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Couplet Child Poems | Couplet Poems About Child

These Couplet Child poems are examples of Couplet poems about Child. These are the best examples of Couplet Child poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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If we don’t feel with our hearts, we don’t belong
If we don’t see as one, the world is wrong
Beyond the wars and the hate and the insanity
We are all connected as humanity
We are the child with cancer who still wears a smile
We are the kid from the projects facing trial
We are the pregnant teen feeling lost and used
We are the elderly man in a home abused
We are the young couple, marriage on the rocks
We are the homeless one in a cardboard box
We are the cold and hungry, sad and depressed
We are the lonely child who never felt blessed
We are the woman whose life was filled with pain
We are the man standing alone in the pouring rain
We are the child who struggles day to day
We are the teenage girl who ran away
We are the soldier killed in an unjust war
We are the young man who can dream no more
We are the inmate locked away for life
We are the old man who has lost his wife
We would be better off without our vanity
And have a sense of belonging to humanity.

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The old man sat with eyes closed, dozing in his chair
Until a little voice he heard say “Grandpa, are you there”.

He gazed upon a little boy while waking from his nap
Then reached down with a sweeping move and placed him in his lap

The child was carrying a book that he wanted him to see
He held it up and  asked him “Grandpa, will you read to me”?

The old man cleaned his glasses then opened up the book
And suddenly the two of them a wonderous journey took

They ventured lands so far away, sailed seas not sailed before
Met knights and kings and wizards on every distant shore.

Together they fought dragons, saved damsels in distress
Freeing lands of monsters and the treasures they possess

When the old man closed the cover to end their magic ride
He told the boy “We're much like books, what's important is inside”.

But one day when the boy arrived and rushed to Grandpas chair
Much to his disappointment, his Grandpa was not there

He ran to find his mother for surely she would know
Why the chair was empty, where did his Grandpa go

She sat him down and asked him if he remembered in each book
The adventures and the journeys that he and Grandpa took

He took you there to show you the things that you can find
The wonders that are yours to see if you open up your mind.

But he still walks beside you in the stories you have read
You're not left to go alone, he’s just gone on ahead

The child then went and chose a book and climbed up in the chair
And opening up the cover whispered “Grandpa, are you there”?

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A Forest Child

She has eyes that have seen all the sky
a smile that is both knowing and shy
Her brow is humble and also proud
Expressions as soft as a shifting cloud.

She is tall and frail like a river reed
Up until now the forest has been her creed
And words that once flowed like a river stream
Now she must search for what they mean

Where once the forest taught her each simple rule
Now she is thrust  to study in a Western school
So her body conveys her intentions devout
She stays rooted despite her desire for flight

She absorbs new knowledge like sunlight itself
All her tears are like rain on this hard gained wealth
This shy forest spirit has blossomed and grown
 In quiet moments we know where her thoughts have flown

This is my friend's daughter they adopted from Thailand at age 11.
In one year she was speaking fluent English.
She received-american-veterans jrotc-cadet--outstanding-cadet-award/ last year.
Only one cadet per detachment receives the award annually.
She is also a girl guide and on the Volley Ball Team.
I taught her papercrafts and she makes all her own beautiful greeting cards.
She is a true example of a girl rising.
She misses her sister in Thailand who was kept by the family and often thinks of them all
and is torn between the two worlds but understands she has more opportunity here.

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Mummay Mummay

      Mummay  Mummay

Tucked up in bed so nice and neat
A little girl so very sweet
But all is not quite what it seems
She can’t find sleep because of dreams

Her mother sitting down the stair
Enjoying rest in comfy chair
A tiny voice comes to her ear
The story of her small girls fear

“Mummay mummay”, she faintly sings
“I am afraid of these dark things
Please come quickly my mummay
And chase these frightful dreams away”

Upon the stair a foot does tread
Then she’s beside her daughters bed
Away from eyes her hair she brushes
Red lips kisses, whispers hushes

“Now worry not you are secure
All your bad dreams I’ll endure
Come to me and let us cuddle”
Between the sheets the pair a huddle

Where golden locks begin to mingle
Faces touch and soft cheeks tingle
Hands caress to sooth away
The troubles that upon her prey

Feeling warmth of mothers breast
Against her lightly beating chest
Her eyes they flicker into schemes
Pleasantness pervades her dreams

The demons of her mind withdrawn
She’s free to slumber till the dawn
Soon from the child comes no peep
At last, she finds, her perfect sleep

Mother sees her laying there
With smile beset in golden hair
And wonders in a future day
Her little one will have to say

Now worry not you are secure
All your bad dreams I’ll endure
When in a time far away
Her babe becomes, mummay mummay

R D Seal     18 April 2013

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The Blessings of Grandfathers Beautiful Lies

Impressionable young hearts do tell the grandest lies
When learned from grandfathers with sparkling eyes
Grandfathers living renewed through the breath of a grandchild

Oh grandfathers’ whoppers told in all kindness and glory
The bigger the whopper makes the child’s lies the cute little story
Thus the grandchild’s faith breeching walls of reasonable reality 
Simply because beloved grandfather had told the story
My grandfather said it was so- tiny voice of pledged belief
And I believe him -for grandfather would never lie to me

So sleep little one- dream the telling’s of funny grandfathers beloved
For their little lies to you are meant to not make you a worried
But make you believe in the impossibilities of grandeur and extravagance 
There is a Santa Clause
The fish really was so big it couldn’t fit in the boat
I wrestled a grizzly when I was just about your age

For in the telling of such blessed little lies
A remembrance of grandfather will never die
The wisdom and laughter thus remembered in each time’s telling
Will warm you over and over- as little lies do you begin the telling 

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Taken, never Forsaken

When I try to look back, it hurts to start A mother I was now in continual broken heart In the innocence of that Sunday quietly shopping away When my thoughts to humanity go in angered astray One minute he held my hand, the next he was gone In suspended silence I float amidst stared public throng Questions through confusion as to where I stood last Still feeling his hand, that loving maternal grasp Lights became brighter, louder were the voices Still confusion abounds in sporadic lost choices Who could have taken him, where has he gone So many voices not singing the same song Continually I dream about these words you've just read To the end of my days I can't think of him dead <*>

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God's little children are precious,
They are gifts that God gives to us.

God will guide us to teach them to be sweet,
His word will help us to share, which is neat.

Jesus had experience as a small child,
He is an example to us, tame or wild.

Each child needs to see Jesus' love through us,
Through our witnessing, these children will trust.

Singing or saying a little prayer each day,
This will help little children to walk God's way.

Jesus' footprints are the way to the light,
We lead our children with all of our might.

God's pure and perfect love are what we need,
Leading a child is how we plant a seed.

Teaching our children to pray,
Helps them to know what to say.

They will learn to seek His wisdom and love,
These children will seek for strength from above.

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Our Lords Plight

This poem covers the greatest story ever told
Greater than all the kings and all their gold
This story will bring about deep reflection
Starting with the Immaculate Conception
Of all the stories this is the greatest of all
A complex child born in a simple stall
Quickly the news covered the land
A virgin would be Gods right hand
Inside of her womb a God to a son
Imagine this story has just begun
Everyone knew this child was born to design
Just open your heart and look for the sign
 Harrod was driven by fear of not being so great
The first-born son was Harrods fate
Jesus escaped the King and awaited the call
To become the greatest glory of all
This is my master this is our Lord
He is the wielder and we are the sword
He chose his disciples of simple men
Hear tell one was straight out of the pen
The Pharisees called on Pilot the king
At the end he said, “I wash my hands of this thing”
I wonder if when Pilot stepped up to the gate
Jesus washed his hands to seal Pilots fate
Or if he opened his arms to welcome him in
Forgiving Pilot of all of his sins
We took our Lord then nailed him to the cross
As far as humanity that was our greatest loss
But through all the loss just look at the gain
Bought by our Lord through sacrifice and pain
Over 2000 years after this child was born
He came to the prison to make my heart warm
Gave me a gift then our Lord set me free
I reckon the rest would be up to me
As you dress up the tree and hang up the lights
Think of the story of our Lords plight

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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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No Lemurs at the Zoo (Thank You Walt Disney)

A short while back when Shayla was three,                     Written just for Barbara's Contest.
I took my granchild's child to the Zoo with me.

She sat in he stroller as we pushed her around,
And she knew almost every creature we found,

Lion goes "RRRR" and Tiger goes "Roar,"
Hippos go "plplplpl" which I'd not heard before.

She knew elephants, horses, gorillas and monkeys,
She knew snakes and Gnus and eurasian donkeys.

Since the day was warm and the child needed a nap,
We sat in the shade on a blanket with her head on my lap.

We ate our lunch as I watched our dreamer,
Who woke and ate hers then pointed up at a lemur.

"Julian" cried the child, "Thats right" cried her mother,
And I looked from one grandkid to another.

When we got home, the child ran to prove it.
In Madagascar, thats a Julian who likes to move-it moveit. 

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Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen
Yes in deed, for all to see.

And what a doll you are.
Sun - lit colored ringlets in a row.

You do your little dance for the judges.
For all the world to see, you are the color of poetry.

Second on your talent, as you went strolling by them.
Walking in your sun bonnet and percale, singing along. 

Big blue eyes to sparkle and shine.
Then one day they found you dead.

Seems God called you home at last.
Said,  come rest your weary head.

Your name on the tombstone read:
     JonBenet  Ramsey !

3/ 28/ 2012,,,, I put my 8month old daughter in about 4- 5 pageants. She was about 3 last time as I put her on stage, I thought no more of this.

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The Best Gifts

My youngest child taught me something today
That I had almost forgotten along the way

At this precious age the focus isn’t money
Or finding the promised land of milk and honey

As soon as we decorated our Christmas tree
She placed a gift beneath it saying, “For mommy from me”

It wasn’t a gift from a catalog or store
This special gift was so much more

She ran to her room, found her favorite toy, you see
Then placed it in a cracker box and gave it to me

No wrappings or ribbons just the heart of my child
With glowing eyes and a tender loving smile

That, my friends, is how Christmas should be 
Because the best gifts aren’t found beneath the tree

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

“…and a little child will lead them.”~ Isaiah 11:6

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Child once more

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up one morning
To find you were still a child
So much energy jumping up and down upon your bed
So many wonders and thoughts swirling through your bed
No responsibilities
Just fun and play with your dolls or swinging in the trees
Getting a dose of the measles having a poorly on your knee
looking at a catalogue at all the toys
Building a den and playing cowboys and Indians
With the other girls and boys
Dressing up in mummies clothes
catching frogs and picking your nose
Rolling down grassy hills and knowls
Going for summer walks with a bottle of lemonade
Pretending you are a solider standing on parade
Watching cartoons all day on TV
Having a pet to love and feed
Giving your teddy bear a hug
Collecting crawly things like slugs and bugs
Having a big bag of sweets giving a high five to every child that you meet
Having an imaginary friend called Fred
Bed time stories in your Jim Jams in bed
Pretending to be a pirate out at sea
Seeing strange faces in every tree
Licking the cake bowl after mummy makes a cake
Riding on your bicycle or on your roller skates
Reading books under the covers with a torch at night
Playing football flying a kite
Dreaming of becoming an astronaut a fireman and scientist too
having a great day out at the zoo
Playing children's games calling out rude names
Playing in the wood getting up to no good
Getting head Lice in your hair
Sitting in a high chair
Dancing like a loony at a party
Hating girls yuk! with their ribbons and their curls
Doctor Who Winnie the poo Sponge Bob
Larry the Lamb and Batman
and now I'm Superman!
Train set that gives your Farther who bough it  for you so much joy
Pink for a girl and blue for a boy
playing on the swings and slide
Bucket and spade making sand castles at the seaside
Everyone saying 'awe aren't you sweet'
Coco pops egg and toast soldiers to eat
Balloons floating high into the sky
your older sister hitting you and making you cry
Sitting on your potty
pacifier in your mouth
'Mummy I've done a poo'you shout
'Good boy I'll lift you out.
sitting in your pram Being pushed everywhere by your Mam
Going on a bus singing a little song
looking out the window and sticking out your tongue
Digging in the garden eating worms and soil
Having earache Pouring in olive oil
playing with your rubber duck and battleship
while your in the bath
reading your favourite comics and having a laugh
Asking lots of questions your parents find hard to answer
'Where do babies come from?' Having your leg in plaster
playing in the school yard playing hide and seek
Being poorly every week
new shoes happy feet holding mommy's hand and skipping down the street
Watching the fish swim around your fish tank
Putting pennies in your piggy bank
Ooh how my dipper must have stank
Ice cream and jelly tots uhhm I used to scoff the lot
playing a tree in a school play
Packing a suitcase and running away
throwing pebbles in a pond all day long.

Phew I'm shattered after al that. imagine doing all that now. the mere thought 
tires me out.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.July.

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Copyright © 2013

Skittles and a soda
against a gun in its holster?

One day that scream
will be known as a teen
not a heinous lying Fein

What a sinister ploy and twist
with a loaded gun and no fist?

Had everyone sitting and waiting
doomed by a verdict just delaying

Was this just an optical illusion
or, a devious planned conclusion?

Now, this generation too afraid
wearing hoodies will get you dead

But, the Klan was still glad
hoodies they've always had

A verdict they too saw,
ushering in martial law

by: LP
edited: 7/30/13

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

Has this ever been a choice you had to make Considering life or death ~ deciding anothers fate Who has the right to judge if and when one procreates Should politicians or priests decide what’s at stake What about the child who’s raped ~ does she have a say Which choice is right ~ keep the child ~ give him away A mother carrying a child with an abnormality ~ what’s right To watch her child suffer ~ witness his fatality ~ what a sight Is it fair to say if you decide to abort ~ you don’t care I don’t claim to have an answer here ~ but say this I wouldn’t dare I wouldn’t dare ~ it’s not fair ~ I wouldn’t dare This choice is the most difficult for anyone to bare Lay

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Never be afraid to swing on the big swings

Never be afraid to swing on the big swings ...

Whenever your problems seem to big to face
Remember the playground was once too a big place

If you think your right make them prove you wrong
You won't always win but you'll come along

When dad talks always listen
Because one day you'll have a question and you'll miss him. 

Friends will come and go
But true friends will steal the show

 Let mean words never stick
And when it comes to band aids... Be quick 

Mothers always have a cure
Even when your not sure

If you don't know if its right or wrong..
It's prolly somewhere you don't belong.

Stay as young as long as you can
And as of push pops... Always be a fan 

These words I give to you 
But if you only remember a few

Never be afraid to swing on the be swings
And always remember to chase your dreams.

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How The Memory Flows

Can you remember this feeling very much.
Hearing something in the kitchen making a fuss.
I can remember it so well, it's like yesterday.
Pots and pans wrattle, as I'm outside to play.
I would be playing in the dirt or kicking a beach ball.
Hearing mamma in the kitchen, hoping she'd call.
I know that she's cooking dinner in there.
I'm not sure what it is and I don't really care.
I am completely dirty from my head to my toes.
Is there dessert or ice cream, she only knows.
I can smell the cooking from the yard and all sides.
With realization I know it's sloppy joe and french fries.
How it was when I was young.
Freedom around the yard I could roam.
I loved my mamma and daddy for just being there.
I'd be nothing without them, no love or no care.

-No contest, just some things I was thinking.

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I need a Mom who's always there
Someone to care,
Who loves to play
Will always stay.

A Mom to mend my broken heart
Give a fresh start,
Who holds my hand
Gives strength to stand.

I need a Mom to find me here
To make it clear,
I'm not alone
Please take me Home!

A Minute Poem

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For Diane

They asked me which day of my life was the best 
This set me a quandary I must solemnly attest
Could it be that day long ago when first I met you
Or the cold February day when you said ‘I do’
Twenty five years wed a momentous occasion
The birth of our children must enter the equation
Sadness on the day that our last born went away
Joy the first time that they all came to stay
The birth of each grandchild made us feel so proud
As though we could float on high in the clouds
So many, many great days so imposable to choose
My heart can’t decide as each one I peruse
This day or that day which one was the best
Many happy days with which I’ve been blest
I can not just pick one so this is what I will do
I’ll pick each new day that I wake up with you

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Before I even watched your birth,
I had already failed you first.

Collecting bones in closets damned.
To proxies labor done withstand.

Mistakes go down with Jacks and cokes.
A childhood ends in perished hopes.

The years apart we will to stand.
Regret to always catch the man.

My sorrow carving name in stone,
A Father never dies alone.

Rob Carmack
Couplet : Iambic Tetrameter

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The Circle is Round

The morning was dark when I first held my newborn son
The tears overwhelmed as smiles did break my mouth
Proud was I this gift of such loving grace
Proud this little man would some day soon say my name

He peed in my face the first time I changed his diaper
He kept me up while restful sleep avadded the darkening hours
Countless dollars to feed clothe and sitter
The bathing the changings the illnesses all did mattered

A little man did my son grow to be 
He fit just perfect upon my hurt knee
We patty-caked rode the horsey and sang Jesus Love Me
For I was his hero when he became three

I carried him to school that first day
I shared in his life and encouraged the right way
We discovered sports but his interest did fade
He wanted music- music he could play

He broke my heart on several occasions 
His fight at school a pitiful grade a call from the police at three
A father first is tuff for I loved him so
He did correct his misdeeds as I watched him grow

As for this day- particular indeed it is to me
My grown up son still hugs on me
In his straight forward manner he sat me down
I am getting married  were the words which made me smile

This morning is still dark when I did open my eyes
I took to recalling the years of raising my child
It is life as I have realized the circle is round
Hopefully a grandson will soon be found

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An Inquisitive Child

An Inquisitive Child

Why does a child think that parents know all?

How do we answer this daughter so small?

An inquisitive child who wants to know

Why, in winter, the rain turns to snow?

And in the autumn, why green leaves turn gold

What happens to sparrows when they grow old?

She’ll wonder aloud how fresh flowers bloom

Where rainbows come from, and fog causes gloom

How does the sun know the right time to rise?

And why does the moon keep changing her size?

How come the world doesn’t fall out of space?

And all of the stars, what holds them in place?

Then there’s the baby, her new brother Tom

She’s desperate to know, where he has come from.

Sometimes her questions take us aback

And sometimes, you know, the answers we lack

The hope that we have, while taxing our brains

Is trust that her thirst for knowledge remains

A part of her life, through childhood and youth

And right to the end. We pray she finds truth.

April 30th 2010

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In My Mirror

In this mirror, you can hear the child in a tall grass field and running wild The timothy grass hides this boy from view Your watching, and wondering, is that you Too few summers, with many lessons to learn from earth, deer, trout, eagle and fern As student's we gain and strengthen our voice for the path we follow in life, is our choice Take joy in this journey but, leave no track If Mother Earth cries, then you can't go back I see in this mirror, that the child has grown a man,now stands strong, to hunt on his own As he ventures through this forest of strife making choices that affect generations of life Pray that his choices weren't guided by greed Mother Earth cried, the "Great Spirit" takes heed 50 years of choices, in this generation's reign Tears come to my eyes, I feel Mother Earth's pain Man's greed and arrogance spoiled water, air, sky and land Mother Earth, I see is crying, poisoned by human hand With grand-children sick, from this contamination of earth I ask grand-father's guidance, that he return Mother's mirth Man has stopped listening, he's only guided by greed Are only deaf people listening, I keep planting the seed I need your strength and wisdom to guide me along without fear of what's coming, my relations are strong Now I see in the mirror, an elder in white This mirror fades to darkness, I pray for the light
for "The Rhyming Game" contest The mirror doesn't lie!

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Advent Service

Advent Service 

Fresh-faced innocence
In light's pure radiance
Eyes aglowing
Wonder showing
In receipt of given light
Shines within the darkest night.

Christ has come into this world
Innocent child yet radiant light
Speechless I can only watch
Long to worship with a touch
Offer the child that lives in me
At this holy nativity

Anne Linington
2006 ©

Advent Sunday is my favourite day in the Church Calendar- with all the anticipation of the
fulfillment of prophecy, as Christ the light comes into the world.

This poem is a "snap-shot": a young chorister having received her lighted candle turned to
light the one behind her; as she turned her pretty face is bathed in light

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You hate your dad, I know
but I can't choose between you two...just no

I'm sorry.
You're right, I probably would never see
how bad I screwed up, but
without you, I've gone nuts.

Seriously, I will keep trying
to have you back, 'cause I'm crying.
I don't wanna lose you, o.m.g.
I'm really sorry...

I know I was a terrible girl
but I'm a clam and you're my pearl.
Without you, I have no value
without you, I'm no longer cool

I missed  everything we've been through.
Your voice when you sing, I'm glued to you.
Hey, I'm still your number one fan
and you'll always be my sweet, young man.

you're the water, and he's the sun
without you both, I'd be done

I hope you can just understand
I'll always wanna hold your hand
no matter what happened, I'll love you still.
We used to hang and used to chill.
now I'm mad we can't do that
but again, it's my fault the balloon went splat.

I'm desperate to hear you say
'I love you mom, it'll always be this way'
I want your forgiveness, seriously
I'm really sorry.

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A Childs Voice

A Childs Voice

A child needs so much from a parent
If only their voices were heard more apparent

Maybe it would go something like this
Mommy & Daddy, there are things I truely miss

Put down your cell phone or laptop for just a bit
Equal time would be nice, request I submit

Read me a book, maybe one or two
Hugs and kisses I have so many for you

Shouldn't I be more important than that tv you view
Sunshine outside good for me and you

I don't ask for much, just more of you time
Love and smiles I will trade you in this rhyme

Poem written by:  Debra Falgout
December 8th, 2012

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Scars left behind

Gone was this edifice

Gone, sunk down the abyss

Memories only remain

Memories to keep me sane

To cherish them I shall

For such is my call

Ode to this great man

Who gave me a good stand

My favorite, among the elders

His death caused me to seek the avengers

Lonely, desolate and abandoned

His absence makes me so scorned

Gone was this great man

Seen as having an evil hand

He loved the child I was

And left me maimed with scars!

Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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The Room Of Study

To sit in the confines of knowledge
At a desk the colour of porridge

An air of unescapable heat
At a desk the colour of wheat

The lure of the Mail Online
At a desk the colour of brine

Looking at Jamie Kirby's broken leg
At a desk the colour of regret

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Crippling Darkness

A summer night in an autumn's room
My fingers shaking, my heart's constant boom

My eyes are closed but i'm not asleep
The fan on high is the only faint squeak

Repetition makes a fool out of me
(Change the game to live happily)

Prayer offered fervently upon shaking knees
The shadows descend from outside trees

Hypocrisy, shame: the names of my game
My misery, my reality needs no such fame

Repitition makes a fool out of me
(I'm changing the game, so I can see)

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I Asked

I asked the Lord to keep me, He said child I am near
I will never leave you, you have nothing to fear.

I asked the Lord for wisdom for surely I had none
He said, since you seek me, consider it as done.

I asked the Lord to love me, He said child don't you know,
It was I who loved you most, as I watched you grow

I ask the Lord for a companion for when I grow old
He said flesh will grow weary and lips will turn cold

I asked the Lord to save me, He said your burdens I do bare,
my kingdom is forever, for those who hold me up in prayer

I asked the Lord to quiet the storm that raged inside
He stood by the waters and spread his arms out wide

I asked the Lord for forgiveness upon my bent knee
He said from the wages of sin, it is I who set you free

I thanked the Lord for the healing that seeped from every pore
He said that's just a sample of what I have in store

The praise I reined upon Him for making me complete
He said the devil has no power, with me, he can't compete

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I sit on the sand bathing in the sun
Watching my boy have loads of fun.

A shovel with sand held in his grip
My son enjoying his first beach trip.

He is loving the ocean wave after wave
His sand castle he jumps on only to cave.

He is covered in sand head to toe
And runs back to me and says let's go.

We run towards big waves and jump into the water
He and I laughing and then finding a quarter.

We are having fun in the ocean and then we see
A dolphin, some fish and a crab that is attacking me.

We go walk the beach when he stops to draw
A heart in the sand with I love you mommy done with his straw.

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The babyish me

Beauty lamented when faced with that babyface O do give me more loveliness, with red lace! Such innocent eyes, Cunning and wise! The age of that baby girl Revolved around two in our world Yet, she was an attractive one Charming one, magnetic one None could get jealous of her beauty Except beauty itself in all simplicity If she was hungry, she ate like a bird If she was thirsty, she drank only curd If she fell while running, she stood and smiled If she cried, her surroundings made her not feel exiled! Dressed in her favourite red dress, She listened to old stories on her mattress And fell in deep slumber while dreaming of the Lord And how it is like in his peaceful abode! At two, this cute babyface, surrounded with black hair Could only jump and exalt at life without any care!

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Aunt Eva, the Wild Woman

A vibrant, wild woman took center stage at every family wedding or party
Long, flowing locks even in old age, she always embarrassed her brother Artie

Once statuesque at nearly six feet tall, Eva was a sight to behold at buffets
Plate upon plate, she piled food so high; restaurant owners said she ate with craze

Bubbling with energy that radiated, this former beauty queen knew how to dance
As a child she led me to the floor; we’d Charleston!  Wild woman sure could prance!

As a teen she’d fallen into Hudson Bay; she learned how to swim, suffered no harm
She repaid the favor by training nearly every Jersey Shore lifeguard

Her tales were many and some seemed tall, especially to a child so small
But the one about dolphins saving her from sharks could certainly enthrall

Her loudly ticking old-time video camera was heard each time I was in a play
She never missed a performance, though she may have stood in the audience’s way

And Bob Hope called her up on stage when she and her camera stole his show
In saintly splendor she revels now, still radiating that winsome glow

Dedicated to my dear Aunt Eva.  

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What I wouldn't want to relive contest

The innocence thief opens the door
The slithering snake asks her for me
Feeling edified by his purest for lust
Stealing dreams by seducing her trust
A closet filled with boxes and pain
Icicles form on this young girl’s shame
“Nicole it’s your turn to satisfy me”
She chokes on his flesh and insanity
Not sure if she’s performing correctly for him
But deep in her heart she knows it’s a sin
The Jack Daniels bottle still rests in his hand
It’s the first night she has ever been with a man.

Contest: What I would not want to relive!

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Last Night I Fought With The Devil

The devil is a cunning and deceitful being
He plays on your weakness like a guitar string

He hides around the corner, sees when you come unglue
Then at you he comes smiling, saying, this one’s through

Now listen!  Sometimes he gets you and have his way
But sometimes you fight, determined, I won’t sway

Last night he rose up like a lion and stood in my face
I stepped up, shoulders squared, a child of God’s grace

Stand back old Satan, from me get thee hence
I won’t retreat, I won’t surrender, stay on your side of the fence

I call on the Holy Spirit for divine intervention 
Arms were stretched wide for a fallen child prevention 

Don’t mess with me, old Satan, I have lots of clout 
Stick with me, I’ll tell you what it’s all about

You see, Christ died for me and saved me from hell
I am now His redeemed child, my soul I cannot sell


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His Will

Months and months we tried and tried, wishing to conceive
what great joy we felt to find our prayers were received. 

Day by day we planned and waited for the time to come
when we would have a new born a daughter or a son.

Three months of sun, a pale green room, a crib by the wall
crocheted blankets and Teddy bears laying in the hall.

Then sorrow came with blood and pain, a baby lost
you see, not to be, my little girl her life was our cost.

I would not relive the day, though I dream it still
perhaps at heavens gates she'll be, oh, I hope she will.

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Beyond Earth Hour

Here Comes The Rain

Drip, Drip, Here comes the rain
The scent, the wetness,  falls on my window pane

The inner child wants to go out to play
Roll on the grass, this rainy day

Drink, Drink all the earthly blessing
The rain will end soon I am expressing

The hour will come again soon one day
When your inner child can come out to play

Please try to go beyond earths hour by using this environmental tip:
Instead of using paper plates, cups etc., I uses my dishes and hand wash them saving money, water, and trees!!!

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout

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               Hidden away by a Mother's love
	To the protective torture of the clergy glove
	Sentenced to a life of hell
	Before life began, the hammer fell

	Frightened children, black and white
	The dog yard coffin, the dark of night
	The stars looked down on naked flesh
	Scared eyes looked up through wire mesh

	Until the stars could look no more
	And the sun, it opened daylights door
	The demons woke and walked the halls
	The scream of silent “help me” calls

	No one hears their silent pain
	Or see’s the blood between the grain
	A nation’s fear of God above
	No one to hold, no one to love

	Finally a letter states
	We want them home, freedom awaits
	But where is heaven, where is hell
	Through their fear, they cannot tell

	Violence, drink and Daddie’s girl
	Wishing she could be a pearl
	All safe and snug, within the clam
	No one to fear, but who I am

	So, who am I and what’s my worth
	What’s my purpose, on this earth?
	I’m here to live, and one day die.
	I am me – myself – Just I

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Two Smiles

She looks up at me with tears about to fall
Scared and hurt, I run to her heartfelt call

Two smiles I see, both bleeding on her face
Only one of them is in the right place

The other smile is underneath her chin
Deep and wide, but doesn't hold a grin

My poor baby, the girl with angel eyes
Pick her up trying to soothe those little cries

Rush her to the doctor, to see what she can do
She closes up that smile with a stitch or two

I hug and hold her all throughout the night
My little brave trooper sleeps well tonight

*my little one cut open her chin and got 6 stitches yesterday*

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In the garden, The Christ did pray
For strength ardent to bear pain's stay.

Gethsemane, the Master kneels
To ask to be with fond appeal.

His close aides lie in heavy sleep;
The Christ now cries in pain so deep.

The soldiers come to seize the king;
Judas now sums betrayal fling.

A kiss laid sound to tell on him;
Jesus is bound with scornful whim.

Then off they go to a mock trial;
Conspire to show with sure denial.

From high priest to Pontius Pilate;
An impromptu in vile charade.

Death sentence flawed in power play
As Roman law primes unjust stay.

Scourged to appease the crowd's frenzy;
The Christ was seized with mad cruelty.

Thirty lashes upon the flesh;
A mocking clash of bloodied mesh.

Crowned with thorns plucked from marine haunts;
Pierced mortal tucked with painful taunts.

Then the mocked king is forced to walk;
Heavy cross stings the burdened stalk.

The route is long with steps uphill;
The Christ bears strong with humble will.

Three times He falls, and feels the whip;
Cruel soldiers all who torments heap.

On and on He bears the wood cross
To death's alley, to sure recourse.

Along the way, The Christ meets those
Who did display the pains and ghost.

Golgotha's space, nails are driven,
The cross is raised in cruel action.

The Son of Man prays for mankind,
To save the damned that evil signs.

Two thousand years have come and gone;
The Christ did peer to times forgone.

Good Friday psalm to each and all,
We must not harm but heed love's call.

Love frames a law: "Who harms, must heal." --
Law without flaw, it's heaven's will.

The way ahead is beyond hate;
Let love break bread as grace now plates.

The Living Christ offers to each
Love's fine reprise: Love each to each.

The message comes to one and all;
Love is the sum of love that calls.

Go deeper still to know and see:
The Christ that wills love and beauty.

Grace sets you free to know your place,
To simply be love's happy face.

Heed this story just to be clear;
Join the lovely way to love's cheer.

Follow your heart and it will show
The steady art that true love knows!

Let love bring light to live and learn;
Let peace bring sight for grace soothes yearn.

Leon Enriquez
18 Apr 2014, (on Good Friday)

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Small Seed

One and only, great sweet dream
Lullaby, my sun beam
Moonlight’s music, sky’s first kiss
Stars and magic, my one bliss
You’re just a little seed; you’ll grow into your skin
And be filled with love from both hearts within
You’re just a tiny seed deep within the soil
I only hope that you didn’t spoil
I dreamt that you grew as tall as a tree
I dreamt that you were always there with me
But dreams don’t always become true
And I have never got to be with you
You’re just a seed; you’ll grow up very strong
I only wish that I wasn’t wrong
You’re just a small lovely seed 
In four months you started to bleed
My one and only, hold me very tight
I only wish that everything was right
Lovely infant, dear young dream
Golden daylight, my sun beam
You are the reason that I will always cry
Why did you ever have to say goodbye?

Dying more than ever before
Every time I miss you more
A first child that wasn’t born
Dead, now all I do I mourn

Baby only four months old
A treasure I never got to hold
Big hole in my heart tonight
Yelling “Why didn’t you hold me tight?”

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The father's skill

The father's skill on how to meet his end,
that's what for sure his children will descend.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Hands across a table Ceasefire agreed The dove of peace sings For a day,two maybe. Then a shot A child lay dead. A mother weeps The dove flies away. Hands across a table Ceasefire agreed.

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Sleep Child Sleep

Sleep child sleep
The night is dark and deep
Beyond the lines are the mines
Where soldiers lie beneath the battle sky

Sleep child sleep
The night is dark and deep
Yonder lies the farm stead
Where the housewife prays on her rosary beads 

Sleep child sleep
The night is dark and deep
Over the brook hides a crook
With his many treasures of a good measure 

Sleep child sleep
The night is dark and deep
Beneath the garden bench
Sits a beggar in liquor drenched

Sleep child sleep
The night is dark and deep
In the city there is famine and hunger
Men have died a good number

Sleep child sleep 
The night is dark and deep
In the forest trail
One can hear a lover’s wail

Sleep child sleep 
The night is dark and deep
Above the sky line, where the twain meet
Sings an Angel of Gods love sweet

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The Smile of a Child

It is something most of us take for granted
But a lack makes children's lives disenchanted
Though it cannot be completely prevented
Proper surgery can make a life less lamented
Unclasp those hands held so tightly in prayer
Help a child live a life that is not so full of despair
And give them a beautiful gift that is bereft of strife
Because the smile of a child is the greatest gift of life.

(in honor of the great work of - stop praying and start doing!)

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My muscles ripple
Under tight red shirt
As I saved the cripple
Lying in the dirt

My eagle vision sees all
My ears all to hear
Everyone seems so small
From way way up here

My powers are stupendous
My might so very strong
My impact quote horrendous
Arm of justice very long

And as I touch the small hands
And take him into flight
Over green hills and lands
He dips just like a kite

As he looks into my laser eye
He sees his superhero fly
With him far above the sky
Forever there, forever high

And I the superhero dad
Think of the grandest times we had
When those small eyes looked up to me
To defeat all bad 
And to set him free

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Embers Of Time

When I took the test
I knew I was blessed 
The 9 months we shared
Can never be compared
When I knew It was time
I couldn't wait to meet this angel of mine
When I seen your face
I knew my place
By your side always

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The word I hate, the most detested of all, makes me so angry by blood starts to boil. A word chosen for recognition alone, the making of a slave to keep me at home. . It reminds of a time when life was full of fear, too small to defend myself, nobody cared. To hear this word meant only one thing, times ticked down for another hiding. A trapped little child with nowhere to run, hardly ever allowed to have any real fun. This word made me want to never be the same, a frightened little child scared of my own name.

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Best Valentine Ever!

Every day when I wake, I search to see your face,
No one on earth could ever take your place.
the first time I met you, I instantly fell in love,
bright eyed prince charming, My baby from above.
you fill my world with more light than the sun.
My forever and ever Valentine, My Awesome son!
so smart and so funny, I adore your smile,
I love the games we play, you have incredible style.
your handsome and intelligent, Mommy's little Man.
I'll be your Valentine everyday, simply 'cuz I can!
Mommy's proud to say I love you, we fit perfectly together,
I'm also proud to say, YOU'RE THE BEST VALENTINE EVER!

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A tiny waist
Imaginary breast

Don't deflower her

Give her book
Not dick

Care for her lessons
Not her menses

Send her to the classroom
Not your bedroom

Give her book
Not dick

She needs literacy
Not early pregnancy

Not ejaculation

A sense of honour
Not prolonged labour

A better future
Not vesico******l fistula

A pen is all she needs
Not a ***** nor kids

Save the girl child's pride
Don't make her a bride.

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Ghazal: Now that she's left and gone to be herself again

Ghazal : Now she’s left and gone to be herself again

Now she’s left and gone away, my clothes hang dry
On the line for all to see – what a crying shame !

The lone cuckoo calls out in a haunting tone
Who hears him down here but on wing – what a shame !

Pigeons and crows balance on the clothes-line
And their droppings stain the sheets – Oh open shame !

She’s gone with shrieks from the magpies that dark day
And left me with her first born – Block my shame !

Baby cries for all to hear recall her voice
Where will it hide its face - Oh growing shame !

The musang miaows its woes in the jackfruit tree
Now that the wild she-cat roams in wayward shame

Baby gapes out the window and wonders why
If earth and sky witness bear – painful shame !

Would that the mother hear the cuckoo call
And lift her head to listen to quell my shame

The jackfruit’s ripe and sags at the tree trunk
A moaning woman at child birth - no shame

The puffed monsoon pulls its South-West skirts up
And floods the rice fields with tears, bitter shame !

Hamadryad’s hypnotic eyes turn ire red
Fate keeps the mongoose from common death – O Shame !

Still the baby’s cries in my ears call to you
What will I tell her later – wipe out shame ?

My own shame mixed with no name to call my own
No Elephant God of Wisdom can blot out shame !

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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Fatherhood won't get him down
He'll not dress like a clown
Designer jeans more his style
All the while caring for a child

Into the store to swipe some jeans
Not getting caught part of his scheme
Baby boy snuggled up real tight
Close to daddy his great delight

Daddy grabs a Chap's shirt
No way that he'll hit the dirt
In the baby's carrier jeans slips
From the store planning to rip

A detective saw him from afar
Drew in closer to grab without mar
Daddy realized he'd been spied
On his instincts he'd relied

Took off running from the store
Into six lane traffic engines roar
Police nabbed the irresponsible man
Long before he'll see his child again  

This was on the news on Saturday morning..
The officer said that it was one of the worse or maybe the worse
case of child endangerment that he had ever seen.

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Kate II (In the Shower I Devour).

Last telling the tale of the lovely Kate 
About to ask for our first formal date 

The Gods had decreed her to my collection plate 
Quenching the thirst for Satan's mortality rate

I question where to make the first incision 
Transverse above the breast my decision

Organs opening as flowers once bloomed 
Soon to be desecrated under the soil entombed

The garden's daffodils n' roses of varying hues
Crimson pinks, scarlet shades of violent blues

She is soiled and defiled and bears another's child to the naked eye unforeseen
The shower's steam sparkle n' gleam, as I carve the liver and oh such a tender spleen 

The pericardium fluid washes away the liver's bile, an ultimate climactic aquamarine
Fondling the liver I can almost forgive her for she herself a mere child seventeen

Dazzling brilliant ruby red droplets, create pattern from this intimate splatter
I'm calm and composed not like Alice's friend the chaotic brain scattered Mad Hatter.

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Eleven days before Christmas, as we were singing, " A Child Is Born"...
fluffy snowflakes came down and they were as big as white popcorn.

Surprised mom yelled, " Run to the window, they are more beautiful than snow flowers
and daises... " Go, catch some into your warm hands and dream of Bethlehem's stars!"

Astonished as those shepherds watching their sheep under the starriest sky,            
we saw pretty snowflakes not a wondrous star followed by the three Magi.

They kept on falling and floating like dry leaves on a December's cold evening...
when carols were played on a church organ that was taller than any ceiling.   

Merrier than angels announcing Christ's birth, we stared at His bright stable...
and what we felt was the humbleness of a King whose love was so ample.  

Once again, we ran back to the snow-dusted window and looked into the quite sky,
among the gleaming snowflakes: a golden child appeared asking for a happy lullaby. 

Entered in Francine Robert's contest,
" A Winter Couplet "
My theme: First Snowfall

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I am just a woman...

I can’t fly a jet plane or bulldog a steer
But I can cuddle a child and calm his fear
I have never flown to Paris in the Spring
But I have proudly worn his wedding ring
Never understood physics or trigonometry
But I know a lot about Texas history
Can’t say I have been around a NASCAR track
I have stood by my word and never looked back
I sing off key sometimes, I know
Singing praises to Him that I love so

I am just a woman...
Not a beauty queen
Riding in a white limousine
A woman who is middle aged
Who lives alone and is not afraid
One who has taught school over twenty years
Lived my life with much laughter and tears
Borne a child and lost another
Been little sister to my sis and brothers
Believes in God and trusts in Him
Doesn’t worry about being slim and trim
One you can always count on being around
To cheer you up when you're feeling down
Willing to share your heavy load
Walk that extra mile down the road

I am just a woman...
So if I never see the Taj Mahal
In this life, I have had a ball
I’ll never have any extra money
But I have a man who calls me honey
Never visit the Pope in Rome
But I have a wonderful place to call home
Won’t be asked to confer with the president
But in America, I am a happy resident
I will never have fortune or fame
But I can still be proud of my name

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Another Chance

Oh, to be a child again,
When life was easy, little pain,
With Mama and Daddy standing by,
My hurts to kiss, my tears to dry.

I sang and played in halcyon days,
Nor stopped to give a word of praise
For a childhood of such pure delight
And angel guardians through the night.

Mama and Daddy now are gone
And others too have traveled on.
Each day I face another task
And in my prayers I sometimes ask

Oh, to be a child again
When life was easy, little pain.

By Joyce 1/23/10

For Brian's Rondel Contest

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To My Mother For Mother's of The World

Way back when the skies were blue
I wish I could have somehow knew

That after 4 there would be no more
The reaper took you up out the door

I never embraced mother’s day
Another excuse to throw it away

A shameful fact that is no lie
Just another reason to get high

I’m pretty sure today you can see
I have become who I should be

Everyday is another roll of dice
I don’t gamble its not my vice

What I do is give it all away
Just another prayer I shall pray

Lord for the mother’s everywhere
A short simple meaningful prayer

Never doubt within their fears
A hungry child sheds their tears

In our world so easily embraced
Hard to imagine a Mothers face

Who’s Child has not a pair shoes
Dying from some unknown flue

Only thing they really know for sure
Death is going to be their child’s cure

Sometimes the depth of what we write
A world away in the dark of night

Tears will become their only gifts
As a child’s soul their angel lifts

To these Mothers I pen this write
Babies in heaven finally alright

To my own mother I proudly say
Mom your son turned out this way

No need for greed or desire of lust
Just a simple man doing, as he must

A man forever planting his seed
For those who are more in need

I think we here in America often
Lose how desperate some parts
of the world truly are. I will be
spending today in prayer for the
Mothers who have nothing more
than faith to give or receive from
their Children. Always remember
even in these troubled times your
spare change can make a difference.
May God Bless you all

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Feeding the World

The headlines scream, I quickly turn the page.
What can I do?  I understand the rage.
If they were here and pleading at my door,
I'd raid my pantry for these hungry poor.

We fill the baskets in our church food drive.
I pray my share will keep one child alive.
I buy the goat I've been told will fulfill
Some family's needs and feel vicarious thrill.

I gladly give my meager widow's mite
Knowing full well the good it does is slight.
American farmers strive the world to feed.
Charities send it to the world in need.

But there are some encountered on the way
Who filled with greed, cause our good gifts to stray.
No one person, charity or nation can
Fill every need of every child or man.

Meanwhile, neglecting those who are most close.
I mourn my grandchild, dead from over-dose.

won hm

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For Lily

Note about poem: My mom wrote this beautiful poem for me + ba-doo is what I used to call Barney. I am 10 and only just joined. I hope you enjoy my poetry.

Chubby arms that held me tight;
The one I rocked to sleep each night.

Tiny voice asking for "ba-doo";                        
My little girl, how I love you!                                                   

Starting school, so scared but strong;
I knew you'd well all along.

The whole world in your eyes of blue;
Your sweetness charmed just like I knew.

Coming home awash with tears;
I hope I helped allay your fears.

Growing up, so big and tall;
If I blink, I fear I'll miss it all.

Goodbye to all those little toys;
Bring on the gossip about boys.

You won't need me someday, maybe;
But you know you'll always be my baby.

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A Child Blossomed

A Child Blossomed

I saw in your face a valley of love
Spreading as spiderwort smiling above.

I felt your devotion and saw your grace.
Oh, calming influence amid life’s place.

When sadness came near you wiped away tears.
Freely helping throughout many long years.

The strength of your memory in my heart,
Grants me the courage for each day’s new start.

A child in your hands blossomed in these lands.
Where the mountain slopes meet the oceans sands.

Wherever I go, I know you are near.
Watching from heaven, grandmother dear.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 25, 2010

Poetic form:  Couplets

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Madame Butterfly

A gentle nature, soft like rain
With fragile beauty, was her name
A fragrant blossom, he found bliss 
Enfolded her with flower's kiss
With gentle strokes he touched her cheek
With promised love he wouldn't keep
With fickled breath, he took her heart
He toyed with her, he played a part,
He stole her love, then sailed away
And told her he'd be back some day
Her face looked out from ocean shore
With longing hope, a child she bore
A faint sweet echo of a song
She held her child as days grew long
They waited in the ocean's breeze
With futile hopes that wouldn't cease
The stars were shining, love was crying
With pining ache, her heart was dying
Convinced his love had been so pure
She learned a truth,... could not endure
Another shore he had a wife
In disgrace, she took her life!

BUTTERFLY!! ...             Butterfly!!                  ... butterfly..................

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Children of the Upper Crust

  Children of the upper crust
upon the earth...........
that must be us!

They draw a circle on the ground,
so they can dance the moon around,
and then they draw another one,
so they can promenade the sun.

Put lightning bugs in mason jars,
so they can twinkle like the stars.

  Why do you always come around
to moralize and fuss and frown?

"Because I have no inner child
I'm just a parent,always riled,
When I see children having fun,"

But it's party time the work is done!
They made a barrel full of tea,
with jujubes for you and me.

They even brought a phonograph
the wind up kind to make you laugh.

but you have never laughed out loud,
you wear your silence like a shroud

a shroud of pure maturity
no inner child could hope to free.

But there's a tickle potion dear,
I think they put it in your ear.

It takes you back to one or two,
when someone stole the child from you.

So don't look now ,but you may find,
the little girl inside your mind.

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If it's Good Pass it On

Just fifteen years old, pregnant and all alone,
A child herself but in a family way as she checks the coin slot in another pay phone.

Homeless, hungry, all alone and terribly scared,
She just wanders the streets totally unprepared.

Her folks told her she was an absolute disgrace,
And how were they going to look their neighbors in the face?

With tears in her eyes and a broken heart she left not wanting to cause her parents pain,
A few clothes packed she heads out in the pouring rain.

She had been victimized and raped by someone her parents held dear,
She figured they would take his side and the only thing left was for her to just disappear.

Quickly she found out just how hard the streets would become,
And out here if you’re to make it you learn fast not to act dumb.

Shoplifting and panhandling was the only way this young girl had to survive,
And she didn’t know what to do cause in a short two months the baby would arrive.

But her luck was about to change with a young couple she was about to meet,
They were searching for someone like her and they were wealthy and sweet.

In exchange for her child they promised her, her education and a chance at a brand new start,
She knew she could never support the child and this was the way they should part.

On the day of the delivery the baby was taken away,
Not even knowing if it was a boy or a girl they were separated that day.

The couple honored their agreement and the young girl became an educated woman with wealth of her own,
And she uses that wealth to help others in dire needs returning to others the kindness she was shown.

Note: Isn't this a better alternative than abortion?

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Enveloped in a shroud of sapphire
Lay a listless child by a fire
Who sought an adventure and lost his way
Who had mourned the passing of the day
Gone had fled the light
His home now far from sight
For hours did he moan
For he was now all alone
But then glowed the embers of the sky
The child looked up and tears did dry
His fears and sorrows gave way to wonder
No longer cursed he at his careless blunder
The stars did then smile in glee
As then the boy did see
No further did he have to roam
For they paved the pathway to his home 

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Inner child are you asleep?
I've wrapped you up so warm and deep

oh sleeping child will you awaken?
I am so lonely and forsaken.

I won't let others hurt you dear,
not the way you used to fear.

I'll protect you and caress you,
comb your hair and feed and dress you.

Then you share with me the things,
like crystal shards in frozen springs,

that glisten in your shattered eyes,
I 'm sorry I ignored your cries,

and left you there to face the night,
alone and lonely ,out of sight.

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Dancers on the Mezzanine

Splash fast colors across the sun
red horizon,day is done
swirl a drip of azure blue,
with indigo for me and you

  drip down on my ice cream cone
berry tasty, windy blown
cotton candy wrapped around
cardboard rolled up
by a clown

  Dancing ponies in the dark
tiny bells that catch a spark
from the midnight candles lit
by a child who wouldn't quit

  dancing on the mezzanine
with his older teenage queen
wearing beaded pantaloons
that she wore on afternoons

  in museums cold and still
when she had some time to kill
'ere  she traversed all alone
down that darksome way back home

  so regretful by the sea,
staring out but could not free
any fragment of her soul
ageless,timeless, growing old

  Falling open like a womb
giving birth to wrath and gloom
turning back to condescend
to think about what might have been

  underneath the midnight sun
red hot  rhythms on her tongue
she speaks a string of colored lights
to light her way back home tonight.

  on dancing ponies in the dark
tiny bells that catch a spark
from the midnight candles lit
by a child who wouldn't quit.