A favourite phrase for American wealth,

Pompous talk of Wine and Poetry
Vinegar, and Plagiarism their only worth,
Still the new boob job to admire

The children, off to England, Trophy kids,
Breast fed by American Express.
The Debutants Ball awaits them
And a hoorah Henry wedding their destiny

Church on Sunday
New money at the front
The old money sitting in the private pew
God for sale,
And the greenback will mop the saint’s brow

Even in death a grand memorial
But decay gives no privilege
Let’s hope the pearly gates are the right colour
And god has the right zip code
For pomposity, might just send them to the wrong house.

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Wish Granted in Nine Days

Nine days of waiting for the results,
For the good news that I've been dreaming,
To take my vacation for one month,
Wish granted that’s what I've been praying.

The time has come and I’m so happy,
To be away from my busy world,
Take a rest while I still have a chance,
White beaches wait for me…I’m coming!
“Wake up!” It’s 9 o ‘clock! …………Ohhh, A DREAM?

January 19, 2013
For Tracie's Contest "9"
1st Place Winner

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SUPERIOR - not the lake

SUPERIOR – not the lake

To me there are no persons drearier
Than those who think themselves superior,
Think everything in life that they do
Is a little, no, MUCH better than you (do)

She didn’t come right out and make a claim
Not sophisticate was to give it name
As example – I mentioned my dentist
Hers, compared to others by far the best
Sadly, my doctor’s name, somehow, came up
Hers had won the Johns Hopkins world class cup
When I mentioned housing she had a ball
When compared to hers, the Taj Mahal was small
Dare I mention our Jeep parked in the back?
She’d boast of her three bran new Cadillacs
Fed her dog ‘Vet’s Laboratory Test’
Even claimed her Fido’s droppings were best
         Then, one day –

Joy! When they had to call an ambulance -
Her chronic case of painful flatulence 

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Lock,stock and two wine barrels

Lock, Stock and two wine barrels

Give me five minutes to catch my breath,

I cannot think for this impossible rushing is deafening my reason,

A leap of faith and I may find myself in a swamp
Sinking, stinking, bogged down,

Or rather,
Will I have the castle in the sky with views stretching across the heavens?

A defiant shove and all the packed boxes-books, shoes and cheap china unravel in a heap of hopelessness,

A sign? From up above? To stay put, to keep the umbilical cord firmly bound and tied to my waist.

Ah! For the simplicity of youth carelessness and disrespect of all things “adult’’

Then the looking glass peeking out from its tissue paper, as if mocking me, daring me, following me...

O! And there it is the not so bright complexion and the strand off silver at the crown off my head.

Quickly the boxes begin to fill plastic wine goblets and bright red stilettos -and Friedrich Nietzsche all together now! 

Heave Ho heave Ho-off to “Paradise we go!

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Once was drinking Gelusil
A liquid that aids digestion, effervescent in acidity
Suddenly some amount spilt on the floor unnoticed
A colony of black ants scurried up to lap the pink river
All of them drank it full fledged to their hearts content
And submerged into a pool of relief and pacification
From Burping, Nausea and Gastro Esophagus Reflex Disease
No more complaints and visits to the family doctor now
So from then, intentionally spread Gelusil after meals
To give a piece of serenity to my infinitesimal black pals.

                  TICKLE ME PINK

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Pull of a Finger

One of my favorite things about you is your smile
But you rob me of it by trying to keep it hid
By covering it up
By trying to refrain
Just seeing you TRY to refrain cracks me up
Seeing you smile
Hearing you laugh
Brings such pure joy to my soul
So when you do, I drink it up
When I realize certain things you do
or certain things I do makes you laugh
Makes you smile all the way up to your eyes
I make note of it so I can use it
EVERY chance I get
Even if that means enduring something....
Silent but deadly
But hey a girl's gotta do
What a girl's gotta do
Even when you ask me 
With a sly smirk on your face
"Pull my finger"
and you smile that wonderful smile
And I immediately start laughing
Although pulling the finger
Might result in something putrid
Any kind of embarrassing sound
"Basking in the ambiance"
I pull the "trigger"
Sometimes a sound follows 
Sometimes it's a dud
But nonetheless
We burst out laughing
And I get to see you smile
Hear you laugh
All smells aside
All sounds aside
I'm am full of happiness
All because of the pull of a finger

(For the contest "Reconsidering Laughter" by Desiree Birdseye)

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the Sunny Day Blues Man

living for the moment
ended life as we knew it 
but i'm just doing whatever
kind of hoping 
for some entertainment 
along the way

a day in the life 
of the sunny day blues man
hands down 
this is the best i ever was
the best i'll ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

hope isn't a measure 
it's just tested time
a clamp of suspense 
when the moments array
an echo of needs 
to balance out 
the ways things seem
is the best you and I 
will ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

at times life seems to cycles 
signals of distress
vanity and cupcakes 
i know, it's a brute mess
but along with the irony 
comes pancakes 
yes, the madness seems to iron me
yet i am still here

the eyes a thinker
life of a fighter
hands of a lighter weight 
when smiles reflected a pinch of hurting
because in punishment
the sunlight just couldn't outreach the curtains
though we take the steps alike
we trespass the worries to vaguely
but it was times like these that made me 
and it's the best i'll ever be

"the things we accept in steps of courage"

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My Bored Poem - recite with a southern accent

I'm bored, bored, bored.  
Jon's leaving .
    It’s me and the dingo’s just sittin’ here. 
I can't find my husband.  
He's with some other broad,
    Susan, Donna, Debbie, or boo.
I'm left all alone with nothing to do.
So, I sit and write
    a poem or two.
They don't make sense
because my brain is numb.
    All I do is wipe my bum.
I wait for my husband 
who never calls.
    No emails no texts no love at all.
I cannot eat because my
stomach swells.
Hangs over my belt like a
       barrel of hay.

I pierced my son's ears today
because he asked.
    But court he goes now grandma’s gonna gasp.

I called Donna to locate
my spouse.
    Who said you weren't located in the house.
I texted your son and 
called him as well. 
     But he didn't respond no fortune to tell.

So this poem keeps going
and going along.
    While I sit on my butt just singing songs.
Oh where is my husband? What will I do?
 I scratch my head and say 
        "What the hell, where are you?"

Holly P. Moore
January 2011

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First and Last date

The space between us is becoming tense

I smile to reassure you

The waiter’s hands are clenched

With impatience, he looks at you

You look at me I want to flee

It’s obvious there won’t be a second date

Please believe it was a mistake

I forgot my wallet on our first date

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Thin, hand tossed, or pan.
Pepperoni pizza?
Join me if you can.
Dine-in, buffet, or on the run,
pizza for lunch is so much fun.
Taco pizza will hit the spot.
This pizza kitchen sure is hot!
Yes, dessert pizza made just right.
Chocolate chip pizza is such a delight.
Extra meat and light on the sauce.
Join me for pizza at a low cost.
On a diet?
That's okay.
Veggie pizza fixed your way.
Some like it hot and some like it cold,
but I like mine spicy and bold.
Order to go or dine with grace.
Join me at the pizza place.

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Smile anyway

It is better to love and lost Well, you have heard the saying                                               but what I was trying to say is to never love at all                                                             that would be sad and that would make a clown frown                                                       while searching for words to make you smile                                                                     Is that a trick question you are the one judging                                                                with that poetry police and destroying going on                                                             What thinketh a poet and you did not know it                                                                    it is all fun and games until you have won                                                                    Who made this a contest anyway needless to say                                                              I am going to give you a peace of my mind pardon pun or not                                   whether I win this contest or not I think                                                                          You should know You have already have one                                                                And by the way I hope you find all you are looking for                                                     love you like a sis and this I would have no one miss                                                        Jesus loves you  Thanks for sharing always                        *                            *                           - scientist find blue iceberg/ A blue iceberg is visible after the ice from above the water melts, causing the smooth portion of ice from below the water to overturn. The rare blue ice is formed from the compression of pure snow, which then develops into glacial ice.

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Carol PART 4

Carol Brown my dear friend
If you are still talking to me that is
How did the mystery of Numb With Fear
Compare to the mysteries in my novels, Dear. 

Big Dog, Little One, 
Samuel, Sarah and Thunder
Did the poem live up to the 
The things they were under?

I just had to ask 
I hope you're still talking to me
Cause your opinion 
Is important to me.

I promise I won't pull 
This trick again,
Everyone will be onto me
So I'll have to behave.

Thanks for sticking by me. 
And I promise to keep you near
Once more I apologize and say
God Bless you Dear.,


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Monster Mowers

I am quite content with my little mowing machine; it does the job for me.
But not my crazy neighbors whom I used to call my friends, briefly…
Now they’ve become competitive, crazed out, monsters looking for a win.
Competition was breed deep within, and power is a drug therein…
So when one got a riding mower, the other did one more.
But that was not enough, as the escalation carried forth, for sure…
Now one has torn his fence down, to let his monster roar right in.
The poor guys now need ladders to get upon their seats to take a spin.
And the motors are so powerful; they throw grass way down the street.
The noise is so very deafening, that to forget the roar, it takes all week.
And the tires are so very big that they trample the grass, I swear.
But that doesn’t seem to deter them, as they continue planning in their lairs.
It appears speed is now their latest thought, with which they were truly blessed.
And it doesn’t seem to matter that their yards are the size of a mouses' nest.
So I ran away down the street, the last time they launched those baby’s forth.
And I took out more insurance, in case they go beyond their intended mark.
You see my house sits right between them, and I’m worried they’ll land upon my 
Especially after they were asking my hubby, how fast jet engines can go forth…
And what about nitro burners… will they help give speed and power, too?
In desperation, trying to save my house, I bought front-page newspaper space…
There I declared a place in the city park where safely they could race.
And added: whoever could mow it fast with the best job, would win first place…
And in Hollywood they would find themselves in the new reality show craze.
I found getting someone to film this fiasco wasn’t so very hard to find.
The entire city came out, including the police, ambulances and all, with them in mind
When the competition was over, the mowers were broken and thoroughly spent.
The final declaration was found to be: they’d only simply tied and not won yet…
In the end, one mower was in the city pool and the other on the mayor's car.
The police dispersed the ensuing fight, between those two, not finding it funny at all.
Fortunately, the Doctors said they’d live, their injuries were really rather small.
So they both went home undefeated, to continue the race again once more.
And the only person to truly gain that day was I; you need not have a doubt.
I sold the film to Hollywood… And used the funds to buy a far-a-way, different 

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I don't Want a Rude Boy

I don't want a rude boy:
I want a boy who makes me feel like im the only girl in the world.
I want a boy to woo me so much that i forget my own name.
I want a boy who would risk his life to save me from the fire, not just stand there like a coward and watch me burn.
I want a boy who will be there waiting with an umbrella, when the rain starts pouring down the hardest.
I want a boy who takes a bow because he follows my script, not his own.

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Are You All Right?

I opened my page and said
"What the heck!"
One more of my  poems
Won't make me sick.
I can't speak for you 
So if it does.
Just wait a few minutes 
And a Medical commercial may come on
Just take one and click me off
 And your day may be better off.

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Why Only The Heart May Feel

It strikes me queer,
Why for generations we humans

Have loved with our hearts.

And I ponder why
	Such a revolting organ

Would be paired with such a tremendous task!

Surely it is not the most vital,
	Our mind has already occupied that position.

Its shape is of no suggestive air.
And there are certainly prettier organs…

I say! What prevents us from loving with our kidneys?
What of our lungs?
Surely they gasp for the privilege of feeling.

The stomach is hungry, nay famished for love and 


Our heart alone would be blessed with emotion.
	At least it is definite that the heart may feel selfishness.

For an organ that feels,
It does not seem generous.

I assure you the mind would be more liberal
	When it comes to sharing.

Come to think of it,
The heart is (at most) the most
Organ in the human body.

Perfect for the task.
Enough said.

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The Shoes

I went to the mall
I was looking for some shoes
I had bypassed them all but then I saw you.

I was traped by your beauty
I was stunned by your shine
I knew I had to have you
I knew you had to be mine

You fit so fine on my feet when I first put you on
But after I brought you everything went wrong.
You were not the shoe  I had longed to take home.
You were slipping about and rubbing my toes
How could this be? 
You were the shoes gone wrong!
But it was too late to take you back
I had to wear you or my cloths would not match

With each step there was pain, which made me keep looking down at you in vain.
I wish I could take you off and throw you away
My feet did not deserve all this pain!
But I made it through the day and as soon as I got home I threw you to the ground.
My feet was free from you hurtful bound
All you were good for is for looks
But when it comes to walking...your a nasty little crook!

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Come on Babe
I am sat here at home all alone
With the T.V on that channel you know we both like
And I have a tin of whipped cream
And a bowl of strawberries
Waiting especially for you
Hurry up and get home
The cookery channel is about to start showing 

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Power of praise I

Power of praise

When moved by God's spirit we all can rejoice

We can stand at attention with our voice alone
In days of disaster we can add a sense of laughter
Many get caught up with the great here & now
Yet pay no attention toward a great here after

Others alter their intellect only to achieve devastating disaster

The power of praise ensues riches untold

Within eqxuisite idol fancy having riches to unfold
A warm heart filled with truth to withstand a truest test in time
The power of praise will once again unite the forces sublime
Even if you go unrecognized now

Your name will be forever exalted some day!

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Maybe I am just another monkey

If you sit a monkey in front of a computer
There is a chance, no matter how far flung
That if it presses buttons at random
It will type a magnum opus
Well, I took a dictionary today
And guess what
The words were always there
I just picked and rearranged them

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the waiting room

the sign above the door 
waiting room
the room is ordinary 
dimly lit
like many rooms
many people with white hair
sit around reading 
old magazines
with faded pictures
of past glories
a young woman in a white dress
and white shoes
walks in and takes one away
into a small cell
how do you feel
get undressed
stick out your tongue
stick out your arm
piss in a jar
bend over 
get weighted 
get dressed
go back into 
the waiting room

until we call.

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Images of fearsomely fit youth everywhere,
healthy people, all bronzed, featured
by the second, on screens and public spaces : 
fit and flash, but always  young, Olympians.

I protest, for we seniors are just as sporty;
we recycle daily, suffer running noses;
fallen archery’s no problem at all - well, it is -
as we routinely wrestle with living.

Best not to even mention water sports.
Weightlifting self out of armchair is hourly,
when diving for the loo, as is rowing back
from much too easily expressed criticism.

We ping pong daily with potions and pills.
Sailing close to the wind, shooting mouth off, 
leads to embarrassed synchronized grinning.
Annoy us and you will get a right kayaking.

Much of our lives consists of sundry hurdles;
shops are like a cross-country marathon,
or a steeplechase broken into relays, 
bench to leaned-on wall, to bench again.

And, we’ve all done pent- and heptathlon,
with the dec- coming in to (or out of) focus,
we need not discus these ageist Olympics, 
I have hammered my point enough ....

Alan McAlpine Douglas

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Jabba Dabba Doooo -- Star Wars--

Jabba the Hutt has a spur up his butt that makes him as mean as a wasp If you stop for a look, at that glutton of glop, his looks will not help him a lot! His rotten demeaner, gave Vadar the radar, to hide out in deep outer-space Hutt's face and his figure could fracture a mirror ...and the glass of a whole universe! There are millions of creatures, with much better features, that Jabba can never embrace! Jabba is gruesome, a big gooey nuisance! He looks like a big wad of gum! He grossed out Chewbacca....... who likes his tobacco,.....(this may be a slip of a tongue)...., But... a wad of his chew, missed the spittoon, and hit Jabba, in his hut, with a zoom !
To view this unsightly, gruesome character: _ _____________________________________________ For P.D.'s Star Wars Contest: By Carrie Richards 8/27/13 Star Wars Rules !

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I wish my couch was a toilet

I wish my couch was a toilet.
It would be so squishy soft.
When I went to sit down,everyone would scoff.
I wish my couch was a toilet.
And no one could ever spoil it.
So when...I spin on a whim!

Alas...oh alas.
Just think of the cleaning.
There would be no scrubbing bubbles.
Only lots of troubles.
Just think of the toilet rings.
The would not be fit for 3 kings.

Alas...oh alas.
I still wish my couch was a toilet! ;P

(I was feeling funny today!! ;P)

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The actors

the actors 
are much better now

the stage is set
the lighting is lit
the costumes are stitched

they are 

all around you

listen closely
squint your eyes 
to see them

or just 

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How to kill a printer

Throw it over the second floor
Or better yet bathe it
Since it never seem to.
Kicking doesn’t help
Or talking either
Everybody just thinks me crazy.

I’ve thought of starving it
No paper, No work
We’ll see who’s smiling now.
Oh wait for a sec,
Do printers eat Ink or paper?

This machine irks me
So before I kill it 
I wonder,
How much jail time 
Do I have to do
For killing one Stupid Printer?

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Bastard Words

The words beg, haunt incessantly push to be
heard -Dripping forth like a venom- too vile-
about to kill it's own master
Poisonous desecrator

The scream, they push-
I offered refusal and they gathered together a great 
army to slay me,
 ME! Their owner, their creator- their God!

Soulless bastards each and every one of them
No peace- not ever
Sometimes they will wake me in a cold tremor
Pushing to remember (fu**ing) with me
They then concede into dark corners waiting... 

Oh! how those bastard words love to trick me!
In conversation they allude me- just barely out of reach 
daring me- daring- as I spatter on like a fool!
Then finally when sleep decides to come-
(oh sweet sleep)-

They crowd, screaming, jumping all over my brain!
Daring me- but the body says no.
They love to scream,
those little elusive bastard words
For days and weeks I can search
behind every rock
or blade of grass

They are as free as any bird- at times 
they take to flights a fancy-
Other times they are as the wily fox- just never...
can- quite
Those bastard words never come when I call to them-
begging, crying, pleading with them- driving me to the 
ragged edges of sanity-
but those words, always around the next corner- 
or down the road

And when- finally I give up-
(I swear I heard them smirk) they 
breech the threshold - offering themselves

         Those little bastard words.

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Can You Guess The Season

It's that time of year again
I saw the neighbor's white cat
Chaseing their neighbor's striped cat.

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I found the way out to the hereafter

I found the way out
found out
I found 
the way out
way out

way out
out to 
the hereafter
the hereafter

after here
the hereafter
way way out
out way

to out

way out 
to here after
found the way 
the way
found out 
the way

I found the way out
to the hereafter.

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Text sent.
I wait for a reply 
From my best friend...
Instead her brother answers
"she's asleep."
I reply..."Of course"
He send's another
"You know what's weird...I like you"
I read it. I read it again. *facepalm*
I reply-"yeah I know your other sister told me"
his reply; " you like me?"
I throw my phone while my hands fly up in exasperation...
This is so awkward...I wish [my friend] would wake up and rescue me
curses fly out of my mouth as I try to decide how best to say:
Finally I spill out some randomness-with obvious rejection-and press send.
I then toss my phone onto my dog's bed, (which she doesn't use).
I try to sleep...(ha!)
That was increadibley awkward

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Unemployed and destitute in Baton Rouge
Intending to steal an illegal ride on a train
Feeling tired from too much drink
Bobby sexually allured a truck driver to stop
He took us to New Orleans in the rain
I withdrew my harmonica from my filthy scarf
And played  some chords while Bobby sang
For the entire duration of the journey

We lived like hobos from coast to coast
As close croneys and illicit lovers
But she decided  (wisely)
To abandon  me at Salinas
And try for a more meaningful life
I would (foolishly) exchange my entire future
To return to that past hand-to-mouth existence
And especially the illicit sex with her

Freedom simply means all is lost
“Nothing” itself is valueless, therefore free
Feeling good was an easy  option, and that
Seemed sufficient to us both then 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Just a fun piece, written by  a devoted fan of 
Kristofferson,  writer  of many great songs.  
I have tried to paraphrase the story as closely as possible.

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Senior Moments

Senior Moments

An elderly man  walking with a  cane, 
went to see his doctor.
Doctor: “ How do you feel Sir, where does it hurt?

Elderly man: “ I just celebrated my 92nd  birthday
and I still like to chase women, I need your help doctor!

Doctor; Congratulation, but with your age if you
still like to chase women, you don’t need my help.

Elderly man: Doctor I do, I can’t remember why
I chase them!

Fun Poem Centest entry.

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Russell's 5 minutes are up

5 short minutes is not enough
to write a verse and make it sound
pleasing to the ear, I've found!
A little free verse will have to do,..... held together with some glue!

For Russell's contest, I will rush
but with Russell's small allotted time
I can't find the words to rhyme
Oh, look I did it!! ..see those words? 
Time and Rhyme they turned out good!  Please don't say this is absurd!

my dilemma is that clock
ticking tocking.....time is up
Gotta go now.......wish me luck!!

5/13/13   4 can probably tell !!!!!

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In a Nutshell

                             ''A nut of course, what else?''. 

                            Peter Dome.copyright.2014.July.

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Be Yourself

Are you black?
Are you white?
Are you so dark that no one can see you at night?
It doesn't matter what color you are because deep inside we'er all stars.
So whether  your from Mars or plant Ko Ko there's someone out there who loves you for you.
There's no need to be blue.
Not everyone can be cool, but don't worry about it just be you.
And if you do then you will find a whole new world the was trapped inside.
It's just waiting for you to find.
So come on jump inside an make new friends.
Coolness don't last forever but friendship never ends.

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Cowboys aren’t smart.
They are from California and the tale of how the West was won.
They ride horses and make movies that many times is watched by dudes.

Cowboys are smart.
They are from California and how the West was won.
They ride horses and rope cattle and build log cabins that they say is their seat in Heaven.

Cowboy movies are liked by many and they always want to fight Indians.
A cowboy can be a real idiot and when he wants to be a genius, he is real witty.

Cowboys and how the West was won.
Very funny…

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Confession of a poetic wannabe

Everything around me
Turns into poetry--
But badly written.
My brain foams
Like it was bitten
By a rabid dog
Or like an angry mob
That doesn’t know what it’s ranting about.

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Theys True Love Story Part 3

Her grand gals axed her one time
How did hers ever gits a date
Her done went ta a all gals school
Theys wudn't let no boys in
Ut makes me's won ders 
Yep ut sure do

Theys at that datin age
And figgers theys
Finds oot if's hers was a good 
Gal er bad. 

Her tells um 
Theys jist bet er be's
Good gals er else.
Youse cain't gits a good 
Feller if'n youse any thin else

An than her tells um it were no never mine
Her knowed where her cowboy her'd fine

Her went ta school 
An gots her job
Near tha H bar T rench
What were a  real sandy spot

Tha lan' lady her 'vites the cowboy
frum up tha nex rench
Ta comes down fer a little supper
An ta meets tha new gal what are gonna teach.

Theys  played cards er sumthin' or so her seys
An when him are ready ta leaves
Her axed him if'n he's cuds 
Puts her saddle in the barn, please

Sunday her's was over ta tha school
Gittin ready fer ta teaches tha golden rule

When him done stops an tells her
He are a goin ta the ropin club 
An seys theys room in tha car fer her.

Her seys hers will goes with um
But hers did unt axes 
What kinda drinks theys serves  
Et this club.

Him were a proud cowboy feller were he
His job were m-portatnt youse see
An sum times if'n he gits his work all done
Him jist mights calls her on tha tel-e-phone.

When Thanksgivin comed round
Her wents ta Kansas an seed her folks
An him wents ta Wyomin ta looks at a rench

When him did comed back
Him stops fer a spell
An when him are goin ta leaves
Her walks him oot ta the car ya sees
An tells him hers goin ta a weddin
On June Nine teenth

Him jist looks at her an seys 
If'n him are supposed ta be's....
Well youse knows tha rest

Her done it
Him comed
They's war forty seven years an two weeks
Ez one

When her gits done tellin her grand gals
Theys mouths was open big

An her tells um 
Yep her did
That's how youse 
Comed ta be's.

Her telled Billy what her telled tha gals
An him seys, with a spark in his eye
Him were a weldin
"I's never did axed youse ta marrys me,
Youse knows youse er right."

Now  when Billy looks down et her from aboves
Her kisses hers wedding ring with love
Cause on theys wedding bands youse'll finds
Tha stars an tha moon fer all times

I's mad that lan lady did unt vites me's down
Then maybe's them gran gals wud a
Be's mine.
                            X.......John e Cowpoke

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Star Trek 3 and a half, The Wrath of Klingon Commander Kruge


Star Trek 2: Kirk has a grand battle with a villain from the original series.  Spock
dies saving the ship and his body is deposited on the Genesis Planet where an
experimental technology creates life from nothing

Star Trek 3: Kirk returns to the Genesis Planet to retrieve Spock's resurrected
body.  Commander Kruge, intercepts Enterprise wanting the power of the
Genesis Project for military purposes.  Kirk's son, a Genesis scientist, is Killed
on the Genesis Planet by Kruge.  After the destruction of Enterprise, Kirk kills
Kruge on the planet's surface and then takes over the Klingon ship

Star Trek 4: The returning mutineers are forced to go back
in time to find Humpback Whales to bring forward to the present time to save
Earth from a curious whale-loving alien race

Star Trek 5: The Enterprise is coerced to go on a mission to find "God", who
turns out to be just a minor deity pretending to be  'all that'

Star Trek Generations--Kirk dies in a desert region of some obscure planet


Kirk never took into consideration that commander Kruge and Kirk's son, David,
were also killed on the life regenerating Genesis Planet.  That's when Commander
Kruge, resurrected, young, fit and as handsome as any strapping Klingon youth
could hope to be, came storming back for revenge

AND NOW.........


Klingon Bird of Prey
Cloaked and humming at warp speed
Like Tom Cruise with a swollen head
Feeling the Genesis invulnerability
The Enterprise unsuspecting
Decloaking, salvos away
Can you imagine how priceless the look
Kirk seeing Christopher Lloyd's exploded face?

Haha, Kirk.  You criminal!!
I'll bet your eyes can't believe
You came back for you pointy-eared friend
Never once did you think about me
I killed your son once, Kirk
After Genesis, I killed him twice
Have you heard the Klingon expression
Killing three times isn't nice?

You thought that Khan was meddlesome
He's a pansy in my book
Because the best way to hurt you
That numbnuts overlooked
I'm going to let you live, Kirk
What Freudian karma you'll create!!!
And at the end of the day you'll know
There is only YOU to blame!!!

Have a whale of a time, good buddy!
Now I bid you adieu
Soon you are going to find out
That God is a bigger jerk than YOU!!!
You'll always be a victim Kirk
Creating your own grandiose plans
And you'll die like a red-shirt ensign
On some barren wasteland


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A Cricket Lies Dead

A cricket lies dead on the sidewalk...


Gwendolen Rix

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“The two sides sit
around the square table;
like the cheeks of one’s buttocks
together only, till the 
crap starts to appear!”

Copyright 1997
Harry J Horsman 1997

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I am bored with rain

I am bored with rain
Everyday, that I awake I'm drenched
How amusing it must be for the water
I feel that it is laughing as it pit-patters my nice clothes
My hat becomes drenched, almost to say "Let your bald spot show"
Well, Mr. Rain I am just sick of it
I'm going to invent something so incredible that I can't even think of it right now
But I will and rest assured your days of drenching me and my plans will be through
I guess for now I'll stick with my umbrella
So the jokes on you because I have a state of the art umbrella recently bought
It is the cream of the crop, exquisite in all of it's glorious details
It is does one open it though?
Haha! You win the battle this time rain, but I'll win the war
As soon as I figure out this silly umbrella!
You know, I'm not bored with the rain anymore: I can't stand it!
Written By Robert Matthew Hunt a.k.a R.M. Hunt on 

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Call Me Silly

Call me silly
But I enjoy being on a beach with a good book
Minus the worry about chargers or glares on my screen
It's just me and my handsome hero, his beautiful love 
In that far away land, in the middle of that intricate mess.
And what is the point of a family meal when all you hear now
Are beeps of Berries or tunes of GaGas

Call me silly
But I prefer the pleasures of a snail mail letter 
In comparison with emails, pings and tweets
Instead of worrying about internet connection and hackers, 
I do not need to worry about the internet service provider 
Who can one day take away my precious memories
Just because his terms and conditions says he can

Yes, call me silly 
But these are my memories of love and failure
Peace and turbulence, that will be my gift to my children
The silly letters that my best friend wrote to say 
That he loved me for better or for worse and I believed
Without worrying that he may have another wife
That I will one day find through online Spaces or Books

Call me silly
But even as I am fascinated with the wonders
That the world of social media can give me
I worry more often about how I am misunderstood 
In a world of instant travel and friendship
Where rules do not exist
And when they do, are rarely followed 

Call me silly
But in a world where everything seems so easy
One click, everyone says
We spend so much time on the whole world 
Instead of on those who really need us
In a world where rumours are a trend
And truth is an afterthought

Call me silly
But why do people trust what this online world says
When all it takes is this, 
I have a secret you see, says this person
Let's listen, say another hundred or more
Who cares if its true? Who cares if it hurts?
Simply nobody you see

Yes, call me silly, if you will 
But I think this is exactly, what it means 
When our parents told us
Too much of a good thing
Can actually be a bad thing.

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Kats Are Krazy Kool

(this poem has nine stanzas, which means KATS have 9 
lives - there's proof right there! J/K Enjoy this silly, kute 

For some weird reason,
Those kute kreatures make my night
The best one ever!

Klever, little kats
I weep happy tears…buddy!

Listenin’ to musik…
Demi Lovato’s awesome
Lonesome without kat…

Without my kute kat
By my side, I’m torn apart
My lonely day’s gone!

Kats make my night fun!
Midnight has dawned upon me
Aww…kitty witties! 

Without my buddies,
I’d be an unhappy guy
Music + kats = great! 

Hey krazy kitty!
Come to me! Cheer me up, man!
Kats are krazy kool!

My kompanion’s kewl!
My black kat, Spy, reminds me
Of a sly panther 

All of my kitties
Make me beam all day and night
Where’s my furry friend?

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Shaking The Lily Pad

I have a big, old froggie that lives in my ornate lily pond, so refined.
And every time I have a guest, he Farts and spurts water from his behind.
My son has named him bubbles and tells everyone, how he is so fine...
Now, you must know he’s only five with potty humor on his mind…

It started as I included my son, while finding a fountain for my pond.
But he came home and told his dad, who now also had to come along. 
While I kept looking for a fountain, you know… with exquisite flair.
My son kept asking me for a special one, that farts water out his tail.

Now, as I watched my two beloved gentlemen, I knew something was afoot.
I found retreat a better thing, as I high tailed it away, with a serious hotfoot.
Sure enough, my birthday present turned out to be that froggie for my pond.
And I certainly couldn’t hurt my son’s feelings by saying no, to respond.

My hubby laughed as he pointed out a place, they had agreed it should go.
Yes, you guessed, it’s the first thing you see, that your eyes can bestow.
Perhaps my plight is really not so bad… or at least, my hubby now tells me so.
Even though the guests’ eyes grow big, and their walk becomes really slow.

As I see their looks, a better conversation piece could never have ever been.
As I gently explain my son’s love for me, is touching, don’t you think? Again.
Of course the little froggie keeps farting and wildly smiling, throughout it all.
But the smiles are never near as big, as my guests’ smiles… that suddenly grow…

As they become enchanted with the understanding of it all.

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Doggie Moss

My husband’s eyes are tearing up! Yes, it’s that time of year!
The doggie moss just keeps creeping, everywhere my dear.
Wherever does it come from? It seems to keep eluding me, for sure.
As it constantly creeps in to cover my carpet, like a fine velour.
I complain daily to my hubby, as it attacks my dogs and house.
I say, its a fine black sheen that floats in the air, through out.
My hubby doesn’t understand… He says its only hair from the shedding dogs.
But I assure him daily that it’s truly nothing of the kind, my love…
I groom the doggies, saying its to save the dogs and destroy the moss. 
Each time I explain about the moss, my hubby promptly snorts.
Then his eyes begin to twinkle as they slowly water up.
He heard me pray to God one day to help me with the moss.
He says he stumped his toe as the snort turned into a lions roar.
But when I went into the room he was doubled up, rolling on the floor.
Again his eyes were tearing as I swear I heard him trying to stifle a loud guffaw…
Then the next day he brought me home a gift, an adorable white poodle dog.
He said it’d prove it wasn’t moss and was coming from the other dogs.
I felt I had to explain, that the poor white poodle was also being struck. 
Then, I sadly showed him the black velour also adhering to it’s fluff.
He looked totally incredulous, as the tears came again, with a lively snort.
He’s way too kind as he tries not to laugh at my antics… to my face.
He would never hurt my feelings, for he thinks I believe earnestly what I say.
I don’t think he’ll ever catch on… as he tries not to tremble from his mirth.

Now, I know you may think me crazy… Though, we all are, in each our own way…
Actually, I do know it’s the dogs shedding, though that I’ll never admit or betray.
For every time he tries not to laugh, its too much fun to miss the display.

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Heaven's Doorway

The most beautiful, the realm beyond imagination
the end of your mortality, the judging of your soul.
Today I stood in heaven's doorway to face God's verdict,
I've never imagined, I'm still young, too young.

I have so many dreams not yet fulfilled 
but there's a feeling, peace and comfort I can't resist
I see happiness without end, love without envy,
life without hatred, God eternity.

I look back, my family, friends and enemies I saw
I felt lonely and discontented without their forgiveness
suddenly I hear voices.."One more step and be with us".
Minutes and hours passed, I decided to take that step..


then I woke..heard chattering, laughing, my siblings arrived,
So glorious, it's going to be fun...Oh If I take that step I will be dead by now!

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Still want to

I still want to tickle your funny bone
So here it is
Do you want due or no due?
Would you rather play or you rather display?
Would you say or would you portray?
The Independence Day is coming
Do you know what we are independent of?
Would you think first or wait?
Ask first or ask later?
Are you raw or are you well done?
Could you bless or could you mess?
Would you wow or would you howl?
Would you chow or would you doubt?
How do you know what you are getting?
Running late, aren’t ya?
So what this time?
The alarm didn’t go off?
Forgot and dozed off?
Couldn’t get up?
Ahh you may need better explanations than that
Like I forgot to set my alarm, lol
Running out excuses?
Don’t worry
I’ll make one for you
Do you ever feel like you can do anything?
Do you feel that or think that?
If you think that then you can
If you feel that I don’t know
You may feel ill who knows?
Would you want to be a President?
Wouldn’t you rather be a congressman instead?
You get more wins that way
Would you speak or would you reach?
I think I am done until next time
Would you wait or would you partake?
Ahh choices
Wouldn’t you know?

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My Toad and Me

 Forever my love will grow
As a princess I will kiss my toad

Odd it may be
With gleam my toad and me

Everlasting our love will be
As  green grass under a willow tree

Happiness is a hip-hop
On a lily pad made for two

By choice I weaved this odyssey
Full of joy and merriment

Ladylove, my prince
All cloaked in emerald green

Sweet as honey from a busy bee
Enough is a kiss from that toad to me

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Everyone's Blowing Red Noses

(Jazz it up to the tune of "Everything’s Coming Up Roses") *** Caught a cold?....Have the flu? Do you think a truck ran over you?? Need a pill?..........Have the chills? Honey..................everyone's blowing red noses! Pounding head? Now it's spread... To your lungs, and now you wish that you were dead? Cannot eat.....cannot sleep Honey.............everyone's blowing red noses! Now head's spinning....temp one hundred and two? Doctor's grinning...........says it's just the beginning! Out of've up-chucked Diarrhea wars are waging in your gut? You'll get well......just you wait... Doc said flu.........his bill is due.... Honey, ...............everyone's blowing red noses like me and like you! You can do it.....all you need is a pill You can do it, ...chicken soup will see to it! Feeling weak? Fever peaked? Thoughts of living one more day may seem too bleak? You'll get well.....take a nap... What's Doc's bill??!! ....Holy crap!!! The only thing that stops you from getting well.... Honey...everyone's down at the pharmacy...and buying meds Everyone's hording the Pepto and Tylenol Everyone's using up Medicare, and HMO's Everyone's blowing red noses........ and sneezing AaaaaaaaaaCHOO!! __________________________________________________________________

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Don't hold it against me

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Bravery is Overrated

Don't be too brave,
It might save,
from you.

I'll tell you a story...

One day I woke up,
in a pile of shit,
but I wasn't surprised
not even a bit.

Fortunately, my home was away few miles,
people I was passing by, heh,
I've never seen so much smiles,
around me,
They were wondering; what was I doing?
what happened to me?

Some of them avoided me,
some of them yelled,
some of them smelled!?
weird ha,
one of them got creative, and took a hose,
his laugh suddenly rose,
when he let the water overflow,
I was overrun,
It was a real show.

A guess they were happy,
that even their life wasn't so crappy.
They finally found,
somebody even more messed up than them,
a black lamb.
For some reason, that made me satisfied,
I had no choice anyway,
I had nowhere to hide.

But you remember I said,
I wasn't surprised,
I did not lied,
You see, yesterday I accidentally met,
a pack of thugs,
so conveniently instead of hugs,
one pulled a knife,
He made me afraid for my life,
so I got pissed, I went for a hit,
I missed, 
so they said to me,
"oh man, you're gonna wake up in a pile of ..."

That is it
I got home,
I took a shower,
and I went to sleep,
Eventful way,
to start and finish a day,
I would say.
Would you?

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I know I said I’d be there
but pirates got to me
and asked for my wallet.
I explained I was in a hurry
and that I needed to be somewhere
with someone important,
but they didn’t believe me
so I ran and got away.
Half a mile later…
a bird flew off with my wallet
that had apparently fallen
after I tripped on the road
I chased after it
then realized I had no wings…
so I couldn’t call or pay for a cab…
Then I stumbled into a café
and bought you a doughnut 
to make up for everything…
You’re probably wondering where it is…
Well…you see…

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Monolog Audition For The New Sitcom: "Desperation 101"

"I'll not hold onto scraps of paper
love notes folded origami
brain confetti from last year
I'll not hold on, (for long) my dear
I'll not hide secret dried up flowers
slips of some things 'till tomorrow
never sipping sweet fruition
for it seems, my intuition
proved me wrong again.

I'll not remember your cologne
or spray it on when you're not home
and while I'm at it I'll forget
just why I loved you then... 

and yet...

I kind of wonder what you're thinking,
if you need me, if you're sinking,
Maybe if I called this moment
it would save you from some torment?
Maybe if I saw you daily
sang our song on mix tapes, maybe...
you would then remember love notes
you would think on all you then wrote
How you loved me 'till tomorrow,
How we shared our joys and sorrow
So, perhaps, it's all worth saving
even when you're misbehaving
Maybe we should just get married!
Get a house, a bouncing baby
Mortgage life, dear - call me crazy...

as long as you just call me." did I get the part?

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Stupid Rhyme

I love you in the morning,
I love you in the evening,
I love you at suppertime,
I love you so much,
I wrote this stupid rhyme.

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If I Wrote My Poem For You (Beatlemania)

If I wrote my poem for you, 
would you promise not to choose
another poet's rhyme?
'Cause you've had so much to judge, 
and to save yourself the drudge
by just choosing mine!

If I wrote free verse for you
I must be sure, from the very first
that you will love it more than theirs!

Mr. Heck,... be me
Don't ridicule..
If I edit words...oh please...don't say haiku to me!

"Cause I couldn't stand the shame
And I...would even change my entered poem quatrain!
So I hope you know
That I ...would struggle hard to change my prose
Tho they might cry when they learn what I've proposed

But they'd have to bear the pain
And I ...would be sad if my new poem was in vain
Tho' I hope you'll know
That I would love to bribe you 
Although they'll scream and cry, boo hoo!!!

......If I wrote this poem for you

For John Heck's contest "Beatlemania"    (Song choice.."If I Fell")
Note:...just kidding everyone! I wish all you other soupers good luck in the contest...really!!:)

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Back to the basic

Okay I am going to write a funny poem
Because I feel like it lol
Home is where the heart is
Hopefully your heart stays in your body
Otherwise, big problem
Do you come here often?
Ahh how often you are talking about?
Once a day? Two times a day?
Thrice? lol
Does it matter what you want?  As long as you want it, right?
Got news for you - you don't want it lol
Running out of steam?
Hook it up to the machine, will ya?  God's machine
Does it seem like forever?
How do you know what forever is?
When are you going to come?
Ahh what are you talking about?
Why did you come? Huh? lol

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I'll have you in Armageddon

I know you don't fancy my advances,
slim pickens don't describe my better chances.
Got a snowball's chance in hell,
but it fits me just as well,
I know we'll see Armageddon.
But, I've yet to learn my place,
I will try to win your gaze.
-I'll have you in Armageddon.

I know you picture me revoltin’,
and you despise my goin’ through the motions.
You threw out my best bouquet,
there's always next Valentines Day,
I know we'll see Armageddon.
'Cause I know that come what may,
I would do it anyways.
-I'll have you in Armageddon.

When the land drys up, and the damn goes bust,
we will see Armageddon.
But, no matter what the case,
come the day the end of days.
-I'll have you in Armageddon.

When the sky begins to fade, and becomes the Judgment day,
we will see Armageddon.
As he wash away the sin,
you'll see a smile upon my grin,
because the fire and the ash,
can't distract my one thought that,
when the Lord wants it all back,
I will take solace in this fact...

I'll be with you in Armageddon!

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Make You laugh - part 1

God, I believe I can say anything and it will make you laugh
So here I go
God, when we say “I love you” 
Do you want to hear it softly or yelled?
God, when we are in trouble
Do you want us to wait until we are in the corner 
Or you want to call to you at the start?
God, do you like staying here on earth or in heaven?
God, do you prefer men or women?
Do you ever grow old?
What does your house look like?
Do you come to earth in back and forth trips?
Do you wear clothes?
How did you get your talents?
Do you need people around you?
Do you go to the bathroom?
Are you running late and your hair gets disheveled?
Do you ever make appointments?
Do you get a sick or not feeling well feeling?
What do you want to do for fun?
Do you play football?
Do you eat?
Do you have an animal?
Do you meet people?
God, there are so much I want to ask you
But until next time
I love you 
God, you are the best
I hope I made you laugh
Love, your daughter Toquyen

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Wonder and Lust

Sexy fun salty sweet
Swish, dip, whip and roll,
Love to take a south bound stroll.

Sticky dripping goo,
Uh oh; those look very blue,
Enjoy a protein shake?

Friends first,
Virtue and chaste,
It's ok to wait.

Smooth as silk,
Or bear skin rug...
Matters of personal design.

So much praise,
Between crying sobs...
Worship of the fleshly gods!

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Life Goes On

No, I cannot remember the moment life began for me in my mother’s womb: You know, a 
brand new creation after leaving my father to stick to my mother for nine months, like would never happen again.  
Neither can I remember when I traveled the birth canal to enter the world that awaited my presence. Actually, they were the wrong hands that I entered: the very ones that 
disconnected me from my mother and slapped me on the bottoms to hear me say what was on my mind, just for that moment!  
I do believe most of us have been there. 
Well, here’s a bit more that we can agree on: 
From there, life goes on….

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The Realm


Human nature is the cause
we can never ascend
but I want to go to the realm
a place much more
scary than I would like to pretend
a place where angels
and demons are in conflict
to me it would be
a weird tourist attraction
I won’t be taking photos
I would want to be
part of the action
of coarse the battle
would only be for the divine
that is why
I fight them in my mind
what if one day
it would materialize
a feat to be realized…

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Kung phew

Over the years I've spent many hours 
And a lot of money
On trying to master
The ancient art of kung fu
Just like other students do.

Then one night on TV
An advert saying
Master the art of kung fu
In half an hour
For free!.

So I put on my king fu suit
And travelled to the place
And suddenly a very old Chinese  man
With a long beard on his face

Out of nowhere
He produced a jar full of bees
Opened the jar
And set them free.

Well the students threw 
Their arms and legs
Punches and kicks
all over the place
At a lightening pace.

We were all awarded
A belt of the highest degree
Now I'm not scared of anyone
Thanks to the Chinese man
And his jar of bees.

''Did you hear the one about the karate expert who joined the army,
 and killed himself on the first day  the first day? 

He saluted.''

Peter Dome.copyright.2914.march.

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giving thanks

to all the young men who stare me down-
i give you my thanks
your curvey smiles as i walk by-
i give you my thanks
i'm losing weight and loving it-
i give myself a pat on the back and say thanks!

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Methane Bertha

Her name was Methane Bertha
And if you met you'd know why
There's always a southern wind blowing
Everyone she meets holds their nose
And then says goodbye.

She eats nothing but sprouts coffee and beans
She has a massive deriaire and isn't very clean
Bertha once had a date
At last it was her fate
But it's so hard to kiss someone
With a gas mask on your face.

Her best friend smelly Janet
Had a lovely thought
She bought Bertha a present
in the shape of a cork.

Bertha placed it carefully
Where the sun doesn't shine
But the gas just built up inside of her
She grew like a balloon
And floated in the air.

The fire brigade was called 
And they rushed as fast as they can
But soon as they saw it was Bertha
They turned around and hastily dropped their plan.

Eventually the cork flew out
And Bertha landed safely upon the ground
With a very long southern wind kinda sound.

One day Bertha was out in town
And everyone around ran away
It was methane Bertha
And they knew a southern wind would blow them away.

Well one day Bertha met her man
He had a constant cold
So didn't understand.

He was a trumpet player called Angelo from Peru
It wasn't long before she had learned to play the trumpet too
That southern wind would give out a cheerful tune
And very soon
They gave outside concerts
Around the world
And run their car on methane
And would blow together so romantic
Under the stars and moon.

If ever you see Bertha
My advice to you
Is to wear a close peg on your nose
Like the locals do.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. July.

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Subconscious On My Mind

She visits in my dreams,
A place that I love to go,
For when my body is sleeping;
My subconscious starts to show.

She is not the same as when I’m awake,
She is fierce and unafraid; 
She watches over the pillows,
Where my head is soundly laid. 

She has wings just like an Angel,
Only hers are made of light;
With brilliant rainbow hues,
Enough to shine throughout the night. 

To me she looks much older,
Maybe even wise; 
One look at me and I know,
She can see right through my lies.

For her and I are one,
No hiding from the truth;
She understands that I’m growing,
Developing from my youth. 

She never passes judgment,
For herself would be included;
Her thoughts are always brilliant;
And never convoluted.  
I’m referring to my soul;
Aged throughout my lives.
She gives my words their meanings;
And my body is what she drives.

Inspiring my movements,
And wiping all of my tears;
Her voice is mine but rings through,
My head and out my ears. 

Perhaps it’s her who is writing this,
Giving me the rhyme;
My subconscious and my consciousness;
Working together for all of time. 

Although most won’t understand this,
That it is about a different part of me,
Tonight under the full-moon;
I’m setting my spirit free.

Allowed to dance in the stars,
And run across the sky;
Only to return to our body,
Suppressing her urge to fly. 

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the painting

half asleep 
half awake
I am looking 

at a an attractive 
young women 
on  a print on my wall 
of a famous painting 

imagining the painter 
Signor Leonardo 
saying  to Ms. Lisa
with a sensuous accent

come on 
give me 
a little smile

just a little more
a teeny bit more



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happy birthday

another year older
more gray hair to count
legs tire so easy
athe arms dangle as spagetti
and too many candles to blow out, 
because your losing your wind!!!

p.s. just kidding!!!!!!!!

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Hard day at the office – circus in town.
I hear the Sousas yellow, or dark Pagliacci brown
All in all I hate this one here clown,
Striding right into my space,
Hiding the other side of his face –
The hurries, the gestures,
Paint so thick it cracks when he smiles
Paint that don’t run, and this here gangling style.
He trips, goes down, frightens a child,
But the freaking holiday crowd rises, croaks, goes wild!
You think of this here kind, usually, as stubby, or fat,
But this one’s long and slim,
A phallic maypole, that damn well describes him.
I hate the cheering, all the rah, rah, rah,
Hate the noisy wildness of this insane Mardi Gras.
I gotta leave, but then I spot this tiny, little girl,
Fall in love with her four-year-old, golden curls.
She laughs, she gurgles, gasps – doll face so fragile
In spite of flatulence, headache, in spite of myself, 
I smile.

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Chastity belt fitter part 2

Good tidings young maidens it is me
The chastity belt bespoke fitter
To all princess and queen
I could tell many a tale about the things I've seen
But alas the crusades are over
No need for chastity belts no more
I did good business when the men were at war.

I'm having a closing down sale
Many bargains I've made
It's ok your secrets with me
I still fit free
With pride and dignity.

Of course I might have to make a mould with my hands
To make a correct fit
But I've had plenty of practice and been about a bit.

So come on you wenches and fair maidens
Come lay on my couch
And I'll soon get around to fitting you out
Because there's talk of another war 
The men will be fighting again away

My sizes range from small to extra large
With no extra charge
Free can opener if you lose the key
And I'm readily available in an emergency
What ever that emergency maybe.

See me advertise  in ye olde Cosmo magazine
With a picture of a massive one I fitted for the queen
I also sell armoured breast belts
With lock and key of course I'll have to measure
And mould your wares on display
I do that for fun you don't have to pay.

Ok Ladies I'll stay open and not close down
A new crusade has started and I'm the only man left around
Send me a E arrow or a talkagram
And I travel to please you from olde Nottingham town.

Any offers?.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. Aug.

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Ball of Fire

Today is Doomsday.

Some believe today is Doomsday
Some say maybe the end of the year
However, do we really care?
How would the earth end?
In a ball of fire or 
would it swallow us up into puff of dust
in a matter of an hour..

I rather am buried under pile of snow.
Eternal Preservation "what a nice way to go

However do we have option in a world?
Where lunatics have taken over asylums
where deranged souls spreading like a social cancer 
Is doomsday  the answer..?

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Fishing Briefs

A clown caught
a tuna in the middle
of a pond in a park!

He says that the black
tuna was a very rare
species in the water world

With evidence collected
it is purported 
that the tuna was colorless!

It is I Teddy,
reporting in Sun City.

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Crackers ‘n' Cheese

I was a-munchin’ ‘n’ a-crunchin’ on some crackers ‘n’ cheese
When a-someone or a-somethin’ came ‘n’ tickled my knees –

With her tail up in the air in a question mark tease,
‘Twas my little grey kitten mewin’ wide-green eyed pleas –

Beggin’ of her human, “Oh kind human, please
Won’t you let me share in yer crackers ‘n’ cheese?”

I looked into her tiny face ‘n’ made the choice with ease –
Doncha know that to my heart this kitten holds the keys?

I felt her purrs flow past me, a gentle, liltin’ breeze,
 ‘N’ now my kitten’s doin’ the munchin’ on my crackers ‘n’ cheese!

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On Top of Ole Smokey

That’s not my elephant!
Ownership of another sentient being “goodness!”
The demi-God called Teacher cried out. 
The second grade class put aside the bill of rights
drawn dangling from the beak of the doo-doo bird, 
and stared peevishly at the news commentator.
Ella [who had been named after the Prophet Elijah]
rocked in a seemingly catatonic stupor in the rooms
solo rocking chair. Lunch was served.
One by one the children marched to the front of the room,
depositing their spaghetti in disgust atop 
the zoo keepers head.

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Diet Business

Today I am eating spinach
Tomorrow I am eating spinach and your smile
On Monday I am eating spinach or your smile....
This is how I reduce my kilograms.

Anyhow, if you are too fatty,
Please, look at me,
And I will reduce your kilograms too
By kissing you
By hugging you
By loving you

This the Diet I worked out on my own
How many dollars will you offer me to perform?

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day dear friend,
I hope you're having fun,
I can't buy you candy,
Nor can I buy you gum.
I can write a poem,
It's all I can do,
And when I write this poem,
I'll give it to you.
Most folks want a Valentine,
I just want a friend,
One who'll stick with me forever,
Even to the end.
And so, in this last stanza,
I'll end this poem to say,
I hope you're having fun,
On this Valentine's Day.

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Dinner Party and Guess Whose Invited

A cannon waiting to explode hold my heart within chambered walls
I stood right beside the feast but couldnt bear to sit 
I wined and I dined but I stand 
Holding my mischief in my right hand puffing and dragging in the other one
I smell its swirl robust and ripe ready off the vine
He is the reason why people like me drink 
Sober is for the agoraphobics but in my adventures I do gather ouside
In the garden by the psychadelic frog ribbitting the tunes of Marley
Dressed like Jimmy, sat down on the lily-pad guitar
Strummed slowly and for in my hurt one moment I began to sing and laugh
Dry and chuckled I'm always the last one to choke
Hang on a word too many while I drink the swirl sip my curiosity 
Unleash uncage inhabit my new prey while I fake pretend pray no incarceration

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Deadly Lullaby from the Fool of Hearts Cicero

Ho ho ho, he he he, break that lute across my knee, and if the bard should choose to fight, why then I'll set his clothes alight!

when I next meet that fair maid Nelly, I'll plunge my knife into her belly

and if I spy a singing bird, I'll snap its neck before it's heard

madness is merry and merriment's might, when the jester comes calling with his knife in the night

and I said to the baker, "You're not dead! You're a faker! But if that's your wish, I'll oblige"

oh, if I chance to see a cat, I'll feed its corpse to my pet rat

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magic and mayhem

tile crackin'
baby laughing

laughter draining
baby straining
magic into mayhem

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Those Words

Those Words
Message to idiots everywhere. You can run but can't hide. We'll find you and expose you for the idiots you are. Idiot alert on the TV. Full of idiots. We're going to find you and expunge you. Consider yourselves targets of the state. We don't want idiots in our country. Oh no. We want an idiot free zone. No Putin's or slackers allowed. Idiots in the newspapers. You're number 2 in line to get it. Bad reporting and slander won't be tolerated. After you, it's the turn of the back stabbing workers who spread gossip and name call. A special fate awaits you. Get ready to be zonked. Idiots beware!

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I once had an affaire de coeur  with a foxylady, in fact a randy colleen
In Ireland with a tough older brother looking to punch me out.
But I cold cocked the rambunctious  hooligan, 
A real  old blowhard who knew diddly squat  about fighting.
Oh yeah, he had some mickey mouse  gizmo like a nunchaku
But he was a shilly shallying,  vacillating sort of bloke, 
A tightwad  nitpicker  full of  quintessential  balderdash 
(To put it politely),  
And I just lambasted  his ass.    But,  you know, with hindsight
He did almost usurp  my dubious position with his sister.
Actually I rather think he was an incest-freak,
A what-you-might-call  weirdo trying to insert himself sneakily
Into her good books, (and maybe also my  gay books).
In formal language he was an aged  interstitial  gender-bender .
This stupid  old codger tried to seduce me as well as her.
I didn’t acquiesce, didn’t  dilly-dally  hither and yon,  
Like some  ethereal dancer doing a glissade.
In the midst of an abso-bloody-lutely   horrendous  
Wingding of a drunken celebration
The pinch penny  tried to titillate me 
With his  whole second-hand collection of pictures,
A great caboodle  of pornography:     
And that easy  rider fuzzled me  later in  a jimjam party
And almost brought me out of the closet.
He was some Tallulah,  let me tell you. . . . wow!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Almost the entire poem should be highlighted for 
it contains every word on the given list
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Entered in  Debbie Guzzi’s  Contest       For Love of Language

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I am alive 
and ready to take on the day
and whatever 
may come my way

the time between the beats
with my pace
and the expression on my face

the time of day
is divided  
into twenty four hours
with many beats

how many beats 
does it take to make the bed
or take a train to work 
how many beats 
does it take to count the beats
I must count the beats some time
before it's too late

lub-dub lub-dub
lub-dub lub-dub
the heart is a variable metronome 
that does not measure time or keep time
it can only keep the beat going
and measure love

lub-dub lub-dub
lub-dub lub-dub
does nothing
does it all

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A mosquito on my hand! I smiled at her
She evaded my eyes and dug deep into my skin
‘zrrrrrrrrrr’! Sipped my blood without fear
Again I smiled; rather I did grin

This time she looked with dozy eyes at me
Laughed aloud and tried to take off,
Stumbled a bit and fumbled her way to the
Nearby chair and managed to cough

She looked around as if she is unable
To see anything and moved precariously
Towards the cabinet at the corner wall
Looked at the files and left my room lazily

Few weeks later, during my evening stroll
Along the side of a drainage channel
I found that mosquito and called her
“I haven’t seen you for too long! Gone where?”

She looked aghast at me and after a long brood
Said, “By our mosquito-king’s decree
I never dared to come to your sinecure
The order said; never touch a Govt. servant’s blood”

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Three Whistling Geese

Faded yellow and webbed feet
Running together around the yard
Consuming grass and vegetation
Comical "duck" run when danger is perceived

Baby pool for swimming and play
Cute little fellows whistling along
Content within the safety of their home
Free fertilizer generated daily;-]

       |        ____
        \___/        \
         |      >>      \
         /                  \
         \ _________|
                 > ||

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I am constantly stressed
So I see my shrink

My psychiatrist, too, of course
And, oh yeah, this group –

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
A “Life Skills” group

They teach me life skills

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Christmas Memories

Vegetarian mom making
Turkey and ham
Trying to please everyone

And veggie burgers
On the “George Foreman” Grill
Not sure where this coming from?

Grandma in her wheelchair
Boys’ pushing her around
The little dog is lap bound.

Grandpa going down the steps
Trying with his cane so hard
Please help the old man down!

Appetizer dish with 
Everything pickled
The South is where I am from

Family of many sharing 
Christmas memories 
Of days long gone by

Norah Jones on the stereo 
Sweet voice she has
Playing background in the room

Presents galore
Around a synthetic tree
Decorated with lights and more

“Oh no! Boys’ stop!
Grandma's heading for the tree!”
Oh well, the angel fell, sure looks pretty on me!

Macaroni pie, sweet carrots
Candied yams, the children and I
Panting around the table of food

Apple, southern pecan
Peach and cherry pie
Everyone can hardly wait to try

The Southern Belle 
Has something to tell, 
“It’s time to eat, Go find your seat!”

Open your presents
After dinner
Lots of laughter and fun

“What did you get?”
“Look what I got?”
What a delight, paper spun around

Time for dessert
Ready to burst, but
Manners are number one

Women in the kitchen
Cleaning up the dishes
Men asleep from too much fun.

Next year we will repeat
For this is how we do it
In the Winter’s Southern Sun! 

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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A 'F' Story

Final year of college 
Final term
Field trip
Fire camp night
Farewell party
Friends forever departing
Foolish temptations
Fierce desires
Future foggy
Furious flames, 
Frequent eyeing
Found a seclusion
Frozen ice break
Furry feeling
Fantastic union
Frosty foreheads
Fear you not 
For a love forever
Friendship burnout
Phoenix leap in love
Feast and vows too 
Family unions
Framing a family photo

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A Monday Night

A chuckle,
A snicker,
A giggle,
A short little laugh.
A snort,
A guffaw,
A roll on the floor,
Nearly in tears I realize I am not alone in the room.
An eye brow rises at my odd conniption.
I merely point breathlessly at the corner.
Once more the cat has gotten its head caught in a plastic cup.

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Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium

Chihuahua Football At The Rose Hill Stadium
Watching football at home with my little dogs on a cold winter night, I realize that I coach my 
own football team.
Running deep far into the football field at the Rose Hill Stadium (Which is my vegetable-dyed 
Persian rug that I bought at an estate sale to cover my hardwoods.) is Piglet, a young and 
highly spirited white short-hair Chihuahua, who happens to also be a neutered male, ripped 
with lots of muscles and little body fat.  Piglet leaps up high and is able to catch in mid-air 
the fluffy white piece of parmesan cheese covered popcorn with his cute little white teeth. 
(That I just brushed with chicken flavored toothpaste after his bath)
Tessie, the long-haired, black and white female Chihuahua, who is not so lean, executes 
most of her plays as the defensive tackle position.  She often blocks Piglet from catching his 
popcorn and also profits from his fumbles, by intercepting his popcorn and eating it before 
she is able to execute a perfect touchdown.  (Haven’t managed to teach her to delay eating 
her popcorn yet)
Each year they get better and better, next year they might be ready to take their show on 
the road.  Until then, they have until the Super Bowl to practice their four footed maneuvers 
and tricks.  At best, they could make it to Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks some day soon.
(No harm was done to animals in preparation of writing this poem or playing Chihuahua 

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Only By Ashden

roses r red violitz r bleu i like icecream n so do i

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The Walk In

No, Dear, I was not hurting Mommy.

Well, she may have been making hurt noises but she was okay.

Yes, yes, it was kind of like wrestling … only different.

No, you are right; wrestlers do usually wear some kind of outfit.

Well, I guess in this kind of wrestling, they are not pinned after three seconds on their back … although Mommy may say it feels like only three seconds.

Never mind that.

Yes, sometimes Mommy wins and pins me.

I guess I do make those noises when I am loosing, although I never mind loosing.

Yes, I know Mommy and Daddy are always telling you to keep your hands to yourself, but it’s okay for Mommies and Daddies to do that.

NO!  NO!  You can’t wrestle with your friends.  Not yet, anyway.

Sometimes we wrestle in other places beside our bed.

No, not with other people … at least, I hope not!  Why?  Have you ever seen Mommy wrestling with someone else?

Ummm, wouldn’t you like to watch some TV or something?

I know you just want to know, but, um Daddy is kind of busy right now.

Doing what?  Well, something important I’m sure.

Honey!  Can you come in here and talk to your daughter?

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And the Voice Said-----

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

JS Lambert

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Poem Pinata

Please strike
the piñata
i have made for you
out of the  stripes of paper
and the glue,

In  the midnight hour
i have labored long
on this plump pig
of collaged letters.
with  corrugated metaphors
Sightless Find the weakest point.

let that guide 
your hand
the transparent rose
wrapped candy
shall flow
in libation of sound
pour down
like a quirky rainstorm
like silver
on the sidewalk
of your mind.

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Dont Get Me Started

Why is technology more difficult to grasp, the more they try to simplify it? Take the computer for example, when it first came out it was big, expensive and bulky and not in use for the common man or woman. Then a strange group of hybred humans, left their caves, bedrooms and Mama's homes and walked out into the sunlight and into our simple lives and with outstretched hands presented us with the PC and manna rained down from heaven, Amen. These angels were lovingly refered to as 'techno-geeks' and now all those bored housewives could leave the drudgery of darned socks, dishes and present their husbands with a coupon for fast food, junior's carseat, junior and a 'bring me back a Big Mac, large fries and oh yeah a diet coke, got to watch my weight!' She then entered her 'sanctuary' and hubby left to the sound of tap,tap, tapping of little fingers on the keys.

Then someone said, 'I want to do more!' and 'Multi-tasking' was born on the earth and it was all good, Amen! Here I was, wrapped up in typewriter ribbon and having carbon paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe, blissfully unaware of the giants of progress and they searched me out and I was offered a free PC if I signed up for two years internet! 'Interwhat I said?' Then the tech,gleefully rubbed her hands together and whispered, 'My precious!' I could have sworn I heard a couple of 'gollums' in there as well. Six weeks later, a bulky package appears and a brand new silver shiny thing, called a hard drive, I blanched at the word 'hard', a modem, a reference book, big enough to choke a horse, eek and plugs and wires that went somewhere! Luckily my seven year old nephew, put it altogether for me and turned it on. It sat like that for days as I hopelessly sifted through the alien words in my manual, spittle dribbling down my face and a glazed look in my eyes, it making those whirring and beeping noises as if it was annoyed with me. I glanced at my typewriter, but it turned its back to me, highly affronted and saying, 'Traitor!' under its breath.

Well finally after agonizing over the PC, I have graduated to a 'laptop', left gradeschool at last, hallelujah! This comes with all the 'bells and whistles', wifi, bluetooth capability, I have a webcam and I can watch movies, download or upload music and multitask with my hands tied behind my back! Argh, umm, now where did I put that typewriter?

©Jane Richer

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with slight dementia

old man
with slight dementia
with sturdy sled
and little to offer

looking for attractive
young female and/or male
with good body
needing little
season greeting

send photo 
off season
January and October
to Santa Claus
Saint Barts

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Every thing that is around.
North to South and coast to coast,
My culture.

Weather, land and people,
Pan-o-ramas and political views,
My culture.

The ways of talk, 
The ways of walk,
The game and showmanship,
Work and play,
Night and day,
My culture.

The pros and teachers and striving reachers,
Artisans and preachers and other creatures,
Law people, tall people, all people,
My culture.

Fauna that's left,
Flora that's left,
Fauna and flora that's here,
My culture.

Relatives and friends,
Their thoughts and opinions,
People oblique to those views,
My culture.

Hypocrisy and idiocy,
My culture.

We progress and mature
Through fault,
My culture.

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The Bone

Our final purpose end is really generally unknown
but there now what better a place for such a strong supporting bone
Bone too high for worms and funerals incendiary flames
inclined bleached bone release from dead body there nature sadly shames 
By the fence there the bone propping skywards at the fence 
almost an artefact and cheering them before us 
Giving support to those who follow hereafter 

Ha ha !

Category aka  Horror !

On mass murderer Reginald Christie (10 Rillington Place)
The police made many mistakes in the handling of the case, especially by missing the remains of previous murders left in the garden at Rillington Place: one thigh bone was later to be found propping up a fence !

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My wife and I
visited San Francisco
last weekend.

We went to the
a 49ers game,
and took a 
whole bunch of

You know,
all the
and trendy
places that
tourists take in.

We both
we went to
for dinner
both nights.

We thought we'd try
a new restaurant our 
last night.

I thought
the meal was very good,
much better than
yesterday's meal


my wife preferred
last night's 
meal at

My Wang.

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Horse Deal

Horse Deal A very rich Rancher from the North goes down to Mexico. He takes a drive out on the Country sight. He sees a young boy bathing and combing a beautiful horse. He asks the boy how much he wanted for the horse. The boy said - this horse not for sale. The man says - why not? The boy says - he do not lookie too good. The man says - I make you a deal and give you $300.00 the boy says no. The man says - I give you $500.00 The boy says OK, but he do not lookie too good. The man says - he looks mighty fine to me. He gives him the money and asks him to help him get on the horse. The boy did, but the horse trips and the man falls. He than tells the boy - why didn't you tell me, this horse was blind. The boy says - I did. I told you - he did not lookie too good.... 07/07/2013 For Andrea's contest Show Me The Funny

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Crazy how when one problem is solved,
Another one arises,
When one thing is lost,
we find another one,
When we give up
someone else moves up,
When we think its the end of the road,
the journey has just began.

Crazy how when one stops hurting,
worry wants to take over,
When we are down and crushed to dust,
freedom calls, wanting to sweep you away like the wind.
Crazy how when i cry,
I realize am normal,
I have emotions and tears.

Funny how When my life is out of control,
When am broken and hurt,
Scared, thinking that this crazy world,
Is going to bring me down,
i find a reason to smile

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My big bang day

One fine breezy morning, I was a-riding my bike Seeing off my sweet Sara to her school bus Believe me,on return, I was not that fast But I still have my leg in a plaster cast! WHITE crepe bandage. Hubby took me to a hospital where "Nurses run" One bumped into my foot, 'twas "My big bang day"! Till the doc arrived, did this drama last Was trying to be brave as "thoughts become things". I was sniffing the aroma of salivating French fries, At this mode, a board across the road showed me a potatoes load! Was wheeled for an X-Ray The Doc offered comforting words as "Its only words..." I was praying to Almighty, "God please save me." Gloomy I was, for it was a dark room, black curtains, opaque windows I switch on my touch screen i-phone Then I was so happy when I set my eyes on the sheet No fracture, glad I was not running on empty hopes With much gratitude to the Lord, I may say He saved me for I am a Full-time mom!

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deconstructed punch face fist face forever

strings burst sirens
(slowly silently)
lights strobe ears blinding
(talk talk talk)
hardly listen speaking mumbles
(shout quicker)
heavy bass resonates between
(envelop everyone)
down drink upside down
(laugh joyous)
quite entertaining millions
(thousands mourn)
not funny own
(never funny alone)

punched face fist face
(pain abounds sorrow)
blood falls face punched fist
(scars form)
blood face falls floor fist removes face
(bruises rage)
placed down bodies side
(tired upset chaos)

night ends sticky floors
(motionless diseased)
fight ends before began
(audiences disperse)
light comes
(refresh renew)
out get out
(run fast free)
homeward bound headed
(sleep follows soon)
alone naturally
(again again again)
another night some say
(good bad unknown)

head not agree stomach morning
(never never ever)
neither contents
(infinity reversed)

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the apple tree greed

the apple tree greed 
the apple tree greed 

he has an apple a green apple 
he is the only person in this room 
with a green apple 
suppose suppose NOW 
he has MORE of those at home 
WHY he has a GREEN APPLE tree 
In his backyard no WAIT 
He has a vineyard behind his chapeau 
And he makes green apple wine 
And he sells it to the BOONES FARM people 
And they make BOONES FARM green apple wine 
And the whole city is soon sick 
The children ralf and barf and ralf again 
There is no more end to the men 
Drinking all the green apple wine 
To make this ONE person rich 
He never offered me any of his wine 
Eyes never drink of alcoholic beverage 
Eye have juices and tea and a soda please 
I'm just full of good intentions 
Picking green apples in my mind and eating way too many 
Having a green apple with mye lunch of poetical decay 
WAIT he left and YES he took the green apple core with him 
Not leaving me a bite not wanting me to taste the pleasure 
of his mite. Why eye understand him greedy is his name 
the green apple hoarder has so many apples now his wine cellar is so full and 
his larders aer so rich he does save the stems and seeds to plant again in 
ground so rich and he chews on this green apple while he watches MTV in 
selfish hedonistacal revenge while eye have no green apple stuck between my 
teeth OH bliss oh strang decay my teeth at least aer happier today he took the 
core away he left me all alone im appleless today im happier to say no song is 
being sung of little apples of the green variety been hung oh see the tree how big 
its grown the apples have been lost too long and they fall in misery from 
branches of decay to rot to rot to rot upon the vineyard floor there is no apple wine 
no more the green variety is gone they drink it only read and red is the color of the 
wine in cups so full of color there in plates so heaped of agony with applesauces 
vailiantly piled higher then the sky. 

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the angry poem 1

This poem makes me mad,
This poem makes me livid,
There's nothing that can round that word off so now I'm madder.

I bet you diddn't even now that word existed,
OH NO! Here I go again
Now I'm the maddest!

Writing mad peoms makes me happy,
Which is quite sad,
Because now that I'm finished,

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The Animals

The short haired calico cat
Came through the doggie door
Having no idea Ashley lounged 
Inside 'pon the floor
Ashley spied the short haired cat
The cat springing into alert mode
Voila' the chase was on 
With lightning speed
They were in flight
Flap, flag the doggie door explodes
Then just a tiny flap
The Chihuahua just loves
A good chase and fight   

Who knows what it is??
Ha!! Ha!!

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Sleeping Husband

My husband snores
Everyone closes their doors

He thrashes about
Like he is trying to get out

Where he is going
I do not know

You hear him all night long
Talking, yelling, singing a song

I tell him...please do something you silly old man
What can I tell you, that is all I can

He wakes up in the morning all rested and well
Why the rest of us want to stand up and yell....

Good Lord man...go to the doctor, you are not well!

©Holly P. Moore
   October 2012

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What is the weather like

Okay I am going to write a funny poem to cheer everybody up
Because it's gloomy and cloudy over here
Does the sky mirror your feelings?
I hope not because you are going to be cloudy, downcast, dark, and thunderous
Who wants that?
Do you feel you are hibernating?
Just remember to come out
Spring is around the corner
Maybe that's the reason why my co-workers have so many baby showers
All cooped up inside and nothing to do lol
We just love any reasons to celebrate
I think they should have more national holidays
People should be forced to take a holiday
We don't take one ourselves
We work too much
Let's kick us out of here
We work too darn much
I am considering taking up coffee
Why?  Because I just like the Keurig machine
It's tempting - those little Q-cups
Ahh those pros and cons 
I will see how they win
I may end up chugging a little mug with me in my car
Like those coffee junkies
That have to have a cup of coffee before the day starts
My day starts now!
So I'll see
Okay that's it for now
I will leave you with some thoughts
Are you yay or are you nay?
For you or against you?
Win or no win?
King or queen?
Haha not the last one
I think you know that one
But you can be king or queen for a day
Have you heard that one?
How about everyday?
Now you are talking!

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She's Too Fly

She don’t deny she’s so fly;
So hard to see; Gone in the blink of an eye;
But a bird of prey has to try, he can’t be shy...

Feathers slicked back, I’m feeling sly,
Feeling smooth; Thinking that I own the sky;
I spot her tracks, lick my lips,
The prey’s in sight, 
I lock onto those enterprising hips and make my move;
I lay down a line that I’m sure has never been uttered before...

She laughs and says, ‘You’re not my sort of guy!’

And why? Perhaps she doesn’t like my syfy;
She might think that my Vulcan salute is moot;
But if she would only let me do the mind meld,
I would show this lady a world she has never known before...

Of course, if we did the mind meld 
she would find out about my collection of GI Joes,
and then you know she’d let go.

It’s funny – It doesn’t matter that I am one of the pros who can deal with life’s throes,
That I never call the ladies hoes,
And that I know the right time to throw down a rose and a rhyme...
Because she is into a bling-blang ding-dong;
Who has his head stuck in a bong;
Half the truths he knows are wrong,
he learned them from a Kanye West song;

Yet she goes back to his nest to get undressed,
And together this couple, these oxymorons, they consummate;
All the while I sit alone at home, forced to think of Uhura, and I masturbate. 

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The Note

The Note
Back in the dusty toe
Of the library cove
Was where we would go
Not with any books in tow
Just the need to let love grow
With you I would lose all control

Every once and 
a while we
Would leave each 
other sensual love notes.

Years later I went back 
After my divorce just
To satisfy my curiosity 
That was about 
To make me choke.

Back in the corner of the cove
In our old Grey’s Anatomy Book
Was where I saw my latest love note,

You left your name 
Your email address
And you’re handsome 
Picture for an 
Old bloke.

My heart leaped for joy
When I saw your note.

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My Middle Name

This is possibly
a useless piece of information,
but in Yorkshire where I was born
we only have an alphabet
of twenty five letters,
as all true Yorkist will tell you
there is no ‘H’ in our dialect
which is a problem for me, ‘Harry Horsman’
So my middle name is Joe short for Joseph.
‘Told you, a useless piece of  information.’ 

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Davids for David

My God  David
Your pants are so tight
Nothing left to imagination
Had to look twice.

Your famous for football
Wont watch you there
Back to your advert
Going to sit and stare

Writing about David Beckhams underwear advert.  ( my goodness I am a sad case). 

I dont know you David but my heartfelt hopes are with you and your wife.  Seren.

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Along The Walkway

Along the walkway somewhere lilacs scent And visions of grandeur waft betwixt my head A “Hmm” after each new-ward notion, then Like thistles, keep slipping through the cracks of zen Why Campanula ringing out Disturbed by the sounds unrenounced Then I stop again, in an “ah ha!” revelation Followed by the “No wait, that's not quite it” aggravation When from on high, a mighty oak hits me on the acorn “Oooh” suddenly things seem clearer more and more And looking down I can't ignore the facts Of my "that's it" underwear and my "oh no!" pants

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I Blow

On bended knee I blow my flute
  I  think I sound better than the corner Juke
  She turns red when she hears my sound
  then heads for the door, never turning around !

               Copyright McCuen 2009

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Got my first bike at nine, its color was red, 
fell off nine times and bled from my legs, 
ma covered my scratches and cuts with nine bandages,
barely nine, I drove my dad's car and crashed,
nine kisses and hugs I gave to beautiful Lucy, 
got whipped more than nine times for playing hooky,  
nine stitches on my head for jumping a fence, 
I had nine glasses of cold milk for breakfast...
nine times I burped and made my classmates laugh!

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Like a ship’s compass sits in the binnacle unmoving
While  the vessel rolls and pitches, 
As if her eyes and head were on separate swivel bearings
She faced me as I spoke but the eyes rolled 
Magnetically to the mirror at her side,
Assessing the exact shape and size
Of all the important parts of her outline
From all possible angles, all possible lighting,
While making written notes of  my instructions.
And the pen moved unerringly across the paper,
Quickly, error-free and blotless,  yet unguided
By eyes which were otherwise engaged:
And she asked politely if that was all, and smiled 
At herself as she ushered me from the office,
So she could confront her image more directly
With her automatically-homing radar  eyes :
And get an exact bearing on her bows and stern.

. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .


*This shop girl in Moscow was much more interested  in her
 own image in the mirror than in talking directly to my face.

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You were successful
At flicking 
All of your 
Boogers away
Until you met me
Ate one

for "zaniest poetry" contest
(posted 11/27/11 but written over 15 years ago)

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Fib I Told him Lying game The lie expanded Now can not keep all those lies straight
Sponsor: David Williams Contest: Twenty/Twenty Poetry form: Fib Written by: Sara Kendrick 20 syllables

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The Eternal Infernos of Pain

Front and Center!
Those Gates adorned with pearls in Heaven.
White angels soaring. 

If by chance, 
Ordered to enter;
Through St. Peter's Permission; 
I demand from you chancellor; 
A swift insanity plea, submission. 
For this troubled soul is plagued, 
By vast displays of wicked ways. 

None lost. 
Courtesy of meticulous examination. 
Love lost. 

Diligence pending Investigation. 
Key Evidence, perpetually documented 
In Sin's ominous catalog. 
Rebuke my Judge! 
For multitudes of shortcomings, 
He failed to ascertain. 

Moreover, present was He, 
When Satan drafted me. 
First round,
Pick three.
His Fantasy League...
"The Eternal Infernos of Pain" 

JS Lambert

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Mind Scam

I think
Therefore I am
What a joke
Its really toast with no jam.
Save it for a rainy day
Do you know how many ive had
I dont want to come out and play
A penny for your thoughts
Yup, you nailed it
But thats all i bought
Give me liberty or give me death
Hmmm a coin toss
I wont hold my breath
No man is an island
Is it all inclusive man
A bird in hand is worth
Nah, im not even gonna go there

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if there's no

if there's no heaven,
there would be no hell.
if there's no hell,
there would be no bloody fear.

if there's no war,
there would be no peace.
if there's no peace,
how could you actually live.

if there's no women,
there would be no men.
if there's no men,
how could there be women.

if there's no hate,
there would be no love.
if there's no love,
everything would be hopeless.

if there's no money,
there would be no honey.
it there's no honey,
everyone would be lonely.

if there's no rich,
there would be no poor.
if there's no poor,
almighty gets bore.

if there's no lifes,
there would be no smiles.
and if there's no smiles,
how could be there happiness and joys.

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Radical Man

FDR said, "A radical is a man with both 
feet planted firmly in the air."
How inspirational.
How impossible!
A radical is original,
Just as long as it's not a 

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Xanax Sunshine

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

JS Lambert

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Not Again

The worst day
To ever sprout 
From the depths of Hade
Could not begin to express
How he made me feel.

Who would have guessed?
He had follicles
That put even the most 
Queen to shame.

And it’s true
I envies his
Velvet smooth,
Shining skin.

I put my heart on the line
And to have it come back
With a letter of 

I’m crushed,
Cold, and
 Consumed with the dreams
Of the past.

Now, I watch
As he shimmies by
With his bedazzled

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The sun was up and the moon sank To great my brother a happy birthday We smiled and rocked, we ate, we drank To convince my brother of a lovely day Until five clocked when we heard a sound Which made us stop our delightful play The police knocked, arrested for disturbance. This suddenly turned out a bad day

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The Lazy Man

"Working very hard to become very rich is not my style",
he mourns deep inside his soul. Suicide is his resolve, for when one dies,
there is no working; toiling in the Sun and rain. Running a home, firm, and his own personal life has been a burden to him.

"Death is my liberty!" he jubilates, as he jumps off a cliff.....

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Foot wear,
The foot where,
The foot what connecting all to this world,
To dress,foot wear,
Addressing care,
The lacing made old fashion,
Replacing buckles,chains and Velcro in machines,
In rainbow colors,
Short builds to shot up,
Size to size foot wise,
A ladies pride,
Sometimes a tool provide,
A history when came in contact with cheeks,
Thrown at some heads in anger,
Get into others foot often,
Bare foot,a symbol of poverty,
Cobblers to make,
Lincoln an exception!

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What the Hell

Why is the “p” silent in receipt?
Why is “no” not the same as “know,”
Or “new” and “knew?”
And if someone says “there,”
Why do we know
They don’t mean “their” or “they’re?”
I read a note from a redneck up yonder
Said “Hay man, ya got a doller?”
Well I don’t, not that I’d give it to ‘em anyway.
(Probably makes more than me too)
I s’pose he couldn’t talk a lick, hence the note.
Some say I talk funny in these here parts,
but what would one expect 
from a Yankee from ‘hia anyhow?
Everybody knows everybody here
‘cause I think they’s all related somehow.
The lady down the street, I swear
is married to her daddy,
her grandfather also her step-uncle.
Jack down the road is all in a tizzy
wondrin’ who’s yer daddy. 
Up in Minnesota I found
a word can take half-hour from start to end
where a soda is a pop… there is no spelling
of which I can describe – can you?
But I met a man from Harvard t’other day
asked him “’scuse me sir, where’s the library at?”
With pomp and serious demeanor he says to me, 
“Here at Harvard, we never 
end a sentence in a preposition.”
So I says to the prep, “OK, where’s the library at…

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2015 predictions

Welcome to my 2015 predictions
First of all Kim and Kanye will get a divorce
1D will break-up and leave teenage girls distraught
While some rapper will go to prison

I won’t be able to go a day without talking to football
Some people I meet will say “wow Alex you’re tall”
I’ll reply “I’m 6’3 please tell me something I don’t know”
I see you’re short sorry you didn’t grow

So I’ll continue to be a man-child
Go back and forth with a number wondering if I should dial
Find a gorgeous girl and give her the last rolo I have
Then shortly after kill someone for saying yolo or swag

Some still won’t be able to take a joke
But will happily watch the Simpsons and homer put his hands around Barts throat
Lil wayne will make an album about money, sex and drugs
Taylor swift will make one about an ex and love

The government will take us to war
Cristiano Ronaldo will rightfully win the Ballon D’or
I don’t know if I’ll find a girl who truly loves me
But every girl I date will take at least 1 of my hoodies

I will win a few million on the lottery
Wait why is my own mind mocking me?
I will continue with that kind of dreaming and wishing
I hope you enjoyed my 2015 predictions

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Super Support

Super support stretch panty hose
Hung by the chimney with care
In hopes Santa has received my list
My black hole of wants for that long 
Winter's night..

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In pastoral lands
With green fields abound
And high hilltops to search and explore
The old man sheep stubbornly stands
All alone in wind and rain
The shepherd looks on and idly wonders
Whether the wether, will weather the weather,
or whether the wether will not

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River Conch

If you want 
to hear the Amazon,
hold a banana
up to your ear.

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Moving up the food chain

We were vegan
with a brain smaller
than a peanut
and then we started eating
our brain got larger
we became higher primates
moving up the food chain
larger brain
smarter men
bigger hearts
higher blood pressure
and now
we moved back
to green
forget the red meat
to the trees
and to grass fields
became vegan again
up and down
the food chain
hopefully the brain
stays the same...

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The Bunny And The Dinosaur

Once upon a time a little bunny was grazing
Totally innocent that something amazing
Was about to happen in an interesting way
As she was eating in the field that day

As you all must know and are very aware
That a bunny is tiny just from being a hare
Dinosaurs are old and of a mammoth size
Them being friends one can hardly surmise

Imagine this bunny with her long pretty ears
Meeting a dino of a million years
Him a Kentrosaurus with a big long tail
Her a rabbit and so delicately frail

One noticed the other eating clover too
So dino said to her how do you do
I am a dino and what is your name
Lets dine together for we eat the same

This bunny was cute and dino was shy
He liked her a lot but didn’t say why
This dino so big and terribly tall
This rabbit so cute and terribly small

One day it rained was a really big storm
He kept her dry and that kept her warm 
So they became closer day after day
They wanted it always to be that way

Then one bright and sunny morning
Came some men without any warning
And they said this old dinosaur 
Escaped out through our back door

In case you think that’s a mystery
Was the museum of natural history
So this is the end, the story is through 
Could be more funny if it were true

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Turning Fifty--

Boldly stepping out of the forties
Got my tude on and wearing my hat
Head held high, nose in the air
Look up!, look out, fifties everywhere

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The Rehearsal Of My Funeral

Directing from my open casket
I commanded all the choir
To sing a holy hallelujah 
To get the congregation crying

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If Jane Were a Feminist


What's with that yelling already?

Me Tarzan, Me Man, Me Make Noise

I can see that.  Inside voice, please.
You'll wake up Cheetah and you know
How grumpy he gets if his nap is interrupted

Me Tarzan

Enough, I know already
Me hungry, Jane make lunch

Now wait a minute Jungle Boy, I'm tired
Of waiting on you hand and foot
Make your own lunch

Woman take care of Man, Woman listen to Man, Law of Jungle

Says who?


That doesn't impress me, loin cloth breath!

Jane talk funny since trip to Ameeereeka

Listen here tree vine jockey, I learned a lot in New Joysee
Women have rights, they used to burn their bras

What is bras, me no understand

Didn't think so.  Either you treat me with respect or I'm out of here!

Where Jane go?

Maybe back to New Joysee

Tarzan listen Jane
Jane teach Tarzan respect

Now you're talking
First lesson, what's for lunch?

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The Saga of the Lonely Cactus: Introduction of characters. First Part

The “Saga” of the Lonely Cactus 

by Miriam McCue

Characters in order of appearance:

Lonely Cactus: He is a  6 foot Saguaro cactus with two arms (kind that looks like a man from 
a distance.)    (In real life these cacti have to be around 75 years old to get an arm.) 

Kieran - My granddaughter

Aunt Mikey - My youngest daughter

Alphabet City - Part of the Lower East Side of NYC

Desert - This refers to desert surrounding Phoenix AZ

Manhattan - Name for the island of NYC, not including Brooklyn, Queens, etc.

Super - Nickname for the superintendent of a tenement or apartment building.

Assorted city street characters - Anonymous

Greenwich Village - West of the Lower East Side NYC

Lower East Side - Part of NYC ( name of it describes where it is)

Alphabet City - Part of the Lower East Side of NYC
Assorted city street characters -  Anonymous

Central Park -  Large man-made park in Center of NYC

  Big Apple -  Nickname for NYC

   U.P.S - A delivery service (In poem pronounced by letters, no as “up sss” )	

   Casino - We all know what that is.

Donald Trump - Famous prominent  business man

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I Belong In a Museum

[Ancient Egypt]

Androids are dispatched
Covering vast distances in space
Doing what organic life cannot
They simply do not age
Arriving at our planet
Then erecting a star gate
The hieroglyphics are aligned
Our ancient gods step through space

Primitive eyes looking up
At strange new birds in the sky
A new genetic race is created
That cannot distinguish lies
The obsolete is discarded
As mass extinction begins
A few bones for future museums
Representing an age at an end

Perhaps someday in the future
There will be a guided tour
My skeleton propped in absurd dignity
A plaque with "David Bissett" on the floor
A curious youngster stares at me
My hollow eyes still displaying doubt
"Though their brains were so small,
I wonder what this one thought about"

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The Goodnight Kiss

                                          A  Goodnight Kiss

In the beginning:
    Sweet , Tender, Hopeful.
Later on:
    Deep, Insistant, Demanding.
     Faithful, Comfortable , Knowing.

Kiss Me.

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Tax time

I am going to write a funny poem
Does God ever say you have to be God?
When are you going to know?
Let me know okay?
Do you know what God does?
He does what you do haha
So watch it
You don't want to do a bad job, do you?
His reputation is at stake
Forget it - you don't care about that
You just care about you
Be careful, will ya?
I am gentle and extra sensitive
What am I?
Not a flower!
What are you?
Why do you tax me?
Don't you know that I'm taxed enough?
Uncle Sam and now you
Ahh it's that time
Okay I will make you pay haha

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Swimming in circles,
not hearing,
analysing every word
of a neutral text,
wondering if, wondering why,
something I said?
About to give up, 
don't be a fool,
all that caring,
sticking your neck out,
chopped off for sure,
body filleted,
without a thought,
they ask for commitment,
and take it as their due,
you're not a fish,
spit out the hook,
escape is near,
the ocean is large,
then a quick note,
"See you soon?"
Now, we start
all over again.
Don't tell me it's
it's women that are
the fishers of men!

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running Chestnut- Syntax-ing

is it a noun or is a verb um																		  to ing or not to ing question                																  my son to patronize a thing 																	 gerunds ung unga to ingaz                                                                                                  not beggar belong to egads 																	 																	not like cave man talk but suffix's 																runnen ans end mind affixes 																	the word things we call ing's  																	running to flow agitating																		 syntax your mind along the lang 																darling short for to be the slang 																	suffice to be or not to be 																 suspense supine a rhyme came thee

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Naked Optimism

Master Angry and Miss Depressed 
are bemused bed-fellows
who relish, even excel
in each other’s company
that is until 
Lord Hope and Baron Optimism	 
don their top hats
at a jaunty angle,
put on their cocktail coloured boots
and come out to play
whilst dancing with 
a hypnotised ostrich 
who thinks it’s on the game.

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Zulu Dawn

When you first hear those fateful words
It hits you like a thunderbolt
Although totally expected
The blood still drains from your face
You sit, disbelieving, shocked, numb
Not quite able to take it in
You ask the usual questions
How long have I got, will it hurt
Is there nothing that can be done
But you know, way down, deep inside
This is it, the end is in sight
The day you dreaded is finally here
That rock and roll lifestyle of old
Has come back to bite your backside
So you ask the only question
That matters to you any more
“Will I be able to eat nuts,
Once the dentures are in, I mean?”

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The Thought Counts

I wanted to give you twenty
My mom said, "Too much."
I wanted to give you twenty
Mom said, "Ten is enough."

I wanted to give you twenty
You were finally twelve
I wanted to give you twenty
In my mom's purse I could no longer delve

I wanted to give you twenty
Only got ten bucks
I wanted to give you twenty
darn. awe. shucks

Inspired by a card given to my son for his birthday

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A Dogs Life

I'm sick of being me!
I am a D-O-G!
And I got Fleas! 
No one loves me!
My mom left me when I was a pup!
My dad got hit by a truck!
Now I'm running down the street trying to find something to eat!
Night comes but I don't sleep!
So I just sit here and howl and whine
Will I live? Or Will I die?
Life anit easy on these streets! 
Man!!! I wish I could find some food to eat!
Maybe I'll eat you! But I anit no fool!
OOPS! My bad I'm starting to drool
Well Bye-Bye now! Woof! Woof! Show love!

Oh one more thing before I go... anit you glad your not a dog?

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I Saw Daddy Knocking Santa Claus

Whoa! Daddy's knocking Santa Claus!

I saw Daddy knocking Santa Claus 
(knocking, knocking Santa Claus)
Just beside the christmas tree last night
He shouldn't came and crept
Daddy knew Mom and him had kissed
Mom's worry for what she did
She prayed Santa not to beep

Then, I saw Daddy carry Santa Claus
(carry, carry Santa Claus)
And get him to his sleigh reindeer ride
Oh, what a trouble that it had been
Thank Mommy she hadn't seen
Daddy knocking Santa Claus last night

(She saw Daddy knockin, knockin, knockin, Santa Claus)
I did, I really did see Daddy knocking Santa Claus.
I'm not gonna tell my Mommy

Then I saw Daddy kissing Mommy now 
(kissing, kissing, kissing Mommy now)
Underneath the mistletoe, just right
Oh, a what a laugh that it has been
When they caught me as I stare
Daddy kissing Mommy hugs her tight

Oh, a what a laugh that it has been
When they caught me as I stare
Daddy kissing Mommy hugs her tight

From the original song
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

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Quodlibertarians excel at obacerating
And are skilled in the art of obganiating
They drive people nuts,
No ifs, ands or buts,
Even their perscrutation seems nothing less than excoriating!


The Art of Arguing About Anything

People who argue about any subject excel at contradicting
And are skilled in the art of irritating people with constant reiteration
They drive people nuts,
No ifs, ands or buts,
Even their thorough search and diligent inquiry seem nothing less than condemning!

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Love Hurts - The Symptoms

Thoughts displaced by rolling palpitations,
From left to right grow these numbing sensations,
A face which spirals down, drooping from smile to frown.

Time hibernates in this moment protracted,
Legs bow and shake to our drama just acted,
Senses into overdrive, does pain show you’re still alive?

Oxygen masks, Coxes’ rowing commands,
Heart beat machines is what love demands,
“You need time to relax”, prescriptions from Quacks,
Is love just a commonplace heart attack?

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Just To let You Know

I’ve eaten the chocolates you brought last night
   in the box that was prettier then the taste of the candy
forgive me, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
I’m not that kind of girl you know 
  one who is bribed by roses and Whitmans 

am I likely to fall for fluid practiced lines
  meant to make a girl swoon and fall in love 
for a careless hour of your time
  with your hungry, shallow anticipations…
of removing my pearls and chemise
  you know…
the one who waits with excited expectations
  for your silvery seductions...
just yearning to be seduced 
  by your lover boy’s touch
  or …
for a midnight tryst 
  that ends before it even begins
  oh yes... 
I see your majolica, opaque heart 
  It reveals the opacity of your dull mind 
you interest me not 
  my heart rises to the golden boy
the one who laughs with his eyes
he really does see me with his heart
  the one who listens- who knows the color of my eyes 
he spends $1 on my favorite kind of licorice

$20 for a meaningless box of chocolates or…
  roses meant only to impress
he's the one who learns quickly 
  he really wants to know things about me
those little endearments…
  you know...
like what my middle and last names are
  he knows and sees what I have to offer
it will be appreciated by a true heart 

for I am not an empty headed
  young, seductress 
to sweep you off your feet 
with empty lines and ploys 

I am not that she 
  who expects fancy gifts 
unloading your checkbook of it's contents
  putting out her soul for sale

I'm not some plastic Tinker toy 
  you put together and then pull apart
I think I’ll just wait until he comes along
  If not…
when I’m alone I’m happy 
  the smell of the dogwood
their fragrance in the breeze
  I’m okay with just being me

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12:40 AM: Still Watching TV

Feelin' fine
On a Sunday night, despite my
Lack of sleep
I need sleep for school tomo
I'm a crazy boy, I know!
Watchin' film 
Watchin' DODGER games 
And Lakers Games
With my brother and sister on red couch 
T.V. night tonight! 
Watchin' screen eagerly
Watchin' scary movie
Watchin' my bro's tennis match
Watchin' cartoons

Like Spongebob and.... 

Never mind that! 
No one needs tah no dat!

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Teddy Bear - Strange Love

Teddy Bear - Strange Love 

Our new neighbors have guns and drugs
They call me Teddy
Silly! toy is Teddy…. Teddy Bear
They must be crazy
I love my little bear
We’re happy happy happy skipping down the street!
One day the neighbor guy took my teddy
Threw him in the air
Like a taxidermist dream
I screamed, “Teddy can’t fly leave him be!” 
The bad man zeroed in on Teddy 
With an AK-47 in hand
And blew my friend away.
The tiny head flew off
Stuffing everywhere
Oh Daddy come quick!
I think my teddy is sick!

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gypsies come to town
riding dusty horse drawn carts
watch out there's thieves amongst us
collecting what they can
the tramps are after our husbands
to pass along their curse
these gysies,tramps and thieves
will stop at nothing just to get your purse!!

april 23,2012

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Leader of The Pack

Wake up sleepy head is all that’s left to say. Get up I say!
But of course it didn’t help… This was sleeping at it’s best!
The bus was due for school soon, and still in bed he slept.
So out came my hidden weapons, that are better than water splashed.
I crept quietly up beside him… and here is what I said…

If you don’t get up I’ll release our monstrous, fearless, great cat.
He’ll jump and walk all over you… before sitting on your head.
Then I’ll bring in our loud 66 lb lab to lick you everywhere to death.
Then I’ll bring in our 86lb lab that’ll jump up to join you there, instead.
Don’t be surprised if he stretches out taking up most of the bed.
He’s really good at pushing with those really good, strong legs so…
It won’t be long before there’s nowhere left but on the floor to sleep.
And now let me introduce our 55lb forceful, herding cattle dog.
If he can’t get you up and going… believe me it can’t be done...
He’ll nip at you gracefully while never leaving a single bite.
He’s hungry and wants breakfast leftovers before it turns twilight.
And me I’ve reset the alarm. There’s no more music left to play.
Every five minutes the buzzer will be there just for you, I say.

Now I’m going away and you’ll notice the smells of bacon, toast, and eggs.
And if the dogs are in the kitchen first… it’s cold cereal for you this day.
And once they get a taste for leaving you far behind…
You will have forfeited your place at the table I know they’ll think you kind.
And when the animals are gone from your bed…
Who will protect you while you sleep?
Remember there’s an 8000 lb dinosaur living in the living room, that I keep…
And I know for a fact that he’ll come in and drool all over you…
He’s the problem we all run from…we walk around him every day. 
And I named him Mr. Report Card… for all the damage he can play.
Without him there’ll be no Xbox, Play Station, or fancy fishing trips.
So get up my sleepy young man… The world is waiting for you today.

These are my secret weapons and they work every time…
We haven’t missed the bus you see… in a very, very long time. 

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Murphy's Law

Today’s’ another day unlike yesterday I am told.
But each one is unique in the troubles that it holds.
To solve all my problems I call on all those good old Patron Saints.
The Catholic Church has Patron Saints I can pray to for everything.

As I get up each morning I pray to St. Martha the protector of housewives.
I need St. Christopher while going to the door, to safely find my way.
Then St. Camilla is handy if I trip and fall getting there, needing aide.
And when I write my poems its St. Cecelia to whom for words I pray.
As my children leave for school its St. Pancras to get them there and home safe.
And when they give me a headache I ask St. Dennis to make it go away.
I pray to St Ambrose as my learned children bring report cards home from school.
And as my children’s music gets loud its St. Cecelia I beg to change it into 
something good.
When in trouble my kids like St. Gerard since they were falsely accused.
And with any time out, I send St. Hippolytus to guard their prison room.
Each month as I pay the rent it’s to St. Margaret I look… so as not to be homeless 
And when I face my crazy neighbor… its St. Eustace to calm me down, it’s true.
When the dogs misbehave… I ask St. Roch to stop them just once more.
And when I’ve had a bad day its St Dymphna I ask… why I shouldn’t run away.

I’m not Catholic but I like to hedge my bets you see…
I wouldn’t need any of these saints if just one wasn’t my best friend…  truly.
St. Murphy from Murphy’s Law sits upon my shoulder each and every day.
He keeps telling me not to worry… if it can go wrong it will go wrong any way.
He’s my Patron Saint who loves me intensely… most of all!
And I can see why the Catholic Church won’t claim him… no… not at all.


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Up to up

Fed up
Fixed up
Dressed up
turned up
Stood up
Gave up
canned up
Fed up.

Peter Dome.copyright. 2014.

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Supermarket Daze


Gross overweight    reflections

gleam off stainless steal

 bins, filled with frozen TV dinners.

Obese mothers Jam

peppermint suckers down

 children’s tearful mouths

-temporary peace.

Hamburger helper, pepsi-lite

National Inquirer  , Rovers dog food

-frantic search for penny full bargains.

Torn pantyhose

wheel aisle after aisle.

 mountains of pot pies, ice cream, potato chips, red chips, blue chips 

freeido chips

Must hurry.

Get more. 

Get more of  those treats 

need  more meat .

Shopping daze fever

cart wheel out the street.

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When I'm gone

5-19-2012			When I'm Gone
Something you said,it went and it to my head,
 With out you my life is meaningless
Gone from this world is where you belong,not where  I am  going,
You are not here so I will go along,the pain I must endeavor,
Or  I will die off like the fools of the your previous  peers,
Who follow a light that doesn't shine in this life or the next,ou are as real as company you keep on a lonely day,
So long- I say to you ,leave on your own will,
Stay on top of the hill,where you will be unknown,where you belong,
Until you are no longer a left over washed up thrill,
Who left their heart in San Fransisco,that you never found,
    Cause you are  gone,all along,you  were never here .


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white t-shirt hanging on the line
pair of work scrubs thrown in the laundry
two socks matched perfectly in the drawer
white tennis shoes by the door
white eye shadow placed upon white skin
grabbing my white purse
heading out to my white car
driving to work in between the white lines

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catching rainbows

do you dream of better things
do you wish for anything
do you continue to hold out hope
do you imagine life shiny and new
well sorry sunshine i have bad news for you
life is hard and makes you curse
when things are bad they tend to get worse
time is cruel but makes you strong
when you think you're right you're always wrong
people tell you lies to ease their own pain
you can't catch rainbows if your life is full of rain
so soak up the sun when ever you can
that way at least you'll have a really nice tan

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Sacred Passage

God of light conquer my fear from within

An eclipse of the sun has tainted my inner vision
Who are we to have believed yet ac