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Cowboy God Poems | Cowboy Poems About God

These Cowboy God poems are examples of Cowboy poems about God. These are the best examples of Cowboy God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Redneck Angel

Redneck Angel
Lyrics By Robert Taylor

A thousand cases of beer
Hangin’ with Jack all night
Sleeping with women from a bar
Not knowin’ their names when I woke

Then I saw your eyes in the dark
Sitting alone in the bar
An Angel from heaven sent
Dressed in Daisy dukes
And red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

I walked over and talked to you
Just hoping that you were real
We talked and then we kissed
Spent our time together
Drinking, dancing and talking the night away
How could God have so blessed
A poor assed Redneck boy like me.

I saw you down at the swamp
Wearing plaid, with mud in your hair
You were a redneck angel from heaven
Dressed in Daisy Dukes
And red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

Then I gave my heart to you
At the Antioch Baptist Church
Vows given without fear
My love is yours forever
I looked at your eyes through your veil
And you were crying with happiness
You were a Redneck angel from heaven
Dressed in daisy dukes
Red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwards miracle

How could God have so blessed
A poor assed redneck boy like me. 

Hiding but always in plain sight
Drinking, fishing, mud bogging
Things a girl shouldn’t do
How could you be who you are
Sharing my love and my life

How could God have so blessed
A Redneck like me. 

An angel from heaven sent
Dressed in Daisy Dukes
Red hot cowboy boots
You’re a backwoods miracle

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The Farmer and The Cowboy / Deuteronomy 11:13

The Farmer woke, 
Before break of day, 
And for a little rain did pray. 
Then hitched his team, 
And plowed the land, 
Given him by the Master’s hand. 
The Cowboy awoke, 
And a prayer he sighed, 
“Please give us rain, for the prairie is dry.” 
Then in the heat, 
He did rope and brand, 
The cattle given him by the Master’s hand. 
At night, before sleep, 
The Farmer read, 
The words from the Bible that God had said, 
“If you’ll keep my Commandments, 
In it’s season I’ll make it rain, 
And you shall eat, 
And your land shall fill with grain.” 
The Cowboy fell asleep remembering, 
A verse his Ma had read, 
A promise God made and the words he said, 
“Love and serve the Lord God, 
And it shall come to pass, 
That I shall make it rain, 
And for the cattle, there shall be grass.” 
So each resolved, in his own way, 
To be a better man, 
And follow closely the Commandments, 
And there-fore save the land. 
And though they never met, 
They prayed for the same thing, 
And watched the sky for the clouds, 
And the rain that they would bring. 
And though it was long in coming, 
The drops fell upon the land, 
And revived and refreshed these special places, 
Given by the Master’s hand. 
The Farmer and the Cowboy, 
Each prayed for the land of which they were fond, 
And through their belief, they saved the Earth, 
Through the Lord’s Common Bond.

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Borrowed time

God shows us tht our life we live is 
To live ur life cuz ur not gauranteed 
he recently made a mistake tht 
forever changed our life   
He took away my cousin after only 
12 yrs of life  
well never get chance to   to see wht 
he could b
y take away good people tht this 
world really  needs       
So many people choose to live the 
wrong way
They take life they were givin for 
granted every day         
I dont kno if I can ever move on and  
that cuz his mistake my cousins life 
wa short lived 
I been thru so much tht my heart 
has gone numb
my aunt has to suffer thru life w out 
her son      
Id give anything for the chance 2 hv 
another day 
2 tell him how much hes truly 
missed day after  day
To kno tht hes touched our hearts in 
a special way
its not fair tht his life was dealt w 
unlucky fate
 He will never b forgotten hes 
changed our lives forever
Im thankful for the time we got to 
spend together
well always remember his 
unforgetable legacy
 tht he truly is an angel tht we were 
blessed to get to meet   
 Losin him makes me realize tht life 
is to short 
To c the good in me I never saw 
Tht I should  b happy w the life god 
gave me
To finally show.people tht person I 
can b
 to remember life isnt gauranteed 
To do sumthin good w the time he 
let u borrow 
I want to let him know tht he didnt 
die in vain
Tht his life here made the world a 
good place        well never forget the 
day  god took him to c
that special place tht only angels like 
him get to b

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Best Ever Saw

Best Ever Saw

I’m gonna tell you a story,
Of the saltiest preacher I know.
The kinda man to charge hell, 
With a hand full of snow.

Now I was stompin out broncs.
For the ranch W M,
Tunin’ up for the rodeo 
That I planed to win.

When this tall talkin’ preacher,
Tells me about all my sin,
And tellin’ me about salvation,
That only with the lord could I win.

So I tells him God never been,
On no killer broncs as these.
Only his counter part,
Can tame the likes of these.

But that ol’ preacher was a believer,
And said God can move mountains,
And only through his word,
Can you find out his plans.

I say’s true nuff,
I believe it’s a fact.
But I get you wouldn’t be so sanctomonios
If you got on catamouts back.

Well now that ol’ preacher
Up and calls my bluff
And toe’s into the sturrip
And settled down with a huff

Now Catamount likes what he does, 
And does it right well.
And I knew this here preacher
Was going to get a real taste of hell

Ol’ Cat knew every trick
Writ in the book
And I’d lay wages to say he’s
The auther if you cared to look

Cat he start out easy to the left
And finishes out to the right
But that preacher sat that saddle 
Jest holdin’ on tight

Then that mean ol’ bronc
Starts curly-wolfin’ it though the field
And I think that preacher 
Knew ol’ Cat would never yield.

Next cat starts a sunfishin’
‘cuz he had new shoes he wanted to show
Oh. By the way they’re Nike’s 
‘case you wanted to know.

But then that preacher was about 
To give up and fall
The Wallmart attendant came out
And unplugged the pony from the wall

That goes to show you 
The Lord works in strange ways
For I see that preacher ever’ week
‘Cuz I goes to church on Sundays.

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As the sun starts to rise, This cowboy opens his eyes, Dew trapped in the mornin' frost. I thank God for my freedom, All the times I need 'im, I tend to forget the cost. I ride o'er this prairie, Durin' this season to be merry, Ponderin' the year that has past. Often times were good, More than there should, Occasionally my luck didn't last. Now it's deep in December, Ah, the prairie 'n its splendor, A hawk as it circles the sky. A cowboy could get soft, On new hay in a loft, 'N a roof to keep his bedroll dry. My leg draped o'er the tree, The horn in the bend of my knee, I look out across these vast plains. I heave a big sigh, Swipe a tear from my eye, Sat up 'n take hold the reins. We've been drivin' this herd, For a week 'n a third, I figure one week more. If the weather holds out, We'll make it no doubt, But nature could even the score. Tomorrow they say, Will be Christmas Day, I thank God for the Miracle Birth. Jesus 'as sent here to save us, That's the gift God gave us, Certainly more than this cowboy's worth. By Jim "Ish" Fellers Copyright ©: December 11, 2003 ~ Thursday

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Today I buried ol' Travis,
a better dog you never seen,
intelligent, strong, an' good natured
with eyes that were wary and keen.

It hurt me to lay him to rest now,
an' I know I'm gonna shed tears,
but I can't fault God for the takin'
'cause I shared with that dog sixteen years.

I remember when I first saw Travis,
just a little fur ball at the time,
we both felt an instant connection,
an' I knew that cowdog would be mine.

I couldn't resist his free spirit,
golden eyes that were so fulla care,
nor could I forsee his devotion,
or all the good times we would share.

From the very first trip to our homestead,
my pickup he claimed as his own,
whenever that truck left our acres,
he was goin' wherever it roamed.  

As a watch dog there never was better,
no coyote would dare cross this land,
he'd be out there barkin' an' chasin',
an' run off the whole yippin' band.

An' when Mr. Cougar come callin',
ol' Travis would raise such a fuss,
he knew not to nab the mean bugger,
but would bark till it woke both of us.

Ranch hands have got an' ol' sayin'
'bout workin' as hard as a dog,
an' I can sure vouch for ol' Travis,
he could herd cattle even in fog.

His muzzle was startin' to turn gray,
an' he had quite a limp t'ward the end,
but whenever I'd head out to do chores,
I could count on some help from my friend.

Now, I ain't alone in my grievin',
the wife took Trav's death pretty hard,
he was also her life long companion,
an' would follow her out in the yard.

I know that we're both gonna miss him,
this place'll seem empty an bare,
I'll miss fillin' his bowl in the kitchen,
an' him sleepin' right next to my chair.

My throat's just plum' fulla the achin',
an' I'll bust out in tears anytime,
but I ain't ashamed a my feelin's,
'cause most dogs, well, they ain't worth a dime.

But Travis was just somethin' special,
best cowdog I ever did see,
an' wherever God sends dogs when passin',
that's the place where I wanna be.