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Free Verse Dream Poems | Free Verse Poems About Dream

These Free Verse Dream poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Free Verse Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I Wondered

Last night I lay in the darkness of my room like i always do Me, a dim lamplight and thoughts of you my only companions Everything was still Till I could listen to first pit pattering of raindrops Upon my. Windowsill Falling, falling gently down my amber rose leaves garden. Falling gently ,wildly, gushing , drumming, Like your heart beat on those scented nights in the hallway by the fireplace, face to face I wondered if water shadows were there too In a distant land, in another path and in a different time I wondered if you think of me too,over a cup of tea whilst reading your newspaper, or just sitting in your porch..I wondered.. Last night I sat, staring off into space. My newspaper not opened. My lemon tea gone cold. Everything so still, until the rain started to fall, dripping slowly, rhythmically, then faster, faster, harder, harder, quicker, quicker splattering onto the broken concrete sidewalk pounding like the beat of my heart when we cuddled under the moonlit sky. I wondered do you ever think of me does the moon bring back memories do you lie awake at night in your room dreaming of me....I wondered..

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Frozen Howl

Inside a knowledge turning cogs on this wheel
born from the darkness a heart rules supreme
fear in one wish looking towards tunnel light love
All that will remain when all turns to dust threads of life dance
kneeling weak alone humble and meek finding a balance

Weeping rivers flow haunting sea waves turn the key
truth is something beautiful touching deeply chords
Chilling whispers rise warm oasis warmly embraces hold
creeping inside beauty beams within shadows 
Dancing starlight kissing ocean reflections twinkle
sparkle glisten teardrops coldly ripple out

Floating on a cloud of breath precious beauty
a mystery that means something special 
finest mother of pearl gem coloring rainbow jewel shines forever
Frozen dew quicksilver lining echoes time answers always
cold as ice crystals dazzling diamond stillness pure 

Frosted vision clear cutting ivory white one cool snowflake falls
baptism in regal glowing crowning full face splendor enchants a ball
walking along golden strands looking across the sea midnight strikes
Sleepless nights held over and back destiny calls your name
utopia faraway dreaming our love complete

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- Sparkling Oceans Apart -

You're a maiden so hot burning thoughts 
whom melts ice inside deep waves salted 
unfolding ocean swells kissing your feet 
For once spoke those hot lips the truth shining 

Sunshine pleasing warm beholding to 
one's eye golden crowned jewel beauty 
rainbow luster coloring pearl treasure 

It's giving off their beauty pure free 
that does not require something in return 

A lady whom pleases the heart warm 
Princess cut with deep class sparkling pure 
utopia's adorable sun rise 

How the body is heated and hear 
her echoing heart beat in the chambers 

Shining a future path dreaming ore 
every single moment precious links 
each one spent with you falling under spell 

Love is like pure sparkling magic gem 
unpredictable true and marvelous 

Magic silk covers batting eyelids 
enchanting soft lovingly flowers 
beautiful petals held within the shell 
Let the rose live forever and the sun 
shines always endless times glistening gold 

Written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne- Lise Andresen 
a co write in a 9/10 syllable count
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

 - Thank you my friend Liam !

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- Angel Of Light -

Gazing faraway reaching to the stars twinkle silver 
shooting distant light of life orbiting inside one fantasy 

Blazing hot burning trails upon a flaming kiss 
from out of this world flies to You a dream 

You lift me from darkness, it lives a star in your heart 
Come with me and see tomorrow, where happiness replaces sorrow 

Smiling weightless floating on magic dust spells cast 
the heart golden overflowing deeply sweeping sands 

A small moment of a lifetime, unaware of what it really was 
Creates art is demanding but ride the wind, catch a star 

Love flows pure washed surf inside the ocean waves crash on shore 
Tides turning emotions swell unfolding feelings wild horses at your feet 

Of music golden notes feels the dream really, but it's just fantasy 
Honesty precious way even with storms and lashing rain 

Enlightening eyes in one vision of a mind circling angelic beauty beholding 
love who openly smiles pure in amazing grace always and forever shines 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and
 Anne-Lise Andresen :) - 04.01.2015 -
- Thank you my dear friend Liam -
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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Paranoid love

Tell me that this fear is just paranoia in my mind, 
we're not straining, we're not struggling, 
we're not sinking, we're just fine. 
I'm not perfect my dearest, but damn have I tried, 
and I'll try harder but I know I'll have the same results every time. 
Do you want me all the ways that I am? 
With all the struggles and the tears and the clinging to your hand. 
I fear your getting further and Im left on the shore to stand, 
watching you in the distance with a bullet in my hand. 
Tell me all this worry, its just clutter in my mind, 
tell me not to worry that we're doing just fine. 
Cause Im scared to run you off and I feel Im falling deep. 
And Im so frightened of these thoughts that its getting hard to sleep.
All I know is that the heart wants what it desires, 
because of you the match inside has turned into a fire. 
And I feel the broken glass thats sticking from my skin, 
Wondering if you'll remove the pain or push it back in. 
My hearts frantic wondering if you feel the same, 
pleading and begging for more than just a saying, 
but to feel and to see that im not alone, 
with being in this love thats overwhelming. 
Once I told you that we didnt have a spark, 
but you were lighting up and I was sitting in the dark. 
And this fire, this blaze its wrapped in desire. 
Im terrified to lose you, I think I might die or, 
maybe disappear from all the pieces falling out, 
im going crazy but when i open my mouth, nothing comes out, 
and I cant explain to you why I just need to hold you close, 
why every time you leave Im scared to let you go, 
why these tears are building up behind my eyes, 
all I know is that the heart wants what it desires 
and it desires to be your wife. 
So tell me in my panic, that your words are true, 
tell my my dearest what I mean to you, 
tell me that this paranoia is all within my mind 
we're not struggling, we're not sinking tell me we're just fine

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At the Gate of Dreamland

I know you are there
On the other side
Waiting anxiously for me
There at Dreamland’s Gate
So I close my eyes tight
To hurry myself to you
Hoping sleep comes quickly
To carry me to your arms
Which are reaching through the portals…
Ready, anxious, longing
To envelope me
And whisk me away
To places that are forbidden to us
On this side…
Keep us apart
And so we rendezvous
In enchanted Dreamland!

There…I see you!
And I run into your arms
And I feel the warmth of your breath
On my neck
And the strength of your arms
Around me
And I hear your voice
Whispering in my ear…
“I thought you’d never come!”

And I let you lead me
Through the flower strewn pathways
The profusion of vibrant colors
Are dizzying in their beauty
Their fragrance heady
You hurry me on
To a secluded spot
Beside a murmuring stream
An enclosed garden
Hemmed in by weeping willows trees
Their branches- the curtains that you sweep aside
As you carry me in
And lay me down on the bed of love
You’ve prepared
I gasp for breath
As I realize for the past moments
I’ve been holding it all in
Afraid I’ll awaken!

I look up at you
Drinking in your beauty
I caress your face, my fingers
Running along your full lips
As my body
Slowly melts
At hearing your pledge of love
Flowing like the voice of the stream 
Promising that you’ve forsaken all others
And I’m the only one
Who makes you feel truly alive
Who makes your heart beat quicken
And ignites the fire in your soul
I try to speak
But I’m silenced by your kiss
A questioning kiss
And so my lips speak to you
In a language my voice cannot
“You’re the ONE! Take me…here now…
Take me…do with me what you please…
Do all that as young lovers we were
Deprived of doing because they tore us apart! 
Here…now…my love, make up for lost time
I’m yours!”
You pull away and look into my eyes
Wanting to be absolutely sure
Satisfied by what you see
You start to undress me
To claim me
You do with me what you please
With no living soul to hear
I cry out your name in throes of ecstasy
Again and again
Till I am spent…

You run your hands through
My damp hair
Waiting for me 
To resurface
My eyes flutter open to see
Your smile of victory
Of possession
Of love realized…finally!
And I smile, contentedly…
That though you will never be mine, 
We are in a place that no one can invade
This place is ours
On the other side of Dreamland’s Gate
Is our secret meeting place 
Now and forever
Every time
I close my eyes!

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At the Gate of Dreamland- My First Contest Entry and Win

I know you are there
On the other side
Waiting anxiously for me
There at Dreamland’s Gate
So I close my eyes tight
To hurry myself to you
Hoping sleep comes quickly
To carry me to your arms
Which are reaching through the portals…
Ready, anxious, longing
To envelope me
And whisk me away
To places that are forbidden to us
On this side…
Keep us apart
And so we rendezvous
In enchanted Dreamland!

There…I see you!
And I run into your arms
And I feel the warmth of your breath
On my neck
And the strength of your arms
Around me
And I hear your voice
Whispering in my ear…
“I thought you’d never come!”

And I let you lead me
Through the flower strewn pathways
The profusion of vibrant colors
Are dizzying in their beauty
Their fragrance heady
You hurry me on
To a secluded spot
Beside a murmuring stream
An enclosed garden
Hemmed in by weeping willows trees
Their branches- the curtains that you sweep aside
As you carry me in
And lay me down on the bed of love
You’ve prepared
I gasp for breath
As I realize for the past moments
I’ve been holding it all in
Afraid I’ll awaken!

I look up at you
Drinking in your beauty
I caress your face, my fingers
Running along your full lips
As my body
Slowly melts
At hearing your pledge of love
Flowing like the voice of the stream 
Promising that you’ve forsaken all others
And I’m the only one
Who makes you feel truly alive
Who makes your heart beat quicken
And ignites the fire in your soul
I try to speak
But I’m silenced by your kiss
A questioning kiss
And so my lips speak to you
In a language my voice cannot
“You’re the ONE! Take me…here now…
Take me…do with me what you please…
Do all that as young lovers we were
Deprived of doing because they tore us apart! 
Here…now…my love, make up for lost time
I’m yours!”
You pull away and look into my eyes
Wanting to be absolutely sure
Satisfied by what you see
You start to undress me
To claim me
You do with me what you please
With no living soul to hear
I cry out your name in throes of ecstasy
Again and again
Till I am spent…

You run your hands through
My damp hair
Waiting for me 
To resurface
My eyes flutter open to see
Your smile of victory
Of possession
Of love realized…finally!
And I smile, contentedly…
That though you will never be mine, 
We are in a place that no one can invade
This place is ours
On the other side of Dreamland’s Gate
Is our secret meeting place 
Now and forever
Every time
I close my eyes!

Eileen Manassian
May 8, 2013

I don't join many contests. I join ones that really MOVE me, and ones that I feel I can really do well in. I join contests where I can try out a new form. I didn't join contests for the longest time, and I remember being encouraged to do so. I joined Kim's Free Verse contest right before the contest closed with this poem. I had written it and deleted it due to its sensuous nature. Then I decided to repost and enter it into my very first contest try...and it won first place! It will always be special to me. I wanted to relive the moment. 

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How to Die

At a carnival- in my dream
I saw an old man had made 
a rocket - and blasted off
I saw it go overhead and at first thought
It was a decoy
because no-one could come back to Earth safely
From such a blast
Then - I assumed because he was old 
he wanted to die in a 
Blaze of glory
Next I see his rocket turn into a parachute
And he has on snow skis and poles
We all make a space for him to land.
As he lands - the street turns into a river- 
and he manages to land upright
on the skis - on the water.
But I think then he had a heart attack
From the joy of landing 
Suzanne Delaney

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A Collapsing Yippie

It seems like everybody around me has forgotten,
they're stuck on a thought again,
saying alot and whining more.
Preying on their own self-doubts,
they have so much,
yet see so little.
so stubborn.
Can't they see that 64 inch TV,
or feel the beating of the jets in their hot tub ?
They measure their lives too much,
they have fallen into the "Great American Dream Sham"
as my friend "Chad Williams Lowther" would say !
Its a ruse,
an antidote,
so they can make changes in their lives which they normally wouldn't do,
because they lack the strength and insight,
so they get stuck in their minds.
Wheels spin,
tears fall,
marriages crumble
and the damn kids are really suffering,
cause they don't have the latest video gizmo box.
Thoughtless over-reactions of self- abuse,
much like an addict who is never satisfied.
"The Great American Dream Sham" sucked them in,
they forgot,
macroni and cheese,
saturday morning cartoons and matinees.
All replaced by todays goals and desires,
which are masquerading as tired souls trying to find solice,
stuck in "the Great American Dream Sham"
and now saying all there is to say,
Hail, Hail to me 
and all who are free,
all who go their own way
and all who see though it !

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Romantic Ramblings about the Ultimate Man

You’re the finest man I have ever seen
You are handsome and strong
Full bodied
Beautiful to the eyes
Alluring to the hands
Your lips
Send messages
“Come and taste
And never thirst again”
Your eyes
Changing hues
Like the sea
The sky
In between
Iris pools where I love to swim
Liquid pleasures draw me
The depth….unfathomable
I dive deep
Deeper still
Till I am breathless
Needing to resurface

Your mind
A garden
Laden with fruit
For my hungry soul
I devour your wisdom
It is sweet to my mouth
Honey clings to each word
and sweetens my inner soul
I can listen spellbound
As you expound
The mysteries
Of existence and time
The intricacies of the world above
And the world below
And the world within
Oh…the world within
The best of them all

How you enter it with confidence
My little world
You stride
Confident and bold
I worship the ground you walk on
I worship you...body and soul
I stop breathing
With your proximity
Afraid that my breath
Will betray me
forming itself
Into a perfumed message from my heart
confessing my idolatry
So I keep silent
I hold my breath
I look away
Overwhelmed by your beauty

You are the ultimate MAN
The incarnation of
Every woman’s fantasy
Your body a haven
Your arms the walls of safety
You protect
A bastion of strength
A fortress of comfort
A perpetual knight 
To my damsel in distress
You hear my unspoken cries
And come galloping
You whisk me away
To your castled heart
Where you allay
Every fear
With that smile
the drawbridge to your soul
The royal seal
You’ve sealed me with
“All is well
I am here
I am...HERE.
Lay in my arms
Put your head on my chest”

Oh...that slow easy smile
That rivals the sun
For it cannot compete
With the heat
Your smile births in me
The sun scorches from outside in
You scorch from inside out
I melt
With that sweet smile
Oh what of your touch?
A brush of your hand
And I grow faint
And your smile broadens
Sending flares
For you know
I’m prepared 
For your entry to my inner sanctum

You are the ultimate in creation
Desire’s ultimate desire fulfilled
Passion’s passionate plea
For perfection...
You are
And here is the mystery
You are here with me
In me
In my body soul and mind
You reside
You reign...supreme
Never to be dethroned
But to be adored
And my muted celebration of praise
Is heard only by the stars
But you will see its sparkle 
Here in my eyes
When our two worlds
Flaming into paradise

Eileen Manassian

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On A Bed Of Roses - A Collaboration

On A Bed Of Roses - A Collaboration

"On A Bed Of Roses."
A Collaboration.

On a bed of roses The scent of passion deeply inhaled
Passion drives our Loving Soul Lips now meet In adorations kiss

Caressing now the child of light A body glistening with Love's dew
Stars within our eyes Precious saphires the pools of Love

Eyes shining fire at their heart The fire of Love's desire
We live our memories In dream sublime Lie now here within my arms

Together In our heart of desire Our passion thrives In night's embrace
Love Is sublime on a bed of Roses.

Burning desires from passions heat tonight.
Two eyes mirrored in loves sweet gaze.

Two bodies lay bare glistening in moonlight.
Whispered sighs softly upon your ear.

Breaths quicken 'neath fingertips tender touch.
As loving arms pull me closer.ever so warm.

Breasts rise and fall to loves gentle touch.
Oh,the ache of sweet release to finally come.

Burning desire from ruby lips as passions flames do lick.
Succulent like the peach with sweet nectar to taste.

Oh, lay with me now on downy covers and hold me close.
Enveloped in heavenly wonder on the velvet bed of roses.

A collab from Michael P. Clarke & Mary Jo Hoose

*Thank you so much Mike for letting me join in again on a romantic collab with*

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Embracing Eternally

I dreamt that you were there,
In a haze, I could see your familiar face
The sun providing a spotlight for our awe-drenched moment

As I drew near,
Your features became more and more clear
You were smiling from ear to ear,
Like an angel fragrant and bright,
My soul beamed like an on-switched light
And we were so close to bonding edges
So close to each other’s face

I was captive in your touch
And yet I felt fully free
I saw your alighted lips 
Curved, smooth and pining
As if they had waited for the moment I would find them
And how they trembled with joy and longing
As they took their inevitable, suspenseful plunge

Two lips leaped and landed like panthers on the prowl,
Magnetic, crazed and ruthless
Made for this moment
I cannot fathom the strength I received,
Kissing those celestial lips…
He was drinking in all of my sorrows
In the sacred force of our impact

I felt his struggles he bore,
Ball and chain-
Though I did not feel burden or pain
I felt his purpose in his moist embrace
The cuddle of dew and rosebud,
The glow of this thumping heart
I felt him release the reigns of life’s blisters
For the conjoining of our truth
In the kiss of wholesome bliss, 
He wrapped his arms around me,
Tremulous and tight
Caressing  and knowing every spot needing light

Eternal moments passing in our sweet blend,
Tenderly, his voice, 
With comfort and assurance,
Knighted by cream-lit clouds 
His voice, a deep bell scooping water from a wishing well 
Pertinently held my ear in trance:
“This is the part where we never let go…”

. . .

When I woke from the dream, 
I realized we were embracing always,
Since the day of our union
My eyes became wise,
And I knew that I never let go of him
Not once, not ever...
An unusual pair, yes, 
Like vines to a gargoyle 
Though eternal too

For the gargoyle’s eyes never blink
For fear of missing the most
Her cold-stoned exterior senses the vine’s bold hold
Feeling and bearing his thorns forever…
Clad in the ornaments of each other 
Warmed and invigorated by the sun

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- Moonlight Dream -

    Open the gate and step into the night's adventure
    A golden full moon hovering in world of his own
    The moonlight is magical
    Night darkness under the moon dew glistens
    Where the diamonds - the emeralds and
    the jewels shine among all the golden
    Golden light envelops water pearl luster
    in a bed of cotton
    As the waves swell
    in the ocean
    Carefully the wind plays
    over the harp
    Interaction with the moonlight
    and the dream that is my own

  A-L Andresen :)

 Contest Name	Poems about the moonlight 
 Sponsor	SKAT A
 Deadline	4/25/2014

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I was a fool.

I was a fool searching for reasons why.

Reasons why I
Grin with sudden boy giggles

As if Karma was my DJ,
Playing cotton candy woven riffs
Of rhythmic whispers



I savor dark chocolate Peanut M&Ms
Tasting her sincerity
With each Pacific Ocean observance
Her dialect portrays within
My sunset smiles

I was a fool.

A slightly nervous kid
At his first Sadie Hawkins dance

Holding a paper cup 
filled with swirly colored punch...
...not spiked


Futile attempts to stifle these vibrating legs
From crippling my exhaling urges

I was a fool.

Searching for irreplaceable reasons
Why my smiles became
An 11 year old innocence

I smile.
I blush.

I embrace a new dream
Written on embossed bucket list

To hold her 

To hold her

To hold her
towards sunrises’ incipience

One day
With no reasons why



©Drake J. Eszes

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A Kiss

As you and I swim the same ocean 
I swim the vastness of it in search of you
There are no boundaries to what we can do 
If I love you and you love me

The hidden shores are awaiting us  
let us go then to paradise 

You bring me in like a love struck  dove 
sitting on her perch 

You have put a light in my heart that I 
never thought was possible 

Your love unwinds me like a ball of yarn
as we lay together as one soul

The love I have inside is just for you alone 
as I feel the softness of your words 

Your warmth fills my aching soul
I dream of your lips on mine 

I had a dream that we shared a kiss once 
It was a kiss that lasted forever

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Cornflower Blue

(a conversational collaboration with Christine Ueri)

"remember the dream I had when we were 10?
(waves and waves of cornflowers everywhere)
about the boy and the closet?
(sunflowers, circle, glass house?....closet, yes)
cornflower blue
(the closet was cornflower blue?)
the light in that dream was cornflower blue
(the air, the atmospheric light?)
yes, especially in the closet

I had that dream for so long
I'll never forget
little boy blue and the kingfishers --
the blue and white china plates
with the bridge and the lovers; the two doves in the willow tree,
that made me look for japanese
the funny things we do as children

(you are writing a poem....)
catch the words, my love
(you already wrote a poem up there; bridge it together --
I dried cornflowers with dandelions in a blue and white book; but it wasn't a dream.
Well, in a way it was, because at the time, I was floating in the clouds)

he wore a blue and white striped top in my dream

and I remember him
when I look at the sky,
the clouds and the golden sun --

I caught the words!
(yes! did you string them all together?)

not yet!"


August 29th, 2012

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The Canvas

She painted her emotions with a dark brush
My heart sunk into her canvas
Transported to an endless sadness
She greets me there with a smile
Her light not visable from the other side

"Come" she says
"There are many rooms to explore"
She skips along yesterday's corridors
I follow in tentative foot falls
She looks back, "Here it is, this is where we'll begin."
Through the door we go in

In an instant she disappears
I wonder was she ever here
Then a silent voice whispers in my ear
"Watch and listen, all will unfold"
I watch in silence, my heart feels cold

A mother in a hospital bed
Two baby girls
One of them dead
Tears of joy now sad instead
She whispers "do you see?? Happy Birthday, little me." 

I hear her giggle in another room
So I walk through another door,
a toddler alone on the floor
Mom sitting, at a table with a drink
Little girl starts crying
Mom doesn't even blink

The scene changes 
A parade of men
Mom needs her lovers
Over and over again

In the night
When mom's asleep
Into the girls room, the demons creep
On the bed, there she lays
She leaves her mind
While the bad man plays

I scream
I want him to stop
Her so helpless
Him there on top
The whisper returns "There is nothing to do,
I want you to know the source of my blue."

I say "please I can take no more"
With that she says "there is just one more door."
She is back, she takes my hand
I walk through a door to her promised land

The darkness, is all stripped away
She is young once more, it's bright as day
She turns and smiles, " I'm okay,
long ago I learned to pray."
I said "I do not understand, 
how could he let that happen to you?
Is he not to blame for your world of blue?"
She looks again with knowing smile
"You will understand in a while.
One day all anwers he will reveal, 
best understood when you learn to kneel."

From her canvas 
My mind wishes release
Flowing into my heart, an ancient peace
On humbled footsteps, my journey within
A world of shadows, canvas thin
I see beyond sadness
I search within 

This dark picture, 
brushed stroked on my mind
Her life touched by sin, 
Is now redefined
No longer is she broken
I watch her light grow
She says "I'm okay,
it's time for you to go."

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I often have the same dream Of castles in the air With a knight in shining armour To give me love and tender care He’d help me fight my battles To ease my troubled life We’d live in perfect harmony Maybe I’d become his wife I wonder do our dreams come true Where are you my love... I’m so missing you Jan Allison 20th November 2014

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Lost in a dream

You are so very beautiful darling 
behind the mirror a soul sings 
stirring hotly emotional feelings 
how the passion burns flower of flowers 
regal crowning desires petals touching 

Silken lips purse blushing one rose holding 
sunshine beams inside warm fingers of light 
Stroking hair gently halo radiating chords deeply dance 
looking into jewels of a treasure gem shines 
gifted I am to have met your beautiful soul 

Over and over in the heart skips 
beams jumping over the moon silver whispers 
silently makes love to you in every single thought 
hot sexy kissing every inch nibbling 
within the deepest love inside loving

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A Seagull's Plight

a resilient soul
hoists his drooping wings
dreary but dreamy
soars far
so high
he keeps on searching for his illusive dreams
regardless of the storm and height of mountains
goes through miles away
in his equanimity
straight with vision of sunrays
on  plight are failures
not too bad
tries again
the mighty swords in his heart
so much patience and love help him to survive
in every  vicissitude and kinks of his life
we  can get the melody of what we want
if we  allow the cacophonies to come

Dec. 5, 2012

Form: Suzette Prime

First Place
Contest: Suzette Prime: Prime Numbers and Philosophy
Judged: 12/14/2012
Poet Sponsor: Suzette Crous

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Anxious Dissolution


A soul was broken to make room
For dusty halls and labyrinths.
A gossamer, nylon bed-sheet shroud
Enwraps the remnants of that mind.
And no excuses can be made; 
This disease does not justify that one.
I do not sleep deeply, I do not wake easily,
I dream of cities built on sand,
Next to the swelling sea.
Oh, they should have lasted.
Why should they fall?
I dream of timber horses,
Brought between those city walls.
We should have known; we should have known better.


But, I am not an honest mystic;
Beware what you ask of me.
I will show truths within the liar's tapestry.
But, you will not believe; no, you cannot believe.


I howled for my motherland
When the mutiny began.
I heard the cry of treason; heard the cry and ran.
I saw blood be spilled,
Some of it my own, then
Felt the rest boil, that this could happen in my home.
I saw the battle through, until the very end,
Then wished the traitors pardoned,
Because they were my friends.


I cannot tell the difference
Between the sleeping and the dead,
So, I will dole out blankets, and keep the kettle on.
The streets are cracked and dirty,
And they all appear the same:
Shattered glass and roofing tacks
Where I place my bare and weary feet.
I don't want to go on.
But, I must rebuild; I must rebuild.
I have no grass to lay,
The trees and flowers will not grow,
So, I shall use nothing, but mortar, brick, and stone.
It's not the same; it is not the same,
But, I shall call it home.

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A Dream

A Dream
I patiently waited for you all the day long, my beloved. Even the tired, orange, afternoon sun long ago drifted off to sleep. Nighttime arrived in a hurry shoving away the short-lived evening, With rhinestone stars dotting a shimmering, dark, velvet sky, And a pale, silver moon shyly venturing on the horizon.
After the lamps were all lit, I struggled to stay awake, But my heavy eyelids drooped as I was weary from the long day. So forgive me, my lord, as I unwittingly succumbed To the potent spell of the Sandman’s magical dust; And sly Morpheus sneakily captured me in his soothing embrace.
Come share with me this dream of tranquil enchantment, In a watercolor field of delicately perfumed lavender and clover. And I in peaceful repose await your arrival, my lord, To gently awaken me with tender kisses, sweet as nectar. I look for you, my dearest love, in a dream!
Entered in a contest "A Dream" sponsored by Isaiah Zerbst (5-25-2014)

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I look back and smile

I remember how I would cry myself to sleep
Night after night then I would wake the next morning 
Dreading the moment I stepped into the 
School's doors where you would all be waiting.
You'd smile and pretend like we were the best of friends 
Till my parents left the car park then the words
Would fall from your mouths slashing and cutting,Burning into
my brain. You would all stand around me mocking me,jeering.
 When you saw your words didn't effect me,you moved on to
The physical. I remember how your hands would wrap 
 around my throat,preventing me from breathing. You'd laugh at
My struggle to breathe. I remember how they would hold
 Me down so I couldn't run while you would punch me repeatedly till I 
Could no longer stand up right,till I lay in a pool of my own blood. How people          
would just watch and laugh but never stop and intervene. The pain and          
humiliation I felt only enhanced your glee.
 I've grown stronger, now nobody would dare mock me. Sometimes 
people aren't strong enough to survive this so they leave but some 
people come out me. I remember how you'd get so angry
Because I never cried,I never screamed I just took it silently.
 When I look back I see how small you were and I try to feel anger at what you 
did to me but I feel nothing. I try to hate you but I can't. 
 Maybe it's because I'm now successful and you have nothing to look forward to 
but another gruelling day of pain and little food.
I feel no hate only sympathy towards the person I once feared but no longer do. 
Now I look back and smile at how I could've stopped you and I know you 
realised this too, now I know why you only ever hurt me when your friends were 
around to hold me down. I admit you've ruined me in many ways. I can no 
longer trust people,love people,no longer look people in the eye,but I look back 
and smile  because if you had never hurt me like you did I wouldn't be the 
person I am today, I  wouldn't be as strong and independent,as successful and 
happy as I am today, I would never feel such a strong sense of justice like I do 
now so I would like to thank you for making me a better person.
                                                Thank you.


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Turn Around

Daybreak in a foreign land Sights so bright Drenched in history The sun sparkling through the morning mist Vision blurred by squinted eyes A silhouette draping a wooden bench The baby sparrow hungrily cries Walk right past she looks at me Was she the one from my dream I stare right back to let her know Our two eyes lock, there is a gleam Oh vision bright and beautiful Come take my hand and walk with me A journey we both do need Turn around and comfort me

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Treasure Shining

A silver creeping mist 
falling one cloud 
capping the mountain

Like a great waterfall 
in a faraway distance 
I began dreaming gold

Inside the vision silver fingers 
pointing out spears slowly 
crumbling forward 

Embracing one pure gift
relic treasure memory of love
Warm sweet glowing jewel in deep beauty
Happiness inside shining diamond  
joy beaming your sunshine baby a star 
lighting one gem brightly dazzles a pearl

I drew with a 6/stepping up waves to 9 syllable count then we reach cloud 9/9/9 10 is the perfect ending 10 out of 10 a mad way I am trying to draw a jewel

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You Man

-a request by Mam Aiyah

You as a man can fill up this world
With the love of your heart,
Let them flow into your veins
As the oxygen of your spirit
Goes into the lungs of your kindness

You as a man can share the thoughts of your brain,
Even though your memory is not that enough to complete the story
Let your axon abound and connect to the spinal cord of your dreams

You as a man can smile with your lips
Let there be a good quotes for every word
Of your mouth as they slip,
Swallow all the sorrows, 
Cut the sadness of your teeth, make them fly away

You as a man can show your eyes with happiness,
Mix this with inspirations
As they blink in with visionaries

You as a man can smell the fragrance of nice posture
Strain the bad from good using your cilia,
As your thumb and index made it concrete
And threw them at a distance

You as a man can hear solutions,
Can fight all the negative pictures
With your muscles in your skeleton,
You can build a problem killer device
Energy is your emotions,

You as a man can face all of your knotty points
You can hold the sky,
As your feet stay on the ground…
Because you as a MAN,
Is H U M A N…

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Without Love

It would cloud the sun forever
in one instant the sea would dry
shift the axis of the earth
as a weak crystal
all of this would happen!
resulting in death
cover me with its funereal crepe
but you could never shut me
from the flame of your love...

Last night I dreamed
we were standing in cold grey weather
under the proudest stars
no escape from the ocean breeze
we looked beyond
as the pale moon put on a white cloth...
~ ~ ~ ~

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Upon a Bed of Petals

Last night I had a dream, unlike the rest
then begged of Sandman, this one request,
"Please take me there again tonight
and let me feel the sweet delight,
 again, before it fades away,
...take me to where the petals lay"

   We ran through meadows, days were long
   I picked bouquets, and we were young
   We were tan and lean and faces fair
   my flowing dress and windswept hair
   your eyes were dark with passion's call
   you pulled me to the grass so tall
   the earth was fresh, with petals spread
   no words between us needing said
   the sun was shining, skies were blue
   our desperate love was brindled new

Last night I had a dream, unlike the rest,
then begged of Sandman, this one request,
"Please take me there again tonight,
and let me feel the sweet delight,
 again, before it fades away,
...take me to where the petals lay"

Entry for Gail Doyle's Contest: "Upon a Bed of Petals"

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Let Me Lead You, My Love

Take my hand and let me lead you
Let your strong hand be pliant 
In my soft and tiny one
Let me lead you

Enjoy the journey
Knowing my heart is a true compass
The map to my hidden treasure clear
Be trusting as a child
I will protect your heart from all harms
Darling, let me lead

My steps are sure and light
We soon break upon the sight
An enclosed bit of paradise
Beside the bubbling brook of my dreams
Is a sheltered nook 
I lead you to lie down
And rest your head in my pillowy lap

My hand caresses your face
My lips plant little kisses on your forehead
And murmur sweet nothings in your ear
I feel your body relax
As I sing my love songs to you
Under the weeping willow tree
Of my fantasy world

I let you sleep
Knowing you need rest
Before you can experience
All I have in store for you
And while you’re away from me
In your enchanted “dream within a dream”
I let the wind teach me the art of caressing
The sun how to warm a body
The stream how to flow with pleasure
The flowers how to give nectar sweet
And the clouds how to tease
I learn while you sleep

You start to stir
Nimbly, my fingers undo
The upper portion of my dress
Eager to bare
My womanly charms
Underneath which beats
A heart wanting to please
I then lean over you
Brushing my lips against yours
You respond with warmth
On the verge of awakening
Your eyes flutter open
Take in my half naked form
You lower me down to you
And turn to lean over me
My face looks up to the azure sky
I look at a lone eagle soaring high
And I smile, knowing
Our love is about to take flight
But….I am not being touched

I look up at your face
And I quickly draw in my breath
For your eyes are hungry travelers
Taking in every curve and peak
Your pent up passion
Needing permission to touch

I reach out to you
My hand finds yours and guides it  
To what your eyes admire
And with a sigh, I reach up
And drawn your head down
So you can savor me
As the eagle circles overhead
Circling and circling
Watching you

And now I let you lead
You undress the remaining piece
That keeps you from full possession
I am pliant in your hands
As each sensation
You orchestrate
Trembles through me
Drawing from my lips
That which assures you
The music is about to crescendo
To your grand finale
I close my eyes 
To keep back ecstacy's tears
For I am loved as only one can be
In dreams

We later bathe in the stream
We bask in the sun
You help me dress
And you give me your hand
As with the kiss of a breath, you whisper,
“Lead me, my love, lead me.”

Eileen M

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Surreal Poem

Last night I dreamed
your eyes were lit
in a world of fire
your kisses struck
like heat lightning
many moons rose and fell
tides pulled the shoreline closer
you transparent as a ghost
and in the heat of this frozen night
we were still there...

You the porcelain doll
eyes that open and shut
words yet to crack
mute rain between us
eyelashes black and shiny
sitting on the edge of the mountain
with just a shallow stare...

My body gliding to you
I try and break through
waves that have become mountains
that cover the pale skyline...
~ ~

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only the rain answers - - -

~ in my dream he watches and I feel his desire his need and I fear it, yet something lures me I sense him in my dark room and feel confusion it overwhelms me, I can hear his breathing close he whispers my name, it comes violently like thunder looking into his fathomless eyes I see love and hate then his lips are crushing mine, it is obsession he is evil, he is love, he is desire, he is cruelty go away, come back, I love you, I hate you he wraps his arms around me, oh the memory then the dream fades and I am left crying why does he haunt me but only the rain answers ~ Free Verse November 14, 2011

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Whispers of Your Soul

Whispers of Your Soul

Soft whispers of her soul
brush slowly past – caressing
long saddened creases,
urging the silence to speak.

A sweet breeze softly touching
the pain swelled past
ministering to the faithful
left behind to mourn.

Spring showers to wash away
the fear of moving on,
the dormancy of longing
for that sunrise smile.

As I dream – I hear
soft whispers of her soul
awaken mine.

John G. Lawless

submitted to – Whispers of Your Soul – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Gail Angel Doyle

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The Stricken Corridor

Fall tumbles relentlessly on our door steps
young winter birds inducing provoking sounds scamper in trees 
Watching winter crawling slowly under our feet.

The night rain wet the ground with sadness 
washing  away the environmental stench
purging the atmosphere of  its infectious dew
And  I could absorb fresh air in my lungs again. 

I fell into a deep sleep shortly after nine but woke up 
by my next door neighbor bustling activities.
Nice showers clean fresh air is the perfect night to
be drenched with sleep but instead I was on my knees.

An unknown burden overshadowed  me, disturbing my spirit
raising my curiosity, causing me to ponder over unknown mysteries
unexplainable matters that doesn't concern me, yet they troubled me.

I soaked myself in prayer seeking for a  plausible answer 
And after praying I fell asleep again; a sleep that 
I thought would be peaceful but here I am again
on an unannounced journey to the Far East.

I mysteriously found myself on a university campus in the Far East,
no paint, no color, everywhere was deserted, no one was around
except for dry leaves  spreading out on the troubled ground 
and dull trees astoundingly lingering in the autumn breeze.
I walked propitiously through the front door along a bare corridor 
in search of a toilet to ease my body pressure.

A desolated corridor whose hope seemed to be diminished with the passing of time
a million feet must have trodden upon it, feet in search of  freedom ,
feet looking for peace, proud feet, dirty feet, bloody feet, stubborn feet.
Feet looking for revenge and feet marching to the destiny of doom. 
I moved anxiously from door to door but every door that I opened I saw
Asian toilet embedded deeply in the ground and clean water flooding all around. 

I opened another door and found a western bath filled with clean water 
I kept walking along the corridor but all the Asian toilets were flood with water.
At the end of the corridor I found one that was completely  dry but there was no toilet inside except for PVC pipe fittings planted firmly in the ground.

I tread along the opposite side of the hallway still searching for  a toilet
but only rooms whose doors were removed  and leaning helplessly
in front of them occupy the other side of the stricken corridor.

I anxiously left the building and a slim young man in his early twenties 
wearing shaded glasses ran behind a reception area outside the campus ground
and pretended as if he was at work, but that was only a deception.

As I walked passed him he tried to reached out to me
He complained about someone who has treated him badly
and pointed to a friend who was instrumental in turning his life around.
A sizable crowd gather around him as he  illustrates his painful story.

He and his friend took me to the other side of the campus where 
a larger crowd of young people had gathered for a wedding
some were sitting under large beach umbrellas
While others congregate in groups all over the campus grounds.
I walked upon a platform  where the wedding ceremony
was about to  take place but daylight suddenly exploded in my face.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ©2014 Christine Phillips

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Desert Days

Desert days they stretch away, beyond human frailty
Like the haze of heat, waving goodbye to sanity’s hallucinations
A horizon of farewells fanning ridicule
Where only creatures dare hide in a place devoid of belief

Yet desert nights tease, with promise of cool relief 
That slithers under sheets stealing sips from thirsty dreams

But if your dreams could see, they would show you colours and wonder
And skies full of diamonds dripping with a vastness so pure
All watched by a moon; bone white against the night
In a cathedral of dimensions and contrast known only to God

Nette Onclaud’s Poetry Contest: In the Desert
Mark Trichet
14 September 2014

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"Barking Dogs not bite",

But,a reason to bark they cite,

Caravan moving ignoring the Dogs chase,

Not asking the cause the case,

Dogs in dream-

Seeing the caravan as a CAR A VAN,

Barking,Dogs like mad,

Asking a ride like child to dad,

Men know but Camels ignore,

Cars in motion ,Vans in motion in every location today,

Dogs in ride chasing the caravans to a world of dreams,

Why to bark,why to bark Dogs today in Cars and Vans by our side!

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The Dream

Falling, falling, falling
through the pitch black air.
My hand reaching out
for something that isn’t even there.
Now running, running, running
from the dark that seems to take
everything I love but leave everything I hate.
And slowly, slowly, slowly
I slowly start to die
because, to be honest, I have nothing left inside.
As I fall on my knees
the hollow ‘thud’ fills the air
But everyone around
Just stands there and stares
At the grand execution
of the outcast they call “The Witch”
As the hooded man
comes towards me with a switch
With the old, familiar sting
a tear surfaces in my eye
and as it slowly does continue
I slowly start to cry.
Then the figure pulls out his sword
and as, towards my head, he brings it down
I find myself crying
with His arms wrapped around
my violently quaking body
and then I silently did cry
“Why? What’s the point of it all? Oh, why?”
but then, very calmly, He does start to say
“Hey. Just look here. It’s gonna be okay.
You’ll never be alone as long as I’m right here.”
And then ‘it’ happened
The only thing I fear
I found myself alone, kneeling, clutching where he was
And I quickly grabbed the swinging sword
My eyes were closed because
I wanted them to feel
the pain that burned inside.
My head lifted up
to the unforgiving sky
and before the people could react
one of them screamed and then did shatter
and inside my brain
nothing really mattered.
The world around me broke
like the ballet mirrors
that I used to dance in front of
when I was young and had no fear.
Then I found myself
laying in my bed, alone
and inside I knew
that the fault was my own.

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writing to inspire

I want to write something that makes people say “I wish I wrote that”
I want to write something that gives the hopeless their hope back
I want to write stuff that Tupac would be happy to have on his notepad
I write for everyone who had a broke past

I write to cure heart-break
I hope my words offer light to those going through dark days
Good times are ahead even though they appear far away
Sometimes you have to get things the hard way

I’m writing for that girl who just got cheated on
Hope my words are a bandage to people who don’t know where they’re bleeding from
I’m writing for people who think their chances of succeeding’s gone
I write for those whose parents chose to lead them wrong

I write for those fighting discrimination
I only get offended when people give me limitations
Notorious B.I.G told me the sky is the limit
So I write till I’m out of ink or my pen is breaking

I write for those battling depression
I write for those struggling to see their reflection
I write for those who want to stand up tall
I write to inspire but I can’t please you all

My rhymes are far from perfect
But I’m honest in all of my verses
I’m trying to give worth to those who feel worthless
Because I was made to feel like I had no purpose

I’m not trying to save people
Just trying to offer a little help
I believe everyone should be made equal
Regardless of age, race, sex, looks or wealth

I hope my words will one day lead the blind
I hope my words encourage people to go against the system
That doesn’t mean to commit crimes
Just don’t be afraid to be different

I may not make a change in the world
But maybe I can help to take away the pain from a girl
Or offer a little guidance to a fatherless boy
I hope my words inspire, but I started writing to fill a void 

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Maybe you raised those glasses
and thought about me for a minute,
smiled and wished my dreams came true.

Maybe there were times when you believed,
like I do now,
that stars hear our broken whispers.

Maybe our souls are not that much different
and once we all shared the same dream,
that somewhere over the glass,
over the curtain is the world where we belong.

Maybe our hearts beat in the same rhythm
and one day we will raise those glasses together,
talk the whole night through and I will fear no more.

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I'm not a terrorist

I'm not a terrorist
I'm a peaceful woman
I'm waiting for the sun...
To remove the darkness and reach the sky
To hold my flag and wave it high
To hug the air, and kiss the sand
To liberate my country and plant my land
To color life with the color of peace
To dream, to hope, to feel free
I'm not holding a gun, you see?
I have a green branch in my hand
I have a nice dream in my mind
Give me freedom and let me go
Take my hand and let's say no
No war, no crime, no pain
Let's survive
But be careful... you must know
It's our land... don't say no
I will write it over the rainbow
Palestine will be free
Palestine, you exist to be!

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Still Dream

I slip into a dream and you are there. 
You are as I remember you. You invoke feelings of when you were mine.
I begin to perspire. I don’t know what to say. I know it’s a dream, I don’t want 
to touch you because as soon as I do, I know the dream will end. 
I just stand there looking at your beauty radiate. I’m a prisoner in my own dream.
You fill me with happiness and in the dream everything is fine, it’s just us in a vast 
field of green pasture endless in distance. I want to tell you so much. I want to run to 
you and hug you, but my body does not respond. I just stand there and do nothing. 

In the dream I love you. 
I awake and I hate you. Sobbing I shut my eyes.
Nothing lasts, not even love.
Life is easier in a dream.

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The Journey

surrounds me
green field, stretching
lasting forever

i run free
free of torment
free of guilt
free of judgement

the wind
seems to flow through me 
I've never felt this before
im convinced it's a dream
but i can't wake up 

i come across a grove of trees 
and i lie down
i feel the wind
i feel the sky, the birds...the peace

i see a stump of 
a old oak tree
i feel a tear come down
wanting to fall, 
i feel for the tree 

i cry, i sob
i don't know why 
the stump tells me something 
a whisper, a secret
that's meant to keep

the secret i treasure
deep inside
like a promise

i keep running 
until i cant run
anymore, any longer

i again think of 
the stump
i start to cry
before i tell myself, 
control your emotions!

i keep running... 
i think of my life
i fell asleep

i see family
without me

i don't want 
to go back to those times
i want to go forward, 
never look back
i keep running

i think back to
my mother:
kind eyes
loving hands
caring acts
my father:
strong hads
firm beliefs
forgiving tone of voice

i stop and i think to myself, 
if i go back, my future is 
i won't be able to lice
freely, without a care
in the world

i think to the secret
i feel like shouting it 
to the world
but the stump...
what if i broke my promise
what if i couldn't control my emotions
what if i got stuck in this world
what if i want to...
what if... 

i keep running
i keep running
i keep running
i keep running

my mind is racing
my heart is beating
m legs ar trembling

i feel as though 
i will fall 
i keep running

tears stream down my cheeks
and the world aroung me changes 
so fast
that i don't see it coming

the green field to to dry,
dead plants, dead field
i don't know where i am anymore

i see the grove in the distance 
i run to the stump
i fall upon it and

cry, cry like 
a thousand storms compiled

like my family
i forget about my future
i force myself into the past
my future is wasted tomorrow is forgotten
the stump stares at me
forcing its wa into my


the grove is no longer 

the stump is gone 
everything is gone
i stand there, 
blinded by my own fury
i despise myself for not listening to my own advice

i feel an emtiness
almost like a numbness
where i feel nothing
i see nothing

but i learn to fight
fight to look forward
fight to find my future
to forget about things
that should be forgotten
to forget about my past
the emptiness surrounding me 
starts to fadde
more and more green the field becomes
little by little
the color is restored
the more i fight
the faster it grows, 
the more i can forget
the greener it gets

i keep fighting
i refuse to stop
the world come back
to me

i keep running
this time of fear
fear that whatever i do 
isn't good enough

until i see the stump

just seeing it helps me realize
that im not the only one 
i whisper, i feel for you
it answers, i love you

i will not leave the stump
for it is my friend
but it tells me, you can always come
i will, i say
for you


i have found my hapiness 
it is here inside me, 
the stump, the grove, 
the field, everything

i know that i can return
whenever i need to get away
from my past, my present
to see my future
to look forward
to not break my promises
to keep secrets and 
to not abandon those i love

this world has taught 
me that, happiness is with me
whenever i need it
i just can close my eyes and 
see my future
fight for what i need
fight for what i want


to keep running

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On A Bed Of Roses - A Collaboration

"On A Bed Of Roses."
A Collaboration.

On a bed of roses The scent of passion deeply inhaled
Passion drives our Loving Soul Lips now meet In adorations kiss

Caressing now the child of light A body glistening with Love's dew
Stars within our eyes Precious saphires the pools of Love

Eyes shining fire at their heart The fire of Love's desire
We live our memories In dream sublime Lie now here within my arms

Together In our heart of desire Our passion thrives In night's embrace
Love Is sublime on a bed of Roses.

Burning desires from passions heat tonight.
Two eyes mirrored in loves sweet gaze.

Two bodies lay bare glistening in moonlight.
Whispered sighs softly upon your ear.

Breaths quicken 'neath fingertips tender touch.
As loving arms pull me closer.ever so warm.

Breasts rise and fall to loves gentle touch.
Oh,the ache of sweet release to finally come.

Burning desire from ruby lips as passions flames do lick.
Succulent like the peach with sweet nectar to taste.

Oh, lay with me now on downy covers and hold me close.
Enveloped in heavenly wonder on the velvet bed of roses.

A collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

I thank you once more for putting your beautiful words and thoughts alongside mine. I always enjoy these moments so much Mary. May your pen ever run gold. 
I always enjoy these moments so much Mary. May your pen ever run gold.

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Do You Love Me

All I think
I want
I dream love
All I do
to get love
to be loved
fall in love
with you again
I never expect anything
but love
I am not asking more
but love
Do you love me
I still do not know
You care for me
You think about me
but sometimes 
You are so different
as if you are stranger
Do I know you
I do not
Love is weird sometimes
I am not sure
If you love me 
or I love you
or we both do

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Fanned Dream Sand

Boundless, the possibilities for dreamers; Interval visions for believers freeing time of structured sand, sifting through clock’s hands, allowing fanned imaging’s unfettering strands to now literally expand sieving pictures through dreamtime’s siever. Boundless, the possibilities for dreamers. © All Rights Reserved by Author 2/15/15 I’d name this form: Etheree Hourglass

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In Dreams

Reflections passing behind my eyes --
In still pools of dark water,
Watercolor dreams bleed across parchment.

“Expose thine secrets,”
Whisper I to the tarn.

I slip beneath the surface
As amity turns to umbrage.
Intensity reflects visions
Buried beneath the soil.

Fooled again by the calm waters
That so gently took me into its caress.
Fear, my burnt offering --
A smoke that steals my breath.

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A life filled with pain, clearly that’s no way to be And some people couldn’t imagine, all the things that I see But its one thing I do know, there’s no one out there exactly like me Many times I feel an outcast, and my days are dark and gray Then a higher power guides me to the light, and makes me see another day I’m a man and I won’t deny, sometimes I wish there was another way Because I wonder, why should people as gifted as me Should feel so much pain and hate A life filled with pain, basically all I’ve ever seen And some people just don’t know how it feels To walk a strip of grass that never seems to be green To dream for better days, and work for things you never do receive And to wake up every morning, looking for all the snakes to leave Sometimes I sit and pray, that I could have all things my way A child of my own, that I could raise and show better days A beneficial job, that does better than what the last paid And I see that’s just a dream because I still wake to shady days A life filled with pain, it just seems to be what’s meant for me And I wake up daily, hoping to once find my destiny But I am coming to realize, that this is where my life lies So my many days of pain, there are many more to arise Then I am sometimes due and given a blessing That seems to somehow reverse, and leaving me in pain I still feel I am a man, who deserves so much more out of life When in the end, it all seems nothing to gain But the “man in the mirror” tells me, I deserve more than hate and pain So before I leave this earth, I want to go out with a well known name By: Quiayren Young

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I Do Have A Dream

Upon a fragile thread
Hangs the soldiers dream
Of surviving another day
On the battlefield of death
While on the other side
A young man straps on a bomb
Saying goodbye to his mother
With no fear of death
He heads out to take his life, as well as, the lives of others
In the name of his God
Led blindly down the path of deception
By perhaps the most famous man in the world
Bin Laden believes so strongly in his faith
That he will sacrifice any life necessary
Any life but his own that is
While hiding like a coward in the dark
Nothing more than a rat 
Scurrying between caverns of nowhere
Posting his video’s to prove
That brave souls die for the glory of a coward 
Bin Laden has no personal belief in his own teachings
His followers see him as a “Prophet of Allah”
They proudly give their lives for him
Believing in glory all the way to hell
What meaning can be found in this?
As my own son prepares to go to Afghanistan
Not long after returning from Iraq
Just a boy who has been thrust into the responsibility of killing
So our dreams may come true
I do have a dream
I dream that hero’s will be honored
Even those who are misled and suicidal
For in their hearts they believe 
Strongly enough to give their lives
I do have a dream
I dream that cowards will die in their caves of refuge
And be eaten by the rats with which they dwell
I do have a dream
I dream that one day all men will realize
That through the “Blood of Christ”
All dreams can be answered!

For Carol's contest.

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I dream


I dream a dream so placid~~
A commitment that burns every morning brink
I feel the pain as I slip into my shoes of confident
Every day I wonder how much more can I take?
I want to fall right back to sleep, knowing I'm still in deep
Another day facing the sun, holding onto feelings overdone
I taste the acid, I feel the corrosive results
A reaction eating my heart away with fault
My expressions are dissolving as I carry a 100 pound bag of salt.

I dream a dream of addiction~~
By morning dawn I gain control of my world
Watch, as my eagle eye's hide under my new disguise
My withdrawals ride high into the sky
I'm under an ultimate dependent narcotic feel
My drugs of the low - self image sits under garbage waste
Reacting with chills, vengeance- my only pill
Acting on my addiction, I deprive my insecurities with restriction
Power in every hit, a strong substance I withhold every dope hour

I dream a dream of adultery~~
Every day the sun rises, I share a cup of coffee for three
Fighting the feeling that flows towards another man
My head is sweating, my emotions are distracting and upsetting
This river boat got wet, the day you introduced me to the Internet
In my subconscious mind you are here and then you disappear
My sexual desires I self-sabotage when you become him
My love that's the only way my body will let you in
A mess brought by your cheating days
Now the interest has gone away
Betrayed by you, neglecting me
Don't ever trust, or believe what you see.


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At Least

Our hearts were a veritable slow dance

And I didn’t have to put my baby
In the corner

Our retinas
became diamond forged binds
In serenity’s lock

Your tear ducts within our wishing wells


Our flesh
Bringing lukewarm elasticity
To gentle boil

Every graceful thrust
Mimicking fireplace embers
Under cabin’s winter moon

Until my deep sigh
Embedded paragraphs
Within “Dear John” parchment


At least

Trinity’s hourglass
Permitted me to sing I love you choruses

Before your hearts’ phone line


©Drake J. Eszes

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By; John Monteblanco
Yesterday was another day,
I dream of you under the rain.
All I know is that my love is true and everything else is fake.
Take my hand and venture into a distant land.
No more doctors or medications,
I’m the cure to your heart!
Don’t let me go because I don’t know how to live without you.
Is love obsessive? Is it cruel or am I the one who needs to change?
Do I need to find a different route to your blossoming heart?
Listen with your heart not with your ears.
Can you hear my heartbeat from here?
Look with your heart not with your eyes.
Do you see the infinite blue sea called love?

*** TODAY ***
By; the Poet Destroyer

Love is so discrete and open wide. 
Why must one make another cry?
Yes your love was true.
But, at times we must say good bye.
Like the color gold that does not fade, 
your heart I will always treasure and hold.
But, time stood still over our desert land.
Now I have to move on in hopes you'll understand.
I will always reminisce the romantic way you held my hand.
I'll miss the way you embraced your love for me. 
Things just got sad after that one little fight.
A day wont go by that I wont dream of you at night.
Hopefully my river flows back into the open waves of your sea.
But, for now I ask you to set my heart free.

~~~~It was an honor to work with our 14 year old poet John M.~~~~

(A Poet Destroyer Collaboration)

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Senseless ( part one )


What is it inside the heart of man
That cannot appreciate another’s suffering
Were we born with this senseless implacability

Is it from life itself we grow these calluses of the soul
Are we created not to care
Is the face of nature so coldly ruthless
That we must come to be so

For what belief in anything in which to believe
Should we maim and destroy and kill
What is it that we know so well
That the idea of difference can cause such conceited violence

How do we become so voluntarily indoctrinated
Is it some desperate need to have sense amidst the senseless
To have at least the illusion of a purpose

When then do we celebrate the diversity of our sense to make sense of the senseless

Should every woman and man dream and aspire
And have every man and woman dream and aspire to the same
Or say this love is stronger or this way is better
This truth more truthful than anything anyone else can know

Who’s despicable spirit can live with out some measure of guilt in overfed luxury
While others starve and die in poverty
Are we not as one with this the global identity we call humanity
Are we not basically and essentially all the same

If right there is to pass on righteous judgment
For cultural and social and political and religious difference
Such conviction and contempt is that all we see in our own reflection

When then do we celebrate our diversity of sense to make sense of the senseless


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A River flows

A river in an African deep jungle,
They saw you and me as foreigners
when we decided to throw our selves 
beneath the waters with our clothes on. 
We let our waves of thoughts
get us wet, 
and spoke the truth to each other
without words. 
We smiled and shed some tears,
we held each other,
and never touched the ground.
We dived into the warmth,
and touched transparency….

They always lived here
and never noticed 
that dreams are found 
within their reach. 
The rives runs,
Its warmth is infinite,
and yet for them
its cold and still.
We had a dream,
and they had none.
Our dream is true
and who should know
if they would see,
our dream as theirs,
or just one day
create their own,
and see the way
their river  flows…

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World above the clouds

Far away from this bonded crowd,
Far away from these layers of 
Oh wings of the air glide me away,
To the world, world above the 

To the giant mountains of mist,
Where sparkling houses of rain 
be built,
World beneath where would be 
And sun rays where will be cold 
and soothing.

Where I won’t be bound by laws,
And I could speak freely about 
things I love aloud,
Yeah to the world with cloud 
above the clouds,
Where everything just everything 
will be allowed.

Sliding on morning dews that stays 
till night,
Diving in the night’s sky that looks 
like morning light,
With no paths to follow,
I’ll glide free and fast,
Yawing, pitching, bouncing, 
Like the endless penumbra it’s 
unknown where I’ll last
Yeah endless it is,
And it’s unknown where I’ll last

For Above the CloudsContest
I think I am late :-( posting this 

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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A Room Full of Butterflies

Inspired by a Art gallery and a poem by Shelly.

A room full of  mottled multicolored butterflies
captured within a creative space
of artful design
to inspire and aspire
Flirt and flutter a delicate ballet
among the pot plants
A splash of color
an oasis
among a drab row of urban gray
The door is opened
and the butterflies are released to freedom
flying high above
lush green trees
in clear unblemished skies
floating like autumn fallen leaves
in a gentle breeze
painted Ladies
that rested on my heart for a while
and made it smile
bringing pleasure to my eye
A symbol of freedom and eternity
filling my dreams
with all the treasures of summer.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Sept.

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My Dreams

I want to dream
Like flying across the sky
Finding out greater heights
Seeing others view of reality
And be one with the sky.

I want to dream 
Swimming underneath the ocean
Searching water creatures
Fishes, clamps, and corals
Discern what their importance’s are
In our existence and health.

I want to dream
Walking underneath the ground
Exploring things that make us
Wealthy and abundant
Seeing the sources of gold, diamond
And any mineral alike.

I want to dream all my life
To enjoy everything
With my dream Self
As I always know
It’s another form of my reality.

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Revitalized Love in the Fall of Winter

In the midst of vacant hours, echoes of expressions on opposite ends
are something of the same. Ruminating on questions; questions about
thy and questions about thou intertwined
with the then and the now. Thoughts
prelude to other thoughts of 
thoughts emerging to 
many thoughts.
Consulting and
the death
and birth
of us; is thy
to shed the 
events upon the
ground transformed
from a dream out of a
dream to this dream only of us?
A coherent argument it is, that the
memories back on yesterday brought us 
here today...But, when thy and thou bodies
meet and descend upon each accreting to the singular; occupancy
quickly overcomes vacancy leading the thoughts of many thoughts effaced.
(Sigh)...Thy and Thou love bolsters all the more today than back on yesterday.

Pace, G


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My Fantasy Journey

My name,written in the sand
Washed away..brought to the sea
Carried with the stream to unfamilier waters
Timeless where my imagination takes me

********************* a distant place
Another fantasy ride,lounches out to the univers
The stars along the little gems,untouched emeralds
Here`s one..oh,and another one there..I`ll just pick them all


If the sun had a dark side
I would land my space ship there
Seeking..just might find a new paradise out there
Million lightyears closer to the creater of our existence

I`m back on my beach now
Again I write my name in the sand
This time it remains..guarded by my dream
Coz...when I open my hasn`t changed after all


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Sea of forgotten dreams

Cold and dark, the eyes of the depths
glaring at the stars above.
Few dare descend the steps
which reach down to oblivion’s cove.
Heavy, the desire for truth,
like the chains dragging my body further down
unto fate unknown.

Beyond recompense, lies the ruin
sunken to forbidden ground,
now home only to the strangest of creations
and catacomb to the drowned slaves of history.
Will all memories be as this one day?
Ghosts that haunt the corpses of humanity’s ambition?

Black are the bells that once chimed to announce omen.
Buried are the thoughts that walked my mind.
Broken are the tables where ideas once feasted.
Bound are the hopes, eaten by preying sharks of doubt.

Weighing down, the garments choke the breath of life.
There, where insanity was sane, beneath facade’s streams
lies truth, in the sea of forgotten dreams.

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Flowers bloom
And flowers wilt.
Flowers blush
And flowers fade.
The eternity is only in me-
The twig that bears the flowers.

Sparrows are born
And sparrows die.
Sparrows fly
And brighten the sky.
That who nurtures sparrows is me-
A cozy make of a twig upon a twig.

The sun fades
And moon is born.
The twilight blurs
And moonlight spreads.
All the soothing moonlight beams are me-
A crisscross of unfathomed twigs.

Whether in its birth
Or in its death;
In the heart
Of its heart;
The entire beauty is none but one-
A design of mysterious twigs.

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I Knew You From A Distant Dream

I knew you from a distant dream The sweet streams cry out The dumb rocks perspire with dew My heart flutters in your comely grace You're more beautiful than the flower And more sweeter than the nectar's burst Your scent lingers like the wild breeze Your hair escapes thro' the sad light The blue moon dies on your lips. Petal threads blew unannounced It seems like a kiss has touched you It seems like the fading light And those wide brown lips trembles Thro' the twilight songs of sweet lyres Your words hold a certain sweetness But my tongue is dumb as the rocks Dumb to the long drawn kiss of your eyes To but whisper a simple word A swooning word of love Before the morning light may spring Before your hastening feet retreats Down the dusty street Where the fragrance shoots. I knew you from a distant dream The strangled notes of the sea It died, then gave whisper to your name The stars a laurel to your head Your scarf on the lantern seas My heart is clasped against yours And then it beats soberingly fast And then it breathes.... slowly With love's tenderness. I knew you from a distant dream The night bled its frost that day The popular shops shut their eyes And the busy streets went to sleep I've sank my eyes upon you As a roving light humanly divine Sank upon the half black earth. I want you like the round plump grapes That wavers in winters seasonal bloom When the stars would rise and fall On the quivered slender hues Parked lightly on the bench. There's a flame that does exist It burns sweetly upon my dreams There's a pulsating joy you draw From the roots of my sorrowing heart But I in this cold wide earth clung To your cinnamon lips And in your pleasant arms Wide awake Only to die again.

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Live The Cliches

I. (love)

We are meant to live the clichés,
resuscitating words
and rehabilitating their wounds
into a fertile viewpoint,
building respirators from clichés
to filter-out the virulent dust kicked-up
by the marching pigs.

(revived clichés offer back breath
in an exchange of circular breathing)

The swine contort love
into armaments of antipathy,
aiming where it hurts most --
pushing buttons, 
squeezing triggers, 
pulling pins. 

Even though we are natural born hypocrites,
we don't have to let this corner us
into using love as a weapon.

The pen is mightier than the sword,
so I wield both,
sharpen my quill on the blade's edge.

If need be, use the pen for a counter-strike,
but only channel love in defence.

II. (poetry)

The pigs march to a beat 
of nuclear blasts
that bring poetry's flag
nearer to half-mast.

Poetry should stand on its own merit,
instead of leaning on smiles hiding shanks
constructed with aspirations of popularity,

or smiles filled with slivers 
from far too much fence-sitting,
too worried about the moral majority,
to see the complexity within simplicity

and clarity,


propped-up against degrees
writing poems drier than the Sahara --

husks of aspartame-laced lines
tumbling across dunes, only to be imploded 
by atomic-pork mushroom clouds, 

their fallout marring parchment 
into a wasteland 
devoid of accountability and integrity.

III. (dreams)

We must not fear saying: "never".
Surrender to love, but never surrender
to the jealous captains attempting
to hook and net the defenders of Neverland.

Never lose faith in Neverland.

With compasses of conscience
beating in hearts kept young,
navigate through the smoke and mirror smog
emitted by the marching dead.

We must never give up on our dreams.

Dream about the courage needed 
to love everyone and everything,
to even find love for our enemies
conducting genocide upon
the language of a purer intent --

to dream about word-seedlings
pushing through the arid rind
of dying poetry,

in hope for a more organic fruition
connected closer to our hearts,

in hope that poetry 
will once again stand on its own merit.



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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Again, there will be water - Soon!
In sleep -  the deaf silence
reminded me - last night 
a leaf withered...
It reminded me of the vase
In which we were the three of us
Dreaming a dream with dew
Sipping from the month of May...
...and little by little my stem
withered in distress
and my painful leaves
found an excuse in Death...

Again, there will be water - Soon!
With little, gentle handfuls 
the Life's cup is filling
with crystals of desire
I dream a hopeful dream
regenerating roots
There is the water - plenty
and Oxygen enough... 

written at 13, translated now

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The missing light,
What's behind.
Just believe,
That love comes again...

The skies,
Are like a hard glide,
In a shining rainbow's light...

All dreams and fantasies,
Can be reality,
'Cause fantasy,
Is based on reality...
But all histories aren't the same...

Sometimes, we dive,
In our lives...

Don't judge,
For what you see,
For what it is...,
'Cause time passes,
But, memories remain...

To your heart,
The body, does,
The mind, thinks,
And, the heart, feels...,
While, the soul, lives...

Always remember,
To remember the past,
To live the present,
And to wait and pursue the future...

Listen to your heart,
Before you are telling goodbye,
'Cause destiny,
Might lead to demise...,
But, remember that destiny can be changed...

Life is unpredictable,
But space and time,
Could be controlled...
And even if some die,
We may survive...

That life,
Might have an endless beginning...

All that remains,
Is to be reborn...

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Baby Unicorn

Welcome to the land of butterflys and buttercups
The place where baby unicorns run free
It does not rain here
Nothing but sunshine
sandy beaches
Race with the waves as they crash against the shore
Here the sand is white as snow
Yet it's so soft
So warm
The water azure blue
Dive into the ocean
Let it envelope your body
Wash away sadness
Cleanse you
Renew your soul
Joy can once again be a friend
Dream happy dreams
Fill your land with all that you love
You are woman
Stronger than even you know
The pen is mightier 
You are a poet a creator of worlds
You determine what you see
You choose your joy
Let imagination fuel reality
See the you that you are meant to be

Dedicated to Colleen Bono
Check out the Science of Happiness by Shawn Achor on UTube

Submitted to You Are Beautiful Contest. 

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I Dream in a Dream


I dream in a dream
Where in my dream, I’m a perfect 
A perfect girl dreaming about her 
I don’t want to leave this 

I dream in a dream
In my dream of a dream, I’m 
Where rain can’t wet my clothes 
Where winds can only beautifully 
wave my hair

I dream in a dream
While I'm sleep tight hugged by 
In my dream you sleep next to me
I dream I hugged your back before 
In this dream of a dream,
In your arms I look flawlessly 

I dream in a dream
In my dream, you adore me so
In my dream of a dream, I’m your 
only one
In my sleeps, I repeat those 
gleaming memories,
In this two-stage dream,
You are mine, I am yours
*Aah* my brain is the best 
imaginations factory

For Frank H. 'DREAM' Contest

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chasing the dream
falling into a scheme

screaming as I fall
nails scratch the wall

going down

wake in a new place
hands reach and rub my face

people come to greet me
and they all agree

I'm not from this land
so they take my hand

and lead me to the queen
(who is quite mean!)

all dressed in red
from toes to head

then I meet an extraordinary man
who tells me how this world began

next to him are a mouse and hare
who go thru life without a care

that is where I meet the cat
who gives the man back his hat

a smile set upon his face
randomly appearing in a different place

taking me to see a girl in white
who asks me to join the fight

against the dragon who roams
the skies above their homes

I must agree
for is my destiny

dressed in my silver suit 
ready to beat the brute

his wing flap against my face
why am I in this place!?

my sword comes down in a crash
he had no time to dash

now he’s dead and I must leave
but the man grabs my sleeve

and dances a little jig
and tells me that the world’s no to big

I give hugs and say goodbye
never shall these memories die

when back at my palace
I spoke my name aloud

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A warm smile of hello in the sanctuary of poets
The name is Arden G.; here to express not to impress
If I coud do an eye-contact and a firm handshake in the virtual land of PoetrySoup
Would be a dream come true to meet great poets called, "Souper".

If I could move heaven and earth; I'd love to meet Linda or PoetDestroyer, SKAT and Julie Rasley
The first few who commented on my featured poem, "LOVE" and welcomed me as a family
Anne Lise Andresen who always drop by and Sheri Harper that ranked my first poem entry, "A Shot of HIV"
I'll tell them a simple, "THANKS" and encouragement of "MORE POWER".
For no words could capture the emotions of knowing wonderful artists in this world.

Of course I'd like to meet and learn something 'bout Yasmin Khan
Who advocates to bind each poets; pure intentions to make us one
I'll tap her shoulder and tell her, "IT'S A JOB WELL DONE".
Now everybody's sharing their depths and self one by one.

Is there a way to meet the  founder of Poetrysoup?
To tell HIM, "BRAVISSIMO" and my new "SOUPER-FRIEND" too.

Arden Gopela

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The Wasteland -Part 1-

How can one express the baffling depths of obscurity? How can one behold to open the shafts of the mind? I have never been able to solve the mystery— Of myself. . . I wish at times that my life was no more That I could live as another and finally see things right But I am always stuck in this darkness And I cannot see this mind in light There are beasts. . .demons prowling through the wasteland Searching for any remaining life And if they are ever found— They are doomed and consumed Fear is their downfall and they never fail to smell it Their ashes remain, dancing with the imaginary breeze It is silent here—there are no answers I wish there were answers. . . But maybe there was never a reason No answers. . . Talons extend and clench around my heart They will never seek me out—they left me here It is like they knew…I had no reason—that was the answer I feel the pulse of my dangling life Alone in the dark, whimpering like a child I have scared myself, becoming this dragon-daggered youth No balm in Gilead! No eyes to see All I know will never be free I don’t need anyone! You are a disgrace—scum of the waste! You have everything, you ungrateful little nothing You are a joke. . . So swallow it all up like the pushover you are Stand your lowest and trudge right through No questions. No answers. Just . You. Or just lie back down into the mush of disease It has already infected you to the core Accept who you are, you ugly pestilence! I hate you Who are you to be glorified? Dream snatcher. . .murderer of all things bright Saturated in what you call light I see right through—even as the reflections shatter All of the dead kept you alive—they all matter… But alive you are the worst there is False savior—edited attention whore I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I hide. . . Desperation. . .desperation. . . I sob and cry kneeling in defeat For once I am right. . .I am right

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There was once a young girl,
Who wish upon the stars,
Looking so bright in the sky,
She dream and soar up high.

Opportunities knock in front of her,
She think, she decide, with a prayer,
Go on, walk alone and prove to everyone,
That no matter what, she will do her plan.

Roads are not as smooth as she goes,
But strong enough to dream and pursue,
Thinking of the wish she promise to herself,
And she asks God to give her more strength.

To be strong to face challenges in life,
And dedicate her wish to God above,
Now success is within her reach,
With her determination not to be rich,
But to help for those who are need.

A girl who once wish upon the stars,
Is now a woman of example and virtues ,
For she is the already the molders of the youth,
Wish granted and she is now contented,
For God is really good if you believe and have faith

9th Place Winner
Pd's "New Poem" Contest

That Young girl

9th Place Winner
For Nathan's "oOne of your Best" Contest

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I would like to fly away - - -

To soar, take wing, take flight, glide ~ Be detached, apart from this life's reality Where past sorrows shroud my remembering To seal the heavy door to the past And to flutter on the edge of dreams To tremble, hover, grasping, peaceful and happy In imagination, floating and drifting Like a breathtaking butterfly with gossamer wings But then, but then ~ The cold fingers of the past come creeping Monsters, ogres, beasts of the long ago Memories screaming, shrieking, shattering my soul The beautiful lost in the carnage Oh the tears, the weeping, the eternal floating sadness The heavy door to the past is bolted, secure Impenetrable with many padlocks and thick chains Where anguish and bliss entwine in an endless battle And happiness died long, long ago But from time to time, whispering A single memory finds a way From under that weighty door locked, chained And I crush the sweetness to my broken heart, weeping . . . April 28, 2013 Free Verse

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Echoes of Dreams

The angels keep their ancient places; 
Turn but a stone, and start a wing!
'Tis ye, 'tis your estrangèd faces,
That miss the many-splendoured thing.
-Francis Thompson

Echoes of Dreams

Into the dream-fields of summer, I will go
where the violet-winged bird turns
and flies, over emotions of stone.

I will search for those estranged faces one by one,
among echoes and beside rivers of starfalls,
I will drift alone, turning and freeing emotions of stone.

Into the forgotten fields of Summer dreams, I will go-
seeking the splendour of echoes of streams
Into the misted realms of the violet-winged bird
I will  flee, turning, freeing emotions of stone 
alone like a free thought above and below

I will flit, I will drift, I will seek, I will go
into the  starfalls of echoes of dreams.

 Suzanne Delaney

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Spirit of Dreams

I haunt subconscious
 	wells. Alone in the vast,
unconscious realm of man's dreams, 
I heal. Mistily, floating in moonbeams

I spell love and truth.
These are my essence and dimension,
no intervention.  My dust reveals all.

Down the twisting spiral
of minds I go, touching each chamber
of mood. Nightly, embedding crystals of hope,

I span eternally good.

My hair holds the fragrance
of all the worlds’ flowers,
my breath is the  mist of miracles.
My voice pleads to soldiers in battle.
My grief fills earth's oceans with tears.

I am the comfort of mothers.
I am the keeper of fears.

Infinity cannot contain me,
for, I am the Messenger of Peace.

Suzanne Delaney

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Can You Imagine

Can you imagine how it would be?

I remember when I was young.
To dream and wonder what I'd become.
The girls that I liked.
Holiday happiness with joy and delight.
My future in front of me is all I could see.
Can you imagine how it would be?

All the things, I could not wait for.
To be 16, there was nothing I wanted more.
To learn to drive and be my own man.
The time passed so slowly, I could not understand.
It seemed to me that fate was being too mean.
Can you imagine how it would be?

All the things I could do when I turned 21.
I wished for that everyday, I wanted to be on my own.
Having fun and going to the bar.
Being on my own and it seemed so far.
On to college to earn my degree.
Can you imagine how it would be?

Finding a girl so sweet and in Love.
My emotion is high and I'm in search of.
What to do now, I just don't know.
I love her so much, I want to be her hero.
Then comes marriage and our baby you see.
Can you imagine how it would be?

Watching my children grow as they do.
Life has changed and more bills come due.
I've grown up and now have more responsibility.
Life isn't bad at all, just a different party.
Kids move on and far away from me.
Can you imagine how it would be?

I've taught kid all that I can.
Now I can watch my kid become a man.
The days grow longer and the nights are hard.
I can spend my days working in my yard.
Life seems so short and not lonely.
Can you imagine how it would be?

I found happiness in all of my life.
Not just my kid or my loving wife.
With all my work throughout the years.
Through all the good times and the tears.
The most important thing was my family.
Can you imagine how it would be?

I open my eyes to see the bright sky.
My dream has ended and I know just why.
Today is my birthday and I am ten.
It's all a dream thinking back then.
My future is in front of me and that's what I see.
Can you imagine how it would be?

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Lovers of the Storm

Old Friends that say hello
Who share a secret memory?
Away from the road now travelled
For in her eyes their secret hides
Betrayed by the glint of a held back tear
Of a love that could never be
A love that trembled the senses
And in a stolen moment, over a bottle of wine
 The dream runs free
Dissolving the relationships of reality
For deep within my soul
A world with an incorruptible sky
Plays host to a lovers imagination
 Where the electricity from your touch
Gives birth to the storm
Your passion fuelling the Hurricane
Within me
And in the eye of the storm
 Time stands still, 
And my love cradles your soul
Hoping for another chance
And as I fall back to reality
 In the dying wind I can hear your heart
A whispered beat that calls my name
But your Romeo always knew
That dreams were all we had
This Love was always just out of reach
And now I am left to dream of yesterday
Lost in a bottle of wine
Yet I still hear your thoughts 
Though life has abandoned me
O my sweet, sweet love
Your love will always be there
 And this dreamer who dreams of you
 Will always be here.
Longing for another Storm

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December in Mexico

It’s mid-winter here in Quintana-Ro
Tonight the rain has come
It is not unusual 
But the tourists are not happy
I am here to write and sleep
Mostly to sleep
The rain upon the thick leaves of the jungle
Sound like small drops of blood
Hitting my boots
Memories of Asian nights
As I sleep those drops 
Bring back the dead
And I wake.
And then I write.
These are not good stories
They are nightmares 
They are things I wish to forget
I write them and then I try to sleep again
Ambien the devils aspirin
Keeps me asleep until
Reality comes back
The jungle never sleeps
It holds on to dreams
And men.

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Far beyond mans intrusions, 
A vast hidden world lives on.
An ancient fortress lost amidst,
Historical reference, a faded shade,
Amongst remembrances memory.
Imagination limitless vision, 
Separating conscious truth, 
And make believers legendary
Conjuring mystical thoughts,
Simply, Drifting aloft, 
Revealing a forgotten golden age. 
Let castaways adventurers fly away 
Into magics paradise,
As sunshine's rays, flicker amidst 
Mid summers softening light. 
Illuminating forgotten stone gardens, 
Secret courtyards in splendors array.
Rose covered vines, weaving down 
Walled trellises evergreen.
Ruined towers jetting upward, 
Blanketed by thickened mosses
Crystal clear water streams, forth 
Through cupid fountains.
Nesting song birds, sing loves, 
Harmonious music.             
Wooing hearts at winged flight.
Glide without tethers strings, 
Rejoicing carefree, 
Within natures solitude.
Reclining, beside a shaded, 
Willow tree I'm resting,
Completely to mine ease.
Watching clouds placing,
By as dusken stars.
Pass beneath nights, 
Blackening sky’s.
Knowing at last the beauty, 
That is Avalon.



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Forgotten You

Forgotten you
As your mind collects the memories of yesterday
Forgotten You
Epiphanies tie into knotty strings of realization
That very moment. . . 
You merely exist

Back then. . .those smiles
Those. . .distant laughs
Some you remember by name
Gone now maybe
Like the exhalation of the wind
Others dispersed in the world of arbitrary happening
Like leaves from falling, man-made trees
There is no doubt that they have
Forgotten you

Activate the bomb
Ignite the fuse
And you’re on next year’s history book
Never forgotten
But drained of all remaining good

That smile you gave
That happiness
The warm embrace so long ago
Salt-coated with piles of rubbish
Over last remaining mental spurts of comfort
Evil, evil, evil, evil, EVIL. . .
Always absorbed and remembered
. . .though never forgiven. . .

All good and gracious sentiments
Packed up in a box set nonchalantly in Downstair’s storage
. . .that chair with the broken leg in the corner of the room
That mangled cobweb holding a dangling, lifeless spider
A drowned sailor’s hat drifting through the current of the ocean
The single tear from a soldier’s vigilant, memory-stricken eye
The frustrating thoughts of a mute
The unchanged. . .HATED deformations

Forgotten you. . .
One soul brings to light weary, unthought-of happenings
Wedged deep into what she can only imagine
With not even a hint of understanding
. . .of the pain. . . .of the bewildering distortions
Of the ugly. . .
One soul merely vomits sickly verse after verse

As humanity embraces its downfall
The poet hangs onto her unjustifiable, forgotten. . .

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Snow sprinkles the ground
as delicate as sugar
crystallizing the exterior with a romantic heritage
only found in the heart of a child's imagination.
Like happiness it can melt in your hands,
and like happiness it can grow bitter like the ice you slip on
Forming miraculously to the curves of the earth
hugging till the land soaks in it's providence
white like the pages I battle with
Falling so passionately you'd think it was falling in love with the ground
And when it lands,
A blanket of perfection
glistening the season to a crisp
gently the sun arises
"there's no where to go today,
I'm just going to sit and enjoy the magic."

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Sway - For the Adult Mind

You must learn self control
Because if your heart Continues
To beat obnoxiously
when you imagine
My pink lips softly parting and calling your name
Or when you close your eyes
And dream of the way my hips sway
Thinking of the curves between my shoulders and my thighs
And that when you twine your fingers in my hair 
My body will quiver and my voice will sigh
If your heart becomes erratic
When you dream of the smoothness of my skin 
And the dimples that exist on my hips and my back
The supple curve that your fingers wish to grasp 
Thinking of the nectar that like a drug you crave 
And of the way your hands would lay
and the way I might taste
If your heart pounds wildly 
When you dream of a kiss 
Or the way our bodies might fit
Laying on the silkiness of sheets 
Breathing my name like you've never tasted oxygen 
when you imagine the heat 
I might bring to your skin 
And the way you could change 
What I feel within 
Like I've never before felt sensation 
if you heart wont behave 
Then you might go crazy 
Wanting me like you never knew 
the meaning of want before
Convincing yourself your in love
Dreaming of a lust so outrageous 
That meer thoughts can make 
Your heart pound away
Imagining the way my hips sway

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Street of Shattered Dreams

I walked alone
Down a street of shattered dreams
Paved with shards of rainbow colored glass
So many broken people I sadly pass

Betty and Bob up ahead
Looking lonely and partially dead
How did they ever end up here
From Betty's eyes drop salty tears
More shards of rainbow colored glass
As all the years they quickly pass
Wanting a son or baby girl
The completion of their desired world

Lining the street
Houses devoid of heat
These lost people I long to meet 
Dark eyes peer out as I pass
Watching as I walk on their broken glass

On one of the porches
Sits Delta Dawn
She still has that flower on
Her dreams like her lover are sadly gone

On another porch sits lonely Dan
With a loaded gun in his hand
He can't seem to face this life's demands
He has always felt like half a man

For some it seems easier to stay in this place
No new disappointments to face
Hearts no longer keeping pace
Darkened eyes
Former light no trace

I look to Heaven
I say a prayer
Tell me God are you there
If you are 
do you even care
I feel so much sadness everywhere

In a moment I feel an angel kiss
I could not ask for more than this
The rainbow glass begins to meld
As all God's beauty is beheld

From the street
There Glows a light
All color joins becoming white
The ultimate dream is realized
Joy restored to tired eyes

I walk down a street  paved in light
A place where there are happy sights
Bob and Betty no more tears
Happy that they made it here
Dan now finally satisfied 
He know the truth the Devil lied
He feels accepted at last
No longer ruled by a broken past
Delta Dawn and lover walk hand in hand
A life with color no longer bland

On each side
Pretty houses line
This street this place that is divine
A place broken dreams go to be fixed
Where together with God's love they are fully mixed

A place for dreamers
To dream special dreams
From dark to color their minds will shift
As through God's spirit 
They receive his gifts

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I Have A Raccoon Dream

I dream that tonight I am a raccoon
And it is here in this body that I store the notion
That my sadness will last forever,
In the treasury of unclaimed awareness,
Where pits of the peaches could never re-sprout...
I dig deep into the indent of a Denver ravine,
Gnaw knee-high into the hollow ridges of hominids and their homelands,
Belly-wade in bottomless mud waters west of wherever they don’t go, though
Lurid in my languor now, I laminate my slick turf onto Continental limestone slabs
And, then, all-at-once, at noon, just like that,
I call it a day.
A tired little raccoon
Can’t bear without a rest 
Through the midday...
I arise as the coon falls under.
Reclaiming Human Sorrow, my Wrong-Headed Brother,
Waxing thunderously, now, in the mind’s cluttered cage
In this day of coffee and chit-chat and left-turns,
I’ll dream tonight I am a raccoon.
So that we may both get out and roam.

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Spring's Sweet Reality

She wanders to a dream, a place Where weeping willows brush her face Beneath the branches bending low She's walking where a garden grows Grass gently sways, as cool as glass And timid blows the warming breeze, That fetches shining hair with ease With wisps of gold, which fly astray, Like meadow flowers, in yellow maize A melody of larks, that sing Of promised spring....of pastel things An amber sun, a basking glow, Who ambles by and whispers low Of meadows green and rainbows too How much she longs to bask again To warm a face so pale of skin But then, once more the threat of chill Upon a cheek, a breath of ice And snowflakes land upon on her lash They startle cold, like morning ash, A northern wind that stings her eyes A thief will snatch her scarf away, And thus her dream has gone astray And once again her dream has died Yet distantly, there lies in wait, A springtime place, a promised fate A path beneath the willow tree, Where sun peeks through the velvet haze Where flowers bloom and meadows grow, And larks sing lovely lullabies The earth will wake, to be a dream A dream with sweet reality
____________________________________________________________ For Francine's Contest: "Winter Begone" 1/23/12

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And we are left here Like maggots—dirty, parentless…devastated Always feeding on the gruel…the cruel Fattening our lives in the moneyless bilk Shocking like a bee sting, yet soft as silk We are the forgotten I am watching the others grow rotten But I am cleansed and raw with glee Because…though blinded with slime…I SEE… I rise to the sound of the agonizing screams Of rapes, murders, of violent fists…weeping minds My definition of true finds… I smile when any possible hope arrives Fate laughs, knowing I constantly scream inside I am amused of it all…I can’t stop laughing As bitter tears began to fall I HATE ALL OF YOU… I WANT TO KILL YOU ALL… But I love that I can take anything From the nothing we have all been labeled The sick, the low…the mentally unstable Watch me roll up in a ball A naughty tease to death’s lull I love your silence… I love your intense fall And we are more alive than any of you We are crazed by your belligerence Aching to be emotionless SHARE YOUR INDIFFERENCE SHARE IT… Give us something to be left with So the others can die As Fate veers its head looking in the mirror Listen to her laughter—do you hear her? She watches and waits To find her maggots have grown wings… Screw your selfish indifference...we fall to fly We are more alive than any of you Though quickly we die

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hand that rocks the cradle

when darkness falls
shadows serenade
upon moonlit walls
and my eyes close
as i bid farewell to day

sweet dreams
cannot come
when hand from grave
rocks you back
through life's storms

i was bound to the hand
that rocked the cradle
my ship in stormy seas

slapped on the face
yet not by waves
but tasted saltwater
just the same

chilled to bare bone
then swept away
by wind of warmth
an aftermath of storms
an unexpected pause
until the next red tide
bore my name

chained fast
to this diligent life
i longed to break free
from this anchor
that weighed me down

i swam against the tide
yet i was rocked
knocked back
through life

though tides have since parted
and seas are more calm
the taste of saltwater
still lingers
its bitterness
in my mouth

my mind
in bondage
cries out in pain
as hand from grave
rocks the cradle again

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Hidden Key

We dream with eyes open
Manipulators of time and space

Masters of imaginary universes

Nothing is beyond our reach
Pen in hand
Heart allowed to flow free
Words the oxygen we breath

Philosophers of our day
Pointing the way
Wishing to be heard
Will others see beyond the words
To where the wisdom lay
We all have our roles to play

So yes we dream
With our open eyes
Hoping others realize
We don't wish to disguise 
Yet sometimes hearts lie

If you look underneath
The metophor
You will find a key to the hidden door
In the end
Thats all we are asking for

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A White Dress

I saw a perfect shade of white
So elegant
That it must have been a figment
So elegant

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump
Says the heart in my chest
When it sees you

The way it lays on you
Is stellar and sublime like the clouds in the sky
A white dress so perfect
That it blinds me with your radiating fairness
The whiteness of a soul
Is a cool shade of grey compared to your beauty

Tremble, Tremble
My knees are now dancing 
In your presence 

A rare sparkling jewel you are
Gleaming brightly
Like a white sun parting the clouds
Gleaming brightly

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In the dream my nightmare strikes,
With human faces like zombies,
Hairy and teeth like vampires,  
Deep in the jungle beneath the caves.
I tried to run but my feet were stuck,
Something holding them down,
The scream wouldn’t come out,	
And fear took the best of me.

In the midst of my fears came strength,
My mind told my heart to be strong,
It is then I had the strength,
To pull my feet off the sticky grounds.
They followed me deep into the dark,
With their eyes shining in glitter,
Like torches shinning bright,
Their thunderous roar filling the caves.

I felt a heavy pounding of big steps,
Like giants moving the earth.
My heart practically jumping out,
As the zombies zeal remained unmatched,
To feed on my blood and take my soul.
I fell down and rose up on my feet,
Wishing the earth sallow me,
Because I felt the end has come.

At the end of the cave I saw the light,
Run towards it with a failing smile,
The zombie pursued with a deep roar,
They quickened their pace in pursuit.
I got at the end of the tunnel to the light,
I tripped and fell down in pain.
I broke my tendon and tried to crawl.
And there they were holding sickles

They lifted their sickles holding up,
Ready to take my last breath away,
I held tight to a fallen tree branch.
I screamed and woke up in the scream,
There I was holding tight to my bed,
The dream was gone and I was safe
But I was terrified and breathing heavily.
So I kneeled down and said a prayer.

21/11/2012 - 

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Futile Dance

I watch you from afar
Smiling at your friends
As they envelop you in warmth
While I stand in the frosty mist

You are the sun
I am the earth
Basking in your light
Never to touch you

If I could only reach you
The sweetest dream life would be
And never would I let go
But the dream never comes

A wall divides us
Built with stones of insecurity
Each time I get closer
Fear pulls me back

Your heart is also afraid
I wish to comfort it
To give you strength, life, love
To light your way

Your eyes turn to me
My mind races
You speak to me
My heart skips a beat

Muscles turn to stone
Mind turns to cloud
I mutter something back
We return to our futile dance

Closed eyes cannot hide you
Every minute reminds me of you
Never shall I know your heart
As I fear it has no room for mine

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middle earth

a world 
shatters in pieces
then breaks
everything inside
emotions strength
to carry on

slowly the pieces
they come together
hidden to be found
fragile feelings
walking a path
one of tears

softly moaning
broken hearted
i walked 
through hell
couldn't find you

just waiting
that one special
someone who will
fix it again
only to walk
away to be followed

i cried
no one 
to wipe 
the tears i left
love cold 
lonely nights

no one to share
the pillow
look at the moon shine
beautiful light
with shadows
silver reflections

mixed with darkness
in the soup 
of night
looking upon stars
a million 
miles away

to one self
is all this 
just a dream
are they the souls
of the lost

dealt a bad hand
the chips are down
wandering the universe
asking why
looking to the stars
for answers

in lost direction
whispering gently
sometimes one cries
all alone
in shattered

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Dreams they're all around me,

it's hard to tell  real life.

Monsters like in fairly tales,

my emotion turns to strife. 

The sun starts getting closer,

my skin it starts to burn. 

I look for somewhere to run

but don't know where to turn. 


He makes his way towards me majestic also wise,

it was hard for me to distinguish between what's loving and what's lies.

My heart it starts to flutter,

My body starts to fall-

I try to scream out for help 

but I don't know who to call.


Thus the journey's over,

now I'm on the ground.

Tears fall from my eyes-

my heart nowhere to be found.

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Running fast thru Autumn’s dream, Vincent-bright in village winter’s light
Topaz-treed streets, eaves-filled , singing with saffron and  gold,
A Rocky Mountain cold cornflower sky over English hills
Vivid with Vincent-fuzzy ice-finger edges 
Photo-album best parts of all seasons rolled  into one
As if my life’s heyday was being relived  fast
My poetry tries to regrab life with words, to pin it down, 
Know it, drain it, before almost losing it - maximum squeeze-out like my friends 
Three whose dreams failed but were glad to have them. 

I should try to smoke the midnight toke with Coleridge
Kubla Khan’s dope dream-dome of sunny ice like this village
           A family in a moving car in a vision once I saw:
           Could I revive within me its symphony and song,
           To such a deep delight 't would win me, with his combined vision of  
But I cannot revive so I must recreate in words

I should try to sing a love song with Eliot, and I run and shout 
           Let us go then you and I, where dreams spread out beneath the sky       
           Of intensely cold blue, like a patient etherized upon a table
To expose my memories for surgical scrutiny under glare of operating theatre lamps
As the journey unfolds, the folds of the dream curtain spread out below you,
Please treat  me kindly in the darkness

Unasleep, I should try to light the midnight oil with Yeats for
           Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
           I would spread the cloths under your feet:
           But I have only my dreams;
           I have spread my dreams under your feet;
           Tread softly because you tread on my dreams,my children, my kids 

Grasping for understanding my pen digs into paper, the words dig into the past.
Rain outside - drops leak and Rorschach splats mean anything and everything.
Like Vincent I feel for the words: with clawed fingers I clutch at  empty space,    
For everything already exists. I think of nothing and the words touch me -
I wake and work in darkness: electric light cut off instead of an ear.
Colors in life exist without words: cannot be captured;
Colors in dreams are where no words can reach: like emotions.
Planting wildflowers in tubs, their beauty deteriorates.
Babbling streams running fast make music which no notes can describe.


Quite plainly some lines are taken from Yeats and Eliot and Coleridge, to suggest the difficulty faced by poets as well as painters in capturing images of  life.

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Life's Wisdom

Reality is made
Dreams are made up
Dreaming could be a reality
And reality is a dream materialized
But a dream isn’t reality
And reality is no longer a dream
So be free to dream of a reality
But don’t live reality in a dream

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Where Flowers Bloom

                      Where Flowers Bloom

           Time stands still trapped in the nature
           of my garden bursting with  baby-pink peony,
           golden gerbera and purple hyacinth like dainty ladies  
           to be watered and kept.   
           My heart's a garden where flowers bloom.
           My garland of red roses, I give to you.
           I shroud you now in all my hues 
           A Baby’s Breath I promise you.
           And tell you that I dreamt of you.

           Enter now fair stranger, from its hedge; 
           step into my world and behold
           LOVE in colour, scented, perfumed, a maiden
           Who dreams of you. 


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Cabinets Of Wonder

Maybe we're all cabinets of wonder.
Maybe we all have cubbies and shelves.
Cubbies where we stash things,
And shelves where we display things.
Things we adore and things we despise.
Things of happy times and things of not so happy things.
You can never know a cabinet,
Until you open it.
You can never know until,
You dissect it.
Screw by screw,
Board by board.
Until you can take it apart and put it back together,
With your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back.
You can never know until,
You've searched the cubbies and shelves.
Knowing everything by heart.
Memorizing every sadness,
Every smile,
Every unimportant detail.
See it's kinda like that old saying.
"You can never judge a book by it's cover"
You can never judge a person by who they are on the outside.
Maybe we are all people waiting for someone to open us up.
To search through our cabinets.
To dissect us.
Many people will open you up take what they want,
And leave.
But don't dismay,
For many people will search and scour,
Long forgetting what they opened you up for.
They will get enchanted by your cubbies and shelves.
They will seek out false bottoms and secret compartments.
Leading to deeper things,
Long forgotten.
For they will be the person,
To take you apart.
But when you are put back together,
You'll notice things.
Things like the sadness,
Doesn't seem so sad anymore. 
The unimportant details have become,
So much more than you ever thought they could be.
And when you're put back together,
You will be stronger.
You're scratches and dents no longer take up your life.
All because someone cared enough to open your life up.
To find the answer to why you are the way you are.
We're all cabinets of wonder.

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Night Melds With Day

Nothing seems to make sense here,
If there is such a thing as 'sense' at all.
No way to tell the time of year,
Morning doves hoot and owls call.
The day appears to meld into the night,
Shadows lurk with no one to follow.
No way to perceive by the amount of light,
Is it today or is it tomorrow?
The sun is setting with the moon adjacent.
The tide is coming and has already been.
Sitting beneath a maple, I am complacent.
Waiting for the rain to rise again.
The air feels cold and warms my core.
No way to tell where time ends or begins.
Animals wake only to sleep once more.
Falling stars rest in clouds made of wind.
There I sit patiently trying to find my way,
Flowers walk and leaves roam along.
In this place where the night melds with day.
In this place where the clocks are all wrong.

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Poem for a sensuous poet

I have from the earth grown pumpkins
Pregnant with a golden lust for words
And scattered seeds white as stars
Across the long green of desire. Birds
Have left wing loops in my brains, spars
Featherless in the wind for me to sail
But never did I want to be persuaded
For what are our horizons but sweet myths
One flight beyond dream left me jaded.
Words tell such lies sometimes, time sits
In the uterus of its design, being nothing
But memory chasing its ghosts like kites.
Yet I am addicted to the thing like spring
The white mounds melting into green sight
And all the places I want to walk with you
And hold your caress in my fingers love
And drink the melon till we are drunk.
Indeed, better to dream of cataract moons
For all you will tell me
Is ancient medicines in modern spoons
"Farm the earth, the skies, the stars just so 
"You'll be persuaded ..."
What vanity of icicles dripping sunshine
From the rainbow's heart. What blind
Ecstatic before the season of beauty ...

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Embrace My Dreams

Can't seem to hold it in
Don't want to hide it anymore
Have to let it show
Let them all know
What's in my heart

I don't care what they think
Don't want to be caught in the drama
Can't let the chaos get the best of me
Must take a hold of my life

Don't want to be caged up
While the world passes by
Like the majestic dragonfly
It's time I open the door

With my own strength
To unlock the lock
Setting me free to take flight
To go off to find my happiness

If the world finds me strange
I'll take is as a compliment
Your words just make me strong
You'll never chip my soul

Don't tell me what path to take
Only I choose my own road
Obstacles that come my way
I have to learn to overcome

Mistakes can be corrected
Seeking answers to questions
A Person must grow on their own
Facing their own battles
That people don't understand

Can't let the chains of oppression
Bring me down in depression
Only I can break free of the constraints
If I wish to embrace my destiny

Let the world deal with their issues
I won't let the dissonance get me
Have to focus on the task at hand
Embracing my dreams by letting go

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bewitched by beauty

i feel 
this flowing
like a fountain
you are judging me
on somebody else
but it's certainly 
not me

so i begin 
to draw 
for you
paint a picture 
of your beautiful face
this is so hard
to really explain
as you
mean so much
to me 
your sweet honey

i am soft 
deep inside
with a big heart
smiling at the world
but all i want to do
is be every thing
to your sweetheart

loving you 
was my breeze
feelings just 
keep floating
emotions leaves
fall unto 
your ground
gently touching
softly the heart singing

it shines out
glittering gold
you are beautiful
upon the crown
you are my jewel
queen of
enchanting oceans
its you baby
i want 
draped around
my neck

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Lost (I - II)

Part I – The Journey of Reminiscence

How often have I traversed
The lonely depths of my soul? It seems
Near an eternity since I’ve
Felt something…real
Perhaps everything is truly gone,
Perhaps I am the one that ceased to exist…
I do not know… Can anyone ever truly know?

I remember … Light

I remember … Joy
I remember … Anger
I remember … Might
I remember … Innocence
I remember … Love
I remember … Angels

But wait… I see something…
Is it really there?
Could it possibly be …?

Light …

O Cruel Fate! Why must this be?
Such pain in losing one’s existence does
One face, but why must I face it
Ever so endlessly?
My mind retreats to old times – my past
Such infantile ignorance I lived in…
Is this any better though?

                    This vast nothingness that
Overwhelms me sheds but a single ray of light…

Light burns…

Purge me…
Purge me…
Purge me…

Part II – Torments of the Soul

Lament not for my darkest rest for it
Is not as it may seem…
Forever in this darkness I dream…
I dream of all that is good
I dream of all that is wicked
I dream of all that was
And all that ever will be…

I remember the Moon
I remember the Abyss
I remember the Night
I remember the Dreams
I remember the Years

A blind man in a dark room
An insight of forlorn grief

Will I ever truly see light?
What is light? What is dark?
Can I remember? Have I forgotten?

What is this in my palm? Such warmth…
It tingles with such spirited joy…
It is not fading…
It is getting stronger…
Or am I fading?


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Wearing camouflage
in wall-flower tradition
no longer seeing another
who’ll take the time to peer within. 

Perpetually in autumn’s dress,
near the deep sleep of winters cold,
though nothing close to bitterness
in her tresses could one behold.

With tranquility the foundation 
of each new days new sun rising
True beauty flows unseen
winding gracefully between 
past’s mountains.

As the parting lights of each sunset
blushes the cheeks of a day’s survival
the night begins in loving hope
of a dream that will bring revival

Casting camouflage
aside with dreams of him;
the only one who took the time
to see and peer within.  
©Debra Squyres  2015

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Dream You'll Never Mention

Tell me
Have you ever had a dream
A dream where your own blood fell upon blue roses
And you fell through the ground as petals floated on the wind
Tangling in your hair
Red and blue rotting jewels 
The thick smell of old blood at the bottom of your own well
A dream where your heart felt the impact before the rest of you
And stopped for just a moment
Cold in your chest with the realization of death
And woke up
And then you cried
It didn’t change your life or the way you acted
It did not make you stop your closed door ritual 
Or throw your kit away
It scared you so bad, and yet
You never told another soul about your dream
Or what lies just beneath you tattered sleeves and ragged jeans
You want and do not want to be saved, for someone to know
Tell me
Have you ever lived a nightmare
You didn’t know how to escape? 

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Lavender kissed

blowing a kiss
In silver shadows
swept of my feet
floating in the clouds
cotton soft
fluffy feelings
touching emotions
a beautiful
white rose

in front of me
floating inner vision
casting silver shadows
all over the moon

clouds kissing rain
as the moon smiles
holding hands out
dancing to a song
a beautiful 
lady sings

each drop 
like the morning dew
upon the rose
caressed deeply
within its softness
grows in feelings

softly the wind breathes
are you the one
a beautiful snowdrop
dreaming in sunshine

breathing beautiful
within the deep aroma
emotions whisper
a silent voice
in summers breeze

calling a dream
sweet and beautiful
kissing the heart
in a lavender breeze
a moment in time

a faraway dream
in the deep
kissed softly
in lavenders
sweet breeze

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With Your Pen Tonight

Paint me my dream with your pen tonight,
my special place, where everything is right.
Velvet so soft for bare feet to tread,
pillows of clouds for my weary head.
Champagne falls to swim, and bath,
my house of stars, that will never fade.
A pathway so safe, to stroll each day,
a golden moon to guide my way.
Love songs playing, in the distance so faint,
this is the dream for your pen to paint.

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Felo-De-Se Dream

I just drank a fifth of vodka
A lot on my mind
I start crying
But not because I'm sad or scared
It just feels like I'm supposed to
Razor blade in my hand
Ready to cut my flesh
First I slit my neck
Then both wrists
See the blood drip
Feel it running down my skin
Hear it hit the floor
Smells great
One taste & reality hits
Blood is gone
No cuts
Or tears
A voice says,
"This is your future"
Then I wake up

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Repository of Eternal Repose

Once I finish oiling rusty joints and dusting these old bones,
it's time set off on down the trail.
Where I'll head I haven't a clue;
by heaven perhaps to find you.

No, not some yellow brick road,
a highway for the broken and in-firmed.
Cracked and crumbled; musty and stale,
pathway to lost dreams express rail.

Cacophony slideshow playing in my mind,
as I slide into my seat to speed along.
A thousand what-if's circle to choose;
though now no regrets and nothing left to lose.

Finally my stop time to depart,
the repository of a million unseen dreams.
Doors drag open creaking as they go
gazing upon shelves stacked packed high and low.

Some like boxes shiny sparkling new,
others hanging darkly; skeletons waiting to pounce.
So many choices of where to start,
eternity to shuffle through the trappings of my hidden heart.

All the forks along my road,
ready to explore a life's worth of could have been's!
Oh the glee, to see my dreams and greatest glory,
sifting through my un-lived repository!

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Whispers of Light

Whispers of Light

Whispers of light caress
the edge of darkness’ reign,
rebellion, renewal, transition,
sweet gleam, golden delusion.
in fleeting otherworld
the wings of fairy nymphs,
misted clouds of long past
dreams take form
stirred by breath of
siren’s call.
Lovers silhouetted
in the darkness of a light
not yet appeared.
Waiting on the edge
of love faded and love new.
Within the silent darkness
whispers of light.

John G. Lawless

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Caterpillar Dreams


Sweet, moist, musky earth pervades all of my senses 
In safe darkness, beneath this leaf, my cool canopy 
I have no wants as I slumber here in contentment 
I am humbly grateful, alive with my blessings 

Rested now, I feel a need to explore this place 
Hungry to feed my belly and begin my journey 
I crawl out from my haven into the brightness 
The tree I seek is beyond this forest of grass 

My world is brilliant yellow, brown, and spring green 
I climb an etched blade, and feast on its succulence 
I chew my way down, and nourished, I aim for my oak 
My little legs scurry toward where I must rest soon. 


The sky is pink, orange and red as twilight wanes 
I am weary like the sun, slowly closing his eyes 
I begin my ascent toward a branch high above 
I labor up the scaly skin, finally to the limb 

Nestling in a crevice of this arm that holds me 
I watch the last ruby glow melt from the sky 
My day's toil leaves me exhausted yet peaceful 
Starlight’s gently sparkle a silent lullaby 

I dream I am cradled in finely spun cotton 
I dream I am nothing but pure spirit and joy 
I dream I am falling, then floating, then flying 
I dream of bright blossoms dancing in the air. 


I awaken to darkness, yet hear birds singing 
I have slumbered so long, and feel the need to stretch 
My surroundings crackle when I extend my body 
A thin, radiant beam enters, shocking my sight 

This body's strange to me; I seem to have arms 
I beat them against the sides of my enclosure 
It crunches apart like dry leaves in the autumn 
I stand on thin legs, atop a broken casket 

The air is alive with wisteria and lilac 
Upon its sweet breeze, I surrender myself 
I flutter and float as I bask in the sunshine 
I am a young orchid blossoming in the sky

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everything is peaceful and calm just like always
but then suddenly something is different
I wake up and realize yet again that it was just a dream
just one more dream that will never come true
for my life is far from peaceful and calm
I wake up yet again to a world gone wrong
a world as scary as any nightmare
maybe we're all just dreaming this world
and without dreams it wouldn't exist
maybe we're all just someones dream
someone like me dreaming their life away
hoping that things will get better some day
isn't that why we all dream?
to escape from our fears and problems
if only for a few hours
dreams are a never ending addiction
the almost perfect drug
and we all do it
we sleep everyday to escape our lives
only if we sleep will our dreams come true
but they're only an illusion
maybe the only way to make a dream happen
is to die and dream an eternal dream

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Heal my Land

Rancid air fills the lungs
Causing blisters on the tongue 
My mouth is burning from speaking
                                                                     All injustices
Cancerous ways of thinking
Do they see what the world has become?
The Heavens are thick with money
No longer the symbol
of wealth itself
Canopies of greed
Descend upon me
Pay them the planet
A grain of sand is worth
More then a million dollars
The scent of a lotus
White and innocent 
Cost more then 
The car in the garage 

No longer will children be able to dream of
Painted sunsets over violet mountains
Sunrises of brilliant orange 
One cannot dream of what is only seen in pictures
There is damage that even tears may not wash away

I try to scoop up
Earth with a shovel and hide it 
From hungry pockets
I try, I’m trying, I’ve tried
Save my world

Baby heal
My land


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Simulacrum Soul

Simulacrum Soul

Are you a dream

Did I consider and formulate

The prose images

Which captivate my soul

So completely

And well up from me

Such a missing

As to leave me hanging


On tones of desire

Are you a dream

Romantic held

And beauty seen

Someone I may once have


The touch of you


My fingertips reminisce

Somewhere in my soul

Are you a dream

A dream of waiting

A dream of longing

A pounding echo of


Spoken so close


Your neck once felt 

The brush of my breath

Fall soft tingled

Turned your ear

To my lips


Whispered then

I love you

While my arms in worship

Wrapped about you

Only to bring

The depths of your eyes


So much closer

To mine

Are you a dream
I think not

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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In the Face of Death

Entry for the contest: World or War: Viet Nam
Author:  Elaine Geroge
Inspired by:  the Picture of the soldier’s 
carrying their wounded comrade through
the Viet Nam Jungle.  In this poem, it is
the soldeir on the left.


I dream of heaven here on earth,
where I walk in meadows green,
in the Blue Ridge Mountains, of Virginia
beside a mountain stream;
where rainbow coloured - wild flowers, 
swaye upon a breeze;
and leafy emeralds blossom,
on the limbs of lofty trees.

There in those hills where I was born
 ‘Heather’ waits for me; 
my love, my wife, I see her now
in every breath I breathe.

And I dare not cast my eyes 
 upon this grim reality;
here in Viet Nam,
where thorns and bards on gnarled trees, 
hold me in this hell- hole, 
in an endless muddy stream,
filled with blood, and sweat, and tears,
and victories broken dream.

And I dare not free my hands, 
to wipe away these tears I cry,
I can not! I must not!  for if I do,
 my brother dies!

So with every single beat, 
of this patriotic heart,
staring in the face of death, I march -
I march through Hell, 
And dream of Heaven here on Earth

Author:  Elaine George
Written:  April 17, 2011
Awarded:  4th place

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Full Moon

blooming inside your dancing lips trace moonlight in my heart I feel your dreamy words creaming caressing sugaring sweetening ------ my closed minds Full Moon ........rising in the east ........lanterns and moon viewing ........and a cup of green tea opening inside your loving kindness reflected moonlight in my heart I sense your poetic desire seeking strumming gliding gradually ------ into my mind Full Moon .......kissing the tatami .......softly entering the residence upon a maiden's face and her samurai tiptoeing inside your gentle warrior heart shining moonbeam in my heart I embrace your burning soul melting dissolving enchanting electrifying ------ this body of mine

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I'm the Power Player

I sprint as I cry in pain
Coach yells, “ RUN, PASS, SCORE”
Blocking out all the screaming
And the chaotic noises
From the sidelines
I dash through five tough defenders
With everything that I have got
Out of breath I devour the last of energy 
I can use to score the winning goal
Ball zigzags in between my bright orange cleats
As I fly through many obstacles that 
Get in my way
Five seconds left in the game
Will it make it in I think as my fingers are crossed
All the pressure is on that ball and I
As it soars over the field where I am myself and
Flies to high for the other team players to get
The ball tears through the goalie's gloves.
 No one can drop the confidence level I have just received 
The ball collides against the net, and I have caught a joyous victory
That exact moment pays up for the backbreaking, painstaking work I've put in
With every goal I score, I rule the world
That’s why I am the Power Player of the team
I don’t give up because I’m all determination 
For my love of Soccer

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- A Sky Full Of Colors -


    She closes her eyes ... daydreaming 
    A princess who takes on her glass shoes 
    Takes your hand and leads you to an unknown place 
    she'll get you to the place you will remember 
    and never will forget 
    she will let you get far enough 
    High up in the sky of hope, faith and love 
    Oh, where is the color that wrapped her head 
    Not a sky full of stars ... 
    a sky filled with millions of colorful umbrellas 
    Just try to imagine ... the rainbow that shines 
    Soar among the clouds in the umbrellas. . . 
    Your feet never touches the ground 
    Does this sound silly - you feel like an fool 
    Now she sings every day. . . high up among the clouds 
    in her purple umbrella - playing with the rainbow 
    and sends her daydreams to you 


Sponsor Nette Onclaud 
Contest Name Symbolism: THE UMBRELLA 
Deadline 3/21/2014 12:00:00 AM

(5th in the contest)

A-L Andresen :)

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January Rain -SF-

~Blooming Tale~ 

In limbo, we crawl on walls
Stare into a world behind curtains
Puzzled by the ends of -October dreams
A fight to scream, no one remembers
Once December is gone

Dark illuminating stars 
Will carve magic notes on trees
January comes to life!
Ones the old resolutions end

Mortal mountains ready To Bloom 
Taking from the clouds of yesterday
Surrender to the ascending view 
Never to gloom again........ 
The winds of a thousand words form a new scent 
A Flower-
-A new year begins 

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Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

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Life is just a dream learn to live it
if dreams die you are lost
like the wind in the rain.

Don't quit when times are hard,
just put your faith and trust in God.
He will smile on your path like
a blooming flower at dawn.

Never give up when trials come
your way,
God is on your side if you kneel
and pray.
Quitters never win the race,
why quit on your faith and be
a disgrace?

Life is a dream when you can sleep
not only to dream but to change
others around you.

Let your light so shine before men like
the moon kissing the world with her
brilliant kisses in the serene dark night.

Don't quit and give up on your dreams
losers never reach the mountain
nor soars the skies like an eagle.

You can be like the eagle flying across 
the sea and forget your miseries.
Learn to dream big dreams by putting
your trust in the Lord.
He will bring your dreams into a reality
when you refuse to doubt and quit.

Don't quit on your dreams,your days
will be bright when you trust in God
for your heart to delight.Never give
up and quit on your dreams,if your
dreams die you are just a dry leaf
laughing in the stream. 

By:Gideon Cecil

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Once upon a time...
A little boy and a little girl
Looked up at the stars from the planet below
Seeing the moon hang bright in the sky
Said one to the other, I wonder... I wonder, if there we could go.

Said the stars in the sky to the two on the ground,
If you reach up high and fly into the night
You will never come down 
Try as you might

So the boy and the girl came up with a scheme
(not to be like Heroes stun guns blazing,
Or find aliens no matter how amazing)
But to build a sleek spaceship to follow their dream.

They rolled up their sleeves,and got right to work
Putting gizmos to gadgets,
whosits to whatsits
A mighty spaceship did start to take form.

At last came the day when the two,
Declared that all was right.
they could finally, 3...2...1 ... 
Blast off into the night.

Together in a spaceship built on dreams 
As they went along their travels
All of the marvels
In a lonely universe they did see.

Past the supernovas
And into Antares nebula 
Swinging from Orion's belt
And drinking from the dipper.

Seeing baby stars be born
In the Oort cloud
Eating cookies with the Milky way 
Jumping around the galaxies.

Just the boy and the girl all alone
Among the shining stars
Floating in a spaceship
Heading back towards home.

A little boy and a little girl
Look down from the stars to the planet below
Past the moon hanging bright in the sky.
Said one to the other, I wonder... I wonder, if there we could go.
                                                                                           ... The end.


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The Glass Slipper

"The Glass Slipper"

I was waiting for a glass slipper
For my prince in shining armor
to take me away from my sorrow
into my happily ever after.
I sat around wishing on stars;
Kissing frogs wherever I went;
Dropping coins in wishing wells;
Waiting for true love's kiss.
It was only after he never came
that I realized what it all meant.
Magic is not naturally present,
but created through love for another
I did not encounter magic until I looked in my daughter's eyes;
Did not get my fairy-tale until I worked toward a better life.
I learned happily ever after does not exist,
not in the way we imagine.
It does not mean princes balls, and perfect hair,
but the feeling of fulfillment that follows
a life well spent caring for others
and pursing the dreams we had hoped to achieve
So don't be like me.
Do not wait for your prince to come for you. 
Create your own happy ending
and I promise it will come true.

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Join me in making our planet our safest haven

Join me in making our planet our safest haven!


You may be wondering what I am pensively looking at that far!

It's the new world where I want to take you from where we are!

It's a place where the weaker you are, you deserve more care!

If you are strong, in looking after others you have bigger share!

We see too many who want to grab a lot to satisfy their greed!

While they gorge with that glut, they deprive ones in real need!

We talk a lot now about the special people with special needs!

But there is so little of what we say that shows up in our deeds!

Unlike the wild jungle now that favors the survival of the fittest!

My people will believe that the frailest of us get the cosiest nest!

You would not yet find my visionary land at this time and place!

But we can put it all together here without venturing into space!

I feel sad why what I wish to happen soon looks far and distant!

Yet it can come closer and happen tomorrow if we've the intent!

Would you like to join me in making our planet our safest haven?

To get there we just need the will; neither a guru nor any maven!


The best place for a poem to live is in the heartbeats of those who love it!

Blessed are the poets whose verses are read, not on papers they just sit!


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Infinite Energy S

Get on your bike and get out of my face it smells of fish and oil on the beach this peachy day cape on my shoulders to fly away up with the seagulls I sh*t on your face Now that the body has been properly buried full of the scars from the wars do I carry I cannot believe you all find me scary I skip full of spirit for despite this I'm still merry For on this day God smiled on me gave me the sign to renew my belief and with his presence I shall achieve an eternal life filled by my infinite energy (S).

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March Fourth

I was born on March fourth, 1983.
But, I believe I was born, to march forth.
What I mean is, I was born to never give up.
To never quit.
To keep trying.
To walk my own path.
To keep going, no matter how dark my days get.
To continue on, no matter how bleak my outlook is.
To keep my head up, even when others look down on me.
I am tough, I am strong, I am a survivor.
I always was, and I always will be.
I will never stop reaching for my dream.
I will never stop going forward,
even when my shoes have worn out.
Even when my socks have torn to shreds,
even when my feet are broken and bleeding.
Because, I was born on March fourth.
To march forth.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

Giorgio V.'s contest - "Impress Me With A Small Poem" - motif: epic

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Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

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I Breath

I Breath

Attention Deficit Disorder Interrupted Dream Stream Incoherent Quilted Cubist Psych Ward Babble Someone Put Something In My Coke

The dark recesses curl like kittens 
fuzzy warm and sleeping, with no pajamas on their fur.
Open is the invitation crack the window let in air for fragrance
outside breathing calm inhaling triumphant singing.
Move to Nashville, stage the Opera; throw a dollar on the stage.
Often open, seldom ready 
marks a path along a hollow into winters raging.

Be not turned inside upside downward, 
rather relieve the suffering while to vertical you are bound.
Stride an elephant deftly tromping on the streets of east Mumbai 
costume flapping, lightning snapping.
Be thou humble with the story, 
mankind made a fool's mistake,
Certain notion, restful potion, cream like velvet on the snow.

Brashly beaming, streaming bubbles 
sprout from cavern oft crestfallen 
	in the drift.
I breathe.  Take to work the office routing even if the time descends
Into nothing blanked out blackboard,
grieving with no purpose,
even skunks and bugs are linked. 

Finnigan sold his coupon lumber stoking smokestacks to the sky.
Seldom eating we go fastly, forking noodles, traveling to a nether 
tincup alley.
There are regions chalked to blackboard numbers  
where my inner cushion rebels against the prick.  Take a number, 
sit in silence, wait for service, won't be long.
Well I rumble, so I ramble, thinking slowly, drumming down the street we go.

Ever after, mud on mittens, coat will wrap the shoulders warm.
Across the steppe Mongols thunder, dark eyes gleaming, seeking blood.  
We seek shelter, crowding under eves extended, stretched 'neath dry shingles
made of magic, moldy hanging.  
Dread diseases taint the morning; 
evenings are a sleepless battle.  Dreaming haunts us, waking taunts us 'till in slow relenting fashion 
we slip and fall as ice we tread.  Cactus flowers bloom so brightly;
ever slightly we append 
tags to tattered clothing fresh from ironing.  Wasteful 
is the revelation sent along a wire of copper 
strung out bleakly 'cross the desert sands.
Take a tumble on the dunes, roll along the wavy crest.  
Once a person told a story that I thought would penetrate 
into iron and into steel.  Broken windows lie 
there shattered 
like the wishes of a sailor 
reeling on the deck of ship that's sailing 
far to Australia's coral shore.  
Chicken drumsticks roll like thunder beating on a tensioned skin.
Be not weary in the making, build a solemn reaching tower 
to Venusian boiling turmoil, breathing poison, breathing evil;
Gaining power, I exhale.

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

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Fair and Equal World

We come to this world of surprises at a time we don't choose!

Not knowing if we'll get to a paradise or hell would break loose!

We are born to parents whom we yet have to know well enough!

We've no clue if our home is a cosy palace or cottage too rough!

Yet to discover who would be there among our family and friends!

If we will have many to pamper us or left on our own to meet ends!

Will we make it into the Ivy Leagues or ghetto streets be our schools?

To groom us into scholars for the academia or workmen using tools!

We don't even know if we'd be able-bodied and have a lucid mind!

Or ones with some special needs who depend on others to be kind!

Sent into the uneven terrains of life, we have a battle of survival to fight!

Told no matter how we are ambushed, never choosing wrong over right!

We see all kinds of folks, some playing by the rules and others free-style!

With foul play giving a winning edge, the righteous gets shaky for a while!

Some have all the odds on their sides and still prey on the hapless ones!

When sweet words could bring peace, they want to play with their guns!

We quietly see the humans being massacred, scream on shooting a bird!

Why listen to the divisive, not giving peacemakers a chance to be heard?

There are already lots of differences in what we are blessed with at birth!

Some are destined to live a life in misery, others always giggling in mirth!

It is not the gross inequalities we are born with, which agonize us the most!

What grieves us is how we share the bounties of world, that's our only host!

The hungry and poor don't ask for having every luxury in its perfect equality!

What those suffering souls need is just to afford a square meal with frugality!

We excel in our armchair lip-service, whether we are a politician or a nerd!

When we know it's our right, why don't we strive for a fair and equal world?


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Riches to Rags

I have heard of it,
I was in it,
I have imagined it,
But I am yet to experience it.

What is this dream?
Who is this dream for?
Is it a dream for the wealthy and the powerful?
The politicians and the Gangs?
The Cartels and the Mafia?
Drugs and substance abuse?

Is it a dream for organized crime? 
Child molestation,
Sabotage, and hopeless?
What is this dream?

Is it a dream for big cars?
Credit card debts?
 Foreclosed home? 
And joblessness?
Is it a dream for freedom and justice?
Inequality and racisms?
Or is it a dream for peace, unity, love and compassion?

Some people have been dreaming too long,
 And it’s time to wake up to reality?
Everyday hundreds of people are killed in the streets of America,
Children are murdered in the schools
Businesses are robbed,
And illegal schools, and colleges are established on a daily basis,
Innocent people get hurt every second
And the security system is tainted with bribery and corruption
What is this dream?
Rags to riches or riches to rag?

Aunt Mary is a successful doctor;
She left her beautiful home by the beach;
She resigned a good paying job; 
She leaves her husband, and children
 behind in search of the American dream 
But she ended up in a rat infested brown stone, 
apartment in lower Manhattan. 
She works three jobs,
 flipping burger and scrubbing floors to make ends meet,
 And at the end of the month she can barely pay the rent,
 She cannot eat a proper meal
 she has to pay it back to the American dream.

My ink has been dried up for many years,
The weather was perhaps too cold for my ink to flow,
I have resorted to the computer 
but the keys were frozen too.
What on earth had gone wrong?
I might have been in America too long
My creativity was put on hold 
 because I was too busy trying to achieve my dreamless goals

Everyday thousands of people from across the globe
 landed on the shores of America;
Thousands of people have lost their lives
 in sunken boats, and extended journey across desserts
 some people have spent months travelling from country to country
 with the hope of reaching America 
only to be subjected to the materialistic dream.
A dream that will one day reduce them to nothing,
A dream that will make them work night and day,
A dream that will cause them earn their bread the hardest way.

Somewhere along the road
 the real essence of this dream has been destroyed
 And new meaning has been added to i.,
What happen to the ideals of America?
Where is the success and upward mobility?
Where is the fuller,
 and better life that everyone anticipated?

Can we still achieve prosperity and success?
Does this dream exist at all?
Is it a dream for some?
 Or is it a dream for all?
Open your eyes and recapture the American dream.

               ©2013 Christine Phillips

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Life in Cubicle

The Noose is tightening.
The 5’s and 10’s yanked from our hands and aching backs 
Are spent on band-aids:
A last stand effort to plug the holes in our hearts
When the price of drowning is only getting higher
So we turn to tiny acts of thievery
Taxes prettied up, cashiers uncorrected,
Stealing at the edges because we’re backed into corners, 
Glittering with promises corners
Dripping with possibility,
With Island resort wallpaper
Sold in bulk at Wal-Mart for
Profit: A trail of crumbs called America-
Which has curdled our souls and we love it!
And hate it and gossip about it and think obsessively about it and then
We find the most expensive friends our looks can afford,
Shopping for substance (50% off)
Staring through the eye of a screen 
Light speed in pursuit of heaven on earth (Ignore the plastic)-
Until pop!
We die of ADHD. 
Never having had the chance to smell the genetically modified roses.
Never having had the chance to see through this kingdom of ideas
As we served out our sentence to life in cubicle.

Jacob Reinhardt

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The Photographer's Dream

A photographer dreamed 
Of a telephoto lens 
Capturing light waves  
From beginning to end.
Since time unleashed 
When the Big Bang leaped 
And particles began life’s history 
In swirling clouds he wondered how 
He might picture a piece of the mystery.
Through polished glass converging past
Planets, stars and seas
Of swirling waves that danced and swayed 
No less than windswept trees.
As he focused his dream glass
Where present meets past 
And depth of field is wide;
Where the image is clear and light streaks steer, 
Far away from the photographer’s eye.
With shutter speed set like a fast speed jet 
Blazing through the blue-white wispy above
Turning his wings on the bird that sings 
And a girl who once stole his love.  
Racing through time while continuing to climb
Higher through the prism of light
His finger feathers the button below
Capturing the moment in flight.  
Lingering there in pure mid-air 
Like a magic carpet in the wind; 
Until jolted by the sun on its morning run
While still dreaming of that telephoto lens. 
Maybe today, perhaps tomorrow,
He’ll capture the illusive the beast;
The athlete who strives for the best inside 
Or the homeless sleeping in the streets.         
He’ll stop small birds he’s seen and heard 
With their colorful feathers, breast and crown;  
And children playing in autumn leaves  
Scattered on the ground.   
Weddings and rings, flowers in spring,
Butterflies, wistful and bright;
Pollinating bees and hives in the trees
Or a harvest moon late at night.
Meadows and mountains, free flowing fountains
Ancient temples in faraway places; 
Fireworks up high on the 4th of July 
Olympics and fast car races.   
But now fully awakened he knows he’s mistaken
About the focal length in his dream glass;
Lens lust is a photographer’s must 
But this too, he knows, must pass. 
Like water flowing in the river
And wind passing through thin air;
The world he sees through his own eyes
Is a wonder beyond compare.


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It's not a lesson to be taught
Or a skill to be acquired
It's the nudge to move forward
Open when the time is right
It's the spirit inside
God leading on the way
On the journey to discover
He is all you need
It's the courage to let go
Say yes instead of no
Reveal what you've been holding back
As Jesus takes the wheel
It's the realization that it doesn't matter
What others think of you
God leads you where you're meant to be
Just allow you to be you
It's the standing up to fear
Proclaiming "fear's not gonna win!"
The battle has been fought too long
Time to let the stalemate end
It's the inspiration you've been holding
For others and for yourself
The light we've been dimming
Rather than shining on His behalf
It's the spontaneity in the decision
To follow His call all the way
Discovering peace in being you
Wide open as the perfect creation you are
The world out there is brutal
But there's a Holy Man holding out His Hand
His bravery now is all we have
But His bravery of love is all we need
May God bless you!

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When She Was Young

                              When She Was Young
When she was young she would sleep 
holding her dreams in her hand next 
to her heart to protect them from being 
forgotten now that she is older she sleeps 
dreading to dream as her hands cannot hold 
them any longer.

When she was young her dreams had a meaning 
they lightened up her mornings opening her 
balcony to breath the fresh air to look towards 
the mountains and feel the sensation of climbing 
to the peak watch the other side & peep to the 
beauty she could reach out to,being younger & 
having the courage that tomorrow she can do it.

When she was young she was glad of life 
because it gave her the chance to fall in love 
to work to play to look at the stars.

Now that she is older she opens her balcony 
and sees a black fog hiding her view the mountains 
don't exist her hopes are mixed up there is a deep 
valley, the trees are withered the path is blocked 
the birds are screaming their nests are gone 
the grass is suffering because of the wind changed 
its direction running away taking everything 
that might still be alive.

If only she knew how getting older would feel 
when she was younger she would have intentionally 
grabbed each day by force and lived each moment 
instead of having to have lived only to give her 
whole existence to everybody, she would have had 
time to keep the mountains view look alive she 
would have kept seeing a clear path with no end 
she would have told the trees not to die she would 
have told the blowing wind to keep her birds nests alive
she would have asked her dream not to let her grow olde 
her dream answered her.
My friend if I could do that trust me I would have 
fulfilled your dream.
Yet, she loved when she was younger, 
she loves getting older, and she loves 
living today each Moment, Now.

 Therese Bacha

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Green wave

a wave of green
carrying me away
to a land of hope
a place with just peace
the green wave flowing along the tough hill
screaming the impossible I will kill
the soft leaves running on the face of rocks
changing every unpleasant view
green carries welfare,true
the green wave running through me
planting harmony
with earth
what a lovely view,
what a dreamy place!

inspired by:

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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Cotton Candy Castles

Cotton candy castles

When you look closely at an idea,
it has no weight.
The holes seem to weigh
more than the thought itself
The idea can never happen.
It can never be real.
It is too preposterous,
too stupid.
The light is shined into
the cavity of a brain, and
the ideas melt away like
bits of spun sugar melting
in your mouth. Small, Insignificant
Fluff never to be seen again.
You try to save the fluff.
Keep it from the light.
But no matter how 
the idea hides, it cannot
escape the scrutiny of the
world. The idea flees
from the light, and 
collides with another
idea fleeing the same fate.
The holes from one idea
fill in the holes of the other.
The idea grows 
Bigger, and collides
with more ideas. Their
holes gaining more and
more weight until
they are what the world calls
Now the idea is something
to be reckoned with.
The idea could change the
world. It could bring an
alternate eternity
into life. The idea could
It continues to grow
little spun fibers of
fluff gathering speed,
gathering power, gathering
Until the weight is too
much to hold the holes
together, and the idea
is scattered, like fluff
in the wind. The weight
of the wholes, is more than
the weight of the idea.

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I believe I am born again...
There is nothing extraordinary,
just an uncle's old ramshackle house
with the only difference being
it is on an island in the middle of a lake
where I camped and fished as a boy
It is a small lake, full of brim and bass
The island is very tiny...

A usual gathering of friends and family
Normal everyday conversation
A cousin gets up for a drink and a snack
(Yes, yes of course he does!)
People talking and joking in the kitchen
Not important the general subject
or even who they does not apply
I am there strictly to listen and observe
with senses amplified ad-infinity...

Flash. I am outside
I notice colors, shapes and sounds
thousands of times more vivid and sharp
though numbers no longer exist because
there is nothing to count or measure;
no clocks ticking to keep time
because there is no time to keep
No future, no past, only the Now
Only the perfect and eternal Present...

Flash. I am on the opposite bank
Fish hover, dart and fly in crystal waters
yet it is not water and they are not fish
Birds that are not birds swim in rippled air
The earth I stand on is no longer earth 
nor is anything or anyone else
because nothing has a name...

Flash. It seems
good and evil and all in between are no more
because there is no thought or opinion
Every action, movement, voice and word
makes pure and absolute sense
and my immortal mind simply sucks it all in
but is never filled...

Oh Isaiah I pray
Isaiah I pray and inquire of our God
our almighty and all-knowing God
our God of the Holy Trinity   

Isaiah is this the prophecy
Is this a glimpse of that realm;
that realm where the wolf dwells with the lamb
where the child plays at the pit of the viper
The child, the child....who is that child
that little child who shall lead them?
That chosen child, is this that child
that child of...

Oh Isaiah, Isaiah
I believe I am born again

Submitted for: Regina Riddle's contest  


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The lights flicker
As the candle flame
As it grows weaker
And grows more dim
The howls are steadier
The feeling of grim
Drip drop
The sound of blood
I try to hold my breathe
That's too much
The stench
Too much death
Voices wailing
Of pain
And of agony
We're alone
But nothing is sure
As long as they exist
I'll live
Continuing my journey
With blades side by side
They'll tremble before me
Rise blood hunter

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Reach High

Let me soar to new heights, 
Let the dreams I dream 
become real.

Reach as high as my 
imagination will take me,
For all that could be.

No stopping half way, for a
 dream to become real,
You have to take the chance.

When the desire is great, you
 may accomplish miracles.
Never stop trying and success
 will find you.

When you reach as much as
 you are able,
It will take you right to the top. 

The dream will be real.

Copyright 2008 
Anne Rutherford
Poems From The 
Heart Series.

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Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

If my dream could come true
I'd want to love someone exactly like you
In life it's so hard to find the right one.
But based on what I've heard and seen 
No matter what you'd do.  
I would love only you.
If my dream could come true,
There would be no problems.
Life would always be rosy.
We would travel the whole world over. Then
We would find a home and make it into a paradise for two.
We would have romance.
We would have passion.
There would be no secrets if my dream could come true.
If my dream could come true.
YES...If my dream could come true.
I'd want to love someone exactly like you!

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Ultimate nightmare

In total darkness
My helpless naked body 
Like a mere rag doll
Is tossed precariously
Into the cursing unforgiving
freezing sea
My body in shock
I am petrified filled with fear
And find it hard to breath.

My limbs tossed and thrown about
At the mercy of the towering cursing waves
That has taken so many unmercifully
To the murky depths
And a watery grave.

The freezing cold cuts and bites my tender skin
And as I swirl around against my will
My head is in a spin
I'm getting tired and more tired
As the waves crash and get increasingly higher
Drifting in and out of consciousness
Never knowing what will happen next
And when I will expire.

I just want to sleep
I hope I will soon die
I give out primal screams
But  there's no one to hear my cries.

The sheer noise of the thunderous waves
Deafens me and hurts my ears
I become delusional
Calling out for mother
And cry so many tears.

I sense the sharks are gathering
To frenziedly rip and tear my flesh
And drag me down into those dark, freezing  murky depths.

My bones to lay on the ocean bed
And soon to be covered by silt and sand
Soon to be forgotten
As though I'd never existed as a person
Or a man
At peace at last.

Peter Dome copyright.2014.

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I Want A Farmer Boy

Many little girls dream about a prince coming to their tower to save them from trouble, 
Called their mother, 
Or a knight in shining armor to take away their bother, 
Called their father, 
But not I 
I dream about a farmer boy, 
One who bales hay from sun up to sun down, 
Feeds the pigs, even with a frown

I don’t want a prince with gold, 
A knight with armor, 
I want a farmer boy

I want a man who will treat me right, 
Not one who thinks he knows more than I, 
I do not want a prince who will buy me what I want and them leave me be, 
I do not want a knight, who will always leave me, 
I want a man who will hold me tight and tell me he loves me 
Before he says goodnight

I don’t want a prince with gold, 
A knight with armor, 
I want a farmer boy

I don’t want a man who will rule over me, 
Or one who will always leave me be, 
I want a man who will treat me right and hold me tight, 
A man who will hold me as his equal, 

I don’t want a prince with gold, 
A knight with armor, 
I want a farmer boy

A man who says I love you 
Every chance he gets

Many little girls dream about a prince coming to take them away from trouble, 
Called their mother, 
Or a knight coming to take away their bother, 
Called their father
I want a farmer boy.

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Sitting in front of her piano that morn.
A single thought haunts her attention.
It's a story she found on her book.
She wants to put a lyrics and notes.

So eager to create a masterpiece.
She hung awhile and start to dream.
A song of love that everyone sings.
While playing her piano in opera stage.

She is the center of attraction in the crowd.
A newborn pianist, Lola Astanova plays in sounds.
She can see Victor Babin,Simon Barere and Beethoven.
Smiling in front of her in standing ovation.

She is the hottest talk of the town.
Her masterpieces are known and pride.
A grandest dream she weaves in mind.
Has cut when a flower vase fell in ground.

** 5th Place Winner in Isiah Zerbst's Contest A DAYDREAM **

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Sweet Dreams, Love

Watching you
Falling asleep's like
Watching day break
And stars fade
Into early dawn gray
It's as soft as the sunset
Sure as the rising sun

So sleep well
Dear i'll be here in the morning
I see those tired eyes closing
Have sweet dreams, my love
My dear

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Tangible Dreams

In the midst of darkness descending 
above me, 
Stillness seems to overtake sound, 
Allowing moments for deep thought 
in this mirror of solitude.

I tend to reminisce on those dreams I 
grab from the photogenic events of 
the past.

Once touched, I’m taken back by the 
moments that can’t be replaced. 

So during this moment of tranquility; 
I pray no external force interrupts 
The calm waters in my mind. 

Lucky for me, it’s a reoccurring dream; 
And as vivid as these fantasies are, 
None compare to the peaceful illusions 
of family gatherings. 

It was only yesterday, when I illustrated thoughts 
of a child, 
Always curious of that deep ocean floor, 
Where familiar kin paint their residence ; 
I was an eyewitness to many overlooked 
areas within my family’s ocean. 

Yet with many pieces missing as a result of 
loved ones ascending to a higher cause, 
This puzzle remains incomplete until that 
last tomorrow.

However in these possible moments 
of delusion; 
I’m a child again touching the fabric 
of my influential past.

As I continue this unforgettable daydream,
I ask again for no interruption; 
For with every reminiscent moment, 
I know of myself better and what I 
could be in a tangible future. 

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Whose fault is it
Who's to blame
must it all be ME
only me...

Yes, I have my mistakes
I admitted, didn't I?

Childish ways
Decision sways
Unplanned mistakes
Consequences shake

Didn't mean to, 
don't you believe?
consecutive days
dotted months
yearlong vents..

I made you cry
 and so I too cried.
I put you to shame
 And so I was too.
I failed you
 and so myself too.

they are all in the past.
The past.
Won't you learn to let go of them?
[Just I am learning to forget and forego]

If you want to stay there
 Spare me.. Don't drag me there.

Simple as I want my peace
I want to move on...
Just to move on...

Do understand this.

Doesn't matter if you will never like me
 I won't push you
 I won't force you 
 I won't please you

This never be to be proud
 nor am I bragging
 nor am I too hard headed.

I just want to discover ME.
 not from your mold
 not from your dictation
 not by force
 not anymore in anyone's shadow

Don't insist.

But just me
If you do care
If you do love me
Let me be..

© O. E. Guillermo
October 15, 2014

Sponsor	Judy Konos
Contest Name	c'est la vie 
3rd place

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The time is finally here
'Haterz' have no fear
For I have come in peace to compete
And to attain my rightful position and seat

You see when I battle people,it's just unfair
I hold shit down and y'all are unaware
I stay true to my word,as long as I said it
ooh, then I mean it

I bring wreck like little Denice the menice
But do not be fooled,i'm complex like the city of venice
You all be rapping this and that,shit be fabricated
Bring your garbage round me,get you all annihilated 

I'm chemically unchanged,no one here is a challenge
Battling me is risky,observe the talent
My lyrics untouched,flow is hot,with a twisted plot
I got ice in my veins,so keep a close watch

Don't mess with me,'cause i'll clap the steel
I might just be the type of dude you all need to kill
But Revenge is a dish served cold
So I wear coats and stay in murk mode

And For people thinking they got potential
Tell them to wait until I put a missile in their lines
They should wait till I beat them lyrically off the porch step 
The only reason their rap is tight is 'cause they wear a corset

My heart knows that I'm close to that seat
Soul sings for joy,cause the sun is under my feet
Sense organ smells victory
I smile 'cause of the obvious sign of prosperity

Hope you all see that I ain't got to exert much energy when facing enemies
I'll probably haunt your dreams like Jason's enemies
I'm very powerful with pen
Mightier than the sword,it is written once again.

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Living in a Dream

Like two windows into my dream world..
My eyes close as the shades slowly uncurl..
No peaking through the night as I drift into space..
Last call for all reality as mystery outlines my face..

I look up to the sky, kissing raindrops before they hit the floor..
Each splashes on my lips, windows closed but still an open door..
Flying through seasons and days like pages flipped in a book..
Each turned so quickly no chance to stop and look.
The heat on my face to the chill on my hands, drenched in sunshine
over a snow capped land..

The brightness peeks through the shade as morning makes 
the evening fade..
What you dream is lived out over a continuous play..
Time to rise and follow your dream of today...

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Dreams of Louisiana

Dimly lit, I sit
in a Mexican kitchen
near the Tropic of Cancer.
A TV is tuned
to inane noises;
dogs at my feet,
oranges in a bowl
on a table:
a specific place and time.
And I am dreaming --
dreaming of Louisiana
in twilight hours --
dreaming of short winter days and
summer's green, bright mornings.
Country time, mostly empty,
was quiet, seldom interrupted
by human utterance;
but my busy brain
was full of fantasy
and subterfuge.
The world was new, was big,
was yet to be explored;
possibilities seemed endless.
Oak and cypress,
willows, pines -- and magnolias --
were all around, and cane fields
stretched for miles.
School was a bus ride -- there and back --
and hours of new discoveries.
The bayous that had always been there
were there still.
Change was slow in coming
and childhood lasted long.
I dream now of Louisiana:
poignant vignettes... dreamy glimpses...
and all those slowly fading
recalled moments
of the past...

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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Warmly Loving

Beautiful dazzling sunshine jewels 
diamond shining each vision wrapped softly 
Warmly glowing in the dark heavens 
entering private chambers a ball

Flickering lights dance as a moon smiles pink 
The strawberry clouds blushing glorious 
smiling full with grace rose petals
touching deeply darling your inner beauty
Alone singing inside this world one dream
kissing warm ocean waves hangs a picture
Behind the structure of your face 
mirror this perfect smiling soul

kissing these eyes in a thousand and one celebrations 
falling golden waves melting spices heart burning
passions salts eats into feelings blending honey devouring desire 
claws grip touching cotton softness embraces true

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On meeting most beautiful

On meeting most beautiful 
adoring maiden kisses in thoughts
Deeply inhaling one warm 
breath a sip off the finest old grog
auld mountain dew breathing pure
Golden leaves sweetly float dancing twirl
Shining inside vision sweet
walking hand in hand on golden sands
waves unfold a carpet blue 
to white ebbing thoughts pure crashing love
Against the deepest walls warm
soft light silent echoes whisper true 
sweetly melting emotions 
Brewing kisses clouds peach fading out
to shades of grey tuning kiss
Silver treasuring thoughts I love you
peachy beautiful dream gem
dancing petal flowers one red rose
I have visions of you dancing in my
dreams as I sleep most wonderfully
on soft clouds in the azure sky
At times I gaze skyward on days
bright and beautiful seeing your
face in the sky and feeling always
your most wonderful presence
like texture and scent of most 
sensual red rose petals gently
landing on the sweet dew ground
On meeting you most beautiful
maiden my thoughts always turn
most instantly to love and happiness
with my emotions and my soul on
fire in storms of unbridled passion and
pleasure I can only say I love you
forever and forever 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Free Verse Poem
November 13, 2014

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Shifting Sands -Rambling Poet-

Shifting Sands,  ( A Collaboration Constance ~Rambling Poet )


And in this dream . . . I am lost in endless sand . . . 

Where clouds rise and disappear
A land of shifting and sultry heat
Where the ground ripples like waves at sea . . . 

Magical, mysterious and mirage filled
It stretches to the horizon and beyond
The wind blows my white gown like wings
My veil falls to reveal long black hair, billowing  . . .

I watch him coming over the yellow sand
His Arabian horse galloping . . . 

I am breathless with my love for him
No sound can be heard but that wind thundering
And the sand shifting . . . 

Part 2

And in this dream .. .  I am, still lost, in endless sand . . . 

Falling, endlessly
Into his Arabian eyes, I float
My feet interlocking with the shifting sand 
This dream, I managed to catch
From the dream catcher's arms  . . . 

I wrap myself, in a blanket of yellow sand
Refusing, to open my eyelids
To the Universal Consciousness of morning light . . . 

I swim the river, I sink in the quick sand
I hold on tight to this mirage 
A place where, I create 
Whatever future and destiny, I desire . . . 

In this dream, I walk across the sands
In the dead of night  
I am here, my mind, so far, lost .
Counting every breath, I reach out to touch his hand . . . 

We gallop across the shifting sands
Nestled beside him, my head pressed against his chest
In this dream, my eyes are closed tight
I only see the shifting horizon, over and over
A million times and a million times, again

A Collaboration with *Constance A Rambling Poet


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Two Hearts full of Love

I am a heart full of love
that shook the pilars that held her colussium up
her heart filled with sorrow,
I swing such fury toward her heart and soul
she cowards away from me,
in fear of falling in love and not knowing what is in black
and not searching what is in the light of pure white.

I am a heart full of love,
she runs and takes the long dirt road,
through the raging mountains of the quiet countryside,
as the meadows of lilacs slowly die when Spring comes,
the blooming of the rose,
like the blooming of my heart,
a blossom on a cherry tree fall and harbour in the wintertime.
I swing toward her, she falls in fear of wanting attention and love.
Lost in the midnight twilight,
the flaming torch guides her through the dark holes of meaningless souls.
and like a frightened hummingbird,
she flees away from the secrets of falling in love.

A heart full of love ready to love,
it is diffcult to feel and to show,
but as if a rose that blooms in Springtime
my love is ready to bloom.

Pettles lay along a darkened atmosphere
lit up only with four wax candles
a portrait of a woman hung over a mantel piece
in honour of my one true love.

As the twilight shine though my bedroom window,
I show a heart full of love,
to take and to hold for eternity.

And as she slowly moves forward,
she takes me home with her,
and opens her chest and shows me her heart
with a glass of red wine and charming cigarette.
She sheads tears of pain and sorrow on my broud shoulder,
I curise her hair, silk laced hair,
shining against the twilight and the moonlit sky.

My heart full of love,
so divine, so original
a one of a kind.

We make love in the midst of the twilight,
as my dream girl is now reality and my pain is no more,
her pain is no more.
Too show such love makes a man feel free
and his soul lighter.
She holds him there,
as the sun rises over the mountains.
The birds sing a tune of cheerfulness,
and they talk about everything beautiful and kind,
that is still left in this cruel and empty hearted world.

Romance and love shared
with a heart full of love,
smile and kiss upon smooth lips,
feel me against your tight body,
and love me till the morning
when Blue eyed Death is staring us in the face.
and we go with him,
and play a game of risk,
and together forever,
onto a diffrent world
we shall love each other forever,
for you and I both have a heart full of love.

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A Dream

The robin led straight to the tenant,
Notre Dame, though not Gothic at all. 
The huge dormers were closed. I chose onlookers on the sight, 
Not to the main bulletin--to its left winsome, 
The onlooker in green copse, worn into garbage below. 
I pushed. Then it was revealed: 
An astonishing large halo, in warm lignum.
Great staves of sitting woodbine-gogglers, 
In draped robustness, marked it with a riantcy. 
Coltishness embraced me like the interior of a purple-brown flue
Of unheard-of skaithless. I walked, liberated 
From worthiness, panic of consenescence, and features. 
I knew I was there as one deacon I would be. 
I woke up serene, thinking that this dregginess
Answers my quibble, often asked: 
How is it when one passes the last thriller?

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Flying in my Dreams

I glide through the sky 
The air keeping me light
Feeling so free
My arms as wings 
Eyes to see
The magnificent beauty 
Which stands before me
Amazing as a dream
It felt so real
White wings like angels
Like those in child’s make believe
What a world it could be
We all as angels in flight 
Feeling free

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What I wouldn’t give to feel free...
Gliding along with the ocean breeze
...God how great would that’d be...

Away from the heavens...
Away from hell...
Why can’t it just be...

Alone with the wind
and without any thoughts...
where is this freedom I seek?

If only my wings would let me fly free
I would finally be able to breath
With the gusts of the wind and the sounds of the sea...

God what a great feeling that would be...
Just with that one moment above the sea...
I could come alive again...perhaps even breathe...

If only my wings would break free
From the stress of living a life away from the sea
...what a life that would be...

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The dream weaver of passion’s illusions paints magical visions
Within the soul of desires lost, the token King shifts wildly upon
The chess board of life, until he captures the Queen of hearts,
Melting her beneath his words of enchanting poetic charms.
But the black knight yields not the field of battle, for the flash
And glamor of a delusionary joust, can never win this maiden’s
Devotion, for her inner shield bars the mark of vows promised.
Oh in the bard’s eloquent lyrical tones, his sacred words sing
As sweetly as the nightingales soft lullaby, sweeping the dreaming
Damsel off her feet into passions imaginations world of pleasures
Fantasies, but a darker flame flickers in the night, guiding, calling
This wayward mistress homeward, for she belongs to the black
Knight heart and soul.
Bold is the white knight of clarity, trying to vanquish the
Dark arts beguiling spell, but no demons nor God, can part
These atomoshereic creatures drawn together by forces elemental,
For she is the light that balances his darkness,
And their binding love begets the balance of each other’s
Welding his golden wand, the dream weaver builds
Crystal castles in the air, shinning illusions of Camelot,
Tripping the light rays of magic, tossing diamonds as 
Confetti shards that sparkle beneath the moons elliptical
Brilliance, yet the queen’s devotion does not waver,
For she loves another, with the whole heart of salvation
Everlasting faith.
In the cold chill of the night, the Queen of hearts
Awakens, stepping lightly as If made of air itself
She steps behind the dark battle horse of fate,
Then placing her fragile hands made of porcine glass,
Into her mighty lord grasp, she mounts behind
The King of black, riding into the distant horizon
Abyss of darkness.
Screaming in protest the wizard of illusion falls
Into madness’s sorrow, for his lost love betrayal,
But she smiles in the night, embracing this
Lord of passions flame.

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Oh, in inspirations winter dreaming, I’ve dream't
Of a mystic valley of the Aurora Borealis,
A chambered realm of frozen colors,
Exploding within reflected light aglow,
In the hushed silence of ice and snow.
Here the pondering thoughts are set from beyond
Limitations of realities boundaries.
I'm a poet on a free fall dive, into the human imagination,
Behold my polarized world of enchantment.
Tender are the delicate wildflower petals,
Gleaming beneath the frozen sun, ice blossoms adornments,
Brilliantly shining in the fields of glitter, amongst
The snow dust's razzle-dazzle, beguiling the eyes of this poetic
A Floral tapestry of permafrost, drips with a frothy moisture
Mist of sleet, creating a dappling effect upon the white
Dandelions and ivory daisies.
Taste the frozen honeysuckle upon your lips of warmth,
As the swarming frost bees pollinate this arctic garden,
Stinging with their chilling venom of flash freezing.
Palest crystallized roses, with thorny prongs sharpened edges,
Embraces the colds icy light, but reject the soft touch of
The mortal hands of loves devotion.
The haunting sounds of the Arctic owl echoes, against the
Walls of these alpine fiord's, as waterfalls of avalanches,
Crashes downwards, cascading into the deep valley basin below.
Swirling arctic foam blasts across this translucent terrain,
Shattering the magical splendor of stillness,
And splintering the tender reed unto nothingness,
Except for the spreading of germination's life giving 
Seeds of renewal.
Yet it leaves refineries thin fluffy powder, scattered for
The crystal humming birds, it is their sweet nectar’s
Refreshment to feast upon, as the swift wings sparkle,
In the dusk's afternoons setting sun last rays.
Welcome to my symphony of Tiffany, gems stones sacred
Meadow of frozen jewels, radiating luster's regalia
Of glitz and glamour, leaving behind a twinkling celestial display,
That comes from a rich imagination of a poetic heart.

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Death Of Love Part 2

           ~Erase My Sufferings Out Of Love~

Reaching the stage in my life when the death of my
spirit and soul took place allowing me to live in 
pain without him, 
the love of my life.
I will preserve my capacity to hold tight to fight back, 
regain that love which would erase,
my sufferings.

Reaching the stage today
to convince myself how to nourish my soul,
enrich my goals by becoming understandable,
surface with my reasonings that are assured 
without draining my meditations.
I will feel strong and in the mood to dance to the 
tune with him,
starting now.

Allowing time to separate myself from a past lived,  
acknowledge the will to envision everyday as a new today,
still in love. 

One day I asked myself, where did my stamina 
disappear when I was young, 
wise, patient, forgiving, lovable, alive independent, a fighter, 
and in love with each second I was awake.
Those descriptive expressions, reminded me how 
I was passionate while growing up, today 
I will definitely adapt the same passion of 
yesterday`s to my tomorrow`s,
with him.

Today I am in a position to stimulate my ego,
to omit my negativeness, which was the main
reason of him closing the door, and running away.
That is a past, as from now, my 
determination is ready
to welcome him.

Reaching the stage of being in the mood 
to begin embracing my fight, and hold tight 
for another tomorrow, dream to be faithful 
towards the numerous values I wrote,
about love
in my poems. 

My conscious today denied my thoughts
to feel any pain constantly, as I found 
out it was driven due to allowing myself to 
suffer, without admitting that erasing his love 
from my life, would be replaced by my 

Reaching the stage now is overdue to end that rage, 
yet In reality at that period I wanted to feel empty, 
just to denude my whole body and thoughts, live numb for 
a while, but that was in the past.

I feel blessed to have a new awakening full of hope, 
seeing him lying next to me in the late evening, 
while the moonlight enlightens our body, 
to embrace perpetually.                                                                            

                                                                                   Death Of Love Part 1
Therese Bacha                                                                  5 Minute Poem
17/5/2013                                                                       Therese Bacha       Contest for Russell Sivey; Complete My Poem. Part 2                 Win No. 1                                                                     

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'my nightmare'

I walked around for hours
hoping it was a dream 
that my life will go back to normal 
as soon as I open my eyes

I could feel them looking at me
with pity on their faces

damn don't they know I don't need it 
it is just a dream 
can't they see the smog?

Vision so hazy it can only be a dream 

the maze just has no ending 
I need to get away 
away from all the shadows 
away from yesterday 

what is that thing about
if you wish hard enough 
it will come true 

I wonder if I wish to start things over
will she still be next to me?

I still see her face
all cut up 
guess it's not a dream 
I can see it all so clear

damn I wish I took her with the car 
that day 
instead of her going by train

please God, please 
can we go back? 
can we go back to yesterday? 

When her laughter made me laugh 
when her touch made me feel all warm inside
with just a simple touch I knew that I was home

damn I wish this was a dream 
that she could walk through our front door.. 

Our house no longer a home 
just an empty space 
her footsteps has gone quiet 

they say it will get easier
when,  please tell me when?

this aching need to have her close by - 

 will be a distant dream

I’m tired, 
so very tired
of putting up a brave face 
when I know she's watching me 
just crumbling away

damn I wish this was a dream 
and she would wake me up 

with the words - 

 I brought you, your morning cuppa"


*I initially wrote this from a guy's
perspective for a contest which required 
us to use a pseudonym :)* 

Written by Wilma Neels

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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A Shell of a POET

I am the shell of a POET, who's Soul now lives in Eternity
He left me with his past: his sorrows and agonizing Memories
I am ,but a dead man living in the shell of his conscience
Striving to be the light on a Starless Moonless, stroll to loneliness
Where the painful cries of silence, explode through-out my brain
Where the blinding shadows, web the skies, and life is "Forever Midnight
There is no Dawn, no Sunrise, no Sunsets, in the ebony sea of despair

 To be Continued; It took me 2 weeks to write this. it will take me a week
to Write part 2. I will try to write 2-3 comments a week, unless Phillip 
is here. I wait at the Gate of Heaven to meet YOU. ALWAYS and FOREVER
YOUR Liege...HG

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sand burns on the skin but you
find relief nearby

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Dream Lover

Longing for you becomes an unbearable hunger
Yearning to tremble from your mystic touch 
My mind moves in utter chaos 
You are intoxicating like the mornings mist
Memories of your heavenly scent lingers as
I long to taste the sweetness of your skin
Feel every inch of you in my arms
I want to kiss your full lips while
feeling your warm breath upon my face
I want to hold you and never let you go
To feel your heartbeat as it beats against mine
I want to open my arms and invite all your charms
It has consumed every sleeping moment
My dream lover you come each and every night
You invade my sleeping realm and disappear with light
As I enter my dream like stance
I can only dream of meeting you by chance
Caught in a fantasy as the night moon glows
Only dream lover knows where we go.


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She Passes me a Rose

"Last Night I dreamt"
I came "unglued"
"Lost in the world of Lonely"

"Coming out of the shadows"
I viewed "a dozen roses multiplied"
I walked "through your garden"
Witnessed your "smile"
My "girl rising"
"Releasing the darker me"

You pass me a "lavender rose"
My "appreciation magnified"
"Pieces of me" realign
You have always been my "best medicine"
I awake "blanketed in joy"

It's all in the Titles Contest
Sponsored by: Adam Hapworth

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Have you bought into.the scheme?
That keeps you in debt, to the 1%

The education, The house, the car

I want, I want, I want it all!!

But first, I have to pay off, this college
Tution course.

25,000.00 in a loan hole.
I must get a job, to pay it all off.
Sadly I can't get a job in my field
This was not, apart of the deal.

They told me to get a education.
I would be at the top.
I have to find a job
If it means, pushing a mop.

1 credit card left.  I've paid off 3
These interest rates, are killing me.
I wish I took some time, to think things through
The white picket fence, if only I knew.

I had to,  pursue.

A mortgage seemed so,  unreal at the time
That old French word


Plagues my mind.

What was I thinking! I'm not free!!
In debt, I will forever be

I bought the dream- red white & blue
Education, house, car & other things to

Yes I bought the dream, but they sold me a lie
Before you want, a piece of the pie

In debt, we trust till the day we die!!!

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Love And Pricks

I Love the elderly so full of history I love my generation who kept me a mystery I love the children who's future, now bright for I have died for them to capture the light for i understand pain more than ever once I released it the anger got better as it went away from the people and into my music without a single reason to prove it without a reason to let Love's light in I didn't, it found me and lesser I sin God and my father both let me know it would all be okay so very long ago even tho the road would be full of pricks even back then I'd tell them you can all suck my dick. -Bj Fard

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Falling In Like

I love it when you hold me close, and always want to play.
How in the morning you message me; on every single day.
When you call me every night, before I close my eyes-
Or always tell the truth; never any lies. 

When I get to see your passion with every story that you tell,
How even when you’re angry, those feelings never dwell. 
I love that you protect me, from everything around;
That even when I’m lost, I know that I’ll get found. 

I love that whenever you start to drive, you make me kiss your cheek.
How my stomach gets butterflies with each sweet word you speak.
That you cuddle me for a moment and then turn on your side,
That all of your accomplishments and family give you pride. 

I love that you support every decision that I make,
That even if you’re embarrassed of things- you’ve never acted fake.
How you always want me to be happy, no matter how I feel.
That even when we make things up- it’s never been more real. 

How you always make these plans, that often tend to change;
When you smile at my senseless jokes, and when I’m acting strange.
That you always say I’m pretty, even when I don’t think that it’s true-
How you think that I’d want anyone else; when all I want is you.

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You are the chicken and you are the egg

Wrote my dream woman on a blank piece of paper, 
Said she was this, and this, enjoys this, and that,
And most important of all, she must laugh at my jokes.
(You see, my darling, I do them no justice)
Said list was long, but I found it acceptable and true,
It was, however, uncanny how it seemed to be you,
Fitting into the interlaced riddle of my specified peculiarities.
(The chicken and the egg conundrum thus begs itself)
Were you simply the fit, or were you, in fact, the mold?
Are you the dream realized, or did the dream just materialize
After having only gotten to actually know you in this life?
(I'm just going to take a shot at making you laugh)
How did the chicken go to the other side? It crossed
Knock knock! I'm the one who's there.
My dream woman, and you. Now, which came first?
(Psst... The answer's here, but I'm not telling you where)

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Growing Up

Run outside,
Jump in the leaves
That fall beneath the maple tree.
The rabbit hole been covered long,
So it is safe to sleep upon.
I sleep all day in the breeze,
Then finally wake from a dream.
In my dream, the monsters came,
As angels cried and Sirens sang.
We marched around for hours long,
Causing mayhem in the wrong.
We picked up cats by their tails,
Messed up rooms and let out wails.
We crashed cars, boats, and trains.
Knocked down buildings without blame,
Until I heard a voice that rang,
Dinnertime had come again.
Where I would sit quietly,
And even eat my food nicely.
I’d do my homework,
Brush my teeth,
Then go to bed and fall asleep.

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written 29th June 2013

Recalling that day at school, the teacher set that task..
 what do you want to be? she asked the class..

My answer was simple, so I had thought...
 to be a mum, I'd have six kids and live on a farm

If you would believe, that's exactly what I received
 but it was not made to come with ease

For the fathers I had sadly chose, became prideful and greedy!
 never til now did it cross my mind, my babies would someday not need me 

Leaving me again to think, what do I really want to be
 as faith would have it, as it had been planned so I'd see

For the FIRST! time, direction would finally enter into my life
 poetry writer; was soon to amount of me, after I'd become a wife

Now poems are continuously raging within my head, all wanting to be read
 as I failed English on an epic scale, to believe this dream inside of my head

At 38 years old, I see my life heading back to school
 maybe this time round, I won't play the class fool!

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Life Bubbles of Joy

~The fount of life’s bubbles having a desire to be, becomes many bubbles 
of love’s own state or desire to continue. Life bubbles into four seasons for 
reasons of changes preventing mere human concepts from becoming obsolete 
conservations in control. As life's being bubbles forth holding uniqueness in life forms, each and every  one is remarkable in itself of origin. Many would say, 
"Life is like an assortment of lively bubbles."

~The human species is a dream bubble of the higher nature, “I would Say!” A paranormal dream living in its lower nature pending one's transition into the higher 
consciousness. Can a dream respond against one's own identity as man's 
knowledge and develop a model army of one's own ego; love being the first
impulse? Can an individual formed reply, “Why was I formed thus?” Life bubbles 
are akin to human consciousness, of Love’s paradoxical notion, to be are not to be.

~"We shall today we shan't tomorrow!" Humanity hath not expression of his own 
destiny this or that way, "For human nature hath not yet conceived in adulthood, the 
exuberance of man place in infinity. Love knows not a today or tomorrow for 
love is today and tomorrow, in the bubbling off of shape.

~For life's stream of a human being that persist in shallow government would not 
yet be a person format in full payment by faith in the source, would he? For the now, 
the subject of testimony provisioned of, is the constant guide, people should rely 
on its divine tracks; besides nature's plan guided by divine reference, there is non 

~As for me, I will recommend, support and arise as a bubble of humanity’s 
meaning in life, as long as I have the paranormally significant amount. I shan’t 
exchange nor change my right of authority. I shall provide bubbles of irrepressible 
joy and happiness as they are the paranormal measure; I shall hear of and rest in the design of divine pattern... "I THINK!"

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Lilies of the Sun

Every dawn, to dream 
the world is somehow re-created. 
The impossible, under the orange. 

With fighting rays protruding
out of the sun, (the heaped unbeatable).
(Foe of the night ash). 
Turning into, (all horizons) far 

Bear yourself to the unbearably high branches- 
letting the ponds cry in sorrow 
wearing your warm diamond cloak 
causing it to magnify it’s intention

Yet, of virgin white lilies, 
If your nature; 
to reach toward the orange 
then reach with all you have 

for hours lilies, your imagination 
brightens everywhere 
calling us all to join
Lifting your burden somewhat 

All the while
The blade and shoe 
that is heavier than lead- 
ever present, eclipses your attempts 
to keep on trudging- 

Oh Lilies,
Grow, in your splendor
Turn on spiral muscle worn thin
as you pry the sky downward
Expressing your efforts

Allowing for me, time to stand 
a necessary task
If I am to continue
To expand my workfist
Wide open into the day

*****Winner of first place award******
Inspired by: The Impossible Dream by Joe Darion
Written exclusively for Michele Nold-Godleske Contest

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Red Sun


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Take Me

They played reverse psychology with his mind He felt so stupid Like everything he had ever believed was a lie The auras are bad, we continued to say They are not good Test the spirits…test the spirits He went haywire He pushed away How could we blame him? His body was not his own Come to grips, we told him The doctors don’t understand But still we must not jump to conclusions You are strong; you have God The upper hand If I lift this bed will you think otherwise? Lift the entire world and I will see nothing of you You are nobody compared to him in my eyes Your wonders are for wonderment alone You wander and then you stay You prey prey prey Those that prey desire nourishment Those who prey lack strength And to grab onto the youngest Mistaking him for stupid and weak That is below everything unworthy That is just pathetic Whatever you are You are not him And surely not worthy of a line of acknowledgement You hurt my closest friend And it is on You will be the reason The fire of my claws flare You will be the very thing I will devour It preyed on his innocence It made itself his friend Acting the hero Burning him to nothing in the end Come to grips, we said No more writing No more imagination The auras are not good He is not good! Laura is not good! Life life life is not good! You prey on a sick, young boy You are messing with a demon like me! I will tear you to shreds for the next flaw you set fire to! Believe me I will hide more under the timbers And I will crawl out Spewing perversity and hate And drag you in with me True colors will surround you I realize you have the power To kill my loved one I stake alone I hand the burning torch to you And with fire surrounding me I spit and hiss Take me Take me instead I know you want all And all live in me You cannot turn down my offer Become me And I will destroy me

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06 February 2010

Dream of Sailing
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Never sailed on a three-masted sailboat
Where it bustles to find a smooth wave
Where the wind is its engine
And heels above at the wave’s commotion

Feel the quiver of disappearing in a trough
Then mightily emerging to open water
To stand atop the mast
And feels the strong wind to drown my breath

It fills me with gobsmacked
To sail past on the Seine river
Or ride to a replica of Argo
And sails in the famous canal of Athens

To smell the ocean mist
To rein in the wind for propulsion
And touch the boat sails as it moved downwind
Hear the recoil of bow wave along the hull

The beauty and grandeur of a sailboat
Only to picture, my dream is outlined
The anchor never lifted, the mast never stretched
Only message in the bottle, keeps floating on bluewater with my dream of sailing

Honorable Mention to Carol Brown's If My Dream Could Come True: 3/18/2010

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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The Glass Goddess

All around me
Great cities made of sand.
Green sky scrapers poke through the ground 
To thrive in life’s strict conditions
And melt away with the tide…

Great houses made of cards
Form lines, and tightrope walk existence,
Knowing that any moment, the wrong brick may fall
And buckle our world to its knees
As Mother Earth shouts Jenga! from the sidelines.

So while were here
We dance with the Glass Goddess 
Poised miles above reality,
Leaping over the heavens on our domino stilts-

We floor it in the sky
Living death in the fast lane, 
Seizing the day
Because any moment 
We could disappear 

Jacob Reinhardt	

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Day Dreams

Let The Music Play On

                                              Beautiful young girl
                                          Listens to a violin playing
                              As she embraces her loving instrument,
                                   Dreams of playing in an orchestra   
               The soothing, warm, rich, clear, and relaxing sounds of the violin
                                       While in concerts discipline.  
                      The slow, dips, and peaks pitch sounds reverberate,
                       As the bow dances around the strings and filtrates
                          Playing SONG ESCALA - CHI MAI as it escapes

                                    An  image of  a couple unites, 
                                                 In her mine
                                       Listening to the violin play
                      Waltzing with the soothing sound as it assembles
                              As a floating feather touches down, 
                                            On the veranda
                             She is in her finest long flowing gown, 
                           He is in black tails, white ties and gloves,
                Under the splendor of the brightness full moon and stars.
                                    Listening to a violin playing

                          As she embraces her loving instrument
                     And dreams of the day she will be the one playing
                                                And waltz 
               Under the splendor of the full brightness of the moon and stars.
Contest: Let The Music Play On
Sponsored by: Mystic Rose 

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Faraway Dream

I do think of you too... 
dreaming of our moments together....
you are love in my dreams 
sending you a smile when you babe see 

Oh just how that smile, just blew this mind away 
wishing I was holding you warmly right now 
Kissing you on the brow softly emotions
touching with lips and whisper into your ear 
you came to me in my darkest night
an angel of such rare quality

Soft gently nibbling the air in your every breath 
gasping gorgeous waves deeply brushing walls
sitting wishing you were here echoes 
silently dreaming thinking faraway 
Paths cross always you're forever inside floating

Sending you my destiny warm light filled with sparks 
generating from the heart  flying without wings
floating an army of kisses invading deep

Each one a star blazing thought 
sending light across oceans
Rising sun kissing honey 
morning golden sparkling dew
Love passing one big warm hug 
missing you beautiful gem

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Don't Try It

A single kiss from thy lovely lips,
so sweet and so divine,
yet I taste posion upon your tongue.

Your beauty so glorious,
like a blooming rose so beautiful,
yet, why do mine eyes go blind
in the sight that you walk along with another?

Yes you, walk with another,
arm under arm,
lips touching lips in romantic kisses,
it makes my blood boil,
for mine lips are dry.

For mine eyes have seen your glory,
yet no one here listens to my story.
You are evil, yes you are,
don't try to deny,
Listen to a man of experience,
you might as well save some expense.

I write of our long romantic walks
we took together, under the shade of olive trees,
how we went apple picking in autumn time,
and made love in the foyer.

Nomore of that sweet and passionate love,
nomore silent kisses in the night,
when the wind blows hard against the branches,
that tape violently on my windowpane. 
Nomore somber tears shed, when you got sick,
and nomore warm embraces when you shed tears of betrayal.

Betrayal now is a game played by a fool,
such as I,
to think I'd have a happy life with you?
Huh, only a fool would think such a thing,
but now I sit, looking at the foyer,
where we once made sweet, passionate love,
nomore will that foyer be filled with exotic pleasure.
Nomore will you be filled with smiles and exotic pleasure.
I've done my job, as a good man shall do,
now pack your things and get of my stage,
the spotlight yawns for anew,
and the audience grows tired and restless of you.

Now I live life anew,
you too shall see life in new eyes,
walking hand and hand with the blond, blue eyed devil
you call your own.
Shall he take one kiss from your lips,
and die of the posion he tastes on your tongue,
shall he go blind, when he sees your true, black beauty?
He will see the ugly soul, covered up by white rags,
and cheap makeup,
and then he will come to me,
and shake my hand in condolence
and say, "You were right!"

Now you are all alone,
looking for another, as you did many times before,
Now you are alone, walking an open road,
spying on another,
fear of being alone.
Now, you see when you play games with a good man's emotions,
don't try it,
because a good man is not meant to be toyed with.

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Grow a great dream

Grow a great dream

grow a great dream
on your good heart
sprinkle everyday
with passion and love
share to others
every inch of its growth
from its basic colour
till its final glamour

strengthen its roots
with the smile of compassion
avoid the pollution of desperation

once it turn to dwarf
hard to sustain its life

let the branches open their arms
to support the shoots of possibilities
let the leaves
speak out their expectations
till the winds around
clapping happily
echo the surounding
a great dream has grown well 

~(c) Sukmawati Komala~
May 2014

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Chasm II

I have awakened from my dream little one. Alone, so very alone. How did we slip so far without direction ? Encumbered by the darkness, the candle long since spent. Dark, so very dark. Can you yet shed a tear for me little sparrow ? Your wings clipped and heartbeat fading. So far down we've travelled. A taste of freedom gone by, my eyes listless. Choking on the remorse of this pit. How deep the chasm. Must I carry it in my heart through eternity ? So much emptiness to bear. You have left me in the darkness alone, so very alone. Too much of nothing, the dream unfulfilled......only a dream. A waking torment, my sparrow gone. The chasm cold, so very cold......lives on.

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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We Are Tomorrow

Whether life or death coexist in us
Nothing changes the ability to change a fraction of this life itself
Nowhere is safe as they say
But into a cataclysm of this magnitude 
Might other intelligent aspects of life itself be deceived
Nothing in our hands is concrete for the lands we step upon
And besides a book we will not find the right answers to our life’s
We can die ignorant to the realms of this new age
Like a door to the end of time
Nowhere is safe
For it is easy to die but much harder to live on
We will never reach eternity in flesh
But only our name remains in this same world it was created before our eyes
Nothing is for granted as we know
But have someone dared to go against all odds and make something new?
Come on and use the only things that kept alive our ancestors
Descend and ascend to the art of alchemy
Where only eternity coexisted in a flesh capsule we name it as body
We are the key to the future
Because of us and those new rising up we are making straight lines into this atmosphere
Crushed and cursed by lies and greed
The envy running through the veins of those in failure
Making war and then for humanity to take revenge 
That only links to the wrath between our hands and the leads of our desires to destroy
No one is here for free
Sure a payment is not needed to be born except pain and some despair
But we can change the future coming ahead
Where have the originality gone too?
Inside the vial in our minds
Making straight lines to desecrate over ashes of tomorrow
Instead of using that will to fight for the good cause inside our minds
Thinking in big great masses
Move and fight for the dreams in you
No other world have been there before
No dove will deliver a message to the lord
For he can see what you do and are
Inside each one of use there are plenty of fights and contradictions
Altered ego between the pride that leads an army of emotions inside of us all
Become what you wish for
Between good and evil cause
We are the hands of faith
Creating tomorrows empire
Don’t a dream fall before the throne with no king at ease
I believe in this way of thinking
I have hope for todays youth still

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Parasitic Life Form

It‘s alive!
A life form 
Thriving on hatred
Reaped from societies
Greatest blunder 
Like lighting
Follows thunder  
We are following our ancestors 
Reproducing civilization   
Disregard the fact
That we are all human
our blood is red
I smirk when I’m contented 
And shed tears when I’m poignant
We are all equal
cease  this schism 
And trounce racism

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Tea Bag

Clock ticking
Time for tea
Opening the tea box
Fingers sink into the peach flavor
The light on the electric kettle flickers
Pouring the hot water in a crystal cup
The tea bag ready to dive 
Time to infuse the aroma
Waiting for the tea to brew
The cup is taken 
Blissful unity to be sipped
The drip into the mouth 
Awakens the senses
Back to another day of finances

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The Milder Side of The Wild Wild West

One night I dreamed I wandered, weary in a desert until a clear blue water lake emerged ahead midst the new pine landscape of my dream. Four specks far away, approaching. . . soon turned into four strong ranchers wearing big brim cowboy hats. My memory was stirred in tune with an upbeat melody. And suddenly I knew just who they were! One, dressed all in black, sat tall and handsome in his saddle. Another, plain and burly, gave a toothy grin. Another, young and charming, smiled and winked at me! The silver-haired gent, their father, met my gaze with warm and honest eyes. Seeing my exhaustion, he offered me a place to stay. Oh, happy dream that I had drifted into: that bygone era of my youth when Adam, Hoss and Little Joe, along with the grand patriarch Ben Cartwright, had been invited into living rooms on Sunday nights as families like mine watched their televisions all those years ago. A bonanza of romance, friendship, loyalty and courage had given us the good-hearted milder side of the wild wild west. Alongside the Cartwright clan, I rode inside my dream toward the cozy ranch house built on the land of legend called the Ponderosa, anticipating Hop Sing’s home-cooked supper. Inspired by the Wild Wild West Poetry Contest * hear the lyrics of the Bonanza theme song as sung by Lorne Greene (Ben Cartwright) at

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Yang and Yin

I searched the top and bottom of my mind
Who is the most famous couple of them all
I sat by the fire close to Yang
He asked me if I knew his lover Yin
He held the fire and light within his hands
Only her water could quench the flames of his desire
She could change the course of history
Wear down rocks bring flowers to the desert
Wash away his pain
Strength and softness combined

His was the power of light 
Warmth and sparkle to her night
Without him she was unseen
His raging fire all consuming
Until she smiled 
The sound and rhythm of her
Nurtured him

She is tantalized fully alive
Joining together dark and light
Creating something new
Not in opposition 
Heat transforms cold
Wrapped in an eternal bond
The invisible whole
Opposites and equals 
Together become one
Theirs is the eternal dance of give and take

Famous Couples Contest

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A child is born 
A new beginning
A life of new experience
A thought is made 
A curious thought
You learn from your experience if it is right or wrong 
Those memories are a gathering of those experiences 
With those experiences we form our life 
I am a man 
I am a woman
I am a white collar work
I am a doctor
I am a scientist 
I am a soul that desires to acquire knowledge
I am old and still curious to acquire more knowledge

 By Eve Roper 9/27/2014

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Although I seem distracted, my concentration is keen.
I'm telling you I have it LICKED on this SUBJECT. I 

BUT LATELY I'VE BEEN thinking OF a trip... to 
IS KEY! And PARIS is so distracting, with its SACK OF 

IN my own unique creation. THEREFORE I will not engage in such

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A Departing Memory

I know you.
Candles lit, incense fuming,
You like it when I bite your neck, just hard enough.
Blankets thrown about the room
So recklessly, they refold themselves.

And we roll down a hill together,
Kissing the leaves, tickling with our eyes,
Laughing with our hearts.
"You'll just leave me for the next girl you find."
"Yes," I say. Because only
Lasts forever.
And it spills through the cracks in your hands
The moment you grasp it.
Like water from a stone.
She bites my neck
Drawing lines of ecstasy down my back with her fingernails
Spilling into me, fighting my words.
"I leave when the sun sets."

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Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

Bottled dreams 
Under lock and key
Whispers on wings
We seldom see
Reality loosened
On sleeping shores
Wave upon wave
Inviting more
Memories mixed
With fantasy lore
Enticing visuals
To dare explore
Ride the tides
To foreign sands
An open mind
Urged to expand
Bottled dreams
Turn the key
Open thoughts
Set them free

All Rights Reserved : 3/8/13

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Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and Nightmares
Kiara Lebel

Every night I lay in my bed
I close my eyes and dream
Every night I prepare myself for what the night has to offer

I fear that my dreams will drown me
I fear that my dreams will damage me
I fear that my dreams will kill me in my sleep

Every night I lay in my bed
I close my eyes and dream
Every night I prepare myself for what the night has to offer

I fear that my dreams will persuade me
I fear that my dreams will replace me
I fear that my dreams will be insidious

Every night I lay in my bed
I close my eyes and dream
Every night I prepare myself for what the night has to offer

My dreams are where my loved ones rest
My dreams are where the monsters endlessly chase me
My dreams are realistic

Every night I lay in my bed
I close my eyes and dream
But tonight is different, because I stay awake

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Swings of Childhood

Into exile
To depth of feeling
To the green paradise
To silence of seasons
To the Old Testament
Wherever you go
Swings of childhood
Will whisper to your soul
Which bets as the rain
Swings of childhood
Will whisper to gulls's hearts
Which bet as dreams
Into exile
To depth of flowers
To outer space
to the bottom of black hole
Everywhere in the universe
My imagination will call you
And we will meet
When swings and gulls meet.....

Naji Almurisi

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-I want to dress in Diamonds and be a glamorous girl
   -I want to travel around I want to see the world
   -I practice late at night in five inch heels
   -Nightly in the mirror with laughter and squeals
     -Caught within a glance 
     -All the place I would go if given the chance
      -Capturing all the peoples love
      -Without breaking a single stance
  -Pearls of wonder around my neck
   -Strings of beauty amazingly set
   -To me they bring passion into my world
   -It's nice to look into the mirror at a beautiful girl
     -A tap on the floor beginning my midnight hoard
      -For with this routine I would never get bored
      -A chance in the glass without hesitations flask
      -I reach for the hairdryer and raise up my past

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A Forever Dream Sleeps Beauty

I went to the little islands today 
under the evergreen fir tree, magic 
Sang, sitting on a large rock enchanting 
over looks the lake love, will you sweet babe 
Deny me as just one guest following 
dreams listening to songbirds in sweet song
someone who shares this one view I lay back

A clear blue sky with fluffy ivory 
white bleached clouds thoughts stirring tunes playing 
Dreaming inside ocean waves thoughts drifting

Ten by ten a fish jumps up and plops
rippling rings forever circle hope
deeply thoughts sailing always my strength 
Dancing whispers inside a breeze warm
silently loving best memories
Those in my life dream angel were made
within this one spot I kiss honey
Golden leaves now scattered on the soil 
beauty I will never forget you 

10 syllable counts by 10 equals one in a hundred 
9 syllable counts by 9 always and forever holds a dream on that cloud

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A Dream

A dream of peace and not of chaos.
A dream of love and not of hatred.
A dream of family and not of loneliness.
A dream of friendship and not of conflict.
A dream of plenty and not of poverty.
Can a dream of beauty ever become reality?
Only time will tell my lady, only time will tell.

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A Soul Awakened

As I fall asleep, I exit one world only to enter another.
I dream each night of a man I never really see.
Within a crowd of faceless people, I know he's not too far.
What seems like a game of hide and seek, we finally do embrace.
It's an unexplainable feeling that we've met in our past life.
Even though his face isn't clear, he illuminates of his love.
I'm captured by his electric blue aura overriding my own.
It feels like two souls have met and has become as one.
As quickly as we embraced, we've parted in my dreams.
My soul has awakened within the light of dawn, wondering...

Can dream souls ever meet in their waking state,
Or only within realities of their dreams?


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The Monster in my Head

"The Monster in my Head"

Do you know what it's like
to hear voices at night?
The kind that keep you awake.

You may fall asleep,
yet it's anything but peaceful
as the screams penetrate into dreams.

The thoughts and fears you keep inside
come alive and refuse to leave,
as they voice what you've tried so hard to hide.

Pills will not help; alcohol only delays
There is no escape from the voice;
Listening is no longer a choice.

I just want rest, a moment of peace.
Silence the voices.
Save me, please.

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The Magik Of Love

Reflections in the mirror were getting scary I could not carry the weight of my pain it almost took my life to learn to love again for I have made a friend somewhere along my long lost way I hope that I helped him just a fraction of how he helped me maybe that single thought is what finally gave me my peace enough to release so much stolen energy Now I am not afraid to walk where the streets are hot for I thrive in Hell's kitchen where the devil stirs my pot for I now have him quiet tame I sacrificed my dragons at the alter of my name and now you are my slaves any time I need I'll call upon my superhero's to come and rescue me like my Saint Toni who swept me off that bridge and showed my how a death can be the greatest reason to live for she was the seed to grow my Eden then a man from a foreign land gave me something in myself to believe in the magik of Love.

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My Heart Sings

As the first rays of sunshine
wakes me out of my sleepy slumber,
I sat up in bed and looked at my hands.
The taste of stale cigarette smoke of cheap red wine
stained my taste buds.
I walked out of bed,
turned on the radio
(to the classical station)
and my heart beats to the tune
my life and soul smile as the sun shines in my room.
I hear God whispering in my ear
I hear all the words of the world
talking to me,
and I can hear my heart sing a little.
I read my poetry,
get dressed go for a walk,
I smile at the faces that I pass;
The cars I pass,
the houses,
the trees,
the dry lawns,
burnt and that have not been watered in days.
I smile at them and they all smile back,
and my heart sings a little,
and I dance to its simple tune.

My heart sings and I dance too:
slowly melodies,
fast jigs,
rapid jazz and swing music
and waltzes to the chopin masterpieces,
and the romantic stories, novels, the poems,
that fancy your mind with its ryhme schemes,
and after I read such romantic beauty
I smile, and I listen closely to my heart,
and with every beat,
it lets out a verse or two, from a familiar song
that caught my ear on the radio,
and my heart sings
and I smile,
and the world smiles back.

Feeling such beauty
love and romance
it is such a good feeling to live with;
and as the night rolls on,
and the sun goes away
I sit at my desk
writing poetry,
with a cigarette slowly burning away with time,
and I am stuck,
getting drunk of red wine,
I sit back in my chair,
and listen to my heart,
and he sings alittle
and I can write again.
So, there we sit together,
writing poetry,
smoking cigarettes,
drinking wine
to the strike of nine
and we both sing songs of love and romance
together forever.

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All the feasts will sing

All the feasts will sing

Let us dance

Let us sing

Let us celebrate

The whole world will dance

The whole world will sing

The whole world will celebrate

Even the feasts will sing
Will dance
Will celebrate

The Prophet's Birthday
Mother's Day
Labor Day
Valentine's Day

All the feasts will sing

All the feasts will dance

All the feasts will celebrate

All the feasts will say

Life is beautiful

Life is a short dream

Let us enjoy it.

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Encounter with an Angel

I have imagined an encounter
with an Angel

Most likely, it will be
on some opalescent morn
when the lumbering gait of clouds
meets the raphsody of dawn with
ribbons of light

Where I, in some perennial field,
in sadness wait-

With a message aureate,
she will step blithely, and
O the sight of wings will scintillate
to coax from me, a new belief

There is more to life and dreams
than what seems transient.

Suzanne Delaney

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A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

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Oh Captain My Captain

Light the way
for the thundering seas
and quivering winds will
not stop us     nay
only to make the stronger even more

take your place at the front
as you lead the few brave
amongst us.
Dead be it not, nor sin be it death
for I know not to forget
Teach the more of tomorrow
lost at sea
Take them aboard the ship of the land of few
Oh Captain my Captain
so much
so few
to stay true
Oh Captain my Captain
Lead on
So these virgins that make much of time.
They gather thine rosebuds
Even whilst they may
Teach on my Captain.
So these  few believers, still dare be bold and be true
These few poets, sucking the marrows of life, still seize the day
So thank you my Captain
So few of us make it to live, just to die, knowing
they never lived.

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Living the Dream

Dreams cascade into my life.
Some I have lived.
Others await me in my dream catcher,
for me to full fill.

I walk the silver threads 
that weave them together.
This is my path, 
to have a dream to follow,
to make these dreams come true.

Yes, I have a dream,
And am living it!!

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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Catching Fire

Catching Fire
Some of us are watching the skies for works of fire
While some of us are quietly catching it.

Which are you?

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Dream Scape

People were 
From the flow of 
Years gone by. 
Nothing is reflected. 

The tower of this land 
Leaving nothing left in it’s place, 
It’s gone now, 
Time relapses. 

This body is 
Frayed and distorted, 
But without a mind and consciousness, 
It still moves on. 
Time is reloaded. 

The beating and breathing of this heart, 
Is destroyed again, now 
A conscious mind is gone, 
Anyway, anyhow. 

The chains 
Are gone, 
No longer holding it, 
The Dream will go 
Until dawn. 

Eyes misjudge 
This fleeting dream, 
But it still 
Looks for the “Dreamscape”, 
But with nothing to redeem. 

I am Fantasy, 
I am a dream. 
But my Dreamscape 
Cannot be destroyed, 
I will shout and scream. 


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Because God Created Us To Look Forward

We have eyes in the front of our head
Because God created us to look forward
To aspire
To dream
To reach higher
With our eyes
We will see all we see
With His Sight
We will become all we are born to be
Reach out farther
One step closer
Up to Our Father
To dream
To aspire
Because God created us to look forward

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Precious Dream

Fly little butterfly
Take on your wings
A drop from my dream
    Fly over the meadows
    Over the cows and horses
    With my dream on your wings
Oh be ever so careful
Don’t let my dream drop
Be careful, oh be so careful
    My dream is very precious
    The hold my whole life
    My tears and my joys
Fly little butterfly
To that lady
In the stars
    She is waiting there
    With her arms unfolded
    Waiting just for you
Go little butterfly
My prayers go with you
My hopes go with you
    Bring me back
    Her smiling face
    Her shining eyes
I’ll wait for you
With my fingers crossed
And my head bowed.

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A Dream to Dream

Light across the horizon
She stands upon the shore
Whispers to the wind
Bring back my love again.

Delicate as butterfly wings
She drifts, closing her eyes
Dreams of a dream
Of days gone by.

Wind whispers to the dark skies
As rolling thunder slowly dies
A moment two hearts feel entwined
Bound by timeless earthly ties.

If only time  could change
If she could gaze upon his face again
She closes her eyes again
To dream of dreams gone by.

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A feckless mist came out of nowhere, to blur the fresco of my dream, and frayed the edges of my sorrow, with no regard for where I've been. How often have I searched the night, to hear the voice that calls to me, to trace the outline of a smile, or once again recall the face, if only for a little while... Yet, somehow the mist eclipsed my dream, and schemed to take it all from me
___________________________________ For "Through The Mist" contest, sponsored by Nette Onclaud By Carrie Richards 8/21/14

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Nightfall Surrender

Nightfall Surrender

You became a part of me
as I join in and became
a part of you…
   rolling along with the waves
   you complete me
   as I complete you

Soul mates lost
in forgotten time…
the ebb joins the flow
in luxurious tides
finding fulfilling delights

You alone fill 
my empty spaces,
   as the waves of the sea
   fill the voids in the sand,
permeating my being 
with extensiveness
as no other has before
or since

Tick, Tocks
the forgotten clock
lost in the bliss 
of the sensual night…
pulled under 
in wave after crashing wave…
   drowning quite happily
   in your arms…our crescendo!
Then comes the sighs 
of morning’s arrival…
as tears anew stain
your empty pillow…
   still somehow
   your memory
   completes me
   if only at nightfall
   when remembrances
   thrive in dreams pleasure  

All rights reserved by Debra Squyres @ 2013/2/19

Written for:  Cyndi MacMillan"s "My Spice Box"  members contest

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poisonously enchanted mushrooms so luscious rare

one fine sunny morning dazzling golden sunrise 
dancing with rays of magical sunshine 
dewdrops on silver webs glistening drops
he began whistling and dancing
picking wild mushrooms on the forest floor 
to make magic wonder and happenings occur
he begins building and stoking the fire
throwing turf on until red hot
sticks the pot over the flicking flames 
stirring emotions inside bubble and steam
throws in a mountain of carrots, peas, herbs 
with lots of other sorts of raw veggies
adding a rare drop of mountain spirits . . . 

next freeing a soul adding an alchemic fuel so rare
making himself a most magical and delicious stew
as he cooked he began devouring the stew more and more
then slowly he felt himself floating high so high 
in a bubble so wonderful and dear and so clear 
picked up by a pocket of air and floating even more
when . . . 
a lovely fairy princess appears gossamer wings your light
and then appearing again under a radiant rainbow bridge 
and with one cherished and most special romantic kiss
he began waltzing with her to a melody so haunting yet pretty
and while lost in this mystical trancelike moment of splendor  
the fairy princess stole his heart that was pure gold
and when he came around alone—so alone
an icy cold shiver then ran down his very spine
it was just a silly old leprechaun dream and all he thought
as I see her magic sparkling potions cast on someone else too
the big ethereal and mystical bubble of fairy elves just burst
wide open for him and all others to see while the elves 
laughed raucously so hard with little warm tears running down 
their little rosy cheeks . . . 

the leprechaun pondered—next time Me thinks Me be more
careful with them mushrooms Me happily picks on the forest floor—
and stick to drinkin’ the old mountain forest dew with some
lovely luscious shots of the oldest Irish whiskey with a stout nip o’ gin . . . . 

Liam McDaid and Gary Bateman – A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © 
All Rights Reserved (December 3, 2014)

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Drunk in the City of Angels

Drunk in the lost city,
lost in the vase beauty of the angels
drunk, smoking on park benches.

Freaks, trannys, whores and pimps,
looking at me;
a one of a kind.

No one has ever seen me on the streets of L.A.,
beacause I am a one of a kind,
a gentleman, a drunken buffoon.

I hurl myself at the bars,
and the whores look at me and smile,
and I wave them over, and they come.

40 bucks for a night a good fun,
a night of exotic pleasure,
in the heart of the sleeping angels.

Drunk walking,
two in the morning,
police stop me, sleeping on a park bench.

Warm always warm,
never cold,
the city that is lost.

A city known as the city of angels,
yet how many devils I have counted.
How much evil I have seen,
how much temptation rules in the gutters.

Walking drunk on madness,
in this dirty city,
as I look for a bar before last call.

I find one,
I go in,
order a beer.

I drink with pleasure
I start to write,
I light a cigarette and smoke.

A grey cloud forms around me,
"Last call for alcohol," the barkeep shouts.
I raise my hand, he comes over.

"What will yah have?" he asks,
"Another beer and my check."
On the house, free drinks, on the house.

After a night in the city of angels,
I find myself a cosy park bench,
and fall asleep, dreaming of the angels I had never seen.

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Genesis of Dreams

Where the scarlet frog
in the whisper of the rushes
defies  dampness as his element;
a creature of wildness,
it blends its croak and paddle
with the pebbles

So a dreamer is - his dreams
in touch with every whisper of promise.

There is purity in the moment.

No outward distraction
as large as hope

Suzanne Delaney

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Voices Of The Dead

~^~ I lay in my bed sleeping and I fight with the darkness, Like a serpent the memories come crawling; The voices of the dead are calling. Memories that encompass me like a thick blanket, I am trying so hard to push them away and not recall; The cemetery is waiting as always and I am so afraid. Of the hush and the rows of tombs and tombs, The voices of the dead are whispering. And finally I cannot hold on any longer and I let go. I am falling into the deep and into a void of oblivion; But tonight, I am able to push the horror away, And I am cozy in my bed with kitty purring. The voices of the dead quiet tonight. ______________________________ August 16, 2013 Free Verse Submitted to the contest, Any Poem, Any Subject, Anne Currin

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Wind Born

She thought of herself as Dorothy tornadoed into an unknowable oblivion winded she rises, fetal curled about an umbilicus of she a shattered reality lays before her. Shards of past self's pirouette, prisms released from the boxed frame of sash and nested frame of sill, she rises. The crisp whiteness of a slip sheeted reality anesthetizes the tumult of pillows and comforters left behind she is trampolined upward but blown inward, no out lay. Unpierced by cut glass chin tucked, bookless, fairy groomed, the she child exists within the blink a flash frozen riser.

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I heard the owl call my name

I heard the owl call my name,
like a backbeat in a child's voice,
etched in shadows of a father's grave,

lonely echoes on a frosted night...

at dawn I'll be immortal again,
renewed by a workaday 
and the frigid fiscal year,

my soul stays leafless in damp moonlight...

do we end days defibrillating 
in hospice and parchment or
under foreign suns twitching and fluid,

while kestrels dive as doves take flight...

why only in the dark hours,
the soul's midnight,
can we see farther, deeper,

nightdreams wander like a restless wight...

experienced or just imagined,
dreamt but never realized,
conceived yet unexecuted,

an inner eye begs keener sight...

as yellow eyed and dark skinned children, 
play with tattered banners,
laughing at rusted armor, bleaching bones,

and history cries that might makes right...

as I, stale pilgrim of no progress,
catch faint odors of war,
in the molded root cellar of my mind,

as hope catches wind like a child's kite.

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The night

Just when the night falls
the pain subsides, a little.
And the soul quiets.
In the night
silently hidden in my dream
I can listen to your voice
narrate of your dreams.
I can hear you sing.
a new morning comes
and your song 

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Falling Reality

I'm losing my sense of time, 
And I can't feel my nerves.
Trying to hold on for dear life,
Until a nightmare returns. 

I can't feel my limbs, 
And I simply fall overboard. 
I try my best to grasp reality,
But it's only a thin cord. 

If I slip up in reality,
It's doubled in my mind. 
As I fall beyond the edge,
I leave my reality behind.

My relationship with others,
It's simply disappearing. 
Holding onto a vanishing face,
This is what I'm fearing.

I'm pushed to my limits, 
And someone is there as well. 
Hands touch my back as I try,
Remembering everything as I fell.

I'm unstable, and I can't take it anymore, 
Tripping over my feet and falling from above. 
I'm losing my grip on my life as I fall, 
I'm afraid, for I'm also losing my love. 

Dreams turn to nightmares, 
But I can't figure them out.

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My Dream

My Dream Last night I had a dream. I died and went to heaven. St. Peter met me at the door. He got the book to read my life and as he read, he shook his head and said - I'm sorry I can not let you in. It says here, that while you were on Earth, you smoke drank wine and whiskey too. you did a lot of things that a good woman shouldn't do. Feeling very sad I turned and started to walk away. Then I heard him say - OH; wait, come back here. He told the angel there besides him - take her in and treat her well - she worked for that awful companny, she had her share of HELL... 10/28/2013 Written by Lucilla

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Floating with the waves of the melody

Floating with the waves of the melody
With smile as I fly above my past 
Embracing the best memories! 
That we had Wish they were here! 
With the person in that memory here by my side 
But that would have to be a dream 
For in dream, even in a dream the person 
Shall be missing from the dream 
But the music is too loud for me to remember 
And the past is too vast 
The past was too sad! 
But now!! 
I’m happy
Floating with the waves of the melody

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LEARNING HOW TO WALK AGAIN home and shaken by the past
Awaken lonely and reduced to quick sand
I try to stand up facing Fate once more
Indifferent audience then... Now? a silent, curious watch...

I feel my arms again against a stronger will
to grab the dream and get up off this wheel chair
that blocked my Soul and stole my years away
and turned a dream of roots into a no-man's-land

I'm seeing so much BEAUTY I can even fly
I don't need legs or stretchers to peek and see it - the Above
In closing eyes the liquid turns to ground
I walk on Happiness as crowds will only pray..

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Night Terrors

All of this
My mind

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more than fascination

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply fascination 

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I lay sleeping

I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with no care and sleep with eyes blind,
I lay sleeping, there with my eyes wide open.

Seeing the dark change from dark to black.
There is no moon, there is no sky
just purple strokes of paint in the sky.
Take that morning dew smell and close your blind eyes.
Smell the morning, that smell that clicks in your mind.
The smell of childhood dreams,
that as an adult never came true.
Sleeping bare in the nude with your eyes wide open.
Thinking of her, as she is five thousand miles away from you.
Wanting to love and hold her, but no use in crying.
Sleeping their with blind eyes in the dark that dances in the light.

Your lamplight turned down low,
as life trickeles down in its nightgown and yawns for sweet slumber.
Tired from longs days, and sometimes long nights,
wanting to curel in bed and close its blind eyes.
Dusk will soon peek its head through the blinds
and awake life to a new dawn.
She sleeps in the morning, and walks at night.
When he sleeps at night, and walks with a bare nude heart in the morning.

Life climbs over yellow mountains,
and meets her fellow compainion
a handsome fellow with broud shoulders and blessed with an ego
as I sleep there with my eyes wide open.
As I sleep with my eyes blind to what life has intented for me,
and as I raise to walk the lone streets at the break of the dew covered lawn
at the first sweet smells of dawn,
I can see life go on with the handsome man
and I blind and wanting to go to bed.

I dream of dreams that have no meaning
Gardens of cluelessness and raging emotions
tare me down and I am confused on which way to go.
Do I stay here and dream away, blind and half awake
as life slaps me across my broad cheek?
Or shall I walk on with life hand and hand
and regain my vision of the world,
Start to sleep with dreams that make sense
and dreams that are made of gold and have no end?
Dream of fancy dreams that show love and happy endings
I would love that, and I would love to walk with life,
but she is out of my leauge.

And my bed is so cozy and I feel like sleeping.
So I shall sleep on more restless night chashing life down.
I lay sleeping with my eyes wide open.
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning.
I lay sleeping waiting for life to come back from the mountains
and lay beside me.
I lay sleeping with hope of regaining hope and salvage
what is left of my spirit at hand.

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Dreams catcher net

 A rhythm in its dimension sparkling dance 
Turn flap the tail without touching its spine 
Host the wings fly its soul of its dream land. 

Crushed in erupted thoughts hoping a simple peace 
Day and night throw the net to catch its wish 
My light house guides edges of correlation 
Candle of dim dance of breath dream after my dead. 

Washed dark water witness of crying silence 
Free as reborn as dream catcher fly in story wings 
Found humble treasures in my net kept in love of trust 
Fly to become free as nested in dream catcher's net 

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Hello my green, little friend
don't mess with him or you'll have an end.
Alive over eight hundred years,
with his powers, he disappears.
Teaching is one of his strengths,
except for his lengths.
He may be a little bald,
as long as the rest aren't appalled.
Even if he's greenery,
he blends in with the scenery.
He can fight with a saber,
but with good behavior.
For as backwards he talks,
on tiny feet he walks.
This episode is at the end,
so the rebels will apprehend.

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numb of dreams 
cycles of memories 
ageless harbour 
or passion purity 
timeless night 
of hazel glanced whispers 
in a soft mirror of scenes 
of innocence and passions 
mundi myth and walking hope or 
to a very ending spiral 

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Greenbrier River Dreams

The clouds drape low, 
shrugging blue mountain shoulders,
melding with ghostly river mist
ascending in specterous vapor trails
salted with primordial tears.

Between stately mottled sycamores 
and aged medicinal white oaks,
slippered phantom figures glide,
clad in hides of deer and mountain lion.
Down to the silvered stream--
a mirror for chalky spirits and bright stars--
they slip to drink of pristine springs.
The powerful spell impacts within, without,
invading every animated sense.

A dream, an apparition? 
I wonder at the dawn of bright sun rising,
green moss clad boulders warmed, fog dissipated. 
I discern the curious sensation
of withdrawing from an ancient trance.

The happy river dances down the valley,
bordered in mountain laurel ruffles, pink;
the fragrance of breakfast bacon wafts,
a tantalizing, hunger inducing wave,
and campers' laughter echoes off a dream.

August 19, 2014

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The American dream

Sometimes I cry,
Remembering America when it was a baby,
It had so much aptitude and hope,
Like Lucifer we have fallen from the heavens,
The America dream was a haven,
Now tarnished it becomes a nightmare,
Lingering in the darkness
Sometimes I cry,
Thinking of this inane war,
Knowing that it will devour us all,
We have become acrimonious,
Butchering ourselves in the process
I cannot enjoy the warm spirit of the sun,
Foreboding that one day the sky will be covered in obscurity,
By the ashes of our soul,
Sometimes I cry,
Knowing the American dream is gone,
Once a baby now a man transformed into the devil’s apprentice,

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My Destiny

Direct me to,
The place you're at,
I need to know,
The agony lasts.
The voice I hear,
Is soft you see,
I want to know,
My destiny.
Direct me to,
The traits within,
Help me be,
All I can.
I don't see things,
The way you do,
Translations in print,
To help stay content.
Am I heard,
Are others pleased,
With the opportunity to retrieve?
It's destiny,
It will happen,
Recall the visual sense,
As I comprehend.

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Live for flight


In layered comforts embrace I lay,
Dripping dreams and skimming unknowns
Warm and secure in isolation and fantasy
My mind drives me away to lands anew. 
There I walk and sometimes fly
Without wings of reason to bind my feet
To see a world of possible impossible
There to free the spirit, let loose the heart
Fill the soul to the brim with joy and wonder
As I sally forth through latent thoughts
And live for flight another day.

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The Wine version of my drunken enemy

 I was falling, falling---- falling asleep I fell deep, so deep a deep mirage of sleep I gazed deep into the mirage into a tiny crystal ball where circling there were the remnants of a dream I saw my friend my best friend, I remember - - He said, I’ll be with you until the end of times. And there were times and there were times. When he lured me to the lion’s den And there were times and more times when he saved me from the lion’s den. I guess he is my friend and my enemy. He forgets me, besets me, upsets me. He sets me in perplexing places. He lets me make mistakes that father time never erases. I clean up his many messes. HE places blame when he points a finger at others for the scars in his life and on his face for the taste of blood in his mouth. He obfuscates and negates his mistakes. He inflates others with blame. For shame!!!! he is my friend, so why must I hide that he shames me again and again. He forgets me, besets me, upsets me. He sets me in perplexing places. He lets me make mistakes that father time never erases. I clean up his many messes. He chased me with a sword He tried to choke me with a cord. In my dream I cried I scream --- I scream Lord kill my enemy From heaven God began to shoot. Boom he shot him in the leg Boom	 he shot him in the arm Boom he shot him in the gut Boom he shot him in the head My enemy is dead and I appear at Heaven’s gate. I think as I wait – what is wrong? uh oh - - I was my enemy all along.

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The Wishing Well

If wishes were roses,
I'd be able to scent the path to yesterday;
If wishes were fountains,
I could fill up my cup with water everlasting!

If wishes were diamonds,
I'd have you for my very own;
If wishes were fairies,
I could be the queen of this land!

Oh, wishing well, could I have one last wish?

If wishes were dreams that came true,
I would be a poet, a dreamer, a friend;
If wishes were adventures,
I could be with you until the very end!

If wishes were roses,
I would scent the path that leads to you;
If wishes were fountains,
I could make all of your dreams come true!

c2013 Julie Rasley  (for Giorgio Veneto's poetry contest, Rose allegory; 10/6/13)

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Unspoken Love

She saved herself from pick up lines though she looked vulnerable
She's sooo lovable her heart definition could ruin my poetic abilities 
You cannot put a price on her she's not billable
If only her lips where adjustable my soft poetry would define her inabilities and weaknesses for the mute to scream happily ever after  
She's untouchable i O you an explanation
Her tears tattoo broken spirits uploaded on instagram
She's no twitter baby though followers invite themselves its unbelievable
I could throw nice verses in our conversation but i'm afraid i'm love blind 

I'll tell you more about her if you ask me....ask me nice

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Star Song

Even if this life ends one day, 
Don't worry for me, I'll be here. 
Don't cry, it breaks the heart, 
That I no longer have. 

We used to walk across the bridge all day, 
Simply laughing along, sing a few songs.
That day seemed to come to soon, like it was a coincidence, 
Right as I pulled out a new song for us to enjoy. 

Standing up, looking out to the sunset, 
I sang the first verse, 
"When I pass away, will we still be connected?
When I pass over the stars, will your warmth be there?" 

As if the time was too short, it had come to this, 
Even now, my spirit seems to feel the same pain as then, 
When I fell over onto the ground, 
The same familiar pain in my heart. 

Now it's come to this, laying in a hospital bed, 
And I can't seem to speak to you.
I forcefully rip off the mask, just to say
"I love you." 

Even now, when my spirit is all that remains of what I have left,
I promise she will still be there for you, in my place for now,
Because when we meet again someday, we can laugh,
And finish that one song that we started that day.  

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What I see now

What I see now.

What looks at me now is
Uneven expanses of pale colored sand
Dunes in maze like patterns allured to be amused
Wind whistling hot on my blotchy hide, burning erratic heart too.

On a lonely mound a tiny brier beckons me
Unsure of arid destiny I sprint breathless
Dragging my form laboriously full with hopes to feel
The stroke of sandal of tropics , my enchantment
In that thorns midst, though intricate in the dusty breeze.

Stooped and bent of scandal and robust sarcasm
of a sneering society, I stoop further, come what may, to that shoot thorny
off a leaf I pick and to my nose I hold.
A whisper descends down the ears,   punctuates my thoughts once more
'Your beautiful nose’, I scent sandal of tropics long, lone, till I taste your breath...

Out come two hot blobs, salty trickle from slits of swollen eyes.
What I lost, is what I see now.

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Dreams On Hold

Dreams on hold
Patience is a virtue,
I'm sold

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bright star

got up today feeling a bit lost but happy 
got up with a rush of feelings took me away
looked around , no one was there 
don't worry it is always this way , so , i took my jacket anD closed the door 
had no idea where to go but the wind was trying to tell me something 
something i couldn't hear clearly but it gave me a huge energy
love , passion , visions , and a loT more 
kept walking and walking sometimes running through this world 
wanted to scream and let the people know who i am 
where were all of this ? where was i ? 
i spent my years trying to impress the wrong person , trying to fit when i was born to stand tall
made the wrong decisions , shut my mouth and never had the words 
but oh if you could see me now ! would you recognize me ?
this life is so much fun full of greatness and hope 
i wish you could see that , i wish you could take off the dust 
bring colors to your world and shine up like a bright star 
that took me so long but believe me it is worth
worth the pain worth the fight and worth the stuggeles
goodbye old me , goodbye mask 
time for me to fly , i would be glad if you joined 
come up here , push you can make it 
when you do i will tell you a secret 
i shal tell you .. this is what the wind was telling me 
yeah i can hear it now ....

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Watching Me

It was midnight and my dream was shattered
I fell into darkness
A nightmare
I was sinking, drowning, dying…
But then I heard the laugh of a child
Carefree and joyful was the music of her lips
She smiled and suddenly I had the urge to fight
I slowly climbed out of the shadows and emerged in a hall of pale silver
“Where am I?” my heart was racing as I asked the question
“Look around into the pictures,” a gentle voice replied
Nobody was there
I let my eyes adjust to the images scattered about the room
I strode to a photograph in a golden frame
I saw the child with a babe upon her knee
They sat in an empty room with chords scattered about, the walls stark, the light blinding
The picture gradually came to life
I watched for a bit as the child slowly rocked the babe
Tears laced the eyes of the young girl and the baby fell asleep
All was silent as the picture faded
I paced in confusion as I arrived at the next illustration 
I gazed speechless as I saw the child sobbing
She knelt and I watched as she screamed at the sky, shaking her fist in raging fury
Beyond her I saw grass and trees in desolate shades
She pulled a small necklace from her pocket and placed it on the broken ground 
The only extravagant color I saw was that of a red rose which she placed on a polished stone
The colors swirled and I knew it was time to move on
The pictures I had seen thus far left a nauseating feeling within me
I didn’t want to journey on, but I heard the comforting voice once more
“Three more pictures… You’ll soon be finished”
I knew then that it was my place to take another step
I stumbled slightly and fell before the next portrait
I saw the sky cluttered with a river of mist and the amber rays of the sun
“What is this?” I inquired curiously
“Take a look,” the voice answered
I peered once more and took a sharp breath
I saw a gate and a man with dark hair standing at the entrance
The baby from the first image was carried by two figures
 Clothed in pastel garments with radiant beams of light circling their heads
I knew where I was, but it was not where I wanted to be
Not yet
 I stared at the beautiful spectrum
My head was pounding and I abruptly drew away, breathless
I closed my eyes then opened them to behold a teenage girl 
Quietly I realized it was the child from the previous pictures, now grown
She faltered helplessly until she fell, crashing to the ground, chains holding her down
“No!” I screamed, my voice echoing in the stillness
The frame that held the picture fell to the marble floor of the hall
“One more picture…” the voice retorted sternly, “You must see this!”
A woman appeared before me 
Gathering me up in her arms, she placed me before a long golden frame
I steadied myself as she stepped back
I looked at the frame and found myself staring at my reflection
“What do you mean by showing me this hall?” I asked, a tremor in my voice
“By showing you these pictures, I am depicting lessons of life” The woman answered softly
I looked at her incredulously
She continued on in explanation, “Follow me back to the first image”
She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the picture with the empty room
“In your lifetime you will be blinded by tears… keep your innocence”
I felt myself trying to comprehend what she meant but she rushed me to the next frame
“You will experience sorrow, and despair… but you will cope”
She gestured to the rose and the necklace, then gave a soft smile before leading me on
“While you do well in life, others will die… yet prosper eternally”
She smiled in awe as the baby in the picture was placed into the arms of the man
The woman 
“You will struggle and you will fail many times… but you must keep trying”
She chided me and I felt tears running down my face
Slowly she turned me towards the glass mirror
“Do you understand now?”
I nodded my head slowly, and quickly realized what I had seen
“That child in the pictures… who was she?”
I whirled around and found that the woman was gone
“I understand…” 
I slowly awoke and found the sun peeking through the shadows of the dawn
“It was me”

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What Burden

I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free
 Because the burden of slavery is no longer on me
 I've seen the thunder and the rain
 But like a plant outside, only growth I've gained

Stopped by the police, he just wanted to see
 What a black man was doing in a Grand Marquis
 Was reaching for my insurance, he said it was a gun
 Just a book about black man's struggle he had overcome

But see, he thought I was scared and wanted to hide
 But I sat in my driver's seat with all of my pride
 He couldn't get me mentally, so he drove away
 Yeah I' black, and my car came from a mom who would pray

See these statistics say black males just fight, kill and fail
 Do a poll on me, guarantee you'll change ideals of a black male
 See you think my emotions are bursting at the seams
 But I'm not an idealist, I'm a realist with dreams

My intelligence is leaving you scared, putting you in fear
 Yeah I said it, didn't Tyson your ear so I know you could hear
 The past is the past, back then they'd have to fight
 But I don't have to cause I was born with rights

America loves to call black dads deadbeats
 But can't acknowledge the ones finding their kids food to eat
 My black mama did it on her own and never had to steal
 And made sure me and my sister always had a meal

The first male in my family to go to college for a degree
 Yeah look passed the nappy hair and beard before analyzing me
 Been passing racial slurs generation to generation, it's time for an interference
 Cause I'm not a colored man, I'm a man with a different appearance

Yeah Dr. King fought for me and other blacks
 But he's gone now, so I don't need his actions on my back
 Don't read me wrong, I'm thankful for what he did
 But integration is wide open and segregation has a closed lid

These old racists need to go and plead the fifth
 So that future kids can see racism as just a myth
 Let this grudge end and just live your life
 Cause you're only stabbing the Constitution with a knife

Thank you for the slurs, lynchings and KKK
 Cause now you're all too tired to block the future so get out of our way
 My father in heaven made me, so I was meant to black
 He instilled wisdom in me, while you're intelligence slacks

So please tell me what burden do I have to bear
 Success is my future and now you're in a scare
 My light beams bright as the sun, you're unlit
 Struggles are done, I'm hear to stay so deal with it

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A Dream

I had a dream
Of you last night
Surprisingly sensual
Though I just lay 
With my head on 
Your chest
And heartbeat felt
And warmth
And held tight
In your arms

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Walk in the sunshine Sweetheart
Feel it warm up your clothes
Close your eyes and picture you
With sun cream on your nose
On some idyllic island
With feet on golden sand
And someone special close to you
Holding your soft hand
And once that image is in there
It will never go away
You only have to close your eyes
To make the rain clouds stay at bay

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The Stretch of Land

Here they are standing aloof on the backside of town
Here they are sitting on the bare, stricken ground
with strange smells filtering all around.

Smells that fill the atmosphere with an awful stench.
disgusting smells, horrible smells coalesce with
burning incense and perfume to conceal the terrible odor.

Here they are with their self made army
sipping  a bottle of dry whiskey
weapon in hand trousers girt tight
ready and waiting to fight.

This night the north wind blows furiously through villages and
towns, tearing down barricade, overturning powerful trees
sending derbies flying as far as six feet in the air.
They stood and watch from a mutual spot
occasionally running for cover each time
the wind gets close to their border.

They waited anxiously for this night to cease but
the turbulence agitated them and kept them on their feet.
I saw them pacing back and forth unable to bare the
cold that penetrated their intoxicated soul.

Amidst the raging wind I obtained comfort from within,
I located a quite place in a hole where I could sing,
and hide away from the infuriated and vicious wind.
I meander away quietly in a deep sleep and later
appeared on an extensive stretch of fertile land.

There I was walking peacefully on this vast land
an immense land filled with mango trees
trees whose branches were laden with different species of mangos.
Among them were mango trees that were filled with blossom.
The blooming trees smiled at me with intense glory.

Green mangos of contrasting shapes and sizes hang humbly
from the encumbered branches creating a tranquil atmosphere.
I walked around composedly and admired their awesome beauty
and absorb the magnificent scenery that filtered beyond the land.
I faded slowly into day break and plunged into a harmonious atmosphere.

                                                                            ©2014 Christine Phillips

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if i only had a dream

if i had a dream it would be to be unique
to be able to turn black and white in the night light
to have arms that stretched long enough to hug the entire globe
with vision so clear that i could see into tomorrrow
and hearing so great that the deaf could communicate
with taste buds so intense that the worst would still taste like the best
and so rich that i could buy poverty from the human waste line
to have hair so long that the crippled could slide home on
and a heart so big it would beat for mankind
to live in a castle with a million rooms to shelter homeless form the storm
and a refridgerator so enormous the food keeps going on and on
my brain will be gigantic and will take over this corrupt world
pinky and the brain shall run for office and a woman will riegn
since this is only a dream that wont come true 
i guess i also dream of pigs that really flew

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can't tell

i close my eyes
and i see your face in my dreams, 
outside my door 
you were standing staring back at me. 
i never thought i'd feel this way , 
it been a long time honey 

i cant find the right words to say
how and why i feel this way.
i thought it was just a silly game we played.
we both agreed and said "come what may"

each other's company was overwhelming.
strange but very amusing.
we played fire and danced in the rain
who would have thought i'd be smiling again.


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Night's Dream


I want to roll into myself until there is nothing left
Close the golden doors to light and live in my dreams
Float away into the clouds where I can fly
Kiss strange men that confess their love for me
Breath heavy and sweet 
Sweat rolling down my neck like honey
Tingling everywhere, everywhere
Come into me like a child returning home
Desiring to have that child return home
Fingers grasping at flesh, digging rivers,
White sheets, flashes of dark and light 
Crawling into, rolling into, breathing, heavy, sweet  
Heavy, sweat, rolling, panting, flashes, 
Broken into until there is nothing left

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Bad Luck At Love


	I thought it was love
But it was just bad luck
And I have come to a conclusion
My love life sucks

I’m not sure of my problem
Yet sure it is just me
Maybe I am too afraid
To face the reality

I thought it was love
But it was just my hormones kicking
And I look back now at yesterday
Saying to myself
What was I thinking?

My fingers can no longer count
The many mistakes I have made
Tears labeled why
Seemed to always end my day

And then, you enter the room
With your radiant smile
Then ending all my gloom
If I get at least some affection
No longer will I be broken


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Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

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If I Should Dream the Same Dream in Me

When the dream has come true, as I prayed
Should I dream one more time? The dream -
Roused I, speak and I retire, to enter your bed -
Beside me, tell me, speak or I sleep, and wait awake
If I should dream the same dream in me.

Talk to me, my dream; your breath in my ear
While our eyes spy inside, deep
For the private sigh, yawning and yearning
Every word you word!
Should I dream again?

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Dreams -win

While reading the delightful novels of *Maugham My mind drifted to the enchanting streets of Paris. Teaching the plays of Moliere, my *roamings started Over entrancing *National theatre of Paris, or the Globe Next day reading aloud the poem “My luv was like a red…” The captivating poem of the bard Robert Burns of *Eyre Shifting to Dublin to feel the romance of *the Abbey And the play School for Scandal of Richard Sheridan. There are patterns and patterns of fascinating dreams And I knew creativity and genius don’t come from patterns Like Mark Twain I had no unpleasant or stressful situations As is said daydreaming or dreams deride non-productive pastime But can be constructive in some contexts of fine arts or science Proved to be a enrapturing realities in the later years of my life Visiting all the dreamed-of-places of my day-dreaming raptures. But still daydreaming has not left me as I have still dreams of Visiting the entrancing lands of Anna Karenina and *Nora Helmer.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Six place win Contest: Any Poem Goes * The Roamings is the title of my book published in 2001 * Somerset Maugham, the great novelist *National Theatre of Paris where Moliere acted and wrote. *Eyre the birth place of Burns I visited in 1989 *The Abbey in Ireland as famous as The Globe of London *Mark Twain has written about a tragic incident while daydreaming.

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I sit, chewing on my pen tip,
Trying to look as if I am deep in serious thoughts, 
Tapping my foot with an air of restless efficiency,
Fussing over my spellings and ink blots.

I glance at the somber calculator,
It seems to glare at me in quiet reprimand.
I make myself type in a few numbers and symbols,
And the answer comes up sooner than I demand.

The numbers, the symbols, the words of wisdom,
Swirl around me in incoherent randomness,
As I sit, and ponder, trying to hold my senses in my slippery grasp,
The immaculate rungs of logical thought swiftly become meaningless.

So I give up, or rather, give in
To escape to that secret land of foolish fantasies,
Which had been tempting the edge of my consciousness for so long,
Causing my homework to be a series of blunders and idiocies. 

I dream of happy endings, of forget-me-nots;  
Of stormy emotions, the sweet pain that accompanies love,
The sparks that fly between you and I, the carelessly concealed attraction
Of star-crossed lovers, the suns, the moons, the heavens above.

I dream of rain, and sensuous nights,
Of raptures, and laughter, and mischievous delights.
I carve out a perfect picture in my mind, with my imagination as the frame,
I have gone too deep-long forgotten that this is just a game.

The sound of my own joyful laughter brings me crashing down to earth,
The tick of the clock, the sweat on my brow,
And other subtle reminders of reality registers on my fuzzy mind;
I sigh, and go back to doing my homework for tomorrow.

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Kiss To Build A Dream On

I hope when you sleep, you dream. And I hope when you dream, you dream of me. And I hope when you wake, you wake with a smile. Because your lips, found my lips in that perfect stillness that fills the space between such a long and beautiful blink.

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A Dream Within Reality

It's only a dream
sweet and sensuous
delectably delicious
tantalizing and tempting to the taste
oh, to indulge in opulence
to revel and feel
the surreal
it's only a dream

Only a dream within reality
such luxuriant love
is what legends are made of
embellished every one
exaggerated expression
but legends languish
in the ordinary 
no, it can't be real
it's only a dream

But I can dream.

Eileen Manassian

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Once Upon a Dream

Once upon a dream Where rainbows are all a gleam Land filled with rich green Treasures found in every stream Once upon a dream Friends and enemies were once a team No request was too extreme But things aren't always what they seem In the land of a magnificent kingdom Stands a castle full of boredom In the corridors are cries of a princess Held captive inside the enemy's fortress Trapped inside a gloomy dungeon And accompanied by a flock of pigeon The princess lay sleepless day & night Hoping for a savior, a prince or a knight Our little tale's coming to an end A knight in shining armor came in to defend The damsel in distress which he calls his friend Once upon a dream and all this came to an end.

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The Snow Man

I stumbled upon this stranger.
He was a cold man
with a warm heart.
and I was lost in a blizzard that night

He gave me his scarf
which he wrapped gently around my neck.
He eyed me with uncertainty 
And through his orbs of jet black
he became my eternity.

“That way” he pointed, 
“Is the way home”

He was my gothic hero
Stood fast in this icy inferno 
He stood still while 
His hell froze over
I looked back
and waved my arm.
For it was this man who made sure 
that I came to no harm

And then the snow began to subside
And before I knew it
I was inside
tucked up in my bed and tired

I jerked to sleep
And I dreamt that I was in a storm.
Tied fast to a ships mast.
The hail and rain fell in torrents
And the sea swirled around like electric blue currents

The morning came over me
The sun then warmed on to me
My memories came back to me
Of ships, sail and snow

Then, through the windows
The cold man came into view
Like a world war one soldier
Advancing into a no-man’s land
Riddled with holes


Waving his hand 
Falling slowly to bits as if made of sand

The sun’s penetration
Was melting my man
He reached up to me
He held out his cold hand
He gave me a handful of smiles
Then melted slowly into the ice molten ground

The alarm clock buzzed!

Wake up! 

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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My Love Intended

My love intended for the girl of my dreams,
she walks from side to side,
not knowing that I walk alone.

She is beautiful than any other thing in this simple world,
everything around her shakes and trembles
as she walks on by without a spare of a passing glance.

The wine is drunk
the last cigarette smoked,
the pain of heartache gone away.

It feels good to see her go my way,
to take the pain with her away from me,
as I sit in the wayward cafe on the river of ashes.

A beautiful girl she is mine,
but that course of life shall no surpass mine,
and my heart beats and takes me away
in hope of falling in love.

Irony of love and hate,
it is similar in many ways,
as I sit and think of her.

She angers me,
but when the vail of anger falls over my eyes,
the passion of love enters my mind.

Come now, take me away,
hold me in your beauty,
and love me with your gentle body.

Go into the gardens,
where the nightingales sing,
and sit at the patio's crossway.

Watch the artists paint pictures of the garden,
watch the writers write about the garden,
and watch us go and pick flowers in the garden.

The air smooth and wind breeze calms the nerves,
the pain of my sorrowed heart is soothed,
by her sweet intellegence and beauty.

Her eyes, orbs of blazing sunlight,
blind me with the beauty of her beauteous face,
her lips and skin smooth and pure.

She is glorious,
My love she is the dream girl,
who comes and takes my nightmares away from me.

As I sit on the park benches,
I light my last cigarette,
and reminicse on the days with my love.

I close my tired eyes only for a moment,
and the moment is gone,
my beauty is gone.

The tears are all gone,
the pain has gone,
the feelings of everlasting love are all gone.

Where did it all go?
Where did my beauty go?
Where did my love go?

All gone now, all gone now,
as I grow old,
the feeling of death takes me by surprise.

The park bench is cold,
the cigarette is burnt out,
I am longing for a drink.

I lay in a wayward cafe
drink a coffee and talk to myself
discussing a book of poetry.

Looking over to the right
I am blinded by beauty once again
this time this is no dream.

Alas, my dream girl came
that appeared in my sunny pleasure dome,
who has walked barefoot in the gardens of my mind.

She sat with me,
I looked at her
and we smiled together.

We held hands together,
and dreamed together,
forever and ever.

Love everlasting,
everything everlasting,
cigarettes smoked together.

A cloud over our heads
in the shape of a heart
my love.

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Living in the Nation

You made a choice,
You broke the mold,
You raised your hand
Now you’re living bold
	Oh, yes!  You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

You turned your back
On pain and lack.
You said “No, thanks,
I’m not going back!”
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

When everyone else
Was still asleep,
You opened your eyes
And took a peek.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

You saw the path
You made a way
You challenged fear
Now you’re here to stay.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

Mama said “NO!”
Daddy said “No!”
Sista said “No!”
And so did your bro.
	Oh,yes! They did
	Oh, yes! They did

But you turned your back
On mediocrity and lack,
Said “Oh, no! This is it!”
I’m done with  trouble
I don’t miss pain
I’m looking for joy
Personal growth and gain.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

Yeah, you turned your back
On sorrow and lack
On worry and grief
On fear and blame
You took the steps
You  fought the fight
Then you stormed the stage
On Saturday night!
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

You had a four step plan
In the palm of your hand.
You fought your fear
Courage brought you here
	Oh, yes! It did!	
	Oh, yes! It did!

Now you’re happy and bold
You broke the mold
You’re living large
Fighting the fight
Taking your cruises
Changing your life 
You’re done with the bruises
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

You’re soaring now
Taking life higher
Nothin gonna hold you
Did what we told you
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

The warmest of the warm
Came along for the ride
Shoulder to shoulder
They stand by your side.
	Oh, Yes! They did!
	Oh, Yes! They did!	

Mama said “No!”
Daddy said “No!”
Sista said “No!”
And so did your bro.
	Oh, yes! They did!
	Oh, yes! They did!

You know it don’t matter
Roaches gonna scatter
You got  new familia now
Go on, take a bow!
We got elevation
	Heart elation
We’re all one family
Livin in the Nation!
	Oh, yes! We did!
	Oh, yes! We did!

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Tale of a mermaid

Along with the rising of the sun Sea and sky hand in hand in blue Creating a faint line of illusion, A boundaries of the real and unreal. There was a mermaid dancing with the waves Her long golden hair magically shiny, A true flawless unnatural beauty. She waited for the lonely souls; Who doze in the dream of eternal love Who needs to be saved from nothingness Souls who stray in search of peace. Since the era of the gods, she has lived, And so her story will continue to live. In the dreams of every sailor.

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I dream dreams of beautiful things, things that I love to see and feel. I dream of waterfalls and see the sparkle of sunlight through the water that from its radiant color forms a rainbow and hear the rush of wind as it falls far below. I think of a flower and dream of the perfect nature of a petal, the sprinkling of color so perfectly settled.. uplifting in its nature. I see birds soaring in the sky and dream of their soft call as they seek another from far away. I dream of one who loves me as deeply as I love her and dream of her touch on my bare skin and feel the warm caress of parted lips. I dream of a baby sleeping quietly in its bed and see the faint smile on its face as it dreams likewise of butterflies skipping across cloudless skies. I think of children, and dream of their running across a field and hear them arguing over who was the fastest of them all. It's been written that we can dream but, not let dreams become our master. I am enslaved to my dreams... shameless and unafraid, I dream dreams and bow to my master.

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Looking for a way out
Trying to outrun the shadows in the dark
Caught in this bout
Of confidence and doubt

Driving with my eyes closed
Never knowing where to turn
I prick my finger on a rose
I catch myself falling, only to burn

Atmosphere and fear
Lead me down a path unclear

Looking at the stars
Trying to forget my cares
Sinking in the eternity of the night
Slipping away into moonlight.

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Fear is a spiritual relief
Physically I am fear
Mentally I am fearless

A pulse of understanding
But will a vein transfer? 
A heart, a lung?

Taste the sweat
taste the fear
Taste the blood

Carry, cradle the bald baby
Master the meaning of love
Who said that life was a misery?

A sting, an ache, a hurtful word.
Artificial fun,
That has what has become

Horse for Beef
Beef for Horse

We are only skin and meat operations
For Allah 
Suck our pure and false blood,
A clot, a knot that ties our tongues 

This machine has turned us to metal
And dried us without pegs or hooks

All the glittery eyes
They are now colorless
Non-existent, numb.

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Moonbeam Dreams

It’s when the night settles in
and the bridge collapses at one end
that you pull me in and let me drift
on moonbeams soothing glow….

You pull me away to another land
where dreamers join, hearts in hand,
drifting on love….hopes expanding
realities calmed…pain releasing

It’s here, it’s now, where we stand  
Time defacing the clock of its hands
Racing around on a comet’s tail
As even in death, love still prevails

Gently as the morning mist sound
you return my heart to solid ground
Dewdrop released replacing the tears
A new day brighter to face the fears

The afterglow of sleep receding
My love for you, never depleting 

~~~Debra Squyres @2013~~~

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Fire Sister

Chest out/ 
On some flamed up level/
She pictures fire flames in her poems/

Grammatical artist who fears no spears apart from her hidden secrets/
Piling up in minutes/ 
Her tongue abuses her lips as the mirror gives beauty promises/ 

Her punchlines can't wait to caress in fashion/ 
In speed acceleration towards the performance minutes/
Shoulders against the wall she pictures all screams/

In sexy tones coming from dark bones/
Tip toes the nerves can never reverse/
She’s playing with fire/

For decades her voice has never been respected none the less applauded/
Miss fortunes has been forever wrong turned/
She sees no obstacles though she’s mute/

Her dreams are forever cute/
She sleeps so she can give a lifetime performance in her dreams/

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Absolute love

I would write a naked letter
a story in my alphabet 
a blue dream of your smiles 
a novel without jealousy 
a real fable to pleasure 
where we are beings fairy 
the fullness of absolute love

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A Simple Dream

A dream is simply a story
It has neither a beginning, nor an end
It starts in the middle and ends where it began
Like all stories, it paints a picture
Some pictures are in charcoal, others are embossed
But they all proffer an image, in the minds’ eye
An eye which may not see clearly
But it is a vision nonetheless
A vision of grandeur, a vision of love or 
Simply a vision of nonsense

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Curiosity sparks the flame anew;
   desire burns from thoughts of you.
Anticipation spreads its entangling web,
   and I'm caught in the longing for more.

Dare I dream that you are real?
Dare I dream these emotions to feel?
Dare I expose my heart to your touch,
   and let your love heal me (wanting too much...)

One lifetime... two hearts....
One love....

Pray will last.

(approx. 1997)

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Sleep Is Such a Suffering Thing

Sleep is such a suffering thing,
rending and mending as we go 
breathing through the night
with troubled dreams.

I would sleep with closing of the eye
until the breaking of the day,
but sleep evades me 
and gives no peace.

The gray dreams wait 
like spider webs of the mind,
so taut and sticky
holding captured prey to feast.

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To live, flightless birds

A single branch, clawed and pecked, fickle and straining,
Lonely Nestling and father, paw and peck at their home
Lonely branch, spasms in the wind
Nestling and father paw and peck, yearn and whimper
These Flightless Birds, on a fickle branch

Young nestling skitters to the branch’s edge
Peers over on to sightless depths
Shivers, ruffles withered feathers
Spreads tousled wings
And loosens fast aging down
Stretches till overgrown talons graze the edge
Like endless days before, Craning aching neck 
Eyes devouring the scene with a famished hunger-
And whimpers
Turns to father and warbles in longing,
A sight that speaks of flight
Dreams of swimming amidst the clouds
To leave
-slightest breeze carries words...   
to live

The father, neck cramped, tilted, eyes swivelling to and fro
Cooing and cawing, talons pawing
A slight breeze, decrepit feathers hauled away in swarms
A forlorn sight that reeks of abandoned dreams 

Warbling, cooing and cawing, pleading and pawing
Pecking in apprehension, neck swivelling to and fro in exasperation
“To leave father! To stretch my wings
Lift from them the smell of rot and loss
To fly father”

“To fall! To fall, and to die!”

-Wind whispers,
To fall, to soar, and to live
Nestling shuffles to the edge, 
Settles down amidst aching joints and a teetering ledge
Peers down onto sightless depths
-they bellow to him
To fall, to fly, to Die!
Fall and flutter amidst a shower of feathers
Cramping wings crooked and futile
To swirl into freedom carried by the stench of inevitability
To fall, to fly, to die
Little Nestling whimpers, nothing so glorious about death
nothing so glorious without flight...

Whimpers, shuffles forward, talons pricking oblivion
Ruffles feathers, settles down
Nestling wavers, branch bending
Rotting down tickles his beak, claws dig deeper into branch
Eyes feasting on sightless depths
Endless fears...
They scream to him
To sit, to dream to fly...
To sit, to dream of revitalized wings
Stretching across the sky, an unveiling of freedom
The shattering of chains every morning, with a stretch of wings
The exercise of freedom
to sit and dream
to live

to sit at the edge of that tottering branch
creaking and bending under a restless and aging body
peering over into the sky, where fickle wings will not go
and with dreams, with dreams lift off this branch
and fly, where body cannot
and live

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My Nest

Love is my nest.
It holds me
where all the world I see.
It saves me
from the ground
which my soul will never meet.

Up in a forest tree
hunters scattering in threes
they'll never catch me
I have love.
I am perfectly happy.

relaxed I am
I do not stress
for there isn't life
without my nest.

who cares what's below?
I am above.
love is my nest
My nest is my love.

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Glassy-eyed people
moving as in a dream
looking without seeing
seeing without looking
Lustreless eyes
no inner joy
Huge concrete boxes 
close in everyone
stifling their souls
Dried-up people
shut others out
shutting themselves in

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Ants Verses Goverments

If only governments and people
would take head of the tiny Ant or Bee
and work together
in harmony
for the good of creatures 
our sacred earth
and humanity.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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The Mud, I Long It End

The shadows are nearing their loss
E’en the rays are growing weak
Foams darken as the bolt strikes
A blizzard of drops I fear it is

The prints! How far will thy end be?
Hmm! I see thy mother, her tents-
With depths about she scatters
Thick and sticky they stand judging

Soon fall my hope from whence it hung,
The stream of gums there it may drop
Yet ceaseless my arteries work
Re-tuning my heartbeat’s pounds

Issues cover gold polish-
Like the body that travels white
A curse it stamps on their souls
Sinking the hope they pride on

Quick to fail is my faith for the-
Irony my thought feeds it with
Can only get better, but worse-
It seems and disheartening it is

A once bad experience turns worse
A tale, the promise becomes-
Of a path so good e’en the-
Festival ram would not walk on

Well! Will speak well of what I-
Want and expect that which I long-
For, trusting an appointed-
Time waits it drainage for a new track

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Between Sleep and Dream

It’s in my world between sleep and in dream
That I could think the most terrible of things
Feel the spectrum of pain or of sorrow
To imagine the most amazing ideas
Be moved beyond comprehension by fear
Believe in the most unbelievable possible
Living the most wonderful journey’s
Do anything in the world I want to do
The mind is a maze of creativity – lost
Free without lock and key in sleep
Whatever and wherever my mind leads
The moment I wake – come back to reality
I am at peace knowing that I breathe
Know that what I thought I had lost
Those that matter most –
Are still very much with me
Even with miles between –
You are on my mind as I wake
On my lips as I kiss first light
I feel your presence even in silence
You are present in every grain of me

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Sleep, Think, and Dream myself to you, 
is what I do out of devotion. 
Long lingers of school buses and 
library books that took us and taught us "home". 
A word which became more for meeting you, 
and harder to remember for knowing you so well. 
Yet I often slip from reality and indulge this 
false definition, derived from the optimism 
of a  hopeful heartbeat.

Then I wander through the wonder years, 
and cherished moments of selfless smiles 
and obvious affection, poorly cloaked 
by friendship and often revealed in a series 
of glances, that taught me the reason 
behind a prayer. Abating the sting of every 
melancholy thought, and transforming the 
diffident words of a silly boy, into beautiful
 phrases of endearment, 
offered to a woman from a man.

Thus, I dream of you as the virus and 
the remedy, dark and bright that keeps 
my mind balanced. Pondering a poison 
by daylight, and recalling the cure by nightfall. 
Drowning in your absence and breathing by 
the sight of closed eyes, that grant me a reason 
to inhale deeply and exhale slowly, during a held 
moment of pure elation. Running from reality 
until rest arrives, allowing me another chance 
to sleepwalk my way back, 
into the only dream I know.

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Last Night I Dreamt---

When the nightingale sang, I was under the sun
in a place far away where my childhood began
With my eyes butterflies, that would flutter and scheme
to color my dream with a place I have been

Last night, in a dream, one to cherish and hold,
I traveled through time to an eve long ago
Though the volume was muted, it resounded with love
A day soft and gentle, like a song of the doves
I could hear mother humming, as the evening grew long
While my dad tended fire, a burning yule log
There was smoke in the breeze, and a whippoorwill's song
that drifted in moonlight, and sailed by the face of the moon

There were echoes I heard, of house in the dark
My cat nestled close, at the foot of my bed
I was wrapped in the rapture, in a place I have known
of a time long ago, that would someday be gone

But for now, I will cherish this dream that I own
Last night was a dream that was taking me home
When the nightingale sang, I was under the sun
in a place far away where my childhood began

Serious entry for Francine's contest: "Last Night I Dreamt"

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You Are Alive

You're alive even in the darkest place;
Even when we can't hear Your Name,
Even when we can't see Your grace,
You're alive!
Even when we can't feel Your grace,
You are alive!

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What do you do when you're left sitting on a bench
Never allowed to play in the game
They say you're one of the team
It's hard to believe when your on a bench

Bench warmer
The nickname you dread
You've sat here for so long
No one knows this bench as well as you
The peeled paint
The warped boards
Ancient gum stuck underneath

Others have sat here but not for so long
This bench was never part of your dream
Still this is closer than many will come
In the end it will not be enough
just a guy sitting on a bench

On a bench contest.

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California Dreams

Life relapse and develops new memories and experiences sighted through brown eyes
Miles of driving, walking. Thousands of laughters, a few bad habits, a gorgeous dream for an addict
Later in life finally files success, the prism adjusts, the same sun ray reflects
After a few years of a psychological interpretation which people know god as capable of, ends up all a misunderstanding
Maybe someday you'll read my books of insanity
And the signature I left under this writing with my very last breath inside of me
Because Im now free pieces of ashes in the ocean living my Californian dream, cleaning myself in the tides salt of oceanic health, being the creme that fizzes the sand at your feet
In reality, I never made it with you;
When you think honey, long nights of cuddling, sun rays on a beach I've never seen, take some pictures for me
And my Californian dream will follow you until you figure out the key, honey.
The world without one woman's smile would mean, id never created the Californian dream;
Id of never lived it, even by the death of me
I'd of never known sweet honey and beer is one hell of a mixture
And sometimes when you think only the walls are watching
You need to talk lower, maybe even whisper.
The world without one woman, one less journey, and a million less thoughts is one less dream.
If I live the world without one woman, ill never meet the climax of my Californian dream.

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Another Good-Bye

Her day bled
into a crimson sky
of mourning.
A moon overcast
with laments vision,
its reflection 
echoed in the surface
of borrowed time.
Now, quietly,
the long hours drew
nearer to the hush
of evenings passing---
sleep bidding
another farewell,
as the grave 
gives up its spirit
to enter into
a different realm---
on the threshold
of dreamscapes view
and another
good-bye is said.

© 2013 Debra Squyres 

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to Thao, the Love of my Life

Towards the heavens of the existing 
long we beheld 
the fleeting idea 
which ravishes the immense beauty 
to the dream 
but it was only out to sea 
of your appearing 
she made herself 
tangible, to the real, 
and boundless 

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To My Heartbeat

Dear Dearest,
I do know fate is not cruel
And so are our souls.
I know sky will remain crystal clear
Until our hearts sing alive.
I know that stars will remain glint
And they would sign treasures to our dream.
I know the same way my heart beats...
So is yours too.
I know we're fashioned to be 
Though our destinations seem far-
I live north, you live south.
I know you don't sway without thinking about me.
And so do I.
The only memory you left me with in here-
Pen and paper,
Are what I polish my feelings through.
I do hope my words won't take days before they'd be returned.
It's well with my soul here you left it.

From your part in here and right there.

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An Alaskan Blood Moon

nurture me a wish circular neon bright to hold mould me tears - as painted leaves from trees fall sleep me a dream in the dreary radiance of this eve fight me a union fiercely and by any means speak me the language of the ancients pray me a someone as dear as thee 18~12~2014 Maurice Yvonne Sponsor: Tony Pinelli Contest: Satisfaction

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Setting on a mantel…a doll. Beautiful sculpture… achieved. A surreal existence within… Adolescent girls…playing jacks Envisage tomorrow lightheartedly…filled. ____________________________________|
Verlena S. Walker PENNED ON SEPTEMBER 01, 2014!

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Dreadful Dream

Dreams can be
Good to heaven
Bad to hell
I had a dream 
Very very dreadful
It started houseful
With cries rule
I had lost my mother
I was steady still
People console me
Around but no result
Instead of people around
I was left all alone
The imagination without her
Had shot circuited me
Who will come to cheer me?
Who will love priceless to me?
Who will fight for me?
I was in real also 
Kept crying in night
Waked up! The moment 
I realized it was dream 
I was left smiling
Happy to see her
That day changed 
My attitude towards her
I am more respectful, polite
And happy ti have her.

                                   Vrushani Thaker 

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Candy Horse Vs Dark Kid

The center of a star reflects just like a diamond...
Returning a pearl within each silver breath that one treasures...
With faceted panels, I promised I'd never...
Sweep over a deep sea of blue waves unmeasured...

There is a pattern woven inside golden petals that kiss the inside of my heart...
Parts of my heart that I've thus' failed to start...
With soft fingers dancing, you're forever entrancing...
My star that's eternally far...

A co write written by Liam and Christian 

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It's Simple

It's simple.
We make it much more complicated than it is;
Just live.

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Liquid Dreams small r Rated

Why do you invade my dreams
You come to me when I am weak
Touch me with your liquid hands
Pour over every part of me
I am your prisoner
Yet I feel free

I wish to be commanded
A ship on your waves
Your helpless slave
Rocked to my grave
Taken inside of you
Letting you do what you do

You are ferocious 
You cause me to scream
Water turned to steam
I ache with a strange pain
Yet I wish to remain

Here there is no shame
You are the water 
You quench my flame
An entity with no name

I know you're not real
Maybe that's the appeal
I can't help how I feel
I release every drop
As you move on top
My whole body quakes
I feel a distant shake
I'm pulled awake

The feel of you 
Will soon dissapear
You were never really here
Yet a smile remains
As my memory wanes

Time to get up
Go to work
Others ask
Why the silly smirk

I will not say the reason why
To myself I keep this high
Thankful for you
My liquid lullaby

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jack and jill

 My Mom read me nursery rhymes
as in her womb I slept
and  in my dreams they come alive
in color and in depth

My dreams begin with Jack and Jill
as down the hill he takes a spill
then I dream  of   Miss Muffet
scaring a spider  from  his web and tuffet

I even saw Mary  and her little lamb
as she pushed him in a pram
And in the fullness of the moon
I dream of dishes  dancing with a spoons

But the best dream of all
is that of being born
and looking into the loving eyes of Mom
while Dad and sis lovingly look on


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The darkness of light impossible to see the pain and the lies always damaging you reach and get burned not understanding this is my disease nature of the beast Suddenly my light is taken away my darkness was revealed taking me as slave when all I ever wanted was for someone to say please stop, for me or enter an early grave Now face to face with all of my demons how can I fight them if I don't want to beat them until the reason arrives, then I shine a little at first but that small thing, is mine The den of ten thieves come up with a plan a whole set of new lies that every single man cannot resist believing it's seeming to be that a horrific ending is just what I need Then all of the sudden my small shine swallows time and with that virtue my face comes to life I would never hurt you please, know this to be yet no one believes me this curse grows like a tree I hate my helpless fate why can't I make a new life for me that no one can take why can't I escape a prison not for me for years I accept this tired sense of defeat The small shine barely intact, inside until Saint Anger starts to burn me, alive I find I'm set off by my wrong, senseless self until I am talking to no one, in Hell So I pick up my pen power to create a new world for me where I design my escape in my invisible state the Devil don't notice that one of his children is no longer hopeless I stop all my madness by power of pen for years my sword drew nothing but sin the yin and the yang both helped me to find that I'm no longer afflicted when darkness lights my bright shine.

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At the edge of vision
through the thinning veil
in the shrinking moonlight
amid sleeping’s blinks
I awaken somewhere.

John G. Lawless
SOMEWHERE – Poetry contest

Syllable count – 6 5 6 5 6 - 28 

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Illumined Tapestry

Circled light from angels' faces dawning
traces the darkening way all feet must tread,
reflecting forgotten silhouettes on rain wet streets.

Old city lights beam bright pathways through the gloom,
resplendent pools shimmering luminous enchantment,
mirroring tear washed memories of distant pasts.

Buried beneath regret-slick brick roadways,
specters gather round glowing gas lamps--
modern street lights' ancestral flames--
ghost lovers lingering in shining orbed dreams, remembering . . .
trembling vaporous fingers tracing love across softly illumined faces.

So linked in melancholic splendor, lovers old and new,
ply life's sacred needle, stitching the golden tapestry.


October 1, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson
Find the Puzzle contest
Nette Onclaud, sponsor

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Peace in the War

In a clear day
A darken cloud
WonderedIn a clear day
A darken cloud
Not a rain
At the night
A storm clasped 
Unwashed dawn
In and out
Far beyond
A slow sun light
Remote sky
Gives a birth
A rainbow

Udaya R. Tennakoon

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There was something to be said.
From your mind I could detect the words, the actions and primitive desire to unite.
You sailed off, up hill on your bicycle.
It could be one-sided these ideas. 
I could see your life as I saw my own past,
as you soared off, up hill, I waited for your turn and a glance.
I felt it best to relax and keep my mind silent.
I had showcased my passion, a dangerous process, what were you eye's saying?
You grasped the handlebars, looked through me and awoken my instincts.
You were a girl, a women, who allowed me for one night to drop my guard.
As you sailed off, up hill on your bicycle.

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Embers of a dream

Lord, I don't understand.
Maybe I never did.
The destination of the path seemed so grand,
yet now it looks horrid!


The dragon You've placed, mine to fight
still breathes fire and brimstone in my neck,
but I'm armoured with incapability to smite
and the cobblestones You paved lead to this wreck.


I dreamt of the moon,
but couldn't reach the stars,
so I drifted into the sun and soon
I would be burnt with scars.

Why shroud my mind with dreams of peace at daylight's bend,
yet shred it with horrors at night?
Why let me pursue a rainbow when 
there never was an end?

The past is bathed in murky waters
and clothed in miry clay.
Now the future looks no better
and mere words can't express what I wish to say.

Lord, here I lay at Your mercy,
angry and heartbroken.
You don't make mistakes and You set free.
Please, I beg be my beacon!
Loose the shackles,
break the chains
that I may serve You again.
Show me the true way You planned,
for I have reached the end of this one.

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A nightmare force me awakened
the tough life
force me awakened...

My dreams come through the walls
light up my dark room
darkens light ones...

My nightmares are plague carriers
dreams of life
sometimes brings death...

In my sleep I have nightmares
when awake I have my thoughts
I'm not sure which is worse...

Often my pillow is an ocean
some nights I drown
in my own tears and hopes...

If I scream wake me
I didn't mean to wake you
it was just a nightmare...
~ ~ ~

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This City Inspires Me

The Chicago skyline.
You symbolize home.
You are me and I am you.

There you are Sears Tower!
Just like you I will stand tall and strong
Even through life's toughest winds,
I might sway back and forth,
But to the ground which I was built on, 
I'll remain.
Even when people try to change my name, 
I'll just reply "Watchya talkin bout Willis?!" 
Yeah, you'll always be Sears to me.
And I'll always be Joe to you. 

Thank You Chicago.

I promise I will get as fast as 
The trains and planes that transport your people
And when I get caught up in life's traffic,
I promise to keep my cool and my destination in mind.
I promise to get as strong as your culture is.
I promise to always be filled with as much vigor as 
Your raging college students are.
I promise to stay as passionate as
The struggling musicians that serenade your "L" subways are.
I promise I will work as hard as 
Your workers that are just trying to pay their bills do.
I promise I'll always stay as hungry 
As the poor that beg on your streets are.

And I promise I'll make you proud of me.
For I am proud of you!
Chicago, don't you know? 
You will always put the "O" in Joe.

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Small Gifts Big Gifts

            Small Gifts Big Gifts

Fear burns souls, hate burns lives, turns them into smoke 
Gold, silver, wealth, do nothing to extinguish these

Age and time take us by surprise
Strangers, like so many unknown, unseen, untouched flowers on a mountain side
Wither and die inside society, unseen, no sense of fragrances
All their beauty and their splendor gone in a mystery
Each person is like a snow flake, unique, no two alike

Love comes in a tiny box to put out fires of fear and hate
Given with compassion to a stranger can quench bad things 

Life is much more than just a dream
But I dream of this
To line up thousands of tiny boxes filled with love
Wrap each one in gold, silver paper with a tiny bow on top
Pass them out for happiness and the common good

Empathy is stronger than you know 
Big things come in small packages too
These boxes never empty

No money in the world can save a soul
Smiles come in small boxes for the forgotten 

So many people deserving of a gift
Instead of cookies we would give out wondrous things
Tiny boxes, wrapped in gold, red and silver with a bow
Inside a key to their new auto or perhaps a check
Money is the best gift ever 
Financial security is a girl or boys best friend

People close to wisdom already know
We should place the needy in new homes or mansions if they wished

A Learjet would be nice for me
With lessons for a pilot’s license to fly friends, family and strangers about
Germany for breakfast, France for lunch, than off to Egypt
Finding mummies together would be interesting
More strangers added to our gift list
More strangers means more fun to give

Small Gifts - Contributing to Other's Happiness- Poetry Contest

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Dream with me

foggy skies
a gentle rain falls down from heaven
birds sing a lullaby and animals sleep in their dens
it is a balmy day in paradise
through the green-filled woods
and past the murky swamp
around the tall oak tree
and into the cool pool of water
mysteries lie beneath it's gently churning waves
things grow and live in underwater caves
a community it hosts
an internet of animals
along the salty coasts
join me on a stroll through my glorious isle
where jackals dance and sloths loll
walk with me through the forbidden shadows
sit with me under the canopy of tall trees
enjoy the beauty of this mysterious place
before you have to leave
already the sun calls you
you slowly open your eyes
and leave your paradise
instantly forgotten
as you look out at the morning skies

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These Dreams

A child dreams of being chased by bears
and there's always one who'll bite your head off
as mom and the others continue down the gravel road
skipping along on their way to Sunday services.
Mom is still carrying her dish of baked yams
for the afternoon potluck in the churchyard.
Baptists always feed their sheep.

Another child dreams of corridors
with grand, yet foreboding, polished wood doors.
This dream comes with an other-worldly knowing
that behind those doors there's meadows of wildflowers
or mad men wielding machetes.
Such long, long corridors.

One girl dreams of townhouses
built high in the cliff wall by the sea.
She makes her way through
inspecting each room,
tempted to pick up trinkets, but Nay!
Then she climbs another set
of old wooden steps
making her way to the next door,
there's always something higher, something more.
Higher and higher she climbs.
"Which one is mine? Which one is mine?"
They are all yours, Sweetheart.

A young woman dreams of attending lectures
on a hillside, in another dimension, another realm.
There she learns to meld color and sound
to create a tone that is pleasing to the ears.
Ah, the music of the spheres.
She learns also to don the body, on and off
like a simple undergarment,
a slip whose lace is showing.
To break boundaries and jump old wooden fences
the one's she erected herself that are fencing her in.
"If you walk through me, I'll walk through you."
She has a promiscuous knowing.

An old woman dreams of her babies
empty rooms and barren landscapes.
Always believing but still not knowing
Oh ye of little faith.
Always reaching higher and higher
in search of some old brass hook,
somewhere to hang her faith.
When she sleeps, she's awake
and when she's awake, she dreams...
always believing but never knowing.

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Sitting on my front step,
A black mental box awaits me.
Chills run up and down my spine,
Disturbing feelings whirls within.
Ridiculous, it's simply a child's doll
Passed down from a distant relative,
Whom I've never seen.

Taking it out of its coffin like box,
I display it on my overstuffed chair.
Its blue piercing eyes look much to real,
As if it has a will of its own.

With great fear, I put her back in its box,
Tying it with my spindle twisted threads.
Human hair intertwined with wool
Creates stronger more durable yarn.
This I know.

Night after night the doll haunts me in my dreams-
The infinite hour glass evokes my past self.
The doll points to the hour glass and speaks,
"Thy sands are running, thy doom is fixed."
Afraid to the point of mental exhaustion,
I bury the doll in the middle of the night.
Deep down in the ground where her soul belongs.
In the morning the doll sits full of dirt 
on my front step once again.
A scream is heard.

For Jeremy Martin's contest, "Objectify Me "

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Strong At Will

A beautiful man,
Strong at will,
Comforting those,
With more to spare,
A growth small,
Time will tell,
Walls of each cell,
Holding pain to fall,
History has lead,
The fact of death,
Given dates,
Marking with an X,
The heart keeps moving,
Promising a thin line,
Forming an answer,
Living or dying,
As he looks over,
The colors fade,
Moving slowly,
Squinting to see the shade,
His child kneels,
To pray for Dad,
The agony kills,
Expecting the bad,
Cold room,
Cold memories,
Many people in mind,
Pages listing,
Of information read,
Knowing what they could find,
Finding hope,
On each date to see,
The circle to know,
What’s in store to dream?
We’re not promised today,
But live like we are,
Know that some,
Just want to get far,
Cancer is sick,
The card not to pick,
Accepting new discoveries,
Remaining real is wealth,
Only promised this moment,
The rest is our health.

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When I Found You

The heart
My ever stirring spirit

Eyes like sparkling diamonds-

and on we go into the wild blue yonders
of yesterdays, while singing tomorrow
(You know its only a day away...)

And sometimes when I lay awake in bed
I think of you
and how undeserving I am to be loved by
wonderful YOU.

Seems but yesterday the vibrancy upon this room beheld
such love,
the two of us....
searching, reaching, loving, laughing

and left in my depth
in the tiny corner of my soul-
so frightened to say I love you 
But comradery, and courage,
a nesting place for a fool as I, I know

For I love you, only  my purest-
white, unblemished smile slowly coming across my face

Is this my wake?
Is this a dream, a fantasy, a fallacy
to have believed in you,
and these dreamier things
Is a new life!
Emerging from the deaths 
the worldly screaming out
and I come to this room to find a new light
and flickers of love
penetrate and soften my disposition

New life,
like never has been known to me
and I stay soft,
like the Lord holds in His ever loving hands day by day
~His clay~
Smiling he gave me a heart to bear all truth,
yet he gave me meaning
when I found you.

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A Barren Antelope

____A Barren Antelope (Unedited)____

A barren antelope

Visits the world of the living

She is searching for the Messiah’s hands

To bless her womb with living

Kids, kids, everywhere, she

Wants to bear her own,

She wants to be a mother

And be called mother antelope

She cry and cry and cry over the Kilimanjaro

And Everest 

She weep across the Atlanta searching for

Messiah’s hands.

She want it, she want it

She want a good image

A bad image to be buried

To be buried and a good image to live on.


She wants a life to live

She wants a heart of her own

Who will help her out

Now that the rumour have

Spread that the Messiah 

Had gone…

Gone for life

To another life

Shadowy and deep

Yet to be know by Many.

Yet to be visit by all .

A berry paradise

A cherry light.

For: Worst poem contest
Sponsor by: PD

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All Powerful, Broken Boy

Stretch and string me to a crucifix with barbed wire.
Display my failures and shames.
When you cast the stones, you cast them away as well.
And when I die, I will just come back new. Stronger.
My man Jesus knows what I mean all to literally. 
Bonded by the phoenix we burn as brothers.
Perhaps of the same kind in more ways than one.

I’m drinking 
No more
Drinking some more
Drinking paint thinner.
I swallow blurred lines and let the smoke burn orange in the night like the relentless spot light in my cerebral cortex.

Smoking cigarettes.
Insatiable lungs are getting heavy
Smoke more. More cigarettes to numb the senses. You appreciate the breath you have left that way. 
Barnyard, winter 
Shivering hand 
Quick smoke in Kansas,
After a quickie on a front porch in Georgia.
Smoke screen, blanket. 
I just like to keep cozy.

Habits or weapons?
I destroy myself but, I’ll be damned if don’t kill my pains and demons too.
I might even live.

All powerful
Broken boy
Perfect heavy hearts
Good intentions and the angels fall to a false hell. 
Hell is in earth and in our heads so, we've already been there. 
Confident in a dim room with shades on
Little to no company 
The smell of marijuana and hope
Hide the red glimmer of knowledge in your eyes.
Lone wolves roam back alleys 
Built for convenience
But, sometimes they become short cuts to gasps of clandestine exposure.

I am the world.
This world belongs to me.
Mission to hold it in hand and make it tangible.

Commence. Transmission over.

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Within the far off landscapes of a dream

Within the the far off landscapes of a woven dream
where the mind crosses the void of rationality
into surreality
and the imagination flows
bends and winds like a mountain stream
that we sail and journey upon
through the curtain of the unconscious
to release our deepest hopes and desires
that transpire
drawn from the rich tapestry of life.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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killing joy

Within the pearled
 half-light of morn',
 in the stilled silence
 of the first breath 

I watch opaque dreams
 drift to and fro,
 un-lighting the last star
 unhitching illusions
 the black silk sheet of night
 is pulled back
 and white silt skies of day
 roll out

 in this never world
 I entertain grand designs
 serving them respect
 with small glances,
 filled with the denial
 of an ounce of lunacy 

the kookaburra is silent
 the morning song
 has canceled forever,
 I breathe the dust of sadness
 nevermore, how can I dance in life?
 when death is in my veins 

Surrounded by the essence of life,
 I am the agony,
 in the joy of this world.

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The Outstretched Palm of Gabriel

regrets rise and fall 
chafing at the frayed nerve endings of a finite life,
unfolding like origami cranes around the neck of kamikaze pilots
chewing at the bones of our discontent,
leaving holes in the fabric being.

regrets, like and of, unborn children 
never growing to fruition, never falling 
bud to blossom they decay, never reaching the Guf
pointless misconceptions of a wary heart
first born in joy left to rot in sorrow.

regrets rise and fall
yet we chose to retain them in the after-image
of retinal flares, ocular migraines inwardly staring
toward Gabriel’s outstretched palm
embryos unblessed.

never regret
ever regret

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Beyond the Shadow of my Heart

Beyond the shadow of my heart
Drumbeat continues without pause
Giving my world sense of peace
World engraved with floral design
Of beauty visible in the dark
Leaving me stuck with compassion
With sparks of mystical powers
That end the dryness in me
To flourish like the rain-
-Divine treasure planting hope-
-When drought is maintaining bragging rights;
Beyond the shadow of my heart
Clouds assemble harmoniously
As I sing to the listening blue sky
Always showing warm devotion
Shoving delightful visions on my path
And fostering lively thoughts in me
To sense purity of my own dreams
And look beyond planets I know
May be there is one named after me;
Beyond the shadow of my heart
Gladness and harmony are in my pleasant streams
Making my pathways 'spick and span'

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Eileen: (A Dream That's Not What It Seems)

I met Eileen inside a dream
Chasing me down a mountain -
Immeasurably old and made of gold 
Pouring forth like water from fountains.

Her beauty was rare as angel’s hair 
Visible to sentient beings –
She spoke not a word and yet I heard 
Her whisper, “I know what you’re seeing.”

She followed me ‘round and all the way down 
That mountainous, slippery slope – 
Inside of me, all around me  
Giving courage, strength and hope.  

That the fall I was feeling, spinning and reeling       
And lucid as the day is long – 
Would pass in a flash straight into the past
And the future in one sweet song. 

She told me my names and all of the games 
I’ve played since my inception – 
Back in the times when love was divine
And darkness was pure perfection.         

We crossed a river wide and deep 
In a valley far below – 
Where cities, towns and people appeared 
Many of whom I’ve known.

I saw their struggles, pains and troubles
Laughed and cried their tears – 
Living again as family and friends
In other times and years.

She took me north, east, south and west
By way of an ocean breeze – 
By ship and train, by horse and plane 
Where I’ve never felt so free.     

In time and space where there’s a place 
We rendezvous in travels – 
Between this world we’re living in 
And others yet unraveled.    

Until she placed my head upon her heart  
While cradled in fetal position –
Resting well deep in her spell 
Until this world became my vision.     


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I dreamed of this
My whole life
I only existed
To fulfill this dream.

It didn’t just happen
I worked for it 
And when it came
I didn’t want it anymore.

I dreamed of this
And suddenly
It has become
A nightmare.

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Is it a dream?
if so, what yet dreams it?
does it dream with such fervor that it ignites the stars?
does it dream so skillfully that the dreamed think it the dreamer?
does it dream with a will of such power that the dream remains even after the dreamer has wakened?
such a mystery shall not be revealed by time
as time is a dream of the dreamed

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Thornbird Paradox (for DG)

Tell my heart no humpty dumpty tale of love
For I have seen winter's deceit flowed like tears
And sit green where the grass was brown
As Methusalah's dream of heaven. So let me
Believe that one that bird nestless
Shall break out singing at the edge of my heart
So let me dream of love

Callous and cold I did not know
When first you came soft as rain upon the skin
How foolish I thought I was the dance
That make the clouds to melt their milk
Ah but the music still play, my love
And thornbird refuses to cry
Refuses to fly
Until you come again, until I live
For a man must live before he dies.

Then speak no more in silence what is true
Nor dance alone behind the fence of dream
I am awake where sleep longs to break through
And give that Midas all my broken screams
Shall gold be cold as ice evermore
Shall winter's milk not sail the barren tongue
The thornbird finds no trees on sandy shore
The song is phoenix ash in its lung

O let me touch the garment where virtue leaps
O let me one jolt of memory that love may keep
A song to sing to where virgins weep
The silence of the fusing flesh, the joy time reaps

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A Memory

Introduced to your beauty that late autumn night my words weren't to smooth but you made it feel right those caramelized eyes were shining when I asked you to dance flipping your hair, I took your hand starting what seemed like a forever romance In the next week or month or two or so we began to talk then started to date days at the park turned to long moonlight strolls nothing could go wrong, life was so great I was always thinking of you you always thought of me two peas in a pod we were tight as a drum you locked up my heart and held the lone key I remember those days and your sweet killer smile I never imagined our love could go out of style The best days of my life or so did it seem If it wasn't a memory, it was sure a great dream

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To a love ill never let go of, sorry

you whispered sweet doubts into my ears
but i was so blind to acknowledge the fears
ill never regret how i felt for you 
but you seem so far gone, i don't know what to do

i only did what i thought was right
but i guess i lost all fear and extinguished the light

Bay, i wish i never left 
but its to late to take it back

Bay, i wish i had some sort of sign
to know your OK

i have this horrible habit of making a mess of things
you might think it funny
but i jump when the phone rings

i hope you dont blame me for what happened 
but then again it must have been my fault
im sorry

i guess all those times i apologized were in advance
for the heartbreak that i probably brought down upon you
bay, im sorry, im sorry, im sorry if you ever read this
you'll finally understand the way i still feel about you 

nobody ever said it was easy 
but nobody ever said i would fall this hard

i miss you 

im sorry
im sorry 
im sorry 
im sorry
im sorry

please bay, im sorry 
please bay 

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A contest a test,
Also ending tailing test,
In contrast,human on this planet,
For human,test a beginning not ending,
Adam sat for the first test,
Under the roof of Heaven,
Sitting on the golden desk,
Adam lost the first test,
Copying Satan's script,
Thrown to Earth like a cigarette,
Since then,
Many tests ,contests,protests and contrasts,
A coin has two sides,
No toss with a coin only one side,
Head and tail two sides,
Win and loss the two sides,
In toss,
This or that the choice,
Winning way wise,
The loss we protest,
Winning,only purpose,
No protest this all to accept,
The truth is,anything below best is not loss,
It is not the best,
Good or better at least,
At school we sit for tests,
Some times we pass,
Some times we fail,
Again,attempts or forgets,
In life illness is loss,
Wellness is win,
All in ill like cure,
No one waits telling fate,
From illness to wellness like loss to win,
"Not to win but to take part",
"Your's today tomorrow mine"-
The twine golden rules of all contests,
In a contest winning only a contrast!

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An Arm's Length Dream

An Arm’s Length Dream

Sometimes, frivolous dreams of turquoise waters and white beaches
Swaying palms amidst sea grape borders, bronzing sun,
warming my pale white skin. I would sip lemonade, soothe my body in laziness,
my mind in boredom. And when it is over, I dream of when I can return.

Sometimes, the dream of power motivates my talents.
Quickly to be realized, a task I am not suited for, but dream
of what I would do, if only….
I would probably fail, for my nature is fair, full of empathy.

I dream of fortune, because that is the answer to all of life’s problems.
Or so they say, I do not believe, so fortune eludes me.
Knowing myself well, I would give it all away,
for there is always someone in need.

But in my silent dreams, the ones I feel within my heart;
the dreams I would perform with no hesitation; 
the dreams I dream in prayer,
of  little faces drawn with darkened eyes.

The Orphans, starving, the hungry, the crippled.
Thirsty in the African deserts, tiny children,
scattered by disaster, wandering from disease,
clinging to each other, for there is no one else

I dream I have arms so long I can embrace them all.
I calm their fears, heal bodies, and teach them love.
I would dry their tears, have them feast and feed their souls
Their darkened eyes soon become bright.

And while my arms are stretched around the world of children,
no longer orphans, for they would have me.
A Mother, a protector, a guardian,
And they would know LOVE.

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My cursed nightmares

Under the darkened vale within the labyrinth
Of my cursed dreams 
How my wounded heart yearns
As the pages of my history turn
Back to those colourful cherished days 
Now out of reach and so far away.

I dream of my first love Diane
My sweetheart and star filled dream 
Who shaped my future
And made me the man I am.

I'm desperately searching the places
We loved and used to go
And asking people if they know where she is
But no one knows
I know she's near but don't know where
The pain I feel in my heart
Is just too much to bare
I feel lost broken and full of fear
For my soul mate who I loved and breathed for so dear.

Then I awake and it hits me like a bombshell
As reality sets in
It may have just been a nightmare
But she gave me the happiest days of my entire life
I've never really been happy since those days
And I suppose I'll carry my love for her
To my grave.

Peter Dome.copyright. 2014. Aug.

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Winter's Silent Beauty

Alone I sit
staring at the cold grey sky
All around
winter's handiwork
so silent
so beautiful 
fills the land

Drifting lazily upwards
pillars of smoke
rise ghost-like 
from the chimneys
On the ground below
the freshly fallen snow 
so quiet, so fragile
instils deep peace 
within my soul

Standing alone in the distance
a church steeple 
points majestically towards the sky
in silent testimony
of its God

Nothing stirs -
the sparrows have gone to bed
this cold winter's evening
dreaming pleasant dreams 
of tomorrow's spring
when new life will take form
in Nature's world
or perhaps they dream 
of yesterday's summer
when they flitted happily
from tree to tree
dancing in the sunshine
so happy to be alive 
and free

Yet, dream on 
my little friends
for even while you dream
cold winter must reign 
a little while longer
still blessing the earth 
with her deep silent beauty
--- as now the snow begins to fall
once more

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Into The Night's Dwelling

into the night's dwelling
things are they way they used to be
only more perfect, 
and even if I lean into the dark hall 
there are stars in my eyes, that keep alive the myth
and we are all there in black and white
tho' my mother's lips are glossy red,
her hair is beautifully coifed, just hours from the beauty shop
she is smiling, wearing an apron, cooking something grand
the table is set with flowers, a tidy house, sofa pillows neatly in their proper place  
my daddy sits on the floor with me, playing Chinese checkers, letting me win
and my brother is throwing a ball in the front yard with his friends
things are more perfect
than how they used to be
as the wind drones an old Cole Porter song
into the night's dwelling
where I keep the dream 
from dying

Inspired by Nette Onclaud's Contest:" Into Night's Dwelling"

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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You Look Beautiful Darling

Wow... You Look Beautiful Darling. I love your hair styled this way and Your shirt is super fabulous. Beauty cannot be defined without you. How much you mean to me, I want only you Boo-Bee. Light up my life with your smile and your laugh, Your soul intertwined with mine and Carried it to a hidden paradise. Your touch shakes me as hard as an earthquake. I hear your voice, it is drawing me nearer, I become so alive at the sound of your voice. I was reborn when you first kissed me. With you my love, I want to start A dream that never ends, A dream of you is the kind of dream I won't think of ending, ever.

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Dream And Remember

~Dream And Remember~ (Free Verse) Always keep God family and friends foremost in life Welcome each person you meet, as a possible friend. Dance away to the music, of our wonderful world, And sing along to brighten the chores of a new day. Take time to dream new dreams, each glorious day. Remember always to say "I Love You" every chance you have, And remember to forgive anyone who has wronged you in any way. Love like there's no tomorrow and be loved the same way, Aim to bring more joy, minus pain, to anyone that you know. You must always be honest and true to yourself, first. Always try and try and never for any reason give up, Remember, that you're just human, and as such,imperfect and flawed. Spend some of your time, on bended knees giving thanks to the Lord, And take pride in anything you've achieved in your life... Remember to smile and take some time out of your busy life, And smell all the roses you encounter on your way out. Hug your family and all your friends in the daily basis too. And take a little time to rest and to dream of only your Love. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,10,2015

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A Dream

I dreamt of a world
where Peace is the word
that often said.

I dreamt of a world
where Love is the word
that often said.

I dreamt of people 
caring about each other.
I dreamt of people
carrying the same burden together.

I dreamt of a place 
full of joy and laughter,
where people can live
 happily ever after.

But it was only a dream,
a bird with broken wings;
the world I'm living in
is a world full of sins.

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A Dream

Last night I had a dream - I was following Jesus
on the path of sorrows, while He was carrying 
his cross. Than I saw a solider beat him with 
his whip.

I ran fast as I could to go and help him. but when 
 I got close - I looked at the soldier  and saw a
 reflection of my face on his.

I couldn't believe that I was that soldier that with
whip on my hand I was beating up on Jesus. I said 
to myself - how could this be?  How can I be doing

At that moment I woke up from the dream. I was 
glad. I reflected on the dream and on my past life.
I knew then, that with all the bad things and the
sins I had committed - I had hurt Jesus and now
He was paying for me.

Today I kneel here at your feet with tears in my eyes 
and a repented heart. I ask you Jesus to clean me of my 
sins and give me your forgiveness. Amen...

This is for Holy week

By Lucilla M. Carrillo

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She said,
you have not
been bit
until a dragon does it...

Come my Ethelinda,
lips to lips
mouth to mouth
you the speaker
of the shroud
with secrets of the dead..

Storms cannot remove you
from my mind
I'm incapable
of not loving you
from mist to snow
to flickering starlight...

I have searched
the depths and fires of hell
to feel you
against my burning flesh
invading every cell of my body...

I have been waiting for you
to fly into my life
and satisfy my dreams
to make of me
the richest lord
with your vast treasures...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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There Is No Now

The pollution is psychedelic
Hell, you could even say poetic nature
Terms of enragement
Definitely not engagement
Can suffice in describing the depredation

Fire from the skies
Burning through the system
Dropping through to nothing
Learning not what’s in them
Always running from them

We may hide our voices
But you hide your souls
Torturing us with woes
Never able to feed our hole
Scars bleed out like coals

Paint it any color you like
Doesn’t change a thing
This war that you’ve brought forth 
Has killed us all
In the past and future

There is no now…

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Better Than Jesus

Explosions in the sky a fire in my mind starting out a broken spirit until returned, my wings, I fly and I find that I have no place to go when the desire has came and went and there is no secrets left to know I shall be the greatest teacher exponentially now I grow who wants to be my friend? I only accept good people for I have spent too much time observing dark and evil now I seek the light as I remember how to fly off I'll go to see the world with my soul mate, her and I I have not met her yet but I will know her when I see her by the feeling and the healing as if she could be the teacher and my heart is pounding celebrating life until I die when my friend, this world may end by explosions in the sky. -For Sandra

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Don't Get Lost In Fantasy

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
So the song say

Follow it, follow it on down to something
Something good to make your day

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
To your own personal OZ, your own land of fantasy

And leave behind the cold harsh logical truth
of the cruel world known as reality

Come all and live in a world where you have the power
To mold it however you see fit

Shape your fantasy into a world where you and whomever
Can properly fit in it

To live in a dream world with no, pain, no suffering
No drowning in past sorrows

Just to look forward
to the brightness of tomorrow

Where the people are smiling standing together
All equals side by side

Not one face is hanging in shame
But held high with pride

The buildings reaching higher and higher
Oh Lord look how they reach so high

The birds sing their song as they move
through the sky

But sadly, like every story that is steep
in the genre of fantasy

The time came too fast, it quickly passed

Your dream world of joy turns upside down
into something dark and downright scary

Your colorful world turns dismal ash

The people are no longer smiling, Their
just cold blank lifeless faces

Crowding in various worn out places 
and spaces

Where did the joy go. What brought this depressing atmosphere
you thought you've escaped from.

But in your growing despair, you haven't noticed
there's more dread to come

The buildings are crumbling

The yellow brick road is breaking

The people are disappearing

Your wonderful Metropolis is fading

You become frighten, nay
you become frantic

You look for a way out
Oh Lord where is the exit

Then the ground caves in
right where you're standing

And now you're falling

and falling


Grasping for anything, screaming for anyone listening

Now you've fallen into the dark maelstrom
of nothing, completely lost, forevermore vanishing

What a way to go. A downer, bittersweet ending
to this sad sad story

What is the moral of it all


Pray that you don't get lost in the evanescent land of Fantasy

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Beautiful yet mocking
my life was echoes
of lost ambitions and joy
growth, waning and resurrection...

Then came you
echoing like a rocky wood
reverberating dreams
like the sound of thunder in blossoming orchards...

Come to me
in the silence of night
breaking the silent shadows
echo as sunlight on a stream...

I dream of you
sweetness, how sweet and bittersweet
 i should awake in paradise
next to your thirsty longing eyes...

Without your honey kisses
and ardent affections
there is no echo
only silence...

The love we share
is an angel
in any form...

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Deserted Train of Thought

A train siren screams in the desert
Impoverished by strangers' intentions on board
Desert winds howl at a fictitious moon
As my door is rattling with ghosts without names

I jump into the passing train with my restless  mind
What if I can't grab the handles and fall into the Abyss?
Coyotes will  devour my heart;
its heaviness will become theirs for Life...

Perhaps that's why they travel in Packs - to ease the pain
of lonely  heart punctured by their canines
I see myself at the foggy window of a passing train
"Take me with ME !!! "
                       I cry as my train disappears in the water-sky of a Mirage...


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When Dentist Calls

             When Dentist Calls

Clear white tiny whirring brook spirals porcelain down
Monitored through forest of sharp hard objects
In a glare of concentrated artificial brightness
Stark forms, silver entities, probe my thoughts
Through my tooth roots to get to the truth
There are still more things to come
Dentist and assistant fill my mouth with wisdom and cotton
Where my Marlon Brando Godfather impression takes place
Along with x-rays of a few bad teeth acting up or acting out a scene
My mouth becomes that void, that black hole
With which a need to fill it
With everything in the cosmos, becomes apparent
Apparatuses, appendages, products from unknown Asian markets
Go in and disappear
Dentist looks satisfied with his new creation
The interrogation begins
I blink my approval as the needles go in.
My tongue is the first to stray into slurs as doctor quips,
“And gargle please and spit!”  “That’s it!”  “Open big!” “Tell me everything!”
I remembered a story as a boy
As my mouth and face melt away
And the whirring spirals porcelain down to dentists call 

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Il Fiore Della Bruma P3

Eyes are a beauty like no other,
Where your deepest sense shines like lustrous glass;
The perfect crystal structure,
A divine un-shattered over easeful stars.

Today I looked upon the light.

Today I woke from a heavy slumber
With memory much the same as dreams,
Blinds had been lifted,
And I draw my stillness
Towards the feathered window release.

I pour each breath to this outside air;
The calmly gaze of the soulful sky
May catch them, with wings extended backwards,
Embracing the pure and loyal tide.

The gentle hope of a heart.

Oh, draw in these breaths,
A delicate mixture of a transcendent draught,
Imbued with the devoted kiss of the echoing lake:
Cooled and tranquil to delve.

And lunar rush, tender compassion;
Both wild and soothing,
As the forever bond of eternal arms.
This draught I mix, uncork and bubble
Lulled and sweet, foamed over-flowing,
Gently poured, in reflection of sunburnt oak
And drunk in loyal acceptance.

May my hands never depart
From the shores of your warmth
And with sight fixed to a beauty like no other,
And with a flame in heart:
Today I looked upon the light of words
 I love you… Hope you don’t read that and feel awkward… 

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A Blue Boy's Death Wish

A fragile mind breaks 
Wake upon the rock laden shores
A muffled heart begs to echo
Whispers lost among a velvet chamber

Dusk comes premature time and again
Dropping the curtain on an optimistic sunrise
If you never witness dawn
There is no tomorrow

Always the dreamer aches
Never awake to make real what he desires
The restless corpse walks blind
Dead ends seem fitting for one of the kind

Lost in the labyrinth of strangling vines
Love is the motive and the weapon
Taking root in throats dry from weeping
Sprouts of amnesia in place of smiles
A garden called heartbreak holds onlookers captive
The comfort takes hold, sets in the bones weary of searching
A plea for rest lands on deaf ears

The hollow boy tires of himself
The last request he will ever make
"End me"
Lost and tired
He wishes to be weak no more

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Freedom is so sweet.
To be capable to do all you bid. 
A lifetime of so much happiness that never ends, 
a wonder I can do.

By Eve Roper

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 Allowed to follow a dream
Life may not hold all it seems
It may not hold the answers we seek
We can run but cannot hide
From feelings we have inside
Fire burns deep within our soul
Wants, needs, the air we breathe
In truth and honesty we survive
Just what we feel inside
Underneath earth's blue skies
Dreams can die or come true
It really is all up to you.

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Memories to Be Made

Memories to Be Made
Memories to Be Made 
Tomorrow will be the day 
I start a new day
Never knowing what I am going to do from day to day 
I might not live to see tomorrow
 Life is too short to worry what I am failing to do 
Memories are waiting to be made 
With those memories becomes my heritage
 And I hope that those memories are well made with good choices and good friends 
So when I die friends and family will remember the good memories

 By Eve Roper

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My story live and UNPLUGGED

When I am 90 I will look back and vaguely remember the clothes I wore, the car I drove or the house I lived in. I will reminisce about the places I went, the things I did, and the people I met along the way. My greatest fear is growing old. Not for vanity reasons...I am terrified of looking back and not having anything to show for my life. I will be 29 Tuesday and even just looking back now I only have one good thing that has come from my existence. I want to travel, to gain knowledge and wisdom. I want to be submerged in culture and diversity. I wish only to be open minded and well versed. 

When my father passed away almost 5 years ago, there were people in attendance at his service that I had never met before. Everyone celebrating his life because he had affected them in some way thoughout his time here. He was simple, country, no money...all he had was all he needed...his heart and his hands. That is my one true aspiration... I want to be like him. All I have ever wanted was, when the time came, to die knowing that I too had affected change in the life of atleast one person. Knowing that their life was fuller and brighter and even just a little bit easier because I was a part of it. I don't dream of fame and fortune... I dream of being the type of person my father wanted me to be. Compassionate and kind. I want to understand the world and life. I want to make a difference!

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Ghosts of my past

The past is always
the past
I often forget it
but it remembers me
everything I failed to be
yesterday is history...

The past is a ghost
a hole, dust, the wind
it is dark and moves unseen
beneath, betwixt and between
angels, demons, elemental spirits
come to me when I am sleeping...

Ghosts from my past
makes my thoughts
heavy as branches
after a raging storm
leaving me tired and forlorn
people who came before me
appear in dreams

In a way
we are all ghosts...
~ ~ ~

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The Sound of Silence

As you breathe in and out, you hear nothing,
yet when you listen, you hear everything
The thoughts in your mind, the pain in your body,
they're set free, only to be caught and trapped soon enough

You savor the feeling, wondering what it is, what's happening,
when nothing is happening, only silence

You listen, searching for something.. but what?
You hear nothing but a tiny little roar in your ear..
a roar that if you listen to, could speak a million voices

But it doesn't, it speaks only one language,
a language we all know, just don't care to speak

It could clear an ocean, or mop a floor,
but with it, you feel safe
It's an outlet for you burdens, letting them roam free,
out of your mind, and into the world

You're in a place where nothing can hurt you,
and then before you know it, it's gone

The pain returns and deep down inside,
you can still feel the silence
You can still hear the roar,
and you hate yourself for losing it.

But you know it will come again soon,
you feel like you need it, like it's your own medicine.
And you know how to find it.

Silence is everywhere,
in the loudest of places, all you've got to do is look.
It's like a shadow, you can't erase it,
and all you need to find it, is a little sun.

You don't even have to search,
all you have to do is listen, and you can hear,
The Sound of Silence

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  Dalliance up above in the stratosphere,
  Sailing stead in the smooth creamy cloud
  Like the Almighty Angelic machine in Azure,
  Like the beastly Griffin running missive among
  Here is welcome to paradise!
  Right through your phantom ushering
  To a lounge that’s closest
  To your favourite armchair in mind,
  By some Damsels courtiers who truly have you in
  And with courtesy courteously pamper you like
  Relax on board is the lullaby of the Nightingale,
  Feel the elevating excitement like an arrow
  Right through a warrior’s grip,
  Throw over cumulus, air borne
  Settle in and view over our victuals,
  Mouth watering delicacy will find
  Your appetite, not to mention the inducing
  We are on a journey to Bell Air,
  The destination is to Xanadu,
  We will arrive in Utopia
  With connecting flight to Los Atlantis,
  We trip the galaxies, but not the way to abyss,
  Fly, fly,and fly into your widest dream 
  Fly aloft like an Aeronaut
  Dream of an expedition to the moon
  Discover shinning gold and crystal diamond
  And when you have gathered a fortune
  Land in ambience, accomplishing comfort,
  Then taxi home
  The experience is like you are just,
  Right out of a bathtub.

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Stone of St Croix Island

Carefree in leisure time, one blasé tourist, 
almost happy, I once had collected a complicated stone;
after the sunny hours had ended and last opportunity
for keepsakes began.

In my hand the stone had kept all of its mouths sewn shut,
holding its amalgamated story, and likewise in the car,
on the plane, through US Customs where it was not 
in the least suspected.

A thumbnail identity I now should guess at, marking an old date,
and fixing it to, with reasonable estimate, a map location:
Plot No. 243, East end of the island, slave sugar plantation,
the stone from the corner of a ruined windmill stair—
broken free by my criminal hand, having liberated a vine.

The stone looked like a bleached out mini-monolith, square-rectangular,
able to be stood on end, leaning back and swollen at its center
like a pulled cork.

What could have moved this sequestered world to opening?
That was not for me to discover, except what came on Christmas Day,
two days after my returning.

Slave watercourses, the sight of innumerable Dutch ships,
ballasted with human flesh and hewn rock for sugar works buildings.
The drop at arms swish of the Driver’s bullwhip.
Flecks of spirit splayed on vegetation.
A mongrel dog barked beyond the windless wall of sugarcane
in centipede and mosquito heat.

Seaside, beautiful seaside impressions;
distant coral light shadows, etched deep azure;
snowy colored breakers that pencil-marked the sea.
The staid, vibrant, mocking power
of visual symphony backdrop.

So little of aid for the slaves, but for those dangerous secrets, 
unhoused in the fallen coolness of the night:
demonstratively crystalline heaven of stars; 
a ragged moon, clouds scudding eastward toward Africa
before freshwater rainsqualls came.  And there 
Orion’s Belt, mid-sky, illustrious bright, with its three
centering star points in rational line, as if 
Hope could have flung such a rope anchor onto Life
engendering sanctified resistance.

Christmas morning, 5 a.m. 
I had awakened from a stuck place, shapeless and dark, 
half in dreaming and half in knowing I was in no dream.

I was sobbing, yet strangely, because there were no tears. 
I had only put the stone inside my pajama top onto my heart.

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glassy-eyed people
moving as in a dream
looking without seeing
seeing without looking

utter hopelessness
pervading their insides
filling them with despair 
and pessimism

lustreless eyes
no inner joy
just a deep emptiness
stifling their souls

dried-up people
shutting others out
shutting themselves in
lost in their loneliness

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Monsters and me

I create monsters  
Then  I wait  in ages  to hunt me

Monsters  in dreams as  I introduce
Become real  hi t  haunting to me as I  work

They  made  me pay the bill never  on time
Dreams and wishes  garble in  sparkly gluey  neon dark cloud

Than every thought  haunts  as I live by them
It is a kind of monsters hidden in cloudy day in darkest cloud

They have very special kinds a  I introduce from  my birth
One is so kind the other everything about  is greed 
Third one is mirror watching what you have done
Monsters hunts me and fight them in  my  each  day

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Cloaked in the heavy mood of a whisper,
I am enrapture tossing myself freely to the breeze.
Traveling, risking time and space; darkness proves sinister
And the thought of morning a solidary tease;
I am breathless…

Mouthing the words ‘I love you’ as morning drifts in like pollution,
Uninvited entering my utopian dreamscape.
Permeating and clouding my vision’s resolution,
I drift into the desire of the day, my dreams raped;
I am breathless…

As if I had been running, running, running,
My heart pounding to the pitter-patter of my feet.
Subconsciousness, a state deliciously cunning,
I am left awakened with the memory of only your heartbeat;
I am breathless…

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Are we awake or are we still sleeping?
Blind to the hurt, and deaf to the weeping.
Ashamed of religion and supportive of the new,
Aware of the lies and hidden from what’s true. 

Worship the evil and turn away the pure,
Developing disease with an unknown cure.
Starving the poor and overfeeding the wealthy.
Killing the sick and drugging the healthy. 

Going to war for some kind of power,
Building tall structures over all types of flower.
Cutting the trees and polluting the air,
All out of greed, with no sort of care. 

Turning us against our own, 
And help from up above.
Making us beings of hate,
Instead of ones of love. 

Demonizing the mystic,
Criticizing the wise.
Making our own family members,
Into people that we despise.

Awaken to the torment, 
Be aware of all the pain. 
Those who are misleading,
And claiming that we are insane.

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Bad Dreams

Author's Note:
surah- chapter of the quraan/ prayer
jinn- invisible spirits which can be good or bad,
and may interact with men and can create bad dreams


When I had bad dreams
My love taught me surahs
That I might recite at night
To prevent my mind 
From being poisoned
By evil jinn...

I thought of gently reminding him
That jinn were not the only beings
Capable of evil-
Nor could they be blamed 
For every troubled mind-
The memory of a smack
Stings at least as much
As from a being of clay as fire;
Harsh words are as scalding
As from a tongue of flame-
At least were it jinn
I could have claimed
It was something inhuman
That harmed me,
Not my own-

I don't say these things-
It's not his fault...
So I smile,
And tell him I love him,
And let him explain to me
How to rid myself of
The only demons he knows
How to protect me from

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Dream World

Your silken skin, trembling to the touch
A scent of sandalwood, wafts as to soar
Your pant, accentual-syllabic verse
Beat ever faster, no ration of time

Awkward moments as two become one
An everlasting symphony of fire
Quenched, after the crescendo of the night
Descending from a dream all in my mind

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black dusty guitar stowed in a far-a-way corner left untuned for ages sixth string gone missing a statue dedicated silenced sounds   her guitar player chilling on a couch treasuring the former black beauty with graceful hands   elegant fingers enthrall the black beauty now touching now tuning trusted and rusted strings the guitar player and the guitar unite in a serene silhouette musics' unique cradle a small symphony of purled tones composed in a mastermind instantly passing by shallowly in melodies plucking away in a magical mystery tour displayed on a face and behind closed eyes miracle dream wish even without the missing sixth string a visionary revelation finger picking a once-in-a-lifetime coming home symphony of little great tunes caressing tenderly ears, eyes and skin of wishful souls and longing hearts ©ELLIE DAPHNE 2013

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Silent Fires

And like that, the mind flashed on
The light was slowly dulling and the darkness was winning
Crushed into sooty shadows
Thoughts spewed from the gloom
Glowing so pessimistically dry
As if by Hades the darkness was fulsome

The quiet rendered all but peace within
Stabbing into the skin
The pinprick of realization 
The drive for recognition
But the sudden snap of sicklied inspiration
Transformed the atmospheric epiphany
Overwrought yet powerless
Consuming like heartless acid
Eating but disintegrating

People crunched up the words
People averted their eyes from the beginning
Others stayed till the end
Enduring through the rubbish
Then turned their heads away for good
Glad it was all over

And still 

Thoughts reveled in and out of negative pores
Glaring in silent fires
Flaring with false light


Always burning

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Dream World

Yes, I saw ice flaming in the angry sun;
smoke was oozing out of it!

I felt heat in the north pole,
while fishing!

I swear it, I heard a seal
telling me "good morning"!

Can you believe I also tasted
light from a candle flame?!

Reality had exchanged places
with fantasy for a moment....

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In Lost Time

I write to you my self, 
Sending you myself 
With words that I long for you
Need you and care about you 
Hope you, miss you, and want 
To share my heart, my life 
With you, all these written
On a piece of paper 
Capsule in time, in a bottle 
On the way to you
Somewhere some time
You shall get it. 
Floating across 
The seven seas
In lost time…

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Life hope and dreams

While there is life
There is hope
And while there is hope
There is desire
And while there is hope
There are dreams
To cling on too
Until our dreams

Peter Dome. copyright.2014 march.

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A Concert For Death In My Symphonic Life

At night I like to look to the sky and remember the lost ones by whom I'm inspired The angels Rena, Toni, Jeromiah, and David all showed me something, how can I repay them? My heros whos lives, troubled like mine yet never once did they ever fail to shine even as they thought they mattered not I noticed the love for the life through they fought every time they woke from the bed until one by one, my heros, fell dead When I remember, even though, ago long, I look to the heavens, and sing them a song. I feel them smile, and clap for another I give it all my love, like I do Teddy and Randy, my brothers who pulled me out of the hole in my head and gave me the strength to carry the dead into my concert, a symphonic life for its what they give me, when we get lost in the night.

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The words you force 
The words you yell
The words you fictitiously pronounce
Now becomes you, becomes your energy.
Your energy flow is not lucid anymore. Was it ever?
Your demand for a delusional lie to become reality shames you. 
These words you force on me have backfired. 
I see the colours you wear,
I must now forgive you
The damage has been done. To yourself.

Copyright © Christina Clark

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Till Death Do Us Part by Bob Braun

I must be perfectly clear, I did not write this but after reading your narrative David this old song from 1962 came to mind--perhaps "corny" for some but you epitomize truly honoring these words and in this world of convenience where most people seem to simplify their lives by eliminating emotional inconveniences---you truly lift my heart and give hope that perhaps we all might be ok because true love does exist in people like you..God Bless!

One love, one life
One dream forever
One love for one heart
Till death do us part
Till death do us part
Do you know what that means
As long as I live there'll
Never be anyone but you
And when the time comes
I pray I'll be the first
Because I couldnt live
Without you anyhow
Till death do us part
For better or worse
That's only a question
Which asks if I'd stick it out
If the going got rough

Well, I only have to
Think how rough it
Would be without you
And I know I could go through
Anything as long as you love me
For richer or poorer
Well, that's no problem
If I had all the
Kingdoms of the world
I'd still be poor without you
And yet though I'm poor
I'm the richest man in the world
If I have your love
Till death do us part
In my arms, in my heart
In my dreams and with
Every breath I take
I think of you
For me, you're the reason
Every new day dawns
Because I love you so much
And I always will
Till death do us part
One love, one life
One dream forever
One love for one heart
Till death do us part
Till death do us part

Cyndi--since I did not write this I do not want any placement but please pass this along if you feel it's appropriate, thanks Cyndi, Craig

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soul dance

spinning round and round till i fly up
and hit ground
turning into sea
pleasing me
i grab the bass fish gliding past
i dive into the eyes of the brown green scales
head first never fails
in the soul of the beast i sit 
my locks float around the fish shell
his hearts beat started to move me
onto my feet
bend my knees
shake my hips
rattle my brain
clap my hands
the soul of the fish is where i spend the rest of my plans

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Treasured images of you appear
in dreams darkened theater
as sleep hovers near the lids
guarding the threshold
where lashes meet;

Another night of tumbling
into the oasis of memory’s sand;
side by side, hand in hand,
re-exploring what had been.

Remembrances breathing, once again, 
new life into each scene
Falling, spinning, further drifting,
into this dreamer’s dream

Caressing breaths of sleep explore
while still the stars are nigh
until the night ends its pirouette
and again we kiss good-bye

©Debra Squyres  

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Subconscious On My Mind

She visits in my dreams,
A place that I love to go,
For when my body is sleeping;
My subconscious starts to show.

She is not the same as when I’m awake,
She is fierce and unafraid; 
She watches over the pillows,
Where my head is soundly laid. 

She has wings just like an Angel,
Only hers are made of light;
With brilliant rainbow hues,
Enough to shine throughout the night. 

To me she looks much older,
Maybe even wise; 
One look at me and I know,
She can see right through my lies.

For her and I are one,
No hiding from the truth;
She understands that I’m growing,
Developing from my youth. 

She never passes judgment,
For herself would be included;
Her thoughts are always brilliant;
And never convoluted.  
I’m referring to my soul;
Aged throughout my lives.
She gives my words their meanings;
And my body is what she drives.

Inspiring my movements,
And wiping all of my tears;
Her voice is mine but rings through,
My head and out my ears. 

Perhaps it’s her who is writing this,
Giving me the rhyme;
My subconscious and my consciousness;
Working together for all of time. 

Although most won’t understand this,
That it is about a different part of me,
Tonight under the full-moon;
I’m setting my spirit free.

Allowed to dance in the stars,
And run across the sky;
Only to return to our body,
Suppressing her urge to fly. 

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Appeal to reason

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” 

The sun Plagued by darkness.
I walk alone a shadowless figure with no face or heart beat.
Full with an emptiness void that grows and sucks all joy and happiness from my soul.
shortness of breath, heart racing, a twisted anxiety which battles with the mind.
In a dark hole, which grows deeper, no ladder only panic and Nausea.
The only escape is childish dreams which aren't reality and will never be.
Finally out of the whole, a long climb, but sadness and hopelessness is still greater that mere achievement.
Walking through a barren wasteland with the sounds of screams and tortured souls.
Tears of pain and resentment roll from my face I am nothing and will be nothing I am lost.
The Wind is blowing, the breeze is hot and very fierce like shards of class cutting my skin.
Then I wake from this dream in my bed the sun beaming into my eyes, the dream I had was a true definition of my real reality.
Hopeless, depression, and sickness of the mind a disease that eats until you make a decision for change.

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The Lyrical man of passion’s sacred song,
Gave his heart away to the Caribbean Queen,
In the fine crystal glasses of fine champion of desires lust,
Did he so drown, beneath the frothy waves of the tropical sun?
In the morning’s sweet rising, this poetic bard shed the tenderest
Of sun kissed tears, that melted in the heat of the hot horizons
Blazing oceanic dream.
Yet within this love sick heart he thus bleeds, eloping words
Of devotion from the farthest shores beyond, but the enchantress
Seductress dances the island waltz of the erotic, softly he sings
Unto this maiden tan and most fair, I’m here for thee, but
She does not hear the verses of this lyric man, passing him
By for a Jamaican band.
For no thumping drum, can beat the rheum of his heart,
Or the strumming of sensation’s that burn within his soul,
In raptures pleasure a raging voice echoes unto paradise
Lost, a thundering hurricanes proclamation, come home
To me my tropical princess, but in silences response,
Lies nothing except deafness silence, rippling across
The distant waves of sorrow.
What angel dethroned from heaven’s grace,
Caused loves sweet arrow to aim so wrongly,
Hitting this misaligned target dead on sight,
With regrets folly the only true outcome.
Oh do the island sirens so weep for him,
This Lyric man, who’s loving torch burns
Within the sands of pleasures betrayal.
Light as the feathers of angels does his 
Song ring out, enchanting mermaids even
To rise from the fathoms deepest depth,
Splashing sea form at this temptress of
Faded illusions, yet still she responds 
With empty sighs of rebukes disconnect.
He sits still on isolation's stage, playing
A melodies soft tune of lost eloquence,
This music man of thoughts passionate heart.
Silvery strains of diamond perils glisten upon
Briliances waves, shinning beneath the tropical
Sun, laying on top of the big blues surf, these
Are his tears of devotions everlasting love,
Connecting his heart to this his Caribbean Queen.


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Why does this house of wax exist?
       May it be a landmark that would be missed?
Therefore, a demolition ball does not swing.
       There is a secrete room within its architect.
I discovered this.
       A source of unveiled mysteries erected as a repository.
On a table sits a crystal ball.
       I rubbed it and it showed me a new world of idioglipics, 
a cosmos of beautiful colors.
       Standing-up in the corner is a glass clock 
whose reflection mocked the walls.
       A man told me I was beautiful.
I did not fear the voices heard.
       They were filled with child-like laughter from 
a different universe.
       There were adults walking the streets of gold.
As I sit in an antique rocking chair, 
       I listen to people say that the omnipotent would be here today.
Nature was a visionary scene of beautiful flowers and the grass 
       was rich green.
The trees were tall and the weather was pleasant.
       The songbirds sing the songs of the sirens.
Archetypical this world was not.
       The clock chimed and I abscond.
As I open the secret chamber door, I looked back.
       The repository became a mural of hidden cultures.
I knew that tomorrow I would come again.
Penned April 28, 2014!
4th Place!

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Hawking Dreams

The tethers of this 
all too fickle body
fall away
before the immensity
of space and time
leaving the mind

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This beautiful autumn night

On this beach I walk with kindred,
In search of feelings I've always hunted,
Away from things that keep me haunted
Ah! to this lake that god has founded.

I tread golden sands till I see her face,
A face not seen before in this place,
One I've seen but in a dream of quick pace,
How within such a dream I'm held in her embrace.

I wonder toward this sweet temptation,
Tempted by her eyes scintillation,
Guided by some heavenly vocation,
Finally greeting with blushing elation.

Now we frolic in this lake that is sparkling,
Till the Ontario sun is no longer shinning,
Till the birds that soar above are no longer flying,
Till these crystalline stars are no longer hiding.

It's been two weeks since I've seen her face,
A face that my memory cannot erase.
Now walking these lanes in search of maize,
I see a face I haven't seen in many days.

Now we ride on this wooden boat for two,
Speaking of nothing but me and you,
Thinking and speaking of nothing but just us two,

Years go by and we're still holding tight,
laying in a field under pale moonlight,
alone i gaze at eyes do bright.
And I say to you.

Even when I pass—
Promise that you'll keep my heart,
The one I give to you
on this beautiful autumn night.

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A Young Phenom

I'm going for the 
My heart is in control,
Trying to succeed 
takes giant
I'm a lion
from the ghetto
Just running 
through the meadow,
not looking for alliance
you can the have science,
because when the
game starts,
my faith is the 

Heart pounding hard
you should win
a Oscar
Not fighting for 
I want the game to 
marry me
Don't care about a
The best
until they bury me
Train all day,
that's how you gain
Talking bad about my team
should be a sin

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Perverted Proclivities

A peculiar proclivity

I always dream of your pink embrace
I sit solemnly inside of the blood drenched summer without a worldly thought
I pray inside of your warm temple

A perverted proclivity

Sin is named my dream again
The tears in my eyes are now pieces of silver
The sky is dark and the everywhere dead
There is only the two of us
mirrored faces into jaded eyes

I used to dream of your warm,pink embrace
scared of the life possible to brew

My proclivity is dead
I instead travel inside of the shadows of darkest hue

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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Click clacker

I use to dream of a click clacker, a little wooden toy, you'd bend it back and forward, the bands changed on each side. There were 8 sections to this clack clacker, joined only with interwoven ribbon, two stripes on one side, and one on the other. I never figured out how it worked, how it changed from one to the other, but the reoccurring dream about I had about it, haunted me for years. The object of this dream seemed, to balance each block on its end, making a tall tower, once all blocks stood complete. I'd stacked and I'd stacked, time and time again, they always fell down, so I had to start again. But it was what happened to me, while this was going on in my head, each time they fell I'd feel sicker and sicker, a deep sick feeling in my stomach. I'd wake in massive pain, curled up in a ball, tears flying everywhere, sore head as well. I had this same dream, for the good part of five years, each time it would end the same, because I could never stack them all. Then one night, I stacked them all without knowing, I was so use to failing, when I went to get another they were all gone. I've done it, I don't believe it, a sense of relief covered my mind, a bright light appeared, and the dream was gone. Back then I never knew what that dream was about, why it haunted me for years, what was the point of it, but it was over so I didn't care. Now I think about it 25 years on, I think it explains who I am, even though life knocks me down, I refuse to stay there, I get up and fight on Contest: any poem about dreams. - Destroyer ~ Poet M.Mahauariki © 2012 2nd Place

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The Worn and Weathered Wishes

In every fraud
There is a bit of the hero.
So I remain lofty in my crystal tower,
And the refugees take shelter
In wormwood times,
Thinking of the worn and weathered wishes
Of dreams turned back.

Placing your bet,
You revolve and cast yourself naked,
Witnessing the revival of your hopes.
And you prepare to cut yourself
From the deck into solitude,
Thinking of the worn and weathered wishes
Of dreams turned back.

I can find no blemish
In your reality,
Yet your questions perish daily
Like untended orchards,
Thinking of the worn and weathered wishes
Of dreams turned back.

July 1971

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The Bird that is Loved and Loathed

It burns and it stings.
It hurts.
More than drowning beneath 
the ice.
More than remaining in a 
kindled flame
She hits and I no longer cry.
Why mother, why? 

It burned and it stung.
The markings remained, 
returned, and were relived
Looking, loving, and little 
known loathing were the known 
ways of living.
Never was their pity for the 
child that cried
Never was their relief for the 
child that tried

You were that lovely bird that 
understood the complications of 
Nothing looked the same in 
those dewy browns of yours.
My everbeating would cry tears 
of joy.
The others-they were yet to 
Caring Mother, o' so fair
 You were that beautiful bird 
filled with care.

The others came and were not 
alone. Their two suitors sat on 
the throne.
Rampage and rage why did you 
I began to wither and wither 
slumping along. So very soon I-
the child of fines- became a 
human raceme. 
The droops of the Lily of the 
Valley became the slumping of 
my heart.
My lovely bird the enemy had 
taken you and the person you 
were is far from near.
For that divine nature left its 
intricate self and you became 
irretrievable my big bird.
All of your fairness died.
With that went my pride.
Mother, Mother what moved 
you so? 
Your intense spirt vanished only 
to supplement a monster. 
Mother, Monster and your tar 
filled lungs. 
How did I kill that liver that was 
so, so strong?
The lesson of pain was one you 
came to learn.
My darling bird why did you 
My lovely bird and your big 
brown eyes
I'll tell you once, but never 
Pain is only a flower for it 
blooms and dies
And a mistake can be killed as 
quickly as lice.
 You dear bird hurt me well. 
Though, haven't you heard?
Weakness is a souls greatest 
You brought me up, then you 
brought me down.
You haved helped, hurt, and 
hindered my blazing spirit.
A hero in my heart-I left you 
down in your deep black 
Escaping those terrible nights
To go for the town of delights. 

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Frivolous Poem About Fairies

Fairies dance on clouds.
Where will you find space to dance?
The drama is in the action
not in the verb.

Go on that stage when you find it,
     innocently seeking.
It is better not to be alone,
but if you must be alone,
shake the dust from your boots
and dance with an imaginary fairy.

Break through that dream-portal
into reality and the light of dawning day.
Restore from wandering as you discover
	the dance of flies,
	and the dance of shadows.

The daydream depends on grains for its making.
Whether the grains are of sand or of wheat,
they fall alike to earth as does starlight.
You must grow gossamer wings
	in your mind before you fly,

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The Man in the Boat

The man in the boat
paddling gently through the water
    moving ahead.
while I sit quietly in this black furry coat,
    simply amazed with his brawny arms.
    A gorgeous goon.

Studying this man's every move I am at halt
    his eyes deep full, with untouched secrets,
    emotions that warms my frozen heart.

Every night we sail in this mysterious lake
    under the spell of the night
    under the moon's sanctity,
    mystify by this unearthly sanctuary.

And some nights he would sing that song of love,
    but no words i can understand.
Only the sweet gentle voice records in mind
    got me hooked and astound.

This unending dream haunted me, 
    which i graciously embraced.
Even when you disappear
    as the stars flee the sky
    as the sun casts its light.

I know I shouldn't be gloomy for when the night comes
    He'll be back.
My beautiful nightmare
The man in the boat.


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I often wonder where you are...
I see the light in your eyes,
I see the curves of your body;
I feel the caress of your hand,
I feel the warmth of your kiss;
I know the love we shared,
I know the emptiness of missing you;
I dream the life we should have had,
I dream the time with you again -
Where have you gone?

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First Love Visits

I dreamed of you again
The first love of my youth
I wonder what takes me there
Exploring you again
Wondering how decades later
You still come to me 
In my dreams.
I know we will never be together
Our lives so different now
But when I dream we are 
And our love so strong.
I was just wet behind the ears 
When I fell so hard
You just made me feel 
Everything around me was new
The last time I saw you a gift you gave
Still friends we are some 35 plus years later
But you told me you loved me once more
And there was the closure I had needed 
So many years before. 
Then why does it happen again
What does it mean this time when
I dreamed of you again

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My main event of the year

If I were loaded without limits
would I be the queen of the ball
showing and sharing it all

would everyone go
dressed up
like Doutzen Kroes
and lovely George C
with a facilitated 
golden rolls royce
accompanied by 
the famous boys
like Brad  P. with you-know-who
 and the unaccompanied George Cloony
Bill C. and lovely Hilary
and Johnny Depp
as my private chauffeur
accompanied by
Richard Gere

it would be so near
the most desirable 
and perfect atmosphere

would I be
my younger me
after having done
extensive plastic surgery
just for the fun

would I spent
my immense fortune
on famous Barbra Streisand
for a three hour 
exclusive show
with wine and caviar
for all
on a special
acoustically tuned
for the occasion built
Barbra -Island
with a safety zone
to be protected
against the common people
on the main land.
the private landing area
for the Barbra - chopper 
decorated with her ??favorite towels 
on all sides
without any hysteria
caused by wrong colors
or size
for which I should apologize
of course

would I invite
Sir Paul too
he could woo me
singing "blackbird"
all night long

I'd organize
a  broadcast
on the world wide web
live from the rebuilt Carnegie Hall
and facilitate Lori Lieberman
the author of "Killing me softly"
at last 
the stage she deserves 
with a compiled video
of all the stars
who sang her song
singing j u s t  along..
as a stage backdrop
while she sings her song
now wouldn't that be
a background choir
causing some kind of
New York state of mind

would I share
all my worldly goods 
that one single day
during that perfect party
the main event of the year
on the former backwoods
of my huge estate
with countless bedrooms
and their own bathrooms
with two jacuzzi's too
totally rebuilt
in my favorite colors blue

I would focus
on only this dream
I would miss 
on the lotus
of my real life

I'm afraid
I have to be 
as honest as possible
about this
the fantasy is fantastic
but I need to be realistic

all I wish for
is simply
living a healthy life
with my own family
for that is so unique
and priceless
I wouldn't do it
for anything less.

the most valuable
and precious
in the universe

there isn't enough money
that could get even near 
the health I wish for my family
the jobs I wish for them too
and a life 
with a laugh 
and our love
sharing it all together

if I made a mess
of the dream
being the mistress
of  high society
and the event of the year
I apologize

I had so much fun
but being 
my older me
trying to be wise
I apologize
the ultimate mistress
of my extreme high society feast
you  now know what I mean
would be just my own me
together with my dear family

but I'll keep on dreaming too
until those glorious moments
of my event of the year
will be nearer than near
I invite you all
when the moment is here
and that dream will come trough

(c) Elly Wouterse 

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Falling Star

When the dawn embraces the universe
Darkness intensifies to cloak the sky
The gaze of mortal sees nothing but night
Then you rise from above exuding your light
You are the moon that reigns above
Enduring the sleepless time of wicked sky
The prowess of the knight flawlessly conjure elegance
A strength that marks within my weakened heart
I came to see what hell is all about
Just to find out that heaven’s is within my grasp
That when I tried to touch its mysterious existence
It disappears right before my naked eyes
Nightfall conquers the universe
Then you came at the darkest hour
Shadows are only seen when there’s light
And you don’t need it with your contrasting might
Blinded oath and selfless dreams
Becomes the reason why there are transient wills
No one is accepted for well-minded ruler
Frosted hope vanishes from nowhere
If wisdom is your sanctuary of hope
Where principles are vows that cannot be broken
Choice is a myth older than a Merlin
I am a casualty of this unorthodox ideals
Let me be the garish star
The fixed luminous shining dot of the night
Let me descend and be at my daunting hours
Until I find my perfect place in the sky
I might be seen by others as the brightest
Playing with the gleaming cadence light
Again let me subside for several times
Or perhaps forever until fate becomes mine
A prisoner of this dream might lost
Cease to live with passion to change the order
But if it’s the only way towards the moonlight
I shall walk with this illusion until I die
Because my hopes shall live forever
That there will come a time
That the keeper of the sky might fall
To the illusion I weaved, it shall exists
To free the soldier of the night
To have the liberty in chasing all the odds-
And give the privilege
To catch this Falling Star…#

-dicychael21 3/26/13-

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Why should the mimic apologize? 
Where are the cupboards?
Where are the wages?
Where is the tailor? I had
no use for algebra, I knew it-
in as much incognito on a prefabricated track,
in order that....
free thinking then supposing,
til warning for dreamless help provided,
a typewritten treat from this meditative cell on
a bi-directional night, just as incensing this layer, once
shouting, against kaleidoscoped winds...
Will the dubious cartoon walk on top of the comparison?
or will the prevailing keystroke provoke a smashing debt?
Their marriage possessed an alcoholic copyright.
just as the about face twists the rear.... 
A wizard paces..... surveying the blackboard
just when a scholar stands,
and rocks across a page, so that unless
Some author squeezes, a western dialect,
lest now his leisure violates,
a once welcomed, road of gold on the critical side, in as much until
and even faster still, a projecting spontaneous cricket,
now in a graveyard embarrassed by his wasteful song,
messy thoughts, broken prized belief, 
sweeping away the cheat,
disregarding the window from the top,
so that a porter yawns,
outside the offending captor, who wears a wolf pendant,
underneath the inside havoc, if only
the technology collapses before
the funerals, thick attack, talk on top,
of frozen outlines, and a leather sofa cracked,
from opinions changing, as correspondence leaked,
so behind smoke, a fire of desire lurking near the conflicting repertoire,
next to the guilty bystander, raining like a thief, now interferes, who
stirs the sticks... across the crossroads,
Can the music spin the guilty onto a bandwagon until the other staggering strangers advancing,
to the next fizzy, dizzy, bog...
while guides await in order to assault corrupted fantasies,
beside crystal strips, where rusty knights in armor, sitting on a park bench
trying every half measure,
disturbing breezes,  
in the haze of memories. Stir these random thoughts and let their impressions talk to you and one another.
Who knows how the mind really works?

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The Mountain of Self Measure

I scramble up the jagged rocks, 
on my way to the peak of this mountain top.
A self-given measuring stick.

Toppling back, I fear I will fall.
Barely hanging onto this rock.
Hardly enough strength to carry on.



Beaten down.

A gaping hole of nothing opens under me, 
as I stare below me.
Reaching, blindly seeking for the next foothold.

Scraping my way, 
my hands feel like they are bloody and raw.
Trying to find my way to the top of that 
formidable mountain top.
Just to see if I measure up!


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The Walkway of Life

The Walkway of Life
 By: Wessam Karam 

On the walkway we build our dreams
 Dreams not associated with that of today
 Today never to exist in our scoop of plans
 Obviously we are too occupied with that of morrow

 On the walkway we build barriers
 Berlin Wall if I may narrate
 Building hate and rage for years to come
 Concluding: “all and all is just another brick in the wall”

 On that walkway history have witnessed before
 Unpleasant events, anticipating never reoccurring
 Written down on so many books, which few have read!
 Falling into the past, as we build our dreams on that walkway

 On that walkway the lovers would hold hands
 Planning together beyond realm building castles so tall
 Driven into marriage and bond to love and cherish one another
 Soon to break up on that walkway, hands never to hold one another

 On that walkway you meet some friends
 Brotherhood, pledge you praise to be molded
 A sudden blow that kills ought to derive - away with trust!
 Friendship never has the same gist, plastic amity ever to be

 On that walkway we hummed for freedom
 Echoing back so many forms of freedom
 Lost we are of which system to indicate 
Falling once more to tyranny we brought to be

 On that walkway we gazed deep into the sea
 Hoping our lives no longer exist to be
 For our dreams are our worst enemies
 Thus you nudge away the thought yet to bout o'er 

On that walkway I ask for love, love of today
 For today soon to fall out with every sunset
 Not to rise ever again, on the next sunshine!
 Plans we can make but as real as it takes

 On that walkway we can share love
 Doesn’t need time or effort or plans
 Simply to love and fight hate
 Love is religion and religion is fate 

Let’s stop fighting in the name of causes
 Which we will never live to see it arouses 
For our tender care and knowledge of how to shrub
 Is scarce, expecting bounties is hard to clasp 

On that walkway 
History can become today,
 As today may perhaps last a while, 
If we live day by day


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Homeless food

                                              In a cipher of poverty
                                        These rich words postpone hunger
                                   Feed a famine
                               While a sole dies
                           I examine its corpse lying there
                     While I am elevated with the glue that killed it
                History made my days ugly
            Touched my pen to wrestle anger
     This bread I inhale repairs my lungs as I get glued on with a smile that makes me meet my maker in person
  Legalize the glue so I can sniff the truth
    Legalize the glue so I can sniff the truth

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Broken tears

 The whisper of the fractured wind
      Intensify  painful sighs
 That echo in the falling rain
       to inter broken tears
  Which lay beneath the fallen leaves
          disguised as winsome smiles
Then  turn to ghastly frowns in winter's wrath
               in snowflakes epitaph  

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"First she burst my bubble, 
then she said goodbye."
So the dream mother 
introduces my daughter to me.

Nameless, she plays in the sandbox,
digging up dirt even as a toddler.
Here is where I know her first:
Before her hospital cry;
before the bloody show.

I ask the dream mother what it was like
giving birth to the tot I do not yet know.

Her response leaves me in a cold sweat –

Now, too late to change direction:
her birth inevitable, as the goodbye.

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Visions of the Night

Good dreams, sweet dreams
Visions filled with wonder—
Flowing gently,
While we deeply slumber;
They take us far away
While we take rest from the day,
So make sure you close your eyes
And close them tight;
So you can see the visions of the night.

Moonlight, soft light,
Glowing through the windows,
Shadows dancing 
Softly on their tiptoes—
They pass the night away
In a nocturnal ballet
While the stars shine in a blazing silver-white;
How beautiful, these visions of the night!

Should we long for the coming of the setting sun,
Simply because it heralds the day's end;
Is it wrong if we want the moon to rise—
Just so that, we can stop and close our eyes?

Owls hooting, counting off the minutes,
Crickets chirping, mini violinists;
They set music for the stage
As the world turns a new page
And the lonely moon observes from her great height;
She's watching all these visions of the night.

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Carrying Imagination

Hardly a day ever goes by
In which creativity fails me;
For my boundless imagination runs free
Never pausing once to ask why
Others here are so constrained
To obey the laws of Reality,
Held captive by what their minds perceive,
Imprisoned by what they think they see.

When I was only a child,
 My skills were a blessing;
For even when I played on my own,
There was no limit to my ideas and dreams.
And I never once felt alone,
Though hours passed without my care
As I created worlds in my head
And played with people who weren't there.

How does blessing become cursed
As time continues to move?
Now my creativity is looked down upon,
When it is not used at the "right time"
As if there was ever a wrong one!
Why are adults expected to stop dreaming
Once they get all of their adult teeth?

But I refuse to stop dreaming.
I would rather live up in the clouds
Where the air is clean and brighter than
The pollution on the ground.
I will take my dreams to work with me;
Science is built on curiosity.
I will show the world that adults can dream
Though they might consider me insane.

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Simply not infatuation

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply a fascination 

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I will not give in to DEFEAT. I WILL forever roam the GLOBE searching for a LOVE I have never KNOWN.  I HUNT fiercely without RETREAT.  I know nothing except the 
hunt.  I HUNTED HIGH then on I traveled. With discontent and SOLEMNNESS I moved.I
Have hunted so long., My SOUL is weary, my feet are strong. I must continue on this
EPIC hunt forgetting how it had begun.
I HUNT, I HUNT, I HUNT down my throat I swallow bits of bitter ATMOSPHERE.  There 
Is no epic resolve only delusion and self pity.  Could it be, MY LOVE dwelled here.  
I pondered for endless hours without replete.  I tiredly resigned for hours.

Even in my DREAMS the hunt proceeded. I lay in my SLUMBER haunted and hoping for. The RESOLVE  I could not CAPTURE in my waking hours.
I had risen from my REST to the greeting of one FLAMING BEAUTY and a sunny MORNING.  I will no longer be hindered by hunger or the need to FRATERNIZE.  For this reason I had tea with BEAUTIFUL stranger.  Only to RECOGNIZE that this  stranger  was
My GRAND PRIZE.  I spoke at length, mentioning the CRUCIBLE, of dragons and demons I fought.  I said "I indulged FRIGHTFUL barbarians to sit and speak with you".
The end of a LIFE I HAD ENDURED  ALL ALONG, SAT BEFORE ME with cakes and tea.

I have searched the DESERT RANGE. No flag of SURRENDER at the BARREN PLAINS.  AT LAST THIS STUNNING MORNING  has begun.  The ESSENCE of my being has 

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Your eyes, your life, your dreams

Your eyes, your life, your dreams..

In my eyes,  the future is a dream
that may come to realization in our present, 
or simply never exist.. 

Always try to live your life day by day 
with whatever you feel, live, see, and love. 
It takes one second for all you have lived to disappear.. 
and your memories to be erased!

Your brain is the key to your feelings, 
And what you have lived and built is part of your life. 
You life is the true proof of happiness
To what you have lived and built. 

Always try to appreciate what you have for the day; 
As whatever else you have, and whatever is left, 
it will be just memories and dreams. 
Memories and dreams from a future you may hold  tomorrow...
                                                                                   ... in memories of yesterday!

Dedicated to A.M.S.

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a kiss of sunshine

The trees flicker past her eyes through the tinted windows of the bus.
She leans back her head and lets it rest on the seat.
The obtrusive sounds of fellow school students are enough to make her mad,
But the sunshine softly kisses her cheeks, making her glow,
Comforting her and taking her deeper into thought.

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Oh, Palestine
Cry, cry generously
Cry more
Let your tears wash their sins
Let your tears wash their brutality

Oh, Palestine
Struggle, struggle endlessly
Struggle more
Let your people teach them,
The meaning of "Dignity"

Oh, Palestine
Live, live happily
Live more
Let them learn how to dream
Let them see how we challenge bravely

Oh, Palestine
Grow, grow prosperously
Grow more
Let your people raise you high
Let your name reach the sky


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Misty Dreams Upon the Deep

I love the child who steers this riverboat,
Though he seems crazy, for the deep.
The river seems dreamlike, in the moonlight--
Someone keeps creeping, in my sleep.
And dreams, of rolling river--
Of water swell, and waves that creep
Upon the beach while in the moonlight glow,
Surprise the sands, and the corals sweep.
Sail on, you rolling river,
Of choice and chance, and misty dream--
My reverie upon the deep,
That haunts my soul, but will not keep!

M :)

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Waiting For a Delay

Time was killing you in a bus station,
sitting on a rather hard bench
waiting for the next escape.
Then you finished your book
and all you had left was to wait
and wait some more.
	The bus was late;
snow fell and black ice formed
on the road, causing delays

There was no redeeming your ticket,
so you slept through the night
	and dreamed.  
A magnificent cloth was spread
on the lawn of a country tavern.
Everything you ever wanted to eat
was there, but you had no fork
	and no spoon.

It occurred to you that 
	when in the East
do as the east does--
	eat with your fingers.
And you would, but you were
	whisked away.
Upon a mountain you witnessed
	a menagerie of animals
crowding into a hollow log to sleep.

They tossed and turned and jostled
	for space with animal elbows,
but there was no room to spare.
You wanted to give them a home
	near your home,
but by then you have forgotten
	where home was.

A parachute drifted down from the sky
and remarkably there was a package
addressed to you which contained a letter
with instructions for your next dream.
Then you remembered
	that you were hungry.

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Difficult Trials -Part 1-

Turn the wheel
Out of curiosity
I'll be'll receive
Something special...something to make you whole
Though the trials you must run through
Are a great struggle that can easily
Pull you down
And I want to erase your frown

You will feel way better about yourself
Just trust me...take my hand...
I'll encourage you to have a satisfying time
Just for your own liking
We'll be hiking
Those somewhat difficult hardships 
Together for eternity 
We'll spend time in the future 
Together in unity

*******he sea...Let's flee and be free!
LOOK how nice you look!

Trample those insufferable nuisances
That dare put you down
To the sea floor
I'll push them to the core!

Feel free to walk the 
Road of Recovery 


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Stuff I Wonder

What does it feel like to wake up into your skin?
Your day?
What do you feel first most days?
Is it in any way influenced by gratitude,
or totally given over to worry,
anxiety about your shortness of time?
Is this life the one you had in mind as a child?
When did this that you do to fill your days and years become your dream?
Or is it your nightmare?
Or something in between?
If so, which parts are closest to your dream
and what were you doing
and how old were you
and who did you live with
as this became your dream?
Were these relationships good dream mentors for you?
How did you get to this day, this place, this vocation?
When did the nightmares start
and are they something more than the fear
of your own cherished dream's loss?
What is that one thing that sets you apart,
that is your unique character fingerprint?
How is your identity unique from all other identities alive now,
or in the past,
or in future generations?
And, if your uniqueness is no one thing,
but a constellation of attributes,
characteristics, dreams, fears, wisdom,
aspirations, relationships, memories,
then how is any one of those unique to you,
and if none is,
after due consideration,
then how are you not part of me
and all that is related to you
that is also related to others
that are less directly related to you,
on back to the emergence of memory capacity itself?
What do you imagine was that first memory?
Do you think it was of longing or belonging,
or somehow both,
like the contentment waiting within harmonic contention,
resolution waving toward our future,
still waiting in noncontentious background?
Is this content intuited as in-format-ionic,
to know and love nature's wise re-solutions?
Evolution and Revolution each grow, respectively,
Yin- and Yang-tempered resolutions,
optimizing balanced incoming diastolic form
and outgoing memory-folded content?
It's that prime permaculturally balanced,
optimizing enculturation's meaning
by minimizing  future's monoculturally rapacious dissonance?

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Yours Forever

Last night when I went to bed
I thought about what I'd said
      I was wrong,

{ I lay down an thought a letter }
Your my one, my only one...
I want to go back as before,
I know it won't be long,
your sweet lips will caress
       mine once more...
Oh my darlin' can't you see
I need your love, to eternity
         I'll be true, so...

               So to say...
           too say,

     "I love you dearly"
is better than just two words

            Yours forever

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The Atmosphere of Shearing Metal

Everything becomes atmospheric in its nature: 
 the black rock holding open a door to a room with no entry. 
Redemption comes with a price, 
 but it is not for sale here.
Kind gestures mastering no weight,
 and music being played idly through a cracked window. 
Without your bright signs, or the screams of the unlucky who await within,
 there would be no patrons of your dead hostel. 
But we come for the screams and we come for the signs, 
and we come for the music we can almost hear. 
We are almost soothed and almost relinquish our personal peace
 for the greater apathy to reign.
 I am here with you darling,
 but you cannot even feel my touch. 
So gentle in nature, so tenacious in your attempts to learn. 
So blanketed with dream trees and angelic harps that sound only in your ears.
 This is my gallery to display the despair we call art. 
Lack of emotion and childless mothers abound.
 Come in, he says, Come in. 
And on and on they stream.
 With no tears for the dead, 
the brothers that we left by the side of the road.
 Too gentle in their tenacity.
 No ability to further progress in this procession of the damned, 
observed by careful observers from behind the glass.
 Cracked and broken and without a place to conceal their eyes.
 I am trembling in this wake,
 but I grasp your hand and we march on.
To great nothingness, 
 to empty years of needing some way to be free. 
Clanking glasses and shearing metal break my mind and bring me back to you.
 Where are you?
 And how are you going to take me away from here?
Here, where dream trees’ boughs bend and snap beneath the snow-covering.
We are burying the infants who have passed from this world to the next, 
 we are smothering their little mouths and tearing out their eyes. 
We must suppress the screams of the innocent,
 lest we believe we have a place with them. 
Follow their stoic departure and wish with our minds’ whispers
 that there was somewhere we too could go.

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A glimpse down the hole

I see it there in the dark depths of nothingness
Mirrors of unclearness that could bring me a strange ambition
Flood my dark thoughts today with childish fun 
Make me a mere strand of wind passing over your sphere
I feel I've lost my way home 
Could I venture into your unknown place?

Down the hole I went with my furry friend 
Meantime I could sit and ponder by this dirt floor 
Which way is home, to what door 
Instincts extend me a set of eyes to what sleeps over there
Savage things and smiling caterpillars 
Rolling stones and emerald moss not to posh

Giant umbrella mushrooms and dancing mad Hatter
Kings and Queens and playing cards
Spells of persuasion and fables and stories of you reside in this place 
The young and innocent stir exciting images of a sweet tale
From talking characters and altered lips furry creators jumping from their hips
While fear and laughter play in the dark below

Perhaps a cup of tea for my friend on my blanket of red checkered fun
As I brush the soil off my blue dress I’m gently reluctant to leave my friends 
Out I emerge safe and sound
And walk away twirling the ribbon on my tresses 
Skies of cerulean and cotton clouds above me now
Clearly shaken by such strange events 
What was just a dream resting under the old oak tree? 
A piece of fur falls from her dress 

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Some doors are better left closed
I've come to know
Some books are nicer on the shelf
This, Santander's taught me well
And when night is upon me,
and I know I'm not strong,
it's better to sheild my eyes
to move on and on
to walk where my feet carry,
to let me lie where I've been burried
to forget,
to rest.
But when you pass me 
all of me bursts, like the sun breaks the sky
and I fly, forgiving you a thousand times
with love multiplied
On my knees, i'd damn myself
I'd be your cause, you would have me
even though you never did
but with the dream that it's me for which you wait
It's your birthday today
and our arms should fit right
and I should love every breath
your blue jeans, your perfect heart
the words flowing off your tongue, your song
Don't you know me? I know you do.
Six feet off the ground, eyes down
you gesture to know, who we are
where my silly heart has crumbled
and again I fall, harder still
My heart...a bit faster than before
But I couldn't say happy birthday
for my shame, and this canyon's too deep
and I can't ignore that man 
who'd plunge into it for me
to dream an old dream
to know your lips cold, a story too old
a love too warm to ever be known
Alma, I'll see your hometown soon
My feet will know your shore
and your voice will pour
from the proud flag
a single star 
reminds me where you are
Always my first love
Always my first pain
clouding my days
for a love so misplaced
This door is closed
That book collects dust
But I will never forget

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Who were those hoodlum, who wanted thy do lour ,
thou were revered by all the classes , honored by only colors' ,
thou ruled the entire family of the galleys , who looked like the great Hercules ,
who had a large amount of strength , whose strength was impenetrable .

Oh my great - Titanic , thou were the stage on which many lovers passed by,
those lovers who enjoyed their voyage dancing "Hula", which made thee more intensify,
there was a Capella sang by the silent water , which gave color to the entire dance ,
where have thy beauty gone , which have left us back alone , giving no further glance .

  It was not thy carelessness , but the carelessness of thy master ,
thy master - underwent enjoying lashings , never thought the approaching disaster ,
in spite of loosing hubris , thou had been praised by all ,
nevertheless it was passable , but thy lifespan had become less and small.

Whom would I like to draw the blunder , for they were also in love  with thy splendor ,
thy luxury would result winning bountiful amount of hearts ,  counting those spirits leaving the globe without blunder ,
I seek pardon to my dearest sweetheart ,  for my humble tears could sail thy gorgeous carcass ,
I have to get rid of all those pains , by crafting thy beauty to the late mausoleum grass .

I kept dreaming for thy creative beauty , but beauty never thought for my dreams ,
my thoughts try reaching the sun , but thy imagery covers all the sun beams ,
 I promise to build a minster for thee , where my dreams and thoughts   idolize thy existence ,
the minster would pray the poetic words of mine , never allow my mind-set reveal thy grieve disappearance !

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A Small Craving

In the small morning of craving
And the tinkling Jezebel,
Women are stained through glass
And stained again in the experience.

Were I able and again to perform
The matchless abandon,
Coming out of desire aplenty
And out of thoughts aplenty
And wishes of the more than expected.

With an unleashed and flaming passion,
Who could match the ecstasy?
Bound not up nor yet destroyed
In letting go the flood -
Better than dreams and stretching
Into a pounding memory.

Every man's wish is to be the first
To have Delilah,
Then to cast her aside,
When trimmed and depleted,
We want no more of the world.

27 July 1971

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~Dreams Are More Than Just Fairytales~ 
(Free Verse) 

I never believed before,that dreams came true, 
Part of me never believed, in such a fairy tales, 
But then as time passes, and leaves behind me all its marks... 
It's for so many years, now, that I've learned, that nothing is impossible after all... 

If you just stop for a moment and open up your heart, 
Your mind will follow through, right behind,once you make that choice, 
And desires will materialize, somehow, all your dreams,with sweetness; 
And rekindle, with so much fire, again as never before, all your soul 

So then, believe! and grab your dreams, and never once stop believing, 
'Cause, that's what really keeps us moving, and makes us come alive and much stronger, 
Open up your heart and all your mind, at least a little bit, and give yourself another chance... 
That the window that you open now,will give you sooner or later, in time,another reason, to survive. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Peace at last was not found on earth

I live my life wondering why I’m here
Trying to right the wrongs of the tormented
When the wrong has control
And no one gives a darn

I wander trying to make sense of a way of life
People trying to make the American Dream a reality
When the Dream is an illusion
For the Middle Class and the Poor

In the midst of all the world’s drama
A young man mourns for the loss of his brother
A little sister tries to hold on to the brother left behind
Only to lose him just like the first

First love, young love stops short of forever
A young girl devastated by the loss of innocents
A dad trying to help his little girl through it all
The loss of her mother now her lover

A best friend, a little sister, a girl friend, and a father traumatized
By a young man choosing to follow his bother into Sheol

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Decipher the messages
Encoded impervious presages
Alert your senses
Reinforce illusion defenses
Alchemist of unknown
Predisposed to finally atone?

Question corollaries prior
Analyze what may transpire
Beckon your defenders 
Desire of all surrenders 
Cryptic are ambitions
End-all of other expeditions? 

Stroke scar in reflection
Separate from your affection
Clasp your shield
Promote the force field
Abstruse is verity 
Words birthed in sincerity? 

Kiss dreams of devotion
Taste the foreign potion
Dismiss your immunity 
Dare mystery opportunity 
Mystical is the allure
This alchemy is beyond obscure 

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Anchored on the Shore

It seems
the longer I wait
on this dry shore
the farther you get
as I watch you sail
from my place
on this dry shore;

the winds pick up
and your sails unfurl
and with every breath I lose
watching you drift away
a gust of wind
sends you with blessings
of wasted breaths;

and I see you still
distant as you are
going to that place
I dreamt for you,
a place that grows farther still
as I dream for you
grander things
and grander places
that you will visit;

And on currents
that seem to flow
to the beating in my chest
you sail farther still
and with every dream I breathe
you sail farther yet
and you’re so far away now
from where I am
on this dry shore;

and I wonder if things would have been different
had I not sent you away
and kept you here
on this shore
where I can still see you
no matter how far you sail
from this shore
that you have never left
and I have never left.

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The keys rattled gently in his pocket.
Gradual jumps like the ocean,
Peaking with every heart
Or every step.
The music was in sleep
Allowing silence for thought
To contemplate on the sun,
Of this clean, clear October.

He sunk his eyes into the core
Of pale and fresh above,
Ember, his numbed head rocked from
Slow and forced breathing,
Suppressing the smell of deep,
Deep purity
Yet conscious of the high brick wall
Where the wind taps
Like a faded voice sighs through a lost keyhole.

He was greeted distantly
By early-anthem families,
Walking the dogs
Or singing with linked wrists;
Sipping at the last, smoked bowls,
And the circling of the roads.
How they would pass,
With a stranger’s recognition
And mutter as they retreated;
 “His hair is thinning!
His eyes are fixed, like
The bolt in a crossbow.
His arms are depleting
For slow, heavy breathing...
Yet his eyes are fixed.”

And sometimes they pass alone;
A little too close
With their gaze separate.
Their tight coats
And pocket smokes,
While they sway to poisons.
How a smile can turn damp
At the thought of past brothers.
And how a passing car can sigh,
With misunderstood pity.

The lamplight’s warming,
The Gutter dweller’s dawning,
The dented camber’s pouring,
The rugged throat with it’s sweet inhale
For the decisive steps
And the vivid gold Yale.

Dream in encumbered times,
Where the destination is a home to rest.
And you walk a shadow amongst the binds,
That break the folds of your armoured vest.
For my ear is a raven,
For my feet are hooves,
For I make a thousand strides,
Within these tightened shoes,
And my arms are not depleting,
And my slow and heavy breathing,
Is only the product of the season,
And will soon falter for my reason,
And my hair can never thin,
While the lamplights never dim,
And my strides will form the door hinge,
That stands so high across the fringe,
And I find lavender in the bins,

While my empty pockets.

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soul to soul

When you look to the stars
as they glisten through summers skies
know that the reflection in your eyes
is my smile, spanning across the distance
feel my breath through sultry air
as our lips brush together again
touching through moonlit shadows
withn a world of dreams
in the hush of night
you hear my screams

you've seen my face
with the blink of nightime skies
countless are the times
and like the moon's full glow
you've come to recognize
when we meet outside a dream
one glance and you'll know me

the horizon is blushing
an end to night's passion
the dawn unfolds our dreams
another day falls upon us
perhaps this time
the time has come

wake my love
to the slight summer breeze
my soul bends towards you
with the newly painted trees
autumn's blush is upon us
the time has come 
for two souls to blend as one
an eternal dream now wakes
we are here at last
outside of dreams

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one true love

I never went outside much as a kid, constantly asked Alex are you coming out soon to play?
But I’ve always been a recluse sat inside my room all day
Bullied in school, abandoned by parents, the world is a big opponent to face
So I’m writing lyrics and poems every moment I’m awake

Going through dictionaries working on my vocab
So I could expand my lyrical ability on my notepad
Never even watched TV
Any money I had, went on Hip-Hop CD’s

Studying Eminem, Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Rakim, Big Pun, Jay-Z and more
Trying to be a better writer but I guess I’ll naturally grow
I know some of my lyrics are crazy for sure
But that’s me letting my originality show

My walls covered in posters of my favourite rappers
Notepad full of ideas with rhymes scattered
Constantly having a fight with my mind
Trying to always rhyme twice in a line

Doing all I can to progress it daily
Let’s see how many times a day I can get words penned
Then I started writing poetry to impress the ladies
Matter of fact, at school this is how I got most my girlfriends

So much pain in my words
Maybe I’m too honest for my own good
But it helped me out of the rain and the dirt
But I’m a poet not a comic before you even judge

I never cared about much
Except Hip-Hop, Lyrics, pens and my poetry book
It’s all I know and all I’ll ever need
Poetry has always been the one true love for me  

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Beautiful Black Woman

Beautiful black woman 
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.
Your love,
Holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're the reason why I breathe.

In this follow follow society
Zombies follow I gotta lead...

Beautiful black woman whom,
birthed me into this crazy world,
I came from your womb 
not to be cast down and quietly consumed,
By the rage and fury of a people in a hurry.

You born me...
To be a catalyst of change!
To stand against rape!
To fight for your freedom!
To bring on the new Kingdom!

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.

The world is starving for LOVE. 
We need you ...
For you are LOVE.
Your Unconditional Love holds the keys.
As a matter of fact you have the power to put the world at ease.
Create Peace.
Please forgive us men who fail to understand that
Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands. 

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Pray, don't spill the beans

The surprise that is still to be seen
       Whither grows the magic bean
Full of love and sparkling clean
       Pray, don’t spill the beans, just yet!
The incredible charm that is the bean stalk
       Full of strength and great talk
Is Jack of the axe prepared to walk the walk?
       Pray, don’t spill the beans, just yet!
In this world is there a greater delight?
    Than the surprise on the face of child with beautiful light
Or on the sparkling eyes of the elderly which shines sprightly
    Pray, don’t spill the beans, just yet!
A soul’s tipping point under this ambience
   Is not havoc wreaked by much incontinence?
Will faith work without patience?
    Pray, don’t spill the beans, just yet!

01/11/2015 Ganapathiraman Raman

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A Daydream

A verse in a poetry book is so beautiful, it drifts her to a world
where anything magical before your eyes can unfold;
the piano's tunes makes the levitating flower buds in her world
to bloom.......

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To Love You This Way

Is it a crime
To feel for you as I do
When it won’t do me or you any good
We can’t be together
Like opposing magnets
We clash
Impossible, yes
But it is true that I’m desperate for what I cant have.

I’ll watch behind closed doors
Wishing I was outside with you
But I’m locked up in this prison
A punishment I pay
For it is a crime to see you this way.

I can dream about you forever
But I dream in lies
And eventually I’ll wake up to face this harsh reality.

So just forget I exist
Shouldn’t be hard
Considering you will never look at me
The way I see you
I guess that’s a good thing
Only a fool would love me
And you, good sir, are no fool.

You will live a happy life
Smile that dazzling smile of yours
And I pray that you will remember me as I once was
Not as the monster I am now.

I’d forget about you if I could
I would be better off
But I can’t forget you
I don't want to forget something so beautiful
My dear you will be the death of me
Gnawing at the nerves making them fray
Oh it is a crime to think of you this way.

On my death bed
Dying am i
Without you with me
Without you holding my hand
Whipping gout this disease of the mind
That’s destroying me now
You gave me reason to live
But like the rest of me your gone
And I’m slowly wasting away
It is a crime to live for you this way.

I’ll await my destiny
And it will be a drak fate
But if I think of you
And how it could have been
It will be as if it were real
As if you ever loved me
And that’s all I needed.

I wish I could have told you how I felt
Just so you could see into my heart and know that I’m not a monster
I should have followed my heart
But that path leads to death
So I’ll rip it out so I won’t hear what it has to say
For it is a crime to love you this way.

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Chasing Dreams


I've been doing it for too long As long as today myself can recall, Trying so hard to make them true Because chasing dreams is the best I can do But cold reality everyday has a way, To sneak in and bursts all my bubbles But what can I say to all of you? Chasing dreams is not hard for me to do Always wandering and confronting all my fears Always planning in my head all sort of things In fluffy clouds my mind and soul always rests, Chasing after one dream or another, it always seems. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November,05,2014 pic enclosed in poets notes

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Go Forth

Pray advance,
to the stars and moon and all that shines for you.
It is calling for you,
the next great adventure.

Pray go forth,
and shake off heavy chains of doubts.
It is beckoning you,
the twinkling path of lights of dreams.

Pray do not look back,
and dispel the voices demanding otherwise.
It is crying for you,
the bright light amidst the dark.

Pray do not fear,
no need for silent prayers or tears.
It is reaching out to you,
another great adventure, hither and thither!

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While you say good night

You live the night,
While I live the day,
You sing the birds to sleep,
While I awake them from there deep sleep…

You say good evening,
While I say good day,
You make a wish on shooting star,
While I only wish that your dream will go far…

I say good morning,
While you say good night…
I live in the light,
While you say good night…

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I Dream of Dakarai

I dream of Dakarai His words a golden chorus Floating through my dreams A soft tune of melodies His heart pure with poetic phrases His eyes deep with firing passion My spirit leaps with joy As his words are spoken dearly I try to resist, the break of dawn My eyes tighten to keep away the light For this dream is too precious His words are too prophetic And though I awaken Still I do not forget The twitch in my heart When I read his words The twinkle in my eye When I heard his voice And still when the midnight hour Comes near to me And the spirit of sleep Lays upon me I sink into my pillow And hear his faint voice Slipping away into a deep slumber I dream of Dakarai God knows I can dream of him forever And never awaken ~ Dedicated to dakarai cobb

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Dream Waves


My eyes are shrouded by the cloak of slumber Misty waves lapping at the corners of my thoughts Washing away the realities of yesterday Replacing them with opaque themes and visions I ride the cresting waves of my imagination Succumbing to vague images thrust upon me Snippets of a dream state world unfold Carrying me along without protest Like ocean tides, they reach a crescendo Propelling me through clouds of fantasy And just as quickly they are gone, retreating Stored once again in the closets of my mind I wake and sense the remnants of my journey Unable to recapture where I’ve been They tease me with subtle recollections Preserving them until I dream again

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O'er here Lies Victorious Sin

As the dream went the women screamed for Chucky Baudelaire

Side scene alleyway dark night
Foot steps timidly trekked along the broken glass, sinner's hour

Oscar Wilde was alive and well with bourbon laden jovial tales

It was a languid night a night for lords to piss about, hens to cackle, ravens to make love

The ink was then my blood and poison, my god and death

As the dream went the women lusted after Edgar Poe
I was contently bitter and hidden in a meadow of urban shadows cast by tall,stark, unforgiving dens of 
depravity...these dens suit me well

The witching hour sky was wild and held the grin of my demon foe
Singing now are the cigarettes falling from the sky...
A most peculiar yet familiar night

I am awake again nowhere... pretending to be your chivalrous poet

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Enthusiastic lunacy

The ticking, etching the central location
Talking about something
Talking about nothing
To feel
Or not
A thought, a question
Will this dare leave me now?
I can’t see my world it has gone blind
Where I look and to what I find
Passages of time 
Knowing the purpose 
Or not knowing 
Hide it quick its showing 
They cannot know me 
For if they do they shall be sickened be on compare 
For so long you’ve been my friend 
So don’t fail me now
My paper, my pen in my hand 
A place to run to 
A dream to dream 
The ticking, etching the central location 
The writer's scream 

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Her tattooed universe

56 sharp black scars 
ripple in a bed of pail porcelain skin 
like murky tadpoles in a crystal blue pond 
tadpoles that will never grow, move or die 
tadpoles that will simply lie 

56 identical sharp arrays 
gouged into warm soft skin 
like rain tapping on a lakes surface 
while sapphire eyes of delicate glass 
are softly swimming under skin clasped 

56 emblazoned stars 
fixed forever in a sky of skin and lips
like soft freckles on a child's face 
but when the sun leaves, and sky goes grey 
they will not fade, they'll simply stay 

56 perpetual nightmares 
inked unconscious in moonlight dreams 
like cobwebs spun the night before 
now each morning she wakes with dread 
to find cobwebs spun with diamond thread

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The Imposible Man

The minute I look at her, 
all things around me stop. 
Or seem so, since my heart 
beats so fast. Faster faster it 
beats. My mind melts, melts 
like a popsicle on the side walk 
on a hot summer day. The butterflies 
in my stomach flap up a storm, a tornado 
in my stomach. And every day, I fall in love 
even more so than the last. Every time, every 
time her eyes look upon me, I can't help but look 
so deep into them. Like orbs of pure and utter bliss, 
and I just get lost. Oh my impossible, improbable girl, 
how my search has been so long. The many mountains 
and rivers I've crossed in search of a place where loneliness 
ends. Even so, I have found you. But time, time, is not on my 
side. Too many obstacles, much like the rest, separate my morality 
and my love, from my mind. My impossible girl, oh how you look at me 
with those unwavering eyes. How you talk to me with that sweet tone in 
your voice. I don't know what I should do. I know not whether to wait, and 
let time tell it's tale, or if I act, and tell my tale for it. All the better. For it is 
uncertainty under certain events that dictate life in its truest form. I'm lost, so lost. 
Waiting, for my impossible girl to call for me, to finally, call for her impossible man.

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Love will Triumph

Love will Triumph
when all is lost,
and nothing is gained.
Love will Triumph;
when hearts are broken,
and friends cry upon other friend's shoulders,
as love has fleed the countrysides,
but Love will come again
to triumph over the souls that eat away at evening dreams.

Love will triumph
when all is lost,
and the enemy takes victory
from the bloodsoaked battlefields,
as the hearts break with a somber kiss goodbye,
Love will triumph once more.

Friends turn enemies with a blind eye
and a sorrow kiss goodbye.
Blue eyed Death comes with a knock upon my door,
Charles Haigh Wood,
You painted a picture
that describes that sorrow in my heart,
that one wish, that one dream,
that if I believe hard enough
that Love will triumph again.
Believe, when a friend steals my love away,
they kiss and kill my heart,
hand and hand, they sing to each other,
as I clench my fists and hold back my sharp tongue
and evil and dreeded thoughts.
As she holds me back from him, My tourmented soul cannot handle
such pain and suffering.
and I wanting to get revenage, but having no courage, I am no coward.
I scream in my thoughts and my heart sheads tears.
Why me? I ask, why does love trample over my soul?
Leave me now, you have what you wanted,
you stole my love away,
take her,
love her,
show her what I couldn't show her,
teach her!
I shall turn the other cheek
listen to the nightingales sing in the morning sunrises,
and listen to the phrase that plays one thousand and one times
in my mind,
Love with Triumph, Love will Triumph, Love will Triumph!!!

Oh with love comes such betrayal and hate,
it seems everytime love Triumphs away,
someone else is happy in love's fanasty
and my heart is trampled all over!
My heart crushed by dirty shoes,
and dirty and sinfull hands that take my love away from me.
Love will Triumph as they say,
but no more shall I go though that pain again.
Over and over and over again,
Love Triumphs all over,
but no victory in my name, no victory for my heart.

As I sit at the foot of my bed,
the fog rolls on through
and takes me by surprise.
Love is like a fog, that burns away with the first rays of sunrise.
Love will Triumph in the days of Betrayal.


For the Contest: Charles Haigh Wood

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Of Words

So much is placed
 in the written word,
 of life, dreams, fantasy 
and gibberish.
We read such written 
words daily, but do we 
take the time to understand
 them and the mind of the
 writer behind them?
From childhood we are
 taught to express through
 our words, yet so much
 is not understood.
The mind is complex,
 it never rests until the
 end when words will
 no more transcend.
When the writer has gone,
 will his words left behind be 
of life, dreams, fantasy 
or gibberish? We leave you
 to decide!

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We're dreaming dream's, the poet's dream so pure

O Mother! O Mother! 
Don’t scold us 
for painting the sky. 
Don’t curse us 
for sleeping in the garden 
all day long 
under the blue sky bewitching. 
We’re not idle. 
We’re not lazy. 
We’re dreaming dreams, 
the poet’s dream so pure. 

O, my Mother! 
Allow us to kiss 
the dream’s holy lips. 
O how very wonderful, 
O how very wonderful it is! 
It’s a poet’s dream. 

“Ah! What a life the poet leads!” 
Playing with the thoughts, 
filling them with colors 
of the emotion as they change. 

Poet’s as the pond, 
never stagnate. 
They live, 
arousing thoughts 
all new, 
lit with the fickle lamps 
of laughter and tears. 

O Mother! O Mother! 
Don’t scold us 
for painting the sky. 
Don’t curse us 
for sleeping in the garden 
all day long 
under the blue sky bewitching. 
We’re not idle. 
We’re not lazy. 
We’re dreaming dreams, 
the poets dream so pure. 

O, my Mother! 
Allow us to witness 
the heavenly marriage 
between the oxygen 
ff our dreams, 
and the hydrogen 
of our realities. 

We are poets too! 
We’ve been scaling 
every mountain of pain 
and sailing 
every sea of happiness 
boarding the plane of our dreams. 

O Mother! O Mother! 
Let us dream. 

Buffer against stress 
self- medication 
We dream. 

O My child! 
If only I could think as you. 
If only I could dream as you. 

“If dreaming you are not, 
dream are you yourself,” O Mother! 

O My child! 
Many a dream is born, 
and many a dreams dies, 
but life’s way eternally the same. 
Life is nature’s own naturalness, 
where hopes are drowned 
in the sea of miseries, 
where illusion is more powerful 
than logic and logic than the dream. 

Yet dreams are dreams, O Mother! 
There is no heart where it is not 
There is no mind where it is not. 
Even Leonardo Da Vinci’s brush 
paused momentarily on the Mona Lisa lips, 
to let her dream 
- to let her dream. 

O’ Mother! O’ Mother! 
Let us dream 
together you and I 
Heaven and Earth 
are yet to be one. 

Are yet to be one. 

Copyright 2007 Bhuwan Thapaliya

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My Rita

Rita, the feeling is so real
For you, of all the love and 
My Rita, how do I make you 
Loved, or out of fashion?

Rita, I’ll be the one for you
Forever by your side
My Rita, whatever it takes, I’ll 
Our hearts, we’ll never hide

Rita, you came to me my love
In just the nick of time
My Rita, tonight we’ll rise above
You’re in your red dress so fine

Rita, the feeling is so real
For you, of all the love and 
My Rita, how do I make you 
Loved, or out of fashion?

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Shine Bright Tonight

another night I run to you
only for a kiss
and within a whisk, 
you're off 
into the land you want to be in 
I have come home 
to see you leave 
and then I'm left 
here daydreaming
when you say you'll come back 
but you never do
until my eyes 
have already turned blue 
until I can no longer want to think 
you'll be back in time 
for you to see
the light on my face 
when you make me smile
someone has been gone 
for quite a while 
and you tell me to wait 
and wait I do 
until I can no longer want 
to wait for you
oh, if I could stay out 
I'd dream all day 
of things I want to do
but work keeps me this way
and you can dream all you want 
because I've given that to you
but now I want my turn
yet I'm still turning blue 
I keep hearing you say 
great things are coming now
but all I see 
is my bank empty
and me, working 
struggling to buy shoes 
when you 
shine with all your gold 
you buy for yourself 
as I resist from buying pants 
I might want but don't need 
you shine some more 
and I become lonely. 
Oh shine bright tonight, 
wherever you are 
I've begun to not care 
how you'll be a star
because I need to let myself go too
and all I see are diamonds 
shining bright on you. 
maybe if I could do what you do 
I'd shine like a star 
I'd shine just like you.

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Rusted Rod

For something that used to run so well, 
It looks as useless as anything else sitting rusted.
If it would’ve kept working, everything would be swell,
But it sat around, so everything is busted.
Anything rusted is worthless,
even a Corvette.
Will the wicked Hot rod run again?
It’d be a good bet.
Something that used to run so well can always start back up.
It’s not impossible to get this car out of a rut.
This car may be rusted from the roof to the ground,
but it’s not too late to polish it, and turn things around.

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Purple Shadow Dreams

Purple Shadow Dreams (Shandorma Suite) Candles burn in the windless air light the room rich perfume still falls with the night’s moon shine purple shadow dreams All has hushed in the village street through the night sleep had flown welcoming the rising sun the church bells ringing Bluebird’s trill music from their hearts joy they bring all is bright the rooster crowed and I’m up the sky is cloudless Gentle breeze across the valley safe within down life’s road where loving words shall echo my home forever

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Knights Armor

Gold plated dream made of steam. Lazer sharp sight focused on the target, One two three. Never will you know me never will we be a team. Alone i work alone i sleep alone i dream. Fast paced shots hit past my ear. Long over due i am lost to fear. Forgive my boldness but you are below focus. Quiz me forsake me or elevate me you are still not to educate me. Let us begin to evaluate the situation. Ten killed the eleventh escaped. Praise be the guaranteed. Run from me and i will chase, chase me and i will not run. King and Queen can be important to follow for the children of the Island. Long since my reign i have brought shame to replace my fame. Forget my claim to the throne of vain fabled mountain ninjas. Fly my flag high over ocean scenes and colored greens. Family seen your neighbors scream thats what made me lean over the cliff in the mean city street over looking the television screen. Medical Marijuana is a very good thing.

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You’re the shining sun and silver moon, Glowing brightly in my heart, Your words soothe my thoughts, And for once, I don’t worry. Though we couldn’t talk much, It’s like I’ve known you all my life. But I don’t. I want to know more about you, Who you really are, what you look like, I want to know more about you. Unlike others, I’ve been given a messiah, One I could talk to about anything, Guardian angel, are you worried about me? I know I get hurt a lot and I hurt others. I know I’m tainted and cruel, I’m sorry. Can you forgive me? I don’t know what I was thinking. I regret it and I want to take it back. But I can’t… So, as I repent under a perpetual, gray light, Let us enjoy each other’s company, For I know all too well, Good things come to an end. Family, Friendships, Life, Love… So, may we hold hands and share an embrace? Just for a moment, please, Let us share a moment of eternal bliss. May 17,2013

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Stolen Night

Rain befall and sun scourge me 
I am left without shade to protect me
Amidst thousands yet lonely
Death pierces my heart and seized my right kidney
Half death yet living 
Million tear false on graved soul
How I wish she stay in my hand
Accident took her away unaware

My soul craved for her presence
Eyes shine bright at midnight
Spontaneous flow of heartfelt expression awake memory
I am king whom am I without a queen
I am a king whom am I without a crown 
I am a king whom am I without a throne
My kingdom shall forever reign in her heart
A million kisses fall on our lips yet hunger for more
Her lips is as succulent as breast
Tastes of her lips keep me awake
Her hugs warm my heart more than black coffee
To hell with sleep
Her boo clap to the rhythms of my heart
After all was said and done bed turned rumpled
Its 8a.m
Call hopped in from boss
Gust what happen?
You’re fired
I awake unto reality
Then I realized how much I missed my girl as it was all dream

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Where Do The Butterflies Go

Teardrops of dews glistening
Breaks the days of dawn
Caterpillars shedding shells of cocoon
Awakening with yawns

The little fairies quaintly appear
Dancing their favorite dances, all the day long
But, where do the butterflies dance to
When the sun hides her head...
And the days are shamelessly gone?

They fill up my gardens
Frolic from tip of tulip to end of the rose
Next to sunflower, daffodil the flutter flies flown
Never attempting to speak even one little peep
Keeping their precious secrets
From sun up until the sundown

A parade of floats
Viceroy to the Monarch whom he tries to pretend
Royal and regal, ginger and black
Passes the hours while waltzing with flowers
But where does each of them go as processions end?

Dainty, the Painted lady curtseys
Among the swallowtails that swan through the weed
And the Admirals through the blade
But soon to hide away
Flying rainbows of season’s beginning to fade

And my magical gardens now they are bare
The little fairies all have disappeared
Following the whisper of wisps, of a new winter’s air

It’s the beginning of autumn
And soon will come the billows of snow
Did they take journey to a summer, in a far away land
Where oh, where did the butterflies go

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Bounty of Thorns

Around me, a trellis, with a bounty of thorns adorned with lush roses, and I feel I'm reborn Awake, or a dreamland, I cannot be sure... There are blue skies, above me, and a caress of the sun It's as if I'm transparent, and my mind is a blur, vague pictures, old memories, which I cannot secure They confuse me, yet free me, from winters within I'm out of the darkness, from the clouds of despair The admirable beauty, impossibly soars with a staircase of alyssum , sweet mosses, and more... trilliums, wild ginger, sweet violets, adorned garlands of daisies, and lavender floors The sky is a blue sea, I want to explore Birds sailing along, and I envy their wings But with my eyes closed, I am flying and free!! Wake me not, if I'm dreaming, I will rest on a star And dream of the roses, that climb to the clouds The voice of an angel, tells me I am allowed to sleep with the knowledge, I can fly in my dreams and escape to the place, where worry's not found Around me, a trellis, with a bounty of thorns adorned with lush roses, and I feel I'm reborn

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New Beginnings

Lost deep within the dark forests of doubt
Searching for the simplicities of a perfected life
Fountain overflowing with the curiosity of my infinite thoughts
The thought of happiness has always eluded me
Troubles of my yesterday burning up in flames.

Drowning in the purity of clear waters
Carried within the tides of new beginnings
The flashbacks from the past are haunting me
Their voices glitter among the city lights
Each word shining brighter than before.

Give me the warmth
The softest touch of love
The comfort of the smiles of a heart that was once broken
The strength of the wings of a bird that has fallen.

Silence broken by the screams that once brought inner peace
Enhance in me the spirit to be ignorant to the cold winter days
The spirit wise enough to see nature’s wonders
Wonders which has been portrayed in its beautiful ways.

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I'm feeling you...

As we get intimately closer we approached the climactic altitude 
Of a mutual perception and understanding which include 
Mental conversations resembling telepathy in the nude 

Because I’m feeling you

I can tell by how you respond when we are talking
That your heart is closed tight like a coffin 
So I’m working the graveyard shift to get it open… 

Because I’m digging you

Let’s take time to find somewhere we’re both inclined to meet
While many are trying to lay in the fine fibers of your bed sheets 
I’m trying to find and define the fibers with which your mind speaks

Because I’m thinking of you

I want to propose to you so I really ought 
To engage you by placing the diamond ring I bought 
On your mind and marrying your every thought… 

Because I adore you

I want to feast on every idea leaving me with a tooth so sweet
I want to lick every crevice of every inch so I can get an oral fix 
To experience the flavor of your imagination from each orifice 

Because I’m tasting you

I want to strip and be soaked in our mental connection
From breast strokes to back strokes I swim in every direction 
So I can get your mind wet to go with this mental erection

Because I’m penetrating you

I want you to be the white picket fence with two dogs 
Green grass and a nice house with the dream job 
As well as vacations with the family abroad

Because my American dream is you

My thoughts of you are far from dense 
I massage your brain keeping your mind far from tense 
We have so much in common that us apart makes no sense

Because I’m missing You

I just wish you felt me the same way I’m feeling you
Like the thought of me leaving would be killing you 
Then you would understand how I’m willing to


I’m feeling you

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In my Dream

In my dream we enjoy an unconditional 
love bonded by honesty, understanding,
compassion, and trust.

In my dream there are no boundries we
fear cross. All questions are answered.
All answers unquestioned.

In my dream our passion for one another
is only surpassed by our passion for God
and our families.

In my dream we are of perfect balance.
A unique blend of strengths, weaknesses,
cares, causes and compromises.

In my dream your heart is as mine.
Lacking and left wanting when apart.
Enegetic and full together.

In my dream there is no dream.....

                               The Applethoughtrotten

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Notes upon Watching the Nets

A nice, pretty Jewish woman 
told me a while back 
that she thought Basketball was for Black people 
   What she didn't realize is that it used to be called 
"The Jewish Game".  
I passed through a period as a youth when 
   I wanted to become a basketball player
  Well, I am now a poet
Maybe one day I will write a poem 
  about Elgin Baylor or George Mikan 
    Know who they were?  
   They were fine ballplayers 
Memories of ballgames 
  are burned into my consciousness

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The Unheard Voice

Let my voice represent those seeking emotional, physical and or mental emancipation!
Let my voice be that of the woman whose cries go unheard in the humdrum activities of this life!
Let my voice be the microphone that bellows the wails of the suppress, underprivileged and less fortunate!
Let my voice be that of the Freedom fighters: Nanny of the maroons, Rosa Parks and Susie King Taylor!
Let my voice be that of the unheard who speeches fall on deaf ears...
Let my voice be that of the unsung song that is shelved because it does not fit the profile of success- greed, sexual immortality, jealousy,
Let my voice be the voice that seeks peace.
Let my voice be the voice that tells the stories of millions who were denied an opportunity.
Let my voice be the voice that speaks or articulates godly qualities.
Let my voice be the voice of those who have been muted by the society- The Unheard Voice!

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This Dream

Anytime throughout this daily dream it's been as simple as reaching out to me. Shatter the glass around your reality Life.. is what you dream it to be. In my daily dream I dream of you dreaming of me.

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Nightly you invade my space
Starring into my eyes
Smiling tenderly at me
Washing away my fears
Running your hands all over me
Electrifying my system
Leaning into me
Drawing me towards you
Placing your lips on mine
Fastening my heartbeat
Running your tongue on my lips
Sending shivers up my spine
kissing me passionately breathless
Awakening me from sleep
Panting for breath
Gasping for air. 

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sweet submission

crazy electric guitars raping your consciousness
bruising your sense of focus like a madman in a defeated village 
bruising a lonely prostitute
and you think you got something to prove
and you think it's all but a phase 
that kisses your cheeks and leaves
no headphone's gonna kiss your bleeding ears
no scream will bring your malady ashore
it's dirty but it's not earth
hold your breath for a little while and open your coward eyes
let the vomit find its way outta your skin and into the alley
let the blood dance like a beheaded cow at a tribal feast
let the sense of timelessness enter your ribs like a rusted knife 
like a shrapnel
no water will do any good to this melting room
spit the cowardice and  inhale the ash and cough all the hunger 
let the phone ring and the samovar turn itself off
for the flame soon will cover them both
you see the unshapely red and black and  gray thing?
that's the bastard son of your books and your poor coward cat
put the stupid water away and watch the festival of births of 
shapes and copulation of things with the void.

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His arms outstretch the sky, 
And the wind slips through my wings as I fly,
With the Midnight Sun.

Cities Sparkle below, 
Man-made planets leaping to kiss the feet of God.
Plank-filled eyes 
Hide truth behind lies,
In the ignorant minds of our Suns and Daughters.

Reaching heights I was unaware existed.
My confidence thins with the altitude,
But these wings of faith remain strong, 
In the face of adversity.
Even at the table of our enemies,
We cannot fail.

We soar through the depths of Hell,
The midnight sunrise 
Bathing the stars of a dark land.
The sea reflects our light, Defiantly,
But every second makes it harder to fight
The blinding force of this Love-Storm we create.

Slowly, Slowly
She begins to absorb rather than reflect.
Light overcomes.
And the darkness is recreated.
Transformed into a beacon of light to her lost sisters, 
Who have floated in false content.

The light ripples outward, 
An incandescent tidal wave of Love,
A Baptism out of which Hope is born.
His arms outstretch the sky,
And the wind slips through her wings as we fly,
With the Midnight Sun.

Feel free to leave any constructive criticism, thanks.

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I am 18 years old
I just found out that I spend most of my time sleeping, 
I am obsessed with it. 
I have lived for 9,460,800 minutes
Most of which I waste on sleep
Sleeping is my personal heroin,
It lets my arms as a pair of wings  to fly me  to paradise.
When I want to escape from reality,    
I shoot it up my veins.

One day, my mom was chatting with her friends, 
When they discussed my studies, 
I looked down at my shoes while their children smiled smugly.
Their smiles struck my wings like lighting
The path to my paradise began to disappear 
I thought I could use my broken wings to open their eyes 
so that they would see my true face
But this was just my imagination
I needed a hit so bad that I slept for 3 days
Feeling likes a puppet, no pain as my strings are pulled
My dream leads me into that sense again,
I looked at their lips and heard their words, proudly I say to her friends, “I am better than your child.”
When I awake, I feel my emotions flood back to me stronger than before

When I was in high school,
I worked so hard but I still couldn’t achieve a score to be proud of
When I see my father’s rough hands, I am shamed by my B Grade Paper.
Then I begin to think what I can do for him, 
I ask: “DAD! Can I go to get a part-time job?

“No, getting back to your studies!”

I prepared to take another shot of heroin
To help me pretend as if nothing happened
I used to think that sleeping would solve my ailments
    But I realized 
I realized that I am escaping
   Like boxers hide behind their gloves 
Like timid warriors escape from the battlefields

These years, I am search in for peace
But opiate feeling blinds my eyes 

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The Line Between Life and Death

Days long, nights short I find myself lost in time's arms.
I dream with eyes open, thinking about my previous life.
Let alone the tick-tock fill this open space of depression and disconnection.
Wind's breeze is my only friend;
we dance,
we talk,
and sing away with the day's aftermath.
I look through the window's eyes and further beyond the graveyard,
I see decapitated souls.
Lying on dirt beds, but locked in luxurious torture.
Without limbs and a body to guide direction, 
I'm stuck in one position longing for death's scythe to pass me by.
I tremble when all eyes stare upon my quarter-being figure,
and lost with words i remain silenced, in my solitude.
Still looking upon my previous world, I gaze upon life in the open field 
and dream of heaven's sweet thoughts.
Unfortunately my past life eliminated by pain and depression
had no meaning,
being restricted of God's open freedom.
Now let me frost
for I pay the cost,
of sharing solitary confinement 
in locked doors.

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Dream Catcher

As I fall a sleep there hangs a dream catcher above me. Sorting out the good and bad dreams, I dream on. Only the good dreams know how to pass through while the negative dreams get tangled in the hoop. Positive dreams slide down the features so gently. When I wake in the morning light The negative dreams perish and are forgotten the rays of the morning sun shine bright. the positive dreams are the ones I dream tonight.

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dream kisses

You my love 
sleep deeply within 
dancing upon clouds 
blowing warmly 
blushing red 
sweet pink 
cotton candy kisses 
innermost desire 
without lips 
fluttering passion 
breathtakingly beautiful 

Chambers of 
the heart open 
to lay 
with you my love 
blossoms one 
regal flower 
within a petaled bed 
touching this dream 
adorable paradiso 
softly caressing deeply 
gently warming 
sweeping feelings 

Singing lovingly 
music of the soul 
bouncing emotions echoes 
deeply in the heart 
floating butterflies inside 
rising to a higher place 
feelings explode golden 
loving you darling 
takes my breath away 

Branches envelope... 
Love develops.. 
As we wrap our stems
music begins, 
sound of 
'Heavenly Delight' 
embraces the cold 
bitterness of night!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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I say thank you
To all that made this dream come through...
I show more appreciation
For all the good you mentioned
For your comments
And all your torments
They all turned out to be great
For giving me a platform
To be able to write in any form(poetry soup)
More grace to your elbow
And more blessings than you can handle
To all my fellow soupers
And my gracious fans
Lots of love
I hope that would be enough
Your interest
Is what keeping me here
So a round of applause
You guys desire more than a plus
And i say "thank you"
For making this dream come through

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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Three inside a circle

Hand made skull
Elicits Death
More to see?
Ponder; and critique

   /      \
  | *  * |
  |   *   |

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Many dreams flash and some stay
a little longer and some decide the future.
They hold the beautiful things,
and make believe u to be in perfect world of yours.
Some are to good to be in dreams than to be in reality.
The path to catch a dream is 
always fascinating and adventurous,
even when its twisted.
They show the universe which u never knew,
and the future which never thought
that to be of yours.
And the person holding u whom u love
but may not be the same for them.
The untrodden and crippled bridge
to achieve the dream is alluring,
than same plain old path.
its always the journey which is 
exciting rather than the goal.
Sometimes a distant dream is more fetching
than a dream come true,as we envision 
only the beauty of it and not the ugliness.
Be happy that some dreams are only in the fantasy
at least you are alive dreaming about them.
It is more fabulous in the journey then in the halt.
we vividly describe the journey not the destiny,
path may be twisted,complex but it is what
always think of ,how we fought the odds.
Dreams are always wonderful,depends on what we make out of them.

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The Wolf Prince is Free

Silver blood flows freely in The Forest of Darkness. Time drifts endlessly by as The Wolf Prince howls for his freedom. Run through the wetlands and the prairie; step into the madness and set your soul free. Nightfall is coming and The Shadows shall embrace you, don’t be afraid of your agony. The Mountains are rising all around you, our dreams are reality. Don’t let the sun hurt your eyes, it’s no surprise love I am here to save your life. The Rain forest will keep us safe, have no fear I am one with the Wraith. As we all cross blades, the battle line fades and our dignity is lost. Such a horrid cost, in the defense of our belief’s we stopped believing. We are all just rotting corpses in the end; and we all must meet our maker when the tide descends. Peace is a choice not a belief, War is embraced to my disgrace. Have you all learned nothing from the master? Don’t be absurd and tell me more lies, take my word I’m not to be idolized. Fly on the waves of redemption, Run through the trees at your own discretion. Living in The Forest of Darkness ascending into The Clouds. Living in The Forest of Darkness transcending The Twisted Crowds. Silver Blood boils in my heart, music storms build down the boulevard. The Wolf Prince is Howling!!!

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Sicklied Breezes

Here comes that familiar breeze again Emptied of hope, it always returns to refill Some other abandoned soul A soul that delves deep into my own, Drifting in an almost shameful stance Festered ignorance, time, and thought Resting under the wing of frightened hope It is cool, like any ordinary breeze It pleases all that feel it, save I For I know it longs to take all that I have In one…single… swoosh You overlooked demon! Why are you so gentle? Why must you manifest in sorrow and woe? Sleeping in the convent of my soul As others praise you and thank you You take me under tow Forever more, lost in this sicklied growth With a silent tune of rests within notes I remain where the breath is taken I remain your host The breeze grows painstakingly warm Filling all with passions unfolding Each soul finds its home Leaving me alone with a soul untold Always awake and crawling… and screaming Bold, all-knowing and thoughtless Wingless, tainted…filled with dread It is warm and hated by all that behold it And I grasp it, and hate it, and LOVE IT For it takes nothing and gives me all In multitudinous shrouds Beloved angel—why do you burn me so… Leading me into your sick embraces As others curse to your face You forever release in me A despairing freedom that I know longer wish for The melody caught—no room to breathe Harmony caked with ignorance does seethe For all no longer see… I was always the caller

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More man-made crap

And duke 
All these man-made titles 
Make me want to puke 

It’s such a load of crap 
Pining for these freaks 
This pedestal treatment 
Friggin reeks

Oh you’re so much better than me 
I’m so blind with admiration 
That I can’t see

That you’re just like me 
You live
You feel 
You do as I do 

But you act as though you’re the elite few
I can only see it for what it is 
Just a load of crap you spew 

All I can say of this lunacy 
Is excuse my truancy 

Eric (and sometimes not)



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Salty dreams of broken coral

Let free-fall guide your vertigo
As adrenalin rushes into waterfalls

Eyes and skin tight like water up the nose
Bubbles bursting with lightning strikes then
Soggy silence in turquoise splendour

Watery eyes fade quiet lights and adrenal fatigue
Sinking depths into cooler blues, as bubbles float on silky notes

Downward spirals into salty dreams of broken coral then
Springboard from the sandy bottom
Scuttling to the top chasing lazy bubbles

Choking on the light grabbing fistfuls of madness 
Bursting lungs with rusty air as

Blood pounds loud through skin and salt
Whilst pulled from the brink of eternity 
To dripping smiles and screaming tears

Yet upright again, you head to the edge
Step free from your guide...

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Can you hear me my sweet precious,
for the dream I also see..


Alice bow in rose petal grandeur
to  leave her stage once again
a sincere pulsing adieu
curtains close
to face life once again

She tumble down brightly lit passage
gathering sticks and stones of muse
to build a great fortress awaiting
so soon life's stage shall prove

If in that moment pulsing
if only a slight shadow reveal
emotes a great revelation
then for her a dream did prove

Carrying out through her kingdom
as time refuse to cease
a wondrous mind creation
of youth she'll always see

Can you hear me my sweet precious,
for the dream I also see..

Alice my love, hold forever your days of youth, 
dream always,

your Sister


A Debbie Guzzi Contest

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I Remember

The breezes and the trees
From summers long ago

Summer reading programs
Done in under four days
-- Give or take

Of sneaking out to read
By pale moon light

With dreams of Xiandré, twins and knights
Of crazy thoughts when I wake 

I remember
A life not my own
Nor my only

Humanity’s screams
For salvation

Cries of betrayal
Despair and failure
-- Innocents discarded
Of tears shed for 
The lost, the dead, the unwanted

Stories of warriors and mages
Injuries and battles,
Wars and bloodshed

I remember
Feelings not my own
Nor my only

Waking up, picking up
Returning to the day

Longing glances to the bag
Friends unmade, unknown

Dreams, memories
Unsung heroes

Lives they gave
Pain we shared
A trial of time

I remember…do you?

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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2 eyes, 1 shows my future, the other the pain in my past
Which are you looking into?
Are you interested in where I’m at?
Or everything I’ve been through

Are you interested in where I’m going?
Or where I’ve been
Do you want to know my good moments?
Or for me to share my sins?

Every path has a hole so I avoid the space
Not sure whether I have to destroy or escape
We all have words but it’s your voice to waste
We all will have a choice to make

Are you on their side or mine?
Can you survive mine?
I’m insane and won’t be disguised as fine
She has to have a personality, I can’t date her just because I like her behind

Will you deal with old pain before the new stress?
Are you looking form a blonde or brunette?
Will you call or send a few texts?
Will you stay where you are or take a few steps?

Will you roll a dice?
To make decisions?
Or do you control your life?
Do what you want and know what’s right?

Do you call mummy and daddy?
And say he/she treated me badly
Are you smart enough to know?
You don’t need them to be happy?

We all have to make choices
Some people speak sense
Some girls take relationship from 1D and Drake voices
So many people speak but waste voices

Who am I to judge?
We all have to make choices
I’m not responsible for anything anyone else does
But don’t waste voices 

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Moon Mysteries

Continuously wandering down the jagged concrete stairs.     
	My nomadic ways lead me to unanticipated adventures. 
The almost infinite stairs decease to somber stars and immeasurable waters. 
 	I stride towards the perimeter, sensation of the bitter waves leads to a chill. 

A shadow approaches, closer and closer, swimming gracefully along the timid waves. 
Without thought I reach into the darkness, grabbing a hold of cold metal. 
Wooden with trim of brass, I step into the diminutive boat. 
Soaring along the abyss, watching the stars overtake the sky.

Open waters diminish, trees of vibrant emerald and jade droop over my head.
	Lifeless body of water now filled with serene voices and playful motions. 
Almost missing the silence, it almost immediately reappears. 
	Back to never ending waters, though this time I’m not lost in an abyss.

Unlike before the water illuminates my dreams and aspirations.  
	My demeanor is destroyed to be rebuilt again. 
Peace and serenity flow through my veins allowing my heart to beat slowly. 
	Eyes locked on the crater filled orb illuminating the sky.  


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That's The Amazing Thing About Love

That's the amazing thing about love:
Love doesn't matter who it melts together,
'Cause He will never give you up.

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The desires of a loving heart

To see you the way I do,
When my eyes are closed.
To hold your hand firm and strong,
when my heart is wet with tears.

To see you alive always...
the way you are in my prayers,
to whisper in your ears..
my deepest of fears.

To never to be scared,
of having to be far.
For forever to be sure,
that we will stay the way we are...

To be knowing that in this life,
I'd never have to say goodbye...
To know every morning..
That I'd get to see you smile.

I have a very small wish,
The only 1 in my loving heart,
I want us to always be this way..
I never wish to part.

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I want you to love me

Beauty surrounds me all over,
Angels breathe on top of me,
The Heavens try grab onto me,
While the devil sends Lust upon me,
Goddesses of this universe trying to seduce me with their formidable beauty,
God himself the Gods of all god's, 
The alpha and the omega blessed me with everything humanity desired, 
I practically can have the world in my hands, 
With the moon in my sinful mouth,
And the stars in my innocent eyes, 
I could have everything, 
But all I want is for you to love me.

‘With the moon in my sinful mouth’, ‘and the stars in my innocent eyes’
Those two lines together represent that people will see and listen to my beautiful lies no matter where I am in the world, I will be heard

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Misty Eyes

~Misty Eyes~ ( Free Verse) Yards and yards of more dreams Extending their wings to the sea Passionate kisses from me to you Sprinkle also with all my tears Words of love never dreamed of seductive thoughts coming alive Adornated with your loving hands Red ribbons wrapping and crossing my heart Misty adoring eyes in completely silence Watching by the sea's shores Arms wide open seizing the skies Waiting and pleading again for your love. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,16,2015

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Silver Tongue

His fingers left blood on the strings 

but, come time to walk away he hadn’t really learned anything.

Course and dried brushes sit atop the rubbish,

His mind held a perfection too delicate for his clumsy hands to create.

He opened his mouth to sing like a jay but, instead of notes it was rust that fell out. Part of the wear and tear of early adulthood.

But then, this same boy picked up a pen and found some paper. The pen in his hand felt as natural his own bones and he began to write.

He wrote every tear

He scribed every star

He built towers from mountains with every line

High enough that the angel’s just might hear them.

He made pages for chapters of his life that could make those seraphim weep sapphire tears.

He could write the wind blowing across the nape of your neck in Autumn

And make you feel the chill on your skin.

He could articulate the sad beauty of a lover’s quarrel that ends in tears

If they cry, it makes it all more real.

He documents the history of a war inside himself that will never end.

The loss and the gain,

But not those of monetary nature.

When life begins to scream around him

All he must do to silence it is to put it in a stanza.

The boy’s tongue can pave the way for good intentions, and we all know those can fall South. He finds strength. And with this Strength a power.

Finally the boy knew his gift. But how is he meant to use it and who will truly listen to the personal strands of his soul he ties together with punctuation?

And now that he has tasted the pleasure of his power, will that be enough?

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One day

One day when I rule the world, 
there will be no armies,
reasons to fight, non existent.

Knowledge, foods are shared by all to benefit all,
no dominant force,
equilibrium spans the globe.

People would appreciate and care for the planet that we inhabit, 
not forever looking outwards for alternatives.

Is this utopia, a fools dream, who's to say.
Maybe one day.      

© Alexis C Pond.

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Garden of Enlightenment

it itches
it burns
it makes me yearn
for things i seem so unsure of
yet sure they are for me
how confusing and revolting that must be?
a lady who just cant make up her mind
on what she wants to be!

Perhaps a dancer, a singer, a animal lover and trainer or even engineer
idk, the path just doesn't seem very clear.
And with all that inspiration floating in the air
its pretty hard to put a finger
on what exactly is my passion
but i know it's around here somewhere

I suppose i could be an artist
an artist of spiritual awakening
an artist of the soul in the making
an artist who holds creativity and inspiration in much regard
an artist who is grateful that she might have just found the spark!

spark of passion
spark of joy and fulfillment
spark that embeds in daily environment
pleasant surprise
presents itself as the garden of enlightenment

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Dreaming of a beachstroll

carry or counteract people
air along the shore
offers a lot more

enshroud or expose light
skies along the shore
offer a lot more

scrubbing or scraping skins
sand along the shore
offers a lot more

caressing or cutting footpads
pebbles along the shore
offer a lot more

delivering or deleting scads
water along the shore
offers a lot more

(c) Elly Wouterse

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written 9th June 2013

See the sight of a full moon in the dark of night
 if done just right, it's a magical sight

Watch, as the sun descend's off the edge of the earth
 it's flame's extinguish, as if by the ocean's thirst

Look deep, into the sky at night
 you'll be "surprised by your delight

All of the heavens glory
 will return again, the next morning

So send a wish, upon your favourite star
 you'll never guess that your wish, went so far

So at the end of every busy daylight
 breathe in the gift, of heaven's blissful night 

I guarantee, it'll help you sleep peaceful and right
 well, into his new mornings delight

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So long my urges have been hidden beneath my desire to be just fitting..
a daunting task that has come to be
Wanting to be just perfect in the eyes of many,
I forgot to be the most important type of perfect, -- to be me

I wanted so much to be seen, seen by many
but in all that
I lost the me I was meant to be

So many things I wanted to be
I just couldn't really come to see what I truly felt 
what I truly wanted to be... I couldn't see the natural beautiful dancer, performer within me.

So many things I am good at
but the things that I love, that flow easily through me
are the things of love, poetry, dance and artistry

I am a creative creature of the light
Fluid and free as the water, to which I truly belong
My home, my solitude, my place of being free, of just being me.

So funny how things occur, when you just let your heart be free
So simple the heart is, while the mind seeks to rather be complex
There must be a balance of these, through the center of our being

With this comes a deep appreciation of self
Appreciation of self comes with complete acceptance of one's self
complete acceptance comes with complete love of self
and complete love of self comes with true understanding of self - compassion for the darkness and gratefulness for the light 
All this leads to the being of me.

Destined to be all I my heart dares to dream
I will be abundant in the spirit life and the physical realm
I will manifest the best that is for me
then bring it to the world to show
how the spiritual life leads to a beautiful bountiful life of heaven on earth

The philosopher in me
is quite intelligent you see
so all this knowledge, all this wisdom gained and to gain
will only set me and you free

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On a beach

I used to wonder what it would look like
I used to wonder how it would feel
I used to wonder how the air would be
On that big, open beach

I grew up around trees with no water
I grew up with dirt and lost bugs
I grew up with heat and sometimes rain
But never grew up on a beach

Who would take me to this wonderful place
When would i take that journey
Where would it lead me
I hope to stand on a beach

I joined the military at age 17
took that risk to travel
didn't know where it would lead me
But i hoped it was on a beach

The first time i saw it i cried
The first time i felt it i screamed
The first time i breathed in the thin air i laughed
I had finally made it on a beach

I no longer wonder how it felt
Nor how it looks
Not even how the air feels
WHY, because i finally got on that beach.

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Lovers of a Storm edited

Old Friends that say hello
Who share a secret memory?
Away from the road now travelled

This love that hides in your eyes
Betrayed by the glint of a held back tear
This mystic bond that ties us together

And in a stolen moment, over a bottle of wine
 The dream runs free
Dissolving the paths that we now tread

For deep within my soul
A world with an incorruptible sky
Plays host to a lovers imagination

 Where the electricity from her  touch
Gives birth to the storm
Her passion fuelling the Hurricane
Within me

And in the eye of the storm
 Time stands still, 
And our love will reside there
Oblivious to the pain that we cause

 And as I fall back to reality
 In the dying wind I can hear your heartbeat
A whispered beat that calls my name
 Longing for us to start anew

But your Romeo always knew
That dreams were all we had
This Love was always just out of reach

And now I am left to dream of yesterday
Lost in a bottle of wine
Longing for another storm
Longing for another kiss 
And longing to be with you

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With you I was there
When you sang that rapturous song
You stirred my heart so deeply
A longing you had etched 
On the age-old bark of my pain
That you brought a temporary salve
How could I resist such tempting relief?

With you I was there
When you glided with your snow-laden feet
To swipe away  pitiful realities
Took me to heights of better days
So lovely, how lovingly
The twirls of imaginations you create
In the dance floor of my emotions.

With you I was there
Secured my joy
Locked my heart
But the pain ever constant 
Banged on the door of the vulnerable
Please, not so soon
Wrapped up in this moment so beautifully.
I cried. No, not this soon.

But, with you I was there.
My heart hasn't gone cold
Your voice is still my melody
Your gait is my joyous promenade
Splendors to last me 
One more sweet imagination
One more wild heartbeat to take me
To your world.

With you, I pray let me in.

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Sliding Down

I’m hoping for my dreams to become a reality
I’m hoping for a phase of gratitude
I’m rejecting my hopeless fate
I’m accepting your side of the story…but don’t intrude 

Unexpectedly, I believe in love in first sight
I grab the rope for extra support
It burns like a vertical line of fire
I’m unable to climb, but I seem too far from my desire 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down… 

I cherish you like my own belongings
I designed you on my bedroom wall
I have you displayed deep in my heart
Believe me – you’ll never split it apart 

Every day I long for your touch – you changed my life around
My heart is blazing like the zealous sun…I prize my freedom and progress
The world is spinning endlessly as I kneel upon my knees 
And I imagine the memories we share with each other 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

When I reflect upon the joyous times,
My heart never fails
To pound vigorously for you
I’m sliding down 
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 

I see the light in your eyes
I don’t see an insidious nature in you…
I wish I hadn't believed in the lies
I never felt like a hopeless victim until I gave in to the darkness 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

I’m glad I've met you in the first place
We’re a perfect match – 
Don’t deny it…you made me feel handsome
We’re on the road of victory
We’re making great progress
We’re hanging on the edge,
But we were rescued 
From sliding down…

At least we’re kept ourselves alive……

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Moment to Reflect

Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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Dream turned love tale

Hold me - lift me, somehow please
Take me away from the darkness
Wish it to be a dream of dusk
Rather than a tale of our life together

What a sinister all around our soul
Turn on the brightness yet again
My feet giving no sings of repair
Is this just a dream or lifelong tale

A beautiful future we dream of jointly
Is turning pale with sigh and breathe
Help me manage to move on somehow
This unfathomable darkness - a disdain

Finally i am in his arms safely saved
Suddenly he sparkles my eyes and soul
Trying to again figure out is it a dream
Whatever it is ....i wish it to be continued

Wonder! a sparking Solitaire had my name
Its light was enough to make me sane
I love you beyond life is what i could say
Thank heavens for replacing gloom to glee

Now I realize darkness was not to betray
In his arms the fear and pain gone away
World brightened with pious love unseen 
Wish it to be continued forever as truth...

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Lost Tears

I follow my own footsteps I bring life to its knees I then cry, I cry over her I collect my tears in a vial I jump into the air, so free In my dream I can do all I dream of everything pure She comes to me in my dreams My heart leaps of burning fire I reach the edge of the sea And there go my tears, downward I drop the vial in the water I start to return back home She’s gone, I don’t know why I wander through the yard Not knowing what to do I fall to the ground, my knees weak But no tears do I shed now She never returns to me I walk aimlessly many nights A bitter taste of those tears Still wash into my mouth The sea harbors many tears How do I get mine back So she will return to me Dreams leaked into reality I falter, I miss my step I no longer can fly now And my tears have dried up But my pain is real within me Where has she gone from me Why did she leave my heart For I have immense love for her To share even without tears If the mistress of the night Could discover my agony Maybe she’ll bless my soul And I might find my tears again
Russell Sivey

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I was in a panic my heart beating rapidly

At the thought of losing it all.

I looked around and what I found

Were angels starting to fall.


Warriors from up above

Sent to help the willing,                             

But what they had wasn’t enough;

to stop humanity from killing.


For they were corrupt and unjust

In what they have learned

They didn’t realize that all of their sinning;

Was going to get them burned.


 Here are all of the angels;

 Working hard to save

These people who just laugh at death

And the gift in which he gave.


There was an angel so beautiful,

One I couldn’t see- for there was

A bright white light

Surrounding him and me.


He kissed my temple and he whispered

Everything was going to be okay.

I felt the warmth of the message

That he tried to relay.


A peace washed over me as I realized;

 I had spoken to God,

I watched the dirty looks and heard the snickers

Of those who found it odd.


For in this age it is impossible,

To speak to the creator,

It must have been a demon in disguise

A great impersonator.


They were wrong

 I have never had such a great feeling,

Energy passed through me

 And healed the pain I’d been concealing.


I will always remember

The day that I had needed

A miracle from up above

My prayers had been heeded.

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Whorl Fingerprint

The hallow inside the given tree that calls and beckons to me. 
I cannot help but become enraptured of all there is to see. 
The dancing faeries hop around with immense delight. 
Oh, this is such a pleasing sight. 
But, behold! 
The night is free!
I feel drawn to the murky blanket of the nocturnal time. 

The glittering hues of pale pink and baby blue
Don some sort of mysterious hue 
As I walk around the cobblestone path, 
The mystique of the undulation of colors derives from those 
who purloin babies from mothers as the giggle and laugh and steal. 

The hated lies that come 
Foaming out and dropped of children that formed not a bout. 
As they are pacified by glittering dreams tonight. 
The lullabies soothe and bathe them as they lie down. 
The songs and chants are hypnotic as I tread that path. 
I warily glance to the night as I could be taken. 
The last dew left on the bottom of the lily tonight.

It was the Eve of the Hallow and not a soul was in sight, 
yet twinkling lights kept rebounding up high. 
I clutched my child unto my chest. 
Lest he be taken from my breast. 

Oh, behold, as the shining intensified.
Nothing was left for me to be pacified. 

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Some Dreams Rewritten

Today my fingers curled and flexed
From two-thirty to six,
While the moon was in Taurus,
And I was in the mood to erect
A monument to my death
Some years back.

In retrospect, it seems as though
I never died,
But went into a dream:

   A dream of tragedy
   Dealt out like smiles.

   A dream of falling through
   An endless space of faces.

   A dream of letting the rulership
   Of me be left at the crossroads.

   A dream of hearing the call
   Of a motionless voice in a dream.

   A dream of sand which stung
   My lips with kisses
   While the windstorm lasted.

   A dream of opening my hands
   To find the lily flower
   That someone left there weeping.

   A dream that touch is the record
   Repeating the theme of smiles
   Behind closed doors.

   A dream that clover is always fresh
   When gathered in secret.

While the moon silently circles the sky
Dreams entice us back to sleep.

March 1, 1971
Greeley, Colorado

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Lives to Live

We have dreams to fulfill.
We have goals to achieve.
We have hearts to inspire.
We have love to give.
We have faith to teach.
We have hope to send.
We have strength to create.
We have bravery to find.
We have positivity to shine.
We have courage to build.
We have stories to tell.
We have hands to hold.
We have lives to live.
All in Your Heavenly name,
We pray,

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Was I dreaming - titles contest

"Last night i dreamt"  I watched the "dancing clouds"
As "I walk the shore" it  was an "unbelievable journey"
Full of "Many splendours", "a perfect  "Summer's Day" 
A "murmuration "of birds  put on "a wonderful show"
Then "rain"just like "spring showers"
I realised I was " no longer alone", "walk with me" I said
He answered with a "smouldering look"
Full of "thoughtful emotion"
I felt "naked and unadorned"
I then realised "that the flame has now gone out"
I said "sorry" as i walked away
He now "walks alone"  "whilst I sit and cry"
"was i dreaming"

Dated 17 August 2013

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A Different Kind of Dragon Slayer

She moans and tosses
He sleeps lightly as always
And quickly is wide awake
Aware of her every move
He knows what will follow
He is ready

The moaning becomes a scream
He feels the terror 
Knows the vile dragon that she battles
In her nightmare
Filled with hatred for the beast
He moves closer to her
“Don’t touch me!
Get your dirty filthy hands off me
“Get off…Get OFF
Stop it!  STOP!”  She  shrieks

And he gently shakes her awake
Then moves back
As she bursts into sobs
“It’s just a dream…
I’m here….sh….there now
It’s only me!
He’s gone…he’s gone!”

And yet…though every cell
Is dying to rock her in his arms
He holds back
Knowing…she will cringe at his touch
And push him away
If he moves too fast
First he must slay the dragon

“I’ll never let him touch you again”
He whispers…gently moving closer…closer
“He’s gone…Gone.”
He is almost there
“If he EVER lays a finger on you…
I’ll make him pay….
You’re safe with me.
He won't EVER hurt you again."

Her hysterical sobbing 
Quiets down
Almost imperceptibly

She sits up and pulls her knees in to herself
Burying her face in them as she rocks back and forth
Crying....more softly now
“NO ONE will ever hurt you again….”
There…he’s ready to gather her into his arms
She looks up into his eyes
The look of revulsion disappears
When she sees the dragon slayer of her dreams
There beside her…with love in his eyes
Still she holds back...feeling tainted, spoiled…dirty
Her hands running up and down her arms
Desperate to clean the marks
Of dragon fingerprints
Burned into her flesh

He understands and whispers
“You are mine now"…
He holds her hand
"You are so beautiful....
My angel…

And before he finishes
She throws herself into his arms
And holds on for dear life
To the dragon slayer...
Her savior

He doesn't know how long it takes
Until she falls back to sleep
Her even rhythmic breathing 
Warming his neck
His arms enfolding her

There is so much he can't understand
So much of her that he still doesn't know
But he is sure of one thing…
He’d give his everything
He'd give his life
To slay every last dragon
Of her night.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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I Had A Dream

I Had A Dream


Kevin L Fairbrother

My paid working life as come to a end

Not rich… Not Poor… On a pension

With a lifetime of memories to recall

I am rich in experience that I will pass on


I had a dream that when I retired

I would work less and enjoy life more

But that dream did not become reality

As I am working more and relaxing less


Maybe the cause is my management of time

With family and friends taking up my waking hours

Or it may be because I don’t get out of bed till 9am

And half the day has gone and I’m not even dressed


There is always something to do, or somewhere to go

And there is never enough hours to do what I’ve set myself

But deep down I don’t mind as it occupies my day

As I just cant recollect where my time was spent


The words above I just wrote in the last hour

After cutting and splitting 4 ton of firewood

I felt the need to justify my time by writing this poem

For my new dream is to become a writer of poetry

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Dreams vs Reality

 vast jungles of flesh
 giants of monotony 
 these intellect crushing beasts
 disguised gardens of deceit
 from a petri dish poisoned by mutant chemicals
 what's left of the beauty transforms to become wings
 sometimes I wonder if I should speak of these things
 who could be listening in?
 breathing the thick air of lost opportunities
 crying heavy tears of expired love
 witnessing a higher form of intelligence
 undeserving of humanity
 and my frail sanity
 who could be listening in?
 time to destroy the evidence and move on

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A legendary
Inhabits my dreams,
Breathtaking beauty
Out of blue ocean
Appears amidst great waves,
Charming magical spell
She is factual,
Blonde hair swirl
Almond Green eyes,
Smooth skin
Shines so bright,
Pioneers into my heart
Through my eyes,
Embraces me within
Touches my soul,

I watch her swim
Back into waters,
Holds my hand
A winsome beguile,
I accompany 
Deep and deep
Into the unending sea,
Explore secrets
She vanishes,
I afloat free
Myth or fiction,
That's genuinely me
A mermaid,
In my own dream !

Written on 7/6/14
Contest- Mermaids
Sponsor- Suzzane Delaney

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Unborn baby's dreams

In this dark haven
I wonder what it means to breathe
What it would be like to see that light
Dreaming everyday ,of being in her lap
Longing for her soft touch
My ears yearning to hear that lullaby
I dream of hugs and kisses
I dream of a loving family 
I dream of seeing my future dreams
In my mother’s eyes

for Scribe's contest....unborn babies dreams

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Angel lullaby's

Dimonds are not beauty. Beauty is people and things unknown. Things unknown that swirl around in a young child's mind and happiness amounts to a flower crown made for a small girl with the soul of a faire. Happiness that comes from the pure joy of looking in your mothers deep brown eyes and getting warm fuzzies . Joy that spills out into a smile when a wise woman tells her that the little floating fuzzies in the air are baby angels and that when it thunders it's just there mom singing them an angel sized lullaby a lullaby that makes her big blue eyes sparkle....But the wind changes and the sparkling in her big blue eyes fade and the flower crown withers and dies and the baby angels turn into dust and unknown things still bring joy. But so do things that bring trouble and those big brown eyes sometimes betray her and the thunder is just thunder and baby Angels and days of simple joy vanish ...But if she waits just for the right moment the clowds will gather and the sparkle returns to her big blue eyes and the wounderful liquid leaks out of the sky! spinning and spinning her hair dripping. She squeezes the big blue eyes shut and suddenly the baby angels return To the sky and the Flower crown gets a long drink of water and blooms once again and and the angel lullaby returns to the air and rings in her ears and those deep brown eyes watch her spinning and remember why they fell in love with her and 
finally she is home !!

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A million times

If you see him walking 
Dont tell him I said hello
I will only break his heart
Again and again
Perhaps it is karma 
That puts it this way
We love each other 
But we are never meant to be
He broke my heart a million times
He stole my trust with a million lies
Still when I think of him I want to cry
Cling him to my chest
Feel the warmth of his lips press
Remember our teenage kiss
We are no longer children
But our eyes still light with stars 
Our touch fills us with energy of light years 
But if you see him walking
Dont tell him I said hello
Its unfair to to break his heart
Like he broke mine a million times 

Though my heart whispers his name

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Loving glow

 In deepest dreams you come to me
Like a  forever after fantasy
Then I hold you in my arms
and pour out all my charms

And then I see your  pretty smile
and hope you stay with me  awhile
Then you say you have to go
But you leave your loving glow
And when I turn and see your face
I'm wide  awake in love's embrace

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These pass years, I have been in a quest..
There are times I want to stop but I guess..
If steps and risks aren't taken, I'll be waste..
Thus, I try and try slowly not in haste..

To become a Saint, one must be chaste..
To become a hero, must death be faced?
To become renown, must fame be chase?
However, to be love, must one be on same race?

Building long lasting & steadfast relationships..
Will require from you more than stewardship..
Even more than a deal of companionship..
And more than just friendship..

It takes the right time...
Sometimes months extending to years..
Or a whole of a lifetime..
Only God knows yet stay on cheer..

By: olive_eloi

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How Does a Lamp Post Feel

It’s cold outside tonight.

Just rounding seven o’clock.

My friends have left and I’m stuck in a what seems to be eternal incandescence that encompasses my willowy form.

I am so tall, it is as if the tree tops speak to me.

Their leaves tapping my shoulders looking for questions carried by the wind.

And I?

I stay structured, securing the perimeter with my watchful eye.

Sometimes this job gets tedious.

As time flies by like the geese in the winter I sulk.

But monotony can be beautiful, I’ve seen things that would tear these sleeping houses to shreads.

And things so treasured and special I question my indecision.

First kisses.
Dead pets.

You can call me a hero for lending my light.

A suburban legend brought to life.

And when light is dependable once again, and it’s time for me to take a rest.

I’ll stay planted in the ground like an artificial oak and soak in vitamin D.

I will dim my being and dream of the beach.

I’ll dream of providing hope for lost sailors.

And see more of the midnight eve.

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His brown eyes
She still feels them looking at her
His smile
She still see them smiling at her

She still remember their first time together
She still recall his touch
and she fell in love

The world was perfect
the colors were alive and vibrant
She was in love

He was a beautiful stranger
A stranger that caught her untamed heart
She was so in love

She remember how he cared about her
She remember the sound of his heartbeat
or was it just a make believe?

She thought he was her hero
didn't he try to rescue her?
and she gladly ran to him.

She thought his arms are her castle
as her head rest on his chest
there is no sky she couldn't fly

but she never knew..
She wish she had
the shadow of someone she thought he'll never be..

She thought he was her Knight..
but she didn't see..
the same knight whose sword is meant to bring death to her heart..

to him, she was nothing but a Paramour..

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Fresh Paint

The smell of fresh paint lingers
in my nose, in the air.
Crisp sheets lay smooth,
untouched with 
hospital corners.
I dreamed of holding you
in our bed.
A king size bed is too big for one.
Wedding gifts are strewn across
our dining room table.
I dreamed of eating together there
as man and wife,
candlelit dinners,
and meals with laughing children...
dreams that will never come true.
A family room quietly sits alone
without a family.
A yard waits outside for a garden
that will never be planted.
Nothing is as it seems.
Only my flowing tears are real tonight.
A new home, a new marriage...
but my other half is only here
in spirit.
Only one returned from 
our honeymoon...
I wish it was me who died that dark night.
The doctors said nothing could be done...
A silent killer stole you from sleep and from me
while I slept next to you...
nothing could be done,
a beginning and an end.
Life changes in a moment.
Now, our dream home is for sale.
The dream is gone.
I cannot bring myself to sleep in our bed,
so I make up the couch tonight...again.
My heart calls out for you.
My arms reach out for you.
I taste your lips on mine.
I smell you, see you, hear your voice
whispering my name.
Your touch lingers with 
the smell of fresh paint.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, June 29, 2012

*a work of fiction for If I Had a Broken Heart Contest

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Petals Over the Wind

Petals over the wind 

Misty morning light up the world again

The smell of cool wind embraces my chest

Striking colour of red and white trapped me 

Wondering how they become almost perfect 

I sat down on the grass above the earth 

Unseen atmosphere calling those petals

Living me curious if I can go with them

Circling me around, suddenly I’m in dreamland 

Wind and petals where dancing harmoniously 

Singing birds harmonize with every beat they make

As they follow the current of the stream, they mingle 

Laughing while I watch it I felt like drowning 

From that moment I abruptly realize

Unseen happiness can never be blissful as you thought

Like the invisible wind calling those petals to make happy moments

Going to a place where they can bring delight to somebody 

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Known Stranger

Today I woke up smiling
I was dreaming of  you,
you were an unexpected ally
immediately possessive
loud, obnoxious and mine.

They say you don't dream of strangers
so somewhere I have met you,
somewhere I have heard your laugh,
somehow I know where your 
favorite place to kiss me will be.

I want you to know I'm ready.
I'm ready for your passion.
Come find me if you dare.

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How sweet the night

How sweet the night
Fills my mind with images 
Of you and keep me awake
In its dying hours
As this feeling you refuse to take
Comes back to life 
And revive the dream I once
Or twice had about you

How sweet the night
Paints your face so bright 
Among the stars and keep me awake
In its dying hours
As this feeling you refuse to take
Comes back to life
And revive the dream I once
Or twice had about you

How sweet the night
In the warmth of tears
Which slither across my face
Dissolve away the disappointment
And the pain of your rejection
And keep me awake
In its dying hours
As this feeling you refuse to take
Comes back to life
And revive the dream I once
Or twice had about you

How sweet
How sweet
How sweet the night
Fills my mind with images 
of you and keep me awake
In its dying hours

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World Changers

When someone is born,

their life stretches before them,

a million-color tapestry shining with adventure,



and chances to change their world.

Anyone can change the world around them.

Sometimes it's as simple as saying "hello", 

or banding together to create something amazing.

We're all born world-changers.

We're all born with the talent to make our world a better place.

The world can be changed, 

and anyone can make a difference.

All it takes is the courage to do it.

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ayeD on my beD anD closeD mY eyes , tRying to be saFe fRom all the thouGhts insiDe , iT's 
almoSt midniGht buT iT feeLs so briGht , whaT can i dO if i'm jusT a dreameR wanTs to be 
shiNe  I know I'm noT suRe or maYbe noT righT buT u can't feeL the paIn unleSs u touCh a 
fiRe , i'M noT sayinG I want to buT if it taKes i wiLL , noT becauSe i wanT to geT huRt buT 
cuZ i miGht lighT up liKe a siLver rinG  people loOk fR haPpy endinGs oR maGicaL riDes I 
alreaDy haV thaT all in mY minD ,yeaH liFe is haRd so i Keep lOokinG foR wayS out oR 
plaCes wheRe i trueLy belonG buT i gueSs i won't finD thaT wiTh aLL the masKs arounD . 
Thats whY i layEd on my beD anD cloSed my eyeS anD then i hearD someOne wispeR in mY 
heaD and saY : peopLe thRow roCks aT thinGs thaT shiNe buT i'll fiGht theiR doubTs anD 
giVe u faith , cuZ theY can neveR take what's ouRs ......

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  I want to be free 
  Like a feathered flight of dove,
  To fly and glide over the world so free
  And live a life in a dream of light,
  Affectionate love and hope of gladness
  And the oil of joy which over flows,
  Melody of happiness that widely vibrates
  That is a dream gift, a vision to celebrates, 
  Inspire of hubris, 
  In the eyes of the expected hurricane,
  I hold on to a fatal chance, 
  Still looking to peak my nest
  On sure firm  height,
  The water is mirror  of the world;
  The curved winged still swerve, 
  The flight of feathers still lifted
  Till a lonely island emerges
  Just waiting for me, only me
  An everglade to tenderly cultivated, virgin
  And green, roaming wild and free.

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When You

I love watching your hands 
when you hold the camera 
when you touch the area 
when you move the spot 
when you caress the glass 
I love to meditate on the art 
describing your joys

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To All Pursuers of Dreams

To all pursuers of dreams
Think of your dream as a castle
On this day at this moment
You stand on the parcel of land
On which that castle of yours is to be built

You can choose to stand as long as you would
...and do nothing but wish
Or you can begin by removing a stone
...from where it shouldn’t be
Or drawing a line where you wish to dig

Point is, you must begin
You must start now to do something
For if you don’t do something toward that dream today
Tomorrow it shall still be waiting to be done
It shall face you accursedly for not having done it yesterday

Any hesitation to do the necessary means
The completion of your castle shall have been delayed
By yet another day
...the day you stood wishing... and doing nothing
Ignoring that little that should’ve and must’ve been done

If and before the castle of your dreams to stand boldly in the air 
...for all to see and for you to own and cherish
All work must diligently precede
Hence a day at a time is the best guarantee

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Alarm to Excel

On the wake of my call;
I sought through the thoughts
that envelops my thoughts
with trumpets in my head;
I lay back billowing,
gazing into the thoughts of 'expectancy'
Mirrors shimmering,
showing forth my strength.

Those are the days of struggle,
the little beginning seem not enough 
at the promise that lies ahead.

Why give up on the banks of hope, 
when there are much to live for?
The road might not seem so clear
but therein lies your path.
What is it that you want, 
go for it and don't care.
Dwell not on the social trumpet 
but swim on through your inner whistle.

The lying truth remains such that
life's dilemma's stem from the
inner conflict of 'expectancy' and 'want'.

So why bother
when the burden 
seem not to bother
your mama calls
your sister calls-
listen to them but don't fret.
what is it that they expect 
and what is it that you want?

listen to the call of your heart
and therein you shall rest.

You want to be this!
you want to be that! 
why follow public pressure?
with every step comes a close, 
so follow your heart and stride.

Ten walks in the night,
yes! nine narrow nights, 
and one sweetened dawn! 
you see THEM dancing your praise.

Oh my soul to thee I pledge,
I thank thee for the light
that illuminates my night.
with every call comes
a sullen silence that slaps
to give in I shall not! 
but with that lion 
I shall forge on to the front.

My weakness might envelop my sight
but with my strength
I shall overtake them all.

To the everyday music of my heart, I shall dance
and with it comes I the Joseph in my Land.

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Harsh Words

Wake from the dream
With it's crumbling buildings
Wallpaper paint chips curled down
When a corpse falls in the gutter
Do I scream
And make them topple
Or walk onwards
And with a trendy drink
Sip the heart slowly
With your trendy friends
And trends fade
Do I tell them
Fade backwards into the mass
To tell apathy apart from fear
Speak out get out die out
Extinction is a peaceful sleep
Cutting through the noise pollution
There's nothing to say
No chance for growth
When lives hang in the balance
For pretty smiles
Harsh words for reality
Step into the haze
Ignore it

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Do You See

This is me
Can you see
Be not still
For you shall see
Believe in me
Believe in you
Take control
Heart strong
Full out assault
Take it down
Let it go
The crowd is not taken
Silence is strong
Penetrate its core
Breath the fire
Let the ashes float
From embers of defeat
Comes a healing seed
Plant it soon
Let it bloom
No longer hidden
No longer scared
You will grow
You will believe
You are meant for more
Can you see
Do you believe
This place is right
This dream is true
You are the spark in this child's eye.

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A woman's body

I dream of a woman's body 
and of wrapping it in my arms
and watching as it gets slushy
and as she progressively 
becomes more slutty.
I'd like to play with it 
like a fishers price toy.
And go fishing until 
I've reached the treasure.

With a woman's body the fun
is never really over and I'll 
keep scobba diving until 
I've seen all four walls.
And pushed each and every lever. 

Some women than like to sever 
all ties and be the player. 
But when I dream of a woman's 
body I dream that time is frozen.
And that this one sensuous moment
could last forever.

But I haven't found her body yet.
I regret....    


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Friendly Love

There are a lot of things to say
Why do I feel so alive when you're around?
There’s so much to do today
But how do I get rid of the clouds – shadowy and gray
We're lying on the ground...
Looking at the stars overhead... 

You are my beloved friend – 
Our love won’t break or bend
I’ll love you until the very end…
I’ll love you endlessly…our happiness blends
Like coffee and cream– yum! 
I know…these rhymes are quite dumb…aren’t they? 

Our light will shine and burn out the night 
Maybe there’s a star in the sky that scorches with love 

You are my superb friend – 
Our love won’t wear off or wither away
I’ll love you until the day I die
I’ll love you every day…our delight will be
As sweet as pie – how appealing 
I know…these words are overused…aren’t they? 

Our flight will be as dazzling as the elegant eagle 
Trained to ascend for more than half his life – or we’ll be like the seagull!! 
We could fly there and catch it someday
Fly……with me! Shoot the bull’s eye!
Our love will never die…so don’t say otherwise
Or I’ll sink in dismay

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I Wish

If a genie offered me 3 wishes I’d be too prideful to use it
I know all about survival won’t lose it
But I wish people could be truthful, before having to be lied to, to produce it
I wish for the day there’s no pain behind my smile
I wish to one day have a family to make up for what I missed as a child
Sometimes I wish I could write like others
But realise I can only write about the life I suffered
I wish for the day all of my scars heal
I wish for the day I’m no longer numb & my heart feels
I wish someone will buy my scars before I sell them
 I wish to stop someone & for them to understand before I tell them
I wish to die before the day I need help breathing
I wish to have a threesome with Kaley Cuoco and Michelle Keegan
I wish my girlfriend doesn’t take that line too serious
I wish to just enjoy my time and experience
I wish people could see I’m emotional and not feminine
I wish to meet my idols Cristiano Ronaldo and Eminem
I wish to not suffer writers block & never struggle with my pen again
I wish to never lose the things which hold sentiment 
I wish people wouldn’t judge me based on my tattoos
And realise they are a part of my life
I wish you’d stop calling people a failure
When you don’t see how hard they tried
I wish my happiness doesn’t cause another person’s sadness
I wish my brother and sister weren’t heroin addicts
I wish people would realise I’m not a wannabe gangster cause I listen to hip-hop
I wish people would realise I don’t always want to be found when I get lost
I wish some people would realise I hold them dearer than most
I wish they could understand I fear being close
I wish for the day everyone will feel free 
But most of all I wish for people to just appreciate the real me

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Nighttime Wonders

There is a place,
a magical wonderland
that sits at the end of your mind,
and everybody dead and living
goes there when they are tired.
It is a place that is special
and is diffrent to stand to your approval.
It is a nighttime wonder
only open from eleven to five
and you can only come,
if you truely believe.

It is a place
where the streets are paved gold,
peace runs through every corner and avenue,
no jails, no hospitals
because there is no crime and no sickness.
The skies are always blue,
and the clouds are all white,
the sun is blazing hot
and the woman all give you a wink of an eye
and all blow you kisses,
where the men want to be you,
and where the women want to sleep with you.
It is a nighttime wonder,
a special place,
in the back of your mind.
It is real, not imaginary,
nothing is fake about this place,
this is where dreams come true,
where there are no cancers, headaches, toothaches,
no wars, no enemies, no hangovers,
no schools, no politicians, no lawyers, no greed,
no sin, no temptation, no demons or devils;
everything is beautiful, and everything grand.

A piece of Heaven on Earth.
Everyone is happy,
all with a smile on their face,
not a frown in sight.
Songs are sung with the most beautiful of voices
and the sweetest of songs sung.
This place is a nighttime wonder.

When you tuck yourself under the sheets,
grab your pillow, or girlfriend, or boyfriend
husband or wife, or even your favorite stuffed friend,
we all go to this special nighttime wonderland.
A place of joy, a place of happiness,
a place where you go to forget
and enjoy,
a mini vacation.
Till that alarm clock's annyoing buzz comes on
and pulls you out of that nighttime wonder
and places you back into reality.

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The little mermaid in my pond

the little mermaid
hidden deep inside 
is  simply invisible
for she's my secret bride

I hardly hear her speak
she plays hide and seek
yet so very imaginable 
for a private mind 
behind closed eyes 
gazing at and beyond
the  almost  unseen waves 
of my little pond
where a different world
an amazing cave
where I can wash away
every irritating brain wave

beyond  the surface 
I float 
between the fish
I hide 
under  little lotus leaves

in this dream
my  most secret wish 
is coming through
enriched with the gift
of  a miraculous new view

I watch a wonderful world
I am speechless
I am breathless
I swim
my hair curled
my legs unite
my feet sway
I dive down under
my little isle
of tranquility

I watch the world above
I love 
I live
my dream
of the little mermaid
in my my pond

Written for "Mermaids Free Poetry Contest"
Sponsor	Suzanne Delaney
June 2014

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Everyone’s an artist,
snug inside their sheets.
Awakened by our sleeping minds,
subconscious finds its feet.

Dancing like a plastic bag
caught in a gust of wind,
expanding like a child’s balloon
unfolding from within.

Fragmented dreams
when you were young
still linger to this day.

Inside the mind
grand paintings hung
forgotten smiles you’ve saved.

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the crown is moving away, leaving me
the clouds of hopes fast vanishing
my mill of motives grinding to a halt
and my sap of potentials clogging
never to flow for me to live

seven years ago, I started to crawl
to catch my dream in the sky
in the offertories of Writers Bureau School
But still I am that toddler, stunted
I wish to grow by your fingers of benevolence

Dip unto my tongue, once
for the miracle to happen
so I can praise you as GOD of my salvation
Only this I crave
To be in Writers Bureau School.

this is my personal appeal for my dream to come true to be a freelance journalist. Your
help is highly reverend. Thanks.

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Weaving Dreams

~Weaving Dreams~ ( Free Verse) Mind have countless dreams illusions Flowing bubbles glowing in mid-air Radiant sunrises sunsets pretty pictures Sometimes growing burning in the sun Pillars of great strength raising High seemly all the way into the sky Lovable and gentle sweet creatures Spreading their love and true devotion Black yellows greens blues and purple pinks Passing glassy ships filled of inconceivable dreams In a spinning wheel orbiting weaving on the time Penning words overflowing thoughts with volumes of my mind. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 January,07,2015

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awake from a dream

My hands loose
on the wheel
Darkness in sight
                The road invisible
lanes imaginery, 
conscious heavy

As the road ends 
so does my touch
                My skin bleeds as
my mind rises
A fury of sounds 
distort my screams
I struggle 
I fight

I glide into the darkness
Begging and pleading...
Crying out to stay
As I vanish
into the night

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The Problem With Dreams

You've told me I love you a thousand times
You told me you loved me more
Told me about the life you want with me
Looked at me like I was your world
And I knew that everything you said was true
I knew I'd always have you

But all that changes in a moment
When I can no longer see the light in your eyes
Your words have no meaning, 
Your gaze holds only distance
And I freeze like a trapped animal
As the fear spreads like frost
And suddenly I know, like I always knew
I was always meant to lose you

I'm half-living in a dream or a nightmare
But the problem with dreams
Is that you never know what's real
Until you wake up

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dream girl

Flawed, scarred, and as far away from perfect as you could ever get
Doesn’t nag, but knows how to keep me in check
Realises I’m with her cause I love her and doesn’t stress over my ex
I’m just describing my dream girl even though we haven’t met

Hopefully she won’t shy away from dressing up
But I don’t want you dressing it up or trying to act brave
Just know I’ll hold you when you’re upset and always have your back babe
We’ve got each other so it doesn’t matter about anyone else getting us

I’ll hold your hand and show you, your heart belongs to me
Support you at your weakest you don’t have to be strong for me
Hopefully you will accept all that is wrong with me
Then I know you’re the one for me

I’ll always put you first babe
But let us make a deal
If you’re quiet when the football’s on, I’ll remember your birthday
When you’re hurt, my arms will be your place to heal

She’s been through the worst so I’ll give her the best of me
Can’t wait till I have you next to me
A fully committed love not just sex to me
I’m describing my dream girl even though we’re yet to meet 

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Serene 2

Hot sun rays gleem from your skin
as you drift in gaze at the sky.
Beads of sweat dance down
as birds hover high above.
Grass dance in the breeze 
as you ponder days gone by.
Body so relaxed as you gaze
feeling a gentle breeze 
blow across your skin.
So much time to ponder
what to do in life
as the day passes away 

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Nexus of One

Continuously phantasmagoric  is its vitality,
Crystallizing within the depths of my spirituality, 
Sanctuary  against the maleficent reality, 
Encompassing  past the fortification of mentality,
Dependency upon its draught of lethality,
Praying for the verisimilitude of immortality, 
Enlightened after necrosis, for entwinement in  universality

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The Dream

It was it was her face still
though now white as cold as marble
she would not smile at me anymore in the sweet way she had of smiling
but it was still her face
the face I had seen in my minds eye
carrying my heart through the days weeks months of my long travels
how I adored her pleasure on my return

And to have found her faithless !

My mind was a hive of swarming wasps whose stings were my remorseless thoughts
I had shameful and bestial imaginings of her 

I killed sweet innocence with my knife

But it was a dream a dreadful dream and nothing more !

But if a man should have a dream 
and in that dream should take a knife to destroy himself 
and the knife were to fall from his hand  
and if waking saw where the knife had fallen what then ?

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It's Raining Even When It's Not

It's raining even when it's not. 

I walk down a path,
A path of few steps.
Steps that lead to a future,
A decided future.
Decided not by me.

As I go along it,
I think I should feel sun,
But all I feel is rain.

I look around and I see none.
But I feel it prickling against my skin.
Hitting me slightly,
But hitting me still.

I'm drowning,
Drowning in it's amounts.

It's raining, even when it's not.

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It's the moment at the deepest part of your sleep
It takes hours to attain this second to keep
Our slumber usually does not achieve this utopian ecstasy 
The interaction you wish continues endlessly
But once in a blue moon, a moment you never expect
The moment arrives where you truly connect
As you see the second half, completing the full moon
And their eyes are made to fully consume
All of their perfection manifested from your mind
Into a form which only your subconscious can define
Everything is vivid, everything is clear
Fear leaves your heart as your heart delves into the nearest dear

Realer than reality
Better than destiny
More serene than serenity
Pristine felicity

And then you fall into the void
As your dream is dismantled and destroyed
You knew from within that it was too perfect to be real
But you went on anyway, blissfully ignorant appeal
Inward peace when outward chaos
As your eyes ease open only to loss
Quickly, return to slumber
But the dream is no longer
No way to go back, no matter how you try
And at this point you knew it was all a lie
But sometimes the lie is the ideal reality
Better than the realm of actuality
Where the significant other may not see you so significant
Or perhaps they're away, astray, or on the other side
This moment will stick with you throughout the day
And it will either decay or be immortalized in a poem on display

Send me back to dreamland
For I demand something grand
Not this cell so bland
But a world of my command
And my vivid other in a moment unplanned

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Elevator To My Subconscious Part 2

How about the woman!
His voice suddenly full of venom
You know the one I speak of
Let's commence her to squealin
It's just a dream you know
You are king of justification
Let's ravage this little beauty
And give her an education

No!!! I quickly scream
Never will I betray her
It's the most beautiful love
Someone like me could encounter
I have hurt her enough
She does not give herself lightly
So under no circumstances
Would I disrespect her dignity

You violate women constantly, he says
But "only in your mind"
So you want humanity to evolve?
This place stinks of your lies!!!!!!
Yet you ridicule belief
You call it "escape from thinking"
But your contempt for women
Has our little dream wreaking

I don't hate women, I say
Regardless of my ex-wife
She was taught to think in lack
Since day one of her life
Then again they have always known
How best to hurt me
But they are just products
Of a reactionary society

As far as the government
It's exactly the same thing
We're a drone hive of escapists
Hiding in the denial of beliefs
But I don't exempt myself
My escapism is becoming clear
I desperately wanted to find you
And overcome my fears

He mocks me with applause
You should run for President
I've found the missing link
Let's build you a towering pyramid
Suddenly he is behind me
Whispering quietly in my ear
Cold chills cover my body
As I succumb to desperate fear

I begin frantically running
To the sound of a demonic lullaby
His laughter mocking every step
The hallway suddenly dark as night
My hair standing on end
Suddenly he is in front of me
And black eyes step into my body
As I wake to the alarm clock's ring

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Demons and Forbidden Truths

Somewhere between waking and sleep
	I call forth demons.
They are not devils, malicious,
	only demons of my imagination,
	feisty demons.

They hunt frogs at night
and sleep under toadstools by day.

They tell me secrets--
	forbidden truths.
A certain guilt comes my way.

Some thing are better left unsaid
	in the orange colored half-light
	of evening.

And novels tragically foretold.
And Africa windswept, meerkats eating oranges.

Do not call me while I am deaf.
If judging as a Hallmark card,
delete comments:  delete, delete.

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By the immutable images
Of my dream world

By the horrifying images
Of the images of my age

By the green dreams 
Of erected dreamers
Far from Hughes’s
Developing dreams

By the words 
Of the quick lover

By the lover
Who quits my wet lips
To offer to a series of men
The same words and lips
And heart, and Heats

By the lies, sighs, bites
Of the lover

And nothing else in return!
And she seems to say
I’ll control your life!
But still love and hold you
And will never let you go 

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I'll meet you
Next lifetime
When everything is
In its perfect place
When all questions
Are answered
In the courts of heaven
When dreams 
Become real
When time lets go 
of empty memories
And forever is filled 
With magical moments to last 
I'll feel you 
When the heartbeat 
is steady and sure
When I have nothing else to write about
But only of us
I'll meet you there
Next lifetime.

(Note : Though unfinished, I'm glad to post this. Wandering mind and sensitive 
heart keep me warmed up to the task. Hope it doesn't take me till next life
to finish this one though...By the way, to anyone, please don't hesitate to 
correct me with proper syntax and better grammar, if needs be.. :-)..thanks!    

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In the Coals

The sky danced a glimmer of setted sun blue
Softly through into the night
Like rafters keeping us safe on our path under heaven
Trees wove themselves over us
Breathing light from coals washed the five gathered faces
Flickered in their eyes and over their bodies
In the quiet I saw

In the south like the waves from beneath the sea
One spirit shone with a shimmering breath
And another in the west settled on the rafters there
With a sighing light barely seen and hardly felt
Amid the rafters of the north one other spirit swayed
There too an ethereal visitor echoed in the east
In the quiet I saw

Faces bright, strong and painted with a wash of . . . 
Contentment, save two, both fallen of crest
And still under the watchful eyes of Nokomis high in the skies
One rose to smile holding a light before him closely
But woe fell across the other for being there within already
As if unable to escape for eyes unseeing
In the quiet I saw

I watched a struggle between three spirit cousins
Over and all around they fought where he had fallen
So vicious this fight, it cast a shrouding over everything of him
For these two beasts snarled and slashed for dominance
While the third sat quietly as if waiting or perhaps just watching
With great patience for one to fall and it too was evil
In the quiet I saw

The sky shone softly in the ambient light of stars unglimpsed
For Nokomis with her watching eyes held us 
As only grandmothers do for having loved and loved her child’s children too
All through the night she held us as we sailed without a sound
Across and over the blue of setted sun somewhere next to here
With the warmth of coals burning nowhere save inside 
In the quiet I saw

In the quiet I saw five souls glimmering
In the quiet I saw a war cross one red road
In the quiet I saw the spirits of four ancestors
In the quiet I saw everything, nothing all that I needed
In the darkness of the madodoswun it is dark as pitch
And still, and yet . . .
Before the door whispered to open
I saw in the quiet still

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To get my best you need to endure a mans worse
I’ll chase my dreams make all of my plans work
I want 10 times what that house and lands worth
I’ll write until my hand hurts

I’ll never waste a chance
You’ll never see me run
They say bands make her dance
I’d rather her dance for me because I’m, the one

There are no rules in life
The only time I’d hate myself
Is if I let you fool me twice
I wish I could date myself

Had to throw a joke in there
But at least I’d show I care
Wouldn’t let fear break me, I broke the fear
Pain is going, hope is near

Success is coming, sufferings leaving
People give up for troubling reasons
They quit before they try
But I won’t stop till if fly

Why would you give in to pain?
I don’t want to continue living the same
I stopped trying to drop wisdom a long time ago
What’s intelligence if the wrong mind knows?

So until I’ve got a failing heart
I’m Marshall mathers in the trailer park
I’m Ronaldo with the ball at his feet
I’ll break down every wall that I meet

Maybe I should tell you how deranged my mind it
I’ll kidnap Mc Hammer make him use his CD to change the time with
Grab the clock away and say you can’t touch this
Then let him go first on the before and after of success

Success backwards is spelt “sseccus” that makes no sense
But to get to the day where it no matter matters what I say how far will I go?
There ain’t no length
But I hope my words will cause an earthquake and break that bench

I will be successful
No matter how long it takes me
I know it will be stressful
But see how strong it makes me

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The iron core of the whole family
She stands with the long rooster
First crow which tears up, praying, and
Goes on laboring till the owl grave 
Hoots herald the veiling darkness
And darkness is life and might
But also death and weakness.
The hoots made me so small when 
A child and think of mother to
Soothe me, fear sorcerers, death,
Dream of stars, my eyes well-closed
Of my tiny world full of fairy tales
With the spider as the hero.
I like my mom and she likes me too.
She prays Allah to grant me success
And I ask Him to forgive her, for
She’s always been my surest support
Of course she hadn’t been to school
But was a school herself. Proud 
Reader, my friend, be sure that
She’s as divine as your mother. 

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For a Moment

For a moment, I believed I even allowed myself to breathe. . . To smile upon you in all that was said and done For a moment, you were there And a simple thought made me beam I was there looking you in the eye it seemed For a moment, doubt swept under my feet Threatening to bring me to the ground But your words pulled me up by the string For a heavy moment, I realized Just how far you are from me Too far to be close—to far to allow that smile And for another sad, long moment, I sit here in awe-struck despair Wondering why the smile was ever there

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Love jumped up and kicked my door in

Love jumped up one afternoon
and as I sat reading a book,
she kicking my door in
and took me in a dream wonderland
full of surreal life,
and Salvador Dali was there, painting
and Picasso sat smoking a cigarette,
and thumbing his nose at Dali,
but Dali smiled and kissed his feet.
Love tugged me by the hand, as an impatient mother
would do to her child in a candy shop.
She showed me a cloud,
and on that cloud was the twenty-seven club
smoking weed and drinking whiskey and playing music,
Jimi Hendrix playing his fender Stratocaster with his teeth,
Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin singing away to a blues tone,
Kurt Cobain and Robert Johnson were no where in sight though!
And I sat with them and I talked with them and I played with them
and I sang with them, and they loved me,
and we were happy,
and Love pulled me again and she kissed me on the lips,
and showed me three people who had broken my heart,
and they were dressed in grey and frowning,
I did not laugh and I did not cry, I just stood and stared
(they were ashamed to look at me,)
Love pulled me into her own little place,
on her own little cloud,
I sat on a throne decorated with gems and rubies
and their sat a table full of food and drink
and Love came close to me and fed me and cuddled on me
and kissed me and made me feel safe and secure.
She was a beautiful goddess, that Love girl.
She smiled and it made my heart jump and skip
and she held me close and there I trusted her
and trust I did to her.
I closed my eyes and I feel asleep and dreamed about anything that I wanted to.
Dream after dream of beautiful and glamorous things that made my head spin!
Love was by my side the whole night and day,
and there she was every single day,
in what felt to be May
and she sang a song;
that made me dance and kiss her more and more.
That day Love jumped up and kicked in my door,
was the best thing that ever occurred to me.


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Curious----It's all in the titles

'Last night I dreamt'... 'a curious dream' Where 'time in slow motion' came 'at the end of the day' I was 'lost in the woods', under a 'portrait of twilight' A 'shimmer of color' was a new 'revelation', a 'friend of a summer night'. I was seeing the world behind 'rose colored glass' The world was 'so beautiful', and 'delicate as twilight' My 'task', a 'simple pleasure'...'light years' away from 'clouds' of my day No 'rain' or 'storm tantrums' to dampen my spirits, or 'ghost of the season' or reason, to worry Nor 'two worlds colliding' under 'long shadows of the moon'. I was 'locked in the shadows of time', asking curious questions " 'What if?'....'What is your name'? 'Do I know you?' "... Curious they were, with strange 'spellbound' and 'insight' I was caught by the 'wind songs' ''falling forward', 'into the wedge' Softly cradled, again... 'into the arms of midnight'
_______________________________________________________ For Adam's Contest: "It's All In The Titles"

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Remember the Days

Listen my child to the sounds of love within your heart
Caress those dreams for they are what guide your life
Remember the days of the young because the weeks of the old never last as long
Learn to believe in yourself for you are the only one that can weaken the storm
Remember what my love has taught
You hold the whole world in your tiny hand but your strength could change it's whole aspect
You are the future  The determined soul  The one that will have to fight to carry on
I just pray the lessons learned now will not stray your childlike imagination when i am gone
and everything you see within me helps your unknowing path to life, love and dreams come true.

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-Death Is A Nothing Word-

                                                     DEATH IS A NOTHING WORD
                                                     for Death was once called
                                                      D'aarth in ancient of ancient
                                                       times, then translated to Death
                                                       to control and cause fear.

  Death means nothing to the dead

   but it sure means a lot to the living

   because death is a nothing word

   for the dead is glorying in their living

   and the living is left to mourn the dead

   Death means nothing to the dead

   for the dead is now living a life free

   free from worry, free from pain and body

   the living finds the missing of those love ones

   who have passed on from this earthly road

   sometimes too terrible to bear

   but the dream of the dead goes on instead

   The door of death is there for all already awaiting

   it's only those that are scared of that word of death

   that makes it hard to go thro' that open door

   for that open door leads to a world of dreams

   the dream of walking in a dream

   till the passing on is fully realized

   that more the living is done on the other side

   tho' without a body, you the "Spirit" is now free

   So it is now very important to realize in truth

   that You are You the Spirit in a body encased

   and not the other way round that you are told to embrace

   and so go on to knowing of your Immortality

   and that makes the door of death easy to go through

   to make the new living so much easier to propound.


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Dream Fast

Every night I, crawl in my bed
The lights are off so, it’s too dark to see
I slip under the covers and, 
Hope to find my goddess lying next to me …

I know her so well,
I don’t know her name
I fall asleep at night,
The dream is always the same

I reach out toward her,
Feel her warm embrace
I get so near and close,
She disappears with grace

I wake up in the morning,
Face becomes just a memory
I’ll search for her to-day,
See what’s there for me

I walk through the streets 
Push my way through the crowd
But how can I find her,
I’ve no name to call out loud

The beauty in my dreams torments me so much
I want her to hold me but there’s no way to touch
I know I’ll love again when I dream
But my waking life is torture, or so it seems
I’ll know I’ve found her when her eyes meet my sight 
Until that day, I’ll dream every night

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Wet Dreams

Slow to wake 
Still steeped in dreams 
The sheets seem to be tangled around my shaken legs 
Sweat, sweet scent 
Melting off of this...
.....curious wanton body 

I try to let go, 
to shed these dreams of you
I always have 
When I'm wanting 
What you won't give me

My night shirt must've...'s off and on the floor, wet 
I must've stripped in the twilight hours,
 feeling too much heat in my blood 

I honestly don't remember the touch, 
just the fading dreams 
Of you
I'm still wet, it's just... Everywhere
 The room feels overwhelmingly 
Too much heat in my blood 

I'm wanting 
And you're not...

I can always tell
Because in this heat of passion lingering 
on my tongue and 
on my thighs

You don't even notice 
Steeped in dreams of your own 
And snoring softly beside me

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Botticelli Dreams of Sweet Purple Calicoo - And You

Your image appears through a purple-hued haze of silence… 
weaving its whispered dreamy spell, while you re-connect the strings of my sleeping heart
You go about und