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Couplet Grief Poems | Couplet Poems About Grief

These Couplet Grief poems are examples of Couplet poems about Grief. These are the best examples of Couplet Grief poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Missing You

I look across the bed… you’re not there… you’re dead.
I look across the bed and see…you’re no longer next to me.

I reach over and try to feel your skin,
and remember all the joy there had been…

but my hands come back empty…trying desperately to hold on,
barely clinging to life now that your gone.

And I let out a cry I’m quite sure heaven hears,
Or will it linger in limbo for all of my years.

How lonely this bed, where imprisoned I lay.
How long can I take this day after day?

They say that in spirit your right next to me.
But that is no comfort for it’s blackness I see.

They say that it’s time to move on with my life,
But they have no clue of my pain and my strife.

You were my best friend, my angel, my love,
You were hand picked for me from above.

You were the one who’s soul I adored
Whatever I did you were there to applaud.

You alone knew me inside and out,
And the love that we shared left no one to doubt.

For you were my angel sent from above,
To care for, to lean on, to cherish and love…..

So I’ll go back to bed where imprisoned I lay,
And hope for a joy that visits someday.

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2012

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Defying Sensibility

Years have passed since I buried you
beneath green grasses drenched with dew;

I placed the blossoms, one by one,
a blanket for my only son,

you, my heart's flower, blooming fair,
a mother's rose, uniquely rare.

The bitter grief bubbles inside,
rolling hot waves, a searing tide,

dark desperate, wrenching prayers,
sharp, shattered facets of despair.

Anguish climbs this long hill with me,
the crest of which I never see.

How can one stand beside the mound
where love's sweet baby flesh lays bound?

Faith defies sensibility
and blossoms in eternity.

March 28, 2015

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Again Rejected

Ohh why?! 
My life's lullaby! 
Its not as if I didn't try 
With all my charms to catch his eye 
But he just sighed and walked on by. 

How I wish that he could see 
The potential soul-mate that is me 
The way that we could really be 
Together forever eternally
He left me sad and feeling blue 
My feelings sturred, my anguish true 
With faded breathe and trembling knees 
I extend my heart, take it, PLEASE! 

But for now, I roam, wild and free 
If destiny is, for us to be 
Then one day, MY LOVE 
Will surely find me.

Copyright © Carlene Simpson | Year Posted 2016

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Memories Beyond the Door

I keep the memories locked away,
never to see the light of day.
Grief is just beyond that door
where I lie upon the floor
begging you "please don't die".
Asking God " why, why, why ?"
I closed the door on that day
to keep those memories at bay.
My heart, it could stand no more 
of what I'd locked behind that door.
Guilt and grief, sadness, pain.
Knowing I'd never see you again.
Suicide is such an ugly word.
Much too ugly to be heard,
so I keep the memories locked away
to never see the light of day.

for Constance's "Memories Beyond the Door"

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Time for all seasons is his plan,
roaming all of nature’s land.

Flowers bloom, their brightness fade,
Waters of life, we drink and wade.

Flowers spent, with grief we cry,
gazing upon the heavens high.

In seek of comfort, joy, and peace,
birds sing soothing, grief release.

Breath of breeze whispers love,
from the Holy one above.

Trees of shelter for mortal man,
until He holds us in his hand.

Love and peace for eternity!

For:  Brian Strand's 
        Poem of Faith Contest
        Won Honorable Mention
        July 1, 2010

Copyright © Carolyn Henderson | Year Posted 2010

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To My Sister

I feel your presence everywhere I go
 You know how much I miss you and how I love you so
 I try very hard not to be sad
That's when I try to think of all the good times we had
 You'll always be with me every single day
 But Oh! How much I miss you since you went away.

Copyright © Veronica Aicher | Year Posted 2013

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My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2013

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Good Grief

You’re starving and craving a pizza. The topping you want is ground beef. But they've only got what you hate: pepperoni! Good grief! You cannot agree with your newest friend’s crazy belief. She screams at you, causing a big scene in public: Good grief! You went on a cruise. Now your group’s at a popular reef. Under water, you’re diving. The boat leaves without you! Good grief! You have to go meet with your workplace department’s new chief. Then you find out the guy is the neighbor that hates you. Good grief. You’re told that the wait for your doctor is sure to be brief. At last it’s your turn, but he’s called out for surgery. Good grief! There’s only one pill on the market that gives you relief. It’s the one your insurance won’t cover at all. Good grief! There’s trouble a plenty that robs you of time like a thief. However, be glad if the worst that you get is GOOD grief!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © 2013

Skittles and a soda
against a gun in its holster?

One day that scream
will be known as a teen
not a heinous lying Fein

What a sinister ploy and twist
with a loaded gun and no fist?

Had everyone sitting and waiting
doomed by a verdict just delaying

Was this just an optical illusion
or, a devious planned conclusion?

Now, this generation too afraid
wearing hoodies will get you dead

But, the Klan was still glad
hoodies they've always had

A verdict they too saw,
ushering in martial law

by: LP
edited: 7/30/13

Copyright © Les Pruitt | Year Posted 2013

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Life is like a hurricane.

Life, is like a heavy rain.

A lake of pain like lake Baikal.

Tears, flow like a waterfall.

People are like granite stone;
in the end your'e left alone.

But what of the good things?

Like the sound of when a church bell rings?

Or the miraculous, beautiful way 
one helps another through troublesome day?

Tragedies of life aren't fun, 
but in the end we learn a ton.

Though pain we do remember,
the flame eventually turns to ember.

You see, the thing about walking through earth each day, 
is The King turns the curse to a healthy pathway.

Copyright © Aleesha Rothering | Year Posted 2013

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The Silent Chair

Yarns and laughter once flowed through my father’s old chair,
With its smile shaped cushion that’s in need of some repair,
He laughed as he told his stories and reeled us with his charm,
As we wormy wriggled on his words with no fear or alarm.

He smiled with his eyes and blinked as the memories rose,
His tortoise shell glasses were perched wisely upon his nose.
Regal stories of yesteryear when he was in his prime,
For reasons lost or disregarded, now a shadow lost in time.

His smile made us happy as we sat and listened true,
Of friends he met, or grew up with, some we even knew.
Now the chair is silent, though its cushion tries to smile,
I hope to find a shadow there when I check once in a while.

Just memories fill the void where once laughter filled that chair,
With its smile shaped cushion that’s in need of some repair. 	

18th July 2013

Copyright © Seosamh De Burca | Year Posted 2013

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Beautiful Ghost

I feel such empathy when I look at you,
I see the pain you're going through,

I hardly know you, you hardly know me,
But we acknowledge each other silently,

Your face disgraces your usual smile,
And for a second I wish I could have it awhile,

The envied are so often the ones envying most,
The beautiful faces underneath, are the ghosts,

Scary, the masks we work hard to build,
Crumble like ruins of a wicked King's guild,

I hope all is well, that you'll be alright,
That sleep will come to you peacefully tonight,

And when life is cloudy, remember, dear one,
There are people around you to bring out the sun.

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2012

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Mother's Love

reach for phone daily 
eyes tear because you passed on 
memories bring peace within 
mother's love a constant gift

Tell Us About Your Mom Contest sponsored by Judy Konos
1st Place

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2015

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It seems I wanted too much

It seems I wanted too much:
or may be just a touch.
May be a little bit more:
happiness with the one I adore.
May be a good morning kiss,
or sweet words: “My honey I miss”.

It seems I wanted too much:
to be happy as such,
to fly in the sky like a bird,
to be understood without a second word,
to listen to the songs of my Lord,
to give a smile and behave like a child.

It seems I wanted too much:
to live without any mistakes,
without any heart breaks.
I wanted my soul not to be cold,
to live without any storms,
to feel your heart warmth.

It seems I wanted too much:
to turn into a dove,
to swim on the waves of love,
to meet with you every dawn,
to have the wings of a swan
and never be alone.

It seems I wanted too much...

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

Copyright © Larisa Rzhepishevska | Year Posted 2013

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Abberations of a flailing mind

The morning births a new day's sun
Revealing night's shadowed pun

Why this road, you ask of me?
Something wrong, I've done to thee?

My body weighs like anchored ships
No words I speak from quivering lips

My hands are bound, my mind is spent 
As thoughts incarnate my lovers scent.

My sight is scant, a labored breath
Desperate cries, My soul near death

Each beat my heart now pays its dues 
For loving you was mine to choose

I lye in angst, a tattered seam 
A chapter closed on lover's dream

Oh my lord, my dearest friend
I pray to thee in hopes to mend

This broken heart, of saddened tale
To find the truth where others fail

My dearest God I crave thee now
Since my love has flown to thou

These answers that I fail to find
Aberrations of a flailing mind

Imprison me from heavens love
And make me doubt my God above

But I will not let idle mind
Keep me from my destined time

For life is short and one day near
I'll hold the one I love most dear

So steadfast will I trust in him
And never doubt my God within.

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2012

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On The Bridge Too Far

The distance to you where you are,
spans too wide on the bridge too far.

I run the distance, yet, still I see,
There's more stretched out ahead of me.

Too far the bridge, too long to cross,
unless your wings to me you toss!

Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2014

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                                              INEXORABLE FATE

                                                Inexorable fate

                                               --all joy is lost

                                               Vanquished am I 

                                               Sea winds tossed.

                                      No wave of death will set me free--

                                       Guilt-forced breath has ravaged  me.

                                       My heart's delight I've sacrificed.

                                          For dire neglect I paid a price.

                                        The lust of Fame ate precious time.

                                               I sacrificed my love sublime.

                                      Inexorable fate--pure Joy has fled.

                                    Vanquished is hope--my Love lies dead.

V. Anderson-Throop

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

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written 20th may 2013

As the world shuts down
lavish ladies draw their gown

Rest comes while they comb their hair
while others are fighting the midnight air

All living the lives they had exactly detailed
not a thought goes out to the one's who failed

Homeless man, where was his fall?
Does anyone care, that no one heard his call

One split of a second and it's lost
the next one to fall, that could be anyone's cost

The wise will gaze their eyes into the skies
for he is the only one you need to recognise!

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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Not Today

This stretch of time I’ve come to see
That I shall spend in misery

A hollow shell I lye in wait
Until my God decides my fate

For I’ve no strength to venture out 
Beyond these walls of fear and doubt

Your hope is that I’ll come to see
The blessing still inside of me

But this is where your selfish pride
Peaks its foolish head inside

And says won’t you come out and play
“no way” I scream,no not today.

Don’t you see this twisted wreck
This tightened noose around my neck

I couldn’t come out if I tried
Did you forget my world just died?

I fear it don’t mean much to you
But I just lost the life I knew

So if you say I’ll be ok
That I should just come out and play

I’ll tell you what I’ll say to that
If you don’t mind a tit-for-tat

I don’t tell you, what you should do
and don’t assume you have a clue

If never felt this painful sting
Then please just don’t say anything

no matter what you do or say
I won’t come out, no not today.

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2012

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Unending Wars

Unending wars

Heart rendering cries and war widows, 
Innocent faces bound to lose their glow,

Why this war and bloodshed ?

To define boundaries on religion and race,
Confine it to bravery and conquer for grace,

What in return are we going to get ?

Best of minds putting up to destroy,
Aren't we leading a dead convoy ?

When do we rise above war for humanity sake ?

Why not cherish birth rather ending up life,
Shun destruction and put an end to strife,

Do we still need to ponder ?

His amazing creations and nature in hue and cry,
I can't even breathe, can slashed wings ever fly ?

Unless we intellectuals put an end to unending wars !!

Written December 16th, 2014
For Cyndi's contest 'I can't breathe'

Awarded 1st place

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2014

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It attacked my life like a swarm of predatory wasps
Anger, regret, pain, confusion, to ruin me at all costs
unprovoked, vicious stings to my soul, many a tear
made me hollow inside, without joy, living in fear

Unable to run or hide for their venom is already within
To snipe at my belief, questions to drive reflection of sin
Should I seek reasons, or find solace needed in a friend
My friends helped win battles, and the war inside did end

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2013

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If Only We Had More Time

I’d have whispered “you're daddy's little boy,”
snuggled in my arms, filling me with joy.
We'd of explored mountain caves, parks and glades,
snapping pictures when you first stood on blades.
And we'd have gazed up at the stars above,
feeling secure in the bond of our love.
And together we'd have journeyed the earth,
embracing the miracle of your birth.

If only we had more time...

I would have told you of the golden rule,
teaching subtle lessens, not taught in school.
And during your early, formative years,
I would've eased your hurts, and wiped your tears.
You'd have entered your teens chasing your dreams,
standing defiant in your torn blue jeans.
And we would have discussed the birds and bees,
learning about life, as we skinned our knees.

If only we had more time...

My heart would have filled with a father's pride,
as you knelt at the altar with your bride.
Gentle tears saved to bless your wedding day,
are unable to wash my grief away.
Less than a year among those who love you, 
we’re gathered today to wish you adieu. 
I think of the many things we'd have done,
and how very much I love you my son.

If only we had more time...

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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Let's Pray

She watched the pretty girl knock on his door
Sadly her friend didn't live there any more
How would she tell her he had gone away
he packed and left before the light of day

She was looking for the father of her child
How could she have trusted a boy so wild
He failed to leave a forwarding address
How would she raise a child under duress

The woman said "dear it will be okay."
"Please come sit down together we'll pray."
From saucer like eyes tears began to flow
"Do you know where he went? I need to know!"

The baby kicked inside, the girl screamed"Why?"
"He said he loved me but didn't even try."
The girl rises up with a knowing glance
She'll do all she can to give her child a chance

No longer a girl a woman today
Forget about dolls with a child she will play
All of his needs will trump her own
She has been abandoned but she's not alone

For god hears the prayers from her pure heart
Life's not defined by a difficult start
A child is a blessing a reason to pray
God and the woman help her find a way

Collaboration with Mystic Rose.
Thanks Rose! 

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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Darkness Sleeps

Single file in a row
bare feet freezing in the snow
in a pile, bodies burn
all wait fearfully for their turn
ash and smoke clog the air
ringing with screams of despair
moving closer to their end
their minds begin to slowly bend
the snow is stained with crimson red
drinking in the blood they've shed
in the trees, starved ravens wait
to feed on those who've met their fate
more bodies burn, the bells tolls on
the moon reveals a scarlet dawn
as all the corpses burn in heaps
just for now, the darkness sleeps

By Morgan Mise
Written December 3, 2012

Copyright © Morgan Mise | Year Posted 2013

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The Moon

Oh, the morning's Godly devotions
Amid ungodly emotions
Walking the earth, dampness soothing the sole
Bound to it with affinity and closeness
Yet heaven bound, tearing away from this concrete shoe
The coffin-drumming clods of clay
Covered with verge and fields of hay 
A thin covering at that
As if the bountiful bosom is clad with a slip of silk,
A wisp of decency

Oh, the throes of fleshly woes
The shudder and fever of the soul's great war
Obsession, passion, thrills after fashion
The lashing of a scaly tail at the end of this mortal coil
Toil, toil, the gravel pit of survival
For what, mere existence?
The passions collide, asteroid striking planet,
Barren wasteland exploding in pits and pocks,
Craters round, dry as bone
Dry as love, old as valleys

Soundlessly, airlessly, lovelessly grey
Should I leave or should I stay?
Passion swells as sea's mighty tide
Thrusting the shore, thrusting, subside
Yet the shore is not moved, not even an inch
And on the moon there is no thirst to be quenched
No moisture, no thrust
No place, no lust
No sound to awake
No ear to hear the gong 
of time tick and take

Copyright © Daniel Human | Year Posted 2014

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In Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 it lets us know under the sun there is a time for everything,
 a time to dance, a time to sing,
 a time to mourn, a time to cry,
 a time to live, there is even a time that it’s ok to question why? 
Why Lord did you take her? Why did she have to go away? 
Why when we loved her and needed her, why couldn’t she stay?
 And if you listen to the small still voice as he whispers in your ear,
 I believe these are the words that you might hear….
My child you love her but I love her too, and you may not believe this but Heaven needed her much more then you can see,
she has a place prepared for her here with me, 
she is my special angel ,  she still has a works to do, and her earthly body just wouldn’t sustain,
it was causing her so much hardship and pain, 
It hurt me to see my daughter that way and it left you open for hell brimstone fire and rain, 
so I intervened seeing you needed the protection guidance and love that she gave you so good while she was able to fight, 
I had to! The pain in her flesh was keeping her from doing the job right! 
So I done a works when I called her home not just for her, but for you too, 
You see my dear child she is the guardian Angel that I have appointed to you, 
now she hurts no more, yet she is still there to protect, guide, and nourish you, 
so don’t worry she is not far from you, 
right now you may not believe me, 
but in days to come it will become clear and you will see, 
for Heaven has its angel back, her mansion she has claimed, 
and when the wind blows you will hear her calling your name, 
you will feel her showering you with love in the midst of the rain, 
and you will even feel the warmth of her embrace,
as the sun makes its way thru the clouds and shines upon your face, 
when all of this comes to pass then you will understand and know that my words are true, 
when I say she has not left….. She is still there with you!

									Dedicated to Marjorie Black our Angel!

Copyright © MISTY RITTER | Year Posted 2014

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No Warmth In The Kitchen

 Loose are the oven mitts that covered mama's hands. 
 Cold are her rustic pots and pans. 

 Stained are the pages of her favorite cookbook. 
 Lull hangs her ladle on its metal hook. 

 Hiding on the ceiling is the once dancing steam 
 of beef stroganoff's sour cream. 

 Silent is the spatula that served family guests. 
 Quietly the food processor rests. 

 Daddy can only cook up a sweat, 
 and I'm too young to read a recipe yet. 

 There's no warmth in the kitchen since mama's decease. 
 These objects are resting, but not in grease.

Copyright © Juliet Ligon | Year Posted 2014

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Waiting for Him to Return

Waiting for Him to Return

Wish my love would only return again
From place where he may have been
And so all alone I do sit here now
Asking God to help me get by somehow.

As the sleek ship sailed out to sea
My hope is that he will remember me
In whatever things he may now do
Across wide ocean with water blue.

In an accident was injured and is dead
Each day over and over I do dread
Thoughts bringing tears to my each eye
New ones are wet where old ones are dry.

Past has gone by and is no longer here
He is gone and in heaven did disappear
Every time to God I prayed and prayed
Memories of him in my mind are displayed.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran
In response to seeing a picture painted
by Debby Turoff.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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To Bring His Heart to Grief

Her silken web she spins fine
Dreaming on what she will dine

Her work done behind green leaf
Waits to bring his heart to grief

He looked at the shining thread
At inviting silver bed

Her smile soft, and sticky sweet
A taste of love making treat

Closer to her web he drew
His friends becoming far and few

Drawn to lies, he forgot truth
Her heart of hearts was uncouth

Behind leaf, her eyes beguile
Yet in her heart is bitter bile

Revenge on every single soul
For him who’d made her not whole

She waits with still bated breath
To catch and lead him to death

Her web of passion invites
He’s drawn to her sheer delights

Around his body she will spin
Gilded layers of her sin

Pleasure he has never tried
What his woman has denied

Secure now within her grip
Seductress role she lets slip 

Shows her ugly seething face
Devours him: leaves no trace….

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Proverbs 6: 23 - 29 
For this command is a lamp,
    this teaching is a light,
and correction and instruction
    are the way to life,
24 keeping you from your neighbor’s wife,
    from the smooth talk of a wayward woman.
25 Do not lust in your heart after her beauty
    or let her captivate you with her eyes.
26 For a prostitute can be had for a loaf of bread,
    but another man’s wife preys on your very life.
27 Can a man scoop fire into his lap
    without his clothes being burned?
28 Can a man walk on hot coals
    without his feet being scorched?
29 So is he who sleeps with another man’s wife;
    no one who touches her will go unpunished.

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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My River Friend

Nearby my friend the river flows
Today, for me, in sorrow…slows
She looks to see my empty chair
For I no longer will be there.

Tears roll down the river's face
As this was such a happy place
So many came to stay a while
Always leaving with a smile

The clearest pictures in her waters
Show reflections of my daughters
As children of their children followed
More and more of life I borrowed

Eighteen hearts which came from mine
I hope forever intertwine
For I am now the river breeze
To carry our joint memories

Peaceful in my last repose
I wonder where the river goes?
The river and her constancy
Will now remind you all of me.

Copyright © Sarah Heath | Year Posted 2016