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Cowboy War Poems | Cowboy Poems About War

These Cowboy War poems are examples of Cowboy poems about War. These are the best examples of Cowboy War poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Winds of Time

One day I was passing time
And wrote these words upon the lines,
I know not where they came you see
The Winds of Time were there for me.

If I could open a door to the past
And there before me were the paths
I'm not quite sure which I would choose
But The Winds of Time would see me through.

The vastness there before God's Hand
Then came the heavens, the seas, the land
Eden, Noah and the Christ Child's birth
Is the path that I see first.

I'm not into Knights or dragon days,
Nor Robin Hood and his saving ways,
But give me a Viking as he crosses the seas
And I'll dream of the lands so wild and free.

The music of Irland calls to me,
Where Kathleen's heart has ever been,
And for Danny Boy the fifes do call
I'll shed my tears lest he should fall.

As Immigrants touched upon our shores
The Indians prepared to fight once more,
But fate stepped in and eased the sore
They'd live in peace forever more.

The  battles fought upon this land
To protect us from Tierney's hand,
The Civil War for Freedom's right
The Alamo where comrades died.

At Little Big Horn where our soldiers died,
As Indians defend their homes with pride,
The government later took a hand
And put them on Reservation land. 

I remember well, when I was quite young
The days of World War II
And how my father's life did change
When the family business he assumed.

Twenty-four seven was unheard of then,
But that was their working day,
They helped keep our nations trucks on the road
Their battlefield was here in the USA.

I'll choose the path with pastures green,
Horses, cattle and the cowboy scene,
This is the land of my mother's birth
The most precious land to me on earth.

I chose this land and took a stand,
Married a cowboy and we ranched the land.
Though now retired and family gone
This land will always be our home.

The Winds of Time, know well my soul
I'll rest at night with days of yore.
And as I wake a prayer I'll say
Please God, may we have Peace today?

                       Cile Beer

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Cowboys In The Badlands

Cowboys In The Badlands

I have travelled many destinations known to man.
These lands of tumbling tumble weeds do wreck-havoc on my horse.
At times the ride through this quaint baron land, is like hell has no fury against the wilds of this dry dusty sand of the badlands of Texas. In these times of the civil war, the army brought in a Colonel who had gathered a posse, to save their wives and sisters to which the Apache thus kept them captives; in the badlands of Texas of the Gulf of Mexico. The Colonel and his men made it to Corpus Cristi without losing any men. They had travelled lightly through Arkansas and Indian Territory with only one mishap along the way. They only lost one horse, the renegade natives took their horse, saddle and their food. Thus they had to find food to fill their bellies to keep their men content. Those hills up there along the divide of the badlands surely will have some berries and alternate supply of food. For this I’ll have to take one man to fill our bag with food. You Jake, will take of the men horses and camp. This may be the badlands but with all these small hills one can be hidden indefinitely and not be in view of renegades to do us in.  The Apache and the Blackfoot are not friends. Cowboy Joe knew how to draw his trusty twenty-six gun pistal with a fast force 
within, not even Jesse James could outwit him. Cowboy Joe knew the chief of the Blackfoot Nation, they had become friends quite easily. He knew how formidable they could be.  For they had formed a complete comraderie. In these vast and lonely hills the badlands of Texas is to be one of their final destinies. With a battle with one of their enemies they had finally rescued there women, sisters and many others. Now they can go through the mighty Badlands full throttle and take their sibling homes and live comfortably.  

Written: Sept.16, 2014

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Well I Declare - If It Aint The Bounty Man

          Well I Declare – If It Aint The Bounty Man

Well I declare!   When I was young and free
I slung 2 guns from about my waste and charged a fee
And shot anything in sight that moved
As long as I got paid of course
I would shoot calories if there was a dollar in it
And lose weight in the process upon my horse
Now I’m 84 and there aint no shootin anymore 
But when I was young if you heard me say
“Well I declare” the word “war” was sure to follow in that statement
“Well I declare war on everyone in this here nation!”
And yell, “What in tar nation!” at the cowpokes in the saloon 
Yes sir.  They’d all run and hide like rabbits and baboons
Well I declare.  I can’t remember anything anymore
Who am I kidding?
I was never young.  I was born 84 and ready for a war

Created on 9/02/14 for- Well I Declare- Poetry contest

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It Used To Be An Open Range

In these dark days of war and death, in these days of turmoil and change—
In these days of political correctness, it sure does seem strange,
How once we did what we wanted – it used to be an open range.

I know now how it must have felt when they strung the range with barbed wire—
An era ended on those plains; the land and men put up for hire—
A way of life and freedom gone – a hard rain that put out the fire.

And nowadays in word and rhyme, it seems poets are all fenced in—
To write of history and yesterday, just seem to be a sin—
They only want these modern ranching times and not those way back when.

We know the world has changed a lot and all our freedoms have a cost—
It seems liberties’ now another word that comes each year with frost,
As mournfully we gaze on sunsets and dream back on all we’ve lost.

So hoist another cup of Joe and raise your drink for one last toast—
Like phantom bison and wild horses, our free ways give up the ghost
And sadly we lean back in saddles and lose the thing we love most. 

In these dark days of war and death, in these days of turmoil and change—
In these days of political correctness, it sure does seem strange,
How once we did what we wanted – it used to be an open range.