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Couplet Prayer Poems | Couplet Poems About Prayer

These Couplet Prayer poems are examples of Couplet poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Couplet Prayer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Our Christmas Eve Dinner

'Twas our Christmas Eve dinner; we all had sat down at the table to eat. Grandma couldn’t be found! We children were fussing; Dad rose to his feet. shouting, “Where are you, Ma? We’re ready to eat!” When from the next room we heard such a noise Jenny squealed, “Santa Claus must have brought toys!” We then heard a sound like a whimpering pup saying, “Help. I’ve fallen and cannot get up.” Grandpa jumped up and then rushed to the door that led to the bathroom. There on the floor lay our poor grandma, eyes widened in fear, looking like she’d got run over by reindeer! The dresser had fallen. It had her pinned down. Grandma was wildly flailing around. More swiftly than Rudolph, we did all we were able. We unpinned her. Then Mom yelled, “Back to the table!” Back to the dining room all we kids came As our mom started to call us by name. “Davy, Mel, Jenny, Angie, Marie. . . Get back here now. I’m counting to three!” Like animals not having eaten all day, stuck in a cage without getting their way, we sat at that table our bellies all growling, and Davy, the baby, by now was howling. And then finally what did appear? Dad with our grandpa and grandma so dear! Supported by both our grandpa and dad, Grandma was flushed and looking quite bad. She was dressed in a housecoat trimmed in white lace and a big purple bruise had now formed on her face. Mom pulled out a chair helping Grandma to sit, and then our dad bellowed, “OK, have at it!” Our mouths how they watered to see the large ham. “And that isn’t all,” said Mom, “I made lamb!” Her small pretty mouth was turned up in a grin, “The food’s getting cold now. Children, dig in.” Our dad how he laughed as he poured lots of gravy onto his potatoes and kidded with Davy. And Grandma sat smiling despite her great fall while Grandpa gulped spiked nog, not talking at all. With eyes that seemed bigger than my own belly, I dished out big spoonfuls of cranberry jelly. Mom winked and I knew I had nothing to dread. Her pleasure was in us all being well fed. I went straight to work at stuffing my face when suddenly Mom said, “We didn’t say grace!” We closed our eyes listening to our dad’s prayer. I peeked but was met by my mom’s warning stare! Dad finished the prayer with a hearty Amen. Then we were all grabbing Mom’s fixings again. When the food had all vanished and our stomachs hurt, we heard Dad exclaim, “So what’s for dessert?” For the Children's Christmas or Holiday Tale - Poetry Contest of Carol Eastman

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Please Give me Wings

Wash my heart and make it clean
Remove the grime from where it's been 

Take my idle hands make them yours
Use them to open holy doors

My cracked lips long to sing your praise
Be my Misto the rest of my days

Guide my calloused feet along your path
I wish to know Love and not your wrath

Take my arms place them around the poor
Help me realize I need less not more

Plant your precious thoughts in my mind
Change me from selfish make me kind

let me see your face with my eyes
Remove my ignorance make me wise

Apart from you I cannot be whole
Thank you for this reconditioned soul

One day my life will end I know that's true
Please give me wings so I can fly to you

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A Silent Prayer

On silky sky, a silent prayer for God and love and stars live there. In light of sun and milky moon, in depths of dark and crests of dune, where sunlit gems meet farthest seas, where rainbow’s hues meet gentlest breeze, to love on high His majesty, to fully bask in His glory, to greet the clouds and welcome rain, to hear the joy in thunder’s refrain, to know this love resides within, so once closed hearts can share, opened. A silent prayer on silky sky becomes a song to God on high.

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To All Of You

There are times we are left to cope
With situations that drain our hope

Leaving us full of despair
At how some people just don't care

About the evil that they do
To good people like all of you

We are left to somehow face
That in mankind there is disgrace

And those of us left alive
Must find away to survive

As you pick up the pieces of your life
Without your mother, father, husband or wife

And some of you God forbid
Without the love of your kids

We must band together with a brotherhood
Show that in this world there is some good

Because we are together in this deal
We try to help each other heal

We seek in each other good advice
And offer each other sacrifice

We hold each other in prayer and song
As we continue to re-build the wrong

Because what else in the world can we do
Except let the light of good shine through

The evil darkness and despair
Of a catastrophic lack of care

We want you to know you are not alone
Think of America as a giant cone

And all of us are funneling through
Our prayers and hopes to all of you

Posted for Nathan's 9-11 contest

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A Meadow's Sigh

The meadow’s breath a gift to all, the mist, the morning dew,
a silent sigh, a heartfelt call, a prayer to me and you.

Green and warm, full of life, the forest's skirt, the Maid's delight,
where rabbits dwell in lovers’ dells, a dream in morning light.

Gold and bright, full of life, the forest's skirt and Knight's delight;
life lies in grasses high, where lovers sleep and passion cries.

White and fair, full of life, the forest's skirt of pearly white;
burrowers sleep in bowers deep, hearths alight on chill nights.

The meadow's breath a gift to all, the mist, the morning dew;
a silent sigh, a heartfelt call, a prayer to me and you.

The men have made the meadow home, no rabbits now play there,
no deer appear so near the roads for cars bring them dispare.

The meadow was home to many things, butterflies, birds on wing,
yet, few can dwell where men reside, the forest's skirt swept aside.

The meadow’s breath a gift to all, the mist, the morning dew,
a silent sigh, a heartfelt call, a prayer to me and you.

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These Days

Met with you the first time, knowing not what I had just found.
Working days and nights beside you, walking unit’s hard ground.
Helping one another in and out of these day’s crisis.
Trust in easy comfort sharing secrets and our vices.
Blinded by your selfless nature under our same God’s eyes.
Colored hues of virtue burned into your soul it rides
Times enduring twelves in truth and depth of pasts and yet-tos.
Corners turning heads to tails in trails you doing time thru.
I have watched you suffer dating burden from his cold hand,
Wanting many times to tell you to break from that dead man.
Wisdom needing to remind me, hope was holding you still.
Losing grip, you make the change and years returning, Love will.
My prayers carry wishes for you, one day’s given good spouse.
Under Holy Ghost’s soft guidance, making your home, God’s house.
Sharing smiles and tears in keeping promise past the last day.
Into Christ’s embrace that shines you through a Heaven’s gateway.
Always just a thought away you will be after our end.
Grateful in my heart to have been given such a rare friend. 

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Nothing To Fear

Way before the sunrise is when I start my day
I offer thankfulness in the prayer that I pray

I do love the morning with its beautiful sunrise
Especially when reflecting off clouds in the sky

My life is a journey with my soul as the guide
What makes it beautiful is my wife at my side

My children are my strength; encouraging me
I make sure that everyday is truly all it can be

My friends are many though old-friends are few
For I no longer agree with the things that they do

I still hold them all in my prayers and my heart
Nothing in this life could ever pry them apart

So what is the story the meaning of this rhyme?
The blessing is there if we just follow the sign

To accept the blessings the place we must start
Just be as a child and look through your heart

Be as a child; cherish every one of your dreams
If you wish to feed the river than become a stream

Everything will happen in its own time and place
You will truly find peace once you’ve found grace

Since love is the place where we all need to start
Remember, be kind and gentle to your own heart

One day, “Old Saint Peter,” will open up the gate
There is nothing to fear for heaven will be great

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When Darkness Falls

At night rapscallions in my head
Refuse the coal that scorches dread

And peace, however light the touch
Calms the seas where dragons rush

The crescent moon, my dreams aglow
With love so pure, pearl ivy grows

Hurried heart that once sought fame
Must kindle hope nee shatter shame

Above the sky where Angels dwell
My pealing bark in prayer reveals

A moment filled with His relief
When light grows dim

             Doth vanquish


© All Rights Reserved

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My Lord and Savior

If you mess with me
You're messing with an anointed pedigree

I follow God
He knows that I am flawed

Who He loves
I'll love

How He wants me to pray
I'll pray

Who he sends my way
I'll invite in my life with open arms

I won't forsake Him
Just as He won't forsake me

I know His Son died for me
Just knowing that alone has me in tears

Knowing that He loves me enough
To sacrifice His Son

God is my Lord
Jesus is my Savior

The Father of the Savior
Has given up his Son so that I may live free of Sin

Knowing that I can talk to Him anytime, any day, anywhere
Has me dropping to my knees

I pour my soul and heart into every prayer
I know He hears all I say

Most times He'll answer my prayer easily
Other times I have to work for the answer

In the end everything is going to be alright
Because I love Him and He love me

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Ancient deity of water and sky
Hear my most unworthy cry
Know that I ask without greed or guile
To borrow your strength for a little while
Although this prayer is my desire
I only ask what is truly required
Bathing in your sacred breath
As I sit in this circle in the earth
Knowing the elemental power
I convene with you at this zero hour

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MacDougall's Boon

Upon the path to self-destruction,
noticed I, a quaint obstruction.
Barrin' me to stay my course
was fear, envy, doubt and remorse.
"Imagine it!" to meself says I,
"Tis for these thing' I long to die."
An' so, I set me down to think.
"This bodes not well! Were't the drink?"
When at that moment, me eyes was soak't,
an' a blazin' tow'r o' fire an' smoke
appeared 'afore my sot'n feet
an' I prayed: "Dear Lord!
My soul do keep!"
As I fumbled the words
to the prayer of the Lord,
bespoke he to me:

"What are ye here for?"

Now, gath'rin me wits
with me eyes from the floor,
Ah I cleared me throat, an' this I swore:
"Dear God Almighty, can ye' please
forgive this trespass.
As you see, I know not what
I bargained for, and I am sorry,
my dear Lord."

Quite sober now
as I could be,
the Lord then spoke
these words to me;

"My child, from where thy feet now stand,
look to the east, where sun meets land.
Beyond those hills I raised of yore,
there once were lands, that are, no more.
Tongues that are no longer spoken
and vows that are, many,
long since broken.
Now look to the west,
where the sun meets the sea.
There are mountains yet raised
known only to me.
Cities to come, that shall never be,
and races of man, that no man shall see."

He paused, and I reflected on these,
then he added, to sum it all up, it seemed;
"Ages before I had ever begun,
I knew this very day would come.
I chose this hour, I chose this place,
and I chose you to recieve this grace.
So, be not troubled, child of mine.
You were meant to be here, at this time.
Do you still want to throw yourself from on high?"

"Dear Lord no! I don't want to die!
Now, more than ever, I want to live!
And I fell to my knees,
and I worshiped him. 

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For This Year

Watch another sunrise in the early morn
Say another prayer for children yet unborn
Give my children hugs no matter what they did
Never stop remembering that I was once a kid
Be positive with each new day, never dwell upon the past
Enjoy each and every moment as if it were my last
Embrace the pain and chaos that is so prevalent these days
Look at it as a blessing and seek out better ways
Tomorrow may not be there so live just for today
Learn to keep my mouth shut if I have nothing nice to say
Eat a few more ice creams, drink a few more beers
Challenge myself daily to overcome my fears
Be a little kinder to the one’s who caused me pain
Spread a little sunshine, take long walks in the rain
Listen to more music, early rock and roll
Let me touch another’s heart, let the music touch my soul
Say a few more prayers for those who no longer sing
Perform random acts of kindness in the name of Christ The King.

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    There is a spirit that watches over you
    In the daylight hours, and nightime too.

    You may not think that they are there
     But there is a way to make you aware.

     I learned the name of my angel a long time ago
     Because I was interested and I wanted to know.

     His name is "Maximus" and is with me here
     To learn of his presence once made me fear.

     Because what you do is watched all the day
     The angel keeps tabs, God finds out that way.

     I guess you think I'm being naive
     Trust your faith, if you believe.

     If you want to know your angel's name
     There is a way to find out which is no game.

     Say a prayer for three days in a row
     And after each time ask him to reveal his name to you.

     If you believe in him he will tell you true
     If not, he may be silent to you.

     I know of others who have tried this I can say
     Some, have learned the names of their angels this way.

     When you pray for their name do not think it absurd
     Some, I know, will hear that singular word.

     It won't come as a shout from heaven on high
     But rather as a whisper, when your angel is nigh.

     These spiritual beings are here for us all
     Sometimes they wait just to here us call.

     And when you do wouldn't if be grand
     If you knew the spirit's name...who behind you stands!

     Try it and see if you think I'm fooling around
     Be honest with yourself with both feet on the ground.

     As someday that spiritual angel you will greet
     Wouldn't it be nice to be on a "first name" basis when you meet?

     And if you try but do not hear their name
     Keep on trying because your conviction was lame.

     I know many will think I'm crazy with this
     But knowing my angel's name has brought comfort and bliss.

     So try it yourself and see if in kind
     If your angel will speak to you...they really don't mind.

     Because then a dialogue with them you can share,
     Even if they never speak again,  you'll know...they're there.

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A Billion Soul Mates

A Billion Soul Mates By Rick Rucker I don’t think that there’s one “soul mate,” No more than there is a “perfect” date. In searching for a match, I easily found a glorious catch! To say I love her, makes me a liar, She simply set my Heart afire! When I saw her, I felt Doom, There she was, across the room, I knew my Heart would not long last, It would burn up very fast. I saw her first, then she smiled, Suddenly, my Heart went wild! Her face was like a Vermeer painting, Now, I was afraid of fainting! I knew that I would fall in Love, And said a prayer to those Above. I was struck so hard by her beauty, I forgot to do my “duty.” In my hand, I held a rose, But I was frozen, head to toes! In front of me, the Love I seek, Why can’t I get my tongue to speak? Finally, with an effort heroic, I tried to appear quite stoic, And not drool all over her, That we ate is still a blur, The first thing that I recall, When escaping from my thrall, We were standing near her car, The best date I’d had, by far. As I watched her car leave, ‘Twas then that I began to grieve. I knew I’d made the date a mess, What she thought, I could only guess. Driving home, I thought it through, And decided what I’d do, I’d not call her, in that way, I wouldn’t have to hear her say, That she’d not see me more, Which would drop me to the floor! After an agonizing week, I called her, and in a voice quite meek, And asked on another date, “Yes,” her answer, I can relate! A dozen more have we had since then, We’re planning on what happens when, We’ve become more than each other’s friend, And we will be together ‘til The End! And so, I’m trying to let you see, That if a common guy, like me Can find his Love, with this few dates, There must be a billion “soul mates” For each one of us, A dozen on the next bus! If you’ve not found her, don’t despair, She’s just around that corner, there!

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God's little children are precious,
They are gifts that God gives to us.

God will guide us to teach them to be sweet,
His word will help us to share, which is neat.

Jesus had experience as a small child,
He is an example to us, tame or wild.

Each child needs to see Jesus' love through us,
Through our witnessing, these children will trust.

Singing or saying a little prayer each day,
This will help little children to walk God's way.

Jesus' footprints are the way to the light,
We lead our children with all of our might.

God's pure and perfect love are what we need,
Leading a child is how we plant a seed.

Teaching our children to pray,
Helps them to know what to say.

They will learn to seek His wisdom and love,
These children will seek for strength from above.

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Brought To Awe

When the sun hits the bellies of the humble clouds at dusk
I'm amazed, I'm entranced, I am but a speck of dust.
When the gulf eats the sun in a nibble and a bite
all my senses stand up tall to applaud the gift of sight
When the mountains cradle shadows 'gainst the pink of sunlit trees
you will find me deep in prayer toward the one with wise decrees
And when I'm standing next to you with our two hands intertwined
I am brilliantly alive with the knowledge you are mine...

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My Friend – My Lord

There is a thing that has filled my soul
The Lord is the dearest friend I know
He listens with no interruptions at all
Especially when my back is to the wall
I don’t need to see him to know he is real
He lives in my thoughts and all that I feel
When I first called to him I was a shell
Just another sinner headed off to hell
He answered my prayer then to my delight
He gave me the gift and desire to write
Through all I have written it’s clear to see
I walk with the Lord for he lives in me

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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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A Prayer for my Wife

                           A Prayer for my Wife

Now I’ll tell you all the details if I can keep from sheddin’ a tear
Last night when it got late and really quiet around here 

I got down on my knees, crossed my heart and began to pray
And in the darkness between me and God, here’s what I had to say

I love her so much Lord and I just don’t know what I’d do
I’m afraid that she won’t make it, that’s why I’m coming to you

Here with my heart open, at your mercy down on my knees
I’m begging’ you with every heartbeat, Oh Lord hear my pleas

I don’t know what your plans are or what you have in store
And I know I don’t deserve her and that she deserves much more

And don’t misunderstand Lord, I don’t assume any obligation
For your bounty in our life has exceeded all our expectations

But please allow her to live and me to be a part of that life
And I swear I’ll make this beautiful woman proud to be my wife

And if it’s not in your plans Lord then I pray that you take me instead
Cause’ I can’t live without my love, I’d be better off dead

And no excuses for my past Lord, but I’ll do better than I’ve done
I ask you only this, my lord, in the name of your Son.

I wiped my tears as I said my amen’s and prepared myself to stand
Stepped up next to your bed and began to caress your pretty hand

I stared off into space as all the memories came flooding in
Reliving each and every moment, over and over again

And as the first rays of sunshine, streamed in past the curtain
I felt an overwhelming peace calm my mind and ease the hurtin’

I felt compelled to kiss you so I pressed my lips to your face
And it seemed the room was filled in the beauty of God’s living grace

And you slowly opened your eyes and smiled for me to see
And I knew the Lord my God had given my sweet wife back to me

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Machu Pichu

A staff is more than handhold, its worn
to the grasp, trust in what fell down from above.

The llama's sure foothold fits like our staffs
in the rocks climbing upward to the top to the sky.

We risk the blaze of sun, for the wide wings of condor
soaring, spiraling, hunting for a meal, never assured

except for his hold on the sky, flight, supreme
over the rocks and tumbles and worn out straw

of season of cold passing into days of warmth.
The spindle clatter, the roil and curve of weft needle

a prayer to on high, like the spirals of rock to the sky
the sun speaking to us at feet, these are complete

to the rest and remain of our escape to safety
in the cradle of our summer retreat, waiting for stars

to fall among us, waiting for stars to carry us away
from homes built within a circle of spires, three spires

to bring the ley lines of power into our grasp, to offer
escape from the dust and dung we live in, amazed.

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My Paradise

 I'm borrowing a gorgeous country
 I may borrow it as often as I can

 I accept their courtesy and smile
 I smile back and are happy to provide a helping hand

 I am enjoying the sun in this sunny land
 I think of autumn and the rain back home

 I'm enjoying the day with all my enjoyment
 I hope the day could've been much longer

 I am delighted with the floral scent that fills the air
 I listen to the waves rolling along the seaside

 I listen to the prayer that comes from the mosque
 I feel a quiet peace lowered into my body

 I'm borrowing this beautiful country, just for fourteen days
 I am free of thoughts, free from time ..... I'm in my paradise Turkey

Turkey  -  20.09.2012
A-L  Andresen :)

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Flash Flood...

Monsoon season hit last night, It flooded everything in sight; It ripped down fences and uprooted trees, Rolling two ton boulders with sickening ease; Carrying it all on a crest of death, We can feel the roar and hold our breath; The ground is rumbling beneath our feet, We bow our heads and admit defeat; The noise deafening, we cover our ears, It’s bringing about our terror and fears; We stop and watch the destruction flow by, And send a silent prayer up to the sky.

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When Time Was a Friend

I was listening to oldies wishing the songs would not end
They carried me back to when time was a friend
A time when I wore a younger man's smile
Culottes, pedal pushers and love were in style
We rode our bicycles all over town
Put a flash light on the handlebars when the sun went down
Sometimes we'd gather in Dutch Hill Park
Play on the swings until well after dark
We smoked Luckies and Camels because we were men
Filters were for girls way back then
There were fights and laughter, sometimes a beer
A childhood lived without knowing fear
Mothers raised children, fathers worked hard
Wash was on clothes lines in the back yard
Somehow the bills got paid when they were due
Dads stopped on the way home from work for a few
Sometimes there were days without a penny to spend
Neighbors were family when time was a friend
We cherish those memories as we get old
Memories are more precious than silver or gold
I close my eyes say a prayer and to sleep I descend
Then dream of the days when time was a friend

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Thanks. You are Souper!

I thought I would just say
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

For all of You Souper people are 
In my estimation, the ones who care.

It is wonderful to have your comments, too
When I write something here for all of you.

The joy of reading your works and words
Goes well beyond the things I've heard.

And in the short time that I have around you
Friendships through words abound, too.

I say that you are the cheeriest bunch
With whom I have never sat down to lunch.

But I'll say a prayer of thanksgiving for all
And hope that the Lord hears my call.

For tomorrow when we remember the good things in life
I'll count all of you in, with a thought none too brief.

With you I feel like I am a true part,
So, I say "Thank You All, from the bottom of my heart".

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Copyright © 2013

Politicians' greed seems to hover
  Over our lives, a simmering cover

Separation of Church and State?
  Satan planned mankind's fate

As in the days of Noah, sin did hover
  Over their land like locusts do cover

The faithful do not fret what is hovering
  By HIS Blood, the Lord is still covering

Our leaders refuse to make a deal
  When enthralled by Satan's Will

Politics, and selfish greed
  Failing our Nation's need

Obama-Care, a change that's fair
  Or, struggling against Satan's lair?

But, ye faithful remember the heavens hover
  Till horns blow clearing clouds that do cover.

by: LP
edited: 6 Aug 2013 - 8:22pm
         25 Sep 2013  - 8:13pm

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Happy is a Child

True joy is to hold a newborn child Their God's gift to make you smile you'll never find more earthly worth then two souls joining who give birth Grandpa's pride and Grandma's idle for these new parents it's their child To hold, love, teach, nurture and guide They do it all with a smile and pride All of the fear, worry, happiness and joy Unequaled by any store bought toy The richest people, you'll see around Are playing with children on the ground Long life, for a child, to breath earths fresh air Hear the echo, as all repeat the same prayer
Contest entry for "Children in rhtme"

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I voted liberal in the year of two thousand eight
Tired of George, my thinking wasn't that great
Now I realize as I see my country choking
I say to myself, Vince, what were you smoking

I voted liberal, the dumbest thing I've done yet
It took fourteen trillion before they knew they were in debt
They stole the entire United States treasury from me and from you
And from our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren too.

The spending is done at a rate that's insane
They shoved our credit rating right down the drain
The media hasn't complained about four dollars for gas
Vince, you must have had your head up your (guess)

I voted for change. I believed all those lies
We got change. I couldn't believe my eyes
I'm watching the death of the American Eagle
Guess I'll say a prayer while it's still legal

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Man Speaks to Mother Earth

Mother Earth, please join our celebration
As mankind revels in fruits of your creation

But hide your eyes from oil spilled upon Gulf life
And turn your head from endangered creatures in strife

Sit upon barren land as forests are ravaged
Take mercy on us, the destroyers so savage

In polluted rivers your dead fish lay in decay
This carelessness will spread if mankind has its way

Precious minerals stripped from your dying soil
No bars of gold will be produced from miners' toil

Remember in prayer the Earth we once held dear
Tell us please how to reverse this cycle of fear

Reach out, sigh, as plant diseases proliferate
Not God's handiwork, 'tis the devil incarnate

* Parody for Dr. Ram's contest

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Softer Than Fleece

I sit on my porch on this beautiful day
I will become this poem prayer I now pray

I have learned to enjoy the simple things in life
My daughter’s smile and the love of my wife

The way the leaves rustle in the morning breeze
God’s music always seems to bring me such ease

I love how the breeze softly kisses my face
Tis’ the natural wonder of God’s embrace

I have learned to love as well as learned to live
You know life’s greatest joy is learning to give

Give all that you are till you empty your cup
Have the heart of a lion, soul of a pup

The beautiful things truly cost not a dime
I’m trying hard to make the most of my time

So many years wasted so few left to go
There are so many things that I wish to know

I learn so many new things each passing day
Sometimes I feel like I’m slipping away

I’m trying hard to become all I can be
I owe that social responsibility

What this poem’s about I truly don’t know
Reckon it’s just another piece of my soul

A soul that has finally found itself some peace
What was once a rock is now softer than fleece

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A Dark Fantasy

I’m on a planet with a golden kiss
It shimmers with glory, such bliss!

As I zoom in, it turns into a dark land
Peep in, I’m afraid, I cannot stand!

In darkness, I see a bright glowing tower
Inside, a plethora of so called ‘man’ power

Zoom in; I see ‘beast’ kind disguised as ‘man’ kind
Alas! Not a single kind beast could I find

I hear roars of uncivilized beings
And moans of so-called weaklings

I see a trail of emotional turmoil
Those 7 deadly sins wrapped in a dazzling foil

Gifted to humanity, his power, his grey matter
It separates humans from animals and allows us to shatter

The once created planet with a golden kiss
Will it ever show the signs of holy bliss?

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Remembering My First Lost Love

Meeting my first lost love came unexpectedly.
Although I was young, I still remember him...sadly.
Dressed in  a dark dress without ribbons or bows,
Slowly walking into the room to see my dad's dad,
I saw my grandfather for the very first time...dead. 
He was handsome, like his picture, in a nice suit.
He had been out in the world on his own pursuit.
Emptiness, not knowing joys consumed me that day.
I wondered how it would have been with time to play.
His skin, pale and gray, was cold when I kissed him.
I wondered if he ever ran to the beach for a swim.
Hugs and kisses were never known and no Granddad laugh.
The preacher there said a prayer on Grandad's behalf.
In the chapel, there were folks I had never met.
Back in 1956, I felt my first regret.
Many times I thought of him as years passed by.
I wonder, would he wipe my tears if I should cry.
Or listen to excitement when I learned something new -
Long ago, when granddad died, we said adieu.
But even now, I think of him with family love
And hope we'll have a chat someday near God above.

June 7, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soupn Member Contest:  Remembering a Lost Love
Sponsored by: Gail Doyle

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A family prayer

This family's cloth is made from a special weave
It's able to bend or stretch and tear or grieve

In recent years I've heard that our values lost
but, here on earth each soul God has embossed

With his image on our soul he guides us in life
He heals fears, restores strength, mending strife

Here death is the thief, of a family's shining star
With his Divine Grace, know your star isn't far

For all those grieving, in his hands I pray to hold
and in the palm of his hands, his grace is foretold

As hours pass to days my prayer will be renewed
Know grief is a private process it can't be viewed

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I'm praying, but to who I can not say
Calling out, every night all through the day
I'm praying, to a God I do not know
Calling out, please say yes don't say no

I'm praying, are you real I have no clue?
Calling out, cause I don't know what to do
I'm praying, if you're there take my hand
Calling out, from this dark and dreary land

I'm praying, if you exist I've got to see
Calling out, Lord I'm desperate for a family
I'm praying, because I'm scared and all alone
Calling out, this orphaned child needs a home!

Date: 6-11-14

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written 20th may 2013

As the world shuts down
 lavish ladies put on their gown

Rest comes, as they comb their hair
 while others, fight the midnight air

All living lives, they had exactly detailed
 not a thought goes out, to those who failed

Homeless man...where was his fall?
 can any of you see or care, that no one heard his call

One tiny second, it's lost
 the next one to fall....could be anyone's cost

Be wise, and look to the skies
 for he is the one, you need to recognise!

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“Mother…for whom love was enough”

Love and a sense of humor were Mother’s tools of trade
and a judicial wisdom with every judgment made.

She used no threats, no whips nor straps to discipline her brood.
No swear words or shouts did she employ to force us to be good.

We each were quickly sorry, if misbehaviors or our lies
brought signs of disappointment to her beautiful gray eyes.

Daddy and Mama were a team and didn’t sabotage each other.
His one firm rule that he enforced was a simple “Mind your mother”.

My mother’s meals were evidence of her enduring love,
She turned out her delectables on an ornery old iron stove.

No one ever had to be called twice to one of Mama’s meals.
We came eagerly anticipating the treat each bowl reveals. 

We were so happy at that table, with Daddy at its head,
as we sat thinking of the food, throughout the prayer he led.

She cooked to please our daddy with  Pennsylvania Dutch dishes
And on our birthdays pampered us with our selective wishes.

When we were sick our mama used her love potion to kill
all of the foolish bacteria that had dared to make us ill.

She never was too busy to attend our little bruises,
to wipe our tears with her clean apron, one of its many uses.

She raised her seven children in those days when times were tough.
We didn’t miss the luxuries. She had taught us, “Love’s enough”.

By: Joyce Johnson 8/25/11      For Constance’s contest “Mother”

Won #5

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Today I prayed to God and cried.
Thousands of innocent people have died,
by a senseless heinous act,
thats become an international fact.

Our country was violated by evil men,
who thought they had a reason to sin
against our people and our pride,
to die as cowards by our side.

Our airplanes crashed like plastic toys,
creating mass destruction and noise.
The towers ,tall, began to rumble.
On national TV we saw then crumble.

Our people are trying to understand,
how this can happen in a free land.
A land that has been a haven to all,
has fallen victim to someones gull.

I see fellow humans in terrible pain.
I wonder what the perpetrator had to gain.
Was it to injure our countries heart,
or to have terrorism, tear us apart.

Heartache and prayer cover our nation.
People are screaming for justification.
So many people helping each other,
working together as sister and brother.

Much was taken in a short time,
yet, more was gained from this crime.
We have become united as one,
realizing, what this tragedy has done.

Acts of kindness and heroism are our fate.
Love reins far stronger than hate.
Evil tried to grab a hold,
goodness previals, we will not fold.

September 2001

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My Childhood Lullabies

When I was a child I enjoyed the lullaby
Each evening of the whistling train going by

Thousands of tree frogs singing in harmony
With hoot owls language spoken so beautifully

The sound the wind makes blowing through the trees
Catching swirling dancing leaves

Momma and daddy's quiet whispers of love
The giggles of siblings from the room above

I closed my eyes with a prayer in my heart
Awaiting tomorrows promise ,of a brand new start

©Donna Jones

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Do we put Jesus in a Box contest

God came down and became a man
He wanted to fully understand
Since the consequence for sin has always been death
Jesus had to Indore our punishment up until his very last breath
He became the ultimate sacrifice
So all mankind did not have to pay the price
His 33 years on this earth science can fully prove, and his horrific death was recorded in history
The miracles Jesus performed, to a believer, hold no questions or mysteries
Many struggle with the concept that Jesus was God in man form
However, he did this so he could guide us through our life storms
God knew there was no other way
To save man from their future judgment day
He saw that humans had limited power 
To resist temptation and be their own strong tower
So he sent his son to die for me and you
So we could live in heaven someday too
The only thing you must do is receive
Accept Jesus in your heart and truly believe,
Something so simple has become so hard,
For many in this world are deeply scarred
They question his goodness and question if he cares
For life can be extremely unfair
he never said we wouldn’t suffer pain
that the hurricanes would not saturate us with torrential rains
However He did promise he would give us peace
That we would walk through troubles with his release
He promises to turn it all around for our good
He has been misrepresented and misunderstood
There is a purpose for all who trust in him
He assures us that if you are his child, you win!
Yet, so many put Jesus in a box
Pull him out like old Christmas socks
Once or twice a year
go to church, say a prayer and then disappear
forgetting that God has feelings too
And that he is desperately in love with you
Many believe the lie that he is mad
That they are to damaged and have been too bad
They overlook that his love has never changed
Humans walk away from him, Jesus always stays the same
Don’t underestimate his grace and power
That can transform you in your darkest hour
You don’t have to believe me 
Ask him yourself and you will see
You never know until you try
Don’t be ignorant; he is not just a theory in the sky
He is everywhere, at anytime 
It is your wellbeing that is on his mind
So during this holiday season
Don’t forget to celebrate the real reason
The birth of Christ
Is what gives each person a chance at a new life
He is no respecter of persons, and he is not counting your sins
He’s waiting for you with his hand stretched out 
Begging you to let him in.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Walk among the gardens of stone   
evenly spaced white rows as far as the eye can see 
Watch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown 
honoring the nameless heroes memory   

See the small flags flutter here and there 
faded by years of rain and sun 
Hear a somber gathering murmur a solemn prayer 
for a fallen hero whose journey's done 

Walk softly by an old women 
bent and scarred by the unforgiving years 
She pauses to remember what might have been 
her sad eyes filled with unrequited tears 

And when you leave these hallowed acres     
where the stone flowers grow 
Remember the fallen peace makers 
who's sacrifice bought us our tomorrow

Mike F. Gombas Sr. 

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Please Dear Lord

~Please Dear Lord~
 (Couplets  free style )

 Please dear Lord help all those who are in pain
 Let them see that calling on You is never in vain

 That reading your Word can give them every day
 More strengh to carry on and make it through

 So many people are hurting right now so bad You know
 Please help them all because Your love for them just flows

 So many folks are figthing their own demons with depressions
 They deal with so much more in their daily walk with pain and tensions

 Assist them to see better,not be blinded by world and all everyday
 Help them all little and small, rich and poor to find love peace in you

 Dear Lord give all of my friends,family,brother and sisters in Christ hope
 Never from them hide Your face,give them all strength with everything to cope

 So many things out there that can distract and causes much pain in each heart
 But PLEASE DEAR LORD make all see that You're never far and Your love never part.

 Dorian Petersen Potter
 aka ladydp2000

January,22, 2015

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Olympic Trials


We see his parents in the stands
As they sit tensely clasping hands
In silent prayer for their loved son
And for the task that must be done.

Another recalls the child she knew
Who early showed the skill that grew
With hard work and determination
Into a gift for her loved nation.

A small boy turned into the man
Who is this tall Olympian.
Spotlighted as the whole world watches
This daughter who is winning matches.

With medals won and more to go,
Speed records fall; they’re much too slow.
Favorites competing in the races,
Fall back as others take their places.

In Summer Games of two zero one two
They’ll show us all what they can do
And as they win or lose with grace
They are winners in the human race.

Each country sends its very best
And as each strives to pass the test.
We wish such fair play could expand
To every leader of every land.

Rules and skill would win the day
And foolish war would slink away.

By: Joyce JohnsonPosted 7/2/12

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Moonlight Melodies

Melancholy notes drift through the breeze
Suspending every breath they seize
Stealing every broken wish and hidden sorrow
Embracing the gaze of one who will never see tomorrow
Holding captive every sob and tear
Unrequited love and heartbreak it holds near
The emotion of a funeral in every chord
Each a final prayer to their lord
Memories of times past 
Thoughts of how the good times never last
Unrealized hopes and dreams
A fake smile and everything that isn't as it seems
Pure life entwined with every line 
Grief and loss, a distant "I'll be fine"
The harmony enveloping every dull ache
Deep regret that's hard to shake
The symphony is of these emotions and lost chances
Alongside the midnight moonlight, this broken melody dances

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A simple X-ray

Too often, a simple X-ray 
makes militant atheists pray.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Morning Sunlight

Morning Sunlight gives on glint on my window pane saying hi Fresh kisses from a morning breeze and gently touch of my face I’ve started a morning prayer to give thanks for another day I’m off the bed, trying to get up, stretching my body I yawn like a child, waving my hands catching the morning light Birds are chirping sounds like music to me, they are all singing Sat on a rocking chair, sipping my coffee enjoyed the morning I smile to welcome the day and inhale the morning sunlight August 11, 2012 Cheryl Aldea

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Time Mends The Broken Heart

One day I woke up and my heart was broken, nearly in two.
One day I had lost the words that always brought me to you.

My mind was in a fog that took away the color of my thoughts.
In fact, it took away all the beauty and the rhyming became naught.

It took away the great ideas so creative in their fun filled lines.
Everything I desperately sought for… was suddenly declined.

The mirror of my thoughts became so empty and very blank. 
As further into the knowledge of where my mind was going, I sank.

The treacherous workings of my mind, started with a simple little cold.
But in it’s depths lay the trigger, which forced all I know…to unroll.

As my mind shut down, the medicines were useless, but still all there.
And as none brought me back where I wanted… it all seemed so unfair.

For two weeks the dreadful interference continued it’s awful reign.
I didn’t want to go back to the years where to be normal I had to strain.

So I slowly waited out my time… with a prayer readily on my mind.
Allow this illness to diminish… allow those words once more to be mine.

(A lament on my epilepsy that was triggered lately.)

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Searching for Summer


The region that makes my blood grow green
Where are you in this pastoral's den?

Your vivid eyes is now poor like muddy hut
What has really come over you?

Behold our pebbles of gold and our planting grown
Ona, What is next to god you want?


Your nerve is forgotten so soon 
Our share of roses and dine in the garden

It seem so soon, it is drying out from your memory
Our share of chopper and run for grasshopper

Honey, can't you call those days back
Our lone under the forest trees 

Have you forgot our prayer for success 
And our collective effort for your journey abroad...

...My lady, I will wait for many time
Because only you can complete me

My Summer, if to remain a pole with no hold
So long as you will return, I will not mind.

For your Light is my strength in the field
And brilliant kisses around natures are memories unforgotten.

Let someone  please find me my summer
And tell her to come back home.

BY: Abdulhafeez T. Oyewole

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Breath of Heaven

Warm winds of change swept past my door,
I turned my back and moaned, No more!

Peace did not come, an urgent nudge—
designed to move this lazy fudge—

kept popping up inside my head,
until there remained not one shred

of pride, or joy, nor serenity.
I came to doubt my identity

as God's own, a Christian warrior.
Instead, I became a common worrier.

Still he sought to call me near
with urgency and love sincere.

All it took was one sentence,
sent in a prayer of repentance;

"I'm sorry, Lord, I will obey."
Heaven's breath blew in to stay.

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The Scent of Water

Her man was woven into love spell
By another woman, not of her smell. 

Bewitchery, she will not tolerate
To the perfumery she’ll calculate.

Apothecary had the perfect answer 
An exotic earthy whiff from vetiver! 

Happy she was her man found her erotic -
But, alas, it was only episodic!

She spritzed the air with essence of rose petal -
Then a reminiscence of the betrayal!

Love and romance the attar generated 
Very soon enough it evaporated.

Memorable scent of basil she wore next,
Pleasurable things her man not to forget,

In vain, it was she who cannot forget -
In her mind fresh the err her man had make,

Scent of her rival made her green with envy,
Scent of betrayal made her very angry,

Desperate but hopeful, she went to a lone edifice; 
Temperate and humble, the scent of water brought her peace. 


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my couplet morning

as the morning light show,
the burning candle i blow

then comes the morning kiss
that makes me feel i'm in trance

the morning prayer i say,
to set the pace for the day.

later on the morning push up,
that makes the blood rush up.

then the kitchen door i open,
to put the food in the oven.

and  i set out in pleasure,
to catch the day treasure.

6th August, '12 
Modupe Sefunmi

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In the way of paradise Satin creates fence
For Satin’s every attack we must have defence

Between right and wrong there should be a difference
Who is our saviour we need to have this sense

Verses of holy books give this evidence 
God helps those who kneel in reverence

God loves us and demands obedience
If we want to get God’s assistance

Prayer is the right key to our eminence
Prayer makes faith strong and gives confidence

I want to give a message in my last sentence
In the matter of prayer there should not be negligence

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New Beginning

Introduction: It’s a piece dedicated to the lullaby of a different kind. It’s something which has happened to many out there, but the experience is distinctively significant…

A priceless surprise, silenced all in its tune By a soft heavenly cry, from the delivery room Only a few hours was the night; so young Where for the first time, she opened her eyes, While by her side her dearly loved one For the last time, closed her teary eyes Father held her near and resounded to her cry; But all mother could share was, this lullaby – The long last beep from the ECG Echoed her heartbeat…The last goodbye Happiness and sadness broke through the night With streams of tears for mother’s plight; She never had the chance to hold her close But left precious prayers that never left her side As she came down to their hearts Her soul flew up high apart, The transfer of two lives through one, Their journey was complete and done Caught within that reverie He conveyed the Azaan through her ears, In the wake of such irony He fell down to prostrate in tears When all hopes seemed to end, father’s prayer did transcend O’ Almighty became her closest friend and had for her a Grande plan, Under HIS mercy and HIS guide, she flourished through the darkest nights To a new beginning – she set off to write.

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If I Held A Candle

If I held a candle while the cold and dark wind blew
To light the way along for someone I barely knew
If I held a wise mans hands and listened very still
To know the things he knows. The things I never will
If I held a baby and rocked it through the night
To feel a piece of heaven while I held that child so tight
If I held them until they took that final breath
To comfort and try to ease the dawning of their death
If I held the lips that kissed the hands of fate
To feel the pain and burden of all who passed the gate
If I held the answers to make some rhyme or reason
To meet the very one who makes it another season
If I held a plow to plant upon the hardened earth a seed
To grow tall. Bloom. And millions would it feed
If I held a ladle filled with water from deep within the well
To quench the thirst of all who come to sit for a spell
If I held a prayer an tried to always keep the faith
To show acceptance and like all the others wait
If I held a heart within my grasp just so
To offer up my all only to see it go
If I held and touched a place deep down there inside
To once again take the culprit on yet another ride
If I held on hard and flew into the night
To keep holding on with all my strength and might
If I held up to the light all of my mistakes
To realize how many and they were mine to make
If I held an ear to listen to all the people talk
To watch one by one as out the door they walk
If I held and read all the books of the world
To learn so much for that little tiny pearl
If I held a brush to paint such a pretty picture for the eye
To please all the onlookers as thy aimlessly pass by
If I held a pen to write a thousand words for all to see and hear
To keep my soul grounded as it soars through the air
If I held my breath as I'm laid to rest on the mounded heap
To own all I've sown and what harvest there is to reap
If I held a loom to weave a million dreams come true
To awaken watching angels traversing the sky so blue
If I held the wisdom to know Gods plan for me
To know he sees all my faults and then still grant me peace

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

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Two Hearts Kissed

Two Hearts Kissed

Thank God that families can be forever.
Now you and your Barbara can be together.
Separation by death has pains, tears rain.
And hope teaches of togetherness, again.

We two met, became “best friends”, loved and married, 
Although marriage passed, friendship remained.
No widow, I, but there is still some pain…and our son.
God, please comfort him through grief with shining sun.

One man, many children, our son’s father, my daughters' “Dad”
The tragic end to a giving life, lost in a blink…more than sad. 
Tears fall, souls ache, and demenors remain strong while hearts break.
X-husband, father, brother…and friend – too soon, the Lord did take.

My love I send to his children, sister, and to his every friend.
Dear God, a forever family prayer I ask for Barbara and him.
Please comfort those who loved him; he shall be missed.
And thank you for the years we shared…two hearts kissed.

Lovingly, Dane

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Explain to me the need for profanity
Words we so generously speak 
When our mouths have the urge to just leak
We defile and condemn
Again and again
As if we are uneducated fools
That lack proper communication tools
We are overly equipped with words to express our state of mind
Yet,I am baffled by what my ears seem to so often find
People never seem to damn themselves but don’t mind damning God
And sometimes I think I hear a prayer but it’s a mindless facade
For Jesus Christ made away for all mankind to repent
Yet every day I hear some man scream his name into cement
The day will come when we will be
Accountable for what we so freely decree
And I pled to all to manage their tongues
Especially around our younger ones
For they do what they watch
And they say what they listen too
Our mouths are swords that can cut and cause ridicule
Self-control is what is in a recession
And idolatry has become a common obsession
Let’s pause before we utter
Words that hurt God and our fellow brothers
Lets take a stand against cursing the divine
For when we are in trouble we use that same mouth to ask him for a sign.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Unthinkable Fates

I can vividly recall the moment it occurred. 
I can recite in my mind each particular word. 
We were hanging around by the locker room door, 
to congratulate the team for winning once more.
It was a tournament game with a large rowdy crowd. 
The fans had been cheering especially loud. 

Caught up in excitement for a moment or two, 
I reveled in victory with friends that I knew.
Then suddenly I realized my hands dangled free. 
He was no longer there, anywhere I could see. 
I looked all around and called out his name. 
I sternly demanded, “Stop playing this game!”

I searched through the building, raced down the hall. 
I heard no response to my heart-wrenching call. 
I ran through the gym, then out past the gates. 
I fought off the fears of unthinkable fates.
Panic ensued as I questioned everyone. 
“Have you seen my boy? Have you seen my son?” 

I tried to hold back but the thought entered in, 
what if I never get to see him again?
My anguish was causing my body to shake, 
as thoughts turned to desperate measures to take. 
A feeling I’d never confronted before,
I fell to my knees, right there on the floor.

I yelled out, “God please, don’t take him away!” 
Tears filled my eyes as I knelt there to pray. 
That’s when I saw him come running down the hall. 
Every possible emotion, I’d been through them all.
An answer to prayer on his jubilant face. 
He jumped in my arms, a welcomed embrace! 

“Dad, what’s the matter? I said I’d be back.
Grandpa was showing me his new Cadillac.”
I still don’t remember him telling me that. 
But, I’ll never forget what I had to combat. 
The thing that I learned from facing my fear,
was don’t take for granted he’ll always be here.

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Another Crisis

Copyright © 2014 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

From police shootings 
  to hoodlums looting. 

Every month a new crisis 
  and we still have ISIS. 

Did Revelations truly see 
  a certain crisis before WW3? 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

Melt down those weapons of Mutually Assured Destruction 
  or thermonuclear war will be the ultimate extermination. 

Yes, the World is now MAD 
  and we'll miss what we had. 

Or, will it be you, or you 
  who reduced us to a few? 

by: lp/3:11pm

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America after 1962

On June 25, 1962 prayer was taken out of school
It was like losing a ring's precious jewel 
If you look into America's history 
You will find that it is no mystery
From that date on we haven’t been as strong
I believe we have done something terribly wrong
What they teach in history books simply overlooks
Important information that has raised up a blind generation
Youth, family, education, and national life is far from the same
We have lost morals and values that our forefathers firmly proclaimed
A Blessed Nation under God we have always been
But in the last 50 years it has become destroyed by an abundance of sin
Divorce rate is at an all-time high
While so many children grow up fatherless and wonder why
Gang violence increases each day
Teenage pregnancy has become a common way
Young people search for love in all the wrong places
Leaders in government wear faulty faces
Role models have become extinct
Technology while good has caused many jobs to sink
A nation rife with perjury
Broken marriage covenants In need of surgery
Unforgiveness extortion bribery slander and profanity
We need God to restore us too sanity
Hypocrisy, and lawsuits initiated solely for revenge and personal gain 
Doing things are own way has caused us much pain
The rich are getting richer and the poor sit back and cry
People have lost their integrity yet shake their fists at the sky
If you want to learn open a bible and begin to read
If we listened to its wisdom we wouldn’t have so much need
We have become too liberal as a whole
Besides having so much debt, we are all losing our souls
If anyone talks about God in school they risk losing their profession
Yet more and more young people suffer from anxiety and depression
Many are on medication making doctors filthy rich
So many people are dying in their own emotional ditch
Statistically we are on a downward spiral
Many people turn their heads or just live in denial
History is important to learn
For it shows us how quickly society can turn 
We all have to answer to God someday
And if I were you I would start to learn his way
For if we are going to continue to be America the best
We have to take a moment to address
All the ways we have allowed this country to slip
Take personal responsibility and restore our spiritual grips
Weneed to take back the people's power
We are living in a crucial hour
If we don’t open our eyes ears and mouths we will fall instead of just bend
who knows this time if this damage we can mend.

 by: Sabina nicole

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Genuine integrity and honor they say
Comes from an absolute spiritual way
Sending messages you keep deep inside
Misfits and sinners stand silent with pride.

Society needs to delve deep today
Many of us alone, or withdrawn in some way.
Our morals get lost...we keep on trying
To Keep ourselves safe we may start lying.

Not one little spirit is quite so rare....
That their sins are forgotten with one simple Prayer 
Gotta be honest and's true 
Lessons learned are not all that new

Simple deceptions of powers inside
Allow us to listen to our false pride
Perhaps there is nothing more...nothing less
These words of wisdom just put in a chest

How many times have you heard people Chant
Believe in the power of saying, " I can't"...?
We need time today to think and ponder
Allowing our souls to willfully wonder

Life's reality seems quite profound
Once you delve deep you've then yourself found
Judging yourself from the inside...
Lay no judgment and swallow your pride~

copyright 2007

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Life of a Wanderer

Life of a Wanderer

I am a wanderer, on my way to Jerusalem.
There I will meet my Holy God, not just symbolism.

From the Holy Fathers I learnt of His love for me,
In my young mind, I found the thought so very lovely.

So I set on a journey to discover the source of this love,
I picked up myself, my bible, and my rosary in the bag.

Night came; I found a castle, whose lady has a heart,
She fed me, clothed me, and invited me for the night.

In awe, I asked my benefactor how she could love the poor,
She answered, “It is God’s great commandment to love thy neighbor”.

In the coldness of the night, I felt warm for right there I found love;
In my frozen heart, kindled was a desire to also give love.

I went to sleep that night peacefully, as my heart ceaselessly pray,
For I have met God that day through the wonderful, gracious lady.

Morn came; I bid goodbye to continue my pilgrimage,
I walked for many miles, and then I met some teenage thieves.

They took my bag with my bible and bread the lady gave to me.
I was left on the road with nothing, none, but my bead rosary.

I wanted back my bible, my only possession in this world;
A dark-webbed heart, a mind unlit, and a weary old soul unfold.

I wept, what will happen to an old wanderer who’s got nothing?
I knelt, fists on my breast, “Where is God, his love, in this suffering”?

A memorial of the night before flickered in my dreary mind,
Interior light appeared and I saw my fallen heart intertwined.

A bright spark ignited in my wandering cold heart, goaded me to turn within,
Like a child, mesmerized by an ember, I blew a prayer to keep it aflame.

I descended into myself and I saw God’s love in concrete,
A dying flame, He enlightened me through a love memory lit.

This journey to Jerusalem, I do not know if I will ever reach;
But, His love stubborn, persists to burn within so I will not be a wretch.


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The winds of autumn blow 
Creating change

The crux of the matter
Do I bend or do I break?

Willow knows the truth
She may weep besides waters deep

But she drinks in courage to face the future
And bends when winds do blow

And in her serenity - she survives
'She accepts the things she cannot change'

© Brenda V Northeast 24th Jan. 2011

For Nette Onclaud’s- Serenity response

The Serenity prayer  by Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference Amen 

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~His Shining Light~ 

God I beg You today 
Make things better for everyone. 
Pour peace into our heart 
Help us from falling apart. 

Shine on us your light 
Show your glow thru the night. 
Guide and open our eyes 
We want to be with You. 

Show how to better serve 
All the Glory You deserve. 
There's no one like You 
For our sins You did die. 

You carry cross we bear 
Help us serve You better. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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blind mans prayer

Written: By Tom Wright Oct. 1997 Lord, my greatest desire in life might be. That my eyes you'd un-scale so that I might see. See the world around me both rich and full. The sandy beach, the sea, the skyward Gull; Let me see the children as they run and play. Let me see the sunset at the end of day. In the heavens the stars that twinkle so bright. These things bring to mind my soon coming flight. But then, Lord, I'd see all life's ugly parts. The sin and the drugs, men's hardened hearts. In my darkened world I'm now not aware. Of the color of a man’s skin nor length of his hair. Or of tattooed folks and the strange way some dress. Of life's daily rigors that often lead one to stress. I'm sure that with sight I'd find myself in a jam. So please leave me dear Lord, until you come, as I am.

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A New Years Prayer

Resolutions are fine, but just not enough
So I say a prayer when what I want is tough

For two thousand and twelve, I said a short prayer
Hoping to get help from the boss way up there

My prayer requested these two items from him
A fat bank account and a body that’s slim

Last year I asked for these two items in vain
I hope HE doesn’t get them mixed up again 

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The upturned eyes lets him know that you're calling.
The clasped together hands lets him know to start listening.
For you could be talking & never saying a word.
Just know that he who prays will always be heard.

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Meadow's Sigh

The meadow’s breath a gift to all, the misty mornings’ dew,
a silent sigh, a heartfelt call, a prayer to me and you.

So green and warm, and full of life, the forest skirt and the maids’ delight.
There rabbits dwell in lovers’ dells;A gauze filled dream in morning light.

So gold and bright, and full of life, the forests skirt and Knights delight;
The Dame and doe do lie, ‘pon hillocks high, where lovers sleep with passion's cry.

So white and fair, yet full of life, the forests’ skirt of pearly white;
Where burrowers sleep in bowers deep, and hearths light on winter nights.

The meadow's breath a gift to all, the misty morning’s dew;
A silent sigh, a heartfelt call, aA prayer to me and you.

Now, no green bloom, no home for them, the builders-men once more;
to take the glen and make man's homes, no deer will roam fourscore. 

A meadow’s a home to many things, to bold butterflies and birds on wing,
Yet, few can dwell where men reside if forest's skirt, gives way to tide.

The meadow's breadth a gift to all, from sea to shining sea
America, a heartfelt call, a prayer to you and me.

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Midnight Prayer

When on my pillow I lay down still
Musing over the days daily drill
I whisper a prayer into the night
God of love please no more fight
And a tear trickles down the eye
Into the star studded, moonlit sky

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He's There

When you must question troubled times in your life
When confusion surrounds you and there’s so much strife
There’s no need to look too far away
For the answer’s you seek may be on their way
Look up to the Heaven’s and send up a prayer
God will listen because He’s always there
When your day seems filled with bitterness 
And everything around you brings too much stress
Make time for yourself and begin to pray
God will hear your prayer and help you on your way
Sometimes you feel that you are all alone and a little scared
Those are the times to remember God is there
He’s there watching over you and keeping you safe
God’s always there and ready to help in every way
Reach out to God and send Him your prayer
He shows His love in many ways, He’s always there

Copyright © 2000   Shari E Davis

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The Epilogue

From a zygote spark grown
such a life she has known,
full of prayer and hope.
My, how bravely she did cope.

Now, she sits and stares
entranced by the hairs
on the back of her wrinkled hand
as the clock on its stand ... ticks.

Often, as if in a daze,
she'll peer through her haze
awakened to the ticking sound,
and the earth shifts its ground.

Her hair has turned to gray
and time just  wends its way
through the story of a life led
that will soon vanish from her head.

All those kisses, all the wishes,
all the laundry, all the dishes
all the memories ...
pass like a breeze.

Yes, she came to this earth
to laugh, to love, to give birth
but before she gets away ...
was there a point to this play?

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a bag of inconsequence

A  Bag of Inconsequence 

I remember tiny things picking up a burnt match 
from a floor wondering who threw it there.

A May day in St. Malo, I saw an old man crying
streaks of tears down rumpled chin. 

Shy bluebells lost amongst tall trees, yet they
made me think of prayer wheels in Tibet. 

Glow of coal in the grate, it was early morning 
and the road outside was frosty white. 

A summer night up north I was waiting for night
it never came...and then it was morning.

In dead rabbits eyes I saw the warm August sky,
I, happy to alive, yet saddened. 

When the Pacific Ocean was a mirror of eternity  
And time ceased, yet lingered like a kiss.

Waving flags, military band and bloody parades, 
I have long forgotten why and where.

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Strike Three

If we listen to the wind will we hear the call?
What of the years we spent “Back against the wall”

Years they come and they go “All is the same”
When you find yourself with a number for a name

First they load you on a bus in a paper suit
Making jokes with the homeboys “Bro you sure are cute”

Then comes the dreaded ride on the prison bus
Transport guards let you know “Don’t even mess with us”

You finally reach R&R really quite the treat
“I don’t care what you need I said take a seat”

As 5 minutes passes by you think of all the years
Getting set in your mind to face all your fears

You do the things that you must do in order to survive
Unless your one of the unlucky ones who doesn’t make it out alive

You don’t even realize that you are overwhelmed with hate
As the day finally comes and you make it out the gate

Then your back on the streets as healthy as can be
Hooking up the party life like when you were free

Just as though some real smart dude planned this to design
Because of the number on your back you are right back doing time

Then you catch a second term and this one is a strike
Nothing new ahead of you it’s just like riding a bike

Soon as you hit the yard you fall into your routine
Everyday like the one before one hell of a bad dream

Then again you are released but nothing is as it seems
Because your life has turned into one long desperate dream

You are driven by a desire to rise up to the top
For some reason that desire just won’t seem to stop

Even though your doing well against everything you feel
You go against your heart and soul to conjure up a deal

As the pitcher takes the mound you step to the plate
Problem is he’s throwing hard and you are swinging late

You want so bad to hit the ball as it whizzes by
You hang your head full of dread with no tears left to cry

Now you’re back in the cell with an L and 37 years
Maybe now you’ll have the time to face all those fears

The year’s forever come and go like dust in the wind
The only thing that I know “I sure do miss my friend”

I dedicate this poem to my dear friend
who is currently fighting the California
three strikes law for his life. If you
could please hold him in prayer thank you.
       Jesse (REDMAN) Wasson 

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at the mall

when took a trip to the mall
to touch the statues and the wall
where all the names, etched in deep
of lives lost, remembrances to keep

and those greyed with that-day mind
come to remember or put behind
the ghosts of theirs killed that day
amends awakened to come and say

a prayer for the known and the not
and cry a tear for what they've got
that seems was given at high cost
of friends and strangers futures lost

vets want the rest to know their pride
and grieve with them for all that died

© Goode Guy 2011-11-12

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To My Mother For Mother's of The World

Way back when the skies were blue
I wish I could have somehow knew

That after 4 there would be no more
The reaper took you up out the door

I never embraced mother’s day
Another excuse to throw it away

A shameful fact that is no lie
Just another reason to get high

I’m pretty sure today you can see
I have become who I should be

Everyday is another roll of dice
I don’t gamble its not my vice

What I do is give it all away
Just another prayer I shall pray

Lord for the mother’s everywhere
A short simple meaningful prayer

Never doubt within their fears
A hungry child sheds their tears

In our world so easily embraced
Hard to imagine a Mothers face

Who’s Child has not a pair shoes
Dying from some unknown flue

Only thing they really know for sure
Death is going to be their child’s cure

Sometimes the depth of what we write
A world away in the dark of night

Tears will become their only gifts
As a child’s soul their angel lifts

To these Mothers I pen this write
Babies in heaven finally alright

To my own mother I proudly say
Mom your son turned out this way

No need for greed or desire of lust
Just a simple man doing, as he must

A man forever planting his seed
For those who are more in need

I think we here in America often
Lose how desperate some parts
of the world truly are. I will be
spending today in prayer for the
Mothers who have nothing more
than faith to give or receive from
their Children. Always remember
even in these troubled times your
spare change can make a difference.
May God Bless you all

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The Hero's Game

We see his parents in the stands
As they sit tensely clasping hands
In silent prayer for their loved son
And for the task that must be done.

Another recalls small girl she knew
Who early showed the skill that grew,
With hard work and determination,
Into a gift for her loved nation.

Their small boy turned into the man
Who is this tall Olympian.
Spotlighted as the whole world watches
This daughter who is winning matches.

With medals won and more to go,
Speed records fall, they're much too slow.
Favorites competing in the races,
Fall back as others take their places.

The winter games of twenty-ten
Are turning children into men
And women who with their skill and grace
Are winners in the human race.

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Since God, ushered you into our lives that day,
Your hair has become dappled with wisps of gray.
Other superficial changes have now taken place,
But a youthful spirit still covers a comely face.

The thing seen most changed lies within your chest,
In your heart now, is Jesus, making you the best.
We spent many hours in concern through the years,
Oft times these thoughts were awash with tears.

Holding you up in prayer is all that we knew to do,
And we like to think, that we crossed your mind too.
You've been a sweetheart to us, both gentle and kind,
For a better friend, we'd be hard pressed to find.

Written for Shirrlene

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Celestine Vision

A critical mass, individuals in spirit unfold The longer now, for a more complete worldview hold A matter of energy, dynamic not material The struggle for power, manipulate, become imperial The message of the mystics, love conquers, violence ends Clearing the past, our connections for tomorrow sends Engaging the flow, with the synchronicity of others The interpersonal Ethic, with mother, father, sister and brother The emerging culture, as we focus on synchronistic growth Holding the vision, creating a new spiritual culture, we oath Extending prayer fields, the future vision, for you and me both " Extracted from The Celestine Prophecy "

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I believe in you and the good things that wait
I believe you can fly with the wings we created
in the arms of a lover, the heart of a friend
with tenderness we hold in our heart what won't end

the wonder that stays, may its aura never cease
the high price we paid for the wounds and healing
all of it precious and part of you and me
the roots that were sowed from one fertile seed

the crop that is yielded holds promise that's rare
if you ever need me--you know I'll be there
I hold on tight with my far away arms
I'm letting you go saying a prayer for no harm

in the arms of a lover, the heart of a friend
with tenderness we hold in our heart what won't end

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My dog went out one day	
You’ve  often heard me say
Just me and him…buddies….us
Till he started to chase a bus
Leapt in the door and was shut in there
God knows how he paid his fare
I ran after him in chase
But it was an uneven race
Watching me from the rear window
Barking to urge me to follow
I almost caught  up  with the transit
Got my foot up near the exit
When a flying plastic bag
Entangled my head, made me gag
I collapsed with a choking cough
While the unheeding  bus sped off
Last I saw of dog and bus
Was all the passengers making a fuss
He was indeed a cute little guy
So I could understand why.
Those dogs are indeed a problem
And plastic bags   - who can control them?
Maybe right now he’s strolling with another
My prayer is that he will not smother.

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What's one to do

What's one to do when right tight finances
prevent travel, tipping and hot ballroom dances?

What's one to do when bureaucracy’s failures
bind innocent hours of time seeking court's favor?

What's one to do when the men who seem sweet
are encumbered by narcissism, women or weed?

Meditation and prayer move when weekdays provoke...
Friday night hot bath, red wine, chill jams. Let's get soaked!

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Today I'm ok

As I say hello to another day
I ask the Lord “Please guide my way”

Please help me think, say and feel
Living my life to your will

Yesterday I was full of doubt
Like always I sat and wrote it out

The Lord has brought me to this place
And in it there is no disgrace

This may not be the path I choose
But my life is the Lords to use

As long as my wife has a smiling face
I reckon I’m in the right place

Today I think I’ll spread my seeds
Go help the elderly with their needs

Through this poem prayer I pray
I let my friends know that I’m ok 

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World Of Decay

Down on my knees praying to you
My heart now broken, the world is askew

I am sad and confused and tears fill my eyes
As I watch the news I’m beginning to despise

I hear nothing of good only of evil
I fear our world is in major upheaval

When four little babies six, four, two and one
Found in such filth, damage has been done

Imagine their life where love comes from drugs
With only cold hard facts and no lovely snuggs.

No bed to sleep in , no comfort to be found
Sleeping in a closet with feces all around

How can a mother let her babies be abused
In such a sad, sad manner, this can’t be excused.

My heart is so heavy and totally confused
How could you let these babies be so misused.

I  pray to you Jesus, I pray every day
That this evil I see will all go away.

Yet continue the murders, the abuse and the crime
I’m beginning to think we are about out of time.

Do you hear me Lord Jesus, do you hear what I say
Our world is now crazy and full of decay.

I need you Lord Jesus, and others need you to
To fight this evil that is steering them from you.

So give us your strength to guide us in peace
For this evil we see has got to cease.

Lord Jesus I pray, I pray to you today
Lift up our spirits and help us find a way.

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the border

I could get hit by a bus just crossing the street
my friends think I'm nuts, just plain crazy
the border unsafe, my life may be at stake
but that is a risk that I just have to take

I can't explain the tranquility
the Sea of Cortez brings to me
my feet propped up upon the wall
no worries or cares..plague or befall
it's time to get away from it all
danger be damned, I hear the call

I'm not dumb, I know of the perils
I may be a duck, floating in a barrel
I watch every story, as each unfolds
if it's bad there, I just won't go

the hazards of life around every corner
maybe more significant for a foreigner
a lamb of God, I just may be
I say a prayer that He watches me
but the tides are calling my name 
and I have to answer just the same

I could get hit by a bus just crossing the street
my friends think I'm nuts, just plain crazy
the border unsafe, my life may be at stake
but that is a risk that I have to take

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A New Prayer

Hello lord, look into my eyes; see my sincerity.
Feel my heart warming for only just thee.

I have no prayers for myself; I have been blessed.
My prayer of asking is for those so obsessed.

Show them from inside, they are worth it all.
Tell them in their mind, stand brave and tall.

My other prayer is for you Lord; you are forever.
Belonging to all of heaven and earth’s endeavor,

I know your spirit continues until end of time.
Take all that default you make them sublime

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God's Greatness

Oh, the preponderance of it all,
that God's so big and were so small.
That our inner most thoughts he can know,
that mankind he chose for his love to show.
Even when the tiniest sparrow falls he knows,
and upon our head's, the hair that grows.

He knows the sand count upon the shore,
the stars up ion the sky  and more.
The fields he painted with lilies bright,
then hung the moon to brighten our night.
When feeling down or in despair,
He'll take our burdens and each care.

He knows of all our sorrow and pain,
when the earth is dry he sends us rain.
He's our savior, master, the one we praise,
in prayer to him our voices should raise.
For he is so mighty and we so small,
a very real comfort when on him we call.

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Living Under a Dark Cloud

Complete and utter annihilation, won’t that be grand,
Nuclear weapons entrusted in God only knows whose hands?

With more weapons than enough to wipe out every living and breathing creature alive,
And they are for our protection, well give me a big ole high five.

I wonder how many times we’ve nearly launched ours because of a computer misread,
We have been lucky so far, but all I can say is take heed!

A lot of our systems I’m sure are obsolete, and should be removed,
But no one wants to do it cause there is too much red tape to get approved.

Now every little country in the world has their own little W.M.D.
Kinda like keeping up with the Jones, mines bigger than yours wanna see?

But all joking aside we have a real and serious problem that just won’t go away,
My life is pretty much used up and I hate leaving this legacy to our children, to me
that’s not okay.

We are skating on thin ice and one day our luck is going to run out,
And God help us when that day comes and it’s coming without a doubt.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the world leaders could find an equal ground and work towards
peace with an honest and trustworthy heart,
And look upon each other as brothers although our homes be far apart.

But our enemy is greed and the old devil always lurking in the darkness waiting to install
death and fear,
But  God is our salvation, our truth and our light, and we must turn to Him and our paths
will become crystal clear!

Matthew 6; 9,13 ( The Lords Prayer ) tells us exactly what we should do,
And if we follow His words He will guide us this day through.

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Into the Light

Come out of the darkness and into the light
Live in the daylight and not in the night

Open your heart to feel the love
Sent to guide you from God above

Choose the path that leads to there
Not the one you have chosen here

Take up your burdens and cast them away
Rejoice in finding the one true way

Anchor your soul with prayer and song
Choose the way of light, you won't go wrong

You are loved and wanted so let love grow
Stop letting your soul be tossed to and fro
The light shines on your heavenly face
Wipe away your tears and leave no trace

For you are special and dear to me
Come into the light so your face I can see

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I Believe

I believe in the power of weather
And a teardrop from the sky is enough 

To keep me in bed all day;
The sad look of the moon

Is all it takes to get me crying again.
I believe in the beauty of tears;

The humdrum, daily suicide
I commit everyday.

I believe in nature,
When nature holds a pen

I don’t believe in you or your cause
I only believe in my own—

Anymore, anyway.  What the hell
Is belief anyway?  It was never any excuse

To live.  But only a death-justification
Hope for resurrection and prayer that 

Someday this could all be over—
No better yet, this could all get better!

Well how much better can it get?
We’re already living in hell.  

I don’t want to see anything better than this
Because it might be worse than hell

I believe in the beat of butterflies wings,
The ones no one else seems to appreciate.

They keep afloat that which is fragile;
Keep in air-motion that which usually crawls 

And go unnoticed in all glory and I’m not satisfied.
Not satisfied with you, not satisfied with me

Not satisfied with watching the damn butterfly all night long,
Not satisfied with this verse.  

I believe in the beauty of ugly.
I believe in not pursuing anything that I love wholeheartedly.

I believe in love, sometimes,
Othertimes, it doesn’t exist.

I believe in mania, mania sets me free
I don’t believe in mom, I believe more in spirits 

Than I do the spirit of my father.  
I don’t believe in psychotherapy

--for why I want to be a therapist
I don’t believe in tornadoes,

Thunderstorms don’t exist
Except in a perfect world

So they’ve ceased to occupy my dreams.  
I believe in paint splotches

And the beauty of wax.  
I believe the two together can make this 

World an uglier place.  
I believe in intuition, 

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I Say Good-Bye

I say good-bye to things of the past,
To things I thought would always last.

I say good-bye to the ashes of home,
Its halls no more for me to roam.

I say good-bye to the kitchen table, where at dinner, we all sat,
And to the living room, where everyone would sit and chat.

I say good-bye to the bedroom, where through many storms I sat,
And listened to the rain on the roof going pitter-pat, pitter-pat, pitter-pat.

I say good-bye as I stand and look,
And realize what the good Lord took.

I say good-bye to the things of old,
And into prayer I go, in my lap, my  hands I fold.

I say good-bye to the things I'd lost,
And realize the  sacrifice was worth the cost.

I say good-bye to what I see,
And thank God I've still got my family.

I say good-bye and I feel liable,
That the only material survivor was the Hoy Bible.

I say good-bye to the bed, where at night I lay,
And sometimes take a nap during the day.

I say good-bye to the freedom I loved,
The freedom, I'd known.

I say good-bye to the freedom that I harbored,
The freedom that, over the years, had grown.

I say good-bye to the freedom I had known,
To the freedom I had thought was my own.

I say good-bye to the things of old,
To see them no more, or so I'm told.

I say good-bye to the memories so grand,
Taken from me by God's own hand.

I say good-bye to things so beloved, so sweet,
Only the building process, we must repeat.

I say good-bye, and realize there is soil to turn and fields to reap,
There's so much to do, I have but little time to sit and weep.

I say good-bye, and though I'm sad,
I know there'll be no other.

I say good-bye and give you the culprit, or so I hear,
He was my very own, dear brother.