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Cowboy Wedding Poems | Cowboy Poems About Wedding

These Cowboy Wedding poems are examples of Cowboy poems about Wedding. These are the best examples of Cowboy Wedding poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Theys True Love Story Part 3

Her grand gals axed her one time
How did hers ever gits a date
Her done went ta a all gals school
Theys wudn't let no boys in
Ut makes me's won ders 
Yep ut sure do

Theys at that datin age
And figgers theys
Finds oot if's hers was a good 
Gal er bad. 

Her tells um 
Theys jist bet er be's
Good gals er else.
Youse cain't gits a good 
Feller if'n youse any thin else

An than her tells um it were no never mine
Her knowed where her cowboy her'd fine

Her went ta school 
An gots her job
Near tha H bar T rench
What were a  real sandy spot

Tha lan' lady her 'vites the cowboy
frum up tha nex rench
Ta comes down fer a little supper
An ta meets tha new gal what are gonna teach.

Theys  played cards er sumthin' or so her seys
An when him are ready ta leaves
Her axed him if'n he's cuds 
Puts her saddle in the barn, please

Sunday her's was over ta tha school
Gittin ready fer ta teaches tha golden rule

When him done stops an tells her
He are a goin ta the ropin club 
An seys theys room in tha car fer her.

Her seys hers will goes with um
But hers did unt axes 
What kinda drinks theys serves  
Et this club.

Him were a proud cowboy feller were he
His job were m-portatnt youse see
An sum times if'n he gits his work all done
Him jist mights calls her on tha tel-e-phone.

When Thanksgivin comed round
Her wents ta Kansas an seed her folks
An him wents ta Wyomin ta looks at a rench

When him did comed back
Him stops fer a spell
An when him are goin ta leaves
Her walks him oot ta the car ya sees
An tells him hers goin ta a weddin
On June Nine teenth

Him jist looks at her an seys 
If'n him are supposed ta be's....
Well youse knows tha rest

Her done it
Him comed
They's war forty seven years an two weeks
Ez one

When her gits done tellin her grand gals
Theys mouths was open big

An her tells um 
Yep her did
That's how youse 
Comed ta be's.

Her telled Billy what her telled tha gals
An him seys, with a spark in his eye
Him were a weldin
"I's never did axed youse ta marrys me,
Youse knows youse er right."

Now  when Billy looks down et her from aboves
Her kisses hers wedding ring with love
Cause on theys wedding bands youse'll finds
Tha stars an tha moon fer all times

I's mad that lan lady did unt vites me's down
Then maybe's them gran gals wud a
Be's mine.
                            X.......John e Cowpoke

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     In the heat of July, 
While bringing in the hay, 
He gave her a baling wire ring, 
And this is what he had to say... 

     “Someday I’ll put a diamond, 
Here on your hand. 
A diamond pure and perfect, 
As sure as I’m your man. 

     But, you know, a diamond, 
It won’t ever shine, 
As long or as bright, 
As this love of yours and mine.” 

     So they saved for her diamond,  
By putting little bits away, 
Money for the diamond, 
He would buy for her one day. 

     But the money for her diamond, 
Fixed the tractor and bought a plow, 
And in the dead of winter, 
Paid the vet. bill for the cow. 

     The money for her diamond, 
Put the water to the barn, 
And paid the increased taxes, 
The county levied on the farm. 

     The money for her diamond, 
Paid the doctor in town, 
And when their daughters were all grown, 
It bought the wedding gowns. 

      It paid for the new roof, 
When the big wind came through. 
Then it it paid off the mortgage, 
Before it was due. 

     The money for her diamond, 
Was always well spent, 
She never even asked him, 
Just where the money went. 

     The money for her diamond, 
Helped them to survive, 
The money for her diamond, 
Kept their hopes and dreams alive. 

    Today it’s been sixty-three years, 
And the diamond is on her hand. 
But, as usual, in her pocket, 
Lies her original wedding band. 

     A twist of baling wire,  
Bent and covered up in rust, 
A symbol of the greatest of loves, 
His Promise and Her Trust. 

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Just One Last Waltz

The cowboy took her in his arms
and waltzed her round the floor.
He told her how much he loved her
how he couldn't love her more.

From the moment he first saw her
when he'd held her in his arms,
he'd vowed to keep her safe
from any kind of harm.

They talked about the days just past
when she had climbed up on his knee
about the time he hung her swing
up in an old pine tree.

The first horse that he had bought her
a paint gelding she called"Friend."
They had some fine adventures
and she could ride him like the wind.

Somehow, someplace his little cowgirl
had become a woman grown
and today was her grand wedding day
she was no longer his alone.

They waltzed around the room once 
more a tear was in his eye,
"Oh, Daddy, don't you do that or you're
gonna make me cry!"

He whispered, "You're the darling of my heart, 
I just wanted you to know."
As he held her close just one last time
it was hard to let her go.

He took her hand and he gave her
to the young cowboy by her side
who had stole away his baby girl
this lovely glowing bride.

But, he whispered as she turned away
"I love you, I hope you'll always know...
and then he turned and blew a kiss
and then he let her go.

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Prickly Pete Gets Hitched

There was a rumor that I heared ‘bout Pete
Goin’ and committin’ matrimony—
But that’s likely as ol’ Scratch getting’ beat,
And who said it is full of baloney!

But John-Bob done says he was the best man
And shore nuff Prickly went and tied the knot—
But I cain’t see Pete wearin’ a gal’s bran’,
So I done thinks it’s just as likely not!

But lo and behold in rides ol’ Prickly
With a purty gal all strawberry blonde—
But ol’ Pete, he is lookin’ might sickly
And of his nose ring he just ain’t too fond!

Then right in front of the whole dern ol’ town,
Stoney, smilin’, he just pops the question:
“Is you hitched Pete? With yer feet on the ground?
Or is we dreamin’ and you’s still our bastion?!”

Ol’ Pete, he climbs down back to earth and yells:
“Not many call me a bastion and live!
I ain’t never heard me no weddin’ bells
And here’s a passel of advice I’ll give: 

“Never jumps to them conclusions, mister,
That even your eyes may lead you to see—
Ya see this here is my dear young sister—
And all you cowboys better let her be!”

Well, all the town folk done apologized—
And there sure weren’t no ring on a finger—
But we gets to thinkin’ that they had lied
When their kisses did linger and linger!

“Well, gosh dern! That proves it!” Stoney did say,
“It’s shore nuff somethin’ that ya jest cain’t miss!
If Pete and that gal married up OK—
An ol’ married couple wouldn’t still kiss!”

So I reckon the moral here ain’t neat—
Don’t jump claims or to no dern conclusions—
Specially ‘bout the ol’ cowboy called Pete
Or you’ll wind up with just more confusions! 

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Girl should I settle,
Since faith Is dead,
And truth away from you Is fled?
Should I be led with happyness?
Outside look, pretty mistress! I promised you
Luxurious, and you promised Me, To be as true memories
As I would sweet; But since I see Your Heavenly Heart,
Farewell my part! though for to take It Is not my kind, but
To meditate, I am not blind, and as I find, so will I trust.
Farewell, thinking! Can honey of roses, wither wilt thou Girl
Guess Dawning of my long Desirit Day appeared the other half was
Hid In Skylight pleasure unto this blessed Night and all that's best of
Dark and bright Stars how pure how
Nature their dwelling place even as a Bird, which In our
Hands We wring forth plungeth and oft flutters with Her
Wing She beauty I will lament and love.