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Couplet Star Poems | Couplet Poems About Star

These Couplet Star poems are examples of Couplet poems about Star. These are the best examples of Couplet Star poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Shooting Star

Sparkly, shiny, and oh so bright
Streaking across the sky tonight 

Wish I may, wish I might
Forever hold you in my sight

I wish a thousand wishes to you
Hoping all my dreams come true

Don't you leave me, please just stay
I have many more wishes I'd like to say

I wish for the sun to rise each day
I wish for the clouds to blow away

I wish for the trees to grow so tall
I wish for the baby birds not to fall

I wish that this world wasn't so hard
I wish my heart was no longer scarred

I wish for the day that you are found
For that day my Queen will be crowned

I wish for hope and peace and love
I wish to you, oh shooting star above

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A Sparkling Star

Faraway ambassador of light distant dream sailing ocean waves
begging golden spear of destiny strikes midnight bells ring 

Spotlighting beautiful stunning to the eyes priceless gem 
diamond brightly sparks on a shining jewel treasure find

Mystery shades gasping warm breathless smiles tides turn flutters the heart
beating drum roars as the arrow strikes sexy moonlighting beauty

Hot flushes sweeping deeply skipping flames on magic dust
wishes warm touching inside the darkest night glowing thoughts 

Haunting full lips silver pearl whispers silently dancing tunes sing
blowing across deep sands echoes over oceans kissing paradise moonbeams 


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- A Taste Of Friendship -

We often take our blessings for granted the same goes for friendships
From ashes of pain inside deep hurt tears flowing ache washed with hope 

Friendship is precious not only when you are sad, but also in the sunshine
In the night sky flickering starlight shines a candle of never ending clarity  

I will listen if you need me, I never stopped believing love sings forever 
Oh why have you forsaken me crying inside a thousand songs 

If finding times hard, you will need someone who brightens up your day
Blowing from the deepest sands silently warm fingers touching a whisper 

Supported by words of compassion
Love have charity show mercy to my soul

Anytime you're lost or can't see the light
There's never no grounds to hate but shameful emotions weep

Life is worth living when it’s made of good feelings
Tears falling within happy memories always yearning 

Written by Liam Mcdaid & A-L Andresen 
01.03.2015 Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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Stardust Artist

Virgin snow sparkles in the darkest hour
as stardust dances with celestial power.
Silently it rains upon mother earth
giving witness to such an idyllic birth. 

A fawn and doe now break the glaze
like tiny spoons upon crème brulees. 
Below Polaris they prance and snort,
for they seem to know the time is short.

For such a night is a rare event,
as blue light above is heaven sent.
Wondrous luminescent tranquility
trumps any earthly poet’s ability.

Now the first rays pierce the frigid night
and Orion’s bow soon fades to light.
White carpet dulls now without the luster
of a nocturnal painter, the starlight duster.

James Nichols 12/29/12

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Armano the Auracano

Armano the Auracano of Rock Star fame
Will never be singing on his stage again

A fan. a critter, or even a possum 
Has taken his life, he will no longer blossom

He was a handsome dude, tall and preened
With shiny red rustic feathers, and did the girls scream

A newspaper reporter asked his manager Dane
It must be hard for you, as you will miss him playing

Yes i will, things will never be the same
But another star will be born, to look after his dames

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Thanks From The Unworthy

From a cloudless frost crisp sky one star shines supremely out
Diminishing all other stars in the slate black sky about
It light s a path across a flat calm bay a road my soul must walk
To distant friends in distant lands to whom I wish to talk

To those in need I send you gifts of sustenance faith and love
To those in terror and in pain, I give hope and a dove  
Those whose loss turns fair heart black you get leave to grieve
You who now face life alone pure friendship you receive

As my mind walks that star lit path my thoughts they are with you
Who on my unworthy life your great gifts of love did strew
Pain from my old frame you shared and my loneliness did cease 
On you I wish health and happiness, love, luck and peace

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Perfect Star

Star of Heaven, come to earth;
lead us once again to our Savior's birth.

Speak the language from God's own lips;
grant us nectar in honeyed sips.

Invade our hearts with revealing light;
accept our praises this holy night.

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Jayne Taylor's The Star

Twinkle, twinkle little star-
How I wonder if you are.
So many light-years far away,
Are you still out there today?
Did you go nova little star?
How I wonder if you still are.

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My Valentine

My valentine's a star above
that leaves me all alone.
It seems to know I'm happier
when left upon my own.

At night it sparkles brightly
and holds me to my stare.
My eyes left feeling helpless
as my lungs are filled with air.

My valentine's a star above
as faithfull as I've known.
But not for being a wonderer;
for aligning God's own throne.

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A Kiss of Sunshine

Beautiful light that lasted for long
Your lightening shine suppress the cloud

Brilliant Beauty from coast to coast
Your brighter shine rule my world

My lovely kids love painting in your midst
Cos your presence add meaning to their paint

Myself as well stock under your bountiful
Likewise my firm, my wife roam through you

Your fins and flippers eat the sea
But your dominant serve the plant

That is why I love to kiss you
Cos you never demand without supply

My sunshine, you are the haven
That shine my home and my coats.

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She looks dazzling in her black gown
On occasion she wears a sparkling crown

She protects me from prying eyes
There`s no need for pretense or lies

She sustains me with her beauteous light  
Caresses me in the heat-forsaken night

She tends to my insatiable fire inside
By her light I find delight in new-found insight

She hears my silent screams and
Listens, knowing what it all means

She`s game and with her pleasures generous
I wish to stay, but her dark ways are treacherous

When I ask for more, she cracks a smile
Saying, “Farewell, now rest for a while”

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Two Moons To One

You closed yours eyes before the crash..
We woke in places that couldn't last..

Blinded by fables that we hoped were true..
Now our hands let go as your star flew..

In your own sky without my light..
Your star shines all too bright..

Till another day when our moons are one..
I'll sit to the side making sounds of none..

For Brian's contest

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Midnight's Robe

Midnight has come to drape her robe
Of darkness over this side of the globe.
Smooth, like velvet, it muffles all sound
Save for the hem touching the ground.
And from its deep folds, bright jewels shine forth:
Lyra, Orion, the Star of the North. 
Such riches never before seen on Earth
Sparkle these diamonds of unmeasured worth.
Midnight displays her riches untold;
To her stars are dust. How would she treat gold?

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Shooting Star

A wayward star has lost it's place
Amidst the vastness known as space
Too close to earth it's path did lead
This shooting star for us to see

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Twinkle twinkle little star

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How unfortunate you are

To sit in the ski all night and day
While other’s send wishes your way

They wish for love, fortune and fame
They wish for everyone to know their name

They wish to be tall, skinny and smart
They wish and believe in you with all their heart 

But they do not know the feelings that you have
And that sometimes you make their wishes go bad

The fact that we get to walk around feely 
Fills the stars heart with jealousy

So with a hateful stare it throws our wishes back
And with each wish thrown, the star gains a crack 

And before long the star loses its shine
And it plummets to the ground, with beauty divine

And before it hit’s the ground it grants one final wish
One for a mother, and her young daughter’s happiness 

The star makes its penance as it strikes the ground
Though through its tears it never makes a sound

‘I’m sorry’ the star cries for all the ignored wishes in the past
‘I wish I could go back and fix them’ but it’s fading fast

Its wish has been thrown back by another
Who doesn’t want to bother

As the star continues to throw them back
He starts to gain all his cracks 

So watch for the star in the ski that looks mad
And keep your wishes for another that won’t make them bad

And remember the saying that is so true
Keep it in your heart close to you

If you make a wish on a broken star 
You dreams will not make it very far 

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Falling Star

Shining, sparkling in the darkness night You’re the light from above that so bright A falling star that I’ve been waiting Hear my wishes as now I whisper And feel what my heart is been a desire Falling star you like an angel Send by heaven with a magic spell Show to me the light that dance in a glow, I hear you singing as you go away It granted my wishes as like what I say To let my dear friend here to stay. Twinkle, dazzling, dancing in neon light let you be an angel and keep us guide can I touch you and hold you tight all I can do is to stare at you saying my wishes hope it will come true.
----September 2009.----

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As I Swim In That Heavenly Sea

Stars twinkle and flicker all the time,
And I think I am too old to mind,
It costs me more as time goes on,
But stars still twinkle off and on.
When my time has been used,
And I am dust upon your shoes,
Look up to the night time sky,
And see a star and wonder why?
Please think kindly of me,
As I swim in that heavenly sea,
For all I have ever done or been,
Is not for me but a hope to be seen.
To leave a mark, a token too,
To be remembered mainly by you,
This vain hope is a sin, I know,
But as a star in your heart
I would glow.
Grow and glow, and warm and protect,
If this only could be
It would be perfect.
And so when you look at the stars above,
See me and know
All my love.

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Memory Necklace

String me a necklace, a lunar eclipse
of shadows, of baubles, of eternal bliss
Memory make me in frozen star dust
and roll out the heavens just like we discussed
You are my anchor in times of distress
my haven, my shoulder, my afternoon kiss
You salve my wounds with a quiet decree
and string me a necklace with gifts from the sea
Opposite shores pushing waves to and fro
in the moonlight we met, in our liquid we flow
With a braiding of star dust we necklace the moon
so she's dressed to the hilt of the luna de lune
We are the music of husband and wife
Trailing our memories behind us in life
You decorate me with love from the sea
You are my passion, eternally.