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Couplet Success Poems | Couplet Poems About Success

These Couplet Success poems are examples of Couplet poems about Success. These are the best examples of Couplet Success poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The best job

Your own successful biz,
that's what your best job is!

Volodymyr Knyr

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Sponsor:	                Dave Wood
Contest Name:   	Life is what YOU make it! 
Entry Date:              Thu, March 06, 2014
Motif:                        Life is what YOU make it!

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They said I was chosen, one in a million Part of an elite few, the men among children Chosen to leave everything behind for education, Engineering students, the pride of the nation! Four years of hard work and determination, Came close to failure, arrears, termination; Dreams shattered, spirits broken, total annihilation; New goals, new beginnings, rose up, rejuvenation. Attended classes, learned stuff, ultimately forgot it Placement time we revised, made up stuff, they bought it Now we are placed and getting ready to face the world We overcame; we conquered; we are Engineers!

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On A Back Road Again

On A Back Road Again

Have been on a back road again
While I cannot remember when;
God created great girl for me
And sure was such a sight to see.

Soon back road reached its end
So this letter to her will send;
Remember guitar I once had,
Lost it one day and am so sad.

Reminds me of my love I lost
Around by her was being bossed;
She never wanted to be my wife
Went out and took her own life.

How I wish it never did occur;
It was I who God made for her,
And am now unhappy every day
Now that she has passed away.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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What You Expect To Achieve For Today

~What You Expect To Achieve For Today~ (Couplet) What you expect to achieve for today It better be good and beneficial to you. Because what you decide for today, Determines what tomorrow will be for you. So start sowing very well and deep all your good seeds, And apply your knowledge carefully for all your needs. Don't waste your time crying for something that's already past, Get your priories well and straight because today doesn't last. Go and do something great with the rest of what's left of your life, And don't go looking for troubles and sorrows along this road full of strife. Watch carefully where your place down both your feet and where you stop, Be diligent of whom you give your heart and never make it with lies to the top. Because what you decide for today, Determines what the tomorrow will be for you. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,17,2015

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Level One

Running across the battlefield I begin to fight
I slice, chop, whack, and drop with all my might
Some Mercs are looking, AND SPOT ME!?
They shoot and I duck behind a tree
I use my blaster to tear them apart
Something flew, Was that his heart?
I run and jump into a nearby Warthog
I'm driving away, DID I HIT A LOG!?
I get off and see some droids
I take out my cyber-blade, and send them to the void
I turn around to see an undead viking horde
SLICE, CHOP, CRUNCH their heads rolled around on the floor
I keep on moving and find my team
In their eyes, I see a gleam
I check my equipment to see if its up to date
All my skills are maxed to the brim
Nothing is looking grim
My friends log on and join the team
I choose my soundtrack, music is my weapon
We are all ready, ready to kick some ass
Human players all unite
Let's walk in the light
We all charge the corner and see
Every. Single. Enemy

Kharaa, Nazis, Cannibals, zombies, aliens, Civilizations, Empires, Russians, terrorists, soldiers, Awesomenauts, Natural Disasters, androids, Death, The Mason Order, Templars, Grimm, Blacksuits, failed experiments, the Illuminati, taxis, Kings, The Plague, Dunwall's enemies, Cthulhu, Demon's Souls, The Lordvessal, Darkwood, Mutated Infected, Dinosaurs, Stickmen, E.Y.E, space, dragons, The Revolution, the World, Line Infantry, Ghosts, Military Experiments, Clones, Failed Cloning Experiments, the 16th century, the apocalypse, The Rebel Armada, Airships, Criminals, Hackers, Debt, money, imagination, creativity, wild animals, my voice, Indiana Jone's enemies, King Arthur, NO FREAKING TUTORIALS, The League of Legends, dungeons, Grimrock, cards, games I never play, medieval armies, the Metro, Titans, Parasytes, the courtroom, thieves, Kingdom of Swadia, the mountain, solar flares, future Japan, vampires, bandits, factions, fish, robots, Rome, Ships, Sonic, engineers, runners, my own creations, fps games, spaceships, retro games, older thieves, pay-to-win games, games I always forget, ninjas, samurais, toys, hilarious pivot movements, blocks in general, my dead alien dog, tanks, classic games, and many, many more...

I jumped into the fray
I just kept swinging and began to pray


I haven't saved in like an hour!
Well, I kinda do need a shower...
Back to the beginning I had begun,

Back, to Level One...

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A Rhymester's Couplet

The poetaster attempted to write a couplet with success
The results were more than embarrassing nonetheless.

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Sally version 4

Sally's stuffing eggrolls in the back room.
Filling them with beansprouts
in case they have a boom.

Hundreds of these eggrolls
piled high for later.

Boiled in an oil
for each and every crater.

Some will go behind the glass
warming in a pan;

shining in their dipping oil,
tempting for a span.

Placed upon a plate and shimmied
to the side;

up against some rice
that's deep and dark and fried.

Dipped into a plum sauce
sweeter than a sneer,

and spread out on your plate
as far as you can smear

Flavour by the mouthful
damp and moist and wet

Sally's making eggrolls
the best that I can get.

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Learning Country

My sister said, "Let's go dancing.""Not a chance." 
 "I don't know how. I don't know how to dance."

"They give beginner's lessons at The Yellow Rose.”
 "They'll have a live band to keep you on your toes." 

I gave in to her begging and gathered up my spunk.
Those at the Rose were probably already drunk.

So I said, "What the heck; how hard's it gonna be?
Those guys are too busy to watch the likes of me."

In most of my endeavors, it's always been my fate,
there's some hidden truth that I didn't anticipate.

Every song had a different dance, no two were the same.
I stood with eyes popping, thinking this was insane.

"What kind of style is this?" I muttered, watching the dancing.
They were clapping and yelling,, twirling and prancing;

with thumbs hooked in pockets and fancy boots on their feet,
they shuffled, hitched and swayed to a crazy country beat.

Not dancing with one another, they formed a perfect line,
  turning and bumping hips and stomping in double time.

They even did a Cha Cha,, a Charleston step or two,
Cheater's Waltz and Black Velvet, twining through.

Sister said, "Come on, let's go!" Well,  it's do or die,
maybe I'll flop, maybe not. I'll never know, unless I try.

I wound up teaching beginners at West Side Senior Center,
and at local "Silver Games," became a gold medal winner!

I performed with the gang at nearby nursing homes,
in matching western costumes and sequins in our combs.

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My Muse

My muse is smooth, with ivory complexion.
Her full, pouty lips point in my direction.
Her face is chiseled; no make-up required.
Her beauty's breathtaking, never expired.
She would look stunning draped in leather or lace.
She has a renown, youthful, "commercial" face.
She inspires me with her gaze of intrigue.
She displays no sign of boredom or fatigue.
She does not care about what others think.
She holds a nonchalant stance, won't flinch or blink.
She does not argue, nor carry on a fuss.
It's quite tranquil when it's just the two of us.
My sweet muse is not alive, nor is she dead.
She poses proudly as a mannequin head.

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Last June

Season of bliss; drops from afar pelt greens
Wearily grasses splashed and blushed in kins
Boring cold canopied the tired halls
Curtains of strained times peaked towering walls
This ageless path leads everywhere but home
Darkened lanes knitted its lenght in loose comb
Deeply watching roofs pecked in disarray
Through death holes, above vain pits, where dirts lay
At the circle of the beaded calabash-
Prime of the town; a lord hails with no match
His rod longs beyond radius of his sphere
His ways are perfect, to whom life is dear
Crowned lord of the soil, second to the gods
On stairs, where men stares, not step, his throne odds
Born in this month of clouds and thrills of rain
Skies of gloom enshrouds with chilled wails of pain
Evened feelings lacking densed parity
Still smile's kernel, shelters crude hope only
On nailed grounds, callus knees crawled back and forth
Boiling brooding blood blind with discomfort
And when june eloped with carved memories
Daring showers followed, that bode victories

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my unveiling

Help me lord to always study
I want to be revived when I feel weary
I know I have no excuse to be lazy
When I will be crying for mercy from the almighty

My glory shall be unveiled
Even if situations tends not to aid
I’ve only wasted time when I wailed
Now, I know my success is what has been made

In the beginning’ challenges may seem so strong
With my God in me, I won’t go wrong
I will always confess success with my tongue
Then, at the end I will sing a joyful song

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1.Nothing profitable to life
than giving to poor.	
2.Praising is glory, if
given to poor.
3.Nothing last long than
the unique fame.
4.Achieving unending fame heaven
not praise saints.
5.Ruin and death rare
other than intellectuals.
6.Enter with determining fame
otherwise better disappear.
7.What use unfamiliar blaming
others instead repenting.
8.Not achieving unending fame
disgrace for mankind.
9.Land bearing unfamiliar people
diminishes its usefulness.
10.Life without defame, living
unfamiliar as unliving.
Dedicated to Thiruvalluvar(31B.C), the author in Tamil
Translated by S.Kandasamy, MUSIRI, TAMILNADU, INDIA
Published in on 13-12-13

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Should I Say Who or Whom

Should I Say Who or Whom

An owl only went "who" which was wise
And would realize once you saw his eyes
He always had such a wonderful way
Of reading a poem he just wrote today.

God told him to always say who of course
And after having said hello to a horse
Her mane had lovely hair which was gray
But to read a poem she simply went nay.

Wise owl said horse don't be in a hurry;
With me, you will never have to worry;
Poem which I wrote have words that are two;
Even when he whispers, they are who-who.

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The heavy swell

A scrub fast comes the heavy swell 
over a man who just does well.

Volodymyr Knyr