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Free Verse Autumn Poems | Free Verse Poems About Autumn

These Free Verse Autumn poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Free Verse Autumn poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Where The Sycamore Grew

The house seemed smaller, now seen with older eyes...
The street seemed narrower, the trees taller..
Where once were open fields across the road
New construction had bloomed
The small fruit orchard had disappeared

But somehow we knew it would still be there....
Strangely different, ...yet much the same

There was an unfamiliar young child's tricycle
On the flagstone path that we laid...
In front of this little house that lies
Beyond the curve, where the old sycamore grew...

Suddenly, thirty years faded into that autumn day
And quickly had become a springtime of our lives..... 
...of first Christmas trees,..of first anniversaries...
            ...a place where I cried night after night when mother died...
                       ...and spent long, starry nights holding newborn babes.... is all still there, in the little yellow house

Funny, but I'm glad they kept the yellow...
It has the same white shutters...
The little yellow house, with a flagstone pathway that we laid
That sits beyond the curve, where the old sycamore grew...


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         Oh I am but a simple leaf
         withering within the gutter
         one summer of bliss
         now! Just an autumn flutter.

                   For some; destine to fall
                   upon stony ground, a part
                   of life’s infernal gyration.
                   Yet for those that fall
                   within your reach, to live
                   on within your soul!

         While limbs that stretch
         towards the solstice, create
         vivacious veins as channels of hope,
         a pledge of foliation continues
         to endure what spring has
         furnished; autumn expires. 

                   Yes! If we can but learn
                   from nature’s complex simplicity,
                   that life be of a cycle
                   from the seed we are conceived,
                   then let spring be my beginning
                   winter my exultant eve!

         Let our two cultures
         merge as one, the
         decomposed humus
         to become the sustenance;
         our transfusion the
         new beginning.

                   Let us breathe the
                   fragrance of born again;
                   let each slender limb,
                   stout body bear our
                   tenaciousness, each lyrical
                   leaf our life’s blood.

          Let us mollycoddle each
          precious tear that falls from a
          angry sky; dance gracefully
          upon the wind, embrace
          on moonless nights, bathe
           in summer madness.

                   Let us hear the bluebell call,
                   the daffodil pray, the apple
                   blossom bear witness; the
                   clamour of the field mouse
                   the pitapat of the butterfly
                   the silence of lovers in love.

             Let us be sanctuary to the
             symbolic songstress, scuttling
             squirrel, vulgar urchin;
             a fortress for the warrior
             a haven for the pacifist
             an inspiration for the poet!


                  The call of springtime
                   we will invoke,
                     logging representative
                      we will gladly choke;
                        nature’s guardian.
                          “This! Obliging old oak.”

Copyright Harry J Horsman 2000



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Autumn Colours

i am surrounded by a blaze of  flaming colors in God's garden.
autumn happily creating with her palette in hand the September scape.

a thousand shades of reds, yellows, browns, earth tones spread,
blended perfectly by the artist's loving hand, a sensual delight.
a masterpiece, sketched against a bark colored scrim of nature's flesh.

with my eyes opened wide and my body clothed in autumns light 
quenched but still wanting, unwillingly i stagger away, drunk from exposure.

Maurice Yvonne
September 2 2014

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Our shadows are silhouetted against the fading orange sky.
A blanket of russet and brown leaves carpet the ground
Like tiny children we kick the wind blown leaves, hearing them crunch under our feet
The silvery moon casts its eerie glow, illuminating the trees
Branches once dripping with their coats of leaves are now naked and exposed
The biting wind reminds us that summer is just a distant memory
Pulling our hoods over our heads we hurry home to a roaring fire

Contest:- One Autumn Night
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
~awarded 7th place~

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Summer's Interlude

Beneath a lovers’ moon,
Summer breezes in.
In still-cool primrose evenings
lingering from spring,
she whispers in my ear.
I hear. . .
honey bees near lilacs,
whippoorwills in leafy trees,
and somewhere. . . 
A hoot owl in the night.

Beneath a beaming sun,
Summer carries on
inhaling and exhaling sultry days.
On languid afternoons beyond
a yellow flowered meadow, she finds me
as I wade into a stream. Warmly, 
she breathes upon my cheek.  I feel. . .
the squish of mud beneath my toes,
cool water all around me, and
tiny tadpoles flitting round my knees.

Beneath an autumn moon,
Summer slips away
sigh. . .ing  into
still-hot waning days.
I smell her fragrance in the blooms
of asters that I pluck;
I see her in a golden-glitter dusk and
I hear her in the cries 
of wild geese across the sky
calling out to me her last goodbye.

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- Summer's End -

Summer is like bathing naked in honey
Liquid hot gold shiny sweet honey
You feel it like velvet on your skin
It fills you with wonder - sweetness and grace
Dancing in a field of timothy filled with summer scents
A gust of wind that kisses your cheek - it's summer time
Small buds on the trees - a little bird sitting in the tree and singing

Summer day suffocated by autumn crisp and cold breath
Grief catches my deepest spirit but the waves hide my tears
On my palette colors are perfect - red, yellow, orange and brown tones
The trees pray and hope - but someone has to lose for severe storms
My eyes capture the most beautiful moments
Autumn dress in beautiful colors dancing and ripples in the wind
Withered autumn leaf - no small bird sitting in the tree and singing

- A-L Andresen :) 30.08.2014
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

Contest Name:Summer's End 
Sponsor:Kelly Deschler

- Thanks for my 1st place in the contest - :)

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Falling Petals

A flower blooms - only for a time -
then petal by falling petal, dies.
And faster still when winter settles -
washing white all color from sight.

An heirloom clock wakes sleepy night, 
a new calendar sits on tidy desk,
a still life hanging on shadowed wall -
helps to remind of spring's rebirth 
as days grow ever shorter.

Does winter's chill call thoughts of death
to those who would rather forget
or bury our discontent beneath the snow?
In late autumn's weary hours, 
I tend to the fading flowers
and waiting, hold my breath.

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Unfettered Words

Sometimes between the lines,
trembles the silence of unspoken goodbyes,
expectant and charged, like a theater scene,
in the moments before the curtain rises.

In a dream that I've had,
you are southward bound, so it must  be early autumn,
which, fades to sheer, then disappears.....

Debris fills the gutters, and the shades are drawn
Wild thorn-berries have been picked, all the branches are bare. 
And through limbs of old questions, and tall, knotted trees, 
Limbs filter regret with a light, between

Leaves are adrift, as if disturbed,
littering the speachless sky
along with unfettered words,
that clamor against the leadlight of a window,
pleading to be heard.

Crushed leaves are swept away,
by a bridled hesitation.
No summer aria has been sung,
and the words go unsaid.
Leaves fall straight to the ground,
and the light leaves the world.

The red velvet drape descends,
leaving unfettered leaves, and unsaid words, bereft, in the dark.

For The Contest "Vibrant Verse"  Sponsored By Charlotte Puddifoot

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God’s inspirational napalm set ablaze upon the trees of autumn,
Welcome to the ascension of the fall season, bursting forth onto
The leaves once evergreen.
Colors of crisp snapping, auburn reds, fires aglow oranges, and
Subdued darken browns to contrast the mixtures blending, created
By the masterful hands of a higher powers creativity.
Tender timbers mutated into a glorious display of light and color,
Splashing the palette array of natural beauty.
Blessed in magnificence the lord hushes and stills, the mortal heart,
As inspiration captures the poets ink pen to write,
Upon the empty parchment page.
Strolling lovers huddle together, beneath a wondrous tapestry,
A canopy of leaf petals, that descend as it is caressed
By a chilling fall breeze.
Whispering softly in each others ears tender words
Sweet nothings, youth in utter splendor wrapped
Embraced in loves devotional shawl of emotions.
Behold vows promises of perfection uniting
These spirits of fall, united against the winter
Winds forever more.
Cold and slain lay the roses of summer, yet within
The wild heart of innocence, the flame of desire
Shall not flicker out, nay it lives strong in the young,
A blossom of delicate distention is true loves flower.
Oh in timeless remembrance as years will pass,
And only one shadow remains between these two
Souls united joined in life as one. 
Shall beyond another single silhouette awaits,
Tracing these burnt ambers of autumn from long ago,
 In cascading showers of melted colors of memory.
In angels tears a gentle rain does fall, yet a smile
Crosses the face of this eternal love, a blessings
Promise in one word spoken, always.
God’s inspirational napalm set ablaze upon the trees of autumn,
Welcome to the ascension of the season, bursting forth onto
The leaves of the evergreen.


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Summer's Fall

Summer’s Fall

Slow bleeding trees stand,
pallbearers to a failing Summer’s
last warm, moist breath.
Cold moon casts shadows into
early darkness, on flowers shivering
in chilling soil.  Thus does Autumn’s
beauty shield us from our pain.

John G. Lawless
for PD’s One Autumn Night(in just 7 lines) – Poetry Contest 

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Music of the Plains

Left tall and dry, lies the pillared maize forsaken.
Barren fields of corn, stand row by row.
When yellow ears have long been gathered, 
a dusty crop has paid it's garnered due.
The dry stalks bend and dangle stiff remains,
and autumn winds return to whip batons and play.
The quiet fields tune harps and violins,
making harmony from husks, with swaying stalk refrains.

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Autumn on my page

There is a wind ,  which sketched,
Without my knowledge,  the message;

Autumn had lying words,
On my page.

It was by way of red leaves,
The bird of passage,
Twirling in space,

I followed it of my glance
And its woven loops,
On the canvas of the sky.

I just transcribed,
What the wings,

Supported on the wind,
Said to me.

(translated from french )

C'est un vent qui traçait,
A mon insu,         le message  ;

L'automne avait couché les mots,
Sur ma page.

C'étaient en guise de feuilles rousses,
L'oiseau de passage,
Virevoltant dans l'espace,

Je l'ai suivi de mon regard,
Et de ses boucles tissées,
Sur la toile du ciel .

J'ai seulement retranscrit,
Ce que les ailes,

Appuyées sur le vent,
M'avaient dit.

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Drink Responsible - Slogans -

                         Can you hear me now? Good!                                 
                       I can't seem to forget you                                         
                    I love what you do for me                                          
                 It must be love                                                             
              between love and madness lies obsession                       
           Like always. Like never before                                        

At the sign of the                                         cat 
have a break, have a                              Kit-Kat                    
Tastes so good cats ask for it by name 
                                                      Schhhh ... You-know-who       

I'd rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity
                                                                  Perfect to you
                                                                       Purely you 
There's a smile in every Bar                                                                                   
               Obey your thirst                                                                        
               This Bud's for you                                                
One a day helps you work, rest, and play                     
               More fun than rum                                             
               Drink responsible                                   
Heineken open your                                            world                                                
Because  that's
                                              i                      n
                                 k                                              d
                          e                                                             o
                        h                                                                 f
                        t                                                                m
 ... nobody can say no to the honey nut O              
a bowl a day keeps the bullies away         

                   Our plans are based on yours                      
                   You have my word on it                    
Be the first to know                       
Who we are                                 
                The "no problem" people  
                                                   Only smarties have the answer           
                                                   Making it all make sense 
Drink responsible                    
                       Because that's the kind of mom you are                
Sometimes you've got to break the rules       
                       Blow your own bubble                           
You're invited                                       
                       Catch our smile?
Everything we do is driven by you                                     
Driven by what's inside                                            
                       We'll take more care of you                                 
                       You asked for it.                You got it                            
We know what it means to serve                 
On your side                                              
Allied on your side     
You're in good hands  
We make it happen     
We'll be there                           
Get the feeling                       
Im lovin' it                                   
You are the controller                       
Only on Playstation                    
                                 You are now free to move                
                            Unleash the beast       
                       Is it in you?       
                  Do you dare?   

About this poem:
To "write" this poem, I used slogans, short and often memorable phrases
used in advertising campaigns. Below you can find the name of the product 
(or the company) in order of appearance.

-Verizon Wireless; Wind Song; Toyota; Honda; Calvin Klein; Saturn
-Mercury; Kit Kat; Meow Mix; Schweppes
-Stella Artois; Wella; Dell; Hershey's; Sprite; Budweiser; Mars; Malibu;
 Captain Morgan; Heineken; Rice Krispies; Cheerios; Applejacks Cereal
-Assurant; Isuzu; CNN; Guardian Life Ins; Auto-owners Ins;
 Smarties; Microsoft
-Captain Morgan; Rice Krispies; Buger King; Bubble Yum; Red Hills Inn; 
 Pacific Southwest Airlines;  Ford; Subaru; British Airways; Toyota; USSA;
 Nationwide Mutual Ins; Allied Ins
-Allstate; IBM; Chevrolet; Toyota; Mc Donalds; Microsoft Kinect; PS3;
 Southwest Airlines; Monster Energy; Gatorade; Curious.

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Pressed Leaves

By chance, I found them, there...
Three pressed leaves, with brittle veins of delicacy
Tucked between the pages 
Of a tattered book of poems
Overlooked and gathering dust, 
A cover worn, with broken spine
It had your names, an autumn date, 
With script inside, a faded time...

Caressed in yellowed tissue, these three from ancient trees
Discarded long ago from russet crowns 
A memory, kept, of time, so keen, 
Of a long ago, brisk autumn day?

Where leaves had fallen so bold and gay, then twirled on down
From breezes that gently made the Sycamores sway
A place you walked and held his hand, and knew forever your love would be
Perhaps beneath those trees you made a plan for me
When winter's chill and stolen years had not yet come 
Where fragrance of fall and new young love was found
From soft carpets of scarlet, red and brown

You chose these three from all the rustling hordes that grew
A tree had finished using them, in remembrance of you 
They were yours for awhile...for your love, perhaps a lover's bed in my hands they lay....
             They are mine to to keep,  pressed leaves, 
                 To keep for now, close to my heart instead...

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One Autumn Day

Walking along the lake under the trees brown Up comes the wind, the leaves tumbling down Furling and swirling as the wind comes puffing When Falling down make not the slightest sound Forming tapestry of scarlet, yellow, russet and brown I have never ever seen such beauty in any season Where the leaves look like flowers of different colors
+++ September 11, 2014 Form: Free Verse Dr. Ram Mehta Seventh Place Win Contest: One Autumn Day by P.D.

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Branches wave naked in the autumn wind,
Leaves being tossed carelessly through the night.
Dark rain clouds are dominating our sky
And my eyes ask where the beauty has gone.

Daybreak shows sleepily its weary head
Just to return to bed, early again.
Cold and wet invading our daily walks 
And my eyes search for signs of a blue sky.

Alas, the first of many snowflakes fall
Bringing the beginning of brighter days.
Grey disappears under a white blanket 
And my eyes applaud November’s beauty.

The white snow has brought pureness in its wake
And nights are brighter from shimmering snow.
We light a fire, and it brings us such warmth 
And my eyes feel the sun shine once again.

Poet Destroyer A's Contest 
Impress Me with a Poem

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DECLARATIONS OF A SOCIAL SCIENTIST Indeed, I am that Poet and know it. Just in transition to a more enriched poetry form. I want to talk about life, politics, and religion. Maybe not simultaneously but how I am feeling today. I tell you life isn't a bowl of cherries. I am not harvesting berries. I live a vivacious existence. I nature walk and take beautiful pictures. I thrive in my leisure time. Even more so, I work until my mind unwinds. I am just a thrill seeker but not an extremist. I am an illustration of wellbeing. In fact, I am striving for better physical dexterity. In all, my body desires more agility. To eradicate the clumsiness, My ability to monitor my own quickness is propensity depleted. My mind, body, and spirit have superseded. Oh, I am told that it is all right to be big headed. Of course, gloating is good for your inner being. Dwindling is not something I will let occur. I am the booster of morale. Be assured that I am there for others who seek a physiological mental form. Do I appear to be titivated? I am what I have stated. Doubtlessly, there will be jealousy. Without doubt, they will envy me. Undoubtedly, this will not hinder. I have overcome obstacles since the being of my existence. Liberated from birth via a nation of government, I am free. I can wave my hand and be seen. I can stand up for what is right. I can ignite the political fire. I can educate my mind to genius. I can defeat enmity. Negativity may come but I disallow it to be a formula. I am abreast. |_____________________________________| Penned on October 31, 2014!

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One Autumn Day

One Autumn Day
One cloudless, bright color-splashed Autumn day, as a sunny sky frivolously frolicked with butterflies of iridescent blue, and trees exploded with flaming colors of burnt orange, red, and yellow, she rested on a soft bed of freshly-fallen leaves near a golden pond. In her reflection, she saw the spirited girl she once was, the brash nymph who uninhibitedly loved the sun god, amorous Helios, with glorious memories of one Autumn day forever engraved in her heart.

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Where Frozen Embers Still Burn

The sun had a way, of lighting the fires that would often die, and turn to ash, and dash our hope The wind had a way, to spread the flame, to light the way or die in vain Sun-ripe gold and red leaves have lined each trail and every road with heavy brilliance Our eyes, perhaps unwise, were often blinded by the glare But embers, frozen there, remained alive Approaching autumn, there is new fire Ripe with the sun, we have been shaped and formed grieving over postscripts, of a faded summer sky while the outstretched arm of autumn reaches through the trees--- Her leaf-fluttered hand opens fingers wide brushing passed branch silhouettes, to look into the sky and has tossed the evening embers to light our way
________________________________________________________ For Gail's Contest: Where Frozen Embers Still Burn 8/27/14

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October Envy

Her radiant beauty crested, wave ebbing,
summer shakes her flowing green free of cooling rains;
yet, stubbornly they linger, gathering
in misty gray garlands about her peaks.

Decay's first browns creep among the flowers,
drab omens of pallid landscapes soon to come.
Vain summer! Water mirrors she left scattered
reflect from every concave surface of the ground.

Fearful of the season's ending glory,
she reaches for a gown only a queen could wear--
parading field and forest in cascading folds of crimson velvet. 
Brilliant oranges, scarlet, gold weave her leafing harvest crown;
Her saffron slippered feet trip down a path of aging green.

Even the moon grows large with October envy,
but he cannot out do her flamboyant display;
his grand act only lasts a moment
compared to summer's pretentious autumnal show.
She hangs on, only brown remaining,
wringing out every vestige of our praise...
until winter comes, ice bragging, to steal the last away.

August 28, 2014

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Autumn Colors

          Autumn Colors

Trees shake old cobwebs from their heads
A kaleidoscopic parade of colors tumbles down
Pretty reds and yellows, parasol shapes
Parachute softly and collect in mounds  
Falling leaves that drift and cross our paths 
Brought on by climates cooler winds
Leave the trees in all their majesty
To become the magic of the season 

Created on 9/03/14 for Autumn Colors poetry contest

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On the Cusp of Winter

The last of summer's leaves
now hang in desperation,
tethered and waving amongst
the barren silhouettes of naked limbs
scratched against the lunar light; 
the last of autumn breathes
and its cold clouds race toward winter.

Written Sep. 6, 2014

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Autumn Enchantment

What autumn has bedecked
with plants, founts and flowers,
in colors of divine radiance
the sun hangs in the fourth sphere,
then comes purple daybreak
beautiful sky brimful with stars,
none can match mi cielo,
the lovely parts of your face!

Your black hair lost in the forest
hands soft and delicate as lilies,
hidden partially beneath your coat
breasts and arms, engirdling your fantasy frame,
stay, elusive shadow of my beloved,
lovely illusion on this soft autumn day
sweet woman for whom I love so sadly,
image of enchantment I love the best...

Today autumn washes gently along the Gulf of Mexico,
I gather cones of pines in yellow baskets,
opening a liter of sparkling red wine,
come mi corazon, in the energy of the Harvest moon glow,
for inside your simple and tender heart
my numb dreams yearn to snuggle up,
just as when the night of autumn starts,
we cuddle like two birds in cozy nests!

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Morning has spoken

Most beautiful honey 
deep inside the pot 
sweetly stirring thoughts
feelings velvet satin fluttering soft
touching sweetly emotions smile

Breathing in the fresh morning air 
misty capped mountains speak
echoing winds carries 
deep inside a faraway treasure
brushing across each warm skipping beat
falling dew upon the ground
thinking of you as an amazing dream 

Spirit of your beauty flies with me
dancing warm waves upon this soul 
within the loving you 
Paradise on distant sands
golden in a faraway land
across many distant seas

I lay my heart
upon the sands 
just for you my love 
Good morning most beautiful 
is when you smile

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I sit here enjoying nature
From high up on the tree
I gaze an encompassing all that is around me

The weather is cool
With a soft breeze flowing through the autumn  leaves
Colors of greens turning to shades of red, yellows, purples, and browns
Gently falling like a light feather
To the floors beneath the canopy of trees

A light  shower of cool rain
Settles on everything in sight
With sunshine reflecting of the water droplets
Each making a rainbow of it’s own
With colors of reds, yellows, blues, and violets

My attention is caught with the sounds of  movement in the brush
With the rustling  and stirring of the different  colored  leaves
Of shades of red, yellows, purples, and brown
On the floors beneath the canopy of trees

I fly very quietly in pursuit of my prey
Eventually spreading my wings and striking with my feet
To snatch my prey

I am sitting on my perch hooting
Swivel  my head more than 180 degrees looking in all directions
Encompassing all that is around me
Waiting for the sounds of movement in the brush to start again

By eve roper 10/24/2014

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Once Upon an Autumn Night

The spool of twine grows thicker
with the winding up of days,
the garden vines, yellowed, hug the ground;
the air, intoxicated with over ripened fruit,
grows loud with strident voices, the insects' final song.
The cooled night breeze shoves us gently toward the fire
and the love-large harvest moon bends low to kiss her dying child.

September 6, 2014

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High school year book, 47
I’m not a gad looking guy –
Short hair, sport coat, tie

This remembered as I gaze across the room
She’s sitting at a table near the wall,
Lap top open, ear phones, late and all

She wears a sleeveless blouse
On a cookie now I’m nibbling,
But, my God, her arm! What’s that scribbling?

From distance the appendage looks solid black
Is she weird, some sort of voodoo?
“No, you idiot!” I laugh. “Just a tattoo.”

Through her tangled blond hair a streak of purple,
No cosmetics improve the sallow face,
Clothes, by 40s standards, a national disgrace

I’m smitten – chair seat a bed of nails,
Arthritis rebels, bony hands clutch -
This modern generation, it’s just too much!

Dave Austin

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We walk on a crisp carpet of withered leaves
Purple, lilac and pink heather paints the hillside
The yellow gorse bushes emits a fiery golden glow
Vicious brambles protect their delicious fruit
We fight against them to pick their prized berries
Our fingers are stained purple with the blood of their juice
Then we hurry home to make a delicious pie

Contest: One Autumn Day (in just 7 lines)
Sponsored by Poet destroyer A
~awarded 4th place~

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Autumn Hope

Red leaves cowardly fall from trees like arrogant men
The powerful wind creeps up steadily scattering them on battered ground
While caretakers gather them into bags and empty them into garbage cans.

The giant trees still hold their composure waiting for the winter band
Autumn chills and winter spills engraved in the soul of every man
Telling us that life is entering another round and hope is still alive.

It has been a miserable year casting doubt and myriad fear
The summer season could not stand up to the parching sun
Events after events stirring up the summer heat but now autumn is here
Blowing away the evil dust making way for the winter crust.

I drove out in the wee hours of the morning and penetrated the clear blue sky
I saw millions of shining stars embedded in  the  dancing blue sky smiling merrily at me
And the cool autumn morning whispering songs of praise emitting sparkling delight.

I long to wake up to  the  day when the grumbling and contention will cease
The war will be completed and mankind will be at peace  
I longed for the day when families will reunite and communities will come together
I yearn for the day when countries will be delivered and enjoy lasting peace with their neighbors.  

The seasons embrace life’s abundance  
The seasons empowers pinnacles of hope
The seasons with its multitude of stars secured in the deep blue sky
And the red leaves scattered on the  ground is a testament
That autumn will bring new joy and stunning changes all around.
                                                                           ©2014 Christine Phillips

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Autumn Threads

Golden threads finger through the fog
To whisper at frosted boughs
For dawn is yawning at quilted trees
Where sunlight doth tap the pane of silent glass
Reflecting the blaze burning bright
Through misty Elms denuded
Of shame through natures stark humility 

Poet Destroyer’s contest: Autumn Day
11 September 2014

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Winter Pond

Shallow edged with twigs, and sodden leaves
The odors of the earth, green moss and peat
The roots of quiet trees and rotting logs
The crumbling bank where cattails wash their feet
Where tiny minnows dart with lightning speed
Among the roots where wild ducks come to feed
The very core and essence of the earth
Born of melted snow, and sleet and rain
Of birds who roost amid the tree tops high
And breathe the wholesome fragrance of the sky

Trees that sway and swoon along the bank
Shedding leaves of amber, rust and gold
Like ashes left from burning autumn dreams
To listen, standing guard on either flank
O'er twig and stone, with watchful eyes so keen
While shading coves where angler poles have been
Across it's face, a restless ripple seen
Where tangled grass and weeping willows lean
Upon the shores where struggles soon will cease
This place to spend in nature's splendid peace

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A Zillion Stars

August eighth nineteen thirty-seven her tiny Spirit thus landed on
This distant planet, within a parallel universe her newborne galaxy..
Ancient eyes gazing as yet but another of their own; Celestial's child ?

* ...."Lawana Faye Workman-Sadberry, Born August 8th, 1937, 'Her Beauty,' 
A Journey Unto Love's Stars, May 16th, 2013 * 'I Love You Mom,' Always.... *

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evolution of a life shared

love born ‘neath star sequins

a hand extended and life’s slow dance begins

confidential whispers exchanged

vows professed on a sun-kissed beach

eternity held in promises

leaping dolphins revel in joy

and they return when azure skies beckon the first-born’s toes to touch the ocean
       when the family erects sandcastles while waves lap the shore

             when the birds have left the nest as autumn fog covers the sea 
               when aging lovers see sunset casting a pink aura on lazy clouds
                    when the final glimmer of light surrenders to celestial curtains 

until the surviving spouse emits a sigh in the solitude of darkness 

*Entry for Nik Kulik's “Darn, I Wish I Wrote Whis” Contest

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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What the Quack!
I dont want my poems in Poem Zoo!

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With you in autumn evening

The sweet songs of birds, We hand in hand across the lawn, Pansies white yellow and violet Tossing their heads in the breeze. Somewhere the sound of falling leaves. The sound of squirrel cracking the walnut. Calm weather warm sun, White fluffy clouds forming different shapes, A passenger flight in the blue sky, Sun born in the horizon and about to fade in the horizon, Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest, Shutting and opening of our lips, Your unkempt hair flying backwards, Yellowish west sky. Heart shaped fig leaf's shadow. If I could stop this world from spinning, I would do so, Just to be with you In this autumn evening.

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While I was standing near My Autumn tree

The audio version of the Poem can also be heard on my You Tube 
Channel 'RavindraKK1' or by using  the below given URL

While I was standing near My Autumn tree The Sun was fading, with all its grandeur and beauty, Somewhere far, very far away amid the Poplar trees. I was in a state of enchanted stillness, Beholding the gold which was showering on me, With every gush of wind coming from the east. The earth was wrapped in a lovely darkness, Slowly the Sun rays slipped away from the hands of the evening, but It embraced the night in her arms perhaps to console its forlorn heart. I was glued with the fragrance of Autumn, while the Sun was still fading slowly, Leaving only a yellow and radish glow in the sky. The golden leaves of Poplar were still falling on me, Coming to me while flying from the Poplar tree. Suddenly the birds said adieu to me, reminding me once again the passing of time, While I was standing near my Autumn tree. Ravindra Kanpur India 4th Sept. 2011
Poem submitted in honor of Brian Strand's contest SEPTEMBER-YOUR CHOICE

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“Look up,” she cried,
And the rains came swiftly,
Overwhelming her youth
With migrant purpose.

Summer’s demise,
So abrupt,
Interrupted her sound-scape,
Giving her pause.

“Look around,” she said,
And autumn bowed to her,
A colorful character
In shades of golden afternoons.

Sequestered among
Such vividness,
She found solace and comfort
Through the grace of experience.

“Look up,” she laughed,
And silver dusted her hair,
Weighing the diversity
She wore as a crown.

Abstract changes
Became her teacher,
A benevolent
Yet unforgiving presence.

“Look around,” she said,
And spread her arms wide,
Dancing in the perspective
Of winter.

This life is transitory,
Best marked
By the seasoning
Of one’s attitude.

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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Family Stone

In high school, before I dropped out,
I’d sit by the creek bed
smoke cigarettes and grass with my friends and
say; “something is missing, man; 
something’s not right.”  But 

Everyone feels they’re an outcast 
at sixteen, sweet
potential bursting unseen
in the long dull mirror 
of mediocrity.

Stoned, I’d contemplate the lay of the land:  
Dad awaiting the losses of autumn
three siblings, strangers breezing in 
and out, one sister younger, 
thunder, lightening
the charge in our mother’s storms.

How to navigate that landscape? 
Grief wound through dense foliage 
my family’s deception 
a gemstone buried 
many years in acidic soil.

I finally unearthed that small hard mass
and revealed that who I wasn’t—
how I didn’t 
fit, was at its root.  

Now I tend my autumn garden 
and walk its winding paths: 
one of stone; my life as given 
one of earth that kept that silence
each is someone’s secret tracing 
soulprints toward home.

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Autumn's Breath

I love to spend my October afternoons walking ankle-deep in dried, curled leaves.
They cover the back country roads, the forest floor, and my own front yard.
But, I cannot bear to rake them away, or burn them.
The dead, gnarled leaves drift down around me like confetti.

Some are in shades of red and maroon and crimson.
The color of country barns you pass by, when you are going home for Thanksgiving.
Or, those crisp apples, waiting to be picked from the orchard's trees.
And, taken, to be pressed for cider, or dipped into warm caramel.

Some are in shades of yellow and gold and butterscotch.
The color of dried corn husks and stalks, bundled together to decorate porches.
And, the fields full of bright sunflowers, guarded by straw scarecrows.
Or, like the buses and the #2 pencils, waiting for the children to come back to school.

Some are in shades of orange and amber and burnt sienna.
The color of pumpkins sitting in patches, waiting to be carved out for Halloween.
Or, like the sun setting on a cool, September, Indian summer's evening.
Or, a full harvest moon when it rises, late, into the night sky.

Some are in shades of brown and chocolate and pecan.
The color of fragrant cinnamon and nutmeg, sprinkled within my Mom's apple pie.
Or, like maple syrup dripping from my pancakes, on a November morning.
And, those acorns, fallen from oak trees, inhabited by squirrels and owls.

Autumn lasts for maybe, three months, but to me it feels like only three minutes.
So, I take it all in while I can.
I look up through the branches,
where the golden sunlight beats between the rustling leaves.
My heart beats with warmth and joy at the sight.
Even though, the wind chills me to the bone.

A long winter will soon arrive, and the world will be nothing but white and gray.
Yet, the rich, unforgettable beauty of fall lingers within me.
Because, sometimes, when the snow finally fades away in the spring, 
I can still smell those decaying, dead leaves.
Then, instantly, my mind returns to the autumn days that took my breath away.

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‘Twas a grey november morning
When I climbed outside my window
To see my breath like dragon’s smoke
Swirl and dance away.
‘Twas bitter cold 
That autumn day,
And sickly sun wore mourning shrouds
Though lazy earth had yet to draw
Her snowy blanket 
To her chin.

I marveled at
The tiny leaf-
The last one to remember
Summer’s happy days, 
The only one to forget
His time was done.
Yet in his small defiance-
Prideful even in the light of death-
As he clung tightly to the bough
He commanded wondering respect.

And too
The blades of grass,
Idle maidens gossiping, 
Had not lost their bright greenery
To old winter’s paling breath.
For they had done with washing
Dappled cheeks in morning dew,
Now arrayed themselves in frosty gowns
For Autumn's final dance.
With cheery feet
They turned and swayed,
Laughing in their finery,
The wind as minstrel serenading
With whistling tune 
Them all.

Until the last leaf,
Old heart breaking,
Found that he could hold no more.
Slowly down he drifted 
To the forest floor.

Then with a crashing sound was shattered
The stillness of that dark, dark morn; 
And all the maidens wept in earnest-
Rent their lovely clothes in twain.
And as I felt the old man sleeping-
Dreaming ever 
In my hand-
I knew the magic of that morning
Had been torn away.

Sure enough, earth’s yawning
Pulled upon herself the snow.
But still sometimes I think of 
Hidden in the folds of Autumn:
Longing, pining, yearning still
To whisper ancient secrets
To me.

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Fading from life

it’s always august’s end
september’s beginning
that bothers me the most

i feel that brush of cool air
press against me
like a kiss on dead lips

the trees are now painted 
a sunset’s reflection
but all i see is red
in summer’s end

the leaves dance gracefully
beneath the winds
one last time
before they fall

the trees will soon stand 
blank of life
like you and you and you
and my mind
as i remember
each ending
as i watched them 
fall from life
amongst summer’s end


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Dreams and Reality

When I awoke 
from that place once dreamed 
when I was seventeen, 
and looked around
and saw how swiftly autumn came
with falling years, ….
I have no tears
yet, still, I get,
a few small pangs,

A tinge of blue, a bit askew, construed regrets
So futile yet…they linger near... 

My eyes were wide, with expectation,
when youth was mine, 
So little did I know
what line or direction I would go

The plans and dreams and schemes I chose....
I would touch and teach and rush to change
And make an impact in the chain...

My offerings would change the world...
I would be heard, leave a mark, light a spark
A legacy would be my life….
No matter pain, or consequence, or sacrifice


   Instead of course, I stayed, on course…like others do
   My dream turned into sanity…
   Those youthful schemes had sincerity, 
   I see them now with clarity
   What I've learned since then, makes sense to me
   Some things are simply meant to be
   Those dreams became a family…

   My offerings have changed the world, in grander ways
   I do believe
   My children came, first one, then two, then three
   I never dreamed of dreams so full
   Three supreme adults, are the result 
   How dreaming dreams, can still come true
      and often is
            in fact, the true, remarkable

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Today I find yesterday's essence still tarries within my mind I try and wrap myself in thoughts of you to regain warmth from November's wind the trees are less blushed than I as they stand naked from this weathered touch I feel you in a winded breath like a tongued whisper against bare flesh the lake mirrors my reflection as I smile back through its ripples as if fingered by the soft caress of your hands I can see the sun paint passion's red across the sky I get lost in the depths of you within me and climax between the folds of this day

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When sunlit days
become lost in shade,
and all that was verdant
becomes windswept jade,
withering leaves become
gold and brown, summer’s reign 
at last,has lost her crown!

© Harry J Horsman   2012

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Autumn Leaves

                           Autumn Leaves

With much wonder, 

Leaves always are,

When we watch from close or maybe way out far 

All of their great beauty is agreed by us both 

And in each New Year will be another growth.

Wonderful color of the autumn leaves,

God’s wonderful way of nature to shed its leaves 

And regrow even more beautiful 

With God’s blessings of a new life

by James Horn & Eve Roper  10/11/2014

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Song of Evening Rain

,          ,                ,                 ,                      ,                       ,                    ,

We took no notice of a sky turned gray And the change of brooding gloom The autumn rain had tiptoed in We almost missed it's coming, but for leaves That murmured quick surprise along the eaves And tapped excitement on the window-pane But having heard, we left our cozy place And stepped outdoors to smell the air To feel the slope of rain upon the face And could even hear the rustling trees Dripping wet with sheer delight Gratefully welcoming tap-dance songs Of raindrops in the night

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Cheers and Whistles

I awaken to a lark’s song
 In early morning’s misty light
 Spy it on a branch, softly shaking
 In the gentle breeze, its fewer leaves
 Turned yellow gold
 Surround her so pretty,
 Her song to me. Yes, I know 
the lark sings to me 

Its cheery new day song,
 As if there were no tomorrow –
 It whistles in the evening 
as if there were no
 Yesterdays. Soon it is joined
 By another, oh! What a lark!
 What a pair they make!
 I remember those same two larks
 Not far in the past –
Last Spring, they stood together proudly
 Day after day and through the summer; he
 Could go nowhere without her.
 He, was the one who sang to her
 Each new morning, the one
 Who courted her till each sundown,
 Up to twilight when she fell asleep.
He was the one she couldn’t do without,
 The one she could love forever, together
 They had built the nest for their offspring
 Now grown,
 Now gone.
 They’d been inseparable from day one,
 Even bickering, just two souls
 Disagreeing - still, he sang
 To her in the morning, sang to her
 Under the setting sun, and
In the autumn of their life
 They sang together, cheery
 As if there were no tomorrow
 Whistling, as if there were no yesterday.
This morning
 I let out a sigh
 Remembering so well
 The dream I once held
 So tight.
 Will it come to pass?
 The answer came
 From the larks song each morning,
 Cheery, as if there were no tomorrow.
 Whistle in the evening,
 As if there were no yesterday,
 And I sing each day
 With faith.
 I whistle each evening
 To not let the sun go down
 On the morose, My love,
I will not let you down.
CarolineCecile - 10.12.12

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O impetuous Muse surround me
with ashes of moody youth
Recall silken moments,
 uncertain, where 
marbled words wrote
an elaborate history.

Nectar thoughts,
 not moments, dappled drab
where ruined feathers in darkness dwelt.
Ornate  years of passion, spilling fire
allusive to all consuming ire.
When summer spoke,
when spring day-dreamed
and Autumn kissed me with
gaudy leaves.

Swift and sweet, how memories rise
diamond- strung in a room of silver
Slick and sleek from a stormy world,
 solid tree trunks on a bell- clear morning.
Blithe, dramatic, reckless dreams
 flowing with precocious,
 peculiar streams
 Luxurious with sadness,
 time’s cruel wheel
  rolls vast recollections 
 that slowly  yield
 cold, closed canyons of
endless  truths,
touched with the starry
  kiss of  youth.

Suzanne Delaney

for Harry

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You Remain In Me

You remain in me.

Like how the stars remain in the sky,
hidden in the light of the sun
yet shining in the darkness of the twilight. 

And like a seed 
thrown on the golden autumn soil
and embraced by a blanket of snow,
you remain.
When suddenly, unexpectedly blooming 
with the first rain of spring.  

You remain in the depths of me.

While in the midst of passion and my racing heart
I see your face.
Then outside it drizzles,
but inside it rains.

And just when I thought
the slightest echo of your laughter has faded,
just when your song
stopped running in my head,
I'm awakened.

No more.

You're not with me.

Yet still. 

You remain in me.

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Van Buren Station

On high-back benches
weary shoppers clutch their parcels
and slump.
Wrapped in a yellow green haze
Van Buren station sleeps
beneath Chicago's vibrant streets.

Outside, on wood-plank platform
we drink-in the coffee warmth
of October's fleeting sun.

"South Chicago, 23rd, 47th, 53rd, 57th"

Like some unraveling mass of I-beam steel
the tracks begin to rumble and shake.
The slant nosed Metra comes and goes.

Across the tracks in autumn plume
Grant Park displays her rows of golden elms.
A nor’ east wind dances bow upon bow,
with a gentle sway that shears away
a sifting rain of harvest leaves.

"Park Forest South, 23rd, 47th, 53rd, 57th"

On the slant nosed Metra
I hurry home.

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Pieces of Me

There is a piece of me, left in that little town, a square of friendly faces, 
where furrowed brows of no one famous, work to make their dollars stretch 
not far beneath the white crowned peaks ...

There is a piece of me, left in that old house, tall and proud
Beneath the sun in fields of green ...where horses ran...
A piece of me, still holds the reins and feels the wind against my skin ...

There is a piece of me, in that old school
Miss Marmalade.....(she had red hair), a voice of velvet, soft and sure
Her breathless verse of morning stars of Keats and Frost, 
and unchecked tears...and clandestine trysts with old Shakespeare

There is a piece of me, reclining under the elms,  
where a broken heart still casts a spell
A letterman jacket,  of dark gold wool, his leather sleeves, steel blue eyes, ...
skies of love, and holding hands, football teams, and autumn leaves

There is a piece of me, that I still keep within my heart..
        .....within my sleep.......within my dreams

For the contest: "Pieces" Sponsored by Black Eyed Susan

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The woods stole me today and I was grateful that molting maples hummed their familiar hymns, brilliant notes of crimson and lingering gold. Dad, you walked beside me, chatting, invisible, so I became five, fed nuts to nattering squirrels as your big hand tugged at a cherished season. Once, I’d thought you mapped the flights of geese, scattered turbulent clouds in some grand scheme. Again, your voice traveled as we walked the path, windblown, while my footsteps crushed old dreams.
By Cyndi MacMillan for the Autumn Splendor Contest Written Sept 9, 2012

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My Unique Line - C R

standing the center of our own universe

          while over us, an early autumn sky, newly washed by rain

               holds a circle of the harvest moon dripping flawlessly, with amber tears....

The romantic side of me, wants the moon to be an emotional witness to such love....ahhhh!

(For P.D's contest)

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A Message from West Texas - Recited

She sent me a message while I was walking Mr. Reilly,
She said “Look up, and tell me what you see.”
I thought I would impress her with my poetical ways so I answered,
Bus zooming by…
Brown leaves on the sidewalk ahead,
And a shadowy figure that Reilly and I will soon pass,
The smell of the Indian bakery warming my insides on an autumn evening.
“I love fresh bread,” she said, “What do you hear?”
Crisp slate grey sky,
And the wind gently shaking loose more tan and brown leaves,
And cars sliding by,
Each with its unique sound of tires on asphalt,
 Creating its own steady hush.
She then messaged, “You’re very good at this,
I’m going to read that again!”
but I went on…
A few drops of cool rain,
The rain here, even when it’s pouring,
Seems to be made of a lighter liquid.
It’s not the hard thick drops of a West Texas down pour,
And it’s almost disappointing when
I don’t have the residual layer of dirt on my windshield after the rain,
They say there is thunder in the springtime,
But I suspect they don’t know what real thunder is,
Here in California.
In the West Texas springtime,
When entire sky is filled with all the mountains,
That are missing from the landscape,
You can feel the power and,
The threatening posture of the storm,
But you take up the challenge and face the lightning,
And it fills you with excitement,
And if you have a lover,
It is during these storms that your fantasies come true.
Silver flashes across your lover’s skin,
Passion filled faces caught in the strobe of lightning,
And the pounding rain beating on the windows.
The mix of cold wet air, 
And the sweaty heat of deep kisses and breath.
They don’t know what they’re missing here,
In California,
But I do,
And maybe someday I’ll have her.

Michael F. Lewis

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Gift of a friend

I remember meeting you,
I was young girl lost,
You reached your hand and showed me the entrance to twilight,
Between heaven and earth,
We dances on the crystal water, 
While the fish swam beneath us in circles, 
You taught me the language of the fairies and how to dance with black wolves,
We howled to the autumn moon,
While running through the forbidden woods
You gave me the key to life,
We soared with the angelic angels into the infinite sky,
 Reaching the stars they showed us the path to bliss, 
Swirling into the galaxy we united into one, 
Swings on vines through the jungle
Eating dinner with the lion king,
And listened to the story of Rama and Sita
But one day you fell into darkness and I chased you into the depts of space,
Reaching my hand you grabbed it,
So let us enter twilight once more between heaven and earth.

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Any Old Poem Contest: echoes and whispers uncut

the whispers
of leaves
turn color
autumn is here.

the echoes
of the rain
that waters
and blossoms spring.

the snow shapes
the crisp cold
ices the wintertide.

the sand sculptures
that paint
that rekindle
a childhood summer past.

the seasonal airs
stimulates the senses
and the memories they carry.

in the glee,

in the hopes and dreams,

in the human spirit,

lives the miracle of life.

the magnificent
voices in every pitch
deep and resounding,
the melody

 of echoes and whispers – uncut.

Maurice Yvonne
Any Old Poem Will Do - Contest
For Skat A
Entered: August 29 2014

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The Day Was Laughing

Love comes naturally… Two frisky labs, tails wagging, ran out to greet us ~ Tender memories created that autumn day… with laughter singing… Fun bathed warmly in sunshine, and sparkled with happiness ~ Treasured moments are not planned like poetry, they spring forth, little surprises in life…. gifts, without fanfare

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Tree Rape

Scarlet and golden etched,
autumn leaves reflect summer's apprehended glory
incised in deep veined images.
Released, they sigh earthward like final breaths.

Sharp pungence ripens , musty tang,
a piquant vaporous mustard milked
from forest loam's black breasts
beneath heavy kneading tread.

Sudden, determined winds attack
raping writhed skeletal remains;
stripped spring's green clad darlings.
Feigning innocence,
the gray storm fiend curtains guilt
beneath pure, snow white overlay.

August 2, 2014
Vibrant Verse 2
Charlotte Puddifoot, sponsor

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CEZANNE STUDY - The House of the Hanged Man

CEZANNE STUDY – The House of the Hanged Man

Late Autumn

Buried in a hill,
Steep as descent from humanity,
A country house stands.
It’s late autumn,
Deep, sick autumn –
Deep as the plunging cellar door,
And fronting, its branches stripped, begging skyward,
This raped tree
Which no longer hides the window –
The window, like a large, trumpeting mouth.
*No E flat clarinet here,
*No Eulenspiegel, opaque humor.
No – The whole, a ground interment,
Is color of rotting flesh,
This God-awful house!

*Til Eulenspiegel was a German buffoon who delighted in playing
nasty tricks on the nobility. He was hanged.
*The E flat clarinet is high pitched, capable of sounding the pitiful
cries of Til as he mounts the scaffold 

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The Passion

Passion flared as they fell into bed
in the chaste stripped bedroom,

sweat-slippery under the lightshade's paper sun.
Clutching each other giddily, diazepam-dizzy,

Chardonnay-hazy, to the soaring melody of Delta,
dragging the past's entrails out through each other.

Passion was on its knees with her in the bathroom's polar region,
reflected in the glacial mirror tiles, those iceberg mosaics,

doing something desirable to him.
And passion felled her to the living room floor

in a shatter of verbal abuse,
spitting and sobbing her rage at him.

She hobbled through hopeless days using the cripple as the crutch.
The moon shadow of his mother loomed large overhead.

Passion tangled taut fingers in her hair, caught a fistful of autumn red,
dragged her unceremoniously to the door and kicked her to the kerb.

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October Bed

As October skies show fading places
  fading traces of yesterday...
     I will watch a sky yield a change of hue
              turning gray from shades of blue

Let the trees turn crimson red
 Let the wind bring seasons new
     I'll smile upon the pillowed earth that brings instead....
         A golden spread of autumn leaves to lay my head

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Autumn's Breath

 i gather my thoughts
like a squirrel
scurrying to find nuts
as it rustles
through leaves
on crisp lawns

the air is warm
as am i
when wrapped 
in thoughts of you

i can almost feel your touch
press against me
a breath of air
touches there
as autumn breathes
slightly cooler
then you

memories twirl 
in my mind
like these little leaves
as they spiral down

suddenly i am blushed
more than the trees
as i remember 
our first kiss

i look at the branches
slightly quivering in the wind
as did i back then

as i watch the sun fade
slightly redder than i
the ground and trees
mirror her reflection

i marvel at the beauty
and wonder
why does everything
so beautiful have to end
soon these trees
will be stripped of color
stand naked 
in blankets of white

autumn breathes again
somewhat cooler than before
i shiver beneath her touch
and my thoughts fade
with the night...

the scent of autumn fills the air
as i head back home
i can hear the crackle
of fresh burning wood

you await by the fire
your lips reach towards mine
i tremble within
i feel your breath
against my flesh
and i remember
autumn's breath
and blush as i think
perhaps there is beauty
in being naked
beneath blankets of white

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The Ripening

I picture you, 
opening the door,
walking up the orchard rows,
in the caramel of evening light.
A giant’s shadow peers at you
 from in between the trees,
 trudging silently with you
 as you lift the sun-warm fruit,
cup in one work-seasoned hand
an apple, rich and scarlet ripe.

I picture you, 
opening your door,
treading the dew drenched grass,
the raucous song of wattle birds 
spritzing the crisp dawn air.
Your hands busied at the basket
gently placing, one by one,
harvest fixed by darkness chill,
all glossy, sweet and unblemished.

I picture you, 
opening my door, 
singing to the hallway ceilings, 
eyes creased deep in blissful smile,
tide of sunshine flooding in with you,
the giant heralding you in silence
as you tenderly bestow
a joyous gift for all seasons,
proud and precious gems of autumn.

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Awakening ...

Reaching hands
fingertips touching

Pull me down
to golden depths of you
where quiet awaits in breathless peaceful.
Wrap your broken mind around my
grateful soul
and hear the healing songs of 
God’s spirit ....
     hummingbird wings as they kiss your cheek
     spring breezes through autumn pines
      incoming tide in twilight sleep
      winter’s first snowfall ~

open your eyes
remember mine
    take my hand ...

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It’s past midnight and sleep has walked out on me, yet, again.
I stand in the door way to the quiet patio, now bare ...
There’s a frost advisory tonight so precious plants are safely housed  
As I stare into the vastness of navy skies, listening to the hush
It’s a beautiful autumn night, a bit chilly, but I really don’t mind
Some old song is being played softly on the radio..
And I smile faintly listening to the words 
I turn it off, still sky gazing as my thoughts gather wings 
Finally, I sigh and give in to the tugging desire of my heart
For it seems it will give me no respite...
I am wondering how you spent your day.
What delights did your eyes behold? 
What beauty thrilled your heart and soul? 
And did it bring you close to tears?
Soon, jealousy overrides my melancholy
However, it’s my decision not to resist; I welcome the injected pain 
Somehow it makes me feel more alive as it drives the numbness away 
I try to imagine the simple things you touch,
The people around you who breathe the air that you breathe,
Every cup of java which touch your lips...
Leaving playful kisses, instead of me,
I think of your smile so alluring which makes beautiful flowers blush...
Yes, and I am jealous. That I can not deny 
 AsI stand in the doorway, leading to my quiet patio
Washed in silvery moon light casting shadows on the wall
My heart fills with anxiety; shallow breaths barely escaping...
Solemnly, I lean against the patio door, so needing your embrace
And all I hear is your name whispered by the brisk autumn breeze!

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To My Super Souper Friends

Alot of you folks have been able to say what you feel this holyday season with exquisite 
wording and beautiful sentiments. I can't do that. Maybe if I tell you a story about a 
little kid who was raised and worked on a farm. A farm boy in a class of city kids is ridiculed 
for some reason and beat up alot cause that proves to city kids that they're strong when 
they beat up a farmer kid. So I did the best I could with my sense of humor, got beat up 
when challenged and avoided other confrontations by learning to run real fast! When they 
picked teams for basketball, I was odd kid out. Too little. I found it hard to fit in anywhere.
    One fine day our 7th grade teacher gave us a homework assignment to write a poem 
which we would read aloud in class the next day.The stipulation was that, on your honor, you 
could have no help whatsoever. A solo project.
   After chores that night, I did as she said and was surprised at how easy it was. The 
next day, when it was my turn, I timidly read aloud to the class the first poem I ever wrote.  
When I finished, I awaited the verdict . All was quiet. The teacher told me to sit down. I did. 
She then admonished me for cheating on my assignment and getting help. Of course I did 
not. I still vividly remember how it felt to have all my peers watching me as our teacher 
dismissed me for a cheater with a look of disdain on her face. I was speechless, devastated 
and embarrassed by what others thought.
   The experience pushed me deeper into myself than I had ever been.. It's amazing to me 
how these feelings are resurfacing en force as I write about it. I've written poetry on and off 
since then but never taken it seriously. It was just some force that reared itself once in a 
while until it was subdued by writing one.
    Now, in the autumn of my life, something very strange and wonderful is happening. I 
have been introduced to you, my poetry soup friends. The injustice done to my poetic soul is 
every day being identified by myself, rectified and healed by your loving support. I'm no 
longer throwing my poems away. You have given me in two months what has been missing 
since the 7th grade. You have given me courage, confidence, encouragement and the 
companionship to take up where I was left off. Because of all of you, I can grow again. I was 
at a stalemate in alot of things and then this. Coincidence? More like Christ incidence. Get it? 
YOU are my Christmas gift from Love come down! This is my card to you.  

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Fall is a brewing

Outside October perches it's little feet
upon summer's fading scenery,
replacing marigolds with mums
and swapping tiki torches
for dimly lit jack o' lanterns,
illuminating midnight
with another seasons mysterious approach

and I cannot help but wonder
if fall had a heart,
to whom would it belong
(a fallen leaf,
the moon's cycloptic eye,
or perhaps someone of human descent)

an owl gazing restlessly
at the cool, autumn sky
seems to be interrogating God
with the same, single question
who, who, who

but no one answers

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Yesterdays People


Their days are very much the same Like soldiers marching to the drum The cadence of the ticking clock Marking time as each day passes They wrap themselves in memories Replayed like notes of a well known song Steps slowed by the weight of years Their candles growing short We look at them but do not see We listen without hearing They are but shadows in our minds Close but yet so distant But if we were to look inside We would find ourselves Sharing needs that transgress age And values that are timeless They are the you of days gone by Their life then still in bloom The taste and thrill of love and life Now just footprints on their hearts And as their many seasons grow And their autumn becomes winter Who will mourn and say goodbye When their soul meets its tomorrow
Inspired by volunteering at a nursing home and watching the deterioration of body and mind.

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Spirits in the Distance

    Life can play tricks on you 
Those you have lost 
     can suddenly appear
You think that have returned 
    But blink your eyes
         and they are gone 
Spirits in the distance 
     bring hope for 
a moment
Even as we speak 
I see someone at the edge 
   of the woods 
My heart races 
I cry "Look" 
You turn around
But wait - the spectral image is gone 
Now there is only an autumn wind 
blowing leaves around 
My loved one has returned 
         to eternity

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in absolute darkness

Do you know what its like to be 
in absolute darkness?
I do. 
And I want to be back
on a foggy night
where winter doesn't fall too far
the only thing you can see 
is a distant street light
yellow and gold
glowing from the distance
the wet leaves that fell from the trees 
fill the night 
with a dewy smell
I turn the key
bright headlights
flood the road
one line, two lines, 
they all combine
into a white blur keeping me 
from crossing into the abyss
I could drive forever 
I want to be gone again
back to my home.

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Graveyard of the Leaves

Beneath each slender limb and bough
She spreads her russet silken cloths
Discards the leaflets from their home
Like orphans left to die alone

As rumors heard by autumn wind
That gathers up her orphans gold
No headstone for the bold and rust
Cold ashes to ashes... dust to dust

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The Seasons That Rhyme

I have walked  through the seasons of the year,
Summer brings us the warm sunlight,

The beautiful nature portrayed by the calm lake and tall trees,
A swim in the recreational swimming pool.

The exquisite blue jay perched in an evergreen tree,
The flutter of a monarch butterfly.

Sending summer's song to nature,
The cool days of autumn come.

Tall green maple trees,
Tinted by God's sunlight .

Walks by the conservation area,
Squirrels scampering about.

Discovers of  the enhanced nature,
The winter's snow ascending slowly.

Each snowflake an intricate pattern,
Blanketing the earth.

All purified by the whiteness of the snow,
Spring comes and the snow melts.

The warm weather arrives,
Cheers us and befriends us.

The blossoming of the buds on the trees,
To welcome us. 

God's garden come to life.
What a blessing from the Lord.

Copyright Gwen Schutz

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lessons from that summer

Evil sleeps in an orchard
not far from here.
The apples sweat him out.
Dressed as god, the Sun
watches and nods.
He bleeds for them
out of his own mouth.

A god's mask
means protection.
But in time,
he will suck them dry.

And autumn will fall.
Postures will fall.
Pulses will fall,
like pills,
like poison.

A cloud forest
signals the first 
of the shadows.

Summer is nocturnal.

A buttery Moon 
leaves the world 
warm and breathing.

The trees stir, 
the stars hiccup,
and Nighttime climbs onto the birdbath
where it tells you all its tricks.

Evil blinks from a tree
where the apple skulls
The garden combs you
through its arteries,
your midsummer grave. 

A beautiful accident
closes in on itself.

And then a light like milk.
And then the whistling.

Summer whistles in the dark:
The sound of Evil kneeling
to the imagination
undoing him. 

A deadly glow 
a romance 
on the white fences.

Nighttime draws dust 
away from your shoulders,
translates Summer sound
and says, 

You are your own harvest.

Your madness is only there
when you want it to be.

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Rasta Ruben

On an cool Autumn night,
Eerie and full of dread.
...not fear...but locks.

Darkness is embraced by light,
Peace stirs in the midnight wind,
...not a calm...but a gesture of his hand.

Simple and sweet...a mystery hides 
Behind the pleasant mood.
...not a state of mind...but the smile on his face.

With a skull peering over his shoulder,
Silent growls begin to grrr.
...not growls of a wolf...but his hunger of sweets.

The mood begins to fade,
As a black bird paused in flight,
...not in the air...but on his shirt. 

Sets the tone for the night,
As he dresses up for Halloween,
...he’s not Bob Marley...he’s Rasta Ruben.

For Carols Browns “Funny Spooks” contest
My reference material is in my blog photos...

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Caterpillar Dreams


Sweet, moist, musky earth pervades all of my senses 
In safe darkness, beneath this leaf, my cool canopy 
I have no wants as I slumber here in contentment 
I am humbly grateful, alive with my blessings 

Rested now, I feel a need to explore this place 
Hungry to feed my belly and begin my journey 
I crawl out from my haven into the brightness 
The tree I seek is beyond this forest of grass 

My world is brilliant yellow, brown, and spring green 
I climb an etched blade, and feast on its succulence 
I chew my way down, and nourished, I aim for my oak 
My little legs scurry toward where I must rest soon. 


The sky is pink, orange and red as twilight wanes 
I am weary like the sun, slowly closing his eyes 
I begin my ascent toward a branch high above 
I labor up the scaly skin, finally to the limb 

Nestling in a crevice of this arm that holds me 
I watch the last ruby glow melt from the sky 
My day's toil leaves me exhausted yet peaceful 
Starlight’s gently sparkle a silent lullaby 

I dream I am cradled in finely spun cotton 
I dream I am nothing but pure spirit and joy 
I dream I am falling, then floating, then flying 
I dream of bright blossoms dancing in the air. 


I awaken to darkness, yet hear birds singing 
I have slumbered so long, and feel the need to stretch 
My surroundings crackle when I extend my body 
A thin, radiant beam enters, shocking my sight 

This body's strange to me; I seem to have arms 
I beat them against the sides of my enclosure 
It crunches apart like dry leaves in the autumn 
I stand on thin legs, atop a broken casket 

The air is alive with wisteria and lilac 
Upon its sweet breeze, I surrender myself 
I flutter and float as I bask in the sunshine 
I am a young orchid blossoming in the sky

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Down Fall

Pride and prejudice has been ripped from me,
and my strength has abandoned me,
yet my will still crashes against the 
breach within.
My citadel a long forgotten fortitude
left to rot and decay.
As my soul seeks refuge in other hosts
to take and mingle while balancing
my mental ballast before it erupts.
With guilt peeking in on me 
to remind me i'm still in debt.
While my Autumn years have yet to arrive,
I feel vandalized,sterilized,and alone.
The very root system of my essence
has retracted the twilight of my descent
is not as dark as one would imagine,and
yet I am still a minor in time and
I can not consent to my downfall.

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Unknown Future

Ungewisse Zukunft / Unknown Future / Un futuro incierto   

Schon spüre ich die Kälte des Todes
Wie die Tränen aus der Vergangenheit
Wehmut betört mein tränendes Herz
Wo Hoffnung fällt wie sterbende Bäume
So zerfließt auch Gegenwart ins endlose Nichts
Traurige Zeit, fallendes Herbstlaub
Ungewisse Zukunft, wie Wolken aus Blei
Erinnerungen wie herrliche Träume

Already I feel the chill of death
Like some tears from the past
Melancholy enchants my bleeding heart
Where hope is like dying trees
The presence  melts to endless nothingness
Sad time, falling autumn leaves
Uncertain future as leaden clouds
Memories like wonderful dreams

Ya siento el frío de la muerte
Tan como algunas lágrimas del pasado
Melancolía encanta mi corazón sangrante
Donde la esperanza dilue, mueren los árboles
La presencia se funde en la nada 
Triste tiempo, la caída de las hojas de otoño
Un futuro incierto como nubes plomizas
Recuerdos como sueños maravillosos

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leaving August

        Leaving the last days of August
          memories of the sea waves crashing 
        Tides that leave shells broken to find ~
        picnic memories ~
                      fireworks night 
                             Birthday cakes sparkle ~

    sunburns under a sage kissed dessert Moonlight 
         The Summer reminds us of happier days
             scents of coconut oil and lime 
            reminds us all of what is yet to come ~
              The rain comes down hard
          crying for all souls lost and left behind

             The birds fly in perfect form 
           reminding all of the September storm 
           begging for history not to repeat ~
                 ~   In war 
                        no wins 
                            only defeat ~
            two beams of light straight to the Heavens   
                stay through the whole month of September
                   they remind us to listen silently we stand still 
          For the city lives and breaths left with loss 
                    many questions unanswered remain ~
               Leaving behind August
                    entering Septembers fears ~

 I love this poem because it reflects on the past and the coming month in remembrance of history that took place September 11th 2001. In a way it is a oxymoron . from passionate summer nights to the fear embraced in the month coming :)


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Seasons' Promise

Summer lies sleeping somewhere in fields of daisies
her warm breeze waltzes with each blade of grass

Autumn’s reclined wrapped within soft, cool mists
her nursery of seeds and parched leaves put to bed

Winter has awoken and rides the frigid northern winds
Ushering in a moment of slumber to proffer the circle of life

And... spring will come tomorrow, a new beginning to champion
When all asleep arise once more, with burst of colors everywhere!


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Days of Autumn

An argentine sky adorns the woodlands
In a misty shroud as only slight remnants
Of a long forgotten path remain,
Embraced by the beauty of maples and by
The scent of cool crisp air--autumn permeates.

Yet there is subtle warmth in the mélange 
Of colorful pumpkin, gold and, vermilion leaves,
In their swirling harmonic dance
As they depart the boughs of their birth
Unified in death, as in life.

©2011 Connie Marcum Wong

*For Russell Sivey’s Autumn Splendor contest

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Summers Warmth

Summers Warmth

                Authored by Chuck Keys

What happens to the summer’s warmth in the fall?
Does it stay in nostalgia’s book of memories?
Or is it found inside 
    ... a wrinkled coffee stained yellowed crossword puzzle section,
Blowing eloquently with the wind on the chaise in the sun porch?

What if the summer’s warmth just fades into introspection?
With all of its self doubts and hesitancies,
Where the mind ceases conscious thoughts of fancy and free,
Slowly drifts back into the beauty and fragrances that once were present.

What if the summer’s warmth doesn't want to leave,
And stays inside our minds and hearts, waiting,
To come forth, eternally,
Stronger, wiser and agelessly aggressive; alive.

In the autumn of our seasons,
Where time flows to and fro,
Where beauty and passion rests inside those with heart,
Where the summers warmth exists, forever. 
Even in the cold winter months of soon to be.

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The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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The seasons of us

when winter comes and skeletons of trees

stand starkly upon the snow

i will think of you

and your head on my lap before the fireplace

skating on the gaunt, deep pond 

where we made love on brighter days

hot chocolate and fired brandies

and standing at windows while flurries fell


when it is spring again and trees bear promises

as islands of snow die slowly in their shadows

i will think of you

when all was alive again and you believed in us

within the world of nest-making and streams going home

making bouquets of foothill flowers

constantly profaning the word “forever”

and imagining that winter was forever gone


when summer is upon me with sweltering wrath

i will come to the forest where we walked and

i will think of you

where we were prone beneath the well dressed limbs

in a canopy above us, fitted into one another like lovers

by the quarry lake where you were covered in beads of water

and the sun loved you and glistened upon your body

where i looked at you as one would view sunsets or miracles


autumn will come with all its dark omens and i will walk 

upon the crisp leaves made spectacular by death

and i will think of you

where the earth wore its gaudy colors while ours had faded

into the murky hues of uneasiness and fear

and soon the trees will awaken alone and naked to the world

and i will understand their plight in a box called home

where once laughter lived and life was wonderful


there was a time before seasons and sentiment

when small, gentle hands covered my eyes with giggles

and you gasped, “oh, i’m sorry!  i thought you were someone else!”

i smiled then and replied, “i am.”

it was the spring of us that led into the caldron of summer passion

before time and treasons took their toll

before reality and reason tore the glitter from our eyes

and our autumn came that condemned us to our winter 

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Let Me Count the Ways- For Sharon

How many?
how many lives;
how many have fallen 
your magical spell? 

If it may be so, 
let each star be named 
For your beauty transpires 
our words 
into all shine and sheen cast out
from the darkness and starkness
of infinite space –
(as they were intended to be seen)
as if even the light shining forth 
from between 
the pervading clouds of life’s 
perpetual storm –
(day to day to day, 
and on)
recognizes your poetic touch, 
as deliverance;

stopping, halting, driving 
the wedge of night out 
of our very hearts,
as if just being here, seeing them
(seeing you) 
really seeing the stars 
                  (through your eyes we see – 
you are clear, you are 
like dew on leaves – with us being 
as leaves) opens up 
our every pour;
pouring forth what may never 
have been seen
without your dewy light’s reflection, 
refracting –
how else can the green of leaves 
be certain, 
that they are also
made of stars,
if not first being shown
the point of green?

Yes, if it be so,
let the stars be named 

Let each one bare their own weight 
(light is weightless - don’t you see?) 
before it’s too late, 
and all the leaves (our leaves – 
our hearts)
start to twist 
into autumn -  a lazy
haphazard dance
to nowhere –

dry and cracked 
to the desperate open mouth 
of ground; 
left to writhe amongst the yellowing mulch, 
like ornately colored 
lead paperweights 
for the cold of winter 
to still 
our beating 
hearts –

You are like stars.

A multiplicity of the exponential 
magnifying each one who sees;
(recognizing our own in you)
light touching light through the heart
of our own.

You are our spectacle, Miss. Weimer –
our looking glass into 
the night sky,
reminding our hearts
how to shine.

And for this I say, Thankee-Sai –
Thankee Big big
                (a kindred thank you – you see, I see)
for Being,
and for touching us with the ends
(and beginnings) of your lit up
shattering our stormy skies
into multitudes 
of separate

How many ways do we love you?
Too many ways to count –

There are so many stars.

***I'm sure this poem is going to end up being redundant, as many will write about our 
lovely, Sharon Weimer, but I felt I must, simply because - and that's all the excuse I 
needed. She's been a good friend, in more ways than I can count :) We love you, Shar - 
keep shining, and never forget what you're made of.

For another of our beloved poets, Miss. Christie's P.S Member Dedication Contest. :)

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No more Goodbyes

Like autumn colors
I will not be here for long

Forgotten for a year
Until they search high & low
In Northern paradise
Come early September

Like status updates
You will give me your thumbs up
You may even give me your words

But, you will erase me

Replace me

Like tainted preacher who has their cake
At their “god’s” restaurant called, “Bulimia’s”
They will never be satisfied

They will preach Spanish sermons
While embracing separation anxiety
Forgetting His word
In valuing a friend

Like ghosts
They will haunt
But disappear when I look forward

They will cry
When I’m no longer around

Like Serenity’s incipience
I let them go

Finding my way home

Finding my way home

My way home

© Drake J. Eszes

“And I’m done seeking treasure just to wake up in an early grave.  So I stopped right there and said, ‘Go all alone, cause I won’t follow’. This isn’t giving up, this is letting go. Out with the old dreams I’ve borrowed. The path I call, from here on out, will be my own. A path to take me home.” –Rise Against

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The Photographer's Dream

A photographer dreamed 
Of a telephoto lens 
Capturing light waves  
From beginning to end.
Since time unleashed 
When the Big Bang leaped 
And particles began life’s history 
In swirling clouds he wondered how 
He might picture a piece of the mystery.
Through polished glass converging past
Planets, stars and seas
Of swirling waves that danced and swayed 
No less than windswept trees.
As he focused his dream glass
Where present meets past 
And depth of field is wide;
Where the image is clear and light streaks steer, 
Far away from the photographer’s eye.
With shutter speed set like a fast speed jet 
Blazing through the blue-white wispy above
Turning his wings on the bird that sings 
And a girl who once stole his love.  
Racing through time while continuing to climb
Higher through the prism of light
His finger feathers the button below
Capturing the moment in flight.  
Lingering there in pure mid-air 
Like a magic carpet in the wind; 
Until jolted by the sun on its morning run
While still dreaming of that telephoto lens. 
Maybe today, perhaps tomorrow,
He’ll capture the illusive the beast;
The athlete who strives for the best inside 
Or the homeless sleeping in the streets.         
He’ll stop small birds he’s seen and heard 
With their colorful feathers, breast and crown;  
And children playing in autumn leaves  
Scattered on the ground.   
Weddings and rings, flowers in spring,
Butterflies, wistful and bright;
Pollinating bees and hives in the trees
Or a harvest moon late at night.
Meadows and mountains, free flowing fountains
Ancient temples in faraway places; 
Fireworks up high on the 4th of July 
Olympics and fast car races.   
But now fully awakened he knows he’s mistaken
About the focal length in his dream glass;
Lens lust is a photographer’s must 
But this too, he knows, must pass. 
Like water flowing in the river
And wind passing through thin air;
The world he sees through his own eyes
Is a wonder beyond compare.


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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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Onset of Winter

Wintereinbruch / Onset of Winter / Inicio del invierno  

Tage verschwimmen im Nebel.
Eisblumen malen Gesichter
an die Fenster 
und die Zeit steht still
wie eingefroren.
Lange schon verstummte
der sommerliche Vogelgesang.
Der kurze Herbst
hält noch die bunten Blätter 
an den Bäumen,
doch jetzt sind sie
versunken schon
im frühen Frost 
wie ausgefallene Kristalle.
Plötzlich dann
nach nächtlichem Schneefall
fällt die Natur 
in allzu frühen Winterschlaf

Days become blurred in the fog.
Tracery of faces on a frosted window
and time stands still,
as being frozen too.
The summer birds' songs
fell silent long ago.
A brief  autumn still holds
colorful leaves on trees,
but now they bogged
in early frost like fancy crystals.
Then suddenly
after an overnight snowfall
nature fell into a far
too early hibernation

Días se confunden en la niebla.
Tracería de las caras en una ventana escarchada
y el tiempo se detiene,
como también congelado.
Veraniegas canciones de pájaros
quedaron en silencio hace tiempo.
Un otoño breve aún mantiene
hojas de colores en los árboles,
pero ahora estancado
en temprana helada 
como cristales especiales
De prontodespués de una nevada de noche
la naturaleza cayó en tan temprano

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One Autumn Night

Sky turns red as the sun sets on an Autumn evening
Night comes bringing in a slight chill
I see the ruddy moon leaning over a hedge
Like a red-faced farmer
Crisp fall air sets the night
Changed-color leaves' song roars
Round about are the wistful stars.


September 6, 2014
Form: Free Verse
Dr. Ram mehta
Tenth Place win
Contest: One Autumn Night by P.D.

My Inspiration is picture No.3

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On meeting most beautiful

On meeting most beautiful 
adoring maiden kisses in thoughts
Deeply inhaling one warm 
breath a sip off the finest old grog
auld mountain dew breathing pure
Golden leaves sweetly float dancing twirl
Shining inside vision sweet
walking hand in hand on golden sands
waves unfold a carpet blue 
to white ebbing thoughts pure crashing love
Against the deepest walls warm
soft light silent echoes whisper true 
sweetly melting emotions 
Brewing kisses clouds peach fading out
to shades of grey tuning kiss
Silver treasuring thoughts I love you
peachy beautiful dream gem
dancing petal flowers one red rose
I have visions of you dancing in my
dreams as I sleep most wonderfully
on soft clouds in the azure sky
At times I gaze skyward on days
bright and beautiful seeing your
face in the sky and feeling always
your most wonderful presence
like texture and scent of most 
sensual red rose petals gently
landing on the sweet dew ground
On meeting you most beautiful
maiden my thoughts always turn
most instantly to love and happiness
with my emotions and my soul on
fire in storms of unbridled passion and
pleasure I can only say I love you
forever and forever 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Free Verse Poem
November 13, 2014

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4 Jon On Our 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Your love is
quite sensational –

Your laughter tastes
    like spring-time rain

Your tears smell
    like sweet lemon flower petals

Your voice looks

Your heart sounds
    like exquisite violin and harp concertos

And your eyes!

Your eyes feel
    like early autumn sunset’s amber-gold lengthening glow

Oh, my love, your love
is entirely, completely,


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The Door is Always Open

Things get bad, then they get good again.
You can write yourself angry.
You can write yourself sick.
But never
should you write yourself sorry.

The world, to me, is many things:
A canvas, a movie, a place to store
everything you are and will ever be,
but never a bell jar.

As long as your hands can shake
and your voice can quiver,
never close the door.

Love the ground under your feet,
and your only sadness 
will be that a blanket of sky 
can't keep off the cold. 

Smile with every breath you take, 
and you'll realize that, 
no matter how much you weep,
you will never fill an ocean.

Look inside your heart:
There's answer there.
You'll find,
deep in an oblivion of night,
there is a light somewhere.

It may not be much light,
but it's brighter than darkness.
Follow it.

If you seek, you will find 
yourself always involved in 
and as long as that door never closes,
whatever something will be enough.

I promise.

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Autumn gold

Autumn gold 

on TV - the weather – guy 
predicted enthusiastically

a lot of sun and a blue sky
beautiful warm late summer days 
during the upcoming autumn break

he did not know
for sure
he did not lie

the ticking on the window
sings a different song
the clouds are sharing 
nothing but rain

I have to go out
before the rain stops
into that wet world
into the cold

would it help
if I remembered
would it be different 
if I could touch
the autumn leaves
made of sunny  gold 

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2011-12

"Just" complaining about the weather..... or??????????

Third prize winner @ Poetrysoup-conest Üp in the Air" November 2012.

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the color of october

it's October
the air around her is cool
like her thoughts these days
she looks at the branches, twisted
much like her mind
they are reaching upward
but she is grounded
forever in time
she heard the clatter of branches
smacking against walls
and the crash of metal
screeching brakes
screams of pain
and then nothing
but silence falls
she  runs to the window
sees the audience
stare at her
then through her
riches to rags
gold to nothing
her fame is gone
the trees below are turning
from gold to red
the leaves tossed about
in a slight wind
they spin
so graceful as in dance
a slow spiral down
and she longs to join in
she reaches towards them
tastes the cool air
as she falls down
grounded with the leaves
the pavement turns red
as silence falls
in October's air

The suicide of Dorothy Hale
October 21, 1938
(painting by Frida Kahlo)

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And, you will be holding my hand

Please, let me imagine that we will come here again 
In the warm springtime rain, or in cold winter chill, 
When the ground glistens clean, and keen in the sun
When we breathe clouds of cotton and the morning is still
We will wear our astonishment, with feigned awed surprise
At the splendor that lays bare, as the frost stings our eyes 
We will wear wooly jackets to keep us snug warm
While snowflake confetti will bounce off my nose
And you will be young, and I will be fair
You will take my two hands, and pull me aside
and kiss me and tell me how love never dies
You will promise the sun, and the moon and the stars
You will tell me you love me, that the world will be ours         


We will look up through the trees,  that whisper and bend 
To see sun assure us that love cannot end
It will shine new with promise, with a soft velvet light
That a day like today, will come once again
For today is a gift, that comes from the Gods
Filled with tomorrow, and a season of love                                           
While whipperwill music will dance through the air                                          
And the songs of the valley, will sway in the breeze
In the hushed fading sunlight of the late afternoon           
Down by the meadows where the wild flowers grow                
We'll again laugh at the thunder, catching us by surprise
And be glad for the raindrops, that splash by our side
For today, has an ending, and now we must go

But let me imagine, that we’ll come here again
We will stand here together.  We will marvel and praise
You will be holding my hand, as you show me the way
And you'll capture my heart, as you've captured my days

And when the times we have treasured must come to an end
We will marvel with pleasure, in our memory's glen
We will come here together........and our spirits will blend

This will be our'll be holding my hand



For Frank

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                           True friendship can withstand all seasons.
                                Autumn tears, winter darkness.
                                 Springs joys and summer heat.
                     Thank you for being my friend through all seasons.

A-L Andresen :)

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If I Shall Grow Old 2K13

If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

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My Kentucky in autumn

My Kentucky in Fall
Peaceful country roads winding through meadows and hills,
and golden rays kiss purple asters, tall ironweed and abundant goldenrod.
Gorgeous colors are greeting me despite the warning that drought 
would hold them back this year.
Glowing yellows, warm reds and burning orange leaves are clinging
to the heavy branches, limbs swaying in the autumn breeze.
Fallen leaves dance to the music of the currents,
poison ivy vines wrap the stately maple in crimson.

Damp snapping turtles sun themselves on a rock in the creek,
while further up a blue heron is standing silently, watching the 
slow flowing water, until he is ready to strike.

Our majestic Ohio river reflects the cloudless, azure sky 
while bordered by densely covered cliffs that are 
decked in their autumn finest.
Profusely blooming red cardinal vines cling to the rocky ledges
are kissed by happily buzzing bees and bouncing butterflies.

Pumpkins, ghosts and witches decorate porches and front doors,
gray barns are brimming with hay, tobacco and corn, 
contently harboring their bounty.
Acorns, black walnuts and hickory nuts are plentiful, yet squirrels
do not seem in a hurry to bring in their winter supply.

Smiling, waving hikers are climbing the autumn scented hills 
to Tioga Falls, and Virginia Creeper vines show pleasing colors 
along the old Rail Road Bridge.
On the side of the road the lush cedars have developed 
their silver-blue berries,
and wild rose bushes are displaying their red rose hips.
Autumn has come to my Kentucky.

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Life's changing seasons...

As my soul nears it's journeyed winter resting place
memories of past seasons are thoughtfully traced
footpaths that were traveled which gladdened my heart
grateful of the spring which gave me my start

Honeyed by the bee's attracted too sweet nectar
strengthened by the breeze of Nature's mentor
sweet song of birds adjoining trickling brook
was an opening to me of an Earthly book

Scripted purpose...symbolic in every sign
my soul's perseverance willingly resigns
to the ebb 'n flow of universal currents
energizing forces resolutely meant

Joyful guidance toward long awaited embrace
opportunity beckons,Heaven's consoling face 
as our Earth...the nursery of the soul,
proper attention paid,then reimbursed with gold

Summer's sun producing autumn fruit
bountifully doled from beginning roots
gestures solemnizing eventual union
Spirits agape fulfilling another aeon....

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Only in You

Through the lonely woods, I may head,

Upon the autumn leaves, I may tread,

At the secluded horizon, I may stare,

And only you, I may see,

In those symphonies of silence,

In those melodies of calmness,

In those euphonies of quietness.


By the silent lake, I may lay,

Till the twilight fades, I may stay,

Then in reclusive silence, I may walk,

And only to you, I may talk,

Through those toungueless emotions,

Through those wordless attachments,

Through those voiceless sentiments.


In the lone meadow, I may wander,

Along the untrodden paths, I may waver,

In companionless seclusion, I may hide,

And only in you, I may find,

The depths of oneness,

The bonds of togetherness,

The cozy feel of coalescence.


In the wilderness of emotions, I may die,

At the merciless daggering, I may sigh,

Through a million wounds, I may bleed,

And only in you, I may seek,

The balm of love,

The warmth of affection,

The heal of inseparability.

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Giving In To The Gray

Overwhelmed with fear I whispered into the rain
Disarming defenses, Giving in to the gray 
Tearing down all of my shelter within my hollowed decay
While this echoing silence gave every tear drop a name
They begin filling the voids with mundane hopes for a change
Heaven will save me from this hell and blue skies will reign
Lazily lay in green grass watching clouds drift away
It's all but a deflated dream now that the colors have changed
My thoughts have become restless noise of uncertainties rearranged
Damning all of my emotions, lies decorated with grace
Now I stand with a hardened heart in the sobering autumn rain 
I'm disarmed and defenseless, Giving in to the gray

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paris by night

this morning is falling burning into a sunset an autumn decision you and I will never forget joy by day paris by night i'm there love by the hour Paris is ours evening breeds new life a moment of twilight a horizon of heavenly means I love you like life loves itself joy by day paris by night yes dear i'm there love me by the hour and paris is ours i'm down too often like a child awaiting his scars to soften hopelessly a pedestrian walking a way from traffic it could happen, indefinitely i'll take paris by day and love by night i was there long enough to love you by day and surrender by nightfall "there is joy by day if you can take paris by nightfall"

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Autumn's Breath

You whisper in my ear
midmorning bird songs
with that scent of mountain air
and foliage extracting its green emblem.
Switching to fields of neon;
your breath mimics the sunset sky
the feeling of kissing your newborns forehead,
so gentle and soft your entrance.
You ease your way into a majestic overlook
of pomegranate leaves,
and weak, crisp, dead skinned grass.

My delicate irises wince at
overpowering sun rays
but the heart of your existence
I open my eyes for.
I can’t miss this.
My body balanced
by your impeccable temperature,
my darling,
you look so beautiful tonight,
in my window frame,
your fire grows in the pale moonlight.

You whisper in my ear
midnight cricket hymns
so seducing in your presence
that I can’t get enough of this. 

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Autumn Mist

The sky is grey then yet
the sun’s rays still prevail
in shining light on to colour
deprived land.
The trees have shed their leaves,
they litter the dark ground almost
hiding a dark secret of what is
hidden beneath.
The wind blows scattering leaves
making them swirl on the ground
covered in a sea of brown.
Butterflies are my only company
in this gloomy and sombre land
they provide the only colour
alighting the memories of more
happier times;
no sound emits for no animal walks
on this land except myself.
My footsteps are muffled by the dead 
leaves, they softly crunch under 
my delicate feet.
My silk dress twirls in the wind as
I walk, my exposed skin becomes red
by the cold air making goosebumps
thrive upon my soft silken skin.
My thoughts are sad for I remember
the days when the land flourished
dominated by an ocean of colour then
yet here I stand in a ghostly land
with nothing but the wind and a few
beautiful butterflies for company
for the autumn mist has engulfed
the essence of colour and life.

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My Flower

You are the flower that
brightens my spring.
You are the summer that
warms my soul.
You are the autumn that
brings color to my life.
You are the winter that
brings calm to my spirit.
You are the inamorata that
has renewed my life.
You are my loving wife.

Edward J Ebbs - Valentines Day 2008

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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If I Could Talk To God?

If I Could Talk To God?

Well of course I can
I love you Father
Maybe more than my heart shows

When I sit and think about how you love me
How you’ve blessed me with two of the most
Wonderful boys. 
I feel how much you love me

You know how much I like to share 
So you’ve given me a home with a door that
Swings wide enough to welcome everyone in
And I feel how much you love me

As I ride on a country road and see a crisp blue
Sky with the whitest wisps of clouds painted in
Resting on the multi colored autumn leaves
My joy permeates every part of my being
And I feel how much you love me

When I sit on the fence 
And hear the breeze whispering through the trees
The whippoorwill’s song
And the laughter coming from somewhere inside the house
I know how much you love me

God do you know how much I love you
Can I ever show you the way I feel
So perfectly flawed
So needing grace
And yet one day 
I will see the glory of your face
And know how much you love me.

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I Remember

She had beautiful hands, I remember
Strong and brown and crude under the choking lamplight 
that wintry autumn of the potato blight
I saw them cringe and turn over and over 
She thought I’d fallen asleep, but no
I watched her silently in the dark, well past midnight.

Her hair was rich and long, I remember
Coarse and uncombed and tangled on sweaty afternoons
One sweltering midsummer before the monsoons
we crouched in the fields and together worried
Masses of hair spidered across her wet cheeks
Sweat or something else, running down those weathered prunes.

She had eyes like the sea, I remember
Stormy and clouded and murmuring of a shipwrecked sorrow
That spring day the wind swept away the morrow
she stood with her back to me and hung her head
I saw her weak frame jolting and stiffening
and my infant heart was splintered by an invisible arrow.

Her voice was a melody through the reeds, I remember
For fifty years her lips could give only sighs
Unbroken silence shivering beneath frozen skies
Her throat rippled when she looked at my blossoming face
Quivered and quivered in a song of muted melancholy
Then one day away she flew, like a flower, without goodbyes.

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Plains Harvest

The plains have become a quilted patchwork
Dotted with combines, tractors and trucks
the fall harvest is loaded in the bins
Harvest complete for another season
The evenings now pick up a chill
The sun's light fades earlier with seasonal change
Birds that adorned the trees have taken flight
Heading south with early mornings light
Flocks of birds gather near watering holes
Finding bits of grain left on the fields
The greenery of summer fades into past
While autumn's bold colors show
Leaves cascade to the earth below
Soon to be covered by winter's snow.

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Elegy on an Autumn Day

Change comes sometime late August, a mellow feeling to the day;
A gentle sun, offering friendship, joins me walking in the lane.
Between defiant borders of late bloomers--proud yellow, maroon, and red--
Queen Anne's lace adds frilly softness to weed hardness, a smiling  feminine face.
The gardens yield up their richness, spilling ripe bounty from over laden arms.

Peaceful is the attitude autumn offers; a tender sadness trims the edge
Where silent stone markers gently gather beneath trees' reverent, flame-haloed heads.
The year is slowly dying . . . not fast gone like these quietly remembered,  the beloved dead.

September 10, 2014

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Crisp Autumn Day

A September chill pierces the morning
cutting through my open window.
Sharp air nips past naked ankles
as Autumn nibbles into my day.

Wasps sift September with regret
buzzing the fading scent of roses.
Tart apples sweep mellow branches
savouring a wind sweetened rain.

Chestnut burrs bristle spiny green
pregnant with mahogany clusters.
Crumpled leaves huddle in garden corners
crunching crooked for warmth.

MMC © 2011

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Late fall
Country scene
One birch, close by, already bare
With a taste of frost in the air
And this sturdy, old, covered bridge – this haven -
Strong tiled, tightly sided. A few slats still thrive -
Strips of weathered-green survive.

Late fall,
Looking far, from Terry’s Mount,
At distance she commands the eye -
Her autumn regalia, the peaks, gold-burnished dell
And the mill-side water’s ebb and swell	
One’s fancy cannot help but dwell on a few histories
Imagining, within, the seasonal mysteries

The few been herded o’er,
How the boards did rattle,
The frightened, mooing-roar of cattle,
Stomping, desperation. And old herder Jim –
Yelling, shooing, face beat red.
Twas near the end of him.

I’m limping, all wore out,
We’re near a half-mile from home
Old covered bridge looked so good.
Inside, all was safe, and dry the sure-caulked wood.
Outside, the tempest’s blast, high drifts a fright
She saved us did old covered bridge that awful night.

Spring flood
Worst winter folks could remember
Storm after storm beginning early November
Come March, though, those roiling, boiling clouds abated,
Temperature soared, the record heavy fall quickly melted.
Old covered bridge, standing high, was tested, belted,
Floor washed away, but, in the main, saved those dreadful days.

By moonlight
I sit, thinking, 3:00 a.m., can’t sleep. 
Pitch black, but the Moon kisses her silver tiles
What phantoms lurk beneath, what secrets does she keep -
All those midnight rendezvous, young men’s loving wiles,
All the rustic yearnings born of mere, solitary charm, 
All those fond, romantic plans hatched within her kindling arms.


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Autumn Leaves

Trees shed

Their Autumn Leaves.


Autumn Leaves-

That fall,

That twirl

And then embrace the ground.


Autumn Leaves-

That flood

The pathways I tread

And the horizon I see.


Amidst them, I halt

Amongst them, I sit,

Stare and admire

Them as they shower from trees.


I listen to them,

As they rustle,

And cuddle

In the soothing autumn breeze.


Wondrous it is to listen

To the tales they tell,

Tales spelled in their toungless accents

Tales that are the soul of each of those

Falling, twirling, rustling

Autumn Leaves.

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Heat intensive day are gone
Winter waves invitingly
Bright sunny mornings bid a warm adieu
Dreary winter smiles as it arrives

The brightness of long summer 
Now become short cold filled days
A new chill fills the crisp air
As leaves drop gently down.

The colors of fall are displayed
Like an artist painting a canvas
splashes of color dot the landscape
Creating a magnificent view.

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The Oak Tree

On a meandering
road, many years ago
Our destination
We came upon an
ancient and majestic
Its branches, bare
of clothing;
Autumn’s demand of
an offering to the
We stopped and did
not venture forward
Observing only from
a distance
Knowing that if we
walked among its
We would not see the
fullness of its
You sketched it
I sat in awe of it
Years have passed
and she is but a
The tree no longer
stands except for
the lifeless
And your sketch
A cruel beheading
I live knowing that
it's greatness,
Rooted below the
Is a soul larger in
death than in life

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When the final Autumn leaf spirals to the ground,
and a warm Chinook breeze is no longer found.
Bears retreat to their seasonal slumber,
as snowflakes approach in abundant numbers.
Mother Nature steps down from her post.
As old man Winter prepares as new host.
A starving North wind arrives in his horseless carriage,
preparing to join hearts with the Earth in marriage.
Thus for many eve's they shall bind in wedlock.
Till Spring rises from the shadows to create a new flock.

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Autumn Breathes Hope

Wrapped in her ethereal, misty cloak
Awakening senses to poignant changes
As crisp winds brush away last summer’s dust
Soft sunrays filter through sparse golden-hued leaves   

Wrapped in her ethereal misty cloak
Blindly, I find my way through thick, dank fog
And while lost in the maze, sometimes I lose my cool
When I taste the bitter edge of what could have been

Wrapped in her ethereal misty cloak
Autumn breathes hope for the weary of heart
To smile in the face of cynicism means I’m alive
With a spirit to grow and a heart that is open and deep 

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The Last Oak Leaf

My heart goes out to the last Oak leaf
The one that clings until the early spring
When the buds swell giving a nudge
The last leaf that falls onto the earth 

The new bud full of vitality__youth comes forth
To experience life_spring green_then summer's depth
Fall comes to it bringing the color of autumn russet
The cycle has nearly gone full circle__winter slowly moves in the last leaf falls

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September Weather

Ah, the september weather is here,
the trees turn firery red and orange,
and the leaves gently fall to the surface.

Fall is here,
and the grass turns from green to yellow,
the souls of many change their ways.

From going on beaches in sun
to walking on wet streets,
with jackets on.

September weather is here,
too most it is depressing to see,
such change in the world.

But I love it.
The girlfriends and boyfriends go away,
and that makes me happy.
Then I go apple picking.

I pick red apples,
from low, hanging apple trees.
and I eat one, while walking down the trail.

Fall is here,
the time of death,
the last of sunshine.

I don't argue,
I love fall,
it is so cosy and it gives me hope.

Hope that a day will come again,
when the sun pops its head out
and the warmth returns.

September weather is the best,
when summer is gone, but not quite,
and the cool breeze sweaps through your open windowpane.

I love fall,
it gives me hope,
that with death comes life.

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Colours of Autumn

~}{~ A soft breeze blows Just enough to feel it upon your face A brand new season has just begun A season full of colours.. The sky crystal blue Lush green grass sparkles in the morning dew Crisp falling leaves ablaze earthy sienna and browns Deep red and ochre so ambrosial Blanket the ground in amber and russet shades Leaving trees naked to the cool winds.. ~}{~ By Tracie x For Autumn Splendor Poetry Contest

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The babbling brook

clearest water flows gently
along and over my naked feet
the touch of its  almost tacit sound 
deafening beauty for a  calming mind
thousands of tiny goosebumps 
showing the numerous  surprising shivers  
trying  to make sense  

the softest sofa  of fresh leaves and little twigs
spread a narcotic palette of autumn perfumes
coloring the signals of my soul

a generous friendly fire of chestnuts and acorns
compose a  beat and feel  of rhythm of the forests
tapping on my shoulder and head
changing every breath that I take
while softly knocking
at future’s door

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Autumn Reverie

Fall has come 
   and with it the march of the NY Giants 
Dangerous game!
    But the players do it 
for the glory (and the not inconsequential financial rewards)
I will watch the game Sunday 
   on TV
    I have good friends that 
don't like the game 
   But I get thrilled when 
the NY Giants win 
  My uncle met Tiki Barber(of the Giants)
I remember going to an 
   Orthodox shul 
I went to as a youth 
           Someone said "What's the score?" with a smile 
Autumn has arrived

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Birds Are Singing

                                                  Birds Are Singing

I lay here in bed not able to sleep with the birds outside my window singing their songs

The autumn night is still with a full moon  and  a cool breeze 

I lay here watching the shedding leaves on the tree shimmer from the moonlight reflection and the cool gentle breeze blowing like a whisper of puff  blown breath

The birds are singing, letting each other know that they are safe and enjoying the cool silence of the night air

I lay here in bed not able to sleep listening to the birds singing their love songs that will put me to sleep

by eve roper 10/7/2014

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Dreamers Dance

Her thoughts drift out the window
on the cool autumn breeze
and a smile creeps upon her withered face
as she remembers the first time she saw
this house
This house that is so old and worn
like her heart
and she sways to the music in her mind
as a tune tumbles from her memory
she dances and twirls across the floor
as the melody carries her dream
back to the days when he was still alive
and would sweep her into his arms
and kiss her wrinkled brow
she stops in mid-stride and a tear rolls
down her leathery cheek
and she smiles
a smile for the love they shared
when they were caught up in their
dreamers dance.

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The once crowded beach is now deserted
Not a sandcastle or deckchair is in sight
The golden sands lay pristine 
Blue waves gently lapping the shore

Summer sun sets low in the evening sky
Plum, lilac, pinks and orange hues
Paint the sky like an artists brush
Night falls quickly with a deathly hush

Autumn leaves now crunch under our feet
Painting the pavement with brown and gold tones
The trees stripped bare and vulnerable
Skeleton like twigs reveal their naked beauty

The colder nights are drawing in
With a biting chill in the autumn air
Snuggled up in our winter coats
Hats scarves and gloves our constant friends

Contest: Summer’s End
Sponsored by Kelly Deschler

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To Be Thirteen

I found a surfboard once,
Along the banks of the Cherokee Lake.
A dirty, stained, half-broken plank.
My cousin and I drifted it out
To see if it could still keep its head up.

I waded among the leaves,
In a shallow bay where our
Campsite smoked from the morning's fire.
Treading water, holding tight, I examined
My vessel -- I pulled myself on board.

The breeze hit my dripping back,
Sending chills to my toes.
I stood, stumbled, and lifted my
Hands; crucified by the mid-morning air.
Eyes closed, I tasted the water on my lips.

I found myself among the reeds and cold
Waters of a lake. Thirteen and Shivering.

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Why We Will Never Say Hello or Good-bye

Why We Will Never Say Hello or Good-bye
By Ingrid Showalter Swift 
Rake your fine fingers across my tender lips...
waiting with the hunger that years have made.
...Do you still hear me? 
I am off in a land of daisies and flowers, of many colors.
I walk down sandy paths of pale soft skin... that I imagine 
are yours 
The water-butter beneath my finger tips 
is your skin as well 
and I look out across a far away horizon and know 
you live there
breathing on, in unison with arms open to the sky 
You beam as the sun... I weep as the waves.
I ache and bend and cry out in labor pain 
There is no separation... but the heart still seems to seep 
with it. 
I can see your eyes 
and in my eyes still dark and far away drift quietly on a raft bobbing in a safe cove
The night still shifts to the wetted calm of us from time to time 
and I know the trees and dogs can feel us moving 
beneath the surface, like mermaids
Our tails are webbed jewels of gold and myrrh
Our fingers are intermingled... our cells combined...
Our torsos are sleek and clean 
We separate... dip and dive like porpoises...
They know... I know they know... and hear our ever calls 
and weep 
and bow 
and weep 
and dive for us 
in the still of twilight’s dancing diamonds
Why not? I cry... but know all too well the answers 
Because there are flowers on our paths
and children playing in the skin of the sand 
and we are one in our purpose 
and one in the words and one as they fly over head - wing to wing...
As autumn climbs the hill to winter...
we will be in the flickering light of fire side 
and the warmth of the soups that brew 
and are handed one to the other 
and we will ever be in the sawdust 
and in the creation of anything new
and in time as it flows back and forth with the tide
Nothing can ever sever us from the ants 
and the shells 
and the mail that arrives in the mail box 
Do you know that we are only a car ride away from forever?
Do you know that we are nothing more than one phone call apart?
...just seven numbers apart! 
and it will remain the distance of forever because we know 
how fine the sand feels between our toes 
how smooth the wind blows over our wet torsos and white sails 
and how water splashes into tiny beads of light at the bow
and how the tree grows 
and how the stone feels from the inside 
We will remain alone and surrounded by love 
...because grass is green
God! How I love you! 
Tell me again that you know... tell me... call me... tell me 
...that it is real... that you can hear me 
that I am the same as the child beneath your palm
loved ever, unconditionally
and you are proud of who I am and who I am becoming

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Cloak of Silence

she wore that same faded yellow
the cloak of October I called it
of the dying and the fading away

cheeks like willow trees, hollow
jagged gasps, cutting
the warmth of memory

eyes holding the blankness
of infertility
as if life had fallen into dormancy
beyond conception

she would lift bony hands
trying to capture the living
in a frail grasp

but time was drowning,
slipping deeper into sleep
sinking beneath consciousness

and breath labored
across chest's deepening valley
to settle like leaves
in Autumn silence...

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When summer ends, autumn begins. The leaves fall from the trees. Such a beautiful sight and done so spiritually. Magical is the change of the seasons into the New Year. I saw a red bird today and enjoyed her chirping. Gathering food, she was on my window sill. Pillared to be quite successful, her tiny wings went a flight. The red beak is all that was seen as she entered the sky. Absolutely beautiful is when the leaves fall from the trees. Summer has ended with autumn’s inception. I can feel the breeze. ________________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 30, 2014!

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Cartilage Cartridge Carthage

Spread my skin around your city limits

And sow these Dragon Teeth to reap my heart

Apple red lace, apple sweet lips, apple techie, apple allergy
Let's play Adam and Eve and make faces at the devil, because we own this Tree

My fingers plow the earth and pluck your laughter off of autumn branches made of purple ties and navy sweatpants,
water the butterfly's palm with these kisses and tether the sun to the pier so you can light up the day and night at 

Where I might somewhere be speaking birds out of my mouth, I'd much rather here have this butterfly land on my 
lips and silence my.

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OF Poets, Parasites And You

I am the word that grasps your soul and twists
An iota of sorrow or joy into your subconscious 
I speak truth and you interpret, absorb or reject
Your silver clad universe is not my cloud filled sky
Your autumn soft earth is not the path that I tread
But your suffering is the pain that aches my heart 
I am the word

You are the faceless one that takes my offspring
And delivers it prematurely stillborn to the world
That lays its corps in some far off barren desert
Dances a dance of pleasure on its alabaster bones
Chants a song of praise as  nectar  becomes carrion 
Then rinse your palate with the gall of the unjust 
You are the faceless one

You are my rock that lifts me above the raging sea
That wraps me in your cloak on chill winter nights
You go barefoot to enable me to walk stony trails
That lead to high places I have not even envisaged
You welcome me to exalted company without gain
Then lay me on a bed of lavender scented words
You are my rock

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The autumn sun has risen
But yet to attain high noon-
Make hay, my roses fair.
I would not be happy to see you,
Decaying with the hasting day.
I have short time as you.
Growing too quickly to decay,
Dying as the summer’s rain-
As the pearls of morning’s dew
Never to be seen again as I’m.

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It makes no sense to 
Withdrawals what left with yesterday
Anonymous love...
We await the return of the dead,
Wondering what is it on the other side!!
Yet.. Nobody comes, and nobody speaks to us,
Silence overnight,
Without croaking frogs, without sparkling stars..
Only an abstract panel, 
Where the sky with the earth join in the line of sight
Hunger for beauty,
An explosive eager attached to the shoulders of gods,
While funeral prayers embrace yellow autumn leaves.. 
Then I asked you: do you remember when we infiltrated beneath the scrolls of time?
Ambigous destiny awaits my love
Oh, I got my soul in after life...

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Her Favourite Pink Teddy

Having decided that she was no less then this, a deceiving
Wicked witch so I happily hurried along her belongings ¿
Exiting stage left throwing them all into the garbage bin 
Except for her heart's favourite pink teddy while listening 
Unto Bruce Springstein's anthem song, Born In The USA..
Quite aware of these metaphors scattered about a rent 
Canvas his bluebird complaining to a solitary crow gazing
Peering into the green grass hidden; trying to make it's way 
Imagining as her Statue of Liberty and thinking that Diane
Beholds their gray grim reapers, wearing righteous masks ?
Children weeping mothers bewildered a man with his sickle
Lifted high proclaiming these balancing scales holy castles...
Chasing the we understand given to us; serving your demons.  


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The Fall Of Innocence

As I left madness in the desert
With empty guns and unresolved dilemmas 
A sorrow but protective shield
Made sand dunes crossing me to safety. 

Towards the autumn without you
I'm heading 'lone and taciturn
Mirage of icicle enclosed me
The carcass of my past revives

My tears can't shed, canteen is hollow
A joker's wild behind the wheel
The crossroad vanishes in sandstorms
As I am spit out to be skinned


I hear my giggles in green vineyards
As trees remember rusty games
The wind plays gutters in the night
Cranes fill horizon with their wave.

I need next rainstorm like the air
So it can flood my hopes for rivers
As bucks strike hunger in the wolves
I need to feel alive for winter...


Did I leave madness in the desert
Towards an autumn without you?
Or I just dreamed of freedom loosely -
A grain of gold on cacti' spines...

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Torture on the Parchment.

Oh, empty quill
On brittle parchment
Why with such zeal
Do you deride me?
Such power to prevent
A single word 
From being scratched out
Repudiating inspiration
For the moment
Forbidding me
To imbibe of breath

Tell me of that
With which I have sinned
That warrants this pain
This censure…
Necessitates from accusation
This allegation
Which I must answer
Before judgment
Surges forth
Washing over me

If I bloody those pages
Dirty your eyes
Holding my verse 
I shall answer you
Without vanity’s mask
To abstain from
Penning my verse 
Upon your note paper

My compositions
Will be now penned
In the blood of autumn frost
On the windblown foliage
Contented throughout
That no evil can be read
On wind scattered verses
Of me…

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In my grave

A weak shout louder than a gun shot
Out of a mouth full of depressed misery and dead emotions
A walk to infinity
A search for the light in a place so bright, yet so dark
Between sun light and dawn
Where birds sing for roses

Away in distance
Where destiny lead my way

It's going to be okay
Last words my ears choose to hear
To relieve the pain in my heart
Darkness filled my eyes
Don't try to make it shine
I smell the end
I feel the tears of grief drowning me alive

I lay down in my coffin
Under the soil
In the freezing ground
Isolated from all around
No need to make a sound
Or wear the mask that hides what's beneath

Surrounded with woods
beneath the ground just as I was
Tossed as a stone
Like a leaf fallen from an autumn tree into a lake so deep
With my skinless skull and wrist bones where cuts of regret cant be seen

I lay In my cave
In my only home
With my only friend
My rival my enemy
I can't let go...

Thoughts rushing into my mind
Bursting in and out
Words I never thought I'd speak
Words my tongue never dares to say I know how it feels
Now after I'm gone

My lips are fading
My soul is drowning
My body is decaying 

I reach the limit
Where heart beats doesn't matter
Where I can't breathe the air
Where my only road is to hell
I'll bathe in fire from this day and forever

Never made you proud
Forgive me and make it better

Two roses laid on my grave
Endless time passes as the sun goes by
Nothing stirs 
Pure melody in silence
A selfish wind blows taking with it one 
and there goes one in vain dropping it to far away
I gaze through emptiness
Waiting for my eternal time to end
For my angel to appear
And save my weeping spirit from my sins
Which have become my reality...

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Return to the Sun

In the dismal fog of an autumn day 
My thoughts were as scattered as leaves in wind
I spied her walking, she looked alone
Alone, alone, in the cold afternoon

In utter gloom without a face
There was something compelling that caught my glance
In her stance, as she slowly passed 
A kindled sparkle in her eyes
Her ragged clothes, her worn out shoes
Yet still a smile, came shining through
Her figure dark, still carried on
I could not help, but turn around...

I wondered what her story told
What trials and pain, had brought her here?
No place to dwell?  My eyes welled up...
So caught in tears like misty rain

I called out "Please, ....what is your name?"
Am I a fool, to chance this game?
How many seasons have waxed and waned
Since last I have confronted face to face
To one who seems so out of place?

I could not pass her on this road
I begged her now to share this load
I had this gift!  It was not small....
What good, if I ignored the call?
I may be foolish....but do not care...
I am now compelled to share it all

I witnessed hope, and it was pure,
And I was sure

My money so well spent....I have no doubt
The sun is coming out, a light turned on...
I find my eyes are wet...the chill is gone
She's cried such grateful tears, I taste my own
I owe her more, than she could know

My heart so filled with gratitude
              ..........And I have grown


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On Fragile Wings

Inspired by Constance La France's contest "Unwritten"
7/5/11 By Carrie Richards

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Harvest Time

Now is the time of reaping and abundance. 
Now a time of preparation for winter's frozen scarcity. 
The sun hangs low in autumn skies, 
and foggy veils obscure the view. 

In Spring, when all was fresh and new, 
an all together different hue of innovation: 
summer's promise budding in anticipation. 
Green newness bursting with naivety. 

As time ticks by and lives march on just like the seasons; 
the spring of youth and childhood innocence 
give way to lusty languid summers of prosperity. 
A gathering of experience in autumn, 

which leads to winter's wizened wisdom. 
Make it not a season of discontentment, 
but a time of rich reflection on lives well spent. 
A time of joy not isolation, 

Make this is a time of plenitude for all for whom we care.   
Help us make this winter time a time of hope 
not helplessness; and a time when grace is all we share. 
For now is the time of reaping and abundance. 

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One Autumn Day

I see her standing there on the bluff, high above the restless waters.
Arms spread wide, she looks like she's hugging the sky.
She lifts her head closing her eyes to smell the fresh autumn air.
As the cool winds coming off Lake Superior toss her hair wildly,
Colored leaves dance around this young girl’s scarce presence
And she is somewhere in a magical world of this awesome place.
I see her clearly now as I close my eyes remembering, one autumn day.

Written By Brenda Meier-Hans
For Contest: One Autumn Day
Poet Destroyer

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Twofold - A Gift Returned

Through autumn chill of a twilight gray
My thoughts were as scattered as leaves in wind
I spied her walking, she looked alone
Alone, alone, in the cold afternoon

In utter gloom without a face
There was something compelling that caught my glance
In her stance, as she slowly passed 
A kindled sparkle in her eyes
Her ragged shawl, her worn out shoes
Yet still a smile, came shining through
Her figure dark, still carried on
I could not help, but turn around...

I wondered what her story told
What trials and pain, had brought her here?
No place to dwell?  My eyes welled up...
Caught up in tears like winter's rain

I called out "Please, ....what is your name?"
Am I a fool, to chance this game?
How many seasons have waxed and waned
Since last last I offered a heart of hope
To one who wears no wrap or coat?

I could not pass her on this road
I begged her now to share this load
I had this gift, though it was small....
What good, if I ignored the call?
I may be foolish....but do not care...
I am now compelled to share it all

I witnessed hope, and it was pure,
And I was sure

My money so well spent....I have no doubt
The sun is coming out, a light turned on...
I find my eyes are wet...the chill is gone
She's cried such grateful tears, I taste my own
I owe her more, than she could know
My heart so filled with gratitude
              ..........And I have grown


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Unzipping My Sleeping Bag

The morning sun had not yet cut the forest
into shadow and light, and the gray mist of the coming
day fell from the autumn sky.
The creeping fog added its damp prospective  
to the Trees. Their visually poetic patterns 
were etched in red and yellowed  leaves
on muted branches of greys and browns.

Ever Greens dotted the hillside as if 
Punctuating the view with quotation marks,
periods, and commas, allowing nature to
write her commentaries in a breath taking language of color.

My mind captured by the fallen leaves, cascaded down the mosaic 
of a hillside to the forest floor. It was released by
a small flock of birds that landed in the trees near the lake.
Their fluttering black wings slapped and echoed. 

Chaotic chirping bounced with them in a morning mêlée 
of song and dance. The occasional red tipped wing
flickered through the hopscotched patterns 
of sight and sounds.

Welcomed by the stark morning, and in spite 
of the contrast the frolicking cacophony
brought to the once quiet serene surroundings, 
My sleeping bag half unzipped I stopped…

the since of oneness made me sigh in completeness.

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Murmur of memories

The wind blows in and out
It seems time is going somewhere,
The beauty of a smile is not designed to be selfish,
The beauty of a blowing wind
Is meant to be part of a sunset by the evening sea.
The murmur of my memories,
Makes my time float,
And dance with the autumn dying leaves.

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Abundance of life
Home to extinction

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Great I Have Worms

I dig beneath the autumn leaves among the earthy rot
To free an earthworm situated there its freedom to fresh air
Thus I grasp the wiggler- tis slimy and wet-it wiggles all the more
And place it in an old fruit jar amongst brethren already there

Now hunkered on yonder river bank I reach into this bait filled jar
To grasp a wiggly wiggler and skew it to my line
That it may do its job as only it best can do
Then a moment poised over the water then baptized anew

Sit I do until the wiggler is caught -a tug then reel him back with glee
For the fight is joy due to wiggler’s ploy
Tis great that I have worms 
For I get all the glory

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Autumn Prayer

Leaves of all colors; orange, red and gold.. Crackle beneath my feet as I traipse across the lawn A shimmering sun dawns bright and mirrors my heart Filling this beautiful Autumn day with a gentle thought Love is all powerful, all knowing and all that makes me Into someone I can trust as God intends me to. Leaves flutter through the air, inviting me to prayer.
For: One Autumn Day (in just 7 lines) Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A

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Something framed within tells an autumn scene
Though grass be still green
Flowers yet bloom in lively color
A lonely bush flaps the protective white house siding
Southward leans
And o’er the rooftops
Clouds blown dizzy in confusion
Race against the Moon
Billow such far away grays
That something contained within
Tells of autumn days

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Autumn's Breath

One can hardly take a breath at all For brilliance splashed against the wall Has reasoned with a summer's soul To paint the season edged in gold ... The brittle breeze of evening chill, Where scent of smoke that lingers, still And silent gardens are put to bed, As the close of day draws swiftly red We can hear the music of the trees, A rustling of leaves, stained red and tan While wind seeks out the apple tree, And scents the air with celestial zest The mighty oak drops acorns, freed, Brown squirrels have scurried to their nest They've stored a harvest from the earth, We'll watch as geese leave shadows deep And when the trees are barren branched, A world takes rest, to start anew While autumn prances through the hills, With stain ablaze in amber hues The heart is filled with peace of mind, As embers warm our home tonight While weary gather near the flame, This year at end, we bid adieu One can hardly take a breath at all For brilliance splashed against the wall Has reasoned with a summer's soul To paint the season edged in gold ......
____________________________________________________ For the contest sponsored by Gail Doyle 8/23/13

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The rebirth of beauty

A rose peals amidst a gloomy fog.
The fall of rosy red peddles guided down
streams of tears, dyed red with blood. 
Separated peddles wish to amalgamate again.
A naked stem full of thorns, beneath the moons loom.
A rose once crowned with a red flourishing 
bulb of pulchritude. Lugubrious peddles blown
in the fierce balmy winds. Staining the air with
vibrant red notes of sadness. Spread
 abroad this torn beauty, drifting in the balmy winds.
The arid autumn leaves becalm the rose
peddles and says, true beauty is the rebirth of beauty lost

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Every autumn in the Chaos Mountains
the wind blows through the tall grass
& the rain stalls, fitful in its sublimity.
It is not a season for speaking. Only for listening.
Out there, somewhere beyond the horizon
a silence that is not silence, calls,
& men enter the duck blind, and wait,
huddled with their cartridges & ambiguities,
disguised to themselves as hunters,
re-inventing themselves with rifle eyes
fixed on some vanishing point beyond the language
of rivers & trees, turned away from
the here & now - a tempting non-existence
accompanied by hope, which may be nothing more
than the promise of a big dinner with
lots of stuffing and gravy and no questions.

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Small Beer in Death Valley

Dead autumn leaves my shroud of love decayed 
Then winter snow my frozen coated heart

I built my lonely hall, with walls so tall, 
Then hid deep down, beneath the ground sans sound
This lone, which I called home was so forlorn
Hospital hell, my self-made get well cell

Dried clay forest fires flames dance dark descends
Light strikes new roots waterfalls asunder

Dawn cracks in dark, new buds of light shoots through
My thawed out heart, it dares to dream new hope
I hum a song with guilty cautious joy
My eyes smile bright of peaceful open tunes

Spring snowdrop crops to heaven clouds protrude
And Summer showers, bring rainbow beams alive


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Leaving Me

I take your hand and hold it, 
And walk with you awhile. 
The autumn gilds the valley, 
It’s good to see you smile. 

The swans sail still on water, 
The herons stalk the banks. 
The moon leans into daytime, 
And you say a word of thanks. 

My love is your companion, 
Though it blossoms out of sight. 
Today I let you see it, 
As the day inclines to night. 

Love him you will, I know it, 
That bond is just too strong. 
My jealous heart will miss you, 
When the winter comes along. 

I will hold you in my dreams 
I will hold you in my heart 
I will see your face in moonbeams 
Yet I cannot stand to part. 

The leaves are dancing circles 
The wind has lost its way 
The sun slumps into nightfall 
I know that you won't stay. 

You climb the steps so quickly, 
And slip into the car. 
So I must watch you leave now, 
Watch waving, from afar. 

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Those dancing leaves

The chill of early autumn casts
A kaleidoscope of color upon
A plethora of dangling leaves
As they shimmy and shake about

Mother Nature’s frosty breath
Hastens their departure from their lofty heights
The brassy winds of autumn will  be here soon 
Bursting forth with an exuberant breathy gusto
Prompting the leaves to whirl and spin around
Dancing merrily along the ground

Reminds this creaky old observer
Of a gleeful group of school  girls
Swirling in their colorful gowns
Happily frolicking and jumping about
Joyfully doing their happy dance

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The itty-bitty spider knew 
he had to web his site.
He was in the corner of breakfast nook.
I watched him all night.
He went up the line with such might.
The itty-bitty spider was magnified.
The web he created was in neon light.
For Andrea Dietrich Third & Final Itty Bitty Contest
April 11, 2014

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Like a warm summer’s day
her infectious smile
can melt even the most cynical heart,

Like the boisterous south easterly
that clears away the city’s fog
her mood sways from jubilant to poignant,

Like a thunderous night 
that holds the promise of a beautiful day to follow
her anger melts like a glacier to form crystal streams,

Like the Indian monsoon
her tears flow without warning
drenching all thoughts, 

Like the autumn leaves fall
so does her reticence 

Like the icy Icelandic tundra
her aloofness
can be felt when she is betrayed…

Like a full moon promises change
so does her demeanor
when it comes to love,

Easily hurt 
but just as easily loved… 

Contest: Tell Me About You
Placed: 4th  

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To My Fellow Poet, Imaginist

There is a small group of poets I come across sometimes
who write in a very lucid and vividly concrete style which totally enchants
me because, unlike myself, they seem to do it effortlessly. They also
use images that are so unique, I can barely manage to think up
such unusual figurative language. For that reason, I made up the word "Imaginist."
One such poet who wrote in this style was Sondra Ball (recently deceased) 
who published the successful ezine, Autumn Leaves. Although this poem of mine
could refer to other poets I admire here at Soup as well, I dedicate it to her. 

It's not an easy thing for me-
that which you do with mind and 
matter ( paper; ink).
How the world so differently you see.
You startle senses with your
Oh, were it so I too could seize
a moment;
throw it back to you
new (and incredibly concrete).
I think that would be indeed sweet.
God gifted you this thing–
this creativity,
and yes, you use it well,
in fact, beautifully.
Though what you do
day in and day out
may only come to me
I will plod along,
my words
to tout (or to flout)
what life is all about.
For you . . .
who fails to hesitate,
Time hasn't long to wait.
Pen in hand, do continue
to, most fruitful one,

For Amy Green's Contest: Wow Me With Inspiration
And now for PD's the free verse (old/new)Poetry Contest

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On the outskirts, 
Framed on either side
By a farm house      a barn
I discovered this winding path

It is early autumn
The trees about the house
Are full of lingering gold
Various harvest implements are seen
A silo rises in the foreground
With a tool shed beside
And the receding meadow beyond – cut
      in two by the path – a luscious green

Far distant is a dense, black forest fronting
      purpled mountains
I am just past my 85th birthday
And the mysterious future, creeping ever
      closer, much on my mind
The dream vision is so colorful      so clear
That when I awake
I must just lie still and wonder

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Eternal Breath

With bicycles and a big shoulder sling bag
You were there, at the other side of my fence
Throwing the paper toward me with a smile
Awarded me with a wonder-stricken time lag

I remember, you were ten and I was eight
It was in 1940, our first met
So soon later we allied
And all these times, I always sure that it was truly a fate

I remember, it was on an anesthetize Sunday morning
You put a ring on my finger when I was just seventeen
We started riding our life together in a rollercoaster of emotions 
For years you are my one and only paperboy prince charming

Today, on your grave that is shrouded by Autumn leaves
Knowing that our love surely went on endlessly
I smile and take another breath in the eyes of eternity
A splendor moment, for our memories, far away from griefs

~ Shirley Candy 
Indonesia, 11/05/2013 05.36 AM

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When The Tides Of Life Roll

When The Tides Of Life Roll

When morn awakes by the bluebirds trill
When the robin songs echo on the hill
When the tides of life run against you
When your dream rainbow is shining through
When again the dim hope lamp burns
When hopeful once again world peace returns
When crazy foolish tensions fill the day
When it is time to pause and pray
When the winter wiped away its frozen gloom
When again the glorious spring flowers bloom
When spring is showing all it’s glory
When nature is telling it’s timeless story
When your love is held by a strong cord
When  your faith is blessed by the Lord
When your guiding light does forever stay
When you shall walk the glorified way
When spring flowers bloom so bright and gay
When sunshine beauty blesses summers way
When autumn struts proudly across the land
When everything looks so colorful and grand
When the tides of life roll do not grieve
When you know that heaven provides all the need

Erich J.Goller
Copyright 10. 20.2011

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The Winter of my Soul

‘Tis winter in my soul, and It snows deep within me. The leaves of autumn are gone, but only Melancholy stayed behind to converse with my soul – ever lonely and forlorn, and where the storms of winter have gathered and made a home in the weariness of my soul.

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Forget me nots

I stood in the midst of a meadow, 
as an autumn breeze swayed its flaxen hair. 
The last  flush of sun was giving way 
to a peach blossoming evening sky, 
readying the day to lay and replenish,
beneath the strokes of night.

As it unfolded around me, 
I watched with hungry eyes, 
as visions of you etched upon a lowering cloud, 
slipped by in outstretched shadows,
out of reach of my trembling hand; 
for dreams still held you captive within its grasp.

I held myself with tired arms,
repeating sighs, choked on sadness,
as my heart grew gossamer thin; 
another tear stained page stored in memory;
painful forget-me-nots.


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Autumn is here

Vacation time is here, time to smell the beautiful wonderful trees
River birch, red oak , silver maple and even fresh plain oak.
Lobed leaves and acorns all over the place.  
I'm packing my things and getting ready to leave.
Take this alsome ride on the never ending road
To a cabin deep in the woods, were only sounds

Sounds of nature surround me, owl at night, putting me to sleep
Delicious apples, fresh cider with honey, I can taste it on my lips
For my season of mist, oh yes, I have missed, as I send you a kiss
Mellow fruitfulness nights, by the fireplace, when temperature drops
Reading a book, drinking red wine, relaxing my mind

Summer has passed, winter is near, but autumn is here
Season between seasons, as autumn leaves fall to the ground
Giving life the beauty it offers, the love many don't see
You see, I walk with the leaves, I jump in the piles, and I smile
I look in the sky, lift my hands in the air, and I dance
I dance to the sounds,of hawks, robins , streams and leaves

Letting my nose smell, the beauty in nature, and what it gives
Has I have to end this poem, oh sweet poem
So I can continue to dream
Dream about my autumn dream, has I lay my head, on autumn leaves

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Autumn in the glen

There are showers of leaves within our glen

Because autumn has come upon us

I go there often, each tortuous step

To remember and to imagine

You danced here in exuberant circles

Arms extended, whirling madly

Celebrating who you were in a moment of magic

Before laughing and collapsing upon the leaves

That God had painted for your pleasure 


You tilted your lips to accept my kiss

And I consumed your beauty, gathering it

Into my soul like the promises of all the gods

And in that moment when your laughter faded

Into the softness of deep wonder

You were more beautiful than all your yesterdays

And birds hushed in worship of you

The breeze surrendered and the clock suspended

Because it was a moment indelible upon itself


I pause at the place where you danced

And examine the marvels of the new season

Of how the earth has dressed itself in gaudy colors

And realize that if I were God in constant creation

I would have made you no differently than you were

Nothing would I have changed for I saw you

Only in your perfection while blind to flaw or error

I saw you as the autumn leaf in all its brazen colors

But as I reached for it, the wind blew it away

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Rakes and Flames

As the dawn expells its authoritive cast; they awake, but are abandoned. They
turn--but their friend the sun ignores  and they understand.   They commune
their relationship and part with their memories;   and sigh.

They say their good-byes in a tone of fullfilment, but aface their anxieties
toward the skies for hope; but are denied. A clouded sky brings a chill in the 
air and a rustling of rakes and flames. 

Old as hell, written in HS for publication, circa 1971 by me. When I was young in the 60's in Ohio, we burned leaves in our backyard; sometimes our household trash too. You had to be me to be there GV. Count me in as last place. Take care.  

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goodbye to summer

"summer" is almost gone
her cascade of lilac and roses
entwined on white fences
diminish, give way to "autumn's blush"

i see the "distorted sunrise"
peek at me from the branches
the fresh yellow-orange "almost autumn" leaves
slightly dance,beneath "autumn's breath"
i see her beauty, yet i know in my "seasoned mind"
that "reflections lie"

the "color of october"
will fall blank within "November's wind"
leaving me "longing"
for "shades of blue" in summer's skies

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Vision in the mood

Remember me as a sin of living path 
Render the loneliness of life 
Recollect the one and only life 
Redeem the voices of silence 
Flashing in the dew drops, the lovely horizon 
Flittering the hairy feathers, the lonely blossom 
Flowering the fertility of vision, the lovely mind 
Featuring the arena of life, the lonely silence 
Meditating in the minds of winter 
Murmuring the songs of theme 
Mingling the waves of water 
Meeting the cause of vain 
Dancing in the pyramid of hopes 
Delivering the words of power 
Dealing in the mood of core 
Dwelling the lights in color 
Seen in the darkness of cloud 
Sealing the veil of shy 
Scale in the drops of ideas 
Surrender in the wings of reality 
Loving the tale of passion 
Leaning the footsteps in fragrance 
Lingering the lips of flowers 
                        Leaving the scene in style

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Rainy Days

Begrudgingly I grab my raincoat rolling my eyes back sighing, not again
Now SHE, she jumps up and down acting like she just won the lottery.
Slipping on rubber boots I ask, you really want to walk in this rain?
She stares at me as if saying, move it I don’t have all day.

Opening the front door the strong wind sprays rain into my face
I grab my zipper pulling it up as high as I can get it.
My loud cries were drowned out by the wind of course 
As my saggy aging chin got in the way of zips journey to the top.

Wondering which direction we should go this time out
I am dragged quickly to the right for some reason only she knows
Before long I am pulled under the first tree, a wind gust comes up
Dumping water on me as if this were the ice bucket challenge.

Now if the neighbours are wondering where my umbrella is
Yesterday it tried taking me on an outer space mission.
It was one of those super heavy duty cost a fortune type
Built so well, instead of collapsing you just fly.

When I decided she had enough opportunities for release 
It becomes my turn to do the pulling and I’m all in.
She slowly came still kicking grass wildly behind her,
Sending little patches of grass flying on the neighbour’s lawn. Ops.

Entering my house I am happy to shed a few pounds of soaked laundry 
I dry her off as well as possible then she shakes and soaks the front hall.
Pondering the fresh air and exercise I just received I sit back in my chair
Happy and contented, praying she can hold it till the rain finally stops.

For ye whom wonder, yes I had baggies with me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
For Contest Rainy Days
Leonora Galinta

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From a Father, From a Son

Patient clasps of hands, a master’s apprentice fumbling
slimy worms in swirling streams,
brook trout laughing at my folly.
Atop of your back, sun soothing heavy eyelids stuffed like cottonballs,
while the slow steady cadence of slumbering trails burst colors
of orange, yellow, red explosions of fall.
You taught me how to wrestle with foxtails, exhaling wishes from dandelions:
"pay careful attention to the paintbrush"
Nature’s way of flaming the death of summer’s call.
My heart racing as we watched mother doe,
gentle, nibble the tear-soaked tips of grass.
Your inner compass never forgetting home,
dizziness as we gazed heavenward at the ancient crowns
reaching the pearlescent skies.
You taught me mossy beards, north slope, fir,
shelter from the cold, the best branch for a fire, instructions for a son.
Silence forging sacred breath, your hands crackled like autumn leaves,
draped in mine, melting the embedded calluses of fragility,
eyes turned grey calling the paint brush of fall.
Still just a child secured upon your back, 
peanut butter fingerprints pressing in time,
"daddy, what if I cannot find home"
looking down with saucer-wide eyes,
 I can still hear your voice:
"be still, wait, I will always find you."

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passion and persuation

The Illuminating path's Serenade my Vision, The Blindening Rays of faithful horizon leap into me, Our Memories of togetherness clasp me to the loop of life, still I am lusting to cross-over and meet the Chaismatic-End!! After which,our souls will intertwine and remain in enlightened glory forever! Life had been an autumn full of blossoms, My love lay in my arms in unrequited glory, life was a maze of puzzled quotes, the dooming evil recruited you into its gloomy shadows, and i learn't my first chapter about death. DEATH is a slow poison gushing through time and seeping through seconds, Blistering a thousand souls, abandoning a many infants, sucking away the more needed ones, Thwarting pain and inflicting illicit wounds. BUT losing hope means losing "US" At a jerk,our infancy angel crosses over with warmth, And the hallucinating illuminating paths fade away!! And i realize my quest in this unfarthomable journey, TO LIVE,LOVE AND SUCCEED DEATH!!

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Sweep, old lady, sweep away
the tin
and dust
of the day
breath as the sun sighs and
settles into the
consider the satellites as they
come back
gather the children on the
wide fields you have
Sleep, old lady, come Monday
and dream

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Fighting Sleep

He doesn’t have to tuck her hair

behind her ear.

He loves the way it heaves

spread-legged and 

sweet with dried sweat, like crushed berries

on her pillow. 

She watches him behind interlocked lashes,

breathing slightly discolored because

he’s burning her lungs right now

with that faraway look in his eyes, like they 

were swallowing stars beyond her head

and she can only catch the residual grace 

running down his chin.

He has to touch her to make sure she’s tangible,

so he gives in and brushes a few strands

like brown leaves into a rusty pile by the pale 

picket-ridge of her ear.

When she kisses him, she can feel 

her eyelids folding against reality

and he’s tightening himself around

her to anchor himself to this dream

But they’ll never be this beautiful

with autumn in her hair

and the stars in his eyes.

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Sweat trickled eyes
Winged Biters
Oh welcome Autumn
Soother of brows
Apple ciders
Leaves tumbling down
Smoke scented air
Socks and Shoes
Confine us
As it’s due
Leaves in changing hue

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Freedom lost

Here in the autumn of year 2012
I mourn freedoms lost as do many other of my countrymen 
I mourn the loss of these freedoms; blindly legislated away
Freedoms that our fathers fought and died to win and knew so very well
I weep for our children that know not what has been taken from them
Freedoms taken from us or simply given away in the name of security
Freedoms forsaken in the name of security is also a chain that tightly binds
These many chains cast upon us will eventually lead us into bondage 
In bondage none will raise a voice for they want not for anything
Wanting for nothing but for the freedom that was given away

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Morning Commute

The beggar woman on the corner held a sign that said:
"Dance Teacher, laid off, anything helps."
And in the 60 seconds my car sputtered indignantly beside her,
I watched the feral lines in her face
I imagined her skin was soft, and unobtrusively without confession
Swaddled in a thin gray sweater,
I romanticize,
That she threw this on, as she walked into the sharp Autumn air
Veiled in a gleaming burst of creativity.
Her body warm from her feet dragging across the floor
To the songs I secretly like
I ponder shamefully
How many pliés, and twirls and graceful arches with her arms
were made before tripping onto this corner?
Gossiping mouths of freeway on-ramps
That become our living rooms, kitchens and halls.
I love her anyway
When spectators throw dollar bills instead of roses
Out of cocoons
that smell of white mochas

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Autumn Fog

Remember when it hovered there,
Skimming the brutal ground?
A translucent veil - Never blocking the sun, 
But softening its glow. 
It parted when we passed, 
Mist retreating to our little sides. 
We pretended we were spirits 
Lost in the places spirits go -
Wading through the heavens,
Worlds deep in tangled fantasy.
Until reality eroded our game, 
Melting the clouds away. 
But I was never sad - no, 
Never sad when it cleared,
For it revealed majestic Autumn -
Quietly perfect, much like you.
And every year I wade through fog,
Tears falling with the leaves,
And think of you.

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THE PLAYGROUND - from A Neighborhood Child


It hasn’t changed much    what is seen
Except    nowadays    kids are better dressed    kept clean

There  still are those things which always try to hide
Are ever pocketed
Brought    in secret    from outside -

Outside    that is    from what the Board
Of Education
Would abide –

There are turtles    pocket knives
Horny toads    and    small reptiles
For a while derby hats were in style

The yard itself is lightly sanded
And just enough to skin some knees
Pelt the skin in chilly autumn breeze
There is a teeter totter     swings    other fun things

One need I can’t recall - decisions
A need for adult supervision
We play kick-ball    dodge ball
Both sides of the ground’s division

The games in ‘39’ are organized by kids
For teachers    parents    there is no need
Had the parents asked to watch our noisy play
We all had shouted    “STAY AWAY!”

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O Sweet Autumn Day

O sweet autumn day
you came while I dreamt

              began falling

crunching under my feet
the scent exquisite and divine . . . 

September 11, 2014

Free Verse

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A Soul Awakened

 For  every winter there's a spring
And autumn follows summer on the wing
For every raindrop, there's a ray of light
And darkness is always conquered by light

For every smile there's a frown
As even roses have their  thorns
 And when one thing dies, another is born
The circle of life goes round and round

For each hello there is a goodbye
And every summer has its butterflies 
Laughter reverberates to drown out sorrow
But tears of sadness may come tomorrow

Every soul that dies will awaken
Though they rest  they are not forsaken
One day when that great trumpet sounds
Every soul will have an awakening

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Life as the four seasons

What kind of mood do we usually have ?

Sometimes a feeling , like when the desert needs its rain ,
Sometimes a feeling , like when the earth needs its sun ,
Sometimes a feeling , like when the silent ground needs its vivid sound.

How does life usually reflect on us ?

Sometimes it can be cold and silent like the winter does. Diligently seeking for a warmness emotion and Soulfully trying for a harmless motion.

Sometimes it can be calm and lively like the spring does. Heartfully letting its joyable impression and Truthfully showing its lovable expression.

Sometimes it can be hot and energizing like the summer does. Revealing bitterly its affinity and Providing assuredly its ability.

Sometimes it can be windy and unbalanced like the autumn does. Steadly holding in the turbulences and Adaptably stabilizing in the circumstances.

These seasons circle one by another, each of them giving and taking some of our preciousness.

No matter in which season our path might be caught ,
We always have to act tightly for what we like , behave knightly for what we care.

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Winds Of Change

I spied a gossamer firefly, with big black eyes... 
Kissing, her beauty's butterflies; together they flew
Beyound the residuums view; these taunting, cockatoos.

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A Shelter We Build

I watch spring bud from my window.

I watch my life go by without a flicker of hope from my window.

I watch summer blossom from my window.

I watch and wonder why from my window.

I watch autumn turn to a spectrum of color from my window.

I watch as time starts to die from my window.

I watch autumn fade from red and orange 

to winter white from my window.

I watch as I die from my window.

© 2010 Charles Dennis

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Slinking, quiet, bodies
So much power in those muscles
Don’t get caught in the dark with one

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My life like the autumn TREE

My life like the autumn TREE!

Share that i can not,
a leaf of my life's page.
It seems like a wilted flower,
trying not to let the dry dew seem like pathos.
The root is fresh and strong signifying hope,
one of the branches of the tree
is like the quilt of dry leaves waiting to fall onto the
soul that needs dusting so that the newer ones
replace the dull lost memories.
Shaking these dry shriveled leaves i try to erase
the unimportant/unwanted memories,
trying to replace them with fresher more meaningful reminders.
Perhaps like the tree gives shade,
 My life too can give another a share of some happiness.

I muse at how my life seems – like the autumn TREE!

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Adjectives and nouns

I loved it when you were learning

And practiced with adjectives at every opportunity

You would frame my face within your hands

And kiss me fiercely before announcing

“Happy kiss”

A kiss that had no special reason, coming as a sample

Proving the glow upon your face was real and marvelous

That you were at home, safe within my heart.


I loved your questions that confused me

“Shake hands and say How do you do . . . .

How do you do what?”

And you would wait for an answer with that cute frown

And there was no answer other than “That’s what we say”

“You’re crazy!” she’d respond. “Thank you, you’re welcome!

Welcome?  Welcome to where, to what?  

That’s what you say, right?  English is for crazy people!”


You loved autumn above all seasons

Pointing and practicing, “Leaf . . . . bush . . . . torrente . . . .

“Stream,” I’d tell you and you would nod pertly 

And repeat, “stream . . . . stream . That’s a pretty word.”

“Sure, and gonorrhea sounds like a South Sea island

English is crazy, remember?”

But you would ignore me and walk on muttering

“Stream . . . . torrente . . . . stream . . . . stream.”


That night we sat on the sofa

You with your legs tucked beneath you

And you took my hand with eyes teary bright

“Sometimes,” you said, “I want to lock the door

Never open for anybody.  Food is not important

I just want to stay here, inside this place

Here, beside you, inside your arms

Because I am frightened of everything out there.”


Existence was defined by emptiness

Your side of the bed, the chair before me at the table  

The seat belt dangling and your place on the sofa  

Your side of the dresser, your towels on the rack  

Your shampoo and your place to lay out clothes for tomorrow  

Everything was abbreviated and nothing complete  

Because reality knocked at the door

And everything you feared invited us to this moment

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When The Tides Of Life Roll

When The Tides of life Roll

When morn awakes by the bluebirds trill
When the robin songs echo on the hill
When the tides of life run against you
When your dream rainbow is shining through
When again the dim hope lamp burns
When hopeful once again world peace returns
When crazy foolish tensions fill the day
When it is time to pause and pray
When the winter wiped away its frozen gloom
When again the glorious spring flowers bloom
When spring is showing all it’s glory
When nature is telling it’s timeless story
When your love is held by a strong cord
When  your faith is blessed by the Lord
When your guiding light does forever stay
When you shall walk the glorified way
When spring flowers bloom so bright and gay
When sunshine beauty blesses summers way
When autumn struts proudly across the land
When everything looks so colorful and grand
When the tides of life roll do not grieve
When you know that heaven provides all the need

Erich J. Goller
Copyright 10. 20.2011

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Autumn Calls

Autumn Calls

Autumn calls...
when suddenly the leaves fall.

Autumn calls...
when the colors are amber, orange and red,
and the sound of a child's laughter
dance in my head.

Autumn calls...
when the air feels so crisp and clean,
and I feel so serene.

Autumn calls...
when you wrap your arms around me,
and you keep me safe from harm.

Autumn calls...
I'm SO in love with you!!
And that is the most beautiful call of all.

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Survival Of The Fittest

Dropped out of school
At an early age
Lived on the streets 
Because, I disgusted my mother
She thought I was a poor example
Of true Christian beliefs
At an early age 
She religiously drummed into me
‘blood is thicker than water’
And yet, 
Here I am today confused, lonely and hungry
No one protecting me
No friends
No family
No home to go too
Just, peoples eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth mentality
Praying for the sun to shine
To feel some warmth again!
Sun rays of hope, lighting me up
To live through this darkness without fear
With a heart full of faith
No matter what happens to me, now!
If only I could drink my salty tears
It would sustain me for a lifetime
Your tears are worth nothing, around here
You’re classed as weak and venerable
Only attracting death
Your life worth nothing!
Save me from myself
I am my best friend
I am my worst enemy
My prayers and dreams
Lost in the wind
Blowing around like autumn leaves
The rain washing them away
Down the drain into the sewage
Rolling with the seasons
Year after year
Survival for the fittest!
Surviving on the love
Hidden, inside me
Being my strength and guide
My personal lifeline
In surviving this crazy world 
We all live in

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The Ole Japanese Maple Across the Street

I see it every day
Several times it seems
We have a mutual understanding as I peer out my window and it looks back at me
I will admire its beauty
And it helps me keep time
I will observe its changes
And It will be my weather vane

Sometimes as I gaze out the window it’s gently swaying to the left
A soft gentle breeze is blowing indicating I might need my umbrella that day
Other times it is completely still and the leaves are all curled up
I sense a cool front is approaching and I better bundle up
Today as I gaze upon it I see a spectrum of fiery foliage
I grab my camera and snap a few shots to show my deepest appreciation
Oh this tree delights me! 
It’s connected with my everyday life
I feel like walking across the street and getting a shower of its spectacular red!
Thank you, Lord for this monstrous beauty! 
I celebrate your goodness as I peer upon it each and every day!

Gwendolen Rix

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Above the Rest

Guileless, autumn lay upon a land 
past the tiresome days of summer,
above the tender roots of jaded lawn
blanketing the bulbs for nubile spring
left in kindness ~
calling winter's winds
to rest…

Wasted are the teeth of winter
on the bloodless throat of fall, 
no dinner will the withered rent-shirt 
of well spent life make
only a soft and cozy remnant 
left in kindness ~
where winter’s hoary form
can rest…

*Inspired by Bob Quigley's tanka
Autumn's Death

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The Branches Bare

The wind is cold and the flowers dying The leaves are drifting and the rain is falling Thunder is booming and rivers are tumbling Grass is faded and birds are flying away The forests and woods have a sad sombre hue Autumn's storms are sweeping and yet . . . And yet, there is a glittering beauty of delight With brittle colorful leaves and crisp morning walks O, the splendor of burnt orange fall scenes O, the tinkle of those falling leaves . . .
Written by Constance La France August 27, 2012 For the contest Autumn Splendor Sponsored by Russell Sivey First Place Featured poem December 28, 2014

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In this story the leaves are digressing,
In another, perhaps I shall too
With warm feelings and autumn shades tinting my view

We go along the path at a crisp clip
High heels and rubber soles
Trench coats and scarves fluttering
Scandalously in our rush to understand
The literature hidden between the flesh and the spirit 
Soul on soul, deciphering in motion
Picturesque and ugly 

Please Smile for me when the camera blinks
When that moment is gone and this photograph is all I have
Along with dangerous conversations of how we shall eventually Fall

Life Kafka, like Vonnegut, Marquez, 
Slaughtering ourselves 5 over 5 times, 
Armageddon in Retrospect
Metamorphosing within 
100 years of Solitude
Loving in times of Cholera,	

And we plummet beyond the help of our seasoned knowledge of devotion

Past the neurotic winters of Kerouac 
Beyond the springs of Plath
Over and gone the summers of Margaret Mitchell and ironclad romance

To Fall 

To the Inferno of the ground below
Through nine different hells
To end up where they started from
Dust begets dust 
Dante in Love 

All Muted in translation
In death, empty words shattering like
The Crimson leaf 
Silenced in the psyche of la fabrication d'amour

Skeletons of desire
Lynched in the closets 
The bedrooms, 
Dusty and leather-bound 
Black on ébène
Starved and lonely 

The sound of Autumn on Leaves

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The Color Green

Grass, trees, cool cars
My favorite color too
The color of life

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The Old Shade Tree

Antediluvian limbs outstretched
Gnarled fingers, October confetti
entwined gray locks streaming
Damp wind swaying old arms
Obscure wildcat echoes her pain
with hair raising primal screaming
Soon her cloak of Autumn colors gone
stripped bare, naked to the world
Spring fashion in dormant dreaming

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Little Brown Feet

On quiet days in mid autumn 
When sun and clouds play ‘peek-a-boo’ 
Somber thoughts linger in crisp air
Of some other time and place where 
Harmattan winds in December create 
A hazy fog of dust and sand  
Draping the sun from dawn to dusk

I hear sounds of children’s laughter 
Singing ‘Ring around the Roses’ 
Playing ‘Na fo’ and ‘jumping rope’
No one took note the birds were silent
No one had seen them fly away
No one recognized the warning
Soon horror and mayhem would ensue

Little brown feet tender, yet fast
Pound the earth skipping, jumping
Lean and strong; weaving in and out
Through serpentine reeds of brown and green 
Dust clouds rise, burst with each tap
Happy voices chanting a local jingle
‘Who bucks it takes it... free rope”

On quiet days in mid autumn
When leaves of Oaks and Elms
Brown, red, yellow, gold and rust 
Carpet concrete sidewalks   
Rustle loudly beneath my feet 
I still hear eerie sounds of wailing 
Of children’s terrifying screams

In some other time and place where  
Harmattan winds creep south 
Like an iniquitous invading force
Bringing in chill and fog of powdery sand  
Then sudden sounds of terror assault the ears 
Trembling in shock powerless to move
Little brown feet melt with nowhere to run 

They huddle behind walls of mud bricks 
Others dash towards the woods 
Leaving broken flip flops and tennis shoes
Scattered on fields of dust 
Through thickets, shrubs and razor grass
Little brown feet bare running scared
Now bruised and bleeding unaware

Hades’ orchestra plays its symphony 
Emitting a cacophony of sounds
Mortars falling! Red-tail rockets sailing!
RPGs rip and the AKs unrelenting rat-ta-ta-ta….
While Harmattan winds like a steam engine blows 
Long hard fierce and cold 
Little brown feet will skip no more

A tribute to the Children of Liberia (Liberian Civil War - December 1989-2004)

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I Write

I write –
on autumn leaves,
when the sun is 
The grass
is still 
And you are a dream which 
I won’t
tell about.
My eyes are collecting colorful rains.
As in the mad years,
I ran with a cloth
to bandage the light.
The wings have left
and the golden sparkles which
you are writing with today,
without even knowing…

A shed
feather of Fudjiama. 

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Deep in Thought

The crashing tide of this turbulent sea of emotion 
As Autumn turns to Winter 
And as snow falls 
So does my heart fall so much deeper. 
Never have i felt like this before 
And never have my thoughts been so complex 
Fighting the rivers that flow before me 
As my guides through life, 
As my guardians of Nature. 

The prevailing winds of this unforgiving land 
Tell their own tales 
And i am defeated by their strengths 
As they are by my weakness 
And as we stand upon this battleground 
My heart knows not of which path to take 
But it still wanders forwards 
Carrying Hope to find Destiny. 

The power of Mother Earth does move me 
And i am at her mercy if you will 
For this land on which i lie upon 
Holds many a secret unrevealed. 
Time does not wait 
As its hands move faster towards the end 
And i am certain of change if not my own 
And this heart is somewhat fulfilled 
As it is eager to face what lies in wait.

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Thank you

In a little corner of my heart I hold
Sounds and sights that I behold
Stories and tales I have never told
Fond memories I will have when I grow old

In my memories I see a face
So beautiful and charming, so full of grace
A face that changed my life in its entirety
A face I may never ever see

My memories are of an autumn glow
Of a palace, a garden, where time tends to slow
Where a church bell tolled and in prayer I knelt
Where the loving touch of an angel I felt

I was tired and dreary and full of sorrow
I had nothing to give, no love to borrow
My heart ached as punishment of my sin
My life had ended before it could begin

The angel dared me to dream anew
To mend my life’s torn muscles and sinew
To find love and share it with one and all
Not to lose heart and stand up if I fall

Since then I have learnt to live
Learnt to be happy and not to grieve
Learnt that a day always follows the night
Learnt that survive, I just might

My thoughts always go back to you
Oh Angel! What would I be without you?
All my happiness is a tribute to you
So let me just say, Thank you

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I Smell a Memory Coming On

The scents I remember like hand rolled cigars
Wine cask lined cellars in musty cool basements
Chocolate miniatures nestled in bright candy dishes
Tea leaves and mint steeping in dainty china cups.

Baked goods cooling on the kitchen counter
Roast with potatoes in a rich onion broth
Lilacs and roses lined on back yard fences
Channel #5 clings to grandmother’s sweater

Scents I remember from childhood spent
Fondly reminiscing with a wistful smile
In this sterile world I live in now
What will my grandchildren remember?

No leaves burnt on a cold autumn night
No carcinogens cooked over red hot coals
No second hand smoke that will cling to your clothes
No hairspray, no tea roses, no creams or colognes

No Sundays exploring my old Aunt Ruth’s farm
No chickens or guineas; no old dusty barns
No fresh moved hay or cinnamon apple pies
Just germicide, purified,  Ionic fresh air. 

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The Portrait

Standing in the garden facing the four o’clock sun,
the roses drawn up to their full height, 
you approach me from behind, press a piece
of paper and a pencil in my hand and ask me

to draw you a picture. I hold the translucent
sheet up to the light and traced the scene
which slowly soaks through, the proudest
rose bending at its apex due to weight of

its oversized pink blossom, petals spread
by the onset of autumn and swaying gently
in the breeze.  Above it, the soft glow of the
sun seemingly just inches away.

Between them, the silhouettes of distant
evergreens cut across at a slight angle.
Satisfied that there’s nothing left to
capture, I scrawl “The Confession” across
the top of it and hand it back to you.
With a grateful smile, you fold it in three
And slide it into your back pocket before
anointing the rose with your green watering can.

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does this gun in my mouth make me look suicidal?

guilty war pigs with nowhere to hide
the shame of a nation that doesn't try
the obsession of bad to the bone
does this gun in my mouth make me look suicidal

not at all

die for the cause of someone elses desire to kill
blackmail and pigeonhole the stool pigeon
to finaly have a taste of rocky road
the quaking leaf you are shaking on that limb
ready to let go of the autumn wind

someone bought the farm
new names for anthrax the whitemen brought to heighten their power
does this gun in my mouth make me look suicidal?

not at all

makes you look like a war pig about to do the right thing

the smiles on every childs face will haunt you for an eternity
the celebrations you persist to endure to breathe as a scapegoat for your own mercy
won't come
the lie you live can't be escaped nor washed away
alas the clouds tell the breeze of the birds wings and the flowers of bees
the smell of death and decay in the spring won't let you sleep

does this gun in my mouth make me look suicidal?

not at all

the string on your finger
to remind you of the note in your pocket
the one of the sign as to when and how to blow your brains out
an instructional video you don't need difficulties with
for the spider web weaving trouble
merciless doubtfull remorse of an eteernity entrapping you
the oak and ivy replacing the sadalwood and stone
soapy hands washing clean in the mud
forever and ever
to never be forgiven
unbearable good news from the sheep from the bull on parade
the massacre you want can start with you today

does this gun in your mouth make you look suicidal?

not at all

looks like the death of a war pig
and i get off on stuff like that

no salvation
no mercy
no love
no forgiveness

in the
streets of
nothing will be

does the bounty on your heads come cheap?
not really
we all add to the pot
and this obvious heart will feast
on the dirt upon the floor you belong
from this gaping hole like a wrecking ball
that crucifies us all nailed to a grudge
you call a rollercoaster

this curse of simplified things can not be undone
forever spider weaves webs
soapstone and clover
the complete take over
nothing to believe
but the death of the devil i place upon your shoulder

the gun in your mouth looks suicidal
as you creep and creak up the stairs down the hall
knock knock ding dong ding dong
father time and lady luck
offered this fate my destiny


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Changing Colors

Colors of beauty that I love to see
From a distance you can look at me
Surrounded by falling leaves at the roadside
Full of happiness in my heart that I want to glide

Trees everywhere changing its colors
Mostly orange, red, and pink that I adore
Each breath of air show us its autumn day
Let celebrate outside by walking happily

Feels the coolness of the clear water at the lake
I sit on the bench and listen to the sound of leaves
A place to stay, I feel like I’m living in a dream world
Even fairies appreciate this breathtaking view to behold

Trees form like a crown at the palace in the East
Bridge look like red carpet as I walk in the forest
Smiling to the great blessing that God gave us
Autumn, a season of mist and mellow fruitfulness

October 26, 2012
PD's Second Change Poem Contest
7th Place Winner

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Unfettered-Set free-
My soul is longing for Home
Where the wild ducks fly to winter
Where I hear the sweet sounds of swans 
Calling her chicks to her side on tranquil lakes 
That reflect distant snow covered mountain peaks 
And shimmering golden trees laugh as they catch autumn sun
A treasury of diamonds glint across waters stirred by the gentle breeze
From air pure as the snow covered peaks that glisten against blue velvet skies
I am free to sing, to laugh, to know, I am fearfully and wonderful made in His image 
A child of the KING of KINGS, and I with Angels sing, His adoration and His Praise

© Brenda V Northeast 2 April 2012

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Perennial Christmas

Like autumn leaves
the years had withered and blown away.
Her schoolgirl dreams had been set aside or
if appropriate wrapped in gay-patterned paper
and placed beneath the Christmas tree of her heart.

She awoke from dreamless sleep
and wondered who she was and where she was,
but the breathing of her husband and the ticking of the clock
reminded her of the person called ‘mother’ and ‘dear’.
Almost as a duty Christmas morn had come again.

Dad would visit today
and search her face for sadness,
for only he would notice if sparkling eyes had grown dim
and if her eyes, when blinking,
stayed closed a bit too long.

Amid a gaggle of restless children
she would nod a deferential nod
and inwardly long for the days when
Dad and daughter sailed the distant reaches
of their bright vivacious minds.

The once-a-year napkins
red and green with matching placemats
were ready for the throng; and the tree,
already bending low from weight of Christmas finery
would soon be gathered 'round.

For the children it was the perfect day,
but for her the conductor's podium was a lonely place.
She knew how fragile such happiness was;
more fragile, thought she,
than the hand blown bulbs upon the tree.

The children were awake!
Excited giggles and the tearing of wrapping paper
meant that Santa Claus had really come!
Yet Santa, tired from another hectic year,
simply smiled and closed her eyes.

© 2009 James Rasmusson

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The Cornfield

The cornstalks vanished overnight
Shaven fields once flowing, green and gold
Now Dad’s evening whisker stubble 
Ghost limbs of the cornfield

Flocks of nomadic Ravens
Feast on the invisible
And scowl with those empty black eyes
Impervious to man’s judgment

And I think,

There is nothing as beautiful 
Than the first snow on a barren field
Shadows playing with the evening light
And dance among the vacant mounds

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First Frost

Venus shown bright 
 in the morning sky
and the moon hung large
o'er a suddenly frozen land.
The morning sky the blue
of Easter eggs or mosques,
tinged with orange in the east,
still dark to the west.

Our old dog frisked
rolling in the frosty grass,
calves bounded along the fence,
sheep sat contentedly,
their chalked posteriors
signs of active rams.

Later we will curse 
the dying sun 
but this morning 
Venus shown bright 
 in the morning sky
and the moon hung large
o'er a suddenly frozen land.


A poem from more than 20 y ago but appropriate for the season.

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The Passing of Summer

Do you feel the breath of autumn upon your neck?
The smell of damp leaves in the predawn gloom

A pallid sun rises without warmth
Too far away, too far away

So soon the time for rest is upon us
Leaves flame red and orange on the branch in timely tribute

The queen of summer has played her last song
And in requiem we lament her passing

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So Finally it Snows

So, finally it snows.
The amber glow of
Distant streetlights
Illuminating the sky
Like the embers
of a frozen fire.

The softening sound of silence
As each weightless crystal
Swirls it's own part
In the perfect dance.
What seems like chaos
Reflects the majesty
Of an Autumn murmuration in flight,
Ever moving, darting, hustling
But of one collective intellection.

Tomorrow will be a day for wellies,
Two coats, hats, scarves,
Gloves with fingers that end at the knuckles
Leaving tips to turn red as noses
And itch as they are later warmed before the coals.

But tonight I do not mind the cold
As I stand and turn my face Heavenward,
Listening to the muffled stillness of the night
And smile to myself as I softly say;
"So, finally, it snows."

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A Season Unwelcome

Once it was bright and warm
but now wet and dull,
the summer has transformed
into autumn, a season fraught
with chilly winds and changing
colours; first glorious greens but 
then striking reds, oranges and yellows.
Autumn is a season that symbolises
change and the un-noticed challenges
that we all face regardless of
whatever form they take.
Many scorn it for being a season
that many seasonal illnesses 
suddenly arise, like strained
springs suddenly being released
creating a sound that ricochets 
all around, bouncing off every
But still autumn persists for
it is locked in an eternal cycle
created by Mother Nature herself.
Autumn – a season to be cherished
and welcomed for without autumn
new life cannot form when spring
arrives creating a new blossoming
paradise of colours for the summer 
that follows where the sun will bestow
its very light on very living soul.

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Opus in Silk

She who holds a seamlessly symmetrical silhouette 
so supple to the touch 
coupled by hips on sticks of tango, that inimitable set of pins 
simper at all that you clutch 

Bob nearer the eyes of delight 
now attune and bound for that which you pine. 
sweet quarry in search of marvel, of unmoved bliss 
of skin against skin and devoid of the wine 

Posture within posture you exude the line 
that this foreplay is vessel to where 
and piece in arriving where you began 
tender so to flatter the tips of foothills 
and the tally of the gentle man. 

He fastidious with his touches and the gather 
Dosed with melodious songs of time 
that dance inside a stone-solid nightstick 
making shape of fervent ferry 
perfect in rhythm, poignant in rhyme 

Edging toward frenzy, blinded by light that cuts athwart 
He in whisper, you in shiver, ever-soft, all through the night. 
You embrace and clutch that which you won. 
Two mere afloat - amid sugary scented, tepid milk 
and silk of a tensile strength higher than the foil. 
Both in concert but as one. 

Revel inside the puff and wail delight 
bask in pallid threads of all heavens 
and darkle with enchanted angels. 
Blush, preserve the sevens and elevens 

Yelp at the moon and talk in tongues 
assent to leer toward implosion 
Near slumber now, etch precious 
beside the scent of the richest of teas 
and bouquets of nomadic autumn 

Sleep over leaves that are green 
and kaleidoscope-vivid 
enhance your reverie and tempt the pungent perfume 
of the tenderly-parented Pinot 

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So Beautiful

You squealed with joy, O' darling child...
One autumn morning, washed bright by clouds
Your gleeful laughter could be heard
As we would drive that country mile
Where farms, and stately barns stood red and brown

Your captured eyes, through the windshield glass 
Found rolling hills, beneath blue skies
Where the pastures green, and goats that pranced
Caught your eyes, with keen surprise
You were entranced, and were ......O', so beautiful.

Eyes wide, you begged to linger here
As sun broke through the the misty air
With joy and haste, your eager face
Pressed tight against the window glass
As we drove by the meadow grass
We slowed our pace....your smiling face....was O' beautiful

Quickly out, you scrambled fast
To climb up through the muddy grass
Such chubby legs, you quickly raced
It almost seemed, a summer dream
That sunny day....your rosy face
This time and place was, O' beautiful

I remember how the moment passed
You plucked the stems of tallest grass
We followed soon, to lift you higher
With chubby hands, right through the wire
White eager faces, their eyes so bright
Your own of blue, they brimmed delight
So very, very beautiful......

My eyes would sting, with tears unshed
My heart could burst with words unsaid
So all I do, is stand and smile
Such beauty on a country mile
One autumn day, to cherish while...
I hold such love my darling child
O' darling child, beautiful

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This beautiful autumn night

On this beach I walk with kindred,
In search of feelings I've always hunted,
Away from things that keep me haunted
Ah! to this lake that god has founded.

I tread golden sands till I see her face,
A face not seen before in this place,
One I've seen but in a dream of quick pace,
How within such a dream I'm held in her embrace.

I wonder toward this sweet temptation,
Tempted by her eyes scintillation,
Guided by some heavenly vocation,
Finally greeting with blushing elation.

Now we frolic in this lake that is sparkling,
Till the Ontario sun is no longer shinning,
Till the birds that soar above are no longer flying,
Till these crystalline stars are no longer hiding.

It's been two weeks since I've seen her face,
A face that my memory cannot erase.
Now walking these lanes in search of maize,
I see a face I haven't seen in many days.

Now we ride on this wooden boat for two,
Speaking of nothing but me and you,
Thinking and speaking of nothing but just us two,

Years go by and we're still holding tight,
laying in a field under pale moonlight,
alone i gaze at eyes do bright.
And I say to you.

Even when I pass—
Promise that you'll keep my heart,
The one I give to you
on this beautiful autumn night.

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Autumn had fallen, in her glory Shades of garnet, topaz and amber We too, had fallen in love together True that feelings can change Just like the seasons do But our hearts are immutable Despite this love being forbidden While autumn holds us in her arms Jewelled colours and thunderstorms Shared across a distance so far But we love under the same stars They say nothing lasts forever We know that our love is everlasting And like the return of every season You are forever the one ~ Karin Bole Tupper The Eclectic Poet 27 May 2012

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The Looking Glass

Rearranging this board amid the stillness of the early morn; silence 
Takes her hand as shifting sands; careful the brush, a thoughtful stroke..
What's the hurry she says a cup of coffee and cigarette, there's no one there ?
She closes her eyes a batch of butterflies fly by, circling waterfalls in purple skies
With golden locks their diamond crowns; silver bells, tubular clouds; we were young.

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My Childhood Autumn

Cool air and fading sunshine,
hard cracked ground and 
brown grass wilting,
warm colors spreading 
through the trees like wildfires,
painting leaves golden hues 
of red and orange.
The air is crisp and calm,
absorbing the scents and sounds 
of a quieter season,
as birds slowly stop singing
and the summer cicadas' penetrating, 
rhythmic mating calls fade...
Nothing beats coming back
 to the home of my childhood 
and feeling autumn the same way 
I did as a little girl.

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Tom Thumb (The Cat)

Tom Thumb, with split ears and abscess,
came to us on an autumn night.
A feline atlas with alley hard shoulders,
but a calm, cool warrior nonetheless.
Named for his Hemingway mittens,
an irony of bulk to literary lore,
for he surely would make a short meal
of a murine steed fit for a King’s jester.
His years of wrangling had earned him,
A craggy pelt of scars under a crooked halo,
all wrapped up in a ripe orange hirsute fleece.

There was something about that gnarled old pumpkin,
that found our hearts warm and happy to have him.
Though his life had been hard, he was quick to find
my Mother’s lap to be a very restful place.
Dear Tom spent the better part of a decade in our home.
The years of ease softened his shoulders,
and hastened his purr, though he still had spunk.
The leaves of autumn learned to be weary of old Tom,
for he would shred on sight, the first leaf to fall.
As the years passed, the warmth of the sun,
found more often, Tom sitting with closed eyes,
enjoying the feel of his crimson fur.
Until an afternoon, late in the harvest season, 
poor old Tom had been sick.
He sat proud in the sun for one last long sun bath,
warm as our hearts between his apricot strips.
Bast came for her brother the very next day,
to fetch him off to the land that never forgets.
“Fare-the-well dear Tom and may the autumn leaves,
suffer your claws for as long as the sun never sets.”

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A twilight melody

Roar of the wind racing in a seeming halt.
A sudden rainstorm it is.
A salutation farewell to a mournful of two hearts,
Which formerly fused with love and cherish.

All the trees shed their leaves.
As they feel canticles of the broken hearted.
Sing delighted now is the devil,
For he sees another soul to seduced.

Shortly afterward in time to come,
There were a lover lying lifeless.
Covered with the golden leaves of ferns.
An evening, with poems and songs and death.

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Nerves Gone Wild

Nerves in a jar, my life is a mess
I hurt form this world as my poem suggests
Cut from a rose that smells no more
Healing like a dove thats flown shore to shore
What became of our love thats anybodys guess
We forgot about thinking, now about what comes next

Some of the times I will remember more I will forget
It hurts today tommorrow I will give it my best
My head becomes heavy my mind becomes my nest
What to do with all of the love I have here hidden in my vest
Come to my sences my heart in my hand
I think about all of the things that I can
My now today I understand
I can will you the love to better comprehend
From here I wish you the world
The universe a best
Untill you are willing 
The person beside me is only a guest

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Calcutta Horologe

Far from the madding crowd
I treasure the myths you gone through
Once I walk down the streets of legends
Even the weeping dusts reminds me of 
Bloods, who immolated their lives to you.
Oh Calcutta! You live with a pride
For ages you are loved
They valued glory above life itself
When they speak of valiance
And guns are still fired in the air
Withal due respect of those souls
Who deserved their nascence 
In the realm of your freedom.
Oh Calcutta! You live with an honesty
Not because of the madding crowd
Because you are blessed with eternity
As she flows with her gentle ripples 
That streams the ambit of almighty purity
When I voyage down the river
I breathe the air of immortality.
Far from the madding crowd
I travel down the busy streets of the city,
The antique edifices still provides me with
The evidence of such superiority,
Walls still fends against the political conspiracy.
Oh Calcutta! You live with prosperity
Though affected by the madding political crowd
Once you were ruled by the dwellers
Now your sanity being destroyed immensely
By your own posterity
Living in the land of divinity 
Of goddesses Durga and Kali
And they still feigned that they are native.
Oh Calcutta! You live with heritages
Not beacuse of the busy primal edifices 
But you have the world known aged cantilever bridge
And over a century living the tramways.
Your marbles are still gloried by the dwellers
And they still wonder the hand pulled rickshaws
And admire for the age old alleys.
Far from the madding crowd
I still come across the pavements by the busy roads
Coins dropping with bimetallic sounds in the beggar's bowl
The vendors hallooing with prices on a rhythmical prose
And as I step ahead, I find my foot stuck in the crud mid of the road.
Oh Calcutta! You still live with diversity
Not beacuse of the poor and rich
But you still have few people left helping you in needs
You still have one culture you were born with
Hindu-Muslims celebrating together both Id and Autumn fests
Joining their hands with the christians when December ends.
Oh Calcutta! You still live with your beauty
Not only beacuse you have the beautiful bengali adorned brides
But you still have the chapters of noetic minds
You still exist with love and peace
Only when I find you far from the madding crowded streets. 

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October Afternoon

Moody clouds gather
as ripe fruit drops from shivering branches 
onto pillows of gold. 
The last of the lustrous flowers,
weary from the summer show,
slouch beside the wasted seed pods of their sisters,
whilst workers head back to hives unsated.

Yet still there’s a butterfly.

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What Love is All About

Falling in love, then parting away
I’ve been repeating such relationships
Examining my memories thoroughly
I would seek sweet shadows
I can taste the sweetness of the past
Although you are no longer with me
I’ll be alright
If I shut my eyes
I believe
I believe I will see unchanging love
When you’ve gathered the light of spring make the flowers bloom
Gaze at me in the summer, where the moon floats atop the sea
Warm the autumn winds
As well as the winter snows with your style
Four seasons with your love
Once again
Promises based on desire alone
Will fade with tone
Can you feel me underneath your skin?
Considering that we love each other so,
As long as we believe that, yes….
No matter how far away you may be
Come for me on a night when the spring flowers slumber
Leave a message on the summer beach
Warm the autumn rain & winter tears
With your unembellished love
Four seasons with your love
Within my dreams
Let us hold the flow of time in our hearts just the way it is
The days the two of us spent together will soon be a memory
Even love & dreams will be forgotten, left behind
Warm them, no matter what day it is
Four season’s with your love
Four scene, four four seasons
Deep within my heart
Four scenes, I’ll be alright
Four scenes, four four seasons
Four scene, stay with me...

Inspired by my friend "Sami .K."...

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On the Street

On the Street

“Hey mister, you have something for me”?  
Flat words emerge in the late autumn dusk from the 
hollow where her heart had been before it froze to death.
Face full of life’s dings, her blank eyes expose deep pools 
in which swim vile serpentine figures of her past. 
Her upturned hand is mummified in a shroud scented with coffee, smoke and pee.  
Around us, the annual migration of leaves from their roosts has begun.
Through their swirl on the streetscape, amber post-modernist splotches, 
I perceive a troubled daughter; perhaps a failed but still loving mother.
She often prays for her untimely release from unmerited purgatory, 
even as she thrashes about in her struggle to survive.
A man wearing my clothes, nausea etched on his face, 
is already moving past the unwelcome intrusion on his ordered world.
I bid the man to stop.
He does; takes out some bills, lays them gently on her palm, smiles as he feels her rejoin the living and wishes her a good day; 
his world less tidy but his walk a bit taller and he a bit wiser.

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free cee

                                            NEVER LEFT ASUNDER
Did you ever notice that the letters in the word “love” are sequestered inside the word “evolve”?
Because to me that is what love appropriately does
It evolves
It revolves
It solves
And after sixty-plus years together love does, 
in many ways, 
change its ways of wonderment
and is often altered on a course to sheer contentment
for that is the result of the continuation of a consecrated commitment
an abiding faith that the other’s faith rests upon the other’s shoulder
as they grow ever so much older
remembering a time of working hard together to get through the hard times together
that old fishing boat she hated so that became battered and eventually succumbed to the weather
while all the while smiling because each year seemed a bit brighter than the last
and all the joyful events that are now part of a bejeweled and fulfilling past
a past reflected in each partner’s eyes which gaze upon a tribute to dedication
a coupling worthy of adulation
he being content to make her content proves the content of their cohabitation
a union rich with rewards that come in the mail bearing pictures of their first great grandson born
a baby with beauty by an angel at birth besworn………………………
so there they sit sharing a couch and swapping a calliope of memories
he talks of fishing and she of a cool Autumn breeze
as each agrees
sixty-plus years weaves two souls together as tightly as any weaver ever wove a sweater
and for some fated reason the last decade seems somehow, in retrospect, better
well……. not so much better as just plain more comfortable
no surprises, no red flags, and no warnings to heed
just a mutual and spiritual type of need
the need to talk away a partners tears
while knowing that his partner truly hears
and dries her eyes compliantly
to face yet another hardship defiantly
ever eager with a gentle finger to wipe away the wet that it might no longer linger
because these are two who vowed with strength that forever, to them, actually meant forever
through the trials…….. through the riches ……….and through the smiles
but most notably through all the determination together to damn away their fears
Yes……….it seems to me that love evolves ever so softly after sixty-plus years
       © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~

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Tender Splendour

Twas the Autumn of two thousand and nine
Landing in London, with my dearest best friends
Aside my side and John, joking about Sarah's wild hair 
As Tristen enjoyed his drink Karistia, gazing out the window...   

                                                                         ..."In`Progress." *

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Sweeping Leaves in the Wind

There is something strangely satisfying
About sweeping leaves in the wind.
It's like a therapy for the soul.
As the impish zephyrs play
With a rustle of laughter
Tumbling through;
Sometimes for,
Some against, the action of my toil.
With the rhythmic swish of my broom
The breeze blows and the branches bow,
Scattering Nature's confetti.

A tree lives a lifetime every year.
From the youth of Spring through Summer's prime,
To the regal twilight of Autumn,
Reminding us that there is such beauty in old age.

As a child I saw
In my mind's eye, 
The word AUTUMN written
in the russets and ochres of the falling leaves.
Colours so bright, but with an earthiness that grounded,
Enveloping in the warmth of Nature.
Akin to wood smoke and open hearths,
Unlike the flashy pomp of Summer's gaudiness.

Autumn awakens sleeping memories,
Turning my thoughts to the magic of childhood
And how I used to play at being grown up
As, in youthful innocence,
I attempted the futile task
Of sweeping leaves in the wind. 

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Back Strokes and Tired Eyes.

Sleep... is a pool.

In Spring, you open your eyes to new life and some already
accomplished swimmer helps you to test your toes, in brief intervals.

(nap, nap, and more naps...)

On the summer days of teenage youth, you can lounge all day,
swimming laps in dreams and diving to the bottom of your soul.

(up all night... sleep all day...)

When Autumn comes, you try to capture the same lung capacity
for holding your breath in your youth, to no avail.

(dark circles and rush hour traffic...)

And in the dark winter days, when you are ailing, you can't go in for any length of time,
just dip the fingers for a freeze which is hardly refreshing.

(and thus the cycle of nap, nap and more naps concludes...)

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A Season's Dance

Stretching long, without goodbye Weary from the summer's play The rolling hills are losing green But laughing to a cloud flecked sky while catching autumn's leaves ~ Autumn days show quiet grace A fading trace of yesterday... We watch a sky yield a change of hue Turning gray from shades of blue But there is now a harvest moon Dancing to a different tune For, winter's coming soon ~ After trees have lost their hue Let the wind bring seasons new I'll smile upon the pillowed earth that brings a sense of peace instead.... A winter spread of snowy mounds A softer sound upon the ground as snowflakes waltz around ~ Until the birds return again, I'll watch the dance of green begin I'll brush the blossoms off my head then,... dance because it's spring !
______________________________________________________________ For Gail's Contest: "A Season's Dance"10/1/12

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As You Rise

will you splash color
of this dismal grey I dwell

for autumn wind has called silence
and weary bones shall tell

as I crawl from this covering
of twigs and leaves of demise

to reach your loving sanctuary
in possibility of life

I pause for a mere moment
to reflect of hope I've touched

for you my loving sunlight
my death has found rebirth  


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One Less Broken Heart

Every life tells a story.
An open book of love, joy and mourning,
wind, rain and storming.
Search for the truth,
sweeter than the passion fruit.
Some things are better left unsaid.
Silence instead.
One less broken heart for me my friend.
Gone, gone away from me,
like the autumn leaves that fall from the tree.
So free, so free.
Time will find a way to numb all pain.
Don't call my name.
The red rose you gave me wilted in the rain
What a fragile song of misery,
this life that told a story.
I am tired of the luminous glow that fades.
The brilliance in my life that you erased.
Run, run away.
Far away.
Like the eagles fly, one less lie, one less lie.
Yeah! Every life tells a story, 
like an open book of morning glory.
One less broken heart for me.
Gone, gone away from me.
So many fish in the sea.
Big fish in the sea.

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The keys rattled gently in his pocket.
Gradual jumps like the ocean,
Peaking with every heart
Or every step.
The music was in sleep
Allowing silence for thought
To contemplate on the sun,
Of this clean, clear October.

He sunk his eyes into the core
Of pale and fresh above,
Ember, his numbed head rocked from
Slow and forced breathing,
Suppressing the smell of deep,
Deep purity
Yet conscious of the high brick wall
Where the wind taps
Like a faded voice sighs through a lost keyhole.

He was greeted distantly
By early-anthem families,
Walking the dogs
Or singing with linked wrists;
Sipping at the last, smoked bowls,
And the circling of the roads.
How they would pass,
With a stranger’s recognition
And mutter as they retreated;
 “His hair is thinning!
His eyes are fixed, like
The bolt in a crossbow.
His arms are depleting
For slow, heavy breathing...
Yet his eyes are fixed.”

And sometimes they pass alone;
A little too close
With their gaze separate.
Their tight coats
And pocket smokes,
While they sway to poisons.
How a smile can turn damp
At the thought of past brothers.
And how a passing car can sigh,
With misunderstood pity.

The lamplight’s warming,
The Gutter dweller’s dawning,
The dented camber’s pouring,
The rugged throat with it’s sweet inhale
For the decisive steps
And the vivid gold Yale.

Dream in encumbered times,
Where the destination is a home to rest.
And you walk a shadow amongst the binds,
That break the folds of your armoured vest.
For my ear is a raven,
For my feet are hooves,
For I make a thousand strides,
Within these tightened shoes,
And my arms are not depleting,
And my slow and heavy breathing,
Is only the product of the season,
And will soon falter for my reason,
And my hair can never thin,
While the lamplights never dim,
And my strides will form the door hinge,
That stands so high across the fringe,
And I find lavender in the bins,

While my empty pockets.

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soul to soul

When you look to the stars
as they glisten through summers skies
know that the reflection in your eyes
is my smile, spanning across the distance
feel my breath through sultry air
as our lips brush together again
touching through moonlit shadows
withn a world of dreams
in the hush of night
you hear my screams

you've seen my face
with the blink of nightime skies
countless are the times
and like the moon's full glow
you've come to recognize
when we meet outside a dream
one glance and you'll know me

the horizon is blushing
an end to night's passion
the dawn unfolds our dreams
another day falls upon us
perhaps this time
the time has come

wake my love
to the slight summer breeze
my soul bends towards you
with the newly painted trees
autumn's blush is upon us
the time has come 
for two souls to blend as one
an eternal dream now wakes
we are here at last
outside of dreams

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From my perch atop Baybury Mount
I’m watching clouds
Slowly present their moulage,
Like post-gale shrouds.

It’s autumn
After a rain,
The sun in position
casts gray shadows on the plain.

Oh, high!
With Olympian eye,
A while to bathe.

Palmer Lake steams -
An elongated kidney form - 
And the clouds, in reflection, seem…
Seem to impassion the now distant storm.

Everything’s so clean,
So newly born, pristine.
Old Baptist church, modest steeple rising, seems tall,
Come alive in the scene overall.

The scattered farms,
With their few fine cattle grazing,
Have, from autumn coat, gained a certain charm, 
To one, long in residence, quite amazing.

Yes, I have to, closed-eyes, in wonder, shake my head.
“This is my valley!” I vigorously proclaim.
In mind’s most subtle vision, put to bed,
I’m nestled in her greenest meadow, there would I remain.

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The harsh light of the late autumnal sun
penetrated the stark tree skeletons
their few tattered leaves
testament to summer’s passage.
Yet a peculiar combination
of light and  cloud, 
created a lavender sunrset.
Minutes later it was gone.

We were friendly 
but never friends,
our interactions limited 
to polite salutations
when we chanced to pass.
Yet I can scarce express 
my sadness to learn
that his  peculiar combination
of grace and charm
will no longer grace our Corridors.

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let the darkness in

Gloom used to be so familiar to me, 
A second cousin once removed, with similar eyes 
And my own tangled hair 
We used to have long conversations in the dark, 
And stroke each other’s faces, 
Mourning the loss of joy’s bright dancing limbs 
And when the dawn light broke we would shudder, 
Collectively, and huddle beneath the duvet 
Ah we were such good friends, gloom and I…
But then as the years passed I began to resent his presence 
Began to hate his guts
And eventually I kicked him out of bed – 
I thought – forever…
Celebratory days passed, in a blur of unfamiliar happiness 
All sparkling and gilded and glowing with infantile delight 
I threw myself into being normal, loved every minute – 
Until the day came when I met you, 
One suffocating autumn night, 
And Gloom rubbed his hands together in glee – 
Knowing that he could follow you and worm his way back into my heart 
Clinging to you like a leech until he could slip inside me 
And colonize once again the mansion he had lived in; 
The grim black walls of my gothic heart 
So you see, my love, I have a lot to hate you for 
Because not only did you break down my walls 
But you let the darkness in…
And not only did you leave me cold and weeping 
But you gave me despair for a friend…
So run away, darling, while you still can – 
Because rage smolders in my heart, and the grim desire for revenge…

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                         After it rains,
                      The autumn scent.

                  While my feet touch earth
                        I watch to see 
                      The flowers smile.

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Autumn Rhapsody

The autumn wind twirled the leaves about and made them dance,

They decorated the sidewalk with their pastel shades,

Greeting the pedestrians as they walked past,

God's miracles continue and there is a divine fresh air,

The songs of nature are heard, geese returning south for the winter,

A clear pond where the ducks swim creating patterns in the water,

Seagulls fly above with their beautiful wings landing on the shores,

Humanity embraces autumn for another year.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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The Plough

How could I have known
That when I opened the creaking gate
Of the field of my life
And invited you in 
To do the necessary work
That your activity would be so painful
And yet ultimately
Bring about a harvest?

Setting your plough
To dig down deep
To turn over
And break up
Almost touching the deep bedrock
Of my soul
Revealing me in all my created 

Leaving me exposed 
Rich pickings for hungry gulls
Whilst all that I had previously
Thought worthwhile
Is torn from its root
And is re-interred
In the soil
Of my life

Now I lie open and naked
As my neat furrows are
Rained upon
Broken down
Emptied of all former life

Then one day
The returning sun of your love
Gently warming
O'er lengthening days
Begins my re-awakening

Precious seed is sown
In prepared ground
Watched over
And the Autumn pain
Brings life
And hope.

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Bon Voyage

tattered, yellow napkin
softly settles into the murky lake
as it absorbs it's last spill
our names in gold, still legible

this ring, never fit, seldom worn
"I love you" etched innermost
I know you do, I just couldn't say it much
now I can, but you don't hear

it's cold out, especially on the water
our favorite time, autumn's change upon us
our old craft, tattered sail I told you I'd fix
before your birthday that never came

now why bother, It's the final voyage
a muted splash as the ring follows
and I sit, shivering silently in the blue dusk
the cold urn between my knees

now raised, and poured
a cloud of dust, your earthly remnants
ashes to ashes to water to earth
our dreams unlived, dissolved like you

in the muddy waters we once loved
nothing left for me: no us, no time
I follow your lead, but not softly, not muted
a last gulp and it's really not bad

Sinking, thinking, wishing
watching our boat bobbing beneath
silence is screaming, I gasp
I'm warmed as I see your smile.

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Autumn Ladies

Beautiful autumn ladies
Leaves have fallen by the way
Frost hybernates your spirit
Spring leaves don't sprout
        Your bulbs won't burst forth pink.

Turbin covers
Mask fears....

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FREE CEE live to evolve

                           LIVE TO EVOLVE
Have you ever noticed that the  letters in the word love are sequestered inside the word “evolve?
Because to me that is what love appropriately does
It evolves
It revolves
It solves
And after sixty-plus years together love does, 
in many ways, 
change its ways of wonderment
and is often altered on a course to sheer contentment
for that is the result of the continuation of a consecrated commitment
an abiding faith that the others faith rests upon the others shoulder
as they grow ever so much older
remembering a time of working hard together to get through the hard times together
that old fishing boat she hated so that became battered and eventually succumbed to the weather
while all the while smiling because each year seemed a bit brighter than the last
and all the joyful events that are now part of a bejeweled and fulfilling past
a past reflected in each partner's eyes which gaze upon a tribute to dedication
a coupling worthy of adulation
he being content to make her content proves the content of their cohabitation
a union rich with rewards that come in the mail bearing pictures of their first great grandson born
a baby with beauty by an angel at birth besworn
so there they sit sharing a couch and swapping a calliope of memories
he talks of fishing and she of a cool Autumn breeze
as each agrees
sixty-plus years weaves two souls together as tightly as any weaver ever wove a sweater
and for some fated reason the last decade seems somehow, in retrospect, better
well not so much better as just plain more comfortable
no surprises, no red flags, and no warnings to heed
just a mutual and spiritual type of need
the need to talk away a partners tears
while knowing that his partner truly hears
and dries her eyes compliantly
to face yet another hardship defiantly
ever eager with a gentle finger to wipe away the wet that it might no longer linger
because these are two who vowed with strength that forever, to them, actually meant forever
traversing together mile after mil
through the trials.. through the riches and through each smile
but most notably through all the determination together to damn away their fears
it seems to me that love evolves ever so softly after sixty-plus years
       © 2012....copyright PHREECEE..~free cee!~

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The Owl and the Meditator

In the midst of meditation
Sinking into silence 
In the setting sun
Comes the haunting hoot
Of an obscure owl 
In the nearby autumn woods
Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
Echoing the quiet question 
Resonating in the recesses 
Of my primordial mind, 
Who, Who, Who, Who 
Am I?

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Where Do The Butterflies Go

Teardrops of dews glistening
Breaks the days of dawn
Caterpillars shedding shells of cocoon
Awakening with yawns

The little fairies quaintly appear
Dancing their favorite dances, all the day long
But, where do the butterflies dance to
When the sun hides her head...
And the days are shamelessly gone?

They fill up my gardens
Frolic from tip of tulip to end of the rose
Next to sunflower, daffodil the flutter flies flown
Never attempting to speak even one little peep
Keeping their precious secrets
From sun up until the sundown

A parade of floats
Viceroy to the Monarch whom he tries to pretend
Royal and regal, ginger and black
Passes the hours while waltzing with flowers
But where does each of them go as processions end?

Dainty, the Painted lady curtseys
Among the swallowtails that swan through the weed
And the Admirals through the blade
But soon to hide away
Flying rainbows of season’s beginning to fade

And my magical gardens now they are bare
The little fairies all have disappeared
Following the whisper of wisps, of a new winter’s air

It’s the beginning of autumn
And soon will come the billows of snow
Did they take journey to a summer, in a far away land
Where oh, where did the butterflies go

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when will i see you

will i see you in the spring?
will your hair still look like


will i see you in the summer?
when the spin of gold
rushes thru the threads

will it be in the autumn summer
when the deer are marking
their tracks...

or will the winter freeze
your heart...

and i will never see you again

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A Life in Seasons

How graceful the gentle breeze; 
A new dawning of ageless beauty, 
The complete surrounding of pretty blooms to be 
And the carpet of the sweetest grass 
All create the Spring this life has grown to know. 
The freshness of a new world 
Embraced by a willing blue sky, 
There is just so much to live for 
As one looks beyond the seeds to sow. 
The tuning of Time delivers new birth 
With infant animal young 
And soft showers of rain 
Caress lands with its innocent glow. 

How plentiful this glorious calm; 
The harvest now ready to reap, 
The abundant earth a great provider 
Beneath a starry eyed sun. 
This is Summer of warm nights and warmer days,
A time of inviting oceans of an immaculate sheen. 
The pure cotton like clouds 
To the shepherds delight, 
Golden sands hot to the touch 
And restful hours beside trees of brilliant green. 

How colourful the falling leaves; 
Patterns forming underfoot, 
The ground now a mosaic. 
A classic Autumn rhythm 
And a time of great reflection, 
An inspiration for soulful walks. 
Rushing tides and the crisp white spray, 
Dark blue grey skies and their cleansing rain 
Fresh dreams on promised lands, 
A night time friend towards an eventful day. 

How peaceful Earth is; 
The tender white satin covered land, 
Diamond like stars in a black sky 
And the magical essence of Christmas. 
Here is Winter of perfect ivory 
Of red berries and evergreen, 
Joys on frozen lakes and ornamental icicles. 
The gentle sound of trickling streams 
And the chorus of a romantic scene. 
As Life passes by with its now crystalline ground 
Ready for the new year,known but unseen.

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if ever there were the perfect form...

   it would be the circle...

       you and I, standing the center of our own universe

          while over us, an early autumn sky, newly washed by rain

               and the circle of the harvest moon dripping flawlessly, with amber light....


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Down on the waterfront, with a fine view of the bay,
Through autumn’s first of many leafs bathing Barnegat Bay on far-descended glory
See where the shivering sea-gulls go and play in year drops
All is a compliment to receive before those hungry lovers.

The ocean, blue by the depth water on-coming winter
And, driven by drifting winds off-shore a visitor smiled in front of this magnificence,
To find a pretty grace from God’s beginning.

The eye-filling day is full from the introductory clouds of flesh and yellow leaf
She will fall more and from the off-shore sea-gulls keep playing, and without
A sound they narrow in circle everywhere and a visitor must write a last
Note from his stay: a welcome-song on the grain of sand because more 
Leafs will fall… More sea-gulls will fly and play, and, driven from this unspotted 
Site, a visitor will kiss the sun and not spoil the natural work within him.

There is a trinity of consecrated laughers in such spectacle to whom
We poets dream and through light and show of autumn how picturesque New Jersey 
Glowing underneath the sitting sun. 

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Pop Culture

the sharpest crack 
from the boxers jaw,
a symbol of prosperity
to those who place reality in syntax

		(mediocre vulgarity)

a stick of shaken veins gripped 
firmly in my owners hand
prisms of red, purple, amethyst
expressions grown in the autumn air

this city is a row of dancing 
stars, glistening from  the tail whip
of the moon—
                    tasting of her peeled flesh

all the while saying Blackberry, BlackBerry

conscience, a forgotten craftsman brew
simplistic concoctions for daytime
reality television;

	White Russians,

	Dirty Martinis,

	Vodka Tonic,

You and I;
		(cultural remedies)

please just one look through the kaleidoscope
whiskey wishes never getting passed
the screen door, graveyard  excuses
a abscess buffet we dine in
pouring mucus mojitos

	(synthetic designer abuses)

unlike the wino sun bathing 
societies orphaned child,
we have found a name for self ruin
the title--
              Experience, the great scapegoat

	(thank you Oscar Wilde)

hypocrisy runs deep
a bottom without legs
a contraceptive with no tip
               “To be, or not to Be”
cynics sipping cyanide 
feasting on optimism
a glass;
                murdered sex raising up

	(don’t forget to tip the maitre’de)


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Innocence Lost

Can innocence lost
Be ever returned
Or a heart, tainted and broken
Be cleansed, made whole once more?

Can a tree, longing for summer's warmth
Summon its leaves from cold autumn grounds
To return to naked branches
That it may feel joyful and alive again?

Can a child, disillusioned
Relive broken dream
Changing fate
To find naivety return?

Can joy be had in innocence lost
Or beauty be discovered, resting in sadness?
When birth of spring and warmth of summer pass by
Till all that remains is the still and quiet of winter
Will warmth be rekindled?

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Lost amidst the crowd of a billion
Lost everything and nowhere to go
I cower in the shadows of darkness

What did I do to get it wrong?
I was an innocent child
And now I lost my innocence too

Seasons come and go
Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Lost the zeal to feel them too

A cigarette in my left and a pen in my right
That is all I have now
And I wish to pass this night al-right

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Simple Blessings

I love how the cool breeze caresses my face
tickling my lips
and tossing my hair playfully

It brings life to the silence of the dull, Autumn day
and forces smiles on grim faces

I adore the crinkling of leaves underneath my bare feet
sending a thrilling chill up my body
and quickening my heart with every step I take

It lifts the spirits of small children
and sends their innocent laughter through the air, touching hearts along the way

How wonderful the sprinkling drops of water are
as they tease my skin with their touch
and I cannot help but feel genuine joy

These days come often
but are rarely seen as they are

and a simple yet intricate blessing from God

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The Old City

Walking on streets of the old city,
I eavesdrop upon voices of the past.
The worn out pavements of moss and stone
reverberate of glory, defeat, and pain.

Oh, Ancient walls of monumental towers!
Beauty of your prominence, and abundance 
of your memories can not deceive me
for I know every single rock
on which you are founded 
smells on blood, tears ,and putrid bones.

Leave your triumphs to ominous crows
that wait upon new pilgrimage of army leaders
who shout men's history in three words:
conquer, demolish, and pillage.

Listening how whirlwinds play
with autumn leaves on your square,
I am asking you... will roar of the armies stop?

Vesna Arsenich

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This Autumn In The Heart

autumn in the heart
yet every leaf 
that falls has fallen
the brick and mortar
that builds
this wall between us 
yet thy soul
fulfills each and
every morsel of love
for all of life
we shall carry
these sacred words
this autumn in the heart

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Had U Known

Had you known I was their
Would you have seen me saw
Yr' running beside a flock of birds

My black wings beating
To the inhale and exhale
Of yr' every breath

And should I stop..
Would you have stopt'
To watch for shadows
Of my passing

Or would you have let
The rapid snap of my feathers
Propel you faster forward
Toward the wood
Holy unaware I love
The brittle crush
Of Autumn leaves
Beneath your feet

If I had been that bird
Would you have freed your mind
And dared to dream of worlds
Where every stride is stanza
Every path a poem of our endurance

Or simply passed me

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I look through my window, 
as the leaves begin to fall down.
While heading outside to feel the cool breeze on my face,
I can smell the pumpkin spices from the kitchen.
Anticipating the nights to come, 
while warming up next to the bonfires.
The excitment takes over as I am overjoyed 
my favorite season is here.

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With night comes the Fall today 
Its weather all its own,
Clouds lie about the coastline
Early and also late.

The days that come this season
I look into with delight,
The time that passes within them
Starts inside the heart.

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Rock ... Rock

Rock ...

Rock ...

The dry leaves crackle under our blanket
One of only two sounds that find me
The other is her

Rock ...

Rock ...

Pure and lovely
Wanted and wanting
She is all

Rock ... 

Rock ...

Skin against skin
Joy upon joy
We find heaven for a time

Rock ...

Rock ...

There is no pain and we suffer not
There is only Us
Us and the autumn leaves

Rock ...

Rock ...

I can not tell her sweat from mine
Everything is as one
As our bodies

Rock ... 

Rock ...

I hear my name on her lips
It sounds natural
It feels right

Rock ...

Rock ...

Her hair dances across my face
It smells of strawberries
Strawberries and Us

Rock ...

Rock ...

I feel it and her body tenses and trembles
I see the passion being excised
I see the pleasure become too much

Rock ...

Rock ...

It rolls over me and I lose control
For a moment I feel one with the entire world
I hear her playful laugh
                                  Her shy laugh  
                                                      Her dirty little girl laugh

Rock ...

I fall to the blanket
The crunching leaves greet me 
With dry and welcome applause

I love her
I love her

I think that she loves me, too

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The Lonely Road to Adoption

 IRREFUTABLY, this 2001 wrongful adoption odyssey should rate as America’s “one to show for the ages;” or at least until the next millennium! 

“This placing happened in that year’s autumn of season - yet, it actually had begun 
around the century’s turn without rhyme or reason. It had cut a swath across 
America by way of telephone poles, lonely back roads and flew higher than from 
where a raven crows! It weathered Colorado’s January bitter cold, right on through 
the state of Michigan’s lake effect windblown snow, with no return address - and all 
before life’s given first breath!”
                                                                   An Unknown Father

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Johnnie Ryde

Switchfoot's, I dare you to move ?
Shunned by societies carved these
Centuries a belief offering oppressions
Plundered through fables of fairyless 
Tales in tears as molten gold melded...
An idol to fulfill their heart's a god 
Or goddess that they could call their
Very own and irony waiting within
The wings of trial this metal bowing 
Unto statues serving merciless altars
Whileas truth continued its wayward
Trek atop the paths towards colder
Binding hopes these dreams left bound 
Amid twisted chains to bury love's light...
Judgment bleeding; ignorance arrogance 
Hate death life flesh spirit, hells deceit ¿
You me cauldrons revelations fiery scenes.

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Flames Of Desire

Softly stroking 
My dew drenched petals
She knew that I was willing 
Wanting, loving...
Releasing my abstract 
Virginity to her burning desires.

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Autumn's Breath

As I walk through this colorful boulevard,
cool breeze touches the back of my neck
from the breath of autumn,
breath of life from the nostrils of hope;
I smile at my lady who looks graciously captivating
like the red and pink maples and apples on my left;
this cozy feeling sends me into  a trance.....

Trees branches spread the rays of the yellow sun,
like the beam of a strong musical concert,Illuminating the stage.
The displays of yellow,green and red foliage turn
the road and pathway into a superb international fashion show;
on the floor lies leaves of different colors
forming a crispy soft carpet on the ground,
`Oh! it reminds me of my wedding day`,
atmosphere full of heavenly bliss,...

I jerk back to the present as zephyr touches me
gently and whistles softly into my ears;
The birds flap their wings to give the almighty
a clap offering for this beautiful Cre..a..t.ion,
my lady looks at my face and nods happily,
squeezing my right hand reassuringly,
Kismet has blessed us with autumn,once again!.

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Days like these

What to do on days like these , 
Loaf around  or stand under autumn trees,
On a rainy day , to stand under trees ?
Makes sense as much does talking to fallen leaves ,
What to do on days like these ?
Days like these are the heartbreaker's gamble ,
To the heartbroken the rains too must not show mercy ..
When you know to them forecasts are what matter,
you can spend a monsoon day as you please ..

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A Luxury Sedan

A luxury sedan in a lone location
Moves along in endless time.
To be, to pass, and yet remain
Unmoved, untouched,
Always the same.

Suntapped tapers of autumn branches 
Spread and splinter, stark and bare
Against a sky of steely grey.
Heavy forks of oak and maple
Interlace in timeless arcs.
Complex fractals form labyrinths
Against a sky of pale contrast.

Through this nest of wood there passes
A road alive with sounds that ebb and flow
Of passing tires on hardened pavement
Sending sounds of whispered lapping
Like the sound of ocean waves
Softly washing a moonlit bank.

The sounds emerge and fade again
As swiftly as the sinking sound
Of silken sand drifting from a hand, 
Then subside again leaving only silence.
A lingering lapse of time unmoved 
Remains behind – an eternal lair.

All around the darkening road,
Trees rise stately, solid, strong.
Branches lift in exaltation
In a greeting to face the evening.
Dusk moves gently, stealing slowly, 
Like the folding of a mourning dove’s wing.

And still the sound of sighs persist,
Of passing cars on cold asphalt.
Untouched, unmoved by nature’s grace.
Without a glance, the drivers move
To never taste the felicity
Of the silent song within 
The deeply shadowed surrounding wood. 

A luxury sedan in a lone location
Moves along in endless time.
To be, to pass, and yet remain
Unmoved, untouched,
Always the same.

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Silver Tongue

His fingers left blood on the strings 

but, come time to walk away he hadn’t really learned anything.

Course and dried brushes sit atop the rubbish,

His mind held a perfection too delicate for his clumsy hands to create.

He opened his mouth to sing like a jay but, instead of notes it was rust that fell out. Part of the wear and tear of early adulthood.

But then, this same boy picked up a pen and found some paper. The pen in his hand felt as natural his own bones and he began to write.

He wrote every tear

He scribed every star

He built towers from mountains with every line

High enough that the angel’s just might hear them.

He made pages for chapters of his life that could make those seraphim weep sapphire tears.

He could write the wind blowing across the nape of your neck in Autumn

And make you feel the chill on your skin.

He could articulate the sad beauty of a lover’s quarrel that ends in tears

If they cry, it makes it all more real.

He documents the history of a war inside himself that will never end.

The loss and the gain,

But not those of monetary nature.

When life begins to scream around him

All he must do to silence it is to put it in a stanza.

The boy’s tongue can pave the way for good intentions, and we all know those can fall South. He finds strength. And with this Strength a power.

Finally the boy knew his gift. But how is he meant to use it and who will truly listen to the personal strands of his soul he ties together with punctuation?

And now that he has tasted the pleasure of his power, will that be enough?

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How I Long For--

My dreams are falling apart
In Your hands, I pray (for joy), "Take heart!"
You are the stars - searing my 
Soul is kneeling to the ground
Trace my future and take wing
Towards the pathway...You find peace
You are an angel in my--

Heart is bleeding soundlessly
Above land...I mourn so sweet
I am the clouds - carrying a 
Gallon of grief...release me!
Place me in fields of love and
Forgive me and lift me up
You are the heavens to my--

Heart is beating profoundly
Without Your heart's joyous song
You are the sun - nourishing 
My lambs are grazing around,
Roving in fields of splendor,
Enlightening the darkness
You are an apple to my--

Eye is grieving...losing sight
Of Your glory...I feel lost
You are the lake - sparkling with
Delight and Luck! Bring us home!
Grow like a morning glory
In the autumn time, You thrive
You are valuable to my--

Eye is twinkling...praying for 
Insight...yearning for Your sight
You are the hills - guiding my
Mind is longing for your mirth--
Restoring peace to my verse,
Sprouting forth grace and freedom
You are the train tracks, bearing--

My train of thought...making my
Steel spirit connect with Yours
You are the valley - between
The mountains guarding us all,
Building strength to fragile bones,
Welcoming a stream of hope
You are my map - lending me

YOUR helping hand I would take
Now, I could take Your challenge
You are like a maze filled with
Mysteries conceal the truth;
I fight with all of my might
And I BEG for Your mercy
To mend my once blissful dreams!

How I long for Your mercy...

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Autumn Leaves Are Made of These

autumn blush her green and gold displayed beneath her inner soul bright mustard green honeysuckle maple red sweet pumpkin orange and some curious sassy indigo thus autumn leaves are made of these

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As close as autumn is to mountain-side,
as close as cold is to snow,
as cold as sun is to summer,

as close as storm is to clouds,
as close as thunder is to lightening,
as close as rivers are to sea,
as close as roses are to thorns,
as close as stars are to skies,
as close as moon is to gazes,
as close as evening wind is to whispers,
as close as nightingale is to shadows,

as close as bangles are to wrists,
as close as veils are  to maidens,
as close as tits are to silken drapes,

as close as pinings are to naked eyes,
as close as trembling is to touches,
as close as moanings are to thrashing limbs; that close to me.

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The Last Dance

The wind whispers,
As it blows through the trees,
"It's coming, be prepared!"
The trees shiver and shake,
 At the words whispered,
"Make haste, make haste!"
The trees have one last show,
Before they all go to sleep for a while,
All the trees don their best gowns,
The maple trees yellow,
Oak trees burgundy and rich brown,
Pines shed their old layers,
They become vibrant evergreen,
Aspen's don their bells to play in the wind,
Then, all the trees dance together,
As they become tired, they start to cry,
Their tears are yellow, red, orange, and brown,
Now they must face cold, frost, and snow,
They must stand cold and alone for five months,
So before they must go to sleep,
They have one last dance to enjoy warmth and happiness,
Their last dance is called The Fall.

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Late Summer Slow Dance

Midnight in the garden. 
Spring thrills of trial, 
error and discovery 
pruned, watered, and fed. 
Familiar now 
fruits ripening 
promising bounty 
for autumn harvest 
and late winter sowing.

We sway 
by the still warm breeze 
gently rustling the leaves 
and our souls 


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Outside our cottage door.

     Winter's promise
foreclosing on the fall,
    dust of ashes
blowing burning colors,
bits of autumn leaves
         that fell
to the wind and more,

Remember ......
       in the winter
       crisp joys,
the frosty kiss of dawn,
     tears of dew,
      so cold upon the roses,
  announcing changes,
emanating from the very bones,
    the marrow,
of the deeper darker
world outside our cottage door.

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Falling Shadows

In the falling shadows of autumn’s reds and yellows,
Children dance across concrete sidewalks, 
	Laughing in and out of the bright, white street lights of Eighth Street.
	Screen doors slam at nine, dogs yap, yapping in the backyard
As rustling leaves blow from manicured and watered
green lawn to green lawn
the full, white moon shines down, down across town
	dusty yard to dusty yard
The rustling leaves blow, scratch at the earth,
	Screen doors slam, sirens sound, mothers’ screaming,
Screaming in and out of the darkness of broken, yellow street lights,
Children dance across concrete sidewalks,
In the falling shadows of autumn’s reds and yellows.

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October Georgia

October Georgia faintly whispers... Whistling gaps between the autumn days She plucks the blues in windy back wood fiddles Hums hymns of Evergreens across the open space And around the rustic corners Blackbird banjoes play Echo callings that cannot wake Towns and sleepy hollows forgotten Or shake the fields off of southern snow The bleeding heart of silent cotton Confederate clouds sky beards lazily wave Soothing horizons and the ears of God’s children Preaching sounds that lead from Sabbath churches Fruit sweeter than the sweetest Dixie peaches October Georgia faintly whispers A simpler and easy life downhome tradition And all can feel it beneath their bones The tickle of her southern music

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Autumn Wood

An autumn wood
displays the wonder of nature
in it's peacefulness
and quiet glory.
I sit under a gentle yellow sun
watching the leaves
as they fall slowly to the ground.
So fragile is the health of spring
that in fall
the ritual of passing
is enacted with unfaltering dignity.
An autumn wood
is not unlike

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 Fall is my favorite time of year.
 I just love when you ride in the country and see all the pretty colors of leaves on the trees.
 See the kids having lots of fun jumping up and down as the autumn colors fall to the ground.

 The air is so crisp and clean and you feel alive.
 The wind blowing through the trees is so nice to hear.
 Children everywhere running and jumping with such a cheer.

  Fall brings out the child in us all.
  Not too far behind is the holiday season
  we all look forward to.
  Bright lights, decorations, toys and all,
  But nothing could come close then watching
  the fist snowflake fall.

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I took a walk along the path of memories,
Somewhere filled with shadows of "you and me".
And as the breeze echoed your laughter,
As the wind whispered my name with your voice,
As the lake reflected a picture of us together,
I looked around me and saw...
       the beauty of spring we never shared,
       traces of summer we spent apart,
       autumn leaves falling as I stand there alone,
       showing signs of winter....
       ...bringing memories of you.

Seasons change,
And your world has change with the seasons.
Yet  something inside me remains the same.
       New life may bloom each spring,
       the sun may smile upon you each summer,
       nights may last longer each autumn
       and the snow may cover memories each winter.

But my heart...
       it always speaks of you,
       it always beats for you,

My heart belongs to you...


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killed the ego in the alley

stopped the cross look 
when walking out & down the steps
(humming a song within),
did a little jig to miss the cracks when
progressing along the sidewalk
(making sure as to not “break momma’s
sure was in his/her better Autumn 
dancing gear
(waiting for others with the energy---
full of song & love in the heart) &
there weren’t enough frowns in
the afternoon overcast that could
shed dark down upon her/his 
impending afternoon delight
(now the world is said oyster if said
eater digs the oysters),
kicking her/his kicks like it’s going
out of style, ipod ringing a special
rhythm (new favorite song---connecting
him/her with everyone),
don’t need to be in front or even part of
a crowd when the selves when the 
selves are getting down
(making a scene in order to be seen),
when the sun shone down &
park benches full of folks
start to come alive,
come alive, come alive,
come live, come alive!
s/he paid tribute to all the artists that
s/he adored when
s/he killed that ego in the alley on
her/his way to work,
falling in love with those dancing
with her/him, casting out those 
trying to do him/her in & for a split
second (long enough to set a precedent
for a lifetime in perspective),
started to really enjoy 

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Kick punch turn
Earn your place
The belt you deserve

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Autumn leaves
and fall
twirling in a
danse macabre
their scattered colors 
brilliant, lay 
in mock repose 
and dry decay
lawn’s mosaic, 
lowly cloak
they wait their turn
to go up in smoke

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about the ashes

Mnemosyne's colour wheel glitches through August,
on that candid orange the dogs howled into
during our autumn countdown.
When we still had a countdown.
When we still had August. 

I remember the moonlight traveling westward 
and seeing your face lined with silver.
I remember Artemis taking an emergency exit and landing,
landing in the closest pool of warmth. You, you, you.
And I remember dreaming. I remember testing 
what the world was like outside of you.

The singed leaves remind me how to breathe
on this street, the same way you used to.
I am learning about the ashes.
Sometimes we must burn the atlas
before charting ourselves from scratch.
Sometimes love must die, first.

In heaven's attic, even angels lose their meaning.
Returning only, when someone remembers:
the attic is still a part of home.
When touching means dust on your fingers.
When suddenly, you are intruding.

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As close as autumn is to mountain-side,
as close as cold is to snow,
as close as sun is to summer,

as close as storm is to clouds,
as close as thunder is to lightening,
as close as rivers are to sea,
as close as roses are to thorns,
as close as stars are to skies,
as close as moon is to gazes,
as close as evening wind is to whispers,
as close as nightingale is to shadows,

as close as bangles are to wrists,
as close as veils are  to maidens,
as close as tits are to silken drapes,

as close as pinings are to naked eyes,
as close as trembling is to touches,
as close as moanings are to thrashing limbs; that close to me.

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In The Autumn of My Years

Memories linger melancholy as I approach the bridge to the Gardens de Sol. A picture forms in my weary mind; Just a mere shadowed mirage, like an old faded photograph in a heart shaped locket kept near my soul centre for days, weeks and decades…. while fall winds crooning blue zephyrs frigid, incantations upon the once verdant meadows where the fawns grazed and wild horses pranced so breezy carefree on fine spring days.... I whirled and twirled , a carefree dance on patches of clover and dandelions in the spring of my youth Reveling joie de vivre of sun Sol warming skin and soul pink I remember our long, meandering walks in a picture perfect rose garden scented with redolent pines and aromatic wild flowers we conversed for hours, my hand in yours thrilling at your every word infatuated by a fervent touch You, idly picking petals off a rose; the deep timbre of your delicious laugh resounding joy to my acquiescent ears as I cavorted playfully in the garden’s fountain until lengthening shadows quilted the path with reluctant to leave, sun beams of a late summer afternoon And afterwards, in twilight violet sky; intimate moments by a blazing fire, silent music of our hearts thrumming a lovers sonata while you kissed me; gold specked brown orbs, so pleasurable and beguiling, warming my soul full of tomorrows promise and forgotten yesterdays Now, as I picture this quixotic drama rehearsed again and again one solitary tear slowly trails down and comes to rest on lines that were not there yesterday….. Dead cornflake leaves crunch under my feet as I walk the very same bridged pathway to the garden alone my only audience a solitary prickly cactus in the autumn of my years.......

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Fingers tremble in the air and my sight is vision caught: 
A lifeline stretch’s winding as the river deep,
It’s all an invisible net begins in my heart.
That’s me standing with an outstretched hand.

And you’re standing right in front of me,
Your trembling hand is almost touching mine.
We have lost the count of the days, all we do is waiting.
Look each other’s eyes with a brokenly feelings,
All we wish is to get that no one’s want to give.

And I fell; oh I feel all that ocean of yours
All your dreams and your thoughts,
 The whole world that you carrying.
I saw it in your eyes you told me with no words,
An autumn nature slowly died 
And only moon’s our silent witness.
Not even night could cover with the shadows those treasure.

I’m dying; I am slowly dying, 
So desperately drown in the void.
Please help me you fill me with essence pure
That flows with songs of your heart.

But our tragedy’s hard to imagine
 Because all that you want is the same.
Year’s passing by but you’re waiting the same sweet essence from me.

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on missing the talented young John Keats

My friend, so young your countenance remains
When word’s cold death exacted Britain’s pain
In one brief moment quill caressed page,
papyrus breathed to life, precocious sage.
When first I gazed upon your stanzas long
mesmerizing trance from an angelic song.
A thing of beauty is the ink once spilled
in Eton’s courtyard ‘ere long days were filled.
Unending dream of dear Endymion’s sleep
imbued my soul in verses piercing deep.
Bright stars like flowers and far-off Ganymede,
ethereal seems real as what was real recedes
and tides of dusk creep slow upon night’s shore.
I, upmounted by your winged fancies flew,
a star-filled flight among the heavens new,
and silvery moon, which never burnt so bright
upon the shimmering waters of this night.
From Latmos’ Isle no stranger urges birthed
into mythic worlds of gods and fairies’ mirth.
When lore and love released their final breath
the heavens dimmed, as if to honor death
and stillness hung thick in English moors,
despair lurked yet close behind dread’s doors.
How long endured the object of your gaze
Fair Brawne, whose aura obsessed days,
did she, as we who grieve now centuries past
shed tear on tear, romance of Autumn last?
Having tasted, what remains on earth to weep?
For those who love, your beauty never sleeps.

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He Never Shook My Hand - Epilogue

I think back now to the man I was,
Before I met my friend,
How different I was,
Altogether an average Joe.

I now sit here a nervous wreck,
Dishevelled and unshaven,
Virtually a recluse,
Keeping interaction to a minimum.

I wonder what he did to me,
How he took my mind,
Took my world,
And left me with these horrors.

We briefly met one wild autumn evening,
He never shook my hand,
But uttered those words,
“Allow me to share with you a different view of the world.”

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The December sun fought
to shine through the golden clouds
and reach the frozen trees
under a bright marigold sky;
even the evergreen shrubs
were covered with frost
as on those Autumn mornings.

No ducks were seen
swimming in the murky lake,
it needed them for some harmony;
an occasional gust shook
the firs drooping branches
by letting frost fall off 
and it fell like small icicles.

All the boats remained fastened to anchors,
no hurricane or storm could ever make them go astray;
summer's evenings were delightful
seeing them row along the lake's solitary banks...
I recall with melancholy the boater singing 
an allegretto song with his baritone voice.

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Assurance on the Wing

Here again, on the the crest of the eve, 
the sound of them...calling out to me
Their sound of arrival, coming from the crimson sky
The ceremonious cry as they frame the V
Causing me to lift eyes upward
Canadian geese, heading home in springtime mode

I need not fear, their steadfastness is proof
The voice in unison against the vagrancy of altered mood
In the sureness of the morrow
When I shall think and speak my thoughts
When I eat a meal, and do my daily chores
Exclaim of the budding branch before the door
I will have assurance of a miracle

I shall make laughter out of bafflement
And meet the wind...and watch the day's declining
For when the geese appear again in the fall
Southward bound, honking with their timely voice
I'll know once again how to feel the comfort of the plan

My assurance that is in the telling of the flight
To feel how certain is their autumn calling
To feel how certain is their return in spring
And when all the world fills my thoughts with doubt
And when all the world fills my heart with fear
I am sure enough to lift my eyes

Canadian geese, who cause my eyes to lift to the evening sky
With a song of assurance of His love...

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I was affected by your voice when we first met
  I was also affected by your looks.
We were affected by other people;
Both of our hearts were wounded and damaged.
I was affected the night we kissed and the nights we 
passionately got lost in each other between the sheets.
I was affected as we started to fall for each other.
my heart wouldn't stop skipping beats.
my mouth was always in a smile when we were happy
and my eyes were always wet when we were doing
My body was affected by your touch.
Now my heart is affected by your absence.
We don't talk, we don't touch, we don't 
do anything that used to be us.
I hold back tears during the day because I have to be strong.
but at night with only my pillow as a witness I let them
I was affected by you. I can admit that now.

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trail coffee

morning coffee cooked brewed on open flame hot into a tin cup belongs in the woods on an autumn morning

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Autumn's Reprise

Sipping love's velvet
In orange yellow cracks..
Swept and red tale's tilting 
Through times, bronzed quills
Poetry seasons fables lore; vieta.

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How To Build An Atomic Bomb

First you march through fields--
Green, but choked with weeds.
Until one day chance drops the Bomb
And the world explodes before your eyes.

Never have radar eyes seen beauty
Like this, the fire lily in spring,
Pyrotechnics bursting forth from petals
And the sweet napalm nectar heart.

Tender small hands
Softer than pillows of snow--
Look with adoring eyes, but never touch.
Such miracles are easily shattered.

Next you must be silent, soldier
 on through sun and sleet.
Look on with a distance at her still.
Sip vineyard wines and lob grenade glances
As the summer’s smirking captain burns her,
And she is dying of a most miserable thirst.
But I have no water left in my canteen…

Lost, but such a thing gained
From naval expeditions into the murky brown twin pools
That shimmer like umber ghosts in the raining moonshine.
But leave before sunrise—the place is forbidden
For men of such stature, of such a character.
Step aside for the hulking boars,
Who will pluck each of her lovely petals
One by one, and stamp them dead in dirt.

Then be still, self-appointed guardian.
Polish off those beers and brood.
But be ever alert should she call.
If the invasion comes, the only gun
She may have to kill is you.
Accompany her on breezy walks
Attempt to humor, but disclose no more.

Simply hang in gardens of babble on and on
Where the only words you speak are Sanskrit to her.
And when the cavalries of autumn winds pillage through,
She will have nothing to shield her from the beatings.
 So close, I am still too far away, and would give away 
my position out in the open.

Remember the gentle beauty, her voice.
Every laugh, every lethal saltwater tear,
Every moment you would kneel beside her
And be more tender than Mother Nature herself.

But at last when winter comes you make the choice
For she needs a man to keep her warm
The night grows cold, the stars smile sinister
 the field is buried in the blackness of time,
that awful plague without a cure.
You may dream to storm the frosty beaches
 And pluck her from her very roots;
Take her off her feet, in hopes 
Of saving her, the only fire lily in the field.

But with a frown, she bows her head
Turns away, withers and dies.
The fire lily in spring, there smolders
In cigarette ashes.

So you stay under cover, and leave the field,
Afraid to turn and look again.
For time has worked hard for months
Building the atomic bomb
That verges on exploding in your heart.

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Time is filled with so many dimensions
Rooms of this and that
Here and there
Now and then
What was and what is
Is now gone never to return
Like an autumn leaf turns to gold then turns to fodder for the worms
Time is so transient 
Like life here and now
At the Cross and beyond the cross 
A different dimension

© Brenda V Northeast 27th April 2012

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DC is
cool air
and your autumn brown eyes

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I'm not a diamond with beautiful eyes
the color of blue with thick lashes.
My skin wrinkled from many years
of walking and working in the garden.
I don't fly like the eagles any more
but just walk slowly with a cane.
My words are forgetful and often
leave me when I need them most.

But my heart still sings like the birds
and my thoughts are like gravel that
twists and turns pouring out an idea
every minute. I can't run any more but,
I'll fly one day into the heavens to sit
with the angels and glow with the stars.

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Visible Breath

Autumn comes I stand watching the leaves..thinking
The breath leaves my body unseen
But as the mercury drops and as I ponder my place.
I notice all I think all I feel.
Right there on the window before me.
To others it's just a mist caused by cooling or heating or both.
A chilhood whimsical game"oh boy look it's cold"
To me that mist is all, your name , your face, Our time.
I want to wipe it away this physical aberation of all unseen in my heart.
I see it all the pain the love the heartache everything in a small whitish cloud on a simple window.
My hand reaches pauses  oh so this is what you look like.
Oh if it was so easy to be done.
The mist fades rapidly with every lonely wasted breath. Making an apperance oh so briefly.
What ever course I take to wipe away or to gently touch the mist.
Would this breath on the window which taunts me so relay back to my damaged soul see its gone you'll be ok now or see how it welcomes your touch?
welcome to the world for all to see.
Hidden by the sun most of the time.
My fingers glide through the vanishing mist, I flash back to your cheek beneath my fingers.
Goodbye my love, goodbye my pain, goodbye to the only proof I have left of you.
But at peace I am.
I know now what I did not before.
Your not invisable your their in my breath.
Kissing the crisp Autumn air with me.
And all I have to do is breath.
And my visible breath will show me all I feel is real as real as the mist on the window

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Summer Passage

            Summer Passage

Bones burnt white and crisp on deserts open hell of summer
Eyes turn painful red in sun’s fierce and punishing glare
But children only know the surf and blue rolling waves
Cool breezes, endless play, and warmth of friends
Sky and sand take over 
Become the blue and white of life
These things pass into tranquility in slow autumnal flow
On gentle orange and yellow spiraling leaves at leisure
Drifting, tumbling as in sleep, with no particular place to go
Autumn catches every fragrance of the harvest too
Lavender and pumpkin tell the truth
The moon grows large as we pick every plant
September, October and November forget the past
As they sleep beneath the green serene 
Of summer's grass

Created on 8/30/14 for Summer’s End Poetry contest


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Summer Tease

When autumn clouds roll across like waves
darkening the sky, teasing with patches of bright white
The golden sunshine in the morning swiftly evaporates
Mid-morning is all grey and sullen 

The apples begin to darken and rot on their branches
Too high and too late for anyone to retrieve
The sharp blood red tones of leaves appear on the ground
When did this change creep in?

Six in the evening is bleak as if in deep night
Slight summer cool breezes become chilly 
Night-time demands warmer wear
A patch of blue sky and sun is a summer tease.

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Robins are Laughing

You don’t see many grasshoppers
Around here, but there’s one nearby
And just this morning
I dreamt a praying mantis
Came in my bedroom window

Perhaps I need divine intervention
Of an insect kind

Robins are laughing
In the autumn morning sunlight
As they gambol
From tree to bush and back again

A gust of wind
Blows crackly yellowed leaves
In my direction
And the pussywillows
Wands of benediction
Bless birds and berries
And hopefully, me

When I die
I hope I will know peace
And that the gates of heaven
Will look like the entrance
To my beloved woods
Or these gardens

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Brave New World

It's the nature of the experiment
To be peeling off my autumn skin
In a gasoline waterlogged romance.
You can stay
If you want to.
We're pulling figures out of the way.
A fire in the hills 
Is luring a crowd in
And the admission fee starts
Somewhere in the infinite.
The new years Tokyo Alliance
Has brought a bouquet 
Of pharmaceutical pleasures
And I'm handing out 
Needles and narcotics
In the opium den.
This brave new world
Sells sex for a dollar and
A penniless teenager 
For even less.
And fast from the ground
Stands a Brazilian girl,
Fastening her garter belt
And smoothing her skirt
As she casts a virgin's suicide stone
Into the sounds of the sunrise.

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The Apple Tree

A breeze brings a crisp bite to my skin,
the warmth of a soft jacket provides the warmth I need.

I can hear the sparrows chirping,
Robins singing their songs.
Even Crows screeching, casting small shadows on the day.
I don't even care.

Those shadows won't cross my mind for today,
I want this to be a good day.

I only fought a little uphill,
the grass slightly brown from the Autumn air.

My apple tree of gold, scarlet, and honey hues stood on top of the hill,
with branches stretching for the sun's kiss.

A smile,
a tear from the corner of the eye escaping.

A tire swing gently sways,
giving the reminder of happier, melodious memories.

The tire was weather worn,
and the rope ripe with age,
the tree's youth had fallen to.

Crunchy leaves echo and mask the silence I was seeking for,
the bark was rough under my fingers.

Just like the months have been.

I laid out my patchwork quilt,
and slept the day away in peace.

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In one corner of my room,
That is shaped like a tomb,
There is a window, where I sit
And see my world through it.

I see the rising sun,
I see the melting dew,
I see the blooming flowers,
I see the sky’s changing hues.

Through it
I embrace the fading sun,
I live the joyous rains,
I feel the flowery fragrance,
I walk those lonely ways.

Through it
I float with the summer clouds,
I breathe the winter breeze,
I touch the autumn leaves,
I celebrate the cuckoo’s springtime songs.

Through the window,
I see my world.
Neither the autumn leaves,
Nor the springtime songs;
Neither the winter sunshine,
Nor the summer rains;
Would have been great
Had it not been through my window rails.

Through my window,
I see the world.
In the window, lies the entire bliss;
Beyond the window is only an illusion.

Suyash Saxena

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Arab Spring

From Tripoli to Cairo
I saw the intifada leftover
After Tunisia and Yemen
Like a dam broken
After it had sucked life from dry sand
Morocco, Kuwait, Djibouti and Oman
I heard birds singing at the cliff
Falsetto dawn
In the rift valley of religion
And water pouring from each sweat
Flood the root of the poisoned tree
Not Regina
Not Phoenix dactylifera
Not if the honey killed the bee.

Some have fallen
Shaken by the protest of the wind
Some stay uneasy 
For it is the season of orchestrated discontent
I see nothing to applause
Except that stability 
And the availability of corn
Are rare in democracy there.
For culture is soil and climate
That every root begins with
And nothing strange may grow
In a rich soil's barren love.
Heroes there and villains 
Have ridden sand forever
They do no swim this mediation well
Spring rain brings flash floods
And then vulture upon vulture
Circling the corner of the eye.

Too bad the spring
Shook the blossoms off in breeze
I smell the empty branches
The resin bleeding in the new night
Hot summer's dead piled up
Against a Syrian wall.
I pray for the autumn worm
And the bones winter white
My sajada is Mecca strewn
And in my head the adhaan
The adhaan, an intoxicated bell
Calls me out of grief.

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Chapter Zero

Embrace me 
When the world forgets 
When the clouds drift by, unnoticed

Embrace me 
Like the gentle breeze raging on
A starlit, night sky, an illusion
passing me by untethered

Embrace me while you can 
While the sun rises and sets 
While roses shed their skin
Above the eyeless shores withered

Grab strong, unto the torn hilts
They stride right by me blind 
Hold firm while you still can 
There is no telling where we set land 

Before the rain dries
Until we lay restless
While you can
While you still can, embrace me 

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it's more than an obsession
with words;
i wouldn't go as far as calling it
it's something more.

this writer's fingers
bite down on something,
tightly clenched,
feeding off of thoughts
while the wrists
bend and twist
to the rhythm,
bleeding words
like splatters of blood
on walls
or pages.

this writer's mind
twists,then  turns
through memories
of past,
lost at daybreak
and found
on night's doorstep,
only to open the door
towards something more
than bargained for.

this writer's heart
and soul
ignite, then explode,
like july's sky,
a few intense moments
of excitement
that submit
then surrender
to total darkness.

it's the death
of one thought
or more,
on how intense
and colorful
the grand finale became.

it's an autumn mourning
not a morning risen,
this viewing
displayed before opened eyes
as the writer closes their own.

would you call that poetry?

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New Dawn

Zest is in my heart
And bliss is in the air
As sanguine clouds have given way
To a new dawn so fair

Buds are blooming into flowers
And nature is burgeoning with joy
As the dead autumn has given way
To a new spring so joyous


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Summers Autumn

The last of summer’s scorching days wilt by
Watching bush fires mushroom languidly into jet streams
Whilst the vast coastal plain laments at apathetic clouds
Trees hang limply on lifeless limbs
Forcing leaves in search of their shade
Beaches scorch under sunburnt bodies
Through a quivering veil of vicious haze
That longs for a breeze to steal the greedy sweat
Dripping from finger to toe
A cool relief arrives, as kites take children to the skies
Heralding the imperceptible change
To a coast that’s had its roast
As autumn blankets the last summer weeks
Like a ghost lost in a fog
The seasons are passing each other by
As morning lawns reveal footprints through the night’s silky dew
As sheets are swapped for duvet’s
And hearth’s wail in search of warmth
Cool night air thieves under doors
Dogs and cats curl tighter in a ball
Suburbs bristle and await
A sun, that now sleeps through
Trees stand frightened as their leaves make a choice
Emeralds over gold or yellows to favour red as
Auburn litter eddies in awkward swirls
Above their frosty roots
Autumn now shows herself in all her grandeur
A frigid concert of muted colours
And musty soil beneath shortened days
Bracing for winter’s wrath in all her mighty fury
31 August 2014

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African Autumn

Finally its October
The harmattan is coming
I can perceive it
Now the African autumn has arrived
The harvest is drawn nigh

The next morn
You see the trees adorned
With blending hues of orange and brown,
A carpet of brown leaves you see
Lying on the dry, sunbaked earth
Ready to render their orchestral piece
As you tread on them 
And dance for joy to the rhythmical crackle
Of nature's music
The African autumn has arrived

On the 31st
October will stealthily leave us,
But presents he will leave us
Not under the old Christmas tree
But on the trees

Presents of differing sizes, tastes and colours
October has left us 
If only we are clever
To seek the best of these present
This is an African autumn.


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Magic Beans

These magic beans come from a place 
on the other side of the rainbow
Some are good some are bad 

Red of course it the power to make someone fall in love with you
Blue has the power to take all your sadness anyway
Black has the power to take fear away and make you brave 

These are not the kind you eat
You put it in a drink make a wish 
Wait for the sparkle and it may come true 
The rule book saids to be careful what you wish for 
The most special bean is the mystery favor 
What is does for you is always a secret

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Autumn Drive

Early morning,
too, too early.
Highway clear,
no other cars
on this long, black
ribbon into space.

Gas gage reaches
for empty
Nose pretends
to be a sieve,
no tissues in my purse.
Stress builds.

I top a rise, descend 
into a valley of color.
Fall’s brilliant hues
burst into my vision,
steal my breath.

Thank you, Father.
Tap me on the shoulder
any time you please.

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Autumn Splendor

Splendid colours and hues
Crispy ,colorful carpet of leaves
Laid for everyone to walk on
Dried leaves waiting 
To swirl and twirl in the autumn breeze
Misty mornings  and hazy evenings
Playing with the autumn Sun
Laughing ripened fruits
Waiting to be plucked
All this acting as ,harbinger of winter days

Name:Irfana Ali Bhat
Contest: Autumn Splendor
date: 8/31/2012

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O' Sandy

As we lay beneath the moons glare
A simple look will never prepare
It seems quite
It seems peaceful
Without the light nothing appears displaced
Only that sight is a lie, not really a sight
The suns arrival comes with the truth
Now we can see what needs to be seen
It disguises as if it was a dump
Yet, it never was the place of any garbage
A day ago it was a living society set with a stage
The performance came her name was sandy
The audience took her act to heart
She took lives
She took memories
She tore us all apart
A scary performance, always to be remembered 
Now to fix up, the damage that was widespread

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On through the ripples,
Through the shunts and the brushes,
The flickering chants,
The whispered gloom.
I walked, in a still coldness,
Watching in through the firm, glass panes
Of this pavement I made.
There stood three evil eyes
Perched high with a burning, solemn glare
Clad in black.

I stood with living numbness,
Drowned in the rain;
Exempt from their shelter
But Separate from their cave.

My walk was long,
Soon I saw the clouds part;
I gazed, perhaps glided into the blue depth.
The soulful reflection painted within the bay-shaped sapphire,
 Too long had I ignored myself… 
Depicting a girl, content in her smile
But mirrored by her counterpart.
I suddenly became aware
How rain and sun fall from the same sky.

The hush of the oak branches,
Passing through the park;
Reminded of the ease of empty summers;
Where my eyes couldn't reach the gate.

I turned a corner to the child’s trumpet,
Hollow with smiles
The off and empty notes
Passed right through me.
Was she, blissfully lost to her tune,
Or lost in the dissection of each note?
Lost in the mimicking of each line?
Lost, so that in the process, the bigger meaning faded.

This world holds its breath
In a struggle.
I step alone,
Across stone and soft earth,
Between kindled mirth:
In this summer losing its youth.
This day, this deep
Meander of thought,
Where I looked at the world to find myself.

Then I was laughing at my difference.

 Here is the number to my door,
To The World beyond. 

For Fragment competition
2nd September 2013

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Autumn Suprise

I am so intrigued with my minds wandering
The deposits of endurance only keep me awake
The criminal element of my soul is yearning 
Have I dreamed this adventure?
The killing fields littered with bodies 
Too much blood to digest, the animals circling, lust in their eyes
My sense of right and wrong altered
In another state of mind
Go to the tower recognize your width
The eve of tomorrow is here not in the distant future
You are the one element of nature to reclaim your right
Murder is a word only in your competitive nature
Gain the advantage crush the only thing that keeps you alive 
The fall winds are shifting, the moon is so full
It's as if you can't come back It's deep in your soul
Breathe, breathe take everything you can
Your life is about to transcend 

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Autumn Night

The forest is filled with dancers,
Spinning through the air.
Twirling to their own tune,
Switching partners in seconds.

The light of the moon shines,
Brightening the forest clearing.
The dancers weave through the air,
Dancing without a care.

The girls are dressed in gold,
The boys in red and orange.
The band plays for everyone,
Keeping the dancers in time.

I watch from the outside,
The song dancing through me.
It fills me with sweet longing,
Wishing I could join in the dance.

Bright colors flash as they twirl,
Stopping when they touch the ground.
For now I'll stand in the shadows,
Watching the Autumn Fairies dance.

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A Seer's Omen

Like the lost sounds of evening bells 
The voices of children pealing 
The last lie of innocence in papyrus away; 
Not the baubled brook in joy; 
The rinsing screams soliciting crude customs back, 
Spreading phonetic fingers of laughter for aid; 
Our tone dead heart hears nothing 
But self-cloying honey, leached and leaking 
From comb-cells flaccid to the bone. 
These times have lost more than silver steeples or steel 
Bright hope aspiring to the sun; 
We poor Daedalus by sight driven lust 
Watch in writhing disgust autumn unwinging us 
Shearing golden trees of leaves against the brawny breeze; 
What architect built the broken oak? 
Our Icarus from heaven is shaken. Trust 
Falling - all proven traditions past! 
The lives of children in an hour glass 
Tell, myths were better than this Midas dream

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Seasons of lingering memories

An Autumn leaf
in a puddle,


Snowflakes drifting

It's February,
Spring is whispering.

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Seven Lines

I have Just SEVEN lines to say what I need to say

as SIX comes quickly falling with Autumn leaves

FIVE does follow as white clouds tumble free 

as FOUR falls gently I finally find the grace I need

to confess the THREE words that lay heavy upon my sleeve 

to find a place where TWO souls drift in song and solemn praise 

as ONE in dulcet murmurs,  to say the words "I love Thee"


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I planted this garden to enjoy.
Photosynthesis comes from the sun.
The white orchids set to the east.
The daffodils are astray.
The roses are a spread on a rack.
The tulips and morning glory are in a flowerbed.
I am relishing nature this year.

I planted these gardens to enjoy.
I sit in my cupola thinking about, therapeutically writing poetry, and reading aloud.
Behind this belvedere are a plot of mustard greens, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers.
The radiant energy celestially augments the vegetation.
The foliage is an architectural beautification.

These gardens were planted to enjoy.
No qualms I have, thus far.
I am truly adorned.
Penned on May 02, 2014!
What's in your GARDEN? Contest

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The Daydream

To lie in grass while warm breeze blows

Just aware of a sunlit sky

Slumber lightly, slowly, slightly

A half dream serenades the mind

To lie at peace, weightless and warm

Barely know the clear blue sky

Senses dim, then fade then gone

To wake anew, refreshed, reborn

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Sent Back

The autumn moon shines, as the sky fades to black.
The wind crisp and cool is blowing at my back.
Theres one star shining.
I make a wish upon it.
I breathe the cool breeze and for a moment I am sent back.

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The Baltic winter breeze
Is only 1 season in 4
3 months from
When the cold will thaw
Bathing in a summer sun
Under the Autumn leaves
And Spring flowering trees

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Cold fire

In evening - fire, in morning - ice.
One hand gives hope me, another - knife.
You gave time-credit and risk your neck.
Emotions jumping and makes me mad.

Last Autumn morning you broke my heart.
Don^t think i see you as joker card.
You - challenge, border - i might regret.
But one for sure - will not forget..

The inspiration, joy, attention.
Your pations toward my expressions.
The same time keep me far on distance.
Without you my heart is breathless.

You might be worry, what i want.
Very easy open thoughts:
Expectations are clear and true -
Become little bit worthy of you.

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Desparete for a Smile

7-27-2012	Desperate for a Smile
		More than often I wake up out of a sleep,my world never changes
		Or so I thought until I walked into a dream with a flower,
		At first sight I could feel the freedom of the seeds sprouting,
		The coming of the new age, the leaving behind of yesterday, 
		It was then I knew I could not leave,I had to stay,
		Everyday I watch you -flower, grow tall after spring showers,
		With each midnight moon,the sky's changed it's direction, 
		Bringing chemical changes to the setting sun's power,
		I may have been wrong to have chosen to remain external,
		Because it was then that I missed a smile,it seemed final,
		In my deepest dreams I felt the flowers turn to seeds,
		I watch as bright colors fade,the moon kept you stalling,
		I heard the call of the wild from Autumn sky's pulling time,
		Someone awoke me as I watered my slumbering friend to the end,
		Feeling the footprints erode into lightness,I felt myself smile.

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The Same Boat We Rented Before

Down from the statue
and into the water
they will come for you

Out from the safety and into the womb
they will comfort you

The scanning of retinas stops now
though it’s not like I got complaints
It’s just the landlords of autumn have disclosed a lot
and they have tainted the sacred grace

For climax
add some fabric calamity and you got yourself a being
To detract anyone 
add to the archetype of slings and arrows 
only then will you be “seeing”

Rocks fall
humans crawl
Primordial urges
power surges

Planets shift
but trends stick
Drip dry those subliminal thoughts
they’re projecting more then you think

Sort me out
Anyone could sort me out
we’re all the same

The scanning of retinas
will never stop
The energy rattles the earth off it’s hinges
and the dirt from the grave 
But I promise you it will never stop
until none of us are the same

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September's Child Part one

Born in Autumn, a buffer season
Not Summer with days of sun
Fields of green with life abounding
And sparkling clear springs.
Not Winter with her majestic wonderland
Of brisk cold winds which kiss the skin
Of gentle snowflakes that fall to earth
Of a blanket of snow that sheets the earth
A covering that allows all to sleep for its rebirth.
Not Spring the beginning of life anew
When snowy fields give way to green grass kissed by Morning's dew
Of promises of love, the inner mating call
Spring a season of life, the most beautiful of all.

Born in Autumn
Things die, They give way
To winds that blow decaying leaves
From once beautiful green trees
Autumn poor Autumn how it yearns to live
A season of brilliant colors
Colors that are false for they hide
The fact what Autumn colors dies.
A season where not sure
Too cold to go bare arm
Too warm to wear a coat
So sweaters were made
Not too cold, not too hot are these days.

Spring a season of love
Summer a season of fun
Winter a season of rest
But Autumn a season of labor
You must reap the harvest
You must prepare for Winter.

I fell in love with a girl of Spring
A joyful, lovely, spirited thing
Her eyes were wild
Upon her face there was a suspicious smile
She was every thing a man could want
Carefree, laughter, emotions of Joy
O' my heart did she toy
Bountiful, free yes was she
This little girl of Spring.

I am a child of September
Born in the month that begat Autumn
Withdrawn, quiet, working hard
I have a strong desire to change the world
Just as Autumn does
It breaks down Summer, forces him to yield
To give birth to Winter
That is what Autumn does
And for all it's glory-for all it's change
Winter blankets him with her snow
So the change of Autumn goes unknown
So is the life of me
Only changing the scenery temporarily.

The other seasons understand
They have their place in time
They yield their beauty grand
But Autumn yearns for it all
He wants to fight
He waves his colors boastfully
He shines with colors bright
And Winter, she only laughs
And blankets him with her snow.

I fight for beliefs I hold dear
But yet I yield them to Time.
For Time rules all the seasons supreme
Time is the Father of all things
Time tells us we must only love
Those in which seasons we can share
Autumn could have Winter which he proceeds
But Summer has Spring which he succeeds
Autumn to Winter, Summer to Spring
That is how Time made it.

       (continued September's Child Part two)

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Point Blank

I never leave my point blank
Point Blank!
At the point of a saber
Now we are at the point of danger
The point shatters
Friends stab me in the back with daggers and i stagger
Grab her,Nah! but I'll take a stab at it
Aw! I never set hearts on fire or dash hopes at all
I aspire to inspire you
Now desire is a furnace
burning inside a word of encouragement
So i pour on your heart soft pure words
Uplifting impressions that just may last forever
Or at least brighten your outlook on life
And rare is a one who can make your day better
No! I don't consider to compare myself  
to the choisest comparisons available
You know Stallions fight for the power
Men are no different
expect their words to be slippery as a serpents
Detect lip service 
as they profess their minds to be a place of higher learning
I crash and burn then
I don't attempt to reach the highest level of stupidity
Echos of Justice descend into frescoes of the Liberty bell 
Fractured as it is now
Snap^ Ice bergs rise up as you fall off the Ice shelf
Glaciers crack_-tons of ice grind into sluishes of Beautiful Love stories 
Harmony sings happiness restored
Thoughts shared in the stillness
We can hear each other
Zero seconds to a Sonic boom!
O days left
It's Autumn and the leaves fall now
Flowers fade and overhead 
shooting stars give their last light of Glory
And now new stars are born
to carry on, to die for a wish, to create hope
A voice coil expands
A tiger pounces on a lion
Two young cubs involved in a power struggle
I fall into Indian paintbrushes
I hear the petals crush doubts 
No doubt about it

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Once love was strong and shiny new in spring. Then blazing passion shadowed summer's sun. And dreams were verdant veils that covered all with flames that dwindled slowly into fall. Then autumn brought a contrast to the love. Now bitter icy blizzards douse love's spark. From day of cheerful warmth so chilling frost. And leave to hearts that ache for spring's love lost.

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kissing for fires

the evergreen has started to darken as our lips meet beauty overcomes us while we watch the flames devour the forests yet nothing burns, only the passion i feel for you fires end has come once more i see her eyes, all else is collected of their beauty we cannot compare to her eyes while the flame dies this stranger stares at me smiling she says "i am autumn come with me, we are meant to be" the evergreen starts to darken as our lips meet while we are devoured by the flames none can compare to her beauty
Contest Falling in Love in the Fall Ethan Plummer

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Silhouettes of Trees

Pink sky dark
trees rising three silhouetting against sky  pink 

three trees rising
paper cut-outs 
black paper cut-outs on
pink pages

wood fence running 
darker down to 

breathing all in breathing 
in smoky 
air breathing self 
into air

tree silhouettes breathing 


cat gliding 

ner darker 
like breath along 

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The Old Photograph

I used to love the sound of falling leaves
And to stare at the sky that hides in the dusk
And to feel the autumn breeze that touches me
It brings back the memories of the past

Those are the moments that I had to cherish
Memories that I could still recall
From the old photograph of us
It seems that was only yesterday

This Old photograph was old as a century
But still, it brings back the tears and smile
From another place and time
Beautiful moments that grew inside my heart

It reminded me of the days when you were mine
From the first time that you held my hands
From the moment you are closer to mine.
A way that always left me here with a smile

The world will turn and the seasons will change
But still, this old photograph collects special memories
I want those sweet days back again
About the times we spent along on it.

~~Time will passed by but the memories of photographs are always stay in our hearts.

Written By : Cheryl Aldea

Picture Frame~ moment - Contest
Sponsored By : Sidney Leeann

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Come, let us walk this broken street, you and I; 
Explore the infamy we share before we die. 
After all, will death not seize man's birthright 
When this day gives way to night? 

Signposts all along the way, today, 
Creaking in the autumn wind as they sway 
And swing their monolithic rhapsody - 
No time to gently die with dignity; 
Our tongues so rough and dry 
Must see the wasted remnants 
Of the world, before we die. 

You ask me why? 
Observations made though flawed as art, 
Is all we have as we depart. 
Our eyes observe for those whose 
Eyes have long been pearls 
Within the locusts' den 
Where fog and dust now swirls. 

I hear no sound of water's drip - 
All is rock and pebbled sod. 
No sound of wind-whipped sail 
On seabound ship, 
Nor voices raised in praise of God. 

All be still at His last will! 

Come, let us turn this corner to the past, 
For there is where we find 
All unexpected treasure mined 
Will never last; 
Our blood can boil 
In passion's heat, 
But cools and turns to dust 
- complete - 

After all, will death not seize man's birthright 
When this day gives way to night? 

Where are the jewels once sparkling in the sun 
And woven through her black and braided hair? 
The pyramids stand idle, each and every one, 
Above the bones that wither there. 
Was not their time as equal then 
As ours is equal now? 

And who should steal the sacredness 
Within the sacred cow? 
Those who follow desert prophets proud, 
Or those without perception 
Shouting loudest from the crowd? 

Hear the purloined jester chuckle from the grave. 
His light and airy voice spoke truth 
About the grayness of the cave - 
Plato's shadows tell the tale, 
How reasoned men will surely fail. 

After all, will death not seize man's birthright 
When this day gives way to night? 

Come, and you will see the mystery 
That none have seen before - 
The glory of society 
Before the tyranny of war. 

Nothing stays unique 
Beneath this vast expanse of sky - 
Lest brightness buries bleak 
Which is unique, 
As you and I pass by. 

Come, if you will, 
Notice all these brittle leaves 
Upon the broken street, 
So still, 
As autumn breezes cease - complete. 

After all, did death not seize man's birthright 
As this day gave way to night? 

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Four Seasons

We held our souls together
Enjoyed the colorful spring bliss
The hands, that once held yours
Are held again this time
This time to pray; "be mine"

We saw the world together
Felt those warm summer haze
The eyes, that once gazed yours
Are soaked again this time
This time to plead, "be mine"

We walked the roads together
Caught those falling autumn leaves
The feet, that once led with mine
Stride away this time
And leave me asking, "why?"

We loved ourselves together
Beat the chilly winter blaze
The lips that once touched mine
Are touched again this time
This time to say goodbye...

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Enigmatic Lane

Enigmatic Lane

This enigmatic lane-
I’ve walked long.
And now I see
Only barren lands,
A mere setting sun,
And a vague horizon.

I turn to look back
Along this enigmatic lane.
And then I see
Those umpteen vicissitudes,
Those sudden meanders,
Those familiar turns,
Those abrupt detours.

Down this enigmatic lane,
There have been
Many a rich meadows,
Many a bleak wastelands,
Millions of pompous marches,
Millions of disconcerting dirges,
Several comforts of love,
Several cruelties of reclusion.

Along this enigmatic lane
I may no longer tread, for-
As I now halt, I ponder-
Perpetuation has always been
The ruse of fleeting phases,
And what worth has it been
To walk this enigmatic lane.

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a sweet september, flowing tenderly over my wounds,
adorns my soul with golden scintillations
of silence accepted as a token of good-bye…
the necklace made from devil’s fangs
now lays unworn in some corner of my heart,
still throwing from time to time upon my nights
the shadow of a once beloved grin…
make no mistake though, reader…
i am not a believer now…
i’m just waiting on the autumn equinox’s cross
for my resurrection…

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So much do I desire of that which I may never have

So much, do I desire -
of that which I may never have
 Upon the retina of my minds eye –
 burned deep, are the images of your face.
 Upon my synoptic, lies the essence of you –
 burned into the psyche of this man.
 upon the empty hours of my days, my nights,
 my soul cries out, reaches out to touch you.
My spirit cries out with a desire to fly with you,
 my heart cries out with my love for you, 
my eyes cry out, they bleed for the sight of you,
  my being cries out with a gift of love for you, 
cries out with pain, knowing that my love, 
my desire, my passion, my hopes for you, 
all lie in burning flames, of a funeral pyre –
 of fallen dreams, of dashed hopes, 
of my unfulfilled reveries.
    My dreams, hopes, desires, reveries, are but ashes, all are destroyed by the  indifferent winds of times passed, of experiences lost, of memories never born, of all that haunts you – created the fear .
     I fear that my dream will never see the light of day ( reality ) nor dance among the stars, the beams of light from a full moon, may never mazurka to the tunes of love, as one or even together .
 I want to tear down your stone walls, lift your veil.
 I want to sweep away all the debris, then your face.
 I would love to kiss the beauty I see in your soul, 
in your spirit, I know resides within your intellect.
 I want to know your inner and outer beauty,
 passed your heart buried – 
behind those cold, hard steel doors, in the walls erected
 to keep me at bay, to keep me away, to keep me from 
( from my dream, all I desire ) touching you.
 I would love to kiss the lady, the artist, my dream,
 the free spirit, I know resides, within you.
 I would love to walk – forever – hand in hand, 
arm in arm, with all of that, which makes up
 the beautiful woman, person I see.
 I would love to kiss away the past, your pain.
 Kiss life into – what I feel – is your stagnant passion.
 I desire, so much, to kiss your gorgeous mouth,
 your sweet lips, your pulchritudinous smile.
 Kiss fire into those Autumn green eyes of yours
 And into every molecule, every atom, 
every strand of DNA that has gone into creating
 the woman, the beauty, the Moneca!!!

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the dog in the neighbor's yard
trots his little path between the two fences
over and over....back and forth
the grass is threadbare when he runs
spends a moment hawkishly staring out one fence
at the world going by
angry barking at a cloud
then trot to the other fence to see what has
transpired there
a rain begins
he trots back and forth
leaves begin to fall
he trots back and forth
the wind gets chill
he trots back and forth
isn't my life such
sitting here at my fence
looking out at all of you
trotting back and forth looking out your own fences
trotting back and forth
in our own little universes

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I lay here, half awake
seeing shadows of trees
leaves swaying
In the faint Autumn breeze
making patterns on my bedroom wall
now still
now moving as cars rush by
their headlights 
splashing a golden glow
into the darkness
keeping me awake
so that I see shadows of trees 
making patterns on my bedroom wall


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                Melody of autumn not too loud:
                the leaves rustle on the ground.
                Indian summer arrayed all nature
                in  the  beautiful colored treasure .
                Wind is playing with leaves in gold,
                the silver rain is singing with cold.
                Melody of autumn not too loud,
                the leaves rustle on the ground.

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I dream of a world
Where all the four seasons mingled in harmony:
The summer sun casts its fire upon us
In which its warm and glow shone with hope in our hearts
Pushes us to the limit
And entangled us with its passionate ember

The winter breeze casts its spell upon us
Blowing the cold air like prancing fairies
Reaching up to the mountain alps
Climbing with ease, trotting the icy pathway
Sacrificed by love, the wind moves on and on

The autumn leaves fall in agony
Sob in its very own tears
Chained with painful memories
Its spirit flew away
Its life trap in perpetual misery

The colorful spring came along
With music and parade behind its tail
The flowers sing the song of harmony
The river flows away the misery
The calm wind blows with nature's love
The sun shines down hope into our hearts

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Autumn's Dream

Cider warm...a hint of cinnamon
Sound of the leaves as they began falling.
Wind whistles 'Tis songs of the season
Grab a blanket -  Autumn is calling.

Corn, pumpkins roast by the warm fire
Very alluring.. Oh, how the fire gleams.
Celebrate with me- Holidays is the reason
Grab a blanket - to my Autumn's Dream. 

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She is fire
Raging red and hot through all that surrounds her.
She entices you, drawing you in,
Like a moth to her flame,
Just to singe your wings.
She does not discriminate,
Nobody is safe from her unyielding heat.
She promises warmth and light as the sun,
Shining while the world turns her way,
But leaves you blistered and scared by her burns.
As she departs,
She leaves behind no life,
Only smoking remains of once brightly spirited optimism,
Trampled by the ash-covered footprints of her insatiable rampage.

She is air
Crisp and clean and tasting of the seasons.
She dances and twirls with the leaves across the autumn ground.
She bites and nips with gusts of icy wind in winter's bitter cold.
She tickles newborn spring grass and smells of April rain.
She breezes through summer's trees and refreshes your soul.
Elusive and invisible, she is what the body craves the most.
She may howl and whip through the storms she must weather,
Screeching and terrifying you in the wake of her tornado,
But after is passes, and she calms,
The stillness of her breath
Is her silent apology.

She is water
Serene and tranquil on the surface
But treacherous beneath.
Her secrets are ocean deep,
But her selfhood is a puddle, 
Shallow and deceitful.
She lacks loyalty,
Living life as ever-changing as a river.
If she could, she'd drown herself in the nectar of the damned.
You may try to love her,
But she'll run like a stream.
You may try to hold her,
But she'll slip through your fingers.
And when she erodes you until you can no longer save her,
She'll blame the coldness of your heart
As the reason she's hardened as ice.

She is earth
Wiser than any living creature, 
And more beautiful.
She is the mother of existence,
Giving you the knowledge of time.
She's more majestic than her mountains,
More honest than her deserts,
And more pure than her forests.
She defines home,
Providing shelter, open arms and impartial ears
For all who take a moment to use them.
But you disrespect and mistreat her.
She offers you the truest of riches
And you repay her with pollution.
Her frustration is bottled and swells until she can no longer contain it.
She shakes with fury
And quakes her terrain until it splits,
Overflows her volcanoes,
And slides rocks down her hills and glaciers.
But when she sees the sorrow in your eyes, she stops.
She understands you are flawed
And never meant her any harm.
She nestles you into a peaceful place
And feeds your weary body fruit from her flesh
And love from her core.

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Come Take A Walk

Come take a walk down by the sea
Feet wet in the sand.
Let the breath o f nature feel your lungs
With the scent of salty air
Here troubles seem so miniscule
Your problems wash away
As the waves pass through your feet and toes
Baptizing blues away

Come take a walk on mountain top
Soak in the rays of sun
Wind blowing through your face and hair
You feel the hand of God
Walk in love with the autumn breeze
Not a problem or a care
As the beauty of the earth so rare
Takes away your cares

Come take a walk with me my love
In grassy fields of green
Your hand in mine time passes by
Together we will fly
The smell of blossoms feels our soul
Forever we will be
In love in life forever more
Together you and me

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~Masochist Mind~

Expunged upon each breath,
freezing accusations
sealed your lips,
and like a snare, retribution
closed its choking grip.

I had seen the flush of blush
upon each cheek,
when casual touch
lingered just a little too much,
for what is flirtation
but prelude to conquest,
with me a discarded after-thought.

Excuses like autumn leaves,
twisted in my maelstrom,
they were nothing
but a future medium
for growing better lies,

and I gather shining images,
spliced together with fantasy,
projecting this movie
onto the blankness of my fears.

Coincidence brings coffee to a table,
over-sweetened with honey words
and schoolgirl-like smiles,

this innocent rendezvous
that taints my blue sky,
is nothing but a grey cloud
of twisted imagination,

and self-flagellation.

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Tell Me A Tale

Tell me a tell of summers' past. 
Of Sunsets and seashells lying in our path.

Tell me a tale of Autumn leaves, crunching beneath our feet.
Of cold crisp air that kisses our cheeks.
Of Autumn's pallet that stains mountain peaks.

Tell me a tale of dark skies contrasting the white snowfall.
Of red cheeks and noses. 
Of sleigh rides and mistletoe. 
Of Singing Christmas carols.

Tell me a tale of melting snow.
Of flowers blooming and birds chirping.
Of the sun peeking up at the big blue sky.
Of little ducks swimming with their mothers in ponds nearby.

Tell me a tale of seasons.
Of all the wonderful things to know.
Of life's simplicities.
And all the stories you know.

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Autumn Colors

The autumn leaves come twirling down from the trees
With beautiful shades of gold and amber dancing in the sky
They are so majestic and graceful like a ballerina
A great noise to hear is the crisp leaves crunching under my feet

By: Sabrina Robillard
Contest: Autumn, Fall Colors

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In A State of Amnesia Falling Into Fantasia

Your love, like amnesia it made me forget all the dark forces against me they tortured me relentless then you put me into amnesia from the problems, hope came in the foresight of your prowess and the light emanating from your face what seems calm on the surface is often roaring within screaming, hair crazy like I'm the demon's descendant only strong feelings can push out the weak and those skeletons surface, hurt us and repeat so no ones around and I learn to hate me and no Love to be found because it gave me a profound amnesia. waking prematurely every other time I sleep seeking sanctuary why cant I be at peace? fill up a void come into my world exposed to be touched pay no mind I'm at home when the pain seems too much shut it off like a light now i'm all into peace a presence around me a love like amnesia I'm falling into fantasia calm as can be worries drift away forget how hurt I am for one meaningful day no I'm not the devil but I know who he is he once came to visit and make my soul his as a dark ball inside me consumes me at times i keep inching forward toward the many facets of mind knowing not showing much at all down in the sunrise revived by the fall a natural course of a star entering destruction like lotus flowers in bloom under a fog covered moon in the cold autumn wind healing old scars within practice the old magik into a new growing skill will it be enough the day which stands still worth fighting for.

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Carpe Diem

on tree limbs jutting out over rivers sleepy gators bask, absorbing summer’s heat in fall, the sluggish reptiles do the same temperatures exceed 100 in the Sunshine State till November brings a brief reprieve water lilies, oleanders, daisies boast vibrant blooms until the first freeze perhaps December maybe January some years not at all as snowbirds fill beaches in fall locals return from summer homes up north when warm colors paint leaves Florida’s dogwoods and Bradford Pear trees are decked in crimson Water Oaks sport amber coats wild boar and deer enjoy the reprieve romping through subtropical forests in the welcome chill of autumn as hikers take to nature trails “Indian Summer” some call it when refreshing breezes ruffle foliage with only several weeks of autumn we’re blessed Carpe diem, seize these moments(/center> *Written August 31, 2014

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The riddle of a mockingbird
skreeks against the sky --
the sparks of an autumn sunset
glow orange, then red, and die.

A train eats up the distance
between infinity and here.
But all I see is nightfall,
and loneliness all I fear.

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Trees lose their parched lips--
shriveled, cracked and bleeding.
Leaving behind gentle kisses on frozen ground.
Rich hues of autumn 
but I'm left me color blind.
On this pitch dark afternoon,
I feel my way across a dying city,
climb into bed, and sleep.

I dream of sunlight. 

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Hold Me In The Cold Night

Hold me in the cold night
Hold me through the cold night
When hope’s light pales
And courage might fail
Hold me darling light
Take me through the cold night
Make me see the morning light
If fear overcomes
And evil drums
Hold me darling light
Bring me peace of mind
Tell me how the king’s dine
Hold me in the cold night
Hold me through the cold night
When autumn is gone
And winter is born
Hold me darling light
Calm my restless heart with your soft lush tender caring eyes
Hold me in the cold night
Hold me through the cold night

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Bend Over Me

Bend over me, autumn willow,
wrapping me in solitude's soft shawl;
listening to the breezes' sighing saunter,
swirling close-stitched leaves,
a gentle singing up and down your golden cords;
saturate my soul, ripened sweetness,
with harvest's dusky, mellow fruit.
Cradle me, womb of silence,
until the angry, bitter world ceases speech.

August 8,2014

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Entangled In Grief-Stricken Questions

Soon the autumn will come And the winter too. As I lay counting my days - I wonder, will this autumn be my last season? Yet I long for winter and spring too, Will my dying day be happy as I am now? Yet I long for sunshine and moonshine too. Will I be able to face my death? Yet I long for more years and immortality too. Will my soul reincarnate after I go? Yet I wish but hate this life too. Will I be paid for my deeds in eternity? Yet I don't believe in superstitions. Will I be welcomed in heaven? Though nobody has seen heaven and hell. These questions are mysteries And I'm entangled in grief Searching for the answers !!

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Seasons Change

The autumn winds begin to blow
I pause to take it in
The trees arrayed in colors new
The change it now begins

The winter season soon will come
Our summer ran away
I know the leaves will soon be gone
The message now conveyed

Why do the seasons change renew
Sweet memories… long ago?
Of simple times and good ole friends
And of a love I lost

I close my eyes and face the wind 
My thoughts they now run free
I quickly find myself with you
My dearest love it's me!

Today I’ll choose to ride the wind
Again I’m there with you
We’ll dance and sing and laugh out loud
Beneath the sky so blue

© Jon Arno

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I'm Calling You by Name

In a while,
in a second
and rain is pouring down.
One expectation like an Alpine horn
and you hardly,
are alive.
With your little hollows you're listening
to the Labyrinth.
And I have no knowledge.
And I have no map.
But the long movement of moss on the skin
of obelisks.
The calm waters are unleashing into me
and the chestnuts are putting white candles on
(and the autumn is a palm).
Wings, raising
upwards and

I'm calling you by name.

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A Divine Autumn Day

How glad my soul's eyes were, to see
such a beautiful sight! It was as though a piece of heaven
was brought down on Earth by an Invisible Hand. The red and yellow leaves
reflecting on a pond;
the pond as clear as a giant crystal;
and the air calm, with only serene silence,
a feeling of divinity got hold of me!

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In a brief moment, I held the time so tight in my hand,
My children hood, the blues, solitude, and morning lights. 
Remembered in time, when didn't existed in remembrance.
Rest in a field, looked above the sky as a white canvas,
Become to draw with my eyes, the destiny in a deep sky.
Full colors of spring, soon will turn so pale in autumn 
Petals of roses falling on the ground, living the perfume,
Retained into a glass bottle, hand who was kept the time.

Breathe in and keep in a fresh air inside of an old lung.
From the memories, pick up the blackberries on the road.
Brightness morning sun; is a gift to the eyes for moments. 
Lives; supported by columns, crossing bridge of the time.  
Why do expect love, from the distant harbors? No more!
Just a warm breeze is feeding ours thoughts from the east.
Golden lights, & glows moments, were in time full of life

Should I be a nave of the time, to follow the sun?
Sweet evening memories, never will say goodbye.
Soul was wearing in moments, save those eyes so bright.
Invisible was the time, and doesn't feel the sun set goes on.
Precise flights route over high clouds crossing tropics,
Where dream has no border, is following the hills of east.

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Song of Autumn

A cooling autumn breeze
laden with the perfume of fallen leaves
and forest earth;
an earth of crumbly black
that guards dame nature's hidden scheme.

Tiny squirrels scamper
thither and fro
while below
the forest villain slowly plods
he wears his winter sleeping robe of cinnamon hue.

This is a time when gross delusion falls in sleep
anesthetized by autumn's chastening air
for there are few who really hear
this season's lyric song of quarter tones.

And like the wild berry bush that never cares
if anyone should taste its sumptuous fruit
or if it goes to seed
it is there for the patient and the unafraid.

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What Happened to the Dreamers?

What happens to our dreams?
They seem to discolor;
they shrivel
and fall wistfully into distant memory
like so many autumn leaves.
They seem to slip from grasp
and shatter painfully
as they hit the floor
like so many glasses before it.

When we grow,
our hearts become lost in the inferno.
They fry, dry out, turn crispy.
They become easily cracked, fragile.
They become useless, sterilized.

I watch my first hour teacher
as she preaches generalizations
of relationships we don't want.
She gives examples from her own life.
I watch and I see nothing.
She is dead from the inside out.
Her humanity is locked in dormancy.
She is a hollow shell with a voice box.
Sometimes I think
she should take a queue from Hemingway;
paint the walls with the back of her skull
and fragments of led-fused brain tissue.

When the dreams go,
so goes the heart,
so goes the soul,
so goes self-will,
so goes humanity.

Pry into the mind of a child.
Look around, soak it in.
See what we've all been missing.

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“You need a face lift.” Said the surgeon, his voice planned soft. He can’t be wrong as he is proficient He’s well counted, for he is efficient. “Get rid the jowl, your skin saggy; Cut out the wrinkles, will look pretty, Can offer you a full or mini Will add value to your money. Go brilliant, graze pastures new, Get assured with youth renewed …… ….. ….. ….. ….. …. …. …” True, but. Falling leaves of withering autumn weather Flakes of frozen dreams in snowing winter Blooming herbs as if budding hopes ever Kept lullabies for the infants born never On your blackened lips a doting kiss that falter Like a due trembles on the petal tender, In the bedroom tinted with frosted despair Half lit pub room where bass notes thunder Fumes of crack to which vanity surrender Torn off pages of existence lost for ever, Oh dear! Tell me, Where will I find my face, my face, to perform The lift?

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Going home after work

From the driver's seat I watch 
the autumn coloured Schwarzwaldlandscape
glide past.

Suddenly I understand the
never imagined, hidden beauty
of red, yellow and black

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An Autumn Night to Remember

Do you remember the night that we were cuddling
in the autumn moonlight? It was the most romantic night
that I had ever had. Your beautiful eyes reflected the starry sky
so clearly, that the next thing that I knew was that my lips were touching
your lips. You looked so divine and sensual, like Aphrodite......

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Morning quietly stands 
On the silver sill,
Black heels puncturing the view,
A faceless, coiffed character
Turning its dim limbs
Into deliberatly chosen landscapes,
Eyes unraveled into the puddle
Of dripping crimson down the edges.
Her in bloom has never been riper
Under the weight of the light air
Smelling of fruity sweat
And sweet commotion behind the skin.
Close the window open
And let me crawl inside her.

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Ripple in the afternoon

A ripple in the afternoon
so free like letting of an balloon

Chants from the birds as we walk away
The smile on your face completes this beautiful day

Twilight approaches and the breeze is absolutely magical
Careless and free, completely natural

Your hair blends with the starlight 
Dancing into the autumn night~

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From A Cafe Table

In this hour 
they called it the French lace minutes 
the sound of autumn leaves falling 
unbearable to the ear 
I slip out in the 
echoing space 
between now 
and then 
it's an insect like feeling 
that buzzes around 
too fast 
to be recognized 

then a coat slides to the ground 
heels are clapping hands with wooden floor 
ashtrays are laid to rest 

and on a bus ticket my pen is scribbling 
you are here 
you are here 
you are here

© Gry W Christensen

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Storm in my Head

Storm in my Head

Looking out the window is a waste of time,
for I can feel the wind blowing right against my mind.
But why can’t you feel the wind on your cheek?
Because my mind is lost, and my will is weak.
It’s a beautiful day and the autumn leaves fall, 
but it doesn’t really matter, because it’s storming in my skull.
And why is it that you’re afraid of the weather?
Because inside my head, it’s never getting better.
But what if the rain decides to never stop pouring?
Then the rest of my life will be unhappy and boring.
What if the wind decides to never stop blowing?
Then my mind will continue to keep itself from growing.
But the storm won’t stop, and now it’s raging!
And I’m fading, and the ground is dry, and I can’t understand why.
My God, what’s happening to me?
I can’t hear my thoughts, and I can’t feel myself,
but I can still taste the blood in my mouth, 
and that reminds me, I’m still just human.

Thanks for reading. The weather represents my state of mind at the time I wrote this, and the bad weather relates to depression if you haven't figured it out. Thanks again for reading.

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He Never Shook My Hand - Part 2

I stepped out into the autumn rain,
Took a deep breath,
Pulled my coat around my ears,
And started on my way home.

The street was full of people,
Hurrying about,
Trying to get home,
I made my way through the crowd.

I decided that what happened at the bar,
Was nothing,
A waking dream,
In an instant I felt a hand brush against mine.

Her warm hands around my throat, Small, yet oh so strong, My arms trapped within my coat, I wheeze my final song.
I turn to find the stranger’s face, But she’d already gone, Vanished into the ether, Still looking, I was jolted forward.
BANG! I stare, It looks back, Into my soul, The iron eye blinks again.
I could still feel the pain, “Sorry.” Came a voice, From where I don’t know, Cautiously I stepped into the gutter. Water seeped into my shoes, But here was safe, My path clear, Away from the horrors on the pavement.

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God's Autumn Stage

The park, an autumn paradise,
Like a vision of loveliness, 
Autumn leaves scattered at random,
Pedestrians walking to and fro,
The park bench a statue of comfort,
Tall trees embracing the sky,
The traditional maple trees,
 Faded colours of the rainbow,
The sunlight shinning through the clouds,
God's landscape a delightful pleasure to view,
A blessing perceived and appreciated,
God's plan for humanity,like a fresh breeze,
Forever welcome and kind.

Author: Gwen von Erlach

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The Darkest Place

The fall comes early to frost covered souls
bound in damp, worn wool blankets
barefoot wanderings
over cold birch branches, sticks,
crack covered ground

thorns, thistles, briars
scratch, pierce the skin
tug at the coverings
lay bare
the naked heart

to face the hollow cold
without purpose
only a ceaseless longing

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Opposites presented …
One in talons of  Eagle
One on wings of  Dove
Equally beautiful, equally loved

A torrent from a fierce black cloud
The yang of the yin
Frothing fierce powerful waves in a storm
Beating chests of seaweed rocks
Claiming it in its bosom
Then furling it afar
Into unknown oceans where 
Neptune roars his roar on end
Boasting strength, logic illogic

Then light as a feather
Giggling waves on shimmering beaches
Rosy sausages examining crabs and bubbles
Laughing at blue-bottles and busy antics of ants
In crevices of creaky floorboards
While the autumn sun sets
Diamond dew-drops on clover leaves
Exclaiming at rushing workers and hairy worms
So the morning says Hello

A juicy apricot indigo tinged
Kissing at library entrances
Crumbly beneath its hard exterior
Where beetles have dug a hundred paths
Staring defiantly at an orange star
Scorning its scorching, gracefully factual
Proclaiming the largeness of Life so she thinks

Earth child reaching for unreachable Mercury 
Spirit child, water bound, earth located
From an awakening Eye
One imaged from the bowels of struggle 
When behind jail bars I sat counting toes
One imaged from the speckled gown of J-briel
As Saturn said goodbye

Sirius screamed from hell and wreaking pain
Wrought from rages and conscious sages unknown
Born in blood without its blue
Rolling eyes from a womb of turmoil and terror
Dripping the darkness of strife with hidden crystals
Contemplating hypocrisy, deceipt, treachery
Torn apart by churning guts 
While the medics oogled around
Then searching, searching, searching

Moon and Sun crossed one another
Not knowing which way but loose
Streams of rivers flowing downwards, then upwards
Sideways then byways in villages and towns of paintings
A gecko appeared on the pillowcase
Gangster peeped through a window
Then books came pouring down, pouring down 
And numbers flew away
Lashes long, black as a crow

There can be no coin to ponder
No coin to teach from if not faces two
No tornado ripping apart if no breeze 
Playing on a horse farm
No death if no life
The night clings to day
As daybreak clings to escaping night
Embracing and negating
Embalmed while flying together on a
Silver thread 
In the Sky.

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Jump don't trip

Let's JUMP to CONCLUSIONS, lay out all expectations, 
doubt each other from the start.
Put up ALL OUR walls Never open up.
 Let's try to for get we're falling hard.
 Keep all of our thoughts tied up. All of our words at the backs of our throats. 
Swallow the inevitable.
 LIVE for the Days spent alone just us Pretending to BE something we're not.
IF only for a DAY, 
If only for a WEEK, 
and If only for a year.
 If you're going to take the fall,
Jump DON"T Trip.
Make it count,
do it with POISE.

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Beauty, to Teresa Brewster Teresa Brewster

I see you in the rising sun
In the glamour of it's setting
You wander with the lonely butterfly
sucking nectar from the open flowers in my heart's garden

I hear your voice 
In the sunbird's song
In the highlife tunes
My heart sings

I smell your presence
In my favorites food's aroma 
In the sweet scented herbs
In the first mass incense

Anything beautiful
Anything appealing
Anything pleasant
Rings out your name

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He Never Shook My Hand - Prologue

Allow me to share with you a different view of the world,
A view which was new to me only a year ago,
I was given the sight by an old school friend,
A man I hadn’t seen since we were both boys.

He appeared to be at least ten years my senior,
Despite the fact we were in the same class,
His clothes were crumpled and loose,
And his sunglasses did not leave his face.

We briefly met one wild autumn evening,
He never shook my hand,
But gave an exhausted smile,
And joined me for a drink.

He seemed to speak for endless hours,
Tales about his recent past,
Tales unbelievable,
About the things he’d come to see.

And then he simply walked out the door,
Barely an hour had passed,
But somewhere in that meeting,
He passed his skill to me.

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Allow Me to be with You

Allow me to be with you
When the bright sun shines on you in a summer’s day
Embraces you in its warmth

Allow me to be with you
When the birds chirping near your ears in spring
Sing you the loveliest song

Allow me to be with you
When the leaves turn brown in the autumn afternoon
Colour your heart with its mellow hue

Allow me to be with you
When the freezing wind blows in the winter night
Chills your bones and freeze your heart

Since I care not if it’s winter
Nor autumn, nor spring
Moreover summer

Since I care not if I were your slave
Nor your pet, nor your friend
Moreover lover

Since this love’s so strong
That I care about nothing
Just allow me to be with you
Through summer, spring, autumn and winter

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Throughout The Years

Throughout The Years

The years faith made life worthwhile
The love of family and friends happy smile
The guidance and blessings from above 
The special joy touching my heart with love
The heavenly stillness in the starlit night
The always colorful beauty of twilight 
The wonderment beyond the clouded sky
The sadness grief that makes the heart sigh
The golden ripened fields of blessed grain
The joyful ride on the cross country train
The blessed harvest wealth before the snow
The festive holiday meals by candle glow
The welcome ice cream truck upon the streets
The summer fun and moms delicious picnic treats
The autumn haze and the cooler air it brings
The lovely chirping songs the crickets sing
The many thoughts that our minds entertain
The loves inner feelings at times hard to explain
The life’s mixture of sunshine and the rain
The life’s laughter, teardrops, pleasure and pain

Erich J. Goller
Copyright 12.27.2011

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With all the Homesickness of the Foreigner

Vania Konstantinova was born, lives and works in Sofia. She graduated Classical Ballet in
her native town and in Petersburg as well as Polish Philology in Sofia University and
Jagiellonian University, Krakow. She's co-author of the poetic book Four Cycles (along
with Bozhidar Pangelov). Her collection of short stories Thank You Mister One is published
in autumn of 2008.

With all the Homesickness of the Foreigner

"You'll present me one Paris
with all the homesickness of the foreigner"
Vania Konstantinova

He's looking for a job,
but has no shirt,
and expectation even in the pocket.
Whether sometimes he doesn't bend
to look how the Seine passes slowly?
Whether it's cold
(that's an author's thought)?
In this circus gleam only
the blue glimmer of the knives
(which yesterday were pawned).
It's a French movie.

Paris is somewhat little
for one grief
and nothing.

Compared with your arm.

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The Construction

My heart 
is my alphabet,
beating the letters out
through the pores of my skin.

I gather them
in my hands.

I mold the words.

And they pour down on the sheets,
like eager autumn rain.

© Gry W Christensen

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Summer's Legacy

On Midsummer's Eve, the half year turns
and the long, slow climb is over.
Gone are the growing pains of Winter and Spring
as each day becomes a little shorter.

June is poised to slip gently down the months
through late Summer into Autumn;
a time to be tasted like good wine,
to be savoured and appreciated.
A pageant of colours painted gloriously,
reflected in dahlias and chrysanthemums,
hot red and yellow to subtle amber, gold and wine,
all is relaxed in warmth and peace.

A drowsy time when the blessings of maturity
blanket the whole earth in contentment,
a glowing Summer slowly fading.

Without consent, there comes a day
when the breeze is a little cooler,
wafting away hypnotic Summer scents.
Late evening brings the smell of Autumn
and death is in the air.

The days take on a haze of lost glory
and Nature's dress fades slowly into brown.
The leaves lie curled and crisp beneath our feet
and the tang of a garden bonfire proclaims the end.

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eternal summer dream

an autumn songbird gives voice to the luxurious late day
beautiful its song caresses the ear
all natural world breathing as one with your heart
as the sun itself kisses you tenderly
as if saying farewell to you and the day
and as the sun slips to the horizon
you close your eyes and can feel heart take to wing
with the autumn songbird playful in the crisp air
feel your soul breath and soar among the clouds
floating in the warm breeze of
that eternal summer dream where
everyone is forever young and in love
forever happy and filled with wonder
the autumn songbird fills me with her song
fills me with the strength of possible beauty that the new day promises
fills me with the peace found at the heart of kindness
so will you join me
rejoicing her song
will you take a moment to breath in
the wonder of late autumn summery day

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Fall Daydream

The crunching of leaves
And twigs breaking under my feet
The crackling of a warm fire
It's warm smoky smell wafting through the air
And I am caught in a daze
Intoxicated by this colorful world
Beautiful and dream like I could get lost

For Linda's (Poet Destroyer's) Contest, One Autumn Day
Brittany Larson

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Collapsing Stars

Speak to me in iambic pentameter
and weave Shakespeare sonnets with Milton anecdotes.
Read me riddles and rhymes divulged 
over uneaten dinners and swing-sets with broken chains.
Allow me to lip-synch to your ballad of broken piano-fingers
and I will lay next to you in the dew grass and smoke memories
wrapped in Marlboros. 

Paint anagrams for me in the colors of 
raindrops and oil spills.
Send moonlight messages in the austere silence
of silhouettes and shadows puppeteered
by flashing fingers and flickering wicks.  
Dance with me in the musky autumn aroma
of crackling, symphonic leaves
and I will smash angels into frozen oceans
and lay breathless beneath you and a blanket of snow.
Together we will dodge the juxtaposition 
of an angry bonfire affection,
and let the consonants bound ahead of us
as we lay beneath oak trees and dream of laughter.

Lie to me in stanzas of forgotten rhyme schemes
and fill my ears with cotton and Dr. Seuss until 
the syllables of make-believe words contort 
themselves into definitions.
Play me a harmony of grace-notes that last
as long as a hummingbird’s heartbeat
and drum me a cadence that filters up 
from the ground like dust-motes in sunlight.
Allow me to lay 3/8ths of an inch from your embrace
and feel the dove wing kiss of your pulse 
against my snow-cap knees.

Permit me to take one last look at the 
collapsing stars above, to take in the startling brilliance
of a beautiful thing that consumes itself,
and I will be content to close my eyes forever
and let you be my supernova.

Allow me one more peek,
one more snapshot of clairvoyance,
and I will let your fingers tangle with my hair once more.
I will let your ear rest upon my stereophonic heart
and your hand to settle delicately on my concave waistline.
I will permit your butterfly touch to read the Braille
engraved in the crease of my elbow,
and your quivering fingers to slide along
the skin of my forearm, smooth as fiberglass.
Chase me with arms wide open
and a daunting smile on heavy-set lips.
Fill me with sweet connotations and lullabies,
and sweep the denotations from my grasp with gentle
whispers and caresses.
Allow me a glimpse of what is good, and true,
and honest,
and I will float forever without looking up
and wondering why. 
Speak to me, dear,
--together we will race to the ends of time,
and find that nothing exists but the warm imprint 
left by two bodies in the dew grass.

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An Autumn Night

An Autumn Night

When twilight sends lavender to the sky,
And reflections of light ignite the orange,

Sickle of moon is unable to cut the dark,
Robust waters of rivers to shores' embark,

Crispy leaves with breeze flutter around,
Yellow, orange and red hues surround,

An autumn night awaits a warm welcome!

Written September 6th, 2014
For contest 'One Autumn night' by PD A

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Just set me free

Withering like the autumn leaves
My soul was in deep slumber
Wasting away the time at hand
Failing  to grow inside…
Trapped inside me
My helpless soul
One day I asked,
‘’Oh ,my helpless soul,
Why are you so grim?
What’s it that you want?”
After a little thought.
It said,
“Just set me free,
Only you can set me free”
Intrigued I asked,
“But how??”
It said,
“By helping me
Connect with my Lord
whom I have to face
when you will not be with me……
By loving the life in you…
By loving one and all….
By fulfilling the purpose
of your being……
Just set me free…..
Just set me free”………

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Wealth flagship

Lift up from the rotar weeds
 Summer bleeds the last still born
 As autumn greed fights decay
 To save the date from phallic fortunes
 Gather brand new gallop horse distortions
Where poles putrify at stockholm
 Is this the way the world ends?
 On battery pulse with no remorse
 Sucking hospital cupid with no hope groan syndrome
To make alive the image
 Of fly's circling round chopper wheels
 My primal ordeal is to shake it thin
 As carcass evaporates mermaids into wave maids
Concrete headaches will remember the bloodline spilled
 Out the skin fold mouths of gyrating myth
 From belly up suckers that just gotta bust the date
 Wealth of the flagship sailing straight into paper fates

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Autumn Breeze

silent breeze, with swift precison
strips without notice.
taking all that it touches with it.
but it is too greedy,
and takes more than it can carry
leaving a trail of briliant reds and yellows
-the evidence of a grand theft.
with no one to challenge the autumn breeze,
it continues over yonder in search of the fabled fall
and its gilded trees

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something like

shiverinq with the morninq cold
only autumn leaves capture the dreams i dream
like the rippinq seams of my heart
that dance in this morninq cold
or atleast that is how it seemed
shiverinq is all the i know
ashamed of the hotness-of all sorts
because autumn leaves
left all but one autumn leaf
im left shiverinq with the morninq cold
this was somethinq like
my encounter with unwhitened snow...

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Rose and Butterfly

In withered dreams
and severed stars
upon the moon
so very far
dance with dusk
and silver light
is the beauteous rose
and jeweled butterfly-

With colors that
match the wanton soul
freedoms rebirth
awaken the rose
sadness no one knows-

Death is but rebirth
on gilded dreams
ancient prose
of what life means-

Give me light 
so that I may 
be ever near
the Autumn butterfly
to never fear-
for therein is life
to see the colors
and not know strife-

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I watch you slowly wake from a peaceful autumn slumber
through the upper window comely your spirit glistens 
the morning sun peers possibility with promise and purity...... 
your movement slight, anxious in anticipation......  
sempiternal light immerse a princess of mellifluous song......
curiosity stirs a racing heart pure
a breath......
I descend....... 

a fortress untouched and rich with possibilities......
a simple solitude blankets two souls in a loving dance......
your auburn hair spill free upon dulcet cinnamon flesh
my spirit engulf eternity......

innocent birds sing......

Beautiful this morning, my love......

This was for the Good morning contest, THEN, I double checked the rules~ rhyme only~oops 

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It’s Apparent--

as the mountain air
that leaps
into my starving lungs

That Passion--

as ripe
as Autumn Fireweed
that Blazes
Seared Eyes
Bravo Brain
of even the
most cautious
and reluctant

                             North Wind Driven---

                        Will not go foolishly unheeded.

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An Autumn Day

My racing mind of confused thoughts

And things that I could not fix,

Pushed me out of doors today.

A little walk under bright blues skies

May keep frustrated tears at bay.


The wooded trail, trees arched above,

The flutter of quietly falling leaves.

A fiery carpet beneath my feet, the leaf-covered path winds.

The rustle and crunch of leaves

Drowns out the worries in my troubled mind.


The chilly fall breeze, the fragrance of dying leaves,

Will help to clear my head.

So I walk along, kicking up the colorful patchwork

And simply daydream instead.


A scurry of tiny creatures sneaking beneath the leaves,

A comical hopping bird searching for hidden seeds, a

Flutter as the hungry bird takes wing.

A low releasing sigh...

Oh the wonderful calm a beautiful autumn day can bring.

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Red Autumn Ashes

Long after
Red autumn ashes,
A Flock of 
Origami birds, return

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The Magic Of Autumn

Listen as the autumn rains fall 
Caressing softly the fallen leaves
Sounds of cold in winds now call
Harvests stand in shocks of sheaves

Rising breeze stirs leafs of red
Was once the pallet of spring 
Lay softly there in winter’s bed
Painted from natures things 

Magic of autumn makes pearls of dew
The sun gets tired and shadows grow  
Colors change from what we knew
From vivant greens to whites of snow

Softly there a blanket white
Adorns the summer’s pride
Sleep there in winter’s night
There till spring they hide


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One of these days

This could have been just another day
To watch the world go by in silence
To stare at the lights 
And  it seems to come from nowhere
And mesmerizing those moments 
You held me in your arms
Perhaps, maybe
 One of these days
The leaves start to fall
And flew into the sky
Like those clouds that ran fast
That can never be hides 
Through the passing wind
As you had promised 
Beyond the highest tower
That has been drowned 
In the ocean of tears

This could have been just another hour
To sit beneath the bridge of stone
And stare the sunset 
And wait for another day
To cross the streets for you to reach out
And find the word goodbye
That I don’t know how
Somehow, one of these days
You’d rather say hello, and
Forget who I am
Like those empty skies
That longing for the stars
Waiting for a long day
To see them dazzling as neon lights
Like those words, you had sworn
For more than a hundred times
That make my heart dance in a glow

This could have been just another minute
To embrace the cold breeze 
That was passed my way 
And to hold the shadow of the sun
Vanishing along within my palm
As holding dreams 
That can never be mined
Maybe, one of these days
I will be as an autumn leaf
That was been forgotten by your heart
That dies in your soul
One of these days
I will be the tress, 
Dancing in the wind
I will be the lights, 
Reflected on water shade
That cannot be held, neither can you feel me

-----August 21, 2010-----

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Nursery of Winds

In the glistening of Spring
young winds are born,
hatchling mouth gaping
for frozen bits of thermal carrion,
gleaning what nourishment they can
from the keening of last winter’s gales.

Summertime zephyrs are on their own,
casting themselves in currents of warmth,
deciding from moment to moment 
whether they will caress or sting.
They move as they must
for only those most fit
may sail forward into Fall.

Late autumn gales dance in glee,
plucking the trees for adornments
to dress themselves, pushing
the dead scales of summer
through wild ranges
to line west facing cliffs
in hopes of spawning anew.

And in the depths of winter’s bite
they prance in waxing and waning strength,
mating with abandon,
showcasing the power of vernal rage,
cradling each other’s breezes
in the glacial nooks of high rocks,
Scattering truth in their wake,
waiting for Spring.

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i NeEd SpAcE!

I need space
Space to let my ideas run freeely 
Forbidden am i to let my feet slide amongst the wet gravel
Forbidden to let the rain run gently through the cracks of my fingers
..How id love to watch the autumn leaves fall upon the dew stained grass
I need space
Space to to love you

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Fallen leaves, naked trees, cool air is all around.
A gentle breeze blowing leaves.
She came and went like autumn in a small town.

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Oceans Demure

Butterflies dance in Autumn rain
they see only colors
and know not hidden pain-

Revered tears sayeth the sea
moonlit lace of what you were to  me
time is shadowed
encased in fear
but born again when you are near-

Oceans demure that ravage the heart
where sand and sea
doth never to part-

One as the river
that sings to the wind
touched by ones heart
that freedom did send-

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On the Night of November the 8th

The mind is blank, is black, is blackout
I, on the outside, looking in at my
body so thin, could barely breathe in, I
must have been trembling, your huge coat was
maybe helping, but even then I was
not thinking are all my senses lost. It
was autumn evening, maybe there was frost.

Was there a bitterness in my kiss or
was it just the twinge of tequila’s hiss?
The leaves swirl, but slower than the whirl of
liquid spirits within me and whether 
or not you truly want me, in this true
moment surely only you can know me:
because we together felt the earth revolve
beneath our feet as we stood flat above it

I see everything in details, but 
alas, only in details: this vision
of you. I see pieces of full lips, red
at center and brown at cornertips, here
are two dotted moles, here’s a sprinkled nose,
a mystical smile, and then miles and miles
of skin, warm and yielding under these palms
that are oh so softly caressing. How
curious, the shape we’re in, and the lines
that have been drawn to outline us, where
bones make paths for skin to follow
and in between for blood to flow.

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Forever in autumn

I walked languidly through autumn,
Amongst a wind 
That came at me like a whetted knife,
And crisp brown leaves that
Had gathered like old sailors
Jostling for one final parade;
All dressed in their best 
Green and brown and autumn coppers.

I followed the birds south,
Past bejewelled webs
And leafy drifts

Thinking of you,
Your face framed
By hair the colour of deepest night -
- But your heart,
Forever in autumn
Dancing and laughing 
In our cinnamon memories 
And oranges for eyes.  

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Autumn's Colors

As a candle burns brightest before it dies
So too do autumn’s colors on the cusp of winter.
Bright flaming orange and reds and yellows
Light up the hills and reflect off the ponds
Like the last lucid gasp and breath of life,
Before drifting down and quilting the ground.
Craig Cornish, Written 8/14/2012
For Russell Sivey's Autumn contest

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Pastor Allbright

Pastor Allbright 
- a man the community knew as
a pious man
diddled his niece
under the Thanksgiving table
testing her leg with his 
salad fork
and inching his 
bulbous thumb
across her thigh.

Slipped out back 
through the screened porch
out of sight of the family
lit a smoke
and stepped into the 
starry, autumn night.

A sixty pound ball 
of frozen waste
- a blue ball of doom
dislodged from the belly 
of a passing airliner
struck the pastor square
in the center of his baldpate
killing him instantly
his  cigarette still
burning in his mouth
as he lay across the
kid's red wagon,
not to be found
until everyone
had their pie

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The Leaf

The blueish leaf 
just sprouted from two spirits 
so in-loved.
Sees the world in native eyes, 
lonesome lights and sounds.
Wonders of his breathe 
of autumn and spring, 
free air of life.
Dreams of the world 
all around his shallow legs and reach.

No more than three decades 
he toured his local islands.
Surf every little sea he can swim 
and bathe his soul's joy.
Seek every fellow leaf 
to be a partner in his journey.
Love them all, 
more than he wish he can do and live.

As part of cycle 
the leaf fell before fertile muddy ground.
And a new leaf sprouted 
from his wooden surfaced heart.
He saw the first joy he long no more than three decades.
Within the smile of a healthy boy 
from his own flesh.

Tried all hardships, 
endures all trials 
and destructive problems.
Shared all weary tears, 
holds all never imagined 
parting droughts.
Hid his fear between his two brittle  ribs 
and sealed it inside.
To protect the people 
between his present and sealed past.

For within no more than three decades of life 
he travels.
Meeting all different leaf, 
he loved and cared all round.
Between his shadowed honor 
he kneel before his pride
And speaks his own selfish feeling 
and childish thoughts.

For no more than three decades of breathe 
he now speaks.
Choose the best of what felt 
and you'll never face your darkest regret.
Plan all footsteps 
and you'll free yourself 
from bloody thorns.

And believe in yourself, 
you can endure everything you meet.

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Seasons at Play

Can someone give me a day
In the summer when children play?
Or maybe a time
In winter's graceful rhyme?
I'd also like to see the autumn season
When bright leaves fall without a reason.
Would it be too much to ask
For the springtime that I'd hate to mask?
So I ask you, You who see
All I want is a day
Or a month when the seasons play

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Thanksgiving through...

A red, orange, brown fuss
in autumn once more
as fog comes upon us 
Halloween ghouls to the door

The trees turning yellows
rains tumult and pour
thunder bellows, 
winds blow cold with a roar

and puddles they widen 
until they're almost a lake
then out we need go 
for the leaves we must rake

So we dig out our gloves
and we wrap round our scarfs
Then we shop for our loves,
friends and then some other halves

For Christmas  approaches
but fireworks come first
as Guy Fawkes encroaches
kids pennies do thirst

Then it's time for the lights
as the children do sing
And Santa's nearly in sight
while the church bells do ring

Then Jesus Christ's birth
we will try to remember
the meaning of 'worth'
on 25th of December.

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It's the Hardest of Times

A man just sold his truck today;
A car he has had since high school
The buyer pays him a check for $22,000 and then drives off
The man looks at the check in his hand and spits in the dust
It will help out a little with his debts, but it does not matter
Because it is the hardest of times

A young man picks up garbage off the highways
So he can help his family get by
This is not the only job he has
He works as a bartender at a club in the evening
While his fiancé works at the local diner
Because it is the hardest of times

A manager at the automotive parts plant sorts through the mess of paperwork
That lists his employees on the verge of unemployment
He has known half these men and women for over twenty years
But he shares their pain and fear
Because of the pink slip he got that has his name on it
It is the hardest of times

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blonde beatrice

to be in love again
like before.  like the movie.
when you can feel the universes are
just the right size
and everything fits like a


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At 60

AT 60
For 60 summers, I am
With memories wrinkled
As age has conceived
What time had committed. 

And mark the day with a chiffon cake
One sturdy candle at the center
A wish to whisper only once
But no one bothered what was said. 

I think now of those decaying decades
Old and dearly friends I hardly meet
Share a bit of the sugarless pieces
Bland to the hardest crisp. 

How many faces become vague?
Lowly sounds shrill my ears with daze
How long ago has there been a gift?
And one lonely lamp beside my crib? 

Such thoughts remain qualms
Agonizing my spirit
When autumn begins, I shall be
A tiny leaf among the heap

To be raked, ashed and dust off 
Hibernate underneath the cold earth
To sprout again, perhaps never
On any spring, thereafter.

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The Beauty Of Fall

Autumn trees and the sky of the early dawn
mix together like crayons in the sun left too long.
Red orange yellow on a background of blue,
the haze of the clouds adds a subtle pink hue.

Fallen leaves on the pavement scrape the blacktop
as the wind stirs and spins them then suddenly stops.
Collecting in piles they crunch under feet,
Then scatter again as the wind sweeps the street.

The sweet scent of red apples rides a cool breeze,
Their crimson round shape dangling from trees.
The sun of midday warms their smooth waxy skin,
long gone are the blossoms from where they begin.

Honking of geese as they fly over head escaping 
the winter and coldness they dread.
Necks stretched long, wings spread out wide,
with beauty and grace they take to the sky.

Evening comes early, the sun starts to fall
Coyotes are baying, to each other they call.
Stars fill the sky in the darkness of night.
The man in the moon casts a silent light.

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dark horse

the year is as spring as you are regardless 
the fall hasn’t passed
love, loss, encore
the year is spring and buds threaten bloom
hesitant, having to a waiting
to that oncoming
that a felt cool, autumn wind 
tiny’s  leaves tight to say, “No, not yet”
the world sits wanting
happy to bait your summer rivaled, hired limo
not enough money can take you home 
when you’re whole lot a walkin’ is a walkin’ the earth
only a few of us out here no that kind of tread
the year is spring as you are baby
and you’re usually right ‘bout that

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blue stone

Far way from the starry night , where the sea is so deep.

Sailing away into the foolish moments of my thoughts.

I remember the missing light of the autumn sunset.

The thought goes on the waves of the North Sea.

Sad is the moonlight into the silent of the night,

And the sea water touches my foolish eyes  .

Which of the universe belong this  moment?

How many stars in the sky will find our time?

Night and day are living at the same roof,

All the memories  have the color of the night's eyes.


Blue stone  rolls on the sands of the Baltic.

Now I could  find  and bring it at my home.

The distance wishes a dune of white sand,

Who was made in dream of a Danish mermaid.

On the border of the sea sleep the hopes on sands.

Eternal desires that never rest, are a blue stone

Rolling the blue stone in north sea with a warm heart,

Blue stone holding in memories , left from the distance in  thoughts.

How can I forget the sea star  that adorn the eyes of illusion.

Eternity is living on the rocks of the  harbor. Who, will breaks this time?

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Endings starting
Leaves are turning
Grass starts browning with
Furnaces burning.
Colder weather
As to focus,
Deeper feelings in
Shallow harvest.
Briskly, daunting
Haunting Spirits
Barren-halled reckonings as
Frost encroaches.
Verdure withered but
Perhaps a good Word;
forgotten pasts buried
In the stillness of the earth.

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the affair

spring and summer fly quickly by 
now a trendy autumn colour brings change 
to the night air that can no longer bear 
the warmth between our hands 
and the smile clings with the strength 
of a dying leaf 
against the pull of a heavy heart 
that knows the wind will blow 
in ways we ignored when first we explored 
not so long ago 

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Lips kiss and whisper
Transmute our power
Create windless tunnels
Tornado of faith
Blizzard of hate
Summer of love
Signal decay
Tell me it is the end
And I have gone too far
Autumn has begun
An eclipse revealing
our black star.
Divulge the truth
Her Transpiration
Explodes the sun.
Cold winter
exists within
unsaid words
we are destined
To rule our worlds

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Golden autumn evening

Golden autumn evening
is a romantic time of jocund memories
and lovely hopes of summer.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Your hair 
Is the envy of the autumn sun 
It holds winter close
Your lonely eyes 
Map the secrets of Venice
Behind a carnival mask
Your ears 
Are vessels to your heart
Where armies invade
Your cheeks 
Are like ocean tides
Shifting with the moon
Your lips 
Are polished flowers
Sprouting from melted concrete
Your face is like my own
Too much so 

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I see you 
stand around
looking confused
being useless

you might come 
my way
maybe I say
, but you don't
and just walk away

I then see you
stopped dead in track 
you pull out your phone 
to give me a text

try to get away
you  say through
your letters
I reply okay
because I know I better.

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Blissful Torture

Sitting here again 
Smelling the autumn air 
Remembering the blood 
The taste upon my lips 
As my tongue licked it away 
Feeling my heart beating rapidly 
Trying to move but unable 
Wanting to escape but frozen 
Enjoying forbidden pleasure 
Sucking life out of the living 
Hearing the screams as music 
Terror enveloping my soul 
Relishing in pain 

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... I saw the wind
pull a sheaf of yellow leaves from the cool-burning sky,
throwing them across a fence,
and I suddenly realized that
the glory of an autumn afternoon
had been stolen and fenced,
yet returned in priceless gold...
... what a thief, the glorious wind!...

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Death of Tristan

Sit down, Sit down, Wandering Knight,

Your Queen waits in secret for you in vain.

Make haste, Oh, Wandering Knight,

Your Queen sits lonely in the balcony again.

Break your Oath, Woe betide Knight,

The Queen wishes to heal you from all pain.

Oh, Loitering Knight! Oh, Loitering Knight!

Remember her pale beauty, forsaken by your honor,

Shred our love in pieces, this love is only anguish.

Even before meeting, ruin was spreading her tart ardor 

Wooer of disaster, in this Realm, love is a way to punish,

For love is here the most clever and malicious traitor:

A doom to all land, in strife and blood will split and perish.

Tremble now, Tremble now, Forlorn Queen.

Cling to the memories, filling the trail you now follow. 

Rush now, Rush now, Forlorn Queen.

Tremble with pain, blazing your face with sorrow. 

Do not Despair, Do not despair, Forlorn Queen.

Your Knight rests in the ground struck by an arrow. 

Ah, Doomed Queen! Ah, Doomed Queen!

Hurry in swift gallop to match the ill fortune’s march, 

Bestow your final love, seeding the sourest tears.

Death looms willful, in her wake all living will perish. 

In your arms life fades, facing you his spirit swears 

Vowing for a love, that not even Death could finish 

Scorching Love, marking your heart with many sears. 

Ah, abandoned Queen! Abandoned Queen!

Even in your retire, you still not rest well... 

Ah, abandoned Queen! Abandoned Queen!

For the autumn is your only station to dwell... 

Ah, abandoned Queen! Abandoned Queen!

But only in the winter’s mists you hear his yell... 

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Whisper Through The Leaves Again

young autumn still i hear your voice whisper through the leaves again

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Like autumn leaves the colors of my life have changed

From mountains to hills of green a new but old state i have move to again

Strange is the surroundings now similar are the horizons

What I thought would be easy has become hard

The quest for living not so intermediate; life on this coast seems so hard

Ponder if i will ever be better off but with faith and pray i believe i should be

Seeing old faces and having re connections have made the time here pass easier

Skies are only grey for a time the sun of my happiness shall shine bright again

God calls out this is the path i just need to listen and be patient for this time alone.

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* Talking and Walking with God

Walking in the Park, my feet
rustling, crunching on fallen leaves.
The warm Autumn sun shinning,
through the trees warming me.
I am so glad you decided to join me.
There are so many things to ask you?

Thanks, God for joining me on my walk
this day so many things I want to know.
Do you cry when people are so mean?
What do you do when you see things,
like that? Do you ever get angry at them?
Oh, God how could you not, be angry?

I get so out raged when I see others hurting,
your creation for their own sick enjoyment.
So I know God Your heart must break, over
a zillion times a day, tears streaming.
Make me understand how could so many not,
see that this beauty around them is from you?

For me when I hear the sounds of birds singing,
cats, dogs, children running laughing it is you.
It makes me smile to know you are here in,
all the beauty, even in all the storms we endure.
The storms we go through make us better people.
I thank-you for them because of who I am today.

God, do you laugh when you see kitties playing,
when children are laughing, running, having fun?
Do you cry when you see the innocence stripped,
away from these precious lives by the evilness?
Thank-you for walking and talking with me today.
on this path with the colored leaves that you made.

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The ancient oaks stand tall and proud
They been in autumn sun many times
Many winters they survived
And through winter blizzards they thrived

Maple leaves turn bright red
Its countenance looks like set on fire
Its beauty leaves mark on the soul
Wind caresses its boughs as it whispers old ballad

Autumn is sister of philosophy
As well as bride of moor
And as mother to the wind, colors, and bloodshot moon
It is beautiful with reference not only to continuity but to abyss and the soul

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Meaningless Prophecies

Crawl out from your crevice, young one. 
The atmosphere rains a vomitous path  
divulged, displayed before you in  
christening malaise, ending between  
your pointless therapy sessions and  
my overworked kidneys. 
Tally the score, or be a bore. 
Our favorite whore is no more.

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I miss you

All I see is my life running
Running to somewhere I don’t know
It doesn’t stop even if I want
Running, running, running

Where is it taking me?
Maybe to somewhere cold
I only hear the wind that blows
And see the grey sky above

Snow flakes are now falling over me
But life doesn’t stop, then now it’s spring
Flowers’ buds is what I see
They’re opening and I see the bees

Sun is shining very bright
And it’s hot here inside
But not like the place I’ve came from
Where you might never see a storm

Now I close my eyes
And feel the autumn breeze
Orange is now a common color of the trees
I surely admire now the sea

I can’t say if it’s blue or green
It’s like my railway sleeper insanity
Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m not
But life is running and it won’t stop

Then I want to say thank you for everything
You’ve helped me when no-one did
You’ve been my friend since I was a kid
When I’m sad, happiness is what you bring

All the seasons passed on
And our friendship will never end, no, it won’t
I still remember the drawings we have done
One for each other, I didn’t lose one

We don’t talk since so long
By computer and microphone
Do you remember the chats we had?
The mornings chatting and having breakfast

I didn’t forget it 
That’s why with you therefore I want to talk
I hope you will answer me soon
I can’t stay more time without talking with you

And don’t you forget
Life runs fast
The present now is past
But I will never let
The time erase the time we had

I miss you…

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Leaves of gold, red and yellow
Dance to the ground to a tune oh so mellow
Silent footsteps of a lonely lover’s grief
Trudges through the foliage that lady autumn herself conceive
A desolate sparrow that’s gone astray
Returns to its nest now bare and gray
Soon the land will turn ashen and cold
As it was before in days of old
But through all this you could hear
The laughter of children, full of cheer
It is not long till Demeter’s lovely flower to her restore
The flower that brought the wild winter wind, to awake and roar
Soon the lonely lover will find a better day
 Soon the lost sparrow will be on his way
Soon love shall fill the air and the earth will bloom
Restoring to its grace what winter has once doomed

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Punting Along The Avon

Down by the Avalon at the Christchurch Square
Weeps the living willows, serene, free from care
Nature’s own exotic home, a garden set in greenery
Here the Avon River fountain flows majestically

Victoria Park rest near the Christchurch Town Hall theme
Punting on the Avon is a relaxing pastime dream
This Avon runs along the botanical gardens to view
The Copthorne Central hotel overlooking Victoria park too

You can dine A La Carte while you travel round the city
Punting the Avon without seeing the cathedral would be a pity
Seeing the Bridge of Remembrance over the Avon is awesome
Sort of like Autumn before springtime helping life blossom

Avon River at Victoria Square is Heaven’s garden summery
It runs through Hagley Park, in Christchurch, breathtakingly
Nearest the Train Station Tramway, a few miles from my home
Check out some of the photos here of places where I roam 

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An afternoon with TS Elliott

An Afternoon with T. S. Elliott

As I lay on the verdant grass at college 
under the Myrtle tree 
I am bathed and entranced by the dancing-dappled light 
That flickers above me through warm patchy autumn skies
And diamonds of light that sparkle on yellow green finger shaped leaves-

Autumn’s warmth softly caresses my uncovered feet 
It encourages me to slumber – until my gaze is mesmerized at
Two courting grey and pink Galahs perched in the branches above me 
As they caress each other- 

And above my head-even higher 
Two yellow/green/blue parrots playfully peck and groom 
Amidst a myriad of other bird calls 
From other birds that are hidden to my eyes- 

Then suddenly - I glimpse them - darting here and there playing
Catch-me-if-you-can - amidst the dappled rippling light that falls on 
Grey-brown branches 

I pause and ponder for a moment; I should be writing my assignment on T. S. Elliott; I think upon one of his lines...

" Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree!" T.S. Elliott

At last I hear God’s inviting voice; muted sounds on the wind- is this-
His voice-of Love?

Brenda V Northeast c 30/03/05 (Re write- 20/1/2012)

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Whether weather


                     March was the merriment of an English high summer as
                     April was being the wettest of the wet, as May could not 

                     make its mind up how to be unique, so autumn in June 

                     topped it by its rallying cry for rain as clouds scud by in the 

                     sky's rush hour, then tree branches start several animated 

                     arguments that lead them to clouting each other, over what 

                     the rest of the year will bring to our perennial topic of     



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Melancholy Song

It’s here again,
This melancholy song,
Carried by the autumn winds,
Upon the dying, drying, falling leaves,
That cover everything.

I sat by the river’s edge.
I wept for those my eyes would see no more,
Nor hear their laughter,
Nor share that once familiar dream,
Our hearts were after.

The dawn reveals the morning frost
Glistening amid the golden leaves that cover me
Lying here beside the river's edge
I hear that melancholy song again
From falling leaves and autumn winds.

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The Moon Did Spill That Night

I remember a place
with a heart concrete
that lived and breathed the night.
It was a place that glowed
pulsed in time with the pounding of the night's workmen,
stewed in the warm, wet flood of autumn streetlight
walks past stoops that lined the blackened stretch of tar
sneakers and scarves so cool
that they melted and smoked at the touch
And from your window,
you could see it all;
you could see the birds and the beetles
contented in their coats of cold,
And you could see me stop
every evening at the foot of your door
and tip my hat to the wind
that blew like lips to horn.
Your window was a gateway
to a place too good to live,
too good to believe in,
too good to taste and smell and touch
when the sun was up and shining,
for everything that happened
happened at night,
when the pipes lit up and the children's shoe-soles
sounded loud and echoed proud through the alleyways,
and the TV sets ceased their roaring
for a moment long enough to keep the hopscotchers on their canvas-clad toes,
and the radio merely tickled the air
with notes of a blue
deeper and truer than the vastest, most empty starless sky...
And spilled on the sidewalk-chalked walls of brick and young love
was a moon,
a moon whose dusty, yellow glow
was all that we thrived in
all that we loved and hated and wished and kissed in,
all that we sang and shouted and drank and pissed in,
and all of us missed it
when the hours on the clocks of dark dried up,
leaving us with little more than empty gazes,
empty bottles and empty beds,
empty arms and empty heads,
promises broken,
desires unfulfilled,
but with sweetest day dreams
of the night to come.

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Two Separate Parts Of One

An angry heart lashed for bone,
stripping a wounded souls protection.
Silence, the key to forever,
listen to the nothing, love lingers.

Tombstone memories wrapped,
cradled in angel's wings, smiling.
Warm afternoons of laughter, wonderful,
walk with me and gather pine cones.

Dance upon the fall of autumn leaves,
sheer moments of joy remembered.
Passionate kisses still wet my lips,
the taste of loves breath feeds desire.

Living, two parts of the same whole, lost,
let us bring the pieces home together.
Once complete, happiness will return,
no longer a need for angst or depression.

Just the gentle caress of a lovers touch.....

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The Haunting Sound of the Oboe

I have walked this earth and heard a million sounds
Of people, languages, nature and song
From the sound of a rushing river as it flows to the sea
Leaping over boulders, pebbles, skipping, weaving its way 
The sound of thunder claps, announcing its power 
The roaring ocean waves in a rush to embrace the shore
The sound of the north wind howling as it undresses the trees
Followed by its soft murmurings as if to give some comfort
The crisp, crinkling sound of autumn leaves fallen on the ground
Even the soft needy cry of a precious new babe, born 
All these sounds are such delights to recall

I imagine I'm walking through a lush green forest
Teeming with life, so many creatures, plants, yet to be named
The sound of the oboe transports me there, 
To the many places that I hold dear 
I imagine I'm strolling bare feet on the ocean’s shore, on cool summers night
The haunting sound of the oboe wafting above, riding on 
Tthe soft summer breeze, inviting, filling me with emotions deep
It soothes my soul, it matches my mood, it encompasses all sounds
Harsh, allegro, then, so soft, sweet, which can bring me to tears
This simple reed instrument made from nature’s stock
Does capture all moods and nourishes my soul!

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You are
petals of velvet
the whisper of a moth's wings
dreams kept in bottles of silvery glass
the balmy breath of a moonlit night
You are the silence between words
the winter dreams of a cat, curled up fireside on the hearth
the shiver of leaves dancing in autumn fervor
the echo of the lone traveller's footsteps
the lullaby hummed by a mother to her child
To me you are all these things, 
you are precious, you are adored

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Under the sheets

Under the sheets, you love.
You breath soundly, sleep deeply, you
encompass emotions, 
no longer the impression of togetherness.
Stitches that have been picked apart
by loneliness. 
Cracked cement between two bricks.
100% eggshell Egyptian cotton sheets,
pulled tight across the mattress, wrinkle free
as the perfect child-like face of a 
twenty four year old man,
not for sale.
The jar of sweets on the top shelf that a 
desperate infant fails to reach,
but do they give in to the inaccessible?
Under the sheets, you speak.
Words, intermittent off your tongue as sunlight searing 
through desolate trees.
I catch a few that please me, swallow them whole.
You rise and fall with me, two
leaves in an autumn breeze,
who knows if they’ll decorate the same pavement,
or if the path it leads to will match.
A song written by a foreign agenda that
I’ll never quite decode.
Your hand grips mine in accidental sleep.
I pretend you are awake.
My fingertips interlocked with gold,
they are so lucky, tucked into your palms,
clinched in the calm.
They squeeze back for dear life, dreading
the dawn; the ceremonial opening of the gift that
reminds me of the rarity that I hold,
One-off moments, cherish them as a rainbow at Christmas.
Under the sheets you are free
to truly be 
with me.

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Dear Friend

Dear friend,
Today, I turn the pages of our memories.
Those laughter and tears.
That we have shared for more many years
Those secrets that we hide
underneath the cherry tree.
These photographs I held, and
I used to smile every time I looked at them.
Dear friend,
I've been to the place where we first met
It’s the same old, and new, nothing has changed
like an old book with precious stories.
Every page has a wonderful thing to say
like a laughter that remains on air
They’re sounds like music in my ear
A symphony of our yesterday.
Dear friend,
I plow our memories that blanket by autumn leaves
on this mango tree 
And its branches look so droopy.
But there’s a last leaf-standing firm on a trunk
That forgotten, as the time goes by.
Like this friendship buried from the shadow of past
Thou, I know it will never last.
Dear friend,
Remember the summer skies. 
Those butterflies that landed in our hands,
The kites that we ever flew,
In these green fields of our childhood memory,
We were children once before
When the trees were tall, and we were small
And now we are tall and the trees fall.
Dear friend,
Autumn was come
and the leaves started to fall,
I can’t count the hours, how long I've stood here.
Waiting for your presence.
That you have promised you will come.
The wind whistles like your soft voice,
I feel the heavenly touch on my face.
Dear friend,
You never told me that you are leaving
Along with the clouds pass by
Together with the angels, flew in the sky.
Like the waters that flow freely back to the sea.
Like a wind that danced on its own.
But your soul still live inside of me,
You will always be my special memory.
Dear friend,
I wrote you a letter sealed with my tears
Saying take care, I miss our funny deeds.
Id rather be sad,
And my heart is in grief.
But somehow I’ll be happy then.
That once in my life I had you as my friend
Dear friend, you will always be my best friend.

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September's Child Part two

  ( continued from September's Child Part one)

But Autumn does not love Winter
Autumn yearns for Spring
But Spring with her bubbling laughter
It is Summer she chases after
Hurt and disgusted Autumn becomes
A season of depression for his love rejected
His leaves of orange, red and gold
Turn to a decaying brown.

He tries in vain to change
To conquer Winter
Yes if this he could do
Then Spring will he be with
But Winter strong, her winds they blow
She buries him with blizzards of snow.

September's Child
A love he has lost
September's Child
Alone and tormented
Spring she will not have him
Summer shines him by
Winter she does control him
Autumn the season when love dies.

September's Child through he breathes
The breath of life
Deep inside he has died
For a love he can not have.

Came September I looked up at the trees
Red, orange , gold were her leaves
I plucked a few from her arms
And kept them in a paper sack of brown.

And I released them into the wind
That Spring.

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The Thinning of the Veil

The crystal ball snow pierced 
the biting autumn wind;
parting the dancing, curled, brown leaves,
as they leapt across the lurid landscape.
Jack-o-lanterns and ruby red mums shivered.

Scarecrows on their crossed pickets, 
leaned precariously against bales 
of salt marsh hay, wafting in the gale.
Remnants of the verdant summer’s 
autumnal greenery, 
beat the black clouds, blotting the weak, 
white light of noon.

Shards of light pricked the haze 
adding a dreamlike effect
The world awaited Samhain’s Eve.
Snow fell frantically from the firmament
fighting to coat the last of the
pink cone flowers. 

And the world was full of the scent of cider and cinnamon.

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Broken hearts

Love deceives
when it comes to family
It falters
just as Autumn wind hits trees

Leaves fall
just as tears begin to roll
down cheeks
Barriers appear we meet a wall

Words played
battle as we disagreed
both stood firm decisions made

Battle grounds
Left, dark, dank, pools we cried
Half dead
we split. No longer passion found.

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Autumn Tree

Was a tree created for Christmas no, I think not A tree was created to stand tall shading light of day  from  creatures resting in and beneath her hidden from sun's scorching rays The sun burns hot in fall, turning green her leaves auburn, orange, and red, they fall  blanketing the brown carpet of grass below  she has shut down her food factory for the winter Flush green colors of chllorophyll fades as hours of light shortens and cold lengthens it days a tree whether summer, fall, winter, or spring was not created to be chopped down in autumn A tree decorated just to die for Christmas an autumn tree, grinded, disperse for life of new trees, stand tall shading light of day from creatures resting in, and  beneath her,  hidden from sun's scorching rays, makes sense

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Nature at Its' Best via Jewell Partee

I walked along a country road,
one sunny autumn day.
And gazed upon the beauty,
The woodland did portray.

Red and green, brown and gold,
Such wondrous beauty to behold,
I stood in awe in this beautiful land.
Knowing it was the touch of the masters hand.

Soon this beauty will fade,
And the chilly winds flow,
And the hills be covered with a blanket of snow.
Then once more spring will reappear,
with flowers in bloom and the robin, so dear;

It's all so amazing and O so grand;
Because of the touch of the master's hand.

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Through Grateful Hands

Colorful rainbows
Pouring from 
This deep rosemary sky
Through grateful hands
This autumn forest
Knowing how bright
To shine her maple leaves
Always sharing nature’s glory

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have we fallen like the leaves

Shall we fall like the leaves of autumn or have we fallen already?
Monotonous experiences leave one bored
Only excited/entertained/inspired 
By the kaleidoscopic collage of leaves changing colors about the host of trees,
Surely the trees have something to say,
With no mouths to mutter, the friendly wind shakes out their speech and its coolness makes it crisp.
Feel comfortable in the fall…
Or rather late summer, as it was the season of my entrance into the world upon the earth
It is no wonder I am consoled as the trees communicate their ritual aging
As if to show how one dies in each year passing in the infinitely perishing years of yesterdays.
Though I share not my grave with another man(I have already shared my life), I shall share it with the dying leaves when dead.
-both dead the leaves and I
Has my spirit existed infinitely-without beginning or end?
Or shall it only last from birth to death?
Has it enjoyed the yesterdays without recollection and enjoy these days still yet unknown?
By and by into the future
For every fall of sort was I there? 
For the fall of man, and be there to see him rise in the end (if perhaps he ever will)
Am I like the seasonally falling leaves?
There, and gone, and back again?
Woe is every man and talking tree
Alas the spirit alive for now though it may not feel as so.
Still yet neither should be depressed by the conformity of the world.
Instead we grow into our own existence
Nourished by the earth and loved by all it beholds.
In abundant beauty this lesson taught because something chose to give us fall.

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Picture of Hope

On distant hills the golden rays of autumn sit
For just a moment, sparkling like a sequined gown.
So beautiful-this morning hope alluded me and
the world was hard . Their was no looking for
tomorrow, my grief was as urgent as crashing
waves upon a rocky shore.
And now this small gift makes my heart explode
with joy. I see the painting before me and feel
the stirrings of promise. Grass, dry and rustling 
beneath my feet, is no longer my enemy. Like the 
changing seasons it has its place, its time. 
As I have.

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The season that didn't exist

So the time
just like a river
lowers each waterside
from a higher
to a small one
or from colorful
to horizon.
So the time.

The children,
each fall
the yellow leaves
they gather.

"The Man Who…" 2009

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all around me
the distant high-pitched cackle
hurts my ears and im

black cats walking
alley screaming
mountains howling

i wonder, 
are these costumes?
or are they disguises?

i walk
down the street
but i feel something tearing at me

nothing's there
but shadows
of trees
of buildings
of something

i fall
face on gravel
chest burning


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Leaf Race

Frantic Autumn leaves 
race down city streets
jet propelled by October winds..

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The Thought Of You

His eyes are pools of autumn fire
An intense gaze, of which I never tire.
To drown in their depths a pleasant death
He comes in closer, I loose my breath.
Our pulses quicken, skin tingles, a live wire.

The touch of his hand upon my skin
As he looks into my eyes, my thoughts are a sin.
Taking me into his strong arms, he holds me
Even in his tight embrace, I feel so free.
The beat of his heart, is my hearts twin.

His breathy voice, whispered into my ear
The sound of it excites me, brings me near.
The thoughts in my head, vivid imagination
The feelings for him a strong fascination.
To loose him now is my only fear.

The future is an unknown mystery
Will I always be alone, will he come to me?
With him close to my side I will be complete 
The sight of him, his touch, will be so sweet.
Whatever he wants, whatever he needs...I will be.

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The bird  that flies  above sustains grace

The water that ripples at a stroke conveys a mystery

The breeze that gently  blows, brings  pleasant vigor

The child who figures out to open a wrap shows diligence

The melody  from afar sails me to eternity

The thunder that nearly breaks the window pane sends imminence

The flowers that first bloom in spring suggest new start

The quietness in a  room encourages creativity

The greenness of the vales and mountains is calming

The greeting from a stranger transmits peace

The smile  from a friend reinforces affection

The first cry of the newborn involves him to the world

The relief after a labor generates a promise of care

The gentle lapping of the waves invigorates vitality

The sound of the gush of water means destiny

The smallest creature on earth is humbling

The first rain in Autumn nurtures fertility

The tiny and soft snow that gently falls in winter offers endurance

The aged couple who walks hand in hand cherishes long lasting promise

A daybreak that bathes the morning dew promises life

PEACE around the world....perpetuates generations

Languages that are muted in the heart are eternal







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The Flesh And Bone of Trees

The sweet color of
The autumn leaves
That is an
Expression of
Joy beneath
The flesh and 
Bone of trees

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Only in Autumn

Autumn colors peak
only for a moment.
Saffron leaves float
through air tinged with regret
to settle a cushioned carpet below.

Green blades poke through, 
denying winter’s advance.
Persimmons hang in clumps
on bare limbs, heads bowed
in unwilling surrender.

Tiny yellow butterfly flits
blossom to blossom, unhindered
by the more glamorous of her kind
who have come and gone
with summer’s luscious fare,
now wilting on the vine.

A harbinger of death
this one who comes on the wing
unmindful of her sign
yet singing sweetly
summer’s swan song.

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Almost Free

I grew up in a garden paradise
large white house in the country
sheltered by ancient oaks and naievity
passed idyllic days in childhood bliss
never ran it much through my mind before

until the day
I walked two hours with my life packed up on my back
set out on a sunny autumn morning
running on a four days empty belly, and some strong black coffee
met a tall, thin man along the way
asked me if I could play the bass slung over my back
I replied yes and he gave me his number

Three quarters of the way there the baby's stroller 
gave one last groan of protest
and buckled under the weight of the bags hung on the handle
spilling everything onto the street

"These things can be kind of tricky,"
said the young man who helped me scoop everything up,
explaining how it used to happen 
when he pushed around his younger siblings.
"See you around sometime,"
he offered up

Later we arrived,checked in at the front desk
no one else knew we were at the shelter
days here are passed aimlessly
in sedated daydreaming
nights are spent shivering with cold
and exhaustion

I can no longer count 
the number of times I've been broken before
(I try not to think about it)
and pieced back together, but never quite the same,
I could tell you how the closet floor smells like mildew
when soaked through repeatedly with tears,
or describe the way his black eyes bulge in anger,
describe how every little fleck and bubble gathers at the corners
when his mouth froths white with hate,
and the vilest obscenities, and how after a while
you start to ask yourself if they're true

Armed with all the pamphlets from the front office
I was gonna do all the right things
they say it takes about five tries before you're successful
but what do you tell to the child who says, "Daddy bad, daddy gone?"
I almost made it this time, and then
He dropped by, told me to pack up my stuff,
we took the bus home
past the place where the young man helped me gather up my life off the road
past the spot where the tall, thin man gave me hope
and his number
- The baby was excited about his first ride 

I'm back in the same old spot again, 
little has changed but time
and knowing that once, just once,
I almost made it I watch the birds out my kitchen window
close my eyes and ...
I'm almost free

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To the eye of the beholder

There is beauty
to dirt and blood
to broken
and loneliness
to a wheelbarrow in
and ripe, purple
to the hazy scent of
a life less lived
by a surrendered
and a left over

© Gry W Christensen

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Beset a clear moonlit night

Beset a clear moonlit night
Warm, comforting, like the slow rise of a sleeping child’s belly 
Between fence and dream, both showing signs of decay 
Shadows cast, embroidered in grass, of this generation and the next
There is no prettier landscape than one that is dying
The canvas is black and still, no star only satellite

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The Smallest Light

Like stone, my heart feels heavy in my chest
Rainclouds overhead mirror the haze that permeates my mind
Marked by silence, the path I walk is worn and narrow

A forgotten heart left behind in blissful ignorance
The worn and narrow path once shared, now all but forgotten
Bruised, but not broken, I will myself to carry on

Like autumn leaves, one season falls away into the next
Faint, but steady, the smallest light warms deep into my soul
The stone lifted, I walk in silence, but never alone

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Autumn is a frozen church
We wait at heavy doors
That smell of rust,

Not a Moon cold enough
To be called heartless
Or breathclouds of old steam

More an estuary of
Dumped mist afraid to ice;
The taste of wax on your lips,

A frame of hair round a
Hatted face, out steps as slow
As if we must tread water,
You are ice and rain and
The first crystals and even
More than this, beside me.

(for Carl Sharpe)

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Poise in Oak

an idle wave to a crony
is how i begin every
expedition to.

maple and oak render
benevolence as we
exchange us.

masters of this realm.
i sense their silent
rhetoric built
from time and
in discipline. 

making no bones, the
forest amplifies a familiar tone;
a quaint display; a 
hero’s welcome.

vermillion leaves trickle down
like confetti i sense

august percussion echoes
freely from inside
the nebulous river,
keeping time so perfectly,
it can’t exist.

birds attempt (chirp__!_)
mimicking some grand
organ but I
am not so sure. 

a fortuitous birth and
an ample forest,
i owe everything.

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The Dream

The Dream

On it’s  final journey – destination – a coma –
realization, a stagnant pool of reflections,
images on fun house mirrors –
surrealistic paintings
upon the walls of times passing,
it’s life diminishing, slowly, upon wings
of a sorrowful, soulful, agonizing flight
into the realms of death’s domain.

Dreams come to the midnight hour – hovering above.
Dreams fade - in quiet desperation – in twilight’s dust.
Rainbows mist, slowly blanketing, dark oceans deep.
Dreams of – depths of love, of joy, of a relationship,
all lost inside the vessel of heartache,
heartache’s pain washes over this sinking ship,
the ship of this fool and fools in love.

The dream shattered, fragmented – as is the love, lost
at the hand of indifference, of prejudiced perceptions,
of judgmental criticisms, of a belief of unworthiness 
that is displayed upon the screens of a mind hiding, 
avoiding – a lifetime of pain, disappointment, 
shattered dreams, unattainable expectations –
the monster – created, influenced, became the food
 for control, critical. judgmental indifference,
the façade of such pride, superiority, aggression.

The dreams, the love,–into Davie Jones’s locker deep-
there lay the skeletons of memories’ hope, life’s desire, 
- for no other entity, no essence, no energy source
of such beauty will come along to extricate, validate,
bestow vitality, resurrect, breath life back into
that which was dead and now drowning.

Oh, if it could only be shown, there is more than one,
shown that two can be as one in their separateness.
If only the deep, dark, shadows would give up, give in,
relinquish their control, release the anchor, 
the chains that bind, that weigh you down.

The lungs of this Love, are filled with dew drops.
Suffocating from an unloving, uncaring, uninterested.
indifferent body, ( water the mother of this life, influence long gone ) oxygen it’s name - it’s father -rusting it’s hinges, doors no longer open 
for this child loved, for the spirit, 
the soul of dream’s destine - to love – seem not
 to be able to bring life to this dead soul – adrift.

Shun the dreams essence and life drowns.
Shun love’s embrace – energy becomes less then static,
static becomes loves death - death by electrocution - 
a shock that stills the heart that loves.

Love is dying at the hands of “ I do not want ! ” 
Soon the day approaches when Love, will not want
what the hands of, reach out for – emptiness
will be all that fills the world of superficiality.
In the end, the aesthetic pictures, points of view
will be nothing more then dust in the winds 
howling through the empty spaces
- once beautiful Autumn Green  Eyes.
B. J. “A” 2
May 27th 2008

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When autumn catches the unwary gardens
All the sightseers leave it to itself
It wails on its fate
On the destruction of all its blooms
Remembering the spring air
Its heart bleeds
Can someone assure my weary garden
That spring air is itself 
eagerly waiting for it
Unless it endures the freezing cold
How can spring air come into its fold

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purple flames of autumn

Purple flames suckle their sweet tooth and lick at the 
candy-apple siding of a three story pear tree.

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Thank you fellow poets in poetry soup

Thank you fellow poets  in poetry soup

For leaving all your kind thoughts and critiques

You have given me the inspiration to  continue on

And for that I am humbled and grateful

May twenty ten be filled with many more wonderful memories

God bless you always, Dean

Carol Brown, Charmaine Chircop,  Christy Hardy, Audrey Carey, Gary La Buda,

Anthony Nutter, Caroline Cécile Paczynski, James Fraser,

Patricia Adams, L'nass Shango, Simone Segal, 

Sara Kendrick,  Constance La France, Jessica Arteaga, Andrew Crisci,

Mary Meade Stephenson, Robert A. Dufresne, Derrick Burton, Carolyn Devonshire, 

Linda-Marie Bariana, Karen O'Leary,  Krista Kurth, Richard Pickett, Geoffery McHugh,

John Loving iii, Juliane Thomas, Deborah Guzzi, Andrew Crisci,  Joshua  Lacey ,Tara Jennings,

Eduardo Orozco, by Diane Christian, James Marshall Goff,  Larissa Sanchez, Marty Owens, 

Jon Sledge, Sharon Weimer, Ernilando Tugaff, Nathan Leccese, Angie Washine,Kat Crane 

Donna Golden, John Freeman, Lena Townsend, Barbara Gorelick, Jodie Quintero, 

Matthan Atherton, Catie Lindsey, Diogenes Zuniga, Sue Mason, Kate Mcnaughton, 

Trudy Diane Rider, Kate W, Amber Jenkins, John Freeman, Amber Jenkins, Krystal Cochrane, 

Prince Freakasso, Abe Lopez, Autumn Page, Tumelo Ame Mogotsi, Becky Harmon

Derrick Burton, Jessica Kellems, Rebecca Pasco, Michael Jordan, Izzy Gumbo

Ernilando Tugaff, Laura Mckenzie, Raul Moreno, Vince Suzadail Jr., Adeleke Adeite

Cherica Eckiwaudah, Nathan Leccese, Cesar Cantu, Justin Hensley

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Autumn Mix,
lords great fix,
falling upon the ground,
I will keep hounding,
the falling leaves swirling,
round in circles,
like a hurricane,
they are sure not plain.

Veins pretruding through the array of autumnal colors,
forget your pink and purple pastels,
it's your browns, yellows, and reds,
forlorn above our heads,
so sharp could cut like a pin prick to the paper skin,
I could never forgive,
or mourn or lose,
this beautiful, radiant, and cut throat season. 

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A Review

I have been told by some that this poem is very angry and a slap in the face. Please understand that is the point. It is meant to be from another persons point of view.  Words that are indeed harsh but still saying, life throws harshness at us, but you must carry on. Keep that in mind when reading this poem, thank you all for reading my work.
Like frostbitten limbs lay bare to the ice cold breeze of a winter’s day

- Cold and without feeling are your words.

As the burnt orange autumn leaves that lay half decayed upon the ground

- So too your words fall flat.

Without neither substance nor imagery; these words that my naked eye follow across 
the page.

.....Now lick your wounds and learn from this.

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Knives which cut through 
    the turgid atmosphere
 Arrayed on our shelf 
     like bowling pins in an 
      Long forgotten quarrels
have left their mark
    on the terrain
and on we(ourselves)
     The deepening red 
of an autumn sun
   Pours through my window 
like a fox
      searching for its prey
      The daggers tempt us
We are left 
      alone with them
Our sorrow runs through 
    the afternoon
On into the evening
  When the light fades
we turn towards the 
   shining knives
   Take hold of one
Slice the night in two!

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Yuletide Aria

The harp and lute sing in duet:
filling the air with songs of peace.
Audience can't help but to sigh, so deep;
as the voices of heaven
descend the earth.

The flute has whispered
to the autumn breeze-
the carols of winter,
and yuletide greets;
children read the notes of mirth
as they await
the birth of hope.

Indeed, a symphony has now commenced,
among the angels and chapel bells;
and yet the child, in his corner, dreams: 
swaddled in humble tattered piece.

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Anti-Physic 5: Bradburying

"When I stand with this silence
between us all, we are still never here --
and then I move and your whole world
shifts, and there you are.  We were."
                                              -- Tom Mars

and he had told her that he loved her, out here
between the valley of the shadow of dead twin
suns and the petrified web of the tinfoil
rocketship's silver scaffold, here, with the
wind snapping into the cult and bolt of them
and they were lead, precious pewter parachuted
across the little lakes of mercury like so many
silvered fishes smeared on sound   Going
their own separate ways together   The
wind weaved a momentary pyramid of sometimes over
them   They breathed like partime pharaohs
disfigured as so many lovely paradoxes, holding
back the frenchblue gaseous
night with the infamous electric lights of
there own selfish suckled selves, especially
right here in this nubended yellow room of
a world, jaundiced by the naked raw bulbs
of stars and the disappointment of crushed
cigarette lives   A kind of Autumn came for them and
the cadmium ground was lost leaves of foreign sands, out
here between the last light and their starship,
their thoughts caterwauling into
the limestone dusk of an alien world's
amphitheatre of the sensual, licked in its
familiar percussions, she had walked laughing

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Cold Moon

Cold moon
Cherry-black autumn leaves
Fill this abandon grave

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The intimate structure of becoming

I get out in the street and 
in this this strong light
I can see the muscles of the men
looks like their intoxication
just like me 
always with something new
something else
near to one day.

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They Said Goodbye

As they end their search
for fireflies with only 3 in the jar
I realize summer is nearing its end.
The signs are all around me.
How did I miss them creeping up? 

The tiger lilies that proudly 
lined the driveway, 
greeting each guest with a
brilliant show of color, 
are now nothing more than green
swords waving at the kids as they
ride their bikes past.
The once bright orange blooms
are lying on the ground
crisp and brown
waiting for the next good breeze 
to take them on their first (and last)   journey.

The neighbors tree is starting to
change into it's Autumn wardrobe already.
Its uppermost leaves shimmering in the sun
an almost exotice combination of
reds and oranges.
Its message reads as clear
as if it were a billboard: 
''SLOW DOWN- Summer ending soon! ''

I see even the kids are showing
signs of Falls quick approach.
They're losing that spring in their step 
and now are moving along at half-pace.
They seem to sense the upcoming school year
and I can see the dread in their eyes
as if they're losing their best friend
and there's nothing they can do about it.

With a look of hopelessness
I watch them open up their jar
to release the 3 fireflies.
But, unlike their usual releases
where they tip the jar upside-down
and shake the creatures out, 
this time they just removed the lid
and set the jar on the picnic table.

They sat there patiently
watching until the last firefly 
had found its way out.
It was as if they knew 
this would be the last time 
they caught them until next year 
and they needed time to say goodbye.

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A voice. A torrent cry entitled goodbye

A morning fades its bright light somewhere

Underneath a virginal rain. This day shrills

Drawing afar it seems to halt all that is lust or dirt.

Youth’s love is nothing left

Nothing to bury out into the sea of doubt

Flying above the icy touch once that was flame

Dying now like frozen tears creating

Up a clustered window in the Rockville.

In pain I know my experience could not be

Told or minded up with silly lyric then it might remain;

The guest in which appeared to witness

A last plum-blossom breast that hope I deplore

Always the autumn before you naked as a vulnerable capillary. 

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Sunny Days of Autumn

Awesome days!
Chrysamthum lined landscapes,
in hues of golden orange, every
shade of yellow, deep reds, purple
and white edged in shades sparkling
with pink and mauve.
Dimpled rainbow smiles carress and
tease the day.
Leaves are few, no raking need we do.
Not yet enough for kicking or frolicing 
These sunny days of autumn I'll not soon 


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An Ode to Age

You longer blaze in the summer heat, 
You breeze in the autumn wind.

Does my change concern You as much?
By what means, 
do we clinch the elasticity of Your skin?

By what measures,
 do we clench the extensiveness of Your muscles?

To keep You warm,
To keep You here, 
To keep You.

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Days Of Autumn

As the leaves ,
Off the trees in autumn,
The winds begin to get cooler,
And everwhere you look,
Everything is as beautiful and astonishing,
For the breezes of the winds,
Cool everything off i the world,
Which brings breath taking gardens,
To the piles of leaves,
Which children enjoy leaping,
Into with plenty of imagination,
Bringing plenty of happiness and joy,
To their pleasures in life,
But seeing all the wildreness,
That comes out during this season,
Is like seeing the Heaven's above,
For you can see all God's creatures,
To admire them all,
All the days of your life,
For they all come out to feed and let you see them,
So give Him praise,
For all the beauty He keeps sending,
Which we are glad to see
All the way from being a small girl and boy.

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Conservation Autumn

The days of autumn approach,

I walk through God's kingdom,

The towering trees reaching towards the sky,

A maple leaf tree touched by God's rainbow,

Leaves red, yellow and green covering the walkways,

I walk to the lake calm and reflective,

Ducks swimming about, 

The sky is blue with a few clouds,

Radiant rays of the sun shinning,

The walk is long and very much appreciated.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Extension of its Own Self

The ground is covered with leaves A grouping of orange all around A reddish purple exists Where green used to be There lies the shadow From a tree that stands In formation With more of these leaves Some a lavender color The tree stands firm A solid trunk it has This skeleton of branches And of a firm base Is reflected directly Onto the ground Lending a mirror view With the leaves on the ground Looking just like the leaves That are on the tree itself Beauty upon beauty It looks like an extension Of its own self These two are united Through the ground
Russell Sivey

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The Sigh of Autumn

The rains have washed away
all the streets and uprooted the trees
while the grass stays covered with raindrops
making the water seep inside the shoe's skin
There is a mother who stands at her doorstep
She waits for her children to come back
cares and cleans their muddily drenched clothes
and washes their hair with soap
it has taken all her time, to leave her
with the thought of nothing but them
She cooks daily and listens to dailies
this is how she spends her time 15 years later
no other care in the world but
obsessed with her midlife crisis
she has forgotten her dreams were once killed
when she got married early. 
All through the years she never once regretted
but today when the rains have departed
she discovers she could be what she couldn't be
and now she wants her children to be.

the sigh of autumn
comes in life
when dreams are mirrored in other lives

The old man wanted to pursue law
instead works in a bank.
he has built a world with his two kids
and makes them study what he left on a page, blank,
his children listen to him carefully
when he retells his story
to them it is a new discovery
of what their father could have been

the sigh of autumn
comes when the leaves dry out
your dreams are visited in the catacombs

and now he is older and another on the bed
they could be more but they like
to laze and order from there......
and they don't have regrets
just different stories to tell

the sigh of autumn
is whispered when their little ones
get tired of them...........

The sky darkens
ignited by the lightening
a few people stand on their balconies to watch
a family sits and plays card
and another day another say
Sigh if you like, the autumn will go by
until it reappears..............

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Red Autumn Darkens Her Trail

the road through red autumn leaves darkens her trail

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Autumn Middle Darkness

Middle Darkness

What has been – once was – a brilliant time.
This season was unable to delight / fill these eyes.
Old Man Autumn, had to fill in for Jack Frost,
painting Mother Natures verdure in washed-out hues.
Old Man Autumn, could no longer wait for Jack Frost’s,
hand to touch the core, the heart and leave his
multi coloured cloak to greet Old Man Winter.

Fact is, at the end days of October,
naked stood much of Mother Nature’s dress of foliage,
nothing much left of the canvas for Jack Frost, 
to paint his master piece upon, even if
he should have laid his rime all around,
had he come sooner to touch all that could
lay beneath his icy fingers, his cold stare.

This and other disappointments are all
that filled these old eyes, this tired mind
as this long, long, cold, black snake passed
beneath my heart, beneath my soul,
carried my spirit, mile upon mile,
from whence I came.
back to, from whence I came.

B. .J. “A” 2
November 10th 2007

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At the end of the day

At the end of the day...

When you are tired
When you have worked too hard
I will take your hand and lead you
Through the woods to the mountain pool

I will undress you
And carry you
Into the cool refreshing water

I will wash your silken hair under the waterfall
I will caress your tired body
And invigorate you with sweet smelling oils
Crushed from wild herbs

I will kiss you dry
And dress you in a gossamer gown
And lead you back to our table

I will feast you on fruits of the forest
And jasmine tea

Then I will take you in my arms
To our bed of moss
And under an eiderdown of autumn leaves
I will caress your body

My hands and my lips will explore you
Gently tracing an outline of your sensual curves
I will linger in the hills
And slowly cross the plain

And when I reach the essence of your femininity
We will wrap our bodies around each other
And dance in unison to the fire of our passion

And I will love you and treasure you
Honour and protect you
Until the end of time

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Autumn blues

After you left
I daydreamed about your smile
And listened to your voice
In the echoes of my mind.

Outside, beyond the loneliness
Of my heart,
The crisp golden rouge 
Of autumn tumbled in
Sweeping and floating 
In a melancholic haze;

Yet here, alone
With the worn fabric of 
My memories
 I just existed and fell
Into your smile 
That continually looped
Over and over again.

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Leaves of Autumn

The streets are gold and red with leaves 
From the autumnal rains
Rain on windows glistens and returns
I wipe the fog from the glass
To see people with broken umbrellas
Walking towards a downtown train
Buses hiss and roar as they stop to pick up passengers
It is a hullabaloo. 
Monet paintings reflect my emotions
Eyelids wide shut.
Can a moth make you insane?
It flutters around the flame.
It has a purpose.
Like the people on the street
We are all destined to end.
Yet we keep on going.
Knowing there is an end.
The droplets slowly make there way down
Inklings of death
The truth is not known
But the end is clear
I watch the leaves swirl
They are already dead
A season pasted
A season too early to have ended.
What is it that makes us tick?
The leaves move in slow motion
Lifting up towards the heavens and then….

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Autumn Raid

The evening bulb shone dimly, in the almond ale sky.
Wispy winds scatter seasonal paper nuts, about my tiny feet. I am a simple rodent, who enjoys the many shades of life. Littering the curved chestnut nails, I scurry with my kin towards our evening meal, Inside the human burrow, a most familiar shade. My siblings nip at my newborn heel. "Gather what you can," I tell them, "quietly and without strife." Heed my orders, cloaked clan true, and before I knew, we had returned to the shaven wheat. Twirling sighs graze my cobalt coat. Are we living a lie? Relieved that the task is done: another foray, we have won; Another night, to feed my young; Together, here, with everyone. Yonder days, O hominal aid! Alas we borrow, but none repaid! In time, perhaps, we'll cleanse our debt. (In their ears, I whispered as they slept.) - Never forsake, the Autumn Raid.
The evening bulb shone brightly, in the plump plum sky.

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Autumns Awakens

the autumn smells of home awakens me
the leaves of brown are fallen from the trees
the sights are all around me, now I see
as I walk the hills so free

the farmlands vastly are alive to me
I'm home to walk the hills and see
the animals make nests to sleep
warm thru winter's snow to keep

the smells of freshly baked pies
hams, eggs, breads, fruit arrive
from harvest blessings before my eyes
of hardwork done from summer time

blankets, sheets, rugs out on the lines
washed and dryed just in time
quilts to air out, clean and fresh
before the winter, for the beds to dress

autumn jobs, more or less
busiest times at our best
autumn awakens farmers,
before the snowy winter's rest
before the snowy winter's rest...

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Sun dappled leaves
grow verdant colours
as autumn carries on towards the first snowfall of winter

loving this season
the child in me
kicks the leaves that lay dormant at my feet
loving the cruch and textures
that lay
like a comfortable blanket
I wrap myself in -

outside my window
the children trick or treat
dressed in ghoulish attire that pleases the givers of candy and treats
while fireworks
explode into bright falling colours
lighting up the evening sky in celebration of those gone before

this season is a time of introspection for me
as I gather courage to face another year
whist recognizing beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
and my life,
as the seasons come and go,
becomes ever more interwoven with the complexities
that time delivers.

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Nature's Gift

A beautiful autumn sunrise.
A burst of red and gold rising
Slowly over the still lake.
An exquisite sight to behold.
The autumn morning comes alive
With all nature's sights and sounds.
Behold it while you may,
Sunrise is so fleeting.

A sunny October morning
With an early chill in the air.
Curled into a deck chair,
Steam arising from coffee cup.
Watching the early birds hunting,
Poking through the crisp, dry leaves.
Chirping to each other.
Scurrying here and there.

The deer tentatively approach
To nibble on the tree branches.
Necks stretch high in model pose.
Unmindful of human presence
They pretend not to notice me.
I pretend not to see them.
This beautiful morning
Is nature's gift to me.

for Catie Lindsay's focus on syllables contest (8,8,7,8,8,7,6,6)

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I haven't seen the ashes all summer
Witnessed the flowers collapse into dust,
The violator rose's lavender petals
Dancing the breeze 
Through my bedroom window

I haven't felt the autumn rain
Nor caught a leaf or planted grain,
The garden shed's closed for the winter,
And the music band understand 
Six months shall wait till there next date

Spring shall break and summer fall
The crops shall fail reduced for sale
A tired sun upon the land tries to lend a helping hand
Raped for prosperity to profit the Deity 
The tears of our land can’t be felt by man's hand    
I haven't seen the ashes all summer!!

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Trees and the Leaves

In distant field of leaves Trees sway in afternoon breeze Somber is the feel about them Encasing passages to peace Reflecting on past autumn days Where trees left their leaves behind And wind blew them around But loneliness engulfed those days And missing are the play mongers Silently the air bursts through Lifts leaves above their heads To land back onto their impressionable hearts The children play beyond the wind filled air Playing beyond the years of the solemn trees Which secretly love each and every moment
Russell Sivey

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Dead Typewriter

Gabriel A. Levicky


Here I go again!
The not-so blind date
With history
Narrowed my and-I-thought-they-have-seen-everything eyes.  
All I can touch 
A paper, a report
Blown in from the past. 
Everything else becomes a crippling echo.
Paris 9.4.1942
Attention: Eichmann.

Time: 8:55 am, transport # D901/23
From Le Bourget-Drancy to Auschwitz
With 1000 Jews
Has been just dispatched.*
Each Jew received 2-week provisions.
Please confirm.

Neatly typed Pica letters report.
On a polished typewriter,
A victim of war,
Now long dead.
The earth is not round yet
It is not turning.
Only the past is rotating, whirling
In the autumn park carousel.
Now you feel it.
Now you don’t.

NYC, October’ 01

*Based on the found written report dated 9/4/1942, sent at 10:30 AM by an  anonymous Nazi officer stationed  in Paris
 to Eichmann 
in Berlin

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Open wide, my sisters. 
Prepare your hearts 
To make welcome the light 
That would ask us 
To become mothers, 
Bringers of the dawn. 

Release your burdens 
In this human condition, 
For the time is now. 
Seven generations 
Of unborn ancestors 
Depend upon our attention. 

Eldership has come 
To the autumn of our medicine. 
Let each word represent 
What we would teach our family. 
Here is where matriarchy must begin. 

Our Grandmothers are dying 
As moments slip 
Into eternity, 
Yielding the future unto us. 
Transcend your fears 
So we may attain our purpose.

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Two Sky Lobster Poems

In the autumnal twilight two pink red sky lobsters 

in pots are slowly hauled in by black fishing smacks 

that are sailing north, while  the white sea around 

them compete with the black water churning a bluish grey 

by the boat's propeller as this gorgeous sky at night closes in.

Two red fighting lobsters chase a black lobster boat

across the autumnal twilight, as if they could trick the  

boat into sailing into a whirlpool capsizing the law of 

the sea, only for the boats to be saved by the enveloping night.  

world of a whirlpool as boof the deep vacating their 

of an autumn twilight

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Shriveled and dried and near death
The leaves depart the branches and spin to the ground,
In the the vortices of the autumn chills, to be swirled
And swept into piles ignominious 
In shallow hollows windless
Of the bare garden, girding itself for the loneliness of winter.

An old man sits huddled on the bench, 
Face pinched with the cold, 
Smoothing and re-smoothing a photo
Of a lost wife who took her last leave 
At the end of summer, departing ignominiously,
Fainting and injuring her head in the street :
And he prepares himself for the winter of his loneliness.

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Red And Gold

Red And Gold (Hourglass) Like to keep autumn all year the seasonal splendor soft and gentle breeze sparkle of love red and gold nature bright bright nature red and gold sparkle of love soft and gentle breeze the seasonal splendor Like to keep autumn all year Erich J. Goller Copyright 9.20.2011 “Hourglass” by George L.Ellison 12 lines 7/6/5/4/3/2/2/3/4/5/6/7 syllables Rhyming optional, any subject…

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October's Painted Leaves

Heaven’s landscape emerges 
radiating the evening firmament;
splashing a colorful face.
A twilight atmosphere lingers
a fresh lull to the season.
Crisp fragrances enhanced 
with dew;
cleanse arid land awaiting
a chilling dusk.   

Hilltops lavished with evergreen
and spattered with oak;
adhere to October’s painted 
as autumn births. 
Pumpkin orange with crimson
red lie lifeless on earth floor;
mounding in heaps of hue
in an elaborate display.

Lanterns with little feet
travel through somber stillness;
hoping for a treat of sweets.
Allhallows Eve embraces
October’s painted leaves…
with applause.
Hiding goblins, witches, and
headless horsemen in its wake. 

Copyright © 2007 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Winters Call

Winters Call

The leaves of autumn act out in defiance 
Clinging to their branches, desperate to remain
Their brilliant red and gold has now grown rusty
Their voices rustling glumly in the trees

Chilling winds encroach upon the landscape
A prelude to a season yet to come
Preparing a new canvas on which nature
Will create a new and brilliant pastel theme

Pale blues and pinks and whites soon overtake us
Icy fingers pinch color to our cheeks
Sounds of the season seem to speak more softly
Muted by the presence of the snow

Life’s tempo moves now with a quickened cadence
A new urgency is added to our tread
We surrender to the pristine hills and meadows
And embrace a world alive with Winters breath 

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Love unreciprocated and sufferings untold,
From eons undated and ages old.
Now, fresh menacing storms lash against me,
The all-bearing leaf of the autumn tree.

And now, hope is drained and faith is low.
And at the pinnacle of pain, I finally let go.
And smiling one last time at my cruel world,
Into the winds, myself, I throw.

My body is blue and my soul is lost.
I merge, 
I merge and become one with the frost. 

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Warmth of sun upon the ground

Spring forth flowers - spring

Snow drops and primulas

Radiating colours amongst the greenery - evergreen

Leaves of autumn still remain

A mulch and cover for comfort from frost

Lavender velvet green - buds bursting

Renewed growth to flower - violet

Aroma of renewed soil

Life in earth again.

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All The Leaves That Autumn Takes

every leaf that fill blue sky does autumn make please tell me why leaves that swirls behind us shall not break are all the leaves that autumn takes

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choose the words

verbal vomit
her words spill the lines of decency
she skates round rational reason with a wicked grin
waylaid by sharpness of her cold wit
put up a defense of heartfelt loves as your intent
but you know its not enough
there can be no sanity when its her vanity at stake
so you fold up your loves and blessings neatly

she all too gladly provides shackles for your heartstrings
with victory's rainbow secure in her cold hand
wild eyed you watch it all unfold
like nobility captured by the whim of poverty

her words fill you with noxious ideals
till she thinks your on the verge of surrender
you still choose
to live with an open heart and open mind
that darkness may spell out a pretty song
but its you in the end who writes your own heart's poems
if you trust in the beauty of the caring

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Forgotten Family

I have been there once before,
Yet it can't be just a memory from my past,
But only in my dreams and that I am sure.
For it were, not only in my mind it would have last.

So red and gold were the leaves of autumn,
They are falling sweetly still or so it seems.
A picture painted in my head, and yet so vivid.
If I could feel it, would it still be called a dream?

Their laughing faces fill my heart with happiness,
And now all they seem to do is fight.
How can I show them now what true love is?~
When I have tried and tried and tried with all my might. 

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A thousand eyes Looking into

A thousand eyes,
Looking into ? 

As I look out my window, there,
thousands of Autumn Green Eyes, stare.

They dance on the breath of cold, cruel winds,
blowing beneath the caresses of rain drops, 
- there, hanging in the grips of cold air –
in the hands of these Autumn days.

They are reaching out, touching the hands
of the Grim Reaper, as he stands.

There, upon the threshold of Winter’s dream, 
a new tomorrow, that will Spring 
to life in another season.


I am reminded of you my Dear.
You, whom I will never forget, I fear.

B.J."A" 2
October 17th 2009

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Static Light

Static Light

Lightning - Moneca, her name – electrified my spirit,
shocked my soul into a glowing light of desire,
a desire to live beyond the states of neutrality, 
of stagnation that existed – all that was left for a once
moving, vital,  vibrant being that was, once, 
and now is again hanging onto the very edges
of what is left - of youthful adventures,
of those experiences and journeys.

How does one’s spirit, one’s soul hang onto 
the very edges of hazy dreams, of misty desires.
That elusive light of golden hues and Autumn greens ?
How does the knight, in realization of, lay down his sword
and give up the quest for love’s light- ning ?

B. J. “A” 2
May 5th 2008

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Sunny Days of Autumn

Awesome days 
with chrysanthemum lined landscapes,
hued in sunset golden orange sky with
yellow shades, deep reds, purples, white
spilling into every shade in dimpled pink
rainbow smiles.

Leaves are sparse these first days...
No raking need we do;
surely not enough for kicking or frolicking
in sweet toned laughter...
Yet, these sunny days of autumn I'll
not soon forget.

Sat. October 6, 2007
 1:30 p.m.


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The Colors 7x7

The colors full of crackle,
the leaves dance beneath your feet;
Moonlight mingles with the wind,
a perfect street symphony;
As you walk you are the drum
creating magic tonight;
The center of Earth's sweet song.

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Dream Lover

Across the time
Across the miles
He calls to me
My heart turns
Yearning to run through years
                    That part
                                      Like autumn grass
Peering into the sunrise of yesterdays
Longing for his 
In my dreams he paces
                            Eager in the wildwood garden
On the path I cannot find
Searching through moonlit nights
 I falter
Always searching
            Until dawn turns his face to daily cares

If I close my eyes I see him
Sharp as lions’ teeth
Bronzed face lit with smiles of distant days
Does he see me
Across the stormy seas
My arms open in surrender
Does he squint into the sunrise
 When the mighty wind I send him
                        Fills his sails
Does he
Feel my breezy gaze 
From sweaty brow to booted foot
Lift his hair in wild abandon
Steer his ship
Slicing through the fog between us?

In the stormy nights
 I hear him calling
Thunder passion
Beating with my heart
He will find the way
We will meet
in Dreams

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Shooting Blanks

In time corpse shine twilight sun  had tainted my inner vision
Shooting blanks at the rooster just supose another number feeling somber
Doesn't any wonder?
The inclusion within vile pathetic outrage
Shooting blanks as busy as Tyra Banks in bikini eating linguini
Torpedo, remember Frank Serpico?
Frantic in Autumn looking brightly colored orange 
In pivotal choices sense of remoseful inclusion
In dirty laundry vile smell who could tell
A window opens air will blow to breath in the steam,
Shouts of glory to untold story morning glory;
Shooting blanks getting lost in the shark tank
Romantic interlude toward vanity
In tuned harmony to its hidden beasts menagerie
Shooting Blanks in the phone at the door

At the beach while Mrs. Polly eating a peach.

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The city, it cried endless tears
as the night took over 
faster and faster 
the fragile part exploded in ways
never seen before

it was as if one night,
fate took a gamble 
and at that hour in which they met
two souls from separate corners of the earth
hadn't know a thing

night by night 
their spirits wandered aimlessly
until the aim had magically become each other
without conscious reasoning or acceptance
that's how they took over one another

his words echoed like a hymn 
where each word was nothing short of divine
and she was often caught breathless
he even tended to parts unknown 
distant and melancholy 

her words entrapped him 
in which she often whispered
"come here, let me show you how to be loved."
vulnerability, she no longer feared
but was convinced,
to lay nothing down but the truth 
after all, came autumn 
the season of change and new beginnings
to them it would be a time of much more
because they were each other's new dawning.

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He fancies

I was scolded for littering an orange peel.
I and this couch and an iguana melt.
I am longing for things to be more than real.

She blushes like a child in an autumn fog.
She bleats to scare winter from the ridge of her nostrils.
She grows like a berrypatch in moonlight, after the thaw.

He is my friend’s iguana there.
He looks comfy on the couch.
He only wants to feel good.

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The sight of the first leaf's fall..
And I know it all.
Autumn has come
I know its time to run, play, hop with glee
For Autumn isn’t my enemy.
Some may hate my prankster friend with her mess and coming of cold,
But no, not I! I love her bold and messy ways.
I love when she makes the trees wave.
I love the piles of leaves that liter my hair
making me into a bird's loving home.
She drys the summer’s sweat with her crisp, cool air.
She lets me dress in crimson, brown, and sunshine garbs.
She constantly mocks the long-headed stooge.
Oh, Autumn you bring with you joyful rain
And the promise of new life.
You wake my inner child.
Until we meet again my dear friend.

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Minutes away from my basket, hope it fills up this time.
Don’t have a token , but I’ll  flip a dozen with a smile.
I hope the rumors around don’t hinder my chances, willing to run the mile.
I like to seek the meek, rockers, the poor, and shoes of all sizes.
I love you all, you are my all in all, hope to see you at the mall.
Last fall, I flipped a shining coin, honey, I hope I catch a golden coin like yours. 
Please Aunt Pam, don’t whip me this time I just might bring a pile.
Minutes before my alarm clock rang, I awoke to smell the dew of the morning.
Minutes away from my basket, Aunt Pam, I just might be your sunshine.

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The soul is an alley,
littered with guilt.
The mind is a sausage
perched on a stilt.

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Ode to Autumn

Another half-turn complete
To the lazy jazzy beat
Dying down.
Trade winds sail
The winter monsoon on its tail
Time to sell those sunshine shares
Time to pass on the rites of summer
To those lovely fellas down under
In the southern hemisphere.
We exchange presents
This time of the year.

And so the artist prepares his paint:
Two parts water, one part yellow, one part orange.
His airy brush sweeps across the terrain
Coating the leaves with shimmering golden rain.
The rattling branches still beneath his soothing hand
A crisp, crinkling choir of leaves sing as they softly land.

He caresses the earth’s sunburnt skin
He kisses my chapped, uplift chin.
He sends the swallows soaring high
Watching as they swoosh by in the clear blue sky
Then multiply.
With a smile he blows
Lets out a mild autumn chill
And catches the last dancing shadows
On the amber field.

To the winding whistling melody
Part three
Of a year long symphony. 

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Burnt Offerings

Scratching scraping bleeding panes...
Broken walls; marching through the halls
                                                "In progress." *

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the stapelia star

facsimile of
flora herself,
stapelia star &
s. pulchella,
s. hirsute &
s. variegate
(that special
all have
the nickname
“the rotten-
egg plant”
for a reason.

avec a 
the stapelia 
spits out a rancid
reminding one of
rotten & decaying
animal flesh,
or decomposing fruit
left too long in the 
mephitic & aesthetically
to the close observer.

staring at you like a
zebra starfish
out for the 
professed through
the stapelia
remains one of
south africa’s
boisterously blossoming
in the autumn &
summer months---
for our

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One Autumn Night

One Autumn Night
I looked at the moon on this autumn night.
I thought I saw a sad face on it.
Because Autumn was about to end on this one autumn night.

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Leaving behind, the red tulips
You leave, the unnamed autumn
That showered snowy flowers of silent concern.
Throwing thorns on my heart, 
Though it was out of question,
Since no thorns were born of friendship
You listed me in the group of fellows,
Not even to be looked at, of foes...

Alienating my lines of deep, but bitter affection
As we couldn't possess 
All that crept in our courtyard,
You showed me a vine without buds on
And taught me to be a less dangerous enemy,
Who could never attack, but only stay calm...

Attending to my waitings, first,
Listening to my words, you kicked me off
The steps of your worries...
You are not to be blamed!
My heart, so silly,the fly to fall in the dark
With its lights burning, not to wipe out the clouds
But to be damp in cries,is the culprit

Jailed are my pangs for you in the dungeons
Of untold revolts, of passion sinful..!

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We can see anything , anything 
	at all if we really truely believe
	... simple faces as description 
he scribbled in speech and action. So much Ambiguity.
Breaking Hives all over , jolt 
to and fro , match points flares has been.
	Held ashiver creeping bones o'er Dead Flesh
as autumn swam into His room in 
the Abstract's Artist's reaction to 
normal Gov. corruption : Told everything 
is fine , looking up silver lining alley. 
They say its democracy under terroist threat 
Dear default citizen 
	Oh how you amaze..

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Late Summer Cicadas

The cicada in autumn claws its love
Sounds against the glass door – I know
Love this way.  

These thoughts, upturned tables tossing
Contents, ours, mimic the grind of 
Violence sweet sugar, soot, love.

I don’t whose raspy voice 
Whose jagged-edged lips
Who raggedy broken tipped 
Claws life-splintered these 
Remembrances are,

	But I’ve heard the same raging rise 
	Scraping fade on battlefield’s: ghostly New Lisbon, 
Morgan’s Raid.

Many hopeful days crank I would
Pedals backward giving gravel 
The same great growl.

Now the greatness in the rough voice is between
The notes, the gap, the place where he waits
For an answer, so full of hope
 	We both could burst.

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morning book

she reads her morning book
in the autumn sunlight
and within our conversation she smiles radiantly
gives glimpse of hearts truth
natural beauty rendered of the soul
is a masterpiece that no artist of word or image
in subtle colors fine lines can duplicate
her burnished hair spread by morning breeze
her delicate gaze softly suffuse
natural beauty so sweet to the eye
but it also the natural kindness she shows
to the odd souls around her
that illustrates clearly the best of humanity
she brings out the best in all of us
she makes me want to be a better man
she reads her morning book
resplendent in the autumn sunlight
a radiant woman of delicate beauty
she wants to learn, change and grow
she makes me want to be a better man

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At the end of the summer
The heartbreak begins,
But, until then,
Get down with your sins

This sentence
Is long and blurred,
And the ending’s been cut back
By three simple words

I hate you
Has been omitted again
Or I love you was said
And that was the end

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 Paris, France, 1986

By the window I sit
	When the rainy and blue sky
Are still highly above the sky, and the shadows made them tall and endless
	But  if I decided to write this,
Would it echoes through my pencil and awake her?
When I was still remembering the autumn atonement 
	And I pick up my impulse
And I shuttle up my imaginary line.
	Oh glares will!
I still sitting down there
	By the window and the blue-darkness sky looks at me
And alone with the moonlight 
	And weary eyes...
Reading the giddiness songs
	I felt safe to myself throughout
This anew coming and I see myself sitting now
	By the wooden fire
The Paris night is so beautiful indeed!
	I see myself against the shadow
Such as hers! I do not know;
	And see you, too, were walking over me.

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Silent Intermissions

Up again at that fragile time when the morning eats the night,
memories of you stain like dew on my mental grass,
open window and empty glass.

Leave me easy like the departing pigeons,
drift away like loose perfume on the autumn wind,
the sun doesn’t need an excuse to sleep in,
and this film doesn’t need your intermission.

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Blue Poetry: Improvision no 1 by Ronald S Porter

blue poetry curls and rises like smoke from a cigarette ' til the air is hazy with fog-like emotion and.. the ambiance shifts perspective on...right and wrong on pleasure and pain loss and gain... nebulous concepts once clear in the mind, appear as seen through gauze. while i pause and reflect on what's been wrecked and what has survived cause Blues is just a feeling feelings change colors like autumn leaves on a tree. deep in Indigo emotion i sit and write Blue poetry and, wait for my change to come.

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The Seasons

MODESTLY FLAUNTING her brilliant bright wear,
Thus it is often the seasons collide.
One is too eager to put on her show,
The other reluctant to give up her reign.
SWEET Summer is BITTER for being ousted,
While Autumn  CALMLY and BELLIGERENTLY pushes her out
Knowing full well that her own time will come
When Winter will VIOLENTLY EASE her away.
Spring however, abides her time.
She's never too early and never too late.
Spring SIMPLY SPARKLES with splendor while she is here.


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Fast Mind In A Dim Room

The room is empty but for shadows
My mirror is reflecting the setting sun
See clearly
How flowers shrink
And the spark is leaving

Targets are in reach
But the mind runs slow
Everything is achieved
And now my skills decay

But the sight is widening
And details appearing
Senses awakening
Even though
The bright is paling

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The crushed glass candle flickers to life,
As Autumn dusk glows through my window.
Geese arrows fly breathless through many
Bare limbed mazes as the flame slowly dies.
Now all that's left for me to know is
The sidewalk is hushed and the loon's call cries.

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On my golden back roads

                                On my golden back roads

Both sides of my road are clothed in gold,
Swaying trees carrying their autumn splendor,
And golden petals are floating gracefully to the ground.
Fragrant leaves cover the lane, 
Rustling under my feet as I kick them
Into the heavily scented fall air.
Here and there brilliant reds
 Break up the sunny yellow expanse,
And purple asters cluster in between,
 Accentuating the bold color celebration.
On my right, I pass a white donkey grazing peacefully,
While a seriously pedaling bicyclist 
Exchanges a smile and a wave with me.
Firewood, waiting for those colder days, 
Is stacked on porches decorated with fat golden pumpkins.
I take a deep, satisfying breath of air, 
Filled with fall scents and fall joy,
 And smile.

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my dream

I dream of a time when earth is green and Spring is fresh 
And Summer’s sun bathes the soul and Autumn shows its 
Falling colors and Winter brings a Christmas shower white
And pure its beauty so adored

I dream of when lions laze with the grazing lambs and 
Tigers have no deadly deed as the antelopes find a place
To feed and crocodiles rest in swampy sands undaunted 
By those who walk on the nearby land 

Then I wake to war and violence pestilence and disease 
And the night weeps for the children lost in the web of
Despair have nothing to eat and the day is sad for you 
Care not what they’ve had 

And as you ride the tempest greed the choices you make 
Leave this world in follies wake and men from a hungry
Clan with their outstretched distressed hand can only find
A plate at the table of the garbage gate 

As you sit in your towers conceit concocting your crimes 
Filling the fields with deadly mines that kill and maim as
Children play their childhood games 

Wives weep and mothers morn as those you sent to fight 
Your wars you bring some back battered and broken 
Veterans of agony lost in the quandary of a shattered 

And then you let your unbridled tongue give birth to the 
fires that burn the core of those who do not support you 
And when I try to go to my home you make me pay a 
ghastly toll 

But I will not compromise nor acquiesce to the repugnance
Of your request for the time will come when you must tell 
Your story and the truth will be knocking at your conscience 

And in the aftermath of your worldly experience the land of 
the wailing souls awaits

As I dream in paradise

Earl S. Jackson
July 2007

Copyright © 2009 Earl S. Jackson, all rights reserved.

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Golden Years

As my mind looks back
On life, our love still grows in twighlight
Years like autumn leavees.

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An old green t-shirt, in the corner
Lying on the floor, crumpled and faded,
Thoughts of the intended owner have their say,
All manners of time have left their stain in white,
Scoffing as they leave, post haste and diligently,
Dilema to the head, to bask and smile at then
Or to perform  a twisting decay more towards today,
The t-shirt is tossed to the cold ground and rain,
A walk to search and scavenge for God knows what,
Impressions from a sigh atomize the rain,
Catching it in place long enough to feel its leave,
Paths of concrete softened with the sheddings of trees,
Soggy yellow wisps that once supplied,
An entire years worth of hope and life,
Until they too faded and now provide
Both support and resistance for distance I transverse,
Only as the rain secedes from the sky can my eyes rise,
We knew it was a facade, however well made,
Just like you said my eyes are ice, glazed and blind,
Clouds concealing stars.

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A Rainy Autumn Day

                       The pine trees murmur
In the drizzle of a cool September rain
                     The sound of autumn drips from leaves
As the scent of winter is beckoning

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one autumn day

One Autumn day
One Autumn day I watched the moon fall.
One autumn day I watched the leaves fall from the trees.
On Autumn Day, I watched the twin towers fall to the ground.
On this autumn, I saw tears fall from so many faces.
On this autumn day, we remember those that died.

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Trees Survive and Thrive

Their fingers stretch to the autumn afternoon sun
No longer limber, but now turning brittle and bare
Browns and red hues are the new colors, once green
While the approaching breezes move the fingers in the sun

The trees, still strong in their roots, now wither, but not die
They change with the weather, as people too, grow each year
Though with an appearance of death, they thrive internally
Growing silently within the timber and pith of their being

Each welcomed spring allows each tree to show its new clothes
Again, like people, they parade them proudly for all eyes to see
New shades of green will adorn them as a cloak against morning chill
Letting us witness the growth, once only internal, to be evident after fall

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Jhaine in a favela, I think

Jhaine in Brazil, I think
closest I can figger
'cause, we don't share some language
probably a generational thing
I suppose

many words I don't understand
many of the words
she writes
like music

but, the ideas, I think
I could help to explain

Jhaine, she comes across strong
seems to carry herself 

loves her baby

beautiful and strong

rise up, little sister, rise on up
above it all

and bring the ones you love
for you are beautiful

you are strong

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Venus: Figment of my Dreams

Cold, placid, chiseled marble striding a hollowed cone
My fingers, as bristling brush, swab finished surface
Lifeless mold with a bright, animated plaster glows
O'er seamless lines, into silted grooves felt tips roll
A mysterious script unscrolls, tingling fingers to prime
My tracing digits her supple, graceful texture unseals
Sketching, my throbbing pulse her graded essence peels
The features of her, soft, delicate face unfold
Through her engraved eyes, a sentient strain flows
Taut ears sift wind--warm vibrating touches on cold cheeks
Tightly-coiffed locks, as tentacles, around  my tendrils wrap
Just as my hands the features of her bass relief grasp
The visceral sculpture from my slumbering mind seeps
Once more, a hollow, still life vision clouds my dreams
Only the dry, stale plaster to my jaded eyes streams

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That Autumn Light

in every
corner of her smile
that autumn light
weaving this
tapestry of

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I love you, autumn
Welcome to my tropic paradise
The rivers swollen bosom
Bids you drink, and these blue skies
Solacing my mind,
Ask you now to dream, the earth
Beckons you its grassy pillow

For in our dream we never die
And love and life return
Like the eagle in the sky
To mock the sun that cannot burn
And over troubled mountains fly
Holding the gleam of delight
In the glassy eye
By being fed at nature's plight

Many names Demeter
Starve us not again
For want of growing grain or rain
But brim us with your wheat
Let the does come in
And let their milk be white upon our teeth.
For Persephone has come back
Her pomegranate harvest
Making glad the laden bee
Hermes has closed Hades cavern
Bringing us healing and joy
O let children go reap the flowers
The hearth is full of laughing
And deities their bargain keep
Love will sow and labor reaps
Joy will sing
And autumn brings
The bubbling time of thanksgiving

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Pieces of Me

A part of me was lost today.
Burned by the embers from the fire
I grieve with angst anew
from the bowels deep within.

My world stopped spinning today.
Skidding to a halt, leaving tire-tracks in my soul
I am submerged in the misery
that resides as an unwelcomed guest.

There is no sun today.
Blocked away, and incomplete
I am forever chained to the burden of this truth
Deep within, I’m mourning.

A part of me died today.
Stirring quietly in the autumn wind
Ashes of hope spread over the sea
as pieces of me are buried.

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Still night air,  heavy and wet. 
Damp my skin; I rise,  I sit. 
Cloudy dreams lie in shadow. 
Whispers of laughter. 
Promises of a kiss. 
The sound of hummingbird wings.  This cannot be. 
Midnight flight in Autumn?  
Stirring I stand. 
My balance amiss. 
Flop on the bed once more. 
Soft giggles.  
A whirring hum. 
I listen. 
Moonlight catches my eye. 
A shadow dance. 
My Window shakes. 
I ponder the disturbance. 
My lack of rest. 
Midnight visitors? 
I turned on a light,  
My feet find a floor. 
My shadow led the way. 
"To the window, "
I heard them say. 
Their voices soft. 
Tiny whispers. 
As I stood at panes
Of glass,  I unhitched
The clasp. 
By the fountain they play. 
Their skin silver
Shining in moonlight. 
Two fairy lovers. 
Holding hands. 
Legs and feet entwined. 
They turned their heads, 
Smiling at me. 
"Watch us finish this dance."
Then wish it to be. 
"You will have a Fae,  
Named for thee . "
Their skin glistening, 
They touched. 
Caressed and smiled. 
Aroused I stood. 
Entranced I stared. 
The lovers took my 
Mind to places
Both light and dark. 
When finished I wished for 
Them; the child they sought. 
" Mortal one,  it has come to be. 
A Fae will be named for thee. "

K. Kerry. 

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Bright are the ways of
The beautiful amber sun
Giving light to all

Entrancing the days
Of summer's marvelous ways
Until Autumn comes

To October's song
Do the leaves of Spring's trees dance
As all become red

In Winter's embrace
Purity of white cleanses
Tomorrow's next life

And again comes Spring
Heralding a new year's dawn
With green and bright color

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Forever Autumn nevermor

Come walk with me now
through the autumn trees
Hold my hand or not
Hear my voice if you please

Through fallen leafs in the mud
Painted beautifully red and orange
Fall is the season
That sparks thoughts of love

Air smells urgent
Stings our delicate skin
Come share this with me my dear
To you my heart I give
Stray not from my side
However long we live

If we so chose 
We'll build a house
High atop the trees
Make this forest our home
sharing our lives and souls

I will hunt for food
You can tend our garden 
Societies machine
no longer a present threat

At times we may hunger for our past
life’s we used to own Left far behind
Never shall we be alone
Or want for anything more

Come walk with me my love
to places far away
come stroll along the path I've made
 for only you and I

Come be with me my darling
under the autumn sky

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Hear the leaves rustling
Feel the wind blowing
See the rain falling

Hear the leaves rustling
The wind blowing them
Onto an undetermined destination

Feel the wind blowing
Cold against your cheeks
Moving, changing everything

Se the rain falling
Replenishing life
Restoring old to new

Autumn time
Beautiful colors
Rainstorms, rainbows
Wind, leaves


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Two of a Kind

Two peas in a pod....they are two of a kind
I can't help but smile, while I sit on the stump
By the old front porch, and watch them romp
In the warm autumn sun, on the cool green grass
Of the vast front yard ....where I clear my mind

This granddaughter, fair, and our golden lab
How can the same spirit flow from here to there?
From canine to child, as they dance the dance
And prance the prance, as if one and the same
As they play their if souls have exchanged

I shake my head, wondering.... which is which?
With Claire hollering as loud as I imagine she can
Quince wags his tail, like a circular fan...
If she could wag and he could holler
They would gladly trade places, I'll bet you a dollar

Claire running in circles, and he follows her lead
Claire jumping high, and he tries to exceed 
Two of a kind, with spirits to spare
That can cause one to laugh or pull out your hair 

From my perch by the porch, I'm watching them play
Love is so simple, without words needing said
Filled with such spirit, two peas in a pod
Love is so simple, just watch it unwind...
Just as God made them...they are two of a kind........

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5 senses



lake ontario
as the warm orange sun
sets on a clear evening



fresh hazelnut coffee
late, one autumn morning



soft fingertips
gently massaging the bottom of your
naked foot



the length of a sharp knife blade
dragged slowly down a chalk board



a leaf of maple sugar candy
on your tongue

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Who hasn’t watched boats bobbing in the shallows
Restlessly pulling at their slack tethers in the softly breaking waves?
They  are live things with souls that stretch out to the horizon,
And feel happiest  with the splash of deep saltwater against their cheeks.
Their boards shrink with dry sun and shelter, paint peels,
For they need to swell their flesh in life-giving  pitch and roll
And fill their sails with hopeful energy, their tillers leaning hard
Against the tide, and ropes taut as bowstrings,  heading  home,
Arrow-straight, as  geese in a late autumn sky, before sunset.

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You walked with me always.
Not raising the slightest thud of step.
I looked around, looking for you in vain,
You’re smart , hid yourself so clever.
You read aloud form my hush,
To the mob uncaring and revelling,
To the whirlwind, to the falling autumn leaves
To the winter, to the nursing cover of snow,
To the warmth of the summer sunshine ,
And to me as well.
I asked you, hoping to solve the doubt.
You kept mum and away.
I shivered with passion to kiss and hug you,
With malice unique you disguised always.
Still we in course of time derived a strong
Bond in between,
A bond of dependence, of unity.
You at times are like me as I as you
I spoke to my wife, of you rather spooked,
“slightly insane” was her answer.
I looked at my daughters in anguish
They were too busy with homework.
wavering, I told my friend beloved,
“Have a bath to cool off and a drink then”
He was googling to discover wonders.
Went to my mom and siblings,
“Stop smoking, drinking and be fearful”.

Wrote to my publisher to seek relief
“Stop reading and write more to the mass.”
I know you smiling at my agony,
Still a company to me in my shadow.
We are bonded, why need soothing elsewhere?
What to call our relationship?
I struggle hard to find a word to tell it.
A word that has not lost its identity.
A word that still holds its meaning .

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The Autumn Walk

I am guesting in God's house, 
Multi-dimensional and profound,
The beautiful scenery, tall maple trees,
Displaying their autumn colours,
The green grass lined with rainbow coloured leaves, 
What exquisite shapes,
A divine tall evergreen, almost reaching the sky, 
Clusters of pinecones on the upper branches,
Raindrops fall on the autumn scenery, 
Moistening the leaves and trees,
The air is so refreshing, cool then warm,
When the bright sunshine appears,
I am alone in God's world for awhile, 
Only to be greeted by a companion now and then,
I reach the palace as complex as God's kingdom, 
Thankful to be home again,
Seasons are appreciated this way, 
What a generous and complex God.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz


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In the Misty Cloak of Dawn

As I rose from my slumber this morning
Dawn was spreading her silvery light
Through the autumn mist

As I gazed into the hazy veil
I met your wonderful eyes
Radiant with the warmth of happiness and laughter

Sun, in all his glory, chased off the ethereal shroud
And the lustrous splendour
Of your silken hair shone through

And the full majesty of your frame and form
Amazed my eye, and delighted my soul
Your soft warm lips invited my kiss

I felt your amorous arms embrace me
As I caressed your sensual shoulders
And gently ran my fingers down your beautiful back

The feel of your soft curves against me
Quickened my heart and filled me with desire
But, alas, these thoughts were just inside my head

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I Never Saw A Tree

 I never saw a tree
To shed a tear of despair
Nor one to whisper into the night 
Never once to speak unto a crowd
Of the many deceptions of government.
   I never saw a tree
To put the wisdom of hatred in the air
To turn a man against a man
Nor remove a punished man's dream
A fallen child of society.
   I never saw a tree
To question the right within the wrong
As Man expands the grasp
To flatten the brethren woods
The intoxicating death through greed.
   And once, I saw a tree
Standing in the flames
Watching as our nation burned
Slowly from within
The deception within the lies.
   I never saw a tree
To wipe a nation clean
Sending humans to the grave
Extinguishing a source of life
A tree would need to breathe.
   I never saw a tree
Whispering unto a child
To fill a mind with forced illusion
Governmental hypocrisy.
   I never saw a tree
To charge me for the view
Nor to spread the false laced truths
To keep a people weak
Nor exalt itself unto another tree.
   And once, I saw a tree
Swayed by Autumn breeze
It shared with me the importance of life
The reason to torch the lie
As death became the leaves,
  As death became the leaves.
By: Darren J McMurray
       October 28, 2009

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Mylar Balloons

Unrine bottles piled high while a cascade of piza boxes float near the edge of the pile of garbage. Kings of well regard gather near a train. Scraps of food near by intrigues me but i pass it by for i am in more of a mood for breakfeast. English tea served burning hot fresh and ready for the Irish cream that I add to it feverishly. Serpents scale the wall of my pavilion and yellow lightning strikes fiercely across the autumn sky. Friends of mine regroup and relocate the saber of justice. I plunge my gladius into the beasts back severing the jugular and with no fanfare the devil dies..

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Mind Flight

The forest path pretends a voice
of purpose through distraction,
birds sound their curious intent, and then
the voices all around will cease to be,
time slows down,  the lake
too far away to break the spell.

There when the leaves were down,
I bought the measure of an ending
that would crush a saint, a wild cry
inside me, resonating in a memory
engraved in pain that only I could know.

Late autumn is the time for gathering
not only of the harvest, but the fruits
of loss, the tearing, grinding
resignation of the sundered heart,
ever too obtuse to understand

Then it is one may perceive
the place within, the soft retreat
that speaks a stranger tongue—
a flight from mindlessness 
to that familiar silent hovering. 
A restless peace it is, but on another plain, 
with still another kind of joy 
that glows behind the sunset clouds.

There is a promise still to come
that one may count upon—
to be sure, as yet unknown.
The flight is past.
The mind is home.

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The Long Night

The air hung heavily
depressed by the golden fall
of the sugar maples leaves
ripe with the sweet smell of Ida Red apples.

Rain-washed the breeze blew
through the clapboard’s chinks
into the closeted rooms of man.

Rabbits, raccoons and deer forage
amongst the autumn crops of chard and kale.

All of creation
for the long night.

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Hark, The Misfortunate Heart

Time unfolds
Futures untold
The sweet November wind
Of many untamed passions
Will you not share this sweetness with me?
Swiftly, so gallantly 
Lullaby dreams

The walk down the memory
The nearness of your melody
This cryptic sullen meaning
Of vitality is painless

Will you not play another song for me?
Willingly, so desperately
Relentless pain, never leaves
Unchained melancholy
Speak your words so freely
Time, oh wishful star in my dim dark sky

Deep autumn shadows
Please share your strength with me
A heart full of tears 
Pierce my soul with yours alone
A wistful, sorrowful good night

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Behind The Aspen Trees

Behind the rows of aspen trees
The zebras turn to autumn leaves
Beware of tiger symmetry

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Autumn Come Take Our Leaves

ghost white sycamore trees in peace and solitude that watch over me i have this bond with thee young autumn come take our leaves

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Demeter's Dance

Bathed in the crimson beams of the harvest moon,
The freshest fruit falls on fertile earth,
Celebrated in a crunchy confetti of color:
Pumpkin orange,  garnet scarlet, raven black.
Treasures of yearly labor are reaped,
While the reaper advances to take the year,
Inevitably, he will turn the land a bony white.

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Tears of Peace

By Fatmir Terziu

The vetch of autumn awoke me. Tears of Peace
crawling on the Scythian glass
left its grey charm,
hastily gaining a stealthy hand
over the darkened face of the sky,
then instantly signing
for less darkness. 
Arrogant over the Thames,
the toothless sun appeared
like a moving Persian rug,
in order to dust off the Tears of Peace.
Designs with dark-brown cords
took over my window,
ropes were tied on the door,
it was simply a vision.
Tears of Peace had settled on the eyelids,
specially to tickle me,
tears are not as in fairy-tales,
peaceful even when they move. 

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The Color Of Autumn

The air is cold ;so is my heart
the world starts to die just as I.
 In somberness I see the beauty of it all.
the reds,oranges,browns and golds give us hope
that the coming winter will help the earth regenerate,
As an artist paints the wonder of the coming fall, as his
eyes do see the wilderness change, so to do I.
 My death is my fall, my rebirth will be my winter.
I hold such splendor tight to my love and close to my heart.
For in truth lives life and in death lives the light.
My autumn shall become what my eyes behold.
an interwoven pattern of the world, a world unknown.
these beatious mountains of res,oranges,browns, and golds.
 Now what do your eyes see in this empty land surrounded by sea.

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Mother You Give Me Life

sweet mother dear
my spirit is
this ship wreck
without an anchor
without a compass
i cried for weeks
here on my knees
what have i 
done with my life
this fallen autumn leaf
I brought you 
so much grief
now every minute 
in my life
is filled with 
mother you
give me life

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the light

close to sunset and a chill wind starts
but the light that warms my soul comes from her eyes
enticed out of sleeping memory by
this falling shaft of sunlight in my backyard
as i rake some spilled leaves
a lifetimes of summers memories rushing back to greet
with their own legends their own grand tales
spirit flys like a summer bird
with open wonder at the beauties of a world below
in the clouds where nothing but sunlight can touch
these lifetimes of summers daydreams all bid fare thee well
and one by one lay back to dusty memory
closing eyes to dream once more
of thouse days in childhood
and that moment running out the front door
with the whole world to play in and a whole day to do it
that endless freedom and joy that childhood gave
my life with her is like that
its close to sunset
but the light which i endure by
comes from her heart

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coffee in the park

Always something to see or something to do,
Comfortable in a familiar setting, sitting on a bench in the park amongst the trees
There she sits looking wonderfully pretty (oh, how she is so very pretty)
--The one whom shares her time drinking coffee and tea
Every day I see beauty, however this day it sits right close, just next to me,
The color of her eyes changed like the shades of leaves on an inconspicuously romantic fall day
As it was, it is unsure as to whether we really meant to charm each other.
 Thoughts worked their way out of my mouth taking the form of words,
She returned the favor
--Some filled with meaning some filled with none sense (these thoughts turned word)
Wonderful words nonetheless
Regardless the conversations passed with the generous breeze; the words faded out into unexplained places.
Stared at my feet, the beauty was blinding
Self-consciousness washed over me and though I rebel against most things I could not my nature
And so felt naked as my eyes could not hide my attraction to her even in a downward stare.
Nervous- she must have been aware of such, as she gently nudged me with a smile here and there in what seemed to be an attempt to get me to relax.
No matter the meaning it helped me relax.
Hours passed with smiles and deep glances though the moments remained in my mind.
Curious are the curious things that interest me, yet do beautiful women not interest everyone?
What a wonderful distraction in that familiar place upon a bench in the park amongst the trees
Always so much to do, so much to see on an extraordinary autumn day.

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Pollen AmberLamp

Emblazoned in Turkish cordial, 

Your father's facade looks illusory and hoary, 

Further cooling, 


And all round freezing,

Will abscond the perpetually young look,

Pleat in the minutes, 


Decisive the weather of autumn or May, 

So much so that hoarfrost accumulates, 

In your mouth when you, 

Complete your breath, 

Forming a word that couldn't denote, 

Much to a loving one, 


You lug your fathers crest in secondary name,

If you're a man this is spliced down the lineage, 

Or in egg sack,

Say you're a woman, 

And picking out your mate, 

Running her fingers down the spine of your length,  

Arid in this winter of heats, 

And a tribute to your running theme, 

Your ache for truth in the liquid, 

Seeping down your thighs, 


And the lack thereof a sequence of words, 

The binding words,

That can halt the ring finger, 

In more ways than one, 

A dark glass is not filled 

Or empty as the contents, 

Do not regale a sense of whim, 

Or desire to the be speckled ache, 

Of the user, 

The end of user license agreement, 

Is in full swing, 

Once stopped your shallow.

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Travelling 40 West

The Autumn hues of red and gold, blend softly
with God's blue sky; shades of orange and gold
dress oaks and landscape chrysanthemums.
Green carpeted hills appear and fade with the curve
of grey-topped highways, heading home for someone,
speed limit 55 as Autumn paints faster and faster.

Cynthia Alvez
This poem was written in 1976 when a friend was driving me from Baltimore, Maryland to Hagerstown, Md. via Rt. 40 West.  It was a beautiful day and I wrote this poem as we moved along the way.

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The Drugs

Last week of my summer break
Hanging with my friends like always
Thats when I stumbled acrossed you
And suddenly I felt my heart grew weak

Instantly I fell in love with you, thats no lie
My soul fell for you as soon as I looked into your eyes
For they looked as though the sun was shining 
directly into them

He looked at me with more compassion
Then I had ever felt
Talking all summer just me and him
About everything and about nothing

What changed that autumn??
Was it your new friends
Because I saw what you did to your old ones
What made you into this kind of monster???

Although I never told you how I felt
I would still stay up at night and cry about it
Then the final day came when I found out the truth
How drugs were destroying the man I loved

From autumn to winter and from winter to spring
I couldn't believe how different you looked
Your eyes no longer shined like the sun
Your muscles weaker than ever before

I knew you were dying, I told you to stop
But you told me you didn't care
I wanted to leave you 
But I knew you needed me now more than ever

Summer comes around, schools are getting out
And off you left, leaving me all alone on this earth
Not even old enough to graduate and yet your gone
I never stopped warning you, but I still feel I'm to blame

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For a time

For a time

The light and shadows grow longer and penetrate deeper
Around, beyond, through me
Shifted from a northwest to a southwest orientation seemingly overnight
Our star is still bright, intense, but the early evening air is significantly cooler
Causing the skin and hair on my bare arms to raise increasing area to absorb the heat
For a moment the surface of my arm doubles in size, I change
To anticipate the frigid cold
Winter comes with a shift in axis
And a shift in my equilibrium and I've also become older
As I feel the northern world drift away from the sun
The days grow shorter and the nights longer
And green falls from gold, to orange, to red, brown and black
Descending through colors until only white remains
And stops the earth for a time.

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Be The Name of Love

follow your heart wherever it is point to the stars no matter how you feel all in all dance through the stars that shall not fall as autumn leaves all in all be the name of love

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fall into autum

falling into autumn to find what I want
when all the trees become leafless and gaunt
and the leaves transform into titian and crimson glory
all of the stunning foliage rains down upon my crown
and pumpkins ring smilingly and orange, around my porch.

Falling into autumn watching all the trees
bowing down low as if to read
over my shoulder my book on my lap
I watched the leaf fall as if to unwrap
all of the wonders and horror's of life
that hide behind doors showing strife
in a way that shows that all the things in the world
cause everything around us and even me, a little girl

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What Do You Know

don't turn around to be longing at the mirror 
that just images the past of yourself
float, leave behind all the Autumn leaves that fallen
just discarded from the branch of that time.
and if 
if you can
could you sing into the wind
all the memories that carried you down

let them sing
let them sing
let them sing to someone else
a tune they haven't heard
maybe they will learn not to drift away

let them sing
let them sing
let them sing to someone else
someone that needs help with their life

O god 
why do you do me

no need to fool me

o god

O god

why do you school me

don't need to use me 

o god

O god

why do you choose me

I just want you to lose me 

o god

now say,  now say  again
NOW SAY! now say again...

How much more water could I flow into your mouth without drinking it

all this time that you have been searching when your all buried deep in it

what could grow in a hallow mind if there's no words in feeding it

If alone cherish all your life cause we don't no the end of it

What's more to ask? What's more to do? What's more to feel? What else could I do? What
happened to these? What happened some? Why not let die? Why not let live? Why not just
take? Why not just give? Why not be slaved? Why not be free? Why not stay glued to the
T.V. screen? Where are the heroes? Where are the saved? Where are the unused empty graves?
Where are the children? Where are the old? Should we leave? Should we go? O God, tell me!
tell me! What do you know!

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Under Cover of NIght

The ambient moon hangs graciously over us this evening
As the autumn breezes chill us just enough to stir senses
But, yet we walk together, enjoying the time we have 
…..In the moonlight…
The sound of quiet and distant traffic does little to distract
While we traverse the offerings of earth and the moment
As we make way to the destination of our hearts and minds
…..In the moonlight…

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Beauty holds meaning too many.
There is beauty in all.
Beauty is captured by eyes.
Love is true beauty forever.
Bonding two in glorious bliss,
Love is captured by the heart.
Enriched by the spirit,
Held in sync by touching,
Nature’s beauty is in all seen.
Embodiment, collectively,
In all stages of structure
Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Amazing venues of events,
Each with beauty their own,
Empowering the next
Phase of magnetism.
What and who knows real true beauty.
Beauty to one is another’s,
Ugliness they cannot stand.
Eyes to eyes make a connection.
Heart to heart a bond forever
Mind to mind develops goal
Beauty of the soul guides
All couples, so serene.

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Great Treesition

Wood sapped Energy succudancing gnarling roots

grasping trees of life

erupt to full parasitic bloom

within millennial Great Transition

toward autumnal winnowing of karmic stamina.


Fire brings full-flaming confidence

derived from summer's thirsty rain of seed-

diastolic recessing roots

plunging and emerging

as rich deep regenetic learning:

Communing forests blanket mythic understories.


Keep going back, back further,

before space emerged from tempered Voice

to once within our EarthTribe Time

when Trees of Life pushed out

from gravitas of boldly

hidden polyculturing embrace.

Villages incarnate from fire-lit stories shared,

and love of Other

bursting nutrient notes

dancing Earth's Permacultured Opera.


My chords and chorus sing through ears

I hope to synchronize with gratitude,

sight with sound

becoming with being

longing with belonging

bi-rooted functions

uncovering emergent Tao

graving information of Positive Treeology.


What grows primal

feels irrationally magical


green-leafed anonymously silent saplings

waving from and for ancient cliffs of paradigmatic rock.


Stoned paradigms of ancient Orthodox

sing echoing synchronicity,

dancing rocks within my rolling mind

learning how to rhyme with age,

unfold color fragrant grace-carnating Tao.

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How Can One Feel Alone on an Autumn Day

i walk toward the small forest at the end of my road
a breath of wind raises my senses
colorful tree gifts dance around me
rays from the earth's star nestle me in warmth
sounds of happy life call to me

how can one feel alone on an autumn day

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I Stumble When I Fall

Who am I
this wounded earth 
this silent battlefield
but a lonely tree
rooted in earth
harvested bright seed
thou art here 
to comfort thee

Bury your ear
to the ground
listen for that sound
earth does speak to thee

Yet  I reply that I stumble when I fall

Peach winds surrender 
decayed leaves rain down 
like a wooden soldiers
on hallowed ground 
bare autumn trees embraces me

Galley of angles spread your wings and rejoice in sound
Feet planted firmly on the ground
Remember I have found that 
I stumble when I fall

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I had a dream of blue eyes and a smile I couldn't see.

It was me and a boy in a field, in a world that doesn't exist. He spoke and his voice came as colors...deep red, autumn orange. Warm and soft, as a promising breeze rolled over us, sending the tall grass into waves.

There was no love. But no fear either. There was something strange in the air; a peace I've never known.

Nothing was clear; everything was in focus. The slightest of touches ghosted across my cheek. A desire for love, to be truly known, settled deep in my chest.

I breathed in the sunshine. The weight on my shoulders was gone.

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One Special Summer

The summertime of my soul
Quickly sends chills down my spine
In remembrance of passion
We had that one year
My heart races as I remember it
We held each other tightly
As we never wanted to let go
We wanted this summer to last forever
Everything was just right
The nights were cool and starry
Nothing kept us from being together
It was always peaceful and bright
We walked down the lover's paths
Feeling close to one another
As we strolled through gorgeous nature
Creating an ambiance like no other
We would overlook and faults we had
Keeping true love alive at all times
We had everything in the palm of our hands
Being together allowed for big dreams
We thought this summer would be just the start
The beginning of a lifelong journey
We thought as each day brought us closer
We might just stay together forever
Then the summer came to a close
And autumn brought with it change
We had to go our separate ways
And the distance left us estranged
No matter what we did
To try to keep us together
We could not keep the love we had
Alive like we did that summer
Soon we drifted apart
Separated for many years
All we had left
Was the wonderful summer together
The spectacular wonderful love
So special in many ways
It will live forever
Deep within my soul

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Late Autumn

Late autumn - 
Evening twilight;
The market lane
herds of shoppers,
In front of her small hut,
she lays the 
stainless steel vessels
on the mat...

her hut,
her mat,
her vessels,
her hope - 
Autumn ceasing
All over... 

Late night -
The lane deepening into 
deafening silence;
Spoon by spoon,
tiffin box by tiffin box,
plate by plate,
she carefully places them
inside the jute sack
knowing tomorrow will
dawn again.

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Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud)

Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud) 

I am just baggage to the world 
Cast away and forgotten 
An entire life 
Waiting for something 

Every so often a random passerby 
We exchange formal soliloquy 
Just talking to ourselves 
Wondering if anyone really hears 

They always keep a lock on my eyes 
To desperate to admit sad truths 
Pretend they’re giving me sound advice 
When just quoting old adages to themselves 

They say 
“Follow the sun, 
For in the light shining upon all 
You will find the way” 

The same response 
Every time runs through my head 
“What of the clouds 
Stealing the light from my eyes 
They always gather around me 
Darkening my life 

“And what of deep night 
Where I sink into despair 
Alone and sinking in a world 
Where no one seems to care” 

They don’t seem to hear my words 
Just keep ranting their securities 
All the while shaking like leaves 
In the harshest of autumn winds 

I wonder if anyone can hear me 
Or if I even hear myself 
Can anyone see me? 
Hidden in this cloak of clouds 

I begin to feel comfortable 
As my worldly self 
Begins to drift away 
Comfortable with no sun 
To burn my skin red 
Or to guide my way 

I’m locked into a perpetual night 
As the oppression of my clouds 
Absorbs the light 
Sun and moon and stars 
And I’m left with nothing 
But four walls 
And a roof 
And a little stool to sit on 

I don’t notice any more random passerby 
Just as they never noticed me 
Just quote my old adages 
Some god created just for me 

“Stay in the clouds 
A safe haven from the pain 
I have no need 
Of ever finding the way 

“The world has spoken its ignorance 
And has finally cast me away 
I’m tired of endless clinging 
And the guilt it brings my way 

“If the life in this world 
Revolves around an endless rhyme 
The sun and moon and stars 
I have better places to spend my time 

“A room of nothing 
No windows or air to breathe 
Just a feeling of numb contentment 
As my soul starts to bleed” 

My conscious mind had made its final pitch 
And it is off to the races 
But I’m moving so slow 
So slow

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a transitional element in evolution


vital impulse 
and I climb into my grey Ford 
I hold the steering wheel 
not to hit the car 
instinctively I twist 
on the left 
on the right 
should not I die 
because I want to get off 
After your breasts ... 
after I hear Bach!

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Do Not Wait For Me

Almost autumn in the air
Do not wait for me
Almost time to paint the leaves
Do not wait for me
Almost reason to etch this sky
Breathless heart, we meet, again
Almost night this dark wine sea
Do not wait for me

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Fall is comming

Fall is coming.
The leaves are falling out of the trees.
Football season is kicking off.
Schools are filling up.
As the children start their day.
Fall is coming once again 
As the cooler weathers returns with a breeze.
The geese they fly to the south.
In a V shape in the wind.
Fall is coming in one month.

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Autumn Light

i learned, on the nightly news, autumn leaves
are actually pushed from branches
to make space for the coming winter snows
which would be too weighty for the tree to bear.

In essence, the tree becomes bare to bear.
that makes the fall sound bland.

i shine to thinking fall's leaves coming down
like confetti for the ending and beginning of years.
this allows for the necessity 
as well as the romanticism of the season --
a celebration of circumstances.

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taken from me
abandoned in the outer reaches of my mind
crashing slowly against the breach
giving, taking, mingling in balance
my mental ballast has erupted
and my soul has eroded
my guilt peeks in on me
to remind me I am still in debt
in the Autumn season of my mentality
I am vandalized and sterilized
left broken and alone
no color
no essence
no future
in the twilight of my descent
I am yet a minor in time 
and can not consent to my downfall

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Autumn Walk

Autumn's blessing,
The beautiful shades of the autumn trees,

Autumn's blessing
The coolness of the fresh air,

Autumn's blessing,
A long walk by the lake,

Autumn's blessing,
Nature beginning to hibernate,

Autumn's blessing,
An occasional squirrel scampering about,

Autumn's blessing,
The grey cloudy sky,

Autumn's blessing,
To be home again , warm and safe,

copyright Gwen Schutz

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When I Think About You

When I think about you, I think of forever.
         You're the glue that holds me together.
When I think about you, I think of home.
         I worship the ground you walk on.
When I think about you, I think of success.
         You fill my life with so much happiness.
When I think about you, I think of the Autumn Air.
         Your pretty face and the gentle breeze blowing through your hair.
When I think about you, I think of ecstacy.
         Your sexy body laying naked next to me.
When I think about you, I think of your smooth creamy skin tone.
         Your kiss on my collar bone.
When I think about you, I think of the taste of your lips.
         Your yummy thighs and curve of your hips.
When I think about you, I think of the completeness in my life.
         The profound joy of growing old with you as my wife!

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The yellow worm with elusive legs

And sluggish smell stealing stealthily

Into nerves and veins-

camouflaged under

dark leaves

shining like skin of cobra

It creeps like snail and keeps its 

surreptitious advances invisible from mortal


A gust of wind blows off the candle

church bells toll within ageing cells

Lord Yama stalks trampling yellow autumn leaves

Under his stamping foot,

gates of Hades stand

wide open ,

new growths bloom and blossom

on graves 

sucking putrid plasma of his


amnesia saveswalls of souls from

defacing -

Stripping us from the coffin of life

 where dost Thou leadest us all thus incognito

 Tell us Ye sullen shadow,unmask Thy enigmatic ugly


or bestow upon the mirthless mortals

The cursed boon of i,mmortality.



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Dry Masterpiece

Here it is:
you can sing it like
a chorus, if you wish.

Even paintings dream of dripping
blues, greens, and yellows. 
They dream of their creator,
a talented but crazy fellow.

Every poem can be sung.
Every thought can be wrung,
twisted and sculpted,
ideas are meant to
be reused
(often, even abused.) 
To the night’s shadows
and dreams’ desires,
I go like thunder
across the dark.
You’re a dry masterpiece
who can’t afford the
Or the sight
of darkness, nor pain. 
Talk about unattainable
Weep over love which
The season of autumn dies
to winter,
Cold and wet,
I lean in an interesting tilt
to warm your eyes.

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that sound alone

"be quiet"...whispered
"Can you hear that?"
"What is that sound?"

Is it far...a faraway
train whistle lonesome
from song of mainline?

Is it the soft ting
of the tea kettle 
cooling on the stove, 
bending it's metal?

"What is that sound?"

It is the slow creak
of old wooden chairs
as mortise and tenon
slowly adjust, torqued 
to a shifting weight.

Could be a mantle
clock tiptoe ticking
away Sunday afternoon.
Why don't they make
digital clocks tick?

Is it that catlike scratch
of the Autumn branch
gently scraping the window?

"What is that sound?"

It is the hushed hum
of computer fan lulling
a digital brain.

The Venetian blinds
rhythmically tap half-open 
double-hung windows.

The vibrating whir
of some electric motor
compressing or orbiting
the periodic table.

Mountains of Quaking Aspen
leaves relaxing the winds.

When is alone welcome
and when is it forlorn?

The weight of near silence,
light as the dust that
floats the sunlit room,
or heavy as a cardiac
anvil under ancient
spreading Chestnut tree.

Did the bell toll at
the village church,
ringing all comers
to awake momentarily, or
was that just tinnitus?

Unable to open eyes,
sounds belie surroundings
and alone might be 
fallacy or welcome.

Deceptive senses afoot
in the stirrup, and hammer
tapping anvil might only
be a mindful dream.

© Goode Guy 2011-06-13

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Framing Moments Past

Hazy pictures were displayed
Old oaken frames contained them
Hanging slight off kilter right
  The walls littered like leaves in autumn lawns
Grandma keeps glimpses of every leaf pile we made

Remember that Day?  Indepence Day, we think...
Smiled postures, sincere familial moment
Each recounting the tales we told most well
Classic family fables...annual oral essays
The laughs reached hysterics, when we remembered.....

These pictorial journals stand proud
  Historical record of Easter egg-hunt/fist-fights
account of dogs who eat cake...sons first birthday
the dog ate the cake on his FIRST birthday?!!
Picture proved guilt for Bailey, you mutt!!
Chocalate chops-licking as if smiling for the camera

Christmas collages of gift wrapping typhoons
Swirling in heaps covering everything
Your eyes were half shut holding
   holding an Alf doll...old school dated stuff
Fashion victim, you had a perm?!
   relishing rubicks cubes , mysterious artifact
I could never have vengeful laughing
  without this"Wham" haircut snapshot

Grandma likes the silly one we took
eyes crossed, fish lipped child faces
chubby wind burned cheeks,  pushed through snowsuit hoods
Snowman center stage in a motley group pose
 bordered either side, white barred polaroid
taped, crudley cropped, in center of this frame

Each still reinactment is a Joyful look beyond
Life had painted beautiful moments,
   and we were there to catch it....

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Fall from glory

Cheers to our team. 
They march towards the trophy. 
Our hamlet swelling with pride 
encouraging, supporting, and rooting 
for these young men. 

As they battle with such might 
on a frost covered field. 
Not for victory alone- 
But rare honor, glory, pride, and love 
for their little home town. 

The wins continue to pile up 
like leaves from a fresh raked lawn. 
The autumn nights becoming cooler, the days shorter. 
Yet as leaves, so do tears fall. 
For all seasons must come to an end. 

Thank God another will follow 
Ready for next season 

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Grasshoppers On Parade

On this warm autumn day,
relaxing in the sun so fine.

Watching grasshoppers
  going to and fro.

Getting ready for
winter, by having a parade.

My dogs don't seem to
mind, thinking only of
other scents to take in.

Breezes waving by
me, as is grasshoppers
on their yearly parade.

Walking in my yard
taking my steps
so carefully,

as not to step
on these amazing
creatures and

to ruin grasshoppers
parade such
a site to behold.

wrote 11-3-08

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Once the Frost is Gone

The colors gold red and brown 
riding the wings of some forgotten memory
that glisten off the morning dew
mirroring the reflection of what was
as leaves cover your sorrow 
upon the empty ground
that seems to imitate familiar cycles
swirling in the autumn breeze
to only be locked in winters chains
freezing and stiffening the delicate colors
you crush beneath your feet
as accidental as the role of the dice
mixed with the familiar smells of autumn
weaving Its bliss between your fingers
impossible possibilities become you
fiery fumes expunge your desires
upon a world dying in cold
to only reawaken once the frost is gone

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A lonely grasshopper

Although the contemplative may disagree,

In late Autumn when leaves change
A scented shade of pine pale torn brown;
Within happiness shift change to sadness...
Amidst the gait of timely hue

A brash circumstance to fully cooperate

Having no given sense of forbidden solace to relate;
In full view of its silence;
A lonely grasshopper reacts
Within myraid currency for distant fervor in restoration,

Now tired from its journey rests & waits;

In full view of solace by which to delegate....

Although in time stregnth comes in numbers stealling thunder

Amidst a surprising fall in compromise thought;

A long line of twisted ambers falling asunder
The firm swift call in delegation mixed with thorns;
In a wooden chamber created within its waiting sphere,
An illusion filled wit silent heavy members drew near,

With pulsating madness running through my brain 

A bridge of hope to guide then suddenly elapsed in fear;
I shed a single tear for want to draw near,
In swift desolation a rest on a sofa

Suddenly in full view the butterfly arise

Emerging in figures of candles with triumph from its cacoon;
In colors of lavender in mesh slight red with blue,
It radiates a slight quiver in my head;
At first frost the elimination of its timely plight,

The cue for silence as we follow its light,

To the natural man their is always a different way by which to understand,

That destination which always seems right;
With its elimination of truth,
One is completeley forced to live by sight!
In time, a lonely grasshopper is then eager,

A search for order amidst its fire;

The yearning quiver of its timely desire
With thorns fully grown in the place of fear
A soul twisted in vice can ultimately still draw near
The lonely grasshopper still embraced its life's journey after all!

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I seek what is lost;
To find what I cannot
My dreams touch
My skin.  
Leaving marks. 
Gold and dark. 
Days vanish.  
Nights consume
I am weary. 
I leave words. 
Spoken to strangers. 
Who drop them. 
To lay amongst refuse. 
Place me to rest. 
Amongst songs of 
Let me sing with her.

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Love of Autumn Days

In soft autumn days
I play in the leaves
Spraying them high
Allowing them to filter
Through my stretched fingers
Yellow, orange, and red
Beauty within spread
Happiness in the cool air
Affording great wisps
Blowing in the breeze
Living a long life
Desiring days like these
Where peace and tranquility
Flow from beginning to end
Holding these memories
Deep in our minds
To frequently recall
The love of autumn days

Russell Sivey

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Pilgrim Souls

Diamond tears are falling,
crystal streams of broken dreams,
lost on the horizon,
children in a driftwood jungle.
Pilgrim souls of brown and gold
shining in the autumn moonlight,
secret homecoming.

A shooting star scattered sparks all around us
as you buried me in the sand.
Magic dust for infant eyes,
the treasures we unearthed
laughing at the blues,
cheating time
and whistling in the wind.

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Days Like This

Fall few and far between
The thousands of the common lot
That sink to nothing in the march of time.

     Days like this,
     All warmth of gold poured down
     From a roof all Blue Serenity
     Breezes soft and sweet
     As sighs' of innocent sleep
     Crowds of trees nodding in council together
     Around them the fields, an emerald sea -
     These days are gifts
     Of Gaia gone adorned in her naked beauty
     Her veils all pulled aside
     For those who know just how to look
     To see her as she really is:

Seductress Mother, Comforter, Slayer,
Harvester of Souls.

She draws her newborns to the light,
Then closes their eyes and rocks them to another sleep
Full of unknowable dreams,
Waking them again in different shapes.

She dances then to her selfmade tunes,
Of snowstorms in the heart of June
Or roses 'neath an autumn moon -
     Confirmation, Contradiction;
     Epithets and Benedictions.

On days like this a drum beats
Somewhere deep inside a quiet corner of the soul,
Calling from a distant time
When we spoke volumes to each other
Dancing 'round the sacred flames in holy silence
While the wolves howled through the icy dark

- If you listen you may feel it yet -

Stop awhile and watch the distant trees
Nodding in their ancient way,
Sighs winding close between them;
She has let the veils slip loose
Blinding in her nakedness
Breath trailing all around you warm
Like the blood you shared within the womb -
And there are drums
And there are songs
And salt of sea drifting through your veins
As you smile a wolf's smile without knowing it -
All these and more lie just below the surface

     Before She turns and draws
     Her cloak of stars about Her,
     Have one last look and just remember
     That nothing down here is truly trivial,
     Each day another page writ
     In the just-beginning Human Story.

Smile like a wolf and remember:
Terrible things, Wondrous things,
     Secret, Sacred, Magnificent things
Are always happening somewhere;
Happening Somewhere
     On days
                            just     like     this.

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This Silent Autumn

Light, you are this 
Calm and translucent form
Stretching and bending
Through mending walls
Then you burst into
The radiant colors of
This silent autumn 

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Rush Hour In The City.

Midnight breezes cool and humid
Circles of hazy lamps glowing
In the nights hanging fog
Everywhere abound
The crowds rushing blindly
Suitcases and grocery sacks
Leather coats and limousines
Window displays go dark at closing
Headlights mirroring off asphalt
Carrying a somebody
To a somewhere home
In this noisy silence I sit watching
Avenues and alleyways 
Waiting for that voice calling out to me
Conceiving the faces of lovers
Furtive aspirations flow
The envisage of a laughing moment
Dark azure skies dotted
As the winds gently shiver
Swaying in lullaby
Magnolia branches
Cold and void of life
Echoing who I’ve become
No where else to go
But this cold autumn wind
With subdued semblance
Harsh bright lights
In the cool city nights.

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Homage to a Third Grade Teacher

Homage to a Third Grade Teacher

I see it now
	the cork with holes
	the wood around it splintered, 
but it was our window to the world. 

On it he would display
	a thousand hoarded pictures
	from calendars long outdated, 
but in his mind; useful still.

I see his window opening to those faraway places
	meant to be visited, 
	longing for my feet
to hit their pavement. 

The letters he had cut from
	nine inch by twelve inch
	stock construction paper
was a treasure of promises. 

If only I could get my hands
	on such gold and rubies, pearls and emeralds; 
	such treasures I could pirate
to my place of sanctuary. 

And then it happened; 
	the opportunity I had longed for: 
	the very window to my soul
would be displayed for ungrateful eyes to see. 

While others played and messed themselves
	with mud and clinging dirt
	I messed with greens and red
and opened the window to a whole new world. 

A splash of red right there
	and yellow, green and brown; 
	the colors of an autumn world
that I could only hope someday to see for myself. 

There is one I remember still; 
	a solitary tree
	standing as a guard
on that sunlit hill. 

I placed it high in the top right corner of up and down
	for all to see
	but gently it was removed
to teach a lesson in the clout of color. 

“Red,” he said, with intensity of truth; 
	“Red is the color that will not be overlooked. 
	Red always asks to be in the center, 
in the spotlight of its world.” 

And so he moved it to the center stage; 
	one red autumn tree
	set against a bright blue sky
shouting to the cosmos:  “Look at me!” 

I’ll not forget that lesson
	taught on that old cork window; 
	red is a favorite hue
because it commands our eyes.

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Stored and kept safe
Put away but not forgotten 
Recalled and remembered 
With a simple touch 
A light breeze
Fresh and untainted 
Free and far from the world
The warm sun
Friendly and safe
Soil trickling through my hands 
Seedlings nurtured 
Growing strong and green
Rough wood and soft rugs
Familiar and comforting 
Metal chain and a rubber tire 
Hours spent sitting, thinking 
Spinning round and round 
Gravel underfoot
Kicking up dust
And the wind through my hair
As I run, laughter ringing out
The faintest scent too
Rain about to fall
Hot chocolate 
Tantalizingly sweet 
Wet leaves
Jumping in them
Then raking them up
Fresh grass
Wild and spread out
Soap and leather
Firewood smoke
A lingering smell that never faded 
Sticky syrup
Hot pancakes 
And Autumn air
The softest sound
Wind chimes 
Music on the breeze 
The whirl of tools
In constant use
The trickling of water
Creaking wooden swing 
Constant laughter 
The buzz of conversation 
Sizzle and pop
As delicious creations are made
Rustle of trees
That dance in the wind 
Birds sing 
As a cheerful whistle
Rings out
The briefest glance 
A well worn smile 
Pictures form times long gone
Trees turned red 
Painted colors
Splattered all around
Hill top covered in snow
A kitchen warm and glowing 
With a light that surrounds all
A playground used and loved 
The little wood shack 
Filled with simple treasures
Every inch explored
Secrets uncovered 
No stone left unturned 
A house that was home
To all that came 
Recalled and remember 
Put away but not forgotten 
Stored and kept safe

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Half Past Eternity ( France 2000 heading to Spain )

Half Past Eternity ( France 2000 heading to Spain )

Hush late night
I’m not driving home
Sleepy slow
The thrum of wheels
In an orange lane light glow
Whispers through the window
All autumn leaves and vodka
Days first hint squints through
Nothing but stillness hits the air
To music shattering
The moments mesmerized hum

“What time is it ?” she asks
and leaning on the steering wheel
I am forced to smile
Its not peace or depth
With which she filled me
Or the whispering of the tyres
Eating up their miles
But the breath indrawn as she wakes
“What time is it ?” she asks

Leaning back in the day breaking
Her seat still empty
Yawns to stretch her dreams away
Overtaking the engine humming
My dogs panting keeping time
Is it happening ?

And I pass the edge
The road sweeps the wind open
And I drive beyond the horizon

“What time is it ?”
and I have to smile answering
“Its been a long while”
but drowsy has got to slow
and now its time for her to go

“What time is it ?”
and I answer her softly
“Hey my love, where have you been
“Its only half past eternity” 

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Conversation comes in polite manners
And natural tones.
We talk;
You of your early mornings
While I of scattering
Thoughts that border on nonsense
Debating with myself on a mind divided.
I babble, distraught;
Should I or should I not
Complement such aspect reserved
For poets' words and artists' eyes?
What with autumn and its golden flares
Burning your crown like a halo then and there.
Thus in laughter-filled sentences
This dilemma is masked in unintelligible disguise;
Little by little instead the moment
Is impressed on my mind,
Wishing it would never end.
On and on,
To never end this talk
—I wish.


How the sweetest voice can be
A knife thrust in my chest
So beautiful
Yet it is murder, this subsequent longing.
What Dushenne has given a name to,
Yours has dissolved the defiance from all
My peers and I;
A smile that begins from the tones
Of earth in your eyes
As you speak of funny anecdotes,
Sharing shortcomings with wild abandon
As if there I was standing
Your confidant, your closest friend.
Albeit in hindsight lies the irony:
Whilst I talk with affection
Of comradeship you spoke.


Talking in circles, round and round;
Lost in the boredom of redundancy,
You depart.
Having dispensed of farewell's pleasantries,
On opposite direction you walk;
As free as the wind that takes you away,
Bound only by being blessed
To be amongst all of Heaven's creation
The fairest.
While I, on opposite direction, walk;
With tacit solicitude and its rubbish fantasies.
Turn on the radio, plug in the phones;
Searching the radio for liberation,
I find only more poison
Among the melancholic remedies it offers.
Fevered I am with the sickness
Of wishing 
For what can never be.


On opposite directions we walk;
You depart
Naught of burden of memory nor nostalgia,
While I, 
On your first parting step,


You have taken with you my heart.

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Autumn Days

Multi coloured leaves
bleed themselves into the autumn days-
if it is the dog days of summer it must be the stark days of autumn
one of my favorite times
the going back to school
the hustle in the malls by moms and kids to buy designer clothes for school
they wanna be hip
wanna be cool
wanna fit in but be themselves
juxtaposition of youth-

Autumn breezes nip across the leaves
scattered amongst the trees
loving the crunch crunch crunch as
I walk over them,
have memories of jumping into piles of leaves
as visions of Halloween
and all it's trappings dance in my head...

such a lovely time.

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The Enamoured Worlds of The Blithe and Reckless Heart

The Enamoured Worlds of The Blithe and Reckless Heart
“Kiss.” She said
we kissed long deep kisses
sighs of breathing wrapping phantasms around us 
of womanhood of manhood
Isis smiled “such a sweet doom to be talked to so.” 
“Have you any secrets ?” she asked
“Only one.” I said
“And which one is that ?” she asked
“I can’t,” I said, “its an enigma.”
She laughed then
warm air and hot sun blew our bodies through our hair
like autumn leaves we fell we fell for each other like autumn leaves
just as we had fallen in the summer with sky painted sun
Looking at her I thought of winter
trying to look like a snowflake and kiss her
she shivered clever girl
smiling looking like a Daffodil

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the incomplete poem

red fragments of plastic litter the
sandy soil at my feet
i gather them with one at a time
while my soul searches for a song to impart
my pen grows strange in my hand
its words have a feel to them
foreign deranged

the phrases float disjointedly
they refuse to knit into a poem
while my mind is troubled by a scattering
of autumn winds
the red fragments arranged randomly
on the small backyard table
sunshine illuminates each with precise clarity
the fragments are my poem
and i shuffle the pieces back and forth
trying with a maddened mind
to knit them into a beautiful bird
but they only keep forming the ugly face distorted
they keep moving of their own accord
to form a jagged edge
i breath and suck at my coffee mug

the red fragments thorny in my head
they have sand clinging to them
and bits of the brackish water that
the nights rain had left for me
these words are incomplete visions
mere phrases like incongruous men walking
random paths in a field
when two meet they shout their ideas
at eachother and part company full of
suspicious glares
a draft of this randomly worded madness
flows from my unwilling pen
the red fragmentation
of the incomplete